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Clarence Shea

Issues the person appears in:

83471_1936-04-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1951-11-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1952-05-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1955-04-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1956-10-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1958-12-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1959-06-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1959-07-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1959-10-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1960-01-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1961-11-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1962-02-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1962-07-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1962-08-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1962-11-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1963-06-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1964-01-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1964-02-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1964-07-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1964-09-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1965-05-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1965-10-28 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1965-12-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1968-09-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1968-10-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1969-01-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1969-04-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1970-02-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1970-05-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1970-05-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1970-06-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1971-05-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1971-07-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1971-10-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1972-05-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1973-04-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1973-05-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1974-11-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1979-10-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1980-02-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1980-04-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1981-05-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1981-07-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1982-05-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1982-12-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1983-05-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1985-12-11 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

A. Shea
A.J. Shea
Adam Shea
Addic Shea
Addie Shea
Addie Shea Delicious
Addie Shea Lion
Addie Shea Pilon
Addle Shea
Addle Shea Ladies
Addte Shea
Albert Shea
Alderman Clarence Rennick
Alex Shea
Alice Mildred Mr. Clarence Naylor
Allan A. Merritt Clarence
Ambrose Shea
Amy (Mrs Clarence Peatman
Andrew Shea
Andy Shea
Ann Shea
Anne Shea
Annie Shea
Apply Clarence Brown
ArithmeticVMary Shea
Art Flem- Clarence Bretzlaff
Arthur Eadie Grenville Atkinson Clarence Dean
Arthur Meldruin Joe Keon Frank Bourgeau Clarence Irwin J 1
Auditor Gérard Clarence William Kilgour Brother
Barbara Clarence Honorable Mention
Barbara Shea
Barter Shea CRIMSON
Bartholomew Shea
Bay Commissioner Clarence Moorhead
Bay Holes Mrs Clarence Brown
Bay- Shea
Bea Shea
Beatrice Shea
Beatrice Shea Life Member
Beatrice Shea Repreeeeta
Beatrice Shea,Aldea St-
Bernard Giroux Steve Shea
Bethel Pentecostal Shea
Beverly Shea
Bey Commissioner Clarence Moorhead Ward No.
Billy Shea
Bob Boldt Mike Gagon Bill Levons Clarence McBride Don Schroeder „ M. Watts Until
Bob Clarence Moorehead
Bob Morrison John Hovelin Janet Dole Donna Dole Cliff Dale Clarence Richardson____ Merlin Richardso
Bob s Restaura Jeffrey AMon Clarence
Brenda Clarence Horner
Brent Shea
Brian Jessie Shea
Brianna Shea
Brlanna Shea
Brown- Clarence Stephens
Bryan Clarence
C Shea
C. Shea
Carol Bretzlaff Clarence C. Smart
Carolyn Bv< Clarence Robert
Catherine Shea
Cathie Shea
Cathy Shea
Charles P. Shea
Charles Patrick Shea
Charles Patrick Shea Passes
Charles Shea
Charley Shea
Charlie Chairman Clarence Wall
Chas P Shea
Christopher Shea
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Claire Lunam Clarence Thomas Sparling
Clar- Dr. Clarence McGuire
Clarence 7-2426 RicharAon
Clarence Beulah MacDougall
Clarence James M McLean
Clarence Murray
Clarence " Roy Dagg
Clarence % Pontiac JR B
Clarence & Faye Sparling
Clarence (Betty
Clarence (Marie) Sparling
Clarence 7-2*001 Murray
Clarence 7-2666 j Murray
Clarence 7-2848 Horner
Clarence 7-3749 Horner
Clarence 7-3822 | Murray
Clarence A Brown
Clarence A Jeen Russell
Clarence A. Thompson
Clarence A.. Portage
Clarence According
Clarence Ad-
Clarence Adams
Clarence Af
Clarence Albert Peever
Clarence Alex-
Clarence Alma McCoshen
Clarence and Betty
Clarence and Betty Dagg
Clarence and Betty Dagg Walsh
Clarence Anderson
Clarence Andrew Roy
Clarence Armstrong
Clarence Association
Clarence Avenue
Clarence B. Richardson
Clarence Bab
Clarence Barber
Clarence Be
Clarence Bearing
Clarence Beat- Annitage
Clarence Beattie
Clarence Beavers
Clarence Begonia
Clarence Belated
Clarence Bell M&
Clarence Bennett
Clarence Benoit
Clarence Biesenthal
Clarence Bilson
Clarence Biownîee
Clarence Birdseye
Clarence Black
Clarence Black North
Clarence Bland Little
Clarence Blesenthal
Clarence Bmwn Smday
Clarence Bob McCredie
Clarence Body Twinkle
Clarence Bor
Clarence Boss
Clarence Brabazon
Clarence Brady
Clarence Bratzlaff
Clarence Brctzlaff
Clarence BrcUlaff
Clarence Bret/laff
Clarence Bret/laff Speakers
Clarence Bret/lalf
Clarence Bretalaff
Clarence Bretriaff
Clarence Bretxlaff
Clarence Bretz
Clarence Bretz-
Clarence Bretz-laff
Clarence Bretzhff
Clarence Bretziaff
Clarence Bretziefl Building
Clarence Bretzla*i ShawvtUe
Clarence Bretzlaff
Clarence Bretzlaff 108.00
Clarence Bretzlaff 190
Clarence Bretzlaff 620.00
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172 Clara Steinke
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172 V B 819-682-0629 f Clara Steinke
Clarence Bretzlaff 966.00
Clarence Bretzlaff Building
Clarence Bretzlaff Building Dean Howard
Clarence Bretzlaff Building Marc Dubois
Clarence Bretzlaff Manor
Clarence Bretzlaff President T.C.R.A.
Clarence Bretzlaff Privat
Clarence Bretzlafl
Clarence Bretzlaflf
Clarence BretzlafT
Clarence Bretzlalf
Clarence Bretzlatf
Clarence Bretzlatt
Clarence Bretzlcff
Clarence Bretzleff
Clarence Bretzloff
Clarence Bro- S™
Clarence Brown
Clarence Brown Marie MeCrea
Clarence Brownies
Clarence Brownlee
Clarence Brownlee Harold
Clarence Brownlee Mrs. Sam Woods
Clarence Brownlee’s Holstein
Clarence Brwin Bill Shaw
Clarence Btownke
Clarence Buchart
Clarence Burchart
Clarence But
Clarence C
Clarence Cald
Clarence Caldee
Clarence Caldwell
Clarence Caldwell Irwin Sly
Clarence Caldwell John Hamilton
Clarence Caldwell—carried
Clarence Cameron
Clarence Cameron Ala
Clarence Campbell
Clarence Canon
Clarence Car
Clarence Car Clive Smart
Clarence Car- VV
Clarence Car-»
Clarence Cara
Clarence Careen
Clarence Carol Tolîmin
Clarence Carol Tollman
Clarence Carson
Clarence Carson Kim
Clarence Carson Vertel Smiley
Clarence Carson’s
Clarence Casey
Clarence Castors are Jr B
Clarence Cecil
Clarence Cecil Smart
Clarence Celebrating
Clarence Cham
Clarence Chamberlain
Clarence Chamberlin
Clarence Chaput
Clarence Charters
Clarence Christmas
Clarence Church
Clarence Clarke
Clarence Clcmmens
Clarence Clem
Clarence Clem*
Clarence Clem-anniversary
Clarence Clem-mens
Clarence Clem-mlns
Clarence Clemmena
Clarence Clemmeni
Clarence Clemmens
Clarence Clemmons
Clarence Collman
Clarence Come
Clarence Community
Clarence Cornu
Clarence Costs
Clarence Coughlin
Clarence Coyle
Clarence Craig
Clarence Creek
Clarence Creek B Gog
Clarence Creek Castors
Clarence Creek Cochrane
Clarence Creek Coe Hill
Clarence Crottey
Clarence Ctemmens
Clarence Culhbertson
Clarence Cummings
Clarence Cuth
Clarence Cuth-bertson
Clarence Cuth-rlson
Clarence Cuthbemon
Clarence Cuthber
Clarence Cuthbert
Clarence Cuthbert-
Clarence Cuthbert- Scotland
Clarence Cuthbert-Fraser- Mrs S Fitzsimmons
Clarence Cuthbert-son
Clarence Cuthbertaon Teirtoce Davies
Clarence Cuthbertson
Clarence Cuthbertson Absent
Clarence Cutherbertson
Clarence Cuthhertson
Clarence Cuthibertson
Clarence Cuthoertson
Clarence CVdwell
Clarence C’lemmens
Clarence D*gg
Clarence D. Chamberlin
Clarence D. Howe
Clarence Da Inns
Clarence Dab
Clarence Dabé
Clarence Dag
Clarence Dagg
Clarence Dagg Section Foreman Retires Raeburn McTiernan
Clarence Dagg Walter
Clarence Dahins
Clarence Dahms
Clarence Dahnis
Clarence Dahras
Clarence Dahtns
Clarence Dalmis
Clarence Danny Laird
Clarence Dashaway
Clarence Datons
Clarence Davis
Clarence Dawson
Clarence Dcdo
Clarence De
Clarence Dean
Clarence Dean Assistant Dis
Clarence Dean Clarence Dean
Clarence Dean Donald Dods
Clarence Dean Ever-Doherty
Clarence Dean Graduates
Clarence Dean I
Clarence Dean Installed As
Clarence Dean Peter Allan
Clarence Dean Short
Clarence Dean SS
Clarence Dean Student Council
Clarence Dean Sverett McDowell
Clarence Dean W. E Schwartz H.
Clarence Dean Wins Highest
Clarence Deans
Clarence Dear
Clarence Deds
Clarence Deearmeau
Clarence Deem
Clarence Deer-
Clarence Deering
Clarence Deering Thanks
Clarence Delicious
Clarence Demi
Clarence Detune
Clarence Dods
Clarence Donston
Clarence Dr
Clarence Draper
Clarence Druwnlee
Clarence Dserlng
Clarence Dubeau
Clarence Duncan
Clarence Duncan Falls
Clarence Dust
Clarence E Luskvllle -
Clarence E Saute
Clarence E Smith Lawrence Lang
Clarence Eadea
Clarence Eadee
Clarence Eades
Clarence Eadks
Clarence Earls
Clarence Ebert
Clarence ECEzvlS
Clarence Edgar
Clarence Edith Alexander
Clarence Ej Bretzlaff
Clarence Ensemble/Together
Clarence Erwin
Clarence Erwin Wm
Clarence Erwin......... Wm
Clarence Erwm
Clarence Evans
Clarence F Carson
Clarence F.C. Japanese
Clarence Faber
Clarence Fades
Clarence Fades Lena J. Smith
Clarence Far
Clarence Farrell
Clarence Farrell—Nailing
Clarence Fasch
Clarence Ferguson
Clarence Ferrell
Clarence Findlay
Clarence Fleury
Clarence FltxRan-
Clarence Foftrsa
Clarence Ford
Clarence Frank Deermg Consolidated Bathurst
Clarence Frank Dewing
Clarence Fraser
Clarence Frede-
Clarence Fredell
Clarence Frederick Miller
Clarence Front
Clarence Frost
Clarence G Brownlee.
Clarence G D
Clarence G. Campbell
Clarence Gatineau
Clarence Gauthier
Clarence Genevieve Elliott
Clarence Gilbert Brownlee
Clarence Giroux
Clarence Glenn
Clarence Gloria Smith
Clarence Goldwin
Clarence Goodine
Clarence Gordon
Clarence Gordon Biesenthal
Clarence Grandpa Edward Sullivan Klaune Miller
Clarence Gray
Clarence Green Peppers- Royce Wesley Dam Irish Cobblers Wesley Wilson
Clarence Gunter
Clarence H Leach
Clarence H u?g
Clarence H. Steele
Clarence H/>dffins Ottawa
Clarence Hades
Clarence Hahn
Clarence Haï
Clarence Haldane
Clarence Hamilton
Clarence Hanna
Clarence Hanson
Clarence Harrison
Clarence Harrow
Clarence Haves
Clarence Hay
Clarence Hayes
Clarence Hayes 692
Clarence Hayes ITT Strawberry Festival
Clarence Hayes----
Clarence Haykh
Clarence He
Clarence He&phy
Clarence Heapby
Clarence Heaphy
Clarence Heather Pearson
Clarence Herbert Murray
Clarence Hetewestonroura^ti^te
Clarence Hicca
Clarence Hietzlaff
Clarence Hiram
Clarence Ho.
Clarence Hod-gis
Clarence Hodgin*
Clarence Hodgina
Clarence Hodgine
Clarence Hodgins
Clarence Hodglns
Clarence Hodoinh
Clarence Hoffman
Clarence Homci Wallace
Clarence Homer
Clarence Homer Mrs Wilbert Cruickshank Saturday
Clarence Homer Peter Sellers
Clarence Homer............. Dr.
Clarence Horn
Clarence Horner
Clarence Horner Archie Johnson Clinton Palmer
Clarence Horner I
Clarence Horner,---
Clarence Horner,---- Orval Smart
Clarence Horner........
Clarence Howard
Clarence Hoy
Clarence Hudgins
Clarence Hudson
Clarence Hudson Serious III
Clarence Humphrey
Clarence Hunter
Clarence Huyes
Clarence I
Clarence I Horner
Clarence I Smiling
Clarence I X
Clarence I)c~armean
Clarence II
Clarence III
Clarence Ilorner
Clarence Ions
Clarence Ireland
Clarence Irene Corkery
Clarence Irvine
Clarence Irwin
Clarence It’s
Clarence IV
Clarence Ivan
Clarence Ivan Armstrong
Clarence Ivan LB LOT
Clarence IXkIs
Clarence J
Clarence J Caldwell
Clarence J Carson
Clarence J. Caldwell
Clarence J. Richardson
Clarence Jack Sequin
Clarence James
Clarence Jamieson
Clarence Jean Gallagher
Clarence Jeannine Wickens
Clarence Jenkinson
Clarence Jerry 4
Clarence John
Clarence Jones
Clarence Joseh Carson
Clarence Joseph
Clarence Joseph Little
Clarence Jr pre
Clarence Jr.
Clarence July 3
Clarence June
Clarence Karine Gratton-Lebel Continued
Clarence Kasch
Clarence Keen Dies
Clarence Kelley
Clarence Kelley KJ
Clarence Ken LavaHee
Clarence Kendall
Clarence Kennedy
Clarence Keon
Clarence Keor.
Clarence Kil-
Clarence Kil-gour
Clarence Kil-jour
Clarence Kilgnur
Clarence Kilgour
Clarence Kingsbury
Clarence Kllgour
Clarence Kllgour I
Clarence Knot
Clarence Knox
Clarence Knox Bull
Clarence Knox Champion Beef Showman - Steven Dalton Hodgins Trophy
Clarence Knox Champion Beef Showman- Sharon Stewart
Clarence Knox Trophy
Clarence Knox Trophy Champion Beef Showman
Clarence Knox Trophy-Charlie McGuire
Clarence Kodl
Clarence Krçpx
Clarence Krwin
Clarence KUgour
Clarence L
Clarence L Griffith
Clarence L Hodgins
Clarence L Hoduinh
Clarence L Honor
Clarence L Honouts SHAWVILLB
Clarence L Model
Clarence L, Hodgina
Clarence L, Hodgins
Clarence L, Hodoins
Clarence L. Brabazon
Clarence L. Hodg
Clarence Labelle
Clarence Lades
Clarence Lapierre
Clarence Lcsieur
Clarence Le-broke
Clarence Le-Sieur
Clarence Leach
Clarence Leach Projet Groupement
Clarence Leech
Clarence Lelonde
Clarence Lelshmon
Clarence Lesicur
Clarence LeSieur
Clarence Lesleur
Clarence LeSoeur
Clarence Lesscur
Clarence Lezieur
Clarence Lila W- W-
Clarence Lindsay
Clarence Lindsay Armstrong
Clarence Link
Clarence Little
Clarence Little Rated
Clarence Little Shaw
Clarence Lloyd Farrell
Clarence Lloyd Farrell Clarence Lloyd .1 Farrell
Clarence Lorenzo Hodgins
Clarence Lunam
Clarence Lurner
Clarence Lusk
Clarence M Young
Clarence M. Young
Clarence M.tcLean
Clarence Ma
Clarence Ma-
Clarence Ma- Murrells Dunra
Clarence Mac
Clarence MacDonald
Clarence Macke
Clarence MacLean
Clarence MacLean Erie Vadneau Irvin Cone 2.00 y Hodgins
Clarence MacLean Hartman
Clarence Maheral
Clarence Maheral Clarence Maheral
Clarence Mallory
Clarence Manary
Clarence Manuel
Clarence Martin
Clarence Mary Jane William Alice Frederick Hamilton Muriel* Lloyd Rae Maria Noble Verna* Kenneth Be
Clarence Mayor Sallafranque
Clarence Mc-
Clarence Mc-Callum
Clarence McCal
Clarence McCal-
Clarence McCall
Clarence McCallu Maurice Easiamhre
Clarence McCallum
Clarence McCallum-
Clarence McCann
Clarence McCauley-Deep River
Clarence McCeiland
Clarence McCel
Clarence McCelland
Clarence McCellum
Clarence McClelland
Clarence McCollum
Clarence McCready
Clarence McDowell
Clarence McGuire
Clarence McGuire*
Clarence McK*e
Clarence McKee
Clarence McKiught
Clarence McKnight
Clarence Mcknights
Clarence McKnipht
Clarence McKnlght
Clarence McLaughlin
Clarence McLean
Clarence McNight
Clarence McNutt
Clarence Me Galium
Clarence Me Knight
Clarence Me Knight Grocery
Clarence Me* Knight
Clarence Me-I Knight
Clarence Meilleur
Clarence Mel- Ont
Clarence Melborne Elli-
Clarence Meyers
Clarence Michael Pallbearers
Clarence Mid Lillian
Clarence Millar
Clarence Milled
Clarence Miller
Clarence Millie Presiden
Clarence Mills
Clarence Miss Susie Barber
Clarence Moor-
Clarence Moore
Clarence Moore- V.
Clarence Moore-head
Clarence Moorehead
Clarence Mooreheao
Clarence Moorhead
Clarence Moorhead Mr. Theodore Richard Mr. L.M. Routliffe Mr. Asa M. Smith
Clarence Moorhead Shirley Lett
Clarence Moorheads
Clarence Mooriiead
Clarence Morehead
Clarence Moreheads
Clarence Morehesd Dsrael Stephens
Clarence Morner
Clarence Morris
Clarence Morton Hodgdon
Clarence Motion Crs Brownlee
Clarence Mould
Clarence Mr.
Clarence Mr. Brent McBride
Clarence Mrs John McVlegh
Clarence Mrs. Melvin Armstrong
Clarence Muir
Clarence Mulligan
Clarence Mur-
Clarence Murphy
Clarence Murphy V Jones
Clarence Murray
Clarence Murray Clarence Murray
Clarence Murray McGee
Clarence Murray Nous
Clarence Murray __
Clarence Murray’s
Clarence Murrey
Clarence MvUuire
Clarence Myrtle
Clarence N
Clarence N.S.
Clarence Nancy Jeffrey
Clarence Napanee
Clarence Natashia
Clarence Nay
Clarence Naylor
Clarence Naylor Hodgins Men’s Overcoats
Clarence Nellis Hodgins
Clarence North
Clarence Norval Kllgour
Clarence Norval McNeill
Clarence Nov
Clarence Oeminent
Clarence Orr
Clarence P
Clarence P " Shawville
Clarence P Shea
Clarence P. King
Clarence P.eschkc
Clarence Paach
Clarence Pasch
Clarence Pasch All
Clarence Pasch Bert Collin
Clarence Pasch Brazeau
Clarence Pasch Forest Haven Campsite Kinsmen Club Pontiac
Clarence Pasch I " Merci
Clarence Pasch Mayor Thome Township REQUIREMENTS
Clarence Pasch Municipality
Clarence Pasch Superintendent
Clarence Past President
Clarence Patch
Clarence Patrick Molrvfllo
Clarence Patti-son
Clarence Peach
Clarence Peach 600.00
Clarence Peatman
Clarence Peatmen
Clarence Peevcr
Clarence Peever
Clarence Peiskie
Clarence Perdu** Ontario
Clarence Pesch
Clarence Pettigrew
Clarence Picon
Clarence Picschie
Clarence Pies-Best Catcher
Clarence Pieschke
Clarence Pieschke Mayhew
Clarence Pieschkey
Clarence Piescke
Clarence Piesckie
Clarence Pieskie
Clarence Pletc
Clarence Plunkett
Clarence Poe
Clarence Poff
Clarence Poitras
Clarence Poliras
Clarence Poll
Clarence Pontiacs
Clarence Poweis
Clarence Powlea Hanna
Clarence Powles
Clarence Primrose
Clarence Project
Clarence Proons
Clarence Pt
Clarence Q William Corrigan
Clarence Qf
Clarence Que
Clarence Quebec
Clarence Quyon
Clarence Quyon -
Clarence R Wilson
Clarence R:ehardson
Clarence Racine
Clarence Rades
Clarence Rae
Clarence Raeburn McTiernan
Clarence Rah
Clarence Rainboth
Clarence Rainey
Clarence Ranger
Clarence Read
Clarence Reid
Clarence Renfrew
Clarence Renmck
Clarence Rennick
Clarence Renniek
Clarence Rennlck
Clarence Rib Steak
Clarence Rich-Randy Hodgins
Clarence Richar
Clarence RicharAon
Clarence Richard
Clarence Richard-therein
Clarence Richards John D. Brown
Clarence Richardson
Clarence Richardson 5
Clarence Richardson Mrs
Clarence Richardson Ottawa
Clarence Richardson*
Clarence Riechke
Clarence Ring
Clarence Ringrose
Clarence Rn-hunlmii
Clarence Robin-
Clarence Robinson
Clarence Rockburry
Clarence Romain
Clarence Romain Adresse Inconnue INTIME
Clarence Romain I
Clarence Romain Unknown Address
Clarence Routley
Clarence Rov
Clarence Roy
Clarence Roy Dagg
Clarence Russell
Clarence S*
Clarence Saint-Luc
Clarence Saminon
Clarence Sandra Holland
Clarence Saturday
Clarence Sauriol
Clarence Say _ Tuesday
Clarence Schock
Clarence Schwartz
Clarence Scott Atkinson
Clarence ScuJly
Clarence Scully
Clarence Sdoan
Clarence Seabrooke
Clarence SEPTI
Clarence Services at—2.30
Clarence Shawville
Clarence Shea
Clarence Shea First
Clarence Shea Is
Clarence Sheas
Clarence Shore
Clarence Shore 190
Clarence Sinclair Bull
Clarence Single
Clarence SJoans
Clarence Skeldon
Clarence Sloan
Clarence Sloan Dagenais
Clarence Sloan Emily
Clarence Sloan Pound Keepers With Wide Screen For CINEMASCOPE VISTA-VISION
Clarence Sloan Wm Clarence Moan
Clarence Sloang
Clarence Sloans
Clarence Smart
Clarence Smith
Clarence Smith Percy Belsher
Clarence Sniarf
Clarence Sown
Clarence Sparger
Clarence Sparhng
Clarence Sparl-
Clarence Sparling
Clarence Sparling Beechgrove W.I.
Clarence Sparling N
Clarence Sparling Scout Masters
Clarence Sparllmgv Don Paul
Clarence Sperling
Clarence Sr.
Clarence St.
Clarence Stanhope
Clarence Stankie
Clarence Stankle
Clarence Steele
Clarence Steinke
Clarence Stephens
Clarence Stevens
Clarence Stewart
Clarence Stewart Smith
Clarence Storey
Clarence Stork
Clarence Surviving
Clarence Svarling
Clarence T
Clarence T Brown Generator
Clarence T Brownlee
Clarence T# Brownlee R.R.l SHAWVILLE
Clarence T* Brownlee
Clarence T. Brown
Clarence T. Brownlee
Clarence T. Brownlee John L. Hodgins
Clarence T. Brownlee R
Clarence T. Brownlee R R 1
Clarence T. Brownlee R.R.l Shawvilie
Clarence T.. Harvey
Clarence Taber
Clarence Tabor
Clarence Tasch
Clarence Taube
Clarence Taxes
Clarence Taylor
Clarence Taylor IEER SEASON
Clarence Th
Clarence The
Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas Brownlee
Clarence Thomas Hade6
Clarence Thomas Hades
Clarence Thomas Ilea
Clarence Thomas Sparling
Clarence Thomp
Clarence Thompson
Clarence Thompson April 7—Shirley Thompson
Clarence TiDenius
Clarence Tilleniue
Clarence Tol-
Clarence Tol- Council
Clarence Tol- Rev
Clarence Tol-man
Clarence Tol-mann
Clarence Toll
Clarence Toll-Henderson
Clarence Tollman
Clarence Tollman Wayne
Clarence Tollmann
Clarence Tolman
Clarence Tolmann
Clarence Tom J. A. McNeil
Clarence Tub
Clarence Tube
Clarence Tubman
Clarence Une
Clarence Uo Igir
Clarence Utile
Clarence Vancouver
Clarence Vermiljfea
Clarence Victualling Yard
Clarence Vote Larry
Clarence W Black
Clarence W Dean
Clarence W Ison
Clarence W Sparling
Clarence W, I„
Clarence W. Hayes
Clarence Wail
Clarence Wall
Clarence Wall Mr Hoy McVeigh
Clarence Wallace
Clarence Walls
Clarence Walls Eric Vadenais
Clarence Ward
Clarence We
Clarence Weir
Clarence Weld
Clarence Wells
Clarence Wesley Hayes
Clarence Wesley Hayes Passes
Clarence Wesley Sparling
Clarence Westbrook
Clarence Westbrooke
Clarence Wi Ison
Clarence Wil
Clarence Wil-
Clarence Wil- Beck
Clarence Wil- Classifled
Clarence Wil-Ann Drisner
Clarence Wil-Rev Gary Stokes
Clarence Will
Clarence William Dean
Clarence Wilson
Clarence Wilson Birthday
Clarence Wilson Health
Clarence Wilson Helpful Hints
Clarence Wilson I HH
Clarence Wilson There
Clarence Wilson’s
Clarence Wilson’s Ivy
Clarence WOeon
Clarence Woodbury
Clarence Would
Clarence Wright
Clarence X
Clarence X Maijorie Johnston
Clarence Xtlgour Gall
Clarence Young
Clarence Young’s
Clarence Yours
Clarence Yvonne Wright Explorer’s
Clarence Zimmcr-ling
Clarence Zimmer-
Clarence Zimmerling
Clarence) Little
Clarence) Stephens
Cletis Shea Beechgrove
Cletus Shea
Colin O Shea
Colin O Shea Assistant
Colin O Shea Directeur Général
Colin O Shea Interim
Colin O Shea Le
Colin O Shea Le Directeur Général Adjoint Avis
Colin O ’Shea Assistant
Colin O’Shea
Colin O’Shea Assistant
Colleen Dal Mrs. Clarence Mcknight
Colleen Shea
Corrigan Messrs Clarence Richardson
Corrigan Mrs. Clarence Brownlee
Ctetus Shea
Curtis Shea
D. Shea
Dale Clarence Hayes
Dale.......... Clarence Hayes
Dale............ Clarence Hayes
Dan Shea
Daniel Shea
Daniel Shea Marks
Danny Shea
David and El- Clarence Bretzlaff
David Clarence Hodgins
Dean Clarence Farrell
Dean Mr. Clarence Cuthbertson
Debbie Clarence
Debbie Shea
Delmer Barber and Clarence Roy
Delmer Barber and Councillors Clarence Roy CORP
Denis J. Shea
Denis Shea
Dennis J Shea
Dennis J. Shea
Dennis Shea
Dennis Shea O
Dennis Shea O.M.I.
Dennis Shea OMI
Dennis Shea Village
Dennis Shea............. Bryson
Dennis Shea..............
Derreck Shea
Dinny Shea
Don Clarence Wall
Donald Shea
Donnie Kearns Shea
Dorothy Mary Shea
Dorothy Mor- Clarence Wilson
Dorothy Shea
Douglas Clarence
Dr. Clarence Cottam
Dr. Clarence O. Simpson
Earl Shea
Ebert Horner Kenneth Armitage Clayton Campbell Lee Hodgins Theodore Morin Clarence Dabms Hillis Tho
Eddie Shea
Edith Mr. Clarence Melborne Elliott
Eileen Shea
Eknnis Shea
Elaine May Shea
Elisabeth Shea
Elizabeth Gravelle Clarence
Elizabeth Shea
Elizabeth Shea Kovacs
Elliott Mrs. Clarence Knox
Elvin Clarence
Emily Cahill Larry Black Gwen Black Clarence Shea Gertrude Patry
Emily Shea
Emma Hearty Delmer Clarence
Emma Shea
Emmet Shea
Emmeth Shea
Emmett Shea
Engagement Shea - Lance Ihiidc
Equip Dr. Clarence J. Berne
Ernie Schwartz Clarence Bretzlaff
Esther Shea
Evelyn Campbell Clarence Hodgins
Evelyn Clarence Brownlee
F. X. Bertrand CAMPBELLS BAY— Raymond Shea BRYSON— Ken Griffin
Favc Mrs. Clarence Sparling
February Shea
Floyd Robinson Commissioners- Basil Quelle Clarence Moorhead
Frank Bertrand Treasurer- Rosemary Shea
Frank Kava- Bursary Shea
Frank SIoan» Clarence
Fred Martin - Mr Clarence Homer
Fred Smart Clarence Carson
G. Shea
G.G. Shea
Gary Clarence Bretzlaff Robert Edward Burke
Geneva Shea
George 2. Clarence Dean
George Beverley Shea
George Beverly Shea
George Clarence D^raa 563
George Eades Sells Business Clarence Dean Is New Owner
George McLeod Mr. Clarence Dean
George Stewart Clarence Smith
Gerald Shea
Gert Shea
Gertrude Shea
Gervase Shea
Gilbert Clarence Wilson Quesnel
Gordon Richardson Clarence Hod
Grandma Shea
Grandpa Shea
Grant Clarence Zimmerling
Guillaume Shea-BIais
Gwen Shea
H K Hannabeny Clarence Roy -
Halifax Shea
Ham-to Clarence Hayes
Hamilton Gregory Tubman Clarence T. Brownlee Gordon Brownlee Harold Hodgins Harland Hodgins T.
Harold Shea
Harry O''Shea
Heather Vachcm Tracey Shea
Helen Shea
Helen Shea Crowned Queen
Helen Shea Same-sex
Henry Clarence Horner
Herbert Shea
Hodglns Shea
Hollis Barber .......... Clarence Hayes
Hollis Barber ........... Clarence Hayes
Hopetown Clarence Jr Horses—two
Howard Shea
Howard Shea Passes At
Howard Shea Passes At Vinton Howard Shea
Hugh Shea
I...... Clarence Hayes
ÏCelly Shea
Idol Shea
Imi Shea Congratulations
Irvin Shea
Irvin Shea Delicious
Irvine Shea
Irvm Shea
Irwin Shea
Island—Jerry Shea
J J Hud Clarence Richardson 1
J J. Shea
J Shea
J. Shea
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Clarence Brown
Jack Clarence Brownlee
Jack Russell Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Jack Shea
Jacob O Shea
Jacob O’Shea
James Campbell Rayburn McTiernan Lloyd Quaile John McNeil Clarence Irwin Harry Belcher Fred Dagg Iv
James Clarence
James Clarence Carson
James Clarence Horner
James Clarence Mangan
James Clarence Wall
James Man- Mr. Emmett Shea
James Shea
James Shea Aylmer
James Shea Canadian Parents
James William Steven Clarence Schwart*
Jane Shea
Jason Shea
Jean (Clarence Zimmerling
Jean I Carson Mrs. Clarence Westbrook
Jeff Rus- Clarence
Jennings Shea
Jennings Shea Aged Resident
Jeremiah Shea
Jerry Shea
Jessie Shea
Jim Shea
Jim Shea Gatineau
Jimmie Shea
Jimmy - Shea
Jimmy Shea
Joan Shea
John Belsher Clarence Shore
John Clarke Clarence Moorehead
John Deroin Charles Shea
John Kelly Clarence
John O Shea
John O''Shea
John O’Shea
John Ralph............. W. H. Walsh........... Dennis Shea...........
John Rosemarie Shea
John Shea
John Shea KT
John Shea He
John T Shea
John Waldie Shea
Johnny Shea
Joseph Came-Clarence McCallum
Joseph Clarence Clemmens
Joseph Clarence Martin4 G OWLIN
Joshua Shea-Blais
Jury Shea
K%s Clarence Cuthbertson
Karen Shea
Karen Shea Gleason
Karen Shea Gleason Sheenboro
Karen Shea Thorne Mayor: * Ross Vowles
Kathy Shea
Katie Shea
Kay Armitage Noella Coughlin Clarence Leach Ortha Bonshor Frances
Keith Bean» Clarence Dean
Keith Clarence
Keith Shea
Kelli Shea
Kellie Shea
Kelllie Shea
Kelly Shea
Kenneth Barber and Clarence Curhbertson
Kenneth John Clarence Smith
Kenneth Naylor Clarence Naylor G. Hodgins Arthur Wilson Austin Sly
Kevin Bowie Mr. Clarence Clem
Kevin O Shea Schweig
Kevin Shea
Ko E Palmer 3. Clarence
L Dairy Norman Wiggins Eugene Hameline Pontiac Ice Ottawa Senators Shawville Ford Clarence
L%3 Shea
Lacey Shea
Lance - Clarence Pleschke Le
Lawrence Car- 5/ Mrs. Clarence Clcmmcns
Lawrence Gleason and Karen Shea
Lawson Clarence J. L Alexander
Lawson Corrigan Clarence Knox
Lee Hod-and Clarence Walls
Leo O’Shea
Leonard Shea
Leonard Shea George Drake New
Leslie Clarence Brown
Lilian Shea
Lilian Shea Hérault
Lilian Shea Phone
Lilian Shea-Hérault
Lillian Shea
Linda Ann Crossfield Mrs. Clarence
Linus Shea
Lisa Shea
Lli/abclh Shea
Lloyd Shea
Lord Clarence Paget
Lori Shea
Lorraine Shea
Lucy Addie Shea
M and Clarence J. L. Farrell
M s Clarence Kllgour
M. Shea
Madeleine St- Clarence
Mae Shea
Maggie Shea
Mallo- Shea
Marc Shea
Marcel Shea
Marcel Ste Marie Clarence Stephens J A Kssiambre Maurice Kssiambre Harold Lynn Contran
Margaret Ann Shea
Margaret Ann Shea Dies
Margaret Shea
Marie Shea
Marie Shea Agent
Marie Shea R.J. ARBIC
Marie Shea-Agent
Marie Shea-Agent Ladies
Marion Shea
Marjorie Shea
Mark Shea
Mark Shea Carmichael
Martin Shea
Mary A. Shea
Mary Hobbs Clarence Mcknight
Mary Pearl Shea
Mary Shea
Mary Tyler Shea
Maude Wallace O Shea
Maureen Be- Clarence
Maureen Shea
Maureen Shea Is
Maurice Leplne Irvine Shea
Maurice Shea
May Shea
May Shea Margaret Sturgeon
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Mb Clarence Kilgour
Melvin Shea
Messrs Clarence
Messrs Clarence Cuth*
Messrs Clarence Cuthbertson
Messrs Clarence Horner
Messrs Clarence Richardson
Messrs Clarence Sparling
Messrs Clarence Taber
Messrs Clarence Walls
Messrs Deimer Barber and Clarence Roy
Michael Clarence Schwartz Clarence Maynard Clarence
Michael O''Shea
Michael Shea
Michael St Germain Charles P Shea,----- Thomas H Mousseau J. Derouin
Michel Paul Shea
Michelle Belsher Mickey McGuire Clarence
Mildred Amm - Clarence
Mildred Shea
Mis Clarence Maheral
Mis Clarence Mr
Miss Ma Mrs Theresa Shea
Miss Marion Shea
Mm Clarence
Mn Clarence Horner
Mnt Clarence Hayes
Mom Clarence
Monica Shea
Monsieur Colin O’Shea
Monsieur Thomas Shea
Mr A Mrs Clarence Little
Mr Melvin Mrs. Clarence Kilgour
Mr Shea
Mr. Clarence
Mr. Clarence Boy
Mr. Clarence Brownlee
Mr. Clarence Hayes
Mr. Clarence Wesley Palmer
Mr. Ross Clarence
Mr. Shea
Mr> Shea
Mrs, Clarence
Mrs. Alf Armstrong Clarence Carson
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins Clarence Brownlee
Mrs. Byng Me Mrs. Clarence Cameron
Mrs. Clarence
Mrs. Clarence Adams
Mrs. Clarence Cat
Mrs. Clarence Clem
Mrs. Clarence Clemmens CALL
Mrs. Clarence Cuthbertaon Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Clarence Cuthbertson
Mrs. Clarence Gonnan Mi» Laura Larocque
Mrs. Clarence H. McLean
Mrs. Clarence Hayes
Mrs. Clarence Hod
Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Clarence Ihomp-and
Mrs. Clarence Kil-1
Mrs. Clarence Kil-gour
Mrs. Clarence Kilgour
Mrs. Clarence Kllgou”
Mrs. Clarence KUgour
Mrs. Clarence Maheral and Karen
Mrs. Clarence McKnlght
Mrs. Clarence McLein
Mrs. Clarence Me- Mrs. Margaret Kelley
Mrs. Clarence Miss O Connor
Mrs. Clarence Moon-head
Mrs. Clarence Recent
Mrs. Clarence Rennlck
Mrs. Clarence Sloan
Mrs. Clarence Sloan Mr.
Mrs. Clarence T. Brownlee
Mrs. Clarence Zim-merling
Mrs. Davis Hodglns Mrs. Clarence Richardson
Mrs. Delmer Barber and Mr. Clarence Roy
Mrs. Edward Young ... Clarence Hayes........ Leonard Mee
Mrs. Edward Young Clarence Hayes
Mrs. Eric Sullivan Mrs. Clarence For
Mrs. G W. Dale Clarence Naylor Kev.
Mrs. Gilbert Lance Mrs Clarence Mahtral
Mrs. Gordon Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Harold Sally Clarence
Mrs. Irvin Shea
Mrs. Leonard Shea
Mrs. Lloyd Mrs. Clarence Wall
Mrs. Lloyd Shea
Mrs. Shea
Mrs. Shea Jas
Mrs. Stanley Norvai Kilgour Clarence Kilgour Misses Nora
Mrs. Thomas Shea
Mr» Irvin Shea
Murray Bill Clarence Erwin
Murray McNeill J. Stavenow Clarence Dean Cliff Corrigan Hi Cowan
Neil Telford Clarence Brownlee He
Nellie Shea
Nicho- Shea
Nicole Shea
Norval Kilgour Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
O Shea
Obituary---------------------—— Clarence Frederick Miller I
Ont Shea
Orla Young Ray McTiernan James C. Gordon Keith Draper Clarence Erwin
P O Clarence Dean
P P * Clarence Wilson
P*t Shea
P. Q. • Marie Shea
P. Shea
Pamela Shea
Past Zone Chairman Clarence VT5fI
Pat Clingin Weds Clarence Dean
Pat Mrs. Clarence Ringrote
Pat Schoular Clarence Tollman
Pat Shea
Pat Shea Jan
Pat Shea’s
Patricia Shea
Patricia Shea Scott
Patrick O Shea
Patrick Shea
Patsy Shea
Paul Mrs Clarence Clem
Paul Raymond Shea
Paul Romaip Thomas Shea
Paul Shea
Paul Shea Hospital
Paul Shea November Hours Elwyn
Paul Shea Perron
Pauline Shea
Phone 648-5857 Marie Shea-Agent
Pierre de Wakefield Quyon Wakefield Bourget Clarence Creek North Gower Kanata/Stittsville Kanata/St
Powers Dean Martin Too Young To Kiss Jerry Lewis Janice Rule Michael O’Shea Van Johnson
R. Mrs Clarence Wilson
R. Shea
Rachael Shea
Rachel Shea
Radical Shea
Ray Johnston M P. P. Clarence Knox
Ray Shea
Ray Shea Athol Smith
Ray Shea Prop.
Raymond and Rose Marie Shea
Raymond Ma- Mrs Clarence Maheral
Raymond Shea
Raymond Shea Fire Chief
Raymond Shea Lee Laframboise Bill McCleary SHAWVILLE/CLARENDON THORNE
Raymond Shea Photo
Raymond Shea Restaurant
Raymond Shea Whan
Rev J J Shea
Rev. Alien Bond Clarence
Rev. D. J. Shea O.M.l
Rev. Shea
Rev.|clarence Little Margaret Smith
Rex Shea
Richard Roy. Clarence Roy
Richard Shea
Richard Wills Clarence Andrew Roy
Riley Shea
Rita Shea
Rivers Mrs. Clarence Farrell
RKKMiAH Shea Calumet
Road Foreman Tender: Clarence Scully Jr
Robert Clarence Cuthbertson 647- Smith
Robert Menard Clarence
Robert Shea
Roland Normandeau Clarence Pieschke Le
Ron Shea
Ronald Shea
Ronnie Shea
Ronny Shea
Rose Mane Shea
Rose Marie Shea
Rose Marie Shea Z Minutes
Rose Marie-Marie Shea
Rose-Marie Shea
Rosemarie Shea
Roxanne Shea
Ruth Mme Clarence Pieschke de Vile
Sandra Cox - Clarence Knox Trophy
Sarah Crawford Alex Shea
Scott Clarence
Scott Timmy Shea
Sharon Hearty Clarence Sloan Homestead
Shawville Fireman Clarence Cuthbertson
Shea A Co.
Shea Beachburg
Shea Hérault
Sheila O''Shea
Shirley Ann Shea
Shirley O Shea
Shirley Shea
Slyvie Shea
Smith Bros........... Clarence Carson
Stanley Shea
Stanley Shea Mrs. Maurice Dumouchel
Steve Shea
Stewart Woods LOST— Between Clarence Haves
Sue Clarence Bretzlatf
Suzanne Fran- Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Sylvia Shea
Sylvie Shea
T L * G Mr. Clarence
Terry O Shea
Terry Shea
Terry Shea Ralston
Terry Shea-Ralston
Theresa Hahn Clarence
Theresa Shea
Therese Shea
Thom Shea
Thomas Clarence Brownlee
Thomas Shea
Thomas Shea PARISH
Threshing Supplies Tin CLARENCE
Tim O’Shea
Tim Shea
Tim Shea Tom Orr Cartage Construction Vieux Moulins Golf Course WA’s Home Hardware Western Quebec
Timmy Shea
Timothy O Shea
Tom Shea
Tommy Shea
Tony & Jim Schwartz Clarence
Tracey Shea
Tracey Shea Grace
Tracey Shea Lance
Tracey Shea Quyon/Luskville/Gatineau Sylive Boucher Lise Caron Louise Jeannette
Tracy Shea
Tyler Shea
Vicki Shea
Vicki Shea Saturday
W P. Shea
W. J. Hayes Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
W. Shea
Wakefield Quyon Wakefield Bourget Clarence Creek North
Walter Clarence
Walter Kilgour Mr. Clarence Dean Mr. Ken Musgrove
Wiliam Shea
William and Clarence
William Clarence Cam
William Clarence Moorhead
William Clarence Morehead
William Henry Clar- Clarence
William Henry Clarence Horner Mac
William P. Shea
William Shea
Willie Shea
Wm Armstrong E. J Clarence Horner
Wm Shea
Wright Clarence Tubman Dennis Dale
1st Irvine Shea ;
2nd Irvine Shea ;
A. Shea
Addic Shea
Addie Shea
Addle Shea
Ann Shea
Anne Shea
Annie Shea
ArithmeticVMary Shea
Bay- Shea
Bea Shea
Béatrice Shea
Brlanna Shea
Bursary Shea
C Shea
C. Shea
Cathy Shea
Ce-Clarence Creek
Chapeau Shea
Charles Shea
Charley Shea
Che- Shea
Clarence Avenue
Clarence Creek
Clarence Creek Castors
Clarence Creek Cochrane
Clarence Creek Coe
Clarence Creek s
Clarence Irvine
Clarence Park
Clarence River Michigan
Clarence Shea
Clarence Tollman
Cletis Shea Beechgrove
Colleen Shea
D. Shea
Dan Shea
Daniel Shea
Dennis Shea
Earl Shea
Eileen Shea
Élisabeth Shea
Elizabeth Shea
Emmet Shea
Emmett Shea
Fern Woolley l Clarence Cuthbertson
G. Shea
Geneva Shea
Grandma Shea
Grandpa Shea
Hodglns Shea
ÏCelly Shea
Ida Shea
Irish Shea
Irvin Shea
Irvine Shea
Irvine Shea tnd
Irvine Shea.
Irwin Shea
J. Shea
J. Shea O.M.l
Jason Shea
Jennings Shea
Jeremiah Shea
Jerry Shea
jHme9 Shea
Jim Shea
Jimmy Shea
John Shea
Keith Shea
Kellie Shea
Kelly Shea
Kevin Shea
L%3 Shea
Lacey Shea
Lilian Shea
Lilian Shea Phone
Linus Shea
Lori Shea
Lorraine Shea
M. Shea
M7tl Irvine Shea
Maggie Shea
Marcel Shea
Marie Shea
Marie Shea Z
Marie Shea Z
Marion Shea
Marjorie Shea
Martin Shea
May Shea
Messrs. Shea
Mildred Shea
Mona Shea
Montreal Clarence
Mr. Shea
Mrs Irvine Shea
Mrs Shea
Mrs. Irvine Shea
Mrs. Shea
Old Shea
Ont Shea
P. Shea
Pat Shea
Patrick Shea
Paul Shea
Pauline Shea
Pearl Shea
R. Shea
Rachael Shea
Radical Shea
Raymond Shea
Richard Shea
Ron Shea
Ronnie Shea
Ronny Shea
Rose-Marie Shea
Roxanne Shea
Shea Lake
Shea Lake en la
Shea Stadium
Slyvie Shea
Sylvie Shea
T Shea
T. Shea
Terry Shea
Theresa Shea
Therese Shea
Thom Shea
Thomas Shea
Tim Shea
Timmy Shea
Tracey Shea
Tracey Shea Grace
U. Shea
V. Shea
Annual Community Garage Sale Clarence Bretzlaff
Bear Clarence MçÇ
Beatrice Shea Life Member
BER & BER HOME LTD SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzteff Ladysmith
Bristol Clarence Roy
Bristol Council Mr. Clarence Roy
Bristol Mi Clarence Martin
Bristol Mr. Clarence Clemens
Bristol Station Agent Plans For Coulonge Hospital Clarence Clemmens Moving Rapidly Ahead
Brownlee & Family Clarence Brownlee & Family
BUG KILLERS Jennings Shea Drowns
Carnival Queen Teresa Shea
Carson Mrs. Clarence Westbrook
Cartoon Party SHEA
Chrysler PT Cruiser LEASE FOR Clarence Brown
Church Hall Mr. Clarence Dean
Church Service SEPTIC TANK Pumping Service Clarence Bretziaff Ladysmith
City Hall Mr. Clarence Roy
Clarence Bretzlaff
Clarence Brothers Funeral
Clarence Catholic School Board
Clarence Dean Student Council
Clarence Donaldson Cephas Tubman
Clarence Donaldson Tubman Pontiac
Clarence Horner School Bus
Clarence Services
Clarence Sloan Visitors
Clarence; Perry
CO per Clarence Dorotliv Way
Conference Reverend A.J. Shea
Contact Clarence
Department Chef Raymond Shea
DIRECTOR Y Clarence Dean
Elected FREE OUTDOOR SKATING Society Armstro Clarence
Fish Addie Shea
Ford Clarence & Carol Tollman Black s Electric Theresa & Milton Hahn Fnsby Tire Mike & Doreen Harry
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretziafl Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlaff Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlaft Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK AN Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlsff Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK At Season Pumping Service Clarence BretzlaM Ladysmith
Froats & Sons Ltd Clarence Little Rated
Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Health Inspectors Clarence Moorhead
Health Offlirs Clarence Moorheln
House Fly Mr. Clarence
HOWARD Cemetery Donations Clarence Brownlee
Interior Latex Pearl Finish Enamel 4L ELECT Interior Latex Velvet Enamel CLARENCE PASCH
ÎTew Store Mr. Clarence Brownlee
λ* *1SBr F Ww Allan A. Merritt Clarence
J & J Gas Bar Clarence
J J Hud Clarence
Lac Shea
Ladysmith Lutheran Church Clarence
LEAH MILLER Equity Reporter Clarence Herbert Murray
Lion Clarence Wall
Magistrate Ambrose Shea
Maple Farm Don McCredie Dan & John Kelly Clarence & Carol Tollman CBL Pirie Henderson’s Grocery Val
Master Clarence Caldwell
Master Clarence Richardson
Master Clarence Shore
McCann & Sons Clarence & Carol Tolmann Bristol Community Centre Milton
McKee Clarence Irwin
Memorial Draper Bell Clarence
Mine Mayor Clarence
Montreal Painting & Body Work Clarence
Mr. Clarence Carson
Mr. Clarence Carson; Mrs. Jimmy Fulford
Mr. Ronnie Shea
Mr. Samuel Church Daniel Shea
Mrs Mae Shea RAYMOND
Mrs. Clarence Carson
Mrs. Clarence Carson .............. Wyman W. A..............
Mrs. Clarence Carson ; Cut
Mrs. Clarence Carson Celebrate Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary
Mrs. Clarence Romain
Mrs. Clarence Visitors
Mrs. Clarence Wall
Municipal Inspector Clarence Moorhead
Municipal Inspector Clarence Sloan
Municipal Inspector Clarence Sloan Pound Keepers With Wide Screen For CINEMASCOPE VISTA-VISION
Nicho- Shea
Photo Studio Andrée Shea
Pontiac Burman-Shea
Pontiac Clarence Moorhead
Pontiac Community Hos- Beatnce Shea
Pontiac Community Hospital Clarence Dean
Pontiac Community Mrs Jessie Shea
Pontiac League Hockey Games Harness Horse Men Clarence
Royal Bank Shawville Fair Board Stedmans Taggart Construction Tim Shea
Russell and Sons Shea
Save N|oney Clarence
School Board Inspect New School At Buckingham Mr. Clarence Kilgour
SEPTIC TANK AH Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretdafl Ladysmith
SEPTIC TANK AM Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlaff Ladysmith
SEPTIC TANK Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlaff Ladysmith
Shawville Fair Board Elects Clarence Knox 340-440 SUPER STOCK
Shea & Co
Shea & Co,
Shea Hotel
Shea S Co ,
Smith-Shea Twins
Society Clarence Wilson
St Andrews United Ce-Clarence Creek
Sun Mai Clarence
Sun Mat Clarence
TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlaff Ladysmith
TANK AN Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlafl Ladysmith
TANK AN Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzteff Ladysmith
Theo Hotel Mrs. Clarence Ring
Tiger Elaine & Hollis Findlay Rowat Insurance J & J Gas Bar Cutting Edge Salon Clarence & Carol Tol
United Church Kelly Shea
United Church; Mrs. Clarence
Valley Ramblers Clarence Bretzlaff
Well-known Artists Give Concert for Hospital Benefit Mr. Clarence Dean
Western Quebec School Mr O Shea
WILBUR MCLEAN Equity Reporter Clarence Creek
WM V V IK M Clarence Scully
Year Limited Warranty Call Terry-Shea Ralston