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Historical Society Archives Project

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Possible related entities:

Adeline Society
Ag Society
Agricultural Society
Alex Rutledge Ca"°dion Bible Society
Alice Agricultural Society
Allan Society
Angel Tree Project
Archives Archives Canada
Archives Bibliothécaire
Archives Canada
Archives Graham
Archives Nationales
Arthur Kilgour Agricultural Society
Astronomical Society Bulletin
Atyicultural Society
Audubon Society
Awareness Project
Bay Imited Women’s Missionary Society
Ben Hokum Ottawa Valley Historical Maries
Blue Cat Society
Bonnie Richardson Vice-President Pontiac Agricultural Society
Brian Pembroke Musical Society
Brown Cross Society
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Cancer Society Shawville
Cancer Society
Carl Society
Charles David Schock Hamilton Band Pontiac Historical Society
Charles Rudolph BretzlafT Society
Charles Society
Chelsea Society
Choral Society
Christina Peck Shawville Pontiac Agricultural Society Budget Meeting MA
Clarence Project
David Mill Lake Project
Dean Lloyd Sheen Council Agricultural Society
Denis Society
Deuositvrv IU« Ottawa Auxiliary Bible Society
Diabetic Society
Don Society
Donald Pontiac Agricultural Society
Doug Corrigan Society
Earl Lépine Project
Edgar Canadian Cancer Society
Edith Letts Pontiac Archives Sharon Hampson Jakarta
Ella Pontiac Agricultural Society
Emigration Society
Empire Society
Ernest Prime Project
Faye Greer Pontiac Agricultural Society John
Faye I^ Pontuc Historical
Frances Caledonian Society
Fred Pontiac Historical
Friend Society
Gary Thompson Lions Mint Project
George Coles Sr 4-H, Pontiac Agriculture Society
George Dyson Lay Minister Missionary Society
George McNabb Pontiac Agricultural Society Todd
Gil Society
Gilbert Hible Society
Glenn Clarke Landscaping Project
Grant Agricultural Society Bldg
Grant Agricultural Society- Resolved
Grant Project
Gross Society
Heather Dickson Pontiac Agricultural Society First Vice-President Lome Sharpe
Helen Routliffe Chairperson Canadian Cancer Society Shawville Hockey Club
Henry Oswald McCord Pontiac Agricultural Society
Histoncal Society
Historical Pageant Ottawa
Historical Panel
Historical Society
Historical Walks
Horn Society
Ian Cumming Pontiac Agricultural Society
Initiatives Project
J. Lloyd Armstrong V.P. Pontiac Historical Society
James Project Love
Jean Pontiac Agricultural Society
Jean Baptiste Society
Jean McCann Chairperson Canadian Cancer Society For
John Howard Society
John Milton Society
John Trent Sclerosis Society
Katharine Fletcher Historical Walks
Katherine Society
Kathy Mohr Pontiac Agricultural Society
Kent Taylor Marie Windsor Space Project Pontiac Hoast
Knox Bristol W.I. To Vole On Hissionery Society Canadian Anthem
Ladies Centennial Project
Lee Historical Society
Les Archives
Lillias Howard Pontiac Agricultural Society
Lloyd Neville Oktoberfest Ladysmith Society Bursary
Lucy Vincent de Paul Society
M L Society
Marc Le- Project
Mardi Gras Society
Marjorie Society
McRae Pontiac Historical Society
Michael Project
Michael Society
Michele Project
Mike Works Project
Milton Historical Society
Missionary Society»
Mr. Andrew the Canadian Red Cross Society
Mr. Eason Russell Pontiac Agricultural Society Olv.
Mrs T J Roberts Project
Mrs. Earl W Bible Society Secretary
Museum Project
Pat McConnell Pontiac Agricultural Society
Paul Ryan Agricultural Society
Paul Society
Pontiac Archives
Pontiac Historical Society
Predbyterian Womens Missionary Society
Project Blue Jay
Project Graham
Project Ma
Project X * Ernest Goes
Randy Belsher Trucking Reis Renfrew Agricultural Society Robaye Farms
Randy Foster Fiji Ottawa River Project Inc.
Re-Canada Works Project
Registration J K GLOBE PROJECT
Richard Bowie Pontiac History Project P.O.
Ringrose Funeral Ottawa Historical Walks - Antique
Robert Historical Walking Tour
Rod Cross Society Organised
Roland Project
Ross Dickson Historical
Ross Historical Society
Ross River Project Inc.
Ross Township Historical
Royal Empire Society
Royal Stuart Society
Rusty Leach Vensaae Project Walleye
Ruth Smiley Pontiac Historical Society
Sarah Society
Sawyer Society
Shawn Hackney Society Junior
Society "
Society Bursary
Society Dog Food
Society Dr. Hamblin Smith
Society Funeral
Society Ho
Society Hodfins—Corrigan Elect 0*ficer
Society Inc.
Society Inc. Letter
Society Position
Society Treasurer Marie Sulla-franque
Song Society
St James Literary Society
Steve Evans Historical Walks
Sylvia Bakker Archives
Theodore R Hodgins Coulonge Project
Tim Horton Project
Tim Horton Society
Todd Agricultural Society
Tom Orr Carlage Boutique Gwendolyn Pontiac Agricultural Society Campbell
Tom Waltham Project
Tony Beck Ottawa Horticultural Society Events
Tree Project
Vaoxhall Dim trio# Bow Mirer Irrigation Project An
W L Project Manager
W M eBaUwr Society
W. F Ottawa Bible Society
Wally Barber Pontiac Agricultural Society
Wanda Stevenson Society
William A.Sheppard Society
Wmft Canadian Standard Bred Society
Womens Missionary Society
Young Peoples Society
Young People’s Society
Archives Look
Bible Society
Canada Works Project
Centennial Project
Fort Society
Fort William Historical Park
Grand Canal Project
Grand Canal Project Outlined
Historical Soc-1 l.
Hit H l (l l Society ;V
Irish Society’s
Ma en ah Historical Eoleyet
Mill Dam Park Project
NEW YORK.—Society
Norway Bay Historical
Ottawa Auxiliary Hi Me Society
Ottawa Canal Project
Ottawa Canal project.mi
Ottawa Historical
Ottawa River Project
Ottawa River Project’s
Ottawa Valley Historical
Project de
Project Park Zoo
Project Planet
Quebec Project
River Project
Society Islands
Society No. l Hynes
Society No. l J4S.
Society No. l NOTICE.
Upper Canada Norway Bay Historical
Y Historical
Y Historical Project
*17,500 Public Works Hydro Quebec Project BARBER EQUIPMENT
.1 School Shoeblack Society of Eng-
1. 59 Society Dog Food Junior Size
1. Andrews Knox Missionary Society
137th Agricultural Society
19.188 Society
1K» Agricultural Society
2.16 des Archives.
2nd Agricultural Society Eventa
2xn21 Agricultural Society
3-Chain Law Society
30S4 Pontiac Archives
4-H Development Project
4B08 Agricultural Society FOR SALE PROPERTY SATURDAY
4bjy17 Pontiac Archives
6.88 Norway Bay Historical Society
8.00 p.m. Bible Society
819)647-1934 th Pontiac Agricultural Society
9«* Agricultural Society
A*r- Society
A*rxxj4tUi*J Society
A. Society
A8ncultural Society
Abatement Society
Abble Society
About Society
Abstinence and Benevolent Society
Abstinence Society
Abstinence Society of Sweden Abstemious Rulers
Accident Agricultural Society Renames Arthur Kilgour As
Actuarial Society
Address Agricultural Society Division C $
Ade Home Rheumatism Society
Administrative Management Society
Adoption Society
Aeronautical Society
Aeronautical Society of Great Bri-
Ag Quyon Agricultural Society
Ag Society
Ag Society Board
Ag Society CP Come
Ag Society Directors Meeting
Ag Society No
Ag Society No and Grill
Ag Society Notes.
Ag-r,cultural Society
Ag-ricirltural Society
Agiiculture Society
AGM Society
Agncukural Society
Agncult Society
Agncultural Society
Agnes Society
Agnricultural Society
Ago Agricultural Society No. 1
Agr Society
Agr Society No. 1
Agr Society Notes Now
Agr Society Pontiac Community
Agrarian Society
Agri Society
Agri- Agricultural Society
Agri-cultiral Society No
Agric Society
Agrichritural Society
AgriciUtural Society
Agricultund Society An-
Agricultural Organization Society
Agricultural Society
Agricultural Society Mon.
Agricultural Society Agricultural Society Pres.
Agricultural Society Annual Meeting
Agricultural Society Annuel Dinner Dance Saturday
Agricultural Society Ball
Agricultural Society Banquet
Agricultural Society Banquet honours Master Haymakers 26
Agricultural Society Bursary
Agricultural Society But
Agricultural Society Conference
Agricultural Society Dance
Agricultural Society Daniel Brochu of Ozanam
Agricultural Society Dejiosit
Agricultural Society Démoli
Agricultural Society Diduty
Agricultural Society Directors
Agricultural Society Directors Elected 1
Agricultural Society Div.
Agricultural Society Div. "
Agricultural Society Div. C.
Agricultural Society Div. C. Quyon Annual
Agricultural Society Divi-
Agricultural Society Division A
Agricultural Society Division bank
Agricultural Society Division C.—Carried
Agricultural Society Division Secretary Treasurer
Agricultural Society Division Society
Agricultural Society Dlv.
Agricultural Society Dly.
Agricultural Society Draw.
Agricultural Society Each
Agricultural Society Easter Seals Telethon
Agricultural Society Equity Photo
Agricultural Society Exhibition
Agricultural Society Fair
Agricultural Society Fair Grounds
Agricultural Society Fairs ; SUM
Agricultural Society for
Agricultural Society Grant
Agricultural Society Grant.
Agricultural Society Grounds
Agricultural Society Grounds.
Agricultural Society Hall
Agricultural Society Hall Shawville
Agricultural Society Horse Committee
Agricultural Society IMP
Agricultural Society Information Day
Agricultural Society Judd
Agricultural Society Lindsay Carson of
Agricultural Society Lunches
Agricultural Society Meeting
Agricultural Society Military Rifles
Agricultural Society Mon.
Agricultural Society Motion Young
Agricultural Society Moved
Agricultural Society N »
Agricultural Society Nine
Agricultural Society No 1
Agricultural Society No I.
Agricultural Society No, 1
Agricultural Society No.
Agricultural Society No. 1
Agricultural Society No. Shaw
Agricultural Society No.l
Agricultural Society Notea.
Agricultural Society Notes Mrs.
Agricultural Society Notes.
Agricultural Society of Chapeau
Agricultural Society of Chicoutimi
Agricultural Society of Ontario Department of Agri Pontiac Division A
Agricultural Society of Pontiac Division A
Agricultural Society of Quyon CANADA
Agricultural Society of the Council
Agricultural Society of the District
Agricultural Society of the Foundation
Agricultural Society paid Structam Inc 15
Agricultural Society Percy
Agricultural Society Pontiac Agricultural Society
Agricultural Society Roly Armitage
Agricultural Society s 2nd Contact Annual Community Horsesnoe
Agricultural Society Secretary Everett McDowell
Agricultural Society Secure
Agricultural Society Shawville Academy—grades
Agricultural Society Shawville Fair
Agricultural Society Silver
Agricultural Society Silver Drummond; George Coles
Agricultural Society Silver Ronald Russell Memorial
Agricultural Society Six
Agricultural Society Society
Agricultural Society Spring EASTER WEEK
Agricultural Society Standards and
Agricultural Society Supper and Dance
Agricultural Society Ten
Agricultural Society the Lions
Agricultural Society Turkey
Agricultural Society UArCû
Agricultural Society W BAND
Agricultural Society We
Agricultural Society with Service
Agricultural Society Wyman MacKechnie
Agricultural Society; Christine Dion
Agricultural Society; Wilfred Hus- | High School
Agriculture Society
Agriculture Society Carried
Agriculture Society Carried Born
Agriculture Society Fair Ground»
Agriculture Society Grounds.
Agriculture Society Inspector Aikmon
Agriculture Society Joey Keon
Agriculture Society Messrs Pirie
Agriculture Society Montreal
Agriculural Society
Agriculural Society Annual
Agrioulturol Society
Agronomy Society
Agryultural Society No. 1
Agticulural Society
Aid Society
Aid Society Cake,—-Put
Aid Society Deserve a
Aid Society Metro Toronto
Aid Society Renfrew
Ainirican Bible Society
Ainu Mater Society of Queen s University
Air Rescue Society
Aircraft Society
Airiciliiral Society No. 1
Akl Society
Alex Rutledge Ca"°dion Bible Society
Alice Agricultural Society
Alkyd Semi-Gloss Paint Crown Diamond Bristol council Chapeau Agricultural Society Pontiac Agricu
All American Pontiac Historical Society
All Valley Historical Society Parish
Allan Society
Allumette Island Historical Society
Allumette Island Tourism and Historical Committee
Altar Society of St. Mary
Alzheimer Society
Alzheimer Society of Lanark County
Alzheimer Society Of Ottawa-Carleton
Alzheimer Society of Outaouais
Alzheimer’s Society
Alzheimer’s Society and Service Canada
Alzheimer’s Society of Canada
Am-ercian Chemical Society
Amalgamated Society of Engineers
Amalgamated Society of Railway
Amalgamated Whitewash Society
Amateur Dramatic Society
Amateur Operatic Society
Ambrose Society Note.
American Bibb Society
American Bible Society
American Cancer Society
American Chemical Society
American Chemical Society Show Lean Meat
American Chemical Society United States
American Colonization Society
American Fhilosophic Society
American Fisheries Society
American Geographic Society of New York
American Geographical Society
American Good Speech Society
American Humane Education Society
American Humane Society
American Institute of Bible Society
American Meteorological Society
American Peophysical Society
American Philatelic Society
American Philosophical Society
American Physical Society
American Physiological Society
American Pomological Society
American Rose Society
American Scientific Glassblowers Society
American Society
American Society for Biophysics
American Society for Metals
American Society if Equity
American Society of Abdominal Surgeons
American Society of Agricultural Engineers
American Society of Civil
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Heating
American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers
American Society of Me Cuban
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Plan-
American Society of Planning Officials
American Society of Plant Physiolog-
American Society of Réfrigérât-
American Society of Testing Materials
American Therapeutic Society
American Tract Society
American Welding Society
Amicable Society
Amuican Chemical Society
Anatomical Society of Great Britain
Andrews Presbyterian Wum-m*s Missionary Society
Andrews* Presbyterian Church Womans Missionary Society
Andrew’s Preifoyterian Church Womans Missionary Society
Andrew’s Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society
Andrew’s Society
Anglican Agricultural Society
Anglican Church Caldwell Notes COBDEN AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY
Anglican Missionary Society
Anglican Voting People * Society
Anglican Young People s Society
Anglo-American Society
Animal Park Society
Animals Society
Anlwonp Zoological Society for Elephants
ANNUAL Historical Auto Society Antique
ANNUAL MEETING Pontiac Agricultural Society DIVISION "
ANNUAL MEETING Pontiac Agricultural Society QUEBEC Le
Annual Society Meeting
Annual Synodical Society Meetings and Eastern Ontario
Anthropological Society of Paris
Anti Tuberculosis Society of Pontiac
Anti-Mormon Society
Anti-Slavery Society
Anti-Tubercular Society
Anti-Tuberculoses Society
Antiquarian Society
ANTIQUE & HISTORICAL Demonstrations Include
ANTIQUE & HISTORICAL Demonstrations Indude
Antislavery Society
AntiVaccination Society
Ao Society
Apiculture Society of America
AR Society
Arboricultural Society of
Archives Committee
Archives Department
Archives du Pontiac
Archives du Pontiac Archives - Shawville
Archives du Pontiac Archives Shawville
Archives du Québec
Archives Nationales du Québec Rotary Club
Archives Pontiac Archives
Arena Renewal Project
Argenteuil Agricultural Society
Argenteuil Historical Society of Lachute
Armstrong Heritage Farm Project
Army Temperance Society
Arn-prior Agricultural Society
Arnprior Agricultural Society
ArnPrior Historical Society
Arthritic Society
Arthritis Society
Arthritis Society For Shawville
Arthritis Society of Canada
Artist Agricultural Society
Artist’s Tour Historical Society
Arts Society
Asiatic Society of Bengal
Association Quebec Cancer Society
Assorted Society Dog Food Nestle Pudding
Assurance Society
Asthma Society of Canada
Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society Bulletin.
AT RPNPRFW Germain Clairoux; Society - Division
AT WHOLESALE PRICES” Chapeau Agricultural Society Saturday
Athens Life Saving Society the
Athletic Society
Atyicultural Society
Audio Security AutoStart Truck Accessories Pontiac Archives
Audubon Society
Audubon Society and General Development
Audubon Society Guide
Audubon Society of Canada
Aurivnltinal Society
Austin Ladies’ Aid Society
Australian Society
Austrian Alpine Society
Austrian Society
Auxiliary - Shawvilie 647-2147 Agricultural Society Chapeau 669-2228 Thome Recreation Association
Auxiliary Bible Society
Auxiliary Blbl» Society
Auxiliary MiM»‘ Society
Aviation Britain Historical Society
Avicultural Society of France
Avicultural Society of Î"
Aw Society
Ayl- Bible Society
Aylmer Agricultural Society’s
Aylmer Society for the Prevention
Aylmer Vol- Cross Society
Ayrshire Cattle Herd Book Society
Ayrshire Cattle Society
Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain
Ayrshire Society
Ayrshire Society of C
A^L^peAm Society
B. Society
B.ble Society
B.C. Historical Association
Bake Society
Ball Field Lighting Project
Bank of England Art Society
Baptish Women’s Missionary Society of Ontario
Baptist 1''ubliration Society
Baptist Missionary Society
Baptist Society
Baptist Society of Montreal
Barbershop Harmony Society
Base Gagetown Fact Finders Project
BASEBALL Growers Win Many Firsts At Horticultural Society Show
Basle Society
Bass Agriculture Society
Bass Society Inc.
Bay Agricultural Society
Bay Historical Society
BAY Pontiac Archives
Bay Red Cross Society
BAY SHEENBORO Historical Society
Bay Society Division A
Bay Society Launched Renfrew
Bear Lake Conservation Society
Bed Cross Society
Bed Cross Society of Denmark
Belgian Society
Bell Telephone 35c Can Cancer Society
Bell Tower Project
Benefit Society
Benevolent Society
Benevolent Society of Changsha
Benevolent Society of St
Best Agricultural Pontiac Agricultural Society
Best Agricultural Pontiac Society
Best Per Society
Best Project On Training Children
Betty Society" Happy
Bey Society
BHMH Society Banquet
Bible Society
Bible Society Annual Appeal Another
Bible Society Austin 10.30
Bible Society Canvass Complete Shirley Grace Horner Marries
Bible Society Committee Mrs Louise Bryant; Parsonage
Bible Society Dominion
Bible Society Film
Bible Society Illustrated
Bible Society Instead
Bible Society Knox 2.30
Bible Society Meeting
Bible Society Meeting WEDNESDAY
Bible Society Meeting.-On
Bible Society Meets At Coulonge Elects
Bible Society Meets At Fort
Bible Society Rally
Bible Society Report 1T
Bible Society Report Tin
Bible Society Secretary Here
Bible Society Service
Bible Society ST. PAULS.
Bible Society Thanks Donors
Bible Society Wilfred Brady
Bifile Society
Bihle Society
Biidulph Agricultural Society
Biologic Society
BIOWAY Historical Society
Birmingham Debating Society
BIRTH LOST Pontiac Agricultural Society
Black Belt Society
Black Hand Society
Blsck Hind Society
Blue Cat Society
Board of Directors Pontiac Agricultural Society Div.
Board of Education the Pharmaceutical Society’s Mus
Board Supports Archives
Bombay Natural History Society
Book of Conservation of Municipal Archives
BOOKBBV M Ottawa Auxiliary Bible Society
Boston Humane Society
Boston Society >f Natural History
Boston Society for Psychic Research
Bovins Agricultural Society
Boxer Society
Braille Bible Society
Brantford Allotments Society
Brantford Ch-iMren*¦ Aid Society
Breast Cancer Society
Breton Historical Museum
Bristol Historical
Bristol Man Named To Lanark Society Lots—Various
Bristol Memorial Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society
Bristol Millennium Park Project
Bristol Monument Project
Bristol Pastoral Charge Mr. George Dyson Lay Minister Missionary Society
Bristol Presbyterian ladies Aid Society
Bristol Presbyterian Young People’s Society
Bristol Project
Bristol Red Cross Society
Bristol regarding Project
BRISTOL RIDGE Cancer Society
Bristol St Andrew s Young Peoples Society
Bristol tural Society
Bristol War Memorial Project
Bristol War Memorial Project Comittee
Bristol “Monument Project”
Britain Historical Society
British Aircraft Society
British Bed Cross Society
British Columbia Historical Association
British Freisian Cattle Society
British Friesian Society of
British Geological Society
British Gological Society
British Interplanetary Society
British New Health Society
British Newspaper Society
British R?d Crow Society
British Red Cross Society
British Red Cross Society the
British Sailors Society TABLE TALKS
British Sailors* Society
British Sailors’ Society
British Ship Adoption Society
British Society
British Society Now
British Society of Naval Architects
British War Relief Society
British-Foreign Bible Society
Brome Fair; Cowansville Calf Project; Huntingdon Sheep Club
Bromley Agricultural Society
Brtiish Ship Adoption Society
Bryson Amateur Dramatic Society
Bryson Arthritis Society
Bryson Dramatic Society
Bryson House Project
Bryson News J Mrs. Donald Oatrom Teaching Project Visiting
Bryson on Society
BSSBÿwbfc Society
Buffalo Historical Society
Bunnatyne Society
Buskin Society of Carle-ton University
Buster Brown & Double Vision Closes 1 Pontiac Agricultural Society Division ‘A’
Butter Manufacturing Society
Bytown Railway Society
Bytown Railway Society of MacKechnie
C P A. Society No. 1 Directors Meeting Oil Al- 1
C&TS AQO Pontiac Agriculture Society
C. Shawville Agriculture Society
Ca-n Cancer — Society
Cafe Society Downtown
CALDWELL QUYON VINTON Norway Bay Historical Society Sponsors
Caledonia Society
Caledonian Society
Caledonian Society of Ottawa
Calendrier de Conservation des Archives.
Calumet Island Historical
Camp- Conservation des Archives
Campbell* Hay Agricultural Society
Can Be Beaten” Ted Christie Shawville Branch Canadian Cancer Society
Can Cancer Society
Can Cancer Society Crd.
Can I''rotrction Society
Canac&n Red Cross Society
Canacton Red Cross Society Auction
Canad-ianRed Cross Society
Canada Community Development Project
Canada Works Project
Canadian * Red Cross Society
Canadian Analgesic Society
Canadian Axrshire Society
Canadian Ayrshire Society
Canadian Ayrshire Society of Canada
Canadian Bed Crons Society
Canadian Bed Cross Society
Canadian Bed Cww Society
Canadian Bible Society
Canadian Bible Society 25.001 Mr-
Canadian Bible Society Meeting Rev. W
Canadian Bible Society Need
Canadian Bible Society Service In United Church Fireplaces
Canadian Bible Society the Ottawa Branch
Canadian Bible Society Theme
Canadian Can-r Society
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Cancer Society & United Church
Canadian Cancer Society As
Canadian Cancer Society Ask
Canadian Cancer Society Blitz
Canadian Cancer Society Booth
Canadian Cancer Society Bryson
Canadian Cancer Society Carried L & M ELECTRONICS RCA VICTOR RADIO
Canadian Cancer Society CweightWatchers
Canadian Cancer Society Dear Editor
Canadian Cancer Society Employment Marketplace
Canadian Cancer Society Fred Lemire
Canadian Cancer Society Fund
Canadian Cancer Society Jean McCann
Canadian Cancer Society Labette of Waltham
Canadian Cancer Society Liaison Bulletin
Canadian Cancer Society Motion Crs
Canadian Cancer Society O.P.W. Canada Brand Floor Enamel Rev.
Canadian Cancer Society Oct.
Canadian Cancer Society of Hull
Canadian Cancer Society Pomyomhprjn Sïïffi
Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life
Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life Walk
Canadian Cancer Society Reloy For Lite
Canadian Cancer Society Rhoda Murray Happy
Canadian Cancer Society Special
Canadian Cancer Society Ted Christie
Canadian Cancer Society Until
Canadian Cancer Society-
Canadian Cancer Society’s
Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay
Canadian Church Missionary Society
Canadian Church Society
Canadian Co op Society
Canadian Cross Society
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Society
Canadian Diabetic Society
Canadian Farmers’ Help Society
Canadian Friendship Society
Canadian Geographical Society
Canadian Gladiolus Society
Canadian Heart Society
Canadian Historical
Canadian Historical Arms Society
Canadian Historical Society
Canadian Histotical^Society
Canadian Horse Breeders Society
Canadian Horse Shows Association Pontiac Agricultural Society
Canadian Ixed Cross Society
Canadian Ked Cross Society
Canadian Led Cross Society the
Canadian lied Cross Society
Canadian Medical Association Canadian Cancer Society Heart and Stroke Foundation
Canadian Mother-craft Society
Canadian Mothercraft Society
Canadian Mothercraft Society of Ottawa-Carleton
Canadian National Bible Society
Canadian Oncer Society
Canadian Paediatric Society
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society More
Canadian Patriotic Society
Canadian Pediatrics Society
Canadian Performing Right Society
Canadian Performing Rights Society
Canadian Philatelic Society
Canadian Ponv Society
Canadian Queen Canned Ham Society Aaa’t Dog Food NuFluff Fabric Softener Sifto Hostess Hot Chocolat
Canadian Railroad Historical Assoc
Canadian Railroad Historical Association
Canadian Red Croee Society
Canadian Red Crons Society
Canadian Red Cross Society
Canadian Red Cross Society *
Canadian Red Cross Society -
Canadian Red Cross Society S 1 CONTINUING EDUCATION
Canadian Red Cross Society * Gaétan Britton
Canadian Red Cross Society 200.00 Salvation Army
Canadian Red Cross Society 220 MAIN ST.
Canadian Red Cross Society and Boy Scout Work
Canadian Red Cross Society and Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Red Cross Society and Doric Philion
Canadian Red Cross Society B Hull and District Branch
Canadian Red Cross Society Campalflrn.Mr.
Canadian Red Cross Society FOR SALE Table
Canadian Red Cross Society Hull and District Branch
Canadian Red Cross Society In
Canadian Red Cross Society Includes Austin
Canadian Red Cross Society l>«W RENT THE EXHIBITION HALL
Canadian Red Cross Society Monday
Canadian Red Cross Society Morning Worship 7:30 p.m.—Evening Service Tuesdav
Canadian Red Cross Society Mrs. R 0 Hodgins—That the
Canadian Red Cross Society n Paper Boys
Canadian Red Cross Society Ottawa and
Canadian Red Cross Society Quebec D*v»von
Canadian Red Cross Society Quebec Provincial Division
Canadian Red Cross Society Recording
Canadian Red Cross Society s 648-2144 PHONE
Canadian Red Cross Society s Blood donor Service
Canadian Red Cross Society Shawville And District Branch Annual Meeting FEEDS Wall Mirrors NORTH ST
Canadian Red Cross Society the
Canadian Red Cross Society USED CAR
Canadian Red Cross Society What
Canadian Red Cross Society’s
Canadian Red Crow Society
Canadian Red Gros* Society
Canadian Red Ooss Society
Canadian Red Qoss Society
Canadian Red Society
Canadian Red vince Cross Society
Canadian Reel Cross Society
Canadian Rod Cross Society
Canadian Society
Canadian Society for Adult Education
Canadian Society for Control
Canadian Society for Social Development
Canadian Society for the Prevention
Canadian Society for the Study of Education
Canadian Society of
Canadian Society of Animal Production
Canadian Society of Authors
Canadian Society of Biomechanics Conference
Canadian Society of Cost Accountants and Industrial Engineers
Canadian Society of Dentistry
Canadian Society of Forest Engineers
Canadian Society of Ghosts
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Canadian Society of Radiological Techn
Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists
Canadian Society of Technical Agriculturist*
Canadian Society of Technical Agriculturists
Canadian Standard bred Horse Society Selected Yearling Sale
Canadian Standardbred Horse Society
Canadian Standardhred Horse Society
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society
Canadian^Cancer Society Annual General Meeting
Canadiein Cancer Society
Canadien Cancer Society
Canadien Red Cross Society
Canartan Red Cross Society For F
Canatton Bed Cross Society On Sept.
CANCELLED Society Recreative Fort-Coulonge Inc. Kinsmen
Cancer Fund and Bible Society
Cancer Research Society
Cancer Research Society Inc.
Cancer Society
Cancer Society A
Cancer Society Blitz April
Cancer Society CANADIAN |
Cancer Society Canvass
Cancer Society Canvass A 1
Cancer Society Chairperson
Cancer Society Drives
Cancer Society Education Service
Cancer Society Environment Forum
Cancer Society Heart Foundation
Cancer Society Meeting
Cancer Society Mental Health Association Handicap
Cancer Society N.B.
Cancer Society Neurological Institute
Cancer Society of Montreal
Cancer Society Office
Cancer Society P O Box
Cancer Society Possibility
Cancer Society Quyon George Pirie
Cancer Society Relay For Life
Cancer Society Russie Smart
Cancer Society Sept.
Cancer Society Shawvilk Branch And
Cancer Society Shawville
Cancer Society Shawville Branch
Cancer Society Shawville Hockey Club
Cancer Society Shawville Vinton Photo Mjtjn-rftted
Cancer Society Sure
Cancer Society Timm
Cancer Society; Red Cross Care; Cystic Fibrosis
Cancer Society’s
Canctr Society
Candian Cancer Society
Cane* Society Caavas-
Canots Society
Capital Walks - Ottawa Historical Walks
Catapunan Society
Catholic Altar Society Girls
Catholic Children s Aid Society of Toronto
Catholic Mu tual Benevolent Society
Catholic Truth Society
Catholic Women’s Bible end Tract Society
Cattle Society
Cdn Cancer Society
Cdn Red Cross Society
Cenedion Red Cross Society of Le- But God
Center Society
Central Pontiac Ecomuseum Project
CGA Canadian Cancer Society
Champlain Historical Museum
Champlain Historical Society
Champlain Society
Chànil Society Coming
Chaparral Poetrv Society
Chapeau Ag Society
Chapeau Agricultural Society
Chapeau Agricultural Society & 4H Club
Chapeau Agricultural Society Auctioneer
Chapeau Agricultural Society Awards Banquet
Chapeau Agricultural Society Beef Promotion Day Harrington Hall
Chapeau Agricultural Society Directors
Chapeau Agricultural Society Elegant
Chapeau Agricultural Society Every Tuesday
Chapeau Agricultural Society Fair Grant
Chapeau Agricultural Society Grant
Chapeau Agricultural Society Lionel Martins
Chapeau Agricultural Society Pontiac Agricultural Society
Chapeau Agricultural Society Qberf
CHAPEAU Agricultural Society T Annual General Meeting
Chapeau Agriculture Society
Chapeau* Agricultural g* Society
Charming Place With Historical Surroundings We
Charming Society Girls.
Chateauguay Valley Historical Society
Chateauguay Valley Historical Society; Doris Du
CHEAP The PJflc Cable Project
Chelsea Society No. 1
Chemical Society
Chemical Society Oil Town Near New Find Power
Chepeeu Agricultural Society
Chicago Dental Society
Chicago Hearing Society
Chicago Historical Society
Chicago Infant Welfare Society
Chicago Zoological Society
Chicken Dinner Society Dog Food
Children s Aid Society
Children s Aid Society And
Children s Aid Society of Lanark County
Children s Society
Children Society
Children Society of Montreal
Children''s Aid Society
Children''s Aid Society of St
Childrens Aid Society
Children’s Aid Society
Children’s Aid Society Branch.
Children’s Aid Society of Owen Sound
Children’s Society of Brantford
Chiropodist Society of New Jersey
Choral Society
Chspesu Agricultural Society
Church ''Missionary Society
Church Alisnionaiy Society
Church Missionary Society
Church Missionary Society of England
Church Missionary Society — Winnipeg Times
Church of England Colonisation Land Society
Church of England Naifs and Strays Society
Church Red Cross Society
Church Service Historical Record
Church Society
Church Temperance Society
Church Women s Missionary Society
Church Womens Missionary Society
Chutes Development Project
Ci-ural Society
CINDY BLAIS Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE • Shawville’s Historical Society
Citizen Society
Civic Society
Civil Service Society
Civil Service the Agricultural Society
Clan Society
Clarendon Choral Society;
Clarendon Council January 13,1998 Revitalization Project
Clarendon Library Archives project
Clarendon Literary Society
Clarendon Methodist tural Society
Clarendon Ministerial Society
Clarendon Municipal An- Historical Society
Clarendon Mutual Literary Society
Clarendon Shawville-Thorne Historical Record O.F.Y
Clarendon Thorne Historical
Clarsach Society
Classes Swine Judging Afternoon Armouries Program - Panasonic Microwave Canadian Cancer Society
Classic Boat Society
Cleaners Society
Club Society Show
Clydesdale Horse Society
Cmieer Society
Cnclr Meehan Improvement Project
Co-op Credit Society
Co-op Society
Co-op Society Annual Meeting
Co-operative Society
Co-operative Society of German Players
Co-operative Society of Maple Sugar
Co. Pbotiac Agricultural Society
Coal Shoe Prices THE SECRETARY Agricultural Society Ho
Cobden Agricultural Society
Cobden Agricultural Society 1
Cobden Agricultural Society Auctioneer
Cobden Agricultural Society Hall Saturday
Colonial Society of Artists
Colonisation Society Bursary
Colonization Society
Colonization Society of Quebec
Columbia Iron Works Society
Columbia Medical Society
COMFORTERS Pontiac Archives
COMING EVENTS Pontiac Historical Society
Commercial Society
Commission de la Society
Committee for Historical Display
Commonwealth Missionary Society
Commonwealth Society
Communications A Lions Community Project
Community Birthday Calendar Project
Community Center & Arena Renewal Project
Community Development Project
Community Development Project»
Community Disaster Society Motion by Crs
Community Health Centre Project
Community Hospital and Canadian Red Cross Society;
COMMUNITY INTERESTS: Communications Historical / Cultural Health & Social Services Youth Education
Community Learning Project Leadership User Program
Community Memories Project
Community Service Project Projet
Community Service Project Doura Perfect Motion Last
Community Service Project Projet
Community Services Project
Complete Financial Report Of Agricultural Society PONTIAC AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY Division A EXPENDITU
Con-adian Cancer Society
Con-the Society
Concor Society
Confederation Cross Society
Conservation Society
Conserver Society
Conserver Society Co-operative
Contact Project Workers
Container Division of the Society of the Plastics Industry
Conven- Red Vroa# Society
Cooney Sec.-Treas Society Motion Crs
Corners Society
Cornwall Agricultural Society
Corporation; Money Order the Watch Tower Society
Cost Society
Coulonge Forestry Society
Coulonge Society
COUNCIL Agricultural Society
Council Bible Society Canvass Volunteers Required An
Councillors Mul-The Society
Councillors Society
County Agricultural Society
County Agricultural Society No.
County Archives Society
County Council s Canada Works Project
County Council Special Meeting Local History Lore From INmtiar Historical Society
COUNTY PROJECT Pontiac County Council
County Society
Course Society
Creation Research Society
Credit Society
Cremation Society of England
Croaa Society
Cros* Society
Cross Society
Cross Society Quebec
Crs Brown Society
Csneer Society
CT Scan Project
Culturele Society of St
Custom Framing Pontiac Historical Society
Custom Kitchen Renovations Project Management Randy Peck
Custom Kitchen Renovations Project Management RANDY PECK Licenced General Contractor
CWL Works Project
Dado Society
Danish Society
Debating Society
Debuting Society
Deficit Society Prizes
Delais de Conservation des Archives"
Democratic Society
Denis Society
Dental Society of Cape Province
Depart- Society
Department of Archives and History
Desmoines Quyon Agricultural Society
Development Project Service
Diabetes Society
Dialogue—The Society Meet-
Distinct Society
Distinct Society Clause
Distinct Society L ÉCOLE DE RÉDACTION 38
Distinct Society"
District Agricultural Society
District Agrlcultursl Society PUMPING 11
District Bible Society
District Bow Blver Irrigation Project An
District Branch Canadian Red Cross Society
District Branch Canadian Red Cross Society T R OTTIE R
District Branch Red Cross Society A
DISTRICT Cancer Society Blitz Monday
District Disaster Society
District Historical Society
District Ministerial Society
District Red Cross Society
District Red Cross Society Comprising the
District Red Cross Society Letter Received
District Red Cross Society OTTAWA
District Society
Division A Ag Society
Division A Agriculture Society
Division A Society
Dominic Rev. Allan G. Mackenzie Cancer Society
Dominion Department of Archives
DOt JQ| JUL ZD X Agriculture Society
Doughty Wildlife Preservation Project
Doukhobor Society
Dramatic Society
Dramatic Society JÊÉ
Dramatic Society of St
Dramatics Society
Dresden Agriculture Society
Dri-Kil / Cross Society
Driving Society
DRY CLEANING Fort Coulonge Women’s Missionary Society
du Pontiac Archives
Dulo Society
Dundee Society
Eardley Town Line Project
Easter Seals Society
Eastern Ontario Society
Ecomuseum Society
Editor Pontiac Archives
Editor Cancer Society
Editor Cancer Society Blitz Twisted
Editor Pontiac Historical Society Representing the
Editor Society
Education Project
EËEfSi Agricultural Society EEEÏB the
Egypt Exploration Society of Great Britain
EH Agricultural Society
Eiole Society
Elected FREE OUTDOOR SKATING Society Armstro Clarence
Electric Co-operative Society
Elementary School Project
Elizabeth Elemen-Literacy Pilot Project tary School
Emigration Society
Employment Development Project
Endeavor Society
Energy Efficiency Project
Energy Efficiency Project Dual
ENGAGED Vice Pres Pontiac Agricultural Society
Engineer Project Ma
England Agricultural Society
England Temperance Society
English Folk Dance and Song Society
English- Society
English-lan-Gatineau Valley Historical
Entertainment Units SOCIETY OF CANADA
Entomological Society
Entomological Society of Loudon
Entomological Society of Washington
Environmental Improvement Project
Environmental Law Society of Canada
Environmental Manure Pit Project
Epilepsy Research Society
Epilepsy Society of Ottawa
Equipment Storage Pontiac Agricultural Society
Equitable Li e Asssuiance Society
EQUITY Pontiac Archives
Equity Reporter Housing Society of Quebec
EQUITY Shawville’s Historical Society
ESBBEE5 Agricultural Society
Euchre Chapeau Agricultural Society Party
European Commissions ExtemE Research Project
European Society
Evangelistic Services Society of Donkhobors
EXPERTS EBB* Society of Civil Engineer#
Extension Society
F&rm Management Society
F. 0. Paris Society Folk Now Propose
Fabian Society
FACT Multiple Sclerosis Society of Conodo
Fairy Investigation Society
Famous VanxhaU District Bow Blver Irrigation Project
Faraday Society
Farm Accounting and Farm Management Project
FARM EQUIPMENT Historical Walking Tour
Farm Health & Safety Project
Farm Health and Safety Project
Farm Health and Safety Project A
Farm Health and Safety Project Harvesting
Farm Health and Safety Project MAPLE LANE FURNITURE
Farming Society
FASCIN Quyon Agricultural Society
Fed- Society
Federal Business Development Bank Society & Health Courses
Federal Historical Society
Federal Society
Female Guardian Society of New|York City
Fibrosis Research Project
Fibrosis Society Child Care A
Film Society
Financial Statement Pontiac Agricultural Society
Financial The Pontiac Historical Soci-1 Committee
Fire Hall the Thorne-Clarendon-Shawville OFY Historical Project
Fire Safety Project Manager Regional County Municipality
Fire Society
First Agricultural Society
First Bylaw Project No.
First German Mardi Gras Society of Ottawa
First Temperance Society
Foieign Bible Society
Folklore Society
Food and Health Society of
For c Historical Society
Foreign Bible Society
Foreign Bible Society Branch
Foreign Bible Society of Can-
Foreign Bible Society of Ottawa
Foreign Bible Society Seldom
Foreign Bible Society; Cairo
Foreign Mission Society Congratulations
Foreman Agricultural Society Division
Forest Society
Forestry Capital Promotion Society
Forestry Society
FPS Project
Free Mason Society
French Division of Archives
French Red Cross Society
French Society
French Society of Jtynology Psychology
Friend Society of New-York
Friend-in-Need Society
Friendly Society
Friendly Society for Propagating Peace
Friendship Society
Fund Society
Funeral Ottawa Historical Walks
G.-New Agricultural Society
Gatineau Agricultural Society
Gatineau Agricultural Society Division A
Gatineau Agricultural Society Division A. A HUNTER SAFETY COURSE
Gatineau Agricultural Society Dreaming
Gatineau County Agricultural Society
Gatineau Historical Society
Gatineau Valley Historical Society
Gazebo Project Committee
Genealogical Society
Genealogical Society Mrs Edmund Chassie
General Society
Geographic Society
Geographic Society Bulletin.
Geographical Society
Geographical Society of England
Geographical Society of Hock
Geographical Society of London
Geographical Society of Phils
Geological Society
Geological Society of America
German Agricultural Society
German-American Society
Gideon Bible Society of the Living Memorial Fund
Gideon Bible Society; Canadian Cancer Society
Gideon Society
GIFT CERTIFICATES Quyon Agricultural Society
Girls Society Bingo At
Glasgow Archaeological Society
Glasgow Geological Society
Globe Fire In# Co. Norwich Union Fire Society
Globe Fire In* Co. Norwich Union Fire Society
Globe Fire Ins Co. Norwich Vnlon Fire Society
Globe Project
Globe Project A
Globe Project By
Globe Project/Junior Achievers
Gmadan Red Cross Society
Goat Society
Goderich Red Cross Society
Gold appropriate Historical Society
Golden Key International Society
Good School Agricultural Society Grant OTTAWA
Gourmet Society
Government Relief Measures Tho Bible Society
Graduate Society
Graduate Society of McGill University
Grand Velma Bible Society
Grand- Agricultural Society
Grant Agricultural Society Bldg and Jury Fund
Green Cross Society
Gross Society
Group Norway Bay Historical Society
Growers* Agricultural Society
Grvdwn Red Cross Society BRISTOL
Gum Rubbers Horticultural Society Annual Meeting Lowest
Gymnastic Society
Hackney Society Junior Exhibitor
Had Cross Society
Halifax Chronicle U. S. Society Leaders Enjoy Ski
Hamilton Bird Society
Hand Society of Bos- Fashions Worn During French Kings Reign Color Modern Styles Ribs Are Replaced
Hanna Society
HarriH Fhe Young People’s Society
Harvviun Society
He Ag Society
Head Life Guard Project Saturday
Health and Safety Project
Health Project
Health Society
Healthy School Project
Hearing Society
Heart Foundation Society and Salvation Army
Heart Fund and Bible Society
Heart Fund and Cancer Society
Heart Society
Hed Cross Society
Herb Society of America
Heritage Project
Heritage Radio Project
Heritage Radio Project*
Heritage Society
Hidden Heroes Education Society
Hie British Archao-logical Society
High School Museum Project
High Society
Higher Education Society
Higher-quality Society
Highland Society of London
Highly Efficient Society Described In
Hilton Mine Road Project
Hispanic Society
Histoncal Society
Historiacl Society
Historial Society David
Historic Auto Society of
Historic Society of Western Quebec
Historic* Society
Historical Association
Historical Bus Tours Katharine & Eric Fletcher Glen
Historical Catholic Society
Historical Coffee Party
Historical Committee
Historical Division
Historical Foundation
Historical Interpretation Services
Historical McCredie’s Garage
Historical Museum
Historical Museum Quebec Aquarium
Historical Protestant High Soc*et
Historical Research Centre
Historical Service
Historical Society
Historical Society Province
Historical Society 1 WEI
Historical Society Activities Reported
Historical Society Annie Gamble
Historical Society Annual
Historical Society Annual Meeting Apr
Historical Society Archives After
Historical Society Archives Local History Lore A JAMES PRENDERGAST OF CLARENDON.
Historical Society Archives Project
Historical Society Citizen
Historical Society Coffee
Historical Society Committee
Historical Society Directors
Historical Society Fish and Game Club
Historical Society for
Historical Society HhAR 19/S
Historical Society Hold
Historical Society Honorary
Historical Society Items
Historical Society JAMIE DOGGART Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE
Historical Society John
Historical Society Joint Museum
Historical Society meeting Radford Hospital Auxiliary Week
Historical Society Museum
Historical Society Museum Committee
Historical Society of Laval University
Historical Society of PARCQ
Historical Society of Philipsburg
Historical Society of Pontiac
Historical Society Old Tyme Donee
Historical Society Ordination
Historical Society Organizing Meeting
Historical Society Otter Lake
Historical Society Pierre Elliot Trudeau
Historical Society Planning Comittee
Historical Society Postpones Tour
Historical Society presented Department
Historical Society Rose.
Historical Society St the
Historical Society Tea
Historical Society THURSDAY
Historical Society Will
Historical Society’s Museum
Hlrofuimsis Society of Cumula Call
Hlstorical Society
HLV Camden Society
Ho- Historical Society
Hockey Tournament Archives - A
Hod Cross Society of Japan
Hodgins Store Fairtawn Travel Nepean Donald S Hodgins Inc Pontiac Agricultural Society Div A Pontia
Hodgms Inc Pontiac Agricultural Society GEO. H. FROATS & SONS LTD.
Holstein Club Pontiac Agricultural Society
Home and School Centennial Project
Home Coining Historical Pageant Choir
Home Coming Historical Pageant
Home Counties Psychological Society
Home Teaching Society for the Blind, Maritime Association for the Blind
Honour Society
Honour Society Membership
Honour Society of Biological Hodgins
Hor*e° Society
Horn Society
Horn* Society
Horticultural Society
Horticultural Society CHARLES RUDOLPH BRETZLAFF Mr. Jas
Horticultural Society Notes
Horticultural Society Planning Contest
Horticultural Society Sponsor Flower Show
Horticultural SÆîrmiTv Society of Ottaw
Horton Society
Hospital and Bible Society
Hospital Cancer Society
Hospital Project
Hotel Project
Housing Society
Housing Society of Quebec
HPS Society
HSK Society
Hulhampstead Horticultural Society
Hull Adoption Society
Hull Co-op Society
Hull Society
Humaine Society
Human Development Project
Human Resources Management Enterprise Java Developer Project Management Social Media
Human Society F N.
Humane Society
Humane Society 613-588-4508; Ottawa Humane Society 613-725-3166; Amprior Humane Society 613-623- 16
Humane Society 684-4768 Protestant Queen Elizabeth Elementary School Kindergarten
Humane Society Candice Nelson
Humane Society Continued
Humane Society Edinburgh
Humane Society Essay
Humane Society for
Humane Society for the
Humane Society Have You
Humane Society of
Humane Society of Ottawa-Carleton
Humane Society of Pittsburg
Humane Society of the United States
Humane Society Shawville Monday
Humane Society!
Humane Society''s
Humane Society,and
Humane Society.
Huttensche Society
HÜÜ Society of Civil Knglnwn
I .iblv Society
Ï 7th Line Notes Vancouver Clay Works Society
I''oiccslt*rshiro Agricultural Society
I/md''tn Samaritan Society
IcuJturui Society
Id- Agricultural Society Farm Machiner
Igricultural Society
IHH Pontiac Historical Society
II Society School
Ijew Zealand Mothercraft Society
Illinois Dental Society
Illuminating Engineering Society
IloyaJ Society of Arth
IM Cross Society
IMcOlCOS Society
IMd Heritage Revitalization Project
Immigrant Aid Society
Imperial Society
Imperial Society of Teachers
Improvement Society
IN Fish & Game Society Report Sr* Im S
In Society
In Society Classes
Inch Society
Incorporated Society of Train-possible
Industrial Com St. Patrick’s Day- Surprising Four Irish Society Dancers
Industrial Equipment Show Society Division A
Industrial Society of British J
Infant Aid Society
Ingersoll Agricultural Society
Inn Debating Society
Institute Sponsoring Choral Society Shawville Hardware Store CLINTON H. DOWD Shawville Women’s Inst
Insurance Society
Insurance Society A
International Barbershop Harmony Society
International Ecotourism Society
International Ecotourism Society’s
International Honour’s Society
International Human Rights Year Project
International Mark Twain Society
International Project
International Red Cross Society
International Society
International Society for Shawville United
International Society of Epicures
International Society of Weekly Newspaper
International Society Sproules
Investment Society
IPontiac Agricultural Society Division A
ÏPONTIAC Project Coordinator
Irene Emard Pontiac Historical
Iris Society
Irish Benevolent Society
Irish Literary Society
Irish Society
Irish Society of Ottaw
Irish Society of Ottawa
Irish Society of Ottawa Our
Is Society
Istroftorusis Society of Canada Call VN*M<i
Ited Cross Society
Iters Pontiac Archives
Ithe Irish Society of Ottawa
Itish Aircraft Society
Itlac Historical Society
Its Society
I’hilosophical Society IVX 218
Jackson County Medical Society
James IV Surgical Society Travelling Lectureship
JANUARY Pontiac Historiacl Society
Jaws-of-Llfe Rescue Equipment Project of Shawvllle & District Clvltan Club SATURDAY
Jiiyon Agricultural Society
JM)an Society
Job Development Project
John Milton Society of Canada
Johns Ambulance Society
John’s Lutheran Church or Canadian Cancer Society
Joseph’s Society
Junior Achievement - Globe Project
Junior Achievement Globe Project
Junior Ag Society
Just Society
K & L Success Project
Kamloops Recreational Society
Kashub Heritage Society
Katharine Fletcher Historical
Kings County Medical Society
Kingston Historical Society
Koval Society
Kri''-sland Society
K« Crus* Society
l Agricultural Society
l Society
L.E.A.D. Society
L.E.C. Society
Laboratory Equipment Historical Society
Ladies Aid Society
Ladies Aid Society Presbyterian Church SOCIAL
Ladies Physiological Society of Boston
Ladies'' Aid Society
Ladies'' Aid Society of tliu Methodist church
Ladies'' Benevolent Society of St. Augustine
Ladies* Aid Society
Ladies’ Aid Society
Ladies’ Aid Society of the Methodist Church
Ladies’ Education Society of Jacksonville
Ladl Society
LAFLAMME Bible Society
Lanark Agricultural Society
Lanark Animal Welfare Society
Lansdowne Agricultural Society
Law Society
Law Society of Manitoba
Law Society of Up-
Law Society of Upper Canada
Layton Bros Agricultural Society Division
LEAD Society
LEAD Society Inc.
League of Nation# Society
League of Nations Society
League of Nations Society of Canada
League Society
Learned Society Confer- Church
Legion of Mary Society
Lester Pearson Historical Society
Letters Cancer Society
Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Canada
Liberal Society of Tomorrow
Liberation Society
Library - Archives
Library and Archives
Library and Archives.
Library and Archives;
Library/ Archives
Lie Agricultural Society Ln-nn operation
Life Saving Society
Lifesaving Society
Light Group Agricultural Society
Linnnean Society
Lion Atoms edge Papineau | Pontiac Agricultural Society I Division
Lion s Hall S : Shawville Lion s Club Fund Raising Project Christmas Fruit Cakes
Lions Club A gr/ cultural Society
LIP Project
List Agricultural Society S*c. 2. A FINE STOCK OF CANDIES
Litchfield Ladies Aid Society Mrs. Bessie Laud
Literary Society
Literary Society;
Liverpool Astronomical Society
LKAD Society Inc. Located
Local Artiste Showing National Archives Open House
Local Branch Red Cross Society
Local Initiatives Project
Lodge Carried ; Fair Society Decides Against
London & G lot* Fire In* Co. Norwich Union Fire Society
London & Globe Fire Ins Co. Norwich Union Fire Society
London Gardens Society
London Missionary Society
London Philatelic Society
London Society
London Society for Promoting Christianity
London Vegetarian Society
London Zoological Society
Lorna Society
Loudon Missionary Society
Loyalists Society and Sons
Lum-tural Society No. 1
Lunam Sec-Treas LIVESTOCK FOR SAU 29612xm2B Red Cross Society
Lutheran Church the Agriculture Society
Lymphoma Society of Canada
M S. Society
M. Society
Macdonald Col- Agricultural Society
MacDonald Graduate Society
Macdonald Students Society
MacMillan ProJect
Mad* Society Excursion Manx Homecoming
Madrigal Society
Magistrate’s Court Mater Society of Queen''a Univer-
Management Accounting or Bookkeeping Project Management
Manchester Shakespeare Society
Maple Syrup and Sugar for Red Cross Society
Marathon Building Society
Marathon Building Society Limited.
Masonic Society
Massachusetts Audubon Society
Massey Agricultural Society
May Cancer Society
McArthur Teachers College Amir Society of Industrial Accountants
McGill Debating Society
McGill Graduates* Society PHOTO REPRINTS
McGill Society
McGill Society of Toronto
McGill University Bible Society
McKellar Quyon Agricultural Society Elect
McNah Historical Association
McQuarry Society
Me Society
Meat Dinner Society Dog Food
Medal Society
Medical Society
Medical Society of London
Medical Society of Prague
Medical Society of Quebec
Medico Chirurgical Society
Meeting Agricultural Society No. 1
Meetings Management Notional Fundraising Project Management Registered Nurse-Operating Room Occupat
Melodramatic Society of
Melodramatic Society of Bryson
Memorial Project Committee
Mendicity Society
Mental Health Society
Merrickville Agricultural Society
Meteorological Society
Meteorological Society of France
Methodist Missionary Society
Methodist Society
Mia*ionary Society
Michigan State Medical Society
Mie«onary Society
Mil Society
Mil- Historical Society
Millennium Park Project
Millennium Project
Milton Historical Society
MiMe Society
Mini- Ag Society
Ministry of the Agricultural Society
Minnesota Historical Society
Mission Society
Missionary Society
Missionary Society Austin Subject—“Missionary
Missionary Society FOR SALE
Missionary Society Mrs Mary O’Brien
Missionary Society of
Missionary Society of Free Methodist Church
Missionary Society of Shaw-their
Missionary Society of Shawville United Church
Missionary Society of St
Missionary Society of St Patriotic Fund
Missionary Society of St.
Missionary Society of St. Andrews United Church Campbell’s Bay
Missionary Society of the Free Methodist Church
Missionary Society of the Methodist Church
Missionary Society of the United Church
Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Church
Missionary Society of United Church
Missionary Society of Wesleyan Methodist C
Missionary Society Prayer Group
Missionery Society of Escape When Truck Goes
Missouri Htutorial Society
Mnnirinaiitv Chapeau Agricultural Society
Modem Society Item
Mohawk Warriors Society
Mona Society
MONTHS Society
Montreal Microscopical Society
Mothercraft Society
Motion Crs C Richardson Telebec Project No
Motion Hcultural Society
Motion Society
Moun- Society Division A. Shawville
Mr. Society
MRC for District Society
MRC Project
MRC Project Manager André Pellerin
MRC The Society
Mrs Ray- Historical Society
Mrs XS- Historical Society Helps Trace
Mrs. Agricultural Society
Mrs. Ann Fumerton Womans Missionary Society
MS Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
MS Society
MS Society of Canada
Multiple Schleroeis Society
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Multiple Sclerosis Society of
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS I hv Public Archives of Canada
Municipal Agricultural Society
MURRELLS Co. Pontiac Agricultural Society Jlo
Museum Committee of the Pontiac Historical Society
Museum Project
Museum Project Committee
Museum Restoration Project
Musical Society
Mutual Admiration Society
Mutual Benefit Society ARD
Mutual Benefit Society of Islands
Mutual Insurance Society
Mutual Literary Society
Mycological Society
Myles Society
Myma AUCTION SALE Project Coordinator
M’*-ionavy Society
N.C.C. Quyon Agricultural Society
Name Society
Nanton Red Cross Society
National Adoption Society of London
National Agricultural Society
National Archives
National Archives Building
National Archives of Canada
National Archives of Quebec
National Archives.
National Audubon Society
National Audubon Society Florida
National Audubon Society’s
National Benefit Society
National Bible Society
National Cancer Society
National Centennial Project
National Ethnic Archives
National Ethnic Archives Dear Editor
National Fundraising • Project Management
National Geographic Society
National Geographic Society Girl Guide News
National Geographic Society Issued : Terrifying Sight Dangers
National Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations
National Geographical Society
National Geographical Society of Washington
National Historical
National j Geographic Society
National Ko*e Society West* A
National Library and Archives
National Library and Archives of Canada
National Patriotic Society
National Red Cross Society
National Saving Society
National Society
National Society for the Prevention
National Society of Arts
National Society of Quebec
National Temperance Society
Nations Society
Natural History Society Montreal the
Natural History Society of Haslo
Natural History Society of Toronto
Navy Relief Society
Nazi Society for People’s Baths
Nazi Society for Prevention
nC0TT Agricultural Society
Neighbourhood Watch Pontiac Farm Health and Safety Project
New Brunswick Historical Society
New Health Society
New High School; Agriculture Society
New Horizon Historical Society
New Society
New World Society
New York Bible Society
New York City WPA Project
New York Historical
New York Historical Society
New York Horticultural Society
New York Medical Society
New York Philharmonic Society
New York State Historical
New York State Horticultural Society
New York Zoological Society
New Zealand Mothercraft Society
Newman Society of Ontario
Niagara Agricultural Society
Niagara Agricultural Society Founded
Niagara Peninsula Historical Society
Nightingale Society
Noise-Abatement Society Is Formed
Noranda Symphony Orchestra and Choral Society
Norfolk Children’s Aid Society
Norfolk Children’s Aid Society Superintendent Says Problem
North Clarendon Radford Young Peoples Society
North Lanark Historical Society
North Land Resource Management Project
North Lanerk Agricultural Society
North Renfrew Agricultural Society
North Renfrew Agricultural Society Coliseum
North Renfrew Society
North Society
Northern Peace Society
Norway Bay Historical Natalie Hahn
Norway Bay Historical Society
Norway Bay Historical Society Three
Notice Pontiac Archives
NOTICE Society
NOTICE- Committee Historical Display
Nova Scotia Archives
NOVEMBER & Society 8th Annual
NOVEMBER S _ Society Annual Banquet
NRU) Reactor Long term Management Project
NRU) Reactor long-term Management Project
NTS The Agricultural Society
Nuclear Awareness Project
Numismatic Society
Nursing Science Society
Nursing Society
Nutrition Society of Canada
Oasis Environmental Society
Oblate Central Archives
Of Agricultural Society No.
Of Best Bocks Crows Trick Canada An Koval Society of
OF Y Historical Group
OF Y Historical Project
Office Foreign Bible Society
OFY Project Recreation
Ohio-Michigan Chemical Society
OiV Society
Old Home Week Display by Pontiec Historical Society
Old Oaks Preserved By Louisiana Society Great
Omaha Midwest Clinical Society
On- Agricultural Society
Onadwn Red Cross Society
Onslow Council Secretary of Bible Society Acknowled
Ont-erio Heart Foundation and Bible Society
Ontario ----------------- Historical Society
Ontario Archeological Society
Ontario Cancer Society
Ontario Co-operative Credit Society
Ontario Genealogical Society
Ontario Genealogical Society Annual Meeting
Ontario Group Interested In Pontiac Historical Society
Ontario Historical Society Intends
Ontario Society
Ontario Society for Crippled
Ontario Society for Crippled Children
Ontario Society for Cripplied
Ontario Society for the Prevention
Ontario Society of Artiste
Ontario Society of Artists
Ontario Society of Arts
Ontario Society of Photographers
Ontario Society of Radiograph
Opera Society of Chicago
Operatic Society T
Operation Dismantle Project Ploughshares
Ophthmological Society
Optical Society of America
Orange Society
Orchestra eiign Bible Society
Order Society Flags
Oregon State Historical
ORNW Corporation Project Man-
Orpheus Society
Osteoporosis Society of
Osteoporosis Society of Canada
Osteoporosis Society of Canada Call
Osteoporosis Society of Car
OTF Québec Society For Disabled
Otological Society
Ott*w« Anitlliiy Blbl« Society Ottawi
Ottawa .MixUlan Bible Society
Ottawa Aaiillary Bible Society
Ottawa Aaxlltary Bible Society
Ottawa Anlfllary Bible Society
Ottawa Association of the Baptish Women’s Missionary Society
Ottawa AuailUry Bible Society
Ottawa Auxiliary Bibl* Society
Ottawa Auxiliary Bible Society
Ottawa Auxiliary Dille Society
Ottawa Auxillarv Bible Society
Ottawa AuxilUry Bible Society
Ottawa AuxUlmy Bible Society
Ottawa Bible Society
Ottawa Branch Ontario Genealogical Society TYPING
Ottawa Choral Society
Ottawa Conservationist Society
Ottawa Historical Society
Ottawa Horticultural Society
Ottawa Human Society
Ottawa Médico-Chirurgical Society Dr. Dowd
Ottawa PreSbyter-lal Women’s Missionary Society of the United Church
Ottawa Society
Ottawa Valley Forestry Capital Promotion Society
Ottawa Valley Forestry Capital Society
Ottawa Valley Historical
Ottawa Valley Historical Society
Ottawa Valley Historical Society House Collapses
Ottawa Valley Historical Society Protestants Visit Catholic Mass
Ottawea Valley Historical Society
Ottaws Auxiliary Bible Society
Otters Auxiliary Bible Society
OttowB Auxiliary Bible Society
Ottswa Anrlltary Bible Society
OtUwa Auxiliary Bible Society
OtUwi Vixillary Bible Society
Our Canada Works Project
Out aouais Conservation Society
Out-aouais Alliance’s Education Research Project
Outaouais Candian Cancer Society
Outaouais Society
Outaouais Society for the Prevention
Outaouals Society for the Prevention
Ouvon Agricultural Society 468-2738 777-3121 Anglican Women
Ouyon Agricultural Society
Ouyon Agriculture Society
Ouyon AgricuUure Society
Oxford Agricultural Society
P C Resolutions | Ladysmith Honor Society CHURCH DIRECTORY V<
P- Commonwealth Society
P.H.S. Museum Project
PAIE Project
Pamahaslka’s Society Circus
Pan Historical Society
Paranormal Society
Paris Zoological Society
Parkinson Society Canada
Parkinson’s Disease Society of Ottawa-Carleton
PARLE POUR VOUS Society of Canada
Parochial Society
Parochial Temperance Society
Patriotic Society
Patriots Secret Society Men Nathan
Patter-ihe Agricultural Society
PAUL Horticultural Society Solicits Members
PAUL MCGEE Equity Editor Pontiac Archives
PAUL MCGEE Equity Editor THIS YEA R! Cancer Society
Paul Society
Peace & Development Lenten Project
PECK Factory Built Homes & Cottages Renovations • Project Management Randy Reck ECOLE DE CONDUITE R
Peking Oriental Society
Pembroke Horticultural Society
Pembroke Standard Church Missionary Society
Pence Society
Pene-ot Nations Society
Pension Fund Society
Pension Fund Society Apex
Peoples Society
Permanent Public Archives
Petawawa/Pembroke Red Hat Society
Petrine Agricultural Society
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Phi & Society
Philadelphia County Medical Society
Philadelphia Zoological Society
Philalethes Society
Philatelic Society of London
Philatelic Society of New York
Philharmonic Society
Philological Society
Philological Society Contained
Philosophical Society
Phone Society
Photographic Society Potato Famine
Physical Society
Pictures The Agricultural Society
Pine Agricultural Society
Plants Society
PLAYING UNTIL THURSOAY Society Recreative Fort-Coulonge Inc. June
PLEASANT AFTERNOON Fine Weather Favors Society Sports Day
Plumbing Pontiac Archives
Pocahontas Society There
Poetise Agricultural Society Division A
Poetry Society
Poilharmouic Society
Pomological Society
Ponfioc Agricultural Society
Ponrtiac Agricultural Society Di
Pontaic Agricultural Society
Pontefract Golf Club Pontiac Historical Society
Pontia-c Agricultural Society
Pontiac Historical Winter Windbreakers
Pontiac # Agricultural Society
Pontiac * Agricultural Society
Pontiac - Luskville Petro Pontiac - Shawville Pontiac Agricultural Society -Shawville Pontiac Dairy
Pontiac A Society
Pontiac Ag lion Association 2bjn23 ricultural Society Division A
Pontiac Ag Society Division "
Pontiac Ag Society Division A
Pontiac Ag Society We
Pontiac Ag Society’s
Pontiac Ag- Project
Pontiac Agiicultural Society
Pontiac Agncultu-ral Society
Pontiac Agncultural Society
Pontiac Agncultural Society Charlotte L’Écuyer
Pontiac Agr Society No.
Pontiac Agric Society
PONTIAC AgriciM Society
Pontiac Agricultual Society Fair Grounds
Pontiac Agricultuie Society
Pontiac Agricultural Fair Exhibition Society
Pontiac Agricultural I Society
Pontiac Agricultural John Spotswood who Society
Pontiac Agricultural Society
Pontiac Agricultural Society Pontiac
Pontiac Agricultural Society v- Pontiac Dairy & Fruits Wholesale
Pontiac Agricultural Society "Division A"
Pontiac Agricultural Society "Division A" Chief Bill
Pontiac Agricultural Society "Division A" Annual
Pontiac Agricultural Society "Division A" Annual Meeting Wednesday
Pontiac Agricultural Society "Division A" Office Hours July
Pontiac Agricultural Society - Division
Pontiac Agricultural Society - Division A
Pontiac Agricultural Society - Division C ANNUAL MEETING
Pontiac Agricultural Society 1 st
Pontiac Agricultural Society A
Pontiac Agricultural Society A "mechanical
Pontiac Agricultural Society Adoptée
Pontiac Agricultural Society AGRICULTURE^
Pontiac Agricultural Society And
Pontiac Agricultural Society and Division "
Pontiac Agricultural Society Annual
Pontiac Agricultural Society Annual General
Pontiac Agricultural Society Annual General Meetin É
Pontiac Agricultural Society Annual General Meetin Wednesday
Pontiac Agricultural Society Annual General Meeting
Pontiac Agricultural Society Annual Meeting
Pontiac Agricultural Society Box
Pontiac Agricultural Society Bryson.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Bursary for Agriculture
Pontiac Agricultural Society C s
Pontiac Agricultural Society California with John Wayne
Pontiac Agricultural Society Campbell s Poians Pontiac Dairy & Fruit Chaussures Shawville Shoes Pon
Pontiac Agricultural Society Car
Pontiac Agricultural Society Carswell
Pontiac Agricultural Society CASE Model
Pontiac Agricultural Society Charlotte L Écuyer
Pontiac Agricultural Society Charlotte L’Écuyer
Pontiac Agricultural Society Class A
Pontiac Agricultural Society COMMUNITY CALENDAR Il 1/ i
Pontiac Agricultural Society Convened
Pontiac Agricultural Society D*v "
Pontiac Agricultural Society D.vt-
Pontiac Agricultural Society Di
Pontiac Agricultural Society Dill
PONTIAC Agricultural Society Dinner and Dance
Pontiac Agricultural Society Directors
Pontiac Agricultural Society District
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div "
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div "A
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div C
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div. "
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div. "A”
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div. A.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Div. C.
Pontiac Agricultural Society div. C. League
Pontiac Agricultural Society Divi-
Pontiac Agricultural Society Divi-regular
Pontiac Agricultural Society Divi-son A
Pontiac Agricultural Society Divi-worship
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division C
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "A Hull Bantam Hockey
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "A"
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "A" Annual Meeting MUNICIPALITY OF SHAWVILLE Mayor Randall Be
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "A" Uv W *K K k-#-.i
Pontiac Agricultural Society DIVISION "C" ANNUAL MEETING Ontario
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division .“A”
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A Shawville Fair Passes Now Available
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A Shawville Fair Passes Now Available Membership
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A & District
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A & District SB
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A ALL DEPARTURES
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A and Division
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A Annual
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A County Fairbanks Hotel Quyon
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A Directors
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLIES
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A SHAWVILLE FAIR
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A SHAWVILLE FAIR Meeting
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A STORAGE
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A"
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A. Elected
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A. NOTKE Of ANNUAL MERINO
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A’
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A’ Pontiac PrinUhop Ltd.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division A”
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division C
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division C.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division the
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division ‘A’ Thorne Council October
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division ‘C’
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division ’’A
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division “A”
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division “A” V
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division “A” Annual Dance Saturday
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division “A” Annual Meeting Wednesday
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division “A” MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division “C”
Pontiac Agricultural Society Divison A
Pontiac Agricultural Society Dlv.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Dlv. 200.00 Pay Roll
Pontiac Agricultural Society Dlvlson A
Pontiac Agricultural Society Dona
Pontiac Agricultural Society Dtv
Pontiac Agricultural Society Dtvieon A
Pontiac Agricultural Society ers,
Pontiac Agricultural Society Everett McDowell Takes Over As Shawville Fair
Pontiac Agricultural Society Fair
Pontiac Agricultural Society Fair Board
Pontiac Agricultural Society Fair Board Meeting January
Pontiac Agricultural Society Fair Grounds
Pontiac Agricultural Society Faye s Canteen Pontiac Dairy & Fruit Filion & Laflammc Pontiac Ice
Pontiac Agricultural Society First Vice-President Lome Sharpe
Pontiac Agricultural Society for League
Pontiac Agricultural Society for Shawville Fair
Pontiac Agricultural Society General Meeting Wednesday
Pontiac Agricultural Society Grant A Frances Woolsey Divide# A
Pontiac Agricultural Society Heavy Horse Division MUSIC
Pontiac Agricultural Society Heavy Horse Division Entry Fee
Pontiac Agricultural Society Heavy Horse Division TRUSTEE WESTERN QUEBEC LITERACY COUNCIL
Pontiac Agricultural Society I "Division
Pontiac Agricultural Society I "Division A"
Pontiac Agricultural Society IXvision A
Pontiac Agricultural Society I® •
Pontiac Agricultural Society Janey Duff MacDougall
Pontiac Agricultural Society Jlo
Pontiac Agricultural Society John and Gail Tracey Also
Pontiac Agricultural Society Kingston
Pontiac Agricultural Society Kit
Pontiac Agricultural Society Ko
Pontiac Agricultural Society Ko 1
Pontiac Agricultural Society Large Medium Large Medium Large Medium
Pontiac Agricultural Society Lot
Pontiac Agricultural Society Moved
Pontiac Agricultural Society MUNICIPALITÉ DE BRISTOL Annual Meeting MUNICIPALITY
Pontiac Agricultural Society No
Pontiac Agricultural Society No 1
Pontiac Agricultural Society No met Co-op Medical
Pontiac Agricultural Society No, 1
Pontiac Agricultural Society No.
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. 1
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. 1 Dr.
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. 1 NOW AVAILABLE
PONTIAC Agricultural Society No. 1 OTTAWA
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. 1.—Carried
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. PURE BREEDS—CLASS
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. ra(
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. the
Pontiac Agricultural Society Non-Livestock Exhibitors
Pontiac Agricultural Society N»
Pontiac Agricultural Society OFFICE HOURS UP
Pontiac Agricultural Society Office.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Oivis-on A.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Old-Fashioned Sleigh Ride Annual General Meetin
Pontiac Agricultural Society Olv.
Pontiac Agricultural Society ONE Used
Pontiac Agricultural Society Orders
Pontiac Agricultural Society Pair
Pontiac Agricultural Society Penmanship/
Pontiac Agricultural Society Pontiac Dairy & Fruit Wholesale Pontiac Home Bakery Stedman s V&S We
Pontiac Agricultural Society Pontiac Dairy Pontiac Ice MamXacturmg Co Lid Promuluel Valley Insuranc
Pontiac Agricultural Society Prepare For Fall Fair Important By-Laws Passed By Council
Pontiac Agricultural Society Presents the
Pontiac Agricultural Society RESTAURANT & VARIETY OUYON
Pontiac Agricultural Society Road Sweeping
Pontiac Agricultural Society Secretaiy.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Shawville Fair
Pontiac Agricultural Society Shawville Lions Club René Dumouchel Clayton Dodds Farmers Market Gaulh
Pontiac Agricultural Society Shewvma Cable Co Ltd.
Pontiac Agricultural Society Spring Dance
Pontiac Agricultural Society Spring Horse Show
Pontiac Agricultural Society Subdivision
Pontiac Agricultural Society SUperintendant
Pontiac Agricultural Society Thanks
Pontiac Agricultural Society the
Pontiac Agricultural Society There
Pontiac Agricultural Society Todd
Pontiac Agricultural Society Treasurer Edrie Sharpe
Pontiac Agricultural Society Trophy
Pontiac Agricultural Society TROPHY DONATORS
Pontiac Agricultural Society TROPHY DONATORS: Laird & Mary Hamilton RBC Royal Bank
Pontiac Agricultural Society Tuesday
Pontiac Agricultural Society Urryanc
Pontiac Agricultural Society W.J. Hayes A Sons Erf
Pontiac Agricultural Society WILLIAM MEYER Furniture
Pontiac Agricultural Society Win
Pontiac Agricultural Society Win.
Pontiac Agricultural Society “C* Division
Pontiac Agricultural Society “Shawville Fair
Pontiac Agricultural Society “Shawville Fair” Fair Dept
Pontiac Agricultural Society •
Pontiac Agricultural Society- Anniversary Gifts
Pontiac Agricultural Society- Moved
Pontiac Agricultural Society-Shawvilie Fair-on Friday
Pontiac Agricultural Society; Elaine MacPhee
Pontiac Agricultural Society; Mr. Austin Clarke
Pontiac Agricultural Society; Waite Amulet Staff; Waite Amulet Athletic Assn
Pontiac Agricultural Society’s
Pontiac Agricultural Society’s Dedicated Service
Pontiac Agricultural Society’s District Board
Pontiac Agricultural | Society
Pontiac Agricultural • Society No. 1
Pontiac Agricultural* Society No. 1
Pontiac Agriculture Society
Pontiac Agriculture Society By ELIZABETH HAHN Correspondent
Pontiac Agriculture Society Cflliipsigii Dlv.
Pontiac Agriculture Society Division "
Pontiac Agriculture Society Division A
Pontiac Agriculture Society Messrs Ait Hodgins
Pontiac Agriculture Society-
Pontiac Agriculture Society:-Bearing
Pontiac Agriculturist Society
Pontiac Agriculural Society No. 1 HODGINS Gt-A.R-A.Gt
Pontiac Agricutural Society
Pontiac Agriealtaro Society Division A
Pontiac Agrlcultirai Society
Pontiac AiricBltml Society No. 1
Pontiac Alcohol Society
Pontiac Alternative Education Project
Pontiac Alzheimers Society
Pontiac Anti Tuberculosis Society
Pontiac Archives
Pontiac Archives Visiting
Pontiac Archives A
Pontiac Archives and Shawville Museum
Pontiac Archives Be
Pontiac Archives Bristol station
Pontiac Archives Centre
Pontiac Archives Desjardins
Pontiac Archives Driving Pontiac MRC.
Pontiac Archives have Ladysmith Methodist; St
Pontiac Archives JufceteeStm THE EQUITY Liane Spurred
Pontiac Archives Reading the
Pontiac Archives Shawville; Evangeline
Pontiac Archives Smelling
Pontiac Archives Social Planning Council
Pontiac Archives Y-flying Christina Gray
Pontiac Archives*
Pontiac Aricultural Society
Pontiac Au*lilary Agricultural Society
Pontiac Ayicultural Society Division C
Pontiac Branch Canadian Red Cross Society
Pontiac Branch Canadian Red Cross Society G.
Pontiac Branch of Canadian Red Cross Society
Pontiac Bus Lines Liée Les Archives
Pontiac Business Development Project
Pontiac Centennial Project
Pontiac Co-op Medical Society
Pontiac Cofbmuhity Hospital/’ Cancer Society
Pontiac Community Achievement s Futures Development Project
Pontiac Community Cancer Society
Pontiac Community Hospital Dialysis Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation - Dialysis Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation Dialysis Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation Dialysis Project Tickets
Pontiac Community Hospital Gazebo Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Historical Society Coroner
Pontiac Community Hospital Solarium Project
Pontiac Constructions Deschênes Agricultural Society
Pontiac Council Minutes .Agricultural Society
Pontiac County Ag Society Division C
Pontiac County Agricultural Society
Pontiac County Agricultural Society Div A 1
Pontiac County Agricultural Society Division A
Pontiac County Agricultural Society Division A.
Pontiac County Agricultural Society Division “A”
Pontiac County Agricultural Society No. 1
Pontiac County Centennial Project
Pontiac County Historical
Pontiac County Historical Scoiety
Pontiac County Historical Society
Pontiac County Historical Socle Shaw
Pontiac County Tuberculosis Society
Pontiac District Agricultural Society
Pontiac Dry Cleaners tural Society
Pontiac Electric Carp Agricultural Society Bromley Farm Supply
Pontiac Electric Carp Agricultural Society Bromley Farm Supply Campbell’s Bay Ciment Hamilton Lives
Pontiac Enterprise Development Project
Pontiac Farm Health and Safety Project
Pontiac Farm Health and Safety Project T
Pontiac Farm Health and Safey Project
Pontiac Film Society
Pontiac Fire Agricultural Society; Bean’s Service Department
Pontiac Fitness Project
Pontiac Futur Development Project Officer Term
Pontiac Genealogical Society
Pontiac Genealogy Society - Key
Pontiac Higher Education Society
Pontiac Higher Education Society PACK No.
Pontiac Histori- Housewife” Everyone wel-cal Society
Pontiac Historial Society
Pontiac Historical
Pontiac Historical 8ocl-1 Technology
Pontiac Historical Advt
Pontiac Historical Archives
Pontiac Historical Bod
Pontiac Historical Chapters
Pontiac Historical Detroit
Pontiac Historical FRIDAY
Pontiac Historical High Schools
Pontiac Historical Hospital Auxiliary
Pontiac Historical Inday
Pontiac Historical Museum
Pontiac Historical Museum on Sloryland Hill
Pontiac Historical So-electrloai
Pontiac Historical Soc
Pontiac Historical Soc-the
Pontiac Historical Soci
Pontiac Historical Soci- Cowley Bui.ding
Pontiac Historical Socie
Pontiac Historical Society
Pontiac Historical Society RAWLEIGH PRODUCTS CAN NOW BE ORDERED AT Pontiac Vacuum Centre
Pontiac Historical Society 23,2007 Call
Pontiac Historical Society A Shawvillc District Chamber of Commerce
Pontiac Historical Society and Chamber of Commerce Museum Committee
Pontiac Historical Society and District Chamber of Commerce
Pontiac Historical Society and Pacific Junction Railroad
Pontiac Historical Society Annual Meeting
Pontiac Historical Society Annual Meeting Genealogical Section Reports
Pontiac Historical Society Armstrong Heritage Farm
Pontiac Historical Society ATM 41
Pontiac Historical Society Auctioneering Services Free Estimates PRESTON CULL Computerized Auction
Pontiac Historical Society B
Pontiac Historical Society Brookdale Farm
Pontiac Historical Society EUdta weTTnfed
Pontiac Historical Society FRIDAY
Pontiac Historical Society General Meeting
Pontiac Historical Society Guests
Pontiac Historical Society Inc
Pontiac Historical Society Inc. Pierre Bilodeau
Pontiac Historical Society Inc. Resolved
Pontiac Historical Society Invites
Pontiac Historical Society Ion
Pontiac Historical Society JANUARY MEETING Most
Pontiac Historical Society Leslie Clap
Pontiac Historical Society Lillian Hodgins;
Pontiac Historical Society Massey-Ferguson SUBSCRIBE 1
Pontiac Historical Society Meeting MEETING
Pontiac Historical Society Monday
Pontiac Historical Society Multiple District A Lions Effective Public Speaking
Pontiac Historical Society Museum
Pontiac Historical Society Museum Dear Editor
Pontiac Historical Society No.
Pontiac Historical Society Pontiac CEGEP
Pontiac Historical Society Province
Pontiac Historical Society Shawville United Church Hall
Pontiac Historical Society Social
Pontiac Historical Society Speakers
Pontiac Historical Society Submitted
Pontiac Historical Society Sympathy
Pontiac Historical Society T>W TymToonce
Pontiac Historical Society Three
Pontiac Historical Society Tranquil
Pontiac Historical Society TURN OF THE CENTURY LORD DURHAM
Pontiac Historical Society | Nodgins
Pontiac Historical Society | Shaw ville High School
Pontiac Historical Sod
Pontiac Historical Sod-ety
Pontiac Historical Stx i Shawville Bowling Alley
Pontiac Historical SuAWfiM Di/uicfàiy
Pontiac Historical United Church
Pontiac History Project P.O.
Pontiac Hospital Dialysis Project
Pontiac Kitchen Project Rural Development Officer Amy Taylor
Pontiac LEAD Society Inc.
Pontiac Lions CflVrcampbell’s Ba Renovation Project
Pontiac Lions Club Monthly Bin-of Pontiac Agricultural Society IS
Pontiac Masonic Lodge Annual Project
Pontiac Motion Crs Carmen Telebec Project
Pontiac Moved by Councillor Historical Society
Pontiac Norway Bay Historical Society
Pontiac P Agricultural Society Silver
Pontiac Paper—historical
Pontiac Petro Pontiac Pontiac Agricultural Society Pontiac Dairy & Fruit Wholesale Pontiac Electric
Pontiac Pontiac Archives
Pontiac Progressive-Conservative County Agricultural Society
Pontiac Project
Pontiac Project V.P. Quyon Agricultural Society
Pontiac Red Cross Society Audef Studio Photo Hull
Pontiac Red Hat Society
Pontiac Society
Pontiac Society Division A
Pontiac Society No.
Pontiac Station Project
Pontiac Students Globe Project
Pontiac The Pontiac Historical Society
Pontiac U 4 Students Globe Project
Pontiac Woodlot Improvement Project
Pontiac Wool Works Pontiac Agricultural Society
Pontiac | Agricultural Society Division "A" Agence
Pontiac’s Agricultural Society OTTER LAKE HOUSE C.E.MURPHY
Pontiac’s Agricultural Society Prop.
Pontiai Agricultural Society Divi
Pontiao Agricultural Society
Pontiar Agricultural Society
Pontic Historical Society
Pontiec Agricultural Society
Pontiec Agricultural Society Division A
Pontine Agricultural Society
Pontine Agricultural Society No. 1
Pontine Xgri Society
Pontioc Agricultural Society
Pontiso Agricultural Society
Pontloc Aykulturol Society BrWh 231 Quyon Legion
Ponuac Agricultural Society
Ponuac Agricultural Society TRAILER HITCHES "
Poole Water- District Agriculture Society
Porcupine Horticultural Society
Portiac Agricultural Society
Post Dkmoiuuzko Society A Pembroke
Post Graduate First Aiders Society
Poutiac Agricultural Society No. 1
Poverty Society
PPHS Globe Project
Prague Society of Rug-
Prairie States Forestry Project
Presbyterial Missionary Society W.D.
Presbyterian Church Womans Missionary Society
Presbyterian Womens Missionary Society
Prescott Agricultural Society
Presi-i Name Society
Professional Society Standards
Project Hospital There
Project Canada Works
ProJect Chutes Ministry of Economic school
Project Committee
Project Committee Environment Forum
Project Inc 45
Project Management
Project Management CABARET PONTIAC S Novembre
Project Management certificate Emergency Management
Project Management Certified Installer
Project Management Randy Pack
Project Management Randy Peck
Project Management Registered Nurse-Operating Room
Project Management Renfrew Auto Glass MOBILE
Project Number Royce
Project Shawville High
Project Week
PROJECT X HI Christopher George Color
PROJECTS Project No.
Promotion Society
Provincial Society
Prussian Bible Society
Psoriasis Society of Canada Picabou
Psychical Research Society
Psychical Society
Psychoanalytic Society
Public AgrHiltutal Society
Public Agricultural Society
Public Archives
Public Works Project- Department of Public Works
Publishing Society Headquart
PUèLICNOTICE Society Annual
Pure Wool Sox on Pontiac Agricultural Society
pus-1 Agricultural Society
P|ymoufh Flury Pontiac Historical Society
Q.ryun Agricultural Society
Qiiyon Agricultural Society
Qnyon Agricultural Society
Qnyon Society
Qowling Society Accounts Wanted
Qoyon Agricultural Society
Qraginzation Society
Qtiyon Society
Quaker Society
Quality Society
Quebec Cancer Society
Québec Community Learning Centre Project Manager
Quebec Fire Protection Society
Québec National Archives
Quebec National Archives the
Quebec National Archives.
Quebec National Society
Quebec Parks and Wildlife Society
QUEBEC Quyon Agricultural Society Western Department
Quebec Regional Archives
Quebec Safety Cross Society
Quebec Society
Quebec Society 99 For Disabled Children nity Hospital
Québec Society W For Disabled Children 1
Quvon Agricultural Society
Quvon Agricultural Society Lt;
Quyaii Agricultural Society Mr. Gervage O Rielly
Quyco Agricultural Society
Quyon Afdcultural Society
Quyon Ag Society
Quyon Ag Society Lovely
Quyon Ag-riculturel Society
Quyon Agric Society
Quyon Agricultu Society
Quyon Agricultual Society
Quyon Agricultural Society
Quyon Agricultural Society Joe McGahren Jr
Quyon Agricultural Society L
Quyon Agricultural Society 4th Annual Dinner Dance
Quyon Agricultural Society 8th Annual
Quyon Agricultural Society ; Quyon Public School Board ; Principal and Pupils Public School
Quyon Agricultural Society Annual
Quyon Agricultural Society Annual Meeting
Quyon Agricultural Society APPOINTMENT
Quyon Agricultural Society As
Quyon Agricultural Society As the
Quyon Agricultural Society BEACH STOVE
Quyon Agricultural Society Demolition Derby
Quyon Agricultural Society Div C
Quyon Agricultural Society Div C Fall Banquet
Quyon Agricultural Society Div.
Quyon Agricultural Society Division C
Quyon Agricultural Society Grants
Quyon Agricultural Society Induction
Quyon Agricultural Society Information Meeting
Quyon Agricultural Society MaY
Quyon Agricultural Society Most
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Cr
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Crs Gibbons
Quyon Agricultural Society OAK BUFFET.
Quyon Agricultural Society of Council
Quyon Agricultural Society Otter Lake TOPS
Quyon Agricultural Society Re elect
Quyon Agricultural Society Saturday
Quyon Agricultural Society Smith and
Quyon Agricultural Society Special Prize List
Quyon Agricultural Society Sup
Quyon Agricultural Society Supper and Dance
Quyon Agricultural Society’s Annual Dinner
Quyon Agriculture Society
Quyon Apicultural Society
Quyon Choral Society
QUYON FERRY Quyon Agricultural Society
Quyon Red Cross Society
Quyon Society
Quyon-Brlstol Cancer Society
Quyoo Agricultural Society
Quyxrn Agricultural Society
Qvyon Agricultural Society
R.A. Canada Works Project
Racing Society
Radford Ladies Sewing Society
Radiological Society
Radiological Society of North
Ragged School Union and Shaftesbury Society
Railroad Historical Association
RATEPAYERS Agricultural Society
Rational Dress Society
Rayai Horticultural Society
Recreation Association Physical Fitness Project
Recreation Society
Red Ci Society
Red Crbss Society
Red Cress Society
Red Cro*s Society
Red Croat Society
Red Crone Society
Red Cross 1 Society
Red Cross Society
Red Cross Society 0
Red Cross Society ;
Red Cross Society During
Red Cross Society Friday Night
Red Cross Society Kre;lt
Red Cross Society LEPINE
Red Cross Society Monday |
Red Cross Society of
Red Cross Society of Lower Pontiac
Red Cross Society Quebec D-v.sion
Red Cross Society Saturday
Red Cross Society SHAWVIILE
Red Cross Society the
Red Cross Society Wednesday
Red Cross Society.—Toronto
Red Cross Society’s Badge of Service
Red Cros« Society
Red Crow Society
Red CToia Society
Red Gross Society
Red Hal Society
Red Hat Society
Red Hat Society Chaput
Red Society
Red Society of
Red Stoss Society
Red trues Society
Reform Society
Refrigerator Service Engineers Society
Régionaux Des Archives Nationales du
Regular Service Bible Society
ReJ Cross Society
Relations Society of America
Relief Society
Relief Society Franco-German
Renewal Committee Society
Renfrew Agricultural Society
Renfrew Agricultural Society ARMOURIES
Renfrew Agricultural Society for Railway
Renfrew Agricultural Society Robaye Farms
Renfrew Agricultural Society Serving the
Renfrew Agricultural Society Serving the Greater Ottawa Valley
Renfrew Agricultural Society Tuesday
Renfrew Agricultural Society; Robaye; Royal Bank; Shawville Chrysler; Shawville Ford; Shawville Mil
Renfrew Animal Archives
Renfrew County Humane Society.
Renfrew Horticultural Society
Renfrew Machinery Bible Society
Renfrew Scottish Country Dance Society
Repatriation Society of Mon
Reporting Society
Reptile Study Society of America
Requiem County Agricultural Society
Research and Development Project Requirements
Research Project
Research Society
Research Society Finds Cancer Tvntcrj
Réseau Banque TD Le Groupe Bibliothèque et Archives Bibliothécaire
Rev. Jos- Society
Rev. MuhIon Agricultural Society Notes
Rev. Society
Revitalization Project Tourism Saturday Delivery
Rexfor Society
Rfd Cron* Society
Rheumatism Society
Richmond Agricultural Society
Ridgetown Horticultural Society
Riznek Agricultural Society
Robyn Society
Rod Cross Society
Rod Cross Society of Denmark
Rod Cross Society Organised
Roll Society
Rotary Club International exchange Historical Monument Unveiled
Roval Astronomical Society of
Rowat Insurance Agency André Chartrand Pontiac Agricultural Society
Roy- Society
RoyaJ Dublin Society
Royal Aeronautical Society
Royal African Society
Royal Agricultural Society
Royal Anthropological Society
Royal Asiatic Society hi Cage Bird Association
Royal Astronomical Society
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Royal Canadian Humane Society
Royal Canadian Nav-1 Hull Adoption Society
Royal Commonwealth Society
Royal Commonwealth Society Class A
Royal Commonwealth Society Competition.
Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition
Royal Commonwealth Society Hideaway Hunt Camp
Royal Commonwealth Society’s Essay Contest
Royal Dublin Society
Royal Dublin Society Turk.
Royal Dutch Society "Veil
Royal Empire Society
Royal Geo* graphic Society
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Geographical Society Hracklesham Bay
Royal Geographical Society of London
Royal Horticultural Society
Royal Humana Society
Royal Humane Society
Royal Humane Society for
Royal Humane Society teeti-I
Royal Humane Society the
Royal Humane Society''s
Royal Humane Society.
Royal Iluinane Society
Royal Irish Fu-1 Tarbolton Literary Society
Royal Life Saving Society
Royal Life Saving Society Bronse Medallion
Royal Lifesaving Society
Royal Liver Friendly Society
Royal Meteorological Society
Royal Philatelic Society
Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
Royal Photographic Society
Royal Scottish Arhorl- cultural Society la Ab
Royal Scottish Geographical Society
Royal Society
Royal Society for
Royal Society for e Prevention
Royal Society of
Royal Society of Aits
Royal Society of Amazing New Cure Found By British Woman Doctor Magpie
Royal Society of Art
Royal Society of Arts
Royal Society of Australia
Royal Society of Can- Payees
Royal Society of Canada
Royal Society of Canada Canadian
Royal Society of Canada Fel-,
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Royal Society of England
Royal Society of Great Britain
Royal Society of Literature
Royal Society of Lloyd George
Royal Society of London
Royal Society of Medicine
Royal Society of Physicians
Royal Society of Queensland
Royal Society of the University of Edinburgh
Royal Society’s Mond Laboratory
Royal Statistical Society
Royal Stuart Society
Rue Principale Foundation Project
Rural Pact Project Form
Rural Partnership Pilot Project Initiative
Rural Society
Ruseian Society
Russian Missionary Society
Russian Technical Society
Ryan Agricultural Society
R^d Cross Society
S. Fades Store W. A. Hodgins Store Cones Garage Book Society of Can
Sa-KSs Women’s Missionary Society
Sacred Music Society
Sacred Music Society of Canada
SADC Pontiac Development Project Officer Term
Safety Cover Plan Project
Sahara of Society
Sailors Society
Sailors Society Medical Research
Salvation Army and Cancer Society
San Diego Zoological Society
Sarah Society
Saskatoon Environmental Society
Saskatoon Environmental Society Canada ON TRADE FOR CLOTHING All Dry Goods Half Price
Saturday Society
Saw-Log’s Wanted Hard Hearing Society
Sbowville Society
Scapa Society
Scarboro Foreign Mission Society
School Plant Construction Project
Science & Society
Scientific Society
Scientific Society of Vancouver
Scientific Value Discusses Project With Rail- U*hter
Sclerosis Call C 1-800-263-1481 647-5022 Society of Canada
Sclerosis Society
Sclerosis Society of Canada
Scottish Country Dance Society
Scottish Society of Literature
Scout Santa Society
Seals Society
Seat Society
Second Agricultural Society’s Show
Second Bylaw Project No.
Secretarial Services Project No.
SECRETARY-TREASURER FOR Pontiac Agriculture Society
Sei-I-Kwai Medical Society
Seismo-logical Society of
Self-Guided Historical Historical Bus Tour
Septem-Pontiac Agricultural Society
Service of Society
Sev Teaching Society
Seven Weeks Bible Society Grateful Wçsley United Atinual BRISTOL SCHOOL BOARD Mr. John
Sewer Line Agricultural Telethon Optimiste Society Resolved
Sewerage Commit- Society
Shavian Society
Shaw-ville Agricultural Society
Shaw-ville Choral Society
Shawviile Fair Society
Shawvillc Agricultural Society
Shawville & District Kinsmen Club - HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM OPEN
Shawville Agricultural Community Center Renewal Project
Shawville Agricultural Society
Shawville Agricultural Society A
Shawville Agricultural Society for Fair
Shawville Agricultural Society for Shawville
Shawville Agricultural Society Meets To
Shawville Agricultural Society’s
Shawville Agriculture Society
Shawville And District Red Crosrs Society
Shawville Business Association Project
Shawville Cancer Society
Shawville Choral Society
Shawville Council Society
Shawville Dramatic Society
SHAWVILLE FAIR Bristol Council Prize Winners Regular Society List.
Shawville Fair Historical Society
Shawville Fair Society
Shawville High School Agricultural Society
Shawville Historical Society
Shawville Horticultural Society
Shawville Hospital Auxiliary Pontiac Historical Society
Shawville Hospital Dialysis Project
Shawville Lions Wildlife Project
Shawville Lions Club Arena Expansion Project Kick-Off Party
Shawville Lions Club Project
Shawville Lions Club Project"
Shawville Lions Society Book of
SHAWVILLE Meeting Agricultural Society Division A
Shawville Missionary Society
Shawville Red Cross Society
Shawville Society
Shawville Society led Minola Gould
Shawville United Church Christ- Pontiac Agricultural Society Divi-
Shawville United Church Women’s Missionary Society
Shawville Womans Missionary Society We
Shawville-based Pontiac Archives
Shawville-Clarendon Library and Archives
Shawville-Clarendon Library and Archives Friday
Shawville-Pontiac Agricultural Society
ShawviUe Agricultural Society
Shawvllle Agricultural Society
Shawvllle Agricultural Society Grounds.
Shawvllle Lions Club Arena Expansion Project Kick-Off Party
Shawvllle Society
Shawvtlle Horticultural Society
ShawvUe Agricultural Society
Shawvüle Society
ShawvWe Agr Society
She Society
Sheen Council Agricultural Society
Sheenboro Community Improvement Project
Shenandoah Agricultural Society Service#.
Shenandoah Agricultural Society Services
Shetland Society
Shew-viHe Agriculture Society
Shire Horse Society of Great Britain
Shitwville Hed Cross Society
Sierra Nevada Range Crime and Society Dr. Hamblin Smith
Sieve Evans----------- Historical Walks
SINCE Canadian Hackney Society Junior Exhibitor Competition
Singing Society
Single Roadster Pontiac Only Agricultural Society Trophy
Sinn Fein Society
Site Agricultural Society
Six Society
SL Andrew’s Presbyterian Women s Missionary Society
Sliawville Agriculture Society
SLib Pontiac Archives
Smith Trucking 184., Agricultural Society
SO THOROUGH AS Agricultural Society
Social Project Ladysmith Thorne Community Recreation Assoc.
Social Welfare Society
Society Shawville
Society Mm
Society "
Society (Division A)
Society -
Society - 5000.00 Council
Society - Division A
Society 1.L PRIZE LIST.
Society 11 Miii-enivnt
Society ; Official Board of Methodist Church
Society ; Pontiac Clog
Society A
Society A um“* Committee
Society Acknowledges Contributions
Society Against Pollution
Society AI Ilium*
Society and 4H Club
Society and Telephone Co
Society Annual Meetings Wednesday
Society Arena Councillor Barber
Society At Fort
Society At Home
Society Auditors.
Society Ball Game FRIDAY
Society Banquet
Society Banquet YOU PAY ONLY SAVE .76
Society Beauty Outlines Reasons
Society Beef Chunka
Society BOOKSEL-D«
Society Brand
Society Brand Clothes
Society By William
Society Campaign
Society Campaign Cecile
Society Canadian Anthem
Society Clarence Wilson
Society Classes
Society Classes of Live Stock
Society Clause
Society Cln--e- Renfrew
Society Coffee Party
Society Coffee rZLnltv B “y G
Society Conference
Society Convener
Society Convention
Society Defends Canine Offenders
Society Demolition Derby
Society Deposit
Society des Fezmiers
Society Di
Society Dies Suddenly
Society Dining Hall
Society Dining Hall FSaErl
Society Dining Hall PLEASE PLAN
Society Direct
Society Director Jack Opportunity TOT
Society Directors
Society Directors Meeting Hi»
Society Div C
Society Div C A Young
Society Div.
Society Division
Society Division "
Society Division A
Society Division A’
Society Division B Quyon
Society Division C
Society Division C Mr.
Society Division “C”
Society Dods
Society Dog Food
Society Dog Food 3/.99 1.19 Aylmer Vegetables Generic
Society Dome—Ob
Society Donations
Society Dr.
Society Dr. H.
Society Dr. R.
Society Elected
Society Elected All
Society Events
Society Executive
Society Expioradora
Society Fable
Society Fair
Society Fair Grenada
Society Father McDonald
Society Fence Repairs
Society Flower Show Beard Judging Contest CKBY Road Show Lumber Baron Street Dance
Society FOB SALE-1 Dodge Touring Car
Society for
Society for Child Development
Society for Combra^tg Abuse
Society for Cremation
Society for Crippled Children
Society for Crippled Children Bryant and
Society for Ecological Restoration
Society for Exhibit Hall Total Value
Society for Experimental Biology
Society for Experimental Biology aYitt Medicine
Society for Forest Fire Protection
Society for Heart
Society for Individual Freedom
Society for Industrial Se
Society for Nutrition Education
Society for Ottawa
Society for Overseas Settlement
Society for Penal Reform
Society for Physical Research
Society for Prevention
Society for Promoting
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Society for Rural
Society for Rural Extension
Society for Scriptures
Society for Shaw
Society for Shawville Fair
Society for Stealing Pennies
Society for Stone Consolidated
Society for Studies
Society for the Blind.
Society for the Prevention
Society for the Study
Society for Vancouver
Society Formed
Society Founded
Society Fund
Society Funds.
Society Funeral i
Society Gerry Doughty Wildlife
Society Girl
Society Girl Bride
Society Girl Finds Fiance Blind
Society Glamor Girl Off
Society Graduate of McGill University
Society Grant 300.00
Society Grants Use Of Grounds
Society Grundy
Society Hail
Society Hall
Society Hill
Society Ho
Society Hodfins—Corrigan Elect
Society Honors.-A
Society Hull
Society Ik
Society Inc. Guire
Society Inc. laff
Society Inc. Resolution
Society Islands
Society Itirely
Society Jim Ritchie
Society Jj Explore the
Society Junior
Society Junior Open
Society Ko
Society Ko 1- Toi
Society Ko.
Society Ladies’Folly.
Society Launched
Society League
Society Line road Pontiac-Bri.tol
Society List.
Society M At Home
Society Medal Dryeoo
Society Meeting
Society Meeting.
Society Merry-go-Round
Society Ml J- J-
Society Motor Manufacturers and Tnd
Society Moved
Society Mr CuVuhl Ties Abroad
Society Mrs. Win
Society Murray s Sports Norway Bay Golf Course Coronation Cider Mill Promutuel Insurance F.H Rowal
Society Museum.
Society Narrow Escape
Society National Syndicates
Society Next
Society No
Society No 1
Society No.
Society No. 1
Society No. 1 Mr. R.F.
Society No. 1 NOTICE.
Society No. 1....................... Councillors
Society No. 2.
Society No. Hook
Society No. I.
Society No. I. See Secretary’s
Society No. l Hynes
Society No. l J4S.
Society No. l NOTICE.
Society No.l
Society Note
Society Note Of Wide Interest Hudson Bay Line
Society Note.
Society Notes
Society Notes Mi*s Gertrude McKibbon
Society Notes.
Society Notice MONTREAL Shawville
Society Notice.
Society No^ihhwed
Society Nu
Society N««
Society of
Society of Aerostation
Society of Agri-y ùttHùral Economics and Farm K^hgement Society
Society of Agriculture
Society of America
Society of American
Society of American Bacteriologists
Society of American Travel
Society of American Travel Writers
Society of AmericmM^BBPI
Society of Amerl-
Society of Animal
Society of Antiquaries
Society of Antiques
Society of Artists
Society of Arts
Society of Arts and Sciences
Society of Au
Society of Austin
Society of AustraLa
Society of Automotive Engin-
Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Beaux Arts Architects
Society of Berlin
Society of Biblical Literature
Society of Bristol
Society of C
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
Society of Campbell’s Bay United Church
Society of Cana
Society of Cana-Shawville Council
Society of Canada
Society of Canada Heritage Campus
Society of Canada Multiple Sclerosis 1-800-268-7582
Society of Canadian Agronomists
Society of Canuita Call 1 HOSMIkUWJ
Society of Capo Town
Society of Chapeau
Society of Chemical Industry
Society of Chemical Industry Merit
Society of Christian Endeavor
Society of Civil
Society of Civil Bag
Society of Civil Bn*la"*r*
Society of Civil Engineer
Society of Civil Engineer*
Society of Civil Engineers
Society of Civil Engineer»
Society of Civil Engines»
Society of Civil Enylntcre
Society of Civil Eor
Society of Civil EugiBovrs
Society of Civil Eugtaeers
Society of Civil F
Society of Civil Kngincers
Society of Civil Knglneer*
Society of Civil Knwluvvrs
Society of Civil Kugincers J J NEW YORK LIFE B LO''C.. MONTREAL CAN.
Society of Civil Kugineers
Society of Civil Special Low Bates
Society of Clerks
Society of ClvU Engineers
Society of Colonial Wars
Society of Conodo
Society of Cortodo
Society of Cumula Call
Society of Denmark
Society of Electrical Engineers
Society of Electronic Medicine
Society of En-
Society of England
Society of Franco-Manitobans
Society of Frankfort
Society of Frienda
Society of Friends
Society of Friends Contributes Many
Society of Geography
Society of Give
Society of Golfers We
Society of Grace Presbyterian
Society of Great Britain
Society of Hodgins Furniture Store
Society of Horticulture
Society of Industrial Accountants
Society of Ireland
Society of Jesus
Society of John the Baptist
Society of Kdln
Society of Knights Bachelor
Society of Lady Artiste
Society of Little Flower
Society of London
Society of Luskville Moved
Society of Malta
Society of MammalnglHtH
Society of Management Accountants
Society of Mary
Society of Mayflower Des
Society of Mechanical Engin
Society of Mechanical Engineers
Society of Mechanical Enin
Society of Medicine
Society of Montreal
Society of Motion Picture Engineers
Society of Mr.
Society of MtlVU*] Ontario Increased
Society of Muskoka Dis
Society of N C
Society of New South Wales the
Society of New York
Society of Ontario Nut Growers
Society of Optometrist
Society of Ot-
Society of Ottawa
Society of Ottawa-Carle
Society of Paris
Society of Pembroke
Society of Physicians
Society of Political Economy
Society of Pon-
Society of Pontiac County
Society of Pontiac County PANAC Yet
Society of Pontiac United Churches Hold Annual Field Day Men’s Terry Sweat Shirts White and
Society of Prevention
Society of Professional
Society of Psychical W*search
Society of Public Utility
Society of Quebec
Society of Quyon
Society of Red Men
Society of Rural
Society of Rural Doc
Society of Rural Doctors
Society of Rural Physicians
Society of Rural Physicians SRPC
Society of Sale-The United Ladies Aid Trinity United Churc
Society of Saxony
Society of Several Turkish
Society of Shrop
Society of South Australia
Society of St
Society of St 1 Prayer
Society of St Andrews United Church
Society of St Andrew’s Church
Society of St Augustine’s
Society of St Dominic s Church
Society of St Theresa
Society of St.
Society of St. Al-pnonsus
Society of St. And-,
Society of St. Andrew’s Church
Society of St. Andrew’s Presby-
Society of St. Hi
Society of St. John
Society of St. John’s
Society of St. John’s Church
Society of Stark’s Corners
Society of Ste
Society of Symptoms
Society of Technical Agriculture
Society of Technical Agriculturist
Society of Technical Agriculturists
Society of the Church of Motion Cr
Society of the District
Society of the District Ottawa Valley
Society of the Methodist church
Society of the United Church
Society of the Wesleyan Methodist Church
Society of Toronto
Society of Truro
Society of Versailles
Society of Vienna
Society of Washington
Society of Weekly Mro*D4Ml%on Newspaper
Society of Wildlife
Society of Windsor
Society office
Society office 647-
Society office 647- Hay
Society office 647-$
Society Ontario Hfcrdro Commission and Dining Hall
Society Opposes Treatng Them THE MARKETS
Society Orchestra ......Vaudeville Sketch
Society Otter Lake May
Society Over Three Thousand Dollars In Medical Services Approved
Society Pirn
Society Pontiac Kelly
Society Position.
Society Prise Li*t
Society Prize
Society Prize 1.50 Best
Society Prizes
Society Prizes [
Society Prizes.
Society PsuTs Insurance Oktoberfest Chummy Transport Dr. Gurdeep
Society Radford Native Mes Aged Ninety Four Carried Motion Os
Society Re-elects Officers
Society Recreative Fort-Couionge Inc ST-AMAND & DESJARDINS
Society Recreative Fort-Coulonge Inc wtohes
Society Recreative Fort-Coulonge Inc. 2nd Annual Intermediate Closed FASTBALL TOURNAMENT August
Society Reporter Jupiter Jackson
Society Reports Noteworthy Results
Society Rev. S. Snowden
Society Rev. Wm
Society Rocreatlve Fort-Coulonge Inc. « 2nd Annual Intermediate Closed PONTIAC PROPANE SALES
Society Rosebud
Society SatHSSSi»
Society Scholarship
Society Sectional
Society Shaw ville United Church
Society Shawville
Society Shawville 819-647-2731
Society Shawville Relay For Life Shawville Fairgrounds May
Society Sheehan and Motion Crs Joannissc
Society Sherwin
Society Society
Society South Society
Society Spring Dance
Society Spring Horse Show
Society Stationery
Society Stationery.
Society Subscriptions
Society Subsidized Projects
Society Takes Her Up Prominent
Society Tests.
Society The Equity
Society The Institute
Society The Women s Missionary Society
Society The World
Society Their
Society Three
Society Tk
Society Tlhe
Society Told Of Latest Gadgets
Society Treasurer Edrie
Society Treasurer Marie Sulla-franque
Society Uken* fclwBye
Society Vice-president Jack Graham
Society Villeneuve Milk
Society Votes
Society W.A. Hodgins Pontiac Auto Parts Rath Farm Equip
Society We
Society Wendy Hodglns Lions
Society WMC
Society Woman.
Society Work.
Society Worth While
Society WtMMD
Society Xo
Society Yourself
Society __ Secretary-Treasurer
Society —Shawville Fair
Society" When
Society; AHeen Sauve
Society; Sec
Society; Secretaries
Society’s Medical Planning Committee
Socio Cultural Society of Dress
Socio-Culturel Society of Lusàvilk
Sodo Culturel# Society
Soil Conservation Society of America
Solar Energy Society of Canada
Soul Up the Line Capital Walks - Ottawa Historical Walks
South Waterloo Agricultural Society
Southern Relief Society
SOYearsAgo Society Division A
Space Project Pontiac Hoast
SPGAC—the Society for the Prevention
SPORTS & RECREATION Project Facilitator PHS
SQAE - Municipal Project
St Andrew s Womans Missionary Society
St Andrew Society
St Andrews Bible Society
St Andrew’s Society Mrs. Acres
St Archives Canada
St George’s Society per Can
St Jean Baptiste Society
St Joaeph’s Society Aid Program
St John Baptiste Society
St Mary*s Catholic Women *8 League Anti Abortion Society
St Patrick’s Benevolent Society
St Patrick’s Society
St Society No 1
St-Jean Baptiste Society
St. Andrews United Womens Missionary Society Hold Annual Meeting
St. Andrew’s Bridge Club; Self-Culture Society
St. Augustine Historical
St. Baptiste Society of Aylmer
St. James Literary Society
St. Jean Baptiste Society
St. John Ambulance Society
St. Louis Society of Radiologists
St. Luke’s Society
St. Vincent de Paul Katherine Society
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Standard Bred Society
Standard Bred Society Futurity
Standard Bred Society Futurity.
Standard Historical Society
Standardised Horse Society
State Agricultural Society
State Historical Society Museum.
Statistical Society
Statistical Society of London
Stink Society"
STjTJSt Cancer Society
Store Agricultural Society
Story Canada Works Project
Stroke Society
Student Norway Bay Recreation Asso- Project
Student Project
Student Project Wanda Younge
Student s Society
Student Summer Project
Suffolk County Historical
Sullivan Agricultural Society
Sunshine Society Show.
Sussex Choral Society
Swiss Cross Society
Swiss Society of Public
S’ S-Sra-sKS Geographical Society
Taxpayers High School Expansion H. R. Lunam Heads Red Cross Society Central Board
TCRA Lady- Fibrosis Research Project
Team Pontiac Globe Project
Telebec Ltd project
Telebec Project No.
Telebec Project Welcome
Tem- Society
Temperance Society
Temperance Society of the Free Church
Tendon & Globe Fire Ins Co. Norwich Union Fire Society
Terrier Society Intimating Royalty
Thamesville Horticultural Society
That Coal Oil Project
The Agricultural Society
The Christian Science Publishing Society
THE EQUITY Historical Society
The Farm Health and Safety Project
The Law Society of Upper Canada
The New York Poetry Society
The Society
The Watch Tower Society
The Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society
THEATRE Agricultural Society
Therapeutical Society of
Thibault Project Environment Forum Respectfully
Third Annual Dinner Dance Quyon Agricultural Society Tom Lefebvre
This Society
Tho Agricultural Society of Fitzroy
Thorne Censoring Agricultural Society
Thorne Minutes Historical Society Meeting by Mary McCagg
TIME TABLE Agricultural Society No. 1
Todd Agricultural Society
Tontine Agricultural Society
Tontine Agricultural Society No. 1
Toronto Caledonian Society
TORONTO Canadian Mothercraft Society
Toronto Humane Society
Toss Society
Tower Society
Tower Society SUNDAY
Town Hall Society
Tract Society
Tract Society for Jehovah’s Witnesses
Tract Society Mission
Training Society
Transport Society
Treasurer Agricultural Society Dir.
Tree* Society
Tuberculosis Society
Tuesday—the Equitable Life Assurance Society’s
Turner Society
TWINE Shoe Prices THE SECRETARY Agricultural Society No. 1
Uac County Historical Society
UlMf Society
Ultramar Canada Inc. Grand - Agricultural Society
Under Agricultural Society
Union A^-uranee Society
Union Service the Bible Society
Union Society
Unitarian Society
United Church Missionary Society
United Church Wo-Missionary Society
United Church Woman s Missionary Society
United Church Womans Missionary Society
United Church Woman’s Missionary Society
United Church Women s Missionary Society
United Church Young People’s Society
United Effort Society
United Engineering Society
United Nations Society
United Society
University Alumni Society
Uolltir Mac Nab Historical ANMuriation
Uuvon Chonil Society
V c Society
Vacant Land Cultivation Society
Valley Historical Society
Vegetarian Society
VeKetartan Society
Ventures Housing Committees Social action/planning Council Hospital Auxiliaries Red Qoss Society Sc
Veterans'' Society of Hamilton
Veurc Society
Vhoral Society
Victoria Quilts Society
View Sun s Eclipse Toronto—The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Village Inn W Smith Porter Hétu Society of Rural Physicians
Vinton Bristol Historical
Virginia Historical Society
Vocation; Pilot Project
Vogar Human Development Project
Voice Shawville Oioral Society
Von-Agricultural Society No.
Vontiac Agricultural Society No. 1
W. A. & Missionary Society
W. Missionary Society
Wâ Auxiliary Bible Society
Wagner Society
Waltham Hydro Electric Project Rehabilitations
Waltham Missionary Society
WANTED Bible Society Meets At Fort
Warrior Society
Waste Isolation Pilot Project
Watch Tower Bible A Tract Society
Watch Tower Bible Tract Society
Watchtower Society
WATERPROOF Cross Society
Wbk Society
Wed Bible Study ;>ontiac Agricultural Society
Welfare Society
Welland County Historical Society
Welsh Society
Wentworth Historical Society
Wesleyan Church Missionary Society
Wesleyan Missionary Society
Wesleyan Missionary Society of Campbell
Wesleyman Missionary Society
Western Friendly Society
Western Horse Society
Western Horticultural Society
White Cross Society
Wholesale Society
Wilderness Society David
Wilmot Agricultural Society
Wilno Heritage Society
WILSON & SON Project
Wiltshire Archaeological Society
Windsor Wessex Unit Canadian Cancer Society
Winnipeg Historical Society
Winnipeg Philharmonic Society
Winter Fair Another Shawville Lions Club Project
Wjj Agricultural Society
WM Society
WnBac Agricultural Society
Wo-wan''s Foreign Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church
Wolfe Society
Woman''s Foreign Missionary Society
Womani Missionary Society
Womans Missionary Society
Womans Missionary Society of the United Church
Woman’s Association and Woman’s Missionary Society
Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society
Woman’s Miss onary Society
Woman’s Missionary Society
Women** Missionary Society of Shawville United Church
Women*» Missionary Society
Womens Association and Womens Missionary Society
Womens Institute Safety Project
Womens Missionary Society
Womens Missionary Society of St
Womens* Missionary Society
Women’s Association Society ; Mrs. Cynthia D
Women’s Engineering Society
Women’s Foreign Missionary Society
Women’s Institute and Agricultural Society
Women’s Missionary Society
Women’s Missionary Society of Mra L ®™ard
Women’s Missionary Society of Shawville
Women’s Missionary Society of St
Women’s Missionary Society of St. Andrew’s United Church
Women’s Missionary Society of the Campbell’s Bay Free Methodist Church
Women’s Missionary Society of the Methodist Church
Women’s Missionary Society of the United Church
Wonary Society
Woodstock Agricultural Society
Wor- Agricultural Society
Work Project* Ad-ministrntif.r
Works Project RESTAURANT Addition
World Society
World Elite Black Belt Society MM A
World Horticultural Society
World Society
World Society Assembly
World Society of Na Beautification
Wycliffe Society for Helping the Blind
Wyman Women’s Institute Canadian Red Cross Society Quebec Provincial Division JÊ
Xgiiculturnl Society
Xgrivultuml Society No. 1
XI Society
Xonar Development Limited Project
Yarni Society
Young Canada Works Project
Young Canada Works Project Otter Lake JUDGING HEAVY HORSES
Young Men’s Society
Young People s Society Characters
Young Peoples Society
Young Peoples Society of St. Andrew’s United Chinch
Young People’s Society
Young People’s Society of Austin
Young People’s Society of St
Young People’s Society of St Andrew’s United Church
Young People’s Society of St. Paul’s Church
Young People’s Society WM
Youth Centre Pilot Project
Youth Services Project
Yovn Society
Zoological Society
Zoological Society of England
Zoological Society of Great Britain