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Sandy Somerville

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Possible related entities:

647-2402 Sandy Welburn
A. Somerville
Activities Chairman Sandy Burke
Addie Somerville
Addle Somerville
Adeline Somerville
Aggie Somerville
Albert E. Somerville
Albert Somerville
Albert Somerville’s
Alex Somerville
Alexander (Sandy
Alexander (Sandy Quinn
Alexander (Sandy) Brusen-bauch
Alexander Charles (Sandy) Stark
Alexander Glass "Sandy
Alexander Sandy Smart
Amo A Jenny Patch John A Sandy Patch Harold A Dor
Anne Somerville
Annie Somerville
Arthur MvGuirt Somerville
Arthur Somerville
Arthur Somerville Gowling Chau*—Sly Mr.
Arthur Somerville My
B.ack Sandy
Billy and Sandy Dagg
Bob and Sandy
Bob and Sandy Winter Bristol Ridge Pentecostal
Bob are Sandy Burke
Bob Howard Murray Moore Sandy McDougall
Bob Somerville
Boyd Somerville
Brian Perrault Sandy McGregcc
Bryan Somerville
Cameron A Somerville R. Ritchie Ed.
Captain Sandy s Cruise Houdays
Chantal Villeneuve Sandy Dubeau
Charge Rev Sandy Scott 458
Charge Rev Sandy Scott 458-2212
Charles and Sandy Kircher
Charles Somerville Bateman
Chris Somerville
Clapham Leslie Clapham Leslie Clapham Huder=-field Sandy Creek Allumette Island Chapeau Allumette I
Clara Sandy
Cover Photo Sandy Peel
Dale 2. Arthur Somerville 3. Class IV
Dale Somerville
Dave and Sandy
Dave and Sandy Bassett
Dave and Sandy Mitchell
Dave and Sandy Towlan
Dave and Sandy Twolan
David & Gordon Somerville
David and Sandy
David and Sandy Dagg
David Somerville
David Somerville National
David Somerville President
Davidson Ouyon Charge Rev Sandy Scott 458
Davidson Ovyon Charge Rev Sandy Scott 468-2212 Mesas Dimanche
Davidson Quyon Charge Rev Sandy Scott 458
Denise Marion s elec- Sandy Creek
Dennis Spencer and Sandy Welborn
Don Somerville
Doug Russell congratulates Sandy Welburn
Dr. M 89535ha7 Remembrance Somerville
Ethel Somerville
Evelyn Somerville
Ex-Mayor Constant Poisson Sandy Star
EyMsssa Sandy
Francis Somerville
Fred Sandy
George Somerville
Gerry and Sandy Ireland
Gerry Ireland Sandy
Gordon (Sandy
Grace McCagg Sandy MacDougall DR.
Grade V— Lucy Somerville
H K EQUITY Page Three Sandy
H nek Sandy
Harry Somerville
Harry Somerville E.
Harvey Somerville
Hattie Somerville
Helen and Sandy MacDonald
Henry Somerville
Hig Sandy and Little Sandy
J. Somerville
Jack Somerville
Jackie and Sandy Burke
James Somerville
Janet Sandy
Janet Somerville
Jo Somerville
Joe Somerville
John (Sandy
John and Sandy
John and Sandy Pasch
John and Sandy Rasch Ernest Schrankler Ernie
John and Sandy Sixteen
John Frost............ James Somerville
John Frost............. James Somerville
John Hahn Correspondent 453-7326 Happy Mother’s Sandy Dubeau
John Petty - Sandy Welburn
John Somerville
Johnnie Somerville
Johnny and Sandy Pasch
Joseph Somerville
Joyce Somerville
Kathy Sandy Deogun
Ken and Sandy Blais Birthday
Ken and Sandy Kennedy
Kenny Somerville
King Sandy Dubeau
Leave Little Sandy After
Leonard Somerville
Leonard Somerville Leonard Somerville
Leslie John and Sandy Pasch
Lio- Obituary Lucy Somerville Mrs Gerda Bretzlaff
Lionettes Alec Russell Sandy Pasch Douglas Row
Little Sandy
Liza Somerville
Love Sandy
Lucy Sandy Belsher
Lucy Somerville
Mabel Somerville
Mae Sandy Harris
Mai Somerville
Marie Somerville
Mary Somerville
Mary Wallace Xdelint Somerville
Maude Somerville
Mayor Sandy >
Mgwi Mrs Sandy McMillan
Michael and Sandy
Mr Thomas Somerville
Mr. "Sandy"
Mr. Albert Somerville
Mr. Il B Somerville
Mr. Sandy B irr’s
Mr. Sandy Burke
Mr. Sandy Walker
Mr. Somerville
Mr. Thomas Somerville
Mrs. Gordon Murray Mrs. Sandy Morrison
Mrs. H W. H Somerville
Mrs. Leonard Somerville
Mrs. Margaret Somerville
Mrs. M^ZOotc Sandy McDougal
Mrs. Sandy Anderson
Mrs. Sandy MacDougal
Mrs. Sandy McDou-
Mrs. Sandy McDoug-
Mrs. Sandy McDougall
Mrs. Sandy MeDoug-.
Mrs. Sandy MeDoug-Elizabeth
Mrs. Sandy Stark
Mrs. Silas Somerville
MVc Percy Somerville
Myrtle Somerville
N*s Percy Somerville
O.—Sandy Thomas
Ogden’s Pond Sandy Cove
Olive Somerville
Otter Lake’s Sandy
Otter Lake’s Sandy Dubeau
Ouyon Charge Sandy Scott
OV#H Sandy
Pamela Sandy Smith
Pat and Sandy
Pat and Sandy Smart
Pat Sandy
Patrick & Sandy
Paul ........ Percy Somerville
Paul Joe and Sandy McNab
Pearl Somerville
Percy Somerville
Perry Somerville
Peter (Sandy
Peter Somerville
Prayer Hay Mr. Sandy Stark
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Billy
Principal Sandy Welburn
Quyon Charge Sandy Scott
Quyon Chdige Sandy Scofl
Ralph Somerville
René Vaillant Louise Begin - Sandy Shore
Rev Sandy
Rev Sandy Scott
Rev Sandy Scott Quyon Correction
Rev. Sandy Scott
Richard (Sandy
Richard Somerville
Richard WHIb Sandy
Robert Lalonde Correspondent $3.24 Sandy Welbum
Robert Somerville
Roland Chretien s Sandy s Rocket
Ron and Sandy
Ron and Sandy Dagg
Ron and Sandy Wilson
Ronnie (Sandy
Roxane Guitard Les Extincteurs L&S John and Sandy Pasch Bryan
s1.75 Beatiful Sandy Loam Topsoil
S1.75/ton Beautiful Sandy Loam Topsoil...........s4.50/ton
Samuel Z ArkoM Presents A Sandy Howord/Skip SteloM/Maior Production
Sandy & Bessie Campbell
Sandy (Scott
Sandy 7-2761 McDowell
Sandy 7-2811 McDowell
Sandy 7-3718 McDowell
Sandy Allen
Sandy and Blake
Sandy and Elisabeth Sandy
Sandy Anderson
Sandy Barr
Sandy Bassett
Sandy Bassett U
Sandy Bayne
Sandy Bclshcr Bassett Pontiac Community Hospi-
Sandy Beau-tricks
Sandy Beaudoin
Sandy Beaudoin B
Sandy Bed
Sandy Beisher
Sandy Bel
Sandy Belabor
Sandy Bell
Sandy Belshcr-Basseu
Sandy Belsher
Sandy Bertrand
Sandy Black
Sandy Bob
Sandy Bob''s
Sandy Book
Sandy Boulet
Sandy Bowling League
Sandy Brennan
Sandy Brlsher
Sandy Bucholtz
Sandy Burgess
Sandy Burke
Sandy Burke As
Sandy Burke Due
Sandy Burke KS.
Sandy Burke Men’s
Sandy Burke On Friday
Sandy Burke Vlx Vj Town
Sandy Burke______ Monday
Sandy Campbell
Sandy Carrol
Sandy Carson
Sandy Chamberlain
Sandy Cheek
Sandy Chinese
Sandy Claws
Sandy Complete Medicine Chest
Sandy Cook
Sandy CouiHard
Sandy Cove
Sandy Creek
Sandy Creek Sr By Viola Pappin
Sandy Creeks
Sandy Crest Farms
Sandy Crest Holsteins
Sandy Crest Holstein’s
Sandy Crest Kangaroo
Sandy Crest Superior Production
Sandy Cummings
Sandy Da
Sandy Dagg
Sandy Darwin Krose
Sandy Deering
Sandy Den-
Sandy Dennis Bloody Mama
Sandy Deserts
Sandy Diana Desabrais
Sandy Donna Workman
Sandy Draper
Sandy Draper’s
Sandy Du
Sandy Dubeau
Sandy Dubeau Pee
Sandy Dubois
Sandy Duhcaii
Sandy Duhcau
Sandy Duheau
Sandy Dumouchel
Sandy Duncan
Sandy Duncan Ken Perry
Sandy Durocher
Sandy Editor EblTITY
Sandy Edney
Sandy Emmerson
Sandy Fern
Sandy Fierobin
Sandy Fraser
Sandy Garrick
Sandy Getting
Sandy Good
Sandy Greek
Sandy Gregg
Sandy Griffin
Sandy Hamilton Don Lavallée
Sandy Har- Compass
Sandy Harvester
Sandy Hawley
Sandy Herd
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill’s
Sandy Hod
Sandy Hod- Claire Stanlcy-Smith
Sandy Hodgins
Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook Let
Sandy Horner
Sandy Houlette Took Dodd
Sandy H«»ok
Sandy I
Sandy I Yakub
Sandy In*
Sandy Ireland
Sandy Irv.in Watson
Sandy It’s
Sandy J At
Sandy J. C. McMURTRY
Sandy Jones
Sandy Keith
Sandy Kilgour
Sandy KilgourPeck Miljour
Sandy Ko
Sandy Krose
Sandy Krysinski
Sandy Lake
Sandy Lake Hunt
Sandy Lance
Sandy Lane Resort- Applications
Sandy Larocque
Sandy Larocque Bryson
Sandy Leigh
Sandy Lenisa
Sandy Lepack
Sandy Lloyd Ostrom
Sandy MacDawell
Sandy Macdonald
Sandy MacDougal
Sandy MacDougall
Sandy MacDougaU
Sandy MacEacn-em
Sandy Macgregor
Sandy MacLaughlin
Sandy MacMillan
Sandy MacPherson
Sandy Mahusky Fair Closes
Sandy Marchello
Sandy Mc-Dougal
Sandy Mc-“Auntie
Sandy McCann
Sandy McCuaig
Sandy McDonald
Sandy McDougal
Sandy McDougall
Sandy McDougall 2. Bov
Sandy McDougall Eagles King
Sandy McDowell
Sandy McGregor
Sandy McGtbbon
Sandy McKee
Sandy McLean
Sandy McLeod
Sandy McNab
Sandy McOllum Barrie
Sandy McPherson
Sandy McPherson O. Armstrong
Sandy McTavish
Sandy McTo
Sandy Me-
Sandy Megrath
Sandy Meilleur
Sandy Mein-
Sandy MeToon
Sandy Miinron
Sandy Mlljour
Sandy Monroe
Sandy Morri Rev I) J Craig
Sandy Morrison
Sandy Munrce
Sandy Munroa
Sandy Munroe
Sandy Mwmroe
Sandy Olmstead
Sandy Paach
Sandy Pasch
Sandy Pasch 792XM24
Sandy Pasch and Nancy Bullis
Sandy Pasch Ernie
Sandy Pasch Kluke’s Dairy Forest Haven Campsite Ernest
Sandy Pasch Lars
Sandy Pasch Neil
Sandy Pasch Pontiac Welding Services Forest Haven Campsite Janis
Sandy Past
Sandy Peck
Sandy Peek
Sandy Pennick
Sandy Poisson
Sandy Pontiacs
Sandy Portage
Sandy Quinn
Sandy Ray.
Sandy Reid
Sandy Rob Hoy
Sandy Robins
Sandy Robinson
Sandy Robinson Birthday
Sandy Romain
Sandy Ryan
Sandy Saturday
Sandy Scott
Sandy Scott 456-2212
Sandy Scott 456-2212 CONNELLY
Sandy Scott 456-2212 Rev Maas Sunday
Sandy Scott 458-2212
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Rev
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Mass
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Mass Saturday
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Rev
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Shawville United Rev Jim Payton Church Office
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Shawville Untied Rev Jm Payton Church Office
Sandy Scott 468-2212
Sandy Scott 468-2212 Lutheran JuMug.
Sandy Scott 468-2212 Jul Aug. Wesley United
Sandy Scott Sale
Sandy Scott THE
Sandy Scott.
Sandy Seale
Sandy Shores
Sandy Simpson
Sandy Smart
Sandy Smith
Sandy Snedden
Sandy Sneddon
Sandy Soil Light
Sandy Somerville
Sandy Soon
Sandy Soott 466-2212 Jul-Aug
Sandy Sparling
Sandy Spirak
Sandy Spruit
Sandy Stanley
Sandy Star
Sandy Stark
Sandy Stark 3. Best
Sandy Starks
Sandy Tabar
Sandy Taylor
Sandy Taylor Aylmer
Sandy The
Sandy Then Warrior P-----e
Sandy Tim and Nancy
Sandy Timmons
Sandy Travis Stewart
Sandy Trew
Sandy Trews
Sandy Trew’s
Sandy Two
Sandy Twolan
Sandy Vandale
Sandy Walker
Sandy Ward
Sandy Watt
Sandy Wee
Sandy Weiman
Sandy Welburn
Sandy Welburne
Sandy Welhurn
Sandy Wickens
Sandy Widens
Sandy Wilson
Sandy Woe
Sandy _
Sandy) Quinn
Sandy” Richardson
Scout K S. Sandy McDougall
Scout Sandy McDougall
Sheration Cartier Ho- Rev Sandy Scott
Shirley Somerville
Skip Sandy McGregor
Slipping Away Little Sandy
Sons Just-in-Time Restaurant Sandy Hamilton Trucking Don Lavallée
Sr.—Myrtle Somerville
Stephen Somerville
Steve Dubeau Ernest Schrankler John and Sandy Pasch Betty
Stuart and Sandy
Susan and Sandy
Susan Sandy
Thai Albert Somerville
Thelma Somerville
Thomas A. Somerville
Thomas Mr. Joseph Somerville
Thomas Sandy MacPherson
Thomas Somerville
Thomas Somerville»
Tom (Sandy)
Tom Somerville
Tony and Sandy Peck
W CARE Sandy Cummings
Walter H Somerville
Waylon Bohart Sandy Dubeau
Wayne (Sandy Kerr
William J Somerville
William James Somerville
William Somerville
William Somerville John Alexr
William Somerville RUSSELL HOUSE
William Somerville William Somerville
William Somerville’s
10,1884 F-r l J. SOMERVILLE
Little Sandy
North Sandy
Ottawa Sandy
Pearl Somerville
Sandy Bay
Sandy Beach
Sandy Creek
Sandy Creek Allumette
Sandy Creek Contribution
Sandy Creek Road
Sandy Creek Valley
Sandy Griffin
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hook
Sandy Ireland
Sandy Lake
Sandy Lake Mission
Sandy Lree
Sandy McLean
Sandy Mountain
Sandy Mountain Golf Club
Sandy New
Sandy Oeek
Sandy Ridge
Sandy Shore
Sandy Shores
Sandy’s Lake
Somerville Ave.
Somerville Dam
Somerville Lake
Somerville’s Bay
Baptist Quyon Charge Sandy Scott
Bar & Grill / & S2.50/ton S1.75/ton Beautiful Sandy Loam Topsoil...........s4.50/ton
Central School Board Sandy Creek By Viola Pappln Sandy
Community Hospital’s Sandy Dagg
Contact Sandy Monaghan
Cover Photo Sandy Peel
DIED Miss Addie Somerville
Dowd Ladies High Cross:-Doreen Dowd Men’s High Single Sandy Burke Men’s High Crosse-Sandy Burke LAT
EAAWQ Sandy Welburn Scholarship McCredie
EAAWQ Sandy Welhurn Memorial Scholarship
Fannie Somerville
Hobbs & Sons Just-In-Time Truck Stop & Restaurant Sandy Hamilton Don Lavallée
HOUSE Sandy Munroe
Institute Somerville
Jenny Patch John A Sandy Patch Harold A Dor
Krisstessa Electronics H I. Hobbs & Sons Just-in-Time Restaurant Sandy
MID Sandy’s
Mine Somerville
Morning WorshHp Quyon Charge Rev Sandy
Morning Worship Quyon Charge Rev Sandy
Morning Worship Quyon Charge Rev Sandy Scott
Morning Worship Quyon Charge Rw Sandy
MRS V THRUN Sandy Homer
OBITUARY Annie Pearl Somerville
OBITUARY Silas Somerville
Old Seoul League Sandy McDougall Hiram Davis
Perry Somerville
Pontiac County Protestant Sandy Creek
Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant
Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Billy T
Pontiac Protestant High Somerville
PPHS Morning Worship Quyon Charge Rev Sandy Scott
PPHS Morning Worship Quyon Charge Rez Sandy Scott
Roxane Guitard Laynard & Marlene Pasch Steve & Suzie Dubeau John & Sandy Pasch Neil
Sandy Hill Cemetery
Sandy Irv.in Watson
Sandy Mountain Golf
Sandy Mountain Golf Club
Sandy Mountain Golf Course
Sandy Pasch Ernie & Cathy Pasch Fred
Sandy Stanley
Sandy Telephone
School Morning Worship Quyon Charge Rev Sandy Scott
See Your Authorized Chevrolet Dealer Shawville Mr. Sandy MacDougal
Septic Services John & Sandy Pasch Pontiac Welding Services Forest Haven Campsite Janis & Ed Pulley
Somerville & Co s
Somerville & Co''s
Somerville * Co .
Somerville A Co''s
SOMERVILLE Aoent Pembroke
Somerville £ Co''s
Town League Hockey By Sandy
Violet Mae Somerville