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Miss Donna Perry St

Issues the organization appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1.75 G Miss 1C.
6.—“Miss Allen
8nd Faye Perry
A. Howard R. R. A. Marksmen Trim Carp Miss Lynda Lang
A. Perry
A. Turner Miss I. Shaw Skip
Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry Lion
Abbott Miss Bertha Cameron
Academy—Miss Ryan
Ad Hodgins Earl Hodgins Miss Pearl Brown Mrs.
Agriculture-Miss H Graham
Alan and Donna
Alan and Donna Cockerell
Alan Perry
Albert Arm Miss Rhonda Cummings
Albert Entertainment Marj°rie Imogene Perry Perry
Albert Perry
Alex Rutleldge For Sale Perry
Alexander Miss Eva Alexander Mrs. Gerald Armltage Ira Sturgeon George W. Smith Gordon Stewart
Alexander Miss Ruth Sharpe
Alexander Miss Susan Sharpe
Alice Bruce Pinned Miss Edith Young
Allan Perry
Allen Meredith Miss Grace McCaffrey
Alvin Palmer Miss Minerva Sparling Miss Elma Dale Miss Lewina Harkness Mrs. Ed.
Amy Barber Miss Hilda Harris Miss Mona Armstrong Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois
Amy Elliott Honored Miss Amy Elliott
An-Miss Anne Henderson
Anderson Miss Alice Hod
Andre Sration Miss Page
Andrea Lagarde Administration Rhonda Perry Investissement Jeunesse
Andrew J Middle-miss
Angela Donna Kennedy
Angie Towell Tim Perry
Anita Donna Perry
Ann Kelley Miss Hilda Harris Mr.
Ann Marie Dean Miss Ann Marie Dean
Ann Marie Perry
Ann Perry
Anna Miss Sinclair
Annette Gagnon Donna Gagnon
Anthony J. Wright Miss Melba Moore
Armstrong 7. Graham Bread—Miss
Armstrong Miss B.
Armstrong Miss Edna Devlin Miss D. Clarke Mrs
Armstrong Miss Maureen Keon
Armstrong Miss Merle Barber
Armstrong Miss Sarah Wilson
Art Hmlgms Miss Ivy Millar
Arthur Dsgg Miss Barsbara Dagg
Arthur Gagnon Miss Sylvia Clalrmont
Arthur Grace Miss Theresa Neville
Arthur Kilgour Miss Ruth Dagg
Arthur Labelle Correspondent Gerald Perry
Arthur Miss Patsy Megrath
Arthur Perry
Arthur Pitt* Harold Henderson BrU- Many Showers Held For Miss Barber Miss M<
Arthur Racine Miss Bonnie Donnelly
Arthur Thomas Miss Dawna Montgomery
Arthur Wilson Miss Beverley Stark
Artist Miss Lon
Ashley Lisa Perry
Association Patterson - Sharpe Wedding Donna Lucille Sharpe
At Wyman Concludes Miss Marjorie Judd
Aurele Uagnon Phil Perry
Avila La-Miss Muriel Armstrong
Aylmer Miss Grace Kelly
B-m F % Miss Lee Anne Smith
B.C. Miss Susan Sharpe
Bailey Henderson Miss Shawville Fair
Baird Correspondent Miss Jill Smith
Barbara Miss Bar BJ
Barbara Miss Elaine Hod-gfns
Barbara Newber-and Miss Verna MacDon-nell
Barber and Miss Mary Jane Wilson
Barnes Miss Beth McKay
Barrie Murray Shawvillc Miss Royal Sienna C.W. Sherman
Barry Popkey Gerald Perry
Barry Rhonda Perry
Bay Donna
Bay Donna Riebertz
Bay Fort Coulonge Vinton Mim Donna Biescnthul
Bay Miss Betty Sparling
Bay Rev Michael Perry
Becky Lauret Perry
Bella Donna
Ben Miss Helen Mathers
Benjamin Joseph Perry
Bernice Russell Honoured Miss Bernice Russell
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Betty Farrell Miss Beverley Harris Mr.
Betty Roger Perry
Betty Van Donna Draper
Bill Donna Perry
Bill Miss Norris
Bill Perry
Billy Gemmill’s Miss Claire Grattan
Billy Hodgms Miss Grace Farlinger
Bishop Miss Dora Beattie
Blake Perry
Block Centre St Miss Hanna
Blossom Donna Kennedy
Bob Abercrom-Miss Laura Woodley
Bob and Donna
Bob Donna
Bob Hope Joan Fontaine Donna Reed
Bob Middle-miss
Bob Morrison John Hovelin Janet Dole Donna Dole Cliff Dale Clarence Richardson____ Merlin Richardso
Bonnie Alexander Miley Gordon Perry Helen and Larry Perry
Bourgeau Miss D. Elliott Miss A. Archibald Mr.
Brenda Donna
Brenda Trafford Grade V— Donna Hall
Brenda Waltham Chatteris Miss Brenda Richardson
Brent Horner’s Miss Abbe Volo
Brent Miss Olga Mielke
Brian & Donna Zim-merling
Brian and Donna Peck
Brian Arbic Miss Caroline Sparling
Brian Jr Helen Perry
Bridge Miss Yvonne Sicard
Brown Miss E. A. Millikf.n
Brown Miss Evelyn Cook
Bruce Barber Ree-Seet y—Miss Doris Jndd Fin Sect
Bruce Donna
Bruce Yemen Ronnie Wilson Miss Arline Kilgour
Bryce Miss Florence Nightingale
Bryson Helen Perry
Buggy J Miss Margaret Brownlee
By Helen PERRY
By Helen Perry By Heather Stewart
C. O''Neil Miss Stella Cottrell May
Caldwell Miss Betty Stewart
Caldwell Miss K. Woodley Mrs.
Calumet Is-Miss Joan Bowie
Cameron Miss I. Shaw Phone SI.
Camloops B C. Miss Diane Lepinc
Campbell Miss Betty Woolsey
Carol Ann Caron’s Donna Gagnon
Carol Donna Stephens
Carol Lemaire Miss Janice Riebertz
Carol Miss Laurie Ann Hod
Carol Perry
Catherine Armstrong Miss Shirley Gibbons
Catherine Perry
CBC—Miss Trent
Celle Perry
Charles Belec Howell Miss Margaret Smiley Air F)rce Day
Charles Franklin Dale Elisabeth Anne Marshall Miss Elizabeth Anne Marshall
Charles Perry
Charles Routliffe Miss Joanne Dumouchel
Charlie Erwin Miss Frances Whnn
Charlie Schroeder were Miss Debbie Lance
Chelsea Miss Beatrice Millar
Cheryl Perry
Chris Perry
Chris- Donna
Christopher Perry
Chum Buddie Waltham Helen Perry 1
Cindy Coles Miss CarroU.
Cindy Miss Ruby Lemaire
Cindy Perry
Cindy Perry Provincial Olympics
Claire Miss Wendy Lane
Claire Ren-nick Miss Nora Hodgins
Clarence Miss Susie Barber
Claude Godin Perry
Claudia Richards -Miss Richards
Clayton Moore Miss Romone Ouellet
Clifford Donna Perry
Cock—Miss Geraldine Armstrong 1
Commodore Perry
Complete Miss Karen R
Correspondent Donna
Correspondent Miss Susan Sharpe
Councillor Murray Miss Melinda Kelly
Courtenay Robinson Organist- Mrs G Popkey Reading Course Sec- Mrs Lloyd Robinson Magazine - Miss Vi
Courtney Alexan- Miss Dianne Zimmerling
Cover—Miss Graham
Cr Barber were Perry
Crayon—Miss Thomas
Crs J J Miss Catherine Murphy
Curling Miss Betty Richardson
D Miss Ann Kingdom Ottawa
D. Gibson Miss Irene Powell
Dale Donna Kennedy
Dale Ellard Perry
Dale Master Donald Hodgins Miss Marion Smyth Grant Gibson
Dale Miss Arminta McDowell Miss Raeburn Doherty Mrs. Harold Pokes Mr.
Dale Miss M
Dale Miss M Cochrane Dr Dagg Skip—9 Mrs L Armstrong Leslie Hodgine
Dale Miss Marguerite Wharrey Miss Jean McDowell
Dale Miss Mary Brownlee Other Places Cecil Wallace
Dale Miss M‘
Dale Miss Winnifred Hamilton Mrs. Fleming
Dale Perry
Dan Donna Doucette
Dane Ma- Miss Laurie Ann Hod
Dave Bros-a Miss Alice Martineau
Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Michelle Th6i Donna Armitage Heather Dickson Ross Dickson
Dave Moore Sports PERRY
Dave Perry
David & Donna Campbell
David Belanger Ron Lafleur Perry Belanger Int
David Black Donna Roach Manager
David Clarke Miss Amv
David Da Miss Donna
David Donald Perry
David Mackenzie 647-2244 Ellard Perry
David Melvyn Perry
David Miss Jean Cameron
David Of Perpetual Help Church Perry
David Perry
David Perry Jodi
David T. V«* Miss Marjcfrie
David- Miss Benia Kranch
Davis Miss Sandra Smiley
Dawn Miss Joy Johnston
Dawn Worst Miss Wallace
Deanna Perry
Dear Miss
Dear Miss Grant
Debbie Donna
Debbie Miss Elizabeth
Debbie Perry
Delor-Miss Marion Fletcher
Dennis Dale........... Miss Pearl Fades
Dennis Dale............. Miss Pearl Fades
Dennis Perry
Dennison Miss Clara Strutt
Diana Perry
Diane Boisvert 648-5296 Waltham Helen Perry
Diane Perry
Dianne Perry
Dianne Perry Lachute
Don Benoit Miss Pearl Roach
Don Paul Miss Eva Alexander Anonymous Electricity Is Your Biggest Bargain
Donald Coghill Miss Jocelyn Houghton
Donald Davidson Mrs. William Creighton Miss Yvonne Dupuis
Donald Donna
Donald McRae Dr. R E. Dagg Norris Brough Miss Nell
Donald Miss Frances Dean
Donald Miss Marie Susie Brownlee
Donald Miss Shirley Mary Sly Reg
Donald Ostrom Correspondant Miss Dominion
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Miss Anita Leach
Donald Perry
Donald Raymond DON’T Miss - Smith
Donna Lew*
Donna "
Donna (Leonard
Donna 8.
Donna A
Donna Abeam
Donna Ad» DaUv
Donna Agar
Donna Agar MacLellan
Donna Agcr
Donna Ager
Donna Ager Kay
Donna Allanson
Donna Allard
Donna Amni-
Donna And
Donna and Karen
Donna and Karen Hearty
Donna and Margaret Ann McCrank
Donna and Nancy
Donna Ann Hobbs
Donna Ar- da Smith
Donna Ar-and René Boudreault
Donna Armi-tage
Donna Armifage
Donna Armit- Harper Emerson
Donna Armitage
Donna As
Donna Ashley
Donna Association
Donna ATicarn
Donna Atkin-
Donna Auctioneer
Donna Available
Donna Bailey
Donna Baker
Donna Barbe
Donna Barber
Donna Bartman
Donna Bean
Donna Belleou
Donna Berry
Donna Bharpe
Donna Biescnthal RN
Donna Biesenthal
Donna Birthday
Donna Bisenthal
Donna Black
Donna Black Cooper
Donna Blair
Donna Bles
Donna Blesenthal
Donna Board
Donna Bohemier
Donna Boucher
Donna Bouhamier
Donna Box
Donna Bratton
Donna Bright Funeral Home
Donna Brown
Donna Brownlee
Donna Bruce
Donna Bur
Donna Burke
Donna B„ Reg
Donna Ca
Donna Ca- Carol
Donna Cahill
Donna Caldwell
Donna Camobell
Donna Campbell
Donna Card
Donna Carroll
Donna Carv
Donna Cawley
Donna Cawley - Rose
Donna Chapeskie
Donna Charette
Donna Cieland
Donna Clarke
Donna Claus
Donna Cleland
Donna Cocke- Smart
Donna Cockerall
Donna Cockerel
Donna Cockerel Temiscaming-Ottawa
Donna Cockerell
Donna CoiYiveau
Donna Collins
Donna Com
Donna Community
Donna Coni
Donna Cooney
Donna Cooper
Donna Cor
Donna Cor-riveau
Donna Cord
Donna Corn
Donna Correspondent
Donna Corri-
Donna Corrivcan
Donna Corrivcau
Donna Corrivea
Donna Corriveau
Donna Corriveau LADYSMITH
Donna Corrivvau
Donna Cory Sharpe
Donna Coughlan
Donna Courcfiesne
Donna Courchane
Donna Courchcsne
Donna Courchesne
Donna Courchesne Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Donna Courchesnes
Donna Courefiesne
Donna Courehesne
Donna Courschêne
Donna Cousineau
Donna Cowley
Donna Crabbe
Donna Craig
Donna Craig Baby
Donna Craig Drop Cookies
Donna Craig Fruit Loaf
Donna Craig Frys Chocolate Cake Special
Donna Craig Heifer Calf Sr - Donald
Donna Craig Light Fruit Cake - Mrs Stewart
Donna Craig Men
Donna Craig Men s Dress
Donna Craig Méthot
Donna Craig Novelty
Donna Craig Reversible
Donna Craig Teresa JY- Jerseys
Donna Crawford
Donna Currivcati
Donna Cusson
Donna Cuthbensor
Donna Cuthber-tson
Donna Cuthberfson Those
Donna Cuthbert-
Donna Cuthbertson
Donna Cuthbertsort
Donna Cuthhertson Mrs Seldon Langford
Donna Dagenais
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald
Donna Dak
Donna Dale
Donna Dale Emmerson
Donna Daley
Donna Daley Hodgins
Donna Daley JPM To-»,
Donna Daley Mike Cloutier
Donna Daley-Hodgins
Donna Daley’s
Donna Damico
Donna Davis
Donna Day
Donna Denault
Donna Donna MacKechnie
Donna Donnelly
Donna Donnely
Donna Dorion
Donna Doris
Donna Doris Draper
Donna Doris Draper Marries Frederick Provost
Donna Douglas
Donna Draper
Donna Dubeau
Donna Dumouchel
Donna Dunlop
Donna Duquet
Donna Dwyer
Donna Each
Donna Early
Donna Eddy
Donna Elenora
Donna Elenora’s
Donna Elliot
Donna Elliott
Donna Enright
Donna Escander
Donna Express
Donna E||iott
Donna Falleiro
Donna Faye
Donna Faye Sparling
Donna Felskie
Donna Fercken
Donna Ferguson
Donna Fields
Donna Fielo Corn
Donna Filske
Donna Findlay
Donna Fitz-ledge
Donna Fitzsim
Donna Fleming
Donna Fleming HD
Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher-Rush
Donna Foran
Donna Fownes
Donna Frost
Donna Ful-ford
Donna G Horner
Donna Gagnon
Donna Gagnon Corr
Donna Gagnon Renfrew
Donna Gail
Donna Gail Horner
Donna Gail Mac
Donna Gail Mac-Kechnie
Donna Gail MacKechnie
Donna Gale
Donna Gall
Donna Garth Graham
Donna Gauthier
Donna Gayle
Donna Gayle MacDonald Mr.
Donna Glen Thoms
Donna Gloucester
Donna Godin
Donna Gongon
Donna Gourchesne
Donna Grace
Donna Gravelle
Donna Gray
Donna Greer
Donna Gregory
Donna Had
Donna Hall
Donna Hamlyn
Donna Harris
Donna Harris June 9
Donna Hawkins
Donna He
Donna Hear- Kavanagh
Donna Heard
Donna Hearts
Donna Hearts KN
Donna Hearty
Donna Hearty RN
Donna Heartys
Donna Helmut Erfle
Donna Hi
Donna Hickey
Donna Hill
Donna Hod
Donna Hod- Katherine Dumont
Donna Hod-oIns
Donna Hodg- Plumadore
Donna Hodgins
Donna Hodgins Betty Young
Donna Hodgins Cockerall
Donna Hodgins Ken Bronson
Donna Hodgins Roly
Donna Hodgins Saturday
Donna Hodglns
Donna Hodigns Barn
Donna Homer
Donna Hope
Donna Hor Bill
Donna Hor- Velma Holt
Donna Horner
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donna Houty
Donna Huber
Donna Hudgins
Donna Hull
Donna Hummel
Donna Hummel Hel-
Donna Hummell
Donna I
Donna Inverts
Donna Is
Donna Isanor
Donna IVrry
Donna I^aughlin__and
Donna J Hod
Donna J Hodgins
Donna Ja
Donna Jacobs
Donna Jean McCree
Donna Jennings
Donna Jesse Ruppell
Donna Jesus
Donna John Hynes
Donna Johnson
Donna Jones
Donna Joy
Donna Judd
Donna Kane
Donna Kelly
Donna Ken- Mountain
Donna Kenne-and Pierre Mousseau
Donna Kennedy
Donna Keon
Donna Kiki
Donna Kilsley
Donna King
Donna Kirkpatrick
Donna Klenoia
Donna Klenora
Donna Kluke
Donna Komm
Donna Kraft
Donna Kurk
Donna L APn
Donna La
Donna LaBonté
Donna Ladies
Donna Lafieur
Donna Laflcur
Donna Lafleur
Donna Lafleur Brent Belsher
Donna Lafleur Hodgins
Donna LaHeur
Donna Lake
Donna Lalonde
Donna Lamothe
Donna Lampion
Donna Lapieme
Donna Lapierre
Donna Larabie
Donna Larabte
Donna Larruthers
Donna Larue
Donna Lauretta
Donna Lavalee
Donna Lavallee
Donna Lavoie
Donna Lawrence
Donna Laxdale
Donna Le
Donna Le Graham
Donna Leclair
Donna Lee
Donna Lee Bean
Donna Lee Burtch
Donna Lee Graham
Donna Lee Steer
Donna Lepine
Donna Lev-
Donna Leveris
Donna Levesque
Donna Lew- Palmer
Donna Little
Donna Lohnes
Donna Lou
Donna Lou Malr
Donna Louise
Donna Lucille
Donna Lusk
Donna Lyn Robertson
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn Gauthier
Donna Lynn To- Thomas
Donna M J
Donna Ma-heral
Donna Mac
Donna Mac Don
Donna Mac-Kechnie
Donna MacDon
Donna MacDonald
Donna MacDonneil
Donna Macdonnell
Donna MacK-
Donna MacKachnie Lloyd Hodgins Cut
Donna MacKechnie
Donna MacKechnie Debbie Young
Donna MacLel- Eileen
Donna MacLellan
Donna MacLellan Ranger
Donna Maclennan
Donna MacPherson
Donna Mae
Donna Maheral
Donna Mai Donnell
Donna Maika
Donna Mainville
Donna Mar-hey
Donna Marcotte
Donna Marie
Donna Marie Larue
Donna Mark
Donna Marks
Donna Mary
Donna Mary Gorman
Donna Mary Lepine
Donna May
Donna Maye Nugent
Donna Mc-Kechnie
Donna McAlpine Child
Donna McCaffrey
Donna McCal-
Donna McCambley
Donna McCaMum
Donna McFarlane
Donna McGee
Donna McKechnie
Donna McLaughlin
Donna McLean
Donna McLellan
Donna McLelland
Donna McRae
Donna McRea
Donna Meisner
Donna Miller
Donna Miller-Dubeau
Donna Milton Schroeder )
Donna Moon
Donna Moon Show
Donna Moore
Donna Mor-
Donna Morris
Donna Morrison
Donna Morrow
Donna Morrow Provost
Donna Mous
Donna Mousseau
Donna Mousseau Dec.
Donna Mowat
Donna Mr.
Donna Mr. Wesley Nicholson
Donna Mrs
Donna Mrs Elsie Presley
Donna Mrs Lillian Tubman
Donna Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Donna Mulvi
Donna Murphy
Donna N Hodgins
Donna N. Hodgins
Donna Nearly
Donna Nichol
Donna Nixon
Donna North
Donna O Connor
Donna O Connor
Donna Oaig
Donna Oates
Donna Oates Agnes
Donna Oawford
Donna Oct.
Donna Onslow
Donna Ottawa
Donna Our
Donna O’Connor
Donna Panke
Donna Paris
Donna Pariseau
Donna Patricia
Donna Patrick
Donna Pattama
Donna Pe Bust
Donna Peck
Donna PeJW
Donna Pel
Donna Pembroke
Donna Penders
Donna Peny Montreal
Donna Per- Belsher
Donna Periy
Donna Perry
Donna Perry Lachute
Donna Perry St Eustache
Donna Pet/nick
Donna Petti------
Donna Pettigrew
Donna Petznick
Donna Petznlck
Donna Pilon
Donna Poker
Donna Pontiac Printshop
Donna Powell
Donna Presley
Donna Prévost
Donna Principale
Donna Prit- Saundes
Donna Pro
Donna Pro-
Donna Pro- Coughlin
Donna Procontributions
Donna Progirls
Donna Proulx
Donna Provort
Donna Provost
Donna Provost Donna’s
Donna Provost Joey Lou Baker
Donna Provost Mama’s Good Looks
Donna Provost Tina Dagenais
Donna Provots
Donna Qaig
Donna Qrawfced
Donna Quasi
Donna Que
Donna Quealc
Donna Queale
Donna Quebec
Donna Quyon
Donna R Hamilton
Donna R*
Donna Rabton
Donna Ralston
Donna Ralston-Leblanc
Donna Randy
Donna Ranger
Donna Re
Donna Rebertz
Donna Reed
Donna Reed BACKLASH Technlcolour Tab Hunter Natalie Wood
Donna Reed Dana Andrews
Donna Reed Mr.
Donna Reed Show
Donna Reginald Daly
Donna Reibcrtz
Donna Reibertz
Donna Reid
Donna Reid Jan Sterling John Payne Monday
Donna Rennick
Donna Retty
Donna Richard
Donna Richard Sprucing
Donna Richardson
Donna Ridiard
Donna Rie-
Donna Riebertz
Donna Ring
Donna Ringrose
Donna Rm
Donna Roach
Donna Roach Directrice
Donna Robin Zacharias
Donna Rode
Donna Roggte Selling
Donna Rogpe
Donna Romona Hobbs
Donna Rueckwald
Donna Russett
Donna Ruth
Donna Ruth ARDA
Donna Rutherford
Donna S
Donna Sally Sandra Smythe
Donna Sauvé
Donna Savage
Donna Schroeder
Donna Schroeder with Jason
Donna Scott Kilgour
Donna Second Prize
Donna Shad
Donna Shaddick
Donna Sharpe
Donna Shawville
Donna Sheri
Donna Shewville
Donna Sic
Donna Silvers
Donna Skelly
Donna Slew
Donna Smith
Donna Smith Debbie Thrun
Donna Smith Dennis
Donna Smith Young
Donna Smith-Young
Donna Spaling
Donna Sparling
Donna Sparling Laurie Glenn
Donna Spears
Donna Spence
Donna Spencer
Donna Spencer L 1
Donna Splaine
Donna Splalne
Donna Splame
Donna Srvr
Donna St
Donna St Jean
Donna St Martin
Donna St-Aubin
Donna St-Aubin Love Evelyn
Donna Stafford
Donna Stephens
Donna Stevens
Donna Stewart
Donna Stewart Anniversary
Donna Stewart Marcella Dumas
Donna Stewart Reminiscing Beginning
Donna Stewart Trina
Donna Stewart-Patrick
Donna Stuart
Donna Sullivan
Donna Surveillance
Donna Tav
Donna Tcrney
Donna Teresa Lynn Hickey
Donna The
Donna Thibert Anglican Church
Donna Thomas
Donna Thompson
Donna Tie
Donna Tierney
Donna Tlemy
Donna To
Donna Tom Thanks
Donna Tomko
Donna Tovell
Donna Tow- Golden
Donna Towefl
Donna Towel
Donna Towel Midget Boys
Donna Towell
Donna Towel]
Donna Tubman
Donna Vach
Donna Van-
Donna Village
Donna Vinters
Donna Wakeford
Donna Wal- Baptism
Donna Wallace
Donna Ward
Donna Waugh
Donna Wbods
Donna We
Donna Welland
Donna Whe- II
Donna Whelan
Donna Whelen
Donna White
Donna Whiteside
Donna Whitmore
Donna William Kirkpatrick Pte Alton Stark
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line Class
Donna Wilson Ml
Donna Wlielvn
Donna Woito
Donna Woods
Donna Woods Queensline
Donna Woolsey,
Donna Workman
Donna Workman Ac Family Marion Workman 0
Donna Workman Stark
Donna Wrinn
Donna Wrinn Is
Donna Yach
Donna Yech
Donna Young
Donna Young Dites
Donna Young Les
Donna Zachar- Mowing Contest
Donna Zacharias
Donna Zacharlas
Donna Zim
Donna Zimm#
Donna Zimmer-ling
Donna Zimmeriing
Donna Zimmerling
Donna _
Donna _ Provost
Donna-Lee Bean
Donna-Lee Graham
Doris Judd Miss Ruth Dods Mr. Nellis Hodgins Mrs.
Dorothy Barley Donna
Dorothy L Perry
Dorothy Miss Eileen Armstrong Miss Jean Bond Dr
Dorothy Munro Jr. Miss Hodgins
Doug Camp-Miss Jean Muiphy
Doug Donna
Douglas Mac-Miss Mona Brown
Doyle Miss Dorothy Murtagh
Dr. Alexander Miss Kelly
Dr. Donna Courchesne
Dr. Donna Courschêne
Dr. H E.| Miss Norma Smart
Dr. Perry
Duke Miss Germain Helve
Dumas Miss Morrissey/Rkl
Duncan Glenn Miss Beau
Dupuis Miss Debbie Gner
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins Chris Caldwell Plate Collection J,jZi
Dwight McDowell ....... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
Dwight McDowell ....... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harolfl Hodgins
Dwight McDowell .......|HH Miss Maria Ann Hodgins
Eades Gerald Perry
Earl Browni Miss Phyllis Tub
Earl Horner Miss Blanch Oration
Earl McGregor Perry Dunn-
Earl Miss Marjorie Sloan
Earl Perry
Easter Sun- Miss Kay Wodley
Eddie Finnigan Miss Mona Armstrong Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Eddie Kluke Miss Hilda Romain
Eddie Stewart Miss Linda Dumouchel
Edgar Hod- Miss Gweneth Shaw
Edgar Schwartz Miss Kaye Woodley
Edith Caldwell Miss Berta Draper
Edith Miss
Edith Perry
Edward Farrell Miss Loretta Gavan
Edward Perry
Edwin Perry
EEEEH œF |H|h|EE Miss Beatrice Skeldon
Eileen Donna Hodgins
Eileen Perry
Elaine Cole Lori a Perry
Elaine Horner Honoured Miss Elaine Horner
Elaine Perry
Elaine Sloan Brisson Miss Cathy McCrank
Eleanor Alexander Grade 5—Miss Orla Mee Grade
Elect Miss A.
Election Clerk - Miss Elizabeth Crawford
Elementary—Miss Hayes
Elfctrd Perry
Elizabeth Donna Smith
Elizabeth Hahn Cora McNeill F Miss Hahn
Elizabeth Hahn Miss Kelly Hahn
Elizabeth R Helen Perry
Ellard Perry
Elliott Miss Alva Turner
Elliott Miss June Stewart
Elliott Westmeath Miss Maye Horner
Emma Mahon Miss Palm Spence
Emma Miss Maggie Armstrong
Emma Russell- Miss Madeleine Craig
Eric (Donna
Eric Smiley Miss Dianne Rebertz
Eric Smiley Miss MacDonald
Erma Miss Joan Corrigan
Essiambre Donna
Esther I” Miss Percival
Eva Andai Miss Gail Orr
Eva Hodgms Har- Donna
F. Clarke Shawville Fair Miss Justine O’Connor
Fairburo Miss 8. Hodgins Mrs.
Fan-Miss I.yncttc Harris
Farmers Miss Betty King
Faye Perry
Ferdinand Miss Gladys Wilds
FI6otc Miss Pat Bronson
Floyd Perry
Fovsn-Miss Anderson
Francis Donna Reed
Francis Perry V While
Francois Nancy Perry - Sugar Doc.
Frank Carroll Miss “TJsh” Ryan
Frank Finnegan Jr. Miss Irene Shaw
Frank Ladou- Miss Margaret Smith
Frank MacDonnelL Miss Unda Walsh
Frank Miss Claire Stanley
Frank Miss Donne Whelan
Frank Miss Sherry Stewart
Frank Morrison Mrs. R. H. Elliott Miss Orma Elliott Cpl.
Frank Perry
Franklin Miss Frances Brownlee
Fred Dagg Miss Jean Elliott
Fred Derouin Miss Aidoraise Piche
Fred Homer Miss Irene Shaw
Fred Krutz Miss Iona Laflcur
Fred Little Miss Kim Perry
Fred Miss Mamie Paul
Fred Miss Marlyn Grodde
Fred Miss Ruth Draper
Fred Perry
Fred Poir-Miss Judy Coderre
Frederick Harris Miss Mary Dumas
Frederick Perry
Fred—“Miss Budding
Full-Time Job Frederick J. Perry
Gail Horner Donna Jean Horner
Gail Perry
Gail Perry QUYON
Gail Perry Zita Chassie
Gail Perry’s
Garry Bronson Donna Draper Okie Gordon Bruce McKav Goldie Mohr Marjorie Mohr Overton Lynn C. Standi
Garry Perry
Gary Lloyd Perry
Gary Perry
Gatineau Mills Miss Betty Ireland
Ge- Miss Denise Lamothe
George Clark Miss Agatha Sheppard
George Donna
George Donna Elizabeth
George Hen Miss Jean Belec
George Ita Perry
George Miss Joan Proudfoot
George Perry
George Perry Graham
George Perry’s
Gerald Dagg Donna Preasked
Gerald Grace Miss Garbo John and Mr. Allan Denis
Gerald James Perry
Gerald Miss Angela Senack
Gerald Miss Jolme White
Gerald Miss Orla Mee
Gerald Perry
Gerald Perry I
Gerald Perry Laval
Gerald Perry Minutes
Gerald Perry VIII
Gerald Spar-Miss Bernice Smith
Gerry Perry
Gerry Perry’s
Gerry Theresa Perry
Gertrude Miss
Gertrude Perry
Gingrich Mrs Donald Bainard Miss Diane
Girls—Miss Msry Graham 1
Glen Daughters Donna and Hayes
Glen Donna Armitage
Glen Saunders Miss Joan Griffin
Gordon Co. Miss Lizzie Hudgins
Gordon Miss
Gordon Miss Jackie
Gordon Miss Kim Wittig
Gordon Miss Shawville Fair
Grace Miss Celina Primeau
Grade 9—Miss Clara Strutt
Graduate L % Miss Jill Wyman
Graham Miss Eleanor Ganupbeil
Graham President- Miss Hilda Grahan
Graham Special Train Miss Sylvia Casey
Graham Thomp- Cockerel—Miss Geraldine Armstrong
Gran Perry Murdock
Grant Miss Fern Hodgins
Grant Perry
Greg Miss Queenie
Greg Miss Shawvllle Fair Tenna
Greg Perry
Guy Perry
Gwen Barber and Miss| Brenda* Richardson
H Miss G. McKechme
H H*1 Miss Catherine McLclInn
H IM IsoN Miss Aiken
H.G W Braithwait Pre Miss Susie Grace
Hache Miss Janice
Hale Donna Reed Linda Damcll MON.
Hamilton Miss Winona Mohr
Hand Sewing- Miss Elliott 1,Mrs RCàmpbell 2.
Hannah Zac Miss Tammy Loesche
Harold Donna
Harold Muisel Miss Beverley Strutt
Harold Perry
Harold Storie Miss Lorraine Bret/.laff
Harrington Miss Willa
Harry Campbell Miss Anna Queale
Harry Fades,-Miss Elaine
Harry Miss Joan Smart
Harry Miss Maye Palmer
Harry Perry
Haskins Miss R. Lowe
Hayes Miss Eva Howard
Hazel Davis Miss May Craig REPRESENTING
Heather Donna
Heather Donna Dagenais
Heather Donna Stewart’s
Heather Perry
Heather Stewart By Helen Perry By Diane Boisvert 689-2652
Heechgrovc W l„ Miss Sharon
Helen and Larry Perry
Helen Cote Marries Claude Marcotte Miss Helen Cote
Helen Mar- Miss Man Jane Kingsbury
Helen McCauley Donna
Helen Miss Evelyn Coe*
Helen M„ Clifford Miss Amelia Cuthbertson
Helen Perry
Helen Perry 689-2652 Marie Cam
Helen Perry Congratulations
Helen Perry Ethier
Helen Perry Hayley Marion
Helen Perry I
Helen Perry ITrl
Helen Perry J
Helen Perry LI 689-2652 J Birthday
Helen Perry On Saturday
Helen Perry Waltham Town Hall
Helen Stark Donna Hummel
Helen Vinson Perry Is
Henderson Miss Ray ma Hayes
Henry Lunam Miss Francis Dur
Henry Miss Eleanor Smith
Henry Vice-President Lloyd Perry
Herb Cuthbertson Miss
Herbj6| Donna
Hermonie Sharpe Gerald Perry
Hilda Wallace* Miss Leona Wallace Miss Marion Smyth Miss Velma Tugman Miss Marjorie Greer Miss Mabe
Hillls Graham Miss Rachel Henderson
Ho Miss Annie McRae
Hobbs Miss Minerva Corrigan
Horn- Miss S.
Household Science^—Miss Joyce Wil-
Howard Miss Sarah Brown
Howard Nesbitt Miss Dorothy Mohr
Hudders- Kenneth Perry
Hudgins Miss Kthtl
Hugh Lang Wayne Perry
Hull Coun- Miss Muriel Strutt
Hull Miss Betty Russell
I------— Helen Perry
I. Fletcher D.C. Chiropractor Miss Lois McConriaton
Ian Perry
Immigration-Miss Emma Me Id
Insfi-Miss Ruth Horner
Intermediate French Mrs. G. Armstrong Kindergarten Miss
Intermediate Heifer Mountholm Fury Miss
Intermediate Miss Iva
InThe Miss Betty EdgU
Iorna Perry
Irene Allen Miss Minola Gould Reg
Iris Smith Correspondent Miss Edith Mainprise
Isabel Perry
J identSi Miss Maude Evelyn Smart
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J M Hod-1 Miss J Armstrong
J Miss Betty Sparling
J Miss M. Corrigan
J Miss Ola Armstrong
J Ottawa Miss Isabel Currie-Mills
J! Mrs Len Perry
Jack D C M. Miss Ann Campbell
Jack Miss Ella White
Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin Dragon Fly
Jack Perry
Jack Stevens Miss VtvtSIl
Jackie Burke Quyon Miss Violet Mahers
Jackie Donna Bratton
Jackie Lmng Miss Artine Kilgour
James Belland Larry Perry
James Carty Miss Gail Lett Is
James De Wolf Perry
James Francis Miss Mayfred Horner
James Hodgins Donna Hodgins
James Ke Miss Anne Ottawa
James Loken Miss Dorothy Loken
James McCre- Miss Faye Madonna McCoy
James Micklin 2. Miss Mar
James Miss Ella Elliott
James Miss Hellena McSheffrey
James Miss Lei
James Miss Rejeannc Ladooceur
James Perry
James Perry 200.70
James Perry and Margaret LeRoy
James Perry Coulonge Curling Club
James Perry Sr
James Perry’s
James Pren Miss Sophia Hodgins
James Stew- Miss Nancy Fairfield
James Stewart Miss Trudeau
Jamie Perry
Jamie Perry Green
Jamie Perry’s
Jane Miss Anne Pilon
Jane Mrs. Ralph Richmond Miss Elaine McDowell Mr.
Jane Perry
Jane Perry—Senior Games Keith Overton-President
Janet Donna Stephens
Janet Kilgour Mrs. Harry Farrell Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ivan Hodgins Dr.
Janet Pat-1 Miss Sarah Pat
Janice Joan MacFarlane Miss Janice Joan MacFarlane
Jason 10-12 Donna Gauthier
Jason Perry
Jay Weil- Donna
Jean Wallace Donna Zimmerling
Jean and Donna
Jean and Miss Melba Cole
Jean Campbell Miss Brenda Bechamp
Jean Elliott Miss Myrtle Hodgins
Jean Laurette Perry
Jean Lizotte Miss
Jean Pilon Larry Perry
Jean Thirlaway Miss EUza-of
Jeff Donna Pet/nick
Jeff Presley Miss Chantal Pigeon
Jennifer Perry
Jerome Perry
Jerry Lewis Donna Bufferworfh Shiwville
Jerry Lewis Donna Butterworth
Jerry Miss Jamie Smith
Jerry Perry
Jerry Perry Visitor
Jill Miss Sylvain Vallée
Joan Amyotle Miss Amyotte
Joan Dehaunne Miss
Joan Donna Gagnon
Joan Horner Miss Kay Woodley
Joan Perry
Joan Perry Canada Day
Joanne Miss Carmen Lanoix
Joanne Perry
Joe Levine Miss Nancv
Joe Perry
Joe Wring Miss Glenda O Brien
Joel Daniel Grant Perry
Joel McCrea Miss Eleanor Bradley
Joel Perry
John Carson Miss Mildred Amm.
John Derek Donna Reed
John Fletcher.............. Miss Maggie Corrigan...... Wm
John Gauthi- Miss Charteris
John Gieigad Perry Lopes
John Maheral Georgette Piché George Murdock Gisele Chartrand Donna Judd Shelley Greer Paul Boulange
John Miss A. Eicon
John Miss Beth McKay
John Miss Lorraine Dagg
John O. Stephens Miss Muriel Bronson
John Paul Perry
John Perry
John Robertson Miss Ann Uerrard
John Smart 3. Embroidery Chair Tidy—Miss Armstrong 1
John Tolhurst Miss Florence Boyce
John Walsh Sr. Miss Sharon Stephens
John Wayne Donna Reed Technicolor
Johnson Shawville Miss Hattie Cameron
Jordan Perry
Joseph D Miss Sandra
Joseph Houghton Miss Jacqueline Martineau
Joseph Kennedy Miss Blanche Robinson
Joseph Miss Eva Kellcher
Joseph Perry
Joseph Wrinn Miss Marilyn McGuire
Joyce & Donna
Joyce Perry
Judges—Miss Maye Shaw
Judge—Miss M Thompson
Judith Perry
Judy Miss Laura Bisson
Judy Miss Mary Kilgour
Julie Arm-singers Donna Lee
K. M Perry
K.M. Perry
Karen Howard RM Miss Karen Howard
Karl Ooransson Ottawa U, Miss Joan Olmstead
Kathaleen Mario Miss Mrs. Almond Hodgins
Katherine Perry
Kathryn Emma to Mr. Ellard Royce Perry
Kathryn Miss Kathryn Horner
Kathryn Perry
Kathryn Perry Eleanor Foran Tiffany
Kathryn Perry Presents
Kathryn Perry’s
Keith McCleary Donna Hodgins
Keith Miss Katie Elliot
Keith Perry
Kelly Miss Shirley Hicks
Ken & Perry Murdotk
Ken (Donna
Ken Ma^uente Towsley Miss Swb* SSwtS K."
Ken Perry
Kenneth Miss Mnry Armstrong
Kenneth Perry
Kenny Miss Connie Mohr
Kenny Perry
Kevin Perry
Kim Michael Perry
Kim Perry
Kim Perry-
Knox Miss Shawville
Kourtney Helen Perry
L Miss Marie Ladouceur
L T. Miss Betty Richardson
La-phen Perry
Labelle Miss Susan McKay
Ladysmith Miss Marie Udouceur
Laird Graham Miss Kathy Kennedy
Lake Helen Perry
Lance Miss Joy Kluke
Larry Perry
Larry Perry Check
Larry Perry Larry
Larry Perry Perry
Larry Perry Protect
Larry Perry Res
Larry Perry Saturday
Larry Perry Si
Larry Perry’s
Laura Schock Pancake Race L Miss Laura Schock 2. Mrs. Ernie Morgan
Lauretta Perry
Laurette Perry
Laurie Aaron Perry
Lawrence Black Donna
Lawrence Kasaboske Miss Jean Murphy
Lawrence Perry
Lena Perry
Lennis Dale ................ Miss Pearl Eades
Lennis Dale............. Miss Pearl Eades
Lennis Dale................. Miss Pearl Fades
Leo Bechamp Dont Miss These Terrifie
Leo Bonnah Miss Veronica Lepine
Leo Kaon Miss Pat Kelly
Leo McGee Miss Katie Armour
Leo McGee Miss Cheryl McGee
Leo Miss Debbie Grier
Leona Emerson Honored At Shower Miss Leona Emmerson
Leona Wallace Miss Irma Stanley
Leonard Hor- Miss Marilyn McGuire
Leonard Letts Miss Barbara Renwlck
Leonard Perry
Leonard Perry Happy
Leonard Perry Mass
Leslie Dale Musician—Miss Barbara Woodley R S.N G.—Miss Muriel Strutt L.S N G.—Miss Kay Woodley R S
Leslie Miss Jean Stewart
Lew Perry
Lewis Miss Annie
Lillian Strutt Mrs G.I. Reid Miss Nancy Thompson
Lilly Miss Margaret Bevan
Linda Lance Miss Linda Lance
Linda Perry
Lion Lloyd Perry
Lionel Miss Marie Garland
Lionel Stanley Munro Jr. Miss Hodgins
Lisa Newby Tim Perry
Lisa Perry
Lise Donna Cooper
Little Miss Connie Crouse
Little Miss Karen Howard
Little Miss Karen Murray
Little Miss Karen Richard
Littlë Miss Susan Kennedy
Livestock Shipping L Perry Bauman
Lloyd Miss Amelia Smart
Lloyd Perry
Lloyd Perry A.D.A.T. President Eddie Jean-Marie A.D.A.T. Vice-President Tom Orr Also
Lloyd Perry Armstrong
Lloyd Perry Education
Lloyd Perry Heritage Radio
Lloyd Perry SATURDAY
Lloyd Standing Miss Marion Beattie
Lord Desbor- Miss W A. Hudgins
Lorn Hod-Miss Marie Cluff
Lou McDowell Garrett Walsh OfKeefe Breweries Miss Legault
Louis Donna Elliott
Louis Jo- Cindy Perry
Love Donna
Lucas Donna Texas
Lucas Miss Karen Howard
Lucinda Perry
Lucy Lablonde Miss Naomi Belleau
Lula Miss Corbett
Lyle Manary Gerald Perry
Lyle Perry
Lynn Miss Patsy Sharpe
Lynn Perry
M*> Phil Perry
M-s Walker Perry
M. Miss Karen Heart
Manager Miss Karen Saunders
Marc Miss Susan Sharpe
Mardi Gras Miss Hi,da Payne
Mare—Miss S J Armstrong.
Margaret Hodgins Miss Evelyn Armstrong
Margaret Mahlitzand Miss Lily Kirk
Margaret Mem- Charteris Quyon Miss Claire Stanley
Margaret Perry
Margo Mrs. Leslie Richards Miss Doreen Storey Mr.
Margo Perry
Marie Madore Donna
Marie Miss Team
Marie Perry
Marion Donna Gallagher
Marion Miss Gayle Stewart
Marion Smith With Miss Mpriel Hammond
Marjorie M. Miss Faye Lamothe
Marjorie Merritt Miss Marion Dale Miss Bessie Armstrong Mr.
Marjorie Perry
Marjorie Smart Miss Beverly Harris Mr. Hiram Laughren Miss Joyce Homer
Marjorie Tank 7—Miss Doris Swanson
Marjory Perry
Mark Lang Aaron Perry
Mark Miss Viola Robinson
Mary and Margaret Kilgour Miss Margaret Fleming
Mary Anne Perry
Mary Barber Miss Hazel Naudett
Mary Ellen Perry
Mary Foraiu Miss Arietta Dale
Mary Jay Miss Dianne
Mary Jay Miss Dorothy Lokcn
Mary Kathryn Perry
Mary Lou Miss Jean Yach
Mary Louisa Sturgeon Miss Mary Louisa Sturgeon
Mary Miss Marguerite Hay
Mary Perry
Mary Secy.-Treasurer—Miss
Math* Graham 2. Miss B Cuthberteon 3. Onions
Matt Perry
Matt Perry BM
Matthew Miss Carmel Kelly
Matthew OnllAilth Perry
Maurice Bissonnette Donna
Mavis Richardson Bobbie Scott Donna Sharp
Maxine P Fenton gradu- Donna Patricia Smith
Mb L Perry
McDowell Mrs. Gibson Miss May Roe Mr.
McKenzie Miss Debbie Erfle
McLean Miss M. Cochrane
Mel Donna
Mel Perry
Melani Miss Karen Saunders
Melvin Armstrong I.O.—Miss
MERRin Miss Marie Martin
Mg Helen Perry
Mias Miss Marie
Michael (Fay Perry
Michael Miss Courtney Maika
Michael Perry
Michael Perry John Pigeon
Michael Perry’s
Micheal Perry
Mike Fin- Miss Ruth Dagg
Mike Perry
Mildred Austin-or Miss Mildred Austin Cliallinor
Mildred Perry
Millinery Opening Schrt Miss Moore
Milton Achie Miss Fort
Mis Henry Dumouchel Miss Gayle Stewart
Mis Walter Perry
Misa Donna Sparling
Miss P “TH* Duonesa
Miss # Duncan
Miss A
Miss A Hayes
Miss Ada
Miss Adams
Miss Agnes
Miss Agnes Campbell Faiquharson
Miss Aiderson
Miss Aiibu
Miss Alberta Dixon
Miss Alexander
Miss Allen
Miss Amelia
Miss Amin
Miss Amis
Miss Anderson
Miss Ann
Miss Ann Armstrong
Miss Ann Campbell
Miss Ann Marie Carroll
Miss Ann Marie Dean
Miss Ann Marie Kingston
Miss Ann Marie Wright
Miss Ann McGraw
Miss Ann Sheppard
Miss Ann White
Miss Anne
Miss Anne Graham
Miss Anne Marie Adam
Miss Anne Marie Dean
Miss Anne Marie LaSalle
Miss Anne Trows-e
Miss Annie
Miss Annie Stephens
Miss Arraiut
Miss Audrey
Miss Audry
Miss Aus
Miss Austin
Miss Aylmer
Miss B
Miss B Armstrong
Miss B Armstrong coaL.-,c,T™ttt
Miss B Cochrane
Miss B J''s
Miss B Wallace
Miss Bad Throat
Miss Baker
Miss Barker
Miss Barnes
Miss Barth
Miss Bates
Miss Bdey
Miss Bean
Miss Beatty
Miss Bedford
Miss Belle
Miss Beryl
Miss Bessie Armstrong
Miss Betty
Miss Betty Ferris
Miss Betty Hayes
Miss Betty Hunt
Miss Bing
Miss Birch
Miss Bishop
Miss Black
Miss Bobina Wallace
Miss Bond
Miss Boyd
Miss Bride Holland
Miss Brooke
Miss Brooks
Miss Brown
Miss Bryant
Miss Bryson
Miss Bullion
Miss Butler
Miss C
Miss C Graham
Miss C Graham.
Miss C McDonald
Miss C Toole
Miss C. Young Wilson Ebert Horner
Miss Campbell
Miss Carey
Miss Carnegie
Miss Carol Stephens
Miss Carr
Miss Carter Dies After Lengthy Illness Clarendon
Miss Carton
Miss Cat
Miss Chamber
Miss Chapman
Miss Charity
Miss Chri-tina
Miss Christal Betty
Miss Cinthia Berard
Miss Clarendon
Miss Clark
Miss Clarke
Miss Cobden Fair
Miss Colleen Jamie
Miss Connor
Miss Cook
Miss Cornell
Miss Corrigan
Miss CoUeen
Miss Crane
Miss Crawford
Miss Crosby
Miss Currie
Miss Da
Miss Dabla Belle ET
Miss Dahma
Miss Darling
Miss Davi-j
Miss Davies
Miss Davis
Miss DcLisle
Miss Deanna Hunt
Miss Doreen Dowd
Miss Dorothy Elliott
Miss Dot
Miss Dufresne
Miss E
Miss E Anthony
Miss E Crawford
Miss E Ilian
Miss E J Findlay
Miss E J. Cook
Miss E J. Sparling
Miss E M. Edey
Miss Eaton
Miss Eden
Miss Edith
Miss Edith Advocate Barrister
Miss Edith Bolam
Miss Edith Bowes
Miss Edith Caldwell
Miss Edith Campbell
Miss Edith Currie-Mills
Miss Edith Draper
Miss Edith Eady
Miss Edith Ede>
Miss Edith Edey
Miss Edith Elliott
Miss Edith Emily Read
Miss Edith Farrell
Miss Edith Grace Gordon
Miss Edith Hairy
Miss Edith Hassen
Miss Edith Hasson
Miss Edith Hopkins
Miss Edith Hudgins
Miss Edith Hughes
Miss Edith Hutchings
Miss Edith Kirkham
Miss Edith Lang
Miss Edith Letts
Miss Edith Lila McGillis
Miss Edith Lou Findlay
Miss Edith M. Edey
Miss Edith M. Hynes
Miss Edith Mason
Miss Edith Pritchard
Miss Edith Ranger
Miss Edith Reilly
Miss Edith Sellers
Miss Edith Telford RN
Miss Edith Tubman
Miss Edith Tugman
Miss Edna Armstrong
Miss Edna Graham
Miss El- Armstrong
Miss Ella
Miss Ella Graham.
Miss Ella Hayes
Miss Emma Lynwood Wilson
Miss Emmerson
Miss Epletle
Miss Erma Hunt Club
Miss Eunice Grace
Miss Faking
Miss Farrell
Miss Fasshunble
Miss Faye
Miss Faye Bureau
Miss Faye Daze
Miss Faye Evelyn La
Miss Faye Hughie Homer
Miss Faye Jaimaeson
Miss Faye Kenzie
Miss Faye Lamothe
Miss Faye Mar
Miss Faye Mary Sullivan
Miss Faye Mayhew
Miss Faye McCoy
Miss Faye McDowell
Miss Faye Me Shawvilie
Miss Faye Moore
Miss Faye Mrs. R. G. Elliott
Miss Faye Mrs. Venne
Miss Faye Neville
Miss Faye Smart
Miss Faye Sparling
Miss Faye Sperling
Miss Faye Watson
Miss Faye Yach
Miss Ferber
Miss Ferguson
Miss Filmer
Miss Fitzpatrick
Miss Fleming
Miss Fletcher
Miss Flighty
Miss Flossie
Miss Flsie Pearl
Miss Foster
Miss Fran
Miss Frances
Miss Frances Elliott
Miss Françoise Emond
Miss Franklin
Miss Fraser
Miss Fuller
Miss Funeral
Miss G
Miss G A.
Miss G Dagg Mrs.
Miss G Graham
Miss G L, McKechnie
Miss G lane’s
Miss G. Armstrong
Miss Gaetane Boucher
Miss Geraldine
Miss Geraldine Armstrong
Miss Geraldine mark
Miss Geraldine McCann
Miss Geraldine McGuire
Miss Geraldine Pearl Hildehrant
Miss Gilbert
Miss Gilmer
Miss Gladys
Miss Gotrox
Miss Graham
Miss Grant
Miss Gray
Miss Greene
Miss Greer
Miss Gwen
Miss Gwenneth
Miss Gwennyth Armstrong
Miss Gwenyth Armstrong
Miss H
Miss H A. Armstrong
Miss H B McCain
Miss H Corrigan
Miss H F McLEAN—HUGHES Spring-needle Combinations For Boys Short Sleeves
Miss H F Naudctt.
Miss H Graham
Miss H Graham.
Miss H Grant
Miss H Harris
Miss H Hynes—pair
Miss Hamilton
Miss Harding
Miss Harris
Miss Hartley
Miss Hattie Boyd
Miss Hawkins Louis
Miss Hazel
Miss Hazel Boyd
Miss Helen
Miss Helen Armstrong
Miss Helen Benoit
Miss Helen C. Karam
Miss Helen Campbell
Miss Helen Daley
Miss Helen Doreen Thompson
Miss Helen Dowe
Miss Helen Fleury
Miss Helen Grace Wickens
Miss Helen Hayes
Miss Helen Ly
Miss Helen M. CHash
Miss Helen M. Ul&shan
Miss Helen Marie | Findlay
Miss Helen Mel
Miss Helen Pearl Cochrane
Miss Helen Sea
Miss Helen She
Miss Helen Thrasher
Miss Helen Ub1ob National
Miss Helen White
Miss Helen Young
Miss Helen.
Miss Helene Matthew
Miss Henry
Miss Hetty
Miss Higgins
Miss Hilda
Miss Hilda Graham
Miss Hilda Graham Ben Thompson
Miss Hilda J. Payne
Miss Hines
Miss Hodgins
Miss Hodglns
Miss Hoffman
Miss Hope Draper
Miss Hope Pattison
Miss Howe
Miss Ida Belle Jamieson
Miss Ina Armstrong
Miss Ina Pearl
Miss Insert
Miss Irene
Miss Irene Shaw
Miss Irene Shaw Brownlee
Miss Irene Smith
Miss Itea Armstrong
Miss Iva
Miss Iva Lois Wilson
Miss J .
Miss J Armstrong
Miss J Harris
Miss J Martineau
Miss J Riley
Miss J Toronto
Miss J W
Miss J.isle
Miss Jackson
Miss Jacobs
Miss Jacqueline Berard
Miss Janis Elliott
Miss Jean
Miss Jen-
Miss Jenkins
Miss Jennie
Miss Jennie Hunt
Miss Jennings
Miss Jessie
Miss Jill
Miss Jo
Miss John-con
Miss Johnston
Miss Johnston Mr. Richard McNally
Miss Jones
Miss Julia
Miss June
Miss June Marie Bourgeau
Miss Justine White
Miss K
Miss K * Woodley
Miss K Armstrong
Miss K Donnelly
Miss K Elliott
Miss K L Wilson
Miss K L. Wilson
Miss K M.
Miss K McLean
Miss Kathleen
Miss Kathy
Miss Kathy Fenton
Miss Kaye
Miss Kaye Woodley
Miss Kearns
Miss Keid
Miss Keller
Miss Kelly
Miss Kennedy
Miss Kheon
Miss Knight
Miss Ksking
Miss L A. Dodd
Miss L B Brooks
Miss L Black
Miss L G. Craig
Miss L Hopper
Miss L J Smiley
Miss L V. Boothe
Miss L ™
Miss l-enore Grant
Miss L. Stephens
Miss Lane
Miss Lawson
Miss Lee
Miss Lemay
Miss Lena
Miss Lenore
Miss Leslie Lake Laurier Francoeur
Miss Lewina
Miss Lillie Dilworth
Miss Linden
Miss Little
Miss Lizzie
Miss Lmiila Graham
Miss Lois
Miss Lois Hayes
Miss Lorraine Armstrong
Miss Lorraine Armstrong Is
Miss Lorraine Graham
Miss Lotiilln Armstrong
Miss Louila Armstrong
Miss Louilla Armstrong
Miss Louisa
Miss Lu
Miss Lu Edey
Miss Lutâ Jr unifies
Miss Lynda Graham
Miss Lynda Graveline
Miss Lynda Wallace
Miss M
Miss M A. IIodgins
Miss M Corrigan.
Miss M E.
Miss M F McLean
Miss M Graham
Miss M J Currans
Miss M J. Clarke
Miss M Jay
Miss M K Farrell
Miss M K Thompson 2
Miss M L. Phillips
Miss M McLean
Miss M Murphy
Miss M Murphy Huntingdon
Miss M Row
Miss M Rowat
Miss M Shaw
Miss M Shaw Burnett
Miss M Story.
Miss M Young
Miss Ma
Miss Ma Hilly Shaver
Miss Ma Mrs Theresa Shea
Miss Ma William MAIN ST.
Miss Ma-
Miss Mabel Stephens
Miss Madeion Hayes
Miss Madeline
Miss Madelon Hayes
Miss Mae White
Miss Maggie
Miss Mai
Miss Mai-gat
Miss Mamie Holmes
Miss Mann
Miss Margaret
Miss Margaret Armstrong
Miss Margaret Campbell Geddes
Miss Margaret Campbell Tea
Miss Margaret E. Carrie
Miss Margaret Flemming
Miss Margaret Halliday
Miss Margaret Hayes
Miss Margaret Horton
Miss Margaret Hots Simpson
Miss Margaret Little Wood
Miss Margaret M. John-
Miss Margaret McCaffrey
Miss Margaret McDonald
Miss Margaret McGarry
Miss Margaret McKenzie
Miss Margaret Me-
Miss Margaret Me-1 ) ThUTS DeC.
Miss Margaret MeCagg
Miss Margaret Rose Eades
Miss Margaret Ross An
Miss Margaret Stephen
Miss Margaret Stephens
Miss Margaret Torrey
Miss Margaret Truman
Miss Margaret Wallace
Miss Margaret | Fletchei Brough
Miss Mari-
Miss Maria
Miss Maria A. Hedging
Miss Maria A. Hod
Miss Maria A. Hodgins
Miss Marie
Miss Marie Campeau
Miss Marie Du
Miss Marie Finan
Miss Marie Garland
Miss Marie LaSalle
Miss Marie Mah-Miss Theresa Neville
Miss Marie Mrs Lillies Ladouceur
Miss Marie ¦
Miss Marion
Miss Marion Alii- Annual Provincial Convention
Miss Marion Armstrong
Miss Marion B Miss L. Eileen McNatrn
Miss Marion Bailey
Miss Marion Baverstotk
Miss Marion Cook
Miss Marion Corrigan
Miss Marion Dagg
Miss Marion Dale
Miss Marion Dale Saturday
Miss Marion Derouin
Miss Marion Drummond
Miss Marion Elder Miss Doris Miller
Miss Marion Elliott
Miss Marion Fie
Miss Marion Fiefleld
Miss Marion Ftilford
Miss Marion Ful-ford
Miss Marion Fulford
Miss Marion Galbraith
Miss Marion Gerry Perry
Miss Marion Grace
Miss Marion Hiderman
Miss Marion Hod
Miss Marion Hod-gins
Miss Marion Hodgins
Miss Marion Hodglns
Miss Marion Hor-îer
Miss Marion Horner
Miss Marion Jonke
Miss Marion Lachme
Miss Marion Lepack Mr Maurice Sloan
Miss Marion Lester
Miss Marion Letter
Miss Marion Lowry
Miss Marion M. Hod
Miss Marion Mac
Miss Marion MacLe
Miss Marion MacLennan
Miss Marion Mary Gauthier
Miss Marion McClellan
Miss Marion McGinny
Miss Marion McGuinea
Miss Marion McGuiney
Miss Marion McGuinney
Miss Marion McGuinney Treasurer
Miss Marion McGuire
Miss Marion McLellen
Miss Marion McLennan
Miss Marion McManus
Miss Marion McQuinney
Miss Marion Me
Miss Marion Mr.
Miss Marion On Thursday
Miss Marion Patterson
Miss Marion Peeve
Miss Marion Peever
Miss Marion Poole
Miss Marion Redd
Miss Marion Roberta Hod-gins
Miss Marion Rogers
Miss Marion Schlagowski
Miss Marion Schwartz
Miss Marion Shea
Miss Marion Skelhom
Miss Marion Smith
Miss Marion Smyth
Miss Marion Smyth School
Miss Marion Smythe
Miss Marion Sports
Miss Marion Spots
Miss Marion Spotts-wood
Miss Marion Stanton
Miss Marion Thacker
Miss Marion Tubman
Miss Marion V. Royce
Miss Marion VVainman
Miss Marion Wartie
Miss Marion Whitney
Miss Marion Workman
Miss Marion Wright
Miss Marion Yach
Miss Marion Young
Miss Mark
Miss Martina McCloskey
Miss Marv
Miss Mary Armstrong
Miss Mary Jay
Miss Mather
Miss Matilda
Miss Mavis
Miss May
Miss May Bennett
Miss May Shaw
Miss McFarlane.
Miss McGuire
Miss McLean
Miss McLeod
Miss McLeod Lunam
Miss Mcllraith
Miss McMillan
Miss McMonagle
Miss Mena
Miss Merritt
Miss Mew Cat
Miss Mew Cat Food Crosby Molasses 3oz
Miss Michelle
Miss Michelle Pilon
Miss Minnie
Miss Minor
Miss Miranda
Miss Mischief
Miss Mitchell
Miss Mona
Miss Mona Armstrong
Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ken Wilson Miss Winnifred Hamilton Mr.
Miss Mona Armstrong Thomas Sheppard Melvin Sheppard Mr.
Miss Monroe
Miss Moore
Miss Morene Daley
Miss Mr.
Miss Mr. Clifford Kenny
Miss Mr. Matthew Wallace
Miss Mrs B Armstrong
Miss Mrs Horner
Miss Mrs. Fred Campbell
Miss Mulligan
Miss Muoroe
Miss Murdoch
Miss Muriel
Miss Muriel Hayes
Miss Muriel Hunt
Miss Murphy
Miss Murray
Miss Myrtle E. Moore
Miss N
Miss Naudett Hayes
Miss Nellie
Miss Nesbitt
Miss Nettie Graham
Miss Nina
Miss Noly Robbins
Miss Nora Graham
Miss Norbury
Miss Norris
Miss Nugent
Miss O
Miss O Dee
Miss O Graham
Miss O Reilly
Miss O Tubman
Miss Ola Armstrong
Miss Opal
Miss Pamela Lawrence
Miss Pamela Se
Miss Pamela Smart
Miss Parker
Miss Pauline
Miss Pearl
Miss Pearl Armstrong
Miss Pearl Bi Shawville
Miss Pearl Brown
Miss Pearl Campbell
Miss Pearl Farmer
Miss Pearl Mrs Miles Milford
Miss Pepper
Miss Percival
Miss Perkins
Miss Perric
Miss Peters
Miss Pollock
Miss Polly Pat
Miss Pontiac Jr
Miss Pontiac Jr Contest
Miss Pontiacs Jr all
Miss Portage
Miss Porter
Miss Potter
Miss Pratt
Miss Priscilla
Miss Probst
Miss Pussy
Miss Queen
Miss Quinn
Miss R Eckford Mrs. Eddie Finnigan
Miss R Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes Pontiac Holstein Club Hostess
Miss Reid
Miss Reynolds
Miss Rice
Miss Rich
Miss Richardson
Miss Richmond
Miss Robertson
Miss Robin Jo Barber and Wayne Edward Seymour
Miss Robinson
Miss Romain
Miss Rose
Miss Rose Cohen
Miss Rose Marie Hamel
Miss Roth Dagg
Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby Black
Miss Ruby Hayes
Miss Ruby Mantha
Miss Ruby Stephens
Miss Ruby Storey
Miss Ruby Story
Miss Russell
Miss Russell G.
Miss Russell Pritchard
Miss Russen
Miss Ryan
Miss S*rah Campbell
Miss Sadie
Miss Sadie Hunt
Miss Sanders
Miss Schneider
Miss Schumacher
Miss Schwartz
Miss Seward
Miss Sexsmith
Miss Sharon
Miss Sharon Mack
Miss Sharon Stephens
Miss Shaw
Miss Shirmeeting
Miss Silver
Miss Simpson
Miss Smart
Miss Smiley
Miss Smith
Miss Sophia
Miss Sophia Armstrong
Miss Southwestern Quebec
Miss Spencer
Miss Steele
Miss Stetson
Miss Stevens
Miss Stevenson
Miss Stewart
Miss Strutt
Miss Sue
Miss Sue McCallum
Miss Suzanne
Miss Suzanne Chabot
Miss Suzanne Gauthier
Miss Suzanne Ladouceur
Miss Suzanne Lessard
Miss Suzanne Little
Miss Suzanne McGuire
Miss Suzanne Russett
Miss Suzanne Sauriol
Miss Suzanne Stewart
Miss T J Dagg
Miss Taft
Miss Taylor
Miss Tena White Vinton
Miss There*»* Leona Landry
Miss Thomas 2. Kensington—Mrs John Hodgins Mrs Edwd Hodgine
Miss Thompson
Miss Turner
Miss Twa
Miss V Boyd
Miss V Graham
Miss V Graham.
Miss V.M. Graham
Miss Vcu-lah Clara Brctzlaff
Miss Ventress
Miss Vicia Graham
Miss Vickie
Miss Viola Graham
Miss von Slack
Miss VVinnifred
Miss W nini-fred McDowell
Miss Wain
Miss Walker
Miss Wallace
Miss Weaver
Miss Western Quebec
Miss Whiting
Miss Whitney
Miss Willetta
Miss Williams
Miss Williamson
Miss Williamson Quite
Miss Wilson
Miss Winnie Armstrong
Miss Winnifred
Miss Winona Pearl Sharpe
Miss X Graham
Miss Xor-bury
Miss Y. P. U. Play Drawl Capacity Hansel Edna Armstrong
Miss Z
Miss''Omce Harris
Miss* Campbell
Miss* Ella Harris
Miss* Ruby Storey
Miss*Diane Nesbitt
Miss-s Gertie Armstrong
Miss-Shirley Howard
Miss-^llarian Fletcher
Misses Donna
Miss^ Suzanne
Miss^fettie Graham
Miss’Marjoiie Hayes
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Ml Donna Marie Lucille Ward
Mme Helen PerrY
Mn Phil Perry
Model—Miss MacGregor
Model—Miss Root
Mohr Miss Dorothy Mohr
Mont-Miss Malvina Spencer
Montreal Miss Betty Williams
Moore Miss Jean Moore
Morrison Miss Annie Hamilton
Morrison Miss Rose If
Mr Ebert Kenneth Perry
Mr Leonard Emmer- Miss Olga Mielke
Mr Leslie Neil-Miss Marlyn Grodde
Mr Thomas Miss Reubie Russett
Mr. Albert Perry
Mr. Albert Sparling Miss Helen Campbell
Mr. Donna
Mr. Edgar Lance Miss Elaine Desjardins
Mr. Gerald H. Miss Alma Diinntel
Mr. Henry Miss A. Junkin
Mr. Herbte Hughes Miss Marie McGuire
Mr. Michael Foran Miss Donna
Mr. Miss Stephens
Mr. Orville McColm James A. Barter Miss Hilda M. Graham Also
Mr. Si Miss Margaret Laird
Mr. Stephen Perry
Mr. W Perry L. Smith
Mra Lloyd Mur- Miss Donna Perry
Mrs G W Kelly. Miss Edith Kirkham
Mrs Maurice Che-Miss Joelle Asselin
Mrs Maurice DumoucheL Miss GaiJ Stewart
Mrs Maurice DumoucheL Miss Linda Stewart
Mrs W J Murray Miss Stevenson
Mrs! Miss Lila McGuire
Mrs, Aida Miss Margaret Mt Volga»
Mrs, Clifford Durrell Ottawa Miss Mena Brown Out.
Mrs. Albert L#-l Miss GaU Letts
Mrs. Albert Man-Miss Maisie McTiernan
Mrs. Albert Perry.-
Mrs. Alicfe Miss Dora Angus
Mrs. Allan Miss Pearl Brown
Mrs. Arno Brelz-I Miss Gail Johnston
Mrs. Art Hodgloe Miss Kay Woodley
Mrs. Bailey Miss Pearl Brown
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Miss Lorraine Armstrong
Mrs. Bradshaw Is Miss Madel
Mrs. Bruce Hay Miss Patsy
Mrs. Bud Perry
Mrs. C J. Caldwell Pratt’s Food Miss Essie Skttce
Mrs. Clarence Miss O Connor
Mrs. Dawson Arm-Miss Maude Smart
Mrs. E Cameron Miss Muriel Dale.
Mrs. Earl rviips Miss Jean TYacv
Mrs. Edgar Schwartz Miss Shirley Mahera
Mrs. Edith Ben- Miss Arlene Kllgour
Mrs. Ellard Perry
Mrs. Eric Sharpe Miss Oatean Oraveline
Mrs. Ervin Miss Lenore
Mrs. Etiard Perry
Mrs. Fred Dubeau Miss Patsy Hahn
Mrs. George Perry
Mrs. Gilbert Ca Miss Grace
Mrs. Gilbert Tel- Miss Mildred Twa
Mrs. Gordon Elliott Miss Edna Sparling
Mrs. Grant Perry
Mrs. Helen Russett Miss Winnie Armstrong
Mrs. Henderson Crick Miss Arminta McDowell
Mrs. Hilliard Beat- Miss Jennie Harris
Mrs. Hillis Graham Miss Shirley Horner
Mrs. Irwin Graham Miss Sandra Hodgins
Mrs. Isia Ottawa Richard Miss Ida Richard
Mrs. J Benoit Miss Cindy Benoit
Mrs. J E. Brear-Miss Margaret Weston
Mrs. Jack Armstrong Miss Kathryn Mulligan
Mrs. James Lane-and Miss Cartier
Mrs. James Miss Muriel Riley
Mrs. James P. Conncllv Dies Miss Mona Armstrong
Mrs. James T. Miss Donna Cuthbertson
Mrs. Jean Paul Cap- Miss Dorothy Lusk
Mrs. John Miss Beverley
Mrs. K McDowe Miss M. Sereney
Mrs. L Perry
Mrs. Laird Barclay Miss Shaw—Miss E. Alexander
Mrs. Lawson Corrigan Iso Miss Joan Corrigan
Mrs. Len Perry Prcs-weekend
Mrs. Leonard Hornei Auditors Miss Minerva Corrigan
Mrs. Leonard Miss Bessie Armstrong Woods
Mrs. Leonard Perry
Mrs. Leonard Perry Mrs. Lomey Perry
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander Miss Jean White
Mrs. Margaret Vallainf Miss Swartz
Mrs. Marshall Knipe Miss Shirley Knipe
Mrs. Marshall Laugh-Miss C
Mrs. Maurice Le- Miss Lorraine Benoit
Mrs. Melvin Miss Willa Palmer
Mrs. Melvin Stew- Miss Jessie Hodgins
Mrs. Melvin Stewart Miss Sarah Campbell
Mrs. Michael McCart Miss Margaret Turner
Mrs. Milton McGuire Miss Anna McCredie
Mrs. Miss Betty Farrell
Mrs. Miss Betty Murphy
Mrs. Miss Isobel QuaUe
Mrs. Miss Joyce Reid
Mrs. Miss Marilyn Carson
Mrs. Miss Marilyn Corrigan Mr.
Mrs. Norman Hache Miss Ruth Dagg RN
Mrs. Norris Brough Miss Mabel McGuire
Mrs. O Smith Miss I. Qualle
Mrs. Patrick Miss Kuren Lusk
Mrs. Perry
Mrs. R R Lati-and Miss Myrtle Shufelt
Mrs. Ray McTiernan Miss Joan Sauriol
Mrs. Roland Graham Miss Rachel Henderson
Mrs. Russell De- Miss Marion Fulford
Mrs. Steve Robinson-Miss Martha Acres
Mrs. Ter- Miss Catherine Clarke
Mrs. Thomas James Perry
Mrs. Thomas Martin- Miss Louisa Dumas
Mrs. Vincent Richard-1 Miss Shirley Ann Hobbs
Mrs. W Miss Claudia Wickens.
Mrs. W Perry
Mrs. Wayne Perry Church
Mrs. Wellington ShawviLLK—Miss I. Shaw
Mrs. William Miss Bella Carson
Mrs. Wilson Miss Kathleen Arbour
Mrs. Wilson Perry
Mtdicinc:Miss S Campbell
My- Miss Connie Mrs Frank
Myrtle Woods Miss Christine Mitchell
N. G —Miss Muriel Strutt
Nagle Mrs. Edgar Hodgins Miss E. Wilson Misa
Nancy Maxsom Helen MacKechnie Donna Kennedy Dot Mohr Tayler Campbell Carl Inglee Josh Greenshields
Nancy Miss Wilson
Nancy Perry
Nancy Perry—Junior Games
Nancy Pirie Miss Shawville
Nancy Tully Miss Nancy Tully
Nancy _ Perry
Naomi Rooney Miss Rosetta Riley Miss Helen Wickens Miss Lorna Wilson Miss Annie Hamilton North Clar
Neil Gerry Perry
Neil Jennings Donna Gagnon
Neil Mc-Miss Ada O’Brien
Nel-Miss Rosalind Landry
Neta Burnside Miss Lois Garrett
Newton Lewis Miss Verna McKnight
Newton Perry
Nicholson Miss Pearl Campbell
Nick Matechuk Donna Glgnac Terry
Nicole Romain Donna
No. G Mies W Miss Drummond Miss W.
Norma Dale Miss
Norma Hodgins Donna Hodgins
Norma Paul Miss Mona Brown
Norma Perry
Norman Donna Maryland
Norman Twa I Miss Dorthy McKenzie
Norris Smiley Miss Smart
Norway Hay Perry
Notes Miss Marie Martin
Nurse Brown Miss Amy Corrigan |
O Reilly Miss S. J. Armstrong
O. Hamilton Miss Frances Wrinn
O. Me# Miss D
Obituary Leonard Perry
Observers Miss Betty L. Elliott Miss Janey
Odel Miss Betty Sparling
Olive Judd Chap.—Miss
Olive Woemike Miss Ne
Oliver Curtis Perry
Olsen Award- Politeness- Donna Donnelly
Ont Miss Marie Gabriel Hame-.nece
Oran-Miss Burton
Ot- Miss Susan Gravelle
Ottawa Miss Ella M. Caldwell
Ottawa Miss Marilyn Baker
P E I. Miss Shirley Horner
P I. Shawville Hardware Miss Jean Kelly
P. Ful- Miss Stella Fuuortl
Palmer - Miss Myrtle Hodgins
Palmer Daryl Sally Amy Keindal Cory Thomas Laura Palmer Elsie Sparrow Donna Sally Nick Thompson
Palmer Miss Marilyn
Palmer Miss Winona Mohr
Pamela Lionette Donna
Parry Sound Miss Judy Clarke
Past-president Donna
Pat (Donna
Pat Donnelly Miss Margaret Wrinn
Pat Hahn Miss Ginette
Pat Perry Shawn McDonnell
Patricia McMullen He Miss Pontiat Jr.
Patricia Miss Donna Corriveau
Patrick Miss Linda Corrlveau
Paul A. Charron Miss Katie Cunningham
Paul Dumouchel Miss Suzanne Ryan
Paul Gauthieç Miss Sylvianne LaSalle
Paul Ken Perry
Paul llenried Karen Booth Miss Dorothy Hobbs
Paul Martineau Miss Clara Strutt Miss Vera Strutt
Paul Miss Darlene
Paul Miss Lucille Romain
Paul Miss Mary Argue
Paul Perry
Paul Peterson Miss M. Christensen
Paul Ryan* Ken Perry Seat I Wayne Vcnnc Dan Amy
Peggy Stewart Feted Bride-elect Miss Peggy Stew
Pembroke Miss Germain Dumouchel
Pentecostal Church Helen Perry
Perry J Kicking
Perry R Mercedes
Perry "
Perry " Shawvllle
Perry A
Perry Adams
Perry Adler
Perry Administrative
Perry Anderson
Perry Ann Gardner
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Perry Armitege
Perry As
Perry Baker
Perry Bartelotti
Perry Be
Perry Be-
Perry Be- Todd Doran
Perry Bear Ellis
Perry Beaton
Perry Beaton Hamilton
Perry Beets
Perry Belang- Charlotte Carty
Perry Belanger
Perry Belanger Mrs Agusta Krutz
Perry Belanger Yach
Perry Birch
Perry Bristol
Perry Bryson
Perry Buker
Perry Bunn
Perry Burgess
Perry Cadegan
Perry Campbell
Perry Church
Perry Clarke
Perry Coaiter Brake
Perry Coast Brake
Perry Coaster Brake
Perry Cole
Perry Como
Perry Como Styles
Perry Comos Tm Just
Perry Cottage Association Par-
Perry Councillor
Perry Court
Perry Crawford
Perry Creek
Perry Crozier
Perry CWL
Perry Dafle’-îôc
Perry Dance
Perry Davie
Perry Davis
Perry Davis Card
Perry Davit’
Perry DavU’.
Perry Dawn Marie Slemmon
Perry Despite
Perry Devine
Perry Dr
Perry Dunn
Perry Dunne
Perry Ecole
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis Rockport
Perry Elwood Allard
Perry Equity Reporter WALTHAM
Perry Foresters Falls
Perry Fulton
Perry Gendron Saturday
Perry Georgette Lance
Perry Get
Perry Graduated
Perry Graham
Perry Greffier
Perry Gwen Hayes Special
Perry Hartwick
Perry Helen’s
Perry Hill
Perry HjxJgms
Perry Ho
Perry Hod
Perry Hodgins
Perry Hodgins Abbott
Perry Hodgins Clarendon
Perry Hodgins- Norval Horner
Perry Hodglns
Perry Horigins Mr.
Perry Hound
Perry How
Perry Hughe»
Perry IjHodgins
Perry Isabella
Perry Jean Louis Muir
Perry Jeunesse
Perry Jim
Perry Julie Beaudoin Monique Blanchette
Perry Klukc
Perry Kluke
Perry Kluke and Dawson Morehead
Perry Kluke,Theo Hearty
Perry Kluke’s
Perry Lalonde
Perry Larochelle
Perry Lawrence
Perry Lepack
Perry Lore
Perry Love
Perry Lucas Russell
Perry Martineau
Perry Mary
Perry Max
Perry McCailum
Perry McCallum
Perry McGregor
Perry McKeown
Perry McTiernan
Perry Me-Cristixn
Perry Michael Leroy
Perry Michael Perry
Perry Middle
Perry Middlemiss
Perry Miller
Perry Minerva Dahms
Perry Miscellaneous Shower
Perry Moore
Perry Mr
Perry Mr.
Perry Murdock
Perry Muskrat
Perry New Proprietors
Perry Niro
Perry Ont
Perry Ottawa Construction Association
Perry Ottawa Goat
Perry Paul
Perry Peck
Perry Pontiac
Perry Porter
Perry Poultry
Perry Pres
Perry Property
Perry Rd
Perry Rd.
Perry Rer
Perry REV.
Perry Rev. Arthur
Perry Richardson
Perry Road
Perry Robin
Perry Robinson
Perry Robinson Dessert
Perry Robinson Mâr.8
Perry Rochon
Perry Romain
Perry Rose
Perry Roy and Joan Stephens
Perry Russett
Perry Sanchioni
Perry Shawvflk
Perry Shawvflle
Perry Shawvifle
Perry Shawviiie
Perry Shawviile
Perry Shawvilk
Perry Shawvill
Perry Shawville
Perry Shawville 9.45
Perry Shawvllle
Perry Shawvllle 9.45
Perry Sherry-Lee Adams
Perry Shiwville
Perry Shswvttk
Perry Shtiwville
Perry Sideline
Perry Simms
Perry Somerville
Perry Sound
Perry Spoons
Perry St
Perry Starting Date - Saturday
Perry Ste Eustache
Perry Telephone
Perry The
Perry Township
Perry Treasurer
Perry Ui America
Perry Vancouver
Perry Vice-Chairman
Perry Walter
Perry Waltham
Perry Weldon Davis
Perry Well
Perry White
Perry Winch
Perry Winkle
Perry Yach
Perry Yech
Perry Zacharias
Peter Miss Louise Dumas
Peter Moyle Miss Myrtle Hodgins
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
Phil Perry
Phil Perry Zimmerling
Phil Perry’s
Phil Phil Perry
Philip Hodgins Miss Donna Hearty
Philip Perry
Pickanock Miss Fairfax
Pnil Perry
Polehoylde Miss Nancy Scheel Rev
President—Miss Abbie Pritchard
Primary—Miss Kyle
Princess Miss Connie Gutoskie
Principal Ellard Perry
Principal Miss K.
Principal Phil Perry
Prize—Miss Mary G. Smith
Publicity-Miss K M
Que Miss Car
Quyon Miss Marie Armltage
R L Whitman special—Sheaf Oats-Miss Amy Hodgins.
R. Bailey Miss Marion Thacker
R.N. Miss Isobel Fraser
Raid Miss Torrey
Raksha-, Donna Stewart
Ralph Li Miss Tel
Randy and Donna Lee
Ravens Perry
Ray Cavan Bruce Kennedy Maureen Curley Kathy Kennedy Donna Daley Bobby Davis
Ray Miss Harris
Ray Miss Katie Elliott
Ray Perry
Raymond Ev- Perry
Regean Earl Gerald Perry
Reid Miss Mary Judd
Reid Recitation—The Six Hundred—Miss Madclon Hod
Remembrance Service Quyon Legion Holds Miss Elizabeth Jane Salway Al POflâQG Dll FOff
Rev A H Perry
Rev. Aaron Perry
Rev. Arthur Perry
Rev. Duncan Perry Fax
Rev. Norman Cooke Miss Patricia Bronson
Rev. Perry
Rhonda Miss Karen Susan Richardson
Rhonda Perry
Ri-Miss Michelle Hodgins
Rich- Miss Jessie Stevenson
Richard Boucher Miss Marilyn McVeigh
Richard Miss Louilla Armstrong BsWe WSslsM
Richard Miss Lucy Goetz
Richard Poirier Donna Hubert
Richard Thompson Miss Margaret Laird
Richard WiDa Donna Boucher
Richard Will# Lloyd Perry
Richard Wills Aaron Perry
Richard Wills Miss Shawville Fair
Richard Wills PPHS Principal Ellard Perry
Rita Hayworth Miss Sadie Thompson Rita Hayworth Jose Ferrer
Rita McGuire Donna
Riv-Miss Elsie White
Rob Miss Catherine Tracy
Rob- Miss Louilla Armstrong
Robert Cartman Miss Phillis Smart
Robert Fowell Miss Alexander
Robert G Hodgms Bretzlatt Miss
Robert John Wil- Miss Rose A Robitaille
Robert Ladou-Larry Perry
Robert McCord Since Miss Smart’s
Robert Middie-miss
Robert Middle-miss
Robert Middle-miss MNA
Robert Miss Janice Riebertz
Robert Mr Perry
Robert Perry
Robert Ryan Miss Doris Jacques
Robert Whelan Miss Darlene Kelly
Robert Young Miss Eleanor Pasch
Roger McElwain J™ie Perry
Roger Perry
Roger Perry’s
Roger Perry’s Angie Lampkin
Roger Perry’s QUYON
Roland Elliott* Progr.Aie Miss M. Jay
Roland Graham Secretary Treasurer—Miss
Ron Perry
Ronald Ernest Stan- Miss Jean Dumouchel
Ronda Perry
Ronnie Helen Perry
Ross Dick-Miss Flossie
Ross Miss Laurie Toombs
Routliffe Miss Beverley Stark
Roy Miss Pat McNeiil
Roy Perry
Roy Rhonda Perry
Royce Perry
Ruth Atkinson RN Miss Ruth Ann Atkinson
Ruth Gordon Miss Eunice Ruth Gordon
Ruth Miss Al- I
Sally Thompson’s Kenneth Perry
Sam Dale Miss Pansy Sheppard
Samuel RfVCnn Donna Lowen
Sandra Donna
Sandra Miss Peach Crown
Sandra Miss Sandra Renaud
Sandy Donna Workman
Sandy Duncan Ken Perry
Sarah Miss Roberta Annie Campeau
Sarah Pat-Miss
Saul Woolsey Miss W. McDowell Radford
Scott Donna Reed John Wayne Karl Malden
Scott Donna Stephens
Scott Miss Heather Brown
Scott Perry
Sean Perry
Secretary-Treasurer Miss Mary Evans
Service—Miss Ruby Storey
Sewing—Miss Bessie
Sfs Miss Karen Campbell
Sharon Miss Horner
Sharpe Miss Susan Sharpe
Shawn Perry
Shawna Leigh Perry
Shawville Lion Lloyd Perry
Shawvttte Fan Miss ShowvSe Fan Reunion John Langford
Shcrill Perry
She Miss Karen Quaile
Sheila Miss O''Shay
Shell Miss
Shelley Hodgins Miss Shawville Fair
Shirley Donna Provost
Shirley Miss Beverley Harris Miss Euella Turner Mrs. Harold Hayes Mr.
Simon Perry Miley Simon Perry
Sirs Jamie Perry
Sister Pauline Maher Miss Taren Kidd
Smiley Miss M.
Smith Helen Perry
Smith Miss
Smith Miss Karen Howard
Sneckleby Ma Sneckleby Maria Jane Sneckleby Miss A. Bridges Mr. Earl Masson Mr.
Solomon Lodge Miss Eliza Young
Sonia Aaron Perry
Sons Funeral Home Donna
Sophie Rin- Rose Perry
Spanish Sig-Miss McDonald
Stanley Olde Maple Lane Perry
Starks Corners Notes Miss Jenney Wharrey
Ste Ma Miss Gayle Stewart
Stephen Agret Alexander Merritt Miss Morna Dean
Stephen Little Miss Kim Sharpe
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry Many
Stephen Perry’s
Stephens A Miss Elizabeth Stephens
Steve Perry
Steven Perry
Stevens A Donna ToweH Sears
Stone Septic System Installations Perry Road
Stonehouse Young People’s Worker Miss Joan Carey
Strauss Lloyd Perry
Success Miss Jennie
Sunday Ju-Miss Joan Toller
Susan Perry
T Hedging Miss Erma Hodgÿns
Tammy Correspondent Miss Lu Anne Grund
Taylor Miss Doreen Graveline
Taylor Miss Eva Hobbs
Teresa Perry
Terry Da- Miss Murielle Honcourt
Terry Fox Run Miss Shawville Fair
Theodore Morin Jr. Miss Mary Jay
Thompson Donna Farm
Thompson Miss Winnifred Hamilton Miss Marion Smyth Mr.
Thor- Miss Betty Lou Elliott
Tim Miss Strutt
Tim Perry
Tim Perry’s Junior Class Rhonda Richardson
Timmy Perry
Timothy Perry
Tina Perry
To Miss Wallace
Todd Robinson Donna Perry
Tom **"7- Miss Helen Mathers Durrell
Tom Ladou- Donna Stewart
Tom Miss Judy Thrasher
Tom Tit—Miss Jones
Tommy Miss Lucille Perrault
Tommy Miss Veronica Ryan
Tommy Riebertas Treasurer Donna Woods
Tony Yach Perry Kluke
Towcll Donna
Tracy Miss Bernice Gardiner
Tracy Miss Sheila Hodgins
Tracy Perry
Tracy That Miss Adams
Tracy Treasurer- Miss Strutt Secretary- Mrs E Assoc.
Trina Donna
Truman Lynch Miss Pearl Howes
Tues-Miss Jennie Graham
Valu- Miss Marie McGuire
Van Johnson Donna Reed Mickey Rooney Marsha Hunt Joseph Cotton Eva Bartok
Velma Dagg Miss Alva Turner Miss Ruth Hornet Miss Euella Turner Miss Pearl Kilgour Miss Janet Kilgo
Verner Miss Karen Hearty
Vernon Donna Moore
Very Good—William Ander-Miss Evelyn Roblna Anthony
Vice-President Lloyd Perry
Vice-Presidents Miss Ella Bryson
Victor Donna
Violin Selection—Miss Rogers
Visiting Miss Susan St Naomi
Vocal Solo Miss Mi Kenney
W E stencilling—1 Miss L Booth
W. J. Hayes Miss Kate Donnelly
Wal- Miss Fay McDowell
Walker Perry
Wallace Wilson Judd Miss Beverley Masson Misses Maude
Walsh Miss Stella Fill
Walter Abel Perry Lopes
Walter Earl Perry
Walter Faith Miss M. Faith
Walter Kllgour Miss Armlnta McDowell
Walter Miss Tammy Loesche
Walter Perry
Walter Perry Larry Mack
Walter Wellington Perry
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen Perry 1
Waltham Helen Perry Bpl
Waltham Helen Perry Ejfcl
Waltham Helen Perry P^l
Warren Miss Cowan
Warren Miss Loretta Cavan
Wayne Donna Reed Trouble
Wayne Mrs Donna Hearty
Wayne Perry
Wayne Perry McDonald College
Wayne Richard Miss Jennifer Mielke
Wayne Venne Perry
Wayne Wig- Miss J. Neville
We Helen Perry
Webb Miss Amy Barber Mrs. Frank Ford Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Welfare Miss Karen Hearty
Wesley Me- Miss Jennie Whirry
Wesley Miss Pepper—“Ridiculous
Wesley R Orr Miss Jean I) Arc Lemaire
Willa Palmer Miss Norah Hodgins Miss Marion Smyth Miss Arlene Hodgins Miss Mai
William and Donna Blaney
William and Miss Pearl Kilgour
William Armstrong Miss Oaye Clemmens
William Graham Miss Shirley Henderson
William J. Armstrong Miss Pearl Brown Shawville
William Miss Beulah Cotie
William Miss Ella Blakely
William Perry
Willie Perry
Wilson Donna Horner
Wilson Dr. D. J. Campbell Miss Katie Elliott Mrs. EU
Wilson Mrs Julia Sheppard Miss Bella Carson
Wilson Perry
Win-Miss Ena Brown
Workman* Miss Connie Dagg
Xrm-Miss Irene Shaw
Y W Donna Gray Regina
Young Ad- Miss Christine Chicoine
Young Calloway—Miss Twilling
Young Donna
Young Miss
Young Miss M. Hod
Younger Lewis By Leu Coyne Miss Betty Germain
Ca Miss Grace
Donna Lake
Donna Pasco
Donna Presley
Edmonton Miss
Edmonton Miss Minnie
Farmer Should Miss
Fort Apply l Miss Brown
Fort Conlongu Miss
Fort Cou-Miss
Fort Coulonge Miss River
Fort Coulonge—Miss
Fort Miss
Fort Miss Pearl Baker
Fort Perry
Green Lake Miss
H. Me l Miss Betty
Ireland Miss
Little Miss Pa y
Ma- Miss Erna Marsten
McGuire Miss Miller
Miss .
Miss Ailecn Grace
Miss Alley
Miss Beach
Miss C. Y.
Miss Charlotte
Miss Charlotte Field
Miss Dakota
Miss Donna Hi
Miss Dutton’s
Miss El
Miss Em-
Miss Finkie
Miss Francis Deep River
Miss Grand Calumet Island
Miss Griffin
Miss J. l
Miss Janice l
Miss Jeon Sheffield
Miss Joan
Miss Lane’s
Miss Madison
Miss Maine C
Miss Malcolm
Miss Margaret l
Miss Marie l
Miss Maude Burrell
Miss McLean
Miss Me Hi
Miss Mo Hoped
Miss Mo-
Miss Morielle l
Miss Myrtle l
Miss Nora l
Miss Our l
Miss River Notes
Miss Sheffield
Miss Shore
Miss Station
Miss Stone
Miss Temple
Mrs Eul l Miss Freda
N Y Miss
No. 4—Miss Grace
ONSLOW HHHH l Miss Nelda
Ottawa Civic Miss
Otter Lake Miss
Paris l Miss Bunt
Perry Creek
Perry River
Perry Road
Perry Sound
Pillow—Miss Ken l McNair
Port Perry
Pte Ga Miss Lila McGuire
Rhonda Perry au 819-648-2186 ou
Rhonda Perry au 819-6482186 ou
S. McLean Miss
St Louis Miss
Theresa Perry’s
Toronto Miss
& Cheryl Perry.
& Donna Perry
& Ellerd Perry
& Ita Perry
& Kathryn Perry
& Kathryn Perry Eleanor Foran Tiffany & Troy Young Billy & Shania Girls
& Kathryn Perry s
& Larry Perry
& Margo Perry + Family; Bristol
& Mike’ Perry
& Pnil Perry
, Rhonda Perry.
- Pon-Mr Perry
. 4—Philip Perry 92.1 Cement Blocks Shawville
. 8—Jerry Perry Rer
0. H. Perry
0f jamie Perry
1 Helen Perry Ç— _
1 Mr. Perry
1 Neil Perry
1- Michael Perry
1.00 Miss Alice Chabot
10 FOR Perry Hodgins
12 • Perry Hill
16,1979 Katherine Perry
16000 Larry Perry.
2. Ellard Perry
2. The Perry
20-2033 featuring Perry Como
21-oss Point Perry Tnroi.to
233-4 1 Walter Perry
250 Stephen Perry
2nd prize Perry Kluke
2nd: Perry Creek
2nd: Perry Kluke
3. Edwin Perry.
3rd Edwin Perry
3rd Stephen Perry
400-440 Perry Be- Todd Doran
455-2512 Jerry Perry
4th Aaron Perry.
5 Perry
5r Gerald Perry
6- Mrs Perry
6-4 R. Perry
647-2244 Ellard Perry 647-2955 William Smiley
647-2500 George Perry
647-3177 or Perry Hodgins
647-3177 or Perry Hodgins Abbott
647-3177 or Perry Hodgins APT FOR RENT—
650-$900 Perry
689-2236 Helen Perry
689-2314 Gertie Perry
6onna i Perry
7 Stephen Perry
7s said Perry
7th Line Bryson Miss Fernand Le
7th Line Miss Philimen Lcmay
7th Line Miss Viola Walsh
8nd Faye Perry.
95 Larry Perry
A B. Perry.
A H Perry
A H. Perry Shawville
A. H Perry
A. H Perry Shawville
A. H. Perry
A. H. Perry ?
A. H. Perry " Shawvllle 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School
A. H. Perry 49243b
A. H. Perry and Rev
A. H. Perry Church
A. H. Perry ing Hubert McCauley
A. H. Perry Meeting
A. H. Perry Miscellaneous Shower
A. H. Perry of
A. H. Perry PAINT
A. H. Perry Phone
A. H. Perry REV.
A. H. Perry RIBS .79
A. H. Perry Shawvflk
A. H. Perry Shawvflle 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School
A. H. Perry Shawvflle Sunday School
A. H. Perry ShawvIDe 9:45 a.m.—Sunday School Oil
A. H. Perry Shawvifle THE STANDARD CHURCH Rev.
A. H. Perry Shawviiie St. Edward’s Parish
A. H. Perry Shawviile
A. H. Perry Shawvilie
A. H. Perry Shawvilk
A. H. Perry Shawvill
A. H. Perry Shawville
A. H. Perry Shawville 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School
A. H. Perry Shawville Andrew Clifford Maracle
A. H. Perry Shawville Prayer A Bible Stud
A. H. Perry Shawville Sunday School
A. H. Perry Shawville THE STANDARD CHURCH Rev.
A. H. Perry Shawville V
A. H. Perry Shawvllle
A. H. Perry Shawvllle 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School
A. H. Perry ShawvQle
A. H. Perry Shiwville
A. H. Perry Shswvttk
A. H. Perry Shtiwville 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School
A. H. Perry THE EV.
A. H. Perry | Shawville 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School
A. H. Perry.
A. H. Perry; Vice-President Rev S. Snowden-.
A. M. Perry Shawville 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School
Aaron f] Perry.
Administration Rhonda Perry Investissement Jeunesse
Admiral Sir Perry Ui America
Advanced Miss City Advanced Ottawa
Advanced Miss Ottawa Valley
Advanced Senior Class—Miss Hath
Adventure Miss Bernice
Agricultural College Miss Faye McDowell
Agriculture Miss
Albert Entertainment Marj°rie Imogene Perry Perry
Alberta Leonard Perry of
Allan Perry
Allison Upsets Perry 1 Jiffy Knit Your
Allumettes Larry Perry.
Although Kathryn Perry
Alvita M# Perry
Alvita M. Perry
AM Helen Perry
Amprior brothers Perry
Amyotte and Perry.
Anita Donna Perry
Ann Marie Perry
Annie Perry
APPLIANCES Phone 648-5651 Philip & ha Perry New Proprietors WILSON’S CAR SALES Bryson
April Theresa Perry
Archambault Agent de Promotion MISS TEEN
Arena Miss Shawvllle Fair
artists Helen Perry
As Ellard Perry
Ashley Lisa Perry
Ask Larry Perry
Associate Store Miss
Association Miss Frances Murdock
Association Miss]
AT WAIKIKI Perry Kilbride
attendees Lloyd Perry
August Miss Belle Caldwell
Aunt Theresa Perry
Aunt Theresa Perry of Pembroke
Australia ; Perry
Avenue High Perry
B. Gondola Perry.
Ba Hospital Donna Wilson
BA Y NEWS Miss Sandra Mae Towell
Barnard 7th Line HEAR NEWS Miss Mary Kilgour
Barry Rhonda Perry
Becky Lauret Perry
Belanger and Perry Belanger
Belland Larry Perry of
Belli The Perry Cart
Bending Jane Perry
Beth ry Perry
Betty Roger Perry
Bill Donna Perry of Ste Eustache Hayward
Bloomfield chael Perry.
Bo* Port Perry
Bomem* Street Perry Sound
Boots & Shoes MISS McFARLAlTE
Borden Miss Marcella Ralston
Bos Port Perry
Bosman and Perry McGregor
Both’ Perry and*Conrod
BOY SCOUTS Miss Margaret-Jean
Brady and Perry
Brandon Steve Perry of Pembroke
Bristol ; Miss
Bristol ; Miss Abbie Prit-chard,-of Wyiuan
Bristol and Miss Lavina Tourangeau
Bristol Chapeau; Miss Nora Corrigan
Bristol Corners Miss Lummis
BRISTOL COUNCIL Miss Phyllis Jean Parrel Weds Donald Harold Malette At
Bristol Ellard Perry
Bristol J Miss Jennie
Bristol Memorial Miss Katie
Bristol Mines and Miss Gail Gavan
Bristol Miss
Bristol Miss Florence Howard
Bristol Miss Gail Allen of Chapeau Teachers College
Bristol Miss Hazel Walsh
Bristol Miss Janet Grant
Bristol Miss Joyce Reid
Bristol Miss Lenore Grant
Bristol Miss Maye McMillan
Bristol Miss Meldrum was
Bristol Miss S.J. Armstrong
Bristol Miss Tena R
Bristol Perry
Bristol Personals Miss Ouilla Wilson
BRISTOL Phone Hull 770-4151 CARRY PERRY
Bristol Stuart Graham RLU Miss Serena LeRoy
Bristol; Miss Lizzie Loth-and Company
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc MRC de Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. MRC de Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
BROTHERS Miss Lorraine Elliott
Brunswick Lyle Perry
Bryson Helen Perry 819-689-2652
Bryson & Miss Golden Anniversary Contest
Bryson Ellard Perry
Bryson Hockey Miss
Bryson Miss
Bryson Miss Bernice Gardner
Bryson Miss Doris Mayhew
Bryson Miss Lori Walsh
Bryson Miss Marcella Ralston
Bryson Miss Nancy Newberry
Bryson Notes DON T MISS Ouest
Bryson Perry Kluke
Bryson Rhonda Perry
BURGESS Helen Perry
Businessman Ken Perry
But Ellard Perry
Bv HELEN PERRY Correspondent
BvHELEN PERRY Correspondent
By Helen Perry 1
By HELEN PERRY 4+ Re/Max Direct Inc.
By Helen Perry 648-5296
By Helen Perry 689
By HELEN PERRY 689-2652
By Helen Perry 689-2652 By Mona Rutledge
By Helen Perry 689-2652 Every
By Helen Perry By
By Helen Perry By Diane Boisvert
By HELEN PERRY Correspondent
By HELEN PERRY Correspondent 689-2652
By Helen Perry On
C heryl Perry
C. E Perry
Call Eldon Perry
CAMPBELL Miss Jeannette Seaman Passes Veterinary Surgeon
CAMPBELLS Miss Colleen Bigelow
Can- Miss Levina Harkness
Cancelled | Perry
Candlelight Donna Perry of Ste Eust-
Carole Perry Perry
Carole Perry.
Carried Wayne Perry
Carson And Miss Ruby Carson
Carson Miss Irene Shaw
Carson, Perry Hodgins
CASH Miss Armstrong Honored EGGS FOR SALE
Catholic Secretary Donna Provost
Cathy Libelle Perry
CCW Environment Phil Perry
Cecil and Perry Yach
CemmeiCwZter Donna Dunlop
Central School Board Miss Grace Gardner
CEZE3 Catherine Perry.
Cha- Perry
Chamber of Miss Gail Barber
Change Dr Perry
Chapeau Nancy Perry
Chapeau Roger Perry
Charles E. Perry
Charter Night Dance Miss Marion Schwartz
CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT Telephone CE 2-2240 Miss UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Clarendon Pastoral Charge
Chaussé ry Perry
Cheryl Perry
CHEVROLET Nevv Zealand Miss Edna Mallette
Chief Lany Perry
Chief Larry Perry
Chief Larry Perry Larry
Chief Larry Perry said Perry
Chief Larry Perry Saturday
Chief Larry Perry the
Chief Larry Perry, Safety Cover Plan
Chief Larry Perry.
Chief Lorry Perry
Chiel Larry Perry.
Choice of Miss Shawville Fair
Christ Miss Joy McGuire
Christmas Donna Perry
Church Helen Perry
Church Helen Perry 689-2652
CHURCH Miss Iris Lang
Church Miss Kaye Mulligan
Church Perry
City F.J. Perry.
Civic Hospital Miss Jo-Anne Stew
Civil Miss Qualified Teachers
Clarence; Perry
Clarendon Institute ; Miss Mary Horner
Clarendon Ministerial Association Miss Ruth Williams
Clarendon Wayne Perry
Claude Godin Perry
Clifford Donna Perry
Clothes Shop Final Judging Miss Shawville Fair
CLSC PONTIAC Rontoc Dr. Donna Courchesne
CO Miss Edith Towsley
Co. Ltd TERMS Miss Annabelle Johnston
Cole Lori a Perry
College Miss Lula Connelly
Comber- Gertie Perry
Commercial -Cheryl Perry
Commissioners Ellard Perry
Committee Donna Mou/ard
Committee Miss Anita Gagnon
Committee Miss Isobel Viker
Commodore Oliver Perry
Commodore Perry
Community Centre Don’t Miss— LARRY HENDERSON NIGHT Shawviile High School
Community Centre Miss Vera Moorhead
Community Hos- Miss Flame Stephens
Community Miss
Community Perry
con- That Perry Middle
Conference of School Supervisors Miss Lola Hudson
Connie and Perry
Connie and Perry Be
Connie and Perry Be-
Connie and Perry Belanger
Contact Ellard Perry
Contact Public Stenographic Services Miss Hilda
COOCh Perry Dunn
Corporation Miss Tillie Beckett
Correspondent Gerald Perry
Correspondent Sheril Perry
Cottage Hospital Miss Florence Hodgins
Couleog Stars Sciene Davidson Perry s Hotel SAY NO
Council Miss Anne Sloan
Councillors Rhonda Perry
Country Music Entertainer MISS JULIE LYNN
County Larry Perry
Courteous Service ENGAGED Miss Freida Germaine Bertrand
Courteous Service Five Colours Miss Marielle Marion
CQ Miss
Cr Thomson and Cheryl Perry.
Dagg and Perry
Daily Vacation Bible School Miss Mary Scobie
Dairy AYRSHIRE* FOR SALE-Our Ayr Miss I.aum
Dairy Equipment Miss Abbie Pr
Dairy Oktoberfest Ladysmith TCRA Ladysmith Hotel Donna
Dale Ellard Perry
Dalton and Perry Hodgins
Dalton and Perry Hodgins Clarendon
Daniel Grant Perry
David Melvyn Perry
DAY Miss Brigade
de Clarendon Perry
de Litchfield Perry
de Roger Perry
De Wolf Perry
DEATHS The Equity Miss Lila McManus Spring Suits
Dennis Perry.
Dennison House Mother Miss Shirley Orok
DIED Miss Addie Somerville
Different Story Perry King
Dillon and Donna
Dillon Little Miss
Dillon McGee and Miss Cheryl McGee
Diocesan Girl Guide Convenerm Miss Eva Gcrvais
Director Kathryn Perry
DOCKS Miss Amy Dean Honoured Shawville United W.M.S Dental Surgeon
Doctor Miss Grace Hodgins
DODGE SEDAN Miss Towsley
Dominion Express Co. Miss Florence Morrison
Donna & Family Jim
Donna & Shelfcy and School Association
Donna Ager
Donna Ager Kay
Donna Allard
Donna and Co 11cor
Donna Armitage
Donna Available
Donna Blair
Donna Christ Judd
Donna Cockerell
Donna Com
Donna Craig
Donna Cuth-three-quarter
Donna Cuthbertson
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald.
Donna Donaldson
Donna eagle
Donna Express
Donna Farm
Donna Fields
Donna Gall.
Donna Get
Donna Golf Course
Donna Hall
Donna Happy
Donna Hearty
Donna Hodgins Ad-
Donna Homer
Donna Horner
Donna Kennedy
Donna Leonard Perry, Perry & Peter Gautnier
Donna Mae
Donna Mae Russell
Donna Mar-December
Donna McAlpine Child
Donna Moon
DONNA MOON Onslow Elementary School LaSalle
DONNA MOON Special Guests
DONNA MOON” Norris Bryson
Donna Morris
Donna Nichol & Daniel Chartrand Saturday
Donna Nichol & Daniel Chartrand Saturday
Donna Perry
Donna Perry of St Bust
Donna Perry of St Bust- Melinda
Donna Perry of St Eustache
Donna Perry of Ste Eus
Donna Perry St Eustache
Donna Perry Ste Bust-
Donna Perry Ste Eustache
Donna Perry.
Donna Petznick
Donna Poker
Donna Reed
Donna Reid
Donna Rexannn
Donna Second Prize
Donna Service
Donna Shaddick Communications and Public Relations Pembroke Diocesan
Donna Space
Donna Spence
Donna Thibert Anglican Church
Donna Village
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line
Donna Workman Hospital
Donna Wrinn
Door prize Perry Robinson Dessert
Door: Perry Kluke
Dorcas Sparling Perry and Barry Belanger
Dorothy L Perry
DOWD Fire and Automobile Dress Goods Miss Klu
DOWD Miss Lil Dagg
Dr. Perry
Du el Is—Miss A. B.dam Mr. George Scully; Read
du Ellard Perry
Du Gard Miss Katie Armstrong
Duncan Ken Perry
Durocher (Perry
E R. Perry
E. Perry Telephone
E. Perry Telephone:
Eades Gerald Perry
Eardley United Church Ladies Miss May Corrigan
Earl Gerald Perry.
Earl McGregor Perry Dunn-
Ebert Kenneth Perry
Echo Valley Miss Darlene Kelly
Editor Lloyd Perry
Editors Miss Alice Gage
Education - Cindy Perry
Education - Donna Pro-
Education and Miss
Education Donna
Education Ellard Perry
Education Miss Armstrong
Education Miss Hilda Graham Home
Education Miss Rough Rider Misses Sharon
EE YOU Economic Rhonda Perry
El lard Perry
El lard Perry .
Elections Canada Donna Presley
Ellard Academic Perry
Ellard and Perry Robinson
Ellard Perry
Ellard Perry A
Ellard Perry s Radford Transportation
Ellard Royce Perry
Ellard Royce Perry; Donald Ranger
Ellerd Perry — Pontiec High School
Elsie Perry 1274XJN2 SOFT
en-1 George Perry
EQUITY Joanne Perry
Esther of Perry Sound
EVANGELIST Stephen Perry
Fairhead Aaron Perry
Fall Miss Lucy Dahras
Family Helen Perry Waltham Town Hall
FAMILY: Perry Hodgins
Famous Perry Brothers
Father Gail Perry
February Walter Perry
FerandAoy Rhonda Perry Returning Officer Présidente de
Ferguson and Perry Crozier
Financial Secretary Tommy Riebertas Treasurer Donna Woods
FIRE Miss Fiflne
Firefighter Philip Perry
First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Miss Edith B
First Regional Rally Miss Pearl Armstrong
Ford Trucks Chevy Trucks Dodge Trucks Toyota Trucks Donna Woods Great Selection
Fort- Nancy Perry.
FOUNDATION Dodge & DeSoto Sales & Service Miss Marilyn Grant
Francois Nancy Perry - Sugar Doc.
Frederick J. Perry
Freida Krose Perry Timpson Ed
FROATJ & SONS Miss Gail Mulligan
Funeral of Miss Eleanor Lucas
G. Walter Perry
Ga- Perry
Gabricllc Miss Alice Pigeon
Gail Perry
Gail Perry QUYON
GAINADAY Miss Shirley Sly
Gale - Perry
Gale - Perry Larry
Gall Perry who
Gary Lloyd Perry of
Gatineau Miss Alice Martineau
Gauthier Rhonda Perry
Gelding- Gail Perry
General Hospital Miss Linda
General Larry Perry
General Mr Perry
Georae and Perry
George A. Perry of Waltham Marriage
George Arthur Perry
George Ita Perry
Gerald Francis Perry V While
Gerald James Perry
Gerald Perry Dance
Gerald Perry VIII; Madeiaine Lesieur VII
Gerry Theresa Perry
Gibbons Hospital Miss Cecik
GLOBE Miss Lorena Carmichael
Golden Perry Kluke
Good School II Miss Jessie Nesbitt
Good School Miss Billie Allen
Good School Miss Mattie Cochrane
Good School Miss Verna Strutt
Good School Shawviile Hardware Store Miss Nell Imison
Gordon F. Perry
Grant Perry
Groceries (Perry Como
Groomsman was Perry
Guelph Electric Washers Refrigerators Miss
GYPSY COLT Color Donna Corcoran Frances
H. Perry Campbell
Hall—Thomas Owen Perry
Hardware Store Miss Elen
Hardware Store Miss Ivy Millar
Hardware Store Miss Kdirn Bennett
Hardware Store Miss Kind la
Hardware Store Miss Nell Imison
Hardware Store Miss Pen
Hark-ilev A Perry
Harkins R. Perry.
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Donna
He Chris Perry
Heading—Miss Verna Cumeren ; Roll
Health and Welfare Miss Karen Hearty
Health and Welfare Miss Marion McGuinney
Hearty and Perry Belanger
Hearty and Perry Kluke
Helen / Perry
Helen Perry
Helen Perry 1^1
Helen Perry 689-2652 Marie Cam A
HELEN PERRY B Alexina Romain
HELEN PERRY Correspondent
HELEN PERRY Correspondent Petawawa
Helen Perry.
Help Church Perry
Herd Perry
Heritage Miss Piorian Brough
HERMONIE SHARPE Correspondent By HELEN PERRY Correspondent
Hev Arthur Perry.
Hi Don’t Miss— LARRY HENDERSON NIGHT Shawville High School
HI V Miss Nicole Morin
High Lauretta Perry.
Hockey Shack Perry Property Councillor Grenier
HODGINS Miss IJnda Smiley
HODGINS STORE DONAT Le GUERRIER Miss Graham Honored BA Mid-Summer Dress Goods Notary Public.
Hodgins Store Miss Annie Ciuertin
Holy Rosary Church Ebert Ottawa Miss Du
Horner and Perry
Hospital and Donna Gift Exchange
Hospital and EUard Perry
Hospital Auxiliary Miss Patricia Ann Hahn
Hospital Corner Miss Blanche Luman
Hospital Donna Joy
Hospital Founda-Donna St. Auhin
Hotel Owner ‘ United Church Miss Dorothy Caldwell Changes
Houghton Miss Jacqueline Martineau
House Miss Joan Angus of Montreal
Household Fellow-Miss Mary Benoit
Household Science Good School Miss Myrtle D-ile
HR Helen Perry One
Human CHAPTER XX Miss Barth
HuU Addle Perry a
I* Miss Sandra Draper
I------— Helen Perry
I. Newton Perry
Ian Phillip Perry Marian Lothian Randy Smith Margaret Dupuis
Iclcn Perry 689-2652
II Miss Bourget
III Miss Dorothy Dagg
IM Miss Mary Scobie
In Hospital Insurance Plan Miss Brenda Richardson
Inc • Miss Greets Wilson
Inde Steve Perry
Indian Affairs Miss
Indoor/Outdoor Public Address Amplifier Call Miss Ann Taylor
Ineti- Miss Tootle Millar
Institute Miss Mona Eades Honoured
Institute Miss Pritchard
Institutes Miss Campbell
Instructor Kathryn Perry
Interment Ellard Perry
Isadora chael Perry.
Island and Perry Klukc
Island School Miss
It Donna Perry
It Lloyd Perry
Ita Perry Perry
Its Rhonda Perry and
IU Miss Lorraine Pokes
IVfariOriG ImOSfGIlG Perry
J Donna Perry of Ste Eustsche
J R Shop Diane s Fashion Fashion Sho Brenda Stevens A Donna ToweH Sears
J. B. Perry
J. Miss Alice Ilussell
J. Perry
Jack & Perry
Jamieson; Perry;
Janis Ellard Perry
Jason Perry Court
Jean Laurette Perry
Jo- Cindy Perry
Jo-Anne Mackenzie Perry
John Gieigad Perry Lopes STEEL JUNGLE PI With
John Paul Perry
JOHNS LUTHERAN Miss Myrtle Hades
JOO-meuc Cindy Perry
Jr Helen Perry
Jr- Jane Perry
Jr- Nancy Perry
Junction Port Perry
Junction Port Perry .... Powassan
June Annie Perry
Junior Auxiliary Church Treasurer Miss
Junior Miss
Junior Miss & Master Y2K - Ages
Junior Miss Judy Ryan
Juniors G. Perry H.
K J. Perry
K Y ARM SQUIBS Miss L''na Hodgine
K. M Perry
Kaiser Sales and Service General Repairs - Body Work Austin Miss Vera Palmer
Kathryn Perry s
Ken & Perry Murdotk
Kenny" Perry
Keyhole Open-Nancy Perry
Kim Michael Perry
Kluke and Perry
Kourtney Helen Perry
Krause Miss Marguerite Wharrey
KYs Leu Perry Pres
L Ecuyer Tim Perry Starting Date
l Miss Alice Frankie’s
Labor Day Miss Bride Holland
Lac Miss Edna Hudgins
Lacroix Grant Perry
Lake Helen Perry
Lalonde and Perry Muskrat
Lang Aaron Perry
Lang Wayne Perry
Lani and Perry Bartelotti
lard Royce Perry
Larry Perry
Larry Perry Perry.
Laurie Aaron Perry
Law-1 yl Perry
Le Roy^Gcrtic Perry
Le''f Perry
Leader Roger Perry
Lee’s Perry Bridge
Len Perry
Len Perry s
Leu Perry cottage
LeVasseur Perry Gendron Saturday
Life Insurance Miss Ann Bastien
Life Miss Dorothy Hobbs
LIFE Miss Linda Walsh
Lillian La-phen Perry
Lion Lloyd Perry
Lion Lloyd Perry LA Hobbs Woodworking
Lion Lloyd Perry.
Lion Perry Kluke
Lion Warren Miss Loretta Cavan
Lions Secretary Pontiac Club; Miss Club
Liquor Store Miss
Lisa Perry
Litchfield Council Minutes Miss Susan Sharpe
Lloyd Perry Education and Cultural
Lloyd Perry Perry
Local Council Miss Hannaberry
Local Hospital Miss Helen R Dods Honoured
Lodge Miss
Lodge Miss Arline Kiigour
Lodge No Perry
Lola Perry Ethier
Lon McCalllster Perry Ann Gardner
Lor- George Perry
Lori and Perry.
Lorraine and Perry Dunn
Louis James Perry
Louise Donaldson, Rhonda Perry
Love Curtis b Donna
Low Public Stenographic Services Miss Hilda
LTD n Miss Carey Smith
Ltd. 895 Perry Rd
Ltd. 895 Perry Rd.
LTJ Donna Perry
Lucy (Perry
LX i Perry Como Styles
Lynda and Perry Robinson
M* John Perry.
M*> Phil Perry .
M-s Walker Perry of Violet
M. E Perry
M. E. Perry
M. E. Perry Ecole
M. E.R. Perry
M. Ellard Perry
M. Harry Perry
M. P. Perry
Maartense Joyce Perry
Macdonald College Miss Shaw
Madame Joyce Perry
Maggie Thomson Miss Emma
Maika of Perry
Manary Gerald Perry.
Maple Lane Perry
Maple Leaf Miss Marjorie McKnight
Margaret G. Perry
Marion Gerry Perry
Marjory Perry
Marjory Perry 1st Cub
MARRIED Miss Florian Brough
Martin Luthers Miss Monika Bauer
Mary Anne Perry
Mary Ellen Perry of Cobourg
Mary Kathryn Perry
MARYLAND Miss Catherine Quigley
Mason and Perry Robinson
Massey Lisa Perry
Master HULL Miss Grace
Master Gordon Mel-driun ; Miss Emma Hammond
Master Perry Yach
Master Tommy Miss Veronica Ryan
Matthew OnllAilth Perry
May 9 Perry.
Mb L Perry
McCann and Perry
McCrank Ellard Perry Ann
McDonald Miss R. McNair
McDonald of West Miss Jo Anne Nuttall of Toronto
McDowell of Perry
McDowell School SHAWVILLE Miss Colleen Spencer
McElwain J™ie Perry
McKee News Miss Evelyn Horner
McMillan Wilson Perry William Schwartz
Me ley Perry s
Meat Shop Miss Machwen
Menard Phillip Perry Leo Marleau Judy El-Hakim Christine Labelle Bill Dolan
Men’s second Perry Kluke
Men’s Second Perry Porter
Messrs Philip Perry
Methodist Church cemetery Miss Martha Caldwell
Methodist church Mr. Perry
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Miss Marilyn
Metropolitan Tabernacle Miss Elaine Laughren
Mg Helen Perry *
Mi ley Perry
Mi ley Perry.
Michaels Academy Miss Paquette
Mid Miss Hamilton
Middle Row Perry Snotty
Mies Donne Perry
Miley Gordon Perry Helen
Miley Simon Perry Miley Simon Perry
Ministerial Association Patterson - Sharpe Wedding Donna Lucille Sharpe
Ministry of Public Nntirp Gervals/Perry
Mis Walter Perry
Misa Donna Perry of St Eustaehe
Misa Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Misa Marjory Perry
Misa Mary Miss Lillian Bretzlaff
Miss Alice Pigeon
Miss Alva Turner
Miss Am
Miss Ames—Miss Sylvia Ames
Miss Amy Co
Miss Ann Pitt
Miss Ann Trek
Miss Annie Gamble
Miss Annie Gamble of Shawville & Guests Lrfe
Miss Annie Perry
Miss Arlene Kilgour Appointed Teachers Aid COLEMAN OIL HEATERS ÊISfsSSÉ
Miss Arvilla Pitt
Miss Arville Pitt and Mr.
Miss ArvUla Pitt
Miss Bell Johnston
Miss Bertha Pitt
Miss Bertha Pitt of Toronto
Miss Beta Tur-
Miss Beulah Alice Harris
Miss Billie Brown
Miss Bridget Stafford
Miss C lairc Watson
Miss C Perry
Miss Carol Perry
Miss Chamber
Miss Cheryl Perry
Miss Cheryl Perry.
Miss Church Women’s Missionary | Ruby Storey
Miss Clara Brownlee
Miss Clara Hall
Miss Clara Strutt
MISS Closed Mondays Rad Brand Baa
Miss Com Lawn; Receiving Committee
Miss Community Hospital; Teen Pontiac Crown
Miss Corps
Miss Court of Exchequer
Miss Crowley Supported
Miss Crystal
Miss Crystal Hopper
Miss Dame McDowell
Miss Davton
Miss Deanna Perry
Miss Debbie Pitt
Miss Debbie Pitt and Betty Sparling
Miss Debbie Pitt Fairfield
Miss Debbie Pitt of
Miss Debbie Pitt of Ottawa
Miss Debbie Pitt the
Miss Department
Miss Diane Perry
Miss Diane Perry and Roger Perry
Miss Donaldson
Miss Donna Perry
Miss Donna Perry and
Miss Donna Perry Lachute
Miss Donna Perry of
Miss Donna Perry of St
Miss Donna Perry of St Eustache
Miss Donna Perry of St Laundry
Miss Donna Perry of St School Boards
Miss Donna Perry of Ste
Miss Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Miss Donna Perry re-q
Miss Donna Perry St
Miss Donna Perry St Eustache
Miss Donna Perry.
Miss Dorothy Irene Pearl
Miss Ducroz
Miss E Bell Canada
Miss Eileen Watson
Miss Elaine Carson
Miss Elizabeth Horner
Miss Embyle Brownie* Ot- b
Miss EUine Carson
Miss Eunice
Miss Eva MeAmlrvw
Miss Evelyn Pitt
Miss Everett
Miss Fair
Miss Farmer’s School of Cookery
Miss Fein Carkner
Miss Fire Brigade
Miss Florence Hilton
Miss Florence Hor-for No. 10 School
Miss Forward Movement
Miss Frances Gilman
Miss Frances Pitt Millan
Miss Frances Pitt, the
Miss Francos Gilman Bryson
Miss Gertie Riley
Miss Gertrude Perry
Miss Gloria Tremblay
Miss Gold Pilot
Miss Guild
Miss Gwen Lambert
Miss H
Miss Haldane
Miss Harriet
Miss Hath Church
Miss Hazzard
Miss Hi Id
Miss Hi la Harris
Miss Hospital
Miss Hospital Velma Catherine Smith
Miss Inn
Miss Inn McDowell
Miss Iorna Perry
Miss Isabel Perry
Miss Isdbel Squires
Miss Ivy Pitt
Miss Janet McMullen
Miss Jennie Watson
Miss Josephine Koran
Miss Kathleen Campbell
Miss Katie Elliott
Miss Kim Perry
Miss Kunpton
Miss Lillian Lambert
Miss Lilly Bevan
Miss Linda Yach
Miss Lois Hayes
Miss Lola Lambert
Miss Lorna Perry
Miss Lucinda Perry
Miss Lucy Pitt.
Miss Lung Is
Miss Mabel
Miss Mabel Lambert
Miss Mable Lambert
Miss Mae
Miss Mae Adams
Miss Mae Allwright
Miss Mae Bryant
Miss Mae Bryant C-o Surrey Motel Morriaburg
Miss Mae Cuthbertson
Miss Mae Muriay
Miss Mae Murray
Miss Mae Premier
Miss Mae Prendergast
Miss Mae Stark
Miss Mae Thompson
Miss Majory Perry
Miss Margaret Perry.
Miss Marge Perry
Miss Margo Allan
Miss Margo Allan of
Miss Margory Perry
Miss Marilyn Bell
Miss Marilyn Carson has
Miss Marin Hudgins
Miss Marjorie Perry
Miss Marjorie Perry and
Miss Marjory Perry
Miss Marjory Perry and of Education
Miss Marlon Gilchrist
Miss Marlyn Grodde
Miss Mary Visitors
Miss Mary Alice
Miss Mary Bell
Miss Mary Bell Kiock
Miss Mary Bell Klock
Miss Mary Gamble
Miss Mary Mutual Fire Ins
Miss Marylin Young
Miss Maude
Miss May Perry
Miss Mayo
Miss Mayo Brownlee
Miss Mayo Smart
Miss McFarlane
Miss Merle Barber Secondary School
Miss MKs Durkee
Miss Mona Harr
Miss Monitor
Miss Mr. Edison
Miss Muriel Chamber
Miss Muriel Church
Miss Myrtle Lance; Mr.
Miss Nellie Watson
Miss Odley
Miss Olga Pontiac Community Hos Mielke
Miss Olive Rochon
Miss Orla Hilton Crick
Miss Orma Elliott
Miss Paulie Pitt of Gald
Miss Pauline Pitt
Miss Pauline Pitt and
Miss Polly Pitt
MISS Portable Radio Skates Bicycle
Miss Portage Senior
Miss Rebecca Watson
Miss Rhoma Cross
Miss Ruby Carson
Miss Ruth
Miss School
Miss School Association
Miss School Commission
Miss Service
Miss Shelly Rowe
Miss Susie Hodgins
Miss Swayne Poor
Miss Teen
Miss Teen Pontiac
Miss Telephone 432-4224 EQUITY CLASSIFIEDS Taking
Miss Tenders
Miss uonna Perry
Miss V Elliott
Miss Varian’s
Miss Velma Burgess
Miss Verna Watson
Miss Wang Toy
Miss Winnifred Conservative Association
Miss Winnifrvd Merlin
Miss Yvonne Perry
Miss- Post Office
Miss1 Marjorie Perry
Misses Donna Perry
Misses Donna Perry of Montreal
Misses Marjory Perry and Donna Perry
Mjs Sheryl Perry
Mme Helen PerrY- de
Mme Joyce Perry
Mme Joyce Perry Greffier
Mme Rhonda Perry
Mn Phil Perry &
Mn Stephen Perry
Mo James Perry
Moore and Perry Belanger
Moore Sports PERRY
Moorehead and Perry Kluke
Morgan - Perry Mr.
Morgan Roger Perry
MORI AM Perry - Deepest
Morley Hodgins Ltd Miss Geraldine McGuire of Montreal
Morning Worship THE FREE METHODIST CHURCH REV. A. H. PERRY Fraser I Church
Morrison and Perry Hodgins
Mortl- k Perry
Morvin and Perry
MOTEL Len Perry
Mr Alvin Perry
Mr Billy Miss Françoise Emond
Mr Bud Perry
Mr E Perry
Mr Eilard Perry
Mr Eilard Perry, School Principal
Mr Eliard Perry
Mr Ellard Perry
Mr Ellard Perry offi-
Mr EUard Perry
Mr EW Perry.
Mr George Perry
Mr Gerald Perry
Mr Gerald Perry of Toronto
Mr Joe Perry of
Mr Joe Perry of Davidson
Mr Leonard Perry.
Mr Lloyd Perry
Mr Miss Maggie Cuthbsrtson
Mr Perry
Mr Peter Perry
Mr Phil Perry
Mr Phil Perry.
Mr Philip Perry
Mr Roger Perry
Mr Stephen Perry
Mr* Laurette Perry
Mr. Albert Perry
Mr. Arthur Perry
Mr. Donald Perry
Mr. E. Perry
Mr. E.R. Perry
Mr. Eilard Perry
Mr. Ellard Perry
Mr. Ellard Perry.
Mr. ERard Perry.
Mr. G. Perry
Mr. Gearge Perry and Mr. Charlie Mohr
Mr. George Perry
Mr. Gerald Perry
Mr. Harry Perry
Mr. Jack Perry of
Mr. Jerry Perry
Mr. Michael Perry
Mr. P. Perry
Mr. Paul Perry
Mr. Perry
Mr. Philip Perry c/o PHS
Mr. Roger Perry.
Mr. Roger Perry; Vice-President Raymond Belanger;
Mr. Stephen Perry
Mr. Stephen Perry * Full
Mr. Steve Perry
Mr. Ten Perry
Mr. W Perry
MRC Secretary-Treasurer Luc Séguin; MNA Middle-miss;
Mrj Len Perry
Mrs 1 Perry
Mrs A Perry
Mrs A. Perry
Mrs Arlee Perry
Mrs Arthur Perry
Mrs Bud Perry of Sheafersvllle NE
Mrs Catherine Perry OPEN
Mrs Catherine Perry.
Mrs Cyril Perry
Mrs Edward Perry
Mrs EHard Perry & Tim
Mrs Eileen Perry
Mrs Eileen Perry of New Brunswick
Mrs Ellard Perry
Mrs Ellard Perry of
Mrs Ellard Perry.
Mrs Ellard Perry;
Mrs Ellord Perry
Mrs Elsie Perry of Cobden
Mrs Eta Perry
Mrs Frank Perry of
Mrs Gail Perry
Mrs Garry Perry
Mrs Garry Perry Adams
Mrs Garry Perry of
Mrs George Perry
Mrs George Perry attended Church
Mrs George Perry Michael Leroy
Mrs Gerald Perry
Mrs Gerald Perry who Lady of Perpetual Church
Mrs Gerald Perry.
Mrs Gertie Perry
Mrs H Perry
Mrs Helen Perry
Mrs Helen Perry.
Mrs I>en Perry.
Mrs Ian Perry
Mrs Ida Perry
Mrs Ifn Perry.
Mrs James Perry
Mrs Jamie Perry
Mrs Jerry Perry
Mrs Joyce Perry
Mrs Joyce Perry Election Clerk
Mrs Kathryn Perry
Mrs Ken Perry
Mrs Ken Perry 1-819-689-5584 CASH
Mrs Ken Perry of
Mrs Kenneth Perry
Mrs Kllard Perry
Mrs l Perry
Mrs L*onard Perry the
Mrs Lairy Perry
Mrs Larry Perry
Mrs Larry Perry and
Mrs Larry Perry Church
Mrs Larry Perry Helen’s
Mrs Larry Perry.
Mrs Lauretta Perry
Mrs Laurette Perry
Mrs Laurette Perry of
Mrs Len Perry
Mrs Len Perry on
Mrs Len Perry the
Mrs Len Perry.
Mrs Leonard Perry
Mrs Leonard Perry Happy
Mrs Leonard Perry.
Mrs Leu Perry
Mrs Leu Perry and Gerald Perry
Mrs Leu Perry CWL
Mrs Leu Perry.
Mrs Leurs Perry
Mrs Lew Perry
Mrs Lew Perry.
Mrs Lon Perry the Civic Hospital
Mrs Lyle Perry
Mrs M Perry
Mrs M Perry.
Mrs M. Perry
Mrs Margo Perry
Mrs Marion Perry of Cobalt
Mrs Matthew Perry
Mrs May Perry
Mrs Meley Perry
Mrs Miles Perry
Mrs Miley Perry
Mrs Miss Alice Pigeon
Mrs Mitey Perry
Mrs Norma Perry
Mrs Norms Perry the
Mrs Paul Perry
Mrs Perry
Mrs Phil Perry
Mrs Phil Perry &
Mrs Phil Perry.
Mrs Philip Perry
Mrs Ray Perry
Mrs Roger Perry
Mrs Roger Perry &
Mrs Roger Perry & Jhe
Mrs Roger Perry 8. Coffee
Mrs Roger Perry of
Mrs Roger Perry of Renfrew
Mrs Rose Perry
Mrs S Perry
Mrs Stephen Perry
Mrs Stephen Perry Mr.
Mrs Stephen Perry.
Mrs Steven Perry
Mrs Teresa Perry
Mrs Teresa Perry and Art Laundry
Mrs Theresa Perry
Mrs Theresa Perry Shawville
Mrs Valmore Perry.
Mrs Vera Perry
Mrs Walter Perry
Mrs Wayne Perry
Mrs Wayne Perry.
Mrs Will Perry
Mrs Willie Perry
Mrs Wilson Perry
Mrs Wm Perry
Mrs. (vrrald Perry
Mrs. 8. Perry and
Mrs. Alvin Perry
Mrs. Arlee Perry
Mrs. Arloe Perry
Mrs. Art Hodgloe Miss Kay Woodley
Mrs. Arto Perry
Mrs. Bud Perry
Mrs. E Perry
Mrs. E. Perry
Mrs. Eckard Miss Vernna Simmons
Mrs. Ellard Perry
Mrs. Ellard Perry of Shawville
Mrs. Ellard Perry Perry-Horner
Mrs. Ellard Perry.
Mrs. Ellerd Perry.
Mrs. Eltcrd Perry
Mrs. Etiard Perry
Mrs. Everett McDowell Miss Verna Mac Donnell
Mrs. Gary Perry
Mrs. George Perry
Mrs. George Perry and Walter Perry
Mrs. George Perry of Waltham Northcotc Mrs. R. Dupuis; Bristol Mem-A Remembrance Day
Mrs. George Perry Waltham
Mrs. Gerald Perry
Mrs. Gerald Perry St. Eus-tache
Mrs. Gordon Perry
Mrs. Grant Perry
Mrs. I. Perry.
Mrs. Ita Perry
Mrs. J. Perry Jean Louis Muir
Mrs. James Perry
Mrs. James Perry 200.70;
Mrs. James Perry Bristol Memorial Presbyterian
Mrs. James Perry;
Mrs. Jim Perry.
Mrs. L Perry
Mrs. L. Perry
Mrs. L. Perry;
Mrs. l.en Perry.
Mrs. Larry Perry
Mrs. Larry Perry of Waltham
Mrs. Lcn Perry
Mrs. Lemard Perry
Mrs. Len Perry
Mrs. Len Perry and Team
Mrs. Len Perry CW LPres
Mrs. Len Perry Mr.
Mrs. Len Perry Prcs-weekend
Mrs. Len Perry.
Mrs. Lenard Perry, Education Convener
Mrs. Leonard Perry
Mrs. Leonard Perry Mrs. Lomey Perry
Mrs. Leonard Perry | Kirkham
Mrs. Leonard Perry.
Mrs. Lllard Perry
Mrs. Loenard Perry
Mrs. Lome Perry
Mrs. Lorney Perry
Mrs. M. Perry
Mrs. M. Perry and Mrs. Ed
Mrs. Matthew Perry of Aylmer
Mrs. Mi-ley Perry.
Mrs. Miley Perry
Mrs. Miley Perry ;
Mrs. MUey Perry
Mrs. Paul Perry
Mrs. Robert Perry
Mrs. Roger Perry
Mrs. Roger Perry and Larry Perry
Mrs. Roy McDonald and Miss Kay
Mrs. Sifton Frazier Miss Bobbie Dagg
Mrs. Stephen Perry
Mrs. Stephen Perry and
Mrs. Stephen Perry.
Mrs. Steve Perry
Mrs. Steve Perry and Bern Ethicr
Mrs. Steve Perry Mrs. Gordon Stewart
Mrs. Steven Perry.
Mrs. Theresa Perry Pierre Pilon
Mrs. W Perry
Mrs. W. Perry
Mrs. W. Perry of Morrisburg
Mrs. Walter Perry
Mrs. Wayne Perry
Mrs. Wayne Perry Church
Mrs. Wayne Perry McDonald College
Mrs. Will Perry
Mrs. William Perry
Mrs. Wilson Perry
Mss Donna Perry of Ste
MTS Mcrvln Yach & Perry Ottawa Construction Association of Foresters Falls
Mullingar Captain Perry Fulton
Multi - Purpose Hoseline Miss Mae Hex
Municipal Council of Miss Sarah IlanraUy
Municipal Inspector Convener Donna Pro-
Municipal Miss Connie Telford
Municipal Miss- Florence Colkneyer
Murray Bros Miss Jean Wilson
Murrells News AIL Miss Joan Telford
Muscular Eye Defects Miss Joyce Horner
Myra and Perry
Nancy _ Perry
National Events—Miss
National Miss Teen Canada
National Presi-the Miss Teen Canada
Navan Port Perry Rainy Kixcr Kidgt
Neil Gerry Perry
NEILSON Miss Arlene Hodgins
NEW Miss Ann Gervais
Newby Tim Perry
Newton and Perry Horigins Mr.
Nhs Leu Perry
Noranda " Miss
Norway Hay Perry
Notes Miss Linda Wall
NOTICE Donna Conna Ten Test Rock Wool Tenders wanted
Notre Dame Mss Donna McGee
Nursing Home Miss
OBITUARIES Miss Arline Kilgour Engagèment
OBITUARIES Miss Mary Anne Hearty
Obituary Leonard Perry
October 26 Perry
Office Miss Florence Ilorner
Oft | Perry.
Old Miss Morris
Oliver Cnrili Perry
Oliver Curtis Perry
Oliver Hazard Perry
Onions Heritage Peas Miss Mew Cat Food
Onslow Intermediate School Miss Jean Neville
ONT Miss Mary Draper
ONTARIO Miss Mary Stanton
or K. Perry
Oshawa and Perry
Ottawa Ci Vic Hospital Miss Bea Dumouchel
Ottawa General Hospital Bride elect Miss Geraldine McGuire
Ottawa Hospital Miss Gayle Stewart
Ottawa Phil Perry
Ottawa Phil Perry.
Ottawa Theresa Perry
Otter Kllard Perry
Otter Miss Alexie Durocher Lake
Our Lady Miss Adrienne Fortier
Our Lady Of Donna Pilon-Biggs
Our Lady of Good Perry
Our Lady of Perpetual Donna of Sault Ste-Marie
Our Lady Of Perpetual Roger Perry
Outaouais Miss Legault
Outside Guardian Donna
P S Perry Kluke
P.M. Aaron Perry
Painkiller Perry DavU’.
Pair Woolen Mittens—Miss El
Parish Council and Miss Joan Hannaberry
PARKER Miss Maggie McCredie
Party Lloyd Perry
Pastoral Ministerial Association elects Rev. Perry
PAUL Insurance Miss Amy
Paul Ken Perry
Peck and Perry Peck
Pembroke Golf Leroys and Lorna Perry Club
Perry R Mercedes
Perry & Connie Belanger
Perry *
Perry -
PERRY 5 Texas Fly Killer
Perry A.D.A.T.
Perry and
Perry and Dorothy Klliott Shawville High School
Perry and Telephone WSâ Adelaide A Wtdmer Sts THE COOK S BEST FRIEND Ur
Perry Armitege
PERRY Arthur Smilev*
Perry Be-
Perry Bear Ellis
PERRY Beauty
Perry Beets
Perry Belang- Charlotte Carty
Perry Belanger
Perry Belanger Mrs Agusta
Perry Belanger Yach
Perry Birch
Perry Borden
Perry Bryson
Perry Buker
Perry Bunn
Perry Burgess
Perry Cadegan
Perry Cart
Perry Cem-vmmtiny Spring
Perry Church
Perry Clarke
Perry Club
Perry Coaiter Brake
Perry Coast Brake
Perry Coaster Brake
Perry Coaster Broke; English
Perry Com-peneating Spring
Perry Community Hospital
Perry Como
Perry Comos Tm Just
Perry Congratulations Mark
PERRY Correspondent
Perry Cottage Association Par-
Perry Councillor
Perry County
Perry Crawford
Perry cu.
Perry Dafle’-îôc
Perry Dari»
Perry Davie
Perry Davie—
Perry Davie’ Painkiller
Perry Davis
Perry Davis Card
Perry Devine
Perry Dr
Perry Dunn
Perry Dunne
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis Rockport WINTER
Perry Elwood Allard
Perry Equity Reporter WALTHAM
Perry Family
Perry Fire
Perry Fire Chief
Perry Fire Department Expenses
Perry for Christine Ger-
Perry for Laporte
Perry Francis
Perry Georgette Lance
Perry Get
Perry Gftristmas
Perry Group Gr
Perry Hartwick
Perry Heritage Radio
Perry Hill
Perry Hillis Hamilton
Perry HjxJgms
Perry Ho
Perry Hod
Perry Hodgina
Perry Hodgins
Perry Hound
Perry House
Perry Hr’PQkfllctC
Perry Insurance Adjusters
Perry Jeunesse
Perry Jim
Perry Julie Beaudoin Monique Blanchette
Perry KI
Perry Kim McCallum
Perry King There
Perry Klukc
Perry Kluke
Perry Kluke,Theo Hearty
Perry Kluke’s
Perry Klule
Perry Lalonde
Perry Larochelle
Perry Laurena Dempsey
Perry Lepack
Perry Lion s Club of Shawville Memorial Bursary Ix*slec Russett Chris Wrinn Memorial Plaque
Perry Lore
Perry Love
Perry Lucas Russell
Perry Marc Ward
Perry Mary
Perry Mason
Perry Max
Perry McCailum
Perry McCallum
Perry McCallum Administration
Perry McGraw
Perry McGregor
Perry Me-Cristixn
Perry Michael Perry
Perry Middlem Bean
Perry Middlemiss
Perry Minerva Dahms
Perry Murdock
Perry New Proprietors
Perry New Proprietors Glenwood Plaza
Perry New Proprietors Ladysmith
Perry NtJ.
Perry of
Perry of Foresters Falls
Perry of Forresters Falls
Perry of Supples Landing
Perry of Waltham
Perry of Westmeath
Perry Ottawa Goat
PERRY PARKS Beattie’s Eye Service
Perry Paul
Perry Paul Paquette
Perry Peck
Perry Pontiac
PERRY Practical Tinsmith
Perry Property
Perry Rca
Perry Read
Perry Regional Association of West-
Perry Renaud Rainville
Perry Returning
Perry River
Perry Road
Perry Robin
Perry Robinson
Perry Romain
Perry Roy
Perry s
Perry s Miss Dubla Bell
Perry Sanchioni
Perry Shawn McDonnell
Perry Sherry-Lee
Perry Sideline
Perry Somerville
Perry Sound
Perry Spoons
Perry St. Peter’s Church
Perry Ste Bust-
Perry Township
Perry Treasurer
Perry United Church
Perry W
Perry Walter
Perry Weldon Davis
Perry Wife—“My
Perry Winch
Perry Winkle
Perry with Kathryn Perry
Perry Yach
Perry Yech
Perry Zacharias
Perry •
PERSONAL MENTION Service Announcements Cowling Business College A Miss Berta Drape
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
Petty Ellard Perry Administrative
Phil Perry
Phil Phil Perry
Philip Perry
Phone E. Perry
Phone Eldon Perry
PHONE Miss Dorothy Hobbs
Photo by Perry Beaton Hamilton Administration
Pianist Cheryl Perry
Pilon Larry Perry
Pirie and Perry Hodgins
Place Commodore Perry
Pledge Fund Miss Martina
PM — Special Singing Every Service Miss Doris Hayes
POITRAS Miss Beverley Strutt
Pontiac Mr Ellard R. Perry
Pontiac - Temiscaming Public Stenographic Services Miss Hilda
Pontiac Anti-Tuberculosis Miss Donna Hearty
Pontiac Cattle Breeders-Perry Hodgins
Pontiac Co. Perman-Miss Ruth Ellen
Pontiac Commun* Miss Gertie Riley
Pontiac Commun- Mr. Luke and Miss Joyce Darlene Mabel
Pontiac Commun-Miss Isabelle Syl
Pontiac Community Hos- Donna Draper
Pontiac Community Hos- Miss Irene Suffell
Pontiac Community Hos- Miss Sharon Kensley of Montreal
Pontiac Community Hospital and Miss Cora
Pontiac Community Hospital Miss Debbie Howard
Pontiac Community Hospital Miss Kate Mulligan
Pontiac Community Hospital Miss Melanie Smith
Pontiac Community Hospital Miss Norma McEwen
Pontiac Community Miss Donna Wrinn
Pontiac Community Miss Jacqueline Browne
Pontiac Community Miss Viola Armstrong
Pontiac County Miss Shawville
Pontiac County Co-operative Medi- Hospital-Surgical Plan Miss Marjorie Sparling
Pontiac County Co-operative Miss Katherine Donnelly
Pontiac County Miss Diane Telford McKee
Pontiac Donaldson, Rhonda Perry
Pontiac Donna Provost
Pontiac Donna Stewart
Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Pontiac Dre Donna Courthesne
Pontiac Furniture Centre Miss Clair* Tanguay of Montreal
Pontiac Hospital Centre Dr. Donna Courchesne
Pontiac House Miss Stewart
Pontiac House Special—Donna Horner
Pontiac Miss
Pontiac Miss Cfail Wilson
Pontiac Miss Foster
Pontiac Miss Francine Lepage
Pontiac Miss Gilmer
Pontiac Miss Hockey
Pontiac Miss Jean Tracy
Pontiac Miss Loretta C.avan
Pontiac Miss Lulu Fraser
Pontiac Miss Mary Ostrom
Pontiac Oversubscribes Fifth Victory Loan Miss Eleinor Hodgins Honored Miss Eleanor Hodgins
Pontiac Perry
Pontiac SSSStH Miss Violet Armstrong
Pontiac Womens Institute ; Miss
Pontiac’s Rhonda Perry
Popkey Cheryl Perry
Port Perry
Port Perry ....... Ramona
Port Perry Dawn Marie Slemmon
Port Perry Fair
Port Perry Mr.
Port Perry Ont
Port Perry Pair
PPHS Principal El lard Perry.
PPHS. lard Perry
Principal Ellard Perry
Principal Ellard Perry and Librarian Mayfred Dods
Principal Ellard Perry Martineau
Principal Ellard Perry Math
Principal Ellard Perry.
Principal Phil Perry.
Principal Phillip Perry
PROGRESS Professor—Miss Fla
PROMVTUEL Home Miss Teen Pontiac Shaivville
PSDA Donna-Lee Graham
Public Stenographic Services Adina Reb-I Miss Hilda
Public Stenographic Services J Miss Hilda
Public Stenographic Services M Miss Hilda
Public Stenographic Services Mardi Gras Miss Hi,da Payne
Public Stenographic Services Miss Hilda
Publicity Con-Chris Perry
Purina I Perry Sage Nail Polish Yard
QUE Perry.
Quebec Department of Miss Lise Villeneuve of Education
Québec Larry Perry
Quebec Philip Perry Every Saturday
Queux Carlotta Perry
Quyon 7th Line Calumet Island Miss Judy Way
Quyon and Perry Get
Quyon Ellard Perry Poultry
Quyon Fair Otter Lake Post Miss Gail Johnston
Quyon Hockey Team Miss Doreen Dolan
Quyon Store Miss Phyllis Way
Quyoo Perry Of
R A N T Miss Agnes Macphail
R Helen Perry
R. Diane Perry
R. Perry Vancouver
RADIO Dave Perry
Railroad Track Perry Belanger; Miss Litchfield Willard Kluke; Miss Otter Lake Raymond
Raksha-, Donna Stewart
Raven Mines Ltd Miss Len McCafTerey
Ravens Perry
Raymond Ev- Perry
RCMP Miss Doreen Amyotte
Recep- Tina Perry
Recreation Director Miss Colette Slain
Reger F. Perry
Reginald C Perry.
Remembrance Service Quyon Legion Holds Miss Elizabeth Jane Salway Al POflâQG Dll FOff
Removing Miss Alice Stewart
Rest Story Perry Beaton
return-1 ] Perry
Rev Arthur Perry
Rev Arthur Perry Vice-Chairman
Rev Dr. Perry
Rev G. Perry.
Rev Michael Perry
Rev Mr Perry
Rev Perry
Rev Walter Perry
Rev. Aaron Perry
Rev. Arthur Perry
Rev. Dr. Perry
Rev. Duncan Perry 80th
Rev. Duncan Perry Fax
Rev. Duncan Perry Happy Anniversary
Rev. Perry
Rev. Tim Perry
Reverend Welter Perry
Rhonda Perry
Rhonda Perry Mark’s
Rhonda Perry.
Rhondi Perry Public Notice
Richard and Perry
Right Best Quality Miss Christina McMillan
Rin- Rose Perry
Ringrose Brothers Donna
RN Miss Mary McKinley
Road Ellard Perry
Robert Ladou-Larry Perry
Robert Mr Perry.
Robinson Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Robinson Perry
Roll Miss Minerva Sparling
Romains James Perry for Service
Ron Lafleur Perry Belanger Int
Ronnie Helen Perry 689-2652 Very
Room Donna Perry of Ste Rust-
Root Compound Perry
Roy Rhonda Perry
Royal Canadian Air Force Miss Arlene Hodgins
Royal Canadian Army Service Miss Verna Helen
Royal Canadian Miss Janice Riebertz of Mounted Police
Royal Donna -439393
Royal Jelly Powder Agree Cream Rinse Miss Mew Cat Food Crosby Molasses
Royal Perry.
Royal Winter Fair Miss Margaret Kilgour
Royal Winter Miss Eleanor Russell
Ryan Perry
Ryan* Ken Perry Seat
Ryan, Perry Hodgins
Ryan, Perry IjHodgins
S. F. Perry
SADC’s Rhonda Perry
Saddle Horse Donna Lavallee
Sadi Standard Church Donna
SALES Helen Perry 689-2652
Sales Miss Mary Maheral
Samuel F. Perry
Saturday for Perry.
Sayers and Perry
SB Larry Perry Fire Chief
School Aud Miss Marilyn Drummond
School Discipline and School Miss Brown
School Lunch Needs Hot Soup Miss Dora Beattie
School Miss
School Miss Jean Tracy
School Miss Phyllis Smart
School Miss Wellman
School OirL Miss McNeil
School Rev. A. H. Perry Many
School Supplies Miss Muriel Armstrong
School Teachers Meeting Home Miss Jean Judd
Schooler Philip Perry
Second prize Perry c
Secretary Helen Perry s^nd Treasurer Réina ÎGagnon
Secretary Larry Perry
SEPTIC TANK All Seeson Pumping Service BER & BER HOME LTD. ; Miss Nancy Dale
Services -Sunday School Morning Worship Miss Thelma Francoeur
Sharon Thomson & Miss Beth Taylor
Sharpe Gerald Perry.
Shawna Leigh Perry
Shawville Council Miss Annie Siivert
Shawville Hardware Business College Miss Carne
Shawville Hardware Store Miss
Shawville Hardware Store Miss A
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Dorothy Lawton
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Gladys Netvcommon
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Grace MeKnight
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Hazel Lang
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Helen Kin
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Hi i)i
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Jean Hamilton
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Margaret Clo*e
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Margaret Cummings
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Mary Ingram
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Myrtle Stephens
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Pearl Armstrong
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Ruby Storey
Shawville Ken Perry of Yellowknife
SHAWVILLE Miss Myrtle Brownlee Honored Snappy Mens
Shawville Standard Church; Miss Ruby Storey
She Grant Perry
Sheenboro Helen Perry
Sheiiff Perry
Sheri!I Perry
Shipping L Perry Bauman
Shiw-of Miss Mary Baugh
SHOES Miss Lois Hodgms
Si Miss Beverley Orr
Si Miss Margaret Laird
Si- Walter Perry
Silver Philip Perry
Sincerely Kathryn Perry J Kicking
Sirs Jamie Perry.
Sloan, Perry & Connie Belanger
SMITH & ASSOCIATES 8^ Miss Teen Pontiac
Smith Helen Perry
Smith Secretary Insulation New Chrysler Models Announced NOTICE Donna Conna Ten Test Rock Wool Tend
SMITH Secretary- Treasurer MISS HENRIETTA
Smithy Roy Perry
Snvs Consul Perry
Soil...Crushed Stone Septic System Installations Perry Road
Somerset Street Perry Sound
Sonia Aaron Perry
SoU... Crushed Stone Septic System Installations Perry Road
Southern Fried Chicken Supper Miss Helen Colton
SPECIAL Terry & Donna Spencer L 1
SpflRl Helen Perry
SR Hair Dressing—Miss Stutko
St blocking Perry
St Jo- Miss Edith Mainprize
St Miss Hanna
St Miss Olga Mielke
St Miss Teen Pontiac
St. Lambert; Miss
St. Paul’s Church ; Miss Isobel Barber
Standard Ellard Perry
Stanton and Perry
Starks Corners CLARENDON Miss Vivian Hobbs
Starks Corners Miss Barbara Woodley
Starks Corners Miss Maggie Currie
Starks Corners Miss Norma McKnight
Starks Corners Miss Sharon Thomson
Starks Corners Sporting Goods PERSONAL MENTION Miss Violet Smith
STEPHENS Piano Sales & Service Tuning & Repairs CEMETERY MEMORIALS Perry.
Stewart LLOYD PERRY Teperman Charteris
Stewart of Perry
SthfNlei Donna Perry
Stone Septic System Installations Perry Road
Strauss Lloyd Perry Loblaws M & R Feeds Maison de
Strict Ellard Perry Students
Student Donna Provost
Study Group Miss Catherine Murphy
Sue- Perry
Sunny Miss Sylvia Hudson
SUNSET Aaron Perry
Sutton Perry Insurance
Sykes Bar-Jane Perry
Sykes Bar-Jsne Perry
Sylvin Donna McQueen
System Installations Perry Road
TANNING Write Perry A
TCRA Hotel Ladysmith Donna
Teachers Assistant Donna Cahill
Teachers Miss Dora Black
Teen Chapeau Lisa Czimieleskie; Miss Teen OVERTIME
Telford and Perry
Telford and Perry Be-
Telford; Perry
TEXACO Miss Lorraine Benoit of Montreal
TEXACO Miss Philome Lem
TH Miss Bessie McColgan
The Chronicle B.l 1 Bed Sports Photo - Perry Beaton
THE FREE METHODIST CHURCH REV. A. H. PERRY Evtamde Motors Lews Boy Lows Mowers
THE Helen Perry
The Ken Perry
The Major Perry
THE Miss Lula Ilimer
The Mrs. Perry
The Qtiynn Perry
The Rev Perry
THEATRE Miss Barbara Findlay
Theresa Dunbar Cathy & Len Watson Danielle Vachon Darlene & Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin D
They Phil Perry
THK KfeMJITY L Waltham Helen Perry
Tho Equity Miss M.
Thomas James Perry
Thompson’s Kenneth Perry
Tim S. Perry Graduated
To- Michael Perry.
Todd Roland Perry - Jodi
Tony Yach Perry Kluke
Towell Tim Perry
Trade Fair Luncheon Final Judging Miss Shawville Fair
Train Miss Sylvia Casey
Troke and Perry Dunn COMPILED
Trophy - Perry Hodgins
TRUCKS Miss Lillian Smith Pontiac Reception Center
TRUCKS Miss Lorna MacKechn
Try Miss Alice Moir’s
TU Miss Lane’s
U FACTOBT Miss Lizzie Craig
U S A Miss Laura Woodley
Uagnon Phil Perry
UAL Miss Arlene Cutler
Umhed Church Overcrowd | Miss Beatrice Archambault
Uncle Stephen Perry.
Uncle Steve Perry
Union Services Miss Ifeilson
United Church Ladies’ Aid ; Miss Jessie Boland
United Church Miss Lil Dunlop
United Church Miss McNairn
United Church Plymouth Binder Twine Miss Kathleen Grace returned Services August
United Churches Pastor Miss Ivy Millar
United Ellard Perry
United Miss Olive Hodgins
Unity and Perry
Univcr-and Gertie Perry
Universi- EHard Perry
University Miss Janet Riley
University the Perry
US Arben Tiger Donna
Ut For Perry Middlemiss
ÛV Miss Teen Pontiac
V Helen Perry •1
V- Perry Dunn
VI Walter Perry
Vianney Perry
Vice-President Lloyd Perry
Victoria School Miss Jill Wyman
Vinson Perry Is
VINTON By ADA Daley Correspondent Daughter Donna
Viola Stephen Perry
Virginia USA Perry
Visitor Ken Perry inTHE Equity
W H Perry KADI) Grand Chaplain DD
W. B. Perry
Wales Home Farm Miss Carmel Wrinn of Montreal
Wales Miss Annie Griffiths
Walten Perry
Walter Abel Perry Lopes STEEL JUNGLE Monday
Walter Earl Perry; Marie-Madeleine Lise Pilotte
Walter Wellington Perry ry Committee
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen Perry "
Waltham Helen Perry *
Waltham Helen Perry 1
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652 BÆJ
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652 Congratulations Sorry
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652 MggÿJ
Waltham Helen Perry 7
Waltham Helen Perry 819-689-2652 J %
Waltham Helen Perry 819-689-2652 Ri{
Waltham Helen Perry Bpl
Waltham Helen Perry Ejfcl
Waltham Helen Perry JPZr1
Waltham Helen Perry P^l
Waltham Helen Perry Well
Waltham Helen Perry ¦Ef-1
Waltham Larry Perry
Waltham M. Perry
Waltham Sen- Perry
WASHER Leonard Perry
Wayne Jerome Perry
Wayne Venne Perry
We Gordon Perry
WÊ Helen Perry
We Helen Perry 689-2652
We wish Perry gelist Church
WEDDING STATIONERY Smart Miss Teresa Mousseau
Wee and Perry
Welter W. Perry
Western Québec Lions’ Club Plaque Highest Philip Perry and
Western Quebec School Board By HELEN PERRY By HEATHER STEWART
WH Miss Winnifred McDowell
WHEAT Mr. Perry
when Private Perry Canada
Whir* Sir Perry
Will# Lloyd Perry
Wills Aaron Perry
WINDOW Color Perry Mason Raymond Burr James Stewart
WISE Miss Bernadette Sicard
Woman’s Miss onary Society
Womens Institute Miss Maria
Women’s Insti- Perry
Women’s Institute Hold Interesting Meeting Miss H C Deneke
Women’s Institute Miss Gladys Strutt
Women’s Institute Special—Miss Talisman
Worker Miss Ethel Clark
Worker Miss Joan Carey
Worker ¦ Miss
Worker — Miss Ethel Clark
Worker: Miss Mary Ann Godmere Ottawa
x2o31 Helen Perry 689-2652 FINANCING AVAILABLE OAC
XX Roger Perry
Yach & Perry
Yach & Perry of Foresters Falls
Yach A Perry
Yach and Perry
Yach and Perry Foresters Falls
Yach and Perry of Foresters Falls
Yach and Perry Yach
Yeo and Perry
Young Progressive Conservative Association of Mount Allison University Miss Phyllis Lang
Zimmerling & Perry
^°8cr Perry
_ Agenda Perry
_ Leonard Perry
‘169” Donna Perry