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Shawville 647-3493 au HITZ- Robert

Issues the location appears in:

83471_1974-11-13 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

--- Robert Johnit
--- Shawville Fairgrounds
...819-647-2211 L J Electronic Filing
0f Shawville Ladies Hospital
1- Shawville
1-4921 Shawville
1-819-647-2241 Mercredi
1-877-647-5184 JR Quebec
10:00 Shawville
11,995* Shawville
12.50 Shawville
1855— Robert Wilhelm von Bunsen Invents
2,1994 Shawville Jr Bs
2/$ Shawville
2001 Albert Armstrong Shawville 9
2008 819-647-2204 Cat
2595* Shawville
290 Marion Street Shawville
3S> Shawville Ladies Hospital Auxiliai
4- Shawville
4300 Shawville
469.95 Shawville JEWELLERS
485943bf23 da Shawville
4bS30 Shawville
5512,647-2659 ole Karen Kelly Fred Mulligan
5th Shawville
613-523-8182 819-647-5878 Jr >
613-732-2843 819-647-2814 X Andrea Cranfletd
647 2236
647 2455- 0,c Quebec
647 3423 Jr RED
647- *jyi3 Campbell
647- 1xa30 Campbell
647- Campbell
647- Dear
647- Hay
647- Hay -
647- Hay - Square
647- Mrs. Neil Saturday
647- Municipalité
647- Murray
647- Music
647- Ouyon
647- Renfrew
647- Schwartz
647- Taylor
647-1942 W.J. HAYES
647-20 Ann Rogers
647-2025 Stuart Graham Financial Services
647-2032 Fortier
647-2063 Prop Hugh McCauley Québec
647-2068 W.J. Hayes
647-2074 A K A I
647-2108 Lloyd
647-2122 Land
647-2145 L .
647-2169 Harris - Greer Karen Cartman
647-2169 or Karen Towle
647-2191 Charteris Kenneth Sherwood Smi-
647-2191 Ada Daley
647-2191 Ada Daley 458-2536 Charteris Iris Smith
647-2191 Campbell
647-2191 Edith Montgomery
647-2191 Hodgins
647-2191 Marion
647-2191 T H Im
647-22 Wilson
647-2204 % H #
647-2204 After
647-2204 Campbell
647-2204 da
647-2204 DeL
647-2204 Del Arpenteur Géomètre
647-2204 Fax
647-2204 Grant C. Werry 623-7206 G. Wayne Ellis
647-2204 Hull
647-2204 Kim
647-2204 L *
647-2204 Ma
647-2204 Sutton
647-2204 V V Daniel Cauchy Stéphane Brosseau
647-2204 Z
647-2205 V V F Z Dusk Giant Fireworks Display Sur
647-2205 Campbell
647-2205 Clarke
647-2205 Peck
647-2207 Atkinson
647-2236 Murray
647-2254 Schwartz
647-2260 Campbell
647-2277 Johnston
647-2306 Johnston
647-2369 Gray
647-2372 * Quebec
647-2377 Consommation
647-2402 Dawson Moorhead
647-2402 Sandy Welburn
647-2412 Markus
647-2417 K H Box
647-2430 Mrs.
647-2434 Powell
647-2444 INSURANCE Campbell
647-2475 M K Maas
647-2492 Interior/exterior
647-2529 Kelly
647-2545 Mixed
647-2546 W.J. Hayes
647-2593 Tom
647-2625 Shaw
647-2627 O V ?47-39 -•
647-2627 Ray
647-2628 Stove
647-2633 F E. Lacourse
647-2720 Murray
647-2727 After
647-2732 al R^nHnn< riuh
647-2737 Volley
647-2764 K H Box
647-2772 Mrs Ross
647-2814 OTC
647-2822 Jr FLIC.
647-2824 » Marie Ray Sheppard
647-2864 Q V-
647-2876 Shawville
647-2877 Russell
647-2882 Live
647-2895 Shawville
647-2921 Campbell
647-2924 Quaile-Costello
647-2937 Z 647-3357 P.O.
647-2943 Roos
647-2948 Queen Street
647-2953 De
647-2971 Ole SUNDAY
647-2971 Strawberry Supper
647-2972 W.J. Hayes
647-2975 intermediate Karen Saunders
647-2975 Wilson
647-2979 Mon
647-3 2 Baker
647-3059 Murray
647-3121 Rob Campbell
647-3144 O J24 Wilson
647-3166 I Betty Cameron
647-3183 Dog
647-3191 u Jr a
647-3207 SATURDAY
647-3207 Your
647-3213 I Jr BB
647-3215 S B FARLEY
647-3216 X Campbell
647-3221 Grant
647-3222 O MOT] BCHJDXC]
647-3231 Mrs. Grant Fades
647-3283 Mi
647-3290 Kelly
647-3290 Kenneth E. Eckford
647-3304 Shawvllle
647-3339 O ©
647-3358.X A1 X A1
647-3419 - Susan Knox
647-3421 W -photo Pat Schoular Requests
647-3456 Grant C. Werry Amprior
647-3459 648-5821 Betty Get
647-3459 Ada Daley
647-3459 Caldwell Quebec
647-3459 Marion Kelly.
647-3459 Murray Graham -
647-3459 Rev. Neil
647-3459^4 V .
647-3471 Alexander
647-3477 MOOSE Hunt
647-348P Pneus
647-3493 Emery
647-35 Secretary-manager Gerard Binette
647-3513 Shew-
647-3526 "L" Rabbit Ranch Wakefield Que Box
647-3526 Keith R.
647-3526 OTC
647-3573 Saturdays
647-3586 G W. Korpet
647-3620 Taylor
647-3639 Murray
647-3669 Marion VViddicombe
647-3707 Giuliani
647-3714 Mrs Norris Horner
647-3715 Shawville
647-3722 Simmental
647-3723 Powell
647-3732 B.C.S. Recreation Director EVA ANDAI STUDIO
647-3732 Shawville Town Hall
647-3749 III
647-3823 Mrs Jean Morrison Shew-I Owner
647-3831 Ole BOX 430
647-3831 Powell
647-3841 V %
647-3841 I Jr v lt
647-3841 MURDOCK Germain
647-3841 MURDOCK Germain Dion Notaire
647-3848 Schwartz
647-3855 Ada Daley
647-3855 Campbell
647-3855 Quyon Campbell
647-3858 Schwartz
647-3861 Helen s Fur Salon
647-3861 W.J. Hayes
647-3884 McNelly
647-3904 Stewart
647-3950 February July 11:00
647-3950 February-July
647-5 1 par Karen Kelly
647-5022 K £ Drain Cleaning Repairs
647-5113 Laird Graham Branch Manager
647-5113 Laird Graham Directeur
647-5121 Powell
647-5140 Marion Best
647-5167 Heathen
647-5167 Heather.
647-5167 K*
647-5276 L J <
647-5332 Leslie
647-5405 Bristol Quebec
647-5418 Smith
647-5446 Garland Canada Manpower Carol
647-5452 V
647-5452 Hope Ledoux Name Adores Postai Code
647-5452 Hope Ledoux Parking Lots Demolition Financing
647-5526 Ada Daley
647-5526 Ada Daley 458-2536 Ladysmith Iris Smith __ 648-5821
647-5526 Ado Daley
647-5526 Campbell
647-5526 Ladysmith Wayne Dunlop
647-5542 Edith
647-5553 Mrs. Clifford Horner
647-5564 Albert J. Congdon WED NOV
647-5583 Shirts
647-56 Ole
647-5605 (Joan) Western Quebec
647-5614 Palmer
647-5630.XA23 Kearns
647-5654 or-2604 Quebec
647-5666 W
647-5682 Ada Daley
647-5682 Campbell
647-5702 • B D Thompson
647-5718 W i*
647-5755 Augmentation
647-5755 Phone
647-5805 Dust
647-5808 W.J. Hayes
647-5848 Zion
647-5932 T
647-5934 Powell
647-5943 Bruce
647-5943 Horns
647-5963 Herman
647-6167 Heathen
647-6300 Chiropractie Clinic Pontiac Me Guy Lesage
647-6307 Business Wesley United Quyon
647-6511 Russell
647-6797 Atkinson
647-6801 Harris
647-8641 Ruby Dele
647-bjy12 Tom s
647-German Sheppard
647-S73S V #
647.2455 Ole SATURDAY
689-2555 647-3135 689-2555 648-2270 Lloyd Hodgins
8-noon 819-647-2814
819- L 647-2204 Responsible
819-647-2114 Ma
819-647-2165 Y ARMED FORCES
819-647-2204 Découvrez-les
819-647-2204 W.J. Hayes
819-647-2206 Fax
819-647-2206 Leslie
819-647-2206 Marcel Berard
819-647-2546-331 Campbell
819-647-2670 Toll
819-647-2776 Please
819-647-2854 Murray
819-647-2937 PROP.
819-647-3179 Stewart
819-647-3540 Maloney
819-647-3861 W.J. Hayes
819-647-3862 Municipality
819-647-5711 W.J. Hayes
819-647-6142 Murray
819-647-6640 Blake
819-647-6900 4bj28 Shawville Lions Hall
819-647-6900 4xf10 Shawville
819-770-9111 647-2204 Ross Dickson
89,900 Shawville Great
A. Howard Shawville)-
A. Russell Petiac Community Hospital Shawville
A. Russell Potiac Community Hospital Shawville
A1 Corrigan 647-3283 Mu Utronki Appliances Furniture Ltd.
Accessoires Shawville Shoe
Accessories Salesman Shawville
Accessories Shawville Shoe
Achat Shawville Shopping Centra
Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Acknowledgment SHAWVILLE
Ad Shawville Que
Adam Jo Shawville
Adam Richard-The Shawville Bantam
Adam Robert
Adam Shawville
Adam Shawville Pascal Lebei
Adams Shawville
Addresses Shawville Rotarians
Agent 647-3357 Clifford Robinson
Agent Shawville
Agreement Shawville Quebec
Ah MA Shawville Main Street
Ah Shawville
Al 819-647-6342 Shawville
Al Shawville
Al Shawville Mr*
Al Shawville Wedding Al Coulonge Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle
Al Sundays Standard Shawville Rev D MacPhereon
Alain Massé Shawville
Alain Robert
Alain Robert.
Alain Shawville
Alan Christie 647-2971
Alan Ludlow 647-3158
Alarm Clocks Photo Albums Photo Frames SHAWVILLE DR.
Albert Armstrong 647-2507
Albert Armstrong Shawville
Albert Armstrong Shawville Rebecca Gingrich Princeton
Albert Armstrong" Shawville
Albert Armstrong’s Shawville Bantam All Stars
Albert Fort Coulonge Shawville
Albert O. Stark IT- Vice Chairman 1st Shawville Rover Crew Squire Dorval Wickens
Albert Radisch Shawville Bright
Albert Robert Armitage
Albert Shawville
Albert Shawville Fair
Albert Tanner Shawville
Albert W. Shawville Lions Hall
Alex Collins Janet Collins Pontiac Station Cedric Elliott Shawville
Alex Shawville
Alex Szalay Shawville Council
Alex Tanner Shawville Curling Club
Alex- Shawville Council
Alex. Elliott Shawville
Alexander Forth Fokes Shawville United Church
Alexander SHAWVILLE- 3
Alexander Summers Robert Crosson James Hart Robert Barnet Francis Armstrong Alexander Carmichael Sc
Alfred Bus Robert Gordon Lyon Lu*
Alfred Shawville
Alfred Shawville Postes
Alfred Shawville VOTRE OPINION
Alfred St Shawville
Alice Shawville
Alice Wilson Shawville
Allan 647-5943 Cluff
Allan Black Clayton Dods Dale Thomson Jack Kerr Anonymous Leonard Horner Shawville Meat Market Don
Allan Bruce 647-2503
Allan James 647-2204 James Snyder FAX
Allan Merritt 647-2997
Allan Merritt 647-2997 ST.
Allan Robert RIZNEK
Allan Shawville
Allen Bruce 647-
Allen Kuehl 647-3808 Trevor Stewart
Allen McKay Shawville
Allen Me Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
Allen Shawville
Allen Thomas Hicks Robitalle Bazialle Archilbald Muir Robert Murrell Thomas Murrell 3 Mrs.
Allison Corrigan 819-647-3424 Soirée
Alma Shawville
Alton Shawville See Goldstream Jewellers
Alvin Shawville
Am Dickson W Robert Ladouccur
Amy Dean Honoured Shawville United W.M.S Dental Surgeon
Amy Shawville
Amy Towle....... Maryse Gravelle 647-5134 Erin Tracy
Andai Shawville
Anderson & Taylor Shawville
Anderson Joan Shawville
Anderson Shawville
Anderson Shawville Que
Andre Robert
Andre Robert.
André Shawville Kin Club
Andree Martin Shawville
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treas Shawville Council
Andrew M. Pine Shawville Quebec
Andrew Robert-
Andrew Shawville
Andrew Shawville Black Hawks
Andrew Shawville Pontlacs
Andrew Simms Shawville
Andrew Stevens Shawville
Andrew Tubman Diane Stephens.....647-5855 Trisha White
Andrew Warren Wade Warren) Second Period Penalties Shawville Wade Warren
Andrews A Son Phone 647-2268 ArnpHor Shawville ZZ
Andrews Knox Shawville Holes Mr. Jamas
Andrews Shawville United Church
Andy Henderson 647-53
Andy Henderson 647-53 Euchre
Andy Henderson 647-53 Euchre Tournament
Andy Henderson 647-53 SATURDAY
Andy Homer 647
Andy Horner 647-5212
Andy Horner 647-5212 Wanted
Andy Shawville
Angela Hitz
Angela Jean-Marie Shawville
Angela Sacavage Shawville
Anglicaine Shawville
Anglican Bazaar Held At Shawville
Anglicane Shawville
Anita Mary Shawville Flea Market
Ann and William Bowen Shawville
Ann Blythe Robert Taylor Big
Ann Bussiere 647-31
Ann Durant 647-
Ann Durant 647-3950
Ann Durant 647-3950 February-July 9.00 am Campbell
Ann Durant 647-3960 February-July Stark
Ann Durant 647-3960 February-July 9.00 am Campbell
Ann Durant 647-3960 February-July X Oct.
Ann Rogers Shawville Ford
Ann Rogers Shawville Ford Bill Telford Dr. Keith MacLellan
Ann Taylor 647
Ann Taylor 647-2161
Ann Taylor 647-2161 CheveuxTech/HairTech
Ann Taylor 647-2161 Dave Moore
Ann Taylor 647-2749 Shawvllle Tel
Ann Taylor At Shawville Shopping Plaza
Anna 819-647-6639
Anna Lafteur Ann 647-8915
Anna Robinson Shawville
Anne 647-5 0
Anne Martine Rochon Jacob Taylor Porteous Stephen Alexander Cody William Kelly Jeremy Robert Mako H
Anne Shawville
Anne Shawville Lions Club
Annie Kelly Shawville Hat Shop
Annual Bazaar Largely Attended Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE Messrs J.
Anthony Homer Shawville
Anthony Perkins Shawville
Apply Anderson S Taylor Shawville
Apply Freeman Grant 647-3421 Mrs.
Apply Gordon Armstrong Shawville
Apply Harold McCoy 647
Apply Martin Black Shawville
Apply Mrs. Neil Hodgins 647-3312
Apply Norris Horner 647-3714 Shawville
Apply Russell Judd 647-2139
Apply Russell Wilson Shawville
Apply Shawville Hardware
Apply W 647-2,26.
Appointed Shower For Strutt’s Mr. Robert Swim
Armstrong Russell Shawville Mary Morin
Armstrong Shawville
Armstrong Widely Regretted Here Shawville United
Armstrong Woollen Mills Shawville
Arnold Ireland 647-5834 Pontiac Printshop
Arnold O Neill Douglas Auctioneer Shawville
Arnold Shawville
Art Boisvert X Shawville 647-3416
Arthur Horner Shawville
Arthur Jackson Al Shawville
Arthur Lucas Shawville
Arthur Mac-in Shawville
Arthur McAllister Shawville
Arthur Osmond À Robert Arthur Holmes
Arthur Shawville
Arthur Smart Billy Barr Hawley Wickens Robert Wilson Robert Stark
Arthur Struts Shawville
Arthur Strutt Shawville
Ask Corrigan 647-3283 Ask Other Grasses Orchard Grass
Association D I R C T O R Y 647-2172 AUCTION SALE
At Shawville
At Shawville Kenneth Smith
At Shawville Shopping Plaza
At Shawville Standard
Athol Dale 647-2780
Auditors Shawville
Audrey Shawville
Audrey Smiley Shawville
Aundré Robért
Austin Hitz
Austin McDowell Shawville
Automotive B s Place Shawville Ford Valley
Automotive Shawville Chrysler Auto Parts Extra Atkinson
Ava Helen Hitz
Ava Helen Hitz Proud
Avenue V V Shawville
Avenues Shawville
Award 1st Shawville Pack
Aylmer Shawville
Aylmer Shawville Campbell
Aylmer X £ Shawville
B D Pastor Shawville
B D Shawville
B D. Fasten Shawville
B O Shawville
B-Shawville CMMrta
B.C. Gwen Armstrong Shawville Seniors
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Beedi Service B.A.. L.L.L
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Boedi V BA LL.L
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Bondi
B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Bondi V B.A.. L.L.L
Ba Shawville
Bailey Henderson Miss Shawville Fair
Bakker Equitv Editor Shawville
Bakker Equity Editor Shawville
Bakker Shawville
Ball Draw Shawville Bryson—The Firemen* Ball
Banque Royale de Shawville
Bantam B Shawville Blackhawks
Bar McCauley Jewellers LOEB Shawville C.B.L. Pirie
Bar Shawville
Bar Shawville Shopping Plaza
Bar-Saddle Ho _ Robert bara Richardson
Barb Harris 647-3256
Barb Harris 647-3256 Technics
Barb Harris Shawville Lionettes Chris Wrinn
Barbara 647-3256
Barbara Cruickahank 647-5711
Barbara Cruickshank 647-5711
Barbara Cruickshank 647-5711 Call Fred
Barbara Paquette Shawville Main Street
Barbara Ross 647
Barbara Ross 647-5647
Barbara Shawville
Barbara Stanley Jackie Stevens Ada Tanner Robert Thomas El
Barbara Tanguay 647-5627
Barbara TELEPHONE 647-2204
Barbara) K Robert-on
Barber 647- 840 b
Barber 647-3403 Residence
Barber 647-3494 "
Barber 647-3635
Barber 647-3635 NO
Barber 647-3635 Visiting
Barber 647-3635.
Barber 647-3636.
Barber 647-5547
Barber 647-5547 .
Barber 647-5547 8l243xml7
Barber 647-5547.
BARBER 647-5718
BARBER 647-5718,647-5768
Barber 647-5718,647-5768 R. Hodgins 647-5233 M. Smith
Barber 647-5718.
Barber 647-5768
Barber 647-6307 Notice
Barber 647-6307 Business
Barber 819-647-5718.
Barber and Brown Shawville United
Barber and Chris Lapierre Shawville
Barber Dave Moore 647-6307 Business
Barber et Messieurs Robert
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville Milling Shawville Chrysler
Barber Mrs Robert Glasper
Barber Phone 647
Barber Phone 647-3635 B T V -
Barber phone Shawville
Barber Shawville
Barber Shawville 60-21
Barber Shawville 647-3494 Specialists Hir HEATED
Barber Shawville.
Barber Shop Shawville Main
Barber Shop ASSEMBLERS O Û Main Street Shawville
Barber Shop Mam St Shawville
Barber Shop Shawville Glen
Barber Shop Shawville Main Street
Barber Shop Sunkist Navel Oranges Main Street Shawville
Barrister Shawville Hardware At Campbell
Barron Robert John SALT
Barry Derouin Shawville
Barry Homer_ Shawville
Barry Lance Construction Langford s Grocery Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Loeb Shawville Loisirs Shawvill
Barry Moore Robert Middlemiss
Barry Mrs Hobbs 819-647-3718
Barry Murray—Shawville
Barry Robert
Barry Shawville
Basil Murphy Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Bay Bookkeeping J. Russell Rev. Hatch Shawville
Bay Shawville
Bay Bryson Shawville Wyman Quyon Telfords Parkers
Bay Bryson Shawville Wyman Quyon Telfords Parkers Luskville Breckenridge Aylmer Hull ENGAGEMENTS 8:
Bay Caldwell Shawville
Bay Charles Shawville
BAY CIMENT Michel Plante Shawville
Bay Ciment Shawville Chrysler Burnett
Bay Holds Curling Club Banquet Shawville
Bay Jehovah’s Witnesses Shawville
Bay Shawville
Bay Shawville Community Bonspiel Front Row
Bay Shawville Renfrew
Bay Shawville Shawville
Bay Tlie Shawville
Bay Woles Mr. Robert Fairfield
Beard-Shawville Ford
Beaudry SHAWVILLE’S Wesley 2.30
Beausoleil Bretzlaff’s Store Shawville Ford Roy Dagenais
Beautiful* H SHAWVILLE - Richardson
Beck Shawville
Beechgrove 9.30—BeechGrove Pulpit Supply W E. Harding Quyon Shawville Main Street
Beef Shawville Young Farmers Heifer Jenn Hannaberry
Bella Caison Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
Belle Pointer—Allen Young Shawville < Richardson
Ben 453- Phone 819-647-5653._2bm5
Ben Hyne* Shawville
Ben Macintosh Shawville
Ben Macintosh Shawville Atom
Ben Shawville Saturday
Ben Younge 819-647-2670 O a
Benjamin Robert at
Benjamin Robert McCredie Jacob James Paul Stewart Jim
Benjamin Robert on Sept.
Benjamin Woodman Shawville
Bennett Presley Doug Corrigan 647-3283
Benny L.W. Plrle Shawville Phone
Bernard Dogs Have Saved Many Lives Tenders Wanted Shawville Intermediates Defeat
Bernard Gauthier Shawville
Bernice Shawville Chapter
Bernie Car- Shawville Pontiacs
Bert Crawford Dominicain Road Robert Simoneau
Bert Kelly Shawville Council
Bert Murphy Shawville Plaza
Bertha Evans Shawville
Bertin Shawville
Bessie Shawville
Best Hochet Yet At Shawville
Bet- Shawville Wesleyan
Beta Barber 647-5547 Art MacIntyre
Beth Mr. Robert Beardsley
Beth Robert Bellec
Bethel Pentecostal Church Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Church ShiwvIHe APTtR Rhone Steve 647-5361
Bethel Pentecostal Congratulations Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Ladies Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle SHAWVILLE
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle _ Shawville
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernadi^ Shawville
Bethel Shawville
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville Green Gables
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville Kingston
Bethel Tabernacle Shawville Rev. O .A. White
Betty Cameron 647-2672
Betty Cameron Shawville _
Betty Shawville
Beverly Alexander James Armitage Morley Ayerst Denise Chartrand Leon Chartrand Robert Gordon Garlan
Bilingual Shawville
Bill 647-3904
Bill 647-3904 Campbell
Bill 819-647-5184
Bill Black Robert Trudeau Shawville/Clarendon Fire Dept Angel Tree Committee
Bill Black Shawville
Bill Fen-Shawville Lions Club
Bill Fl Shawville
Bill Gibson’s Shawville Juniors
Bill Kuehl Shawville
Bill Lasalie Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Bill McCleaiy Shawville Shawville Recreation
Bill McCleary Shawville
Bill McCord Shawville
Bill McGregor Shawville Highway
Bill Me Cleary Shawville
Bill Pine Shawville
Bill Racine Shawville’s
Bill Shawville
Bill Shawville Laframboise
Bill Shawville Wesleyan Church Summers
Bill Watson Shawville
Bill Watson.647-3904
Billy Bur- Robert McNeil
Billy Shawville
Billy T s Pizza Stedmans V&S Loeb Shawville Bean
Billy T s Shawville
Billy Ts 819-647-5140
Billy Ts 819-647-5140.___________2bjy30
Blair Campeau Shawville
Blair Hobbs Robert
Blake Ban Shawville
Blake But Shawville
Blake Shawville
Block Centre St Shawville
Block Centre St.* Shawville
Block Manufacturer Shawville
Block Shawville X COCKStUHTS
Blue Heron Landscaping - Sensei Benoit Massé Ortho-Pro Andrea Burde SHAWVILLE Shawville
Bob 647-3737
Bob & Myma Campbell Shawville
Bob & Myrna Campbell Hdoqlns Shopping Ploxo Shawville SIMPSONS
Bob & Myrna Campbell Shawville
Bob 647-2247
Bob 647-2484
Bob 647-3165
Bob 647-5378
Bob 647-5433
Bob 647-5643
Bob 819-647-5284
Bob 819-647-5513.___________________xd3
Bob A Louise Rlznek Bretzlaff Store Shawville
Bob Alexander 647
Bob Binder 647
Bob Binder 647-3380 Anglican Sylvia Bakker
Bob Campbell Shawville
Bob Fenton Shawville Lizzie
Bob Fenton.647-5378
Bob H Phone 647-2601 Shawville
Bob Hanna/ Robert Grant
Bob Hope Shawville
Bob Kingdon 647-3630.
Bob Klngdon 647
Bob Lester Shawville
Bob s Chicken Coop Shawville
Bob Shawville Curling Club
Bob Shawville Lions Club
Bob Simpson Speaks To Shawville Athletes Elgin Murray
Bob SMith Shawville
Bob Smith’s Restaurant Shawville
Bob Smith’s Shawville
Bob Swim Shawville
Bob Tracy 647-2671
Bob Young Shawville
Bob Younge Shawville Community
Bonney Harris Shawville
Bonnie 647-2447
Bonnie 647-5223 Old-fashioned
Bonnie 647-5362
Bonnie Bn Wyman Shawville
Bonnie Richardson 647
Bonnie Richardson 647-5362
Bonnie Richardson Shawville Revitalisation SHAWVILLE Attendance
Bonnie Shawville
Bonnie Shawville Standard Church
Bonnie Sue Richardson Shawville
Bonnie Zimmcrling Shawville
Bonnie Zimmerling Shawville
Booth Main Street.Shawville
Bowman Tucker Shawville
Boyd & Betty Lou Brownlee Shawville
Boyd Barber and Gerry Robert McCord
Brad Robert
Brad Shawville Mayor Allan Staye
Brad Summer- Shawville
Brad Summerfield Shawville
Branch Mgr Shawville
Branch Shawville
Brandon Alexander Shawville
Breckenridge Shawville
Brenda 647-3112
Brenda 647-3927
Brenda 647-5836.
Brenda Barr Shawville Dear Editor
Brenda Belsher Shawville
Brenda Elaine Shawville
Brenda Shawville
Brent 819-647-2161.___xtc
Brent Hobbs Shawville Mr. Paul Compeau
Brent Horner Another Shawville
Brent Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Brent McCredie Robert Brent McCredie
Brent Shawville
Brent Shawville Orr
Brian & Janet Rogers Shawville
Brian 1-819-647-3340 Don EVBfT
Brian 1-81^647-3340 Don Registration Races------- Information Entertainment
Brian 1-S19-647-3340 Don 1983
Brian 647-2002.
Brian 647-2185
Brian 647-2210
Brian 647-2438.
Brian 647-2691
Brian 647-5803.
Brian 647-5895
Brian 647-5934
Brian Al-I Shawville
Brian Bradley 647
Brian Bradley 647-
Brian Bradley 647-2560
Brian Correspondent Shawville
Brian Deslaurier 647-3497 Call Wade Brown
Brian Judd 647-2691
Brian Judd 647-2691 Well
Brian Judd 647-3317
Brian Keith • V SHAWVILLE
Brian Kilgour 647-2274
Brian Kilgour 647-2274 X ¦Tf
Brian Mansfield Mayor Robert Boisvert
Brian Murphy 819-647-2590 Q> Don McCredie
Brian Murray Shawville
Brian Murray Shawville Council
Brian Pirie Shawville
Brian Recent Bride Shawville United Church
Brian Robert -
Brian Shawville
Brian Stanton Shawville Valu-mart
Brian Tubman Steve Forber Barry Horner 647-5973
Brian X3D11 Shawville
Bristol 647-3594 Grant
Britton B NOTARY PUBLIC Shawville
Brown Pampers Quebec Shawville
Brown Shawville
Brownlee Shawville Que
Bruce 647-269"*.
Bruce 647-3433
Bruce 647-3620
Bruce Ardem 647-5 4
Bruce Armi- Shawville
Bruce Hahn Robert Charette President
Bruce Hodgins Shawville
Bruce Johnitpn Shawville
Bruce Johnston Shawville
Bruce Judd 647- Interventlon
Bruce Manwell 647-3707 Gavan
Bruce Te!-feet Andy Horner 647-5212
Bruce Wil Michel Frechette Shawville
Brun- Shawville
Bryan Alexander Bryan Arblc Helen Black Denali Brownlee John Carmichael James Dods Robert Fairfield
Bryan Alexander Ift Shawville Troop Invested R nanti
Bryan Shawville
Bsy M Shawville Several
Buck Caston Shawville
Buck Castors Shawville
Buck Saw - Robert Ryan.
Bud " Row.it SHAWVILLE
Bud Lafrance Shawville Lions Club RM Lang Mrs
Bud Rowat 647-2851
Bud Rowat Shawville Tel
Bud Shawville
Burton Shawville
By Albert Armstrong Shawville
By C G Crouse-Shawville Box
By Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Byron Barr Robert Bertrand Ed Brazeau Lucy Brownlee Mr.
C A IATES Shawville
C A Phone 647-2417 K H Box.
C A Shawville
C A. Shawville
C BO WAT Notary Finn Shawville
C Giuliani 647-3328
C H R Y S L z_rroiCZ Shawville/Clarendon Municipal Fire Hall
C huck Marshall Mrs. Robert Newcommon
C L I D J Grant Robert
C R F A. Shawville
C T 1-819-647-2803 Arrived
C W L Shawville Bantams Hot
C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor
C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor 647-2723 Fort-William
C.A Shawville
Ca* Murray Graham 647
Ca* Murray Graham 647-3819 Jack Warder
CaH Murray Graham 647
Cal Murray Graham 647
Cal Murray Graham 647-3618
Cali Murray Graham 647-3618
Call 647-2732 Quebec Lance 7933XA6 FRI-
Call 647-3334 Boyd Brownlee
Call 647-5672 Gerard
Call 647-5672 Gerard Braeside Home Furnishings Rintuw Send
Call 647-5887 Hugh
Call Andrew 647-2502 Beechgrove
Call Carton Ryan 647
Call Greg 647- Crib
Call Greg 819-647-1937
Call Greg 819-647-1937 xtc.
Call Greg 819-647-1937.
Call Greg 819-647-1937._____
Call K G Smith 647
Call Leona 647-5449
Call Margaret 819-647-6639
Call Mark 647-99C
Call Murray Graham 647
Call Murray Graham 647-3618
Call Murray Graham 647-3618 Iévesque
Call Murray Graham 647-3618 Mr. Francois Hudon
Call Tom 647-2016 HP
Call Tom 647-2057.
Calumet Island Robert Rivard
CaM Murray Graham 647
Cameron Shawville
Campbell Robitaille Robert Smith
Campbell Second Period 2. Shawville-B Murray
Campbell Shawville
Campbell Shawville Pee Wees All-Stars
Campbell Shawville—H.
CaN Murray Graham 647-3615 llidg* Rev. David Purdie
Canada Ann Young ROBERT
Canadian Cancer Society Shawville
Car- Shawville
Carl 647-5171
Carl Bowers Shawville
Carl Dal* 647-3812 Shawville Quantity
Carl Dale 647
Carl Dale 647-3812
Carl Ostrom 648- Shawville Lions Hall
Carl Phone 647-3875 Tubman
Carl Robert Zacharias
Carl Shawville
Carl Shawville Lyse Lacourse M 647-5932 S.
Carl Tubman 647
Carl Tubman 647-
Carl Tubman 647-2531
Carl Tubman 647-2531 Gilbert Lachance
Carl Tubman 647-3521 ShawvSe
Carmen Bretzlaff Shawville
Carmen Burke SHAWVILLE
Carmichael Mrs Robert Campbell
Carol Belle- Shawville
Carol Hel- Michel Plante Shawville
Carol Ohmert Robert Hutton 6
Carol Shawville
Carol Smith - Raymond Rowat Wed At Shawville United Genevieve Wicite
Carol Tollman Shawville Shoe Shop Maison
Caroline 647-6631.
Caroline M. Smith Mrs. Robert Havlin Passes
Carolyn 647-3622 Sha
Carolyn Bv< Clarence Robert
Carolyn Meisner 647-3702
Carolyn Meisner 647-3702 Help
Carolyn Meisner 647-3702 Kathy Murray
Carolyn Meisner: 647-3702 Campbell
Carried Shawville
Catherine Bretzlaff Shawville Main Street Shawville
Catherine Horner-647-2353.
Catherine Phone 647-2564 Elizabeth Bronson
Catherine Shawville Wesleyan
Ca« Murray Graham 647
Cell 647-2656 Russell Elliott Residence
Cent Shawville Enjoys Unprecedented Rush
Cernions Antiques Robert Campbell René LatreMe
Certificate Shawville
Chairman Shawville 8.
Chandler SHAWVILLE 1261
Chapeau Wallace Shawville
Char- Shawville Harness Shop
Charles 647-3576 Dagg
Charles 647-5511 Fulford
Charles Boyer Robert Bedford
Charles Dale 647- Laurie
Charles Dale 647-2716
Charles Dale 647-2716 Deepest
Charles G.D. Roberts Robert Service
Charles Hynes Passes At Shawville
Charles Phone 647-3821 SHAWVILLE
Charles Pirie 647-5563 Slo-Pitch Ladles
Charles Robert
Charles Shawville
Charles Struck Shawville
Charlie David Ryan Benoit Kasmira Lance Adam Robert Viau Todd
Charlie McDowell Wendy Elliott Mrs. Melvin Smith Timmy Hodgins Mrs. Robert Russett Mr Arthur
Charlie Taylor 647-2891 Atkinson
Charlie Taylor 647-2891 Watt Taylor
Charteris Shawville Campbell
Charteris/N°r}J tiar_dware:.647-6755.-bjn25
Chas W Smith Robert
Chelsea Kearns Shawville Selects
Chez Ma Copine Christopher Robert International SALES
Chip Wagon Shawville Shopping Plaza
Chip Wagon Shawville Shopping Plaza Highway
Chiropractor Shawville
CHRETIEN B A. D.D.S. Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Chris 5howv«lie-S Zavitske Renfrew-O Osman Poww Floy Shawville
Chris 647-2073
Chris 647-3354
Chris 647-3661
Chris 647-5332
Chris 819-647-3538.
Chris Cald-the Shawville
Chris Chevalier Shawville
Chris Chevalier Stittsville Redmen Shawville
Chris Judd 647-
Chris Judd 647-3362
Chris Judd 647-5966
Chris Judd 647-5966 Ruth Strutt
Chris Judd 647-5966 SAT.
Chris Judd Robert Middlemiss
Chris MacIntyre Robert Lalonde Garth Yach Norway Bay
Chris MacIntyre Robert Lalonde Martin Ouellet Sylvain Roy Hwy 148
Chris MacIntyre Shawville
Chris Russell Shawville Fair
Chris Shawville
Chris Shawville Council
Chris Shawville Esso
Chris Shawville Fair
Chris Shawville Softball Tournament
Christie 647-2971
Christina Gray SHAWVILLE
Christina Peck Shawville Pontiac Agricultural Society Budget Meeting MA
Christopher Lee Robert Vaughn For All
Christopher Robert Jean & Alcide Jean &
Christopher Robert.
Chsriie Richardson Shawville
Cindy 647-5291 Colleen
Cindy Shawville Baptist RAYMOND
Cittert L 647-3778 Stafford 10065BJ7
Claire Daley Robert McRae
Claire Kelly Robert Wagner Airforce Thriller Color
Claire Lunam Office Manager Heather Dickson Assistant-Manager Robert Lariviere Sales Representative
Claire Romain Shawville Llonettes
Claire Trev Robert Taylor Janet Leigh
Claren- Shawville
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172 Clara Steinke
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172 V B 819-682-0629 f Clara Steinke
Clarence P " Shawville
Clarence Shawville
Clarence T# Brownlee R.R.l SHAWVILLE
Clarendon.J Shawville
Clarke Named Quyon Fair Presidentr Lower Pontiac Red Cross Shawville Campbell
Claude Elliott Robert L. Smart
Claude M Y 647-8146.
Claude Rich- Shawville-Clarendon
Claude Richard- Shawville
Claude Robert
Claude Robert Campbell
Claudia Cardinale Shawville Phone
Clayton 647-2549 Hodgins
Clayton 647-2549 Hodglns
Clayton Cummings Shawville
Clayton Hodgins Shawville
Clayton Young 648-2563 647-2760 Campbell
Cletus Frost Shawville
Clifford 647-3294
Clifford 647-5601
Clifford 647-5601 Grandview Avenue
Clifford 74693b 647-2670
Clifford Cone Shawville
Clifford Cone ___________________________________ Shawville
Clifford Horn- Shawville Timothy
Clifford Krosc Robert
Clifford McLarnon Shawville
Clifford McLarron Shawville
Clifford Shawville
Clifford Ste- Shawville
Clifford Workman Robert Telford
Clyde Robert
Coach Bryan Murray Shawville
Coach Roger Plante Shawville - Cosy
Cody Novice B Shawville Laurent
Col-Robert Lalonde
Colette Biam Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Colin 647-6684
Colin Webstar 647
Comm Shawville
Committees Shawville Womens Institute Gordon
Communion 647-3977 Richardson Murray
Communion Rev. A. Bond Shawville Bethel Tabernacle Rev.
Communion Saint Paul’s Shawville
Communion Saint Paul’s Shawville Sunday
Concert Shawville Boys
Congratulations Shawville
Congregation Of Shawville United Church
CoNKEcriowr.R. Shawville
Connie Hitz
Connie LaSalle Shawville
Connie Sharpe 647-3402
Connie Shawville
Connie Shawville Fair Queen Cindy Coles
Conta Madeleine 1-819-647-5487 Coulonge Golf
Contact Albert Armstrong 647-2507
Contact Janet 647-2801
Contact Leslie Hobbs Shawville
Contact Nelson Argus 647- Painting
Contact R Hitz
Corey Ma- ^he Shawville Midgets
Corrigan 647-
Corrigan 647-3283 350,000 B.T.U.
Corrigan 647-3283 Hodglns Shopping Piezo ShawvtNa Main Street
Council Clifford 647-5425 647-2879
Council Shawville Boys
Councillor Robert B. Carswell
Councillors James Shawville Council
Court Shawville
Cowley Block Shawville
Cowley Block Shawville CAMPBELL
Cpl Robert.
Craig Hamelin Shawville
Crs Farrell Robert
Curley Shawville
Curtis Claire Wilcox Shawville Phone
Curtis Robert
Cushman Shawville
Cvi.orrïmïZ SHAWVILLE Pure
C^Shawville Oue
D. J CAMPBELL Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
D.D. Shawville Mrs. A. Hayes
Dad Shawville Ladies Hospi-
Dale 647-2780
Dale 647-3112
Dale 647-3836
Dale Bros Practical Tinemithe SHAWVILLE
Dale Bros. Fhe SHAWVILLE
Dale Main Street Shawville Ltd.
Dale Mem-The Shawville Tennis
Dale Mr. Robert Judd
Dale Road Shawville
Dale Robert
Dale Shawville Pasture
Dale Shawville Phone
Dale Shawville Quebec
Dale Shawville Rotary
Daley Shawville
Dan Shawville
Dan Shawville Lions Hall
Dan Shawville Milling
Dan Whitford Hitz
Daniel Bilo Shawville
Daniel Shawville
Daniel Tremblay 819-647-5121.819-648-5101
DANIEL TREMBLAY Wesley United Ouyon United Baptist Shawville United Rev Jm Payton Church Office
Danny 647-2868 Elliott
Danny Hobbs F Shawville
Danny Kaye Martha Hyer JEWELLER Shawville
Dave Shawville Theatre
Dave 647-3721 Wendy 647-2011
Dave Alexander 647-2478 Dave Rowat
Dave Fraser Merton Glenn David Cirant Sherwood Cirant Herb Hannaherry Robert Havclin | Herb R. Hodg
Dave Keen Shawville Pontiacs
Dave M<x>re Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Shawville
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Dave Moore 647
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 "
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 Furniture
Dave Moore Broc Seville Shawville
Dave Moore But Shawville
Dave Moore Celebrating Shawville
Dave Moore Equitx Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports Perth Renfrew Ampnor SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE David Hobbs
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE - Jason Joel Lafrance
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Akinson
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Braeside
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE-In Pontiac Minor Ball
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVIlLe-The Pontiac Junior
Dave Moore MP Robert Bertrand
Dave Moore Renfrew Shawville
Dave Moore Robert Desrocher
Dave Moore Shawville
Dave Moore Shawville Sports
Dave Moore SHAWVILLE -
Dave Moore Shawville 8. Perth
Dave Moore SHAWVILLE J Lavigne
Dave Moore Shawville Pontiacs Novice
Dave Moore Shawville s Cory
Dave Moore Shawville s Eric Dupuis
Dave Moore Shawville s Kirk Davies
Dave Moore Shawville s Lewes McGuire
Dave Moore Shawville s Tom Orr
Dave Moore Shawville Soorts W SHAWVILLE -
Dave Moore Shawville Sports
Dave Moore Shawville Sports Dismal
Dave Moore Shawville-Clarendon
Dave Moore Shawville-Clarendon Firefighters
Dave Moore Shawville.
Dave Moore Shawville’s Bryan Murray
Dave Moore Shawville’s Cory Dorzek
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Dave Moore Sports Shawville Registration
Dave Moore Sports Shawville Scoring
Dave Moore Sports Shawvllle Shawville s Billy T’s
Dave Moore The Shawville Murray
Dave NtooitE Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Dave Robert
Dave Robert-of RCAF Uplands
Dave Shawville
Dave Shawville Directors
Dave Train- Shawville
Dave: 647-5167
David 647-3721
David 647-6373 Thirty
David Belanger Shawville
David C 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
David C. 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
David C. 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P.
David C. 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P. Hodgins
David Corrigan 647-3528
David Dickson Equity Shawville
David Dickson Noms Robert Horner
David Hamil-Shawville
David Jet- Shawville
David Lalonde RR#5 Shawville
David Mackenzie 647-2244 Ellard Perry
David McDowell Shawville
David Moore Shawville
David Moore Shawville Lions President Jerry Callaghan
David Moore Shawville s Neil Woodman
David Moore Shawville s Ted Leach
David Niven Robert Newton One
David Niven Robert Wagner der
David Niven Robert Wagner We
David Niven X Jean Crain F. Astaire Cyd Charlsse Shawville PhdLr
David Parent 647-
David Rajotte Hitz
David Robert Ltd
David Robert*
David Shawville
David Shawville United Church Manse New Holland
David Shawville Young Farmers Nyveld
David Shulist Shawville’s Travis Dorzek
David T. Hodgin»....... Robert Strutt ......... W F. Caldwell
David Vaillancourt Shawville
David Wilson Robert Hobbs
Davidson Clean-Up SHAWVILLE.
Davis Hod Shawville Lady
Dean Boisvert de Shawville
Dean Martin Robert MitcHum ADULT ENTERTAINMENT
Dean Robert
Dean Shawville
Dear Madame Shawville Women’s Service Club
Deaths Shawville
Debbie Campbell Shawville
Debbie Hodgins Darwin Zimmerling Carpentry Forest Inn Restaurant Shawville Auto Service Bristol Aut
Debbie Hodgins Shirley Dupuis Ken’s Auto Service Shawville Auto Service Keller Stables Terry Campbe
Debbie Reynolds Tony Curtis SHAWVILLE
Debbie Shawville
Debbie Thrun 647-3927 Debbie Holmes Thrun
Deborah (Mrs Robert "Scotty" Robertson
Deborah and Laurie Shawville
Deborah Emmer- 647-2204 Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills D
Deborah Kerr Robert Mitchum HEAVEN
Deborah Kerr Robert Mitchum HEAVEN KNOWS MR.
Deborah Powell Shawville
Delmer Barber 647-5547 20647BJ22 BACKHOE
Demanderesse Shawville
Denis 647-6440
Denis 647-6440.
Denis Lariviere Shawville Chrysler
Denis Montgomery Shawville/Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department
Denis Robert
Denis Robert,
Dennis Robert
Dennis Robert/
Dentaire Shawville
Dentaire Shawville Dental Centre de G. Dang Inc.
Denture Therapy Clinic Shawville Pools Reg’d
Derek Shawville
Des Allen I. Shawville
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Di Shawville Fair Passes Now Available
Diane Elder 647-5801
Diane Elder 647-5801 Showville
Diane Mulvihill Shawville Community Centre
Diane SHAWVILLE 647-2691 QUE.
Dianne Foster Robert Francis RENFREW SHAWV1LLE Phone
Dianne Judd 647-2691
Dianne Judd 647-2695
Dianne Judd 647-2696
Dick Bowie 647
Dickson Shawville
Diesel Shawville
Dillon Harrison Shawville
Disappointment Order Today Robert H E. Smith Cooper
Distributor 647-3831 Pontiac-Renfrew Cleaners Ltd.
Distributor Shawville
Distributor Shawville Pirie’s Gas Bar Beer
Dj J ____________________ Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Dodds Shaw Robert Hérault
Dog & Cat Food Shawville -
Don Dods Shawville
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty 648-2716 Grant Ferrigan
Don Marion - Robert Ladouceur
Don McColgan Shawville
Don McCredie 819-647-3340 Allison Corrigan 819-647-3424 GAVAN
Don McCredle 819-647-3340 Allison Corrigan 819-647-3424 Plus
Don New Shawville
Don Reynolds Construe Shawville
Don Robert
Don Robert Jean Proposé
Don Shawville
Don Stevens Shawville Ladies Hospital
Don Wilson C.P.R Shawville
Don- Ilodgin- Shawville United
Donald Shawville Mosquitoes
Donald Al Shawville
Donald Bélec* Shawville
Donald Cam- Shawville
Donald Camp- Shawville
Donald Hodgins Electrical Installations Inc. Shawville
Donald James Cameron Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples Sunday
Donald La*allee 647-2142 Murphy
Donald Ostroir Shawville
Donald Ostrom Mrs Robert Eady
Donald Ostrom RADIATOR SERVICE Shawville
Donald Ostrom Shawville
Donald Paul Shawville
Donald R 647-2218
Donald R Dads 647-2218 Off
Donald R. 647-3659 Dads
Donald R. Dads Shawville
Donald R. Dads Shawville Office
Donald Sharpe Shawville
Donald Shawville
Donald Shawville Morris Piano
Donald Shawville United Church
Donald Ste- Robert Smith
Donald Veteran Mayor Robert Ladouceur
Donna Shawville
Donnie McCredte Shawville Calf Club Plans
Donnie Rich- Shawville June Bride Dorothy Joan
Donnie Shawville
Doris Beck Shawville Mayor
Doris Me- Robert Sharpe
Doris Orr Shawville
Doris Orr Shawville Dear Editor
Doris Shawville
Doris Shawville Pentecostal Conception Church
Dorothy Haley Shawville
Dorothy Klliott Shawville
Dorothy Livesay Phoebe McCord Sir Charles GD. Roberta Robert Service
Dorothy Robert McRae
Dorothy Shawville
Doubtful Sue Shawville Lions Fair Draw
Doug ....647-6666
Doug 647-3283
Doug A Shirley Robert Willi Mark A Wayne
Doug Cam- Shawville
Doug Corrigan 647
Doug Corrigan 647-
Doug Corrigan 647- QC.
Doug Corrigan 647-2438
Doug Corrigan 647-2438.
Doug Corrigan 647-3283
Doug Corrigan 647-3283 Elegant AM/FM Stereo/Phono
Doug Corrigan 647-3283 Everyone
Doug Corrigan 647-3283 L’hôpital
Doug Corrigan 647-3283 Pwrre-F Côté C R #
Doug Corrigan 647-3283 XTC
Doug Corrigan Shawville
Doug MacMillan Shawville Fair
Doug Pontiac Community Hospital Shawville
Doug Robert Labreche
Doug Shawville
Doug Shawville Midgets
Doug » Corrigan 647-3283
Douglas Graham 647-3639
Douglas McLean Shawville
Douglas Moore FURS Shawville
Dove Moore A* Sport* Shawville Motion
Dove Moore Shawville
Dove Moore Shawville Arena
Dove Moore Shawville Chrysler
Dove Moore Shawville Sports
Dove Moore Sports Shawville
Doyle Eva Alexander Assumes Shawville Standard Church Charge Womens Inst
Dr. Bruce Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd Phone
Dr. F.G. Rogers Shawville
Dr. Grant Rogers Robert
Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Jim
Dr. James W. Robert-1
Dr. Johnston Shawville
Dr. M L. 647-
Dr. M L. 647-2225 Hanna
Dr. Thomas O Neill SHAWVILLE
Draper Herb Gibson SHAWVILLE Secy
Dress Shirts Sport Shirts Shawville
Drew Gilmour Shawville
Drover Baseball Goods Shawville
Duitoulin Shawville 647-2832 Campbell
Dun- Shawville—Goal
Duncan Campbell Shawville
Dwight Thompson Shawville
E B. Elliott Phone Shawville
E H VICES Shawville Lions Hall
E Palmer Shawville
E R V 1 C E § Shawville
E W I 647-2630
E W I 647-2630 647-3707
E W I 647-2630 647-3707 O Donnell
E W I 647-2630 Licence Bureau Lance
E. Neil Dunlop Shawville
E. Palmer Shawville
E. Snowden 647-2624 Annual Dues Mary Pearl
E. W Morris Canine Hermit Shawville
Earl Alexander 647-2108
Earl Alexander Mam St Shawville
Earl Bean Shawville
Earl Bennett C Bay Shawville Milling Co. Lid
Earl Bretzloff 647-3642 DIED
Earl Carson 1-819-647-3306
Earl Devin# 647-2973
Earl Mr Robert Lacourse
Earl Mr Robert Smart
Earl Powell Shawville Pontiacs Hat Trick
EArl Shawville
Earl Shawville 7
Earl Shawville Volunteer Firemen McDowell
Earle Alexander (Kathleen) Shawville
Earle Shawville
Eason Russell 647-5646 Gates
Eason Russell Shawville Milling
Eastwood Shawville
Ecole Ste Marie SHAWVILLE
Ed 647-5363
Ed 819-647-2724 DAVID
Ed Robert
Ed Shawville
Ed Shawville Lion
Ed Shawville Rink
Eddie Shawville
Edgar Conn Shawville
Edgar Connelly 647-3342
Edgar Connelly Shawville
Edgar Elliott 647-
Edgar Elliott 647- 547-GULF._qotf
Edgar Elliott 647-3420
Edgar Hodgins SHAWVILLE
Edgar Russell 647-3425
Edgar Russell Shawville
Edgar Schwartz 647
Edgar Schwartz 647-
Edgar Smith Lennon Thompson Mrs Robert Clamper
Edith Hogg Shawville
Edith Howie Hodglns Shawville Subscription
Edmund Hodgins 647-
Edmund Hodgins 647-37
Edmund Hodgins 647-37 Shaw
Edmund Hodgins Mrs. Robert Chamberlain.
Edmund Hodgins Shawville
Edmund Hodg’ns 647-37
Edward (Shawville
Edward 647*5571 Richardson Murray
Edward 647-5571 Richardson Murray
Edward Hughes SHAWVILLE
Edward Kelly 647-5571
Edward Rev Fr Paler G Proutx 647-5562
Edward Rev Fr Prier G Proutx 647-6662
Edward Rev Peier G Proulx 647-5562
Edward Rev Peter G Proulx 647
Edward Rev Peter G Proulx 647-5562 Mass
Edward Rev Peter G Proulx 647-6562 Masa Saturday
Edward RevP G Proulx 647-5562
Edward Robert
Edward Robert Brothers Father Charles McColgan
Edward Robert —Carried
Edward Ru- Shawville
Edward Rusenstrom Shawville
Edward Tanner Shawville
Edward Wall Shawville
Edward Whelan Richard Richardson Nathaniel Brownlee John Brown Thomas Prendergast Robert Prendergas
Edwin Shawville
Edwin Thomas Finan Shawville United Church
Edythe Quebec Shawville
EE Shawville Farmer
Eileen La-by Shawville IGA
Eileen Labelle 689-2314 §647-3459 Hermonie Sharpe
Eileen Robert Bradley
Eileen Shawville
Elaine Edwards Shawville
Elaine Hodgina Shawville
Eleanor Horner Weds Robert Graham At United Church
Eleanor Parker Robert Taylor
Eleven Shawville Mos-
Eliot Admiral Sir James Robert Drummond
Elizabeth 647-3459
Elizabeth Av# Shawville
Elizabeth Ave Shawville
Elizabeth Barber ..647-5644 Prbert Lang Lisa Smith
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Elizabeth Hahn Shawville Tel
Elizabeth J Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647- 3879 9.00
Elizabeth Marlene Metcalfe Weds Circus Promises Robert Pearly Smith
Elizabeth McCallum Weds Charles Earl Thomas Lorna Lucas Marries Robert John Frederick Smart
Elizabeth Rev Ft Thomas Fitzpatrick 647
Elizabeth Ross Mrs. Robert Carswell
Ella Loken Honoured By Shawville Friends
Ellard Miller Shawville Auto Service Main Street
Ellen Lariviere Shawville
Ellen Place Shawville
Ellen Places Motel - Shawville Sale
Ellen s Fabrics Shawville Plaza
Ellen s Fabrics Shawville Shopping Plaza
Ellen Shawville
Elliott Rector St Paul’s Shawville 11.00
Elliott ShaWville
Elliott Shawville United Reports Financial Progress
Ellison Rev. Hatch Shawville
Elvis Presley Shawville Dial 647-2500 Joan Freeman
Emma Knox Shawville Methodist Church
Emmett Romain Boisvert Robert Dompierre John Green Bob l^douceur Georges Gagnon Commercial
Equipment Exchange K 647-5022 W "
Equity Publisher J SHAWVÎLLE Phristmas
Equity Reporter Shawville After
Equity Shawville Quebec
Eric (Debbie Shawville
Eric 647-
Eric 647-2654
Eric 647-5015 Dixon
Eric 647-5583
Eric J Campbell Shawville
Eric J. Campbell Shawville
Eric James Campbell St Shawville
Eric Jolivette Shawville
Eric Lacelle Shawville-Sand Bay-
Eric Robert A. Cooper
Eric Shawville
Eric Vad- Shawville Bakery
Eric Zimmerling Shawville
Erin Barber 647-5644
Ernest Borgnine Colleen Dewhurst Shawville
Ernest Gregory 647-3357 or
Ernest Gregory 647-3357.
Ernest Gregory 647-3367
Ernest Gregory at 647-3357.
Ernest Hearty SHAWVILLE
Ernest Schwartz T.C.R.A. Shawville Ford Pontiac Auto Parts Les Extincteurs L
Ernie De 647
Ernie Olsen 647-2293 LTD.
Ernie Shawville
Ernst Stranacher Shawville Curling Club
Essie Schwartz Shawville Chrysler Shawville Ford Don Sinclair Sterling’s
Esther Bretzlaff Shawville Fair
Esther Bronson Mr. Robert Stark
Ethan Wills Shawville
Ethel Burtch Shawville
Ethel Shawville
Eva Alexander Shawville
Eva Andai 7th Line Notes Shawville Atom All Stars
Eva Andai Fl Shawville
Eva Andai Mike Shawville Lome Pirie Phone
Eva Andai ROBERT
Eva Andai Shawville
Eva Andai Shawville Fair Calumet Island
Eva Andai Shawville Lionettes
Eva Andai Shawville Pontiacs
Eva Andai Studio Shawville
Eva Andm Shawville Curling Club Trophies
Eva Gamble Shawville
Eva Shawville
Evans Robert Swart
Evans Shawville
Evans Shawville Sergeant Lawrence Dagg
Evelyn 647-3745 WÊÊÊÊtÊKÊÊ
Evelyn Arm-Shawville
Evelyn Kavanagh Shawville Dealer
Evelyn Shawville
Evelyn Shawville United Church
Evening O ¦ Shawville
Ex Shawville
Executor Shawville
F. Clarke Shawville Fair Miss Justine O’Connor
F.O. Leslie Dods Honoured By Shawville
F.voKn Shawville Quebec
FainU> Shawville
Farmer Farmer Farmer Robert Ralphe John Young James Ralph Robert Ralphe
Farmers Association H SHAWVILLE FAIR
Fax 613-774-5537 J ...819-647-2239
Fax 647-2068 Campbell
Feature Shawville Boys
Feeds Grant Rogers Mickey McGuire Pontiac Electric Roy Nugent Shawville Ford Dr. Keith MacLellan Br
Fern Smith Shawville
Fernand Alarie Dr. Thomas C. O Neill Shawville
Field Contact Connie 647-3300 Bryson
Fine Furniture Frederick Stafford SHAWVILLE TEL
Finishing Shawville Quebec
Fittings Barry Draper Shawville
Flood Shawville Landscape Contractor
Flowers Shawville
Flowers Shawville 647-3878 J „
Ford Shawville
Foresters Fails Arm* Phone Steve 647-5163
Formerly Shawville Drug Store Wilson
Fortin Shawville Council
Fran Shawville
Fran- Shawville
Francis 647-3632 Wilson
Francis Armstrong Bristol Robert Blakely
Francis Comedy Don Knotts Shawville Tel
Francis Robert
Francis Shawville
Francis Technicolor Shawville
Francois Shawville
Frank and Marie SHAWVILLE
Frank Andai 647-5666 Héritage
Frank Armstrong Shawville
Frank Co-and Mrs. Robert Bronson If
Frank Cowley Shawville
Frank Dupuis Shawville
Frank Finnigan Jr Shawville
Frank Finnigan Memori-tween Shawville
Frank Ladouceur Shawville
Frank Mac- Shawville
Frank Mayor Robert Ladou- J&
Frank O SHOES Elmside Luskville Quyon Otter Lake Radford Shawville Dairy Kings Sizes
Frank Pasqua Robert Eiswald
Frank Robert
Frank Shawville
Frank Shawville Theatre
Frank Shawville This
Frank Shelton Shawville
Fraser Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE
Fraser Mrs Robert Craig
Frasers Clothing St^e Shawville Milling
Fred Armât- Mrs. Robert Laird
Fred Bretilaff Fait A Shawville
Fred C Dale Shawville* Que Shavwiile
Fred Campbell Allan Woods Shawville Brownie Pack Thomas Gallagher Wallace McGillis Reginald Stanley
Fred Coyne Shawville Bible
Fred Coyne Thanks Equity Shawville
Fred Dagg Mrs Mary Baird Mrs Robert Morris Mrs Eleanor Black NOTICE
Fred Farrell Shawville
Fred Horn Shawville Arena
Fred Krose Shawville
Fred Provost Shawville
Fred R. Hutchison Shawville
Fred Shawville
Fred Shawville Revision
Fred Thomas 647-3589
Fred Thomas 647-3589 Vfc&l
Fred Thomas 647-3589.
Fred Thomas Shawville
Fred W lson 647-3366 Full-time
Fred Wilson 647
Fred Wilson 647-3366
Fred Wilson 647-3366 MacGregor Concrete Products
Fred Wilson Shawville Dear Editor
Fred Wison 647
Fred WVsor 647
Freddie Allen Robert Mayhew
Frederick John Eng- Shawville
Freeman Grant 647-3421
Freemen Grant 647-3421
From Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
From Shawville
Frost Wire Fence Shawville Council Just Arrived
Fruit Wholesale Shawville Dollar Store Chicken Palace Timberland Tours Fort-Coulonge Dollar Store C
Furniture F H Rowat Insurance Shawville Rotary W J. Hayes
G ran- Shawville Goal
G Shawville
G W V A. Shawville
G © G Shawville Ford Inc.
G. Gibson Shawville
G.N. Thompson Co-president Shawville
Gail Barber (Shawville
Gail Greer RR5 Shawville
Gail MNA Robert Middlemiss
Gail Orr Shawville
Gail Shawville
Gail Tubman Shawville
Garber 647-3635.
Garry 647-3972 Smith
Garry Graham 647-5248 Campbell
Garry Graham Shawville
Gary 647-3788 Bruce
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 "We’re
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 Dusk
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 Shawville
Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 READY-MIXED
Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 Mack Mackenzie Hours
Gary Clarence Bretzlaff Robert Edward Burke
Gary Graham 647-5248
Gary Graham 647-5248 Canada
Gary Graham 647-5248 Hodgins Plaza
Gary Graham 647-5248 Mansfield
Gary Harris 647-3898
Gary Hod-Robert Middlemiss
Gary Hodgins Shawville
Gary Hodgins Robert Walsh
Gary Name Stéphane Sgarbossa Robert Lalonde Martin Ouellet Sylvain Lalonde Chris MacIntyre
Gary O’Malley Shawville
Gary Russell Shawville
Gary Shawville
Gary Thompson Shawville
Gary Thompson 647
Gary Tubman Marcel Richard Memori-from Shawville
Gary W Stokes Shawville United
Gayle al Shawville Community Barber
Geggie Shawville
Geo Palmer At Shawville
George 647-3063 AC.M
George 647-5943
George Bryson Shawville
George Cole Shawville
George Coles 647
George Coles 647-3063 Vivian Bohart
George Dagg’s Shawville
George Dale s Needlework 647-5600 J CW
George Dale s Needlework 647-5600 Giuliani
George Eatons Shawville Elliott
George Fatons Shawville Flliott
George Le- Shawville Electric
George Picard Chichester Autobus Lasalle Shawville Baie Transport Campbell
George Robert Miul Wnlt«-r Russell
George Robert.
George Rose Shawville
George Russell George Macintosh 1st Shawville Troop Garry Zahodnick
George Shawville
George SHAWVILLE Wesley
George T Dagg Shawville
George-Eatons Shawville Elliott
Georges Robert
Georges Robert U. S. Vice Admiral John H. Hoover
Gerald 647-2903
Gerald Bean Taxi Shawville
Gerald Dagg Shawville
Gerald Dagg Shawville ANY
Gerald Dagg Shawville Are
Gerald Dagg Shawville REGISTERED Hereford
Gerald Dagg Shawville^^
Gerald Dogg Shawville PONIES
Gerald Grace 647-3745
Gerald Hud- Shawville
Gerald Kelley s Shawville
Gerald Lang Shawville Electric Lawrence Hodgins Walter J.Hargrave Alex Hollis El
Gerald Robert
Gerald Robert and Clifford Emile Trudeau
Gerald Robert, Irwin Stewart
Gerald Shawville
Gerard Hubert Shawville Ford
Gérard Hubert Shawville Ford WManiwaki
Gerry Armstrong Shawville
Gerry Barber 647-2760 or
Gerry Desabrais Shawville You’re
Gerry Lavoie Wesleyan Shawville
Gerry Pharand 647
Gerry Phone 647-2531
Gerry Shawville’s Shane Powell
Gervase O Reilly Shawville Notes
Gestion Shawville
Gi- Shawville
Gilbert Kil- Shawville News
Gilbert Roland Virginia Mayo Robert Ryan 1><
Gilmour Robert
Gino A Doug Corrigan 647-
Glass A.D.A.T. W.A. Hodgins Loeb Shawville MAR Feeds Giant Tiger E&A Carpets Shawville Shoe Chicken
Glen Clarke Shawville
Glen Maher- Shawville Minor Hockey
Glenn Hodgins Robert Wallace
Glenn Shawville
Glenwood Plaza Lucerne Shawville Tel
Glode Shawville
Gloria 647-3427 III Paul McGee
Gloria 819-647-3427
Gloria F Tubman Shawville Ford Inc.
Gloria Green 819-647- Fri.
Gloria Richardson 647-2500 Hardy Plants Shawville
Gloria Richardson Robert Riznek
Gloria Talbott Robert Lansing
Gloria Tubman Correspondent Shawville
Goalie Kyle Richardson Shawville
Gor-!at Shawville
Gord Shawville
Gordie Graham Robert Towell
Gordon Angus 647- CCtatc
Gordon Armstrong 647-
Gordon Bulmer 647-5687 Shawville Louise Grenier Carole Pilon
Gordon Dittburner Shawville
Gordon H A Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck 647
Gordon Hagen _ Mrs. Robert Carswell
Gordon Miss Shawville Fair
Gordon Page 819-647-2206 Fax
Gordon Palmer Shawville
Gordon Paul Insurance Ltd. Shawville
Gordon Paul Insurance Shawville
Gordon Pehlman Shawville
Gordon Phone 647-3285 Herman Schwartz Scheel
Gordon Richard-Shawville
Gordon Robert
Gordon Robert- Aime
Gordon Shawville
Gordon Shawville Fire Department
Gordon Shawville IGA.
Gordon Shawville Ladies Hospi- Paul.
Gordon Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Gordon Strutt Shawville KIA
Gordon T Paul 16.29 Shawville Milling
Gordon T Paul Shawville
Gordon Webb Shawville Tel
Grace Community Bible Shawville
Grace Gibbons Victoria Street Shawville
Grace Schroeder from Shawville
Grade C Standard Church Grade B Quyon Anglican SHAWVILLE
Grade V: Robert Alexander.
Graham Marion Poole Mona Young C Standing Patricia Burke Robert Keon James Marks Jean McCara Wilfre
Graham Shawville
Grandparents Robert Hugh Campbell
Grant Contact Robert Days
Grant Eadesv Shawville
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
Grant Murray Shawville
Grant Rogers 647
Grant Rogers Pound Keepers: Messrs Robert Smart
Grant Rogers Robert
Grant Sou- Shawville
Gravelle Speaks At Shawville Rotary Delbert Romain
Greetings M Shawville Cable
Greg At-Shawville
Greg Atkin-Shawville
Greg Graham 647-5722 Seat
Greg Graham Jason Manwell Robert Smith
Greg Macintosh Shawville Council
Gregory 819-647-3882.
Gregory Shawville.
Gri.wv—Richardson Shawville’s
GRO IV OUR O WAT Shawville
Groceries W 819-647-53 Norway
Grocery Shawville 647-2933 Atkinson
Group Stuart Graham 647-3885 Dash Café Shawville
Guy Robert
Gwen Evans 647-6382 Miscellaneous Jamco
H |W Shawville Atoms
H N Shawville Ford Inc.
H " Bud " Rowaf SHAWVILLE
H " Bud " Rowat SHAWVILLE
H 2. Shawville
H 819-647-2204 Call__________________ 819-647-2206 Fax
H 819-647-3841
H A I L E H B Shawville
H A Leave Shawville
H A W K K Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
H C ROWaT Notary Shawville Que
H D. Shawville
H E A T R E Shawville Phone
H F. Kennedy Shawville
H G. Letter Shawville
H K EQUITY Page Three Shawville
H M. R. No. SL Shawville
H O V Shawville Atom All Star
H Shawville Quebec Vancouver
H T. McDowell* Shawville*
H T. McDowkli.A Sow Shawville Que SHINGLES
H. Harvey McArthur Shawville
H. Hobbs Robert George Man
H. Johnston Robert Henry Johnston
Haberdasher J J Former Shawville Couple
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants
Hal Lee Shawville
Hall Shawville
Hall Shawville Kingdom
Halvorson Shawville Rotary Club Shawville Lions Club Clarendon Inn Pontiac Womens Institutes Art Ho
Hamilton Mrs. Robert Overton
Hamilton Shawville
Hamton 647-3642 Campbell
Hank Shawville
HANK WILLIAMS Robert P. Ripley D C. W. Bruce Johnston D
Hannah Shawville
Hannah Zaoharrs Mr. Robert Beauregard
Hardy ANTS*--* Florist Shawville
Hardy Plants Florist Shawville
Hardy Plants Florists Shawville
Hardy Plants Guitarist Robert Latreille
Hardy Plants Shawville
Hardy Plants Shawville 647-2680 W.J. Hayes
Hardy Shawville
Harmonie Sharpe 647-3459 Campbell
Harold Beckett Shawville
Harold Elliott Shawville At Creel
Harold G. 647-2703
Harold G. 647-2703 647-3282 647-5653 647-2247
Harold G. 647-2703 Brownlee
Harold McCoy 647
Harold McCoy 647-
Harold Richard - Shawville Canners Co-Operative
Harold Richard- Shawville Caimers Co-Operative
Harold Richard- Shawville Canners Co-Operative Renfrew
Harold Shawville United Choir
Harold • 647-3264 Kelly
Harper Ren nick Shawville
Harper Rennick Shawville
Harper Rknnicx Shawville
Harper Ron nick Shawville
Harris Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Harry 647-2156 647-
Harry 647-2156 Kelly
Harry 647-2156 McCallum
Harry 647-2156 Richardson Murray
Harry 647-3628.
Harry 647-5603
Harry 647-5603 McDowell
Harry Barkley Shawville Creamery
Harry Belsher Shawville
Harry Corrigan Shawville
Harry Corrigan Shawville Que
Harry Edmund Belsher SHAWVILLE Mr. Harry
Harry Gregory 647-3357
Harry McCleary 1st Shawville Troop
Harry McCleary 647-3365 Shewville
Harry McCrae Beechgrove Herb R Hodgins Shawville Dr. Pokes
Harry Mr. Robert Johnson
Harry Naylor Shawville W. I........
Harry Sharpe,Robert Lu- You
Harry Shawville
Harry Wilson Shawville
Hart Shawville Lions Hall Saturday
Harvey Brownlee Shawville
Harvey McArthur Mr. Abb Brownlee Shawville
Harvey McArthur Shawville
Harvey Shawville
Hayes Bros. SpeciaJ Shawville
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville Clarendon Fire Home Hardware Department Hursty
Hayes Funeral Robert Evans
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Hayes Shawville W.l
Hayes Summerfield Shawville
Heather 647-193"
Heather 647-1937 Sylvia
Heather 647-1937 Sylvia:
Heather 647-1937 Sylvia: 647-5993 Sr Showmanship Berf
Heather 647-2204 Immediate
Heather 647-2204 Phone
Heather 647-2204 Quebec HAY
Heather 647-2204._xte
Heather 647-3137 Ten
Heather Alberti-Dickson Shawville
Heather Dickson 647- PI#
Heather Dickson 647-2204
Heather Dickson Equity Publisher Shawville Win
Heather Dickson Shawville Council
Heather Dickson Warden Robert Ladouceur
Heather Duggan Shawville
Heather Harris Shawville
Heather Hodglns ..647-3529 Rhonda Hodglns ..647-3529 Shari Lynn Bean
Heather MacKechnie Shawville
Heather Smiley 647-336# HARRIS
Heather Ste-Shawville-Clarendon
Helen 647-2140
Helen 647-5177
Helen 819-647-5177
Helen Hodgins IX— Anita Schwartz X— Henry Horner XI— Charles Dale SHAWVILLE
Helen Knox Weds Carl Dale Shawville Calf Club Hold Annual Mtg
Helen McCauley Shawville Main St
Helen Robert Lalonde
Helen Routliffe Chairperson Canadian Cancer Society Shawville Hockey Club
Helen s Fur Salon Shawville
Helen s Fur Selon Shawville
Helen Shawville
Helen Towel Shawville
Henderson Shawville
Henry 647-3425
Henry 647-3425.
Henry 647-6780
Henry Dale Shawville
Henry Edward Shawville Women*» Insittute
HENRY FONDA Shawville—Ft
Henry Gravelle Shawville
Henry Horner........ Shawville
Henry Horner............ Shawville Women
Henry Sallafranque SHAWVILLE
Henry Shawville
Henry Smiley 647-2105
Herb Brown Shawville
Herb Gibson SHAWVILLE Secv
Herb Gibson SHAWVILLE Secy
Herb Howard Shawville
Herb Robitaille Shawville
Herbert Brown Shawville R R 2
Herbert SMITH,Shawville
Here OTTAWA—Count Robert de Dam-pierre
Herman Schwarti 647-3285
Herman Schwarts 647-3285
Herman Schwartz 647-
Herman Thrun Thos Horner Frank Lepach John Hitz Melba Hodgins Walter Yach Mrs. Perley Belsher Cliff
Herman Wouk Pontiac Electric Inc. Shawville
Hermonie Sharpe 647-3459 Campbell
HevFfV Rotxtailie Wesley Shawville
Hewitt Shawville
Hilton Crick Shawville
Hiram Morrison SHAWVILLE
Hiram Strutt Shawville
Hitz Council
Hitz Open
Hitz|Jaek Knox
Ho Shawville
HobboV Young Shawville
Hobbs Hodgins Furniture J & J Grocery SHAWVILLE
Hobbs Shawville
Hobbs Shawville Old Miscellaneous Shop Location - Mrs. Marjorie McCredie
Hobert IIart- Hir Robert
Hobitailie Wednesday Wesley Shawville Mass
HODG1NS Shawville Quebec
HODGINS STORE Quebec Shawville III
HODGINS STORE Quebec Shawville Mr. R.
Hodgms C 378na,n St- Shawville
Holland - Da Laval Shawville
Hollis Barber Shawville 72523xa3I Always
Holmes Shawville Lions
Horn Shawville
Horner K —A Shawville Mother
Horner Shawville
Howard Shawville Marble
Howard Cowley Block Shawville
Howard Dodge Robert Poullot
Howard Pridham Shawville Branch
Howard Shawville
Howe Shawville It Beckett
Hubert McCal- Mrs Robert Belsher
Hubert McCauley Jewellers Shawville
Hubert McCauley J EWELLER Cowley Block Shawville
Hubert McCauley Jewellers Shawville
Hubert McCauley SHAWVILLE
Hudgins Sec-Treas Shawville
Hugh F Shawville Horner
Hugh F Shawville Sealed Tenders
Hugh Hodgins Robert McCord
Hugh Homer Shawville
Hugh Horner 647-3640
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
Hugh Jeobie Shawville
Hugh Shawville
Hugh Shawville Ladies Hospital Proudfoot
Hugin Shawville
Hull Rev. Robert D. Bhe
Hull Shawville
Hunter PhoM 647-2291 Shaw
Hunter" Robert De Niro John Qszaie
Hynes Funeral Home Shawville
I)vxight McMillan Robert MacKechnie
I. Smith Shawville E Mrs. Emelia Ryan Mrs. Emelia Ryan
I.C.L. Shawville Gerald
I> Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Ian Robert
If W Shawville Only
IhL.L Shawville Raymond M. Rowot B.A.
Ina Kilgour Shawville Alan Randell Victoria
Ingrid Bergman Ynl Brynner Spencer Tracy Robert Wagner
Installation Centra Achat Shawville Shopping Centra Hwy
Installation Centra Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Installation Centra Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Installation Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Installation Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwf
Installation Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Installation Centre Achst Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Installetion Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre Hwy
Instelletion Centre Achat Shawville Shopping Centre
Institute Shawville
Intermediate Bovkt Phone Shawville
Intermediate Hockey Shawville
Ira Greer - Shawville
Irene Shawville Bakery Shaw
Irom Hursty’s Shawville
Irwin Wilson 1st Shawville Troop To
It Hubert McCauley JEWELLER Shawville Mr. Paul Bretzlaff
ITic Shawville Jr B
Ivan Pilk-Shawville
Ivan Robert
Ivan Shawville
Iver- Harris 647-3526 Mrs.
J & J Gas Bar Shawville
J & J Gas Bar Shawville 647-2430 flunnlteU** Campbell
J * J Robert Charetie Secretaire-tresoner
J 647-2169 647-2218
J 647-3340 y7 Turpin
J 647-3459
J 819-647-2204 CaH____________________ 819-647-2206 Fax
J A. Russell Potlec Community Hospital Shawville
J D. Corbett Administrator Athol Dale Shawville
J Hitz
J J of Shawville Rotary
J L Richards Shawville Council
J Shawville W.
J Tippms Shawville
J W 647-3000
J » Quality Printing Shawville
J. Boudreau Shawville
J. Harvey McArthur Shawville
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack Barr 647-
Jack Bridge Shawville
Jack Graham 647-3885
Jack Harris 647
Jack Lang 647-5441
Jack McKay Shawville Motor Sa
Jack Robert
Jack Robert Lacourse .423
Jack Shawville
Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Jack) Graham 647-3885 Joan Bertrand
Jack) Graham 647-3885 Stuart Graham
Jack- Robert-
Jackie Thomas Shawville United Church
Jacqueline Bnsebois Shawville Quebec
Jacqueline Shawville Fair
Jacques Shawville
Jacques Boissonneault Robert Bertrand
Jacques Frasers Shawville
Jacques Giroux X 647-2682 Dr. W. Bruce Johnston
Jacques M. Robert LAIINE
Jacques Robert
Jacques — Church Shawville
Jaime Christie 819-647-3508 John Petty 819-647-2402 Luminaries Kerry Reasbeck 819-647-6549 Survivor
Jaime Christie Shawville Relay
James 8.00 Shawville
James Agent Shawville
James Atkinson Mi SHAWVILLE
James Barber 647-
James Barber 647-3494 xtc
James Barber 647-3494.
James Barber Phone 647*3494
James Coburn Joan Blodnell Margaret O Connor Shawville
James D. Hodgins Shawville Compiled
James Fraser Shawville
James G. Bovington Shawville
James Gilchrist.......... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist.......... William Wall
James Hill Shawville
James Hod-gins 647-3019
James Hodgins 647
James Hodgins 647- Queen
James Hodgins 647-3019
James Hodgins Shawville Fire Commissioner
James Hodgins Shawville Municipal Council
James Hodgins Shawville What’s
James Hor- Shawville
James Howard 647*5216
James Howard 647- 2bjn15
James Howard 647- Fresh
James Howard 647-5216
James Howard 647-5216.
James Howard 819-647-5216.
James K. Robert G. Jennie May
James Kettles Shawville
James McDowell Robert Dstfsr............... John Wheelthan.............. John Wheelihan............
James McDowell Robert I>agg
James Otter Late Closed Standard ShawviHe Rev D MacPhereon 647-2535 SundaySchod Morning Worship
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck 647
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3679
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 11:00
James Rev M Ether 647-3879
James Robert
James Robert Cassidy
James Robert Ernest
James Robert*"
James Sal-Shawville
James Shawville All Brands
James Shawville Back-to-school Foil
James Shawville Drug Co. J
James Shawville Theatre
James Stevenson 647-2475 Saturday Serves Si George
James Stewart Fernando Lamas Arlene Dahl Shawville
James Stewart Shawville
James St„ Shawville
James Tal- Robert Ladouceur
James Telford 647-3472
Jamie 647-5683
Jamie 647-5683: Carey
Jamie Rich-The Shawville Midgets
Jamie Robert born March 406773BM26
Jamie Shawville
Jan Shawville
Jane 647-5373 Rose
Jane MacDougall 819-647-5373 Rose Bushes
Jane Salway Dies At Shawville
Janet Heney Come Worship With Us United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Peter Hartgerink 647-3950 Stark
Janie Shawville
Jason 819-647-5086
Jason Camp-The Shawville Novices
Jason Ho-j Shawville
Jason Robert
Jason Shawville
Jason Shawville Pontiacs
Jason Trudeau Shawville Pee Wee Pontiacs
Jean Wallace L:< 647-3855 X
Jean (Mrs Robert
Jean (Mrs Robert | P.
Jean - Baptiste Morin Shawville
Jean - Kervyn Shawville
Jean - Robert Ouellet
Jean 647
Jean 647-2625
Jean 647-2625 1.35
Jean 647-3307
Jean 647-3459
Jean 647-3459 Wallace
Jean Baptiste Day Shawville Quebec
Jean Brownlee At Shawville
Jean Charles Shawville Fair Young Horseman Saturday
Jean Claude Robert
Jean Conrod 647-3218
Jean Elliott Shawville
Jean Horner 647
Jean Horner 647-2666 SEPT.
Jean Marc Robert
Jean Murray-647-2995.
Jean Neville SHAWVILLE
Jean nie Landry Doug Corrigan 647
Jean Ogilvie 647-5407 Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Jean Paul Shawville
Jean Pierre Ledoux Shawville
Jean Robert Proulx
Jean Robert.
Jean Robert/
Jean Se- Shawville s Murray
Jean Shawville
Jean Shawville - Fully
Jean Smith 647-2625
Jean Surprising Fun At Shawville
Jean Wallace *647-3855 COORDINATOR
Jean Wallace ... 647-3855 Campbell
Jean Wallace 647-3855
Jean Wallace 647-3855 Birthday
JEAN WALLACE 647-3855 Me Murray
Jean Wallace 647-3855 Quail
JEAN WALLACE 647-3855 Richardson
Jean Wallace 647-3855 Visiting
Jean Wallace I 647
Jean Wallace V / W 647-3855 Stuart Graham Jack Graham
Jean Wallace W 647-3855 Be
Jean ¦ Shawville
Jean) Mrs. Earnie SHAWVILLE
Jean) Mrs. Robert MacAllister
Jean-Louis Shawville
Jean-Robert Gauthier
Jeff 647-3442.
Jeff 819-647-2603 moreandmore(9 personamternct.com
Jeff Barber and Robert Hearty
Jeff Barber Shawville.
Jeff Elliott Shawville Justin Murrav Shawville G A Pt
Jeff Geinow Shawville
Jeff Gibbons Shawville’s Paul Lang Reid
Jeff Russell Shawville
Jeff Russell Shawville Chrysler
Jeff Schultz 647
Jeff Schurtz 647 Hay
Jeff Shawville
Jeff Tanner Shawville Midgets
Jeffrey Robert
Jeffrey Scott Shawville
Jenna Jean The Shawville Figure Marie
Jennifer 647-3638.
Jennifer Dale Shawville
Jennifer Hodgins 647-3614
Jennifer Hodgins Of Shawville
Jennifer Mayhew SAQ Shawville Pine’s Gas Bar K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Gree
Jennings Ultrastar Shawville
Jeremy Shawville
Jerome Shawville Peewee
Jerrv Barber 647-2760 Tickets
Jerry 647-
Jerry Barber - 647-3770 Darlene Dods -
Jerry Barber 647 -
Jerry Barber 647-2760
Jerry Barber 647-2760 .
Jerry Barber 647-2760 or
Jerry Barber 647-3770
Jerry Barber 647-3770 Jim Carmichael
Jerry Barber 647-3770.
Jerry Barber 819-647-
Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Lion Bi
Jerry Barber Robert Smith
Jerry Barber • 647-3770 Darlene Dods
Jerry Cal- Shawville Lioiy
Jerry Chevalier Shawville
Jerry Lavigne* Henri Sauriol Shawville
Jerry Lewis Robert Mitcham
Jerry Shawville
Jessica Rich- Shawville
JflHfl BODfiiHS,.....SHAWViLLE.
Jill Shawville Hahn
Jim 647-2475 Mary Ellen Sally
Jim 647-2475 Mary Ellen Sally 647-5174
Jim 819-647-6113._____________xn18
Jim Cameron Shawville
Jim Carruthers Shawville’
Jim Che Robert Henry Rutledge
Jim Dick Auctioneer Robert Griffin Owner Queen St.
Jim Doherty Shawville
Jim Hodgins Shawville
Jim Hudgins Shawville
Jim Mcleon Shawville
Jim Payton Church Ofice 647-2764 Bonnie McLaughlin 7:00
Jim Payton Shawville United Church Candidate Hodgins
Jim Reece Canadian Tire Shawville
Jim Shawville
Joan Adams - Intern Shawville United Church
Joan Bennett Robert Campbell Janet Fraser Ross Finnigan Donald Stafford Shirley Trudeau Sadie Wilso
Joan Brown Evelyn Duff Shawville
Joan Conrad 647-3218
Joan Conrod 647-3218
Joan Finnigan Sale Price Team Shawville
Joan Francis 819-647-6257
Joan Orr Shawville
Joan Rusen- Shawville Fair
Joan Shawville
Joan Shawville Fair
Joan Sicard Shawville
Joan Zimmerling 647-5605
Joan Zimmerling Brian Adam 647-5605
Joanne 647-5349
Joe 647-6186
Joe 819-647-2391
Joe Hamil- Shawville
Joe Konrad 647- Campbell
Joe Konrad 647- Quebec
Joe McCleary Shawville Hursty’s Athletics
Joe Russell Shawville Rev Bain
Joe Russell Shawville Rotary Club
Joe Russell Shawville Shawville Yarm
Joe Shawville Hoping For Position
Joe Sr. Shawville
Joel 647-2197 4bf17
Joel Daniel Lewes Shawville 8
Joel Metres Joanne Dm Robert Taylor Donald O’Connor Deborah Kerr Donald O’Connor Sterling Hayden 1
Johanne Robert
John Shawville
John 647-2035
John 647-2544 Chabot
John 647-2654
John 647-2654 12140B2M5
John 647-2654 LEPINE—
John 647-2773 Petty
John 647-2801 Atkinson
John 647-3817 Greenshields
John 647-3983.
John 647-5225 L Starts Father
John 647-5666 Letter
John A. Burnett Shawville Ford Atkinson
John Alexan-Shawville
John Alkin- 647
John Armstrong 647-2801 Wood
John Armstrong 647-3677
John Armstrong Shawville
John Bclsher 647-
John Beattie 647-2948 Shawville
John Beimers Shawville
John Belsher 647-r-30 ShawviHe
John C. An- Shawville
John Campbell Shawville’s Makayla Campbell
John Car Robert Cuthbertson
John Carmi- Shawville Lionettes
John Carmichael 1st Shawville Troop
John Conrad Hitz
John Crawford Cartonn SHAWVILLE
John Dale Rd Shawville
John Dale Rd„ Shawville
John Deere Rotarv Cutter Shawville
John Deere Shawville Community Centre
John Entwistle Keith Moon Paul Nicholas Jack Nicholson Robert Powell Pete Townshend Tina Turner
John Ernest Ste-Shawville
John Ethier 647-5225
John flPpjjr Shawville
John Foster 647-2555
John Fotay Rev Stuart Marptos 647
John Grant 647-3421 Daryl MacPherson
John H Shawville
John Hedging SHAWVILLE
John Henry 819-647-3943 Sat.
John Hitz
John Hitz’s
John Hitz’s Silver Maple Inn
John I_____________________________ Shawville Progressive
John J 647-5605 ?
John J. Morrison Shawville
John Jones Shawville Rotarians Aid Crippled
John Kelly Greentech Hair Reflections Shawville Milling Ritchie Feed
John Kelly Retro Pontiac Shawville Milling
John Kelly Shawville Chrysler C.B.L. Pirie J & J Grocery Chicken Coop Henderson’s Grocery Wayne
John L Hodgins At Shawville
John L&n David T. Robert Strutt-- Sod
John L, Hodgins-Shawville
John L. Hodgins Shawville
John L. Hodgrins Quebec Shawville
John L." Hodgins Shawville
John Lafram-boise 2678 Shawville Lee Carswell
John Lambert Car- Shawville
John Landlord Shawville
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John Leclair At Shawville
John Leframboise 647-2678 Phone
John M Hodgin Shawville Milling Company
John MacLeod Shawville Rotary
John Madappatt Shawville Waltham Our Lady
John Matappaa Shawville
John Matappas Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
John McBane Robert Manary
John McMunn Shawville Adventure
John Murdock Fernand Gravelle Royal Pieschke Gerard Fleury William McCleary Doug Eady Robert Lacour
John Musgrove 647*
John Musgrove 647-5680
John Musgrove 647-5680 Marc Drapeau
John Musgrove 647-5680 Nom/Name
John Musgrove 647-5680/ Carson Hodgins
John Musgrove Shawville
John Musgrove Shawville Shame
John Neville Adrienne Corri Shawville Phone 647-2260 Campbell
John Noonan Shawville
John O. Hlfcin Shawville Lions
John Ouyon Standard Shawville Rev D. MacPhereon
John Petty 647
John Petty 647-2402
John Petty Rick Valin Shawville Fair
John Petty Shawville
John Petty Shawville Let
John Petty Shawville Respect
John Quyon Standard Shawville Hev Ü MacPherson
John R Me Dow- X X Shawville
John Robert
John Robert Campbell
John Robert Colombo
John Robert Colombo Anthology
John Robert Colombo Hurtig Publishers
John Robert Colombo Hurtig Publishers Edmonton Eddie McCann
John Robert Greno
John Robert Jowsey
John Robert Newton BEHAVE YOURSELF Cary Grant Dona R^edmstrelley Winters Farley Grange»- Dana Andr
John Robert-
John Robert- Wolves
John Robert.
John Russell 647-3426.
John S Hodgins Shawville
John S. Hodgins SHAWVILLE
John Shawville Fair
John Sin-Shawville—43.0 sec.
John Sturgeon Passes At Shawville
John Tolhurst SHAWVILLE
John Valu-mart Shawville
John Wallace 647-3718
John Wallace Robert Cambpell
John Wayne Lorraine Day Claire Trevor Robert Stack Francis Del Joel McCrae
John Wilson Shawville
John Youngel- Shawville Pass Lists
Johnny Junior Shawville
Johnny K. Shawville Pontiac Pride
Johnson Shawville Miss Hattie Cameron
Jon Hitz
Jon Hitz.
Jonathan Hitz
Jonathan Hitz Denms Camp
Jonathan Hitz Ho’s
Jonathan Mar- Robert Legault
Jonathan Marcotte Shawville
Jonathan Robert
Jones Shawville
Jordan Shawville
Jordan Shawville Saturday
Jorge Mistral Shawville - Phone
Josée McGee Shawville
Joseph A. Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marlon Street Shawville
Joseph B. Shawville
Joseph Buelieu Dies Shawville United Church Anniversftjy Shawvim.k
Joseph Dumas 647-
Joseph H. A. Gauvin Shawville United Mr.
Joseph Interim Pastor James Wall 647
Joseph McGah- Shawville
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert Cleary
Joseph Ronald Brown Shawville - Commefcial
Joseph Sammon X 7li.M Call X 1-800-263-1481 647-5022
Joseph Shawville
Josh 647-5672
Josh 647-5672.1bm24
Josh 647-5672.1bm31
Josh Barber scored Shawville
Josh Ralph-Evan Gary) Penalties Shawville Jeff Gibbons
Josh Shawville
Joshua Shawville
Joy Shawville Home
Joyce f°rc* Shawville
Joyce Mary Jewell At Shawville
Joyce Shawville
Joyce Warren Shawville
Jr Court Shawville
Judy Homer Shawville Letters
Judy Horner Former Shawville
Judy Horner Shawville
Judy Young Shawville
Julie 647- Julie
Julie 647- school.ca
Julie 647-5566
Julie 647-6810.
Julie 819-647-2546.
Julie 819-647-2546.___________xjy30
Julie 819-647-2589
Julie 819-647-2589 2xau11 REALE5TATEF0R5ALE Campbell
Julie McGuire 647-5760 ATKINSON
Julie McGuire Shawville
Julie Robert
Julie Shawville
Julie Tubman 647-2912
Julius Shawville
July 6th Quebec Shawville
June 21,2006 V 819-647-2206 Fax
Just Shawville
K 647-5303 J 647-5449 Run
Kanata B Shawville Pontiacs
Karen 647-59^8
Karen Ann Brownlee Shawville
Karen Towle Shawville Shopping Plaza
Karl Robert*
Katharine Fletcher 647-2204 Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam FAX
Katherine 647-2204
Katherine Fletcher Bonnie Richardson H I. Hobbs Barbara Russell Shawville Kinsmen Club LOEB Shawvil
Katherine Han Robert Cassidy
Katherine Hynes 819-647-2204 Armstrong
Katherine Hynes 819-647-2204 Shaw
Kathleen M. Rollins Reg Optometris Reg Optometris SHAWVILLE
Kathleen PHONE 647-2204 Jean-Guv Lallemand
Kathy 647-5280
Katie Elliott Kay Woodley SHAWVILLE
Katie Lee Shawville
Kay Woodley Shawville Y P.U.
Kay Younge Shawville
Kayla Shawville
Kays Style Shop Shawville
Keindel Jr 647-3547
Keith 647-3737
Keith Emmecson Shawville
Keith Emmerson Donald J. Braytey Shawville
Keith Emmerson Shawville
Keith Fraser Robert Erwin Keith Mohr Ian MacKechnie Bean
Keith Harris KEITH HARRIS Shawville
Keith Harris Robert Bertrand
Keith Horner Shawville
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawville Tel
Keith MacLellan Shawville
Keith Robert
Keith Robert Ireland
Keith Shawville
Keith Shawville - Bryan
Keith Shawville Fair
Kellie Keon Shawville Plaza
Kelly Funeral Home Shawville
Kelly Robert
Kelly Shawville
Kelly Shawville Businesses
Kelly Ste- Shawville
Kelly Trucking Shawville
Kemp Donald -Knot Tieing—Shawville
Ken (Dorothy ) Shawville
Ken 647-
Ken 647-1929 Don 647-5211 Memberships
Ken 647-2133
Ken 647-2183
Ken 647-2583 Carmichael
Ken 647-2583 Dagg
Ken 647-3927 Cathy Pasch
Ken 647-5384
Ken 819-647-5384
Ken A1 Ine Shawville Bantam
Ken Alexander Shawville
Ken Belsher Shawville
Ken Brownlee Shawville
Ken Cruickshank Shawville
Ken Cuddihey Shawville Equity
Ken Doug Corrigan 647
Ken Evans Shawville
Ken Evans Shawville R.A. Centre Saturday
Ken Faircloth/Robert Drouin - Commodore Wendy Glover - Teacher
Ken M 4051BF12 6119X2F12 647-3686
Ken M 647
Ken M 647-5928
Ken M 647-5962
Ken Pirie Shawville
Ken Pro Shawville
Ken Shawville
Ken Stanton Shawville
Ken Stewart Shawville
Ken T 819-647-5384
Ken T 819-647-5384 2xo27 Johnson
Ken W. Musgrove Shawville
Kenneth 647-2804 Foad
Kenneth 647-29 Kilgour
Kenneth 647-29 Kilguur
Kenneth 647-5983 647-3317
Kenneth Maharel Murrells Shawville Calumet Island Calumet Island
Kenneth Meek at Shawville
Kenneth Mrs. Robert Laùrd
Kenneth Robert
Kenneth Robert -
Kenneth Shawville
Kenneth Smiley Shawville
Kenneth Warren SATIN-ENAMEL Pirie—At Shawville Community Hospital
Kenny Shawville Wentworth Beechgrove
Kent Rowley Shawville Shopping Plaza
Kent St Ottawa Robert Driscoll
Kent St Ottawa Shawville
Kerry Hitz
Kervyn Shawville
Kesndel M 647-3633
Kevin 647-2312 Foran
Kevin Mois- Shawville
KgBg Shawville Mayor Albert ‘-<V
Kim Reasbeck Shawville Shoe Shop Terry Campbell
Kim Thalheimer Shawville Lions
King George IV Shawville
Kirk Rich- Shawville
Kirk Shawville
Knox Miss Shawville
Kvs Gary 8W-647-3788 Bruce 8W-M7-3433
Kyle Foy Shawville
Kyle Shawville
K_ % Jr <647-5808
L -, Shawville
L III R. W HODGI Shawville
L J * 647
L Dairy Norman Wiggins Eugene Hameline Pontiac Ice Ottawa Senators Shawville Ford Clarence
L H Ballard 647-
L I L Messages 647-5306
L J AVAILABLE Shawville Ford Inc.
L K 647-5522
L L V Dave Moor© M Sports Shawville
L L L Phone 647-2525 Barrister
L L Shawville Raymond M. Rowat B.A.. B.C.l
L Lamadeleine 647-9912
L M P Robert Middlemiss
L O L s Shawville
L T G Team Renfrew Perth Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carlcton
L T Pts Shawville Murray
L T W G Team Perth Renfrew Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carleton
L W G Team Calumet Island Shawville Petro Can Valu-Mart
L _J Shawville
L • Shawville
L • Shawville Fair
L- J I Shawville Que
L-L.L Shawville Raymond M. Rewot I.A.
L. Hodgins Quebec Shawville
L. Hodgins Quebec Shawville T.T. BEATTIE
L. Hotigtns Quebec Shawville
L. L L Phone 647-2525 Barrister
L. L L Shawville Barrister
L;| Shawville
Lacourse H 647-5932 lysie__wheezy
Ladies Shawville
Ladysmith Shawville Campbell
Lafleur Sr. Shawville
Lai Shawville Rotarians
Lance 647-2211
Lance Band Robert-Meunier
Lance Corporal Shawville
Lang Drain Cleaning Shawville
Larry Hitz
Larry Hitz Dear Editor
Larry Hitz Grist
Larry Hitz Porter’s Lake
Laura Moore Bay Shawville
Laura Shawville
Laura Shawville Lions Hall
Laurie Robert Middlemiss M.NA.
Laurie Shawville
Laurie Shawville Lions Club
Lawrence BarberJHH Shawville
Lawrence Kluke 647-5495 Brent Orr
Lawrence Lamb Shawville
Lawrence Lang 647-3385 Mrs.
Lawrence Shawville
Lawrence Shawville Fair
Lawrence W il-of Shawville
Lawson CORRIGAN Shawville
Lawson Shawville Ministerial Association George Pirie
Lawson Smith Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
LCd T Quebec Shawville Hoe SHAWVILLE
Lee A Hodgins Proprietor Shawville Quebec
Lee Hod- Shawville
Lee Laframboise 647-2545
Lee Laframboise’s Shawville II
Lee Mervier Robert Ryen
Lee Shawville
Lee Stanley 647-3961
Lee Stanley 647-3961 0F16 O F 1
Lee Stanley 819-647-3961.__3xa22
Lee Te- Shawville
Lennls Walsh Shawville
LENT III Clarendon Parish Tht Rev. John G. Pearce Shawville Pastoral Charge Rev. Stanley
Leo Amyotte Shawville
Leo Belec Shawville
Leo Piché Shawville
Leo Robert’s
Leo Ryan Low Notes Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Leo Shawville
Leona s Phone 648-2502 Shawville
Leona Shawville
Leona Shawville United Church
Leonard 647-2665 Kennedy
Leonard 647-2665 Kilgour
Leonard Coyne Shawville
Leonard Horner Shawville
Leonard Horner Shell Service Station Shawville
Leonard McCaffrey Mrs Robert Scott
Leonard Shawville
Les Alexander Shawville Curling Club
Les Appartements Shawville
Les Fermes Shawville
Les Hodgins Robert Charette
Les Meubles Shawville Milling Co. Ltd TERMS
Les Muigrove 647
Les Municipalités de Shawville
Les Musgrov# 647-3601
Les Musgrov# 647-3801
Les Musgrove 647-3601
Les Musgrove 647-3801
Les Musgrpve 647-3801
Les Mutgrove 647-3801
Les Shawville Fair
Les Transpor- Shawville
Leslie 819-648-2137 Shawville
Leslie Dale Shawville
Leslie M 647-2185 Hodgins
Leslie Ranch Inn 647-3424 Allison Corrigan
Leslie Shawville
Levitt Safety Gillies Landing Shawville Chrysler R.V.
Lewis Lawton Shawville
Lewis Shawville
Lfd Shawville Quebec
Lf’d Shawville Quebec
Liana Shawville Fair
Lias Shawville"
Liberals Dave Moore 647-5167 Ik Ann Taylor 647
Lillian Shawville
Lillian Smith Shawville
Lin Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
Linda 647-5043
Linda Atkinson Shawville
Linda Larocque Shawville
Linda Schultz Shawville
Linda Shawville
Linda Vowles Market STREET Shawville Shopping Plaza
Linden Hod Shawville Fair -
Lionel Gauthier K Shawville
Lionel Grimes Hubert Elliott Henry Smiley Shawville
Lionel Grimes _ Hubert Elliott Henry Smiley Shawville ITER/OR
Lionel Martin Shawville
Lionel Morm Shawville United Y.P.U Starks Corners
Lions Community Centre Shawville
Lisa 819-647-2392 Mon.
Lisa McGee Correspondent Shawville
Litven-Pontiac Unity-Equality Shawville
Livingston Shawville
Livingston Shawville Sunday Evening
Livingston Shawville Sunday Evening Service
Lloy Shawville
Lloyd 647-5622 Brownlee
Lloyd Cartmin Shawville
Lloyd Cone Telephone 647-2736 Shawville
Lloyd Henderson 647-5588
Lloyd Hodgins 647-3841._oto
Lloyd Hodgins 647-3841.—otc
Lloyd Hodgins AVIS Michel Plante Shawville
Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Shawville
Lloyd Hodgins J Furniture Ltd/ Shawville
Lloyd Hodgins Shawville
Lloyd Hodgms 647
Lloyd Hoqgins 647-3841.—otc
Lloyd Keuhl Foymount Murray Reckzin Pembroke Garnet Gutz Eganville Yvon Labine Shawville Eric Labin
Lloyd Robinson Bryson Notes Shawville
Lloyd Shawville
Lloyd Shawville Homemakers
Lloyd WWaon Robert Dodge
LM Bernard G More Shawville January
Loch Shawville
Loeb Shawville
LOGl66a31 Shawville Farmer
Lois Marion Bowes Weds Robert Earl Findlay At Renfrew Lois Marion Bowes
Lollobrlgida T CurUa Robert Ryan Virginia
Lord Robert
Lord Robert Baden-PoweU.
Lord Robert Cecil
Lord Robert Free Again
Lord Robert Haden Powell
Lord Robert Spencer
Lord Robert*
Lord Robert-Cecil
Lord Robert.
Lord Robert»
Lorna Ma- Shawville Grad
Lorrain Shawville Town Portrait
Lou 647- Présidente
Lou 647- Shawville
Lou 819-647-2391
Lou Black Shawville
Lou Kirkham Shawville Hildegard Bowman Dear Editor Dear Editor EDITORIAL Dear
Louis Philippe Robert
Louis Prima Shawville
Louis Robert
Louis Schryer Shawville Agricultural Hall
Louise Ardern 647-5 4 or Jo
Louise Shawville
Love Joan 647-5983
Low Notes Home Hardware Mrs. Robert Lalonde Deepest
Lt d Quebec Shawville
Lt d Quebec Shawville
Lt d Quebec Shawville Armstrong
Lt d Quebec Shawville PU
Lt d Quebec Shawville SUE
Lt*d Shawville Quebec
Lt’cl Shawville Quebec QUE X
Lt’d Shawville Quebec QUE
Lt’d Shawville Quebec
Lt’d Shawville Quebec QUE.
Lt’d Shawville Quebec QUE 6
Lt’d Shawville Quebec SHAWVILLE
Lt’d Shawville Quebec T B. B. Nurse
Lt’d Vi( Quebec Shawville
Luc 647- Karen Kelly x022 Présidente
Luc Shawville
Lucas Russell Robert
Lucien Robert
Lucky Shawville
Lucy Shawville
Lucy Wyman Edey James Robert Hobbs Mr. James Robert
LUEBtC Shawville Quebec
Lukes Guild Shawville
Lutheran Summer Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes 647-
LVd Shawville Quebec Bronze Medals Mrs.
LVd Shawville Quebec QUE
Lynda Shawville
Lynn Caldwell Hermonie Sharpe V ’ 647-3459 Everlyn Palmer Sharpe
Lynn Cameron 819-647-2970
Lynn Lang - 647-3372 Joan Rusenstrom -
Lynn Nail Technician Giant Tiger - Shawville
Lynn Wilson Shawville
Lynn Wilson 647-3013
Lynn Wilson 647-3013 Peryl Smith
Lyons Lucas 647-3475 Davis Garage
Lyons Lucas 647-3475 X020
Lyons Lucas 647-3475.
Lyons Lucas 819-647-3475
Lyons Robert
Lysa-Ann Gregory 647-2497.
Lyse-Ann Gregory 647-2497.
M % X ¥L Shawville Phone
M H H rn Shawville
M H Shawville Nursing
M L Robert G. Elliott
M M KAtr Shawville
M P IV Raymond Shawville
M P Robert Middlemiss
M P Robert Middlemiss Acting Mayor.
M s Robert Nicholas
M.D. Shawville Quebec MCOICâL ARTS
M.K.Robert* Kirk Lawrence Lay Asssitant Holy Trinity
M00RH0USE Russell House Shawville
M0ORHOÜSE Russell House Shawville
Ma V Shawville Council Property
Mac MacLean Shawville STUDY STANDS
Mac Primrose Shawville
MacDougall Shawville
MacLean’s Leslie Dale Shawville
Madeleine 1-819-647-S487 Coulonge Golf Comm
Madeleine 819-647-
Madeleine 819-647-5487
Madonna 647-5722
Main Shawville
Main St. Shawville Jr BIGGEST
Main Street.Shawville
Malcolm McGilluvey Stéphane Sgarbossa Robert Lalonde Sylvain Lalonde Sylvain Roy Chris Pleau Chris
Manager Shawville
Manager Shawville
Manager Shawville
Manager Shawville-Tel
Manager Telephone 647-3831
Manager Telephone 647-3831 Shawville
Manager Telephone 647-3831 Jam#
Manager Telephone 7-3831 Shawville
Manager Telephone 7-3831 Shawville
Marc Masseau Shawville
Marc Robert Griffin
Marc Shawville
Margaret 647-
Margaret 647-3554
Margaret Corrigan Shawville
Margaret Davis Shawville Council
Margaret Lang Robert Grant
Margaret Laurence____ *6.95 Pontiac Printshop Shawville Tel
Margaret Mrs Robert Middlemiss
Margaret Sharpe Shawville
Margaret Shawville
Margie Barber 647-3403 Residence
Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
Margie Barber 647-3403 Residence
Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
Marie Shawville
Marie V Shawville
Marilyn Corri- Shawville
Marilyn Hitz
Marilyn Monree Shawville Miffing Co. Ltd.
Mario Ri- Shawville
Marion Dale 647-2657
Marion Dale 647-2657 NOTICE- Shoe
Marion Fraser Shawville
Marion Lafrance 647-3878
Marion Lafrance 647-3878 Lynn Wilson
Marion Lalrance Shawville
Marion Shawville
Marjorie Corrigan çf Shawville
Marjorie Hodgins Furniture Shawville
Marjorie McCredie Robert McCredie Purebred HolsMen
Marjorie Shawville
Mark 458-2942 Shawville
Mark 647-
Mark Alexander Shawville
Mark Alexander Shawville Richard Wills Once
Mark Alexander Shawville Ross Dickson Forum
Mark and Gerard Trudeau Shawville Ford Inc.
Mark d Visits Shawville
Mark E Alexander Shawville Please
Mark Feamall Shawville What
Mark Grey Shawville
Mark Me- Equity Photo Shawville Beats Rockland At Fût
Mark Shawville
Mark Stevens Shawville
Mark TwmlnT Shawville
Mark W, Shawville
Marks Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Marney Patterson Shawville Crusade
Marshall Laughren) Shawville
Marshall Shawville
Marshall Shawville 647-2606 Campbell
Martha Hodgins Shawville Any
Martha Shawville
Martial Shawville Ladies Hospi-the Shawville United Asselin
Martin Black Shawville
Marty Robert
Marvin William SHAWVILLE
Mary 647- Her
Mary 647-5443 MacGREGOR
Mary 819-647-5388
Mary Allen 647-2729.
Mary Ann Evans Cross Shawville
Mary Ann Latreille 647-Scott
Mary Anne Robert James Wood
Mary Armstrong Dies Al Shawville
Mary Dale 647-2734 Donlan - Allen
Mary Elizabeth Irene Agknt Shawville
Mary Hamilton Shawville
Mary Hodgins 647-
Mary Hodgins 647-3419
Mary Labette Vibert Robert Shaun Vibèrt
Mary Manuel 647-2922.
Mary McBane Marries Robert Wilson
Mary Michaud 647-2798.
Mary Ostrom Shawville
Mary Rev Brian Bradiey 647
Mary Robert
Mary Shawville
Mary Shawville Fair
Mary Tudor Quyon Richard Wills Mr Robert Middlemiss
Mary Tudor Robert Wagner
Mary Violet Evans Shawville Council Minutes Mary Violet Evans
Master Gary Harris Shawville
Matt Carmi- X Shawville Packers
Matt Hobbs Shawville
Matt Shawville
Matt Smith V Shawville X
Matthew Carmichael Shawville
Matthew Charters Standard Shawville
Matthew Robert
Matthew Shawville Pontiacs
Matthew Smith Shawville
Maureen 647-5250
Maurice 647-5607 For
Maurice Easi- K 647-2403
Maurice Essiam- Choirat Shawville Standard Church’s Christ
Maurice Essiambre Robert Eiswald
Maurice Esslamhre Robert Eiswald
Maurice Lemay Murray Graham - P.A. System Shawville Saddle
Maurice Picards Garage 647—5420
Maurice Pilotte Shawville Dial
Mavis Thompson Shawville MAPAQ
Max Robert
Maye Shawville
Mayor Albert Shawville Village Inn
Mayor Gibbons 647-3434
Mayor Millinery Opening Shawville
McDoweM Shawville
McGee For Reliable Year-Round Service CHARLES DALE Shawville
McGee Shawville
McKay Shawville
McNally W J Omeara y Ceo Mohr SHAWVILLE.
McNally W J Orneara SHAWVILLE.
McTernie J I Shawville
Me- Shawville
Meet Market Shawville
Meeting B B ? B B B B Shawville Bakery
Meeting Phene Number 647-3212 Ernest Sewell
Meeting Phone Number 647-3282 Ernest Sewell
Meeting Shawville
Meeting Shawville Arena Lobby
Megan Shawville
Mel Currle Shawville
Mel Lang- Shawville
Mel Shawville
Melanie Duchesne 819-647-6318 Andrea Cranneta
Melanie Shawville Choir
Melissa 647-5398
Melvin Bean Shawville
Melvin Beattie 647-5574
Melvin Beattie 647-5574 Violet Colmey
Melvin Robert
Melvin Robert.
Melvin Shawville
Melvin Shawville Boese
Melvin W. Youngc Shawville
Melvin Younge Robert Smart 8
Men’s Ball Tourna Shawville
Mercury Bob Cat Station Shawville
Merritt Shawville
Merry Reardon Robert Ladouceur
Merry Reardon Shawville
Messrs Robert
Messrs Robert Cart
Messrs Robert G. Hod-gins
Messrs Robert G. Hodgins
Messrs Robert Judd
Messrs Robert Pigeon
Messrs Robert Ramil-
Messrs Shawville
Messrs. John Shawville Wed
Mias Helen Mrs. Robert Iah*»
Michael 7807* Eades Shawville
Michael Denault Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Michael Hitz
Michael Hodgins 647-5889
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Beck
Michael Lloyd Fquity Reporter SHAWVILLE
Michael Mansfield Mayor Robert McCrank
Michael R Robert Bean
Michael Ru- K 647-3721
Michael Sul- SHAWVILLE
Michel H Robert
Michel Plante Shawville
Michel Robert 22.5
Michel Vaillancourt V SHAWVILLE
Michelle Tessier Robert Ladouceur
Mick Armltage Tim Keen Robert LeBel Sales
Mickey Shawville
Mike 229-2969 Mark 647-2665 Tim 647-6208 Bryson Sheenboro
Mike 647-6336
Mike 819-647-2659
Mike Dickson Wings Shawville
Mike Hitz
Mike Jeannette Lepine Romain Shawville
Mike Kavanagh Shawville R.A. Halt Saturday
Mike Robert Hits
Mike Shawville
Mike Shawville McPherson
Mildred Shawville
Mildred Thomas Shawville
Milton 647-5633 Harris
Milton Hahn 647-2104
Milton Hodgins Shawville
Milton McGuire Shawville Council
Milton Shawville
Milton Shawville 666-31
Mining Association Young Shawville Rink
Minor Ball Wrap-up Shawville
Minor Hockey Banquet Shawville Tennis Club George Brancato
Minor Hockey Banquets Shawville
Minor Hockey Dunraven Shawville Quyon
Minor Hockey Night Shawville
Minor Hockey OBITUARY Shawville Minor Hockey
Minor Hockey SHAWVILLE
Minor Hockey Shawville Bantams
Minor Hockey Shawville Minor Hockey
Minor Hockey Shâwville Quebec
Minor Shawville
Minor Shawville Midgets
Mis W.C. Stark Shawville
Miss Pearl Bi Shawville
Misses Beryl Shawville Violet
Misstiladys H SHAWVILLE Mr. Geo
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Ml Shawville Quebec
Mmsgat Shawville
Mn Robert Payne
Mobbed LONDON.—Robert
Moderate % Graham 647"3639- Aux Contribuables
Molli Lukacs-Hitz
Mom 647-2268 Shawville
Mom Sr. Shawville
Mom Street Wesley Quyon Shawville
Monday-Saturday Shawville
Monsieur Robert Middle-
Moore M P • Robert Mddleniss
Moore Shawville
Morley Hodgins Inc. Shawville
Morley Hodgins Inc. Shawville Tel
Morriscy’s Liniment Relieves Pain SHAWVILLE
Morrison Shawville
Morrlscy’s Lung Tonic Really Cures SHAWVILLE,SEPT.
Moses Murphy Shawville Bantam All
Moses Shawville
Moyer School Supplies Shawville Milling Co. Geo
Mr Enc Ross 647
Mr J Hitz
Mr K Robert C. Montreuil
Mr R J Cuthbertson Shawville
Mr Shawville
Mr Thomas Shawville
Mr W J Pou-Shawville
Mr# Robert
Mr# Robert Cart
Mr* Robert Action Smiley
Mr. Alexander Robert- Paul
Mr. Bill Cox Shawville
Mr. Fred E. Dagg Shawville United Church
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Henry Wallace N. McCUAIC Shawville
Mr. Irwin Hayes - Shawville
Mr. James R. Dea* Shawville
Mr. James Robert-1 Creudergaet
Mr. Raymond Ti Shawville Council
Mr. Robert K. Coburn
Mr. Robert W. Bruere
Mr. Shawville Dan Johnston
Mr. Shawville Notes Mr.
Mr. Thomas E. Shawville
Mr< Shawville’s
Mrs Harvey Shawville
Mrs Helmut Shawville
Mrs T J Shawville
Mrs Turner Shawville Charter Night
Mrs. Alex Megrath Mrs. Robert Hood
Mrs. Angus Grant Former Shawville Residents
Mrs. Archie Robert
Mrs. Archie Robert- Qjj|fj(
Mrs. Arthur 647-2534 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
Mrs. Beatty Pil- Shawville
Mrs. Benjamin Roy — Shawville
Mrs. Bernard Riviere Shawville
Mrs. Bert Wilson Mr. Robert Findlay
Mrs. Bill 647-3980 Kelly
Mrs. Bill 647-3980 Mayhew
Mrs. Christie 647-2129 G.W. Korpet Kare
Mrs. D J Scuccimara Shawville
Mrs. David Robert-127111
Mrs. Earl 647-3496 Fulford
Mrs. Earl 647-3496 Hanna
Mrs. Earl Find- Shawville
Mrs. Earl Richard Shawville Main Street
Mrs. Everett Laugh-of Shawville
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Shawville
Mrs. H H Em-merson Shawville
Mrs. Hubert 647
Mrs. Hubert 647-5939 Cole
Mrs. Hubert 647-6939 Cole
Mrs. Hubert 647—5939
Mrs. JA Shawville
Mrs. Jack Grant Shawville Recreation Director ReC
Mrs. Larry Robert-Mr.
Mrs. Leonard C ahill Shawville
Mrs. Leonard Grace SHAWVILLE
Mrs. Leslie Atkinson Shawville
Mrs. Lloyd Conol-Shawville
Mrs. Lloyd Telford Shawville Pontiacs Telford - Dagg
Mrs. Lois McCoy Shawville
Mrs. Luther Adler SHAWVILLE’S Complete Eye Service Eye
Mrs. Lyons Lucas Mrs. Melvin Stanley OBITUARIES Ervine Robert Hodgins I
Mrs. Lytll Towsley Robert
Mrs. Martin 647-2454
Mrs. Maurice Lemay Shawville Mr.
Mrs. Melvin And- Robert Vant Hoff
Mrs. Melvin Armstrong Shawville
Mrs. Melvin Wk- Shawville
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville THURSDAY—
Mrs. Peter 647-5614 Palmer
Mrs. R J Thomp- Shawville Blacksmith Passes Al Orangeville Mm M Duf
Mrs. Ray Shawville United
Mrs. Robert
Mrs. Robert 7-2529 7-2*41
Mrs. Robert Armstrong An
Mrs. Robert Ernest Havel
Mrs. Robert F. Dale
Mrs. Robert Ferris
Mrs. Robert Mobile
Mrs. Russell Elliott Shawville
Mrs. Samuel Armstrong Shawville Schools
Mrs. Stewart Mrs. Robert Bronson I
Mrs. Thomas Mac-Eachren Mrs. Robert Laird
Mrs. W Marjorie Shawville Hardware Store Bmamt
Mrs. W. G Joan Caulfield Robert Cummings
Mrs|an<* Mrs Robert Kavelin
Mt P Shawville
Municipalité de Shawville
Murphy Shawville
Murray Bros. Shawville
Murray Bros. Shawville Que
Murray McNeil Bristol John Musgrove Shawville Lions
Murray Ranger Shawville
Murray Shawville Lions Hall
Murray Shawville SHAWVILLE
Murray Shawville—J.
Music Shawville
Music Shop Shawville Milling Kays
Mvrrli W Shawville
Myles Richardson - 647-5512 Campbell Monument
Myles Richardson Jim Ilodgins Robert McCord Doctors
Myrna Campbell Hoggins Shopping Ploio Shawville Campbell
Nancy Bechamp Lyam Robert
Nancy Dayis Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Nancy Elliott Pontiac Journal Rath Ritchies Rusendale Farms Shawville
Nancy Graveline Mansfield-Pontefract Shelley Hedging Shawville Heather Coyne Linda Laüberté Campbel
Nancy Pirie Miss Shawville
Natalie Robert
Natalie Shawville Milling
Natalya Rose Shawville
Nathan Fry Brad Ralph) Penalties Shawville Lewes McGuire
Nathan Hitz
Nathan Shawville
Neil 647-3703 Tel
Neil and Margaret Shawville
Neil Drummond 647
Neil Dunlop 819-647-5550 Wayne Dunlop Ladysmith
Neil Dunlop Shawville
Neil M Sharpe Shawville
Neil McMunn 647-
Neil McMunn Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Neil S 647-38
Neil Sharpe Shawville
Neil Shawville
Neil Telford Shawville
Nell E 647-3316 «the Wndon Victoria Wilson
Nellis Stewart Robert
Nellis Stewart Shawville
Nelson Angus Shawville
Nes-Shawville Boys
News—Shorts—Features E Shawville
Nick 647-5262.
Nick Armi- Shawville
Nick Cregan Shawville
Nick Gallagher Shawville Lions Club
Nick Robert-
Nick Shawville
Nicole Proud Robert Darwin McCredie
Nil Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 Nlltl
No. 2. Quebec Shawville
No. L Shawville Montreal Woman Says Clarendon Woollen Co.
Nola Z 647-2587.
Noon Shawville Square Dancers Joey Vaillancourt Renfrew County Fiddlers Jim Hodgins
Norma Elizabeth Paul Weds Robert William Abercrombie Edwin Pirie
Norma Graham 647-5248
Norma Homer Shawville
Norma Moore Robert Vaughn Recommended As Adult Entertainment Pulpwood
Norma Shawville Fair
Norma Ste- Robert Towell
Norman Horner 647-2353
Norman Meghan 5512 Shawville Lions Hall
Norman Robert-rans
Norman Smith Shawville
Norman Wiggins 647-3543
Norris Horner Shawville Que
Norris Horner Shawville Quo
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec Phone
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec WARNING Phone
Norval Wil-Shawville
Notary Shawville Quebec
Notes Hubert McCauley Jewellers Mrs. Robert Lalonde All Types
Notes Shawville Notes Rev. Father J. L Poupore
Nov. 23,24,25 J 647-2733 « Thurs
Nov. Shawville
Novice B Shawville Blackhawks
Nurseryman Tree Surgeon Shawville
O O Phone 647-2814 Shawville
O Standard Church Shawville Rev.
O # Shawville Or
O 647-2921 Hayes
O O O •V# V 647-6464
Obituary Keith Robert Ireland
Obituary Robert Stephen Trudeau
Odorless Cleaning Shawville
Oefiner Barber 647-5547.
Office 647-2512 Grant Williams Carole Mathews Civil War Plot
Olga Powell’s Auto Service Shawville
Olive Shawville
Om I J SHAWVILLE Shawville
On Prayer Proposed Shawville Pony Club
Onebee Shawville
Ont Shawville
Organ Regular Accordian Rev. Robert Perdval
Osborne Shawville
OSCAR LAFLAMME Wesleyan Parsonage Shawville Que
Outstanding Shawville
Owner Shawville
Owner Shawville Quebec
P B SHAWVILLE-119 Victoria St
P I. Shawville Hardware Miss Jean Kelly
P O TEL. 647-3347 OR
P P H S Yearbook Committee SHAWVILLE
P P. Shawville
P Q Shawville
P Q Shawville Phone
P Ryan 647-
P Ryan 647- Kinsmen Bingo
P T W L Renfrew Stittsville Perth Shawville Carleton Place
P — Shawville Quebec
P. E Tru-I Robert Legault
P. Q Ti]e Shawville Shawnv^le’s
P. Q. Edmund Hodgins Shawville
P. Q. Shawville Tel
P. Ryan 647-2770 28-.32/lb
P. Ryan 647-2770 R.E.
P. Ryan 647-2770 Tickets
P. WILSON Shawville
Pacific L «Shawville
Paddy 647-5987 Pontiac Motel Roos
Paddy Bourgesu Robert Kelly
Paddy O Donnell Royce Richardson Shawville Pontiacs Win First
Page B 5/ Shawville Fair
Painting Shawville
Pakcn- Jr 647-2191
Palmer Shawville
Palmer Shawville
Paperless Shawville
Parliament Faye H. Moore Marries Robert J.
Pastoi Shawville Milkers Separators Cow Bow
Pastor Grant 647-2335 Standing MacDonald Single Road Horse
Pastor Leslie Grant 647
Pastor Shawville
Pastor Shawville White Layer Felt
Pat 647-2507
Pat 9B41XN25 Shawville
Pat O’Malley S. Andrews SHAWVILLE
Pat s Photo John Beattie Shawville
Pat s Photo Shawville
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Pat Schoular Mr. Robert Middlemiss
Pat Schoular Robert
Pat Schoular Shawville
Pat Schoular Shawville Municipality
Pat Schoular Shawville Young
Pat Schoutar Shawville
Pat Shawville s Blake Crozier Dqve
Pat Ta Shawville
Pat Tail Shawville
Patricia 647-3728
Patricia Hobbs Shawville Publishers
Patricia Hodgins Cathy McMunn Rick Russett Robert Sparling Janice Weinman Wendy Healey Leslie Thomp
Patricia Jean to Mr. Clerk Robert Derreugh
Patricia Shawville Fair
Patrick 647-5963 Bruce
Patrick 647-6952
Patrick McDona J Financial Consultant Continuing Education Centre Shawville
Patrick Robert-
Patrick Robert-Meunier
Patrick Shawville
Patrick Shawville Lyse Lacourse
Patrick William Robert born
Patrick- 647-5963 Bruce
Paul 647-3419
Paul 819-647-5574.
Paul and Susan Bisson Robert
Paul Chamberlain West Street Shawville
Paul Chenier Shawville Valu-mart
Paul Heins 647-2080 Eleanor Black
Paul Insurance Ltd. Shawville
Paul Insurance Shawville
Paul INSURANGE Shawville Red Cress
Paul Komm...... SHAWVILLE - Mr. Jim Hodgins
Paul Lan- Shawville
Paul McGee Shawville Water
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville Sha.vville
Paul Mcgee Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
Paul McGee Equity Editor SHAWVILLE RENT
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville
Paul Mcgee Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE -
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville Tm
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Shawville When Tom
Paul McGee Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE-There
Paul McGee Pirn Shawville Equity Reporter Police
Paul McGee Robert MIDDLEMISS
Paul McGee Shawville
Paul McGee Shawville A Shawville
Paul McGee Shawville Equity
Paul McGee Shawville Equity Reporter Talks
Paul McGee Shawville Town Foreman Denzil Yach
Paul McGee_________ Equity Reporter Shawville Ground
Paul Mcgfe Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
Paul Mullen Shawville Tel
Paul Newman 647-3290 Kelly
Paul Newman Robert Wagner Joanne Woodward
Paul Newman Robert Wagner Joanne Woodward Fertilizer
Paul Robert.
Paul s Shawville
Paul s Shawville Rev Rick Marples Sun
Paul s Shawville Rev. Rick Marples Sun
Paul s Shawville Wesley Congregations
Paul Shawville
Paul Shawville 11:00
Paul Shawville 1st
Paul Shawville Curlers Defeated At Ottawa
Paul Shawville Hand
Paul Shawville H» F
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Pa/eh
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Parish
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Presbyterian Rev Gordon H. Fresque
Paul Shawville St George Thorne Centre St Matthew Charter
Paul Thomson Sales Representative SERVING SHAWVILLE
Paul: 647-6473 Kyle Labre
Paul: 647-6473 X
Paula Barber 647-3635.
Paula Hodgins 647-3507 Arena
Paulette Greer Shawville Lions Hall Saturday
Payne Shawville
Payne Shawville Phone
Payne Shawville ULTRA
Pêche Shawville
Peck Shawville
Peck Shawville Omar Shari# Raymond M. Rowat B.A.
Peggy Cruickshank B.C.S.T. Recreation Director 647-3732 L Art MacIntyre
Peggy Cruickshank B.C.S.T. Recreation Director Shawville Town Hall
Peggy Crulckshank B.C.S.T. Recreation Director 647-3732 ?
Peggy Stewart Susan Hayward Robert Mitchum Thursday
Peler G Proubt 647-6562 Pastor Garry Hobbs
Peler G Proutx 647-6562 Pastor Garry Hobbs
Penalties Shawville
Peoples Shawville
Perkins Shawville
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Perry Shawville
Perry Shawville 9.45
Petawawa Muskrat Renfrew Arnpnor Deep River Shawville Pembroke Players D Adams
Pete G PfOui* 647-S562 St Edward Bristol Mmes Easter
Peter 647-5614 647-2913 647-2805 647-2630 647-2538 647-5653 647-2608 647-5711
Peter 647-5614 Nadeau
Peter Bowie 647-2887
Peter Bowman SHAWVILLE
Peter Brown 647
Peter G Proubc 647-6562 GLASS
Peter G Proubc 647-6562 Pastor Garry Hobbs
Peter G Proubt 647-6562 Pastor Garry Hobbs
Peter G Proufx 647-5562
Peter G Proulx 647-6562
Peter G Proulx 647-6748 St Edward
Peter G Prouto 647-6562
Peter G Proutx 647-5562
Peter G Proutx 647-6562
Peter G Proutx 647-6562 Gerry Hotot* 647-2336
Peter G ProuU 647
Peter G Prtxix 647
Peter G. Proud 647-5562
Peter Hartgcrink 647-3950 Stark
Peter Hartgerink 647-3950 Stark
Peter John Mous- Shawville United Church
Peter Nicholas Stepchuk Shawville Chrysler
Peter Pan Shawville
Peter Robert
Peter Shawville
Peter Smith Robert Picard
Peter Ustinov Shawville Main Street
Peter Yates Film ROBERT SHAW
Peters % Susan Hayward Robert Mi
Petro Can Valu-Mart Shawville Goalies Lee Beniot Dan Brum Gilles Mousseau Phil Provencher Mark Bour
Petro Pontiac 819-647-2025 Jerry Barber.
Pharand Serres Amyotte Shawville Ford Smurfit Stone Container Société
Pharmacien Shawville
Philip Hameh Shawville
Philip Shawville
Philip Thompson Phone Shawville 617
Phone 647- al
Phone 647-2146 Goat
Phone 647-2180 Quebec
Phone 647-2260 Campbell
Phone 647-2260 Shaw
Phone 647-2261 Karen M. Bean
Phone 647-2417 X X VZ
Phone 647-2500 Betty .00
Phone 647-2727 Campbell
Phone 647-2727 Campbell
Phone 647-2760 Clifford Olmstead Connelly
Phone 647-2918 Quebec
Phone 647-3231 Grant 492352b*13 Mrs
Phone 647-3334 Boyd Brownlee Shawville
Phone 647-3813 Campbell
Phone 647-3836 King St.
Phone 647-5966 Auctioneer Lloyd Wilson Robert Dodge
Phone 647-7260 Campbell
Phone J 647-2417
Phone Lawrence 647-2919.
Phone Mark 647-5519.
Phone O 647-5413.
Phone Queen Shawville
Phone Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawvitie
Phone Shawville
Phone Shawville J E. Austin
Phone Shawville Joan For Sale
Phone Victoria Avenue Shawville
Phono 647-3334 Boyd Brownlee
Photo Dave Moore Shawville Mayor
Phyllis Hsrbert Auctioneers SHAWVILLE
Phyllis Shawville
Phyllis Shawville,
Pierre 647-
Pierre 647-5128.___________2xd10
Pierre 647-5128.___________2xj14
Pierre 647-5128.____________2xd10
Pierre 647-5128._____________2xd24
Pierre 647-5431
Pierre 647-8601
Pierre Ber- Shawville
Pierre LaSalle SHAWVILLE
Pierre Rev. D N. Bridge Rev. M A. Smith Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples
Pierre Robert
Pierre Shawville
Pierre Shawville Tree Lighting Limited
Pirie Shawville
Pizza 647-5140 or
Pizza Fraser s Clothing Shawville Milling Mickey McGuire Just-In-Time Truck Stop Jim McConnell CBL
Pizza Shawville
Pj Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec Pu
Place Shawville
Plante Shawville
Po Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Po Wilson J MARRIED Main Street Shawville Quebec
Po Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
POLICE........... J L 432-7766 SHAWVILLE
Pontiac H Shawville
Pontiac P 319-647-2204
Portes Pontiac - Pontiac Windows Shawville
Pound Grey Trout Shawville W I Starks
Pound Keepers:- Barry Draper Robert Smart
Powers Automotive WA Hodgms Ltd Shawville Foods Berries Barber Shop
Powles Shawville
Pray Shawville
Prayer Saint Paul s Shawville Wed
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Billy
Preston Hodgins Shawville
Preston Shawville - Store
Princess Shawville
Princess Streets Shawville
Principal Phone 647-2417 K H Box
Principal Shawville
Principal Shawville Schools
Principal SHAWVILLE.
Principal Surgeon Dentist SHAWVILLE
Prop Shawville
Proposed Shawville Farmer
Proprietors Shawville
Pu Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Published al Shawville
Publisher J —t Shawville
P» Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec Phone
P™-Shawville Peewee B
Q. W Delivor Tat 647
Qte Shawville Quebec
Quality Murray Heel Hugger Shoes SHAWVILLE
Que Corrigan 647-3283
Que E Leslie Dale Shawville
Que Monsieur Robert Ladou- Municipalité de Mansfield
Que Shawville
Que Shawville Quebec
Que Shawville Quebec SHAWVILLE
Quebec 647-2526
Quebec 647-3529 X »*•
Quebec J 647-6126 #
Quebec Shawville
Quebec W 647-5248 Born
Quinn Shawville
Quyon 458-2830 Shawville 647-6363 Campbell
Quyon Branch Shawville Phone
Quyon Bryson Shawville
Quyon Shawville
Quyon Shawville Campbell
Quyon Shawville Ottawa
Quyon T V Shawville Electric
Qu» Shawville Quebec
R Marion 647-2121.
R R 2. Shawville
R R 3. Shawville
R T H 647-2204
R. Marion 647-2121 George Irving
R. Marion 647-2128
R. Marion 647-2128.
R. Marion 647.2
R. P. Smith Shawville
R.l Shawville
R.N Shawville
R=.Q Shawville
Radford Shawville
Radford Shawville Lions
Radtord St Raul Shawville St George Thome
Ralph Bretz- Shawville
Ralph McColgan Shawville
Ralph Nathan Fry) Penalties Shawville
Ranch Inn Shawville Community
Randall Beattie Shawville Rev. Daryl MacPherson Shawville Our
Randall The Shawville
Randy 647-58"9.
Randy Beattie Shawville Lions Hall Saturday
Randy Carson 647-31 Shawvllle
Randy Pitt 647-5462 Terry Ramsay Jimmie
Randy Plouffe Shawville
Randy PloufTe Shawville
Randy Roffey Shawville Tel
Randy Shawville
Randy Shawville Belleville
Rater G Piouix 647-5562
Raul Mp Robert Bertrand
Raul Shawville St George Thome
Raul Shawville St Matthew Charter* Iris Smith
Ray Community Centre Shawville
Ray Cousineau Shawville
Ray Hobm’ Shawville
Ray New-Shawville
Ray P Q Bus 647-3737
Ray Ro- Mac MacLean Shawville Quyon Carson’s
Ray Shawville Standard Church
Raymond Flc-Shawville
Raymond Johnston Shawville
Raymond Larivière - Robert Larivière 142
Raymond Larivière Robert Larivière 142
Raymond Larlvière Robert Larlvière 142
Raymond Larlvlère Robert Larlvlère
Raymond Lynch Shawville MIA
Raymond Shawville
Raymond Shea Lee Laframboise Bill McCleary SHAWVILLE/CLARENDON THORNE
Raymond Tub* Shawville
Rchard Gray 647-2555
Rchard Gray 647-2555 O 45
Re 1er G Prouta 647-5562 Si Edwerd Bheioi Mmes
Re Shawville
Rebecca Shawville Salsa
Rebecca Wilson Shawville
Rector St* Paul s Shawville 11.00
References Available Phone Gerry 647-3973 CISC Aik
Registered H SHAWVILLE
Reid Bros Pre-Shawville Fair Supplement Advertising Deadline
Reid Shawville
Remembrance Shawville Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday
René Laporte C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor
Renfrew Tournament Shawville Mosquito All Stars
RENFREW Z Shewville........647-2216 Campbell
Repairs K & L Dairy B s Place Loeb Shawville Shawville Ford Kelly Trucking Valley Mutual
Representative D J Shawville
Reserved Jr 647-5446 Champion
Reuben Harris Shawville
Rev Alistair J Macintosh SHAWVILLE
Rev Ann Durant 647-
Rev Ann Durant 647-3060 Fabruary-July
Rev Ann Durant 647-3960 February
Rev Bill 647-5960
Rev L H Baiiard 647-
Rev L H Ballard 647-
Rev L H Ballard 647-2884
Rev L H Ballard 647-2884 StTtoch
Rev L H Ballard 647-2884 Shawville Rev Richard Gray 647
Rev L H Ballard 647-2884 Summer
Rev L H. Ballard 647-2884 Pastor Dave Hamm
Rev Richard Gray Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Shawville
Rev Stuart Marples - Shawville Wesleyan
Rev. A F Shawville
Rev. B F. Hunt Odorless Cleaning Shawville
Rev. K. G CoOOty Mrs Robert
Rev. Marion Gilmer Shawville
Rev. Maurice R. Vannest Shawville
Rev. R. D. Ellis Shawville Pastoral Charge
Rev. V. O Brien Shawville Rhone
Rev. W H ‘ Krause Shawville
Rev. William SHAWVILLE
Reynolds Shawville Jersey Club
Rhone 647-2958 Mrs. Clifford Horn
Rich- Shawville
Richard 647-3985 ?uon^n.2m°
Richard 647-3985 ’ Tom s Custom Airless
Richard 819-647-3411 Ih
Richard Boone John Weyne Shawville TOGETHER
Richard Burton 647-2611
Richard Glahs 647-3128 DeeDee Lepine
Richard Gray 647
Richard Gray 647-
Richard Gray 647-2555
Richard Gray 647-2555 School
Richard Gray 647-2566
Richard Gray 647-2603 Chnstian Education Hour Morning
Richard Gray 647-2603 Christian Education Hour 9:45
Richard Gray 647-2666
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Tue
Richard Gray 647-2693 Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
Richard Gray 647-2693 SundaySchool Morning Worship Evening Prate# Wed Bible Study Lutheran Rev Fr T
Richard Gray 647-2693 _ Summer Schedub
Richard Gray 647-2893 Christian Education Hour
Richard Greene Shawville
Richard Grey 647-
Richard Henry Thompson SHAWVILLE
Richard J. Me- SHAWVILLE
Richard Le- Robert.
Richard Ledbetter 647-
Richard Ledbetter 647- E
Richard Ledbetter 647- Sicie
Richard Ledbetter 647-3651
Richard Marion 647-2128
Richard Marion 647-2128 1F Musiciens
Richard Marion 647-2128 Multicultural Display - Greek
Richard Mc-| Mrs. Robert Findlay
Richard McCullough Ritchie Shawville Fair Notes Suddenly
Richard Poirier Mr Robert Sabourin
Richard Shawville
Richard Shawville’s
Richard Shoul- Shawville
Richard Todd Notary SHAWVILLE
Richard Varraault 647-2939
Richard Varraault 647-2939 BE*
Richard Varraault 647-2939 Campbell
Richard Varraault 647-2939 Spray Ceilings
Richard Varreault 647-2939 J WILSON
Richard Verreault 647-2939 Loves
Richard WHS Shawville s Betty Telford
Richard Wile Shawville-Clarendon
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Will Shawville
Richard Willi Shawville Chiropractor Dr Ed Chicoine
Richard Willi Shawville Skip Harold Hall
Richard Wills Equality Party Leader Robert Libman
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wills Four Shawville
Richard Wills Miss Shawville Fair
Richard Wills MNA Robert Middlemiss
Richard Wills Mrs Robert Young
Richard Wills Robert Hitz
Richard Wills Robert Lalonde
Richard Wills Robert Libman
Richard Wills Robert Middlemiss
Richard Wills Shawville
Richard Wills Shawville Council
Richard Wills Shawville Firemen
Richard Wills Shawville Rotary
Richard Wills Shawville Town Employees Rick Russett
Richard Wills Shawville-Clarendon
Richardson - Claude Jhon Shawville
Richardson Bros Shawville
Richardson Shawville
Richardson Shawville Fishing
Richardson Shawville Shoe Pontiac/Renfrew Cleaners Murdock Glass
Richardson Shawville Ws SjseN
Rick 647-3293 Little Rock
Rick 647-5348
Rick 647-5452 Theresa Aniskowicz
Rick 819-647-3171
Rick 819-647-5362
Rick A"an 647-
Rick Atwill Shawville
Rick Cummings Shawville
Rick tbsB Valin 647-56 .2bs15
Rick Valin 647-56 Aunt Diane Stewart
Rick Valin de Shawville
Rickey Lee Allen ..647-3293 Johanne Nimchvk 647-2430 Jamie Beimers Janna Cartier.
Ricky 647-2793
Ricky Young Shawville
Rita 647-2593 Tom Friday
Rita Beimers 819-647-5683 Chris Beimers
Rita ÇahiH Robert Chamberlain
Rita Shawville
Rita Shawville United Church
RIV-Robert Dawson
Rob Robert
Rob Shawville
Robbie Shawville
Robert % S<i
Robert A# Large Selection
Robert Café DASH
Robert Elmside View
Robert FASTACTIO 647
Robert Atoms Awards
Robert Best
Robert In
Robert Jr
Robert Local Rand Makes Public Apnearance
Robert M t”
Robert O 1
Robert Salle St-Plerre
Robert Violet
Robert !
Robert "
Robert "Bob Kaffien
Robert "Numi" McCord
Robert $
Robert % H Clever Apprentice Parents
Robert & Al.
Robert & Ann
Robert & Betty
Robert & Collins
Robert & Collins Poche
Robert & Collins Senior
Robert & Doreen Gamble
Robert & Elwood
Robert & Faye
Robert & Gwen
Robert & Karen Ford
Robert & Larry Farms
Robert & Margaret Bretzlaff
Robert & STITWlLL.
Robert & Suzette Pelletier Scholarship
Robert & Wendy 9503XD24
Robert &onson
Robert (Betty
Robert (Bob) Russett Stark
Robert (Carmen Messier
Robert (Carol Pope
Robert (Florence Kramer
Robert (Joan
Robert (Kathleen)
Robert (Marilyn
Robert (Phil Justin Murray
Robert (Renée
Robert ) Campbell
Robert ) Jean Neville Webster
Robert *
Robert * Canada’s River Quebec Action Catholique
Robert * Renie Sparling July
Robert * X Ml
Robert *> Lillis Connoly
Robert *ttA0k
Robert -
Robert - Gr°”S COmmirS
Robert - Memorial
Robert - Passed
Robert - Sincere
Robert - That
Robert -------------------- Angus
Robert ................
Robert .1.
Robert 0. Bhe
Robert 0. Ike
Robert 0. She
Robert 0f Luskville
Robert 1228.80
Robert 16-22 Smith
Robert 1644* Tubmen
Robert 18.20* 19.40*
Robert 1866
Robert 1873
Robert 19,1991.
Robert 1944
Robert 1h Willet
Robert 1ot Montreal
Robert 2. Mrs. Reuben Tubman
Robert 2nd.
Robert 3. Campbell
Robert 3542.
Robert 3rd.
Robert 4 Ella Stewart
Robert 447-8444 Carol
Robert 4th
Robert 514-5950472
Robert 547-5374 Mrs Emmood Ball
Robert 624V JB
Robert 647- 2376
Robert 647- 5446
Robert 647- Bryson Vanier
Robert 647-2892 AAcLarnon
Robert 647-3106
Robert 647-3106 Is
Robert 647-3106.
Robert 647-3164
Robert 647-5374 BLOCKS BOB’S
Robert 647-5446
Robert 647-6001
Robert 647-6374 Basketball
Robert 647-8444 Carol
Robert 648-5525
Robert 6th.
Robert 7-2221 McCredie Ronald
Robert 7-2410 Sparling
Robert 7-2414 Travers
Robert 7-2416 Chamberlain
Robert 7-2440 Met
Robert 7-25321 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2620 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2849 Hayes
Robert 7-2627 Young
Robert 7-2634 Judd
Robert 7-2825 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2964 Henderson
Robert 7-2847
Robert 7-2997 Sparling
Robert 7-3727 7-3824 7-2832 7-2985
Robert 7-3814 Haves Beauty Shop 7-2628 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2904 Hayes
Robert 7-3844 7-2746
Robert 7-3855 7-2621 7-2490 7-2611 7-2433 7-3735 7-2580 7-2986 7-3734 7-2622 7-3843 7-3759 7-3722 7
Robert 7-387o Hayes Beauty Shop McDowell
Robert 8.
Robert 8. Dowd
Robert 8. Lovett
Robert 8. McCormick
Robert 8. McNeil
Robert 8. Smith
Robert 8<>a
Robert 8e«nqt.
Robert 8mart
Robert 8rd
Robert 8t Mill
Robert : Hobbs
Robert < Wibon
Robert >
Robert > Campbell
Robert ?
Robert ?rt0''0(>0
Robert @ Her
Robert A
Robert A .
Robert A .J. Joan E. Orr Listing
Robert A Al.
Robert A Black
Robert A Dale
Robert A Flood
Robert A Fowler
Robert A Fowler Bristol Dear Editor
Robert A Fowler President
Robert A Glenn Coming
Robert A Grant
Robert A Holmes
Robert A Klock
Robert A Kluke Box 355
Robert À LOUER Appartement
Robert A Millikan
Robert A Roes
Robert A Stafford
Robert A Stevenson
Robert A Stewart
Robert A Young
Robert A.
Robert A. Anderson
Robert A. Annett
Robert A. Boyle
Robert A. Brown Chenier Picard
Robert A. Brownlee
Robert A. Campbell
Robert A. Coch-
Robert A. Dale
Robert A. Dale.
Robert A. Foley
Robert A. Fowler Rustic Rhetoric
Robert A. Glenn
Robert A. Grant
Robert A. Hobbs
Robert A. Jamieson
Robert A. Jones
Robert A. Klock
Robert A. Kloek
Robert A. Leitch
Robert A. Mi
Robert A. Millikan
Robert A. Nugent
Robert A. Peck
Robert A. Pilon
Robert A. Pinkerton
Robert A. Ralph
Robert A. Ralph FRANCES
Robert A. Randolph
Robert A. Ryerson
Robert A. Stevenson
Robert A. Thierne
Robert A. Thompson
Robert A. Workman
Robert A. Young
Robert A.....
Robert A...... Dauncy
Robert A..Dale
Robert A> Visites
Robert Aaron
Robert Ab-
Robert Aber-
Robert Abercrombie
Robert Ablctt
Robert Ablett
Robert Ac Sandra Bertrand Bill
Robert Accounts
Robert Achievement Award
Robert Ackland
Robert Action
Robert Acton
Robert Acton MMM
Robert Adair
Robert Adam
Robert Adams
Robert Addiey Dale
Robert Addy
Robert Adeene
Robert Adey
Robert Adjournment
Robert Afelskie
Robert Afelskie Roman Catholic Priest
Robert Affairs Canada Cushions
Robert Africa
Robert After
Robert Agnew
Robert Aguew
Robert Aide Debra Paget Technicolor Adult
Robert Aihn
Robert Aiken
Robert Ainlslip
Robert Airs
Robert Aitkin
Robert Al
Robert Al Tigers
Robert Al-basis
Robert Al-laine
Robert Ala*ftnder
Robert Alberta
Robert Alders
Robert Alec Guineas
Robert Alemany
Robert Alex
Robert Alex Glenn
Robert Alex- Rev.
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander Dupuis
Robert Alexander Glenn
Robert Alexander Hodgins
Robert Alexander Tracy-Alexander - Nancy Tracy
Robert Alexander Waif
Robert Alexander Watson Watt
Robert Alexandre Robert
Robert Alfred Farrell Jr.
Robert Alie
Robert Alillar
Robert All
Robert Allaire
Robert Allan
Robert Allan Black
Robert Allan—I.
Robert Allard
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Black
Robert Allen Sharpe
Robert Allen Sibely’s
Robert Allison
Robert Along
Robert Also
Robert Alt
Robert Alvin Brown
Robert Alwin
Robert Amanda Pembroke
Robert Amberwood
Robert Ambler
Robert Ambrose
Robert Ambush
Robert Amer
Robert Ames
Robert Ami«tn>ng
Robert Amm
Robert Amms
Robert Among
Robert Amyot
Robert Amyotte
Robert Anastas
Robert And
Robert and Alexander Wills
Robert and Becky Lance
Robert and Betty Laporte
Robert and Betty Lou
Robert and Betty Lou Trudeau
Robert and Betty Trudeau
Robert and Betty Wall
Robert and Chris Judd
Robert and Chris MacIntyre
Robert and Clifford
Robert and Connor Patrick Letts
Robert and David
Robert and Farrell
Robert and Faye Howard
Robert and Faye Howard Rev. J.P. Rochefort Messe
Robert and Faye Julie McGuire
Robert and Frederick
Robert and Gerard
Robert and Joan
Robert and Joan Belsher
Robert and John Murray
Robert and Julie
Robert and Julie Bertrand
Robert and Larry Howards
Robert and Margaret
Robert and Mark Ladouceur
Robert and Marshall
Robert and Nancy
Robert and Nancy Bertrand
Robert and Nancy Claire
Robert and Nancy Claire Bhe
Robert and Susan
Robert and Wesley Gordon
Robert and William
Robert and William Alexander
Robert and William Em-merson
Robert and William.
Robert Andean
Robert Ander-
Robert Anderson
Robert Andras
Robert Andras Minister
Robert Andre 648-2141
Robert Andrea
Robert Andres.
Robert Andrew
Robert Andrew 7
Robert Andrew Daley
Robert Andrew Grant
Robert Andrew Grant Fort Cou/onge Period
Robert Andrew Kearney
Robert Andrew.
Robert Andrews
Robert Angers
Robert Angus
Robert Angus Clayton
Robert Angus Clayton Lefrom-
Robert Ann Meredith
Robert Anna Our
Robert Annie Renovations
Robert Anthony Kensley
Robert Anthony Kinsley
Robert Antoine Moreau Ferdinand Phillippe
Robert Apply
Robert Ar
Robert ar.d Wilfred
Robert Arbuthnot
Robert Archambault
Robert Archambault Jean-Eudes Marion
Robert Archambaults
Robert Archambault’s
Robert Archambeault
Robert Archer
Robert Archibald Young
Robert Archum-possihle
Robert Are
Robert Argue
Robert Arm
Robert Arm-
Robert Armed Forces
Robert Armitage
Robert Armitage Included
Robert Armour
Robert Armrtmng
Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong Dale
Robert Armstrong Mri®r‘a8AD» J-M.
Robert Armstrong-Jones
Robert Arnold
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur Osmond
Robert Arthur Webb
Robert Arthurs
Robert Artisans
Robert Assaly
Robert Asselin
Robert At
Robert At Vinton
Robert Atkin-m
Robert Atkins
Robert Atkinson
Robert Atkinson-Harris
Robert Attend
Robert Auatr
Robert Aubrey
Robert Aubry
Robert Augusta Krutz
Robert Aukes
Robert AUlps
Robert Auohmuty
Robert Austen
Robert Austen........... Lloyd Keuhl
Robert Austin
Robert Avis
Robert Aylmer-Hull
Robert B
Robert B Car-
Robert B Carsv
Robert B Carswell
Robert B County
Robert B Horner
Robert B Humphreys
Robert B McClure
Robert B Sheppard
Robert B Sheppard 667
Robert B Sheppard 687
Robert B Thompson
Robert B Yarh
Robert B''ackburn
Robert B. Armstrong
Robert B. Campbell
Robert B. Campbell Président Ken Woods Clarendon
Robert B. Carswell
Robert B. Cotnem
Robert B. Crawford
Robert B. David
Robert B. David - International
Robert B. Davy
Robert B. Harper
Robert B. Hobbs
Robert B. Jacobi
Robert B. Me- Stewart
Robert B. Moorhead 20.00
Robert B. Thompson
Robert B?ck
Robert Baa
Robert Baden Powell
Robert Baden Vowe
Robert Baden-PoweH
Robert Baden-Powell
Robert Baden-Powell Canada
Robert Baden-Powetl
Robert Badeu-Powell
Robert Bailey Thompson
Robert Bain
Robert Baines
Robert Baines Mr. Lyle McConnell
Robert Baird
Robert Baird Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce
Robert Bairp
Robert Baldock
Robert Baldwin
Robert Balharrie
Robert Ball
Robert Ballantyne
Robert Balmer
Robert Bam
Robert Bannatyne Findlay
Robert Baptist Good Books
Robert Bar
Robert Barber
Robert Barefoot
Robert Barker
Robert Barkham
Robert Barlow Deep River FOR
Robert Barm It
Robert Barnard
Robert Barne
Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes Mr
Robert Barnes pass-1 Hallowe
Robert Barnes Sheldon
Robert Barnes • Gibson
Robert Barnet
Robert Barnsley
Robert Barr
Robert Barr Managed
Robert Barrier
Robert Barry
Robert Bart
Robert Bartlett
Robert Barton
Robert Bartow
Robert Bassetts
Robert Bastien
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L îie-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L île-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L île-du-Gr»nd-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L lle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 LÎle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L’île-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien LÎle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien NLÎle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien SL île-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bate-
Robert Bate-summer
Robert Bateman
Robert Bateman .1*°
Robert Bateman 4
Robert Bateman ?1
Robert Bateman Prints
Robert Bateman QUYON.
Robert Bateman Roy’s Sound Centre Li
Robert Bateman Taut
Robert Bateman This
Robert Bateman Winter Vacation
Robert Baudoin
Robert Bauer
Robert Baurefoot
Robert Bax
Robert Bax-
Robert Baxenter
Robert Baxotcr
Robert Bcauprf
Robert Bclsher
Robert Bcr
Robert Bdsher
Robert Be
Robert Be-laire
Robert Beaman
Robert Bean
Robert Beanie
Robert Beard
Robert Beatrice Drummond
Robert Beatty
Robert Beatty Pilgrim
Robert Beatty Terry Moore Cine Technicolor Technicolor VlsUvIaton
Robert Beaty
Robert Beau-grade
Robert Beauchamp
Robert Beauchamp al Eulm<r Belanger’s
Robert Beaudette de Gatineau
Robert Beaudoin
Robert Beaudom
Robert Beaudry
Robert Beaulac
Robert Beaulac.
Robert Beaupartent
Robert Beaupré
Robert Beauregard
Robert Bechamp
Robert Bechomp Card
Robert Bechtold
Robert Beck
Robert Beckett
Robert Bedard
Robert Bedford
Robert Bedford Color Jane Fonda
Robert Bee
Robert Beeler
Robert Beggs
Robert Begley
Robert Behoraburg
Robert Beitb
Robert Beith
Robert Belabor
Robert Bélair
Robert Belanger
Robert Belanger Jack
Robert Bélanger O Dwyer
Robert Belanger Tel
Robert Belcher
Robert Belec
Robert Beliher
Robert Belisle
Robert Bell
Robert Bellamy
Robert Belland
Robert Belland Ron Lafleur Christian Despres Int
Robert Bellanj
Robert Bellanv
Robert Bellany
Robert Belleau
Robert Bellec
Robert Belley
Robert Bellinger
Robert Bellsle
Robert Belsh- Tyler
Robert Belsher
Robert Belsher Bonnie Wilfred
Robert Belsher Quyon
Robert Belsher Service
Robert Belsher Township
Robert Bemdt
Robert Benchley
Robert Bender
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett - Verna Smiley
Robert Bennie
Robert Benoit
Robert Ber
Robert Ber-
Robert Ber- Bay
Robert Ber- Marais
Robert Ber- Shawville Council
Robert Ber-Bristol
Robert Ber-for
Robert Ber-I
Robert Ber-whose
Robert Bergeron
Robert Bert
Robert Bert St-Camille
Robert Bert-
Robert Bertand
Robert Bertarand
Robert BerThe
Robert Bertr-
Robert Bertr- Graveline
Robert Bertrand
Robert Bertrand 12.50
Robert Bertrand 683-3002
Robert Bertrand C.P.
Robert Bertrand Canada
Robert Bertrand de Fort Coulonge
Robert Bertrand Denis Courtcmanche
Robert Bertrand Federal MP
Robert Bertrand Fort Coulonge
Robert Bertrand M.P.
Robert Bertrand M.R Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
Robert Bertrand Member
Robert Bertrand Michael Laporte
Robert Bertrand Middlemiss
Robert Bertrand MP
Robert Bertrand MR
Robert Bertrand Nov. I.
Robert Bertrand Rosalie Boucher René Boudreau Rémi Fortin François Gravel William J. Hendry Judith
Robert Bertrand Saturday
Robert Bertrand Secrétaire Z Secretary
Robert Bertrand They
Robert Bertrand Topics
Robert Bertrand W
Robert Bertrand/Mr.
Robert Bertrand’s
Robert Berube
Robert Berube Saturday
Robert Betrand
Robert BeU
Robert Beulne
Robert Bevond
Robert BflcTiernan
Robert Bhatia
Robert Bhc
Robert Bhc Naney Bhe
Robert Bhe
Robert Bi-_
Robert Biaskie
Robert Bibert
Robert Bickerdike
Robert Bickert
Robert Biekerdrke
Robert Bigras
Robert Billings
Robert Bilodeau
Robert Binder
Robert Binder FRANÇOISE.
Robert Birmingham
Robert Birthday
Robert Bisaillon
Robert Bissett
Robert Bisson-nettc
Robert Biuee Scholarship
Robert Black
Robert Black Diamond
Robert Black- City
Robert Black-dash
Robert Blackburn
Robert Blackie
Robert Blackler
Robert Blackwell
Robert Blair
Robert Blair Ireland Kaelen Robert Blair
Robert Blais
Robert Blais Inégal Prov.
Robert Blais MUST
Robert Blais Store
Robert Blake
Robert Blakely
Robert Blanche Hodgms
Robert Blaskie
Robert Blatch
Robert Blatchford
Robert Blonaon
Robert Blondin
Robert Blooi
Robert Bloom
Robert BLPierre
Robert Blyth
Robert Bmar
Robert Bnscbois
Robert Bnsebois
Robert Bo
Robert Bob Nolan
Robert Bob s
Robert Bob s Restaurant
Robert Bob s Restaurant Canada Manpower Carol
Robert Bob s Restaurent
Robert Bobbins
Robert Bobby BretzlafT
Robert Bob’s Restaurent
Robert Boded
Robert Boden
Robert Boirassa
Robert Boisclair
Robert Boisvert
Robert Boixlen
Robert Bol-
Robert Bolam
Robert Boland
Robert Bolden
Robert Bond
Robert Bonnais
Robert Bonner
Robert Bonneville
Robert Bontino Cunninghame
Robert Bonus TO
Robert Boody Cover-ley
Robert Booth
Robert Boothby
Robert Boothhv Ù
Robert Bor-1 Scotland
Robert Bor-len
Robert Borclon
Robert Bordai
Robert Borden
Robert Borden Abovo
Robert Borden Hobbs
Robert Borden Impressed
Robert Borden Jr.
Robert Borden Steele
Robert Borden There
Robert Borden*
Robert Bordens
Robert Borden’s
Robert Borden’s Visit
Robert Border
Robert Bordon
Robert Born
Robert Born Beulah May Ste-
Robert Borne
Robert Borneo
Robert Bosch
Robert Boston
Robert Bothwell
Robert Bottle
Robert Bou- Mrs
Robert Bouchard
Robert Boucher
Robert Boudrea
Robert Boudreau
Robert Boudreauy
Robert Bour-tion
Robert Bouraaaa
Robert Bouras-
Robert Bouras-sa
Robert Bourasa
Robert Bourasaa
Robert Bourassa
Robert Bourassa 0f
Robert Bourassa Although Municipality
Robert Bourassa Benefit Dance
Robert Bourassa IMPORTANT
Robert Bourassa Island
Robert Bourassa Jean Guy Larivière LIBERAL
Robert Bourassa MacKILUCAN
Robert Bourassa National Assembly Quebec City
Robert Bourassa Premier
Robert Bourassa This
Robert Bourassa-Premier
Robert Bourassa’s
Robert Bourasse
Robert Bourasso
Robert Bourgeau
Robert Bourget
Robert Bourget Sbawville
Robert Bourrassa
Robert Boursassa
Robert Bourse»
Robert Bousquet
Robert Bout
Robert Bout- SATURDAY
Robert Bowcrin
Robert Bowen
Robert Bowen No
Robert Bowen P.
Robert Bower
Robert Bower Camp Pet_
Robert Bowerin
Robert Bowes
Robert Bowie
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyles
Robert Br.dgfs
Robert Brad Steege
Robert Brad-
Robert Bradbury
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradshaw
Robert Brady
Robert Branchaud
Robert Brandon
Robert Brawn
Robert Brazeau
Robert Brct/lafl
Robert Brctzlaff
Robert Bread
Robert Breboeuf
Robert Brennan
Robert Brent
Robert Brent.
Robert Brenton
Robert Breton
Robert Bretzlaff
Robert Bretzlaff Distinction
Robert Bretzlaff Grar*
Robert Brewer
Robert Brewster Beattie
Robert Brhault
Robert Bri
Robert Bri- Bovington
Robert Brian
Robert Brian’s
Robert Bridge*
Robert Bridges
Robert Brien
Robert Bright
Robert Briscbois
Robert Brisebois
Robert Brisebois Laura Romain
Robert Brisebois LITCHFIELD
Robert Brisebois Seat
Robert Bristol
Robert Brnoe
Robert Bro
Robert Bro-
Robert Brodeau
Robert Brodeur
Robert Bromley
Robert Bron Louis Beaut
Robert Bron- McCleary Fred Dagg Ster-
Robert Bronse
Robert Bronson
Robert Bronson Beech Grove Que
Robert Bronson Carried
Robert Bronson Fire Chief
Robert Bronson FOOD
Robert Bronson To
Robert Bronson’s Beech Grove
Robert Bronsorr
Robert Broo-ton
Robert Brooke-Popham
Robert Broom
Robert Broomstick
Robert Broughton
Robert Brouse
Robert Brouse He
Robert Brow
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Moore* Aylmer
Robert Browne
Robert Browning
Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett
Robert Browning V* Q.
Robert Browning With Elizabeth Barrett
Robert Browning.
Robert Browning?
Robert Browning’s
Robert Brownlee
Robert Brownlee CANADIAN
Robert Browse
Robert Bru-tage Sunset
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce -
Robert Bruce Ch
Robert Bruce Stead She
Robert Bruce Waugh
Robert Bruce.
Robert Brunet
Robert Bryan
Robert Bryant
Robert Bryden
Robert Brydgea
Robert Bryon
Robert Bryson
Robert Bryson House
Robert BtgM
Robert Buch
Robert Buchanan
Robert Bucnanan
Robert Bud Hudder-
Robert Buhner
Robert Bui-
Robert Bui- Beattie
Robert Bulldozing
Robert Bullock
Robert Bulmei
Robert Bulmer
Robert Bulmer Blakley Cruickshanks
Robert Bums
Robert Bums Wilson
Robert Bunsen
Robert Bur He
Robert Burden
Robert Burge
Robert Burgees
Robert Burgess
Robert Buried Monday At Age
Robert Burke
Robert Burking Ontario
Robert Burnie
Robert Burns
Robert Burns Hutchinson
Robert Burns R.N.
Robert Burns—why
Robert Burnt
Robert Burn»
Robert Burroughs
Robert Burrow Welt Also Uths
Robert Burrow#
Robert Burrows
Robert Bursaries
Robert Burton
Robert Bus-siere
Robert Business Direction
Robert Bussell
Robert Bussicre
Robert Bussiène
Robert Bussiere
Robert Bussiere 36.40
Robert Bussière MoP
Robert Bussières
Robert Butler
Robert Butler Butler - Cohen Robert
Robert Butt
Robert Button
Robert Bvni^
Robert By
Robert Byers
Robert Byron
Robert B»
Robert B»*
Robert C
Robert C artman
Robert C Bertrand Secretary
Robert C Carswell Shawville
Robert C Coates
Robert C Ct
Robert C Henderson Now
Robert C Holt
Robert C iuf>
Robert C Lucas
Robert C M Pelletier
Robert C Pelletier
Robert C Pierce
Robert C Robitaille
Robert C Thompson
Robert C Trudeau
Robert C Trudeau Honda
Robert C Trudeau SHAWVILLE
Robert C Trudw
Robert C& Widdicombe
Robert C&rtman
Robert C-L.S.C.
Robert C.
Robert C. Adams
Robert C. Bertrand
Robert C. Carswell
Robert C. Carswell Shawville
Robert C. Fortier Renfrew St.
Robert C. Gordon
Robert C. Graham
Robert C. Griffeiv
Robert C. Hardin
Robert C. Holt
Robert C. Lovering
Robert C. McGihbon
Robert C. Riley
Robert C. Robit-
Robert C. Rutherford Commissaires MONUMENTS GEO.
Robert C. Rutherford Commissioners
Robert C. Thompson
Robert C. Tmderni
Robert C. Tmdesu
Robert C. Trudaiu For
Robert C. Trudeai
Robert C. Trudeau
Robert C. Trudeau _
Robert C. Trudeau Order
Robert C. Trudeau _
Robert C. Trudeau __
Robert C. Trudeau C
Robert C. Trudeau Canadian Tire Shawville Gestion Michel Seguin 647-2733 Sealtest Distributor Shawv
Robert C. Trudeau Chichester Council
Robert C. Trudeau CODE Self-ttrffcvncy
Robert C. Trudeau Finnigan
Robert C. Trudeau Hwy
Robert C. Trudeau Î
Robert C. Trudeau I• PAINT
Robert C. Trudeau Jf*
Robert C. Trudeau Moved
Robert C. Trudeau PAINT
Robert C. Trudeau RADEY
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVILLE
Robert C. Trudeau Shawville Auto Service Main Street
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVILLE Québec
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVIUE
Robert C. Trudeau Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE
Robert C. Trudeau _
Robert C. Trudeeu
Robert C. Trudeiu
Robert C. Trudesu Teachers
Robert C. Trudew
Robert C. TrudMu
Robert C. Truoeau
Robert C. Trvdaav
Robert C. Trvdesu SHAWVItLE
Robert C. Vemer
Robert C. Verner
Robert C. Wilson
Robert C.Trudw
Robert Ca
Robert Cage Lincoln
Robert Cahill
Robert Cairo
Robert Cal- Mrs Lindsay Eckford
Robert Cald-ln
Robert Caldcr
Robert Calder
Robert Caldwell
Robert Caldwell Miller
Robert Caldwell Shawville Saturday
Robert Cale 648-5645 Morley Hodgins
Robert Cale 648-5645 Rue Front Street
Robert Calhoun
Robert Callus
Robert Calumet
Robert Calvert
Robert Calvert Debbie Emmerson
Robert Calvert Young
Robert Cambpell
Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron "
Robert Cameron 3. Grade
Robert Cameron Dies
Robert Cameron to
Robert Cameron.
Robert Camp
Robert Camp Clarendon Fire Depart-
Robert Camp Kearnan
Robert Camp-
Robert Camp- Black
Robert Camp- Corriveau
Robert Camp- Leslie
Robert Camp- Moved
Robert Camp- Russell
Robert Camp- Secondly
Robert Camp- Sylvia Hodgins
Robert Camp- Village
Robert Camp-,
Robert Camp-council
Robert Camp-from
Robert Camp-Gauthier
Robert Camp-language
Robert Camp-mals
Robert Camp-Murray
Robert Camp-pality
Robert Camp-representing
Robert Camp-seconded
Robert Camp-sentative
Robert Camp-tion
Robert Camp-years
Robert Camp> Servitude
Robert Campa
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell 1
Robert Campbell Adjournment
Robert Campbell Bob Smith
Robert Campbell Elections
Robert Campbell Fire Insurance Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell Lawrence Degg Charles McDowell Garnet Or Lawrence Rooney LET
Robert Campbell Motion Crs Dagg
Robert Campbell Oui
Robert Campbell Passes Rev.
Robert Campbell Property
Robert Campbell Recent
Robert Campbell René Latreille
Robert Campbell Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell Robitaille
Robert Campbell San
Robert Campbell Services
Robert Campbell T
Robert Campbell Tc
Robert Campbell Thompson
Robert Campbell Weldon Hobbe
Robert Campbell,
Robert CampbeU
Robert CampbeU.
Robert Campeatl Cyril Gilpin
Robert Campeau
Robert Camped
Robert Camphor
Robert Camping
Robert Camplani
Robert Camplxdl
Robert Campons
Robert CampU*>J
Robert CamP«»u
Robert Camp—
Robert Camp™
Robert Can
Robert CanadS Chapeau
Robert Cane
Robert Cantman
Robert Canuroa
Robert Canwell
Robert Car
Robert Car-
Robert Car-man
Robert Carbone
Robert Carie
Robert Carie 648-5645 Rue Front Street
Robert Carisse
Robert Carl
Robert Carl "Moose
Robert Carl Bretzlaff
Robert Carl Fumerton
Robert Carl Mc-
Robert Carl Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Carl ‘Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Carle
Robert Carle 648-5645 Rue Front Street
Robert Carle June
Robert Carleen Nelson
Robert Carman Ireland
Robert Carmen Ireland
Robert Carmichael
Robert Carol s Hairdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing 647-2S30 Cosmorema Realties Degg
Robert Carol s Heirdressing Cosmorema
Robert Caroming
Robert Caron
Robert Carp
Robert Carr
Robert Carran
Robert Carried
Robert Carrière
Robert Carrière R. Fillon
Robert Carroll
Robert Carrom
Robert Cars
Robert Cars Tracey
Robert Cars#
Robert Carson
Robert Carson DelI
Robert Carss
Robert CarsweH
Robert CarsweiJ
Robert Carswell
Robert Carswell Shawville
Robert Carswell Anita Mrs Garry Romain
Robert Carswell Bryson Campbell
Robert Carswell Bryson Campbell’s Bay
Robert Carswell Jr.
Robert Carswell Motion Crs
Robert Carswell Mrs. Robert Carswell
Robert Carswell River Street
Robert Carswell Suffers Severe Injuries
Robert Carswell*
Robert Carswell- Mrs Moira MacDonnell
Robert Carswell’s
Robert CarsweO
Robert Cart
Robert Cart-
Robert Cart- 7.30 p.m Karen Booth Randolph Scott Reports
Robert Cart-1
Robert Cart-man
Robert Cart-Mrs
Robert Cart-son
Robert Cart-strong
Robert Cart-teson
Robert Carter
Robert Carter Trophy
Robert Cartier
Robert Cartinan
Robert Cartingn
Robert Cartman
Robert Cartman Afternoon
Robert Cartman Child
Robert Cartman Crystal Stone
Robert Cartman Handicraft
Robert Cartman House
Robert Cartman ÏÏ&Wê
Robert Cartman Miss Phillis Smart
Robert Cartman Moyer School Supplies Pontiac Farm Equipment
Robert Cartman’s
Robert Cartmap
Robert Cartmar
Robert Cartn
Robert Cartnian
Robert Cartweli
Robert Carver
Robert Carvwell
Robert Casey
Robert Casselman
Robert Cassidy
Robert Castleton
Robert Cat
Robert Catsicks
Robert Cavelier
Robert Caverly
Robert Cawood
Robert Cebum
Robert Cechsli
Robert Cecil
Robert Cecil Lord Salis
Robert Cecil Vibert
Robert Cedric Elliott Shaw
Robert Centre
Robert Century
Robert Cermac
Robert Cftarette
Robert Ch
Robert Chaf- Lynn
Robert Chalifoux
Robert Cham-
Robert Chamber-
Robert Chamber- Dr
Robert Chamberlain
Robert Chamberlain.
Robert Chamberlains
Robert Chamberlin
Robert Chambers
Robert Champagne
Robert Champion Hereford
Robert Champlain
Robert Chanler
Robert Chanter
Robert Chapeau
Robert Chapman
Robert Chaput
Robert Char-
Robert Char- Lepine
Robert Charbonneau
Robert Charctte
Robert Charene CaTtetho
Robert Chares
Robert Charetie
Robert Charetle
Robert Charetle Returning
Robert Charette
Robert Charette -163
Robert Charette 0/1/s2a Secrétaire-Trésorier
Robert Charette 8595
Robert Charette Alice Pieschke Présidente
Robert Charette And
Robert Charette Au*
Robert Charette CASH CASH CASH.
Robert Charette Cathy Larue Shawville
Robert Charette Charctte
Robert Charette CLOSING Beaudoin
Robert Charette Conseiller Siège 2 Karen Daly Kelly Conseiller
Robert Charette CONVOCATION
Robert Charette Corporation Municipale
Robert CHARETTE Councillor
Robert Charette Councillor Seat 2 Karen Daly Kelly Councillor
Robert Charette Date
Robert Charette DEATH NOTICE Bérubé
Robert Charette Denise Dowe
Robert Charette Election
Robert Charette FFF DS
Robert Charette Joanne
Robert Charette Keith Emmerson
Robert Charette Le Président
Robert Charette Lillian Zimmerling Pasch
Robert Charette Litchfield
Robert Charette Mayor Gary Horigins L I R.R.
Robert Charette M«Ieleiy Oray«l
Robert Charette Préaident
Robert Charette Président
Robert Charette Pretoria
Robert Charette Returning Officer.
Robert Charette Saturday
Robert Charette Sec.-trésorier Sec.-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secréta
Robert Charette Secrétaire
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier Secretary-Treasurer Everything From RVs
Robert Charette Secretary
Robert Charette Secretary Treasurer Ladysmith
Robert Charette Secretary-
Robert Charette Secretary- Treasurer
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer 20n29 Hay
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer Ladysmith
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer L’environnement
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer NOW
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer NURSES St-Joseph
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer REQUIREMENTS
Robert Charette Sunday Rest
Robert Charette Woods
Robert Charette’s
Robert Charge: Murray
Robert CharI
Robert Chari1 HJHIHillHH
Robert Charlebois For All
Robert Charles
Robert Charles Bourget
Robert Charles Company
Robert Charles Harris
Robert Charles Lucas
Robert Charles Lucas OBITUARY Earl Denzil Young
Robert Charles Mayhew
Robert Charles Russett
Robert Charles Walsh
Robert Charlton
Robert Charrette
Robert Chart
Robert Chart-rand
Robert Chartrand
Robert Chartrand 689-2219
Robert Chartrand Hull 3
Robert Chassie
Robert Chaste
Robert Chénéville
Robert Chenier
Robert Cherry
Robert Chev Shawville
Robert Chevner
Robert Chevrier
Robert Chevrier Fort Coulonge
Robert Chichester
Robert Chicorianc
Robert Childs
Robert Chkoine
Robert Choquette
Robert Choui-
Robert Chouinard
Robert Christie
Robert Chsrette Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Church
Robert Church 8
Robert Ci
Robert Ci Wilson
Robert Ciiawporu
Robert Cimpbell
Robert Ciordon
Robert Ckrtman
Robert Clarence Cuthbertson 647- Smith
Robert Clarendon Council
Robert Clark
Robert Clark Arianne Arden I White Enamel
Robert Clark Auctioneers James
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarot Ja
Robert Clary Eartha Kitts
Robert Classified
Robert Claude Campbell
Robert Claudette Dagenais
Robert Clavynger
Robert Clayton Carswell
Robert Clayton Young Grade VIII Dawn Alexander
Robert Clayton-East-Clayton
Robert Cleall
Robert Cleghorn
Robert Clerk
Robert Cleroux
Robert Cliff Hobbs
Robert Clifford
Robert Clinton Sparling
Robert Clive
Robert Clnff
Robert Clouthier
Robert Cloutier
Robert Clr Yvon Ladouceur
Robert CLSC.
Robert Clubb
Robert Cluff
Robert Çluff Glass Sealer Tops Rubber Rings Zinc Sealer Rings Memba
Robert Clune
Robert Clutf
Robert CLUU1.
Robert Clydcs-and Mr. William Mrs Jch
Robert Cmieron
Robert Cmipbeü
Robert Cn.ghton
Robert Cnarefte Horner
Robert Cnrtman
Robert Cnthbcrt-soii
Robert COAST
Robert Coates
Robert Cobden
Robert Cochrane
Robert Cocil
Robert Code
Robert Coiton
Robert Col- Twe Sho
Robert Cold
Robert Cole
Robert Coleman Holt
Robert Colgate
Robert Colie
Robert Coll
Robert Collard
Robert College
Robert Collier
Robert Collin
Robert Collins
Robert Collins Pontiac Station
Robert Colly
Robert Collycr
Robert Colombe
Robert Colombo
Robert Colton
Robert Colton John Connelly
Robert Colton Sr
Robert Com-been
Robert Comiean
Robert Comm
Robert Community Campbell
Robert Community Centre Hall
Robert Compbvll
Robert Comptons Utter
Robert Con
Robert conc;rning Abandoned
Robert Concéderant
Robert Confusion
Robert Congratulations
Robert Conley
Robert Conn
Robert Conn Mosseau
Robert Connell
Robert Connelly
Robert Connolly
Robert Considerable
Robert Construction Salon Larivtère
Robert Contact Mrs D Ostrom
Robert Continued
Robert convalescence Maynard
Robert Cook
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper Company
Robert Coote
Robert Cor
Robert Coran
Robert Corbett
Robert Cord
Robert Cordon Jr.
Robert Corel
Robert Cormier
Robert Cormla
Robert Corner
Robert Cornett
Robert Cornwall
Robert Coron
Robert Corral
Robert Corran
Robert Correspondence
Robert Corri-
Robert Corri-gal
Robert Corridor -
Robert Corrigan
Robert Corrigan Passe*
Robert Corrigan.
Robert Corrivcau
Robert Costello
Robert Cot
Robert Cot-nem
Robert Cote
Robert Cotie
Robert Cotnaro
Robert Cotton
Robert Cou
Robert Cou-
Robert Coughlan
Robert Couil-
Robert Couillard
Robert Coulombc
Robert Coulombe
Robert Coulombs
Robert Coulonge
Robert Coulonge Debating Club
Robert Coulonge First
Robert Coulure
Robert Council
Robert Councillor Murray Campbell
Robert Councillors Dde
Robert Couper
Robert Courcy
Robert Coursey
Robert Cousineau
Robert Couture
Robert Cow-War
Robert Cowley
Robert Cowley Bristol Council
Robert Cox
Robert Coxferd
Robert Coxford
Robert Coyle
Robert Craig
Robert Craig Matthew Ryan
Robert Craig North Gower
Robert Craig.................. J. Miller
Robert Craigie’s
Robert Craik
Robert Crain
Robert Cralgie
Robert Cranston
Robert Craves
Robert Craw
Robert Craw Bay
Robert Craw-dents
Robert Craw-Romain Melvin Brown
Robert Craw-year
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford 130.00 Hydro Quebec
Robert Crawford Charlie Moore
Robert Crawford Line
Robert Crawford Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford Up
Robert Crawfords
Robert Crawford’s
Robert Creighton
Robert Crichton
Robert Crichton-land
Robert Croft
Robert Cronier
Robert Cronin
Robert Crow
Robert CRSO
Robert Cruise
Robert Crusoe
Robert Csrtman
Robert Ctrswell
Robert Ctulf Music
Robert Ctwetie Forever
Robert Cuddihey
Robert Culp
Robert Culp QUICK
Robert Culvei
Robert Cumming
Robert Cummings Grace Kelly
Robert Cummings OÊÊÊ
Robert Cummings Show
Robert Cummings Show Jane Wyman
Robert Cun-dels
Robert Cundell
Robert Cunningham
Robert CUntiri
Robert Cur-
Robert Curtis MacKecknie
Robert Curtman Mr% Mahlon Hayes
Robert Cushman
Robert Cushman Murphy
Robert Cutbbertson
Robert Cuth-
Robert Cuthbert-who
Robert Cuthbertaon
Robert Cuthberteon
Robert Cuthbertson
Robert Cuthbertson Gordon
Robert Cvthbertaon
Robert Cybulski
Robert Cybulskl
Robert Cyril
Robert Cyrus
Robert C«melon
Robert C«mpbell
Robert C»m
Robert D
Robert D Aoust
Robert D Bhe
Robert D Bhe Fort Coulonge
Robert D Matheson Aylmer
Robert d Mrs. Per
Robert d Or Luskville
Robert D Pelton
Robert D''-ugal
Robert D.
Robert D. Adams
Robert D. Bbe
Robert D. Beckett
Robert D. Bha
Robert D. Bhe
Robert D. Bh«
Robert D. Bh®
Robert D. Eke
Robert D. Hie
Robert D. Horner
Robert D. Ibe
Robert D. Ihe
Robert D. Ike
Robert D. Kdey
Robert D. Little
Robert D. Luncheon Cloth Young
Robert D. Matheson X
Robert D. McCiedie
Robert D. Rooney
Robert D. San
Robert D. She
Robert D. Steele
Robert D.V.M.
Robert Da
Robert Da-
Robert Dacg
Robert Dad-son
Robert Dadson
Robert Dag#
Robert Dagcnais
Robert Dage-
Robert Dageims
Robert Dagenais
Robert Dagg
Robert Dagg Esq
Robert Dago B.
Robert Dago Funeral Directors
Robert Dai''g
Robert Dai.lv King Street
Robert Dal-Ebert
Robert Dale
Robert Dale #
Robert Dale (Powell
Robert Dale 3rd Third Class
Robert Dale and
Robert Dale Hans Hemkin
Robert Dale Linklater
Robert Dale)
Robert Dale,
Robert Dale.
Robert Daley
Robert Dalton
Robert Dalton Elliott
Robert Dalton Russell
Robert Daly
Robert Damant
Robert Damas Bertrand
Robert Dament
Robert Dan Dolan
Robert Daniel Howard
Robert Danis
Robert Darcy 1913-16
Robert Darling
Robert Darling K Music
Robert Darrell
Robert Darwin
Robert Darwin McCredie
Robert Dastous
Robert Dastrous
Robert Daudelin
Robert Daugherty
Robert Dave Get
Robert Davi* Arm
Robert David
Robert David Alexander
Robert David Irwin
Robert David uf Norway Hay
Robert David.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson McArthur
Robert Davies
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Amrtrong
Robert Davis Armstrong
Robert Davis Armstrong G.
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson Monday
Robert Day
Robert Days
Robert Day—placed
Robert Dcnault
Robert Dcvirt
Robert de
Robert de Cotret
Robert de Damp-ierre
Robert de Lotbinere Harwood
Robert de Mont Guerin
Robert de Nero
Robert De Niro
Robert de Quebec
Robert De-nault
Robert De.
Robert Dean
Robert Dean Keiwan
Robert Dean.
Robert Dear
Robert Death
Robert Deaths
Robert DeBaker
Robert Decary
Robert December
Robert Defrasnes
Robert DeJohn
Robert Del.bey
Robert Delahey
Robert Delano
Robert Dele
Robert Demers
Robert Demeter
Robert Demlro Casey’s Shadow Welter
Robert Den-
Robert Denault
Robert Denault Jr.
Robert Denault’s
Robert Deneault
Robert Denels
Robert DeNiro 7:00
Robert Denise Dowe
Robert Denman
Robert Dent
Robert Dépatie
Robert Derment
Robert Derwent
Robert Derwent She
Robert Dery
Robert Desabrais
Robert Desabrais Çdward McCqlagan
Robert Desabrais Dies
Robert Desjardins
Robert Deslaurier
Robert Desloges
Robert Despres
Robert Desrochers
Robert Dev.tl
Robert Dêvideon
Robert Devitt
Robert Dey
Robert Dick
Robert Dick 613-649-2252
Robert Dick 613-649-2252 REVENUS
Robert Dick 613-649-2252_________ WALLY BARBER RCL Branch
Robert Dick 7TH
Robert Dick at
Robert Dick Douglas
Robert Dick J.D.
Robert Dick R0P Bull Test Station Douglas
Robert Dick- Skeene
Robert Dickson
Robert Dickson United Church
Robert Die
Robert Dillon
Robert Dinel
Robert Dinsmore
Robert Division
Robert Dncg
Robert Dobie
Robert Dobson
Robert Doch--erty
Robert Dodd
Robert Dodge 657-3285
Robert Dodge Gordon
Robert Dodge Gordon Dodge SAVE
Robert Dods
Robert Dogenois Dagcnais
Robert Doherty
Robert Dohme
Robert Dollar
Robert Dollar Lumbered
Robert Dollar V Steamship Lines
Robert Donald
Robert Donald Steele
Robert Donaldson
Robert Donat
Robert Donell
Robert Donnell
Robert Dons Id
Robert Dorion
Robert Dotey
Robert Double
Robert Dougaj Splaine Passes Al Smith Falls
Robert Dougherty
Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas Fisher
Robert Douglas Paul
Robert Douglas"
Robert Dove
Robert Dow
Robert Dowd
Robert Dowe
Robert Dowe 702
Robert Downe
Robert Downie
Robert Doyle Shawville 7
Robert Dr.
Robert Dr. Earl
Robert Drapeau
Robert Draper
Robert Dru''g
Robert Drum
Robert Drum-
Robert Drum- Pontiac Pride Jamboree
Robert Drummond
Robert Drummond POPSICLES
Robert Drummond Shawville
Robert Dtgg
Robert Dube
Robert Dubeau
Robert Dubois
Robert Ducoumeau
Robert Dudley
Robert Due
Robert Duff
Robert Duggan
Robert Dumand William Makepeace Thackeray
Robert Dumouchel
Robert Dumoulin
Robert Dun-
Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan Adams
Robert Duncan) Ottawa
Robert Dunlop
Robert Dunn
Robert Dunn Father Bridge
Robert Dunu
Robert Dupont
Robert Dupuis
Robert Dupuis J François Woods
Robert Duquette
Robert Dur
Robert Durant
Robert Durum
Robert Dutil
Robert D’ck
Robert E
Robert E Hogarth
Robert E Lee
Robert E Miller
Robert E Peary
Robert E Semple
Robert E Slack
Robert E Webster
Robert E''stnere
Robert E.
Robert E. .•v
Robert E. Armstrong
Robert E. Branch
Robert E. Cornish
Robert E. Draper
Robert E. Havelin
Robert E. Hodgins
Robert E. J. Miles
Robert E. Key
Robert E. Key Mlnard’s Liniment
Robert E. Larmour
Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Leo
Robert E. Odium
Robert E. Peary
Robert E.....
Robert E........ Hivüan
Robert Eades
Robert Eadie
Robert Eadouceur
Robert Eady
Robert Ean
Robert Eardley
Robert Earl
Robert Earl Beattie
Robert Earl Bretzlaff
Robert Earl Queale
Robert Easiambre
Robert Eatock
Robert Eaton
Robert Eby
Robert Eddie
Robert Eddy
Robert Edey
Robert Edge
Robert Edis
Robert Edley
Robert Edm-
Robert Edmond Hodgins
Robert Edmond Workman
Robert Edmund Workman
Robert Edna Beattie
Robert Education
Robert Edward
Robert Edward Powell
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards Bo*
Robert Edwards Box
Robert Edwin
Robert Edwin Bulmer
Robert Egan
Robert Eganville Eagles
Robert EGGS Campbell
Robert Eiawald
Robert Eider
Robert Eis
Robert Eis-
Robert Eis- Eiswald
Robert Eis- Parish
Robert Eis- Selly Langford
Robert Eis- Tanguay
Robert Eis-College
Robert Eis-ingly
Robert Eis-nesday
Robert Eis-road
Robert Eis-secretary
Robert Eis-Siren
Robert Eis-to
Robert Eis-treasuer
Robert Eis-wald
Robert Eisjvald
Robert Eiswaid
Robert Eiswaid Council
Robert Eiswald
Robert Eiswald V 1
Robert Eiswald August
Robert Eiswald Council
Robert Eiswald Eiswald
Robert Eiswald Farrell
Robert Eiswald His Worship
Robert Eiswald Letter
Robert Eiswald Moved
Robert Eiswald St Aims Essiambre
Robert Eiswald Thompson
Robert El
Robert El Ns
Robert El#more/''
Robert El-
Robert Elder
Robert Elgie
Robert Elizabeth’s Church
Robert Elliot*
Robert Elliott
Robert Elliott.
Robert Ellis Sparling
Robert Ellis Sparling A Robert Ellis Sparling
Robert Elman
Robert Elnia Dale
Robert Elsmere
Robert Elswa Id
Robert Elswald
Robert Em
Robert Em Hockey Association
Robert Em-[canvass
Robert Emerson
Robert Emery
Robert Emmçrson
Robert Emmer- Damage
Robert Emmer-son
Robert Emmerson
Robert Emmerson Smiley
Robert Emmerson Two
Robert Emmet
Robert Emmett
Robert Emnierbrni
Robert Emnr.erson
Robert Emond
Robert Ena
Robert Engel
Robert England
Robert English
Robert Enright
Robert Entente
Robert Eon
Robert eon’s Hairdressing Academy
Robert Eotock
Robert Equity Reporter
Robert Er-
Robert Er- Casselman
Robert Er-Tclford
Robert Eras- McGuire
Robert Eraser
Robert Erfle Bus Lines
Robert Erickson
Robert Ernest
Robert Ernest Garland Mahenal
Robert Ernest Havelin
Robert Ernest Hogarth DSO
Robert Ernest McRae
Robert Ernest Zacharias Kelly
Robert Ernest.
Robert Erumerson
Robert Erwin
Robert Erwin 2,290.
Robert Erwin 25,500
Robert Erwin 27.600.00
Robert Erwin 440
Robert Erwin 444.00
Robert Erwin 649
Robert Erwin 744.00
Robert Erwin 966
Robert Erwin Commission
Robert Erwin J.L. Stanley Danny Graham Holder
Robert Erwin McCann
Robert Erwin Resolved
Robert Erwin s
Robert Erwin Tax
Robert Erwin the
Robert Erwin Transport
Robert Erwin Trucking
Robert Erwin Trucking SADC Pontiac Shawville Fair Tom Armstrong Excavation W.A. Hodgins Store Also
Robert Erwin United Way
Robert Erwin- Mr Erwin
Robert Erwins Léo Gibbons
Robert Erwin__________
Robert Es- Church
Robert Essiambrc
Robert Essiambre
Robert Essiamhre
Robert Ethier
Robert Evans
Robert Evans 241
Robert Eve
Robert Even
Robert Everett
Robert Everret
Robert Ewart Butler
Robert Ewing
Robert Exhibition
Robert Explained
Robert Express
Robert Ezra
Robert F
Robert F .
Robert F Workman
Robert F. 12,075
Robert F. Dale
Robert F. Lebrun
Robert F. Leitch
Robert F. Mlddlecoat
Robert F. Nelson Géraid A Posen Ahour Rashid Pierre M. Robinson William Rock Jean-Paul Rossignol Lo
Robert F. Ridpath
Robert F. Wagner
Robert F. Warham
Robert F.Eng.
Robert F.urell
Robert F.va Ludwig
Robert Fabfield
Robert Fades
Robert Fair
Robert Fair- Graham
Robert Faire-part
Robert Fairfield
Robert Fairfield Photo
Robert Fairfield Sr.
Robert FairfieWs
Robert Falconer
Robert Falls
Robert Fans
Robert Far
Robert Farfield
Robert Faris
Robert Farmer
Robert Farreiton
Robert Farrell
Robert Farrell Esq
Robert Farrell I>''1
Robert Father Basil Tanguay
Robert Fato
Robert Faubertl
Robert Faucher
Robert Faulkner
Robert Fay
Robert Fdirfield
Robert February
Robert Fecteau
Robert Fee
Robert Feel
Robert Fenton
Robert Fenwick
Robert Fer- C.
Robert Ferguson
Robert Ferguson Smith
Robert Ferguson Workman
Robert Ferguson Worl
Robert Fern
Robert Ferris
Robert Ferrlgan
Robert Festival
Robert FI Hon
Robert Fiché
Robert Figure
Robert Fillon
Robert Film Library
Robert Filo
Robert Filon
Robert Find
Robert Find- Kilgour
Robert Find-1 Mrs. Russell Dean
Robert Findlav
Robert Findlay
Robert Findley
Robert Finlay
Robert Fis For
Robert Fis-1 Also
Robert Fischee
Robert Fischer
Robert Fischer.
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher Mainland
Robert Fisher.
Robert Fitssim- Mrs. J
Robert Fitz$
Robert Fitzaommond
Robert Fitzimmons
Robert Fitzpatrick
Robert Fitzsim- Tea Cosy Fancy
Robert Fitzsimmon Floor
Robert Fitzsimmond
Robert Fitzsimmons
Robert Fitzsimmons Fort
Robert Fitzsimmons MM
Robert Fitzsimmons SAT
Robert Fitzstephen
Robert Fitzwaiter
Robert Flaherty
Robert Flaunt
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming - Guide
Robert Fletch-found
Robert Fletcher
Robert Flett
Robert Flint
Robert Flood
Robert Flood Bally
Robert Flood Sally
Robert Florida
Robert Flower’s
Robert Fmdlay
Robert Fngland
Robert Foley
Robert Following
Robert Fooled Himself
Robert For
Robert Foran
Robert Forbes
Robert Ford
Robert Forget
Robert Forget Ann Addleman Loretta Bonet Maureen Kelly Philippe Messier Judy El-Hakim Michael Don I
Robert Forke
Robert Forkl
Robert Forster
Robert Fortin
Robert Fost* For
Robert Foster
Robert Foster Correspondence
Robert Foun Registration
Robert Fountain
Robert Fournier
Robert Fourth
Robert Fow
Robert Fowell Miss Alexander
Robert Fowler
Robert Fowler Bristol
Robert Fowler Bristol Dear Editor
Robert Fowler Chairman
Robert Fowler Pontiac Printshop
Robert Fowler Président Yours
Robert Fowler’s
Robert Francis
Robert Francis * Z *
Robert Francis Robert Taylor Color Deborah Kerr SEE
Robert Francis THEY RODE
Robert Francoeur 24.00
Robert Francois Gravel
Robert Francœur
Robert Frank
Robert Frank Sloan
Robert Frank The
Robert Franklin MacJanet
Robert Franks
Robert Fraser
Robert Fraser*
Robert Fred Allen Healey
Robert Frederick Black
Robert Frederick Lang
Robert French
Robert Friesen
Robert Fritzsimmons
Robert Frock
Robert From Mrs. Richard Sullivan
Robert Frost
Robert Froulx
Robert Froulx Les
Robert Fugere
Robert Fulgrum
Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller Jocelyn Lena
Robert Fuller Rev John Pearce
Robert Fulton
Robert Fumerton
Robert Funeral
Robert Funeral Home
Robert G
Robert G (Bch
Robert G Amm
Robert G Beauchamp
Robert G enn
Robert G Health
Robert G Hodgms Bretzlatt Miss
Robert G Joyce
Robert G Roth
Robert G Smith
Robert G Sparling
Robert G Towell
Robert G.
Robert G. Blain
Robert G. Bristol Community
Robert G. Burke
Robert G. Code
Robert G. Contrell
Robert G. EAott
Robert G. Elliojt
Robert G. Elliott
Robert G. Elliott Many
Robert G. Elliott’s
Robert G. Farrell
Robert G. Green
Robert G. Hodgins
Robert G. Hodgitu
Robert G. Hodgson
Robert G. Hoooi
Robert G. Ilodgins
Robert G. MacGregor
Robert G. Magee
Robert G. Mao Gregor
Robert G. O Reilly Sister St. Carmen
Robert G. O’Reilly
Robert G. Peacefully
Robert G. Rosa
Robert G. Roth
Robert G. Smith
Robert G. Sparling
Robert G. Sparling Robert George Sparling
Robert G. Strange Find
Robert G. Wilson
Robert G.j
Robert Gabie
Robert Gabies
Robert Gagne
Robert Gagnon
Robert Galbraith
Robert Galey
Robert Gallagher
Robert Gallant
Robert Gamble
Robert Game
Robert Gardiner
Robert Gardner
Robert Garew
Robert Garnît
Robert Garret Barnes
Robert Garret Walsh
Robert Garrett
Robert Garrett Wallace
Robert Garth Walsh
Robert Garvin
Robert Gaskell
Robert Gaskin
Robert Gatineau
Robert Gaudette
Robert Gaudette and Karen
Robert Gauthier
Robert Gavan
Robert Gay
Robert Gcddes
Robert Gearhart
Robert Geddes
Robert Gehnas
Robert Gel 648-2557.
Robert Gelinas
Robert Gell
Robert Gendron
Robert Geo. Watts
Robert George
Robert George Burke
Robert George Elliott
Robert George Hodgins
Robert George Porteotis
Robert George Webb—Pet-
Robert Georgeson
Robert Gerald
Robert Gerant
Robert Gerard Trudeau
Robert Germain
Robert Germany
Robert Geroux
Robert Gerow
Robert Gervais
Robert Gervase O Reilly
Robert Getz Dorothy McGuire Western Romance
Robert Gfaw-
Robert Gi- Scorers
Robert Giant
Robert Gibbons
Robert Gibson
Robert Giesler
Robert Giester’s
Robert Gilbert Dupuis Huissier Vailancourt
Robert Gilchrist
Robert Gill Theatre
Robert Gillgrass
Robert Gilmour
Robert Girard
Robert Giroux
Robert Glas
Robert Glaser
Robert Glasper
Robert Glasperand
Robert Glaspev
Robert Glazer
Robert Gleason
Robert Glen
Robert Glen-
Robert Glen.
Robert Glendou
Robert Glenn
Robert Glenn Elliott
Robert Glenn Mrs. John Glenn
Robert Glenny
Robert Glenwood
Robert Gleun
Robert Glover
Robert Gobble
Robert Goddard
Robert Godin
Robert Godin Saturday
Robert Goffin
Robert Golding
Robert Good
Robert Good Campbell
Robert Gor
Robert Gor-
Robert Gor- Journal
Robert Gor- Progresso
Robert Gor-2nd.
Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon -
Robert Gordon 1206.0,
Robert Gordon 224
Robert Gordon 237.27
Robert Gordon 250.00 Maurice Lafleur-128.00
Robert Gordon 2531.30
Robert Gordon 273.96
Robert Gordon 3239.60
Robert Gordon 3411.60
Robert Gordon 343.20
Robert Gordon 399.15
Robert Gordon 44.40
Robert Gordon 5
Robert Gordon 612.50
Robert Gordon 841.15
Robert Gordon 919
Robert Gordon All
Robert Gordon B Cruickshanks 8.70
Robert Gordon Francis He
Robert Gordon Gordon Gordon
Robert Gordon Grant Beattie As
Robert Gordon I
Robert Gordon Jr
Robert Gordon Jr.
Robert Gordon Kh#sbury
Robert Gordon Mae-Killop
Robert Gordon Man-Avell
Robert Gordon Mid
Robert Gordon Motion Cri
Robert Gordon Pt
Robert Gordon Russell
Robert Gordon Russett
Robert Gordon Sfnbh
Robert Gordon Smart
Robert Gordon Smith
Robert Gordon Sr.
Robert Gordon the
Robert Gordons
Robert Gordon’s
Robert Gorley
Robert Got-
Robert Goth
Robert Goulet
Robert Goulet Andy Williams
Robert Goulet Nancy Kwan
Robert Governor - Deputy Oeddes
Robert Gow
Robert Gownn
Robert Gra
Robert Gra-roads
Robert Grade
Robert Grades
Robert Graf
Robert Graha
Robert Graham
Robert Graham 9
Robert Graham Burke
Robert Graham C
Robert Graham Lester
Robert Graham McNeill Robert Graham McNeill
Robert Graham.
Robert Grahnmo
Robert Graiitj
Robert Grand
Robert Grant
Robert Grant 1
Robert Grant 88 3”
Robert Grant and Chris Young
Robert Grant ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. Robert Andrew Grunt
Robert Grant Birthday
Robert Grant Mark Golden Wedding Anniversary
Robert Grant Mr.
Robert Grant Mrs.
Robert Grant TIIK
Robert Grant | Jane Bourget
Robert Grant) Shawvilto
Robert Grant.
Robert Grant............ N.
Robert Grants
Robert Grant—c
Robert Grant’s
Robert Gravehne
Robert Graveile
Robert Gravel
Robert Gravelin
Robert Graveline
Robert Graveline Bj
Robert Gravelle
Robert Gravelle Keen/Gravelle
Robert Gravelle Port Colbourne
Robert Graves
Robert Gray
Robert Gray 1
Robert Graydon Hobbs
Robert Gre-
Robert Green
Robert Greene
Robert Greenhorn
Robert Greer
Robert Greer Jr. Standing
Robert Greer Therese
Robert Gregg
Robert Gregory
Robert Grenier
Robert Grey
Robert Grieg
Robert Grierson Combe
Robert Griese
Robert Griffin
Robert Griffin Owner Jim Dick November
Robert Griffin President
Robert Grigor
Robert Grippons
Robert Grnydon Hobbs
Robert Grondin
Robert Gross
Robert Grosvenor
Robert Grounds Part
Robert Grow
Robert Grow Mr.
Robert Grrtnh Philips
Robert Gucrtm Arena
Robert Guertin
Robert Guertin Arena
Robert Guertin de Hull Chaque
Robert Guertin de Hull
Robert Guertln"
Robert Guerun Arena
Robert Guerun Arena Moved
Robert Guilbault
Robert Gumming
Robert Gun
Robert Gunn*
Robert Guy Berube
Robert Guy Eon
Robert Guy Ladouceur
Robert Guy Rochon
Robert H Estsbrook
Robert H Fitzsimons.
Robert H Gamble
Robert H Gray/VC
Robert H Klock
Robert H Mayor: Eddie McCann
Robert H Schuller
Robert H Scott
Robert H Sheppard
Robert H Stewart
Robert H Thomas
Robert H.
Robert H. Bcbauffler
Robert H. Cameron
Robert H. Carhs
Robert H. Coate
Robert H. Cole
Robert H. Cowdrey W.
Robert H. Cowley
Robert H. Demers
Robert H. DR.
Robert H. Elliot
Robert H. Gray
Robert H. Hoad
Robert H. Imison
Robert H. IxliK’k
Robert H. Klocji
Robert H. Klock
Robert H. Klock Dies Suddenly RAILWAY
Robert H. Kltxk
Robert H. Laugh-lin
Robert H. Mac Kay
Robert H. Milligan
Robert H. Morris
Robert H. Romain
Robert H. Russell
Robert H. Saunders
Robert H. Sayre
Robert H. Seashore
Robert H. Sheppard
Robert H. Taylor
Robert H. Verge
Robert H. Whiteaide
Robert H. Winters
Robert H.velin
Robert Ha
Robert Hackett
Robert Had
Robert Had-field
Robert Hadfi Id Is
Robert Hadfield
Robert Hadford
Robert Hagyard
Robert Hah
Robert Haildns
Robert Haley
Robert Hall
Robert Hall Mitchell
Robert Haller
Robert Hallett
Robert Hallinan
Robert Hallow- Carswell
Robert Halrell
Robert Halupka
Robert Hamble-ton
Robert Hamelin
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton John Sal
Robert Hamilton Josephine Hetherington Christina McCora Marilyn Meredith" Kay Mohr El
Robert Hamilton Killed
Robert Hamilton W> F. Drum
Robert Hammond
Robert Hams
Robert Hamta
Robert Han-Doug Cochrane
Robert Handford
Robert Hands
Robert Handy
Robert Hanna
Robert Hanna 57.4
Robert Hanna 5’
Robert Hanna Bull
Robert Hannah
Robert Hanning
Robert Har-
Robert Har-ber
Robert Har-Wa
Robert Harbor
Robert Hard
Robert Hardie
Robert Harinlton
Robert Harkins
Robert Harland AS
Robert Harland Phillipa Scott PAUL
Robert Harn*
Robert Harness
Robert Harold
Robert HAROLD Edward Davis
Robert Harold Edward Davis Lime Lome Albert Mayer Mayer
Robert Harold Fdward
Robert Harold Grant
Robert Harold Ixl-
Robert Harold Kelley
Robert Harper
Robert Harper Bury
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Important Announcement
Robert Harris Mr Phil Gabriel
Robert Harris Thos
Robert Harris Ve
Robert Hart
Robert Hartley
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey Caldwell
Robert Harvey Steele
Robert Harvey Stewart
Robert Harvie
Robert Harvle
Robert Has*
Robert Haskins
Robert Haslem
Robert Hastings
Robert Hatfield
Robert Hatred
Robert Hatrelj
Robert Hatrell
Robert Hatrell’*
Robert Hatrell’e
Robert HatrelVs What
Robert Hatrtli
Robert HaUett
Robert Hav-
Robert Hav-elin
Robert Hav-lin
Robert Havclin
Robert Havdin
Robert Have
Robert Have Un
Robert Havefln
Robert Havehik
Robert Havel
Robert Havel*
Robert Havelin
Robert Havelin Bryson
Robert Havelin’s
Robert HavelJn
Robert Havelln
Robert Havelm
Robert Haveln
Robert Haveya
Robert Having
Robert Havkux
Robert Havlin
Robert Havlin Harmonite
Robert Havlin...........
Robert Havo
Robert HavtUn
Robert Haw
Robert Hawke
Robert Hawley
Robert Hawley I.C.C.A.
Robert Hawthorne
Robert Hay
Robert Hay-ley
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes Beantx
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop 7-3814 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2628 Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hay*
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Maxes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Mayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Haye|
Robert Hayiey
Robert Hayley
Robert Haz-Warden G.
Robert Hazard
Robert Hazard’s
Robert Hazclton
Robert Hazleton
Robert Hazolton
Robert Hazzard
Robert HC
Robert Hc-Credie
Robert Head
Robert Head Office
Robert Heaney
Robert Heartv
Robert Hearty
Robert Hearty Garnet Paquette
Robert Heather
Robert Heaty
Robert Hebert
Robert Helena Coyle
Robert Hell
Robert Heller
Robert Hellinger
Robert Hellioger
Robert Heman
Robert Henderson
Robert Hennr Valerie Lyn Twolan
Robert Henri
Robert Henri.
Robert Henry
Robert Henry Block
Robert Henry Brand
Robert Henry Cowley
Robert Henry Cowley September
Robert Henry Gilbert Tel
Robert Henry Morris
Robert Henry Todd)
Robert Henschel
Robert Hepburn Her
Robert Her
Robert Hérault
Robert Hérault Shaw
Robert Hérault.......... Daniel Raquette
Robert Herbert
Robert Herrick
Robert Herrick Is
Robert Herrington
Robert Hervey
Robert Hervey Cabell
Robert Hervle
Robert Hess
Robert Hevelin
Robert Hewitson
Robert Heyward
Robert Hhe
Robert Hick
Robert Hickey
Robert Hickey Join
Robert Hickson
Robert Hickson Dies
Robert Hidisrtil
Robert Higgins
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Cam-tribu
Robert Hill Cameron
Robert Hill Cameron Pisses Al Storks
Robert Hill HnilUe
Robert Hill John K Cameron
Robert Hilliard
Robert Hillinger
Robert Hines
Robert Hird
Robert Historical Walking Tour
Robert History
Robert Hit/
Robert Hit/.
Robert Hitching
Robert Hiti 160.00
Robert Hits
Robert Hits Robert Hits
Robert Hitt
Robert Hitx
Robert Hitz
Robert Hitz U
Robert Hitz 647-3106 C.B.L. Pirie Inc. Beer
Robert Hitz 647-3106 Lloyd Hodgins Furniture
Robert Hitz 647-9993
Robert Hitz Each
Robert Hitz For Sale
Robert Hitz Foster
Robert Hitz Huitièmement
Robert Hitz Ladysmith
Robert Hitz Municipal
Robert Hitz Robert Hanna
Robert Hitz SATURDAY
Robert Hitz Silver Maple Inn Ladysmith
Robert Hitzstated
Robert Hitz’s
Robert HKf] McCord
Robert Hkz
Robert Hlchens
Robert Hltz
Robert Hmart
Robert Hmitli
Robert Hnward
Robert Ho
Robert Ho- Muffins - Betty Verner
Robert Hoad
Robert Hoaphy
Robert Hoare
Robert Hob By
Robert Hobb
Robert Hobb# Brick
Robert Hobb*
Robert Hobbe
Robert Hobbit
Robert Hobbs
Robert Hobbs 1
Robert Hobbs 1904-07
Robert Hobbs 1st Shawville Troop
Robert Hobbs 2. Onions
Robert Hobbs 2. Pair
Robert Hobbs 3. Dairy
Robert Hobbs 5
Robert Hobbs 8hei,a Laf
Robert Hobbs By
Robert Hobbs Charlie CPR
Robert Hobbs Dale:
Robert Hobbs Esq
Robert Hobbs Esq.
Robert Hobbs Hobbs - Tuplin
Robert Hobbs Hodgm*
Robert Hobbs Nell
Robert Hobbs Shawville President Harold
Robert Hobbs Thomas Corrigan Robert Armstrong George McDowell John Armstrong Sam McDowell William M
Robert Hobbs William Smart
Robert Hobb^
Robert Hobin
Robert Hoblw
Robert Hobtw
Robert Hockey League
Robert Hocking
Robert Hod
Robert Hod Will
Robert Hod- At
Robert Hod-gins
Robert Hodgfns
Robert Hodgine
Robert Hodgins
Robert Hodgins Grade 7
Robert Hodgins Horse Races Dr.
Robert Hodgins Shopping Plaza
Robert Hodgins—are
Robert Hodgint Hodgins
Robert Hodglns
Robert Hodgson
Robert Hods
Robert Hodtrins P^ay *8
Robert Hoe
Robert Hoefcings
Robert Hoffman Edward G. Robinson
Robert Hoffman Edward G. Robinson Shawville
Robert Hofotxs
Robert Hog* Dale Bean
Robert Hogan
Robert Hogarth
Robert Hoi
Robert Hollingsworth
Robert Hollingsworth EVANGELIST
Robert Holman Cameton
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes CAMPBELL’S BAY
Robert Holmes GtcsJia Selkirk
Robert Holt
Robert Holts
Robert Home
Robert Homer
Robert Homer MtewomoncnmsNUAa
Robert Honartn
Robert Honorable
Robert Hood
Robert Hooke
Robert Hope
Robert Horde
Robert Horigins
Robert Horn
Robert Horne
Robert Horner
Robert Horner 26159BA5
Robert Horner Caldwell0B,TUARY Clarion Shaw
Robert Horner’s
Robert Hornt
Robert Horten Lucien# Pel
Robert Hortie
Robert Hortle
Robert Hossein 3951
Robert Hosselin
Robert Hour-
Robert Houston
Robert How
Robert Howard
Robert Howard 2:30
Robert Howard 4 Family
Robert Howard 647
Robert Howard 647-3648
Robert Howard Boaview
Robert Howard December 9
Robert Howard Mr. Davis
Robert Howard Ottawa
Robert Howard Paterson
Robert Howard Visiting
Robert Howard Walls Township
Robert Howells
Robert However
Robert Howey
Robert Howie Ottawa
Robert Howika
Robert Hplane
Robert Hr
Robert Hrouse
Robert Hruci
Robert Hsvelln
Robert Htorey
Robert Htz
Robert Hubbard
Robert Hubert
Robert Hucka-honc
Robert Huckabone
Robert Hudgins
Robert Hudgins Robert Prior Richard 6
Robert Hudson
Robert Hug
Robert Huggins
Robert Hugh
Robert Hugh Edmund Smith
Robert Hughes
Robert Huit Theatre
Robert Hulbert Montgomery
Robert Hull
Robert Hullen
Robert Humphry*
Robert Hums
Robert Hun-
Robert Hunt
Robert Huot
Robert Hurd
Robert Hurdman
Robert Hurst
Robert Hurston
Robert Hus
Robert Husband
Robert Hutchins
Robert Hutchinson
Robert Hutchison
Robert Hutton Rosemarie
Robert Hyland
Robert Hyndman
Robert Hynes
Robert I
Robert I Featuring
Robert I Arno Bretzlaff
Robert I Dde
Robert Î Do
Robert I Eiswald
Robert I Firs* Saturday Afternoon
Robert I Golden Rutledge
Robert I Gordons
Robert I Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert I I !
Robert I Johnson
Robert I Keon
Robert I Mias Maggie Murray
Robert I tsp.
Robert I Vulcanizer Ltd.
Robert I''No
Robert I).
Robert I*
Robert I-aird
Robert I-orne Md
Robert I. Manary
Robert I. Manary Heads Quyon Fair Cold Welcome
Robert I.alonde Correspondent
Robert I.n-
Robert i822
Robert I>agenais
Robert I>sgg
Robert Iain Abercrombie Younge
Robert Ian
Robert IbsIgiriH Robert Prior Richard
Robert Id
Robert If
Robert If.
Robert Ihimfon
Robert II
Robert II.
Robert IÎassett
Robert Iielsnd
Robert III
Robert III.
Robert IIopp-cock
Robert Iiorden
Robert Ijing
Robert Ik Su/ette Pelletier Gabriel Giasson Tom
Robert IleforJ
Robert Ilobbs
Robert Ilobhs
Robert Ilodgim
Robert Ilohbs
Robert Ima Iwoked
Robert In
Robert Industrial Promotion - Weldon Hobbs
Robert Information Kehoe
Robert Ingereoll
Robert Ingersoll
Robert Intermediate
Robert Interment
Robert Ions
Robert Ir-
Robert Ira Earl Hanna
Robert Ira Hanna
Robert Ireland
Robert Ireland Prendergast
Robert Ireson
Robert Iron
Robert Ironside
Robert Irvine
Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin Graham
Robert Irwin Graham CJU
Robert Is
Robert is Betty Fulford
Robert It
Robert It Telford
Robert Itaxi*
Robert Itnxenter
Robert Iuyea
Robert IWden
Robert I^aird
Robert I^each
Robert I_‘_
Robert I’urreH''
Robert J
Robert J Ballant
Robert J Bourget
Robert J Bradnor
Robert J Buchanan
Robert J Buruc''te
Robert J C Stead New Canadian
Robert J C Stead University
Robert J Campbell
Robert J Cartman
Robert J Connelly
Robert J Davidson
Robert J Gibon
Robert J Grace
Robert J Hickson
Robert J J McCallum
Robert J Johnson
Robert J Keaton
Robert J Letts
Robert J Lucas
Robert J MacKeohrie
Robert J McCrea
Robert J Ranger
Robert J Reid Funeral
Robert J Wet-
Robert J Wilson
Robert J Woods
Robert J.
Robert J. <
Robert J. Acres
Robert J. Anderson
Robert J. Billings Otter Lake
Robert J. Bis-1
Robert J. Bissonnette
Robert J. Black
Robert J. Bradnci
Robert J. Brodmore
Robert J. Burdett
Robert J. C. Stead
Robert J. Campbell
Robert J. Campbell J Miller
Robert J. Connelly
Robert J. Cote
Robert J. Cufrerwe*
Robert J. Cuthbertson
Robert J. Cutvenrell
Robert J. Davidson
Robert J. Duguid
Robert J. Emmemn Passes At Charteris
Robert J. Emmerwn
Robert J. F.mim THOIl Arm
Robert J. Farrell
Robert J. Gibbins
Robert J. Glenn
Robert J. Glenn...............
Robert J. Grace
Robert J. Hamilton
Robert J. Hickson
Robert J. Hughes
Robert J. Jamieson
Robert J. Keaton
Robert J. Lance Lance - Ryan
Robert J. Littlejohns
Robert J. Lucas
Robert J. Manion
Robert J. Mctzler
Robert J. Me Créa
Robert J. Pearce CANADA
Robert J. Peaslee
Robert J. Powley
Robert J. Pritchard
Robert J. Riznek
Robert J. Riznek Thorne
Robert J. Robertson
Robert J. Roney
Robert J. Simpson
Robert J. Smith
Robert J. Splendid
Robert J. Talion
Robert J. Thibault
Robert J. Thompson
Robert J. Tracey
Robert J. Tracy
Robert J. Walls
Robert J. Wiggans
Robert J. Wilson
Robert J. Wilson Deep
Robert J. Woods
Robert J..I* John A.
Robert J.C. Stead M
Robert J.C. Stead Æ Cathy Kluke
Robert J.f Ottawa
Robert Ja-
Robert Ja- Canada Day
Robert Jack.
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson—High-Speed Motors
Robert Jacqueline Martineau
Robert Jadd
Robert Jaffray
Robert Jaffray Vice President
Robert Jafiroy
Robert James
Robert James - With
Robert James Amm
Robert James Calvert
Robert James Carswell
Robert James end Amanda Campbell
Robert James Hanna
Robert James In
Robert James Keller
Robert James Kimberly Ann
Robert James Loken
Robert James Manion,-
Robert James McAra
Robert James McCord
Robert James McCorriston
Robert James Rivera
Robert James Sean
Robert James Thompson
Robert James Thompson and Amanda Barrett Campbell
Robert James Tracy
Robert James Warren She
Robert James Weir
Robert Jameson
Robert Jamie Community Hospital
Robert Jamieson
Robert Jamieson Galbraith
Robert Jamison
Robert JaMra/
Robert Janes
Robert Janet RabK Grace Godin
Robert Janies
Robert January
Robert January 4?-hf
Robert Janvrin
Robert Jason
Robert Jean k Alcide Jean k Alcide Christopher
Robert Jean mcTiernan
Robert Jean Smith
Robert Jef-College
Robert Jefferson
Robert Jeffery
Robert Jeffery Racine
Robert Jeffrey
Robert Jennings
Robert Jeré
Robert Jersey
Robert Jimmie
Robert JJhnson
Robert JmT
Robert Jo
Robert Jo- Oshawa
Robert Joamssc Anm
Robert Joamsse
Robert Joamssej
Robert Joan MacFarlane
Robert Joanisse
Robert John
Robert John -
Robert John Burgee
Robert John Cart
Robert John Cartinan
Robert John Cartman
Robert John Cathy Hamilton
Robert John Connelly
Robert John Creighton
Robert John Cronaberry Sparling
Robert John Cuthbertson
Robert John Deachn
Robert John Emmers-on
Robert John Emmerson
Robert John Erwin
Robert John Fairfield
Robert John Frederick Smart
Robert John Frederick.
Robert John Fredrick Smart
Robert John Glenn
Robert John Glenn August
Robert John Hobbs
Robert John Hodgins
Robert John Keen
Robert John Keon
Robert John Lucas
Robert John McDowell
Robert John McKenney
Robert John Mellon
Robert John Michael Richard William James Joseph Thomas William Charles George
Robert John Orval
Robert John Pearley Smith
Robert John Price Bros.
Robert John Robertson
Robert John Sally
Robert John Sally Kanata
Robert John Tracy
Robert John Wallace
Robert John Walls
Robert John White Harvey
Robert John Wil- Miss Rose A Robitaille
Robert John Woods
Robert John Woods MONUMENTS
Robert John Woods Sides
Robert John Wyman
Robert John-
Robert John-word
Robert Johncox
Robert Johnnie Lepine
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson BOTHWELL
Robert Johnson Corner
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston de Rapides
Robert Johnston de Rapides Des-Joachims
Robert Johnston Lynch
Robert Johnston Mrs. Ralph Miller
Robert Johnston Smith/Johnston - Ashley
Robert Johnstone
Robert Jolin
Robert Jolln
Robert Joncn Lumber Co.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Lumber Co.
Robert Jones Lumber Company
Robert Jonhston
Robert Jonn Cuthbertson
Robert Jonn-stoa
Robert Joseph Lafranee
Robert Joseph Lance
Robert Joseph Laurcncelle
Robert Joseph Miller
Robert Joseph Newcommon
Robert Joseph Squitti
Robert Jowsey
Robert Joyce
Robert Joyce-
Robert Joyce.
Robert Jr
Robert Jr (
Robert Jr ,
Robert Jr and
Robert Jr Den
Robert Jr from
Robert Jr,
Robert Jr,Paul
Robert Jr.
Robert Jr. Ladouceur
Robert Jr. Richardson
Robert Jr. Two
Robert Judd
Robert Judd $
Robert Judd 1
Robert Judd 32.80
Robert Judd 36.80
Robert Judd Alex Murray Anonymous Clarendon
Robert Judd be
Robert Judd January
Robert Judd Memorial Handwriting
Robert Judd Mrs Wilson Judd
Robert Judd Mrs. Wilson Judd
Robert Judd.
Robert Judds
Robert Judd’s
Robert Judson Calvert
Robert Judson Calvert Robert Judson Calvert
Robert Junior
Robert Junior Denault
Robert Juran
Robert Justin
Robert JVitehnrd
Robert K May
Robert K May President
Robert K-n
Robert K. Dale
Robert K. Speer
Robert Kalena Beattie
Robert Kamloops
Robert Kaplan
Robert Karl Trowse
Robert Katz
Robert Kavelin
Robert Kavelins
Robert Kavlin
Robert Kazemzodeh
Robert Kdey
Robert Kea
Robert Kea-cially
Robert Kean
Robert Kearney
Robert Kearns
Robert Keaton
Robert Kechabaw
Robert Kechnie
Robert Keck
Robert Keegan
Robert Keen
Robert Kehoe
Robert Keith Eli Wallach
Robert Kel-
Robert Keller
Robert Kelley
Robert Kellock Scott
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 1
Robert Kelly.
Robert Kemp
Robert Kempton Morris
Robert Ken-Church Bristol
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Duncan
Robert Kenneth
Robert Kenneth Harland Rowat
Robert Kenneth Hodgins
Robert Kenneth Kingsbury
Robert Kenneth May
Robert Kenneth May Auction Sale Campbell Monument Co. Ltd.
Robert Kenney
Robert Kenny
Robert Kensley
Robert Keon
Robert Keon Carol Bennett
Robert Kerllnger
Robert Kerns 230
Robert Kerr
Robert Kerr 4
Robert Kerr’s
Robert Key
Robert Keyes
Robert Kidney
Robert Kiiox
Robert Kil-gour
Robert Kiley
Robert Kilvington
Robert Kindersley
Robert King
Robert King and Dawson Moor- Team T.P
Robert King*
Robert King-
Robert King-don
Robert King-speed
Robert Kingdbn
Robert Kingdom
Robert Kingdom 647-2712 Ou Cerlo Giuliani
Robert Kingdom Master
Robert Kingdon
Robert Kingdon 1ST SHAW
Robert Kingdon 647-2712
Robert Kinsley
Robert Kiogdon
Robert Kirk
Robert Kitchen
Robert Kiuke
Robert Kiyloi Miles
Robert Klder
Robert Kldridgo
Robert Kleffer
Robert Kllltna
Robert Kllvlngton Cartman
Robert Klock
Robert Klsslck
Robert Kltchin
Robert Klukc
Robert Kluke
Robert Kluke 5âSf
Robert Klulce
Robert Km
Robert Km Florence Johnson 1
Robert Kmgdon
Robert Kmght
Robert Kmvrs«m
Robert Knapp
Robert Knapp Jana Davi Color
Robert Knapp Linda Lawson
Robert Knight
Robert Kno*
Robert Knox
Robert Knox 1886-1964
Robert Knox Armstrong
Robert Knox Passes Montrose
Robert Ko*
Robert Kobitaille
Robert Koch
Robert Koening
Robert Kok
Robert Kouh
Robert Kreemer
Robert Kroetsch
Robert Krose
Robert Ktnmerson
Robert Kufc-ejl
Robert Kurtz
Robert Kvott
Robert K»0*
Robert L
Robert L 69702XJN21 THICKNESS
Robert L Borne
Robert L Crawford
Robert L Dale.
Robert L Heureux
Robert L Seabover
Robert L Smart
Robert L Smart 1
Robert L Smart 3
Robert L Smart Mrs. Robert Fitz-
Robert L Smart Shawville
Robert L Smith
Robert L Stanfield
Robert L Stanfield-Leader
Robert L Younge
Robert L Younge Regarding
Robert L Younge Shawville Steam
Robert L#ird
Robert L&londe
Robert L*Ecuyer
Robert L*nm Mr.
Robert L.
Robert L. Bond
Robert L. Borden
Robert L. Borland
Robert L. Bur
Robert L. Fades
Robert L. Gibson
Robert L. Phillips
Robert L. Smart
Robert L. Smart Rye
Robert L. Smart Shawville
Robert L. Stanfield
Robert L. Vaughan
Robert L. Whitman Thof
Robert L. Ycunge
Robert L. Young
Robert L. Younge
Robert L. Younge Clarendon
Robert L.douoear
Robert l> Russell
Robert La
Robert La Frennier
Robert La lend
Robert La*
Robert La-
Robert La- James Orr
Robert La-Council
Robert La-course
Robert La-douceur
Robert La-family
Robert La-League
Robert La-londe
Robert La-Mansficld
Robert La-Marc Gauthier
Robert La-Ministry
Robert La-periods
Robert Labe
Robert Labe He
Robert Labelle
Robert Laberge
Robert Labine
Robert Labine Maire Ville de Goiineau
Robert Labreche
Robert Lac
Robert Lacey’s
Robert Lackey
Robert Lacomhc
Robert Lacoune
Robert Lacourae
Robert LaCourse
Robert Lacourse Shawville
Robert Lacroix
Robert Lacroix 458-2263
Robert Lacroix Quyon
Robert Lad
Robert Ladooeeur
Robert LadotKeur
Robert Ladou
Robert Ladou June
Robert Ladou-
Robert Ladou- ) McLean
Robert Ladou- AGAP.
Robert Ladou- Attendance
Robert Ladou- Board
Robert Ladou- Grand Chevaliers
Robert Ladou- Hodgins
Robert Ladou- I
Robert Ladou- McCrank
Robert Ladou- Politics
Robert Ladou- Rocher Fendu Romain
Robert Ladou- UlllUCot UCldyCll MNA Robert Middlemiss
Robert Ladou- Whereas
Robert Ladou-* Moved
Robert Ladou-and Bert Crawford
Robert Ladou-ccur
Robert Ladou-ceur
Robert Ladou-ceur*
Robert Ladou-ceur* Seat
Robert Ladou-committee
Robert Ladou-Hodgins
Robert Ladou-Larry Perry
Robert Ladou-Minutes
Robert Ladou-money
Robert Ladou-nitely
Robert Ladou-occurs
Robert Ladou-paid
Robert Ladou-The
Robert Ladouccur
Robert Ladouccur Chester
Robert Ladouccur Fair
Robert Ladoucenr
Robert Ladoucer
Robert Ladouceur
Robert Ladouceur MRC
Robert Ladouceur "
Robert Ladouceur 13744
Robert Ladouceur 150.00 Considérant
Robert Ladouceur 1:30
Robert Ladouceur 40.00
Robert Ladouceur 47.50
Robert Ladouceur 60.00
Robert Ladouceur 660
Robert Ladouceur 76.00
Robert Ladouceur Campbell
Robert Ladouceur Committee
Robert Ladouceur Coulongc
Robert Ladouceur Delmer Barber
Robert Ladouceur Deputy-Warden
Robert Ladouceur Don Marion
Robert Ladouceur Good
Robert Ladouceur He
Robert Ladouceur Hull
Robert Ladouceur Individual
Robert Ladouceur Jan
Robert Ladouceur Lariviere
Robert Ladouceur Maire
Robert Ladouceur Mar
Robert Ladouceur Official
Robert Ladouceur P.O.
Robert Ladouceur P.Q
Robert Ladouceur Paul Ryan MRC
Robert Ladouceur Philippe Mignault
Robert Ladouceur PO
Robert Ladouceur R: Bien
Robert Ladouceur said
Robert Ladouceur V P.O.
Robert Ladouceur:Tél
Robert Ladouceur’s
Robert Ladoucoeur
Robert Ladoueeur
Robert Ladouoeur
Robert Ladouteur
Robert Lady
Robert Ladysmith
Robert Lafleur
Robert Lafon
Robert Lafontaine
Robert LaForcc
Robert Lafr
Robert Laframboise
Robert Laframboise CASE
Robert Lafrance
Robert LaFrcnniere Store
Robert Lafre
Robert Lafreniere
Robert LaFrennier
Robert Lagueux
Robert Laid
Robert Laidley Sorry
Robert Lair
Robert Laird
Robert Laird ........... Murray McNeil
Robert Laird Borden
Robert Laird IS Milton Ru
Robert Laird Mr
Robert Laird Mr.
Robert Laird Mrs. Jim Kane Sr.
Robert Laird Mrs. K Hunt
Robert Laird Towclls
Robert Laird’s
Robert Laitd
Robert LaJonde
Robert Lake Road
Robert Lakey
Robert Lakmde Correspondent
Robert Laland
Robert Lalomle
Robert Laloncje OTTER
Robert Lalond
Robert Lalond SING
Robert Lalondc Correspondent
Robert Lalonde
Robert Lalonde Congratulations
Robert Lalonde J
Robert Lalonde Congratulations
Robert Lalonde On Sunday
Robert Lalonde OTTAWA
Robert Lalonde Pilon Garage Inc.
Robert Lalonde -
Robert Lalonde Back
Robert Lalonde Best
Robert Lalonde BLAZERS
Robert Lalonde Bristol P.Q
Robert Lalonde Bristol W.l
Robert Lalonde Chris MacIntyre Martin Ouellet Jeremy Monette
Robert Lalonde Chris MacIntyre Martin Ouellet Sylvain Lalonde Jeremy Monette Sylain Roy Martin Fili
Robert Lalonde Chris MacIntyre Sylvain Lalonde Martin Ouellet
Robert Lalonde Congratulations
Robert Lalonde Corresponde
Robert Lalonde Correspondent
Robert Lalonde Correspondent $3.24 Sandy Welbum
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Accident
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Accident Saturday
Robert Lalonde Correspondent An
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Congratulations
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Deepest
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Fire Auto Life
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Located
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Sunday
Robert Lalonde Deepest
Robert Lalonde Defenceman Garth
Robert Lalonde Donald Despree
Robert Lalonde EQUITY PHOTO
Robert Lalonde FOR
Robert Lalonde Garth Yach Wayne Denault STOCK
Robert Lalonde Happy
Robert Lalonde HORSE
Robert Lalonde Jr
Robert Lalonde KeA
Robert Lalonde MacTavish
Robert Lalonde Masham
Robert Lalonde Mr
Robert Lalonde MURDOCK
Robert Lalonde Notes John MacGregor Happy
Robert Lalonde Perth
Robert Lalonde Quebec Premier René Lévèsque
Robert Lalonde Sr
Robert Lalonde Stéphane Sgarbossa Chris MacIntyre Sylvain Lalonde Martin Ouellet Jeremy Monette Syl
Robert Lalonde Sylvain Roy Malcolm McGilluvey Stéphane Sgarbossa Sylvain Lalonde Martin Ouellet Chr
Robert Lalonde Wedding
Robert Lalonde WILSON’S
Robert Lalonde Would
Robert Lalonde’s Kings
Robert Lalondt Correspondent
Robert Lalone
Robert Lamarche
Robert Lamarche Waltham
Robert Lamarche Wilson
Robert Lamontagne
Robert Lan-1
Robert Lancaster
Robert Lance
Robert Lance and Mark
Robert Land
Robert Landry
Robert Lane
Robert Lang
Robert Lang 613-765-5161
Robert Lang Grant
Robert Lang Nancy Alexander
Robert Lang Sitting
Robert Langford
Robert Lansing
Robert Lansing Gloria Talbott
Robert Lansing Lee Meriweather Good Science Fiction Saturday
Robert Lapai
Robert Lapernère
Robert Lapina
Robert Lapine
Robert Lapointe
Robert Laporte
Robert Laporte By IRIS SMITH
Robert Laporte Youngest
Robert Lar-
Robert Lara- Mr.
Robert Larabie
Robert Laratote
Robert Lari
Robert Larivere
Robert Larivièke
Robert Lariviere
Robert Larivière 0
Robert Larivière 142
Robert Larivière March
Robert Larivière OKTOBERFEST
Robert Larivière PSCRA Pour
Robert Larivière’s
Robert Larivlere
Robert Larlvlére
Robert Larlvlère 142
Robert Larocque
Robert Larry
Robert Lasnier
Robert Latch-ford
Robert Latebford
Robert Laton
Robert Latour
Robert Latrd
Robert Latrd Rorden
Robert Latreille
Robert Laud
Robert Laughington
Robert Laughren
Robert LaUmde Correspondent Congratulations
Robert Launc Boudens
Robert Laurie
Robert Laurier
Robert Lav/-
Robert Laverdure
Robert Lavignc
Robert Lavigne
Robert Lavlgne
Robert Lavoie
Robert Law
Robert Law-sm
Robert Law-[Private
Robert Lawler
Robert Lawrence
Robert Lawrence Black
Robert Lawrence McGlynn
Robert Lawson
Robert Lawt
Robert Lawton
Robert Lawton.
Robert Layton
Robert Le
Robert Le Bel
Robert Le# Sunday
Robert Le-may
Robert Le-tch
Robert Leach
Robert Leach Department
Robert Leah Miller
Robert Leanne Lepine
Robert Lebel
Robert Leblanc
Robert Leblance
Robert Leckie
Robert Leclerc
Robert Ledingham
Robert Ledoux
Robert Leduc
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Carswell
Robert Lee Jr. Lastic Grattan Willie B Lady
Robert Leedham
Robert Leedy
Robert Leeson
Robert Legault
Robert Legault. Lee Ham
Robert Legge
Robert Legget
Robert Leggett
Robert Legoulf
Robert Lehmann-Nitsche
Robert Leitch
Robert Leith
Robert Lelonde
Robert Lelonde Jr
Robert Lemaire
Robert Lemay
Robert Lemire
Robert Lemon
Robert LeMont
Robert Lennox
Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard Eudes
Robert Leonard Letts
Robert Lepack
Robert Lepinc
Robert Lepine
Robert Lepine and Mark Lisa Orr
Robert Leriviere
Robert Leroux
Robert Lesage
Robert Leslie
Robert Leslie He
Robert Leslie—succeeds
Robert Lester
Robert Lester 1st Shawville Troop Shawville
Robert Lester Sunday
Robert Létoumeau
Robert Letourneau
Robert Letourneau -
Robert Lett*
Robert Letters
Robert Letts
Robert Letts Creighton
Robert Letts Mary Ostrum
Robert Levasseur
Robert Levesque
Robert Levesque 291
Robert Levi Young
Robert Lewi*
Robert Lewis
Robert Ley
Robert Leyland
Robert Leyton
Robert Lhii
Robert Libman
Robert Liddcl
Robert Liddle
Robert Ligouin Doré
Robert Limited
Robert Lincoln
Robert Lindsay
Robert Lines Bursary
Robert Lionel
Robert Lionel Births
Robert Lionel Henne
Robert Lionettes
Robert Lions
Robert Lise
Robert Lisle
Robert Liston
Robert Liswaki* CX
Robert Little
Robert Little 60,1
Robert Little Dies Suddenly
Robert Littlemore
Robert Livingston Rende
Robert Livingstone
Robert Lloyd
Robert llulbert Montgomery Armstrong
Robert Lo- H
Robert Loaney
Robert Located
Robert Lock
Robert Lockhart
Robert Logan
Robert Logan Saturday
Robert Loken
Robert Lolande
Robert Lolonde
Robert Lolonde Correspondent Happy
Robert Lolonde Sr
Robert Lolonde Westmeath
Robert Loloru
Robert Lome Hodgins
Robert Lome McCrae
Robert Lome McRae
Robert Lome Smiley
Robert Lome Thomas Philipp’s
Robert Lon
Robert Long
Robert Loo!
Robert Loosing
Robert Lore
Robert Lorn Hodgins
Robert Loth- Sheep Pelts
Robert Lothian
Robert Lothisn
Robert Lou to
Robert Lough
Robert Loughrey
Robert Loui
Robert Louie ML
Robert Louie Stevenson
Robert Louis
Robert Louis de Masham
Robert Louis Scout Troop
Robert Louis Specialist
Robert Louis Stc
Robert Louis Ste-|reason
Robert Louis Stephenson
Robert Louis Stephenson Scout Troop
Robert Louis Stev-
Robert Louis Steven
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson Troop
Robert Louis Stevenson’s
Robert Loum Stevenson
Robert Lousig-
Robert Louts Stevenson
Robert Loveless
Robert Lovett
Robert Low
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowery SON
Robert Lscourse
Robert Lslonde Mc(
Robert Lt
Robert Ltd.
Robert ltlatehford’s Impression
Robert Lu Shaw
Robert Lu- Corpo
Robert Lu-1
Robert Lu-ful
Robert Luc
Robert Luc-and John Tracy
Robert Lucas
Robert Lucas House
Robert Lucas LISK S Hartman
Robert Lucas Mr
Robert Lucas No.
Robert Lucas Testamentary
Robert Lucas Weekend
Robert Lucas.......... Widow
Robert Lucas.......... Widow Dithnin......... Widow Calmer.......... Vnknown
Robert Lucns
Robert Ludingham
Robert Luffman
Robert Lumley
Robert Lung
Robert Lusignan
Robert Lusk
Robert Lussier
Robert Lussier MD
Robert Lynd
Robert Lynn
Robert Lynn Dinah
Robert Lynn Dinah Sheridan
Robert Lynn) Portage
Robert Lynn.
Robert Lytle
Robert Lytton
Robert M
Robert M Benoit
Robert M Gordon
Robert M Kinney
Robert M Mulligan
Robert M Smith Barry
Robert M Stafford - Les
Robert M «vkecliniv
Robert M"ray
Robert M*n°tick
Robert M,Her
Robert M.
Robert M. Cog
Robert M. Gordon
Robert M. Holmes
Robert M. Muffigan By-Law
Robert M. Patt»u
Robert M. Salter
Robert M. Thompson
Robert M. Zimmerman
Robert M.C.
Robert Ma
Robert Ma nary’s Fleets
Robert Ma-
Robert Ma-Sincc
Robert Maahs
Robert Mac Janet
Robert Mac Kechnie
Robert Mac- Sr Yearling Heifer
Robert Mac-farlane
Robert Mac-Kechnie
Robert Mac-lain
Robert Mac-their
Robert MacDonald
Robert Macdonnell
Robert Macfarlanc
Robert Macfarlane
Robert Macfarlnne
Robert Macfarlsne
Robert Macfnrlane
Robert Macintosh
Robert MacIntyre
Robert MacJanet
Robert Mack
Robert MacKcchnic
Robert MacKecbnie
Robert MacKech Charlie McGuire
Robert MacKech-nie
Robert MacKechme
Robert MacKechn
Robert MacKechnic
Robert MacKechnic Eric Smith
Robert MacKechnic Shawville Ford Inc.
Robert MacKechnie
Robert MacKechnie 2
Robert MacKechnie 647-2721
Robert MacKechnie Electronic Filing
Robert MacKechnie Finnigans
Robert Mackechnie Shawville Ford
Robert MacKechnie Shawville Ford Inc.
Robert MacKechnie- QYF
Robert MacKechnie’s
Robert MacKechnit
Robert MacKechnk
Robert MacKecInpayment
Robert MacKecknie
Robert Mackie
Robert Macklin
Robert MacLaren
Robert MacMeckm
Robert MacPherson
Robert MacPherson Saturday
Robert Macquar-
Robert Madoar
Robert Madore
Robert Magee
Robert Mahlitz
Robert Mahoney
Robert Maisonneuve
Robert Majaury
Robert Major
Robert Malbeuf
Robert Male
Robert Malette
Robert Mallette
Robert Mamville
Robert Mamvilte J)
Robert MamviUe
Robert MamvSe J)
Robert Man
Robert Man*
Robert Man-
Robert Man- - Lyn Cameron
Robert Man-Ke
Robert Man-well
Robert Manar.y
Robert Manary
Robert Manary Colton
Robert Manary On Saturday
Robert Mandeon
Robert Mansfield
Robert Manwdl
Robert Manwell
Robert Manwell Portage
Robert Mar-
Robert March
Robert Marchand
Robert Margaret
Robert Margaret and
Robert Margaret.
Robert Margerum
Robert Marin
Robert Marion
Robert Marion Kelly
Robert Mark
Robert Mark 1.00 -1.50
Robert Marks
Robert Marlon
Robert Marse
Robert Marshall
Robert Mart- Linda Martineau
Robert Martial
Robert Martin
Robert Martin Campbell’s Bay
Robert Martineau
Robert Martineau Mar*
Robert Mary’s School
Robert Mass
Robert Massey
Robert Masson
Robert Master Oavin Humphrey
Robert Masters
Robert Masters 10:00
Robert Masters III
Robert Mathews
Robert Mathewson
Robert Maths
Robert Matters
Robert Mauary
Robert Mavelin
Robert Maxwell
Robert May
Robert May Hull Denis McNamara Vice President
Robert May If
Robert Mayer
Robert Mayhew
Robert Maynard
Robert Mayor
Robert Mayor Paul Ryan Ladouceur
Robert Mayors Peck
Robert MB"
Robert Mc
Robert Mc Creuik Another
Robert Mc-
Robert Mc- I... Sheppard
Robert Mc- Mr
Robert Mc-1 Mr.
Robert Mc-C
Robert Mc-Credie
Robert Mc-Cubbin
Robert Mc-Diannld
Robert Mc-Gaghran
Robert Mc-Kechnie
Robert Mc-Oaw
Robert Mc-Quirter
Robert McAlpine
Robert McAngus
Robert McAra
Robert McArdle
Robert McArthur
Robert McC
Robert McCall
Robert McCallum
Robert McCann
Robert McCarrlson
Robert McCart
Robert McCauley
Robert McCausland
Robert McCaw
Robert McCaw Is
Robert McCleary
Robert McCleary Mr. Robert McCleary
Robert McClelland
Robert McClure
Robert McCluro
Robert McColgan
Robert McColgan CENTRAL
Robert McColgen
Robert McConachie
Robert McCord
Robert McCord -
Robert McCord .457
Robert McCord .500
Robert McCord 4bm22
Robert McCord 647-
Robert McCord 647- Chaque
Robert McCord 647- Municipality
Robert McCord 647-2823
Robert McCord 647-2825
Robert McCord 647-2825 " Myles Richardson
Robert McCord 647-2825 Jim Hodgins
Robert McCord 647-2825 Jim Hodgins Vous
Robert McCord 6472825
Robert McCord Adult
Robert McCord Agricultural Zoning
Robert McCord All
Robert McCord Ben 453-7600
Robert McCord Cette
Robert McCord Dies
Robert McCord Electrohome Humidifier
Robert McCord Equity
Robert McCord Fort Coulonge
Robert McCord Fr
Robert McCord HAHN LAKE
Robert McCord NORWAY
Robert McCord PA
Robert McCord Pontiac
Robert McCord Preston Cull M
Robert McCord Res
Robert McCord Robert Morrison
Robert McCord Ron Armitage John Atkinson Tom Fraser
Robert McCord September
Robert McCord Shawville
Robert McCord Since Miss Smart’s
Robert McCord Tim Powell
Robert McCord TV
Robert McCord WfccKLY HATES Purebred Charolais
Robert McCord Wills
Robert McCord X
Robert McCordl FD 507
Robert McCormick
Robert McCoshen
Robert McCoshen Dr.
Robert McCoshen Graham Cavanaught
Robert McCracken
Robert McCrcdie
Robert McCrcdle
Robert McCre
Robert McCre-die
Robert McCrea
Robert McCredic
Robert McCredie
Robert McCredie Die*
Robert McCredie Ronald
Robert McCredie Surviving
Robert McCrediex
Robert McCredie’s
Robert McCredle
Robert McCrod
Robert McCtedie
Robert McCuaig
Robert McCubbin
Robert McCullough
Robert McCvlley
Robert McD
Robert McDoaell
Robert McDonald
Robert McDonald.
Robert McDowell
Robert McDowell 2
Robert McDowell 2. Fall Wheat—Wm
Robert McDowell 2. _
Robert McDowell 5.00 Mrs.
Robert McDowell’s
Robert McEUigott SJ.
Robert McFamon
Robert McFarlane
Robert McFarlane.
Robert McFarlane’s
Robert McFarlaue
Robert McGarry
Robert McGarry de Cantley
Robert McGee
Robert McGhee
Robert McGibbon
Robert McGrath
Robert McGrath.
Robert McGreevy
Robert McGregor
Robert McGriffin
Robert McIntyre
Robert Mcissac
Robert McJaiintof Yarm
Robert McJanct
Robert McJanet
Robert McJanet Rsq
Robert McJanet.
Robert McJankt
Robert McJanst
Robert McKay
Robert McKech- X
Robert McKech-1 Heor
Robert McKech-mc
Robert McKechnie
Robert McKechnie Wyman
Robert McKechnle
Robert McKen-dry
Robert McKendry
Robert McKenna
Robert McKenny
Robert McKenzie
Robert McKeohaie
Robert McKibbon
Robert McKinnan
Robert McKinncx
Robert McKinney
Robert McKinnon
Robert McKnight
Robert McKxven
Robert Mcl-
Robert Mclaaac
Robert McLarnin
Robert McLarnon
Robert McLaruon
Robert McLaughlin
Robert McLauglln Reid
Robert McLean
Robert McLean Wylie
Robert McLellan
Robert McLelland
Robert McLeod
Robert Mclnne*
Robert Mclredic
Robert Mclsaac
Robert Mclveehni*»
Robert McMar- Municipal Flag
Robert McMeakin Laird Robert McMeakin Laird
Robert McMillan
Robert McMillan McMillan Sales
Robert McMullen
Robert McMullin
Robert McMunn
Robert McNab
Robert McNabb
Robert McNally
Robert McNamara
Robert McNeil
Robert McNeill
Robert McNeilly
Robert McNeils
Robert McOedie
Robert McPhee
Robert McPherson Gordon’s
Robert McQrcdie
Robert McQuarters
Robert McQuarters"
Robert McQuirter
Robert McQuirter Mrs. Gordon Howard
Robert McQuivter
Robert McQuuter
Robert McRae
Robert McRae Otter Lake Post Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Robert McRae............... Harvey Steele
Robert McSwcency
Robert McSwceney
Robert McSweeney
Robert McTiernan
Robert McU
Robert Mcuord
Robert McUredie
Robert Mcwade
Robert Md Kathleen Knox
Robert Me As
Robert Me Callum Savage
Robert Me Cleary
Robert Me Cord
Robert Me Janet
Robert Me Junior Champion Female
Robert Me(
Robert Me*
Robert Me-
Robert Me- Dowell
Robert Me- During
Robert Me- Jimmy Fletcher
Robert Me- J»y
Robert Me- Little
Robert Me- Maine
Robert Me- Sunday
Robert Me-Do
Robert Me-Kenney
Robert Me-Oreevy
Robert Meagher
Robert MeCaugherty
Robert Meehan
Robert Meehan Room This
Robert Meehan Room’
Robert Megaw
Robert Meighen
Robert Meiglum
Robert MeJan-et
Robert MeJanct
Robert MeJanet
Robert MeJanet.
Robert MeKenny
Robert Mel-
Robert Mel-drum
Robert Meld-
Robert Meldrum
Robert Meller
Robert Mellon
Robert Mellor
Robert Mellor Beechgro
Robert Melvin 2nd Vice
Robert Melvin Moore
Robert Melvin Moore JOHN PAUL
Robert Melvin Stewart
Robert Melvin.
Robert Memphis
Robert MeN.il
Robert Menard
Robert Menard Clarence
Robert Menard Menard
Robert Mene
Robert Menziee
Robert MeOaw
Robert MeOedie
Robert MER
Robert Mer-
Robert Mercier
Robert Meredith
Robert Merino
Robert Merritt 146.34
Robert MeTisrosa
Robert Mets
Robert Met’redie
Robert Meunier
Robert MHchum
Robert Mi - Bélisle
Robert Mi Janet
Robert Mi<ki*<
Robert Michael
Robert Michael Hall
Robert Michaelis
Robert Michaud
Robert Michel
Robert Michum V Eleanor Parker Unusual Novel Color
Robert Micthum Ann Blythe
Robert Mid
Robert Mid Jlemiss
Robert Mid-
Robert Mid- Eardley
Robert Mid- Hull
Robert Mid- Knox Landing Road
Robert Mid-Bryson Rd
Robert Mid-dlcmiss
Robert Mid-dlemiss
Robert Mid-senclavement
Robert Mid-•
Robert MidAssociate
Robert Midd
Robert Middbmie#
Robert Middclmiss
Robert Middelmiss
Robert Middie-miss
Robert Middiemiss
Robert Middiemtss
Robert MiddJemisa
Robert Middlcmiss
Robert Middlcmiss Monda
Robert Middle
Robert Middle-
Robert Middle- Allard
Robert Middle- Andre Trudeau
Robert Middle- Cr Dagg
Robert Middle- Firemen
Robert Middle- Harold Emery
Robert Middle-adopted
Robert Middle-bell
Robert Middle-book
Robert Middle-Cherry
Robert Middle-make
Robert Middle-Merlin Richardson
Robert Middle-miss
Robert Middle-miss MNA
Robert Middle-Pontiac Warden Denis
Robert Middle-regarding
Robert Middle-son
Robert Middle-tor
Robert Middlem
Robert Middlemans
Robert Middlemia Andrew Michaud
Robert Middlemiaa
Robert Middlemias
Robert Middlemias MLA Tigre
Robert Middlemiee
Robert Middlemisa
Robert Middlemisê
Robert Middlemise MNA
Robert Middlemiss
Robert Middlemiss Corridor
Robert Middlemiss -
Robert Middlemiss Aylmer Liberal Party
Robert Middlemiss Buffet 9:30
Robert Middlemiss Comité
Robert Middlemiss Corporation Municipal
Robert Middlemiss DÉPUTÉ
Robert Middlemiss Full
Robert Middlemiss However
Robert Middlemiss Les
Robert Middlemiss LIB
Robert Middlemiss M.L.A.
Robert Middlemiss M.N.A.
Robert Middlemiss M.N.A. Letter
Robert Middlemiss M.NA
Robert Middlemiss Maple
Robert Middlemiss Ministre
Robert Middlemiss MNA
Robert Middlemiss Moved
Robert Middlemiss MP
Robert Middlemiss MP Outaouais
Robert Middlemiss Mr Hector Soucie
Robert Middlemiss O/iCM/ SR
Robert Middlemiss Ottawa
Robert Middlemiss Pie
Robert Middlemiss Randall Beattie
Robert Middlemiss Robert Bertrand Valley Mutual Robert McCord Terry Richard Frank Ladouceur Bert
Robert Middlemiss Since January
Robert Middlemiss These
Robert Middlemiss X
Robert Middlemiss’s
Robert Middlemjss
Robert Middlemlss
Robert Middlemlss 0
Robert Middleroofing
Robert Middleton
Robert Middllemiss
Robert MiddSss
Robert Middtemiss
Robert MidIndustries
Robert Midlemiss
Robert Midmake
Robert Midtflemiss
Robert MieJaner
Robert Mike Hodgins
Robert Milam
Robert Milburn Rennick
Robert Milkr
Robert Milks
Robert Mill
Robert Mill-
Robert Mill- Change
Robert Mill- F
Robert Mill- Mayor.
Robert Mill- _
Robert Mill-Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Mill-Transport
Robert Millar
Robert Millar Douglas Demers
Robert Milled
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Campbell’s Bay
Robert Miller Co.
Robert Miller Wallace
Robert Miller*
Robert Millier
Robert Millikan
Robert Mills
Robert Milne
Robert Milter
Robert Milton
Robert Milton James
Robert Milton Otter Lake
Robert Mine
Robert Minutes
Robert Miorhcad
Robert Miron
Robert Miss Janice Riebertz
Robert Mit
Robert Mitch 1100
Robert Mitch Danny Kaye
Robert Mitcham
Robert Mitcham Olivia
Robert Mitcham Olivia De Ha
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell Co.
Robert Mitchell Shirley Stewart
Robert Mitchi
Robert Mitchim
Robert Mitchum
Robert Mitchum V. Anne Heywood
Robert Mitchum ADULT
Robert Mitchum ALSO
Robert Mitchum Carroll Baker
Robert Mitchum Children
Robert Mitchum Color
Robert Mitchum Color Quiet Sale
Robert Mitchum Curt Jurgens
Robert Mitchum Dean Martin
Robert Mitchum Extra Thrifty Envoy Standard
Robert Mitchum Kirk Douglas Richard Widmerk
Robert Mitchum Linda Darnell
Robert Mitchum Ray
Robert Mitchum Richard Widmark GROCERY
Robert Mitchum Technicolor
Robert Mitckum 5
Robert Mitt
Robert Mkklemlss
Robert Mlddlemiss MLA
Robert Mlddlemlae
Robert Mlddlemlss
Robert Mlddlemlss MNA Fred Metcalfe Club
Robert Mlirhum EIRE
Robert Mltchmn HEAVEN KNOWS
Robert Mltchum
Robert Mltchum Allen’s Lunch
Robert Mltchum Teresa Wright
Robert Mltclmm Ann Jeffries NEVADA
Robert Mltehum Roy Rogers
Robert MncNair
Robert Mo
Robert Mo Callum
Robert Mo IT
Robert Mo Vallum
Robert Mo>t*»n
Robert MOBILE Chip
Robert MoC
Robert MoCrkdik At
Robert Mof-1
Robert Mof-fatt
Robert Mof-S
Robert Moffalt
Robert Moffat
Robert Moffatt
Robert Moffet
Robert Moffett
Robert Moffet’s
Robert Moffitt
Robert Moflatt
Robert MofTatt
Robert Moir
Robert Moiris
Robert MoJanet
Robert Molette
Robert MolTntt
Robert Mon
Robert Mond
Robert MoNeli
Robert Monettc
Robert Mono
Robert Monsieur Lefebvre
Robert Mont
Robert Mont-
Robert Mont-quandary
Robert Montagu
Robert Montell Knows
Robert Montgo-
Robert Montgomerie
Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery’s
Robert Montreal
Robert Moodie
Robert Mooney
Robert Moor
Robert Moore
Robert Moore Mrs Clair Fleury
Robert Moore,Calumet
Robert Moorebend
Robert Moorhead
Robert Moorhead Well
Robert Moorj
Robert Moote
Robert Mor
Robert Mor- Mindy Honey
Robert Moreau
Robert Morehead
Robert Morey
Robert Morey Dies While Visiting
Robert Morgan
Robert Morin
Robert Morissette
Robert Morley Carole Gray
Robert Morley CHARLIE DAGS
Robert Morn
Robert Morri-sette
Robert Morrill
Robert Morris
Robert Morris Corresponde
Robert Morris Correspondent
Robert Morris COULONGE
Robert Morris-Correspondent
Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison Mulligan
Robert Morrow
Robert Mors# Inger Stevens
Robert Morse BE
Robert Mortis
Robert Morton
Robert Moses.
Robert Motion
Robert Motion Commr Widdicombe Younge
Robert Mottle
Robert Moved
Robert Moxley
Robert Mr
Robert Mr Low
Robert Mr Perry
Robert Mr.
Robert Mr. Donald Dodridge
Robert Mr. Harry Wood
Robert MRC
Robert MrFeeier
Robert Mrs Crawford
Robert Mrs Debbie Markovitch
Robert Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Robert Mrs Elsie Murphy
Robert Mrs Esmond Johnston
Robert Mrs Harriette McDonald Anglican Church
Robert Mrs Harry
Robert Mrs Hector Largarde
Robert Mrs McCagg
Robert Mrs Urban Curley
Robert Mrs, Wheeler Rev. Canon Heney
Robert Mrs. Clude Ar-
Robert Mrs. Reuben Tubman
Robert Mr^and Mrs^Philip Allard
Robert MsCord
Robert Msof.-olane
Robert Mtddlemiss
Robert Mtddlermss
Robert Mtddrum
Robert Mtddtemtss
Robert MtGreevy’s
Robert Mtslanet
Robert Muc-Kechnie
Robert Much
Robert MUchum
Robert Mueller
Robert Mugabe’s
Robert Muiae
Robert Muidlemiss
Robert Muir
Robert Muise
Robert Mullen
Robert Mulli- SSS&i
Robert Mulligan
Robert Mullin
Robert Mullins
Robert Mulvagh
Robert Mulvah
Robert Mulveigh
Robert Mulvihill
Robert Mun Richard
Robert Municipal Inspector
Robert Municipale
Robert Munro
Robert Munsch
Robert Munsch Red Is Best
Robert Munsch Teddy Rabbit - Kathy Stinson
Robert Munsch Teddy Rabbit - Kathy Stinson Red
Robert Muokay
Robert Muorhead
Robert Mur
Robert Mur-
Robert Murdock
Robert Murphy
Robert Murray
Robert Murray Hudson
Robert Murray Leach
Robert Murray McNeil
Robert Murray Simmons
Robert Murray Telephone
Robert Murraylcame
Robert Murrell
Robert Mustard
Robert MvFnvlane
Robert Mvldium
Robert MvLunvn
Robert MVP
Robert Mwdkniies
Robert My
Robert Myers Jaffray
Robert Myles
Robert Mylne
Robert Myth
Robert N Blacklcr
Robert N Fletcher
Robert N Gordon
Robert N Horner
Robert N. Black
Robert N. Horner
Robert N. Horner New
Robert N. Mc-Irish Cobblers
Robert N. McCreary
Robert N. McNevly
Robert N. Report Xess
Robert N. Thompson
Robert N. Thompson Middle East
Robert N. Weltzel
Robert N. Y.
Robert n0
Robert Nadeau
Robert Nadjewan
Robert Nadon
Robert Napier
Robert Nathan 4000 B.C.
Robert Ncwcommon
Robert Neal
Robert Neil Farrell
Robert Nemcommon Farrell
Robert Nephin
Robert Nesbitt
Robert Nesbitt Horner
Robert Ness
Robert Nés»
Robert Nev
Robert New
Robert New-common
Robert Newberry
Robert Newbury
Robert Newcom-mon
Robert Newcom-|d#y
Robert Newcomme
Robert Newcommon
Robert Newcommoo
Robert Newman
Robert Newman Advertising
Robert Newroriunon
Robert Newspapers Association
Robert Newton
Robert Newton Barbara Hale MONDAY
Robert Newton — Farm
Robert Nicholas
Robert Nicholas ... Harry Wallace
Robert Nicholas and Ruby Hazel Brownlee
Robert Nicholas Beau
Robert Nicholas Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
Robert Nicholas HACK
Robert Nicholas Slater
Robert Nicholas.
Robert Nicholas..........
Robert Nicholas........... Rex
Robert Nicholes
Robert Nichols
Robert Nile
Robert Nivelle
Robert Nixon
Robert Nlch
Robert Nlohelee Fowl»
Robert No
Robert No.
Robert No. 11325
Robert Nobes
Robert Noble
Robert Noel
Robert Norman BOY SCOUTS Mrs.
Robert North
Robert Norwood
Robert Nothing
Robert Notons
Robert Nounou Graveline
Robert Nouvelles Soucie
Robert Nov.
Robert Now
Robert nQW Ralph
Robert Nugent
Robert Nunn
Robert NVeigand 299
Robert O Dell
Robert O Donnell Photography
Robert O ReiHy
Robert O Rielly
Robert O Stark
Robert O «rman
Robert O. Church
Robert O. Elliott
Robert O. Hodgina
Robert O. Hudgins
Robert O. Little
Robert O. Roy
Robert Oakes
Robert Oartsngn
Robert Oatrom
Robert Oawford
Robert October
Robert Oeighton
Robert Office Specialist
Robert OL.rM.
Robert Olda Monday
Robert Oliph- Our
Robert Oliphant
Robert Oliphant 11:15
Robert Oliphant As
Robert Oliphant Campbell
Robert Oliphant Campbell’s
Robert Oliphant I
Robert Oliphant It
Robert Oliphant Welsey
Robert Oliphant Worship
Robert Olive
Robert Olm
Robert Olsen
Robert Olson
Robert On
Robert ond*H#MM Towel
Robert Onslow
Robert Ont.
Robert Oor« I--
Robert Ootilla
Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Option*
Robert Optional
Robert Or Joel Eliott Lcrl Armstrong
Robert Or Ml# SA Glrle Helen Acre#
Robert Orawford
Robert Oreenshields
Robert Ormis-ton Stark
Robert Ormis-’
Robert Ormond
Robert Ornette
Robert Orr
Robert Orr Orr - Boh
Robert Os
Robert Os(ro*y
Robert Os-
Robert Osborne Smith
Robert Ostbom
Robert Ostrom
Robert Ostroni
Robert Ostrum
Robert Oswald
Robert Oswell Way
Robert Ot Dearly
Robert Ot-
Robert Ot-for
Robert Other
Robert Ottawa
Robert Otter Lake
Robert Otter-man
Robert Otterman
Robert Ou
Robert Ouaile
Robert Ouellet
Robert Ouellet C
Robert Oulllemard
Robert Our
Robert Out
Robert Ove
Robert Over
Robert Over- The
Robert Overton
Robert Overton Get
Robert Overton March]NB
Robert Overvon
Robert Oveton
Robert Owens
Robert Ow«*n
Robert O’Bray
Robert O’Dell
Robert O’Hearn
Robert O’Reilley
Robert O’Reilly
Robert O’Riclly
Robert P Bill Pi
Robert P Brouse
Robert P Goldins
Robert P Racicot
Robert P Raclcot
Robert P Ractcof CIP
Robert P Ripley
Robert P Tristram Coffin
Robert P*
Robert P. Racicot
Robert P. Racicot Blais
Robert P. Raclcot
Robert P. Thomson
Robert P. Wilson
Robert Pa
Robert Pacha 1
Robert Packer Ltndermao
Robert Page
Robert Page Lincoln
Robert Page Lincoln Guns
Robert Page North
Robert Page Uncoln
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer Howard
Robert Palter- Far Mrs. William Hollis
Robert Palter- Hollis Dowd Mrs
Robert Paquette
Robert Paquin
Robert Parent
Robert Parents
Robert Paris
Robert Park
Robert Parker
Robert Parry
Robert Parti
Robert Partridge
Robert Pat Kavanagh
Robert Pat- Mr.
Robert Paterson
Robert Pattarson
Robert Patter-
Robert Patter-1L.
Robert Patter-Institute
Robert Patterson
Robert Paul
Robert Paul Bertrand
Robert Paul Jennifer
Robert Paul Lacroix 7
Robert Pauline Smith
Robert Payne
Robert Payne.
Robert Pear
Robert Pearce
Robert Peary
Robert Pêche
Robert Peck
Robert Peden
Robert Peel
Robert Peever
Robert Peewee
Robert Peewee Low Wolves
Robert Pehleman
Robert Peirfield
Robert Pel
Robert Pel-
Robert Pel-saries
Robert Pelletier
Robert Pelletier - Smurflt Stone
Robert Pelletier de Stone
Robert Pelletier USAF
Robert Peltlplece
Robert Pelton
Robert Penney
Robert Pentland
Robert Peppard
Robert Peppard Dr. Catherine Ohayon
Robert Per-
Robert Per- For
Robert Perciv&l
Robert Percivai
Robert Percival
Robert Perclval
Robert Perclval Auction Sale
Robert Percy
Robert Percy Rich-served
Robert Percy Richardson CLINTON
Robert Perdval
Robert Perks
Robert Perre
Robert Perreau
Robert Perreault
Robert Perrier
Robert Perron
Robert Perry
Robert Pervical
Robert Petore
Robert Pettingill
Robert Phair
Robert Phaire Brousc
Robert Philip
Robert Phillion
Robert Phillips
Robert PhiUp
Robert Pholr
Robert Phone
Robert Phone 458-2652 W#
Robert Photo
Robert Photos
Robert Phuir
Robert Physicians
Robert Ph°ne 648-2434 Carswell
Robert Pi
Robert Pi Ion
Robert Pi-
Robert Pic
Robert Pic-
Robert Pic-kie
Robert Picard
Robert Picard Partie
Robert Pierce
Robert Pierce Max
Robert Pierson
Robert Pigeon
Robert Pigeon St Alexandre
Robert Pigeon St Alexandre College
Robert Pigon
Robert Pil-began
Robert Pilipchuk
Robert Pilon
Robert Pilon Josh Osmond
Robert Pilon Knights
Robert Pilon Midget
Robert Pilon Nathan Lariviere
Robert Pilons
Robert Pilon’s
Robert Pilotte
Robert Pinch
Robert Pink
Robert Pinker-
Robert Pinkerton
Robert Piswald
Robert Pitt
Robert Placings
Robert Plager
Robert Plant
Robert Plants
Robert Platt
Robert Please
Robert Poaps Owner
Robert Poir-
Robert Poirer
Robert Poirer _
Robert Poirier
Robert Pollock
Robert Polwhwl
Robert Pontiac
Robert Pontiac Printshop Pontiac Realty F 7-29P4 Cameron
Robert Pontiac Tourism
Robert Pop
Robert Pop-
Robert Pope
Robert Pophey Niagara
Robert Popkey
Robert Popkey Niagara
Robert Portion
Robert Pot-
Robert Potter
Robert Potvin
Robert Potvin (Marie)
Robert Potvin (Marie) Windsor
Robert Poulin
Robert Poulton
Robert Povlmore
Robert Powell
Robert Powers
Robert Poyd
Robert Preaton Cathy Downs Matinee
Robert Prend
Robert Prender
Robert Prestes
Robert Prestley
Robert Preston
Robert Preston Amy Maheral
Robert Preston THEATRE
Robert Price
Robert Prices
Robert Prichard
Robert Prince
Robert Pringle
Robert Prises
Robert Prit-
Robert Pritchard
Robert Products
Robert Proposed
Robert Protrix I
Robert Prouix
Robert Proul
Robert Proul*
Robert Prouli S49262bml6
Robert Proulx
Robert Proulx Fence
Robert Proulx Lamirande
Robert Proulx Sr
Robert Prowl*
Robert Prowl* FRIDAY
Robert Prowlx
Robert Prud’homme
Robert Pugh
Robert PUHbert
Robert Purcell
Robert PVnn
Robert P®i*t
Robert Q&
Robert Q-awford
Robert Qawford
Robert Qiamberlin
Robert Qkama
Robert Qneaie
Robert Qneale
Robert Qrawford
Robert Qua
Robert Qua He
Robert Quai
Robert Quail#
Robert Quaile
Robert Quaile Marlyn Plouffe
Robert Quaile Pe
Robert Quaile Remembrance Day
Robert Quailv
Robert Qualle
Robert Quasi
Robert Quast
Robert Queak
Robert Queale
Robert Quea|e
Robert Quebec
Robert Quelle
Robert Quelle After World
Robert Quenneville
Robert Quesnel
Robert Quesnel Clarendon
Robert Quesnel H
Robert Quillen
Robert Quinn
Robert QUyon
Robert R
Robert R Gerald Draper
Robert R Hall
Robert R Macfarlane
Robert R Tarhune
Robert R. A. GRANT Rogers
Robert R. Armstrong
Robert R. Corrigan
Robert R. Cotnem
Robert R. Cuthbertson
Robert R. de Cotrel
Robert R. De Cotret
Robert R. de Cotret Gerry Weiner Doug Lewis
Robert R. De Cotret L hon
Robert R. Gamey
Robert R. Hodgine
Robert R. Lan-
Robert R. Mathews
Robert R. Ness
Robert R. Smith
Robert R. Thompson
Robert R/Jcrd Ce
Robert Racine
Robert Rad
Robert Rad-more
Robert Radford
Robert Radford Hospital Auxiliary Radford Hospital Auxiliary
Robert Radmore
Robert Radmore 2nd
Robert Radmore Publicity
Robert Radon Powell
Robert Raffle
Robert Raglin
Robert Raikes
Robert Raike’s
Robert Ralph
Robert Ralph Glenn Hod
Robert Ralph... Wm Wallace
Robert Ralph...... W.
Robert Ralph1
Robert Ralphe
Robert Ralston
Robert Ramey
Robert Ramy
Robert Rand
Robert Randolph Bruce
Robert Randy Hodglns Bruce Schock Sherwln Greer Wllla Smith Jennifer Huckabone Dan Hewltt Anne Roge
Robert Range
Robert Ranger
Robert Rangers
Robert Rarclay Allardico
Robert Rassmasun
Robert Raton
Robert Raul
Robert Ravelin
Robert Rax-
Robert Raxenter
Robert Ray
Robert Ray. Hill
Robert Raymond
Robert Rcford
Robert Rdph
Robert Re-
Robert Rec
Robert Redford
Robert Redford Winner
Robert Redford Cement Work
Robert Redford I
Robert Redford NOW Lee Yen Cleef Katherine Ross
Robert Rediker
Robert Redtord FRIDAY
Robert Reel
Robert Reford
Robert Reford Co.
Robert Reg
Robert Regier
Robert Reid
Robert Reid Macfarlane
Robert Reiger
Robert Reilly
Robert Remi
Robert Remnant
Robert Remua
Robert Renaud
Robert Renaud King
Robert Renauld
Robert Rendu
Robert René Hahn
Robert Rennick
Robert Representatives
Robert Request
Robert Reside
Robert Reside Council
Robert Restigouche River
Robert Reynolds Get
Robert Rhodes
Robert Ri
Robert Ribeyron Liée
Robert Ribeyron Ltée de Ripon
Robert Ric
Robert Ricard
Robert Rice
Robert Richard
Robert Richard 2783x 27392xa26
Robert Richard 52.00
Robert Richard 780-798-3737.
Robert Richard Leoiardis
Robert Richard War- R,
Robert Richard-
Robert Richard- Retails
Robert Richard- Shoes
Robert Richard.
Robert Richards
Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson Smith
Robert Richardson Wakefield
Robert Richer
Robert Riddell
Robert Riddering
Robert Ridgeon
Robert Ridley
Robert Rie-lâcher
Robert Riley
Robert Rime*
Robert Rin- Originally
Robert Ringrose
Robert Ringsose
Robert Rioux
Robert Ripley
Robert Rish
Robert Risk
Robert Rita
Robert Rita and Aunt Lola Vinton Deepest
Robert Ritchie
Robert Riv Maple
Robert Rivard
Robert Rivet
Robert Riznek
Robert Riznek X <
Robert Riznek X
Robert Rlake
Robert Rlng-where Mrs
Robert Rnssett
Robert Roach
Robert Robbins
Robert Robert
Robert Roberta
Robert Roberta Allison Caverly
Robert Robertson
Robert Robertson Graham Spence R G Hodgins Skip
Robert Robertson Tendered Farewell Party
Robert Robi-
Robert Robi-< May
Robert Robi-taille
Robert Robichaud
Robert Robitaill
Robert Robitaill#
Robert Robitaillc
Robert Robitaille
Robert Robitaille --- Mrs. Albert Armitage John A. Hobbs
Robert Robitailm You
Robert Rocheleau
Robert Rochon
Robert Rocks
Robert Rocky Lane Majestic
Robert Rocncy
Robert Rod
Robert Rodale
Robert Rodale Emmanuel Pétrin
Robert Rodale FOOD
Robert Roden
Robert Roderick
Robert Rodgers
Robert Rodgins
Robert Roeehart
Robert Roger
Robert Roger Wood Rutledge
Robert Rogers
Robert Rohitaille
Robert Romain
Robert Romaine
Robert Roney
Robert Ronnie
Robert Room
Robert Rooney
Robert Rorden
Robert Rordvn
Robert Rosen
Robert Ross
Robert Rouette De
Robert Rousseau
Robert Row
Robert Row-sell
Robert Rowart
Robert Rowat
Robert Rowe
Robert Rowell Bristol
Robert Rowsell
Robert Roy
Robert Rslord
Robert Rtoho
Robert Ru
Robert Ruaeett
Robert Ruaseli
Robert Ruasett
Robert Rubi
Robert Rubitaille
Robert Rufus Corrigan
Robert Run
Robert Rur
Robert Rural Pact
Robert Rural Tel
Robert Rus
Robert Rus Lot
Robert Rus-
Robert Rus- Radford Auxiliary Ten
Robert Rus- Speakers Pool
Robert Rus-Palr
Robert Rus-sett
Robert Rus-sett Councillor
Robert Rus>ei J .nr.Edy
Robert Rusaett
Robert Ruseett
Robert Russatt
Robert Russctt
Robert Russe Ils
Robert Russell
Robert Russell 210
Robert Russell and Stewart Murray
Robert Russell Harry W
Robert Russell Mollon Quenneville
Robert Russell Mr
Robert Russell Mr. Diefenbaker
Robert Russell Mrs Malcolm Letts Mrs
Robert Russell No.
Robert Russell Place
Robert Russell Russell - Gesner Adam
Robert Russell.
Robert Russet
Robert Russet 647-5553.2XA27
Robert Russetf
Robert Russett
Robert Russett -
Robert Russett 608-r2 Wyman
Robert Russett 60B-r2 Wyman
Robert Russett Notice President Shawville
Robert Russett Seat
Robert Russett Seat M |
Robert Russetts
Robert Russe»
Robert RussMt
Robert Rusvell
Robert Rutledge
Robert Ry*n
Robert Ryam
Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan Feet
Robert Ryan !
Robert Ryan - Œ
Robert Ryan Alex Cord
Robert Ryan Apparel Specialists For Men
Robert Ryan BEER
Robert Ryan Campbell
Robert Ryan Cinemascope
Robert Ryan ESCAPE
Robert Ryan Gene Kelly Cyd Charlsee
Robert Ryan Harvey Lembeck Jean Peters Jean Peters Philip Carey Anne Baxter
Robert Ryan Highest
Robert Ryan IF
Robert Ryan Jan Sterling
Robert Ryan Miners Fina Fulfords
Robert Ryan Miss Doris Jacques
Robert Ryan Nancy Olson
Robert Ryan Peter Ustinov
Robert Ryan Rhonda Fleming Lloyd Bridges
Robert Ryan Robert Stack
Robert Ryan Row Allen DoUle
Robert Ryan Shirley Yamaguchl HOUSE
Robert Ryan Susan Ball Somel Betty Hutton Ralph Meeker
Robert Ryan Teresa Stratas Mounted Police
Robert Ryan Teresa Strates Torin Thatcher Bristol Charge Rev Lodger Emard
Robert Ryan Thursday
Robert Ryan Virginia Mayo Campbell
Robert Ryan Virginie Mayo
Robert Ryder
Robert Rysn Burt
Robert r^r^TTT771
Robert S
Robert S Augustus John
Robert S b’ey
Robert s Claudette Wolfe
Robert s Eye Open
Robert S KING
Robert S Smith
Robert S Smith RPSC
Robert S Trudeau
Robert S Vibert
Robert s Wallace Raspberries
Robert S'' "
Robert S,d Ceone
Robert S. Brown
Robert S. Brown Bristol
Robert S. Brown Bristol Bad
Robert S. C. Grigg
Robert S. Dunn
Robert S. Harris
Robert S. Platt
Robert S. Pritchard Quyon Boycott
Robert S. Sheppard
Robert S. Sm
Robert S. Smith
Robert S. Smith B.D. El----=i
Robert S. Smith Hockey
Robert S. Smitn Bryson C.W.L.
Robert S. White
Robert S. Wood
Robert S591 Travers
Robert S;hwartz
Robert Sa
Robert Sabourin
Robert Sack
Robert Sacré-Coeur
Robert Sadly
Robert Sager
Robert Salau
Robert Salle Municipale
Robert Salley
Robert Salley—1Carried Councillor Daniel Fan
Robert Sally
Robert Sam-Friday
Robert Samel
Robert Sampson
Robert Samsel
Robert Samsel Jr
Robert Samsel Margaret Harkins
Robert Samsel Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Robert Samsel Sr
Robert Samsell
Robert Samson
Robert Samuel Lovering
Robert Samuel XX
Robert Samure St
Robert Sandburg
Robert Sandford
Robert Sandra Murray
Robert Santosuosso
Robert Sarazin
Robert Sarragin
Robert Satire
Robert Satruon
Robert Saturday
Robert Saudck
Robert Sauer
Robert Saunders
Robert Sauvé
Robert Savidant
Robert Sawdust
Robert Scantlond Aid
Robert Scharfe
Robert Schinke
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schneide-
Robert Schneider
Robert Schoek
Robert Scholle
Robert ScholleJ
Robert Schomhurgh
Robert School
Robert School Auditorium
Robert Schro-eder
Robert Schroe-der
Robert Schroeder
Robert Schults
Robert Schuman Chorale
Robert Schumann
Robert Schwalm
Robert Schwar- | Duncan Fulford
Robert Schwarts
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwarz
Robert Scot-field
Robert Scott
Robert Scott Douglas Yemen
Robert Scott Mille
Robert Scott Quyon
Robert Scott Russell
Robert Scott Sec-
Robert Scott Taplay
Robert Scott Worship
Robert Scott) Fraser Lake
Robert Scott.
Robert Scrope
Robert Scullun
Robert Se
Robert Seaborn
Robert Seaboyer
Robert Sec.-Treas Dagg
Robert Secrétaire-Trésorier M. Don
Robert Secretary
Robert Secretary Treasurer 2-0-M23 Cflthy
Robert Secretary-Treasurer Eiswald
Robert Sedgewick
Robert Seebold
Robert Segouin
Robert Séguin
Robert Séguin 456-2870 After Shawville
Robert Sehppard
Robert Sellar
Robert Senack
Robert Senack 6482768
Robert Sends
Robert Sept 9
Robert September
Robert Serkowakie
Robert Serkowskie
Robert Service
Robert Service’s
Robert Set
Robert Seuss
Robert Several
Robert Seward
Robert SH"bury Minister Ladysmith
Robert Sha-pre
Robert Shafer
Robert Shalla
Robert Shanks
Robert Shantz
Robert Sharp
Robert Sharpe
Robert Sharpe Holland
Robert Sharpe Mr
Robert Sharpe Sharpe
Robert Sharpes Shawville Hospital
Robert Sharpie
Robert Shaun Vibert
Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw Barbara Back 2
Robert Shaw Corale
Robert Shaw Jacqueline Bis There
Robert Shawvijl# Saddle
Robert Shawville
Robert Shawville Fair
Robert Shawville Holi-Durmg
Robert Shawvllle
Robert Shea
Robert Shearon
Robert Shep
Robert Shep-
Robert Shepard
Robert Shepherd
Robert Sheppard
Robert Sheppard Fort Monge
Robert Sheppard In
Robert Sheppard Mr.
Robert Sheppard Mr. Ned Wilson
Robert Sheppard Phone
Robert Sheppard South
Robert Sheppard Thanks
Robert Sheppard"
Robert Sheppards
Robert Sheppards 0
Robert Sheppard—that
Robert Sheppard’s
Robert Sherwood
Robert Shew Two
Robert Shield
Robert Shipton
Robert Shirley
Robert Shirley 1855-59 Alexander G. Ross
Robert Shlves
Robert Show
Robert Showperson
Robert Si
Robert SI.
Robert Sibley
Robert Sid Kidd
Robert Sidney
Robert Sidney (
Robert Sidney.
Robert Sigouin
Robert Simmental Association
Robert Simon Corriveau
Robert Simoneau
Robert Simp
Robert Simp-Mayor
Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson Co She
Robert Simpson Co.
Robert Simpson Comp
Robert Simpson Eastern Co.
Robert Simpson Park
Robert Simpson Park Arnprior
Robert Simpson Park H°bert Simpson Park Hobert Simpson Park
Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park
Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park
Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Childrens
Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Madawaska
Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park
Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park Robert Simpson Park
Robert Simpson Trophy
Robert Skene
Robert Skerkowski
Robert Slater
Robert SlcGibbon
Robert Sleeves
Robert Slither- M
Robert Sliul-man
Robert Sloan
Robert Sloan 62849b Mrs. Sherwood
Robert Sloen
Robert Slyn
Robert Sm
Robert Sm.th
Robert Small
Robert Smart
Robert Smart Connecting
Robert Smart Etqrs
Robert Smart’s
Robert Smiley
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Mervin
Robert Smith Mrs
Robert Smith On
Robert Smith P>
Robert Smith Stormont
Robert Smith-James Desabrais
Robert Smith’s
Robert Smkim*akij Rhone
Robert SmQWVIIIÔ 647-5682
Robert Smyth
Robert Sneppard
Robert Snnsoii Co. Ltd Meilleure
Robert So
Robert Soantland
Robert Somerville
Robert Song Leader Gladys Pianist
Robert Sonnenburg
Robert Sonnenburg CANDIDAT DE
Robert Sou-
Robert Sou- Société Récréative de Fort-
Robert Soucie
Robert Soucie There
Robert Soude
Robert Souhere
Robert Sourie I Fil CHlL IlS Ball
Robert Southcombe
Robert Southey
Robert Spailing
Robert Spalling
Robert Sparing
Robert Sparks
Robert Sparks Walk
Robert Sparling
Robert Sparling 648-2341 Will
Robert Sparling Lulu Helen* McCord
Robert Sparling Manwell
Robert Sparlings
Robert Sparlnig
Robert Sparrow
Robert Speagles
Robert Spear
Robert Spear* Post
Robert Spears
Robert Spears 613-749-8065
Robert Special
Robert Speer
Robert Spelling
Robert Spence
Robert Spence 3
Robert Spencer
Robert Spent
Robert Sperling
Robert Sperme
Robert Spinks
Robert Splaine
Robert Splane
Robert Splat*»
Robert Spot
Robert Spotswood
Robert Sprit
Robert Sr
Robert sr"--
Robert Sr.
Robert Sruiley
Robert SsJe
Robert SSSsS
Robert SSwSs
Robert St
Robert St Aubin
Robert St Dunville
Robert St Jean
Robert St Pierre
Robert St*r.it
Robert St-Hwe
Robert St-Pierre
Robert St.
Robert St. Jean
Robert St. Jean is
Robert St. Pierre
Robert St.mlvv
Robert Stack
Robert Stack Brod Crawford
Robert Stack Joan Crawford
Robert Stack Pontiac Zone Manager J. A. Essiambre
Robert Stack Superscope Virginia Mayo Technicolor Meuoay
Robert Stack Technicolor
Robert Stack Virginia Mayo
Robert Stack Young Women Janice Rule Sphagnum Moss
Robert Stacy Howard
Robert Stafford
Robert Stamey
Robert Stanfield
Robert Stanfields
Robert Stanfield’s
Robert Stanlev
Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley Itoss
Robert Stanley-Smith
Robert Stanley^Smith
Robert Stark
Robert Stark Cleary
Robert Starke
Robert Starks Association
Robert Stars Tim Ferngon
Robert Stars Tim Ferngon Flyers Cory Dodds
Robert Stars Tim Ferrigan
Robert Stars Tim Ferrigon
Robert Ste-
Robert Stead
Robert Steadman
Robert Steads
Robert Stead’s
Robert Stead’s Greatest Book II
Robert Stearns
Robert Steel
Robert Steele
Robert Steele B. Standing
Robert Steele Mr.
Robert Steele Petawawa
Robert Steeves
Robert Steinkej
Robert Stephans
Robert Stephehson’s
Robert Stephen Hawker
Robert Stephen-
Robert Stephens
Robert Stephenson
Robert Sterling - Passed
Robert Sterling Hobbs
Robert Stevens
Robert Stevenson
Robert Stew
Robert Stew- Visitors
Robert Stewait Dowd
Robert Steward
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart Dowd
Robert Stewart Endeavour
Robert Stewart H.
Robert Stiowood Anri Ken Russell HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Robert Stobo
Robert Stone
Robert Stopa
Robert Stoppa
Robert Storey Dies
Robert Storie
Robert Story
Robert Story.
Robert Stowed
Robert StPlerre
Robert Strachan
Robert Strawberry Social
Robert Stringer
Robert Stromirh
Robert Strutt
Robert Strutt He
Robert Strutt MUTUAL
Robert Strutt Passes Municipal Corporation
Robert Strutt..... John Emerson .... H»
Robert Strutt.......... XX*
Robert Strutt..............
Robert Strutt.............. W. F. Caldwell
Robert Strutt..................
Robert Strvtt
Robert Stufko
Robert Sudbury Hospital
Robert Suites C
Robert Sullivan
Robert Summers
Robert Sumner
Robert Sunstrom
Robert Superintendent
Robert Sur
Robert Sur-
Robert Surcouf
Robert Surtees
Robert Sut
Robert Sutber-
Robert Suthcr-
Robert Suther- Sunday
*1.15 » l 647-2825 *1.00
- 819-647-2416 l FORT WILLIAM
-1081 Mgr l Wesleyan Shawville
-4 Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE
0f Shawville l
1-888-647-2448 X Pour
119J Shawville l A- -—• •
131 Victoria Ave Shawville
151 Shawville
1940 X Shawville
2 Shawville Z /
2. Shawville
3-732-2843 SHAWVILLE V
3. Shawville
301J Shawville l V
30366B1 N l 5 647-3718
34 Victoria Street Shawville
42 Victoria St. Shawville
4he Shawville
4P*- Hermonie l Sharpe 647-3459
5/ Shawville Plaza
54.4 Shawville l
5Mps Shawville Plaza
646-5694 819-647*2204 l
647- $
647- 798502bjl0 l
647- Aline au 683-3 6 ou
647- Dam Coût
647- Island
647- l MacGregor Concrete
647- Oak
647- Port [ollo
647- Province
647- Province de Quebec
647- Road
647- Shopping Plaza
647-2069 X
647-2073 VISA l 133
647-2074 647-2236 l #
647-2074 Quebec
647-2074 Victoria Avenue
647-2110 River
647-2140 Avon
647-2147 1xo14 l
647-2191 X Tenders
647-2204 P l 3rd Annual RIVER VIEW
647-2204 > l #
647-2204 Bar
647-2204 County
647-2204 Main Street
647-2204 Road
647-2204 X
647-2204 ^ l Fax:
647-2205 V
647-2205 V :v
647-2206 7 l
647-2206 E2 l SEPTEMBER Iff*
647-2206 I l #
647-2206 L l 340 Main Street
647-2206 Main Street
647-2206 Victoria Avenue
647-2206 X l
647-2207 IN| l I
647-2211 (
647-2216 X V X* Agra-Spread-All
647-2218 office l 647-2620
647-2234 X A
647-2236 Victoria Ave.
647-2236 Victoria Avenue
647-2236 » Z -
647-2241 / Z Z
647-2255 >ih l UP TO
647-2260 1 l
647-2277 X V *
647-2340 Province
647-241 l ISA
647-2417 X X
647-2429 M l.
647-2429 Main Street
647-2430 Main Street
647-2465 Lake V
647-2472 ou
647-2475 St ThomasBnetot 900am St Luke Eartfey
647-2500 Palm
647-2520 X
647-2525 Bay
647-2525 River
647-2526 Hwy
647-2535 Z Mass l
647-2539 X X
647-2545 ---- l And
647-2545 / l
647-2545 Bay
647-2545 Province
647-2545 Victoria Avenue
647-2550 Victoria Ave.
647-2550 Victoria Avenue
647-2564 Z Z V/
647-2566 4MFHPÎ l
647-2583 X
647-2606 X SAT.
647-2622 Main Street
647-2624 Spring
647-2625.1 X T C
647-2669 X l I.:
647-2670 * l
647-2684 X C
647-2692 EAT-IN
647-2692 EAT-N
647-2692 EAT-tN
647-2727 l l r
647-2727 Love
647-2727 Main Street
647-2727 Mein Street Tel:
647-2727 Victoria Ave
647-2731 647-6363 l
647-2731 Main Street
647-2731 X Sees
647-2772 l 71 St
647-2814 River View
647-2814 Shawville l
647-2814 V V V V V V V V V V V CANADIAN
647-2818 Main Street
647-2825 Shawville Plaza
647-2828 iQffflïïtnsfl» l SEAIM A»K
647-2837 X
647-2869 McLEAN
647-2872 X
647-2915 Bay
647-2918 Rosslend Ave.
647-2929 Road
647-2937 V V V V V V V Main St.
647-2953 l T % S V
647-2953 / l 888
647-2973 abeth Ave.
647-2979 Campbel l Bay 648-6669 Fori Coulonge
647-2993 Province
647-3 3
647-3016 Lake
647-3052 Bay
647-3128 X
647-3168 ; l
647-3191 Residential
647-3214 Beach
647-3215 El Ü QwEYC(
647-3215 Road
647-3216 Province
647-3256 Lake
647-3313 ESH
647-3339 X
647-3339 Mountain
647-3339 X ;
647-3340 0 l FI
647-3340 L RIVER S EDGE
647-3354 St George
647-3357 *
647-3357 X
647-3441 D A S
647-3441 V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V McCANN
647-3451 Province
647-3459 Caldwell l A
647-3459 Results
647-3478 Renfrew
647-3600 X
647-3607 Bay
647-3618 Lansdowne Park
647-3618 T V
647-3621 Ave •
647-3723 Victoria Ave.
647-3730 I
647-3730 Victoria Avenue
647-3731 Province
647-3732 X V Vinton
647-3737 647-2851 l 8 Anyone
647-3756 Ave.
647-3797 l Debbie l
647-38 J l
647-38 Drummond Street
647-3800 I l #
647-3813 Victoria Avenue SHAWVIILE.
647-3817 Main Street
647-3819 St George
647-3831 River Rd
647-3836 King Street
647-3841 Mo Mother
647-3841 River
647-3852 L #
647-3854 Main Street
647-3855 V V V MICKSBURG
647-3855 X
647-3861 Main Street
647-3861 Victoria Street
647-3872 2bo29 l 2to22 Mayhew
647-3878 Main Street
647-3916 Maryland Quebec
647-3935 Victoria Ave.
647-3961 You
647-3968 Century Farm
647-5022 # l
647-5022 Beach
647-5022 LIV Deep River
647-5121 o,648-5101 l
647-5121 Victoria Avenue
647-5162 River View
647-5167 l 0 T
647-5170 X %
647-5188 V 36 Victoria Street
647-5188 Fax
647-5224 453-7822 l
647-5248 Born
647-5248 River
647-5248 X lÉ- iv
647-5276 UP l TO Thurs
647-5276 V V V V
647-5276 X X
647-5285 Victoria Avenue
647-5303 X
647-5303 Prenez
647-5303 X
647-5303 X Parent
647-5306 Spring
647-5306 "
647-5306 e l MacGREGOR CONCRETE
647-5306 Residential
647-5363 Main Street
647-5430 Spring
647-5435 Spring Tea
647-5440 I
647-5452 Hope Ledoux
647-5499 La
647-5499 Special en Pâques dimanche
647-5504 Lake
647-5526 With
647-5581 V %
647-5581 V V V V V V V V
647-5605 X Z V/
647-5611 ou
647-5611 ou l 800665-5217.
647-5616 Lost
647-5625 ONTARIO l
647-5632 SAVINGS l Summer Sale
647-5632 X
647-5648 X
647-5663 X #
647-5666 IBI l U f
647-5702 Main Street
647-5702 Mam Street
647-5730 Atwater
647-5768 l l f
647-5779 Début
647-5779 La Fédération
647-5819 Hungry Hare
647-5928 Victoria Ave.
647-61067 Road
647-6300 l V Ladysmith
647-6363 Main Street
647-6373 l
647-6424 Bay
647-6473 Station
647-6473 X
647-6614 • l V v U
647-6679 iV l 9 I
647-768832bj28 Grove
647-CampbelTs Bay
647-Quyon Mill
683-3125 Shawville Plaza
689-2314 647-2191 l ML
819)647-2403 GEO.
819)647-2403 Nude Beach
819)647-3244 %
819)647-5581 Victoria Ave.
819)647-6706 Ontario
819-647- Bay
819-647- de
819-647-2005 X X X
819-647-2074 Course
819-647-2204 ( l #
819-647-2204 Appelez-nous
819-647-2204 GRADUATE l
819-647-2204 Victoria Avenue
819-647-2204 « l #
819-647-2206 Road
819-647-2261 Spring Automotive
819-647-2416 Drive
819-647-2448 Nicolas Brodeur
819-647-2450 Residential
819-647-2783 Lake
819-647-2814 X
819-647-2937 Victoria Ave.
819-647-2967 ou
819-647-3206 Province
819-647-321 Vs
819-647-3313 Road
819-647-3441 Centre
819-647-3532 Victoria Avenue
819-647-3862 Province
819-647-5184 l 23 Mltchem
819-647-5303 Prenez
819-647-5555 Winter Road
819-647-5581 Pharmaciens
819-647-5829 647-5666 Z
819-647-5955 Ou
819-647-5956 Ou
819-647-63# Main Street
819-647-6300 W l T Gf
819-647-6412 Ou Télécopieur
819-647-painful Sara
819-647-Thome Lake
9-647-2204 I
9K l 819-647-3540 BST* RBQ
À X Shawville
A. Castle Shawville
Allu- Shawville’s
Ann Keyzer au 647-2211
Ann Rondeau au 647-5755.
Annual Shawville
Annual Shawville Road
Annual Shawville Santa Claus
Approvisionnement) au 647-2211
Ball 819-647-2567 l
Ballard 647-2884 l 450 Albert St.
Baptist l QUYON Shawville Tel.
Bar Shawville
Bay Shawville
Beech Grove Shawville
Belle Shawville
Bethel Shawville
Beulah 647-3628 l
Bill Morris au 819-647-2281
Bureau Municipal au 819-647-2979 Faire
Buy Shawville
C. Island Shawville
Ca 647 ShawvSe
Ca l Debb-e 647-5167
Ca l Shawville 75J
Call 647- au Plus tardJe,6
Calumet Island Shawville
Calumet St S Shawville
Camp Shawville
Campbell’s Bay Shawville
Campbell’s Bay Shawville Area
Campbell’s Bay SHAWVILLE QUE.
Canada Shawville
CANADA Shawville Pa «forai
Cape Shawville
Chad Shawville
Char-Broiled Steaks l I Shawville
Clarendon Council l Shawville
COMPANY LIMITED l Shawville Phone
Connaught Park Jockey Shawville
D. St Shawville Main Street
Date 647
Denis Larivière au 819-647-2953
Denis Larivière au 819-647-2953 L offre
Denis Larivière au 819-647-2953 L’offre
Denis Larivière au 819-647-2953.
Denver Tel: 647-3547
Di Shawville Fair
Eistof Shawville
Elizabeth Ave Shawville
Ellis Shawville
Evelyn Duff au 647-5543
Five Roses l SHAWVILLE
Flee: l -877-647-5 U Quebec
Florence St PHONE 647-2695
Fold Dealer—Shawville l CHRISTMAS DANCE
Ford-647*2721 River Club
Fort 647
Fort 647-5303
Fort 647-5303,647-5499
Fort 647-5303,647-5499 Spécial en Pâques dimanche
Fort 647-5959 H V
Fort 647-5959 V
Fort 819-647-5303
Fort Cou- Shawville
Fort Cou-over Shawville
Fort Cou-Shawville
Fort Coulonge SHAWVILLE.
Fort Coulonge Shawville
Fort Otter Lake Shawville
Fort Portage-Shawville
Fort Robert
Fort Shawville
Fort Uoulonge-Shawville
Fox Shawville
Français en Provision 647-2555
Fresh Shawville Tel 647-2205
Ga Shawville
Gardner Shawville
Garrett Trophy Shawville
Glebe-Shawville Trophy
Grand Spring SHAWVILLE
Green Lake Shawville
H No, l Shawville DOMINION
H TOURNAMENT-, l L Shawville
H Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE
Heath Road Shawville
Heins) au 647-2448
Hi Shawville
Hi Shawville Tel:
Hillcrest Avenue Shawville
Hitz Beach
HIV 647-2204 l ax
Hobbs &Son l SHAWVILLE s
HODCINS STORE Quebec en Shawville
Hudson Shawville
HUNTER DOUGLAS l Shawville Ford Inc.
iBtg)647-277B (Z
II Shawville l Quyon *A"
Inc • l Phone 647-2417
J8X Shawville
Jetten) au 647-2448.
Jeweller Shawville l #
Joan Brown au 647-5755.
Joanne Romain au 819-647-1333 Offre
JOX 2Y0 au 819-647-3851
Julie au 647- Madonna
King Shawville Women
King St Shawville
King St Tel 647-3836
King St. Shawville
L Shawville
L Shawville l L. A. SMART
L Shawville Tel.
Lake Shawville
Le Shawville
League Trophy Shawville
M 647-3927 l Visiting
M1S em 647 LH
Ma Klukc Shawville
Main St 647-5711 /
Main St Shawville
Main St Shawville 819-647-3841
Main St Shawville 819-647-3841/Fax
Main St Shawville 819-647-3X41 l ax
Main St Shawville Hardware
Main St Shawville.
Main St. SHAWV1LLE 647-2955 X I*
Main Street I l COLD Shawville
Main Street l DEATH Shawville
Main Street l Shawville
Main Street Tel 647-2975
Main Street Tel 647-2975 ShawvHle
Main Street Tel 647-2975 Shawville
Main Street Tel 647-2975 Shawvllle
Main Street Tel 647-2975 ShawvWe
Main Street Tel 647-2976
Main Street Tel 647-2976 Shawville
Main Street V SHAWVILLE Tel.
Main Street X Shawville
Mali St. Shawville
Manon Francoeur au 647-2211
Marie Lagarde au 647-5755.
mars 1996 au 647-5755.
Martineau 647-2622 l
Maryland Shawville
Mass Shawville Bethel
McGuire Shawville Hypophosphites
Me Dow- X X Shawville
Mercury Dealer 647-2721
Mercury Dealer Shawville
Mercury Phone Shawville
Messages 647-5306
Messages 647-5306 l
Mont Chilly Shawville
Mont Shawville
Montreal Shawville
Mr. Robert
Mrs Robert
Mrs. Robert
Municipalité au 819-647-5555 #
N Shawville
N Shawville Plaza
N Shawville Quebec
NEW Shawville Plaza
New Shawville
Norway Bay Fourth Shawville Road
Norway Shawville
Nova Scotia SHAWVILLE.
Office 647-2/64 l Churches Pentecostal
OFFICE 647-2204
Only 647-2733 l I /
Ontario Shawville
Ottawa Hul Tel 647-2324
Ottawa River Shawville
Ottawa Shawville #
Ottawa Shawville—Goal
Ottawa South Shawville
Ottawea Shawville
Otter Lake 647-2073
Otter Lake Shawville
Ou l’hôpital au 819-647- à
Pa 647-3533
Pa Shawville Council
Pa Stewar l Shawville Que
Pearl Shawville
Phone 647- au Lac Cayamant
Phone 647-2204
Phone 647-2204 l ¦
PHONE 647-2204 l
Phone 647-2500 l 1
PHONE 647-2500 l J WANTED
Phone 647-2500 l SHA MILLE
Phone 647-2564
Phone 647-2564 l SATURDAY
Phone 647-2722 l 8
Phone 647-2760 l Published
Phone 647-2760 Z
PHOTOGRAPHY Shawville Quebec l Deepest
Pine Shawville Quebec
Place Shawville
Plymouth Shawville
Pontiac Motel l 647-9903
Pontiacs Shawville
PQrtoge-Shawville Road
Prince Robert
Quebec Shawville
Quebec 819-647-2204 l 4 I
Quebec 819-647-2204 l
Quebec 819-647-2204 l -mail
Quebec 819-647-2204 Z >
Quebec Shawville
Quebec Shawville l #
Quebec Shawville Ottawa—G.
Québec) J0X l V0 Shawville
Québécois Bay Shawville Festival
Quyon Shawville
R R l Shawville
R. l Shawville.
R. No. l Shawville
Ragged Chute Road Shawville
Residence 647-2581 l #
Rev Dary l MacPhcrxon Shawville
Reward Ca l Debbie 647-5167
Richardson 647-5362 au
Robert Barlow Deep River
Robert Dagg
Robert Fulton
Robert Griffin
Robert Harbor
Robert Kingdom
Robert l 647-3195.
Robert l A1RC "
Robert Létoumeau au 455-2401.
Robert Létoumeau au 819-455-2401.
Robert Létourneau
Robert McCord
Robert Mo
Robert Mo Vallum
Robert Ryan l Vi %
Robert Soucie au 683-2283
Robert Soucie au 683-2283.
Robert SsJe
Robert Wills
Robert’s Beach
Robert’s Pontiac.
Rodeo Shawville l
Route 148 Shawville en la
ROY CONSTRUCTION l Shawville Kinettes
RR 5 l Shawville
RR 5 l Shawville.
Sale Shawville
Salt Shawville
San Shawville
Santa Shawville
Secretary L.O l Shawville
Servie# 684-5338 l Phone 647-3586 Gordon
Shawville l #
Shawville :
Shawville & l V
SHAWVILLE 647-2403 l ft*..
Shawville V l
Shawville X *
Shawville - l argest Kver
Shawville 1 l
Shawville 217 l Shawville -Sv
Shawville 27462 l »
Shawville 5 Z
Shawville 647-2419 Z -i{
Shawville 647-3493 au HITZ- Robert
Shawville 647-5808 l %
Shawville 649-50 l
Shawville 650-T-42 l Armstrong—In
Shawville 819-647-2204 l MISCELLANEOUS t
Shawville < Z » X Government
Shawville > l #
Shawville Area
Shawville At Deep River
Shawville au 819-647-5912.
Shawville au Centre
Shawville Auxiliary
Shawville Avenue
Shawville Bakery
Shawville Bay
Shawville Beach
Shawville Bethel
Shawville Black
Shawville Bowling Alley
Shawville Bristol
Shawville Buffalo
Shawville Calumet Island
Shawville Campbells Bay
Shawville Campbell’s Bay
Shawville Cemeteries
Shawville Century
Shawville Clarendon
Shawville Commercial
Shawville Community
Shawville Community Cen
Shawville Community Centre
Shawville Community Orange
Shawville Council l In
Shawville COUPONS l Main St.
Shawville Creek
Shawville Curling l
Shawville D V J.
Shawville Deep River
Shawville defeated
Shawville defeated Deep River
Shawville District
Shawville Drama
Shawville Drive
Shawville Edward Street
Shawville en Highway I.
Shawville et/ou
Shawville Fair Ground
Shawville Fair Street
Shawville Fairgrounds
Shawville Falls
Shawville Five
Shawville Ford
Shawville Fort Coulonge
Shawville Gallon l
Shawville H.S.
Shawville I l LU II
Shawville I.O.O.F.
Shawville Intermediates
Shawville Island
Shawville John l Hodgins Co.
Shawville July
Shawville Kingdom
Shawville l l .
Shawville l Province of
Shawville la Cité de
Shawville Lake
Shawville Lake 15-4.
Shawville Legion
Shawville Lions Banner Valley
Shawville l_hX Z X
Shawville Main
Shawville Main Street
Shawville Memorial
Shawville Memorial Park
Shawville Mill Dam Park
Shawville Milling
Shawville Milling au Wh d intérêts
Shawville Mo
Shawville Mo toe*
Shawville Mo.
Shawville Municipal
Shawville Orange
Shawville Ottawa River
Shawville Pair l All
Shawville Palm
Shawville Park
Shawville Pharmacy
Shawville Pharmacy Phone
Shawville Pharmacy.
Shawville Province
Shawville Province Quebec
Shawville Quebec
Shawville Quebec Hi S i0^
Shawville Quebec l
Shawville Quyon
Shawville Recreation
SHAWVILLE Residential
Shawville River
Shawville Road
Shawville Rock
Shawville Rotary Banner
Shawville Shopping
Shawville Shopping Plaza
Shawville Spring
Shawville Springs
Shawville St Andrews
Shawville St George
Shawville Station
Shawville Summer
Shawville Sunday Deep River
Shawville Telephone
Shawville Troop
Shawville Trophy
Shawville ü=]GH===3a l Quebec Brothers
Shawville United
Shawville V l #
Shawville V V #
Shawville Veterans Park Music
Shawville Victoria
Shawville Victoria Avenue
Shawville Village
Shawville Village C
Shawville X
Shawville X Quebec
Shawville X C A
Shawville X S Refreshments
Shawville X X T
Shawville York
Shawville ^ l Between
Shawville _
Shawville }
Shawville » Z ¦
SHAWVILLE- Dundos Street
SHAWVILLE- Hlllcrest Ave.
Shawville- l Motion Crs
SHAWVILLE- Main Street
Shawville-Camp-bell’s Bay
Shawville-Cempbells Bay
Shawville-Ladysmith Road
Shawville-Ledy-smith Road
Shawville-Otter Lake
Shawville-Otter Lake Road
SHAWVILLE— Main Street
Shawville—Ladysmith Road
Shawville’s Main Street
Shawville’s Mill Dam Park
Shawville’s Victoria Avenue
SHOE Comfort l 7.57 Shawville Phone
South Shawville
Sports Shawville
Spring Shawville
Spring Shawville
St 647-2204.
St 819-647-5711 Z
St Robert Louis
St Shawville
St Shawville 8am
St Shawville Branch
St Shawville United W.
St. Z Shawville
St. Z Shawville Ë
St.r Shawville l Phone 361J
Standings Shawville Deep River
Stewart l 647-3927 F ;
Supervisors Notebook l Shawville Baseball
Suzanne ) l CheveuxTech HairTech Shawville
T 8 l RAILWAY l Robert Leitch
T Li l Shawville Fair
Tanguay (l 647-5627
Team Shawville Deep River
Tel .647-2575
Tel 619-647-2968
Tel 647
Tel 647"6555-
Tel 647-
Tel 647-2128
Tel 647-2128 Charteris
Tel 647-2142
Tel 647-2204
Tel 647-2204 ENTERPRISES
Tel 647-2204 Fast
Tel 647-2204 Fax
Tel 647-2204 Int
Tel 647-2204 ORDON
Tel 647-2204 Showville
Tel 647-2204 Tel 647-2975
Tel 647-2204 Tel.
Tel 647-2205
Tel 647-2205 Shawville
Tel 647-2205 V Congratulations
TeL 647-2206
Tel 647-2232
Tel 647-223»
Tel 647-2272
Tel 647-2277
Tel 647-2277 E
Tel 647-2277 Opening
Tel 647-22M Fax
Tel 647-2324
Tel 647-2324 Ladysmith
Tel 647-2363
Tel 647-2403
Tel 647-2411
Tel 647-2419 en ï SHOP
Tel 647-2422
Tel 647-2422 Victoria Avenue
Tel 647-2430
Tel 647-2438.
Tel 647-2459
Tel 647-2474
Tel 647-2550
Tel 647-2550 Victoria Avenue
Tel 647-2570
Tel 647-2633
Tel 647-2633 FURNITURE LTD.
Tel 647-2633 MARY S SEWING
TeL 647-2677
TeL 647-2680 Shawvllle
TeL 647-2702
Tel 647-2721
Tel 647-2722 Shawville Quebec
Tel 647-2723
TeL 647-2727
Tel 647-2727 Refreshments
Tel 647-2733
Tel 647-2739
Tel 647-2750
Tel 647-2760
Tel 647-2760 ISntJW
Tel 647-2760 A
Tel 647-2760 Shawville
Tel 647-2760 DRAWING
Tel 647-2760 JEWELLERS Main Street
Tel 647-2760 Pontine
Tel 647-2760 Shawvie
Tel 647-2760 Shawviile
Tel 647-2760 Tel.
Tel 647-2764
Tel 647-2764 S J.
Tel 647-2778
Tel 647-2778 S »
Tel 647-277P
Tel 647-2800
Tel 647-2810
Tel 647-2811
TeL 647-2814
Tel 647-282
Tel 647-2822
Tel 647-2838
Tel 647-2842
Tel 647-2894
Tel 647-2975
Tel 647-2975 Z,as
Tel 647-2975 Abitit
Tel 647-2975 R 389 Main Street
Tel 647-2975 Shawville
Tel 647-2975 Showville
Tel 647-2975 Tel 647-2363
Tel 647-2975 Tel.
Tel 647-2979
Tel 647-3033
Tel 647-3120
Tel 647-3290
Tel 647-3290 FREE
Tel 647-3405
Tel 647-3408
Tel 647-3411
Tel 647-3411 Ladysmith
Tel 647-3411 Wf
Tel 647-3424
Tel 647-3433
Tel 647-3529
Tel 647-3542 Rhone
Tel 647-3547
Tel 647-3594
TeL 647-3651
Tel 647-3723
Tel 647-3751
Tel 647-3762
Tel 647-3779
Tel 647-3831
Tel 647-3831 FURNITURE LTD.
Tel 647-3831 Shawville
Tel 647-383Î
Tel 647-3841
Tel 647-3885 Res 647-2376
Tel 647-3S36
Tel 647-5369
Tel 647-5435
Tel 647-5449
Tel 647-5531
Tel 647-5542 Edith
Tel 647-5569
Tel 647-5581
Tel 647-5583
Tel 647-5640 Highway
Tel 647-5666
Tel 647-5666 Rhone
Tel 647-5666 Shawville
Tel 647-5768
Tel 647-5770
Tel 647-5930
Tel 647-5985
Tel 647-6443
Tel 647-6443 Leave
Tel 647-6555
Tel 647-ing
Tel 647-M31
Tel 647.29<5
Tel 818-647-2968
Tel 819-647-2204
Tel 819-647-2204 Fa*
Tel 819-647-2204 Fax
Tel 819-647-2562
Tel 819-647-2968
Tel 819-647-3542 E-mail
Tel 819-647-5685
Tel Shawville
Tel.647-2256 Shawville
Tel.647-2550 SHAWVILLE
Tel.647-2575 Tel.
Tel.647-2668 Shawville
Tel.647-2727 Gallon
Tel.647-2727 Otter Lake
Tel: 647-2204 l
Tel: 647-2204 l 0*r«
Tel: 647-2204 Park
Tel: 647-2204 Z Fax
Tel: 647-2727 AU
Tel: 647-2818 l
Tel: 647-2842 l
Tel: 647-3547
Tel: 647-3831 en
Tel: 647-3862 S <K S «
Tel: 647-5700
Tel: 819-647-2204 en annexe
Tel: 819-647-2204 Fax
Tel: 819-647-2328 D 3 D
Tel: 819-647-2562
Télécopieur c.v. au 819-647-2845
Telephone 647-2722 l USED MRS
Telephone 647-2818 l PRECIOUS MOMENTS
Telephone 819-647-6505 l I 1
Townhouse 647-5362
TOY QUEST l 647-3002 Pontiac
Trudeau Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE
U 647-2073 647-2074 D
U Shawville
Upper Shawville
Va * l 647 2204
Vernon Robert Knox
Vetone Ave Shswvttte 819-647-2417
Victoria Ave PhOH6 819-647-2937 PROP.
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE
Victoria Ave Shawville 647-3322
Victoria Ave Shawville 819-647-3357
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE Hwy
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE I
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE l / Station
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE Messages
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE Or
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE Quality
Victoria Ave Shawville Quebec
Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE V
Victoria Avenue 647-3010 H l "r7.
Victoria Avenue S Shawville
Victoria Avenue Shawville
Victoria Avenue Shawville Beach
Victoria Avenue Shawville Quebec
Victoria Avenue V V Shawville
Victoria Place Shawville
Victoria Shawville
Victoria St Shawville
Victoria St. Shawville
W.A. Hodgins Shawville
Warden Robert
Warren Halligan au 647-5605.
West Shawville
Westmeath Shawville l Shawville II
White Shawville
Wichita Shawville’s Luke Port Huron
Willow St Shawville
Willow St Shawville.
Wk + l 647-5932 lysie_wheezy
X X X Shawville
X X X X Shawville Hatchery
X X X X X Quebec Shawville
x017 Shawville
Y Shawville’s New Slaving Parlor
Z Shawville
Zion Shawville l nited X
& Farm Supply Af Ac A/ Sales & Service âlS OUYON 458-2830 SHAWVILLE
)774-3610 INC Shawville
,rs8eft* Court Shawville
-1 Shawville Figure Skating Club
-5 p.m Telephone 647-2234-5 Massey Ferguson
-5 p.m. Telephone 647-6611 C.K. STEEVES
-647-3722 Advertising
. 4—Philip Perry 92.1 Cement Blocks Shawville
...819-647-2211 | FIRE............. QUEBEC AMBULANCE HOSPITAL......... J Happy St Patrick
..7 • Service Plans SHAWVILLE
000-Shawville Council
0«Kt=Y Shawville Shoe & Accessory Shop.
1 hk Equity Shawville Fair Supplement
1 Standard Church 647-5620 Shawville Rev.
1,500,000.00 Court Shawville
1,647-3813 Farm
1-877-647-2670 Division Pontiac
1.00 Shawville 4H Club
1.00 Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE New Pullover Sweaters
1.00 Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
1.65 Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
100-acre Farm Clarendon Council Shawville
12-13-14 Division Shawville Ft Coulonge "B" Bryson 6-7-8 Division Shawville "
15-16-17 Division Calumet Island - Bryson Shawville Ft Coulonge 9-10-11 Division Shawville "A Quyon
16,17,18 & 19-The4th Annual Shawville County Jamboree
19)647-07 Y B
1947-48 Insurance SHAWVILLE QUE
1959-60 Shawville High School
1977-78 Shawville & District Hockey
1a m—Sunday School Shawville
1st Shawville Pack
1st Shawville Pack 1st Star Tests George Russell Polishing
1st Shawville Pack Leader
1st SHAWVILLE PACK Registered Harwood Doherty 1st Star Knots Scout Gazette
1st Shawville Pack Transferred
1st Shawville Troop
2,00$ Team Calumet Island Shawville Petro Can Valu-Mart
2-20 Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE Something New Phone
2. Shawville High
2.00 CO Shawville Pools Rea
2.00 p.m.—Sunday School 3.00 p.m.—Evening Service Pastor C McArthur HOLINESS MOVEMENT SHAWVILLE Re
2.00 Sales & Service MAIN STREET SHAWVILLE
2.30 p.m.—Worship Service Shawville 2.00 p.m.—Sunday School 7.30 p.m.—Worship Service Wednesday
2ba19 V Shawville Community Centre
2bjn23 Services Shawville
2bjy30 HORNERS GARAGE Shawville
2nd Shawville Pack
2nd Special Prize Winners At Shawville Fair Buick
2P Standard Church Shawville Rev.
3 Shawville Hospital Auxiliary
3.00 p.m.—Worship Service Knox 8.00 p.m.—Evening Service SHAWVILLE Pastor
3.50 Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.