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Richard Wills Conservative MP Barry Moore

Issues the organization appears in:

83471_1993-10-20 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

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3-Dan Moore
3arry Moore
3ba23 H G. Wills
8. Moore
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A* Moore
A* P % Ai Al Richard Wilis Equity
A. E Richard
A. Moore
Aaron Moore
Abel Richard
Abel Richard Sr
Able Richard Sr.
Able Seaman David Moore
Ac-1 Desmond Hod- Mrs. Everett Moore
Action African Adventure Lee Marvin Roger Moore
Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore ClassifiedsICirculation Katherine Hynes
Ada-line Moore
Adam 8. Moore
Adam B Jonathan Richard
Adam Bretzlaff Simon-Richard Corriveau Henderson
Adam Moore
Adam Richard
Adam Richard*
Adam Richard-
Adam Richard- Daniel Plouffe
Adam Richard- Chris Evans
Adam Richard- Dougall
Adam Richard- Melville
Adam Richard- Travis Dorzek
Adam Richard-chocolate
Adam Richard-The Shawville Bantam
Addams Richard Egan
Adeline Moore
Admiral Richard K. Byrd
Advocate Barry
Ae.ke Moore
Afelakie Award - Assiduity - Sec. V-Barry Lamarche
Al Mine Able Seaman David Moore Pending Settlement
Al Richard
Albema Moore
Albert Armstrong By Dave Moore Coulonge
Albert Moore
Albert Moore 7:30
Albert Richard
Albert Richard 11.29 Y von St Aubin
Albert Richard At
Albert Richard Burton Sal Mineo
Albert Richard from Lamb
Albert Richard Mr John S
Albert Richard-
Albert Richard-on
Albert Richard.
Albert Tremblay Richard Poirier
Albert Yonk-Barry
Albert Yonkman Barry
Alberta Wills Sieer Ronnie Hodgfaa
Aldoralse Richard
Alex Moore
Alex Richard
Alex Shane Moore
Alex Wills
Alexa Lariviere Matthew James Richard Beer Tammy Be
Alexander Maccent Conservative
Alexander Wills
Alexander Wills Patricia 0 Callaghan
Alfred Barry
Alfred F. Moore
Alfred Moore
Alfred Wills
Alice Moore
Alice Richard
Alice Richard.
Allan Barry Pettem
Allan Chief Richard Poirier
Allan Moore
Allan Moore Ottawa.
Allan Richard
Allan Richard Abbott
Allen Moore
Alnert Richard
Alora Moore
Alpine Richard
Alta A — Richard Parker
Alvin Moore
Amanda Richard
Amer- Bovs* Band Well Started Dr. Moore
Amy Came- Ann Richard
Amy Moore
Amy Richard
Amy Richard .
An-Ethan Wills
Andre Lasalle Richard Pigeon
Andre Richard
Andrea Day-Moore
Andrea Moore
Andrea Richard
Andrew Barry Draper
Andrew Barry’s Bay
Andrew Richard
Angie Richard
Angie Thompson Richard Sparling Royal
Angus Moore
Ann Barry
Ann Moore
Ann Robinson Gene Barry Professional Sevices
Ann Taylor 647-2161 Dave Moore
Ann Taylor Dave Moore
Anna Barry
Anna May Moore
Anna Moore
Anna Moore Weds Leo Collins
Anna Rickie Moore
Anne May Moore
Anne Moore
Anne Richard
Annie Edith Moore
Annie Moore
Annie-May Moore
Anthony J. Wright Miss Melba Moore
Archibald Moore
Archie Moore
Archie Richard
Armand Richard Brochet
Armstrong Richard Findlay
Art Boisvert Denis Henri Richard
Arthur C. Moore
Arthur Moore
Arthur Moore Mrs. Flossie Bryson Moore
Arthur Richard
Arthur Richard Arnprior
Arthur Richard Leach
Arthur Richard Wellesley K.
Arthur Richard.
Assistant Coach Richard Meis-ner
At Moore
Auctioneer Moore
Audiy Moore
Audrey Moore
Audrey Moore Treasurer.
Audrey Moore-Jimmy
Audrey Richard Lamoureux
Audry Moore
Award V Richard Wills
B. Moore
B.Sc. Weedy Moore After
Bailey Richard Neil
Baker Roger Moore Exciting Drama
BALL- L Î Dove Moore Sports Gloves
Bany Moore
Barbara Barry
Barbara Harris Prize Guylaine Richard Perei-
Barbara L. Smith Ronald Wilson Laird D. Murray Lawrence H. Moore Residents
Barbara Richard
Barbara Richard-
Barber Dave Moore 647-6307 Business
Barnes Barry
Barney Moore
Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Barney Richardson Moore
Barry A
Barry Ban
Barry Technicolor Black Fury
Barry "
Barry & Karen Pretty Barry Moran Bev
Barry (Marie)
Barry - Hay
Barry 34236BJN6 SCHWARTZ
Barry 458-2771._xa6
Barry 7-2465 Murray
Barry 7-2665 Murray
Barry 7-2813 Murray
Barry 7-3*47 Murray
Barry A
Barry A Vendre
Barry Agency
Barry Agnew
Barry Ail
Barry Alexander
Barry Alexander Helen Bradley Jack McKay
Barry Allan
Barry Also
Barry and Karen
Barry and Karen Atack
Barry and Karen Bell
Barry and Karen Bennett
Barry and Marie Russet
Barry and Marie Russett
Barry and Nancy Camp
Barry and Nancy Campbell
Barry Andrew Turner
Barry Angus
Barry Annsmuir
Barry Arm
Barry Arm As
Barry Armstrong
Barry Arthur
Barry Arthur Sprigings
Barry Babcock
Barry Barkan
Barry Bay
Barry Be-
Barry Be-June
Barry Bean
Barry Bean 2
Barry Beardsley
Barry Beardsley Canada
Barry Beauchamp
Barry Belagner
Barry Belan-Most Sportsman Like Player
Barry Belane Leonard Godin
Barry Belanger
Barry Belanger Driver
Barry Belanger PBL
Barry Belangers
Barry Belanger’s
Barry Bell
Barry Bennett
Barry Bennett IHs
Barry Beverley Draper
Barry Bias- MacKay
Barry Bidder
Barry Bids
Barry Bill
Barry Billing-
Barry Billingham
Barry Bilmer
Barry Bindley
Barry Birnie
Barry Birthday
Barry Blais
Barry Blaskie
Barry Blaskle
Barry Bob Grant Whiter Buawell Joffre Dciilets Carl Vo* G*orge Mentha
Barry Boisvert
Barry Bonds
Barry Bradley
Barry Bradley Motion
Barry Breen
Barry Brenda Greenshields
Barry Bretzlaff
Barry British Columbia
Barry Broadfoot
Barry Brock
Barry Broseau- Onslow
Barry Brousaeau
Barry Brouseau
Barry Brousseau
Barry Brown
Barry Buder
Barry Burial
Barry Burke
Barry Burke Yach
Barry Calumet Island
Barry Camm
Barry Campbed
Barry Campbel
Barry Campbell
Barry Campbell 2
Barry Campbell 3
Barry Campbells Bay
Barry Can
Barry Carolyn
Barry Carried
Barry Carroll
Barry Chan THE
Barry Chapman
Barry Choir
Barry Cliff Hahn
Barry Cnwford
Barry Collins
Barry Community Hospital
Barry Conroy
Barry Cooper
Barry Corrigan
Barry Corriveau
Barry Cox
Barry Crag
Barry Craig
Barry Craig - That James Members
Barry Craig.
Barry Cran
Barry Cranham
Barry Crawford
Barry D Nicol
Barry D ummond
Barry Dale
Barry Dale 1
Barry Davis
Barry Dcschcncs
Barry De
Barry De-
Barry De- Ottawa
Barry Dean -
Barry Dean Anyone
Barry Decarie
Barry Decks
Barry Deebs
Barry Deeks
Barry Deeks Motion Crs H Wickens
Barry Dekes
Barry Deline
Barry Deline My
Barry Delvln Rodolph Lepine
Barry Demain
Barry Denise Morrissette
Barry Denommee
Barry Denver
Barry Dequanne
Barry Deri
Barry Derouin
Barry Derouin Congratulations
Barry Derouin Shawville
Barry Derouln
Barry Deschênes
Barry Desmond
Barry Desmond McGowan
Barry Devereaux
Barry Dies
Barry Dillon
Barry DM
Barry Donon
Barry Doyle
Barry Doyle Achetez 1
Barry Doyle.
Barry Dra-1 Gwen Hearty
Barry Dra-I
Barry Dragila Smith
Barry Drap
Barry Draper
Barry Draper Melvin
Barry Draper Phone
Barry Draper To
Barry Draper-Guardian
Barry Drapers
Barry Draper’s
Barry Draper’s Willow Hill Marty
Barry Drum
Barry Drummond
Barry Drummond’s
Barry Dubeau
Barry Dubeau Feb. 1
Barry Duncan
Barry Duncan Gavan
Barry Dupuis
Barry Dwyer
Barry E S Sullivan
Barry Edmonds
Barry Edward O''Meara
Barry Edwin Murphy
Barry Egan
Barry Electrolux Trophy
Barry Eliott
Barry Elliot
Barry Elliott
Barry Elliott Mrs Marjorie Smith
Barry Elliottt
Barry Ellison-Wade
Barry Elsie
Barry Eudes
Barry EW
Barry F
Barry F Hard
Barry Fails
Barry Fawcett
Barry Ferguson
Barry Find
Barry Findlay
Barry Finlay
Barry Fitsgerald
Barry Fitzgerald
Barry Fltsgerald
Barry Flynn Rd
Barry For
Barry Foran
Barry Foran 4
Barry Foster Stitt Macdonald College
Barry Fox
Barry Francis Graveline
Barry Frank Donne
Barry Frank Sloan
Barry Frederick
Barry Froats
Barry Ftndlav
Barry Fulford
Barry Gallant
Barry Gautheir
Barry Gauthier
Barry Gervais
Barry Get
Barry Giberson
Barry Gil- An
Barry Gilchrist
Barry Gilpin
Barry GIMn
Barry Gimson
Barry Ginson
Barry GJom
Barry Gkrm
Barry Gleason
Barry Glen Robinson
Barry Goldwater
Barry Good
Barry Good Fellow
Barry Goodfellow
Barry Goodfellow Beech Grove
Barry GoodfeUow
Barry Grace
Barry Graham
Barry Grand Pole Bending- Pinto Valley Ranch
Barry Griese
Barry H. Elliott
Barry H. Elliott F.H.
Barry Hag-and Brent Bertrand
Barry Hagen
Barry Hall
Barry Happy
Barry Hark- Tommy McTiernan
Barry Harkens
Barry Harki
Barry Harkins
Barry Harkins and Karen
Barry Harkins This
Barry Harold
Barry Harper
Barry Hart
Barry Hawker
Barry He
Barry Head
Barry Hearts Club
Barry Hedgins
Barry Hewitt
Barry Hfl|HH|||H|^|H|HpCampbell
Barry Higgins
Barry Hindley
Barry Hintley
Barry His
Barry Hiver
Barry Hobbs
Barry Hobin
Barry Hockey League
Barry Hod
Barry Hodgina
Barry Hodgins
Barry Hodgins - Geraldine Violet
Barry Hodgins 1
Barry Hodgins 2
Barry Hodgins- Quebec Angus Assoc
Barry Hodglni
Barry Hodglns
Barry Hodgma
Barry Hogan
Barry Holt
Barry Holt 1
Barry Homemade
Barry Homer
Barry Homer Time
Barry Homer_ Shawville
Barry Homilist
Barry Hon
Barry Horn
Barry Horn-Kruitz
Barry Horne
Barry Horner
Barry Horner JN90TC
Barry Horner Bernard Armilage
Barry Horner Residents
Barry Horners Peggy Cruickahank
Barry Hospital
Barry Hostess Mr. Ward Markle
Barry Hotel
Barry Hound
Barry Howard
Barry Howard 4
Barry Hubert
Barry Hutchinson
Barry Hutchison
Barry I
Barry I Moore
Barry I Rev L. Bacon
Barry Immaculate Conception Klukc
Barry In
Barry Is
Barry It
Barry J P A.
Barry J. Yoell
Barry James
Barry James Crawford
Barry James Telford
Barry James.
Barry John
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnston
Barry Jones
Barry Joubame
Barry Jr.
Barry July
Barry Kedwell
Barry Keith
Barry Kelly
Barry Kelsey
Barry Kerr
Barry Kilbride
Barry Kinch
Barry Kinch - Dena-t
Barry Kinch Ont
Barry Kinch- Help
Barry Kinch-Kenabeek
Barry Kingsbury Mrs.
Barry Kirk Douglas Richard Harris Team
Barry Klchman
Barry Kluke
Barry Kluke Gerard
Barry Kluke McLaughlin
Barry Kluke Morley Hodgins Ltd.
Barry Kluke Wallace
Barry Koran
Barry Kroee
Barry Krose
Barry Krose 7:00
Barry Krose Ottawa
Barry Krose- McDowell
Barry L usine
Barry La
Barry La# Horner
Barry La*
Barry La-uder
Barry Labadie
Barry Labante
Barry LaBatté
Barry Labattie
Barry Labonte
Barry Lac
Barry Lafromboise
Barry Lamarche
Barry Lance
Barry Lance Construction Langford s Grocery Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Loeb Shawville Loisirs Shawvill
Barry Lanoix
Barry Lawrence
Barry Leduc
Barry Lee Smith
Barry Leney
Barry Libodie
Barry Lovett
Barry Loveys
Barry Loyer
Barry Lush
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk Pontiac
Barry Lydon
Barry M Colby
Barry M Loses
Barry Mac Kay
Barry Mackay
Barry Mackey Mrs. Earl Gallagher
Barry MacMillan
Barry MacMillan Tractor
Barry MacNeill
Barry MacWilliam They
Barry Mali
Barry Maloney
Barry Manwell
Barry Manwell Acheté
Barry Mark
Barry Marked
Barry Martin
Barry Martin Country Favourites Emile
Barry Marty Brownlee
Barry Mather
Barry Matson
Barry Maurice Duquette
Barry Mayer
Barry Mayhew
Barry Mc-Callum
Barry McC
Barry McCallum
Barry McCann
Barry McCann B.M. Graham
Barry McCann Goal
Barry McCann Phone No.
Barry McClaren
Barry McCord
Barry McCoy
Barry McCracken
Barry McCrank
Barry McCredie
Barry McDonald
Barry McDowell
Barry McGow-
Barry McGow-and
Barry McGow-Mr.
Barry McGowan
Barry McGowan - Heritage
Barry McGowan Diane Sanford
Barry McGowan There
Barry McGowar
Barry McGown
Barry McGrory
Barry McGuire
Barry McIntyre
Barry McKay
Barry McLaughlin
Barry McMilliam
Barry McMillian
Barry McNally
Barry McOuatt
Barry McOuatt Armstrong
Barry McQuatt
Barry McWilham
Barry McWilliam
Barry McWilliams
Barry Me Quatt
Barry Me William
Barry Mel
Barry Mel-number
Barry Melanson
Barry Metcalfe
Barry Me—
Barry Me— Quatt
Barry Michael Brouse
Barry Min
Barry Mo-
Barry Mo-and Team
Barry Mo-| Mr.
Barry MoAre MP
Barry Model
Barry Mof-
Barry Moffall
Barry Moffat
Barry Moffatt
Barry Moffatt Cft Mettait Rd.
Barry Moffatt Clarendon
Barry Moffatt McDowell
Barry Moffett
Barry Moftati
Barry Mohr
Barry Molfat
Barry Moore
Barry Moore Canada Mortgage
Barry Moore Cette
Barry Moore Crusade
Barry Moore Crusade 1:30
Barry Moore Crusade Money
Barry Moore DAY
Barry Moore Driving
Barry Moore Evangelistic
Barry Moore H®
Barry Moore Il
Barry Moore Jérôme Sallafranque
Barry Moore M.P
Barry Moore M.P.
Barry Moore M.P. Dance
Barry Moore M.P. Pontiac
Barry Moore M.P. WITH
Barry Moore M.R. Pontiac
Barry Moore Maniwaki
Barry MOORE Mazankowski Mazankowski
Barry Moore Member
Barry Moore Metis from Quebec
Barry Moore Michael Roy.
Barry Moore Moore
Barry Moore MP
Barry Moore MP Pontiac
Barry Moore MR
Barry Moore Mr Maloney
Barry Moore PC
Barry Moore Pontiac
Barry Moore Remembrance
Barry Moore Robert Middlemiss
Barry Moore S#
Barry Moore Sec.
Barry Moore Team
Barry Moore Tulips
Barry Moore’s
Barry Moore’s Ottawa
Barry Moran
Barry Morre
Barry Morris
Barry Morse
Barry Mos*
Barry Moughton
Barry Moved
Barry Mrs Bob Dale
Barry Mrs Hobbs 819-647-3718
Barry Mrs Morley Mrs Hariand Armitage
Barry Mui-
Barry Mur-
Barry Mur-kar
Barry Murdoch
Barry Murdock
Barry Muriel Davies
Barry Murkar
Barry Murrav
Barry Murray
Barry Murray 3
Barry Murray Certificates
Barry Murray Collectors Badge Bryan Alexander House Oiderly Albert Armstrong To
Barry Murray Eari Powell
Barry Murray MacIntyre
Barry Murray Richardson
Barry Murray Richardson Penalties Watson
Barry Murrays
Barry Murray—Shawville
Barry Murray’s
Barry Muuray
Barry NeJblt
Barry Nelson
Barry Nelson FIRST
Barry Nelson Sat.
Barry Ness
Barry New Jersey
Barry Newberry
Barry Newman Dean Jaggar
Barry Nicholds
Barry Nina Milford
Barry Noonan
Barry North
Barry Nulllvaa Mona Freeman
Barry O Reilly
Barry O Sullivan
Barry OhMR
Barry Oitrom
Barry Ont Halloween
Barry Orr
Barry Orr Janet
Barry Orr Saturday
Barry Orr’s
Barry Os
Barry Os-Pontiac
Barry Os-tom
Barry Ostrom
Barry Ostrom He
Barry Ostrum
Barry Our
Barry Owens
Barry O’Brien
Barry O’Gorman
Barry Pageant
Barry Parker
Barry Parks
Barry Peever Mayor
Barry Pencil
Barry Pepin
Barry Peski
Barry Peter
Barry Pierce
Barry Pierrette
Barry Pieschke
Barry Pieschke Heinz
Barry Pieschkie
Barry Pieskie
Barry Pil- J>s
Barry Pilgrim
Barry Pilon
Barry Pilon Moved
Barry Plager
Barry Plus
Barry Police
Barry Popkey Gerald Perry
Barry Poppenheim
Barry Poulsen
Barry Pricnett
Barry Quatt
Barry Quyon
Barry Ra
Barry Racine
Barry Racine Gauthier
Barry Racne An
Barry Radant
Barry Raines
Barry Rains
Barry Randle
Barry Randy Chabot
Barry Ranger
Barry Ratine
Barry Rebertz
Barry Regional Heritage Fair
Barry Reibertz
Barry Reporters
Barry Resolved
Barry Rhonda Perry
Barry Riebertz
Barry Rifcsett
Barry River
Barry Ro-Sharpe
Barry Robcrlson Beachb
Barry Robert
Barry Roberta
Barry Robinson
Barry Robinson Class 6
Barry Robinson Junior Champion Female
Barry Robinson Shelby Grubbs
Barry Roc
Barry Rose
Barry Ross
Barry Rus
Barry Rus- Court Report
Barry Rus-sett
Barry Rusaett
Barry Russctt
Barry Russell
Barry Russett
Barry Russett But
Barry Russett Willie O’Rourke
Barry Russe»
Barry Russstt
Barry Rveir
Barry Ryan
Barry s Boys
Barry Sand Point
Barry Saturdays
Barry Seller
Barry SelUva» V Technicolor HOT
Barry Service
Barry Sharpe
Barry Shawville
Barry She
Barry Shewv.lle
Barry Shields Wedding
Barry Simpson
Barry Situ
Barry Sloan
Barry Slurs
Barry Smerdon
Barry Smith
Barry Somer-v
Barry Sommerville
Barry Sound
Barry Sparrow
Barry Spinner
Barry Spratt
Barry Sprigings
Barry Springing#
Barry St
Barry Stanton
Barry Starr
Barry Stephen
Barry Stephen at
Barry Stephens
Barry Stevens
Barry Stewart
Barry Stewart’s
Barry Stewrt
Barry Still
Barry Stilt
Barry Stitt
Barry Stitt Also
Barry Stitts
Barry Stitt’s
Barry Storey
Barry Strutt
Barry Suit
Barry Sulivan Western
Barry Sullivan
Barry Sullivan Î
Barry Sullivan 6
Barry Sullivan Mona Freeman
Barry Sullivan Peter Graves
Barry Sullivan Wednesday
Barry Suth- Bryson
Barry Sylvester
Barry Sylvie Chartrand
Barry T Draper
Barry Taber
Barry Tagaret
Barry Taylor
Barry Tcevens
Barry Technicolor Cinemascope Debbie Reynolds Van Heflin Jane Powell
Barry Tee
Barry Tee-vens
Barry Teevans
Barry Teeven
Barry Teevens
Barry Teevesn
Barry Telford
Barry Tenderfoot Tenderfoot Tenderfoot
Barry Tessa
Barry The
Barry Their
Barry Theo Schwartz
Barry Therrien
Barry Therrlen
Barry Thom
Barry Thom Patrick Burgess
Barry Thomas
Barry Thomas lia—Stephen Witt Blake Armitage Ciloria Tubman
Barry Thompson
Barry Thorne Township
Barry Throp
Barry Throp Everyone
Barry Thrope
Barry Tiernan
Barry Tracey
Barry Tripp Tripp
Barry Truman Draper
Barry Tubman
Barry Tyler
Barry Uhl
Barry Underwood
Barry US.
Barry Valent
Barry Valentine
Barry Valentine Montreal
Barry Valerie French
Barry Valerie French Daffy
Barry Vernon
Barry Versel
Barry Vinton
Barry Voung Explorers
Barry Wade
Barry Wagner
Barry Waito
Barry Wall
Barry Wav Quebec
Barry Way
Barry Way Present
Barry We
Barry Whelan
Barry Whether
Barry Wigmore
Barry Wil-
Barry William Young
Barry Wilmont
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Ottawa
Barry Wishing
Barry Wll-I
Barry Woerm-ke
Barry Woermkc
Barry Woermke
Barry Woermkie
Barry Wood
Barry Wood Is
Barry Woods
Barry Wood—a
Barry Woolsey
Barry Workman
Barry Wormke Murray
Barry Worth
Barry WUson
Barry XQXu Community Hospital
Barry Yach
Barry Yach Mrs Hazel Bell
Barry Yach Ranger
Barry Yard Sale
Barry Yoell
Barry Young
Barry Zach- Rueckwald
Barry Zach-Gordon Strutt
Barry Zachar-las
Barry Zacharias
Barry Zacharias It
Barry Zacharies
Barry Zacharlas
Barry ZZæEZZr* Charter* News
Barry''s Hay
Barry* Ray
Barry’s Lane Homing
Bartley Moore
Basil Stanton Carried Mr. Bernard Moore
Bat Richard
Bay Richard Bourdon
Bay When Richard Lapen-sée
Bcrnard Moore Mr. L. Martineau
Bdb Barry
Belt Ronald Campbell Sterling Knox Barry Murray Billy Richardson To Members Of
Ben Moore
Ben Thomas Barry
Beneon Moore
Benjamin Aï Moore
Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore A Co.
Benjamin Moore PAINT
Benjamin Moore Paint Dealer
Benjamin Moore Paint.
Benjamin Moore Paints
Benjamin Moore Product
Benjamin Moore s Alkyd Sani-Flat
Benjamin Moore’s
Benjamin Moore’s Paint
Benjamin Moore’s Paints
Benjamin Moore’s STARKS
Benjamin P. Moore
Benjamin ~ Moore
Bernard Moore
Bernice Moore
Bernie Moore
Bert Moore
Bertrand Barry Zacharias Jennifer Anderson lie—Kathy Hayes Bobby Brctzlaff Michael Finnegan Ilia—Ro
Bertrand Murray Moore
Beryle Moore
Beth Moore Study “Living Beyond Yourself
Betty Moore
Betty Moore Free Decorating
Betty Richard
Betty Richard- Barred Baby Chicks
Betty Richard-on
Beulah Moore
Beverly Richard
Bill Atkinson Richard Wills
Bill Moore
Bill Williams Dawn Richard Foreign Legion
Billy B Moore
Bing Crosby Barry Fitzgerald Hi
Bishop Richard
Bishop Richard W. Smith
Bit Richard
Blaie Moore
Blair Barry
Blake Moore
Blanch Moore
Blanche Moore
Blanche Richard
Bliss Moore
BLOSSOM Photo Dave Moore
Bob and Heman Moore
Bob and Mrs. W. A. Moore
Bob Howard Murray Moore Sandy McDougall
Bob Jr Sc Tom Llttiemore Richard
Bob Moore
Bob Moore Saturday
Bob Richard
Bob Richard Dahms
Bob Richard Wills
Bob Tracy Barry Draper
Bob Wills
Bob) Moore
Bobby Richard
Body Moore - Black Mrs.
Boi V V 9 Dave Moore Thanks
Bonnie Brtecoe Richard
Bonnie Richard Wills Last
Bonnie Richard-
Bonnie Richard-Beth
Bonnie Richard-for
Boone Terry Moore Lang Jeffries Early Christian Drama Color Plus Certified Public Accountants
Borry Homer Barry Horner
Bou- Richard Wills Mark Alexander
Boyd Barry Stitt
Brenda Richard-
Brenda Richard- Promoted
Brenda Richard- Stitt
Brennan S* Richard Wills Equity Editor
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager » Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor K
Brent Horner Neil Sharpe Claire Lunam Jean Smith Ann Taylor Richard Wills Maurice J King Rockburn
Brent Hynes Secondary V: Richard Turner IPL: Tracey Turner
Brent Richard Caves
Bresai Conservative»
Brian Kelly and Nancy Kelly Moore
Brian Moore
Brian Moore Leduc
Brian Richard
Brian Richard Long
Brian Richard Olmstead Mrs Elsie Nicholas Elsie Mary Cuthhertson Nicholas
Brian Tubman Steve Forber Barry Horner 647-5973
Bris H Moore
Brooke Carson By Dave Moore Equity Sports BEACHBURG
Bruce Barry
Bruce Moore
Bruce Richard
Bruce Richard.
Bruce Walsh Yves Stéphane Séguin Richard Richer Gérard Portelance Pierre Philippe St-Jean
Bruce Yemen Barry Murray Bruce Yemen Odorless Sales Check
Bruno Boivin Richard Brady Marc Lalonde Mark Trudeau Brian Rochon Jocelyn Ducharme Serge Lagace
Bruno Richard Hauptman
Bruno Richard Hauptmann
Bruno Richard Hauptmann Mrs.
Bryan Richard
Bryson Moore
Btihy Moore
Bud Abbott I Z Dennis O’Keefe Joyce Holden Gene Barry / Lou Costello
Bud Goldie Moore
Bud Moore
Burl Reynolds Roger Moore
By Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
By Henry J. Moore
C. Moore
C.A. Richard Cadietut Micheline
C.A. Richard Cadieux
C.A. Richard Cadieux Il
C.A. Richard Cadieux Linda Ludlow
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline J. Raymond
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline J. Raymond Shaw
Calumet Mrs Barry Kluke
Captain Moore
Caren Ann Richard
Carey Ann Richard
Carey Richard
Cargill Moore
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carol Richard
Carol Richard.
Carole Moore
Carole Moore Delegates
Caroline Moore
Caroline Richard
Caroline Tessier Richard Lapensee Fort
Carr Moore
Carrie Moore
Carrie Moore Uie Pontiac
Catherine Barry
Catherine Lapointe Moore
Catherine Weaver Richard Kingdom
Cecil Moore
Cecilia Moore
Chailie Moore
Changes Long Soumit Moore
Chantel Moore
Chantel Richard
Chantie Moore
Charlccn Moore
Charlecn Moore
Charleen Moore
Charlene Moore
Charlene Moore Seated Evelyn St Aubin
Charles B. Moore
Charles C. Moore
Charles Mahlitz - Richard Dahms
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 197.03
Charles Moore 2,794.50
Charles Moore 796.16
Charles Moore Desjardins
Charles Moore Henry McCord
Charles Moore Ivan Sparling
Charles Moore Jean-Guy Lallemand
Charles Moore Lionel Morin
Charles Moore Mary Smith
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Charles Moore Minutes
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Charles* Moore Some
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Charlie Richard- Palmer
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Chemin Barry Road
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Clarence Moore-head
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Clarence Richard
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Clarendon Barry
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Claude Richard Canada
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Claude Richard*
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Claude Richard- Conservation
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Claude Richard- Shawville
Claude Richard- Wickens
Claude Richard-age
Claude Richard-ceming
Claude Richard-pay
Claude Richard» Moore
Claudia Moore
Clayton Moore
Clayton Moore Jay SUverheela
Clayton Moore Miss Romone Ouellet
Clayton Moore Technicolor Jay Sllvcrhcelo
Clement Clarke Moore
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Cliff Hahn Richard
Clifford Moore
Clink Moore
Co. Julia Adams Richard Carlson James Stewart REAR WINDOW
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CUs- Mrs< Clifford Moore
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Daniel Richard Mayhew
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Danny Moore
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Dare Moore
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Davd Moore From
Davd Moore Gerry Lateang
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Dave Britton" Orchestra MOORE
Dave Holmes Richard Vc/eau
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Dave Moore
Dave Moore I
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Dave Moore Fire Extinguisher
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Dave Moore Renfrew
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Dave Moore Atom Lions 2
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Dave Moore Big
Dave Moore Blake Pirie
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Dave Moore Bodies
Dave Moore Boston-Montreal
Dave Moore Brad Marsh
Dave Moore Brad Shaw
Dave Moore Brenda Smith
Dave Moore Broc Seville Shawville
Dave MOORE Brock Plouffe
Dave Moore Brothers
Dave Moore Bryson
Dave Moore Bryson s Wilfred Riebertz
Dave Moore Budding Earth Day
Dave Moore Burman
Dave Moore Busy
Dave Moore But
Dave Moore But Shawville
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Dave Moore By PAUL
Dave Moore C Place Pontiacs Go
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Dave Moore Environment Forum
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Dave Moore Equitx Sports
Dave Moore Equitx Sports SHAWVILLE
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Dave Moore Equity Spirts
Dave Moore Equity Sports
Dave Moore Equity Sports Perth Renfrew Ampnor SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports By Dave Moore Equity Sports
Dave Moore Equity Sports McCleary
Dave Moore Equity Sports Saturday
Dave Moore Equity Sports ARNPRIOR
Dave Moore Equity Sports CAMPBELL’S BAY
Dave Moore Equity Sports Coach Mike Culleton
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Dave Moore Equity Sports FORTCOULONGE
Dave Moore Equity Sports Gagné
Dave Moore Equity Sports Greer
Dave Moore Equity Sports HHH
Dave Moore Equity Sports HULL
Dave Moore Equity Sports June
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Dave Moore Equity Sports Most Improved Defensive- Peewee
Dave Moore Equity Sports Novice
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Dave Moore Equity Sports Regionals
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Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE - Jason Joel Lafrance
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Akinson
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Braeside
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE-In Pontiac Minor Ball
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVIlLe-The Pontiac Junior
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Dave Moore King
Dave Moore Klawitter
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Dave Moore Shawville 8. Perth
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Dave Moore Shawville Pontiacs Novice
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Dave Moore Shawville s Kirk Davies
Dave Moore Shawville s Lewes McGuire
Dave Moore Shawville s Tom Orr
Dave Moore Shawville Soorts W SHAWVILLE -
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Dave Moore Shawville Sports Dismal
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Dave Moore Shawville-Clarendon Firefighters
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Dave Moore Sports Call
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Dave Moore Sports Castors 3
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Dave Moore Sports Cr
Dave Moore Sports Deep River
Dave Moore Sports Dominic Dubeau
Dave Moore Sports Draveurs 7
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Dave Moore Sports SCORE
Dave Moore Sports Shawviiie
Dave Moore Sports Shawviiie Dave Moore
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
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Dave Moore Sports Shawville Scoring
Dave Moore Sports Shawvlle
Dave Moore Sports Shawvllle Shawville s Billy T’s
Dave Moore Sports ShawvWe
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Dave Moore Teeing
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Dave Moore The Shawville Murray
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Dave Moore Then Steven Alexander
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Dave Moore Time
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Dave Moore Van Hoof
Dave Moore Vankleek Hill
Dave Moore Varrin
Dave Moore Velma Storie
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Dave Moore Volunteer Fireman
Dave Moore VVhitford
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Dave Moore Walls.
Dave Moore We
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Dave Moore Wings
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Dave Moore-The Equ.ty T
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Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Stéphane Villene
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Savard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Bavard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve John Peck Kevin Chev
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Savard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve Kevin Chevrier John
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser MarcSavard Jim Barry John Peck Terry Burwell Jason Toole Kevin
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Elith Moore
Elizabeth Bastien Moore
Elizabeth Dave Moore
Elizabeth Gravelle Hahn Hannah Richard
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Albert Richard
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton
Elke Bzdurreck-Wills
Elke Wills
Ellen Nellie Wills
Ellen Uplerre Mrs. Herald Smiley Richard Gibbons Mrs.
Ellis Richard
Ellis Richard and Margaret Moyle
Ellsworth Palmer Richard Ellsworth Palmer
Elma Moore
Elsie Moore
Elva Richard
Elvis Presley Mery Tyler Moore Family Entertainment Mrs Lennie Workman Mrs.
Emanuel Richard
Emmanuel Moore
Enc Lanoix Dove Moore
Enid Moore
Entertainment Richard Harris Fill
Eric Belair By Dave Moore
Eric Glahs Richard
Eric Lanoix Richard Armitage
Eric Sc Sara Sinclair Richard Labrte
Ernest Moore
Ernie Moore
Ernie Richard
Ernie Richard-
Ernie Theodore Richard.
Erwin Moore
Esaie Richard
Esale Richard
Esoie Richard
Essie Richard
Esther Williams Technicolor Susan Cabot Julia Adams Technicolor Barry Sullivan
Etale Richard
Ethan Wills
Ethan Wills Shawville
Ethel Pine Margaret Moore Edna Horner Pearl Brownlee
Eunice Moore
Eva Andai Barry McCann
Eva Moore
Eva Richard King
Evelyn Moore
Evelyn Moore Price
Evelyn Moore Price I
Evelyn Moore Price R. Mulroy
Everett Moore
Every Conservative—every
F Richard Pryor - Live
F. Moore
F.L. Moore
Failed Templeton Moore
Famous Richard Pryor: Live
Famous Richard Pryor: Live On Sunset
Faye Moore
Fenton Moore
Fenton-Moore Barry
Ferguson Moore
Ferry Richard
Fifty Richard!
Fittings Barry Draper Shawville
Foran Barry
Fran Richard
Fran Richard 819-453-7048 Johnny O’Malley
Fran Richard 819-453-7048 WÊL Johnny O’Malley
Frances Moore Carrie Moore
Frances Moore Lappé.
Frances Moore Stanley
Frances Richard
Francine Richard
Francine Richard _QtterJ:ake^Quebec
Francis Barry
Francis Moore
Francis Richard
Francis Richard Jimmy MacMillan
Francis Richard.
Francis Turner Richard Pilon
Frank Carrel Upper Richard
Frank Lepack Richard Crawford
Frank Moore
Frank Richard V Congratulations
Frank Sloan Barry Stitt
Frank Wills
Franklin Moore
Fraser Barry
Fraser............ D R. Barry
Freaman Moore
Freaman Moore Freeman Moore
Fred Barry OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined
Fred Lusk Horace Patrick Nugent Richard Mielke BEECH6ROVE W I Mrs. Fred Lusk
Fred Moore
Fred Moore Fort Cou/onge
Fred Mr. Moore
Freddie Moore
Frederick (Leona Barry
Frederick August Richard von
Frederick George Moore Percival
Frederick Moore
Freedman Moore
Freeirua Moore
Freeman Herman Moore
Freeman Moore
Freeman Moore 2.60
Freeman Moore Mrs. Sadie Sparling
Freemen Moore
Freiman Moore
Freman Moore
Fretanan Moore
Friesnan Moore
G Mrs. Jas Moore
G. Moore
G. Wills
Gail Moore
Garnet Moore
Garry Moore
Garry Moore-head
Garry Richard
Garry Richard Mlesner
Gary Hod- Richard
Gary McLel-Barry Horner
Gary Moore
Gary Moore Sextet.
Gary Moore Show.
Gary Richard
Gary Richard-
Gary Richard- Finnigan
Gary Richard-1 Valley
Gary Richard-Witt
Gary Tubman Marcel Richard Memori-from Shawville
Geffrey Moore
Gene Barry
Gene Barry Beverley Tyler MONO
George A Moore
George A. Moore
George A. Moore Friday
George A. Moore Lowcr Litchfield
George A. Moore Lower Litchfield
George and Myrtle Moore Angus
George Dove Moore
George E. Richard*
George Everett Moore
George Ferguson Moore
George Gordon Moore
George Hornet Barry Elliott
George Ladou-Barry Deeks
George Moore
George Moore 5
George Moore Billie Hodgins
George Moore Ladies
George Moore) Harper
George Murdock Dave Moore Photography Zimmerling - Tourangeau Roy
George Nador Joanna Moore
George Pine Richard Lavigne
George Richard
George Richard*
George Richard-on
George Richard.
Georgina Moore
Georgina Moore It
Gerald Conservative MP Walter
Gerald Moore
Gerald Richard
Gerald Richard Fercken
Gerald Richard.
Gerard Barry Ib
Gerry Moore
Gertie Moore
Gertrude Moore On August
Gertrude Richard*
Gillian Barry
Gilmer Richard
girl—1st W Moore
Gladys Moore
Glceanne Moore
Glcn Moore
Gleean Moore
Gleeann Moore
Gleeonn Moore
Gleiina Graham OBITUARIES John Moore Pontiac IV.
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glen Moore
Glen Morrison Ronald Richard
Glen Richard- Here
Glen Richard- Aces
Glen Richard- Bristol
Glen Richard- War
Glenn Morrison Rover Scout Jack Kehoe Rover Squire Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Glenn Richard
Gloria Richard
Gloria Richard.
Gloria Tubman Richard
Goldie Gleeann Moore
Goldie Moore
Gordon Barry Jennifer Hodgina
Gordon Bias Moore Mrs. James Duke
Gordon Graham Pontiac History Richard Wills Pontiac
Gordon Moore
Gordon Moore Mayors
Gordon Palm- Rev Richard Gray
Gordon Richard
Gordon Richard R.
Gordon Richard-
Gordon Richard- Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Gordon Richard- Rhode Island
Gordon Richard- Telephones
Gordon Richard-Shawville
Gordon Richard.
Gore- Tex* Jacket Dave Moore
Grace Kelly Technicolor Stewart Granger Cinemascope Richard Widmark Technicolor Lauren Bacall Cinem
Grace Moore
Grace Moore Likes Bees Need Help Black
Grace Richard
Grant Present Councillor Charles Moore
Grant Richard
Greeta Richard
Greg Moore
Greg Richard Lanoix
Gregory Peck Richard Basehart Color
Greta Richard
Greta Richard and Nancy Murray
Gretchen Wills
Griffith I FRASER Murray Moore
Gtrvais Barry River
H G Wills
H G WILLS Ebert—
H G. Wills
H G. WILLS Shawviile
H H Dove Moore
H K -photo David Moore Mark Loyer
H Moore
H. Moore
Hagen Barry
Hailey Richard
Hal Riddell Richard Parker Claude Labrosse IIiIhs Connolly Stedmans V
Hale Jean PeterslElroy Hirsch Richard Todd A
Hale Richard Greene Pontiac Farm Forum Rally Pine Lodge
Hali- Moore
Hamilton Moore
Hannah Richard
Hannah Richard Greeta - Lett
Har- Moore
Harold Gould Barry Newman Diana Muldaur
Harold Hay Richard
Harold Moore
Harold Richard
Harold Richard - Shawville Canners Co-Operative
Harold Richard Wittenburg
Harold Richard-
Harold Richard- Lawson Corrigan
Harold Richard- Shawville Caimers Co-Operative
Harold Richard- Shawville Canners Co-Operative Renfrew
Harold Richard-,.ck
Harold Richardson Richard Bruce iVhat
Harrison Me Kenneth Moore Great Sea
Harry Amnn P. J. Moore
Harry M. Moore
Harry M. Moore’s
Harry May Apply Dan Richard
Harry Moore
Harry Moore 1
Harry Moore 2
Harry Richard
Harry Richard $
Harry Richard Bag Pipes Word
Harry Richard Rotary President Claude Elliott THE
Harry Richard.
Harry Wills
Hayden Î Moore
Hayden Moore
Hayden Moore Blackhawks
Hayden Moore Daly Draveurs
Hayden Moore Saturday
Hayes L Barry Hodgins 1
Hazel Richard
Heather De Richard WW
Heather Dickeon Richard Wills
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Ka
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hyn
Heather Dickson Richard Wills Clarendon If.r
Heather Richard
Heather Richard- Lance and Blake McLain
Hec- Moore
Hector Sou- Richard Wills
Heifer Richard NeiL PcrcF Ballantyne Dale
Helen Richard
Helen Trudeau Ken Richard/Jen Gauthier Drs
Helen Wills
Helen Wills V
Helen Wills Moody
Helena Moore
Helene Richard
Heman Moore
Henderson Richard Henderson
Henian Moore
Henri Richard
Henri Richard STUCCO
Henry Gilbert Wills
Henry J Moore
Henry J. Moore
Henry Lunam Seat 6 Jean Landry Richard Sullivan Cecil Vibert
Henry Lunam Seat No. 6 Jean Landry Richard Sulliven Cecil Vibert
Henry Moore
Henry R. Moore
Henry Richard
Henry Richard Tomlinson
Henry Richard Tomlinson LEASE
Herb Moore
Herbert Moore
Herbie Xmingaud Councillors Barry
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Albert Richard
Heston Richard Harris
Heston Richard Harris ST JOHN
Hflvid Moore
HHL— Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Hichtrd Wills Equality Party
Hilda Moore
Hilda Richard
Hilda Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Hilda Workman Ellis Richard
Hilton Moore
Hiram Richard#
Hobbs A Dave Moore
Hodg- Mrs Richard Roy
Hollis j0hn Moore
Holly Richard
Holly Richard- Cameron
Hon R B Bennett Resigns As Conservative Leader
How- Moore
Howard Chosen Conservative Candidate Church II
Howard Moore
Howard Moore Die*
Hoy-don Moore
Hoyden Moore
Hugh McCaughan Richard Sally....... Moses Erwin........ John Keesick
Hugo Haas Cleo Moore
Hugo Richard
HukvlLm’ Moore
Hulda Richard
Hull Frontaliers Dove Moore
Hull N Dave Moore
Hutchie Moore
Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Hynes Richard
H£AOQUA/tmS Barry
Ï * V X Photo David Moore
I3SJ PubMws Ross Dickson Heather Dickson EcStof Richard Wits Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Clas
I3SJ Pubtihers Ross Ockson Heother Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cl
Ian Moore
Ian Peck Dave Moore
ICdWard Moore
Ida Richard
III.—Sherwood Moore
Imrry Moore
Independence Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Ini’* Mrs. Wm Moore
Iris Smith Correspondent Esaie Richard
Irwin Moore
Is "Richard Wharton
Isaac Moore
Isabelle Richard
It Barry
Ivan Moore
Ivor Barry
Ix>rne Moore
I—rJith Moore
J -photo David Moore Father Proulx
J -photo Richard Wtf Experienced Workmanship
J /ros/ Dove Moore
J L Richard s Asso-
J Moore
J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
J W * By Dave Moore Last
J W I By Dave Moore
J. Hampton Moore
J. Moore
J. Moore H. L.
J. Saunders W. Moore
Jack McClennon Barry’s Bay
Jack Moore
Jack Wills
Jackie -Dove Moore
Jackie Moore
Jackie Richard
Jacob 2. Hayden Moore
Jacob Richard
Jacques Cartier "Conservative Club
Jacques Cartier Conservative
James Barry
James Barry Mary Louise McGahern Weds Edward James Barry 8:00
James Barry.
James McFarlane Martin Moore
James Moore
James Moore ASons
James Moore LOOKING
James Moore—Old Maid
James Mrs Richard Milliken^gJ* Mr. Miiliken
James P Moore Jr of
James Patrick Daly & Emanuel D Moore To Ernest Marion
James Rev.Barry Pierce
James Richard
James Richard Dacres
James Richard Francoeur
James Richard Gill
James Richard Neve
James Richard Prior Dies
James Ringrose - Richard Sullivan
James Stewart Stewart Granger Technicolor Ray Bolger Doris Day Terry Moore Color Clifton Webb Thund
Jamie Richard
Jamie Richard-
Jamie Richard- Legros
Jamie Richard- Many
Jane Anne Richard- Silos
Jane Barry
Jane Moore
Jane Moore McNeely.
Jane Wyman Richard Egan Color
Janet Moore
Janet Moore Community Learning Centre
Janet Moore—Squaw
Janice Barry
Jason Dave Moore
Jay Scott Moore
Jay Silverheels Clayton Moore
Jean and Annie May Moore
Jean Annie May Moore
Jean Asselin Georges Fontaine Trainee Director Richard Walsh Associate Director André Richard Regio
Jean Erich Richard
Jean Guy Richard Fiché
Jean Landry Richard
Jean Moore
Jean Peters Richard Todd A
Jean Peters Richard Todd July
Jean Smith Ken and Karen Morin Richard Fiche
Jean Vaillant Richard Racine Emerson
Jean ¦ Moore
Jean) Moore
Jean- Barry Lusk
Jean-Guy Richard
Jeff Moore
Jeffrey Moore
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Richard
Jeremy dqv© Moore
Jerome S. Richard
Jerry Barber T. Richard
Jerry Barry Murray
Jessica Richard
Jessica Richard- Kearns
Jim Backus Mrs. Louisa Wills
Jim Barry
Jim Barry J Mauricie
Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier Terry Burwell Rod Twolan Tony Hodgins Daniel Decontie Rod Ston
Jim Barry Seabrooke
Jim Barry Todd Fraser Brian Moore Dave Rich Marc Bavard Jason Toole Tony Hodgins Kevin Chevrier Dan
Jim Moore
Jim Moore’s
Jim Richard
Jim Young Richard Matte Danny Desabrais Tony Hodgins Paul Hupé Mark Muldoon
Jimmy Ayearst Douglas Moore
Jllllan Barry
Joan Colligs Kenneth Moore
Joan Collins Kenneth Moore
Joan Collins Richard Burton
Joan Collins Richard Burton And
Joan Moore
Joan R. Belsher Dear Editor Conservative Party
Joan Richard
Joe Barry
Joe Clark’s Conservative
Joe E Richard
Joe L Richard
Joe Larosef<l Richard Begin
Joe Lee Richard
Joe McCleary Barry
Joe Moore
Joe Richard
Joe Richard Gel
Joe Richard’s
Joey Moore
John A. Moore
John Barry
John Barry Falls
John Bassett Moore
John Boyd Dan Langton Robin Richard Ron Dick Tod Romain Thanks
John David Wills
John F. Moore
John G Moore
John Gordon Richard-tor
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John J. Moore Dios
John Joseph Richard (Viola Donnelly
John Lam Pastor Richard
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John M Moore
John Maurice By Dave Moore Equity Sports
John Mill* Richard Johnson
John Mills Richard Attenborough
John Moore
John Moore Canadian Tire
John Moore Chapeau s Bechamp
John Moore de Bienville Charles Grant
John Moore Ladysmith
John Moore Québec El El
John Moore Quyon Resident Dies
John Moore Stanley
John Moore Then Hobbs
John Moore’s
John Mr. Richard Bowie
John Mr. Richard Jary
John Peck Trent Reynolds Jim Barry Brian Moore Dave Rich Todd Fraser Tony Hodgins Jason Toole Kevin
John Reverend Bishop Richard
John Revival Meetings Vadneau Richard.
John Richard
John Richard -
John Richard Blasko
John Richard Butt
John Richard Cavey Chichester Overwhelming
John Richard Cavey’s
John Richard Green
John Richard Greene
John Richard Rev. J. Wallace Hamilton
John Richard Smith
John Richard Stead-pleted
John Richard W. Wilson An
John Richard* Scrimshaw
John Richard-
John Richard- Shaw
John Richard-Detective Andre Audet
John Richard-on
John Richard-sgi
John Richard’s
John Robin Richard
John Thom_ Richard Cartwright
John Trent N.D.P Brian Murphy Barry Moore CANDIDATE Unité
John W Richard Harding Davis
John Walsh Sr. Mr Richard Hearty
John Wayne Richard Boone For
John William Moore
Johnny Moore
Jonathan Richard
Jones A Moore Electric Company LI
Jones J Richard-
Jose- Sir Richard Daunt
Joseph "Barry
Joseph E Richard
Joseph Earl Richard
Joseph Earl Richard.
Joseph Fletcher Moore
Joseph K. Moore
Joseph L Richard
Joseph Lee Richard
Joseph Lee Richard Joe
Joseph Moore
Joseph Richard
Joseph Richard Bennett
Joseph Richard for Thus E. Richardson
Joseph Richard Jean Horner
Joseph Richard Mrs. Jcneph Richard
Joseph Richard.
Joseph-Lee Richard
JoSGOh Patrick Mrs Midas Richard
Josh Armi- Dave Moore Rocky Joe White
Josh Dgvo Moore
Joshua Richard.
Joy Moore
Joyce & Murray Moore Ways
Joyce Moore
Joyce Newberry Bryson Richard Wills
Joyce Richard
Joyce Richard- Courchesne
Jr B By Dave Moore Equity Sports
Jr.—Grace Moore
Jr.—Myrtle Moore
Judy Barry Doug Schoular
Judy Moore
June Richard
K t-2 Dove Moore
K%s Bruce Richard
K. Moore
Karen Richard
Karen Richard.
Karl Moore
Karl Richard
Kastof Uoyd B Moore
Katharine Fletcher 647-2204 Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam FAX
Katharine Fletcher Photo Dave Moore Fun
Katharine Fletcher Photo Dave Moore Peeking
Katharine Fletcher Richard Wills Nesting Help
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim Thalheimer Journalist Claire Lunam Class
Katherine Hynes Darkroom Dave Moore Class.
Katherine Hynes David Moore
Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore ClassifiedsICirculation Katherine Hynes
Kathleen Cargill Moore
Kathleen Cargill Moore Charteris ... A!
Kathleen E.Hodg- Richard Glahs
Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Richard
Kathleen Richard-
Kathrine Moore
Kathryn Grayson Terry Moore WED.
Kathryn Owen Moore
Katie Audrey Moore Davis
Katie Richard
Katrina Barry
Keith Moore
Keith Richard
Kelly Moore
Kelron Moore N #
Ken Barry
Ken Barry Moore
Ken Bronson Richard Poirier
Ken Cameron Bert Moore
Ken Me- Douglas Moore Furs ANGLICAN
Ken Moore
Ken Richard
Ken Richard See
Ken Richard-raunt
Kenneth Moore
Kenneth Richard
Kenneth Richard Seaman
Kenneth Richard-pair
Kenneth Richard.
Kennetn Richard
Kenny Richard
Keri-Ann Richard
Kerry Richard Weanling Filly
Kevin Barry
Kevin Richard
Kevin Richard Dahms
Kevin Richard-
Kevin Trudeau Richard Thompson
Kim Barry
Kim Barry Mama
Kim Gilpin..... Richard Tracy.
Kim Moore
Kimberly Moore
Kingston Barry
Kingston Moore
Kirk Douglas Tony Curt Richard Kiley Carmen Sevilla Yvonne DeCario
Kirk Richard-
Kirk Richard- Chris Evans
Kirk Richard- Kirk
Kirk Richard- Pontiac
Kirs Richard Dagg
Kirs Richard Lachance
Kirs Richard P. Dumas
Kmiald Richard
Knights Dove Moore Sports Showvtle
KotQCk C Place PhSBoKOre Ampnor JefT Grbbans Show Derek Joynt Perth Dove Moore Gord Odson Perth Bra
Ktinuei Moore
Kyle John Moore
Kyle Kenneth Richard
Kyle Richard- McCord
Kyle Samanlha Moore
L -photo David Moore
L C. Moore
L E Richard Wills
L H. Moore
L J. Moore
L Moore
L T Gf Ga Pt* Fp Til X Bv Dave Moore
L V W Pave Moore Sports Terry Hamilton
L#uri* Moore
L. H. Moore
L. Moore
Lacey Moore
Lamarche Barry Harkins
Lance Lance - Richard
Lance Moore Steven Alexander
Lance Richard
Large Funeral For John Moore Mr.
Larry Moore
Larry Moore:
Larry Richard
Larry Richard Visiting
Later L H. Moore
Laura - Laura Moore
Laura Kelly Richard Moquin
Laura Kelly-Moore
Laura Moore
Laura Moore Bay Shawville
Laura Moore Good
Laura Moore Hearty
Laura Moore Invites
Laura Moore Mrs Aggie Sparling
Laura Moore’s
Laura Richard
Laura Wills
Laurence Moore
Laurie H. Moore
Laurie MacKechnie Jean-Pierre Ledoux Richard Wills Martine Durocher Lynn Tremblay
Laurie Moore
Laurie Moore Mrs^ Mer-
Laurie Moore Quarry
Laurie Moore’
Lawrence Cannon Conservative Candidate
Lawrence H. Moore
Lawrence Holbro- Moore
Lawrence Moore
Lawrence Moore Mrs. Anderson
Lawrence Moore Vice-President
Lawrie Moore MOORE
Lawson Corri- Conservative
Lcc Moore Jamboree
Lee Dubeau Logging Amyotte Auto Extra Café Tulipe Noir Dépanneur Wolfe Ken Richard Construction Ron
Lee Richard
Lee Richard.
Lena Moore
Leo and Joan Richard Hearty
Leona Barry
Leonard Homer Lawrence Moore
Leonard Moore
Leonard Richard Steele
Les Chevaliers Moore
Leslie Joseph Earl Richard
Leslie Richard Greenshields
Leslie Richard* Crtpt
Letts Mrs Reggie Moore
Levesque Moore
Lewis Glen Ralph Moore
Lewis Judd Richard Moquin
Liberals Dave Moore 647-5167 Ik Ann Taylor 647
Lillian Moore
Lillian Richard
Linda Fenton Moore
Linda Fenton-Moore
Linda Moore
Linda Moore Campbell
Lindsay Moore
Lindsay Wills
Lion Richard
Lionel Bonhomme Fortuna Lalonde L. H. Moore E. H. Cote
Lionel Moore
Lionel Richard
Lionel Richard Otter Lake
Lionel Richard.
Lisa Corrigan BARRY HORNER
Lisa Richard
Lisa Richard Clifford Wilson
Lisa Richard- She
Lisa Tiffany Wills
Little Miss Karen Richard
Liz Moore
Lizzie Moore
Lloyd B Moore
Lloyd J A Moore
Lloyd Moore
Lloyd Moore M.P.
Lloyd Sheib Richard Lessard
Lmmannuel Moore
Lois Moore
Lome Moore
Lomie Moore
Lord Richard Gmsvvimi
Lord Richard Plantagenet Nevlll
Lorenz Jessen X -photo Richard Wi#
Loretta Richard
Lorette Richard
Lori Grave- Laurie Moore
Lou Moore
Loui* Moore
Louil* Moore
Louila Moore
Louis Moore
Louis Richard
Louis Richard Dies Mr. Frank Smith
Louis W Moore
Louisa Moore
Louise Ardern Thorne Photo Dave Moore Bio
Louise Duval Moore
Louise Moore
Louise Richard
Louise Richard Jean-Pierre Gendron
Lt-Com-mander Richard T. Broadhead
Lucia Moore
Lucille Lulu Moore
Lucky Moore
Lucy Moore
Lulu Hender- Richard McAra
Lulu Moore
Lulu Moore SL*fe I
Lulubetle Moore
Lyle Byers Daniele LaSalle Barry Stephens Harold Dougherty Dwight Crozier Nell
Lyman Richard
Lyman Richard Hodgins
Lyn Moore
Lynn Moore
M -photo Dove Moore
M » Dove Moore
M J Barry
M Moore
M P Barry Moore
M S Richard Marion
M& Mme Richard Bert Kelly
M-s Richard Maheral
M-s Richard Pigeon
M. Moore
M.J. Moore
Mabel Moore
Mabel Nathalie Richard Judy Pre^ece
Mac- Dove Moore Ml Auto Sales Ltd.
MacKenzie Jim Brennan Dave Moore
Mae Richard
Maire Richard
Malba Moore
Mamie Moore
Maneth Molina Richard Capson
Mar Barry
Marc Richard
Marc Rou- Richard
March Moore
Margaret Blakely Moore
Margaret Dora Cahill Richard Wills
Margaret Hod-was Barry Draper
Margaret Moore
Margaret Richard*
Margaret Richard- Quy Quebec Write Rawleigh
Margaret Wills
Marie Richard
Marie Richard Hearty Û
Marion G Sullivan-Moore Aylmer
Marion G Sullivan-Moore Aylmer Editor
Marion Richard Glahs
Marion Richard-
Marjorie Moore
Mark Alexander Shawville Richard Wills Once
Mark Richard
Mark Richard Arulpooranam
Mark Richard Moquin
Mark Richard Smith
Mark Richard-Garth Yach
Marlene Moore
Marly Barry Pel# Kelly
Marples Moore
Martha Moore
Martin Beaumont Ann s Family Hairdresser Mike s Garage Moore Photo Services
Martin Gretchen Wills
Martin Moore
Martin Moore Samuel Homer
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Woctets
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Marven Smith Percheron Stallion: Emerson Cou-Barry Smith
Mary Albina Richard
Mary Ann Moore
Mary Anne Richard
Mary Beulah Moore
Mary E. Moore
Mary Jane Richard
Mary Moore
Mary Moore - Wednesays
Mary Moore 7
Mary Moore Cookbook
Mary Richard.
Mary Sir Richard Cartwright
Mary Tudor Quyon Richard Wills Mr Robert Middlemiss
Mary Tyler Moore
MasteLr Barry
Matt Moore
Matt Palmer Richard
Matthew James Richard
Matthew Richard
Maude Dahms Richard A. McCafTery
Maude Moore
Maunce Richard
Maureen % Dove Moore
Maureen Moore
Maureen Moore Calumet Island
Maureen Moore Gordon Porter
Maureen Moore Jacob
Maureen Moore Jan
Maureen Moore January 31.2010
Maurice Barry
Maurice Charles Moore
Maurice Richard
Maurice Richard 2nd - Cory Bretzlaff
Maurice Richard Province
Maurice Richard White
Maurice Richard.
Maurice Rocket Richard
Max Von Sydow Richard Harris
May Alexina Daley Richard Edward Dagg
May- Moore
Mayor Richard
MC Richard Karen Chasles
McGee Barry Beardsley Bristol
McKenna Rae Richardson Richardson - Richard It’s A Girl Emma Mona MacDonell It’s
McLean Dove Moore
McLeod Moore
Mead Richard
Mearl Richard
Mearle Richard
Meeting David Yach Murray Moore
Mel Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Mel Richard
Melanie Richard.
Melba Moore
Melba Moore Honored
Melinda Moore
Melva Moore
Melvin W Younge Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Willow Hollow Farm Barry
Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Lindsay Carson Barry
Merle Richard
Merlin Moore
Merlin Moore Brothers
Merlon Brando Richard Boon
Merlyn Moore
Merry Reardon L Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Bre
Merry Reardon Richard McAra
Mery Tyler Moore Family Entertainment
Mery Tyler Moore Glynis Johns Barbara Rhoades Harvey Roman
Messrs Barry
Messrs Barry McCallum
Messrs Bussell Moore
Messrs Floyd Mr Theodore Richard mov Robinson
Messrs James Moynihan Barry
Messrs Moore
Messrs Richard
Messrs Richard Bowie
Messrs Richard Brisbois
Messrs Richard Campbell
Messrs Richard Fischer
Messrs Richard Zaine
Messrs, Murray Moore
Messrs. G B Moore
Messrs. Moore
MfJ Barry
Mgr Barry
Mi Burgess Wills
Mi E Richard Joe Richard
Mi Midas Richard
Mi Moore
Mi*h Audrey Richard-.ou
Mia G. Moore
Mias Karen Richard
Mia» Moore
Michael Barry
Michael J Barry
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter By DAVE MOORE
Michael McCrank Barry Stitt
Michael Me— Charles Moore
Michael Moore
Michael Parks Richard Harris
Michael Richard
Michael Richard- Left
Michel -photo Dove Moore
Michel Maisonneuve Race Open- Richard Lamoureux
Michel Richard
Michele Richard
Michelle Moore
Midas Richard
Mies Moore
Mievay Moore
Mike Hodgins Richard
Mike Moore
Miller Progressive Conservative
Millie Barry
Millinery Opening Schrt Miss Moore
Milton Moore
Minerva Moore
Mis Barry Lee Horner
Mis E Moore
Mis Wiilimi Moore
Misa Barry
Misa Moore
Miscellaneous Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
MiSg Annie-May Moore
Miss Faye Moore
Miss Johnston Mr. Richard McNally
Miss Moore
Miss Myrtle E. Moore
Misses I Annie Moore
Misses Jean and Anna-May Moore
Misses Jean and Annie May Moore
Mitt Edith Moore
Ml"es Moore
Mm Moore
Mm Richard Armitage
Mme Lorette Richard
Mn Bernard Moore
Mn Richard Johns
Mn Richard Pflhms
Mn Richard Sullivan
Mn Richard Thompson Mi
Mn Richard Wayne Shepherd Photo
Mom Richard Wendy L&lJLS With
Mons Barry
Monsieur Gaston Richard de
Monsieur Maurice Richard
Monsieur Richard Baccalauréat
Monsieur Richard Beaulieu
Monsieur Richard Bertrand
Monsieur Richard Bow-
Monsieur Richard Bowie
Monsieur Richard Bowie IA
Monsieur Richard Füiatrault
Monsieur Richard Gnmard
Monsieur Richard Gordon Saunders
Monsieur Richard Parent
Monsieur Richard Piper Comité-Désarmement
Monsieur Richard Roussel Directeur
Monsigneur Barry
Monsignor Barry
Montgomery Moore
Mooe Guy) Dove Moore Outoouoe Sports
Moore A Junior B’s
Moore A Sports
Moore Petawawa
Moore V
Moore "We
Moore - David
Moore - Elwin Brown
Moore - Fenton
Moore - Glenn Hodgins
Moore - Griffith
Moore A
Moore A C L. Owner-Manager Pembroke
Moore A CMC
Moore A Co. Lloytl St.
Moore A Five-Ton Pain
Moore A long-time
Moore A r-
Moore A Sons
Moore Albert Dunbar
Moore All
Moore August
Moore Baker
Moore Bantam B Teams W L T Gf Ga
Moore Basket Fruit Report
Moore Bert
Moore Borne To Rest McConnell
Moore Both
Moore Bro#.
Moore Bron.
Moore Bros,
Moore Bros.
Moore Bryson
Moore Builders Sales Ltd.
Moore B«os.
Moore C
Moore Campbell
Moore Carter
Moore Charitable Registration Number
Moore Christopher Last
Moore Continued
Moore Dave and
Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nolan Thomas
Moore David................ Martin E. T................ Nolan Thomas
Moore Depot
Moore Dry Kiln Company
Moore Dun-
Moore Electric
Moore Electric Company
Moore Electric Company Limited
Moore Electric.
Moore Environmental
Moore Family
Moore Fifth tender
Moore First
Moore Forward Malcolm McGillvray
Moore From Fri.
Moore FURS
Moore Furs Fur Hats
Moore Furs Ltd.
Moore Furs W RENFREW
Moore FV V
Moore Gaétan Porier
Moore Gene Kelly After
Moore Greek
Moore Hockey
Moore I
Moore I Veal
Moore In
Moore Ina Kilgour
Moore Invested
Moore Irish B5M13
Moore IW*
Moore James (Jim) Moore James Moore
Moore Jeff Ball
Moore Kazabazua
Moore L nver
Moore Labe.
Moore Lake
Moore Lake Grade IV—Neil Sparling
Moore Landing.
Moore Lloyd
Moore M oody-Coq
Moore M P • Robert Mddleniss
Moore M.P.
Moore Mark Lang
Moore Maurice Gayer
Moore McCormick
Moore McManus
Moore Milandra Take Notice
Moore Miss Jean Moore
Moore Mooney
Moore Moved
Moore MP
Moore Mr.
Moore Mr. D.B. Conrod
Moore Mrs
Moore Mrs J *°
Moore Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Moore Mrs. Fred Krutz
Moore Mrs. Moore
Moore Mrs. Rheal Hérault
Moore Mrs. Russell Elliott Wm
Moore Mr®.
Moore Muslness Formrs Ltd
Moore Novices
Moore Oh
Moore On August
Moore Open
Moore Optometrist — Vision Specialist Doctor
Moore Ottawa.
Moore Outoouais
Moore P L<>
Moore Parrel
Moore Patsy
Moore Paul Dean
Moore Photo David Moore MoreRun-a-thonwinners
Moore Pitts
Moore Point
Moore Pontiacs.
Moore Post-•naster Registered Notice
Moore Proposes
Moore Quested
Moore Rd.
Moore Richmond
Moore Romain
Moore Rupert
Moore S Gal
Moore Secret
Moore Secretary
Moore Shawville
Moore Shell Co.
Moore Show 9:00—Red Skelton
Moore Show 9:00—Red Skelton 9:30—Front Page Challenge
Moore Show B Aiexanae# Show K Murray BB
Moore Show"
Moore Sisters
Moore Sove- God
Moore Sovereign Consistory
Moore Sports Campbell
Moore Sports Ottcrwo
Moore St George*»
Moore Starks Corners Pentecostal Church
Moore Statifi
Moore Stéphane Villeneuve
Moore Strike
Moore Team
Moore The
Moore The Quebec
Moore Tom and Colleen Stewart
Moore Trivett
Moore Visiting
Moore V‘Berks
Moore Wallace Aylmer
Moore Wednesday
Moore Weight
Moore Who
Moore" He
Moore) Ross
Moore’s Hall
Moore’s Pure White Lead
Moore’s Pure White Lead Linseed Oil
Morly Moore
Mr Bernard Moore
Mr D J Moore
Mr Dawson Moore
Mr E Richard.
Mr Emanuel Richard
Mr G H Moore
Mr Herman Moore
Mr L H Moore ST.
Mr Moore
Mr Murray Moore
Mr Richard White
Mr W Moore
Mr* Dlls Richard
Mr* Richard Mllkle
Mr, Richard
Mr- Richard*
Mr. Albert Moore QWYON 10:00
Mr. Albert Moore ST.
Mr. Albert Richard
Mr. Albert Richard >011
Mr. Allen Moore
Mr. Archie Moore
Mr. Barry
Mr. Barry Foster Stitt
Mr. Barry Freeman
Mr. Barry Moore
Mr. Bernard Moore
Mr. Bernard Moore Board
Mr. Conservative
Mr. D R Barry
Mr. Ferguson Moore
Mr. Franklin Moore
Mr. Garner Richard-
Mr. Gordon Moore
Mr. Gordon Richard*
Mr. H G. Wills
Mr. H J. Moore
Mr. Harry M. Moore
Mr. Howard Moore
Mr. John Moore
Mr. L H. Moore
Mr. Lloyd Moore’s Columns Prove
Mr. Midas Richard.
Mr. Moore
Mr. Moore NPQ
Mr. Murray Allen Moore
Mr. Murray Lawrence Moore
Mr. Murray Moore
Mr. Norris Horner’s Moore
Mr. Rene Richard
Mr. Richard
Mr. Richard A. Geo
Mr. Richard C. Woodley
Mr. Richard Campbell
Mr. Richard Dul-North Clarendon
Mr. Richard Keeieher
Mr. Richard Murdock
Mr. Richard Neil
Mr. Richard Richardson
Mr. Richard Thompson
Mr. Richard Whalen
Mr. Richard White
Mr. Roy Frederick Moore Elliott
Mr. Sef-ton Clifford Moore
Mr. Thomas Richard-,f Clarendon
Mr. Tom Moore
Mr. W A. Moore
Mr. William Moore
Mr. Wm Angus Moore
Mr.Richard Walsh
Mra Richard Dahms
Mrs Dawson Moore
Mrs Hubert Elliott Barry
Mrs Murray Moore
Mrs Murray Moore Belanger
Mrs N L Moore
Mrs Richard Sr
Mrs Richard Trevor
Mrs! Moore
Mrs" Esale Richard
Mrs- Moore
Mrs. Albert Richard
Mrs. Albert Richard-
Mrs. Albert Richard.
Mrs. Barry
Mrs. Barry Draper Many
Mrs. Barry McCormack
Mrs. Barry Ross (Betty
Mrs. Basil Richard-
Mrs. Bernard Moore
Mrs. Bernard Moore
Mrs. Bernard Moore Royce Henderson
Mrs. Bills Richard
Mrs. Cedric Moore
Mrs. D. Moore
Mrs. Dinty Moore
Mrs. Dora Ma-vor Moore
Mrs. Dwight McDow-of Barry’s Bay
Mrs. Earl Dagg Richard
Mrs. Earl Richard
Mrs. Earl Richard Mr.
Mrs. Earl Richard Shawville Main Street
Mrs. Earls Susan Gordon Plan Now To Attend Mrs. W. A. Moore
Mrs. Ellis Richard Otter Lake
Mrs. Ellis Richard Visitors
Mrs. Emmanuel Moore
Mrs. Everett Moore
Mrs. Faye Moore
Mrs. Ferguson Moore
Mrs. Freeman Moore
Mrs. G. B. Moore
Mrs. Garner Richard
Mrs. Garner Richard-
Mrs. George A. Moore
Mrs. Georgina Moore
Mrs. Gordon Bal-Richard
Mrs. H J. {a Moore
Mrs. Harvey Moore
Mrs. Helen Wills Moody
Mrs. Herb 7-29121 Moore
Mrs. Herb 7-2987 Moore
Mrs. Herb 7-3723 Moore
Mrs. Hilda Richard GraveIle Mayhew
Mrs. Hilda Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Mrs. Isaia Richard
Mrs. Isia Ottawa Richard Miss Ida Richard
Mrs. J.P. Moore
Mrs. Jack Moore
Mrs. James A. Farley Mrs. Helen Wills Moody
Mrs. James Moore
Mrs. Jarmy Richard
Mrs. John Moore
Mrs. K Richard
Mrs. Kathleen Larmond Moore
Mrs. Kills Richard.
Mrs. Kohl Brouse Mr. W. A. Moore
Mrs. L H Moore
Mrs. L H Moore .;red
Mrs. Lawrence H. Moore
Mrs. Lulu Moore
Mrs. Mae Moore
Mrs. Mansel Moore
Mrs. Martin Moore
Mrs. May Moore
Mrs. McLean Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Merle Richard.
Mrs. Midas Richard
Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Moore Mrs. R. Elliott
Mrs. Murray Lawrence Moore Brucellosis
Mrs. Orville Moore
Mrs. P J. Moore
Mrs. P W. Young Mrs Freeman Moore
Mrs. P. J .Moore
Mrs. Paul Bretz- Richard
Mrs. Prosper Richard.
Mrs. Prosper Richard/
Mrs. R G Moore
Mrs. Ralph G. Moore
Mrs. Ralph Moore
Mrs. Rheal Richard
Mrs. Russell Richard-
Mrs. Sefton Moore
Mrs. Sherwood Moore
Mrs. Vincent Richard-1 Miss Shirley Ann Hobbs
Mrs. Wills Graham Raymond
Mr» D Moore
Mr» Richard Bulb- Very
Ms Karen Richard
Msarl Richard
Msgr Barry
Msgr M Barry
Msgr Michael J Barry
Mtre Richard G. THERIAULT
Mtre Richard Quebec City
Muriel Faye Richard
Muriel Moore
Muriel Moore- Gibson
Muriel Richard
Muriel Richard Joan Sparling
Murray Barry
Murray Barry Draper Henry Barnabe
Murray Moore
Murray Moore 15 Campbell Street Campbell
Murray Moore Pa
Murray Moore Scouts.
Murray Mrs Richard Dahms
Murray Richard-
Murray Richard- Stittsville
Music D -photo Richard Wills Racoons
Myrth Moore
Myrtle Moore
Myrtle Richard
N. Moore
Nancy Barry Kil- To Picture
Nancy Kelly Patty McCormick Elvis Presley Debrs Paget Richard Egan
Nancy Mae Richard
Nancy Moore
Nancy Moore July 1st
Nancy Richard
Nancy Richard 400
Napier Moore
Natacha Christopher » Dave Moore
Natalie Richard
Nathalie Richard
Nathan Moore
Nathan Smith Richard
Neal Richard
Near Barry River
Neil Moore
Neil Richard
Neil Wilson Conservative Convention
Nellie Moore
Nellie Wills
Nelson Moore
Neron Richard Wills
Nesbitt Moore
Nettie Moore Sunday
Newton Moore
Nicholas Laura Moore
Nick Ar- Richard
Nicole Kearney Richard
Nicole Richard
Nicole Wills
Nigel Barry Hamer
Nina Moore
NLr Jean Pierre Ch Richard
Noel Quinn Mme Alex Richard
Norm Fraser Bill Moore
Norm Moore
Norma Moore
Norma Moore Robert Vaughn Recommended As Adult Entertainment Pulpwood
Norma Moore Rosie.
Norma Richard:
Norma Stewart Simon Wills
Norman Cartier 3. Barry Belanger 3. Jofth
Norman McCuaig Conservative
Norman Moore
Norris Hodgins MOORE-
Notes Moore
Notice T V -photo Richard Willi Mrs Cheryl Campbell
Nrs Richard Dahms
Nurse Moore
Nurse Moore He
O Brien Walter Brennan Richard Boone Color EVERYONE WELCOME
O d Wills V Eotor
O Donnell Moore
O Moore
O Photo Dove Moore
O W Moore
O''Moore Creagh’s
O. Moore
Oavid Richard
Obituary Gertrude Straker Obituary Jacques Richard Chartrand Obituary Mrs Adeline Hearty Gertrude L
Oddfellows Barry More Photos
Oevd Moore
Oeve Moore
Olive Moore
Olive Richard Garnet Mayhew
Ont Douglas Moore Furs Protonotaire
Ontario Dove Moore
Ontario Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horne
Ontario Richard Pryor Beau
Oscar Moore
Out Moore
Over Melvin W Younge Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow
Owe Moore Clarendon
Owen Moore
O’Reilly Mary E. Moore Obituaries Jane Sharpe
P J Moore
P Moore
P Moore Jr and
P. Moore
P. Q Richard Eastham Fun
P. Q SHA WVILLE Pastor Lloyd B. Moore
P.J. Moore
P.M. Gordon Moore
Paata Lloyd B. Moore
Paator Lloyd B Moore
Paddy Moore
Pamela Duncan Richard Garland
Parley Richard-sibn
Parliament Faye H. Moore Marries Robert J.
Pastor Lloyd B Moore
Pastor Lloyd B. Moore
Pastor Lloyd B. Moore Sendees
Pastor Lloyd B. Moore Services
Pastor Lloyd H. Moore 10:00 am
Pastor Lloyd Moore
Pastor Richard Foster
Pastor Richard Gray
Pastor Uoyd B Moore
Pat & Gloria Richard
Pat Barry
Pat Barry’s
Pat Boone Terry Moore Monday
Pat Moore
Pat Moore Henry
Pat Moore- Bryson
Pat O Brien Terry Moore
Pat Richard
Pat Richard.
Pat- Moore
Patricia Barry Baseball Drama
Patricia McDowell Announcing L. W. Moore
Patricia Moore
Patricia Rus-of Abel Richard Sr
Patrick Danny Moore
Patrick J. Moore
Patrick John Moore
Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore Her
Patrick O M Richard Boone
Patrick Richard
Patriots Dave Moore
Paul Barry
Paul Havnes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortera
Paul Haynes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Paul Martineau Your Progressive Conservative
Paul Moore
Paul Newman Richard Boone Frederic March Fri
Paul OuwMWkei Barry
Paul Richard Affiliated
Paul Richard TIMMINS Joseph Hugh TIMMINS.
Paul s Moore
Paul Wills
Pave Moore
Pave Moore Sports
Pcgfy Moore
Pdstor Lloyd B. Moore
Pedro Lana Timer Barry Sullivan Technicolor Plat
Peggy Moore
Penny Richard Denault
Per Per X Month Month Richard Smith
Periard 2.; B Moore 4.; J. Burke
Perry Moore
Peso Parker Philip Abbott Richard Eyee Saturday
Petawawa Rotary Richard McAra
Peter Moore
Peter Moore 8
Peter Richard
Peter Richard On
Peter Richard.
Phil H. Moore
Philene Richard Kenneth
Philip El- Richard Davisjg Francois
Philip Richard Hamel-
Phily Moore
Photo Dave Moore
Photo Dave Moore Pumpkins
Photo Dave Moore Scott Young
Photo Dave Moore Shawville Mayor
Photo Deve Moore
Photo Dove Moore First
Photo Dove Moore Preparing
Photo Dove Moore Xo
Phyllis Conservative Reforms
Phyllis Moore
Pierre Richard
Pocket Richard
Pontiac M P Barry Moore
Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle Moore
Pontiacs Robbie Richard
Portage Moore
Poster Lloyd B. Moore _
Postor Lloyd B. Moore
Potvin Richard
Pound Keepers:- Barry Draper Robert Smart
Powell SLATTERY’S HURRICANE Linda Darnell Richard Widmark Bella Darvi Kirk Douglas
Princess Karen Richard
Principal J. Clifford Moore
Private Barry
Prosper Richard
Publisher Roes Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Bren
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Displa
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cla
Puknowivlncoiinu Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nohm Thomas
Purses Mrs Richard Murdoch
Q*vto Moore
R Barry
R, Moore
Rachel Simon Wills
Ralph G. Moore
Ralph Homer............ Richard Richardson
Ralph Moore
Ralph Richard
Randy Mrs Bruce Richard
Randy Richard
Ray Moore
Raymond Chosen Conservative Candidate
Raymond Moore
Raymond Richard
RE G -photo Richard Wills
Rear Admiral Richard 1 Byrd
Reggie Moore
Reginald Moore
Ren Moore Smedley
René Le- Richard Wills
Rene Moore
René Richard
Renfrew Mrs. Lena Moore
Reprieve—Carrie Moore
Rev J H Wea-1 Richard
Rev L H Ballard 647-2884 Shawville Rev Richard Gray 647
Rev Lloyd Moore
Rev Moore
Rev Richard $
Rev Richard Gray
Rev Richard Gray Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Shawville
Rev Richard Gray Special
Rev Richard Grey Thrun
Rev Richard She
Rev. Lloyd Moore
Rev. R. D. Ellis Richard Coyle
Rev. Richard
Rev. Richard Gray
Rhéal Racine Richard Fortin
Richa/d Wills Jane Corrigan
Richard O %
Richard Photo
Richard Easy
Richard "
Richard "Ricky"
Richard & Daisy Stanhow Farms Boot Donation Trudeau
Richard & Denise Dubois
Richard & Nelda Poirer
Richard & Pat Dumas
Richard & Pat Wood
Richard & Son Mark
Richard & Susan Moore Friday
Richard (Julie Piché
Richard (Marie)
Richard (Sandy
Richard ** -8-.
Richard -
Richard - Passed
Richard ...... Edgar Hodgins
Richard .T. Cartwright
Richard 0f Tina
Richard 0‘Shaughnessy
Richard 10.50
Richard 1876.
Richard 1892
Richard 1?g
Richard 23.10
Richard 458- Sale
Richard 458.2644.
Richard 4bn17 VVANTE^OBUY Abracadabra
Richard 50471b 68814xjyl3 Cain
Richard 55.99
Richard 647-3985 ?uon^n.2m°
Richard 647-3985 ’ Tom s Custom Airless
Richard 689-2652 Mark
Richard 7-2260 Richardson
Richard 7-2649 Rohitaille
Richard 819-458-3001
Richard 819-647-3411 Ih
Richard 8ol
Richard <* Ottawa
Richard A
Richard A Carolyn Maisnar
Richard A ll-slgins
Richard A Milks
Richard A Rowland
Richard A Stuewe
Richard A.
Richard A. Hodgins
Richard A. Milks
Richard A. Procter
Richard A........................
Richard Abbass
Richard Abbott This
Richard Accounts
Richard Acland
Richard Ad-
Richard Adam Hodgins
Richard Adamczyk
Richard AfcCa
Richard Afler
Richard After
Richard After 7:00
Richard After Assembly
Richard Agar
Richard Aid-worth
Richard Ajb
Richard Al
Richard al Sicard
Richard Al- Gutoskie
Richard Albert Coughlin
Richard Aldington
Richard Alexander
Richard Alien
Richard Allan
Richard Allan Hoffman
Richard Allan.
Richard Allard
Richard Allen
Richard Allen -
Richard Allen Rickv-Lee
Richard An- Emily McDowell
Richard and Betty Church
Richard and Chris
Richard and Dennis
Richard and Gary Hahn
Richard and Marie Kelly
Richard and Nancy
Richard and Susan Elizabeth Hahn
Richard and William
Richard and William R
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson David Lunam
Richard Andrew McCaffrey
Richard Andrew Williams
Richard Angeleti
Richard Angeletta
Richard Angeletti
Richard Angelitti
Richard Angilini
Richard Ann
Richard Annitage
Richard Anstead
Richard Anthony
Richard Aon
Richard Ar-
Richard Archer
Richard Ardill
Richard Arena
Richard Ark-
Richard Arkwright
Richard Arkwright Ho
Richard Arkwright’s
Richard Arlen
Richard Arm
Richard Arm:
Richard Armi-
Richard Armi-tage’s
Richard Armi-that
Richard Armifage Heather Dickson
Richard Armit- Many
Richard Armit-age
Richard Armitagc
Richard Armitagc Dies
Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage Agriultural Coordinator Heritage College
Richard Armitage March
Richard Armitage Percy Armitage
Richard Armitage Program Director CHANGE
Richard Armitage Then Pembroke
Richard Armitage Travis Johnston
Richard Armitag©
Richard Armitoge
Richard Armkege
Richard Armltage
Richard Armltage Elaine Richardson REGISTRATION
Richard Armltage On
Richard Armstrong
Richard Armstrong Raymond
Richard Armttage
Richard Arraitage
Richard ArrnR^^c
Richard Art
Richard Aru II
Richard Arul
Richard Arul-
Richard Arul-pooranam
Richard Arul-Voigt
Richard Arulpoo-ranam
Richard Arulpoora
Richard Arulpoora- Larocque
Richard Arulpoora-and
Richard Arulpooran- Meilleur
Richard Arulpooranam
Richard Arulpoornan
Richard Ashby
Richard Assists
Richard At
Richard At-
Richard Atkinson
Richard Aubrey
Richard Augusta Krutz
Richard Avantage
Richard Ayerst
Richard B
Richard B Jones
Richard B Marples
Richard B. Angus
Richard B. Harrison
Richard Bacfi
Richard Bacnl
Richard Bagot
Richard Bailey
Richard Baily
Richard Bakalyan Plus
Richard Bann John J. Day
Richard Bar-
Richard Barbary
Richard Barbier
Richard Barclay
Richard Baril
Richard Barlow
Richard Barnabé
Richard Baron
Richard Barr
Richard Barrett
Richard Barrie
Richard Barrington
Richard Barthehness
Richard Barthelmess
Richard Bartow
Richard Basil Quaile
Richard Basrhart
Richard Basticn
Richard Bastien
Richard Bastion
Richard Batista
Richard Baton Jam* Cobum John Hutfon Waiter Matthau
Richard Baxter
Richard Bcaupre
Richard Bcauprie
Richard Be
Richard Beaudoin
Richard Beaudry
Richard Beaulieu
Richard Beaupre
Richard Beaupse
Richard Bedford Bennett
Richard Bedford Viscount Bennett
Richard Beeupre
Richard Begin
Richard Bel
Richard Bel-
Richard Belanger
Richard Bélisle
Richard Bell
Richard Belland
Richard Belley
Richard Bells Corners
Richard Ben. Norm Donaldson
Richard Benjamin
Richard Benoit
Richard Ber- Beaudm
Richard Bergeron
Richard Bergeron Mr
Richard Bernice Stewart
Richard Bert
Richard Bertrand
Richard Bertrand There
Richard Bewie
Richard Bicard
Richard Bing
Richard Birthday
Richard Bisson
Richard Bissonnette
Richard Black
Richard Blackburn
Richard Blacque Pasha
Richard Blahs
Richard Blai/e
Richard Blain
Richard Blais
Richard Blais - Wood
Richard Blais This
Richard Block
Richard Blythe
Richard Bmardon
Richard Bo
Richard Board
Richard Bois-venue
Richard Boivin
Richard Bombay
Richard Bond
Richard Bonelli
Richard Boon
Richard Boon 4:30
Richard Boone
Richard Boone Molson Export
Richard Boone 2
Richard Boone 7:00
Richard Boone Ca9ey Bird
Richard Boone Frederic March H7r Tender Fried
Richard Boone John Weyne Shawville TOGETHER
Richard Boone Vere Miles Joen
Richard Booy
Richard Boss
Richard Boston
Richard Both
Richard Bou
Richard Bou HI
Richard Bou-
Richard Bou- B
Richard Bou- Dealh
Richard Bou- Ottawa
Richard Bou-|
Richard Bouchard
Richard Boucher
Richard Boucher Austin Clarke
Richard Boucher Miss Marilyn McVeigh
Richard Boucher Mrs. Leona Eades
Richard Bour-
Richard Bour- Moved
Richard Bour-Also
Richard Bour-chier
Richard Bourdon
Richard Bourdon(QPF
Richard Bourgie
Richard Bout-
Richard Bow
Richard Bow-
Richard Bow-Mm
Richard Bow.e
Richard Bower
Richard Bowes
Richard Bowi Mr. Jay
Richard Bowie
Richard Bowie - Music
Richard Bowie Andre Audet
Richard Bowie Annette Dumouchel
Richard Bowie Back
Richard Bowie Ban7 Zacharies
Richard Bowie Caldwell Recent
Richard Bowie Campbell
Richard Bowie Campbell’s
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay Bureaucracy
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay Dear Editor After
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay Remembering Dear Editor
Richard Bowie Canadian Legion Pontiac Day
Richard Bowie Councillor Edgar The Campbell
Richard Bowie Dep.
Richard Bowie Deputy C.M.C.
Richard Bowie Directors Ernest Dagg
Richard Bowie Earl Brown
Richard Bowie Flemlngs
Richard Bowie FOR
Richard Bowie Ing
Richard Bowie Lunam’s
Richard Bowie Other
Richard Bowie Pontiac History Project P.O.
Richard Bowie Rea
Richard Bowie Registrar 6
Richard Bowie Registry
Richard Bowie Richard Wills
Richard Bowie Second
Richard Bowie Zone Chairman o1 Zone
Richard Bowie-
Richard Bowie/Councillor Maurice Morin
Richard Bowk-, Harold Wilson
Richard Bowls
Richard Bowte Officiel Agent
Richard Boyd Telford
Richard Boyer
Richard Bradford
Richard Brady
Richard Bran-
Richard Bray
Richard Brazeau
Richard Brennan
Richard Brennan Over
Richard Breton
Richard Brian Romkey
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s Home
Richard Brintoni Petawawa
Richard Brisban
Richard Brisébois
Richard Bristol
Richard Bros,
Richard Bros.
Richard Browlow
Richard Brown
Richard Brown U. N. Reynold*
Richard Brown-nis Papineau
Richard Brown. Brown
Richard Brownlee
Richard Bruce
Richard Bruce Emmerson
Richard Bruce Hodgins
Richard Bruce Reberlz
Richard Bruce.
Richard Bruce. Gordon
Richard Bud Frank WiUon
Richard BUir
Richard Bulger
Richard Bulkeley
Richard Bullock
Richard Buoy
Richard Bur-
Richard Bur-nlastic
Richard Burke
Richard Burman
Richard Burnette
Richard Burr
Richard Burroughs.
Richard Burten
Richard Burton
Richard Burton *2.75 Great
Richard Burton 647-2611
Richard Burton ADMIT
Richard Burton AOwlf
Richard Burton Claire Bloom
Richard Burton Clint Eastwood
Richard Burton Highest
Richard Burton II
Richard Burton Joan Collins
Richard Burton LLOYD KENSLEY
Richard Burton Maggie McNamara
Richard Burton Plywoods During
Richard Burton •2.75 GRADE
Richard Bus
Richard But
Richard Butkr
Richard Butler
Richard Butson
Richard Buwie
Richard Buxton
Richard Bv
Richard Bxakowski
Richard Byrd
Richard C
Richard C Bowie Biography
Richard C Da Philip
Richard C Woodley
Richard C''ha|>m»n
Richard C. Alcitrcnt
Richard C. Bowie Wesleyan Church
Richard C. Cabot
Richard C. Steele
Richard C.irtwiight
Richard Cabot
Richard Cadieux Custom Framing
Richard Cadieux Those
Richard Cairns
Richard Caituright
Richard Caitwiight
Richard Caitwright’e
Richard Caitwright’s
Richard Cam;boll
Richard Cameron
Richard Camithera
Richard Camithers
Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell Quyon
Richard Can
Richard Can-others
Richard Canadiens
Richard Cane
Richard Cannings
Richard Capson
Richard Car-
Richard Carleton Place
Richard Carlseen
Richard Carpentier
Richard Carr
Richard Carrie
Richard Carried
Richard Carrington
Richard Carrot
Richard Carrothers
Richard Carruthers
Richard Cart
Richard Cart At
Richard Cart It
Richard Cart*
Richard Cart* Buyer
Richard Cart-
Richard Cart- &1
Richard Cart- Saturday
Richard Cart- XTSXX EttsiSESSSs
Richard Cart-and If
Richard Cart-w
Richard Cart-•
Richard Cart.
Richard Carter
Richard Cartright
Richard Cartwaight Heifer
Richard Cartwiight
Richard Cartwr
Richard Cartwright
Richard Cartwright Parliament
Richard Cartwright s NT.
Richard Cartwright Sir Louis Davie#
Richard Cartwright WAa
Richard Cartwrights
Richard Cartwright—
Richard Cartwright—Apparently
Richard Cartwright—four
Richard Cartwright’
Richard Cartwright’s
Richard Cartxvnjit
Richard Casey
Richard Cashen
Richard Castonguay
Richard Cavey
Richard Cavtwiightnia
Richard Cebull
Richard Cecil
Richard Cecil Phone
Richard Chamberlain
Richard Chan-
Richard Chapman
Richard Chapman Lionel Foley
Richard Char- Fred Metcalfe
Richard Charboneau
Richard Charbonneau
Richard Charles
Richard Charles and George Be Henry
Richard Charles Dagg
Richard Charles How
Richard Charles Oh
Richard Charles When
Richard Charlton
Richard Charron
Richard Chartrand
Richard Châtelain
Richard Chaussé
Richard Chenier
Richard Cherrywood
Richard Chevrier
Richard Chevrier Swimming Pool- Plans
Richard Chiasson
Richard Chorfrond
Richard Christmas
Richard Cirtwrigh
Richard Cirtwriglxt
Richard Cl t< IS.
Richard CLARENDON Eric Campbell
Richard Clark
Richard Clarke
Richard Clavel
Richard Clayton
Richard Clcroux
Richard Cleroux
Richard Cliche
Richard Cliche Tel
Richard Clifford
Richard Club
Richard Clynick
Richard Co-operative
Richard Co.
Richard Coders
Richard Coeur de
Richard Coeur de Lion
Richard Coeur-de-Lion
Richard Coiiden- LargcJNumber
Richard CoiTiveau
Richard Coles
Richard Collins
Richard Congratulations
Richard Connell
Richard Connelly
Richard Conriveaiu
Richard Conservative
Richard Conte
Richard Conte Aqueduc
Richard Conte Mala Powers
Richard Conte Mala Powers Superscope William Herbert Dagg Diet
Richard Conte WED.
Richard Continued
Richard Cook
Richard Cooke
Richard Cooper
Richard Cordell
Richard Cormier
Richard Correspondance
Richard Corriveau
Richard Cory Brownlee
Richard Cosette
Richard Coté
Richard Cotnman
Richard Coty
Richard Cou Carty
Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
Richard Coughlin
Richard CoughLm
Richard Coukwge
Richard Courchaine
Richard Coyle
Richard Coyle WW
Richard Craig
Richard Crawford
Richard Crawford Kelly
Richard Creenshields
Richard Creight-
Richard Creighton
Richard Crittall
Richard Croft
Richard Croker
Richard Cromwell
Richard Crooks
Richard Cross
Richard Crossley
Richard Cruickshank
Richard Csnwr
Richard Ctrtwrigkt
Richard Cuff
Richard Cum-
Richard Cur-
Richard Curran
Richard Cusson
Richard Cutwiight
Richard CW-wiight
Richard Cyr MacFarlane
Richard C«rt
Richard D Aoust
Richard D*ir
Richard D. Cornelius
Richard D. Fischer
Richard D. Smith
Richard D. Ware
Richard D.tgg
Richard D;hms
Richard Daber Keuhl
Richard Dacey
Richard Dacy
Richard Dagenais
Richard Dagg
Richard Dagg Esq
Richard Dagg Ontario KOB
Richard Dahm*
Richard Dahms
Richard Dahms Mr
Richard Dahms Mrs. Lindsay Dale Mrs. Lloyd Dale Mrs. Ernie Dean Mrs. Gerald Draper Mrs. Keith Drape
Richard Dahmt
Richard Daily
Richard Daley
Richard Dalton Prior
Richard Daly
Richard Damns
Richard Danford Lake
Richard Danny Desabrais
Richard Daunt
Richard David Coles
Richard Davidson
Richard Davis
Richard Dcnault
Richard De
Richard de Claire
Richard de Gulik
Richard De Lor
Richard De Lorme
Richard De-nault
Richard Deacon
Richard Dean
Richard Dean Plager
Richard Décompté
Richard DeCorporation
Richard Dee
Richard Default
Richard Delaurier
Richard Den
Richard Denauit
Richard Denauk
Richard Denault
Richard Denault Hudson
Richard Denault IV
Richard Deneault
Richard Denning Angela Stevens Murrells Holes Saturday
Richard Dennison
Richard Derby
Richard Desjardins
Richard Desmond Hodgins
Richard Desrochers
Richard Dickel
Richard Died
Richard Dillabough
Richard Dillon
Richard Dinger
Richard District Passenger Agent
Richard Dix
Richard Dix II
Richard DK. R.
Richard Dlagnault
Richard Dnrocher FC
Richard Do
Richard Do-will
Richard Doherty
Richard Doherty Marjorie
Richard Donnelly
Richard Dotted
Richard Dou
Richard Doucet
Richard Doucet Animat
Richard Douglas
Richard DowLER
Richard Doyle
Richard Dr Cowley.
Richard Dr. Wilbert Keon
Richard Drake
Richard Dreyfus Friday
Richard Dreyfuss
Richard Drouin
Richard Drrvfas*
Richard Dshms
Richard Du
Richard Du-
Richard Du- Lottcry Calendar
Richard Dube
Richard Dubois
Richard Dubois 9:00
Richard Dubois Band
Richard Dubois Band Costume Prizes Admission
Richard Dubois Cottage Rental McCann Chips Gavan
Richard Dubois Denise
Richard Dubois R
Richard Dubois Regimbait
Richard Dubois They
Richard Duff
Richard Dufour
Richard Dufour Belated
Richard Duke
Richard Dulmage
Richard Dumais
Richard Dumala
Richard Dumas
Richard Dumouchel
Richard Dun-slow
Richard Dupuis
Richard Durocher
Richard Dusan Simo-vieh
Richard Duval
Richard Dyke
Richard E
Richard E Hendersen
Richard E Henderson
Richard E Palm-known
Richard E. Byr<l
Richard E. Byrd
Richard E. Dagg
Richard E. Dwor
Richard E. Henderson
Richard Eagleton
Richard Earl
Richard Earl Dagg
Richard Earl Dagg Clarendon Municipal Office
Richard Earl Dugg
Richard Earl Russett
Richard Ear| Rnssett
Richard Eason
Richard Ed
Richard Edey
Richard Edey Campbell
Richard Edey Mackechnie
Richard Edmonds
Richard Edmunds
Richard EE‘
Richard Egan Jan Sterling 6,922.97
Richard Ej^RL
Richard Elgin Hynes
Richard Elliott
Richard Ellis
Richard Elliswo
Richard Ellsworth Palmer
Richard Elson
Richard Emmenon
Richard End
Richard Enderby
Richard England
Richard Environmental
Richard Eric.
Richard Eva Andsfc
Richard Evans
Richard Eve
Richard Evelyn Byrd
Richard F
Richard F*on
Richard F. Brownlee
Richard F. Elliott V. Hodgins L. Young C. Dahms C. Campbell RAYBBSTOS
Richard Fair Edmonton
Richard Fantin
Richard FARM
Richard Farr
Richard Farrell
Richard Farrelton
Richard FarREM.
Richard Fatigue
Richard Fees
Richard Fennclly
Richard Fercken
Richard Fercken Saturday
Richard Fercken Stewart
Richard Ferekin
Richard Feveral
Richard Fi
Richard Fiché
Richard Filion
Richard Filiou
Richard Fillion
Richard Find
Richard Find-ables
Richard Findlay
Richard Findlay Mrs.
Richard Findlay’s
Richard Findley
Richard Finnic
Richard Finnigan
Richard Finnigan’s
Richard Fire Department
Richard Fischer
Richard Fisher
Richard Fiti-
Richard Fitzsimmons
Richard Fitzsimmons Mervln Conroy
Richard FITZSIMMONS- Richard
Richard Flamini
Richard Fleischer
Richard Fleming
Richard Flnnlgan
Richard Fmnigan
Richard Fnr RiT
Richard Foley
Richard Foley - Oliver Super
Richard For
Richard Forget
Richard Forget Luskville
Richard Forget Thunder
Richard Forgett
Richard Forgiel
Richard Fort Coulonge
Richard Fortier
Richard Fortin
Richard Foster
Richard Fournier
Richard Fraaer
Richard Fran
Richard Franceour
Richard Franceur
Richard Francoeur
Richard Francouer
Richard Francour
Richard Frank Roy B. Cruickshank John Dagg Pedlar People
Richard Fraser
Richard French
Richard Friar
Richard Fulford
Richard Fumerton
Richard Fuocco
Richard Fuoco
Richard G Theriault
Richard G. Crawford
Richard G. Lay
Richard G. Neil
Richard G. Theriault
Richard Gagnante Jennifer Gauthier
Richard Gagnon
Richard Gagnon de Vile
Richard Gagnon Public
Richard Gagnon Saturday
Richard Gaignery
Richard Galbraith
Richard Gamache
Richard Gamble
Richard Garage
Richard Gardner
Richard garet Graham
Richard Garner
Richard Garnier
Richard Garth
Richard Gartwnght
Richard Gary Richardson
Richard Gary Richardson Mr.
Richard Gass—J
Richard Gastremski Mrg
Richard Gaudrau
Richard Gauth
Richard Gautheir
Richard Gauthier
Richard Gelinas
Richard Gene Wtdmark
Richard Genivar Gordon
Richard Gerard
Richard Germain
Richard Get
Richard Gians
Richard Gibbffhs
Richard Gibbon
Richard Gibbon*
Richard Gibbons
Richard Gibbons .......
Richard Gibbon»
Richard Gill
Richard Gird
Richard Giroux
Richard Glabs
Richard Gladys
Richard Glahs
Richard Glahs Î
Richard Glahs 647-3128 DeeDee Lepine
Richard Glahs Milton
Richard Glahs Tobacco Farm
Richard Glaht
Richard Glebs
Richard Glebs Mr.
Richard Glenn Griffin
Richard Glohs Tobacco
Richard Gnmard
Richard Gnmard This
Richard Goddick
Richard Godin
Richard Good
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon Porter
Richard Goughian
Richard Goulet
Richard Graham
Richard Graham Midgets
Richard Gratton
Richard Gratton and Dawson Moorehead
Richard Gratton Jessica Crawford
Richard Gravel
Richard Graveline
Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Richard Gravelline
Richard Gray
Richard Gray 641-2555 Wesleyan Shewviii
Richard Gray 647
Richard Gray 647-
Richard Gray 647-2555
Richard Gray 647-2555 School
Richard Gray 647-2566
Richard Gray 647-2603 Chnstian Education Hour Morning
Richard Gray 647-2603 Christian Education Hour 9:45
Richard Gray 647-2666
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Tue
Richard Gray 647-2693 Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
Richard Gray 647-2693 SundaySchool Morning Worship Evening Prate# Wed Bible Study Lutheran Rev Fr T
Richard Gray 647-2693 _ Summer Schedub
Richard Gray 647-2893 Christian Education Hour
Richard Gray 847-800# Chr
Richard Gray Ass
Richard Gray Assistant Pastor
Richard Gray Assistant Pastor Tim Neal Sunday
Richard Gray Asst Pastor Bonn
Richard Gray Home Renovations
Richard Gray Jan
Richard Gray Smorgasbord
Richard Gray Sunday
Richard Green
Richard Green "
Richard Green Memorial Scholarship
Richard Green-
Richard Green- Ballantyne
Richard Green-ough
Richard Green-shields
Richard Greenahielda
Richard Greenahields
Richard Greene
Richard Greene Frank Ryan Film
Richard Greene Gene Tierney Gene Barry / Ann Robinson
Richard Greene MONDAY
Richard Greene Shawville
Richard Greene Ursula Thetas Glen Ford
Richard Greening
Richard Greenshields
Richard Greenshields McCaffrey
Richard Greenshield’s
Richard Greenshleld Costello
Richard Gregory
Richard Grenier
Richard Grenville
Richard Grey
Richard Grey 647-
Richard Griese
Richard Grif- Lloyd Kemsley
Richard Griffin
Richard Grimard
Richard Grimard CLD
Richard Grimes
Richard Grlmard
Richard Groddc
Richard Groleau
Richard Groves
Richard Guay
Richard GuiHern
Richard Guilds
Richard Guillerm
Richard Guillerme
Richard Guillermo
Richard Guillium
Richard Guitard
Richard Gullerm
Richard Gulllerm
Richard Gumming
Richard Gutilerm
Richard Gwyn
Richard H <//s
Richard H Bryson
Richard H «ward
Richard H.
Richard H. Collins
Richard H. Gladwin
Richard H. I. Smith
Richard H. Thompson
Richard Haehr
Richard Hahns
Richard Hakluyt
Richard HaKunlon HOT ROD
Richard Hall
Richard Ham
Richard Ham-
Richard Hamd
Richard Hame-lin
Richard Hamel
Richard Hamelin
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamiton
Richard Hams Aces
Richard Hanna
Richard Hanna Hodgins
Richard Hannay
Richard HAP
Richard Harcourt
Richard Harding
Richard Harding Da
Richard Harding Davis
Richard Hardisty
Richard Hardly
Richard Harkins
Richard Harkness
Richard Harlow
Richard Harper Emmerson
Richard Harrington Includes
Richard Harris
Richard Harris CAR TRAILER
Richard Harris Charles Craven
Richard Harris John Huston
Richard Harris Kirk Douglas ALSO "
Richard Harris Kirk Douglas Always
Richard Harris PLUS
Richard Harris Was Stern A
Richard Harris Your Hosts
Richard Hart
Richard Hartel
Richard Hartunian
Richard Harvey Hodgins Richard Roy Dagg BRISTOL Funeral
Richard Has*
Richard Hasaard
Richard Hasselback
Richard Hatfield
Richard Hattcraa
Richard Haunt
Richard Hauptmann
Richard Hawkins
Richard Hawkinson
Richard Hay
Richard Hayes
Richard Hazard
Richard Hazard’s
Richard He
Richard Healey
Richard Heart
Richard Heartv Reasonable
Richard Hearty
Richard Hearty Beth
Richard Hearty Campbells Bay
Richard Hearty Diane McBain
Richard Hearty DONT
Richard Hearty Mr. Arthur Grace
Richard Hearty Oct.
Richard Hec.rty
Richard Hedging
Richard Heilman Ltd.
Richard Held
Richard Helen
Richard Hélie
Richard Hen-including
Richard Hendersoi Crick
Richard Henderson
Richard Henderson Crick
Richard Henderson President
Richard Henry
Richard Henry Stoddard
Richard Henry Thompson
Richard Henry Thompson SHAWVILLE
Richard Hérault
Richard Herman Wall
Richard Hess
Richard Hetherington
Richard Hétu
Richard Hewitt
Richard HI.
Richard Hi/Zj
Richard Hibson
Richard Higgins
Richard Hiley
Richard Hills
Richard Hinchcliff
Richard Hines
Richard Hly
Richard Hnr-
Richard Hobbs
Richard Hod
Richard Hod-1 1cas*le
Richard Hodcin*
Richard Hodgiin
Richard Hodgina
Richard Hodgine
Richard Hodgins
Richard Hodgins 3. J Mrs R Campbell
Richard Hodgins Arthur Mulligan..... William Olm
Richard Hodgin«
Richard Hodgin»
Richard Hodgiua............ John Bradley
Richard Hodglua
Richard Hodgüis William Alwtit
Richard Hoduins
Richard Hoekstra
Richard Hofer Larrimac Canadians
Richard Hoffman
Richard Hogan
Richard Holden
Richard Holg
Richard Holmes
Richard Homelin
Richard Homers
Richard Horigins
Richard Hotel and
Richard Hotham
Richard Houde
Richard Howard
Richard Howard Chimney
Richard Howard Fred Laframboise
Richard Howard Gatineau Power
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Earl Hodgin* James Richardson Mr Arthur Bates
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Motion Crs
Richard Howard History-mu
Richard Howard John D. Brown
Richard Howard Motion
Richard Howard Shaw
Richard Howard.........................
Richard Howie
Richard Hsahr
Richard Hsu
Richard Hubert
Richard Hudgins
Richard Hudnet
Richard Hudnut
Richard Hudnut Shampoo
Richard Hudon
Richard Hughes
Richard Hull Architect
Richard Huloet
Richard Hunter
Richard Huntley
Richard Huot
Richard Hussard
Richard Hutt
Richard Hvnca
Richard Hyde
Richard Hynea
Richard Hynee
Richard Hynes
Richard Hynes Established
Richard Hynes FO KENT—G
Richard I
Richard I .
Richard I Cen
Richard I Kelly
Richard I Stevens
Richard I Webster
Richard I)aInns
Richard I.
Richard I.’s
Richard I>almi*
Richard I>ogan
Richard Ibmville
Richard If.
Richard IFynen
Richard Ihompson
Richard II(
Richard II.
Richard III
Richard III.
Richard Ilodgins
Richard In
Richard Inc.
Richard Ingersol
Richard Ingiefleld
Richard Ingl
Richard IngleMMd
Richard Ingram
Richard Interment
Richard Inwood
Richard Irving
Richard Irving All Star Mosquitos
Richard IS. Dagg
Richard Island
Richard J Armstrong Erin
Richard J Mi Hi
Richard J Muldoon
Richard J Needham
Richard J Woods
Richard J.
Richard J. Brown
Richard J. Me- SHAWVILLE
Richard Jack !
Richard Jacks
Richard Jackson
Richard Jafnéeson LuakvWe
Richard Jalnieeon
Richard James Sharron
Richard Jameson
Richard Jameson Club
Richard Jamieson
Richard Jamieson Lu
Richard Jamieson Luakville
Richard Jamieson Luakville 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jamieson LuakvIMe
Richard Jamieson LuakvMIe 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jamieson LuakvUie
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe 455-2407 CaM Gerry Lavoie SEPTIC
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe 455-2407 GEO.
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe 466-2407 Cal Gerry Lavoie Charles Joseph Slattery
Richard Jamieson LuekvWe
Richard Jamieson Lusk
Richard Jamieson LuskvHie
Richard Jamieson LuskvIHe
Richard Jamieson Luskville
Richard Jamieson Luskville 455
Richard Jamieson Luskville 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jamieson Luskvitte
Richard Jamieson Luskvllie
Richard Jamieson LuskvtHe 455-2407 Rev R Rivest Pour
Richard Jamieson LuskvWe
Richard Jamieson LuskvWe 466-2407 CaM Gerry Lavoie SEPTIC
Richard Jamieson LuskvWle
Richard Jamlaaon LuakvWe
Richard Jamleeon Luakville 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jefferv
Richard Jeffery
Richard Jeffries
Richard Jennifer
Richard Jennings
Richard Jo*.. Gwy
Richard Joanisse
Richard Joes
Richard John
Richard John Adolph Mtelke David Harris Russell
Richard John An
Richard John Cartwright
Richard John McManus
Richard John Milliken
Richard John Ouelette
Richard John Paul Roy
Richard John technology Armstrong
Richard Johns
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnston
Richard Joli-
Richard Joli- SP
Richard Joli-coeur
Richard Joli-figures
Richard Jolicoeur
Richard Jollcoeur
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Dropping
Richard Jordan Gatling
Richard Joy
Richard Joyce
Richard Jp Henser
Richard Jr who
Richard Jr.
Richard Judd
Richard Juke
Richard K Wood
Richard K,chard
Richard K. Cooper
Richard K. Shope
Richard Kahnn
Richard Kallio
Richard Karl
Richard Karl Dahms
Richard Karol
Richard Kasaboskie Friday
Richard Kasaboskle Friday
Richard Kcllehcr
Richard Kean
Richard Kearns
Richard Kecks
Richard KeHeher
Richard Kehller
Richard Keileher
Richard Keindel
Richard Kel
Richard Kel-
Richard Kelleher
Richard Kelley
Richard Kellv
Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly Jr.
Richard Kelly O.M.I.
Richard Kelly OMI
Richard Kempenfelt
Richard Ken -nody
Richard Ken-
Richard Ken- Rome
Richard Kencaly
Richard Kendall
Richard Kenned
Richard Kennedy
Richard KennJdv
Richard Kenny
Richard Kenny and
Richard Kenny Mr. Wilfred Merleau
Richard Kenny.
Richard Kens
Richard Kensley
Richard Kerr
Richard Kheller
Richard Kibgdon
Richard Kidder
Richard Kil-when
Richard Kilbride
Richard Kiley
Richard Kin
Richard Kind
Richard King
Richard King Mrs Happy
Richard King-
Richard King-don
Richard Kingdom
Richard Kingdom Joan
Richard Kingdom to Frederick David Clark
Richard Kingdon
Richard Kir-
Richard Kirk
Richard Kirkland
Richard Kirwan
Richard Kline
Richard Klngdon
Richard Kmgdon
Richard Knight
Richard Knits
Richard Knox
Richard Koenig
Richard Koenig Smokers
Richard Koniar
Richard Kusaett
Richard Kve
Richard L Mr
Richard L Morissette
Richard L Rev O.A White I
Richard L Vaughan
Richard L.
Richard L. Butler
Richard L. Seguin
Richard L. Seguin Pontiacs
Richard La
Richard La Salle Jasmin Lemaire - Adrienne Turgeon Jacques Mantha
Richard La-brie
Richard La-doucer
Richard La-noix
Richard La-vigne
Richard LaaaUe
Richard Labine
Richard Lablne
Richard Labrie
Richard Labrie Jr.
Richard Laçasse
Richard Lachance
Richard Lacharity
Richard Lackie
Richard Ladooceur Hon Horse
Richard Ladou-ceur
Richard Ladouceur
Richard Ladysmith
Richard LADYSMITH Ladysmith
Richard Lafleur Vaudreuii
Richard Lafond
Richard LaFrance
Richard Lafrance Friday
Richard Lafranee Patio
Richard Lagrange
Richard Lair
Richard Lalonde
Richard Lamarche
Richard Lamb
Richard Lamothe
Richard Lamouche
Richard Lamoureux
Richard Lan-
Richard Lan-repairs
Richard Lance
Richard Lancix
Richard Lane
Richard Lane Phone
Richard Langevin
Richard Langevtn
Richard Langford
Richard Langlois
Richard Lanoix
Richard Lanoix Atkinson
Richard Lanotx
Richard Lapen-
Richard Lapensée
Richard Lapensée Le Jardin Educatif
Richard Laramde
Richard Laramee
Richard Laroche
Richard Larocque
Richard Larose
Richard LaSalle
Richard LaSalle Keogh
Richard LaSalle Saturday
Richard LaSalle’s
Richard Last
Richard Last Quebec
Richard Latreille
Richard Lauaon
Richard Lauchlin
Richard Laurie
Richard Laurie Peters Color
Richard Lauzon
Richard Laverdure
Richard Lavictoire
Richard Lavignc
Richard Lavigne
Richard Lavigne Richard Lavigne
Richard Lavigne Seat
Richard Lavigne Winston Sunstrum
Richard Lavoie
Richard Law
Richard Le- Robert.
Richard Le-ben
Richard Leabetter
Richard Leach
Richard Leach Having
Richard Leblanc
Richard Leblanc Over
Richard Lebuis
Richard Lecompte
Richard Led
Richard Ledbet-
Richard Ledbet- Commercial
Richard Ledbetter
Richard Ledbetter - Clarcn-
Richard Ledbetter 647-
Richard Ledbetter 647- E
Richard Ledbetter 647- Sicie
Richard Ledbetter 647-3651
Richard Ledbetter CAMPBELL
Richard Ledbetter McGowan
Richard Ledbetter Quyon- Apartment
Richard Ledbetter Shawvllle
Richard Ledbetter’s
Richard Leders
Richard Ledger
Richard Ledger Ada Frances Ledger
Richard Ledger...... Thomas Martin....... Francis Moreau..... John Rooney
Richard Ledger.......... Thomas Martin............. Francis Moresu............ John Rooney
Richard Lee
Richard Lee James
Richard Lee Teperman
Richard Leeson
Richard Legault
Richard Legendre
Richard Lemalre’s
Richard Lemay
Richard Lemoy
Richard Lemoy For Reservations
Richard Lemson
Richard Leonard Beaupre
Richard Leonardis
Richard Lepack
Richard Lepine
Richard Leuzon
Richard Levert
Richard Levesque
Richard Lewis
Richard Libraiy
Richard Library
Richard Lilburn
Richard Lincoln
Richard Linden
Richard Lion
Richard Lion Heart
Richard Lipman
Richard Little
Richard liur- Berlin
Richard Liz
Richard Llewellyn
Richard Llewellyn’s
Richard Lloyd
Richard Lmgford
Richard Lnnasi
Richard LoaVSTnith N(
Richard Lobb
Richard Locke
Richard Lockvidge
Richard London
Richard Lonetto
Richard Loney
Richard Long
Richard Long Technicolor Faith Domergue
Richard Lord
Richard Losotie
Richard Louise
Richard Louvain
Richard Lovelace
Richard Lowe
Richard Luce
Richard Lucien
Richard Lucier
Richard Luckner
Richard Lucre
Richard Luedcrs
Richard Lueders
Richard Lusig
Richard Lusignan
Richard Luslghan
Richard Lyman
Richard Lytle
Richard M C. Armnag
Richard M Div.
Richard M Hodgins
Richard M Leblanc
Richard M Nixon
Richard M • Bride
Richard M. Hoik
Richard M. Meredith
Richard M. Ritchie
Richard Ma-
Richard Ma- I
Richard Ma-heral
Richard Mac
Richard MacDonald
Richard MacNeill
Richard Maddick
Richard Mae Moore
Richard Mahcral
Richard Maher-al
Richard Maheral
Richard Maheral Mr
Richard Maheu
Richard Mahoney
Richard Mahoney Broadbent
Richard Mahoney I»
Richard Maiaaoneuve
Richard Maiaaoneuve Eldon Cross
Richard MAIL-IN
Richard Mainprize
Richard Mainville
Richard Maisonneuve
Richard Majeau de
Richard Malcolm Greenshields
Richard Malette
Richard Mallette
Richard Mann
Richard Manon
Richard Mans-the
Richard Mansfield
Richard Maquin
Richard Mar-Joncs
Richard March
Richard Marion
Richard Marion -
Richard Marion 647-2128
Richard Marion 647-2128 1F Musiciens
Richard Marion 647-2128 Multicultural Display - Greek
Richard Marion.
Richard Markne/a
Richard Marlon
Richard Mars-C.W.L. Ladies
Richard Marshall
Richard Martin
Richard Martin Baker
Richard Martin Presley
Richard Mary
Richard Massey
Richard Mathieu
Richard Matte
Richard Maxwell
Richard Mayhew
Richard Mc Kaskle Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard Mc Kaskle Huissier Shawvllle Etude
Richard Mc-| Mrs. Robert Findlay
Richard McA
Richard McAra
Richard McAra Several
Richard McAra 458-2638.
Richard McAra 4582638
Richard McAro
Richard McBride
Richard McBride Dies
Richard McBride Resigns
Richard McCabe
Richard McCaf
Richard McCaf-
Richard McCaf-ferey
Richard McCaffery
Richard McCaffray
Richard McCaffrey
Richard McCaffrey Dean Howard
Richard McCaffrey Is
Richard McCaflray
Richard McConnell
Richard McCool
Richard McCord
Richard McCormick
Richard McCreary
Richard McCullough Ritchie
Richard McCullough Ritchie Shawville Fair Notes Suddenly
Richard McDowell Grade
Richard McEa-
Richard McGuire
Richard McI
Richard McIntyre
Richard McKaskle Huissier
Richard McKaskle Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard McKastie Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard McKay
Richard McKee
Richard Mcllquham
Richard McNally
Richard McNally Columba
Richard McOord
Richard McRae
Richard Mdvor
Richard Me
Richard Me Ara
Richard Me Kaskle Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard Me-
Richard Meaney
Richard Meianer
Richard Meilleur
Richard Meilleur Paul Lcpine
Richard Meis-to
Richard Meisner
Richard Meisner Davey Keon
Richard Meisner John Melloul
Richard Meisner NEVILLE
Richard Meitner
Richard Melania
Richard Melanson
Richard Melee#
Richard Meloche
Richard Melsner
Richard Menard
Richard Meroer Sr
Richard Mesiner
Richard Metcalf
Richard Metcalfe
Richard Metcalfe 3
Richard Metternich
Richard Meunier
Richard Mi Cord
Richard Mi-s Mary Drummond
Richard Michael
Richard Michael IjuU
Richard Michael J Lloyd I
Richard Michael Lloyd
Richard Michael McCrank
Richard Mie Ike
Richard Mielka
Richard Mielke
Richard Mielkie
Richard Mil
Richard Milhken
Richard Milk
Richard Milk-ie
Richard Milke
Richard Milkie
Richard Milkle
Richard Milks
Richard Millie
Richard Millikan
Richard Milliken
Richard Milliken Lawrence Belsher
Richard Milliken Oration
Richard Mills
Richard Milton Stanzel
Richard Minard
Richard Miss Louilla Armstrong BsWe WSslsM
Richard Miss Lucy Goetz
Richard Mist
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mlikie
Richard Mllkle Gerald
Richard Mn* Morley Hodgins
Richard Mnlcahy
Richard Mo<y-head
Richard Mon.
Richard Monckton Mllnes
Richard Moncton Milne*
Richard Monique
Richard Montforte
Richard Montgomery
Richard Montpetit
Richard Montpetit First
Richard Moore
Richard Moore Campbell’s Bay
Richard Moore Cars
Richard Moore Nov. 8
Richard Moorehead
Richard Moorhead
Richard Moquin
Richard Moquin’s
Richard Mor- James
Richard Morebead
Richard Moreland
Richard Morgan
Richard Morhead
Richard Morin
Richard Morion
Richard Morisette
Richard Morissette
Richard Morrisette
Richard Morrison
Richard Morrissette
Richard Motion
Richard Motion Crs Tubman
Richard Mousseau
Richard Moved
Richard Moyner
Richard MpAra
Richard Mr.
Richard Mr. Dolan
Richard MRC Bryson
Richard Mrs Gerald Waite
Richard Mrs.
Richard Mrs. S.
Richard Mulcahy
Richard Muldoon
Richard Mulligan
Richard MulvibiH
Richard Mulvihill
Richard Murdock
Richard Murphy
Richard Murray
Richard Myers
Richard N
Richard N. Bond
Richard Nacken
Richard Nadeau
Richard Nadeau Gatineau
Richard Nadon
Richard Nagle
Richard Nash
Richard Navel
Richard Neave
Richard Neil
Richard Neil Dent Com
Richard Neil Grade
Richard Neil.
Richard Neil: Apron Plastic
Richard Nepean
Richard Net-
Richard Neuman
Richard Neve
Richard Neville
Richard New*
Richard Newhouse
Richard Newmann
Richard NHto
Richard Nichols
Richard Nicolas Photo
Richard Nier-
Richard Nil-
Richard Nixon
Richard Norn de Municipalité
Richard North
Richard Norton
Richard Notre Dame Street
Richard O Hagan Special Assistant
Richard O Shaughncssy
Richard O Shaughnes-with Mr.
Richard O Shaughnessey
Richard O Shaughnessy
Richard O Sheughnessy 85949b
Richard O. Marsh’s much-discussed White Indians
Richard Oakleigh
Richard October
Richard Oiblxma*
Richard Olbbons
Richard Oldfield
Richard Olinstead
Richard Oliver
Richard Olmstead
Richard Olncy
Richard On Saturday
Richard Onslow—
Richard Ontario
Richard Onto Wing’e
Richard Oor-lun
Richard Orawiec
Richard Orevtlle
Richard Ororee
Richard Orr
Richard Osborne
Richard OShaughnessy
Richard Ottawa
Richard Otter Lake Bingo Al Portage Mrs. John T. Dagg
Richard Ouellette
Richard Owen
Richard Owen Jones
Richard Owen.
Richard Owl Laffs
Richard O’Shau-nessy
Richard O’Shaughnessy
Richard P E R S D N A L 5 Vaillancourt
Richard P.
Richard P. Blakey
Richard P. Gough
Richard P. Neumann Refrigerator
Richard P. Rot
Richard P.lon Jr I
Richard Pa
Richard Paddy O’Donnell
Richard Paget
Richard Pam Thoms
Richard Paquette
Richard Paquette Edna
Richard Paradis
Richard Pare
Richard Parent
Richard Parents
Richard Parier
Richard Parisien
Richard Parizea
Richard Parizeau
Richard Parker
Richard Parr
Richard Passed
Richard Passwater
Richard Patenaude Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. RM Lang Farms Log’s End Ron Hodgins Kathy Mohr Paul S
Richard Patrick Dumas
Richard Payche
Richard Paye Stafford
Richard Payee
Richard Paynter
Richard Pciri-
Richard Peiitland
Richard Pelham
Richard Pelletier
Richard Pencland
Richard Pent
Richard Pent-land
Richard Pentland
Richard Pentlanti
Richard Percy
Richard Perrier
Richard Peterboro
Richard Peterson
Richard Petit
Richard Phillips
Richard Phl|p
Richard PI
Richard Pic
Richard Picard
Richard Pichc
Richard Piche
Richard Pick-I
Richard Pickering
Richard Pige
Richard Pigeault
Richard Pigeon
Richard Pil- Father’s Day
Richard Pillon
Richard Piloe
Richard Pilon
Richard Pilon Jr
Richard Pilon Jr.
Richard Pilon Jr. Interment
Richard Pilon Ottawa
Richard Plastic Pole Sander
Richard Plastic Pole Sander......... Mineral Spirits
Richard Platte
Richard Pleau
Richard Plouffe
Richard Pneu Pontiac Fort Coulonge Centre Dentaire
Richard Pogue
Richard Poi- Chevrolet
Richard Poi- XAQ
Richard Poin-
Richard Poiner
Richard Poir-
Richard Poir- Letter
Richard Poir- Shed
Richard Poir- Tremblay
Richard Poir-tary-treasurer
Richard Poiri
Richard Poiri-
Richard Poiri- 2B.
Richard Poiri- Canadians
Richard Poiri- Electricity
Richard Poiri- Hélène B
Richard Poiri- McRae
Richard Poiri- Mr Armand Brazeau
Richard Poiri- Poirier
Richard Poiri- Turcotte
Richard Poiri- Whereas
Richard Poiri-,
Richard Poiri-Anne Potter
Richard Poiri-Annie Nugent
Richard Poiri-Her
Richard Poiri-I
Richard Poiri-pm
Richard Poiri-Women
Richard Poirier
Richard Poirier Burke
Richard Poirier Canada
Richard Poirier Donna Hubert
Richard Poirier Highway
Richard Poirier Kelly Fund
Richard Poirier Letter
Richard Poirier Library
Richard Poirier Ministry
Richard Poirier Motivated
Richard Poirier Moved
Richard Poirier Mr Robert Sabourin
Richard Poirier President
Richard Poirier Roy
Richard Poirier Thp
Richard Poirier Tracey
Richard Poirier Vezina
Richard Poirier VI
Richard Poirier Whereas
Richard Poisson
Richard Pon
Richard Pond
Richard Pond P^mg
Richard Pondéral
Richard Pontiac
Richard Pontiacs
Richard Poore
Richard Posey Campbell Costly Curiosity
Richard Pothier
Richard Potrrier
Richard Poulin
Richard Power
Richard Prendergast
Richard Prior
Richard Prior Sparling
Richard Prior.............. Charles Rusnlou............ Heirs
Richard Prizes
Richard Pronovost Raymond Guerin Regional Director Ministry
Richard Prouix
Richard Proulx
Richard Proulx 17,100.00
Richard Proulx RR4
Richard Pryor 2 Come Back
Richard Pryor George Cariin Plus
Richard Pryor MEN’S
Richard Pryor WEDNESDAY
Richard Pryor)
Richard Q
Richard Qawfoid
Richard Qn Sunday February EEfES
Richard Que
Richard Québec
Richard Quebec Provincial Police
Richard Quebec Public
Richard Queen
Richard Quenel
Richard Quesnel
Richard Quine
Richard Quirk
Richard Quittenton
Richard Quyon
Richard R Hodgins Breckenridge
Richard R.
Richard R.A.1 Viens
Richard R.R.1 Ste-Céclla-ds-Maaham
Richard Ra
Richard Racine
Richard Racine 195
Richard Racine Biggest
Richard Racines 7
Richard Raglan St
Richard Ralph
Richard Ralph.
Richard Ranger
Richard Rassett
Richard Rassette
Richard Ratteras
Richard Ravenhawke
Richard Ravenhawke Leah Miller
Richard Raymond
Richard Rchardson
Richard Rebel
Richard Redmayne
Richard Réduction
Richard Reid
Richard Rémillard
Richard Renaud
Richard Renniso
Richard Rice
Richard Rich
Richard Rich-
Richard Richard
Richard Richard-
Richard Richards
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson Fred A. Horner
Richard Richardson Mr.
Richard Richardson Richard
Richard Richardson Sunday - Joan
Richard Richardson Wardens
Richard Richardson X
Richard Richardson,-John Sturgeon
Richard Richardson—potato
Richard Richardson’s Saskatchewan
Richard Richard»on
Richard Richareson
Richard Riche
Richard Richmond
Richard Richtrdson
Richard Richurd-san
Richard Rilph
Richard Ritchie
Richard Rivers
Richard Rivet
Richard Riznek
Richard Rlain
Richard Ro-et
Richard Robbins
Richard Roberge
Richard Roberta
Richard Roberts
Richard Robesco
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson L Academic
Richard Rochon
Richard Rockbum
Richard Rodgers
Richard Roger
Richard Rohitaille
Richard Rohmer
Richard Rohmer ‘1.95
Richard Rohmer ASHES
Richard Rohmer No
Richard Rohmer This
Richard Rohmer’s "E.P. Taylor"
Richard Rolland Charbonneau
Richard Rolland Charbonneaw
Richard Romain
Richard Romain Conservatives Pontiac.
Richard Romain Family
Richard Romain P.0.
Richard Romain Québec
Richard Romain Reld
Richard Romain Reld Soucie O Poupore
Richard Romkey
Richard Ronald
Richard Ronald.
Richard Roque
Richard Roudiffe
Richard Roul-liffe
Richard Roule
Richard Roussel
Richard Rout
Richard Routiffc
Richard Routliffe
Richard RoutUJfe
Richard Rowat
Richard Rowe
Richard Roy
Richard Roy Dagg
Richard Roy Degg
Richard Roy Veterans Legion
Richard Roy.
Richard Roy. Clarence Roy
Richard Rucsett
Richard Rush
Richard Rusk
Richard Russefct
Richard Russell
Richard Russell Messrs Donald MEN’S SUITS MEN’S
Richard Russell Passes
Richard Russelt
Richard Russett
Richard Russett Rites
Richard Ry
Richard Ryan
Richard Ryan 648-2407
Richard Ryan Mrs. Phyllis Sloan
Richard Ryan the
Richard Ryan.
Richard Rynn
Richard S
Richard s Funeral-
Richard S. McLaughlin
Richard S.E.
Richard Sally
Richard Sally Estate—entered
Richard Sam Russell
Richard Samson
Richard Samuel
Richard Sanfpcnberg win-Rogcr Marion
Richard Sanfpenberg
Richard Sans Peur
Richard Saou-
Richard Saskatchewan
Richard Saturday
Richard Sauer
Richard Saunders
Richard Sauve
Richard Savage
Richard Sax
Richard Sc
Richard Scarry
Richard Scbock
Richard Scbwass
Richard Schindler
Richard Schmaltz
Richard Schock
Richard Scholdicc
Richard Schwartz
Richard Scott
Richard Scott Explorer Stefansson''s Story
Richard Scott- Dut
Richard Scott.
Richard Sec. Treas
Richard Sec.Très
Richard Seguin
Richard Selllvissuer
Richard Serson
Richard Sexton
Richard Sharpe
Richard Sharpe Breckenridge Dear Editor
Richard Sharpe Breckenridge Pierre Sauvageau Councillor Ward
Richard Sharpe’s
Richard Shaw
Richard Shawinigan
Richard Shawn.
Richard Shawville
Richard Shawville’s
Richard ShawviUe FREE
Richard Shawvllle P.
Richard Shea
Richard Sheppard
Richard Sher- Richardson
Richard Shin-
Richard Shock
Richard Shoul- Shawville
Richard Shoul-dice
Richard Shoul-dlce
Richard Shouldice
Richard Si
Richard Sicard
Richard Sice
Richard Sicerd
Richard Sicord
Richard Simmons
Richard Simourd
Richard Simser
Richard Simson
Richard Siokvillo
Richard Sirois
Richard Skuce
Richard Skuce Mrs Richard Skuce
Richard Slabs
Richard Sloan
Richard Smarle
Richard Smith
Richard Smith L ENERGY David Foster Otter Lake
Richard Smith Bishop
Richard Smith Saturday
Richard Solomon
Richard Somervi
Richard Somerville
Richard Sorenson
Richard Soucie
Richard Soucy
Richard Souliere
Richard Soumissions L entretien
Richard Souper
Richard Southgate
Richard Sowerby
Richard Spar-
Richard Sparling
Richard Special
Richard Speedy
Richard Spencer
Richard Spooner
Richard Squires
Richard Sr
Richard Sr Lodge Service
Richard Sr.
Richard St
Richard St Barbe
Richard St-%Aubin
Richard St-Jean
Richard St-Jules
Richard St.
Richard St. Barbe Baker
Richard Stanbury
Richard Stanley
Richard Stanley Bombay
Richard Starks
Richard Starks Corners
Richard STBIlCll
Richard Steel
Richard Steele
Richard Stell
Richard Stella Sullivan
Richard Stell’s
Richard Stéphane Eric WE LL
Richard Stephen
Richard Stevens
Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart 4.00
Richard Stiyde
Richard Stone
Richard Stone 613-646-2753
Richard Stonewall
Richard Stoney
Richard Storey
Richard Storing
Richard Stratham
Richard Strause
Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss/Heinrich Hart
Richard Streets
Richard Stryde
Richard Stuart L
Richard Suddenly
Richard Suiley
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan Klatt
Richard Sullivan Legion
Richard Sullivan Mr
Richard Sully
Richard Summerville
Richard Sundlnof Ottawa
Richard SuttoiL
Richard Sutton
Richard SwannluH
Richard SwIÎTSTm FoLtloyed 120024)6.181
Richard Sylvio
Richard Szig-
Richard T
Richard T -»•
Richard T Bowman
Richard T Brownlee
Richard T Hodgins
Richard T Hudgins
Richard T Model
Richard T Richardson Orders
Richard T. Hod-gini
Richard T. Hod-gins
Richard T. Hodgins
Richard T. Horigins
Richard Ta
Richard Tahms
Richard Talbot
Richard Tanguay S3
Richard Tares
Richard Tarn
Richard Tart
Richard Tartwiight
Richard Tauber
Richard Taxes
Richard Taylor
Richard TcV
Richard Telfoid
Richard Telford
Richard Temple
Richard Terry Fox Road
Richard Thanksglvln
Richard The
Richard Theriault
Richard Thériault Mansfield
Richard They
Richard Thistle
Richard Thom Mrs Pearl Rumell
Richard Thom-Mrs
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 2
Richard Thomas Dagg Ouyoa Pastoral Charge REV.
Richard Thomas Hodgins
Richard Thomas Raft
Richard Thomas Ross
Richard Thomas Wall
Richard Thomp- Ottawa
Richard Thomp-degree
Richard Thomp-luesday
Richard Thomp-veld
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson 1
Richard Thompson 4:00
Richard Thompson 61747b
Richard Thompson Mary Louise Thompson
Richard Thompson Miss Margaret Laird
Richard Thompson Mr. Bert Clem
Richard Thompson Mr. Oeo
Richard Thompson Mrs. D Renaud
Richard Thompson Mrs. Willis Fletcher
Richard Thompson Seven
Richard Thompson Sunday
Richard Thompson Weekend
Richard Thomson
Richard Thornp
Richard Thornton—for
Richard Thrasher MP
Richard Thursday
Richard Tilbots
Richard TO
Richard Tobin
Richard Todd
Richard Todd Bette
Richard Todd J A MAN
Richard Todd Nicky
Richard Todd Notary SHAWVILLE
Richard Todd Singer Sewing Machine
Richard Tom
Richard Tracey
Richard Tracy
Richard Tracy Letter
Richard Tracy.
Richard Trainor
Richard Treloar
Richard Tremblay
Richard Trempe
Richard Tremple
Richard Tresie
Richard Trevethick
Richard Trevithick
Richard Trucking
Richard Trudeau
Richard Trugunna
Richard Tubman
Richard Turcotte
Richard Turner
Richard Twa
Richard U.utwiight
Richard Uartw
Richard Uhapjimn
Richard Uiehardson
Richard URDAY
Richard V nard Lehoux
Richard V.-« Margaret Laird Craig
Richard V.ui
Richard Vaiilancourt Sec.-Très
Richard VaiJ-Uncourt
Richard Vail-
Richard Vaillan-
Richard Vaillan-court
Richard Vaillancou Tel
Richard Vaillancour Tel
Richard Vaillancourfx^ Tel
Richard Vaillancourt
Richard Vaillancourt CONSUMER
Richard Vaillancourt Directeur
Richard Vaillancourt Distributors
Richard Vaillancourt Î
Richard Vaillancourt J Secretary-Treasurer PHONE
Richard Vaillancourt Le Président
Richard Vaillancourt Mict
Richard Vaillancourt Municipal Director Municipality
Richard Vaillancourt Président
Richard Vaillancourt Returning Officer 1-0-S16______________________ Avis
Richard Vaillancourt Returning Officer District de Pontiac.
Richard Vaillancourt Returning Officer.
Richard Vaillancourt Richard Vaillancourt
Richard Vaillancourt Sec.
Richard Vaillancourt Sec.-treas
Richard Vaillancourt Secrétaire
Richard VaillancourtNv Tel
Richard Vaillsncourt
Richard Vail^ncourt
Richard VaiMancourt
Richard Valin
Richard van
Richard Van Dcr Gulik
Richard van der Gulik
Richard van der Gulik Psychologist Paul Drouin ARH
Richard Van Vechten
Richard Vancouver
Richard Varraault
Richard Varraault 647-2939
Richard Varraault 647-2939 BE*
Richard Varraault 647-2939 Campbell
Richard Varraault 647-2939 Spray Ceilings
Richard Varreault
Richard Varreault 647-2939 J WILSON
Richard Varroault
Richard Varr—utt
Richard Vatea
Richard Vaughan
Richard Vaughen
Richard Vc-zeau
Richard Vcz
Richard Véaina
Richard Veisner
Richard Verraault
Richard Verra»ult
Richard Verreau
Richard Verreault
Richard Verreault 647-2939 Loves
Richard Verreault Shawvllle Chiropractor
Richard Verresult
Richard Veseau
Richard Véxina
Richard Vezcau
Richard Vezeau
Richard Vezeau Visiting
Richard Vezeau’s
Richard Vezeou
Richard Vézina
Richard Vézina Président
Richard Vézina Returning Officer MON
Richard Vezine Conseil Regional
Richard Vf
Richard Villeneuve
Richard Violet Pelletier
Richard Vising
Richard Visiting
Richard VM*« Shawvllle Town Council
Richard Vmitage
Richard Vorraault
Richard VWH Brian Tubman
Richard W
Richard W is Equity Editor
Richard W Edey
Richard W Hit
Richard W i//s
Richard W Improved
Richard W Richardson Old
Richard W S
Richard W Wilson
Richard W&b
Richard W*
Richard W*$ Deploy Ad Manager Katheme Hynes Clo» Ad/Circulation Ckwe Lunam Journalist SyMo Bakker T
Richard W*$ Display Ad Manager Kathen Ooss Ad/Circulahoo Claire
Richard W*e
Richard W*i
Richard W*S
Richard w*s Crawford
Richard W*S Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuiotion Clore Lunom Journalist Sylvia B
Richard W*s Prize
Richard W*s Representing
Richard W*s Stone Consolidated
Richard W*» Left
Richard W*» Workers
Richard W,US ÜÎS- SST* -
Richard W-Us Jason Argue
Richard W. H. Bare
Richard W. Holmes
Richard W. Smith
Richard W. Thompson
Richard W. Wilson
Richard W. Woodward
Richard W.ils
Richard W.lls It
Richard W.Ms
Richard W4H Swinging
Richard W:s Jamie Richardson
Richard Wagner
Richard WaH
Richard Walken
Richard Walker
Richard Wall
Richard Wallace
Richard Walling Show Starts
Richard Walls
Richard Walsh
Richard Walsh Calumet Island
Richard Walsh Mr.
Richard Walsh Richard Walsh
Richard Warren
Richard Warren Horner
Richard Washburn Child
Richard Watson
Richard Watters
Richard Wayne
Richard WBli Dominic
Richard Wc
Richard Wdls
Richard We
Richard Weaver
Richard Web-
Richard Webb
Richard Webb PHANTOM
Richard Weber
Richard Webster
Richard Wedding Debbie
Richard Week-worth
Richard Wegner
Richard Well
Richard Welsh Calumet Island
Richard WEs Larry Vandenthorn
Richard Weston
Richard Wfis Adina Rebekah
Richard WH
Richard WH* Students
Richard Whal-y
Richard Whalen
Richard Whelan
Richard Whelen
Richard WHh
Richard WHh Bruce Hodgins
Richard WHI# Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Richard WHI*
Richard WHI* Holstein Club
Richard WHI* Fleury
Richard WHI* On
Richard WHI* Ross Dickson
Richard WHI* Ryan Smith
Richard WHIb Sandy
Richard WHIe
Richard WHIe IGA
Richard WHie On
Richard WHIe Pontiac
Richard WHIe Rosy
Richard WHIi Doug Fulford
Richard WHIi PPHS
Richard WHIs
Richard WHIs Carolyn Knox
Richard WHIs Le Cirque
Richard WHIs These
Richard WHIs Wib Caroll
Richard Whissell
Richard WHIt Another
Richard Whitcup
Richard White
Richard Whitney
Richard Whittington
Richard WHI» Eric Sutton
Richard WHI» George Pirie
Richard WHI» Last June
Richard WHI» Natural
Richard WHI» Steven Acres
Richard WHI» Tyler Jones
Richard WHk
Richard WHk Litchfield Mayor Bert Crawford
Richard WHle
Richard WHle Four
Richard WHls
Richard WHls Garth Graham
Richard WHs
Richard WHS Shawville s Betty Telford
Richard WHte Firefighters
Richard WHte McDowell
Richard WHte Shaklee Products
Richard WHto On May
Richard WH»
Richard WH» Don Stevens
Richard WH» Fair
Richard WH» Nineteen
Richard WH» Yvon Plouffe
Richard Wi
Richard Wi*s Michel Frechette
Richard WiBa Oh
Richard WiBs John Paul II
Richard Wid
Richard WiDa Donna Boucher
Richard Wide Kelly Schumacher
Richard Wide On
Richard Widmark
Richard Widmark - Carroll Baker
Richard Widmark Anthony Quinn Drama
Richard Widmark Christopher Lee Plus
Richard Widmark Contsance Smith
Richard Widmark S.
Richard Widmarlc
Richard WiDs
Richard WIEs
Richard Wietfeldt
Richard Wïfc ESSSEEliFxaSSSSSSSSSfSSS^ Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Richard Wife
Richard Wife Bill Hamilton
Richard Wife Kelsi
Richard Wife Onslow
Richard Wife With
Richard Wifle
Richard Wifls
Richard Wifls During
Richard Wih On
Richard WiHe
Richard WiHe At
Richard WiHe Love Todd and
Richard WIHi It
Richard WiHs
Richard WiHs Blanche Neige
Richard WiHs Christian Stewart
Richard WiHs From
Richard WiHs I
Richard WiHs John
Richard WiHs Long-time
Richard WiHs On June
Richard WII
Richard Wii-s Pontiac
Richard Wil- "V ^^tlier
Richard Wila Eighty-one
Richard Wila Joanne Trudeau
Richard Wilb
Richard Wile
Richard Wile Answers
Richard Wile Before
Richard Wile Brandishing
Richard Wile Cool Dudes
Richard Wile Curtis Girard
Richard Wile Dorothy Cowley
Richard Wile Edgar Schwartz
Richard Wile Falconer Carole Precious
Richard Wile Junior
Richard Wile Last
Richard Wile Marc Robillard
Richard Wile Nearly
Richard Wile On
Richard Wile Our
Richard Wile Pat Schoular
Richard Wile Pontiac
Richard Wile Ronald MacKechnie
Richard Wile Scott Wilson
Richard Wile Shawville-Clarendon
Richard Wile The
Richard Wile With Anne Ethier
Richard WilH I L J Thursday Author
Richard Wilis
Richard Wilis After
Richard Wilis Approximately
Richard Wilis Equity
Richard Wilis Equity Editor
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wilis Janvce
Richard WiliS John Langford
Richard Wilis On June
Richard Wilis Saturday
Richard Wilis Tom Gray
Richard Will
Richard Will Hf
Richard Will As Doug Fulford
Richard Will At
Richard Will Future
Richard Will g Debbie Dubé
Richard Will OFF Eva Hodgins
Richard Will Roy’s Sound Centre
Richard Will Runners-up
Richard Will Shawville
Richard Will Sixty-eight Honour Roll
Richard Will STONE SOUP
Richard Will Wonderful
Richard Will#
Richard Will# Scenes
Richard Will# At
Richard Will# Bessie Armstrong
Richard Will# Campbell
Richard Will# Curtis Young
Richard Will# Deepest
Richard Will# Doggy Dance
Richard Will# From
Richard Will# Hands
Richard Will# If Ruth Woolsey
Richard Will# Junior
Richard Will# Lloyd Perry
Richard Will# Mustangs
Richard Will# On
Richard Will# Skye Faris
Richard Will*
Richard Will* Bob Campbell
Richard Will* Candystriper Sarah Narlock
Richard Will* Le
Richard Will* Left
Richard Will* Pontiac
Richard Will* Seventh
Richard Will* Standing
Richard Will* This
Richard Will* Wave
Richard Will.
Richard Will: Mullin
Richard Wille M. Jacques Rivest
Richard Willf
Richard Willi
Richard Willi Animatrice Danielle Côté-Smith
Richard Willi Elke Bzdurreck
Richard Willi JE
Richard Willi John Crate
Richard Willi Katharina Kuhn
Richard Willi Left
Richard Willi Nancy Pi
Richard Willi On Sunday
Richard Willi Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Richard Willi Road Rage
Richard Willi Shawville Chiropractor Dr Ed Chicoine
Richard Willi Shawville Skip Harold Hall
Richard Willi Sunday
Richard Willi Three
Richard Willi TOLL-FREE
Richard William
Richard Williams
Richard Williamson
Richard Willis
Richard Wills
Richard Wills V McDonald
Richard Wills Racine
Richard Wills V
Richard Wills AUCTION SALE
Richard Wills EYES
Richard Wills Fall
Richard Wills January
Richard Wills N
Richard Wills Oddfellows
Richard Wills Quebec Holstein Club
Richard Wills Shaw
Richard Wills She
Richard Wills Six-year-old Casandra Stewart
Richard Wills Tuesday
Richard Wills V >
Richard Wills Van Dyke
Richard Wills What
Richard Wills X
Richard Wills April
Richard Wills Btuterfiy
Richard Wills BUS TRIP
Richard Wills Clarence Andrew Roy
Richard Wills Co.
Richard Wills CRSSS
Richard Wills December
Richard Wills Equity
Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawvill
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Hc-dgros
Richard Wills His
Richard Wills I
Richard Wills I T ->
Richard Wills KÀ
Richard Wills Kemptville Pontiac Holstein
Richard Wills Liberal
Richard Wills MacGREGOR
Richard Wills Man* M
Richard Wills May
Richard Wills Music
Richard Wills Photo
Richard Wills Planning
Richard Wills Pontiac
Richard Wills PROCESSING
Richard Wills Roy Dagg
Richard Wills Shawn McCord
Richard Wills Stretches
Richard Wills T* Alex Bean
Richard Wills To THOSE
Richard Wills Town
Richard Wills Ü: Êfl
Richard Wills VI
Richard Wills Vvr
Richard Wills W£ June
Richard Wills X
Richard Wills X V Mr# _
Richard Wills "
Richard Wills * Karen Campbell
Richard Wills *1*
Richard Wills .9
Richard Wills 178
Richard Wills 8^
Richard Wills 9
Richard Wills 9:00
Richard Wills A Clarendon
Richard Wills Aaron Perry
Richard Wills About
Richard Wills According
Richard Wills Accounting Services Financial
Richard Wills Adrift
Richard Wills After
Richard Wills Algonquin Peer Helpers
Richard Wills All
Richard Wills Allumette Island
Richard Wills An
Richard Wills Ancrai
Richard Wills And
Richard Wills André Pilon
Richard Wills Andrew Kelly
Richard Wills Animateur
Richard Wills Anna Woods
Richard Wills Another
Richard Wills Any
Richard Wills Approximately
Richard Wills Artists
Richard Wills As
Richard Wills As Marcel Lavigne
Richard Wills At
Richard Wills At St George’s
Richard Wills AT STRATFORD
Richard Wills Audit Bureau
Richard Wills Audrey Sharpe O
Richard Wills B Divison
Richard Wills B)
Richard Wills Barbara Stanley
Richard Wills Barry Moore
Richard Wills Beardsell
Richard Wills Beaver
Richard Wills Becky Tracy
Richard Wills Before
Richard Wills Bells
Richard Wills Beneficial
Richard Wills Benefit
Richard Wills Benson Moffatt
Richard Wills Best
Richard Wills Best Non-Commercial Float
Richard Wills Betrayal
Richard Wills Betty Miller
Richard Wills Bienvenue
Richard Wills Bill
Richard Wills Bird
Richard Wills Bishop
Richard Wills Bob Miller
Richard Wills Bom
Richard Wills Bomb
Richard Wills Bonnie Richardson
Richard Wills Boom
Richard Wills Borden Hodgins
Richard Wills Both
Richard Wills Bow
Richard Wills Breaking
Richard Wills BRIDE
Richard Wills Bristol Firemen Norman Wiggins
Richard Wills Buckingham
Richard Wills BULLY-PROOF
Richard Wills But
Richard Wills By
Richard Wills Bystanders
Richard Wills C
Richard Wills Cal Cummings
Richard Wills Call
Richard Wills Campbell
Richard Wills Carleton Place
Richard Wills Cars
Richard Wills Cégep Heritage College Thinking
Richard Wills Centre Director Anne Rondeau
Richard Wills Champion
Richard Wills Chapeau
Richard Wills Cheered
Richard Wills Cheryl Campbell
Richard Wills Cheryl Stanley
Richard Wills Children
Richard Wills Chiller
Richard Wills Chinese-speaking
Richard Wills Chris Judd
Richard Wills Chris Pilon
Richard Wills Church
Richard Wills Clifton Henry Campbell
Richard Wills Coming
Richard Wills Commons
Richard Wills Community Days
Richard Wills Conservative
Richard Wills Consolidated
Richard Wills Continued
Richard Wills Contract
Richard Wills Corbeil
Richard Wills Coulonge
Richard Wills Country
Richard Wills Cowering
Richard Wills CSN
Richard Wills Cutting
Richard Wills d
Richard Wills Dan Paul Rodgers
Richard Wills Daphne Ballard
Richard Wills Darken Robinson
Richard Wills David Strong
Richard Wills Davis
Richard Wills Dear Editor
Richard Wills Debate
Richard Wills Debbie Bechamp
Richard Wills Decked
Richard Wills Dempsey
Richard Wills Denis Larivière
Richard Wills Dense She H Equity
Richard Wills Denver Thrun
Richard Wills Denzil Spence Chapeau
Richard Wills Dignitaries
Richard Wills Discussing
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Richard Wills Dorothy BretzlafT
Richard Wills Dr
Richard Wills Dr Benoit Paquette
Richard Wills Dr S E McDowell Elementary
Richard Wills Dressed
Richard Wills Drew Glim
Richard Wills Dump
Richard Wills Eautty Editor Hinch
Richard Wills EcuitvFmtn
Richard Wills Ed
Richard Wills Education
Richard Wills ÉÈÈÎ
Richard Wills Eerie
Richard Wills Elke Bzdurreck
Richard Wills Elwin Clarke
Richard Wills Environment
Richard Wills Environment Forum
Richard Wills Environment Forum Buzzing
Richard Wills Environment Forum Gardening
Richard Wills Environment Forum Migrants
Richard Wills Environment Forum Territorial
Richard Wills Eqdty Eator
Richard Wills Equality Party Leader Robert Libman
Richard Wills Equity
Richard Wills Equity ÉcJîor
Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Equity Editor Bryson Members
Richard Wills Equity Editor C
Richard Wills Equity Editor Campbell
Richard Wills Equity Editor Cpl Mathieu
Richard Wills Equity Editor Litchfield Mayor Michael McCrank
Richard Wills Equity Editor Local
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Equity Editor Richard Wills Equity Editor Cedar
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wills Equity Editor Sylvia Bokker Equity
Richard Wills Equity Editor That
Richard Wills Equity Editor Thurs
Richard Wills Equity Edtor
Richard Wills Equity Edttor
Richard Wills Eric Campbell
Richard Wills Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines
Richard Wills Essie Schwartz
Richard Wills Evans
Richard Wills Evelyn Campbell
Richard Wills Even
Richard Wills Everyone
Richard Wills FaIIs
Richard Wills Family
Richard Wills Farm
Richard Wills Farmers
Richard Wills Father Chris Wicks
Richard Wills Faye Stafford
Richard Wills Fernand Alarie
Richard Wills Fiddle Jamboree
Richard Wills Fiebig
Richard Wills Finalists
Richard Wills Finances
Richard Wills Financial
Richard Wills First
Richard Wills Flanked
Richard Wills Flow
Richard Wills Flowers
Richard Wills For
Richard Wills FORE
Richard Wills Forest Products
Richard Wills Four Shawville
Richard Wills Fourthly
Richard Wills Francis Scrimger
Richard Wills Frank Prosperine
Richard Wills Frédéric Bisson
Richard Wills Freedoms
Richard Wills Friends
Richard Wills From
Richard Wills Garden
Richard Wills Gerald Mielke
Richard Wills Get
Richard Wills Gilles Dufour
Richard Wills GLOBE
Richard Wills Go Eddie"
Richard Wills Grade
Richard Wills Grade Nine
Richard Wills Grant Beattie
Richard Wills Gretcnen Schwarz
Richard Wills Grist
Richard Wills H
Richard Wills Hagus Damien MacKenzie
Richard Wills Hairstylists Louise Newberry
Richard Wills He
Richard Wills Hie
Richard Wills Hie T>
Richard Wills Highway
Richard Wills Holmes
Richard Wills Horn Yawnghwe
Richard Wills However
Richard Wills HskE Sppjl
Richard Wills Hull
Richard Wills Hwy 301
Richard Wills Hydro-Pontiac President
Richard Wills Ï
Richard Wills I Kenny Greer
Richard Wills IHHHUmm Maryse Gravelle
Richard Wills IMP
Richard Wills Interment
Richard Wills Irwin Stewart
Richard Wills ISk
Richard Wills It
Richard Wills Itj Craig Hamelin
Richard Wills IWN
Richard Wills J
Richard Wills J -photo Dave Moore Environment Forum
Richard Wills Jack Elliott
Richard Wills Jacques Rainville
Richard Wills James Clouthier
Richard Wills Jamie McGuire
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Richard Wills Jason Campbell
Richard Wills Jim Prophet
Richard Wills Jo-Anne Brownlee
Richard Wills Joanne Ralston-Griffin
Richard Wills Joel Burke
Richard Wills John Langford
Richard Wills John Paul II
Richard Wills John Trent
Richard Wills JSw
Richard Wills July
Richard Wills Jumping
Richard Wills June Mallon
Richard Wills Keharn Yawnghwe C Worship WifL Us
Richard Wills Keith Miller
Richard Wills Kem Holtz
Richard Wills Kim Cluff
Richard Wills King Daniel Ladouceur
Richard Wills Kirk Strutt
Richard Wills Kristen Hodgins
Richard Wills L acte
Richard Wills Ladysmith Sportman
Richard Wills Lalonde
Richard Wills Lamarche
Richard Wills Lana Cowley
Richard Wills Last
Richard Wills Lawrence ROYAL
Richard Wills Led
Richard Wills Left
Richard Wills Les Voyageurs
Richard Wills Li
Richard Wills Liberal
Richard Wills Libman
Richard Wills Like
Richard Wills Lionette Sylvia Poisson Hodgins
Richard Wills Local
Richard Wills Louise Lavallée
Richard Wills Lynn Lang
Richard Wills Macador Farms
Richard Wills Mandy Ladouceur
Richard Wills Many
Richard Wills Marcel Boudria
Richard Wills Marilee Delombard
Richard Wills Martine Comtois
Richard Wills MASON.
Richard Wills Master
Richard Wills Master Haymaker Bob Younge
Richard Wills Math
Richard Wills Maurice Lamarche
Richard Wills Mayor
Richard Wills McCredie
Richard Wills McDowell
Richard Wills McDowell Elementary
Richard Wills McKenna
Richard Wills Meeting
Richard Wills Members
Richard Wills Men
Richard Wills Mercury At
Richard Wills Michael Higgins
Richard Wills Michael Laporte
Richard Wills Ministry
Richard Wills Minutes
Richard Wills Miss Shawville Fair
Richard Wills Mixed Party
Richard Wills Ml AUTOMOTIVE
Richard Wills MLCP
Richard Wills MNA Robert Middlemiss
Richard Wills Mnnsfield
Richard Wills Moby Dick?
Richard Wills Monday
Richard Wills Most
Richard Wills Moved
Richard Wills Moyra Horners
Richard Wills MP Barry Moore
Richard Wills Mr McMillan
Richard Wills Mr Pierre Paradis
Richard Wills Mr. Edward Mee
Richard Wills MRC Warden Bob Ladou-ceur
Richard Wills MRC.
Richard Wills Mrs
Richard Wills Mrs Coffin
Richard Wills Mrs Robert Young
Richard Wills Mrs Violet Poole
Richard Wills Municipal Council
Richard Wills MURRA
Richard Wills Nancy Caldwell
Richard Wills Nathalie Coutu
Richard Wills Nathan Kline
Richard Wills National
Richard Wills Nearly
Richard Wills Newly
Richard Wills Norma
Richard Wills Norman Reid
Richard Wills Norrr Beouoor WÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊC
Richard Wills Now
Richard Wills OCQ
Richard Wills Officers
Richard Wills Old
Richard Wills Om
Richard Wills On
Richard Wills On April
Richard Wills On December
Richard Wills On February
Richard Wills On May
Richard Wills On November
Richard Wills On September
Richard Wills Oodgo Truths
Richard Wills Originally
Richard Wills Ottawa Valley
Richard Wills Otter Lake
Richard Wills Our Lady
Richard Wills Out
Richard Wills Over
Richard Wills Pack
Richard Wills Parent
Richard Wills Patient Paul-André Rhéault
Richard Wills Paul Hinch
Richard Wills Paul Wessler
Richard Wills Pauline Ladouceur
Richard Wills Pennsylvania
Richard Wills PEP
Richard Wills Peter B. Smith
Richard Wills Peter Bauer
Richard Wills Phillippe Smith
Richard Wills Pholo
Richard Wills Photo Dave Moore
Richard Wills Pine
Richard Wills Pingoin Snowmobile Club President Julie Bertrand
Richard Wills PIPE
Richard Wills Politicians
Richard Wills Polkas
Richard Wills Pont
Richard Wills Pontiac
Richard Wills Pontiac County
Richard Wills Pontiac MP Bob Bertrand
Richard Wills Pontiac Municipality
Richard Wills Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
Richard Wills Pontiac’s
Richard Wills Portage Fire
Richard Wills PPHS
Richard Wills PPHS Co-Captain Erin Schock
Richard Wills PPHS Jr Girls
Richard Wills PPHS Principal Ellard Perry
Richard Wills Président
Richard Wills Prince Ling
Richard Wills Private
Richard Wills Promoters
Richard Wills Proposed
Richard Wills Proprietors Patti Davis-Fleck
Richard Wills ProtGCtlOFl Act
Richard Wills Quebec
Richard Wills Quebec Police Force
Richard Wills Quyon
Richard Wills Quyon da
Richard Wills QYF Bonspiel Fort Coulonge Bantams Fort-Coulonge Ball-Hockey
Richard Wills RA
Richard Wills Rae-Ann Brunton
Richard Wills Ray McGrath
Richard Wills Ray Savoie
Richard Wills Raymond Evans
Richard Wills Recent
Richard Wills Regain
Richard Wills Registered Nursing Assistants
Richard Wills Relatives
Richard Wills RENFREW
Richard Wills Representatives
Richard Wills Residents
Richard Wills Responsibilities
Richard Wills Results
Richard Wills Rev Ann Durant
Richard Wills Rev Sunday EngSah Sgt Gaston Paquette 9:30
Richard Wills Richard Arulpooranam
Richard Wills Richard Wills Equity Edfror
Richard Wills Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Richard Wills Equity Editor Quyon
Richard Wills Richardson
Richard Wills Rick Younge
Richard Wills Riding Pontiac Stables
Richard Wills Robert Hitz
Richard Wills Robert Lalonde
Richard Wills Robert Libman
Richard Wills Robert Middlemiss
Richard Wills Roger Greer
Richard Wills Roger Stone
Richard Wills Rogers
Richard Wills Rolf Kungl
Richard Wills Rollin
Richard Wills Ronnie
Richard Wills Rotary Solarium
Richard Wills Rudolphe Lasalle
Richard Wills Rudy Schroeder Memori- It
Richard Wills Ryan Woermke
Richard Wills S
Richard Wills Sa#
Richard Wills Saturday
Richard Wills SEAHAWKS
Richard Wills Sean Whelan
Richard Wills SECOND-PLACE
Richard Wills Seeing
Richard Wills Senior
Richard Wills Serving ONTARIO
Richard Wills Settlers
Richard Wills Seventy-five
Richard Wills Sha
Richard Wills Shaivville
Richard Wills Shawville
Richard Wills Shawville Council
Richard Wills Shawville Firemen
Richard Wills Shawville Rotary
Richard Wills Shawville Town Employees Rick Russett
Richard Wills Shawville-Clarendon
Richard Wills ShawviUe
Richard Wills ShawviUe Lionettes
Richard Wills Sheena Hudson
Richard Wills Sheenboro
Richard Wills Show
Richard Wills Sincerely
Richard Wills Six-year-old Peter Dolan
Richard Wills Skiers
Richard Wills Skip Mike Haley
Richard Wills Skipped
Richard Wills Small
Richard Wills Smallest
Richard Wills Smart
Richard Wills Snow
Richard Wills Snow-bound
Richard Wills Solanum
Richard Wills Some
Richard Wills Speed
Richard Wills SSBS
Richard Wills Standing
Richard Wills Star
Richard Wills Stewart
Richard Wills Stone Consolidated
Richard Wills STROKE
Richard Wills Stuart Bahen
Richard Wills Students
Richard Wills SUCh
Richard Wills Sylvio Richard
Richard Wills Sytyig Boldcor Equity
Richard Wills T
Richard Wills TAKING AIM.
Richard Wills Tanks
Richard Wills Tax
Richard Wills tcres1
Richard Wills Technology
Richard Wills Ted Kaminsky
Richard Wills Telford
Richard Wills Tembine
Richard Wills Test
Richard Wills The
Richard Wills Thedy Nephin
Richard Wills There
Richard Wills These
Richard Wills Thirty
Richard Wills This
Richard Wills Thorne
Richard Wills Those
Richard Wills Three
Richard Wills Three-year-old Pamela Foley
Richard Wills THROUGH
Richard Wills Thursday
Richard Wills Tj
Richard Wills Tony
Richard Wills Tourist
Richard Wills Town Employee Rick Russett
Richard Wills Town-wide
Richard Wills Traffic
Richard Wills Training Workshop
Richard Wills Truck
Richard Wills Tudor
Richard Wills Turning
Richard Wills Tutors
Richard Wills Two
Richard Wills Tyler Cluff
Richard Wills Under
Richard Wills Unfortunately
Richard Wills V
Richard Wills V Equity Editor
Richard Wills V 1
Richard Wills V V V* V_J
Richard Wills Vallée-de-la-Liôvre
Richard Wills Victoria Place
Richard Wills Villages
Richard Wills Visiting
Richard Wills VOTE
Richard Wills Vv
Richard Wills W
Richard Wills Waltham
Richard Wills Wayne Rostad
Richard Wills We Were
Richard Wills We Were I
Richard Wills Wednesday
Richard Wills Wendy Homer
Richard Wills West Quebec
Richard Wills What
Richard Wills When
Richard Wills When Elijah Harper
Richard Wills While
Richard Wills WillINI
Richard Wills Windle Watson
Richard Wills Winner
Richard Wills Winner Mark Maki
Richard Wills Winners
Richard Wills With
Richard Wills With Captain Jenny Presley
Richard Wills With Rev Ann Durant
Richard Wills With Team Captain Keith Racine
Richard Wills With Tom
Richard Wills WYLIE
Richard Wills Wyman Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Richard Wills W®£
Richard Wills X V Peter Gauthier
Richard Wills X»v
Richard Wills X»v CAR
Richard Wills Year-end Blowout
Richard Wills Yours
Richard Wills Youth"
Richard Wills Z< Waltham
Richard Wills _
Richard Wills _ Equity Editor Campbell
Richard Wills _ On
Richard Wills __
Richard Willsl
Richard Willsoffer
Richard Wills_ Equity Editor Pontiac IPSE
Richard Will§ Taffy
Richard Will® Irene Clarke
Richard Will»
Richard Will» "Bigfoot"
Richard Will» 2
Richard Will» Christopher Ringrose
Richard Will» First
Richard Will» Forty
Richard Will» Gilbert Dubeau
Richard Will» JJ Oktoberfest
Richard Will» JUNIOR
Richard Will» Nadia Séguin
Richard Will» Oadgo Trucks
Richard Will» On October
Richard Will» Pontiac
Richard Will» SC
Richard Will» Twenty-eight Scouts
Richard Wils
Richard Wils About
Richard Wils Campbell
Richard Wils Chuck Belsher
Richard Wils From
Richard Wils Winners
Richard Wils W«
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson John Armstrong )7
Richard Wilson Pled
Richard Wilt
Richard Wilt Aliette Leduc
Richard Wilt Barb Harris
Richard Wilt Bob Calves
Richard Wilt Christmas
Richard Wilt Fraser
Richard Wilt H . WKÊ On
Richard Wilt Marc Ippersiel
Richard Wilt Some
Richard Wilt These
Richard Wilts
Richard Wilts Braeside
Richard Wilts All
Richard Wilts André Fiché
Richard Wilts Chad Bauer
Richard Wilts Contestants
Richard Wilts Dishak
Richard Wilts Drawn
Richard Wilts From
Richard Wilts John Langford
Richard Wilts Megan Smith
Richard Wilts Mike Lalonde
Richard Wilts Municipal
Richard Wilts Pontiac Juniors
Richard Wilts PPHS
Richard Wilts Quyon Agricultural
Richard Wilts SALUTE
Richard Wilts SSBElBia
Richard Win
Richard Win Accident
Richard WIN#
Richard WIN# Charter
Richard WIN# Connie Rebertz
Richard WIN# Using
Richard WIN*
Richard Win* Bob Bowen
Richard Wins
Richard Wins Blanche
Richard Wins For
Richard Wins Grade
Richard Wins Island East
Richard Wins Legion
Richard Wins Pig
Richard Wins These
Richard Wins Volunteer
Richard Win» Students
Richard Wirts
Richard Wis Trudeau
Richard Wis Youngsters
Richard Wit Nearly
Richard Wit PPHS
Richard Wit SPCA
Richard Wits "
Richard Wits On
Richard Wits Seven
Richard Wits To
Richard Witt
Richard Witt Equity Edtor Park
Richard Witte Mike Varvaresos
Richard Witte Recording
Richard Witte Tricia Thompson
Richard Wittenburg Sûreté
Richard Witterberg
Richard Witts All
Richard Witts LEGIONS
Richard WittS On May
Richard WiUi
Richard WiUs Letters
Richard WiUs Occupational Health
Richard WIUs]
Richard WiUt
Richard WiWa PPHS
Richard WiWs Winners
Richard Wi«
Richard Wi«e Erin Stitt
Richard WJ» John Langford
Richard Wklmark “Joshua” Fred WMUamson
Richard Wle From
Richard Wlfle SEE OUR
Richard Wlh
Richard Wlh I
Richard Wlie
Richard Wlla
Richard Wlle St John
Richard Wllk Jack McRae
Richard Wlls
Richard Wlls Andrew Dale
Richard Wlls Mark Stevens
Richard Wlls Pontiac
Richard Wlls Three
Richard Wls
Richard Wls -
Richard Wlto
Richard WlWe Backed
Richard Wl» On
Richard WMb
Richard WMb Brenda Clarke
Richard WMs From
Richard WMs On Thursday
Richard WMte There
Richard WM« Nine
Richard WM»
Richard WM» On
Richard WNIs
Richard Wnltli
Richard Wooa Mi» Linda Stewart
Richard Wood
Richard Wood McCann
Richard Woodley
Richard Woods
Richard Woodstock
Richard Woolsey
Richard Worden Mayhew
Richard Wrekasch
Richard Write Lynn Clelland
Richard Writs HOMECOMING
Richard Writs With Kimberly Graham
Richard WT
Richard Wte
Richard WtH Christine MacKechnie
Richard WtH* Nineteen
Richard Wthe Fem Alarie
Richard Wtik On November
Richard Wtits Equity E<ycx Hundrcds
Richard Wttlt
Richard WUeuei Thompson
Richard Wüle Diane Stalbe
Richard WUls
Richard WUls Thomas
Richard WUs Chapeau
Richard WUte Mayor
Richard WUti
Richard WüU
Richard WU» On
Richard WVh DEAL
Richard WV»
Richard WW# Michel Pigeon
Richard WW*
Richard WW* St John’s
Richard WWa
Richard WWb
Richard WWe On
Richard WWe Sorry
Richard WWi Hoiner
Richard WWi Three
Richard WWk Doug MacDougall
Richard WWk Jabour
Richard WWs
Richard WWs Dispiov Ad Manager K
Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Kathenoe Hynes Class Ad/Circuiatlon Ctaire Lunom Journalist SyMa Bok
Richard WWs Display Ad Manoger Katherine Hynes Class Ad/CtrcukJhon Claire Lunam Joumatist Sylvia Bo
Richard WWs From
Richard WWs Lagoon
Richard WWs Lome Crawford
Richard WWs Not
Richard WWt
Richard WWW
Richard WW»
Richard WW» Indian
Richard WW» On
Richard Wyman
Richard W» Over
Richard W»H On
Richard X ¦ Lavigne
Richard XV. Richardson
Richard Yach
Richard Yates
Richard Yc/cau Satordw
Richard Yet
Richard Yevettc Richard.
Richard Yizeau
Richard Young
Richard Younge
Richard Youth Strategy Investment Officer 2nd
Richard Zaine
Richard Zaire
Richard Zane
Richard Zednik
Richard «
Richard • Jean Ostrom
Richard&NekJa Poirier
Richard''s For
Richard* After
Richard- al
Richard- Donahue
Richard- February
Richard- Fortin
Richard- Hodgins - Nina Doris Campbell
Richard- MacKechnie
Richard- Marion
Richard- Mrs Elaine Godin
Richard- N=x
Richard- Postal Code
Richard- Resolution
Richard- Young
Richard-1 Mrs Wesley Palmer
Richard.-. Em HcUtein—BuU Calf-0 B Armstrong 1
Richard......... Sweeney
Richard........... Rutledge
Richard: Schwartz
Richard^ Jamie Gone
Richard» Landing
Richard’s Almanack
Richey Moore
Richie Moore
Richinda Moore
Rick Moore
Rick Parker Holographie Richard Harley Richardson Trudeau
Rick Richard
Rick Richard-
Rickey Moore
Ricky Richard
Riel Richard
Riley James H Hazard Richard
Riley James H. Hazard Richard Walter Findlay
Riley Young Moore
Rirron Moore Lola Mann
Rita Barber and Barry Draper
Rita Maureen Moore
Rita Richard
Rita Richard.
Ritchie Moore
Rk*> Dm Moore By Dave Moore
Rkhard Moore
Rob Moore
Rob Wills
Robbie Richard
Robbie Richard Philemon Wright
Robert and Alexander Wills
Robert Barry
Robert Beatty Terry Moore Cine Technicolor Technicolor VlsUvIaton
Robert Brown Moore* Aylmer
Robert Crawford Charlie Moore
Robert From Mrs. Richard Sullivan
Robert Hudgins Robert Prior Richard 6
Robert IbsIgiriH Robert Prior Richard
Robert John Michael Richard William James Joseph Thomas William Charles George
Robert M Smith Barry
Robert McCord Wills
Robert Melvin Moore
Robert Melvin Moore JOHN PAUL
Robert Middlemiss Robert Bertrand Valley Mutual Robert McCord Terry Richard Frank Ladouceur Bert
Robert Mitchum Kirk Douglas Richard Widmerk
Robert Mitchum Richard Widmark GROCERY
Robert Moore
Robert Moore Mrs Clair Fleury
Robert Moore,Calumet
Robert Mun Richard
Robert Richard
Robert Richard 2783x 27392xa26
Robert Richard 52.00
Robert Richard 780-798-3737.
Robert Richard Leoiardis
Robert Richard War- R,
Robert Richard-
Robert Richard- Retails
Robert Richard- Shoes
Robert Richard.
Robert Taylor Richard Todd
Robert Taylor Richard Widmark
Robert Wagner Mary Tyler Moore
Robert Wills
Robert Wills and
Robert Wills Clarendon
Robert Wills Clarendon Correction
Robert Wills Friday
Robert Wills Further
Robert Wills Limited
Robert Wills McNeill
Robert Wills Mr
Robert Wills Nine
Robert Wills Pacific Junction Railroad
Robert Wills Pontiacer
Robert Wills President
Robert Wills Shawville
Robert Wills Sudbury
Robert Wills Thome No
Robert Wills Thorne
Robert Wills Vf»
Robert Wills Whereas
Robin Richard
Robin Richard-
Rodney Donald David Richard
Rodney Richard
Rodney Richard.
Rodney Vadneau Theodore Richard
Roe Richard
Roger Moore
Roger Moore Farrah Fawcett Dom DeLuise
Roger Moore TUESDAY
Roger Richard
Roland Duval Teddy Richard Seat 2
Roland Moore
Roman Moore MOTHE
Ron Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circulat
Ron Moore
Ron Mr. Moore
Ron Richard
Ron Richard Merlin Richardson
Ron Richard-
Ron Richard- Councillor J Mark Gardiner
Ron Richard- H C Rowat
Ron Richard- Mutual Fire Insurance
Ronald G Wills.
Ronald Richard
Ronald Richard Port Colbomc
Ronald Richard- Mrs.
Ronnie Richard
Ronnie Richard Overton
Rose Richard
Roseau Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Rosins Richard
Ross Dickson Barry Moore
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam B 0
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam JHT
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Congratulations Terry
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Dear Editor
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manager
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Flood
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam GATT
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Grist
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam March
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam On
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Please
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Afterthoughts
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manage
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Equipment
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Jeffrey Barber Student Council Pr
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Name
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Ross Dickson High-pressure
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam US
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Veterans Affairs
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Written
Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Ross Dickson Healher Dickson Editor Richard WiHs Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti-Dickson Ann Taylor Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Scott Campbell Janey Duf
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editcx Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Or
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Orculation
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard VVTUs Display Ad Manager Katherme Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wilis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Hun
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Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
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Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wins Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wis Duptoy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circutot
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcut
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/OrcUo
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wls Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cio» Ad/Circulat
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wtiis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Ckcul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuia
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Qrcukjt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Dtipiov Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu(
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/CtrcukJt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcutatt
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Ross Dickson Heather Ockson Edttor Richard Wilts Osptay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heatrw Dickson Ecttof Richard Wilis Display Ad Manage* Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cvculo
Ross Dickson Heotrw Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcot
Ross Dickson Publisher Richard Wills Editor Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Richard Armitage
Ross Dickson Richard Wills Heather
Ross Dickson Richard Wills Publisher Editor Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display Ad Sale*
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display Ad Sates
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Moore
Ross Qckson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales K
Ross Ste- Richard Meisner
Ross Taylor Vînimin Ridge Hunt Club Dove Moore
Rotanan Richard Meisner
Rotarian Moore
Rotary District Governor Preston Lawrence Moore
Round Robin Dave Moore Sports Fort Coutonge
Rover Instructor Murray Moore
Roy Frederick Moore El-special
Roy Moore Elliott
Roy Moore Elliott MacKILUCAN
Roy Sammon Murray Moore Jr,
Royce Rich- Barry Murray
Royce Richard
Royce Richard -Versel Pirfe Madawaska Wolves
Royce Richard BUck
Royce Richard Mrs. Verner Thrun
Royce Richard"
Royce Richard*
Royce Richard-
Royce Richard- Foran
Royce Richard- H
Royce Richard- Mom
Royce Richard-Albert Armstrong
Royce Richard-ardson
Royce Richard-called
Royce Richard-seconded
Royce Richard-sion
Royce Richard-ton
Royce Richard-•
Royce Richard»®.
Ruby Ewen Pontiac Artists Studio Tour Luskville Richard Wills
Ruby Moore
Rupert Jimmy Durante Terry Moore TUES.
Russell Barry
Russell C Moore
Russell Richard-
Russell Richard- Complete
Ruth Moore
Ruth Richard
Ruth Strutt Richard Wills ShazwitU
Rutihie Moore
Ryan Barber and Richard Tracy
Ryan Barber Dave Moore Sports Verses
Ryan Hayden Moore
Ryan Loaders Cedric Ac Lois Ludlngton Barry Maloney Harold Ac Achsah Maloney Barry
Ryan Powell Dave Moore
Ry^ Barry
S. Moore
S.T.S.P Dove Moore
Saint George’s Moore
Saint Nicholas" Moore
Saint Richard
Sally Moore
Sam Moore
Samantha Moore
Samuel Moore
Sandra Moore
Sandra Richard
Sandra Wil- Freeman Moore
Sant Singh Progressive Conservative
Sara Barry
Sarah Ann Moore
Sarah Anne Moore
Sarah Barry
Sarah Moore
Sarah Richard
Saturday Terry Moore
Schwartz Mrs. Prosper Richard
Scott Barry
Scott Barry Campbell
Scott Barry Kelley
Scott Buelow Dan Moore
Scott Moore
Scott Richard
Scott Richard Boone
Scotty Moore
Scout Murray Moore
Scout Murray Moore YOUR CHILD#
Seat Moore
Seed Barry Breen Ins
Senyqni/n Moore
Shakespeare’s Richard III
Shane Moore
Shane Moore Jason Judd
Shannon Joan Richard
Sharon Barry
Sharon Moore
Sharon Richard
Shawn Dave Moore MacDougall
Shawn Richard
ShawviHe Hydro Quebec Manager Larry Moore
Shawville 647-2557 Dove Moore
Shawville Blake Rev Richard Grey
Shawville Pastor L.B. Moore
Shawville Pastor Lloyd B. Moore 10:00 a.m.
Shawvllle H G. Wills
Shawvllle Richard Wills
Sheila Moore
Sheila Richard
Sheila Richard-
Shelley Winters Barry Sullivan Campbell*»
Sherwood Moore
Shirley & Wayne Richard 7070* Ottawa
Shirley From Richard
Shirley Laura Moore
Shirley May Moore
Shirley Moore
Shirley Richard
Shirley Richard 5687X01 I
Shirley Richard.
Showy*-* Moore
Shrewsbury Conservative
Sif Richard
Simmons Mrs. Marie Richard
Simon Barry Stitt
Simon Corri- Barry Stitt
Simon Richard Com
Simon Richard Comveau
Simon Richard Corriveau
Simon Richard-Corriveau
Simon Tardif Richard
Simon Wills
Simon-Richard Corriveau
Skip Barry Draper
Sloan Barry Stitt
Smith Moore
Sonia Moore
Spurgeon Moore
St Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore Brian Gibb
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore ClassifiedsICirculation Katheri
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore Dear Editor
Stan Barry
Stanley Richard
Ste- Moore
Steele Mrs. Frank Moore
Steelmans Grant Eades Richard Melsner Thursday
Stephen Forbes Greets Richard
Stephen Harper’s Conservative
Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party
Stephen Moore
Stephen Richard
Stephen.... Richard
Steve Richard
Steven Meisner Richard Meisner Elwyn Brownlee Lee Beniot Luke Murphy Marty Brownlee Tim Ferrigan
Steven Richard
Steven Richard BîîrïSîOTTïrlîWîMTirïîïîïîîîl
Steven Richard I Loaded
Steven Richard TïtirïîïTïllTlrïtïtlTlîïîïlïlïlïlS
Steven Williams Richard Corriveau
Steven Wills
Stewart Barry
Stewart Henry Fonda Color KONA COAST Richard Boone Vera Milas
Stewart Moore
Stewart Woods Young Danny Moore
Stittsville Dave Moore Shawville
Stokes Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Stu- Barry
Stuart Moore
Sturgeon Moore
Style Moore
Su Dave Moore Sports I Kl
Su Richard
Sunday Robbie Richard
Sunder School Momng Worshp ShawvBe Pastor Richard Gray
Surprise Dave Moore
Susan Moore
Susan Richard- Walter Anderson Gail Barber
SwOJts—Annie Moore
Sylvia Bakker Richard
Sylvia Bakker Richard Sharpe
Sylvia Bakker Rlchara Wills
Sylvia Koseina Richard Battaglia Spectacle Drama Tickets
Sylvia Richard Poirier
Sylvie Moore
Sylvio Richard
T. Moore
T.. Richard Adam
Taber Barry
Tammy Richard
Taylor Orr Hayden Moore
Ted Christie Dave Moore
Ted Richard
Ted Richard and William Lang
Ted Richard Wednesday
Teddy Richard
Teddy Richard.
Teen Pontiac Richard Charron
Telford Barry
Templeton Moore
Tenderfoot Moore
Tenor Richard Crooks
Ten® Moore
Teresa Moore
Terry Campbell Richard Armitage
Terry Moore
Terry Moore XxX
Terry Moore Plus Glenn Ford
Terry Moore Ben Johnson REMEMBER
Terry Moore Jane* Gaynor Technicolour Ann Doran
Terry Moore Janet Gaynor T namaScopo Technico’our
Terry Moore Jeff Chandler David Wayne Technicolor _
Terry Moore Jenet Geynor I
Terry Moore Pat Boone
Terry Moore Rory Calhoun
Terry Richard
Terry Richard - 238.
Terry Richard 15 Palmer Avenue
Terry Richard 453-7350 Bass
Terry Richard In Kathleen Lafleur
Terry Richard Leslie
Terry Richard Maire
Terry Richard Portage
Terry Richard Wanda Stevenson Gail Merrifield Jeanie Merrifield
Terry Richard*
Terry Richard.
Terry Richard’s
Terry Thomas Richard Beymer 441
The Moore
The Rice Jacket—Nellie Moore
Theo Richard
Theocbre Richard
Theodore Richard
Theodore Richard 249.75
Theodore Richard 3work.
Theodore Richard 546.34
Theodore Richard and Clifford
Theodore Richard and Clifford Hahn
Theodore Richard and William Racine
Theodore Richard August
Theodore Richard Correspondence
Theodore Richard EQUIPMENT ITD.
Theodore Richard EQUITY
Theodore Richard Fleury
Theodore Richard GW
Theodore Richard i4nd Arno Bretzlaff
Theodore Richard It
Theodore Richard Lome Routliffe
Theodore Richard Mr. H.
Theodore Richard Part
Theodore Richard Seat
Theodore Richard the
Theodore Richard to Marie Uue
Theodore Richard Village
Theodore Richard • Racine
Theodore Richard-
Theodore Richard.
Theresa Barry
Theresa Moore
Thomas Barry
Thomas Barry Bradley Pearson
Thomas Barry’s
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 Shawville Rev Richard Gray
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore And
Thomas Moore Describing
Thomas Richard
Thomas Richard Henry
Thomas Richard William Moore
Thomas William Richard Moorhead
Thompson Moore
Thomson Richard Ledbetter
Thos Moore
Thr- Barry
Tiger Halographic Richard Hawley Leplne Hillside Pizza Humpty Dumpty Jokino Restaurant K
Tim Conservative Ministry
Tim Moore
Tim Moore England.
Tim O Connor Dove Moore Crsorg
Tim- Rev Richard Gray
Timberwolves Osborne Dave Moore Shawville
Timmy Moore
Tina Fenton-Moore
Tneo Richard
Toby Richard
Tom Fahey Richard Marion
Tom Moore
Tom Moore His
Tom Richard Sunday
Tom Richard’s
Tommy Moore
Tony Newberry Richard Gagnon
Torn Moore
Tracy Moore
Travis Johnston Dan Moore
Travis Richard
Trent Reynolds John Peck Jim Barry Dave Rich Brian Moore Dan Remigio Kevin
Trevor Richard
Tristen Melinda Moore
Tubby Moore
TWO WILLS Frederick Abbott
Tyler Moore
Tyler Richard
Tyler Richard LaSalle LaSalle Big
Tylor Richard
Tyson Richard
Unifies Barry
United Richard J Moore
Unlike Moore
Uura Moore
U»nry Moore
V M Richard Hamilton
VaHev Moore
Vera Moore
Vera Moore-head
Vernon Donna Moore
Vestry Clerk Lawrence Moore
Victor Moore
Victor Richard
VIII—Ruby Moore
Virginia Moore
Vs J Dave Moore
W -photo Richard Wills Top Performance Horse
W -photo Richard WHIs First
W -photo Richard Wills
W " X V * La Banque Scotia Photo David Moore
W -photo Richard Wills New
W A Moore Fntid Connelly
W D Moore
W D. Moore
W m Moore
W Moore
W, M.—Richard
W. J Holt............... W. J Holt............... Ralph Horner............ Richard Richardson
W. Moore
Wade Elli- By DAVE MOORE
Wade Moore
Wagner Terry Moore Recommended As Adult
Wallace Ford Isabel Jewell Ray Mayer Mary Treen Cully Richard
Wallace Mor- Douglas Moore FURS Phone
Walter Burrttt Moore
Walter Deschamps Richard Smith
Walter Richard Rush
Walter Wills
Wayne Barry Jones
Wayne Barry Sullivan Technicolor Technicolor THURSDAY
Wayne Richard
Wayne Richard Miss Jennifer Mielke
Wayne Richard Saturday
Wedding Receptioriwfe X Angela Richard
Weeping Beds Reasonable Rates Councillor Moore
Wendy Barry Mackay
Wendy Bishop Richard Smith
Wendy Moore
Wendy Moore and Betty Sparling
Wendy Moore Lincoln Smith
Wendy Moore My
Wendy Moore Smith
Wendy Moore’s
Wes Moore
Wesley Moore
Wesleyan Shawville Rev Richard Gray
Westport—Taylor Shawvllle—Barry Murray Shawvllle—Laird Murray Shawvllle—Richardson Westport—T.
Whereas James Barry’s
Whilst Moore
Widdi- Barry
Wil- Barry
Wil- Moore
Will Richard Ledbetter
William A. Moore
William Andrew Richard Hanna
William Angus Moore
William Archam Barry Moore
William Barry
William Davis Ontario Richard Hatfield New
William H. Moore
William Hodgins Thomas Corrigan Edward Dale Richard Wilson Robert Kees Henry McDowell Thomas Elliot
William Hollis Mrs Richard Black
William James Wills
William Joseph James Richard Edward Robert Thomas George Louis
William McVeigh.............. Richard Milliken............. Zemerling Ferdinand
William Moore
William Moore Concrete Tile Relatives
William Richard
William Richard Arthur
William Richard Hamel
William Richard.
Willie A Moore
Willie A. Moore
Willie A. Moore Hpvllnirs -1
Willie Moore
Willis Moore
Wills V V 4
Wills A
Wills After
Wills Barry McGowan
Wills Dear
Wills Dies Suddenly
Wills Doherty
Wills Gordon Brennan
Wills Jack Graham
Wills Kathy Strutt
Wills Lisa Coles
Wills Lisa Smith
Wills My Sarong
Wills P O BOX
Wills Palmer
Wills S
Wills The
Wills Thomas Gray
Wills Wednesday
Wilson Daniel Richard Lionel Way HOTEL
Wilson Tomatoes Wills
With Moore
Wm Moore
Wolfe Barry
Wyman Moore
Wyman W I -photo David Moore Pontiac
X J -photo Dave Moore Hidden
Xlrs E Moore
Xts E Richard
Y* A Photo Dave Moore Ron Poirier
Young Barry
Young Color Cliff Richard
Young Conservative#
Young Men’s Lib.-Conservative
Younge-Top Barry CampbeU
Yvette Richard
Zachary Richard
ÆjM Publishers Ross Dickson Pffi Heather Dickson EBB Editor Richard Wills
,lire1f re-elected en Louis Richard
1.00 Conservative Field
Barry * l
Barry Bay
Barry Mo
Barry River
Barry Sound
Barry’s Bay
Barry’s Bay Deep River
Ellis Richard
Father Richard l Vaughan.
Fort Richard
Fourth Class l A. Moore
Gatineau Park Richard Hills
Hampton Moore
Killaloe-Barry’s Bay
Larry Moore au
Luke Moore
Ma- MOORE—Joyce
Maple Grove Moore
Ministère Richard
Moore l LÇ
Moore Ave.
Moore Lake
Moore Lake Road
Moore Lake Station
Moore Park
Moore Township
Moore-head defeated
Moore’s Creek
Moore’s Lake
Murray Moore Pa si*
Ottawa River Moore
Prince Richard
Richard Ave
Richard Griffin
Richard Grimard
Richard Hills
Richard Malcolm Greenshields
Richard Pige
Richard Roberge
Richard Shea
Richard WiHs l Winners
Richard Will» l Environment Forum
Robert Wills
St Peter’s Richard
St Richard
Waverly Moore l l .
Wills 1/ l ^ V
Wills xa22 l Will
*°ret1 h« Conservative
...819-648-2141 J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager B
103,000 for Conservative
2MTel Communications Aylmer Marina B & B and Sons Farm Barry & Karen Pretty Barry Moran Bev & Julia
34.393 Conservative Liberal
647-2206 / Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Ho
6th Line Shawville Rev Richard G
819-648-2940 4:00pm Morning Worahip Rev Richard Gray
A. Macdonald’s Conservative
ABC MEMBER Richard Wills
Ac Conservative STYLE SHOW Dental Surgeon Graduate of McGil University Po&t Graduate Work
ADVENTURE OF SADIE Joan Colligs Kenneth Moore
Advisory Panel RICHARD PENNINGTON University Librarian
AES Alpha-(Mary Moore
Aged Richard Armitage Brenda Lucas Of
Air Vi/ra A#rnt Richard
Américain Way Conservative Peter McKay
an<1 Wlnter Conservative
Anglican Shawville Midas Richard
Annual .Progressive Conservative Meeting
AT Dave Moore
AT photo Dm» Moore Fire Department
AWNINGS Telephone 432-4224 Cecil & Richard ShawviUe FREE ESTIMATES
Aylmer Stars 4-2 Bv Dave Moore Equity Sports OUTAOUAIS THE EQUITY
A§[0 Conservative Party
Bank of Montreal Diane Richard
Bank of Montreal N OBRIEN THEATRE Barry Way
Barry Y
BARRY & GRACE STEPHEN Beachburg Fairgrounds
Barry Belanger’s
Barry Community Hospital
Barry Hockey League
Barry Hospital
Barry Hotel
Barry McGow-
Barry Regional Heritage Fair
Barry Rhonda Perry
Barry Wood
Barry’s Dominion Line ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS Montreal
Barry’s Tire Service
Bather Conservative English Jour-,
Bay Bash Production MCGC By DAVE MOORE Equity Sports LUSKVILLE
BAY Telephone 36 DOUGLAS MOORE FURS Manufacturing
BCS Barry Moore
Beattie’s Eye Service Moore’s Muresco
Bell (Conservative
Bell, Conservative
Ben Barry Agency
Beraie O Hara Conservative Association
Best Contender Barry Belan-Most Sportsman Like Player
Best Richard Glahs
Best Richard Wills Equity Editor
Best Shorthorn Steer- Barry Hodgins
Beth Moore Study
BIG TRADE-IN Progressive Conservative Association Of Pontiac - Temiscamingue Morley Hodgins Ltd He
Black Conservative Association
Blake-Richard Bunch Line
BLOODS COFFIN Color Kieron Moore Hazel Court
Board of Mr. Barry Ostrom
Body Shop i Rick Parker Holographie Richard Harley Richardson Trudeau
Body Shop Richard Marion
BOOST FARM INCOME A Progressive Conservative Government
BORN Church Services Anglican YACH- Barry
Boys Yves Froment Richard Lamouche- Shawn Sloan-Denis Lafleur
Brew By Dave Moore Equity Sports
Bristol But Richard
Bristol Barry Moore
Bristol Cor-Conservative
Bristol Girl Monsignor Barry
Bristol Un-Moore
Bristol............ Bryson......... Conservative
British Conservative
British Conservative Party
British Foreign Office Mr. Richard
Bros Richard Wall
Bryson By DAVE MOORE Equity Sports PONTIAC
Bryson Mr. Barry Burke
Bryson Truck Pull Winners John Boyd Dan Langton Robin Richard Ron
Business 519 Conservative Gains
Byers* Conservative
BÆHSSSS of Conservative
CAMERA REPAIR Messrs Richard
Canadian Coalition for EDITORIAL Dave Moore
Canadian Conservative Club
Canadian Conservative Gov-
Canadian Conservative Party
Canadian Reform Conservative
Canadian which Conservative Governments
Cannon Conservative Candidate
Cannon’s Conservative
Capital Laurie Moore
Carey Richard
Carletmi County Conservative Association
Carson By Dave Moore Equity Sports BEACHBURG
Cartier "Conservative Club
Catholic Conservative
Central Barry Sloan
Central Canada Dove Moore
Central Conservative Commit-
Central Conservative Committee
Centred Conservative Committee
CFDC Mr’Richard Grimard Shawville
CHEV-GEO-OLDS LVJ Dave Moore the
CHEVROLET Wesleyan Shawville Rev Richard Gray
CHIP Radio Hillis Conolly Martha Ethier K& L Dairy Kountry Kookin’ Langford’s Grocery Richard & Shi
Choice ConserVAtive Aooomphahments Fall
Chord Wills Equity Ed.tor McGowan
Chrysler Y- By Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
CIB Research Director Richard Wietfeldt
Citizens, Conservative Party
Clara Parent Allan Taut Bobby Pitt, Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Clarendon School Bd Richard
Claude Richard Line
Claude Richard-age du Fort
CLEANING - SERVICE Shawvllle Douglas Moore Furs Fur Hats
Clifford Lawn Conservative Association
CMC 4x4 Sierra Special Richard Wills Committee
Co. Conservative Association
Comedy Robert Wagner PONTIAC CLEANERS ALUMINUM DOORS & WINDOWS Sales and Service Mary Tyler Moore
COMFORT Beer & Wine Served With Meals DOUGLAS MOORE FURS 1 Pontiac House Babee-Tenda Manufacturing
Community Cen- Federal M.P.. Barry Moore
Community language Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager
Community Moore
Conservative .
Conservative ;
Conservative Administration
Conservative Allowances
Conservative Artil
Conservative As-
Conservative As- Bristol
Conservative As- Gatineau-Labelle
Conservative Ass
Conservative Ass.
Conservative Assentation
Conservative Asso- Yoik
Conservative Associa
Conservative Associa Lisais Bowen
Conservative Associa-the
Conservative Associât
Conservative Association
Conservative Association for
Conservative Association for East Pontiac.
Conservative Association of
Conservative Association of Canada
Conservative Association of North
Conservative Association of Pontiac
Conservative Association of Pontiac.
Conservative Association of Vancouver
Conservative Association She J
Conservative Aug.
Conservative Barry
Conservative Brabazon
Conservative Brcn
Conservative Britain
Conservative British
Conservative C Christmas
Conservative Cabin
Conservative Cabinet
Conservative Campaign
Conservative Campaign Office
Conservative Campaign Rolling locally School
Conservative Canada
Conservative Canadiate Urged FRONTENAC
Conservative Candida
Conservative Candidate
Conservative Candidate Wins
Conservative Cannon
Conservative Capital
Conservative cat Pontiac Women''s Institute Will Meet
Conservative Central Committee An
Conservative CEO.
Conservative Charles Schroeder
Conservative Chieftain
Conservative Cistoms
Conservative City
Conservative Club
Conservative Committee
Conservative Condor
Conservative Conven
Conservative Convention
Conservative Convention Something
Conservative Convention A
Conservative Convention Chooses Candidate
Conservative Convention McCuaig
Conservative Convention Postponed
Conservative Convention SHAWVILLE Saturday Dec.
Conservative Convention Tuesday
Conservative Convention* Edmonton
Conservative County
Conservative Court
Conservative Cultural
Conservative Dead
Conservative Dominion Organ!
Conservative Duncanville
Conservative Eastern
Conservative Electors
Conservative English
Conservative EQUITY
Conservative Excise
Conservative Executive
Conservative Fait
Conservative Field Day
Conservative Flag
Conservative Furnishings
Conservative Gain
Conservative Gain ChailV.tdtuvn
Conservative George Morrison
Conservative Gilles Dupuis
Conservative Go-Michel Noreau
Conservative GortrnmenUstt
Conservative Gov
Conservative Gov-
Conservative Gov- Mrs.
Conservative Gov-the
Conservative Govemmei
Conservative Govern
Conservative Govern*
Conservative Govern-than JO
Conservative Government
Conservative Government established
Conservative Government J /
Conservative Governments
Conservative Govt
Conservative House
Conservative House Lead
Conservative HP’s
Conservative I''ninlnhitv
Conservative I*
Conservative I** C. BARSALCW.
Conservative Investment
Conservative I’rsm
Conservative Jean Charest
Conservative JOHN HODGINS
Conservative June
Conservative Keoi
Conservative KfWi 1
Conservative Kindly
Conservative LAWN BROS
Conservative Lawrence
Conservative Lawrence Cannon
Conservative Leader
Conservative Leader And Wile
Conservative Leader Bonnet
Conservative Leader George
Conservative Leader Hanlon
Conservative Leader Hanson
Conservative Leader Joe
Conservative Leader Manion
Conservative Leader Recipient
Conservative Leaders
Conservative Leadership Convention We
Conservative Legislature
Conservative Liberal
Conservative M P
Conservative M-P.
Conservative M.P.
Conservative Mahoney
Conservative Majority Elect
Conservative Mass Meeting
Conservative Meeting
Conservative Meetings July 30—Onslow Corners Parish Hall Work
Conservative Member
Conservative Member of Commons
Conservative Members
Conservative Ministers
Conservative Ministry
Conservative MJ*.
Conservative MOE GARAHAN
Conservative Montreal
Conservative MP
Conservative MP Bar-year
Conservative MP Barry Moore
Conservative MP John McGrath
Conservative MP We Canadians
Conservative MP.
Conservative MPe
Conservative MPs
Conservative Mr.
Conservative Mr. Belaud
Conservative msjor.ty
Conservative National
Conservative National Govern
Conservative Nationalist
Conservative Nationalists
Conservative O M
Conservative Op
Conservative Oposition
Conservative Oppo
Conservative Opposition
Conservative Opposl- Wrongly
Conservative Organization
Conservative Otter Lake
Conservative P**
Conservative Pa-address
Conservative Paiitv
Conservative Paktv
Conservative Parents
Conservative Parties
Conservative Partv On Lumber Company
Conservative Party
Conservative party 1
Conservative party A->viulily
Conservative party APPTPP
Conservative party Continued
Conservative party Flo- Clarendon Council CREAM WANTED
Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper
Conservative party Liberals
Conservative Party MP Lawrence Cannon
Conservative party Mr. Bennett
Conservative party Mr. Bryson
Conservative Party Party A
Conservative Party Pontiac
Conservative Party Publicity Committee
Conservative party THE EQUITY Shawville Milling Co’s New Policy Sale HODGINS GARAGE Owing
Conservative Party; Hubert Leduc
Conservative Patrons
Conservative Petunias
Conservative Pj.- Describing the
Conservative Platform
Conservative Policies
Conservative Policy Endorsed
CONSERVATIVE POLICY Position of Party Regarding Canadian Navy
Conservative Policy Sussex St.
Conservative Policy Was Maintained—Mr.
Conservative Political
Conservative provincial Conservative Members
Conservative Queen’s Counsel
Conservative Rally
Conservative Ramsay
Conservative Reform Alliance
Conservative Rem
Conservative Rembers
Conservative Riding Association
Conservative Rift Unfounded Says Martineau
Conservative royal Commission
Conservative Scotland Yard
Conservative Sec.-Treas
Conservative Senators
Conservative SHAWVILLE
Conservative social X
Conservative Speakers
Conservative Standard Bearer
Conservative Standard-bearer
Conservative Tea
Conservative The
Conservative The Voice
Conservative Three Rivers
Conservative TUESDAY
Conservative Union
Conservative Voter
Conservative Wanted
Conservative Ward
Conservative We
Conservative WEDNESDAY
Conservative When
Conservative Wins Bye Election South African Corn Buick
Conservative Women
Conservative Women s Organization
Conservative Womens As-
Conservative Women’s
Conservative Work
Conservative Yot-tion
Contact Richard Publications
Contact Richard Wagner
Contre ** Conservative J M
Council Clr Barry Stitt
County Conservative
County Conservative Association
County Liberal Conservative
County Liberal Conservative Association
CWL Richard Glahs
DAGO Générât Agent SB A WILLS.
Dave Best Moore
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports JL
Dave Moore Sports Pebw
Dave Moore Sports Shawviiie
Dave Moore Environment Forum
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports I*
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports "
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports 17
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Atkinson
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports B Warriors
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports CALUMET ISLAND INN Registration
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Cameron Huckabone
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Catching
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports K Fox
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Leaders G A Pis
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Locally
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Other
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports OUTAOUAIS Julien Gagnon
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports OUTAOUAIS Kyle Fraser
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports PON
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports PONTIAC - Fair
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Push
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Quyon Canada Day Committee
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Quyon Ferry
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Reporter SHAWVILLE
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Season’s Greetings
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports SHAWVILLE- Though
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports SHAWVILLE-The Chapeau Renegades
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Telford
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports the
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Timberwolves
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports With
Dave Moore Royce Richardson
Dave Moore Sports
Dave Moore Sports Shawville & Eganvile Shawville
Dave Moore Sports Bryson
Dave Moore Sports Call
Dave Moore Sports Calumet Island
Dave Moore Sports Norway Bay
Dave Moore Sports Pontiac
Dave Moore Sports Renfrew
Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Dear Editor Publishers Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Defeated Conservative
Degressive Conservative Dovincial Organization
Della | Conservative Mackay Smith
Denturologist Church Services Richard
Department of Conservative MP Walter Health and Welfare
des Richard
Desaudrouins Townships Conservative Association
Diamond Drilling # Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling e Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling • Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling • Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
DIAMOND HÊ Mu Pie AND American Water Wills
Diamond Resin Artificial Nails Photo Dave Moore Pieschke
Diefenbaker rightness Conservative
Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Dillon Kensley Mrs Richard Boucher
Dillon McGee; Kenny Sloan; Barry Howard
Dillon Moore
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim Thalheimer J
District Governor Ernie Moore
District Progressive Conservative Ladies Association
District Progressive Conservative Women s Association
District Women’s Institutes All Wool Sweaters IIcnrv Kiciiarh Cox Henry Richard
Division Dove Moore
Doctor Chosen Conservative Candidate
Dodge Caravan Moore
Domin-1 attends Conservative
Dominion Conservative
Dominionwide Conservative
Dorcas Sparling Perry and Barry Belanger
Douglas Moore Furs Limited Pfcaaa
Douglas Moore Furs ONTARIO ARNPRI0R Telephone
DOUGLAS MOORE FURS Public Notice Orval Smart
Dove Moore Goulbourn G
Dove Moore Morning
Dove Moore Sports
Dove Moore Sports Arnprior
Dove Moore Sports Bertha McGee
Dove Moore Sports Gloves
Dove Moore Sports Hockey
Dove Moore Sports MÛ
Dove Moore Sports Outaouais
Dove Moore Sports Shawville
Dove Moore Sports Showviite
Drew’s Rrog Conservative
Dreyfus Jacques Dussault John Burke Ewing Richard Flindall Laura
Du Barry
DU Barry S Arabica Food
Du Barry’s
Du Barry’s BTAisor OWO.CITTOF
Du Barry’s HEALTH RESTüR D Branch Otfio JJiMKsÙs
Du Barry’s JESTS*.
Du Barry’s Revalent
Dyrob Steel strong Conservative
D°vQ Moore Sports Volley
E. Me-1 Conservative Kciler Mat Kay
Editor Conservative Party
Empire Wills Oil Merit
Environment Fair Moore
Environment Forum Photo Dave Moore
Epic Yul Bryner Richard Widmark
EQUITY Pontiac Conservative
Equity Reporter Equity Reporter Richard Gravel
Even Conservative Meanwhile
Factory Store Dove Moore
Famous Conservative
Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
FDEE Call Duvc Moore
Federal Conservative
Federal Progressive Conservative
Federal Progressive Conservative Party
Feeder-al Conservative
Financial Secretary Barry Draper
Fire Department Dave Moore
Fire Richard Brown
Firet Conservative M Dr. Jacques
First or Conservative
FOR RENT Adult Entertainment Barry Fitsgerald TEACHERS WANTED Room
FOREST FIRE...... QUEBEC AMBULANCE HOSPITAL......... POLICE........... Richard Wills
French Canadian Conservative
French Conservative
Furniture More Conservative There’s DOUBLE
FURNITURE The Conservative
G A Pis By Dave Moore Equitx Sports SHAWVILLE
G. Moore Secret
G. Wills
Gatineau By Dave Moore Equity Sports OUTAOUAIS
Gatineau Power Mrs. Richard Howard
German Service Schwartz 2.30 p.m.—Worship Service MOORE
Goldman Ottawa Photo Dave Moore
Good Conservative Speech
Gordon Graham Pontiac History Richard Wills Pontiac
Gracie Ill-Ruby Moore
Great Conservative Demonslra-
Greeta Richard
Hanson (Conservative
Harley Richard
Harley Richard-
HD Richard Wills
Headstones Conservative E.
HEALTH RESTORED Bevartnta Arabloa Food Du Barry’s
Heart Institute Director of Development Barry Stanton
HELL Robert Wagner Terry Moore Recommended As Adult Entertainment
Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Barry Draper Melvin
HOODS Conservative
House League Dave Moore StssSS SsF
House League Dove Moore
House of Commons Sir Richard Cartwright
House of Commons; Barry Moore M.P. Pontiac
House of Conservative
House of U» JM Barry Merson
HOUSE PAINT Benjamin Moore
House Teams Barry
Howard Chosen Conservative Candidate Church II
Hull Conservative Ass
Hull Conservative Associa
Hull Conservative Association
HUM The Conservative
I)AVE MOORE Equity Sporty
ICS Lindsay Wills
Ideal Leather Polish Du Barry’s Loan
II Wills
IIAPTKU Wills Captain Bedford
IIP Barry
IJS By DAVE MOORE Equity Sports
In Memory Methodist Home Hardware MOORE-
Independent Conservative
Information Call Barry
Inland Richard Pond
Inter- Conservative Club
International Barry’s Tire Repair Service
International | Youn8 Progressive Conservative | M
Into Liberal Conservative Government
INVALID Conservative Leader Will Not Oppose Relief Measures GEORGE HYNES
Is accumulating Conservative
Is Conservative
Is Richard Kve
IT By Dave Moore Equity Sports Week
IX Richard Wills Equity Editor
Jacques Cartier Conservative
Jas Hart—Carried Conservative
Jennie Allan Moore
Jesus Christ " Dave Moore
Jha Conservative
JHifl Lions Ernie Moore
Jn Conservative
Joe Clark’s Conservative
John Bnll’s Conservative
Junior Bs Dave Moore
Junior Conservative
Junior Conservative club
Junior Conservative Club of Montreal
Junior First Aid Certificates Barry’s
K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Greenthumb Shawville Home Hardware Richard’s Lodg
K 3L Photo Dave Moore
Keller’s Farm By Dave Moore Equity Sports the
KELLY Auctioneer DOUGLAS MOORE FURS Manufacturing
Kelron Moore N #
Kings Dave Moore
KISSIN COUSINS Elvis Presley Pamela Austin THUNDER OF DRUMS Richard Boone
l 0 Dave Moore
l By Dave Moore Equity Sports
l Conservative
L hcral Conservative
L V W Pave Moore Sports Terry
L. Church Toronto East Conservative Member
L. Richard
LABELLE Progressive Conservative PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE General Meeting
Ladies Progressive Conservative Association
LAZY - BOY CHAIRSiîGS Progressive whose Conservative
Leading Tire Shop Accessories Conservative
Legislature Messrs. McDonald, Barry US.
Letellier & Associates Richard Wills
Li,,eral Conservative Convention
Libeial Conservative
Libelnl Conservative
Liberal - Conservative
Liberal and Conservative
Liberal and Conservative Clubs
Liberal Conservative
Liberal Conservative Assoc
Liberal Conservative Associa
Liberal Conservative Association
Liberal Conservative Association of Canada
Liberal Conservative Club
Liberal Conservative Convention S H A WVILLE Saturday Dec.
Liberal Conservative E-leotors
Liberal Conservative Govern
Liberal Conservative Party
Liberal National Leader Break With Conservative Allies First Patent Flour
Liberal or Conservative
Liberal- Conservative
Liberal-Conservative Association
Libural Conservative Association of Ottawa
Lincoln Conservative
Lion Barry Murray
Lion Richard Bowie
Lion Richard Bowie Weekend
Lion Richard GUmer GraveUnei Roy Here Vaillancourt
Lion Richard Poirier
Live Entertainment EVERYONE WELCOME Photo Dave Moore
Local Conservative Association
Lodge Golf Club Moore
London Conservative Club
Louise Donaldson Francine Middlemiss Jérôme Sallafranque Richard
Major Ht» Conservative
Mallette Construction Ken Richard Pneu Pontiac Fort Coulonge Centre Dentaire du Pontiac Pieces
Manion (Conservative
Manitoulin Conservative Association
Master Alexander Wills
Master Barry Bell
Master Barry Blais
Master Barry Campbell
Master Barry Corrigan
Master Barry Draper
Master Bro Barry Whelan
Master Heman Moore
Master Richard
Master Richard Bullock
Master Richard Carrothers
Master Richard Jeffery
Master Richard La
Master Richard.
Master Wayne Richard
Master Woman Moore
May Conservative
Mayhew & M. Richard-1 High Jump
McDonald gressive Conservative
McDonald of Mont-The Richard Family
McDonald, Conservative
McLachlin Bros. Conservative
Men & Boys Richard Beymer
Mepreeentative Conservative Con
Merrill Moore
Millennium Committee Notary Richard Theriault
Miller Progressive Conservative
Mine Able Seaman David Moore Pending
Ministerial Conservative
Miss Winnifred Conservative Association
Misses Kay Conservative
MIXED Richard Wills Equity Editor 3-Pitch Tournament JULY
Mm Conservative Party
Moderate Conservative
Monster Conservative Rally
Monster Conservative Rally Shawville Theatre Saturday
Montreal Conservative Association
MONTRÉAL Québec JQXZYO Richard Langevtn
Moore and Perry Belanger
Moore Apple Hill Simrncntals King Seed/Duff
Moore Atom Sports Showveie & Valley HUNTER S PARTY
MOORE Barryrv Progressive Conservative
MOORE Barryry Progressive Conservative
Moore Bookworm Environment Forum
MOORE Bristol Council Clarendon Dairy Co.
Moore Brothers
Moore Builders Sales Ltd.
Moore Eileen Rowe Po
Moore Electric
Moore Electric Company
Moore Electric Company LI
Moore Electric Company Limited
Moore Electric Company Llmlt-ed
Moore Equity Sports
Moore Equity Sports By Dave Moore Equity Sports Royals
Moore Equity Sports McCleary
Moore Equity Sports ARNPRIOR
Moore Equity Sports BRYSON
Moore Equity Sports CALUMET IS.
Moore Equity Sports COBDEN
Moore Equity Sports FORT COULONGE BANTAM Pontiac CC Lions hockey Andy Bean
Moore Equity Sports FORTCOULONGE
Moore Equity Sports Gagné
Moore Equity Sports HHH
Moore Equity Sports HULL
MOORE Equity Sports HULL Goalies Gp Ga Av Pm
MOORE Equity Sports It
Moore Equity Sports June
MOORE Equity Sports LANARK
Moore Equity Sports LUSKV1LLE -Quyon Ferry
Moore Equity Sports LUSKVILLE
Moore Equity Sports MONTREAL
Moore Equity Sports Novice
Moore Equity Sports OTTAWA
Moore Equity Sports OUTAOUAIS
Moore Equity Sports OUTAOUAIS Shawville Peewee "C" Pun Define
Moore Equity Sports PONTIAC
Moore Equity Sports PONTIAC Travis
Moore Equity Sports QUYON
Moore Equity Sports SAN ANTONIO
Moore Equity Sports SHAW VILLE
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE - A
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Akinson
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Braeside
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Shawvillc Novice
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVIlLe-The Pontiac Junior B
MOORE Equity Sports The Amprior Packers
Moore Equity Sports VALLEY
Moore Equity Sports Week
Moore Family
Moore Family MOORE
MOORE FURS Manufacturing
Moore FURS Shawville HORNLR
Moore Gordon Porter
MOORE Industrial
Moore Muslness Formrs Ltd ,
Moore Outoouoe Sports
MOORE Pontiac Community Hospital
Moore Services
Moore Sports Patriots 5/Novices 1 Kings 3/Novices 2 Packers
Moore Sports PERRY
Moore Sports Pontiac
Moore Ways and Means
Moore’s Corners
Moore’s Crossing
Moore’s House Paint
Moore’s House Paints
Moore’s Products
MOORE’S Women’s Association of Litchfield United Church
Most Conservative Dresser
Most Conservative Dresser FOR THERE By the
Motion Barry Craig
Motion Crs Claude Richard
Motion Crs Claude Richard Tracy
Motion Crs M Richard Donations
Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Motion Crs Merlin Richard Municipal Council Township
MP Barry
MP Barry Moore
Mr Bert Moore
Mr Richard Outdoor Sportsman’s Club
Mr# Richard Rowe
Mr- Murray’s Conservative Veter
Mr. & Mrs. Mead Richard
Mr. Barney Moore
Mr. Diefenbaker* Conservative Party
Mr. Everett Moore
Mr. Everett Nesbitt Moore
Mr. Marchand Conservative
Mr. Mirter Conservative
Mr. Richard Bell
Mr. Richard Spencer
MRC Richard Turcotte
MRC Richard Vaillancourt
Mrs Progressive-Conservative Association
Mrs Barry Bell
Mrs Everett Moore
Mrs. Barry Bell
Mrs. Conservative Women
Mrs. Everett Moore
Mrs. Everett Moore Wke
Mrs. F. Hilton Moore
Mrs. Progressive Conservative Assoc-1 Martineau
Mrs. Teddy Richard
Municipal Corporation Moore
Municipal Richard King
Mutual Group Rev Richard Gray
Mutual Group Facing Tomorrow Together NJ Rev Richard Gray
Mutual Group Richard Lavigne
N.D.P.. Conservative
National Conservative Association
National Conservative Association for Lower Pontiac
National Conservative Party
National Conservative Rally Largely Attended Dr.
National Independent Conservative
National Liberal and Conservative
National Liberal and Conservative Party Publicity Committee
National Midget Tournament Dove Moore
National Poultry Marketing Scheme S Mrs. George Moore
National Progressive Conservative
National Progressive Conservative Leader
National Progressive Conservative Paper
National Progressive Conservative Party
National Progressive-Conservative Party Your INTERNATIONAL TRUCK Dealer the
National Union of Conservative
National Wills
NDP Conservative Liberal Bloc Total Votes Registered Voters Rapides des
Neighborhood watch Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager
Neil Wilson Conservative Convention
New Bruniwick Conservative
New Brunswick Conservative
New Conservative Leader
New Conservative Whip
New Ontario Conservative Leader Is Congratulated Closed Game Areas Fought
Next Conservative Association of Pon-
Nickabau Progressive Conservative Association
Norman McCuaig Conservative
North Photo Dave Moore Katharine Fletcher
North Renfrew Conservative
North Toronto Conservative
NOTARY Progressive Conservative Association
Notice J Conservative Opposition
Novice Pontiacs Mb- By Dave Moore Equity Sports PFTAWAWA
O''Meara English Conservative
Oddhies Department Maurice Richard
OFF Conservative Party
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Ate Barry Lusk
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Barry Lusk
Official Progressive Conservative
Oil Change Special Dave Moore Sports
Old Conservative
Old Conservative Again
Old Conservative July
Old Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Lindsay Carson Barry Draper
Old Moore’s Almanac
Oldsmobile Cars Chevrolet Trucks Douglas Moore Furs RENFREW
Omdurman Conservative
Ontario Conservative
Ontario Conservative Party
Ontario Liberal-Conservative Party
Ontario Progressive Conservative Party
Ottawa Conservative Association
Ottawa Conservative October 6,1960 Association
Oufton Toy Dave Moore Sports Shawviiie
Outaouais Economic Council Inc Richard
Outstanding Leadership Richard Valin
Outstanding Leadership Richard Valin
Oxford Mills—Barry Pierce.
P. Conservative
P1--22 Quebec Conservative Leader
Pee Wees Dave Moore Sports Petawawa Dave Moore Sports Shawviiie Bantam
Peel Veterin-ive Conservative M.P.
Phone 59 P O. Box 101 Richard Bowie
Photo Dave Moore Pictured
Pihyer Stole Study IliviliK Rev C Kappea RICHARD-
Players Goal- Ferry Richard
Pontiac Dave Moore
PONTIAC - By Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Pontiac - Temiscamingue Conservative Convention
PONTIAC A Conservative Party
Pontiac Atom Lions Coach Richard Du
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Highway
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
Pontiac Barry Moore
Pontiac By Dave Moore Equity Sports OTTAWA
Pontiac Civil Liberties Association Richard Wills Government
Pontiac CL SC Richard Wills
Pontiac Conservative
Pontiac Conservative As- Pistol Counqll
Pontiac Conservative Association
Pontiac Conservative Association Soirée
Pontiac Conservative Association Ensemble AVIS PUBLIC PUBLIC NOTICE POINT DE SERVICE Rappelons
Pontiac Conservative Association Projet d’établir
Pontiac Conservative MP
PONTIAC Conservative Party
PONTIAC Conservative Party Association
Pontiac Councillor Richard Poirier
Pontiac County By LINDSAY WILLS Equity Correspondent PONTIAC
Pontiac County Conservative Association
Pontiac County Progressive Conservative
Pontiac County Progressive-Conservative AsSoc-iatica
Pontiac County Progressive-Conservative Association
Pontiac County Young Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac County Young Progressive-Conservative Association
Pontiac Dave Moore Sports
Pontiac Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Pontiac Draveur A By DAVE MOORE Equity Sports PONTIAC
Pontiac Electric House of Flowers Pontiac Vacuum Richard/Shirley Marlon Don McCredie Murray’s Sport
Pontiac Federal Progressive Conservative Association Mr. René Francoeur
Pontiac Fish & Game Protective Association Richard Wills EEEE
Pontiac Gatineau Labe He Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac Gatineau Labelle MP Barry Moore
Pontiac Gatineau Labelle Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac Health Centre Richard Grimard
Pontiac Home Richard
Pontiac Hotel Douglas Moore
Pontiac Liberal Conservative Association
Pontiac Liberal-Conservative Association
Pontiac Lindsay Wills
Pontiac M P Barry Moore
Pontiac M.P. Barry Moore
Pontiac Melba Moore
Pontiac MP Barry
Pontiac MP Barry Moore
Pontiac MP Barry Moore Driving
Pontiac Municipality Councillors Charles Moore
Pontiac National Conservative
Pontiac National Midget Hockey Dave Moore
Pontiac No. 555-02-000030-873 Provincial Court Richard G
Pontiac Plumbing Photo Dave Moore Luskville
Pontiac Pro-ressive Conservative Association
Pontiac Progressive Conservative
Pontiac Progressive Conservative !
Pontiac Progressive Conservative #
Pontiac Progressive Conservative Ass n
Pontiac Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac Progressive Conservative Association elects National Leadership Convention
Pontiac Progressive Conservative Association You
Pontiac Progressive Conservative Presswood
Pontiac Progressive MP Barry Moore
Pontiac Progressive-Conservative Association
Pontiac Progressive-Conservative County Agricultural Society
Pontiac Protestant High School Vice-Principal Barry McGowan
Pontiac Richard Dupuis/Lobsik
Pontiac Richard Wills Equity Editor
Pontiac Richard Wills Appreciation Environment Forum
Pontiac riding’s Conservative Party
Pontiac Squash Club Peewees handle Patriots Dave Moore GENERAL MEETING AA
Pontiac Station Notes Moore
Pontiac Steam & Gas Association Richard
Pontiac Woollen Wills
Pontiac Young Progressiva Conservative- Young Union National Associations c A FOREST INN HOTEL
Pontiac Young Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac Young Progressive Conservative Young Union National Associations
Pontiac- Conservative
Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac’s Conservative Party
Poor Richard Club
Portage du Liberal Conservative U •
PPHS Chord Wills
PPHS Principal Barry
PPHS Vice-Principal Barry McGowan
PQ Liberal Conservative NDP Green Party Marx.-Len
PQ Richard Wills
Practical Tinsmiths Conservative Gains
PRICES Renfrew Conservative A*«nein
Pro DOUGLAS MOORE FURS Manufacturing
Pro gressive Conservative and
Pro gressive Conservative Party
Prog resalve Conservative A
Prog- Conservative Association
Prograssive Conservative Party
Progreeelve Conservative Party
Progrefftlve Conservative Party
Progresaive Conservative
Progrèsive Conservative Association
Progresive Conservative Party
Progressive - Conservative Campbell
Progressive - Conservative Candidate
Progressive Conservative
Progressive Conservative Shawville Pools Reg’d
Progressive Conservative "
Progressive Conservative As-
Progressive Conservative Assoc
Progressive Conservative Associât
Progressive Conservative Association
Progressive Conservative Association for County
Progressive Conservative Association General Meeting
Progressive Conservative Association Mr. Hector Belec
Progressive Conservative Association of
Progressive Conservative Association of Canada
Progressive Conservative Association of Fo:t Cou
Progressive Conservative Association of Guests
Progressive Conservative Association of Lower Pontiac •
Progressive Conservative Association of Ontario
Progressive Conservative Association of Pontiac
PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE Association of Pontiac County
Progressive Conservative Association of Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
Progressive Conservative Association of Pontiac-Temiscamingue
Progressive Conservative Association of Pontiac.
Progressive Conservative Barry Moore
Progressive Conservative Candidate
Progressive Conservative Candidate INFORMATION Phone
Progressive Conservative Candidate Some
Progressive Conservative Canditate
Progressive Conservative Committee
Progressive Conservative Contributory Social Security Program Hi*
Progressive Conservative Convention
Progressive Conservative Editor
Progressive Conservative Federal
Progressive Conservative Gary
Progressive Conservative glonal Association
Progressive Conservative Headquarters
Progressive Conservative House Leader
Progressive Conservative Inglee
Progressive Conservative Interment
Progressive Conservative Jean-Pierre Paillet
Progressive Conservative L.
Progressive Conservative Leader Call Dawson Cameron
Progressive Conservative Leader Cieorge Drew
Progressive Conservative M.
Progressive Conservative Maniwaki
Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament PONTIAC
Progressive Conservative Members
Progressive Conservative MP Barry Moore’s
Progressive Conservative Octave VaR
Progressive Conservative Open
Progressive Conservative Open House
Progressive Conservative Opposition
Progressive Conservative Organization
Progressive Conservative Par
Progressive Conservative Part
Progressive Conservative Party
Progressive Conservative Party’s Declaration of Policy Drafted
Progressive Conservative PC Alain Chorette
Progressive Conservative POWER INTERRUPTION
Progressive Conservative Provincial Organization
Progressive Conservative P«rty
Progressive Conservative Rally
Progressive Conservative South Renfrew
Progressive Conservative Tea
Progressive Conservative Women
Progressive Conservative Women Proudfoof Predicts Poor Prospects Strongly Suggested By Liberals
Progressive Conservative Women s Association of Shawville
Progressive Conservative Women’s
Progressive Conservative Women’s Ass
Progressive Conservative Women’s Organization
Progressive Conservative Youth
Progressive Conservative —Equity
Progressive Conservative •
Progressive Conservative*
Progressive Conservative;
Progressive Conservative’s
Progressive | Conservative Party
Progressive- Conservative
Progressive-Conservative Association of Pontiac Luskville
Progressive-Conservative Caucus Committee
Progressive-Conservative Party
Property Richard Kilbride
Prospective Conservative
Protestant School Board Richard Vaillancourt AVIS Public
Provincial Conservative Association
Provincial Conservative Con-
Pro» gressive Conservative
PST Richard Wills Equity Editor
Ptchord Wills Equity Eotof Forty
Publisher Roes Dickson Editor Richard Wills General Mgr Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Homer
Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills General Mgr Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Homer
Publishers Rois Ockson Heothec Dickson Edrtor Richard Wls
Publishers Rosi Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richord Wills Deploy Ad Monoger Katherine Hynes Clas
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display
Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Pumps Skies & Service Barry Lusk
QC 647-2526 Conservative
QOO Conservative
Quebec Conservative
Quebec Conservative Government Dead Hon
Quebec Conservative Ministry of Hon
Quebec Conservative Party
Quebec Progressive Conservative
Quebec Progressive Conservative Association
Quebec Progressive Conservative Party
Quyon Fair Richard McAra
Radermak- Conservative
Raymond Chosen Conservative Candidate
RCMP Security Service Constable Richard Daigle
Reform/Conservative Party
Regional Hlstorica Fair Barry McGowan
Renfrew Ltd 7212XF1 MOORE
Rev. Richard Methodist Church
Richard and Perry
Richard Arena
Richard Bertie Lambert
Richard Boone Maureen O Hara KANGAROO Color Cartoon
Richard Bowie
Richard Gayer
Richard Ivey School of Business
Richard Mae
RICHARD McNALLY Pontiac Ayrshire* Make Fine Showing
RICHARD PERKINS Junior Dance Canadian Champions Gold Medalists
Richard Repair Service Services
Richard Scarry
Richard School
Richard Seguin Equity Photo i Wildlife Management
Richard St Sons
Richard Store
RICHARD Terms Reasonable
Richard WHk School Success
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Fort Coulonge When Monsignor Douglas Bridge
Richard Wills
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Planning
Richard Wills Conservative MP Barry Moore
Richard Wills Environment Forum
Richard Wills Environment Forum Beneath
Richard Wills Environment Forum Breckenridge Creek
Richard Wills Environment Forum by Katharine Fletcher Natural
Richard Wills Environment Forum by Katharine Fletcher Photo
Richard Wills Environment Forum Caution
Richard Wills Environment Forum Does
Richard Wills Environment Forum Freedom
Richard Wills Environment Forum Gardening
Richard Wills Environment Forum Migrants
Richard Wills Environment Forum New
Richard Wills Environment Forum November
Richard Wills Environment Forum Nuclear
Richard Wills Environment Forum Paul E Hinch Bristol Second
Richard Wills Environment Forum Slipping
Richard Wills Environment Forum Snow
Richard Wills Environment Forum Territorial
Richard Wills Equity
Richard Wills Equity Ecfitor Bryson W
Richard Wills Equity ecStor Great New Styles
Richard Wills Equity Ed
Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Equity Editor Bristol way
Richard Wills Equity Editor After
Richard Wills Equity Editor Bryson Members
Richard Wills Equity Editor CUO
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Equity Editor PROMUTUEL La Vallée Valley Mutual NEW
Richard Wills Equity Editor Quyon
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville Pontiac Clergy Association
Richard Wills Equity Editor Sylvia Bokker Equity
Richard Wills Equity Editor Thurs
Richard Wills Equity Edttor
Richard Wills Equity Ed^or Pontiac
Richard Wills Financial
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Richard Wills Municipal Council
Richard Wills Sons Ltd:
Richard Wills TAKING AIM.
Richard- Postal Code
Richard-the Institute
Richard’s Almanac”
Richord Wills Equity Editor - Montreal
Ricrcrd Wills Equity Ed*or LESSONS
Ridge Ladies Conservative Prospects
Ridley (Conservative
Right or Conservative
Rlchgrd Wills Equity Editor
Rol- Richard O’Shaughnessy
Roll Plan Superfluity Shop In Shawville MOORE
Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Rood Conservative Meeting At Bryson
Royal Bank of Canada Barry Moore
Royal Bank Regional Manager Richard Pelletier
Royals By Dave Moore Equity Sports PONTIAC
Rumps Sales & Service Barry La*
Ryan Barber Dave Moore Sports Verses the Packers Sports Shawville
Ryan Powell Dave Moore
S=*S Conservative Convention
Saurer Motor Charlene Moore
SBC Ethan Wills
School Books Conservative Meeting Specialist
School Morning Worship Shawviile Her Richard Gray
School Morning Worship Shawville Rev Richard Gray
Scout Group Moore
Sec-Treas Misa Alice Moore
Second Period _ Brownlee ; Holy Trinity Church ; Mrs. Barry’s Bay
SEiil JS» Conservative Total
Separate School Board; Portage Richard Wills
Separatists bankrupt Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manage
Septic Systems & Weeping Beds Reasonable Rates Councillor Moore
Service Richard Dahms
Shawville & Clarendon Fire Department Bv LEAH MILLER Dave Moore
Shawville & District Progressive Conservative Women’s Association
SHAWVILLE By Dave Moore Equity Sports
SHAWVILLE By Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Shawville Conservative
Shawville Conservative club
Shawville Fair Conservative
Shawville Fair Richard
Shawville Nominated Conservative Standard Bearer
Shawville Outdoor Rink By Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Shawville Pontiacs Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Shawvllle Fair Richard Wills
SHEENBORO Richard Gleason
Short Story Boys Will Be Boys DOUGLAS MOORE FURS Manufacturing
SI III Richard Basehart Service
Simmons DOUGLAS MOORE FURS Manufacturing
Simmons Mrs. Marie Richard
Simon-Richard Com
Slain — Conservative Gains Include Liberal Strongholds
Smith Bros Barry Shewv.lle
SNAKE WOMAN Kieron Moore Hazel Court PHILIPS
Sporting Goode Ltd Richard
Sports Achieve- Barry Moffat
Spot Dance Prize Wills Bryson Lodge Hotel February
SPSÊ T^exander Wills
SrHSnBsS Liberal Conservative
St John » Church Moore
St Jude Moore
St Peter’s Chur- Conservative
St Valentine s Conservative Party
St. Conservative
Standard Church Try MOORE S SANI FLAT
Standard Richard Wills
Stanhow Durie Stone Manufacturing Barry Murray
Ste Anne’s Parish Richard Wins Equity Editor
SUN Dave Moore Sports Draveurs
Sun- c Dave Moore Sports Shawville
Sunder School Momng Worshp ShawvBe Pastor Richard Gray
SWITCHES NEW & USED PUMPS Authorized Dealer for Goulds Water Systems Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry
Sydewitz Conservative
Talking Pictures Richard Arlen Corn Starch Jello Sandwich Spread Magic Making Powder Baking Soda Mi
Talking- Pictures Richard Arlen
TBE LIBERAL Conservative Party
Team Eganville Barry
Team Royals Youno Guns Necks By Dave Moore Red Equity Sports
Teen Richard Wills
Teen Pontiac Richard Charron
Temiscamingue Progressive Conservative Association USED CARS
The Conservative
THE EQUITY Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Ho
The Liberal Conservative
The New Conservative Leader
Tho Liberal Conservative
Thorne Ebert & Hazel Turcotte Patricia & Eric Glahs Richard & Mary Schock Wally & Gerda Bretzlaff V
Thu Junior Conservative Club
TIGER BRAND” FLEECED UNDERWEAR 11 Conservative Women of Quyon Organise AGENTS
Tim Conservative Ministry of
Timiskamitig Conservative Association ; B P. Fades Shawville
Toronto Conservative Club
Trvr Conservative Bristol
Try Moore’s Ulilac Enamel—It’s
Uichard Richard
ULEY MtC Garth Dean Barry Russctt Stuart Mac Far
Under Conservative
Union National and Conservative Parties
United Conservative
University of Ottawa Heart Institute Barry Stanton
URAL Conservative Party
USED PUMPS Authorized Dealer for Goulds Water Systems Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
VcvICllIlg Conservative
VI Richard Wills
Village Richard S
Vincent (Conservative
Vote Conservative No- Mr. Frank Scully
Vote Hawley Lepine Dave Moore Sports Dominic
Vrovincnl Conservative
W. McKnight Conservative Association
WALTZES Dave Moore Sports
West Prouve Conservative Ass
West York Conservative
Westeel Rosco Ltd 632.18 Theodore Richard
Western Barry Sullivan
Western Québec Western Quebec School Board Richard
WILLS Standard Stock Rxrhange
Wills Aaron Perry
WILLS Commercial Institute Seal
Wills Equity Editor
Wills Equity Editor Organizers
Wills Equity Editor Three
Wills Fair Board
Wills Farm
Wills Graduates Allan
Wills Graduates Boys
WILLS News Editor DBv SE BELEC Journalist
Wills News Editor DENISE BELEC Journalist
Women''* Conservative Association of Quyon
Women’s Conservative W.
Work Melva Moore Named New Hospital Superintendent Rroudfoot Defends Que
XsrtBHBSS@ Du Barry
Young Progressive Conservative
Young Progressive Conservative Association of Mount Allison University Miss Phyllis Lang
Your Progressive Conservative Candidal Coles
Yvon Ladouceur & Richard Dubois
Z J*’011 Conservative
Z* Q & Platform Guests At Conservative Convention
ZM KM Dave Moore