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Evelyn Telford

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

2nd Hen Wayne Telford
Aggie Telford
Albert Telford
Alex James Telford
Alice Telford
Alma Bruce Telford
Andrew Mrs Evelyn Pelletier
Andrew Telford
Ann Rogers Shawville Ford Bill Telford Dr. Keith MacLellan
Ann Telford
Anne Telford
Armstrong Chrysler Expansion Amazes Newsmen Mrs. Evelyn Little
Armstrong David Telford
Arthur Kllgour Telford
Arthur Telford
Arts Florian Brough Evelyn
Auditor Mrs Evelyn Me Coll
Audrey Telford
Aunt Evelyn
Auto Glass Repairs Kim Telford
Autumn Telford
Bakker Telford
Barbara Evelyn
Barber and Telford
Barber Farm Equipment Telford
Barber that Mr. Lionel Telford
Barry James Telford
Barry Telford
Bella Telford
Bertha Telford
Bertha Telford Lil Stelle Pearl Kilgotir Florence Cbarlick Mabel Hamilton Ola BretzlafF Velma Ttigm
Bertlm Telford
Bethel Pentecostal Evelyn Murphy
Betty Telford
Betty Telford Darling Dods
Betty Telford Epss
Betty Telford MW.
Betty Telford OPEN HOUS]
Bill Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Bill Telford
Bill Telford Kathy Howard
Bill Telford’s
Billy s Boom Ola Telford
Billy T and Jennifer Telford
Billy Telford
Billy Telford Shewville
Billy Telford Softball Throw
Billy T’s Bill Telford
Blair Telford
Blair Wayne Telford
Bob and Evelyn
Bob Kelly Mrs Doris Telford
Bonnie Telford
Brent Horner Evelyn
Brent Telford
Brian and Debbie Telford
Brian and Jo Anne Telford
Brian Lionel Telford
Brian Neil Telford
Brian Nell Telford
Brian Telford
Brian Telford 605R3
Brian Telford Campbell
Brian Telford Campbell*# Bey
Brian Telford Charbonneau
Brian Telford Congratulations
Brian Telford Glenn
Brian Telford Haley
Brian Telford Joseph’s
Brian Telford Manitoba
Brian Telford Mr
Brian Telford R.R. 3
Brian Telford Smith
Brian Telford St Mary’s
Brian Telford Sunday
Brian Telford Visitors
Brian Telford’s
Brodie P Telford
Brodie Telford
Brodle Telford
Brooke Evelyn Josephine
Brown Miss Evelyn Cook
Bruce Carl Telford
Bruce Madella Telford
Bruce Telford
Bruce Telford Cole Powell
Carl Telford
Catherine Evelyn McDowell
Charlene Moore Seated Evelyn St Aubin
Charles E. Palmer Dies After Brief Illness Mrs. Evelyn Little
Charles Telford
Chns Telford
Chris Telford
Chris Telford Travis Johnston Malcolm Foley Randy Frobel Stephen McCord Chris Dionne
Christine Telford
Christine Telford Leblanc
Christopher Telford
Cindy Cr L Telford
Claire Bel- Telford
Claude Ltée Mr Telford
Clayton Telford
Clifford Workman Robert Telford
Connie Evelyn Deavy
Connie Telford
Councillor John Telford
Councillors Edgar Lance John Telford
Cr L Telford
Cra L Telford
Crs L Telford
Crs L Telford Hobbs
Crs Telford
Dagg- Bruce Telford
Daniel Tremblay Bill Telford Jill Hobbs ONLY
Dave Telford
Dave Telford’s
David d James Telford
David Telford
David Telford Marilyn Elliott
Davy Le- Trina Telford
Dawn Evelyn
Debbie Telford
Delaney Maggie Evelyn April
Delbert Telford
Diana Telford
Diane Richard, Betty Telford
Diane Telford
Diane Telford Graduating
Diane Telford McKee
Dianne Telford
Don & Evelyn Duff
Don Evelyn
Don Evelyn Sparrow
Don Kennedy-Telford
Don Telford
Don- Evelyn Sharpe
Donald & Evelyn Duff
Donald and Evelyn
Donald Telford
Donna St-Aubin Love Evelyn
Donnie Telford
Doreen Telford
Doris Barber Marie Cartman Marcella Cole Marie Brownlee Jean Cutbbertson Evelyn Dagg Marion Hodgins
Doris Telford
Doris Telford Birthday
Doris Telford Nashville
Doris Telford Ranch Hotel
Doris Telford To
Dorothy Evelyn
Dorothy Telford
Doug Telford
E. Telford
Earl & Evelyn
Earl Bean Mr Lionel Telford
Earl Doris Telford
Earnert Telford
Ed Telford
Eddie Telford
Edith Telford
Edward Evelyn Thacker
Edward Telford
Edward Telford*»
Edythe Telford
Eileen Wat- Evelyn Ogley
Eilen Telford
Elaine Hod- Applesauce Cake - Dar- Evelyn Dale
Elaine Telford
Elaine Telford Equity Editor
Eleanor Russell Ronald Russell Ronald Russett Joan Stark Jean Stephens Willda Telford**
Elisabeth Telford
Eliza Ann Telford
Eliza Telford
Elizabeth Evelyn
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Evelyn Plager
Elizabeth Telford
Ella Romain Doris Telford
Ellen Telford
Elliott Mrs. Arthür Thomas Neil Sparling I Evelyn A. Scott Peter Hodglns Mrs. S.R.N.
Ellis Telford
Emma Telford
Emma Telford.
Eric & Evelyn
Eric & Evelyn Campbell
Eric and Evelyn
Eric and Evelyn Campbell
Ernest Quaile---- Ezra Grant....... Dave Telford
Ernest Telford
Ernie Telford
Etta Telford
Eva May Telford
Eva Telford
Eva Telford Emma Sparling
Evan Da- Evelyn Lapnse
Evelyn Never
Evelyn S
Evelyn Carson
Evelyn Dillon
Evelyn (
Evelyn ( Mrs Clifford Batchelor
Evelyn (Campbell
Evelyn -
Evelyn ---
Evelyn 031-86 X XF5 FEEDER Pigs
Evelyn 1,2X023
Evelyn 3462461JN27 Phone
Evelyn 432-2840
Evelyn 647-3745 WÊÊÊÊtÊKÊÊ
Evelyn 7689*
Evelyn 79544b
Evelyn 81887b
Evelyn A
Evelyn abel
Evelyn Adina Rebekah Lodge
Evelyn Albert Denyer
Evelyn Alexander
Evelyn Alice - Suddenly Thinking
Evelyn All
Evelyn Am
Evelyn Amanda
Evelyn Amie
Evelyn Among
Evelyn Amstrong
Evelyn Amy-jtte
Evelyn An-Mr.
Evelyn And
Evelyn and Betty Lou Campbell
Evelyn and Larry Galloway
Evelyn and Lloyd Joan Beisher
Evelyn and Ron
Evelyn and Ron.
Evelyn Anderson
Evelyn Anglican
Evelyn Ankers
Evelyn Ann
Evelyn Annie Campbell
Evelyn Annie Duff
Evelyn Anothony
Evelyn Anth
Evelyn Anthony
Evelyn Argue
Evelyn Arm
Evelyn Arm-Shawville
Evelyn Armstrong
Evelyn Asay
Evelyn Association
Evelyn Atkinson Merlin
Evelyn Atmstrong
Evelyn August
Evelyn Avenue
Evelyn B. Howard
Evelyn B. Little
Evelyn Baird
Evelyn Barrett
Evelyn Barton
Evelyn Baxter
Evelyn Bean
Evelyn BeaST.
Evelyn Beauchamp
Evelyn Belated
Evelyn Béli-sk
Evelyn Bélislc
Evelyn Belisle
Evelyn Bellale
Evelyn Bennett
Evelyn Bernice Shaw
Evelyn Bifnda
Evelyn Bis
Evelyn Bisson
Evelyn Black
Evelyn Blantyre Simpson
Evelyn Bobina Portage
Evelyn Boissoneault
Evelyn Boisvenue
Evelyn Boon
Evelyn Borkc
Evelyn Borke
Evelyn Bozak
Evelyn Brenda and Chris Cox This
Evelyn Brent
Evelyn BretzlaIT
Evelyn Briggs Bald
Evelyn Bristol
Evelyn Bro
Evelyn Bromwich
Evelyn Brookes
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown-Hospital
Evelyn Brownlee
Evelyn Brownlee Bailey
Evelyn Bryce
Evelyn Bumie
Evelyn Bunrnie
Evelyn Burke
Evelyn Burke Beverley Campbell Margaret Clarke Lorraine Elliott Viola Harris Ann Kingdon Sheila Laf
Evelyn Burnie
Evelyn By RON
Evelyn Byrd
Evelyn B^ck
Evelyn C. Leigh
Evelyn Camp
Evelyn Camp-Canada
Evelyn Camp-Friday
Evelyn Campbell
Evelyn Campbell Clarence Hodgins
Evelyn Campbell Dear Editor
Evelyn Campbell Jamie Richardson
Evelyn Campbell McLaughlin
Evelyn Campbell R R
Evelyn Campbell’s
Evelyn Cant
Evelyn Car-
Evelyn Caroline
Evelyn Carson
Evelyn Carteris
Evelyn Catherine Horner ESSES
Evelyn Catherine Horner She
Evelyn Cecil
Evelyn Chamberlain
Evelyn Chamebrlin
Evelyn Charlene Graham
Evelyn Chester
Evelyn Chevrier
Evelyn Claire
Evelyn Claire Barr
Evelyn Clara Vader
Evelyn Clarence Brownlee
Evelyn Clason
Evelyn Cm.
Evelyn Cole
Evelyn Comgan
Evelyn Congratulations
Evelyn Connie McGee
Evelyn Cook
Evelyn Corrigan
Evelyn Corrigan Mr.
Evelyn Corrlveau
Evelyn Council
Evelyn Coyle
Evelyn Craig
Evelyn Crozier
Evelyn Cullcton
Evelyn Culleton
Evelyn D Aoust
Evelyn D Robinson
Evelyn Da
Evelyn Da!e
Evelyn Dab
Evelyn Dabms
Evelyn Dad
Evelyn Dagg
Evelyn Dagg Deavy
Evelyn Dagg R.N.
Evelyn Dahius
Evelyn Dahms
Evelyn Dahnis
Evelyn Daiims
Evelyn Dak
Evelyn Dale
Evelyn Dale 1st
Evelyn Dale 804
Evelyn Dale Alton Tuck
Evelyn Dale Lang
Evelyn Dale Mrs. Elsie Schwartz
Evelyn Dale Presiding Officer Canada Province de Quebec Cour Provinciale District de Hull No.
Evelyn Dale Stephens
Evelyn Daly
Evelyn Daly Reid
Evelyn Daoust
Evelyn Davies
Evelyn Dawn
Evelyn Dearmark
Evelyn Deavy
Evelyn Deavy Brandon Perrault
Evelyn Demers
Evelyn Dempsey
Evelyn Densmore
Evelyn Display
Evelyn Dnhms
Evelyn Dnlr
Evelyn Doff Honoured
Evelyn Doherty
Evelyn Dole
Evelyn Donald
Evelyn DONAT
Evelyn Donston
Evelyn Doris IffiU."
Evelyn Dorzek
Evelyn Draper
Evelyn Drummond
Evelyn Dubeau
Evelyn Duff
Evelyn Duff First
Evelyn Duff Hughes
Evelyn Duff Maurice Essiambre
Evelyn Duff Palmer
Evelyn Duff Rena Graham
Evelyn Duffs
Evelyn Dufi
Evelyn Dug*
Evelyn Dull
Evelyn Dunn
Evelyn Dutf
Evelyn Duvall Selectixi
Evelyn Éades
Evelyn Easter
Evelyn Eaton
Evelyn Elizabeth
Evelyn Elizabeth Hahn
Evelyn Elsie Schwartz Elva Stewart
Evelyn Emmerson Smith An
Evelyn Eric
Evelyn Eric Campbell
Evelyn Eugene Soubliere
Evelyn Eunice
Evelyn F Dale
Evelyn F Dale Presiding Officer
Evelyn F Dale. See.-tree#
Evelyn F Dole Presiding Officer ON
Evelyn F. Dele
Evelyn Fades
Evelyn Falls
Evelyn Farm
Evelyn Fay
Evelyn February615
Evelyn Fell
Evelyn Fester
Evelyn Findlay
Evelyn Findley
Evelyn Finn
Evelyn Fitzgerald
Evelyn Fletcher Mrs Florence Evelyn Waltham
Evelyn Florence
Evelyn Flynn
Evelyn Foster
Evelyn Frain
Evelyn Fraser
Evelyn Friesen
Evelyn Frost
Evelyn Fynn-Hoffman
Evelyn G
Evelyn Gail Golding
Evelyn Gathorue-committee
Evelyn Gauthier
Evelyn Gavan
Evelyn Get
Evelyn Gllmour
Evelyn Good Friday
Evelyn Goodfellow Auctioneers James
Evelyn Gould
Evelyn Graham
Evelyn Graham J E Brownlee
Evelyn Grat-ton
Evelyn Gratton
Evelyn Greenberg
Evelyn Greer
Evelyn Gresham
Evelyn Grogan
Evelyn Gross
Evelyn Guests
Evelyn Hamil-
Evelyn Han
Evelyn Harvey
Evelyn Havelin
Evelyn Hay
Evelyn Hearty
Evelyn Hedging
Evelyn Helen Towel
Evelyn Hetherington
Evelyn Hiring
Evelyn Ho
Evelyn Ho-Margaret Smith
Evelyn Hoare
Evelyn Hobbs
Evelyn Hod
Evelyn Hod- Greer Elsie Sparrow
Evelyn Hod----
Evelyn Hod-gins
Evelyn Hodg
Evelyn Hodgi
Evelyn Hodgin
Evelyn Hodgins
Evelyn Hodgins Bertha McGee
Evelyn Hodgins Evelyn Hodgins
Evelyn Hodgins Noble Grand
Evelyn Hodgins Ot-
Evelyn Hodgins Stewart
Evelyn Hodgins Upstairs Apartment
Evelyn Hodgins Valerie McGuire
Evelyn Hodgins Weldon Markus
Evelyn Hodglns
Evelyn Hodgms Brown
Evelyn Holland
Evelyn Holt
Evelyn Homer
Evelyn Horned
Evelyn Horner
Evelyn Horner Clinton Armstrong
Evelyn Horner McDow-as
Evelyn Horner Young
Evelyn Horsey
Evelyn Hotel
Evelyn Howard
Evelyn Howard—2nd
Evelyn Howari OTTAWA
Evelyn Hudgins
Evelyn Hudgins Willie Stephens
Evelyn H^.rd B.nvr.d
Evelyn I
Evelyn I>aliras
Evelyn I>ufT
Evelyn Ida Isobel
Evelyn Ilowutd
Evelyn In
Evelyn Industries
Evelyn Irene
Evelyn Irene Wilson
Evelyn Iris Smith
Evelyn i°n Smiley
Evelyn Ï’
Evelyn I’m
Evelyn J
Evelyn J. Archie Richardson
Evelyn J. Kavanagh Charteris
Evelyn J. Kavanagh Portage
Evelyn J. Morrison
Evelyn Jack Callaghan
Evelyn James
Evelyn Jan
Evelyn January
Evelyn Jarvis
Evelyn Jennings
Evelyn jfcSrLsjs
Evelyn John Strachey
Evelyn John-Murdock
Evelyn Johnsion
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnstep
Evelyn Johnston
Evelyn Johnston ISchcenherr
Evelyn Johnston Mrs. Lois Pirie _
Evelyn Jones
Evelyn Jordan
Evelyn JosIIyn
Evelyn July
Evelyn K. Rankin
Evelyn Kardley
Evelyn Kavanage
Evelyn Kavanagh
Evelyn Kavanagh Portage
Evelyn Kavanagh Shawville Dealer
Evelyn Kavanaugh
Evelyn Kavanaugh Holland
Evelyn Kelley
Evelyn Kelly
Evelyn Kelly Brown
Evelyn Kelso
Evelyn Keyes
Evelyn Keyes Joel McCrae Call
Evelyn Keys
Evelyn Kilgour
Evelyn Kind
Evelyn Knipe
Evelyn Knox
Evelyn Koaloa Bears
Evelyn Krutz
Evelyn L Multiply
Evelyn L.
Evelyn La
Evelyn Lachapelle
Evelyn LaCharity
Evelyn Lady Aling-Hillington
Evelyn Ladysmith Campbell
Evelyn Lafr
Evelyn Lafram
Evelyn Lafram-boise
Evelyn LaframboHI
Evelyn Laframbois
Evelyn Laframboise
Evelyn Laframbolise
Evelyn Laframhoise
Evelyn Laframhuse
Evelyn Lafranchise
Evelyn Lafromboise
Evelyn Lamothe
Evelyn Lamp
Evelyn Lana
Evelyn Lancaster
Evelyn Lance
Evelyn Langford
Evelyn Laprise
Evelyn Larachelle
Evelyn Larochelle
Evelyn LeBlanc
Evelyn Lefrsnboiee
Evelyn Leona Fades
Evelyn Leonard
Evelyn Lepack
Evelyn Little
Evelyn Little L D C M
Evelyn Lmily
Evelyn Ln
Evelyn Louise Williams
Evelyn Lowe
Evelyn Lsmmuutse
Evelyn Lucas
Evelyn Lucas Honoured At
Evelyn Lucy
Evelyn Lusk
Evelyn M
Evelyn M Little
Evelyn M McDowe
Evelyn M McDowell
Evelyn M.
Evelyn M. Little
Evelyn M. Palmer
Evelyn M.A.
Evelyn M.ujoije
Evelyn Ma- Charles Young
Evelyn Macintosh
Evelyn Mackenzie
Evelyn MacLean
Evelyn Mae
Evelyn Mae Weatherall
Evelyn Maigarcl Beattie
Evelyn Maloney Mac-Namara
Evelyn Maloney McNa-ma
Evelyn Manary
Evelyn Margaret Beattie Marries Eric James Campbell
Evelyn Marjor
Evelyn Marjor-
Evelyn Marleau
Evelyn Martha Ann Brownlee
Evelyn Martin
Evelyn Martin FREE V
Evelyn Martin Top
Evelyn Martineau
Evelyn Masson
Evelyn May
Evelyn May Sparrow
Evelyn Mayhew
Evelyn Mc-Coll
Evelyn McCall
Evelyn McCiedie
Evelyn McClean
Evelyn McClinton
Evelyn McColJ.
Evelyn McColl
Evelyn McCrcdic
Evelyn McCre-die
Evelyn McCre-have
Evelyn McCred-ie
Evelyn McCredie
Evelyn McCredie Donald Duff
Evelyn McCredie Hewitt
Evelyn McCredle
Evelyn McDaniel
Evelyn McDcwdl
Evelyn McDirby
Evelyn McDonald
Evelyn McDonald Shir-
Evelyn McDow-
Evelyn McDoweil
Evelyn McDowel
Evelyn McDowell
Evelyn McDowell Dear Editor
Evelyn McDowell L Â A
Evelyn McDowell Mary Allan
Evelyn McDowell Niagara Falls
Evelyn McDowell* Pupils
Evelyn McGuire
Evelyn McIntosh
Evelyn McLaughlin
Evelyn McLean
Evelyn McLean Aylmer East Women
Evelyn Me Lx
Evelyn MeDow.ll
Evelyn Mee
Evelyn Men
Evelyn Mer
Evelyn Mer-
Evelyn Merleau
Evelyn Messrs. Glut*
Evelyn Mf Little
Evelyn Millar
Evelyn Millon
Evelyn Missionary
Evelyn Moms
Evelyn Montreal
Evelyn Moore
Evelyn Moore Price
Evelyn Moore Price I
Evelyn Moore Price R. Mulroy
Evelyn Morley Sharpe
Evelyn Morrison
Evelyn Mosseau
Evelyn Moved
Evelyn Mr-Coll
Evelyn Mr.
Evelyn Mr. John E Palmer
Evelyn Mrs
Evelyn Mrs. Claire Wilson
Evelyn Mur-
Evelyn Mur- Edith Hogg
Evelyn Mur- Margaret
Evelyn Mur- Thomas
Evelyn Mur-how
Evelyn Muriel
Evelyn Muriel Palmer
Evelyn Murphy
Evelyn Murphy Eleanor McGuire
Evelyn Murphy Jane
Evelyn Murphy Victoria Harbour
Evelyn Murray
Evelyn Murray Plattsburg
Evelyn M|)ellt Saturday
Evelyn Nash
Evelyn Nelda Bradley
Evelyn Nesbitt
Evelyn Nesting
Evelyn Nice
Evelyn Nichol
Evelyn Nor-
Evelyn Norris
Evelyn Nunn
Evelyn O Neil Sullivan
Evelyn O Neill
Evelyn Old
Evelyn On
Evelyn Orcheson
Evelyn Orr
Evelyn Ottawa
Evelyn Our
Evelyn P Dale
Evelyn Pal
Evelyn Palm
Evelyn Palmer
Evelyn Palmer Murrell’s
Evelyn Palmer Sharpe
Evelyn Palmer—C.
Evelyn Parquhar
Evelyn Pasen
Evelyn Paul
Evelyn Peacefully
Evelyn Pear
Evelyn Pelle
Evelyn Pelletier
Evelyn Perfume
Evelyn Peterborough
Evelyn Phillips
Evelyn Pitt
Evelyn Plager
Evelyn Plans
Evelyn Poster
Evelyn Potter
Evelyn Potvin
Evelyn Presiding P Dale
Evelyn Products
Evelyn Ptager
Evelyn Puddy
Evelyn Quebec
Evelyn Quebec Young Farmers
Evelyn Ranee
Evelyn Rankin
Evelyn Ray
Evelyn Re
Evelyn Reads
Evelyn Rebertz
Evelyn Rebertz Johnston
Evelyn Rebertz-Johnston
Evelyn Reid
Evelyn Requérante
Evelyn Reside
Evelyn Restaurant
Evelyn Rhwl Hr B$
Evelyn Richards
Evelyn Richardson
Evelyn Riebertz
Evelyn Rioux
Evelyn Roberta Little
Evelyn Roberts
Evelyn Robina Anthony Weds William Adam Brent Homer
Evelyn Robinson
Evelyn Rochon
Evelyn Romain
Evelyn Rorner
Evelyn Rose
Evelyn Rose McGillis
Evelyn Rossiter
Evelyn Rossitter
Evelyn Routliff
Evelyn Roxanne
Evelyn Rugglcs
Evelyn Ruggles
Evelyn Ruseett
Evelyn Rush
Evelyn Russell
Evelyn Russett
Evelyn Ryan
Evelyn Sandra
Evelyn Sangster
Evelyn Sanster
Evelyn Saturday
Evelyn Saturday’s
Evelyn Schiendere
Evelyn School
Evelyn Schrankler
Evelyn Schwartz
Evelyn Schwartz Arnold Delorme
Evelyn Scott
Evelyn Sean MacDonald
Evelyn Secourt
Evelyn Sempels
Evelyn Sereney
Evelyn Shalla
Evelyn Share
Evelyn Sharp#
Evelyn Sharpe
Evelyn Sharpe Jack Stewart Justin Stewart Jeff Stewart Revel Stewart Ron Stewart
Evelyn Sharpe Sullivan
Evelyn Sharpe’s
Evelyn Shaw
Evelyn Shawville
Evelyn Shawville United Church
Evelyn ShawviUe
Evelyn Shawvllle
Evelyn Shaxv
Evelyn Sheen
Evelyn Shiels
Evelyn Shore
Evelyn Sinser
Evelyn Sliaw
Evelyn Slmw
Evelyn Smiley
Evelyn Somerville
Evelyn Spar- Born
Evelyn Sparrow
Evelyn Sparrows
Evelyn Spooner
Evelyn Spracklin
Evelyn Sprigings
Evelyn Sprigmgs
Evelyn sSSSE TtHH
Evelyn St
Evelyn St Auer
Evelyn St-Aubin
Evelyn Stanafield
Evelyn Stanley
Evelyn Stark
Evelyn Steele
Evelyn Steen
Evelyn Stofko
Evelyn Strutt
Evelyn Strutt An-
Evelyn Strutt Mallon
Evelyn Stutt
Evelyn Sullivait
Evelyn Sullivan
Evelyn Susan
Evelyn Swarts
Evelyn Swartz
Evelyn Sympathy
Evelyn T ||pjry Will DPI*
Evelyn Telford
Evelyn Templeton
Evelyn Tenders
Evelyn Teperman
Evelyn Th
Evelyn Thachcr
Evelyn Thacker
Evelyn There
Evelyn They
Evelyn This
Evelyn Thomas
Evelyn Thompson
Evelyn Thorn
Evelyn Thursday
Evelyn To
Evelyn Top Toison
Evelyn Tourangeau
Evelyn Travis Andrews
Evelyn Trudeau
Evelyn Truman Stitt
Evelyn Tubman
Evelyn Tubmap
Evelyn Tubmen
Evelyn Tuck
Evelyn Tucker
Evelyn Tugman
Evelyn Turk
Evelyn U,
Evelyn Under- Township
Evelyn Ussher
Evelyn Vail
Evelyn Valerie
Evelyn Vancouver
Evelyn Vi*
Evelyn Viola
Evelyn Visiting
Evelyn Vour
Evelyn VVharry
Evelyn W-har-rey
Evelyn Wade
Evelyn Wadge
Evelyn Walker
Evelyn Wallis
Evelyn Walter McDowell
Evelyn Waltham
Evelyn Wanford
Evelyn Warford
Evelyn Watford
Evelyn Wbrford
Evelyn Weed
Evelyn Wettlaufer
Evelyn Whar-
Evelyn Whar- Owen Sound
Evelyn Wharrcy
Evelyn Wharrey
Evelyn Wharry
Evelyn Wharry Alfred Cotie
Evelyn Wheeler
Evelyn Whelan
Evelyn Wherrey
Evelyn Wilkinson Thomas
Evelyn Williams
Evelyn Wilson
Evelyn With Remembrance Day
Evelyn Wood
Evelyn Woods
Evelyn Wood—the
Evelyn Wood’s
Evelyn Wrench
Evelyn Wrench Needs Immigrants
Evelyn Wyrzy-
Evelyn X
Evelyn Young
Evelyn Zimmeriing
Evelyn Zimmerling
Evelyn) Mrs. Lloyd Parton
Evelyn) Murphy
Evelyn* Walker
Evelyn- Sparrow
Farron Telford
Flossie Telford
Fran Letts Doris Telford
Frances Telford
Frank Ca- Brian Telford
Frank Neil Telford
Fred Telford
Fred Telford - Wilson Hodgins
Fred Telford 15.00
Fred Telford’s
Fred Telford’s Rooms
Fred W. Evelyn
Gary Evelyn Hodgins
George and Cecile Mrs. Evelyn Hodgins
George and James Telford
George Plrle Mervyn Smith Lionel Telford APPLIANCE
George Russell Telford
George Telford
George Telford Dalton Lyall Hodgina
George Telford Flemings Hotel
George Telford JAMES TELFORD
George Telford* Mrs. Sam Richardson’s
George Telford’s
George Telfori JAMES TELFORD.
George Wesley Telford
Gerald And Evelyn Culleton
Gerald Ronald Telford
Gerald Telford
Gerry Telford
Gilbert R. Telford
Gilbert Telford
Gilbert Telford Church
Gilbert Telford Leonard Homer
Gilbert Telford’s
Gino Telford
Gladys Telford
Gladys Telford Tracy
Glen Philip Telford
Glen Telford
Glenn Ford Pat O Brien Evelyn Keyes
Glenn Telford
Glidys Telford
Gloria Telford
Gordon Telford
Grace Dagg Mary Dale Irene Shaw Evelyn Little Dorothy Fairfield Margaret Simons Ethel Gibson
Grace Evelyn
Grace Evelyn Mary
GRADE X- Evelyn Tuck
Grant Telford
Gregory Telford -
Gwenylh Strutt Evelyn Lofromboise
Hamilton Robbie Yach Ronnie Telford
Harry Telford
Harvey Telford
Hattie Telford
Hayes Memorial Christopher Telford Gordie Block Kyle Meredith Allen Memorial Tyler Cluff James Smit
Hecron Telford
Hector Telford
Helen Miss Evelyn Coe*
Henry Lionel Telford
Herb Lionel Telford
Hertlia Telford
Hilda Telford
Hodgins Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Home Economics—Mrs Evelyn Duff
Honor Marie Hodgins Marilyn Telford Graduates As Nurse
Hubert Telford
Hugh Hammond Bill Telford Seat
Hugh Hammond Bill Telford Siège
Ida Frances Telford
Ida Ilrlir Wayne Telford
Inside Guardian Evelyn Laframboise
Intermediate Mrs Evelyn Duff
Irène Telford
J A. Telford
J H Telford
J H Telford -
J identSi Miss Maude Evelyn Smart
Jack Telford
Jamas Telford
James E. Telford
James Evelyn Horner
James M. Telford 6.65
James Telford
James Telford 3. Fill
James Telford 647-3472
James Telford and Margaret Corrigan
James Telford Cald
James Telford Caldwell
James Telford Motion Cr
James Telford Mrs
Jamie Telford
Jane Telford
Janey Evelyn Junior McD<>
Jchn Telford
Jean and Evelyn Ma**on
Jean and Evelyn Masson
Jean Glenn Faye Homer Idena Horner Evelyn Howard Vue-
Jean Sayle and Betty Telford
Jean Telford
Jennifer Telford
Jerry Telford
Jessie Evelyn
Jessie Evelyn Horner
Jim Telford
Jim Telford’s
Jo Ann Telford
Jo Anne Telford
Jo-Anne Telford
Joan Brown Evelyn Duff
Joan Brown Evelyn Duff Shawville
Joan Telford
Joan Telford Burnett
Joan Telford R.N.
Joan Telford Renfrew
Joan Telford Rus-Jsell
Joan Telford Russell
Joanne Evelyn
JoAnne Telford
JoAnne Telford Get
Joel Mcrea Evelyn Keyes
John A Telford
John A. Telford
John Albert Telford
John Albert Telford Brough
John and Beulah Telford
John and Evelyn
John and Evelyn Reid
John E Telford
John E. Telford
John Eddie Telford
John Edward Telford
John Evelyn
John Evelyn’s
John Jones James Telford Pontiac Farm Equipment
John Jones Tanners Welding Shop Gatineau Power James Telford James Tracey Lionel Grimes R P. Eades
John Lefremboise 2678 Bruce Telford
John Telford
John Telford 3
John Telford 750
John Telford And
John Telford Boileau
John Telford Campbell’s
John Telford Campbell’s SxJnll
John Telford Canadian Pacific
John Telford Ces
John Telford Cie International
John Telford Clifford Beattie Hiram Beattie Wellington Jones Alvin Em
John Telford Edison Brown
John Telford Executive
John Telford Full-time
John Telford Hélène Bélisle
John Telford Hugh Hammond
John Telford Present
John Telford REDDY
John Telford Some
John Telford- Campbell’s SxJpll
John Telford’s
John* Telford
Join Telford
Jonathan Telford
Jonathan Telford May
Joy Telford
Joyce Ann Telford
Joyce Kilgour Evelyn Dagg Sylvia Gibson Carol Stephens
Joyce Telford
Joyce Telford Be
Joyce Telford G S Eades Cl
Joyce Telford Hodgins
Joyce Telford Receive Caps À
Joyce Telford Thompson
Judith Evelyn
Kaileen Telford
Karl Telford
Kate Telford
Katherine Telford
Kathleen (Kay) Carroll-Telford
Kathleen Telford
Kay Telford
Kay Telford 10.00
Kay Telford HAMILTON—In
Kelly Hobbs 1221 Debbie Telford
Ken Barber Evelyn Campbell
Ken Lionel Telford
Kim Telford
Kimberly Telford
Kirby Smart Absent Billy Telford
Koliert Telford
Kurt Brodie Telford
Kurt Browning s Evelyn Laframboise
Kurt Fras-Telford
Kyle Wayne Telford
L. Telford
Lance and Betty Telford
Lance Thrun Eric and Evelyn Campbell
Laurie John Telford
Lawrence Barber Evelyn Marti
Lawrence Clr Telford
Lawrence Telford
Lbrraine Telford
Lena Evelyn
Lena Evelyn Alexander
Lena Poole- Mrs Betty Telford
Leo Brazean Calumet Union Head Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Leo Telford
Leonard Lepine Karl Telford
Les Atkinson Glno Telford John Atkinson Michael & Joyce Fogarty
Leslie Christine Telford-Le-Dickson
Lillian Telford
Lillis Evelyn
Lilly Telford
Linda Jean Telford
Linda Telford
Lindsay Telford
Lionel Carried Telford
Lionel Telford
Lionel Telford - Drifter Bird
Lionel Telford 335.04
Lionel Telford 38.72
Lionel Telford DriAer Bird
Lionel Telford Earl
Lionel Telford Labor
Lionel Telford Stella BIRTH XM8 Ella McCallum
Lionel Telford-Jar
Lionel Telford’s
Lizzie Telford
Lloyd Telford
Lois Evelyn Hayes
Lola Evelyn
Loraine Telford
Lorraine Telford
Lottie Telford
Louis Schryer Evelyn Jones
Lucas G Telford
Lucy Evelyn
Lucy Evelyn Bough
Lynda Telford
Lynn Telford
Lynn Telford Ron- Thompson
Lynne Telford
Lyons Telford
M & Mme Maurice James Telford
M(j Mrs Brian Telford
M. Telford
Mabel Telford
Madeleine Telford
Madella Telford
Maggie Telford
Margaret Churchwood Telford
Margaret Evelyn
Margaret Evelyn Dale
Margaret Hodgins Miss Evelyn Armstrong
Margaret Telford
Margret Telford
Marie Evelyn
Marie Telford
Marilyn Telford
Marilyn Telford Bowes
Marilyn Telford Jan
Marilyn Telford Weds James Joseph Klrwan
Marjorie Doris Telford
Marshall Telford
Marshall Telford.
Martha Telford
Mary Ann Telford
Mary Evelyn
Mary Evelyn Butt
Mary Evelyn Hunt
Mary Evelyn Sophia Splaine
Mary Evelyn)
Mary Jane Telford
Mary Telford
Mary Walker Kimberley Telford
Maureen Belanger Trina Telford
Mel Brown Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Mer-lyn Telford
Merry Reardon Bruce Telford
Mias B Telford
Mias Evelyn J. Kerr
Mildred Murrell Telford
Mildred Telford
Milton Telford
Mirs Evelyn Armstrong
Mis L Telford
Miss Edith Telford RN
Miss Faye Evelyn La
Misses Evelyn Shaw
Mr Boyd Type Evelyn Date
Mr* Gilbert Telford
Mr* Nell Telford
Mr- Dear Evelyn
Mr. Gilbert Telford
Mr. Kenneth Joan Telford
Mr. Lloyd Telford
Mr. Marshall Telford
Mrs Jennings Evelyn
Mrs, Thomas Telford
Mrs. Adelaide Telford
Mrs. Car- Telford
Mrs. E Telford
Mrs. Eddie J Telford
Mrs. Edward Telford
Mrs. Evelyn C. Younger-Lewis
Mrs. Evelyn Little
Mrs. Evelyn Little Mr.
Mrs. Evelyn Little Music Teacher
Mrs. Evelyn M. Little Results Of McGill
Mrs. Evelyn Sheppard
Mrs. Floyd F. Griesbach Gilbert Telford
Mrs. Gilbert R. Telford
Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Among
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Basil Quaile
Mrs. Gilbert Telford By Wayne Kilbourne
Mrs. Gilbert Telford I
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Manager-Secretary
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Margaret Jane W. B. Armstrong
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Mr.
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Secretary
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Shawville
Mrs. Gilbert Telford-on
Mrs. Gilbert _ Telford
Mrs. H P. Telford
Mrs. Hector Telford
Mrs. James Telford
Mrs. Jim Telford
Mrs. L Telford
Mrs. Lionel Telford
Mrs. Lloyd Telford
Mrs. Lloyd Telford Shawville Pontiacs Telford - Dagg
Mrs. M.iason Sharpe George Telford
Mrs. Marshall Telford
Mrs. Marshall Telford .
Mrs. Ruby Telford She
Mrs. Telford
Mrs. Thomas Telford
Mrs. Tom OBri- Mrs. O Telford
MU* Evelyn M. Palmer
Muscular Graham Murray Arthur Rennick Edytha Sto Edna Tanner Fay Tanner Archie Tubman Evelyn Warfor
Myrtle Sullivan Evelyn
Myrtle Telford
Nancy Strawberry Jam - Jean Lemon Bread - Evelyn Mayhew
Nancy Telford
Neil & Kay Telford
Neil Telford
Neil Telford Clarence Brownlee He
Neil Telford Shawville
Neills J Stewart Nellis J Stewart Mrs Doris Telford Unban Curley Unban
Nell Telford
Nettie Evelyn
Nicole Chretien Cliff Greer Eric & Evelyn Campbell Louis-Henri Vaillant Murdock Class
Norma Pearl Evelyn
Norma S Telford
Norma Telford
Norma Telford There
Norma Telford Each
Norma Telford Eevoi
Norma Telford February
Norma Telford Forum
Norma Telford GEORGE
Norma Telford Radford Farm Forum
Norma Telford Your
Norma) Telford
Norman Smith Hector Telford Mrs.
Notify Mrs. Evelyn Little
Ô015X3F12 Sincerely Betty Telford Will
Obituary Mary Evelyn McGillis
Or-val Telford
Orval Telford Campbell
Orville Telford
Os L Telford
Ottawa Mis* Evelyn Dale
P Q Telford
Pamela Evelyn Strutt
Pat Kavanagh George Pirie Mervyn Smith Lionel Telford Bill Orr
Patricia Local 3166 Evelyn Marcella
Patricia Swan Xrina Telford
Paulette Gauthier Evelyn Hodgins
Pearl Evelyn
Penny Telford
Percy Telford
Peter Evelyn Carson
Peter Telford
Phyllis __ Evelyn
Pierre Sauva John Telford
Pierre Telford
Pound Keepers—Thou Telford
Producers Board VicePresident John Telford
Publicity Mrs. Evelyn McOoIl
R Telford
Rev H Mr James Telford
Rev. A P. Telford
Rev. Andrew Telford
Richard Boyd Telford
Richard Evelyn Byrd
Richard Telford
Richard WHS Shawville s Betty Telford
Richard Wills Evelyn Campbell
Richard Wills Telford
Robbie Carmichael Goddaughter Trina Telford
Robert It Telford
Robert Telford
Robert Telford Dies Out
Robert Telford George Richardson
Robert Telford Holsteins
Roberta Telford
Roberta Telford Wed At Radford
Robin Brianna Telford
Robin Telford
Rod Telford
Rod Telford Radford
Rod Telford Reliable
Rodenc Telford
Roderick Gilmour Telford
Roderick Telford
Ron Telford
Ronald Telford
Ronald Telford FINEFURNITURE ShawvUle Notes
Ronnie Millions Mariya Richardson Caroline Schroeder Donald Stanley Evelyn Stanley Betty Strutt Gar
Ronnie Telford
Roses Amid Ruins Mrs. Gilbert Telford Speaks To Forum CBC--TV Will
Roy Telford
Ruby Evelyn ( Richardson
Ruth Horner Muriel Zimmerling Bertha Telford Pearl Kllgour N Mabel Chisnell Rae Smart Winnifred Ham
Sandra Dagg Arthur Sc Iaobel Day Linda Dent Evelyn Duff Sc Donald Duff John Duff - Memorial Melvin
Sandra Mae Telford
Sandra Rut- Telford
Sandra Telford
Scottie Telford
Sharon Gra- Telford
Sharon Je Linda Telford
Shawville G Captain Ronnie Telford Nick Brownlee Cyril Gilpin Chris Dresselt Marc-And
Sidney Drap- Lionel Telford
Siège n°5 Hugh Hammond Bill Telford Siège
Sister Evelyn
Skreney N G Secy Mrs. John Telford
Sparkling Wines Telford - Hoekstra Bill
Stan Hogg Evelyn Brownlee
Steve Telford
Steven Brodie Telford
Steven Telford
Supplies John A. Telford
Susan Evelyn
Susan Kimberley Telford
Susan Telford
Sylvia Telford
Telford "Quebec Approved
Telford A
Telford A James Sons 8.17
Telford Barry
Telford Big
Telford Bill
Telford Davies
Telford Fletcher
Telford Fom
Telford Gouvernement
Telford In
Telford Johnston
Telford Late Gilbert Telford Family
Telford Murrell
Telford Pembroke
Telford Penfold
Telford Russell
Telford Taylor
Terry Brodie Telford
Terry Steven Linda Telford
Terry Telford
The Misses Evelyn Armstrong
Thomas Cattertll Mrs. Evelyn Johnston
Thomas Paul* Hector Telford
Thomas Telford
Tnan Telford
Tom Telford
Tracy Telford
Trina Telford
Trina Telford Campbell
Trina Telford Get
Trina Telford Happy
Trina Telford McCoshen
Trina Telford Shannon
Tyler Brodie Telford
V H. Telford
V. Mulligan Evelyn Kilgour
Very Good—William Ander-Miss Evelyn Roblna Anthony
VicePresident Marie Telford
Walter Mrs. Telford
Waverly Telford
Wavne Telford
Wayne and Betty Telford
Wayne Telford
Wayne Telford 2
Wayne Telford And
Wednesdav Mrs Wayne Telford
Wesley Telford
White Show Evelyn
Wiida Ladou- Evelyn Dale
Wilda Telford
Wildia Telford
Willard Evelyn Date
Willard Lance Evelyn
William Beattie and Margaret Telford
William Telford
William Telford Former Pontiacor Dies
William Wilson........ Ephraim Mohr.......... Samuel Fraser......... John Telford
William Wilson........ Ephraim Mohr.......... Samuel Fraser.......... John Telford
Y * Evelyn Derrick
00 X George Telford
Evelyn Duff au 647-5543
Florence Telford
Fort Evelyn
Mason Telford
Mrs. Telford
Ottawa Civic Telford
Ottawa TELFORD River Phone
Prince Evelyn
Telford Road
Telford’s Grove
W. A. Hare James Telford County
2nd Committee Sister Evelyn
7th Line OBITUARIES John Ed Telford
Apple Telford
Association Plage Telford
B Division Gino Telford
Bristol Corners ; Jane Telford
Bristol Council Starks Corners Liond Telford
Bristol Recreation Evelyn Wilkinson’s
Captain Ronnie Telford Nick Brownlee Cyril Gilpin Chris Dresselt
Ch Telford Line
Community Association Evelyn Murphy
Community Hospital Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Community Mr Lionel Telford
Cornwall Hospital Misses Evelyn Lucas
Crowd At Chicken Dinner Mrs. Evelyn
Dame Adella Theresa Telford
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Telford
Evelyn & Family
Evelyn Bélisle
Evelyn Council and School Boards
Fly Telford-Smith Cu Monday
FOR RENT Telford
Ford Service Telford—
Free In-Home Service Call Lynn Telford
Heritage College Kimberly Telford
Home Economics and Health Evelyn Duff
Ideal Christ ma# Evelyn Davies
IGA Barbeque E. & A. Cantine Barber Farm Equipment Telford
Imperial Oil | Lionel Telford
Individual Aid John Telford
Interment Maple Telford
J H Telford & Sons
J.H. Telford & Son- 172.79 Rec.
JH Telford & Sons
JOHN TELFORD Bristol Itidge
JOHN TELFORD Bristol Ridge
John TELFORD Notre
Jungle Trina Telford
Junior Driver Competi-Lionel Telford
Lady Evelyn Public School
Lady Evelyn School
Lorraine Telford Church
McKee News Miss Evelyn Horner
Memorial Christopher Telford Gordie Block Kyle Meredith Allen Memorial Tyler
Mine Evelyn Culleton
Mine Evelyn H<
Ministry of Topo Telford
Miss Evelyn Pitt
MNA Telford
Motion Cr Telford
Motion Crs L Telford
Motion Crs Telford
Mrs Evelyn Lambert
Mrs Evelyn Pontiac Community Hospital
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Manager-Secretary
Mrs. Jim Telford
Municipal Miss Connie Telford
Murrells News AIL Miss Joan Telford
MW Eliza Ann Telford Passes Al Timmins IMPORTANT NOTICE Most
Myrtle Sullivan Evelyn
Natural Aluminum Doors Commercial FREE ESTIMATES Mrs. Evelyn McDowell
Neighbors Association Telford
Novice House Christopher Telford
Office Evelyn Brown
Pontiac Buick PEN FOLD - Telford
Pontiac Chiropractic Telford
Pontiac Community BHErE Tt-—- Kim Telford
Pontiac Community Joanne Telford
Pontiac County John Telford
Pontiac County Miss Diane Telford McKee
Pontiac Evelyn Hodgins
Pontiac Evelyn May Roberts Rick
Pontiac Farm Equipment Victor Tanner ......... Lionel Telford
Pontiac Forest Products Producers Board John Telford
Pontiac Home Master Breeders Evelyn
Pontiac Rural Telephone Co. Evelyn Annie McWhirter
Pontiac Telford
Pro Bill Investors Group Mutual Insurance Telford
Promutuel SHAWVILLE-CLARENDON’S 1ST Crabtree & Evelyn Products L
Public Lights Telford Store
Red Cross Gilbert Telford
Rev. Barney Wood - Doris Telford
RH Nugent Mayor John Telford
Route No. 1-Robert Telford*
Route No. 1—Robert Telford
SAUERKRAUT Vinton Mrs. Evelyn Hearty
Sewing Committee Evelyn Hod
Shawvllle Coop Medical Raise Proposed Equity Photo By Norma Telford A
SI 44* Key Telford
SINGER SEWING MACHINE Défendeur Telford Sales and Service
Skreney N G Secy Mrs. John Telford
Special Services Evelyn
St Church EVELYN
St Jo- Jo-Anne Telford
St Jo- Telford
St Joseph Man- Telford
Telford & Sons
Telford & Sons I
Telford & Sons Store Beechgrove
Telford 7th Line
Telford A Sons
Telford and Perry
Telford and Perry Be-
Telford and Sons
TELFORD At Pontiac Community A
Telford Edison Brown
Telford Store
TELFORD The Municipal Council
Telford; Perry
Telford—At Shawville Nursing Confessor
Telford’s Hotel
Transport Canada Fuel Economy Ratings Evelyn
UO Doris Telford
Victor & Geor- Evelyn Duff
Webster Elmer Telford
WNTER Arleen Whelan Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Yach Ronnie Telford