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- Albert Armstrong Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
--- Pontiac"
0f Pontiac.
1-0-S23_____________ Municipalité Bristol Aux
1-sale E G Collyer
100-yard da
1019 Gillian Road Renfrew
1160 Albert Road Windsor
16-76 Sale Frederick Keith Horner
2 Pontiac Jr “B
2005 Pontiac Jr B
3-Way Pontiac.
3.50 F jR SALE—Belgian
303N onto Wesley Road
3440 Richmond Road
3bn25 Pontiac Jr B
4 Bristol
4,1988 Pontiac Jr B
40,000 K H Pontiac County
4545 Queen Mary Road
4th Albert Armstrong Pontiac County Church
5NU Pontiac
613-2841 Richmond Road
613-432-8219 Clarendon Bristol
647-5405 Bristol Quebec
647-6300 Chiropractie Clinic Pontiac Me Guy Lesage
7 Pontiac Jr B’s
7. Bristol
7:30 Pontiac Jr B’s
8. Electric
8.N.A. Inc"
8204 Rogers Road
82158-6-6-68 Sale Stephen Lo- Alvin
82258-29-6-68 Sale Kenneth Harvey Chapman
ABC Ma- Retail Sale
Abe Pontiac
Abe Yard Sale
Accueil Pontiac
Adam Pontiac
Adam Road Benedict Tanguay
After Sale Specials
Agri-Computers Inc.
Ah Bristol
Ah Eitne Auction Sale
Aii L % L For Sale Wanted
Aj Pontiac
Al Bristol
Al Pontiac House
Al PONTIAC IbiwTftlli
Alan Ludlow de Bristol
Alan Swan 613-732-9639 Sale Managers Hobbs Bros.
Albert Bertrand Pontiac
Albert Bristol
Albert Hurst Calumet Uranium Mines Ltd.
Albert Pilon Bristol
Albert Pontiac Animal Shelter
Albert Road
Alex Bertrand Wanted To Bu For Sale For Sale Notice
Alex Collins Janet Collins Pontiac Station Cedric Elliott Shawville
Alex Rutleldge For Sale Perry
Alex Sale
Alex Thomas Bristol
Alex Thomas Randy s Restaurant Gord Ca/anaugh B.J. Maheral Trucking Pontiac
Alexander Ed- Bristol Mines
Alexander Road
Alexander Road Aylmer
Alexander Road Aylmer Que
Alexander Sale*
Alfred Auction Sale
Alfred Russell Bristol
Allan Electric Com
Allan Electric Ef
Allan Han- Pontiac Gas
Allan Road
Allen B. Carey Pontiac Service
Allen Electric
Allen Electric Coin
Allen Electric Com
Allen Electric Com Pan
Allen Electric Com P«n
Allen Electric Compang
Allen Electric Company
Allen Electric Company Lid
Allen Electric Company Ltd
Allen Electric Company Ltd*
Allen Electric Company Ltd-
Allen Electric Company Ltd.
Allen Electric Company VHl’fi Hufferln J*t.
Allen Electric Compuny Ltd.
Allen Electric Conspany Ltd.
Allen Electric Coro
Allen Electric Cum
Allen Electric Vomps
Allen New Mines
Allen Pontiac
Allen Pontiac Prinshop
Allison Bristol Town Hall
Ampnor Leaden J Cardinal Pontiac K Fov.
Amy For Sale—Two
Amy Taylor Pontiac
Amy Taylor-Sharpe Bristol
Anderson Road
Andre Benoit Pontiac Transit Mix
Andre Pontiac Community
Andrea Cranfield Equity Reporter PONTIAC
Andrea Inc
Andrée Martin BD8 Pontiac Lionettes
Andrew Dickson Pontiac
Andrew FOr SALE—1 Circle Fleury
Andrew Grant Bristol
Andrew Per-Pontiac Reception Centre
Andrew Trout Lake Road
Andrew V Knox Bristol Bbte Study Thursday
Andrew V Knox Bristol Bible Study
Andrews Bristol
Andrews Dey Sale Campbell
Andrews Knox United Chtirch Bristol
Andrews Sale
Andrews Supper Tremendous Success Bristol Notes
Andy Lusk "Pontiac Prowler"
Ann and Susan Thettford Mines
Ann Anita Lafleur Pontiac.
Ann Rogers Neil Lapierre Pontiac Electric
Ann Taylor Bristol If
Ann Tnylor Bristol
Anna Lusk Cosmorama Realties Inc.
Anna Pontiac Scenes
Anna Yard Pro Eileen Labelle
Anne Bristol Auto Body
Anne Mageau Address Postal Code-------------------— Pontiac
Anne Régimbald Municipalité Bristol
Anne Stanley Pontiac
Annette Gravelle Coordinatrice Radio Pontiac
Annie Mines
Anniversary Mrs Russell PILON GARAGE INC.
Anniversary Sale
Anno Anderson Pontiac
Anthony J. Wright Printed And Published Weekly At PONTIAC PRINTSHOP Shaw
Anthony J. Wright Vi Printed And Published Weekly At PONTIAC
Anthony J. Wright Printed And Published Weekly At PONTIAC
Antique Sale
Appliance Service Hugh Tracy Rowat Insurance W A Hodgins Inc. Wilfred and Betty Murdock Pathyway Hy
Apply Box B FOR SALE— Clover
Apply Leslie Rus-Bake Sale
Armstrong Masham Road
Armstrong Pontiac
Armstrong Sale*
Armstrong Sale®
Armstrong Sale»
Arnold Ireland 647-5834 Pontiac Printshop
Arnold Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Arnott Hynes McKee Rd Bristol
Arnpnor al Anderson Road Open Weekdays Sat
Arnprior Tykes Pontiac Reception Centre Ladies Auxiliary Litchfield
Art Pontiac
Arthur Bristol Brick
Arthur Equity Editor Pontiac
Arthur Judd 284.20 Pontiac Auto Parts
Arthur Judd Pontiac Prim
Arthur Labelle Auction Sale Holstein Herd
Arthur Mines
Arthur Osmond de Bristol
Arthur Pontiac
Arthur Thomas Pontiac Hotel
As Pontiac Councillor Lawrence Tracy
Asking Bristol
Association D I R C T O R Y 647-2172 AUCTION SALE
Associés Inc
Associés Inc.
Associés Inc. Claude B. Glngras
Astorville Pontiac Jr B
At Bristol Ridge
Atom A Pontiac Draveurs Bantams
Auction Sale
Auction Sale HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Auction Sale Restaurant
Auction Sale REV.
Auction Sale Russell Gsuley
Audrey Bobier Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion Dwyer Hill Road
Audrey Smiley Bristol
Auto Glass Pontiac Plumbing
Auto Glass Pontiac Plumbing NOTAIRE
Auto Glass Pontiac Plumbing Stuck
Auto-école Pontiac
Autumn Craft Sale
Aylmer Electric Ey
Aylmer Pontiac HuN Buckingham
B B B Pontiac
B.D. Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen GenuneU
B2A27 Ma Cherie Home Fashion For Sale
Baden Electric Baden
Baden Electric Chick Hatchery Limited
Baden Electric Limited
Baden Electric Thick Hatchery Limited
Baie Pontiac.
Baird Road
Bake Sale
Bake Sale Campbell
Bake Sale July
Bakker Equity Ecftor Pontiac Equity
Bakker Pontiac
Bakker Pontiac.
Baldwin Electric Organ
Bancroft Bristol
Banner Sale
Bantam B Pontiac
Bantam B Pontiac Boisvert
Bantam B Pontiac Dravcurs Hearty
Bar Bristol
Bar Nancy Elliott K&L Dairy Villeneuve Transport Mickey McGuire Tracylane Pontiac Electric Alta
Bar Pontiac
Barbara Harris Pontiac
Barber and Brown-road
Barber Farm Equipment Bristol
Barber Farm Equipment Bristol
Barber Farm Eqvp-?5 Bristol
Barber Larder Mines Limited
Barber Pontiac Pacific Jonction By
Barber Shop Pontiac
Barron Ottawa Equity Reporter PONTIAC
Barry Lusk Pontiac
Barry Moore M.P. Pontiac
Barry Moore M.R. Pontiac
Barry Moore MP Pontiac
Barry Moore Pontiac
Barry Os-Pontiac
Barry Yard Sale
Bathurst Inc.
Bav Bristol
Bay A H r* Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Bay Bake Sale
Bay Bristol
Bay Bristol Charge Rev. Donald A. Sharpe St Andrews Knox United
Bay Bristol Charge Rev. Donald A. Sharpe Starks Comers
Bay Bristol Mrs.
Bay Chapeau Chichester Clarendon Fort Coulooge Leslie Litehfited Mansfield Pontiac Municipality Por
Bay Ciment H.I. Hobbs Smurfit-Stone Gladcrest Farms Pontiac Electric
Bay Comté da Pontiac Aux
Bay Comté de Pontiac.
Bay Pontiac
Bay Pontiac Ladies Softball League Mr.
Bay Sale
Bay—The Pontiac
Beatrice Pontiac Printshop Home
Beatty Electric Ironcr 3. Beatty
Beauharnots-vacances Valleyfleld Inc. Salaberry
Beck Pontiac Andv McDonald Renfrew Jason Poumier
Bedroom’Setts Bristol
Before Bristol-based
Bella Inc
Bella Inc.
Bella Pontiac
Ben Comté de Pontiac
Ben Gaizera SKI—DOO Sale
Ben Inc
Ben Johnson PONTIAC
Ben Sale 8am
Ben Thompson Bristol
Benjamin Disraeli * Pontiac Protestant
Benjamin Zimmerling 242., Pontiac Printshop
Berards Inc. Carol Chew Adult Only
Bernard 20.600 pi2 1855-5185 QUEBEC INC.
Bernard Johnston FOR SALE—Grey Percheron
Bernard Pontiac Protestant
Bert Crawford Dominicain Road Robert Simoneau
Bert Murphy Pontiac Jr. B
Bert Vinton Road Crawford
Beth Martineau-Tubman Heather Egan-Duggan Bristol St.
Beverley Brady Alfred A Esther Bretzlaff Bristol Community Association Marks
Beverly Henderson Pontiac Plowman WB.
Bill Bristol
Bill Pontiac Cent Sch
Billy Pontiac Junior
Billy T’s Pizza Kyle Richardson Grant Rogers Howard Construction Hugh TVacy Pontiac Electric
Binbrook Bruce Mines Centreville
Biotechnology Re/Max Direct Inc.
Biotechnology Zhtiisy Re/Max Direct Inc.
Biotechnology ZKxiisy Re/Max Direct Inc.
Birrell Gold Mines
Births Farms For Sale
Blake Carson Pontiac Accent
Blanc Coulonge Fleuriste CLSC Pontiac Hôtel Albert Restaurant Conrad Body Shop Bibliothèque
Blanche Pontiac County
Bleached Cotton—X—yard
Bnice Mines
Bob Al- Pontiac
Bob Alexander Pontiac
Bob and Sandy Winter Bristol Ridge Pentecostal
Bob bera''of Co. Pontiac Agricultural
Bob Bowen Pontiac County
Bob Bristol
Bob Bristol Community Centre
Bob Calvert Bristol Rolland Despres Bristol
Bob Calvert Bristol Wh Rolland Despres Bristol
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bob Cowley Pontiac Comm Hosp
Bob Dawson Pontiac Bay
Bob Gamble Bristol
Bob Gordon PONTIAC
Bob Gordon Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Bob Lake Road
Bob McClelland Pontiac County
Bob Middlemiss Bristol Women
Bob Orr Cartage Bristol
Bob Smith Baie Pontiac
Bob Smith Broomball Pontiac Selects
Bois Franc Road
Bois Franc Road Fort-Cou
Boisvert S A D C. Pontiac BMR Fort-Coulonge C.H.I.P
Bombardier Inc.
Bonnie Richardson Vice-President Pontiac Agricultural Society
Bouffe Pontiac
Bouffe Pontiac.
BouMe Pontiac
Boutique Bristol
Bowman Electric
Box K c/o Pontiac Printshop
Boyd Kirkland Gold Mines
Brad Fleury Pontiac
Brandi Tubman Pontiac
Brenda Marie Bristol View Queen
Brenda Preston accompa- Mines
Brenda Smith Pro-Mutuel Assurance Valley Mutual Petro Pontiac John s Sweeping Billy T s Pizza Frase
Brendan Sau- Pontiac Jr B
Brennan Caldwell Bristol Arthur Thomas Minn Ignore Cirant
Brent Orr - Bristol
Brent Plouffc Bristol Pontiac
Brent Pontiac
Brfstel Mines FATHER
Brian Allan Sunday Services Pontiac
Brian Bristol
Brian C Stil-Pontiac Reception Home
Brian Corriveau Pontiac Transit Mix
Brian Electric
Brian Pontiac
Brian Pontiac Community Hospital
Brian Pontiac Jr. Bs
Brian Pontiac.
Brian Road 432-4133
Brian Stanton Chugg Electric Merssene Mousseau Brenda Smith
Brian Stanton Ent Bristol Auto Body March
Bristol April
Bristol G J I V
Bristol J?£5.acj£.
Bristol 647-3594 Grant
Bristol AidQF
Bristol Angel Tree Fund
Bristol August-January X 1100
Bristol Auto Body H.I. Hobbs Lakeside Hotel Silver Maple Farm Murray
Bristol B B
Bristol B B Beech
Bristol B B.
Bristol Bacon Bog
Bristol Bazaar
Bristol Bazaar Successful Event Reasonable Rates
Bristol Bristol
Bristol Bryson Campbell
Bristol Campbell
Bristol Campbell Pump
Bristol Carnival
Bristol Cenotaph
Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCoig
Bristol Clarendon
Bristol Class IV Jr.—John Young
Bristol Cornera
Bristol Corners
Bristol Cottaoe
Bristol Council
Bristol Currie Mills
Bristol Eardley Campbell
Bristol Elevator III
Bristol Fee
Bristol For Marilyn
Bristol Fraser
Bristol Grade IV
Bristol Grant
Bristol H B ? Third Friday
Bristol H I. Hobbs
Bristol Henderson
Bristol J Mrl George Grant
Bristol Jack Graham
Bristol Jacques Ledoux
Bristol James Hart
Bristol Lane
Bristol Mayors Armstrong
Bristol McKee’s Shaw
Bristol McKtit-’s Shaw
Bristol Mine Road
Bristol Mines
Bristol Mines Quebec
Bristol Palmer
Bristol Paulette
Bristol Public Schools THOS.
Bristol Salaries
Bristol Stewart
Bristol Stuart Graham RLU
Bristol View Betty Lou
Bristol View Choice Queen
Bristol W
Bristol W I. Mrs. Thomas MacFarlane
Bristol W L *
Bristol W.l
Bristol Ward
Bristol Wesley Radford Withdrawn
Bristol Wilson
Bristol* A. Grant
Bristol- Campbell
Bristol-Clarendon Ward
Bristol-Lena Thompson
Bristol-native Stuart Graham Music
Bristol-Onslow T
Bristol-Onslow Townline
Bristol—Dalton Russell
Bristol—Edward Graham
Bristol’s Darcy Findlay
Bristol’s Firemen’s
Bristol’s Greg Graham
Broomball Ball Hockey Tournament Pontiac Ball
Bros. Sale Pa
Brown I W Sum Clearance Sale CH
Brown Pontiac
Brown Road
Bruce Campbell Mayor Pontiac ENVIRONMENT FORUM
Bruce Campbell Pontiac Municipality Councillor
Bruce Campbell Quyon Road
Bruce Mines
Bruce Pontiac
Bruce Walsh Pontiac Breeder
Bryan Pontiac Community Hospital
Buck Bucks Motorist On Bryson-Portage Road Wolf Hunt Planned
Buck Nokomis Pontiac Roselle FINISH
Bucket Sale
Buckingham Palace Road
Bull Sale
Burke Bristol
Burman Hobbs Bros Sale Pavillion
Butler Road
Buy Sale
Buy Sale"
Bv Paul McGee Equity Editor PONTIAC
Bye Bye Pat Pontiac Hoads Dept
C A Electric Unit Healers
C B L Macintosh Young’s Car Wash C.B.L. Michaud Farmers Inc.
C Mayer Dan-Jan Variety Merchandising Bristol
C.B.L. Pine Enterprises Inc.
C.D.M.V. Inc.
C.R Hobbs Woodworking Inc.
C.S. Pontiac
C.W.L. Bristol
C1998 Aide Cat Sales Inc.
Cain Road
Calumet Inc.
Calumet Mines
Calumet Road W
Cameron Pontiac Ladies Fastball
Campbell Bristol
Campbell Monument Colombie- Britannique Hydro-Pontiac
Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire Department John Lapierre McCann
Campbell Pontiac Reception Centre Ladies Auxiliary
Campbell Road
Campbell Soups Company Inc.
Camper Cab Sale Very
Canada Inc.
Canada—Province da Québec District da Pontiac Cour Supérieure
Canadian Tire Michel Plante Inc.
Candy Sale
Canning Outfits Juice Extractors Line Man Melvin Kehoe Receives Electric Shock
Cantons da Bristol
Car- Pontiac Municipal Councillor Rosemary Belanger
Carl Foley Pontiac
Carl Mous-the Pontiac Catholic
Carl Oi Bristol Area
Carmen Bristol
Carmen Burke Secretary-treasurer Imprimerie Pontiac Liée SbevrvMs, Qué
Carmen Wick Road
Carmen Wickens Road
Carol MacLachlan - Pontiac.
Carol Pontiac
Carol Pontiac Community Hos-
Carol Tollman Bristol Pump Services Tracy
Carol Tollman Kelly Brothers Equipment Bristol Pump Service Rental Beth Angus Petro Pontiac Tom Orr
Carol Tolman Bristol
Carol Tolmann Bristol Community Centre Milton
Caroline Bristol
Carrie Moore Uie Pontiac
Carson Russell Bristol Volunteer Qn October
Carter Pirie Pontiac
Casey Pontiac Draveurs* Brady Pirie Draveurs
Catherine Bristol Couneil
Catherine Ny- Bristol
Cawood Bristol Fort-Coulonge
Cecile Cloutier Sale Managers
Cemp Pontiac.
Cent Sale
Cent Sale 9
Central Pontiac Support
Chabut Inc
Charles and Jean Bristol s Dann Webb
Charles Bristol
Charles Christopher Bristol Hotel-Dining.Room-Dining-Room-Terrace Bar
Charles David Schock Hamilton Band Pontiac Historical Society
Charles Dickson Many Pontiac
Charles Firm Inc.
Charles Hotel Inc. Wind
Charles Labarge Pontiac
Charles Pine Lodge Bristol Permis
Charles Pontiac
Charles Ray FOR SALE
Charles Rus-Bristol
Charles Russell Bristol
Charles Russell) Bristol
Charles Spence de Bristol
Charles Sylvester Pontiac Sleep Shop
Charlie Dickson Pontiac
Charlie Taylor Pontiac Hotel
Charlie Zimmerling Pontiac Coun
Charteris Auction Sale Anniversary
Chateau Pontiac.
Chef Pontiac
Chelsea Road
Chemin Barry Road
Chipman Inc.
Chirk Sale»
Chris Dale Road
Chris Dittbumer Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Chris Front Road
Chris Pontiac Bantam Lions
Chris Pontiac Pee
Chris Seifrieb Seasonal Pontiac
Christian Pontiac
Christina Peck Shawville Pontiac Agricultural Society Budget Meeting MA
Christopher Tra- Pontiac Masonic Lodge
Chute Pontiac’s
Cindy Pontiac
Claire For Sale
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon Pontiac
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Pontiac
Claire O Donnell THORN$ Pontiac
Claire Pontiac
Claire Pontiac Community Hospital
Clapham Comte da Pontiac Province da Quebec
Clapham Comte Pontiac Province de Quebec
Claren-Bristol Mines
Clarence % Pontiac JR B
Clarence Pasch Forest Haven Campsite Kinsmen Club Pontiac
Clarence Victualling Yard
Clark Gold Mines
Clarke Named Quyon Fair Presidentr Lower Pontiac Red Cross Shawville Campbell
Clarke Road
Claude Aylmer Road
Claude Pontiac
Claude Richardson’s Road
Claude Ro-the Pontiac Soil Manage
Claude Young Bristol
Claudia At Pontiac
Clayton Pontiac Protestant
Clearing Sale
Clifford Pontiac Community Hospital God
Clifford Presbyterian Bristol
CLSC Pontiac Marie Lagarde
Cmty Pontiac
Co H G Rowat Dorte Barber G S Eades J L Hodgins Garage Pontiac Farm
Co. Pontiac
Co. Pontiac Bennett
Coach Jeff Russell’s Pontiac Lions Midget
Coach Pontiac
Coach Pontiac Rural Telephone
Cobden Sale Barn
Col MA o| Pontiac.
Collette Pontiac Community Hos-
Cominter Inc.
Commercial Lamb Sale Evening Vanety Show
Commission Scolaire de Pontiac
Commission Scolaire de Pontiac Rapport
Commission Scolaire de Pontiac.
Commission Scolaire Pontiac.
Communications Pontiac
Communications Pontiac Inc. D autre
Community Yard Sale
Complicité Pontiac Les Bourses
Comptables Pontiac Refrigeration
Comté da Pontiac
Connie Cameroon Pontiac Ladles Broomball
Connie van Mines
Conseillère Municipale de Pontiac Hélène Bélisle
Consolidated Bathurst Inc.
Consolidated-Bathurst Inc.
Construction Claude Dubeau Inc. Spécialiste
Consultants Inc. Toronto
Contact Stewart Adam 819-689-5078 Equity Editor PONTIAC
Contenders Margaret McAra Wallace McDonald Strongly Endorsed By Pontiac
Cook Road
Cookie Sale
Cooper Road
Coopérative Forestière de Pontiac
Cordova Mines
Corporation Waskahegan Inc.
Corrigan Heads Pontiac Lions Split
Council H Bélisle Pontiac Plumbing
Councillors- Kenneth Pontiac Municipal
CouncUlor Andrew Rectory Road
County Land Sale
County Land Tax Sale
County Valuators Michel Legaie Inc.
Court-Pontiac Lawn Brothers Ltd.
Cr Andrew Per Sheen Road
Cr Jeannine Wesley Road
Craft Sale
Craft Sale RA Hall
Craig Bristol
Craig Pontiac Prints
Creighton Mines
Cummings Road
Cure Bristol Elevator
Curley Lake Road
Current Pump Tender Notice Bristol
Curry Dominican Fathers Road Gary Trivett
Curtis Bristol
Curtis Sharpe Pontiac Continuing Education Centre
Dad Greg Atkinson Pontiac
Dale Bristol
Dale Pa-twenty-four Pontiac
Dale Pontiac
Dale Road
Dale Road Shawville
Dale Rothwell Auction Sale
Dale Scott Pontiac Don L.
Dale Thomson Pontiac County Protestant Cent- Rev. Wesley H. Krause
Daly Road
Damage Inc.
Dan Duggan Bristol St.
Dan Pontiac Hereford Club
Daniel LaSalle Philippe LaSalle Pontiac Princess Tous
Darlene Wiggins Bristol Volunteer Fire Department
Daryl Tubman Pontiac Jamboree Patrol Bill Hodgins
daugh-1 Bristol
Dave Mimre Pontiac
Dave Moore Sports ÏF* PONTIAC
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE-In Pontiac Minor Ball
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVIlLe-The Pontiac Junior
Dave Moore Navigating Pontiac
Dave Moore Pontiac
Dave Moore Pontiac League
Dave Moore Sports Pontiac
Dave Moote Pontiac
Dave Os- Pontiac
Dave Pontiac
Dave Pontiac Junior
David Aylmer Road
David Berney Pontiac Hereford Club
David Bertrand Pontiac Students Again-
David Bertrand Vice Pontiac Printshop
David Bristol
David Dick-at Pontiac Printshop
David Faubert Inc.
David Hammel Road
David Moore As Pontiac’s
David Moore Pontiac
David Moore Pontiac Community Hospital
David Moore Pontiac Junior
David Moore Pontiac Junior B
David Moore Pontiac Winger John Peck
David Pontiac
David Pontiac Bus
David Purdie Electric Unit Heaters
David Road
David Rochon Sale
David Thacker Joseph Armitage William McDowell Harry OPPOSITE PONTIAC HOUSE.
David Walsh Bristol
David Yard Sale
Davidson Mrs. Mary Dale Ebert Richardson Pontiac Dairy
Davidson Road
De Pontiac
Dealers BRISTOL.
Dean Bois- Pontiac
Dean Bristol
Dean Pontiac
Dear Pontiac
Debbie Hodgins Darwin Zimmerling Carpentry Forest Inn Restaurant Shawville Auto Service Bristol Aut
Debbie Reynolds Pontiac Printshop Tony Curtis Mr. Bill Robinson
Debbie Road
Debbie Summer Clearance Sale
Debbie Yard
Decker Deep Fryer Applies Consumer Products Inc.
Decker Electric
Decker Electric Drills
Decker Electric-brille
Defendant Steele Line Road
Delite Systems Inc.
Deluded Pontiac
Demolition Derby Therrien Road
Dempsey Road
Denault Inc.
Denis Fen Pontiac Hockey League Schedule Royce Richardson
Denis Hickey Road
Denis Papi- 0f Pontiac
Denis Papi- Town Line Road
Denis Pi-Pontiac Monster Buck
Dennis Findlay Auction Sale St Edward
Dennis Lucas D. D. Denturologiste AUCTION SALE
Dennis McCann Fall Clearance Sale
Dennis Pontiac
Dennis Pontiac Beaumont
Dennis Rodman PONTIAC
Dennis Thrun Ladysmith Madeleine Wittig Bristol
Dentaire Pontiac Inc.
Dentaire Shawville Dental Centre de G. Dang Inc.
Denture Therapy Clinic Bristol
Derey D Pontiac.
Désert Inc.
Désourdy Inc. Option A Allard
Diane Boisvert 819-648-5296 Pontiac
Diane Carmichael Shaurville Revitalisation Pontiac
Diane De- Pontiac
Diane Fyfe Pontiac Municipality
Diane Smith Inc.
Dick Bristol
Dinner Specials H Dishak Re/Max Aylmer Inc. Don Dods
Dispersal Sale
Distributor 647-3831 Pontiac-Renfrew Cleaners Ltd.
Distributor Bristol
Distributor Electric Grain Grinder Set Fairbanks Morse Scales
Distributor Renfrew Car For Sale
Distributor W.A. HODGINS INC.
District da Pontiac
District da Pontiac Protonotaire
District da Pontiac Upright
District de Pontiac
District De Pontiac Low
District W Pontiac
Dome Mines
Dominicain Road
Dominicain Road Mr. Joanette Ward
Don Curley Private Sale Large Bulldozer
Don Pentecostal Manse Pontiac Cent
Don Pentecostal Manse Pontiac Co-op Medical Pontiac Dry Cleaners
Don Pentecostal Manse Pontiac Co-op Medical Pontiac Dry Cleaners Pontiac Home Bakery Pontiac Hospit
Don Pontiac
Don Pontiac Day Centre
Don Pontiac Dry Cleaners Pontiac Home Bakery Pontiac Hospital
Don Seymour Hydro-Pontiac Inc.
Donald A. Stewart Sale
Donald Baker For Sale
Donald Bristol
Donald FOR SALE-hay
Donald Frederick c/o K P M G Inc
Donald Hodgins Electric
Donald Hodgins Electric McColgan
Donald Hodgins Electrical Installations Inc. Shawville
Donald Letts,110 Pontiac
Donald McCredie BRISTOL
Donald McCredie Sale:-
Donald McCredte BRISTOL
Donald McDowell Poultry Fencing Poultry Netting Electric Fencers
Donald Mines
Donald Morley Hodgins Inc.
Donald Ostrom ELECTRIC
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Pontiac Alternates
Donald Ostrom Pontiac County
Donald Pontiac Agricultural Society
Donald Pontiac Rural Telephone Co. Manson McDowell
Donald R Dods PONTIAC
Donald S Pontiac Bursaries Inc.
Donald S. Hedging Inc. Electrical Installations Electric Heating
Donald S. Hodgins DON’S ELECTRIC REG’D Commercial
Donald S. Hodgins Inc.
Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Electrical Installations Electric Heating Duvet Covers
Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Electrical Installations Electric Heating Shawvllle
Donna Pontiac Printshop
Don’t Overload Electric Outlets
Doris Orr Bristol Ridge Pentecostal
Dorothy Alexander Pontiac
Dorothy Pontiac Continuing Education Centre
Doug Pontiac Community Hospital Shawville
Dove Moore Sports Pontiac This
Doyle Electric Company
Drew Gilmour Pontiac Equity
Dru Allen Auction Sale
Dun Raven Mines
Duncan Quebec Inc.
Dwight Pontiac Planning Council
D’Arcy Pontiac
E FISHER Personnel Manager United Asbestos Inc. P O. Bo*
E Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Gemwell
E Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Gemmell
E Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Gemrrell
E J Ward Inc.
E.J Ward Inc. Fort Coulonge
E.J. Ward Inc.
E.J. Ward Inc. Fort Coulonge
Earl Bristol
Earl Carr Electric Carleton Electric Vernon Variety Networks Express Gadar Sportswear An
Earl Certified Electric
Earl Findlay Bristol
Earl Lépine McGuire Road
Earl Pontiac
Earl Rowell Pontiac Defencemen
Earle Electric Hupply Co.
Earle Electric Supplies
Easter Bristol Mines
Easter Bunny Sale
Ebert Smith Bristol
Ed McCaig Bristol
Ed Pontiac
Eddie McCann Pontiac
Edgar Connelly Bristol Fort
Edgar Reside Pontiac Bus Lines Ltd.
Edgar Road
Edgar Schwartz Pontiac County
Edgar ZEC Pontiac.
Edith Letts Pontiac Archives Sharon Hampson Jakarta
Edmund Black Lois For Sale Wed
Edward Bristol
Edward Dagg—Bristol-South Onslow
Edward Graham Bristol
Edward Pontiac Pools Reg’d Les Piscines Pontiac Enr’g
Edward Radey - Sale
Edward Ru- Pontiac Hockey
Edward Ruscnstrom J Pontiac Snowsuit Fund
Edward SEMO Pontiac
Eileen Bristol
Eileen Pontiac
EJ. Ward Inc. Fort Coulonge
Electric X X AT A
Electric A Protection Co.
Electric Adders
Electric Chopper
Electric Crane
Electric Horn
Electric Irons
Electric Light
Electric Organ
Electric Sanders
Electric Sets Eleven Models
Electric Uggl
Electric Washer
Electric Washers X B T Barn Equipment Water Bowls
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu Bristol
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu Widening Elm Road
Elizabeth Gold Mines
Elizabeth Switzei Pontiac Branch
Ella Pontiac Agricultural Society
Ella Pontiac Lions Hall
Ellen Places Motel - Shawville Sale
Elliott Bastion Tires Retro Pontiac Maplehodge Farm Ritchie’s Feed Nancy Dagenais-Elliott Beckcrest
Elliott Made-to-Measure SALE AUGUST
Elliott Northern Electric Co.
Elmside Bristol
Elmside View Farms Inc.
Elvis Leach Pontiac
Emily Bristol*
Emily INC.
Emma Mel- Bristol
Ennght Q VF Clarendon Homemakers Pontiac Home Bakery Willow Hollow Farms Rolling Acres Farms Les En
Equipment Inc.
Equity Page Four Bristol Boys Meet Roy Rogers
Eric Calempton Electric Drills
Eric Pontiac Pride Committee
Eric Smith Fuels Bristol
Eric Sutton Cystic Pontiac
Eric Zimmerling Bristol
Erik Bristol
Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines
Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines Canada World Youth
Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines Dear Editor
Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines Martin
Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines Y van Corbeil
Ernest Gregory FOR SALE
Ernest Pontiac Lionettes
Ernest Schwartz T.C.R.A. Shawville Ford Pontiac Auto Parts Les Extincteurs L
Ernest United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Ernie Le- Brownlee’s Road __
Essie Schwartz You-Hermonie Sharpe Bristol Seniors
Estate Thomas A. Elliott FOR SALE
Ethel Bristol
Ethel Burtch Bristol
Ethel Hod-Bristol
Ethel Roger Lasalle Inc. Store
Eugene Chute Road
Eugene Pontiac Printshop
Eva Andai Pontiac
Eva Andai Les Entreprises SOUTEC Inc. Coulonge
Eva Andai Photo" Pontiac Princess New
Eva Andai Pontiac County
Eva Andai Pontiac County Council
Eva Andai Pontiac”
Eva Andai Six Pontiac
Eva Andsi Pontiac Central
Eva Dagg Bristol
Evelyn Bristol
Ex Bristol
Extra Special End Tables For Sale
F O B Bristol
F R V F - Sale
Fam Hayes Road
Farm Buildings For Sale
Farm Machinery Sale
Farmers Inc.
Farmers Pontiac
Farrell Pvhert That Road Foreman Paul l’liilippes
Father M R. Pontiac Protestant School Costello
Faune Pontiac
Faye Greer Pontiac Agricultural Society John
Feeds Grant Rogers Mickey McGuire Pontiac Electric Roy Nugent Shawville Ford Dr. Keith MacLellan Br
Fer Sale
Ferme Perebonka Inc. Single Roadster- Minor Chevrier
Ferme Willow Hollow Farm Inc.
Ferry Road
Fi L Imprimerie Pontiac Liée ShawvWe
Fils Inc.
Finn For Sale An
Five Babies Baptized Road
Five Pontiac
Flowers Hardy Plants Pontiac Home Bakery H.I.Hobbs Co. Ltd. Gordon Paul Ins
Flowers Pontiac Electric W.A. Hodgins Store Stone Consolidated Gary Tubman Marsha
Floyd James -(1936-20 ) Energy Mines
Floyd Robinson Agency Inc.
Fokes B A. R.D Pastor For Sale
Foley Inc^Oro
Foley Landscaping Inc.
Food Sale
For Pontiac Junior
For Pontiac X Mrs. Lloyd Stevens
For Sale
For Sale For Sale
For Sale For Sale Thanks
For Sale Hart Park Tractor
For Sale Work Wanted For Sale
For Sale X
Ford Inc.
Fort-Coulonge Bouffe Pontiac
Fort-Coulonge Inc.
Fowler Bristol
Fox Road
Frances Potter Pontiac County Women
Francis Armstrong Bristol Robert Blakely
Francis Bristol
Francis Sloan Bristol
Francis Sloan Pontiac Journal
Frank Baity AL’S ELECTRIC REG’D Al ManzoW
Frank Cow- Pontiac Community Hospital
Frank Doyle Pontiac Community Radio Blair
Frank Mountain Road
Frank Pontiac
Frank Pontiac Community
Frank Pontiac League
Frank Pontiac Reception Centre Curley McCaffrey
Frank Road
Frank Robinson Road
Frank Robinson Road LOTUS
Frank Stafford V Pontiac Siège
Frankie Bristol
Fraser Horses For Sale Flowers
Fraser Paper Inc.
Fraser Road
Fred Pontiac Historical
Fred Bison Bristol
Fred Bristol Pathfinders Macintosh
Fred Coyne Glimpses Into Pontiac
Fred Crawford’s Road
Fred Desabrais YARD SALE
Fred ELson Bristol
Fred Fraser Pontiac Hospital
Fred Hodgins For Sale
Fred Horner’s Road List
Fred Hudgins’Clearing Sale
Fred Inc*
Fred Klaon - Bristol Memerial Char
Fred Le- Dump Road
Fred MacMurray Pontiac Printshop Ltd Homer—Hubert
Fred McCagg Pontiac Formers Co-operative Lost
Fred Metcalfe Bristol
Fred Metcalfe Murray Hill Road
Fred Metcalfe Pontiac Antique Car
Fred Mi For Sale
Fred Pontiac
Fred Pontiac Realties
Fred Storie - Pontiac Snowmobile Chisholm
Fred W Thomas 2. FOB SALE.
Fri-The Pontiac Jr B
From Bristol-Wyman Betty
Front Road
Front Road Stark
Fuels Bristol
FUR SALE Ivan Saunders
Fvans Inc.
G enn Bristol Quebec
G G G DG Bristol Council
G G Pontiac County
G © G Shawville Ford Inc.
Gail Mulligan Pontiac Columbus Chib W L Tot
Garage Pontiac Refrigeration Quyon Ferry Lisa Mohr Murdock Glass Lynn s Café Shady
Garage Sale
Garage Sale X
Gardner Mines
Garry Bristol
Garry Graham Bristol
Garry Sale
Gart Van Der Berge Board Pontiac
Gary Consolidated Inc.
Gary Council Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association
Gary Hobbs Mary’s C.W.L. United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Gary Hobbs United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Gary Merrill Sale
Gary Pontiac Trail
Gary Trivett Pontiac
Gary Trivett Pontiac Municipality
Gary Wiseman PONTIAC Fitzroy Harbour
Gatineau Inc.
Gazifère Inc.
Ge Wharf Road
Geco Mines
Genevieve Inc.
George Augustus Sale
George Bennett Enterprises Inc.
George Bennett Enterprises Inc. Publishers
George Campbell Pontiac
George Carroll Road
George Coles Sr 4-H, Pontiac Agriculture Society
George Donald- Electric Li^ht Items
George Eno GARAGE INC.
George Jackson - Andy Fraser - Kevin Oattes PONTIAC JR.
George Le- Roger LaSalle Inc.
George Le- Shawville Electric
George Mayer Bristol
George McNabb Pontiac Agricultural Society Todd
George Mines Connor
George Montgomery Clearance Road
George Pontiac
George Russell Bristol
George Sly Bristol
George Thome Centre Presbyterian Her Gordon H Fresque 683-2608 Bristol
George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Presbyterian Rev Gordon H Fresque 683-2608 Bristol
George Visit Pontiac Mrs. Johni Thompson
George Visits Mines Mrs
Gerald Lang Shawville Electric Lawrence Hodgins Walter J.Hargrave Alex Hollis El
Gerald Walsh 613-646-7729 Pontiac Breeders
Gerald Walsh 613-646-7729 Sale Managers
Geraldine Schroeder Bristol
Gertrude Bristol
Gibson Road
Gil Cluff Septic Service Re/Mai Direct Inc.
Gil Cluff Septic Service Re/Max Direct Inc.
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac Monuments
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac Monuments Sj
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac Plumbing
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac Printshop
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac SpiSS
Gil Cluff Septic Service PONTIAC ^
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac^
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac^ F Monuments
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac^ Monuments
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac^ Monuments È
Gil Cluff Septic Service Pontiac^ Monuments Ü Lloyd
Gil Fraser Pontiac Municipality Dear Editor
Gilchrist Pontiac
Gilles Gervais Pontiac Junior B s Pat Sarrazin
Giselle Evans Pontiac Station Spring
Gleiina Graham OBITUARIES John Moore Pontiac IV.
Glen Gauthier Limousin Sale Saturday
Glen Richard- Bristol
Glen Road
Glenn Bristol
Glenn Ernest Yach YARD SALES
Glenn Pontiac
Gloria F Tubman Shawville Ford Inc.
Gloria Richardson Morley Hodgins Inc.
Gnll Petro Pontiac Billy Ts Pizza House
Gordon Bristol Mines
Gordon Cr*«k Sale
Gordon For Sale
Gordon Graham Pontiac History Richard Wills Pontiac
Gordon H Frasque 663-2806 Bristol
Gordon H Frasque 683-2608 Bristol
Gordon H Fresque 683-2606 Bristol
Gordon H Fresque 683-2608 Bristol
Gordon Hall Ex Pontiac Teacher Died
Gordon Mines
Gordon Paul Inc.
Gordon Paul Insurance Ltd. Pontiac Electric Inc. MEMORIAL
Gordon Paul Insurance Pontiac
Gordon Pontiac Hockey League
Gore Line Road
Gougeon Inc.
Grace Bristol
Grace l6hd Garage Sale
Graham Bousquet Gold Mines
Graham Bristol
Graham Bristol Community Centre
Graham Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Graham Bristol View Farm
Graham Davis Bristol-Onslow Townline
Graham Electric Unit Heaters
Graham Greig Pontiac
Graham Pontiac Health Centre
Graham Pontiac’s Jubilee Fair
Graham Stewart St/Old Mines Rd
Grands Prix - TransporAction Pontiac PONTIAC
Grant Eedee—Bristol
Grant Pontiac Anti-Tubercol-osis Association
Grant Rogers Bertrand Electric G
Greg Bristol/Pine Lodge
Greg Graham Bristol
Greg Pontiac Ice
Gregory Tub Bristol
Gwen Barber ^ Pontiac
H * Clearance Sale Is
H N Shawville Ford Inc.
H de Pontiac
H W Pim wtteRen Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
H. Porter Tic Road
Hal Low White Sale Prices
Hale Richard Greene Pontiac Farm Forum Rally Pine Lodge
Hale Road
Hall Bristol Quebec
Halvorson Shawville Rotary Club Shawville Lions Club Clarendon Inn Pontiac Womens Institutes Art Ho
Hannah Electric
Hannah See Pontiac Photo Centre
Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge
Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Holy Communion Saturday
Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Gemrnell
Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Gemtrell
Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Gemwell
Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Genvnell
Harding Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Gltn Gemmell
Hardy Plants Pontiac Auto Parts Sheppard Motors Ltd. Rotary
Hardy Pontiac Furniture
Harnois Inc.
Harold Armitage Townline Bristol
Harold Beckett Pontiac Hotel Ac
Harold Boulton Bristol
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg
Harold Bristol Genivar Groupe Counseil
Harold Campbell Bristol
Harold G FABRIC SALp Sale
Harold Hudgins Portage Road
Harold McKenny Produits Forestiers Coulonge Inc. NOUS ACHETONS/WE
Harold Moyle Creighton Mines
Harold Pontiac Printshop
Harold Qoulton Bristol Egg
Harold Sowerby United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Harold Young Bristol Native Comes
Harold Young Paving Inc. Pavage Harold Young Inc. Jacques Chevalier
Harper Rennick Pontiac
Harris Bristol
Harris Hodglns Electric
Harrison Road
Harry Animal Aide Pontiac
Harry Bristol
Harry Coles Pontiac County Cook Book
Harry Dick 649-2426 - Carson Dick Sale Barn
Harry Pontiac Community Hos-Kelley
Harry Pontiac.
Harvey Inc.
Harvey Pontiac
Harvey Pontiac Buick Ltd.
Harvey Smith Bristol
Hay Dealers BRISTOL.
Hayes Beauty Shoppe Clearance Sale
Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container Pontiac Electric Murray
Hayes Road
He#t> Gray INC.
Heath Road
Heather Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Heather Dickson Pontiac Agricultural Society First Vice-President Lome Sharpe
Heather Dickson Pontiac County
Heather Hodgins Fight Pontiac Protestant
Heather Pontiac
Heather PONTIAC V V Newspaper Community’s
Hector Sou- Bristol
Héiera Romain Bristol
Helen Bristol
Helen Plymouth Chrysler Dealers Advertising Association Inc.
Helen Routliffe Pontiac
Helen Thrun Returning Officer ELECTRIC UNIT
Henderson Road
Henri Pontiac
Henry Bolam—Bristol Clarendon
Henry Clarke Bristol View Farm
Henry Gagon Portage Council Strikes Mill Rates Bristol
Henry Oswald McCord Pontiac Agricultural Society
Henry W. Block Pontiac Printshop Ltd Shawvllle
Herb Pontiac Community Hospital Elaine Lytle
Herb Smith’s True W A. Pontiac Dairy
Herbert Frank Yach Services Sale
Herman Ballantyne Bristol
Herman Em-road
Herman Wouk Pontiac Electric Inc. Shawville
Highway Bristol
Hillside Pizza Pontiac
Hilton Mine Road
Hilton Mines
Hilton Mines Fletchers Barber Shop 8-
Hilton Mines Larry Horne
Hilton Mines Limited
Hilton Mines Ltd.
Hilton Mines Ottawa Apply Mrs. Arnold Trudeau
Hilton Pontiac
HiUls Graham Pontiac
Hobbs Bristol
Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Ross Bailey Sale Day
Hobbs Bros Sale Arena
Hobbs Bros Sale Pavilion
Hobbs Bros Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Rd.
Hobbs Bros Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Road
Hobbs Bros Sale Pavilion Ii
Hobbs Bros Sale Pavillion
Hobbs Bros. Said Pavilion Dwyer Hill Road
Hobbs Bros. Sal# PivWon Dwyer Hill Road
Hobbs Bros. Sale Barn
Hobbs Bros. Sale PavilIL
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilion
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilion Auctioneers
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Rd.
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Road
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Road Ashton
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion Delmer
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion Dwyer Hill Rd.
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion Dwyer Hill Road
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion Free
Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilon Dwyer Hill Road
Hobbs Bros. Sole Pavillion Dwyer Hill Road Ashton
Hobbs Pontiac Rural
Hobbs Sale
Hobbs Sale Arena
Hobbs Sale Arena Ashton
Hobbs Sale Pavillion
Hobbs Sale Pavillion Dwyer Hill Rd.
Hobbs Woodworking Inc.
Hobbs Woodworking Inc. Kitchen Cabinets
Hobbs Woodworking Inc. WE RE OPEN
Hobb’s Sale Arena
Hodgins Inc.
Hodglns Road
Hogan Bristol School Commissioners
Holbrook Evangelists Bristol Lady
Hollis Music Inc.
Holmes Bristol Mines R 0
Holmes Electric
Holmes Road
Holmes Sale Barn
Holt United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Home K Pontiac Printshop V
Hoover Pontiac
Horn At Pontiac
Horn Bristol
Horn For Sale
Horn Sale
Horns For Sale
Horse Sale
Howard Camp-road
Howard For Sale
Howard J L Hodgins Gatineau Electric
Howard Motor Sale*1
Howard Road
Howe Pontiac Rural Telephone
Hubert Hom-the Bristol Council
Hubert Horner Road
Hugh Fawcett Auctions Inc.
Hugh Fawcett Auctions Inc. Winchester
Hugh Fawcett Sale
Hugh McCredie Legion Pontiac
Hull Bristol Pastoral Charge S»
Hull Chapeau Road
Hull Electric
Hull Electric Company
Hull Electric Railway Co.
Hull Inc.
Hull Inc. 1287.97
Hull Pontiac
Hull Sale
Hunter Charged By Pontiac Moose
Hydro Braun Road
Hydro Pontiac
Hydro Pontiac Inc. C.P.
Hydro Pontiac Opera
Hydro Pontiac.
Hydro-Electric Commi-
Hydro-Pontiac Inc.
H| Pontiac Community Hospital
I- Pontiac Fish
I. Allen Electric
I. Hobbs Pontiac Breeders Co-op Pontiac Electric
I. Hobbs Road
Ian Cumming Pontiac Agricultural Society
II Pontiac Jr Bs
In Bristol
Inc V
Inc Westmount
Inc. B B
Inc. B B Q
Inc. Bathurst
Inc. Dog Remedies
Inc. Dog Rimedks Ills
Inc. Dog Rt>Wfits
Inc. Lavalin
Inc. Ma This
Inc. P O Box
Inc. Responsable
Inc. Roulottes Mansfield Bodyshop St-Camille Motel Ben Boisfort Centre
Inc. Saint Pascal
Inc. Toole
Inc» Vi«
Indiens Sans Statut Inc-Quyon Claudette Dubois
Indiens Sans Statut Inc. Suzanne Danis- Fort
Indiens Sans Statut-Inc
Ingersoll’s Funeral FOR SALE-One Clyde Gelding
Intermediate Pontiac Teachers Local Assoc-School
Intermiel Inc.
Intervalle Pontiac
Introducing Pontiac
Inventory Clearance Sale
Iris Smith INC.
Irwin Pontiac Community Hos-
Irwin Th Pack John Bristol
Istand Bristol
Ivan Road
Ivan Saun- Keon Pontiac Hotel Old
Ivor Curie Mills Bristol
I’anK Bristol McKe-''H Hhawvllle Clark
J % W J VjA Bristol Council
J A Graham Pontiac
J A W. Bristol
J J j£ Pontiac Draveurs
J J McCal-lumet Road
J L Pontiac Day
J MRC Pontiac
J V Pontiac Farm Equipment
J. Lloyd Armstrong V.P. Pontiac Historical Society
J. Russell Elected Busy Bristol Beavers
J.A. Russell Presiding Officer Pontiac Protestant
Jack Electric
Jack Graham Bristol
Jack Graham Bristol Communitv Centre
Jack Graham Bristol Community
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Bristol
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG RE-ELECT Christopher YOUNG
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Saturday
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Spaghetti Supper
Jack Graham Bristol Kristina Misener
Jack Graham Bristol Mayor
Jack Graham Bristol Municipal Hall
Jack Graham Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday
Jack Graham J&J Grocery Pontiac Auto Parts McCann
Jack Sale Day
Jackie Graham Bristol
Jacob Pontiac
Jacqueline Brisebois Renovation Sale
Jacqueline Brisebois Secrétaire-trésorière/Directnce-générale Division Pontiac
Jacques Ledoux Bristol Terry Elliott Editor’s Note
Jacques Ledoux Secrétaire-trésorier M.R.C.de Pontiac C.P. 460 Campbell
Jacques Ledoux Secretary Treasurer M.R.C. Pontiac
Jacques Ledoux Secretary-treasurer MRC Pontiac P.O.
Jacques Lqdoux Secrétaire-trésorier M.R.C. Pontiac Les
Jacques Turcotte C.G.A Pontiac
Jaime Henderson Pontiac
James Anglican Church Pontiac
James Barber Pontiac
James Bay Junction Road
James Brebeuf Bristol
James Brebeuf Bristol Bristol
James Bristol
James C Glerln Bristol
James Carmichael Bristol
James Colmer Consultation Inc.
James Glenn Bristol
James Hickey Road
James Hodgins Yard
James Hodgms Sale
James I FOR SALE-Four
James Little Sheppard Motors Morley Hodgins Hedging Lumber Co. Rennick’s Service Station Pontiac Fa
James Marks Bristol Hospital
James Morley Hodgins Inc. Homer
James Mursopakté de Bristol
James Pontiac Advance June
James Pontiac National
James R McKenzie Bristol
James Stewart Pontiac
James Walsh Road
Jamie Boucher Pontiac Fish
Jamie Sale
Jane 5th Sale Start*
Jane Carroll Communications Officer AUCTION SALE
Janet Chute Road
Janet Heney Come Worship With Us United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Peter Hartgerink 647-3950 Stark
January 3,1990 Pontiac Jr B
Jason Bristol
Jason Road
Jason Three Pontiac
Je Pontiac
Jean Pontiac Agricultural Society
Jean Wallace Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Jean Bristol
Jean Francoeur Pontiac
Jean Guy Lariviere MNA Pontiac.
Jean Ham Bristol Corners
Jean Horner Pontiac Bus Lines Campbell’s Bay
Jean Lacourse Installations Electric
Jean Landry Petro Pontiac Dépan Express Claudette Dumouchel J
Jean Macnab Pontiac Station
Jean Marc B Pontiac Draveurs
Jean Marc Gendron Bristol Cuban*» Committee
Jean Ostrom Pine Lodge Road
Jean Pontiac
Jean Pontiac County Social Plan
Jean Pontiac Lions Hall
Jean Pontiac Pride
Jean Thompson Pontiac
Jean Wallace Pontiac Community Hospital
Jean Yves Dubé Inc.
Jean) Pontiac
Jeff Hannabcrry Kathy Howard Pontiac
Jeff Rus-road
Jeff Slmmental SALE
Jeffrey Mines
Jennings * Bear Bristol Mine Road
Jerry Bristol Auto Body Garage
Jerry Chevalier Pontiac Agricultural So-
Jerry Du- Beaudoin Road
Jerry Hughes Road
Jerry Pontiac
Jim Bristol Golden Age Club
Jim Pontiac
Jim Stewart Bristol
Jimmy Pontiac White
Jimmy Pontiac.
Jinan- Pontiac
JN B W For Sale
Joan Ber- Equity Editor Bristol
Joan Bristol Town Hall
Joan Finnigan Sale Price Team Shawville
Joan Hill Road
Joan Leslie Pontiac Farm Equipment JOHN
Joan McLean Pontiac.
Joan Steley Sale Set
Joan Sylvester Road
Joanette Road
Joanne Du- Pontiac Community Hospi-
Joanne Lance BRISTOL
Joanne Luker Brogan Inc. Cadence Campbell
Joanne Pontiac
Joe Bristol
Joe Brown Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d
Joe Johnson Equipment Inc.
Joe Johnson Equipment Inc. Unit
Joe Pontiac
Joe Sale
John Auction Sale
John B Green R.R.l Bristol
John Bristol Council
John Clarke Mountain Road
John Co. Pontiac.
John Dagen- Bonheur Inc.
John Daie Road
John Dale Opeongo Road
John Dale Road
John Dale Road À
John Dale Road West
John Dale Road.3
John Dale Sylvia Poisson Hodgins Road
John Davis Hodgins At Bristol
John Deere PONTIAC
John Detrlotbf Pontiac.
John Evans Paramount Electric
John Fer- Bristol
John FOR SALE— Grain
John Fraser At Pontiac
John Fulford Sr. Chapeau Pontiac Hotel
John Henry Pontiac
John Jones James Telford Pontiac Farm Equipment
John Kelly Retro Pontiac Shawville Milling
John Kim IiinnHI Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
John Laird Bristol
John Langford Vice Pres Put Pontiac Into BLOOM
John Le- Bristol Seat
John Lepack FGB SALE—Mare
John Levack Mines
John MacDonnkli FOR SALE—Excelsior Motor
John MacGregor SYSTEM Sale
John N Rngsel]i Bristol
John NOM/NAM E: 1858-5125 Québec Inc. NOM/NAME
John Ouyon Presbyterian Rev Gordon H Fresque 683-2608 Bristol
John Petty Pontiac Protestant
John Pontiac
John Pontiac National
John Pontiac Wool Works
John R Green R.R.l Bristol
John R Pontiac Community Hospital
John Road
John Road Mainteance
John Sweeping Bristol Auto Body Petro Pontiac W A. Hodgins Home Hardware
John Thomas Bristol
John ______________ Pontiac Jr B
Johnny K. Shawville Pontiac Pride
Johnson Inc.
Johnson Road
Jones A Moore Electric Company LI
Jones Inc
Jordan Re/Max Direct Inc.
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph A Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marion Street Shawvllie
Joseph A. Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marlon Street Shawville
Joseph A. Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marlon Street Shawvllle
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph Another Pontiac
Joseph Be- Road*
Joseph BRISTOL Lot
Joseph Campbell’s Bay Comté Pontiac
Joseph Christie Pontiac
Joseph J. Russell Bristol
Joseph Pontiac Electric Le Magasin Général Pontefract Golf Course Canadian Tire Mega Dollars Mauric
Joseph Road
Joseph Roy Mines
Joseph Thompson Passes Bristol
Journalist SyMa Banker Pontiac
Joy Ragged Chutes Road
Joyce Broad Pontiac
Jr Bristol
Jr Pontiac
Jr Sidewalk Sale Various
Judith Bristol
Judith Gilchrist Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Judith Wickens Bristol Mines
Judy Homer Pontiac
Judy Jewell Coulonge Inc.
Judy Morley Hodgins Pontiac Transit Mix Ltd.
Julie Charbonneau While Pontiac
Julie Herris BRISTOL
Julie Road
Julie Troung Pontiac Euchre
July Bristol Campbell
Justin Love Grandma Joan PONTIAC
Jvbu D Brown FOR SALE—Man
K Pontiac Jr B’s
Katharine Fletcher Environment Forum Bristol
Katharine Fletcher Pontiac
Katharine Fletcher Pontiac’s
Katherine Hynes Leslie Maria Dickson Pontiac
Kathleen Edith At Pontiac
Kathryn Per- Pontiac Plumbing
Kathy L Young Bristol Danny Poole He
Kathy Mohr Pontiac Agricultural Society
Kathy Young Bristol Town Hall
Keen Inc.
Keeping Pontiac
Keith Bristol
Keith Goodman ELECTRIC
Keith Hams Goldmine Road South
Keith Pontiac Community
Keith Pontiac Euchre Club
Keith Road Grant
Keith Sale Day
Keith Single Road Horse - Bike Knight
Kelly Ann Com- Pontiac County
Kelly Bristol
Kelly Bros. Inc.
Kelly Funeral Homes Erwin Laughren Bristol Auto Body Don Cherry Rest
Kelly Funeral Homes Pontiac Home Bakery W.A. Hodgins Store Rowat Insurance Carmichael
Kelly Ladouceur Pontiac Printshop
Kelly Road
Ken Amy- Pontiac Business Association
Ken Braun Road
Ken Bristol Township
Ken Fawcett Bros. Sale Managers Winchester
Ken Fisher Pontiac
Ken Fisher Pontiac Russell
Ken McNeety 613-258-5988 Sale Managers Hobbs Bros
Ken Pontiac Municipal
Ken Pontiac.
Ken Spear Bristol
Ken Spear St Thomas’Bristol
Ken Stanton Pontiac Ice
Ken W Musgrove Bristol
Ken Yach Third Period Bristol
Kennedy Inc.
Kennedy J B Kilgour Pontiac Honse
Kennedy Road
Kenneth CLflU Bristol Mines
Kenneth Pontiac Municipality
Kenneth Pontiac Protestant
Kent Road
Kent Taylor Marie Windsor Space Project Pontiac Hoast
Kent To Let Property For Sale
Kevin Creighton Mines
Kevin Pontiac League
Kevin Rioux Pontiac
Kim Pontiac
Kim Thalheimer Pontiac
Kinature Canoe Pontiac Journal
Kirk Richard- Pontiac
Knox Austin For Sale
Knox Bristol W.I. To Vole On Hissionery Society Canadian Anthem
Knox United Church Bristol
Kor Sale
Kyle Smart PONTIAC
L Dairy Norman Wiggins Eugene Hameline Pontiac Ice Ottawa Senators Shawville Ford Clarence
L E A D. Pontiac.
L J AVAILABLE Shawville Ford Inc.
L J Énergie Mines
L J Pontiac Wagon Train
L O B A. Bristol
L V CENTRE DE COLLISION Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
L _ Opeongo Road
Labine Inc.
Ladies Pontiac
Ladies Sno Boot Sale Table Men’s Work Boots
Ladysmith Pontiac Jr is
Laflammc Pontiac Ice Hardy Plants
Laidbw Brctkenodgc Pontiac VJ
Lake Michigan Road
Lake Road
Lamb Auction Sale
Lamb Sale
Lamb Sale Auctioneer Revel Stewart
Lamb Sale IX
Lamb Sale LEAHY
Lamb Sale Teen Dance
Lance Calumet Island Sale
Lance Pontiac
Lance Pontiac David Arulpooranam Pontiac Olivia Noël Mata
Lanterns Coleman Sad Irons Electric Sad Irons O’Cedar Dry Dust Mops Fancy Tea Pots Thermos Lunch Bo
Laura Enquête Sécurité Pontiac WANTED
Laura Godin Pontiac IBEWS
Laura Pontiac Mink Far Elliott.
Laura Road Superintendant
Laurie Pontiac Junior
Laurie Radio Pontiac
Lawrence Cannon Depute/MfJ Pontiac
Lawrence Tracey Dominican Fathers Road
Le- Pontiac
League Pontiac Jr B
Lee Bristol
Lee Bristol Council Planning
Lee Gold Mines
Leigh Ann Pontiac Herford Club Charette
Lenny Road
Lent Bake Sale
Leo Allen Beach - Road Names
Leo Allen Road
Leo Bert- Pontiac
Leo Coyne By Ruby Moodle Pontiac Columbus Club Rev.
Leo Elliott Pontiac Slat
Leo Fortin Décor Sylvia Pontiac Electric Quebec Farmers
Leo Fortin Pontiac County
Leo Gibbons Bristol
Leo Harris Pontiac Community Hospital
Leo Menard Hohhs Next Stocker Sale
Leo Trudeau Bristol
Leonard Electric Range Wooden Office Desk
Leonard Electric Stove
Leonard Godin Trout Lake Road
Leonard Honier Pontiac Home Bakery Karl Gardner Gerald Wall Ken Strutt
Leonard Lloyd Bristol Note
Leonard Radio Pontiac Reg
Leonard Refrigerator Gurney Electric Ranges
Leonard Road
Leonard Roy PONTIAC
Les Amis Sentier Pontiac
Les Amis Sentier Pontiac Paul McGee That
Les Distributions J.M. Comeau Inc. Fort-Coulonge
Les Distributions J.M. Corneau Inc. Fort-Coulonge
Les Elevages Ûueboeuf Inc.
Les Entreprises James Chugg Inc. Partie
Les Entreprises Pontiac
Les Equipement Jean-Guy Patry Inc.
Les Équipements Jean-Guy Patry Inc.
Les Estimateurs Associés Inc.
Les Industries Fortin Inc.
Les Installation Electriques Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Electrical
Les Maisons Quebco Inc.
Les Orr Pontiac Snowmobile District Assoc.
Les Piscines Pontiac Enr g
Les Piscines Pontiac Enr’g
Les Pontiac MR<
Les Prod Pontiac
Les Produits de Luzerne Belcan Inc. de Sainte Marthe
Les Sentiers Sauvages Onslow Inc.
Les Serres Thomas Towle Inc.
Les Serres Thomas Towle Inc. Nous
Les Usinages Egan Inc.
Leslie Busings Inc.
Leslie Maria Dickson Pontiac
Leslie Pontiac Clergy Assoc.
Leslie Ranch Inn Pontiac VidKOMM Otter Lake
Leslie Road
Leslie Russell Stewart Pontiac - Buick
Leslie Sale Rc
Leslie Sale Re
Leslie Schroeder The Pontiac Jr. Bs
Lf Bristol
Li Pontiac Making Canada Succeed
Liberals Pontiac
Librairie Pontiac
Licence R B Q 8275-1934-55 Edmond Mainville Inc. Pump
Lillian Road-dlate
Lillias Howard Pontiac Agricultural Society
Limousin Sale
Linda Ludlow Bristol
Linda Pontiac Community HospiUl
Linda Single Road Horse
Linda Thompson Bristol Sidney
Linda Vowles Pontiac Welding Oktoberfest Ladysmith Pontiac Dairy Jocelyne Bélair La
Lindsay Dale Bristol
Line Pontiac Story
Lionel Electric
Lionel Mélanger Road
Lionel Par* Pontiac
Lionel Sand Hill Road
Liquidation Sale
Litchfield Comté da Pontiac
Litchfield Comté da Pontiac AVIS D’ASSEMBLEE PUBLIQUE
LITCHFIELD— Pontiac Animal Control
Litven-Pontiac Unity-Equality Shawville
Livestock Bull Sale
Livestock Sale
Livestock Spray Vapona Fogging Solution Vapona Livestock Spray Pyron Livestock Spray Bristol
Lloyd Bristol
Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Inc. Main St.
Lloyd Hodgins Pontiac Protestant
Lloyd Ste- Mines
Lloyd Stewart Lome B Hodgins W. D. Hodgins Roy Brown Lyle Hodgins Pontiac Auto Wreckers Gordon Huck
Locally Owned Bristol
Loma Pontiac Ay
Lord Pontiac Lions Club
Lot Fop Sale
Lot For Sale Kiddies
Lots Fop Sale Knowledge Is Effective Weapon Against Cancer Knowledge
Lots Fop Sale John A. Dean
Louis Leblanc Ladies H.S. Gail Mulligan H.T. Gail Mulligan Pontiac League
Louis Pinard Inc"
Louise For Pontiac
Lucas Denturologist - Electric Fruit Juicer
Lucie Lavigne Inc.
Lucky Bristol Kids
Lucky Nokomis Lady Farr Andrea Bayama Pontiac Roselle Tay Town Dean CONSOLATION 2
Lucy Wyman Edey PONTIAC S
Lucy Wyman Edey Pontiac Treasures
Lyndon Mines
Lynn Lang Randy Belsher D A. Bielaskie Pontiac U.P.A. Elliott Farm Equipment W.A. Hodgins Palmer
Lynn Wil-Montreal/Pontiac Auto Julie Tubman
M H Bristol
M ( Bristol Jottings
M * K Bristol Charge
M Martin Bélanger de Communications Pontiac.
M R C da Pontiac
M R C de Pontiac
M R C de Pontiac Dans
M R C de Pontiac.
M R C Pontiac
M R C Pontiac Les
M R C. de Pontiac
M R C. de Pontiac.
M R C. Pontiac
M R C. pontiac.
M ’ Mine Road
M)R SALE—One Sherlock Piano
M.L.A. Pontiac C=>
M.N.A. Pontiac
M.P. Pontiac
M.P. Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
M.P. Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle Sincerely John Welham Campaign
M.P.for Pontiac
M.P.P. Pontiac
M.R.C. da Pontiac
M.R.C. de Pontiac.
M.R.C. Pontiac
M.R.C. Pontiac.
Mac Mines
MAC Pontiac
Mac Tracey Baie Pontiac Buick G.M.C. Jessica Ko
MacDougall Bristol
Macintyre Inc.
Madeleine Carpentier Pink Road
Maibec’s Pontiac
Man Walks Home Bristol
Manager Pontiac
Marc Corbeil Pontiac Community Development Committee
Marc Corbeil Postal Code Pontiac
Marc Cyr Pontiac
Margaret 5621 Gladstone Road Niagara Falls Ont
Margaret Bristol
Margaret Inc Id
Margaret Laurence____ *6.95 Pontiac Printshop Shawville Tel
Margaret Pontiac.
Margaret Russell Pontiac Reception Center
Margaret Tubman Pontiac Environmental Protection Radford Hospital Auxiliary
Maria Aniskowicz Bristol Bryson
Maria Aniskowicz Bristol Dear Editor
Maria Aniskowicz Bristol Letters
Maria Aniskowicz Bristol Re
Marie Bristol Community Asso- Q-jer SeBs
Marilyn INC.
Mario Hill Road
Marion Bristol
Marion M.R.C. Pontiac
Marion McTiernan PONTIAC
Marion Pontiac Lionettes
Marion Road
Marjorie Bristol
Marjorie Grant YARD SALE.
Mark and Gerard Trudeau Shawville Ford Inc.
Mark Bristol
Mark James Ryan La Capitale Outaouais Inc. Courtier
Mark Mayhew Pontiac Hereford Club
Market Lamb Sale
Market Lamb Sale Home Grown Country
Market Lamb Sale Valley Night
Market Sale
Marks Pontiac Kuril Tel
Marriage Notice For Sale For Sale
Marsha Hod-Pontiac Protestant
Marshall Chamberlain Bristol 6473773
Martel Inc
Martel Inc.
Martha Corn Hodgins Inc.
Martha Hodgins Ron Hodgins Tom & Irma Hodgins Pontiac Holstein Club Allan
Martin Bélanger de Communications* Pontiac.
Martin Dowe Lyle Bristol
Martin Jennifer Mulligan Pontiac
Martin Pontiac
Martin Pontiac County
Mary Ann Brain Pontiac Environment Protection
Mary Ann Senyfc Scott Bristol CADASTRE Hugh SUPERFICIE/AREA
Mary Anne Thompson OM9 Pontiac.
Mary Beth Pontiac
Mary Bristol
Mary Dales Pontiac
Mary Dory Yard Sales Coming Events
Mary Jane Mines Watercourses Rule* US-
Mary Margaret Dora Bristol
Mary Murphy Pontiac Film
Mary Notice For Sale For Sale Engagement
Mary Road
Mary Smith Bristol
Mary Stedman Dies Pontiac Farm Equipment Reg
Mary Upper Pontiac Inc.
Mary Wendy Okwari Resources Inc. Presley
Mary Wendy Okwarl Resources Inc. Presley
Massey Harris Pontiac Rural Telephone Company
Matt Harvex Agromart Inc.
Maurice J King 2311 Rockburn Road Franklin Center
Maurice J King Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines Alternative
Maurice Labelle Communications Pontiac
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray’s Texaco-Sheila’s Fashions Smiley
Maurice Pontiac
Max Fried Inc.
Maxwell Electric Washers Modern Bathroom Fixtures Tin
Maynard Pontiac
Mayor Graham Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Mayor Melvin Pontiac Registered Here
Mayor Pontiac
Mayor Ray Road
Mayor W J. Mann* Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCdg
McCann Pontiac Mayor Eddie But
McCarthy Webb Goudreau Mines Limited Golden Summit Mines Limited
McCleary- Pontiac Agr
McCredie Community Sale
McGahern Pontiac Bus Lines
McGee Barry Beardsley Bristol
McGee Pontiac Equity
McGuinty Inc.
McKay Co Inc.
McRae Pontiac Historical Society
Meagan Pontiac Community Hospital
Meeting Bristol
Meeting Pontiac
Melanie Greer Pontiac
Melissa Bristol Town Hall
Melvin Mines
Men’s Topcoats V Bristol Council
Merri- Sale
Merrlfleld Electric
Merry Reardon Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Merry Reardon If Pontiac High’s
Merry Reardon Pontiac
Meter Way Brinkworth Electric
Mi- Pontiac Pine
Mia Pontiac
Michael 0n) BS* Pontiac
Michael Baie Pontiac
Michael Bristol Bristol Campbell
Michael Bristol Municipality
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter PONTIAC
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter PONTIAC Beaudoin
Michael Lloyd Pontiac MRC
Michael Moqum Bristol Search
Michael Mountain Road
Michel Constant Foundations Inc.
Michel Harry PONTIAC 1
Michel Iagace Inc.
Michel Lagacé Inc.
Michel Lagace Inc. Vké Proposé
Michel Legace Inc.
Michel Legacé Inc. 4,035.94
Michel Legace Inc. Motion
Michel Legare Inc.
Michel Pontiac Chamber
Michel Realties Inc. Harold Storie
Michelle Tessier Pontiac County
Midget B Pontiac
Midget B Pontiac Dillon Harrison
Midi Inc" Solid Oak Double Pedeital Table W "Sklar Pepplar
Mike Latreille Auction Sale NOTICE Farm Machinery
Mike Parizeau Pontiac
Mike Sullivan Mountain Road
Mike Sullivan’s Road
Mike Zahodnik Corner Portage Road
Mildred Bean Pontiac Community
Millennium Bristol Leonard Lloyd Bristol
Miller Electric
Miller Road
Milton Hahn Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCoig
Milton Header-Bristol
Milton Mines
Milton Road
Milton Road Company
Milton Russell Road
Minard Hobbs Road
Miners Election Results Mines
Mines Limited
Mines Q G M Vaird Bir-
Mines Rd.
Mines Stewart Granger
Minor Hockey Pontiac Fish
Minor Hockey 53S7x For Sale
Minor Hockey 6.30 Hilton Mines Banquet For Reservations
Minor Hockey Pontiac League
Minor Hockey Pontiac Printshop
Minor Hotkey BRISTOL
Minor Hotkey ODHA Playoffs Pontiac
Minor Repairs Electric
Mis* Florence Grant Honoured For Sale
Miscellaneous For Sale AVu Frontiers Cars For Sale
Miss Pontiac Jr
Miss Pontiac Jr Contest
Miss Rayma Hayes Pontiac Holstein Club Hostess
Mit Pontiac
Monique Lepine Pontiac Community Hos- George Coles
MOnlgail Land TOf Sale
Monsieur Inc.
Monsieur Scolaire de Pontiac
Moore Electric
Moore Electric Company
Moore Electric Company Limited
Moore Electric.
More Pontiac Boys Return
Morley Hodgins Inc.
Morley Hodgins Inc. Arnold Libby
Morley Hodgins Inc. Shawville
Morley Hodgins Inc. Shawville Tel
Motel Bowers Entreprises Soucie Mega Dollars Claire Bourgon Inc. L’Inter March
Motley Hodglns Inc.
Motley McGill Bristol CWL
Moved Dy Boyd Barber Dale Road
Mr Doyle Calumet Island Mines
Mr Pontiac
Mr# Lakeshore Road Tir.im
Mr. Andrew Grant,of Bristol
Mr. Eason Russell Pontiac Agricultural Society Olv.
Mr. Grant Eares Bristol-Clar-
Mr. Ray Bristol
Mr. Russell Judd Pontiac County
Mr. T A. Elliott Pontiac Friends J H.Sbaw
Mrs Henry Delivers Sermon To Pontiac
Mrs Ma Pontiac Pontiac Transit Hydro Quebec
Mrs Ruby BeaG Pontiac Recept^ Centre
Mrs. Barrie Murray John Dale Road
Mrs. Bristol
Mrs. Claude Young Bristol
Mrs. Desmond :Iod-1 Bristol Noies
Mrs. Earl Hilton Mines
Mrs. H H Horner Houses For Sale
Mrs. Henry Smi- 7th Line Bryson Bristol Vinton Yarn Kelly Whelan
Mrs. Hubert Elliott Aylmer Road
Mrs. Iverson Harris 1st Pontiac Crew Yours Truly
Mrs. John Hender- Bristol Notes Mr.
Mrs. Murray McNeil Bristol
Mrs. Norris Bristol
Mrs. Norris FOR SALE—Fifty
Mrs. Pontiac.
Mrs. Ray McKihbon Mountain Road
Mrs. Raymond Hodg- to*1 Mines
Mrs. Roland Graham Bristol
Mrs. W J. Road
Mrs. Wesley Mines
Mt>ss Mines
Municipal Pontiac Jr B Hockey Club
Municipalité de Pontiac.
Murray Bristol
Murray Hill Road
Murray Hill Road Norway
Murray HMl Road
Murray McNeil Bristol John Musgrove Shawville Lions
Murray Pontiac”
Murray Road
Murray Road Minutes
Music Bristol
Myrtle Elliott Yard Goods
Myrtle Sullivan Perrault Road
Mz Pontiac Ladies Broomball
Nancy Bristol
Nancy Elliott Pontiac Journal Rath Ritchies Rusendale Farms Shawville
Nancy For Sale
Nancy Pontiac
Nancy Wilson Pontiac High’s
Nathan Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Neigette Inc.
Neil Chute Road
Neil Macintosh Pontiac
Neil Pontiac
Neil Pontiac Community Hospital Sharpe
Neil Sparling Bristol
Nelson An-Pontiac Community MacLcllan
Nelson Pontiac
Neta For Sale
Newsletters Pontiac Jr B
Nicholas Pontiac
Nicole Pontiac MRC Sûreté
Nor-:inda Mines
Norm James 613-267-6192 Sale Managers
Norm Pontiac
Norma Duncan Bristol
Norma Goodfel-Pontiac Pride
Norma Pontiac
Norma Ragged Chute Road
Norman Beat- Braun Road
Norman Bristol Radford
Norman Church Road
Norman McDiarmid Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion Dwyer Hill Road
Norman Smith Pontiac Rural Telephone Co. M cCredie’s Garage
Norris Glen Road
Northern Pontiac.
Norval R Wil- Bristol
Notice Free For Sale Z HI BY DOROTHY YEMEN*
Nouveau Fabric Pontiac Nursery Golden Eagle
Novice B Pontiac
Novice B Pontiac McGuire
O « Boon Sale-The Ladies Guild
O GC Upper Pontiac Sports Complex Chapeau
O H Mines
O INC. V Bentley
O O Limited Quantity Sale Price
O O Bristol Municipal
O P * Sale
Oclo- Albert Tremblav Pontiac’ Qué
Of Camp Pontiac
Of Pontiac
Oil Û J Pontiac Lots
Olga Bristol School
Olga Ouellet CLSC Pontiac
Olga Pontiac Community Hos Mielke
Omn''é da Pontiac.
On Sale
Ont Elgin Road
Ontario Sale Arena Terry I. Spratt
Opération Sport Pontiac.
Os K Wilson Road
Outaouais Alliance Pontiac Artists
Owen Martin Heath Road
Owner SALE Phones
P Q * For Sale
P Q Bristol
P Q Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCaig Starks
P Q Phone 648-5589 Serving Pontiac
P Q Pontiac Printshop
P Q Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
P Q. Bristol
P R Ottawa Electric Railway
P. Q. Pontiac Prmfshop Ltd
P.P.M.8 Ray Sheppard Inc.
Paddy 647-5987 Pontiac Motel Roos
Paix District de Pontiac No:
Palmer Lemay Road
Papineau Voisins Kenneth Hull C.totens Pontiac Lions W L T Gf Ga
Pare M Leicester Sheep FOR SALE.
Parish Bristol
Parish Bristol Mines Rev. M.R. Costello Masses
Pastor Grant 647-2335 Standing MacDonald Single Road Horse
Pastor School Closing Bristol
Pat Dumouchel For Sale
Pat McConnell Pontiac Agricultural Society
Pat Schoular Bristol
Pat Schoular Bristol RA
Pat Schoular Electric Light
Pat Schoular Pontiac
Pat Schoular Pontiac Reception
Pat Schoular Pontiac Representative
Pat Schoular RR1 Bristol
Pat Walsh Bristol
Patricia For Sale
Patricia Pontiac Catholic
Patricia Richmond Road
Patrick Edmond Mainville Inc. L.J.
Patrick Inc.
Patrick MacKinnon Pontiac Dairy Pontiac Home Bakery Pontiac Ice Pontiac Propane Rusendale
Patrick Road
Patrick Thomas ELECTRIC
Paul - Pontiac.
Paul A Martin- Bristol Council To Straighten Mine
Paul Bertrand PONTIAC
Paul Bristol Mayor Jack
Paul Cardinal Pontiac Buick
Paul Cardinal Pontiac Buick Liée
Paul Don s Electric Reg
Paul E Hinch Bristol
Paul E Hinch Bristol Bravo
Paul E Hinch Bristol Second
Paul E Hinch Bristol What
Paul E Hinch Bristol With
Paul E Hindi Bristol
Paul E. Hinch Bristol Hawley Lepine
Paul Emile Bristol Pentecostal Camp
Paul Hinch Bristol
Paul Hinch Bristol Bonnie Fraser Hull
Paul Hinch Bristol Where
Paul Hindi Bristol Barrie Dale London
Paul Hupé Pontiac
Paul Krose Bristol
Paul Lan- Bristol Mrs. John Adc
Paul Land Sale
Paul Martineau PILON GARAGE INC.
Paul Martineau Pontiac
Paul McGee Bristol Equity
Paul McGee Equity Editor PONTIAC
Paul McGee Equity Reporter Pontiac
Paul McGee Many Pontiac
Paul McGee Pontiac
Paul McGee Pontiac Equity Reporter
Paul McGee Pontiac Printshop
Paul Mcgef Equity Editor PONTIAC
Paul Minch Bristol Remaining Canadian Environment Forum Pesky
Paul One FOR SALE—One
Paul Pontiac.
Paul Ryan Pontiac
Paul Ryan Radio Pontiac.
Paul s Angli-Garage Sale
Paul W Hinch Bristol
Peace Arc Ships Which Kent China For Sale*
Pêche Cadieux Inc.
Pêche Cadieux Inc. de Ville
Pêche Cadleux Inc.
Pêche Sept Ilienne Inc. Region
Peewee B Pontiac
Peewee B Pontiac Chateauguay Gladiators
Peewee B Pontiac Dravcurs Equity Sports Black
Peggy Pontiac Every
Peggy Yard Sale
Pei Schooler Pontiac
Pei Schoular Bristol Collison
Pelts J * P. S.—Annual Summer Sale
Pembroke Inc. Campbell
Penny Sale
Penny Sale How
Penny Sale Kiddie Comer
Penny Sale«
Pentecostal Bristol Ridge
Per Bag Bristol
Per Pontiac
Per Sale
Per Yard
Perry Bristol
Perry Pontiac
Perry Road
Pete G PfOui* 647-S562 St Edward Bristol Mmes Easter
Pete Pontiac Rifle
Peter Lajoie Mike Ryan - Jean Cote Pontiac Women’s Hockey
Peter McCabe FOR SALE—One De Laval Separator
Peter Upton Jacket Far Sale.
Peter Ustinov Bristol
Peterson Cobalt Mines Diet
Petro Pontiac
Petro Pontiac 819-647-2025 Jerry Barber.
Petro Pontiac B8 Pontiac Electric B9 Mack MacKenzie
Petro Pontiac Milton
Petro Pontiac.
Phil Bristol
Phone Shawville Joan For Sale
Pierre Bilodeau- Motley Hodgins Inc.
Pierre Denault Municipalité de Pontiac
Pierre Denault Pontiac
Pierre Denault Pontiac CHAPEAU
Pierre Jeannet Hospital Black River Road
Pierre Lavoie Inc.
Pierre Pontiac.
Pierre Road
Pierre Sauva- Pontiac.
Pierre Thibault Inc. Tnideail
Pierre Trahan Pontiac
Pink Road
Pioneer Bristol
Pirie Inc.
Piscine Pontiac
Pizza Bristol Auto Body Ottawa Citizen River View Inn Henderson
Pizza C.B.L. Pirfe Inc.
Pizza Fraser Clothing Co. Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Bristol Mayor
Place Nathan Laçasse Ampnor Ryan Barber Pontiac Goalies Leonan^Penon Pontiac GreenhanvSeocaspaig CP
Plltor J FOR SALE-Electric
PMe X * Pontiac Mallard Fish
Pontefract Inc.
Pontiac Jr B’s
Pontiac Atkinson
Pontiac Agricuitu- Campbell
Pontiac Agricultural
Pontiac Agricultural So-
Pontiac Agricultural Societies
Pontiac Animal
Pontiac Anne Marie Urbaitis
Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee
Pontiac Archives
Pontiac Audrey Walsh
Pontiac Auto Grant Murray
Pontiac Auto Parts
PONTIAC Ava Gardner Color
Pontiac B 819-648-5217 - Jean Pierre Ledoux .4
Pontiac B Bantams
Pontiac B P 460 Campbell
Pontiac Ball
Pontiac Ball Hockey League Penalties Thirty-five
Pontiac Bean
Pontiac Bernard G. More
Pontiac Bill
Pontiac Bill Buckland Embrun
Pontiac Bishop
Pontiac Boutique
Pontiac Bursaries IV
Pontiac Bus
Pontiac Business Assoc Jack McLaren.......... Murray
Pontiac Buzzard Jr,
Pontiac C ountv.
Pontiac Campbell
Pontiac Candidate
Pontiac Captain
Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d
Pontiac Case
Pontiac Chieftain
Pontiac Chiropractic
Pontiac Chiropractic Clinic
Pontiac Chiropractic Clinic APPEL D’OFFRES
Pontiac Chiropractie Clinic Chiropractic
Pontiac Clergy Association Bursary
Pontiac Co Hayes
Pontiac Co.
Pontiac Coach John Pet-would
Pontiac Communi- Ministry
Pontiac Community
Pontiac Community Hos-
Pontiac Community Hospital
Pontiac Community Lib
Pontiac Comolete
Pontiac Connection
Pontiac Continuing Education Centre Western Quebec
PontiaC COUIlty
Pontiac Council
Pontiac Council Grant Softball Associations
Pontiac Councillor Gary Trivett
Pontiac Counties
Pontiac Cour
Pontiac Cup Boys
Pontiac Dairy
Pontiac Dear Editor
Pontiac District
Pontiac District Invested
Pontiac Division
Pontiac Draveurs
Pontiac Drifters Admission
Pontiac Electric
Pontiac Environment Protection Assoc.
Pontiac Every
Pontiac Faded Stars
Pontiac Families Leona Bell Weds Dea Herrault Whirl
Pontiac Families Letter To Editor Grains
Pontiac Forums Against Price-Fixing
Pontiac Foster Homes Association
Pontiac Fur Farm
Pontiac Furniture Centre Shawvillc H.l
Pontiac Gatineau Labelle Chambre
Pontiac Geraldine Evans
Pontiac Gleaners W 2à * Phone
Pontiac Graham
Pontiac H Hotel
Pontiac H Le
Pontiac H Municipality Mayor Bruce H Campbell
Pontiac H Shawville
Pontiac Hard-and Tin
Pontiac Hard-and Tin Stove
Pontiac Health
Pontiac Health Clinic
Pontiac Health Unit
Pontiac Historical Society
Pontiac Ho
Pontiac Hospital
Pontiac Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Annual Meeting
Pontiac Hotel
Pontiac Hotel Betty Lou Twolan
Pontiac Hotel Campbell
Pontiac Hubert Elliott
Pontiac Ice
Pontiac Ice Manufac
Pontiac J
Pontiac J A. MacKiNicen
Pontiac J Jrir Cluff
Pontiac J ScuneiOH1 .)Ubdion
Pontiac J Sir Van Horne
Pontiac Jo Jo
Pontiac Jr
Pontiac Jr 1970
Pontiac Jr ASH
Pontiac Jr B
Pontiac Jr B 9
Pontiac Jr B Hockey
Pontiac Jr B Hockey Club
Pontiac Jr B Hockey Club Golf
Pontiac JR B S
Pontiac Jr B s played Jr s
Pontiac JR B S •
Pontiac Jr B __
Pontiac Jr B2
Pontiac Jr B2 OT Draveurs Jr BB
Pontiac Jr Bs
Pontiac Jr B’s
Pontiac Jr contest
Pontiac Jr Gatineau
Pontiac Jr Hockey
Pontiac Jr Home
Pontiac Jr Pontiac
Pontiac Jr s
Pontiac Jr “B”
Pontiac Jr •»
Pontiac Jr.
Pontiac Jr. B
Pontiac Jr. B c/o Young
Pontiac Jr. B Conditioning Camp For Minor Hockey Players
Pontiac Jr. B Hockey Club
Pontiac Jr. B Hockey Club For
Pontiac Jr. B Hockey Club Participate
Pontiac Jr. B PLAYOFFS
Pontiac Jrs
Pontiac Junior
Pontiac Junior B
Pontiac Junior B •
Pontiac Junior B Hodgins
Pontiac K 2dO.
Pontiac L
Pontiac L .
Pontiac L 0 L Campbell
Pontiac Liens Hell
Pontiac Lions Harris
Pontiac Lions Michael O Reilly Jonathan Arthurs Dany Lamoureux Patrick St-Cyr Maxime Coté Nicholas
Pontiac Live Landscape
Pontiac M P Barry Moore
Pontiac Ma-
Pontiac Ma- Auberge Albert’s
Pontiac Marcel Berard
Pontiac Marie
Pontiac Marine
Pontiac Mark Alexander Gradual
Pontiac Maurice Lamarche
Pontiac Melvin Armstrong
Pontiac Member
Pontiac Midget B Draveurs
Pontiac Mien Mills
Pontiac Mill
Pontiac Minor
Pontiac Minor Ball
Pontiac MP
Pontiac MPP
Pontiac MRC
Pontiac Mrs. Jules Laroche
Pontiac Municipality
Pontiac Municipality Francis Charpentier
Pontiac Municipality Graham
Pontiac Murdoch
Pontiac Murphy
Pontiac Nancy
Pontiac O J 1
Pontiac O X Together En
Pontiac P 319-647-2204
Pontiac Party
Pontiac Patterson
Pontiac Physiotherapy Clinic
Pontiac Pine
Pontiac Plumbing
Pontiac Plumbing RAIN
Pontiac Plumbing X
Pontiac Pontefract
Pontiac Pontiac
Pontiac Primaire
Pontiac Print-shop
Pontiac Printshop
Pontiac Printshop Campbell
Pontiac Printshop Graham Boisvert
Pontiac Printshop K
Pontiac Printshop Ltc^
Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Pontiac Prmtshop
Pontiac Progressive Herbert Martin
Pontiac Protestant
Pontiac Prtntshop
Pontiac R
Pontiac R E
Pontiac Railway Company
Pontiac Reap
Pontiac Riding
Pontiac Road
Pontiac Robinson
Pontiac Rural Telephone
Pontiac School Commission
Pontiac Secretary-Treasurer Germain Clairoux
Pontiac Shaw
Pontiac Shewvllle
Pontiac Smith
Pontiac Station
Pontiac Streets
Pontiac T V Sales
Pontiac Temiskaming
Pontiac Tire
Pontiac Tourist Association Pontiac Jr B
Pontiac Tran- Campbell
Pontiac Transfer Station
Pontiac Travail
Pontiac Travelling Teddy Bear
Pontiac Tubman
Pontiac V V +
Pontiac V YT Paul McGee
Pontiac V L Les
Pontiac V"
Pontiac Vacuum Campbell
Pontiac Versai Campbell
Pontiac Village
Pontiac W
Pontiac W I
Pontiac W I.
Pontiac W J Tugman
Pontiac W L Tot
Pontiac Walker
Pontiac Weekend
Pontiac Wood F -<
Pontiac Woollen Mills
Pontiac Y
Pontiac Young
Pontiac Young Conservatives
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs
Pontiac Young Liberal Assocation
Pontiac Young Liberals
Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle Moore
Pontiac-Temiscamingue P C.
Pontiac-TemiskamingJ Wright
Pontiac....... Portneuf...... Quebec East
Pontiac/Aylmer Retail Representative Alex Ladouceur
Pontiac^ P Monuments
PONTIAC^ V Monuments
Pontiac» À
PONTIAC— Typically
Pontiac’ Knight
Pontiac’s Upcoming Tournaments Mark
Pontiac’s Bradshaw
Pontiac’s Green Party
Pontiac’s Holstein
Pontiac’s Jason Woolsey
PONTIAC’S JUNIORS Frederick Campbell Bus
Pontiac’s M.L.A. Stood
Pontiac’s Mark Lang
Pontiac’s Rocky White
Pontiac’s Sûreté
Pontiac’s ZVT< W JLV
Portable Saw Mill For Sale
Portage da Pert Road
Portes Pontiac
Portes Pontiac - Pontiac Windows Shawville
Pour H Clubs. Chateau Pontiac.
Powers Road
Presbyterian Bristol
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Billy
Priâtes AnS PoblIaheS Weebly At PONTIAC
Primaire Pontiac
Primonor Inc.
Princess Streets Bristol
Principal Bristol Intermediate
Principal Fou Sale
Principal Pontiac Dry Cleaners
Produits Forestiers Pontiac Restaurant Pizzerna Chez Lisette Patrick Defazio Co-operative Forestier
Professional Pontiac Jr B
Professionnel Immobilier M E C. Inc.
Projects Inc.
Prominent Bristol Farmer
Prop Pontiac Pools Rag
Prop Pontiac Pools Reg’d
Province De Quebec District De Pontiac
Provincial Member Pontiac
Provinciale District da Pontiac
Pro‘ Pontiac.
Prwtnde de Quebec District de Pontiac Cour
Pure-bred Bull Sale Ottawa
Q Bristol
Qet Connected PONTIAC MONUMENTS Marbre
Que B For Sale
Que G Pontiac County Women’s Institutes Work Socks
Que Sale Prices Phon V Judge Millar Commits Peoples And McDonald
Quebec O Sale Ends Saturday
Quebec Pontiac
Queler Pontiac
Quests Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Rd.
Que^er Pontiac
Quyon T V Shawville Electric
R R I. Bristol
Radio-Pontiac Sullivan
Radios Bristol
Rally Inc
Ralph Morin Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Glen Gemtnell
Randy Foster Fiji Ottawa River Project Inc.
Randy qu*tc Sécurité Pontiac.
Ravi T A Pofcx* Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Ray Johnston As Candidate Announces Big Road Program For
Ray Johnston Is Putting Pontiac
Ray Road
Ray Road*
Ray Sale
Ray Sheppard Inc.
Ray Sheppard Inc. Pontiac Cleaners
Raymond and Karen PONTIAC
Raymond Arthur At Pontiac
Raymond Bristol
Raymond Bristol Charge
Raymond Johnston Pontiac’s Representative
Raymond Pontiac County
Raymond Pontiac Durocher
Raymond Tru- Mines
Re/Va* Direct Inc.
Redecoration Planned At Pontiac Hospital
Reftiaa Direct Inc.
Regina Electric
Regional Z Z PONTIAC
Reid Bros. Electric Soap
Reid Brothers Pontiac Buick Cadillac
Renfrew J Cardinal Pontiac S
Renfrew Richmond Perth Pontiac Arnprior Carleton
Renfrew Transport Pontiac-Renfrew
Repairs Drain Cleaning Pontiac Plumbing
Réserve Pontiac
Ressources Québec Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday
Retiring* Sale
Rev A F Fokes Rev J N Bristol
Rev J Road
Rev. Donald A. Sharpe Bristol United Church
Rev. M R. Costello Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig Starks
Rev. Mark Abbott Bristol Ridge
Rev. U. Armstrong Sale»
Rex Taylor Road
Rex Taylor Welcomed Al Bristol
Reynolds Drain Cleaning Repairs Pontiac Plumbing Service
Ribbon Sale
Rich Pontiac Community Hospital
Richard 458- Sale
Richard Bowie Canadian Legion Pontiac Day
Richard Bowie Pontiac History Project P.O.
Richard Bristol
Richard Harvey Hodgins Richard Roy Dagg BRISTOL Funeral
Richard Inc.
Richard Pneu Pontiac Fort Coulonge Centre Dentaire
Richard Pontiac
Richard Romain Conservatives Pontiac.
Richard Terry Fox Road
Richard Vaillancourt Returning Officer District de Pontiac.
Richard WHI# Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Richard WHIe Pontiac
Richard Wii-s Pontiac
Richard Wile Pontiac
Richard Will* Pontiac
Richard Willi Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Richard Willi Road Rage
Richard Wills AUCTION SALE
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Kemptville Pontiac Holstein
Richard Wills Pontiac
Richard Wills Bristol Firemen Norman Wiggins
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines
Richard Wills Hydro-Pontiac President
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Richard Wills Pontiac
Richard Wills Pontiac County
Richard Wills Pontiac MP Bob Bertrand
Richard Wills Pontiac Municipality
Richard Wills Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
Richard Wills Pontiac’s
Richard Wills Riding Pontiac Stables
Richard Wills Wyman Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Richard Wills_ Equity Editor Pontiac IPSE
Richard Will» Pontiac
Richard Wilts Pontiac Juniors
Richard Wlls Pontiac
Richardson Night SOLD Pontiac JR B
Richardson Shawville Shoe Pontiac/Renfrew Cleaners Murdock Glass
Rick Allen Enterprises Adam Forest Products Pontiac Prints
Rick Hobbs Sale
Rita Pontiac Snow
River Road
River Road Jr Bs
Rivière Coulonge Inc.
Riviere Coulonge Inc. L’eau
Road Cart
Road Carts
Road Flynn
Road Foreman
Road Foreman 8. Barber
Road Foreman Ed.
Road Foreman Fred Rose
Road Foreman Paul Blaskie
Road Foreman Sr P
Road Foreman Tender: Clarence Scully Jr
Road Foreman W, Clark
Road Foremen.-Dawson
Road Funeral Home Your
Road Glen
Road Grant
Road Grant 4940.50
Road Improvement Grant
Road Inspector
Road Ma
Road Ma-
Road Master Brennan
Road Moses Chevrier
Road Officers
Road Over*
Road Pony Karen Brunton
Road South
Road Su-
Road Superintendent
Road Surveyors
Road Ward
Road Wilson
Road Work Grant
Road X
Road-North Onslow
Robert A Fowler Bristol Dear Editor
Robert Ber-Bristol
Robert Bertrand M.R Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
Robert Bristol
Robert Cartman Moyer School Supplies Pontiac Farm Equipment
Robert Collins Pontiac Station
Robert Cowley Bristol Council
Robert Drum- Pontiac Pride Jamboree
Robert Eis-road
Robert Erwin Trucking SADC Pontiac Shawville Fair Tom Armstrong Excavation W.A. Hodgins Store Also
Robert Fowler Bristol
Robert Fowler Bristol Dear Editor
Robert Fowler Pontiac Printshop
Robert G. Bristol Community
Robert Hitz 647-3106 C.B.L. Pirie Inc. Beer
Robert Hitz For Sale
Robert Ken-Church Bristol
Robert Kenneth May Auction Sale Campbell Monument Co. Ltd.
Robert Lake Road
Robert Lalonde Pilon Garage Inc.
Robert Lalonde Bristol P.Q
Robert Lalonde Bristol W.l
Robert MacKechnic Shawville Ford Inc.
Robert MacKechnie Shawville Ford Inc.
Robert McCord Pontiac
Robert Mid- Knox Landing Road
Robert Middle-Pontiac Warden Denis
Robert Mitchum Color Quiet Sale
Robert Perclval Auction Sale
Robert Pontiac
Robert Pontiac Printshop Pontiac Realty F 7-29P4 Cameron
Robert Pontiac Tourism
Robert Rowell Bristol
Robert Ryan Teresa Strates Torin Thatcher Bristol Charge Rev Lodger Emard
Robert S. Brown Bristol
Robert S. Brown Bristol Bad
Robert Samsel Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Robert Stack Pontiac Zone Manager J. A. Essiambre
Robert William Hôtel Pontiac RR 1
Robertson Inc
Robertson Road
Rod Storie Dan Remigio Shaun Armitage Chris Olmstead Steve Turcutte Grant Ferrigan Pontiac Selects
Rodeo Pontiac
Rodio Pontiac Program THURSDAY
Roger Eastern Ontario Jr. B League Dellaway Pontiac
Roger LaSalle Inc.
Roger LaSalle Inc. Les
Roger LaSalle Inc. Les Sunnyside
Roger Lasalle Pontiac
Roger Lavoie Bristol Mayor: Ronald Dagg Brent Orr
Roger Mayhew View Farms Inc. Bristol
Roger Pontiac
Roger Sabou Hydro Pontiac
Rogers Communications Inc.
Rogers Communications Inc. Développement
Roland Bristol
Roland Russell Entertains Bristol
Roland Russell Property For Sale
Roland Val- Pontiac Community Hospital Tender
Rolland Graham Bristol Mines-Mrs Milton Morel
Romain Fort-Coulonge Comté Pontiac
Romain Road
Ron Cattle Auction Sale
Ron Pontiac
Ron Pontiac Comm
Ron Pontiac Euchre Club
Ron Robinson Leads Pontiac
Ron Stewart Pontiac Auto Parts Shawville Milling Shawville Chrysler Obituary Shirley Dagg
Ron TTudeau Joel Edge Bretzlaff’s Store Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Wilfred Trudeau Randy Godin Evert Ho
Ron- Bristol
Ronald Bel She Ligue Pontiac W L Tot TP
Ronald Pontiac
Ronald Pontiac Printshoo
Ronald Rus- Pontiac County
Roses Pontiac County-$
Ross Bailey Sale Day
Ross Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Ross Dickson Pontiac
Ross Dickson Pontiac Co-op Medical Services
Ross Dickson Road
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display Ad Sale*
Ross Mine View Road
Ross Mur- Pontiac
Ross Point Road
Ross River Project Inc.
Ross Road
Roy Bristol
Roy Bristol Volunteer Fire Dept
Roy Inc.
Roy Thoms Pontiac Ao
Royce Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Royce Richardson Pontiac Old Timer
Ruby Bristol
Ruby Ewen Pontiac Artists Studio Tour Luskville Richard Wills
Rudy Schroeder Pontiac
Rummage Sale
Russell - Bristol Me-
Russell Bristol
Russell Davies Pontiac Bridal Fair
Russell Dean Bristol
Russell Holstein Calf Sale
Russell Pontiac s Agronomist Neil Drummond
Russell Road
Rusty Leach Coflection Pontiac Printshop Ltd Phone
Ruth Pontiac County
Ruth Smiley Pontiac Historical Society
Ruth Strutt Pontiac
Ruth Vander Stelt Pontiac Health
Ryan Barber Buyer Pontiac Fish
Ryan Barber Pontiac Pee Wees
Ryan Pontiac
Ryan Pontiac Electric
S.T.B. Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald C. Smith
Safe Pontiac
Saint Equity Editor PONTIAC
Saint- Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Sale Norris R Horner Clothier
Sale Z Located
Sale - Brennan
Sale A
Sale Admiral Stereo
Sale Approx
Sale Arena
Sale Barker
Sale Barn Page
Sale Brown
Sale Day-613-257-7583 Ross Bailey
Sale E G. Warren
Sale Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Sale Ellison
Sale Ends Soon
Sale Entire Household Furniture
Sale Farm
Sale For Sale For Rent ThouMindn
Sale Freeh
Sale Henry Lucas
Sale Jackson David Alexander Klaudie Boucher Hi
Sale Livestock
Sale M .75
Sale M ARRIED 1—Baby Carr
Sale Managers
Sale Mrs Ivan Smiley
Sale Norris R. Horner Clothier
Sale Notice Hayes
Sale Pavilion
Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Rd.
Sale Pavilion Ashton
Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Rd.
Sale Pavilion Dwyer Hill Road
Sale Pavilion Excavation Excavation
Sale Pavilion I
Sale Pavilion Information
Sale Pavillion
Sale Pavtllion
Sale Price
Sale Queen Anne
Sale Reg
Sale Regular
Sale Secretary
Sale Stephen Lawrence Hodgins
Sale T .
Sale Tenders Female Help Wanted
Sale There
Sale Thirty Local Artists Iris Smith
Sale V"
Sale W Household Auction
Sale Walker
Sale Wilson Dmytryshyn Mrs. Osborne Wilson
Sale Work Wanted Notice Wanted
SALE— Bull
SALE— Taylor Safe
SALE—1937 Ma 2 Vi
SALE—Grade Ayrshire Bull
SALE—Large Connor Ice Box
SALE—Large Doll Carriage
SALE—One Furnace
SALE—Plymouth Ho
Sally Road
Salon Suzanne Hydro Pontiac Valley Mutual Insurance Base Macrocarpa Clarica-Ag Joan Bertrand Variét
Sam Inc. Mrs St-Aubin Douglas Gauthier
Sam McNeil Bristol Council
Sam Pontiac
Samuel French Inc.
Sand Z • Pontiac Storybook
Sandra Bristol Community Association Conte
Sandy Bclshcr Bassett Pontiac Community Hospi-
Sandy Pasch Pontiac Welding Services Forest Haven Campsite Janis
Sandy Scott Sale
Sanitech Lamarche Inc. Assurances
Sarah Fourth Annual Production Sale Musgrove
Sarah J. Wilson Bristol
Sarah Sharpe Bristol Community Centre
Sauriol Inc.
Sauvetage Pontiac
Sauvetage Pontiac Search
Schwartz Bristol CWL CAMPBELL
Scolaire da Pontiac Earl Lapina
Scooter Rooter Quebec Inc.
Scooter Rooter Quebec Inc. Septic Tank Pumping Serving
Scooter Rooter Quebec Inc. W» Want Your Stinking Bualnaaa Septic Tank Pumping Serving Otter Lake La
Scott Danis Pontiac Cup
Scott Road
Sec Bristol
Sec-Treas Bristol
Sec.-Treas Bristol
Secretary-Treasurer Bristol
Secretary-treasurer W Pontiac MRC Sûreté
Secretory Pontiac Steam
Security Noral Reben - Richardson Greenshiekts Pontiac Printshop
Secy-Treas Pontiac
Sept. B Pontiac Inviational FASTBALL
Sept. Pontiac
Serena Lanvière Pontiac Lionet
Service Announcement B Special Sale
Service Pontiac
Service Wesley 2.30 p.m.—Evening Worship Bristol
Several Pontiac W I.
Shane Pontiac.
Shannon Grant - Maibec Inc.
Sharon LaHvlere PONTIAC - BUtCK INC.
Sharon Road
Sharon Thomp-yard
Sharpe David Warren AUCTION SALE
Shaw Hall Pontiac Palace
Shaw Pontiac
Shaw-Pontiac Highway
Shawn Graham Bristol
Shawn Pontiac
Shawn Pontiac Ice
Shawville Arens Bristol W.l
Shawville Baie Pontiac Buick
Shawville Bristol
Shawville BRISTOL.
Shawville Ford Inc.
Shawville K Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Shawville Pontiac H EDGAR L ALLARD B.A..
Shawville Pontiac Jr "
Shawville Pontiac Jr |
Sheila Pontiac Euchre Club
Sheldon Pontiac
Shelley Greer J.J. Gas Bar Pontiac Archery Watkins
Shelley Pontiac Bakery Sterling Hobbs Sandra Rutledge Hardy Plants Mickey Fades
Shelly Foran Pontiac
Sheriff’s Sale
Shirley Holy Bristol Ridge
Shirley Pontiac Agncultura
Shirley Quyon Balte Sale
Shop Shawville Council Pontiac Milk Transport
Short Course Held At Bristol Fal
Si J J Pontiac Jr.
Si Thomas Bristol St Luka
Side Sliding Door Ragged Chute Road
Sidney Mines
Sidney Shep- Born At Pontiac
Silver Maple Inn Lower Pontiac
Simard J Pontiac MNA Bob Middlemiss
Simon Corn-Sand Hill Road
Simon Corri- Pontiac
Simon Corriveau Road
Sincerely Maria Aniskowicz Bristol Rustic
Skidder Rentals G & R Payne Farms Inc. COW-CALF
Slaughter Sale
Sloan Road
Smiley BRISTOL Sundey
Smiley For Sale
Smith H # Pontiac Snowsuit
Smith Leonard Road - Lynn Chevrier
Smurfit-Stone Inc.
Société Récréative de Fort-coulonge Inc.
Society Inc.
Society Inc. Letter
Soffit Drain Cleaning Pontiac Plumbing
Sole For Sale
Sole For Sale For Sale
Sole PAD Sole Sale
Son Funeral Home Pontiac Community Hospital
Song -Happy Little Maiden Mines Me- Fee
Song Pontiac
Sons B s Place I.G.A. Carson Hodglns Shawville Ford Valley Mutual Insurance Shawville Chrysler Inc.
Sons Chicken Coop Palmer’s Boutique B’s Restaurant Pontiac Electric Joy Moorhead Hubert
Sons Morley Hudgins Inc. Pontiac Home Bakery
Sons Pontiac Home Bakery Shawville
Sons Pontiac Milk Federation
Sons Pontiac Refrigeration W.A. Hodgins Inc.
Sons Pontiac Telejhone
Sons Reis International Pontiac Electric Robert Younge PPHS Grad
Sons Simhaven Farms Ltd Fallowfield Road
Sou- Pontiac
Specials al Pontiac Pnntshop For
Specialty Pontiac Boys Honored
Sport Pontiac NDP
Spring Sale
Squire William Smart Pontiac District Answer
Sr. Marie de Sale
Sss Motley Hodgins Inc.
St Dominique Inc.
St Joeeph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Carolyn Langford
St Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins
St Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
St Joseph Bristol Ml
St Thomas Bristol
St Thomas Bristol St George Campbell
St Thomas Bristol- 11:30
St. Jean Road Autoroute
St. Marie Road
STA/FLI/JP Pontiac Local Development Centre
Stacey Bristol
Stacey Pontiac
Stan Callaghan Jim Thompson Bristol QFA
Stanley Bristol
Stanley Hale To Bring Bride To Bristol Double Ring Ceremony Hayes
Stanley L.J.Kaplan 2152-2634 Quebec Inc.
Stanton Road
Starks Bristol
Steinberg Inc.
Stephen Bristol
Stephen Davidson Inc.
Stephen Pontiac
Steve Bristol
Steve Ladas Renfrew Perth Goulbourn Arnprior Pontiac Carleton Pi
Steve Pontiac
Steve Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Steven Hamilton - Pontiac Hereford Club
Stevens Candidate Likely For Pontiac Phone U
Stevens Road
Stewart Bristol
Stewart James 613-445-3269 Sale Managers Hobbs Bros
Stewart James AUCTION SALE
Stewart Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Stocker Sale
Stone Septic System Installations Perry Road
Story Land Road
Stuart Graham Agent Trainee Bristol
Stuart Graham BRISTOL
Stuart Graham Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Studio Andrée Inc. Campbell
Style Clearance Sale Cottons
Style Sale
Style Shoppe INC.
Sue Mill-Road
Sunday E W Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Supérieure District da Pontiac Défendeurs B B 683-2290
Supérieure District de Pontiac.
Superior Pontiac.
Surveillance Nucléaire da Pontiac PANAC
Susan Bristol
Susan Yard Dash
Sydney Leigh Côté At Pontiac Community Ty Daniel Fenton Ty Daniel
Sydney Mines
Sylvia Bakker Beef Cow Sale Name
Sylvia Bakker Bristol
Sylvia Bakker Bristol Equity Editor For Lawrence Stafford
Sylvia Bakker Bristol Their
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Pontiac
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Pontiac MNA Robert Middlemiss
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Pontiac MRC
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Pontiac Municipality
Sylvia Bakker Pontiac Equity
Sylvia Bakker Pontiac Equity Editor Because
Sylvia Bakker Pontiac MRC
Sylvia Bakker Pontiac Panther’s Kelly Shumacher
Sylvia Bakker Pontiac Protestant
Sylvia Bukker Road
Sylvia Hod-tween John Dale Road
Sylvia Pontiac Tourist Association Continued
Sylvia Soucie Pontiac County
Sylvico Inc.
T O P S. Easter Weekend Hours Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
T-R-C’stffo Wesley Bristol
Table Jeunesse Pontiac.
Table Sale
Tables Bristol,-A Surprise Party
Tammy Loêsche Shawville Ford Inc.
Tammy Pontiac Lions
Tandem-action Electric
Tank Bristol
Tank Bristol McKee’s Bhawvllle Clark’s Campbell
Tank Bristol McKee’s Rhawville Ciarh’s Campbell
Tank Bristol McKee’s Shawville Clark’s Campbell
Tank Bristol McKee’s Shawville Clark’s Campbell’s Ray
Tank Bristol McKee’s SUawvlUe Clark’s Campbell
Tank Bristol McKe»’s Sliawville Clark
Taylor Bristol
Taylor Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Teachers Wanted Wesley Bristol Teachers Wanted
Teddy Bear Harvest Pontiac
Teen Pontiac
Teen Pontiac da Pageant
Teen Pontiac Laura Radey
Teen Pontiac Melanie McCann Lucille Belair Marie Josée Bérubé Sophie Roy Stacey Howard
Teen Pontiac Richard Charron
Teen Pontiac Shaivville
Teen Pontiac.
Tembec- Pine Davidson Inc.
Temiscazmngue Road
Tenders For Rent Notice For Sale For Sale Miscellaneous
Tenders Notice For Sale For Sale Wanted
Terry Fox Road
Terry Pontiac
Thanks For Rent For Sale Houses I»»
Thanks For Sale Notice For Sale Miscellaneous For Rent
Thanks Sale
The Intimate Story PONTIAC DR
The Pontiac Jr B
The Pontiac Jr Bs
The Pontiac Jr B’s
The Pontiac Jr C
The Pontiac Jr Executive
The Pontiac Jr Hockey
The Pontiac Jr s
The Pontiac Jr splay
Theresa Hahn Petro Pontiac Shawville Chrysler Murray
Thetford Mines
This Sale
Thomas Alexander FOR SALE—Dual-purpose Shorthorn
Thomas Armstrong Excavating Trudeau’s Collision W.A. Hodgins Inc. Wesley Gordon Garry Dagenais
Thomas Bristol
Thomas Bristol 7:30
Thomas Bristol 9:00
Thomas Bristol Lawrence Smith
Thomas Bristol St Luke
Thomas Bristol St Lute
Thomas Bristol Vestry Meeting Campbell
Thomas Church Bristol Martin Riley
Thomas Clarke Bristol
Thomas H Lefebvre M.P. Pontiac.
Thomas H Lefebvre^IP Pontiac
Thomas Lafabvre Road
Thomas Lefebvre Road
Thomas Mc»arUme Pontiac
Thomas Mu FOR SALE
Thomas Murdock Home Hardware W.A. Hodgins Inc.
Thomas Thompson Yard Goods
Thompson Bristol
Thompson Delorme Road Offer
Thompson Productions Inc.
Thompson Road
Thorne Lake Road
Thousand Dollar Hug Bristol
Ticket* Ho Pontiac ARTISTS
Tiger Pontiac.
Tile Yard
Tim Bristol
Tim Bristol Road
Tim Car- Pontiac.
Tim Carmicheal Kevin Findlay Patrick Burgess Mathieu Frechette Pontiac National
Tim- Galetta Livestock Sale Barn
Timber Sale
TMs Pontiac Jr team
Todd Hoffman Executive Vice-President Pontiac Chamber
Todd The Pontiac Jr s
Tom & Cheslyn Bristol Pontiac Euchre Club Speer
Tom C. Henley Pontiac Don Mac Axworthy Rembrandt Hiawatha Maid Shawville Notes Mr.
Tom Harrison - Nell Reavle Sale Day
Tom Harrison Sale Manager: Hobbs Bros.
Tom Jeffrey Mines
Tom Johnstone Bristol
Tom Le- Pontiac
Tom Lefebvre MP Pontiac-Te- Liberal
Tom Mac Third Line Road
Tom McCann Pontiac Snowsuit
Tom McCann Pontiac Snowsuit Fund
Tom Murdock Pontiac Truck Club
Tom Orr Carlage Boutique Gwendolyn Pontiac Agricultural Society Campbell
Tom Orr Cartage C.B.L Plrto Enterprises Inc. Gary Thompson Don Hodglns Don Lavallée Eddie Jean-Mari
Tom Orr Cartage Construction Campbell’s Bay Ciment Pontiac
Tom Orr Cartage UPA Pontiac
Tom Pontiac County
Tom Prince Motors Pontiac
Tom Smart Master Sal Bristol Council
Tommy Bristol
Toni Labadie Road
Tony Pontiac Scoreboard
Tools Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavilion
Tourisme Pontiac
Tours Pontiac
Townshlpof Bristol
Tracy Pontiac
TransporAction Pontiac
TransporAction Pontiac.
Travis Dor-The Bantam Pontiac Lions
Travis Dorzek Pontiac Ryan Watts S Ottawa Matt Steele
Travis Pontiac Euchre Club Congratulations
Travis Stewart Pontiac Lions
Travis Yach BRISTOL
Tree Farmer V FOR SALE
Tremblay’s Pontiac.
Trent Electric
Trent Electric Hatchery
Trina Best Wishes Ont HEREFORD SALE
Trip Road
Tripp Road
Two Pontiac Jr s
Tyler Pontiac Euchre Club
Tyler Smart Pontiac
U.P.A. Z Ni Auction Sale
U.S.A. Murray Young Allison Corrigan Bristol Pump Service Come Worship With Us
Union Yard
United Asbestos Inc. P O. Box
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Uoyd Wilson Gordon Dodge Robert Dodge Auction Sales Auction Sale
Upper Pontiac
Upper Pontiac Quebec Young Farmers
Upper Pontiac Quebec Young Farmers Show
V X V Pontiac
V ^STtko^uits Sale
Val Pontiac
Valerie Pontiac Community
Varner Road
Vera Klatt FOR SALE
Vera Smith’s Pontiac
Veterinarian Baie Pontiac Buick
Vice-President HknryNbwbllIUtb HoN.QBom.K ÜRTiOW IIbnky Kelly Kuks Farm For Sale
Victoria Mines
Victoria Mines Lady Cars
Victoria Polyvalente Pontiac Conditions
Victoria Pontiac Cleaners Bid
Victoria Pontiac Cleaners Bld
Victoria Road
Village Property For Sale
Vince s Barber Shop Pontiac Home Bakery Pontiac Dairy Fleury Texaco Pigeon
W .A. Hodgins Inc. Shawviile
W E Schwartz Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Pontiac Refrigeration
W G Pontiac County
W L G Team Calumet Hand Shawville Valu-Mart Pctro Can Inc. Hwy
W M Road
W*o»H C+ Sale.
W. L Stephens Pontiac Station
W.HF. Kennedy Inc.
W.HJr. Kennedy Inc.
W8m al Pontiac
Waitress Wanted Immediately Apply Pontiac Restaurant
Wallace Half Mile Road Race—Reuben Barber
Wallace McDonald Retumng Offcer Pontiac-Temiscamingue
Wally Barber Pontiac Agricultural Society
Walsh Pontiac
Walter Bristol
Walter Kilgour Pontiac W.I. Ladies
Walter Kilgour—Bristol
Walter Pontiac Community Hos Schroeder
Walter Sale*
Wanda Bristol
Wanted Farm Far Sale Farm
Ward Buried At Bristol
Ward Inc
Ward Inc.
Ward Inc. Cantons-Unis de Mansfield
Ward Inc. Fort Couionge
Ward Inc. Fort Coulonge
Ward Mallette Inc.
Warren Inc
Was M 295.00.....Sale price
Wayne V LI R&chwd Wk Pontiac Fish
Wayne Brown Shawville Ford Inc.
Wayne Inc. Committee
Wayne Pontiac Painting
Welch Road
Welch Starks Corners Bristol
Welding Service Jack Clarke Pontiac Refrigeration Molson Breweries
Well-known Pontiac
Wellington Bristol Ridge
Wendy Hearty 819-647-2011 PONTIAC
Wendy Higgins Bristol Fire Department
Wesley Bristol
Wesley Bristol Alternate
Wesley Bristol B
Wesley Bristol Norman
Wesley Bristol Norman Every evening—8.00
Wesley Bristol Norman Yarm
Wesley Bristol Norman Yarn
Wesley Bristol Norman Yin*— Every
Wesley Road
Wesley Worship Bristol
White Anniversary Sale
White Ash Thomas Smith Bristol
White Bristol United Church Rev.
White Elephant Sale
White Wine Sauce Pontiac
Whlnney Inc. Receiver Manager
Wilfrid Laurier Do*@ Pontiac
Willard MRC Pontiac.
Willard Ultramar Canada Inc.
William Armitage Bristol
William Christo- Auction Sale
William Cliis-Bristol
William Douma Pontiac
William Eastern Breeders Inc. 2nd Annu-|s Hanna
William Ellsworth Pontiac County Social Palmer
William Emmer-of Bristol Ridge
William Front Road
William Leys Mines
William Martin 1889 Bristol
William Nadeau H ROAD SERVICE
William Road
William Road Lot 9
William Sale
William Smith Bristol
William | Pontiac.
Willie Don’s Electric Reg’d
Willie Electric
Wilson Bristol
Wilson Bristol Coiners
Wilson Bristol United Church
Wilson Farm Buildings For Sale Main Street Shawville/ Quebec
Wilson J Bristol
Wilson Like Road Gift-time
Wilson Pontiac
Wilson Pontiac County Orange Aaaoc.
Wilson Road
Wilson Shawville GILLIES INC.
Wilson Ss Dale PONTIAC
Wilson That Road Foreman Grant
Window Cleaner Sale
Window Sale Price Mrs. Verner Thrun
Windows Eldridge Sewing Machine Electric Washer A-l
Wine Bristol Council Minutes SHAWVILLE
Wine Bristol Mines
Winslow Pontiac Womens Insts
Winters Pontiac PrinUhop
Wolf Lake Road
Wolf Late Road
Wolf Uke Road
Wood Electric
Wood Gundy Securities Inc.
Wood Kirkland Gold Mines
Woodworking Inc. Kitchen Cabinets
Work Wanted For Sale For Sale Wanted
Worm Remedy Sale Notes Discounted
Wright A* Pontiac Telephone Co.
Wright Ac Pontiac Telephone Co.
Wright Hargreaves Mines Ltd.
Wright Pontiac Telephone Co.
Wright Si Pontiac Bills
Wright Sl Pontiac Ide
Wyman W I -photo David Moore Pontiac
X/l K _ Bristol Community Association
Y van Pellet- Road
Yard Dash—M.
Young Bristol
Young Bristol Farmer Heads Western Quebec
Young Davidson Mines Ltd.
Young Entrepren- Bristol
Young Females Sale Managers
Young Inc
Young Peoples Meeting Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Doneld C. Smith
Young Pigs For Sale
Young Pontiac
Young Pontiac Agric
Young Pontiac Entrepreneurs
Young Road
Zee Pontiac.
Zimmer Bristol Quebec
Zion Lutheran Ladies Aid Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe Bristol
# l l Sale
-344 Road
0f Mountain Road
0f Road
0‘Brlen Road Renfrew
0„]vert Mountain Road
1 X Z Pontiac’s
1- River Road
1.17 Avenue Road
1039 Heron Road
110 River Road
112 River Road
122 Stanton Road
127 Avenue Road
127 Sumac Road
135 River Road
139 River Road
168 Fifth Range Road
172.25 Road
1855-5105 Québec Inc.
193 Mountain Road
1bm13 River Road
1j31 Lake Road
1ST Avenue Road
2 River Road
2. Plain Road
2. Road
202 River Road
203 River Road
204 River Road
206 River Road
211 River Road
22.99 V SALE
240 River Road
25,000 Road
255 River Road
255 River Road.
296-89 Road Stop
2bjy7 River Road
2nd Road
2XS19 Road L°
302W Avenue Road
325 Bristol en la Cour Provinciale
340,620 River Road
3501 District of Pontiac.
3rd Road
4 As l Pontiac
4 Marlboro Road
4 Road
4,458.20 Road
4-15 en Pontiac Community
4.20 Road
41 River Road
4295 Road
432-3895 County Road
458-2101 Road
458-2366 [ l Pontiac Hockey
476,625 Road
479 O Brien Road
486,778 Road
5- Road
520 River Road
5th Concession Road
5th Lake Road
600 Eagleson Road
610.00 Road
613-433-0881 Road
620 River Road
647- Road
647-2204 Road
647-2929 Road
647-3215 Road
647-5632 SAVINGS l Summer Sale
647-61067 Road
648-2108 Road
670/15 Road
6900 Airport Road
7. Road
7141 River Road
7Q Road
7th Concession Road
8 River Road
8. Road
8.; Road
819-647-2206 Road
819-647-3313 Road
819-647-5555 Winter Road
875 Heron Road
896 River Road
9.» Bristol Memorial
948 River Road
97 River Road
9th Road
Abbey Road
Acad-137 Avenue Road
Academy Road
Access Road
Achray Road
Acmd-1.37 Avenue Road
Acres Road
Adanac Road
Adele Road
Admaston Road
Ae Mountain Road
Aenus Road
agree-9th Road
Ahad Road
Airport Road
Alacross Road
Alary Road
Albany Rost Road
Albert Road Windsor
Albion Road
Alert Road
Alexander Road
Alexandra Road
Allard Ferry Road
Allard Road
Allen Road
Allumette Island E-l-P Road
Alma Road
Alphabet Road
Alter Road
Alymer Road
Amyotte Ferry Road
Amyotte Road
Ancon Abattoir au Pontiac Le
Anderson Road
Annual Bristol
Annual Community Sale
Annual Fall Sale
Annual Pontiac
Annual Road
Annual Shawville Road
Annual Spring Sale
Antique Road
Ash Road
Associés Inc. au T Hult^Québec
Astrolab Road
Astrolabe Road
At Rectory Road
Atfftus Road
Auction Sale
Augsburg Road
Austin defeated Bristol
Austin Road
Austin Road Baker
Austin Road Ma-®K»zuW.u
Ave nue Road
Avenue Road
Avenue Road Toronto
Avenus Road
Avlmer Road
Ayhner Road
Aylmer Lake Road
Aylmer Road
Aylmer Road Aylmer
Aylmer Road New
Aylmer Road Ope#
Aylmer Road Phone
Aylmor Road
B,ack River Road
B. Road Mtce
B017 Road
Back Road
Baden Electric Chick
Baden Electric Limited
Baie Road
Bailiie Road
Baillie Road
Baillie Road Aylmer
Baird Road
Baird/Keon Road
Bale Road
Balllie Road Aylmer
Banff-Wlndermere Road
Bank Road
Bankfield Road
Bantree Road Ottawa
Bar* Road
Bar- Road
Barney’s Road
Barr Side Road Dunrobm
Barrage Road
Barryvale Road
Baseline Road
Basingstoke Road
Bass Lake Road
Batter Road
Bay - River Road
Bay Bank Road
Bay Bristol Memorial
Bay Road
Bay Road Allowance
Bay Road America
Bay Road Repairs
Bay-Otter Lake Road
Bay—K Alabama Road
Be-a^ Road
Beach Road
Beachamp Road
Beachburg Road
Beachburn Road
Bear Lake Road
Beauchamp Road
Beaucharrp Road
Beauclair Road
Beaudoin Road
Beaureguard Road
Beausoleil Road
Beaver Dam Road
Bedford Road
Beech Road
Beglev Road
Begley Road
Beimeade Road
Belanaer Road
Belanger Road
Belfast Road
Bell Road
Bellamy Road
Belle Pontiac.
Bellemore Lake Road
Bellemore Road
Bellerin Road
Belmont Road
Belmount Road
Benoit Road
Beth-ehem Road
Birch Creek Road
Birch Road
Birchmount Road
BKB* Road
Black Bay Road
Black Bay Road Luskville
Black Creek Road
Black Pond Road
Black River Road
Blair Road
Blakeney Road
Blaskie Road
Bnstoi Road
Bois-Franc Road
Boisvert Road
Boom Road
Boucherie Road
Bouffe Pontiac au 819-648-2550.
Boulder Road
Boun-dry Road
Boundary Road
Boundary Road East Pembroke
Brabazon Road
Bradley Road
Brae-Loch Road
Brae-Lock Road
Brankscme Road
Braun Road
Braun Road Beachburg
Bri-stol-Norway Bay Road
Brian Road
Brickyard Road
Bridge Road
Brien Road
Brighton Road
Brimley Road
Bristol Beach
Bristol Bay J
Bristol 57108b l 1 LOST
Bristol Area
Bristol Ave
Bristol Avenue
Bristol Bar
Bristol Bay
Bristol Beach
Bristol Channel
Bristol Clarendon
Bristol Community
Bristol Community Centre
Bristol Community Hall
Bristol Corner-*.
Bristol Corners
Bristol Council l
Bristol Council C l Emm Arabia
Bristol Council Z
Bristol County
Bristol Drive
Bristol Elevator l Over
Bristol en la Cité de Quyon
Bristol en M
Bristol England
Bristol Estate Louis
Bristol Ferry
Bristol Forest
Bristol Formerly
Bristol Heights
Bristol I
Bristol Il Au
Bristol Island
Bristol Kid
Bristol Lake
Bristol Le
Bristol Main Street
Bristol Memorial
Bristol Memorial C
Bristol Memorial Park
Bristol Memorial Square
Bristol Mine Road
Bristol Mines Road
Bristol Oklahoma
Bristol Park
Bristol Pontiac*
Bristol Pontiacs
Bristol Province
Bristol Province de Quebec
Bristol Quebec
Bristol Ridge
Bristol Ridge Sendees
Bristol Road
Bristol School
Bristol Spring
Bristol Spring Fair
Bristol St
Bristol St Luke
Bristol St Luke Eardley
Bristol Station
Bristol Street
Bristol This
Bristol Town
Bristol Town-hip
Bristol Township
Bristol Township ¦
Bristol Village
Bristol X X %
Bristol-McKee Road
Bristol-Norway Bay
Bristol-Norway Bay Road
Bristol-South Onslow
Bristol/Norway Bay
BristolMine Road
Bristol’ Memorial Park
Bristol’s Memorial Park
Britain Road
Britannia Road
Briwi Road
Brlem Road
Bromley Road
Bromley Township Road
Bronson Ave Pontiac Exhibitors
Bronson Road
Bronson-Bryant Road
Brouse Road
Brown Road
Browse Road
Bru-nelle Road South
Brulé Road
Brushing-Government Road
Bryson Road
Bryson-Portage Road
Bryson-Portege Road
Bsyview Road
Buckingham Palace Road
Buick Road
Bulger Road
Bumstown Road
Burdett Road
Bureau de la MRC de Pontiac
Burke Road
Burma Road
Burnaby Road
Burns-town Road
Burnstown Road
Burt Lancaster l Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Butler Road
Bxjdint Road
C.L.S.C. Bristol
C.L.S.C. Pontiac
C13 River Road
C2 River Road
C2 River Road Sand Bay
C23 River Road
C260 Heath Road
Ca''umet Road
Ca,-it Road
CAAFs en tront au Pontiac de
Cahill Lake Road
Cain Road
Calabogie Road
Caledonian Road
Callaghan Road
Calumet River Road
Calumet Road
Calumet Road Centennial Park
Calumet Road East
Calumet Road West
Calumjt Road
Camp Bristol
Camp Poetise Road
Camp Pontiac
Camp Pontiac Road
Camp Pontiac.
Camp Road
Camp- Road
Campbell Bay Road
Campbell Road
Campbell’s Bay Road
Can Road
Canada Inc
Canada Inc.
Canal Road
Canton Bristol La
Canton de Bristol
Canton Road
Cape Breton Road
Cariboo Road
Carl Road
Carlo Road
Carman Road
Carp Road
Carp Road Ottawa
Carruthers Road
Cast Road
Castiefrank Road
Castleford River Road
Cataions Road
Causeway Road
Caves Road
Cawoo(ill Road
Cawood Road
Ccmetary Road
Cedar Haven Park Road
Cedar Road
Cedar-vale Road
Cedardale Road
Cedars Road
Cedarvale Road
Cedarview Road
Cedarville Road
Cemetary Road
Cemetery Road
Centennial Road
Center Road
Central Pontiac
Central Pontiac.
Central Road
Centre Pontiac
Centre Pontiac.
Centre Road
Cernetary Road
CFP Pontiac au 819-683-1419 et
Cha-peau-Sheenboro Road
Chamberlain Road
Champion Road
Champion Road Ma-
Champion Road Ma- dance
Champlain Road
Chapeau Pembroke Road
Chapeau Road
Chapeau-Sheen Road
Chapeau-Waltham Road
Chapeau-Waltham Road A
Chapeau/Waltha’m Road
Charlotte L Ecuyer au CLSC Pontiac
Charlton Pontiac
Charron Road
Chaucer Road
Chawsau Road
Che-neaux Road
Chelsea Road
Chemin River Road
Chenaux Road
Cherry Electric
Chief Road
Chilly Road
Christie Road
Church Road
Chute Road
Chutes Road
Cl Road
CL8C Pontiac
Cla-Side Road
Clapham Road
Clarendon Road
Clark Lake Road
Clark Road
Clarke Lake Road
Clavelle Road
CLDdu Pontiac La
Clé Pontiac au 648-2186.
Clear Lake Road
Clitf Road
Cobden Road
Cobden-Eganville Road
Cobden-Foresters Falls Road.
Cochrane River Road
Cochrane Road
Cochrane Side Road.
Code Pontiac
Coehrane-Rhrer Road
Coffee Bristol
Coffee Pontiac
Coin Road
Coldwater Road
Colonization Road
Colonnade Road Nepean
Comers Road
Cometary Road
Commerce Road Side Garden Good
Commercial Road
Commercial Road Side Garden Good
Commercial Road Side Garden Market
Community Baseline Road
Complete Road
Comté Pontiac
Concession Road
Cone Road
Conrod Road
Conroy Road Loisirs
Constant Pontiac
Cook Road
Cooligan Road South of
Copeland Road
Corduroy Road
Corkehy Road
Corkeky Road
Corkery Road
Corn-Bristol Township
Cort Road
Cost Road
Coteau Road
Cottaae Road
Cottage Road
Cotton Mill Yard
Coulongc Road
Coulonge Road
Coulongo Road
Coun- Road
Council Road
Country Road
Countv Road
County Road
County Road No.
Court Road
Coventry Road
Coventry Road OTTAWA
Covonty Road
Craft Sale
Crawford Road
Cre-gheur Road
Creek Road
Cregheur Road
Creigheur Road
Croissant Road
Croissant-Rose Road
Cty Road
Culbute Road
Cummings Road
Cummings Road Ran-
Curley Lake Road
Curley Road Luskville
Curly Lake Road
Cuthbertson Road
CX.8.C. Pontiac.
CX.S.C. Pontiac
Dagenais Road
Dalmeny Road
Daly Road
Damas-I’vrricr Road
Damascus Road
Dancers Lake Road
Danford Lake Road
Darch Road
Davenport Road
Davidson Road
Davis Road
Dawes Road
De la Baie Road
DeDale Road
Deep River Road
Del New Orleans Road
Del Pontiac County
Delorme Road
Dempsey Road
Des Trappeurs Road
Deschenes Road
Desormeaux Road
Devon Road
Diamond Road
Diamondvlew Road
Dirt Road
District De Pontiac
District de Pontiac.
District Road
Ditches Bay Road
Ditching River Road
Doherty Road
Dominicain Road
Dominicains Road
Dominican Road
Dominician Road
Dominion Road
Dominique Inc.
Donaldson Lake Road
Donegal Road
Donlan Road
Donland Road
Donnelly Road
Dorchester Road
Dorn Road
Dot-ercourt Road
Doug- Road
Dov-ercourt Road
Dovcnconrt Road Toronto
Dovcncourt Road Toronto
Dovencourt Road Toronto
Dovercourt Road
Dovereeurt Road
Draper Road
Draveurs Road
Drlve-ln Road
Drouin Road
Drummond Road
Dtllabouqh Road
Dubeau Road
Dublin Road
Dubois Road
Dufault Spring Sale
Duff Road
Dufferin Road
Dumas Road
Dumoine Road
Dump Road
Dunlop Road
Dunraven Road
Dunraven Road Calumet Island
Dunrobin Road
Duquette Road
Dwyer Hill Road
Dyer Road
E-l-A Road
E. Road
Each Bay Road
Eagleson Road
Eardiey Road
Eardlcy Road
Eardley Road
Eardley Road Aylmer
Eardley Road Commun-
Eardley-Masham Road
Eardly Road
Eardtey Road
Earth Road
East Bristol
East India Dock Road
East Pontiac
East Pontiac County
East Pontiac.
East Range Road
East Road
Easy Road
Ebaun Road
Ebert Road
Ecuador Pontiac’s
Edey Road
Edg-road Bakerloo
Edinburgh Road
Editor Pontiac l l Equity
Editor Road
Editorial Road
Edwards Churc Road
Eerdley Road
Egan Road
Eganville Road
Eganvllle—Cobden Road
Eganvtlle Road
Eight Road
Election Road
Electric X X AT A
ELECTRIC Bar au Coin
Electric Belt
Electric Light au Herd-Cat
Electric Light l
Electric Residential
Electric Trophy
Elizabeth Road
Elm Road
Elmside Road
Embrun Road
Emmerson Road
Eogen Road
Erbo Road
Erwin Road
Escher Lake Road
Esher Lake Road
Esso Spring Sale
Evergree Road
ex-1 Road I
F ont Road
F Road
F(X1 Road
F. Road
Fahey Road
Fairfield Road
Fallowfield Road
Falls Road
Falls Townline Road
Fardl Road
Farm Lake Road
Farm Road
Farm-yard Estabuehad l.
Farmer Wins Silver Medal BRISTOL.
Farrell Road
Farreu Road
Fathers Road
Fdtt Road
Felt Road
Ferguslea Road
Ferme/Farm Lake Road
Ferry Road
Ferry Road Park
Ferry Road Street
Fh>nl Road
Fhe Road
Fieldvüle Road
Fierobin Road
Fierobm Road
Finnigan’s Road
Fiym Road
FJmude Road
Flagg Road
Flat Rapids Road
Flat Road
Fleuiy Road
Fleury Road
Flmskle Road
Flood Mountain Road
Florida SALE-Nov.
Flynn Road
Fogarty Road
FOR SALE l Equity''s
Foran Road
Forced Road
Forest Road
Foresters Falls Road
Foresters Falls Road Peacefully
Foresters Falls Road.
Forever Road
Fort Beach Road
Fort Bouffe Pontiac.
Fort Bristol
Fort Bristol Memorial
Fort Bristol Red Cross Drive
Fort Bristol Street
Fort Bristol Township
Fort Cou- Bristol
Fort Cou- Pontiac.
Fort Cou-Pontiac
Fort Coulonge Bristol
Fort Coulonge Inc.
Fort Coulonge/Pontiac/Low/
Fort Pembroke Road
Fort Pontiac
Fort Road
Fort Road I
Fort Road.
Fort William Road
Fort-Coulonge Club Inc.
Fortin Road
Forward Road
Fourth Chute Road
Fourth Concession Road
Fox Road
Foyle Road
Foymount Road
Francon Road
Frank Mountain Road
Franktown Road
Fraser Road
Frazer Road
Freeman Road
Front Road
Front Road A
Front Road Heath Road
Front Road I
Ftet Rapids Road
Fulford Road
Fulham Road
Ga- Road
Gagnon Road
Gaietta Road
Galelta Side Road
Galetta Road
Gallagher Road
Garden of Eden Road
Garden Road
Gauvin Road
General Electric
Ghost Hill Road
Gibbons Road
Gibson Road
Gilead Road
Gillan Road
Gillian Road
Gillian Road Renfrew
Gilpin Road
Gladstone Road Niagara Falls Ont
Gleason Road
Glen Road
Glendale Road
Gloucester Road
Goldmine Road
Golf Road
Good Road
Gordon Road
Gorge Road
Goshen Road
Gouin au Granite inc.
Government Road
Government Road West
Grace Road
Grafton Road
Grand Marais Road
Grand Maris Road
Grant River Road
Green Lake Road
Green Road
Greenbank Road
Greenwood Road
Greermount Road
Gregheur Road
Grégoire Road Carlsbad Springs
Gribble Road
Grist Mill Road
Gurdwara Road
Guvermnent Road
Hagarty Road
Haileybury Road
Haileyhury Road
Hairdressing Avenue Road
Hairdressing Road
Haley Road
Halogen Road
Hals Road
Hamburgh Road
Hamilton Road
Hammond Road
Hammond Side Road
Hammond Side Road Crossing
Hamond Road
Hampton Road
Harbor Square Macadamized Road
Harmony Road
Harrison Road
Harrisson Road
Hastings Road
Hawthorn Road
Hawthorne Road
Hayes Road
Hayley Road
Head Road
Heafo Road
Health Road
Hearty Road
Heath Road
Heath Road Shawville
Henderson Road
Hérault Road
Herbie Road
Heron Road
Heydon Park Road
Hi At Pontiac Community
Hi Bristol Station
Hi Sale
Hickey Road
Hill Road
Hill Road Range Eleven
Hill Side Road
Hills Road
Hillside Road
Hiver Road
HMl Road
Hobart Road
Hobbs Road
Hockey/Baseball Road
Hodgins Road
Hodglns Road
Hodgms Road
Holmes Road
Holyhead Road
Hospital Road
Hôtel-deVille Road
Hpadina Road
Hrletol Road
Hu# Road
Huckabone Road
Hudson Bay Road
Huge River Road
Hull-Chapeau Road
Hull-Cha]»eau Road
Humphrey Road
HUNTER DOUGLAS l Shawville Ford Inc.
Hurdman Road
Hyndford Road
Hyndlund Road
I Outaouaia Road
I Road
I)-l Road
I-owcr Road
I. Bristol
I>ake Road
ICO Road
Id Road
Il Road
Ill Mount Pleasant Road
In Road
In- Road
Inc Mo
Inc • l Phone 647-2417
INC. 2K l
Inc. d X l X * V P.
Inc. ¥ l V •
Indain Road
India Dock Road
Indian Road
Indienne Road
Innés Road
Innis Road
Interim Road
Interim Road Superintendent
Ireland Road
Iron Mine Road
Iroquois Road
Irwin Road
Ivan Road
IVekhiim Road
Ixmdon Road
J District of Pontiac.
J* Lake Road
J*rC*# Road
J. Road
Jamestown Road
Jan Road
Jean-Pierre Road
Jericho Road
Jerusalem Road
Jessup Road
Jeunes Volontaires au Pontiac
Jim’s Lake Road
Jlf/iry Road
Joanette Road
John Road
John-Dale Road
Johnson Lake Road
Johnson Road
Johnston Lake Road
Johnston Road Ottawa
Jonnson Road
Joys Road
Julie Road
June Road
JUnsor Road
Kamato Road
Karl Road
Kars Road
Kaziibazua Road
Kelly Lake Road
Kelvin Road
Kenncdy Road
Kennedy Road
Kensington Road
Kentucky Stock Road
Kenyon Dam Road
Keon Road
Kerr Road
Kev Road
Kidder Road
Kilgour Road
Killoran Road
Killoran Road)
Kilroy Road
Kilroy—That Road
Kinburn Road
King Road
Kingston Road
King’s Road
Kiox Road
Kipewa Road
Kippen Road
Klatt Road
Knox Road
Kodel Road
Kodl Road
L » l Pontiac
L imprévisible Annette au Pontiac.
La Montagne Road
La Passe Road
La Pêche Road
Lac-des-Loups Road
Lacharity Road
Lacroix Bay Road
Lady-smith-Otter Lake Road
Ladysmith Road
Ladysmith Road PHONE
Ladysmith-Wolfe Lake Road
LAFLEUR PAVING l Dwyer Hill Road
Lafleur Road
Laforrcst Road
Laforrest Road
Laframboise Road
Lajoie-Allen Road
Lake Clear Road
Lake Deser-More Road
Lake Dore Road
Lake Park Road
Lake Road
Lake Road Bristol Township Road
Lake Shore Road
Lake South Road
Lake St Marie Road
Lake-shore Road
Lakeahore Road
LakeShnre Road
Lakeshore Road
Lakeshore Road Quebec
Lakeshore Road W
Lakeshore Road West
Lakewood Road
Lamarche Road
Lamou-reux Road
Lamoureux Road
Lanark Road
Landing Road
Landry Road
Lanvière Road
Lapasse Road
LaPêche Lake Road
Lapointe’s Road
Lar- Road
Large Road
Lariv&re Road
Las Electric
Lattion Road
Laurentian Road
Lawless Lake Road
Lawn Road
Lcdo Road
Le C.L.S.C. Pontiac
Le Fort Realty Inc.
Le Lièvre Road
Le Pontiac
Le Reveil Ecri au Pontiac Printshop
Leach Road
Lebrun Road
Ledo Road
Ledyamlth Road
Lefebvre Road
Leguerrier Road
Leitchfield Road
Leitchfleld Road
Leitrim Road
Leitrim Road West
Lelièvre Road
Leltrihfield Road
Lenny Road
Lepasse Road
Leslie Lake Road
Leslie Road
Lester Road
Lickanock Road
Lietchfield Road
Light Road
LiiJ Bay Road
Like Road
Lillico Road
Lincoln Road
Line Road
Lino Road
Litchfield Lake Road
Litchfield Road
Litchfield-One Road
Litchfield-Portage Road
Litchfleld-Portage Road
Little Road
Livestock Mountain Road
Lme Road
Lochwinnoch Road
Locksley Road
Lodge Road
Loisirs Inc. au Haut-Commissariat
London Road
Long Lake Road
Long Road
Lookout Road
Loups Road
Louvicourt Road
Low Road
Lower Aylmer Road
Lower Pontiac
Lower Pontiac County
Lower Pontiac.
Lower Road
Lpront Road
Lunney Road
Lyham Road
Lynn Lake Mines
M l Bristol Ridge
M.*ie Road
Ma Pontiac
Ma sham Road
Maaham Road
Macadam Road
MacArthur Road
MacArthur Road Carried
MacArthur Road Ottawa
Macdonald College:-electric
MacKechnie Road
Magic Road
Magnesium Road
Main Bristol-—Clarendon
Main Road
Mal-lock Road
Malden Road
Malloch Road
Mallock Road
Malone Road
Mam Road
Manipur Road
Manitou Road
Maniwiki-Temiscamingue Road
Manners Road
Manoir Sacré-Cœur Road
Manor Road
Mansfield Road
Maple Road
Marie-Bay Road
Marier Road
Marion Road
Marketing’ au CLSC Pontiac de Fort Coulonge
Marquis Road
Marsh Road
Martindale Road
Martineau Road
Martineau Road Sûreté
Maryland Bristol
Maryland Road
Mash-am Road
Masham Road
Mask Road
Mass Bristol
Matawatchan Road
Materia Road
Mathieu Road
Matlock Road
Mayhew Road
Mayor River Road
McConnell Road
McCord Road
McCoshcn Road
McCoshen Road
McCrea Road
McCredie Road
McGrath Road
McGuire Electric
McGuire Pontiac
McGuire Road
McGuire Road.
McKay Road
McKee Road
McKee-Caldwell Road
McKee-Weirstead Road
McLaughlin Road
McLeod Road
McNeill Lake Road
Mcrivale Road Nepean
Md Yard
Meadow Creek Bridge Road
Mee Road
Meech Lake Road
Mein Road
Melghen Road
Menard Road
Menin Road
Mercury Road l
Mere Road
Meredith—That Road Inspector
Meri-vale Road
Merivale Road
Merlval Road
Micksburg Road
Middle Road
Middlemiss Road
Mielke Road
Mike’s Road
Mile Road
Mill Creek Road
Mill Road
Milli-ken Road
Millikcn Road
Milliken Road
Milton Road
Min* Road
Mine Road
Mines Road
Mines Road l.
Mineview Road
Mingo Road
Minister Road
Mink Lake Road
Mis-sissagi Road
Mitchem Road
Ml Road
Mlcksburg Road
Mmtagh Road
Mocnttn Road
Moffat Road
Moffatt Road
Mohair Road
Mohr Road
Mohr Station Road
Monck Road
Moncton Road
Mono Road
Montagne Road
Montague Road
Montreal Road
Montreal Road West Gatineau
Montsion Road
Moomead Road
Moon Road
Moore Lake Road
Moorehcad Road
Moorehead Road
Moorhead Road
MoP Ferry Road
Morchcad Road
Morehead Road
Moreheed Road
Morewood Road
Moroheed Road
Morrison Road
Motion—Biehler-Erwin—That Road
Mount Pleasant Road
Mount Pleasant Road Street
Mount Road
Mount St Patrick Road
Mountain Camp Road
Mountain Road
Mountain Road C
Mountain Road Combines
Mountain Road Hynes
Mountain Road Runners
Mountain Road Runners Admission
Mountain Road Sauvageau
Mountain Road Sno-goers
Mountain Road Some
Mountain Road Wyman
Mountain Road Young
Mountview Road
Moved Road
Moyle Road
Mr Road
Mr. Road
Mrc Pontiac.
Mrs Road
MscAfthur Road
Mud Lake Road
Mulligan Road
Municipal Road
Municipal-Davis Road
Murchison Road
Murdock Road
Murphy Road
Murray Hill Road
Murray Lake Road
Murray Road
Murrayhill Road
MurrayhMI Road
Murtagh Road
M^den Road
M^rdock Road
N Bristol Ridge
N Bristol
N.C.C. Cochrane River Road
Nanking Road
Nash-perhead Road
Nashville Road Kleinburg
Neido Road
Neigea Road
Neil Lake Road
New Orleans Road
New Road
New Yard’s
Nichabau Road
Nichoids Road
Nicholds Road
Nickabeau Road
No Road
North INC.
North Bristol
North Lake Road
North Noel Road
North Onslow Road
North Onslow-Bristol
North Pontiac.
North Road
Northern Electric
Northern Pontiac
Northern Pontiac.
Northern Road
Norvic Road
Norway Bay Bristol
Norway Bay Fourth Shawville Road
Norway Bay River Road
Norway Bay Road
Norway Bay Road H
Norway Bay Road IX
Norway Bay Road Lake St Patrice
Norway Bay Road V
Norway Bay-Wyman Road
Norway Bay/Bristol
Norway Bristol
Norway Has/Bristol
Norway River Road
Norway Road
Notch Road
Notre Road
Nova Scotia Millinery Sale l
Nugent Road
O Brien Road
O Brien Road Renfrew
O Brien Road ST.
O Brien Road W
O. Road
Oapham Road
Oasis Road
Odessa Road
Off Road G
Ogilvie Road
OhoKbruh Road
Oil Road
Old Bay Road
Old Chelsea Road
Old Kent Road
Old Mill Road
Old Mines Road
Old Pontiac
Old Pontiac Village
Old Pontiac.
Old Road
Old Silk Road
On River Road
ONSLOW River Road
Onslow Road
Onslow-Maaham Road
Ont Road
Ontario Aylmer Road
Ontario County Road
Ontario Follow County Road
Ontario Road
Open Road
Opeongo Road
Opeongo Road Phone
Opti- Road
Orange Bristol
Orleans Road
Ormond Road
Ostrom Road
Ottawa Bristol
Ottawa In Pontiac
Ottawa Mountain Road
Ottawa Pontiac.
Ottawa Ray-from Pontiac Community
Ottawa River BRISTOL
Ottawa River PONTIAC
Ottawa River’s Pontiac.
Ottawa Road
Ottawa Valley •52 RIVER ROAD
Otter Lake Inc.
Otter Lake Pontiac
Otter Lake Road
Outaouais au Pontiac.
Outaouais Road
Outaouais-travail s installe au Pontiac October
O’Biien Road
O’Brien Road
O’Brien Road Phone
P** Road
P.c.noA Road
P.ckanock Road
p0* Road
P2aa Bristol l •
Pa sale
Pacific Road
Pair Road
Palace Road
Pammure Road
Papineau Road
Park Road
Parker Road
Parkway Road
Parry Sound Road
Pasch Road
Patterson Road
Paugan Road
Paved Road
Pavillon Pontiac.
Payette Road
Pcanock Road
Pearl Bristol
Peck Road
Pellerin Road
Pellet- Road
Pembroke Electric... l
Pembroke Road
Pembroke-Chapeau Road
Pembroke-Westmeath Road
Peneshula Road
Penh Road
Penthorn Road
People New Road
Pepin Road
Pepys Road
Permits Road
Perrault Road
Perrault Road SSfflS
Perry Road
Pert Road
Perth Road
Pétrin Road
Pfckanock Road
Phelan Road
Phillip’s Lake Road
Phone 40 l FOB SALE—l
Pic-anoc Road
Pic-kanock Road
Pica-nock Road
pican0ck Road
Picanoc Road
Picanoc Road New Boats
Picanock Road
Picanoek Road
Picenock Road
Picfcanock Road
Pick#nock Road
Pick*nock Road
Pick-anock Road
Pickamock Road
Pickanoc Road
Pickanock Road
Pickanoek Road
Pickanok Road
Pickenock Road
Pickenok Road
Pickerel Bay Road
Pickimock Road
Picknock Road
Pieanoc Road
Piekanock Road
Pierre’s Road
Pierrier Road
Pike Road
Pilon Road
Pine Led Road
Pine Lodge Road
Pine Road
Pink Road
Pinnacle Road
Pinnacle Road Renfrew 4 V
Pirkanock Road
Pit Road
Pivkanovk Road
plan-1 Road
Plaza—Aylmer Road
Plcan-ock Road
Plcanoc Road
Plcanock Road
Plckanock Road
Plckenock Road
Plcsa-ioek Road
Pleasant Park Road
Pleasant Perk Road
Pleasant Road
Pneus Road
Point Road
Point Road Plaza
Poirier Road
Polish Hills Road
Pond Road
Ponkrwk* Electric l Mût el
Pontiac County
PONTIAC 1er au 8
Pontiac 53 AU
Pontiac an(l Mrs. Noble
Pontiac and Americas
Pontiac Argyle Street
Pontiac au 819-683-3000 et/ou
Pontiac Bay
Pontiac Bay Road
Pontiac Beach
Pontiac Bryson
Pontiac Columbus
PONTIAC Commissaire
Pontiac Community
Pontiac Community C Row
Pontiac Community J
Pontiac Community l
Pontiac Community l I Swedish
Pontiac Community Open
Pontiac Community V
Pontiac County
Pontiac County Y A
Pontiac County l oyal Orange
Pontiac County l Reference
Pontiac County Packed
Pontiac County Quebec
Pontiac County Recipes
Pontiac County River
Pontiac County Street
Pontiac County W l
Pontiac County West
Pontiac County West Fort Coulonge
Pontiac de
Pontiac El
Pontiac en
Pontiac en l *47
Pontiac et
Pontiac Forest
Pontiac Ga
Pontiac Gleaners l Phone Shawvill
Pontiac Gulf Station
Pontiac Hockey l
Pontiac Hockey l .cogue
Pontiac i l <
Pontiac l County.
Pontiac la La Société
Pontiac Lake
Pontiac Lions l
Pontiac Main Street
Pontiac Mis
Pontiac Mo
Pontiac Motel l 647-9903
Pontiac Museum l
Pontiac Pa
Pontiac Pacific l Aylmer.
Pontiac Park
Pontiac Perfect
Pontiac Plumbing l
Pontiac Printshop
Pontiac Printshop l
Pontiac Prlntshon l
Pontiac Prlntsnop l
Pontiac Pro
Pontiac Province
Pontiac Road
Pontiac Selects
Pontiac Spring
Pontiac Springs
Pontiac Station
Pontiac Station Ontario
Pontiac Station Park
Pontiac Station V
Pontiac Sunshine
Pontiac Township
Pontiac Trophy
Pontiac U.P.A. l
Pontiac Upholstering
Pontiac Valley
Pontiac W l T Sow Ofw/Of
Pontiac z^C l Reg.
Pontiac* County
Pontiac-World Arbor
Pontiac...... Port
Pontiac^ County Quebec
Pontine Road
Por-lage Road
Port Road
Port Road TAX
Port Road Virtue
Portaga-Bryson Road
Portage Road
Portage Road V SEPTIC
Portage-du-Fort Road
Portjge Road
Poupore Road
Power Road
Powers Road
PQrtoge-Shawville Road
Practical Road
Presbyterian Bristol
Prince Artnur Road
Private Road
Pro Road.
Produce Quotations l Pontiac Tol
Prospect Road
Proven Road
Pubic Road
Pubkc Road
Publia Road
Public Road
Quail Road
Quaile Road
Quarry Road
Quebec Bristol
Quebec District de Pontiac.
Quebec District of Pontiac en
Quebec District of Pontiac.
Quebec Inc.
Quebec Meets Pontiac.
Quebec Norway Bay Road
Quebec Pontiac
Quebec Pontiac.
Quebec Road
Quebec Sale
Queens Line Road
Quesnel Road
Quyon Road
Quyon-Wolfe Lake Road
R. Road
r2 Sale Louis
Radford Road
Radio-Pontiac Sullivan
Radke Road
Ragged Chute Road Shawville
Raid Road
Railroad Road
Ralnsford Road
Ramblin Road
Randolph Road
Ranelagh Road
Ranga& Road
Range Road
Rapid Road
Rath Road
Rchmond Road
Rckaneck Road
Rdge Road
Record Road
Rectcry Road
Rectory Road
Rectory Road Phone
Reddington Road
Regional Road
Renaud Road
Renfrew County Road
Renfrew Road
Renfrew Road S
Renmond Road
Reside Road
Resolved River Road
results/1 J l Bristol Memorial
Reverend Road
Richmond Frankt Road
Richmond Road
Richmond Road Florida
Richmond Road Ottawa
Ridge Road
Ridge Road Vinton
Ring Road
Riser Road
Ritchance Road
Ritchie Road
Ritson Road
Ritson Road South.
River Cochrane Road
River Ffr Road
River Road
River Road Beech Grove
River Road Pembroke
River-mead Road
RiverCochrane Road
Riverside Road
Rlver Road
Rlynn Road
Road Bay
Road Delegation
Road Nepean
Road Race
Road Toronto Street Toronto
Road X
Robert’s Pontiac.
Robinson Road
Rochon Road
Rochon Road Waltham
Rockaway Road
Rockdale Road
Rocky Road
Rogers Road
Roller............ Road
Romain Road
Roman Road
Ross Road
Rough Lake Road
Rough Lake South Shore Road
Round Lake Road
Route 148 J Pontiac
Row Vomt Road
Royal Road
Ruby Road
Rueck-wald Road
Rueckwald Road
Rummage Sale
Rupert Road
Russell Road
Russham Road
Rustic Road
Ryan Road
R^mond Road
S Road
Saady Creek Road
Sack Road
Sale Tel.
Sale David
SALE Ida l Mrs Joseph
Sale Main Street
Sale MRS.
Sale Side
SALE Victoria Avenue
Sale "
SALE *69900 H T Reg
SALE .88
SALE .J l L f
Sale 20b River Road
SALE 29.95 l
Sale 3" X
Sale 4# X
SALE 4588XA16 l
Sale At
Sale Austin
Sale Bakery
Sale Bam
Sale Bam Road
Sale Barn
Sale Barn Road
Sale Beach
Sale Canada
Sale Centennial Hall
Sale Charles
Sale Charteris
Sale Code
Sale Community
Sale Continues
Sale County
Sale Day
Sale Day l
Sale Day-
Sale DR.
Sale Drive
Sale El.
Sale Em
Sale Em *rom
Sale en 7f mm
Sale Engagement
Sale Everywhere
Sale Falls
Sale Fliers
SALE Florida
Sale FRI.
Sale Frida
Sale Head
Sale In
Sale It’s
Sale JAS.
Sale Jersey
Sale Jewellery
Sale King Street
Sale l Well Improved
Sale l Duo Therm
Sale Lake
Sale Livestock
Sale London
Sale Look What
SALE Main Street
Sale Managers
Sale Matching
Sale Messrs
Sale Mgrs
Sale Model
Sale N,-E.
Sale New
Sale No.
Sale Non-slip
Sale Now On
Sale of
Sale Ontario
Sale Ottawa River Bass
Sale P.-S.
Sale Phone
Sale Place
Sale Pointer
Sale Price
Sale Priced
Sale Prices
Sale Prie#
Sale Province
Sale Province de Quebec
Sale P^P
Sale Rack
Sale Récréative
Sale Reg
Sale Regular
Sale REV.
Sale Rock
Sale Say
Sale Scott Street
SALE Secretary
Sale Shaft
Sale Shawville
Sale Sï
Sale Sign l
Sale Site
Sale Special
Sale Spring
SALE Spring Valley
Sale St
Sale St George
Sale St Paul
Sale Stormont County
Sale Stove
SALE Sweden
Sale Table
Sale Tel.
Sale Three
Sale Township
Sale Tracing
SALE Truck l
Sale Two
Sale Values
SALE Victoria Street
Sale Vnee
Sale Wm
Sale X
SALE X Slow Credit
Sale X V
Sale X %
Sale «•w l Vi IN
SALE — l Whippet Sedan
SALE- Three
SALE—A Oats Banner
SALE—Massey-Harris Spring
Sand Bay Road
Sand Bay Road "
Sand Road
Sandy Creek Road
Sapinière Road
Sarsfield Road
Sauriol Road
Sauve Road
Savate Road
Sbeenboro Road
Scarboro Road
Scarborough Road
Scarborough Road Toronto
Schneaus Road
Schneaux Road
Scholars Road
Schreiner Road
Schutt Road
Schwanz Road
Schwartz Road
Schyan Road
Scotland Road
Scotland Yard
Scotland Yard l Well?
Scott Road
Scott’s Bay Road
Scout Road
Season Road Tons London
Secretary-treasurer Pontiac
Seerchmont Road
Séguin Road
Self-Employment Road
Service Road
Sharon Road
Shaw Road
Shaw-ville-Portage Road
Shawville Bristol
Shawville Road
Shawville-Ladysmith Road
Shawville-Ledy-smith Road
Shawville-Otter Lake Road
Shawville—Ladysmith Road
ShawvilU Road
Shawvllle Road
Shcenboro Road
Sheen Road
Sheen-boro Road
Sheen-Temiscaming Road
Sheenboro Road
Sheffield Road
Shewville-Ladysmith Road
Shore Road
Si Avenue Road
Siberia Road
Side Road
Sikor-ski Road
Sikorski Road
Sikorsky Road
Simpson Road
Single Road
Slievn-Temiscaming Road
Sloan Road
Smaglinskl St Road
Smith Road
Smith-Lconard Road
Smith-Leonard Road
Smyth Road
Smythe Road
Snortin Road
Snow Road
Snow Road Station
Snye Road
Souliere Road
Soulières Road
Source Road
South Bristol
South Dakota Bristol
South Pontiac
South Pontiac.
South River Road
South Road
Southview Road
Spadina Road
Spadlna Road
Spadltia Road
Spanca Road
Sparling Lake Road
Sparling Road
Sparxa Road
Special Road
Speers Road
Spence Road
Spring Creek Road
Spring Hill Road
Spring Sale
Spring Sale Un
Springfield Road
St Leonards Road
St Pierre’s Road
St Pontiac
St Pontiac Forest
St-Joseph Road
St-Joseph Road West St-André-Avellin
St-lsldore Road
St-Pierre Road
St. S Bristol
Stanton Road
Starr’s Road
Station Road
Ste-Foy Road
Ste-Marie Road
Steele Road
Stenton Road
Stephans Road
Stephenson Road
Stevens Road
Stevenson Road
Stewart Road
Stitt Road
Stone Road
Stoneybatter Road
Storyland Road
Storyland Road Chenaux
Storyland Road Renfrew
Strathcona Road
Subdivision Road
Sullivan Road
Sumac Road
Summit Sound Inc.
Sunnydale Road
Super Look Spring Sale
Swamp Road
Sylvester Road
Sylvestre Road
System Inc. au De la
t-5 StturdaytS-12 l Flat Rapid* Road
Tancrcdia Road
Tancredia Road
Tancredla Road
Telford Road
Tenders-Rectory Road
Teny Fox Road
Terry Fox Road
That River Road
That Road
That Road Div.
Therien Road
Therinen Road
Therrien Road
Thomas-Lefebvre Road
Thome Lake Road
Thome Lake Bryson Road
Thome Lake Road
Thorne Lake Road
Thorne Lake Yard
Thunder Road
Timmins Side Road
Timmins Side Road.
Tl)e Sale
Tlje Sale
Tolerance Road
Tomasslne Road
Toncredio Road
Toronto New Orleans Road
Tort Road
Towell Road
Townline Road
Township Road
TOY QUEST l 647-3002 Pontiac
Trail Road
Trail Road’s
Tramore Road
trans- Road
Transport Road
Travelling Road
Traversier Road
Tremblay Beach Road
Tremblay Road
Trembley Road
Trembly Road
Trip Road
Tripp Road
Tripp Side Road
Trout l Road.
Trout Lake Road
Trucks Inc.
Trudeau Road
Truman Road
Trunk Road
Tubman Road
Tucker Road
Turcotte Road
Turner Road
Turpin Pontiac.
Turtle Road
U Bristol
U Lingan Road
U Road
UlmténPne&enve Road
Una Road
Upgrade Road
Upper Aylmer Road
Upper Eardley Road
Upper Ottawa Valley Inc.
Upper Pontiac
Upper Pontiac County
Upper Pontiac.
Upper Pontiac’s
Upper Road
Urban Lake Road
V Road
Valley Road
Vanduskie Road
Vanier Road
Vanler Road
Varier Road
Varner Road
Vaughan Road
Ve Road
Vet- Portage Road
Victoria Avenue Calumet Road
Victoria Road
Ville Road
Vinton Road
Vredefort Road Station
W Avenue Road
W Road
W" Road
W<hk1 Road
Waba Road
Wabash Road
Waikely Road
Wakefield Road
Wakjroff Road
Walkely Road
Walkley Road
Walla-bet Road
Walsh Road
Waltham Road
Walworth Road
Ward Road
Waterfall Road
Waterloo Road
Wbarfe Road
Wesley Road
Wesleyan Meihedlst l FOR SALE
West Lake Road
West Pontiac
West Pontiac.
West Pontiac”
West Road
Westbrook Road
Weston Road
Weston Road Toronto
Whalen Road
Wharf Road
Wharf Road Admission
Wharfe Road
Wharl Road
Wharncliffe Road
Whelan Road
White Lake Road
White River Road
Whitechapel Road
Whitehall Road Toronto
Whitton Road
Whyte Ave and River Road
Wickens Road
Wickman Road
Willow Beach Road
Wilson Road
Windermere Road
Wine Road
Winter Road
Witt Road
Wofe Lake Road
WoH Lake Road
Woif Lake Road
Woito Station Road
Wolf Lake Road
Wolfe Lake Road
Wolfe Lake Road Water
Wood Electric Deep
Wood Road
Woods Road
Working Road
Wot* Lake Road
Wrangler Road
Wren Road
Wright Lake Road
Wright Road
Write River Road
Wrong Road
Wyman Road
Wyman-Norway Bay Road
X X V Polish Hills Road
X2T Avenue Road
xj6--------------- Road
XValls Road
Y Road
Yach Road