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Motion Crs Jack Lang Crime Prevention Sym

Issues the organization appears in:

83471_1994-04-06 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

10-5 Saturday 10-4 Lang St.
10.00—Jack Benny
2. Motion
20 Jack Graham Community Centre
2—Jack Harrison
3.- Curried Motion Crs
7 Motion
7. Motion
7. Motion Crs
7. Motion—Boss
7. Motion—McNeili
7. Motion—Row
8. Motion
8. Motion Cr
87.00 Motion Grant Elliott
A E. Lawrence Motion Crs
A. Howard R. R. A. Marksmen Trim Carp Miss Lynda Lang
A. Lang
Absent W Lang
Adams Crs J J McCallum
Adams Crs J McCallum
Agent Lloyd Hedglns Karen’s Shoe Repairs Lang St.
Al Motion—Vrs
Albert Armstrong Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Gerald Dempsy 350
Albert Cameron 2.25 Arthur Douglas 2.25 Jack Farrell
Albert Dahms Motion Os McCann
Albert Lang
Albert Me K. McCagS Motion Waiter Kllgour
Albert Motion
Alex Drum- Motion Crs
Alex Motion
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander II Motion—Crs.
Alexander Jack
Alexander Jack.
Alexander Lang Man’s Beaver
Alexander Motion
Alexander Motion Mrs. Caldwell
Alf Draper............. Arnold Corrigan........ Motion
Alice Lang
Allan Black Clayton Dods Dale Thomson Jack Kerr Anonymous Leonard Horner Shawville Meat Market Don
Allan Jack
Allan McKinnon Bât Motion Crs
Allan Motion
Allan Smith Motion Crs
Allen Smart Motion
Allison Jack Zimmer
Alma Motion Cr
Alvin Nicholson Smith Motion
Anchor Jack
Andrew Ben- Motion Crs
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang’s
Andrew Motion
Andy Horners Motion Crs Richardson
Angela Jack Boyd
Ann Motion
Anna Ken- Motion
Anne Francis CinemaScope Jack Web
Annie Lang
Annie Twa Motion Robinson Horigins
Anthony Perkin# Jack Pa
Antun Lang
Apple Jack
Apr Jack Graham Bris
April H Jack Hawkins
Argue Motion-''Crs
Armi- Motion Crs Smiley
Armstrong Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Armstrong Wilson Thrt Crs
Arthur A Jack
Arthur Alexander Beattie Crs
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bonnie
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bronco Billy Cabaret Casey
Arthur Daaabrate Motion CIS.
Arthur Judd Motion
Arthur Kennedy Comedy Drama Motion
Arthur Lang
Arthur Lang* Cyrus MacDonald
Arthur May- Lang
Arthur Motion Cr
Arthur Motion—Comm
Au Id Lang Mins Mary Burrow*
Audrey Kelly Vômè Kelly - Jack
Austin Clarke Fred Hutchison Motion
Ban- Paul Lang
Barb Harris Shane Patrick Kelly Jack
Barbara Lang Jack Balance
Barbara Lang Plus Dana Wynter Adull Fnfrisinment Medallion
Barbara Lang Technlcolonr Felix the Fox
Barbara Rush Jack Palance
Barber ............ Motion
Barber and Crs
Barber and Crs Duff
Barber and Crs Gilpin
Barr Motion Cr
Barry Alexander Helen Bradley Jack McKay
Barry Bradley Motion
Barry Deeks Motion Crs H Wickens
Beattie’s Eye Service Motion
Beaver- Jack C. Stavenow
Beck Brown Jack
Ben Younge Audrey Lapierre Ellen McGuire Mark Lang Tom Lapierre Ryan Barber Jonathan Duff Patrick Y
Bert Jack Graham
Betty Brownlee Lang St.
Beverley Jack
Biggs Jack
Bill Lang
Bill Motion--Crs
Billie Jack
BILLS—Motion Sly Graham
Billy Jack
Billy Jack" Delores Taylor Tom Laughlin 3
Billy Jack*
Billy Jack.
Black Jack
Blake Higgins Mark Lang
Blake Pirie Lang
Block W Motion Crs
Blythe Lang
Bob Cfamobell Willie Lang
Bob Jack"
Bob Lang
Bonnie McGuire Motion
Boone Terry Moore Lang Jeffries Early Christian Drama Color Plus Certified Public Accountants
Box Social And Dance Jack Screws
BrcV''er Jack Plan
Brenda Jack
Brent Hobbs Billy Hodgins Shirley Howard Adaline Judd Dorothy Judd Jack Kehoe 463
Brent Smith Jack Rylands
Brian Judd .Elwvn Lang
Brian Motion Crs Dagg
Brian Motion Crs Duff
Brian Mrs Jack Boyd
Brian Visiting Mrs Edna Har Jack Graham
Bride Hol-Jack Graham
Brigadier Jack Gillies
Bristol Jack Graham
Bron-Motion Crs
Bronson Motion Robinson
Brown Leg- Motion
Brown Motion
Bruce Lang
Bry-Jack Thomas
Buckingham Centre Paul Lang
Bud Eilictt Goidon Stewart Motion Crs
Bud Klages-Lang
Bud Lafrance Shawville Lions Club RM Lang Mrs
Burke Crs
Burke Motion Crs
Business Association Karen Barr Jeff Harris Elwin Lang Donnie Rooney
By Jack Rabbit REGLAR FELLERS—By Gene Bymea
Byron Motion Cr
Ca* Murray Graham 647-3819 Jack Warder
Campbell Joseph A. Steele Motion Councillors
Can Jack Graham Justify
Canada Motion
Car- Motion Crs Jeannine Motion Crs Claude Rich- R
Carl Lang
Carl Tubman Motion Crs Carmen
Carmen Burke Motion
Carmen Motion
Carmen Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Carmen Wickens Motion Crs Claude Rich- Under
Carmen Wickens Motion Crs Jeannine Letter
Carol Lang
Carol Lang Beck
Carol Latray Jack Walls
Carolyn Lang
Caron Lang
Carried Motion Commr
Carried Motion Crs
Carried Motion Graham
Carrol Lang
Carroll Motion July
Carson W H Howard H A McCoy Valuators Motion Councillors St
Cau Prevention By Edward Pleyter
Caw Prevention
Cedric Crs Cedric Elliott
Cedric El- Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Cedric Motion Crs Richardson
Chairman W Lang
Chan-Jack Russell
Chandler Jack Palance Drama Double Feature
Chang Hsiao-Lang
Charles Chamberlain Motion Crs
Charles Lang
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Charles Motion
Charles Reid Mr. John Lang
Chief Harvey Wilson-Inspector PRO-MAYOR - Cr A. Brown Motion Os Grant
Chinois Motion
Chris 458-3027 Mark 458-2224 Stuart Graham Jack Graham KLl
Chris Chevlier Lang
Chris Fournier Black Jack
Chris MacIntyre Jeff GObons Gordon McGWtvroy Chad Routirfte Ralph McCoigan Paul Lang Sean McGarry K
Chris Motion
Christopher Motion
Cirried Motion
Civilian Instructor Jack Shepherd
Claire Hamilton Motion
Claire Wil- Jack Jr.
Clarence E Smith Lawrence Lang
Clarence Jack Sequin
Clarence Motion Crs Brownlee
Claude Godin Motion Crs G Hodgins
Claude Jack Lang
Claude Lang
Claude Motion Crs Claude Rich-Richardson
Claude Motion Crs D
Claude Motion Crs Jeannine Wickens Cedric Elliott
Claude Rich-Motion
Claude Richardson Crs Horner
Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Claude Richardson VISA Motion
Claude Ryan Jack Graham
Clifford Ivan Lang
Clr Edgar Motion
Clrs Maurice Motion
Clyde Jack Young
Coach Bob Lang
Coach Jack Knox
com-1 Motion Mrs. McMillan
Comm Lang
Comm W Lang
Communautaire Jack Graham de Bnstol
Community Jack Graham
Connie Lang
Cotie Motion Crs
Councillor Jack Clark
Councillors—-Jack Harrison
Cr G Hodgins Motion
Cr G Motion Crs L Wilson
Cr Jack Graham
Cr Lang
Craig Con Motion Cr Brown
Craig- Mrs Jack McKay
Cri G Crs G Hodgins
Crime Commuted
Crs A Bennett
Crs A Bennett Lapierre Pedlar People Ltd
Crs Alexander
Crs Alexander Cain
Crs Alexander Farrell
Crs Alexander Martineau
Crs Alexander Young
Crs Amo Bretzlaff
Crs Andfuw Bennett
Crs Andrew
Crs Andrew Bennett
Crs Andrew Bennett 6:15
Crs Andrew Bennett Lindsay
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Crs Andrew Gerard Joanisse
Crs Arno
Crs Arno Brctzlaff
Crs Arno Bretzlaff
Crs Arno Hretzlaff
Crs Atkinson
Crs B Armât
Crs B Armltage
Crs B Murphy
Crs Baker
Crs Barber
Crs Barber Seat 1
Crs Barber.
Crs Beattie Henderson
Crs Bennett
Crs Bernard Ar
Crs Bernard Ar-I Motion Crs Bernard Armi-mitage
Crs Bernard Arm-1
Crs Bernard Armi-and William O Reilly
Crs Bernard Armi-Gerard Joanisse Motion
Crs Bernard Armi-tagc
Crs Bernard Armi-tge
Crs Bernard Armit-age
Crs Bernard Armitage
Crs Bernard r
Crs Black
Crs Black Hayes
Crs Bretzlaff
Crs Brown
Crs Bruce
Crs Bruce Crs Gendron
Crs Bruce in8 Wo
Crs Bruce Ministry
Crs Bruce Sauvageau
Crs Burke
Crs Burke Poupore
Crs C Betty Foran
Crs C Richardson
Crs C Roy
Crs C Stanley
Crs C Township
Crs C Wickens
Crs C Wkkens
Crs Cain Pellerin
Crs Campbell
Crs Campbell Caldwell
Crs Carmen
Crs Carmen Wick-ens
Crs Carmen Wickens
Crs Carmen Wk-kens
Crs Cecil L Letts
Crs Clarke
Crs Cole
Crs Cone
Crs Cotie
Crs Craig
Crs D Fulford
Crs Dagg
Crs Dagg Young
Crs Dale
Crs Davies
Crs De
Crs Deaebrais
Crs Delbert Zacharias
Crs Desabrah
Crs Desabrais
Crs Desabrals
Crs Desabrals Murphy
Crs Desahrais
Crs Donald
Crs Duncan Stevenson
Crs E Elliott
Crs E Elliott.
Crs E McCann
Crs E Smiley
Crs Edgar Lance
Crs Eiswald Essiambre
Crs Elliott
Crs Emerson
Crs Emmcrson
Crs Eraser
Crs Fahey
Crs Farrell
Crs Farrell Alexander
Crs Farrell Cain
Crs Farrell Dagg
Crs Farrell Martineau
Crs Farrell Martine»
Crs Farrell Robert
Crs Farrell Vallille
Crs Farrell Vallillee
Crs Findlay
Crs Fitzsimmons Grant
Crs Fraser
Crs Fraser Davis
Crs G
Crs G Hod
Crs G Hodgins
Crs G Hodgins & Richardson
Crs G Hodgins Labelle
Crs G McCallum
Crs G Mr Don Lavallee
Crs G rant-Henderson
Crs G Tracy
Crs Garth Tracy
Crs Garth Tracy Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Crs Gary Hodgins
Crs Gennett
Crs Gerald Hayes
Crs Gerard
Crs Gerard Joannisse
Crs Gordon Smith
Crs Grant
Crs Grant Chamberlain
Crs Grant Connolly
Crs Grant Henderson
Crs Grant Judd
Crs Grant Marks
Crs Gray
Crs Greer
Crs Gregory
Crs H Wickens
Crs Hanna Grant
Crs Hanna-Macfarlane
Crs Harris
Crs Hayes
Crs Henderson
Crs Henderson Fitz*im
Crs Henderson Grant
Crs Henderson Marks
Crs Henderson Orr
Crs Hobbs
Crs Homer
Crs Howard
Crs Howard A. O. Hades
Crs I
Crs I Hayes
Crs Irwin Hayes
Crs J .1 McCallum
Crs J J
Crs J J Carried
Crs J J Mc(
Crs J J Mc-Caflum
Crs J J McCal-im
Crs J J McCal-lum
Crs J J McCal-| Council
Crs J J McCalium
Crs J J McCall
Crs J J McCall*
Crs J J McCalli Kenneth Farrell
Crs J J McCallum
Crs J J McCallum Rec Gen
Crs J J McCallum Wilmar Male
Crs J J McCalluml South
Crs J J McCallupi
Crs J J Md-Callum
Crs J J MeCallum
Crs J J MeCallum Minutes
Crs J J Miss Catherine Murphy
Crs J J. McCallum
Crs J L Hodgins 0
Crs J. J
Crs Joan-msse
Crs Joannisse
Crs Johnston
Crs Judd
Crs J„ J
Crs K W
Crs K Wilson
Crs Kennedy
Crs Kenneth Farrell Ryan Tanguay
Crs Kmmerson
Crs L
Crs L Hanna
Crs L McCann
Crs L Motion Crs D Fulford
Crs L MtfTann
Crs L Roy
Crs L Telford
Crs L Telford Hobbs
Crs L Wilaon
Crs L Wilson
Crs Lang
Crs Lang Carmen Wickens
Crs Leonard Roy
Crs Leonard Roy and Ron Dagg
Crs Leonard Roy.
Crs Lewis
Crs Lloyd Hensley
Crs Lloyd Kensley
Crs Lough-Merchant
Crs M
Crs M Richardson
Crs M Young
Crs Ma
Crs Marks Henderson
Crs Martin
Crs Martin Dowe
Crs Maurice Essiambre
Crs McCredie
Crs McKay
Crs Muldoon Young
Crs Municipality
Crs Murdock Russell
Crs Murdoek Henderson
Crs Murphy
Crs Murphy Motion
Crs Murray
Crs N Dunlop R. Gray
Crs O Eades Eades
Crs O Reilly
Crs Orla Young
Crs Pitt
Crs Quenneville
Crs Richardson
Crs Richardson CLD
Crs Richardson Cr
Crs Richardson George Coles
Crs Richardson UMRCQ
Crs Robinson
Crs Roger Larose
Crs Romain
Crs Ryan Tanguay
Crs Schwartz
Crs Smiley
Crs Smiley Young
Crs Smith
Crs Smith Iris Smith
Crs Steele
Crs Stevens
Crs Stewart
Crs Tabei Biehler Mr. Dixon
Crs Telford
Crs Theodore
Crs Theodore Richard
Crs Thomas
Crs Thomas - Crs Mavis Hanna
Crs Thomas Be
Crs Thomas Belair
Crs Thomas Bruce Armitage
Crs Thomas Fahey
Crs Thomas Rigid Frame
Crs Thomas S1010.90
Crs Thomas Uelair
Crs Tom Fa
Crs Tom Fa- Gérard
Crs Trudeau
Crs Voting
Crs Voting Farrell
Crs W Racine
Crs Walsh Grant
Crs Whelen Grant
Crs Wiggins
Crs William
Crs Wilson
Crs Y
Crs Yach
Crs Young
Crs Young Cain
Crs Young Farrell
Crs* Wilson
Crs.K. Wilson
CScope Ernie Kovac Margo Moore Jack Warden
Cyrus Lang
C’umr McLeod Motion John W. Brant
D. Lang
Dale Jack
Dale Motion
Dale Thomson Motion Crs
Dan Collins.Gerry Lang
Dan Jack
Dan Jack Cooper
Dan Lang
Dan Lang-Fair
Dan Motion
Daniel Lang
Daniel Motion Cr Dagg
Daniel Step- Carried Motion Os
Danny McCallum Labour Motion
Dave Keon Bill Murray Carson Ryan Todd Fraser Jamie Armstrong Mark Lang Charlie Taylor Ryan Wood
Dave Moore Andrew Lang
Dave Moore Ian Lang
Dave Moore Lang
Dave Moore Paul Lang
David Crs
David Gallagher Paul Lang
David Hobbs Mark Lang
David Lang
David Motion
David Rochon - Jack Graham -
Davis Gar- Humphrey Lang
De Jack Graham
De Motion
Debbie Jack Amshe
Debbie Jack Walls
December Crs Carmen Wickens
Dennis Motion Crs Pitt
Derek Frobel Ian Lang
Diabolical Crime
Diane Richard Villa Day Spa Elaine Lang
Dick Lang
Doctor Jack
Doctor Jack Is
Doctor Jack—
Doctor Jack—he Paris
Domenic Graham-Jack Graham
Don Lang
Don Lawrence Lang
Don Motion
Don Motion Crs Carmen Lake
Don Murray Patricia Owens Good Western Motion Crs
Donald Duff Motion Crs Orr
Donald Jack Kirkham
Donald Lang
Donald Motion
Donald Motion Cr L Roy
Donnie Motion
Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Armitage
Doris Lawrence Lang
Dorothy Jack
Dorothy Lang
Douglas Hod- Lang
Douglas James Graham Jack Graham
Douglas Lang
Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich- Fulford
Douglas ShawvLle Jack
Dove Moore A* Sport* Shawville Motion
Dr. Bruce Horner Phono Motion Cl*
Drama Richard Widmark Sidney Poitier Motion Crs Brownlee
Driving Back Jack Frost
Duncan A. Brown John Kelly Auctioneer Jack Baker
E G Motion
E Jack Graham
E./ K Motion Cr
Earl Devine V Motion
Earl Hodgins Motion Crs
Earl Lang
Earl Lang 2
Earl Lang 3
Earl Motion Cr
Earl Motion Crs Smith
Earl Motion Lr
Earl W Lang
Earle Jack
Easter Sun- J Mr. Jack
Ed Lang
Eddie J Lang
Eddie Lang
Eddie McCann Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Paul Ryan
Eddie Motion
Edgar Crs Ct‘cil Leonard Letts
Edgar Lance Crs Cecil
Edith Kelly Jack Graham
Edith Lang
Edith Mark Lang
Editor Jack
Edmund Lang
Edward Highway Motion—
Edward Hodgins Motion
Edward Kelly Motion Cr Ireland
Edward Kelly’s tender Motion Cr Tubman
Edward Motion
Edwin Alexander Motion Councillors Ar$
Ehvin Lang
El-win Lang
Elaine Lang
Elaine Lang Dan
Elaine Lang Hynes
Elaine Lang J.J.
Elaine Lang Lang
Elaine Lang Mans Sweater
Elaine Lang Poster
Elaine Lang Roybaye Farms New
Elaine ¦ Lang
Eliza James Lang Jane
Elizabeth Barber ..647-5644 Prbert Lang Lisa Smith
Elizabeth Farrell Motion Crs Malette
Elizabeth Lang
Elizabeth Lang Haines
Elizabeth Marilyn Dawn Lang Hannah
Ellen Place Motion Crs Richardson Tracy
Elliott Motion
Elliott Motion Crs
Elliott Motion—Count
Elsie Hodgins Honoured Talking* Pictures Jack Benny
Elwin Lang
Elwyn Lang
Elwyn Lang Lome Sharpe Randy Hodgins Ron Hodgins Archie
Elwyn Lang Pasch
Emma Lang
Eric Gaudet Motion Crs Fahey
Ernest Keen Motion
Ernie Lang Susse* Roosters
Ernie Lang-| QUYON
Esther Annie Lang
Ethel Craig Lang
Ethel Lang
Eva Andai Motion Ora M Richardson
Evans Swartz Motion
Evelyn Dale Lang
Evelyn Jack Callaghan
Evelyn Sharpe Jack Stewart Justin Stewart Jeff Stewart Revel Stewart Ron Stewart
Extra Motion
Far- Mark Lang
Farmers Jack Ferguson
Farrell Motion
Fina Dairy- Wayne Lang
Finance-Crs Senior
Fleming Herb Young Motion
Floor Jack
Florence Lang
Floyd Robinson Motion
Forêt P Hoy - Lang
Frances Jack Kesourek
Frances Lang-
Frances Lang- Myrna Smith
Frances Lang- Ranger
Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Arm
Frank J DeVuo- Motion Crs Duff
Frank Ladouceur Blythe Lang
Frank Ladouceur Willie Lang
Frank Lang
Frank Sofalvi Jr. Motion
Fraser Motion
Fred Fraser Motion
Fred Fraser Mrs. Jack Stewart
Fred Hod- Lawrence Lang Best
Fred Lang
Fred Lang Reasonable Rates
Fred Motion Crs
Fred Riviere Motion Crs
Fred The Lang
Frederick Blythe Lang
Frederick Lang
Gail Lang
Gary Cam Shades Leo Laoouceur Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley
Gary Hod-Elwyn Lang
Gary Hodgins Crs Garth Tracy
Gary Mayor Jack Graham
Gary Motion Crs D Fulford
Gary Trivett Motion
Gaudreau Jack Graham
George an'' Jack
George Crs Sloan
George Jack
George Lang
George Lang----
George Motion Cr
George Motion—Woods
George Mrs Jack Hamilton
George Stewart Lloyd Lang
Gerald A Lang
Gerald A. Lang
Gerald Alexander Lang
Gerald Lang
Gerald Lang Shawville Electric Lawrence Hodgins Walter J.Hargrave Alex Hollis El
Gerald Lang.......... Action Smiley
Gerald Lang’s Store
Gerald Man- Jack Murdock
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham R.R.
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham Toll Free
Gerald Manwell Motion
Gerald Rirhard Lang
Gérard Messrs Motion Cr Drummond
Gerry Lang
Giant Star Show Marlin Brando Jack Webb G.
Gibbons Crs
Gibbons Crs J J Me Callum
Gilbert Beck-Lang
Gilly Fraser Ra^ LaPine*Jack Griffin
Glenn Ford Jack Lemon Also
Glenn Morrison Rover Scout Jack Kehoe Rover Squire Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Glenn Motion—Com
Glynsi John Jack Hawking
Goalie Mark Lang
Gord Jack Betty Datton
Gordon Lang
Gordon McGillvray Paul Lang Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan
Gordon McMillan A~motion
Gordon Me- Motion Cra
Gordon Motion Crs Gibbons
Gordon Motion Crs McKay
Gordon Richard- Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Gordon Soloist:- Jack Smith
Gra-Motion Crs Grant
Grace Woods Elaine Lang
Graham B Master Jack Argue
Graham Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Graham I Motion Cr Congdon
Graham Jack Graham
Graham Jack Graham Anniversary
Graham Jack Graham 6:00
Graham Jack Graham Hi
Graham Jack Graham Kit KK 4
Graham Jack Graham KLU Oome
Graham Jack Graham RM
Graham Motion Cr Piric
Grayson Lang
Greenhouse Hugh Tracy Welding J Bertrand Chez Jack Patates Giant Tiger
Greg Lang
Greg Lang 2. Trevor Dougherty
Gregg Kitchen Call Jack Pollen
Greta Lang
Gus Lang
Gwen Barber and Jack Campbell
Gwendoline P Clarke Jack Burche
H C. Row- James Lang Shaw
H H H Motion Crs Grant
H Lang
H ¦crs
H. Lang Armstrong
H. McLean Motion Commr
H. Murphy Mrs. Jack McGuire
Hanna Crs
Hannah and Elizabeth Lang
Hannah Correction Carried Motion Crs
Harold Dodsand Jack James
Harold Jack
Harold Lang
Harris Motion—Com
Harry For- Motion Cn
Harry Foran Motion
Harry John Lang
Harry McDowell Mrs R Howard Motion
Hart Motion
Harvey Brownlee Shirley Cartman Motion
Harvey E Motion
Harvey Wilson Motion
Hazel Lang
Headphone Jack
Heather Jack.
Hector Lang
Hein Werner Bumper Jack
Hein Werner Trolley Floor Jack
Helen *eir Motion
Helen Lang
Helen Motion Cr DufT
Helen Motion Fulford
Hem Werner Trolley Floor Jack
Henderson Motion—Killoran
Henry McDowell 3. As Jack
Henry Motion
Herb Trudeau Motion
Herbert Lang
Herbert McNeil Motion
Ho Lang
Hodgi M Motion
Hodgins Garage Di« Allen Carey Lang Street X.
Hodgms Crs
Holly Brown Swiss Drummond Elwyn Lang
Holly Drummond Jack
Holly Lang Drummond
Honor Jack
Hostess Sharon Lang
Howard Jack-|es
Howard Motion—Com
Howard Motion—Crs Schwartz
Huey Lang- Bill Kinmond Named Pré
Hugh Lang Wayne Perry
Hugh Tracy Grant Rogers Lawrence Lang Bud Elliott Lei Hodgins Edgar Schwartz Irvin Jamieson Al McKe
Hull Motion Crs
HUMANITY Stuart Graham Jack Graham
Humphrey Lang
Hydraulic Jack
I-—------- Motion
I. Hobbs Lang
I. Motion
I.iura Lang
Ian "Lang
Ian Barber and Paul Lang Rets Berber
Ian J ¦ Lang
Ian Lang
Ian Lang Assists
Ian Lang Gibbons
Ian Lang Jack
Ian Lang Tournament
Ian» A c_ Motion Crs Jeannine Wick
Idena Fraser Sec.-Treas JACK RUSSELL
Iiorenzo Lang
Ill Motion Armstrong
Incumbent Jack Graham
Info-crime Qc
Institutions--Jack Bailey
Intermediate Lang
Ion Crs
Iona Hod- Lynn Lang Kitchen A White Bread
Ira Benedict Motion Crs
Iris Lang
Irma Stanley Connie Stanley Elwyn Lang Randy
Ivan Lang
Ivan Lewis Mrs. Jack Hendry
Ivan Motion
J D Andrew Lang
J E Jack 3. White Bantams—J E Jack 1
J M Argue H A McCoy Motion Councillors Young
J R —Carried Motion
J Stuart Graham Jack Graham
J W (Jack
J W (Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
J W MinictprC Motion
J • Jack Fait
Jack Sr Nl Fall Entertainment Line-up
Jack And
Jack Graham
Jack Tape Arnpnor
Jack "
Jack %nd Chris
Jack &
Jack (Graham
Jack * Clifford Obnstead
Jack -
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack 111,11 al
Jack 14h00 L Anneau
Jack 2.
Jack 2. Sow
Jack 230D.
Jack 3f Randy Borman 2
Jack 458-2333 Murray
Jack 7-2489 7-3760 7-3727 7-3824 7-2832 7-2985
Jack 7-2529 7-2415 7-3746 7-3705
Jack 7-2722 Young
Jack 9 Graham
Jack A
Jack A "
Jack A Mary
Jack A Smith
Jack A Vivian
Jack A*erst
Jack AanabeBe Glande WMMam Edward Webb Dorothy O Connor Sc
Jack Aaron
Jack Abercrom-Paul
Jack Abercrombie
Jack Ad- Eric Lindros
Jack Adam
Jack Adame
Jack Adams
Jack After
Jack Ah
Jack Aiken
Jack Ailum
Jack Alicoate*
Jack Alien
Jack Alive- 1
Jack Allen
Jack Alvin Poole
Jack and Betty
Jack and Chris
Jack and Chris Armstrong
Jack and Larry
Jack and Margaret Perrault
Jack and Nancy
Jack and Nancy Bullis
Jack and Ron
Jack and Ron Knipe
Jack and Susan McRae
Jack and William
Jack and William.
Jack Anderson
Jack Andrew
Jack Andrews
Jack Anglican Church
Jack Anniversary
Jack Anthony
Jack Anthony Mr. Gagnon
Jack Anthony Newberry
Jack Anthony Newberry Newberry - Tony
Jack Any
Jack Ar- Mr.
Jack Argm Ottawa
Jack Argue
Jack Argue*
Jack Argues
Jack Argues Office
Jack Armitage
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong Carries On Jack Armstrong
Jack Arnold StoDery
Jack Art
Jack Aside
Jack Aslong
Jack Asselin
Jack Assists
Jack Association
Jack Astle
Jack At
Jack Athol Dale
Jack Aubry
Jack Austin
Jack Axes Cross Cut Saws Swedish Web Saws Snow Shovels Hay Wire Sleigh Shoeing Channel Cutter Steel
Jack Ayeaist
Jack Ayearst
Jack Ayearst Intro-
Jack Aylmer
Jack Ayrest
Jack B
Jack B.B.Q
Jack Babbit*
Jack Bai- Tibrarv
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey Norway Bay
Jack Bair
Jack Baird
Jack Baker
Jack Bakt
Jack Balance
Jack Balance Barbara Lang Sheree North Tom Ewell
Jack Balance Jeff Chandler SIGN
Jack Ballick
Jack Ballock
Jack Ban
Jack Band"
Jack Bannerman
Jack Banta
Jack Barber
Jack Barkin
Jack Baron
Jack Barr
Jack Barr 647-
Jack Barr 6473942
Jack Barr................ R,
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Barr......................
Jack Barrie
Jack Barryirore
Jack Barrymore’s
Jack Bartlett
Jack Bathelor
Jack Baxter
Jack Beams
Jack Beaton
Jack Beattie
Jack Beatton
Jack Beaupre
Jack Beck-stead
Jack Beckett
Jack Beckstead
Jack Beckton
Jack Beechgrove
Jack Beiley Norwey Bey
Jack Belabor
Jack Belcher
Jack Bell
Jack Belsher
Jack Ben-returns
Jack Bennett
Jack Benny
Jack Benny Ann Sheridan ESTABLISHED
Jack Benny At
Jack Benny Is
Jack Benny Sunday Hour
Jack Benny Ye
Jack Benny"
Jack Benny’s
Jack Benny’s By
Jack Bent)y
Jack Bentley
Jack Bernard
Jack Bernard.
Jack Berry
Jack Bertrand
Jack Bertrands OK
Jack Bestell
Jack Bfennan
Jack Biayley
Jack Biernacki
Jack Bill
Jack Billow—“Not
Jack Billy Mahon
Jack Bingham
Jack Bird
Jack Birden
Jack Bissonette
Jack Black
Jack Black Division
Jack Blade Runner Blood Brothers Blue Thunder Body Heat Breakdance Breathless Bronco Billy Cabaret
Jack Blau Carle
Jack Blizzard
Jack Blnns
Jack Bloom
Jack Boblneon
Jack Boden
Jack Bodeu
Jack Bodui
Jack Body
Jack Bole*
Jack Boles
Jack Bond
Jack Bond Rosanne
Jack Bone
Jack Bonham
Jack Booth
Jack Borner
Jack Boss Leaves
Jack Boston
Jack Boucher
Jack Boucner
Jack Bow- Buckingham
Jack Bowden
Jack Bowden Montreal
Jack Bowden.
Jack Bowes
Jack Bowman
Jack Boyd
Jack Boyd Home
Jack Boyd Visiting
Jack Boyds
Jack Boyd’s
Jack Boyle
Jack Bradley
Jack Bradley Agricultural
Jack Bradley Tropny
Jack Bradshaw
Jack Breakfast
Jack Breav Joyce
Jack Brenan
Jack Brennan
Jack Brennan Senior
Jack Brennan’s
Jack Brennon
Jack Brest BY
Jack Brian
Jack Brian Harris
Jack Bridge
Jack Bridge QUEBEC 301
Jack Bridge Come While
Jack Bridge Murrell
Jack Bridge Nylon
Jack Bridge Shawville
Jack Bridges
Jack Brinklow
Jack Bris
Jack Brisbois
Jack Briscoe
Jack Brisebois
Jack Brooks
Jack Brown
Jack Brt-
Jack Brunswick
Jack Bryden
Jack Buchanan
Jack Budge
Jack Bui-
Jack Built
Jack Built/
Jack Bulks
Jack Bull
Jack Bullis
Jack Bun
Jack Burche
Jack Burden
Jack Burke
Jack Burke Jr.
Jack Burman
Jack Burnet
Jack Burnside
Jack Burron
Jack Burrows
Jack Burrows Mr. Harold Donnelly
Jack Burton
Jack Bush
Jack Bussell
Jack Butler
Jack Butterfly Farm
Jack Button
Jack Byers
Jack Byrnes
Jack Byron
Jack C*
Jack C*ix Ont
Jack Ca-on
Jack Cade
Jack Cade’s Castle
Jack Cahill
Jack Cal
Jack Cal-Martineau
Jack Calder
Jack Caldwell
Jack Call
Jack Callaghan
Jack Callaghan On Saturday
Jack Calumet
Jack Cameron
Jack Camp
Jack Camp-operative
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell Well
Jack Campbell Wth
Jack Campbellford Cement Stave Silos _ Silo
Jack Can
Jack Canada
Jack Canada Day Parade
Jack Canuck
Jack Carisse
Jack Carlson
Jack Carmen
Jack Carriesse
Jack Carrisse
Jack Carson
Jack Carson Campbell’s Bay
Jack CartfM
Jack Cartier England
Jack Carty
Jack Casino
Jack Casino Opens
Jack Casino Opens 1:00
Jack Cassette
Jack Cassidy
Jack Cassie
Jack Castelman
Jack Castle
Jack Castleton
Jack Cavil
Jack Cavili
Jack Challis
Jack Chapman
Jack Charbon-nceu
Jack Charbon-neau
Jack Charlton
Jack Charron
Jack Charron Arena
Jack Charron Arena Kanata
Jack Checkerbarker
Jack Chega
Jack Chenier
Jack Cherry
Jack Chevier
Jack Chftllow
Jack Christian
Jack Christmas
Jack Churchill
Jack CiÉ C I.iikIv Binctti» Guy Thstowull
Jack CIuetL Quoted
Jack Cl
Jack Clarence Brown
Jack Clarence Brownlee
Jack Clark
Jack Clarke
Jack Clarke*
Jack Clarkes
Jack Class
Jack Clayton Young
Jack Cleland
Jack Clin-
Jack Clinker
Jack Clint
Jack Clissold
Jack Cloutier
Jack Clupham
Jack Cnrru
Jack Cobb
Jack Cobb Haileybury
Jack Cobh
Jack Coburn
Jack Cocktails
Jack Coghill
Jack Col-
Jack Collins
Jack Come
Jack Community Centre
Jack Competition Events
Jack Connolly
Jack Connor
Jack Conroy
Jack Contest
Jack Conway
Jack Coogan
Jack Cook
Jack Cooke
Jack Cooke All
Jack Coombs
Jack Cooney
Jack Coooey
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Royal Canadian Legion
Jack Cor
Jack Corbeil
Jack Corbeile
Jack Corcoran
Jack Cornette
Jack Cornwall
Jack Cornwell
Jack Cororan
Jack Correspondent
Jack Corrigan
Jack Cory Smart
Jack Costello
Jack Cot-man
Jack Cotman
Jack Cotnam
Jack Cotnam Minutes
Jack Coulonge
Jack Council
Jack Country Wanderers
Jack Coutier
Jack Couture
Jack Cowan
Jack Cowley
Jack Coyle
Jack Cra
Jack Craig
Jack Craig.
Jack Cram
Jack Craw
Jack Crawford
Jack Crawford - Coverly Bud
Jack Crawford-Count Breeze
Jack Creley Color Plus
Jack Creley Jay Reynolds Color
Jack Croton
Jack Crowley
Jack Cruikshanks
Jack Csmithew
Jack Cuff
Jack Culler
Jack Culley
Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham Charles Kucharik
Jack Currie Mills
Jack Currie THEATRE Ul
Jack Currie-Mills
Jack Currymills
Jack Curtis
Jack Curtiss
Jack Cush
Jack Cuthbcrt
Jack Cu^ig
Jack D C M. Miss Ann Campbell
Jack Dailey
Jack Dale
Jack Dalford
Jack Daltdhl Unhand
Jack Dalton
Jack Daly
Jack Dana
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniels
Jack Darragh
Jack Dash
Jack Dashing
Jack David
Jack Davidson
Jack Davie
Jack Davies
Jack Daviev
Jack Davis
Jack Dawkins
Jack Dawson
Jack Day
Jack Dcanne
Jack Dcrouin
Jack De-the Silver Maple Hotel
Jack Debra Greenshields
Jack Delaney
Jack Delorme
Jack Dem- Veterans Parks Com
Jack Demers
Jack Demp
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey—there’s
Jack Denault Doreen Picard
Jack Denham
Jack Denny
Jack Der-
Jack Derion
Jack Derouin
Jack Derouin........ Ernie Gillis
Jack Deschenes
Jack Dick MG LEYS
Jack Died
Jack Din
Jack Dine
Jack Dionne
Jack Diploek Nias-
Jack Dirks
Jack Dodd
Jack Dodds
Jack Doherty
Jack Dolan
Jack Dolan Ah
Jack Dolun
Jack Don
Jack Donald Trudeau
Jack Donliko
Jack Doo
Jack Doughty
Jack Downing Letter*
Jack Downright
Jack Doyle
Jack Dr
Jack Dragna
Jack Draper
Jack Drisner
Jack Driver
Jack Drummond
Jack Duff
Jack Duffy
Jack Duford
Jack Duggan
Jack Dun-
Jack Duncan
Jack Duncan Pots
Jack Dunlap
Jack Dunlap Jr
Jack Dunlap Sr.
Jack Dunlop
Jack Dunlop Mrs. Lena Myers
Jack Dunlp
Jack Dunn
Jack Dunop
Jack e8faPe
Jack Eades
Jack Eady
Jack Earl.
Jack Eason
Jack East
Jack Eastern Breeders Incorp
Jack Easton
Jack Easy
Jack Eaymie
Jack Ebert
Jack ED 81J-
Jack Edgar
Jack Edmonton
Jack Edwards
Jack Eg*
Jack Egan
Jack Egyptian
Jack Eileen’s
Jack Einheber BA
Jack Electric
Jack Ella<
Jack Ellacott
Jack Ellacotte
Jack Ellacott’s
Jack Ellaeotl
Jack Ellarott
Jack Elliot
Jack Elliott
Jack Elliott ................ Provincial Treasurer
Jack Elliott ADA DALEY
Jack Elliott............
Jack Elliott............. Cecil Howard
Jack Elwyn Lang
Jack Emmerson
Jack Enac.
Jack English
Jack Enslow
Jack Enterprises
Jack Epp
Jack Equity
Jack Equity Photo Horner
Jack Ernst
Jack Es
Jack Est
Jack EUacotte
Jack Euamfc
Jack Eustace Cavill
Jack Evaline Hodgins
Jack Evans
Jack Evans and Connor Walsh
Jack Evans Is
Jack Evans Pontiacs
Jack Evers
Jack F Graham
Jack F W. Taylor
Jack F.
Jack F. Steyskal
Jack Faience
Jack Fairclough
Jack Fait
Jack Fait St
Jack Fallen
Jack Fallen En Ltd.
Jack Fallen Enterprises
Jack Fallen Enterprises Limited
Jack Fallen Enterprises Ltd. Haley
Jack Fallen Enterprises Ltd. Haley Station
Jack Fanner
Jack Far Here
Jack Farm
Jack Farmer
Jack Farnam
Jack Farrell
Jack Farrell -
Jack Farrell-
Jack Farrell-Rcg Div.
Jack Faught
Jack Fawcett
Jack Fcott’shelp
Jack FE
Jack Feeney
Jack Ferguson
Jack Ferguson Executor
Jack Ferguson For
Jack Ferrell
Jack Ferrigan
Jack Ferrigen
Jack Ferris
Jack FIct
Jack Filkin
Jack Findlay
Jack Fine
Jack Finn
Jack Finn Waterloo
Jack Fiost
Jack FIs
Jack Fish
Jack Fish Bay
Jack Fizzlstop
Jack Flagler
Jack Fleming
Jack Fleming Easter
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher Mr Earl Gray Ot‘ow
Jack Fletcher To
Jack Florida
Jack Foote
Jack Forbes
Jack Ford
Jack Ford Car For
Jack Foreman
Jack Fort William
Jack Fos-
Jack Foster
Jack Foster Z
Jack Foster’s
Jack Fra-«-v
Jack Fraeer
Jack Francoeur
Jack Fraser
Jack Fred Dale.
Jack Frede-
Jack Frederick
Jack Fredrick
Jack Freet
Jack Fro*t
Jack Fro.-t
Jack Froat
Jack Froat Failed When
Jack Froet
Jack Froht
Jack Front
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Experimental
Jack Frost River
Jack Frost Rolled
Jack Frostr
Jack Frosts
Jack Frost’s
Jack Fry
Jack Ftrgukon* Charleroi
Jack Fuller
Jack Fulton
Jack Funk
Jack Furthermore
Jack G
Jack Gaëtan Nadeau Ltd
Jack Gallagher
Jack Gammon
Jack Garden
Jack Gardner Denver
Jack Garland
Jack Garth Tracy
Jack Garvin
Jack Gatineau Arthur Earl Bean
Jack Gauthier
Jack Gauthier Otter Lake
Jack Gazai
Jack Gervais
Jack Gibeault
Jack Gibson
Jack Giecnough
Jack Gilbert
Jack Gillilaad
Jack Gilmour
Jack Ginns
Jack Givens Hils
Jack Gnf- Brendan Boyle
Jack Good
Jack Good-heart
Jack Goodfellow
Jack Goods
Jack Goodwin
Jack Gordie Black
Jack Gordon
Jack Goudreau
Jack Gr
Jack Gra
Jack Gra Mansfield
Jack Gra-
Jack Gra- Dempsey
Jack Gra- Farm
Jack Gra- Force
Jack Gra- Nina
Jack Gra- Parks
Jack Gra- Pascale Tremblay
Jack Gra- Quyon
Jack Gra- Twolan
Jack Gra- United Church
Jack Gra- William Hickey
Jack Gra-.
Jack Gra-A
Jack Gra-and
Jack Gra-cerns
Jack Gra-i
Jack Gra-ing
Jack Gra-io
Jack Gra-Jerry Amyotte
Jack Gra-Joiniés
Jack Gra-Mayor
Jack Gra-same
Jack Gra-second
Jack Grab
Jack Grace
Jack Graham
Jack Graham 4
Jack Graham - Mutual Ins
Jack Graham 238.
Jack Graham 458
Jack Graham 647-3885
Jack Graham 8
Jack Graham 9
Jack Graham Agriculture Coordinator
Jack Graham and Nancy Tubman
Jack Graham Billy Ta Pizza Dr. Dang Dentistry Special
Jack Graham Birstol Municipal Hall
Jack Graham Bnstol Community
Jack Graham Bnstol Community Centre
Jack Graham Bristol
Jack Graham Bristol Communitv Centre
Jack Graham Bristol Community
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Bristol
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG RE-ELECT Christopher YOUNG
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Saturday
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Spaghetti Supper
Jack Graham Bristol Kristina Misener
Jack Graham Bristol Mayor
Jack Graham Bristol Municipal Hall
Jack Graham Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday
Jack Graham Budget Speech
Jack Graham Centre
Jack Graham Centre Communataire
Jack Graham Clarendon
Jack Graham Community
Jack Graham Community Center
Jack Graham Community Centre
Jack Graham Community Centre Our
Jack Graham Community Centre Refreshments
Jack Graham Community Hall
Jack Graham Dear Ratepayer
Jack Graham Dumouchel
Jack Graham Enjoys Big Toronto Convention MI
Jack Graham Financial Review
Jack Graham Fire Department
Jack Graham Hall
Jack Graham J&J Grocery Pontiac Auto Parts McCann
Jack Graham Jameson Mick
Jack Graham JOHN
Jack Graham Katharine Fletcher
Jack Graham Ladouceur
Jack Graham Lawrence Reid
Jack Graham Litchfield
Jack Graham Locally
Jack Graham Mayor Léo Piché
Jack Graham Memorial
Jack Graham Memorial Hall
Jack Graham Memorial Hall Cheslyn Trudeau
Jack Graham Motion Cr Orr
Jack Graham Municipal Hail
Jack Graham Municipalité
Jack Graham Murdock Glass
Jack Graham Numbers
Jack Graham O Mayor Holiday Shopping Hours Thurs
Jack Graham Players
Jack Graham Quyon
Jack Graham R.R.
Jack Graham Recreation Hall
Jack Graham RLl
Jack Graham San
Jack Graham Scott Wilson
Jack Graham SQ Const
Jack Graham Stella Scott
Jack Graham This
Jack Graham Town Hall
Jack Graham Week"
Jack Graham wide
Jack Graham You
Jack Graham)
Jack Graham*
Jack Graham* Jim Congdon Donnie NLCrrdie* Paul Hi
Jack Grahams
Jack Graham’s
Jack Graham’s Esso Tel
Jack Graham’s Mutual Life
Jack Grahm
Jack Grah«un
Jack Granatstetn
Jack Grand
Jack Grant
Jack Graveline
Jack Gray
Jack Gray EQUITY
Jack Gre
Jack Green Deaconist Director
Jack Greiner
Jack Grey
Jack Griffin
Jack Griffin Mu OTC Quebec
Jack Groundhog
Jack Grtham
Jack Guest
Jack Gunn
Jack Gunne
Jack H--------------.
Jack Hackney
Jack Hag
Jack Haig
Jack Haley
Jack Haley Last Saturday
Jack Hall
Jack Halli-
Jack Halliday
Jack Ham
Jack Ham*
Jack Hambleton
Jack Hamblton
Jack Hamilton
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer 16961
Jack Hammer Drill
Jack Hammer Drill -
Jack Hammer Reg
Jack Hanna
Jack Hannerman
Jack Hantaan
Jack Haoell
Jack Happy
Jack Har-Foran
Jack Harbor-
Jack Harmer
Jack Harmon
Jack Harr
Jack Harrell
Jack Harris
Jack Harris 647
Jack Harris Crete
Jack Harris Ottawo
Jack Harris To
Jack Harrises
Jack Harrison
Jack Harrison Gerard Jounnisse
Jack Harrison Iterson
Jack Harrison Stamps
Jack Harrison’s
Jack Hart
Jack Hartman
Jack Harvester
Jack Hassei
Jack Hassel
Jack Hassell
Jack Hatley
Jack Hatter’s
Jack Haw
Jack Haw Mrs Bari Findlay
Jack Hawkins
Jack Hawkins ANDERSON
Jack Hawkins Alec Guinness Kory Calhoun Piper Laurie Victor Jury John Bromfield
Jack Hawkins Arlene Dahl
Jack Hawkins Business Drama
Jack Hawkins Dewey Martin Call Cinemascope
Jack Hawkins Joan Colline
Jack Hawkins Joan Collins
Jack Hawkins Mia Farrow
Jack Hawkins Nina Foch Technicolor
Jack Hawkins Peter Finch
Jack Hawkins Virginia McKeena
Jack Hawley
Jack Hconey
Jack Hcrdman
Jack Healcv
Jack Healey
Jack Hearty
Jack Heaslip
Jack Heather Alberti Dickson
Jack Heeney
Jack Hein
Jack Helping Hands
Jack Henley
Jack Henry
Jack Henry.
Jack Henry/.... Curtis Hudson Joy Darby
Jack Her
Jack Herdman
Jack Hessell
Jack HI.
Jack Hill
Jack Hillis
Jack His
Jack Hitchcock
Jack Hlllis Smith
Jack Hobbs
Jack Hobbs Cl
Jack Hoden
Jack Hodgins
Jack Hodgson
Jack Hoe
Jack Hogan Recommended As Adult Entertainment Don Trudeau
Jack Holden
Jack Holes
Jack Holland
Jack Holland Mr.
Jack Hollinger
Jack Holly
Jack Holmes
Jack Holt
Jack Homer
Jack Hood
Jack Hopkins
Jack Hopkins Ltd.
Jack Horien..and
Jack Horn
Jack Horn- Brenda Murphy
Jack Horner
Jack Horner Genius
Jack Horner 235
Jack Horner 286
Jack Horner 8:30
Jack Horner I*
Jack Horner M.P.
Jack Horner Sat
Jack Horner Story Horner
Jack Horner—are
Jack Horner”
Jack Horror
Jack Hosier MP
Jack Hospital
Jack Hossall
Jack Hossell
Jack Hot-of Mr. Leonard
Jack Houston
Jack Howard
Jack Howard and Betty McGregor
Jack Howe
Jack Howell
Jack Howies
Jack Hoxie
Jack Hudson
Jack Hue
Jack Hueston
Jack Hui-
Jack Hul-
Jack Hulbert
Jack Hunt
Jack Hunter Donolly
Jack Hur-teau
Jack Hurteau
Jack Hussell
Jack Hut
Jack Hyatt
Jack Hydraulic Oil
Jack Hylands
Jack Hynes
Jack I
Jack I Caldwell
Jack I Graham
Jack I Hardy
Jack I V £ Lester
Jack I"
Jack I#
Jack I''iîost
Jack I-avigne
Jack IA
Jack Idler
Jack Iducky
Jack Ifnceman
Jack Ihss
Jack Ike B!p»er
Jack Impetuously
Jack In
Jack Instructed
Jack Insulted
Jack Intoxicated
Jack Is
Jack Is Indignant
Jack Is/or»
Jack Island
Jack It
Jack ItffingtonVi
Jack Ivecomcs
Jack Ixican
Jack Ixing
Jack Ixmg Voice
Jack I»aw
Jack I’he
Jack I’m
Jack Δ
Jack J
Jack J Griffin
Jack J R°yal Dubue
Jack J)undas
Jack J30
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Lang
Jack Jacobson
Jack Jakes
Jack James
Jack James Durant
Jack Jamie- Vacation
Jack Jansen
Jack Janson
Jack January
Jack Jayne’s
Jack Jenks
Jack Jennings
Jack Jewel
Jack Jewell
Jack Jim
Jack Job-ns
Jack Jockstrap
Jack John
Jack John Egan
Jack John Langford Mt tdce
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnsons
Jack Johnson—or
Jack Johnston
Jack Johnston He
Jack Jolicoeur
Jack JoneM^ggggl
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Here Today Jill Corey
Jack Jones It
Jack Jr on
Jack Jr.
Jack Jr. Cora
Jack Judd
Jack Judd.
Jack Judd’s
Jack Judge
Jack Justin McGuire
Jack Kanawin
Jack Kane
Jack Katie
Jack Kay
Jack Kcllehvt Mr.
Jack Kdly
Jack Ke
Jack Kealey
Jack Keally
Jack Kealy
Jack Kearns
Jack Kegm
Jack Kehoe
Jack Kehoe J.
Jack Kelk
Jack Kelleher
Jack Kelley
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Draveurs
Jack Kelly Hlldy
Jack Kelly May Wynn
Jack Kelly Ray Denton V Set
Jack Kelly Stéphane Parc
Jack Kelly Tuesday
Jack Ken- Gray
Jack Keneti
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kenny
Jack Kensley
Jack Kerr
Jack Kerr Mrs. Melvin Young
Jack Kerr Toronto
Jack Ketrham
Jack Kim
Jack Kincade
Jack King
Jack Kingsbury
Jack Kingston Quality Recording Star
Jack King»
Jack Kirk
Jack Kirk-
Jack Kirkham
Jack Kirkham Chaplan
Jack Kirkham Visiting
Jack Kirkland
Jack Kirtham
Jack Kitfpe
Jack Klaasscn
Jack Klaassen
Jack Klasscn
Jack Klassen
Jack Knife
Jack Knight
Jack Knipc
Jack Knipe
Jack Knipe Mr
Jack Knipes
Jack Knives
Jack Knlpe
Jack Knott
Jack Know
Jack Knox
Jack Knox 1
Jack Knox 3rd
Jack Knox Ernest Garland
Jack Knox I David Russell
Jack Knox Junior
Jack Knox Powell
Jack Knox Reserve
Jack Ko
Jack Kopstein CD.
Jack Kovar
Jack Kramer
Jack Kroil
Jack Kuipe
Jack Kvhoe
Jack L Cottet
Jack L. Brown
Jack La
Jack La.dwell
Jack Labrador
Jack Ladder
Jack Ladder Steam Rlckerm
Jack Laderpute
Jack Ladouceur
Jack Laffe^y
Jack Lafond
Jack Lagarde
Jack Laidlaw
Jack Laird
Jack Laldlaw
Jack Lalond
Jack Lalonde
Jack Landry
Jack Lane
Jack Lang
Jack Lang W
Jack Lang - Clarendon
Jack Lang - Treasurer
Jack Lang - Vice-president
Jack Lang 647-5441
Jack Lang Americas Nul
Jack Lang Beautification Contest
Jack Lang By Paul McGee Equity Editor
Jack Lang Carmen Wickens
Jack Lang Commerce
Jack Lang Correspondence
Jack Lang Curlers
Jack Lang Dubuc
Jack Lang Gerald Kdly
Jack Lang Harolyn Farms Butson
Jack Lang Huckabone
Jack Lang I8762*d23
Jack Lang Lang
Jack Lang Lease
Jack Lang Motion Crs Jack Lang
Jack Lang Municipality
Jack Lang Public Notice
Jack Lang Randy Carson -
Jack Lang Representative Break
Jack Lang Showmanship
Jack Lang Sorel
Jack Lang Starting June
Jack Lang UMRCQ
Jack Lang Vi Best Full Beard
Jack Lang Wickens
Jack Langford
Jack Lapierre
Jack Laplante
Jack Laplerre
Jack Lariviere
Jack Larocque
Jack LaRue Norah Beery
Jack Later
Jack Latimer
Jack Latoode
Jack Latray
Jack Lauder
Jack Laurina Hodgins
Jack Lav-iolette’s
Jack Lavigne
Jack Lavigne’s
Jack Lavoie
Jack Lawn
Jack Lawson
Jack Lawton
Jack Layton
Jack Ldn& Bill/ Murray
Jack Le
Jack Le-
Jack Lee
Jack Legge
Jack Lemeux
Jack Lemieux
Jack Lemieux Jr
Jack Lemmon
Jack Lemmon Carol Lynley
Jack Lemmon Comedy
Jack Lemmon June Aljyson Jacques Bergeras Allison Hayes Horror Drama
Jack Lemmon Natalie Wood
Jack Lemmon Walter Mafthu
Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Gig Young Carol Lynley
Jack Lemon Judy Hallday Adventure Romance FIRST
Jack Lemur
Jack Leronde
Jack Leslie
Jack Lestel*
Jack Lester
Jack Lester Mrs. Grégoire Loiselle Mrs. Roland McDougall Mrs. S. Wyman McKechnie Mrs. Ken Morrison
Jack Lev
Jack Leva
Jack Lie
Jack Lingill
Jack Lionettes
Jack Litchfield United Church
Jack Little
Jack Locke
Jack Lockhart Canadi WANTED
Jack Lockwood
Jack Logan
Jack Loken
Jack Loken Final
Jack Lon-swelling
Jack London
Jack Long
Jack Loraine
Jack Lord
Jack Lord FISH
Jack Lord Susan Strasberg
Jack Lou-
Jack Louis Brown
Jack Louise
Jack Lovatt
Jack Lovatt’s
Jack Lover
Jack Lucas
Jack Lukus
Jack Lumsden
Jack L^
Jack M I.arc
Jack Ma
Jack Mac Vicar
Jack Mac- Pherson
Jack MacArthur
Jack MacCosham
Jack MacDonald
Jack Macintosh
Jack MacIntyre
Jack Mack
Jack Mackay
Jack MacLaren
Jack MacLaren Farm Systems Elliott Farm Equipment R.A. B-B-Q
Jack MacLean
Jack MacPherson Mr Paul Martineau M.P.
Jack MacRae
Jack Madro Each
Jack Mahoney Linda Cristal Color
Jack Mahoney Luana Patten Sophia Loren With Thursday
Jack Mahoney Shawn Smith Joanne Weldon
Jack Mahoney Write
Jack Malcttc
Jack Malette
Jack MaoLaren
Jack Mar
Jack Mar-
Jack March
Jack Marion
Jack Marjorie
Jack Mark
Jack Marsh
Jack Marshall
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Sunday
Jack Martin Wakefield
Jack Mat-
Jack Mathers
Jack Maughan
Jack Mayhew
Jack Mayor Graham
Jack Mc-er Thrun
Jack Mc-Kav
Jack MC.
Jack McArthur
Jack McBane
Jack McBane Quyon
Jack McCaffrey
Jack McCagg
Jack McCai-
Jack McCallum
Jack McCann
Jack McCaul
Jack McClaren Farm Services
Jack McClaskey
Jack McClel- No
Jack McClennon Barry’s Bay
Jack McClure
Jack McCooeye
Jack McCormack
Jack McCoubrey
Jack McCoubrey Brian Coughlin
Jack McCoubry
Jack McCoy
Jack McCredie
Jack McDearmid
Jack McDonald
Jack McDowell
Jack McElroy
Jack McEwen
Jack McFall
Jack McFetrick
Jack McGee
Jack McGee Raymond Johnston
Jack McGee»
Jack McGill Send
Jack McGinn
Jack McGregor
Jack McGuire
Jack McIntyre
Jack McKav
Jack McKay
Jack McKay ............. Leonard Stanley
Jack McKay First
Jack McKay Shawville Motor Sa
Jack McKennys
Jack McKimmie
Jack McKinlay
Jack McKnight
Jack McLar-
Jack McLar- Richardson
Jack McLaran Firm Service* Ltd.
Jack McLaren
Jack McLaren Cobden
Jack McLaren Eastern Breeders
Jack McLaren Farm Equipment
Jack McLaren Farm ServI
Jack McLaren Farm Service
Jack McLaren Farm Service* Ltd.
Jack McLaren Farm Services Ltd
Jack McLaren Farm Services Ltd.
Jack McLaren Farm Supplies
Jack McLaren Farm Systems Jamieson Enterprises Elliott Farm Equipment Barker Motors R.A. B-B-Q Satu
Jack McLaren Form Services Ltd.
Jack McLaren Ottawa
Jack McLaren Pilots
Jack McLar_
Jack McLean
Jack McLelland
Jack McLellao
Jack McLennan Marshall
Jack McLeod
Jack McLeod Kerr
Jack McManus
Jack McMillan
Jack McMurray
Jack McNally
Jack McNeil
Jack McNeill
Jack McNeil’s
Jack McNeley
Jack McOulre
Jack McPartlm
Jack McPhail
Jack McPherson
Jack McRa
Jack McRae
Jack McRae Gail Gavan
Jack McRae Gail Psvan
Jack McRae Gary Fairburn
Jack McRae Restaurant
Jack McRae Silver Maple Hotel Ladysmith
Jack McRae Use
Jack Md Margaret
Jack Mdaren
Jack Me Guire
Jack Me Ray
Jack Me Vicar
Jack Me* Cagg
Jack Me-
Jack Me- Ratepayers
Jack MeAuliffe
Jack Med
Jack Medlca
Jack Meeking
Jack Mela
Jack Melleken
Jack Melnick
Jack Melniek
Jack Meron
Jack Methodist Church
Jack Metier
Jack Me— B Stewart.
Jack MHllUVHlK Mr.
Jack Mid-summer Millinery Owning
Jack Middl-
Jack Middlestead
Jack Middleton
Jack Mignault
Jack Mil-
Jack Millar
Jack Miller
Jack Milliken
Jack Milllken
Jack Mills
Jack Milltken
Jack Min-permanently
Jack Mine
Jack Miner
Jack Miner Bird
Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary
Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary On
Jack Miner Gives New Name
Jack Miner R*mt* Manly F. Miner
Jack Miner Rolls Up Another Honor Jack Miner
Jack Miner Sanctuary
Jack Miner—and
Jack Miner’s
Jack Miner’s Garden
Jack Miner’s Wofk
Jack Minor
Jack Miss Ella White
Jack Mitchell
Jack Mitchem
Jack Mitchem Lillian Wiggins
Jack Mite
Jack Mnlhall
Jack Mo-Gee
Jack Molleken
Jack Molloy’s
Jack Monague
Jack Montagne
Jack Montagne Sr
Jack Montague
Jack Montique
Jack Moore
Jack Moorfield
Jack Moorhead
Jack Mor-
Jack Morin
Jack Morris
Jack Morrison
Jack Morrison’s
Jack Mortimer
Jack Mosley
Jack Mot
Jack Motion Cr T Smith
Jack Moulton
Jack Mouse
Jack Mousseau
Jack Mowet
Jack Mr.
Jack Mrs Audry Leclair
Jack Mrs Claude Mrs
Jack Mrs Myrtle Deering
Jack Mrs. Amile Zacharias
Jack Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Jack Mrs. Moise Sauve
Jack Mtchem
Jack Mtirdoek
Jack Muldoon
Jack Mulhall
Jack Mulligan
Jack Mun-
Jack Municipal Debentures May Sometimes
Jack Municipality
Jack Munro
Jack Murdock
Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin Dragon Fly
Jack Murphy
Jack Murray
Jack Murray Graham
Jack Murray—and
Jack Murta
Jack Mus- Mrs. John Ade
Jack My
Jack Myers
Jack MyLkmogh
Jack Nancy Turcotte
Jack Nathanson
Jack Ncphin
Jack Needham
Jack Nephin
Jack Nepin
Jack Nesbett
Jack Nesbitt
Jack New
Jack Newman
Jack NfcKay
Jack Nichols Agrieul
Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson For All Earl Lepine Garage Ltd.
Jack Nicholson R VER VIEW
Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear
Jack Nicklaus Golf Sel
Jack Nickolson Moil
Jack Nicolson
Jack Nielsen
Jack Nine
Jack Nixon
Jack Nolan
Jack None
Jack Nooman
Jack Noonan
Jack Noonew
Jack Norma
Jack North
Jack Nose
Jack Not
Jack Nothing
Jack Nox
Jack Ntn
Jack Nurvy
Jack O
Jack O Connor
Jack O Lantern
Jack O Brien
Jack O Brie»
Jack O Connor
Jack O Donnell
Jack O Grady
Jack O Muttin
Jack O N.il
Jack O Neil
Jack O Neill
Jack O Reilly OJdJ.
Jack O''Brien
Jack O-day
Jack Oak
Jack Oakie
Jack Oakie Mary Carlisle
Jack Oakie _
Jack Oaltag-
Jack Oalue Don Ameche Janet Blair Store
Jack Oct. 9
Jack October
Jack Oetrom
Jack Of Chapeau
Jack Oil
Jack Olden
Jack ONeil
Jack Ont.
Jack Ooodley
Jack Oordm&n
Jack Oossman
Jack Opportunity TOT
Jack Ora
Jack Oraham
Jack Orahem
Jack Oral*..4 Vf
Jack Oriftin
Jack Orval Principal
Jack Osmond
Jack Ostrom
Jack Others
Jack Our
Jack Owen
Jack O’Brien
Jack O’Connor
Jack O’Donohue
Jack O’Lanterns
Jack O’Neil
Jack O’Neil Gordon Holmes
Jack O’Neil Secretary
Jack O’Neil* Shetland Pony
Jack O’Neill
Jack O’Neill Mr.
Jack Pa
Jack Pa a"
Jack Paiance McDonald Carey
Jack Palan
Jack Palance
Jack Palance ARROWHEAD
Jack Palance Arrowhead Charlton Heston Red Skelton Ronald Regan Technicolor Victor Mature Sterling
Jack Palance Cedar
Jack Palance Joan Fontaine
Jack Palanee
Jack Pallen Enterprises Ltd.
Jack Pallister
Jack Palter Enterprises Limited
Jack Panozzo
Jack Paquette
Jack Par-
Jack Parizeau
Jack Parkington
Jack Parnham
Jack Parnham Emerson
Jack Parvyn
Jack ParvynI
Jack Pat-
Jack Pat-Motion V. Foran
Jack Patanilla
Jack Paterson
Jack Patsy Cotnam
Jack Patten Enterprises Ltd. Haley Station
Jack Patter-
Jack Patter-burned
Jack Patterson
Jack Peaker
Jack Pearl
Jack Peeling
Jack Peever
Jack Peifer
Jack Peinstein
Jack Pelence Tony Musante E.W. Mulligan
Jack Pembroke
Jack Pennessy
Jack Penny
Jack Penny’s
Jack Perault
Jack Perrault
Jack Perreault
Jack Perry
Jack Peters
Jack Peterson
Jack Pethick
Jack Petrie
Jack Pharand
Jack Pharand Urban Renewal Commission
Jack Phelps
Jack Phillips
Jack Pickersgill
Jack Picot
Jack Pierce
Jack Pigott
Jack Pikersgill
Jack Pine
Jack Pine 8
Jack Pine 8’
Jack Pine Bud
Jack Pine Bud Worm
Jack Pine Ctt Rmglit
Jack Pine Does Not Mature
Jack Pine Percherons
Jack Pine Plains
Jack Pine Raymond Johnston
Jack Pine Rough Mixed Hardwood------- Rough Poplar
Jack Pine Rough Mixed Hardwood------- Rough Poplar __
Jack Pine Rough Poplar Peeled Poplar Mixed Rough Hardwood
Jack Pine White Pine Red Pine Spruce
Jack Pine----------------------- White
Jack Pine____ White
Jack Pipe Stands
Jack Plunkette
Jack Plunketts
Jack Poirier
Jack Pollen
Jack Pollen Enterprises Limited
Jack Pollen Enterprises Ltd.
Jack Pollen John Larrfbert
Jack Pollen Kenmore
Jack Pollen Quebec
Jack Pony
Jack Pook
Jack Poole
Jack Poole Gordon Popkey
Jack Portage
Jack Portage Bridge
Jack Porter
Jack Portland
Jack Pot
Jack Pot - Beef
Jack Pot Jumbo
Jack Pot Prize
Jack Pots
Jack Potts
Jack Pounce
Jack Powell
Jack Powell—with
Jack Prime Minister
Jack Pritchard
Jack Proceeds
Jack Proven Line Lang
Jack Provost
Jack Pumpkin
Jack Pumpkinhead
Jack Purcell Community Motion Crs Orr
Jack Pyke
Jack Q
Jack Qstrom
Jack Quaile
Jack Quebec
Jack Queen King
Jack Quinn
Jack Quyon
Jack Q’Connor
Jack R
Jack R Miron
Jack Rabb
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabies
Jack Racine
Jack Raday
Jack Raddafz
Jack Raddatz
Jack Radford
Jack Ralph
Jack Ranger
Jack Rata-went West
Jack Ray-
Jack Raymond
Jack Raymond Quebec C
Jack Raymond’s
Jack Reasbeck
Jack Rebecca.
Jack Rebertz
Jack Redden
Jack Reden
Jack Regan
Jack Regular
Jack Reid
Jack Rempier
Jack Rennick
Jack Rennie
Jack Rennison
Jack Rennkk
Jack Renshaw
Jack Reste
Jack Reuben Harris
Jack Reynolds
Jack Rice
Jack Rich
Jack Richardson
Jack Riddle
Jack Riebertz
Jack rises
Jack Risse
Jack Ritchie
Jack Rivet
Jack Robert
Jack Robert Lacourse .423
Jack Robertson
Jack Robillard
Jack Robin-
Jack Robinmsn Mrs. Cecil Fans
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Eric Vadneau
Jack Robinson Visiting
Jack Robinson’s
Jack Roden
Jack Rodenberg
Jack Roebuck
Jack Rogers
Jack Rohinson
Jack Rom
Jack Romain
Jack Ros*
Jack Ross
Jack Rowell
Jack Rowley Louis Schryer
Jack Roy*
Jack Ruaaell
Jack RuaaeU.
Jack Ruasell
Jack Ruasett
Jack Ruddy
Jack Rumen
Jack Rune It
Jack Runell
Jack Rus
Jack Rus-in
Jack Rusedl
Jack Russe
Jack Russel
Jack Russell
Jack Russell Chairman
Jack Russell COUNCIL January Special
Jack Russell Madeleine Wittig
Jack Russell Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Jack Russell Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell V >
Jack Russell WÊÊM
Jack Russell- Chairman.
Jack Russell;
Jack RusseN
Jack Russet
Jack RusseU.
Jack Rusteil
Jack Rutledge
Jack Rutz
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Ottawa
Jack Rylands
Jack Sa
Jack Sale Day
Jack Salley
Jack Salmon
Jack Salmon Reg Young Butch Cloutier
Jack Salter
Jack Salyard
Jack Sam
Jack Sam- McKenny
Jack Sam- Mike Fahey
Jack Sammon
Jack Sammon All
Jack Samon
Jack Sand Bay
Jack Saturday
Jack Saunders
Jack Sccord
Jack Schultz
Jack Score* Look
Jack Scotsman
Jack Scott
Jack Scotthll
Jack Screw
Jack Screws
Jack Scully
Jack Seaton
Jack Secretary
Jack Seguin
Jack Sept. 1
Jack Sernas Color
Jack Sernas Technicolor Cinemascope HELEN
Jack Serna» Technicoler HELEN
Jack Serngs Plus
Jack Sexton
Jack Sexton Council
Jack Sh.v
Jack Shad-try
Jack Shadbolt
Jack Shark
Jack Sharkey
Jack Shaver
Jack Shaw
Jack Shawn
Jack Shawville
Jack Shea
Jack Sheppard
Jack Sher-Lennis Barr
Jack Sher-wtn
Jack Sherman
Jack Sherwin
Jack Sherwjn
Jack Shill
Jack Shirts
Jack Shirts Work Shirts Sweaters
Jack Sholdice
Jack Should Be Gay
Jack Show
Jack Show - Fairgrounds Horse Shows
Jack Show Horseshoe Competition Volleyball Tournament Duck Races Closing Dinner
Jack Shrier
Jack Shultz
Jack Siefort
Jack Simp
Jack Simpson
Jack Sinclair
Jack Sinclair’s
Jack Sinfleld
Jack Sjott
Jack Skeater
Jack Skeene
Jack Sketches
Jack Slade
Jack Slattery
Jack Sloan
Jack Small
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Kingston
Jack Smith Ottawa For
Jack Smith Ralph Hall
Jack Snow
Jack Solomon’s Scrapbook
Jack Somerville
Jack Sonne
Jack Sound
Jack South Porcupine
Jack Sparrow
Jack Spires
Jack Spotswood
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprctt
Jack St
Jack Stand
Jack Stavenati
Jack Stay
Jack Staylong
Jack Ste-
Jack Ste- Ottawa
Jack Steacy
Jack Stephen*
Jack Stephens
Jack Sterling Knox
Jack Stevens
Jack Stevens Master
Jack Stevens Miss VtvtSIl
Jack Stevens Ou
Jack Steven»
Jack Steward.
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart Amvotte
Jack Stewart-
Jack Stewart- 2.90 Morley Hodg Danny Me Ca Canadian Industries
Jack Stewart- 23.68 Eugene Potvin-
Jack Stewarts
Jack Stilt
Jack Stitt
Jack Stone Creek
Jack Stoughton
Jack Sturdy
Jack Sturgess
Jack Stutt
Jack Sullivan
Jack Summon
Jack Sundy
Jack Super E
Jack Sweeney
Jack Sweeplng
Jack Sydney Jessie
Jack Sympathy
Jack S^P* Graham
Jack S» SMiSi
Jack Ta
Jack Ta,Ior
Jack Table
Jack Talion
Jack Tall Ship
Jack Tallboys
Jack Tallon-brother
Jack Talma
Jack Tapanila David
Jack Tar
Jack Tar Has Language Which
Jack Tar Village
Jack Tar.g
Jack Tars
Jack Tar’s Jargon
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Jack Taylor Travel Hwy
Jack Tblhurst
Jack Teagarden
Jack Télécommunications
Jack Telfer
Jack Telford
Jack Telling Time Rev.
Jack Thacker
Jack Thcmas
Jack THE
Jack This
Jack Thistle
Jack Thistle Kirkland Lake Erwin Smith
Jack Tho-
Jack Thom
Jack Thoma
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas Audgey Bishop.
Jack Thomas Co. Arnprior Is
Jack Thomas Guests
Jack Thomas Sunday
Jack Thompson
Jack Thontar
Jack Thor
Jack Thornhill
Jack Thurston
Jack Thyme
Jack Thynne
Jack Tnomas
Jack To
Jack Todd.
Jack Tol
Jack Tol-
Jack Tol- W
Jack Tol-,
Jack Tol-hurst
Jack Tol-medal
Jack Tol-_
Jack Tolburst
Jack Tolhmst
Jack Tolhnrst
Jack Tolhuist
Jack Tolhurat
Jack Tolhuret
Jack Tolhurit
Jack Tolhursc
Jack Tolhurst
Jack Tolhurst Rover Scout Lead
Jack Tolhursv
Jack Toner
Jack Top Intermediate
Jack Toronto
Jack Tors
Jack ToTlhurst
Jack Tourangeau
Jack Towers
Jack Towey
Jack Towle
Jack Township
Jack Transtar Rose
Jack Treaudeau
Jack Trebilcock
Jack Trotter
Jack Troughton
Jack Trower
Jack Truck
Jack Trucks
Jack Trudeau
Jack Turcotte
Jack Turiieff
Jack Turner
Jack Turpin
Jack Turrieff
Jack Turrietf
Jack Turriff
Jack Twiname
Jack Ung
Jack Ura-
Jack Uranam These
Jack Urguart
Jack Urguhart Hanmer
Jack Urtln
Jack V
Jack V V
Jack V&bqintte
Jack Va
Jack Vaillancourt
Jack Valiquette
Jack Valique»te
Jack Vallquette
Jack van Duscn
Jack Vander Eyk
Jack Vandusen
Jack Vanvliet
Jack Venne
Jack Verney
Jack vid Bourke Jr
Jack Vileau
Jack Vilion Jr
Jack Villeneuve
Jack Vilon
Jack VN
Jack Vooeht
Jack Vowles
Jack VXkn
Jack W Graham Award
Jack W Graham.
Jack W. Horner
Jack W.M#
Jack Wa
Jack Wa Interment
Jack Waite
Jack Walker
Jack Walker Ryan
Jack Walls
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh Sr
Jack WarcN
Jack Ward
Jack Warden
Jack Warder
Jack Warder "
Jack Warder 6
Jack Warder Messe Dominicale
Jack Warder Pastor
Jack Warder Quebec
Jack Warder School Service
Jack Warder Wesleyan Church
Jack Wardor
Jack Warier
Jack Warner
Jack Watercourse
Jack Watson
Jack Watt
Jack Watt*
Jack Waud
Jack Waves Over Dieppe
Jack Wcnry
Jack We
Jack Webb
Jack Webb Rickard Wldmark DRAGNET Technicolor
Jack Webb Roofing Specialists
Jack Webb Roofing Specialists Cinemascope Reasonable Prices Technicolor HARLAND
Jack Webber
Jack Welch
Jack Wellington
Jack Welsh
Jack Westlake
Jack Weston
Jack While
Jack White
Jack Wickens
Jack Wil- School
Jack Wilcox
Jack Wilikns
Jack Wilkenson
Jack Wilkins
Jack Wilkins Ottawa
Jack Wilkinson
Jack Willard
Jack Willard.
Jack William*
Jack Williams
Jack Williamson
Jack Wills
Jack Wilmn
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 7546*
Jack Wilson A
Jack Wilson Anderson
Jack Wilson Mr
Jack Wilson Thanksgiving
Jack Wilton
Jack Wilwn
Jack Winder
Jack Winocour
Jack Wins-
Jack Wintario Lornie Hayes
Jack Wl
Jack Women
Jack Woods
Jack Wooldridge
Jack Woolsey
Jack Word
Jack Worden
Jack Worder
Jack Wordm
Jack Work- Mr.
Jack Wright
Jack Wrinn
Jack WSrder
Jack Wtson
Jack Wyatt
Jack Wylie
Jack Wynter
Jack Wyrtzen
Jack X
Jack xal3 Housekeeper
Jack Yalt
Jack Yasuda
Jack Ye- Mrs. Henry Dale
Jack Yeman
Jack Yemen
Jack Yemen An
Jack Yes
Jack Young
Jack Your
Jack Yourt
Jack Yuke
Jack Zadow
Jack Zim
Jack Zimmerling
Jack Zimmerling G Hes Bnsebois
Jack Zivlc
Jack __
Jack" Band
Jack" Busy
Jack" Dolan
Jack" Stitt
Jack) Graham BOWES
Jack) Graham 647-3885 Joan Bertrand
Jack) Graham 647-3885 Stuart Graham
Jack) Graham Bus
Jack) GRAHAM Edgar Phoebe McCord
Jack) Graham II
Jack) Graham INVE5TCO P.O.
Jack) Graham Love
Jack) Graham Main St.
Jack) Graham Mayor
Jack) Graham Mayor 1993
Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
Jack) Graham Mayor: Marcel Lavigne
Jack) Graham Mutual
Jack) Graham Mutual Group Powell
Jack) Graham Mutual Life
Jack) Graham Mutual Life Insurance Trudeau
Jack) Graham Office
Jack) Graham P 0
Jack) Graham P 0. Box
Jack) Graham P O. Box
Jack) Graham P.0.
Jack) Graham P.O.
Jack) Graham President
Jack) Graham Sister Marilyn_
Jack) Graham Stuart Graham
Jack) Kenneth Henry
Jack- Alexander
Jack- Campbell
Jack- Canada
Jack- Clarke
Jack- Daii*y Hefrsrtwnents
Jack- Graham
Jack- Lions
Jack- Robert-
Jack- Sharpe
Jack- Thanks
Jack- Wallis
Jackie Gleason Carol Chinning Frankie Avalon Crime
Jackie Lang
Jackie Margaret Lang
Jack] Edwfal McKtty
Jack—Doctor Evans
Jacques Crs
James Connelly Motion
James Drummond Robertson Mr. Jack Poole
James H Lang
James H. Lang
James H. Lang Mis
James Hollis Motion
James Horner Jack Mayhew
James HornOC^IHHH Motion Crs
James Humphrey Lang
James Jack
James Killoran Motion
James Lang
James Lang Litchfield
James Lang Shaw
James Lang’s
James Motion
James Motion Cr
James Ostram Motion
James Prater Motion Cr#
James SAVE Motion Crs D Fulford
James Telford Motion Cr
Jane Lang
Janet Gamer Brian Rogers Susie Orr Brian Judd Elwyn Lang Mike Richardson Dave Keen Bean
Janet Lang
Janet Leigh Jack Lemmon
Janice Lang
Jason McCoy Jamie Warren ~ Colin Amev Jack De Keyzer
Jason Rev. Cyrus Lang
Jay Motion—Crs
Jean and Black Jack
Jean Aumont Crime Wave Fireman Save My Child Spike Jones
Jean Davies Union Jack Dedicated At Evening
Jean is Jean Lang-pet Family
Jean Lang
Jean Lang Money
Jean Luc Allary Motion Cr Pine
Jean Milford Lang
Jean Wallace V / W 647-3855 Stuart Graham Jack Graham
Jean were Mrs Jack Robinard
Jeannine Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Jeff Gibbons Shawville’s Paul Lang Reid
Jeff Rus- Blythe Lang
Jeff Schultz Lang
Jefferson Lin Motion
Jennifer Andrew Lang
Jennifer Davies Mayhew Lang
Jerome Jack Campbell
Jerome Motion Crs
Jerry Lang
Jerry ManwelL Motion
Jerry ManweU Motion
Jerry McCrystal Motion
Jesse Wansborough Ian Lang
Jim Carmi- Lang
Jim Jack Boyd
Jim Stewar1 Elwyn Lang
Jim Stewart Rick Paquette Ernie Kingsbury Jack Kingsbury Noel
Jim Walking Day Motion
Joan Elizabeth Lang
Joan Howard Jack Mcf.nick
Joan Lang
Joan Lang Bugh Horner
Joan Lang Raymond
Joan Margaret Lang
Joan Motion Crs Orr
Joan Weirstead Message Motion
Joan- Motion Crs Jack Harrison
Jock Lang
Joe Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Jack Brennan
Joe Jack
Joel Lang
John Elwin Lang’s
John (Jack) Lang
John A Dean Motion C
John A Lang
John A Lang Boys Return
John A. Lang
John Alex- Trevor Lang
John Alexander Jack-
John Alias Jack Jewell
John David “Jack’’ Reid
John Entwistle Keith Moon Paul Nicholas Jack Nicholson Robert Powell Pete Townshend Tina Turner
John Jack
John Jack 2.
John Jack Roes
John Jack-
John Jones Joshua Hughs Motion Councillor
John Joy^e Lang
John Kelly Motion Cr McCredie
John L. Hodgins Motion
John Lang
John Lang Mrs. Albert ___99.26
John Lang Z
John Lang-
John Lang- and Mark Daley
John Lang- Gail
John Lang- McNeill
John Lang- PAUL
John Lang- Sharpes
John Lang- Tom Murtagh
John Lang-fund-raiser
John Lang-son
John Mc- Motion Crs McCann
John McKay Motion Cr
John Motion Crs
John Motion Grs
John Motion Os Hammond
John O’Connel John McMahan Jack Dolan
John Pirie Motion
John Richardson Crs
John Saxon Kurt Jurgens CinemaScope Technicolour JACK RUSSELL
John Si- Motion Crs Dagg
John Sinclair Motion^-Rex
John Tracy Jack Campbell
Johnny Lang-1 Chuich
Jonathan Jack
Joseph Motion
Joseph Motion—E»d
Joseph Vul- Motion Crs Dowe
Joyce Frances Lang
Joyce Lang
Joyce Lang Directors Terry Knox
Jr Motion—Crs Farrell
Jr — Lila Lang
Judy Al- Jack Barr
Jules Lang-
Julie Harris James Dean Carried Lucille Ball Deal Arne* Motion Crs
Jumping Jack
Jure Jack Fred Conrve
Just Jack
Justin Lang
K. Lang
Karl Lang
Kate Lang
Katherine Hynes Jack Graham
Kathy Margaret Lang
Keith Hodgins Motion Crs
Keith Horner Mick Hodgins Don Dods Jack Russell Knlpe
Keith Jack Campbell
Keith Lang
Kelly - Jack
Ken Drum Lang
Ken Lang
Ken Mor- Motion Cri
Ken Motion
Ken Paul Lang
Ken Whicher Onslow School Jack Harris Clarendon However
Ken Wii- Motion Crs Robinson
Kendal Lang
Kendall Lang
Kenneth Bean’s—Carried Motion
Kenneth Tubman Motion Crs Dagg
Kenny Jack
Kent Motion Crs Dagg
Kevin Ian Lang
Kevin Mark Lang Martel
Kirk Da- Lang
Kirs Jack Barr
Klwyn Lang
Knlpe Jack
Krista Lang
L < L Motion Crs D Fulford
L A Smart........ Gordon Richardson Hulbert Armstrong Fred Lang
L J Motion Jeannine
L L Motion — Walsh
L Wilson Rural Inspector - Henry Motion
L. Lang
Lady-Jack O Neil
Laird Keith Trevor Lang
Lake Stuart Graham Jack Graham Quyon Kl
Lance Crs Lloyd Kensley
Lance Motion Crs
Lang III
Lang Alexander
Lang Boots
Lang Carl Tubman
Lang Drain Cleaning Shawville
Lang Freitnan Grant
Lang Grade IV Klein
Lang In
Lang Morrison
Lang Moved
Lang Mrs. K Tubman
Lang Muhlc
Lang Ralph
Lang Smart
Lang St
Lang St.
Lang Stafford
Lang Streets
Lang Syne
Lang Syne*
Lang The
Lang Visit
Lang- Albert Berard
Lang- Lisa Wickens
Lang-1 Smith
Lang-Royce Richardson
Laura Annie Lang
Laura Lang
Laurence Lang
Laurie Jack
Lavallee Charlene Graham Mayfred Dods Jack Burke Iva Armstrong Nancy Alexander Louis Lavallee Rene
Lawrence & Margaret Lang October
Lawrence and Margaret Lang
Lawrence and Margaret Lang Business Opportunity
Lawrence E Lang
Lawrence Elwin Lang
Lawrence Lang
Lawrence Lang 647-3385 Mrs.
Lawrence Lang Award
Lawrence Lang CATERING
Lawrence Lang Horner
Lawrence Lang Thursday
Lawrence Lang Vestry Clerk
Lawrence Lang Wallace
Lawrence Lang _
Lawrence Lang’s
Lawson Crs Cedric Elliott
Leaves Jack Miner’s Sanctuary On Its
Lena Ro- Jack Lar*vl^re Woan
Leo Carried Motion Crs
Leo Lang
Leo Motion
Leo Rain-Motion Crs Dagg
Leora Margaret Lang
Les Motion
Leslie Hynes Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Jack Campbell Irwin Wilson Camp Bed
Leslie Kehoe Motion Crs Smith
Leslie Unit Jack McLaren
Lester Jack
Lewes McGuire Paul Lang Gordon McGillvray Chris MacIntyre Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Jeff AyouD Cha
Lewis Jack
Lila Lang
Lillian Lang
Lilly Lang
Linda Lang
Linda Lang-don
Lindsay Lang
Lion Jack
Lion Ray Lang-
Lloyd Cain Motion
Lloyd Crs
Lloyd I Motion Crs
Lloyd Lang
Lorenzo Lang
Lou Costello Bud Abbott JACK
Louis Lang
Love Jack! Weaver JOLICOEUR
Ltée Motion Crs Duff
Lucky Jack
Lucy Lang
Lumber Jack
Lumber Jack Show
Lyl* Lang
Lyle Bronson Motion Crs McCann
Lyn Lang
Lynda Lang
Lynn Knox Domenic Alexander Jack Daniel Irvin Kelly
Lynn Lang
Lynn Lang Convenors
Lynn Lang Love Barb
Lynn Lang - 647-3372 Joan Rusenstrom -
Lynn Lang Caroline Lepine
Lynn Lang de Clarendon
Lynn Lang G
Lynn Lang Mavis Hanna Mavis Thompson
Lynn Lang Publicity Convenor
Lynn Lang Randy Belsher D A. Bielaskie Pontiac U.P.A. Elliott Farm Equipment W.A. Hodgins Palmer
Lynn Lang’s
LyU Lang
M L KID J Entertain Bride-Elect Jack Currie-Mills
Mac- Motion Crs
Mahoney Motion Grant
Maire Jack Graham Bourgeois
Maire-Jack Graham
Malcolm Lang
Manager Motion
Manners W Lang
Marc Lang
Margaret (Elliott) Lang
Margaret (Lawrence Lang
Margaret Lang
Margaret Lang Electronic
Margaret Lang Mattawa
Margaret Lang Mrffw
Margaret Lang Mrs. Elizabeth
Margaret Lang Robert Grant
Margaret Lang-and Patty Brandum.
Margaret Lang-other
Margaret Margaret Lang
Margaret Mrs Jack Braddock
Marie Lang
Marion Dale Honored At Shower Motion H I. Smi
Marjo-Motion Crs Carmen
Marjorie Attending: Mayor Lang
Marjorie Man- Mrs. Jack Russell
Mark Dana Jack Mahoney
Mark Lang
Mark Lang Aaron Perry
Mark Lang Adam Richardson
Mark Lang Christina Hodgins Amanda Early
Mark Lang Derek Sheppard
Mark Lang I’ve
Mark Lang League
Mark Lang Royals
Mark Lang’s
Mark- Motion Cri
Marks Motion Cm Marks
Martha Hod- Jack Zimmerhng
Martin Black Atkin Lang Street
Martin Con-motion
Marvin Lang
Mary Hamilton Tro-Lang
Mary Jack-
Mary John Motion
Mary Lang
Mary Lvnn Elliott Elwyn Russell Lang
Mary McCagg Margaret Lang
Mary Me Callum Ward Allowance Motion
Mary MeCallum Motion Crs Horner
Mary Spence Jack
Master—Jack Bryant
Matt Lang
Matt Schou- Ian Lang
Maurice Motion
May Lang
Mayor and Crs Hutchison
Mayor Barber and Crs
Mayor Barber and Crs C Lm* Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy. Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs L Roy
Mayor Graham Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Mayor Graham Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Jack
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Jack Graham CRLO
Mayor Jack Graham Qf
Mayor Jack Graham QUÉBEC
Mayor Jack Graham Tenderers
Mayor Jack Lang
Mayor Lang
Mayor Murray Crs Berber
Mayor «Jack Graham Marion Robinson
Mayors Jack Graham
McCurdy Motion
McDougal Jack O’Neill
McGee Mrs Jack Montague
Meet Paul Lang
MeG*»tf Alexander Crs Motion That
Mel Lang
Mel Lang-
Mel Lang- By
Mel Lang- Cantley
Mel Lang- Gary Tubman
Mel Lang- Holmes
Mel Lang- Prudhomme
Mel Lang- Shawville
Mel Lang-ton
Mel Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Melanie Dawn McCann Lang
Melanie Lang
Melanie Lang -
Melanie Lang and Nancy Pirie
Melanie Lang Farms
Melanie Lang Outaouais Valley Fine Meats Co-op Hugh Hammond Farm Reiche Meat Products Ltd.
Melissa Lang
Melvin Stewart Jack Hawkins Color Model
Merry Reardon Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Merry Reardon When Elaine Lang
Messers W Lang
Messers W Lang
Messrs G. Lang
Messrs Jack
Messrs Jack Radford
Messrs Jack Turcotte
Messrs Karl Lang
Messrs W Lang
Messrs W. Lang
Messrs William Lang
Meter Motion
Mia Jack
Michael Douglas BEST ACTOR Jack Nicholson BEST
Michael E C Lang 306
Michael Jack* Dm
Michael Lang
Michael O Leary Prévention
Michael O’Leary Prevention
Michel Legace Inc. Motion
Middle-Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Mike Motion
Mike Keaman Amy Knox Ralph Lang
Mike Leroy - Jack McGuire
Mike Sullivan Motion
Mike Sym
Mildred Lang
Mildred Lang-don
Mildred Lang-ion
Milton Sym
Milton Sym-
Milton Sym-b I
Milton Sym-| And
Minor Crs Thomas Fahey Jeannine
Mis Elwyn Lang
Mis Jack McGee
Mis* Margaret Bowen Jack Cunningham
Misa Lynda Lang
Miss Edith Lang
MkHion Crs Brown
Mn Jack Ayearst
Mn Mrs Lawrence Lang Jackie EF
Mns Jack Thistle
Monica Lewis Jack Webb Bing Crosby
Monsieur Jack Graham
Moore Mark Lang
More* Jack
Motin Crs Neil Displace
Motion L #
Motion "Graham
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Motion Alexander
Motion Armstrong
Motion Bo.x>and Graham That
Motion Brown
Motion C
Motion C -ims Armstrong
Motion C :r m1 V
Motion Cl
Motion Clr Carmen
Motion Cm
Motion Cm Murray
Motion Coin’rs Tracy
Motion Commr
Motion Commr McDowell
Motion Comrs Harris
Motion CouKiHor Ale^ande^
Motion Councillor Paul
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillor* Argue
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr
Motion Cr Carmen
Motion Cr Carmen Ma - sr
Motion Cr Cone
Motion Cr Graham
Motion Cr Ixswis
Motion Cr K Smith
Motion Cr Smith
Motion Cre Graham
Motion Cre K Wilson
Motion Crs
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Amol Homer
Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen Correspondence
Motion Crs Carmen Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Carmen Garry Cain
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Motion Crs Carmen Ray Sheppard
Motion Crs Carmen Telebec
Motion Crs Carmen Tenders
Motion Crs Carmen Village
Motion Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Chamberlain
Motion Crs Claude JUcnard-son
Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Hodgins
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Mucha
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Dale
Motion Crs Duff
Motion Crs G Hodgins
Motion Crs G McCallum
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Motion Crs Gerard Joan
Motion Crs Gerard Joan-nisse
Motion Crs Gerard Joannisse
Motion Crs Gilpin
Motion Crs Graham
Motion Crs Graham John Coyle
Motion Crs Grant
Motion Crs Gray
Motion Crs H Wickens
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Henderson
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Crs K Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Crs Murphy
Motion Crs Neil Dittburn
Motion Crs Neil Dittburner
Motion Crs O Reilly
Motion Crs Orr
Motion Crs Pitt
Motion Crs Robinson
Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs Tracy
Motion Crs X $
Motion Crs Young
Motion CTS.
Motion E Kennedy
Motion Fraser
Motion Graham
Motion Gray
Motion H Sturgeon
Motion Harrison
Motion Hayes
Motion Henderson
Motion Iv
Motion Joseph McCaffrey
Motion Lee Hodgins
Motion Leslie Dale
Motion Lome Armstrong
Motion Ma
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Murray
Motion O Brown
Motion O Drummond
Motion O Grant
Motion Ors Grant
Motion Os
Motion Os Grant
Motion Pictures
Motion Pitt
Motion Q
Motion Q Barber
Motion Q. Barber
Motion Q. Barber to
Motion Richardson
Motion Robinson Hodgins
Motion Ross
Motion Russell
Motion Smiley
Motion Smith
Motion Thomas
Motion Vincent McC
Motion Vomr Graham
Motion Webb
Motion Wick
Motion Wiggins
Motion Wilson
Motion — Graham
Motion —Comr Graham
Motion-Crs Fraser
Motion-Erwin Craig-That
Motion-Reuben Smith
Motion-rOrs Clarke
Motion-— H origins-1’energast
Motions Crs Carmen Wickens
Motions Crs Grant
Motion—-Crs Fraser
Motion—Allen Henderson
Motion—Armstrong* Corrigan
Motion—Burden OTteilley- That Mr. Hugh Ross
Motion—C''omT McMillan
Motion—C<unr Young -That Truman
Motion—Chas Russell
Motion—Cis Fraser
Motion—Cm Schwartz
Motion—Com J McNeill—That Com’r
Motion—Com Y
Motion—Com Y Findlay
Motion—Comr Graham
Motion—Comr McMillan
Motion—Comr Meredith—That
Motion—Comr Walsh
Motion—Comr Wilson
Motion—Comrs Dean
Motion—Comrs Palmer
Motion—Com’r Graham
Motion—Com’r Wilson
Motion—Com’rs Palmer
Motion—Coni’r McLeod
Motion—ConVr Graham
Motion—Corar Graham
Motion—Cora’re Palmer
Motion—Corns Wallace
Motion—Couns Armstrong
Motion—Couns Smiley
Motion—Crs Clarke
Motion—Crs Farrell
Motion—Crs Fraser
Motion—Crs Smart
Motion—Crs Smith
Motion—Crs Young
Motion—Harris Wallace—That Chair- Telephone
Motion—Lome Armstrong
Motion—Or Graham
Motion—William Graham
MotI°n Crs Gerard Joan-
Mountain Jack Thomp- Jerry Manwell
Mov Crs
Mr Elliot Motion Crs Gilpin
Mr Freeman Lawrence Lang
Mr Jack Graham
Mr Motion
Mr W Lang
Mr* Jack
Mr. Andrew Lang
Mr. Bill Lang
Mr. C H S Lang-
Mr. Earl Lang
Mr. Elwin Russell Lang
Mr. Foster Motion—Count
Mr. Jack
Mr. Jack Armstrong
Mr. Jack Daley
Mr. Jack Graham
Mr. Jack Graham - Fashion
Mr. Jack Graham Fashion
Mr. Jack Graham Gordon McIntyre
Mr. Jack Grant
Mr. Jack K.
Mr. Jack L. Hod
Mr. Jack McNal-
Mr. Jack Miner-
Mr. Jack Radford
Mr. Jack Tol-hurst
Mr. Jack Tolhnrat
Mr. Jack Tolhurst
Mr. John Lang
Mr. K J. Lang
Mr. Ken Motion Crs
Mr. Lang
Mr. Lang Quebec City
Mr. Lang’s
Mr. Motion
Mr. Russell Lang
Mr. Thomas Lang
Mr. W J. McKibbon Mrs. Wallace Lang
Mra Elwood Sharpe Motion
Mrs Jack Jr,
Mrs Russell Lang
Mrs, Jack Grant
Mrs, Jack Lester
Mrs, Willie Lang Jim Graham
Mrs. Albert Gortmaker Doris Hodgins Milton Hodgins Myrtle Hodgins Eddie Jean-Marie Elwyn Lang Jack
Mrs. Allan Jack
Mrs. Donald Lang
Mrs. Edgar Motion Commr Fulford
Mrs. Em-ter Mrs. Jack Williams
Mrs. F H Cornu. Crs Fitzsimmons
Mrs. Freeman Grant LANG—Joan
Mrs. G A. Lang
Mrs. Gordon Me- Motion Crs Brown
Mrs. Griffin Bowie Jack Marshall
Mrs. J.D. B Motion Crs
Mrs. Jack
Mrs. Jack Mrs. Clayton Russell
Mrs. Jack Armstrong
Mrs. Jack Armstrong Miss Kathryn Mulligan
Mrs. Jack Barr
Mrs. Jack Barr Ange
Mrs. Jack Barr John Draper
Mrs. Jack Beach
Mrs. Jack Bertrand
Mrs. Jack Black
Mrs. Jack Blake
Mrs. Jack Books
Mrs. Jack Boyd
Mrs. Jack Burden
Mrs. Jack Cunningham
Mrs. Jack Derouin
Mrs. Jack Dunlop
Mrs. Jack E. McKay
Mrs. Jack Foster Ireland
Mrs. Jack Frederick
Mrs. Jack G.x>dfd- Iimb
Mrs. Jack Grant Shawville Recreation Director ReC
Mrs. Jack Hanson Mr.
Mrs. Jack Hassell
Mrs. Jack Hibbard
Mrs. Jack Holland
Mrs. Jack KclleJier
Mrs. Jack Kel-ieher
Mrs. Jack Knlly
Mrs. Jack McGuire
Mrs. Jack Moore
Mrs. Jack Ottawa
Mrs. Jack O’Neil
Mrs. Jack P. Johnston
Mrs. Jack Pal
Mrs. Jack Shaw
Mrs. Jack Stephens
Mrs. Jack Thistle
Mrs. Jack TkmUtk*
Mrs. Jack W. Horner
Mrs. James Doherty Motion Crs
Mrs. James Loken Mr. Jack Thistle Bay Mrs. Malette
Mrs. John Lang
Mrs. Johnston Motion Crs
Mrs. L E. Thompson Motion
Mrs. L Lang
Mrs. Lang
Mrs. Laurence Lang
Mrs. Lawrence Lang
Mrs. M Motion- Woods
Mrs. Mabel Lang
Mrs. Marshall Laughren Mr. Jack Byron
Mrs. O. M. Atkinson Motion Cr
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Carried Motion Crs
Mrs. Russell Lang
Mrs. Thomas Walls Motion Crs
Mrs. Wallace Lang
Mrs. Wesley Motion
Mrs. William C. Lang
Mr» M Shan* Mrs Jack Body
Murphy Motion
M» Jack Lester
Neil Motion Crs Garth Tracy Dittburner
Neil Murphy-Jack Wilson
Neil Sly -with Crs Carmen Wick
Nick Absent W Lang
Nick Joanne Sym
Nick Sym
No, Jack
Norm Fraser Motion Crs
Norris McDowell Motion Cra Haaknaas
Norval Me Benson Uuyon Council Motion Crs
Norval Me Neill Massey - Harris Hay Tools Motion 1
Norway B i> Motion
Notes Messrs "Jack" Kavanagh
November Lang
Oarleen Murray Karen s Shoe Repairs Lang S!.
Oates Crime
Ontruc Allison Corrigan Jack
Ootie J Crs
Orla Young Page Three Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Orville Frenette Motion
Oswald Mur-Motion Cr
Ottawa—Jack James
Otto Lang
Over Jack Brennan
O’Reilly Grant Requested Motion Crs
Paddy Jack
Papineau Jack Graham
Paquette L Ian Lang
Parliament Motion Conns
Pat Motion
Pat Schoular Elaine Lang
Pat Schoular Major Crime Division
Pat Tuesday Lawrence E Lang
Patrick Dubé Fire Prevention Week
Patrick Lang-
Patrick Motion
Paul Bristol Mayor Jack
Paul Jack Johnston
Paul Lang
Paul Lang 1
Paul Lang and
Paul Lang Andrea Smith
Paul Lang Chris MacIntyre Gordon McGillvra Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Jeff Ayoub Chad Roufliffe Ral
Paul Lang Daye
Paul Lang Fergus
Paul Lang Gordon McGillvra
Paul Lang Hodgins
Paul Lang Lewes McGuire
Paul Lang Muskrat
Paul Lang Q
Paul Lang There
Paul Lang This
Paul Lang Zek
Paul Mar- Motion Crs
Paul Martineau Lawrence Lang Anonymous Don Paul Assistant Chief Edgar Bob Bechtold Anonymous Claren
Paul Motion
Paul Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Paul Mrs Gerald Lang
Paul Russell Lang
Paul Ryan Mayor: Jack Graham
Payton Lang
Peter Crs L Wilson
Peter Lang
Peter M Lang Q.C.
Peter Macintosh Goalie Mark Lang
Peter Moyle- Motion Crs
Peter Volunteer Fire Depart- Motion Crs Pirie
Petro Ponti- Motion Cr McCredie
Philip Long Motion Cn Perlard
Phillip Elliott Jack
Phone Jack
Phylh* Lang
Phyllis Helena Lang
Phyllis Lang
Phyllis Lang Mn
Phyllis Lang Gail Young
Phyllis Lang Wally Buchanan
Pierre Motion
Pizza B & H Drainage Lang Street Murray
Pizza Lang St.
PMavor Jack Graham
Pontiac Business Assoc Jack McLaren.......... Murray
Pontiac’s Mark Lang
Preston Hodgins Motion Councillor Elwooa Dale
Pro- Jack Graham
Pro-Mayor Jack
Pro-Warden Jack Graham
Que Mrs. Joe Jack
Quebec Land Motion
Quebec Land Motion Cr Dagg
Quebec Land Surveyor Motion
Ralph A Melanie Lang
Ralph Jack
Ralph Lang
Ralph Lang Peaches Canned
Ralph Lang Secretary
Ralph Lang Shadylane Swiss
Ralph Lang V
Ralph Ralph Lang
Randy Hodgins Elaine Lang
Randy Plouffe Jamie Lemay Brad Barr Jeff Tanner Jack Knox
Ray Denton Jack Kelly I .
Ray Lang
Ray Motion Crs
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Ray Young Motion
Raymond Johnston Motion
Raymond Morris Motion
Raymond Motion Crs Orr
Raymond Rowat _ Motion
RCMP Constable Wayne Lang
Rcnor Jack
Rd J W (Jack
Reeve Jack White
Referee—Jack Anderson
Reisers Easy Jack
ReMotion Crs Orr
Ren Brooks Taylor Perth Lang Osmond
Rena Graham and Margaret Lang
Renegade Wj F Zinger Jack
Repaired Motion
Rev A Jack Johnston
Rev. Cyrus Lang
Rex Taylor Mrs Henry Henderson Motion
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Motion Crs
Richard Howard Motion
Richard Jack !
Richard Motion
Richard Motion Crs Tubman
Richard Patenaude Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. RM Lang Farms Log’s End Ron Hodgins Kathy Mohr Paul S
Richard Wills Jack Elliott
Richard Wills Lynn Lang
Richard Wllk Jack McRae
Richardson Clifford Greer Motion Crs
Richardson Motion
Rick Lang
Rob Lang
Rob Lang Gatineau
Rob Motion Cr$ O Reilly
Rob Motion Crs
Robby Benson Lynn HoMy Johnson Plus China Syndrome Suspense Drama Jane Fonda Jack Lemmon
Robert Belanger Jack
Robert Campbell Motion Crs Dagg
Robert Carswell Motion Crs
Robert Frederick Lang
Robert Gordon Motion Cri
Robert Jack.
Robert Lang
Robert Lang 613-765-5161
Robert Lang Grant
Robert Lang Nancy Alexander
Robert Lang Sitting
Robert Motion
Robert Motion Commr Widdicombe Younge
Robert Wagner Jack Carson CINEMASCOPE
Robertson Motion
Roid Jack
Ron Crs O Reilly
Ron Essiamhre Motion Crs
Ron Hayes - Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Ron Lang
Ronald Desabrais Motion Crs Gerard Joan-
Ronald John Motion Crs Brown
Ronald Motion
Ronald Richardson Jack Campbell
Ronald Strutt Jack
Ronnie Me Motion Crs
Rose Lang
Rose Mary Jack
Rose Mary) Mrs Allen Jack
Ross Hamil- J Lang
Ross Motion
Ross Motion Crs Dagg
Ross Point Motion
Roy Motion
Royal Motion
Ruby Lang
Rudy Motion
Russel Lang
Russell Lang
Russell Motion
Russell Motion Cr Garth Tracy Dust
Ruth (Jack) McLaughlin Timmins
Ruth Strutt Ralph Lang
Ryan Barber and Mark Lang
Ryan Heman Lang Kendal
Ryan Lang
Ryan Motion
Ryan(Ivan Mulligi Motion
S*Jack Graham
Sadie McQnat “ Pearl Jackson Motion
Sally Ann Foad Cynthia Sabina Garry Motion Crs Carmen Wic
Sam Jack Lemmon
Sam Wilson Mrs Jack Knipc
Sandra Motion Crs Claude Rich- Murray
Sarah Wilson Motion
Saucy Jack
Sc J -, Jack Klaasscn
Schroeder Motion Crs Yach
Scott Smith Gihhson F.lwin Lang
Sec.-Treas Crs
Sec.-Treas Motion Crs
Selly Lang-
Senor Jack
ser-1 Motion—Com’r Graham
Shane Peck Trevor Lang
Sharon and Nancy Rabb* Mrs. Jack 1
Sharon Lang
Shawn Kluke Lang W.A. Hodgins
Shawville Crs Grant
Shawville’s Lynn Lang
Shirley Mr. Jack Wilson Is
Sidney Draper 325.17 Arthur Judd 226.72 Arnot Horner 416.85 Motion Crs Brownlee
Simsa’s Black Jack
Skip Jack Graham
Sloan Jack Holland Mrs Joe Sweeney
Sly Lang
Smiley Motion—Cmr
Smith Crs
Smith Motion
Smith Motion Crs
Song Leader Jack Smith
Sons Motion Crs
St Crs Cone
St Jean Motion Crs Duff
St Lang
Stanley Jack
Stanley John Lang
Stanley Lang
Stanley Motion Crs Murray
Stanley Nadeau Crs Ronald Armitage
Stanton Motion Cr Trudeau
Starks Corners Wallace Lang
Starks Crs
Starks Crs Claude Richardson
Steele Motion
Stephen Ha- Lang
Stephen Ru- Jack
Steve Gkn John Judy Woodstock Andy Jack McRae
Steve Lang
Steven Al- Paul Lang
Steven Al- Trevor Lang
Stewart Dennison Motion Crs Duff
Stewart Motion
Stuart Graham Jack Graham At
Stuart Graham Jack Graham CONSTANT LETxAlfLT
Stuart Graham Jack Graham KLl
Stuart Graham Jack Graham MURDOCK
Stuart Graham Jack Graham RLl
Susan Young Lang
Sylvia Bakker Lang
Sylvia Hod-Paul Lang
Sylvia Lang
Sylvia Motion Crs Neil Ditt MacKILUCAN
Sylvia to-1 Motion Crs Murray
T " Crs Claude Rich-
Take Lang
Tammy Lang
Taylor Motion
Ted Richard and William Lang
Terry Elwyn Lang
Tf Crs L Wilson
Thomas Belair Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang Nolan Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang-
Thomas Macfarlane Motion
Thomas Motion Cr McCredie
Thomas Motion Crs
Thomas O Malley Carried Motion Crs
Thompson Andrew Lang
Thompson Motion
Thos Lang
Tim - Jack
Tim Chevali- Motion Cr
Tim Ian Lang
Tj„ Schwartz Melvin Poole Lawrence Lang
To Jack* Brennan
Todd Lang
Toilet Set Little Jack Horner
Tolhnrst Mr Gerald Howard Motion Commissioner Mr
Tom Jack-2111
Tom Lang
Tom Lefebvre M.P. Motion
Tom Marguret Lang
Tom Orr Cartage Atkinsons Sports Bar Mickey McGuire Jack
Tor- Motion Crs Duff
Trevor Lang
Trevor Lang Final
Trevor Lang Frobel
Trevor Lang That
Trevor Stewart Trevor Lang
Trolley Jack
Union Jack
V W Jack
V X V> Motion
V.W. Jack
Van Heflin Ann-Margret Jack Balance ADULT ENTERTAINMENT
Van Housen’s Motion
Vcrncr Jack
Verner W Jack. E.B.W. Mulligan
Victoria Av-Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Vincent McCailum Storm Motion
Virginia Mayo Bob Hope Bing Crosby Technicolor Jack Hawkins TUES
W. M Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Motion Crs
W.M. H • Motion
WaF Lang
Wallace Barber replaces Jack Warder
Wallace Lang
Wallace Motion—Coens
Walsh Motion
Walter Kileonr Jack Russell
Walter Lang Towel
Walter Mondey Mrs. Jack Burrows
Wan- Motion Crs
Ward Motion
Warnie Richardson Motion Crs
Warren Horner Fred Lang
Warren Motion Crs Gilpin
Wayne Alexander Lang
Wayne Lang
Wayne Lang 89
Wayne Lang I
Wayne Lang Mom
Wayne Lang Mrs Jack Clarke
Wayne Lang-Wflges
Welding Service Jack Clarke Pontiac Refrigeration Molson Breweries
Wellington Smart Motion
Wendy Higgins Quyon Fair President Jack Graham
Wickens Motion Crs Tom F
Wiggins Motion Crs Drummond
Will Jack
William A Lang
William A. Lang
William and Joan Lang
William Burke Motion Cr*
William Holden S-1114 Judy Halliday Jack Le
William Jack
William Jack- Daintv
William Kennedy J. Robinson J. McBane V. Kilroy S. Robinson Motion
William Lang
William Lang 216
William Lang 647-2527 Help Wanted
William Lang McClaskey
William Lang Shaw
William Lang Shawv
William Lang-Chairman
William Mc- Jack Carmichael
William Motion Cm
William Rey-Motion
William Tubman Motion—Crs Judd
Willie and Joan Lang
Willie Lang
Willie Lang Our
Willie Lang—Total
Willie Rob-[motion Crs
Willie Ste-Lang
Willis Motion
Wills Jack Graham
Willy Lang
Wilson Motion
Wm Lang
Wolfman Jack
Young Bride- Jack
Young Carried Motion Crs
Young Motion
Young Motion Crs Dagg
Young Motion Crs McCredie
_ Nathan Jack Daniel
00 X X Motion
As Jack
Bay Ave Motion Dagg
Ca Motion Cr
Carried Motif l Crs.
Conn Motion
Crime au 233 TIPS
Crs Arnot
Crs Delbert Z
Crs Ireland
Crs Mnld Hi
Florence Lang
Florence St Motion
Fort Jack
Fort Lang
Fort Motion
Fort Notes JACK
Gp Ga Ave Mark Lang
H Lang’s
Hi Motion Crs
Hudson Jack
HUtvi Ave Motion Cr
Id Lang
Info-Crime au 1- 800-711-1800.
Info-Crime au 1-800-711-1800
INFO-CRIME au 1-800-711-1800 ou
Info-crime au 1-800-711-1800.
Info-Crime Québec
Jack Bailey l. phone
Jack Beach
Jack Griffin
Jack Griffin Mu
Jack Township
Lake Motion
Lang (l C’ullege.
Lang Americas
Lang Main Street
Lang Rennie Grace
Lang Sands
Lang St
Lang Street
Lang Trophy
Lang’s Bay
LaPine*Jack Griffin
Little Jack
Lynn Lang
Ma- Motion
MacIntyre (l McGuwe-P Lang
Mayor Jack
Motion Comrs
Motion Doherty-Woods l
Motion Os
Motion Tiignmn l Vs.
Motion Tracy
Motion V»y l im<
Motion— l raser-MacKechnie
Motion—Biehler-Erwin—That Road
Mountain SyM Arctic
Mrs Jack Grace
North Lang
North Motion
Ottawa River Motion
Otter Lake Jack
Proprietor Lang Street
Shawville- l Motion Crs
So- Lang Street
Spring Motion
Spring Motion—Com
Tel 648-5537 Motion
Trophy Jack
Trophy Motion
Victoria Avenue Lang Street
View Ave Motion Cra
Z Motion
0UO Gordon Me- Motion Cra
1.00 MORE Prevention
1992 Fire Prevention Week
2nd Com Motion
3. Com Motion
4 Diphetheria Prevention
4.95 0 Motion Cr
468-2163 Crime Prevention
647-2074 Fire Prevention Week October
7v maisons Prevention
9 Clime Prevention Week
A Fire Prevention
A3 Prevention
Aberdeen Fire Prevention Week Angus
Academy of Motion Picture Arts
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Accident Prevention
Administration Materials Road Maintenance Motion
Adults 50< Telephone 432-4224 Children 25c Motion Crs Murphy
Agricultural Society Motion Young
Agriculture Accidents Prevention Week
Alexandria Prevention
Almonte High School Motion Cra
Almost Fire Prevention
An Mayor Lang
Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Carolyn Lang
Apple Jack
Appliance Service Lang St.
April 11,1984 Prevention de
ARRIVALS Public Notice St. James1 Division Crime.
Art Carson Motion Co un
Article Motion
Association for the Prevention
Association of Twdws MARGARET KNAPP Chairman Lennox vide District School Board BERNARD LANG PETER M
AU H Motion Crs
Au Id Lang Mins Mary Burrow* ; Guardian—
Automotive & Sports Jack McLaren Farm Supplies
Awareness and Prevention
Away We Oo"—Misses Kate Lang
Aylmer Society for the Prevention
Aylmer’s Fire Prevention
Bacon Canada Savings Bonds Motion
BALE Making Crime Fit Fine
Ball Hylur Electric Hr. LANG & KEMP
Bank of Montreal JACK POTS
Bank of Montreal—Carried Motion
Bank of Motion —
Bank of Pakistan CEMETERY MEMORIALS Motion
Beech Grove Athletic As- Charities 2.88; Quyon Hardware Motion Crs
Beethoven Ninth Sym
Beever Brush Clippers; Motion Crs Cedric
Bell Mobility Motion Cr Smith
Bell Mobility Motion Crs Claude Rich
Bell Telephone Co. Motion Cs
Bell Telephone Jack
Best Results Motion Cr
Best Wishes Only Corner of Centre & Lang Sts
Big Curved Screen Drive-In Paulette Goddard Combat Squad Jean Aumont Crime Wave Fireman Save My Chi
BILINGUAL Selling Motion
Board Motion Commr
Board of Education Mrs. Lang
Board of Motion Cr
Board of Motion Cr Smith
Board PORTUGAL Motion Crs Carmen Wickens Special
Boots - Motion
Borden for Weapons Ministère des Transports Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Technician Training
Bristol Community Motion Crs Duff and Orr Association for
Bristol Council Accept Grader Tender After Motion
Bristol Council BIRTH Motion Cr Tubman
Bristol Council Jack Graham
Bristol Council Motion
Bristol Council Motion Cr Dagg
Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Bristol Council N Onslow Council Motion by Cn Armitage
Bristol Council That Dr. Motion WOMENS’ INSTITUTES May
Bristol Jack
Bristol Jack Graham
Bristol Jack Graham Memorial Hall
Bristol Jack Graham;
Bristol Mavor Jack Graham
Bristol May Jack
Bristol Mayor Jack
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra Mansfield
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Parks
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Pascale Tremblay
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-A
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-cerns
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-ing
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-Jerry Amyotte
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-same
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-second
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Budget Speech
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Financial Review
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Katharine Fletcher
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Numbers
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Players
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham SQ Const
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham’s
Bristol Mayor Jack Grah«un
Bristol Mayor Jack October
Bristol Mayor Jack Sloan
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham - Fashion
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham Fashion
Bristol Memorial Motion
Bristol Mines Motion Crs
Bristol Minus Recreation AssocMtmtt Motion
Bristol Motion
Bristol Motion Cr McCredie
Bristol Motion Cre Duff
Bristol Motion Crs
Bristol Motion Crs Duff
Bristol Motion Crs Orr
Bristol Mr. Jack Graham
Bristol Qemusr Jack Miner
Bristol Road Motion Crs Duff
Bristol s Jack Graham
Bristol Village Motion Russett
Bristol Vol- Motion Crs Duff
Bristol Volun- Crs Donald McCredie
Bristol Volun- Motion Crs Pitt and
Bristol Volunteer Fire Crs
Bristol Volunteer Fire Motion Crs Stanley
Bristol were Motion Cr McCredie
Bristol; Elwyn Lang
Bristol; Mel Lang
British National Association for the Prevention
Bryson III Motion Comml
BUFFS RD MUTUAL LIFE Jack Graham Bristol
Business Fire Prevention
Business Men’s Association Motion by Dr. Ranger
By Crs Pitt and
C Fire Prevention Canada
C.F. Express Motion
California c JACK* MCRAE
CAMION Og Prevention
CANADA Crime News
Canadian Association for the Prevention
Canadian Cancer Society Motion Crs
Canadian Cancer Socle Motion
Canadian Fire Prevention Week La
Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau
Canadian Home Of Tomorrow Motion Crs
Canadian National Institute for Carried Motion Crs
Canadian National Institute Motion oy Krose
Canadian Oil Co. Motion byCrs
Canadian Oil Cos Motion Cr«
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Motion
Canadian Society for the Prevention
Cancer Research 647-2221 Cancer Prevention SOCIÉTÉ CANADIENNE DU CANCER CISC
Cancer Soci- Motion Crs Dagg
Capital Blend Tea Seasonable Articles Motion—Wilson-Young—That
Capital City Tractor Crs Garth Tracy
Capital Crs
Carson Bros Motion Crs
Carson Prevention
Causation and Prevention
CEMETERY MEMORIALS & BRONZE PLAQUES Michael O’Leary Prevention Société de Conservation de
Central Scientific Co Motion Commr
CFER Outaouais Motion
Cheese Motion—Crs
Cheque Wool Works; Lang St.
Chevrolet Touring Motion following
Christ Canon Lang
Christmas Knitting & Gift Giving Pontiac Wool Works Lang St.
Chrysler Motor Product Crs
Chrysler’s Motion Design
CHURCH Miss Iris Lang
Ci fire Prevention Canada
Clarendon Council JULY 3-4-5 Motion Crs Jack Lang
Clarendon Council Motion -
Clarendon Council Motion by Crs Taber-Muldoon
Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Clarendon Council Motion Os
Clarendon Hotel Motion Crs
Clarendon Hotel Shawville P Motion Crs Duff
Clarendon School Beard Motion
Clarendon School Board Motion by Grant Fitzsimmons
Clean Up Week Motion Crs
Clothes Shop Ontruc Allison Corrigan Jack
Clothes Shop; GAS Farm Equipment; Garnet Stephens Construction; Jack
Club Achievement Andrew Lang
ClUClieSter MlllllCipallty Motion Crs Duff
CO Calendars Pine Ridge & Lang NOW ONLY Braeside Ottawa
Co-operative Medical Motion
Cod Liver Oil Motion Cri
Colonial Bank Suffi Motion
COM Prevention Week"
Commerce - Motion Crs
Committee - Motiop Crs
Committee of Crs Black
Committee of Onslow North Part Crs Henderson
Committee of Onslow South Part Crs Onslow
Community Center sponsored Jack Graham’s Mutual Life
Community Centre Carried Motion Cr
Community Centre Jack
Community Centre Motion Crs Dagg
Community Disaster Society Motion by Crs
Community Hospital Jack Bullis
Community Hospital Lang
Community I Prevention
Community Motion Crs McCredie
Community Service Project Doura Perfect Motion Last
COMPACT BUDGET PRICED Grade Vie John Dean; Harley Richardson; Jack Lang; David Mc-Brian Brownlee
Compensation Insurance Motion
Con-1 Fire Prevention Week October
Construction Equipment Ltd. E Motion Crs C Roy
Contact Jack Graham
Controller Allan Motion
Cooney Sec.-Treas Society Motion Crs
Core snd Prevention
Corporation Motion by Crs
Council Board Motion Crs Horner
Council Carried Church Motion Crs Sparl
Council Carried Motion Cr
Council Conducts Busy Meeting Motion Crs
Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Council Hall Motion
Council Lynn Lang
COUNCIL Motion Crs Barber
COUNCIL Motion Crs Murphy
Council RAP - Motion Crs
Council Says Motion Crs
Counterfeit Killer Jack Lord
Crime Club Lloyd Bridgea
Crime Commission WASHINGTON—Establishment
Crime Division
Crime Division of Hull
Crime Laboratory
Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention Bureau
Crime Prevention Manned
Crime Prevention Week
Crime Should
Crime Team
Crime Unit
Criminal Prevention
Criminal the Prevention
Crs 0 Hodgins
Crs Benefit Dance BIG ED
Crs Brown
Crs Brown Society
Crs Carswell
Crs Committee
Crs Council
Crs Dagg
Crs Davidson School
Crs Emmerson
Crs Everett Steele
Crs Gary Hodgins
Crs Gatineau Power
Crs Hawley
Crs Hawley Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Crs Hawley Wick
Crs Hawley Wickens
Crs Hawley Wickens Huddersfield
Crs Mac
Crs Orr
Crs O’Reilly-
Crs Railway Transport Committee
Crs Richardson & Ditt-
Crs Shawville Council CR""
Crs Stanley
Crystal Jack Chevier
Cut Crime News
Dairy Milk Federation Pontiac U.P.A. Smillea Farms Bank of Montreal National Bank R.M. Lang Farms D
Dale Thomson Lodges present Fire Prevention Shawvüle Fire Department
DE BOIS Motion Cr Dagg that Council
Deliveries Fire Prevention Canada
Department of Agri- Motion ers Steele-Farrell
Department of Education Motion Cr Russett
Department of Prevention
Department of Pub-| Motion
Department of Transport Motion Crs
District Governor Lion Jack Cherry
District Snowmobile Club Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Doctor Jack
Doctor Jack—he Paris
Dominion Fire Prevention Association
Dot & Jack Moulton
DOVER Motion—Doherty Taber
Drug Prevention Week
Dubé Fire Prevention Week 1997 Fire Prevention Canada October
Durochcr and Prevention Week
Easter Week Store Hours Motion Crs
Education Sym
Edwards Parish Hall Motion Crs
Elaine Lang Bank of Montreal Petro Pontiac Macador Farms Bill
Entertainment Featuring Black Jack
ENTIRE STOCK Pontiac Wool Works Lang St.
EQUITY Fire Prevention Week
Erector General of Fire Prevention
Farm Equipment Ltd. RM Lang Farms Log’s End Ron Hodgins Kathy Mohr Paul Scheel Pontiac Agricultural
Farm Fire Prevention
Fashion Shop Crs Pesa
Fashion Shop L- Motion
Feed Lang-Dagg St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
FI Jack Myers Dies In Montreal Solemn Moment
Fine Jack Knives
Fire * Prevention Canada Fax
Fire Commission Motion Crs Arnot Homer
Fire Committee Crs Black
Fire Committee Crs Fraser
Fire Committee Crs Trudeau & Dese-brais; Roads
Fire De- Motion Crs Claude Rich -
Fire Department Fire Protection Fire Prevention Week
Fire Department) Fire Prevention Week October
Fire Fighting or Prevention
Fire Motion Crs Horner
Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention 2-1-3 311-315-78 Architectural Design
Fire Prevention A
Fire Prevention Bureau
Fire Prevention By-Law
Fire Prevention C
Fire Prevention Cam- Community Centre
Fire Prevention Canada
Fire Prevention Exhibition
Fire Prevention Field
Fire Prevention Landscaping
Fire Prevention Message
Fire Prevention Mrs.
Fire Prevention Mrs. ,1
Fire Prevention Officers
Fire Prevention Phone
Fire Prevention Precautions
Fire Prevention Precautions Snocomotton Reg
Fire Prevention Printed And Published Weekly At PONTIAC PRINTSHOP Shiwville
Fire Prevention Service Tele Eghjity
Fire Prevention Services
Fire Prevention Telephone
Fire Prevention Week
Fire Prevention Week -
Fire Prevention Week - October
Fire Prevention Week Banquet At Bryson Directors Elected Elected
Fire Prevention Week Oct.
Fire Prevention Week October
FIRE PREVENTION WEEK OCTOBER 8-14 Volunteer Fire Department Smoke
Fire Prevention Week RED
Fire Prevention Week: Aylmer Fire Department
Fire Prevention Week’s Activities
Fire Prevention Week”
Fire Prevention Ween
Fire Prevention ^2-3
Fire ¦ Prevention
Firfc Prevention Week
Firo Prevention Week October
Firs Prevention Brigade
Fit e Prevention Canada
Five Prevention
Five Prevention THE
Flyers Motion
FORD FOCUS SE Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Ford Touring ECONOMY Motion—Crs
Forest Fire Prevention
Forest Fire Prevention Agency
Forest Fire Prevention Display
Forest Producets Accident Prevention Association
Friendly Service Motion Crs
FRUIT MART Jack Graham
Funeral Home Motion Cr Brown
Gatineau Power Co...... Motion Crs Yeung
Gatineau Power Motion
Général de la Prevention des Incendies*
General Hospital Mr. Jack Wilson
General Supply Motion
Gift Shop For Men And Boys Motion Commr
Girls Studying At Pine Lodge Letter To Editor Fire Prevention CGIT Greets New Season ÔUËBE
Good Food NOW Friendly Service Jack of Creighton Mines.
Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Grand AM Pontiac Wool Works Lang St.
Great Britain Motion Cr< Alexander-Steele
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
Health and Sanitation Committee Motion Ore
Health and Sanitation Crs Gibbons
Health Prevention Lucie STOP
Health Prevention Programme
Health Week, Fire Prevention Week
Helps Moth Prevention Mrs. Brown
HH Motion Crs
HI III H.J. Motion Crs Gilpin
Hi Unit Motion Cis
High School Motion Crs Garth
Hobbs & Sons Motion Crs
Hod-gins Stores Pontiac Rural Telephone Motion
HODGINS E Proprietor Lang Street
HODGINS Motion Proprietor Robert-Farrell
HODGINS Proprietor Lang Street
HODGINS Stock Company Fire Insurance Proprietor Lang Street
HOME COOKING Rough Spruce & Balsam Rough Jack Pine Rough Poplar Peeled Poplar Mixed Rough Hardwood
Home Meeting Service Jack Warder
Home nier Prevention
Home Prevention
HOUSE OF NUMBERS Adult Barbara Lang Plus Dana Wynter Adull Fnfrisinment Medallion
House Thai Jack Built
House That Jack Built"
Howard---- Snow Removal Morley Hodgins Motion
IB National Crime Prevention Week
IcArtlv & Mi LANG & KEMP
II E CHOI Motion
Imperial Oil Ltd. Motion Crs
IMPORTANT MEETING ON Crime Prevention Wednesday
In- Crs Garth Tracy
Industrial Accident Prevention
Industrial Accident Prevention Association
Industrial Accident Prevention Associations
Info Crime Line
Institute of Research for the Prevention of Disease
International Crime Commission
International League for the Prevention
Is Motion Crs
Its Control Or Prevention Is Still Believed Far Away General Manager’s Address
Its Prevention
Jack & Perry
Jack Graham’s Mutual Life
Jack Mac Vicar Memorial Church
Jack Methodist Church
JACK Safety
Jack Warner
Jack Wil- School
JIotlon Crs Brown
JJ Lumber Inc and-or Jack Jewell
JJ Lumber Inc et-ou Jack Jewell
JOIN TH Motion Commr
Joint Fire Prevention Publicity Committee
Joint Fire Prevention Publicity Committee Inc.
Journals-»!-9* Motion-Comr Murrell
Junior Champion Jack Knox Reserve Junior
JUSTICE i Prevention
Kilo Fire Prevention Week October
Kit e Prevention Canada
l 647-3002 Pontiac Wool Works Lang St.
l for N Motion
l K Wainmuii''s Business Announcement Petits Pois SOLEIL WILL EXHIBIT AT SHAWVILLE Motion Conns
L Outaouais Regional School Board Joan Lang
L. St Prevention Branch
LAFLAMME Church of England Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
LAFLAMME Jack Screws
LAFLAMME Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
Lake Baptist Churck COUNCIL Wyman COUNCIL Motion b Drum
Lang & Centre SI Shawville
Lang & Sons
Lang Aaron Perry
Lang Boys Return
Lang Carl Tubman
Lang Christian Education
Lang Department
Lang Distance Telephone
Lang Hospital Auxiliary
LANG Presbyterian
Lang St.
Lang Tanya Watson Public Notice Thanks Public Notice NOTICE Thanks
Lang Wayne Perry
Lang- School Jane Bourget
LECLERE Investment Broker Motion
LIBERAL JACK-O-LANTERN Federoi Agriculture
Library - Motion Crs Jean- Motion Crs Jeannine Wick
Library Books * Montreal Bonk Room Meyers School Supplies Frnnk Richardson Motion Commissioner
Life Insurance Phone Motion Crs Brownlee
Life Insurance Phone Motion Crs McCann
Life Membership Motion — Beattie-Taber
Light S Life Hour Motion Crs O Reilly
LIMITED Motion—Biehler-Craig—That Special Supt
Lion Duplicator ......... Ottawa Store Equipment Motion Commr
Lion Elwyn Lang
Lion Jack Sherwin
Lion Jack Toboggan Race Grade
Lion Jack Wright
Lion Ray Lang-
Livestock Loss Prevention Board
LODGE Hotel Entertainment Household Helpers Motion
LOST Lang’s Store
Ltd for Senior Dairy Lang
Ltd HD Motion
LUV Adult Color Jack Lemmon
LYNN LANG General Contractors
Machine Shop Motion Cr McCleary
Machinery Sales Co. Ltd Crs
Major Crime Division
Major Crime Unit
Malakoff Council Meeting Motion
MASSE Y-HARRJS CENTENNIAL MOTION PICTURE the Dominion Department of Agriculture
Master Cyrus Lang
Master Elwin Lang
Master Jack
Master Jack Argue
Master Jack Ebert
Master Jack MacCosham
Master Jack Mathers
Master Jack Porter
Master Jack Stewart
Master Jack Turriff
Master Wayne Lang
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor —The Prevention of Water
McDonald Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
McGil University Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
Me Dominion Roau Machinery Sales Motion Crs
Means of Prevention
Meat Council JACK McCOUBREY - B.I.O.
MeGUl University Motion by Comm
Memorial Serv Roll Motion
MERCURY LINCOLN Fire Prevention Canada
Metal Mines Accident Prevention Association
Metal Mines Association Accident Prevention Assoc Mr. Kluke
Methodist Lang
Michael O’Leary Prevention
Mid- Motion
Miniers Prevention
Ministry Lang
Ministry of Crs Carmen Wickens Transport
Ministry of Crs Claude Richardson
Ministry of Motion Cr T Smith
Misa Teen Pontiac Pageant Motion
Mobon Crs Pitt & Smith Council
Monument Manufacturer Prevention
MONUMENTS Motion Crs Drummond &
MONUMENTS Showville Motion
Morning Service Jack
Motion R.E.
Motion FOR SERVICE Purebred Yorkshire Hog
Motion Payette Const
Motion Pipe Fitter Wanted
Motion Reunion Annuelle Colonization
Motion & Bretzlaf the
Motion & Ireland
Motion & Koshy
Motion & Murphy
Motion & Murphy Nathan
Motion -
Motion - A
Motion - Beattie
Motion - C
Motion - Cl
Motion - Cm
Motion - Co trim
Motion - Com
Motion - Conns
Motion - Couna Rarhrr
Motion - Councillor André Bellerose
Motion - Couns
Motion - Court
Motion - Crs
Motion - Election By-Law
Motion - Graham Horner
Motion - Henderson
Motion - Hodgins
Motion - Kasey-Doherty
Motion - Mayor Clothing
Motion - Mayor Ryan
Motion - McLellan
Motion - Muldoon Krwin
Motion - Notice
Motion - Notice Firefighter
Motion - Quebec Shawville KATHLEEN M.ROLUNS
Motion - Ryan
Motion -Comr Beattie-That Bristol (
Motion -L.
Motion .
Motion .TV#
Motion 0
Motion 0 Reilly
Motion 1 Visitors
Motion 1-y Comr Nurse
Motion 10 W
Motion 1rs G McCallum
Motion 6s O Reilly
Motion 6y ¦ Bretzlaff
Motion Affairs
Motion Agent Dies Suddenly Dr.
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Motion Alexander-Voting
Motion Alexandet Rural Iuspt
Motion Allan Ludlow
Motion Also
Motion Ap Allot
Motion Ap Hitsman
Motion Approved
Motion Ar- Continued
Motion Argue Caldwell
Motion Armstrong Horner
Motion Armstrong Kulford
Motion Armstrong-Hanna That
Motion Arno Bretzlaff
Motion As Brown
Motion At Portage du
Motion Athol Dale
Motion Avis de
Motion b Cmr
Motion b Me Co
Motion Ballan- Harkness
Motion Ballantyne Beattie
Motion Balsam
Motion Barber-Bean That
Motion Barber—I*
Motion Barlier
Motion Barry Craig
Motion Basil Qua
Motion be Allan McKay
Motion Bean
Motion Bean Dagg That
Motion Beat
Motion Beattie
Motion Beattie-Stanton
Motion Beattio-Stanton
Motion Belletere
Motion Bennett
MOTION Bernard Armitage
Motion Bert Hodgins
Motion Bill Douglas
Motion Board
Motion Boss
Motion Br
Motion Breakfast Bacon
Motion Breweries
Motion Brian Drummond
Motion Bristol
Motion Brown
Motion Brownlee
Motion Brownlee and
Motion Bruce Arnutage
Motion Btiislc
Motion Building
Motion Built
Motion Bussell Allen
Motion by Clrs Hodgins
Motion by Clrs Hodgins and Sons
Motion by Co
Motion by Crs
Motion by Crs Merriffeld-Clarke
Motion by Crs Wm
Motion by Development Plan
Motion By Popular Demand * Voyageur Restaurant
Motion by Royce Rev. Ed McCiiç Canadiana
Motion by Royce Richardson
MOTION BY Shawville
Motion By-Law
Motion C
Motion C rs Barber
Motion C rs Ireland
Motion C rs Met Ivary
Motion C"mr Walsh
Motion C-s
Motion C<»un< Modgin>
Motion C> Hammond
Motion Caldwell-Easey—That Bylaw No.
Motion Campbell-Hender-on That the
Motion Campbell-Killoran
Motion Campbell-Killoran That Mr. Roys
Motion Carl Mayer
Motion Carmen Wickens
Motion Carried
Motion Carried Crs
Motion Cc.
Motion Ccmmr Brown
Motion Ccrrm
Motion Ce*
Motion Ch Drummond
Motion Church
Motion Ci
Motion Ci McCrcdic
Motion Ci s
Motion Ci* Langford
Motion Cis
Motion Cis Barber
Motion Cis Hark
Motion Cis Murray
Motion CiU.
Motion Ci»
Motion Cl
Motion Clarendon Fire Depart- Application
Motion Clarendon Municipal Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Clarendon School Board W. E. N. HODGINS.
Motion Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Clive Smart
Motion Clr
Motion Clr Carmen
Motion Clr Pasch
Motion Clr Yach
Motion Clrs Bretzlaff
Motion Clrs Hammond
Motion Clrs Hodgins
Motion Clrs Wickens
Motion Cls Metcalfe
Motion Cm
Motion Cm (
Motion Cm Dagg
Motion Cm Desebrais
Motion Cm Draper
Motion Cm Gilpin
Motion Cm Hudgins
Motion Cm Kennedy-Hammond
Motion Cm Markj
Motion Cm Marks
Motion Cm McCann
Motion Cm McCord
Motion Cm McKay
Motion Cm MrTann
Motion Cm Mulligan
Motion Cm Mumy
Motion Cm Murray
Motion CM Pertard
Motion Cm Rusaett
Motion Cm Young
Motion Cmr Beattie
Motion Cn
Motion Cn Beaudon
Motion Cn Bronson
Motion Cn Draper
Motion Cn Grant
Motion Cn O Reilly
Motion Cn O Reilly Horner
Motion Cn Tubman
Motion Cnm
Motion Cns Clarendon Council
Motion Coiar Taber Hoard
Motion Coim-.
Motion Coimvil
Motion Coin
Motion Coin''r
Motion Coinr
Motion Coins
Motion CoinV> Wallace
Motion Coin’rs Tracy
Motion Com
Motion Com ;
Motion Com Wilson
Motion Com Y
Motion Com.
Motion Comm
Motion Comma
Motion Comma Henderson
Motion Commis.-ioner
Motion Commission
Motion Commissioners Tracy
Motion Commissioners Tubman Lumber
Motion Commr
Motion Commr Biown
Motion Commr Brown
Motion Commr Eades
Motion Commr Eudes
Motion Commr Fades
Motion Commr Fulford
Motion Commr Fullord
Motion Commr Hades
Motion Commr Hodgins
Motion Commr Kilgour
Motion Commr McDowell
Motion Commr Pul
Motion Commr Registered
Motion Commr Rowat
Motion Commr S. Widdi- Motion Cr
Motion Commr W.
Motion Commr Widdicombc
Motion Commr Widdicombe
Motion Commr Widdicomhe
Motion Commr Widdiombe
Motion Commr Wm
Motion Commrs Widdicomhe | Rankin Ltd 7.62; Pontiac Blut-|
Motion Comms
Motion Comr
Motion Comr Brough—That the
Motion Comr Graham
Motion Comr Hodgii
Motion Comr Horner—That Comrs Brough
Motion Comr H«>dgins
Motion Comr ILm
Motion Comr J.
Motion Comr J. 0. Graham—That Rev.
Motion Comr McLeod That
Motion Comr McMillan- 1
Motion Comr McNeill—That the
Motion Comr Morelivad In*
Motion Comr Murrell
Motion Comr T.
Motion Comr T. P
Motion Comr Wilson---That
Motion Comr Wilson—that the
Motion Comr Young Thct the
Motion Comre Sturgeon
Motion Comrs
Motion Comrs I>ean
Motion Comrs Tracy
Motion Comrs Tubman
Motion Comv MacLeod
Motion Com’r McMillan—That
Motion Com’r Murrell-That the
Motion Com’r Woods
Motion Com’rs McGuire
Motion Congdon
Motion Conir Draper
Motion Conn
Motion Conn* Bar
Motion Conn* Draper Hint
Motion Connolly
Motion Connolly Hanna That Itur
Motion Connolly*Horner That
Motion Conns
Motion Conns Dale
Motion Conns Horigins
Motion Conns H•
Motion Conti Drape; Board
MOTION Continued
Motion Contr
Motion Contra Laugh
Motion ConVr Taber—That the
Motion Corn
Motion Corns Tubman
Motion Corns Wallace
Motion Cos Em
Motion Cotm*
Motion Cotnr Brough—That
Motion Cotnr Horner
Motion Cotnrs Wilson
Motion CouKiHor Ale^ande^
Motion Coun*
Motion Couna
Motion Counc
Motion Counc Hors Young
Motion Council
Motion Councillor Argue
Motion Councillor Chamber-
Motion Councillor Chamber- Carried
Motion Councillor Elliot Stewart
Motion Councillor Emmers
Motion Councillor Emmerson
Motion Councillor Marks
Motion Councillor Moyle
Motion Councillor Stewart
Motion Councillor Whelen
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillor# Chamberlain
Motion Councillor* McBane O
Motion Councillors
Motion Councillors A ;
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Argue
Motion Councillors Ballantyne
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Motion Councillors Dale
Motion Councillors Dole
Motion Councillors Emmerson
Motion Councillors Garth Tracy
Motion Councillors Gordon
Motion Councillors Harkne
Motion Councillors Harkness
Motion Councillors Harlsr.es;-.
Motion Councillors Hawley
Motion Councillors Hawley Wickens
Motion Councillors Hobbs
Motion Councillors Hodgins
Motion Councillors Kilgour
Motion Councillors Marks
Motion Councillors McBane
Motion Councillors Whelan
Motion Councillors Young
Motion Councillors Young-Camp-bell
Motion Councillors Young-West-
Motion Couns
Motion Count
Motion Count M.cfarl.ne
Motion Cqmmr
Motion Cr
Motion Cr "
Motion Cr 0f Roll #
Motion Cr Aime Essiambre
Motion Cr Alex Drummond
Motion Cr Amot Homer
Motion Cr Amot Homer Fax
Motion Cr Amot Horner
Motion Cr Appeal Court
Motion Cr Armitage
Motion Cr Arnot Homer
Motion Cr Arnot Horn
Motion Cr Arnot Horner Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr Barber
Motion Cr Beaudoin
Motion Cr Bretzlaff
Motion Cr Brown
Motion Cr Brownlee
Motion Cr C Roy
Motion Cr Cameron
Motion Cr Carmen
Motion Cr Carson
Motion Cr Cednc Elliott 301-500 b John Melloul
Motion Cr Cedric
Motion Cr Cedric Elliott
Motion Cr Cedric Hanna
Motion Cr Cedric Judd
Motion Cr Chamberlain
Motion Cr Cirant
Motion Cr Cone
Motion Cr Congdon
Motion Cr D Fulford M(j
Motion Cr Dag
Motion Cr Dagg
Motion Cr Dale
Motion Cr Davies
Motion Cr Desabrais
Motion Cr Dig*
Motion Cr Doug
Motion Cr Dowe
Motion Cr Drummond
Motion Cr Duff
Motion Cr Duff that Line
Motion Cr Duff the
Motion Cr Dunlop
Motion Cr Easter
Motion Cr Elliott
Motion Cr Essiambre
Motion Cr Essiamhrc
Motion Cr Findlay
Motion Cr Fine
Motion Cr G Hodgins
Motion Cr Garth Tracy
Motion Cr Gibbons
Motion Cr Gilpin
Motion Cr Graham
Motion Cr Grant
Motion Cr Gravel
Motion Cr Gray
Motion Cr Greer
Motion Cr Hammond
Motion Cr Hanna
Motion Cr Hanna that Council
Motion Cr Hanna that Council Helkenberg
Motion Cr Harkness
Motion Cr Hobbs
Motion Cr Hodgins
Motion Cr Homer
Motion Cr Horner
Motion Cr Ireland
Motion Cr Ixswis
Motion Cr J
Motion Cr Jack Lang
Motion Cr Jas Horner
Motion Cr Jeannine
Motion Cr Jeannine Sand Bay
Motion Cr Jeannine Wesley Road
Motion Cr Jeannine Wickens
Motion Cr Jjd
Motion Cr Judd
Motion Cr K Smith
Motion Cr K Smith Bristol Council
Motion Cr Kennedy
Motion Cr Krose
Motion Cr L Roy
Motion Cr Langford
Motion Cr Malefic
Motion Cr Malette
Motion Cr Marines
Motion Cr Mark*
Motion Cr Mavis Duchesne
Motion Cr McC
Motion Cr McCann
Motion Cr McCleajr
Motion Cr McClearly
Motion Cr McCleary
Motion Cr McCord
Motion Cr McCrcdic
Motion Cr McCrcdie
Motion Cr McCrcdie Design Inc
Motion Cr McCre- Motion Crs Duff
Motion Cr McCredic
Motion Cr McCredie
Motion Cr Mcf
Motion Cr McKay
Motion Cr McKee
Motion Cr McNeill
Motion Cr MeCredie
Motion Cr Merlin Richardson
Motion Cr Metcalfe
Motion Cr Motion Cr
Motion Cr Motion Cr Dagg
Motion Cr Mulligan
Motion Cr Murphy
Motion Cr O Reilly
Motion Cr Orr
Motion Cr Orr Bee
Motion Cr Orr Council
Motion Cr Orr Elliott
Motion Cr Orr Thanks Parish Cemetery.
Motion Cr Orr that Council
Motion Cr O’Reilly
Motion Cr Pi-
Motion Cr Pine
Motion Cr Piric
Motion Cr Pirie
Motion Cr Ptrie
Motion Cr Quenneville we Legion Ladies Auxiliary
Motion Cr Roy
Motion Cr Russett
Motion Cr Smart
Motion Cr Smiley
Motion Cr Smith
Motion Cr Spread All and Construction Amot Homer
Motion Cr Stanley
Motion Cr T
Motion Cr T Smith
Motion Cr T Smith that Council
Motion Cr Telford
Motion Cr Tom Fahey
Motion Cr Tubman
Motion Cr Urr
Motion Cr Wickens
Motion Cr Wiggins
Motion Cr Wilson
Motion Cr Yach
Motion Cr Young
Motion Cr# O Reilly
Motion Cr# Sheehan
Motion Cr$
Motion Cr&
Motion Cr& McCord
Motion Cr& Muirsy
Motion Cr*
Motion Cr* B Armitage
Motion Cr* Barr
Motion Cr* Emmerson
Motion Cr* Quigg
Motion Cr* Young
Motion Cra
Motion Cra B Armttage
Motion Cra B. Aim
Motion Cra C
Motion Cra C Roy
Motion Cra Dagg
Motion Cra Dagg and Resolved
Motion Cra Elliott
Motion Cra Farrell
Motion Cra Gilpin
Motion Cra Hod
Motion Cra Ireland
Motion Cra J.
Motion Cra L
Motion Cra L Perricelli
Motion Cra L Wilson
Motion Cra l(
Motion Cra Malette
Motion Cra McKay
Motion Cra McQrni
Motion Cra Stanley
Motion Cra Tubman
Motion Cra Wiggins
Motion Cra Young
Motion Craig Taber
Motion Craig-lUrry Hold*
Motion CrB Davies
Motion Cre
Motion Cre Barber
Motion Cre D
Motion Cre D Fulford
Motion Cre Davies
Motion Cre Graham
Motion Cre Roy
Motion Cre Stanley
Motion Cre Tubman
Motion Cri
Motion Cri Fortin Pointe Gatineau
Motion CrJ.
Motion Crl Kllgour
Motion Crq
Motion Crr.
Motion Crs
Motion Crs A
Motion Crs Bills
Motion Crs & Casual
Motion Crs 0 Hodgins
Motion Crs 0 Reilly
Motion Crs A
Motion Crs A Bennett
Motion Crs A Lapierre
Motion Crs Aime Essiambre
Motion Crs Alex
Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Amol Homer Pontiac Bursary
Motion Crs Amot
Motion Crs Amot Homer
Motion Crs Amot Horner & Jeannine Wickens that Council
Motion Crs Amot Horner |
Motion Crs Andrew Ben- the
Motion Crs Andrew Bennett
Motion Crs Ar-
Motion Crs Ar- Ministry of Environment H Council
Motion Crs Ar- of
Motion Crs Ar-not Homer
Motion Crs Armitage
Motion Crs Armitage—Martineau
Motion Crs Armltage
Motion Crs Arnot
Motion Crs Arnot Homer
Motion Crs Arnot Homer Within
Motion Crs Arnot Horn
Motion Crs Arnot Horn-Tenders
Motion Crs Arnot Horner
Motion Crs A„rppmpnt
Motion Crs B Armât
Motion Crs B Armitage
Motion Crs Barber
Motion Crs Barberand Brownlee
Motion Crs Barter
Motion Crs Bcrmott
Motion Crs Beaudoin
Motion Crs Bennett
Motion Crs Bernard Armi-mitage
Motion Crs bile Association
Motion Crs Black
Motion Crs Bretziaff
Motion Crs Bretzlaff
Motion Crs Bronson
Motion Crs Brown
Motion Crs Brown & Brown Minutes
Motion Crs Brownlee
Motion Crs Brownlee and Rowe
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage Motion Crs Brownlee
Motion Crs Bu
Motion Crs Burke
Motion Crs C
Motion Crs C Betty Foran
Motion Crs C Parade
Motion Crs C Richardson
Motion Crs C Richardson and
Motion Crs C Richardson Clapham
Motion Crs C Richardson Council
Motion Crs C Richardson JOHN MacGREGOR CONCRETE
Motion Crs C Richardson Telebec Project No
Motion Crs C Roy
Motion Crs C Wickens
Motion Crs C Wkkens
Motion Crs Car
Motion Crs Car-
Motion Crs Car- Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Car- Home Comfort Plan;
Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Motion Crs Carmen Clears
Motion Crs Carmen Correspondence
Motion Crs Carmen Council
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Cr Arnot Horner HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Carmen Tenders
Motion Crs Carmen Therefore the Municipal Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen Village
Motion Crs Carmen WEDNESDAY
Motion Crs Carmen Wic-
Motion Crs Carmen Wic- CO S
Motion Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Carnet McCal Charge
Motion Crs Carson and Bar Mr.
Motion Crs CAW-LOGS
Motion Crs Ccdnc Elliot
Motion Crs Cedric
Motion Crs Cedric Elli
Motion Crs Cedric Elli A
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- By-Laws
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Cr Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Fern Yach
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Hall
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Motion Crs Jeannine P
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-exigés
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-rendon
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-votes
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-were
Motion Crs Cedric Elliot
Motion Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Cedric Elliott Pontiac Travel Guide
Motion Crs Cedric the
Motion Crs Chamberlain
Motion Crs Chamberlain & McCleary
Motion Crs Chamberlain ;
Motion Crs Chamberlin
Motion Crs Clarendon Fire Depart- Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Claude
Motion Crs Claude Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Claude JUcnard-son
Motion Crs Claude Ric- North
Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Claude Rich*
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Clarendon Fire Truck
Motion Crs Claude Rich-CPR
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Lp.ni
Motion Crs Claude Rich-scats
Motion Crs Claude Rich-the
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Wickens
Motion Crs Claude Richard
Motion Crs Claude Richard Tracy
Motion Crs Claude Richards-
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Clrs Turcotte
Motion Crs Cone
Motion Crs Constant Legault
Motion Crs Cornwall
Motion Crs County
Motion Crs Cr Wickens
Motion Crs CÜ
Motion Crs D
Motion Crs D Ful-
Motion Crs D Fulford
Motion Crs Dace
Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Dagg &
Motion Crs Dagg & Graham
Motion Crs Dagg & Motion Crs Duff &
Motion Crs Dagg & Pitt that
Motion Crs Dagg & Pitt the
Motion Crs Dagg and Association
Motion Crs Dagg and Chamber of Commerce Poupore
Motion Crs Dagg and Council
Motion Crs Dagg and McGuinty Inc and/or
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Dagg that Council
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Dagg and Roy Bristol Volunteer Fire Dept
Motion Crs Dale
Motion Crs December HOT CROSS BUNS
Motion Crs Dept
Motion Crs Desabrais
Motion Crs Desahrais
Motion Crs Ditt- Wickens
Motion Crs Dittbumer ral Affairs
Motion Crs Document
Motion Crs Dolan
Motion Crs Douf
Motion Crs Doug
Motion Crs Doug Department of Transport the Municipal Council Roger La Rocque
Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Motion Crs Doug Ful- Hobbs met Council
Motion Crs Doug Ful-dums
Motion Crs Doug Ful-ford
Motion Crs Doug Fulford
Motion Crs Doug Fulford Clarendon Fire Dept
Motion Crs Douglas
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford ORLEANS MONUMENTS
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford Committee
Motion Crs Douglas Motion
Motion Crs Dowe
Motion Crs Draper
Motion Crs Drummond
Motion Crs Dsgg
Motion Crs Dubois
Motion Crs Duff
Motion Crs Duff &
Motion Crs Duff & Dagg
Motion Crs Duff & Orr
Motion Crs Duff & Serge & Ghislaine Dubois
Motion Crs Duff and
Motion Crs Duff and Council
Motion Crs Duff and Pitt
Motion Crs Duff and Pitt Dagg that Council
Motion Crs Duff*
Motion Crs Dugg
Motion Crs Dummond
Motion Crs Dunlop
Motion Crs E McCann
Motion Crs Eadcs
Motion Crs Eades
Motion Crs Education and
Motion Crs El-
Motion Crs Elliott
Motion Crs Emmeraon
Motion Crs Emmerson
Motion Crs Emmerson and Army Girl’s Home
Motion Crs Emmurson
Motion Crs ers
Motion Crs Ervin
Motion Crs Essi
Motion Crs Essiambre
Motion Crs Essiamhre
Motion Crs Fades
Motion Crs Fahey
Motion Crs Farrel
Motion Crs Farrell
Motion Crs Findlay
Motion Crs Findlay Dagg
Motion Crs Findlay Hanna
Motion Crs Fitzsimmon
Motion Crs Fmmerson
Motion Crs Foran
Motion Crs Fraser
Motion Crs Ful-
Motion Crs G
Motion Crs G A
Motion Crs G Armitage
Motion Crs G Committee
Motion Crs G Hod
Motion Crs G Hod-gins
Motion Crs G Hodgina
Motion Crs G Hodgine and C Municipal Council Township
Motion Crs G Hodgins
Motion Crs G Hodgins and Insurance Policies
Motion Crs G Joannisse
Motion Crs G McCallum
Motion Crs G Tracy
Motion Crs G _
Motion Crs G. Joannisse
Motion Crs GarHi Tracy
Motion Crs Garnet
Motion Crs Garnet McCallum
Motion Crs Garth
Motion Crs Garth Campbell
Motion Crs Garth Financial
Motion Crs Garth Iracy Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Garth Manpower
Motion Crs Garth Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Tracey
Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Garth Tracy & Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Campbell
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Council
Motion Crs Garth Tracy de Protection du
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Equipment
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Jeannine Wickens
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Lake
Motion Crs Garth Tracy McCoy
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Municipal Affairs
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Outaouais Alliance
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Stocks Used Equipment
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Telebcc
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Motion Crs Gary
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins Hodgins
Motion Crs Gatineau Power
Motion Crs Gibbons
Motion Crs Gilpin
Motion Crs Gilpin Barber
Motion Crs Gr*
Motion Crs Graham
Motion Crs Graham & Duff
Motion Crs Gran*
Motion Crs Grant
Motion Crs Gray
Motion Crs Greer
Motion Crs H
Motion Crs H Wickens
Motion Crs H Wickens Motion Crs Hawley
Motion Crs H Wickens TENDERS Club
Motion Crs Hammond
Motion Crs Hamond
Motion Crs Hanna
Motion Crs Hark
Motion Crs Harkneas Smiley
Motion Crs Has
Motion Crs Haw
Motion Crs Hawley
Motion Crs Hawley Road
Motion Crs Hawley the
Motion Crs Hawley Wic
Motion Crs Hawley Wic-kens
Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Henderson
Motion Crs Henderson & January
Motion Crs Herd Reduction Sale Scotch Highlands
Motion Crs Hernard Arniitage
Motion Crs Hodgins
Motion Crs HODGINS—In
Motion Crs Hodglns
Motion Crs Horner
Motion Crs Hubert McCauley JEWELLER
Motion Crs IE
Motion Crs Ireland
Motion Crs Irwin Hayes
Motion Crs Irwin Hodgins
Motion Crs IV
Motion Crs J
Motion Crs J J McCalluml South
Motion Crs J J MeCallum Minutes
Motion Crs J.
Motion Crs Jack
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Crime Prevention Sym
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jack Lang Sorel
Motion Crs Jean-
Motion Crs Jean-road
Motion Crs Jeannie
Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Crs Jeannine Committees
Motion Crs Jeannine Correspondence
Motion Crs Jeannine Î. P A,CENTRE
Motion Crs Jeannine L
Motion Crs Jeannine Mayor
Motion Crs Jeannine Norman
Motion Crs Jeannine Qf October
Motion Crs Jeannine Shawville
Motion Crs Jeannine the
Motion Crs Jeannine the Development Plan
Motion Crs Jeannine We
Motion Crs Jeannine Wick-ens
Motion Crs Jeannine Wickens
Motion Crs JJ McCalkim
Motion Crs Johnston
Motion Crs Judd-Hanns
Motion Crs Jvannme
Motion Crs K
Motion Crs K Wilson and L Committee
Motion Crs Kennedv
Motion Crs Kennedy-Horner
Motion Crs Kilgour
Motion Crs Kmmcrson
Motion Crs Kmmerson
Motion Crs Krose
Motion Crs L
Motion Crs L McCann
Motion Crs L Roy
Motion Crs L Telford
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson and C Roll
Motion Crs Lang
Motion Crs Lang and Budget Motion Crs Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs Langford
Motion Crs Lapierre
Motion Crs Linda Williams
Motion Crs Lmmerson
Motion Crs Lots
Motion Crs M
Motion Crs M Fulford
Motion Crs M Richard Donations
Motion Crs M Richardson
Motion Crs M Richardson Work
Motion Crs Ma
Motion Crs Ma-farlane
Motion Crs Malctte
Motion Crs Malettc
Motion Crs Malette
Motion Crs Manwell
Motion Crs Marks
Motion Crs Martineau
Motion Crs Martineau-Arm
Motion Crs Mavis Hanna
Motion Crs McCallum
Motion Crs McCann
Motion Crs McCleaiy
Motion Crs McCleary
Motion Crs McCledary
Motion Crs McCord
Motion Crs McCre-die and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs McCred
Motion Crs McCredie
Motion Crs McCredie 1
Motion Crs McCredie and
Motion Crs McCredie and Pitt
Motion Crs McCredie and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs McCredie Bay
Motion Crs McCredie Bids
Motion Crs McCredie Bristol
Motion Crs McCredie Canton Unis de Leslie
Motion Crs McCredie Council
Motion Crs McCredie Cr Pirie
Motion Crs McCredie Duff
Motion Crs McCredie ENGLISH
Motion Crs McCredie Ford Pick-up
Motion Crs McCredie Hélène Bélisle
Motion Crs McCredie McCredie
Motion Crs McCredie Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs McCredie Note
Motion Crs McCredie Shawville Arena Im
Motion Crs McCredie Smith
Motion Crs McCredie Store Ltd of
Motion Crs McCredie Townhall
Motion Crs McCredie Transports
Motion Crs McKay
Motion Crs McKee
Motion Crs McNeil
Motion Crs McNeill
Motion Crs McNeill McCleary
Motion Crs McTieman
Motion Crs Merlin
Motion Crs Merlin October
Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Motion Crs Merlin Richard Municipal Council Township
Motion Crs Merlin Richardson
Motion Crs Metcalfe
Motion Crs Mlc£asd
Motion Crs Mohr
Motion Crs Motion Crs J Wickens Tracy
Motion Crs Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Moxley
Motion Crs Mr. Billings
Motion Crs Mr. Fred Dagg
Motion Crs Mr. William O’Reilly
Motion Crs Mulligan
Motion Crs Murphy
Motion Crs Murray
Motion Crs Nbtcalfc
Motion Crs Neil Ditt MacKILUCAN & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants
Motion Crs Neil Dittburner
Motion Crs Norway Bay Municipal
Motion Crs O Rctily
Motion Crs O Reilly
Motion Crs O Reilly A Young
Motion Crs O- Reilly
Motion Crs Orr
Motion Crs Orr & Dagg
Motion Crs Orr & Duff
Motion Crs Orr & Pitt also
Motion Crs Orr and
Motion Crs Orr and Council
Motion Crs Orr and Dagg Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt %
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt >
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt aC#®FienVi D.u
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt and Duff that Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt Clement Romain
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt Motion Crs Dagg and Department of Municipal that Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt QPF
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt r*
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt the
Motion Crs Orr Council
Motion Crs Orr Workshops
Motion Crs O’Reilly
Motion Crs O’Reilly Henderson
Motion Crs O’Reilly Wiggins
Motion Crs Parrel
Motion Crs Pfj Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Pine
Motion Crs Pirie
Motion Crs Pirie Orr
Motion Crs Pitt
Motion Crs Pitt & Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt & Orr Code
Motion Crs Pitt and
Motion Crs Pitt and Clarendon Townline and Pitt
Motion Crs Pitt and Council
Motion Crs Pitt and Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff Motion Crs Orr and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff Miljour
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff* Cr Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Line
Motion Crs Pitt and Mary
Motion Crs Pitt and McCredie
Motion Crs Pitt and Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Orr
Motion Crs Pitt and Protection
Motion Crs Pitt and Tenders
Motion Crs Pitt and Vehicle Repair Shops
Motion Crs Pitt and Visitors
Motion Crs Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Puff
Motion Crs Quenneville
Motion Crs Reduce E
Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs Richardson the
Motion Crs Robinson
Motion Crs Robinson II
Motion Crs Robinson-OTteilly
Motion Crs Ron Essiambre
Motion Crs Ron Essiambre & Garnet McCallum
Motion Crs Roy
Motion Crs Roy Carried Mr. Dcnzil Brown
Motion Crs Russctt
Motion Crs Russeit
Motion Crs Russett
Motion Crs Sheehan
Motion Crs Smart-Whelen
Motion Crs Smiley
Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs Smith &
Motion Crs Smith & Pitt
Motion Crs Smith and
Motion Crs Smith and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Sparling
Motion Crs Staaley
Motion Crs Stanley
Motion Crs Stanley & Dagg X Special Buy Special Buy
Motion Crs Stevens & Dale icipaj Council of Onslow South Mr. E
Motion Crs Stewart
Motion Crs Subvention
Motion Crs Tanguay
Motion Crs Tanner
Motion Crs Telford
Motion Crs Terry Fox Rd
Motion Crs that Council
Motion Crs Thomas Belair
Motion Crs Tracy
Motion Crs Trudeau
Motion Crs Tubman
Motion Crs Tun
Motion Crs UMRCQ
Motion Crs Vaughan
Motion Crs Westbrook—Clarke
Motion Crs Whelen
Motion Crs Whereas
Motion Crs Wickens
Motion Crs Wickens budget
Motion Crs Wige Kennedy
Motion Crs Wiggins
Motion Crs Wilson
Motion Crs Wmj Alexander
Motion Crs Wt^gins
Motion Crs Yach
Motion Crs Yach and Steph-1 Municipal Council
Motion Crs Yeung
Motion Crs Young
Motion Crs Young & Dagg _
Motion Crs Young & Graham Mr.
Motion Crs Young—Martineau
Motion Crs Youth
Motion Crs | Everyone
Motion Crs- Brownlee
Motion Crs.J.
Motion Crst Draper
Motion Crt
Motion Cry
Motion Cr»
Motion Ct
Motion Ct McCleary
Motion Ct Metcalfe
Motion Ct Roy
Motion Ct*
Motion Ctr Duff
Motion Cts
Motion CTs Ciih
Motion CTs McKee
Motion Cts O Reilly
Motion Cts Tubman
Motion CTS.
Motion Cuun*
Motion Cuune
Motion Cvs
Motion C»mmr
Motion C”S.
Motion C„
Motion D. Campbell-Prendergast | Registered Yorkshire
Motion Dagg
Motion Dave Davies
Motion Davis Dowd—That the
Motion de- Bristol Council
Motion Dec. Mh
Motion Delbert Zacharias
Motion Delegation
Motion Denis Papineau
Motion Desabrals Haut Commissariat
Motion Detector/Floodlig
Motion Detectors Workmanship
Motion Directors
Motion Doherty
Motion Doherty-Woods
Motion Doherty-Young Regular
Motion Dow
Motion Dr. McDowell
Motion Dr. S.
Motion Dra
Motion Draper Argue Hudgins
Motion Drummond
Motion Dtum-OTteilley That
Motion E McCann
Motion Ease
Motion Easey Taber—That the Clarendon Council
Motion Economic Summet Conference Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Effect
Motion Elliott
Motion Elliott and
Motion Elliott Hodgins
Motion Elliott that Council
Motion Elsie Gibbons
Motion Elwyn Lang
Motion Emmerson
Motion Ernie He-
Motion ers
Motion ers Cain-Steele
Motion ers Farrell Steele
Motion ers Farrell-Cain
Motion ers Farrell-Robert
Motion ers Farrell-Young
Motion ers Fraser-MacKechnie
Motion ers Hanna-Connelly
Motion ers Henderson Beattie
Motion ers Stephens Fraser
Motion ers Young-Farrell
Motion ers Young-Steele
Motion Everett McDowell
Motion Every-day Straw Hats
Motion Farmers Attention
Motion FARMERS TZZ Armstrong
Motion Farrell-Alexander Patrick
Motion Farrell-Alexander—That
Motion Farrell-McGoff Fhat Jo*
Motion Farrell—Alexander
Motion Fasey Woods That John
Motion Fee—one
Motion Finance
Motion Fitzsimmons
Motion Fitzsimmons Henderson
Motion for Committee
Motion Fort
Motion Fraser-Muldoon—-That
Motion Fraserand
Motion Frasier
Motion Fulford
Motion FV
Motion Garage
Motion Garth Tracy
Motion George
Motion George Coles
Motion Gladys Hodgins
Motion Gordon Sparling
Motion Gra O Reilly
Motion Graham
Motion Grant
Motion Grant Elliott
Motion Grs Robinson
Motion Gs Barber
Motion Gs Emmerson
Motion Gs Hammond
Motion Gs Metcalfe
Motion Gs O Reilly
Motion Gs Robinson
Motion Gs Tubman
Motion Gs Wiggins
Motion H
Motion H Sturgeon
Motion Hawley Wickens
Motion Hcultural Society
Motion Heather Dickson
Motion Hend
Motion Henderson
Motion Henderson That By-law No.
Motion Heudei
Motion Hiehler-M
Motion Hoattie Allen Tint
Motion Hod
Motion Hodgins-Argue That the
Motion Hoi
Motion Horner
Motion Horner Burden That
Motion Howard Brinkworth
Motion Hubert McCauley
MOTION Hugh Hammond
Motion I*y
Motion IL
Motion Inc.
Motion informs Council
Motion Ireland
Motion Iv
Motion Jack Harrison
Motion Jack Lang
Motion Jamieson
Motion Jamieson-Young
Motion Jeannine
Motion Jeannine Wic- CPTAQ
Motion Jeannine Wickens
Motion Jeannine Wickens The Equity Morrison Road
Motion Kadea
Motion Kasey Stanton
Motion Kennedy
Motion Kenneth Kilgour
Motion Ki Horan
Motion KiHoran
Motion Kilioran
Motion Killoian-Heiulerboii
Motion Killoran
Motion Killoran-Horner
Motion Kisey-oting
Motion KiUovan- Horner Inal
Motion Kuril
Motion Laporte Last Friday
Motion Law No.
Motion Lawson Corrigan
Motion Lee
Motion Lester McCann
Motion Lost
Motion Lr
Motion Ly C otur WuUh
Motion Ly Crs
Motion l»y
Motion l»y ers Henderson Ruvsell
Motion M
Motion Ma
Motion Macfarlanê Judd
Motion MacMiIlian
Motion Mae
Motion Mail Contract
Motion Malloch D»
Motion Marks
Motion Max<>r Herbert
Motion Mayor
Motion Mayor G
Motion Mayor Gra
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mayor Graham Gail Bertrand
Motion Mayor Graham Stewart St/Old Mines Rd
Motion Mayor Jack Gra
Motion MBBHHPIPPH Sec Treas
Motion McBane-Craig That Oeo
Motion McCann
Motion McCleary Hutchison
Motion McDowell
Motion McKay
Motion McKee
Motion Mclallan
Motion McMillan LG.
Motion McNeil
Motion McNeil.and
Motion McNeill
Motion Meehan
Motion Men
Motion Minerva Sparling
Motion Motion T.
Motion Moved
Motion Moyles
Motion Mr & Mrs Mano
Motion Mrs Ballantyne
Motion Mrs F
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs Gwen Tangu.v
Motion Mrs McCredie
Motion Mrs.
Motion Mrs. B.C. Homer
Motion Mrs. Bal- Woodley
Motion Mrs. Ballantyne
Motion Mrs. Barber
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Mrs. Cartman
Motion Mrs. Carty
Motion Mrs. Cecil Paris
Motion Mrs. Corrigan
Motion Mrs. Cowley
Motion Mrs. Elliott
Motion Mrs. Ftaul Martineau
Motion Mrs. Fulford
Motion Mrs. Garrison
Motion Mrs. Gwen Tanguay
Motion Mrs. H Graham
Motion Mrs. Hillis Smith
Motion Mrs. HillU
Motion Mrs. J.
motion Mrs. Lambert
Motion Mrs. M.
Motion Mrs. MacFarlane
Motion Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Motion Mrs. Marks
Motion Mrs. McCord
Motion Mrs. McCord the
Motion Mrs. McCord-N.
Motion Mrs. McCredie
Motion Mrs. McDowell
Motion Mrs. McMillan
Motion Mrs. McMlllian
Motion Mrs. McNeill
Motion Mrs. McOahern
Motion Mrs. MoCredie
Motion Mrs. Moodie
Motion Mrs. Muise
Motion Mrs. Murray
Motion Mrs. Murray/
Motion Mrs. Percy Mac Ribbon and Mrs. Cecil
Motion Mrs. Percy McKib-bon
Motion Mrs. Pheobe McCord
Motion Mrs. Pul
Motion Mrs. Sly
Motion Mrs. Stark
Motion Mrs. Stewart
Motion Mrs. Stone
Motion Mrs. Storie
Motion Mrs. Young
Motion Mte
Motion Mtildoon
Motion MTs McNiell
Motion MTS.
Motion Muhloon Mel
Motion Muldoon Irwin
Motion Mulligan
Motion Municipal Corp.
Motion Municipality
Motion Murray
Motion Nan
Motion No.
Motion Notice
Motion Notice IS SHAWVILLF
Motion NOTICE Shawville
Motion O Reilly
Motion O Reilly and
Motion O''KcilJcy Jol Martin
Motion O''llvillcy-Hay
Motion Occupation LUSKVILLE
Motion of Commr
Motion of Councillors McBane
Motion of Couns
Motion of Cr Ranger
Motion of Crs Quenneville
Motion of ers MacKechnie-Mul- Carried
Motion of H
Motion of Mr, Morris
Motion of Young
Motion Oorar
Motion OR
Motion Or Barter
Motion Or Claude Fire
Motion Or Hodgins
Motion Or McCleary
Motion Or Metcalfe
Motion Or#
Motion Or* Martineau
Motion Or* McKee BRINGS
Motion Ora Vahgihn
Motion Ore
Motion Ore Burke
Motion Ore Ferrell
Motion Ors
Motion Ors Drummond
Motion Ors Farrell
Motion Ors J.
Motion Ors Metcalfe
Motion Or» Drummond
Motion Or» McCann
Motion Or» Sparling
Motion Os
Motion Os Barber
Motion Os Brown
Motion Os Brownlee
Motion Os C Roy
Motion Os Council
Motion Os D
Motion Os D Fulford
Motion Os Drummond
Motion Os Dsgg
Motion Os Emmerson
Motion Os Findlay
Motion Os G Hodgin
Motion Os Gilpin
Motion Os Grant
Motion Os Hammond
Motion Os Henderson
Motion Os Horner
Motion Os Ifcown
Motion Os Ijnmerson
Motion Os L Roy
Motion Os M Richardson
Motion Os Malette
Motion Os Marner
Motion Os McCleary
Motion Os McCredie
Motion Os McKay
Motion Os McNeill
Motion Os Metcalfe
Motion Os Metcalfe & Gifpin that Council
Motion Os Mulligan
Motion Os O Reilly
Motion Os O’Reilly
Motion Os O’Reilly Hammond
Motion Os Robinson
Motion Os Smiley
Motion Os Tubman
Motion Os Vuhnun
Motion Os Wiggins
Motion Os Yach
Motion Ot Brow
Motion Ottawa
Motion Otter Lake GERRY
Motion O’Reilley Young
Motion passed
Motion PHiihs M
Motion Picture Association
Motion Picture Bu
Motion Picture Bureau
Motion Picture Bureau of the Trade and Commerce Department
Motion Picture City Celebrates
Motion Picture Film
Motion Picture Herald
Motion Picture OVERALLS
Motion Picture Research Council
Motion Picture Review Bryson Theatre Anniversary.
Motion Picture Review Bryson Thoetro Anniversary
Motion Pictures
Motion Pictures and Theatre Inspection Branch
Motion Pine that Council on Simmental
Motion Pirie
Motion Pirie that Council
Motion Pitt
MOTION PlCTURe Name_ Address Province
Motion Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Motion POWER PLAY Shawville
Motion Q
Motion Q Brown
Motion Q Btown
Motion Q$ O Reilly
Motion Q-s
Motion Qh^IXA/villfl Crs
Motion Qi O Reilly
Motion Qrs
Motion Qrs Brownlee
Motion Qrs Drummond
Motion Qrs McCkary
Motion Qrs McCleary
Motion Qrs Metcalfe
Motion Qrs Robinson
Motion Qrs Robinson &
Motion Qrs Wiggins
Motion Qs
Motion Qs Brown
Motion Qs Brownlee
Motion Qs Btownke
Motion Qs C Roy
Motion Qs Em
Motion Qs Emmerson
Motion Qs Hammond
Motion Qs Homer
Motion Qs Horner
Motion Qs Kennedy
Motion Qs McNeill
Motion Qs O Reilly
Motion Qs Robinson
Motion Qs Wiggins
Motion Qt
Motion Regular
Motion Rev. McColl
Motion Rich-Council Hall
Motion Road Inspector Joseph
Motion Robinson F.
Motion Robinson Hodgins
Motion Roliert McDowell
Motion Ron Essiambre
Motion Route 303; c
Motion Russell-Alien
Motion S W. MeKechnie
Motion S. A. MACKAY Bristol Council Minutes Bristol
Motion S. W. McKedmie-L.
Motion Secretary
Motion Service Grade Chesterwite
Motion Shawville Council
Motion Sheriff** Offict Campbell’
Motion Shore-Hodgins That
Motion Shore-Smith Tf
Motion Sinclair-Dale
Motion Sloan
Motion Smith Rn«il Orr Vvorcro
Motion Smith—Mrs
Motion Social Planning Committee
Motion Society
Motion Special Announcement
Motion Special Newspaper Train
Motion Speeds Up Work
Motion Sports & Leisure Coordinator Stewart Adam Phone
Motion Stanley
Motion Stanton Marks
Motion Steele-Robert
Motion Steele-Robert Council
Motion Steele-Young That
Motion Stephens
Motion Suggestions
Motion T. P Graham ‘
Motion Taber MacKechnie
Motion Taber-Biehler
Motion Tel
Motion Telephone Subscribers
Motion That
Motion That By-law
Motion That By-law No.
Motion that Council
Motion That Milton McCuire In-authorized
Motion That Mrs. George
Motion THEATRE Shawville
Motion Those
Motion Tibej’-M
Motion Tiigmai
Motion Title Search
Motion Tom Fahey
Motion Tracy
Motion Treasurer
Motion Uom’ra Sturgeon
Motion Uuyon Council Equity
Motion V
Motion V''mns
Motion V.mir Bavr-That the
Motion Vanns
Motion Venir Easter
Motion Vertal Smiley
Motion Vi
Motion Vi H
MOTION Video Poker Machine
Motion Vincent McC
Motion Vis Krwin-MeR
Motion Vl I’he Warden
Motion Vom Campbell
Motion Vomr
Motion Vomr MecK
Motion VomY
Motion Vont
Motion Votin'' Dowell
Motion Vr> O’lleilly-Robert That Patrick
Motion Vrs
Motion Vrs Argue Hodgins
Motion Vrs Brownlee
Motion Vrs McGuire
Motion Vrs Muldoon
Motion Vrs* Alexander-O'' Reilly
Motion Vv
Motion Vv.
Motion Vy Comr Waisti
Motion Vy Vrs Whelen Grant
Motion V»v Crs
Motion V»y
Motion W* P ¦
Motion Wa
Motion Wales
Motion Walter Kilgour
Motion WARD NO.
Motion Waul-Kennedy
Motion WBs
Motion Webb
Motion Wi-tiiif*
Motion Wickens
Motion Wierstead
Motion William Hodgins
Motion Wîlscn Hodgins
Motion Wilson
Motion Winter-tired Oil
Motion Wo<>d
Motion Woodley-Hudgins That the
Motion Woods-Allen—Tiiit Mr.
Motion Woods-Beattie That
Motion Yach
Motion YiHtngd
Motion Yming Doherty That
Motion Yolande Proulx
Motion Young Beattie That Con
Motion Young-Beattie
Motion Young-Cain
Motion ¦ Front Road
Motion — Com
Motion — Com Revised Versions
Motion — Com Y
Motion — Com Y Horner
Motion — Coons
Motion — Taber-Woods Council
Motion —Dr.
Motion ‘his Council
Motion''s Bank
Motion- Bronson
Motion- Com
Motion- Com Ys Palmer
Motion- Comm
Motion- Conns
Motion- Conns Barr
Motion- Councillor Vaillant
Motion- Crs
Motion- Doherty
Motion- F McNally Kennedy- That
Motion- Gouns Bert Hodgins
Motion- Killoran
Motion- P McNally Robinson
Motion- Wo''il
Motion- Woods
Motions Crs Pitt
Motions Crs Pitt & Sm- des
Motions Crs Pitt and Townhall
Motion— Com
Motion— H PH P HPP
Motion— Horner-Barber
Motion—Russell-Beattie Council
MOUE Prevention
Moyer School Supplies Motion
Mr CUMaoUon Crs Dagg
Mr Hugh Carson of Motion—Farrell-Robert—That Thoa
Mr. Humphrey Lang
Mr. Jack Perry of
MRC Pon- Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Tracy
Mrs Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Motion Crs G Hodgins
Mrs Ernie Lang-| QUYON
Mrs Fire Prevention
Mrs Jack Word
Mrs. Jack Committee Gospel Signboard Judd’s
Mrs. Lang’s
Mrs. P Lang Strutt;
Municipal Affairs Motion Qs O Reilly
Municipal Affairs re Fire Prevention Week
Municipal Code Motion Crs
Municipal Corporation Motion by Crs Merlin Affairs
Municipal Corporation Township of Litchfield FIRE PREVENTION
Municipal Coun- Motion of Crs
Municipal Council Motion
Municipal Council Town- Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Municipal Crs Garth Tracy and Council Township
Municipal Crs Orr
Municipal Fire Prevention Association
Municipal Government Motion Crs
Municipal Housing Corp- Crs Ranger
Municipal Motion by Raymond Morris
Municipal Motion Crs Elliott
Municipal Motion Crs Smith & August
Municipal Procedure Motion Crs McCann
Municipal Qn Motion of Vrs Westbmok and Council of Bristol
Municipal Safety Prevention Program
Municipal Valuation Roll Motion by Ore
Museum February Motion
Mutual INSURANCE COMPANY Lang Michener
MUTUAL LIFE Jack Graham Bristol
MUTUAL LIFE Jack Graham Bristol 647-3885 MARCOTTES RETRO-CANADA Quyon
Mutual Life Motion Cr
Mutual Prevention September
My Poor Dear Jack
National Association for the Prevention
National Capi- Mayor Jack Graham
National Crime Commission
National Crime Pre-
National Crime Prevention Week
National dj Drunk & Drugged Driving#h Prevention Morttn
National Drunk & Drugged Diving Prevention Month
National Fire Prevention
National Fire Prevention Campaign
National Fire Prevention Poster Contest
National Fire Prevention U*
National Fire Prevention Week
National Fire Prevention Week Oadenfire Fire
National Institute for the Blind Motion
National Library Jack
National Motion Crs
National Society for the Prevention
Nazi Society for Prevention
NBMA Motion Cr Orr that Council
NDP Leader Jack Layton
Necessary For Prevention
Nina Fire Prevention Week October
NUMBERS Motion Crs E McCann
Old School Lang
Oldsmobile Cars Chevrolet Trucks Hodgios Garage LANG STREET TELEPHONE
ONE Timber Jack
Onslow Centre School Board Motion
Onslow Council Carried Carried Motion
Onslow Council Heeling Motion
Onslow Council Motion
Onslow Council Motion Crs Stevens
Onslow Council Pontiac Motion Crs
Onslow-Eardley Town Line Motion Crs
Ontario Fire Prevention League
Ontario Society for the Prevention
Organized Crime
Organized Crime Unit
Orphans Crime Prevention Measure Prevention
Ot- Ronnie Lang
Ottawa-Hull Power Co. Motion—Crs
Ounce of Prevention
Outaouais Society for the Prevention
Outaouais Valley Crime Prevention Committee
Outaouais Valley Prevention Committee
Outaouals Society for the Prevention
P. Q Allan McKinnon Bât Motion Crs
P.M. Young Peoples Waltham Jack Warder
Party Association of Québec Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
PEMBROKE Carried Motion Crs
Petro Ponti- Motion Cr McCredie
Philip Long Motion Cn Perlard
Physical Education W Lang
PILON GARAGE INC Motion Commr Brown
Pitt and Motion Crs
Pitt Motion Crs McCredie
Pitt that Council Motion Crs Duff
Planning - Prevention Industrial Health - Prenatal Care - Well-Baby Clinics - School Health
Planning Com- Motion Cr Congdon
PONTEFRACT Fire Prevention
Pontiac Agricultural Motion
Pontiac Agricultural Motion Cr Congdon
Pontiac Bakery; Lang- Arena
Pontiac Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Pontiac Business Assoc Jack McLaren.......... Murray
Pontiac Business Associa Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pontiac Clergy Asso-tion Crs Hawley Wickens
Pontiac Co-op Medical Services Motion Crs May
Pontiac Co-operative Medical Services Motion Commr
Pontiac Community Hospi- Willie Lang
Pontiac Community Hospital are Hospital Administrator Jack Russell witn Hospital Board
Pontiac Community Hospital Motion by Councillor Larivière
Pontiac Council Motion Cr Smith
Pontiac Crs
Pontiac Crs Garth Tracy
Pontiac Economic Develop Jack Graham
Pontiac Elwyn Lang
Pontiac Farm Equipment Motion
Pontiac Fire Department celebrated Fire Prevention Week
PONTIAC Fire Prevention
PONTIAC HOUSE HOTEL Gal Motion by Cr Bellerose
Pontiac Jack Graham
Pontiac Journal Pirie s Gas Bar Elmside View Inc. Elwyn & Lynn Lang
Pontiac Midget Hockey After Jack
Pontiac Motion
Pontiac Motion Cr
Pontiac Motion Cr Dagg
Pontiac Motion Cr Duff
Pontiac Motion Crs Carmen Telebec Project
Pontiac Mutual Life of Canada Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Pontiac Orangemen Want Union Jack Kept Pontiac County L.O.L.
Pontiac Print- Motion Commr Fulford
Pontiac Printshop Ltd Motion
Pontiac Printshop Sundays Motion Cr
Pontiac Recep-Lang
Pontiac Road Motion Crs
Pontiac School Board Pastor Jack Warder
Pontiac Tel-Motion Crs
Pontiac Tou- Motion Crs Dagg
PONTIAC TRADING POST REC D Mr. Jack Wilson A Complete Line of Merino Products Tel
Pontiac Trail Com- Motion Cr Congdon
Pontiac Wool Work* Lang SL
Pontiac Wool Works Kj Lang St
Pontiac Wool Works Lang
Pontiac Wool Works Lang Si
Pontiac Wool Works Lang SL
Pontiac Wool Works Lang St
Pontiac Wool Works Lang St. Shawville
Pontiac Wool Works Lang Street
Pontiac Wool Works • Lang St.
Pontiac Wool Works; Lang St.
Pontiac Wool | Works Lang Street Shawville
Pontiac- Motion
Pontiac; Let- LUP Inspector Motion
Portage Council Motion Crs
Portage du Fort Council Motion
Portage du Motion Crs
Portage Fire Prevention Department
Postal Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Unions
PPJ Trail Jack Graham
Preventing Termites Prevention
Prevention Association
Prevention Campaign
Prevention Canada
Prevention Committee
PREVENTION Firefighters
Prevention of Department of the
Prevention of Disease
Prevention Week
Prevention Week October
Prevention Week T
Pro Mayor Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pro Mayor Motion Crs Gilpin
Protection and Prevention François Legault Roger Bertrand
Provincial Committee for the Prevention
Public Carried Motion Cm Young
Public Employees Local Lang
Public In- Motion
Publisher SHAWVILLE Lang
PUBUCNOTIÇE Jack Graham Community Centre
Q"* Prevention
Quality Clothing & Footwear Motion Crs
QUEBEC AMBULANCE HOSPITAL......... POLICE........... Motion Cr McCredie
Quebec Association for the Prevention
Quebec Association for the Prevention of Industrial
Quebec Association for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents
Quebec Const Equip- Motion Crs Ireland
Quebec Labour Motion Crs Garth Tracy Code
QUÉBEC Prevention
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Cr
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Crs Gibbons
Quyon Lion s Club Crs Duff
Quyon Milling Co Motion Crs
R. Bulmer.................... Pontiac Transport........... Motion
Ragged Chute Motion
Ragged Chute Road Motion Cr
Ralphs Tire Shop Motion by Or*
Ranch Inn Prevention Week Please
RCAF Motion C
Re*iaten*i Western Horse Fire Prevention Coordinator
Recognition Crs
Recreation Association Motion by Clrs Schock
Recreation Association Motion by Councillor Elmer
Recreation Fish Motion Crs L Wilson
Refrigrrato DOMINION Motion
Renouf Publishing Co........ Motion
RM Lang
RM Lang Farm
RM Lang Farma
RM Lang Farms
Roll Motion Crs
Roll Motion—Stanton Beattie That Clifford Beattie
Roman Catholic Church Motion Cr
ROUGH JACK PINE Sons Nigel Green Elke Sommer MODERN
Route 148E 648-2144 Motion
Royal Bank for Crime Stoppers
Royal Lang
Royal Motion
Royal Society for e Prevention
Royal Victoria Hospital Motion Territory
Rural Intervention Prevention Program
Rust Prevention
Rust Prevention It
Ryan Motion Cr Orr
Salvation Army Motion Crs
Sanderson Crime Club
Sawyer Massey Co Motion—Crs Maclarlane
SbESB Wool Works Lang St. Shawville
School Corjioratln Motion—C«»iii
School Girl Annie Lang
School Girl Lilly Lang
School Motion-—Conns
School Motion—Com’r Graham
Scotch Information Cen- Motion
SCOUT CAMP Jack Murray
Second Reelisez JACK Maison des Jeunes
Second FIRE PREVENTION WEEK Canada’s Fuel Bill
Second- Motion CTs
Secret of Its Prevention
Seeking Prevention Officer
Senior Hockey Club Motion Crs
Separate School Board Motion Crs
SERVICE STATION Pontiac Wool Works Lang St
Services Federation Motion: Mrs. Brownlee
Sewerage Committee Crs Hayes
SH ISiEiSlI McGill University Mrs. A. Lang
Shaws Garage Motion Crs Arnot Horn
Shawville & District Snowmobile Club Motion Crs McCredie
SHAWVILLE ARENA Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Shawville Council Motion Crs McTlernan
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Hazel Lang
Shawville Water Works Motion l;y L XX DaIiuis And K J Buber
Shawvllle Agricultural | Motion Cr Emmerson
Shawvüle Council Minutes FIRE PREVENTION Accounts
SHELL Carried Motion Crs
SHOE REPAIR 866 Lang St. Phone
Shopping Plaza Fire Extinguisher Fire Prevention Canada
Si John Joy^e Lang
Side Airbags Power Heated Folding Door Mirrors Auxiliary Input Jack Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Sierra Nevada Range Crime and Society Dr. Hamblin Smith
Signs & Line Crs Cedric
Single Thing Lacking Shawville Quebec HODGINS GARAGE LANG STREET SHAWVILLE Telephone
Smart Bros gins Motion
Smith & Motion Commr Wm
Smith Jack Campbell; Strutt
Smoke Prevention Association
Smut Prevention
Social And Dance Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
Society Director Jack Opportunity TOT
Society for Prevention
Society for the Prevention
Society of Motion Picture Engineers
Society of Prevention
Society of the Church of Motion Cr
Society Radford Native Mes Aged Ninety Four Carried Motion Os
Society Sheehan and Motion Crs Joannissc
Society Vice-president Jack Graham
SON FUNERAL Motion Commr Fulford
SON Motion
SON Motion—A
SONS Motion Crs
SPECIALS Motion Crs Metcalfe
SPGAC—the Society for the Prevention
SQ’s Organized Crime Unit
St Ed- Jack
St Jean Motion Crs Duff
St Mary s Fire Prevention Officer
St Shawville 819-647-2680 Shawville Curling Club Lang St. Shawville
St. Regis Hotel Cake Master—Jack Bryant
Starks Corners Church Motion
Starks Corners Wallace Lang
Store Jack McKay Shawville Motor Sa
Storks Corners Contact Jack Nathanson
Strange Crime Of
SUBSCRIBE Crs Elliott NOW Eghjity
Suicide Prevention Week
Suicide Prevention Week February
SUITS Carried Motion Crs
SUM S ZSpi Motion-Crs Clarke
Suppress Modern Crime
Sûreté du Québec Motion
Teachers Motion
TEST YOUR DETECTOR Fire Prevention Week
The Equity Motion Crs
The Equity Motion.
THE Parliament Opened Motion
THEFT: Prevention
Their Prevention
Theresa Dunbar Cathy & Len Watson Danielle Vachon Darlene & Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin D
Thorne Council Minutes BEAR FRONT END ALIGNMENT Shawnry MOTORS J Motion
Thorne Council Motion by Cirs Hodgins
TITLE: Prevention
TOPKAPI Crime Comedy Melina Mercouri R. J. Fletcher D.C.
Town Hall Motion
Transport Co. Ltd No. Motion
Tread Carried Motion Crs
TURKEY - GEESE - CHICKEN Carried Motion Crs*
UIC Section Motion Crs Doug Ful-don Roller Mill
Uie Crime Laboratory
Union Jack
Union Jack Quarter Horse Stallions
Union of Chambers Motion
United Christmas Services Motion
Urges Prevention
Uuyon Council Motion
VA EaM Motion Cr Pine
Valley Crime Prevention Committee
VALUABLE HINTS Few Spring Fire Prevention Suggestions
VALUATION Bell Motion Crs
Valuation Roll Motion Mrs.
VI Motion O Reilly
Village Cemetery Improvement Fund Motion
Village of Motion Motion Cr McKay
Village of Shawville Motion Brownlee
Village of Shawville Motion Os Black
VOLKSWAGEN Sales & Service Motion
Wagner Jack Carson CINEMASCOPE
Wakefield Hospital Carried Carried Carried Motion
Wales Poultry S Prevention
WANTED Homer’s Garage Motion Crs
WEDDING Jack Poller Enterprises Limited
WÊÈM Motion Crs Findlay
WÊKLM M Terrible Crime
Welding Manon & Bud Lafrance Shawville Lions Club RM Lang Mrs Mavis Morgan Oktoberlest Ladysmith Pe
Welfare Department Motion
Western Quebec Accident Prevention Association
WF Motion Commr
White Jack
Women’s Institute JACK GRAHAM
Wool Blankets & Gift Baskets • Sweaters & Slippers • Toys & Games Pontiac Wool Works Lang St
Wool Works Slippers & Sweaters Pontiac Wool Works Lang St.
Wool y Works Lang SI.
Worldwide Pictures Motion Picture
WOrtn Public Notice Public Notice Motion
Wyman Community Rink Motion Crs Henderson
Wyman Women’s Institute Mrs. Jack Melnick
XX P clS A Motion
Young Progressive Conservative Association of Mount Allison University Miss Phyllis Lang