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National Affairs Correspondent Carol Goar

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By JEAN Wallace Correspondent Eileen Smith
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Carol Bain Hickey
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Carol Berge
Carol Bergeron
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Carol Bestard
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Carol Billy Carson
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Carol Boily Proposed
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Carol BretakÜ Holmes
Carol Bretieft “White Blrehes
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Carol Bretslaff
Carol Bretsloff
Carol Bretxloff
Carol Bretz
Carol Bretz-loff
Carol Bretz-loff Holmes
Carol Bretz-The
Carol Bretzlaff
Carol Bretzlaff Clarence C. Smart
Carol Bretzlaff Holmes
Carol Bretzlaff Some
Carol Bretzlaff’s
Carol Bretzlbff
Carol Bretzloff
Carol Bretzloff Québec
Carol Bretzloff - Western Quebec
Carol Bretzloff Aylmer
Carol Bretzloff Fee
Carol Bretzloff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clarendon Dear Editor Who
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clay Workshop "
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Have
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Sylvia Bretzloff Robb
Carol Bretzloff Holmes V Ml
Carol Bretzloff Honourable
Carol Bretzloff Lake
Carol Bretzloff Sandier-Regier
Carol Bretzloff-Holmes
Carol Bretzloffs
Carol Bretzlofif
Carol Bretzloflf
Carol BretzlofT
Carol BretzloT
Carol Brian
Carol Brice
Carol Brooks
Carol Brousseau
Carol Brousseau Mrs Des McLaughlin
Carol Brown
Carol Brunet
Carol Brunet Occupation
Carol Brusseau
Carol Brussiere
Carol Bull
Carol Burnett
Carol Burnette
Carol Bussiere
Carol Bym
Carol Byrne
Carol Camfield
Carol Campbell
Carol Cantata
Carol Cape Ho
Carol Capek
Carol Carey
Carol Carnegie
Carol Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Carried Million Away
Carol Chad
Carol Chamberlain
Carol Channing
Carol Chapeau
Carol Chase Most Valuable Player
Carol Chaussé
Carol Chenard Brooks
Carol Chevrier
Carol Chevrier Saturday
Carol Christenson
Carol Citizens
Carol Clark
Carol Clark Carol Clark
Carol Clark Our March
Carol Clark Schroeder)
Carol Clark Wedding
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Carol Clark’s
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Carol Cole
Carol Cole 648
Carol Cole 84753C08 Wilson
Carol Cole CHARGE.
Carol Cole ph0ne
Carol Comba
Carol Community Hospital
Carol Congratulations
Carol Congratulations Connie
Carol Conlon Rees Municipale
Carol Connecticut
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Carol Dorans Citizen
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Carol Du-faulL Doc Williams
Carol Du-feault
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Carol Dufault
Carol Dufeault
Carol E. Smith
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Carol Economics - Isabel Graham
Carol El- Scottish
Carol Elliott
Carol Emergency Staff
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Carol Essiambre
Carol Essiambre Sorry Beth
Carol Essiambre’s
Carol EUioU
Carol Evidently
Carol Faulkner
Carol Feirabend Mrs. Eva Tubman * Carol Frederick
Carol Ferckens
Carol Fetch
Carol First
Carol Floyd
Carol Floyd NU-¦’ • BIAN- Tip Top Ms. Harmony
Carol Floyd.
Carol Foley
Carol Forgues
Carol Fortin
Carol Francis
Carol Freda
Carol Freda Bean
Carol Friday
Carol Gaggie
Carol Gagnon
Carol Garlough
Carol Gérard Perriard
Carol Gifford
Carol Gilks
Carol Goar
Carol God
Carol Goodfeilow
Carol Goodman
Carol Gor-ansson
Carol Gordon
Carol Graham
Carol Grant
Carol Gray
Carol Great
Carol Great Grandchildren
Carol Green
Carol Gregory
Carol Gregory I #
Carol Gregory Save Up
Carol Gregory.
Carol Gumming»
Carol Haley
Carol Halifax
Carol Hall
Carol Hamel
Carol Hare
Carol Hart Someone
Carol Hazard
Carol Hearst
Carol Hearty
Carol Hel- Michel Plante Shawville
Carol Helen Robinson
Carol Helleyer
Carol Henry
Carol Hensley
Carol Hérault
Carol Herbert
Carol Herrault
Carol HI.
Carol Hobbs
Carol Hod
Carol Hodgina
Carol Hodgins
Carol Hodgms
Carol Hodrins
Carol Holland
Carol Holmes
Carol Home
Carol Home Economics - Clark
Carol Homer
Carol Hor-Llovd Balharrie
Carol Hor-tier
Carol Horigins
Carol Horner
Carol Howard -
Carol Howard Killoran
Carol Howard Killoran Opening Vernissage
Carol Howard Killoran Opening Vernissage Friday
Carol Howard-Killoran
Carol Hupé
Carol I
Carol I Choquette
Carol I Clark
Carol I Porter
Carol I-itUe
Carol If
Carol II
Carol Inglee
Carol Invest
Carol Invest-
Carol Invest- Ministry
Carol Investment Co.
Carol Investment Ltd
Carol Investments Ltd
Carol Investments Ltd.
Carol Investments Please
Carol Invites
Carol Jackson
Carol James Street
Carol Jane Pachl
Carol Jason
Carol Jean-Marie
Carol Jeanine Morin
Carol Jef-Africa
Carol Jersey
Carol Jodoin
Carol Jodoin Bryson
Carol John 8
Carol John-
Carol Johnstcÿ
Carol Johnston
Carol Joumled
Carol Joyfully
Carol Joynt
Carol Judd
Carol June
Carol June 12,1978
Carol Junior Champion
Carol Junior Drama Festival
Carol Kava
Carol Kava- Jimmy McGee
Carol Kavanagh
Carol Kavanagh Bertrand
Carol Kavanagh Church Hall
Carol Kavanagh Luise Schulz
Carol Kavanagh Saturday
Carol Kavanagh Scripture
Carol Kavanaugh
Carol Kavangh
Carol Kavauagh
Carol Kealey
Carol Keaman
Carol Keanan
Carol Kear- Crnve
Carol Kear- Kingsbury
Carol Kear-nan
Carol Kear-They
Carol Kearaan
Carol Kearnan
Carol Ken&ley
Carol Ken-sley
Carol Kenaley
Carol Kensley
Carol Kil-gour
Carol Kilgour
Carol Kin-out
Carol Knock
Carol Kon
Carol Kowat
Carol Krause
Carol Krose
Carol Krozier
Carol Kryszpin
Carol Kyrie Brink
Carol La
Carol La Barre
Carol La-Bonte
Carol Laabs
Carol Lacroix
Carol Laderoute
Carol Ladies Afternoon Dress
Carol Ladouceur
Carol Ladoucouer
Carol Lamarre
Carol Lamure
Carol Lance
Carol Lance.
Carol Landing
Carol Lang
Carol Lang Beck
Carol Lapointe
Carol Lapointe fui-1 Di#tri.ct
Carol Larmour
Carol Latray
Carol Latray Jack Walls
Carol Lavigne
Carol Lawton
Carol Le
Carol Le-bury
Carol Legault
Carol Lelicvc
Carol Lem--IIaire
Carol Lemaipe
Carol Lemaire
Carol Lemaire Miss Janice Riebertz
Carol Lemaire 101111
Carol Lemaire Karl Gocarwuon
Carol Lemare
Carol Lems Ire
Carol Leonard
Carol Lepine
Carol Linda Sheppard
Carol Lindsay
Carol Lions Hall
Carol Little
Carol Little Marries John Lewis Burrill
Carol Loney
Carol Lord
Carol Louise Booker
Carol Louise Stein
Carol Ltd.
Carol Lynch
Carol Lynley
Carol Lynley Disney
Carol Lynn
Carol Lynn Campbell
Carol Lynn Commercial Men
Carol Mac
Carol Mac Lachlan
Carol Macethrick
Carol Mackay
Carol MacKenzie
Carol MacLachan
Carol MacLachlan
Carol MacLachlan - Pontiac.
Carol MacLachlan Andai
Carol MacNabb
Carol Madeline
Carol Madore
Carol Maheral
Carol Maheral’ Shawvffle
Carol Main
Carol Main Lionette Murriel Imison
Carol Main-went
Carol Mainville
Carol Mainville Grier
Carol Majka
Carol Malcolm
Carol Maloney
Carol Mam
Carol Manwell
Carol Marion
Carol Marjorie and Clifford Chad
Carol Marmon
Carol Marsh Deborah Kci r
Carol Martin’s
Carol May Marry Bulgarian Princess Berlin
Carol Mc-Glade
Carol McCANN
Carol McCleary
Carol McConnery
Carol McCredie
Carol McCuaig
Carol McDonald
Carol McEachern
Carol McGIade
Carol McGlade
Carol McKenna
Carol McLachlan
Carol McLacnlan
Carol McNabb
Carol Me-
Carol Melody
Carol Messrs. Ken Cameron
Carol Miles
Carol Millard
Carol Miss Laurie Ann Hod
Carol Morin
Carol Morlock
Carol Morris
Carol Morriss Hugo Hass Romance Saturday
Carol Mr
Carol Mr.
Carol Mrs Garth Graham
Carol Mu
Carol Murdock
Carol Nar-lock
Carol Nariock
Carol Narlo<k Following
Carol Narlock
Carol Nartock
Carol Natasha
Carol Neas
Carol Nephin
Carol Nets
Carol Neville
Carol Nevilles
Carol Nevills
Carol Nicol
Carol Nora Schock
Carol Noriock
Carol Norlock
Carol Normandeau
Carol O Connor
Carol O Neil
Carol O Neil From
Carol Obcrg
Carol Oberg
Carol Oct.
Carol Oh
Carol Ohmert Robert Hutton 6
Carol Ohnur
Carol OI
Carol Oldson
Carol Omat
Carol Ostrom
Carol Ottawa
Carol Ottawa Civic
Carol Our
Carol Outaouais Alliance
Carol Over
Carol Overton
Carol O’Conner
Carol Pack
Carol Parker
Carol Peel
Carol Peel Church
Carol Peel De- Happy
Carol Perrier
Carol Perry
Carol Peterborough
Carol Pétrin
Carol Pétrin La
Carol Photographed
Carol Pi
Carol Pigeon
Carol Pilon
Carol Pine
Carol Pinkerton
Carol Pirie
Carol Pirle
Carol Pleau
Carol Plouffe
Carol Pontiac
Carol Pontiac Community Hos-
Carol Porter
Carol Pour
Carol Precious
Carol Price
Carol Price’s
Carol Pritch
Carol Pritchard
Carol Pritchard Fine
Carol Pritchard Mur-
Carol Pritchard Mur- Alliance
Carol Pritchard Murtagh
Carol Pritchard-Murtagh
Carol Pritchard-Murtagh Executive Director Outaouais Alliance Smyth
Carol Prizes
Carol Protestant
Carol Ptrie
Carol Queale
Carol Quebec L,beral Parly- Best Business Story
Carol Rae
Carol Rae Sheppard
Carol Ram
Carol Raymond and Pearl Blake
Carol Rcesor
Carol Rcnshaw
Carol Recsou See
Carol Reed
Carol Reel
Carol Reginald Pelletier
Carol Ren-Hilda Sparling
Carol Renaud
Carol Renshaw
Carol REV.
Carol Reznik
Carol Ri-
Carol Richard
Carol Richard.
Carol Richardon LOUISEL
Carol Richardson
Carol River
Carol Robina Richardson
Carol Robinson
Carol Roll Call:-
Carol Romain
Carol Ross
Carol Row
Carol Row- Eileen
Carol Row-at
Carol Row-George
Carol Rowat
Carol Rowat Family
Carol Rowat This
Carol Rowat’s
Carol Rrousseau
Carol Rtrhar
Carol Rumis Great-grandparents
Carol Russell
Carol Ryan
Carol Sa
Carol Sadler
Carol Saskatoon
Carol Sau-riol
Carol Saurioi
Carol Sauriol
Carol Says Job
Carol Scain
Carol Schwartz
Carol Scl Artz
Carol September
Carol Ser-Hodgins
Carol Sergeant 3064B30 Shamrock Street V.ctona
Carol Service
Carol Service Everyone
Carol Service Holy Communion
Carol Service Holy Trinity
Carol Service Inspiring
Carol Service NEW YEAR
Carol Service Sermon Topic:
Carol Service St. James
Carol Service Sunday
Carol Service _
Carol Service—7.30
Carol Servie
Carol Servldi
Carol Sharon Garv
Carol Sharpe
Carol Shawville
Carol Sheedy
Carol Shepard
Carol Sheppard
Carol Sheppard Boy—John Dean
Carol Sheppard Jean Elliott.
Carol Shepperd
Carol Shields
Carol Shore
Carol Silcoff
Carol Sin
Carol Sing
Carol Singers
Carol Singing
Carol Singing Midnight Mass
Carol Singing X
Carol Sisco
Carol Slng-A-Long
Carol Sly
Carol Smiley
Carol SmilhV Our
Carol Smith
Carol Smith - Raymond Rowat Wed At Shawville United Genevieve Wicite
Carol Smith Wright
Carol Smitn
Carol Snowden
Carol Soucie
Carol Spears
Carol Srr.itt
Carol Stein
Carol Stein Wayne
Carol Stephens
Carol Stephens Weds
Carol Stevens
Carol Stewart
Carol Stittsville
Carol Stoner
Carol Storie
Carol Strutt
Carol Succulent
Carol Sung
Carol Susan
Carol Sweet Carol
Carol T Martelock
Carol Tannahill
Carol Tannahlll
Carol Taylor Sharpe
Carol Tclcsphorc Dagcnais
Carol Tevla
Carol Thai
Carol The
Carol There
Carol Thompson
Carol Thompson’s
Carol Thr-
Carol To
Carol Tol-
Carol Toll
Carol Toll- Connie McGee
Carol Toll- Roger Cloutière
Carol Toll-Roy
Carol Tollman
Carol Tollman Aubin
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage KeWy Funeral Home
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage Young
Carol Tollman Bristol Pump Services Tracy
Carol Tollman CBL Pirie Henderson’s Grocery Valley Mutual Insurance
Carol Tollman Charlie
Carol Tollman Don McCredie
Carol Tollman Giant Tiger
Carol Tollman Kelly
Carol Tollman Kelly Brothers Equipment Bristol Pump Service Rental Beth Angus Petro Pontiac Tom Orr
Carol Tollman Latiere
Carol Tollman Shawville Shoe Shop Maison
Carol Tollman They
Carol Tollman W.A. Hodgins
Carol Tollman Wayne
Carol Tollman Your
Carol Tollman’s
Carol Tollman’s W
Carol Tolman
Carol Tolman Bristol
Carol Tolman Milton
Carol Tolman Treasur- Grant Eades
Carol Tolmann
Carol Tolmann Bristol Community Centre Milton
Carol Tom Lefebvre M.P
Carol Tournament
Carol Towell
Carol Trembley Nearly Men’s
Carol Trobe
Carol Troke
Carol TT»
Carol Tubman
Carol Turcotte
Carol Turcotte Bantam Boy* Peach
Carol Turn
Carol USA
Carol Utile
Carol V
Carol Valin
Carol Van Zanvoort
Carol Vance
Carol Vatcher
Carol VeUa
Carol Vezina
Carol Visiting
Carol Walker
Carol Walsh
Carol Watson La Madclleine
Carol Weatherall
Carol Wednesday
Carol Wentworth
Carol Whalen
Carol Whe- Dick Cameron
Carol Whealen
Carol Whelan
Carol Whelan Logan
Carol Wickens
Carol Wig-I
Carol Wiggins
Carol Wilcox
Carol Wilkens
Carol Wilkins
Carol Williams
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson Dealing
CArol Wilson Jr
Carol Winkel-Buiter
Carol Wlliott
Carol WU- Wyman
Carol Yade
Carol You
Carol Zimmerman
Carol# Cook Stmdoy
Carol- Margaret Carrière
Carol- Schwartz
Carol-Ann Angel
Carol-Ann Finlan
Carol-Ann Kif
Carol-Ann Lamarche
Carol-Ann Pezzolesi
Carol-Ann Williams
Carol-Anne Foley
Carol-Anne Sharpe
Carol-Lynn Germain
Carol: Boyd
Catherine Toal National
Charles and Carol Lemaire
Charles Dickson BY: Mrs Lloyd Cartman Correspondent
Cherry-tree Carol
Christinas Carol
Christine Carol
Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol Graham
Christopher National
Cindy Carol James Darrin Going
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Claire Correspondent Batty
Clarence Carol Tolîmin
Clarence Carol Tollman
Claude Richardson Cultural Affairs
Clay National
Clifford Hahn Correspondent
Cnclr Ann Correspondent
Co-ed Bass Carol
Colin Amy Carol Baker
Correspondent A
Correspondent Asa
Correspondent Campbell
Correspondent Campbell’s Bay
Correspondent Congratulations
Correspondent Deepest
Correspondent Donna
Correspondent Douglas Drew
Correspondent Hahn
Correspondent Karen Cartman
Correspondent Lloyd Murray
Correspondent Miss Susan Sharpe
Correspondent Mrs Kenneth M
Correspondent Mrs Walter Celbula
Correspondent On
Correspondent Pigeon
Correspondent Ponti Action Heaphy
Correspondent Russell
Correspondent Saturday
Correspondent Sparling
Correspondent Teachers
Correspondent Vancouver
Crystal-Lee Nicholas Correspondent
Curtis Carol
Dale Correspondent Hearty
Dana Burman Carol Anne Cameron
Danny Carol
Dave Moore Gloria F Tubman Shawviiie Correspondent
David Somerville National
Dear Carol Ann Finlan
Debbie Carol
Denis# Beiec Carol Bruyère
Denise Beiec Sgt Carol Hamel FREE 9
Denzil Carol Pirie
Dew Moore Carol Pirie
Dianne Correspondent Letts
Donald 0strom Correspondent
Donald Carol Tollman
Donald Cslrom Correspondent
Donald Oatrom Correspondent IDown
Donald Oetrom Correspondent
Donald Ostrom Community Hospital Correspondent
Donald Ostrom Correspondent
Donald Ostrom Correspondent O F 5
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Birthday
Donald Ostrom Correspondent For
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Get
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Home
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Miss Anita Leach
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Moved
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Bertha Gardiner
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs James Ostrom
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Peter Wall
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs T W McGuire
Donald Ostrom Correspondent News
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Pontiac Alternates
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Thanksgiving
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Donald Ostrorn Correspondent
Donald Ottrom Correspondent Bryson Notes
Donald Rooney Affairs
Donna Ca- Carol
Donna Correspondent
Doreen Carol Gray
Dorothy Carol Tollman
Dorothy Chartrand Correspondent
Doug National
Edmund Stewart Correspondent Mrs Mamie Stewart
EHzabeth Hahn Correspondent Otter Lake
Elizabeth Correspondent
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Congratulations
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Entertainment
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Anna Miljour
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Gedeon Dubeau
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Grace Quaile
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Natalie Hahn
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent OLD
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent On
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Otter
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Recent
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Terry
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Weekend
Elizabeth Li Correspondent
Emily Carol
Emily Carol MacNabb
Equih Correspondent
Ernest McConnell National
External Affairs
External Affairs Minister Lester Pearson
F- V Correspondent Birthday
Francis Carol Clark
Frank Carol Ann
Frank Ryan Correspondent
Fred Correspondent
Frosty Carol
Ftimerton Correspondent
Fumcrton Correspondent
Fumerton Correspondent
Fumerton Correspondent Donnelly
Funierton Correspondent
Garry Bronson Correspondent
Gene Tierney Preston Foster National
Ger- Carol Bretzloff
Gerry Correspondent
Giant Tiger’s Carol Lavigne
Gloria Tubman Correspondent Shawville
GONE A HUNTING Carol White Paul Burke
Grace Coughlin National
Grade V: Carol Elliott
Guy Correspondent
H C. Sharp Herman Carol Sharp
H W Tracey Public Affairs
Hahn Correspondent
Harold Northern Affairs
Hay Correspondent
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Helen Correspondent Queenville
Hodgins Carol
Hubert Correspondent Waismann
Hugh Correspondent
Ian H Lithgow Vice-President Public Affairs
In Carol
Ins Smith Correspondent
Intergovernmental Affairs
Iris Smith Carol Holmes
Iris Smith Correspondent
Iris Smith Correspondent Campbell
Iris Smith Correspondent Esaie Richard
Iris Smith Correspondent Miss Edith Mainprise
Iris Smith Correspondent Misses Marlene
Iris Smith Correspondent Mrs Stephens
Isabelle Correspondent
Ivan Smiley Correspondent
J Correspondent Stephen Hearty
J J McCallum Affairs
Jack Correspondent
Jack Lemmon Carol Lynley
Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Gig Young Carol Lynley
Jackie Gleason Carol Channing Frankie
Jackie Gleason Carol Chinning Frankie Avalon Crime
James Darren Cindy Carol Family Fun
James Pontiac National
James Simpson Municipal Affairs Replace
Jane Alexan- Carol-Ann Finlan
Jane Correspondent LeRoy
Jason McGuire National
Jean Carol
Jean Carol Clarke
Jean Carol Russell
Jean Finlan Mrs Carol Clarks
Jean M By BERTHA MCGEE Correspondent
Jean National
Jimmy Carol Hall
John Allan Carol Smart Mr.
John and Carol Coveil
John Hahn Correspondent 453-7326 Happy Mother’s Sandy Dubeau
John Maheral 0f Hull Correspondent
John McConnell National
John Pontiac National
John Saunders Carol Smith
John Wayne Carol Baker
Johnson Martine Carol
Joseph (Carol
Joyce Kilgour Evelyn Dagg Sylvia Gibson Carol Stephens
Judy Correspondent Gladys Hobbs
Karen MacLean Carol Windels
Karen Steuart Correspondent
Karen Steutart Correspondent Get
Karen Stewart Correspondent
Karen Stewart Correspondent
Karen Stewart Correspondent Bruno Meilleur
Karen Stewart Correspondent Congratulations
Karen Stewart Correspondent Eatons
Karen Stewart Correspondent Proposed
Karen Stewart Correspondent Tl Marcel
Karen Stewart Correspondent Visiting
Karen Stewart Correspondent Wednesdays 2
Kay Carol" Washable Prints
Kay Russell Ms Carol McNabb
Ken & Carol Pirie
Kimberly Carol-Ann
King Carol
Knmrrton Correspondent
Lake Correspondent
Lance) Correspondent
Larry Carol
Laura Carol McGlade
Laurence Correspondent Gardiner
Lawrence Carol Ann Hickey B) David Therese Osborne
Leo Carol Pirie
Leo Correspondent
Leona Correspondent
Leona Veterans Affairs
Leonard By IRIS SMITH Correspondent
Levesque,Carol Ann Cormi- Reid
Libelle Correspondent
Linda Correspondent Roger
Lionel National
Lisa Carol
Lisa Kingsbury,Carol-Ann Smith
Lisa McGee Correspondent Shawville
Lorraine Romain Correspondent Mr Evans Thrasher
Louis Philippe Carol
Love Carol
Love Carol.
Maiden Orient Are Indian Carol
Manpower Carol
Margaret Carol Myers
Marian Carol
Marilyn A Carol Investments Ltd
Marjorie Correspondent
Mary Bea Moy Carol-Ann Flnlan
Mary Carol
Mary Carol DeCarmen Young
Mary Carol Kennedy
Mary Correspondent Spence
Matthew Correspondent
Mavis Carol
McGee Correspondent
Melanie La-Cultural Affairs
Merry Reardon National
Michael Valdez Canadian National
Mies Carol
Mike Correspondent Gina
Minor Chevri- Affairs
Mis Carol
Misa Carol
Miss Carol Stephens
Miss Helen Ub1ob National
Misses Carol
Mister Carol
Mitchell Anthony Mackenzie Carol Marie Morgan Lindon Dantm Todd Roland Mikaela Kristen Thomas Grayd
Mom Carol
Mom Dad Carol
Monte Carol V8 Aut P/S P/B.
Morris Correspondent
Morris Correspondent.
Mr Carol Melvin
Mr. Carol
Mr. Carol Lemaire
Mr. Gordon Carol Mel- Mrs. Jim Johnston
Mrs Harvey (Carol
Mrs. Carol
Mrs. Carol Homer
Mrs. Carol Hughes
Mrs. Carol Kearnan
Mrs. Carol Les
Mrs. Carol Robinson
Mrs. Carol Rowat
Mrs. J | Carol
Municipal Affairs
Murray Correspondent
Nancy Canadian National
Natalie By ANNA STEWART Correspondent
Natiônal Events
Noel Carol
Norman & Carol Beck
Ontario Municipal Affairs
Pat & Carol Kavanagh
Pat ^ Carol Kavanagh
Patrick Rod Talion Correspondent
Paul Morin Correspondent
Pierre Correspondent
Porter Carol
Pre-dren Carol
Presi- Secretary Carol Clark
Publisher Become Truly National
Purity Robin Hood National
Purity Robin Hood National Patent Big Ben
Quartet Carol Bennett Joan Bennett
Rachel Brownlee,Carol-AnnFinlan
Randy and Susan Sloan Day Carol
Randy HAHN Correspondent
Restaurant Carol Lemaire Charles Lemaire Curlers
Rev R D El- Carol Porter
Rich Contribution To National
Richard Wills National
Richardson Affairs
Rick and Carol Valin
Rick Carol
Ricky Correspondent Harkins
Rob Correspondent
Robert (Carol Pope
Robert 447-8444 Carol
Robert 647-8444 Carol
Robert Affairs Canada Cushions
Robert Bob s Restaurant Canada Manpower Carol
Robert Bourassa National Assembly Quebec City
Robert Carol s Hairdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing 647-2S30 Cosmorema Realties Degg
Robert Carol s Heirdressing Cosmorema
Robert I.alonde Correspondent
Robert Keon Carol Bennett
Robert Lakmde Correspondent
Robert Lalondc Correspondent
Robert Lalonde Correspondent
Robert Lalonde Correspondent $3.24 Sandy Welbum
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Accident
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Accident Saturday
Robert Lalonde Correspondent An
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Congratulations
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Deepest
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Fire Auto Life
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Located
Robert Lalonde Correspondent Sunday
Robert Lalondt Correspondent
Robert LaUmde Correspondent Congratulations
Robert Lolonde Correspondent Happy
Robert Morris Correspondent
Robert Morris-Correspondent
Robert Ulonde Correspondent
Robin Hood Carol Ann Finlan
Robin National
Romain Correspondent Best
Romain Correspondent Last
Ron IIODG1NS Correspondent
Ross Baird Correspondent Visiting Margaret Mal-
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Veterans Affairs
Ross National
Rubik Affairs
Ryan Minister Municipal Affairs Dear Sir: Please
Sandra Carol Peck
Sandra Francis Carol Shep- Kllgour
Schwartz Carol
Sec-Treasurer Mrs Carol Sauriol
Shannon _ _ _ By MYRTLE SULLIVAN Correspondent
Sharpe Correspondent
Sharpe Correspondent Get
Sharpe Correspondent Letter
Sharpe Correspondent Mrs Ernie Smith
Sharpe Correspondent Mrs Tom Yule
Sharpe Correspondent Peter Sharpe
Sharpe Correspondent Visiting
Sharpe Correspondent Welcome
Shawn 8307X1JN3 Carol
Shirley Correspondent
Showville Carol Keith Thompson Al Monzoli
Sister Carol
Smith Correspondent
Smith Correspondent Athol Smith
Smith Correspondent Mrs Winnifred Frost
Smith Correspondent Visiting
Sorry Carol’s
Sparrow Carol Ann Frnlan
Special Carol Regards Gift Boutique
Starks Carol -
Stephen & Shawn National
Stuart Graham RLU By JEAN Wallace Correspondent
Susan Carol
Susan Fitzpatrick Carol Ann Bowers
Sylvia Carol
T H Mias Carol Sehryer
Tammy Correspondent Miss Lu Anne Grund
Terry O? Dontia Spencer J Mil.IVAN Correspondent
Thomas Correspondent Bretzlaff
Thrun Correspondent
Tim By HEATHER STEWART Correspondent
Tim Carmicheal Kevin Findlay Patrick Burgess Mathieu Frechette Pontiac National
Tinea Carol
Tkrun Correspondent X
Tom Carol
Tony Frenciota Gardner McKey Ann Margaret Carol Lynley
Treasurer Carol Clark
Tree Carol
V V V National
Van Johnson Martine Carol
Violet Carol
Violet Pelletier Carol Soucie
W H MERCK Write National
Wallace J Correspondent
Walter Bob and Carol Floyd.
Walter Correspondent
Walter Kilgour Correspondent
Walter Kilgour Correspondent Mrs Ken Allan
Walter Kilgour Correspondent Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Walter Kllgour Correspondent
Wayne Carol
Wendy Higgins Public Affairs
Will Rogers On Aviation National Sstudio
Write Carol Heiss Stooges
W^ Correspondent Friday
Young Diabetic Correspondent
Young Mr. Carol Hupé Congratulations Mom
Zachary Wil- Carol
0f t0-da l Irish Affairs
Affairs Muni-habituelle
Alberta National Park
Algonquin National Park
Banff National Park
Buffalo National
Buffalo National Park
C l National fair*
Canada National
Carol Cape Ho
Carol Hare
Carol Malcolm
Carol River
Carol* Hall
Correspondent River
Edmonton National
Fort Anne National Park
Fort Carol
Fort Correspondent
Fundy National Park
Gala National au Mlle Teen Canada
Glacier National Park
Glazier National Park
Grad Canyon National Park Arizona
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand National
Hot Springs National Park
Irish National
Jaaper National Park
Jasper National
Jasper National Park
King Carol
Kluanc National Park
La Mauricie National Park
Lachine National Park
Lake Correspondent
Le National
Massachusetts National
Montreal National
Mountain National Park
National Buffalo Park
National Hockey
National Park
Ottawa Correspondent
Ottawa Correspondent River
Ottawa National
Ottawa Valley Correspondent*
Prince Albert National Park
Quebec National
Rainier National Park
Riding Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountains National Park
Shawandoah National Park
VVaterton National Park
Wainwright National Park
Waterton National Park
Yellow-National Park
Yellowstone National
Yellowstone National Park
Yo-ho National
Yruger National Park
Zion National Park
!2otc Electric National
18,1984 National Dairy Pro
1st Correspondent Bristol
283-4658 (Public Affairs
2nd National Cattlemen
3.00— National Opera
3.15 National Blind.
3—National Research
4-H National Congress
453-7384 CANADIENNES F Canada REGULIERE ET DE RESERVE 1*1 Defense National
4—National Farm Policy
5,1991 National Environment Week
5-bil-Municipal Affairs
5th National Shell Canada
7-11—National Farm
7-11—National Farm Radio
7-11—National Farm Radio Fonim Annual Conference
7. Ministry Affairs
80,000-member Federation of Social Affairs
8:20—Sports View 6:30—Christmas Show 7:30—Provincial Affairs
8th National Congress of Hospital
9th National Congress
ADA DALEY Correspondent Edison Brown
Administer Affairs
Adult Entertainment Carol White MALE OR FEMALE.
AECL Public Affairs
AECL Public Affairs Ottawa Language
Affairs Department
Affairs Department of Township
Affairs Division
Affairs Information Bui-
Affairs Minis Rémy T
Affairs Minister
Affairs Ministry
Affairs Mr Claude Ryan
Affairs Mr Jacques Léonard
Affairs Problems
Agri-Food Canada National Scholarships
Air Canada National Midget Canadian Championships
Air Canada National Two Hour
AJ Correspondent Correspondent Newfoundland
Algonquin National Hark
ALGONQUIN Z National Firs Protection Association
All Star National League Hockey Team
All-India National Congress
ALWAYS Weve National Défense Defence
Amazing Kreskin 11 CTV National Ni
American Christmas Carol
American Correspondent
American National Anthem
American National Ayrshire Sale
American National League
American National Red Cross
American National Safety Council
Andy 7:30—Provincial Affairs
ANGIE FOSTER Equity Reporter PONTIAC — Municipal Affairs City Sept.
Anglican National Commission
ANGLICAN National Day
Anniversary Party Hotel Bertrand Pontiac National Midget Hockey
ANNOUNCEMENT TEACHER WANTED Department of National Rev Ottawa
APPOINTMENT Défense National nationale Defence Canada L’EXPOSITION DE OUYON
APPRAISER Member National Auctioneer Association
APPRAISER Member National Auctioneer Association
APPRAISER Member National Auctioneer FELLOW 1
Argonne National Laboratory
Army Carol
As National Newspaper Week
Assembly National Assembly
Assembly Quebec National Assembly
Associated First National Company
Association for National Defence
Association National
Association National des
Atkinsons Bar Bank National - Shawville Campbell’s Polaris Denis Lucas Dépanneur du Pontiac Dumouch
Atlantic mcnla* Affairs
Australian National Museum
Austrian National Anthem
Aviation National Sstudio
Aylmer Council baa Affairs
A^enc®n National Bank
B.C. Department of Naval Affairs
B.C.L. Hot Water Bottle National Milk of Magnesia Hot Water Bottle
B.C.L. Hot Water Bottle National Milk of Magnesia Hot Wfttet Bottle Attachments | Warn
B.M Department of Cultural Affairs
Bad News Band National Press Club
Banff National Park Administration Centre
Bank ltd Franco-Comptoir National D’Escompte «le Paris
BANQUE NATIONALE National Bank Funds
BANQUE NATIONALE National Bank Funds IM & V %
Bay Elementary Correspondent School
BAY H By ANNA STEWART Correspondent Congratulations
Become Regional Affairs
Belgian National Guard
Belgian National Park
BERTHA MCGEE Correspondent
BERTHA MCGEE Correspondent Congratulations
Beside National Bank
Best Editorial -Local Affairs
Best Municipal/Civic Affairs Story
BF Goodrich P Carol Baker
Big Berlin Hotels Showing National Colors
Black National Collegiate Athletic Association Division Belt
Board of the Department of Municipal Affairs
Booting Federation Stock Outboard National Championship Races
Braeside Home Furnishings By HERMOMF SHARPE Correspondent
Brett War.-Canadian National Railways
Brilliant Affairs
Bristol International Affairs 1
Bristol and By HERMONIE SHARPE Correspondent
Bristol artist Carol Holmes
Bristol because Municipal Affairs
Bristol Cagg ; Christmas Carol—Club
Bristol Community Association Carol Tollman
Bristol Correspondent Recreation Hall
Bristol Council treasury Henry Clay National Republican
Bristol during National Citizenship Week
Bristol Mines Recreation Association Otter Lake By Klizabeth Hahn Correspondent
Bristol of Municipal Affairs
Bristol Pontiac Correspondent
British Farm Famllleegg Canadian National Railways White Upper
British Institute of International Affairs
British National Association for the Prevention
British National Dance
British National Initiate
British National Institute for the Blind.
British National Laboratory
British National Oil Carp
British National Union Party
Broome County National Bank
Bros Morno National Park
Bruno Municipal Affairs
Bryson Correspondent W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Bryson Lions Hall National General
Bryson Llonettes; Carol Valin
BUDGET A National
BUICK REGAL Grand National
BUILD TRUST At National Bank
Bureau du Secrétaire Secretary s Office National Transportation Agency Ottawa
Bureau of Municipal Affairs
Burns National
BUSINESS C BROCHURES* AD National Pardon Centre
Business Council on National Issues
Bv HELEN PERRY Correspondent
BvHELEN PERRY Correspondent
By HELEN PERRY Correspondent
By HELEN PERRY Correspondent 689-2652
C. National Finance Plan
C. National Network
C.S.A. APPROVED Correspondent
C/o National Press
Ca.iadian National Railways
Caandian National Railway
Caandlan National Railway
Caimdian National
CAMPBELL Veterinary Surgeon National Art Gallery Representatives Af Meeting of Pontiac Teachers
Can National Institute for the Blind
CAn,c Correspondent
Can-sdlan National Railway
Cana-National Parks
Canad National Railway Company
Canada* National Motor Show; the
Canada’s National Anthem
Canada’s National Training Program
Canada’s National Wild-life
Canadian Affairs
Canadian Affairs Committee
Canadian Breadcasting Corporation s National Network
Canadian Chinese National
Canadian Department of External Affairs
Canadian Department of National Defence
Canadian External Affairs
Canadian Forces Identity Card - Veterans Affairs Canada Health
Canadian Institute of Cul-r tural Affairs
Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Canadian National
Canadian National .seemed
Canadian National 4.48
Canadian National 4H Council
Canadian National And
Canadian National Anthem
Canadian National Ayrshire Sale
Canadian National Bible Society
Canadian National Boat Show
Canadian National Boys
Canadian National Breeders School
Canadian National Carbon Co
Canadian National Carbon Company Limited Halifax Montreal TORONTO Winnipeg Vancouver
Canadian National Cat Club
Canadian National Cigarette Tobacco *
Canadian National Committee Comedian Arrive»
Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene
Canadian National Committee Ontario
Canadian National Con-mule
Canadian National Continental Limited
Canadian National Dance Festival
Canadian National Detroit Toronto
Canadian National Easy Way
Canadian National Ex
Canadian National Ex- Passed Over Humming Steel
Canadian National Ex-hlbitlon
Canadian National Exhi-A
Canadian National Exhibi-from Guelph
Canadian National Exhibi-the
Canadian National Exhibi-“The
Canadian National Exhibition
Canadian National Exhibition Association
Canadian National Exhibition Chorus
Canadian National Exhibition Coliseum
Canadian National Exhibition Fills A More Important Role
Canadian National Exhibition Free Demonstration
Canadian National Exhibition Friday
Canadian National Exhibition i Winnipeg Free Press
Canadian National Exhibition Junior Championships
Canadian National Exhibition Manager
Canadian National Exhibition office
Canadian National Exhibition on Children
Canadian National Exhibition Ticket Office
Canadian National Exhibition Toronto
Canadian National Exhibition Will Give Prizes
Canadian National Exhibition Will Witness Greatest Swimming Event
Canadian National Exhibition’s
Canadian National Exhibl* An
Canadian National ExhU*
Canadian National Expositions
Canadian National Express
Canadian National Far
Canadian National Fhil»ition
Canadian National Fiddle Cham
Canadian National Flag
Canadian National Fxhihition Aug.
Canadian National Goran
Canadian National Hail
Canadian National Hall-wlth Canadian and American
Canadian National Hallway
Canadian National Hallways
Canadian National Historic Sites
Canadian National Hockey Langue
Canadian National Holiday
Canadian National Hotel
Canadian National i1 Railways
Canadian National Ibutways
Canadian National In-
Canadian National In- Fori
Canadian National In- Johnston MPP
Canadian National In- Mo
Canadian National In- T
Canadian National In-1 Tdzpatnck
Canadian National Inati-
Canadian National Inatiiute
Canadian National Inatit- St. Mary’s School Commission
Canadian National Inparents
Canadian National Insti-lotte Bronte
Canadian National Institute
Canadian National Institute B)
Canadian National Institute Canadian National Institute
Canadian National Institute for
Canadian National Institute for Blind
Canadian National Institute for Carried
Canadian National Institute for Carried Motion Crs
Canadian National Institute for Roy Elliott
Canadian National Institute for the
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Canadian National Institute for the Blind A
Canadian National Institute for the Blind DANFORD LAKE
Canadian National Institute for the Blind District Office
Canadian National Institute for the Blind FREE V
Canadian National Institute for the Blind H
Canadian National Institute for the Blind H AEROBIC/WEIGHT CLASSES
Canadian National Institute for the Blind Is
Canadian National Institute for the Blind ncrs Hotel PETER
Canadian National Institute for the Blind ON NOW
Canadian National Institute for the Blind.
Canadian National Institute for th« Blind; Hull Social Welfare
Canadian National Institute Motion oy Krose
Canadian National Institute of the
Canadian National Institute of the Blind Nolice
Canadian National Instituts
Canadian National Instiute
Canadian National Instlt- THE EO-VITY
Canadian National InStudents Against Im
Canadian National Itailways
Canadian National January
Canadian National K •
Canadian National Kail-waye
Canadian National Ked Vruss
Canadian National Krefeld
Canadian National Kxhibiton
Canadian National Kxhibl-
Canadian National Kxhihition
Canadian National Kxpn
Canadian National Livestock
Canadian National Livestock Record Branch
Canadian National Lxpre-s
Canadian National Magazine
Canadian National Math
Canadian National Math Competition
Canadian National Mathematics Competition
Canadian National Mathematics League
Canadian National Mathematics League Competition
Canadian National Misses Anita
Canadian National Motor Show
Canadian National Museum
Canadian National Pacific Coast Service
Canadian National Parka
Canadian National Parks
Canadian National Parks Branch
Canadian National Parks.
Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships
Canadian National Ponul
Canadian National Prince Arthur
Canadian National Quebec
Canadian National Rad
Canadian National Radio
Canadian National Rah
Canadian National Rail
Canadian National Rail Pure Wool Worsted Jerseys
Canadian National Rail* It
Canadian National Rail-
Canadian National Rail- Spring
Canadian National Rail-1
Canadian National Rail-ay
Canadian National Rail-System
Canadian National Rail-with
Canadian National Railays
Canadian National Railroad
Canadian National Railroad Sound
Canadian National Railway
Canadian National Railway and Transport Pontiac-Renfrew
Canadian National Railway Co.
Canadian National Railway Commission
Canadian National Railway Company
Canadian National Railway Magazine
Canadian National Railway System Have Enlisted
Canadian National Railway*
Canadian National Railway*#
Canadian National Railways
Canadian National Railways Colonization Department
Canadian National Railways Department of Atolgration
Canadian National Railways Eighth Annual All-Inclusive Excursion Tour
Canadian National Railways Hotel System
Canadian National Railways In Montreal
Canadian National Railways Maple Leaf
Canadian National Railways Mr. MacLeod
Canadian National Railways Publicity Representative
Canadian National Railways Re-
Canadian National Railways Revenues HEPATOLA RELIEVES STOMACH
Canadian National Railways Revenues SOLD
Canadian National Railways System
Canadian National Railways the
Canadian National Railways Toarlct—“Our
Canadian National Railways;
Canadian National Railways^Ger-
Canadian National Railways’
Canadian National Railways’ Jaape Lodge
Canadian National Raiways
Canadian National RaktHiion
Canadian National Rallwa>
Canadian National Rally Championship
Canadian National Ran-
Canadian National Recrea
Canadian National Refugees
Canadian National Running Trophy IM WAS A BURDEN
Canadian National S/a
Canadian National school
Canadian National Shuffle Board
Canadian National Silver
Canadian National Silver Fox Breeders
Canadian National Sitting
Canadian National Speaking Contest
Canadian National Sportsman
Canadian National Sportsmen
Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show
Canadian National Steamship#
Canadian National Steamships
Canadian National Steamships West Indies
Canadian National System
Canadian National Table Tennis Junior Team
Canadian National Team
Canadian National Telegraphs
Canadian National the
Canadian National Tivket Agent
Canadian National Transcontinentals
Canadian National Trotting
Canadian National Ueani
Canadian National Wherever
Canadian National Why
Canadian National | Beauregard
Canadian National | Railway Company
Canadian National | Railways System
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association National Mill Dioxin Characterization Survey
Canadian Red Cross National Appoal
Canadian* National Railways
Canadien National
Canadien National Railways
Cancer Carol Soucie
Canwest Canspell National Spelling Bee
CAP National
CaQadlan Department of National Desea
Carnival National com- Chantal Larivtere
Carol Anne Meehan
Carol Best
Carol Invest menu Ltd,
Carol Invest- Ministry of Transport
Carol Investment Co.
Carol Investment Ltd of Otter Lake
Carol Investments Ltd
Carol Mac Lachlan
Carol Service
Carol’s Home Office
Casa Grande National
CBC National
CBC National Magazine Saucier
CBC National Network
CBC National Newn
CBC National News
CBC National Radio Sports
CBC National Radio Sports Contents
CBC National Radio Sports Hooking
CBC National Radio Sports Ryan Wood
CBC’a National Network
CBL National Hockey League Playoff
CBS National Network*
CCF National Convention
Cdn Masters National Championships Valerie
Celebrate National Newspaper Week
Ceylon National Seminary
CF Union National
CFA’s National Board of Directors
CFRA National Bearing CJOH Ottawa
CGSB National Certification
CHAPEAU Equity Correspondent SHAWVILLE
Chase National Bank
Chase National Hank
CHC National Network
Chemical National
Chicago Mus-ot National History
Chicago National Provisioned
China National
China National Aviation Cor
Church Services Bolam And Freedman Win Speaking Contest External Affairs
CIGARETTES CONTINENTAL LIFE Agent National Film Board Talking Pictures Showings
CIRA National Midget Tournament
City National Bank of Duluth
Civil Affairs Division
CKOC-CBC National Network
Cla- Municipal Affairs
Clarendon Department of National War Services Ottawa H
Clarendon School Board NATIONAL WAR LABOUR BOARD August
CLOSING PARTY Correspondent Joseph’s Celebrating Campbell’s Bay
Club National
Co. Limited National Bunk
Colonial National
Colonial National Bank
Colonial National Batik
Colonial National Bmk
Colonial National Dauk
Colonial National Hank
Colonial National Lank
Colonial National Monument Swamp Rattlesnake Donald FOR SALE Interior
Colonial National Rank
Colonie* National Bank
Colorado National Guard
ColuJilâî National Bank
Columbia Edison National Memorial It
Columbia Homestead National Monument
Combattants Canada Veterans Affairs Canada
Commercial Affairs
Commission Scolaire Municipal Affairs
Committee Municipal Affairs
Committee on National Defence and Veterans Af
Committee on National Issues
Committee Social Affairs
Communications and Public Affairs Mr. Paul Lacoursière Executive Director Business Customer Service
Communications and Public Affairs Team Lead.
Community Affairs
Community Affairs Chalk River Laboratories
Community Affairs Officer
Community Affairs Officer JOB
Community Carol Service
Community Hospital Correspondent
Concordia University National 4-H Citizenship These
Concours National DAffiches Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Conseil National
Conservation Training for National Historic Sites
Conservative National
Conservative National Govern
Conservatoire National de# Arts
Conservatoire National de* Arts
Conservatoire National de- Arts
Conservatoire National des Arts
Conservatoire National ties Arts
Conservatoire •National des Arts
Consommation Corporate Affairs
Constituent Council of the Syrian National Assembly
Constitutional Affairs
Constitutional Affairs Ministry
Consumer Affairs
Consumer Affairs Department
Consumer Affairs Minister
Contemporary Affairs
Convention of National 651-50
Corporate Affairs
Corporate Affairs & Communications
Corporate Affairs Cana
Corporate Affairs Canada
Corporate Affairs Department
Corporate Affairs Herb Gray
CORPORATE AFFAIRS Medical Services Indian Health
Corporate Affairs Minister
Corporate Corporations Canada Affairs Canada Harvte Andre
Corporations Canada Affairs Canada Canada Harvie Andre
Correspondent SENIOR Visitors
Correspondent Christ Church Cathedral
Correspondent Committee
Correspondent Council Hall
Correspondent Gerald Perry
Correspondent Hockey
Correspondent Hospital
Correspondent Ladysmith Antiques & Household Furnishings Estate
Correspondent Perpetual Help Church
Correspondent Ronnie Hodgins
Correspondent Sheril Perry
Correspondent Spirit Church
Correspondent Wilfred Laurier University
Coun-ian National Institute for the Board of County Delegates
Council Minutes Correspondent
Council National War Finance Committee
Council of National Economy"
Council on National the
Councillor Joey Affairs
Cover Girl Carol Alt
CP CN Public Affairs
CRC National
CRC National Farm Forum
Credit National Rally
Csuiadian Army National
CTI National Fire Protection LJ Association
CTV National News
CTV National News HMS’mo™ Saratoga Trunk
CTV National News UMID^Gm MOVIE
CTV National Television
CU Correspondent Cemetery Service
Cuban Affairs
Cufieervatolre National tie- Arts
CUFW) Renfrew County National Farmers
Cultural Affairs
Cultural Affairs - A
Cultural Affairs Activities
Cultural Affairs and Information
Cultural Affairs Eve-Maijorie Smith
Cultural Affairs FOOTWEAR Contact Dwight Tanguay
Cultural Affairs Jean-Paul Carpentier
Cultural Affairs Lise Bacon
Cultural Affairs Mini
Cultural Affairs Mini-
Cultural Affairs Ministry
Cultural Affairs Mr. Claude Forget
Cultural Affairs Unique Boutique
Cultured Affairs
CW W National Fire Protection Association
CWL National Convention
CWL National Magazine
CWL National Organization
Czecho-Slovak National Committee
Dairy Milk Federation Pontiac U.P.A. Smillea Farms Bank of Montreal National Bank R.M. Lang Farms D
Dairy National Dairy Name
DANIEL TREMBLAY While Native Affairs Quebec
DAWN MUNRO Equity Correspondent OTTER LAKE
DAWN MUNRO Equity Correspondent SHAWVILLE
Deal Affairs
Defense National
Defense National Pour
Degree SHARPE Correspondent Visiting
Democratic National Committee
Democratic National Committeeman
Democratic National Convention
Department 0f External Affairs
Department Municipal Affairs
Department National Defence
Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs
Department of Cultural Affairs
Department of Culural Affairs
Department of External Affairs
Department of External Affairs and International Trade
Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Department of Health and National Welfare
Department of Indian Affairs
Department of Indian Affairs Fodho Railway
Department of Indian Affairs Ottawa
Department of Labour National War Labour Board FARM FOR SALE
Department of Muni-^pil Affairs
Department of Municipal Affairs
Department of Municipal Affairs and Department of Justice
Department of Municipal Affairs Bill
Department of Municipal Affairs Crd
Department of Municipal Affairs legal Department
Department Of Municipal Affairs THE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Shawville
Department of National
Department of National De
Department of National De-
Department of National De- Ottawa
Department of National De-lence
Department of National Defence
Department of National Defence Canada
Department of National Defence Canada ACE Welding
Department of National Defence Canada ATTENTION LOT OWNERS.
Department of National Defence Canada Clear Garbage
Department of National Defence Canada Naomi Bello’s
Department of National Defence Canada Pontiac Transfer
Department of National Defence Canada Recreational
Department of National Defence Canada SPRING TUB AND POOL SALE SPECIAL
Department of National Defence Sixteen
Department of National Defence Unexploded Explosive Ordnance
Department of National Defence;
Department of National Defense
Department of National Defense Ontario
Department of National Health
Department of National Health and THOS.
Department of National Health and Welfare
Department of National Health And Welfare 1
Department of National Previously
Department of National Resource
Department of National Resources
Department of National Rev- Co-op Medical Federation
Department of National Rev-roue
Department of National Revenue
Department of National Revenue Friday
Department of National Revenue Ottawa Later
Department of National Revenue Ottawa TEACHERS WANTED Two Elementary Teachers
Department of National Revenue; Cost-sharing
Department of National Revnue
Department of National Then
Department of National War Service
Department of National War Services
Department of National War Services Honourable
Department of National War Services TINSMITHS
Department of Nortern Affairs
Department of Northern Affairs
Department of Pen-and National Health
Department of Quebec Municipal Affairs
Department of Social Affairs
Department of Urban Affairs
Department of Veteran Affairs
Department of Veteran s Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs Canada
Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals
Department of Veterans Affairs Support
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Department oi Municipal Affairs
Department; National Connelly
Departments of Foreign Affairs
Departments of Municipal Affairs
Dept of Municipal Affairs
Dept o£ Municipal Affairs
des Affairs Annual Meeting
des Affairs Municipal
DIANE Boisvert Correspondent
District Chamber of Ministers of Environment and Municipal Affairs
Doloros Correspondent Bertrand
Dominion Affairs
Dominion Government Indian Affairs Branch
Dominion Government s Department of Veterans Affairs
Dominion National
Dominion National Parks
Downtown National Trust Legion Downtown CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT NOON
DREAM WIFE McDonald Care) CAINE MUTINY Carol Marsh Deborah Kci
Dreggiefe National Drug ami Cheetral
Dress Shirts & Men’s Dress Pants Local Hero National Lampoon’s Vacation Private School For Girls
du Canada National Museums of Canada
During National Environment Week
Duty Public Affairs Officer
E*ternal Affairs Offices
Eastern National
Economic Affairs
Economic Affairs House of Commons Ottawa
Economic Affairs PUBLIC HEARINGS
Edens Line Had Its Inception Affairs
Editor National
Editorial Affairs
Education and Cultural Affairs
Education and Cultural Affairs - Students
Education and Cultural Affairs Mrs Sydney Draper
Education and L Cultural Affairs
Eileen International Affairs
EILEEN LABEL!E Correspondent Get
EILEEN LABELLE Correspondent A
El Morro National Monument
ELECTRIC CANNING MACHINE National Employment Office
ELIZABETH Hahn Correspondent
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Get
ELIZABETH Hahn Correspondent Visitors
Employment Canada’s National Commission
ENDINGS National Securities Corporation How Some
Energy Carol
Ensemble Aylmer Municipal Affairs
Environmental Affairs
Equity for Union National Organization
Equity for Union National Organization Agent Cliff Dal
Equity for Union National Organization Agent Cliff Dale
Equity for Union National Organization Agent Cliff Dale Main Street
Equity for Union National Organization-Agent Cliff Dale
Equity for Union National Organization—Agent Cliff Dale
Equity for Union National Organization—Agent Cliff Dale FORTY
Equity for Union National Organization—Agent Cliff Dele
Equity for Union National Organzation
Equity for Union National Organzation - Agent Cliff Dale
EQUITY Peg# Seven National Rally
Ernest Carrier National Government Candidate Wilson’s Hall Bristol Counci
ESTHER COLP1TTS Equity Correspondent PONTIAC
Eureka National Rank
Evening Service OEPARTMENT Or NATIONAL WAR SERVICES Pentecostal Assemblies Kev
Ever National Assembly
Excise Department of National Revenue
Executive Committee Royal Bank of Canada Giant Tiger National Bank Canadian Tire Corp. Ottawa Citiz
Export Controls Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Externaj Affairs
External Affairs
External Affairs Allan MacEachen
External Affairs Branch
External Affairs Canada
External Affairs Carol Bretzloff
External Affairs Department
External Affairs Departments
External Affairs Estimate*
External Affairs Meighcn
External Affairs Min-|and
External Affairs Minis
External Affairs Minister
External Affairs North Manitoba
External Affairs Officer
External Affairs Panel
Farm Forum National Convention
FARM MANAGEMENT CON National Milking Machine
Favors National Gallery
Federal Corporate Affairs Minister
Federal Council of the Federation of Social Affairs
Federal Depart Department of National Defence
Federal Department of Indian Affairs
Federal Intergovernmental Affairs
Federal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister
Federal Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs
Federal National
Federal National Bank
Federation des Produc- National Assembly
Federation of Social Affairs
FI Correspondent
Fierobin National
Finance Municipal Affairs
Finance National Plan.
FIRE Australian National
Fire Department within Municipal Affairs Department
Firet National Bank of
First National
First National Attitude Test
First National Bank
First National Bank ; ;
First National Bank of Saginaw
First National Bankgg||
First National Forest
First National Show of Che Canadian Chinchilla Breeders Association
First Regional National Skating Test
Foiling Machine Department of Indian Affairs
FOOT AILMENTS National Rubber Co. Ltd.
FOOT AILMENTS National Rubber Co. Ltd ,
Ford Clarence & Carol Tollman Black s Electric Theresa & Milton Hahn Fnsby Tire Mike & Doreen Harry
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Foreign Affairs Aristide Briand
Foreign Affairs Comlssar
Foreign Affairs Georges Bidault
Foreign Affairs Ministers
Foreign Affairs No. Isent
Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa
Foreign Naval Affairs
Forest Inn National Geographic
Forest Inn By ANNA STEWART Correspondent We
Forest Visitor Centre National Forestry Institute
Forestry National Bank
Formerly National B* OCCUPY LARGB.
Formerly National Bui
Formerly National Bus
Foruêrly National Bum
Fourth National Bank
Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania National Military
Free Methodist Correspondent Church
French Committee of National Liberation
French National Assembly
French National Office of Tourism
Friendly Singing Church WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH U S. National Guard—is
Friendship Carol Service
Fumerton Correspondent Visitors
Funding A Municipal Affairs
GARDEN National Assembly
GATES Provincial Affairs MacGREGOR Concrete Products Limited
Gatineau Union National Association Official Agent
General Affairs
Général du National Bank Funds
General Hospital National Anthem
General Solicitor Law Department Canadian National Railways P.O.
General Store Publishing Carol
German National Guard
German National Sports Academy
GERTIE & THE COUNTRY SOUNDS Pontiac National Midget Hockey
Gin National Drug A Che-
Glebe Collegiate Auditor- LOCAL AND NATIONAL
Global National News
Global National Television
Global Travel Editor of National Geographic Adventures
GLORIA TUBMAN Equity Correspondent
GLORIA TUBMAN Equity Correspondent After
GLORIA TUBMAN Equity Correspondent Don
Gloves National Film Board
GO National Fire Protection Association GREENHOUSES
Golden Age Club Equity Correspondent PONTIAC
Golden Eagle Fish Carol Renaud
Government National Assembly
Government National Development
Government National Highway Traffic Safety AdmmistratZuestmglor
Government National Pavk
Governmental Affairs and Communications Manager
GOWLIXG BUSINESS District Hockey Play-Downs Fori Coulonfe Eliminate National Reiearch BORN Hindi.K
Grand National
Grand National Aieembly
Grand National Mud
Grand National Steeplechase
Grand National Sweepstakes
GRAND OPENING Pontiac National Midget Hockey
GRANT PROGRAM Urban Affairs Minister Barney
Greek National Assembly
Gross National Product
Hagai'' National Laurentia" "Daily Bread
Hamil-The Department of National
Hand Mvv National Employment Service
Hawaiian National Guard
Health - Nancy Mayhew; International Affairs
Health and Welfare Canada and Veterans Affairs Canada
Health Nancy Mayhew; International Affairs Katheryn Nyveld; Public- Minutes
Health Protection Branch Department of National Health and Welfare Published
HELEN PERRY Correspondent
HELEN PERRY Correspondent Petawawa
Here National Service Itoard
Heritage Division of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs
HERMONIE SHARPE Correspondent By HELEN PERRY Correspondent
Hie National Federation of Women
Hilly Bros off Correspondent
His Country Affairs No
Historica National Fair
HOCKEY SWEATWS-AvtHentk National League
Home Affairs
Home Economics and Health Rebecca Wilson; International Affairs Eileen Colton
Honourable Municipal Affairs
Hospital Board for Affairs
House 2 National Film
House Committee of Foreign Affairs
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
House Foreign Affairs Committee
House Naval Affairs Committee
HOUSE OF COMMONS Jacques Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
House of Commons Standing Committee on External Affairs
House of Commons Standing Committee on National Resources and Public Works
House of Common’s Standing Committee on Indian Affairs
House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee
Housing National
Human Affairs
Hy Mrs Vincent Lapierrt Correspondent
Hyundai National Forestry Institute
IB National Crime Prevention Week
Ihe National Stamina Wanes
II CTV National News
II National Fire Protection Association
II of Municipal Affairs
IIE Canadian National Highway
IM National Promueo
Immigration Canada and Municipal Affairs
IMMUNIZATION National Immunization Week
Increasing National School
Indian Affairs
Indian Affairs Branch
Indian Affairs Crerar
Indian Affairs Department of Tndiivt JUThlrs
Indian Affairs Federal
Indian Affairs Laud
Indian Affairs Miss
Indian National Congress
INDIAN VILLAGE Co-operation Dep’t Indian Affairs HORSE RACES Unusually
Industrial Affairs
IndUui Affairs
INFORMATION Canadian National
Information Servi Department of National Defence
Infrastructure Pro- Affairs
Ing National Water Safety
INS Correspondent
Institute Affairs
Institute Carol
Institute Hostess Carol Anne
Institute of Cultural Affairs
Institute of Cultural Affairs International
Institute of Cultural Affairs NO
Institute of Cultural Affairs Volunteers
Institute of National Measurement Standards
Institute of Public Affairs
Inter governmental Affairs
Inter Governmental Affairs & Clement Vincent
Inter governmental Affairs Claude Morin
Inter national Labor Conference
Inter-American Affairs
Intergovernmental Affairs
Intergovernmental Affairs Department
Intergovernmental Affairs Department Act du Quebec
Intergovernmental Affairs Nor
Internal Affairs
International Affairs
International Affairs Are
International Affairs - Export
International Affairs Clark
International Affairs Committee
International Affairs Minister
International Brotherhood of Way Employees the Canaian National TORONTO
Interstate National I*»
Inuit Affairs Abitibi Service Centre
Irish National Land League
Irish National League
Irish National League of America
Irsh National League
IVUK K Correspondent Solution
J4th National Midget Hockey Tournament Midget
J6Vi el Affairs
Jasper National Park
Jasper National Park*
Jasper National Parks.
JC Intergovernmental Affairs
Jelly Corn National Strawberry
Jesus line Blood Disease Affecting Partridge National Portland Cement Nails
Jewish National Fund
Jewish National Home
JILL McBANE Correspondent
JILL McBANF Correspondent
JILL McBANT Correspondent Library Students
JILL Me BANK Quyon Correspondent
JILL Mi BANK Correspondent
JILL MlBANE Correspondent
JILL VIvBANE Correspondent
JL National Pardon Centre
Joachims Union National Government
Joelle National Assembly
John Abbot College Shawville correspondent Toronto Jean Wallace
Joint Carol
Joint National Chairmen
Joint National Debutante
Journee National des Meres de Families
JOYCE NeWBERRY Equity Correspondent BRYSON
Junior National Figure Skating Team
Junior National Championships
Junior National Figure Skating
Junior National Team
Junior Sunday School 9.00 a.m—Worship Service National Union Pofty
Karen National Union
KIRK DAVIES Equity Correspondent Walking
Kluane National Park
KRUSCHEN National Telephone and Telegraph Corporation Write
Kxteriul Affairs
Kxternal Affairs Department
l Ian National Exhibition
l National Gallery
l National Drug & Chemical Co.
L Electric National
l Irish Affairs
l National Film
l National Gang Plough
l National Pills
l nr5^er Municipal Affairs
LAFLAMME National Portland Cement Phone
Lapêche National
Lapêche National Tournament
Lawrence Co GLASS ISSUANCE AGENTS WANTED National Provincial Plate Olavo Insurance Cox* For Agencie
LE Correspondent Get
League of Nations Affairs
League of Resigna-National Hockey League
Leather Craft-------- Modern World Affairs GORDON
Legal Affairs
Legislative Council Chamber of the National Assembly
Leona Veterans Affairs
Lepine Though Municipal Affairs
Leslie Council Thorne Council Dept of Municipal Affairs
Liberal Intergovernmental Affairs
Liberal National
Liberal National As
Liberal National Assembly
Liberal National Leader Break With Conservative Allies First Patent Flour
Liberal National |
Limited National Bank Rnlldlng Montreal
LIQUIDATOR Member National Auctioneer Association Te/ephone Days
Lithgow Vice-President Public Affairs Ottawa Civic Hospital Needs
LITTLE Director National Selective Service
Local Artiste Showing National Archives Open House
Local Farm Forums Sponsored By National Forum Group
Local Heroes Band National
Local Office of National Employment Service
Local Office of the National Employment Service
Local Organization Of Union National Names Executive
Lodge Correspondent
Lodge SHARPE Correspondent
Logi-Consumer Affairs Min-
Lombard National Bank
London National Review
Love Affairs
Lovers National
LOW DOWN-PAYMENT HOMES Change National Housing
LUSKVILLE - Municipal Affairs
Maaeachuaetta National Bank
Maaiaehusetts National Bank
Maasaehoaettl National Bank
Macdonald National Memorial Association
Macdonell-Williamson House National Historic Site
Maetachiuette National Bank
Maggie National Capital Marathon
MAIL Ottawa/^Citizen NATIONAL POST Anne Drysdafe Crédit
Mailing List National Arts Centre Ottawa
MamaohuseUs National Bank
Mamohusctts National Bank
Mansfield National Capital Nina Stewart
Maple Farm Don McCredie Dan & John Kelly Clarence & Carol Tollman CBL Pirie Henderson’s Grocery Val
Maple Grove Cemetery By HERMONIE SHARPE Correspondent
Marine and Naval Affairs
Markets Management & Rural Affairs Branches
MARRIED REPRESENTIN’ 0 COM PA NIES Strong Experienced Dependable Through Generations National Film
Mas-mdiUiett* National Bank
Mas<aokiiwîtta National Bank
Masham School Corporation lute<t National
Masiachuiett* National Bank; Chicago-Bank of Montreal
Massachusetts National Bank
Ma»<aehu<rtts National Bank
McCann & Sons Clarence & Carol Tolmann Bristol Community Centre Milton
Mcrvhants National Bank
Meetings Management National Fundraising
Memorials Cemetery A National Bedding Event Simmons National Coast
Merchant* National Bank
Merchant* National Bank Boston National Rank
Merchants National Bank
Merchants National Hank
Merchants National Rank.
MERCK Write National Drug A Them W.L.
Merrhant* National Bank
Métis National Council
Miauctpal Affairs Planning Committee
Mid-Scotland Ship Canal National Association
Midget CC team National Newspaper Week
MieeaekusetU National Bank
Mil.IVAN Correspondent
MILFORD Correspondent
MILKER National Film
Mill Affairs
Millennium Affairs
Mine pal Affairs
Mines Rescue Stations for Quebec Department of National Resources
Minicipal Affairs
Minicipal Affairs Department
Minister of Municipal Affairs
Ministère des Affairs Municipales
Ministre des Affairs
Ministry for Social Affairs
Ministry of Affairs
Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Culture Affairs
Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Francophone Affairs
Ministry of International Affairs
Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Ministry of Municipal Affairs Dear
Ministry of Municipal Affairs Mansfield
Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs Outaouais
Ministry of Municpal Affairs
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Urban Affairs
Ministry’s list Municipal Affairs
Mirror National Events
MISCELLANEOUS National Library of Poetry
Miss Carol Perry
ML Correspondent Fort Coulonge Parish Get
Mlssissl- Affairs
MONA RUTLEDGE Correspondent
Montreal’s National Theatre School
Monument National
MONUMENTS National Assembly
Morvliauts National Bank
Motion Affairs
Motion Crs Dittbumer ral Affairs
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Municipal Affairs
Mountain National Portland Cement Nails
Moved Affairs Dept
Mr Affairs
Mr René Municipal Affairs
Mr# Co. Ltd National Institute of Confectionary Ras
MRC des Municipal Affairs
MRC National
MRCs National Assembly
Mrs Hartley Municipal Affairs
Mrs National Portland Cement Nails
Msnavkudetls National Bank
Msrvhant* National Bank
Mt National Busin
MteWHOWW) Company National Agriculture Week
Mumapal Affairs
Mumcipri Affairs
Mun Affairs
Muneptf Affairs
Munici- Affairs
Munici- Municipal Affairs
Municipal Affairs
Municipal Affairs Church
Municipal Affairs Commission
Municipal Affairs According
Municipal Affairs Advisory Committee
Municipal Affairs Allumette Island West
Municipal Affairs and Department of Agriculture
Municipal Affairs Boundaries
Municipal Affairs Bronson
Municipal Affairs By PAUL MCGEE
Municipal Affairs Claude
Municipal Affairs Claude Ryan
Municipal Affairs Colette Blain However
Municipal Affairs Commission
Municipal Affairs Crd
Municipal Affairs Dear Sir
Municipal Affairs Dec.
Municipal Affairs Department
Municipal Affairs Departments
Municipal Affairs Evaluation Department
Municipal Affairs Gail
Municipal Affairs Guy Tardif
MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS I hv Public Archives of Canada
Municipal Affairs Informing
Municipal Affairs Jacques Leonard
Municipal Affairs Leaf
Municipal Affairs Léo
Municipal Affairs Letter
Municipal Affairs Louise
Municipal Affairs Metropolis
Municipal Affairs Mine
Municipal Affairs Mini-
Municipal Affairs Ministry
Municipal Affairs Monday
Municipal Affairs Motion Qs O Reilly
Municipal Affairs NEWS BRIEFS
Municipal Affairs Office
Municipal Affairs or Municipal Affairs Commission
Municipal Affairs Plan
Municipal Affairs Proper
Municipal Affairs Province
Municipal Affairs Publications
Municipal Affairs re Fire Prevention Week
Municipal Affairs Rémy Trudcl
Municipal Affairs Replace
Municipal Affairs RIVER VIEW
Municipal Affairs Spooner
Municipal Affairs the
Municipal Affairs TOLL FREE GOODWRENCH WINTER SERVICE A Valley Tradition Since
Municipal Affairs Victoria Day/Patnotes
Municipal Affairs Water
Municipal Affairs |
Municipal Affairs*
Municipal Affairs;
Municipal Affairs; Antonio Talbot
Municipal Affairs; UMRCQ
Municipal Bureau of Social Affairs
Municipal Commission Minister of Municipal Affairs
Municipal Corporation Motion by Crs Merlin Affairs
Municipal/Civic Affairs
Municipality Affairs
Municipality Municipal Affairs
Municlpal Affairs Commission
Municpal Affairs
Murdock Lane-Municipal Affairs Superintendant
Murelmnt* National Bank
MURRELLS National Drug & Chemical Co.
Museum An-and the National Aviation Museum.
Museum of National History
Mutual Group HH National Fire Protection
MV Photo—Canadian National Railways
Mwarhiustts National Bank
MYRTLE Si LIT VAN Correspondent
MYRTLE St LI.IVAN Correspondent
N Affairs
N1( c 0 Department of Municipal Affairs
NAIIB ( National Association of Home Builders
Nairn National Stock Toms
National IT*
National Convenors
National Farm Reciprocal Maintenance Orders Forum
National Research Council
National And
National "
National &
National (
National (Gallery
National * Film Board
National * Kindergarten Association
National * Research Council
National -
National .
National .Sanitarium Association
National 1
National 30
National 4-H Club Conference
National 4-H Club Week
National 4-H Conference
National 4-H Council
National 4-H National 4-H Citizenship SemiConference
National 4H Club
National 60 YEARS
National A
National A.A.U.
National Aa
National Aaaembiy
National Aaaembly
National Aboriginal Day
National Academy
National Academy of A
National Academy of Science
National Academy of Sciences
National Accident
National Acme
National Acthain
National Acting Deputy
National Activity Week
National Ad- G
National Ad-problem
National Adocw
National Adoption Registry
National Adoption Sccîî
National Adoption Society of London
National Advertising
National Advisory Board
National Advisory Committee
National Advisory Council
National Advisory Council on School Broadcasting
National Advisory Panel
National Aero-
National Aeronautic Association
National Aeronautical League
National Affairs Correspondent Carol Goar
National AG
National Agricultural Policy
National Agricultural Society
National Agricultural Strategy
National Agriculture Day
National Agriculture Week
National Aid Sooi-ty
National Air Cadet Senior
National Air Mail Pilots’ Association
National Air Phoro Library
National Air Photo
National Air Transport
National Aircraft
National Aircraft Show
National Aircraft Show and
National Airi
National Airmail
National Airways Offer
National Aits Centre
National Albert
National All Star Team
National Alliance
National Allotments Association
National Alta Center
National Amalgamated Union
National Amalgamated Union of Great Britain
National Amalgamated Union of Labor
National Amend
National Ami-Gambling Lca
National An
National An A
National An-
National An- I‘resident Madam II Pinault
National An- Refreshments
National An-cess
National An-Steveus
National An-this
National And
National and American
National and American League
National and International
National and International Affairs
National and International Dr. Alvin Perkins
National and International Re- Shawville
National and International Rela
National and International Relations
National and International Relations 1
National and Liberal Association
National and Regional Aadrew’s Wemen’i
National and State Pure Food ami Drug Laws
National Andy Griffith Jerry Van Dyke Lions Community Centre Over
National Anikeis Afeey
National Annual
National Ant
National Anth
National Anthea
National Antheiu
National Anthem
National Anthem 0 Canada
National Anthem Badge
National Anthem GEORGE H. FR0ATS & SONS Mrs. Merlin McKee the
National Anthem IliSll 1
National Anthem MacKechnie
National Anthem Maedonnld College
National Anthem Mis
National Anthem Rev. TER Nurse and Mrs Nurse
National Anthem Shspuard
National Anthems
National Anthems of
National Anthers
National Anthesn
National Anthiun
National Apply
National Apthem
National Ar
National Ar-
National Archery Association
National Archiv
National Archives
National Archives Building
National Archives of Canada
National Archives of Quebec
National Archives.
National Aria
National Aria Centre
National Armies
National Army
National Arnhem
National Art
National Art Center
National Art Center Vancouver
National Art Centre
National Art Centre Pops Gin
National Art Centre’s
National Art Collection Fund
National Art Gal-
National Art Gallery
National Art Mrs Hector Dowe
National Art* Centre Ottawa
National Arte Centre
National Arthritis Month
National Arthur
National Artillery Association
National Artisan Truckers Association Their
National Arts
National Arts Cen-
National Arts Center
National Arts Centre
National Arts Centre Or-
National Arts Centre Orchestra
National Arts Centre Rooftop Terrace
National Arts Centre Salon
National Arts Centre Youth Department Ottawa
National Arts Cfcntre
National Arv
National As
National As TA Y
National As W/
National As-
National As- Canada
National As- Churchill
National As- Equality
National As- Equity Editor Bristol The
National As-lication
National Asaemb
National Asaembly
National Ass
National Asscm Z
National Asscm-riana Kcldcr
National Assem
National Assem Pontiac.
National Assem- Lake Accord
National Assem- News
National Assem-draw
National Assemb
National Assemb M Corinne
National Assembly
National Assembly 1 WEEKEND BREAKFAST SPECIALS Régie de I"assurance-maladie du
National Assembly Andrew Lance
National Assembly Apply
National Assembly Charlotte
National Assembly Charlotte L’Écuyer
National Assembly Charlotte L’Écuyer’s
National Assembly Christmas
National Assembly Depot
National Assembly Duchesne
National Assembly Finnigan
National Assembly GLENN WANAMAKER
National Assembly It
National Assembly Jean Guy Lariviere
National Assembly Jum
National Assembly Leader
National Assembly Levy
National Assembly Madame Solange Chaput Rolland
National Assembly Mr. Rivard
National Assembly Murray Carson
National Assembly News
National Assembly Pontiac County
National Assembly Press Gallery
National Assembly QPC
National Assembly Quebec
National Assembly Quebec City
National Assembly Quyon CWL News St
National Assembly Several
National Assembly Singing
National Assembly the
National Assembly the National Asie
National Assembly Townshippers
National Assembly TVe Ve
National Assembly Wednesday
National Assembly X T
National Assembly-Jean-Guy La
National Assembly’s
National Assembly’s Commission
National Assembly’s Liberal
National Asseobly; Helmut Reichinger Band
National Asset
National Asset"
National Assoc.
National Association
National Association for Developmental Education
National Association for the Prevention
National Association for the Social Studies
National Association Glenn Hodgins Injured
National Association of Bird Societies
National Association of Broadcast Employees
National Association of Broadcasters
National Association of Canadian Credit Unions
National Association of Chiropodists
National Association of Deans
National Association of Girls Clubs
National Association of Grandparents of America
National Association of Home Builders
National Association of Independent Truckers
National Association of Letter Carriers
National Association of Life Insurance
National Association of Manufacturers
National Association of Pun- tracks
National Association of Real Estate Boards
National Association of Restaurants
National Association of Retail Clothiers
National Association of Stock Car
National Association of Travel Organization
National Association of Waste Material Deal- Pcterborough Examiner
National Association of Women Lawyers
National Association of Wool-selling Brokers
National Association Ohio and State Breeders
National Assoclatlou
National Ass’n
National aSundsy League
NATIONAL At Trinity Church
National Athem
National Atom Division
National Auctioneer n Association Zacharias
National Audubon
National Audubon Soci-
National Audubon Society
National Audubon Society Florida
National Audubon Society’s
National Autheui
National Auto
National Auto League
National Automobile
National Automobile Chamber of Commerce
National Automobile club
National Automobile Company
National Automobile Dealers
National Automobile I)
National Automobile Look
National Automotive Paint File"
National Aviation Museum
National Ayrshire
National Ayrshire Association of Canada
National Baby Week Council
National Bacon Hog Poll
National Ballet A
National Ballet Company
National Ballet School of Canada
National Banffs Whyte Museum
National Bank
National Bank & Bonneville Homes OPEN HOUSE
National Bank Auto-Option
National Bank Beth s Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell - Donation
National Bank Building MONTREAL Boy—‘‘Come
National Bank By
National Bank Classic Golf Tournament
National Bank CO OFFICES
National Bank Customer Service Manager Laird November
National Bank Darlene Tubman
National Bank Discount Brokerage
National Bank Financial
National Bank Fund
National Bank Funds
National Bank Her
National Bank Holiday
National Bank India
National Bank Insurance
National Bank MasterCard.
National Bank National Bank of Canada
National Bank of
National Bank of Canada
National Bank of Canada - Regional Centre
NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA Debbie Kilgour Financial Services Manager
National Bank of Canada SPECIAL
National Bank of Canada’s
National Bank of Com
National Bank of Commen
National Bank of Commerce
National Bank of Commerro
National Bank of Ejidal Credit
National Bank of Elmira
National Bank Rita Payne -
National Bank s Investors Conference
National Bank SME
National Bank ViceBank
National Bank WANT
National Bank; Dr. Runi
National Banks
National Barge
National Barley Committee
National Barley Content
National Barley Contest
National Barley Contest Committee
National Barley Contest the
National Baseball League
National Basketball As-|| Renfrew Collegiate Institute If Oct. 10
National Basketball Association
National Battlefields Association
National Battlefields Commission
National Bauk
National Bauk of Commerce
National Beauty Congress
National Bedding Event Simmons National Coast
National Beef Agency
National Beef Iron and Wine
National Beef Marketing Plan
National Benefactor”
National Benefit Society
National Better Business
National Better Get Your
National Bi
National Bible Society
National BiihIdonh College
National Biography
National Bison Range
National Biuk
National Blessed Mary Theresa
National Blood
National Blood Transfusion Service
National Blue Army
National Boa
National Board
National Board h8“,f5^e
National Board of Agriculture
National Board of Directors
National Board of Farm Radio Forum
National Board of Health
National Board of Review
National Board of the Union
National Board of Trustees
National Board Underwriters
National Boards
National Bond Corporation
National Bonk of Commerce
National Boxing
National Boy Scout Week
National Boys
National Brake
National Brake Yearlings
National Brands
National Brands Month
National Breault
National Breeders School
National Breeding Program
National Brew- El
National Breweries
National Breweries Limited
National Brewers
National Brian & Andrea Presley Licensed
National Brick Company
National Bridge Association
National Bridge Education and Better Schools
National Bristol Monday
National Broad-
National Broadband Task Force
National Broadcast
National Broadcasting
National Broadcasting Co.
National Broadcasting Company
National Broadcasting Company’s
National Broadcastinv Co.
National Btateyman
National Bui
National Build- Council
National BuMne** College
National Bunk
National Bureau of Canine Identification
National Bureau of Industrial Research
National Bureau of Standards
National Bureau Plan Meets
National Bus College
National Bus*ness College
National Bushiese V''olitw^
National Busi-
National Busin* _
National Business
National Business College
National Business Enterprises
National Business Show
National Bust Halifax
National B«a College
National c
National C honuearvh
National C ow
National c We’re
National C. G.
National C.B.C.
National C.tuk of Commerce
National Ca
National Caevsation
National Call
National Call Channel
National Call Cleaning
National Call Sieve
National Calumet Capital Commission
National Cam
National Campaign
National Campaign for Health
National Campaign November
National Canada
National Canadian
National Canadian Citizenship Î Week
National Canadian Patriotic Fund
National Cancer
National Cancer Advisory Council
National Cancer Institute
National Cancer Society
National Candidate
National Canine Defence
National Cap
National Capi-
National Capi- Marigolds
National Capi- Mayor Jack Graham
National Capi- Plan
National Capita
National Capita i Commission
National Capital
National Capital *
National Capital 1
National Capital Act
National Capital Air Show POACHING
National Capital Charity
National Capital Charity Horse Show
National Capital Com
National Capital Com-
National Capital Com- Pontiac News
National Capital Comission
National Capital Commis
National Capital Commis-
National Capital Commision
National Capital Commissfôii
National Capital Commission
National Capital Commission and
National Capital Commission and the Department of Roads
National Capital Commission Hockey
National Capital Commission Invites
National Capital Commission Local Entertainment Tickets
National Capital Commission Marathon
National Capital Commission North Onslow Assessors Appointed
National Capital Commission on
National Capital Commission Parks.
National Capital Commission THl EQUITY
National Capital Committee
National Capital Comnnsson Commission de
National Capital Comrrtseon Comme
National Capital Comrrwaon L’assemblée
National Capital Corn-
National Capital Councillor Bélanger
National Capital CVommisnon $ Welcome Centre
National Capital Department of Public Works
National Capital Development
National Capital Division Murphy
National Capital Equestrian Park
National Capital Free-Net
National Capital FreeNet
National Capital gszsfrrT
National Capital Includes
National Capital Infrastructure Program
National Capital Joint Production Sale
National Capital Kart Club
National Capital Kinsmen Club
National Capital Lapointe
National Capital Marathon
National Capital March
National Capital Minor Hockey Association
National Capital Mu sic Academy
National Capital Music Academy
National Capital NCC
National Capital Ottawa
National Capital Re
National Capital Reg
National Capital Region
National Capital Region 0 SET OF STEEL STAIRS ON Highway
National Capital Region Chapter
National Capital Region Claude Marquis
National Capital Region Consumer Association
National Capital Region Green-
National Capital Region Heritage Mr College ACADEMIC DEAN Subject
National Capital Region Invitation
National Capital Region Katharine Fletcher YOUR
National Capital Region Meanwhile
National Capital Region Sermon
National Capital Region Shawville
National Capital Region Subject
National Capital Region"
National Capital Regional Office
National Capital Region’s
National Capital Region”
National Capital s
National Capital She
National Capital Simmental
National Capital Simmental Front Road
National Capital Simmental Sale
National Capital Singles Travel and Social Club
National Capital Sommelier Guild
National Capital Stewart James
National Capital Tel
National Capital the
National Capital YM-YWCA It
National Capital.
National Capitol
National Capitol Commis
National Capitol Commission
National CapM.
National Captial Region
National Car & Truck Rental
National Car Care Month
National Carbon Co A
National Carbon Co. Paid
National Carbon Company
National Carbonless Motor Oil
National Carol’s
National Cash
National Casino
National Catholic News Weekly
National Catholic Parish Mission
National Cauitul
National CBC Advisory Council on School Broadcasting
National Cdfimittee for Education
National Cement Always
National Cement Place
National cemetery
National Centennial
National Centennial Administration
National Centennial Committee
National Centennial Project
National Centennial Thanksgiving Sun-
National Centre
National Centre for Safety Education
National Centre for Space Studies
National Cep
National Certification Program
National Chairmen
National Challenge
National Chamber of Commerce
National Chamberlain Manufacturingcompany
National Chambers of Commerce
National Champi-B
National Champion
National Champion Mimi Nilsson
National Championships
National Chapeau
National Character Through Education Sir Bobert Falconer
National Charter
National Chartered Accountant Room
National Chem-urgic Council
National Child Benefit
National Child Care Strategy
National Child Care Strategy -
National Child Compliance
National Child Day
National Child Safety
National Chinchilla Breed-He
National Chinchilla Breeders
National Chinchilla Breeders of America
National Chinchrtla Breeders
National Chorale
National Chorus
National Chorus of Toronto
National Christian Council of India
National Christian Council of Japan
National Christian Party
National Christmas Versper Service
National Church
National Church of England WRIGHT & DOWD Parish of Bristol Rev.
National Cider Institute
National Citi- Sand Bay
National Citizen
National Citizen s Week Certificates
National Citizens Coalition
National Citizens Coalition
National Citizenship Week
National City
National City Bank
National City Bank of New York
National City Hank
National Clothing Collection
National Clothing Collection Depot
National Clothing Drive
National Club
National Clydesdale
National Co operative Milk Producers’ Foundation
National Co un
National Co-op
National Co.
National Coaching Certificate Program
National Coal Board
National Coalition
National Coast-To* Coast Network
National Cojn
National Collection
National Collegiate
National Collegiate Athletic Association
National Colors
National Comet
National Committee
National Committee for Canadian Education Week
National Committee for Mental Hygiene
National Committee for Patriotic Service
National Committee ICOLD Dorothy Bngger
National Committee of Presbyterian Men
National Committee of Red Cross
National Committee on
National Committee on Food Resources
National Communications and Public Education
National Communications and Public Education Direcfbr
National Community Hospital and Hospital Week
National Competition
National Con
National Con-
National Con-ty
National Con.
National Concours
National Conference
National Conference Board
National Conference Club
National Conference of Farm Forums
National Conference of Labor Women
National Conference of Social Work
National Conference Ryan Bayne
National Conference Shawville
National Congress
National Congress de Champlain
National Congress Party
National Conservative Association
National Conservative Association for Lower Pontiac
National Conservative Party
National Conservative Rally Largely Attended Dr.
National Conservatives
National Constitutional Assembly
National Construction Oo
National contact Municipal Affairs
National Contest Showing Progress Chicago
National Continued the
National Contribution
National Conven- the
National Conven-of Federated Women s Insti-of Canada
National Convener for Social Action
National Convenor
National Convenor of Social Action
National Convention
National Coordinating Group
National Cora
National Coun- Chester Romain
National Council
National Council of
National Council of American Shipbuilders
National Council of Anglican Church
National Council of Canadian Y.M.C.A’a
National Council of Education
National Council of Federated Church-women
National Council of Jewish Women
National Council of Physical Fitness
National Council of Sports
National Council of Teachers
National Council of the
National Council of the Catholic League of Canada
National Council of the Girl Guides
National Council of Union National Party
National Council of Veteran Associations
National Council of W
National Council of Women
National Council of Wool Selling Brokers
National Council on
National Council’s
National Crafts
National Cream Separators
National Credit
National Credit Counsellors
National Credit Counselors
National Crime Commission
National Crime Pre-
National Crime Prevention Week
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Culture Association
National Curling
National CWL
National CWL Convention
National CWLj
National Cycle
National Cystic Anthony
National C’BC News Photo
National D dry Council of Canada
National D''Escompte de Paris
National D*Recompte de Paris
National Dairy
National Dairy Board
National Dairy Cattle Committee
National Dairy Commission
National Dairy Coulonge
National Dairy Council
National Dairy Council of Canada
National Dairy Council of Canada Electric Club
National Dairy Policy
National Dairy Pool
National Dairy Program
National Dairy Show
National Dairy Union
National Dairy •
National Dank
National Dart Federation of Canada
National Dateline
National Dauk of Commerce
National Day
National De-
National Deaf and Dumb Institution
National Dear
National Debt
National Debt Just
National Debt of Great Britain
National Debt Repayment Fund"
National Debt Repayment Tax
National Defence
National Defence Act
National Defence Advisory
National Defence and Veterans Affairs
National Defence budget
National Defence College
National Defence Committee
National Defence Défense
National Defence Department
National Defence Departments
National Defence Fund
National Defence H.Q
National Defence Headquar-
National Defence Headquarters
NATIONAL DEFENCE Jean-Claude LeBtanc Comments Supt
National Defence Medical
National Defence Medical C
National Defence Medical Cen- Arthur Vowley
National Defence Medical Centre
National Defence Photo
National Defence Possibilités
National Defence Property
National Defence Ralston
National Defence Shaw
National Defence Stirling
National Defence Tax
National Defence Team
National Defence TERMS
National Defense
National Defense Defence
National Defense Ankara
National Defense Defence
National Defense Department
National Defense Headquarters
National Defense Medical Center
National Defense Medical Centre
National Defense Photos
National Deience Speakers Bureau Director General Information National Defence Headquarters
National Delortmtei
National Democratic League
National Democratic Union
National Demonstration
National Demonstration Council
National Dent* Albany
National des Arts
National des Dames Champlain
National Design Council
National Despatch ern Lines
National Destinies
National Development
National Development Office
National Development Plan OTTAWA
National Development —London Daily Herald
National Diamond Ring Design Competition
National Dig Day
National Diocesan
National Diploma
National Dir- Hull
National Director
National Director Community Life Con-
National Directorate
National Discount
National Disgrace
National Dish
National Div-
National Dividend
National Dividends
National Division II Ice
National dj Drunk & Drugged Driving#h Prevention Morttn
National Dm
National Dmgjand Chemical
National Do
National DODGE CARAVAN Sales
National Dollar Store
National don Municipal Library Film Board
National Double Action PORTABLE MILKER
National Double-Action Milker
National Drag & Chemical Co.
National Drag If Chemical Co of Canada
National Drag If Chemical Co.
National Drag-
National Drive
National Drue anr Chemical Co.
National Drug
National Drug &
National Drug & Che
National Drug & Chem
National Drug & Chemical C* Wt
National Drug & Chemical Co,
National Drug & Chemical Co.
National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada Limited
National Drug & Chemical Company
National Drug & Chemical Limited
National Drug & Chernies ICo.
National Drug & Chf
National Drug & Her Other Half
National Drug .nd
National Drug A
National Drug A Chemical
National Drug A Chemical Co (
National Drug A Chemical Co.
National Drug A Chemical Company
National Drug A Chemical Go
National Drug A Chemical SAVE TIME...SAVE FUEL...SAVE FOOD
National Drug A. Chemical That
National Drug and
National Drug and Chemical
National Drug and Chemical !
National Drug and Chemical Ce
National Drug and Chemical Co Canada
National Drug and Chemical Co of Canada
National Drug and Chemical Co oi Canada
National Drug and Chemical Co,
National Drug and Chemical Co.
National Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada Limited
National Drug and Chemical Co.; Rural Telephone Co and Staff ; Shawville Lodge
National Drug and Chemical Company
National Drug and Chemical Ito
National Drug and Chemical We Could Not Afford Company
National Drug and Ckomicol Co.
National Drug anf Chemical
National Drug Awareness Week LARRY SWANT Friday
National Drug Chemical Co.
National Drug Co
National Drug Company"
National Drug end Chemical Co.
National Drug end Chemical Company
National Drug Firm
National Drug i Chemical Co.
National Drug it Chemical Ce
National Drug Lckle
National Drug of Canada
National Drug S Chemical Tf
National Drug St 1
National Drug umI Chemical Company
National Drug £
National Drug £ Chemical Co.
National Drugaod Chemical Co.
National Druk Co.
National Drummers'' Association
National Drunk & Drugged Diving Prevention Month
National Dru£ and Chemical Co.
National du Livre
National du Mont Tremblant
National du Québec.
National Dubeau
National Duty
National Dv
National Dvfem-e
National D’Eecompte de Paris
National D’Escompte de Paris
National D’Eseunpte de Paris
National D’Rscctuple de Paris
National E;.awv
National Earthquake Information Service
National Economic Development Board
National Economic Recovery Commission
National Education
National Education Association
National Education Committee
National Education Fund
National Education Week Committee
National Educational
National Educational Association
National Educational Conference
National Effort
National El-
National Elctrical Week
National Electric Cash Regis
National Electric Cash Regis-
National Electric Heating Co. Toronto
National Electric Lamp Works
National Electrical Manufac
National Electrical Week
National Electricity Week
National Electricity Week Committee
National Electricty Week Junior Pontiacs
National Elementary School
National Em-employment Service
National Emblem
National Emergency Fund
National Emergency Transitional Powers Act
National Emiptoyment Commission
National Employ-
National Employ- Norway Bay
National Employ-, ment Commission
National Employers Communications
National Employmen Service
National Employment
National Employment Com
National Employment Com-poor
National Employment Commission
National Employment Committee
National Employment Office
National Employment Office X A
National Employment Office 6.00 PIRIE & WESTBROOK
National Employment Office Everyone
National Employment Office HOME OF FINE FURNITURE PONTIACS Campbell
National Employment Office PR
National Employment Office SHAWVILLE MILLING
National Employment Office WHITE SALE SPECIAL
National Employment Office;
National Employment Office; REWARD OFFEh^ Your
National Employment Offices
National Employment Oméè
National Employment Ser-At
National Employment Serrise
National Employment Service
National Employment Service Pontiac
National Employment Services
National Employment Set- DUNCAN CAMPBELI Seventh Cine
National Energy Board
National Energy Board Act
National Energy Policy
National Energy Program
National Enquir-
National Enquirer
National Ensign
National Enterprises
National Entrepreneurship Day
National Entrepreneurship Week
National Environment
National Environment Week
National Environmental Resource Fund
National Equal Franchise Vnion
National Equestrian Federation
National Equestrian Park
National Equity
National Equity Editor
National Era
National ers
National Essay Contest
National Ethnic Archives
National Ethnic Archives Dear Editor
National Event
National Events
National Events Assisting
National Events Mrs. David Russell
National Events Mrs. Stew
National Events—Miss
National Events—Mrs
National Events—Mrs L A Smart Publicity—Mrs
National Events—Principal
National Evil
National Ex
National Exchequer
National Exec-Hamelin
National Execu-
National Executive
National Executive Committee
National Executive CPU.
National Exhibit Ion
National Exhibition
National Exhibition Canadian
National Exhibition Asso-ternsss
National Exhibition Toronto
National Experimental Forest
National Express
National Extension Committee
National F Ire Protection
National F. E* Pitt Uie
National F.lm Board
National Faim Broadcast
National Faim Radio
National Faim Radio Forum
National Faim Radio Forum Conference
National Fair
National Fair 21
National Family
National Family Farm
National Fanners Union
National Fanning Mill THE MARKETS.
National Far- Commission
National Far- Mrs Wm
National Farm
National Farm Forum
National Farm Acency
National Farm Agency
National Farm Agency Sell Aour Farm
National Farm Agency Sell^our Farm
National Farm Agency UK*** Limited Toronto
National Farm Broadcasts
National Farm Chemur-gic Conference
National Farm Farming
National Farm Forum
National Farm Forum Annual Conference Mrs. Ervine Brownlee
National Farm Forum Board
National Farm Forum Conference Committee
National Farm Forum Conven-
National Farm Forum Delegates Tour Pontiac Farms
National Farm Forum Execu-ive; Ruth MacKenzie
National Farm Forum Secretary
National Farm institute
National Farm Journal
National Farm Management Committee
National Farm Ple
National Farm Policy
National Farm Policy Marketing
National Farm Policy Of
National Farm Products Marketing Council
National Farm Program
National Farm R*dio
National Farm Radi* Forum
National Farm Radio
National Farm Radio Foitim
National Farm Radio For-will
National Farm Radio Form Topics
National Farm Radio Forucn Board; Dr
National Farm Radio Forum
National Farm Radio Forum Board
National Farm Radio Forum Citizenship Certificates
National Farm Radio Forum Con-
National Farm Radio Forum Conference
National Farm Radio Forum Conference Scheduled For Montreal First Week
National Farm Radio Forum Convention
National Farm Radio Forum Convention Banquet
National Farm Radio Forum Executive
National Farm Radio Forum Leadership Awaids
National Farm Radio Forum Lucky the
National Farm Radio Forum Topic
National Farm Radio Forums
National Farm Radio Forum—the world’s largest Radio Study Group Program
National Farm Radio Forum’
National Farm Radio Fo~um
National Farm Radio II Forum
National Farm Radio Individuals
National Farm Radio Mar
National Farm Radio Thawville
National Farm Ratio Forum
National Farm Safety the
National Farm Safety Week
National Farm Sk> Forum
National Farm Survey Rustic Rhetoric
National Farm Worn
National Farm, Radio Forum
National Farmer
National Farmers
National Farmers Umon
National Farmers Union
National Farmers Union Demand
National Farmers Union Board
National Farmers Union Director of Research Darrin Qualman
National Farmers Union Ed Michaud
National Farmers Union Patience
National Farmers Union Pro- Beachburg
National Farmers Union Regulation
National Farmers* Union
National Farmer’s SHAWVILLE
National Farmer’s Union
National Farmer’s Union Presents Brief
National Fat Stock Show
National Father
National Fathers
National Fatriutic Fund
National Fauk of Commerce
National Faun Radio Forum
National Federation
National Federation of Canadian
National Federation of Canadian Uni-vesity Students
National Federation of Dyers
National Federation of Hair-
National Federation of Liberal
National Federation of Liberal Women
National Federation of Modern Language Teachers
National Federation of Shaw
National Federation of University Students
National Federation of Women
National Federation of Young Farmers
National Federation.
National Fertilizer
National Fertilizer Association
National Fertilizer Association Postal Telegraph Bldg.
National Fête du
National Fi!m Board
National Fi-
National Film
National Film 4KW»Æ ÏL T.ÏWU
National Film B
National Film Boa
National Film Boad
National Film Boaid Thompson
National Film Board
National Film Board 5 University Courses 13 Circle Square
National Film Board 5 University Courses 18 Circle Square
National Film Board Aim
National Film Board ANDY LUSK
National Film Board Film
National Film Board Films
National Film Board Gallery
National Film Board Intends
National Film Board Many
National Film Board of
National Film Board of Canada
National Film Board of Ottawa
National Film Board Photo Gallery
National Film Board Picture CANADA
National Film Board Pictures
National Film Board Production
National Film Board Program
National Film Board Resume Showings Of Interesting Wartime Films Royal Purple Calf Meal She Reg
National Film Board Rev.
National Film Board Rural Circuits
NATIONAL FILM BOARD Services Distribution Office
National Film Board Talking Pictures
National Film Boards
National Film Dubois
National Film Foard
National Film Hoard
National Film Library
National Film Milton Howard
National Film Radio Forum’s
National Film Residents Non-residents Three-day
National Film T Dajey Board
National Film the Masonic Lodge
National Filrri Board
National Fil^ Board
National Fin Code
National Finals
National Financial Insurance Agency Inc.
National fir# Protection Asaoclatlon
National Fire
National Fire Chiefs'' Association
National Fire Code
National Fire Drill
National Fire Drill”
National Fire Fund
National Fire Insurance Ce
National Fire Insurance Co.
National Fire Prevention
National Fire Prevention Campaign
National Fire Prevention Poster Contest
National Fire Prevention U*
National Fire Prevention Week
National Fire Prevention Week Oadenfire Fire
National Fire Pro Bnd W*en
National Fire Protec
National Fire Protection
National Fire Protection SW
National Fire Protection 1 Association R] Lions
National Fire Protection Association
National Fire Protection Association Mixed Party
National Fire Protection Association A
National Fire Protection Association BUSINESS DIRECTORY Service
National Fire Protection Association FARM MACHINERY
National Fire Protection Association For
National Fire Protection Association Get
National Fire Protection Association H* Pi
National fire Protection Association NOW July
National Fire Protection Association PHML1UBL la
National Fire Protection Association R]
National Fire Protection Association R] Ladysmith Sportsmen
National Fire Protection Association X
National Fire Protection hrpl Association
National Fire Protection I Association
National Fire Protection iïÿ Association
National Fire Protection K?» Association Livestock
National Fire Protection L,
National Fire Protection Ltt Association
National Fire Protection L’y
National Fire Protection nffa® Association
National Fire Protection yy Association
National fire Protection [ Association
National Fire Protection { Association
National Fire Protection |nfpa‘ Association WARD 1
National Firm Protection Association
National Firm Protection yy Association
National firs Protection Association DÉFILÉ DE LA FÊTE DU CANADA Fort-Coulonge
National First
National Fish Day
National Fishery Association
National Fishing Week
National Fitness
National Fitness Council of
National Fitness News Parade By Elizabeth Eedy
National Fitness Program
National Fke Protection NFM’ Association CD
National Flag
National Flag Day
National Flag Movement
National Flapo Will
National FOm
National Food
National Food Commission
National Food Policy
National Food Products Limited
National Food Supply
National Food Sy-
National Foods
National Foot Health Council
National Foot Soci
National Football
National Football League
National Football League’s Troy Aikrmn
National For-
National Forage Symposium
National Forage Symposium Your Local Authorized Rock of Agis Sealmark Memorial Dealer We
National Forest Congress
National Forest Pest Management Forum Also
National Forest Week
National Forestry
National Forestry In-
National Forestry Insti-used
National Forestry Institute
National Forestry Institute Chalk River
National Forestry Performance
National Forestry Program
National Forestry Program Embarks On Its Second Season Both Imports
National Forests
National Form Radio
National Formulary
National Fort
National Forum
National Forum Conference
National Forum Convention Male Help Wanted BAILEY S GREENHOUSE For Sale Notice Tomato
National Forum Radio Board
National Foundation
National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
National Foundation Fund
National Foundation Infantile Paralysis
National Foundation Office
National Fox Hunters
National Fraternal Insurance
National Free
National Free Trade
National Frees Theatre
National French Week
National Füm
National Fundraising
National Fundraising • Project Management
National Funeral Directors Association October
National Fur Industry
National Fxecutix c
National Gal*
National Gal-
National Galkiy
National Galleiv
National Galleiy
National Gallery
National Gallery A
National Gallery Everett Cecil McAra
National Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Canada C.B.L Pine Hentage College Au Bouleau Blanc Ottawa Board of Education Au
National Gallery of Special R»hihiri«n
National Game
National Games
National Gang
National Gang Plough
National Gang Plow
National Gang Plows
National Garden
National Ge-
National Geo
National Geo-
National Geograp.m*
National Geograpbis Magazine
National Geograph
National Geographic
National Geographic Adventure
National Geographic Adventure Magazine
National Geographic Adventure.
National Geographic Bulletin
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Every Saturday
National Geographic Magazine
National Geographic So-height
National Geographic Society
National Geographic Society Girl Guide News
National Geographic Society Issued : Terrifying Sight Dangers
National Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations
National Geographic Traveler
National Geographic-Army Air Corps
National Geographical Magazine
National Geographical Society
National Geographical Society of Washington
National Geographic’s
National Geographic’s Field Guide
National Geogva-
National Geophysical Union
National Georgette Nassis
National German Automobile
National German Gymnastic Festival
National Girla Work Secretary
National Girls1 Work Hoard
National Giveers
National Golf
National Golf Championships
National Golf Course Association
National Golf Course Owners Association "
National Golf Course Owners Association Canada
National Good Car-Keeping
National Good Roads Association
National Good United
National Gov-
National Government
National Government Candidate
National Government Candidates
National Government Independent Liberal
National Government Label Will
National Government of Great Britain
National Government Party
National Governor the
National Graduate Register
National Grain
National Grain Growers'' Association
National Grand
National Grand Chief
National Grange
National Grant
National Graphic Gives Many A Thrill
National Greatness Deuteronomy
National Grid Scheme
National Groceries
National Grocers
National Grocers Challenge Trophy
National Grocers Cup
National Grocers Golf Tournament
National Grocers Oup
National Grocers Representative Ray Desjar-
National Grocers Trophy
National Grocers—won
National Grocery Cup
National Grundy
National Guard
National Guard Armory
National Guards
National Guards of
National Guardsmen
National Guile
National H Assembly
National H. Duty Bench Saw
National haine]
National Hallways
National Hank
National Hanson’s AH-wool Work Sox
National Harbors Board
National Harbour Board
National Harbours
National Harbours Board
National Hardwood
National Hardwood Lum
National Hardwood Lumber Association
National Hardwood Lumber Association of Chicago
National harm Radio
National Has Record
National Hawkesbury
National HBLJ
National He
National Headquarter
National Headquarter ARTHUR KILGOUR Shawville
National Headquarters
National Headquarters Drive
National Health
National Health Act
National Health and
National Health and Jig
National Health and Social Welfare
National Health and Wei-
National Health and Welfare
National Health and Welfare Department
National Health and Welfare JAMES
National Health and Welfare Minister
National Health and Welfare Ministre de
National Health and Welfare Mr. Montelth
National Health and Welfare"
National Health De
National Health Department
National Health Grants Pro-
National Health Is
National Health Plan
National Health Plan Discussed By Co-ops THE EQUITY Aikflfti Trip M<ta Pleauirt Memories BE FASHION
National Health Research Elizabeth School
National Health Scheme
National Health Standpoint
National Health Ti°-D
National Health Week
National Health Week "Heaitth Facts Digest
National Health; Hon
National Hègr^May Traffic Safety Administration
National Helices and Health
National Hentage Fair
National Her
National Herbarium
National Here
National Heritage
National Heritage be-
National Heritage Beck
National Heritage Day
National Heritage Fair
National Heritage River
National Heritage Stewart
National Heritage Waterway
National Heritage Waterway Dear Editor
National Heritage Waterway Why
National Heritage;
National Hero
National Highland Games
National Highway
National Highway Boards
National Highway Safety Administration
National Highway Safety Conference
National Highway Safety Conference—the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Highway Traffic Safety AdmmistrationjNHTSA
National Highway Traffic Safety Adrnimstrat.on
National Highway Traffic Safety A^mnislrahon
National Highway Trait*
National Histone Sites
National Historic Site
National Historic Sites
National Historic Sites Service
National Historica
National Historica Fair
National Historical
National History : Bible Aid*
National Hiÿiway Traffic Safety Admimstraton
National Hock
National Hock league
National Hock- H
National Hocke League
National Hockev
National Hockey
National Hockey Amprior
National Hockey Association
National Hockey Club
National Hockey Gretzky
National hockey Hockey Association/National Hockey Olympics
National Hockey League
National Hockey League Club
National Hockey League Players
National Hockey League Washington Capitals
National Hockey Leaguers
National Hockey League—should
National Hockey League’s
National Hockey League’s New York Rangers
National Hockey Panthers
National Hockey Tournament
National Holds
National Holiday
National Holiday Act
National Holiday Leave
National Holiday Organizing Committee
National Holiness Associ-
National Holiuay
National Home
National Home and Country
National Home and School Club
National Home Party Plan
National Home Party Plan Compa-
National Home Party Plan Company
National Homelessness Initiative
National Homelessness Kogaluk
National Homes c
National Honor Badge
National Hook-up T
National Horkey League
National Horse Show
National Horse-show
National Hospital
National Hospital Care Auxiliary
National Hospital Day
National Hospital Plan It
National HospiU# Week
National Hot Rod Association
National Hotel
National Hotkey League
National Household Survey
National Housing
National Housing Act
National Housing Act for Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation
National Housing Act Notice
National Housing Administration
National Housing Mr. Morris
National Housing Plan
National Hues
National Human Resources
National Human Resources Committee
National Human Resources Development
National Human Resources Development Committee
National Humor*''
National Hunk of Commerce
National Hydrology Research Institute
National Hymn
National I Assembly
National I Educational Association
National I JAKE ADVANTAGE Assembly
National I Post
National I>nig and Chemical Company
National ID
National Iibrazyof Quebec
National IItlra
National Illustrated
National Iload
National Ilockey League
National Immunization Week
National Importance
National Importance ADVOCATE
National Importance Cutters Dear Friend
National Importance Had
National INC.
National Income
National Independent Conservative
National Indian Arts Corporation
National Indian Brotherhood
National Industrial Conference After
National Industrial Conference Board
National Industrial Design Committee
National industrial Development Corp.
National Industrial L
National Industrial Recovery Hoai
National Industrial V<inference
National Industries
National Industry Meanwhile
National Information Bureau
National Infrastructure Knowledge Lawrence Cannon
National Inotitution Jr. IV
National Insti-
National Institut
National Institute
National Institute Departments
National Institute Fof The Blind
National Institute for
National Institute for Automative Service
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
National Institute for Research
National Institute for Scientific Research
National Institute for the
National Institute for the Blind
National Institute for the Blind $
National Institute for the Blind Motion
National Institute for the Blind the
National Institute for the Blind.
National Institute of Animal Ag-
National Institute of Canaspring
National Institute of Cancer
National Institute of Cleaning
National Institute of Con fee-
National Institute of ConfcetU Delorlroter P.O.
National Institute of Confectionary Ref
National Institute of Confectionary Reg
National Institute of Confectionery Montreal
National Institute of Delorlmler
National Institute of Drycleaning
National Institute of Drycleaning’s Diamond Jubilee
National Institute of Industrial Psychology
National Institute of Medical Research
National Institute of Mental Health
National Institute of Productivity
National Institute of the Blind
National Institute of the Blind of Great Britain
National Institution
National Insurance
National Insurance Act
National Insurance Canada’s Northwest Booms As Exploration Continues Greatest Battle
National Insurance Co.
National Insurance Plan Discussed By
National Interesting
National Inventor
National Investigations
National Itcacm h Council c
National Itnsiness College
National Itubber Co Ltd.
National Ituliber Co. Ltd ,
National IV
National Ixrm Agency SellAour Farm
National I’
National I’nion M L A
National j Geographic Society
National J « J Mk
National J-''y
National Jamboree
National Jean Sabasticn L Heureux
National Jersey Association
National Jet
National Jew
National Jimmy
National Jlt»rsepower
National Jno
National Job Bank
National Johnston
National Joint Conference BjoiJ
National Journalism Congress
National Jr
National Jtani-barium Association
National Jubilee Thankoffering
National Judd
National Jumpstart
National Junior
National Junior "
National Junior Beef Heifer Show
National Junior Citizenship
National Junior College
National Junior Hockey Team
National Junior Leadership Seminar
National Junior the
National Junior Western
National Kail-
National Kail-ways System
National Kesarch Council
National Keveime
National Kin
National Kindergarten Associa-''Tome
National Kindergarten Association
National Kitchens
National Ko*e Society West* A
National L
National La Presqu île
National Labor
National Labor Code Maximum Production
National Labor Corps
National Labor Council
National Labor Council of Toronto
National Labor Relations Board
National Labour Code
National Labour Supply Council
National Lacrosse Association
National Ladies* Hairdressers’ Association
National Ladies’ Hairdressers
National Laiirentia Daily Bread
National Laiirentia Daily Bread EB
National Lama'' Daily Bread
National Lampoon
National Lampoons Vacation
National Lank of Commerce
National Laurenlia Daily Bread
National Laurentia Daily Bread
National Laurentia Daily Bread*
National Lcagpe
National Lea*
National Leader
National Leadership Convention
National Leadership Conventions
National Leadership Seminar
National League
National League Against SMsir
National League Cy
National League Hockey
National League of American Pen Women
National League of Great Britain
National League of Schoolmasters
National League R Dumas
National League Representatives
National Lee
National Legislature
National LETTERS
National Levels
National Li
National Li-
National Lib Cartier
National Liberal
National Liberal and Conservative
National Liberal and Conservative Party Publicity Committee
National liberal Caucus Research Bureau
National Liberal Club
National Liberal Club Whitehall
National Liberal Convention
National Liberal Feder-
National Liberal Federation
National Liberal Federation Finance Co.
National Liberal Party
National Liberals
National Liberation
National Liberation Day
National Libra
National Libraiy
National Library
National Library i# Dear Parents
National Library John Brusenbauch
National Library Pontiac and
National Library V
National Library /
National Library RABIES
National Library &
National Library & j Sod
National Library Any
National Library Grist
National Library INTERIM THOUGHTS Relating
National Library k Pottery Beginnings and Development
National Library Light Horse
National Library V-
National Library ¥
National Library /¦ July
National Library A
National Library Davidson
National Library FORT COULONGE
National Library Ï
National Library January
National Library LETTERS
National Library Lusk
National Library NOW WHAT
National Library N‘V< Y
National Library Pontiic
National Library Prenatal
National Library Shawville
National Library V
National Library V •
National Library #
National Library *
National Library *****
National Library ,f1 Pontiac
National Library 044* Luskville
National Library 044t A / HELP PLAN NOW
National Library 0649 Country Style Singers Second
National Library 510 Pembroke St East Pembroke
National Library According
National Library Admittedly
National Library All Subscriptions
National Library An Old
National Library and Archives
National Library and Archives of Canada
National Library and Queen s University
National Library April
National Library As
National Library As the
National Library B Gatineau
National Library Bristol,
National Library c K PEOPLE
National Library CARDS OF THANKS MISC.
National Library Charlie Imison’s
National Library Chris Clarke
National Library Congratulations
National Library Correction
National Library Country Notes
National Library Dan SENIOR HHAS BEEN* WOMEN
National Library Dear Editor
National Library Dear Editor Dear Editor
National Library Dear Mr
National Library Dear Sir
National Library Dear Sirs
National Library Dear Sirs CSPCA
National Library Doreen Hits
National Library DOUGLAS MacMillan Tel
National Library Down
National Library Editor
National Library Editor The Equity Shawville
National Library Editor- Equity Shaw
National Library Editorial A
National Library Elsewhere
National Library Ennis Tubman THE
National Library f Brothers
National Library FREE ESTIMATES
National Library Golden Age
National Library Gordon Crouse Shawville Youth Center
National Library GRANTS FOR
National Library Greetings
National Library H Pembroke
National Library H V
National Library Harris
National Library He
National Library Î C. Jean THE EQUITY SHAWVILLE
National Library i K
National Library In
National Library ipf Quebec Member
National Library It
National Library IV
National Library J
National Library J Y Jay
National Library Jack
National Library K I
National Library L
National Library Last Saturday
National Library Lome* Mining Corp. Ltd Article
National Library Luskville
National Library M
National Library Madam
National Library March
National Library March 10
National Library MEANWHILE
National Library Member
National Library MINOR HOCKEY WEEK
National Library Mr. Ross Dickson
National Library Mrs Grace Smith
National Library Mrs Herby Hodgins
National Library MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS Ponti Action
National Library Museum
National Library Musical Ministers
National Library N OTTAWA
National Library Not the
National Library Now the
National Library NUCLEAR POWER AND
National Library o( Quebec Member
National Library o4 Quebec
National Library o< Quebec Member
National Library Obstacles THEY’RE ENTITLED
National Library of
National Library of Canada
National Library of Ouetx*
National Library of Poe- M*......... Choice Award
National Library of Poetry
National Library of Quebec
National Library of Quebec ;
National Library of Quebec Member
National Library of Quebec F Philip Mulligan Gatineau
National Library of Quebec Member
National Library of Quebec ABC
National Library of Quebec Municipal Powers Act Member
National Library of Quebec XË
National Library of Quebec Big
National Library of Quebec Canadian Community Newspaper Association
National Library of Quebec Contributions
National Library of Quebec Democracy
National Library of Quebec Elementary School
National Library of Quebec F Member
National Library of Quebec HP"
National Library of Quebec J Member
National Library of Quebec J T MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association Association of Québe
National Library of Quebec Let
National Library of Quebec May Uth
National Library of Quebec MEMBER
National Library of Quebec MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association
National Library of Quebec MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association Assoc
National Library of Quebec MEMBER Canadian Community Newspaper Association Association of Québec Re
National Library of Quebec Member of ASC.
National Library of Quebec Memberofthe CCNA
National Library of Quebec Meml P
National Library of Quebec MEVBER
National Library of Quebec National Party
National Library of Quebec ONTARIO T
National Library of Quebec Ottawa And
National Library of Quebec Page
National Library of Quebec Provided
National Library of Quebec QCNA & Hebdos Sélect
National Library of Quebec Sudbury Member
National Library of Quebec Thorne Member
National Library of Quebec Toronto Member
National Library of Quebec Tours
National Library of Shawville
National Library of W
National Library of WIIAT PHYSICIANS SAY
National Library ofJQuebec Member
National Library oi Quebec Member
National Library Oil COAL WELL PIT
National Library Ol Quebec Member
National Library On
National Library On Language Learning
National Library On Monday
National Library Only
National Library ot Quebec Member
National Library Ottawa Civic Hospital Carling Avenue Ottawa
National Library Our
National Library Photo
National Library Policy
National Library PROROGATION At
National Library Puaay-willowa
National Library r
National Library Rebertz
National Library REMEMBER Carlo Guiliani
National Library rink Church Service Giant Parade Civic Banquet
National Library Sergeant Barbeau
National Library Shame
National Library Shawville Equity
National Library Si %
National Library Sincerely
National Library Sincerely Charles H
National Library SPEED
National Library St. Joseph’s Manor Campbell’s Bay
National Library Stealing’s
National Library SUBDIVISIONS
National Library Sy
National Library That
National Library the
National Library The Equity Shawville
National Library The Library
National Library There
National Library thir- Britiah
National Library Third Week
National Library This
National Library TO
National Library Toronto
National Library TTe
National Library V
National Library V Joys
National Library V *
National Library V Walkathon AM
National Library W Lance
National Library WAIT AND
National Library WE NEED
National Library Well
National Library What
National Library X J
National Library y
National Library _
National Library |
National Library »
National Library “Canada
National Library • PARTIES
National Library.
National Library;
National Library; Dorothy Your Land
National Library_
National Libraty
National Libroy
National Life
National Life Advertisement CIRCUMSTANCES ALTER
National Life Assura
National Life Assurance Co.
National Life Assurance Co. Kendall’s Spavin Cure
NATIONAL LIFE Assurance Company
National Life Policy
National Life" Service
National Lifeboat
National Lifeguard
National Lifo Co.
National Lihraiy
National lire Protection Association
National Literacy Secretariat
National Literature
National Live Sock Records
National Live Stock
National Live Stock Association
National Live Stock Convention
National Live Stock Free
National Live Stock Records
National Live Stock ReRadio
National Livestock Markets Information Service
National Livestock Records
National LJbraiy
NATIONAL LlltftAL COMMITTEE ShawviUe Milling Co. Ltd.
National Loan................... Health
National Ltorary
National Luaguo
National LULHIC Will
National Lum
National Lutheran Synods Dr
National LU«ral Federation
National M
National M :
National M.mufac''
National Mag
National Magazine
National Magazine Rosaries
National Manufacture Co.
National Manufacturing
National Manufacturing /GRATIS.
National Manufacturing A
National Manufacturing Bleeding
National Manufacturing Co Montreal A DIES È
National Manufacturing Co# Montres
National Manufacturing Co,
National Manufacturing Co.
National Manufacturing Co. Mon
National Manufacturing Com
National Manufacturing Com-nenv.
National Manufacturing Company
National Manufacturing Company Montreal Clean Hand* MISCELLANEOUS ELL Ey TIPPED NEWSPAPER
National Manufacturing Co^ Montreal
National Manufacturing Montreal
National Manufacturing Montreal THIS
National Manufmiur
National Many
National Map
National Map Collection
National March
National Marine Poli- Carleton Mayor Dwight
National Marine Policy
National Maritime
National Marketing Agency
National Marketing Director
National Marketing Plan
National Marketing System
National Marriage Encounter
National Masters Single Novice
National Mastic Products Co.
National Match
National Math League
National McDoweil
National Meat Agency
National Meat Authority
National Meat Marketing Board
National Medical
National Medical Re-
National Memori White Cap Sweepstakes Red Cob Longfellow Improved Learning
National Memorial
National Memorial Chapter
National Memorial Fund
National Mental Health Week
National MI
National Mid-
National Mid- League
National Midget
National Midget Hock
National Midget Hockey
National Midget Hockey Particular
National Midget Hockey Tournament CC”
National Midget Tour- Bob Alexander
National Midget Tour-are
National Midget Tourna
National Midget Tourna-ular
National Midget Tournament
National Midget Tournament Dove Moore
National Midget Tournament News”
National Midget Tourney
National Midget Trouna- the
National Mighwey Traffic Safety Administration
National Milk Publicity Coun-For
National Milker
National Millers’ Federation
National Mineral Wool Insulation Aaao
National Mines
National Ministère du Développement
National Ministry of Education
National Minor Hockey Week
National Miss Teen Canada
National Missing Children
National Missing Children of Canada
National Missing Children s Locate Center
National Mission
National Missionary Congress
National Mltker
National Mo-||Rcw
National Mobilization
National Mobilization Bill
National Mod
National Monthly
National Monthly Newspaper
National Montreal
National Montreal Can Only Find Relief
National Montreal There
National Monument
National Mortgage Rank
National Motion Crs
National Motor Oil
National Motor Show
National Motor Show of Canada
National Mou T
National Mousseau
National Moved
National MP John McDermid
National Mr Stewart Fulford
National Mr. John McCleary
National Mrs. Ed
National Mu
National Mu-
National Mu- Spring
National Mu-most
National Mu-of Washington
National Munitions
National MunuitiO»
National Murray
National Mus
National Muse
National Museum
National Museum ;
National Museum Bones
National Museum Long
National Museum of STEAM CLEANING Safely
National Museum of Antiquities
National Museum of Cairo
National Museum of Canada
National Museum of Canada Post
National Museum of Canada—their
National Museum of L
National Museum of Natural
National Museum of Natural Poirier
National Museum of Natural Science Dr. Ross
National Museum of Natural Sciences
National Museum of Science and Technology
National Museum of Wales
National Museum on Saturday
National Museums
National Music Clubs Federation
National Music Teachers'' Association
National Musical Supply Co. Ltd ,
National Nathan Stewart
National National and International Affair» Events
National National Gallery
National NDP Member
National Need REGINA
National Neighbour-
National Network
National Networks
National New York
National News
National Newspaper
National Newspaper Week
National Newspaper Week J Newspapers
National Ne^sPaper
National NFU
National NFU Executive
National Noodle Week
National Nothing Week
National Nugent
National Nurses Appreciation Week
National Nursing Home Week
National Nutrition
National Nvr
National Oal-
National of Canada
National Of- School
National Office
National Office Management
National Office Management Association
National Office Management Association Chap
National Office of Farm Radio Forum
National Office of the
National Officers
National OGIT Committee
National Oil Electric Cars
National Oink of Commerce
National Old Timers Tournament
National Older Boys Parliament
National Oldtimers Valley
National Oleographic
National Olub
National on Welfare
National On* Ueliü
National Onion
National Ontario Provincial C.W.L. Council
National Onus
National OPEN
National Open Golf Championships
National Opera Con
National Opera Con Symphonic Hour
National Opera...... Symphonic Hour.......«
National Organ Donation Awareness Week
National Organization
National Organization for
National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws
National Organizations
National Origins Law New York Times
National Orthopaedic Hospital
National Orug Co.
National Ottawa
National Ottawa Time
National OWL Council
National Own Tablets
National P
National P''xhibition
National Paik
National PairWise Comparison
National Palace
National Pardon
National Pardon Centre
National Pardon Centre Your
National Pardon Centre™
National Park
National Park & Game
National Park & Game Sanctuary
National Park Branch
National Park Reserve
National Park Seminary
National Park Service
National Park Services
National Parka
National Parks
National Parks .
National Parks and Historic Sites
National Parks and Historic Sites Mom
National Parks Association
National Parks br
National Parks Branch
National Parks Bureau
National Parks California
National Parks Centen- Cornwall
National Parks Centen-is
National Parks Centennial
National Parks Centennial Citizens Committee Inc re
National Parks Centennial Citizens’ Committee
National Parks Centennial Committee
National Parks Commission
National Parks Is
National Parks National Parks
National Parks of Canada
National Parks of Canada Branch
National Parks Picturized As Grenadiers Enter City of London News
National Parks Pureau
National Parks Ser- A
National Parks Service
National Parks System
National Parks Temiscaming
National Parks the
National Parks There
National Parks TOOTH DECAY
National Parks ” S Big Tou,Attraction
National Parks.
National Parks.—Routine
National Park—several
National Parliament
National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast
National Parole BUI
National Parties
National party
National Party Chieftain
National Past
National Patent
National Patent J History
National Patent New Northern Quebec Railway Line
National Patent Thirty-seven
National Patriotic Society
National Peace Congress
National Pen
National People’s Congress
National Per
National Perm Radio
National Petty
National Physical
National Physical Activity
National Physical Activity Week
National Physical Bay
National Physical Fitness
National Physical Laboratory
National Physicial Laboratory
National Piano Co.
National Pickle Packers Association
National Picsidcnt
National Pig Fair
National Pigeon Service
National Pill
National Pilla
National Pilla Pembroke
National Pills
National Pioe Cleaners Canandaigua
National Pire Protection Association
National Pj
National Place
National Planning Board of Fair Vote Canada
National Plasterers
National Plastic
National Playing Fields Association
National Pmg A
National Pol-
National Police Knox United Church
National Policy
National Policy !
National Policy 1
National Policy Committee
National Policy I
National Policy Indus
National Policy It
National Policy market
National Policy the
National Policy W
National Policy W.
National Policy.
National Policy;
National Polioy-Stn
National Political Machine
National Polled
National Pontiac
National Pontiac’s
National Por* .rv.;t Gallery
National Portland Cement
National Portland Cement Advocate
National Portland Cement Always
National Portland Cement HARLAND C. ROWAT Always
National Portland Cement Nails
National Portland Cement Paints Hardwall Plaster
National Portland Cement Phone
National Portrait Gallery
National Ports
National Post
National Postal Employees
National Poster Contest
National Pot-
National Poul-
National Poul-!
National Poultry & Egg Co.
National Poultry Breeding Pro- Canadians
National Poultry Breeding Program
National Poultry Council
National Poultry Marketing Scheme S Mrs. George Moore
National Poultry Organization
National Pour
National Power Alcohol December
National Power Grid
National Prayer
National Prayer Breakfast
National Prayer Breakfast Parliament
National Presi-the Miss Teen Canada
National Presidents
National Press
National Press Club
National Press Theatre
National Pridi Grows
National Printing Bureau
National Printing-office
National Priority
National Prisse
National Proba-al
National Probation
National Probation association
National Produced-in-Canada Exhibition
National Product
National Productiv-
National Productivity Council
National Productivity Foucher
National Professional Football League
National Professional Golfers Association
National Professional Golfers Association of She United States
National Professional Professionals"
National Program
National Program"
National Program”
National Progress the
National Progressive
National Progressive Conservât- John S* Hodg
National Progressive Conservative
National Progressive Conservative Leader
National Progressive Conservative Paper
National Progressive Conservative Party
National Progressive-Conservative Party Your INTERNATIONAL TRUCK Dealer the
National ProLifc
National Provin-
National Province
National Provincial Bank
National Provincial Plate Glam Insurance Co:
National Prug
National Pu-
National Public Radio
National Public Service CAMPBELL
National Public Service Week
National Publications
National Publicity Committee
National P°
National Q
National Qea
National Quebec
National Quite
National QWI
National Radio Broadcast
National Radio Farm Forunw
National Radio Forum
National Radio Forum |
National Radio Institute
National Radio Week
National Rail
National Rail Workers
National Rail- OXYGEN FOR DIESELS Widespread
National Railway
National Railway Agent
National Railway Company
National Railway Magazine
National Railway Revenues
National Railway System
National Railway Training School
National Railway Yards
National Railway* Revenue*
National Railways
National Railways ;
National Railways Agent
National Railways Deficit
National Railways Directors Meet
National Railways Earning* FI.-RXITflRR FOII MALI FRRf BA
National Railways Earnings TREASURES TO-MORROW Eight 4x6
National Railways Employees War Services Association
National Railways Headquarters Has Good Operating
National Railways Hotels
National Railways Hotels—there
National Railways Munitions Limited
National Railways Notices
National Railways Photo-
National Railways Photograph
National Railways Revenues
National Railways Revenues 1
National Railways Revenues Canadian Armed Merchant Cruiser Captures Enemy Ship
National Railways Revenues A
National Railways Revenues A Kerr
National Railways Revenues AGENTS
National Railways Revenues BOOK SHELF
National Railways Revenues CHESTERFIELDS
National Railways Revenues CRAMER NURSERIES
National Railways Revenues ers
National Railways Revenues Guides
National Railways Revenues HEALT TOPICS
National Railways Revenues HILLS OF OCEAN WATER Hills
National Railways Revenues Little Polly
National Railways Revenues M
National Railways Revenues Modem
National Railways Revenues NO
National Railways Revenues Poland
National Railways Revenues Reduced Rate
National Railways Revenues Shrewd Farmers «
National Railways Revenues VRITE FOR OUR FREE
National Railways Revenues WATCHMAKING
National Railways Revenues WEEKLY NEWSPAPER PROI’LR-ty
National Railways Revenues With
National Railways Soldiers
National Railways System
National Railways'' Department of Colonization
National Rale* Agency
National Rally
National Ranges
National Rank of Commerce
National Raüwaysln
National Re
National Re-
National Re- Mrs* William Hanley
National Re-lii<apa<ltat-
National Re-Pfl''r’i Council
National Realty
National Record Committee
National Recovery
National Recreation Associa
National Recreation Association
National Red 11
National Red Cross
National Red Cross Society
National Red Hat
National Red Shield
National Red Shield Headquarters
National Red%rch Council
National Referendum
National Reform Union
National Refreshments
National Regional Fair
National Register
National Registered Pedigree
National Registration
National Registration Card
National Reienuc Department
National Relations
National Relief Committee
National Relief Fund
National Report the Church Hall
National Representative
National Republican Committee
National Research
National Research C
National Research Centre
National Research Conn
National Research Conseil national Council Canada de
National Research Coun-
National Research Coun-|VVm
National Research Council
National Research Council Accounting; Airconditioning
National Research Council Bob
National Research Council Brad Feasy - Canadian Institute for International Peace & Security Noral
National Research Council Derek Power - Crawley Films International Professor Terry Oriick & Team -
National Research Council Montreal Road
National Research Council of
National Research Council of Argue
National Research Council of Canada
National Research Council of Ottawa
National Research Council Roy
National Research Council s Dominion Astrophysics
National Research Council Scholarship
National Research Council Spans
National Research Council’s Geological Survey
National Research Council’s GSC.
National Research CouncjW
National Research Loan- Many
National Research Misa Kathy Bigelow spent Council
National Research Sir Henry Wood
National Research the
National Research Universal
National Research Universal He
National Research Universal Reactor
National Research Universal)
National Résident
National Resour
National Resour-
National Resources
National Resources and Northern Affairs
National Resources and Public Works Committee
National Resources Bav
National Resources Development Canada
National Resources Mobilization
National Resources Mobilization Act
National Restaurant
National Retail Dry Gôods Association
National Rev. 124.30
National Revenu Revenue
National Revenue
National Revenue and Communications
National Revenue Bldg
National Revenue Department
National Revenue for Taxation
National Revenue for Taxation A Morgan B at
National Revenue Gigantic War Task For United States
National Revenue Hon
National Revenue Immunization
National Revenue J WILLIAM HOWARD
National Revenue Ontario Agricultural College
National Revenue Review
National Revenue Seven
National Revenue Taxation
National Review
National Review Herald During
National Rewnue Department
National RH
National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association of Britain
National Rifle Awwoiatlon
National River Rockets
National Rivers
National Robinson
National Rost
National Route)
National Rowing Team
National Rre Protection Assooaton
National Rtoiim
National Rubber
National Rubber Co Lid
National Rubber Co Ltd
National Rubber Co Ltd .
National Rubber Co Ltd.
National Rubber Co.
National Rubber Co. Lid
National Rubber Co. Ltd
National Rubber Co. Ltd ,
National Rubber Co. Ltd .
National Rubber Co. Ltd shire
National Rubber Co. Ltd Toronto
National Rubber Co. Ltd •hire Ave
National Rubber Co. Ltd.
National Rubber Cu Toionto
National Rubber Vo Ltd.
National Ruhher Co. Ltd ,
National Rules
National Run Day
National Ruslneaa College
National Rxhlbi
National S
National Sa on of Agriculture
National Sacred Trust
National Safe Boating Week June
National Safe Driving
National Safe Driving Week
National Safe-Driving Week—
National Safety
National Safety Conference
National Safety Council
National Safety Council Animal Revives United States
National Safety Council Feeder Pigs
National Safety Council of Chicago
National Safety Council’s
National Safety First Association of England
National Safety League
National Safety League of
National Safety League of Canada
National Salad Week
National Salas Officer
National Sales Agency
National Sales Training
National Sales Training School
National Salon
National Salon of Agriculture
National Salvage
National Salvage Campaign
National Salvage Campaign Supervisor
National Salvage Committee
National Salvage Division
NATIONAL SALVAGE DIVISION Minutes of Council Ons low North Service Announcements FARM FOR SALE
National Salvage Division of the Department of National War Services
National Salvage Headquarters
National Salvage Office
National Sanatorium Association
National Sani- GEO.
National Sanitarium Associa
National Sanitarium Associa-diseases
National Sanitarium Associai
National Sanitarium Association
National Sanitary Products
National Sanitation Foundation
National Sanitation» Association
National Sanl- We
National Saving Society
National Savings
National Savings Bank
National Savings Cer
National Scales A Snow Buggy
National Scholarships for Social Service
National School
National School Broadcast
National School of
National School of Agricultural and Housekeeping Instruction
National School of Avfa
National School of Carillon-Flaying
National School of Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
National School of Lise Bénard
National School of Oratory
National School Studios*
National School Teachers
National Schools
National Science Museum
National Scot-
National Scout Conference
National Scout Movement
National Scout Service
National Seasonal
National Seaway Council
National Secre
National Secre-for National Farm Radio
National Secretaries
National Secretary
National Secretary Boys
National Secretary Floyd Griesbach
National Secretary of Farm Radio Forum
National Secretary Treasurer
National Securities Corporation LIMITED CONFEDERATION LIFE BLDG.
National Securities Corporation LIMITED CONFEDERATION LIFE BLOG.
National Securities Corporation LIMITED Idle Money PERSONS
National Securities Corporation The Famous Red Ferler
National Securities Corporation.
National Securities RECEIPTS Cash
National Security Forces
National Security Industrial Associaion
National Sedan
National Select!re Service Mobilization Itegulationsi 1
National Selected Strtiet
National Selective
National Selective Scrice Mobilization Regulations
National Selective Sertice Humphrey Mitchell
National Selective Service
National Selective Service Board
National Selective Service Civilian Regulation
National Selective Service Civilian Regulations
National Selective Service Directe
National Selective Service Humphrey Mitchell
National Selective Service Mo
National Selective Service Mobilisation Regulations
National Selective Service Mobilization Regulation*
National Selective Service Mobilization Regulations
National Selective Service Mrs, Jno
National Selective Service Native Party
National Selective Service Officer
National Selective Service Offices
National Selective Service Orders
National Selective Service Regulations
NATIONAL SELECTIVE SERVICE Seeond Ctmipiilsory Employment Transfer Order Bristol School Commissione
National Selective Service W-F.ll
National Selective Servie#Mobilization Oudusivo
National Selective Servies
National Selective Servira
National Sen- Carelessness
National Seniors Many
National Ser-
National Ser- Duff
National Serne Brocher
National Service
National Service Bill
National Service Cards
National Service Commission
National Service Commission Campaign.
National Service Dale
National Service Hoard
National Service League
National Service Literature
National Service Loan
National Service Loan—Canadians
National Service THK
National Service Week
National Service |
National Shawville High School
National Sheep Committee
National Shell Truck
National SHIP YOUR
National Shoe and Leather Bank
National Shoe Fair
National Shoe Retailers
National Shoe Retailers’ Association
National Shoe Retailer’s Associa
National Shoppe
National Showcase Herd
National Showcase Herds
National Showvme After
National Shrine
National Shropshire
National Shuffle
National Silver Fox III Association
National Skate Test Program Please
National Skating Test Programme
National Ski Kearnan
National Ski Touring Operators Association
National Ski Week
National Ski Week Sylvia
National Slanders I’ve
National Slo-Pitch Athletics
National Slow-pitch Association World Series
National Snc''al-laved
National Soap Chips
National Soap Flakes
National Social Credit Lead
National Socialism
National Socialist
National Socialist Government
National Socialist Movement
National Socialist Party
National Socialist Worker
National Socialists
National Society
National Society for the Prevention
National Society of Arts
National Society of Quebec
National Soil Québec
National Solar Energy Information Centre
National Speakers Vinton Yarn
National Spec
National Spectacle
National Spinsters’ Pension Association
National Spiritual
National Spiritual Assembly
National Sport Has Interesting Background In History Of Country
National Sport UNQUOTE
National Sporting Club
National Sports
National Sports Academy
National Sportsmen
National SPY Association of Insecticide
National St-Paul—Merchant’s National Bank
National Stabilization
National Staff League
National Staff Training Con-tte
National Stage Band Finals
National Standard High WE
National Standard*
National Stands
National State
National Steamships
National Steel
National Steel Car Company
National Steel Cer Corp.
National Stella’s Beauty Shop Will
National Stltctift Srrvict
National Stock Foods
National Stock Foods—they
National Stockman
National Strawberries
National Student
National Student ment Committee
National Student Run Terry Fox
National Study Travel
National Sub-Committee Watch
National SubMerlin Richardson
National Subscription Committee
National Subsidy for Municipal
National Subsidy Grant
National Subsidy Program
National Sugar Iteilnlng
National Summer Games
National Summer Safety Week
National Summer School of Catechetics
National Summer Spe-
National Summer Special Olympics
National Sunil
National Sunitaiiimi Association
National Supply and Services
National Supply Management Program
National Support Program
National Sure-
National Survey and Public Opinion
National Survival
National Swine Judging Competition
National Symphony Orch
National Symphony Orchestra
National Syndicates
National Systei Champion
National System
National System Announcement
National System Hotels
National System the
National Talent
National Tariff
National Tclcvi- Carmel McCrystal
National Teacher
National Teacher Appreciation Week
National Teacher Attending
National Team
National Technical
National Teenage Safe Driving Championship-the
National Telecommunications
National Telegraph
National Telegraph Institute
National Telephone and Telegraph Corporation A
National Telephone and Telegraph Corporation Write
National Telephone Company
National Temperance Hospital
National Temperance League
National Temperance Society
National Ten
National Terminals
National Test Programme
National Thanksgiving Weekend
National Thanksgiving—its
National The
National The BCS Budget
National Theater
National Theatre
National Theatre School
National Theft Bureau
National Theresian Board of Canada
National Theresian Conference
National This-or-That Week
National Thrun
National Th^
National Tianecontinential Riilway
National Tianxont
National Ticket Agent
National TILDEN Rivcwview Jay
National Ti«n*contiomt.l
National Tobacco
National Tobacco Company
National Topographic Thus
National Touring Bureau
National Tournament
National Town Crier"
National Track
National Tractor Pullers Association
National Trade Policy Without
National Trade Unions
National Trades
National Trading Corporation
National Traffic Security Week
National Trail
National Trail Day
National Trail"
National Training Act
National Training Program
National Training Program At Employment
National Training School
National Training Service Program
National Trame
National Traneconti-
National Trans-
National Transconti- Doukhobors
National Transcontinental
National Transcontinental Chariot Ouarrin
National Transcontinental I»
National Transcontinental Moved
National Transcontinental Rail
National Transcontinental Railway
National Transcontinental Railway Commission
National Transcontinental the
National Transcontinental |
National Transcontl-
National Transcontl- British
National Transport
National Transporta-
National Transporta- Concerning Fire Protec- Moved
National Transportation
National Transportation Act
National Transportation Agency
National Transportation Agency Ottawa
National Transportation Corporation
National Trauscon
National Travel
National Treasurer
National Treasury
National Tree Seed Centre
National Tree Seed MwJwf
National Tripartite
National Trois-Rivières
National Trotting Association
National Trotting A«e
National Truck Hero
National Truck Hero Committee
National Truck Roadeo
National Truckers Association
National Trust
National Trust Building
National Trust Co.
National Trust Com
National Trust Company
National Trust Mercury
National Trust Yours
National Trust;
National Tu''
National Tuberculosis Association
National Tues
National Turkish Museum
National Twin Unit
National Ubrary
National Ubrary of Quebec Membw Of ABC CCNA
National Uitte Associations
National Unemployment
National Unemployment Insurance Fund
National Unemployment Service
National Union
National Union Amedée
National Union Government
National Union July
National Union Members
National Union of Conservative
National Union of General and Municipal Workers
National Union of Teach
National Union of Townswomen
National Union of Women Teachers
National Union Organization
National Union Prty
National Union Sweep Speakers At Rally Here Next
National Union Thanks
National Union Ward
National Union’s
National Unity
National Unity Debate
National Unity Party
National Unity Rural Recollections Joys
National Unity;
National University
National University and National Museum
National University Extension Association
National University of Dublin
National University of Ireland
National University of Peiping
National Uses
National Utxary
NATIONAL Value of Good Feeding
National Vehicle Scrappage Program
National Veterinary Medical Association
National Vianscoutmental
National Vice
National Victory Loan Campaign
National Villa
National Vimy Memorial We H imid Uke
National Vnthem
National Volunteer Chevrolet Dealers
National Volunteer Fire Council
National Volunteer Service
National Volunteer Week
National Volunteers Week
National VV. C.
National VVekly Newspaper
National W. A. HODCINS.
National W.M.C. Day
NATIONAL WA* FINANCE COMMITTED N Service Announcements Holiness Movement Church Rev. W.
National Wage Board Co-ordinating Committee
National Waif-S.iv
National Wallpaper Month
National War
National War Finance
National War Finance Committee
National War Finance Committee FARM FOR SALE Causes
National War Finance Committee May
National War King’s Pigeons Have Enlisted Services Department
National War Labeur Board Ottawa
National War Labor Board
National War Labour Board
National War Labour Board Ottawa
National War Loan
National War Loan Committee
National War Memorial
National War Museum
National War Museum They
National War Savings
National War Savings Committee
National War Service Committee
National War Services
National War Services Board
National War Services Department
National War Services Regulations
National War Services Regulations Officials
National Warehouse
National Washington Capitals
National Watch
National Water Quality Network
National Water Safety Week
National Water Safety Week BALE MORE HAY FASTER
National We
National Week
National Weekly
National Weekly New.paper
National Weekly Newspaper
National Weekly Newspaper Week
National Western Judge
National Westminister Bank
National We’ve
National What They Stand For-by Mrs.
National WHltel* Assembly
National Wild Life
National Wild United Church
National Wilderness Survival Inc.
National Wildlife
National Wildlife * Week
National Wildlife Health Center
National Wildlife Refuge
National Wildlife Week
National Wildlife | Week
National Wills
National Winner
National Wlar Services Department
National WMklr SMlSlqN the
National Wmr Finance Commit
National Wnr Savings Committee
National Woman’s Party
National Women
National Women s Association
National Women’s
National Woodwork Manufacturers Association
National Wor Finance Committee
National Working
National Working Capital
National Wur Cr
National XL
National Y
National Yenghies
National Zeitung
National ZïiStLS -
National Zoo
National Zoological
National _
National _ Stock Foods
National |
National | Classified Advertising
National | Dr. Alf
National | Gordon Hazelwood
National || Research Council
National ¦M^KK IM JHHB
National ‘ Manufacturing Co.
National# Assembly
National'' Laurentia Daily Bread
National'' Manila Daily Bread
National* Film Board
Native Affairs
Native Affairs Department
Nato Multi- National Force
Naval Affairs
NBC National
NEA Service Correspondent AIR
Neal National General Pictures Presents UtVâMCUU
New National Health and
New National Transportation
New York Giants National League Club
New York National
NEWS BRIEFS Pontiac National Midget Tournament
Newspaper National Snapshot Awards
NFU National Youth
Nor National Legislature
Nord Canada Affairs Canada
Northern Affairs
Northern Affairs Canada Affaires
Northern Affairs Canada Aha.tos
Northern Affairs Department
Northern Affairs M
Northern Affairs Usually
Northwestern National Life Insur
Northwestern National Life Insurance
NOW The Municipal Affairs
Nutrition Canada National Survey
Nutrition Division of the Department of National Health and
OBITUARY National Parks Centennial Lloyd
Office National du
Office of Indian Affairs
Oiebec National Library.
Oifectoi Consumer Affairs Dept
OKebec National Library Viola Hannaberry
Old National Cash Register
Old Testament Principles of National Unity
Ontario Department of Inter governmental Affairs
Ontario Telephone 432-4224 National Capital MS Attention
OSCAR LAFLAMME P.S.—Just Received Car National Cement Solicitor
Ottawa National Arts Centre
OTTAWA National Carbon Co.
Ottawa National’s Training Camp
Ottawa SuperEx National Art Centre
Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce Sponsor Banque National Bank Soirée des Fête
Outaouais Affairs
Pacific National Exhibition
Pacific National Exposition
Palladia» National Railways
Par-Union National Party
Pariah National Assembly
Parks Centennial National Parks Centennial
Parliament International Affairs—A
Parliamentary Commission on Municipal Affairs
Party Carol Burnett
PAUL MCGEE Equity Editor SHAWVDLLE By IRIS SMITH Correspondent
PAUL MCGEE Equity Reporter LUSKVILLE - Municipal Affairs
Pavilon du Parc Inc. Carol
Payette’s Department of Consumer Affairs
Pc ul Co CO Pontiac National MIDGET HOCKEY
Pctawawa National Forestry Institute
Pembroke Hahn Correspondent Belated Carson Russell of North
Pembroke Municipal Affairs
Percy Smith’s Store Campbell’s Bay Correspondent
Permanent Commission on Municipal Affairs
PERRY Correspondent
Personal Affairs
Personal Health Insurance By EILEEN LABELLE Correspondent Birthday
Petawawa National For Fetawawa National Forestry estry Institute
Petawawa National Fore*
Petawawa National Forestry
Petawawa National Forestry Guild
Petawawa National Forestry Institute
Petawawa National Forestry Institute BRYSON THEATRE He
Petawawa National Forestry Institute Open House
Petawawa National Forestry Institute; Rob Keen
Petawawa National Midget Hockey
Pickup Service By Calling Merton Glenn Telephone 16-R-4 National Symphony
Pierre National Health and Welfare
Pitt of Municipal Affairs
Plant Group Public Affairs
Plymouth Special Bv BERTHA MCGEE Correspondent
PoetNac-Temiscamlngue Union National Association
Political Affairs la Great Britain
Pollution Probe National Workshop
Pontac National Midget Tournament
Pontiac Agriculture Society By ELIZABETH HAHN Correspondent
Pontiac and Municipal Affairs
Pontiac By HERMONIE SHARPE Correspondent
Pontiac County By LINDSAY WILLS Equity Correspondent PONTIAC
Pontiac County Convenor for Education and Cultural Affairs
Pontiac County Loyal Orange Affairs Lodge
Pontiac County Union National Association
Pontiac Department of National Defence Ottawa
Pontiac Health Services Minister of Municipal Affairs
Pontiac JH Correspondent High School
Pontiac Member of National A
Pontiac Member of National Assembly
Pontiac Member of National Assembly ASSEMBLEE NATIONALE QUÉBEC Entente
Pontiac Member of National Assembly Charlotte L Ecuyer
Pontiac Member of National Assembly Charlotte L’Écuyer
Pontiac Midget National
Pontiac minutes Affairs Rolland
Pontiac Municipal Affairs
Pontiac National
Pontiac National FRIDAY
Pontiac National Ambassadeurs
Pontiac National Assembly
PONTIAC NATIONAL Bristol Volunteer Fire Department
Pontiac National Bronson
Pontiac National Conservative
Pontiac National Cumberland Barons
Pontiac National Electric
Pontiac National Mid
Pontiac National Mid Hockey Tournament
Pontiac National Mid-
Pontiac National Midge Pontiac County
Pontiac National Midgeft m Hockey Tournament
Pontiac National Midget
Pontiac National Midget *
Pontiac National Midget Box
Pontiac National Midget Coulongc
Pontiac National Midget Divisions
Pontiac National Midget Fiockey Tournament ELECT - ÉLIRE Hawley LEPINE
Pontiac National Midget Free
Pontiac National Midget Hcckcy
Pontiac National Midget Hoc
Pontiac National Midget Hockey
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Dave Moore
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Osgoode Rideau O’Brien
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Ssfi ISSS Ir
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Sylvia Hodgins
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Toumamen February
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Tourn
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Tournament Club
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Tournament February
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Tournament February ISth
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Tournament MRC v
Pontiac National MIDGET HOCKEY TOURNAMENT Shawville Arena
Pontiac National MIDGET HOCKEY TOURNAMENT ShswvMe Arena Btg Soloction
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Tournament Tournament
Pontiac National Midget Hocxey
Pontiac National Midget Hotkey
Pontiac National Midget Hr^key Tournament
Pontiac National Midget Kcara
Pontiac National Midget Last
Pontiac National Midget league
Pontiac National Midget McColgan
Pontiac National Midget Registration
Pontiac National Midget Smith Falls
Pontiac National Midget the
Pontiac National Midget THEATRE HOCKEY FANS
Pontiac National Midget There
Pontiac National Midget Tour-
Pontiac National Midget Tourna
Pontiac National Midget Tournament
Pontiac National Midget Tournament LA
Pontiac National Midget Tournament Annual General Meeting October
Pontiac National Midget Tournament CANADIAN TIRE
Pontiac National Midget Tournament Committee
Pontiac National Midget Tournament Games
Pontiac National Midget Tournament Marc
Pontiac National Midget Tournament Payer
Pontiac National Midget Tournament the
PONTIAC NATIONAL MIDGET Valley Division Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Pontiac National Midget ^ Hockey
Pontiac National Murray
Pontiac National Renegades
Pontiac National Service
Pontiac National SHAWVILLE
Pontiac National the
Pontiac National They
Pontiac National Tournament
Pontiac National Tournament Cup
Pontiac National Tournament Plaque
Pontiac National Un-
Pontiac of Municipal Affairs
Pontiac Progressive Conservative Association elects National Leadership Convention
Pontiac Restaurant Pizzerna Chez Lisette Patrick Defazio Co-operative Forestiers Ouaouais Carol Pin
Pontiac Riding National Union Committee
Pontiac The National Capital Freenet
Pontiac Union National
Pontiac Union National Ass n Carried
Pontiac want Municipal Affairs
Pontiac Young Progressiva Conservative- Young Union National Associations c A FOREST INN HOTEL
Pontiac Young Progressive Conservative Young Union National Associations
Pontiac; Bank National; Eason Russell
Ponuac National Midget Tournament
Popular National Monthly
PPOC Annual National Convention
Practical Nursing Correspondent
Pre* Hip National Life
PRINTING National Newspaper Week
Produits Forestiers Coulonge Affairs
Programme National de
Progress Viewed By National Council UNCLE SAM
Projects Research Services Canadian National Railways
Property Services National Capital Operations Department of Public Works
Provincial Affairs
Provincial Department of Municipal Affairs
Provincial Department of Social Affairs
Provincial Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Provincial National Assembly
Public Affairs
Public Affairs Advisor
Public Affairs AECL Chalk River
Public Affairs AECL Chalk River Laboratories Chalk River
Public Affairs Before
Public Affairs Department of
Public Affairs Officer
Public Affairs Officer A.E.C.L.
Public Affairs; Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Public Discourse SEEiB National Farmers Union
Public Safety Committee Municipal Affairs
Public | Affairs
Publisher Become Truly National
PURE National Film Board Never Gives Up SWEET
QC J.D Coulson Award Carol Pntchard Fine
QLFYON National Fir# Protection Association
Quçbeç Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Quebec Department of Cultural Affairs
Quebec Department of Culural Affairs
Quebec Department of Municipal Affairs
Quebec Department of Social Affairs
Québec Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Quebec Ministry of International Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs
Quebec Municipal Affairs
Québec National Archives
Quebec National Archives the
Quebec National Archives.
Quebec National Assembly
Quebec National Assembly Jean Guy
Quebec National Library
Quebec National Library Sunday School Christmas Concert Mrs Eleanor Barber
Quebec National Library (
Quebec National Library .
Quebec National Library 1
Quebec National Library 1 HOW
Quebec National Library FESTIVAL PONTIAC
Quebec National Library me Name SHAWVILLE CENTENNIAL
Quebec National Library.
Quebec National School
Quebec National School of Firefighters
Quebec National Society
Quebec Social Affairs Department
Quebecers National Movement
Quebec’s Department of Social Affairs
Quebec’s National Assembly
Quelxv National Library
QUYON Correspondent
Radford Hospital By JILL McBANE Correspondent
Received Car National Cement Advocate
Received Car National Cement SUM Smidre
Regal National
Regal National Laiirentia
Regal National Laurenfia Daily Bread
Regal National Laurenlia Daily Bread
Regal National Laurenlia Daily Bread Que
Regal National Laurentia Daily Bread
Regal National Laurentia" Daily Bread
Regal National'' Laurenfia Daily Bread
Regional Affairs
Regional Development and International Affairs Branch
Regional Municipal Affairs
Renfrew County National
Renfrew County National Farmers Union
Renfrew County National Farmers Union André Carrière
Renfrew County National Farmers Union Beef Com-
Renfrew County National Farmers Union ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM
Renfrew National Farmers Union Canadians
Republican National Committee
RESERVE National Defense
Revitalisation du Comité de National Exhibition
Riding Mountain National Park
Roll Call—Can-adianizstion and National Events
Romanian National Anthem
Romanian National Hockey
RON HODGINS Correspondent
RON HOlMrINS Correspondent
Routliffe National Assembly
Rowsome National Howie Morenz
Royal Bank Cup Canadian National Championship
Royal Bank National Youth Orchestra
Royal Bank Shawville National Bank Shawville John
Royal Canadian Legion and Veterans Affairs Canada
Royal Canadian Legion National Anthem
Royal Carol Anne
Royal National
Royal National Lifeboat
Royal National Lifeboat In-
Royal National Lifeboat Institu-
Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Royal National Mission
ROYAL YEAST CAKES New National Spirit^Appears Union—Te Deum Was Sung
Rural Affairs
Rural Pact Program and Municipal Affairs
S OLR J3q National Newspaper Week
S. Government National Highway Traffic Safety M
Salle Harrington Hall Chapeau By BERNADETTE HENDRY Correspondent CHAPEAU
Salon National de
Sanibel National Mr. Harper
SAO of Municipal Affairs
Saskatchewan Department of Indian Affairs
SC National Leader
School Trustees National Farm Radio Forum the
SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATIONS 8—Mr Allan Young National Exhibition
Scotch National Airs
Scottish National Development Council
SCOUTING Canadian National Railway Revenues Modern Etiquette
Seattle-First National Bank
Second National Farm
Second National Square
Securities Corporation National Trust Building Montreal
Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs
Senate Social Affairs Committee
Seniors Worth To-tional Affairs
Sequoia National
SERVICE CENTRE Correspondent Birthdays
Service Military Correspondent
Service Retro Pontiac Smillea Farms Charleen s Salon Macador Farms National Bank Shawville Ford Nan
Seven Lesson Carol Service
SH Kl LA BRADY Equitv Correspondent NORWAY BAY
SHARPE Correspondent
Shavings National Portland Cement Nails
Shaw- Affairs
Shaw- Municipal Affairs
Shawville Affairs
Shawville Department of National Health and Welfare Information Directorate Brooke Claxton Building
Shawville National Bank
Shawville Shoe Shop PLEASE PRINT R] National Fire Protection Association Evenings
Shawville United Municipal Affairs
Shawville Women’s National Film Board
Shawville/Clarendon Library National Midget Tournament
Shawvllle Hospital Quebec National Holiday Bill More
She National Network
Shell Canadian National Enters
Shell National
Show National Film Board Movies—FREE April
Si EVANS Correspondent
SMITH BaggjHV Correspondent
SMITH Business Man’s Stenographers Never Divulged Hie Affairs
Smith’s Shop National Farm Agency
Social Affairs
Social Affairs Commission
Social Affairs Commission Yarm Notes
Social Affairs Corn-emission
Social Affairs De
Social Affairs Department
SOCIAL AFFAIRS House of Commons Ottawa
Society National Syndicates
Soil Improvement Committee OF THE National Fertilizer Association Dept
Soldier Vote Favours National Government Candidates Fashion Graft Clothes Satisfaction Branch
Solid Mt National Bank Beildin*
Solution Focused Communication IDEAS THE GLOBE AND MAIL ottawaJ,citizen NATIONAL POST
Soudan Affairs
Source Affairs CLD Pontiac ANDREA CRANFIELD Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Nov
SOURCE OP MEAT National Educational Conference Reindeer Herds There Also May Add
Soyizi Dental Cream Finland’s National Bath
Sparling Municipal Affairs
Special Carol Service
Special Robin Hood Carol Ann Finlan
Sroy Tmst National Capital Commission
St Pout • Carol Service
St Pùul s Carol Service
St. Correspondent Darwin Krose
St. Lawrence Seaway; National Harbours Board; Wheat Board
St. Louis National Horse Show
St. Pats College; Carol Lemaire
Staff National Bank of Canada
Stag & Doe Municipal Affairs
Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Standing Committee on Indian Affairs
Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
Standing Committee on National Health and Welfare
Stars And You National
State Department Office of Special Political Affairs
State for Dominion Affairs
State for Home Affairs
State National Bank
States Committee on Foreign Affairs
Steelworkers National Office
STEPHENS Piano Sales & Service Tuning & Repairs WTft NATIONAL HARVESTER
Stone Carol
Student Affairs
Superior National
Swiss National Red Cross
Syrups Boeton—National Bank
Taxation Division of the Department of National Revenue
Tb National Liberal
Teache National Council of Avsuc.ation
Télébec Communications and Public Affairs
Telecom National
Tendering National Capital Region 0 GIRL FOR LIGHT HOUSEWORK.
Tenth Annual Pontiac National Midget Tournament
THAT National Registration Certificates
The Affairs
THE Equity Harris (National Post
THE National Assembly
The Secretary Municipal Affairs
Third National Capital Commission Marathon
Third National Scout Service
Third National Shanghai
Three National Film Board It
Tiger Elaine & Hollis Findlay Rowat Insurance J & J Gas Bar Cutting Edge Salon Clarence & Carol Tol
Tilt National Par
Tin- National Maritime Union
TJ.S. National Committee
tjl0 National Policy
Tlie National Safety
To National Employment Office Campbells Bay
TO National f Ir# Protection Association J L J L #
TO National Fire Protection Association
Toronto Canadian National Exhibition
Toronto National Exhibition
Toyota Carol-la
Trade and Economic Affairs
Traders Finance National Plan
Transport and Municipal Affairs
TRUCKS National Anthem Wasn’t Used
TRY US LAST National Fire Protection 1 Association
TUBMAN Correspondent Daleview HS Jennifer
TUBMAN Equity Correspondent RicK Atwill
Tuesday Affairs
Turkish National
U S Government National Highway Traffic Safety
U S Government National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
U S National fkghwey Traffic Safety Adnwesbetion
U S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
U S National Highway Trafic Saler
U S Veteran s Affairs Office
U S Women’s National (Hockey
U S. Government National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
U S. National Academy of Sciences
U S. National Commissioner of Education
U S. National Museum
U » National Buaineaa College
U.S. Government National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
U.S. National 4-H Conference
U.S. National Association
U.S. National Father’s Day
U.S. National Institute of Health
U.S. National Science Foundation
Ulan Affairs
Union National
Union National & Pro-
Union National and Conservative Parties
Union National Club
Union National Committee
Union National Congress
Union National Convention
Union National Excerpts
Union National Govern-1
Union National Government
Union National Government Assumes
Union National Government Assures
Union National Member
Union National Ministers
Union National Organization
Union National Organization Agent Cliff Dale Pall
Union National Parly
Union National Party
Union National Party’s
Union National Policy Convention
Union National Prime
Union National*
Union National* Government
Union National.
Union National;
United Affairs
United States National Safety Council
University Correspondent
US Government National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
US National Highway and Traite Safety Administration
US National Highway Traffic Safely Administration
US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
US National Highway Trafic Safety Administration
US National Highway Tragic Safety Adm,n^®5K)!InLNH
US National H^hway Traffic Safety Administration
US Women’s National Hockey Team
V National Child Benefit
Vernal Affairs
Veteran Affairs
Veteran Affairs Canada Bureau
Veteran s Affairs
Veteran s Affairs Dins
Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs Anciens Combattants Canada Canada
Veterans Affairs Canada
Veterans Affairs Canada Anciens Combattants Canada
VETERANS AFFAIRS CANADA Services Veterans Services War Veterans Allowance Board
Veterans Affairs Department
Veterans Affairs THE EQUITY 647-2204 Fax 647-2206 MONDAYS PM Letters
Veterans Brings Changes Canadian National Financial Staff
Veterans’ Affairs Department
Veterans’ Affairs Ministers
VeterEUis Affairs Canada Facebook
Vicepremier Cultural Affairs Lise Bacon
Victor & National Seals
VINTON By ADA Daley Correspondent Daughter Donna
W ^ Municipal Affairs
WATERCRESS Extra Milking National Policy For Agriculture MONKEYS
Way National War Finance Committee
Welsh National Life Eisteddfod
Wendy Higgins Public Affairs Offi-Early
White Liniment National Drug and Chemical Company
White Sands National
Wil- National Fire Protection Association
Wild Life Protection the Second National Conference
Without National Employment Service
Women’s National Exposition of Arts
Women’s National Radio Committee
World Affairs
World Affairs Curley McLellan
World Outreach & International Affairs Committee
Worship Service LM DIRECTORY BUSINESS Service National Fire Protection Association
Write National Drug A
WW Correspondent 648-2351 & 458-2366
XkkKK Equity Correspondent
YCWBOL National Coordi-cording
YES Municipal Affairs
Zapatista National Liberation
Zoning Department of Municipal Affairs
^ed1 * Municipal Affairs