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Carey Sparling

Issues the organization appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1- Carey
1.50 A Allen B. Carey Machinist
2—Ivan Lewis Neil Sparling
613-839-5274 ItZ Betty Sparling Commercial Display -Jeff Schultz
648-2835 Obituaries Neil Sparling LA Corporotion Municipale
86985b Sparling
9-12:30 SPARLING—In
A. Carey
Accessories V: O Carl Sparling
Aggie Carey
Aggie Sparling
Agnes Sparling
Alan Carey
Albert Sparling
Albert Sparling 2
Alex Nair Carey Finan Alex Nair
Alexander Sparling
Allan B Carey
Allan B. Carey
Allan Carey
Allan Carey Montreal
Allan H Sparling
Allan Molecules Sparling
Allan Sparling
Allan Sparling Missing
Allan Sparling Warn
Allan Sparling’s Barber Shop.
Allen B. Carey
Allen B. Carey Pontiac Service
Allen B. Carey Dr.
Allen B. Carey Phene
Allen B. Carey SCHOCK
Allen B. Carey Xt
Allen Carey
Allen Carey Now Using Oxygen Tank
Allen Carey Phene
Allen Carey Phone
Allen Sparling
Alma Sparling
Alvin Palmer Miss Minerva Sparling Miss Elma Dale Miss Lewina Harkness Mrs. Ed.
Amelia MrP Harold Sparling
Andie Carey
Angela Mrs Minerva Sparling
Angela Sparling
Angie Thompson Richard Sparling Royal
Anita Ekberg Phil Carey
Ann Carey
Ann Sparling
Ann Sparling Weds Allan Melvin Johnston Sadie Margaret Bradley Weds Henry Frederick Cook Visitor*
Anna Mervin Sparling Way
Anne Sparling
Annie Carey
Annie May Carey
Anthony Carey Uw.s
Archdeacon Wallace Sparling
Arm-anella Carey Mr. Harry Armstrong
Armanclla Carey
Armanella Carey
Armenella Carey
Army Carey
Arnold Sparling
Art Carey
Arthur Sparling
Assistant Coach Wilbur Sparling
Audrey Sparling
Aug] Carey
Aunt Margaret Sparling Mayhew
Austin Sparling
B. Carey
B. Carey Ottawa
Barb Sparling
Barbara Sparling
Barbara Sparling Nov. 6
Barbara Sparling Nov. 8
Bay Miss Betty Sparling
Beatrice J- Sparling
Beatrice Sparling
Beatrice Sparling Harries Percy Smith Bryson Holes Misa Joan Olmstead
Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy Dobson Loma Sparling
Bemie Sparling
Ben Carey
Bernard and Wayne Sparling
Bernard Sparling
Bernie Sparling
Beryle Sparling
Betsy Sparling
Betty Grable MacDonald Carey Langford
Betty Jane Sparling
Betty Sparling
Betty Sparling Is
Betty Sparling Laporte
Bill Carey
Bill Dorcas Sparling
Bill Sparling
Billy Sparling
Blake Sparling
Bob River View Inn Dining Room Sparling
Bob Carey
Bob Johnston Sparling
Bob Sparling
Bob Sparling—4
Bobby & Betty Sparling
Bobby Sparling
Bobhy Sparling
Bonnie Sparling
Bradford Carey
Bradon Sparling
Brandon Lionette Betty Sparling After
Brandon Sparling
Brenda Baird and Betty Sparling
Brenda Sparling
Brent Sparling
Brent Sparling Silver Maple Inn Hotel Ladysmith
Brett Sparling
Brian & Claudette Sparling
Brian Arbic Miss Caroline Sparling
Brian Smith Carman Sparling
Brian Sparling
Brian Sparling Instructor Cecile Kosub
Brian Sparling Margaret Fierobin
Brian Sparling Meat Manager Brian Presley Brian
Bruce Sparling
B|ane Md Blake Sparling
C. Carey
Cameron Mitchell l- Isabelle Carey
Carey Acquitted
Carey Ann
Carey Ann CLUFF
Carey Ann Richard
Carey Bretzlaff
Carey Bretzlafl Harper James
Carey Charged
Carey Darlene
Carey Dawn
Carey Dies
Carey Evans
Carey Fhmiv
Carey Fi- Davies
Carey Fi-nan
Carey Fi-with Kevin Findlay
Carey Finan
Carey Fi__
Carey Griffin
Carey Jenson
Carey Jinan
Carey Lome
Carey Lynn
Carey Lynne
Carey Madrinest
Carey Maohinest
Carey Mise
Carey Myen
Carey Pithy Strutt
Carey Price
Carey Q.
Carey Repairs
Carey Richard
Carey Riley
Carey Roewtoee
Carey Sheryl
Carey Smith
Carey Sparling
Carey Stanton
Carey T*
Carey Tracey
Carey W
Carey William John Block
Carl Sparling
Carmen Sparling
Carmen Sparling Ladysmith
Carmen Sparling Larry Palmer
Carol Carey
Carol Ren-Hilda Sparling
Caroline Sparling
Caroline Sparling Father Garry Cain
Carolyn Sparling
Carolyn Sparling Spinney
Carolyn Sparling’s
Carolyn Sparling’s Palmer
Catherine M. B. Sparling
Catherine Sparling
Charles Loken Mom" Mrs Aggie Sparling
Charles Moore Ivan Sparling
Charles Sparling
Charles T. Mrs Carl Sparling
Christine Smart Marilyn Sparling
Cindy Sparling
Claire Gor- Mrs Cecil Sparling
Claire Lunam Clarence Thomas Sparling
Clarence & Faye Sparling
Clarence (Marie) Sparling
Clarence Sparling
Clarence Sparling Beechgrove W.I.
Clarence Sparling N
Clarence Sparling Scout Masters
Clarence Thomas Sparling
Clarence W Sparling
Clarence Wesley Sparling
Clifford Hobbs Mr Lyle Sparling
Clifford Ro- Myrland Sparling
Clinton Sparling
Collette Betty Sparling
Connie ÎF Stephen Sparling
Connie Sparling
Connie Veitch Sparling
Conrad Carey
Cora Sparling
Corp. Carey
Correspondent Sparling
Costello Visits A D McCredie Maryland Gerald Sparling __ Geo Stewart
Cotie Bernard Sparling Milton Hodgins Nelson Angus
Council G Sparling $
Crona Sparling
Crone Sparling
Crono Sparling
Crons Sparling
Dad Carey Stanton
Dame Sybil Sparling
Darlene Sparling
Dave Sparling
David Sparling
Dawson Sparling
Dear Mrs. Carey
Debbie Sparling
Delbert Sparling
Demandeur Maurice Carey
Dennis Morgan Philip Carey
Dennis Sparling
Denzil Black Clifford Sparling
Dereck Sparling
Dereek Sparling
Diana Sparling
Dianne McColgan and Betty Sparling
Don Sparling
Donna Faye Sparling
Donna Sparling
Donna Sparling Laurie Glenn
Donnie Sparling
Dorcas Sparling
Doris Sparling
Doug Sparling
Douglas Sparling
driver—1st Carey
Dwayne Sparling
Earl Mrs. Laurence Sparling
Earl Sparling
Earnest Sparling
Edgar Sparling
Edith Sparling
Edna Sparling
Edna Sparling Earl Walsh
Edna Sparling Ottawa Lois Sparling Nonanda
Edward Sparling
Edward Sparling Dies At
Edwin Sparling
Eileen Sparling
Elaine Sparling
Elaine Sparling Faye Sparling
Elaine Willard Sparling
Eldon Sparling
Eleanor Sparling
Elizabeth Anne Sparling
Elizabeth Hahn Louis Sparling
Elizabeth Sparling
Elizabeth Sparling Saturday
Ellen Carey
Ellen Eunice Carey
Ellen Sparling
Elliott Mrs. Arthür Thomas Neil Sparling I Evelyn A. Scott Peter Hodglns Mrs. S.R.N.
Ellis Sparling
Elmer Sparling
Elwin Sparling
Elwood Sparling
Emily Sparling
Emma Carey
Emma Corine Sparling
Emma Corrine Sparling
Emma J. Sparling
Emma Pauline Krose Sparling
Emma Pauline Krose-Sparling
Emma Pauline Sparling L.INTLc*
Emma Sparling
Emma Sparling.
Era Sparling
Eric Carey
Eric Elaine Sparling
Eric Sparling
Ernest H. J. Sparling
Ernest Sparling
Ernest Sparling Holy Tuesday
Ernest Sparling Karl Fulford
Ernest Sparling Melvin
Ernie Sparling
Esther Sparling
Ethel Sparling
Eugene Sparling
Eva and Betty Sparling
Eva Andai Joanne Sparling
Eva Sparling
Eva Sparling IVimer 1— Jerry Dagg
Eva Telford Emma Sparling
Favc Mrs. Clarence Sparling
Fay Sparling
Faye Sparling
Floyd Sparling
Frank Ryan Single Carriage Horse Sparling
Fred MacMurrav Phil Carey
Fred Sparling
Frederick Sparling
Freeman Moore Mrs. Sadie Sparling
G Sparling
G. Carey
G. Sparling
Gail Sparling
Gale Sparling
Garnet Sparling
Garry Sparling
Gary Sparling
Gayle Sparling
Gene Tierney ¦ Phil Carey Gary Cooper Technicolor
Geo Kennedy G Sparling
George Branford Carey
George C. Carey
George Carey
George Carey Clerk
George Carey Horner
George Carey Id Harold Carey
George E Carey Celebrate
George E. Carey
George F. Sparling
George H Sparling
George H Sparling FORAN
George Henry Sparling
George Herbert Sparling
George H—_ Sparling
George John F- Sparling
George Myrland Sparling
George Neil Sparling
George Sparling
George Sparling Dies At
George Sparling Flash Lights
George Sparling Mr. Jus
George Sparling Obituaries
George Sparling Raymond Sparling
George Sparling Walter Thrun
Georgo Col G rJou Sparling
Gerald Sparling
Gerald Sparling .....
Gerald Sparling ..... Harper Emmerson
Gerald Sparling A Beaman
Gerald Sparling Boaid
Gerald Sparling Geo Stewart
Gerald Sparling Gordon Stewart Gordon Wikon Allan Findlay E Mitdicui • Cecil Elliott
Gerald Sparling Grant
Gerald Sparling John Pirie James Stewart
Gerald Sparling Wilbur Chapman
Gerald Sparling........... Harper Emmerson
Gerry Sparling
Gertie Sparling
Gertrude - Aug. Jamie Sparling
Gertrude Carey
Gertrude Sparling
Gilbert Sparling
Gladys Dickson Heman Sparling
Gladys Sparling
Gladys Sparling Kenneth Stickler
Glen Carey
Glen Carey Bay Protestant
Glen Sparling
Glen Sparling July
Glenn Carey
Glenn Morrison Rover Scout Jack Kehoe Rover Squire Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Glenn Sparling
Glenn Sparling 7X Dog Clipping
Glenn Sparling Finnigan
Glenn Sparling Gerald Dempsey
Glenn Sparling Hodgins Post Office
Gordon Palmer Obituary Clinton James Sparling W.W. II
Gordon Sparling
Gordon Wilson Ruben Sparling Percy Walls
Graham Allan Carey By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Gran4 Carey
Grant and Joan Carey
Grant Carey
Grant Carey Glenn Morrison
Grant I Carey
Greg Sparling
Gregory Sparling
Gregory Sparling HAY
Gregory Sparling X029
Guides Ann Sparling
Gwen Sparling
H Co- Neil Sparling’s
H.L. Carey
Haivoy Sparling
Hank Sparling
Hanna Sparling
Hannah * Sparling
Hannah Sparling
Harold Carey
Harold Carey Found Dead
Harold Sparling
Harry Carey
Harry Carey Edwina Booth
Harry Sparling
Harry Thompson Gail Sparling Gerald Howard Hiram Walls Gerald Hodgins V Charles K. Smith
Harvey Allen Sparling Harvey Allen Sparling
Harvey Carey
Harvey Sparling
Has Allen B. Carey Whispers
Hazel Sparling
He-men Sparling
Heather Ann Sparling
Heather Betty Sparling
Heather Sparling
Heather Sparling and Margaret Dale Teenage
Heather Sparling Pastoral
Hefllan Sparling
Helen Carey
Heman Sparling
Henry Carey
Henry Carey Dioslow
Henry Joseph Sparling
Henry McCord Neil Sparling Devant La Cour Supérieure Cook
Henry R. Sparling
Henry Richmond Sparling
Henry Sparling
Herb Sparling
Herb Sparling Varner Spence
Herbert Rutledge Wayne Sparling
Herbert Sparling
Herman Mr. Glen Carey
Herman Sparling
Hie Sparling
Hilda Sparling
Hodgins Garage Di« Allen Carey Lang Street X.
Hot Dog Sparling
Howard Sparling
Howard Weds Ruby Sparling Garnet Arthur Little
Hubert El- Mary Elizabeth Sparling
Hubert Sparling
Ian Sparling
Ida Sparling
IllS Mr. Glen Carey
Instituites Lloyd Sparling
Irma Sparling
Iva Sparling
J Miss Betty Sparling
J W Sparling Rector
J- Carey
J. Carey
Jack Paiance McDonald Carey
Jacqueline Martineau Erma Carey
Jacqueline Sparling
James Carey
James Carey Baking Establishment
James E Carey
James E. Carey
James Gardiner Sparling
James Garnet Clifford Sparling
James Geo Sparling
James Roy Sparling Sh,-Vffle
James Roy Sparling-
James Sparling
James Sparling’s
James Ste- Sparling
Jamie 647-5683: Carey
Jamie and Betty Sparling Laporte
Jamie Sparling
Jamie Sparling Renl Leplne
Jamie Sparling Saturday
Jane Hayes Terry Sparling
Jane Sparling
Janet Irene Sparling
Janet Sparling
Janice Sparling
Jason Sparling
Jean after Sparling
Jean Carey
Jean EEEB Carey Finan
Jean Sparling
Jeff M"^onneU* Terry Sparling
Jeffrey Sparling
Jenna Sparling
Jeremy) Carey Finan
Jerry Sparling
Jerry Swim McDonald Carey
Jewel Sparling
Jewell Sparling
Jim Car- Sparling
Jim Carey
Jim Sparling
Jirn Carey
Jo Anne Sparling
Jo-anne Brownlee Marie MacLelland Ellis Sparling
Joan > Carey
Joan and Grant Carey
Joan Carey
Joan Carey GAME
Joan Sparling
Joanne Sparling
Joanne Sparling Burnett
Joe When Ron Sparling
John Armstrong John Sparling
John Carey
John Carey Racing
John Carey’s
John F Sparling
John F. Sparling
John F............... Sparling
John F................ Sparling
John Garnet Sparling D
John H. Carey
John Hall Glenn Carey
John Jones John Thomas Muldoon Mrs. Austin Sparling
John Joseph Sparling
John L Sparling
John Laird Sparling
John M. Carey
John McDowell John Sparling
John Sparling
John Sparling Jr.
John Sparling Mrs. Sparling
John Sparling WM
John T Sparling
John........ Sparling
John.......... Sparling
John.................... Sparling
Johnny Mrs Jean Sparling
Jordan Sparling
Joseph Carey
Joseph Henry Austin Sparling Sheen
Joseph Sparling
Joui Carey
Joyce Helen Jane Sparling
Joyce Sparling
Joyce Sparling Piomoted
Julia A.Carey
Julia Ann Carey
Julia Carey
Julia Sparling
Julie & Krista Sparling
Julie and Jamie Sparling
Julie Sparling
Julie Sparling Julie
Julius Sparling
Karl Sparling
Katherine Sparling
Katie Sparling
Katrina Carey Finan
Kay Sparling
Keith Beausso- Sparling
Keith Sparling
Keith Sparling Capt
Kelly Sparling
Ken and Ron Sparling
Ken Carey
Ken Sparling
Kenneth Lagarde Jim McFarlane Carey Griffin Leon Lance
Kenneth Sparling
Kim Marie and Carey Reid
Kirs Bill Sparling
Klden Sparling
Knowles James Carey
Knsta Sparling
Krista Sparling
L''liden Carey
L. Carey
Laura Moore Mrs Aggie Sparling
Laurence Sparling
Laurie Sparling Louis Lacelle Laurie-Ann
Lavinia Sparling
Lawrence Mr. J. H. Carey
Lawrence Sparling
Lawrence Sparling’
Lee Sparling
Lena Sparling 2
Lennis Sparling
Leo Mrs Agnes Sparling
Leona Sparling
Leonard Letts Sherwood Sparling Jean-Guy Lariviere This
Lewis Sparling
Lewis Sparling Splendid
Lewis Sparling Renfrew
Lillie Ann Sparling
Lilly Ann Sparling
Linda Sparling
Linden Carey
Linden Sparling
Lindon Carey
Livinia Sparling Ida Smith
Livmia Sparling
Lloyd Sparling
Lois Sparling
Lois Sparling Mona Armstrong
Lois Sparling Stewart
Lome da MUler Muriel Sparling
Lome Sparling
Lome Sparling,Carey
Lon Sparling
Lorna Sparling
Lorraine Sparling
Lost xol6 Marshall Sparling
Louis Sparling
Luck Carey Grant Stella
Lucy Kelly Wallace Sparling
Lucy Louisa Sparling
Lulu Sparling
Lyndon Carey
Lynn Paul Sparling
Lynn Sparling
M Carey
M J Black Lewis Sparling
M J Carey
M. Carey
Mabel Sparling
Mac Carey
Mac- Sparling
MacDonald Carey
Macdonald Carey Gall Russell
Machinery Allen B. Carey Mculhxnîst
Makayla Marie Sparling
Makayla Sparling
Manson Sparling
Margaret Bernice Sparling
Margaret Carey
Margaret Elwin Sparling
Margaret Sparling
Marie Carey
Marie Cart- Carey
Marie Sparling
Marie Sparling Jamie and Julie
Marilyn Sparling
Marilyn Sparling UÊÊIÊÊÊ
Mario Sparling
Marion Sparling -
Marjorie Sparling
Marjorie Sparling.
Marjorie Wallace Sparling
Mark Six Horse Hitch - Stewart Don Sparling
Marleen Sparling
Marlene Sparling
Marnes Carey
Marshall Sparling
Marshall Sparling.
Martha Carey
Martha Itac Carey
Mary Carey
Mary Elizabeth Sparling
Mary Hamilton Mable Sparling
Mary Jane Carey
Mary Sparling
Mary Sparling 3
Matthew Carey
Maud Sparling
Maude M Allen B Carey
Maureen Sparling
Maurice Sparling
Megan Sparling
Melba Sparling
Melba Thomas Sparling
Merlin Sparling
Merlin Sparling MEEEÜ
Messrs Clarence Sparling
Mi Raymond Sparling
Mi** Annie Carey
Mi-s Emma Carey
Michael Sparling
Michelle Sparling
Mike Carey Cloaks
Mildred KnowU Sparling
Minerva Sparling
Mis Lome Sparling
Mis Urne Sparling
Misa Donna Sparling
Miss Carey
Miss E J. Sparling
Miss Faye Sparling
Mm A K. T. R. Carey
Molly Carey
Mom Viola Sparling
Moodie Mias Joan Carey
Moore Lake Grade IV—Neil Sparling
Mr Allen Carey
Mr Glen Carey
Mr Harvey Sparling
Mr Sparling
Mr William Carey
Mr, Gerald A. T. Sparling
Mr- Lewis Sparling
Mr. Albert Sparling
Mr. Albert Sparling Miss Helen Campbell
Mr. Albert S^rk R Sparling
Mr. Allan Carey
Mr. Allan Sparling
Mr. Allan Sparling Admission
Mr. Allen Carey
Mr. Carey
Mr. Earl Sparling
Mr. Glen Carey
Mr. Glenn Carey
Mr. Grant Carey
Mr. Harvey Sparling
Mr. James Sparling
Mr. Joan Carey
Mr. Lewis Sparling
Mr. Linden Sparling
Mr. Lloyd Sparling
Mr. Lloyd Steve Sparling
Mr. Marks Gladys Sparling
Mr. Marshall Sparling
Mr. Reuben Sparling
Mr. Sherman Sparling
Mr. Sherwood Sparling
Mr. Wallace Sparling
Mra Carl Sparling
Mri Wilbour Sparling
Mrs Allen Carey
Mrs Allen Carey Sunday
Mrs Allen Sparling
Mrs Dawson Sparling
Mrs Herman Sparling
Mrs Leonard Neil Sparling
Mrs. A. Carey
Mrs. Ailed Carey
Mrs. Albert Sparling
Mrs. Allan B. Carey
Mrs. Allan Carey
Mrs. Allan Sparling
Mrs. Allen B. Carey
Mrs. Allen Carey
Mrs. Allen I Carey
Mrs. Allen Sparling
Mrs. Allen Sparling RusseJl
Mrs. Beatrice Sparling
Mrs. Carey
Mrs. Earl Sparling
Mrs. Edward Sparling
Mrs. Eric Carey
Mrs. Eric Sparling
Mrs. Erie Sparling
Mrs. Erma Carey
Mrs. Ernest Sparling
Mrs. Faye Sparling
Mrs. Glenn Carey Oaks
Mrs. Gordon Elliott Miss Edna Sparling
Mrs. Grant Carey
Mrs. He-man Sparling
Mrs. Heman Sparling
Mrs. Heman Sparling Father Harrington
Mrs. Henry Sparling Sunday
Mrs. Herman Sparling
Mrs. James Sparling
Mrs. James Wahfc Mr. Allan Sparling
Mrs. Jeanne Belle Carey
Mrs. John E. Dagg By Dennis Thrun Mr. Neil Sparling
Mrs. John Sparling
Mrs. Ken Sparling
Mrs. L Sparling
Mrs. Lawrence Sparling
Mrs. Lewis Sparling
Mrs. Linden Carey
Mrs. Lloyd Sparling
Mrs. Lome Sparling Mountain
Mrs. Marshall Sparling
Mrs. Nelson Sparling
Mrs. Neman Sparling
Mrs. Norris Sparling
Mrs. Percy Sparling
Mrs. R Sparling
Mrs. R, Sparling
Mrs. Ray Sparling
Mrs. Rov Sparling
Mrs. Roy Sparling
Mrs. Sammy Sparling
Mrs. Sparling
Mrs. Sparling Summers
Mrs. Sparling’s
Mrs. Thomas Sparling
Mrs. Warren Sparling
Mrs. Warren Sparling Zimmerling
Mrs. William Carey
Mrs. William L. Sparling
Mrs. William Sparling
Mrs. WiMiam J Carey
Mr» Elwood Sparling
Mr» Lome Sparling
Ms. Sparling
Muriel Faye Sparling
Muriel Richard Joan Sparling
Myrland Sparling
Myrland Sparling Charlie E. Smith
Nancy Carey
Neil Sparling
Neil Sparling Bristol
Neil Sparling Childs Shetland Pony Mickey Armitage
Neil Sparling Grads II
Neil Sparling MacFarlane
Nell Sparling
Nellie Carey
Neman Sparling
Noble Percy Sparling
Norma Gladys Sparling
Norma Jean Mi David Sparling
Norma Sparling
Norma Sparling Smith
Norris Sparling
Norris Sparling Far
Notes Lois Sparling
Notes Mr. Wallace Sparling
O G Carey
Obituaries Albert Sparling
Obituary Wayne Lewis Sparling Hell Drivers
Octo- Sparling
Odel Miss Betty Sparling
Ottawa Sparling
P.| Sparling
Page Sparling
Palmer Mrs Wilbour Sparling
Palmer Sparling
Pamela Sparling
Pamela Sparling Josee Institute
Patricia Hodgins Cathy McMunn Rick Russett Robert Sparling Janice Weinman Wendy Healey Leslie Thomp
Paul Douglas Sterling Hayden Technicolor P Douglas McDonald Carey L #
Paul Sparling
Paul Sparling Service-aged
Paul Sparling Tracy Lamb
Percy Sparling
Peter Carey
Peter Sparling
Peter Sparling Since
Phil Carey
Phil Carey AH
Phil Carey Julia Amall
Phil Carey Martha Hyers
Phil Carey Roberta Haynes Campbell
Philip Carey Diane McBain
Philip DumoucheL Mr Sherwood Sparling
Phyllis Brian Sparling
Phyllis Margaret Sparling
Phyllis Sparling
Pierre Jean Sparling
Pigeault Sparling
Plus Mux Betty Garrett Phil Carey
Primer—Harvey Sparling
Que L O Dean... G Sparling
R "Whelan - Betty Sparling
Rachel Ann Sparling
Rachel Ann Sparling Passes At Brockville
Rae Carey
Randy Sparling
Ray Sparling
Raymond Sparling
Raymond Sparling - Mrs Harmaleen Zimmerling
Recreation Ann Sparling
Reggie Ar- Marie Milks-Sparling Peppard
Reuben Sparling
Rev Carey Knox
Rev. Carey
Rev. Messrs. Carey
Rev. Mr. Carey
Rev. Mr. O. C. Carey
Rev. R Sparling
Rev. Wallace Sparling
Reverend Wallace Sparling
Rhonda Sparling
Rhont Fleming B E McDonald Carey
Richard Prior Sparling
Richard Sparling
Rick Sparling
Ricky Sparling
Rita Carey
Rob Myrland Sparling
Robbie Sparling
Robert * Renie Sparling July
Robert 7-2410 Sparling
Robert 7-2997 Sparling
Robert Clinton Sparling
Robert Ellis Sparling
Robert Ellis Sparling A Robert Ellis Sparling
Robert G Sparling
Robert G. Sparling
Robert G. Sparling Robert George Sparling
Robert John Cronaberry Sparling
Robert Ryan Harvey Lembeck Jean Peters Jean Peters Philip Carey Anne Baxter
Robert Sparling
Robert Sparling 648-2341 Will
Robert Sparling Lulu Helen* McCord
Robert Sparling Manwell
Roberta Sparling
Roland Elliott Allen B. Carey Machinist
Ron Back- Ricky Sparling
Ron Sparling
Ron Sparling Sparkling Midwa
Ronald Sparling
Ronnie Sparling
Rose Ann Sparling
Rose Sparling
Ross Sparling
Ross Sparling Grade
Roy Carey
Roy Ebert James Sparling
Roy Sparling
Royce Sparling
Ru&i Sparling
Ruby Leona Elizabath Sparling
Ruby Leona Elizabeth Sparling
Ruby Sparling
Ruby Sparling MjgH
Ruth Sparling
Ruth Sparling 440
Ruthie Sparling
Ryan Sparling
S. G Sparling
Sadie A Neil Sparling
Sadie Sparling
Sam Sparling
Samuel G Sparling
Samuel G. Sparling
Samuel Sparling
Sandy Sparling
Sarah Carey
Sarah Sparling
Schroeder - 3.00 L Sparling -
Shawn Patsy Emmerson Sparling
Shawn Sparling
Shawn Sparling Get
Shawville Carey Ann
Sherman Sparling
Sherwood Sparling
Sheryl Ann Betty Sparling
Shirley Sparling Joyce Harris
SHS) Grant Carey
Sibyl Sparling
Sila> Sparling
Silas Sparling
Sizing Grant Carey
Sparling (Marie) Ottawa
Sparling A Brown
Sparling Bergeron
Sparling Bill Morglan
Sparling C) Ou
Sparling Case
Sparling Clouthier Jr and
Sparling Coach
Sparling Crawford
Sparling Ebert
Sparling Evans
Sparling Families
Sparling Greta
Sparling Homer
Sparling IVa-I Clifford Stevenson
Sparling March
Sparling Mark
Sparling Mrs David Parent
Sparling Mrs.
Sparling Murray Be- Anna Danis
Sparling Queen St.
Sparling Romain
Sparling Visiting
Sparling W.W. II
Sparling We
Sr.—Austin Sparling
Stacy Sparling
Stephen Sparling
Stephen Sparling Quebec
Sterling Horigins Neil Sparling
Steve Sparling
Steven Sparling
Stewart Sparling
Stonehouse Young People’s Worker Miss Joan Carey
Suit Allen B. Carey K F **i
Susan Sparling
Sybil Martha Louise Sparling
T Sparling
T. Carey
Ted Beehamp’s Dorcas Sparling
Telephone-5 Allen B. Carey FOR
Terry C amp-Anne Sparling
Terry Sparling
The Ven Wallace Sparling
Thelma Carey
Thomas Carey
Thomas Dagg Mrs Clinton Sparling
Thomas Godfrey Carey
Thomas Jew- Jean Sparling
Thomas John Sparling
Thomas Lindsay Lawrence Sparling
Thomas Lindsay Lawrence Sparling Edmonton
Thomas Lindsay Sparling
Thomas Paget Sparling Laporte
Thomas Sparling
Thomas Sparling Dies After Brief Illness Day
Timmy Sparling
Timmy Sparling Iris Smith Clifford Stevenson
Tina Sparling
Todd Sparling
Tom Carey
Tom Sparling Laporte
Tommy Don Sparling
Tracey Sparling
Tracy Sparling
Treasurer Allen B. Carey GORDON
Ulenn Carey
Undeo Carey
Valerie Sparling
Van Sparling
Vancouver B C. Betty Sparling
Vera Sparling
Vera Sparling Miller
Viola Sparling
W Sparling
W.M. Betty Sparling Laporte
Wallace Sparling
Ward - Sparling
Warren Sparling
Warren William Isaac Sparling
Wayne Lewie Sparling
Wayne Lewis Sparling
Wayne Sparling
Wayne Sparling Bretslaff
Wayne Sparling Janu-sympathy
Wayne Sparling Shawville
Wellington Rooney Harold Sparling
Wendy Moore and Betty Sparling
Wesley Albert Sparling
Wilbour Sparling
Wilbur Sparling
Willard John Sparling
Willard Sparling
Willard Sparling Council
William (Billy) Sparling
William Austin Sparling
William Carey
William G Sparling
William George Sparling
William L Sparling
William L. Sparling
William L. Sparling Mother
William Sparling
William Sparling Mrs, Bert Stark Mrs. Archie Storey Mrs. Albert Tanner Mrs. Victor Tanner Mrs. Watt
William T Sparling
William Thomas Ernest Sparling
Wilson Sparling
Wilson Sparling July
Winer Sparling
Winni- Betty Sparling
XJ6 Carey
Xpert Carey
xsl8 Carey
Young Rev. Mr. Carey
Austin Sparling
Bette Sparling
Bradford Carey
Ca. l Sparling
Canada Sparling
Carey Bretzlaff
Carey Griffin
Dorcas Sparling
Florence Sparling
Lac Sparling
Mrs. Lawrence l Sparling
Quebec Sparling
Sherwood Sparling
Sparling -
Sparling Lake
Sparling Lake Road
Sparling Lake Rood
Sparling Lake St
Sparling Road
Sparling** Lake Wednesdays
Sparling’s Lake
Sparling’s Mountain
1-819-422-3452 Ron Sparling 1-613-225-7116 INC.
34942X326 Oil 17503B3F2 I73503B326 CARTY SPARLING
Aggie Sparling
AI Sparling
Allan Carey
Allan Sparling’s Barber Shop
Allan Sparling’s Barber Shop for Permanents
Anglican Mrs Bernice Sparling
Annie Mac Carey
Army Carey
Ash Circle Fire Performers Shawville 4-H Dancers Sharey & Carey Rosietoes Clowns Free Children
Bancroft Red Cross Hospital Sparling
Best Horse Eldon Sparling
Bristol ladies Aid Rachel Ann Sparling Passes At Brockville
Bristol Sparling
Bristol; Mrs. Sadie Sparling
BROWN Sparling
BRYSON LIONS HALL Barbara Sparling
CALDWELL Gail Sparling
Carey Whispers
Carey & Unit
Carey Ann
Carey Bretzlaff
Carey Bretzlaff Fort Coulonge
Carey Bros,
Carey Bros.
CAREY Bureau du Sherif Campbells Buy
CAREY Coming
CAREY County Teachers Meet
Carey Dr.
Carey Family
Carey Family Honored At Farewell Party
Carey Fi- Joyce Newberry
Carey Fi-with Kevin Findlay
Carey Finan
Carey Fi__
Carey fOfr Medical Arts
Carey Gall Russell k
Carey Hms
Carey Ins
Carey K F
Carey Machines
Carey Machinist
Carey Machinist & Welder Massey-Harris Fergnso Sales and Service
Carey Madrinest
Carey Maohinest
Carey Mculhxnîst
Carey Mise
Carey Myen
Carey Myers
Carey Now Using Oxygen Tank And Mask Hospital
Carey Ottawa
Carey Pithy Strutt
Carey Price
Carey Racing
Carey Reid
Carey Repairs
Carey Richard
Carey Rosietoes Clowns Bandaloni
Carey Rosletoes Clowns
Carey Rosletoes Clowns Free Children’s Pony Rides Ladysmith Oktobertest Dancers Craft
Carey Smith
Carey Sparling
Carey Stanton
Carey T*
CAREY Variation—Rennold*
Carey Wharf
Carey Xt
Cemetery Inscriptions MYRLAND SPARLING
Central Milliard Sparling
Choice Cindy Sparling
Clarendoe Institute; Mrs. Carey
Clarendon School Board Carey;
Clown Sharey & Carey Roewtoee
Clown Sharey A Carey Roeietoee
Clown Sharey A Carey Roeietoes
CUCUMBERS Mrs Melba Sparling
DB Jason Sparling
Dorcas Sparling Perry and Barry Belanger
Douglas McDonald Carey L #
du Grande Celu- SPARLING
Eastern Pentecos- Glen Carey
EQUIPMENT Standard Church Bernle 574I9BJ6 SPARLING—
Esterbrook Pen & Pencil Sets GIFTS 0 FOR TU HOME Herman Sparling
Forest View Mrs. Sparling
FRIDAY A SATURDAY Maureen O Hara McDonald Carey November
Gall Sparling
Gerald Sparling Shawville
Girls Costume—Leora Lado-Heather Best QUALITY CHRISTMAS CARDS Berta Sparling SHAWVILLE Meat Market
Glenn Sparling
Glenn Sparling Hodgins Post Office
GWEN Sparling Evan
Home Hardware Elmer Sparling LA MacLellan
HT S Sparling LIGUE FEMININE II Bobinettes
Ih{ Equity Lorna Sparling
Instituites Lloyd Sparling
Lac Sparling
Laughren-Palmer-Sparling Association
LTD n Miss Carey Smith
Lutheran Cemetery Roberta Sparling
Manufacturers Associ SPARLING
Master Bob Sparling
Master Bobbie Sparling
Master Brian Sparling
Master David Sparling
Master Edward Sparling
Master Wilburn Sparling
McDonald Carey A
McDonald Carey and Marta Toren
McDonald Carey color
McDonald Carey ODONGO
McDonald Carey | PAUL A MARTINEAU Attorney
MEN Mrs. Allan Sparling
Miss Debbie Pitt and Betty Sparling
Mnulctpal In- Gordon Sparling
Morgan Philip Carey THURSDAY A
Motion Crs Sparling
Motion Gordon Sparling
Motion Minerva Sparling
Motion Or» Sparling
Mr Melvin Sparling
Mr. George Carey
Mrs Gordon Sparling
Mrs. Carey
Mrs. Jeanne Belle Carey
Mrs. Lyall Sparling
MURRA Y PITT Mrs Gordon Sparling
Muscular Eye Defect* Mrs. Sparling
Myrland & Mabel Sparling
Myrland Sparling
Nee Sparling
Neil Sparling Bristol.
New Agricultural Hall U SPARLING Dunraven Elementary School Calumet Island
Noon Messrs Allan Sparling
Norma Sparling
ONDONGO Rhonda Flemming MacDonald Carey
Outaouais Regional Mrs. Herman Sparling
PCH Head Nurse Betty Sparling
Pier Angell Phil Carey FORT AFRIQUE
Pontiac County Co-operative Medi- Hospital-Surgical Plan Miss Marjorie Sparling
Pontiac Film Schedule Fred MacMurrav Phil Carey
Pontiac Melba Sparling; Program
Reserve Junior Champi Sparling
Robcrla Sparling Carson Hodgins
Robyn Jean Sparling
Roll Miss Minerva Sparling
Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Royal Visit for Anita Ekberg Phil Carey SCREAMING MIMI News—Shorts—Features NOTICE Thursday
RSVG Mrs. Dors Barber PNG; LSVG Mrs. Lulu Sparling PNG Mrs. Stella Hoogins PNG; Outside Guardian
Sadie Sparling
SANITONE Born Hstncrann Mervina Sparling
School Muriel Sparling
Shawville Standard Sparling 648-2481 Church
Si Allan Carey
Si Sparling
Sparling -
Sparling Financial Statement
SPARLING Flora Tracy
Sparling Municipal Affairs
St. Carey
Standard Church Parson-ageJSfeii Sparling
TANK COMMANDOS Phil Carey Julia Amall
United Dorcas Sparling Clifford Stevenson
VANGUARD Travel Sparling’s
View Inn Dining Room Sparling
Warner Carey
WÈ Sparling
Wiggins Family & Sparling Family
Worker Miss Joan Carey
Worship Service SPARLING