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Junior Library Committee

Issues the organization appears in:

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2004 W B Lewis Library Deep River September ,2004 De I8
23-12 Junior
5Utu Yiar Sr. Paul’* Junior Guild
Actress - Kendra Junior
Albert Fire Committee
Albert Hackney Association Junior Driver
Alex Lough Junior Dep.
Alice King Social Committee
Andre Pronovoetgggggg^gg Junior Langlois
Angel Tree Committee Course
Barber Family Reunion Committee Powell
Barry Robinson Junior Champion Female
Bay C amp-Committee 337.56
Bay Library
Benoit Junior
Best Junior Hoi- Ip
Bey Clerk Standing Committee
Bill Black Robert Trudeau Shawville/Clarendon Fire Dept Angel Tree Committee
Bill Junior Classes Nancy Mayhew
Billy Pontiac Junior
Brian & Reserve Junior
Bruce Committee
Bruce Junior
Bryan Murray Junior
Butter Kraft Dinner Ice Cream Eating Apples Rinso Swift’s Baby Meats Swift’s Junior
C H S. Junior Driver
C H S. Junior Showman
Calvin Wilson Reserve Junior Champion
Campbell Eastern Ontario Junior
Campbell Junior Champ.—llert
Captain Ryan Rees Junior
Carol Junior Champion
Carol Junior Drama Festival
Cedar Uùests V Vemetery Renovation Committee
Charles Russell presi-1 Committee
Christine Tub-junior
Claire Lunarn Fishermen’s Committee
Clarendon W L, Junior Aggregate
Claude Young Race Horse Committee
Coach Sbawrille’s Junior Hockey Players
Committee Clr
Committee Desmond
Committee V
Committee _ Connick
Committee-Marie Finnegan
Corrigan Gary Hodglns Gary Hodglns Group Class Donald Corrigan Junior
Curtis Junior
Dale K. Shutt Library
Dale Moore-Junior Performance
Dale Shutt Organizing Committee
Dan Du-Some Junior
Dan Eastern Ontairo Junior
Danny Junior
Dave Kelly Rink Luskville Recreation Committee
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVIlLe-The Pontiac Junior
Dave Moore Junior B s
Dave Pontiac Junior
David Moore Midget Tournament Committee
David Moore Pontiac Junior
David Moore Pontiac Junior B
Debbie Arthurs Junior
Denis Papi- Tourism Committee
Dennis Clarendon 150th Committee Stewart
Dennis Junior Section Cummings
Dominic Junior
Don Corrigan Bull Calf Junior
Don Junior
Don Poirier Junior Step Dancing Champion
Doug Citizen’s Committee
E. Junior Farmer
Edward IslaiM** Tub Committee
Edwin PlrieA Hlllls ConoUy J Donald Dufl A Son Junior Champion Female J E RusseU A Sons
Elizabeth Junior
Embrun Junior B Hockey Club
Emma Junior Champion
Enoch Pratt Library
Eric Pontiac Pride Committee
Ernie Smith Junior Champion Wild Rose Percherons
Esther Dubeau Library
Evelyn Gathorue-committee
Female Junior
Food Heinz Junior Baby Food
For Pontiac Junior
Fos- Daipy Breeds Committee
Frank Finnigan Junior
Frank Junior
Frank Junior His
Frank Quinn Junior IC Wdî B
Frank Sofalvi Library
Frank Sofalvie Library
Fred Junior
Fred Tarranl Dies Al Foxwarren Starks Corners Wl Hi-liles Committee Make Profils Farm Forum Finding
G. Robertson |Junior Campbell
Gary Library
George Johnston Committee
George Junior
George Junior Holstein.
George Pirie For Junior Dairy Showman
Gilbert Crawford Junior Cham
Gilles Gervais Pontiac Junior B s Pat Sarrazin
Girl’s Junior Champion
Gladys Dunn—Junior Model
Glen Nugent Recreation Committee Mayor
Gloria Chouse Junior
Grace Gibbons Mrs Nancy Kilbride Mrs Jean McCann Members Parent Committee
Graham Best Junior Hereford
Graham Junior
Grant Committee
Grant For Commercial Beef Cattle Special Junior Beef Grant For Junior Section Special Junior Shorth
Grounds Committee—C.
H. Dickson X Junior Training Divi- Preliminary Division
Harry Belsher Bower Committee
Harry Redmile Oddfellow Officers Junior Past Grand Mas
Harvey Junior
Heather Dickson LIBRARY
Heifer Calf Junior
Henry McCord Junior Auxiliary
Herbert Hoover Junior
Herd Bull Heifer Junior Yearling
Highland Dancing ..............« Junior Agriculture
Hobbs Programme Committee—Mrs
Horse Junior Karen Toll
Howard Alter Lengthy Illness Junior Guild
Howard Junior Heifet
Hull Olympicques Junior A’
Hull Regional Library
Ira Hanna Cattle Committee
Ireland Eastern Ontario Junior B
J ack Graham Committee Chairman Basil Murphy Co-chairman
J.F. Junior
Jack Knox Junior
Jacques Hostess Committee Mrs. Exlgar
Jacques Lsdoux Secretary-Treasurer Clara Steinke Gerda Bretzlaff Bretzlaff Reunion Committee AVIS V
James Junior
James Junior Theory Elementary Theory Smi h
James Rumles-ern Ontario Junior
Janet Junior Showmanship
Janet McCord Tree Lighting Committee Neighbours
Janey Evelyn Junior McD<>
Jas Grant Junior Class Boys
Jean Library
Jean Marc Gendron Bristol Cuban*» Committee
Jean Paul II Stéphane Villeneuve Junior
Jeff Hannaberry Pre-Junior
Jerry Bar- Education Committee
Jerry Barber Fair Committee
Joan Wil- Junior
John Bates Junior
John Junior
Johnny Junior Shawville
Jordan MacDougall Junior
Junior A
Junior B
Junior B @ Shaw
Junior B Alumni
Junior B Boxing Day
Junior B Clem Healey
Junior B Golf Tournament
Junior B Hockey
Junior B Hockey Club
Junior B Hockey Club Director Elwyn
Junior B Hockey Club Manager Jim ®old1
Junior B K League-Valley Division
Junior B Ottawa
Junior B Ottawa ENGAGED
Junior B Ottawa Junior
Junior B Ottawa Valley
Junior B Pon-
Junior B Pont
Junior B Pontiacs Supporters JO Golf
Junior B s
Junior B s Jr B
Junior B W L T Pts Gf
Junior Baseball
Junior Baseball Glove Tan
Junior Beadle
Junior Bennett
Junior Blake
Junior Boy
Junior Bronze
Junior Bull
Junior Bull Calf
Junior C Greig Fowler
Junior C W L. Formed
Junior Calf Melvin
Junior Campbell
Junior Champion
Junior Clerk Typist
Junior Clerk Typist Stenography
Junior DeW.
Junior English Gerard Trudeau
Junior Farmers
Junior Girls Dana Scott
Junior Grand
Junior Hats Boys
Junior Hockey Berthe Mignault
Junior Ma
Junior P G M.
Junior Past Noble Grand
Junior Piano
Junior Princess Julie St Pierre
Junior Princess.
Junior Queen
Junior Queen Cathy Jennings
Junior R
Junior Results Campbell
Junior Room
Junior Taylor
Junior Tom Lefebvre
Junior Track
Junior Woodland
Junior Woodward
Junior Young
Junior-Mary Murray
Junior—Helen Elliott
Katherine Hynes Onslow School Reunion Committee
Kathleen Christopher Junior Choir
Keith Corrigan Junior
Keith Harris Committee
Kyle Junior
L V x4 Junior
Laura Junior Yearling
Laurie Pontiac Junior
Lawrence C.H.A. Junior Driver Com CHILD’S PONY
Leah Kelly Junior Family
Lee Laframboise Junior
Leo Junior
Les Draveurs Junior BB
Library We
Library Bibliorama III
Library Course
Library Irwin Hayes
Library salaries
Linda Cameron Library Exp
Lionel Martin Cemetery Committee
Lisa Library
Lloyd Balharrie: Bull Calf Senioi Bull Calf Junior
Lloyd Balharrle Bull Junior Champion
Local Junior Farmer Clubs
Lucas Russell as-tiac Junior B
M P Chairman Committee
Mac Central Junior Hockey
Marc Corbeil Pontiac Community Development Committee
Margaret Junior Singing- Elke Wiltig Reside
Marion A Junior Olympics Community Handbook
Martin Junior League
Mary Bethany Hall Committee
Mary Jane Brown Its Agricultural Committee
Mary Junior Bs
Matt Junior Bs
Maurice E Committee
Max Runge Cemetery Committee
Messrs Art Committee
Midgets Eastern Ontario Junior B Valley Division
Mike Kave- Junior Winners
Mike McKen- Junior Champion Filly
Miller Relay THREE-LEGGED RACES— Junior M Lois Barber and Vaughn Harris
Minor Ball Tournament Committee
Minor Chevrier 2. Doug Morrison Junior Driving Compcti-
Minor Hock-Junior B
Minor Hockey Committee
Minor Hockey Junior
Minor Hockey Junior Banquet Continued
Minor Hockey Junior Di-
Minor Junior Hockey
Mlllend Bull Junior Champion
Moore A Junior B’s
Mr Junior Brennan
Mr. Junior
Mrs. Cheryl Campbell Junior Choir
Mrs. Leo Elliott Litchfield Snowplowing Committee
Mrs. Norris Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs.
Mrs. Thomas Social Committee
Nancy Perry—Junior Games
Nesbitt Reserve Junior
New Song Junior
NoJm.an Holmes Junior McCagg
O J. L. Van Kamp Addresses Committee On Reforestation
P P H S Yearbook Committee SHAWVILLE
Parents Committee
Parry Sound Junior
Pat Bel-clal Committee
Pat Latreille Junior
Patricia Smith Junior
Paul Collette Jr. l,hv Quebec Major Junior
Paul Eastern Ontario Junior B
Paul''s Junior Guild
Peter Gauthier Library
Peter Moyle Music Committee—Ann Elliott
Philip Junior
Philip Junior Hodgin-, Kenneth Yach Glenn Morrison Kenneth Yach
PLUS-»- Junior B s
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee
Pontiac Junior
Pontiac Junior B
Pontiac Junior B •
Pontiac Junior B Hodgins
Pontioc Junior
P°n^ac Junior B
Quebec Junior B Schedule AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhliJjKkLIMmNn
R. Bill Passes Committee
R. Clerk Standing Committee
Ralph Dundee Distress Committee
Ralph Junior Yearling Simmcmal Crossbred Heifer
Ray Junior Pleasure Horse
Reserve Junior Champion
Reserve Junior Champion Female
Reserve Junior Champion Royal
Rich- Abel Junior
Richard Library
Richard Poirier Library
Richard Wile Junior
Richard Will# Junior
Richard Will» JUNIOR
Robert Film Library
Robert Junior
Robert Junior Denault
Robert Ladou-committee
Robert Ladouceur Committee
Robert Me Junior Champion Female
Roger L Junior
Ron Eades Committee
Ronald Junior Black Belt
Ross Coté Junior
Roy - Library- Mrs
Ryan Junior
Saint Paul s Junior
Sandra Murray Sewing Committee
Scott Junior Girls
Shawn Hackney Society Junior
Shawn MacDonell Shawville Youth Centre Committee Member Doyle
Shawville Junior
Shawville Junior B Ponti-
Shawville Junior B Pontiacs
Shawville Library
Shawville Lions Parade Committee P.O.
Shawville R A Minor Ball Committee
Shawville’* Junior
Shawvllle Lions Parade Committee P.O.
Shewville Junior Young Peoples
Si F ¦ Junior Pre-Training
Single Sr...... Couple Sr...... Junior
Sister Phyllis Hod-Cheer Committee Sister IMHMIlltl
Smith Eastern Ontario Junior B Va#ey Division
Spencer Sloan Junior
Starks Corners Junior United Church Women
Starks Corners Nominating Committee
Steve Gray Snowsuit Fund Committee
Steven Hamilton Outaouais Junior Hereford
Super Junior Boys Gregory Hall.
Susan Chabot James At Bridget Chabot Concerned Citizens Committee Ed
Suzanne Meilleur Elaine Senack Mary Donnelly Junior Boys
Sween* Sports Committee
Sylvia Junior B Hockey Club
Ted Junior
Teller Trophy Ontario Junior
Tim Perry’s Junior Class Rhonda Richardson
Tim Thomp-The Shawville Junior
Tom Junior
Tom MacFar- Committee
Tom Mix Junior
Travis Junior
Va Junior B
Valiev Jr B Junior
Vern Bro-junior
Vinton Junior Baseball
W B Lewis Library Deep
Walter K 1- Junior Male
War Y Library
Warren Bull Junior Champion
Wayne Ban-Committee
Wayne Inc. Committee
Wayne Junior
Wayne Junior B s
Well Junior
Wesley United Cemetery Committee
Westons Enriched White Bread Westons Junior Burgers Westons Apple Snack Buns Westons Honey Wheat Be
White Junior
White Show.Bull Junior Call
Will Be Surveyed Little Junior
William Decring Food Committee
William R. Kenny Junior
Young Ontario Junior B Hockey
_ Junior
Æ‘-’ Junior B Pontiacs Supporters E Ladysmith
600,00# 600,00# en Royal Library
Camp Committee
Committee Hungry Hare
Edmonton Committee
Florence Committee
Fort Junior
Fort Junior*
Fort Library
Hereford Junior au Québec
Jersey Trophy Junior
Junior Breeder Banner
Junior Exhibitor Banner
Junior Hockey Deep River
Junior ma»-, l
Junior Trophy
Mill Dam Park Committee
Ottawa Area Committee
Ottawa River Committee
Ottawa River Regulating Committee l Vous
Ottawa Valley Junior
Pioneer Committee
Québec Junior
Reunion Committee
Trail Committee
Upper Ottawa Valley Junior
Wakefield Library
0 Canada Committee
0A Eastern Ontario Junior B
1- Junior Male
1-800-361-4720 Committee
1. 59 Society Dog Food Junior Size
101 Junior Massey Harris
101 Junior Tractor
125th Committee
125th Executive Committee
150th Anniversary Committee
150th Committee Stewart
1974-75 School Committee
1985-86 Junior Banquet the
1985-86 School Committee
1‘iiMio Library Building
1‘ublic Accounts Committee of the Ontario Legislature
2. Junior Male
2.17 Junior Pace
2.49 Committee
2.50 Junior Schedule
24,1988 Central Pontiac Junior Ball Tournament
2895783520 Culture Committee
2:00—Junior Magazine
2nd Committee Sister Evelyn
30,1992 Committee
3RATION Committee
3rd Committee
3rd Junior Boys
4 Junior Church
4-H Club Junior Barrow
4-H Junior
4-H Junior &
4-H Junior Class
4-H Junior Judges
4-H Junior Juding Contest
4:30—film 5:00—Citizens Forum 5:30—Junior Magazine Monday 4:30—Almanac
4th Committee Sister June McCoy
6,1990 Committee
60,000 Junior Red
647-2535 Sunday School Worship & Junior Church
647-2872 Sunday School Warship 4 Junior Church
647-3606 Village Cemetery Committee
647-5644 Committee
689-5232 & Baptist Otter Lake Sunday School WtorWup 6 Junior Church
7-2535 Sunday School Morning Worship & Junior Church
8.00 Junior Talent Time
8:00 Committee Chairmen
8hawrflla Clarendon Municipal Library
?30Z&1 Committee
A. Committee
About Toronto Public Library Spéciale
Absorbine Junior.
AC-RM AG-CPC-PA Steer Committee
Academy Library
Academy Library.
Accepting Committee
Accomoda-tio Committee
Accounts Committee
Accounts Committee House of Parliament
Action Committee
Action Committee Dear
Action Committee Louise Lance
Action Committee on Western Low Sulphur Coal
Active Parent Committee
Active Public Servant Passes On Shawville Creamery Beats Provincial Grade Record Committee
Activity Committee
Activity Committee Colonel Cox
ACWW Executive Committee
Ad Hoc Committee
Addresses Committee
adjustment Committee
Adlon Library
Administation Committee
Administration Committee
Administration Committee Therriault-LeVasseur
Administration Meeting- Administration Committee
Administration Policy and Priorities Committee
Administrative Committee
Administrative Committee of County Council
Adoption Committee
Adult Education Committee
Adult Education Committee on
Advertising Committee
Advisory !Qm Committee
Advisory Board Committee of
Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee 1 ES
Advisory Committee Commercial Subjects
Advisory Committee Commercial Subject»
Advisory Committee Iand
Advisory Committee UPA
Advisory Planning Committee
Advtsoiy Committee Calumet Island Z Contents
After Committee
Aged Committee
Agenda Committee
AGES DEALER Eastern Ontario Junior B Team Renfrew Perth C Place Arnprior Shawville Goulbourn Playe
Agncultural Advisory Committee
Agribus Committee
Agricultural Advisory Committee
Agricultural Committee
Agricultural House Committee
Agricultural Society Horse Committee
Agricultural Vocational Training Committee
Agriculture Advisory Committee
Agriculture Canada’s Committee on Biting Flies Deaim
Agriculture Committee
Agriculture Committee the Labor Committee
Agronomist Committee Formed To Study School Curricula STARKS CORNERS PENTECOSTAL CHURCH
AIDS Committee
Aims Committee
Air Transport Committee
Air- Junior B
Al- Junior
ALADDIN Shawville Committee QuAILK
Albe-ta Farm Fo-um Committee
Albert Fire Committee
Alcohol Committee Plans Panel Discussion
Alcohol Committee Public Speaking Contest
Algonquin College Municipal Library
Ali Committee
Allard Reserve Junior
Alliances Personnel Committee
Allotment Committee
Allumette Island Tourism and Historical Committee
Allumette Island Tourism Committee
Allumette Island’s Tourism Committee
Allumettes Island Tourism Committee
Alpine Reserve Junior Champion
Alumni Committee Perron
Amalgamated Committee
Amateur Hockey Association Minor Hockey Committee
America First Committee
American Cavalry Committee
American Committee
American Library association
Amprior Junior B Packers
Amusement Committee
Amusement Committee Mrs. Glenn Meredith
An Education Committee Plans Celtic Art Class
An Industrial Committee
An Industrial Development Committee
Angel Tree Committee
Anglican Church Junior McCredie’s Garage
Anglican Junior
Anglican Junior Auxiliary
Anglican Junior Church
Anglican Junior Ladies’ Guild
Anglivnn Junior Lwlivu
Anglo-American Committee
Anglo-American Inquiry Committee
Animal Care Committee
ANNE ASHLEY Boxcar Houses Smallest Library
Anniversary Committee
Anniversary Committee ENVIROMENT FORM
Anniversary Committee of Grand Calumet
Anniversary Committee Wednesday
Anniversary Executive Committee Xre
Annual Junior "
Anti Nuclear Action Committee
Anti-Nuclear Action Committee
Antl Nuclear Action Committee
Any School Library.
ANYONE Shawville Youth Committee
Apartments Committee
Apostle Junior High
Appeal Committee
Appeal Committee A MINUTE Or MERCY COSTS
Appeal Committee AK AT YOUR SERVICE A Poser
Apport-Bulldlng Committee
Arbitration Committee
Archives Committee
Are Regional Board and Regional Planning Committee
Area Committee
Aren# Committee of Shawville lions Club
Arena Committee
Arena Committee of Fort
Arena Committee of Shawville Council
Arena Committee of Shawville Council DISCS
Arena Committee the
Arena Improvement Committee A V
Arena Man agement Committee
Arena Renewal Committee
Arena REPAIR EVERY FRIDAY The Education Committee of Pontiac Protestant School Board
Arena Sound System Committee
Armenian Central Committee
Armitage Chairman Finance Committee
Army Committee
Arn-prior Junior Chamber of Commerce
Arnprior Junior 13
Arnprior Junior B
Arnprior Junior B’s
Arnprior Junior Chamber
Arsonsge Committee
Art- Arena Committee
Artificial Icc Committee
Artificial Ice Committee
artists Culture Committee
Asso- Committee
Associate Committee
Associate Committee on Weed Control
Association Committee
Association Grant For Commercial Beef Cattle Special Junior Beef
Association Junior Lawrence Smith
Association Library
Association Library.
Association’s Committee on Medical Awards
Asylum Committee of Limerick
Athletic Committee
ATP Selection Committee
Atrlcultnral Committee
Attendance Committee
AU EM Committee Bishop’s University
Auction Committee
Audit Committee
Auditorium Committee
AUGUST 5TH Committee Reports
AUGUST Shawville Clarendon Public Library
AUGUST Shawville-Clarendon Public Library
August Warship & Junior Church September
Auspices — Dominion Provincial Farm Labour Committee
AUSPICES: Dominion Provincial Farm Labour Committee
Austin Junior Showmanship
Auto Committee
Automobile Library
Avocate Committee
AW Committee
Awards Committee
Awards Fund Committee The Committee
Aylmer Junior
Aylmer Junior Majorettes
Aylmer Library
Aylmer Nepean Transit Committee
Aylmer Public Library
Aylmer-Shawvillc Roads Committee New Calumet Mines Chichester Winter Roads Committee Village of Cha
B. Junior Choir
B.C.S. Committee
B.C.S. Inter Municipal Recreation Committee
B.C.S. Recreation Committee
B.C.S.T. Inter-Municipal Recreation Committee
B.C.S.T. Intermunicipal Recreation Committee’s Recreational
B.C.S.T. Recreation Committee
Back Junior
Bacon Advisory Committee
Bad Committee Meets
Badgiey Committee
BAKERY GOODS X Weston’s Super Sesame Junior Burger Buns Weston’s Chelsea Buns
Balharrle Junior Bull
Balharrle Junior Get
Baltimore Mercantile Library
Banciuet Committee
Band Committee
Bank Essex County Automobile Club Appoints Committee
Bank Junior Olympics
Bank of J Committee
Banking and Commerce Committee of Parliament
Banking Committee
Banking Committee of Parliament
Banquet Committee
Baptist Sunday School Warship & Junior Church
Baptist Sunday School Worship 4 Junior Church
Baptist Sunday School Worship A Junior Church
Baptist Sunday School Worship A Junior Church AH
Baptist Sunday School Wtorship & Junior Church
Bar Committee
Bar- Committee
Barber Fair Committee
Barber Reunion Committee
Base association Committee
base-1 Committee
Baseball Committee
Bauer Junior Supreme
Bauer Junior Supreme Bauer
BAY Centennial Committee List
Bay Committee
Bay Elementary School Committee
Bay Elementary School Committee Wooden Filing Cabinets
Bay Elementary School Parent s Committee
Bay Junior Hockey Team
Bay School Committee
BC8T Committee Signalisation Dufresne
BCS Committee
BCS Recreation Committee
BCST Committee
BCST Inter-Municipal Recreation Committee
BCST Intermunicipal Recreation Committee
BCST Recreation Committee
Beach Committee
Beachburg Library Board
Beauloc Power Play ShawviMe O-2/Ottawa 1-7 Eastern Ontario Junior B ; Valley Division Gp W
Beautification Committee
Beautification Committee N
Beautification Committee of Quyon-Onslows
Beautification Committee of Quyon-Onslows Centennial
Beef Committee
Beef Industry Committee
Beet Junior H
Begistry Dffrce Committee
Belarus Youth Committee
Belgian Belief Committee of Montreal
Belgian Committee
Belgian Relief Committee
Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. ANNUAL MEETING P.P.H.S. School Committee MONDAY
Benefficiary Committee
Beneficiary Committee
Beneficiary Committee Helen Towel
Beneficiary Committee Helen Towell
Benevolent Committee
Benoit Junior B
Berate Foreign Relations Committee
Best Here- Junior Dairy Showperson
Best Junior
Best Junior Auxilary
Best Junior Calf
Best Junior Girl
Best Junior Hereford
Best Junior Hoi-
Best Junior Hoi- Ip
Best Junior Holstein
Best Junior Play Production - Headin
Best Junior Showman
Best Junior Year- Institute
Best Junior; Chervl Stewart
Best Pre-Junior Holstein
Best Selection Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee of
Best Western Junior Rider
Bethanv Hall Committee
Bethany Ha Committee
Bethany Hall Committee
Better Library Service Celebrations Will Various
Beys Junior Supreme
Bghjity Committee of
Bible Society Committee Mrs Louise Bryant; Parsonage
Biblio-Outaouais Library Technician Danielle Sauvé
Bibliothèque Shawville Clarendo Library HORAIRE DU TEMPS DES FÊTES HOLIDAY HOURS Mardi/Tfoesday
Bilk Committee
Bill Committee
Bingo Committee
Bingo Committee Convenor
Bingo Committee McColgan
Birthday Calendar Committee
Birthday Committee
Blacker Library of Ornithology
Bldg Committee
BLOCK & Recreation Committee
Blyson Centennial Committee
Bnstol Library.
Board Buildings Committee
Board Executive Committee
Board Executive Officers and Committee Members
Board of Directors rational Committee A
Board of Trade Committee
BOARD Regional Board Executive Committee
Bodleian Library
Bodleian Library.
Bonspiel Committee
Book Committee
Book Committee COTTAGES FOR SALE Fort
Booth Committee
BORN Cowling Business The Junior Cuild
Boundaries Committee of Ottawa Presbytery
Boy Scout Group Committee
BOY SCOUTS Committee
Boys Bantam and Junior Basketball
Brass Library Lamps
Briarcliff Junior College
Bridge Committee
Bridge Committee Mrs. G.
Bridge Promotion Committee
Brigitte Committee
Bristol 150th Anniversary Committee
Bristol 150th Committee
Bristol Citizen s Committee
Bristol Committee
Bristol Concerned Citizen s Committee
Bristol Concerned Citizens Committee
Bristol Concerned Citizens Committee
Bristol Council Committee
Bristol Cuban*» Committee
Bristol Firemen’s Ball Quyon Citizen s Committee
Bristol Junior Farmers
Bristol Library
Bristol Library # July
Bristol Library July
Bristol Library -
BRISTOL LIBRARY 1 Presbyterian Rev Gordon
Bristol Library Book & Bake Sale July
Bristol Library Book Sale
Bristol Library Book Sale Among
Bristol Library Committee
Bristol Library Congratulations
Bristol Library ers,
Bristol Library s 432-4544 PONTIAC
Bristol Library.
Bristol Memorial Church Library
Bristol Millennium Committee
Bristol Millennium Committee
Bristol Millennium Committee Saturday
Bristol Millennium Committee’s
Bristol Mlllennnium Committee
Bristol Monument Committee
Bristol Municipal Library
Bristol Municipality Library
Bristol Planning & Advisory Committee
Bristol Planning Committee
Bristol Planning Committee Rejean Bussière Otter
Bristol s Manning Committee
Bristol s Millennium Committee
Bristol Snowglow Committee
Bristol Snowplow Committee
Bristol SnowQlow Committee
Bristol The Concerned Citizen s Committee of Bristol
Bristol The Match Committee
Bristol Town Hall will Committee
Bristol Ubrary Committee
Bristol View Farms; Junior Champ
Bristol Volunteer Fire Fighters Committee
Bristol Volunteer Firemen s Committee
Bristol War Memorial Committee
Bristol Winter Roads Committee
Bristol-South Clarendon School Board IS IMPORTANT THE COMMITTEE
British Famine Relief Committee
British imperial Wireless Committee
British Library a# Information
British Library Association
British Museum Library
British Museum Library copying
Brldgeman Committee
Brockville Junior Braves
Brucellosis Consultative Committee
BRYSON Zr-rü Committee
Bryson Centennial Carnival Committee
Bryson Centennial Committee
Bryson Centennial Steering Committee
Bryson Committee
Bryson Fastball Tournament Shawville Town Library.
Bryson Group Committee
Bryson Group Committee Executive
Bryson House Cultural Committee
Bryson Junior Fire Brigade
Bryson Junior Hoc
Bryson Junior Hockey
Bryson Junior Jets
Bryson Junior R.À
Bryson Library
BRYSON LIONS Pontiac Junior B
Bryson Municipal Library
Bryson Recreation Committee
BTyson Centennial Committee
Buckingham Junior B
Buckinghamshire Education Committee
Budding Committee
Budget Committee
BUICK INC Performance Classes- Junior Showmanship
Building By-Law Committee
Building Committee
Building Fund Committee
Building Inspector Committee
Building Maintenance Committee
Buildings Committee
Bull Junior Calf Burnholm Royal ; Anchor
Bull Junior Champion—MacKechnie
Bull Reserve Junior
Bulletin Committee
Bur-bridge Memorial Library
Bursary Committee
Bursary Committee an- Health Services
Bursary Committee of Shawville United Church
Bursary Committee of ShawviUe United Church
Bursary Committee of Shawvllle United Church
Bursary Fund Committee
Bus Committee
Business Committee
Business Mens Committee
Business Men’s Committee
Businessmen’s Committee
Buying Committee
By Horse Committee
By- Committee Reports
By-law Committee
C.C. Committee
C.C.C. Committee
C.H.A. Junior Driver
C.H.A. Junior Driver Competition
Cabinet Committee of
Cabinet Ministers Committee ODHA
Cafeteria Committee
Cal Cummings Committee
Cal Junior
Caldwell Committee
Calendar Committee
Calf Junior H
Calumet Island Citizens Committee
Calumet Island Funeral Committee
Calvin Wilson Reserve Junior Champion
Camp Committee
Camp Meeting Committee
Campaign Committee
Campaign Committee WILFRED
Campbell Committee
Campbell Junior Champ.—llert
CAMPBELL Shaw ville Blood Donor Committee of the Red Cross
Camping Committee
Camps Committee
Canada Committee
Canada Junior Dairy Judging
Canada’s Railway Transport Committee
Canada’s Victory Loan Committee
Canadian A-fairs Committee
Canadian Affairs Committee
Canadian Committee
Canadian Committee of Oceanography
Canadian Decorations Committee Continued
Canadian Friend s Service Committee
Canadian Jewish Refugee Committee
Canadian Junior
Canadian Junior Fastpitch
Canadian Junior Fastpitch Championships
Canadian Junior GOFL
Canadian Junior Hereford
Canadian Junior Hereford Member
Canadian Junior Hockey League
Canadian Junior Hockey League Champions
Canadian Junior Red Cross
Canadian Junior team
Canadian Junior Women’s Fastball
Canadian Lamb Committee
Canadian Lamb Committee Now
Canadian Lamb Committee Points Out Benefits
Canadian Library Association
Canadian Library Association Award
Canadian Library Edition
Canadian Library McClelland
Canadian Library McGoüond and Stewart Limited Toronto-Montréal
Canadian Library No.
Canadian Medical Association’s Committee
Canadian Milk Supply ------------------ Management Committee
Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee
Canadian Milk Supply Managment Committee
Canadian National Committee Comedian Arrive»
Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene
Canadian National Committee Ontario
Canadian National Exhibition Junior Championships
Canadian National Table Tennis Junior Team
Canadian Olympe Committee
Canadian Olympic Committee
Canadian Olympic Committee Ottawa-Outaouaia Chrysler
CANADIAN Pacific Macartney Junior RAILWAY
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Committee
Canadian Poultry Industry Committee
Canadian Research Committee on Practical Education
Canadian Transport Committee
Canadian UNICEF Committee
Canadian Unity Committee
Canadien Junior Clubs
Cancer Research Committee
Candidate Committee
Cannibal Committee
Canteen Committee
Canvassing Committee
CAPITAL V Junior Choir
Care Centre " Committee of Pontiac.
Care Committee
Care Committee"
Carleton Place Kings Eastern Ontario Junior B Stedman
Carleton Place Kings Junior B
Carleton University Research Ethics Committee
Carnegie Library
Carnival Committee
Carnival Committee of Fort
Carnival Committee Pontiac Municipality
Carnival Committee the CO operation
Carson Hodgins Office Supply 2.62; Linda Cameron Library Exp.
Cast Committee
Catering Committee
Catholic Committee
Catholic Junior Church Morning Worship Ewing Worship St George Thome Centre
Catholic Library
Catholic Planning Committee
Cattle Committee
Cattle Feeding Committee
Caucus Committee
Caucus Committee on Federal-Provincial Relations
Cawood Cemetery Committee
CBE School Committee
CBE School Committee Federation
CBES Committee
CBES Committee Mo Laidlaw Breckenridge
CBES School Committee
CBMC Park Committee
CC Committee
CCA Labour Relations Committee
CCA Management Committee
CCEA s Horse Show and Ring Committee
CCM Junior Hockey
CDE Committee
CDE+Pontiac Regional Park Committee
Ce- Citizen s Committee
Cecil Mens Committee
Celebration Committee of Portage du
Cemeteiy Committee
Cemetery Committee
Cemetery Committee of Wesley United Church
Cemetery Committee Tuesday
Cemetery Improvement Committee
Cemetery Maintenance Committee
Cemetery Renovation Committee
Cemetery Renovation Committee School North Onslow
Centenaiy Committee
Centenary Committee
Centennary Committee
Centennial Committee
Centennial Committee Anyone
Centennial Committee Business Personals Saturday
Centennial Committee Cash Prizes Pontiac
Centennial Committee Me
Centennial Committee of
Centennial Committee of Calumet Island
Centennial Committee of the Gatineau Protestant Teachers Association
Centennial Committee Recreation
Centennial Finance Committee
Centennial Junior
Centennial Junior Farmers* exchange
Centennial Museum Committee
Centennial Planning Committee
Centennial Sports Committee
Centennial Sports Committee Fort Couiortge Quyon Fair
Center Committee
Centeral Junior
Central Auxiliary Committee
Central Canada Exhibition Junior Department
Central Canada Junior Agricultural Fair
Central Canada Junior Agriculture Fair
Central Canada Junior Club
Central Canada Junior Club Fair
Central Committee
Central Conservative Committee
Central Executive Committee
Central Executive- Committee of the Relief Work
Central Junior
Central Junior "
Central Junior "A" Hockey League
Central Junior A
Central Junior A Glou- Metro League
Central Junior A Hockey
Central Junior A Hockey League
Central Junior A Hockey League Players Hall of Fame
Central Junior A Hockey League Rockland
Central Junior A Hockey Playoffs
Central Junior A League All Stars
Central Junior Argue
Central Junior Collins
Central Junior Danny’s
Central Junior Hockey
Central Junior Hockey League
Central Junior Hockey League Hall of Fame
Central Junior Lasers
Central Junior league
Central Junior Pembroke
Central Junior Quyon Soccer League
Central Junior ‘A’ Hockey League
Central Lending Library
Central Lending Library SATURDAY
Central Liberal Committee
Central Library
Central Library of
Central Library of Université
Central Outaouais Library
Central Parents Committee
Central Red Cross Committee
Central Reference Library
Central Revolutionary Committee
Centre Committee
Centre Committee Member Doyle
Centred Committee
Centred Conservative Committee
Centrepieces Organizing Committee
CentWcateS Junior ‘B’
Cerebral Palsy Pontiac Committee
CFDC Investment Committee
CFDC Investment Committee Coordinator
CFDC Selection Committee
CGC Committee
Chairman Horse Committee
Chairman School Committee Pontiac Protestant High School
Chairman Shawville Centennial Committee
Chairman Shawville Centennial Committee Curling
Chairman Shawville Centennial Committee FRIDAY
Chairman Shawville Centennial Committee PONTIAC COMMUNITY HOSPITAL INC.
Chairman Shawville Centennial Committee TYPING
Chairperson Onslow School Reunion Committee Imperfect Material
Chalet Junior Dept
Champion Pre-Junior Dairy Heifer Trophy; Joanne Blais
Champion Reserve Junior Champion
Championship Junior
Champlain Waterway Committee
Chapeau Citizen Committee
Chapeau Citizens Committee
Chapeau Citizens1 Committee
Chapeau Committee
Chapeau CX.S.C. Volunteer Committee
Chapeau Habitation Committee
Chapeau Junior Bow
Chapeau Salvage Committee UK Hay
Charge Manse Committee
Charlottetown Public Library
Chats Fall Municipal Coordination Committee
Chats Falls Municipal Coordination Committee
Chemical Co Family + School Library 4-Student Person
Chicago Council Forms Reforestation Committee
Chichester Museum Committee
Child Care Committee
Child Welfare Committee
Children Welfare Committee
Children,s Dental Committee
Children’s Hospital Committee
Children’s Library
CHIP Programme Committee
CHIP Programme Committee Meeting
CHIP Programming Committee
Chips Junior Bars
Choice" Committee
Choir Committee
Christ an Business Men s Committee
Christ- Conservation Committee of
Christian Business Mens Committee Gospel Signboard Night
Christian Business Mens Committee of Rhawvllle
Christian Business Mens Committee of Shawvillc
Christian Business Mens Committee of Shawville
Christian Business Mens Committee Park
Christian Business Men’s Committee
Christian Business Men’s Committee International
Christian Education Committee
Christian Education Committee for Ottawa Baptist Association
Christmas Cheer Committee
Christmas Committee Wallace
CHS Junior
CHS Junior Driver
CHS Junior Exhibitor Competition Rae Ann Brunton
Church Committee Mrs.
Church Committee of Stew
Church Junior Choir
Church Library
Ciroup Committee
Citadel Junior Hockey
Citizen Committee
Citizen s Committee
Citizen s Committee of Bristol
Citizen s Committee of Bristol ALL PURCHASES OVER
Citizen s Committee of Pontiac County
Citizen s Committee"
Citizens Committee
Citizens Committee V L
Citizens Committee of
Citizens Committee of Bristol
Citizens Committee of Bristol s Québec»
Citizens Committee of Bristol 1994"
Citizens Committee of Bristol Dear Sirs
Citizens Committee of Bristol forestry
Citizens Committee of Bristol Grist
Citizens Committee of Bristol Robert A
Citizens Committee of Canadian Authors
Citizens Committee of Quyon FIRE
Citizens Committee Old Pat
Citizens Banquet Committee
Citizens Committee
Citizens Committee MONSTER We
Citizens Committee "
Citizens Committee am-3
Citizens Committee Board
Citizens Committee Dear Editor
Citizens Committee Ed
Citizens Committee EVA ANDAI STUDIO
Citizens Committee M 000.00 «1900.00
Citizens Committee of
Citizens Committee of Bris
Citizens Committee of Bristo Grist & Miscellaneous First
Citizens Committee of Bristol
Citizens Committee of Bristol Democracy
Citizens Committee of Bristol Robert A
Citizens Committee of Brn
Citizens Committee of Calumet Island
Citizens Committee of Pontiac
Citizens Committee of Pontiac County
Citizens Committee of Renfrew
Citizens Committee of Renfrew County
Citizens Committee Parks Association for Terry Dolan
Citizens Committee W.A. Hodgins Store K & L Dairy Quyon Lionettes Cavan s Hotel Blair & Tish Cook H
Citizens Low-Rental Units Committee Grist
Citizens Macintosh Apples Anjou Pears Committee
Citizens _ Committee
Citizens* Committee of Bristol
Citizens* Committee of Bristol.
Citizens1 Committee
Citizenship Committee
Citizens’ Centennial Committee
Citizens’ Committee
Citizens’ Committee W
Citizens’ Committee Bristol
Citizens’ Committee Come
Citizens’ Committee Community Bulletin Board
Citizens’ Committee of Bristol
Citizens’ Committee of Bristol r
Citizens’ Committee of Quyon
Citizens’ Committee Organized
Citizen’s Committee
Citizen’s Committee Jim & Mary Regan Ronald & Martha Ross Harvey
Citizen’s Committee of Bristol’s
Civic Finance Committee of Montreal
Civil Defence Committee
Civil Protection Committee
Civilian Defense Committee
Civilian Protection Committee
Clar Executive Committee
Clarendon 150 Committee
Clarendon Beautification Committee
Clarendon Committee
Clarendon Council Appoints Snow Plow Committee Cai Mr. Herb Smith
Clarendon Council May 12,1998 Committee
Clarendon Library
Clarendon Library Archives project
Clarendon Library Board
Clarendon Library Dec.
Clarendon Library Fund
Clarendon Library or 647-5666 Bean s Service
Clarendon Library Town Hall
Clarendon Library We
Clarendon Manse -1 Committee
Clarendon Parish Committee
Clarendon Snow Plow Committee Am*
Clarendon Snowplough Committee
Clarendon Snowplow Committee
Clarendon-Shawville Public Library
Clarendon-Shawville Welcoming Committee
Classes Pre-Junior Dairy
Classification Committee
Claus United Church Junior Choir
Clayton Junior College
CLD & MRC Pontiac Committee Members Dear Editor
CLD Pontiac - Selection Committee
Clean-up Committee
Cleansing Committee
Clerk Standing Committee on Finance
Clothing Store Campbell s Bey Clerk Standing Committee on Regional Development House of Commons Ott
Clr Hod-Recreation Committee
CLSC Committee of Fort
Club de Hockey Junior
Club du Hockey Junior B”
Club du Hockey Junior B” du Pontiac Parish
CMC 4x4 Sierra Special Richard Wills Committee
CMDP (Committee Medical Dentis* Pharmacy
Co-/>p Medical Committee
Coal Committee
Coal Conservation Sub-committee
Coal Exports Committee
Coalition Against the Cawood Library.
Coarse Grains Committee
Coat Hospital Committee Purchase Large Residence
Cobden Junior Fair
College Committee
College Communications Committee
Comity Committee of Finance
Comity Improvement Committee
Commerce Committee
Commercial Committee
Commissioner Group Committee
Committee Hunger
Committee SHAWVILLE S MORLEY HODGINS Morley Hodgins Citizen
Committee (Comité Culturel Aflr.-Co-Op du Pontioc
Committee -
Committee - Motiop Crs
Committee - Royce Richardson
Committee - School
Committee Aylmer
Committee Blesuws Dec.
Committee Board
Committee Bylaw Cl
Committee C
Committee Carefully Considers All Aspects Of Sewerage Baden Powell Centennial Celebrated
Committee Carried
Committee Chairperson
Committee Chichester Ghielem
Committee Clarendon Council
Committee Clr Douglas Gauthier
Committee Danford Lake Snow Plow Committee
Committee Donna Mou/ard
Committee Elections
Committee for
Committee for Advancement of Apartments for Senior Citizens- Roealeen Dickson
Committee for Canada Week
Committee for Dental Health
Committee for Development
Committee for Historical Display
Committee for the
Committee General Meeing
Committee Halloween Party
Committee Hélène Bélisle
Committee Hélène Cain
Committee Heritage College
Committee Heritage College 325 Cité des Jeunes Blvd Hull
Committee Holds Rally S~A
Committee Hugh Proudfool
Committee Huntingdon County
Committee Inc
Committee Ladysmith
Committee M Pontiac Snowmobilers TROPHY NIGHT AND WILDLIFE SUPPER Beverley Kick-off Party
Committee Mayor
Committee Mcmehcrs
Committee Me
Committee Meeting
Committee Member - Committee
Committee Members were Jesus Hùnseîf
Committee Mior^t
Committee Miss Anita Gagnon
Committee Miss Isobel Viker
Committee Ml £ SWÏÜSJEÎ SSjS
Committee Motel Hotel Coulonge M Skate-A- Thon Fort Coulonge
Committee Mr Emile De- Quoting
Committee Mrs.
Committee Municipal Affairs
Committee Od Chapeau
Committee of
Committee of Anti-Tubercul-
Committee of Birthday
Committee of Booths
Committee of Bristol
Committee of Bristol (CCC
Committee of Bristol Judd
Committee of Buildings
Committee of Buildings A Equipment the
Committee of Chapeau
Committee of Concerned Citizens
Committee of Congress
Committee of Corporations
Committee of Council
Committee of Councillors Rowat
Committee of Crs Black
Committee of Dan
Committee of Dr S E McDowell School
Committee of Education
Committee of Elwyn Frost
Committee of Farm Forums
Committee of February
Committee of Fire Chief
Committee of General Safety
Committee of Great Britain
Committee of Health & Social Même de
Committee of Ile du
Committee of Imperial De-
Committee of Imperial Defence
Committee of L.O.L. No.
Committee of Manage
Committee of Management
Committee of Mer-;y
Committee of Mrs.
Committee of Notre Dame
Committee of Nutrition
Committee of Ohawettto
Committee of Onslow North Part Crs Henderson
Committee of Onslow South Part Crs Onslow
Committee of Parents
Committee of Ponti-
Committee of Pontiac
Committee of Private Practice Lawyers
Committee of Privileges
Committee of Public
Committee of Public Accounts
Committee of Public Instruction
Committee of Public Safety
Committee of Public Transit
Committee of Quebecers
Committee of School Budgets and Finance
Committee of Shawville
Committee of Shawvllle
Committee of Soldiers
Committee of St Joseph’s Manor
Committee of Steward
Committee of Stewards
Committee of Supply
Committee of the Board
Committee of the Council
Committee of Uie Ixmdoo
Committee of W
Committee of Waterhole
Committee of Ways and Means
Committee of Ways and Meant SEVENTH PARLIAMENT
Committee of Ways md Means
Committee of Welcome
Committee of Women
Committee of Wyman MacKechnie
Committee on
Committee on Agriculture
Committee on Agriculture and
Committee on Alcohol
Committee on Alcohol and
Committee on Alcohol and Alcoholism
Committee on Alcohol l A
Committee on Alternative Energy and Oil Substitution
Committee on Application
Committee on Bill
Committee on Budget
Committee on Child Care Suite
Committee on Culture
Committee on Dental Health
Committee on Direct Relief
Committee on Drug
Committee on Drug Abuse
Committee on Education
Committee on Equality
Committee on Finance
Committee on Foreign Re-
Committee on Foreign Relations
Committee on Forestry
Committee on Forestry Conservation PUBLIC NOTICE
Committee on Health
Committee on Health and Sanitation
Committee on Herbicides Safety
Committee on I*rivate Bills
Committee on Imperial Defense
Committee on Industry
Committee on Insurance
Committee on Internal Economy
Committee on International Trade
Committee on Jacques Cartier
Committee on Législation
Committee on Minor Judiciary
Committee on National Defence and Veterans Af
Committee on National Issues
Committee on Organization
Committee on Overseas Relief
Committee on Pastoral
Committee on Personnel
Committee on Pesticides
Committee on Private Bills
Committee on Private Bin*
Committee on Private BUI*
Committee on Privileges Messrs. Pattie A Pvrley’s
Committee on Public Accounts
Committee on Public Information
Committee on Reso-
Committee on Social Sec-
Committee on Statistics
Committee on Transportation
Committee on Un-French Activities
Committee on Vocational and Technical Training
Committee ONTARIO/ Improvement
Committee ONTARIO^Cfl Improvement
Committee Ottawa University Heart Institute
Committee Protection
Committee Protestant High School
COMMITTEE Public Meetings Calumet Island Town Hall
Committee Quebec Federation
Committee Reports
Committee Reports Dump
Committee Reports Fire
Committee Reports Smith
Committee Reports-
Committee Room
Committee Room Com- Ccunciliars Ernie Hearty
Committee Room Printing
Committee Rooms Main Street
Committee Rosaleen Dickson
Committee S-sSœ
COMMITTEE Shawville/Thorne Master Cup
Committee SKI
Committee Small
COMMITTEE Snorts Shawviiie & Valley UNGO
Committee Social Affairs
Committee Special Committee
Committee Special Joint Committee on Senate Reform Houses of Parliament Ottawa
Committee Tenders CCI
Committee U
Committee Village
Committee Volume Discounts Pick-up
Committee Watch
Committee Wyman W.
Committee X N Qtehqfd WWi
Committee,-tbnt Al Ufronki Appliance
Commons Agriculture Committee
Commons Committee
COMMONS Standing Committee
Community and School Junior Olympics
Community Association Committee
Community Bingo Committee Otter Lake R.A. Hall
Community Bonspiel Committee
Community Campaign Committee
Community Campaign Involvement Committee
Community Center Committee
Community Centre Committee
Community Centre Committee Opposes Abolition Of Capital Punishment A
Community Day Committee
Community Develop- Community Development ment Committee
Community Development Committee
Community Development Employability Committee
Community Economic Development and Employability Committee
Community Economic Development Employability Committee
Community Futures Committee
Community Futures Development Committee
Community Group Committee
Community Involvement Committee
Community Library
Community Policing Committee
Community S Executive Committee
Community Youth Committee
Community’s Executive Committee
Company Committee Baseball Pres
Competitions-Junior Fair Department
Con- Committee
Concert Committee
Concertation Committee
Conference Committee
Conference Committee of United Church Hiram Lathem
Conference Missionary Committee
Congress Committee
Congressional Committee
Conseil Committee
Conservation Committee
Conservative Central Committee An
Conservative Committee
Conservative Party Publicity Committee
Considering Recreational Committee
Constitutional Committee
Construction Committee of Quebec
Construction* Committee
Consultation Committee
Consultation Committee Council
Consultation Committee County
Consultative Committee
Consultative Committee Officer Nicole
Consultative Committee on Regional Planning
Consultative Committee Recreation Committee
Consultative Planning Committee
Consultative Renewal Committee
Consultative Urban Renewal Committee
Consultative Urban Renewal PERSONALS Committee
Consulting Committee
Contest Committee
Contingent Committee
Convener Buying Committee
Conveners Cutting-out Committee
Convening Committee
Convening Committee ELECTRIC RAILWAY
Convenor Buying Committee
Convention Committee
Convention Committee UN 71 Mrs. Wilfred Rebertz
CONVOCATION Multiresources Advisory Committee
Coop Activity Committee
Coordinating Committee
Coordination Committee
Corendon-Shawville Committee
Corners United Church 100th Anniversary Committee
Cornwall Colts Junior ‘A’
Cornwall Junior Polaris
Coronation Celebration Committee
Coronation Committee
Coronation Committee Meets
Corp Library Program Centre Firefighter
Corpo-al Committee
Corporate Services Committee
Corporation Municipale Ou Vêlage de Bryson Bureau du Secrétaire-Trésorier C.P.119 QUYON LIBRARY Pre
Corporation s and Citizens Committee
CORRESPONDENCE Macartney Junior Eiutor Equity ;
Correspondent Committee
Cote St-Luc Public Library
Cottage Committee
Cou- Committee
Coulonge Chute Committee
Coulonge Flood Committee
Coulooge Flood Committee
Coun- Development Committee Subdivision
Council and Committee
Council Committee
Council National War Finance Committee
Council on Recreation Association Building Committee
Council Peirtitc Committee Pin P
Council pur-provement Committee
Council Road Committee
Council Roads Committee
Council Short* Course Committee
Council The Committee
Council- Forestry Committee James
Council-Renewal Committee
Countv School Committee of English Roman Catholics
County Committee
County Committee for Farm Forums
County Committee of Farm Forums
County Council Committee
County Folk School Committee
County Improvement Committee
County Industrial Committee
County Industrial Training Committee
County Library Associa
County Library for Business I’LAY BINGO AT HOME BESIDE
Course Saturday Committee
Crabb Junior Showmanship 1
Craft Committee
Crafts Committee
Crampton Award Committee
Creational Committee
Credeintial Committee
Credentials Committee
Credit Committee
Crofter Colonization Committee
Crs Committee
Crs Railway Transport Committee
Crusade Committee
CSRO Committee
CT Clarendon Council Committee
Cub Group Committee
Cultural Committee
Cultural Committee By Tom Sloan During
Cultural Properties Committee
Culture Committee
Culture Committee Culture Cmmittee
Culture Committee Report Clr Shock-Pulley
Curling Junior Pontiacs
Curtis Junior High School
Cutting-out Committee
CWL Arnold Church Life Committee
CWL Committee
CYCLE Junior Trail
Czecho-Slovak National Committee
D. Mac Pharaon 647-2535 July-August Worship & Junior Church
D. Mac Pharaon 647-2536 July-August Wbmhip * Junior Church
Da Committee PHS
Dairy Advisory Committee
Dairy Breeders Committee
Dairy Calf Club Judging Junior Barrow Show Light Horse Show - Line Classes Shorthorn Judging 4-H In
Dairy Cattle Committee
Dairy Committee
Dairy Conference Steering Committee
Dairy Holsteins Pre Junior Showmanship Willis Egan Junior Showmanship Lindsay Howard Int Showmanshi
Dairy Showmanship Junior
Dalaney Committee
Dance Committee
Danford Library
Dav Committee
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Quyon Canada Day Committee
Dax Committee
Day Best Ball Golf Tournament Junior B
Day Committee
Day Committee Quyon Sports
Day Committee Call
Day Committee FORMULA S Engineered
Day Committee John Muagrove
Day Committee Theme
Day Organizing Committee Legal
Day PPHS School Committee Chairperson
Daycare Center Committee
Daycare Centre Committee
Daycare Committee
Dealer Advisory Committee
Debt Retirement Committee
Decimal Coinage Committee
Decorating Committee Mary Jane Towell
Decorating Committee Mi
Decorating Committee of Muriel Imison P.P. Convenor
Dedication Committee
Défendeur Committee
Deiniol’s Library
dele-1 Committee
Delegation Committee
Delta Junior Branch
Democratic National Committee
Democre Committee
Denis Papi- Tourism Committee
Denise Beiec Committee
Dental Health Committee
Depart-j Quyon Centennial Committee Derailment
Department Committee
Department Committee on Food Supplies
Department of Transport Dump Committee
Department Speaks On Junior Farm Clubs
Department were Committee
Departmental Committee
Departmental Committee of
Dependable Canadian Pacific Macartney Junior RAILWAY
Dept Committee
Derby Committee
DESERT Library.
Development Committee
Devotional Committee
Dhing Hell Committee
Di-the Bursary Committee
Die Group Scout Group Committee
Dimter Committee
Dinner Committee Claire Mulligan
Diocesan Committee
Diocesan Library
Diphtheria Committee
Diploma Course Committee
Directions Committee
Disaster Committee
Disciplinary Committee
Discipline Committee
Discipline Committee ODHA
Dish Committee
Distress Committee
District Artificial Ice Committee
District Centennial Committee
District Christian Business Men s Committee Program
District Christian Business Mens Committee Annual Ladies Night
District Christian Businessmens Committee
District Committee
District Committee for Radio Pontiac.
District Committee of Student Services
District Coronation Committee
District Family Residence Committee
District Family Residence Committee Municipality
District Family Residents Committee Annual General Meeting Wednesday
District Health Committee
District Junior
District Public Library
District Recreation Committee
District Residence Committee
District Rink Committee
District School Committee
District Senior Residence Committee
District Snowmobile Club QUYON CITIZEN S COMMITTEE
Dobbie-Beaudoin Committee
Doctor of Optometry Beautification Committee of Quyon-Onslows Centennial
Doctor s Committee
Dodge Cup-winning Plesslvllle Boutin Junior ‘AA’
Domin- Library for Canada
Dominion Banking Committee
Dominion Executive Committee
Dominion Junior Champions
Dominion Marksmen Junior Small Bore Rifle League
Dominion Provincial Farm Labour Committee
Dominion Railway Committee
Dominion Reconstruction Committee
Dominion-Provincial Committee
Dominion-Provincial Farm Committee
Dominion-Provincial Farm Labour Committee JOSEPH LEWIS
DONATIONS PAY-ONE-PRICE Quyon Business and Citizens’ Committee Bank of Montreal Pontiac UFA
Donnelly Junior Boys
Donor Committee Formed See
Donors Committee
Door Committee
Dora Committee
Dou- Junior English
Double Junior B
Dow Award Committee
Dow Awopd Committee
Down Joint Committee of Technical
Dr McDowell School Committee
Drama Committee
Draveur Junior BB
Draveurs Junior BB
Draw Committee
Draw Committee Blake Pirie
Draw Committee Dave
DrSE McDowell School Committee Vicki Smith
du Toronto Public Library
Dublin Library Building
Dufault Best Simmental Steer Kalie Dufault Beef Junior Showmanship Jared Murray Beef Intermediate S
Dufrat Junior Boys Singles
Dump Committee
Dump Committee Visitors
Dumps Committee
Dundell Farm Junior
E ication Committee Board of
E Committee
Eardley Recreation Committee
Eardley School Committee Tuesday
Eardley Veterans Association Committee Gauthier
Eason Library.
Eastern Canadian Montaigne Photo The Committee Shawville Community Centre Debt Retirement Fund Pemb
Eastern Junior
Eastern Junior A
Eastern Ont Junior B League-Valley Division W L T SswOiwOtl Gf Gs Pi
Eastern Ont Junior B’ League-Valley Division W L T Se» Oi» Oil Gf Ci Pi»
Eastern Ont Junior ‘B’ League-Valley Division U L T SenOiwSel Ci Ge
Eastern Ontano Junior B’ Hockey League
Eastern OntanoMBHMMH Junior B
Eastern Ontario Championship Show Committee
Eastern Ontario Junior
Eastern Ontario Junior "
Eastern Ontario Junior 13’
Eastern Ontario Junior A
Eastern Ontario Junior B
Eastern Ontario Junior B Hockey League
Eastern Ontario Junior B Hockey League
Eastern Ontario Junior B Valley Division Championships
Eastern Ontario Junior B Valley Division Gp W L T PI Gf
Eastern Ontario Junior B Valley Division Team Amprtof Packers Cp W
Eastern Ontario Junior B Valley Divison
Eastern Ontario Junior B’ Hockey League
Eastern Ontario Junior B’ Hockey League Valley Bob
Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League
Eastern Ontario Junior League
Eastern Ontario Junior Matthieu Labe
Eastern Ontario Junior ‘B‘ Hockey League
Eastern Ontario Junior ‘B’
Eastern Ontario Junior ‘B’ Hockey League
Eastern Ontario Junior ‘B’ Hockey League’s Metro
Eastern Ontario Junior “B’ Hockey League
Eastern Ontario Study Generation Working Committee
Eastern Ontiaro Junior B
Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee
Echo- Committee
Economic Committee
Economic Council Agricultural Committee
Economic Development Committee
Economic Problems Parliamentary Library Finds In*
Economy Committee
Edison —Pontiac Committee on Alcohol and Alcoholism
Editor’s Choice International Library
Edmonton Committee
Edmonton Education Committee
Education Committee
Education Committee
Education Committee Board of
Education Committee of East Sussex
Education Committee of the Board of Education
Education Committee of the University Women s Club
Education Committee of Western Quebec
Education Committee PASSPORT Bristol URL
Education • Library
Educational Committee
Educational Planning Committee
Edwardsburg Public Library
EiEiBEEi Committee
Einiancial Committee
Eioht DOint blJCk Committee
Election Committee
Elections Committee
Electric Light Committee
Electronic Commerce Development Committee
Elementars School Committee
Elementary Parent School Committee
Elementary School Committee
Elie Committee
Elizabeth Junior Orange Lodge
Elmside Junior “B”
Elmside View Pabst Corrlne ; Reserve Junior Female Champion—Walter Kllgour
Embrun Junior B Hockey Club
Emergency Relief Committee
Empire Film Library
Empire Resources Development Committee
Employability Committee
Employability Committee She
End Committee
Energy of Committee
Engineers Works Committee
Entertainment Committee
Entertainment Committee Mme Jeannette Lafleur
Entries Committee
Environment Committee
Environmental Action Committee
Environmental Health Committee
Environmental Management Committee
Equipment Committee
Equity Bristol Planning Committee
Equity Committee Commons
EQUITY Junior Classes G Farms
EQUITY PHS Public Junior Speaking Contest
Equity Pontiac Junior
EQUITY Shawville Council Names New Committee Members Quyon Fair Sets
Ethics Committee
Eur- Executive Committee
Evaluation Committee
Evaluation Committee of Regional Board
Evangelical Sunday School Committee
EVE Sunday School Morning Wonhtp 4 Junior Church Ewareng Wrohf
Events Committee
Events Committee Committee
Everyman’s Library
Examination Committee of Pontiac
Examining Committee
Exams Junior Grades Shawville High School
Exchange Committee
Excursion Committee
Exec- Committee
Execetiee Committee
Execu-The Regional Buildings tive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee A
Executive Committee Associations
Executive Committee Members
Executive Committee of
Executive Committee of Blum’s Socialist Party
Executive Committee of County Council
Executive Committee of Empire Shopping Week
Executive Committee of High Court
Executive Committee of Pontiac Liberal
Executive Committee Pontiac
Executive Committee Pontiac Wagon
Executive Committee Pro-Warden Marcel
Executive Committee PUBLIC NOTICE
Executive Committee Royal Bank of Canada Giant Tiger National Bank Canadian Tire Corp. Ottawa Citiz
Executive Corn-Committee
Executived Committee
Exhibition Committee
Exhibits Committee
Expediting Committee
Expert Committee
Expert Committee on Agricultural Marketing
Expo Committee
F inance Committee
F rom Junior Boys
F.P.H.S. School Committee
Fact Finding Committee
Fair Committee
Fair Exhibit Committee
Fair Junior Section Handicrafts Holly Drummond
FAIR Junior Showmanship
Faith Committee
Family Policy Committee
FAO Coordinating Committee
Far Eastern Advisory Committee
Farm Committee
Farm Forum A Committee
Farm Forum Committee
Farm Forum Committee Meets Shawvilie High School
Farm Library
Farm Relations Committee
Farm Safety Committee
Fashion Committee
Febru- Committee
February 3,1981 Municipal Library.
FEBRUARY 8- School Committee
Federal Committee of Athletics
Federal Cultural Review Committee
Federal Provincial Manpower Needs Committee
Federal Sales Tax Review Committee
Female Junior
Female Junior Champion—1 Black Percheron
Festival Committee
Fibre Committee
Field Day Committee
Fieldman’s Committee
Film Library
Film Library of Overseas League Extending Activities HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEKS NEWS
Fin&nce Committee
Finance & Administration Committee
Finance & Budget Committee
Finance Committee
Finance Committee Hugh Proud
Finance Committee Municipal Corporation County
Finance Committee of Shawville Centennial
Finance Committee—Messrs
Finance Committee’s
Finance M Committee
Financial Committee
Financial The Pontiac Historical Soci-1 Committee
Fire Agreement Library.
Fire Committee
Fire Committee Crs Black
Fire Committee Crs Fraser
Fire Committee Crs Trudeau & Dese-brais; Roads
Fire Committee District Agricultural
Fire Committee Douglas Fulford
Fire Committee Hodgins
Fire Committee of Council
Fire Department Angel Tree Committee Firemen
Fire Department Committee
Fire Department Library - A
Fire Protection Committee
Fire Protection Committee Garbage
Fire Safety Committee
Fireman s Committee
First Committee
First Junior
Fish and Game Committee
Fish Committee
Fits-bury Library
Flood Committee
Florence Committee
Fluoridation Committee
Folk School Committee
Food Booth Committee
Food Booth Committee Dear Heart of Jesus
Food Committee
Food Committee of the American Medical Association
Food Committee Winnifred Pirie Convenor
Food Control Committee
Food Heinz Junior Baby Food
Food Information Committee
Food Junior 21C
Food Junior 31
Food Supply Committee
Forage Committee
Foreign Missions Committee
Forestry Committee
Forestry Committee Graduate McGill University
FORESTRY COMMITTEE Hie Shawvllle Women’s Institute
Forestry Committee Iron Ore Survey
Forestry Committee of Council
Forestry Committee of Pontiac County Council
Forestry Service (Environment Committee
Fort Cou-longe-Mansfield Improvement Committee
Found P.Q Hilton The Committee
Four Committee
Fowl Committee
France Lamarche Municipal Library
France Relations Committee
Franco-Amorican Committee
Francophone Cultural Committee of Algonquin College
Franre Relations Committee
Fredators Control Committee
Free Library
Free Library Board
Free Public Library
Free Public Municipal Library
French Committee of Liberation
French Committee of National Liberation
FRENCH COURSE Eastern Ont Junior B
French Junior Division
French School Committee Eastern Sector
FRIDAY Junior Youth
Friendly Folk Junior Choir
Friends Library Program Centre LBF Carnival
Friends of Shawville Clarendon Library New Resident
Friends Service Committee
Friendship Circle 985-2166 Ile du Grand Calumet Library 648-2203 Lutheran Zion Uther - Ladysmith
Froats & Sons Ltd JUNIOR HOCKEY
Front Road; Committee de Toponymie; Direction
Frost Joanne Veldhuis; Junior
Full Committee
Fun Fair Committee
Fund Committee
Fund Raising Committee
Fund-raising Committee
Funding Committee
Fundraising Committee
Fundraising Committee P.O.
Fundraising Committee Phil Snyder
Fund” Committee
Futures Committee
FWIC Northern Canada Women’s Institutes (NCWIi Committee
Fxecutive Committee Mavors
G A Legion Barbeque Puppeteer Chuck Lambert A Friends Library Program Centre LBF Carnival
G Committee
G"oup Committee
Ga Junior Curling
Ga-the Citizen s Committee Committee
Gaétan Executive Committee
GAGE Chairman Executive Committee
Game Committee
Game Fish Committee
Games Committee
Games Committee John Argue and Community Bonspiel
Garbage Collection Committee
Garbage Committee
Gaspé Committee
Gate Committee
Gates Committee
Gatineau Junior Expos
Gazebo Project Committee
Genealogical Committee
Genealogical Committee Speaker:
General Committee
General Executive Committee
General Grand Chapter Committee Member
General Provincial Committee
General Search Committee
George’s Junior Girl’s RM Turpin
German Budget Committee
Gestion Committee of Council
Gfetriennial Committee
Gibbons Constitution Committee
Gift Shop Bank of Montreal Katharine Fletcher Isabel Croft Quyon Library Pneux
Gilles Committee
Gimilnting Library
Girls Junior Ringette
Giv- Committee
Glasgow Gas Committee
GLENWOOD Junior Finalists
Glenwood Recreation Committee
Globe Project/Junior Achievers
Golden Age Transpo Committee
Good Housekeeping My First Public Meeting Junior Club Work A Car
Good Roads Committee
Government Grants Committee
Government Relations Committee Executive Board Member On
Government Water-Power Committee
Grader Committee
Graduation Banquet Committee of
Graduation Committee
Graduation Dance Committee
Grain Committee
Grand & Senior Cham- Junior &
Grand Calumet Pontiac MRC Selection Committee
Grand Guardian John Green and Junior Past
Grand Junior Dairy Showperson
Grand Junior Director
Grand Junior Warden
Grant Committee
Grants Committee of Shawville Council
Grassroots Committee
Greater Hull Special Committee
GREATEST Pontiac Committee on Alcohol and
Grey Visiting Committee
Grimsby Public Service Committee
Groop Committee
Grounds Committee
Grounds Improvement Committee
Group Committee
Group Committee and Council Member
Group Committee ANNUAL Lafrance
Group Committee Chair- Medical Relief Fund
Group Committee Executive
Group Committee Meeting
Group Committee Treasurer
Group Committee Treasurer Morley Wilson
Group Committee; Mrs.
Group Transportation Committee
GrtiTyLIrdSlrS Creative Activities Program LIBRARY HOURS de
Guelph Traffic Safety Committee
Guyon Library
H.gh School Committee
Habitation Committee
Habitation Committee of Chapeau
Hackney Society Junior Exhibitor
Hadley Junior High
Hadley Junior High School
Hadley Junior High School*
Hadley Junior School
Halifax Relief Committee
Hall Committee
Hall Committee Meet- / Mr.
Hamilton Hospital Committee
Hamilton Waterworks Committee
Hand Junior Standish
Handicraft Committee
Handicraft Institutes—Junior Agriculture
HANGING BASKETS Track Winners- Junior Girls
Hanging Committee
Harbor Committee
Hardwood Library Book Case
Harlesden Library
Harris 101 Junior
Hartington Committee
Harvest Dinner Committee
He Committee
Healing Involvement Committee
Health & Sanitation Committee
Health and Sanitation Committee
Health and Sanitation Committee Motion Ore
Health and Social Services Committee
Health and Welfare Committee
Health Committee
Health Committee Drs
Health Committee Her
Health Committee of
Health Mrs C. Jacques Hostess Committee Mrs.
Hearing Committee
Heating Sales and Services Library
Heavy Horse Committee
Heifer Junior Calf Melvin
Heifer Junior Yearling
Heifer Junior Yearling — Carson Bros ; M Younge; L Brownlee
Helen-ettes Junior Corps
Heller Committee for Research
Heon Committee
Hepburn Library
Hereford Junior de
Heritage Campus Library
Heritage College Parents Committee
Heritage College Parents’ Committee
Heritage Committee
Heritage Day Committee
Heritage Designation Committee
Heritage Designations Committee Chair Larry Graham
Heritage Library
Heritage Parents’ Committee
Hez Inn Like Junior Western Pleas-Flint
HfmUK Maple Grove Cemetery Committee Plymouth
Hi Snow Plow Committee
Hie Committee
Hie Junior Department
Hie Junior Red Cross
HIGH JUMP Junior Girls
High Junior
High Junior Hockey
High School Graduation Committee
High School Junior
High School Library
High School Library When
High School Library.
Highest Junior Aggregate
Highway Safety Committee
Hilton Manpower Committee
Hilton Mine Manpower Committee
Hilton Mines Manpower Committee
Hilton Mines Manpower Committee Box
Hilton Mines Manpower Committee Tlx*
Histori- Library.
Historic Antique Display Committee
Historical Committee
Historical Society Committee
Historical Society Museum Committee
Hnd Committee
HO A Largest Library Largest
Ho-pital Committee
Hockev Committee
Hockey Committee
Hockey Junior
Hockey Junior AAA
Hockey Junior de
Hockey Players & Wives Eat Turkey & Talk Hockey and Rink Committee
HODCINS STORE Junior Guild Supper A Success A
Hodgins Reserve Junior
Hodgins Uuad Committee
Hodglns Junior Boys
Holiness Junior Young People
Holstein Junior Group
Holsteinand Junior Department
Home & School Recreation Committee
Home and School Committee
Home and School Committee St. Pat
Home Beauty Committee
Home Furnishings Committee Reports
Home Library
Home Library Ency
Home Mission Committee
Home MUsien Committee
Homecoming Committee
Homecoming Committee DR.
Horae Committee
Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs. H.
Horse Committee
Horse Drawing Committee
Horse Horse Show Cattle Sheep Swine Poultry Handicraft Hobby Show Women’s Institutes Junior Agricul
Horse Shew Committee
Horse Show Committee
Horse Show Renfrew 4-H Dairy Club Achievement Show 4-H Goat Competitions Junior Hog Show Shorthorn
Horticultural Committee
Horticulture Committee
Hospital Beneficiary Committee
Hospital Box Committee Sandra Murray
Hospital Committee
Hospital Fruit Box Committee
Hospital Library
Hospital Library; Staves
Hospital Maintenance Committee
Hospital Visiting Committee
Hostess Committee
Hotel Committee
HOTEL Management Committee
House Agricultural Committee
House Appropriation» Committee
House Committee
House Committee Agriculture
House Committee of Foreign Affairs
House Committee on Foreign Affaire
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
House Committee on Labor
House Foreign Affairs Committee
House Naval Affairs Committee
House New Post office Committee Rouyn Reward
House of Commons Committee
HOUSE OF COMMONS Jacques Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
House of Commons Justice Committee
House of Commons Public Accounts Committee
House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture
House of Commons Standing Committee on External Affairs
House of Commons Standing Committee on National Resources and Public Works
House of Commons War Expenditures Committee
House of Common’s Standing Committee on Indian Affairs
House of Lords Committee
House of of Commons Committee on Privileges
House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee
House The Elmside Rink Committee
Housing Committee
Housing committee Address
Housing Committee of General Synod
Howard—a Junior
Hr* Parliamentary Committee
Huge Library VYflTCH RIVEN
Hull Junior Board of Trade
Hull Junior College
Hull Public Library
Hull Regional Library
Human Resources Development Canada Community Development Employment Committee
Human Resources Development Committee
Human Rights Committee
Hydro- Library.
Hylands Library
Hymn Hook Committee
H» Rink Committee L
I-oan Committee
I. Junior.—Hartwell
Iberia Farm Forum Committee
Ice Committee
Ice Committee Box
Ice Committee Shewville Curling Club Ladies win Renfrew Spiel Pontiacs
Id Junior Dra
Idea Committee On Alcohol Drafts
Ideal Junior Sectional
IGA Committee Reports
Ihe Committee on Claims
II Hi-Rlse Sidewalk Junior
II Junior "
IÏ Junior.
II Library
II School Committee
II..Ill Hostess Committee
III Insurance Junior Guild
IIIVKKHITV 1/ Public Library Building
IK Seed Committee
IL Booth Committee
Ilford Education Committee
Immigration Committee
Imperial Defence Committee
Imperial Defence Committee JOB PRINTING
Imperial Economic Committee
Imperial Economic Committee’s
Imperial Judging Committee
Imperial Library
Imperial Public Library
Imperial Shipping Committee
Imperial Shipping Committee Hudson
Improved Junior Division
Improved Junior Division Player"
Improvement Committee
Improvement Committee Route 366
Improvement Trust Committee
Imyco* Committee
In Committee
In Committee of Supply
In Farm Machinery " Junior Red Cross Our first Junior Red Cross
In Junior Dairy Showmanship
In Junior Showmanship
Inc. Committee
Indian Wheat Committee
Individual Junior Hill
Industrial and Finance Committee
Industrial Arts Committee
Industrial Committee
Industrial Committee of Pontiac
Industrial Committee of Pontiac County
Industrial Development and Tourism Committee
Industrial Development Committee
Industrial Relations Committee
Industries Committee of Ontario
Industry Committee
Information Committee
Ing Committee
Inquiry Committee
Ins Junior Mairie
Institute Civil Defence Committee
Institute for the Quilt Committee
Institutes ----------- Educational Exhibits---------- Junior Agriculture------------ Honey
Institutes ------------------- Junior Agriculture-------------------- Agricultural and Horticultura
Institutes Junior Agriculture
Institutes Junior Agriculture Agriculture
Institutes-------------- Junior Agriculture-------------- Agricultural
Institutes—Junior Agriculture
Instruction Committee
Insurance Committee
Intcrunion Committee 1
Inter-Allied Committee
Inter-Allied Information Committee
Inter-Church Distribution Committee
Inter-departmental Committee
Inter-Departmental Committee on Labor Co-ordination
Inter-Municipal Committee
InterCounty Junior Farmers Seed Jud- Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Intercultural Committee
Interim Control By Committee
Interim Steering Committee
Intermunicipal Committee
Intermunicipal Recreatioh Committee
International Red Cross Committee
International Affairs Committee
International Aid Committee
International Committee
International Committee of Judges
International Committee on Radiation Protection
International Junior Fiddling Champ
International Library of Her
International Olympic Committee
International Peace Garden Committee
International Red Cross Committee
International Relations Committee
International The Committee of Arbitration
Interparliamentary Committee
Interum Committee
Interview Committee
Into Committee
Investment Committee
Invitation Committee
Invitational Organizing Committee
Involvement Campaign Committee
Involvement Campaign Committee of Campbell
IqBS Reserve Junior Champion Calf
Irene Cheer Committee
Iron Library
Is & McCann Fire Committee
Island Tourism Committee
Items Junior Athletics
Its Agricultural Committee
IU /l/u//l(u//l Reserve Junior Champion
IVblie Library Build
Ixxral Crusade Committee
J & J Grocery The Food Committee
J E Russell with Reserve Junior Champion Female
J.F. Junior B
J942 Committee
JACKPOT Committee
James Lions Rink Committee
Jamfest Committee
JD Polled Herefords Reserve Junior Champion Female
Jean- Committee Reports
Jennings Executive Committee
Jh Consultative Urban Renewal Committee
JILL McBANT Correspondent Library Students
JM Library - A
Johnny Junior Shawville
Johnson Motor Sales JUDGING DATES MONDAY—Junior M«logement Competition Seeds
Joie School Committee
Joint Action Committee
Joint Agricultural Committee
Joint Aid Committee
Joint Clerks Special Joint Committee on
Joint Committee
Joint Committee GD
Joint Committee of
Joint Committee of Renfrew
Joint Committee of the Senate
Joint Committee on Canada
Joint Committee on Canada s International Relations Houses
Joint Committee On Canada’s International Relations
Joint Committee Whose
Joint Committee’s
Joint Congressional Atomic Energy Committee
Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy
Joint Construction Committee
Joint Consultative Committee
Joint Economic Committee
Joint Fire Committee
Joint Fire Prevention Publicity Committee
Joint Fire Prevention Publicity Committee Inc.
Joint Museum Committee
Joint Parliamentary Committee
Joint Swine Committee
Joint War Production Committee
Jolly Junior Club
JOT Brownlee Committee
JOX Junior Division
Jubilee Committee
Judical Committee
Judicial Committee
Judicial Committee Hon
Judicial Committee of
Judicial Committee of the Council
Judiciary Committee
July August Wtomhip & Junior Church September June Sundey
July Regional Committee
July Regional Counties Committee
JULY SEPTEMBER Centre Committee
July-Ajgust Worship & Junior Church
July-August Worship & Junior Church
July-August Worship & Junior Church September-June .w#
JUNE 9- Quyon Library Summer Hours
June Committee
Junior B’s Valley Division
Junior "
Junior "A" School
Junior "Wall of Fame
Junior &
Junior & Intermediate Depts Time
Junior & Reserve Grand
Junior & Senior
Junior & Senior Grand Champion
Junior & Senior Pedal Pull
Junior & Youth Choir
Junior *B’
Junior 1 Bristol
Junior 2. Information CW Own Armstrong
Junior 4-H Department
Junior 4B’
Junior ;
Junior A
Junior A League
Junior A Star Cliff Garrison
Junior A Toronto
Junior A*
Junior AA
Junior AAA’
Junior Achieve-
Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement - Globe Project
Junior Achievement Globe
Junior Achievement Globe Project
Junior Achievement’s
Junior Achievers
Junior Acquiring Fame
Junior Ag Society
Junior Agricultu-
Junior Agricultural
Junior Agricultural & Dairy and
Junior Agricultural Merit
Junior Agriculture
Junior Agriculture 1
Junior Agriculture Agricultural & Horticultural Dairy & Other Food Products Highland Dancing Dog Sh
Junior Agriculture Agricultural & Horticultural Products Highland Dancing Dog Show SQUARE DANCING F
Junior Agriculture Agricultural A
Junior Agriculture Aug.
Junior Agriculture Merit
Junior Agriculture Notarv
Junior Agriculture Seed
Junior Agriculture---------------- Agriculture A Horticulture Products Honey
Junior Agriculture-------------------- Agricultural and Horticultural Products Honey
Junior Agriculturists
Junior Agronomist
Junior Also
Junior Altar
Junior Amateur Boxers
Junior Amyottc
Junior Amyotte
Junior and
Junior and Reserve Grand
Junior and Reserve Grand Champion
Junior and Reserve Junior Champion
Junior and Senior Division
Junior and Senior Fair Exhibits
Junior and Senior Public Speaking
Junior and Senior Reserve Continued
Junior Ann Brunton; Second
Junior Aquar-y
Junior Arithmetic
Junior Army
Junior Assistant
Junior Au*iliery HOLY TRINTY
Junior Automobile Journalists Association of Canada
Junior Auxili-
Junior Auxiliary
Junior Auxiliary Church Treasurer Miss
Junior Auxiliary HOLY TRINTY
Junior Auxiliary Ral
Junior Auxiliary ST.
Junior Auxiliery HOLY TRINTY
Junior AY PA
Junior AYPA
Junior AYPA Mrs. Herby Zacharias
Junior A’
Junior B
Junior B General
Junior B League-Valley Division W L
Junior B McLean
Junior B Pontiacs
Junior B Club
Junior B e
Junior B Figure
Junior B Golf Tournament
Junior B Hockey
Junior B Hockey Club
Junior B Hockey Grand
Junior B Hockey L6 Draperies Plus L7 Investors Group B3 Radio Shack
Junior B Hockey School
Junior B League
Junior B Ottawa Junior B
Junior B Perth Bluewings
Junior B Pont
Junior B Pontiacs
Junior B W L T
Junior B*s
Junior B-calibre
Junior Baby Food
Junior Baby Food Orange Flavor Crystals
Junior Badminton
Junior Ball Tournament
Junior Band
Junior Banquet
Junior Bar
Junior Barrow
Junior Baseball
Junior Baseball League Emard
Junior Basketball
Junior Basketball Team
Junior Bat
Junior BB
Junior BB des Trois Valley
Junior BB des Trois Valley Team Aylmer .
Junior BB des Trois Valley W L T
Junior BB des Trois Vslley
Junior BB Draveurs
Junior BB Draveurs Guy Boisvert
Junior BB’s
Junior Beadle
Junior Bears
Junior Bed
Junior Bed Cross
Junior Beef
Junior Beef Heifer Show
Junior Beet Showperson
Junior Belle Champions
Junior Best
Junior Bgolf
Junior Blue House
Junior Blue Jackets
Junior Bnaketbull Te
Junior Boanl
Junior Board of Trade of Montreal
Junior Bonspiel
Junior Boot
Junior Boy
Junior Boys
Junior Boys Basketball
Junior Boys Coat
Junior Boys Donald John*
Junior Boys High
Junior Boys Relay
Junior Boys Soccer
Junior Boys Volleyball
Junior Breeder
Junior Breeders
Junior Bridesmaid
Junior Bronze
Junior Bronze Dames Group
Junior Bronze Division
Junior Bronze Free Skate
Junior Brt
Junior Bs
Junior Bs CALL FOR PRICES ON Hewlitt Packard
Junior Bs Cumberland
Junior Bs Dave Moore
Junior Bs J.F. White
Junior Bs Ottawa Senator
Junior Bs Players
Junior Bs*
Junior Bull
Junior Bull Calf
Junior Burgers Jubilee Bacon 12» Mac
Junior Byrne
Junior B’
Junior B’ Hockey Club
Junior B’ Valley Division
Junior B’j Shawville
Junior B’s
Junior C
Junior C Hockey Team
Junior Calf
Junior Call
Junior Calves
Junior Camper
Junior Canada
Junior Canadian Championships
Junior Canadians
Junior Carlton
Junior Cattle
Junior Central Gatineau Champs
Junior Certificate
Junior Cham
Junior Chamber
Junior Chamber of Commerce
Junior Chambers
Junior Chambers of Commerce
Junior Champa^
Junior Champion
Junior Champion A Clark
Junior Champion Bull
Junior Champion Bull Irvin Watson
Junior Champion Female
Junior Champion Female Alfacroft Holsteins
Junior Champion Female and Reserve Junior Champion
Junior Champion Female Farms
Junior Champion Female Gordon Oates
Junior Champion Female Re-
Junior Champion Grand Champion
Junior Champion Holstein
Junior Champion Jack Knox Reserve Junior
Junior Champion Male
Junior Champion Mountholm
Junior Champion Percher-
Junior Champion Percheron
Junior Champion Reserve Russell
Junior Champion Royal Winter
Junior Champion Showman Club
Junior Champion Stallion
Junior Champion Trophies
Junior Champion-Female-Deborah Cross Nellis Stewart Grand
Junior Champions
Junior Championship Clarendon School Board
Junior Choir
Junior Choir Members
Junior Choir Note: Service
Junior Choir Parish
Junior Choir Phone
Junior Choir Piano
Junior Choir Practice
Junior Choir Queen St.
Junior Choir Roman Catholic Bristol Mines St. Edward
Junior Choir Shawvilla United Church
Junior Choir ST-AMAND & DESJARDINS Barristers
Junior Choir THE HON.
Junior Choir United Church
Junior Choir United Church Campbell’s Bay
Junior Choirs
Junior Chorale
Junior Church
Junior Church All Vbar
Junior Church Chapeau
Junior Church Chepeeu
Junior Church Dimanche
Junior Church HOC
Junior Church J> Morton
Junior Church Morning Worship Evening Worship Saturday Serves St George Thome Centre
Junior Church Morning Worship Evening Worship SERVING THE PONTIAC SINCE
Junior Church RevFr Harrington
Junior Church Sept
Junior Church September June
Junior Church September June Chapeau
Junior Church September June Sunday Service
Junior Church September June V
Junior Church September-June
Junior Church September-June Anglican Parish
Junior Chwnpion Female
Junior Citizen
Junior City Hockey League
Junior Clerk Accounting BASEMENT.
Junior Clerk Typist
Junior Club
Junior Club Fair
Junior Clubs
Junior Coffee
Junior College
Junior Colleges
Junior Com-Interclub
Junior Command
Junior Committee
Junior Competit-
Junior Competition
Junior Concerto
Junior Conklin
Junior Conservative
Junior Conservative club
Junior Conservative Club of Montreal
Junior Corner-
Junior County
Junior Cross
Junior Curling
Junior Curling Games
Junior Curts Auxiliary
Junior CWL
Junior C’
Junior C’ Hockey Shawville
Junior Dagenais
Junior Dairy
Junior Dance
Junior Dance Committee Rep-
Junior Darcy
Junior Delgnwe
Junior Dennis Britt
Junior Department
Junior Department Hostess
Junior Department Louis Judd
Junior Department of St. Luke s United Church Sunday School
Junior Dept
Junior Deputy Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Raymond Reside
Junior Deputy Master Ken Evans
Junior DeW.
Junior Direct
Junior Director
Junior Division
Junior Division Harris
Junior Division Intermediate
Junior Drama Chib of Christ Church
Junior Drama Club of Christ Church
Junior Draveurs
Junior Driver Com CHILD’S PONY
Junior Driver Competi-Lionel Telford
Junior Driving CHA Competition Danny
Junior Dwight McDowell
Junior ÉÉH
Junior Elem
Junior Elementary
Junior Elementary Department
Junior Elementary School
Junior Elmside View Farms Inc HoJstems
Junior Encyclopaedia Britannica
Junior end
Junior English
Junior English Morgan More
Junior Enid
Junior Equitation
Junior Equity Publisher SHAWVILLE - A
Junior Equity Sports McCleary
Junior Exchange Kids
Junior Executive
Junior Exhibition
Junior Exhibitor
Junior Exhibitors Seed Section Angie Atkinson
Junior Exhibits
Junior Fair
Junior Fair Department Wednesday
Junior Fair Judging
Junior Fair Judglno
Junior Fair Junior
Junior Farm
Junior Farm Clubs
Junior Farmer
Junior Farmer Club
Junior Farmer Con
Junior Farmer Education Wifi Open Soon
Junior Farmer Home Makers
Junior Farmer Sells Raffle Tickets Norwood Fair Thrives Despite Rain
Junior Farmer Talent Competition
Junior Farmer Variety
Junior Farmers
Junior Farmers Association
Junior Farmers Inter-County
Junior Farmers Steer Feeding
Junior Farmers Surprise Shower ited Church
Junior Farmers Visit International Harvester Plant
Junior Farmers Visit International Harvester Plants
Junior Farmers* Choir
Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario
Junior Farmer’s Association of Pontiac
Junior Fe- Friends of Ulster
Junior Female FOR SALE
Junior Finance
Junior Fire Marshal
Junior Fire Marshal Program
Junior Fire Marshals
Junior First Aid
Junior First Aid Certificates Barry’s
Junior Flag
Junior Flyers
Junior Foot Douglas
Junior Football
Junior Forest Rangers
Junior Forest Wardens
Junior French
Junior French Division
Junior French Plays Best Supporting Actress
Junior Frink Snow Plow
Junior GagnonH
Junior Gardens
Junior Gardens Potatoes
Junior Gerry Labelle
Junior Get-of-Sire
Junior Girin* Institute
Junior Girl
Junior Girl Kaltlyn McCorriston
Junior Girl*
Junior Girlec
Junior Girls
Junior Girls Auxiliary Banquet Mr.
Junior Girls Basketball
Junior Girls Basketball PPHS.
Junior Girls Basketball Team
Junior Girls COMPLETE
Junior Girls Cup Graccfield
Junior Girls Dana
Junior Girls Erin Powell
Junior Girls High Jump
Junior Girls Relay
Junior Girls Softball Throw
Junior Girls Tracey Foster
Junior Girls Volley
Junior Girls Volleyball
Junior Girls—Janice Yemen
Junior Girl’s Guild of St. Paul’s Church
Junior girts—1st Cathy Rout-llffe
Junior Glllld
Junior Gold
Junior Gold Medalist Erik Barber
Junior Gold With
Junior Golden Gloves
Junior Golden Gloves Tournament
Junior Golf
Junior Golf Group Lessons For
Junior Golf Program
Junior Golf School
Junior Golf Team
Junior golfers
Junior Got
Junior Grade Ida Wilson
Junior Grade Piano Joan Taggart
Junior Grades
Junior Grades Shawville High School
Junior Grades Shawville High School Post
Junior Gridders Beal Campbell
Junior Group
Junior Guardian
Junior Guild
Junior Guild Annual Reefing
Junior Guild CORN SYRUP
Junior Guild Dwight McDowell
Junior Guild Make Presentation
Junior Guild Presents Plays
Junior Guild Rev. J W. Robson Epiphany
Junior Guild Rev. J.
Junior Guild Rummage Sale
Junior Guild Spring Rummage Sale
Junior Guild Well Received
Junior Guilds
Junior GulM-and
Junior GuUd
Junior H | Guild
Junior H.
Junior Hack
Junior Hackey League
Junior Hackney Showman
Junior Hats Boys
Junior Heifer
Junior Heifer Calf
Junior Heifer Calf Bred Senior Heifer Hereford Calf
Junior Heifer Calf Mofferest Diane
Junior Heifer Calf;
Junior Heifer Calf; Walter Kilgour
Junior Heifer Calves
Junior her Fine Arts Courses
Junior Herd
Junior Hereford
Junior Hereford Associat
Junior Hereford Club
Junior Hereford Showmanship
Junior Hereford WÆlAMÇMf SHAWVILLE
Junior High
Junior High Jump
Junior High Point Point Trophy
Junior High School
Junior Hoc-bey Club
Junior Hockey
Junior Hockey Association
Junior Hockey Ben
Junior Hockey Berthe
Junior Hockey Champions
Junior Hockey Club
Junior Hockey Clubs
Junior Hockey Clun
Junior Hockey Conference
Junior Hockey League
Junior Hockey League Branch
Junior Hockey League Malcolm McGillvray
Junior Hockey Leagues
Junior Hockey Madawaska Valley Wolves
Junior Hockey Marinier
Junior Hockey P League
JUNIOR HOCKEY Petawawa Indians
Junior Hockey PLAY-OFFS Semi-Finals Jr. Pontiacs
Junior Hockey Players
Junior Hockey Politics
JUNIOR HOCKEY Sow Us» 8,ty A EN P RIO*-SH AW VILLE IM Amprior Green Shirts
Junior Hockey Team
Junior Hockey Team McCord
Junior Hockey the
Junior Hockey Tour- Jmimy Fulford
Junior Hockey WEDNESDAY Heel
Junior Hocky
Junior Holstein
Junior Home
Junior Home and School Of Dr. S.E.
Junior Home Nursing
Junior Home Nursing Cert’s
Junior Homemakers
Junior Homemaker»1 Club
Junior Homvmakei
Junior Honor Roll for No-
Junior Hookey Club
Junior Hoorn
Junior Hop
Junior Horse Shoe Pitching 1
Junior Horsemanship
Junior Horticulture Junior
Junior Hotkey
Junior Hoys
Junior Hunters
Junior Huntrr
Junior Hœkey League
Junior IB
Junior III
Junior III.—May
Junior In- Dean
Junior Institute
Junior Institutes
Junior Intermediates
Junior Invitation
Junior Itcxmi
Junior Jalopy
Junior Jersey
Junior Jersey Brownlee
Junior Jets Broomball 9pm Carnival Dance
Junior Jiu-Jitsu
Junior Judging Competition
Junior Judging Contest
Junior Junior B* Pontiacs
Junior JuU^i L«‘vuui»v
Junior K-Gr
Junior Ke
Junior King
Junior Kle
Junior La
Junior Lacrois
Junior Ladies
Junior Ladies Guild
Junior Ladies Guild of St. Paul’s Church
Junior Ladies Sizes
Junior Ladies’ Guild
Junior Lalonde
Junior Langlois
Junior Laugh
Junior Lea
Junior Lead
Junior Leader
Junior Leaders
Junior Leaders Pack Leader
Junior Leaders School
Junior Leadership
Junior Leadership Camp
Junior League
Junior League Arn-prior
Junior League Members Married FOR A HEALTHY NATION
Junior League Upset As Shawville Licks Renfrew
Junior Level
Junior Library Committee
Junior Lieu-|
Junior Lions
Junior Livestock Clubs
Junior Loaders
Junior Lodge
Junior Loving
Junior lved Cross
Junior Ma
Junior Magasine
Junior Magazine
Junior Male Athletics
Junior Mark
Junior Marketing D*y
Junior Matric
Junior Matriculation
Junior Matriculation Graduate ;
Junior Matriculation Pontiac Lumbermen Study Co-operàtion A
Junior Mazagine Vertal
Junior Me
Junior Meeting
Junior Member
Junior Member Seminar
Junior Members
Junior Men
Junior Men’s Canadian Fastpitch WILBUR
Junior Men’s Canadian Fastpltch Championships
Junior Men’s Tro-
Junior Metric
Junior Milks
Junior Min-
Junior Minister
Junior Minor Hockey
Junior Miss
Junior Miss & Master Y2K - Ages
Junior Miss Judy Ryan
Junior Missionary
Junior Model Fort
Junior Momentary
Junior Moved
Junior Mr.
Junior Mrs Amos Armitage
Junior Mrs Tilley Robinson
Junior National Figure Skating Team
Junior National Championships
Junior National Figure Skating
Junior National Team
Junior Nepean Raiders
Junior New York Islanders
Junior Night Msjerettes
Junior Novice Parade Corp;
Junior Novice Rick Kavanagh
Junior OH A
Junior OHA
Junior Olympic
Junior Olympic Boxing
Junior Olympics
Junior Olympics Chapeau Hotel
Junior Olympics Community Handbook
Junior Ontario Judo Olympics
Junior or
Junior Orange Association of Charte
Junior Orange Lodge No.
Junior Orange Lodge of Charter
Junior Orangemen
Junior Ottawa River
Junior P G
Junior Pageant
Junior Pant Tops
Junior Party-frock
Junior Past
Junior Past Gand
Junior Pastimes
Junior Petunia
Junior Pleasure Horse
Junior Pontiac
Junior Pontiacs
Junior Pontiacs Fund Raiser Carleton Place
Junior Pontiacs Fund Raiser Golf Tournament
Junior Pontiacs Fund Raiser Golf Tournament Monday
Junior Pontiats
Junior Pre-Training Division Heron; Excalibur
Junior Pretty Nifty
Junior Princess Ann Pilon
Junior Professed
Junior Programmer
Junior PTA
Junior Public Speaking
Junior Queen
Junior R.C.I.
Junior RA
Junior RA Dance Committee
Junior Radio League
Junior RcJ Cross International Art Exhibit
Junior Red
Junior Red Cn
Junior Red Croat International Art
Junior Red Cross
Junior Red Cross Clinics Completed Branch
Junior Red Cross Committee
Junior Red Cross Enrolment Week
Junior Red Cross High School Council
Junior Red Cross Work
Junior Red District Governor Percy Reid Calgary NDP
Junior Red Hawks
Junior Red Houghton N Y
Junior Red Intrep-ids
Junior Red Smyth
Junior Relay
Junior Reserve
Junior Reserve Champion
Junior Rest Actress
Junior Results
Junior Rider
Junior Ronald
Junior Room
Junior Room Fort Coulonçe Elementary School
Junior Roundup
Junior Rvd
Junior Ryan
Junior Safety Course
Junior School
Junior School Concert Huge Success
Junior Sci-;
Junior Scout
Junior Scouting
Junior Scouts
Junior Sdouts
Junior Section
Junior Section Cooking Drop Cookies Belanger
Junior Section Cummings
Junior Section M&R FEEDS QUYON MILL 819-458-2023 MICKSBURG 613-735-3689 PEMBROKE
Junior Section Roger Delorme Obituaries Marion Loretta Clark
Junior Section Special Junior Shorthorn Grant For Junior Section These Grants
Junior Seed
Junior Series—S
Junior Service
Junior Service Club
Junior Service Club A Cuhmas-ter
Junior Shawville
Junior Shawville CGIT
Junior Shorthorn
Junior Show
Junior Show Corps
Junior Showman Fahey
Junior Showman Mary Lynn Pirie
Junior Showmanship
Junior Showmanship Winder
Junior Si
Junior Silver
Junior Silver Ladies Compulsories
Junior Silver Ladies Freestyle
Junior Simmenul Farms
Junior Size Bags
Junior Size Garbage Bags Facettas
Junior Sloan
Junior Soccer
Junior Soccer Champs
Junior Softball Team
Junior St Tournament
Junior St. Johns Ambulance Class
JUNIOR Standard
Junior Stanhow
Junior Steer Division
Junior Stepdancing
Junior Stock Seat
Junior Stock Seat Equitation Top Game Horse
Junior Student
Junior Submitted
Junior Suits
Junior Suits Junior Suits
Junior Suits Intermediate Suits
Junior Suits Smart
Junior Sunday
Junior Sunday School
Junior Sunday School 9.00 a.m—Worship Service National Union Pofty
Junior Sunday School Austin 2.00 p.m.—Sunday School 3.00 p.m.—Worship Service Knox 8.00 p.m.—Worshi
Junior Sunday School Austin 2.00 pm.—Sunday School 3.00 p.m.—Worship Service Knox 8.00 p.m.—Worship
Junior Sunday School Austin p.m.—Sunday School 3.00 p.m.—Worship Service Knox 8.00 p.m.—Worship Ser
Junior Sunday School Cash Sales Only!
Junior Sunday School Concert Grant Smith
Junior Sunday School Knox
Junior Sunday School Knox ........ 2.30 p.m.—Worship Service
Junior Sunday School Knox 130
Junior Sunday School Knox 2.30
Junior Sunday School Knox 2.30 p.m.—Communion Service Austin 7.45 p.m.—Communion Service
Junior Sunday School Knox 2.30 p.m.—Worship Service
Junior Sunday School Knox 8.00 p.m.—Worship Service Austin 2.00 p.m.—Sunday School 3.00 p.m.—Worshi
Junior Sunday School Knox 9.00 a.m.—Worship Service
Junior Sunday School Knox aoTAjos
Junior Sunday School Knox p.m.—Worship Service Austin
Junior Sunday School Knox Worship Service
Junior Sunday School Name
Junior Sunday School Preacher Mr. G. L. Lovering Knox
Junior Sunday School Preacher Mr. G. L. Lovering Knox 2.30 p.m.—Worship Service
Junior Sunday School Preacher Mr. G. L. Lovering Knox 8.00 p.m.—Worship Service
Junior Sunday Schsol Knox i
Junior Sunday Spirit
Junior Supervisor
Junior Susan Wilson
Junior Sweatshirts
Junior Sylvia
Junior T3’ Hockey League
Junior Team
Junior Teens Kellie Brownlee
Junior Teens Todd Barber
Junior Tenders
Junior Tennis
Junior Terry Halter
Junior The Packers
Junior Theory Elementary Theory Smi h
Junior Theresians
Junior Tied
Junior Tournament
Junior TPs
Junior Track
Junior Tractor Competition
Junior Training Divi- Preliminary Division
Junior Trophy Carole St-Aubln
Junior Twins
Junior U J
Junior Un
Junior Upper
Junior Upper Ottawa Valley
Junior Usherette
Junior Value
Junior Varsity
Junior View Farms Inc.
Junior Volleyball League
Junior Volleyball-Robert McCord
Junior Warden
Junior Warden’s
Junior West Toronto Nationals
Junior West-awarded the
Junior Western
Junior Western Pleasure CIs Wickens
Junior Will Never Contract
Junior Wolf
Junior Wolves
Junior Women
Junior Women’s Institutes and Homemaking Clubs
Junior Wood
Junior Woodland
Junior Woodward
Junior World Trials
Junior XV.
Junior Yearling
Junior Yearling Bull
Junior Yearling Heifer
JUNIOR YEARLING HEIFER J E Russell A Sons Hlllls Connolly Edwin
Junior Yearling Holstein Heifer Class
Junior Yearling Watson
Junior You
Junior Young
Junior Young Conserve Rubber Paper
Junior Young Peoples
Junior Youth Party
Junior |
Junior } Chamber of Commerce
Junior ‘B* Hockey Club
Junior ‘B’
Junior ‘B’ Hockey Club
Junior ‘B’ Hockey League
Junior ‘B’s
Junior “B” Hockey Club
Junior “B” Season Tickets
Junior “Le# Mariniers Club de
Junior; Brett Kayla McCann; Reserve Ramsay
Juniors Junior B’s
Justice Committee
J^R^tion Committee
j|0U80 Committee on
Kelly Junior Family
Kensington Public Health Committee
Kid Committee
Kings Junior B
Kings Pontiac Junior
Kingston Junior A
Kinsmen Santa Parade Committee
Kitchen Committee
Kitchen Committee Mrs. Art Hod
Kitchener Junior Sticks Reg
KM Library Books
Knaten Reserve Junior Champion
Knitting Wool County Committee
Knowlton Library of American Literature
Kquil Library
l A P.P.H.S. School Committee Meeting Monday
l Junior Waltzing
l Lloyd Balharrle Bull Junior Champion
L Outaouais Council which Committee
l U01 CURTAINS Committee
L V x4 Junior
L, Junior Aggregate
L.C.C Central Committee
La Pèche Municipal Library.
Labor Committee
Labour Relations Committee
Labour Survey Committee
Lac County Tourist Committee
Lacoursc Committee Chair
Ladies Broomball Junior Pontiacs
Ladies Committee
Ladies Committee Apple Pie
Ladies’ Committee
Ladies’ Committee of
Ladles Committee Apple Pie
Ladysmith Oktoberfest Committee
Lanark County vs. Junior Playdown Draw
Lanark Junior Farmers Resolved
Land Uce Committee
Land Use Committee
Langford Junior Red Cross
Language Committee
Language Education Committee
Lantic Library
LaSalle Junior Colle
Laura Junior Yearling
Lauren Committee
Laval Junior A
Lbec Regional Junior Agricul-
Lea-of Nations Health Committee P
League of Nations Advisory Committee
League’s Junior Safety
Lecompte Junior
Legislation Committee
Legislative Committee
Lending Library
Lenin Library
Leo Committee
Leo Junior
Lewis’s Committee for Industrial
Lexow Committee
Liaison Committee
Libérai Committee Room
Liberal Candidate Goulet Education Committee Meets His Supporters Pontiac Ministerial Association
Liberal Committee
Liberal Committee Center St.
Liberal Committee Health Services
Liberal Committee on Health Services
Liberal Committee Room
Liberal Committee Room Highway 148 Shawville Shopping Centre THE TIM TA YLOR
Liberal Party’s Committee
Library & Miscellaneous Finance Charges Capital Expenses RECEIPTS
Library (
Library - A
Library - Archives
Library - Association
Library - Cr Wickens
Library - Discussion
Library - Gail Merrifield January
Library - Motion Crs Jean- Motion Crs Jeannine Wick
Library - Moved
Library 044t *
Library All Subscriptions
Library and Archives
Library and Archives.
Library and Archives;
Library and Information Studies
Library and Museum
Library As-
Library Association
Library Association Conference
Library Automated Software
Library Available
Library Bibliorama III.
Library Board
Library Board I960
Library Board Library Board
Library Book Fund
Library Books
Library Books * Montreal Bonk Room Meyers School Supplies Frnnk Richardson Motion Commissioner
Library Branch
Library Building
Library Bunch Otter Lake Elizabeth Hahn
Library Bureau
Library Bureau of Canada
Library Bureau of Canada LIMITED
Library Bureau of Canada LlWITtn
Library c
Library CLSC.
Library Com
Library Com-
Library Com- Rick Leders
Library Committee
Library Committee Carmen Wickens
Library Committee Donnelly
Library Committee meet- Council
Library Committee November
Library Committee of Council
Library Committee of the Council
Library Committee Thaw
Library Committees
Library Community Center
Library Company
Library Contest
Library de
Library Department
Library Equipment and Supplies
Library Every Saturday
Library for Nursing Department
Library Fund
Library General As-Elmer Dubeau
Library Grand-Opening.
Library Hall
LIBRARY HOURS Shawville & Clarendon Library
Library Information Technician
Library JSSMT-S Law
Library Lady s Afternoon
Library Life
Library Local.
Library M.R.C -share Capital expenditures Emergency Measures Sub Totals
Library Meghan Howard
Library Memberships shall Council
Library Miller- In
Library MR C -share Capital expenditures Emergency Measures Sub
Library Mrs Turner
Library Night
Library of
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Serves Whole Nation The Library of Congress
Library of L,terw
Library of Macdonald College
Library of Parliament
Library of Portage du
Library Ottawa River
Library Program
Library Program Centre
Library Puppet Government Napoleon
Library Questions These
Library Quyon
Library represen- Pendant
Library Rooks
Library Room
Library Scheme
Library Science
Library Scouts
Library Service
Library Services
Library Shawville High
Library Studies
Library SUBSCRIBE Pontiac
Library Supervisor
Library System
Library Technical Assistant
Library Technical Assistants
Library Town Line
Library Trustees
Library Week
Library Workshop
Library" Lawrence Hutton
Library) Technology
Library/ Archives
Library: Planning Advisory Committee
Liens Club Parade Committee
Life Committee
Life Organizing Committee
Light Committee
Light Horse Committee
Light Horse Committee of
Light Horse Committee of Shawville Fair
Lighting Committee
Lights Committee
Lights Committee Quyon Lionettes
Lindbergh Junior
Lion- Committee
Lionel Martin Cemetery Committee
Lions Arena Committee
Lions Club Boys and Girls Committee
Lions Club Bursary Committee
Lions Club Committee
Lions Club Rink Committee
Lions Committee
Lions Rink Committee
Lions Safety Committee
Litchfield Cemetery Committee
Litchfield Diversification Committee
Litchfield Diversification Committee Chair
Litchfield Snowplowing Committee
Literary Committee
Livestock Committee
LIVESTOCK Committee ONTARIO Improvement At AH Druggists Kfe
LIVESTOCK Committee ONTARIO/ Improvement
Livestock Producers Committee
Livestock Sanitary Committee
LIVESTOCK X Committee Colon
LIVESTOCK X Committee ONTARIO Improvement
Loan Committee
Local Action Committee
Local Action Committee; Required
Local Blood Donor Committee Appreciative Cool
Local Committee
Local Committee of
Local Committee of Fort Coulonge
Local Committee of Ponti Action
Local Committee of Ponti Action Davis Wednesday June Litchfield Council
Local Committee’s Ball Hockey
Local Community Night School Management Committee
Local Crusade Committee
Local Development Committee
Local Ed Policies Committee
Local Education Policies Committee
Local Farm .Production Committee
Local Farm Production Committee
Local Farm Production Committee THE CHARTE R$
Local Farm Production Committee T
Local Junior Farmer Clubs
Local Library.
Lodging Committee
Lodging Committee of West Pontiac
Loisir Committee
London Advisory Committee of Canadian Red Cross
London Library
London Non-Intervention Committee
London Public Library
Long Range Planning Committee
Lost Visiting Committee Mrs. A.
Lotta Books the Library
Louise Donaldson presents Shawvllle-Clarendon Revitalization Committee
Louvain Library
Low Junior Red Hawks
Lsers Committee
LTD Junior Pontiacs
LTD McCANN & Government for Library
Lundi Committee
Luskville Carnival Committee
Luskville Library
Luskville Rink Committee
LuskviMe Library.
Lxecu-tive Committee of Pontiac Division
Lyse Lacourse Committee Chair EDITORIAL L
M Committee
M. Alex Lough Junior Dep.
M. Committee
M.H. Committee
M.R.C. Executive Committee
Macartney Junior
Macartney Junior Milks Them
Macartney Junior Tenders
Macartney Junior K.
Macartney Junior RAILWAY
Macartney Junior Wanted
Macdonald College Diploma Course Committee
Macdonald College Junior Matriculation
Macdonald College Library
MACDONALD S That Dominion Reconstruction Committee Advocates Standard Of Farm Honfts Be Raised
Machinery Committee
MacKechnie Committee
MacKechnie Junior Get
Maintenance Committee
Maintenance Committee An
Maintenunc Committee
Major Junior A
Major Junior A League
Major Junior Hockey L.* League
Major Junior Hockey Team
Major Junior League
Management Committee
Management Safety Committee
Manager Junior League
Managing Committee
Manary Committee
Manchester Parks Committee Stops After
Manoir Sacré-Cœur User’s Committee
Manpower Committee
Manpower UIC Committee
Mans Library All
Manse Committee
Mansfield Committee
Mansfield Library
Manslield Junior BB Dra
Maple Grove Cemetery Committee
Maple Grove Cemetery Committee AUCTION SALE Shawville United Church Pastoral Charge Duncan Phyfe Ta
Maple Grove Cemetery Committee Portage-du-Fort
Maple healed Leslie-Clapham & Grove Cemetery Committee
Marathon Committee
Marathon Committee Gat
Margaret Committee
Maritime Junior “A” Hockey League
Marketing Sick Committee
Markets Committee of Hamilton Messrs. Baring Pros.
Mark’s School Band Committee
Marlene Pasch Youth Committee
Martin Junior League
Maryland The Municipal Library
Mary’s School Parents ’ Committee
Massey Junior Grader
Massey Junior Grader Steel Road Drag Gas Oil Tractors
Massey Junior Grader Steel Road Drag Gas Oil Tractors Threshing Outfits
Master Baker* Association Committee
Master Charles Demarsh and Group Committee
Master Junior Brennan
Master of Library Science
Master Scott Maclean; Junior D.G.M. Osier Easy; Grand Chaplain
Master The Thorne Centennial Committee
Match Committee
Match Committee Chairing
Match Committee Marg Michaud
Match Committee Mary Allen
Match Committee Mrs. Stark
Materials Co-ordinating Committee
Maurice Cody Research Fellowship and Scholarship Committee
Max Runge Cemetery Committee
May Committee
Mayors Committee
McCann Fire Committee
McCleary Hon Committee
McColgan Committee
McDonald Short Course Students Assist With Travelling Library Council Council No.
McDowell Elementary School Committee
McDowell Elementary School Library
McDowell Elementary School Library Shawville
McDowell Home & School Committee
McDowell Parents Committee
McDowell School Committee
McDowell School Committee Calumet Island
McDowell School Committee THE EQUITY
McDowell School Library
McDowell School Library Past
McDowell School Parents Committee
McGilim Library
McGill Committee
McGill Travelling Library
McGill Travelling Library.
McGill’s Graduate School of Library and Information Studies
McKee Committee of
McKinleyitvs Library and Piano Lamps
McLennan Library
McNab Parks and Museum Committee
McNab/Braeside Junior Fastpltch
McNab/Braeside Junior Micksburg
McOr-Junior Hockey
McTler- Committee of Ushers
Me- Committee
Means Committee
Means Committee Mrs.
MEAT DEPARTMENT Junior Schedule Saturday
Medical Committee
Medical Library
Medical Research Committee
Medl-tary Salvage Committee
Meetii Junior Club Work A Car
MEETING Committee
Meeting Committee
Meeting Free Methodist Sunday School Worship & Junior Church
Member Committee
Membership Committee
Memorial Committee
Memorial Committee Adventures
Memorial Committee Fundraising Events
Memorial Committee of Pontiac Snowmobilers
Memorial Committee Ottawa
Memorial Fund Committee
Memorial Library
Memorial Project Committee
Mennonite Central Committee
Mens Committee Processive Conservatives
Mens Junior
Mental Hygiene Committee
MENTHOLATUM Junior Division
Men’s Committee
Men’s Committee of Pembroke
Men’s Committee Visitors
Merchants’ Committee
Merit Junior Competition
Mes- Committee
Messrs Art Committee
Methodist Church Building Committee
MêUÿS ScllOOl PaTCUtS Committee
Miauctpal Affairs Planning Committee
Micksburg Junior
Micksburg Junior American
Micksburg Junior Twins
Micksburg Junior Twins Tuesday
Mid Baptist Wtorship & Junior Church
Mid Wbiship S Junior Church
Mid- School Committee
Midget Hockey Committee
Midget Hockey Tournament Committee
Midget Tournament Committee
Midget-Junior division Elementary School
Midgets Eastern Ontario Junior B Valley Division
Midway Committee
Might School Auditorium Committee
Millenium Committee
Millenium Committee Sharpe
Millennium Committee
Millennium Committee Marc Lapointe
Millennium Committee Notary Richard Theriault
Millennium Committee’s
Millennium Committee’s Pontiac Statoin Park
Milton Committee Reports
Milverton Junior Farmers
Mine Planning and Advisory Committee
Mines Employees Welfare Fund Committee
Mines Manpower Committee
Ministry of In- LIBRARY HOURS
Minor Hockey Committee
Minor Junior Hockey
Minto Junior Club One
Miren Committee
MISCELLANEOUS National Library of Poetry
Miscellaneous Private Bills Committee
Mise-A-jour- Committee of the Department of Education
Miss Com Lawn; Receiving Committee
Missionary Committee
Missionary Committee Well
Mixed Senate Commons Committee
ML Junior B
Mobile Library
Mobile Library COUNCIL Me
Mobile Library Service
Mobile Library Service Van
Mobile Library.
Mommy Wortftip & Junior Church
Monlreai* Committee
Mont-between Program Committee
Montreal Committee
Montreal Committee Mlnard’s Liniment
Montreal Development Committee
Montreal Exhibition Committee
Montreal Junior Canadiens
Montreal Ladies Committee
Montreal Personnel Committee
Monument Committee
Monument Committee PO Box
MONUMENTS Junior Choir
MOODIE Committee ; Gayle Dupuis
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVIlLe-The Pontiac Junior B
MORE Pontiac Junior “B” Hockey Club Apply
Morgan Junior Steer
Morley Hodgins-Sunday School Ky Gordon Brownlee; Junior W.A
Morning Worship Sermon- SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL Junior Choir
Moscow Committee
Mothers Committee
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford Committee
Motion Crs G Committee
Motion Crs K Wilson and L Committee
Motion for Committee
Motion Social Planning Committee
Motor Vehicles Insurance Committee
Mr Committee
Mr. Committee
Mr. Committee Mrs. El
MRC des Work Committee
MRC Executive Committee
MRC Land Use Committee
MRC Pontiac Committee
MRC Pontiac Committee for Construction Industry Development
MRC Pontiac Planning Committee
MRC’s Regional Park Committee
Mrs Committee
Mrs Development Committee
Mrs. Alex Health and Welfare Committee
Mrs. Atkinson CEMETERY MEMORIALS Mssionary Committee
Mrs. Committee
Mrs. Gordon Pan Social Committee
Mrs. Harold Finance Committee
Mrs. Jack Committee Gospel Signboard Judd’s
Mrs. Junior Agriculture
mun-1 Committee
Munici- Library.
Municipal Affairs Advisory Committee
Municipal c Agricultural Moved Committee Auçuu
Municipal Centennial Committee
Municipal Centennial Committee St Mary s Teachers College
Municipal Committee
Municipal Community Centre Committee
Municipal Council Committee
Municipal Council of the Group Committee
Municipal Council on Centennial Committee of Bryson
Municipal Development Committee
Municipal Dump Committee
Municipal Emergency Measures Planning Committee
Municipal Hall Library.
Municipal Industrial Committee
Municipal Library
Municipal Library 449-2738 Outdoor Education Centre
Municipal Library 684-6360 CISC.
Municipal Library Every Tüesday Morning
Municipal Library Friday
Municipal Library of Campbell
Municipal Library of Fort Coulonge
Municipal Library Proposed
Municipal Library Wednesday
Municipal Library What
Municipal Library-
Municipal Library.
Municipal Library?
Municipal Lorna Younge Committee
Municipal Political Action Committee
Municipal Pro- the CouncU- motions Committee
Municipal Promotions Committee
Municipal Recreation Committee
Municipal Roads Committee
Municipal Water Committee
Municipal Water Committee KIRKHAM
Municipal Welcome Committee
Municipality Road Committee
Murder Mystery Committee
MURDOCK Junior Church Morning Worship Evening Worship
MUS Librarian Shawville Clarendon Library Jennifer Daines MUS
MUS Librarian Shawville-Clarendon Library Jennifer Davies MUS
MUs Mar- Group Committee
Museum Committee
Museum Committee of the Pontiac Historical Society
Museum Committee Seeks Property Holstein*
Museum Library
Museum Project Committee
Museum The Museum Committee
Muskoka Free Committee of Supply
MX Eastern Ont Junior B
Nalional Library of Quebec Member
Names Advisory Committee
Natif Library of Quebec Legal
Nation Committee of the Church
National Advisory Committee
National Air Phoro Library
National Barley Committee
National Barley Contest Committee
National Capital Committee
National Centennial Committee
National Committee
National Committee for Canadian Education Week
National Committee for Mental Hygiene
National Committee for Patriotic Service
National Committee ICOLD Dorothy Bngger
National Committee of Presbyterian Men
National Committee of Red Cross
National Committee on
National Committee on Food Resources
National Dairy Cattle Committee
National Defence Committee
National don Municipal Library Film Board
National Education Committee
National Education Week Committee
National Electricity Week Committee
National Electricty Week Junior Pontiacs
National Employment Committee
National Executive Committee
National Extension Committee
National Farm Forum Conference Committee
National Farm Management Committee
National Film Library
National Holiday Organizing Committee
National Human Resources Committee
National Human Resources Development Committee
National Industrial Design Committee
National Junior
National Junior "
National Junior Beef Heifer Show
National Junior Citizenship
National Junior College
National Junior Hockey Team
National Junior Leadership Seminar
National Junior the
National Junior Western
National Liberal and Conservative Party Publicity Committee
National Library
National Library i# Dear Parents
National Library John Brusenbauch
National Library Pontiac and
National Library V
National Library /
National Library RABIES
National Library &
National Library & j Sod
National Library Any
National Library Grist
National Library INTERIM THOUGHTS Relating
National Library k Pottery Beginnings and Development
National Library Light Horse
National Library V-
National Library ¥
National Library /¦ July
National Library A
National Library Davidson
National Library FORT COULONGE
National Library Ï
National Library January
National Library LETTERS
National Library Lusk
National Library NOW WHAT
National Library N‘V< Y
National Library Pontiic
National Library Prenatal
National Library Shawville
National Library V
National Library V •
National Library #
National Library *
National Library *****
National Library ,f1 Pontiac
National Library 044* Luskville
National Library 044t A / HELP PLAN NOW
National Library 0649 Country Style Singers Second
National Library 510 Pembroke St East Pembroke
National Library According
National Library Admittedly
National Library All Subscriptions
National Library An Old
National Library and Archives
National Library and Archives of Canada
National Library and Queen s University
National Library April
National Library As
National Library As the
National Library B Gatineau
National Library Bristol,
National Library c K PEOPLE
National Library CARDS OF THANKS MISC.
National Library Charlie Imison’s
National Library Chris Clarke
National Library Congratulations
National Library Correction
National Library Country Notes
National Library Dan SENIOR HHAS BEEN* WOMEN
National Library Dear Editor
National Library Dear Editor Dear Editor
National Library Dear Mr
National Library Dear Sir
National Library Dear Sirs
National Library Dear Sirs CSPCA
National Library Doreen Hits
National Library DOUGLAS MacMillan Tel
National Library Down
National Library Editor
National Library Editor The Equity Shawville
National Library Editor- Equity Shaw
National Library Editorial A
National Library Elsewhere
National Library Ennis Tubman THE
National Library f Brothers
National Library FREE ESTIMATES
National Library Golden Age
National Library Gordon Crouse Shawville Youth Center
National Library GRANTS FOR
National Library Greetings
National Library H Pembroke
National Library H V
National Library Harris
National Library He
National Library Î C. Jean THE EQUITY SHAWVILLE
National Library i K
National Library In
National Library ipf Quebec Member
National Library It
National Library IV
National Library J
National Library J Y Jay
National Library Jack
National Library K I
National Library L
National Library Last Saturday
National Library Lome* Mining Corp. Ltd Article
National Library Luskville
National Library M
National Library Madam
National Library March
National Library March 10
National Library MEANWHILE
National Library Member
National Library MINOR HOCKEY WEEK
National Library Mr. Ross Dickson
National Library Mrs Grace Smith
National Library Mrs Herby Hodgins
National Library MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS Ponti Action
National Library Museum
National Library Musical Ministers
National Library N OTTAWA
National Library Not the
National Library Now the
National Library NUCLEAR POWER AND
National Library o( Quebec Member
National Library o4 Quebec
National Library o< Quebec Member
National Library Obstacles THEY’RE ENTITLED
National Library of
National Library of Canada
National Library of Ouetx*
National Library of Poe- M*......... Choice Award
National Library of Poetry
National Library of Quebec
National Library of Quebec ;
National Library of Quebec Member
National Library of Quebec F Philip Mulligan Gatineau
National Library of Quebec Member
National Library of Quebec ABC
National Library of Quebec Municipal Powers Act Member
National Library of Quebec XË
National Library of Quebec Big
National Library of Quebec Canadian Community Newspaper Association
National Library of Quebec Contributions
National Library of Quebec Democracy
National Library of Quebec Elementary School
National Library of Quebec F Member
National Library of Quebec HP"
National Library of Quebec J Member
National Library of Quebec J T MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association Association of Québe
National Library of Quebec Let
National Library of Quebec May Uth
National Library of Quebec MEMBER
National Library of Quebec MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association
National Library of Quebec MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association Assoc
National Library of Quebec MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association Association of Québec Re
National Library of Quebec Member of ASC.
National Library of Quebec Memberofthe CCNA
National Library of Quebec Meml P
National Library of Quebec MEVBER
National Library of Quebec National Party
National Library of Quebec ONTARIO T
National Library of Quebec Ottawa And
National Library of Quebec Page
National Library of Quebec Provided
National Library of Quebec QCNA & Hebdos Sélect
National Library of Quebec Sudbury Member
National Library of Quebec Thorne Member
National Library of Quebec Toronto Member
National Library of Quebec Tours
National Library of Shawville
National Library of W
National Library of WIIAT PHYSICIANS SAY
National Library ofJQuebec Member
National Library oi Quebec Member
National Library Oil COAL WELL PIT
National Library Ol Quebec Member
National Library On
National Library On Language Learning
National Library On Monday
National Library Only
National Library ot Quebec Member
National Library Ottawa Civic Hospital Carling Avenue Ottawa
National Library Our
National Library Photo
National Library Policy
National Library PROROGATION At
National Library Puaay-willowa
National Library r
National Library Rebertz
National Library REMEMBER Carlo Guiliani
National Library rink Church Service Giant Parade Civic Banquet
National Library Sergeant Barbeau
National Library Shame
National Library Shawville Equity
National Library Si %
National Library Sincerely
National Library Sincerely Charles H
National Library SPEED
National Library St. Joseph’s Manor Campbell’s Bay
National Library Stealing’s
National Library SUBDIVISIONS
National Library Sy
National Library That
National Library the
National Library The Equity Shawville
National Library The Library
National Library There
National Library thir- Britiah
National Library Third Week
National Library This
National Library TO
National Library Toronto
National Library TTe
National Library V
National Library V Joys
National Library V *
National Library V Walkathon AM
National Library W Lance
National Library WAIT AND
National Library WE NEED
National Library Well
National Library What
National Library X J
National Library y
National Library _
National Library |
National Library »
National Library “Canada
National Library • PARTIES
National Library.
National Library;
National Library; Dorothy Your Land
NATIONAL LlltftAL COMMITTEE ShawviUe Milling Co. Ltd.
National OGIT Committee
National Parks Centennial Citizens Committee Inc re
National Parks Centennial Citizens’ Committee
National Parks Centennial Committee
National Policy Committee
National Publicity Committee
National Record Committee
National Relief Committee
National Republican Committee
National Resources and Public Works Committee
National Salvage Committee
National Sheep Committee
National Student ment Committee
National Sub-Committee Watch
National Subscription Committee
National Truck Hero Committee
National Wage Board Co-ordinating Committee
National War Finance Committee
National War Finance Committee FARM FOR SALE Causes
National War Finance Committee May
National War Loan Committee
National War Savings Committee
National War Service Committee
National Wnr Savings Committee
National Wor Finance Committee
Nationale Committee
Nations Committee
Natural Committee
Naval Committee
Naval Committee of the Chamber.
NCWI Committee
Négociation Committee
Negotiating Committee
Negotiating Committee QAPSB Western Que J A Russell
Negotiating Committee QAPSB WQ
Negotiation Committee
Neighbourhood Protection Committee
Neighbourhood Watch Committee
Nepean Junior A
Nepean Raiders Central Junior “A”
Nesbitt Reserve Junior
Netherlands Immigration Committee
Network Committee
Neuchâtel Junior College
New Committee
New Library
NEW Library.
New Public Library
New York Public Library
NEWPORT SEDANS Hilton Manpower Committee K.A. Farrell
NHL Junior
NHL Old- Timers Junior B
Niagara Library
Night Committee
Nina Regional School Committee
No Cable T V Ouyon Community Development Committee
No Committee
No Junior Boys Contest
NO Library Committee of the
No. 106 New Canadian Library
Nobel Committee
Nobel Prize Committee
Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee Bristol W.l
Nominating Committee Mr. Nellis Hodgins
Nominating Committee of Gwen Hayes
Nominating Committee Romain
Nomination Committee
Nomination of Committee Members
Nominations Committee
Non-Intervention Committee
NonIntervention Committee
Noon Junior Hog Show 1
Noon Junior Hog Show Market Lamb
Noranda High Library
North Junior B
North Library
North Renfrew Mall Kid s Corp - Library Program Centre Police Invitational Hand Car Races
North Renfrew Mall Puppeteer Chuck Lambert & Friends Library Program Centre LBF Carnival; Carousel
Norway Bay Cemetery Committee
Norway Bay Cemetery Improvement Committee
NOTICE Committee
NOTICE- Committee Historical Display
Notional Committee
Notional Library
Notional Library of Quebec Member
Nottorol Library of Quebec Member
NOVEMBER 12 Radio Pontiac Program Committee
Novice Junior Dance Twirl
NOW Junior Bull
Nuclear Action Committee
Nuclear Action Committee BUTS
Nuclear Preparation Committee
Nursery Committee
NURSERY STOCK Prairie Library Scheme Prospers HARDIEST FRUITS
O&isea * Committee
O.D.H.A. Junior C
O.H.A. Junior "
OA Committee
OA Selection Committee
Oay Committee Theme
Objects Committee
OCTOBER 15 Radio Pontiac Program Committee
OCTOBER 29 Radio Pontiac Program Committee
OFF Junior Pontiacs
Office Committee
Office Staff Committee
OHA Junior "
Ohio Junior
Ohio Library Co.;
Oiebec National Library.
Oil Seeds Committee
Oitaouals Regional Community Executr Committee
OKebec National Library Viola Hannaberry
Oktoberfest Committee
Oktoberfest Committee Ladysmith
Old Folks Home Committee
Old Home Week Summer Sports Committee
Old Timers Junior Woodland
Olympic Committee
Olympic Revival Committee
Ombuds Committee
OMH Committee
ON XULiV Concerned Citizens’ Committee of Bristol Now
ONE Junior Bed
Only School Committee Formation Meetings Until Oct.
Onondaga Library
Onslow Centennial Committee
Onslow Elementary Home & School Committee
Onslow Elementary Home and School Committee
Onslow Elementary Parents Committee
Onslow Elementary School Committee
Onslow School Board Mac# ey Junior
Onslow School Committee
Onslow School Committee Draw
Onslow School Library.
Onslow School Reunion Committee
Onslow School Reunion, Quyon Citizens Committee
Onslow’s Home & School Committee
Ontairo Junior W
Ontario Christian Business Men s Committee of Pembroke Tel
Ontario Civilian Defence Committee
Ontario Committee
Ontario Crop Committee
Ontario Farm Radio Forum Committee
Ontario Junior
Ontario Junior B
Ontario Junior B Hockey League
Ontario Junior B River View Inn POACHING GP W
Ontario Junior B Valley
Ontario Junior B Valley Division
Ontario Junior B Valley Division Go W
Ontario Junior B Valley Division Teams Shawville
Ontario Junior Citizen
Ontario Junior Farmers
Ontario Junior Farmers Conference
Ontario Junior Farmers Public Speaking
Ontario Junior Since
Ontario Junior ‘B’ Hockey League
Ontario Junior “B’ Hockey League
Ontario Library Association
Ontario’s Junior Farmers
Oormuftation Committee
Open Group Committee
Opens Junior Hog Show
Operation Library
Oppor-Work Committee
Opportunities Committee
Optimist Junior
Optometris Church Junior Suits
ORATION Committee
Oratory Committee
ORC S Executive Committee
ORC s Planning Committee
Order* Committee
Organization and Staffing Committee
Organization Committee
Organization Committee Basil Quaile
Organization of Resources Committee
Organization of Resources Committee of Ontario
Organizing Committee
Organizing Committee of Olympic Games
Organizing Committee SHS
Organizing Committee Treasure Hunt
Ot- Renewal Committee
Ottawa Executive Committee of Save the Children Fund
Ottawa Junior B
Ottawa Junior Board of Trade
Ottawa Junior Canadians
Ottawa Junior City League
Ottawa Junior Club
Ottawa Junior Curling Club
Ottawa Junior Football
Ottawa Junior Hockey Schedule
Ottawa Junior Invitational
Ottawa Junior League
Ottawa Library
Ottawa Presbyterial Supply Committee
Ottawa Public Library
Ottawa Valley Junior Hockey
Ottawa-Carieton Local Committee
Ottawa-Carleton Junior
Our Bead More Library
Our Committee
Our Finance Committee
Our Junior
Our Lady of Community Library
Our Read More Library
Out-of-town Supply Committee
Outaouais Alliance Quyon Citizens Committee Finally TmHPAii Shirlev Tru-
Outaouais Alliance Search Committee
Outaouais Central Lending Library
Outaouais Central Library
Outaouais Centrale Lending Library
Outaouais Committee
Outaouais Community Economic Development and Employability Committee
Outaouais Cultural Committee
Outaouais Economic Committee
Outaouais Economic Development Committee
Outaouais Junior Hereford
Outaouais Junior Hockey League
Outaouais Junior League
Outaouais Library.
Outaouais Public Library
Outaouais Referendum Committee
Outaouais Regional Committee
Outaouais Regional Community Development and Employability Committee
Outaouais Regional Library.
Outaouais Sports Committee Louis Chartrand
Outaouais Tourist Association Pontiac Committee
Outaouais Transition Committee
Outaouais Valley Crime Prevention Committee
Outaouais Valley Prevention Committee
Outaouals Regional Community Executive Committee
Outaouals Regional Track and Field Committee
Outside Poor Committee of the Board of Selectmen
Ouyon Canada Day Committee Penalties Shaw
Ouyon Disaster Committee
Ouyon Rink Committee
Ouyon Western Horse Show Committee
Ouyon Xnm Committee
Overseas Advisory Committee
Overseas Children’s Committee
Overseas Committee
Overseas Gift Committee
OVH Junior Club Sale
Own Library
OZ Junior
O’Dell’s Junior Boutique
P P H S Yearbook Committee SHAWVILLE
P P H S. School Committee
P.A.NA.C. inc Pontiac Nuclear Action Committee
P.M. - Horse Draw Track Winners - Junior Boys
P.P.. Committee
P.P.H.S. School Committee
P.P.H.S. School Committee Advertising Manager Brent Horner
P.P.H.S. School Committee Çual Energy Installation Parents
P.P.H.S. School Committee Members
Pack Y Group Committee
Packing Committee
Pageant Committee
PAINT Non Bridge Committee Mrs.
Paisley War Savings Committee
Palestine Committee of Inquiry
Palliative Care Committee
Panta Junior Hockey Pants
Panthers Junior B’s
PAP Ri Library of Quebec Canada
PAPT Professional Development Committee
Parade Committee
Parade Committee Main St
Parade Committee P.O.
Parade Committee ROBERT’S RO TISSER IE
Parade Road Committee
Parent Committee
Parent Committee Repre-
Parent Committee Representative
Parent Committee Representatives
Parent Committee Twenty
Parent* Committee
Parents Committee
Parents Committee McDowell
Parent’s Committee
Parent’s Pre-K Committee
Paris Relief Committee
Parish Committee
Paritary Committee of Hairdressers District
Park Committee
Park Committee Christine Whitaker Edgeley
Parke Committee
Parking Committee
Parking Lot Committee
Parks & playgrounds Library M.R.C.
Parks & playgrounds Library M.R.C. - share Capital
Parks & playgrounds Library M.R.C. share Capital
Parks & playgrounds Library MRC Share Capital
Parks Committee
Parks Committee of the Municipal Council of Shawville
Parliamentary Committee
Parliamentary Committee on
Parliamentary Committee on Capital
Parliamentary Committee on Education
Parliamentary Committee on Energy
Parliamentary Committee on Natural Üe Lands
Parliamentary Committee on Radio
Parliamentary Library
Parliamentary Library.
Parliamentary Library’
Parliamentary Recruiting Committee
Parsonage Committee
Party Committee
Past Presidents Committee
Pastoral Care Committee
Pastoral Relations Committee
Pasture Committee
Patriotic Committee
Pauline Smith Committee
Pauls Junior Auxiliary
Paul’s Church Junior Guild
Paul’s Junior Guild—Annual
Paul’s Junior Ladies Guild
Paul’s Junior Ladies’ Guild Barb Wire : Brinkworth
Paul’s Junior Ladies’ Guild Brinkworth & Lacourse
Paul’s Junior Ladies’ Guild UPHOLSTERING Phone
Pcdogogy Committee
Peace Committee
Peat Committee
Pedagogy Committee
Pembroke Centennial Planning Committee
Pembroke Development Committee
Pembroke Diocesan Committee
Pembroke Industrial Committee
Pembroke Junior A
Pembroke Junior Kings
Pembroke Junior Lumber
Pembroke Junior Lumber Kings
Pembroke Library
Pembroke Library Board
Pembroke Library Get
Pembroke Lumber Kings Junior A
Pembroke Lumber Kings Junior A Hockey Team
Pembroke Public Library
Pembroke Public Library 5:00
Pembroke Public Library September 21,2004 Marie-Sophie Parent
Pembroke Public Library Vit
Pennsylvania Public Service Information Committee
Pension Committee
Pent Committee
PEP Committee
Pepsi Cola Junior Men’s Shawville
Pères Committee
Permanent Committee of
Permanent Committee on Resource Development
Personal Business Farm Standing Committee on Regional Development
Personnel Committee
Personnel Committee of the Radio Pontiac Board of Directors
Personnel Committee Radio
Perth Junior B
PET SHOW Committee Mllm
Petawawa Civic Centre Fund Raising Committee
Petawawa Committee
Petawawa Public Library
Petawawa Public Library 5:00
Peter’s Junior High
Pettes Memorial Library.
PFPPB Director Quebec Wood Producers Board Revitalization Committee
Philadelphia Library;
Philemon Wright School Committee
Phone Command Junior NonCommissioned Officers School
Phoning Committee
PHS Junior
Physical Committee
Picnic Committee
Picton Pirates Junior
Pieces of Chicken Announcing Shawville Group Committee
Pilotage Committee
Pioneer Committee
Pioneer Committee By Order
Pioneer Committee Sonia
Pioteetmt Committee
Pitt, Renewal Committee
Piv-vincial Committee
Pi’Gtestant Committee
Placement Committee
Plan Available Pontiac Community Library
Planning & Advisory Committee
Planning Advi sory Committee
Planning Advisory Committee
Planning Advisory Committee Bylaw
Planning and Development Committee
Planning Committee
Planning Committee During
Planning Review Committee
Played Junior
Playgrounds Committee
Playhouse Committee
Plouffe’s Junior L
Plow Committee
PLUS-»- Junior B
Poetise Anti-Nuclear Action Committee
Poetise Protestant High School Library.
Pointe Claire Public Library
Poitia^ Junior B
Police Advisory Committee
Police Committee
Police Committee of Shawville Council
Policies Committee
Policy Committee
Polished Brass Extension Library Lamps
Political Action Committee
Political Committee
Political-Action Committee
Pome’s Cultural Policy Committee
Pon- Committee
Pon-Rink Committee
Ponffce Junior Bs
Ponitac Junior B
Pontefract Recreation Association Committee
Ponti- Junior B
Pontiac "Pageant Committee
Pontiac "Super Committee
Pontiac - Selection Committee
Pontiac Administration Committee
Pontiac Agricultural Advisory Committee
Pontiac Agricultural Soctty A Junior Guild
Pontiac Alternatives Nuclear Action Committee
Pontiac Ambulance Committee Oil MARRIED
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Aciton Committee EVERYONE IS WELCOME
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee 1 Vi Inch
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee A
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee BRET/lAFF— We
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee Inc.
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee They
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee V
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Committee
Pontiac Anti-Nudear Action Committee
Pontiac AntiNuclear Action Committee
Pontiac AntiNuclear Information Committee
Pontiac Antl-Nucleer Action Committee
Pontiac Badminton Chib Junior
Pontiac Boys & Girls Welcome Junior
Pontiac Bridge Committee
Pontiac Bridge Committee Ecojustice
Pontiac Bridge Committee Mark
Pontiac Bridge Committee Pontiac Bay
Pontiac Bursaries Committee
Pontiac Bus Lines JUNIOR CLERK - ACCOUNTING Knowledge
Pontiac CFDC Selection Committee
Pontiac Citiaens’ Committee
Pontiac Citizen s Action Committee of English
Pontiac Citizens Committee
Pontiac Citizens Committee
Pontiac Committee
Pontiac Committee on Alcohol and
Pontiac Committee on Alcohol and Alcoholism
Pontiac Committee On Alcohol and Alcoholism ;
Pontiac Committee On Alcohol Public Meeting
Pontiac Committee on Alcohol tnd A
Pontiac Committee on Alcohol ~Mrs
Pontiac Committee on Culture
Pontiac Committee on Farm Forums
Pontiac Committee on Forestry and Conservation
Pontiac Committee on Industry
Pontiac Community Centre Debt Retirement Committee
Pontiac Community Development Committee
Pontiac Community Development Committee MRC Building P.O.
Pontiac Community Hospital Library.
Pontiac Community Hospital User s Committee
Pontiac Community Library
Pontiac Community Library Board
Pontiac Community Library Fort Coulonge Council
Pontiac Community Library » Weekend
Pontiac County Committee
Pontiac County Council Committee on
Pontiac County Council Committee on Forestry and Conservation
Pontiac County Industrial Committee
Pontiac County Junior
Pontiac County Railway Committee
Pontiac County s Committee
Pontiac County Social -1 Service Committee
Pontiac Cultural Centre Provisional Committee
Pontiac Cultural Committee
Pontiac Cultural Policy Committee
Pontiac Culture Committee
Pontiac Culture Committee Annual Meeting
Pontiac Culture Committee County
Pontiac Culture Committee Inc.
Pontiac Development Committee
Pontiac Economic Development Committee
Pontiac Environment Committee
Pontiac Environmental Protection Committee
Pontiac Farm Forum Hungarian Refugee Committee
Pontiac farmers Committee
Pontiac Food Security Development Committee
Pontiac Gleaners Junior
Pontiac Health Centre’s User’s Committee
Pontiac High Junior Boys Basketball
Pontiac High Junior Boys Volley-
Pontiac High Junior Thompson
Pontiac High School Committee
Pontiac High School Junior
Pontiac High School Junior Basketball Team
Pontiac High School Junior By DAVK MOOKK
Pontiac High School Junior Drama Festival
Pontiac High school Junior Drama Festival Best
Pontiac High School Junior Panthers
PONTIAC HIGH SCHOOL School Committee Meeting Norval
Pontiac Historical Society and Chamber of Commerce Museum Committee
Pontiac House Committee
Pontiac Ice-Pontlac Refridgeration Powell s Auto Service Quyon Citizens Committee Quyon Ferry Quyon
Pontiac Industrial Committee
Pontiac Junior
Pontiac Junior "
Pontiac Junior "B" Hockey Banquet
Pontiac Junior *B’ Hockey League Junior B’s
Pontiac Junior *B’s
Pontiac Junior 13’
Pontiac Junior A
Pontiac Junior B
Pontiac Junior B Hockey Club
Pontiac Junior B Paquette
Pontiac Junior B A Dave M*ore Sports
Pontiac Junior B Andy Bean
Pontiac Junior B Annual
Pontiac Junior B Banquet
Pontiac Junior B Banquet EADES BROS /
Pontiac Junior B Boosters
Pontiac Junior B Club
Pontiac Junior B Compton
Pontiac Junior B Farmers Serving Farmers V FULL FLOATATION LAND
Pontiac Junior B Golf Tournament BRYSON R.A.
Pontiac Junior B Hockey
Pontiac Junior B Hockey Banquet
Pontiac Junior B Hockey Club
Pontiac Junior B Hockey Club Apply
Pontiac Junior B Hockey Club Inc. Draw
Pontiac Junior B Hockey Team
Pontiac Junior B Martin Filiatrault
Pontiac Junior B Racing Association
Pontiac Junior B S John Deavy
Pontiac Junior B Sec.Treasurer
Pontiac Junior B West Ottawa
Pontiac Junior B X
Pontiac Junior B*
Pontiac Junior B* Hockey Club
Pontiac Junior B*s
Pontiac Junior B-Practice-$
Pontiac Junior B. Front
Pontiac Junior Ball
Pontiac Junior Band
Pontiac Junior Boys
Pontiac Junior Boys Basketball
Pontiac Junior Bs
Pontiac Junior Bs Murray
Pontiac Junior Bs’
Pontiac Junior B’
Pontiac Junior B’ Club
Pontiac Junior B’ Kenzie
Pontiac Junior B’s
Pontiac Junior B’s Dave Croteau
Pontiac Junior B’s Goulbourn Royals
Pontiac Junior B’s J.F. Perron
Pontiac Junior B’s Steven Rusenstrom
Pontiac Junior B’s the Perth Blue Wings
Pontiac Junior B’s Wayne Rumleske
Pontiac Junior B’s ^
Pontiac Junior B’«
Pontiac Junior C Hockey Club
Pontiac Junior Club
Pontiac Junior Clubs
Pontiac Junior Contest
Pontiac Junior contest Community Services Centre
Pontiac Junior Friday
Pontiac Junior FTs
Pontiac Junior He
Pontiac Junior Hockcv
Pontiac Junior Hockey
Pontiac Junior Hockey Club
Pontiac Junior Hockey Club Annual Awards Banquet Saturday
Pontiac Junior Hockey Club’s
Pontiac Junior Hockey Petawawa Jrs
Pontiac Junior Hockey Program
Pontiac Junior Hockey Shawville Fair
Pontiac Junior Jiu-jitsu
Pontiac Junior League
Pontiac Junior League Trophy
Pontiac Junior Memorial
Pontiac Junior R s
Pontiac Junior Richardson
Pontiac Junior Selects
Pontiac Junior Softball League
Pontiac Junior Steer Feeding Club
Pontiac Junior team
Pontiac Junior Throughout
Pontiac Junior TPs
Pontiac Junior TT
Pontiac Junior Womens Hockey
Pontiac Junior ‘B*
Pontiac Junior ‘B’
Pontiac Junior ‘B’s
Pontiac Junior “B Golf Tournament
Pontiac Junior “B Golf Tournament Gavan’s Hotel 1
Pontiac Junior “B” Hockey Club
Pontiac Junior “B” Hockey Club Apply
Pontiac Junior “B” Hockey Club Bryson
Pontiac Junior “B” Hockey Club Otter Lake St
Pontiac Junior “B” Season Tickets
Pontiac Junior “B” Season Tickets NOW ON SALE Charter
Pontiac Junior “B” Season Tickets Rain
Pontiac Juniors Eastern Ont Junior League-Valley Division * L T Sew On Oil Gf Ge
Pontiac Library
Pontiac Library Board
Pontiac Library Committee
Pontiac Lions Report Busy Week R Fire Committee
Pontiac Midget Hockey Tournament Committee
Pontiac Midget Tournament Committee
Pontiac MRC Committee for Construction Industry Development
Pontiac MRC Strategic Development Committee
Pontiac MRC Waterway Committee
Pontiac National Midget Tournament Committee
Pontiac NO Committee
Pontiac ONE FLATBED Branford Trailer Culture Committee
Pontiac Ontario Movement Committee
Pontiac Pageant Committee
Pontiac Pageant Committee-Restaurant
Pontiac Pool Committee
Pontiac Pride Committee
Pontiac Pride Committee Chair- Lome Daley
Pontiac Pride Committee Nellis & Norma Stewart
Pontiac Pride Committee Promotions; Joe Teevans
Pontiac Pride Executive Committee
Pontiac Program Committee
Pontiac Programming Committee Meeting
Pontiac Projects Committee
Pontiac Prooram Committee
Pontiac Protestant High School - Library Towle s Greenhouse Shawville Grocery Canadian Tire Corpora
Pontiac Protestant High School Committee
Pontiac Protestant High School Committee Caldwell Notes Dunraven News
Pontiac Protestant High School Committee Virgin
Pontiac Protestant High School Junior Drama Festival
Pontiac Protestant High School Library
Pontiac Protestant High School Publicity Committee
Pontiac Protestant High School School Committee
Pontiac Protestant High School SCHOOL COMMITTEE A
Pontiac Protestant High School School Committee Meeting Tuesday
Pontiac Protestant Parent Committee
Pontiac Protestant Transport Committee
Pontiac Provincial Committee
Pontiac Provisionary Committee C/O Dale
Pontiac Railway Aired n Committee
Pontiac Referendum Committee
Pontiac Refrigeration Quyon Citizen’s Committee Quyon Llonettes Quyon Lions Club Gerald McKenny Car
Pontiac Regional Park Committee
Pontiac Riding National Union Committee
Pontiac Rights Committee
Pontiac Rights Committee General Meeting
Pontiac Scholarship Fund Committee
Pontiac Security Committee
Pontiac Selection Committee
Pontiac Seventh Annual Junior Clubs
Pontiac Snowplowing Committee
Pontiac Social Planning Committee
Pontiac Steering Committee
Pontiac Sub-Committee
Pontiac Teachers Action Committee
Pontiac Teachers Professional Development Committee
Pontiac Telephone Clients’ Committee Inc.
Pontiac Telephone Subscribers Committee
Pontiac Telephone Subscribers’ Committee
Pontiac Temiscaming Road Committee
Pontiac Tenant s Committee
Pontiac The Committee
Pontiac Tourism Committee
Pontiac Tourist Committee
Pontiac Trail Committee
Pontiac Trail Steering Committee
Pontiac User’s Committee
Pontiac Victory Loan Committee
Pontiac Volunteer Committee
Pontiac Wagon Train Committee
Pontiac Yes Committee
Pontiac Youth Committee
Pontiac Zone Committee
Pontiac Zone Committee Meeting of Conseil Régi
Pontiac •Protestant School Committee
Pontiac-Anti-Nuclear Action Committee
Pontiacs Junior
Pontiacs Junior B
Pontiacs Junior B*
Pontiacs Junior B* Hockey
Pontiacs Junior B’
Pontiacs Junior B’ Daryl Faught
Pontiacs Junior B’s
Pontiacs Junior First the
Pontiacs Junior ‘B* Hockey Club
Pontiacs Junior ‘B’
Pontioc Culture Committee
Pontioc Junior B
PontitC Junior B
Pontithe Junior
Pontlacs Junior *B*
Ponuac Junior B
Pool Committee
Poppy Committee
Popular Committee of
Popular Emergency Committee
Port Committee
Port Committee Thanks Thanks Municipality
Port Morien Reunion Committee
Porta Environment Committee
Portage Centennial Committee
Portage du Committee
Portage du Fort Centennial Committee J A Essiambre
Portage du Fort Citizens Committee
Portage du Fort Junior
Portage du Fort Junior Casie
Portage du Fort Junior Guild*
Portage du Fort Library
Portage du Fort Library Cameron
Portage du Fort Library.
Portage Library
PORTS Junior
Porttioc Cultural Marcotte Committee
Positive Action Committee
Post Office or Public Library
Postal Library League
Posture Committee
Poultry Committee
Poultry Junior Agriculture
Poultry---------------------------- Junior Agriculture----------------- Western Horse Show
Poverty Committee
PPHS Junior
PPHS Junior Boys
PPHS Junior Girls
PPHS School Committee
PPHS) Junior Girls Basketball
PPMS Shawville Rev D. MacPhereon 647-2536 July August Warship & Junior Church September June Sunday
Prairie Junior Chamber of Commerce
PRAISE Junior Choir
Pratt Library
Prayer and Bible St Shawville / Clarendon Library
Prayer Bull Junior Champion L Watson
Prayer Committee
Prayer CwnpteH i Bey Sunday School Warship 6 Junior Church
Prayer International Committee
Prayer Meeting Free Methodlet Sunday School Worship A Junior Church
Prayer Sunday School W>rship A Junior Church
Prayer Sunday School Warship * Junior Church
Prayer Sunday School Warship 6 Junior Church
Prayer Sunday School Warship ft Junior Church
Prayer Sunday School Worship & Junior Church
Prayer Sunday School Worship 6 Junior Church
Prayer Sunday School Wtomhip A Junior Church
Prayer The Benevolent Committee
Pre Junior Aggregate Kylie
Preparatory Committee Quebec
Preparedness Committee Allumette
Presbyterial Nominating Committee
Presbyterian General Assembly Committee of Aged
Presi-many Junior "
Prevention Committee
Pride Committee
Pride Committee Chair-
Pride Pride Committee
Primary Committee
Printing Celebration Committee
Printing Committee
Priority Shipment Committee
Private Bills Committee
Private Bills Committee of Francisco
Private Peas Bills Committee
Privy Council Committee
Prize Committee
Prizes Committee Mike Mohr
Pro BDS Koho Junior Pro
Pro-Mayor Gary Municipal Library.
Produced Junior
Production Committee
Proestant Committee of the Council of Education
Professional Advancement Committee of New York State Personnel and Guidance Association
Professional Carpet Cleaning Pontiac Culture Festival HILTON MANPOWER COMMITTEE
Professional Development Committee
Professional Improvement Committee
Professional Library
Professional Library ^r*
Program Committee
Program Committee Horner
Programme Committee
Programming Committee
Programming Committee CAL-PAL
Progressive Conservative Committee
Progressive-Conservative Caucus Committee
Prohibition Campaign Committee
Project Committee
Project Committee Environment Forum
Projects Committee
Promotion Committee
PROMUTUEL La Vallée Valley Mutual Junior Holstein
Property Committee of Presbytery
Property Owners’ Association Executive Committee
Prot#*tent Committee
Protection Committee
Protective Committee
Proteni Committee
Protest..nt Committee
Protestant Committee
Protestant Committee of Education
Protestant Committee of Mnrrh
Protestant Committee of Public In
Protestant Committee of Public Instruction
Protestant Committee of Quebec
Protestant Committee of the Department of Education
Protestant Committee on
Protestant Committee on Education
Protestant Committee''s School Code
Protestant School Zone Committee
Protestent Committee of Public
ProtesUnt Committee
Proud Residence Committee
Provide Library For Hospital C.G.I.T. NEWS
Provincial Advisory Committee
Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers Salary Committee
Provincial Barley Contest Committee
Provincial Committee
Provincial Committee for the Prevention
Provincial Discipline Committee
Provincial Farm Labour Committee
Provincial Junior
Provincial Junior A Bristol s Matt Carmichael
Provincial Junior Golden Glove Champion
Provincial Junior Golden Glove Championships
Provincial Public Relations Committee
Provisional Committee
Provisional Committee New Aylmer School Commission Notice
PRSBWQ Executive Committee
PsnUac Community Hospital Publicity Committee A
Pub''ic Accounts Committee
Publ c Library Building
Public Accounts Committee
Public Bills Committee
Public Committee
Public Health & Security Committee
Public Health and Security Committee
Public Health Committee of Derry Corporation
Public Library
Public Library - Administration Branch
Public Library 10
Public Library Aooordingly
Public Library Bldg.
Public Library Bui
Public Library Build!
Public Library Building
Public Library Buildings
Public Library Bul.ding
Public Library BulMing
Public Library Halid
Public Library In
Public Library Letters
Public Library Maison Bryson Fort Coulonge
Public Library Meeting At
Public Library Museum
Public Library of Wallaceburg
Public Library of Western Pontiac.
Public Library Service
Public Library Service Centers
Public Library Services
Public Library Uuildlng
Public Library Victoria St 1
Public Library Week The Shawville-Clarendon Library
Public Library Week the Shawville-Clarendon Library presents Safety
Public Library Week.
Public Library — Advocates’ Library Edin
Public Library—the Presbyterian Church
Public Library—walked
Public Notice Ottawa River Regulating Committee
Public Notice Pontiac Committee
Public Nuisance Committee
Public Pontiac Community Hospital Relations Committee of the
Public Recounts Committee
Public Relation Committee
Public Relation Committee M Dan Lafleur
Public Relations Committee
Public Relations Committee Basil Quaile
Public Relations Committee Pontiac Community Hospital Closing
Public Roads Committee
Public Safety Committee
Public Safety Committee Municipal Affairs
Public School Library
Public Security Committee
Public Security Committee Clr
Public Software Library 1300+
Public Works Committee
Publicity Committee
Publicity Committee Chief April Hospital Report
Publicity Committee Dr. S. E. McDowell School
Publicity Committee Naval Reunion
Publicity Committee Quebec Women’s Institutes.
Publicity Committee Rosaleen Dickson
Publicity Committee Western Procession Father Cain
Publie Accounts Committee
Publie Accounts Committee O.tawa
Publie Library BENOOVOH.
Publie Library Commission
Purchasing Committee
P«>v«nent Committee
P°n^ac Junior B
QaHp|3teion Committee
QAPSB Executive Committee
QC Bv JILL McBANE Committee
QFA Broadcast Committee
QFA Broadcasting Committee
QL ENTIRE JQ STOCK Beautification Committee of Quyon-Onslows Centennial
Quality Committee
Quality Management Committee
Quebec Committee
Quebec Department of Transport Standù# Committee
Quebec Farmers Committee
Quebec Games Committee
Quebec Hospital Association Finance Committee
Québec Junior
Quebec Junior Amateur Boxing
Québec Junior Banner
Quebec Junior Farmer
Quebec Junior Farmers
Quebec Junior Farmers Conference
Quebec Junior High School
Quebec Junior Judging Contest
Quebec Junior Parmirs Work Shop
Quebec Junior Team
Quebec National Library
Quebec National Library Sunday School Christmas Concert Mrs Eleanor Barber
Quebec National Library (
Quebec National Library .
Quebec National Library 1
Quebec National Library 1 HOW
Quebec National Library FESTIVAL PONTIAC
Quebec National Library me Name SHAWVILLE CENTENNIAL
Quebec National Library.
Quebec Political Action Committee
Quebec Provincial Committee on Highway Safety
Quebec Safety Committee
Quebec Sheep Improvement Committee
Quebec Stallion Committee
Quelxv National Library
Quilt Committee
Qur Committee
Quyon & District Doctors’ Committee
QUYON & DISTRICT Parade Committee
Quyon 125th Committee
Quyon Business & Citizens Committee
Quyon Business & Citizens Committee
Quyon Business & Citizens Committee Weekend Dinner Specials
Quyon Business & Citizens Committee SPORTING GOODS LTD.
Quyon Business & Citizens Committee BARBER BERNIE’S
Quyon Business & Citizens Committee INGO Tuesday
Quyon Business & Citizen’s Committee
Quyon Business and Citi Committee
Quyon Business and Citizens Committee
Quyon Business and Citizens Committee Des Keon
Quyon Business and Citizens’ Committee
Quyon Business Committee
Quyon Canada Committee
Quyon Canada Day Committee
Quyon Canada Day Committee Body Work
Quyon Canada Day Committee Findlay
Quyon Canada Day Committee Golf Tournament
Quyon Canada Day Committee Golf Tournament Saturday
Quyon Canada Day Committee PHS
Quyon Canada Day Committee SOUPER - SUPPER
Quyon Carnival Committee
Quyon Centennial Committee
Quyon Christ-Parade Committee
Quyon Citizen s Committee
Quyon Citizen s Projects Committee
Quyon Citizens Committee
Quyon Citizens’ Committee
Quyon Committee
Quyon Country JamFest Committee
Quyon Disaster Committee
Quyon Emergency Fire Relief Committee
Quyon Fair Committee
Quyon Fair Junior Grand Champion and Reserve
Quyon Fair Quyon Business and Citizens Committee
Quyon Flyers Junior
QUYON GROUP Group Committee
Quyon Junior Dairy
QUYON Junior Leadership
Quyon Library
Quyon Library WHERÇ-
Quyon Library.
Quyon Lions Club Mr Committee
Quyon Onslow Centennial Committee
Quyon Parks Committee
Quyon Rectory Committee
Quyon Rink Committee
Quyon Rink Shawville | Committee
Quyon Stores and Committee
Quyon Stores and Committee Members
Quyon Stores and Committee Members Onslow Intermediate School Visit Cock
Quyon Stores and Committee Members SHAWVILLE
Quyon Walk-Out Committee E
Quyon Walkathon Committee
R.A. Committee
RA Committee Yours
RA Summer Program Committee
Race Committee
Race Horse Committee
Race Horse Committee Draw
Radford Cemetery Committee
Radford Junior Institute
Radford Junior Institute Alt
Radio League Committee
Radio Pontiac Program Committee
Radio Pontiac Program Committee A
Radio-Pontiac Programming Committee
Railroad Committee
Railroad Library.
Railway Committee
Railway Committee Dempsey
Railway Committee of the Commons
Railway Committee Room
Railway Committee SATURDAY
Railway Transport Committee
Railway Transport Committee HHÜ
Rally Committee
Ralph Junior Yearling Simmcmal Crossbred Heifer
RalU Junior Boyw
Rapides Cemetery Committee
Rapides Committee
RATION Committee
Rave Committee
RBC Junior
RD BALER 4x4 Star Eastern Ontario Junior B Valley Division Gp
Re Committee
Reactor Safety Advisory Committee
READERS Junior Pontiacs
Rec Committee
Reception Committee
Recognition Committee
Recognition Committee ADVERTISING DEADLINE
Recommends Library
Reconstruction Committee
Record Committee
Recording Library
Recreation Association Finance Committee
Recreation Association Members or Junior Pontiac Committee
Recreation Committee
Recreation Committee Basil Murphy
Recreation Committee Clarendon Council
Recreation Committee Mayor
Recreation Committee of
Recreation Committee of Council
Recreation Committee of Home & School
Recreation Committee of Home and School
Recreation Committee of Kazabazua
Recreation Committee Peggy
Recreation Committee Peggy Cruickshank
Recreation Committee Pontiac Council
Recreation Counsel- Committee
Recreation Delegate Committee
Recreational Committee
Recreational Committee Lamothe
Recretional Committee Financial Statement
RecrsatkM1 Committee
Recruiting Committee
Rectory Committee
Redistribution Committee
Referee’s Committee
Reference Library
Referendum Committee
Reforestation Committee
Reform Committee
Refreshment Committee
Refugee Committee
Reg ional Planning Committee
Regina Library Board
Regional Board Executive Committee
Regional Centennial Committee
Regional Committee
Regional Committee St. Mary’s Parish CWL
Regional County Committee
Regional Junior Agricultural Merit Com
Regional Junior Baseball
Regional Library
Regional Library 187.75;
Regional Library Boh
Regional Library.
Regional Park Committee
Regional Planning Committee
Regional School Board Planning Committee
Regional School Planning Committee
Registration Committee
Regrouping Committee
Regular January Committee
Regulating Committee
Regulating Committee Arrow
Regulating Committee EADES BROS.
Rehabilitation Information Committee
Relations Committee
Relief Committee
Religious Education Committee
Renewal Committee
Renewal Committee Society
Renewal Committee TOTAL INCOME
Renewal Committee Visitors
Renewal Renewal Committee
Renfrew County Centennial Committee
Renfrew County Council Publicity Committee
Renfrew County NFU Beef Committee
Renfrew Junior
Renfrew Junior B
Renfrew Junior Lions
Renovation Committee
Renovations Fire Committee
Reparations Committee
Repatriation Committee OTTAWA
Repatriation Committee OTTAWA Also Lot
Representation Committee
REPRESENTATIVE FOR Junior Elementary Department
Republican National Committee
Research Committee
Research Committee Ormond Smith
Reserve Junior
Reserve Junior and Reserve
Reserve Junior and Reserve Gr
Reserve Junior Champi Sparling
Reserve Junior Champion
Reserve Junior Champion Female
Reserve Junior Group
Reserve Junior Showman
Reserve Stock Committee
Residence Committee
Resident Citizen Committee of Chapeau
Resident Citizens Committee
Resident Committee of Chapeau How
Residents Committee
Resolution Committee
Resolutions Committee
Resource Directory Committee Members Répertoire des Ressources
Resources Committee
Resources Committee; the Library Committee
Restoration Committee
Restructuration Committee
Results Council Committee
Reunion Committee
Reunion Committee Novice
Reunion Organizing Committee Fundraising
Review Committee
Revised Junior Hockey
Revising Committee
Revision Committee
Revision Committee Carmen Burke
Revitalisation Committee
Revitalization Committee
Revitalization Committee Yes
Revitilization Committee Bonnie Zimmerling
Revival Committee
Revolutionary Committee
Revolutionary Executive Committee
Rhéal Committee
Rhodellan Library.
RICHARD PERKINS Junior Dance Canadian Champions Gold Medalists
RICHARDSON Business Men s Committee of Shewville
Rights Committee
Riilw*y Committee Qu
Rink Committee
Rink Committee About Social Service
Rink Committee of Shawville Lions Club
Rink Committee of the Shawville Municipal Council
Rinks Committee
Risk Management Committee
RnllinQ Junior Red Cross
Road Committee
Road Committee Douglas Fulford
Road Committee Hodgins
Road Committee Job
Road Committee Re-
Road Committee Whereas Boeing
Road Committee’s Report
Roads Committee
Roads Committee Mansfield & Pontefract Townships St. Joseph’s Parish
Rockford Stockholm Flight Committee
Rodolphe Executive Committee
Ronde Committee Praised For Fund Raising Prowess Wallace—At the
Rotary Club Concert Committee
Rotary Club Shawville Revitalization Committee
Rotary Committee
Route 366 Road Committee
Route Library - Moved
Royal Bank Inter-Municipal Committee
Royal Bank Junior Olympic
Royal Bank Junior Olympic Program
Royal Bank Junior Olympic Programme
Royal Bank Junior Olympics
Royal Bank Junior Winter
Royal Bank of Shawville Barber Family Reunion Committee Powell s Auto Service A Thanks
Royal Bank P Library Bronson
Royal Bank Trophy for Junior Champion
Royal Library
Royal Library of
Royal Victoria junior Guild Presents Plays Hospital
Rues Committee
Rural Community Committee
Rural Development Committee
Rural Life Committee of
Rural Practice Committee
Russian Med Aid Committee
Russian Medical Aid Committee
Russo-Jewish Committee
Ryan Junior B
S. Committee
S. Library
S. Library mond Parker
S.H.S. Junior Boy
S.O.S. Arena Committee
Sabbath School Committee—Rev.
Safety Week Committee
Sage Committee
SAIE Shawvllie High Junior*
Sailors'' Memorial Arch Committee
Saint Mary’s School Parents’ Committee
Salary Committee
Sales Committee
Salety Campaign Committee Alliance
Salford Old Ago Pensions Committee
Salsaoe Committee
Salute Committee
Salvage Committee
Sand Bav Committee
Sanitary Committee
Sarnia Public Library
Saskatchewan Junior Hereford Association
Sat- Museum Committee
Sat-1 Committee
Satur-and Junior Guilds
SATURDAY AND ShawviUe & Clarendon Library SUNDAY
SATURDAY Junior Fair
Save ning Committee of Outaoueis Régionale
savin6* don-Shawville Public Library
SBSS" Library
SC Library Liedtke
SCHEEL COTTAGE Public Swimming Pool NOW OPEN Shawville & District » MINOR BALL T-BALL & JUNIOR FAS
Scholarship Committee
School and Junior Church
School Board Director Executive Committee
School Board Transportation Committee
School Committee
School Committee New
School Committee Chair-
School Committee Elections
School Committee March
School Committee meeting High School Library.
School Committee O.E.S. January
School Committee of
School Committee of Dr S E McDowell School
School Committee of Dr. S.E.
School Committee of Onslow Elementary School
School Committee of Philemon Wright Regional
School Committee of St-Alphonsus High &
School Committee Pontiac Protestant High School
School Committee Radio Pontiac Box
School Committee Representatives
School Committee Santa
School Committee’s Craft
School D Arcy McGee School John Paul II Hadley Junior High School Symmes Junior High School Pontiac
School Empire Tour Committee
School Junior Olympic
School Le*on« Committee
School Library
School Library"
School Library.
School Monument Committee
School Morning Worship & Junior Church
School Morning Worship & Junior Church Evan mg Worship Tue Prayer & Bible Study G Prouta
School Morning Worship & Junior Church Ewing Worah*> Rev Fr Rater G Prou
School Morning Worship & Junior Church Ewing Worship
School Morning Worship A Junior Church
School Morning Worship A Junior Church Evenng Worehp
School Planning Committee of Young
School Sports Committee
School Sunday Service July-August Wbrehip & Junior Church
School Warship & Junior Church
School Wbrship » Junior Church
School Worship & Junior Church
School Worship & Junior Church Chapeau
School Worship ft Junior Church
School*/ Junior Public Speaking
Schwartz Cemetery Committee Reports Good
Scientific Advisory Committee
SCOREBOARD Eastern Ontario Junior B G A PI*
SCOREBOARD Pontiac Junior B Livestock Auction Second Annual Bred Heifer Sale Boys
SCORE®®AG® Junior BB
SCOTT CLOUTHIER Equity Reporter L Junior
Scout .Group Committee
Scout Committee
Scout Group Committee
Scout Group Committee Geo
Scout Group Committee QUALITY
Scout Mothers and Group Committee
Screamin’ Eagle Junior Dragster
Search Committee
Second Language Study Committee
Second Language Study Committee S.L.S.C.
Second Prize Junior Heifer Calf
Secretary Group Committee
Secretary Relief Committee
Secretary- Committee
Secretary-Treasurer Clara Steinke Gerda Bretzlaff Bretzlaff Reunion Committee AVIS Veuillez
Security Committee
Security-Environment Committee
Seed Committee
Seed Supply Committee
Seeds Committee
Seeds Junior Exhibits Red
Select Committee
Select Committee of Hydro
Select Committee on Foreign Aid
Select Standing Committee
Selection Committee
Selection Committee of Quebec
Selection Committee Pontiac Local Development Centre
SELECTION COMMITTEE Pontiac Local Development Centre Box
Selection Committee Pontiac Soil Management Club
Selection Committee Sortir du
Selection Committee TEBIZINAN Agency Postal Box
Selling Committee
Seminar Planning Committee
Semite Committee
Senate s Special Committee Illegal Drugs
Senate Civil Liberties Committee
Senate Committee
Senate Committee on
Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry
Senate Committee on Agriculture EXPRESS
Senate Committee on Agriculture Le Comité
Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
Senate Committee Studies Rural Poverty
Senate Finance Committee
Senate Foreign Relation* Committee
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senate Judiciary Committee
Senate Military Committee
Senate Railways Committee
Senate Social Affairs Committee
Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs
Senate Standing Committee on Finance
Senate Tourist Traffic Committee
Senate’s Standing Committee
Senior Dance Committee
Seniors Committee
Seoul Group Committee Annual Meeting Dr.
September Committee
Ser- Committee
Sera Clarendon Municipal Library.
Service Junior justily
Service Committee
Services Centre Mana6ement Committee
Services Committee
Sesquicentennial Committee
Settlement Committee
Seventh Line Farm Committee
Seville Junior
Sewage Committee
Sewer Committee
Sewerage Committee
Sewerage Committee Crs Hayes
Sewerage Committee Fire Committee Interested
Sewers Committee
Sewing Committee
Sewing Committee Evelyn Hod
Sfcwerage Committee
Shape Junior Red Cross
Shaw ville/Clarendon Municipal Library
Shaw-group Committee
Shaw-villa Centennial Committee
Shaw-ville Junior Institute
Shaw-ville Scout Group Committee
Shawsille Junior B
ShawvHte Council Remembrance Day Committee
ShawviC United Church Junior Choir
Shawviiie Junior B
Shawvilh* Community Hospital Committee
Shawvilk Centennial Committee
Shawvilk Clarendon Municipal Library
Shawvilk Council Committee
Shawvilk Rotary Club Committee
Shawvilla United Church Junior Choir
Shawvillc Fair Committee
Shawvillc High School Junior Basketball
Shawvillc High School Library and Save the Children Fond.
Shawvillc Junior B
Shawvillc Library
Shawville & Clarendon Library „
SHAWVILLE & Clarendon Municipal Library
Shawville & District Artificial Ice Committee Presents
Shawville & District R.A. Summer Program Committee
Shawville & District Senior Residence Committee
Shawville Academy Junior Hookey
Shawville Alumni Committee
Shawville Apartments Committee
Shawville Arena PONTIAC JUNIOR B
Shawville Arena Committee
Shawville Arena Improvement Committee
Shawville Arena Renewal Committee
Shawville Arena Sound System Committee
Shawville Cemetery Committee
Shawville Centennial Committee
Shawville Centennial Committee Rev Ron Ellis
Shawville Centennial Lighting and Beautification Committee
Shawville Centennial Sports Committee
Shawville Chautauqua Committee
Shawville Christian Business Men s Committee
Shawville Christian Business Men’s Committee BRISTOL PASTORAL CHARGE Rev.
Shawville Clarendon Library Board
Shawville Clarendon Municipal Library
Shawville Clarendon Municipal Library.
Shawville Clarendon Municipal Public Library who Military
Shawville Clarendon Public Library
Shawville Club Junior
Shawville Committee
Shawville Committee Room
Shawville Community Centre Renewal Committee
Shawville Council on the Library Committee
Shawville Countiy Jamboree Committee
Shawville Ctarendon Municipal Library
Shawville Development and Publicity Committee
Shawville Development Committee
Shawville Fair Board Directors and Committee Chairmen
Shawville Fair Committee
Shawville Fair Executive Committee
SHAWVILLE FAIR Pontiac Junior B Hockey Club Inc. Draw
Shawville Fair Results Ayrshire Cattle Bull Junior Call—S.
Shawville Fair Tractor Pull Committee
Shawville Group Committee
Shawville Group Committee CREIGHTON STEEVES
Shawville Group Committee; Cliff Ga/rrison
Shawville High School Junior Track Winners Grade
Shawville High School Library
Shawville High School the Protestant Committee on Ld-
Shawville Improvement Committee
Shawville Industrial Committee
Shawville Junior
Shawville Junior Auxiliary
Shawville Junior B
Shawville Junior B Pontlacs
Shawville Junior B Commission the
Shawville Junior B SATURDAY
Shawville Junior Belles
Shawville Junior Bs
Shawville Junior B’
Shawville Junior B’s
Shawville Junior Chamber of Commerce
Shawville Junior Committee
Shawville Junior Farmers
Shawville Junior Hockey
Shawville Junior Hockey Club
Shawville Junior Hockey Club Pontiac League Champions
Shawville Junior Hockey Huskies
Shawville Junior Home-
Shawville Junior Institute
Shawville Junior Institutes
Shawville Junior Men’s Curling
Shawville Junior Ottawa
Shawville Junior PERSONAL
Shawville Junior Pon-
Shawville Junior Pontiacs
Shawville Junior Pontiac’s
Shawville Junior “C” Hockey
Shawville Library
Shawville Library an Art Contest
Shawville Library Board
Shawville Library Committee
Shawville Library Continued
Shawville Library Hours
Shawville Library THURSDAY
Shawville Library with Luke Murphy CAROLE ST-AUBIN Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
Shawville Library.
Shawville Lions Arena Committee
Shawville Lions Canada Day Committee
Shawville Lions Club Canada Committee
Shawville Lions Club Canada Day Committee
Shawville Lions Club Junior French
Shawville Lions Club Parade Committee
Shawville Lions Club Parade Committee P-O.
Shawville Lions Club Parade Committee PO Box
Shawville Lions Club Psrade Committee
Shawville Lions Club Psrsde Committee
Shawville Lions Club Rende Committee
Shawville Lions Committee
Shawville Match Committee Mary Allen
Shawville Municipal Library.
Shawville Municipal Office and Library
Shawville Parks Committee
Shawville Planning Committee
Shawville Public Library
Shawville Recreation Committee
Shawville Rev D Mac Pharaon 647-2536 July August Warship & Junior Church
Shawville Rink Committee
Shawville Scouts Committee Faces Housing Problem Immediately Mm Mary
Shawville Sewerage Committee
Shawville Sunday School Worship & Junior Church
Shawville Toy Lending Library.
Shawville United Church Junior and
Shawville United Church Junior Choir
Shawville Village Cemetery Committee
Shawville Village Cemetery Committee SEALMARK
Shawville Youth Committee
Shawville-Clarcndon-Thorne Library
Shawville-Clarendon Fire Department Angel Tree Committee
Shawville-Clarendon Library
Shawville-Clarendon Library and Archives
Shawville-Clarendon Library and Archives Friday
Shawville-Clarendon Library and Resource Centre
Shawville-Clarendon Library Feb.
Shawville-Clarendon Library Feb. 10
Shawville-Clarendon Library Friday
Shawville-Clarendon Library Fund
Shawville-Clarendon Library grateful.1
Shawville-Clarendon Library Holiday Hours
Shawville-Clarendon Library July
Shawville-Clarendon Library Rest
Shawville-Clarendon Library Saturday
Shawville-Clarendon Library Site Monday
Shawville-Clarendon Library.
Shawville-Clarendon Millennium Committee
Shawville-Clarendon Municipal Library
Shawville-Clarendon Municipal Public Library
Shawville-Clarendon Public Library
Shawville-Clarendon Revitalization Committee
Shawville-Clarendon Welcoming Committee
Shawville-Clarendon |*r| Municipal Library
Shawville-Clarendon-Municipal Library
Shawville-Clarendon-Thome Library
Shawville-Clarendon-Thome Library.
Shawville-Clarendon-Thorne Library
Shawville-Clarendon-Thorne Library Every Wednesday
Shawville-Clarendon-Thorne Library.
Shawville-Clarendun Revitalization Committee
Shawville-Municipal Library
Shawville/CIarendon Library
Shawville/Clarendon Library
Shawville/Clarendon Library and Mother Natures
Shawville/Clarendon Library Book & Bake Sale
Shawville/Clarendon Library BOOK & BAKE SALE July
Shawville/Clarendon Library Fire Dept
Shawville/Clarendon Library Fund
Shawville/Clarendon Library National Midget Tournament
Shawville/Clarendon Library Renfrew.
Shawville/Clarendon Library.
Shawville/Clarendon Revitalization Committee
Shawville/Clarendon Youth Committee
Shawvilles Junior B
Shawville’* Junior
ShawviUe Christian Business Men’s Committee
ShawviUe Clarendon Municipal Library
ShawviUe Library Hours
ShawviUe Library Hours;
ShawviUe-Clarendon Library.
ShawviUe-CUrendon Public Library
Shawvllle Cemetery Improvement Committee
Shawvllle Centennial Committee
Shawvllle Junior Bs
Shawvllle Library and Harris
Shawvllle Lions Club Parade Committee
Shawvllle Lions Parade Committee
Shawvllle-Clarendon Library
Shawvllle-Clarendon Public Library
Shawvllle-Clorendon Library
ShawvSe Lions Parade Committee
Shawvtte Lions Club Parade Committee
Shawvüle Apartments Committee
Shawvüle Council Street Committee
Shawvüle Industrial Committee
Shawvüle Library
Shell Committee
Shewville & District Snow Removal Committee
Shewville Centennial Committee
Shewville Hgh School Library
Shewville Junior Auxiliary
Shewville Junior Young Peoples
Shewville Library 647-3808 )ur Lady of Victory
Shewville Wesleyan Church Junior Choir
ShiwvSe Council Remembrance Day Committee
ShnwvWe/Clarendon Library
Shorthand Institute Public Library Bldg.
Show Renfrew Dairy Calf Club Judging Junior Barrow Show Shorthorn Judging 4-H Interclub Dairy Compe
Show-m Junior Dairy Heifer
Showville-Clarendon Library
Showvllle-Clorendon Library
SHS Junior
Shuffle Board Committee
Shutt Library
Shwville Cemetery Renovation Committee
Si F ¦ Junior Pre-Training
SI the Ottawa Public Library
Si. Marys Committee
Siiecial Attractions Committee
Silage Research Committee of
Simcoe Junior Farmers
SINCE Canadian Hackney Society Junior Exhibitor Competition
Sire Selection Committee
Sireet Committee
SIT Ok Quyon Citizen s Committee
Smith Secretary Group Committee
Snawville Junior B
Snow Plough Committee for Government Roads
Snow Queen Committee
Snow-plowing Committee
Snowmobile Safety and Certification Committee
Snowplough Committee
Snowplow Committee
Snowplow Committee Elaborate Funerals
Snowplow Committee Vinton Snowplow Committee Village of Shawville Shawville & District Winter Roads
Soc Committee
Social Committee
Social Committee Cathy Fehleman
Social Committee of Mayfred Dods
Social Junior Minister
Social Planning Committee
Social Planning Committee Student Fund
Social Service Committee
Socialist Central Committee
Société ACCORD Committee
Society A um“* Committee
Society Junior
Society Junior Open
Society’s Medical Planning Committee
Soil Improvement Committee
Soil Improvement Committee OF THE National Fertilizer Association Dept
Soldiers Welcome Committee
Soldiers’ Box Committee
Solid Waste Interim Steering Committee
Son- Junior Holstein- Doug Tracy
SOS Arena Committee
SOS Arena St. Jean Committee
SOS Committee
SOS Fort-Coulonge Arena Committee Cunningham Lindsay Lamarche McGuinty C E
Sound System Committee
Sovereignty Committee
SPCA Executive Committee
Specia/0 Grain & Seeds Swine Heifer Junior.
Special Barley Committee
Special Committee
Special Committee for Canadian Unity
Special Committee KBBBfipll
Special Committee on
Special Committee on Allows
Special Committee on Alternative Energy AUGUST SUN.
Special Committee on Alternative Energy and Oil Substitution
Special Committee on Canadian Unity
Special Committee on Child Care
Special Committee on Mr. Amyot’s
Special Committee on Parliamentary Reform
Special Committee on Standing Orders
Special Committee Reports
Special Eveets Committee
Special Events Committee
Special House Committee
Special Joint Committee
Special Joint Committee of the Senate
Special Joint Committee on the Constitution
Special Kuomlntang Committee
Special Nuclear Action Committee
SPONSORED BY Christian Business Men’s Committee
Sport Committee of Outaouais
Sport s Committee
SPORT SHIRTS Committee Room
Sport Shop Junior B Pontiacs Supporters
SPORTS & RECREATION Pontiac s Junior
Sports and Committee
Sports Committee
Sports Committee Old Home Week"
SPORTS Pontiac Junior B’s
SSflSSB® School Committee
St Mary s School Committee
St Mary’s Parents Committee
St Mary’s tennial Committee
St Mikes Elementary and High School Committee
St Paul s Junior Auxiliary
St Paula Anglican Chech Junior Auxiliary
St Pauls Junior Auxiliary
St Pauls Junior Auxllary
St Paul’s Anglican Junior Dr S E McDowell School
St Paul’s Junior Ladle»
St Peter’s Junior High School
St Raul’s Tues-1 Junior
St Raymonds Junior High School
St Stephen’s Cemetery Committee
St. Deiniol’s Library
St. John’s and St. Luke s Junior Auxiliary
St. Mary’s Road Race Committee
St. Paul# Junior Guild Branch
St. Paul’s Church Junior and
St. Paul’s Junior Guild
St. Paul’s Junior Guild St
St.-Mary’s Junior High School
Stamp Campaigning Committee
Standard Church THANKS Anglican SHAWVILLE LIONS CLUB Canada Day Committee
Standard Shawville Ftev D. Mac Pharaon 647-2536 July-August Warship 4 Junior Church
Standing Committee
Standing Committee of China
Standing Committee of the Assembly
Standing Committee on Agriculture
Standing Committee on Communications and Culture
Standing Committee on Finance
Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Standing Committee on Health
Standing Committee on Indian Affairs
Standing Committee on International
Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
Standing Committee on National Health and Welfare
Standing Committee on Public Accounts
Standing Committee on Regional Development
Standing Committee on Transport
Standing Committee on Transport and Communications
Starks Corners Boy Scouts Group Committee
Starks Corners Junior United Church Women
Starks Corners Nominating Committee
Stars 2003 Committee
Stars Junior
States Committee on Foreign Affairs
Stationing Committee
Ste-Anne’s Pastoral Committee
Steam Committee
Steer Committee
Steer Committee Shawville & Quyon Shawville Ottawa
Steer Committee Chapeau
Steer Committee HeritageitP College DATE OF POLL: 1994/11/06 Public Notice
Steer Committee Loving
Steer Committee TVJj Bob Binder 647-3380 Small Business Bookkeeping
Steering Committee
Steering Committee Head
Steering Committee Member
Steering Committee of
Stevens Committee
Stewardship Committee
Stirl-The Committee
Stittsville Junior TB’ Hockey League
Stock Committee
Stonehenge Protection Committee
Store * Junior Red Cross Fraser s Store
Store - 123.12 Library
Store The Junior T3’s
Strained Junior 2s
Strategic Committee on Forestry
Strategic Development Committee
Strategy Committee
Street Committee
Streets Committee
Streets Committee of Shawville Council
Sttlke Committee
Student ........... Junior............. Junior
Student Aid Committee
Student Fund Finance Committee
Student ID Card - Library Card - Liquor Identification
Student Junior.
Student Services Selection Committee
Study Committee
Study Group Friday Prayer Meeting Free Methodist Sunday School Worship & Junior Church
STYLES Junior Girl
Sub Committee
Sueprvisory Committee
Summei Sports Committee
SUMMER LIBRARY HOURS Shawville & Clarendon Library THE World
Summer Sports Committee
Summer Sports Committee Old Home Week
Sun- Committee
Sunbeam Junior Mixmaster
Sunshine Committee
Super Committee
Super Junior
Super Junior Boisvert
Super Junior Boys Gregory Hall
Super Junior League
Super Junior Que
Super Junior Quebec Hockey League
Super Junior team
Super Junior VVc
Superior Council of Education Protestant Committee
Supervisor Committee MacMillan
Supervisory Board ana Educational Committee
Supervisory Committee
Supplies Committee
Supply Committee
Supreme Committee
Supreme Junior
SURGEON DENTIST Cemetery Committee
Surgeon-General’s Library
Susie Social Planning Committee
Sutton Public Library
Suœrvisiory Committee
Sweep Committee
Swin* Committee
Sylvia Junior B Hockey Club
Symmea Junior High School
Symmes Junior High
Symmes Junior High School
Synod Budget Committee
System Committee
System Committee Hungry Hare
System Committee Sa Continuing Education Centre Box
S[K»rts Committee Watch Repairer
T. Committee
Tariff Committee
Tax Committee Pontiac Chamber of Commerce
Taxes-Aylmer School Board Recreation Committee
Taxpayers Committee
TCRA Canteen Committee
Tea Committee
Teachers* Committee
Technical Advisory Committee on Agriculture
Technical Committee
Technical Education Committee
Teen 125 Pageant Committee
Teen Ponti-Consultants Planexel Ltée concerning Library
Teen Pontiac Committee
Teen Pontiac Committee-asking
Teen Town Committee
Télébec Committee
Telephone Committee Convenor
Telephone Committee Dave Mackenzie
Telethon Committee
TENDER Quyon Community Day Committee
Tennyson Memorial Committee
Terrorist Committee
Terrorist Executive Committee
Texas Library Seeds
Tfimway Committee of Glasgow
Thank You Committee Lynn Leach
ThC Library con
The Cemetery Improvement Committee
The Christian Business Men’s Committee of
The Committee
The Committee PROPRIETOR
The Committee Shawville Community Centre Debt Retirement Fund
THE Executive Committee
The Finance Committee
The Full Committee
The Hospital Committee
The Independent Committee
The Junior
The Junior Home-makers Club
The Library
The Planning Committee
The Regional Library
The Road Committee
The Sbawville Municipal Centennial Committee
The School Committee
The West Pontiac Volunteer Committee
The* Finance Committee
THEATRE Committee
THEFT Protestant School Committee
Theological College and Toronto Junior Guild
They Committee
Third Junior Calf
This Committee
Thk Committee Manufacturer
Tho Central Committee
Thome Centennial Committee
Thome Inter Municipal Recreation Committee
Thome Newsletter Committee
Thorne Centennial Committee
Thorne Inter Municipal Recreation Committee
Thorne Recreation Committee
Thorold Junior Cham-1
Three-year Junior B’
Thu Junior Conservative Club
Thunder Bay Liason Committee
Thurs-the Junior Red Cross
THURSDAY Junior Pontiac School
Tiie Judicial Committee
Tired Business Man’s Library
TJ.S. National Committee
Tl Junior B
TmillllP Committee
Tonsilitis Headache Colds Neuralgia Lumbago Neuritis Rheumatism livestock Committee ONTARIO Improve
TOOL UPNOl Girl s Junior Volleyball Team
Top Junior 4H- Brent Carson
Top Junior Dairy
Top Junior Dairy Show
Top Junior Dairy Show-Heifer
Top Junior Dairy Showperson
Top Junior ers Annual Meeting
Top Junior Gymkhana Rider
Top Junior Hoi-
Top Junior Holstein
Top Junior Kaara Brown
Top Junior Pirie
Top Junior Pleasure Rider
Top Junior Plowman
Top Junior Rider
Top Junior Runner
Top Junior Yearling
Top Pre-Junior Brown Competition
Topic: Co Citizens Committee
Toronto Diphtheria Committee
Toronto Public Library
Tourism Committee
Tourist Association Pontiac Committee
Tourist Committee
Tourist Promotion Committee
Tournament Committee
Town Committee of Ottawa
Town Decorating Committee
Town Executive Committee
Town Hall Committee
Town Hall Committee Room
Town Hall Committee See
Town HaU Library
Town Library
Town Library Cost
Town Library Of
Town Library Shawville
Town Library.
Town Library.xtc
Town Planning Committee
Town Renewal Committee
Town Supply Committee Fire-Fighting Chemical Used
Towns Playground Committee
Toy Library
Toy-Lending Library
Tractor Committee
Trade Advisory Committee
Trade Fair Committee
Trade Fair Committee Richards and Associates
Traffic Committee
Traffic Planning and Safety Committee
Trail Committee
Trail Committee Chair-
Trail Horse Junior Karen Toll
Train Committee
Train Service Effective Macartney Junior Milks Them All
Trans Quebec Committee
Trans- Report Fire Committee*
Transition Committee
Transport Committee
Transportation Committee
Travelling Library
TRAY Junior ;a5 PRO
Tree Committee
Tree Farm Committee
Tree Lighting Committee Neighbours
Troop Committee
TrooP Library
Trophy Cabinet Committee
Tropical Health Committee
Truman Committee
Trustee Committee
TTie Committee
Tub Committee
TUESDAY Junior Hockey Broomball
TV Committee
TV News 5:30—Junior Magazine
Twins Junior Twins
T^e Committee
U S Racoons On Ice Junior B Booster Club Snowmobilers
U. News Committee
U.N Human Rights Committee
U.S. Ecnate Foreign Relations Committee
U/^flTA Committee
Uitizens Committee
UJ Committee
Un Club Hereford Junior
UN Committee on Human Rights
Un de# School Committee’s Ban
Un High School Library
UNICEF Committee
Union National Committee
Union Publicity Committee
Union Safety Committee
Union-Management Safety Committee
Unitarian Service Committee
Unitarian Service Committee ,the Canada Safety Council
United Cemetery Committee
United Church Junior Choir
United Church Junior Sunday School Concert
United Church Mn Fred Tarranl Dies Al Foxwarren Starks Corners Wl Hi-liles Committee Make Profils F
United Church Women nicipal Library
United Nations Committee
United Nations Human Rights Committee
United Six Committee
United Six Fund Committee
United SUtes Committee
Unity Committee
University Library
University of Ottawa Faculty of Education Junior-Intermediate English
University of Toronto Library.
University the Committee on Economics
Unofficial Committee
Untie Library
Uons Committee
UOVGG Family Research Library
Up- Junior Hockey League
Upcoming Junior B
Urgent Committee
Urockvllle Junior
Users Committee
Users Committee of St.
User’s Committee
User’s Committee Gazebo
User’s Committee on
UU Wedding Luskville Library.
V Committee
V Edwin Sons Best Junior Calf
V V Committee Reports
V-Day Committee
Va Junior B
Vaillancourt Committee
Valley Crime Prevention Committee
Valley Division Junior B
Valley Division Junior R
Valley Junior B
Valley Junior B Division
Valley Junior B Ex-Pontiac Marcel Ber-playofTs
Valley Junior B Hockey League
Valley Junior Boys
Valley Junior C
Valley Junior League
Valley Junior Works
Valleys Junior BB
Valuation Committee
Vancouver Library Board
Vancouver Public Library
Vandals Junior Bs
Varieties Junior Dare Assorted Varieties
Variety Show Committee
Vatican Library
Vegetables Committee
Vemetery Renovation Committee
Vet Services Committee
Veterans Housing Committee
Victor Emmanuel Library Rome
Victoria Avenue School Committee
Victoria Membership Committee
Vigilance Committee
Village Cemetery Committee
Village of Onslow Committee
Vinton Gowns Committee
Visitation Committee
Visiting Committee
Visiting Committee Mrs.
Visiting Committee Mrs. George Steele
Visitors Committee Reports
Vitaline Committee
Vitizens Committee of Montreal
VK The Special Committee
VNar Savings Committee
Vocational School Reunion Committee
Vocational Schools Committee
Voice Junior Teen Coloured Choir
Voluntary Salvage Committee
Voluntary Sa’vage Committee
Volunteer Committee
Volunteer Committee Any
Volunteer Committee DRIVE AROUND
Volunteer Committee of West Pontiac
Volunteer Library Program
Volunteer Library Program Bertha McGee 648-2669 Vinton Muriel Emmerson
Volunteer Recognition Committee
Volunteer Transportation Committee
Volunteers Committee
W Reserve Junior Champion
W. Brother | Worshipful Brother Morgan Raymond Reside; Junior Dep- Brown; Worshipful Brother
W. Committee of the Council of Public In-
W. I. Program Committee
W.Q.S.B. Negotiating Committee
Wagon Train Committee
Wakefield Library 459-2366 Trinity United Church
Wakefield Rights Committee
Wales Junior/
Wales Sponsors Library Scheme .
Walkathon Committee
Walter Wellington Perry ry Committee
Waltham Sunday School Worship 4 Junior Church
Waltham Group Committee
Waltham Junior Baseball
Waltham Junior Hotkey
Waltham Junior Softball Team
Waltham Library
Waltham Library.
Waltham Youth Committee Hostesses
Waltham’s Sesqui- Centinal Committee
War Committee
War Committee Flour
War Finance Committee
War Memorial Committee
War Ofllce Committee
War Relief Committee of Southern Rhodesia
War Saving* Committee
War Savings Committee
War Work Committee
War Works Committee
Waste Committee
Waste Management Committee
Wat Savings Committee
Watch Committee
Watcr Committee
Watenvork Committee
Water Committee
Water Committee 1
Water-Sowers Committee
Waterfront Revitalization Committee
Waterway Committee
Waterway Committee Appel
Waterway Development Committee
Waterworks Committee
Watff Committee
Way Junior Agriculture
Way National War Finance Committee
Ways & Committee
Ways & Means Committee
Ways A Means Committee
Ways and Means Committee
Ways and Means Committee Mrs Morley Hodgins
Ways and Means Committee Rosemary McCredie
Ways and Means Committee:
Ways Sc Means Committee
Ways Ways and Means Committee
We Residence Committee
We Were | Committee
Weather Bureau''s Library
Webster Committee
WEE JEANNIE Sponsored By Centennial Scottish Day Committee
Weed Committee
Weekly Newspapers Lauded By Liberty Junior Groups Q.
WEINERS Ib Shawville Centennial Committee
Welcome Committee
Welcome Committee Formed For Service Personnel
Welcoming Committee
Welcoming Committee Good
Welcoming Committee Manager Clyde Keith
Welcoming Committee ROLL ROOFING Plain
Welcoming Committee Thrifty Shoppers BALM
Welcoming Committee Want Names of Service Personnel PAGE WIRE
Welfare Committee
Welfare Fund Committee of the New Calumet Mines Employees
Welfare Rights Committee
Welsh Committee
WERE Parks Committee
Wesley United Cemetery Committee
Wesleyan Church the Group Committee
Wesleyan Junior Choir
WEST Canadian Library System Superior
West End Farm Hackney Horse Stake Albert Hackney Association Junior Driver
Western Horse Committee
Western Junior A Re- Nova Scotia
Western Quebec Action Committee
Western Quebec Building Fund Committee
Westmount Junior High School Orchestra
Westmount Public Library
Weston Junior Super Sesame Hamburger Buns
Wheat Advisory Committee
White Bread Westons Junior Burgers Westons Apple Snack Buns Westons Honey Wheat Berry English Muffi
White Committee
White Fine Granulated Sandwich Spread Sugar Glad Junior Pkg
White Junior BB
White of Montreal; Laur- Junior Auxiliary A Junior Auxiliary
White Owl Conservation Award • Committee
White Paper Committee
White Rabbits Junior
White Raven International Youth Library Award.
White Show.Bull Junior Call
Why Library
Wilaon M<j Committee
Wildlife Committee
Wilson Group Committee
Winners Junior Boys
Winning Community Newspaper Sunday School Worship 4 Junior Church
WINTER Library Hours Tuesday
Wireless Committee Recom-''
WL Development Committee
Women’s Committee
Women’s Institute Junior
Women’s Institute Committee
Women’s National Radio Committee
Women’s Regional Advisory Committee
Wood Junior Reserve
Woodlot Management Ottawa River Regulating Committee Shawville
Work / Committee
Work Committee
Work Committee of Hull Farrell
Work Committee of Hull Red Cross
Work Junior Agriculture
WORK WANTED Committee Reports Councillor Edgar Sloan
Worker The Resident Citizens Committee of Chapeau Inc.
Working Committee
Works Committee
World Junior
World Junior A’ Challenge
World Junior Champi-
World Junior Championships
World Junior Cup
World Junior Hockey
World Junior Hockey Championships
World Junior Tourna
World Junior Tournament
World Outreach & International Affairs Committee
World Relief Committee
Worship 4 Junior Church
Worship 4 Junior Church A
Worts Committee
Wounded Allied* Relief Committee
Wyman Railway Transport Committee
X c Committee
X X X Junior
XI Junior Matriculation A
XV Habile Library Building
Y Y A Grand Family Educator Y A Library
Y2K Committee
Yar Committee
Yearbook Committee
Yes Committee
YES Committee L J LOOK
YES Provincial Committee September 20,1995 Mssrs Lucien Bouchard
YOU Library Tour When
Young Committee
Your Committee
Your Entertainment Committee
Youth Committee
Youth Protection Committee
YPS Library.
Zion Lutheran Library
Zone Committee
Zone Committee Meeting
Zone Committee of Pontiac
Zone Committee School Meeting
Zone Conference Committee
Zoning Committee
£5ES55 Police Committee
«47-2204 Committee Meeting River View North
Æ‘-’ Junior B