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II Shawville l Quyon *A"

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Possible related entities:

--- Quyon
--- Shawville Fairgrounds
0f Shawville Ladies Hospital
1- Shawville
1-4921 Shawville
10:00 Shawville
11,995* Shawville
12.50 Shawville
2,1994 Shawville Jr Bs
2/$ Shawville
2001 Albert Armstrong Shawville 9
2595* Shawville
290 Marion Street Shawville
3. Quyon
300-339 MOD Gerard Trudeau Quyon
3S> Shawville Ladies Hospital Auxiliai
4- Shawville
4300 Shawville
469.95 Shawville JEWELLERS
485943bf23 da Shawville
4bS30 Shawville
5th Shawville
647-2876 Shawville
647-2895 Shawville
647-3715 Shawville
647-3732 Shawville Town Hall
647-3855 Quyon Campbell
647-6307 Business Wesley United Quyon
689-2314 Ada Daley 458-2536 Waltham Quyon Earl
7939XJ16 Quyon
819-647-6900 4bj28 Shawville Lions Hall
819-647-6900 4xf10 Shawville
89,900 Shawville Great
A. Howard Shawville)-
A. Russell Petiac Community Hospital Shawville
A. Russell Potiac Community Hospital Shawville
Accessoires Shawville Shoe
Accessories Salesman Shawville
Accessories Shawville Shoe
Achat Shawville Shopping Centra
Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Acknowledgment SHAWVILLE
Ad Shawville Que
Adam Jo Shawville
Adam Richard-The Shawville Bantam
Adam Shawville
Adam Shawville Pascal Lebei
Adams Shawville
Addresses Shawville Rotarians
Agent Shawville
Agreement Shawville Quebec
Ah MA Shawville Main Street
Ah Shawville
Al 819-647-6342 Shawville
Al Quyon
Al Shawville
Al Shawville Mr*
Al Shawville Wedding Al Coulonge Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle
Al Sundays Standard Shawville Rev D MacPhereon
Alain Massé Shawville
Alain Shawville
Alarm Clocks Photo Albums Photo Frames SHAWVILLE DR.
Albert Armstrong Shawville
Albert Armstrong Shawville Rebecca Gingrich Princeton
Albert Armstrong" Shawville
Albert Armstrong’s Shawville Bantam All Stars
Albert Fort Coulonge Shawville
Albert McBane Quyon
Albert O. Stark IT- Vice Chairman 1st Shawville Rover Crew Squire Dorval Wickens
Albert Radisch Shawville Bright
Albert Shawville
Albert Shawville Fair
Albert Tanner Shawville
Albert W. Shawville Lions Hall
Alberti-Dickson Quyon Clinic
Alex Cobb Jo Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie Muldoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Collins Janet Collins Pontiac Station Cedric Elliott Shawville
Alex Davis—Quyon
Alex Quyon
Alex Shawville
Alex Szalay Shawville Council
Alex Tanner Shawville Curling Club
Alex- Shawville Council
Alex. Elliott Shawville
Alexander Forth Fokes Shawville United Church
Alexander SHAWVILLE- 3
Alfred Shawville
Alfred Shawville Postes
Alfred Shawville VOTRE OPINION
Alfred St Shawville
Alice Os-Quyon Fire Department
Alice Quyon
Alice Shawville
Alice Wilson Shawville
Allan Black Clayton Dods Dale Thomson Jack Kerr Anonymous Leonard Horner Shawville Meat Market Don
Allan Mohr Quyon
Allan Quyon
Allan Quyon Hockey
Allan Shawville
Allan Young Quyon Invested
Allen McKay Shawville
Allen Me Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
Allen Shawville
Alma Quyon
Alma Shawville
Alton Shawville See Goldstream Jewellers
Alvin Shawville
Amy Dean Honoured Shawville United W.M.S Dental Surgeon
Amy Quyon
Amy Quyon Agriculture Fair
Amy Shawville
Andai Quyon
Andai Shawville
Anderson & Taylor Shawville
Anderson Joan Shawville
Anderson Quyon
Anderson Shawville
Anderson Shawville Que
André Shawville Kin Club
Andree Martin Shawville
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treas Shawville Council
Andrew M. Pine Shawville Quebec
Andrew Shawville
Andrew Shawville Black Hawks
Andrew Shawville Pontlacs
Andrew Simms Shawville
Andrew Stevens Shawville
Andrew Warren Wade Warren) Second Period Penalties Shawville Wade Warren
Andrews A Son Phone 647-2268 ArnpHor Shawville ZZ
Andrews Knox Shawville Holes Mr. Jamas
Andrews Shawville United Church
Andy Shawville
Angela Jean-Marie Shawville
Angela Sacavage Shawville
Anglicaine Shawville
Anglican Bazaar Held At Shawville
Anglicane Shawville
Anita Lalleur Quyon
Anita Mary Shawville Flea Market
Ann and William Bowen Shawville
Ann Meredith Beechgrove-Quyon
Ann Quyon
Ann Rogers Shawville Ford
Ann Rogers Shawville Ford Bill Telford Dr. Keith MacLellan
Ann Taylor At Shawville Shopping Plaza
Anna Robinson Shawville
Anne Quyon
Anne Shawville
Anne Shawville Lions Club
Annie Kelly Shawville Hat Shop
Annual Bazaar Largely Attended Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE Messrs J.
Anthony Homer Shawville
Anthony Perkins Shawville
Antonio Ranch - Quyon
Antonio Valley Ranch Quyon Women
Apply Allen Mohr Quyon
Apply Anderson S Taylor Shawville
Apply Gordon Armstrong Shawville
Apply Martin Black Shawville
Apply Norris Horner 647-3714 Shawville
Apply Russell Wilson Shawville
Apply Shawville Hardware
April Quyon
Armstrong Quyon
Armstrong Russell Shawville Mary Morin
Armstrong Shawville
Armstrong Widely Regretted Here Shawville United
Armstrong Woollen Mills Shawville
Arnold O Neill Douglas Auctioneer Shawville
Arnold Shawville
Art Boisvert X Shawville 647-3416
Arthur Carson QUYON QUEBEC
Arthur Gca-Quyon
Arthur Horner Shawville
Arthur Jackson Al Shawville
Arthur Lucas Shawville
Arthur Mac-in Shawville
Arthur McAllister Shawville
Arthur Mulligan Quyon
Arthur Shawville
Arthur Struts Shawville
Arthur Strutt Shawville
At Shawville
At Shawville Kenneth Smith
At Shawville Shopping Plaza
At Shawville Standard
Auditors Shawville
Audrey Quyon Hockey League Registration
Audrey Shawville
Audrey Smiley Shawville
Austin Clarke Quyon
Austin McDowell Shawville
Automobile Quyon Quebec Licensed
Automotive B s Place Shawville Ford Valley
Automotive Shawville Chrysler Auto Parts Extra Atkinson
Avenue V V Shawville
Avenues Shawville
Award 1st Shawville Pack
Aylmer Shawville
Aylmer Shawville Campbell
Aylmer X £ Shawville
B D Pastor Shawville
B D Shawville
B D. Fasten Shawville
B D. Quyon Preparation
B O Shawville
B-Shawville CMMrta
B.C. Gwen Armstrong Shawville Seniors
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Beedi Service B.A.. L.L.L
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Boedi V BA LL.L
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Bondi
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Bondi V B.A.. L.L.L
Ba Shawville
Ba> Quyon
Bailey Henderson Miss Shawville Fair
Bakker Equitv Editor Shawville
Bakker Equity Editor Shawville
Bakker Shawville
Ball Draw Shawville Bryson—The Firemen* Ball
Banque Royale de Shawville
Bantam B Shawville Blackhawks
Bar McCauley Jewellers LOEB Shawville C.B.L. Pirie
Bar Shawville
Bar Shawville Shopping Plaza
Barb Harris Shawville Lionettes Chris Wrinn
Barbara Paquette Shawville Main Street
Barbara Shawville
Barbara Tanguay Quyon Lions
Barber James Stewart Quyon
Barber and Brown Shawville United
Barber and Chris Lapierre Shawville
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville Milling Shawville Chrysler
Barber phone Shawville
Barber Shawville
Barber Shawville 60-21
Barber Shawville 647-3494 Specialists Hir HEATED
Barber Shawville.
Barber Shop Shawville Main
Barber Shop ASSEMBLERS O Û Main Street Shawville
Barber Shop Mam St Shawville
Barber Shop Quyon Ferry
Barber Shop Shawville Glen
Barber Shop Shawville Main Street
Barber Shop Sunkist Navel Oranges Main Street Shawville
Barrister Shawville Hardware At Campbell
Barry Derouin Shawville
Barry Homer_ Shawville
Barry Lance Construction Langford s Grocery Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Loeb Shawville Loisirs Shawvill
Barry Murray—Shawville
Barry Quyon
Barry Shawville
Basil Murphy Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Bax Quyon
Bay Bookkeeping J. Russell Rev. Hatch Shawville
Bay Shawville
Bay Austin Quyon UCW Quyon
Bay Bryson Quyon Caldwell
Bay Bryson Shawville Wyman Quyon Telfords Parkers
Bay Bryson Shawville Wyman Quyon Telfords Parkers Luskville Breckenridge Aylmer Hull ENGAGEMENTS 8:
Bay Caldwell Shawville
Bay Charles Shawville
BAY CIMENT Michel Plante Shawville
Bay Ciment Shawville Chrysler Burnett
Bay Holds Curling Club Banquet Shawville
Bay Jehovah’s Witnesses Shawville
Bay Quyon
Bay Quyon Betty
Bay Quyon Birthday
Bay Quyon Ottawa Quyon
Bay Quyon Vinton
Bay Shawville
Bay Shawville Community Bonspiel Front Row
Bay Shawville Renfrew
Bay Shawville Shawville
Bay Tlie Shawville
Bay-Don Letts Bryeon-Ed Qutoekl Shawvllle-Elwood Tanner Norway Bay-Ooug Schooler Quyon-Tom Fraser B
Beard-Shawville Ford
Beaudry SHAWVILLE’S Wesley 2.30
Beausoleil Bretzlaff’s Store Shawville Ford Roy Dagenais
Beautiful* H SHAWVILLE - Richardson
Beck Shawville
Beechgrove 9.30—BeechGrove Pulpit Supply W E. Harding Quyon Shawville Main Street
Beef Shawville Young Farmers Heifer Jenn Hannaberry
Bella Caison Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
Belle Pointer—Allen Young Shawville < Richardson
Bellerose D.D. Location Quyon
Ben Hyne* Shawville
Ben Macintosh Shawville
Ben Macintosh Shawville Atom
Ben Shawville Saturday
Benjamin Woodman Shawville
Benny L.W. Plrle Shawville Phone
Bernard Dogs Have Saved Many Lives Tenders Wanted Shawville Intermediates Defeat
Bernard Gauthier Shawville
Bernard Quyon Mr Chevrier
Bernice Shawville Chapter
Bernie Car- Shawville Pontiacs
Bernie Quyon
Bert Kelly Shawville Council
Bert Murphy Shawville Plaza
Bert Quyon
Bertha Evans Shawville
Bertin Shawville
Bessie Shawville
Best Hochet Yet At Shawville
Best Quyon Mill
Bet- Shawville Wesleyan
Bethel Pentecostal Church Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Congratulations Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Ladies Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle SHAWVILLE
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle _ Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernadi^ Shawville
Bethel Shawville
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville Green Gables
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville Kingston
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville Rev. O .A. White
Betty Cameron Shawville _
Betty Shawville
Bilingual Shawville
Bill Black Robert Trudeau Shawville/Clarendon Fire Dept Angel Tree Committee
Bill Black Shawville
Bill Fen-Shawville Lions Club
Bill Fl Shawville
Bill Gibson’s Shawville Juniors
Bill Kuehl Shawville
Bill Lasalie Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Bill McCleaiy Shawville Shawville Recreation
Bill McCleary Shawville
Bill McCord Shawville
Bill McGregor Shawville Highway
Bill Me Cleary Shawville
Bill Pine Shawville
Bill Racine Shawville’s
Bill Shawville
Bill Shawville Laframboise
Bill Shawville Wesleyan Church Summers
Bill Watson Shawville
Billy Shawville
Billy T s Pizza Stedmans V&S Loeb Shawville Bean
Billy T s Shawville
Blair Campeau Shawville
Blake Ban Shawville
Blake But Shawville
Blake Pirie Quyon
Blake Shawville
Block Centre St Shawville
Block Centre St.* Shawville
Block Manufacturer Shawville
Block Shawville X COCKStUHTS
Blue Heron Landscaping - Sensei Benoit Massé Ortho-Pro Andrea Burde SHAWVILLE Shawville
Bob & Myma Campbell Shawville
Bob & Myrna Campbell Hdoqlns Shopping Ploxo Shawville SIMPSONS
Bob & Myrna Campbell Shawville
Bob A Louise Rlznek Bretzlaff Store Shawville
Bob Campbell Shawville
Bob Fenton Shawville Lizzie
Bob H Phone 647-2601 Shawville
Bob Hope Shawville
Bob Lester Shawville
Bob Quyon
Bob s Chicken Coop Shawville
Bob Shawville Curling Club
Bob Shawville Lions Club
Bob Simpson Speaks To Shawville Athletes Elgin Murray
Bob SMith Shawville
Bob Smith’s Restaurant Shawville
Bob Smith’s Shawville
Bob Swim Shawville
Bob Young Keith Mohr Jim Hickey Harold Kearns Bruce Campbell Quyon U.C.W.
Bob Young Quyon Lions Club
Bob Young Shawville
Bob Younge Shawville Community
Boggs M.A Wesley Quyon
Boggs M.A Wesley Quyon CAMPBELL
Boggs M.A. Wesley Quyon
Boggs M.A. Wesley Quyon CAMPBELL
Bonney Harris Shawville
Bonnie Bn Wyman Shawville
Bonnie Elms Farms Quyon Fair Board
Bonnie Quyon Waltham Jill McBane
Bonnie Richardson Shawville Revitalisation SHAWVILLE Attendance
Bonnie Shawville
Bonnie Shawville Standard Church
Bonnie Sue Richardson Shawville
Bonnie Zimmcrling Shawville
Bonnie Zimmerling Shawville
Booth Main Street.Shawville
Bowman Tucker Shawville
Boyd & Betty Lou Brownlee Shawville
Brad Shawville Mayor Allan Staye
Brad Summer- Shawville
Brad Summerfield Shawville
Brady Quyon
Braeside Undefeated Quyon
Branch Mgr Shawville
Branch Quyon Farmer
Branch Shawville
Brandon Alexander Shawville
Brandon McLamon Quyon
Breckenridge Shawville
Brenda Barr Shawville Dear Editor
Brenda Belsher Shawville
Brenda Elaine Shawville
Brenda Quyon
Brenda Shawville
Brent Hobbs Shawville Mr. Paul Compeau
Brent Horner Another Shawville
Brent Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Brent Quyon
Brent Shawville
Brent Shawville Orr
Brian & Janet Rogers Shawville
Brian Al-I Shawville
Brian Correspondent Shawville
Brian Keith • V SHAWVILLE
Brian Murray Shawville
Brian Murray Shawville Council
Brian Pirie Shawville
Brian Recent Bride Shawville United Church
Brian Shawville
Brian Stanton Shawville Valu-mart
Brian X3D11 Shawville
Britton B NOTARY PUBLIC Shawville
Broken Sizes Quyon Branch
Bros. Quyon
Brown Pampers Quebec Shawville
Brown Quyon
Brown Shawville
Brownlee Shawville Que
Bruce Armi- Shawville
Bruce Campbell Quyon
Bruce Campbell Quyon Road
Bruce Hodgins Shawville
Bruce Johnitpn Shawville
Bruce Johnston Shawville
Bruce Wil Michel Frechette Shawville
Brun- Shawville
Bryan Alexander Ift Shawville Troop Invested R nanti
Bryan Murray Quyon
Bryan Shawville
Bsy M Shawville Several
Buck Caston Shawville
Buck Castors Shawville
Bud " Row.it SHAWVILLE
Bud Lafrance Shawville Lions Club RM Lang Mrs
Bud Quyon Lionettes
Bud Rowat Shawville Tel
Bud Shawville
Burke Trophy Quyon
Burton Shawville
By Albert Armstrong Shawville
By C G Crouse-Shawville Box
By Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
By Mrs Ada Daley Quyon Ferry
Byron Martineau Quyon
B~ Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Rosie Margaret Spar- IW
C A IATES Shawville
C A Shawville
C A. Shawville
C BO WAT Notary Finn Shawville
C H R Y S L z_rroiCZ Shawville/Clarendon Municipal Fire Hall
C Kidz Kan Quyon
C P *oeJ Um<e Quyon
C R F A. Shawville
C W L Shawville Bantams Hot
C W Quyon Notes
C.A Shawville
Calum-week Quyon
Cameron Shawville
Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire Department John Lapierre McCann
Campbell Quyon
Campbell Second Period 2. Shawville-B Murray
Campbell Shawville
Campbell Shawville Pee Wees All-Stars
Campbell Shawville—H.
Canadian Cancer Society Shawville
Car- Shawville
Carl Bowers Shawville
Carl Dal* 647-3812 Shawville Quantity
Carl Hogei Quyon
Carl Os- Quyon
Carl Ostrom 648- Shawville Lions Hall
Carl Shawville
Carl Shawville Lyse Lacourse M 647-5932 S.
Carmen Bretzlaff Shawville
Carmen Burke SHAWVILLE
Carol Belle- Shawville
Carol Hel- Michel Plante Shawville
Carol Shawville
Carol Smith - Raymond Rowat Wed At Shawville United Genevieve Wicite
Carol Tollman Shawville Shoe Shop Maison
Carried Shawville
Catherine Bretzlaff Shawville Main Street Shawville
Catherine Shawville Wesleyan
Cenotaph Quyon
Cent Dividend Per Pound Butterfat At Quyon Co-operative
Cent Shawville Enjoys Unprecedented Rush
Centennial Barber and Laird Hamilton Quyon Councillor Terrence
Certificate Shawville
Chairman Quyon
Chairman Shawville 8.
Chandler SHAWVILLE 1261
Chapeau Wallace Shawville
Char- Shawville Harness Shop
Charles Char- Quyon St
Charles Fort Quyon
Charles Hynes Passes At Shawville
Charles Jean Pharmacien Fairbanks Hotel Quyon
Charles Phone 647-3821 SHAWVILLE
Charles Shawville
Charles Struck Shawville
Charteris Quyon Campbell
Charteris Shawville Campbell
Chartxand Quyon
Chelsea Kearns Shawville Selects
Chip Stand Quyon
Chip Wagon Shawville Shopping Plaza
Chip Wagon Shawville Shopping Plaza Highway
Chiropractor Shawville
CHRETIEN B A. D.D.S. Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Chris 5howv«lie-S Zavitske Renfrew-O Osman Poww Floy Shawville
Chris Cald-the Shawville
Chris Chevalier Shawville
Chris Chevalier Stittsville Redmen Shawville
Chris MacIntyre Shawville
Chris Power Quyon Concerned Citizen’s
Chris Russell Shawville Fair
Chris Shawville
Chris Shawville Council
Chris Shawville Esso
Chris Shawville Fair
Chris Shawville Softball Tournament
Christian Quyon
Christina Gray SHAWVILLE
Christina Peck Shawville Pontiac Agricultural Society Budget Meeting MA
Chsriie Richardson Shawville
Cindy Shawville Baptist RAYMOND
Claire At Quyon
Claire Romain Quyon
Claire Romain Shawville Llonettes
Claren- Shawville
Clarence P " Shawville
Clarence Quyon
Clarence Quyon -
Clarence Shawville
Clarence T# Brownlee R.R.l SHAWVILLE
Clarendon.J Shawville
Clark Gable Quyon Licensed
Clarke Named Quyon Fair Presidentr Lower Pontiac Red Cross Shawville Campbell
Claude Lance Quyon Lions Club Grounds Sat
Claude Lapierre Quyon
Claude Rich- Shawville-Clarendon
Claude Richard- Shawville
Claudia Cardinale Shawville Phone
Clayton Cummings Shawville
Clayton Hodgins Shawville
Cletus Frost Shawville
Clifford Cone Shawville
Clifford Cone ___________________________________ Shawville
Clifford Hobbs Quyon
Clifford Horn- Shawville Timothy
Clifford McLarnon Shawville
Clifford McLarron Shawville
Clifford Shawville
Clifford Ste- Shawville
Co- W M. K1LROY Quyon
Co-operative Quyon
Coach Bryan Murray Shawville
Coach Roger Plante Shawville - Cosy
Cody Novice B Shawville Laurent
Colette Biam Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Comm Shawville
Committees Shawville Womens Institute Gordon
Communion Rev. A. Bond Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev.
Communion Saint Paul’s Shawville
Communion Saint Paul’s Shawville Sunday
Concert Shawville Boys
Congratulations Shawville
Congregation Of Shawville United Church
CoNKEcriowr.R. Shawville
Connie LaSalle Shawville
Connie Shawville
Connie Shawville Fair Queen Cindy Coles
Contact Leslie Hobbs Shawville
Corey Ma- ^he Shawville Midgets
Coulonge Comets Baseball Schedule QUYON
Council Shawville Boys
Councillor Quyon
Councillor Ward 2 Quyon
Councillors James Shawville Council
Court Shawville
Courtney Alexander Quyon
Cowley Block Shawville
Cowley Block Shawville CAMPBELL
Craig Buried At Quyon
Craig Hamelin Shawville
Croft Quyon
Crossing V Mohrs Quyon Wyman
Crowing V Mohrs Quyon Wymans
Cummings Sr. Quyon Bridge
Curley Shawville
Curtis Claire Wilcox Shawville Phone
Cushman Shawville
Cvi.orrïmïZ SHAWVILLE Pure
C^Shawville Oue
D. J CAMPBELL Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
D.D. Shawville Mrs. A. Hayes
Dad Shawville Ladies Hospi-
Dale Bros Practical Tinemithe SHAWVILLE
Dale Bros. Fhe SHAWVILLE
Dale Evans Roy Rogers Quyon Quebec Licensed
Dale Main Street Shawville Ltd.
Dale Mem-The Shawville Tennis
Dale Quyon
Dale Quyon Que
Dale Road Shawville
Dale Shawville Pasture
Dale Shawville Phone
Dale Shawville Quebec
Dale Shawville Rotary
Daley Quyon
Daley Shawville
Dan Shawville
Dan Shawville Lions Hall
Dan Shawville Milling
Daniel Bilo Shawville
Daniel Shawville
DANIEL TREMBLAY Wesley United Ouyon United Baptist Shawville United Rev Jm Payton Church Office
Danny Hobbs F Shawville
Danny Kaye Martha Hyer JEWELLER Shawville
Dave Shawville Theatre
Dave 0f Quyon
Dave Davidson Quyon Fair
Dave Keen Shawville Pontiacs
Dave M<x>re Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Shawville
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Dave Moore Broc Seville Shawville
Dave Moore But Shawville
Dave Moore Celebrating Shawville
Dave Moore Equitx Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports Perth Renfrew Ampnor SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports QUYON
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE David Hobbs
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE - Jason Joel Lafrance
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Akinson
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Braeside
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE-In Pontiac Minor Ball
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVIlLe-The Pontiac Junior
Dave Moore Quyon
Dave Moore Quyon Lions Club
Dave Moore Renfrew Shawville
Dave Moore Shawville
Dave Moore Shawville Sports
Dave Moore SHAWVILLE -
Dave Moore Shawville 8. Perth
Dave Moore SHAWVILLE J Lavigne
Dave Moore Shawville Pontiacs Novice
Dave Moore Shawville s Cory
Dave Moore Shawville s Eric Dupuis
Dave Moore Shawville s Kirk Davies
Dave Moore Shawville s Lewes McGuire
Dave Moore Shawville s Tom Orr
Dave Moore Shawville Soorts W SHAWVILLE -
Dave Moore Shawville Sports
Dave Moore Shawville Sports Dismal
Dave Moore Shawville-Clarendon
Dave Moore Shawville-Clarendon Firefighters
Dave Moore Shawville.
Dave Moore Shawville’s Bryan Murray
Dave Moore Shawville’s Cory Dorzek
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Dave Moore Sports Shawville Registration
Dave Moore Sports Shawville Scoring
Dave Moore Sports Shawvllle Shawville s Billy T’s
Dave Moore The Shawville Murray
Dave NtooitE Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Shawville
Dave Shawville Directors
Dave Train- Shawville
David At Quyon
David Belanger Shawville
David Dickson Equity Shawville
David Hamil-Shawville
David Jet- Shawville
David Lalonde RR#5 Shawville
David McDowell Shawville
David Moore Shawville
David Moore Shawville Lions President Jerry Callaghan
David Moore Shawville s Neil Woodman
David Moore Shawville s Ted Leach
David Niven X Jean Crain F. Astaire Cyd Charlsse Shawville PhdLr
David Quyon
David Quyon Jill McBane
David Shawville
David Shawville United Church Manse New Holland
David Shawville Young Farmers Nyveld
David Shulist Shawville’s Travis Dorzek
David Vaillancourt Shawville
Davidson Clean-Up SHAWVILLE.
Davidson Quyon Charge Rev Sandy Scott 458
Davis Hod Shawville Lady
Davis Quyon
Dean Boisvert de Shawville
Dean Ernest Ar- Quyon
Dean Martin Quyon Licensed
Dean Shawville
Dear Madame Shawville Women’s Service Club
Dear Mothers Given At Quyon Page Eight
Dear Sir: Quyon
Deaths Shawville
Debbie Campbell Shawville
Debbie Hodgins Darwin Zimmerling Carpentry Forest Inn Restaurant Shawville Auto Service Bristol Aut
Debbie Hodgins Shirley Dupuis Ken’s Auto Service Shawville Auto Service Keller Stables Terry Campbe
Debbie Quyon
Debbie Reynolds Tony Curtis SHAWVILLE
Debbie Shawville
Deborah and Laurie Shawville
Deborah and Quyon
Deborah Powell Shawville
Dec. 8th Quebec Quyon Licensed
Demanderesse Shawville
Denis Lariviere Shawville Chrysler
Denis Montgomery Shawville/Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department
Denis Papi- Quyon Agricultural So-
Dennis Quyon Lions Club
Dentaire Shawville
Dentaire Shawville Dental Centre de G. Dang Inc.
Denture Therapy Clinic Shawville Pools Reg’d
Dépanneur MarmfteN Quyon
Der SI Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev Fred Elson Dec M BOWIE INSURANCE AGENCY
Derek Shawville
Des Allen I. Shawville
Di Shawville Fair Passes Now Available
Diacraft K M Stanton Quyon Legion Atkinson
Diane Daly S«bourin Guy Ratepayers Quyon Women
Diane Mulvihill Shawville Community Centre
Diane SHAWVILLE 647-2691 QUE.
Diane Stanton Quyon Correction Incorrect
Dianna Quyon
Dianne Brennan Quyon
Dianne Quyon Charge Rev. Stanley Ralph Beechgrove Wesley Sunday 9:30
Dickson Shawville
Diesel Shawville
Dillon Harrison Shawville
Distributor Shawville
Distributor Shawville Pirie’s Gas Bar Beer
Dj J ____________________ Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Doctor Quyon
Dog & Cat Food Shawville -
Don Dods Shawville
Don Equity Editor QUYON
Don Mazankowski Quyon Feny
Don McColgan Quyon
Don McColgan Quyon Ferry Jean-Guy Lapierre Quyon Post Office Terry Dolan JP Cote
Don McColgan Shawville
Don New Shawville
Don Quyon
Don Quyon Lions Hall
Don Reynolds Construe Shawville
Don Shawville
Don Stevens Shawville Ladies Hospital
Don Wilson C.P.R Shawville
Don- Ilodgin- Shawville United
Donald Shawville Mosquitoes
Donald Al Shawville
Donald Bélec* Shawville
Donald Cam- Shawville
Donald Camp- Shawville
Donald Hodgins Electrical Installations Inc. Shawville
Donald James Cameron Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples Sunday
Donald Martin-eeu Quyon
Donald Mc- QUYON
Donald McLean Quyon
Donald Ostroir Shawville
Donald Ostrom RADIATOR SERVICE Shawville
Donald Ostrom Shawville
Donald Paul Shawville
Donald Quyon Fire Department
Donald R. Dads Shawville
Donald R. Dads Shawville Office
Donald Sharpe Shawville
Donald Shawville
Donald Shawville Morris Piano
Donald Shawville United Church
Donald Ste- 2843 Quyon
Donna Quyon
Donna Shawville
Donnie McCredte Shawville Calf Club Plans
Donnie Rich- Shawville June Bride Dorothy Joan
Donnie Shawville
Donnie Smith Quyon
Donnie Stan- Quyon
Doris Beck Shawville Mayor
Doris Orr Shawville
Doris Orr Shawville Dear Editor
Doris Shawville
Doris Shawville Pentecostal Conception Church
Dorothy Haley Shawville
Dorothy Klliott Shawville
Dorothy McColL Quyon Fair
Dorothy Mohr Phonr Quyon
Dorothy Shawville
Doubtful Sue Shawville Lions Fair Draw
Doug Cam- Shawville
Doug Corrigan Shawville
Doug MacMillan Shawville Fair
Doug Pontiac Community Hospital Shawville
Doug Shawville
Doug Shawville Midgets
Douglas McLean Shawville
Douglas Moore FURS Shawville
Douglas Quyon Clark Simmons
Dove Moore A* Sport* Shawville Motion
Dove Moore Shawville
Dove Moore Shawville Arena
Dove Moore Shawville Chrysler
Dove Moore Shawville Sports
Dove Moore Sports Shawville
Doyle Eva Alexander Assumes Shawville Standard Church Charge Womens Inst
Dr. Bruce Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd Phone
Dr. F.G. Rogers Shawville
Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Jim
Dr. Johnston Shawville
Dr. Thomas O Neill SHAWVILLE
Draper Herb Gibson SHAWVILLE Secy
Dress Shirts Sport Shirts Shawville
Drew Gilmour Shawville
Drover Baseball Goods Shawville
Duitoulin Shawville 647-2832 Campbell
Dun- Shawville—Goal
Duncan Campbell Shawville
Dwight Thompson Shawville
E B. Elliott Phone Shawville
E H VICES Shawville Lions Hall
E Harding Quyon
E Palmer Shawville
E R V 1 C E § Shawville
E. Harding Quyon
E. Harding Quyon Holy
E. Neil Dunlop Shawville
E. Palmer Shawville
E. W Morris Canine Hermit Shawville
Earl Alexander Mam St Shawville
Earl Bean Shawville
Earl Bennett C Bay Shawville Milling Co. Lid
Earl Dolan Quyon-Tel
Earl Powell Shawville Pontiacs Hat Trick
EArl Shawville
Earl Shawville 7
Earl Shawville Volunteer Firemen McDowell
Earle Alexander (Kathleen) Shawville
Earle Shawville
Eason Russell Shawville Milling
Eastwood Shawville
Ecole Ste Marie de Quyon
Ecole Ste Marie SHAWVILLE
Ed Shawville
Ed Shawville Lion
Ed Shawville Rink
Eddie Shawville
Edgar Conn Shawville
Edgar Connelly Shawville
Edgar Hodgins SHAWVILLE
Edgar Moses Quyon
Edgar Russell Shawville
Edith Alexander Quyon Sno-Riders
Edith Grant Quyon Address Name CALIFORNIA Brief
Edith Hogg Shawville
Edith Howie Hodglns Shawville Subscription
Edith Quyon
Edmund Hodgins Shawville
Edmund Trudeau Quyon
Edward (Shawville
Edward Ernest Quyon
Edward Hughes SHAWVILLE
Edward Quyon
Edward Ru- Shawville
Edward Rusenstrom Shawville
Edward Tanner Shawville
Edward Wall Shawville
Edwin Shawville
Edwin Thomas Finan Shawville United Church
Edythe Quebec Shawville
EE Shawville Farmer
Eight Quyon
Eileen La-by Shawville IGA
Eileen Shawville
Eisner Phone Quyon
Elaine Edwards Shawville
Elaine Hodgina Shawville
Eleven Shawville Mos-
Elizabeth Av# Shawville
Elizabeth Ave Shawville
Elizabeth Dickson Quyon
Elizabeth Hahn Shawville Tel
Ella Faulkner- Quyon Legion Poppy Fund
Ella Loken Honoured By Shawville Friends
Ellard Miller Shawville Auto Service Main Street
Ellen Lariviere Shawville
Ellen Place Shawville
Ellen Places Motel - Shawville Sale
Ellen Quyon
Ellen s Fabrics Shawville Plaza
Ellen s Fabrics Shawville Shopping Plaza
Ellen Shawville
Elliott Rector St Paul’s Shawville 11.00
Elliott ShaWville
Elliott Shawville United Reports Financial Progress
Ellison Rev. Hatch Shawville
Elvis Presley Shawville Dial 647-2500 Joan Freeman
Emily Qf Quyon
Emma Knox Shawville Methodist Church
Engleh • -A Wesley United Quyon
Entraide Quyon
Equity Publisher J SHAWVÎLLE Phristmas
Equity Reporter Shawville After
Equity Shawville Quebec
Eric (Debbie Shawville
Eric Fletcher Quyon
Eric Fletcher Quyon Paul McGee
Eric J Campbell Shawville
Eric J. Campbell Shawville
Eric James Campbell St Shawville
Eric Jolivette Shawville
Eric Lacelle Shawville-Sand Bay-
Eric Shawville
Eric Vad- Shawville Bakery
Eric Zimmerling Shawville
Ernest Borgnine Colleen Dewhurst Shawville
Ernest Hearty SHAWVILLE
Ernest Quyon
Ernest Schwartz T.C.R.A. Shawville Ford Pontiac Auto Parts Les Extincteurs L
Ernie Lang-| QUYON
Ernie Shawville
Ernst Stranacher Shawville Curling Club
Essie Schwartz Shawville Chrysler Shawville Ford Don Sinclair Sterling’s
Esther Bretzlaff Shawville Fair
Ethan Wills Shawville
Ethel Burtch Shawville
Ethel Shawville
Eugene Quyon
Eva Alexander Shawville
Eva Andai Quyon
Eva Andai 7th Line Notes Shawville Atom All Stars
Eva Andai Fl Shawville
Eva Andai Mike Shawville Lome Pirie Phone
Eva Andai Quyon
Eva Andai Quyon Pilgrim - Dale Wedding Rev. Father Charles Mc<
Eva Andai Quyon-Onslow Centennial
Eva Andai Shawville
Eva Andai Shawville Fair Calumet Island
Eva Andai Shawville Lionettes
Eva Andai Shawville Pontiacs
Eva Andai Studio Shawville
Eva Andm Shawville Curling Club Trophies
Eva Gamble Shawville
Eva Mohr Quyon
Eva Shawville
Evans Shawville
Evans Shawville Sergeant Lawrence Dagg
Evelyn Arm-Shawville
Evelyn Kavanagh Shawville Dealer
Evelyn Shawville
Evelyn Shawville United Church
Evening O ¦ Shawville
Ex Shawville
Executor Shawville
F. Clarke Shawville Fair Miss Justine O’Connor
F.O. Leslie Dods Honoured By Shawville
F.voKn Shawville Quebec
FainU> Shawville
Farmers Association H SHAWVILLE FAIR
Feature Shawville Boys
Feeds Grant Rogers Mickey McGuire Pontiac Electric Roy Nugent Shawville Ford Dr. Keith MacLellan Br
Fern Smith Shawville
Fernand Alarie Dr. Thomas C. O Neill Shawville
Fine Furniture Frederick Stafford SHAWVILLE TEL
Finishing Shawville Quebec
Fittings Barry Draper Shawville
Flood Shawville Landscape Contractor
Florida Quyon
Flowers Shawville
Flowers Shawville 647-3878 J „
Foley Quyon
Ford Shawville
Foreman Owen Hear- Quyon
Formerly Shawville Drug Store Wilson
Fortin Shawville Council
Fran Shawville
Fran- Shawville
Frances Leach QUyon
Francis At Quyon
Francis Bertrand Quyon Creamery
Francis Comedy Don Knotts Shawville Tel
Francis Meunier Quyon
Francis Murdoch Quyon
Francis Shawville
Francis Technicolor Shawville
Francois Shawville
Frank and Marie SHAWVILLE
Frank Armstrong Shawville
Frank Bafy Quyon
Frank Batty Quyon Charge Rev Frank Bailey Zion
Frank Batty Quyon Charge Rev. Frank Bailey Zion
Frank Cowley Shawville
Frank Dupuis Shawville
Frank Finnigan Jr Shawville
Frank Finnigan Memori-tween Shawville
Frank Ladouceur Shawville
Frank Lawlor Inducted At Quyon
Frank Mac- Shawville
Frank Mohr Pam Komm Quyon
Frank O SHOES Elmside Luskville Quyon Otter Lake Radford Shawville Dairy Kings Sizes
Frank Shawville
Frank Shawville Theatre
Frank Shawville This
Frank Shelton Shawville
Fraser Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE
Frasers Clothing St^e Shawville Milling
Fred Bretilaff Fait A Shawville
Fred C Dale Shawville* Que Shavwiile
Fred Campbell Allan Woods Shawville Brownie Pack Thomas Gallagher Wallace McGillis Reginald Stanley
Fred Coyne Shawville Bible
Fred Coyne Thanks Equity Shawville
Fred Desabrais Quyon
Fred Desabrais Quyon 458-2268 Rambo Hardtop
Fred Desabrais Quyon Thur.
Fred Desaorais Quyon
Fred Farrell Shawville
Fred Fraser Quyon
Fred Horn Shawville Arena
Fred Hutchison Quyon
Fred Krose Shawville
Fred Mohr* Quyon
Fred Provost Shawville
Fred Quyon
Fred R. Hutchison Shawville
Fred Shawville
Fred Shawville Revision
Fred Thomas Shawville
Fred Wilson Shawville Dear Editor
Frederick John Eng- Shawville
Fri Quyon
From Shawville
Frost Wire Fence Shawville Council Just Arrived
Fruit Wholesale Shawville Dollar Store Chicken Palace Timberland Tours Fort-Coulonge Dollar Store C
Furniture F H Rowat Insurance Shawville Rotary W J. Hayes
G ran- Shawville Goal
G Shawville
G W V A. Shawville
G © G Shawville Ford Inc.
G. E Clifford BA Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred Elson 9:30
G. Gibson Shawville
G.N. Thompson Co-president Shawville
Gail Barber (Shawville
Gail Gasan Lome Caldwell Quyon
Gail Greer RR5 Shawville
Gail Orr Shawville
Gail Perry QUYON
Gail Quyon Legion
Gail Shawville
Gail Tubman Shawville
Garage Pontiac Refrigeration Quyon Ferry Lisa Mohr Murdock Glass Lynn s Café Shady
Garage-Quyon Armac
Garry A Scott Quyon
Garry Bronson Quyon Tel
Garry Graham Quyon
Garry Graham Shawville
Garry Young Quyon
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 Shawville
Gary Hodgins Shawville
Gary O’Malley Shawville
Gary Russell Shawville
Gary Shawville
Gary Thompson Shawville
Gary Trivett Quyon
Gary Tubman Marcel Richard Memori-from Shawville
Gary W Stokes Shawville United
Gayle al Shawville Community Barber
Geggie Shawville
Gene Quyon
Geo Palmer At Shawville
George Bryson Shawville
George Cole Shawville
George Dagg’s Shawville
George Eatons Shawville Elliott
George Fatons Shawville Flliott
George James Lynden Quyon Que Brenda
George Le- Shawville Electric
George McKcn- Quyon Scouts Canada
George Meunier Quyon
George Picard Chichester Autobus Lasalle Shawville Baie Transport Campbell
George Quyon
George Rose Shawville
George Russell George Macintosh 1st Shawville Troop Garry Zahodnick
George Shawville
George SHAWVILLE Wesley
George T Dagg Shawville
George-Eatons Shawville Elliott
Gerald Bean Taxi Shawville
Gerald Dagg Shawville
Gerald Dagg Shawville ANY
Gerald Dagg Shawville Are
Gerald Dagg Shawville REGISTERED Hereford
Gerald Dagg Shawville^^
Gerald Dogg Shawville PONIES
Gerald Hud- Shawville
Gerald Kelley s Shawville
Gerald Lang Shawville Electric Lawrence Hodgins Walter J.Hargrave Alex Hollis El
Gerald Quyon Flyers
Gerald Shawville
Gerard Hubert Shawville Ford
Gérard Hubert Shawville Ford WManiwaki
Gerard Trudeau-Quyon
Gerry Armstrong Shawville
Gerry Desabrais Shawville You’re
Gerry Lavoie Wesleyan Shawville
Gerry Shawville’s Shane Powell
Gervase O Reilly Shawville Notes
Gestion Shawville
Gi- Shawville
Gil Fraser Quyon
Gil Fraser Quyon Phone
Gilbert Kil- Shawville News
Glass A.D.A.T. W.A. Hodgins Loeb Shawville MAR Feeds Giant Tiger E&A Carpets Shawville Shoe Chicken
Glen Clarke Shawville
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glen Lisle Unde Spalding Dove Wefts Al Baldwin Dave Schreiber Bruce Wells QUYON LINE-UP Austin Clar
Glen Maher- Shawville Minor Hockey
Glenn Shawville
Glenwood Plaza Lucerne Shawville Tel
Glode Shawville
Gloria F Tubman Shawville Ford Inc.
Gloria Quyon
Gloria Richardson 647-2500 Hardy Plants Shawville
Gloria Tubman Correspondent Shawville
Goalie Kyle Richardson Shawville
Godfrey Bourgeois Drowned At Quyon James Rennick Dies Sarah Jane Tubman Buried
Gor-!at Shawville
Gord Shawville
Gordon Archie Angus Quyon Fleurette Dagenais Marries
Gordon Bulmer 647-5687 Shawville Louise Grenier Carole Pilon
Gordon Dittburner Shawville
Gordon Miss Shawville Fair
Gordon Palmer Shawville
Gordon Paul Insurance Ltd. Shawville
Gordon Paul Insurance Shawville
Gordon Pehlman Shawville
Gordon Richard-Shawville
Gordon Shawville
Gordon Shawville Fire Department
Gordon Shawville IGA.
Gordon Shawville Ladies Hospi- Paul.
Gordon Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Gordon Strutt Shawville KIA
Gordon T Paul 16.29 Shawville Milling
Gordon T Paul Shawville
Gordon Webb Shawville Tel
Grace Community Bible Shawville
Grace Gibbons Victoria Street Shawville
Grace Moh- Quyon
Grace Schroeder from Shawville
Grade C Standard Church Grade B Quyon Anglican SHAWVILLE
Graham Quyon
Graham Quyon Lions
Graham Shawville
Graham Thompson Quyon
Grant Eadesv Shawville
Grant Murray Shawville
Grant Quyon
Grant Quyon Fair
Grant Sou- Shawville
Gravelle Speaks At Shawville Rotary Delbert Romain
Greetings M Shawville Cable
Greg At-Shawville
Greg Atkin-Shawville
Greg Macintosh Shawville Council
Gregory Shawville.
Gri.wv—Richardson Shawville’s
GRO IV OUR O WAT Shawville
Grocery Shawville 647-2933 Atkinson
Group Stuart Graham 647-3885 Dash Café Shawville
H |W Shawville Atoms
H N Shawville Ford Inc.
H " Bud " Rowaf SHAWVILLE
H " Bud " Rowat SHAWVILLE
H 2. Shawville
H A I L E H B Shawville
H A Leave Shawville
H A W K K Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
H C ROWaT Notary Shawville Que
H D. Shawville
H E A T R E Shawville Phone
H F. Kennedy Shawville
H G. Letter Shawville
H K EQUITY Page Three Shawville
H M. R. No. SL Shawville
H O V Shawville Atom All Star
H Shawville Quebec Vancouver
H T. McDowell* Shawville*
H T. McDowkli.A Sow Shawville Que SHINGLES
H. Harvey McArthur Shawville
H. S Dowd Quyon
Haberdasher J J Former Shawville Couple
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants
Hal Lee Shawville
Hall Quyon
Hall Shawville
Hall Shawville Kingdom
Halvorson Shawville Rotary Club Shawville Lions Club Clarendon Inn Pontiac Womens Institutes Art Ho
Hamilton Shawville
Hank Quyon
Hank Shawville
Hannah O Shaughnessy Quyon
Hannah Shawville
Harding Quyon
Harding Quyon Directed
Harding Quyon Limited Supply Only
Harding Quyon Mr. C lifford Atkinson
Harding Quyon Prayer
Harding Quyon St
Harding Quyon Sunday
Hardy ANTS*--* Florist Shawville
Hardy Plants Florist Shawville
Hardy Plants Florists Shawville
Hardy Plants Shawville
Hardy Plants Shawville 647-2680 W.J. Hayes
Hardy Shawville
Harold Beckett Shawville
Harold Brown Quyon CM
Harold Elliott Shawville At Creel
Harold Ham Quyon
Harold Hammond Quyon
Harold QUYON Town Hockey
Harold Richard - Shawville Canners Co-Operative
Harold Richard- Shawville Caimers Co-Operative
Harold Richard- Shawville Canners Co-Operative Renfrew
Harold Shawville United Choir
Harper Ren nick Shawville
Harper Rennick Shawville
Harper Rknnicx Shawville
Harper Ron nick Shawville
Harris Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Harry Barkley Shawville Creamery
Harry Belsher Shawville
Harry Bourgeois Dies At Quyon
Harry Corrigan Shawville
Harry Corrigan Shawville Que
Harry Edmund Belsher SHAWVILLE Mr. Harry
Harry McCleary 1st Shawville Troop
Harry McCrae Beechgrove Herb R Hodgins Shawville Dr. Pokes
Harry Naylor Shawville W. I........
Harry Shawville
Harry Wilson Shawville
Hart Shawville Lions Hall Saturday
Harvey Brownlee Shawville
Harvey McArthur Mr. Abb Brownlee Shawville
Harvey McArthur Shawville
Harvey Shawville
Hayes Bros. SpeciaJ Shawville
Hayes Funeral Chapel Quyon Hockey
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville Clarendon Fire Home Hardware Department Hursty
Hayes Parlour Quyon
Hayes Shawville W.l
Hayes Summerfield Shawville
Hazel Quyon Bridge
Heather Alberti-Dickson Shawville
Heather Dickson Equity Publisher Shawville Win
Heather Dickson Quyon Equity
Heather Dickson Shawville Council
Heather Duggan Shawville
Heather Harris Shawville
Heather MacKechnie Shawville
Heather Quyon
Heather QUYON— 2
Heather Ste-Shawville-Clarendon
Helen Hodgins IX— Anita Schwartz X— Henry Horner XI— Charles Dale SHAWVILLE
Helen Knox Weds Carl Dale Shawville Calf Club Hold Annual Mtg
Helen McCauley Shawville Main St
Helen Routliffe Chairperson Canadian Cancer Society Shawville Hockey Club
Helen s Fur Salon Shawville
Helen s Fur Selon Shawville
Helen Shawville
Helen Towel Shawville
Hélène B Mas- Quyon Citizens Commit- Clairoux
Henderson Quyon
Henderson Shawville
Henry Dale Shawville
Henry Edward Shawville Women*» Insittute
HENRY FONDA Shawville—Ft
Henry Gravelle Shawville
Henry Horner........ Shawville
Henry Horner............ Shawville Women
Henry Sallafranque SHAWVILLE
Henry Shawville
Herb Brown Shawville
Herb Gibson SHAWVILLE Secv
Herb Gibson SHAWVILLE Secy
Herb Howard Shawville
Herb Robitaille Shawville
Herbert Brown Shawville R R 2
Herbert SMITH,Shawville
Herman Wouk Pontiac Electric Inc. Shawville
HevFfV Rotxtailie Wesley Shawville
Hewitt Shawville
Hillside Pizza Quyon
Hilton Crick Shawville
Hiram Morrison SHAWVILLE
Hiram Strutt Shawville
Ho Shawville
HobboV Young Shawville
Hobbs Hodgins Furniture J & J Grocery SHAWVILLE
Hobbs Shawville
Hobbs Shawville Old Miscellaneous Shop Location - Mrs. Marjorie McCredie
Hobitailie Wednesday Wesley Shawville Mass
HODG1NS Shawville Quebec
Hodgins Garage W M. K1LROY Quyon
Hodgins QUYON
HODGINS STORE Quebec Shawville III
HODGINS STORE Quebec Shawville Mr. R.
Hodgms C 378na,n St- Shawville
Holland - Da Laval Shawville
Hollis Barber Shawville 72523xa3I Always
Holmes Shawville Lions
Horn Quyon
Horn Shawville
Horner K —A Shawville Mother
Horner Shawville
Howard Shawville Marble
Howard Cowley Block Shawville
Howard Pridham OPTOMETRIST Quyon
Howard Pridham Shawville Branch
Howard Quyon Agricultural So-
Howard Quyon Mr.
Howard Shawville
Howe Shawville It Beckett
Hubert McCauley Jewellers Shawville
Hubert McCauley J EWELLER Cowley Block Shawville
Hubert McCauley Jewellers Shawville
Hubert McCauley SHAWVILLE
Hubert Quyon
Hudgins Sec-Treas Shawville
Hugh F Shawville Horner
Hugh F Shawville Sealed Tenders
Hugh Hammond Quyon
Hugh Homer Shawville
Hugh Jeobie Shawville
Hugh Shawville
Hugh Shawville Ladies Hospital Proudfoot
Hugin Shawville
Hull Shawville
Hvpt Quyon
Hynes Funeral Home Shawville
I. Smith Shawville E Mrs. Emelia Ryan Mrs. Emelia Ryan
I.C.L. Shawville Gerald
I> Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Ian Le- Quyon
If W Shawville Only
IhL.L Shawville Raymond M. Rowot B.A.
Ina Kilgour Shawville Alan Randell Victoria
Including Quyon
Indiens Sans Statut Inc-Quyon Claudette Dubois
Installation Centra Achat Shawville Shopping Centra Hwy
Installation Centra Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Installation Centra Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Installation Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Installation Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwf
Installation Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Installation Centre Achst Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Installetion Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Instelletion Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Institute Shawville
Intermediate B Playoffs Quyon
Intermediate Bovkt Phone Shawville
Intermediate Hockey Shawville
Intermediate Playoff Finals Quyon
Intermediate Quyon
Ira Greer - Shawville
Irene Shawville Bakery Shaw
Irom Hursty’s Shawville
Irwin Wilson 1st Shawville Troop To
It Hubert McCauley JEWELLER Shawville Mr. Paul Bretzlaff
ITic Shawville Jr B
Ivan Pilk-Shawville
Ivan Shawville
J Z Quyon Chrlstrhasfa#
J & J Gas Bar Shawville
J & J Gas Bar Shawville 647-2430 flunnlteU** Campbell
J A. Russell Potlec Community Hospital Shawville
J D. Corbett Administrator Athol Dale Shawville
J J of Shawville Rotary
J L Richards Shawville Council
J Quyon Pat Carty
J Shawville W.
J Tippms Shawville
J » Quality Printing Shawville
J. Boudreau Shawville
J. Harvey McArthur Shawville
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack Bridge Shawville
Jack Gra- Quyon
Jack Graham Quyon
Jack McBane Quyon
Jack McKay Shawville Motor Sa
Jack Quyon
Jack Shawville
Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Jackie Burke Quyon Miss Violet Mahers
Jackie Thomas Shawville United Church
Jacqueline Bnsebois Shawville Quebec
Jacqueline Shawville Fair
Jacques Shawville
Jacques Boucher Quyon
Jacques Frasers Shawville
Jacques Ledoux Brian Stanton Trevor & Julie O Connor Byrne Mario Gervais Monique Serré Quyon
Jacques — Church Shawville
Jaime Christie Shawville Relay
James 8.00 Shawville
James Agent Shawville
James Amm Dies Al Quyon
James Atkinson Mi SHAWVILLE
James Cagney Quyon W.l
James Coburn Joan Blodnell Margaret O Connor Shawville
James D. Hodgins Shawville Compiled
James Fraser Shawville
James G. Bovington Shawville
James Hickex Quyon
James Higgins To Visit Quyon A
James Hill Shawville
James Hodgins Shawville Fire Commissioner
James Hodgins Shawville Municipal Council
James Hodgins Shawville What’s
James Hor- Shawville
James Horner Quyon
James Kettles Shawville
James Kirwin.Quyon MBMEMHi II BwWIB Femoral
James L Stewart Quyon
James L Stewart Quyon Editor
James L Stewart Quyon Justice
James L. Stewart Quyon
James Marks Quyon Cannon
James Sal-Shawville
James Shawville All Brands
James Shawville Back-to-school Foil
James Shawville Drug Co. J
James Shawville Theatre
James Stewart Fernando Lamas Arlene Dahl Shawville
James Stewart Shawville
James St„ Shawville
James Victor Findlay Quyon
Jamie Quyon
Jamie Rich-The Shawville Midgets
Jamie Shawville
Jan Shawville
Jane Quyon Mixed
Jane Salway Dies At Shawville
Janie Shawville
Jason Camp-The Shawville Novices
Jason Ho-j Shawville
Jason Quyon
Jason Shawville
Jason Shawville Pontiacs
Jason Trudeau Shawville Pee Wee Pontiacs
Jbf Quyon
Jean - Baptiste Morin Shawville
Jean - Kervyn Shawville
Jean Baptiste Day Shawville Quebec
Jean Brownlee At Shawville
Jean Charles Shawville Fair Young Horseman Saturday
Jean Elliott Shawville
Jean McCann Chairperson Quyon
Jean McCann Quyon
Jean Neville SHAWVILLE
Jean Paul Quyon 3
Jean Paul Shawville
Jean Pierre Ledoux Shawville
Jean Quyon Lionettes
Jean Se- Shawville s Murray
Jean Shawville
Jean Shawville - Fully
Jean Surprising Fun At Shawville
Jean ¦ Shawville
Jean) Mrs. Earnie SHAWVILLE
Jean-Louis Shawville
Jeff Barber Shawville.
Jeff Elliott Shawville Justin Murrav Shawville G A Pt
Jeff Geinow Shawville
Jeff Gibbons Shawville’s Paul Lang Reid
Jeff Russell Shawville
Jeff Russell Shawville Chrysler
Jeff Schlievert Quyon
Jeff Shawville
Jeff Tanner Shawville Midgets
Jeffrey Scott Shawville
Jenna Jean The Shawville Figure Marie
Jennifer Bur- Quyon
Jennifer Dale Shawville
Jennifer Hodgins Of Shawville
Jennifer Mayhew SAQ Shawville Pine’s Gas Bar K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Gree
Jennings Ultrastar Shawville
Jeremy Shawville
Jerome Shawville Peewee
Jerry Cal- Shawville Lioiy
Jerry Chevalier Shawville
Jerry Lavigne* Henri Sauriol Shawville
Jerry Shawville
Jessica Rich- Shawville
Jewel Zimmerling Quyon Jill McBane
JflHfl BODfiiHS,.....SHAWViLLE.
Jill Proulx Quyon Legion
Jill Shawville Hahn
Jim Cameron Shawville
Jim Carruthers Shawville’
Jim Cutting Laurena Matechuk Quyon Subscription
Jim Daley Quyon
Jim Doherty Shawville
Jim Hodgins Shawville
Jim Hudgins Shawville
Jim Mcleon Shawville
Jim Payton Shawville United Church Candidate Hodgins
Jim Reece Canadian Tire Shawville
Jim Shawville
Jimmy Quyon
Joan Adams - Intern Shawville United Church
Joan Brown Evelyn Duff Shawville
Joan Finnigan Sale Price Team Shawville
Joan Orr Shawville
Joan Quyon
Joan Quyon Sno-Riders
Joan Rusen- Shawville Fair
Joan Shawville
Joan Shawville Fair
Joan Sicard Shawville
Joanne Quyon By Hormonie
Joe Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Jack Brennan
Joe Hamel Our Quyon
Joe Hamil- Shawville
Joe Keen QUYON
Joe Kennedy Quyon
Joe McCleary Shawville Hursty’s Athletics
Joe McGahern Quyon Lionettes
Joe Russell Shawville Rev Bain
Joe Russell Shawville Rotary Club
Joe Russell Shawville Shawville Yarm
Joe Shawville Hoping For Position
Joe Sloan Quyon Legion
Joe Sr. Shawville
Joel Daniel Lewes Shawville 8
John Shawville
John A. Burnett Shawville Ford Atkinson
John Alexan-Shawville
John Alexander QUYON FERRY L
John Armstrong Shawville
John Beattie 647-2948 Shawville
John Beimers Shawville
John C. An- Shawville
John Campbell Shawville’s Makayla Campbell
John Carmi- Shawville Lionettes
John Carmichael 1st Shawville Troop
John Crawford Cartonn SHAWVILLE
John Dale Rd Shawville
John Dale Rd„ Shawville
John Deere Rotarv Cutter Shawville
John Deere Shawville Community Centre
John Ernest Ste-Shawville
John F. Kelly Quyon
John flPpjjr Shawville
John H Shawville
John Hedging SHAWVILLE
John I_____________________________ Shawville Progressive
John J. Kel> Quyon
John J. Kelly Quyon
John J. Morrison Shawville
John Jolie Quyon
John Jones Shawville Rotarians Aid Crippled
John Jones- Quyon Agr
John Kelly C.B.L. Pirie Gas Bar Quyon Ferry Scott Williams
John Kelly Greentech Hair Reflections Shawville Milling Ritchie Feed
John Kelly Quyon
John Kelly Retro Pontiac Shawville Milling
John Kelly Shawville Chrysler C.B.L. Pirie J & J Grocery Chicken Coop Henderson’s Grocery Wayne
John L Hodgins At Shawville
John L, Hodgins-Shawville
John L. Hodgins Shawville
John L. Hodgrins Quebec Shawville
John L." Hodgins Shawville
John Lafram-boise 2678 Shawville Lee Carswell
John Lambert Car- Shawville
John Landlord Shawville
John Langford QUYON
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John Leclair At Shawville
John M Hodgin Shawville Milling Company
John MacLeod Shawville Rotary
John Madappatt Shawville Waltham Our Lady
John Matappaa Shawville
John Matappas Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
John McBane Quyon
John McMunn Shawville Adventure
John Moore Quyon Resident Dies
John Musgrove Shawville
John Musgrove Shawville Shame
John Neville Adrienne Corri Shawville Phone 647-2260 Campbell
John Noonan Shawville
John O. Hlfcin Shawville Lions
John Ouyon Standard Shawville Rev D. MacPhereon
John Paul II Quyon Men
John Petty Rick Valin Shawville Fair
John Petty Shawville
John Petty Shawville Let
John Petty Shawville Respect
John Quyon
John Quyon Maas Saturday Maas Sunday Stark
John Quyon V I
John Quyon 8te Mary Rbv Garry Can
John Quyon Associated Gospel Mr Laird Hamilton
John Quyon Campbell
John Quyon Ctoeed
John Quyon Fair
John Quyon Presbyterian Rev Gordon Fl
John Quyon Presbyterian Rev Gordon H
John Quyon Presbyterian Rev Gordon H. Fresque
John Quyon Qin
John Quyon Standard Shawville Hev Ü MacPherson
John Quyon Stark
John Quyon Winter Summer Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
John R Me Dow- X X Shawville
John Robinson IIBJI Quyon
John S Hodgins Shawville
John S. Hodgins SHAWVILLE
John Shawville Fair
John Sin-Shawville—43.0 sec.
John Sturgeon Passes At Shawville
John Tolhurst SHAWVILLE
John Trudeau Quyon
John Valu-mart Shawville
John Wilson Shawville
John Youngel- Shawville Pass Lists
Johnny Junior Shawville
Johnny K. Shawville Pontiac Pride
Johnny Trudeau Quyon RRI
Johnny Trudeau Quyon RRl
Johnson Shawville Miss Hattie Cameron
Jolm Quyon And
Jonathan Marcotte Shawville
Jones Shawville
Jordan Shawville
Jordan Shawville Saturday
Jorge Mistral Shawville - Phone
Josée McGee Shawville
Joseph A. Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marlon Street Shawville
Joseph B. Shawville
Joseph Buelieu Dies Shawville United Church Anniversftjy Shawvim.k
Joseph H. A. Gauvin Shawville United Mr.
Joseph McGah- Shawville
Joseph Ronald Brown Shawville - Commefcial
Joseph Shawville
Josh Barber scored Shawville
Josh Ralph-Evan Gary) Penalties Shawville Jeff Gibbons
Josh Shawville
Joshua Shawville
Joy Shawville Home
Joyce f°rc* Shawville
Joyce Mary Jewell At Shawville
Joyce Shawville
Joyce Warren Shawville
Jr Court Shawville
Jrom Quyon
Judy Homer Shawville Letters
Judy Horner Former Shawville
Judy Horner Shawville
Judy Young Shawville
Jul Aug, Wesley United Quyon
Julia Hodgms Quyon Jos Gagnon
Julie Andrews Quyon
Julie McGuire Shawville
Julie Shawville
Julius Shawville
July 6th Quebec Shawville
Just Shawville
Kanata B Shawville Pontiacs
Karen Ann Brownlee Shawville
Karen Towle Shawville Shopping Plaza
Katharine Fletcher Quyon
Katherine Fletcher Bonnie Richardson H I. Hobbs Barbara Russell Shawville Kinsmen Club LOEB Shawvil
Kathleen M. Rollins Reg Optometris Reg Optometris SHAWVILLE
Kathy Young Quyon
Katie Elliott Kay Woodley SHAWVILLE
Katie Lee Shawville
Kay Woodley Shawville Y P.U.
Kay Younge Shawville
Kayla Shawville
Kays Style Shop Shawville
Keith Cuny Quyon
Keith Emmecson Shawville
Keith Emmerson Donald J. Braytey Shawville
Keith Emmerson Shawville
Keith Harris KEITH HARRIS Shawville
Keith Horner Shawville
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawville Tel
Keith MacLellan Shawville
Keith Overton Quyon
Keith Quyon
Keith Shawville
Keith Shawville - Bryan
Keith Shawville Fair
Kellie Keon Shawville Plaza
Kelly Funeral Home - Quyon Chapel
Kelly Funeral Home Quyon
Kelly Funeral Home Shawville
Kelly Quyon Lions Club Agricultural
Kelly Shawville
Kelly Shawville Businesses
Kelly Ste- Shawville
Kelly Trucking Shawville
Kemp Donald -Knot Tieing—Shawville
Ken (Dorothy ) Shawville
Ken A1 Ine Shawville Bantam
Ken Alexander Shawville
Ken and Geraldine Stewart Quyon
Ken Belsher Shawville
Ken Brownlee Shawville
Ken Cruickshank Shawville
Ken Cuddihey Shawville Equity
Ken Evans Shawville
Ken Evans Shawville R.A. Centre Saturday
Ken Pirie Shawville
Ken Pro Shawville
Ken Rose Quyon
Ken Shawville
Ken Stanton Shawville
Ken Stewart Shawville
Ken W. Musgrove Shawville
Kennedy McBane Quyon
Kenneth Maharel Murrells Shawville Calumet Island Calumet Island
Kenneth Meek at Shawville
Kenneth Shawville
Kenneth Smiley Shawville
Kenneth Warren SATIN-ENAMEL Pirie—At Shawville Community Hospital
Kenny Shawville Wentworth Beechgrove
Kent Rowley Shawville Shopping Plaza
Kent St Ottawa Shawville
Kervyn Shawville
Kevin Mois- Shawville
KgBg Shawville Mayor Albert ‘-<V
Kim Quyon Citizen
Kim Reasbeck Shawville Shoe Shop Terry Campbell
Kim Thalheimer Quyon
Kim Thalheimer Shawville Lions
King George IV Shawville
Kirk Rich- Shawville
Kirk Shawville
Kit Y. Quyon Wrapped Bread
Knox Miss Shawville
Kyle Foy Shawville
Kyle Shawville
L -, Shawville
L III R. W HODGI Shawville
L Wesley Urutod Quyon
L X % V Quyon
L * Quyon
L Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Campbell
L Dairy Norman Wiggins Eugene Hameline Pontiac Ice Ottawa Senators Shawville Ford Clarence
L J AVAILABLE Shawville Ford Inc.
L L V Dave Moor© M Sports Shawville
L L Shawville Raymond M. Rowat B.A.. B.C.l
L O L s Shawville
L T G Team Renfrew Perth Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carlcton
L T Pts Shawville Murray
L T W G Team Perth Renfrew Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carleton
L W G Team Calumet Island Shawville Petro Can Valu-Mart
L _J Shawville
L • Shawville
L • Shawville Fair
L- J I Shawville Que
L-L.L Shawville Raymond M. Rewot I.A.
L. Hodgins Quebec Shawville
L. Hodgins Quebec Shawville T.T. BEATTIE
L. Hotigtns Quebec Shawville
L. L L Shawville Barrister
L;| Shawville
Ladies Night Ban- QUyon
Ladies Quyon
Ladies Section Quyon Fair
Ladies Shawville
Ladysmith Shawville Campbell
Lafleur Sr. Shawville
Lai Shawville Rotarians
Lake Quyon
Lake Stuart Graham Jack Graham Quyon Kl
Lance Corporal Shawville
Lang Drain Cleaning Shawville
Lato Quyon
Laura Moore Bay Shawville
Laura Prior Quyon
Laura Shawville
Laura Shawville Lions Hall
Laurie MacKechnie Quyon
Laurie Mariette Quyon
Laurie QUYON
Laurie Shawville
Laurie Shawville Lions Club
Lawrence BarberJHH Shawville
Lawrence Intermediate B Playoffs Quyon
Lawrence Lamb Shawville
Lawrence Quyon Ball Association
Lawrence Shawville
Lawrence Shawville Fair
Lawrence W il-of Shawville
Lawson CORRIGAN Shawville
Lawson Shawville Ministerial Association George Pirie
Lawson Smith Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
LCd T Quebec Shawville Hoe SHAWVILLE
Lee A Hodgins Proprietor Shawville Quebec
Lee Hod- Shawville
Lee Laframboise’s Shawville II
Lee Murphy Quyon
Lee Shawville
Lee Te- Shawville
Lennls Walsh Shawville
LENT III Clarendon Parish Tht Rev. John G. Pearce Shawville Pastoral Charge Rev. Stanley
Leo Amyotte Shawville
Leo Belec Shawville
Leo Keon Quyon Que
Leo Ladouceur Quyon
Leo Periard Quyon
Leo Perierd Quyon
Leo Piché Shawville
Leo Quyon
Leo Shawville
Leona s Phone 648-2502 Shawville
Leona Shawville
Leona Shawville United Church
Leonard Coyne Shawville
Leonard Horner Shawville
Leonard Horner Shell Service Station Shawville
Leonard Lloyd Quyon Cemetery
Leonard Lloyd Quyon Don Farley
Leonard Lloyd Quyon You
Leonard Quyon
Leonard Shawville
Les Alexander Shawville Curling Club
Les Appartements Shawville
Les Fermes Shawville
Les Meubles Shawville Milling Co. Ltd TERMS
Les Municipalités de Shawville
Les Petit Pas Daycare Quyon
Les Shawville Fair
Les Transpor- Shawville
Leslie 819-648-2137 Shawville
Leslie Dale Shawville
Leslie Shawville
Levitt Safety Gillies Landing Shawville Chrysler R.V.
Lew % Quyon
Lewis Lawton Shawville
Lewis Shawville
Lfd Shawville Quebec
Lf’d Shawville Quebec
Liana Shawville Fair
Lias Shawville"
Lillian Shawville
Lillian Smith Shawville
Linda Atkinson Shawville
Linda Larocque Shawville
Linda McGahey Quyon CT
Linda Quyon
Linda Schultz Shawville
Linda Shawville
Linda Vowles Market STREET Shawville Shopping Plaza
Linden Hod Shawville Fair -
Lionel Gauthier K Shawville
Lionel Grimes Hubert Elliott Henry Smiley Shawville
Lionel Grimes _ Hubert Elliott Henry Smiley Shawville ITER/OR
Lionel Martin Shawville
Lionel Morm Shawville United Y.P.U Starks Corners
Lions Community Centre Shawville
Lisa Wt Quyon Lions Club
Lisa McGee Correspondent Shawville
Lisa Quyon
Litven-Pontiac Unity-Equality Shawville
Livingston Shawville
Livingston Shawville Sunday Evening
Livingston Shawville Sunday Evening Service
Lloy Shawville
Lloyd Cartmin Shawville
Lloyd Cone Telephone 647-2736 Shawville
Lloyd Hodgins AVIS Michel Plante Shawville
Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Shawville
Lloyd Hodgins J Furniture Ltd/ Shawville
Lloyd Hodgins Shawville
Lloyd Keuhl Foymount Murray Reckzin Pembroke Garnet Gutz Eganville Yvon Labine Shawville Eric Labin
Lloyd Robinson Bryson Notes Shawville
Lloyd Shawville
Lloyd Shawville Homemakers
LM Bernard G More Shawville January
Loch Shawville
Loeb Shawville
LOGl66a31 Shawville Farmer
Lorna Ma- Shawville Grad
Lorrain Shawville Town Portrait
Lou 647- Shawville
Lou Black Shawville
Lou Kirkham Shawville Hildegard Bowman Dear Editor Dear Editor EDITORIAL Dear
Louis Prima Shawville
Louis Schryer Shawville Agricultural Hall
Louise Dumas Quyon
Louise Shawville
Louise Trudeau Quyon
Love Joan Quyon Jill McBane
Lt d Quebec Shawville
Lt d Quebec Shawville
Lt d Quebec Shawville Armstrong
Lt d Quebec Shawville PU
Lt d Quebec Shawville SUE
Lt*d Shawville Quebec
Lt’cl Shawville Quebec QUE X
Lt’d Shawville Quebec QUE
Lt’d Shawville Quebec
Lt’d Shawville Quebec QUE.
Lt’d Shawville Quebec QUE 6
Lt’d Shawville Quebec SHAWVILLE
Lt’d Shawville Quebec T B. B. Nurse
Lt’d Vi( Quebec Shawville
Luc Shawville
Lucky Shawville
Lucy Shawville
LUEBtC Shawville Quebec
Lukes Guild Shawville
LVd Shawville Quebec Bronze Medals Mrs.
LVd Shawville Quebec QUE
Lynda Shawville
Lynn Nail Technician Giant Tiger - Shawville
Lynn Quyon
Lynn Wilson Shawville
Lynne Cameron Jim Gibbons Quyon
L^.î Quyon
M % X ¥L Shawville Phone
M H H rn Shawville
M H Shawville Nursing
M M KAtr Shawville
M P IV Raymond Shawville
M.A. Wesley • Bcechgrove Worship Service Quyon
M.D. Shawville Quebec MCOICâL ARTS
M00RH0USE Russell House Shawville
M0ORHOÜSE Russell House Shawville
Ma V Shawville Council Property
Mac MacLean Shawville STUDY STANDS
Mac Primrose Shawville
MacDougall Shawville
MacLEAN Quyon Quebec Licensed
MacLean’s Leslie Dale Shawville
Madeleine Latreilie Quyon
Main Shawville
Main St. Shawville Jr BIGGEST
Main Street.Shawville
Manager Shawville
Manager Quyon
Manager Shawville
Manager C F Quyon Ottawa Dear Mr. Ryan
Manager Shawville
Manager Shawville-Tel
Manager Telephone 647-3831 Shawville
Manager Telephone 7-3831 Shawville
Manager Telephone 7-3831 Shawville
Manager X I Quyon Branch Mrs.
Marc Masseau Shawville
Marc Shawville
Margaret Corrigan Shawville
Margaret Davis Shawville Council
Margaret Laurence____ *6.95 Pontiac Printshop Shawville Tel
Margaret Mem- Charteris Quyon Miss Claire Stanley
Margaret Sharpe Shawville
Margaret Shawville
Marie Quyon
Marie Shawville
Marie V Shawville
Marilyn Corri- Shawville
Marilyn Délabrais Quyon
Marilyn Desabrais Quyon
Marilyn Monree Shawville Miffing Co. Ltd.
Marilyn Quyon
Mario Ri- Shawville
Marion Fraser Shawville
Marion Lalrance Shawville
Marion Shawville
Marjorie Corrigan çf Shawville
Marjorie Hodgins Furniture Shawville
Marjorie Shawville
Mark 458-2942 Shawville
Mark Alexander Shawville
Mark Alexander Shawville Richard Wills Once
Mark Alexander Shawville Ross Dickson Forum
Mark and Gerard Trudeau Shawville Ford Inc.
Mark d Visits Shawville
Mark E Alexander Shawville Please
Mark Feamall Shawville What
Mark Grey Shawville
Mark Kearns Quyon Flyers
Mark Me- Equity Photo Shawville Beats Rockland At Fût
Mark Shawville
Mark Stevens Shawville
Mark Trudeau Gerard Trudeau Quyon
Mark TwmlnT Shawville
Mark W, Shawville
Marks Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Marks Quyon
Marney Patterson Shawville Crusade
Marshall Laughren) Shawville
Marshall Shawville
Marshall Shawville 647-2606 Campbell
Martha Hodgins Shawville Any
Martha Shawville
Martial Shawville Ladies Hospi-the Shawville United Asselin
Martin Black Shawville
Martin Burns Quyon
Martin Dart Tournament GROAN’S HOTEL QUyON.
Martin Dowel Quyon
Marvin William SHAWVILLE
Mary Ann Evans Cross Shawville
Mary Armstrong Dies Al Shawville
Mary Elizabeth Irene Agknt Shawville
Mary Ellen McLean At Quyon
Mary Hamilton Shawville
Mary I Quyon
Mary Ostrom Shawville
Mary Quyon
Mary Shawville
Mary Shawville Fair
Mary Tudor Quyon
Mary Tudor Quyon Craig
Mary Tudor Quyon Letters
Mary Tudor Quyon Richard Wills Mr Robert Middlemiss
Mary Violet Evans Shawville Council Minutes Mary Violet Evans
Masha Quyon
Master Gary Harris Shawville
Matt Carmi- X Shawville Packers
Matt Hobbs Shawville
Matt Shawville
Matt Smith V Shawville X
Matthew Carmichael Shawville
Matthew Charters Standard Shawville
Matthew Shawville Pontiacs
Matthew Smith Shawville
Maurice Essiam- Choirat Shawville Standard Church’s Christ
Maurice Larose— Quyon
Maurice Lemay Murray Graham - P.A. System Shawville Saddle
Maurice Pilotte Shawville Dial
Maurice R Vannaat Quyon
Maurice R Vennest Quyon
Mavis Thompson Shawville MAPAQ
Max Quyon
Maye Shawville
Mayor Albert Shawville Village Inn
Mayor Millinery Opening Shawville
McColl Quyon Perish Rev.
McDoweM Shawville
McElligott Quyon Maas Saturday
McGee For Reliable Year-Round Service CHARLES DALE Shawville
McGee Quyon
McGee Shawville
McKay Shawville
McKee Maryland Wyman Quyon Mohr Parker Ka
McLean History Quyon Lions Hall
McNally W J Omeara y Ceo Mohr SHAWVILLE.
McNally W J Orneara SHAWVILLE.
McTernie J I Shawville
Me- Shawville
Meet J Quyon—-Members
Meet Market Shawville
Meeting Dunraven Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred El
Meeting B B ? B B B B Shawville Bakery
Meeting Quyon Friday
Meeting Quyon Thursday
Meeting Quyon Thursday Prayer Meeting Campbell
Meeting Shawville
Meeting Shawville Arena Lobby
Megan Shawville
Mel Currle Shawville
Mel Lang- Shawville
Mel Shawville
Melanie Shawville Choir
Melvin Bean Shawville
Melvin Quyon
Melvin Shawville
Melvin Shawville Boese
Melvin W. Youngc Shawville
Men’s Ball Tourna Shawville
Mercury Bob Cat Station Shawville
Merritt Shawville
Merry Reardon Quyon
Merry Reardon Shawville
Messrs Shawville
Messrs. John Shawville Wed
Michael 7807* Eades Shawville
Michael Denault Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Beck
Michael Lloyd Fquity Reporter SHAWVILLE
Michael Lloyd Quyon
Michael Sul- SHAWVILLE
Michael Sullivan - Sheenboro Mike McCrank - Litchfield Elaine Field - Low Erwin Mohr - Quyon Muriel
Michel Plante Shawville
Michel Vaillancourt V SHAWVILLE
Mickey Shawville
Mike Dickson Wings Shawville
Mike Jeannette Lepine Romain Shawville
Mike Kavanagh Shawville R.A. Halt Saturday
Mike Quyon
Mike Shawville
Mike Shawville McPherson
Mil- Quyon
Mildred Shawville
Mildred Thomas Shawville
Milton Hodgins Shawville
Milton McGuire Shawville Council
Milton Shawville
Milton Shawville 666-31
Milton William -f Quyon Farmers Co-opera-t
Mining Association Young Shawville Rink
Minor Ball QUYON
Minor Ball Wrap-up Shawville
Minor Hockey Banquet Shawville Tennis Club George Brancato
Minor Hockey Banquets Shawville
Minor Hockey Dunraven Shawville Quyon
Minor Hockey Night Shawville
Minor Hockey OBITUARY Shawville Minor Hockey
Minor Hockey Quyon CC Bantam
Minor Hockey Quyon Women
Minor Hockey QUYON.
Minor Hockey SHAWVILLE
Minor Hockey Shawville Bantams
Minor Hockey Shawville Minor Hockey
Minor Hockey Shâwville Quebec
Minor Shawville
Minor Shawville Midgets
Mis W.C. Stark Shawville
Miscellaneous Lynda McGahcy Quyon
Miss Pearl Bi Shawville
Misses Beryl Shawville Violet
Misstiladys H SHAWVILLE Mr. Geo
Ml Shawville Quebec
Mmsgat Shawville
Mom 647-2268 Shawville
Mom Sr. Shawville
Mom Street Wesley Quyon Shawville
Monday-Saturday Shawville
Moore Shawville
Morley Hodgins Inc. Shawville
Morley Hodgins Inc. Shawville Tel
Morning Prayer Quyon Parish Rev.
Morriscy’s Liniment Relieves Pain SHAWVILLE
Morrison Shawville
Morrlscy’s Lung Tonic Really Cures SHAWVILLE,SEPT.
Moses Murphy Shawville Bantam All
Moses Shawville
Moyer School Supplies Shawville Milling Co. Geo
Mr R J Cuthbertson Shawville
Mr Shawville
Mr Thomas Shawville
Mr W J Pou-Shawville
Mr. Bill Cox Shawville
Mr. Ech-| QuYon Lin Bennett Ottawa
Mr. Fred E. Dagg Shawville United Church
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Henry Wallace N. McCUAIC Shawville
Mr. Irwin Hayes - Shawville
Mr. James R. Dea* Shawville
Mr. Raymond Ti Shawville Council
Mr. Shawville Dan Johnston
Mr. Shawville Notes Mr.
Mr. Thomas E. Shawville
Mr. USA Joan Belsher Quyon On
Mr< Shawville’s
Mrs Felix Kluke Quyon
Mrs Harvey Shawville
Mrs Helmut Shawville
Mrs T J Shawville
Mrs Turner Shawville Charter Night
Mrs. Andrew Lance Quyon Baseball Club
Mrs. Angus Grant Former Shawville Residents
Mrs. Beatty Pil- Shawville
Mrs. Benjamin Roy — Shawville
Mrs. Bernard Riviere Shawville
Mrs. D J Scuccimara Shawville
Mrs. Earl Find- Shawville
Mrs. Earl Richard Shawville Main Street
Mrs. Ellen McCann Buried At Quyon
Mrs. Emerson Quyon
Mrs. Everett Laugh-of Shawville
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Shawville
Mrs. H H Em-merson Shawville
Mrs. Henry Mulligan Quyon Calf Club An
Mrs. Isabelle Quyon
Mrs. JA Shawville
Mrs. Jack Grant Shawville Recreation Director ReC
Mrs. Leonard C ahill Shawville
Mrs. Leonard Grace SHAWVILLE
Mrs. Leonard Horner Quyon W.L Quyon CWL Cap
Mrs. Leslie Atkinson Shawville
Mrs. Lloyd Conol-Shawville
Mrs. Lloyd Telford Shawville Pontiacs Telford - Dagg
Mrs. Lois McCoy Shawville
Mrs. Luther Adler SHAWVILLE’S Complete Eye Service Eye
Mrs. Maurice Lemay Shawville Mr.
Mrs. Melvin Armstrong Shawville
Mrs. Melvin Wk- Shawville
Mrs. Nelson Wall Quyon
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville THURSDAY—
Mrs. Quyon
Mrs. R J Thomp- Shawville Blacksmith Passes Al Orangeville Mm M Duf
Mrs. Ray Shawville United
Mrs. Russell Elliott Shawville
Mrs. Russell Hill Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. C. W. Bruce
Mrs. Samuel Armstrong Shawville Schools
Mrs. W Marjorie Shawville Hardware Store Bmamt
Mt P Shawville
Municipalité de Shawville
Murphy Shawville
Murray Bros. Shawville
Murray Bros. Shawville Que
Murray McNeil Bristol John Musgrove Shawville Lions
Murray Quyon—P.
Murray Ranger Shawville
Murray Shawville Lions Hall
Murray Shawville SHAWVILLE
Murray Shawville—J.
Music Shawville
Music Shop Shawville Milling Kays
Mvrrli W Shawville
Myrna Campbell Hoggins Shopping Ploio Shawville Campbell
Myrtle Quyon Young
Nancy Dayis Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Nancy Elliott Pontiac Journal Rath Ritchies Rusendale Farms Shawville
Nancy Graveline Mansfield-Pontefract Shelley Hedging Shawville Heather Coyne Linda Laüberté Campbel
Nancy Pirie Miss Shawville
Natalie Shawville Milling
Natalya Rose Shawville
Nathan Fry Brad Ralph) Penalties Shawville Lewes McGuire
Nathan Shawville
Neil and Margaret QUYON CITIZEN
Neil and Margaret Shawville
Neil Dunlop Shawville
Neil M Sharpe Shawville
Neil McMunn Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Neil Quyon Branch
Neil Sharpe Shawville
Neil Shawville
Neil Telford Shawville
Nellis Stewart Shawville
Nelson Angus Shawville
Nes-Shawville Boys
News—Shorts—Features E Shawville
Nick Armi- Shawville
Nick Cregan Shawville
Nick Gallagher Shawville Lions Club
Nick Shawville
Nicole Quyon Boucher
No. 2. Quebec Shawville
No. L Shawville Montreal Woman Says Clarendon Woollen Co.
Noon Cedric Brennan Injured At Quyon
Noon Shawville Square Dancers Joey Vaillancourt Renfrew County Fiddlers Jim Hodgins
Norma Homer Shawville
Norma Shawville Fair
Norman Meghan 5512 Shawville Lions Hall
Norman Smith Shawville
Norris Horner Shawville Que
Norris Horner Shawville Quo
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec Phone
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec WARNING Phone
Norval Wil-Shawville
Notary Shawville Quebec
Notes Shawville Notes Rev. Father J. L Poupore
Nov. Shawville
Novice B Shawville Blackhawks
NtHK S KOI J Quyon Ada Daley
Nurseryman Tree Surgeon Shawville
O O Phone 647-2814 Shawville
O Standard Church Shawville Rev.
O # Shawville Or
O Donnell Quyon
Odorless Cleaning Shawville
Olga Powell’s Auto Service Shawville
Olive Quyon
Olive Shawville
Om I J SHAWVILLE Shawville
On Prayer Proposed Shawville Pony Club
Onebee Shawville
Ont Shawville
Ontario Owner Fred Desabrais Quyon
Orleans Nepean Arnprior Pembroke Quyon Plus
Osborne Shawville
OSCAR LAFLAMME Wesleyan Parsonage Shawville Que
Oswald Murdock Quyon United Church Women
Outstanding Shawville
Owner Quyon
Owner Shawville
Owner Shawville Quebec
P B SHAWVILLE-119 Victoria St
P I. Shawville Hardware Miss Jean Kelly
P P H S Yearbook Committee SHAWVILLE
P P. Shawville
P Q Quyon W.
P Q Shawville
P Q Shawville Phone
P T W L Renfrew Stittsville Perth Shawville Carleton Place
P — Shawville Quebec
P. Q Ti]e Shawville Shawnv^le’s
P. Q. Edmund Hodgins Shawville
P. Q. Shawville Tel
P. WILSON Shawville
Pacific L «Shawville
Paddy O Donnell Royce Richardson Shawville Pontiacs Win First
Page B 5/ Shawville Fair
Page Seven Neil Drummond Quyon
Painting Quyon
Painting Shawville
Palmer Shawville
Palmer Shawville
Paperless Shawville
Park FarreL Quyon
Parker’s Crossing V Mohrs Quyon Wyman
Parker’s Crossing V Mohrs Quyon Wyman’s
Paroisse Ste-Marie de Quyon
Pastoi Shawville Milkers Separators Cow Bow
Pastor Shawville
Pastor Shawville White Layer Felt
Pat 9B41XN25 Shawville
Pat For- Quyon
Pat Hahn Quyon
Pat O’Malley S. Andrews SHAWVILLE
Pat Preston QUYON
Pat Quyon
Pat Quyon Legions Branch Hahn
Pat s Photo John Beattie Shawville
Pat s Photo Shawville
Pat s Shew Quyon
Pat School*/ New Quyon
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Pat Schoular Quyon
Pat Schoular Shawville
Pat Schoular Shawville Municipality
Pat Schoular Shawville Young
Pat Schoutar Shawville
Pat Shawville s Blake Crozier Dqve
Pat Shennett Hello Quyon
Pat Ta Shawville
Pat Tail Shawville
Patricia Hobbs Shawville Publishers
Patricia Quyon CWL
Patricia Russell QUYON
Patricia Shawville Fair
Patrick McDona J Financial Consultant Continuing Education Centre Shawville
Patrick Quyon
Patrick Shawville
Patrick Shawville Lyse Lacourse
Paul Chamberlain West Street Shawville
Paul Chatillon QUYON ADA
Paul Chenier Shawville Valu-mart
Paul Insurance Ltd. Shawville
Paul Insurance Shawville
Paul INSURANGE Shawville Red Cress
Paul Komm...... SHAWVILLE - Mr. Jim Hodgins
Paul Lan- Shawville
Paul Martineau Quyon Que
Paul McGee Shawville Water
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville Sha.vville
Paul Mcgee Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
Paul McGee Equity Editor SHAWVILLE RENT
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville
Paul Mcgee Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE -
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville Tm
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville When Tom
Paul McGee Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE-There
Paul McGee Pirn Shawville Equity Reporter Police
Paul McGee Quyon
Paul McGee Shawville
Paul McGee Shawville A Shawville
Paul McGee Shawville Equity
Paul McGee Shawville Equity Reporter Talks
Paul McGee Shawville Town Foreman Denzil Yach
Paul McGee_________ Equity Reporter Shawville Ground
Paul Mcgfe Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
Paul Mullen Shawville Tel
Paul s Shawville
Paul s Shawville Rev Rick Marples Sun
Paul s Shawville Rev. Rick Marples Sun
Paul s Shawville Wesley Congregations
Paul Shawville
Paul Shawville 11:00
Paul Shawville 1st
Paul Shawville Curlers Defeated At Ottawa
Paul Shawville Hand
Paul Shawville H» F
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Pa/eh
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Parish
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Presbyterian Rev Gordon H. Fresque
Paul Shawville St George Thorne Centre St Matthew Charter
Paul Thomson Sales Representative SERVING SHAWVILLE
Paula Leigh Ann Jennifer Quyon Sno-riders
Paula Quyon Fairgrounds
Paulette Greer Shawville Lions Hall Saturday
Payne Shawville
Payne Shawville Phone
Payne Shawville ULTRA
Pêche Shawville
Peck Shawville
Peck Shawville Omar Shari# Raymond M. Rowat B.A.
Peggy Cruickshank B.C.S.T. Recreation Director Shawville Town Hall
Pembroke 732-2843 X Quyon Mill
Pembroke Quyon
Pembroke Quyon.
Penalties Shawville
Peoples Alexander Copeland Quyon
Peoples Shawville
Perkins Shawville
Perry Shawville
Perry Shawville 9.45
Petawawa Muskrat Renfrew Arnpnor Deep River Shawville Pembroke Players D Adams
Peter Bowman SHAWVILLE
Peter John Mous- Shawville United Church
Peter Kingsbury Carried Quyon
Peter Nicholas Stepchuk Shawville Chrysler
Peter Pan Shawville
Peter Quyon
Peter Quyon Fair Oval Mud
Peter Shawville
Peter Smith Quyon Lions
Peter Ustinov Shawville Main Street
Petro Can Valu-Mart Shawville Goalies Lee Beniot Dan Brum Gilles Mousseau Phil Provencher Mark Bour
Petroleum Quyon Graham
Pharand Serres Amyotte Shawville Ford Smurfit Stone Container Société
Pharmacien Shawville
Philip Hameh Shawville
Philip Shawville
Philip Thompson Phone Shawville 617
Phone 647-3334 Boyd Brownlee Shawville
Phone Queen Shawville
Phone Quyon
Phone Shawville
Phone Shawville J E. Austin
Phone Shawville Joan For Sale
Phone Victoria Avenue Shawville
Photo Dave Moore Shawville Mayor
Phyllis Hsrbert Auctioneers SHAWVILLE
Phyllis Shawville
Phyllis Shawville,
Phyllis Six Quyon
Pierre Ber- Shawville
Pierre de Wakefield Quyon Wakefield Bourget Clarence Creek North Gower Kanata/Stittsville Kanata/St
Pierre Denault Quyon Letters
Pierre LaSalle SHAWVILLE
Pierre Rev. D N. Bridge Rev. M A. Smith Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples
Pierre Shawville
Pierre Shawville Tree Lighting Limited
Pierre To Build Quyon Sidewalks Wing Commander J. Norris Brough
Pirie Shawville
Pizza Fraser s Clothing Shawville Milling Mickey McGuire Just-In-Time Truck Stop Jim McConnell CBL
Pizza Shawville
Pj Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec Pu
Place Shawville
Plante Shawville
Po Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Po Wilson J MARRIED Main Street Shawville Quebec
Po Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
POLICE........... J L 432-7766 SHAWVILLE
Pontiac H Shawville
Portes Pontiac - Pontiac Windows Shawville
Pound Grey Trout Shawville W I Starks
Powell He Quyon
Powers Automotive WA Hodgms Ltd Shawville Foods Berries Barber Shop
Powles Shawville
Praises Local Farmer QUYON
Pray Shawville
Prayer Saint Paul s Shawville Wed
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Billy
Preston Hodgins Shawville
Preston Shawville - Store
Princess Quyon
Princess Shawville
Princess Streets Shawville
Principal Shawville
Principal Shawville Schools
Principal SHAWVILLE.
Principal Surgeon Dentist SHAWVILLE
Principal Uninvited Quyon
Prop Shawville
Prop-of Quyon
Prop: Karen Stanley Quyon
Proposed Shawville Farmer
Proprietors Shawville
Pu Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Published al Shawville
Publisher J —t Shawville
Pulpit Supply W E. Harding Quyon
P» Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec Phone
P™-Shawville Peewee B
Qte Shawville Quebec
Quality Murray Heel Hugger Shoes SHAWVILLE
Que E Leslie Dale Shawville
Que Shawville
Que Shawville Quebec
Que Shawville Quebec SHAWVILLE
Québec Government Wesley Quyon
Quebec Shawville
Quinn Shawville
Quyon Glenna Campbell
Quyon K
Quyon "B " Atkinson
Quyon "V 1.49
Quyon 458-22 K Æ
Quyon 458-2830 Shawville 647-6363 Campbell
Quyon A
Quyon A K *
Quyon A Y P A.
Quyon Ac.
Quyon Ada Daley
Quyon Ado Daley
Quyon After
Quyon Agri
Quyon Anglican
Quyon Anglican Churcft
Quyon Asking
Quyon B
Quyon Ball
Quyon Ball Club
Quyon Ball Club Mr Chris McColgan
Quyon Ball League
Quyon Ball Park
Quyon Baseball
Quyon Baseball Club Door
Quyon Baseball League
Quyon Baseball Que
Quyon Bazaar
Quyon Bean
Quyon Bill
Quyon Branch
Quyon Branch Shawville Phone
Quyon Brandi
Quyon Brown
Quyon Bryson Campbell
Quyon Bryson Shawville
Quyon Bryson Township...
Quyon Campbell
QUyon Canadian Legion Curling Rink
Quyon Centennial
Quyon CGIT.
Quyon Charge Sandy Scott
Quyon Chdige Sandy Scofl
Quyon Citizens
Quyon Clarke
Quyon Coat?
Quyon Cocktails
Quyon Concerned
Quyon Correction
Quyon Council
Quyon Dance
Quyon De
Quyon Desabrais
Quyon developed Campbell
Quyon District Fox Hunters Assoc.
Quyon Dog Trials
Quyon Dolan
Quyon Dollard
Quyon During J iu»prv««.ve
Quyon Earl Dolan
Quyon Editor
Quyon Elwyn Hodgins Mrs. Archie Cameron
Quyon Enr
Quyon Ensemble
Quyon Equipment
Quyon F
Quyon Fair
Quyon Fashion Show
Quyon Felix.
Quyon Ferry
Quyon Ffl
Quyon Fiddlers
Quyon Fiyers
Quyon Fliers
Quyon Flood
Quyon Flour Mills
Quyon Flyer
Quyon Flyer Shawn Laframboise
Quyon Flyers
Quyon FOR
Quyon Foster Dowe
Quyon Fraser
Quyon Freeh Cut
Quyon Garage
Quyon Gervais
Quyon Glen Nugent
Quyon Great
Quyon Guns
Quyon H I. Hobbs
Quyon H,''Ulrica
Quyon Hardware
Quyon Herman Derouin
Quyon Hobbs
Quyon Holy Communion St Thomas
Quyon Information
Quyon Inscription
Quyon J &J Grocery
Quyon JamFest
Quyon Jill McBane
Quyon Jim
Quyon Johnston
Quyon Jour
Quyon Jr team
Quyon Juliette Trudeau
Quyon June
Quyon Kate
Quyon Kearns
Quyon Kelley
Quyon Kurt Luneburg
Quyon L Inscription
Quyon L J I
Quyon L ’
Quyon Ladies—Misses Louise Amy
Quyon Ladouceur
Quyon Ladysmith Campbell
Quyon Leg Linda Gagne
Quyon Legion
Quyon Legion Ladies Auxiliary
Quyon Lewis
Quyon Lion
Quyon Lion Laurie MacKechnie
Quyon Lion Rick Poirier
Quyon Lion-ettes
Quyon Lionette Joan Belsher
Quyon Lionettes
Quyon Lionettes Car Rally Car
Quyon Lionnettes
Quyon Lions
Quyon Lions Quebec Club
Quyon Live Entertainment Everyone Welcome Thanks
Quyon Live Music Light
Quyon Lloyd
Quyon Lunch
Quyon M
Quyon MacKechnie
Quyon McKEE—-In
Quyon Melvin Stanley
Quyon Michael Kucharik
Quyon Mill
Quyon Milling
Quyon Miss Marie Armltage
Quyon Mixed
Quyon Mixed Ball Banquet
Quyon MOHR—In
Quyon Molybdenite Co.
Quyon Moss Dinner Dance
Quyon Motley Hodgins Ltd.
Quyon Mr. Hugh McCaughan
Quyon Mrs Clifford Hahn
Quyon Mrs Harriett Burke
Quyon Mrs. Earl Findlay
Quyon Mumc
Quyon Murray
Quyon Music
Quyon Old Time Fiddlers
Quyon P
Quyon P HEiHlHE
Quyon P O. Box
Quyon P Q.
Quyon P S. Someone
Quyon P V September 7
Quyon P.Q.
Quyon Pastoral
Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev.
Quyon Perth
Quyon Phone
Quyon Player-Coach Kenny Fleck
Quyon Post
Quyon QC.
Quyon Qua
Quyon Que
Quyon Quebec
Quyon Queen
Quyon Quyon
Quyon R.V.I.
Quyon Ramblers
Quyon Robin Hodgins
Quyon Roe
Quyon Ruby Hammond
Quyon S
Quyon S&d Drowning Accident
Quyon Saint Nom-de-Marie Catholic Church
Quyon Samplers
Quyon Sat
Quyon Saturday
Quyon Sayword Bldg
Quyon Sector
Quyon Shawville
Quyon Shawville Campbell
Quyon Shawville Ottawa
Quyon Shawvllle Campbell
Quyon Short Course
Quyon Sno-Riders
Quyon Snowmobile
Quyon St Fault
Quyon Stanton
Quyon Stark
Quyon Stinkers
Quyon Stuart
Quyon T V Shawville Electric
Quyon T* Highland Travel
Quyon Thompsons
Quyon Tickets
Quyon Town Foreman Nathan Bronson
Quyon Tractor Pullers
Quyon TREÇj
Quyon U.C.W.
Quyon UCW.
Quyon United
Quyon V
Quyon V 4*
Quyon V E. Cooney
Quyon Village
Quyon Vinton Campbell
Quyon W
Quyon W .1.
Quyon W I
Quyon W I .54
Quyon W I.
Quyon W I. Mrs Walter Oarkc
Quyon W. C. Schwartz
Quyon Waltham Campbell
Quyon Ward
Quyon Ward Schwartz
Quyon We
Quyon Wharf
Quyon White
Quyon Wilson
Quyon Women’s
Quyon Y P U.
Quyon Young
Quyon Young Liberals
Quyon Young People’s Union
Quyon Z 2000 Dodge
Quyon* Mark FruUvau
Quyon-Chris McColgan
Quyon-LuakviUe Ball
Quyon-Luskville Ball
Quyon’s Francis Daley Aug.
Quyon’s Gilbert Lebrun
Quyon’s Mark Trudeau
Quyon’s Paul
Quyon’s Robbie Birch
Quyon’s Winona Mary Mohr
Qu» Shawville Quebec
R R 2. Shawville
R R 3. Shawville
R R 3. Steele Line Rd Quyon Que J( Bryson
R. P. Smith Shawville
R.l Shawville
R.N Shawville
R=.Q Shawville
Radford Shawville
Radford Shawville Lions
Radtord St Raul Shawville St George Thome
Ralph Bretz- Shawville
Ralph McColgan Shawville
Ralph Nathan Fry) Penalties Shawville
Ralph Quyon
Ranch Inn Shawville Community
Ranch Quyon
Randall Beattie Shawville Rev. Daryl MacPherson Shawville Our
Randall The Shawville
Randy Beattie Shawville Lions Hall Saturday
Randy Plouffe Shawville
Randy PloufTe Shawville
Randy Roffey Shawville Tel
Randy Shawville
Randy Shawville Belleville
Raul Shawville St George Thome
Raul Shawville St Matthew Charter* Iris Smith
Ray Community Centre Shawville
Ray Cousineau Shawville
Ray Hobm’ Shawville
Ray Johnson Quyon Li-
Ray New-Shawville
Ray Quyon
Ray Ro- Mac MacLean Shawville Quyon Carson’s
Ray Shawville Standard Church
Raymond Flc-Shawville
Raymond Johnston Shawville
Raymond Lynch Shawville MIA
Raymond Shawville
Raymond Shea Lee Laframboise Bill McCleary SHAWVILLE/CLARENDON THORNE
Raymond Tub* Shawville
Re Shawville
Rebecca Shawville Salsa
Rebecca Wilson Shawville
Rec Quyon
Rector St* Paul s Shawville 11.00
Registered H SHAWVILLE
Reid Bros Pre-Shawville Fair Supplement Advertising Deadline
Reid James Quyon
Reid Shawville
Remembrance Service Quyon Legion Holds Miss Elizabeth Jane Salway Al POflâQG Dll FOff
Remembrance Shawville Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday
Renfrew Tournament Shawville Mosquito All Stars
Repairs K & L Dairy B s Place Loeb Shawville Shawville Ford Kelly Trucking Valley Mutual
Representative D J Shawville
Reuben Harris Shawville
Rev Alistair J Macintosh SHAWVILLE
Rev L H Ballard 647-2884 Shawville Rev Richard Gray 647
Rev Richard Gray Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Shawville
Rev Sandy Scott Quyon Correction
Rev Stuart Marples - Shawville Wesleyan
Rev Wesley United Quyon Unied Maes
Rev Wesley United Quyon Unted 9:30
Rev. A F Shawville
Rev. B F. Hunt Odorless Cleaning Shawville
Rev. G. O. Atkinson Quyon Parish Rev.
Rev. Marion Gilmer Shawville
Rev. Maurice R. Vannest Shawville
Rev. R. D. Ellis Shawville Pastoral Charge
Rev. T G Klatt P P Quyon
Rev. V. O Brien Shawville Rhone
Rev. W H ‘ Krause Shawville
Rev. William SHAWVILLE
Reynolds Quyon
Reynolds Shawville Jersey Club
Rich- Shawville
Richard Boone John Weyne Shawville TOGETHER
Richard Campbell Quyon
Richard Greene Shawville
Richard Henry Thompson SHAWVILLE
Richard J. Me- SHAWVILLE
Richard Ledbetter Quyon- Apartment
Richard McCullough Ritchie Shawville Fair Notes Suddenly
Richard Quyon
Richard Shawville
Richard Shawville’s
Richard Shoul- Shawville
Richard Todd Notary SHAWVILLE
Richard WHS Shawville s Betty Telford
Richard Wile Shawville-Clarendon
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Will Shawville
Richard Willi Shawville Chiropractor Dr Ed Chicoine
Richard Willi Shawville Skip Harold Hall
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wills Four Shawville
Richard Wills Miss Shawville Fair
Richard Wills Quyon
Richard Wills Quyon da
Richard Wills Richard Wills Equity Editor Quyon
Richard Wills Shawville
Richard Wills Shawville Council
Richard Wills Shawville Firemen
Richard Wills Shawville Rotary
Richard Wills Shawville Town Employees Rick Russett
Richard Wills Shawville-Clarendon
Richard Wilts Quyon Agricultural
Richardson - Claude Jhon Shawville
Richardson Bros Shawville
Richardson Shawville
Richardson Shawville Fishing
Richardson Shawville Shoe Pontiac/Renfrew Cleaners Murdock Glass
Richardson Shawville Ws SjseN
Rick Atwill Shawville
Rick Cummings Shawville
Rick Valin de Shawville
Rickie Lee Quyon Ferry
Ricky Young Shawville
Rita Shawville
Rita Shawville United Church
Rivière Quyon
Rob Shawville
Robbie Shawville
Robert Bateman QUYON.
Robert Belsher Quyon
Robert Ber- Shawville Council
Robert C Carswell Shawville
Robert C Trudeau SHAWVILLE
Robert C. Carswell Shawville
Robert C. Trudeau Canadian Tire Shawville Gestion Michel Seguin 647-2733 Sealtest Distributor Shawv
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVILLE
Robert C. Trudeau Shawville Auto Service Main Street
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVILLE Québec
Robert C. Trudeau Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE
Robert Caldwell Shawville Saturday
Robert Carswell Shawville
Robert Charette Cathy Larue Shawville
Robert Chev Shawville
Robert Doyle Shawville 7
Robert Drummond Shawville
Robert Erwin Trucking SADC Pontiac Shawville Fair Tom Armstrong Excavation W.A. Hodgins Store Also
Robert Hobbs 1st Shawville Troop
Robert Hobbs Shawville President Harold
Robert Hoffman Edward G. Robinson Shawville
Robert I. Manary Heads Quyon Fair Cold Welcome
Robert L Smart Shawville
Robert L Younge Shawville Steam
Robert L. Smart Shawville
Robert Lacourse Shawville
Robert Lacroix Quyon
Robert Lester 1st Shawville Troop Shawville
Robert MacKechnic Shawville Ford Inc.
Robert Mackechnie Shawville Ford
Robert MacKechnie Shawville Ford Inc.
Robert McCord Shawville
Robert QUyon
Robert Russett Notice President Shawville
Robert S. Pritchard Quyon Boycott
Robert Scott Quyon
Robert Séguin 456-2870 After Shawville
Robert Sharpes Shawville Hospital
Robert Shawville
Robert Shawville Fair
Robert Shawville Holi-Durmg
Robert Towell Shawville 647
Robert Wills Shawville
Robert Wilson Shawville Hi -
Robert Younge Shawville Robert Middlemiss
Robert Zimmer- Shawville
Roberts Shawville
Roberts Shawville Open
Robertson Quyon PS.
Robertson Shawville
Robertson Shawville - Richardson Bros. Townhouse
Robin Shawville
Robyn Richardson Wisot/ki Shawville
Rod Shawville
Roger A. Young Shawville Lettre
Roger McEIwain Shawville
Roger Perry’s QUYON
Roger Quyon Lionettes
Roger Shawville
Ron Bel- Shawville Pootiacs
Ron Dacg Shawville
Ron Hades Shawville
Ron Richardson Shawville Que Grooming
Ron Rl-Shawville Fair
Ron Shawville
Ron Stewart Pontiac Auto Parts Shawville Milling Shawville Chrysler Obituary Shirley Dagg
Ron Tub- Shawville
Ron Woodman Shawville Mary Margaret Johnson
Ron- Shawville
Ronald A. Shawville
Ronald Richardson 1st Shawville Crew Stamp Collector Squire Robert G. Lester
Ronald W. Richardson Shawville
Ronnie Armitage Loeb Shawville C.B.L. Pirie H I. Hobbs
Rose Shawville
Ross Dickson Robert L Younge Shawville
Ross Shawville
Ross Vowles Dear Editor Shawville
Rowot B.A.. B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Boudieau B.A.
Roy Dagg Shawville
Roy Giesebrecht First Period Shawville—McKay
Roy Perrault Quyon
Roy Shawville
Roy Shawville Quebec
Royal Enniskillen Shawville
Royce Shawville
Ruby Cornwall Shawville»
Russ Taber Quyon Dave Mackay
Russell Bros Ottawa-Waltham— Leave Shawville
Russell Findlay Shawville
Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawville Valuation Roll
Russell Service Shawville Milling
Ruth Beardsley Shawville
Ruth Quyon
Ruth Strutt Shawville
Ruth Woollsey Publicity Convenor Quyon W.I.
Ryan Barber Shawville
Ryan Barber) 3 Shawville
Ryan Edge Shawville
Ryan Shawville
S. Os- Shawville
Saint Andre-Avoiiin Shawville
Sam McCleary Clatoyn Campbell Gerald Amyotte Weds Margaret Bernard At St. Peters Al Shawville Fair
Sam Shawville
Sandra Dale QUYON
Sandra McCann Shawville
Sandra Quyon
Sandra Rut- Stromr Shawville Rotarv Special
Sandra Shawville
Sandra Shawville Council
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Shawville United Rev Jim Payton Church Office
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Shawville Untied Rev Jm Payton Church Office
Satur- Shawville
Savage Shawville
Schneider Honoured On Leaving Shawville Boys
Schwartz Quyon United W.A. United Church
Schwartz Shawville
Schwartz Shawville Main Street Services
Scolaire Ste Marie de Quyon Un
Scott 458-2212 Wesley United Quyon
Scott Daughtrey Then Shawville
Scott Hig-Shawville
Scott Jo- Shawville
Scott Lemay Shawville Lions Hall Saturday
Scott Quyon
Scott Shawville
Scott Shawville Creamery
Scott Then Quyon
Scott Wilson Shawville Village Inn Tom Orr Stedman
Seafood Shawville 647-2000 Dolan
Sec Shawville
Sec-Tieae Shawville
Sec-Treas Shawville Old Pro’s
Sec-Troas Shawville
Sec.-Treas Quyon Parish Rev.
Sec.-Treas Shawville For Service
Sec.-Treasurer Quyon
Sec.-Treax Shawville
Sec.-Trees Quyon
Secrétaire-trésorière Nelson Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.A. White
Secretary-Treasurer Quyon
Secretary-Treasurer Quyon Flyers
See.-Treas V Shawville
Sep- Shawville
Serato Maria Canale Sea Drama QUYON
Serge Guil-Quyon
Service Leslie Dale Shawville
Service W M. K1LROY Quyon
SF“ — Shawville’s Patrick
Sha F Marie Shawville
Shannon Shawville
Shannon Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Sharks P Nâtion Coton Shawville
Sharon Crawford Shawville
Sharon Shawville
Sharpe Quyon
Sharpe Shawville Lions Club
Shaun Shawville
Shaw H NN Shawville
Shaw Shawville
Shaw Shawville Fair
Shawn Irom Shawville
Shawn MacDonell Shawville Youth Centre Committee Member Doyle
Shawn Romain Shawville
Shawn Shawville
Shawvillc Quyon
Shawville Sins Against
Shawville H I
Shawville J
Shawville L Maas
Shawville V
Shawville Campbell
Shawville G Captain Ronnie Telford Nick Brownlee Cyril Gilpin Chris Dresselt Marc-And
Shawville L .
Shawville B __ Michoel Lloyd
Shawville Bertrand
Shawville Deepet
Shawville E
Shawville E BEER
Shawville Foster
Shawville K
Shawville L i>
Shawville Mr. Hodgins
Shawville Otter
Shawville P
Shawville Phone
Shawville Q T #
Shawville Referee Clinic John Campbell
Shawville S
Shawville V
Shawville W K?
Shawville Young Entrepreneurs
Shawville "
Shawville - J H Shaw
Shawville 620-51 xj7 Griffith
Shawville 647-2204 Armstrong
Shawville 647-2403 V -X H
Shawville 647-2419 Z -i{
Shawville 647-2557 Dove Moore
Shawville 647-2733 O TIRE
Shawville 647-35 Ross Twp
Shawville 647-3737 L k4w •v WE RE AT YOUR
Shawville 647-3861 J #
Shawville 647-5666 Elliott
Shawville 647-6040 Campbell
Shawville 647-6640 FortCoulonge
Shawville 819-647-5711 Atkinson
Shawville A
Shawville A tVl»eS
Shawville A Black
Shawville A Districe Kinettes
Shawville A Standard Full Size
Shawville A V P A Hold Regular Meeting
Shawville Academy
Shawville Ada Daley 458-2536 Charteris Quyon Mrs Iona Robbins
Shawville After
SHAWVILLE al Heritage Fair
Shawville Albert
Shawville Albert Armstrong
Shawville Albert Armstrong VOTEZ AMBROSE L GAUTHIER
Shawville Albert Bertrand
Shawville Albert R. Donnelly
Shawville Andrew
Shawville Andrew Clifford Maracle
Shawville Andy
Shawville ANGUS—In
Shawville Annie Clara Mousseau
Shawville Answer
Shawville Antique Car Rally
Shawville Apartment
Shawville Arena
Shawville Arena Letter
Shawville Arens Bristol W.l
Shawville Armstrong
Shawville Artificial Ice
Shawville Athletics
Shawville Atkinson
Shawville Atom A’
Shawville Atoms
Shawville Auberge
Shawville Auxiliary
Shawville B
Shawville B .
Shawville B A .
Shawville B Bantams
Shawville B Fair
Shawville B Rothwall Preslden
Shawville Baie Pontiac Buick
Shawville Bakery
Shawville Ball Association
Shawville Ball Hockey
Shawville Ball Park
Shawville Band
Shawville Bantams Campbell
Shawville Baseball Cl
Shawville Bconch
Shawville Bean
Shawville Because
Shawville Ben Macintosh
Shawville Bernice Gardiner
Shawville Bethel Pentecostal Pastor Dana Visnesk
Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.A. White 9:46
Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.A. White Rue Main
Shawville Betty Horner
Shawville Bill Gibson
Shawville Bill Leveris
Shawville Blake Rev Richard Grey
Shawville Block
Shawville Boiseevain
Shawville Bombers
Shawville Borden
Shawville Boys
Shawville Branch
Shawville Branch Paid-up Capital
Shawville Branch Quyon Branch
Shawville Bristol
Shawville BRISTOL.
Shawville Bryson
Shawville Bryson Immac.
Shawville Bryton Campbell
Shawville Businesses Karen
Shawville Butter
Shawville C
Shawville C G I T *
Shawville C G I T. Elect Ofticorn
Shawville C I. P.
Shawville C O I
Shawville C, W Name Tel
Shawville Cables Pat Moorehead
Shawville Café
Shawville Caldwell Debbie Lance Thrun
Shawville Campbell
Shawville Canadian Provinces
Shawville Carey Ann
Shawville Carmichael
Shawville Centennial
Shawville Centennial Snow Queen
Shawville Centre
Shawville Chapeau
Shawville Chapter
Shawville Charge
Shawville Charolais
Shawville Charterls Campbell
Shawville Chatteris
Shawville Chiropractic Clinic
Shawville Choir
Shawville Chrys-teams
Shawville Chrysler
Shawville Church
Shawville CitizenV
Shawville Clarendon Fireman’s Ball
Shawville Clarendon Municipal
Shawville Clark
Shawville Clarke
Shawville Clark’s Campbell
Shawville Class Schedule
Shawville Classes Rev. Owen McPherson
Shawville Claude E. Shaw
Shawville Claude K. Shaw
Shawville Clifford Robillerd
Shawville Clr Boyd Barber
Shawville Co- Ontario
Shawville Coach
ShâWVÎlle Community
Shawville Community Band
Shawville Community Centre
Shawville Community Centre Ca{ Saturday
Shawville Comp/ele
Shawville Complet
Shawville Complet*
Shawville Compléta
Shawville Complete
Shawville Complets
Shawville Comploté
Shawville Comploto
Shawville Complots
Shawville Congratulations Jamie
Shawville Cottons Shirting’s Tickings Linens Flannelettes Wrapperettes Dress Goods Hosiery
Shawville Coun
Shawville Council
Shawville Council L LJ Party
Shawville Council Campbell
Shawville Council July
Shawville Council Quebec
Shawville Council Shaw
Shawville Councillor Athol Dale
Shawville Councillor Bill Atkinson
Shawville Councillor Boyd Barber
Shawville Councillor Brent Horner
Shawville Councillor Don Stevens
Shawville Councillor Sandra Murray
Shawville CounDistrict Recreation Association
Shawville Crawford Shaw
Shawville Crs Grant
Shawville Curling
Shawville D C McGuire
Shawville D S
Shawville da
Shawville Dale
Shawville Danny
Shawville David
Shawville Davindcr Deogun
Shawville Dean
Shawville Dear
Shawville Dear Editor
Shawville Denise Miron Marion
Shawville Dennis Spencer
Shawville Dental Clinic
Shawville Doors
Shawville Douglas Graham
Shawville Dowell
Shawville Dpty
Shawville Dr Earl Potvin
Shawville Dr. Bell’* XVonrler Medicine
Shawville Durée
Shawville E P. I. Ebert Hamilton
Shawville E «retient
Shawville East
Shawville East Quebec
Shawville Egg Grading Station
Shawville Elmus King
Shawville Entrance
Shawville Equity
Shawville ESIbbS
Shawville Exoer
Shawville F #
Shawville F Plummer
Shawville Fa
Shawville Fai
Shawville Fair
Shawville Fair Story Book Farm Food Concessions Livestock Displays Garden
Shawville Fair.
Shawville Fairgrounds Large
Shawville Fairgrounds Quebec
Shawville Fairs
Shawville Fair—Heather
Shawville Fair—Sept
Shawville Fieldman Leslie Thompson
Shawville Figure
Shawville Figure Skating Club
Shawville Finnigan Jr s
Shawville Fireman Clarence Cuthbertson
Shawville Flea
Shawville Foods
Shawville for Jr B
Shawville Ford
Shawville Ford Benson Auto Parts Karen Chambers Mike
Shawville Ford Benson Auto Parts Wilf
Shawville Ford Inc.
Shawville Ford Powell
Shawville Ford Shawville
Shawville Ford Shawville 647-2721 Atkinson
Shawville Fraser
Shawville Freeh Cul
Shawville Funeral
Shawville Furniture
Shawville G Branch
Shawville G CONNELLY
Shawville Garth Tracy
Shawville Georges Dubeau
Shawville Gibson
Shawville Gingerbiead
Shawville Gordon Armstrong
Shawville Gordon MacMillan
Shawville Gordon McGillvray
Shawville Gordon Paul Insurance
Shawville Graham
Shawville Grant
Shawville Green Mountain
Shawville Greenhouse
Shawville Gregory
Shawville Gros
Shawville Guy Chenault Jr.
Shawville H
Shawville H "We
Shawville H I. Hobbs
Shawville H O BOX 751
Shawville H R No
Shawville H Sincere
Shawville H Wi St WORKS.
Shawville Hadware
Shawville Hadware Starting
Shawville Hairdresser
Shawville Hamilton
Shawville Hardware
Shawville Hardware DALE’S TINSHOP
Shawville Hardware Boys Department
Shawville Hardware C
Shawville Hardware Spring
Shawville Harley Davidson
Shawville Harrison
Shawville Harvey Smith
Shawville Hatchery V Watch Our Window Display !
Shawville Hayes
Shawville Hayes Beauty Salon
Shawville Heart
Shawville Helen Robinson
Shawville Helen Stark
Shawville Henry Tubman
Shawville Henry W. Block
Shawville Herman Ballantyne
Shawville Hobbs Milling
Shawville Hodgins Shopping Plaza By Appointment Robert Samson
Shawville Holes Campbell
Shawville Homer
Shawville Hosp.
Shawville Hospital
Shawville Hospital Auxiliary
Shawville Howard
Shawville Hoys
Shawville Hranch
Shawville Hubert McCauley Jewellers
Shawville Hull
Shawville I*
Shawville Î* June
Shawville I.G.A.
Shawville IDA.
Shawville Il
Shawville Immedately—Two
Shawville Interior
Shawville Intermediates
Shawville Is
Shawville J
Shawville J V #
Shawville J G. Elliott
Shawville J Gagnon
Shawville J J J
Shawville J Uoyd Armstrong -
Shawville J ¥
Shawville J. B *
Shawville James C. Gordon
Shawville JefT Russell
Shawville Jessie Ross Red
Shawville John Langford
Shawville John S. Hodgins
Shawville John S. Hodglns
Shawville John S. Johnston
Shawville Jr B
Shawville Jr B Hahn £at Hahn
Shawville Jr B Ponti-acs
Shawville Jr Bs
Shawville Jr Hockey
Shawville Jr outscore
Shawville Jr Pontiacs
Shawville Jr Ringette
Shawville Jr. B s
Shawville JttÊÊ^ÊÊÊM Routa Salesman
Shawville June
Shawville Junior
Shawville Junior B Ponti-
Shawville Junior B Pontiacs
Shawville Juniors
Shawville Juveniles
Shawville Juveniles Wreck Powdered Milk Storage Leonard Homer
Shawville K
Shawville K All
Shawville K End
Shawville K Ends Saturday
Shawville K Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Shawville K s Bryson
Shawville K**i
Shawville K- ii
Shawville KE<
Shawville Kelly Whelan
Shawville Killarney
Shawville Kinsmen
Shawville Kinsmen........... Campbell
Shawville Kirk Richardson
Shawville Kirkham
Shawville Krose
Shawville L
Shawville L #
Shawville L % Worley
Shawville L 10.00 a.m.
Shawville L C Leah Miller
Shawville L Fresh
Shawville L J
Shawville L L. L LORNE
Shawville L O L No.
Shawville L uit^i Church
Shawville L VERY
Shawville L?
Shawville Ladies
Shawville Lamb Fair
Shawville Land
Shawville Lee Laframbolse
Shawville Lee Rickey
Shawville Leslie Grant
Shawville Leslie Seiler
Shawville Library
Shawville Lie
Shawville Lion
Shawville Lion Lloyd Perry
Shawville Lioncttes
Shawville Lionetles
Shawville Lionettes
Shawville Lionettes Car Rally Saturday
Shawville Lionnettes
Shawville Lions
Shawville Lions Entertainment Cooper
Shawville Lions Hall
Shawville Lions Mansfield Lions Lionettes Masseau Regente Portage
Shawville Lions Mills
Shawville Lions Parade Committee P.O.
Shawville Lisa Cartman
Shawville Little Crusaders
Shawville Little Grey Goose
Shawville Little Rock Curlers
Shawville Live Entertainment
Shawville Livery
Shawville Llonettes
Shawville Lloyd
Shawville Lloyd Armstrong
Shawville Long Distance
Shawville Loses Eleven To
Shawville Lost
Shawville Lü
Shawville Lunch
Shawville M
Shawville M * U
Shawville Ma
Shawville Mahton Hayes
Shawville Main Street Stevens
Shawville Maloney
Shawville Marble
Shawville Margaret C. Smith Shawville Parlez-vous
Shawville Marion Roberta Hodgins Marries Michael Martel
Shawville Marks
Shawville Martin Dubé
Shawville Massey Harris
Shawville Maurice
Shawville May
Shawville Mayer Black
Shawville McAra
Shawville Me Nicole F. Marcotte
Shawville Meat Market Mr. J. M. Bailey
Shawville Meat Shop:-
Shawville Medical Clinic
Shawville Merchant And Fuel Oil Wishing You Success Best Wishes From Best Wishes From Wishing You S
Shawville Michelle Frenks
Shawville Midget
Shawville Midgets
Shawville Mildred
Shawville Milling
Shawville Milling Sylvia Bokker Equity
Shawville Milling Co.
Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Shawville Milling Company
Shawville Milling Sterling Hobbs
Shawville MillingCo.J. J. Turner
Shawville Millings
Shawville Milling’s
Shawville Minister Rev.
Shawville Minor
Shawville Minor Hockey
Shawville Minor Hockey Club
Shawville Minor Hockey Golf Tournament
Shawville Minor Hockey Off
Shawville Minor Hockey Tournament
Shawville Minor RED
Shawville Mis-en-cause
Shawville Mr.
Shawville Mr. Graham Condi
Shawville Mr. Jamie Amm
Shawville Mr. Larry Dubcau
Shawville Mr. Marshall Faulkner
Shawville Mr. Wyman Harris
Shawville Mrs Foster.
Shawville Mrs Phone 7-2268 Wickens
Shawville Mrs. Claude Lemay
Shawville Mrs. Harold Elliott
Shawville Mrs. Hugh Stewart
Shawville Mrs. Kenneth Armitage
Shawville Mrs. Susan Hedging
Shawville Mrs. Susan Young
Shawville Mrs. XV.
Shawville MtVKI Odorless Cleaning Shawville
Shawville Municipal
Shawville Municipality Shawville
Shawville Murdock Carpet
Shawville Murdock Carpets
Shawville Murphy
Shawville Murray
Shawville Murray Hodgins
Shawville Murray Sporting Goods Ltd.
Shawville Music
Shawville Music Makers
Shawville N .G Sec
Shawville N X OCTOBER
Shawville Nancy Hunt
Shawville Nd
Shawville Neighbours
Shawville Never
Shawville New
Shawville Nicholson
Shawville Night
Shawville Nole
Shawville NOTt
Shawville Novice
Shawville O
Shawville O CZ)
Shawville O Keefe
Shawville O L. J. AUTO-GLASS TM
Shawville O O Easter Hours
Shawville O X Coming Events White
Shawville Office—Hayes
Shawville Old Boys
Shawville Ormstown 2. Darren Carleton
Shawville OtC
Shawville P
SHAWVIllE P O Box 299 ET
Shawville P Quebec
Shawville P.O.
Shawville P.PJP.
Shawville P.Q.
Shawville Pack
Shawville Pack Time Billy Bell
Shawville Panther"
Shawville Passerai Char* Rev. Stanley
Shawville Pastor L.B. Moore
Shawville Pastor Lloyd B. Moore 10:00 a.m.
Shawville Pastoral
Shawville Pastoral Charge Minister Rev E. I. Johnston
Shawville Pastoral Charge Minister Rev. E 1
Shawville Peewee
Shawville Pentecostal Church Rev. Donald C. Smith
Shawville Personals
Shawville Pharmacy
Shawville Phone
Shawville Phone 647-2564 Leona and Grant Eades Main Street
Shawville Plaza
Shawville Ponli.c
Shawville Pontiac H EDGAR L ALLARD B.A..
Shawville Pontiac Jr "
Shawville Pontiac Jr |
Shawville Pontiacs
Shawville Pontiacs (Jr)
Shawville Pontiacs Jr B
Shawville Pony
Shawville Pools
Shawville Pools Eric Zimmerling
Shawville Portage
Shawville Powell
Shawville PPHS.
Shawville Precious Moments Collector Dolls Plates
Shawville Preston Cull Auctioneering Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. John A. Burnett Farm Equipment Ltd
Shawville Produce Quotations
Shawville Prop.
Shawville Property
Shawville Pr°j®ct
Shawville Pulpwood
Shawville Q
Shawville Q JI TORONTO
Shawville Qc
Shawville QC.
Shawville QgKBBown
Shâwville Qu#be<
Shawville Quaile
Shawville Que
Shawville Que Bus Lines Campbell
Shawville Que Percy M. Graham
Shawville Que* Letter Heads
Shawville Quebec
Shawville Quebec W #
Shawville Quebec Fred McCagg
Shawville Quebec OTTAWA
Shawville Quebec V FREE ESTIMATES Lloyd Hodgins
Shawville Queen
Shawville Quo
Shawville Quyon
Shawville Quyon Farmers Co-op
Shawville R
Shawville R 819-647-2955
Shawville R A
Shawville R A Ball Contact Lee
Shawville R A Hall
Shawville R A Minor Ball Committee
Shawville R G <J
Shawville R O. WM.
Shawville R R
Shawville R R No. 2.
Shawville R. G Hodgins G. McDougall W. E Shaw
Shawville R.A.
Shawville R.A. MIXED Competitive L |L Ball Tournament August
Shawville R.A. Sylvia BaKker___________ Equity
Shawville R.A.’s
Shawville Radio
Shawville Ray
Shawville RcB
Shawville Rebekahs
Shawville Rec.
Shawville Reds
Shawville Reliable
Shawville Renfrew
Shawville Residents
Shawville Retro Canada Lemay
Shawville Rev
Shawville Rev Rick Marples Sun
Shawville Rev.
Shawville Rev. Fred Clow
Shawville Rev. Gary
Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
Shawville Rev. O A. White
Shawville Revd
Shawville Revitalisation
Shawville Revitalization
Shawville Revitalization Office Pat Rooney
Shawville Richardson
Shawville Ro
Shawville Robinson
Shawville Rose Marie Coyne
Shawville Ross
Shawville Ross Campbell
Shawville Rotary
Shawville Rotary Club
Shawville Rotary Concert McKnight
Shawville Russell Hotel
Shawville Russell House
Shawville Russell House Notice
Shawville Ryan Therrens
Shawville Ryan Wood
Shawville S
Shawville S JOHN
Shawville s Jr C
Shawville S Z 7
Shawville Saint Esprit
Shawville Sal
Shawville Salle
Shawville Sash
Shawville Sat
Shawville Sat.
Shawville Saturday
Shawville Sc
Shawville Scott Stephens
Shawville Scouts
Shawville Scrutin
Shawville Seniors
Shawville Service
Shawville Services
Shawville Shaw
Shawville Shawvife
Shawville Shawville
Shawville Shawville Blackhawks
Shawville SHhhi-p
Shawville Shoe
Shawville Shoe Repair*
Shawville Shoes
Shawville Short Course
Shawville Shut-out Campbell
Shawville Si Matthew
Shawville Sim
Shawville Sizes
Shawville Sloan
Shawville Smart
Shawville Smith
Shawville Smith Building
Shawville Snappers
Shawville Sponsored
Shawville SS*
Shawville St Matthew
Shawville Stallion Show
Shawville Standard
Shawville Standard Bert Murphy
Shawville Standard Church
Shawville Stanton
Shawville Stark
Shawville Starks
Shawville Starks Cor
Shawville Starks Ladies Learn To Weave
Shawville Stewart
Shawville Store
Shawville Stuart Marples
Shawville T
Shawville T Waltham
Shawville T:él
Shawville Taylor Brothers
Shawville Tea-be
Shawville Tel
Shawville Telephone
Shawville Telephone Renfrew Shawville
Shawville Tenders Wanted Campbell
Shawville Tennis
Shawville The
Shawville Thomas
Shawville Thomas H. Lefebvre
Shawville Tom C. Gratton
Shawville Town Portrait
Shawville Track
Shawville TRUDEAU S White International Deep
Shawville U-
Shawville U0V Baseball Schedule
Shawville Uni-
Shawville United
Shawville United Chi
Shawville United Church
Shawville United Church Choir
Shawville United Church Hall
Shawville United Clarendon
Shawville United Rev Mark Feernaii Church Office
Shawville United Wallace Hodgins
Shawville United Young
Shawville United Zion Begin
Shawville Uon-ettes
Shawville Uoyd Armstrong
Shawville V
Shawville V X All
Shawville V ?
Shawville V #
Shawville V <
Shawville V B-Gowlinu
Shawville V J from
Shawville V K
Shawville V Kévin O BRIEN
Shawville V L
Shawville V O. WM
Shawville V V #
Shawville Valu-mart
Shawville Veterinarian
Shawville Veterinarian Grant Rogers
Shawville Veterinary Clinic
Shawville Vi
Shawville Vice-President Rick Allen
Shawville Vincent Bielawski
Shawville Visiting
Shawville Voyageurs
Shawville W
Shawville W )
Shawville W C TW Participez
Shawville W A.
Shawville W Admission
Shawville W C. Harris
Shawville W H Barr
Shawville W I
Shawville W I.
Shawville W I. Shawville Women
Shawville W I............. John Sturgeon
Shawville W L T Pts Gf
Shawville W M. Haves
Shawville W- Campbell
Shawville W.J. Hayes
Shawville Waited
Shawville Wallace
Shawville Walsh Richardson Mr.
Shawville WANTED.
Shawville Watview Domentic Mischief
Shawville Wesley
Shawville Wesleyan
Shawville Wesleyan Campbell
Shawville Wesleyan Church Sun.
Shawville Wesleyan Standard Church
Shawville Wilf Tipping
Shawville Wilson
Shawville Winter
Shawville Wm Lucas
Shawville Womens Màxtlock
Shawville Woolen Mills
Shawville Woollen Mills
Shawville Woollen Mills All-wool Golf Hose
Shawville WORKS.
Shawville X
Shawville X *
Shawville X #
Shawville X #
Shawville X ?
Shawville X SALT
Shawville X SATURDAY
Shawville X X T
Shawville XV.
Shawville Y
Shawville Y Eaymead M. Rowcrt
Shawville Y P-
Shawville Y.
Shawville Y.P.U.
Shawville Young
Shawville Young Farmer
Shawville Young Farmer Chris Tracy
Shawville Young Farmer Laura Crawford
Shawville Young Farmer Scott Stephens
Shawville Young Farmers
Shawville Young Farmers Annual
Shawville Young Farmers Annual Banquet
Shawville Young IV
Shawville Z *v.
Shawville Z >
Shawville Z Hwy 301
Shawville Z)
Shawville — Hayes
SHAWVILLE* Eighty-eight-
SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Shawville*s Brock Plouffe
Shawville------ Portage
Shawville-; Rev. Mr. Cooper
Shawville-Clarendon Angel Russians
Shawville-Clarendon Beimers
Shawville-Clarendon-Thorne Historic* Record II
Shawville-Ken Pirie
Shawville/ Clarendon
Shawville^ Quebec
SHAWVILLE— Lucky Dave Frost
SHAWVILLE— Shawville-Clarcndon
Shawville—Alice Howard
Shawville—Bryan Murray
Shawville—Della Smith
Shawville—Goal Harris
Shawville—Goal Parr
Shawville—Marjorie Wilson
Shawville’* Junior
Shawville’s Allen
Shawville’s Blake Shawville
Shawville’s D Barr
Shawville’s Earl
Shawville’s Firechicf
SHAWVILLE’S Fourth Annual Prompt
Shawville’s Glen Morrison
Shawville’s Gord Wilson
Shawville’s Grant Ferrigan Anne
Shawville’s Harris
Shawville’s Hursty’s
Shawville’s Lloyd Stevens
Shawville’s Luke
Shawville’s Luke Murphy
Shawville’s Luke Murphy Darron Barr
Shawville’s Lynn Lang
Shawville’s MacMillan
Shawville’s Marcel Berard
Shawville’s Mark Wright
Shawville’s Mark Wright Micksburg
Shawville’s Murray
Shawville’s Powell
Shawville’s Richardson
Shawville’s Shaw
Shawville’s Simon Clarke’s
Shawville’s Smith
Shawville’s Todd Young
Shawville’s Tom Orr
Shawville’s Tyler Cluff Attwood
Shawville’s Tyler Orr
Shawville’s V "All
Shawville’s Volun-I
Shawvllle Shawville
Shawvllletospitalauxiliary Shawville Ladies
ShawvWe Shawville
Sheila Pollock Shawville
Sheila Shawville
Shelley Bourgeau-Greer Rolling Acres Farms W.A. Hodgins Home Hardware Shawville Village Inn Culliga
Shelley Hodgins Miss Shawville Fair
Shelley Provost Quyon
Shennett Quyon
Shepherd Shawville
Sherry Gwen Hayes Special Prize Shawville Businessmen
Shir- Shawville
Shirley (Edward) Tanner Shawville
Shirley 0nt- • Quyon Defeats Sheenboro To Enter Finals
Shirley Greta Hodgins Weds Elwyn Rooney Shawville Band Plays At Cemetery
Shirley I Shawville
Shirley Maheral Also Many Other Grocery Items Given Away SHAWVILLE
Shirley Quyon Balte Sale
Shirley Shawville
Shirley Thoms Shawville* Patricia
Shirley Towell Shawville
Shop Shawville
Shop Shawville Council Pontiac Milk Transport
Short Courses—Quyon
Short Features Quyon
Show Shawville 4-H Lamb
Silver Watches Shawville
Sincerely Terry Dolan Quyon
Six Young Quyon Boy Dies Suddenly
SL* Shawville
Smart Shawville
Smiley Quyon
Smiley See.-Treat Shawville
Smiley Shawville
Smith B D Quyon Contributions
Smith New Shawville-Clarendon
Smith Sec.-Treas Main Street Shawville
Smith See-Treas Shawville Council Patronize
Smith Shawville
Smith Shawville Itinerary Includes*
Société Shawville Fair Pageant
Sole» Representotlve Quyon
Son Shawville Entry
Son Shawville Phone
Son Funeral Home Shawville
Son Phone 178J Shawville
Son Quyon
Sons B s Place I.G.A. Carson Hodglns Shawville Ford Valley Mutual Insurance Shawville Chrysler Inc.
Sons Funeral Directors J Shawville
Sons Funeral Directors Shawville
Sons Funeral Director^ Shawville
Sons Funeral Home - Shawville
Sons Funeral Home Quyon
Sons Funeral Home Shawville
Sons Funeral Home Shawville Methodist Church
Sons Funeral Homes Shawville
Sons Funeral Shawville
Sons Marcottes Quyon Freshmart Le Veteran Gaz Bar Shawville Shoe Shop Dishak Gordon Paul Insurance
Sons Pontiac Home Bakery Shawville
Sons Quyon
Sons Shawville Chrysler
Sons Shawville Milling Agra Spread
Sparrow Shawville
Sparrow Shawville Fair Special
Sparrow Shawville Ladies Hospital
Spi.ow Quebec Shawville
Sports Bar Shawville Village Inn Shawville Milling
Squad Shawville H Otter Lake N DA
Squad Shawville II
St Ed- Wesley United Quyon Unled 9:30
St John Quyon
St Paul Shawville Si Matthew
St Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Parish
St Shawville
St Shawville Quebec JOX
St Thomas Brstol St John Quyon Shawvile Rev D MacPherson
St*» Shawville
St-, Shawville
St-» Shawville
St.f Shawville
St.t Shawville
Stacey Howard Luskville Quyon
Stage Proprietor Shawville
Stan Callaghan Quyon
Stan Quyon Lions Hall Saturday
Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Stanley A. Cohen Commission Secretary Wesleyan Shawville Rev Stuart Marpies
Stanley Ralph Quyon United Church
Stanley Shawville
Stanton Quyon
Starks Corners Notes Caldwell Notes Shawville Notes Norway
Starks Cors-Second Thursday Shawville-First Thursday
Starks Cor’s-Second Thursday Shawville—First Thursday
Starks Quebec Shawville
State-of-the-art Shawville
Ste Marie de Quyon
Steele Scc-Treas Shawville Council Oct.
Stefan Soitywewki Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Mass
Stefan Soltynewlri Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.A. White Mass
Stefan Soltysaewki Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.A. White
Stefan Soltysrewki Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.A. White
Stefan Soltyszewki Shawville Bethel Ta
Stefan Soltyszewki Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Mass
Stefan Soltyszewki Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.À. White
Stefan Soltyszewlti Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev. O.A. White Mass
Stein Shawville
Stéphane Lau/on Shawville
Stephen 647-3540 Hamiltons Shawville
Stephen BhI Shawville
Stephen Hodglns Shawville Freedom
Stephen J Davis Quyon
Stephen J. Davis Qûyon
Stephen Quyon
Stephen Shawville
Stephen Taylor de Quyon Elus
Stephens Quyon Firefighters
Stephens Shawville
Steve Allen Shawville Fair
Steve Shawville R.A. Mixed Fun Ball Campbell
Steven Al-The Shawville Midget Pontiacs
Stewart Quyon
Stewart Co Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Stewart Shawville
Stewart Shawville Kay Corrigan
Stewart Vows Said Ihanki At Shawville
Stf Shawville
Stittsville Dave Moore Shawville
Story Quyon
Street Shawville
Street Shawville Quebec
Strutt Shawville Young Farmers Shawville Fair
Sts Shawville
Stuart Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Style Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
St„ Shawville
SU, Shawville
Subscriptions Shawville Quebec
Sue Cahill-Booth Guelph Warren Russell Shawville
Sue Foster Shawville
Sue Lyon Margaret Leighton Shawville
Sue McKay Quyon
Sue Shawville
Sue Shawville Fair
Surely Quyon
Susan Dois Shawville
Susan F Shawville
Susan Shawville
Susan Tubman Shawville
Susan Wilson Shawville
Susan Wilson Shawville Fair
Suzanne Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
Suzanne Prudhomme Shawville Lions
Swift Phone 647-2575 Shawville
Sydney Brooke Shawville
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Shawville Paul McGee
Sylvia Bakker El Shawville Equity Editor Just
Sylvia Bakker Shawville
Sylvia Bakker Shawville By
Sylvia Bakker Shawville Equity Editor If
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Shawville
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Shawville
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Shawville Holmes
Sylvia Bakker Equity News Editor Shawville
Sylvia Bakker New Shawville
Sylvia Bakker Quyon
Sylvia Bakker Quyon Equity
Sylvia Bakker Shawville
Sylvia Bakker Shawville Equity
Sylvia Bakker Shawville Equity Editor Politicians
Sylvia Bakker Yach Sports Shawville Equity
Sylvia Barker Equityt Editor SHAWVILLE - Nurses
Sylvia Bokker de Quyon
Sylvia Bokker Equity Editor Shawville
Sylvia Elwyn Brownlee Shawville Chrysler VA
Sylvia Gib- Shawville
Sylvia Hod Shawville
Sylvia Hod-and Shawville
Sylvia Hod-Shawville Council
Sylvia Poisson-Hodgins Rowat Insurance Shawville
Sylvia Poisson-Hodgins W.A. Hodgins Shawville
Sylvia Shawville
T L W G Team Perth Renfrew Goulboum Arnprior Shawville Carlcton
T L W G Team Perth Renfrew Goulboum Arnprior Shawville Carlcton Place
T Shawville
T W G Team Calumet Island Shawville Petro Can
T.L.C. Tru-Line Collision Shawville 647-2937 Atkinson
Tail J Shawville
Tailoring Special Prize List Shawville Fair
Tammy Loêsche Shawville Ford Inc.
Tank Bristol McKee’s Shawville Clark’s Campbell
Tank Bristol McKee’s Shawville Clark’s Campbell’s Ray
Taxation Shawville Tel
Taylor - Shawville
Taylor Fire Extinguishers Shawville Watt Taykx
Taylor I Shawville
Taylor Shawville
Taylor Shawville Devilled Egg Balls For Salad Garnish
Taylor Shawville - Reinke
Taylor Shawville Order Your
Taylor Shawville Z 1
Taylor Shawville .r~2L
Taylor Shawville Anna
Taylor Shawville Burial
Taylor Shawville I
Taylor Shawville Local Farm Forums Meet At
Taylor Shawville Mr. Herman Schrueder
Taylor Shawville Mrs. James Carty
Taylor Shawville No.
Taylor Shawville North
Taylor Shawville QUEBEC QUYON
Taylor Shawville SUIT
Taylor Shawville Tel
Taylor Shawville WALTER SMITH
Taylor Shawville Where Trading Is
Taylor Shawville Z T H E A T R E /
Teacher Quyon
Teachers Wanted Main Street Shawville Quebec
Ted Christie Shawville Pools Rea d Otter Lake Post Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Ted Lance Shawville Facts
Teddy Newberry Shawville
Télébec Quyon Ada Daley
Telephone No. J Shawville Sash
Terry Quyon
Terry Campbell Shawville Public
Terry Elliott Shawville
Terry Fox Run Miss Shawville Fair
Terry Fox Run Shawville Council
Terry Therrien Shawville
Tfefcfloat Hardy Plants Florist Shawville
Thank You Michel Plante Shawville
The Shawville
The Shawville Boys
The Shawville Jr B
The Shawville Jr H.
The Shawville Jr ringette
Thelma Shawville
Theresa Hahn Petro Pontiac Shawville Chrysler Murray
Theresa Hahn Shawville Chrysler Bill Keaman J & J Grocery Pathway
Thirty-four Shawville
Thomas Arnold Stark Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
Thomas Bn** Quyon
Thomas Conley Shawville Fair
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 Shawville Rev Richard Gray
Thomas Fraser Quyon
Thomas Frsser Quyon
Thomas Me- Shawville Fair
Thomas Mousseau Shawville
Thomas Shawville
Thomas Tracy Quyon
Thompson Shawville
Thompson ShawYille SHAWVILLE
Thomson Shawville Québec
Thorne Shawville Farmer
Threat Specialist Quebec Shawville County
Thursday Shawville
Thurso Lafontaine Quyon Mille Isles Shawville Thorne
Tiger Shawville
Tim Horton Quyon
Tim K&L Dairy Products Shawville
Tim Palmer Stonebridge Inn Shawville Mag Players
Tim Quyon
Tim Shawville
Tim Thomp-The Shawville Junior
Tim Thompson Shawville
Timberwolves Osborne Dave Moore Shawville
Timothy Stevens- Shawville
Tin Shawville
Tina Quyon Fair
Tina Quyon Qué.
Todd Anne Aubry Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Todd Barber Shawville
Todd Quyon
Todd Shawville
Tom At Quyon Grant Campbell
Tom C. Henley Pontiac Don Mac Axworthy Rembrandt Hiawatha Maid Shawville Notes Mr.
Tom Fraser - Clayton Young Shawville
Tom Fraser - Clayton Young SHAWVILLE.
Tom McCann Shawville
Tom McCann Shawville Eco Trade Fair Dear Editor
Tom Murdock Quyon
Tom Orr Cartage Shawville Chrysler SAQ Classique
Tom Orr Shawville
Tom Orr Sports Shawville Thursday Nite Music
Tom Quyon
Tom Shawville
Tom Shawville Midgets
Tom Stephens Shawville
Tom Towle Shawville Chapeau Lions
Tom Tracey- Quyon
Tom Traceys Quyon
Tony Kilbride Quyon
Tony Newberry Shawville
Tracey Shea Quyon/Luskville/Gatineau Sylive Boucher Lise Caron Louise Jeannette
Tracy Quyon
Travis Emmer- Shawville
Travis Quyon
Travis Shawville
Travis Shawville Arena
Travis _ Shawville
Trevor Shawville
Troy Du-Shawville K s
Trudeau Quyon
Try H H. Harvey McArthur Shawville
Two Quyon
Two Quyon-area
Tyler Cluff Shawville
Tyler Quyon
UBm CumtaSiu» Shawville
ÜJiï-iiJ Shawville Centenarian Dies After Brief Illness
Une Shawville Barrett
Urqu-hart Campbell Executors Quyon
V M By Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter SHAWVÎLLE
V RobiteWte Wesley Shawville Rev Stuart Marptes
V V 4X | Chaussures Shawville Shoe
V V V V QUYON 458-2023
V6 Shawville Lions Hall
Valerie Shawville Arena
Vallillee A Humorous Dramatic Irish Story SHAWVILLE
Vancouv- Shawville
Vera Klatt Quebec Shawville
Vera Klatt Semi-Annual Meeting Pontiao L.0.L Quebec Shawville
Vera Shawville Hardware Store Meet
Veronica Shawville
Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
Vf B Music Tjy Shawville Brass Band
Victor Lavigne Shawville
Victor Mature Susan Havward Quyon
Victor Shawville
Victoria AvcTShaw Shawville
Victoria Avenue Shawville
Victoria Shawville
Victoria Si Shawville
Victoria St Shawville
Victoria Streets Shawville
View Gelbvieh Wayne Smith Quyon Lionettes Quyon Lions Club
Village da Shawville
Vince Shawville
Vinces Barber Shop Shawville Readers
Vinton Shawville Capital City Chorus
Visit Shawville
VROL.LT Z 3t Shawville
V» Shawville Quebec
W *n Shawville
W . W • Shawville Que
W BODOÎN8. Shawville
W H Farrell James L Stewart Quyon
W H Krause Shawville
W J Hayes Shawville
W L G Team Calumet Hand Shawville Valu-Mart Pctro Can Inc. Hwy
W N. McCUAIC Shawville Prov.
W S Hamm Shawville
W Shawville Goal
W. E Shaw Vertal Smiley Dr. R Armitage Quyon Farmers Co-op
W. Fisher Shawville
W. J. Hayes Shawville
W. M Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville Council
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville Council
W.DEROUIN Harvey Brownlee Shawville
Wade Ellison Shawville Pee Wee
Wagner Shawville
Wakefield Quyon Wakefield Bourget Clarence Creek North
Wallace Shawville
Walter Clark Quyon
Walter E. Smith Shawville
Walter Findlay Shawville
Walter Hodgins Lumber Co. Shawville
Walter Kilgour Named Central Board Chairman Shawville Council
Walter Kilgour Shawville
Walter Kilgour Shawville Council
Walter Kll- Shawville
Walter Ktigour Obituary Quyon Women’s Institute
Walter Quyon
Walter Smith Shawville
Waltham Quyon Campbell
Waltham Shawville Campbell
Wanda Hendrix Apply Shawville
Wanda Young Shawville
Warren Hal- Shawville Rotary Club
Warren Halligan Adult Education Shawville
Warren Horner 630R43 Shawville
Wayne Brown Shawville Ford Inc.
Wayne Rohart Shawville
Wayne Shawville
Wayne Shawville J Betty Field
Wayne Shawville-Clarendon Fire
Wayne Sparling Shawville
Wayne Tubman Shawville
Wed Shawville
Welcome Melvin Young Shawville
Weldin Shawville Quebec
Welding Decor Sylvia Shawville Cable Co. Ilasswsfs
Wendy Hearty Mahon Lafrance Shawville Shoe Shop Ladysmith Hotel Terry Campbell
Wendy Higgins Quyon Fair President Jack Graham
Wendy Higgme Shawville
Wendy Shawville
Wendy Shawville Bursaries
Wendy Younge 274.5 Shawville
Wes Shawville Community Centre Cartman