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Master Lome Smiley

Issues the organization appears in:

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Possible related entities:

v4 Milton S. Smiley Former Resident
/,1 Z __ Lome Pirie
0/1/123 Smiley
10.00 Smiley
2.95 Smiley
2nd A R Smiley
7-25H Smiley
7—Single Roadsters—1st À R Smiley
8. Smiley
A Smiley
A'' Smiley
A. Smiley Or
A. Smiley Shaw
Acetyl Smiley
Action Smiley
Acton Smiley
Acton Smiley Harry McLeary
Acton Smiley Mrs. Herbie Martin
Ada Smiley
Adam - Master
Adams Past Grand Master
Adrienne Smiley
Aileen Smiley
Aithur Smiley
Alb Smiley
Albert Hodgins Lome Armstrong
Albert Smiley
Albert Smiley W.
Albert Tan-Apply Lome Catherwood
Albert Tub- Smiley
Alderman Smiley
Alex Rus- Lome Holmes
Alexa Smiley
Alexander Smiley
Alexander Smiley and Margaret Craig.
Alfred E. Smiley Native
Alfred Smiley
Alice J. Smiley
Alice Lome Holmes
Alice Smiley
Alice Smiley 3
Aline Smiley
Allan Smiley
Alvin Smiley
Amelia Smiley
Andai L Heather Smiley
Andrea Charter Master
Anita White Smiley
Ann Smiley
Annie Smiley
Apply Emerson Smiley
Apply Mrs. Kenneth Smiley
Archie Smiley
Armand Smiley
Armi- Motion Crs Smiley
Armstrong Lome Howard Arm
Armstrong Smiley
Arnett Smiley
Arnott Smiley
Art Smiley
Arthur Kilgour- Lome Wilson
Arthur R Smiley
Arthur Smiley
Arthur Smiley :1
Arthur Smiley Bryson—Dr
Arthur Smiley It Hammond
Arthur Smiley Kui.
Arthur Smiley Passes Suddenly
Arthur Smiley*
Arthur Smiley-
Arthur Smiley’s
Artie Smiley
Atkinson W Hodg- Frederick Smiley Shawvtlle
Au K Smiley
Audrey Smiley
Audrey Smiley Bristol
Audrey Smiley Shawville
Audry Smiley
Ayrshire Smiley
B W. Smiley
B. Smiley
B. Thomas A. Bade# Misa Nellie Smiley Mrs. James Hanna Wm Hanna Ed.
Bait Available Apply Lome Kearns
Barbara Derraugh Eddie Desabrais Eva Braden Lome
Barbara Smiley
Barber and T. Smiley
Barber District Master
Bay Holes Lome Hodglns
Bay Master Lloyd Crawford
Beaulieu Terry W. Smiley
Bella Smiley
Benson Smiley
Bernard Laberee Colo-Deputy Grand Master
Bert Cullimork Lawrence Wilson County Master BOYS’
Bertha Smiley
Betty Master
Beverley Smiley
Beverly Smiley
Bill Smiley
Billy Lome
Billy Smiley
Birdie Smiley
Birdie Smiley Mason
Bison Smiley
Bison Smiley Cliff Robkaille
Blake Smiley
Blake Smiley Awarded D.F.C.
Blanche Derouln Lome McRae
Bob Horner Master Bobby Atkinson
Bob Smiley
Boyd Barber-Scout Master
Brand Master
Brenda Smiley
Brent Lome Frederick
Brent Lome Frederick Sc
Brent Lome Frederick Schock
Brett Smiley
Brian Adam Master
Brian Coughlin 613-638-8415 Ron Hodgins Brian Kelly Lome Orser Weldon Rantz Bob Dick
Brian Olmstead Smiley
Bro R W Smiley
Brock A Friend J I John E. Horner Edward Smiley
Brooke Smiley
Brother-in-law Harvey Smiley Mrs Irene Payne
Brown Smiley
Bruce Smiley
C Smiley
C1r Smiley
Calvin Smiley
Carey Lome
Carmen Lome Hanes
Carmen Smiley
Carol Ann Smiley
Carol Arm Smiley
Carol Smiley
Caroline Master David Dagg
Carolyn Lome Kayla
Carson Smiley
Catherine Ennea Smiley
Central Smiley
Cfmnty Master
Chain Lome Daley
Char- Smiley
Charles Belec Howell Miss Margaret Smiley Air F)rce Day
Charles Eady .......... Clifford Wilson ............ Lois E. Smiley
Charles Imi- Henry Smiley
Charles Smiley
Charles Stsrrett Smiley
Charlie 7-2579 Smarts Meat Market 7-2521 Smiley
Charlie Smiley
Chas Smiley
Chelsea Ryan Smiley
Cheryl Faye Smiley
Chums John Armstrong Lome Tubman Ray Campbell
Cindy Coles-Smiley
Cindy Sidock Yvon Ladouceur Sharon Presley Red Bennett Lome Daley
Cindy Smiley
Cindy Smiley Barry Drummond
Cindy Smiley Breanna Corrigan
Cirs Smiley
Cjun Smiley
Clarence Carson Vertel Smiley
Claude Godin - Lome Wilson
Claude Smiley
Claude Smiley Vertal Claude Smiley
Clifford E Smiley
Clifford Hahn Master Kevin Ladies
Clifford McLernon 369x SMILEY
Clifford Smiley
Clms Smiley
Cln Smiley
Clr Smiley
Clrj Smiley Schwartz
Clrs Smiley
Clrs Smiley Bretzlaff
Clrs Smiley Schwartz
Cmdy Smiley
Co. Master
Co. Master ISHKIJ
Co. Smiley
Cochram A Smiley E Keon
Cole Smiley
Coleman Speed-Master
Contact Smiley Building Materials
Corp. Wesley A. Smiley
Corrigan Smiley
Cory Lome
Coun Smiley
Coun- Smiley
Counci,lors Elliott- Hanna Smiley
Council Smiley
Councillor Lome B
Councillor Smiley
Councillors Lome Armstrong
Councillors Lome B Hodgins
Councillors Smiley
Councilors Smiley
CouncUlor Lome Meehan
Couns Smiley
County Master
Cpl Richardson Master CpI Richardson
Cr Smiley
Crs E Smiley
Crs Smiley
Crs Smiley Young
Crt Smiley
Cvril Smiley
Cy Smiley
Cy Smiley Forever
Cyri Smiley
Cyril Smiley
D. A. (Blake) Smiley
D. Smiley
Da Master
Dale L H Keen 1.95 Harland Smiley R R Beardsley Margaret Grant
Dale Lome
Dale Master Bobbie Dale
Dale Master Donald Hodgins Miss Marion Smyth Grant Gibson
Dale Smiley
Darryl Smiley
Dave Lunam DRAPER Lome
David Gallagher Mike Smiley
David Smiley
David Then Hodg Smiley
Davis Miss Sandra Smiley
Dean Mrs Elson Smiley Mrs Donald Corrigan The
Dear Master
Deborah and Master Allan Vadneau
Della Smiley
Delore Mrs Lome Hodgins
Den Smiley
Dependable Moto-Master
Devonshire Lome Armstrong
Di- Herman Smiley
Diane Smiley
Dianne Daley Lome
Dianne Roadster Horses- Lome Crawford
Don McCord Charteris SMILEY—In
Don McCredie’s Lome McRay
Don Smiley
Donald Mac Master
Donald Paul Joan Smart Opal Smart Embyle Smiley Phyllis Smith Bernice Stewart Martin Taggart Joyce
Donald Smiley
Doris Hayeg Mr Cyril Smiley
Doris Mr. Smiley
Dorothy Smiley
Dortliy Smiley
Doug Young- Lome Wilson
Douglas Master
Douglas Si Lome
Douglas Smiley
Dove Moore Lome Daley
Dr. Charles H. Smiley
Dr. Smiley
Drma Smiley
Dun-raven Smiley
E P Smiley
E Smiley
E Smiley 1 .90
E Smiley 3. Tea
E Smiley 39.04 E. Schwartz
E. Smiley
Earl B Lome McRae
Earl Master Let Me Walk With Vinp K*nA At
Easter Smiley
Ebon Smiley
Ed Master
Ed Smiley
Ed Smiley’s
Eddie Finnigan Miss Mona Armstrong Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Edith Smiley
Edith Smiley 937
Edna Smiley
Edward Smiley
Edward Smiley and Margaret Thompson
Edward Smiley Dies
Edward Smiley Passes
Edward Smiley,------ Arthur Dagg
Eileen Miller XN6 SMILEY
Eileen Smiley
Eison Smiley
El-son Smiley
Eldon Me- Misses Myrtle Smiley
Eleanor Smiley
Elhon Smiley
Elizabeth Smiley
Ella & Roy Smiley
Ella Smiley
Ellen Smiley
Ellen Uplerre Mrs. Herald Smiley Richard Gibbons Mrs.
Elliott Harvey Smiley
Elliott Peter Edward Smiley Buried At Perth Those
Ellis Smiley
Elson Smiley
Elsoo Smiley
Elwyn Lang Lome Sharpe Randy Hodgins Ron Hodgins Archie
Emblyn Smiley
Embyl Smiley
Emerson Smiley
Emily Therrton SMILEY
Emmer-son Smiley
Emmereoo Smiley
Emmerron Smiley
Emmerson Smiley
Emmerson Smiley H®k-c£
Eneth Smiley
Enneth Smiley
Ennett Smiley
Eric D. Smiley Nothing
Eric Mac-Master
Eric Smiley
Eric Smiley Everyone
Eric Smiley EGtTTITY
Eric Smiley Grist
Eric Smiley Horner-Morrison
Eric Smiley I’ve
Eric Smiley Presen
Eric Smiley All
Eric Smiley Brian
Eric Smiley Broadbents
Eric Smiley Bryan
Eric Smiley Canadian
Eric Smiley CFIB
Eric Smiley Children
Eric Smiley Dave Conrod
Eric Smiley Dear
Eric Smiley Dear Editor
Eric Smiley Dear Sirs
Eric Smiley Deer Editor
Eric Smiley Did His
Eric Smiley Ducks
Eric Smiley Earthquake
Eric Smiley FinallJr Brian Mulroney
Eric Smiley Great
Eric Smiley Grist
Eric Smiley It
Eric Smiley JUT
Eric Smiley Kinsmen
Eric Smiley Letters
Eric Smiley Lightning
Eric Smiley Little
Eric Smiley Lusk
Eric Smiley Mankind
Eric Smiley Many Embassies
Eric Smiley March
Eric Smiley May
Eric Smiley Miss Dianne Rebertz
Eric Smiley Miss MacDonald
Eric Smiley MR.
Eric Smiley Much
Eric Smiley Nostalgia
Eric Smiley Nov
Eric Smiley Nov.
Eric Smiley Now
Eric Smiley October
Eric Smiley Otter
Eric Smiley P
Eric Smiley P-
Eric Smiley P.S.
Eric Smiley Private
Eric Smiley R.D Talbot
Eric Smiley Ready-Mix Concrete BNQ Septic Tanks
Eric Smiley Roland Maxwell Director
Eric Smiley S
Eric Smiley Sincerely
Eric Smiley Some
Eric Smiley Then
Eric Smiley There’s
Eric Smiley Three
Eric Smiley Ubya
Eric Smiley Using
Eric Smiley V
Eric Smiley What
Eric Smiley Will
Eric Smiley With
Eric Smiley X Grist
Eric Smiley Yours
Erie Smiley Minutes
Erie Smiley Where
Erlcan Smiley
Ernest Lome Wilson
Ernie Keon Arthur Smiley
Erwin Tubman Lome Stewart
Eva Andai Mike Shawville Lome Pirie Phone
Eva Smiley
Eva Smiley On
Evelyn i°n Smiley
Evelyn Smiley
F* Smiley
F. Smiley
Fanny Smiley
Fashions Smiley
Faye Smiley
Fenton Smiley
Ffson Smiley
Finlan Smiley
FJeiyn Smiley
Flora Smiley
Florence Smiley
Floyd Robinson Lome Routliffe
Forne Smiley
Fort Smiley
Fr.day M E. Smiley
Fran Mr. A. Smiley
Franklin Fireplaces Lome SMITH BROS.
Fred Desabrais AuglOOTC Eric D Smiley Westmore Drive
Fred Smiley
Freda Smiley
Freeda Smiley Mon- Arthur
Fric Smiley
Fume X. Smiley
G Smiley
G. Smiley
G. Smiley Dr. Wilson All
Gail Gasan Lome Caldwell Quyon
Games Ruth Smiley Hahn
Garage Smiley
Gary Smiley
Gayle Spear Mrs. Emerson Smiley
Gene Autry Smiley
Geo Murphy Robt Hammond Arthur Wiggins James Thomas Frank Cornu Arthur Smiley Allan Meredith Win Dr
George Harvey Smiley On
George Lucas Smiley
George Smiley
Gerald A Smiley
Gerald Lang.......... Action Smiley
Gerald Smiley
Glen Smiley
Glena Saunders M.I Own A. SMILEY
Glenn Smiley
Gordon Richardson Sidney Sheppard Vertel Smiley
Gordon Russell Smiley
Gordon Stew* Linda Smiley
Grace Master
Grace Master Sunny Quinn
Grace Smiley
Grade V Lome Flood
Graham B Master Jack Argue
Graham Smiley
Grand Master
Greg and Lome Hayes
Gwen Smiley
Gwennyth Smiley
Gwenyth Smiley
H. Smiley
Hamilton Master Robt
Harknessand Smiley
Harland Smiley
Harmen Smiley Eva J. Ox>k
Harold Brown Master Randy
Harold E Smiley
Harold E. Smiley
Harold Hodgins ....... Lois E. Smiley
Harold L. Smiley Passes
Harold Lindsay Smiley
Harold Smiley
Harold Smiley 1
Harold Smiley 2
Harold Smiley 3
Harold Smiley Dennis Day
Harold Smiley Mildred Stanley
Haro’d Smiley
Harry Smiley
Hartand Smiley
Harvey Smiley
Harvey Smiley 1
Harvey Smiley 2
Harvey Smiley BIRTHS
Harvey Smiley Walking Race
Harvey Smiley’s
Harvey Steele County-Master
Hattie Smiley
Hay Funeral Lome
Hayes Marries Bill Smiley
Hazel Smiley
Heather Dickson Pontiac Agricultural Society First Vice-President Lome Sharpe
Heather Smiley
Heather Smiley 34*6
Heather Smiley 647-336# HARRIS
Heather Smiley Letters
Heather Smiley Stephen Preisler Alan Christie Minutes
Henderson Smiley
Henrv Smiley
Henry Smiley
Henry Smiley 647-2105
Henry Smiley Armstrong
Henry Smiley FRIDAY
Henry Smiley Its Good
Henry Smiley’s
Henry Smiley’s Store
Henry W Smiley
Herb Hudgins Peter Smiley An
Herman Smiley
Herman Smiley) Ma
Hermonie Smiley
Hilda M Ar- Lome Daley
Hilly Smiley
Hiram Smiley
Hiram Smiley jClarence Richardson
His Master Hi
Hodglns Smiley
Hollis Smiley
Holstein-man Vertal Smiley
Horner Smiley
Howard Master Cord
Hsrbey Smiley
Hubert Hamil- Lome Armstrong
Hugh F Horner-W Smiley -
Hugh Master
Hugh Smiley
HUrold Smiley
Hynes Turner Shaw Caldwell Smiley Hankie
I* Smiley
I. B1DT,W Smiley
Ida Smiley
Ignition Spray Moto-Master Thermostats Carburetor Conditioner Cooling System Conditioner Chrome Gua
IJnda Smiley
Iliram Smiley
Irene Smiley
Iris Smiley
Irma Smiley
Isaac Keith Judd Master Isaac Judd
Isabel Smiley
Isabella Smiley
It Smiley
IV.—Harold Smiley
Ivan Smiley
Ivan Smiley Correspondent
IvOts Smiley
IV—Keith Smiley
Iz»i* Smiley
J H. Smiley
J J McCallum Smiley
J Lome MacLeod
J Smiley
J. H UT Smiley
J. H »hew P. E. Smiley
J. Hamilton Kyi '' Smiley Lloyd El
J. Smiley
Jack Stevens Master
Jacqueline Smiley
James Brown Smiley
James Hark Smiley
James Lome Daley
James Past Grand Master
James Smiley
James Smiley George Pirie
James Smiley Hot Weather
James Smiley Spotswood
James Smiley Wm
Jane Lome
Jane Smiley
Janet Smiley
Janice Lome Daley
Jason Lome Blaskie
Jason Smiley
Jean Paul Le- Master Vaughan Fulford
Jennie Smiley
Jennifer Anderson and Karen H. Smiley
Jennifer D Smiley
Jenny Smiley
Jessie Smiley
Jessie Smiley Dies
Jfrs Emerson Smiley
Ji Smiley
Jim Smiley
Jimee Smiley
Joe Latrarepresent Master
Joe Smiley
Joe Smiley Burman
Joe Smiley Campbell
Joe Smiley Chairman
Joe Smiley Orval Smart
Joe Smiley President
Joe Smiley’s
Johh Smiley
John Armstrong _ Lome
John Emerson Smiley
John G Ste- Master John McCorriston
John H Smiley
John H Smiley C« Ml UC Mini* KlHote
John H. Smiley
John Henry Smiley
John Howard Deputy Grand Master
John Lome
John Lome Hodgins
John Lome McDougall
John Misses Smiley
John Smiley
John Smiley Die* After Lengthy Illness
John Smiley Hilda Robinson
John Smiley Monday
John Smiley Mrs.
John Smiley’s
Johu Smiley
Jolin Smiley
Jolm Smiley
Jones Smiley
Joon Smiley
Jos Smiley
Joseph B. Smiley
Joseph C Smiley
Joseph Lome
Joseph Lome Armstrong
Joseph Mrs Vertel Smiley
Joseph Smiley - Smith
Joseph Smiley Campbell’s Bay
Joseph Smiley^ggg* Mrs Smyth
Jospeh Smiley
Jr. Master Ian Mair
Judy Smiley
K. Smiley
Karen Inglee Home Made Candy - Mrs. Lome Draper Cadbury CHocolate Cake Special - Cathy Emmerson
Karen Smiley
Katie Smiley
Kcnneth Smiley
Kdward Smiley
Keir Marshall Acton Smiley
Keith Albert Smiley
Keith Lome McRae
Keith Smiley
Ken 2646 Smiley
Ken 7-3724 Smiley
Ken Draper District Deputy Grand Master
Ken Smiley
Ken Smiley 7
Ken Smiley Mrs. Bert Greenshields Mr.
Ken Smiley,
Ken Smiley’s Honored On Oeeasion
Ken Tubman Ontario NOTICE Lome Wilson
Kennedy Smiley
Kenneifci Maheral Master Steven Maheral
Kenneth Sherwood Smiley
Kenneth Smiley
Kenneth Smiley 930
Kenneth Smiley Cora McNeill
Kenneth Smiley Economics
Kenneth Smiley R.
Kenneth Smiley Shawville
Kenneth Smiley Thursday
Kevin Smiley
Kfrs Smiley
Kilg-ourand Lome Armstrong
Kim Lome’s
Klson Smiley
Kyje Smiley
Kyle Smiley
Kyle Smiley Steps
L iiia Smiley
L J Smiley
L J. Smiley
L L B. Arthur Smiley
L Smiley
L Ûm Smiley Arthur Cal
L. Smiley
Lady- Smiley
Lamp Sander V Moto - Master
Lance Smiley
Larry Smiley
Laura Madelon Smiley
Lavitia Smiley
Lawn-Master Ho
Lawrence M Mrs. Kenneth Smiley
Lawrence Smiley
Lawrence Tra- Master Plan
Lee Master Seed Prizes
Leila Smiley
Lena Ruth Smiley
Leonard Smiley
Lester Hobbs Howes Turner Smiley Dr. Lyon’s Own Councillors Elected
Lila Smiley
Lila Smiley Seller
Lilia Smiley
Lillian Smiley
Linda E. Smiley
Linda Smiley
Lionel Grimes Hubert Elliott Henry Smiley Shawville
Lionel Grimes _ Hubert Elliott Henry Smiley Shawville ITER/OR
Lionel Lome
Lisa Smiley
Little Master Jamie Brown Mr
Lizzie Smiley
Lloyd Smiley
Lloyd Stewart Lome B Hodgins W. D. Hodgins Roy Brown Lyle Hodgins Pontiac Auto Wreckers Gordon Huck
Lloyd’s Smiley
Local Technician Norris Smiley
Loi* Smiley
Loig Smiley
Lois Smiley
Lois Smiley Arthur Caldwell
Lome Adams
Lome Alexander
Lome Am X
Lome Anderson
Lome Ann
Lome Armstrong
Lome Armstrong Everett Armstrong E. J. Barber .... Thos
Lome B
Lome B Hod
Lome B Hodgins
Lome Bean
Lome Beattie
Lome Bechamp
Lome Benson
Lome Bertand
Lome Bertrand
Lome Boyd
Lome Bradley
Lome Brady
Lome Brady Ladies
Lome Bretzlaff
Lome Burnette
Lome Byrne
Lome C Hodgms Michelle King
Lome Cain
Lome Caldwell
Lome Campbell
Lome Campeau
Lome Carr
Lome Cather-wood
Lome Chabot
Lome Charbonneau
Lome Ckmmens
Lome Collins
Lome Com-peau
Lome Compeau
Lome Cox
Lome Coyle
Lome Craw Harrison Joy
Lome Craw Ivan Armstrong
Lome Crawford
Lome da MUler Muriel Sparling
Lome Dagenais
Lome Dale
Lome Dalev
Lome Daley
Lome David Bertrand
Lome David.
Lome Davis
Lome Dean
Lome Dempsey
Lome Dodge
Lome Domenic Graham
Lome Draper
Lome Draper-Hayes
Lome E Houle
Lome E Tubman
Lome E. Tubman
Lome Eaton
Lome Edgar
Lome Elliott
Lome Elsie
Lome Emmerson
Lome Eriin
Lome Erlin
Lome Eugene
Lome F Grant
Lome Fitzgerald
Lome Flood
Lome Foster
Lome Fowler
Lome Fraser
Lome Gibbons
Lome Gleason
Lome Graham
Lome Green
Lome Greene
Lome Greer
Lome Hale
Lome Hamilton
Lome Hanna
Lome Hazzard
Lome Henry
Lome Hobbs
Lome Hodgins
Lome Hood
Lome J Rose
Lome Johnston
Lome Joseph
Lome Jr and
Lome Kearns
Lome Kearns Insurance
Lome Kearns Lee Hodgins
Lome Kearns Lot
Lome Kearns Pt
Lome Kelly
Lome Kelly Lome Kelly
Lome Kennedy
Lome Keogh
Lome Kerr
Lome King
Lome Lafleur
Lome Lee
Lome Lester
Lome Little
Lome Lome MacDonald
Lome Lsiwl*
Lome Luak
Lome Lucas
Lome M Routliffe
Lome M RoutlifTe P
Lome M Routllffe
Lome Martineau
Lome Mary
Lome McCagg
Lome McCrae
Lome McDowell
Lome McRae
Lome Meehan
Lome Meehan Downey
Lome Meehan Address Name
Lome Meehan Edwin Doyle
Lome Meldrum
Lome Michael and Betty Kachura
Lome Moore
Lome Morey
Lome Mousseau
Lome Mr. Oscar Mallalieu
Lome Mrs. Earl Renwick
Lome Murphy
Lome Murray
Lome N
Lome N Joan Gray
Lome Nelson
Lome Nephin
Lome Paul
Lome Pierce
Lome Pine
Lome Piric
Lome Pirie
Lome Radmore
Lome Reed
Lome Reid
Lome Ring
Lome Ro#liffe
Lome Robbie
Lome Roberts July Ut
Lome Romain
Lome Rout-liffe
Lome Routliffe
Lome Routllffe
Lome Rowat
Lome Russel
Lome Russett
Lome Sally
Lome Schooling
Lome Sfcnith
Lome Sharpe
Lome Shields
Lome Simmons
Lome Simms
Lome Sloan
Lome Sly
Lome Smart
Lome Smiley
Lome Smith
Lome Smi’ey
Lome Sparling
Lome Sparling,Carey
Lome Spots
Lome Spotswood J Fish
Lome Stanton
Lome Stekxke
Lome Stewart
Lome Stewart Susan
Lome Storey
Lome Sullivan
Lome Thompson
Lome Thoms
Lome Tubman
Lome Ustcr Bud Mayo
Lome Visitors
Lome Ward
Lome Watters
Lome Wayne
Lome Webster
Lome Wiggins
Lome Wil-not
Lome Wilson
Lome Wilson D.D.G.M.
Lome Young
Lord Buck-master
Lord Lome
Lord Lome’s
Loren Smiley
Lorre Smiley
Lots Master Urry Stephens
Louise McLel-1 Master Herb
Lucas Smiley
M J Smiley 2. Jane Morrison 3 POULTRY
M P. K Smiley
M S Eric Smiley
M Smiley
M. Smiley
Mabel Smiley
Mac Master
Madefon Smiley
Madelaine Smiley
Madeleine Gravel Master
Madeleine Smiley
Madeline Smiley
Madelon Smiley
Madoar Bill Smiley
Mae Smiley
Maggie Smiley
Mar Smiley
Margaret Ann Craig Smiley
Margaret Ann Craig x Smiley
Margaret Ann Smiley
Margaret Smiley
Margaret Smiley’s
Margo Smiley
Maria Smiley
Marilyn Mrs. Wes Smiley
Marilyn Smiley
Marion Rich-Mrs Lome Emmerson
Marion Smiley
Marion Smiley Splendid
Marjorie Smiley
Marjorie Smiley Is
Marjorie Smiley Promoted
Marjory Smiley
Mark - Yves Lan- Dream O Battle - Lome Ml
Martin Clarke Master David Arbic
Mary Ann Smiley
Mary Jane Smiley
Mary Mar- Lome
Mary Smiley
Mary Smiley Earl
Mary Smiley Mrs Leda Pilon
Master Albert
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Allen
Master Allen Sheppard
Master Artie Mack
Master Benson Elliott
Master Benson Fades
Master Bernard Mmenult
Master Bert
Master Billy Angus
Master Campbell
Master Char
Master Collins
Master Collins Young
Master Cpl Mondoux
Master Cpl Richardson
Master Da
Master Danny
Master De
Master De Luxe Models
Master Delbert
Master Ernie
Master Foster Smith
Master Fox
Master G 1am Worker
Master Gary Harris Shawville
Master Geo Graham - Little Boy Calumet Island A
Master Gilbert Fraser Jr.
Master Gordon
Master Gordon Farrell
Master Hanson
Master Harvey Steele
Master Harvey Young
Master Henry
Master Henry Horner
Master Herman Scully
Master Hillie Murdock Jr.
Master Horn
Master Jason Peters
Master Jones
Master Lawson
Master Lee Carswell
Master Lee CLINTON-H.
Master Leslie Grant
Master Lionel Bowles
Master Lloyd Burnside
Master Lloyd Hal-
Master Ma
Master Mark
Master Mark Clifford Robitaille
Master Mark Holmes
Master Martin
Master Murray Gra
Master Ralph
Master Rand Yerack
Master Robbie B!akely
Master Robbie Davison
Master Robbie Moorhead
Master Robbie Young
Master Ross James
Master Russell
Master Stewart Ciraham
Master Stewart Graham
Master Teddy Bear
Master Terry at-1
Master Thomas
Master Thomas Brown
Master Tom
Master Tom.
Master W J. Tubman
Master Willlie Campbell
Master—Jack Bryant
Matter Smiley
Maud Smiley
Maude Smiley
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray’s Texaco-Sheila’s Fashions Smiley
Mavguvet Smiley
May Smiley
Mayor Smiley
McArthur Smiley
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McLelland Lloyd Keuhl Joe Sutherland Lydia Worm Sheila Vanderkemp Lome Dick Keith Hoffman NEW
Melvin Lome Nephin
Melvin Smiley
Melvin Strutt- Harvey Smiley
Merhne Smiley
Meriine Smiley
Merle Smiley
Merlinc Smiley
Merline Smiley
Merllne Smiley
Merlme Smiley
Messrs Lome Keon
Messrs Lome Routliffe
Messrs Smiley
Messrs Vertel Smiley
Messrs. Smiley
Mi W Master Clifton
Mias Smiley
Michael Smiley
Mies Smiley
Mike Smiley
Mike Smiley Saturday
Mike Smiley’s
Mildred Margiret Smiley
Mildred Smiley
Milton Smiley
Mis Lome Sparling
Misa Smiley
Miss L J Smiley
Miss Smiley
Misses Smiley
Mississippi Queen Model A......... Model Master Moon Dog........ Mud Puddle
Mm Bill Smiley
Mm Mia Clifford Smiley
Mn Jot Smiley
Mn Lome
Model—Kenneth Smiley
Mona Armstrong Mr. Claude Richardson Mrs. Albert Richardson Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Monsieur Lome
Monsieur Lome Rout
Morris Smiley
Morrison P Bracken R Smiley J McGrath 1
Motion Lome Armstrong
Motion Smiley
Motion—Couns Smiley
Motion—Lome Armstrong
Mr A Smiley
Mr Lome
Mr R W Smiley
Mr Smiley
Mr# Smiley
Mr* Robert Action Smiley
Mr. A R. Smiley
Mr. Andrew Mar- Master Leslie McCagg
Mr. Edward S. Smiley
Mr. Emerson Smiley
Mr. G F I Smiley
Mr. Harland Melvin Smiley
Mr. Harold E. Smiley
Mr. Harvey Smiley
Mr. Henry Smiley
Mr. Henry Smiley’s
Mr. Herman Smiley
Mr. J B Smiley
Mr. James William Master-
Mr. John H. Smiley
Mr. John Master Robbie Moorhead
Mr. Joseph B. Smiley
Mr. Joseph Smiley
Mr. Lome
Mr. Lome Armstrong
Mr. Lome B Evans
Mr. Lome Campbell
Mr. Lome Foley
Mr. Lome Grant Stewart
Mr. Lome McCrae
Mr. M Hired Smiley
Mr. Mr. Lome Kearns
Mr. R W Smiley
Mr. Smiley
Mr. T Master Marry Km
Mr.- Ixan Smiley
Mr< Lome Armstrong
Mre Lome Danis
Mri Rupcrt Smiley
Mrl Norris Smiley
Mrs Emerson Smiley
Mrs Emerson Smiley Tel
Mrs J Smiley
Mrs Smiley
Mrs, Lome
Mrs, Lome Armstrong
Mrs- Henry Smiley
Mrs. Annie Louise Smiley
Mrs. B C. Billy Smiley
Mrs. B. W Smiley
Mrs. Edward 8. Smiley
Mrs. Edward S. Smiley
Mrs. Emerson I Smiley
Mrs. Emerson Smiley
Mrs. Emerson Smiley X HOSPITAL DONATIONS Phone
Mrs. Emerson Smiley Annual County Meeting Loyal Orange Lodge
Mrs. Emerson Smiley Campbell
Mrs. Emerson Smiley’s
Mrs. Emma Schfarte Smiley
Mrs. F A. Smiley
Mrs. Harvey Smiley
Mrs. Henry Smiley
Mrs. Henry Smiley Mrs. Donald MacDougall
Mrs. Henry Smiley Wed
Mrs. Herb Master Leslie Hodgins
Mrs. Herman Smiley
Mrs. Herman Smiley Mr.
Mrs. J L. Smiley
Mrs. J R Smiley
Mrs. J Smiley
Mrs. John H. Smiley
Mrs. K Smiley
Mrs. Lloyd Smiley
Mrs. Lome
Mrs. Lome Armstrong
Mrs. Lome Armstrong Mel Morris
Mrs. Lome Bennett
Mrs. Lome Boyd
Mrs. Lome Campbell
Mrs. Lome Draper
Mrs. Lome Edmonds
Mrs. Lome Elliott
Mrs. Lome G Garrison
Mrs. Lome Hodgins
Mrs. Lome MacDonald
Mrs. Lome Mar-
Mrs. Lome Martineau
Mrs. Lome Murphy
Mrs. Lome Rout-
Mrs. Lome Scott
Mrs. Lome ShouLdice Dr. A1 Brown
Mrs. Lome ShouLdtce
Mrs. Lome Sparling Mountain
Mrs. Lome Stew-Cathy
Mrs. Lome Stewart
Mrs. Lome Stone
Mrs. Lome Tracy
Mrs. Margaret Smiley
Mrs. Norris Smiley
Mrs. Norris Smiley Proudfoot-aid
Mrs. P E. Smiley
Mrs. Peter E. Smiley
Mrs. R Smiley
Mrs. R W. Smiley
Mrs. Ross Smiley
Mrs. Sherwood Smiley
Mrs. Smiley
Mrs. Steve Robin-Mr Lome Stewart
Mrs. Stewart Mrs Stewart return-1 Lome Hanes
Mrs. Thomas Smiley
Mrs. V E Smiley
Mrs. V?rt* i Smiley
Mrs. Verbal Smiley
Mrs. Vertal Smiley
Mrs. W A. Smiley
Mrs. Walton Edward Smiley
Mrs. Wilson Smiley
Mrs.j Smiley
Mr» Lome Sparling
Murlinc Smiley
Music Master
Myrle Smiley
Myrtle Smiley
Nancy Lome MacDonald
Nancy VIrs Norris Smiley
Née* Smiley
Nellie J Smiley
Nellie Smiley
Nellie Smiley 2
New Smiley
Newberry Master Ian Mathers
Nick Ryan Smiley
Norland Smiley
Norma Margaret Ruth Smiley
Norris Horner Keith Bean Vertal Smiley Eric Brown Gordon Alexander Rowat
Norris Smiley
Norris Smiley DP Wm
Norris Smiley Miss Smart
O £ Award Winning Accredited Master Photographer J TV
O ¦ A. Smiley
Oct. Master Artie McKay
Oct. Smiley
On K Smiley
Opal Smiley
Or Smiley
Or- Master Neil
Or-ma Smiley
Orma Smiley
Ormm Smiley
Ornia Smiley
Ornm Smiley
os2 Smiley
Osborne Smiley
Ostmnj Master
Oswald Lome Martineau
Ottawa H A Smiley
P E Smiley
P E Smiley’s
P E. Smiley
P W. Smiley
P. Smiley
Pal Smiley I
Palmer Master
Past President- Lome Wilson
Past W >rshipful Master Russell Horne
Pater Smiley
Patrick Smiley
Paula Mac-Master
Pearl Smiley
Pearland Master
Penny Smiley
Per Vertal Smiley
Petawawa Lome
Peter E. Smiley
Peter Smiley
Peter Smiley—waited
Peterson SMILEY Technicolour CinemaScpue
Phyllis Mrs Lome Wilson
Phyllis Smart Smiley
Pierre LaSalle Lome Wilson
Pierre Lome
Poet Master
Potatoea-S Smiley
Powles Smiley
Present—-Mayor Smiley
Preston Hodgins W T Smiley J B Morin Canadian
Qson Smiley
Qts Smiley
Quebec Smiley
R Smiley
R. Smiley
Ralph Bernard Grand Master
Ran Mis Emerson Smiley
Ranch Inn Eric Smiley Aylmer
Ray Boucher Master
Raymond Morris Elson Smiley
Rebertz Smiley
Rev. Dr. Wesley Master Billy
Rev. Lome Graham
Rev. Tom R. Smiley
Richard Wills Master
Richard Wills Master Haymaker Bob Younge
Richard WWs Lome Crawford
Rita (Ijfrs Lome Stewart
Rita Robinson Marries Lome Stewart
Rita Smiley
Rita Smiley - Grace
Road Master Brennan
Rob Smiley
Robert Bennett - Verna Smiley
Robert Emmerson Smiley
Robert Harold Edward Davis Lime Lome Albert Mayer Mayer
Robert Kingdom Master
Robert Lome Hodgins
Robert Lome McCrae
Robert Lome McRae
Robert Lome Smiley
Robert Lome Thomas Philipp’s
Robert Master Oavin Humphrey
Robert Smiley
Robert W Smiley
Robert W, Smiley
Robert W. Smiley
Robert William Smiley
Robert XV. Smiley
Rodney Smiley
Roland Graham G. S. Fades Nathan Fraser Bill Laframboise Robert Gordon Alex Murray Henry Smiley
Roland Pilon Emerson Smiley McgSS"
Roland Smiley
Ron Hodgins Brian Kelly Lome Orser Weldon
Ross Dickson Mrs Elson Smiley
Ross Master
Ross Smiley
Roy Smiley
Rubin Smiley
Ruper* Smiley
Rupert L Smiley
Rupert L. Smiley
Rupert Smiley
Rupert Smiley Montreal
Ruth Hodgins Smiley
Ruth Smiley
Ruth Smiley 1
Ruth Smiley 2
Ruth Smiley Cf
Ruth Smiley Falls
Ruth Smiley Farmer
Ruth Smiley Hahn
Ruth Smiley June
Ruth Smiley Large
Ruth Smiley Pontiac Historical Society
Ruth Smiley-
Ruth Smiley- Motors
Ruth Smiley-group
Ruth Smiley-Hahn
Ruth Smiley-Hahn 647-6424
Ruth Smiley-Hahn 819-
Rvan Smiley
Ryan Smiley
Ryan Smiley Class
S. Shep-and Clrs Smiley
S. Smiley
Sadie Smiley
Sale Mrs Ivan Smiley
Sally Smiley
Sally Thomp- Lome Charbonneau
Sam Smiley
Sam Smiley 2
Sam- Kyle Smiley
Samuel Smiley
Samuel Smiley 1
Samuel Smiley 2
Samvel Smiley
Sandra Lynn Smiley
Sandra Smiley
Sarah Ann Reilly Mr. John Dagg County Master
Sarah Ann Smiley
Sarah Lome Daley
Sarah Smiley
Scout Master
Scout Master Boyd Barber.
Scout Master Cliff Olmstead Cub Master Ken Dugan
Scout Master Norris Jones
Senator - Lome Crawford
Sergt Hiram Smiley- Highest
Shannon Deputy Grand Master
Sharpe Master Hugh Tracy Is
Shawn Graham Master
Shawvllle Suzanne Racine Master Feeds Shawvllle Milling Co. Ltd.
Sheryl Smiley
Shirley & Lome Houle
Silver Watches Ah SMILEY
Skip Lome Green’s
Skip Lome Hanna
SmÉFB Smiley
Smiley -
Smiley - Ida McCorns- Olga Mielke
Smiley - Mrs Grace Smith
Smiley 26G-262 Quebec
Smiley A
Smiley A Reader
Smiley A Straw
Smiley Abbot
Smiley After
Smiley An
Smiley And
Smiley Atkinson
Smiley Bred
Smiley Bridge
Smiley BRISTOL Sundey
Smiley Caldwell
Smiley Campbell
Smiley Carried
Smiley Carried Correspondence
Smiley Case Lubricant Special
Smiley Clarke
Smiley Class
Smiley Come
Smiley Congratulations
Smiley Corner
Smiley Dear
Smiley Dies
Smiley Drafts Issued
Smiley Draper
Smiley E <f
Smiley Esq
Smiley Follr T. Grimes
Smiley For Sale
Smiley Goal
Smiley Government
Smiley H McCredie 2
Smiley H Shade!
Smiley Harold Cuthbertson
Smiley He
Smiley Health
Smiley Hodgins—That
Smiley Hon
Smiley Horner
Smiley I
Smiley I L#
Smiley J Ottawa
Smiley Jos K Smith
Smiley June
Smiley Kerry Young Mrs Hermonie
Smiley Killed
Smiley Ks<
Smiley L Fort
Smiley Ladysmith
Smiley Leonard Stanley
Smiley Line
Smiley Liu
Smiley Marion Stephens
Smiley McRoherts
Smiley Minu''es
Smiley Minutes
Smiley Miss M.
Smiley Moffatt
Smiley Motion—Cmr
Smiley Moving Day
Smiley Mr.
Smiley Mr. James L. Shaw
Smiley Mrs
Smiley Mrs Gordon Roy
Smiley Mrs.
Smiley Mrs. McCagg Gerald Walls
Smiley Mrs. Sain Woods Arthur
Smiley Murray
Smiley N
Smiley Named Chief X comir.g
Smiley November
Smiley P E. Smiley
Smiley Paid Last Honors Following
Smiley Photo
Smiley PrCMotlôn
Smiley Quyon
Smiley R .,3
Smiley Recorresponding
Smiley Saturday
Smiley Seasonable
Smiley See.-Treat Shawville
Smiley Shawville
Smiley Stanley
Smiley Steelu He
Smiley Sue
Smiley T «un No.
Smiley That
Smiley The
Smiley Tl|mer
Smiley Tmm
Smiley To
Smiley Vavson
Smiley Vid
Smiley W.
Smiley We
Smiley Westbrook
Smiley Winn
Smiley WM
Smiley Yearling Bull—R
Smiley You
Smiley- Mrs Joy Dubblestyne
Smiley- Norval Horner
Smiley.... Emerson Paul
Smiley— Jo
Smith - Smiley Gordon Archibald
SStSS&XZ •Master
Stacey Whitney Lome Crawford
Stan Poaps Emile Mayhew Herman Smiley
Stanley Smiley
Starks Corners Holes Rupert Smiley
Sterling Smiley
Stewart Smiley
Stuart Aitken Cole Smiley
Stuart Cyril Smiley
Stuart Smiley
Suiirt L John Smiley
Susan Lome Gauthier
Susan Smiley
Susan Smiley Along
T. Smiley
T.lke Smiley
Tammy Ann Lome Sharpe
Tanners Smiley
Te Smiley
Teachers Wanted Illustrated—Chevrolet Master De Luxe Sedan
Terry Findlay Keith Fraser Shirley Gibson Clifford Long Edith Stafford Lome Trudeau GRADE
Texaco Smiley
Th- Smiley
That Lome Armstrong
That Smiley
Thee Smiley
Themse Smiley
Theodore Richard Lome Routliffe
Thoa Smiley
Thomaa Smiley
Thomas Comedy Smiley
Thomas I Smiley
Thomas Karl Smiley
Thomas Master
Thomas McGowan 25.00 Kenneth Smiley Emery
Thomas Smiley
Thomas Smiley 1
Thomas Smiley Had
Thomas Smiley Passes
Thomas Smiley Tin*
Thompson- Mrs Leila Smiley
Thoms* Smiley
Thom»* Smiley
Thon Smiley
Thonus Smiley
Thorn Smiley
Thorns* Smiley
Thos Smiley
Thus Smiley
Thv-mna Smiley
Thvmn* Smiley
Tinman Smiley
Tom Smart Master Sal Bristol Council
Tom Smiley
Toner- Mr Norris Smiley
Tracy Lome Tubman Marilyn Welsh Glenn
Trotims Smiley
Trudy Smiley
Tuxedo Rag Apple Master HIS DAM—Record
U. Smiley
V K L. V K -k,all Lome Daley
V"U1 Smiley
V. Smiley
Vai Norris E. Smiley United
Vangc Smiley
Vange Smiley
Vangie Smiley
Variai Smiley
Vbrtel Smiley
Vcrtal Smiley
Vcrtel Smiley
Vcrtiil Smiley
Vehtal Smiley
Veiftal Smiley
Veital Smiley
Veitel Smiley
Ver-tal Smiley
Ver-tel Smiley
Verbal Smiley
Verna Smiley
Verne Smiley
Vertaî Smiley
Vertal Smiley
Vertal Smiley Harvey Smiley
Vertel Smiley
Vertlc Smiley
Vertle Smiley
Vice-president Lome Armstrong
VicePresident Lome Armstrong
Victor Master
Vincent Hudgins Acton Smiley
Vine Smiley
Vivian Smiley
Vvvtel Smiley
W H Smiley
W H Sr. Lome Poa
W H. Smiley
W, H Smiley
W. E Shaw Vertal Smiley Dr. R Armitage Quyon Farmers Co-op
W.A. Smiley
W.H. Smiley
W.T. Smiley
Waliton Smiley
Walter Kilgour Norris Smiley
Walter Kilgour- Master John Kilgour
Walton Smiley
Wayne Smiley
We*ley Smiley
Webb Miss Amy Barber Mrs. Frank Ford Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Wellington Smart’s Meat Market Smiley
Wellington Smiley
Wendel Wilson Vice-president Ken Smiley Secretary
Wendy Smiley
Wendy Smiley -
Wendy Smiley Lister
Wendy Smiley Outdoor Living"
Wendy Smiley Prize
Wendy Younge,Trudy Smiley
Wesley A Smiley
Wesley Smiley
Wilfred Smiley
William Campbell Assistant Scout Master
William H. Smiley
William Henry Smiley
William Henry Smiley Obituaries Raymond Melvin Hodgins Mr Smiley
William Hodgms Master
William Lome
William Lome Lemaire
William Master Billy McCoy
William Mrs. Ken Smiley
William O Reilly and Gerard Joanisae Master
William Smiley
William Smiley Mr
William Smiley Seat
William T Smiley
William T. Smiley
William Thomas Smiley
Willie Cowan K. Richardson Lawrence Hynes Charlie Nicholson Hiram Smiley Lome Smiley
Willie Smiley
Willis Smiley
Willis Smiley - Mildred Dick Chenier - Grace Kel-Berry
Willis Smiley Kenneth Little Claude Klliott Refreshments
Wilson Co. Master
Wilson Smiley
Wm H Corrigan.............. Mrs, E. Smiley
Wm Smiley
Woe Smiley
Wood Mower A. SMILEY
Wor Bro Edgar Schwarts Wor Master
Worshipful Master
Worshipful Master Kenneth I Rita O’Reilly
Wrtal Smiley
Xrthur Smiley
Y von Ladouceur Sharon Presley Red Bennett Lome
Yeitel Smiley
Yep.tel Smiley
Yertal Smiley
Yertel Smiley
Yertle Smiley
Young Smiley
Yvan Smiley
Fort Smiley
Grand Master
Grand Master Geo
Grand Master Ontario East
Hiram Smiley
Lome Ave
Lome Ave 58939
Lome Ave.
Lome Flood
Lome Park
Lome Park College
Ma Lome Craw
Master Photographer l Highway 148
Master—4th Woking
Mr. Lome Park College
Pearl Smiley
!cT#/T7T77—py Charter Master Photographer * DROP BY OUR BOOTH
-*1 Chartered Master Photographer Learn
432-4224 Chartered Master Photographer 121 Lunam St.
647-2244 Ellard Perry 647-2955 William Smiley
647-3000 / 647-3010 Charter Master Photographer FREE
64757/1 Karen M. Bean MASTER CARO L VISA
6V Terrain Master
Accredited Master Photographer
Active Mr. Lome Armstrong
Agricultural Society Banquet honours Master Haymakers 26
ALEX SZALAY 647-5056 Charter Master
ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician
ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician -
ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician Over
ASE Certified Master Techni Owned
ASE Certified Master Technician Owned
Ashmore Kidd Past Imperial Grand Master
ASSURANCE VOYAGE Chartered Master Photographer 648-5537
AT LAST Master
Aylmer Hotel 684- 11 Shirley & Lome Houle
AYLMER Rev. Lome Lemoine
Bait Available Apply Lome Kearns
BD Master
Beauty Doha Master.
Belgian Queen la Master G 1am Worker.
Bell Canada Lome Spotswood
Bielaskie & Sons J & J Gas Bar Lome Sharpe Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Studio Andree Bonme Elms A
Bingo Party Smiley
Blue Ribbon Master Breeder .
Bristol Master of Wickens
Bristol Mrs. Lome Brady
Bristol Notes Master Paul Clemmens
Bristol was Master Sterling Hobbs
Bryson Chartered Master Photographer 121 Lunam St.
Bryson Quyon Shawville Calumet Is Master Larry Reid
Bryson Scout Master; E. Walls Replaces
BRYSON THEATRE Master Christopher Thompson
Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray’s Texaco-Sheila’s Fashions Smiley
Canadian Grand Master Fiddler
Canadian Trotting Association; Master of Ceremonies Roily Armitage
Carson Smiley
Cathedral Catholic Church Lome Daley
CBC Ktn Smiley
CFB Shear- Lome
Champlain Waterway Master of Ceremonies WON T GO
Channel Master Super 10
Channel Master Super 10 T-W.
Charter Master Photographer 121 Lunam St. CAMPBELL
Charter Master Photographer 121 Lunam St CAMPBELL
Charter Master Photographer 121 LunamSt CAMPBELL
Charter Master Photographer <u4t
Charter Master Photographer All
Charter Master Photographer you/i
Charter Master Photographer “
Chartered Master Photographer 121 Lunam St.
Chev Monte Carlo S.S.; Master Climax wood
Chevrolet Master De Luxe
CHEVROLET Retail Price Dominion Total Delivered Price STYLE MASTER
CHIP Radio’s Jazz Master
Cnclr Lome Meehan
Colo-Deputy Grand Master
Commercial Colleges PERSONAL MENTION Master Raleigh Horner
COMMITTEE Shawville/Thorne Master Cup
Contact Cindy Smiley
Contact Lome Brownlee
Contact Lome Sharpe
Contact Smiley
Corporation of Master Electricians of
Corporation of Master Electricians.
Corporation of Master Furthermore
Corporation of Master Photographers
Council Arthur Smiley
Council Smiley
Councillor Lome Meehan
Councillors Lome Meehan
CouncUlor Lome Meehan
Cowley Independent Beauty Consultant 647-6228 Accredited Master Photographer l Highway
Crafts Heavy Horse Lome Crawford
CRO Master Plan for
Crop Insurance Officer Lome Kearns
Cum-1 Lome Meehan
Curb Stops Charter Master Photographer 121 LunamSt CAMPBELL
D. County Master Wendell Wilson
Dagg County Master
Dairy Lome
DAL- Menthol Master
District Deputy Grand Master of Toronto District
District Grand Master Attends County Orange Lodge Women
District Grand Master Bro Bar-May
Doctor of Medicine And Master of Surgery
Doctor of Medicine And Master of Surgery McGill University
Dome Mines Morline Smiley
Dominion Mr. Lome
Donald Mac Master
Doreen Mr. Sam Smiley
Duff Grand Master of
Duncan Watson Pontiac Pride Jamboree Chairman Lome Daley
Eastern Ont- Norris Smiley
Ébénisterie Charter Master Photographer Bell Mobility By Paul
Education Mrs Lome Routliffe
Education Mrs. Lome Brady
Elmside View Master Dear Sir Correction
Elson & Vange Smiley
Enclose Old Master m§m
Entertainment Lome Daley
Entertainment Lome Daley ACountrv Tradition
EQUIPMENT RENTALS Charter Master Photographer Cars
EVA ANDAI STUDIO Award Winning Accredited Master Phot
EVAANDAI Accredited Master Photographer We
Everett Artnus Smiley
Fannie Smiley
FARGO Power-Master*
Fast Master Rex
Federated News Mrs Lome Routliffe
Fine Harness Stake Lome Wyman
FIRE Accredited Master Photographer QUEBEC AMBULANCE HOSPITAL......... POLICE........... Fine Portr
Fire Marshall’s Office will Lome Meehan
Flyers Country Lome Domenic Graham
Funeral Furnishin A. SMILEY
Funeral Mr. Lome Ebert Tubman
General Hos- Lome Nephin
General Hospital and Mr. Lome Neville
General Purpose Smiley
Gold Cer- Lome Compeau
Grand Master
Grand Master Bro.
Grand Master Kev W.
Grand Master M. U. Bro Marshall
Grand Master Rt.
Grand Master Sheriff G.
HARDWARE Business Master Miller Shore
Harness Horse Lome Crawford
HKN Lome
HODGINS Miss IJnda Smiley
House League Champions Lome S Hockey
II Lome Nephin
Imperial Grand Master
In Montreal Master Jeffery McCredle
Installing Satellite Master Antenna Systems
IPP Earl Brown; WP Norris Smiley DP Wm
JI Chartered Master Photographer MacGREGOR Those
JO EVA ANDAI JO JO O Accredited Master Photographer JO
Junior Deputy Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Raymond Reside
Junior Deputy Master Ken Evans
Junior Miss & Master Y2K - Ages
J] Chartered Master Photographer Lad S F.
Kingdon Mines Co Lome Wainman Lester
l Certified Master Tkyckaner Shawville Phone
l UtutroUd—Chevrolet Master DtLuxe Coach
Lac Lome Mmilield
Lawn-Master Electric Mower Whispers
Lawn-Master Rotary Power Mower
Legionnaire Post Master Ernest Dean
Lion Lome Kearns
Lion Lome Rout Sturgeon
Litchfield Council Lome Meehan
Local Technician Norris Smiley
Lodge Grand Master Michael Clifford and Grand Lodge Grand Herald Arnold Mackeage
Lodge Master
Lome Agricultural Rink Fri-
Lome Am
Lome Bert School
Lome Campeau
Lome Com Hodgins
Lome Daley & Country Tradition
Lome Daley Visitors
Lome Daleys
Lome Draper PM
Lome McRae
Lome Morgan & Emerson Drive
Lome Morgan & Emerson Drive Ml
Lome Pirie
Lome Rev. MR.
Lome Spotswood
Lome Spotswood Autumn Walleye
Lome Wilson
Lome* Mining Corp and
Lome’s Electric
LZ1 Charter Master Photographer DROP BY OUR BOOTH
M.P. Imperial Grand Master
MacMillan Lome Milton
Malakofff Council Mrs p Kenneifci Maheral Master Steven Maheral
Maple Nook Rag Apple Master
Margo Allan and Master And Allan
Marilyn & Lome Campeau
Master Chad Routliffe
Master EAltLY Cis EIGIIlIXf.
Master HULL Miss Grace
Master Of^the Grand Lodge
Master "
Master " F
Master (Color Cartoon
Master (Gamble
Master - Rubio
Master ---------- IR.R.
Master .
Master 0 Cedar
Master 10
Master 2 Wintario
Master 2-paaaenger Busi-
Master 647-2577
Master ; Loft
Master <1 Rev.
Master <>t Art J.-OSCAR LAFLAMME Our
Master A!fie McKenny
Master A. L. Pemlott
Master Adam Racine
Master Ager SîMONDS SAWS "
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Alex and Master George Drummond
Master Alex Elli^ EHrEEE EHS™ Germain
Master Alex Lough
Master Alex Murray
Master Alex.
Master Alexander Wills
Master Alf.
Master Alfie Elliott
Master Alfie Knox
Master All
Master Allan D.
Master Allan Grant
Master Allan McGuire
Master Allan Vadneau
Master Am
Master and Church School Superintendent
Master and Life
Master Andrew Hamilton
Master Angus Horner
Master Annapolis Valley
Master Anson Sharpe
Master Anthony Lavender
Master Antonio Stradivarius
Master Archdeacon Naylor
Master Archie D*gg
Master Archie Richardson
Master Argo Craig
Master Arland Horner
Master Arlie Horner
Master Armen Dale
Master Armoire 54-60
Master Arnold Mur
Master Arthur
Master Arthur Dale
Master Arthur Durrell
Master Arthur Hayes
Master Arthur Knox
Master Arthur Pettipiece
Master Arthur Shaw
Master Arthur Smiley
Master Arthur W
Master Arthur Wilson
Master Arthur-bold
Master Artie Horner
Master Artie Mack
Master Artie McKay
Master Artie Renrnck
Master Asa Horner
Master Ashley Maloney
Master Attendant
Master Augustus Gaudier
Master Auto Technician
Master B------lias
Master Baji
Master Baker* Association Committee
Master Bakers
Master Bany Campbell Get
Master Barbers
Master Barry Bell
Master Barry Blais
Master Barry Campbell
Master Barry Corrigan
Master Barry Draper
Master Bazil Glenn
Master Be Luxe Models
Master Bedroom
Master Ben McConnell
Master Ben Smart
Master Bennett and
Master Benson
Master Benson Elliott
Master Benson Fades
Master Benson Hades
Master Bernard Mmenult ; Cut
Master Bernard Oriel
Master Bert
Master Bert Cuilimore
Master Bert Metcalf
Master Bert Murphy
Master Bert Stewart
Master Bert _
Master Beverley ClufT
Master Beverly Cluff
Master Beverly Corrigan
Master Bill Dagg
Master Bill McLean
Master Bill Miller
Master Billie Cuthbertson
Master Billie Dagg
Master Billie Kingdon
Master Billie Shore
Master Billie Welch
Master Billv Shore
Master Billy Angus
Master Billy Dorff
Master Billy Hodgins
Master Billy Hudgins
Master Billy Little
Master Billy N
Master Billy Robinson
Master Billy Westbrooke
Master Bkike
Master Blaine
Master Blaine Angus
Master Blaine Findlay
Master Blair Cockburn
Master Blake Armitage
Master Blake Carson
Master Bob
Master Bob Bryson
Master Bob Kingdon
Master Bob Sparling
Master Bobbie and Earl Carson
Master Bobbie Dale
Master Bobbie Findlay
Master Bobbie Sparling
Master Bobby
Master Bobby Atkinson
Master Bobby Bryson
Master Bobby Dale
Master Bobby Glenn
Master Bobby Johnson
Master Bobby Laframboise
Master Bobby Sloan
Master Bobby Woolscy
Master Bob’s
Master Boche.
Master Body
Master Boland Metcalf
Master Bombers
Master Bookmark
Master Bordie Hobbs
Master Boucher
Master Boxer
Master Boyd Barber
Master Brakes #
Master Breeder
Master Breeder Atkinsons Bar Hwy
Master Breeder BSZ-
Master Breeder of the Jersey Association
Master Breeder s
Master Breeder s Council
Master Breeder Shield
Master Breeder Shield the
Master Breeder Shield To Walter
Master Breeder Shield.
Master Breeder ^¦
Master Breeders
Master Breeders Award
Master Breeders Shield
Master Breeders Shield.
Master Breeder’s
Master Brent
Master Brent Ballantyne
Master Brent Findlay
Master Brent Wool
Master Brent Wootocy
MASTER BREWERS Lions Carnival Hockey Winners Calumet Island Hockey
Master Brian Bretzlaff
Master Brian Campbell
Master Brian Currie-Mills
Master Brian Hearty
Master Brian Hodgins
Master Brian Kelly
Master Brian Lester
Master Brian Macintosh
Master Brian McCoshen
Master Brian Mousseau
Master Brian Russett Jr
Master Brian Sparling
Master Brian Thompson
Master Brian Worth
Master Brian.
Master Bristol Council Minutes Wanted
Master Bro Barry Whelan
Master Broiler Pan.
Master Broker
Master Brother Howard
Master Bruce
Master Bruce Brctzlaff
Master Bruce Bretzlaff
Master Bruce BretzlaM
Master Bruce Campbell
Master Bruce Mazerall
Master Bruce Read
Master Bruin
Master Btrlan McCoshen
Master Bubble Parr
Master Buddy MacKay
Master BUI Plrie
Master Builder
Master Builders Paints Watches Crad
Master Builders Paints Watches Cradles Tea Sets
Master Burns Bussell
Master Burns Hobbs
Master Busch Race
Master Business Coupe
Master Butch
Master BV*op I. E Modern
Master By
Master c
Master C Anderson
Master Cacti Vibert
Master Cai tj]e
Master Capt.
Master Card
Master Card ; Rappelons
Master Card Accepted
Master Card Accepted Phone
Master Card Ample
Master Card __
Master Card.
Master Cards
Master Carl and
Master Carl Beck
Master Carl Thacker
Master Carl Wall
Master Carlton Allen
Master Carlton Wainmau
Master Carman and
Master Carson “Rnyy
Master Cavln Humphrey
Master Cc-
Master Cecil Emmerson
Master Cecil Howard
Master Cecil Little
Master Cecil Vibcrt
Master Cecil Vibert
Master Cecil Vibfert
Master Cecil Vihert
Master Cedi Brownlee
Master Cedric Judd
Master Cellular
Master Ch .rliu
Master Char a.V
Master Charge
Master Charge & Visa
Master Charge - Chargex
Master Charge Accepted Wayne
Master Charge and
Master Charge Cards
Master Charge or Visa
Master Charge or Visa CUTTING BAR
Master Charge •lilMri»
Master Chariee Prescott
Master Charles Arrand
Master Charles Callaghan
Master Charles Demarsh and Group Committee
Master Charles Hackland
Master Charles Hotlgiiv
Master Charles Lemaire
Master Charles McColgan
Master Charles Smith
Master Charles Wood
Master Charley
Master Charley Bates
Master Charley McGuire
Master Charlie Brinkworth
Master Charlie McDowell
Master Charte McGuire
Master Charter
Master Chas.
Master Chat
Master Chef
Master Chris Judd
Master Chris Thompson
Master Christopher A.8. Reid
Master Christopher McCoshen
Master Christopher Provost
Master Christopher Routiiffe
Master Christopher Routliffe
Master Christopher Routliffe Jimmie Knox and Thee Group
Master Christopher Thom-of Perth
Master Christospher
Master Chu
Master Chuck and Geof-j Marilyn Mayhew
Master Chuck McColgan
Master Church Women’s
Master Claire of
Master Clarence Caldwell
Master Clarence Richardson
Master Clarence Shore
Master Clarendon
Master Clark Gordon
Master Claud IXiuernier
Master Claude
Master Claude Bessette
Master Claude Shaw
Master Cledae Tubman
Master Clement
Master Cliff Olmstead Cub Master Ken Dugan
Master Clifford
Master Clifford Lawton
Master Clifford Robitaille
Master Clifton
Master Clifton.
Master Cliftou Woodley
Master Clive Beattie
Master Clyde Shore
Master Co. Secretary HODGINS GARAGE Shawville Bakery Annual Meeting
Master Coach Travel
Master Cobden Masonic
Master Colline Young
Master Collins
Master Communications
Master Control
Master Control boothtTrYam
Master Control Centre Push
Master Cordon
Master Corey P Camp*
Master Cornelius MoCagg
Master Corporal
Master Corporal Bill Lamothe
Master Corporal Guy Mondoux
Master Corporal Howard Kackswho
Master Corporal Joey
Master Corporal Joey Richardson
Master Corporal Joseph
Master Corporal La
Master Corporal Lavoie
Master Corporal Russell Davies Russell Davies
Master Corporal Steven Krose
Master Corporal Syl-
Master Corporal Syl-are
Master Corporal Sylvain LaSalle
Master Corporal Sylvain LaSalle of Calumet Island
Master Correy Belland
Master Cory Hodgins
Master Cot-
Master Cotton Spinners
Master County Sec
Master CpI Joey Richardson
Master Cpi.
Master Cpl
Master Cpl Mondoux
Master Cpl Richardson
Master Cpl Richardson Master CpI Richardson
Master Craft 1 Televiseur
Master Craft 8
Master Craft No
Master Crafts Cabinets
Master Craftsmen -With Clothes And Personality Style And Comfort These Fine Shoes Provide
Master Craftsmen Studios A
Master Crafty Eyes
Master Craig Francis
Master Crombie
Master Crothers Mrs. Alexander
Master Cutler
Master Cutler of England
Master CÜve Beattie
Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder 3f Inspect Brake Fluid Condition Convenient
Master Cylinder Kite
Master Cylinder.
Master Cyr
Master Cyril Flanni Manufacture
Master Cyrus Lang
Master D Si
Master Da
Master Daffy
Master Dal-turned
Master Dale Alexander
Master Dale Robinson
Master Dale Zacharias
Master Dalton Cluff
Master Dalton I)ods
Master Dalton Thompson
Master Daly
Master Dan Kilshy
Master Dan-
Master Daniel
Master Daniel Coté
Master Daniel Durocher.
Master Dannie Kilsby
Master Dannie Kilsby ;
Master Danny
Master Danny Davis
Master Danny Desabrais
Master Danny Gutoski
Master Danny Hobbs
Master Danny Kilsby
Master Danny Kilshy
Master Danny Kilsly
Master Danny Trudeau
Master Dav-
Master David
Master David 1
Master David Alexander
Master David Ayearst
Master David Bowman
Master David Brown
Master David Cartman
Master David Colton
Master David Dagg
Master David Dagg Mr.
Master David Dods
Master David Hodgins
Master David Johnston
Master David Langdon
Master David McBride
Master David McCord
Master David Mulligan
Master David Palmer
Master David Sccucclmara
Master David Sparline
Master David Sparling
Master David Sugrue
Master David T
Master David Thompson
Master David Wall
Master De
Master De Luie Models
Master De Luma Models
Master De Luxe
Master De Luxe Modelé PRICED PROM
Master De Luxe Models
Master De luxe Models PRICED
Master De Luxe Models Z"NLY Chevrolet
Master De Luxe Sedan
Master Dead
Master Dean
Master December
Master Deeary
Master Deepest
Master Delmer Manary
Master Delux Sedan
Master Deluxe
Master Deluxe Chevrolet
Master Deluxe Models
Master Deluxe Sedan
Master Denis Lasallc
Master Dennis Daley
Master Denzie Palmer
Master Dep.
Master Departmental Store
Master Dewar T1
Master Dewi Jones
Master Dick 8led
Master Dick"
Master Dick.
Master Dick’s
Master Diet Plan
Master Dina
Master Dina Owned
Master Dina.
Master Diyckaner
Master Don Barnett
Master Donald
Master Donald Elliott
Master Donald Fades
Master Donald Flood
Master Donald Hodgins
Master Donald Hodgins Ashbury
Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Master Donald Hynes
Master Donald Palmer
Master Donnie
Master Donnie Camp-|
Master Donnie Flood
Master Donnie Jean Smart
Master Donnie Kigour
Master Donnie Kilgour
Master Donnie Kllgour
Master Donnie of
Master Donovan Thompson
Master Dougins
Master Douglas
Master Douglas Campbell
Master Douglas Mahan
Master Douglas Smith
Master Douglas Tracy
Master Douglas Walter
Master Draperies of Pembroke
Master Dry Cleaner
Master Dry Cleaners
Master Dryclean- i
Master Du*#
Master Dwayne Laughren
Master EACH S Joey Ostrom
Master Eardley-Masham Road
Master Earl Alexander
Master Eastman Richardson
Master Ebert ADVOCATE
Master Ed Lane Sir
Master Eddie
Master Eddie Taggart
Master Edey Campbell
Master Edgar Dods
Master Edgar Inglee
Master Edward Sparling
Master Edwin Alexander
Master Eldon Glenn
MASTER Electric Fencer
Master Electric Toasters Set of Silverware Carving Set Pyrex Gift Sets Electric Irons Pressure Cook
Master Electrician
Master Elgih Fulford
Master Elgin Eides
Master Elgin Fulford
Master Elgin Mrs. Delia Cavanaugh
Master Elgin‘Fulford of
Master Elite Bidgimi**
Master Ell.ird ÜlaekVvH
Master Elliott
Master Elmer Wall
Master Elphinstone
Master Elson Smiley
Master Elwin Lang
Master Elwiu Hodgins Manager
Master Elwood Thrun
Master Eric Charlebois
Master Eric Glahs
Master Eric Hodgins
Master Ernest
Master Ernest Dagg
Master Ernest Dean
Master Ernest McDowell
Master Ernest Swayne
Master Ernie
Master Ernie Brown
Master Ernie Dag
Master Ernie Row
Master Ernie Wilson the
Master Erwin
Master Essential Mineral
Master Esther’s fa<
Master Eugene
Master Eva
Master Everett Arnott
Master Everett Arthurs
Master Everett Markus
Master Every IT
Master Eyesight Specialists Included THE UNITED F LIVE STOCK COMMISSION
Master F,rcvn
Master Farrell AVIS / NOTICE Je
Master Feed Prizes
Master Feed Trophy
Master Feeds
Master Feeds 19379BA27 PRESBYTERIAN Rev T
Master Feeds No.
Master Feeds OBITUARIES Kylie Doherty Joseph
Master Feeds Shawvllle Milling Co. Ltd.
Master Feeds Shell Oil Distributor 647-3831 Pontiac-Renfrew Cleaners Ltd.
Master Feeds Trophy
Master Feeds.
Master Field
Master Field’s
Master Fisherman Victor Poisson
Master Fishing Rod .22
Master Foods.
Master for Pontiac Cam Pre Mainville Meat Shop Well Drilling Jf ONT.
Master Foster Smith
Master Fox
Master Fox Hunters Association
Master Frances Picco
Master Frances Piceo
Master Francis Plcco
Master Francis Ploco
Master Francois Plouffe
Master Frankie Workman
Master Frankio Arawtrung
Master Fred Dez
Master Fred McRae*
Master Freddie
Master Freddie Cogh-liti
Master Freddie Coghlln
Master Freddie Dale
Master Freddie Horner
Master Freddie Rowat
Master G. Church
Master Gar-
Master Gardener
Master Gardener.
Master Garnet Thompson
Master Garry
Master Garry Burnside
Master Garry Hoctgins
Master Garry Reynolds
Master Garry Timms
Master Gary
Master Gary Harris Shawville
Master Gary McGee
Master Gary Storey
Master Gavin Humphrey
Master Ge-iors
Master Geivais LeGuerrier
Master General
Master General #
Master General Cote
Master General Cotie
Master General of
Master General of Canada
Master General.
Master Geo
Master Geo Graham
Master Geo.
Master Geoffrey Lassenba
Master George
Master George Bryson
Master George Clarke
Master George Crobar
Master George Findlay
Master George Graham
Master George H
Master George Hied
Master George Holland
Master George Jones
Master George Lister
Master George Mahon
Master George Murdock
Master George Oowbar
Master George Ried
Master George Splane
Master George Tucker
Master George Turpain
Master Georgey’aside 8&l<1 H,hc’
Master Géorgie Clarke
Master Georgie Macintosh
Master Gerald Chevalier
Master Gerald Dagg
Master Gerald Reid
Master Gerald Richards
Master Gerald Sharpe
Master Gerald Sharpe Spent Shewville
Master Gerald Wain
Master Gerry Bimm
Master Gerry Richards
Master Gerry Sullivan
Master Get
Master Gevrgio Morrison
Master Gil Fraser
Master Gilbert Fraser Jr.
Master Gilles Mal-
Master Glair Burrows
Master Glen and Leslie Bell Mr. Clayton Young
Master Glen Carswell
Master Glen Little
Master Glen- Rev. R
Master Glenn
Master Glenn Armstrong
Master Glenn Smith
Master Glenn Splaine
Master Glenn Whalen
Master Goldie Bumblebee
Master Gordie Carson
Master Gordie Carson of For-
Master Gordon
Master Gordon and
Master Gordon Angus
Master Gordon Armstrong of Montreal
Master Gordon Beardsley
Master Gordon Brown
Master Gordon Emerson
Master Gordon Farrell
Master Gordon Heron
Master Gordon J
Master Gordon Kilgonr
Master Gordon Mel-driun ; Miss Emma Hammond
Master Gordon Moorhead
Master Graeme Howie
Master Grand Blackchapter Ontario East
Master Grand Lodge
Master Grand Orange Lodge
Master Grant Eudes
Master Greg Richardson
Master Gregory Beck
Master Gregory Richardson
Master Gus Draper
Master Gus T. Draper;
Master Guy Charlette
Master H. Knox
Master H. Scully; Itec.
Master Haiivst SraRLiNo
Master Hal
Master Hand.
Master Hanson
Master Hanson.
Master Harold Cuthbertaon
Master Harold Hobbs
Master Harold Thrun
Master Harold Waimnon
Master Harry
Master Harry Belsh-Born
Master Harry Craig Wednesday
Master Harry Dale
Master Harry Lunam
Master Harry Nay*or
Master Harry Naylor
Master Harry Seaman
Master Harvey Crsig
Master Harvey Steele
Master Harvey Young
Master Harwood Argue
Master Hat of Canada DR. ROLAND CHRETIEN Dental Surgeon SHAWVlLLfe
Master Hawley Naylor
Master Hay Makers Club Awards Pontiac Agricultural Community Centre Saturday
Master Haymakers
Master Haymakers Club
Master Haymakers - Dairy Division
Master Haymakers Club
Master Haymakers the Curling Club
Master Haymakers Uuh Samples
Master Haymakers.
Master He
Master Heater Aluminum
Master Hector
Master Hector Gaboury
Master Hector Mur
Master Hector Oaboury
Master Heman Moore
Master Henry
Master Henry Archibald Connolly
Master Henry Horner
Master Herb Smart
Master Herb.
Master Herbie Dale
Master Herbie Hughe-
Master Herbie Knox
Master Herbie McGuire
Master Herbie Wilson
Master Herl> Wils
Master Herman Scully
Master Hi
Master Hillie Murdock Jr.
Master Hilly Farrell
Master Hilly Shore
Master Hiram Morrison
Master Hiram Smiley
Master Hobby Spence
Master Holstein Alary
Master Holstein Breeders
Master Horn
Master Horner
Master Horseshoers and Carriage Workers Association
Master Howard Itcid the
Master Howard Shawville Women
Master Hoy
Master HuAie McGuire
Master Hugh
Master Hugh McCreadie
Master Hugh McCredic
Master Hugh McCredieJ.
Master Hugh Me-
Master Hugh Tracy
Master Hugo Rodgers
Master Humphrey
Master Hurry
Master Hypnotist
Master I.O.O.F.
Master I960 FORD TRUCK
Master Ian Fulford
Master Ian Mair
Master Ian Mathers
Master Ikyckaner “Your Clothes
Master Ilarland Motlatt
Master Ilerby
Master Ira Hanna
Master Irvin Crawford
Master Irvin Crawfordvisitedj
Master Irvin Hamilton
Master Irwin
Master Islam
Master Its
Master Ivan McDonald, Ottawa
Master J. Edward Simmons
Master Jack
Master Jack Argue
Master Jack Ebert
Master Jack MacCosham
Master Jack Mathers
Master Jack Porter
Master Jack Stewart
Master Jack Turriff
Master Jackie Vogan
Master James
Master James Hall
Master James Lummis
Master James Lumniis
Master James Naylor
Master James Wd
Master James Wilson
Master Jamie ...rh.L
Master Jamie McCredio
Master Jamie McCrodie
Master Jamie Naylor
Master Jas.
Master Jason Peters
Master Jason Sicard
Master Jean Pierre Pigeon
Master Jeff Keller
Master Jeff RuseeU.
Master Jeff Russell
Master Jeffrey Coleman
Master Jeffrey Kelly
Master Jeffrey Sloan
Master Jehan
Master Jere
Master Jim Crawford
Master Jim Devereux
Master Jim Fletcher
Master Jim Wylie
Master Jimmie and
Master Jimmie Carr
Master Jimmie Carrot
Master Jimmie Carrothers
Master Jimmie Chant
Master Jimmie Gumming
Master Jimmie Kilroy
Master Jimmie Richardson
Master Jimmie Rosien
Master Jimmy Brown
Master Jimmy Dods
Master Jimmy Fulford
Master Jimmy Woolsey
Master JJ).
Master Joe Singleton
Master Joey Fraser
Master John Howard
Master John Newberry’s
Master John-
Master Johnnie McIntosh
Master Johnnie Stanley
Master Johnnie Swartz
Master Johnny
Master Johnny McKee
Master Johnny Routliffe
Master Johnny Stanley
Master Jonathan
Master Jones
Master Jones Wrath
Master Junes *
Master Junior Brennan
Master Kan Mathers
Master Kandy Mackenzie
Master Karl Garretÿ
Master Karol Ren
Master Keenan Smyth
Master Keith
Master Keith Brown
Master Ken.
Master Kenneth Frank Maxwell
Master Kenneth Hannaberry
Master Kenneth Naylor
Master Kenneth Rankin
Master Kenny Arm-1 Amateur*
Master Kenny Richardson
Master Kent Bennett
Master Kershaw
Master Kevin and
Master Kevin Black
Master Kevin Deforge
Master Kevin Hannaherry
Master Kevin Rooney
Master Key
Master Key"
Master Kil vington Myers
Master Kirk
Master Kit
Master Kitchener.
Master Kllard Hod
Master Knitter.
Master Kraft
Master Kraft Cards
Master Laird
Master Laird Hamilton
Master Lariy Stephens
Master Larne Brown
Master Larry Stephens
Master Lars Horner
Master Laughren
Master Laurence
Master Law
Master Lawrence Booker
Master Lawrence McNally
Master Lawson Corrigan
Master Lee Carswell
Master Lee CLINTON-H.
Master Legally
Master Len- Church
Master Lennis Dale
Master Les
Master Leslie Grant
Master Leslie Hodgins
Master Leslie McCagg
Master Lessard
Master Let Me Walk With Thee”
Master Let.
Master Li
Master Lilia Palmer
Master Linden Queale
Master Lindsay Harris
Master Lindsay Shufelt
Master Lionel Bowles
Master Lionel Hod
Master Liqua Supp
Master Lloyd Burnside
Master Lloyd Crawford
Master Lloyd Greer
Master Lloyd Hal-
Master Lome Litle
Master Lome Pirie
Master Lome Smiley
Master Lome WiM ^ Church
Master Lors Carlson
Master Lowell Brown
Master Ltuji
Master Luc
Master Ludger Emard
Master Lyall Howard
Master Lyall Hudgins
Master Lyle Towsley
Master Lyons Lucas
Master L’oyd Silliek
Master Ma
Master Mac Dennis
Master Makers" Association
Master Mar
Master Marc *
Master Marcel Kluke
Master Marglobe Tomato
Master Mariners
Master Mariners In
Master Mark
Master Mark Clifford
Master Mark Conrod
Master Mark Eady
Master Mark Eddie
Master Mark Garry
Master Mark Holmes
Master Mark MacDonell
Master Mark Schwartz
Master Mark Stevens
Master Marry Km
Master Marsden.
Master Marshall Field
Master Martin
Master Martin Griffin
Master Marvin Brewer
Master Mason
Master Mason—“Pm
Master Master Tom Because
Master Matthew Schock
Master Maurice Cyr
Master Maurice Pilotte
Master McJstirney
Master McKay Hewett
Master McLeese Mrs. Ernest Tows
Master Medicine.
Master Melville Wsllice
Master Melvin Desjardins
Master Melvn Spallin
Master Merlin.
Master Mervin Robitaille
Master Mervin Robitailly
Master Messrs mills Conolly
Master Michael
Master Michael Deavy
Master Michael Laycock
Master Michael McCagg
Master Michael Ouaile
Master Michael Quelle
Master Michael Wet-more
Master Michael Whitton
Master Micheal Dubeau
Master Middlenb
Master Middlerib
Master Mike Carson
Master Mike Ruaaell
Master Miles Bach and of
Master Miles Bachard
Master Miles Richardson
Master Millar Shore
Master Miltie McGuire
Master Milton Bclsher
Master Mind
Master Mind Readers
Master Minds
Master Mis.
Master Modular Kennel System
Master Montreal
Master Moon Dog........ Mud Puddle
Master Morgan
Master Morgan excitedly
Master Morgan Snow
Master Mr Grant Hie
Master Mrs Reu-
Master Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Master Mrs. R. E
Master Murrah Donaldson
Master Murray Donaldson
Master Murray Gra
Master Musician
Master Ned !
Master Neil Campbell
Master Neil McColl
Master Neil Stewart
Master Noble Homer
Master Noble Horner
Master Noel Kelly
Master Nonnie
Master Norman
Master Norman Thorp
Master Norman Twa
Master Norris Jones
Master Norval Kilooi/k
Master Norval Kiloouu
Master Norval Kiluour
Master Oavin Humphrey
Master Oeorgle Black
Master of
Master of 8urgvy McGill University
Master of Applied Science
Master of Applied Sciences
Master of Aria
Master of Art* Having
Master of Arts
Master of Arts Degree
Master of Aug.
Master of Ballantrae Errol Flynn Anthony Steel
Master of Ballantrae Errol Flynn Anthony Steel Technicolor SUNDAY
Master of Ballantrea Technicolor Lana Turner Ricardo
Master of Britiah America
Master of Business Ad- Hodeins
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration Program
Master of Business These
Master of Canada
Master of Cer
Master of Cer-
Master of Cer-,
Master of Cer-maculate Conception Church
Master of Cere
Master of Cere-bee
Master of Ceremo-
Master of Ceremo-ages
Master of Ceremo-pm
Master of Ceremon-way
Master of Ceremon-while Judy Way
Master of Ceremonie
Master of Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies Art Jamieson
Master of Ceremonies Brent Corbeil
Master of Ceremonies Brent Wickens
Master of Ceremonies Cecil Vibert
Master of Ceremonies Clifton Fadiman
Master of Ceremonies Dalton Hod
Master of Ceremonies Dr. Roley Armitage
Master of Ceremonies Ed THE ORIGINALS.
Master of Ceremonies Fred
Master of Ceremonies Gervase O Reilly
Master of Ceremonies Linden Ouaile
Master of Ceremonies Lion
Master of Ceremonies Luc Forget
Master of Ceremonies Mr.
Master of Ceremonies Mr. Buell
Master of Ceremonies Otter Lake BRYSON THEATRE Saturday
Master of Ceremonies Past
Master of Ceremonies PPHS
Master of Ceremonies PRESENTS
Master of Ceremonies Public Admission
Master of Ceremonies Ray Otrate
Master of Ceremonies Ray Sheppard
Master of Ceremonies Sammy Tow
Master of Ceremonies Sparks
Master of Ceremonies TALENT- Donnie Gilchrist
Master of Ceremonies Toyota Tercel
Master of Ceremonies; Muriel Keatley Physical Education
Master of Ceremony
Master of Cermonies
Master of Chemical Engineering
Master of Christian Studies
Master of Civil Engineering Degree
Master of Cou-
Master of Cremonies
Master of Di-
Master of Discipline
Master of District No.
Master of Divini-
Master of Divinity
Master of Divinity Degree
Master of Doric Lodge
Master of Eastern District
Master of Eastern Ont- C.W.A. Equipment Reg’d SHOP
Master of Eastern Ontario
Master of Education
Master of Engineering
Master of Essen
Master of Father Laurence Freeman
Master of Fine Arts
Master of First
Master of Gabrielle Lasalle.
Master of Geremon
Master of Grace Bowie
Master of Health Science
Master of Health Studies
Master of Hounds
Master of Hounds Terrence
Master of House
Master of Justice
Master of K K PR ES KN TING
Master of Knox
Master of Knox Lodge
Master of L.O.L.
Master of Ladysmith Lodge
Master of Library Science
Master of Life
Master of Lodge No.
Master of Marine Sciences
Master of Mind
Master of Montreal District
Master of Musk
Master of Natural Resources Management
Master of Oere
Master of Operatic Performance Program
Master of Pembroke
Master of Pon- Monday
Master of Pontiac
Master of Pontiac Lodge
Master of Science
Master of Science U
Master of Science De-
Master of Science Degree
Master of Selene
Master of Shii
Master of Social Work
Master of Social Work Degree
Master of Sport
Master of Su
Master of Surge
Master of Surger
Master of Surgerf McGill University
Master of Surgerj
Master of Surgery
Master of Surgery -McGill University
Master of Surgery 1
Master of Surgery A
Master of Surgery Bjctor
Master of Surgery Camp
Master of Surgery COyctorGof bYntaf Surgery
Master of Surgery D
Master of Surgery D)cWr
Master of Surgery D)itor(ot DentaVaurgery
Master of Surgery Den^af Surgery
Master of Surgery Dictor^of Oent
Master of Surgery Dictùr
Master of Surgery DjctorGof Dentaf Surgery
Master of Surgery Djctor^of Hunt»* Surgery
Master of Surgery Doc
Master of Surgery Doctor
Master of Surgery Doctor o^Dental* Surgery
Master of Surgery Doctor"Oenu
Master of Surgery Doctorat De
Master of Surgery DoctorG
Master of Surgery DoctorGof Dentaf Surgery
Master of Surgery Doctor^''Dental"Surgery
Master of Surgery Doctor^f^Dentaf^urgery
Master of Surgery Doctor°o
Master of Surgery Doctor°™Dentaie Surgery
Master of Surgery Doctor‘of11Dentaf Surgery
Master of Surgery Doct^o/1Dental6 Surgery
Master of Surgery Doc^r^f ^entiaf Surgery
Master of Surgery Doetofot Denu® Surgery
Master of Surgery Doetor^of Dentafs
Master of Surgery Dootoi _
Master of Surgery Dootor(
Master of Surgery Dootor^f Deataf Surgery
Master of Surgery Doov!r<o(
Master of Surgery Duelah Wilson
Master of Surgery D»OtorGot Dental
Master of Surgery I)JC Are
Master of Surgery JSS&
Master of Surgery JSWMSm
Master of Surgery K,
Master of Surgery Licentiate Medical Council of Canada Post-G-riduate Protestant General Ho*
Master of Surgery Licentiate Medical Council of Canada Post-Graduate Protestant General Hus
Master of Surgery Lle«nt
Master of Surgery McG 111 University
Master of Surgery McGill
Master of Surgery McGill Unhreralty
Master of Surgery McGill Uni
Master of Surgery McGill Uniferuity
Master of Surgery McGill Univentlty
Master of Surgery McGill University
Master of Surgery McGill University* Doctor
Master of Surgery McGill Unlremlty
Master of Surgery McGill Unlvernlty
Master of Surgery McGill Untmglty
Master of Surgery McGIM University
Master of Surgery McGIPl University
Master of Surgery McGlN University
Master of Surgery McOill University
Master of Surgery McOlll University
Master of Surgery McQtll University
Master of Surgery Mctilll University
Master of Surgery MeeAti*t*yùftient»l Surgery
Master of Surgery MeGHl University
Master of Surgery MjGIII University
Master of Surgery MoentlitVif D<ut*l Surgery
Master of Surgery MoOlll University
Master of Surgery Mrfiill University
Master of Surgery MrGlll University
Master of Surgery M«WA.rr
Master of Surgery OieborotoHiU^Suricry
Master of Surgery Ooc
Master of Surgery OoctorDenta”Surgery
Master of Surgery Ooctor^f''oenUl” Surgery
Master of Surgery Ooctot°or Denvaf Surgery
Master of Surgery Oooto^of Dentafsurgery
Master of Surgery Pâtures
Master of Surgery Surgery
Master of Surgery U.W....O
Master of Surgery UciKwiiD.ïùlS.r».rr.ll».b
Master of Surgery Unl
Master of Surgery Unli
Master of Surgery Unlv.r.U
Master of Surgery UooWr^ofDenufsurgery
Master of Surgery We
Master of Surgery | Dolls
Master of Surgory McGill University
Master of Sut
Master of Temple Lodge
Master of Timmins Masonic Lodge
Master of Trinity College
Master of Uie Rolls
Master of Union Woi
Master of University
Master of University College
Master of Upper Island Cove
Master of Vencta
Master of Victoria School
Master of Works
Master of.Surgery McGill University
Master ofSurgery McGill University
Master Oil Fraser; Chaplain
Master Oivil Sereney
Master on Board
Master Ontario Keith
Master Oougal Sharpe
Master Or
Master Orner Mai
Master Orval Evans
Master Orviile Vys
Master Orville
Master Orville Wain
Master Osborne
Master Ossie McDonald
Master Oswald McDonald, of Portage Hull Electric
Master ot Education
Master ot Surgery McGill University
Master ot Surgery U''QXXs''&rj
Master otSurgery McGill University
Master Ottawa.
Master Otto
Master Otto;
Master Ouellette’s
Master Oven Dripless Top No Stain Oven
Master Oven • Dripless Top
Master O’Keefe
Master Painters
Master Paintv J. Veldh Mr.
Master Pat Kavanagh
Master Pat Murdock
Master Patrick
Master Patrick Burgess
Master Patrick O Byme
Master Patrick Sullivan
Master Paul
Master Paul Assclin
Master Paul Dagenais
Master Paul Graham
Master Paul Ladouceur
Master Paul Maloney
Master Paul McGee
Master Paul O’Brien
Master Paul Stanton
Master Paul Stewart
Master Paul Stuart
Master Paul Thompson
Master Paul Thomson
Master Percy
Master Percy and
Master Percy Eades
Master Percy Fades
Master Percy Hanks
Master Percy Hecney
Master Percy Hodgtns
Master Perry Yach
Master Peter
Master Peter Draper
Master Peter Laughren
Master Peter McCann
Master Peter Toller
Master Peter Wlddlcombe
Master Peter Young
Master Philip Hamel
Master Phillip Hodgins
Master Pho-
Master Photog-
Master Photographer
Master Photographer CHI Family
Master Photographer Find
Master Photographer Z Fine Portraiture
Master Photographer • Family Portraits
Master Photographer "
Master Photographer +
Master Photographer 121 Lunam St CAMPBELLS BAY FREE
Master Photographer 548-5537
Master Photographer 647-5666
Master Photographer 648-5537
Master Photographer 848-5537
Master Photographer A
Master Photographer Fine Portraiture
Master Photographer FREE
Master Photographer J TV
Master Photographer Kindergarten
Master Photographer Let
Master Photographer MacGREGOR Concrete Products Limited 1-800-267-0118(613
Master Photographer Mrs. Verner Thrun
Master Photographer Orr
Master Photographer Photo Dave
Master Photographer PONTIAC ROOF TRUSS
Master Photographer RECEPTIONS
Master Photographer RESERVE YOUR
Master Photographer Simply THE BEST
Master Photographer Simply THE BEST Next
Master Photographer Steve
Master Photographer Winner
Master Photographer «
Master Pierre Cardinal
Master Pierre Poisson
Master Pilon
Master Plan
Master Plan - Bill
Master Plan 2b
Master Plan and Planning By-Laws
Master Plan Dear Editor
Master Plan for
Master Plan For Greatest Military Operation Of
Master Plan made
Master Plan revision
Master Plan Summary the
Master Plan User
Master Plan | Rev. Stanley
Master Plan- Gatineau Park
Master Plan- Letter
Master Plan- Mayor
Master Plan- Moved
Master Plan.
Master Plans
Master Pontiac
Master Preudergast
Master Print Interlock
Master Psychic Readings
Master Quyon.
Master R. H. Townsley
Master R. MTC
Master R. T. Meredith
Master Radiator refreshment Custom
Master RaJ.
Master Ralph
Master Ralph Black
Master Ralph owns Kingston Lacy
Master Ralph Presley
Master Ralph Rankes
Master Ralph Wilkins
Master Randle
Master Randle Smith
Master Randy Godin
Master Randy Lepine
Master Randy Smith
Master Rat
Master Ray
Master Ray Brown
Master Ray Campbell
Master Rddl”
Master Redtail
Master Renford Wilson
Master Rev L Draper
Master Rev. Bro
Master Rev. J. F
Master Rev. R
Master Rev. Rural
Master RevfnrH Commissioners Elected
Master Rexford Wilson
Master Reynard McGee
Master Rich-ville
Master Richard
Master Richard Bullock
Master Richard Carrothers
Master Richard Jeffery
Master Richard La
Master Richard.
Master Richie Steele
Master Rickey Younge
Master Rickie Me— Tiernan
Master Ricky Gutoski
Master Ricky Wickens
Master Rifle
Master Rillie Shore
Master Ro.
Master Robbie B!akely
Master Robbie Davison
Master Robbie Moorhead
Master Robbie Young
Master Robert
Master Robert McCord
Master Robin
Master Robt McJanet
Master Roddie Rabb
Master Rodney Cuillerier of Montreal
Master Rodney Meilleur
Master Roger Sauve of Montreal
Master Roland Haley
Master Roland Metcalf
Master Roland.
Master Rolland Rennlck
Master Ron Eades
Master Ron Richardson
Master Ronald Ai
Master Ronald Angus
Master Ronald Cameron; Percy Me Corriston
Master Ronald Dagg
Master Ronald McKech
Master Ronald Stewart
Master Ronald Strutt
Master Ronnie Finnigan
Master Ronnie Romain
Master Ronnie Sayle
Master Ronnie Sharpe
Master Ross Angus
Master Rota
Master Roy
Master Roy Rodgers
Master Roy Scharfe
Master Royce Henderson
Master Rt Wor Alex | Aslcr Easy
Master Rt Wor Bro
Master Rt Wor Bro Raymond Reside
Master Rt.
Master Russell
Master Russell Horne
Master s College and Seminary
Master s Hand"
Master s Mines.
Master s University
Master Sal Bristol Council
Master Salesman
Master Salesman Quyon
Master Salesman.
Master Sammie McCallum
Master Scholar Award
Master Scott Giles
Master Scott Hurford
Master Scott Kluke
Master Scott Le
Master Scott Lemay
Master Scott Leroy
Master Scott Maclean; Junior D.G.M. Osier Easy; Grand Chaplain
Master Scott McCagg
Master Seaman Mark
Master Seaman Mark Keller
Master Sedan
Master Sergeant Joe Tyson
Master Seril Sly
Master Shane Alexander
Master Shanon Jenzen the
Master Shawn Hogan
Master Shawn Ostrom
Master Shawn Presley
Master Shawville
Master Shay
Master Sherwood Grant
Master Sidney Findlay
Master Singers
Master Six
Master Special
Master Special.
Master Speck
Master Spencer Presley
Master Squirrel
Master St. Joseph
Master Stan
Master Stanley Hale
Master Ste-delectable
Master Stencils Attention
Master Stencils FIREMAN
Master Stephen Lester
Master Sterling Armstrong
Master Steve Philippe
Master Steve Stewart
Master Steven Maheral
Master Steven Smart
Master Steven Tubman
Master Steven ^rs Dyril
Master Stewart
Master Stewart Ciraham
Master Stewart Graham
Master Stewart Hobbs
Master Stewart Ryan
Master Strength and
Master Stuart Ryan
Master Suite
Master Sumner
Master Sunday
Master Sunny Quinn
Master SUPREME 1.89
Master Sutherland
Master Symmes
Master T. A. Smart
Master Tailors* Be oient Association
Master Tec Scan Tester
Master Technician”
Master Ted
Master Ted Hodgms Ivan Saunders
Master Tennis Dale
Master Tens MacLean
Master Terry at-1
Master Terry Davis
Master Terry Law
Master The Thorne Centennial Committee
Master Thnrburn and Clarke Caldwell
Master Tho*.
Master Thomas Brown
Master Thorne Centre
Master Timmy
Master Timmy Lytle
Master Timmy Newberry
Master Tkydnmtr E. B. EDDY CO.
Master Todd
Master Todd Grier
Master Todd Hahn
Master Todd Lance
Master Todd Vibert
Master Todd Vihert
Master Todd Vlbert
Master Tom
Master Tom Armitage
Master Tom Murdock
Master Tom.
Master Tommie
Master Tommy
Master Tommy Brnkworth
Master Tommy CEO.
Master Tommy Eades
Master Tommy Lawrence
Master Tommy Marshall
Master Tommy Miss Veronica Ryan
Master Tommy Stewart
Master Tommy Wright
Master Tommy.
Master Tony Parker
Master Touch ;
Master Trevor Stevens
Master Troutlet
Master Troy Dods
Master Tuesdi.y.
Master Tuning
Master Turner
Master Tylor Orr
Master Uber
Master University
Master University s Dr.
Master University.
Master Urry Stephens
Master V
Master Vic.
Master Victorian.
Master Village
Master Vincent Sicard
Master Virils Pontiac County Orange
Master Visiting Mrs Rachel Poisson Chad Routliffe
Master visits Ladysmith Lodge
Master Vivian
Master Vn/cfeaner
Master Vrycfcaner Shawville
Master Vryckancr Shawville Phone
Master Vrydeann
Master W J. Tubman
Master W, Harrison
Master W. D. Armitace
Master W. HI No. 1 Division of Svhonl Board
Master Wallace
Master Wallace Coghlan
Master Wallace Vaodray
Master Wallace Wilson
Master Walter Harris
Master Warrant Officer
Master Warrant Officer Alwyn
Master Water Pump Stop Rost Cold
Master Waverley Woods
Master Waverly Moorhead
Master Wayne Cameron
Master Wayne Dunlop
Master Wayne Lang
Master Wayne Richard
Master Wayne Stewart
Master Wayne Wallace
Master Wayne Woods
Master WD 45
Master Weaver Our
Master Weaver Wendy Even
Master Wellington
Master Wendell Wilson
Master Went
Master Went “His Resurrection
Master Went.
Master West Lonsdale
Master West Stote
Master Wheel
Master When
Master Who Will Never Re-
Master Wil-
Master Wilburn Sparling
Master Wilfrid of Foliand
Master will HoWay Supply Mmister
Master Willi* Flemming
Master William MeAn
Master Willie
Master Willie Allum
Master Willie Campbell
Master Willie Dods
Master Willie Johnston
Master Willie McCnaig
Master Willie Morris
Master Willie Shaw
Master Willie XViIson
Master Willlie Campbell
Master Wilmer Hod
Master Wilmer Hod-g<r*
Master Wilmer Hodgins
Master Winner
Master Wm Bradley Jr.
Master Woman Moore
Master Woodsman John Curry GREW THE EXCELLENCE SHOWS
Master Wor Bro John Dagg
Master Wor.
Master Workman Connelly
Master Workman Powderly
Master Workman Save the
Master Y2K - Ages
Master Your World
Master |
Master | A
Master «of Molls
Master ’•
Master" Zion 2.30 p.m.—Worship Service
Master''s Bon Wins Her
Master''s Life
Master''s Voice
Master''s Voice"
Master''s X
Master, Jesus Christ.
MASTER- FEEDS Complete Feeds for
Master; John McCorristen
Master; John McCorriston
Master; Roberta MacMillan
Master’s College and Seminary
Master’s Touch Salary
Master” You Are Welcome BRISTOL RIDGE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Pastor Rev. A. Morgan
McCANN & SONS LTD. Bill Smiley
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McDowell Elementary School Marriage Smiley
Medicine Ahd Master of Surgery McGill University
Medicine And Master of Surgery Doctor OenuTsurgery
Medicine And Master of Surgery McGill University
Medicine And Master of Surgery U.W.r.H.
Medicine And Master ofSurgery McGill University
Men’s High Cross Lome Brady Men’s High Single Bill Carswell Ivadies High Cross Doreen Dowd Ladies H
Mete-Master Ignition Spray Muffler Cement Special SakPrke Each MMIM
Mias Mary Master Herb.
Mid Jos Smiley
Milling Company Master Feeds
Miracle Seal Oven; Non-Fog Look-In Window; Master r Bristol Notes Port Colbourne
MKC Accredited Master Photographer RESERVE YOUR
Motion Cr Smiley
Motion Crs Harkneas Smiley
Motion Crs Smiley
Motion Os Smiley
Motion Vertal Smiley
Moto-Master Oil Filter Elements
Mrs Martha Duke Grand Master Grand Chaplain Most Worship
Mrs. Lome Meehan
Mrs. Lome Perry
Municipal Corporation of Clarendon Mrs. Lome Youngs
Municipal Council of Lome Nephin
Municipal Council of Onslow Lome McRae
MW Bro Carl Smith Grand Master
N. B.e Deputy Grand Master
National Library Lome* Mining Corp. Ltd Article
NCC Master Plan
North Star Feeds Moto-Master Blow-Out Proof
Nursing Lome Telephone
Office Past DOOM Master
Old Man Master Harold
ONTARIO | Master Donnie McBride
Ottawa-Carleton Waste Management Master Plan
Our Lady land Melvin Smiley
OUTY Lome Dagenais
Past County Master Renfew L.O.L.
Past County Master Wor Bro
PBIC Weigh Master James
PEMBROKE - 732-2843 Charter Master Photographer Ada Daley
Peoples Service Diane Ora Master Brian BreUiafT
Perre Charter Master Photographer
Pokes Action Smiley
Pontiac Advance Master Breeder.
Pontiac Agricultural Society First Vice-President Lome Sharpe
Pontiac Bus Loads Attend Mass Rally Appoint Assistant Cub Master Ontario - Quebec Farm Forums Meet
Pontiac Community Hospital BRYSON THEATRE Smiley
Pontiac Community Hospital Lome Tubman
Pontiac County Lome
Pontiac County Master
Pontiac County Master Short MEN’S WORK PANTS A
Pontiac Dry Cleaners "Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner
PONTIAC DRY CLEANERS INVENTORY Samtone 647-2577 Shawville Certified Master Tkydeaner “Your Clothes
Pontiac Dry Cleaners Sanitone Certified Master Dry
PONTIAC DRY CLEANERS Shawville Phone 647-2577 Sanitone Qjtfiai Master Vtyckaner PER
Pontiac Gala Pageant Sat- French Master
Pontiac Grand Master
Pontiac Home Master Breeders Evelyn
Pontiac Home Bakery Vertel Smiley
Pontiac Hotel Master
Pontiac Lome Daley
Pontiac Lome Little
Pontiac Master
Pontiac Master Hay-Pontiac.
Pontiac Master Haymakers Club
Pontiac Pride Committee Chair- Lome Daley
Pontiac Sandra Smiley
Pontiac Sports Complex Master of Ceremonies
Pontiac Trudeau—Lome
Poor Master''s I>ook
Post Master General
PPJ Station Master
Presbyterian Ladies'' Aid Master Clifford Lawton
Pritchard School Master.
PROPERTY WANTED Master Tommy Snowden
PUBLIMU EI> AT #U AWV1LLB Mis* Lawictice and Master Wakey
QUE Shawville United Church Play Largely Attended Stanley-Smiley A
Quebec Hereford Association RAF Master Woodrow
Quebec Safety League Smiley—
Quyon Girls Softball Team Master
QUYON Lome Coyle
Rag Apple Master HIS DAM—Record
Rag Apple Master H«
Ranch Inn Eric Smiley Aylmer
REMINGTON Game Master Rifle
Remorque Load Master Lie Municipalité de Bristol Le
Renfrew Hospital and Action Smiley
Royal Master
Royal Master Tires
Royal Master With Envy
Royal Scarlet Centennial Grand Master of Canada
Samtone Certified Master Tkydeaner Phone
SAVE 45^>-Moto-Master SUPREME Oil
Save Safely Tire’s MOTO-MASTER SHOCK
School Leaving Lome Meldrum
Scout Master
Scout Master C. Demarsh
Scout Master Dale Thomson
Scout Master Perley Smith
SEGA Master System
Service Charter Master Photographer
Service Sermon Master Archie Arthur Wilson Richardson
Shawville Fair Results Grain Moto Master PURGE — Combination
Shawville Municipal Council; Master Donald Hodgins
Shawville Post Master Ernie Dean
Shawvitle High School By Lome Macfarlane
Si Lome
SMILEY / SEASONABLE GOODS Four-Ninety Models Touring Regular Touring Roadster Touring Special F. B
SMILEY Special Prices
SMILEY 15 N ,7u
SMILEY GETS A GUN Chips Rafferty Keith Calvert Color
SMILEY Obituary-The Late Mrs. Brown
SMILEY Special Sale
Smiley—Findlay Horse Blankets FOR SALE
Smiley’s Shoe
SON REG’D Emmerson Smiley
St Andrew’s Aylmer Rev. Lome Lamoine
St Mat- Bruce Smiley
St. Lome
St. Regis Hotel Cake Master—Jack Bryant
Starks Corners Holes Rupert Smiley
Ste- Master John McCorriston
Steerhs Wheel Mete-Master Plastic Frost Shields HEATER COVER FAN BELTS All-around
Sunbeam Iron Master • Latest Model Steam
Sunbeam Mix-master
Sunbeam Shave Master
SUPER Alvin Smiley Dies In Memorial Hospital
Supreme Master
SURGEON DENTIST Doctor^ MtotoeMd Master of Surgery OoZaa&ry
Teachers Wanted Illustrated—Chevrolet Master De Luxe Sedan
Texaco Sheila’s Fashions Smiley
Texaco Smiley
The Post Master
Thome Club Deputy Master
Toys Books & Games Ruth Smiley Hahn
United Charter Master Photographer Wednesday
US * Master Bobby Dale
V V N X Brown-Smiley A
Vert el Smiley
Village Smiley
Visa Master
VISA Master C
Watson Lome Wilson 1
Way Englleh Servants Ape Theli Master''s Aire
Wed Master Ben Armitage
WENDELL WILSON County Master Sadie Walsh
WH Smiley
WITHOUT RULlftl Lome Meehan Leaving
Womens Institute Smiley—In
Women’s Institute ; John Smiley
Woods-# County Master Wendell
XVj Mrs Lome Durocher PERSONAL MENTION Cowling Business College
Young People Lome Schmeling