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Motion Crs Jeannine Mayor

Issues the organization appears in:

83471_1992-03-04 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

1ère Jeannine Hérault
2. Motion
3.- Curried Motion Crs
5th Present Mayor Gibbons
7 Motion
7. Motion
7. Motion Crs
7. Motion—Boss
7. Motion—McNeili
7. Motion—Row
8. Motion
8. Motion Cr
87.00 Motion Grant Elliott
A E. Lawrence Motion Crs
A. Clarke Mayor
Adams Crs J J McCallum
Adams Crs J McCallum
Al Motion—Vrs
Albert Armstiong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong À Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1 Ü
Albert Armstrong Mayor Black
Albert Armstrong Mayor Brennan
Albert Armstrong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Gerald Dempsy 350
Albert Armstrong Your Mayor .
Albert Collin- Mayor
Albert Dahms Motion Os McCann
Albert G H Mayor
Albert Me K. McCagS Motion Waiter Kllgour
Albert Motion
Alex Drum- Motion Crs
Alex Motion
Alex Mucha Mayor Orla Young
Alex Murray Mayor Wm
Alexander II Motion—Crs.
Alexander Motion
Alexander Motion Mrs. Caldwell
Alf Draper............. Arnold Corrigan........ Motion
Alfred B*Lec Esq Mayor
Alfred Pro-Mayor
Allan Black Mayor Lepine
Allan Blacky Mayor
Allan Mayor.
Allan McKinnon Bât Motion Crs
Allan Motion
Allan Smith Motion Crs
Allen Smart Motion
Allumettes East Mayor Dcnzil Spence
Allumettes East Mayor Den-
Allumettes East Mayor Denzil Spence Mayor Graham
Allumettes Island East Mayor Den Quebec
Allumeurs East Mayor Dcn/il Spence
Alma Motion Cr
Alvin Brown For Mayor - Rhéal
Alvin Nicholson Smith Motion
Andrew Ben- Motion Crs
Andrew Daley Esq Mayor
Andrew Daley Mayor
Andrew Motion
Andy Horners Motion Crs Richardson
Ann Motion
Anna Ken- Motion
Annette Du- Mayor
Annie Twa Motion Robinson Horigins
Argue Motion-''Crs
Armi- Motion Crs Smiley
Armstrong Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Armstrong Wilson Thrt Crs
Arthur Alexander Beattie Crs
Arthur Daaabrate Motion CIS.
Arthur Ellis Ex-Mayor
Arthur Judd Motion
Arthur Kennedy Comedy Drama Motion
Arthur Labellc Pro-Mayor Edward Kavan-
Arthur Labelle Mayor Schrankler
Arthur Motion Cr
Arthur Motion—Comm
Austin Clarke Fred Hutchison Motion
Authors Dear Mayor Crawford
Bar-Mayor Michael McCrank
Barbara Kluke Mayor: Rick Romain
Barber ............ Motion
Barber and Crs
Barber and Crs Duff
Barber and Crs Gilpin
Barber and Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Barber Mayor
Barber that Mayor Murray
Barr Motion Cr
Barry Bradley Motion
Barry Deeks Motion Crs H Wickens
Barry Peever Mayor
Bay Council- Mayor Yihert
Beattie’s Eye Service Motion
BHAnA.io.K Mayor.
Bill Mayor Armstrong
Bill Motion--Crs
Bill Ro-Mayor Charmaine Hoo
BILLS—Motion Sly Graham
Block W Motion Crs
Bob- That Mayor Barr
Bonnie McGuire Motion
Brad Shawville Mayor Allan Staye
Brian Mansfield Mayor Robert Boisvert
Brian Motion Crs Dagg
Brian Motion Crs Duff
Bron-Motion Crs
Bronson Motion Robinson
Brown Leg- Motion
Brown Motion
Bruce Campbell Mayor
Bruce Campbell Mayor 819-771-3231
Bruce Campbell Mayor Municipality
Bruce Campbell Mayor Pontiac ENVIRONMENT FORUM
Bruce Mayor JJ McCallum
Bud Eilictt Goidon Stewart Motion Crs
Burke Crs
Burke Motion Crs
Byron Motion Cr
Campbell Joseph A. Steele Motion Councillors
Campbell Mayor
Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire Department John Lapierre McCann
Canada Motion
Car- Motion Crs Jeannine Motion Crs Claude Rich- R
Carl Tubman Motion Crs Carmen
Carmen Burke Motion
Carmen Mayor Leo thanked Billy
Carmen Motion
Carmen Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Carmen Wickens Jeannine Wickens
Carmen Wickens Motion Crs Claude Rich- Under
Carmen Wickens Motion Crs Jeannine Letter
Carried Motion Commr
Carried Motion Crs
Carried Motion Graham
Carroll Motion July
Carson W H Howard H A McCoy Valuators Motion Councillors St
Cause Uncertain Mayor Graham
Cedric Crs Cedric Elliott
Cedric El- Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Cedric Motion Crs Richardson
Charles Chamberlain Motion Crs
Charles Mayor and Jamie Mayor
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Charles Motion
Charles Sun- Mayor Clifford !
Chelsea Mayor
Chelsea Mayor Grant
Chelsea Mayor Jean Perras
Chelsea Mayor Judy Grant.
Chief Harvey Wilson-Inspector PRO-MAYOR - Cr A. Brown Motion Os Grant
Chinois Motion
Chris Motion
Christine Denault Mayor Wayne Venne
Christopher Motion
Cirried Motion
Claire Hamilton Motion
Clarence Jeannine Wickens
Clarence Mayor Sallafranque
Clarence Motion Crs Brownlee
Clarence Pasch Mayor Thome Township REQUIREMENTS
Clarendon Mayor Sterling Hodgins
Claude Godin Motion Crs G Hodgins
Claude Motion Crs Claude Rich-Richardson
Claude Motion Crs D
Claude Motion Crs Jeannine Wickens Cedric Elliott
Claude Rich-Motion
Claude Richardson Crs Horner
Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Claude Richardson VISA Motion
Clr Edgar Motion
Clrs Maurice Motion
Clrs Romain Mayor Spence
Colette Biam Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
com-1 Motion Mrs. McMillan
Conrad Allard Mayor Jerome Soilafranque
Cotie Motion Crs
Councillor Jeannine Parent
Councillors Glen Nugent Acting Mayor
Cr G Hodgins Motion
Cr G Motion Crs L Wilson
Cr Jeannine Wesley Road
Craig Con Motion Cr Brown
Cri G Crs G Hodgins
Crs A Bennett
Crs A Bennett Lapierre Pedlar People Ltd
Crs Alexander
Crs Alexander Cain
Crs Alexander Farrell
Crs Alexander Martineau
Crs Alexander Young
Crs Amo Bretzlaff
Crs Andfuw Bennett
Crs Andrew
Crs Andrew Bennett
Crs Andrew Bennett 6:15
Crs Andrew Bennett Lindsay
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Crs Andrew Gerard Joanisse
Crs Arno
Crs Arno Brctzlaff
Crs Arno Bretzlaff
Crs Arno Hretzlaff
Crs Atkinson
Crs B Armât
Crs B Armltage
Crs B Murphy
Crs Baker
Crs Barber
Crs Barber Seat 1
Crs Barber.
Crs Beattie Henderson
Crs Bennett
Crs Bernard Ar
Crs Bernard Ar-I Motion Crs Bernard Armi-mitage
Crs Bernard Arm-1
Crs Bernard Armi-and William O Reilly
Crs Bernard Armi-Gerard Joanisse Motion
Crs Bernard Armi-tagc
Crs Bernard Armi-tge
Crs Bernard Armit-age
Crs Bernard Armitage
Crs Bernard r
Crs Black
Crs Black Hayes
Crs Bretzlaff
Crs Brown
Crs Bruce
Crs Bruce Crs Gendron
Crs Bruce in8 Wo
Crs Bruce Ministry
Crs Bruce Sauvageau
Crs Burke
Crs Burke Poupore
Crs C Betty Foran
Crs C Richardson
Crs C Roy
Crs C Stanley
Crs C Township
Crs C Wickens
Crs C Wkkens
Crs Cain Pellerin
Crs Campbell
Crs Campbell Caldwell
Crs Carmen
Crs Carmen Wick-ens
Crs Carmen Wickens
Crs Carmen Wk-kens
Crs Cecil L Letts
Crs Clarke
Crs Cole
Crs Cone
Crs Cotie
Crs Craig
Crs D Fulford
Crs Dagg
Crs Dagg Young
Crs Dale
Crs Davies
Crs De
Crs Deaebrais
Crs Delbert Zacharias
Crs Desabrah
Crs Desabrais
Crs Desabrals
Crs Desabrals Murphy
Crs Desahrais
Crs Donald
Crs Duncan Stevenson
Crs E Elliott
Crs E Elliott.
Crs E McCann
Crs E Smiley
Crs Edgar Lance
Crs Eiswald Essiambre
Crs Elliott
Crs Emerson
Crs Emmcrson
Crs Eraser
Crs Fahey
Crs Farrell
Crs Farrell Alexander
Crs Farrell Cain
Crs Farrell Dagg
Crs Farrell Martineau
Crs Farrell Martine»
Crs Farrell Robert
Crs Farrell Vallille
Crs Farrell Vallillee
Crs Findlay
Crs Fitzsimmons Grant
Crs Fraser
Crs Fraser Davis
Crs G
Crs G Hod
Crs G Hodgins
Crs G Hodgins & Richardson
Crs G Hodgins Labelle
Crs G McCallum
Crs G Mr Don Lavallee
Crs G rant-Henderson
Crs G Tracy
Crs Garth Tracy
Crs Garth Tracy Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Crs Gary Hodgins
Crs Gennett
Crs Gerald Hayes
Crs Gerard
Crs Gerard Joannisse
Crs Gordon Smith
Crs Grant
Crs Grant Chamberlain
Crs Grant Connolly
Crs Grant Henderson
Crs Grant Judd
Crs Grant Marks
Crs Gray
Crs Greer
Crs Gregory
Crs H Wickens
Crs Hanna Grant
Crs Hanna-Macfarlane
Crs Harris
Crs Hayes
Crs Henderson
Crs Henderson Fitz*im
Crs Henderson Grant
Crs Henderson Marks
Crs Henderson Orr
Crs Hobbs
Crs Homer
Crs Howard
Crs Howard A. O. Hades
Crs I
Crs I Hayes
Crs Irwin Hayes
Crs J .1 McCallum
Crs J J
Crs J J Carried
Crs J J Mc(
Crs J J Mc-Caflum
Crs J J McCal-im
Crs J J McCal-lum
Crs J J McCal-| Council
Crs J J McCalium
Crs J J McCall
Crs J J McCall*
Crs J J McCalli Kenneth Farrell
Crs J J McCallum
Crs J J McCallum Rec Gen
Crs J J McCallum Wilmar Male
Crs J J McCalluml South
Crs J J McCallupi
Crs J J Md-Callum
Crs J J MeCallum
Crs J J MeCallum Minutes
Crs J J Miss Catherine Murphy
Crs J J. McCallum
Crs J L Hodgins 0
Crs J. J
Crs Joan-msse
Crs Joannisse
Crs Johnston
Crs Judd
Crs J„ J
Crs K W
Crs K Wilson
Crs Kennedy
Crs Kenneth Farrell Ryan Tanguay
Crs Kmmerson
Crs L
Crs L Hanna
Crs L McCann
Crs L Motion Crs D Fulford
Crs L MtfTann
Crs L Roy
Crs L Telford
Crs L Telford Hobbs
Crs L Wilaon
Crs L Wilson
Crs Lang
Crs Lang Carmen Wickens
Crs Leonard Roy
Crs Leonard Roy and Ron Dagg
Crs Leonard Roy.
Crs Lewis
Crs Lloyd Hensley
Crs Lloyd Kensley
Crs Lough-Merchant
Crs M
Crs M Richardson
Crs M Young
Crs Ma
Crs Marks Henderson
Crs Martin
Crs Martin Dowe
Crs Maurice Essiambre
Crs McCredie
Crs McKay
Crs Muldoon Young
Crs Municipality
Crs Murdock Russell
Crs Murdoek Henderson
Crs Murphy
Crs Murphy Motion
Crs Murray
Crs N Dunlop R. Gray
Crs O Eades Eades
Crs O Reilly
Crs Orla Young
Crs Pitt
Crs Quenneville
Crs Richardson
Crs Richardson CLD
Crs Richardson Cr
Crs Richardson George Coles
Crs Richardson UMRCQ
Crs Robinson
Crs Roger Larose
Crs Romain
Crs Ryan Tanguay
Crs Schwartz
Crs Smiley
Crs Smiley Young
Crs Smith
Crs Smith Iris Smith
Crs Steele
Crs Stevens
Crs Stewart
Crs Tabei Biehler Mr. Dixon
Crs Telford
Crs Theodore
Crs Theodore Richard
Crs Thomas
Crs Thomas - Crs Mavis Hanna
Crs Thomas Be
Crs Thomas Belair
Crs Thomas Bruce Armitage
Crs Thomas Fahey
Crs Thomas Rigid Frame
Crs Thomas S1010.90
Crs Thomas Uelair
Crs Tom Fa
Crs Tom Fa- Gérard
Crs Trudeau
Crs Voting
Crs Voting Farrell
Crs W Racine
Crs Walsh Grant
Crs Whelen Grant
Crs Wiggins
Crs William
Crs Wilson
Crs Y
Crs Yach
Crs Young
Crs Young Cain
Crs Young Farrell
Crs* Wilson
Crs.K. Wilson
C’umr McLeod Motion John W. Brant
Dale Civic Welcome—Mayor Emerson Cotie
Dale Civic Welcome—Mayor Emerson Cotie 1
Dale Mayor
Dale Motion
Dale Paris Mayor Burke
Dale Thomson Motion Crs
Dan Motion
Daniel Farrell Mayor
Daniel Farrell Mayor Councillors:- Seat
Daniel Farrell Mayor.
Daniel Motion Cr Dagg
Daniel Step- Carried Motion Os
Danny McCallum Labour Motion
Dave Lunam Mayor
Dave Murray Mayor A1 Davis
Dave Wil- Mayor Orla Young
David Be- Present Mayor Melvin
David Belanger Ex-Mayor
David Crs
David Lunam Mayor-elect
David Motion
DcInter Barber elected Mayor
De Motion
Dear Mayor Graham
December Crs Carmen Wickens
Delmer Barber Mayor GRANT -
Dempsey Mayor
Denis Lariviere Mayor
Denis Larivière-Mayor
Dennis Motion Crs Pitt
Dental Farrell Mayor
Deputy-Mayor Allan Black
Di Leaving Dagg Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Don Motion
Don Motion Crs Carmen Lake
Don Murray Patricia Owens Good Western Motion Crs
Donald Belland Çhiçhesler Mayor:
Donald Duff Motion Crs Orr
Donald Gagnon Mayor
Donald Motion
Donald Motion Cr L Roy
Donald Veteran Mayor Robert Ladouceur
Donnie Mayor Orla Young
Donnie Motion
Doris Beck Shawville Mayor
Doris V M Mayor and Secret
Doug van Mayor Raymond Moved
Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich- Fulford
Dove Moore A* Sport* Shawville Motion
Dr. Bruce Horner Phono Motion Cl*
Drama Nick Adams Jeannine Riley
Drama Richard Widmark Sidney Poitier Motion Crs Brownlee
E G Motion
E./ K Motion Cr
Earl Devine V Motion
Earl Fulford Mayor
Earl Hodgins Motion Crs
Earl Le- Mayor Graham
Earl Lepine- Mayor
Earl Mayor Larivière
Earl Motion Cr
Earl Motion Crs Smith
Earl Motion Lr
Earl Queale Mayor In
Eddie McCann Mayor
Eddie McCann Mayor Municipality
Eddie McCann Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Paul Ryan
Eddie Motion
Edgar Crs Ct‘cil Leonard Letts
Edgar Lance Crs Cecil
Edgar Lance sec-Present Mayor David Lunam
Edgar Mayor Denis Larivière
Edgar Schwartz Mayor Specializing
Edward DavK Mayor
Edward Highway Motion—
Edward Hodgins Mayor
Edward Hodgins Motion
Edward Kavanagh Mayor
Edward Kelly Motion Cr Ireland
Edward Kelly’s tender Motion Cr Tubman
Edward Mayor
Edward Mayor.
Edward Motion
Edwin Alexan- Mayor
Edwin Alexander Motion Councillors Ar$
Elizabeth Farrell Motion Crs Malette
Ellen Place Motion Crs Richardson Tracy
Elliott Motion
Elliott Motion Crs
Elliott Motion—Count
Eric Gaudet Motion Crs Fahey
Ernest Dupont Lise A. Romain Litchfield Mayor:
Ernest Keen Motion
Ernest Schrankler Mayor
Ernest Schrankler Mayor Interment
Ernest Schwartz F Mayor
Esther Du- Mayor Rhéal Racine
Eva Andai A A Jt Mayor Allan Black
Eva Andai Motion Ora M Richardson
Evans Swartz Motion
Ex Mayor
Ex-mayor Bernard Sloan
Ex-Mayor Constant Poisson Sandy Star
Ex-mayor James Cox
Ex-Mayor K Thomas
Ex-mayor Nelson
Extra Motion
F M «S Mayor Sallafranque
Farrell Motion
Finance-Crs Senior
Fleming Herb Young Motion
Floyd Robinson Motion
Frank J DeVuo- Motion Crs Duff
Frank Mayor Robert Ladou- J&
Frank Sofalvi Jr. Motion
Frank Wiggins Jeannine
Fraser Motion
Fred Fraser Motion
Fred McCanns Erwin—That Mayor McLelian
Fred Metcalfe Mayor
Fred Motion Crs
Fred Riviere Motion Crs
Gary Hodgins Crs Garth Tracy
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Joey Peck Mayor: Rheal Racine
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Yvon Ladouceur
Gary Mayor Jack Graham
Gary Motion Crs D Fulford
Gary Trivett Motion
George Coles Sheenboro Mayor: Dick Edwards Barbara Jennings Seat
George Crs Sloan
George Jeannine Wickens
George Mayor
George Mayor Marcel Lavigne
George Mayor Ross Vowles
George Motion Cr
George Motion—Woods
Gerald Armitagc Patrick Mayor .
Gerald Demp- Mayor Jérôme Salla
Gerald Dempsey Mayor
Gerald Dempsey Mayor.
Gerald Manwell Mayor I JULY
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham R.R.
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham Toll Free
Gerald Manwell Motion
Gerard Labelle Worship Mayor Gerald
Gérard Messrs Motion Cr Drummond
Gibbons Crs
Gibbons Crs J J Me Callum
Gil Fraser- Mayor
Glen Nugent Recreation Committee Mayor
Glenn Motion—Com
Gordon McMillan A~motion
Gordon Me- Motion Cra
Gordon Motion Crs Gibbons
Gordon Motion Crs McKay
Gordon Richard- Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Gra-Motion Crs Grant
Graham Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Graham de- Mayor Graham
Graham Hawley Mayor Otter Lake Pierre Vaillancourt Acting
Graham I Motion Cr Congdon
Graham Mayor
Graham Motion Cr Piric
H H H Motion Crs Grant
H ¦crs
H. McLean Motion Commr
Hall Present Mayor Hod-gins
Hanna Crs
Hannah Correction Carried Motion Crs
Harris Motion—Com
Harry For- Motion Cn
Harry Foran Motion
Harry McDowell Mrs R Howard Motion
Hart Motion
Harvey Brownlee Shirley Cartman Motion
Harvey E Motion
Harvey Wilson Motion
Helen *eir Motion
Helen Bayne Worship Mayor Gerald 127.88
Helen Motion Cr DufT
Helen Motion Fulford
Hen-Mayor Joseph Squitti
Henderson Motion—Killoran
Henry Motion
Herb Trudeau Motion
Herbert McNeil Motion
Hodgi M Motion
Hodgms Crs
Howard Mayor Herrault
Howard Motion—Com
Howard Motion—Crs Schwartz
Hull Mayor Michel
Hull Motion Crs
Hydro Quebec Kenneth Farrell Mayor
I-—------- Motion
I. Motion
Ian» A c_ Motion Crs Jeannine Wick
Ill Motion Armstrong
Intermediate As Mayor
Ion Crs
Ira Benedict Motion Crs
Ira Hanna Mayor
Irene Jeannine
Island East Mayor Denzil Spence
Ivan Motion
J J McCallum Mayor Gerald
J J Pro-Mayor
J M Argue H A McCoy Motion Councillors Young
J R —Carried Motion
J W (Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
J W MinictprC Motion
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack Gra-Mayor
Jack Graham Bristol Mayor
Jack Graham Mayor Léo Piché
Jack Graham Motion Cr Orr
Jack Graham O Mayor Holiday Shopping Hours Thurs
Jack Lang Motion Crs Jack Lang
Jack Mayor Graham
Jack Motion Cr T Smith
Jack Pat-Motion V. Foran
Jack Purcell Community Motion Crs Orr
Jack) Graham Mayor
Jack) Graham Mayor 1993
Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
Jack) Graham Mayor: Marcel Lavigne
Jacques Crs
Jacques Rain-The Mayor
James Connelly Motion
James Hollis Motion
James HornOC^IHHH Motion Crs
James Killoran Motion
James Mayor Armstrong
James Motion
James Motion Cr
James Orla A. Young Mayor
James Ostram Motion
James Pcevcr Mayor
James Prater Motion Cr#
James SAVE Motion Crs D Fulford
James Telford Motion Cr
James Turcotte Esq Mayor
James Ward Mayor
Jay Motion—Crs
Je- Chapeau Mayor Bernard rome
Jean Luc Allary Motion Cr Pine
Jeannine Allard
Jeannine Beaudoin
Jeannine Beaulieu
Jeannine Beauregard
Jeannine Burke
Jeannine Chaput
Jeannine Déiy
Jeannine Dosithee
Jeannine Gary Hodgins
Jeannine Gionet
Jeannine Hahn
Jeannine Hérault
Jeannine Jennings
Jeannine Johnson
Jeannine Labrie
Jeannine Leblanc
Jeannine LeGuerrer
Jeannine Marion
Jeannine Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Jeannine Parent
Jeannine Parent Parent
Jeannine Rose
Jeannine Russell
Jeannine Saint-Aubin
Jeannine Ste-anne
Jeannine Tremblay
Jeannine Wic-kens
Jeannine Wick
Jeannine Wick- Er c Campbell
Jeannine Wickcns
Jeannine Wickens
Jeannine Wickens Letter
Jefferson Lin Motion
Jennings Mayor
Jerome Motion Crs
Jerome Sallafranque Mayor: Eddie McCann Mayor: Mme
Jerry ManwelL Motion
Jerry ManweU Motion
Jerry McCrystal Motion
Jim Walking Day Motion
Jim Walsh Mayor
Joan Motion Crs Orr
Joan Weirstead Message Motion
Joan- Motion Crs Jack Harrison
Joanne Elliott-Maxwell Betty Mayor
Joey Peck Mayor Ladouceur
John A Dean Motion C
John Atkinson Thorne Mayor Ross
John Donnelly - Mayor
John George Stephens Ex-Mayor Dies
John Hickey Pro-Mayor
John Ja»v.e June Mayor Smith
John Jones Joshua Hughs Motion Councillor
John Kelly Motion Cr McCredie
John L. Hodgins Motion
John Mc- Motion Crs McCann
John McBfcne Mayor
John McKay Motion Cr
John Motion Crs
John Motion Grs
John Motion Os Hammond
John Newell Cr Jeannine Wickens G Neill
John Pirie Motion
John Richardson Crs
John Sheenboro Mayor Raymond Gleason
John Si- Motion Crs Dagg
John Sinclair Motion^-Rex
Joseph Arch- Present Mayor Burke
Joseph Chapeau Mayor Bert
Joseph Mayor
Joseph Motion
Joseph Motion—E»d
Joseph Vul- Motion Crs Dowe
Jr Motion—Crs Farrell
Judy Grant Mayor
Julie Harris James Dean Carried Lucille Ball Deal Arne* Motion Crs
Karen Shea Thorne Mayor: * Ross Vowles
Kathleen Haydn Green Lord Mayor
Kavanagh Mayor Graham Hawley
Keith 3bd21 Mayor Gary Hodgins
Keith Emmerson Mayor Denis Larlviere
Keith Hodgins Motion Crs
Keith R. Emmerson Present Mayor Lloyd Kern
Ken Hodgins Mayor Orla Young
Ken mayor
Ken Mor- Motion Cri
Ken Motion
Ken O Leary Waltham Mayor: Paul Ryan*
Ken Wii- Motion Crs Robinson
Kenneth Bean’s—Carried Motion
Kenneth Bronson Mayor Mrs. M. I. Fraser
Kenneth Farrell Mayor
Kenneth Farrell- Mayor
Kenneth Present Mayor Kenneth Far
Kenneth Tubman Motion Crs Dagg
Kent Motion Crs Dagg
Kevin Daley Mayor Barber
Kevin Mayor
KgBg Shawville Mayor Albert ‘-<V
Kim Milford Sidney Squitti Allumette Island Mayor: Brian Adam
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Albert Armstrong
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Marcel La
L < L Motion Crs D Fulford
L J Motion Jeannine
L L Motion — Walsh
L Wilson Rural Inspector - Henry Motion
Ladou-Mayor Soucie
Lance Crs Lloyd Kensley
Lance Motion Crs
Larry Mayor Leslie Belair
Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt
Lawrence Meehan Next Mayor Brennan
Lawson Crs Cedric Elliott
Lee Hodgins Named Mayor Following
Leo Carried Motion Crs
Leo Fortin Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher 785
Leo Motion
Leo Pro-Mayor
Leo Rain-Motion Crs Dagg
Leonard Mayor David
Les Motion
Leslie Kehoe Motion Crs Smith
Lionel Present Mayor
Lionel Tel* Ex-Mayor Constant Poisson
Litchfield Mayor Melvin Brown
Lloyd Cain Motion
Lloyd Crs
Lloyd I Motion Crs
Llyal Bean Mayor Orla Young
Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor Savory
Lord Mayor-elect
Lord Mayor.
Lord Mayor»
Lord Mayor’s
Ltée Motion Crs Duff
Lyle Bronson Motion Crs McCann
Lynn Present Mayor Melvin Brown
M N A • Mayor Marcel Lavigne - Okies Laiteigne Execuirve Director
M P Robert Middlemiss Acting Mayor.
M.N A Mayor Meo»La»gne GIlw
Mac Mayor
Mac- Motion Crs
Mahoney Motion Grant
Manager Motion
Mansfield Pro-mayor Leslie Belair
Marcel Lavigne-Mayor
Marcel Marion Conseillère Jeannine Hérault
Marion Dale Honored At Shower Motion H I. Smi
Marjo-Motion Crs Carmen
Marjorie Attending: Mayor Lang
Marjorie Present: Mayor-David
Mark- Motion Cri
Marks Motion Cm Marks
Martin Con-motion
Mary John Motion
Mary Kil-Mayor
Mary Me Callum Ward Allowance Motion
Mary MeCallum Motion Crs Horner
Maurice E ^ro-Mayor Jerry Dubeau
Maurice Essiam-were Mayor
Maurice Mayor
Maurice Motion
Mayor Port Hammond
Mayor Saturday
Mayor W V
Mayor 16-42
Mayor 17B-1
Mayor 8th Cone
Mayor <
Mayor >f Shaw
Mayor A Armstrong
Mayor A French
Mayor Adams
Mayor al
Mayor Albert
Mayor Albert .
Mayor Albert $
Mayor Albert ADAT
Mayor Albert Arm
Mayor Albert Arm- Lion Dale
Mayor Albert Arm- Snowsuit Fund
Mayor Albert Arm-right-of-way
Mayor Albert Armstrong
Mayor Albert Armstrong We
Mayor Albert Armstrong SPECIAL
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cahier
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cameron
Mayor Albert Armstrong Comgan
Mayor Albert Armstrong Construction
Mayor Albert Armstrong Lynn
Mayor Albert Armstrong Monster
Mayor Albert Armstrong More
Mayor Albert Armstrong Municipality
Mayor Albert Armstrong Munit
Mayor Albert Armstrong Richardson
Mayor Albert Armstrong Shawvllle Ad Manager
Mayor Albert Armstrong This
Mayor Albert Canada
Mayor Albert Col-
Mayor Albert Collin
Mayor Albert Magician
Mayor Albert Midget Tournament
Mayor Albert mL.
Mayor Albert PARCQ
Mayor Albert Shawville Village Inn
Mayor Albert to Bruce
Mayor Albert Tremblay
Mayor Albert Waste
Mayor Albert ^Armstrong
Mayor Alex.
Mayor Alexander
Mayor Allan Black
Mayor Allen
Mayor Allen Black
Mayor Ambrose
Mayor and Crs Hutchison
Mayor Andrew Daley
Mayor Anton J. Cermak
Mayor April 3
Mayor Ar-Bretzlaff
Mayor Argue
Mayor Armitage
Mayor Armstrong
Mayor Armstrong.
Mayor Atkinson
Mayor Aubrey
Mayor Auger
Mayor Aurele Gerveis Lloyd Kensley Harold Wilson Councillors Seat No.
Mayor B Murray
Mayor Bamford
Mayor Barber
Mayor Barber and
Mayor Barber and Cm
Mayor Barber and Cra
Mayor Barber and Cra Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs
Mayor Barber and Crs C Lm* Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy. Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs L Roy
Mayor Barber and Os C Roy
Mayor Barber and Os Findlay
Mayor Barber opposed
Mayor Barber Resources
Mayor Barber.
Mayor Barotte
Mayor Beattie
Mayor Beattie Sr
Mayor Beatty
Mayor Beaudry
Mayor Beaugrand
Mayor Behan
Mayor Beimers
Mayor Belanger
Mayor Bernard Armitage
Mayor Bert
Mayor Bert Crawford
Mayor Bessette
Mayor Billie Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor Birkett
Mayor Birr
Mayor Black
Mayor Black Arthurs
Mayor Black By-Law
Mayor Black Campbell
Mayor Blake Pirie
Mayor Bob 11
Mayor Bolam
Mayor Brennan
Mayor Brenner
Mayor Bretzlaff
Mayor Bronson
Mayor Bronson Tender
Mayor Brown
Mayor Brownrigg
Mayor Bruce
Mayor Bruce Campbell
Mayor Bruce Campbell Lizotle
Mayor Bruce Sylvain Bertrand
Mayor Brunette
Mayor Bryson
Mayor BTonson
Mayor Bur
Mayor Burke
Mayor Burke .0
Mayor Burke V.
Mayor By-Law No.
Mayor C Pasch
Mayor C Poisson
Mayor C. R. Taber
Mayor Ca
Mayor Campbell
Mayor Campbell Pêche
Mayor Campbell Tired
Mayor Car-might
Mayor Case
Mayor Cecil Vibert
Mayor Cedi J. Vibert
Mayor Cedi Vibert
Mayor Char-
Mayor Char- Wayne Evans
Mayor Charma
Mayor Charmaine Colette Blain
Mayor Clarke
Mayor Cletus Burman
Mayor Cletus Ferrigan
Mayor Colquhoun
Mayor Connelly
Mayor Conroy
Mayor Cook
Mayor Correspondence
Mayor Corriveau
Mayor Cotie
Mayor Cotie Hayes
Mayor Coulonge Arena Hall
Mayor Council
Mayor Councillor Boyd Barber Albert Armstrong
Mayor Councillors Armstrong
Mayor Cowan
Mayor Crawford
Mayor Creighton Steeves
Mayor Crosby
Mayor Da-
Mayor Dagg
Mayor DaOdson
Mayor David Luna Councillors Edgar Lance.
Mayor David Lunam
Mayor Davis
Mayor Dawson
Mayor De
Mayor Dempsey
Mayor Dempsey 140.
Mayor Dempsey 140.00
Mayor Denzil
Mayor Denzil Spence
Mayor Devlin
Mayor DeZ
Mayor Dowd
Mayor Dumcher
Mayor Dunam
Mayor Dunn
Mayor Durocher
Mayor Duval
Mayor E
Mayor E Bretzlaff
Mayor E C Lawn
Mayor E C. Lawn
Mayor E Clrs Richardson
Mayor E Mayor Suggested
Mayor E McCann
Mayor E Minutes
Mayor E Mr. Sherman
Mayor E Schrank 1er
Mayor E Schranklar
Mayor E Schrankler
Mayor E Schrankler 1686.00
Mayor E Schrsnkler
Mayor E Steele
Mayor E. Bretzlaff 11071.20
Mayor E. Graham
Mayor E. P. Fulford
Mayor E. Steele Mrs Jamie Amm
Mayor Eades
Mayor Earl Lépine
Mayor Eddie
Mayor Eddie McCann
Mayor Eddy McCann
Mayor Edgar Lance
Mayor Elliott
Mayor Elsie Gib-1
Mayor Elsie Gibbons
Mayor Elsie M. Gibbons
Mayor Elsie Mss Elizabeth Smith
Mayor EmerI
Mayor Emerson
Mayor Emerson Cotfe
Mayor Emerson Cotie
Mayor Emerson Winter
Mayor Emmerson
Mayor Ernies
Mayor Eul
Mayor F W Thomas
Mayor F W. Thomas
Mayor F X Bertrand
Mayor F X Portage News
Mayor F X. Bertrand
Mayor F.
Mayor F. H.
Mayor F. H. LaGuardia
Mayor F. H. LaGuiwSa
Mayor F. P. Lafond
Mayor F. X
Mayor F. X.
Mayor F. X. Bertrand
Mayor F.X
Mayor Farrell
Mayor Fisher
Mayor Fitzpatrick
Mayor Following
Mayor Frédéric Trépanier
Mayor French-speaking
Mayor G C. Hutchison
Mayor G G McDowell
Mayor G G McDowell.
Mayor G G. McDowell
Mayor G Goldwyn
Mayor G O McDowell
Mayor G O. McDowell
Mayor G. F. Hodgins
Mayor G. G McDowell
Mayor G. G. McDowell
Mayor G. G. Me- Workman
Mayor Gaboury
Mayor Gaétan Boulanger
Mayor Gagnon
Mayor Gary Carmen Wickens
Mayor Gary Hod- Joachims
Mayor Gary Hodgins
Mayor Gary Letter
Mayor Gbade IV Sr -Ktti Ralph
Mayor Ge-
Mayor Gerald two
Mayor Giant Tiger Hwy
Mayor Gibbons
Mayor Gibbons 647-3434
Mayor Gibson
Mayor Giey
Mayor Gleason
Mayor Gleason.
Mayor Graham
Mayor Graham "Let
Mayor Graham But
Mayor Graham By
Mayor Graham Cl Wilson
Mayor Graham com- Smith
Mayor Graham Discussion
Mayor Graham Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Mayor Graham Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Graham Murray
Mayor Graham Nora
Mayor Graham Smart
Mayor Graham SS ZSBr
Mayor Graham t0JV®n/„hi
Mayor Graham That
Mayor Graham.
Mayor H
Mayor H R.
Mayor H R. Lunam
Mayor H. Beattie
Mayor H. Corbett
Mayor H. R. Lunam
Mayor Hamilton
Mayor Hanna
Mayor Hanna Lawrence Rooney
Mayor Harknesa
Mayor Harkness
Mayor Harkness Joyce Ma
Mayor Harr
Mayor Harris
Mayor Harrison
Mayor Hart
Mayor Hats
Mayor Hayes
Mayor Heart
Mayor Hector Jr Soucie
Mayor Hector Soucie
Mayor Hector Soucie Distinction
Mayor Hector Soucie Jr
Mayor Hector Soucie Jr.
Mayor Henderson
Mayor Heney
Mayor Henry Mad
Mayor Herbie Fire
Mayor Hex
Mayor Hfclligan
Mayor Hilliard J. Beattie
Mayor Hobbs
Mayor Hodgin>
Mayor Hodgins
Mayor Hodglm
Mayor Hogarth
Mayor Horner
Mayor Horner W.
Mayor Howard
Mayor Hudgins
Mayor Hughes
Mayor Hynes
Mayor I*
Mayor in8
Mayor IP.
Mayor J
Mayor J /etinir
Mayor J C.
Mayor J Hugh Proudfcx)t
Mayor J Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor J J McCallum
Mayor J M Argue
Mayor J McBane
Mayor J Nelson
Mayor J Nelson McLel-
Mayor J. C. Pois-cabinets
Mayor J. C. Poisson
Mayor J. E. Grégoire
Mayor J. Emmerson Cotie
Mayor J. M. Argue
Mayor J. Neil O Donnell
Mayor J. W. Corngan
Mayor J. X.
Mayor J.P.
Mayor Jack
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Jack Graham CRLO
Mayor Jack Graham Qf
Mayor Jack Graham QUÉBEC
Mayor Jack Graham Tenderers
Mayor Jack Lang
Mayor James Daley
Mayor Jas
Mayor Jean-
Mayor Jérôme Sal-
Mayor John Brennan
Mayor John McBan®
Mayor John Murphy
Mayor Jones
Mayor Joyner
Mayor J»
Mayor K Bron-1
Mayor K St*hrank
Mayor K W Thomas
Mayor Karo
Mayor Kelly
Mayor Kennedy
Mayor Kensley
Mayor Knd»tB7a.ntie
Mayor Knox
Mayor L Nelson McLellan
Mayor L. J. Raymond
Mayor La Guardia
Mayor Lacey
Mayor Lackey
Mayor Lackie
Mayor LaGuardia
Mayor Lamb
Mayor Lance
Mayor Lang
Mayor Lao Pichd
Mayor Lapeche
Mayor Lariv
Mayor Larivière
Mayor Larry Car-another
Mayor Lavigne
Mayor Lavime
Mayor Lavoordla
Mayor Lawn
Mayor Lee
Mayor Lee A. Hodglna
Mayor Lee A. Hodglns
Mayor Lee Hcdgins
Mayor Lee Hod
Mayor Lee Hod-gins
Mayor Lee Hod-gins with Mack Hayes
Mayor Lee Hodgins
Mayor Lee Mr.
Mayor Lefevre
Mayor Lefond
Mayor Léo Piché
Mayor Leslie
Mayor Leslie Bélair
Mayor Leslie Lake Park
Mayor Lewis
Mayor Lloyd Kens
Mayor Lnrivierre
Mayor Lon
Mayor Lornie Bechamp
Mayor Lunam
Mayor Lyon
Mayor M .Ideas Fraser
Mayor M J Brown
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell We
Mayor M Secy Î
Mayor M.C.
Mayor Ma
Mayor Mackintosh
Mayor Mamville
Mayor Mansfield
Mayor Marcel
Mayor Marcel Both
Mayor Marcel La-William Burke
Mayor Marcel Lav.gne
Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Mayor Marcel Pigeault
Mayor March
Mayor Marion
Mayor Marion Dewar
Mayor Martin
Mayor Martin Adams
Mayor Mc-Naliy
Mayor McCann
Mayor McCann’s
Mayor McCrank
Mayor McFarlane
Mayor McFarlane and
Mayor McFarlane moves
Mayor McGuire
Mayor McKcchuie
Mayor McKechnie
Mayor McKinney
Mayor McLean
Mayor McLellan
Mayor McLellon’s
Mayor McNally
Mayor McQuaig
Mayor Me-
Mayor Mel- Jim
Mayor Meloche
Mayor Melvin
Mayor Melvin Brown
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors Ernest Hearty
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors: Dan Stephens
Mayor Melvin Brown Moved
Mayor Melvin J Brown
Mayor Melvin J. Brown
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Councillors Seat I
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Thomas J. (Bud) Sloan Councillors S<
Mayor Melvin Pontiac Registered Here
Mayor Melvin [ Douglas Moss
Mayor Melvti J. Brown
Mayor Mercier
Mayor Meredith
Mayor Met Brown
Mayor Michael
Mayor Michael McCrank
Mayor Millinery Opening Shawville
Mayor Mills
Mayor Mitchell
Mayor Mooney
Mayor Mr.
Mayor Muldoon
Mayor Mulligan
Mayor Municipality
Mayor Murphy
Mayor Murray
Mayor Murray Cn
Mayor Murray Crs Berber
Mayor M«xmry
Mayor N Edmeston
Mayor Nelson Me Lei Ian
Mayor Nelson Me Lellan
Mayor Norris
Mayor O Donnell
Mayor O G. Mellow-
Mayor O Rdilly
Mayor O Red
Mayor O''Donnell
Mayor Ola Young
Mayor On
Mayor Ontario
Mayor Orla Young
Mayor Orla Young A Councillors Athol Dale.
Mayor Orta Young
Mayor Orta Young Horse
Mayor O’Donnell
Mayor P Denis Larivière
Mayor P K< HME» Sec.-Treasurer
Mayor P McNally
Mayor Palmer
Mayor Parent
Mayor Parker
Mayor Pasch
Mayor Patrick Fitzpatrick
Mayor Paul
Mayor Paul-Emile
Mayor Payment
Mayor Peck
Mayor Peck Since
Mayor Phe
Mayor Philias Jean-Marie
Mayor Piché
Mayor Pigeault
Mayor Pigeon
Mayor Pilatzke
Mayor Pitt
Mayor Poisson Btrme MacDonnell Amede Poistoi
Mayor Pontiac
Mayor Poupore
Mayor property Armstrong
Mayor Puupore
Mayor Q.
Mayor R E.
Mayor R Vow
Mayor R W. Ralph
Mayor R- W. I^pb»
Mayor R. J.
Mayor R.S. Dowd
Mayor Racine
Mayor Raeburn McTiernan
Mayor Ralph Webb
Mayor Ray mond Gleason
Mayor Ray Road
Mayor Raymond
Mayor Raymond Durochcr
Mayor Reid
Mayor Richard
Mayor Rimer
Mayor Ritchie
Mayor Rochon
Mayor Romain
Mayor Ross
Mayor Ross Vow
Mayor Ross Vowles
Mayor Rudd
Mayor Ryan
Mayor Ryan and
Mayor Ryan.
Mayor R°lland Du Moved
Mayor S Sheppard
Mayor S W
Mayor S W MacKechnie
Mayor S. Sheppard
Mayor Sallafranque
Mayor Sandy >
Mayor Sargent
Mayor Saunders
Mayor Sc
Mayor Schieren
Mayor Schrankler
Mayor Schwartz
Mayor Sec.
Mayor Sharpe
Mayor Sherwood
Mayor Sherwood Henderson
Mayor Simpson
Mayor Simpson Of Arnprior
Mayor Sloan
Mayor Smiley
Mayor Smith
Mayor Snnth
Mayor Snyder
Mayor Sou-
Mayor Sou-mique
Mayor Soucie
Mayor Spence’s
Mayor Squitti
Mayor Squittl
Mayor Squltti
Mayor Stafford
Mayor Steele
Mayor Sterling
Mayor Sterling Hod
Mayor Sterling Hodgins
Mayor Sterling Hodglns
Mayor Stevens
Mayor Stewart
Mayor T. J. McGuire
Mayor T. W. Wilson
Mayor Taber
Mayor Taylor
Mayor Taylor Fitz
Mayor Terry
Mayor Thomas
Mayor Thomas *''
Mayor Thomas E. Henry
Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Mayor Thomas J. McGuire
Mayor Thomas Moncion
Mayor Thomas O - Brien
Mayor Thomas O -1
Mayor Thomas O Brien
Mayor Thomas O’Brien
Mayor Thompson
Mayor Three R.R.A.P.
Mayor Tracy
Mayor TrMuport
Mayor Vezine
Mayor Vezine Hérault
Mayor Vibert
Mayor Villeneuve
Mayor Visitors
Mayor Voting
Mayor Vowles
Mayor W &*
Mayor W C Schwartz
Mayor W C Schwartz This
Mayor W C. Young
Mayor W H Barr
Mayor W H Meredith
Mayor W H. Barr
Mayor W J
Mayor W J Burke
Mayor W J Hanna
Mayor W J.
Mayor W J. Hanna
Mayor W J. Mann* Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCdg
Mayor W.
Mayor W. C. Schwartz
Mayor W. J. Stewart
Mayor W.J. Hanna
Mayor Warren
Mayor Warwick
Mayor Washers
Mayor Webb
Mayor Whifton
Mayor Wilson
Mayor WJ.
Mayor Wm
Mayor Wm Burke
Mayor Woods
Mayor WUson
Mayor XV. C. Schwartz
Mayor Y
Mayor Young
Mayor ^ames Tracy Merlin McKee
Mayor «Jack Graham Marion Robinson
Mayor- Melvin Brown
Mayor-elect Albert Armstrong
Mayor-elect Emerson Cotie
Mayor............... Patrick Rose
Mayor: Graham Hawley
Mayor—H T. Argue
McCann Pontiac Mayor Eddie But
McCurdy Motion
MeG*»tf Alexander Crs Motion That
Mel Brown Present Mayor Thos O Brien
Mel Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Melvin Mayor^H^H Duncan Stêven- Present
MeOtf O Reilly That Pro Mayor Hat
Merry Reardon Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Merry Reardon Mayor Eddie McCann
Mesdames Jeànnine
Mesdames Jeannine Hérault
Meter Motion
Michael Mansfield Mayor Robert McCrank
Michael Mayor
Michael Mayor Albert Armstrong appropri- Costello
Michael Mayor.
Michael Worship Mayor Gerald
Michel Legace Inc. Motion
Michelle Tessier Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Michelle Tessier Fort Coulonge Mayor Hector Soucie Report
Middle-Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Mike Motion
Mike Mayor
Mike Mayor Jessica Mousseau
Mike Mayor)
Mike Mayor.
Mike McCrank Mayor
Mike Sullivan Motion
Mil-Mayor Thomas
Minor Crs Thomas Fahey Jeannine
Minor Hockey Week Deputy Mayor
MkHion Crs Brown
Motin Crs Neil Displace
Motion L #
Motion "Graham
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Motion Alexander
Motion Armstrong
Motion Bo.x>and Graham That
Motion Brown
Motion C
Motion C -ims Armstrong
Motion C :r m1 V
Motion Cl
Motion Clr Carmen
Motion Cm
Motion Cm Murray
Motion Coin’rs Tracy
Motion Commr
Motion Commr McDowell
Motion Comrs Harris
Motion CouKiHor Ale^ande^
Motion Councillor Paul
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillor* Argue
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr
Motion Cr Carmen
Motion Cr Carmen Ma - sr
Motion Cr Cone
Motion Cr Graham
Motion Cr Ixswis
Motion Cr K Smith
Motion Cr Smith
Motion Cre Graham
Motion Cre K Wilson
Motion Crs
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Amol Homer
Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen Correspondence
Motion Crs Carmen Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Carmen Garry Cain
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Motion Crs Carmen Ray Sheppard
Motion Crs Carmen Telebec
Motion Crs Carmen Tenders
Motion Crs Carmen Village
Motion Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Chamberlain
Motion Crs Claude JUcnard-son
Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Hodgins
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Mucha
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Dale
Motion Crs Duff
Motion Crs G Hodgins
Motion Crs G McCallum
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Motion Crs Gerard Joan
Motion Crs Gerard Joan-nisse
Motion Crs Gerard Joannisse
Motion Crs Gilpin
Motion Crs Graham
Motion Crs Graham John Coyle
Motion Crs Grant
Motion Crs Gray
Motion Crs H Wickens
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Henderson
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Crs K Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Crs Murphy
Motion Crs Neil Dittburn
Motion Crs Neil Dittburner
Motion Crs O Reilly
Motion Crs Orr
Motion Crs Pitt
Motion Crs Robinson
Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs Tracy
Motion Crs X $
Motion Crs Young
Motion CTS.
Motion E Kennedy
Motion Fraser
Motion Graham
Motion Gray
Motion H Sturgeon
Motion Harrison
Motion Hayes
Motion Henderson
Motion Iv
Motion Joseph McCaffrey
Motion Lee Hodgins
Motion Leslie Dale
Motion Lome Armstrong
Motion Ma
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Murray
Motion O Brown
Motion O Drummond
Motion O Grant
Motion Ors Grant
Motion Os
Motion Os Grant
Motion Pictures
Motion Pitt
Motion Q
Motion Q Barber
Motion Q. Barber
Motion Q. Barber to
Motion Richardson
Motion Robinson Hodgins
Motion Ross
Motion Russell
Motion Smiley
Motion Smith
Motion Thomas
Motion Vincent McC
Motion Vomr Graham
Motion Webb
Motion Wick
Motion Wiggins
Motion Wilson
Motion — Graham
Motion —Comr Graham
Motion-Crs Fraser
Motion-Erwin Craig-That
Motion-Reuben Smith
Motion-rOrs Clarke
Motion-— H origins-1’energast
Motions Crs Carmen Wickens
Motions Crs Grant
Motion—-Crs Fraser
Motion—Allen Henderson
Motion—Armstrong* Corrigan
Motion—Burden OTteilley- That Mr. Hugh Ross
Motion—C''omT McMillan
Motion—C<unr Young -That Truman
Motion—Chas Russell
Motion—Cis Fraser
Motion—Cm Schwartz
Motion—Com J McNeill—That Com’r
Motion—Com Y
Motion—Com Y Findlay
Motion—Comr Graham
Motion—Comr McMillan
Motion—Comr Meredith—That
Motion—Comr Walsh
Motion—Comr Wilson
Motion—Comrs Dean
Motion—Comrs Palmer
Motion—Com’r Graham
Motion—Com’r Wilson
Motion—Com’rs Palmer
Motion—Coni’r McLeod
Motion—ConVr Graham
Motion—Corar Graham
Motion—Cora’re Palmer
Motion—Corns Wallace
Motion—Couns Armstrong
Motion—Couns Smiley
Motion—Crs Clarke
Motion—Crs Farrell
Motion—Crs Fraser
Motion—Crs Smart
Motion—Crs Smith
Motion—Crs Young
Motion—Harris Wallace—That Chair- Telephone
Motion—Lome Armstrong
Motion—Or Graham
Motion—William Graham
MotI°n Crs Gerard Joan-
Mov Crs
Mr Elliot Motion Crs Gilpin
Mr Motion
Mr Raymond Next Mayor Brennan
Mr. Albert Dubeau Lot Mayor Rhéal Racine
Mr. Foster Motion—Count
Mr. Johnston __ Mayor David Lunam
Mr. Ken Motion Crs
Mr. Motion
Mr. Robertson Mayor Evans
Mr. Simon Mayor
Mra Elwood Sharpe Motion
Mro Lionel Brown Present Mayor Cecil J Vibert
Mrs. Aldege Racine Mayor Billy Burke
Mrs. Edgar Motion Commr Fulford
Mrs. F H Cornu. Crs Fitzsimmons
Mrs. Gordon Me- Motion Crs Brown
Mrs. J.D. B Motion Crs
Mrs. James Doherty Motion Crs
Mrs. Johnston Motion Crs
Mrs. L E. Thompson Motion
Mrs. M Motion- Woods
Mrs. O. M. Atkinson Motion Cr
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Carried Motion Crs
Mrs. Thomas Walls Motion Crs
Mrs. Wesley Motion
Murphy Motion
Murray Mayor Armstrong
Mus M Graham 3. Plush—Mra Wm T MEATS Mayor
Myrtle Sullivan Mayor Raymond Gleason.
Nancy Max- Mayor Eddie McCann
Nathan Bronson Pro-Mayor
Neil McMunn Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Neil Motion Crs Garth Tracy Dittburner
Neil Sly -with Crs Carmen Wick
Nicole Mayor Jean-Louis Auger
Norm Fraser Motion Crs
Norris McDowell Motion Cra Haaknaas
Norval Me Benson Uuyon Council Motion Crs
Norval Me Neill Massey - Harris Hay Tools Motion 1
Norway B i> Motion
Oil Albert Armstrong Mayor
On von Those Mayor Nelson McLellan
Onslow Mayor Gerard Labelle
Ootie J Crs
Orla Young Page Three Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Orville Frenette Motion
Oswald Mur-Motion Cr
Ot-Mayor Emerson Cotie
O’fteilly Mayor
O’Reilly Grant Requested Motion Crs
Parliament Motion Conns
Pat Lawn Mayor Municipality
Pat Motion
Pat s Photo Mayor Leo Bertrand
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Patricia DeFormer Mayor Pauline
Patrick Dolan Mayor
Patrick Motion
Paul Bristol Mayor Jack
Paul Mar- Motion Crs
Paul Mayor: Marcel La
Paul Motion
Paul Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Paul Ryan Mayor: Jack Graham
Per Bag NOTICE Mayor Argue
Peter Crs L Wilson
Peter Moyle- Motion Crs
Peter Volunteer Fire Depart- Motion Crs Pirie
Petro Ponti- Motion Cr McCredie
Philip Long Motion Cn Perlard
Photo Dave Moore Shawville Mayor
Pierre Motion
Pierre St- His Worship Mayor Ge-
Pizza Fraser Clothing Co. Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Bristol Mayor
Pnuce Edward Mayor Ititchie
Pontiac H Municipality Mayor Bruce H Campbell
Present Mayor IV
Present Mayor Melvin Irvin’s Service Garage
Present" Mayor L. Kensley
Present—-Mayor Smiley
Present—Mayor O
Present—Mayor Thomas
Present—Mayor Wilson
Preston Hodgins Motion Councillor Elwooa Dale
Prêtent—Mayor Young
Pro* Mayor
Pro-Mayor Alvin Brown
Pro-Mayor Glen Nugent
Pro-Mayor H Schock
Pro-Mayor Jack
Pro-Mayor Jerry
Pro-Mayor John Young
Pro-Mayor Leslie Bllair
Pro-Mayor Murphy
Pro-Mayor R
Pro-mayor R Bretzlaff Vowles
Pro-mayor R Vowles
Pro-Mayor Richardson
Pro-Mayor Ross
Pro-mayor Ross Vowles
Pro-Mayor Ryan
Pro-Mayor- B Murphy Waterworks
Pro-mayor-Royce Richardson
Quebec Land Motion
Quebec Land Motion Cr Dagg
Quebec Land Surveyor Motion
Ray Motion Crs
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Ray Young Motion
Ray- Mayor Graham
Ray- Pro-Mayor Jean Landry
Raymond Gleason Mayor
Raymond Gleason Mayor LECLERC
Raymond Gleason- Mayor
Raymond Johnston Motion
Raymond Morris Motion
Raymond Motion Crs Orr
Raymond Rowat _ Motion
Raymond Woship Mayor Eldon Morris
ReMotion Crs Orr
Repaired Motion
Rex Taylor Mrs Henry Henderson Motion
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Motion Crs
Richard Howard Motion
Richard Motion
Richard Motion Crs Tubman
Richard WHI# Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Richard WHk Litchfield Mayor Bert Crawford
Richard Wills Equity Editor Litchfield Mayor Michael McCrank
Richard Wills Mayor
Richard WUte Mayor
Richardson Clifford Greer Motion Crs
Richardson Motion
Ricky Alleyn-Cawood Mayor
Rob Motion Cr$ O Reilly
Rob Motion Crs
Robert Campbell Motion Crs Dagg
Robert Carswell Motion Crs
Robert Charette Mayor Gary Horigins L I R.R.
Robert Gordon Motion Cri
Robert H Mayor: Eddie McCann
Robert Mayor
Robert Mayor Paul Ryan Ladouceur
Robert Mill- Mayor.
Robert Motion
Robert Motion Commr Widdicombe Younge
Robert Simp-Mayor
Robertson Motion
Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Rod Labines Mayor C. R. Taber
Roger Johnson Mayor Hooley
Roger Lavoie Bristol Mayor: Ronald Dagg Brent Orr
Ron Crs O Reilly
Ron Essiamhre Motion Crs
Ron Hayes - Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Ronald Desabrais Motion Crs Gerard Joan-
Ronald John Motion Crs Brown
Ronald Motion
Ronnie Me Motion Crs
Ross Motion
Ross Motion Crs Dagg
Ross Point Motion
Ross Vowles Maire/Mayor
Ross Vowles Mayor
Roy Motion
Roy Perrault Mayor
Royal Motion
Rudy Motion
Russell Motion
Russell Motion Cr Garth Tracy Dust
Ryan Motion
Ryan(Ivan Mulligi Motion
S. W MavKevhniv. Mayor
Sadie McQnat “ Pearl Jackson Motion
Sally Ann Foad Cynthia Sabina Garry Motion Crs Carmen Wic
Sammy Mayor J. Neil O Donnell
Sandra Motion Crs Claude Rich- Murray
Sarah Wilson Motion
Schrankler Mayor Black
Schroeder Motion Crs Yach
Schwartz Mayor Caldwell
Sears Catah Mayor Joe Peck
Sec.-Treas Crs
Sec.-Treas Motion Crs
Secretary-Mayor Edgar Sloan
ser-1 Motion—Com’r Graham
Shawville Crs Grant
SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Sherwood Henderson Councillors Bruce Armitage Wm O Reilly Bernard Armitage LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin
Sidney Draper 325.17 Arthur Judd 226.72 Arnot Horner 416.85 Motion Crs Brownlee
Sidney Mayor Devlin
Smiley Motion—Cmr
Smith Crs
Smith Motion
Smith Motion Crs
Sons Motion Crs
SS Albert Armstrong Mayor
St Crs Cone
St Jean Motion Crs Duff
St Mayor Ernest Shrankler
Stanley Motion Crs Murray
Stanley Nadeau Crs Ronald Armitage
Stanton Motion Cr Trudeau
Starks Crs
Starks Crs Claude Richardson
Steele Motion
Stewart Dennison Motion Crs Duff
Stewart Motion
Sylvia Motion Crs Neil Ditt MacKILUCAN
Sylvia to-1 Motion Crs Murray
T " Crs Claude Rich-
T C s^iP Mayor Earl Lepine
Taylor Motion
Terry Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Tf Crs L Wilson
Thomas Belair Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Thomas J Mayor
Thomas J Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Thomas Macfarlane Motion
Thomas Motion Cr McCredie
Thomas Motion Crs
Thomas O Malley Carried Motion Crs
Thome Mayor Ross Vow
Thome Mayor Ross Vowles
Thompson Motion
Thorne Mayor Ross
Thorne Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne Pro-Mayor Ross Vowles
Tim Chevali- Motion Cr
Timousse Poirier Jeannine Seguin Kay Daley Elva Scharf Starting Date Location
Tolhnrst Mr Gerald Howard Motion Commissioner Mr
Tom Jeannine Wickens
Tom Lefebvre M.P. Motion
Tom Mayor
Tom s Mayor
Tor- Motion Crs Duff
V X V> Motion
V. Mayor Fiore
Van Housen’s Motion
Vera Mayor
Vera Mayor.
Vera Rutledge Mayor
Vera Rutledge-Mayor
Victor Dumou-and Jeannine Wickens
Victoria Av-Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Ville Marie Mayor
Vincent McCailum Storm Motion
Vincent Price Mayor
W B Hod-Mayor
W H Lucas Mayor.
W t^le Lord Mayor
W. M Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Motion Crs
W.M. H • Motion
Wallace Motion—Coens
Walsh Motion
Wan- Motion Crs
Ward Motion
Warnie Richardson Motion Crs
Warren Motion Crs Gilpin
Wayne Brown Sheenboro Mayor Roy Perrault
Wayne Venne Mayor Donald Gagnon
Wellington Smart Motion
Wickens Motion Crs Tom F
Wiggins Motion Crs Drummond
William Burke Motion Cr*
William Hanna Mayor
William Kennedy J. Robinson J. McBane V. Kilroy S. Robinson Motion
William Mayor Albert Armstrong
William Motion Cm
William Rey-Motion
William Rogan Pro-Mayor
William Rogan Pro-Mayor Tel
William Sharpe,Mayor
William Tubman Motion—Crs Judd
Willie Rob-[motion Crs
Willis Motion
Wilson Motion
Wyman MacKechnie Mayor
Year Albert Armstrong Mayor
Young Carried Motion Crs
Young Motion
Young Motion Crs Dagg
Young Motion Crs McCredie
Young Present Mayor Cotie
Young Pro-Mayor Allan Alack
00 X X Motion
Bay Ave Motion Dagg
Bryson’s Mayor
Ca Motion Cr
Carried Motif l Crs.
Conn Motion
Crs Arnot
Crs Delbert Z
Crs Ireland
Crs Mnld Hi
Florence St Motion
Fort Coul-onge Mayor
Fort Coulonge Mayor
Fort Mayor
Fort Mayor Gerry
Fort Motion
Hi Motion Crs
HUtvi Ave Motion Cr
Ladoucrur Mayor l
Lake Motion
Le Mayor
Ma- Motion
Madame Jeannine
Mayor Bay
Mayor Ben
Mayor Coulonge River
Mayor Jack
Mayor McLean
Mayor Port
Mayor River
Mayor River Road
Motion Comrs
Motion Doherty-Woods l
Motion Os
Motion Tiignmn l Vs.
Motion Tracy
Motion V»y l im<
Motion— l raser-MacKechnie
Motion—Biehler-Erwin—That Road
North Motion
Ottawa River Mayor
Ottawa River Motion
Pro-Mayor Jerry
Shawville- l Motion Crs
Spring Motion
Spring Motion—Com
Tel 648-5537 Motion
Tel Pro-mayor
Trophy Motion
View Ave Motion Cra
Z Motion
& Culture - Jeannine Wickcns
0UO Gordon Me- Motion Cra
2nd Com Motion
3. Com Motion
4.95 0 Motion Cr
Academy of Motion Picture Arts
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Acting Mayor Royce Richardson
Administration Materials Road Maintenance Motion
Adults 50< Telephone 432-4224 Children 25c Motion Crs Murphy
Agricultural Society Motion Young
Almonte High School Motion Cra
An Mayor Lang
Anniversary Hawley & Jeannine Wickens
Art Carson Motion Co un
Article Motion
Association Pro-mayor Roy Bretz- Redant
AU H Motion Crs
Aylmer Council Dear Mayor
Bacon Canada Savings Bonds Motion
Bank of Montreal—Carried Motion
Bank of Motion —
Bank of Pakistan CEMETERY MEMORIALS Motion
Beech Grove Athletic As- Charities 2.88; Quyon Hardware Motion Crs
Beever Brush Clippers; Motion Crs Cedric
Bell Cana Mayor Peck
Bell Canada Though Mayor Bruce Pontiac
Bell Mobility Motion Cr Smith
Bell Mobility Motion Crs Claude Rich
Bell Telephone Co. Motion Cs
Best Results Motion Cr
BILINGUAL Selling Motion
Board Motion Commr
Board of Motion Cr
Board of Motion Cr Smith
Board PORTUGAL Motion Crs Carmen Wickens Special
Boots - Motion
Borden for Weapons Ministère des Transports Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Technician Training
Bristol - Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol - Mayor Larivière
Bristol ; Mayor Ja*
Bristol and Mayor Joey
Bristol Clarendon Mayor Barber
Bristol Community Motion Crs Duff and Orr Association for
Bristol Council Accept Grader Tender After Motion
Bristol Council BIRTH Motion Cr Tubman
Bristol Council Motion
Bristol Council Motion Cr Dagg
Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Bristol Council N Onslow Council Motion by Cn Armitage
Bristol Council That Dr. Motion WOMENS’ INSTITUTES May
Bristol Delmer Barber Mayor
Bristol J.W Graham Mayor Financial Review
Bristol Mayor
Bristol Mayor Alex Murray
Bristol Mayor Bélec
Bristol Mayor Brent
Bristol Mayor Brent Orr
Bristol Mayor Del*ner Barber
Bristol Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol Mayor Died
Bristol Mayor Duff
Bristol Mayor Graham
Bristol Mayor Huntleys
Bristol Mayor Jack
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra Mansfield
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Parks
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Pascale Tremblay
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-A
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-cerns
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-ing
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-Jerry Amyotte
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-same
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-second
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Budget Speech
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Financial Review
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Katharine Fletcher
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Numbers
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Players
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham SQ Const
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham’s
Bristol Mayor Jack Grah«un
Bristol Mayor Jack October
Bristol Mayor Jack Sloan
Bristol Mayor Jock Graham
Bristol Mayor Ladouceur
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham - Fashion
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham Fashion
Bristol mayor Ronald Dagg
Bristol Mayor Stephen Smith
Bristol Mayor Street
Bristol Mayor T
Bristol Mayor the
Bristol Mayor Vowles
Bristol Mayor WILKOMMEN
Bristol Memorial Motion
Bristol Mines Motion Crs
Bristol Minus Recreation AssocMtmtt Motion
Bristol Motion
Bristol Motion Cr McCredie
Bristol Motion Cre Duff
Bristol Motion Crs
Bristol Motion Crs Duff
Bristol Motion Crs Orr
Bristol OTTAWA Mayor McKechnie
Bristol Pro-Mayor Donald Jacques Ledoux
Bristol Pro-Mayor Ron
Bristol Road Motion Crs Duff
Bristol Stomp Saturday Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
BRISTOL TOWNSHIP Mayor Hilliard Beattie
Bristol Village Motion Russett
Bristol Vol- Motion Crs Duff
Bristol Volun- Crs Donald McCredie
Bristol Volun- Motion Crs Pitt and
Bristol Volunteer Fire Crs
Bristol Volunteer Fire Motion Crs Stanley
Bristol were Motion Cr McCredie
Bristol; Mayor
Bryson III Motion Comml
Bryson Ira Hanna New Elects Ken Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Bryson Mayor
Bryson Mayor Bryson
Bryson Mayor Francis Dev- Renaud RainviHe
Bryson Mayor Gé-rald Dempsey
Bryson Mayor Gerald
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey Drinking
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey Rustic Rhetoric
Bryson Mayor Léo
Bryson Mayor Léo Bryson
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché;
Bryson Mayor Léo Pichd
Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Bryson Mayor Léo Pkhé
Bryson Mayor Leo Plche
Bryson Mayor Paul
Bryson Pro-Mayor
Business Men’s Association Motion by Dr. Ranger
By Crs Pitt and
C.F. Express Motion
Canadian Cancer Society Motion Crs
Canadian Cancer Socle Motion
Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau
Canadian Home Of Tomorrow Motion Crs
Canadian National Institute for Carried Motion Crs
Canadian National Institute Motion oy Krose
Canadian Oil Co. Motion byCrs
Canadian Oil Cos Motion Cr«
Canadian Pacific Mayor
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Motion
Canadian Tire Corporation His Worship Mayor
Cancer Soci- Motion Crs Dagg
Capital Blend Tea Seasonable Articles Motion—Wilson-Young—That
Capital City Tractor Crs Garth Tracy
Capital Crs
Carnegie Mayor
Carson Bros Motion Crs
Carson Mayor Lultord
CCC Interim Mayor McCann
Central Scientific Co Motion Commr
Ceu>ycar Mayor’s Financial
CFER Outaouais Motion
Chamber of Commerce Mayor David Lunam;
Cheese Motion—Crs
Chevrolet Touring Motion following
Chicago’s New Mayor MANHATTAN NIGHT
Chichester Mayor Donald Quyon Fire Department
Chrysler Motor Product Crs
Chrysler’s Motion Design
Clarendon Council JULY 3-4-5 Motion Crs Jack Lang
Clarendon Council Motion -
Clarendon Council Motion by Crs Taber-Muldoon
Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Clarendon Council Motion Os
Clarendon Council Present—Mayor
Clarendon Hotel Motion Crs
Clarendon Hotel Shawville P Motion Crs Duff
CLARENDON Mayor’s Financial
Clarendon School Beard Motion
Clarendon School Board Motion by Grant Fitzsimmons
Clean Up Week Motion Crs
ClUClieSter MlllllCipallty Motion Crs Duff
Co-operative Medical Motion
Cod Liver Oil Motion Cri
Collection Department Mayor Me Lei
Colonial Bank Suffi Motion
Commerce - Motion Crs
Committee - Motiop Crs
Committee Mayor
Committee of Crs Black
Committee of Onslow North Part Crs Henderson
Committee of Onslow South Part Crs Onslow
Committees 1982-83 Water Bowls Pro Mayor Gary Hodgins
Community Association Mayor Graham
Community Centre Carried Motion Cr
Community Centre Motion Crs Dagg
Community Disaster Society Motion by Crs
Community Hospital Mayor
Community Motion Crs McCredie
Community Service Project Doura Perfect Motion Last
Compensation Insurance Motion
Conseillère Jeannine Hérault
Consolidated Mayor Brousseau
Consolidated Paper Mayor Frank
Construction Equipment Ltd. E Motion Crs C Roy
CONTINUING EDUCAtIopTCENTRE History Mayor Albert Arm-Versil Smith
Controller Allan Motion
Cooney Sec.-Treas Society Motion Crs
Corporation Motion by Crs
Council Board Motion Crs Horner
Council Carried Church Motion Crs Sparl
Council Carried Motion Cr
Council Conducts Busy Meeting Motion Crs
Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Council Ha IL Preseit Mayor Hodgins
Council Hall Motion
Council Hall Prea-fi*t Mayor Fulford
Council Hall Present Mayor
Council Hall Present Mayor Hodgins
Council Hall Present Mayor Stirling Hodgins
Council Halt Present Mayor Hodglm
COUNCIL Motion Crs Barber
COUNCIL Motion Crs Murphy
Council of M.R.C. Mayor Joey Peck
Council of Mayor
Council of Mayor Rhéal Racine
Council RAP - Motion Crs
Council Says Motion Crs
County Council Mayor Pou-
CPR Mayor
CPR Mayor Graham
Crs 0 Hodgins
Crs Benefit Dance BIG ED
Crs Brown
Crs Brown Society
Crs Carswell
Crs Committee
Crs Council
Crs Dagg
Crs Davidson School
Crs Emmerson
Crs Everett Steele
Crs Gary Hodgins
Crs Gatineau Power
Crs Hawley
Crs Hawley Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Crs Hawley Wick
Crs Hawley Wickens
Crs Hawley Wickens Huddersfield
Crs Mac
Crs Orr
Crs O’Reilly-
Crs Railway Transport Committee
Crs Richardson & Ditt-
Crs Shawville Council CR""
Crs Stanley
DE BOIS Motion Cr Dagg that Council
Department of Agri- Motion ers Steele-Farrell
Department of Education Motion Cr Russett
Department of Mayor Gaétan Boulanger
Department of Pub-| Motion
Department of Transport Motion Crs
Dirty Shirts Lord Mayor
District Snowmobile Club Motion Crs Garth Tracy
DOVER Motion—Doherty Taber
Earl Lepine Garage ATTENTION Mayor
Easter Week Store Hours Motion Crs
Economic Council Executive Quyon Mayor
Edwards Parish Hall Motion Crs
Eight Credit Union Opens Office Roy Elliott Portage Mayor GIVEN SHOWER
Elections Port Coulonge—Mayor
Energy of Canada Ltd Mayor Smith
Fashion Shop Crs Pesa
Fashion Shop L- Motion
Fast Mayor Denzil
Federal Government Mayor William Burke
Fire Commission Motion Crs Arnot Homer
Fire Committee Crs Black
Fire Committee Crs Fraser
Fire Committee Crs Trudeau & Dese-brais; Roads
Fire De- Motion Crs Claude Rich -
Fire Hall Mayor Young
Fire Hall Present Mayor Young
Fire Motion Crs Horner
First Canadian Bank Bank of Montreal Mayor Hanna
Flyers Motion
FORD FOCUS SE Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Ford Touring ECONOMY Motion—Crs
Friendly Service Motion Crs
Funeral Home Motion Cr Brown
FURNITURE Mayor Hodgins
G & D Systems Randy Labadie Financial Services Bruce Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire D
G ^embr°ke Electric Light Mayor Gerald Dempsey
Gatineau Power Co...... Motion Crs Yeung
Gatineau Power Motion
General Store Mayor & Counsellors
General Supply Motion
Gift Shop For Men And Boys Motion Commr
Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Great Britain Motion Cr< Alexander-Steele
HARLAND C/IROWAT Bristol Mayor Dries
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
Health and Sanitation Committee Motion Ore
Health and Sanitation Crs Gibbons
Heritage Day Mayor
HH Motion Crs
HI III H.J. Motion Crs Gilpin
Hi Unit Motion Cis
High School Motion Crs Garth
Hobbs & Sons Motion Crs
Hod-gins Stores Pontiac Rural Telephone Motion
HODGINS Motion Proprietor Robert-Farrell
Hospital Mayor Elsie Gibbons
Hospital Meetings Jeannine Gionet
Howard---- Snow Removal Morley Hodgins Motion
Hull-the Mayor
II E CHOI Motion
Imperial Oil Ltd. Motion Crs
In- Crs Garth Tracy
Inc Mayor
INI Ptueetit Mayor Ofcbom
Is Motion Crs
Jeannine Council
Jeannine Myre
Jeannine Par-
Jeannine Se-
Jeannine Tourist Booth
JIotlon Crs Brown
JOIN TH Motion Commr
Journals-»!-9* Motion-Comr Murrell
l for N Motion
l K Wainmuii''s Business Announcement Petits Pois SOLEIL WILL EXHIBIT AT SHAWVILLE Motion Conns
Lac des Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Lake Baptist Churck COUNCIL Wyman COUNCIL Motion b Drum
Lalonde< Gat-School Commission and Mayor
LEAH IVERSON Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
LECLERE Investment Broker Motion
Legislative Mayor Muldoon''a
Library - Motion Crs Jean- Motion Crs Jeannine Wick
Library Books * Montreal Bonk Room Meyers School Supplies Frnnk Richardson Motion Commissioner
Life Insurance Phone Motion Crs Brownlee
Life Insurance Phone Motion Crs McCann
Life Membership Motion — Beattie-Taber
Light S Life Hour Motion Crs O Reilly
LIMITED Motion—Biehler-Craig—That Special Supt
Lion Duplicator ......... Ottawa Store Equipment Motion Commr
Litchfield Council Mayor
LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin Brown
Local Authorized Rock of Ages Sealmark Memorial Dealer Mayor
LODGE Hotel Entertainment Household Helpers Motion
Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor Christ’s Hospital School
Lord Mayor-elect
Lord Mayor’s
Lord Mayor’s Klnnce
Lord Mayor”—and
Ltd HD Motion
Machine Shop Motion Cr McCleary
Machinery Sales Co. Ltd Crs
Malakoff Council Meeting Motion
Marries Russell Pitt Phileas Amyotfe Named Fort Coulonge Mayor
MASSE Y-HARRJS CENTENNIAL MOTION PICTURE the Dominion Department of Agriculture
Master Plan- Mayor
Mayor Church Services
Mayor Al Davis
Mayor Allan
Mayor Allan Black
Mayor Armstrong
Mayor Arno Bret/laff Prescnt
Mayor Basil Qua
Mayor Commission de la Protection de
MAYOR Corporation
Mayor Council
Mayor Dame de
Mayor Department of Transport
Mayor Farm Forum
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor League Excitement Three Etching Games
Mayor Maple Tea Wagon Gingerbread Clock; Harvest Table
Mayor Marcel Ministry of Culture
Mayor Mary Pitt
Mayor Melvin Brown
Mayor Milling Co Ltd.
Mayor Mr J N
Mayor Public Notice Ik
Mayor Racine
Mayor Scott Wilson
Mayor Soucie
Mayor —The Prevention of Water
Mayor’s Budget
Mayor’s Budget Speech
Mayor’s Financial
Me Dominion Roau Machinery Sales Motion Crs
MeGUl University Motion by Comm
Memorial Serv Roll Motion
Metropolitan Mayor** AseoclaVon
Mid- Motion
Mine Mayor Clarence
Ministry of Crs Carmen Wickens Transport
Ministry of Crs Claude Richardson
Ministry of Motion Cr T Smith
Ministry of Trans- Calumet Mayor Gaétan Bou
Misa Teen Pontiac Pageant Motion
Mi»i Cal Mayor
Mobon Crs Pitt & Smith Council
Monarchist League Mayor
MONUMENTS Motion Crs Drummond &
MONUMENTS Showville Motion
Motion R.E.
Motion FOR SERVICE Purebred Yorkshire Hog
Motion Payette Const
Motion Pipe Fitter Wanted
Motion Reunion Annuelle Colonization
Motion & Bretzlaf the
Motion & Ireland
Motion & Koshy
Motion & Murphy
Motion & Murphy Nathan
Motion -
Motion - A
Motion - Beattie
Motion - C
Motion - Cl
Motion - Cm
Motion - Co trim
Motion - Com
Motion - Conns
Motion - Couna Rarhrr
Motion - Councillor André Bellerose
Motion - Couns
Motion - Court
Motion - Crs
Motion - Election By-Law
Motion - Graham Horner
Motion - Henderson
Motion - Hodgins
Motion - Kasey-Doherty
Motion - Mayor Clothing
Motion - Mayor Ryan
Motion - McLellan
Motion - Muldoon Krwin
Motion - Notice
Motion - Notice Firefighter
Motion - Quebec Shawville KATHLEEN M.ROLUNS
Motion - Ryan
Motion -Comr Beattie-That Bristol (
Motion -L.
Motion .
Motion .TV#
Motion 0
Motion 0 Reilly
Motion 1 Visitors
Motion 1-y Comr Nurse
Motion 10 W
Motion 1rs G McCallum
Motion 6s O Reilly
Motion 6y ¦ Bretzlaff
Motion Affairs
Motion Agent Dies Suddenly Dr.
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Motion Alexander-Voting
Motion Alexandet Rural Iuspt
Motion Allan Ludlow
Motion Also
Motion Ap Allot
Motion Ap Hitsman
Motion Approved
Motion Ar- Continued
Motion Argue Caldwell
Motion Armstrong Horner
Motion Armstrong Kulford
Motion Armstrong-Hanna That
Motion Arno Bretzlaff
Motion As Brown
Motion At Portage du
Motion Athol Dale
Motion Avis de
Motion b Cmr
Motion b Me Co
Motion Ballan- Harkness
Motion Ballantyne Beattie
Motion Balsam
Motion Barber-Bean That
Motion Barber—I*
Motion Barlier
Motion Barry Craig
Motion Basil Qua
Motion be Allan McKay
Motion Bean
Motion Bean Dagg That
Motion Beat
Motion Beattie
Motion Beattie-Stanton
Motion Beattio-Stanton
Motion Belletere
Motion Bennett
MOTION Bernard Armitage
Motion Bert Hodgins
Motion Bill Douglas
Motion Board
Motion Boss
Motion Br
Motion Breakfast Bacon
Motion Breweries
Motion Brian Drummond
Motion Bristol
Motion Brown
Motion Brownlee
Motion Brownlee and
Motion Bruce Arnutage
Motion Btiislc
Motion Building
Motion Built
Motion Bussell Allen
Motion by Clrs Hodgins
Motion by Clrs Hodgins and Sons
Motion by Co
Motion by Crs
Motion by Crs Merriffeld-Clarke
Motion by Crs Wm
Motion by Development Plan
Motion By Popular Demand * Voyageur Restaurant
Motion by Royce Rev. Ed McCiiç Canadiana
Motion by Royce Richardson
MOTION BY Shawville
Motion By-Law
Motion C
Motion C rs Barber
Motion C rs Ireland
Motion C rs Met Ivary
Motion C"mr Walsh
Motion C-s
Motion C<»un< Modgin>
Motion C> Hammond
Motion Caldwell-Easey—That Bylaw No.
Motion Campbell-Hender-on That the
Motion Campbell-Killoran
Motion Campbell-Killoran That Mr. Roys
Motion Carl Mayer
Motion Carmen Wickens
Motion Carried
Motion Carried Crs
Motion Cc.
Motion Ccmmr Brown
Motion Ccrrm
Motion Ce*
Motion Ch Drummond
Motion Church
Motion Ci
Motion Ci McCrcdic
Motion Ci s
Motion Ci* Langford
Motion Cis
Motion Cis Barber
Motion Cis Hark
Motion Cis Murray
Motion CiU.
Motion Ci»
Motion Cl
Motion Clarendon Fire Depart- Application
Motion Clarendon Municipal Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Clarendon School Board W. E. N. HODGINS.
Motion Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Clive Smart
Motion Clr
Motion Clr Carmen
Motion Clr Pasch
Motion Clr Yach
Motion Clrs Bretzlaff
Motion Clrs Hammond
Motion Clrs Hodgins
Motion Clrs Wickens
Motion Cls Metcalfe
Motion Cm
Motion Cm (
Motion Cm Dagg
Motion Cm Desebrais
Motion Cm Draper
Motion Cm Gilpin
Motion Cm Hudgins
Motion Cm Kennedy-Hammond
Motion Cm Markj
Motion Cm Marks
Motion Cm McCann
Motion Cm McCord
Motion Cm McKay
Motion Cm MrTann
Motion Cm Mulligan
Motion Cm Mumy
Motion Cm Murray
Motion CM Pertard
Motion Cm Rusaett
Motion Cm Young
Motion Cmr Beattie
Motion Cn
Motion Cn Beaudon
Motion Cn Bronson
Motion Cn Draper
Motion Cn Grant
Motion Cn O Reilly
Motion Cn O Reilly Horner
Motion Cn Tubman
Motion Cnm
Motion Cns Clarendon Council
Motion Coiar Taber Hoard
Motion Coim-.
Motion Coimvil
Motion Coin
Motion Coin''r
Motion Coinr
Motion Coins
Motion CoinV> Wallace
Motion Coin’rs Tracy
Motion Com
Motion Com ;
Motion Com Wilson
Motion Com Y
Motion Com.
Motion Comm
Motion Comma
Motion Comma Henderson
Motion Commis.-ioner
Motion Commission
Motion Commissioners Tracy
Motion Commissioners Tubman Lumber
Motion Commr
Motion Commr Biown
Motion Commr Brown
Motion Commr Eades
Motion Commr Eudes
Motion Commr Fades
Motion Commr Fulford
Motion Commr Fullord
Motion Commr Hades
Motion Commr Hodgins
Motion Commr Kilgour
Motion Commr McDowell
Motion Commr Pul
Motion Commr Registered
Motion Commr Rowat
Motion Commr S. Widdi- Motion Cr
Motion Commr W.
Motion Commr Widdicombc
Motion Commr Widdicombe
Motion Commr Widdicomhe
Motion Commr Widdiombe
Motion Commr Wm
Motion Commrs Widdicomhe | Rankin Ltd 7.62; Pontiac Blut-|
Motion Comms
Motion Comr
Motion Comr Brough—That the
Motion Comr Graham
Motion Comr Hodgii
Motion Comr Horner—That Comrs Brough
Motion Comr H«>dgins
Motion Comr ILm
Motion Comr J.
Motion Comr J. 0. Graham—That Rev.
Motion Comr McLeod That
Motion Comr McMillan- 1
Motion Comr McNeill—That the
Motion Comr Morelivad In*
Motion Comr Murrell
Motion Comr T.
Motion Comr T. P
Motion Comr Wilson---That
Motion Comr Wilson—that the
Motion Comr Young Thct the
Motion Comre Sturgeon
Motion Comrs
Motion Comrs I>ean
Motion Comrs Tracy
Motion Comrs Tubman
Motion Comv MacLeod
Motion Com’r McMillan—That
Motion Com’r Murrell-That the
Motion Com’r Woods
Motion Com’rs McGuire
Motion Congdon
Motion Conir Draper
Motion Conn
Motion Conn* Bar
Motion Conn* Draper Hint
Motion Connolly
Motion Connolly Hanna That Itur
Motion Connolly*Horner That
Motion Conns
Motion Conns Dale
Motion Conns Horigins
Motion Conns H•
Motion Conti Drape; Board
MOTION Continued
Motion Contr
Motion Contra Laugh
Motion ConVr Taber—That the
Motion Corn
Motion Corns Tubman
Motion Corns Wallace
Motion Cos Em
Motion Cotm*
Motion Cotnr Brough—That
Motion Cotnr Horner
Motion Cotnrs Wilson
Motion CouKiHor Ale^ande^
Motion Coun*
Motion Couna
Motion Counc
Motion Counc Hors Young
Motion Council
Motion Councillor Argue
Motion Councillor Chamber-
Motion Councillor Chamber- Carried
Motion Councillor Elliot Stewart
Motion Councillor Emmers
Motion Councillor Emmerson
Motion Councillor Marks
Motion Councillor Moyle
Motion Councillor Stewart
Motion Councillor Whelen
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillor# Chamberlain
Motion Councillor* McBane O
Motion Councillors
Motion Councillors A ;
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Argue
Motion Councillors Ballantyne
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Motion Councillors Dale
Motion Councillors Dole
Motion Councillors Emmerson
Motion Councillors Garth Tracy
Motion Councillors Gordon
Motion Councillors Harkne
Motion Councillors Harkness
Motion Councillors Harlsr.es;-.
Motion Councillors Hawley
Motion Councillors Hawley Wickens
Motion Councillors Hobbs
Motion Councillors Hodgins
Motion Councillors Kilgour
Motion Councillors Marks
Motion Councillors McBane
Motion Councillors Whelan
Motion Councillors Young
Motion Councillors Young-Camp-bell
Motion Councillors Young-West-
Motion Couns
Motion Count
Motion Count M.cfarl.ne
Motion Cqmmr
Motion Cr
Motion Cr "
Motion Cr 0f Roll #
Motion Cr Aime Essiambre
Motion Cr Alex Drummond
Motion Cr Amot Homer
Motion Cr Amot Homer Fax
Motion Cr Amot Horner
Motion Cr Appeal Court
Motion Cr Armitage
Motion Cr Arnot Homer
Motion Cr Arnot Horn
Motion Cr Arnot Horner Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr Barber
Motion Cr Beaudoin
Motion Cr Bretzlaff
Motion Cr Brown
Motion Cr Brownlee
Motion Cr C Roy
Motion Cr Cameron
Motion Cr Carmen
Motion Cr Carson
Motion Cr Cednc Elliott 301-500 b John Melloul
Motion Cr Cedric
Motion Cr Cedric Elliott
Motion Cr Cedric Hanna
Motion Cr Cedric Judd
Motion Cr Chamberlain
Motion Cr Cirant
Motion Cr Cone
Motion Cr Congdon
Motion Cr D Fulford M(j
Motion Cr Dag
Motion Cr Dagg
Motion Cr Dale
Motion Cr Davies
Motion Cr Desabrais
Motion Cr Dig*
Motion Cr Doug
Motion Cr Dowe
Motion Cr Drummond
Motion Cr Duff
Motion Cr Duff that Line
Motion Cr Duff the
Motion Cr Dunlop
Motion Cr Easter
Motion Cr Elliott
Motion Cr Essiambre
Motion Cr Essiamhrc
Motion Cr Findlay
Motion Cr Fine
Motion Cr G Hodgins
Motion Cr Garth Tracy
Motion Cr Gibbons
Motion Cr Gilpin
Motion Cr Graham
Motion Cr Grant
Motion Cr Gravel
Motion Cr Gray
Motion Cr Greer
Motion Cr Hammond
Motion Cr Hanna
Motion Cr Hanna that Council
Motion Cr Hanna that Council Helkenberg
Motion Cr Harkness
Motion Cr Hobbs
Motion Cr Hodgins
Motion Cr Homer
Motion Cr Horner
Motion Cr Ireland
Motion Cr Ixswis
Motion Cr J
Motion Cr Jack Lang
Motion Cr Jas Horner
Motion Cr Jeannine
Motion Cr Jeannine Sand Bay
Motion Cr Jeannine Wesley Road
Motion Cr Jeannine Wickens
Motion Cr Jjd
Motion Cr Judd
Motion Cr K Smith
Motion Cr K Smith Bristol Council
Motion Cr Kennedy
Motion Cr Krose
Motion Cr L Roy
Motion Cr Langford
Motion Cr Malefic
Motion Cr Malette
Motion Cr Marines
Motion Cr Mark*
Motion Cr Mavis Duchesne
Motion Cr McC
Motion Cr McCann
Motion Cr McCleajr
Motion Cr McClearly
Motion Cr McCleary
Motion Cr McCord
Motion Cr McCrcdic
Motion Cr McCrcdie
Motion Cr McCrcdie Design Inc
Motion Cr McCre- Motion Crs Duff
Motion Cr McCredic
Motion Cr McCredie
Motion Cr Mcf
Motion Cr McKay
Motion Cr McKee
Motion Cr McNeill
Motion Cr MeCredie
Motion Cr Merlin Richardson
Motion Cr Metcalfe
Motion Cr Motion Cr
Motion Cr Motion Cr Dagg
Motion Cr Mulligan
Motion Cr Murphy
Motion Cr O Reilly
Motion Cr Orr
Motion Cr Orr Bee
Motion Cr Orr Council
Motion Cr Orr Elliott
Motion Cr Orr Thanks Parish Cemetery.
Motion Cr Orr that Council
Motion Cr O’Reilly
Motion Cr Pi-
Motion Cr Pine
Motion Cr Piric
Motion Cr Pirie
Motion Cr Ptrie
Motion Cr Quenneville we Legion Ladies Auxiliary
Motion Cr Roy
Motion Cr Russett
Motion Cr Smart
Motion Cr Smiley
Motion Cr Smith
Motion Cr Spread All and Construction Amot Homer
Motion Cr Stanley
Motion Cr T
Motion Cr T Smith
Motion Cr T Smith that Council
Motion Cr Telford
Motion Cr Tom Fahey
Motion Cr Tubman
Motion Cr Urr
Motion Cr Wickens
Motion Cr Wiggins
Motion Cr Wilson
Motion Cr Yach
Motion Cr Young
Motion Cr# O Reilly
Motion Cr# Sheehan
Motion Cr$
Motion Cr&
Motion Cr& McCord
Motion Cr& Muirsy
Motion Cr*
Motion Cr* B Armitage
Motion Cr* Barr
Motion Cr* Emmerson
Motion Cr* Quigg
Motion Cr* Young
Motion Cra
Motion Cra B Armttage
Motion Cra B. Aim
Motion Cra C
Motion Cra C Roy
Motion Cra Dagg
Motion Cra Dagg and Resolved
Motion Cra Elliott
Motion Cra Farrell
Motion Cra Gilpin
Motion Cra Hod
Motion Cra Ireland
Motion Cra J.
Motion Cra L
Motion Cra L Perricelli
Motion Cra L Wilson
Motion Cra l(
Motion Cra Malette
Motion Cra McKay
Motion Cra McQrni
Motion Cra Stanley
Motion Cra Tubman
Motion Cra Wiggins
Motion Cra Young
Motion Craig Taber
Motion Craig-lUrry Hold*
Motion CrB Davies
Motion Cre
Motion Cre Barber
Motion Cre D
Motion Cre D Fulford
Motion Cre Davies
Motion Cre Graham
Motion Cre Roy
Motion Cre Stanley
Motion Cre Tubman
Motion Cri
Motion Cri Fortin Pointe Gatineau
Motion CrJ.
Motion Crl Kllgour
Motion Crq
Motion Crr.
Motion Crs
Motion Crs A
Motion Crs Bills
Motion Crs & Casual
Motion Crs 0 Hodgins
Motion Crs 0 Reilly
Motion Crs A
Motion Crs A Bennett
Motion Crs A Lapierre
Motion Crs Aime Essiambre
Motion Crs Alex
Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Amol Homer Pontiac Bursary
Motion Crs Amot
Motion Crs Amot Homer
Motion Crs Amot Horner & Jeannine Wickens that Council
Motion Crs Amot Horner |
Motion Crs Andrew Ben- the
Motion Crs Andrew Bennett
Motion Crs Ar-
Motion Crs Ar- Ministry of Environment H Council
Motion Crs Ar- of
Motion Crs Ar-not Homer
Motion Crs Armitage
Motion Crs Armitage—Martineau
Motion Crs Armltage
Motion Crs Arnot
Motion Crs Arnot Homer
Motion Crs Arnot Homer Within
Motion Crs Arnot Horn
Motion Crs Arnot Horn-Tenders
Motion Crs Arnot Horner
Motion Crs A„rppmpnt
Motion Crs B Armât
Motion Crs B Armitage
Motion Crs Barber
Motion Crs Barberand Brownlee
Motion Crs Barter
Motion Crs Bcrmott
Motion Crs Beaudoin
Motion Crs Bennett
Motion Crs Bernard Armi-mitage
Motion Crs bile Association
Motion Crs Black
Motion Crs Bretziaff
Motion Crs Bretzlaff
Motion Crs Bronson
Motion Crs Brown
Motion Crs Brown & Brown Minutes
Motion Crs Brownlee
Motion Crs Brownlee and Rowe
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage Motion Crs Brownlee
Motion Crs Bu
Motion Crs Burke
Motion Crs C
Motion Crs C Betty Foran
Motion Crs C Parade
Motion Crs C Richardson
Motion Crs C Richardson and
Motion Crs C Richardson Clapham
Motion Crs C Richardson Council
Motion Crs C Richardson JOHN MacGREGOR CONCRETE
Motion Crs C Richardson Telebec Project No
Motion Crs C Roy
Motion Crs C Wickens
Motion Crs C Wkkens
Motion Crs Car
Motion Crs Car-
Motion Crs Car- Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Car- Home Comfort Plan;
Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Motion Crs Carmen Clears
Motion Crs Carmen Correspondence
Motion Crs Carmen Council
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Cr Arnot Horner HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Carmen Tenders
Motion Crs Carmen Therefore the Municipal Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen Village
Motion Crs Carmen WEDNESDAY
Motion Crs Carmen Wic-
Motion Crs Carmen Wic- CO S
Motion Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Carnet McCal Charge
Motion Crs Carson and Bar Mr.
Motion Crs CAW-LOGS
Motion Crs Ccdnc Elliot
Motion Crs Cedric
Motion Crs Cedric Elli
Motion Crs Cedric Elli A
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- By-Laws
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Cr Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Fern Yach
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Hall
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Motion Crs Jeannine P
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-exigés
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-rendon
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-votes
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-were
Motion Crs Cedric Elliot
Motion Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Cedric Elliott Pontiac Travel Guide
Motion Crs Cedric the
Motion Crs Chamberlain
Motion Crs Chamberlain & McCleary
Motion Crs Chamberlain ;
Motion Crs Chamberlin
Motion Crs Clarendon Fire Depart- Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Claude
Motion Crs Claude Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Claude JUcnard-son
Motion Crs Claude Ric- North
Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Claude Rich*
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Clarendon Fire Truck
Motion Crs Claude Rich-CPR
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Lp.ni
Motion Crs Claude Rich-scats
Motion Crs Claude Rich-the
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Wickens
Motion Crs Claude Richard
Motion Crs Claude Richard Tracy
Motion Crs Claude Richards-
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Clrs Turcotte
Motion Crs Cone
Motion Crs Constant Legault
Motion Crs Cornwall
Motion Crs County
Motion Crs Cr Wickens
Motion Crs CÜ
Motion Crs D
Motion Crs D Ful-
Motion Crs D Fulford
Motion Crs Dace
Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Dagg &
Motion Crs Dagg & Graham
Motion Crs Dagg & Motion Crs Duff &
Motion Crs Dagg & Pitt that
Motion Crs Dagg & Pitt the
Motion Crs Dagg and Association
Motion Crs Dagg and Chamber of Commerce Poupore
Motion Crs Dagg and Council
Motion Crs Dagg and McGuinty Inc and/or
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Dagg that Council
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Dagg and Roy Bristol Volunteer Fire Dept
Motion Crs Dale
Motion Crs December HOT CROSS BUNS
Motion Crs Dept
Motion Crs Desabrais
Motion Crs Desahrais
Motion Crs Ditt- Wickens
Motion Crs Dittbumer ral Affairs
Motion Crs Document
Motion Crs Dolan
Motion Crs Douf
Motion Crs Doug
Motion Crs Doug Department of Transport the Municipal Council Roger La Rocque
Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Motion Crs Doug Ful- Hobbs met Council
Motion Crs Doug Ful-dums
Motion Crs Doug Ful-ford
Motion Crs Doug Fulford
Motion Crs Doug Fulford Clarendon Fire Dept
Motion Crs Douglas
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford ORLEANS MONUMENTS
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford Committee
Motion Crs Douglas Motion
Motion Crs Dowe
Motion Crs Draper
Motion Crs Drummond
Motion Crs Dsgg
Motion Crs Dubois
Motion Crs Duff
Motion Crs Duff &
Motion Crs Duff & Dagg
Motion Crs Duff & Orr
Motion Crs Duff & Serge & Ghislaine Dubois
Motion Crs Duff and
Motion Crs Duff and Council
Motion Crs Duff and Pitt
Motion Crs Duff and Pitt Dagg that Council
Motion Crs Duff*
Motion Crs Dugg
Motion Crs Dummond
Motion Crs Dunlop
Motion Crs E McCann
Motion Crs Eadcs
Motion Crs Eades
Motion Crs Education and
Motion Crs El-
Motion Crs Elliott
Motion Crs Emmeraon
Motion Crs Emmerson
Motion Crs Emmerson and Army Girl’s Home
Motion Crs Emmurson
Motion Crs ers
Motion Crs Ervin
Motion Crs Essi
Motion Crs Essiambre
Motion Crs Essiamhre
Motion Crs Fades
Motion Crs Fahey
Motion Crs Farrel
Motion Crs Farrell
Motion Crs Findlay
Motion Crs Findlay Dagg
Motion Crs Findlay Hanna
Motion Crs Fitzsimmon
Motion Crs Fmmerson
Motion Crs Foran
Motion Crs Fraser
Motion Crs Ful-
Motion Crs G
Motion Crs G A
Motion Crs G Armitage
Motion Crs G Committee
Motion Crs G Hod
Motion Crs G Hod-gins
Motion Crs G Hodgina
Motion Crs G Hodgine and C Municipal Council Township
Motion Crs G Hodgins
Motion Crs G Hodgins and Insurance Policies
Motion Crs G Joannisse
Motion Crs G McCallum
Motion Crs G Tracy
Motion Crs G _
Motion Crs G. Joannisse
Motion Crs GarHi Tracy
Motion Crs Garnet
Motion Crs Garnet McCallum
Motion Crs Garth
Motion Crs Garth Campbell
Motion Crs Garth Financial
Motion Crs Garth Iracy Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Garth Manpower
Motion Crs Garth Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Tracey
Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Garth Tracy & Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Campbell
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Council
Motion Crs Garth Tracy de Protection du
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Equipment
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Jeannine Wickens
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Lake
Motion Crs Garth Tracy McCoy
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Municipal Affairs
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Outaouais Alliance
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Stocks Used Equipment
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Telebcc
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Motion Crs Gary
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins Hodgins
Motion Crs Gatineau Power
Motion Crs Gibbons
Motion Crs Gilpin
Motion Crs Gilpin Barber
Motion Crs Gr*
Motion Crs Graham
Motion Crs Graham & Duff
Motion Crs Gran*
Motion Crs Grant
Motion Crs Gray
Motion Crs Greer
Motion Crs H
Motion Crs H Wickens
Motion Crs H Wickens Motion Crs Hawley
Motion Crs H Wickens TENDERS Club
Motion Crs Hammond
Motion Crs Hamond
Motion Crs Hanna
Motion Crs Hark
Motion Crs Harkneas Smiley
Motion Crs Has
Motion Crs Haw
Motion Crs Hawley
Motion Crs Hawley Road
Motion Crs Hawley the
Motion Crs Hawley Wic
Motion Crs Hawley Wic-kens
Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Henderson
Motion Crs Henderson & January
Motion Crs Herd Reduction Sale Scotch Highlands
Motion Crs Hernard Arniitage
Motion Crs Hodgins
Motion Crs HODGINS—In
Motion Crs Hodglns
Motion Crs Horner
Motion Crs Hubert McCauley JEWELLER
Motion Crs IE
Motion Crs Ireland
Motion Crs Irwin Hayes
Motion Crs Irwin Hodgins
Motion Crs IV
Motion Crs J
Motion Crs J J McCalluml South
Motion Crs J J MeCallum Minutes
Motion Crs J.
Motion Crs Jack
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Crime Prevention Sym
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jack Lang Sorel
Motion Crs Jean-
Motion Crs Jean-road
Motion Crs Jeannie
Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Crs Jeannine Committees
Motion Crs Jeannine Correspondence
Motion Crs Jeannine Î. P A,CENTRE
Motion Crs Jeannine L
Motion Crs Jeannine Mayor
Motion Crs Jeannine Norman
Motion Crs Jeannine Qf October
Motion Crs Jeannine Shawville
Motion Crs Jeannine the
Motion Crs Jeannine the Development Plan
Motion Crs Jeannine We
Motion Crs Jeannine Wick-ens
Motion Crs Jeannine Wickens
Motion Crs JJ McCalkim
Motion Crs Johnston
Motion Crs Judd-Hanns
Motion Crs Jvannme
Motion Crs K
Motion Crs K Wilson and L Committee
Motion Crs Kennedv
Motion Crs Kennedy-Horner
Motion Crs Kilgour
Motion Crs Kmmcrson
Motion Crs Kmmerson
Motion Crs Krose
Motion Crs L
Motion Crs L McCann
Motion Crs L Roy
Motion Crs L Telford
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson and C Roll
Motion Crs Lang
Motion Crs Lang and Budget Motion Crs Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs Langford
Motion Crs Lapierre
Motion Crs Linda Williams
Motion Crs Lmmerson
Motion Crs Lots
Motion Crs M
Motion Crs M Fulford
Motion Crs M Richard Donations
Motion Crs M Richardson
Motion Crs M Richardson Work
Motion Crs Ma
Motion Crs Ma-farlane
Motion Crs Malctte
Motion Crs Malettc
Motion Crs Malette
Motion Crs Manwell
Motion Crs Marks
Motion Crs Martineau
Motion Crs Martineau-Arm
Motion Crs Mavis Hanna
Motion Crs McCallum
Motion Crs McCann
Motion Crs McCleaiy
Motion Crs McCleary
Motion Crs McCledary
Motion Crs McCord
Motion Crs McCre-die and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs McCred
Motion Crs McCredie
Motion Crs McCredie 1
Motion Crs McCredie and
Motion Crs McCredie and Pitt
Motion Crs McCredie and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs McCredie Bay
Motion Crs McCredie Bids
Motion Crs McCredie Bristol
Motion Crs McCredie Canton Unis de Leslie
Motion Crs McCredie Council
Motion Crs McCredie Cr Pirie
Motion Crs McCredie Duff
Motion Crs McCredie ENGLISH
Motion Crs McCredie Ford Pick-up
Motion Crs McCredie Hélène Bélisle
Motion Crs McCredie McCredie
Motion Crs McCredie Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs McCredie Note
Motion Crs McCredie Shawville Arena Im
Motion Crs McCredie Smith
Motion Crs McCredie Store Ltd of
Motion Crs McCredie Townhall
Motion Crs McCredie Transports
Motion Crs McKay
Motion Crs McKee
Motion Crs McNeil
Motion Crs McNeill
Motion Crs McNeill McCleary
Motion Crs McTieman
Motion Crs Merlin
Motion Crs Merlin October
Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Motion Crs Merlin Richard Municipal Council Township
Motion Crs Merlin Richardson
Motion Crs Metcalfe
Motion Crs Mlc£asd
Motion Crs Mohr
Motion Crs Motion Crs J Wickens Tracy
Motion Crs Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Moxley
Motion Crs Mr. Billings
Motion Crs Mr. Fred Dagg
Motion Crs Mr. William O’Reilly
Motion Crs Mulligan
Motion Crs Murphy
Motion Crs Murray
Motion Crs Nbtcalfc
Motion Crs Neil Ditt MacKILUCAN & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants
Motion Crs Neil Dittburner
Motion Crs Norway Bay Municipal
Motion Crs O Rctily
Motion Crs O Reilly
Motion Crs O Reilly A Young
Motion Crs O- Reilly
Motion Crs Orr
Motion Crs Orr & Dagg
Motion Crs Orr & Duff
Motion Crs Orr & Pitt also
Motion Crs Orr and
Motion Crs Orr and Council
Motion Crs Orr and Dagg Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt %
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt >
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt aC#®FienVi D.u
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt and Duff that Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt Clement Romain
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt Motion Crs Dagg and Department of Municipal that Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt QPF
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt r*
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt the
Motion Crs Orr Council
Motion Crs Orr Workshops
Motion Crs O’Reilly
Motion Crs O’Reilly Henderson
Motion Crs O’Reilly Wiggins
Motion Crs Parrel
Motion Crs Pfj Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Pine
Motion Crs Pirie
Motion Crs Pirie Orr
Motion Crs Pitt
Motion Crs Pitt & Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt & Orr Code
Motion Crs Pitt and
Motion Crs Pitt and Clarendon Townline and Pitt
Motion Crs Pitt and Council
Motion Crs Pitt and Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff Motion Crs Orr and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff Miljour
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff* Cr Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Line
Motion Crs Pitt and Mary
Motion Crs Pitt and McCredie
Motion Crs Pitt and Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Orr
Motion Crs Pitt and Protection
Motion Crs Pitt and Tenders
Motion Crs Pitt and Vehicle Repair Shops
Motion Crs Pitt and Visitors
Motion Crs Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Puff
Motion Crs Quenneville
Motion Crs Reduce E
Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs Richardson the
Motion Crs Robinson
Motion Crs Robinson II
Motion Crs Robinson-OTteilly
Motion Crs Ron Essiambre
Motion Crs Ron Essiambre & Garnet McCallum
Motion Crs Roy
Motion Crs Roy Carried Mr. Dcnzil Brown
Motion Crs Russctt
Motion Crs Russeit
Motion Crs Russett
Motion Crs Sheehan
Motion Crs Smart-Whelen
Motion Crs Smiley
Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs Smith &
Motion Crs Smith & Pitt
Motion Crs Smith and
Motion Crs Smith and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Sparling
Motion Crs Staaley
Motion Crs Stanley
Motion Crs Stanley & Dagg X Special Buy Special Buy
Motion Crs Stevens & Dale icipaj Council of Onslow South Mr. E
Motion Crs Stewart
Motion Crs Subvention
Motion Crs Tanguay
Motion Crs Tanner
Motion Crs Telford
Motion Crs Terry Fox Rd
Motion Crs that Council
Motion Crs Thomas Belair
Motion Crs Tracy
Motion Crs Trudeau
Motion Crs Tubman
Motion Crs Tun
Motion Crs UMRCQ
Motion Crs Vaughan
Motion Crs Westbrook—Clarke
Motion Crs Whelen
Motion Crs Whereas
Motion Crs Wickens
Motion Crs Wickens budget
Motion Crs Wige Kennedy
Motion Crs Wiggins
Motion Crs Wilson
Motion Crs Wmj Alexander
Motion Crs Wt^gins
Motion Crs Yach
Motion Crs Yach and Steph-1 Municipal Council
Motion Crs Yeung
Motion Crs Young
Motion Crs Young & Dagg _
Motion Crs Young & Graham Mr.
Motion Crs Young—Martineau
Motion Crs Youth
Motion Crs | Everyone
Motion Crs- Brownlee
Motion Crs.J.
Motion Crst Draper
Motion Crt
Motion Cry
Motion Cr»
Motion Ct
Motion Ct McCleary
Motion Ct Metcalfe
Motion Ct Roy
Motion Ct*
Motion Ctr Duff
Motion Cts
Motion CTs Ciih
Motion CTs McKee
Motion Cts O Reilly
Motion Cts Tubman
Motion CTS.
Motion Cuun*
Motion Cuune
Motion Cvs
Motion C»mmr
Motion C”S.
Motion C„
Motion D. Campbell-Prendergast | Registered Yorkshire
Motion Dagg
Motion Dave Davies
Motion Davis Dowd—That the
Motion de- Bristol Council
Motion Dec. Mh
Motion Delbert Zacharias
Motion Delegation
Motion Denis Papineau
Motion Desabrals Haut Commissariat
Motion Detector/Floodlig
Motion Detectors Workmanship
Motion Directors
Motion Doherty
Motion Doherty-Woods
Motion Doherty-Young Regular
Motion Dow
Motion Dr. McDowell
Motion Dr. S.
Motion Dra
Motion Draper Argue Hudgins
Motion Drummond
Motion Dtum-OTteilley That
Motion E McCann
Motion Ease
Motion Easey Taber—That the Clarendon Council
Motion Economic Summet Conference Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Effect
Motion Elliott
Motion Elliott and
Motion Elliott Hodgins
Motion Elliott that Council
Motion Elsie Gibbons
Motion Elwyn Lang
Motion Emmerson
Motion Ernie He-
Motion ers
Motion ers Cain-Steele
Motion ers Farrell Steele
Motion ers Farrell-Cain
Motion ers Farrell-Robert
Motion ers Farrell-Young
Motion ers Fraser-MacKechnie
Motion ers Hanna-Connelly
Motion ers Henderson Beattie
Motion ers Stephens Fraser
Motion ers Young-Farrell
Motion ers Young-Steele
Motion Everett McDowell
Motion Every-day Straw Hats
Motion Farmers Attention
Motion FARMERS TZZ Armstrong
Motion Farrell-Alexander Patrick
Motion Farrell-Alexander—That
Motion Farrell-McGoff Fhat Jo*
Motion Farrell—Alexander
Motion Fasey Woods That John
Motion Fee—one
Motion Finance
Motion Fitzsimmons
Motion Fitzsimmons Henderson
Motion for Committee
Motion Fort
Motion Fraser-Muldoon—-That
Motion Fraserand
Motion Frasier
Motion Fulford
Motion FV
Motion Garage
Motion Garth Tracy
Motion George
Motion George Coles
Motion Gladys Hodgins
Motion Gordon Sparling
Motion Gra O Reilly
Motion Graham
Motion Grant
Motion Grant Elliott
Motion Grs Robinson
Motion Gs Barber
Motion Gs Emmerson
Motion Gs Hammond
Motion Gs Metcalfe
Motion Gs O Reilly
Motion Gs Robinson
Motion Gs Tubman
Motion Gs Wiggins
Motion H
Motion H Sturgeon
Motion Hawley Wickens
Motion Hcultural Society
Motion Heather Dickson
Motion Hend
Motion Henderson
Motion Henderson That By-law No.
Motion Heudei
Motion Hiehler-M
Motion Hoattie Allen Tint
Motion Hod
Motion Hodgins-Argue That the
Motion Hoi
Motion Horner
Motion Horner Burden That
Motion Howard Brinkworth
Motion Hubert McCauley
MOTION Hugh Hammond
Motion I*y
Motion IL
Motion Inc.
Motion informs Council
Motion Ireland
Motion Iv
Motion Jack Harrison
Motion Jack Lang
Motion Jamieson
Motion Jamieson-Young
Motion Jeannine
Motion Jeannine Wic- CPTAQ
Motion Jeannine Wickens
Motion Jeannine Wickens The Equity Morrison Road
Motion Kadea
Motion Kasey Stanton
Motion Kennedy
Motion Kenneth Kilgour
Motion Ki Horan
Motion KiHoran
Motion Kilioran
Motion Killoian-Heiulerboii
Motion Killoran
Motion Killoran-Horner
Motion Kisey-oting
Motion KiUovan- Horner Inal
Motion Kuril
Motion Laporte Last Friday
Motion Law No.
Motion Lawson Corrigan
Motion Lee
Motion Lester McCann
Motion Lost
Motion Lr
Motion Ly C otur WuUh
Motion Ly Crs
Motion l»y
Motion l»y ers Henderson Ruvsell
Motion M
Motion Ma
Motion Macfarlanê Judd
Motion MacMiIlian
Motion Mae
Motion Mail Contract
Motion Malloch D»
Motion Marks
Motion Max<>r Herbert
Motion Mayor
Motion Mayor G
Motion Mayor Gra
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mayor Graham Gail Bertrand
Motion Mayor Graham Stewart St/Old Mines Rd
Motion Mayor Jack Gra
Motion MBBHHPIPPH Sec Treas
Motion McBane-Craig That Oeo
Motion McCann
Motion McCleary Hutchison
Motion McDowell
Motion McKay
Motion McKee
Motion Mclallan
Motion McMillan LG.
Motion McNeil
Motion McNeil.and
Motion McNeill
Motion Meehan
Motion Men
Motion Minerva Sparling
Motion Motion T.
Motion Moved
Motion Moyles
Motion Mr & Mrs Mano
Motion Mrs Ballantyne
Motion Mrs F
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs Gwen Tangu.v
Motion Mrs McCredie
Motion Mrs.
Motion Mrs. B.C. Homer
Motion Mrs. Bal- Woodley
Motion Mrs. Ballantyne
Motion Mrs. Barber
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Mrs. Cartman
Motion Mrs. Carty
Motion Mrs. Cecil Paris
Motion Mrs. Corrigan
Motion Mrs. Cowley
Motion Mrs. Elliott
Motion Mrs. Ftaul Martineau
Motion Mrs. Fulford
Motion Mrs. Garrison
Motion Mrs. Gwen Tanguay
Motion Mrs. H Graham
Motion Mrs. Hillis Smith
Motion Mrs. HillU
Motion Mrs. J.
motion Mrs. Lambert
Motion Mrs. M.
Motion Mrs. MacFarlane
Motion Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Motion Mrs. Marks
Motion Mrs. McCord
Motion Mrs. McCord the
Motion Mrs. McCord-N.
Motion Mrs. McCredie
Motion Mrs. McDowell
Motion Mrs. McMillan
Motion Mrs. McMlllian
Motion Mrs. McNeill
Motion Mrs. McOahern
Motion Mrs. MoCredie
Motion Mrs. Moodie
Motion Mrs. Muise
Motion Mrs. Murray
Motion Mrs. Murray/
Motion Mrs. Percy Mac Ribbon and Mrs. Cecil
Motion Mrs. Percy McKib-bon
Motion Mrs. Pheobe McCord
Motion Mrs. Pul
Motion Mrs. Sly
Motion Mrs. Stark
Motion Mrs. Stewart
Motion Mrs. Stone
Motion Mrs. Storie
Motion Mrs. Young
Motion Mte
Motion Mtildoon
Motion MTs McNiell
Motion MTS.
Motion Muhloon Mel
Motion Muldoon Irwin
Motion Mulligan
Motion Municipal Corp.
Motion Municipality
Motion Murray
Motion Nan
Motion No.
Motion Notice
Motion Notice IS SHAWVILLF
Motion NOTICE Shawville
Motion O Reilly
Motion O Reilly and
Motion O''KcilJcy Jol Martin
Motion O''llvillcy-Hay
Motion Occupation LUSKVILLE
Motion of Commr
Motion of Councillors McBane
Motion of Couns
Motion of Cr Ranger
Motion of Crs Quenneville
Motion of ers MacKechnie-Mul- Carried
Motion of H
Motion of Mr, Morris
Motion of Young
Motion Oorar
Motion OR
Motion Or Barter
Motion Or Claude Fire
Motion Or Hodgins
Motion Or McCleary
Motion Or Metcalfe
Motion Or#
Motion Or* Martineau
Motion Or* McKee BRINGS
Motion Ora Vahgihn
Motion Ore
Motion Ore Burke
Motion Ore Ferrell
Motion Ors
Motion Ors Drummond
Motion Ors Farrell
Motion Ors J.
Motion Ors Metcalfe
Motion Or» Drummond
Motion Or» McCann
Motion Or» Sparling
Motion Os
Motion Os Barber
Motion Os Brown
Motion Os Brownlee
Motion Os C Roy
Motion Os Council
Motion Os D
Motion Os D Fulford
Motion Os Drummond
Motion Os Dsgg
Motion Os Emmerson
Motion Os Findlay
Motion Os G Hodgin
Motion Os Gilpin
Motion Os Grant
Motion Os Hammond
Motion Os Henderson
Motion Os Horner
Motion Os Ifcown
Motion Os Ijnmerson
Motion Os L Roy
Motion Os M Richardson
Motion Os Malette
Motion Os Marner
Motion Os McCleary
Motion Os McCredie
Motion Os McKay
Motion Os McNeill
Motion Os Metcalfe
Motion Os Metcalfe & Gifpin that Council
Motion Os Mulligan
Motion Os O Reilly
Motion Os O’Reilly
Motion Os O’Reilly Hammond
Motion Os Robinson
Motion Os Smiley
Motion Os Tubman
Motion Os Vuhnun
Motion Os Wiggins
Motion Os Yach
Motion Ot Brow
Motion Ottawa
Motion Otter Lake GERRY
Motion O’Reilley Young
Motion passed
Motion PHiihs M
Motion Picture Association
Motion Picture Bu
Motion Picture Bureau
Motion Picture Bureau of the Trade and Commerce Department
Motion Picture City Celebrates
Motion Picture Film
Motion Picture Herald
Motion Picture OVERALLS
Motion Picture Research Council
Motion Picture Review Bryson Theatre Anniversary.
Motion Picture Review Bryson Thoetro Anniversary
Motion Pictures
Motion Pictures and Theatre Inspection Branch
Motion Pine that Council on Simmental
Motion Pirie
Motion Pirie that Council
Motion Pitt
MOTION PlCTURe Name_ Address Province
Motion Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Motion POWER PLAY Shawville
Motion Q
Motion Q Brown
Motion Q Btown
Motion Q$ O Reilly
Motion Q-s
Motion Qh^IXA/villfl Crs
Motion Qi O Reilly
Motion Qrs
Motion Qrs Brownlee
Motion Qrs Drummond
Motion Qrs McCkary
Motion Qrs McCleary
Motion Qrs Metcalfe
Motion Qrs Robinson
Motion Qrs Robinson &
Motion Qrs Wiggins
Motion Qs
Motion Qs Brown
Motion Qs Brownlee
Motion Qs Btownke
Motion Qs C Roy
Motion Qs Em
Motion Qs Emmerson
Motion Qs Hammond
Motion Qs Homer
Motion Qs Horner
Motion Qs Kennedy
Motion Qs McNeill
Motion Qs O Reilly
Motion Qs Robinson
Motion Qs Wiggins
Motion Qt
Motion Regular
Motion Rev. McColl
Motion Rich-Council Hall
Motion Road Inspector Joseph
Motion Robinson F.
Motion Robinson Hodgins
Motion Roliert McDowell
Motion Ron Essiambre
Motion Route 303; c
Motion Russell-Alien
Motion S W. MeKechnie
Motion S. A. MACKAY Bristol Council Minutes Bristol
Motion S. W. McKedmie-L.
Motion Secretary
Motion Service Grade Chesterwite
Motion Shawville Council
Motion Sheriff** Offict Campbell’
Motion Shore-Hodgins That
Motion Shore-Smith Tf
Motion Sinclair-Dale
Motion Sloan
Motion Smith Rn«il Orr Vvorcro
Motion Smith—Mrs
Motion Social Planning Committee
Motion Society
Motion Special Announcement
Motion Special Newspaper Train
Motion Speeds Up Work
Motion Sports & Leisure Coordinator Stewart Adam Phone
Motion Stanley
Motion Stanton Marks
Motion Steele-Robert
Motion Steele-Robert Council
Motion Steele-Young That
Motion Stephens
Motion Suggestions
Motion T. P Graham ‘
Motion Taber MacKechnie
Motion Taber-Biehler
Motion Tel
Motion Telephone Subscribers
Motion That
Motion That By-law
Motion That By-law No.
Motion that Council
Motion That Milton McCuire In-authorized
Motion That Mrs. George
Motion THEATRE Shawville
Motion Those
Motion Tibej’-M
Motion Tiigmai
Motion Title Search
Motion Tom Fahey
Motion Tracy
Motion Treasurer
Motion Uom’ra Sturgeon
Motion Uuyon Council Equity
Motion V
Motion V''mns
Motion V.mir Bavr-That the
Motion Vanns
Motion Venir Easter
Motion Vertal Smiley
Motion Vi
Motion Vi H
MOTION Video Poker Machine
Motion Vincent McC
Motion Vis Krwin-MeR
Motion Vl I’he Warden
Motion Vom Campbell
Motion Vomr
Motion Vomr MecK
Motion VomY
Motion Vont
Motion Votin'' Dowell
Motion Vr> O’lleilly-Robert That Patrick
Motion Vrs
Motion Vrs Argue Hodgins
Motion Vrs Brownlee
Motion Vrs McGuire
Motion Vrs Muldoon
Motion Vrs* Alexander-O'' Reilly
Motion Vv
Motion Vv.
Motion Vy Comr Waisti
Motion Vy Vrs Whelen Grant
Motion V»v Crs
Motion V»y
Motion W* P ¦
Motion Wa
Motion Wales
Motion Walter Kilgour
Motion WARD NO.
Motion Waul-Kennedy
Motion WBs
Motion Webb
Motion Wi-tiiif*
Motion Wickens
Motion Wierstead
Motion William Hodgins
Motion Wîlscn Hodgins
Motion Wilson
Motion Winter-tired Oil
Motion Wo<>d
Motion Woodley-Hudgins That the
Motion Woods-Allen—Tiiit Mr.
Motion Woods-Beattie That
Motion Yach
Motion YiHtngd
Motion Yming Doherty That
Motion Yolande Proulx
Motion Young Beattie That Con
Motion Young-Beattie
Motion Young-Cain
Motion ¦ Front Road
Motion — Com
Motion — Com Revised Versions
Motion — Com Y
Motion — Com Y Horner
Motion — Coons
Motion — Taber-Woods Council
Motion —Dr.
Motion ‘his Council
Motion''s Bank
Motion- Bronson
Motion- Com
Motion- Com Ys Palmer
Motion- Comm
Motion- Conns
Motion- Conns Barr
Motion- Councillor Vaillant
Motion- Crs
Motion- Doherty
Motion- F McNally Kennedy- That
Motion- Gouns Bert Hodgins
Motion- Killoran
Motion- P McNally Robinson
Motion- Wo''il
Motion- Woods
Motions Crs Pitt
Motions Crs Pitt & Sm- des
Motions Crs Pitt and Townhall
Motion— Com
Motion— H PH P HPP
Motion— Horner-Barber
Motion—Russell-Beattie Council
Moyer School Supplies Motion
Mr CUMaoUon Crs Dagg
Mr Hugh Carson of Motion—Farrell-Robert—That Thoa
MRC Mayor Hooley
MRC Pon- Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Tracy
MRP Mayor Eddie McCann
Mrs Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Motion Crs G Hodgins
Municipal Affairs Motion Qs O Reilly
Municipal Appointments:-Pro-Mayor Lloyd Hensley; Municipal Auditor
Municipal Books Mayor
Municipal Code Mayor Hayes
Municipal Code Motion Crs
Municipal Corporation Motion by Crs Merlin Affairs
Municipal Coun- Motion of Crs
Municipal Council Motion
Municipal Council of Bristol met Present—Mayor Elmside Clarendon
Municipal Council of Mayor Hayes
Municipal Council Town- Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Municipal Court Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Municipal Crs Garth Tracy and Council Township
Municipal Crs Orr
Municipal Gadfly Mayor
Municipal Government Motion Crs
Municipal Housing Corp- Crs Ranger
Municipal Inspector Mayor O Brien
Municipal Mayor
Municipal Mayor Eddie
Municipal Mayor Gary
Municipal Mayor Graham
Municipal Mayor Mar-
Municipal Motion by Raymond Morris
Municipal Motion Crs Elliott
Municipal Motion Crs Smith & August
Municipal office Mayor Randy Beattie
Municipal Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Municipal Pro-Mayor
Municipal Procedure Motion Crs McCann
Municipal Qn Motion of Vrs Westbmok and Council of Bristol
Municipal Valuation Roll Motion by Ore
Museum February Motion
Mutual Group Mayor
Mutual Life Motion Cr
National Capi- Mayor Jack Graham
National Institute for the Blind Motion
National Marine Poli- Carleton Mayor Dwight
National Motion Crs
NBMA Motion Cr Orr that Council
NUMBERS Motion Crs E McCann
Office of Mayor
Oil Thorne Mayor Bill Burke
Onslow Centre School Board Motion
Onslow Council Carried Carried Motion
Onslow Council Heeling Motion
Onslow Council Motion
Onslow Council Motion Crs Stevens
Onslow Council Pontiac Motion Crs
Onslow-Eardley Town Line Motion Crs
Operation MRC Pontiac Ensemble Together Mayor
Ors Jeannine Wickens
Ottawa-Hull Power Co. Motion—Crs
P. Q Allan McKinnon Bât Motion Crs
Party Association of Québec Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
PEMBROKE Carried Motion Crs
Petro Ponti- Motion Cr McCredie
Philip Long Motion Cn Perlard
PILON GARAGE INC Motion Commr Brown
Pitt and Motion Crs
Pitt Motion Crs McCredie
Pitt that Council Motion Crs Duff
Planning Com- Motion Cr Congdon
Pontiac Agricultural Motion
Pontiac Agricultural Motion Cr Congdon
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "A" Annual Meeting MUNICIPALITY OF SHAWVILLE Mayor Randall Be
Pontiac Allumette Island Mayor Jerome Sallafranque
Pontiac Anti-Tuber-Mayor
Pontiac Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Pontiac Business Associa Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pontiac C.L.S.C. Mayor Vibert
Pontiac Chapeau Mayor Albert Collin
Pontiac Chapeau Mayor Bert Conroy
Pontiac Clergy Asso-tion Crs Hawley Wickens
Pontiac Co-op Medical Services Motion Crs May
Pontiac Co-operative Medical Services Motion Commr
Pontiac Community Hospital Motion by Councillor Larivière
Pontiac Council Motion Cr Smith
Pontiac Crs
Pontiac Crs Garth Tracy
Pontiac Farm Equipment Motion
Pontiac Former Mayor
PONTIAC HOUSE HOTEL Gal Motion by Cr Bellerose
Pontiac Mayor
Pontiac Mayor Eddie
Pontiac Mayor Eddie des Collines
Pontiac Mayor Eddie McCann
Pontiac Mayor Eddie McCann New
Pontiac Mayor English-only
Pontiac Mayor Graham
Pontiac Mayor Marcel
Pontiac Mayor Marcel La-vignc’s
Pontiac Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Pontiac Mayor Marcel Municipal
Pontiac Mayor Warden
Pontiac Motion
Pontiac Motion Cr
Pontiac Motion Cr Dagg
Pontiac Motion Cr Duff
Pontiac Motion Crs Carmen Telebec Project
Pontiac MRC Warden Mike McCrank; Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher
Pontiac Municipal Mayor
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Marcel La
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Marcel Lavignc
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Bruce Campbell
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Groceries
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Marcel
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Onslow Intermediate School
Pontiac Mutual Life of Canada Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Pontiac Print- Motion Commr Fulford
Pontiac Printshop Ltd Motion
Pontiac Printshop Mayor
Pontiac Printshop Sundays Motion Cr
Pontiac Road Motion Crs
Pontiac School Board Mayor Cecil Vibert
Pontiac Shawville Mayor Allan Black
Pontiac Tel-Motion Crs
Pontiac Tou- Motion Crs Dagg
Pontiac Tourist Association for Mansfield Pontefract Mayor
Pontiac Trail Com- Motion Cr Congdon
Pontiac- Motion
Pontiac; Let- LUP Inspector Motion
Portage Council Motion Crs
Portage du Fort Council Motion
Portage du Fort Council Worship Mayor Gerald
Portage du Motion Crs
Postal Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Unions
PPHS MODZY Mayor Allen Black
Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Pro Mayor
Pro Mayor Allan Black
Pro Mayor Basil Murphy USEE
Pro Mayor Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pro Mayor Elmer Belanger
Pro Mayor Glen Nugent
Pro Mayor Jerry
Pro Mayor Motion Crs Gilpin
Pro Mayor Mr. Edward Kavan- Council
Pro Mayor Royce Richardson
Pro Pro-Mayor
Pro-Mayor Gary Municipal Library.
probabi-1 Mayor
Public Carried Motion Cm Young
Public In- Motion
Public Roods Mayor Rhdal Racine
PUBLIC SECURI- Pro-mayor Guitard
Quality Clothing & Footwear Motion Crs
QUEBEC AMBULANCE HOSPITAL......... POLICE........... Motion Cr McCredie
Quebec Const Equip- Motion Crs Ireland
Quebec Labour Motion Crs Garth Tracy Code
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Cr
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Crs Gibbons
Quyon Lion s Club Crs Duff
Quyon Milling Co Motion Crs
Quyon Store Broken Into And Many Items Stolen Shawville Mayor Injured In Automobile Accident A
R. Bulmer.................... Pontiac Transport........... Motion
RA Mayor Cletus Fcrrigan When UOVMHL
Ragged Chute Motion
Ragged Chute Road Motion Cr
Ralphs Tire Shop Motion by Or*
RCAF Motion C
Recognition Crs
Recreation Association Motion by Clrs Schock
Recreation Association Motion by Councillor Elmer
Recreation Committee Mayor
Recreation Fish Motion Crs L Wilson
Refrigrrato DOMINION Motion
Renewal Com- U Eardley Mayor
Renouf Publishing Co........ Motion
RH Nugent Mayor John Telford
Roll Motion Crs
Roll Motion—Stanton Beattie That Clifford Beattie
Roman Catholic Church Motion Cr
Route 148E 648-2144 Motion
Royal IVeaent Mayor
Royal Mayor Ross
Royal Motion
Royal Victoria Hospital Motion Territory
Rural Telephone Mayor Barr
Ryan Motion Cr Orr
Ryan Tan- Jeannine Wickens
Salvation Army Mayor Hobbs
Salvation Army Motion Crs
Saucier Electric Present Mayor Bert Crawford
Save Mayor Arno Bretzlaff
Sawyer Massey Co Motion—Crs Maclarlane
School Corjioratln Motion—C«»iii
School Motion-—Conns
School Motion—Com’r Graham
Scotch Information Cen- Motion
SECOND SECTION Lions Charter Night Mayor
Second Woman Mayor
Second- Motion CTs
Senior Hockey Club Motion Crs
Separate School Board Motion Crs
Services Federation Motion: Mrs. Brownlee
Sewerage Committee Crs Hayes
Shaws Garage Motion Crs Arnot Horn
Shawvillc pro-Mayor Royce Richardson
Shawville & District Snowmobile Club Motion Crs McCredie
SHAWVILLE ARENA Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Shawville Council Motion Crs McTlernan
Shawville Council Present Mayor
Shawville Mayor Allan
Shawville Mayor Allan Black
Shawville Water Works Motion l;y L XX DaIiuis And K J Buber
Shawvllle Agricultural | Motion Cr Emmerson
Shawvllle Fair Mayor Burke Annual Meeting Sworn
Shawvüle Mayor Allan Black
SHELL Carried Motion Crs
Show Mayor Brown
Signing Authority Pro Mayor
Signs & Line Crs Cedric
Single Harness Hand Made Mayor MvLeilan
Smart Bros gins Motion
Smith & Motion Commr Wm
Society of Motion Picture Engineers
Society of the Church of Motion Cr
Society Radford Native Mes Aged Ninety Four Carried Motion Os
Society Sheehan and Motion Crs Joannissc
SON FUNERAL Motion Commr Fulford
SON Motion
SON Motion—A
SONS Motion Crs
SPECIALS Motion Crs Metcalfe
SSSSr Hi Mayor Schrankler
St Jean Motion Crs Duff
Stamps Mayor Emerson Cotie
Starks Corners Church Motion
Subdivision Plan - Jeannine
SUBSCRIBE Crs Elliott NOW Eghjity
SUITS Carried Motion Crs
SUM S ZSpi Motion-Crs Clarke
Sûreté du Québec Motion
Teachers Motion
TEXACO Present Mayor Bronson
The Equity Motion Crs
The Equity Motion.
THE Parliament Opened Motion
Thome Council Mayor Vowles
Thorne Council Minutes BEAR FRONT END ALIGNMENT Shawnry MOTORS J Motion
Thorne Council Motion by Cirs Hodgins
Town Hall Motion
Town Hall Pro-Mayor Jacques Crépeau
Transport Co. Ltd No. Motion
Tread Carried Motion Crs
TURKEY - GEESE - CHICKEN Carried Motion Crs*
UIC Section Motion Crs Doug Ful-don Roller Mill
Union of Chambers Motion
United Christmas Services Motion
United Pro-Mayor
Uuyon Council Motion
VA EaM Motion Cr Pine
VALUATION Bell Motion Crs
Valuation Roll Motion Mrs.
VI Motion O Reilly
Village Cemetery Improvement Fund Motion
Village of Motion Motion Cr McKay
Village of Shawville Mayor’s Budget Speech
Village of Shawville Mayor’s Proclamation A#
Village of Shawville Motion Brownlee
Village of Shawville Motion Os Black
VOLKSWAGEN Sales & Service Motion
W. Mac Mayor
Wakefield Hospital Carried Carried Carried Motion
WANTED Homer’s Garage Motion Crs
WÊÈM Motion Crs Findlay
Welfare Department Motion
WF Motion Commr
Worldwide Pictures Motion Picture
Worshipful Brother Mayor Russel Taber
WOrtn Public Notice Public Notice Motion
Wyman Community Rink Motion Crs Henderson
XX P clS A Motion
Youiiy Mayor Electric
YOUNG Mayor District