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European Commissions ExtemE Research Project

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Shaw European
Sheila European
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Vaoxhall Dim trio# Bow Mirer Irrigation Project An
W L Project Manager
Young European
Canada Research Station
Canada Works Project
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European River
European Russia
European Spain
Grand Canal Project
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Imported European
La Pocatière Research Station
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Project de
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Quebec Project
River Project
Y Historical Project
*17,500 Public Works Hydro Quebec Project BARBER EQUIPMENT
1 Research
2,500,000 Research Expedi*
2. Research the
3—National Research
4-H Development Project
418)694-4843 Services Petawawa Forest Research Centre Chalk River
Addiction Research Foundation
Addiction Research |
AECL Research
AECL Research Company
AECL Research Stn
Agricultural Economics Research Council of Canada
Agricultural Research Farm
Agricultural Research Guaranteed Application Manufacturer s Credit Plan Available
Agricultural Research Station
Agriculture Canada Research Macdonald College
Agriculture Canada Research Station
Agriculture Canada’s Animal Research
Agriculture Canada’s Research
Agriculture Research
Agriculture Research Lethbridge
Air Research
Alcoholism Research Foundation
American School of Oriental Research
Anicmal Diseases Research Institute
Animal Disease Research Center
Animal Diseases Research
Animal Diseases Research Institute
Animal Research
Animal Research ÏÏV
Animal Research Centre
Animal Research Inrs Earl
Animal Research Institute
Animal Waste Research Service
Another Research Expedition May Go
Arena Renewal Project
Armour Research Founds
Armstrong Heritage Farm Project
Army Institute of Research
Ashton Research Bristol
Associates 1987 Research Study
Association des Commissions
Asthma Research Centre
Asthma Research Council
Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
Ball Field Lighting Project
Banting Research Foundation
Barley Research
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Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories
Bartol Research Foundation
Base Gagetown Fact Finders Project
BC Agricultural Research Farm
Bell Northern Research
Bell Northern Research Ken Faircloth/Robert Drouin
Bell Northern Research Ottawa
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Bell-Northern Research
Bellevue Naval Research Lab-mouthful
Ber- Research
Best Project On Training Children
BHLEfEHB Research Institute Dry Cleaners R G EUiott
Biochemical Research Foundation
Biology Research Institute
Biology Research Jnsitute
Biophysical Research
Biosystematics Research Institute
Board of Biological Research
Board of Railway Commissions
Boston Society for Psychic Research
Botanical Research Station
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Brace Research Instit- There
Brace Research Institute
Brace Research Institute of McGill University
Brass Research Association
Breast Cancer Research
Breast Cancer Research A
Bristol Millennium Park Project
Bristol Monument Project
Bristol Project
Bristol Protestant School Commissions Public
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Bristol School Commissions
Bristol War Memorial Project
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British Industrial Research
British Industrial Research Council
British Institute for Medical Research
British Medical Research Council
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Brome Fair; Cowansville Calf Project; Huntingdon Sheep Club
Brooks Research
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Bu-of Business Research
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Building Research Department
Builuing Research
Business Men’s Research North America’s Biggest Midway
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Canada Department of Agriculture s Agassiz Research
Canada Limited Research Draper
Canada Research Chair
CANADA Research Rewarded
Canada Research Sta-
Canada Research Station
Canada Works Project
Canada’s Research Workers Mil
Canadian Agricultural Research
Canadian Agriculture Research
Canadian Armament Research DR. R. CAMPBELL THOMPSON Dental Surgeon BRISTOL Telephone 604-12
Canadian Arthritis Research
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Research
Canadian Defence Research
Canadian Economic Research Bureau
Canadian High Commissions
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Industry Canada
Canadian Kconomic Research
Canadian Peace Research Institute
Canadian Research
Canadian Research Committee on Practical Education
Canadian Research Council
Canadian Research Institute
Canadian Research Institute of Laund
Canadian Research This
Canadian Uranium Research Foundation
Cancer Research
Cancer Research 647-2221 Cancer Prevention SOCIÉTÉ CANADIENNE DU CANCER CISC
Cancer Research Cancer
Cancer Research Charity
Cancer Research Committee
Cancer Research CUC By ANGIE FOSTER Equity Reporter PONTIAC
Cancer Research Fund
Cancer Research It
Cancer Research Laboratory
Cancer Research LE CANCER
Cancer Research M
Cancer Research Society
Cancer Research Society Inc.
Cancer Research Streets
Carleton University Research Ethics Committee
Catholic Federation of School Commissions
Catholic School Commissions
Cattle Research
CCC Research Com
CDA Research Station
CDA’s Lethbridge Alberta Research Sta
Cell Biology Research Institute
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Central Pontiac Ecomuseum Project
CHEAP The PJflc Cable Project
Chemical Research
Child Research Clinic
Chiropractic Research Conference
Chutes Development Project
CIB Research Director Richard Wietfeldt
Citizens Research Institute
Citizens’ Research Institute of
Clarendon Council January 13,1998 Revitalization Project
Clarendon Library Archives project
Climate Research Unit
Clinic Research
Clinical Research Institute
Cnclr Meehan Improvement Project
COAL FURNACE Urge Combustion Chamber European Gambling
Commission; Drug Research and Community Agencies
Commissions of
Commonwealth Research Department
Communications A Lions Community Project
Communications Research McCord
Community Birthday Calendar Project
Community Center & Arena Renewal Project
Community Development Project
Community Development Project»
Community Health Centre Project
Community Learning Project Leadership User Program
Community Memories Project
Community Service Project Projet
Community Service Project Doura Perfect Motion Last
Community Service Project Projet
Community Services Project
Concordia University on Public Interest Research
Connaught Medical Research Labor-wee
Connaught Research Laboratories
Consumer Group Research
Consumer Research
Contact Project Workers
Country European Tour
Country European Tour Alaska Land & Cruise Argentina/Brazil/Chile Arizona/Utah/Las Vegas Australia/
County Council s Canada Works Project
COUNTY PROJECT Pontiac County Council
Creation Research Society
CRNL Research
Crops Research Centre
Crosby Research Foundation Inc.
CT Scan Project
Cultural Research
Custom Kitchen Renovations Project Management Randy Peck
Custom Kitchen Renovations Project Management RANDY PECK Licenced General Contractor
CV Research
CWL Breast Cancer Research Fund
CWL June Research
CWL Works Project
Cystic Fibrosis Research
Dairy Research
Defence Research Board
Defence Research Chemical Laboratories
Defenses Research Board of Canada
Dental Research Shows Vital Facts About Tooth Deterioration
Department of Mines and Research
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Department of Scientific Industrial Research
Depression Bureau of Economic Research
Deschambault Provincial Research Station
Deschambault Research
Deschambeault Research
Developed Scientific Research
Development Project Service
Diabetes Research Institute
Discussion Research
District Bow Blver Irrigation Project An
Division of Building Research
Dollars Research
Dominion Fisheries Research Board
Dominion Line ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS European Plan
Doughty Wildlife Preservation Project
Eardley Town Line Project
Eastern European Training
Eastern Regional Research
Eastern Research & Engineering Comany
Eastern Research & Engineering Comany Aft
Ecological Research College
Economic Research Memorial University
Economic Research of Memorial University
Education Project
EKOS Research
Ekos Research Associates
EL Research
Electrical Research Products
Elementary School Project
Elizabeth Elemen-Literacy Pilot Project tary School
Employment Development Project
Employment Research Centre
Employment Research Pro-
Energy Efficiency Project
Energy Efficiency Project Dual
Energy Research Develop-promising
Engineer Project Ma
Engineering Research Council of Canada
Engineering Research Service
Enpley Institute for Research
Entumdogy Research
Environmental Improvement Project
Environmental Manure Pit Project
Epilepsy Research Society
Eugenics Research Associst Dii
European Brokers T
European Budget
European Campaign
European Car
European Center
European Central Bank
European Com Borer
European Commissions ExtemE Research Project
European Community
European Continental Power
European Corn
European Corn Borer
European Court of Human
European Disarmament Conference
European Economic
European Economic Com
European Economic Community
European Economic Union
European Economics
European Farm Areas Analyzed Mussolini Steps Into the
European Flower Border
European hospital
European Human Rights
European Institutional Investors Conference
European Iron Curtain
European Medical Seivnve
European Nations
European Notes Boys Will Be Boys An
European Parliament
European Photo Services
European Plan
European Plan Corner Branches New Hydrlatric-
European Plan Headache
European Plan New Hydriatric
European Society
European Sovo-her
European Space Agency
European Spain
European textile Industry
European Union
European Union Emission Trading Scheme
European Workers Have Association
Experimental Farm Notes Research
Experimental Research Institute for
Famous VanxhaU District Bow Blver Irrigation Project
Farina Research Farm
Farm Accounting and Farm Management Project
Farm Health & Safety Project
Farm Health and Safety Project
Farm Health and Safety Project A
Farm Health and Safety Project Harvesting
Farm Health and Safety Project MAPLE LANE FURNITURE
Farm Research Division
Federation of Catholic School Commissions
Federation of School Commissions
Federation Research Station
Federation School Commissions
Fibrosis Research
Fibrosis Research Project
Fire Hall the Thorne-Clarendon-Shawville OFY Historical Project
Fire Research Institute
Fire Safety Project Manager Regional County Municipality
First Bylaw Project No.
Fiscal Research Officer
Fisheries Research Board
Fisheries Research Board of Canada
Food Problem Research
Food Research and Development
Food Research Institute
Foods Research
Forest Research Centre
Forest Research Imperative
Forest Research Laboratory
Forest Research Station
Forestry Research Bureau
Forestry Research Conference Lord Tweedsmuir
FPS Project
Free Methodist Church Research and Development
French Research
Fuel Research
Fuel Research Board of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Fund for Cancer Research
Fund for Scientific Research
Gazebo Project Committee
General Electric Research Laboratories
General European Traffic Agent
Georgiy- Research
Germans Municipal Research
Glaucoma Research
Glenfield Veterinary Research Station
Globe Project
Globe Project A
Globe Project By
Globe Project/Junior Achievers
Golden West Research Institute Incorporated
Government Research
Groundwater Research Pontiac Community
Gsinei Do* Research Center
Gulf Canada’s Research Centre
Harvard Medical Research Centre
Hawaiian Volcano Research Association
Hawaiian Volcano Research Association of Honolulu
Head Life Guard Project Saturday
Health and Safety Project
Health Project
Healthy School Project
Heart Research
Heller Committee for Research
Heritage College Minister of Research
Heritage Project
Heritage Radio Project
Heritage Radio Project*
Hie Highway Research Board
High School Museum Project
Highway Research Board
Hilton Mine Road Project
Historical Research Centre
Historical Society Archives Project
Hodgins Store Shawville 819-647-2731 819-647-6363 Support Cancer Research Dr. MacLellan Dr. Wootton
Home and School Centennial Project
Hooper Foundation for Medical Research
Hospital Project
Hotel Project
Household Science Research Deals With the
How Research Can Improve( Increase Made
Human Development Project
Human Resources Management Enterprise Java Developer Project Management Social Media
Humanities Research ; Council of Canada
Humanities Research Council of Canada
Huron Engineering & Research
Huron Engineering & Research 25 FREE CHICKS
Huron Engineering & Research MONk
Huron Engineering & Research the
IMd Heritage Revitalization Project
Immunity Research
in-1 German Research Group
Industrial Research
Industrial Research Council
Inrad Industrial Research
Institute for Fisheries Research
Institute for Therapeutic Research
Institute of Agricultural Research
Institute of Culture Research
Institute of Research for the Prevention of Disease
Institute QUE Is Research Meeting Farm Needs
International Cancer Research
International Controls Commissions
International Foundation for Cancer Research
International Human Rights Year Project
International Peace Research
International Project
ÏPONTIAC Project Coordinator
Jane Cancer Research
Jap-the Research Guide
Jaws-of-Llfe Rescue Equipment Project of Shawvllle & District Clvltan Club SATURDAY
Job Development Project
Junior Achievement - Globe Project
Junior Achievement Globe Project
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
JZ European Photo Services
K & L Success Project
Kidney Research Centre
La Federation des Commissions Scolaires Catholiques du
Land Resource Research Centre
LCDS Research Station
Lethbridge Research Station
Leukemia Research Foundation
Linen Industry Research Association
Lion s Hall S : Shawville Lion s Club Fund Raising Project Christmas Fruit Cakes
LIP Project
Local Initiatives Project
Lode Agronomy Research Center
Lods Agronomy Research Center
Lods Agronomy Research Centre
London Daily Chronicle Research
Los Regional Research
Low Temperature Research Laboratory
Lyman Entomological Museum and Research Laboratory
Macallum Establishing Research
Macdonald Raptor Research Centre
MacMillan ProJect
Management Accounting or Bookkeeping Project Management
Maple Leaf European Cuisine Mr. Clean
Marketing Research Manager
MASTERCRAFT "European Design" SKI POLES Standard Ski Bool Solid
Maurice Cody Research Fellowship and Scholarship Committee
McGill Subarctic Research Station
McGill’s Brace Research Institute
Med;cd Research
Medical Research
Medical Research C
Medical Research Committee
Medical Research Coun
Medical Research Council
Medical Research Council of Canada
Medical Research Council of England
Medical Research Council of Great Britain
Medical Research Council of Great Selecting
Medicine Research
Medway Scientific Research
Meetings Management Notional Fundraising Project Management Registered Nurse-Operating Room Occupat
Mellon Institute of Industrial Research
Memorial Institute for Medical Research
Memorial Project Committee
Meningitis Research Meilleur
Mental Health Research
Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research
Michigan State College Research Commission
Microbiology Research Institute
Millennium Park Project
Millennium Project
Mine Research Continues Brownies Form Guard At Wedding
Mineral Research Centre
Mining Research Corp.
Mining Research Corporation
Morden Research Station
More Research With
Mortgage Research
Motion Crs C Richardson Telebec Project No
Motion Picture Research Council
MRC Project
MRC Project Manager André Pellerin
MRC Research
Museum Project
Museum Project Committee
Museum Restoration Project
Myma AUCTION SALE Project Coordinator
Name Research Group
National Research Council
National * Research Council
National Bureau of Industrial Research
National Centennial Project
National Farmers Union Director of Research Darrin Qualman
National Fundraising • Project Management
National Health Research Elizabeth School
National Hydrology Research Institute
National Institute for Research
National Institute for Scientific Research
National Institute of Medical Research
National liberal Caucus Research Bureau
National Research
National Research C
National Research Centre
National Research Conn
National Research Conseil national Council Canada de
National Research Coun-
National Research Coun-|VVm
National Research Council
National Research Council Accounting; Airconditioning
National Research Council Bob
National Research Council Brad Feasy - Canadian Institute for International Peace & Security Noral
National Research Council Derek Power - Crawley Films International Professor Terry Oriick & Team -
National Research Council Montreal Road
National Research Council of
National Research Council of Argue
National Research Council of Canada
National Research Council of Ottawa
National Research Council Roy
National Research Council s Dominion Astrophysics
National Research Council Scholarship
National Research Council Spans
National Research Council’s Geological Survey
National Research Council’s GSC.
National Research CouncjW
National Research Loan- Many
National Research Misa Kathy Bigelow spent Council
National Research Sir Henry Wood
National Research the
National Research Universal
National Research Universal He
National Research Universal Reactor
National Research Universal)
National || Research Council
Natural Scienc-and Engineering Research Council
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Nautical Research So Say
Naval Laboratory Research Unit
Naval Medical Research Center
Naval Research Laboratory
Neighbourhood Watch Pontiac Farm Health and Safety Project
Nell Health Research Institution
New Discovery Promotes Plant Growth TUNE IN Research
New York City WPA Project
New York Herald Research
New York Public Service Commissions Law
Norris Research Lectureship
North Land Resource Management Project
Northern Health Research
Northern Regions Research Savings
Northern Research
Norval Research
NRU Research Reactor
NRU) Reactor Long term Management Project
NRU) Reactor long-term Management Project
NRU) Research Reactor
NRU) Research Reactor Séances
Nuclear Awareness Project
Nuclear Research
Nuclear Research Labora
Nuclear Research Unit
Nuffield Institute of Medical Research
OF Y Historical Project
OFY Project Recreation
Oil Research’
Ontario Addiction Research Foundation
Ontario Research
Ontario Research Commission
Ontario Research Foundation
Ontario Research Foundation Scores Attempts
Ontario Tobacco Research
Operation Dismantle Project Ploughshares
Organs Research
ORNW Corporation Project Man-
Ottaup Research
Ottawa Health Research
Ottawa Health Research Institute
Ottawa Health Research Weekend
Ottawa Research
Ottawa Research 0 Valley
Ottawa Research de
Ottawa Research Le Docteur Marc Trudel
Ottawa Research Station
Our Canada Works Project
Out-aouais Alliance’s Education Research Project
Outaouais Research Group
Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award
OVTA Research After
P.H.S. Museum Project
PAIE Project
Paper Research Institute
Paper Research Institute of Canada
Paper Research Police Force
Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation July
Parkinson’s Research Facility
Pasture Research
PCH Research
Peace & Development Lenten Project
PECK Factory Built Homes & Cottages Renovations • Project Management Randy Reck ECOLE DE CONDUITE R
PEDLAR Research
Pennsylvania Bituminous Coal Research
Petawawa Research Forest
Philadelphia Institute for Medical Research
Planet Research
Plant Research
Plant Research Institute
Po Research M
Pocatière Research Station
Policy Research Assistant
Pontiac Ag- Project
Pontiac Alternative Education Project
Pontiac Business Development Project
Pontiac Centennial Project
Pontiac Commissions
Pontiac Community Achievement s Futures Development Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Dialysis Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation - Dialysis Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation Dialysis Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation Dialysis Project Tickets
Pontiac Community Hospital Gazebo Project
Pontiac Community Hospital Solarium Project
Pontiac County Centennial Project
Pontiac Enterprise Development Project
Pontiac Farm Health and Safety Project
Pontiac Farm Health and Safety Project T
Pontiac Farm Health and Safey Project
Pontiac Fitness Project
Pontiac Futur Development Project Officer Term
Pontiac History Project P.O.
Pontiac Hospital Dialysis Project
Pontiac Kitchen Project Rural Development Officer Amy Taylor
Pontiac Lions CflVrcampbell’s Ba Renovation Project
Pontiac Masonic Lodge Annual Project
Pontiac Motion Crs Carmen Telebec Project
Pontiac Project
Pontiac Project V.P. Quyon Agricultural Society
Pontiac Station Project
Pontiac Students Globe Project
Pontiac U 4 Students Globe Project
Pontiac Woodlot Improvement Project
PPHS Globe Project
Prairie States Forestry Project
Project Hospital There
Project Canada Works
ProJect Chutes Ministry of Economic school
Project Committee
Project Committee Environment Forum
Project Inc 45
Project Management
Project Management CABARET PONTIAC S Novembre
Project Management certificate Emergency Management
Project Management Certified Installer
Project Management Randy Pack
Project Management Randy Peck
Project Management Registered Nurse-Operating Room
Project Management Renfrew Auto Glass MOBILE
Project Number Royce
Project Shawville High
Project Week
PROJECT X HI Christopher George Color
PROJECTS Project No.
Projects Research Services Canadian National Railways
Psychic Research
Psychical Research
Psychical Research Society
Public Works Project- Department of Public Works
Purina Research Farm
PUZZLE Tho Banting Research Foundation
QLKBFC Mitral Commissions
Quebec Agricultural Research Council
Quebec Association of Communications Research has Laval University
Québec Community Learning Centre Project Manager
Quebec Cultural Research Institute
Quebec Federation of Catholic School Commissions
Quebec Institute of Culture Research
Quebec Institute on Cultural Research
QUEBEC Liberal Commissions
Quebec School Commissions
Quebec School Commissions Federation
Queen’s University for Anatomical Research
R.A. Canada Works Project
Radium Research Is Notable Service What New York
Raptor Research Centre
Recreation Association Physical Fitness Project
Research "
Research /
Research 1 Communications
Research Advisory Board
Research Agent
Research All School
Research and 4|/ Development
Research and Agricultural Education
Research and Development
Research and Development Project Requirements
Research and Development; Bill LaCharity
Research and Education
Research and Information Bureau
Research and Marketing Coordinator
Research and Marketing Coordinator General
Research and Scientific Information
Research and Technological Development of Agriculture
Research As
Research Associate Alcoholism Rem Foundation
Research Association
Research Awards
Research Bay
Research Branch
Research Bureau
Research C
Research Carried
Research Cente
Research Center
Research Centre
Research Centre You
Research Centres
Research Chair
Research Chemist
Research Committee
Research Committee Ormond Smith
Research Coordinator
Research Corp. Ltd.
Research Corporation
Research Council
Research Council of Shawville
Research Council Who
Research Dc
Research Department
Research Department of the
Research Department of the Hotel Workers Branch
Research Department of the Purdue Frederic’ Company
Research Department of United Grain Growers Limited
Research Dept
Research Division
Research Dr. Speakman
Research Employment Club
Research Enterprises
Research Enterprises Limited
Research ers
Research Establishment
Research Excellence.
Research Farm Facilities
Research Forest
Research Foundation
Research Foundations
Research Fund
Research Group’s
Research Grown
Research Guide
Research Guide"
Research Guide”
Research Husband
Research Hydro Pontiac
Research Institute
Research Institute 1
Research Institute Apart
Research Institute of Cutaneous Medicine
Research Laboratories
Research Laboratory
Research Llamas
Research Location
Research Meeting Farm Needs
Research Methodology & Report Writing
Research Methodology Courses
Research Observations
Research Officer
Research Opportunities
Research Owners Association
Research Products
Research Professor
Research Professor; Institute
Research Project
Research Psychologist
Research Quarterly
Research Research
Research Service
Research Shaw
Research Ship
Research Ships
Research Shows That Aris-forward
Research Society
Research Society Finds Cancer Tvntcrj
Research Sta-away
Research Station
Research Team
Research Tho
Research Tony
Research Universal
Research Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE AS* AM PROP.
Research Work
Research Work Is Demonstrated Canada Backs
Research Workers
Research Work—Wish
Research Z
Resource Research
Revenue Commissions Interest
Revitalization Project Tourism Saturday Delivery
Rex Research
Risk* Research Worker*
Rockefeller Institute foi Medical Research
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Rockefeller Research Sludie
Royal Commissions
Royal Research Ship
Royal Research ship Discovery
RRAP Research
Rue Principale Foundation Project
Rural Pact Project Form
Rural Partnership Pilot Project Initiative
Rust Research
SADC Pontiac Development Project Officer Term
Safety Cover Plan Project
Sailors Society Medical Research
Sales Research Bureau
Saskatchewan Research Council
Saucer Institute of Research
Save Paying Commissions Fairest Prices
School Commissions
School Morning Worshp Cvcnny Warship COMMISSIONS SCOLAIRES Western Quebec SCHOOL BOARDS Legally
School Plant Construction Project
Science Research Associates
Scientific Research
Scientific Research Center
Scientific Research In- FOUR
Scientific Research No Definite Results
Scientific Research the
Scientific Value Discusses Project With Rail- U*hter
Seabird Research Unit
Second Bylaw Project No.
Secretarial Services Project No.
Securities Commissions
Serious Research
Settlement Research Corn-
Shawville Agricultural Community Center Renewal Project
Shawville Business Association Project
Shawville Hospital Dialysis Project
Shawville Lions Wildlife Project
Shawville Lions Club Arena Expansion Project Kick-Off Party
Shawville Lions Club Project
Shawville Lions Club Project"
Shawvllle Lions Club Arena Expansion Project Kick-Off Party
Sheenboro Community Improvement Project
Silage Research Committee of
Ski Caps Industry Keeps Ahead Thru New Research Work Using
Skovorodina Research Institute for the Study of Perpetually Frozen Regions
Social Project Ladysmith Thorne Community Recreation Assoc.
Social Research
Social Research Department of McGill University
Social Research Says They’re Biding Their
Society for Physical Research
Soil Research Laboratory
Some Research Findings
Sor Cancer Research
Southern Regional Research
Southern Regional Research Laboratory
Sovereignty Commissions
Space Project Pontiac Hoast
SPECIAL Research Spotlight Put On Soybean Use for Food Simmons Slumber King Box Spring Combination
SPORTS & RECREATION Project Facilitator PHS
Sports College Research
SQAE - Municipal Project
St-Luc Research Center
Staff Research Lectureship
State Commissions of America
Statistical Research Institute
Statistics Issued by Research Bureau A A
Steel Research Council
Story Canada Works Project
Strategic Research Grant
Stroke Research and Education
Student Norway Bay Recreation Asso- Project
Student Project
Student Project Wanda Younge
Student Summer Project
Sugar Research Foundation
Superior Research Council Aid
Support Cancer Research Dr. MacLellan Dr. Wootton Dr. Lamarche Dr. Talko DOCTORS’ CLINIC
Support Cancer Research Dr. MacLellan Dr. Wootton Dr. Lamarche Dr.Talko Clinique médicale Medical C
TCRA Lady- Fibrosis Research Project
Team Pontiac Globe Project
Technologies Research
Telebec Ltd project
Telebec Project No.
Telebec Project Welcome
That Coal Oil Project
The Farm Health and Safety Project
the Independent Research
Thibault Project Environment Forum Respectfully
THOMPSON S” Research Products Division
Time Research
Traffic Injury Research Foundation
Trudeau Foundation for Research
U S. Advance Cell Research Ltd.
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Grain Agriculture
Union Carbide Fibres Research & Development Department
United Kingdom Woof Industries Research Association
University of Ottawa Staff Research Lectureship
University of Western Ontario Research La
University Research Workers
University’s Research Center for Intelligent
UOVGG Family Research Library
Value of Modern Research Modern
Vegetable Diverse Research
Vigoro Research Laboratories
Vocation; Pilot Project
Vogar Human Development Project
Waltham Hydro Electric Project Rehabilitations
Waste Isolation Pilot Project
Westinghouse Research Laboratories
Whiteshell Nuclear Research Kht
Wildlife Toxicology Fund’s Research Advisory Board
WILSON & SON Project
Winter Fair Another Shawville Lions Club Project
Womens Institute Safety Project
Wool Research Association
Work Project* Ad-ministrntif.r
Works Project RESTAURANT Addition
Xonar Development Limited Project
XVool Research Association
Young Canada Works Project
Young Canada Works Project Otter Lake JUDGING HEAVY HORSES
Youth Centre Pilot Project
Youth Services Project