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2nd Holmes
A. Holmes
Alex Rus- Lome Holmes
Alice Lome Holmes
Allan Donnel Holmes
Andrew Wendell
Anne Holmes
Arnprior Holmes
Art Jamieson Oliver Daley
Arthur Holmes
Arthur Kil-Hilliard Holmes
Arthur Osmond À Robert Arthur Holmes
Assisting Mrs. Holmes
B. Holmes
Bill Bill Oliver
Bill Buntoq Bill Holmes
Bill Oliver
Billion Start Prof. Oliver J. Lee
Birdie Holmes
Bishop Holmes
BiSiiop Holmes
Blue Holmes
Bob and Doris Holmes
Bob and Dorthy Holmes
Bob Burke Holmes
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bob Holmes
Bob Holmes -
Bob Holmes 3 Jean Paul Normandeau 4
Bob Holmes 4
Bob Holmes 7
Bob Holmes 7. Michel Charron 8. Rick Chartrand 9
Bob Holmes 8
Bob Holmes Nightmare
Bob Holmes Roy Rodgers Ron Dick Steve McKee
Bob Holmes Suzie Pasch
Bob Holmes Therrien
Bobby Holmes
Boh Holmes
Bradbury Holmes
Brenda Mrs Rita Holmes
Bretzloff Holmes
Bretzlofif Holmes
Brian Holmes
Brown THf EQUITY Oliver Beauchamp
Burke Holmes
Burke Holmes Ostrom
C W Hillard Holmes
Cam Holmes
Captain Carol Holmes
Carol BretakÜ Holmes
Carol BretlofT Holmes Amelia
Carol Bretz-loff Holmes
Carol Bretzlaff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clarendon Dear Editor Who
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clay Workshop "
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Have
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Sylvia Bretzloff Robb
Carol Bretzloff Holmes V Ml
Carol Bretzloff-Holmes
Carol Holmes
Carole Holmes
Carole Robinson Oliver
Caroline (Holmes
Caroline Holmes
Caroline Mary (Holmes
Carolyn Holmes
Catherine Holmes
Cathy Holmes
Cathy Holmes David Baker
Charles Bailey Holmes
Charles Oliver
Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes Atwill
Chris Holmes Kingston Fair
Christine Oliver
Christmas Song Favourites Phillip Holmes
Clarendôn Circuit Rev. X T. Holmes
Coach Dave Holmes
Coach David Holmes
Combine Oliver
Contact R A. Holmes
Corp. Phillip Holmes
Councillor Holmes
Count Oliver de Bargemont
D. Holmes
Dad Holmes
Dan Dean Holmes
Dan Holmes
Dance D Bob Holmes
Darne Holly Oliver
Dave Holmes
Dave Holmes Featuring BOMBA Y
Dave Holmes Holmes
Dave Holmes Richard Vc/eau
Dave Moore Linda Holmes
David and Rev Karen Holmes
David Dunlop Win McLaren Oliver
David Holmes
David Holmes - Special
David Holmes Alexandre
David Holmes Intermunicipal Recreation Agreement
David Oliver
Dawn McKenzie-Holmes
Debbie (Holmes
Debbie Holmes
Debbie Holmes Thrun
Debbie Holmes-Thrun
Debbie Thrun 647-3927 Debbie Holmes Thrun
Dennis Holmes
Derek Holmes
Diane Cathy Holmes
Dodie Holmes
Dodie Holmes Bob Riznek
Don Romain Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Donald Oliver
Doreen Holmes
Doris Holmes
Doris Holmes Danlord Lake Hotel
Doris Holmes Debbie
Doris Holmes Laynard
Doris Holmes Obituary Annie A McMillan MOVING Obituary Edward John Fierobin TO
Dorothy Holmes
Doug Holmes
Dr. Holmes
Dr. Oliver H. Emerson
Dr. Oliver Kamm
Dr. Thomas Oliver
Dr. Wendell Phillips
Dudley Oliver 1995
E A. Oliver
Ed Holmes
Ed Oliver
Edgar May- Holmes
Edith Holmes
Edward Holmes
Edward J. Holmes
Elaine (Oliver
Eleven-year-old Oliver Sapousek
Eliza Holmes
Emard Holmes
Erie Holmes
Frank Holmes
Frank Holmes Cruickshanks
Frank Oliver
Frank Oliver Is
Frank Oliver.
Frank Oliver—he
Frank Oliver’s
Frederick L. Oliver
G. Holmes
Gabriel Wendell Perrault Wallbridge
Gabriel Wendell Wallbridge Gabriel
George Holmes
George Holmes Anne Campbell
George Holmes Mr. John Thomson
Gerald Holmes
Gilbert Holmes
Gilbert Oliver
Gladys Holmes
Gord Holmes
Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes 3
Grace Holmes
Grade V -Wendell Wilson
Green Holmes
H. Holmes
H. Oliver
H.H. Holmes
Hannah Holmes
Hard Holmes
Harris Oliver BEST
Hayden Oliver
Haynes Holmes
Heathe Holmes
Helmet Fer- Holmes
Heman Oliver Woolsey
HenrX Oliver
Henry Holmes
Henry Oliver Wallace
Hepxvoith Holmes
Hir Oliver
Hodgins Herb Smith Woodrow Fraser Denton Hodgins Wendell Wilson
Holly Oliver
Holmes Sidonie Matsner Gruenbcrg
Holmes "
Holmes - Chevrier
Holmes - June
Holmes A
Holmes Airport
Holmes Answers Questions
Holmes Aylmer
Holmes Bequeaths
Holmes Bits
Holmes Bristol Mines R 0
Holmes Burke Holmes
Holmes Catherine
Holmes Chicago
Holmes Chief Constable Draper
Holmes Cost
Holmes Cowan
Holmes Dr Lynebke D. Mot Kile
Holmes Electric
Holmes Emble Finan
Holmes Emotional Deprivation Is Said To Result
Holmes Hastings E. Russell Huron E
Holmes Hodgins
Holmes Hsngred
Holmes I
Holmes Interment
Holmes L#ght
Holmes Ladysmith
Holmes Miller
Holmes Move
Holmes New
Holmes Not
Holmes Pembroke Kings
Holmes Rd
Holmes Renfrew
Holmes Road
Holmes Sale Barn
Holmes Salty Water Halts Heat Exhaustion
Holmes Sat.
Holmes Serve
Holmes Shawville Lions
Holmes Single Farm Chunk Mare
Holmes Speaking
Holmes Store
Holmes Store Mahon Breweries
Holmes T Cowan
Holmes Thrun
Holmes To
Holmes Trucking
Holmes T™
Holmes Y/
Irene Holmes
Iris Smith Carol Holmes
J Holmes
J Mrs Holmes
J S Holmes
Jack Holmes
Jack O’Neil Gordon Holmes
Jake Holmes
Jake Holmes Tasse
James Holmes James Patrick Holmes
James Oliver Cur
James Oliver Curwood
James Oliver Curwood Your Grocer
James Oliver Curwood’s
James Oliver Garwood
James Philip Holmes
Jean and Sherwood Holmes
Jessie Prof. Holmes
Jim Holmes
Jim Oliver
Jimmy Holmes
Joanne Holmes
Joanne Holmes*
Jodi Holmes
Jody Holmes
Joe Burke Holmes
Joe Holmes
John C. Holmes
John Holmes
John Holmes Have
John Holmes Mrs. Walter McBane Vice-President
John In Oliver
John Joseph Holmes Contact
John Oliver
John Oliver Arnold
John Oliver La Gorge
John Oliver Perreault
Jonathan Holmes
Joseph Holmes
Joseph Oliver
Josephine Holmes
Judges H Bay s Phillip Holmes
Judy Holmes
Jules Sir Oliver Mowat
Julie Holmes
June Holmes
Kathleen Holmes
Kathleen Holmes From
Kathleen Holmes-
Kathy Holmes
Katie Holmes
Keith Patsy Burke Holmes
Keith Sloan Bob Holmes
Ken and Pat Holmes
Kenneth W. Holmes
L P. Holmes
Larry Holmes
Lawrence Holmes
Lawrence Invited Oliver
Lee Holmes
Lee Oliver Stack
Leo Oliver
Leonard Dob Holmes
Leslie Phillip Holmes
Linda Burke Holmes
Linda Holmes
Linda Holmes Bob
Lionel Jeffries Oliver Reed
Lionel Jeffries Oliver Reed Lutheran Church
Louis Oliver
Louis Oliver Tallion
Louise Lateer Holmes
Louise Oliver
Lurence Holmes
M E0U(IY Holmes
Maggie Holmes
Margaret Burns Holmes
Margaret Oliver
Marilyn Monroe Laurence Oliver Plus
Martin Holmes
Marty Linda Holmes
Marty Patsy Burke Holmes
Mary and Debbie Holmes
Mary Holmes
Mary Holmes Her
Mary Holmes Hodgins
Mary Holmes Linda Smith Jane Murdock Party
Mary Holmes-Hodgins
Master Mark Holmes
Matthew Holmes
Mel Lang- Holmes
Mel Patsy Burke Holmes
Messrs Oliver
Mies Betty Holmes
Mike Holmes
Miss Mamie Holmes
Mr Holmes
Mr# F Oliver
Mr# Holmes
Mr* Oliver Labdme
Mr, Holmes
Mr. Holmes
Mr. Oliver
Mr. Oliver Fuller
Mr. Oliver Labine
Mr. R W. Oliver
Mr. Sherlock Holmes
Mr. Wendell Alexander
Mr. Wendell L Willkie
Mrs Norman Holmes Lake
Mrs. Arthur Oliver
Mrs. FDWard Holmes
Mrs. Gladys Holmes
Mrs. HHIard Holmes
Mrs. HHliard Holmes
Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Mrs. Hilly Holmes
Mrs. Holmes
Mrs. Holmes Those
Mrs. Lawson Corrigan Mr, Oliver Bean
Mrs. N T. Holmes
Mrs. Norris Brian Holmes
Mrs. Oliver Chevnei Mrs.
Mrs. Oliver Daley
Mrs. Oliver Kelley.
Mrs. Oliver La-bine
Mrs. Oliver McIntosh Cobourg
Mrs. Ray Holmes
Mrs. Weldon Holmes
N. T Holmes
N.T. Holmes
Nicki Holmes
NoJm.an Holmes Junior McCagg
Norm Holmes
Norma Holmes
Norman Holmes
Norman Holmes Alma BrOWOlOO AnHStTOIlg Visiting
Norman Holmes Bouleau Blanc
Norman Holmes Jr was
Norris Brian Holmes
North Holmes
Oliver "
Oliver 8jnct
Oliver :
Oliver A Sons
Oliver A Suns
Oliver A €i
Oliver Adjustable Plows Will
Oliver Armstrong
Oliver Assel
Oliver Aubrey
Oliver Austin
Oliver B. North
Oliver B.C.
Oliver Beachamp
Oliver Bean
Oliver Bean A-
Oliver Beau
Oliver Beau-.
Oliver Beauchamp
Oliver Beauchamp 64.00
Oliver Beauchamp Saturday
Oliver Beaudry
Oliver Beau»
Oliver Benedict
Oliver Benedict Good
Oliver Bern
Oliver Black Tight Killers All Star
Oliver Burton
Oliver Burton.
Oliver Call 453-7397
Oliver Chev*
Oliver Chevrier
Oliver Claudette
Oliver Cockshutt
Oliver Coin
Oliver Collins
Oliver Corn Cob Picker
Oliver Corriveau
Oliver Craig
Oliver Crawler 14,600.00
Oliver Crom
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell 1»
Oliver Cromwell—a
Oliver Cromwell’s
Oliver Cur
Oliver Curtis Ferry
Oliver Curtis Perry
Oliver Curwood
Oliver Curwood A LOVE
Oliver Cutwoxl
Oliver Daley Manotick
Oliver Davison
Oliver de Barge
Oliver de Bargemont
Oliver de BargemonV
Oliver Dear Editor
Oliver Deibler
Oliver Dendell Holmes
Oliver Dockery
Oliver DON T
Oliver Dufoe
Oliver Education
Oliver Edward Douglas Schwartz
Oliver Edward Douglas Schwartz Shawn Schwartz
Oliver Elephant
Oliver Elephant—he
Oliver Elephant’s
Oliver Farm Equipment
Oliver Farrelton
Oliver Forester
Oliver Fortin
Oliver Fuller
Oliver Funeral
Oliver G. Pike
Oliver Garvin
Oliver Germany
Oliver Gold
Oliver Goldemith
Oliver Goldsmith
Oliver Goldsmith’s "Vicar
Oliver H. Kelley
Oliver Hall
Oliver Healey
Oliver Heaviside
Oliver Hereford
Oliver Herford
Oliver Hid Apply
Oliver His
Oliver Hlevenson—Mgg.-r
Oliver Hlnsdcll
Oliver Hobbes
Oliver Hobbes”
Oliver Holmes
Oliver Hurt Parr Tractor Mechanically
Oliver Ingham
Oliver Ingrain
Oliver Ingram
Oliver Invhaw
Oliver Is
Oliver Iselin
Oliver I»d
Oliver J Freeman
Oliver JE??11**.
Oliver John Potter
Oliver Jude
Oliver Kim
Oliver Kimball
Oliver Kin
Oliver Labine
Oliver Lablne
Oliver Ladge
Oliver Lake
Oliver Landrl............. Xavier Morin.............. Aid Held
Oliver Latine
Oliver Latour
Oliver Lauzon
Oliver Laval
Oliver Laviolette
Oliver Lcese
Oliver Lease
Oliver Lecse
Oliver Leduc
Oliver Leese
Oliver Lehrun
Oliver Lepine
Oliver Lepine’s
Oliver Leviolette
Oliver Lihaie
Oliver Lingwood
Oliver Loader
Oliver Lodge
Oliver Lodge’
Oliver Lodge’s
Oliver Lyttieton
Oliver LyttleUm
Oliver M »wat
Oliver M<
Oliver Madox Huef Mainly
Oliver Manure Spreader
Oliver Martin
Oliver McBanhan
Oliver Mcliquham
Oliver McNebb
Oliver Me Martha
Oliver Melhpihnm
Oliver Menard
Oliver Mercier
Oliver Mi
Oliver Mnwat
Oliver Mo
Oliver Mount
Oliver Mow
Oliver Mowat
Oliver Mowat Mr. H. 8. Dowd
Oliver Mowat Ruth
Oliver Mowat-ho
Oliver Mowats
Oliver Mowat’a
Oliver Mowat’s
Oliver Mowet
Oliver Mowst
Oliver Mow».
Oliver Murphy
Oliver Muwat
Oliver O. Pike
Oliver Optic
Oliver Otavriar
Oliver Ottawa
Oliver Pi
Oliver Picard
Oliver Piche
Oliver Plow
Oliver Plows
Oliver Poultry Form
Oliver Prévost
Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed Roger Da
Oliver Reed Victory
Oliver Reed YOUNG
Oliver Rid
Oliver Riddell
Oliver Robinson
Oliver Roosens
Oliver Row Crop
Oliver Saderstrom
Oliver Saunders
Oliver Scarbo
Oliver Schreiner Story
Oliver Severn Syndicate
Oliver Shayla
Oliver Simmons
Oliver Smith
Oliver Spanner
Oliver Spanner Co.
Oliver Spanner Co. Ltd
Oliver Spanner Co. Ltd.
Oliver St.
Oliver Standard
Oliver Stanley
Oliver Stanley’s
Oliver Stev- NOTE
Oliver Stev-theii
Oliver Stevenson
Oliver Stewart
Oliver Stotts
Oliver Stuffed Manz
Oliver Super
Oliver Super 88,65 M.F.
Oliver Telia How She Loat Her Pallia
Oliver TètS&TuXZ Bÿ''lrZ HifiMWraiai-.
Oliver The
Oliver Tractor
Oliver Tractor 1365
Oliver Trottier
Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist Almost
Oliver Twist/''—
Oliver Typewriter Co.
Oliver U. Pike
Oliver Uant
Oliver United Church
Oliver Usware(le|1
Oliver Variasse
Oliver Waçbucks
Oliver Walking Plough
Oliver Wen-
Oliver Wendell
Oliver Wendell Dolmea
Oliver Wendell Holme
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes* THE NATURALIST.
Oliver Wendell Phillips
Oliver WendeP.
Oliver West Bec.-fream.
Oliver White Tractor
Oliver Williams
Oliver Wilson
Oliver Winchester
Oliver Wt
Oliver Y''anasse
Oliver''s Incoming
Oliver’s Government
Olivier Brousseau Oliver Brousseau
Orr Holmes
OULi Sherlock Holmes Bids
P. Holmes
Patsy Burke Holmes
Patsy Burke Holmes Hodgins
Patsy Holmes
Paul Holmes
Paul Oliver Krose
Peace Impossible Wendell Will
Peter Criss" Holmes
Peter Holmes
Phil Holmes
Phil- op Holmes
Philip Holmes
Philip Holmes - Bathroom Diva
Philip Holmes - French
Philip Holmes Bob Binder Desktop Publishing Joyce Rainville Newberry Strawberry Supper
Philip I _ _ Holmes
Phillip Holmes
Phillip Holmes Dorothy Alexander Prize
Phillip Holmes RCMP
Phillip Holmes Shannon Grant
Phillips Holmes
Phyllis Holmes
Poppy Holmes
Quest Oliver
Regenerate Thomas Holmes
Rev Thomas T. Oliver
Rev. Chns Holmes
Rev. Gilbert Oliver
Revella Holmes
Rice Holmes
Richard Foley - Oliver Super
Richard Holmes
Richard Oliver
Richard W. Holmes
Richard Wills Holmes
Rick At- Holmes 8»
Rick Cummings Holmes
Rita Holmes
Rob Holmes
Robert A Holmes
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes CAMPBELL’S BAY
Robert Holmes GtcsJia Selkirk
Robert M. Holmes
Robyn Holmes
Rod Holmes
Roland OriLm IXrrrk Holmes
Ron Holmes
Ron Poiri Patsy Burke Holmes
R°L Holmes
Sales - Jamie Holmes
Sam Holmes
Sam Oliver
Shawvillc Holmes
Shelley Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlocl Holmes
Sidney Oliver
Starring Phillip Holmes __
Stephanie Oliver
Stephen Oliver Color NOW TO...
Stephen Oliver Color STENOS
Stewart Holmes
Stuart Holmes
Susan Oliver
Susan Oliver CLARENDON
Sydney Holmes
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Shawville Holmes
Systems Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie .................Phillip Holmes
T. Holmes
T. Holmes B A. B D.
Tammy Holmes
Taylor Holmes
Ted Ib-Travis Holmes
Thomas Holmes
Thomas Oliver
Thomas Oliver Mtd-ligati
Tim Holmes
Tom C Henley Œ. Oliver
Tom Holmes
Tom Rita Holmes
Tom Wakefield* Bob Holmes
Tommy Oliver
Tommy Oliver’s
Travis Holmes
Treat Holmes
Vereyk- Holmes
W A. Holmes Open
W We’re Not Oow&r&m Says Sir Oliver.
Walter Oliver
Wanda Holmes
Warren Oliver
Warren Oliver Addresses Rotary Club PsZ
Wendef Holmes
Wendell Alexander
Wendell Barnett
Wendell Berry
Wendell Brownlee
Wendell Graham
Wendell Hamilton
Wendell Holmes
Wendell Johnson
Wendell Scott
Wendell Ward
Wendell Willkie
Wendell Wilson
Wendell Wilson Wmmfred McDowell
Will Holmes*
Will Oliver 800-627-9273
William Holmes
Banting-Holmes Park
Fort Me- Holmes
Holmes Airport
Holmes Beach
Holmes Road
Mrv Oliver l
Oliver Mo
Oliver’s Ferry
Oliver’s Mountain
Breasts Economy Pack Colour Oliver Reed MKIIAEL CAINE NOËL TOWARD Lean Minced Chuck Skew
Bristol artist Carol Holmes
Bristol Grocery HOLMES.
Bristol Holmes Mrs Denver Thrun
Bristol; John Holmes
Bristol; Steve Shawville; Bob Holmes
Bryson Truck Pull Holmes
Church Sendee HOLMES
Circuit Rev. N T. Holmes
Classical Country Holmes
CO R Great Missouri Raid Wendell Cory F PHONE
Commodore Oliver Perry
D. County Master Wendell Wilson
GM Holmes
HARLOW" Mrs. Hilly Holmes
Holmes Electric & Protection Co.
Holmes Group Inc.
Holmes Salty Water Halts Heat Exhaustion
Holmes Store
Holmes Telephone
Holmes* Movement
Holmes* Movement Church
HORROR HOTEL Color Lionel Jeffries Oliver Reed
Hughes Heyl Bars Heatley Holmes Hutchins IIU
II Lionel Jeffries Oliver Reed Lutheran Church
J S Holmes
Just Another Toy Holmes
Lac Ste Marie; Shelley Holmes
Master Mark Holmes
Master Wendell Wilson
Mistress Alice Oliver Education
MOTOR PHYSCO Steven Oliver Black Tight Killers All Star Cast
Mrs. Holmes
NT Look Here Special Undenominational Meetings At Holmes Movement Church
Oliver & Sons
Oliver & Sun- Ltd 8103.50
Oliver A Sons
Oliver Call
Oliver Cnrili Perry
Oliver College of Chiropractic
Oliver Curtis Ferry
Oliver Curtis Perry
Oliver Farm Equipment
OLIVER Finest In Farm Machinery* DIESEL
Oliver Goldsmith’s
Oliver Hazard Ferry
Oliver Hazard Perry
Oliver Latour
Oliver Lease
OLIVER Mrs. Kaye
Oliver Oil Burners Limited S3 Yonge 6t Toronto There
OLIVER Prolonging Life Of Cut Flowers
Oliver Spanner & Co Ltd.
Oliver Spanner & Co Ltd„
OLIVER Standard
Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist Almost
Oliver Typewriter Co AUTOMOBILES
Oliver United Church
Oliver Wen-
Oliver Winchester
Pontiac Re- Irene Holmes
Reader s Digest Certifi- Holmes
Royal Trust Co Holmes
SHELL Furnace Oil Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Stephen Oliver Color NOW TO...
Variety Store Fairbanks Hotel Holmes Store Mahon Breweries
WENDELL WILSON County Master Sadie Walsh
Woods-# County Master Wendell
||II1I|||| Poor Frank Holmes