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Ministry of Recreation

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83471_1980-10-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1981-05-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1981-09-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1982-10-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1984-08-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1984-10-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1984-11-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1984-12-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1984-12-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-03-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-03-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-04-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-04-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-04-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-05-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-06-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-06-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-06-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-09-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-12-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-01-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-02-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-05-28 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-06-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-06-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-06-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-07-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-07-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-07-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-08-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-09-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-10-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1987-03-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1987-05-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-01-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-05-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-05-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-09-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1989-01-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1989-05-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1990-04-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1990-04-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1990-08-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1990-08-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1991-08-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1991-09-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1992-08-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_2009-10-14 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

647-3732 B.C.S. Recreation Director EVA ANDAI STUDIO
Ah Ministry
Air Ministry
Allan Black Recreation
Alma Machinery Recreation
Andrew Daly Auditing Ministry
Andrew Per- Ministry
Anne Sic- Recreation
Auctioneer Stewart James 613-445-3269 Ministry
Bay Kenneth Kilgour Recreation Assoc
Bay Recreation
Bay Recreation Centre
Bay Recreation Centre Social Hour
Bay Recreation F Milkie
Beechgrove Recreation Assoc.
Bey Recreation Assoc
Bey Recreation Association
Bill McCleaiy Shawville Shawville Recreation
Billy Graham Film Ministry
Bob Ministry
Brown- Ministry
Browning Ministry
Buckingham Low Recreation Centre
Carol Invest- Ministry
Charles Company Thorne Centre Recreation
Christian Ministry
Claude Godin Ministry
Compagnie Henderson Equipement de Récréation
Crs Bruce Ministry
Dale Recreation
Dave Kelly Rink Luskville Recreation Committee
David Holmes Intermunicipal Recreation Agreement
Davis Ministry
Denise Beiec Quebec Ministry
Diocese Ministry
Donald ShawviUe Recreation Hockey League ShawviUe Lion
Donald Sloan Recreation Associaiton
Donations Recreation
Earldey Recreation
Esther Du- Ministry
Francis Mur- Ministry
Francois Con1 Recreation Ellzabcth Ann Beaulieu
Garry Recreation
Gilbert McEl- Recreation Association
Glen Ministry
Glen Nugent Recreation Committee Mayor
Gordon Ministry
Grant Eardiey Recreation Association
Hale Blames Ross Ministry
Hay Recreation Association
Helen Ministry
Henry Lu- Recreation Centre
Hull Ministry
Jack Graham Recreation Hall
Jackie Price Ministry
Jacques Ministry
Jamie Recreation Association
Jean- Ministry
Jim Meek Ministry
John De* At Renfrew Recreation Centre
John Lund Ministry
John Recreation Association
Joseph Recreation Association
Kathleen Marie Ministry
Kyle Ministry
Lawrence Ministry
Lillian Ministry
Luc Maurice Regional Recreation
Marie Recreation
Matilda Recreation Danny
Maurice E Ministry
Meet Recreation Chairmen At
Ministry Exams
Monts T bu*1 Ministry
Mrs. Jack Grant Shawville Recreation Director ReC
Music Ministry
Natalie Recreation Association
Participate Recreation Program Tremendous Success D«lble Wedding
Pat Schoular Quebec Ministry
Paul Begins His Ministry
Paul Ministry
Pearson Ministry
Peggy Cruickshank B.C.S.T. Recreation Director 647-3732 L Art MacIntyre
Peggy Cruickshank B.C.S.T. Recreation Director Shawville Town Hall
Peggy Cruickshank BCST Recreation Director Bride Holland
Peggy Cruickshank Recreation Direc-
Peggy Cruickshank Recreation Director
Peggy Cruickshank Recreation Director Leslie Ranch Inn Otter Lake
Peggy Crulckshank B.C.S.T. Recreation Director 647-3732 ?
Pierre MRC Recreation
Pontiac Communi- Ministry
Ray Friel Recreation Centre
Recreation Ann Sparling
Recreation Asso-
Recreation Association
Recreation Associations
Recreation Ball Tournament
Recreation Board
Recreation By Frederick B Edwards
Recreation Centre ST.
Recreation Director
Recreation Facilities
Recreation Grant
Recreation Grants
Recreation Hall
Recreation L
Recreation Merlin Richardson
Recreation Michelle Sura
Recreation Mrs Wayne Murdock
Recreation Plans To Be Made
Recreation Porfage
Recreation R Bretzlaff
Recreation Rooms
Recreation School
Recreation Surprise Hubert Beaudoin
Renfrew Recreation Centre Wed
Richard Poirier Ministry
Richard Pronovost Raymond Guerin Regional Director Ministry
Richard Wills Ministry
Robbie Recreation
Robert La-Ministry
Ross Taillou Ministry
Rudy Schroeder Re Recreation Director
Sandra Murray Recreation
Shane Gordon Ministry
Shawville CounDistrict Recreation Association
Sheenboro Recreation Association
Shirley Recreation Centre
Sylvia Gib-Recreation
Tim Conservative Ministry
Tom Recreation Association
W H Approved Ministry
Waltham Recreation Association Incorporated
Westmeath Recreation
Alliance Quebec Recreation Centre
Bay Recreation
Bay Recreation Associations
Bay Recreation Centre
Bay Recreation Hall
Beech Grove Recreation
Campbell’s Bay Recreation
Campbell’s Bay Recreation Assn
Campbell’s Bay Recreation Assoc
Campbell’s Bay Recreation Campbell’s Bay
Campbell’s Bay Recreation Centre
Campbell’s Bay Recreation Hall
Danford Lake Recreation
Denford Lake Recreation Assoc.
District Recreation
District Recreation Community Centre
Fort Coulonge Recreation
Fort Coulonge Recreation Centre
Fort Coulonge X Campbell’s Bay Recreation Hall
Fort Litchfield Recreation
Fort Recreation
Fort Recreation Assoc
Fort Recreation Assoc.
Fort Recreation Associa-1 Range
Fort Recreation Centre
Fort Recreation l
J Community Recreation
Lake Recreation
Ma Te Way Park Recreation
Norway Bay Recreation
Norway Bay Recreation Asso-
Norway Bay Recreation Associations
Oanford Lake Recreation
Ottawa International Recreation
Ottawa Recreation
Otter Lake Recreation
Otter Lake Recreation As-
Otter Lake Recreation Assoc.
Otter Lake Recreation Centre
Otter Lake Recreation Centre È
Otter Lake Recreation Hall
Quebec Ministry
Rainbow Recreation Hall
Recreation Field
Recreation Park
Récréation • l
Sand Bay Recreation
Sand Bay Recreation Cen-
Shawville Recreation
St Josephs Recreation
St Martin’s Renfrew Recreation Centre
Thorne Community Recreation
083-81- Municipal Recreation Commission
119th Quebec Ministry of Agriculture’s
160,000 Ministry
192,723 Urban Planning Development 62,221 Recreation & Cultural Activities
647-3961 Clarendon Recreation Association
7. Ministry Affairs
Active Ministry Established
Affairs Ministry
Ag Ministry
Ag Ministry CONCRETE PRODUCTS LIMITED Western Canada Prices
Ag Ministry Fat Heifers Vince McConnell
Agricultural Ministry
Agricultural Ministry of
Agriculture Canada Quebec’s Ministry of Ag-America
Agriculture Ministry
Agriculture Ministry’s
Ah Ministry
Air Ministry
Air Ministry News Service
All Ministry
Alliance Quebec Recreation Centre
America Québec Ministry of Natural
American Disaster Fund Otter Lake Recreation Hall
Approved Ministry of Transport School
AREA Summer Recreation Program
AREA Summer Recreation Program Hwy
Art Recreation Association
Asquith Ministry
Association Recreation
Association Recreation de Low
Auxiliary - Shawvilie 647-2147 Agricultural Society Chapeau 669-2228 Thome Recreation Association
Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Communications
Aylmer Recreation Department
Aylmer Recreation Department;
B.C.S. Inter Municipal Recreation Committee
B.C.S. Recreation Association
B.C.S. Recreation Committee
B.C.S.T. Inter-Municipal Recreation Committee
B.C.S.T. Intermunicipal Recreation Committee’s Recreational
B.C.S.T. Recreation Association
B.C.S.T. Recreation Committee
BA Munitions Ministry
Bake Sale Shawville & District ÊÊ Recreation Hall
Bake Sale Shawville & District ÊÊ Recreation Hall Æ Hilicrest Avenue
Baseball League Coulonge Man Dies Recreation Program Following Accident Starts Next Week Murray Pit
Bavarian Ministry
Bay Recreation Association
BAY Recreation Center
BC Ministry of
BCS Recreation
BCS Recreation Budget
BCS Recreation Committee
BCST Inter-Municipal Recreation Committee
BCST Intermunicipal Recreation Committee
BCST Recreation
BCST Recreation Association
BCST Recreation Association Inc.
BCST Recreation Committee
BCST Recreation Director Bride Holland
Bear Bounty Municipality of Bristol Wreath Campbell’s Bay Rural Telephone Company Ministry of Healt
Beechgrove Public Recreation
Beechgrove Public Recreation Association
Beechgrove Recreation Association
Bfltish Ministry of Agriculture
Billy Graham Film Ministry
BIMe Approved Ministry of Transport School
BLOCK & Recreation Committee
Blue Recreation Association
Blyson Recreation Association
Bob Ministry
Bounce Ministry Results
Braeside Recreation Association
Brazilian Ministry of
Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture
Bristol Correspondent Recreation Hall
Bristol Council Recreation
Bristol Mines and District Recreation Assoc.
Bristol Mines and District Recreation Centre
Bristol Mines and District Recreation Com
Bristol Mines and District Récréation Community Centra
Bristol Mines and District Recreation Community Centre
Bristol Mines end District Centennial Box Social end Dance Recreation Association
Bristol Mines end District Recreation Community Centre
Bristol Mines Recreation
Bristol Mines Recreation Association
Bristol Mines Recreation Association Otter Lake By Klizabeth Hahn Correspondent
Bristol Mines Recreation Center
Bristol Mines Recreation GLENWOOD FURNITURE LTD.
Bristol Mines Recreation Lu ella Alexander
Bristol Minus Recreation AssocMtmtt Motion
Bristol Pontiac Recreation Centre Musicians
Bristol Recreation
BRISTOL Recreation Associa
Bristol Recreation Association
Bristol Recreation Association Nov. I.
Bristol Recreation Center
Bristol Recreation Centre
Bristol Recreation Centre Congratulations Corey
Bristol Recreation Centre Prizes
Bristol Recreation Centre Salads
Bristol Recreation Evelyn Wilkinson’s
Bristol Recreation Gauthier
Bristol Recreation Hall
Bristol Recreation Hall Eileen
Bristol Recreation Meike
Bristol Recreation Mrs Rachel Presley
Bristol Recreation Saturday
Bristol Recreation the
Bristol Recreation Town
Bristol Recreation WÊàÈ Basil Belland
Bristol Recreation West Territories
Bristol SHARPE Recreation Hall
Britain’s Ministry of Supply
British Air Ministry
British Air Ministry Con-
British Air Ministry M >
British Columbia Ministry
British Food Ministry
British Food Ministry Opens Plant
British Labor Ministry
British Ministry
British Ministry of
British Ministry of Agriculture
British Ministry of Agrl-
British Ministry of Economic War- Assistant
British Ministry of Economic Warfare
British Ministry of Food
British Ministry of Food;
British Ministry of Health
British Ministry of Health and Chief Woman Medical
British Ministry of Information
British Ministry of Munitions Re-
British Ministry of Pensions
British Ministry of Supply
British Ministry of Works
Bryedn Recreation Association WELCOME!
BRYSON Bryson Recreation
Bryson Lions - Bryson Recreation Association
Bryson Lions Club the Bryson Recreation Association
Bryson Lions • Bryson Recreation Association
Bryson Recreation Aeo-cration
Bryson Recreation Assoc
Bryson Recreation Assoc Loved
Bryson Recreation Assoc.
Bryson Recreation Association
Bryson Recreation Association Annual Meeting
Bryson Recreation Association T.C.R.A.
Bryson Recreation Association Walkathon
Bryson Recreation Association WELCOME!
Bryson Recreation Associations Annual Winter Carnival
Bryson Recreation Committee
Bryson Recreation Hall
Bryson Recreation Happy
Bryson Recreation Interested
Bryson Recreation Paid
Bryson Recreation Secretary-Mrs Joan Sicard
Bryson Theatre the Recreation Association of Consolidated Bathurst
Buckingham Elementary School - Low Recreation Centre Ladysmith Recreation Centre
Calumet Island Recreation Association
CAM Essiam Ministry of Transport
Canadian Central Pontiac Recreation
Carol Invest- Ministry of Transport
Cattle Company Ministry of Education
CBST Recreation Association
Centennial Committee Recreation
Central Pontiac Intermunicipal Recreation Association
Central Pontiac Intermunicipal Recreation Board
Central Pontiac Intermunicipal Recreation Service
Central Pontiac Intermunidpal Recreation Board
Central Pontiac Recreation Associa
Central Pontiac Recreation Board
Central Pontiac Recreation Intermunicipal
Chapeau Recreation Association
CHECK Ministry
Chichester Recreation Association
Children s Ministry
Children s Ministry Nightly EmmrJïV ASes 31012 Farm
Chinese Information Ministry
Chinons Ministry of Health
CHIP FM Ministry of Education
Christ s Spiritual Ministry
Christian Ministry
Church School Ministry Sch
Citizens Ministry of the
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING EXPENDITURES Snowplowing Roads & Transportation Recreation & Culture Adminis
Claude Godin Ministry of Agriculture
Clown Ministry
Clr Hod-Recreation Committee
CNR Recreation Grounds
Coalition Ministry
Cobden Recreation Association
Commercial Recreation
Community Recreation
Community Recreation As-
Community Recreation Association
Community Recreation Association Lady
Community Recreation Association of Ladysmith
Community Recreation Association Secretary
Community Recreation Club
Community Recreation USED Cement
Conservative Ministry
Constitutional Affairs Ministry
Consultative Committee Recreation Committee
Contact Ministry of Transport
Cospet Ministry
Council Clarendon Recreation
Council Ministry of Culture
Council on Recreation Association Building Committee
County Health Unit Ministry of Health Rev.
Cultural Affairs Ministry
Custom Recreation Association
Dally Television Ministry
DAYCAMP - Eanfley Recreation Association
De- Ministry of Transport
Defeats As Recreation Program Tigers i Moves Into High Gear Let In School
Defence Ministry
Defense Ministry
Denford Recreation Association
Department of Recreation
Department of Recreation and Sports Quebec
Derson Recreation Association
DINING ROOM Recreation
District Recreation Assoc
District Recreation Assoc.
District Recreation Association
District Recreation Association Vt Winter Carnival DRAW J
District Recreation Association Albert Armstrong
District Recreation Association AND REFINISHING
District Recreation Association ANNUAL
District Recreation Association Come
District Recreation Association Farmers Federation of Ontario
District Recreation Association Fhaaa
District Recreation Association Jamboree and Dance Complete
District Recreation Association JOYEUSE FÊTE DES MÈRES Mixed Fun Tournament
District Recreation Association MINOR BALL Last Change Registration
District Recreation Association Open
District Recreation Association P.O.
District Recreation Association Quote
District Recreation Association Saturday
District Recreation Association Starlite Quitters
District Recreation Association Take
District Recreation Association THEATRE Fort Coulortqe GENERAL MEETING
District Recreation Association Thursday
District Recreation Association WINTER CARNIVAL
District Recreation Commission
District Recreation Committee
District Recreation Community Cen-costal Church
District Recreation Hall Hillcrest Avenue
Dolomite Co. Portage Recreation Association
DOMINION SECURITIES Heritage College accuses Ministry of Ed
Drilled Well Otter Lake Recreation Association BOX OFFICE OPENS AT 7:30 P M ANNUAL MEETING H HI WAY
Ear-dley Recreation Association
Eardiey Recreation Association
Eardley Recreation & Mountain Road Runners Community Centre
Eardley Recreation & Mountain Road Runners Community Centre Limited
Eardley Recreation Association
Eardley Recreation Association for Perrier
Eardley Recreation Committee
Earldy Recreation Association
Eastern Ministry of Health
Economics Ministry
Education and Recreation
Education Ministry
Education Ministry of Tokyo
Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture
Elite Recreation Parlor
Elmer Du-the Ministry of Fish
Emile Ministry of Transport
Environment Ministry
Environment Ministry Agriculture
Environmental Health: Recreation & Culture: Urban Planning
Equity Reporter Ministry of Education
Equity The Ministry of
Esther Du- Ministry of Transports
EX Summer Recreation Program
EXPENDITURES Snowplowing Roads & Transportation Recreation & Culture Administration
FAIT Recreation Association
Federal Ministry
Federal Ministry Joe Clark
Federal Ministry of
Federal Ministry of Agriculture
Federal Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs
Federal Ministry of Manpower
Ferenc Andai Ministry
Finance Ministry
Finance Ministry the Russian Government
Fish and Game Ministry
Fish SUMMER Recreation
Fletcher Ministry
Food Ministry
Food Ministry Is Taking Sea
Foreign Ministry
Forest Ministry
Free Methodist Youth Ministry
Free State Ministry of Agriculture
French Agricultural Ministry
French Foreign Ministry
French Ministry
French Ministry of Marine
French Ministry of Muni- Kiri
French Ministry of Vom
French-only Ministry
FRONT H Ministry
FRONT T Ministry of Transport
Galilean Ministry
Gatineau Arena Association Recreation
General Blacksmith Hale Blames Ross Ministry
George du Ministry of Marine
German Ministry of
Ginette Recreation Association
Gladstone Ministry
Glenwood Recreation Committee
Gospel Ministry
Government Ministry of Environnement Outaouais Regional Office Hull
Graduation Ministry Results Ministry
Grant Eardiey Recreation Association
Guerin Regional Director Ministry of Environment Michel Picard Ministry of Environment Andre Harvey
HARVEY BROWNLEE Ministry of Health
Heading Ministry
Heaken Ministry
Healing Ministry
Health and Recreation Projects
Health and Social Services Central Gatineau Arena Association Recreation
Health Centre Recreation Technician
Health Town Planning and Community Development Recreation and Culture Capital Expenditures Total Su
HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING SPECIAL Telephone Ministry—Dial Shawville
Heating Ministry
Heritage Canada or Quebec’s Ministry of Culture and Communications
Heritage Division of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Heritage Ministry
Hilgert Bretslaff Ministry of Transport
Hilgert Recreation Association
Home & School Recreation Committee
Home Ministry of Education
Home Security Ministry
Hospital Employee’s Recreation Association
Housing Ministry
Housing Recreation and Culture Other
Hritish Ministry of Labor
Hungarian Ministry of Culture
Hussain Ministry of Roads
Id-North#elo Intermunicipal Recreation Association
Ihe Ministry
Ihu Ministry
Imperial Ministry of the
Inter Inter-Municipal Recreation A- Municipal Recreation Asaoda-ssodation
Inter Municipal 4 Recreation Association
Inter Municipal Recreation
Inter Municipal Recreation Activities
Inter Municipal Recreation Association
Inter Municipal Recreation Moved
Inter-Municipal Recreation Association
Intermunicipal Recreation Association
InterMunicipal Recreation Association budget
Intermunicipal Recreation Association of Central Pontiac
Intermunicipal Recreation Association of Pontiac Centre
Intermunicipal Recreation Service
Island Recreation Association
Israeli Finance Ministry
Israeli Ministry of
Israeli Ministry of Agricul-choose
Italian Ministry of Agriculture
Italian Ministry of Public Instruction
IXikin Ministry
I’lle du Grand Calumet Recreation Association
JACKPOT Ministry
Jean- Ministry of Transport
Jean-Marc Inter Municipal Recreation
Jim Meek Ministry of Culture Jim & Correen Muldoon Onslow Farms
JO p.m. Ministry School Thurs
Joachims Recreation Association
John Financial Report Moved Recreation Moved
John’s Ministry the Baptist
Joint Recreation Board Council’s
Justice Ministry
Kazabazua Recreation Association
Kennedy Shawville Recreation Commission
Kgyptian Ministry of Public
Kidd and Sons Ltd and the Ministry of Transport Michael Dunn
King Ministry
Kingdom Ministry of Food
Kn8*ilh Ministry
Kyle Ministry
l Community Recreation Rotary Topic Sisman SCAMPERS—Men
Labor Ministry
Lac Ste Mane Recreation Association 467-6437 Philemon Wnght Regional High School
Ladies Ministry of the Wesleyan Church
Ladysmith Recreabn Association Ladysmith Oktobedest Inc Bryson Recreation Association Shawville For
Lake Cavamant Recreation Association
Lathe Ministry
Laurier Ministry
Lave- Ministry
Liberal Ministry
Litchfield Recreation
Litchfield Recreation Association
Litchfield Recreation Association for July
Litchfield Recreation Association Wednesday
Local Ministry
Local Recreation & Environ
Local Recreation Perricelli
Lost Showville & District Recreation Assoc.
LOT YL Ministry of Natural Resources
Lovoseat Beechgrove Recreation Association
Ltd of Ministry of Energy
Lturier Ministry
Luskville Recreation Association
MacDonald Ministry
Management Development Ontario Ministry of Colleges
Manifold Ministry
Manpower Ministry
Marchand Ministry
Maritime Drilling Schools Recreation Crulckshank
Mass Sunday Ministry
Masson Recreation Association
Mating Season John Lund Ministry
Maurice E Ministry
Maurice Regional Recreation Council
Mayor Marcel Ministry of Culture
MDDEP - Ministry of Sustainable Development
MELS Ministry of Education
MENVIQ Ministry of Fisheries & Oceans Canada There
MEQ Ministry Environment
Mercier Ministry
Methodist Ministry
Methodist Ministry Bill Heads
Min- Ministry of Agriculture
Mines Recreation Association
Ministry 0f Environment
Ministry Chief-of-Staff
Ministry Communications
Ministry Continued
Ministry de Communications du Québec.
Ministry Educa
Ministry Education
Ministry Elizabeth Court
Ministry Energy and Resources
Ministry Environment
Ministry Exam
Ministry Exams
Ministry Far From
Ministry for Children GUEST SINGER - TUES
Ministry for Church
Ministry for Social Affairs
Ministry Formed
Ministry Grass
Ministry Huddersfield
Ministry Inc
Ministry Lang
Ministry Lawyer
Ministry Marcel Nadeau
Ministry McCrank
Ministry Ministère Chasse
Ministry Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry Mr Amyotte
Ministry Mr Succee
Ministry MRC
Ministry Natural Ik
Ministry Northern Allowance
Ministry of
Ministry of General Mills Oatmeal Raisin Crisp Vanilla
Ministry of I#
Ministry of A
Ministry of Acting
Ministry of Affaires
Ministry of Affairs
Ministry of Ag-
Ministry of Ag-H
Ministry of Ag-The Canada Plum
Ministry of Agri-
Ministry of Agri- Frank Lacourse
Ministry of Agri- Hodgins
Ministry of Agri-%
Ministry of Agri-the
Ministry of Agricul-
Ministry of Agricul- Bretzlaff
Ministry of Agricul- Kinsmen
Ministry of Agricul-Any 4-H Club
Ministry of Agricul-centre
Ministry of Agricul-into
Ministry of Agricul-which
Ministry of Agricult Harold Daley
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture & Food.
Ministry of Agriculture and
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Agriculture budget
Ministry of Agriculture Cows
Ministry of Agriculture English
Ministry of Agriculture Regional
Ministry of Agriculture Tm
Ministry of Agriculture Wednesday
Ministry of Agriculture—which
Ministry of Agriculture’s
Ministry of Agrlcul
Ministry of Agrlcul-the
Ministry of Agrtcul Nip
Ministry of Air
Ministry of Aircraft
Ministry of Aircraft Production
Ministry of Aldershot
Ministry of Approve
Ministry of Area Development
Ministry of Arial Trans- Also
Ministry of Assembly
Ministry of Associés
Ministry of Aviation
Ministry of Aylmer
Ministry of B Transports
Ministry of Beth# Pentecostal Tabernacle
Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle
Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Farm Usa
Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Large
Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle MENS AND WOMENS SNOWMOBILE BOOTS
Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle ROOM
Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Shawville
Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle YOGA
Ministry of Bills
Ministry of Birthday
Ministry of Braves du Centre
Ministry of Bristol^ust
Ministry of Bryson Road
Ministry of Call
Ministry of Canada Economic
Ministry of Canadian Heritage
Ministry of Championships
Ministry of Chemin des Pères Dominicains Transportation
Ministry of Children and Youth
Ministry of Christ" MONDAY
Ministry of Christ" TUESDAY
Ministry of Christ" WEDNESDAY
Ministry of Christ* MONDAY
Ministry of Citizenship
Ministry of Clapham
Ministry of Clarendon Townline
Ministry of Colleges
Ministry of Colonisation
Ministry of Colonization
Ministry of Com
Ministry of Com-
Ministry of Come
Ministry of Communica
Ministry of Communication
Ministry of Communications
Ministry of Communications 7. Administration
Ministry of Communies Absent Commissioner^tmnsfor
Ministry of Conserva-from
Ministry of Conservation
Ministry of Consumer
Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations
Ministry of Continued
Ministry of Conversion
Ministry of Corporation
Ministry of Correspondance
Ministry of Correspondence
Ministry of Council
Ministry of Councillors Hilgert Bretzlaff
Ministry of Cr
Ministry of CRO
Ministry of Crs Carmen Wickens Transport
Ministry of Crs Claude Richardson
Ministry of Cul-
Ministry of Cul- Board
Ministry of Cul-fices
Ministry of Cultu- phoning Communications Branch
Ministry of Cultural
Ministry of Cultural Af
Ministry of Cultural Af-pansion
Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Cultural Afggg
Ministry of Cultural exchange
Ministry of Cultural Proposed
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Culture Affairs
Ministry of Culture and Communications
Ministry of Cultured
Ministry of Development Plan
Ministry of Développement
Ministry of Diline
Ministry of Donald Charron
Ministry of Dwellings Transport
Ministry of Earth
Ministry of Eastern Ontario
Ministry of Economic
Ministry of Economic and Regional Development
Ministry of Economic des Development
Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Economic Development; Raymond Durocher
Ministry of Economic Expansion
Ministry of Economical
Ministry of Ed-
Ministry of Ed-tary
Ministry of Edacity
Ministry of Edu-
Ministry of Edu- Workers
Ministry of Edu-ment
Ministry of Educa
Ministry of Educa- Pontiac High
Ministry of Educa-Aylmer
Ministry of Educa-board
Ministry of Educa-stry of Education
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education 1
Ministry of Education and the
Ministry of Education and the Health Ministry of
Ministry of Education August
Ministry of Education DEP
Ministry of Education Diploma
Ministry of Education Diploma of Vocational Studies
Ministry of Education Diploma of Vocational Studies REGISTERED NURSING ASSISTANT
Ministry of Education Diploma Pontiac Continuing Education Centre
Ministry of Education Diploma Programs
Ministry of Education Diploma Tuition
Ministry of Education Diplomas A&vuzùte 4- Secvitty
Ministry of Education Diplomas High School Diploma
Ministry of Education Diplomas High School Diploma Professional Programs Full-time days
Ministry of Education Épreuves
Ministry of Education Examination
Ministry of Education FEE
Ministry of Education G Obituary Sloan Continued
Ministry of Education office
Ministry of Education s Professional Studies Diploma
Ministry of Education school
Ministry of Education School Board
Ministry of Education School Boards
Ministry of Education Sports
Ministry of Education Tender
Ministry of Education Vocational Diploma
Ministry of Education Vocational Diploma • Instruction
Ministry of Education Vocational Studies Diploma
Ministry of Education-
Ministry of Education;
Ministry of Education’s
Ministry of Educatln
Ministry of Eduction
Ministry of Eitvironment Handles
Ministry of ELduca
Ministry of Employment
Ministry of EMrgy
Ministry of En
Ministry of En-
Ministry of En- Hydro-Quebec.
Ministry of En- Unanimously
Ministry of En-iform
Ministry of Ener-
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Energy and Dumorne Coulonge Forestry Resources
Ministry of Energy and Resources
Ministry of Energy Municipal Council
Ministry of Ennr.nment
Ministry of Env
Ministry of Envi-
Ministry of Envi- Calumet Island
Ministry of Envi- de
Ministry of Envi- Foran
Ministry of Envi- Montreal
Ministry of Envi- Student
Ministry of Envi- Township
Ministry of Envi-Développement Econo
Ministry of Envi-tand
Ministry of Environ
Ministry of Environ R.R
Ministry of Environ-
Ministry of Environ- F Public
Ministry of Environ-thé
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Environment "
Ministry of Environment Adoption
Ministry of Environment and Laval University
Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Environment and Wildlife
Ministry of Environment Certification Call
Ministry of Environment City
Ministry of Environment Claude Rouleau
Ministry of Environment CPR
Ministry of Environment Dangerous
Ministry of Environment Maurice Lamarche
Ministry of Environment McCann
Ministry of Environment Philippe
Ministry of Environment Pontiac
Ministry of Environment Preliminary Approval
Ministry of Environment Regional
Ministry of Environment Specifications
Ministry of Environment Sturgeon
Ministry of Environment Wickens
Ministry of Environment-approved
Ministry of Environment’s
Ministry of Esprit Rafting
Ministry of Estate Transport
Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of External Division; Jayme Hynes Short Shorts"
Ministry of Family
Ministry of Fauna
Ministry of Feeder
Ministry of Feme# Paris
Ministry of Fin-
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Financial Institution* Compagnies
Ministry of Financing
Ministry of Fish
Ministry of Fish and
Ministry of Fisheries
Ministry of Fo-
Ministry of Food
Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Ministry of Food’s
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Forestry
Ministry of Forests
Ministry of Francophone Affairs
Ministry of Germany Leads
Ministry of Harkins
Ministry of Having
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health A
Ministry of Health and
Ministry of Health and Social
Ministry of Health and Social Services
Ministry of Health and Social Services Submit
Ministry of Health dal Services
Ministry of Health ESTABLISHED
Ministry of Health Gatineau Power Co. Sirs
Ministry of Health Institute
Ministry of Health of Great Britain
Ministry of Health Web
Ministry of Heritage Campus
Ministry of Hies
Ministry of High
Ministry of Higher Educa
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Home Security
Ministry of Housing
Ministry of However
Ministry of Hull
Ministry of Human Resources
Ministry of Hunting
Ministry of In-
Ministry of In- LIBRARY HOURS
Ministry of In-These
Ministry of Indus
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ministry of Industry Science
Ministry of Industry Science and Technology
Ministry of Industry Trade and Commerce
Ministry of Information
Ministry of International Affairs
Ministry of Its
Ministry of J Moved
Ministry of J* Health
Ministry of Jesus
Ministry of John McDonnell
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice and Health Canada
Ministry of Justice the
Ministry of Justice’s
Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Labor PONTIAC
Ministry of Labor |
Ministry of Labor’s
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Labour Trepannier
Ministry of Land
Ministry of Land & Forests
Ministry of Lands
Ministry of Law Enforcement
Ministry of Leisure
Ministry of Lemieux
Ministry of Life
Ministry of Loi-
Ministry of Loisir
Ministry of L’Ecuyer
Ministry of L’Environnement
Ministry of Manpower
Ministry of Manpower and Employment
Ministry of Marine
Ministry of Marine Canoes
Ministry of Mavis Hanna
Ministry of McDowell
Ministry of Mimici-trative
Ministry of Mines
Ministry of Ministry of Environment s Environment
Ministry of Ministry of Health
Ministry of Motion Cr T Smith
Ministry of Moved
Ministry of Mr. Elzinga
Ministry of Mu
Ministry of Mu-
Ministry of Mu- Kidney Foundation
Ministry of Mu-the
Ministry of Muer
Ministry of Mumci-
Ministry of Mumcipa Affa»r
Ministry of Muni
Ministry of Muni-!
Ministry of Munici-
Ministry of Municipal
Ministry of Municipal Af
Ministry of Municipal Af-
Ministry of Municipal Af-fellow
Ministry of Municipal Af-From
Ministry of Municipal Af-Lamarche
Ministry of Municipal Af-mavors
Ministry of Municipal Af-quesl
Ministry of Municipal Af-to
Ministry of Municipal Af-was
Ministry of Municipal Af-year
Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Ministry of Municipal Affairs Dear
Ministry of Municipal Affairs Mansfield
Ministry of Municipal Afffairs
Ministry of Municipal and
Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs Outaouais
Ministry of Municipal Correspondence
Ministry of Municipal Loan
Ministry of Municipal McCann
Ministry of Municipal Shawville ^ord Inc $
Ministry of Municipal Whereas
Ministry of Municpal Affairs
Ministry of Munition
Ministry of Munition*
Ministry of Munitions
Ministry of MuS
Ministry of Nat-
Ministry of Nat-I
Ministry of Native
Ministry of Natu
Ministry of Natur- William
Ministry of Natural
Ministry of Natural and Beauregard
Ministry of Natural based
Ministry of Natural Continuing
Ministry of Natural cultural Marketing Board
Ministry of Natural Dear Editor
Ministry of Natural development
Ministry of Natural Ladouceur
Ministry of Natural Michaud
Ministry of Natural MRC
Ministry of Natural Municipality
Ministry of Natural Rc-
Ministry of Natural Re-
Ministry of Natural Re- the
Ministry of Natural ReGauthier
Ministry of Natural Reports &
Ministry of Natural Resays
Ministry of Natural Resc
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Natural Resources ;
Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife
Ministry of Natural Resources-regulated
Ministry of Natural the
Ministry of Natural Though
Ministry of Natural Twenty-five
Ministry of O Brien Theatre Rf NFRt W Fft
Ministry of Oceans
Ministry of Onslow
Ministry of Onslow North
Ministry of Ontario
Ministry of Papineau
Ministry of Parks
Ministry of Parks and
Ministry of Parks and Wildlife
Ministry of Parks and Wildlife Hunting
Ministry of Pensions
Ministry of Pointe
Ministry of Posts Secretary Treasurer
Ministry of Pub
Ministry of Public
Ministry of Public Act
Ministry of Public As
Ministry of Public ers
Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Public Instruc
Ministry of Public Nntirp Gervals/Perry
Ministry of Public Sc
Ministry of Public Se- Moved
Ministry of Public Securi-
Ministry of Public Security
Ministry of Public Security’s
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Public Works United States
Ministry of P^us
Ministry of Quebec
Ministry of Quyon
Ministry of Quyon’s
Ministry of Railways
Ministry of Rec-
Ministry of Reconstruction
Ministry of Recre
Ministry of Récréa
Ministry of Recrea- Bristol Municipality
Ministry of Recreation
Ministry of Recreation Hunting
Ministry of Recreation Pish
Ministry of Redeficit
Ministry of Regions
Ministry of Resolved
Ministry of Resources
Ministry of Resources and Wildlife
Ministry of Revenue
Ministry of Rick Jossul
Ministry of Sabrina Devlin
Ministry of Safety
Ministry of Sally Keindel
Ministry of School
Ministry of Secretary-Treasurer
Ministry of Sect
Ministry of Sector
Ministry of Separated
Ministry of Shawville Ford
Ministry of Sheenboro
Ministry of Shepard Tabernacle
Ministry of Shipping
Ministry of Small Business Allan Hope
Ministry of Social
Ministry of Social Af
Ministry of Social Affair
Ministry of Social Affaire
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Social Services
Ministry of Special
Ministry of Sports
Ministry of Supply
Ministry of Sustainable Development
Ministry of Tembec Davidson
Ministry of the
Ministry of the Agricultural Society
Ministry of the Anglican Church
Ministry of the Army
Ministry of the Church of England
Ministry of the Council of Mayors
Ministry of the Envi- MRC des Collines
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of the Ministry
Ministry of the Ministry of Transport Transport
Ministry of the Natural Resources and Wildlife
Ministry of the United Church of Ceneda
Ministry of There
Ministry of Titus
Ministry of Tlatural Resources
Ministry of Topo Telford
Ministry of Tour-
Ministry of Tour-Pontiac.
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Tourism.
Ministry of Tr
Ministry of Trade
Ministry of Tran
Ministry of Tran-
Ministry of Tranport
Ministry of Trans
Ministry of Trans Dort
Ministry of Trans Eordey
Ministry of Trans government’s
Ministry of Trans Yvon Robert
Ministry of Trans-
Ministry of Trans- A STEVEN DREW FUELS LTD.
Ministry of Trans- and
Ministry of Trans- Calumet Mayor Gaétan Bou
Ministry of Trans- Fleming and Sons Limited the
Ministry of Trans- Gilles
Ministry of Trans- H
Ministry of Trans- McDonald and Mamn
Ministry of Trans- Moved
Ministry of Trans- Stephens
Ministry of Trans- the
Ministry of Trans- Treasurer
Ministry of Trans- What
Ministry of Trans- ZECs
Ministry of Trans-.
Ministry of Trans-caused
Ministry of Trans-Ontario
Ministry of Trans-proved
Ministry of Trans-Thrun
Ministry of Transclients
Ministry of Transnon
Ministry of TransOrange Hall
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Transport & Dept of Environment When Philippe
Ministry of Transport -
Ministry of Transport - River Road
Ministry of Transport 10
Ministry of Transport According
Ministry of Transport AFtWOIK
Ministry of Transport CAIffflljiip
Ministry of Transport Communications Agent Nicole Ste-Mane
Ministry of Transport con- Municipal Director
Ministry of Transport Diyision
Ministry of Transport General
Ministry of Transport Hélène Alary
Ministry of Transport Jam
Ministry of Transport Ltd $
Ministry of Transport of
Ministry of Transport of Transport and Agriculture
Ministry of Transport Parliament
Ministry of Transport Parvo Virus
Ministry of Transport Quebec
Ministry of Transport School
Ministry of Transport Some
Ministry of Transport Thorne
Ministry of Transport Those
Ministry of Transport tion Council
Ministry of Transport Transport
Ministry of Transport Verify
Ministry of Transport/Mr
Ministry of Transporta
Ministry of Transportation
Ministry of Transportation and Communications Patrol
Ministry of Transportation Moved
Ministry of Transportation’s
Ministry of Transportion
Ministry of Transports
Ministry of Transports Ministry
Ministry of Transport’s
Ministry of Transreaction
Ministry of Urban Affairs
Ministry of Vlapham
Ministry of War
Ministry of WHMIS.
Ministry of Wickens
Ministry of Widening of Municipal
Ministry of Wildlife
Ministry of Works
Ministry of Yereck
Ministry of Zacharias
Ministry of,Marine
Ministry Office EGANVILLE
Ministry Otter Lake
Ministry PRESENTS Planning
Ministry PRESENTS Soles & Service Call
Ministry Regional Development
Ministry Resources Moved
Ministry Rexfor
Ministry Scboo Thurs
Ministry Sch
Ministry Sch Thurs
Ministry Schee Thera.
Ministry Scheel There
Ministry Schoe There
Ministry Schoo Thors
Ministry Schoo Thun.
Ministry Schoo Thurs
Ministry Schoo Thurt.
Ministry Schoo Tkurs
Ministry Schoo Ttiurs
Ministry School
Ministry School 0:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH St. John
Ministry School 6:30 p.m Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thome
Ministry School 8.30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Sl
Ministry School 8.30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH St. John
Ministry School 8:30 p.m Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorne
Ministry School 8:30 p.m Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorne Rev
Ministry School 8:30 p.m Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorne Rev.
Ministry School 8:30 p.m Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorne Showville
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH St John
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH St. John
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thome J
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorne
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorne Rev
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorne Rev.
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service LUTHERAN CHURCH Thorns Rev. C Kappas
Ministry School 8:30 p.m. Service McLEAN & SLEVIN INSURANCE FIR F AUTO LIFE Phone
Ministry School F
Ministry School Fnduy
Ministry School Fridey
Ministry School Frldey
Ministry School Lutheran Church Ring
Ministry School Lutheran Church St. John
Ministry School Lutheran Church St. Johns Ladysmith
Ministry School Tbwr*.
Ministry School Tbwrs
Ministry School Then
Ministry School There
Ministry School Thun
Ministry School Thun.
Ministry School Thuri.
Ministry School Thurs
Ministry School Thurt
Ministry School Thwrs
Ministry School Tilers
Ministry School Tkurs
Ministry School Tkyrs
Ministry School Tliurs
Ministry Sck
Ministry Sckoo Thors
Ministry Sckoo Thurs
Ministry Sec-Treasurer
Ministry Seheel There
Ministry Sehoo There
Ministry Sehoo Thurs
Ministry Sehoo Tkurs
Ministry Sekoe Thera.
Ministry Shaw
Ministry SkhStSFSSSsy-
Ministry Sworn la
Ministry Sylvia Sloan
Ministry TORONTO
Ministry Training
Ministry Transport
Ministry Transportation
Ministry [of Environment
Ministry’s list Municipal Affairs
Miracle Ministry SERVICES
Miracle Ministry St Matthew’s - Charteris APRIL
MONUMENTS A Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle
MONUMENTS Shawville & District Recreation Assoc.
Motion Crs Ar- Ministry of Environment H Council
MOVIE p.m. Ministry School Thurs
Mr Ministry of Transport
Mr Syl- Ministry of Transport
Mr. Merciers Ministry
MRC Ministry
MRC war- Quebec Ministry of Tour-
MRCs Ministry of Municipal
MRN (Québec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife
MUE C- Quyon Sports & Recreation 3-PITCH MIXED S W TOURNAMENT
Municipal Affairs Ministry
Municipal Council Recreation Grant
Municipal Recreation
Municipal Recreation Activities
Municipal Recreation Association
Municipal Recreation Board
Municipal Recreation Com-
Municipal Recreation Commission
Municipal Recreation Commission Councillor Bronson
Municipal Recreation Commission-Moved
Municipal Recreation Committee
Municipality Recreation Commission
Music Ministry School SoeaKer Tonv Schaaoman
Musical Ministry of
Natal Ministry
National Ministry of Education
National Recreation Associa
National Recreation Association
New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture
NEWS Ministry
North Onslow Recreation Association
Norwegian Ministry
NOTICE Summer Recreation Prog
NT Ministry
Nuliar Pasha Ministry
Office Air Ministry
Office of the Ministry
OFY Project Recreation
Ontario Health Ministry
Ontario Ministry
Ontario Ministry el Agriculture and
Ontario Ministry of
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food Fact Sheet
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food Animal Health
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food Office
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food
Ontario Ministry of Education
Ontario Ministry of Energy
Ontario Ministry of Energy and Resources
Ontario Ministry of Health
Ontario Ministry of Natural
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Ontario Ministry of the
Ontario Ministry of Tourism
Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Ontario Ministry Ottawa
Ontario Ministry Spotswood
Ontario Provin- Ministry of Transport
Ontario’s Ministry
Orange Ministry
Orford Ministry
Orr Ministry
OS The Ministry of Transport’s
Ot- Ministry of Natural Re-tawa River Sports
Ot- Ontario Ministry
Ottawa Division Recreation Assoc
Ottawa Division Recreation Association
Ottawa International Recreation
Ottawa Parks & Recreation
Ottawa Parks & Recreation Association
Ottawa Recreation Association Toronto
Otter Leke Recreation Association
Out- Ministry
Out-aouais Regional Recreation Council
Out-Quebec Ministry of
Outaou&is Recreation Council
Outaouab Regional Recreation Council
Outaouaia Regional Recreation Council
Outaouais Ministry of Transportation Communication
Outaouais Recreation Association
Outaouais Recreation Council
Outaouais Regional Recreation Assoc
Outaouais Regional Recreation Council
Outaouais Regional Recreation Council Inc
Outaouais Regional Recreation Councils
Outaouais Regional Recreation CouncU Inc FARM
Outaouals Recreation Council
Outdoor Recreation Department
Outouais Regional Recreation Council
Outsouais Regional Recreation Council
Overseas Ministry
P. Kaden........... Ministry of Health
Parks & Recreation JL.
Parks and Recreation Services
Pastor A Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle AVON REPRESENTATIVES
Pat Schoular Quebec Ministry of Ener-
PAUL MCGEE Equity Editor If the Ontario Ministry of Labour
Paving Quebec Ministry of Public
Peace Parks Recreation Association
Pembroke Quebec Ministry
Pension Ministry
Peruvian Ministry of Ag-has
PL The Recreation Association of Calumet Island
Planned Recreation F
Plotz Motors PEMBROKE 12 noon Ministry Office BE PROMPT There
Ponhoc Recreation Association
Pontefract Golf Club Bryson Recreation Association
Pontefract Recreation Association Committee
Pontiac Ag-Recreation Association
Pontiac Bryson Recreation Associa
Pontiac By PAUL MCGEE Equity Editor PONTIAC —The Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources
Pontiac Com-C munity Hospital Employees Recreation Association
Pontiac Communi- Ministry of Transport
Pontiac Community Hoepi- Recreation Association
Pontiac Community Hospital Recreation Association
Pontiac Computers P.P.J. Cyclopark Recreation Association Sûreté du Québec Shawville United Church
Pontiac Cty District Recreation Community Can
Pontiac Eco~ the Ministry
Pontiac Enterprise the Ministry of
Pontiac Gatineau Labelle Recreation Assoc.
Pontiac Hospital Employees Recreation Association
Pontiac Inter Municipal Recreation Board
Pontiac Inter-Municipal Recreation Board
Pontiac Intermunicipal Recreation Board
Pontiac Intermunicipal Recreation Board Ball Tournament
Pontiac Intermunicipal Recreation Board Jeunesse
Pontiac Intermunicipal Recreation Service
Pontiac Lions Club Presented by Beachburg Recreation Association SPECIAL OFFER — Planning
Pontiac Ministry of Industry and Gillies Bros site
Pontiac MNA Ministry of Transport
Pontiac Mu- Pontiac Recreation Association
Pontiac Municipal Recreation Commission
Pontiac Municipality Recreation
Pontiac Recreation
Pontiac Recreation As-come
Pontiac Recreation Associa
Pontiac Recreation Association
Pontiac Recreation Association for Persons
Pontiac Recreation Beginning November
Pontiac Recreation Board
Pontiac Recreation Council
Pontiac Recreation News
Pontiac Recreation Pontiac Recreation
Pontiac Recreation Workers Association
PONTIAC SONGS Shawville & District Recreation Association
Pontiac Tourist the Department of Recreation
Pontiac Zone Recreation Annual
Port Coulonge Recreation Association
Portage du Fort Litchfield Recreation Associa Recreation Centre
Portage du Fort Recreation Assoc.
Portage du Fort Recreation Association
Portage du Fort Recreation Association for
Portage du Fort Recreation Association GAVAN’S HOTEL Quyon
Portage du Fort Recreation Association Some
Portage du Fort Recreation Center
Portage Recreation Association
Portage Recreation Association Annual Hospital A
Portage Recreation Association Gore-Tex® Jackets
PORTAGE Recreation Association J
Portage Recreation Association; Services
Portage Recreation Organization
Power Ministry
Preebyturian Ministry
Preparatory Ministry of John Matthew
Professional Teachers • A Ministry of Education Vocational Studies Dipl Admission Requirements
Professional Teachers • A Ministry of Education Vocational Studies Diplo
Professional Teachers • A Ministry of Education Vocational Studies Diploma
Professional Teachers • A Ministry of Education Vocational Studies Diploma Admission Requirements
Professional Teachers • A Ministry of Education Vocational Studies Diploma Otter Lake
ProJect Chutes Ministry of Economic school
Propaganda Ministry
PROPERTY Ministry of Transport
Provincial Ministry
Provincial Ministry of Agri-
Provincial Ministry of Agriculture
Provincial Ministry of Agriculture’s
Provincial Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Provincial Ministry of Edu-eation
Prussian Ministry
Prussian Ministry of Justice
Public Meeting- Recreation
Public Recreation Resolved
Public Security 660,790 Transportation Recreation
Public Security Transportation Recreation & Culture Holstein Steers Good Com
Puppet Ministry
Quçbeç Ministry of Cultural Affairs
QUE Shawville & District Recreation Assoc.
Quebec Conservative Ministry of Hon
Quebec Department of Recreation
Quebec Department of Recreation Hunting
Quebec Environment Ministry
Quebec Federation of Recreation Associations
Quebec Health and Social Services Ministry
Quebec Ministry
Quebec Ministry Culture
Quebec Ministry Dec.
Quebec Ministry Industry
Quebec Ministry McCann
Quebec Ministry McCrank
Quebec Ministry Ministry
Quebec Ministry of
Quebec Ministry of Agri-
Quebec Ministry of Agriculture
Quebec Ministry of Budgeting Enterprises
Quebec Ministry of Chemistry of Health
Québec Ministry of Collines
Quebec Ministry of Communications
Quebec Ministry of Council
Québec Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Cultural and Communications
Quebec Ministry of Culture
Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications
Quebec Ministry of Delmer Barber
Québec Ministry of Economic Development
Quebec Ministry of Economical Development
Quebec Ministry of Educa
Quebec Ministry of Education
Quebec Ministry of Education and McGill Uni- VT Continued
Québec Ministry of Education Diploma of Vocational Studies
Quebec Ministry of Education J Armstrong
Quebec Ministry of Education office
Quebec Ministry of Education Requirements
Quebec Ministry of Education the Pontiac Protestant Adult Education Literacy Program
Quebec Ministry of Ener-
Quebec Ministry of Energy
Quebec Ministry of Energy and Resources
Québec Ministry of Envi-
Quebec Ministry of Environment’s
Québec Ministry of Finances
Quebec Ministry of Forests
Quebec Ministry of Fortunately
Quebec Ministry of Health
Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services
Quebec Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Quebec Ministry of Higher Education and Science Please
Quebec Ministry of Highways
Quebec Ministry of Industry
Quebec Ministry of Inter- ATP
Quebec Ministry of International Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Labour
Quebec Ministry of Lake Lodge
Québec Ministry of Loisir
Quebec Ministry of Municipal Af
Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Natural MRC
Quebec Ministry of Natural Pontiac
Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources
Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and
Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife
Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources;
Quebec Ministry of Parks and Wildlife
Quebec Ministry of Public Se-
Quebec Ministry of Public Security
Quebec Ministry of Public Security June
Quebec Ministry of Quebec
Quebec Ministry of Recreation
Quebec Ministry of Recreation and Sports
Quebec Ministry of Ressources
Quebec Ministry of Revenue
Québec Ministry of Services Centre’s Shawville
Québec Ministry of Social Security
Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development
Quebec Ministry of the
Québec Ministry of Tourist
Quebec Ministry of Trans-
Quebec Ministry of Transport
Quebec Ministry of Transport Changes
Québec Ministry of Transportation
Quebec Ministry of Transports
Quebec Ministry of Wildlife
Quebec Ministry Pontiac
Quebec Ministry Transportation
Quebec Ministry Your
Quebec Quebec Ministry of Ener-
Quebec Recreation Association for Ottawa Valley Handicapped
Quebec Recreation Federation
Québec Telephone Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Shawville
Quebec’s Ministry
Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture
Québec’s Ministry of Culture and Communications
Quebec’s Ministry of Culture’s
Québec’s Ministry of Natural Resources
Quyon Agricultural Annual Ministry of Transport
Quyon Flyers youth Recreation Association
Quyon Recreation Association
Quyon Sports & Recreation Cory Boutin
Quyon Sports and Recreation Association
Quyon Sports Recreation
RATEPAYERS Recreation Association Ward
Ray Friel Recreation Centre
RD The Ministry of Environ
Reclama-Quebec Ministry of
RECREATION Valley Denture
Recreation & Culture
Recreation & Sports
Recreation - Royce
Recreation As- Carson Hodgins
Recreation Ass
Recreation Asso- Birthday
Recreation Asso- Questions
Recreation Assoc
Recreation Assoc.
Recreation Association
Recreation Association SA
Recreation Association CAMPBELL’S WELDING SERVICE Wyman
Recreation Association de
Recreation Association M. FEBRUARY
Recreation Association REMEMBER
Recreation Association Wag
Recreation Association 467-5335 Aylmer Arts Council
Recreation Association A -
Recreation Association ADMISSION
Recreation Association Annual
Recreation Association Annual General Meeting
Recreation Association Annual Meeting
Recreation Association ANNUAL MEETING Wednesday
Recreation Association Annual NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY Wednesday
Recreation Association ANNUAL SETS Santa Claus Parade Saturday Dec.
Recreation Association Annual Winter Carnival
Recreation Association Arteries Picked
Recreation Association At Carleton University
Recreation Association AT YOUR HOME
Recreation Association Auditorium
Recreation Association Ball Field - Wind-up Dance
Recreation Association Band
Recreation Association Beer Permit
Recreation Association Bingos
Recreation Association Boys
Recreation Association Broomball Tournament
Recreation Association CAMPBELL
Recreation Association Carnival
Recreation Association Centre
Recreation Association Chutes Coulonge Family Fun Day
Recreation Association Delegates
Recreation Association Finance Committee
Recreation Association for XW* W*
Recreation Association for Intellectually Handicapped
Recreation Association for Persons
Recreation Association for Quyon
Recreation Association FRIDAY
Recreation Association Fun Ball Tournament
Recreation Association Golard
Recreation Association Grounds
Recreation Association Hall
Recreation Association Hall Fee
Recreation Association Hall Saturday
Recreation Association HAVE FLOOR SAMPLES AT VERY Glengarry Highland Games BRIAN LANDRY LOW Food
Recreation Association Hockey Tournament
Recreation Association Horn 458-2089 Office
Recreation Association IMck
Recreation Association Inc.
Recreation Association Inc. 1,000.00
Recreation Association Incorporated
Recreation Association Involving
Recreation Association It
Recreation Association July
Recreation Association Lob Ball Tournament
Recreation Association Margaret Murphy
Recreation Association Meeting
Recreation Association Meeting Apple
Recreation Association Members
Recreation Association Members or Junior Pontiac Committee
Recreation Association Meubles Usagée Used Furniture
Recreation Association Motion by Clrs Schock
Recreation Association Motion by Councillor Elmer
Recreation Association of
Recreation Association of Aloysuis McGuire
Recreation Association of Bryson
Recreation Association of Campbell
Recreation Association of Central Pontiac.
Recreation Association of Chapeau
Recreation Association of Forrester’s Falls
Recreation Association of Grand Calumet
Recreation Association of Mansfield
Recreation Association of Otter
Recreation Association of Otter Lake
Recreation Association of Otter Lake Every
Recreation Association of Percy Belsher
Recreation Association of Port
Recreation Association of Shawville
Recreation Association of Shawville Macintosh
Recreation Association of Shawvüle
Recreation Association of Vinton
Recreation Association ON CHOV - RADIO
Recreation Association Paul II High School
Recreation Association PERFORMANCE DEALERS
Recreation Association Physical Fitness Project
Recreation Association Pontiac Pride JAMBOREE LIONS GROUNDS
Recreation Association Program
Recreation Association Queen
Recreation Association Randy Bean
Recreation Association Raymond Tremblay
Recreation Association Recreation Association
Recreation Association Registration
Recreation Association Resolved
Recreation Association Rink Hours of Free Skating
Recreation Association ROTEL - HOTEL
Recreation Association ROTEL - ROTEL
Recreation Association Shawville Areana
Recreation Association She
Recreation Association SZ Pontiac Printshop Ltd Shawville
Recreation Association THE LARGEST Pierre Dumouchel
Recreation Association the Seventh Line
Recreation Association Tractor
Recreation Association Trophy
Recreation Association Upper Pontiac Sports Complex
Recreation Association Vinton Parish Hall Saturday
Recreation Association Warm
Recreation Association Winter Carnival
Recreation Association X
Recreation Association YOU COULD IE
Recreation Association Young Canada Works Prelect Campbell
Recreation Board
Recreation Board GARAGE Sale
Recreation Budget
Recreation Bureau
Recreation Canada
Recreation Center
Recreation Center Couneflter Greeter
Recreation Center Inc.
Recreation Center Thursday
Recreation Center- Council
Recreation Centre
Recreation Centre and Post Office
Recreation Centre Bad
Recreation Centre Call Peter Price
Recreation Centre ST.
Recreation Centre Total Prize
Recreation Charter
Recreation Club
Recreation Club Build Your Own House Leather Work Yoga First Aid
Recreation Club Build Your Own House Leather Work Yogs First Aid
Recreation Club Social
Recreation Club the
Recreation Com
Recreation Com Centre
Recreation Com Mason
Recreation Com QUYON QUE.
Recreation Com-
Recreation Com- Raymond Renaud
Recreation Commission
Recreation Commission and
Recreation Commit-Louis Paquette
Recreation Committee
Recreation Committee Basil Murphy
Recreation Committee Clarendon Council
Recreation Committee Mayor
Recreation Committee of
Recreation Committee of Council
Recreation Committee of Home & School
Recreation Committee of Home and School
Recreation Committee of Kazabazua
Recreation Committee Peggy
Recreation Committee Peggy Cruickshank
Recreation Committee Pontiac Council
Recreation Community Centre In
Recreation Construction
Recreation Coordinator Tourism
Recreation Council
Recreation Counsel- Committee
Recreation Delegate Committee
Recreation Department
Récréation Department Arnprlor Civic Centre Conway
Recreation Department of Aylmer
Recreation Director
Recreation Director Alain Fournier
Recreation Director Fast Ball Tournaments
Recreation Director Miss Colette Slain
Recreation Director Town Hall
Recreation Director- Whereas Council
RECREATION Downtown Pembroke
Recreation First Annual REGISTERED Quarter Horse Intermediate Softball Tournament
Recreation Fish Motion Crs L Wilson
Recreation Fund
Recreation Group
Recreation Hall
Recreation Hall/Bar Chicken
Recreation Hockey
Recreation Hockey League ShawviUe Lion s Club ShawviUe Business Association Karen Barr Jeff Harris
Recreation Hockey McColgans
Recreation Inc
Recreation Information
Recreation Leadership Program
Recreation League
Recreation Minor Hockey League
Recreation Mr.
Recreation News
Recreation Properties
Recreation Regional Since AECL
Recreation Room
Recreation School
Recreation Service
Recreation Services
Recreation Services Associate
Recreation Shawville
Recreation Shop
Recreation Society
Recreation SSS SSisSS
Recreation Standard Church Shawville Rev.
Recreation Studies
Recreation Thorne Community Carnival
Recreation Volunteer Administrators
Recreation- Royce Richardson
Regional Development Recreation 4 Culture Coe
Regional Recreation Association
Regional Recreation Council
Renewal Ministry Quyon
Renfrew Recreation Center
Renfrew Recreation Figure Skating Club
Rilot Ministry
Roes Ministry
Roes-Taillon Ministry
Ross Taillou Ministry
Route 366 Pulley; Recreation and Culture
Sacred Ministry
Sale Fair Price French Ministry
Salisbury Ministry
School Board and Ministry of Education
Scottish Health Ministry
Security Ministry
SERVICE Renfrew Recreation Centre Saturday
Sha.vville & District Recreation Aioclrion
Shady Nook Recreation Centre
Shane Gordon Ministry of Municipal Af
Shaw-villa St District Recreation Association
Shawvie & District Recreation Aas’n ZLim Call BUI
Shawvillc Recreation Association Competitive Ball Tournament
Shawville & District Récréation
Shawville & District Recreation Assoc.
Shawville & District Recreation Association
Shawville & District RECREATION ASSOCIATION Annual Meeting
Shawville & District RECREATION ASSOCIATION Monday
Shawville & District Recreation Association SUMMER PROGRAM.
Shawville & District Recreation Association Winter Carnival DRAW
Shawville & District Recreation Hall Hillcrest Avenue
SHAWVILLE Approved Ministry of Transport School
Shawville C0 & District Recreation Association III Brian Ladysmith
Shawville Council April Recreation
Shawville District Recreation Association
Shawville Ladies Hospital Auxiliary Beechgrove Recreation Association A A
Shawville Lions Recreation Night
Shawville Ministry of Agriculture
Shawville Recreation Association
Shawville Recreation Association Fun Tournament
Shawville Recreation Association Hall
Shawville Recreation Association Shaw- Service
Shawville Recreation Association SHAWVILLE J It SNT Hall Thursday
Shawville Recreation Commission
Shawville Recreation Committee
Shawville Recreation Program
Shawville S District Recreation Association
Shawvilte Recreation Association Executive
ShawviUe Recreation Association
Shawvllle & District Recreation Association Winter Carnival Fiddling & Step-dancing Competition
Shawvllle Recreation Association
Shawvllle Recreation Association Hall Nov.
Sheenboro Recreation Association
Sheentxxo Recreation Association
ShewviH# Recreation Association - Shewvilie
Social Project Ladysmith Thorne Community Recreation Assoc.
Social Recreation
Solution The Ministry of Educa
Soucie Ministry Continued
South Air Ministry
Spoiler Ministry
Sports & Recreation Automotive
SPORTS & RECREATION Pontiac s Junior
SPORTS & RECREATION Project Facilitator PHS
Sports & Recreation Shawville’s Angus
St Joseph Recreation Association
St Josephs Recreation Association
St Louis de France Catholic Church Group 457-2732 467-4441 Polbmore Recreation Ass
Store Renfrew Recreation Department Arnprlor Civic Centre
Student Norway Bay Recreation Asso- Project
Study For Anglican Ministry
SUMMER CLEARANCE Last Call Portage du Fort Recreation Association
SUMMER Recreation
Supply Ministry
Swiss Ministry Gets Wide Powers
Tallinn Ministry
Taxes-Aylmer School Board Recreation Committee
TCRA Recreation Association
Telephone Ministry of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Shawville
THANK YO U Portage du Fort Recreation Association
The Equity Ministry of Energy
The Ministry
Thome Community Recreation Association
Thome Community Recreation Association Ladysmith
Thome Inter Municipal Recreation Committee
Thorne Center Recreation Association
Thorne Centre Recreation Association
Thorne Com "Unity Recreation Assn
Thorne Community Recreation
Thorne Community Recreation Aseodation Ladysmith
Thorne Community Recreation Assoc.
Thorne Community Recreation Association
Thorne Community Recreation Association Hall
Thorne Community Recreation Association JOAN FINNIGAN
Thorne Community Recreation Association Q
Thorne Community Recreation Association Saturday
Thorne Community Recreation Center
Thorne Community Recreation Centre
Thorne Community Recreation Improvement
Thorne Council and Thorne Community Recreation Association
Thorne Inter Municipal Recreation Committee
Thorne Recreation Association
Thorne Recreation Committee
Thorne’s Recreation Association
THURSDAY SATURDAY Ministry of Energy
Tiger Otter Lake Recreation Asso- Store
Tim Conservative Ministry of
Tlw Ministry
Tom Recreation Association
Tory Ministry
Town of Aylmer Recreation Department
Town of Renfrew Recreation Centre
Transport Ministry
Transport Ministry photo Denise Belec Department of Transport
Treasury Board and Ministry of Education
Tuesday Recreation Association September
TWTWH Ministry of Education
UllfcJ Ross-Taillon Ministry
UN BUFFET SPÉCIAL Shawville & District Recreation Association
Unionist Ministry
United Church Women and Beechgrove Recreation Association
UPA Secretary Pontiac Ministry of Environment
USSR Ministry of Health
Victory School Ministry
Visitors Ministry
Waltham Recreation Association
Waltham Recreation Association - Waltham
Waltham Recreation Association Inc for
Waltham Recreation Association Inc.
Waltham Recreation Association s annual Senior Citizens Christmas Meal
WANTED Quyon Sports & Recreation Matt WINNERS
War London—The Ministry of Information
War Ministry
Waterloo Parks and Recreation Department
Way Ministry
Way We Were Shawville Shows Support Recreation Association
WED Otter Lake Recreation Association’s Annual New Year’s Eve Party
WÊËÊ Shawville Recreation
Wesley Ministry
Whit- EXPENSES Administration Environmental Health MRC Public Security Transportation Recreation &
Winter Sports Turkish Woman Artist 0 Recreation
Wise- Ministry
Works Through Recreation Activities Portage du Fort
WW Recreation Association EQUITY PHOTO Shawville Fair
Youth Ministry
Z. EXPENSES Administration Public Security Transportation Environmental Health Urbanism Recreation