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Katherine McDonald

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Possible related entities:

--- McDonald
2. W K All McDonald''
A J McDonald
A K McDonald
A- McDonald
A. K McDonald
A. K. McDonald
A. McDonald
Abrasion Resistant Carbon Alloys Wallace McDonald Next
Ad Manager Katherine Hynes
Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore ClassifiedsICirculation Katherine Hynes
Ad Monoger Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circulation Ckye
Ad Sales Katherine Hynes
Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Claes
Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class Ad
Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Clous
Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Journalist Colette Blain Letters
Adam McDonald
Adam McDonald Bean
Adam McDonald Security
Adam McDonald Security 771- Germain Clairoux
Adc’ Katherine Hayes
Agent McDonald
Agent McDonald Ithc
Albert J. McDonald
Albert Neil McDonald
Alex McDonald
Alex* McDonald
Alex. McDonald
Alexander McDonald
Alexander McDonald to Winnifred Armstrong
Alexander McDonald-who___
Alexander McDonald.
Alfred J. McDonald
Alfred WtbwfnH McDonald
Allan McDonald
Allen Kenneth McDonald
Allen McDonald
Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald Tait Ross
Andrew Moved McDonald
Andrew Roy McDonald
Andrew Sheenboro McDonald
Andy McDonald
Andy McDonald and Karen Vcnassc
Andy Mcdonald Jerry Dubeau
Angus McDonald
Anna McDonald
Annie McDonald
Archibald Hugh McDonald
Arm- Katherine Dale
Arthur McDonald
Bakker Dtspkry Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Barry McDonald
Beck Pontiac Andv McDonald Renfrew Jason Poumier
Ben McDonald
Bernie McDonald
Betty McDonald
Blake Katherine
Bob McDonald
Brenda McDonald C.
Brenda McDonald Lavigne
Brenda Munroe Gail McDonald
Brendan McDonald
Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Ad/Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager » Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor K
Brent Horner J Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Brett McDonald
Brett McDonald’s
Brett SULLIVAN McDonald
Brian and Estelle McDonald
Brian McDonald
Bv G Campbell McDonald
C* Dawson A. McDonald
C. Dawson A. McDonald
Campbell McDonald
Campbell McDonald Jane
Carol McDonald
Carrie M McDonald
Carrie McDonald
Cartwright McDonald
Catherine McDonald
Cathy McDonald Douglas
Cathy McDonald Young
Chapeau Wallace McDonald
Charles McDonald
Charlie McDonald
Charlie McDonald ORDERS
Christina Katherine
Clara Beulah McDonald
Cleaner Joyce McDonald
Colette Blain Journalist Brent Homer Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Colette Blain Journalist Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales
Contact Katherine at
Contenders Margaret McAra Wallace McDonald Strongly Endorsed By Pontiac
D.’ A. McDonald
Dad Paul McDonald
Dale Brown Katherine Hynes Lawrence Stafford Campbell’s Bay Digital Darkroom Dave Moore Classifi
Dale McDonald
Dan McDonald
Daniel McDonald
Daniel McDonald Lewis Toiubo.... Hugh Calder
Daniel McDonald Lewis Tombo.... Hugh Calder
Danny McDonald
Darren McDonald
Dave McDonald
Dave Mocie Katherine Hynes
Dave Moore ClassifiedsICirculatlon Katherine Hynes
Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Michelle Th6i Donna Armitage Heather Dickson Ross Dickson
Dave Moore Terry Elliott Clarendon ClassifiedsISubscriptions Katherine Hynes
David McDonald
Davis McDonald
Dawson A McDonald
Dawson A. McDonald
Dear Mr. McDonald Without
Dennis Laliberté Katherine Earle
Dennis McDonald
Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Dickson M Heather Dickson ¦fl Editor Richard Wills H Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes
Don McDonald
Dona McDonald
Donald Brett McDonald
Donald Î1. McDonald
Donald J. McDonald
Donald McDonald
Donald McDonald K Turner
Donald McDonald MP
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald
Donna Hod- Katherine Dumont
Dorothy Stevens McDonald College
Doug McDonald
Dr. Harold P. McDonald
Duncan A McDonald
Duncan McDonald
Duncan McDonald Dead Promncrut Montreal Citizen Passes Away
Edgar Jean McDonald.
Edith McDonald
Eileen Miller Katherine Nyveld
Elizabeth Kavanagh McDonald
Emily McDonald
Emma McDonald
Ena McDonald
Eric & Katherine Ross
Eric McDonald
Ethel McDonald
Eugene F. McDonald
Eugene McDonald
Evelyn McDonald
Evelyn McDonald Shir-
Ex-Control 1er Duncan McDonald
Farm Use McDonald Çuyon Parish REV.
Frank McDonald
Fred McDonald
Friday Verna McDonald
Furniture Mrs Harriett McDonald
G. Campbell McDonald
Gail Hawley McDonald
Gail Hawley-McDonald
Gail Hawley-McDonald Health
Gail McDonald
Gail McDonald Congratulations
George and Alexander McDonald
George H. McDonald
George McDonald
George Reid Katherine f>rcsscti Ml
Gilles Gervais McDonald
Girl Katherine With Elsie
Gladys McDonald
Glenna Decorating Kathy McDonald-Young
Gordon McDonald
Graham McDonald
Gran- McDonald
Greg) McDonald
H T McDonald -
Harold McDonald
Harold R McDonald
Harry mm McDonald
Harry McDonald
Harry McDonald.
Hattie McDonald
Hayes Katherine
Hazel McDonald
Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Ad Manager Katherine Hynes D
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class Ad
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hyn
Heather McDonald
Heather McDonald Acres
Heather McDonald Robyn Hortie
Helen McDonald
Herb McDonald
Hockey Wallace McDonald
Hospital Auxiliary Katherine Elizabeth
Household Science KATHERINE BAKE* Joe Sondham
Household Science KATHERINE BAKER
Hsttie Trudeau Katherine Hepburn
Hubert McDonald
Hugh J McDonald
Hugh John McDonald
Hugh John McDonald Opens Govern
Hugh McDonald
Hugh N. Lackie McDonald
I van McDonald
I3SJ PubMws Ross Dickson Heather Dickson EcStof Richard Wits Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Clas
I3SJ Pubtihers Ross Ockson Heother Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cl
Ian McDonald
IJawson A. McDonald
Isabel Graham Katherine Nyveld
Isabella McDonald
Ivan McDonald
J A. McDonald
J D: McDonald
J McDonald
J. J. McDonald
J. McDonald
Jack McDonald
Jack Paiance McDonald Carey
Jackie ttom-with Bernie McDonald
Jacques Beaulieu Don McDonald
Jacques McDonald Bryson
James K. McDonald
James Kennedy McDonald
James McDonald
James McDonald.
Jane Ann McDonald
Jane McDonald
Janet Gra- McDonald
Jason McDonald Fund
Jean Lesage Wallace McDonald
Jean McDonald
Jeanette McDonald
Jeff Laura Katherine Witt Chris Witt
Jennie McDonald
JennifeT Steven McDonald
Jerry Lewis Marie McDonald A Funny Episode
Jerry Swim McDonald Carey
Jessie McDonald
Jex-de McDonald
Jim Joins Campbell McDonald
Jim McDonald
Jj Dawson A. McDonald
Joanne McDonald
Joanne McDonald Graduate
Joe McDonald
John A McDonald
John A. McDonald
John Alexander Logue McDonald
John HO J. McDonald
John J. McDonald
John McDonald
John McDonald Rheomatliw Remedy
John Melville McDonald
John R. McDonald
Joseph McDonald
Joseph McDonald.
Joyce McDonald
Kate McDonald
Katherine .
Katherine 1831-1913
Katherine 3841
Katherine 647-2204
Katherine Alberta Blackadar
Katherine Aldrcd
Katherine Anaerson
Katherine and David Jeffrey AUCTIONEERS
Katherine Anderson
Katherine Ann
Katherine Ann Fitz
Katherine Anne
Katherine Armit-
Katherine Armitage
Katherine Armstrong
Katherine Barclay
Katherine Bertrand
Katherine Beth
Katherine Betty
Katherine Black
Katherine Black Mrs Taylor
Katherine Blake
Katherine Blount
Katherine Bowie
Katherine Bowie Trophy
Katherine Brown
Katherine Burns
Katherine Cain Mr. Flynn
Katherine Campbell
Katherine Chevrier
Katherine Cornell
Katherine CORRIGAN—In
Katherine Cote
Katherine Cotie
Katherine Crck
Katherine Crick
Katherine Dale
Katherine Dale I.
Katherine Dean
Katherine Devereux
Katherine Donnelly
Katherine Dufour
Katherine Dunlap Gather
Katherine E. Maxwell
Katherine Elaine Newberry
Katherine Eli
Katherine Elkins
Katherine Ellen Mohr
Katherine F. Ken root
Katherine F. Lenroot
Katherine Fisher
Katherine Fitzpatrick
Katherine Fitzsimmons
Katherine Fletcher
Katherine Fletcher Bonnie Richardson H I. Hobbs Barbara Russell Shawville Kinsmen Club LOEB Shawvil
Katherine Fletcher’s
Katherine Flood
Katherine Frances
Katherine Frost
Katherine gasp-
Katherine Gibson
Katherine Giroux
Katherine Grant l.ou
Katherine Greene
Katherine Griffin
Katherine H Hyne*
Katherine H/ies Class
Katherine Hammel
Katherine Han Robert Cassidy
Katherine Haring
Katherine Haves
Katherine Hayes
Katherine Hayes Summerfield
Katherine Hayes-Summcrfield
Katherine Hays
Katherine Henderson—a
Katherine Henry Winkler
Katherine Hepburn
Katherine Hodgins
Katherine Homer
Katherine Horner
Katherine Howard
Katherine Hubbard
Katherine Hvne
Katherine Hvnes
Katherine Hy Class Ai
Katherine Hyne
Katherine Hynea
Katherine Hynee
Katherine Hynee Beavers
Katherine Hynee French
Katherine Hynee Season
Katherine Hynee Tim Hobbs
Katherine Hynee Winner
Katherine Hyner Clown
Katherine Hynes
Katherine Hynes 819-647-2204 Armstrong
Katherine Hynes 819-647-2204 Shaw
Katherine Hynes Advertising Manager
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim Thalheimer Journalist Claire Lunam Class
Katherine Hynes An
Katherine Hynes Because
Katherine Hynes Bountiful
Katherine Hynes Class
Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuiatlon Clore
Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circulation
Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cireolation Claire Lunam Journalist Sytoa Bokker
Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Orcukïtlon Ckxre Lunom
Katherine Hynes Class Ad/OrcukJtion Claire Lunam Journalist SytviaBakkef ADVERTISING
Katherine Hynes Claw Ad/CIrculalton
Katherine Hynes Connie Stanley
Katherine Hynes Darkroom
Katherine Hynes Darkroom Dave Moore Class.
Katherine Hynes David Moore
Katherine Hynes Digital
Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom
Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore ClassifiedsICirculation Katherine Hynes
Katherine Hynes Frank
Katherine Hynes Galeries Aylmer
Katherine Hynes Holland
Katherine Hynes Jack Graham
Katherine Hynes Jared Hamilton
Katherine Hynes Jim
Katherine Hynes Katlynn Hynes
Katherine Hynes Kyle Hynes
Katherine Hynes Ladysmith Bucs
Katherine Hynes Leslie Maria Dickson Pontiac
Katherine Hynes Memory Lane Farm
Katherine Hynes Onslow School Reunion Committee
Katherine Hynes Part
Katherine Hynes Photograph
Katherine Hynes Photography
Katherine Hynes Photos
Katherine Hynes Sales Representative
Katherine Hynes Smokin
Katherine Hynes Tammy Murray
Katherine Hynes That
Katherine Hynes Xtgh
Katherine Hyr.es Photograph
Katherine Jordan
Katherine Judd
Katherine Ka*h Mother
Katherine Kalpacka
Katherine Kavanangh
Katherine Keen
Katherine Kelpacka
Katherine Kennedy
Katherine King
Katherine Krafchik
Katherine Kuehl
Katherine Kullman
Katherine L. Daniher
Katherine Lafleur
Katherine Laliberte
Katherine Lawn
Katherine Leach
Katherine Lefitia
Katherine Lenroot
Katherine Lepack
Katherine Letitia Robinson
Katherine Letts
Katherine Lindsley
Katherine Locke
Katherine Logan
Katherine Lucinda Margaret
Katherine Lynn
Katherine Lynn Crick
Katherine Macdonald
Katherine Mae
Katherine Marion Alexander
Katherine Maroney
Katherine May
Katherine Mayo’s
Katherine McClelland
Katherine McDonald
Katherine McKeddie
Katherine McKibbuti
Katherine McLellan
Katherine McNabb
Katherine McNeill
Katherine McRae
Katherine Moir Me Gregor Dickson
Katherine MoPhail
Katherine Mouldy
Katherine Mr.
Katherine Msclennan
Katherine Mul-
Katherine Mulligan
Katherine Muloin
Katherine Murphy
Katherine Ness
Katherine Niven
Katherine Ny-
Katherine Ny-veld
Katherine Nyvcld
Katherine Nyveld
Katherine Nyveld Lloyd Cone
Katherine O Neill
Katherine October
Katherine P 2fi Males
Katherine Parr
Katherine Patter-
Katherine Patterson
Katherine Patterson Diploma Program Macdonald College Dairy Day
Katherine Peever
Katherine Perry
Katherine Picken
Katherine Qawford
Katherine Racine Dubcau
Katherine Racine Dubeau
Katherine Rae
Katherine Raht
Katherine Rawls
Katherine Reid
Katherine Ricci
Katherine Richards
Katherine Riedel
Katherine Roach
Katherine Roles
Katherine Ross Carpentry
Katherine Roy
Katherine Sadie Gladys Gillies
Katherine Sadie Gladys GiMies
Katherine Scott
Katherine Seymour
Katherine Sims
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smser
Katherine Society
Katherine Sparling
Katherine Spots
Katherine Spotswood
Katherine Stinson
Katherine Strutt
Katherine Summerfleld
Katherine Switzer
Katherine Tan
Katherine Telfer
Katherine Telfer Member
Katherine Telford
Katherine Teller
Katherine Throw Seniors
Katherine Tracev Hérault
Katherine Tracey
Katherine Tracy
Katherine Tracy Honored Gordon
Katherine Truesdale
Katherine van der Veer
Katherine War-
Katherine Waters
Katherine Weill
Katherine Wentworth
Katherine Winston Kinnaird
Katherine Witt
Katherine Wood-June
Katherine Woodley
Katherine Woodward
Katherine Woodward People
Katherine W’hittelsey
Katherine Yolnrgh
Katherine Young
Katherine Yuill
Kathy McDonald
Katleen McDonald
Kay McDonald
Keith McDonald
Kelly McDonald
Kelsey McDonald
Ken McDonald
Kenneth K. McDonald
Kenneth McDonald
Kenneth McDonald C& Sons
Kenneth McDonald.
Kerry McDonald
Kerry McDonald We
Kevin McDonald
Kim McDonald
Kyle Fraser McDonald
L.T. McDonald
Laura Katherine 2003
Laura McDonald
Lawrence A. McDonald
Leah Miller Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital
Leo Downey McDonald
Levi McDonald
Lew McDonald
Liberal Candidate Wallace McDonald
License Inspector McDonald
Local Member McDonald
Lt’d McDonald
Lucy McDonald
Lynn McDonald
Mac McDonald
Mae Ferguson McDonald Senior Euchre Club
Maggie Lynn McDonald
Margaret E. McDonald
Margaret McDonald
Margaret McDONALD* Rosemary Poirier
Marge McDonald
Marguerite McDonald
Marine McDonald
Marion Rose White Katherine Ross
Marjorie McDonald
Marjory McDonald
Mark McDonald
Mary Ann McDonald
Mary Katherine
Mary Katherine Campbell
Mary Katherine Dolan
Mary Katherine Maxwell
Mary Katherine Morrissey
Mary Katherine Newton
Mary Margaret Emma McDonald
Mary McDonald
McArthur Murray McDonald H. Knox
McDonald Bertrand
McDonald Col
McDonald da
McDonald Funeral
McDonald Mrs Ivan Hodgins
McDonald Saturday
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McGee McDonald
McGill Giuue X — Isabel McDonald
Megan McDonald
Mel McDonald
Men Alex McDonald
Merle Smith McDonald
Mervin McDonald
Messrs Archie McDonald
Messrs J R McDonald
Messrs McDonald
Messrs. Alex and William McDonald.
Mi** Katherine
Mias Kate McDonald
Mias McDonald
Michael Lloyd Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Darkroom
Mike McDonald
Mike Sulli- McDonald
Mike Sullivan McDonald
Minnie McDonald
Mis Hughie McDonald
Mis Melville McDonald
Mise Nettie McDonald
Miss C McDonald
Miss Margaret McDonald
Mng Wallace McDonald
Morrison Mrs. Katherine Telfer Mormon
Motivating Stu-Katherine Dale
Mr Al McDonald
Mr Alex McDonald
Mr Duncan McDonald
Mr Paul McDonald
Mr Raymond McDonald.
Mr W R McDonald
Mr Wallace McDonald
Mr, McDonald
Mr. Alex McDonald
Mr. Alex McDonald I
Mr. Alexander McDonald
Mr. Andrew McDonald
Mr. Archie McDonald
Mr. Dawson A. McDonald
Mr. Duncan McDonald
Mr. Howard “w^lt McDonald
Mr. Hugh McDonald
Mr. Ivan McDonald
Mr. James McDonald
Mr. John McDonald
Mr. McDonald
Mr. Owen McDonald
Mr. Thomas McDonald
Mr. W K McDonald
Mr. W R McDonald
Mr. Wallace McDonald
Mr. Wihiam McDonald
Mr< Katherine Armstrong
Mrs Harvey McDonald
Mrs W McDonald
Mrs. Alec McDonald
Mrs. Alex McDonald
Mrs. Alex McDonald Bereaved Harness
Mrs. Alexander McDonald
Mrs. Angus McDonald
Mrs. Blytli McDonald
Mrs. David McDonald
Mrs. Duncan McDonald
Mrs. Emily McDonald
Mrs. Ernest McDonald
Mrs. Fred McDonald
Mrs. Herb McDonald
Mrs. Hugh McDonald
Mrs. Hughie McDonald
Mrs. James McDonald
Mrs. Joe McDonald
Mrs. John McDonald
Mrs. Jos McDonald
Mrs. Mac McDonald
Mrs. Mary McDonald
Mrs. McDonald
Mrs. Melville McDonald
Mrs. Neil McDonald
Mrs. Ough McDonald
Mrs. Roderick McDonald
Mrs. Ross McDonald
Mrs. William McDonald
Mrt Alex McDonald
Mr» Dr. S. E. McDonald
Music Patrick McDonald Moved
Nancy McDonald
Natasha McDonald
Neil II McDonald Billiard Tables
Neil McDonald
Nelson McDonald
News Director Campbell McDonald
Nicholas McDonald
Nolan McDonald
Norm Lemke Shannon McDonald
Norman McDonald
Norris McDonald
O J. McDonald
O. J. McDonald
On W McDonald.
Oswald Joseph McDonald
Oswald McDonald
Owner Katherine Hayes Summerfield
Paige Katherine
Pat and Cathy McDonald
Pat Katherine
Pat Laura Katherine
Pat McDonald
Patrick McDonald Financial Consultant
Patrick McDonald FEB.
Patrick McDonald Financial Consultant Stewart
Patrick McDonald Q
Patrick McDonald xja30/00
Paul Douglas Sterling Hayden Technicolor P Douglas McDonald Carey L #
Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald.
Paul McGee Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Paul McGee Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circulotion Claire Lunam
Pearl McDonald
Peter McDonald
Peter McDonald)
Ph Norris McDonald
Poupore A McDonald
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cla
Que Sale Prices Phon V Judge Millar Commits Peoples And McDonald
R McDonald
R. McDonald
Ray D. McDonald Tcmiskaming
Raymond Johnston Wallace McDonald
Raymond McDonald
Rebecca Wilson Katherine
Reeve McDonald
Rev A McDonald
Rev D. J. McDonald
Rev E G. McDonald
Rev F J Hear John J. McDonald FASTI R V Rogation Sunday Clarendon
Rev Father McDonald
Rev K McDonald
Rev K McDonald Parish Priest Mr Kenneth Carmichael
Rev. A K McDonald
Rev. A K. McDonald
Rev. A K. McDonald PP.
Rev. A. K McDonald
Rev. A.K. McDonald
Rev. Allan Kenneth McDonald
Rev. Angus McDonald
Rev. D.J. McDonald
Rev. E G. McDonald
Rev. E Grant McDonald B A. !
Rev. Father McDonald
Rev. Father McDonald Kncx L O.L
Rev. Father McDonald.
Rev. FVher McDonald Interment
Rev. M McDonald
Rev. Malcolm McDonald
Rev. Monseigneur McDonald
Rev. Mr. McDonald
Rev. R. D. Bile K. McDonald
Reverend Angus McDonald
Rhont Fleming B E McDonald Carey
Rice School Health Nurse Mrs. Katherine Sahner
Richard W*S Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuiotion Clore Lunom Journalist Sylvia B
Richard Wills V McDonald
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Richard WWs Display Ad Manoger Katherine Hynes Class Ad/CtrcukJhon Claire Lunam Joumatist Sylvia Bo
Rita McDonald
Robert McDonald
Robert McDonald.
Robert Mrs Harriette McDonald Anglican Church
Robert Redford NOW Lee Yen Cleef Katherine Ross
Rod McDonald
Roderick McDonald
Ron Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circulat
Ron McDonald’s Canadian
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald Darcy Findlay
Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House SATURDAY
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti-Dickson Ann Taylor Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Scott Campbell Janey Duf
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editcx Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Or
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Orculation
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wilis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wilts Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wins Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wis Duptoy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circutot
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcut
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/OrcUo
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wls Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cio» Ad/Circulat
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wtiis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Ckcul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuia
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Qrcukjt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Dtipiov Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu(
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/CtrcukJt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcutatt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Edrtor Richard Witts Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cifcui
Ross Dickson Heather Ockson Edttor Richard Wilts Osptay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heatrw Dickson Ecttof Richard Wilis Display Ad Manage* Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cvculo
Ross Dickson Heotrw Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcot
Ross Katherine - Peacefully
Roy McDonald
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald Shelagh McNabh
Sadie McDonald
Samuel McDonald
Sandra Katherine
Sandra McDonald
Sandy McDonald
Sarah McDonald
Scan McDonald
Scott McDonald
Se- H McDonald
Sean McDonald
Seifert McDonald
Service Rev. E. Grant McDonald B A Armstrong
Shannon McDonald
Shannon McDonald’s
Shannon Morris McDonald
Shari McDonald
Sharon McDonald
Shawn McDonald
Sheila McDonald
Sidney Poitier Katherine Hepburn Adult Entertainment Wafer Pollution Control
Sister Margaret McDonald
Sister Margaret |pi McDonald
Sister Marguerite McDonald
Smith A McDonald
Spanish Sig-Miss McDonald
Sr Margarete McDonald
Sr Margurite McDonald
Sr.—1 Edith McDonald
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore Brian Gibb
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore ClassifiedsICirculation Katheri
Stacey Acker Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Digital Darkroom Dave Moore Dear Editor
Staff Sergeant McDonald
Stake- Nancy McDonald
Stan McDonald
Stanley McDonald Cooper
Stephen and Katherine 54115BS9 WANTED
Stephen McDonald
Steve Crovford-Mee McDonald
Steve McDonald
Steven McDonald
Steven McDonald Ryan
Steven McDonald Saturday
Steven Shannon McDonald
Surely Mr^McDonald
Sylvia Bakker Reporter Pout McGee Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Adz Circulation
Sylvia McDonald CMD
T. McDonald
Taylor Shelley McDonald
Ted McDonald
Teresa McDonald
Tim McDonald
Tim McDonald MONDAY
Timmy McDonald
Timothy McDonald
Tom Kerry McDonald
Tom McDonald
TrSwls JZLËMlZ # Wallace McDonald Published
Trudeau Rev. K McDonald
V : Katherine Hynes
V. McDonald
Vera Katherine Miskelly
Vera Katherine Miskelly R.N. Cabin”
Vera McDonald
Vince McDonald’s
W R McDonald
W R. McDonald
W «rden McDonald
W. B McDonald
W. B. McDonald
W. K McDonald M.
W. McDonald
W. R McDonald
W. R McDonald Majority
W.R. McDonald
Wallace It McDonald
Wallace K McDonald
Wallace McDonald
Wallace McDonald An-
Wallace McDonald Fort
Wallace McDonald Retumng Offcer Pontiac-Temiscamingue
Wallace McDonald Send
Warden Bill McDonald
Wayne Perry McDonald College
Wilbert McDonald
William J. McDonald
William McDonald
William McDonald Hayward M.R.C. Statement
William R McDonald.................. Succession
William R McDonald................... Succession
William R. McDonald
William R. McDonald Succession
Wilson McDonald
Wilson Mise Katherine Krug College’s
Wm McDonald
X R McDonald
XV. H. McDonald
XV. R McDonald
XV. R. McDonald
Young - McDonald
_ Claude McDonald
Anaheim McDonald’s
Andy McDonald
K. McDonald
Katherine Griffin
Lower McDonald
Luke McDonald
McDonald Lake
Pearl McDonald
Rev. Malcolm McDonald
Richmond McDonald
16,1979 Katherine Perry
A. J. McDonald b.
A. McDonald
A. McDonald,
Alex McDonald proprietor .
Anaheim McDonald s* Family Game
ANDRE FORTIN Arpenteur Géomètre Lend Surveyor A JIM MCDONALD free Water Analysis
Archie McDonald Ltd. ¦*
Article Mr Hu8h McDonald and Kobbie Robichaud
Brett McDonald and Nelson
Bridal Supplement Contact Katherine
Bristol Katherine Hynes Claire Lunam Colette Blain ADVERTISING DEADLINE MONDAY 5 PM Published
Bryson Estate Katherine Picken
Catholic Church Maryland Rev. A K. McDonald P.P. Sunday Maas
Catholic Church Maryland Rev. A K. McDonald P.P. Sunday Mass
Cathy McDonald Douglas
Collection Department Minutes Clarendon Schools WRIGHT & McDonald Board of School Commissioners
Coulonge Golf & Country Club Mom s Restaurant Katherine Fletcher Bonnie
CRSSSO Planning Advisor Grégoire Ruel and English Services Advisor Gail Hawley-McDonald
Davy McDonald
Delay Katherine Stinson
Department McDonald known
Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes A
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim Thalheimer J
District Passenger Agent McDonald Ithc
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald.
Douglas McDonald Carey L #
DREAM WIFE McDonald Care) CAINE MUTINY Carol Marsh Deborah Kci
F. McDonald John McArthur Isador Tromley Edward Tromley
Food Drive McDonald s* Family
FOR RENT Katherine
FORD Cars Wright & McDonald Barristers
FRIDAY A SATURDAY Maureen O Hara McDonald Carey November
G M C. TRUCKS Lepack McDonald
Gall Hawley-McDonald 2:00
Heather McDonald Acres.
HI V McDonald) of
Household Science KATHERINE BAKER
Hughes Mrs. Alec McDonald, Quyon
Imperial Oil Father McDonald
J. McDonald
K. McDonald P.P. Sunday Mae
Katherine Hynee Season
Katherine Ryder
KENNETH McDONALD Ne St Matthews Ladies Guild
KENNETH McDONALD Parti Québécois
KITCHEN SUITES BEDDING Wallace McDonald Retumng Offcer Pontiac-Temiscamingue CHAIRS 1
Lake Mrs Mabel McDonald of Marmora
LEAH MILLER Equity Editor RAWQ Call Katherine
Legislature Messrs. McDonald, Barry US.
Local Member McDonald
Local Protestant School Board Meetings CLARENDON Campbell McDonald.)
Mae Ronnie McDonald at Pine Lodge
Mart McDonald n« into
Master Ivan McDonald, Ottawa
Master Ossie McDonald
Master Oswald McDonald, of Portage Hull Electric
MAUREEN CARSON Miranda Katherine
McDonald / u
McDonald Financial Consultant
McDonald There
McDonald $15.00
McDonald $4.00
McDonald & Bath
McDonald & Sheppard
McDonald (
McDonald (Evangeline
McDonald (L
McDonald (Mary
McDonald - Young
McDonald ........ Red Deer
McDonald .............. John Miller
McDonald .as/tiUX
McDonald .said
McDonald 11.755 : Fiche
McDonald 111 GENTLEMEN
McDonald 2 10
McDonald 2.08 by
McDonald 201 >
McDonald 21.
McDonald 3rd prize
McDonald 5 6<
McDonald 5.00 S. Knox
McDonald 6 Hon
McDonald 8:30 pm
McDonald : Labor Fanner
McDonald ;
McDonald ; 2nd
McDonald ; 2nd Lit
McDonald ; 3rd
McDonald ; 5mj
McDonald ; Financial Secretary
McDonald ; J
McDonald < f
McDonald A
McDonald A Bo.well
McDonald A Co
McDonald A Funny Episode
McDonald Addresses Large Gathering
McDonald Advocates
McDonald An- /
McDonald ana Wymui Mac Kechnie
McDonald and
McDonald and Alice Mainville
McDonald and Amber Morris
McDonald and Amber Morris Municipality
McDonald and Belanger
McDonald and Brenda Talion
McDonald and C
McDonald and C. McNally
McDonald and Colleen Dunn Calgary
McDonald and Darleen
McDonald and Dr. Reese
McDonald and Edward Noyee
McDonald and Gaboury
McDonald and Gagnon
McDonald and Happy
McDonald and Hon
McDonald and How
McDonald and J Hogan
McDonald and John Mainvillc Andrew
McDonald and Kerry
McDonald and Maggie
McDonald and MEDICAL
McDonald and Mr. Ernest Gaboury
McDonald and Mr. Jas
McDonald and Mrs.
McDonald and Mrs. Ay-ear
McDonald and Mrs. Hunter
McDonald and Mrs. McDonald.
McDonald and Nicholas
McDonald and Owen Glea
McDonald and Peebles
McDonald and Peoples
McDonald and Piche
McDonald and Rev.
McDonald and Romain
McDonald and Sloan
McDonald and Thos Dale
McDonald and W.
McDonald and Ward
McDonald Anglican Church
McDonald Appliance Service
McDonald Appliance Service Ltd.
McDonald at Fine Lodge
McDonald at Pine Lodge
McDonald at Pme Lodge
McDonald b.
McDonald B. C. L.| STRAW HATS
McDonald B. C. Li STRAW HATS
McDonald B. G.
McDonald b.c.l.
McDonald Bean s Service
McDonald brand* of Liquors
McDonald Bryson.
McDonald by John MacFarlane
McDonald C& Sons
McDonald C. High Jump
McDonald Caldwell
McDonald Carey A
McDonald Carey and Marta Toren
McDonald Carey color
McDonald Carey ODONGO
McDonald Carey | PAUL A MARTINEAU Attorney
McDonald CARRY ON SERGEANT Shirley Eaton Bill Owen Distinguished Speakers Will Attend Plus Publishe
McDonald Cartier
McDonald Cartier Bridge
McDonald CEl Sons
McDonald CFRA’s News
McDonald CHAPEAU #
McDonald CHAPEAU »
McDonald Cheque....... Flementavy Cheque
McDonald chose Dale Schutt
McDonald Clarendon Woollen Co.
McDonald Club
McDonald CMD of
McDonald Co.; SHAW VILLE
McDonald cod Mrs. George Colton
McDonald CoHeg
McDonald Col- Castle Bldg.
McDonald College
McDonald College .
McDonald College 1958
McDonald College : Myrtle Hades
McDonald College and
McDonald College Creamery Butter
McDonald College for Teachers
McDonald College i Bom
McDonald College Journal
Mcdonald College lor
McDonald College Obit
McDonald College on
McDonald College on the Women’s Association
McDonald College sug
McDonald College The Hunting Season
McDonald College Visitors
McDonald College.
McDonald coloured.
McDonald Corners
McDonald Cup Outaouais
McDonald Çuyon Parish REV.
McDonald C®, Sons
McDonald d
McDonald Darcy Findlay
McDonald dated 7th July
McDonald Dead Promncrut Montreal Citizen Passes Away
McDonald defeated W.
McDonald department
McDonald Director Poupore & McDonald Limited iaesM
MCDONALD Dodd’s Kidney
McDonald efficlated.
McDonald Elected In
McDonald Elected.
McDonald Endorsed.
McDonald express- Council
McDonald Farm
McDonald Farm when ClilTllItCltlJT^
McDonald Farm.
McDonald Farms Imperii
McDonald FASTI R V
McDonald FEB.
McDonald Financial Consultant
McDonald Financial Consultant Stewart
McDonald For
McDonald for #
McDonald FOR SERVICE Registered Berkshire Boar
McDonald Forbes of Norway
McDonald Fort Col*longe District Township
McDonald Fort Cou
McDonald Found Dead
McDonald Fu-
McDonald Fu-Halpenny,
McDonald Fuels Ken
McDonald Fund
McDonald Funeral Home
McDonald Funeral There
McDonald Gentlemen !
McDonald gets ACCLAMATION Sec.-Trea
McDonald Gives Advice On Duties Of Catholic League
McDonald Government
McDonald gpeM
McDonald Graduate, Human Resources Management
McDonald Graduate.
McDonald gressive Conservative
McDonald Grey N
McDonald H. Knox R. Hodgins Me Itae
McDonald HA VS
McDonald Had Rheumatism
McDonald had That the
McDonald Hannah s
McDonald Has
McDonald Hawley Nayl
McDonald Hayward M.R.C. Statement
McDonald Her many
McDonald Hew Prices
McDonald Hockey score
McDonald Holdings Inc.
McDonald Holy Trinity
McDonald Horses Wanted
McDonald Hospital Board Optimistic After Journey
McDonald Hotel.
McDonald House
McDonald House and
McDonald House Atom B
McDonald House for Ottawa Princesses
McDonald House hockey
McDonald House min
McDonald House SATURDAY
McDonald house.
McDonald House: With
McDonald Houses.
McDonald Human Resources Management
McDonald I Telephone
McDonald If C.
McDonald Improvements
McDonald Inquest William
McDonald Institute at
McDonald ITew Prices
McDonald J
McDonald J* A. Lyon
McDonald Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
McDonald jnson Seat No.
McDonald Journal
McDonald Journal.
McDonald Just Arrived Barristers
McDonald Keen wedding
McDonald Kelly
McDonald Ker.
McDonald Kncx L O.L
McDonald Lake.
McDonald Lewis Toiubo.... Hugh Calder
McDonald Lewis Tombo.... Hugh Calder
MCDONALD ley Disease
McDonald LI Kern O’Malley
McDonald Limited
McDonald limited NOTICE
McDonald Limited will
McDonald Lit» Dr.
McDonald Ltd Saturday
McDonald Ltd that
McDonald ltd.
McDonald Ltd. / NEW
McDonald l_ McGUIRE
McDonald M L
McDonald M. I
McDonald M. L.
McDonald M. L. A
McDonald M. L. V
McDonald M. P.
McDonald M.L.A.
McDonald made Messrs. Hilton
McDonald Majority
McDonald Majority.
McDonald Manager, Real Estate Department
McDonald Married On Dec
McDonald meeting.
McDonald MIA
McDonald mid Mrs.
McDonald Miss R. McNair
McDonald ML. A.
McDonald Ml89 Liubyl Eades
McDonald Molly
McDonald Moved by
McDonald Moved by Clrs Guilard
Mcdonald n *
McDonald New Prices
McDonald Notice Advocates
McDonald November 13
McDonald Observatory
McDonald of
McDonald of Admaston
McDonald of Amprior
McDonald of Arnprior
McDonald of Arnprior; Mr. Irvin Robinson
McDonald of Aylmer
McDonald of Bean’s
McDonald of Bean’s Service
McDonald of Bristol
McDonald of Bristol and New York
McDonald of Bristol Comers
McDonald of Bristol.
McDonald of Bryson
McDonald of Cani|
McDonald of Carlsbad Inches;
McDonald of Chapeau
McDonald of Clou- Cora McNeill
McDonald of Como
McDonald of Cox
McDonald of Eganville
McDonald of Farrelton
McDonald of Glengarry
McDonald of Maryland
McDonald of Maryland Rev. Father Kiernan
McDonald of Mont-The Richard Family
McDonald of Montreal
McDonald of Nor- I School
McDonald of Orleans
McDonald of Ot-taw* Also
McDonald of Ottawa
McDonald of Pembroke
McDonald of Pine Lodge
McDonald of Pine Lodge Nov.
McDonald of Qu
McDonald of Quyon
McDonald of Renfrew
McDonald of Rock Sprng
McDonald of Sand Point
McDonald of Schumacher
McDonald of Shawville
McDonald of St
McDonald of the United Town-was
McDonald of Timmins
McDonald of Toronto
McDonald of Ulmer
McDonald of Vice-President
McDonald of We
McDonald of West Miss Jo Anne Nuttall of Toronto
McDonald of Windsor
McDonald officiated
McDonald officiating.
McDonald Oi Chapeau
McDonald OMI
McDonald on March
McDonald on Saturday the
McDonald Opens Govern
McDonald P.P. SL Thomas
McDonald P.P. Sunday
McDonald Parish Priest Mr Kenneth Carmichael
McDonald passed Paddy Kilbride
McDonald Ph''smv
McDonald Phone 647-5611 312 MAIN STREET.
McDonald pio- J. E. O’Meara Jocco JAN.
McDonald Pp Just
McDonald PP.
McDonald pro- B
McDonald pro- Uble
McDonald pro- Vr"r
McDonald pro-1 ago
McDonald Published at
McDonald Q BestHotiday Wishes PEL
McDonald Quyon.
McDonald R. A. Grant
McDonald R. N. Code
McDonald Renfrew 4
McDonald Renfrew C Ross
McDonald Renfrew D Warlord
McDonald Renfrew J Maurice Pontiac
McDonald Retumng Offcer Pontiac-Temiscamingue THE FREE METHODIST CHURCH REV.
McDonald Rev. 2
McDonald Rheomatliw Remedy
McDonald Richie Raymond
McDonald rlie Deep River Choral Group
McDonald road.
McDonald Robyn Hortie
McDonald Ronald Get
McDonald s
McDonald s College
McDonald s Cor-Campbell
McDonald s Corners-Sept
McDonald s Corners—Sept
McDonald s farm Majorte
McDonald s for
McDonald s Judy
McDonald s M & R Feeds
McDonald s On*»
McDonald s Plow Boy;
McDonald s Re-
McDonald s Victory Celebrated DR.
McDonald s XP.
McDonald s* Family
McDonald s.
McDonald said Bean’s
McDonald said By HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher A
McDonald scored Aylmer
McDonald seconded l»y
McDonald Security 771- Germain Clairoux
McDonald Security 771- Zion Lutheran Church
McDonald Security 7718693
McDonald Select your
McDonald Senior Euchre Club
McDonald Shelagh McNabh
McDonald ship
McDonald Short Course Students Assist With Travelling Library Council Council No.
McDonald Speaks Al Ouyon CWL
McDonald Sr birthday
McDonald St ,
McDonald St.
McDonald Stallion of
McDonald Strongly Endorsed By Pontiac
McDonald Succession d
McDonald Succession d Burns
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McDonald Tait
McDonald Tcmiskaming and
McDonald TEACHER WANTED Barristers
McDonald Teaching College
McDonald testified | Thos
McDonald tfc Co.
McDonald that in8
McDonald The
McDonald The Singing Missionary
McDonald There
McDonald They
McDonald Tobacco Company Edinburgh
McDonald took In*
McDonald tournament /
McDonald Tournament the
McDonald Tournament.
McDonald Tourney -w
McDonald Uew Prices
McDonald Wear Your Bear Day
McDonald Weeks for
McDonald worked EHEE''B
McDonald _.
McDonald | R„ A. DENNIS
McDonald «o i
McDonald «V Son
McDonald “ Your Last Tribute
McDonald “Spring
McDonald''* Superb Shirley Poppy
McDonald''s "
McDonald''s Corners—Sept
McDonald''s gateway
McDonald''s house
McDonald''s inijHising
McDonald''s ln8
McDonald''s on
McDonald''s Reliable Seeds
McDonald''s Superb Mixed
McDonald''s Tested Seeds
McDonald''» ieeted Seeds
McDonald''» Tested Seed* True
McDonald) 2nd John Marque
McDonald) Costin
McDonald) Lucas
McDonald) Tel-
McDonald) Terioult
McDonald) Theriault
McDonald) Young
McDonald, É
McDonald, 10,618
McDonald, 8. Drawing
McDonald, A
McDonald, Advocate
McDonald, Arnprior
McDonald, B
McDonald, B C
McDonald, B C L E. B Renni*
McDonald, B C L.
McDonald, B C L. 645.00 1 0.00
McDonald, B C L. 645.00 1 0.00 670.00
McDonald, B C L. FOR SERVICE Registered Yorkshire Boar
McDonald, B C L. Pembroke
McDonald, B C L. Poison Gas
McDonald, B C L. Registered Holstein
McDonald, B C L. Runabout
McDonald, B C L/] Parish of North Clarendon Church of England Services Rev.
McDonald, B C.L.
McDonald, B C.L. A
McDonald, B C.L. We
McDonald, B C.L.^
McDonald, B.
McDonald, B. A Herh Gibson X
McDonald, B.C.
McDonald, B.C.L.
McDonald, Barrister
McDonald, BC L
McDonald, Bean’s Service
McDonald, Billings Bridge
McDonald, Bryson
McDonald, C.M.O D.S.O.
McDonald, Chapeau
Mcdonald, Colleen Morris
McDonald, Conservative
McDonald, Currie
McDonald, D.
McDonald, District Pas
McDonald, District Passenger Agent
McDonald, District Passenger May
McDonald, E.
McDonald, Earl
McDonald, Esq
McDonald, Esq Cbone Hayes
McDonald, Esq.
McDonald, Hugh
McDonald, Iln
McDonald, Independent Liberal
McDonald, Independent Liberal,
McDonald, Independent Rad
McDonald, j Valuation Roll
McDonald, JM.
McDonald, Ksq.
McDonald, Liberal
McDonald, Liberal Candidate
McDonald, Ltd
McDonald, M
McDonald, M L
McDonald, M L A
McDonald, M L.A.
McDonald, M.
McDonald, M. L A
McDonald, M.F.
McDonald, M.L
McDonald, M.L.
McDonald, M.L.A.
McDonald, M.L.A. Withdraws
McDonald, M.P.
McDonald, M.r
McDonald, Marine
McDonald, Melvin Gagnon
McDonald, Miles Fare
McDonald, Ml*
McDonald, Mrs. Hayes
McDonald, MvGiil
McDonald, Nn-lon Station
McDonald, Noranda; Mrs.
McDonald, Nova
McDonald, of
McDonald, of Gravest Andrew’s United Church
McDonald, of Noranda
McDonald, Official
McDonald, Ou
McDonald, P
McDonald, P.
McDonald, P. S.—Carting
McDonald, P.P.
McDonald, Pembroke
McDonald, Plain-tirt
McDonald, Port
McDonald, PP
McDonald, PP.
McDonald, printing
McDonald, Quyon
McDonald, Raymond Mor-
McDonald, Rev
McDonald, Rev. D.
McDonald, Rsq.
McDonald, Sentinel
McDonald, Shawville
McDonald, Sheri
McDonald, T A
McDonald, T.
McDonald, Timmy McDonald.
McDonald, Union
McDonald, Union Hta-tion
McDonald, Union Station
McDonald, W.
McDonald, W. CampWU.
McDonald, Wilfred Laurier
McDonald, Wm
McDonald,164; Tittley
McDonald... Flint......
McDonald................. Succession
McDonald.................. Succession
McDonald................... Succession
McDonald..................... "
McDonald; 3rd
McDonald; Bol- 1
McDonald; Mary Chamberlain
McDonald; Sad I*
McDonald; Treasurer
McDonald; vice-president
McDonald; wings
McDonald—At Youville Hospital Noranda
McDonald’* Everbeat Summer Cabbage Handsome
McDonald’s Corners
McDonald’s Corners Maberly
McDonald’s Corners Milton
McDonald’s* Family
McDonald’» Corners
McDonald” Is
McDonald” Mrs Edith Lair
Members Official Business & Election of Directors Guest Speaker Gail Hawley-McDonald Health and Soc
Mine Jane McDonald, of
Ministry of Trans- McDonald and Mamn
Monday McDonald W I
Morning W--ship Wallace McDonald Retumng Offcer Pontiac-Temiscamingue
Morning Worship McDonald Appliance Service Ltd.
Mr. Alex McDonald of Ot- Wed Al
Mrs Eldon McDonald of Sudbury
Mrs Mae McDonald at Bristol.
Mrs Mae McDonald at Pine Lodge
Mrs Mae McDonald will M
Mrs Mary McDonald of Montreal
Mrs. Alex McDonald Bereaved Harness
Mrs. Alex McDonald.
Mrs. Mac McDonald, Wrightville
Mrs. Roy McDonald and Miss Kay
Mrs. Wayne Perry McDonald College
Mu* McDonald Journal sur-
NY Islanders McDonald s* Family
Pelletier Zion Hospital Auxiliary Katherine Elizabeth
Pioneer Ful-o-Pep Mary Margaret Emma McDonald
Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited Bonnechere Excavating Inc. Farm Air Services McDonald Fuels McLaughlin
Pontiac Andrew McDonald who cel- Bee "
Pontiac Andv McDonald Renfrew Jason Poumier
Pontiac Angus McDonald con-
Pontiac Community Hos- with Mae McDonald
Pontiac County Co-operative Miss Katherine Donnelly
PREVENT GOITRE Mr. McDonald our M.
PT Cruiser McDonald.
Publishers Rosi Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richord Wills Deploy Ad Monoger Katherine Hynes Clas
Ranch Hotel Mrs Helen McDonald
Rev- A- McDonald PJ».
Rice School Health Nurse Mrs. Katherine Sahner
Roman Catholic Church Maryland Rev. A K. McDonald P.P.
Sale Dame Flora McDonald Wiggins that
September McDonald of Gloucester
Shannon McDonald
Society Father McDonald
SSKSSÏ Call Katherine
ST Catholic Church Maryland K. McDonald P.P BETHEL PENTECOSTAL TABERNACLE Minister
St Katherine
St. McDonald
St. Vincent de Paul Katherine Society
Sûreté du U Steven McDonald
Wesleyan Methodist Mae McDonald
WRICHT & McDonald Gentlemen I Advocates
WRIGHT & McDonald New Prices