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1936........ Russell Young

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*18.00 Russell
,1 III Young
,7 Russell
--- David Russell
--- In- Advertisements Classified Russell Mee
--- Russell
-1982 Dear Young Friends
0. Russell
0. Young
0XA11 Russell
1,118 Russell HouseBloek Ottawa
1.1936 K V.
10,1990 Young Farmer
108.50 Russell s Serv.
12-61 Young
1425 Russell
1740 Russell Rd.
1927 H.G. Young
1936.. Est
1936........ Russell Young
1966 Young
1976 Russell
1rs Young
1st Russell Elliott
2.95 Russell
2.—Charles Russell
24-49 Martin Young
2nd Faye Young
2ppearSp%gO | Young
2xa30 Young
3 - Russell Hunt
3, Russell
3. Russell
3. Young
39.00 G Russell
4 Russell
451-2950 Mrs. Harper Young
458-2660 Young
55.92 Murray Young
6,11 Russell
60.00 Lewis Russell Elliott
647-2877 Russell
647-6511 Russell
65.00 Russell
7-3826 Russell
7003 E Young Place
761-3425 Young
8. Young
9-ounce Russell
9—Dalton Russell
<2,42 ®2 Russell
<H>0k Young Farmer Sees Action
A Russell
A. McFarlane and William Russell
A. Russell
A. Russell Director General
A. Russell Mrs
A. Russell Petiac Community Hospital Shawville
A. Russell Potiac Community Hospital Shawville
A. Russell REP.
A. Russell Sec-Treas Box
A. Russell Sec-Treas Central Board
A. Russell Sec-Trees
A. Russell- Secretary
A. Young
A1 Russell
AAna Young
Abbott A Costello Encore Gig Young Jean Hagen Don Taylor Glynis Johns
ac-1 Russell
Accompanying Russell
Adam Russell
Admiral Russell R. Waesche
Advance Russell Judd Report
Agent Russell
Aggregate Quebec Young Farmers
Agnes Russell
Agnes Young
Agriculture Mrs J Russell
Aileen Young
Ail’sen Russell
Akc Russell
Akslie Young
Al Russell
Al Russell Heart Institute Golf Tourna
Al Young
Alan Russell
Alan Russell CHAPEAU Longest
Alan Young
Alan Young - Dinah Shore WED.
Alan Young Diana Shore Technicolor Caribbean Humphrey Bogart John Payne Arlene
Alan Young’s Senator Will
Albeit Young
Albert Armstrong Edgar Schwartz Sylvia Hodgins Chris Judd Ëason Russell Donald Stevens Boyd Barber
Albert Grant 8. YOUNG
Albert O. Young
Albert Russell
Albert Young
Albert Young’s
Alec Russell
Alee Russell
Alex Cobb Jo Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie Muldoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Margaret Young
Alex Mucha Mayor Orla Young
Alex Premier Exhibitor Ban- Russell
Alex Russell
Alex Russell’s
Alex Victor Young
Alex Young
Alex- Arthur Young
Alex- Joreph Russell
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander June Marie Bourgeeu Shlrley-Maye Mohr Lynn Overton Brent Young Coagrave
Alexander Russell
Alexander Young
Alexander Young Jackson
Alexandra Marie Marian Cynthia D Young
Alf Russell
Alfalfa Young
Alfic Russell
Alfie Russell
Alfred & Russell
Alfred Gordon Russell
Alfred Gordon Russell Obituary Alfred Gordon Russell Jancy
Alfred Russell
Alfred Russell 66648XN12
Alfred Russell Bristol
Alfred Russell Citizenship
Alfred Russell George Alfred Russell
Alfred Russell Montreal
Alfred Russell Mrs. Tolbert McCorriston
Alfred Russell Wallace
Alice Bruce Pinned Miss Edith Young
Alice Roxborough Young Fraser
Alice Russell
Alice Russell’s
Alice Young
Alien Young
All Young
Allan Russell
Allan Russell Ccbb
Allan Russell Cobb
Allan Russell Golf Tournament
Allan Young
Allan Young National
Allan Young Quyon Invested
Allan Young Taxless Farm Gas Endorsed By
Allan Young Today
Allan Young Wins European Degree Mr.
Allan Young’s Finette
Allen Russell
Allen Young
Allen Young John Clarke
Allison Russell
Allred Russell
Alma Hobbs J 9 Russell Taber
Almonte Russell Young
Although Russell
AMan Young
Amelia Russell
Amelia Smart Winnie Horner Clara Strutt Annie Hamilton Mias McMonag’e Harold G. Young
An-Harper Young
And Russell
AND- Young
Anderson A Taylor HAS Supplies Young
Andrea Korbin Young
Andrew C. Young Brittand
Andrew K Russell
Andrew K. Russell
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell and Hugh G. Kossett
Andrew Russell and Margaret Stewart
Andrew Russell Campbell
Andrew Russell Celebrate Sixty-fourth Wedding
Andrew Russell Dean
Andrew Russell Dean Passes
Andrew Russell MRS.
Andrew Russell Robertson
Andrew Russell Sr
Andrew Russell Sr.
Andrew Russell W
Andrew Russell—un
Andrew s Young Peoples Ont.
Andrew Tubman Russell
Andrew Young
Andrew" Russell
Andy Russell
Andy Russell Stories
Andy Russell.......... T*
Andy Russell................... Stories
Andy Russell..................... Stories
Andy Russell’s
Andy Young
Andy Young Bryson Pirates—T
Andy Young To
Andy Young’s
Angela Sally Graham Dowe Ed Rusenstrom Ronnie Dowe Chris Last Ryan Woermke Adam Sally Jett Russell
Angela Sally Young
Angie Langford (Betty Russell
Anita Young
Ann Bertrand-Young
Ann Russell
Ann Sheridan Clark Gable Jane Russell Steve Cochran
Ann Young
Anna Stewart____________ Young
Anna Young
Anna Young Joan Cleary
Anna Young Presented Proficiency
Anne Young
Annetta Young
Annie Russell
Annie Young
Anniversary Mrs Russell PILON GARAGE INC.
Annual Scott Young
Anyone Russell
Ap-also Russell
Apartment Russell
Apple Young
Apply Albert Young
Apply Albert Young Male
Apply Albert Young Wav Cross
Apply Albert Young*
Apply Melvin Young
Apply Melvin Young#
Apply Mrs. Russell Elliott
Apply Mrs. Russell Ta
Apply R G Russell
Apply Ray Young
Apply Russell
Apply Russell Elliott
Apply Russell Elliott Ph
Apply Russell Judd 647-2139
Apply Russell Lulas
Apply Russell Mee
Apply Russell Wilson Shawville
Appointment Young Men’s Top Coats
Apportaient Young Men’s Top Coats Loan
Argue L Russell M Durm S
Armand Russell
Armstrong Russell Shawville Mary Morin
Armstrong Young
Arn Arnold Young
Arnold Garrison Walter Young
Arnold McLeod Billy Russell
Arnold Russell
Arnold Young
Arnold Young Ottawa
Art Young
Arthur Dean John Russell
Arthur Hor-Mrs Melvin Young
Arthur Milton Russell
Arthur Russell
Arthur Young
Artist Badge Stuart Kehoe Charles Russell
Artist Betty Russell
Artist Gardners Jim Carmichael Willard Smith Willard Smith George Russell I
As Russell
Ashley Marsha Young
Ashley Young
Assessors Russell EllioH
Assistant Coach Curtis Young
At Russell
Atkin-1 Russell
Auction Sale Russell Gsuley
Audrey Young
Aunt Kathy Young
Austin Young
Austin Young Peoples As
Austro-Hungarian James G Russell
Ave Russell
Ayl-| Young
Aylmer Tigres Russell
B J Russell
B Russell
B W Young
B W Young 1
B W Young 2. Ella Armstrong 2
B&E Russell Equipment
B. Russell
B. Young
Ba Kerry Young Transport
Balharrie Young
Bane* Young
Banian Young
Bar- Henry B< Doug Young
Barb Russell Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. John A. Burnett Farm Equipment Walter Reiche
Barbara A:>n Russell
Barbara Ann Russell
Barbara Anne Russell
Barbara I Russell
Barbara Mrs Ricky Young
Barbara Russell
Barbara Russell 1st
Barbara Russell Telephone Co.
Barbara Russell Winchester
Barbara Russell’s
Barbara Young
Barber ,Broad Jump—Joy Young
Barber and Barb Russell
Barber and Mr. Ben Young
Barber and Susan Young
Barber Nan-1 Young
Barber Russell
Barber • Eason Russell
Barber) Russell
Barber, Melvin Young
Bargains Russell
Baron Russell
Barrie Russell David Tripp
Barrie Young
Barrv Russell
Barry Russell
Barry William Young
Barry Young
Basil Young
Bason Russell
Bay Bookkeeping J. Russell Rev. Hatch Shawville
Bay Mrs. Roland Russell Corporal
Bay Orange Young
Bay Young
Bay Young Farmer
Bay Young Mens Double Breast Drape Models Single Breast
Bcv Young
Bean Ray Young Dave Wilson
Beatrice Russell
Beattie Russell
Beck Russell
Becky Russell
Becky Young
Beef Shawville Young Farmers Heifer Jenn Hannaberry
Bella Young
Bella Young Wilson
Belle Pointer—Allen Young Shawville < Richardson
Belsher Bill Russell Marc Bizier Brian Cole To
Belsher Russell
Ben W. Young
Ben Young
Ben Young’s
Benjamin E. Young
Benjamin Russell
Benjamin Wellington Young
Benjamin Young
Benjamin Young*
Bernadette Russell Elliott
Bernard Ouim- Young
Bernard Pilot Russell
Bernice Russell
Bernice Russell Honoured Miss Bernice Russell
Bernie Habba Young
Bertha Russell
Bertnnd Russell
Bertrand Photo Quebec Young Farmers
Bertrand Russell
Bessie Russell
Beta Russell
Beth Young
Beth Young Brownlee
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Beth Young R.N. Bob
Beth Young-Brow
Betsy Young
Betty Dowd Erna Young C Standing Faye Armstrong Lillian Bradley
Betty Monica Russell
Betty Russell 1
Betty Russell 2
Betty Russell Beauty Salon
Betty Russell Brownline Farms Burnetts Catherine Nyveld Crafts Cecil Elliott Equipment Country
Betty Russell Carriage Cover
Betty Russell Dates
Betty Russell H.I. Hobbs 4
Betty Russell’s
Betty Trudeau Russell
Betty Vem- Russell
Betty Young
Betty Young Donald Burton
Betty Young Grade Nine Beverley Campbell
Betty Young Is
Betty Young Shirley Kehoe
Betty Young-Jones
Bev Young
Bev Young Lahr
Beverley Ann Young
Beverley Henderson At- Young
Beverley Young
Beverly Young
Bey Young
BHan Russell
BiH Russell
Bill Gadget L Young Tubbs
Bill Kearnan Darlene Dods Judy Young
Bill Ma- Russell Corrigan
Bill Russell
Bill Young
Bill Young Associate Oil Vera Young Chair
Bill Young’s
Bill1 Young
Billy '' Young
Billy and Brenda Russell
Billy Kuehl Young
Billy Russell
Billy Russell 638R32
Billy Russell and Grant Russell
Billy Russell.
Billy Ruth Russell
Billy Young
Bim Young
Birdie Young
Bishop and Betty Young
Bi^ruhd Russell
Blain Troy Young
Bnan Young
Bnan Young Shaw
Bob & Loma Young
Bob and Chris Young
Bob and Clayton Young
Bob Hoe Jane Russell
Bob Horner Young
Bob Keon Young
Bob Nicki Babe Young
Bob Overton Young
Bob Russell
Bob Russell Bonds
Bob Russell IDe
Bob Russell Mr.
Bob Russell Pearl Garety
Bob Russell USHERS
Bob Russell" Keith Ha
Bob Russell’s
Bob Young
Bob Young 4
Bob Young Clarendon
Bob Young G
Bob Young Kechnie
Bob Young Keith Mohr Jim Hickey Harold Kearns Bruce Campbell Quyon U.C.W.
Bob Young Lone Wilson
Bob Young McCann
Bob Young Moved
Bob Young Quyon Lions Club
Bob Young Ryan Benoit
Bob Young Sandra A. Murray
Bob Young Shawville
Bob Young#
Bob Young-.*
Bob Young’s
Bob Young’s Jersey Cow
Bobbi Russell
Bobbi Russell Jr.
Bobbie Russell
Bobbie Young
Bobby MSB Russell
Bobby Young
Bobby Young Grade Eight-A Keith Emmerson
Boh Russell
Boh Young
Bonnie Tan- Young
Bonnie Young
Bonnie-Young Sr
Bowtski Herb Young
Boys—Marshall Young
Bract Russell
Brad Young
Braden Young
Bradley Russell
Bradley Young
Bread Maker Young
Break Ins Hugh John Young
Bred Females Young Females
Brenda Macis Young
Brenda Murphy Russell
Brenda Russell
Brenda Russell.
Brenda Young
Brenda Young ASST
Brenda Young Lynn
Brenda Young Please
Brenda Young Sewing Lain Bev
Brendan Young
Brent Turner Young
Brent Young
Brent Young Grade
Brent Young Uef
Bret Young
Brian Russell
Brian Russell 4
Brian Russell 429
Brian Russell Jr,
Brian Russell Lance
Brian Russell McGee
Brian Russell s Russell
Brian Russell We
Brian RUssell Woods
Brian Russell.
Brian Sr Russell
Brian Young
Brian Young Lindsay Daley
Brian Young Next
Brian Young Quinn Sheppard
Brief Russell
Brigham Young
Brilliant Young M«n Saw His
Bristol Class IV Jr.—John Young
Bristol—Dalton Russell
Britain’s Bright Young People I
Bro Mirl Young Jr Due
Brome Russell Currle-Mills
Brood Mare Russell Turner
Brother Russell April
Brown Bread - Mrs Edith Wiggins Buns - Mary Ellen Young
Brownlee Barber and Mrs. Fred Russell
Brownlee Russell Bennett
Bruce and Karen Young
Bruce Anderson Billy McKinley George Russell
Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson George Russell I Ross Dickson
Bruce Maheral Young
Bruce Young
Bruce Young Annual Boll
Bruce Young Dowdall
Brwco Russell Judd
Bryson’s Young Talent
Bsssy-sLd Young German Shepherd
BST.S Russell
BT~^M Russell
Bub Russell
Bud Carson Russell
Bud Young
Buddy Young
Bum- Russell St Sons
Bums Russell
Burn* Russell
Burns Russell
Buy Young
By John Russell Heard ITiis
By Mr. Hugh Young
C B L Macintosh Young’s Car Wash C.B.L. Michaud Farmers Inc.
C M Russell
C Marshall Young
C Russell
C Russell McCord
C Russell.
C Young
C Young Ladies Wanted
C. A. Young Peoples Meet
C. Russell
C. Russell Directors Mrs. Sly
C. Russell St Sons
C. Young
C.H Young
C.M. Young
C< Young
Cain Young
Caldwell Î Young Soldier Honored Sapper Kieth Corrigan
Caldwell Mr. Hugh G. Young
Caldwell Russell
Calf Orla Young
Call Kathy Young
Call Mirl Young
Call Mrs. Russell Elliott
Call Russell Denis 648-2027.
Calvin Russell
Campbell J Young
Canada Ann Young ROBERT
Canada Cpl Kenneth H. Young CD
CanadS February 13,1936 Schwartz Church Fire
Candace Russell
Candi Russell
Cannon Roger Young
Car Russell Happy
Carl Margaret Young
Carl Mcknight Young
Carl Russell
Carl Young
Carle Young
Carman Young
Carmen Russell T Elliott
Carmen Young
Carol Russell
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage Young
Carried Harper Young
Carry Russell
Carry Young
çarS0n Russell
Carson Russell
Carson Russell B>’
Carson Russell Bristol Volunteer Qn October
Carson Russell By ELIZABETH Elizabeth Hahn
Carson Russell Michael Elizabeth
Carson Russell Mike
Carson Russell Russell
Carving Russell Currie-Mills
CarWnn Councillors Young
Cary Russell
Casey Russell
Cassandra Young
Cassie Young
Catherine Russell
Catherine Russell Honours
Catherine Russell.
Catherine Young
Cathie Russell
Cathy McDonald Young
Cathy Russell
Cathy Young
Cayt Russell
Cecil Russell
Cedric Young
Celinie Russell
Cell 647-2656 Russell Elliott Residence
Cental Dent Russell Reese BlncL
Central Depot Russell Bonse Block
Central Depot Russell Home Block Admiral Dupont
Cfn Russell Judd
Ch Russell
Chad Young
Chai Russell
Chair- Russell To Replace Equity
Chairman Russell
Chan-Jack Russell
Chandler Loretta Young
Charier Russell
Charlene Young
Charles A. Young
Charles Joseph Young
Charles M Russell
Charles Rolland Russell
Charles Russell
Charles Russell ...... Claude Elliott ....... Jones Radio Service
Charles Russell Bristol
Charles Russell Directors
Charles Russell H. I. Smith
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Charles Russell I
Charles Russell Judd
Charles Russell Mr James Carmichael
Charles Russell Mrs Claude Young Mrs Gilbert CArmjchael M-s Earl Findlay
Charles Russell presi-1 Committee
Charles Russell President
Charles Russell President I X Personals Cont
Charles Russell Rotarians
Charles Russell Special
Charles Russell Taber
Charles Russell Telephone President
Charles Russell Village
Charles Russell Walter Easey
Charles Russell) Bristol
Charles Russell—Carrie I.
Charles STARRETT Russell
Charles T Russell
Charles Young
Charles Young McKEE
Charles* Russell
Charley Russell
Charlie Russell
Charlie Russell bull-1959
Charlie Russell Canal
Charlie Russell Part 4
Charlie Russell School
Charlie Young
Charlotte Russell
Chartered Accoun- Eason Russell
Chartes Russell
Chas Russell
ChCrTsyanddKmhyC Young
Chelsea Young
Cheryl Young
Chiu Je Young
Chna Young CCM.ABC
Chns Young
Chos Young
Chris Frances Young
Chris Macln- Young
Chris Russell
Chris Russell - Vice-Presi
Chris Russell Pre^tnn Hod
Chris Russell Shawville Fair
Chris sgL Young
Chris Young
Chris Young WATCH Ann Racine
Chris Young Glen Lucas
Chris Young Laird Graham
Chris Young PHONE
Chris Young Sundav.
Chris Young User
Chris Young*
Chris Young-
Chris YOUNG® Seat
Chris Young’s
Christi- Kara Young
Christina Young
Christine Young
Christmas Russell
Christopher Thomp- Young People’s Service
Christopher Young
Chthy Russell
Church Russell
Churches Young
Ciarry Russell
Ciaude Young
Cindy Russell
Cis Muldoon Young
Cis Young
Cittert L Russell
Cj Russell Elliott
Cjison Russell
Claire Gin- Ecole Secondaire Sieur Clint Young
Clara Russell
Clara Russell They
Clare Young
Clarence A Jeen Russell
Clarence M Young
Clarence M. Young
Clarence Russell
Clarence Young
Clarence Young’s
Clarendon W I. Mrs Margaret Russell
Clark Russell
Clarke Russell Although
Clarke Young
Claud Young
Claude J. Young
Claude M Young
Claude M Young Dear Editor
Claude M. Young
Claude Mac-farlane Sinclair Young
Claude Macfarlane Young
Claude S. Young
Claude Sherry Young
Claude Young
Claude Young A Son CllO Dale
Claude Young Blake
Claude Young Bristol
Claude Young Carmel LaSalle
Claude Young Display
Claude Young Drake
Claude Young Fir-t
Claude Young Geo
Claude Young Hie
Claude Young Jacques
Claude Young Memo-but
Claude Young Named
Claude Young Pair Farm Chunks
Claude Young Race Horse Committee
Claude Young Roy
Claude Young Saddle Horse
Claude Young See
Claude Young She
Claude Young Si Son
Claude Young Smith
Claude Young Special- Walter Foster
Claude Young To Let Beattie
Claude Young Wyman
Claude Young’s
Clayon Young
Clayton Young
Clayton Young 648-2563 647-2760 Campbell
Clayton Young Campbell’s Bay
Clayton Young John Dean
Clayton Young- He
Clayton- Young
Cliff Camp-Lion Hugh Young
Cliff Mrs. Russell Dean
Cliff Russell
Clifford Russell-Hayes-Dods Jones
Clifford Young
Clinton Young
Clothing—in Young Men’s Models—is
Cloud# Young
Clr Russell
Clyde Jack Young
Clyde Young
Cm Young Martineau
Cmr Young
Cmur Young
Co. Russell
Co. Young
Coach Driver John Russell
Coach Gary Young
Coach Jeff Russell’s Pontiac Lions Midget
Cody Young
Coinr Young
Coistable Linden Young
Coleen Young
Colin Christie Young
Colin Young
Colleen Young
Colline Young
Collins Young
Com Young
Com''is Young
Combinations Hay Young
Comedy Gig Young Bonnie Bedelie
Comm J Russell
Comm Russell
Commercial Refrigeration Unite CLAYTON YOUNG
Commissioners Young
Competitor- Leslie Young
Comr Young
Com’r Young
Conncillors Young
Connie Russell
Connie Young
Conor Young
Consequently Com J A Russell
Consequently Commissioner J. A. Russell
Constable Linden Young
Constable Lindeq Young
Constable Russell Berndt
Constable Young
Constables Young
Constance Russell
Contact Kathy Young
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contact Ray Young
Continuing Education Young
Contractor Legionnaire Russell Judd
Contractor Russell
Contractor Russell Judd
Cookies Leslee Young
Cora Myrtle Young
Corbin Young
Corners United Young People’s Unions
Cornganf Young
Cornwall Russell
Corporal James McDer- Mr. Russell
Corporal Russell Davies Russell Davies
Correspondent Russell
Cory Young
CoUeen Young
Coun Mr. Young
Council Russell
Councillor Eason Russell
Councillor Orla Young
Councillor Russell
Councillor Russell Taber
Councillor* Young
Councillors Hanlan Young
Councillors Russell
Councillors Russell Sylvia Hodgins
Councillors Victor Young
Councillors Westbrook Young
Councillors Young
Councillors Young Campbell
Cpl Kenneth H. Young CD
Cpl Russell
Cpl Russell’s
Cr O Young
Cr Orla Young
Cr Russell Judd
Cr Young
Craig Robinson Cathie Young
Craig Young
Creamery—Melvin Young
Cri M Young
Crs Alexander Young
Crs Dagg Young
Crs M Young
Crs Muldoon Young
Crs Murdock Russell
Crs Orla Young
Crs Smiley Young
Crs Young
Crs Young Cain
Crs Young Farrell
Ct> Russell
Ctrri* Young
Cub Douglas Young
Currie-Mills Family - Russell
Curtis Douglas Young Young
Curtis Orla Young
Curtis Young
Curtis Young As
Curtis Young Brenda Barr Sandra Murray Mervin Conroy Businesses
Curtis Young Delbert Zachanas
Curtis Young Gatineau
Curtis Young Martin Danis
Curtis Young Pee
Curtis Young’s
Curus Young
Cuthbertson Bennett Beckman John Armstrong Gereld Been Mrs. Linden Young Stanley Abott Al McKenzie
Cy Young
Cynthia D Young
Cynthia Young
C’fn Russell Judd C’fn
D Russell
D*/ A Russell
D*lt>n Russell
D. J. Morris P.P Young Peoples MILNE
D. Russell
D. Young
D.S. Young
Dagg Young
Daisy Russell
DaJton Russell
DaKon Russell
Dale Anne Young
Dale Elizabeth Young
Dale Honoured By Young
Dale • Orta Young
Dale........... Mat Sinclair........ D. Russell
Dally Russell
Dalton Russell
Dalton Russell 3. Clerk
Dalton Russell First Aid
Dalton Russell Mr.
Dalton Russell-
Dan Russell
Dan Young
Daniel Schulyer Young
Daniel Young
Danny Russell
Darlene Russell
Darlene Young
Darwin Smith Young
Dave Mrs Patricia Russell
Dave Russell
Dave Wil- Mayor Orla Young
Dave Young
David (Barbara) Russell
David Dick- Young
David Gerald (Margaret Young
David H Russell Awarded Fellowship Notary Public
David H. Russell
David Harris Russell
David Lunam Young
David Malette- 7.50 David Fletcher- 7.50 Russell
David Russell
David Russell ... Hulbert Armstrong
David Russell 1
David Russell 18.2
David Russell 2. J. E. O Neil
David Russell 5th
David Russell C.
David Russell Gilbert Sanffenberg
David Russell Mrs
David Russell Mrs. Garner Richardson Herb
David Russell Mrs. R. G. Hodgins Andrew Sly
David Russell Quicksand Does
David Russell—
David Russell’s
David Shawville Young Farmers Nyveld
David Young
David Young Dr. David M. Young
Davidson Young
Dayid Russell
Dean 7-2820 Young
Dean E. Young
Dean Young
Dear Mrs. Young
Dear Young Artist
Dear Young Friend
Dear Young Lady—Not
Deb Young
Debb e Young
Debbi Russell
Debbie Russell
Debbie Russell SOCIAL SCIENCES Diana Andai
Debbie Young
Debbie Young James
Debora Young
Deborah and Brian Russell
Deborah Joan Russell Elizabeth Ann Russell Ar.d
Deborah Russell
Deborah Russell (Brian
Deborah Russell (Brian)
Deborah Russell and Helen Palmer
Deborah Russell High Distinc- Barbara Ann Desabrais
Deborah Russell-
Deborah Russell.
Deborah Young
Deborah Young 84
Deborah Young Distinction
Deborah Young.
December 23.1930 Quebec Young Farmers Family Allowances
Deep Luke Young
DeFlora Russell
Dehhic Russell
Denise Young
Dennis Findlay Brent Young
Dennis Young
Denton Tecumseh Young
Denzil Young
Depot Russell Boose Block CUTHBEHTSON
Depot Russell House Block
Depot Russell House Block GUTHBEfjTSON
di-1 Russell Mee
Diane Russell
Diane Russell On Friday
Dianne Russell
Dick Young
Dillon Riley Young
Director Russell Mee
Director Young
Directors A Young
Directors Boy Young
Directors Young
Dlane Russell
Dolan Russell -
Dolly Russell
Dominic Gary Young
Domino Russell
Don Russell
Don Russell Kay Walsh
Don Russell Vice President
Don- Young Frenchman Gould Not Endure
Don-Andrew K Russell
Donald Bev Young
Donald Dim A Son J E Russell A
Donald Duff A Son J E Russell A Sons Walter Kllgour A Son J E Barber & Sons
Donald Hodgins Cathy Young
Donald I Russell
Donald Russell
Donald Russell 80.8„ Danny Drummond 804
Donald Russell Claude Young
Donald Russell DEAN
Donald Russell Dods
Donald Russell Grade 7—Brian Smith
Donald Russell Recent
Donald Thompson & Graham Russell
Donald Thompson and Graham Russell
Donald Young
Donald Young Street
Donna Hodgins Betty Young
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donna MacKechnie Debbie Young
Donna Smith Young
Donna Smith-Young
Donna Young
Donna Young Dites
Donna Young Les
Donnie Mayor Orla Young
Donnie Russell
Donnie Russell Mis
Donnie Stanley Mary Ellen Young
Dons Russell
Dons Russell Hodgins
Dons Young
Doris (Graham Young
Doris Jacques and Mrs. Roland Russell
Doris Jean Russell Weds Milton Hodgios
Doris Russell
Doris Young
Doris Young Canada Province
Doris Young Ottawa
Dorothy M Russell The
Dorothy Morrison Anna Young
Dorothy Russell
Dorothy Stevens Barbara Russell
Dorothy Uncle Leonard Russell
Dorothy Young
Dorris Russell
Doue Russell
Doug Russell
Doug Russell .471
Doug Russell 17010"
Doug Russell 2nd
Doug Russell 311
Doug Russell congratulates Sandy Welburn
Doug Russell Pbil
Doug Young
Doug Young Car Wash
Doug Young CO
Doug Young Fuels
Doug Young Shawvllle
Doug Young Shirley
Doug Young Transport Ltd.
Doug Young Tro- Men’s Pot Lid Pins
Doug Young Trophies Curling Windup
Doug Young Trophy
Doug Young Young’s Car Wash
Doug Young- Lome Wilson
Doug Young’s Car Wash
Doug Young’s Car Wash Rink
Dougiaa Young
Dougie Russell
Dougie Young
Douglas Russell
Douglas S Young
Douglas Stewart Young
Douglas Young
Douglas Young From
Dow-MUton Russell
Dr. Russell
Dr. Russell Elliott
Dr. Russell L. Cecil
Dr. Russell M. Wilder
Dr. Russell W. Bunting
Dr. Young
Drummond Troy Young
Dryden Russell Abby McBane Frobel
Duncan Campbell Russell At
Duncan Young
Durrell Russell
Dylan Russell
Dylan Young
E ard Russell
E F Russell
E F. Russell
E Pirie J E Russell J D Duff
E Russell
E Russell Judd.
E Young
Ë&* Young
E. Russell
E. Russell Sec.
E. Young
Earl D Young
Earl Denzil Young
Earl Denzil Young When
Earl Findlay Mr. Milton Russell
Earl Russell
Earl Young
Earl Young 453
Eas Russell
Eason Russell
Eason Russell 647-5646 Gates
Eason Russell and Nancy Armitage
Eason Russell But
Eason Russell Eason Russell
Eason Russell Harris
Eason Russell Horticulture
Eason Russell Mr Donald Stevens
Eason Russell Shawville Milling
Eason Russell Showville
Eason Russell that Gerard
Easton Russell
Eaton Russell
Eavc Russell Elliott
Ebert Young
Ed Hugh Young
Ed Young
Edfrot Bill Young
Edgar Alexander I RUSSELL—In
Edgar Eason Russell
Edgar Russell
Edgar Russell COLD WAVE
Edgar Russell Dakon Hodgins
Edgar Russell -
Edgar Russell .lal
Edgar Russell 647-3425
Edgar Russell Secretary Treasurer
Edgar Russell Shawville
Edgar Russell Vicki O Neil
Edgar Russell’s
Edgar Susan Young
Edith Beulah Young Palmer
Edith Kathleen Russell
Edith Russell
Edith Russell Elliott
Edith Young
Edith Young-Palmer
Editor Young
Edmund Russell
Edna Russell
Edna Young
Edward Mrs Carson Russell
Edward Young
Edward Young There
Edward Young Two
Edwin Marion Russell.
Eervin Russell
Ëg Russell
Eggshell Young
EH BB HSriti Quebec Young Farmers
Eihel Young
Eileen LiihIIa Young
Eileen Miller Kay Russell
Eileen Young
Ei|S|SWl|fEiFS="=--" Russell
Elaine Chamber- Bob Young Gladvs
Elaine Godin Mae Stafford Young
Elaine Ritchie Ronald * Clara Russell Dkk
Elaine Russell
Elaine Young
Elden Young
Eleanor Russell
Eleanor Russell Ronald Russell Ronald Russett Joan Stark Jean Stephens Willda Telford**
Elenore Russell
Elisa A. Young
Elisabeth Young
Eliza Brown Young
Elizabeth Hahn Russell
Elizabeth Melrose Beverly Young
Elizabeth Russell
Elizabeth Russell He
Elizabeth Young
Elizabeth Young Jus*
Elizabeth Young Sculpture
Ella Flagg Young
Ella Mary Young
Ella Young
Ellen (Russell
Ellen I Russell
Ellen Russell
Ellen Russell Dechle
Ellen Young
Ellen Young 329
Elliott (Russell
ELLIOTT- Russell
Ellis Palmer Russell Elliott Henry McCord
Elsie Russell
Elwyn Young
Emard Dean Family Entertains Mrs. David Russell Sincerely
Embden Young Gander
Embden Young Goose
Emerson Russell
Emily Revell Russell
Emily Russell
Emily Russell Tenors
Emily Young Hodgins
Emma Doreen Young Young - Scott
Emma Russell
Emma Russell- Miss Madeleine Craig
Emma Russell.
Emma Young
Emmerson Young
Ena Russell
Engagement Ring Young
Engineer Russell
Entertained Young Ladies
Eoson Russell
Eric Fletcher Glen Leach Randy Young
Eric Russell
Eric Russell R.C.A.F.
Eric Russell tll6 Howard Nesbitts
Eric Smith Mr. Stuart Russell
Erie Russell
Erma Young
Erna Young
Ernest F Russell
Ernest Forbes Russell
Ernest Gregory YOUNG PIONEER
Ernest Russell
Ernie da Russell
Ernie Lun- Penalties—Habba Young
Ernie Russell
Ernie Russell My
Ernie Stran- Young
Ernie Young
Ernly Russell
Ernst A Young
Ervin Russell
Ervin Russell - Doug Thomas
Ervin Russell Recent
Ervine Russell
Erwin Arnold Young
Erwin Russell
Eson Russell
Essen Russell
Esther Helena Russell Dakin
Esther M. Russell
Esther Russell
Esther Russell 654
Esther Russell Dakin
Esther Russell Lewis Wiggins
Esther Russell This
Ethel Russell
Ethel Young
Etta Young
Eugene Russell
Eva Alexander Friday—8 p.m. Young Peoples
Eva Àndàl Tubman - Young
Evangelist Russell
Eveline Young
Evelyn Horner Young
Evelyn Ma- Charles Young
Evelyn Quebec Young Farmers
Evelyn Russell
Evelyn Young
Evori Si- Young
Ewing Young
Ex Governor W, K. Russell
Ex-Apply R G Russell
Excellent Young
Extulant Young Father—My
F R Young
F Russell
F. Russell
F.ason Russell
F.dgerton R Young
F.O.B. Russell
Fades Luke Young Mod
Faint Mover- Russell Taber
Fal- Young
Fanny Young
Farmer Farmer Farmer Robert Ralphe John Young James Ralph Robert Ralphe
Farmers Young
Farmers J Young Farmers
Farmers: Quebec Young Farmers
Faron Young
Farr R McNeil J. Baskin H. Young Saturday
Farrell Young
Fason Russell
Father Russell
Faye Clara Little Russell
Faye Greer B & H Farm Drainage Young
Faye Young
Fc- Melvin Young
Fern Russell
Fern Young
Fernand Russell
Fhief Young
Finance J Russell.
Finley Young
Fiona Young
Flatters Young
Fleck Luke Young
Fleming Herb Young Motion
Flora Russell
Flora Russell and Margaret Russell
Florence Young
Floyd James -(1936-20 ) Energy Mines
Floyd Russell.
Foal—Claude Young
Foal—J N Russell I
Foal—Tannin Collard—Claude Young Foal—Carbrook Pilot Russell
Fofd Young
Fol-year’s Quebec Young Farmers
Forever Young
Foster Young
Foui Young Grnie Hull Calve#
Four Young Grade Mull Calves
Frances Adelaide Young
Frances Young
Frances Young Marilyn Young
Frances Young Triple Jump
Frances Young Young
Francine Allen Ehe Perreault Rick Jameson Young’s Racing Dens Papineau Brent
Francine Russell
Francis Brett Young
Francis McBanc Gordon Young
Francis Rosalind Russell
Francis Young
Frank A. Young
Frank Area Young
Frank Ham- Mr. Hamelln Young
Frank Lacourse Russell Judd
Frank Palmer Barney Richardson Douglas Schwartz Lawrence Stafford Ron Tanguay Hugh Young Phil Hamel
Frank Ramona Young
Frank Ross Young
Frank Russell Young
Frank Young
Fraser Con- Claude Young
Fraser Scott Young Joey Fraser Charlie Lloyd JvnCoyte Agnes Findlay Frank Mohr Ervin McCann Ben Kin
Fraser- Clayton Young ShaweWe
Fred (Norma) Russell
Fred Hor-young
Fred M Russell
Fred Rnseett H. G. Young
Fred Russell
Fred Russell -
Fred Russell ......
Fred Russell Home
Fred Russell IS
Fred Wiggins Russell
Fred Young
Fred-eruk Young
Freddie Young
Frederick Ross Young Peoples Union
Frederick W. Young
Frederick Wiggins Russell
Fric Russell
Friday Young
Friday Young Peoples
From Russell
Ftederick W Russell
Fui-O-P*p Photograpntr Young Donnie Jacobs
Ful-O-Pep Photographer Young
Fuller Luke Young
G E Young
G H Young
G Russell
G Young
G. Russell
G. Young
G. Young’s
G.-George Russell Mrs. H. Millar
G.A. Russell
Gail Russell
Gail Russell Coming To
Gail Russell SEVEN
Gail Russell Z Saturday November 3
Gail Young
Gaiy Russell
Gardiner Young
Garnet Russell
Garry Albert Young
Garry Brenda Young
Garry Russell
Garry Russell Capt
Garry Russell John Russell
Garry Russell Théo Leduc
Garry Young
Garry Young Birthday
Garry Young Bryan Murray
Garry Young Quyon
Garry Young Secretary-Treasurer
Garry Young Tel
Gary Russell
Gary Russell 17’0
Gary Russell 2. Hugh Hodgins 2. Billy Russett 1
Gary Russell 2.32
Gary Russell 3
Gary Russell 33 4"
Gary Russell Broad Jump
Gary Russell C Taylor
Gary Russell Frances Young
Gary Russell Geoffrey Hyde
Gary Russell I Connie Little
Gary Russell I Jane Bourget
Gary Russell Shawville
Gary Thompson Se Janice Young
Gary Young
Gatineau Russell
Gavin Russell
Gavin Russell Rusenstrom Reese
Gayle Young
Ge- Russell
Ge- Russell Elliott
Gelding Claude Young
Gen- Young
Geo A Russell
Geo Russell
Geoff Russell Joanne Brownlee
Geoff Young
Geoff Young AgriArt Jamieson’s Band
George & Betty Russell
George A Russell
George A. Russell
George and Betty Russell
George and Betty Russell Golden Beauty
George and Betty Russell’s
George Bryson* President Russell Iil^ukburn
George Coles Russell
George D. Young
George E. Young
George H. Young
George Methodift Young People
George Pal- Mrs. Lawrence Young
George Robert Miul Wnlt«-r Russell
George Russell
George Russell 20.00
George Russell 623
George Russell 7
George Russell Auction
George Russell Billy Scott George Russell" Billy Scott At
George Russell Bristol
George Russell Bruce Anderson I
George Russell Bruce Anderson Somersault
George Russell Celebrates
George Russell George Macintosh 1st Shawville Troop Garry Zahodnick
George Russell Horner
George Russell Is
George Russell Mee Standard Church Board
George Russell Polishing
George Russell Quarter Horse
George Russell Telford
George Russell Willard Smith Tom Smart
George Russell^
George Russell’s
George St Pier- Mrs. Susan Young
George W. Russell
George Young
George Young Film
Georgie Russell
Georgina Young
Ger- A Young
Gerald and Chris Young
Gerald Kelley Deborah and Bnan Russell
Gerald O Toole Young
Gerald Russell
Gerald Young
Gerard Laura Helena Young-Overton
Gerrard Young Britons
Gerry Albert Young
Gerry Carson Russell
Gerry McKenny Young
Gerry Russell
Gerry Young
Gertie Russell Elliott
Gertrude Ross Young
Gey Young
Gig Young
Giijiner Clinton Young
Gilbert Gilpin ........ Clifford Roy .......... Russell Lucas
Gilbert L Young
Gilbert L. Young
Gilbert Lloyd Young
Gilbert Young
Gilbert Young Both
Gill Young
Gillian Young
Gillian Young Joie
Glads Russell
Glen Chas Russell
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glen Russell.
Glenark E Russell D Hodglns D Hodglns J D Duff E Pirie
Glengarry/Prescott Russell
Glenn Mr Young
Glenn Russell
Glenn Tes- Mrs. Irvin Russell
Glenn Young
Glenna Decorating Kathy McDonald-Young
Glenview Young
Gloria Graham Technicolor Jane Russell
Gloria Russell
Gord Stewart Brenda Young
Gordon Elliott - Margaret Young
Gordon Milliah George Ruaaall A Claird Young
Gordon Russell
Gordon Russell Smiley
Gordon Strutt E Pirie D Hodgins J D Duff J D Duff Glenark W Kllgour Glenark J E Russell Gladcrest
Gordon Young
Governor Russell
Grace Russell
Grace Young
Grade VI.—Edith Young
Graham Hugh Young
Graham Kathy Young
Graham Kathy Young Friday
Graham Kathy Young Litchfield Council DON’T
Graham Kathy Young Minutes
Graham Marion Poole Mona Young C Standing Patricia Burke Robert Keon James Marks Jean McCara Wilfre
Graham Russell
Graham Russell 4
Graham T. Young
Graham Young
Graham Young John Evangelist Church Groundhog Day
Graham) Young
Grange Young Ititons
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
Grant Russell
Grant Russell Box 617
Grant Russell P Campbell’s Bay Tel
Grant Wellington Young
Grant Young
Grant Young’s
Graze Where Young Tree# Should Have
Gred Russell
Greer Luke Young
Greg Kara Young
Greg Russell
Greta Young
Group W R McKechnle Qrawford Bros Ronald G Russell
Grow Young
Guilty Tells Young Men
Gurry Young
Guy Russell
Gwendolyn Young
H crby Russell
H D Russell
H G .Young
H G Young
H G Young 1
H G Young 2
H G Young 2. Breeding
H G Young 2. Edith Currie-Mills
H G Young 2. Geo B Campliell
H G Young 2. Largest
H G Young 3. Child’s Linnet
H G Young 3. Tray
H G Young L
H G. Young
H Ma dore Orla Young
H O Young
H O. Young
H Q. Young
H. < Young
H. G Young
H. G. Young
H. H Richardson. Young
H. Russell
H. Russell Rolphton
H. Young
H.E.A. Russell
Ha Young
Habba Young
Habbe Young
Hafoba Young
Hagen Leslie Caron Mel Ferror Gig Young Jean Hagen Jane Greer Technicolor TUES.
Hahha Young
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants
Hal Young
Hal Young Bruce C
Hal Young Dwight
Hal Young Paving Dufferin Construction Young
Halerie Roberts Ib—Heather Hayes le—Delbert Stephens 2a—Rita Kirkham 2b—David Russell 2c—Karen Davi
Hall Orla Young
Hall Young
Halloo Russell
Ham K Young
Hamid Young Scotland
Hamilton Young
Hamilton Young
Hamilton Young Lady Disappear-
Hams Pork Young Turkeys Prime Rib Turkeys
Han Young
Hank Young
Hanlan Young
Hanlau Young
Hanley Young
Hanlon Young
Hanna Russell
Hannah Russell
Har- Betty Young
Harold 0. Young
Harold Dob- Orange Young
Harold F Russell
Harold F. Russell
Harold G Young
Harold G. Young
Harold Graham Young
Harold Russell
Harold Russell Boston
Harold Russell Class
Harold Russell Houston
Harold Russell Lake Placid
Harold Russell Mr
Harold Warford Young
Harold Young
Harold Young Bristol Native Comes
Harold Young Paving Inc. Pavage Harold Young Inc. Jacques Chevalier
Harold Young Principal
Harper I Young
Harper Rennick Young
Harper Young
Harper Young JoAnne
Harper Young John Clarke
Harper Young Rae
Harpers Young
Harper’s Young Peop
Harris Richie Russell
Harry Hedging Russell
Harry Hodgins 2nd Dalton Russell
Harry Russell
Harry Russell Centre
Harry Russell For
Harry Sharpe Young Farmers
Harry Young
Harvey Russell
Harvey Wilson Young
Harvey Young
Harvie Young
Hay Young
Hazel Russell
Heads Young Liberals Saunders
Health-Mrs Claude Young
Hebert Young
Heifer Young
Heiress Young Man—“Oh
Helen B Young
Helen J. Young
Helen Mac— Young
Helen Russell
Helen Young
Helen | Russell
Helene Young
Hellene Young
Help Wanted Young
Hen Young
Henderson Harris Myrl Young
Henderson Russell
Henderson Young
Henly Russell
Henry A. Young
Henry Dalton Russell
Henry Dalton Russell Panes Suddenly X
Henry Tubman Mr. Russell Judd
Henry Tubman- 177.80 Russell Woods-252.00
Henry Young
Herb Russell
Herb Russell I Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Herb Young
Herbert K Russell
Herbert Russell
Herbert Russell .
Herbert Russell 6< Campbell
Herbert Young
Herbert Young Diamond Anniversary
Herbert Young McCann
Herbie Russell
Herbie Young
Herbie Young Information
Herby Russell
Herd Russell
Herl>ert Young
Herman Russell
Herman Young
Hertoy Russell
Hetty Young
Hickey Young
Highest Quebec Young Farmers
Hilaries Russell
Hilda Joyce Young Osborne Bel
Hilda Russell
Hilda Young
Hilly Russell
Hilton Young
Ho Ion Young
HobboV Young Shawville
Hobbs Truck- Doug Young
Hockey Hay Young
Hodgins Harold Young
Hodglns Mrs. Russell Hodglns
Holland Russell
Holland Russell Roll
Hollftmi Russell
Hollis Russell
Holmes Hastings E. Russell Huron E
Home Hardware Young
Homeowner Russell Stewart
Honesty Note X Chris Young
Honor Kara Young
Hooks Russell
Howard 7-2830 Young
Howard Pridham Bull Senior Calf Young
Howard Russell
Howard Young
Howard- Judy Young
Hubba Young
Hubect’ Russell
Hubert Russell
Hubert Young
Hugh C Young
Hugh G Young
Hugh G. Young
Hugh O. Young
Hugh Russell
Hugh T Young
Hugh Young
Hugh Young Apprentice Wilf Schwartz
Hugh Young Community Hospital
Hugh Young Manager
Hugh Young Photo
Hugh Young Second Class Honours
Hugh Young Skip
Hugh Young- Lion Tamer
Hugh Young’s Residence
Hughie Young
Hugn Young
Hull Miss Betty Russell
Hum* Russell
I* Mona Young
I-awrence Young
I.A. Russell
I.ois Young
I.ucas Russell
Ian Russell
Ian Young
Ida K< Russell Campbel
Ida Young
Idena Fraser Sec.-Treas JACK RUSSELL
Idena Kathy Young
If Russell
Ijola Young
Including Allan Young
Indignant Young Man— Waiter
Inglee Young
Ingrid Russell
Inniur Young
Ira Young
Ira Young 497
Ira Young Dies
Irene O’Brien Young
Iroy Young
Irvin Graham Young
Irvin Russell
Irvine Cone Russell Judd Councillors
Irvine Russell
Irving Russell
Irwin Russell
IrwlnTHay- Russell
Isabelle Young
It Helen Young
Itoxie Young
Iverson Harris -Russell Elliott
Ivina Young
IwJlKSJBKMSfl Russell
Ixerny Russell
I—Dalton Russell
I—Robbie Russell
J r Garry Young
J Young
J .A. Russell
J A Russell
J A. Dahl Lauretta Young
J A. Russell
J A. Russell Potlec Community Hospital Shawville
J and Dan Russell
J D Duff E Pirie E Pirie E Russell W Kllgour E Russell J D Duff Geo
J D Russell
J D. Russell
J E Russell
J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin Plrle A Son J E Barber A Sons J Donald Duff A
J E Russell A Sons Hlllls Connolly Edwin Plrle A Son HillIs Connolly J Donald Duff A
J E Russell A Sons J Donald Duff A Sons Hlllls ConoUy
J E Russell W Kllgour
J E Russell-Reserve-2nd Edwin Pirie H Conolly D Hodglns J Tracy Jr. Yearling J E Russell Jr. Champ
J E. Russell
J G Russell
J G. Young
J L Garry Young
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J M Argue H A McCoy Motion Councillors Young
J M Hodgins 3 H G. Young
J mo- Russell
J N Russell
J N Russell 1
J Reynolds Lady’s Slacks Mrs R Young
J Russell
J Russell Resolution
J Russell.
J u Young
J Young
J- Russell
J. Allen Young
J. N. Russell
J. Russell
J. Russell Elected Busy Bristol Beavers
J. Russell Jane Bussell Bichard Egan
J. Russell Juhn Hickey
J. Young
J.A Russell
J.A Russell Returning Officer COIN
J.A. Russell
J.A. Russell Presiding Officer Pontiac Protestant
J.A. Russell Returning Officer.
J.A.Russell REP.
J.C. Young
J.E. Russell
J.G. Young
J.N. Russell
j0jjQ Young
Jacey Russell
Jack 7-2722 Young
Jack Clayton Young
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG RE-ELECT Christopher YOUNG
Jack Kerr Mrs. Melvin Young
Jack Knox I David Russell
Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Gig Young Carol Lynley
Jack Russell
Jack Russell Chairman
Jack Russell COUNCIL January Special
Jack Russell Madeleine Wittig
Jack Russell Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Jack Russell Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell V >
Jack Russell WÊÊM
Jack Russell- Chairman.
Jack Russell;
Jack Salmon Reg Young Butch Cloutier
Jack Young
Jackie Young
Jacob Young
JacY Russell
Jade Young
Jaime Russell.
Jam Russell
Jam# Russell Clark Gable
James A. Russell
James Bay Young
James C. Russell
James Ci. Russell
James Cleary Victor Young Ernest Keon James O. O’Reilly
James Dillingham1 Young
James Earl Young
James Eason Russell
James G Russell
James G. Russell
James Glenn Russell
James Glenn Russell Tel
James H Constable Linden Young
James Hanlan Young
James M Young
James M. Young
James Meek Mrs Merle Young
James O. Russell
James Orla A. Young Mayor
James Russell
James Russell 196.76.
James Russell Lost While Fishing Quebec City
James Russell Lowell
James Russell Nos
James Russell’s
James S Young
James S. Young
James Thomas Victor Young
James Young
James Young Caroline Elizabeth Golden
James Young Simpson
Jamie Donald Russell Emerson
Jamie Russell
Jamie Young
Jamieson Farm Equipment Gordon Dittburner........ Bob Young
Jane Alexan- Russell
Jane De Brenda Russell
Jane Emmerson RUSSELL-
Jane Norma Johncox Weds Frank Ross Young
Jane Pilon Betty Russell Jane Alexander
Jane Russell
Jane Russell Saturday
Jane Russell Cinemascope
Jane Russell Keenan Wynn
Jane Russell PHONE
Jane Russell Technicolor Jeanne Crain
Jane Russell Van Heflin Mrs. Hubert Elliott
Jane Young
Janet E Young
Janet MeJanet Russell
Janet Russell
Janet Stewart Young
Janet Young
Janet Young Buried
Janet Young Diamond Anniversary
Janet Young Grace Nichols
Janet Young Rua Barber.
Janet Young Russell
Janet Young Skip
Janey Russell
Janice Young
Janice Young’s Indi-
Janies Russell
Jark Russell
Jas Russell
Jas Russell Lucas
Jask Russell
Jay Young
Jcannie Russell
Je Young
Je&a Russell
Jean & Edgar Russell
Jean (Young
Jean - Louis Russell
Jean and Edgar Russell
Jean and Russell Racheal Mallie
Jean Carol Russell
Jean Charles Shawville Fair Young Horseman Saturday
Jean Cuthbert-Brenda Russell
Jean Gionet Costume Prizes Presented At Rotary Ice Carnival Mytle Young
Jean Grant (Russell
Jean Horn-1 Myrtle Young
Jean Parker Russell Hayden Saturday
Jean Russell
Jean Russell 8
Jean Russell.
JEAN WALLACE Carson Russell
Jean Young
Jeannine Russell
Jeff and Naomi Russell
Jeff jce Russell
Jeff Russell
Jeff Russell 48
Jeff Russell and Mark Dunn
Jeff Russell assist- Berard
Jeff Russell Carson Russell
Jeff Russell Ear Falk
Jeff Russell Lucas Russell
Jeff Russell Muskrat
Jeff Russell November
Jeff Russell Peck
Jeff Russell Shawville
Jeff Russell Shawville Chrysler
Jeff Russell Stick
Jeff Russell Sunday
Jeff Young
Jeffery Russell
Jeffrey Blake Russell
Jeffrey Russell
JefT Russell
Jen Russell
Jen Russell’s
Jenn Russell
Jennie J.M. Russell
Jennie L Russell 3
Jennie Russell
Jennie Young
Jennifer Hodgins Quebec Young Farmers Light Steer
Jennifer Russell
Jennifer Russell - Reserve
Jenny Russell
Jenny Tanya Young
Jenny Young
Jerry Young
Jerry Armstrong Ray Young
Jerry Barber on Young Farmers Provincial Exec.
Jerseys—Douglas Young
Jerseys—Oral Young
Jesse Young
Jesse Young Scott Leveques
Jesse _ Young
Jessey Young
Jessie Jimmy-Lee Young
Jessie Russell Arnold
Jessie Young
Jessy Young
Jetf Russell
JEUnry Norris Russell
Jig Young
JiIlian Young
Jill Young
Jillian Young
Jilllon Young
Jim Davis Lennie Richardson Toymakers Badge George Russell Artists Badge
Jim Eason Russell
Jim Marshall Young
Jim Russell
Jim Young
Jim Young Onslow
Jim Young Richard Matte Danny Desabrais Tony Hodgins Paul Hupé Mark Muldoon
Jim Young- Onslow
Jimmie Russell
Jimmie Russell I
Jimmy # Russell
Jimmy l>ee Young
Jimmy Lee Young
Jimmy Lee Young Thanks
Jimmy Russell
Jimmy Russell 1
Jimmy Russell Baird
Jimmy Russell Me-
Jimmy Russell Memo-
Jimmy Russell Memo- Lisa Coles
Jimmy Russell Memorial
Jimmy Russell Memorial (Jr Showman Fri)
Jimmy Russell Memorial Tro
Jimmy Russell Memorial Trophy (Jr Showman Fri)
Jimmy Russell Quebec
Jimmy Russell Susan
Jimmy Russell Tro-
Jimmy Russell _ate Truman B Draper
Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young Bruins
Jimmy ______________________________ Russell
Jimmy-Lee Young
Jk Kathy Young
Jo Russell
Joan Russell
Joan Russell Many
Joan Telford Russell
Joan Young
Joan Young Toronto
Joanie Russell
Joanne Young
Joe I TEAHOUSE Russell
Joe Morin Young
Joe Mrs Russell Gravelle
Joe Rus-Russell
Joe Russell
Joe Russell And Gulbransen Organ Stars
Joe Russell Ion Gilmer
Joe Russell Organ — Kay Hodgins
Joe Russell Production
Joe Russell Rotary Club Entertain-
Joe Russell Rotary Club Entertainment
Joe Russell Rotary Talent Margaret
Joe Russell Shawville Rev Bain
Joe Russell Shawville Rotary Club
Joe Russell Shawville Shawville Yarm
Joe Russell Wm
Joe Russell’s
Joe Russell’s Amateurs
Joe Russell’s Amateurs SPOTS
Joe Young
Joel Miller Young
Joey Vallan- Young
John 0. Russell
John 2. Claude Young
John 8. Young
John A Russell
John A Russell Sec.
John and Marilyn Russell
John Armstrong Gerald Bean — Mrs Linden Young
John B. Young
John Burns Russell
John C Young
John C. James 8. Young
John Carmi- Hugh Young
John Councillors Herbert Young
John D Russell
John D. Russell
John D. Russell Dies After Lengthy Illness
John David Russell
John David Young
John G. Young
John Grant Russell
John H Russell
John Henderson Ervin Russell Mr.
John James G. Russell
John K«rl Young
John Langford Beets - Brenda Russell
John M Russell
John N Russell
John N. Russell
John R Young
John R. Young
John Russell
John Russell Here
John Russell 2
John Russell 405
John Russell 647-3426.
John Russell Attractively
John Russell Back
John Russell C Jim F
John Russell Distinction
John Russell HI
John Russell It
John Russell Judy Morris
John Russell June Blair Minister
John Russell Mrs Margaret Russell
John Russell On Sunday
John Russell On Tuesday
John Russell Passes Away
John Russell’s
John S. Young
John Saxon Kurt Jurgens CinemaScope Technicolour JACK RUSSELL
John T 0. Young
John Victor Young John Victor Young
John W Russell
John W Young
John W. Russell
John Wayne SHATTERED ROOM Gig Young
John Weav-Faye Young
John Weaver Marshall Young
John Wemie Russell
John West Russell
John X Russell.
John X that Russell
John Young
John Young 2
John Young 3
John Young 3. EUa Armstrong
John Young 4
John Young Morrison
John Young Pre
John Young’s
Johnnie Russell
Johnnie Young
Johnny Russell
Joint Young
Joli- Young
Jonathan Russell
Jonn Young
Joo Russell
Jos Russell
Josee Young
Joseph Grade Ten- Lena Baird Young Whereas By-law
Joseph J. Russell Bristol
Joseph John Russell
Joseph Russell
Joseph Russell Is
Joseph Russell Mr.
Joseph Russell Teaching Diploma
Joseph Russell.
Joseph Young
Joseph Young Mr. Joseph Young
Joseph Young Wesley
Joseph Young Wesley Canton
Josephine Charlotte Young Queen
Josephine Russell
Josephine Russell Hodgins Wilson
Josh Lee Young
Joshua Young
Josic Russell
Josie Russell
Joy Yfunge John Tracy June-Marie Bourgeau Shirley Mae Mohr Brent Young Percentage
Joy Young
Joy Young People
Joy Young’s
Joyce Ian Young
Joyce Young
Joyce Young Armstrong
Jr.hn Russell
Jr.—Ida Young
Jr.—Percy Young
Ju<*1 Russell
Judd - Russell
Judd Russell El-
Judd Russell Judd
Judith A Young
Judith Young
Judy Young
Judy Young Audrey Dedke
Judy Young During
Judy Young House Plant
Judy Young Second - Dan Lac
Judy Young Shawville
Juiy Mrs. Claude Young
Julia Young
JUlian Young
Julie Eason Russell
Julie Russell
Julie Russell Andre
Julien Luke Young
July 28,1993 Quebec Young Farmers
June Russell
Junes S.^ Young
Junior Young
Jus Russell
Justin Lucas Russell
Justin Young
Jvan Russell
Jœ Russell
K R. Young
K- Margaret Young
K. Russell
Kandy Young
Kara Young
Kara Young Russell
Karl Russell
Karl Young
Kate Young
Katelyn Ann Young Scott
Katelyn Young
Katherine Fletcher Bonnie Richardson H I. Hobbs Barbara Russell Shawville Kinsmen Club LOEB Shawvil
Katherine Young
Kathleen J. A. Russell
Kathleen Young
Kathryn Young
Kathy and Chris Young
Kathy L Young Bristol Danny Poole He
Kathy L. Young
Kathy MacDonald Young
Kathy Russell
Kathy Young
Kathy Young Bristol Town Hall
Kathy Young Campbell
Kathy Young Lisa WATER
Kathy Young Quyon
Katie Beverley Young
Katie Russell
Katie Young
Kav Russell
Kay I Russell
Kay Russell
Kay Russell Hamilton Corey
Kay Russell Ms Carol McNabb
Kay Russell You
Kay Young
Kdgar Russell
Keith Horner Mick Hodgins Don Dods Jack Russell Knlpe
Keith K. Warren Russell
Keith Russell
Keith Russell 693
Keith Russell He
Keith Russell Local
Keith Russell Quebec Farm Forum Secretary
Keith Russell RCAF Jet Crashes Message About Savings
Keith Russell Vigorous
Keith Smith* Don Reynolds Scott Wilson Basil Orr* Chris Young
Keith Tub- Mrs Carmen Young
Keith Yach Bob Young
Keith Young Duck
Kelly Hod- Young
Kelly Russell
Kelsi Russell
Kelsie Russell
Ken and Young
Ken Cruick-Eason Russell
Ken Fisher Pontiac Russell
Ken Hodgins Mayor Orla Young
Ken Russell
Ken Russell Tommy O BRIEN
Ken Young
Kennedy P-m- Young Peoples
Kennedy Repairs Young’s Appliance Service For
Kenneth H. Young CD
Kenneth M Mrs Russell Judd
Kenny Russell
Kerry Ashley Young Transport
Kerry Reasbeck Young
Kerry Young
Kerry Young Terry Fox
Kerry Young Transport
Keven Russell
Kevin A Lynn Russell
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell EQUITY
Kfr Russell Zimmerling
Kfrs Russell Elliott
Kiara Russell Jeff and
Kim Murray - Russell Low
Kim Murray-Russell
Kim Russell
Kim Thalheimer Young
Kim Young
Kimberly Young
Kings Troy Young
Kirk Davies Korbin Young
Kirk Lucas Russell
Klin Brown Young
Knaid Russell
Knox Russell
Kor-bin Young
Korbin Young
Korbin Young Main Street
Kothy Young
Kotxrt Russell
Krista Brown Jennifer Russell
Kurt Russell
Kyle Young
L A IV C Russell Cobb
L G. Russell
L J YOUNG Fashion Hints
L O. Young
L Russell
L young Ross
L ^ Young
L. Russell
L.nda Russell
Ladies Aid Mrs Pearl Russell
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Ladysmith Orange Young
Ladysmith Orange Young Briton BLAKE
Ladysmith Silas Young
Lafleur Russell
Lance Ernest F. Russell
Langfoid Thomas Russell
Langford - Warren Russell
Lar-Carson Russell
Lari Russell
Larson Russell
Lason Russell
Laura Bill Russell
Laura Young
Laurence Young
Laurence Young* Entertainment
Lawrence 7-3840 Young
Lawrence D. Young
Lawrence K. Young
Lawrence Russell
Lawrence Russell Brennan
Lawrence Young
Lawrence Young 869
Lawrence Young Brisard
Lawrence Young But
Lawrence Young Classified Advertisements
Lawrence Young Pte
Lawrence Young Sbaw
Lawrence Young’s
Lcnden Young
Leaden Young
Leanne Young
Lee Mary Colussi-Russell
Lee Russell
Lee Young
Legal-Medical Russell Elvidge Estate
Lena Russell Warren
Lena Young
Lenden Young
Lennon Young
Lenny Young
Leo Mr. Merv Young
Leo Muldoon Fred Clark Victor Young
Leona Young
Leonard Coyne Russell
Leonard Em- Young
Leonard Russell
Lepine Young
Leslee Young
Leslie Bell Mr. Clayton Young
Leslie G. Young
Leslie O. Young
Leslie Russell
Leslie Russell Stewart
Leslie Russell Stewart Estate
Leslie Russell Stewart Pontiac - Buick
Leslie Young
Leslie Young Andy
LesUe Young
Lethe Young
Lettia Jane Young
Levi J* Young
Levi Young
LI-i/iahcih Russell
Liam Russell
Liane Russell
Lias Young
Liberman And Young Score At Toronto Fair
Lieutenant Russell
Lila Young
Lillian Dean Young
Lillian Russell
Lillian Russell 57.9
Lillianna Russell
Linda Cristal Hugh Young
Linda Russell
Linda Russell and Betty Twolan
Linda Russell Louis Judd Memorial
Linda Young
Linda Young Gordie Mohr Betty Wigchercn Hilda Gordon Bruit Lmmerson Diana Ireland Rosemary McKillop
Linda Young Mae Ubackeren
Linden A Young
Linden A. Young QPP
Linden Young
Linden Young QPP
Lindon Young
Lindsay Russell
Lindy Young
Linua Young
Lion Ray Young
Lionel Russell
Lionette Kathy Young
Lionettes Alec Russell Sandy Pasch Douglas Row
Lions Ray Young
Lisa Russell
Lisa Young
Lisa Young Get
Lisa Young Troy Young
Lisa Young Young
Lisa Young’s Mary-
Little Betty Young
LiU Young
Liz Hahn.Jeff Russell
Liz Russell
Llndon Young
Lloyd Morrice Russell
Lloyd Russell
Llyal Bean Mayor Orla Young
Lmulie H Young 1
Lnd Mrs. Russell
Logan Russell
Lois Russell
Lois Young
Loma Young
Lome Young
Loni Young
Loraa Young
Loran Young
Lord John Russell
Lord Odo Russell
Lord Russell
Lord William Russell
Lord Young
Loretta Young
Loretta Young Kent Smith Joanne Dru
Loretta Young Melvyn Douglas
Lori Young
Lorna Russell Elliott
Lorna Young
Lorraine Russell
Lottie Russell
Lou Ann Young
Lou nn Young
Lou Russell
Lou-Ann Young
LouAnn Young
Louis Russell
Louis Young
Love Is Young
Love Were Young
Low Prices Young Doctor
Lrna Young
Ltiio Russell
Luc Young
Lucas Russell
Lucas Russell as-tiac Junior B
Lucas Russell JoEUfltEUllS
Lucas Russell Robert
Lucas Russell Romain
Lucas Russell set-up Al-
Lucas Russell.
Lucky Young
Luke Young
Lunam Young Lunam Youn Mrs. Drummond Rev. E G. Warren
Lyall Russell
Lyn Bill Russell
Lynden Young
Lyndon Young
Lynette Russell
Lynn Jeff Russell
Lynn Russell
M A Young
M i Russell
M iv«»r Young
M Moy Young
M Russell
M W Young
M X H. G. Young
M Young
M*s Russell
M-s Carson Russell
M. Russell
M. Young
M.H. Russell
M.ss Margaret Young
M00RH0USE Russell House Shawville
M0ORHOÜSE Russell House Shawville
Ma Young
Mabel Boh Russell
Mabel Russell
Mac Kechnie Young
Macdonald Carey Gall Russell
MacKechnie Orla Young*
MacKechnie Russell
MacKenzie Music Mrs. M. Young Remedial Reading Mrs.
Madeleine Russell
Mae Russell
Mae Young
Maeiey Young
Magnate "Young
Maigaret Young
MAISI—George Crawford MARC ELLA—Man&on McC agg JEAN—Russell Grant
Maître Russell Gibson de
Make Russell
Malcolm Hugh Young
Manager Russell Taber
Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell
Manson McDow- Russell - Chamberlain
Manson Young
Mar- Young
Marc Russell
Marc-André Young
March Russell Amey
Margaret 0. Young Passes
Margaret Clark* Russell It’s Liver That
Margaret Jean Young
Margaret Josephine Russell
Margaret L Young
Margaret L. Young
Margaret O. Young
Margaret Russell
Margaret Russell Bay
Margaret Russell Coulonge W
Margaret Russell Pontiac Reception Center
Margaret Young
Margaret Young He
Margaret Young McPhail
Margaret Young Shawn
Margie Young
Marie Janice Young
Marie Young
Marilyn Dods Young
Marilyn Fahey John Russell
Marilyn Monroe Jane Russell Daddy s Little Darling Technlcoleur
Marilyn Russell
Marilyn Russell - Mavis Hanna
Marilyn Russell Herbert Smart
Marilyn Young
Marilyn Young Bonnie Overton
Marilyn Young Lennta Zimmer
Marilyn Young Marries George Atholl Magee Smith
Marilyn Young Onslow
Marilyn Young Smith
Marin Young Baird
Mario Tremb- Russell
Marion Russell
Marion Schwartz Ray Young
Marion Young
Mariyn Young
Marjorie and Margaret Russell
Marjorie Harris Young
Marjorie Helen Young
Marjorie Man- Mrs. Jack Russell
Marjorie Russell
Marjorie Young
Marjory Mc-Stowart Russell
Mark Loyer Stephen Meisner Stéphane Villeneuve Marcel Berard Paul Collette Jr. John Peck Jim Young
Mark Stanton Scott Russell
Mark Young
Marks Albert Young
Marks Russell
Marlene Young
Marlon Russell
Marlyn Young
Marsall Young
Marsha Young
Marsha Young Zimmerling
Marshal Young
Marshall 7-3731 Young
Marshall Russell H Elliott
Marshall Young
Marshall Young s Senator WiU
Marshall Young Sec.-Trees
Marshall Young W.
Marshall Young’s Deana King
Martin Feeds -Russell Stewart
Martin Russell
Martin Young
Marty Ellen Young
Marty Russell
Marty Young
Marv Russell
Marvin Young
Mary Agues Young
Mary Ann La- Russell
Mary Ann Young
Mary Anne Young
Mary Carol DeCarmen Young
Mary E Russell Obituary
Mary Ellen Young
Mary Ellen Young 806
Mary Ellen Young Boss
Mary Ellen Young Course
Mary Ellen Young George Coles
Mary Ellen Young Mrs Albert Dahms
Mary Hanlan Young
Mary Hodgins Mary Lou Russell
Mary Judd Russell
Mary Lou Russell
Mary Lvnn Elliott Elwyn Russell Lang
Mary Russell
Mary Russell 3
Mary Russell Gatineau Equipment
Mary Salloway Russell
Mary Young
Mary Young 2
Maryellen Young
Master Collins Young
Master Harvey Young
Master Robbie Young
Master Russell
Matt Jeff Russell Defense Posi- C° ®tte B,ai
Matt Mac- Russell
Matthew Russell
Matthew Young III
Maud Young
Maude Russell
Maureen Young
Maurice Young
Maurice Young He
Mavis Russell
Mavor Young
May Albert Young
Mayc Councillors Young
Maynard Russell
Maynard Russell 603
Maynard Russell Rapides
Maynard Russell—English Literature
Mayor Ola Young
Mayor Orla Young
Mayor Orla Young A Councillors Athol Dale.
Mayor Orta Young
Mayor Orta Young Horse
Mayor W C. Young
Mayor Young
Mayors Orla Young
Mayors Young
Mb Lawrence Young
Mb Russell
McBane Claude Young Single Light Draft
McBRIDE Russell Leader
McColl Young Peoples
McFarlane W. Russell
McG Russell
Meeting Mrs. L. Young Sec.-Treas
Mel Bean Chris Young
Mel Young
Mel Young Men’s
Melanie Young
Melvin J. E. Russell
Melvin Oris Young Bull
Melvin Young
Melvin Young 2
Melvin Young HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Melvin Young Hugh Collins
Melvin Young Denzil Brown
Melvin Young MacKechnle
Melvin Young Mangels
Melvin Young Whitton’s
Men Young Men Younger Men
Meriyn Mrs Russell Mee
Merl Young
Merle Bim Young
Merle Young
Merv Young
Mervin Young
Meryl Young
Mesdames Melvin Young
Messrs H Young
Messrs J A Russell
Messrs J.A. Russell
Messrs John Young
Messrs Melvin Young
Messrs Russell
Messrs Russell Dean
Messrs Russell El-
Messrs Russell Elizabeth II
Messrs Russell Lucas
Messrs Russell Mee
Messrs Russell Taber
Messrs Young
Messrs. Arnold Young
Messrs. Russell
Messrs. Russell Elliott.
Messrs. Russell Judd
Messrs. Russell Mee
Messrs. Young
Metcalfe Russell
Meus Clothing-in Young Men’s Models-isfar
Meu’s Clothing—in Young Men’s Models—is
Mh Pred Russell
Mi Russell
Mi Russell Wallace
Mi** Fannie Young
Mias Marlyn Young
Mias Pieivtte Hebert Stuart Russell
Michael 8agi Hanlan Young
Michael Russell
Michael Russell June
Michael Russell Ladies
Michael Russell Ottawa
Michael Trot- Russell
Michael Young
MicheaJ Russell
Micheal Russell
Micheal Russell Cheryl
Micheal Russell Tara
Mie* May Young
Mien Russell
Miiss Debbie Young
Mike Russell
Mike Troy Young
Mike Young
Mil- Young
Mildred Russell
Mildred Young
Milton Russell
Milton Russell 1
Milton Russell L,
Milton Russell Road
Milton Russell.
Milton Russell’s
Milton W Russell
Milton W Russell 2
Mim B Young
Min- Orlj Young
Mining Association Young Shawville Rink
Minola Young
Minor Hockey Tournament Young
Mirai Young
Mirl Young
Mirl Young Clifford Beattie
Mirl Young Morley Sharpe
Mis Russell GravelIc
Mis* Helen Young
MisD..vid Russell
Miss C. Young Wilson Ebert Horner
Miss Helen Young
Miss M Young
Miss Marion Young
Miss Russell
Miss Russell G.
Miss Russell Pritchard
Missei A Young
Misses Russell
Mister Agnes Young
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Mitts Young Life Cut Short William Gladwyn Hutchison
MliI Marion Hod-Roland Russell
Mlrl Young
MLs Marylin Young
Mm J Russell
MMnfl R Young
Moc Young
Model Albert Armstrong 1st Qu.von Troop To Be Tenderfoot Chirm Phillip Long Chum Garry Young Chum D
Mom Betty Russell
Mona Russell
Mona Young
Monday Twenty-four Young
Monica Betty Russell
Monica Young
Monsieur Charles Young
Monsieur Mark Russell
Moore Mrs. Russell Elliott Wm
Moot Jot Russell
Moriey Young
Morley Ay-Young
Morley Hodgins Basil Quaile Asa Smith Mirl Young
Morrison Marilyn Nicholas Shirley Park Barbara Richardson Diane Richardson Diane Russell Bruce Scho
Moti Young
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Crs Young
Motion Russell
Motion—C<unr Young -That Truman
Motion—Chas Russell
Motion—Crs Young
Moynord Russell
Mr Allen Young
Mr David Russell Wedding
Mr H G Young
Mr Harper Young
Mr Hay Young
Mr Lari Young
Mr M Young
Mr Marshall Young
Mr Mirl Young
Mr Mrs Russell Elliott
Mr Ray Young
Mr Raymond Young
Mr Russell
Mr Russell Blinco
Mr Russell Cobb
Mr Russell Cochrane
Mr Russell Crick
Mr Russell Elliott
Mr Russell Elliott.
Mr Russell H Elliott
Mr Russell Hill
Mr Russell Hurdman
Mr Russell Judd
Mr Russell Krutz
Mr Russell Lucas
Mr Russell Mulligan
Mr Russell Stewart
Mr Russell T Elliott
Mr Russell Taber
Mr Russell Up
Mr Russell Williams
Mr Russell Young
Mr Silas Young
Mr Young
Mr# Jason Nicholas Allan Young
Mr# Jock Russell
Mr# K Young
Mr# Russell Lucas
Mr* A Russell
Mr* Claude Young
Mr* J Young
Mr* K Russell
Mr* Murray Russell
Mr* Russell
Mr* Young
Mr, Ethel Rub7 B*** Judy Young
Mr, Russell
Mr, Russell Accompanied
Mr- Russell
Mr-, Hugh Young
Mr. Albert Young
Mr. Allan Young
Mr. Allen Young
Mr. Archie Russell
Mr. Arnold Young
Mr. Ben Young
Mr. Ben Young Cattle Astray
Mr. Ben Young V||
Mr. Benny Young
Mr. Bilan Young
Mr. Bob Young
Mr. C Russell
Mr. Carson Russell
Mr. Charles Russell
Mr. Chas Russell
Mr. Claude Young
Mr. Clerk Russell
Mr. Collins Young
Mr. Craig Young
Mr. Dalton Russell
Mr. Dean Young
Mr. E F Russell
Mr. Eason Russell Pontiac Agricultural Society Olv.
Mr. Elwin Russell Lang
Mr. Ervin Russell
Mr. H A. Young
Mr. H G. Young
Mr. H.G. Young
Mr. Hanlan Young
Mr. Hanlon Young
Mr. Harold Young
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Harper Young
Mr. Harrison Young
Mr. Harvey Young
Mr. Herbie Russell
Mr. Herbie Young
Mr. Hugh Young
Mr. J >hn Young
Mr. J A. Russell
Mr. J Russell
Mr. James H. Young
Mr. James Young*
Mr. Jas Russell
Mr. John Young
Mr. Jos Russell
Mr. Joseph Russell
Mr. Laurence Young
Mr. Leslie G. Young
Mr. Leslie Young
Mr. Leslie Young I.Macdcuald Collego
Mr. Levi Young
Mr. Linden Young
Mr. Lindon Young
Mr. M L Russell
Mr. Melvin Young
Mr. Merl Young
Mr. Mervin Young
Mr. Miii Young
Mr. Mirl Young
Mr. Mr. Young
Mr. Munson Young
Mr. Norris Young
Mr. Ralph Young
Mr. Ray Young
Mr. Robbie Young
Mr. Russell
Mr. Russell Bower
Mr. Russell Cobb
Mr. Russell Currie-Mills
Mr. Russell Doherty
Mr. Russell Dougherty
Mr. Russell DUott
Mr. Russell Elliott
Mr. Russell Elliott.
Mr. Russell Findlay
Mr. Russell Gilman Higby
Mr. Russell Gouley
Mr. Russell Grant City View
Mr. Russell Hill
Mr. Russell Institutes
Mr. Russell Johnson
Mr. Russell Judd
Mr. Russell Judd Pontiac County
Mr. Russell Judd.
Mr. Russell Kelly
Mr. Russell Lang
Mr. Russell Leader
Mr. Russell Lucas
Mr. Russell Luces
Mr. Russell MacKay
Mr. Russell McBride AH
Mr. Russell Mee
Mr. Russell Mousseau
Mr. Russell Mulligan
Mr. Russell Pritchard
Mr. Russell Rudd
Mr. Russell Ryan
Mr. Russell Smith
Mr. Russell Stevens
Mr. Russell Taber
Mr. Russell Tiber
Mr. Russell Urry
Mr. Russell Wallace
Mr. Russell Wayne Stewart
Mr. Russell Young
Mr. Sam Young
Mr. Sherwood Young
Mr. Silas Young
Mr. Stewart Russell
Mr. Stuart Russell
Mr. Tgfldy Russell
Mr. Thomas Russell
Mr. Thomas Young People
Mr. Weldon Young
Mr. William Russell
Mr. William Young
Mr. Young
Mr8 Russell
Mr< Andrew Russell
Mra Linden Young
Mra Russell LeRoy
Mre Dolen Russell and Margaret Stewart
Mrg Florence Young
Mrs Dean Young
Mrs Ervin Russell
Mrs Faye Young
Mrs Graham Young
Mrs M Young
Mrs O Young
Mrs R W Wilson. Stuart Russell
Mrs Ross Young
Mrs Russell
Mrs Russell B Taber
Mrs Russell Boyd.
Mrs Russell Cobb
Mrs Russell Coob
Mrs Russell Cotnam
Mrs Russell Doherty
Mrs Russell Elliott
Mrs Russell Elliott JtttfPWLS
Mrs Russell Elliott Municipality
Mrs Russell Grant
Mrs Russell Gravel
Mrs Russell Hurd
Mrs Russell Judd
Mrs Russell Kirk
Mrs Russell Lang
Mrs Russell Leroy
Mrs Russell Lucas
Mrs Russell MacNevin
Mrs Russell Mcc
Mrs Russell McLinton
Mrs Russell Mee
Mrs Russell Mitehette
Mrs Russell Mulligan
Mrs Russell p*er Kluke
Mrs Russell Raymond
Mrs Russell Stewart
Mrs Russell Ta-cently
Mrs Russell Taber
Mrs Russell Verner Thrun
Mrs Russell Vickers
Mrs Russell Wallace
Mrs Russell Watson
Mrs Russell Zimmerling
Mrs Russell ZlmmerUng
Mrs Thomas Young
Mrs, Claude Young
Mrs, Hugh Young
Mrs, Melvin Young
Mrs, Orla Young
Mrs, Russell Elliott
Mrs, Susan Young
Mrs-Graham Young
Mrs. Afred Russell
Mrs. Al- Young
Mrs. Albert Wayne Young
Mrs. Albert Young
Mrs. Alex Young
Mrs. Alison Russell
Mrs. Allan Mr. Milton Russell
Mrs. Allison Russell
Mrs. Andrew Russell
Mrs. Andrew Russell Ancd
Mrs. Andrew Russell Celebrate GeWee Wedding OTTAWA
Mrs. Arnold C. Young
Mrs. Arnold Young
Mrs. Audrey Russell
Mrs. Audrey Young
Mrs. Bait Young
Mrs. Bari Young
Mrs. Ben E. Young
Mrs. Ben Young
Mrs. Boh Young
Mrs. C Russell
Mrs. C Russell and Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. C Young
Mrs. Carson Russell
Mrs. Cecil Young
Mrs. Charles M. Russell
Mrs. Charles Russell
Mrs. Charles Russell Mrs. R.
Mrs. Chas Russell
Mrs. Claud Young
Mrs. Claude M. Young
Mrs. Claude Young
Mrs. Claude Young Bristol
Mrs. Craig Young
Mrs. D Russell
Mrs. Dalton Russell
Mrs. Dalton Russell Church
Mrs. Dalton Russell Creamed Salmon
Mrs. Dalton Russell Roy Dagg
Mrs. David Russell
Mrs. Dean Young
Mrs. Dillingham Young
Mrs. Don-ole Russell
Mrs. Doug Young
Mrs. Douglas Russell
Mrs. Douglas Young
Mrs. Douglas Young Young-Hobbs
Mrs. E F Russell
Mrs. E F. Russell
Mrs. E Russell.
Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Pearl Russell
Mrs. Earl Young
Mrs. Earl Young Mr.
Mrs. Eason Russell
Mrs. Easton Russell
Mrs. Edith Young
Mrs. Edna Young
Mrs. Edward Young ... Clarence Hayes........ Leonard Mee
Mrs. Edward Young Clarence Hayes
Mrs. Eivin Russell
Mrs. Elwyn Young
Mrs. Ervin Russell
Mrs. Ervin Russell Mr.
Mrs. Ervin Russell Mrs. Black
Mrs. Ervin Russell Mrs. Roy Lavig.ie
Mrs. Ervin Russell Party
Mrs. Ervin Russell Saturday
Mrs. Ervin Russell | Stewart
Mrs. Ervine Russell
Mrs. Erwin Russell
Mrs. F G. Young
Mrs. Fay Young
Mrs. Faye Young
Mrs. Fiank Young
Mrs. Frank Young
Mrs. Fred Young
Mrs. Geo Russell
Mrs. Gilbert L. Young
Mrs. Gilbert Young
Mrs. Gordon Young
Mrs. Graham Young
Mrs. H C. Linden Young
Mrs. H G Young
Mrs. H J. Young
Mrs. H Young
Mrs. Habba Young
Mrs. Hanlan Young
Mrs. Hanlirr Young
Mrs. Hanlon Young
Mrs. Harold Russell
Mrs. Harold Young
Mrs. Harper Young
Mrs. Henderson Crick Russell
Mrs. Herbeit Young
Mrs. Herbie Young
Mrs. Herby Russell
Mrs. Herhy Russell
Mrs. Hertoy Russell
Mrs. Hertoy Russell Sudbury
Mrs. Hoîaaa Russell
Mrs. Hugh G. Young
Mrs. Hugh Young
Mrs. I.eonard Russell
Mrs. Ira Young
Mrs. Irvin Russell
Mrs. Irvine Russell
Mrs. I^evi Young
Mrs. J B. Russell
Mrs. J Young
Mrs. Jack Mrs. Clayton Russell
Mrs. James G. Russell
Mrs. James Russell
Mrs. James Russell.
Mrs. James Young
Mrs. Janet Young
Mrs. Janies Russell
Mrs. Jas Russell
Mrs. Jas Young
Mrs. Jim Young
Mrs. John Armstrong Young
Mrs. John N. Russell
Mrs. John Russell Pine Lodge
Mrs. John W. Russell
Mrs. John X. Russell
Mrs. John Young
Mrs. K F. Russell
Mrs. Kathleen Russell
Mrs. Kaye Young
Mrs. Kenneth Young
Mrs. Kith Russell
Mrs. Lawrence Young
Mrs. Leevi Young
Mrs. Len Russell Main Street
Mrs. Lennie Young
Mrs. Leo Russell Hindman
Mrs. Leonard Russell
Mrs. Leslie Russell
Mrs. Levi Young
Mrs. Linden Young
Mrs. Lindon Young
Mrs. Llndon Young
Mrs. Lois Young
Mrs. Lo«sr Young
Mrs. Lynden Young
Mrs. M Russell
Mrs. M W. Young
Mrs. M Young
Mrs. M Young Ottawa
Mrs. M. Young
Mrs. Manson Young
Mrs. Margaret Young
Mrs. Marshall Young
Mrs. Martin Riley Donnie Russell Is
Mrs. McCneben Young Briton
Mrs. Mel Young
Mrs. Mell Young
Mrs. Melvin Young
Mrs. Melvin Young*
Mrs. Merl Young
Mrs. Merle Young
Mrs. Merne Young
Mrs. Mervin Young
Mrs. Mervin Young Joyce
Mrs. Mervin Young Mr.
Mrs. Mic Young
Mrs. Mick Young
Mrs. Milton Russell
Mrs. Milton Russell Hobbs
Mrs. Milton Russell.
Mrs. Mirl Young
Mrs. Mlrt Young
Mrs. Morvin Young
Mrs. Mtiton Russell
Mrs. Murl Young
Mrs. Murray Russell
Mrs. Myrtle Young
Mrs. Nellie Young
Mrs. Oria Young
Mrs. Oria Young Mr.
Mrs. Orla Young
Mrs. Orle Young COLES
Mrs. Orta Young
Mrs. P W. Young
Mrs. P W. Young Mrs Freeman Moore
Mrs. P Young
Mrs. Pearl Russell
Mrs. Percy Russell St
Mrs. Percy Young
Mrs. Percy Young Livestock Shipping Mr.
Mrs. Pred Russell
Mrs. R Levi Young Kriff’s Jewellery Store
Mrs. R Russell
Mrs. R. Young
Mrs. Ralph Young
Mrs. Ray Young
Mrs. Ren Young
Mrs. Riley Mi Edna Young
Mrs. Rob Russell
Mrs. Rolland Russell
Mrs. Ronnie Russell
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Mrs. Roland Russell
Mrs. Russell
Mrs. Russell 8m.th
Mrs. Russell Beilhavtz
Mrs. Russell Beisher
Mrs. Russell Belsher
Mrs. Russell Boland
Mrs. Russell Bowei
Mrs. Russell Bower
Mrs. Russell Boyd
Mrs. Russell Boyd Carlsbad Springs
Mrs. Russell Boyd.
Mrs. Russell Briscoe
Mrs. Russell Brown
Mrs. Russell By-
Mrs. Russell Cameron
Mrs. Russell Camp
Mrs. Russell Cobb
Mrs. Russell Cobh
Mrs. Russell Currie-Mills
Mrs. Russell De- Miss Marion Fulford
Mrs. Russell Dean
Mrs. Russell Dean Mr.
Mrs. Russell Delarge
Mrs. Russell Dohertx
Mrs. Russell Doherty
Mrs. Russell Doherty Cowansville
Mrs. Russell El- Mr. L Lacroix
Mrs. Russell Eland Mrs. Douglas Derraugh
Mrs. Russell Elliott
Mrs. Russell Elliott Annual
Mrs. Russell Elliott Pick
Mrs. Russell Elliott Shaw
Mrs. Russell Elliott Shawville
Mrs. Russell Elliott.
Mrs. Russell Em
Mrs. Russell Emmerson
Mrs. Russell English
Mrs. Russell Findlay
Mrs. Russell Gibson
Mrs. Russell GiWtL
Mrs. Russell Gorman
Mrs. Russell Grant
Mrs. Russell Grant.
Mrs. Russell Gravelle
Mrs. Russell Hamiltqn
Mrs. Russell Hampson
Mrs. Russell Han-ha
Mrs. Russell Hanna
Mrs. Russell Hanna Freda
Mrs. Russell Hawes
Mrs. Russell Hawkins
Mrs. Russell Hawkins Mrs* M Smith
Mrs. Russell Healey
Mrs. Russell Hendsbec
Mrs. Russell Higby
Mrs. Russell Hill
Mrs. Russell Hill Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. C. W. Bruce
Mrs. Russell Hodgins
Mrs. Russell Hrisçoe
Mrs. Russell Hudgins
Mrs. Russell Hurdman
Mrs. Russell I
Mrs. Russell III
Mrs. Russell I^ing
Mrs. Russell Johnston
Mrs. Russell Judd
Mrs. Russell Kettle
Mrs. Russell Kettles
Mrs. Russell Kirk.
Mrs. Russell Lang
Mrs. Russell Leader
Mrs. Russell Leroy
Mrs. Russell Lucas
Mrs. Russell Luces ROLL TOP DESK.
Mrs. Russell Mack
Mrs. Russell Mackay
Mrs. Russell Marshall
Mrs. Russell McLaugh
Mrs. Russell McLaughlin
Mrs. Russell Me#
Mrs. Russell Mee
Mrs. Russell Montreal
Mrs. Russell Mr
Mrs. Russell Mr.
Mrs. Russell Mulligan
Mrs. Russell Ned
Mrs. Russell Noble
Mrs. Russell Nor
Mrs. Russell Pitt
Mrs. Russell Rich- I
Mrs. Russell Richard-
Mrs. Russell Richardson
Mrs. Russell Ringrose
Mrs. Russell Rmgrose
Mrs. Russell Rudd
Mrs. Russell Sage
Mrs. Russell Smith
Mrs. Russell Stewart
Mrs. Russell Taber
Mrs. Russell Taber Welsh
Mrs. Russell Taebr
Mrs. Russell Trew
Mrs. Russell True
Mrs. Russell Vance
Mrs. Russell Wallace
Mrs. Russell Wallace Original
Mrs. Russell Watson
Mrs. Russell Wilcox
Mrs. Russell X J
Mrs. Russell You
Mrs. Russell Young
Mrs. Russell Zim
Mrs. Russell Zim-merllng
Mrs. Russell Zim-merLng
Mrs. Russell Zim-rr.erling
Mrs. Russell Zimmcrling
Mrs. Russell Zimmer
Mrs. Russell Zimmer-
Mrs. Russell Zimmer-Ann
Mrs. Russell Zimmer-ling
Mrs. Russell Zimmerling
Mrs. Russell Zimmerlingj
Mrs. Russell Zimmerlinj
Mrs. Russell Zimmerllng
Mrs. Russell Zimmerting
Mrs. Russell Zlm
Mrs. Russell Zlmmer-llng
Mrs. Russell Zlmmerllng
Mrs. Russell Ztmmerllng
Mrs. Russell Zunmrrl-ing
Mrs. S Young
Mrs. S. Young
Mrs. Sam Young
Mrs. Samuel Young
Mrs. Sherwood Young
Mrs. Silas Young
Mrs. Silos Young
Mrs. Susan Young
Mrs. Susan Young COUNCIL
Mrs. Thomas Young
Mrs. Victor Young
Mrs. W C. Young
Mrs. W Ervin Russell
Mrs. Wesley KVes John N. Russell Neil Thompson
Mrs. Wesley Young Men’s
Mrs. Whitton Young
Mrs. William Young
Mrs. Xdctor Young
Mrs. Young
Mrs. Young Boo Kim
Mrs. Young Sr
Mrs. Young Wilson
Mrs. Young’s
Mrs.Hanlan Young
Mrs.Lawrence Young
MrsOrla Young
Mrx Russell LI-liott
Mr» Dalton Russell
Mr‘ Bertrand Russell
Mtos Mary Young
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
Muldoon Herbie Young
Muldoon Russell Taber
Muriel Smith Marries Russell Pitt Phileas
Muriel Young
Murray Ray Young
Murray Russell
Muter Bennie Young
Myles Richardson Elaine Richardson Judy Young IS
Myrl Young
Myrle Russell
Myrle Russell L Myrle
Myrte Russell
Myrtle Quyon Young
Myrtle Russell
Myrtle Young
N Russell
N. Russell
N. Russell Mrs. Pitt
N.R.C. Russell
Nana Young
Nancy (Young
Nancy Russell
Nancy Young
Nancy Young Beat- Acres
Nancy Young Beattie
Naomi Russell
Naomie Russell
Natalie Hahn Patricia Russell
Natalie Russell
Nathan Smith Young
Nee Russell
Neil Young
Nellie Russell
Nelson Tru-Billv Russell
Nelson Young
Nfrs Russell Lucas) Miriel Hodgins
Nicholas Russell
Nick Garry Young
Nicole Poissant Young
Niven Gig Young
Nl Young
Nlrs Russell Hurd
No: 555-2421-0)0105-79 Russell Elliott
Nomie Russell
Nona Young
Nora Young
Norcen Russell
Noreen Dolan Weds Samuel Eric Russell Shaw
Noreen Russell
Norma (Mn Fred Russell) Re
Norma Eileen to Fred Wiggins Russell
Norma Russell
Norma Russell - Clifford Adolph Schwartz
Norma Russell Norma Eileen Russell
Norma Wilson Russell Crick
Norma Young
Norma) Russell
Norman Gibson Bobby Young Clifton Gibson
Norman Russell 8t.
Norris Paving Starts Within Week Young Peoples Sun- Radford Grove Proves Popular Worship Service
Norris Young
Norris Young 1
Norris Young Absent
Norris Young Cotie
Norval Faye Young
Norval Helen Young
Norway James H. Young
Not Russell
Note Russell
Note Young
Nov. Young
NVm Russell
O Reilly A Young
O Russell
O V Young Duck
O W. Young
O X I Young Men’s White Drill Outing Trousers
O Young
O. Atkinson Mrs. Herbert Young Mrs Herbert Young
O. Russell
O. Young
O.D. Young
Obituary Linden Arthur Young
Observer Rb Russell
Odo Russell Pun*
Oi Ja Young
Oio Russell
Ola Young
Olga Berezowska Brilliant Young Soprano John Biddle She
Olive Erwin Russell
Olive Young
Oliver Reed YOUNG
Onslow Oraham Russell
Ont Russell Boyd
Ontario Kathy Young
Ontario Young
Optometrist Orta Young
Or/a Young
Oraiham Russell
Oral Young
Orange Young
Orange Young Britons
Orb Young
Organizer Kathy Young
Oria Young
Oris Young
Orla A Young
Orla A. Young
Orla A. Young Councillors Allan Black
Orla Young
Orla Young At
Orla Young It
Orla Young Page Three Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Orla Young Ray McTiernan James C. Gordon Keith Draper Clarence Erwin
Orla Young ShawvUle
Orla|ful Young
Orle Young
Orlh Young
Orltt A Young
Orta Young
Orval Russell
Os Young Murphy
Osbourne Young
Oswald Cuthbertson Bob s Restaurant Young
Ot- Linden Young
Ot- Russell Lucas
Otla Young
Ottawa Russell
Ottawa» Beverley Young
Ou Russell
Owen D. Young
Owen L. Young
P 0. Box 2. Russell
P m* Young
P. A K. Young
P. Q. Technicolor Rosalind Russell
P. Russell
Padre Young
Pageant—The Young Ladies
Paige Young
Papineau Young
Parson Russell
Past W >rshipful Master Russell Horne
Pastoral Charge Young Peopl Ucnis
Pat Reggie Young Steve Arsenault
Pat Russell
Pat Schoular Shawville Young
Pat Schoular Young
Pat Young
Patncia Russell
Patricia Carson Russell
Patricia Hahn Russell
Patricia Marie Young Couillard
Patricia Russell
Patricia Russell and
Patricia Russell Hahn
Patricia Russell Pierre
Patricia Russell QUYON
Patricia Russell.
Patricia Russell’s
Patricia Young
Patrick Young
Patrick Young’s
Patti Russell
Patty Young
Paul 1st Anna Young
Paul Anglican Young Women’s Association
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Alain Bertrand Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner John Peck Jim Young
Paul Collette Jr. Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Stephen Meisner John Peck Jim Young Marcel Bérard
Paul Girard Curtis Girard Nick Smith Mike Keaman Josh Beardsley Andy Henderson Jeff Russell Jesse T
Paul McGee YOUNG
Paul Pieschke Young KPBHis
Paul Russell
Paul Russell Hcu-lahan
Paul Russell Lang
Paul Young
Paul''s Young Indies
Paula de Young
Paula de Young’s
Pav>tJ Russell
Payne W Jane Russell Cornel Wilde
Peace Signed Russell Sage Dies Suddenly GUATEMALA
Peach Russell
Pease—John Young
Peeking Russell
Peggy Merri- Tom Russell
Peicy Young
Pekins Young Duck
Penny Young
Per Young Councillor
Percy Burden Russell Taber
Percy Emmerson Russell Chas Judd
Percy Young
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Perry Lucas Russell
Peter Cotie Seat 5—Hanlon Young
Peter Haughton Nelie A Bill Jette Ron At Gayle Johnston Russell Judd
Peter Russell
Peter Russell Uses
Peter Young
Peter YOUNG—Born Tuesday
Philip Thompson Mr Roland Russell Mr Palmer Mi Annie Graham COAL Councilors
Philip Young
Phillys Russell
Phone Rickie Young
Phone Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawvitie
Photo Dave Moore Scott Young
Phyllis Lang Gail Young
Phyllis Russell
Phyllis Wilson Doug Young
Pie Russell Judd
Pied Young
Pilot Russell K. Rogers
Pink Pills " Young Bride
Pokes Young
Police Linden Young
Polyvalente Charles Young
Pontiac Jr. B c/o Young
Pontiac Young
Pontiac Young Conservatives
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs
Pontiac Young Liberal Assocation
Pontiac Young Liberals
Pope Young
Portage da Fort Friday Young Peoples
Pot Ellen Young
Powell Red Young
Powers Dean Martin Too Young To Kiss Jerry Lewis Janice Rule Michael O’Shea Van Johnson
Prayer Russell
Presbyterian Young
Prescott A Russell
Prescott Russell
Président Russell Blackburn
President—Charles Russell Vice-President—William Hodgins
Pressesf" Young
Prêtent—Mayor Young
Preuve Russell
Pro-Mayor John Young
Proud Russell
Pte Gilbert L. Young
Pte Russell J mid
P^r Young Councillor
Q | Russell Henderson
Qarry Young
Qram*# Young
Qrla Young
Quartermaster Rae Campbell Daryl Tubman Registered Brian Alexander Douglas Young Maurice
Que Young People’s
Quebec Patrick Young
Quebec Russell
Québec V Troy Young Le
Quebec Young Farmer
Quebec Young Farmer Homemakers
Quebec Young Farmer Homemakers Quiltted
Quebec Young Farmer Homemakers Crochet
Quebec Young Farmer Homemakers Only
Quentin Mitchell Young
Quiet Community Russell - Wong George and Betty Russell
Quo Russell Fredrick Zimmerling
Quyon Young
Quyon Young Liberals
Quyon Young People’s Union
Quyoni Russell Judd
R >land Russell
R A. Grant .......... Ervin Russell R H Russell HQ Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
R D Russell
R D. Russell
R G Russell
R H Russell. Fur Pelts
R Young
R. Russell
R. Young
R.B. Young
Rachel Russell
Radford United Young Peo-District Chamber
Rae Young
Raising Young Bass
Raleigh Young
Ralph Young
Ralph Young Murray’s Sports Shop Hurstys Henderson
Ram-Mr Manaon Young
Ramona I " Young
Ramona Young
Ramonia Young
Randal Young
Randall Gardiner Young
Randall Young
Randy Helen Young
Randy Russell
Randy Young
Randy Young Evening
Randy Young Goldie Mohr Cartage Mitch Lapierre Mountainview Turf Farm Randy Powell G
Rat Russell
Rates Russell
Ray Middleton Laurie Piper Vlveca Llndfors Technicolor Howard Keel Eleanor Parker Jane Russell
Ray Mrs Bev Young
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Ray Young
Ray Young Friday
Ray Young Go Pontiacs Go!
Ray Young Motion
Ray Young Pat O’Donnell
Ray Young’s
Raymond Mabel Russell
Raymond Russell
Raymond Young
Raymond Young Son
Rblland Russell
Rebecca Young
RecIlttlton—MHKtt-rCollins Young
Reforestation Purposes Russell Taber
Reg Young
Reid Russell
Reid Young
René Ladouceur Russell Allen
Renfrew Mr. Russell Ta
Renfrew N......... Renfrew S......... Russell
Reporting Douglas Young
Requisites Young Ladies
Reserve Leslie Young
Reserve Russell Turner
Reside Mrs. Russell Hurdman
Returning Russell
Rev A L Russell
Rev A Russell
Rev Andrew Russell
Rev Andrew Russell Is
Rev E Young
Rev Rodger Young
Rev Roger Young
Rev Russell Leonard LeRoy KSFStSES
Rev Russell Leroy
Rev Russell Nicolle
Rev S Snow- Jimmy Russell
Rev. A A. Russell
Rev. A Russell
Rev. À. Russell
Rev. Andrev/ Russell Celebrates Nintieth Birthday
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. Mr. Russell
Rev. Roger A. Young
Rev. Roger Young
Rev. Roger Young Thursday
Rev. Russell
Rev. Russell Le Winchester
Rev. Russell McGilliv- H. Lucas
Rev. Young
Reverend Russell Daye
Reverend Young
Rey Young
Rfbert Russell
Rich Mr. Young
Rich Young
Rich- Michael Russell
Rich- Mr. Russell Belsher
Richard F. Elliott V. Hodgins L. Young C. Dahms C. Campbell RAYBBSTOS
Richard John Adolph Mtelke David Harris Russell
Richard Russell
Richard Russell Messrs Donald MEN’S SUITS MEN’S
Richard Russell Passes
Richard Sam Russell
Richard Will# Curtis Young
Richard Wills Mrs Robert Young
Richard Young
Richard- Young
Richardson Mrs. Russell True
Richardson Russell
Richardson Young
Richele Young
Richie Russell
Rick and Russell
Rick Russell Green Lake
Rick W.J. Young
Rick Young
Rick Young 3
Rick Young George Russell
Rick Young Plattsburgh
Rickey Russell
Rickey Young
Rickie Young
Ricky Russell Emmerson
Ricky Young
Ricky Young Shawville
Riley Young
Riley Young Moore
Rita Young
Ritchie Russell
Rlm-by Mrs. Hugh Young
Rob Young
Rob- Discus Frances Young
Rob- Russell Findlay
Robbie Beth Young
Robbie Russell
Robbie Young
Robert 7-2627 Young
Robert A Young
Robert A. Young
Robert Archibald Young
Robert Calvert Young
Robert Camp- Russell
Robert Charles Lucas OBITUARY Earl Denzil Young
Robert Clayton Young Grade VIII Dawn Alexander
Robert D. Luncheon Cloth Young
Robert Dalton Russell
Robert Find-1 Mrs. Russell Dean
Robert Gordon Russell
Robert Grant and Chris Young
Robert H. Russell
Robert L. Young
Robert l> Russell
Robert Levi Young
Robert Russell
Robert Russell 210
Robert Russell and Stewart Murray
Robert Russell Harry W
Robert Russell Mollon Quenneville
Robert Russell Mr
Robert Russell Mr. Diefenbaker
Robert Russell Mrs Malcolm Letts Mrs
Robert Russell No.
Robert Russell Place
Robert Russell Russell - Gesner Adam
Robert Russell.
Robert Scott Russell
Robert Stack Young Women Janice Rule Sphagnum Moss
Robert Stiowood Anri Ken Russell HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Robert Taylor Mala Powers Gig Young
Robert Walls 647-2151 Hugh Young
Robert Walsh Uetift Young
Robert Young
Robert Young Apparel Specialists For Men
Robert Young Display
Robert Young Honoured
ROBERT YOUNG Horses Leonard
Robert Young Ian
Robert Young Janis Carter
Robert Young Men’s
Robert Young Miss Eleanor Pasch
Robert Young Mr.
Robert Young North Chili
Robert Young NORTHWEST
Robert Young Quebec Yvonne De Carlo
Robert Young Secrétaire
Robert Young Sr
Robert Young Sr.
Robert Young Toronto
Robert Young#
Robert ——--------------------------- Young
Robett Russell
Robt Russell
Robt Young
Rod Young
Rod- Young
Rodart Young
Roger A Young
Roger A. Young
Roger A. Young Priest
Roger A. Young Shawville Lettre
Roger Mayhew Kevin Russell
Roger Young
Roger Young Jan
Roger Young Thursday
Roimey Russell
Rolan Russell
Roland H. Russell
Roland Horace Russell
Roland Russell
Roland Russell 5.00.
Roland Russell Entertains Bristol
Roland Russell Is
Roland Russell Mary Anne Hearty CofC
Roland Russell Mr
Roland Russell Mr.
Roland Russell Mrs. R. W. Wilson
Roland Russell President
Roland Russell Property For Sale
Roland Russell Report
Roland Russell Russell
Roland Russell Secretary
Roland Russell Stafford
Roland Russell Sunday
Roland Russell Were Mr
Roland Young
Roland ΠRussell
Rolland Russell
Roly Young
Romain- Marshall Young
Ron & Clara Russell
Ron Russell
Ron Russell Billy Grace 24
Ron Young
Ron Young’s
Ron- Russell
Ronad J Russell
Ronald G Russell
Ronald G. Russell
Ronald Glenn Russell
Ronald Glenn Russell Ronald Glenn Russell
Ronald J Russell
Ronald Russell
Ronald Russell < Clara Little
Ronald Russell Hall 02014
Ronald Russell Memorial
Ronald Russell Treasurer
Ronald Russell Trudeau
RonaW Russell Doug Thomas
Rondd Russell
Ronnie Orr- 331.80 Russell
Ronnie Russell
Ronny Russell
Roots Russell Carrots
Rosalind Russell
Rosalind Russell "Vista
Rosalind Russell Alex Guinness Presented By Mr.
Rosalind Russell HIS
Rosalind Russell Ideas
Rosalind Russell PLUS
Rosalind Russell Stella Stevens MOVIE BINGO
Ross Vowles Elaine Richardson Judy Young
Ross Young
Rou-Roiand Russell
Routliffe A. Russell
Rox Young
Roxanne Russell
Roy Drake Russell Pritchard
Roy Margaret Young
Roy Rogers Young Man Ray Miland Mary Murphy
Roy Russell
Roy Young
Royce Russell
Ruby Russell
Run” Russell
Rural Inspector Russell Elliott
Russell Christmas Candies Toilet
Russell DON’T W AIT—EVE R Y .
Russell Our
Russell X
Russell - Bristol Me-
Russell - Herbert
Russell - Ludlow
Russell - Percy Campbell
Russell 6405XM5 Phone Earl
Russell 7-2422 7-2500 7-3896
Russell 7-2471 7-2463
Russell 7-2471 7-2463 7-2721 7-2723
Russell 7-2523 Emmerson
Russell 7-2635 t 7-3825 X Smart
Russell 7-2984
Russell A
Russell A .
Russell A Russell
Russell A. Elliott
Russell A. McLachlin
Russell Africa
Russell Alexander
Russell Allen
Russell Allen Allen
Russell Allen Atkinsons Bar Hwy
Russell Amey
Russell and Wesley
Russell Andrews
Russell April
Russell Ba
Russell Bal-
Russell Barry
Russell Beattie
Russell Beau
Russell Beauchamp
Russell Beck
Russell Beckett
Russell Belsher
Russell Bennet
Russell Bennett
Russell Bennett’s
Russell Berndt
Russell Bertha Gardiner
Russell Berube
Russell Billot
Russell Bird
Russell Black
Russell Black Honoured
Russell Blavkburn
Russell Boise Block
Russell Boland
Russell Boose Block
Russell Boose Block Reliability
Russell Boose Elect.
Russell Bosse Block
Russell Bous*
Russell Bouse
Russell Bouse Biol
Russell Bouse Block
Russell Bouse Elect.
Russell Bower
Russell Bowes
Russell Boyd
Russell Brabazon
Russell Bradford
Russell Bribers
Russell Bristol
Russell Bros
Russell Bros Ottawa-Waltham— Leave Shawville
Russell Bros,
Russell Bros.
Russell Brothers Incorporated
Russell Brown
Russell Brown Emmerson Brown Mr
Russell Brownlee
Russell Burden
Russell Buttle
Russell By-law
Russell C Moore
Russell C. Tulk
Russell Cal
Russell Cameron
Russell Campbel
Russell Campbell
Russell Carr
Russell Carried
Russell Carried Moved
Russell Ceremonies
Russell Chairman
Russell Charles
Russell Charles E. Pearl
Russell Charlie King
Russell Charteris
Russell Church
Russell Clifford Cowan
Russell Co.
Russell Coach
Russell Coaler
RUssell Cobb
Russell Cobb - Whelen
Russell Cobb April
Russell Colvin
Russell Condon
Russell Cooper
Russell Corrigan
Russell Cosby
Russell Costain
Russell Court
Russell Cow
Russell Cowansville-Goal
Russell Crick
Russell Curie Mills
Russell Curley
Russell Currie
Russell Currie Mills
Russell Currie*Mills
Russell Currie- M
Russell Currie-Mill*
Russell Currie-Mills
Russell D Leach Chapeau
Russell Dagg
Russell Dale
Russell Daley
Russell David
Russell Davies Pontiac Bridal Fair
Russell De Carle
Russell Dean
Russell Dean Bristol
Russell Dean Come
Russell Dean Mr
Russell Dean Mr.
Russell Dean Mr. Neilson
Russell Dean Tribute
Russell Deb- Manwcll Carroll
Russell Deborah Russett
Russell DeCorle
Russell Decourcie
Russell Deeource
Russell DeLombard
Russell Dennis
Russell Development
Russell Dies
Russell Dies Al Norway
Russell Doherty
Russell Douglas
Russell Douse Block Another
Russell Dove M Inside
Russell Dumas
Russell Dumont
Russell E Hansen
Russell Education
Russell Edwards
Russell Eglish
Russell EHott
Russell Eight
Russell El
Russell El-
Russell Eli
Russell Eliminates Shawvllle
Russell Elizabeth
Russell ElKott
Russell Elli- David Fraser
Russell Elli-Joseph Belanger
Russell Elliots
Russell Elliott
Russell Elliott - Sterling Hodgins
Russell Elliott 40th
Russell Elliott 9.50
Russell Elliott J Cleary
Russell Elliott Lake
Russell Elliott Smart
Russell Elliott Sorry
Russell Elliott Tel
Russell Elliott to
Russell Elliott XA2 Rheal
Russell Elliott!
Russell Elliott) Alma Elliott
Russell Elliott* Fred Graham
Russell Elliott.
Russell Elliott.......... R. Wallace Burry
Russell Elliottt
Russell Elsie Murphy Letts
Russell Elwood
Russell Emmerson
Russell Eonse Block
Russell Eraklne
Russell Estate
Russell Evans Derouin
Russell EYES
Russell F
Russell F Elliott
Russell Faber
Russell Fair-
Russell Falbar
Russell Family
Russell Farewell Dr. Russell
Russell Farm
Russell Farrell
Russell Fin
Russell Find-J
Russell Findlay
Russell Findlay Shawville
Russell Fitzsimmons
Russell Fort Coulonge
Russell Frederick C. Mouche
Russell Frederick Zim-merling
Russell French - Lena Baml
Russell Funeral
Russell Funeral Home
Russell G. M. Murphy
Russell Gamble
Russell Gamble 213
Russell Gatineau Mills Que Parties
Russell Gauley
Russell George Centre
Russell Gerald Mielke
Russell Gibson
Russell Gleason
Russell Goldwyn Hobbs
Russell Goose Block
Russell Gordon Hod--------------------------------------
Russell Gordon MarRae
Russell Gough
Russell Gouley
Russell Grant
Russell Grant.
Russell Grave
Russell Gravelle
Russell Green
Russell Grice
Russell H -Elliott»RussellRR2 Francon Ltd Gregory
Russell H B ennett
Russell H Elliott
Russell H Elliott.
Russell H. 647-2578 Elliott
Russell H. Elliott
Russell H. Elliott,RussellRR2 Francon Ltd Gregory
Russell H. Elliott,RussellRR2 Francon Ltd-Gregory
Russell H. Monroe
Russell Hall
Russell Hanna
Russell Harper
Russell Harper.......
Russell Harper........
Russell Harper.........
Russell Harper..........
Russell Hart Sloan
Russell Hawkins
Russell He
Russell He-
Russell He-man Elliott
Russell He/use
Russell Hedging
Russell Heman
Russell Heman Elliott
Russell Henderson
Russell Herman Elliott fo/hj
Russell Hill
Russell Hobbs
Russell Hobbs 2
Russell Hobbs 3. Pair
Russell Hod
Russell Hodgins
Russell Hodgtm
Russell Holstein Breeders Association
Russell Holstein Calf Sale
Russell Holstein Club
Russell Holt
Russell Home
Russell Hon
Russell Honse Block
Russell Hormon
Russell Hotel
Russell Houee
Russell Houei Block
Russell Houet Block
Russell Hour* Orders
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Russell House* Itepresentatives
Russell HouseBlock Ottawa
Russell Houst
Russell Hou§eBlock Ottawa
Russell Hove*
Russell Hovse
Russell How Stable* ROBT.
Russell Humphrey
Russell Hunt
Russell hunt Graham
Russell Hunter
Russell Hurdman
Russell Hurdmen
Russell HXl
Russell I
Russell I Lu
Russell I THE
Russell I* Pa“ Versai
Russell I/)well
Russell Ilouse
Russell In
Russell Inanerws
Russell Indicated
Russell Is
Russell ITouse
Russell Ix>roy
Russell J Mulligan
Russell Jackson
Russell Jeannette Coyne
Russell Jeff Russell Concerts
Russell John
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnston
Russell Judd
Russell Judd $
Russell Judd 12.00
Russell Judd 137.26
Russell Judd 1470.00
Russell Judd 148
Russell Judd 17.50
Russell Judd 1974
Russell Judd 212.02
Russell Judd 227.71
Russell Judd 239
Russell Judd 24.00
Russell Judd 26.25
Russell Judd 260.19
Russell Judd 310.35 Garrison Supply
Russell Judd 315.00
Russell Judd 337.50
Russell Judd 748.00
Russell Judd 99.35
Russell Judd and Leonard Horner
Russell Judd Anniversary
Russell Judd Building Inspector
Russell Judd Contractor
Russell Judd cott*gers
Russell Judd Gels Board Meeting Nurse
Russell Judd Margaret Kilgour
Russell Judd Minutes
Russell Judd Moved
Russell Judd Such
Russell Judd _ _
Russell Judd • Ketchebaw
Russell Judd- Moved
Russell Judd.
Russell Judd................
Russell Judds
Russell Judd’s Fury
Russell Judi
Russell Jvld
Russell K
Russell Ken Tubman From
Russell Kettles
Russell Klliott
Russell Kllirtt
Russell Knits
Russell Knox
Russell Knox Preacher
Russell Kruts Ottawa
Russell Krutz
Russell L LeRoy
Russell L. Hod-gins
Russell Lacas
Russell Lance
Russell Lang
Russell Lavlie
Russell Le Roy
Russell Leach
Russell Leader
Russell Leafe
Russell Lecompte
Russell Lent
Russell Lerojr
Russell Leroy
Russell Lesway
Russell Levesque
Russell Lewis
Russell Linden M Richardson
Russell Lindsay
Russell Lloyd
Russell Lodge
Russell Louis Schwartz
Russell Lowed
Russell Lowell
Russell Loxton
Russell Loyer
Russell LTugroan.
Russell Lu-
Russell Lucas
Russell Lucas Dave Angus
Russell Lucas No.
Russell Luces
Russell Lug
Russell M Melanie
Russell Mac
Russell Mace
Russell MacIntyre
Russell Mackay
Russell Mae
Russell Manson
Russell Margaret Reid
Russell Margaret Reside
Russell Marilyn
Russell Martin Yach
Russell Mas Ignore Grant
Russell Masks
Russell Masseous
Russell May
Russell May God
Russell Mayo
Russell McCleary
Russell McDdWell
Russell McDowell
Russell Mce
Russell McKenzie Tisdale
Russell McKibbon
Russell McLaughlin
Russell McLellan
Russell McLinton
Russell McMillan
Russell McNeill
Russell McRoh-erts
Russell Mdkide
Russell Me
Russell Me#
Russell Me:
Russell Mee
Russell Mee -
Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawville Valuation Roll
Russell Mee Dalton Richardson
Russell Mee Verda Hamilton
Russell Mee xn2 November
Russell Mees
Russell Mee’s
Russell Mégane Bretzlaff
Russell Melburne Elliott
Russell Men
Russell Mer
Russell Mer-
Russell Merrifield
Russell Merritt
Russell Mev
Russell Miljour
Russell Milks
Russell Miller
Russell Mills
Russell Milton
Russell Mkk
Russell Mosseau
Russell Motion
Russell Motion Cr Garth Tracy Dust
Russell Motor Car Co.
Russell Mous-
Russell Mousso
Russell Mr
Russell Mr-
Russell Mr.
Russell Mr. R.
Russell Mr. W,
Russell Mrs Kenneth Smith
Russell Mrs. Asa Laughren
Russell Mrs. D.
Russell Mrs. Gilbert
Russell Mrs. H. Armstrong
Russell Mrs. H. G Judd. Young
Russell Mu
Russell Mulligan
Russell Mulligan Russell Mulligan ® Robinson
Russell Mulligan Steel Line Quy-
Russell Murdock’s
Russell Murray Hill
Russell Mve
Russell N OPEN
Russell Nancy Joy Vickers
Russell Nell Peggy
Russell Nitschkie
Russell NMM#
Russell Nobel
Russell Noble
Russell Nyveld
Russell O Old Grist Mill Burns To Ground Schedule
Russell Officers
Russell Ontario
Russell Ormond
Russell Osborne
Russell Ottawa
Russell Owen
Russell Own
Russell P. Hartle
Russell Pallbearers
Russell Pat terson
Russell Patrick
Russell Paulger
Russell Peck
Russell Pedwell
Russell Pembroke
Russell Pitt
Russell Plaident
Russell Pontiac s Agronomist Neil Drummond
Russell Poultry
Russell Powers
Russell Primer II
Russell Prit- T *
Russell Prit-that
Russell Pritchard
Russell Pt Toronto
Russell Puuse
Russell Quinn
Russell R F U
Russell R R
Russell Ram
Russell Raymond
Russell Rd
Russell Rd.
Russell Relsher
Russell Restaurant
Russell Reuse Block
Russell Richard-
Russell Richard- Complete
Russell Richardson
Russell Rick Valin
Russell Ring
Russell Ringrose
Russell Road
Russell Robinson 17.25
Russell ROBT.
Russell Rolphton
Russell Rons* Rlor
Russell Rotary Entertainment
Russell Rouse April
Russell Rouse Block
Russell Rouse Block CUTHBEgTSON
Russell Roust Block
Russell Route
Russell RR 2
Russell RR2647-3308 Gaumond
Russell RR2647—3308 Carroll
Russell Rudd
Russell Russell
Russell S. Hodgins
Russell S. Wilson
Russell Sage
Russell Samuel Hod
Russell Samuel Hodgins
Russell Samuel Hudgins
Russell Sec-Treas
Russell Sec-Trees
Russell Sec.-Treas
Russell Sec.-Trees
Russell Second Vice President
Russell Secretary
Russell Secretary-Manager
Russell Sense Block David Reaver
Russell Service Centre
Russell Service Centre-George Coles
Russell Service NOTICE
Russell Service Shawville Milling
Russell Shale Brick Company
Russell Sisson
Russell SKI
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 518
Russell Smith GSPi You
Russell Smith Passes
Russell Sot
Russell South
Russell South Mountain Sturgeon Falls
Russell Sports ShawvtHe
Russell Square
Russell Sr.
Russell St 8.
Russell St* Toronto
Russell St.
Russell Staut.m
Russell Staye
Russell Stew
Russell Stewart
Russell Stewart Mr
Russell Stéwert
Russell Sudbury
Russell Suitor
Russell T Elliott
Russell T Elliott.
Russell t,4tî
Russell T. Kelley
Russell T. Kelly
Russell Tab-parents
Russell Taber
Russell Taber Clive Beattie
Russell Taber Beverley
Russell Taber Martin
Russell Taber She
Russell Taber This
Russell Tabor
Russell Tader
Russell Tait Doherty
Russell Tatar
Russell Tater
Russell The
Russell Theatre
Russell There
Russell Thomas
Russell Tmirnamvnt M<i
Russell Toronto
Russell True
Russell Tubman
Russell Turner
Russell Turner 7
Russell Turner Almonte
Russell Unit
Russell Unuse
Russell Uodgins
Russell Uouet Block Ottawa
Russell Uoute
Russell V Hill
Russell Vestrup
Russell Victor
Russell Village
Russell VINTON R. MacGregor Dillon McGee
Russell Visitors
Russell Wallace
Russell Ward
Russell Warren
Russell WE MMgf
Russell Webb
Russell WED.
Russell Wedreaday
Russell White
Russell Wil-
Russell Will
Russell Williams
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson Shewville
Russell Winchester
Russell Wocds
Russell Wood
Russell Wood*
Russell Woods
Russell Woods -
Russell Woods 138.
Russell Woods 151.24
Russell Woods 157.
Russell Woods 196
Russell Woods A. Brown
Russell Woods BtT1
Russell Woods Municipal Forms
Russell Woods That
Russell Woods-
Russell Young
Russell Zim
Russell Zimmer
Russell Zimmerling
Russell Zimmerling Phone
Russell Zlmmerllng
Russell, Jr Champion Dairy Jim Russell
Russell- Mrs Sylvia Hodgins
RUSSELL—Beverley Ann
Russell’s Tom V6
Ruth A Eason Russell
Ruth Russell
Ruth Russell November
Ruth Russell SHAWVIUE
Ruth Russell t*0 V*
Ruth Strutt Judd - Russell WWW.MICKARMnAGEBAND.COM
Ruwsvi Mr. Young
Ryan Russell
Ryan Young
Ryley Young
R^th Russell
S E Russell
S Young
S&wreuce Russell
S. Mrs Hugh Young
S. Russell
S. Young
S.S. Russell
Saddle Horse-Claude Young
Sam Young
Samuel Young
Sandra Mur- Russell
Sandra Mur-Orla Young
Sandra Mur-Russell
Sandra Russell
Sandra Shenett Jessie Wilson Kla-ke Veildhuiss Robert Young C
Sandra Young
Sarah Ann Florence Young
Sarah Ann Young
Sarah Ida Young
Sarah Mrs Edgar Russell
Sarah Young
Sarah) Young
Satur- Russell
Saumier Young
Schrankler Young Brennan Leclerc Burke Hérault
Scot Young
Scott Gall Russell Color
Scott J Young
Scott J. Young
Scott Joan Leslie Technicolor Kiss Me Kate Kathryn Grayson Judy Canova John Russell WEDNESDAY
Scott Russell
Scott Young
Scott Young Board
Scott Young Bryson
Scott Young Chevrier
Scott Young Kindlv
Scott Young Managing Funeral Director
Scott Young Qrant Ferrigan
Scott Young Rick Atkinson Jamie Monette
Scott Young* Sandman’s
Scott Young’s
Sean Marc Young
Sec Mrs Russell Elliott
Sec-Treas Russell
Second Albert Armstrong Douglas Young Brian Alexander To
See.-Treas Clever Scholar Harold Graham Young
Sens Russell
Ser- Young
Sfc> X D Russell
Shane Young
Shannon Charlene Young
Shannon Young
Sharleen Young
Sharon Young
Shawn Gra- Korbin Young
Shawn Mousseau Troy Young
Shawn Russell
Shawn Young
Shawville Young Entrepreneurs
Shawville JefT Russell
Shawville Mrs. Susan Young
Shawville Russell Hotel
Shawville Russell House
Shawville Russell House Notice
Shawville United Young
Shawville Young
Shawville Young Farmer
Shawville Young Farmer Chris Tracy
Shawville Young Farmer Laura Crawford
Shawville Young Farmer Scott Stephens
Shawville Young Farmers
Shawville Young Farmers Annual
Shawville Young Farmers Annual Banquet
Shawville Young IV
Shawville’s Todd Young
Shawvllle’s Russell Judd
Sheila Russell
Shelly Russell
Shelly W inters Claire Trevor Stephen McNally Denis O’Keefe Gail Russell
Sheri Young
Shewville Junior Young Peoples
Shirey Russell
Shirlav Russell
Shirlety Russell
Shirley (Russell
Shirley (Young
Shirley and Harper Young
Shirley Booth Jane Russell CEN^f
Shirley Eck-Russell
Shirley Jones Gig Young Carolyn Jones Red
Shirley Ottawa Civic Hospital Young
Shirley Russell
Shirley Russell Ada Palmer
Shirley Young
Shirley Young Amusement
Shirley Young Mixed Hay
Shortstop Luke Young
Shower Mrs Russell Elliott
Shriley Russell Lucas
Shu- Russell
Sidney Tub- Russell
Siège Vacant Hugh Young
Siftings Young Hyson Bl’k Salada Black
Siftings Young Hyson BVk Salada Black
Sigbt Young Wolves Captured
Simmental-Katie Taylor Reserve-Pat Young Champion Goat-Bradleigh Clark Reserve-Kate-Lynn Clark Cham
Simon Young
Simpson Young Bill
Sister Myrtle Young
Sister W. G. RUSSELL
Sister Young
Six Young Quyon Boy Dies Suddenly
Skip Doug Young
Skip Young
Slde- Patrick Young
Smallest dog- Graham Russell
SMAWViui Harper Young
Smiley Kerry Young Mrs Hermonie
Smith Young
Sml- Russell
Sol Smith Russell
Solicitor Young
Solomon Lodge Miss Eliza Young
Some Russell
Some Young Cattle
Son* R Russell
Sonny Russell
Sons Funeral Jeff Russell
Sons Funeral Russell Mee
Spar- Russell
Sports Stedmans Young
Spot Russell T. Kelly
St Eason Russell
Stacey Russell
Stan Russell
Stanley - Bull Russell Mulligan
Stanton Russell Fhat
Stanton--That Russell Taber
Starring Rosiland Russell
Starting Young
Statfacts Myrle Russell
Steele Young
Stella Young
Stéphane Newberry Corby Young
Stephanie Young
Stephen Langlois Wesley United Church Young
Stephen Me Constable Linden Young
Stephen Russell
Stephen Young
Stephen Young Easter
Steve Robin- Young
Steve Russell
Steve Young
Steven Young
Stevie Young
Steward Russell Gravcllc
Stewart Mrs. C. Young J.. Laoghren Improperly
Stewart Russell
Stewart Wilson Woolsey Yach Young
Stewart Woods Young Danny Moore
Stewart Young
Stonehouse Young People’s Worker Miss Joan Carey
Storey Young
Struck Young
Strutt Shawville Young Farmers Shawville Fair
Stuart Black-Young
Stuart Russell
Stuart Russell Hay
Studio Andrée Kathleen Grace and Chris Russell
Su-sanne Young
Sue Cahill-Booth Guelph Warren Russell Shawville
SuiAin Young
Sullivan A Young Frock Captain Lowry
Sun- Young
Susan FofNfc Debbie Young
Susan Russell
Susan Ruth Young
Susan Susan Young
Susan Verda Young
Susan Young
Susan Young Lang
Susanne Young
Susie Russell
Suun Young
Suzanne Young
Sybil Young
Sybil Young They
Sylvia Bakker Al Russell
Sylvia Russell
Sylvia Young
T. Russell
T. v. Young
T. Young
Taber-That Russell V‘Motton-Cra McGoff-Steele
Tammy Young
Tanner Garnet Thompson Eileen Tubman Barrie Wilson Dougles Young Joy Young Promoted
Tanya Young
Taylor Eason J. Russell
Tayna Young
Teach Them Young
Teal McCauley’s Young
Ted Young
Telford Russell
Tenders Wanted Young
Teron Young
Terry Fo* Young
Terry Russell
Tessa Lynn Young
Tessa Young
Tg Young
Th- Russell Elliott
Thanksgiving Theme Betty Russell
That Russell Taber
The Dravcurs* Matthew Lucas Russell
The Quebec Young Fermera Wells
The Russell Heather Coughlin
The Western Quebec Holstein Janice Young
Then Russell
Theodore Young
Theresa Russell
They Russell K. O’Dell
Thomas Albert Young
Thomas Albert Young Thomas Albert Young
Thomas Andrew Young
Thomas E. Young
Thomas H. Stewart W.M.Oran Thompson Michel Tousignant James L. Wellington Ha Young Yoon
Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell Eric and
Thomas Young
Thomas Young Sr.
Thompson June Vandry Anna Young Betty Young
Thorne Young Brittons
Tianna Julia Young Surprise
Tianna Young
Tim Carmichael Young
Tim Jeff Russell
Tim Russell
Tim Young
Tip Russell
Titley Mrs. Claude Elliott Mrs Orla Young
Todd Russell
Todd Young
Tohn Young
Tom E. Young
Tom Fraser - Clayton Young Shawville
Tom Fraser - Clayton Young SHAWVILLE.
Tom Fraser - Clayton Young Shawvllle
Tom Grant Russell
Tom Lefe-when Nancy Ann Young
Tom Orr Cartage Construction Young’s Appliances
Tom Russell
Tom Russell 11.211
Tom Russell Dwayne Laughren He
TOM TOM Russ Tamblyn Alan Young Color
Tom Young
Tom- Alfred Russell
Tommy Russell
Tommy Young
Tony Russell
Tory Young
Tracy 584.12 Alfred Russell 1.60 Mrs L W Em
Tracy and Margaret Ervin Russell
Tracy Robert Young Color REDS
Tracy Young
Treasure Young
Treasurer- Mrs Russell
Troop Scoutmaster Frederick Young
Troy Russell
Troy Young
Troy Young Billy
Troy Young Brownlee
Trudeau Clayton Young
Trudeau Jim Young Clayton
Trudy Callaghan Young
Truman Young David Truman
Trustee Russell Elliott
Try Wilson Young Muriel Chamberlain
Tr°y Young
Two Albert Armstrong Dopglaj Young Signalling Davici Yach St
Two Young
Tyler Sc Emily Hubky Charles Russell
Tyler Young
U.S.A. Murray Young Allison Corrigan Bristol Pump Service Come Worship With Us
Uce Linden Young
Ueorge Young
Uialth—William Young
Und Mrs. Hugh Young
Unden A Young
Unden Young
United Kathy Young
Uoiuid Russell
Upper Pontiac Quebec Young Farmers
Upper Pontiac Quebec Young Farmers Show
Upset Young Woman
Usa Young
UVWWW.*.- M * Russell
V / Jim Young
V J Russell Young
V* Russell
V* Sweet Young Bride
V* Young
V* Young Farmer
V. Russell
V. Sod** Betty Young
V. Young
Valley Mutual Betty Russell C.B.L. Pirie
VALUE OBITUARY Russell O’Connor Russell O Connor
Van-, Russell Grant
Vancou- Russell
Vegetebles Young
Velma Jeff Young
Velma Young
Velva Young
Vera Palmer - Neil Russell Judd
Vera Russell Gibbs
Verdun Mr. Russell
Verley Young
Verna Russell Elliott
Vf Russell
Vf* A] Young
Viciurma Russell
Vick Russell
Vicki Russell
Vicky Russell
Victor Young
Victor Young Mathew Fraser Jas Thomas For
Victor Young VV.
Victor Young’s Orchestra
Victoria Young
Victurnia Russell
Vincent Hodgins Young
Violet Young
Vivian Russell
V—Russell Lucas
W * Young Eels Swim Over Everything
W . C. Young
W A Mrs. Roland Russell
W A Russell House
W altei Russell
W alter Russell
W and Hanian Young
W C Young
W C Young 1
W C Young 2. Mangolds
W C. Young
W G. Russell
W innifred Russell Cone.
W J Young
W M Russell
W Russell
W Young
W. C Young
W. C. Young
W. H. Young
W. L Young
W. Russell
W. V. Young
W. Young
W.C. Young
Waiter Russell
Wal- Young
Wallace - Russell Stewart - LaSalle
Walter Claude Young
Walter Kileonr Jack Russell
Walter Kilgom Maynard Russell
Walter M. Russell
Walter MeM Russell
Walter Mrs Andrew Russell
Walter Peering Little Wendy Young
Walter Royce Young
Walter Russell
Walter Russell 2
Walter Russell Dies
WALTER SMITH Jane Russell George Brent SIX
Walter Smith Kay Russell
Walter Turcotte Wesley Young
Walter W. Russell
Walter Young
Walter Young 1
Wanda Young
Wanda Young Shawville
Wanda Young*
Wanted—A Young Lady Clerk
Warden Herbie Young Moyle
Warden Orla Young
Warden Young
Warren Mrs. A. Young Mrs.
Warren Mrs. Russell
Warren Russell
Warren Russell Bill Marras
Warren Russell Lot
Warren Russell or Betty Strutt
Warren Russell or Betty Strutt- Anyone
Warren Russell’s
Wayne Komm Pam Komm Ron Armitage Kelwyn Beattie Rick Beaupre Wayne Maheral Joey Fraser Scott Young
Wayne Maheral Debbie Russell
Wayne Rus- Catherine Russell Distinction Loren Smart
Wayne Young
We Russell
We Young Liberals
Wed-Gall Young
Welcome Melvin Young Shawville
Wellington Young
Welsh Mrs. Susan Young Farms
Wendy Russell
Wendy Young
Wesley Young
Wesley Young’s
Westbrook Young
Western Quebec Young Farmers Federation
WfPmUHBH Young Enterpreneurs
When Russell
Whit-ton Young
Widow Young
Willard Dage- Russell Judd
Willard Radio Batteries Herbert Young
Willi Young
William A Young
William and Ann Young
William C Young
William C. Young
William C. Young Dies
William Collins Young
William G. Young
William Howard Russell
William M Russell
William M. Russell Dies STENCIL TYPING
William McGregor Russell
William Me- Mr Arnold Young
William Me- Russell Lucas
William Russell
William Russell y DR.
William Russell BETHEL
William Russell DR.
William Russell Keith McCleary
William Russell Trophy
William Russell Woods
William Somerville RUSSELL HOUSE
William Young
William Young Agriculture
William..... Young
William...... Young
Willie J. Young
Willie M. Russell
Willie Russell
Willow Hollow- Bob Younge Willow Hollow- Bob Younge Willow Hill - Melvin Young
Will—Allan Young Shawville
Wilmot Young
Wilmot Young-Marjie Adams Co.
Wilson Davis Cassandra Young
Wilson Mrs Rolland Russell
WiM—Allen Young
Win C Young
Win Young
With Russell
Wm Barber 3. Bui C*lf—H Young
Wm C Young
Wm G Russell
Wm Maloney Young
Wm O’Reilley Young
Wm Russell
Wm Young
WO-1 Russell Armstrong
Women’s Sport Shoes Real Fitters Young Men’s White Drill Outing Trousers
Wong - Russell Janey
Woods Mrs. Gustave Yach Mrs. Linden Young
Woods Russell
Worship Mrs. Lawrence Young
Wright Wakeford Young
Wrl-ty Young
Wt Russell
WUliam Young
X* A Mrs Russell Elliott.
XXalter Young
Y "Young Surtees
Yach Earl Young
Yarn—Mrs Thomas Red Scoteh Wheat—John Young
Yearling- R Russell
Yictor Young
Young A 819-647-2742 ¦MM Campbell
Young I
Young "
Young "Dale
Young - Armstrong
Young - Graham
Young - Hobbs
Young - McDonald
Young - Scott
Young A
Young A Draper
Young A Son
Young A.L. Teasdale
Young Actress
Young Ad- Miss Christine Chicoine
Young Adams
Young Addle
Young Adored
Young Adult
Young Adults
Young Adults Spring
Young Again
Young Agriculturalists
Young Agriculturalists Kbslor
Young Ahlett
Young Ahould
Young Aid-man’s
Young Aircraftsman DONAT
Young Albert Bertrand
Young Alderman
Young Aldman
Young Alec Blaney
Young Alex
Young Alexander
Young Alfalfa
Young Alive
Young Allan
Young Alliaou
Young Alloua Miller
Young And Foolish Statistics
Young And Han
Young And Old
Young Angus
Young Ann Wigeheren Frances Young Brian trudeau Joan Wilson
Young Arena
Young Armitage
Young Artist
Young Artists
Young Artists Workshop Series
Young Aubyn
Young Ayrshire
Young B Hockey League
Young Baird
Young Balaoombe
Young Ballu
Young Barkby
Young Barry
Young Bcachhurg
Young Beacon’s Rose
Young Beagle
Young Beattie
Young Bertrand
Young Bessemer
Young Best
Young Betty
Young Biddley
Young Biffins
Young Biistol
Young Bill
Young Billitz
Young Billy Hutchison
Young Billy Imison
Young Billy Joe Cadieux
Young Billy Thomson
Young Bird-Lovers About Winter-Feeding
Young Bonsplel Chairman Dr. S.E.
Young Borcvn
Young Botha
Young Bowm
Young Boys CUifford Tubman
Young BRANDT- Dave
Young Brent
Young Bride
Young Bride- Jack
Young Bridegroom
Young Bride—"
Young Briefly
Young Bristol
Young Bristol Farmer Heads Western Quebec
Young Britains
Young Britians
Young Brîton
Young Britons
Young Brittons
Young Bronson
Young Brooks
Young Bros Almonte
Young Bros,
Young Brothers
Young Brownlee
Young Budapest Printer Perfects New Invention
Young Bulk
Young Bull
Young Bulla
Young Bulls
Young Burglar
Young Burns
Young Byers
Young C
Young Cain
Young Calloway—Miss Twilling
Young Calves
Young Campbell
Young Canada
Young Canadian
Young Canadian Composers Are Afforded Opportunity
Young Canadian Musicians Try
Young Canadians
Young Cannon
Young Capitals
Young Caps
Young Car Wash
Young Card
Young Carried
Young Carried Motion Crs
Young Carson
Young Carson Hodgins
Young Casey
Young Cashes
Young Catherine
Young Cattle
Young Cattle Astray
Young Cattle Astray Mrs.
Young Cattle Astray Strayed
Young Cattle Betray Strayed
Young Cattle Estray Strayed
Young Caution
Young Cemetery
Young Chad Hodgins
Young Chang
Young Charms
Young Chaytor
Young Chickens
Young Chicks
Young Children
Young Children Farmers Are Lone Individuals
Young China
Young Chretien - Hynes
Young Christmas Wreath
Young Clarke
Young Clergymans Warden
Young Clerk
Young Cliff Campbell
Young Colas
Young Color Cliff Richard
Young Con
Young Confession
Young Conn-
Young Conroy
Young Conservative#
Young Conservatives
Young Construction
Young Copies
Young Cor*
Young Corbett
Young Coun Graham
Young Councillors Ken- On
Young Couples
Young Cowan
Young Cows
Young Cr
Young Crawford
Young Crescent
Young Cribbin
Young Ctrleon
Young D#*o|
Young Dagg
Young Dalton
Young Daniel
Young David
Young Davidson
Young Davidson Mines Ltd.
Young Deluxe Turkeys
Young Diabetic Correspondent
Young Dies
Young Disraeli
Young District Crusade
Young Division
Young Doctor
Young Doctor—Yes
Young Donna
Young Douglas
Young Dow
Young Dr Wallace Hodgins Councillors William Orr Keith Homer Keith Bean F H Rowat Irvine Cone Mahle
Young Dr.
Young Dr. Fresh—Here
Young Dr. George Christopher Willis
Young Dr. Kildare
Young Dr. Mary Stewart Hooke
Young Drake
Young Dream
Young Drivers
Young Drummond
Young Dsgg
Young Duck
Young Duck C. Dale
Young Duck—
Young Dudeton
Young Duke/
Young E
Young Eaaey
Young Earl
Young Early
Young Easey
Young Eastlake
Young Eddie
Young Edey
Young Edith
Young Edward
Young Ella H. Eckel
Young En-
Young En- Rlchard
Young En-diversify
Young En-sands
Young Englishman
Young Entrcpren-
Young Entre
Young Entre- Quebec
Young Entrepcn-
Young Entrepren-
Young Entrepren- Bristol
Young Entrepren- Parliament Buildings
Young Entrepren- Young Entrepreneurs
Young Entrepren-Fortin Industries
Young Entrepren-Jeunes
Young Entrepreneur
Young Entrepreneur Awards
Young Entrepreneurs
Young Entrepreneurs Fourteen
Young Entrepreneurs Seniors
Young Entrepreneurs YE
Young Entrepreneur»
Young Equity
Young European
Young Ev
Young Executive
Young Exquze Immigrants
Young Eyre
Young Factors
Young Fair-Goer Relaxes
Young Fanner
Young Fanners
Young Fanners Showperson Campbell
Young Farm
Young Farmer
Young Farmer He
Young Farmers
Young Farmers 4-H Home- Colleen Stanley
Young Farmers Association Both
Young Farmers CUC
Young Farmers Who Care
Young Farmers*
Young Farmers/Japanese
Young Farmers’
Young Farrell
Young Father
Young Father—
Young Females
Young Females Sale Managers
Young Fetherston
Young Fifties
Young Figs—purebred Yorkshire
Young First-Aiders
Young Firth
Young Fitzsimmons
Young Fletcher Davis
Young Folks
Young Fomily
Young Foozle—Yes
Young For Salr
Young Fort Coulonge
Young Foxes”
Young Fr
Young Fraser
Young French
Young French Soldier
Young Frenchmen Shot Down
Young Fritz von Hartmann
Young Frozen Young Turkeys Turkeys Turkeys V
Young Fuels
Young Fury Color
Young Gander
Young Gander Wilbur Horner
Young Gaps
Young Garrod
Young Gary
Young Gavbov
Young Gelbviegh
Young Gen
Young Gerhold
Young German Shepherd
Young Gilbert L. Young
Young Gilmore Lowest
Young Girl
Young Girl Wants Real Girl Friends Synopsis
Young Girls
Young Girls Darlene Murray
Young Girl’s Blouse
Young Girts Guild
Young Glenn Hodgins
Young Golightly
Young Goose
Young Goose Carl Dale
Young Goose—
Young Goose—C.
Young Gordon
Young Grade
Young Graduates
Young Grand Female Champion
Young Great Men
Young Guns
Young Gunz
Young Gunz Hockey
Young Hahn
Young Hammond
Young Happy
Young Hartley
Young Hassell
Young Heland
Young Helen Fleury
Young Hen
Young Henderson
Young Herd Sir#
Young Hickory
Young Hobbs—Mamma
Young Holidays
Young Homemakers Awards
Young Hoover
Young Hopeful
Young Hopeful-—“Our
Young Horner
Young Horse
Young Horseman
Young Horst Loêschc
Young Hostess
Young Housekeeper
Young Housekeepers
Young Housewife
Young Hubby
Young Hubby—How’s
Young Hubert
Young Hugh Horner
Young Hughes
Young Hulls
Young Hunter
Young Husband
Young Husband-''-My
Young Husband—
Young Husband—My
Young Husband—“Last
Young Hush
Young Hwy
Young Hyson
Young Hyson Green Tea
Young Hysons
Young I
Young I.ady
Young If
Young Ihitmi*
Young Ilyson
Young Important
Young IMrs* Wilfred Howes
Young Inc
Young Incorrect
Young Indies
Young Indy
Young Institution
Young Intends
Young ITea
Young Itxtend
Young IV
Young IVjen
Young IVSen
Young IV|en’s Clothes
Young J H Hyrner 2
Young J J O Donnell
Young James » NORWICH—Fine
Young James David Averefl Shaw
Young January
Young Jas.Ringro.se
Young Jellicoe
Young Jeremiah Vavasour Strole
Young Jeremy Campbell
Young Jersey
Young Jim Thomson
Young Jin
Young Jlmson
Young JOHN
Young John Car- Tenderfoot Flags
Young Jonathan
Young Jumper Frock For Town
Young June
Young K <
Young Kelly
Young Kens
Young Kildare
Young King Alfonso
Young Kurai Peoples
Young L .7
Young L Hodgins
Young L Lsce
Young Ladies
Young Ladies Boys Clothing
Young LadiesWanted
Young Ladles
Young Lads Were Chained Together
Young Lady
Young Lady-
Young Lady-HH^H^M
Young Lady—Oh
Young Lady—The
Young Largely Attended Deadly Tarantula Easy Prey
Young Lauryn McCauley
Young Lawyer
Young Lawyer—Good
Young Lefebvre
Young Leon
Young Lepine
Young Li-
Young Liber-
Young Liberal
Young Liberals
Young Life
Young Life Gone
Young Lifting
Young Light
Young Lindsay Daley
Young Lise Anne La
Young Litchfield
Young Loaffler
Young Loiter
Young Louie
Young Love
Young Love*
Young Luo
Young Lynch
Young M Bible
Young M “The King
Young M''Xab
Young M.n
Young Ma
Young Mac
Young Mac-Arthur
Young Macdonald
Young Mamma
Young Man
Young Man* Then Dry
Young Man-
Young Man-" Yea
Young Manager
Young Mans Diary
Young Man—
Young Man—Darling
Young Man—Yea
Young Man—Yes
Young Man—“Ambition
Young Man—“No
Young Man—“Will
Young Man—•
Young Man’s
Young Man’s Fancy
Young Man”
Young Margaret Morris
Young Marie.
Young Martineau
Young MC"
Young McGuire
Young McNeil
Young Mcpnugall
Young Men
Young Men Piv-O
Young Men BfgSüSrJStËÜSS
Young Men Boys
Young Men George C. Wright
Young Men Haven’t
Young Men Inter
Young Men Medallist Royal College
Young Men Mills
Young Men Who Have Been Fighting
Young Men!-Head ThlF Tiik Voltaic Belt Vo Mich.
Young Mens
Young Mens Continental Style
Young Mens Double Breast Drape Models Single Breast
Young Mens Sport Shirts All
Young Mens Suits
Young Mens Summer Suits
Young Mens Topcoats DQ.
Young Mens Topcoats While Mrs
Young Mens White Drill
Young Men’s
Young Men’s B BA
Young Men’s Christian As-
Young Men’s Christian As-There
Young Men’s Christian Associations
Young Men’s Clothes How Edward Eades Met His Death
Young Men’s Clothes Last
Young Men’s Clothes Opening
Young Men’s Collegiate
Young Men’s Collegiate Suits
Young Men’s Collegiate SV* Que
Young Men’s Collegiate Sweaters
Young Men’s Flannel
Young Men’s Flannel Pants
Young Men’s Flannel Sport
Young Men’s Grey Flannel Trousers
Young Men’s Jeans
Young Men’s Jeans Short
Young Men’s John
Young Men’s Khaki Spring
Young Men’s Lib.-Conservative
Young Men’s Light-colored SUITS
Young Men’s Models
Young Men’s Models Fine
Young Men’s Models Pine
Young Men’s Narrow Toe
Young Men’s OTTAWA
Young Men’s Overcoats
Young Men’s Overeats
Young Men’s Reading Club
Young Men’s Scotch Tweed Suits
Young Men’s Sport Pants
Young Men’s Spring
Young Men’s Spring Hats
Young Men’s Suita
Young Men’s Suits
Young Men’s Suits Splendid
Young Men’s Suits Worsteds
Young Men’s Summer Suits Months
Young Men’s Top Coats
Young Men’s Top Coats To Clear
Young Men’s Topcoats
Young Men’s Tweed Trousers
Young Men’s White Drill Outing Trousers
Young Merchânt—“No
Young Mexico
Young Miall
Young Michael Bolton
Young Mid Lie-
Young Milch
Young Minister
Young Minutes
Young Miracle Maker
Young Mise
Young Miss
Young Miss M. Hod
Young Mistress
Young Mi»
Young Mm
Young Mon
Young Montgomery
Young Monti
Young Montreal Man
Young Moorhead
Young Moose
Young Morris
Young Mot
Young Mother
Young Mothers
Young Mothers Bobbed Hair Does Not Need Brushing
Young Mother—“Now Harold
Young Motion
Young Motion Crs Dagg
Young Motion Crs McCredie
Young Mr*
Young Mr.
Young Mr. Adams
Young Mr. Beaver
Young Mr. Blake
Young Mr. Carol Hupé Congratulations Mom
Young Mr. Chesterton
Young Mr. Cleveland
Young Mr. Ed.
Young Mr. Gladstone
Young Mr. Klukav
Young Mr. Merleau
Young Mr. Revesby
Young Mr. Sissy
Young Mr. Staylate
Young Mr. Struckett-BItcb
Young Mr. Tup
Young Mr. Wm
Young Mrs
Young Mrs Susan Youn
Young Mrs Young
Young Mrs. Ballantyne
Young Mrs. Beaver
Young Mrs. Beecroft Had Miserable
Young Mrs. Lancaster
Young Mrs. Perkin#
Young Ms»
Young Municipality
Young Mussolini
Young N
Young Nabno Georgian
Young Name
Young Nazi Soldier Spanked By Briton
Young Nell
Young Nickel
Young Noplî
Young Nora Moyle
Young Nothing
Young Old-time Fiddlers Another
Young Olmstcad’s
Young On
Young Onslow
Young Onslow Resident Dies After Brief Illness
Young Ontario Craftsmen
Young Ontario Junior B Hockey
Young Open
Young Orla Young
Young Ottawa
Young P C # Edgar Allard
Young P C Men
Young P Meeting
Young Pa
Young Pair A.O.V.
Young Pair Toulouse
Young Paoples
Young Papineau
Young Paris Barristers Pay Taxes
Young Party
Young Paul
Young Paving
Young PCs
Young Peep; Friday
Young Peeples
Young Pembroke
Young Peoble
Young Peonies
Young Peop es STARKS
Young Peopl
Young People
Young People Accommodations
Young People VS
Young People*
Young People* Minute Menage
Young People/’
Young Peoples
Young Peoples Campbell
Young Peoples EXTRA
Young Peoples Friday
Young Peoples Groups
Young Peoples HELEN
Young Peoples Help
Young Peoples Holy Trinity
Young Peoples LOCAL Aylmer
Young Peoples LORNE
Young Peoples Meet
Young Peoples Meet-
Young Peoples Meet- LLOYD KENSLEY
Young Peoples Meet-)
Young Peoples Meeting
Young Peoples Meeting T
Young Peoples Meeting BETHEL
Young Peoples Meeting Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Doneld C. Smith
Young Peoples Meeting Featuring
Young Peoples Meeting Help
Young Peoples Meeting John Newberry Bryson
Young Peoples Meeting Shawville
Young Peoples Meeting Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Young Peoples Meeting STARKS
Young Peoples MILNE
Young Peoples Minute Massage
Young Peoples Minute Menage Dial
Young Peoples Minute Message
Young Peoples Minute Message Dial
Young Peoples Mooting
Young Peoples Mrs. Ambrose Armstrong
Young Peoples Phone
Young Peoples Quyon Parish Rev.
Young Peoples Richardson
Young Peoples Saturday
Young Peoples Saturday- Y.M.W.B.
Young Peoples Security
Young Peoples Shawville Mr.
Young Peoples SlMwvtlle REV.
Young Peoples Society
Young Peoples ST.
Young Peoples*
Young Peoples’
Young People’s
Young People’s Bible
Young People’s Campbell
Young People’s Campbell’s Bay
Young People’s Confirmation
Young People’s Daily
Young People’s DALE’S
Young People’s Friday
Young People’s Let
Young People’s Meetings Music
Young People’s Missionary Conyar
Young People’s Organizations
Young People’s Party
Young People’s Rally Service
Young People’s Saturday
Young People’s Saturday Applications
Young People’s Saturday Come
Young People’s Saturday DALE’S TINSHOP
Young People’s Saturday DALE’S TINSHOP SBRVWIGGG
Young People’s Saturday F
Young People’s Saturday SBftWVIGCG GGGGTRIG
Young People’s Sleigh
Young People’s Society
Young People’s STARK’S
Young People’s Union
Young People’s Worker
Young People’s Y.M.W.B.
Young Peqple
Young Peterborough
Young Philosophers
Young Picard
Young Pig*
Young Pig*— Apply
Young Pigs
Young Pigs For Sale
Young Pigs—purebred Yorkshire
Young Pigs—Ready
Young Pig»
Young Pioneer
Young Polish Jew Grynszpan
Young Pontiac
Young Pontiac Agric
Young Pontiac Entrepreneurs
Young Pontiacs
Young Poople
Young Pooplos
Young Popp
Young Praplns
Young Prentice
Young Pres
Young Present
Young Present Mayor Cotie
Young Pretender
Young Pro-Mayor Allan Alack
Young Progrès-j Conservatives
Young Progressive Conserva
Young Progressive Conservatives
Young Purebred Yorkshire
Young QPP
Young Quaker
Young Quaker—“Ah
Young Quebecer
Young Quebecers
Young Queen
Young Quemoy And Matsu At Cairo
Young Quyon
Young Quyon Hockey League Scores Sha
Young Rac
Young Ralph
Young Ravens
Young Ray
Young Rd
Young Rd„ Kanata
Young Recently
Young Redmond
Young Reid
Young Renfrew Girl Brutishly
Young Rev.
Young Rev. Mr. Carey
Young Richer
Young Richmond Royals
Young Rider Division
Young Rivel
Young Road
Young Romain
Young Roucoux
Young Royals
Young Ruby Armstrong
Young Rural
Young R^^d
Young S
Young Saleswoman
Young Saturday
Young Schwab
Young Scores Winner
Young Scotchmen
Young Scots
Young Scott
Young Sec.-Treas
Young Secrétaire
Young Secretary
Young Secy
Young Service
Young Serving
Young Sgt.-at-Arms
Young Shawville
Young Shawville Council Young
Young Shawville Phone
Young Shop
Young Shoulders
Young Showvllle
Young Si This
Young Siberians
Young Silas Young
Young Singhi
Young Sire Programs Concerning Quebec Munici-
Young Six-Horse-Hitch Young
Young Skipjack
Young Skive Stallion Fortune
Young Slave Stallion
Young Smiley
Young Smith
Young Smitî
Young Smitl
Young Sn
Young Snowmobilers
Young Son
Young Son—
Young Son—"Nothing
Young Son—“Say
Young South Onslow
Young Spanish
Young Sprigg
Young Sprightly
Young Spring
Young St
Young St.
Young Stanton
Young Steel
Young Steele
Young Steers
Young Stenographer
Young Stewart
Young Stewpid
Young Stork
Young Straw Aldman
Young Strib-ling
Young Sub
Young Subdivision
Young Susan
Young Sutton
Young Swatman
Young Taber
Young Tate
Young Taylor
Young Tender Leaves
Young Tender Leaves Would
Young Tender SPECIAL
Young Tenderfoot Gadget Donald Wilson Ground Observer Corps To Be Observers Norma Lamb Brent McBrid
Young Tetter—Mise Clara
Young That
Young That Ike Secretary
Young That John Dixls
Young The
Young Therien
Young Thing
Young Thing—Why
Young This
Young Tigers Bow To Chalk R
Young Tiling
Young Timothy
Young Today
Young Togalong
Young Tom Brennan
YOUNG TOM F HASE* 647-2737 As*
Young Tommy
Young Tough—
Young Township
Young Trees
Young Trish White
Young Troes
Young Trophy
Young Tuesday
Young Turk
Young Turkey*
Young Turkeys
Young Turkeys Young Turkeys
Young Turks
Young Tutter
Young Uinlika
Young Uncle Jim’s
Young Ur.
Young V Phis
Young V.Uille
Young Vail
Young Vallillee
Young Van Osborne Jiœsssss
Young Varian-whom
Young Vaughn
Young Vice-Pres
Young Village Doctor
Young Visitors
Young Vke-Piw Mr*
Young Volun-peted
Young Volunteers
Young W 2M Da
Young Wage
Young Wallace
Young Ward
Young We
Young Weir
Young Welch
Young Westerner
Young While
Young Who
Young Wi/o—e
Young Widow
Young Widower
Young Wien’s Sport Tweeds Well
Young Wife
Young Wife No,
Young Wife--"Ob
Young Wife-Hash
Young Wife-» My
Young Wifey
Young Wife—
Young Wife—"
Young Wife—"Pierre
Young Wife—-''’Don’t
Young Wife—I’m
Young Wife—This
Young Wife—Why
Young Wife—Yes
Young Wife—“Oh
Young Wilfrid Lauriers
Young William
Young Wilson
Young Wingspur
Young Winks-“Say
Young Winks—
Young With
Young Wives
Young Woman
Young Woman Drowned At Renfrew
Young Woman Held With
Young Woman Injured N< Toil
Young Woman—
Young Woman—Let
Young Woman’s Job
Young Women
Young Women''
Young Womens Christian Association
Young Women’s Christ-
Young Women’s Christian As-
Young Womhn
Young Woods
Young Wooleey
Young Wright Grant
Young Wu
Young Xten
Young Yes
Young Yorkshire Pigs
Young Young
Young Younge Cow Dry
Young Zeke
Young Zoologist
Young Zotique
Young- Complaint
Young- Mr.
Young-, E. Graham
Younger-Lcwis Russell
Young’s Appliances
Young’s Clarke’s
Young’s Hickory Sun
Young’s Stewart
Zac* Russell
Zeph Young
Zllvmanager Russell House Block Ottawa Ottawa.Je»
[ Mrs Russell Elliott
_ H. Young Wife
_ Russell
Coal Oil l H AS. RUSSELL
Fort Cou- Russell
Green Lake Young
Hi Mol Young
Luke Young
Ma- Young
Mahe Young
Mason Young
Mountain Road Young
Or la Young Trophy
Pearl Russell
Russell 4 Hare
Russell Africa
Russell County
Russell Road
Russell Square
Russell Williams
Spring Young Spring
Young Farmers
Young l SOUND
Young Nickel
Young Peoples l 10.00
Young River Water
Young Road
Young Trophy
Young-That Road
YOUNG. First-class River
Young’s Car Wash
& Bible Study Saturday p.m.—Young Pe Service
& Kathryn Perry Eleanor Foran Tiffany & Troy Young Billy & Shania Girls
, S CO p.m. Young People’s Service
1936-37 Full
1st Shawville Pack 1st Star Tests George Russell Polishing
2. Dalton Russell;
453-7326 Otter Lake Russell
5847X2S21 Russell’s Service Centre Ford
6-13 SHAWVILLE Bible Study Young Pioplee
6.30 p.m.—Kids Bible Klub 8.00 pm-----Young Peoples Minute Message—Help for To-1 Morning Masses—
7.30 p.m.—Worship Service Morning Worship Tuesday 8.00 p.m.—Young Peoples Shawville 7.00 p.m.—Sabba
8.00 ,p.m.—Young Peoples Qeyon
8.00 p.m.—Young Peoples Shawville 7.00 p.m.—Sabbath School
ACCURATE STRAYED Young Cattle Estray Direct
Agricultural Society Motion Young
Agricultural Society Silver Ronald Russell Memorial
Ajj* Garry Young
Allan Young
Allan Young Taxless Farm Gas Endorsed By
Anglican Young
Anglican Young People
Anglican Young People s Association
Anglican Young People s Society
Anglican Young Peoples Association
Anglican Young Peoples Association of St. Paul
Anglican Young Peoples Association the Chinch Army
Anglican Young People’s
Anglican Young People’s Ass
Anglican Young People’s Association
Anglican Young UNDERWEAR
Anglican Young Women Association
Anglican Young Women s Association
Anglican Young Women’s Association
ARTICLESl Farm Produce Young
Austin United Church Ladies Young Men’s Suits Aid
Ba Kerry Young Transport Cempbtn s WekSog Quyon Legion Branch
BAH Farm Drainage Young’s Appliance Farm A
Banc Brenda Young
Banff Mystery Fish Eat Mosquito Young
Bank of Montreal Barbers Bastien Tire Bean s Retro Canada Beckcrest Farm Betty Russell Brownline Fa
Banquet YOUNG’S GARAGE Bristol Farmers
Bantam House League Young
Baptist Church Rummage Young BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
Barbara Russell Telephone Co.
BBC Proms/The Guardian Young Composers
Bear Young
Benefit Entertainment Russell Brothers
Best Beef Calf; Jeff Russell
Best Crossbred Shawville Young Farm-
Best Herd Jerseys Younge; Orla Young; Carson Bros. Best Jersey Bud Calf
Best Jersey Heifer Calf Young;
Board of Health Ervin Russell
Body Shop Turpin Pontiac Bulck Villeneuve Transport Young s Appliance Service RADEY
Body Shop Walmart Wendy’s Restaurant Young’s Appliances Zellers Iris ABC Dezlne Au Coq Aylmer Bar-B
Bristol and Mrs. Herb Russell
Bristol and Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol Bob Russell
Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG RE-ELECT Christopher YOUNG
Bristol Council Russel Young
Bristol Kathy L Young Bristol Danny
Bristol Memorial Young People
Bristol Memorial Young Peoples Soc
Bristol Mrs. Hertoy Russell
Bristol Mrs. Millon Russell
Bristol Norway Bay LAC Cecil Cmfligh Buried At Beechwood Mr. Burns Russell
Bristol Pastoral Charge Young People’s Union
Bristol Presbyterian Young People’s Society
Bristol Presbyterian Young Ra Men
Bristol Ridge CLAYTON YOUNG Shewvæ
Bristol s Clara Russell
Bristol s Fred Russell
Bristol s Jeff Russell
Bristol St Andrew s Young Peoples Society
Bristol Women’s Institute Mrs. Roland Russell
Bristol Women’s Institute; Eason Russell
Bristol Worship Young Peoples
Bristol Young
Bristol Young Smith
Bristol | Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol — John Young
Bristol.............. Dalton Russell
Bristol; Russell Mackay
Bristol; Warren Russell
BROADLOOM Carpets Young
Bros Ronald G Russell & Sons DRY COW 8c Sons Glenark
Bryson Lionettes Hugh Young
Bryson Young Guns
Bryson Young Guns Trudeau
Bryson Young Volunteers Bryson Lions
BSE Russell Garage
Busy Boo Institute Prendergast—Young Picnic
Cal Carson Russell
California Sweet Young Thing
CAMBPELL Quyon Young People Conduct Service
Canadian Industries Mrs Margaret Young; Citizenship
Capital Blend Tea Seasonable Articles Motion—Wilson-Young—That
Capital Shawville United Young
Care of Young Children
Care of Young Pigs
Carey Gall Russell k
Carson Golden Age Club Russell of North Gower
Carson Russell
Carson Russell & Mike
Carson Russell B>’
Carson Russell Bristol Volunteer Qn October
Carson Russell By ELIZABETH Elizabeth Hahn
Carson Russell Hall
Carson Russell Mike
Carson Russell of
Carson Russell of North
Carson Russell of North Gower
Carson Russell’s
Carson Russell’s Pee-Wee
Catholic School Commis Young
CCC Printemps Shawville Young Farmers Old Time Square
Celebrate Crystal Anniversary Andrew Russell
Central Depot Russell House
Central Depot Russell House BIoîï
Central Depot Russell House Bloch London
Central Depot Russell House Block Gome First Week
Central Depot Russell House Block GUTHBEfjTSON
Central Depot Russell House DM.
Champion & Reserve Russell
Charles Russell Telephone
Choice young Mares Furniture Department Chesterfield Suites Established
Christ’s Ambassadors Young Peoples Group
Citizens Mirl Young
Civic Hospital Mrs. Fred Russell
Claird Young Bristol $LM
Clara Russell
Clarendon School Young
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Young Canadian’s Television Set Puzzles Experts FOB SAU GERMAN
Clinical Laboratory Will Begin Co-op Medical Returns Russell Her
Clothes Shop Allan Russell
Clow Harmony Equity Photo Joe Russell
CLSC Waltham & Bryson PONTIAC YOUNG Minutes
CO p.m. Young People’s Service
CO p.m.—Thursday—Young ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Beth of St. Johns
Co-op Medical Directors Study Onlario Hospital Rales Linden A Young
Cockerel Best Hanging Basket Young
Comedy Gig Young Bonnie
Comedy Gig Young Bonnie Bedelie
Commercial Refrigeration Unit* We Buy Iron and Metals CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units CUkYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units Old Address CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units We Buy Iron and Metals CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units We Buy Iron ond Metals CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Community Life Through Young People
Concert Joe Russell And Gulbransen Organ Stars Of Great Rotary Show
Consequently Com J A Russell
Contact Doug Young
Contact Doug Young 819-647-2742 WAL-MART CORRECTION NOTICE Westinghouse Decorative Solar Carden Lig
Contact Fiona Young
Contact Hugh Young
Contact Hugh Young;
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contact Russell Mae
Convention Inspector Harold Young Bristol Native Comes
Convention Oria Young
Corporation Municipale du Russell
County Council Young
Custom Application Charles Russell;
DAGG Young Men’s Sport Oxford
DAIRY SEALTEST Shawville 647-2858 PONTIAC PLUMBING Garry Young Quyon
DAN LACROIX Equity Reporter Young
De Soto Sales and Service FOR SALE-Six Head Onod Cattle One Young Horse
Department of Public Young Peoples Club
Department of Russell Elliott
Dillon Riley Young
Dominion United Church Young People’s Union
Donaldson Young that
Donna Mae Russell
Don’t Pity Poor Young Men Pity Poor Old Men FALL MERCHANDISE NEW FALL FOOTWEAR
Dover''s Store Young Life Gone Out WE LL SEND
Edgar Russell & Sons
Education Young
Elementary School Young
ELIZABETH Carson Russell
Elmlea Domino Russell
ENGAGED Hospital Central Auxiliary YOUNG PUPS
Everett Arthurs Carson Russell
Everett Eason Russell
EYE SERVICE McPhail—Young Cosmetic Sets Costume Jewellery
Farm Drainage Young
Farm Equipment OBITUARY Russell Murray Hill
Farm Equipment Gordon Dittburner........ Bob Young
Fastball League Team Royals Young Guns
Fastball League Team Royals Young Guns Red Necks
Federation of Young N F
Financial Agi Young Men BUFFERING
Fire Department Garry Young
Fire Hall Mayor Young
Fire Hall Present Mayor Young
Fish Produce Young Alive
Fit—Young People BRISTOL RIDGE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Pastor Rev. A. Morgan 10:00
Fool Young Villain
Ford R.M.L. Insurance Ellard Kennedy Repair Mountainview Turf Farm Young
Forest View Orange Young Britons Lodge
Formerly Russell’s Service Centre
FROATJ & SONS Mrs. Russell Dean
Funeral Director B. W. YOUNG.
Funeral Home of S S Russell
G. Russell Bristol
Gall Russell Color
General Mining Association Young Shawville Rink
General Sudbury Young recently Hospital
GENERAL WORK---------Young
George Russell
GIRLS Anna Young
GUERRIER Young Mens Suits B« A.i L.L.B
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants Royal Bank C.B.
Hair Mm Parlor SILAS YOUNG
HarriH Fhe Young People’s Society
Hayes & Sons Funeral Jeff Russell
Hayes & Sons Funeral Russell Mee
Hayes & Sons Patricia Russell
Health and Sanitation McCann Sidewalks M Young
Health Examiner-^Russell Mulligan
Heavy Horse Young
Hedging Addresses Anglican Young
Her Own Tobacco Exports Increase AND THEIR FATHERS Young Men FEATHER* WANTED
Heritage Russell
Hi Mol Young Men’s Bible Class
Holiness Junior Young People
Home Hardware Young
HORSE RACES General Admission Superb Carry Young
Hotel Young’s Appliance Service Hwy
House Hotel Young Farmers J Young Farmers
House of Repri- Young Offenders
Household Department ; Health Department ; Young Folks’ Department; Ladies’ Department; Fashion Dep
III—Robbie Russell
Institute Mrs. Roland Russell
Institute Young Mens Suits DONAT Le GUERRIER L.L.B.. Notary Public CAMPBELL’S.
International Guest Lion Carl Young
International Lions Director Carle Young
J A Russell
J E Russell with Reserve Junior Champion Female
J.E. Russell Court
JEAN WALLACE Carson Russell
JO Gam Young
Joint Young People* Service
Junior Champion Reserve Russell
JUNIOR YEARLING HEIFER J E Russell A Sons Hlllls Connolly Edwin
Junior Young
Junior Young Conserve Rubber Paper
Junior Young Peoples
Kings 0 Jeff Russell
KL Kllgour J E Russell A Sons J Donald Duff A Sons Hlllls ConoUy
KL KUgour Hlllls Connolly J E Russell A Sons SENIOR YEARLING HEIFER J E Russell A Sons Hlllls ConoU
Ladies’ Hospital Auxiliary Young Men’s Sport Shirts There
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Lake Dumont Fish A Russell
Levi Young Kriff’s Jewellery Store
Liberal Young Artist Workshop Series
Lion Bob Young
Lion Carl Young
Lion Chris Young
Lion Garry Young Tel
Lion Hugh Young
Lion Hugh Young Lion Bob Carrier Lion Dan Tremblay Fraser
Lion Ray Young
Local Young People
Loyal Orange Young Britons Association of British America
Lucas Russell
M. Bernard Pilot Russell
Maple Syrup Carried | Russell
Marries Russell Pitt Phileas Amyotfe Named Fort Coulonge Mayor
Master Colline Young
Master Corporal Russell Davies Russell Davies
Master Glen and Leslie Bell Mr. Clayton Young
Master Harvey Young
Master Jeff Russell
Master Peter Young
Master Robbie Young
Master Russell
Master Russell Horne
MAY 10 & It- Oronge Young Britons
McDonald - Young
McDonald) Young
McGill University Russell Judd
McKechnle & Sons CTawford Bros Ronald G Russell & Sons Wm
McKechnle & Sons Ronad J Russell & Sons Ronald J Russell & Sons Bull
McKechnle & Sons Ronald G Russell & Sons Ronald G Russell & Sons Frank Finnigan
McLeod Young Weir Limited
McLeod Young Weir Limited Bristol Council USED EQUIPMENT ON HAND
McLeod Young Weir Limited Pontiac Prlntshop Ltd.
McPhail Baptist Young
Members Eighty-Eight Pontiac Lions Carnival Years Young Quemoy And Matsu At Cairo
Memorial Award Journalism - Jillian Young
Men’s Department Young Men’s
Merrill Young
Methodist Young Ladies Class
Militia Department Young
Mine Father D. J. Morris P.P Young Peoples MILNE
Ministerial Association Orla Young
Ministerial Association Young--
Miracle Baste Frozen Young Turkeys
Miss Marylin Young
Montreal—Ottawa Conference Young People’s Union
Morning Rosalind Russell Technicolor MS
Morning Worship LISTINGS REQUIRED Young
Mothers of Young Children
Motion Cm Young
Motion Comr Young Thct the
Motion Counc Hors Young
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillors Young
Motion Councillors Young-Camp-bell
Motion Councillors Young-West-
Motion Cr Young
Motion Cr* Young
Motion Cra Young
Motion Crs O Reilly A Young
Motion Crs Young
Motion Crs Young & Dagg _
Motion Crs Young & Graham Mr.
Motion Crs Young—Martineau
Motion Doherty-Young Regular
Motion ers Farrell-Young
Motion ers Young-Farrell
Motion ers Young-Steele
Motion Jamieson-Young
Motion Mrs. Young
Motion of Young
Motion O’Reilley Young
Motion Russell-Alien
Motion Steele-Young That
Motion Young Beattie That Con
Motion Young-Beattie
Motion Young-Cain
Motion—Russell-Beattie Council
Moyer’s School Supplies Russell Lucas
Mr Russell Pitt
Mr. Alf Russell Bristol
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Russell Gilman Higby
Mrs Carson Russell
Mrs Russell Pitt
Mrs Russell Pitt of Hull
Mrs Russell Pitt spent Christmas Holidays
Mrs. Emile Carson Russell
Mrs. Gilbeit Young
Mrs. Margaret Young
Mrs. Mrs Carson Russell
Mrs. Ned | Hospital Auxiliary Mrs. Russell Dean
Mrs. Ronnie Russell
Mrs. Russell Elliott ;
Mrs. Russell Pitt
Mrs. Russell Pitt and Ellen
Mrs. Russell Pitt and Heather
Mrs. Russell Pitt of Hull
Mrs. Russell Watson
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
National Bank Beth s Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell - Donation
National Events Mrs. David Russell
National Federation of Young Farmers
Negotiating Committee QAPSB Western Que J A Russell
New York State Association of Young Farn
North Clarendon Radford Young Peoples Society
NOW Warden Young
Oldsmobile Cars Chevrolet Trucks RUSSELL BOYD.
ONSLOW Gordon Russett Mr. Gordon Russell
ONTARIO Popular Single And Double Breasted Young Mm
Oppose Agricultural Russell Dumont
Original Oil Painting Gladys Lisa Young
Orla Young
Oui Special Military YOUNG MEN Policy
P.M Young Peopba Waltham A SERVICE JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES Kingdom Hall
P.M Young People
P.M Young People s Waltham
P.M. Young People
P.M. Young People s Waltham
P.M. Young Peoples Waltham Jack Warder
P.M. Young People’s Waltham FREE ESTIMATES
Paint Horse Young Horseman’s Western Pleasure
Patricia Russell’s
Pembroke Hahn Correspondent Belated Carson Russell of North
Perry Lucas Russell
PGM.Grand Sec.; Beta Russell
PIGS FOR SA LB-Young Yorkshire-ready
Pontiac Beth Young
Pontiac Catholic Young
PONTIAC Cheryl Young
Pontiac Com Poor young Freddie De-
Pontiac Community Alfred Russell
Pontiac Community Hospital are Hospital Administrator Jack Russell witn Hospital Board
Pontiac Community Young
Pontiac Council Meeting Minutes Young Canada Works
Pontiac County Co- Dalton Russell
Pontiac County Eason Russell
Pontiac County Quebec Young Farmers Homemakers Information
Pontiac County Warden Orla Young
Pontiac County Warden Pontiac County Warden Orla Young
Pontiac County Young Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac County Young Progressive-Conservative Association
Pontiac Holstein Club Young Farmers
Pontiac Jamea Russell
Pontiac Lions Midget CC Russell
Pontiac Lions PNMHT Scoring Player J Argue L Russell M Durm S Larameé S Beck MA Glfouard
Pontiac Monuments Lloyd & Marj Hodgins Brian Young Next
Pontiac Printshop Janet Russell
Pontiac Printshop Young Horseman Trophy
Pontiac Quebec Young Annual West Quebecers Farmers
Pontiac Royals Young Guns Necks Equity Sports QUYON
Pontiac Russell
Pontiac Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawville Valuation Roll
Pontiac South Young Liberal Association
Pontiac Telephone Co Mrs Herby Russell
Pontiac Temiskaming Bonds Young
Pontiac Trail Ken Fisher Pontiac Russell
Pontiac United Young People
Pontiac Young
Pontiac Young Conservatives
Pontiac Young En-
Pontiac Young Entre
Pontiac Young Entrepren-
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Assistance Services
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Canada Employment Centre Pontiac Business Association HOMEMADE FRENCH F
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Canada Employment Centre Pontiac Business Association Telephone SPRING
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs CHANTAL BELLEAU 648-5645 PUBLIC NOTICE Rontioc Shawville Chrysler
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Consultant Services
Pontiac Young Liberal
Pontiac Young Liberal Assoc.
Pontiac Young Liberal Assocation
Pontiac Young Liberal Association
Pontiac Young Liberal Association Mr. Louis Judd
Pontiac Young Liberals
Pontiac Young Liberals Association
Pontiac Young Liberals Club
Pontiac Young Prog
Pontiac Young Progressiva Conservative- Young Union National Associations c A FOREST INN HOTEL
Pontiac Young Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac Young Progressive Conservative Young Union National Associations
Pontiac; Bank National; Eason Russell
Prayer Meeting FRIDAY Young Peoples Meeting DR.
Prayer Meeting FRIDAY Young Peoples Meeting P.O.
Prayer Meeting FRIDAY Young Peoples Meeting Shawvllle P.O.
Prayer Meeting Young Peoples Meeting THE STANDARD CHURCH Rev.
Prayer Ont Carson Young
Prayer Service FRIDAY Young People
Prayer Service Thursday 8.00 p.m.—Young Peoples BRISTOL RIDGE PENTECOSTAL MISSION
Prayer Service TOM FRASER Auto Glass SAewvdN Que CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Prayer Service We Buy Iron and Metals CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Presbytery United Young Peoples Union Convention
Prl—Young People ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA Clarendon Parish Rev. R.
Prl—Young People BRISTOL RIDGE
Professional Optometrist Professional Optometrist RF.X YOUNG
Progressive Young People’s Union
Public Carried Motion Cm Young
Public Notice Shawville Young Farmers La Commission
QPP Traffic Officers Linden Young
Quebec Farm Forum By Keith Russell
Quebec Publishers St Editors Ottawa—Young
Quyon Hockey League Atkinson s Sports Bar Henderson s Store Hal Young Paving Dufferin Construction
QYF Provincial Rally Champions Young Farmers
RA Hard-working Russell
Radford United Young Peo-District Chamber of Com-
Rear " Front 1936-50 3.70 3.70 1951-58 3.55 3.70 1949-54
Recreation Association Young Canada Works Prelect Campbell
Red Necks/Young
Red Young’s College and Princeton University
Red Young’s Gingerbread
Reis Equipment Ltd. Mystical Creations Valley Mutual Revel Stewart & Barb Russell Elliott Farm Equi
Roll JH Nathan Russell Woods
Roll Mrs. Orla Young
Rotarian Joe Russell
Royal Bank Beckcrest Farm Pontiac Auto Betty Russell H.I. Hobbs
Royal Engineer Regi- Young
Royal Entertains Young Farmers
Royal Sire Young Shire Stall
Royal Winter Miss Eleanor Russell
Ruby Seal Eason Russell
Rural Inspector Alfred Russell
Rural Inspector Russell Elliott
Russell & Associates
Russell & Associates Studio
Russell & Co''s
Russell & Sons
Russell & Sons Crawford Bros.
Russell & Sons Dalton Hodgins J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin
Russell & Sons Dalton Hodgins JA & KL Kilg Walter Kllgour
Russell & Sons MacKechnie
Russell & Sons One
Russell & Sons;
Russell A Sons JA A KL KUgour Walter
Russell A Sons Walter
Russell and Sons
Russell and Sons Shea
Russell Bristol end Mrs.
Russell Bros
Russell Bros Ottawa-Waltham— Leave Shawville
Russell Brothers
Russell Brothers Incorporated
Russell Director General Shewville
Russell Disney
Russell du Québec.
Russell Equipment Ltd. Hwy
Russell Fair
Russell Farm Equipment
Russell Farm Shawville’s Pipeline
Russell Heart Institute Golf Tourna
Russell Hospital
Russell Hotel
Russell House
Russell House Biol CUTHBEHTSON
Russell House Bloch CUTHBEHTSON
Russell House Block
Russell House Elect
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Russell House Mr. Horner
Russell House Mrs.
Russell House Open—^ms |
Russell House ROBT.
Russell House SCHOOL NO.
Russell House Shawville
Russell House Stables
Russell House SURGEON DENTIST Campbells Bat -
Russell House X
Russell House Yard
Russell Mayo
Russell Motor Car Company
Russell Mrs. Pitt ....... Warren Campbell WÊKÊÊÊIÊÊÊ Mrs.
Russell Opera House
Russell Own High Producers Pontiac League
Russell Pontiac
Russell Rd
RUSSELL ROOM NOW # Equity & TO....
RUSSELL S Service Centre
Russell s Service Centre Tel
Russell Sage Foundation
Russell Service Centre
Russell Service Centre 7.41
Russell Service Centre-George Coles
RUSSELL Shooting
Russell St Sons
Russell St Sons Selwood Greta’s Burton; John T. Dagg St Son Senior
Russell Unit No.
Russell’s Farm
Russell’s Service Center
Russell’s Service Centre
Russell’s Service Centre Ford
Russell’s Service Centre INSULATED Homemade
Sa-tS 7:30 PM Young
SADC Pontiac Innovative Young Entrepreneur
Saddle Horse Claude Young
Sales & Service Pick-up & Delivery Service Afternoons & Evenings DOUG YOUNG
SCHOOL Births COWLING Tin- Russell House
School Board Association Charlie Russell
School June 1936
School Planning Committee of Young
School Russell Allen Atkinsons Bar Hwy
School Russell Judd Board
SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATIONS 8—Mr Allan Young National Exhibition
Second Joe Russell Rotary Club Entertainment
Secret Eason Russell
Semi-Lustre Enamel Co ENGAGEMENT Cobden Anglican Young People
Seniors Golf Association Young
Seventh Line Tim’s Lane YOUNG SUBDIVISION
Shavwille Shoe Shop Stedman s Department Store The Wren Group Veteran Gaz Bar Young
SHAWVILLE BOOT AND SHOE STORE Our New Don’t Pity Poor Young Men Pity Poor Old Men FALL
Shawville Council Douglas Stewart Young
Shawville Council Young Canada Works
Shawville Fair Young Horseman Trophy
Shawville Hardware Store Young—XVobrmkb At Hi Mol Memorial Presbyterian Church
Shawville Milling Co and Russell Service Centre
Shawville United Young Peoples
Shewville Junior Young Peoples
SHOWMANSHIP Ronnie Russell
SI They Marry Young Over
SII8.WVIIIG Council Russell
Sinners Gig Young
Slevin Insurance Young’s Fuels John L. Hodglns Ltd.
Society Div C A Young
Softball Throw Carson Russell
SON Fuel Oil Supplier ERIC JUDO RUSSELL JUDD Trucks Electrical Contractor Farm Equipment | Automoti
SON Mrs. Herman Russell
Sports Stedmans Young
St Francis Rosalind Russell
St Jo-Russell
St Joseph’s Russell
St Young Ladies
St. Andrews Young Peoples Union
Standard Church Québec V Troy Young Le
Starks Corners YOUNG
Starks Corners Young People
Starks Corners Young Peoples Union
Stittsville Club Young
Student Coun- GAS OIL GREASE Russell
Talking Pictures Charles STARRETT Russell HAYDEN
Tenders Oil Young
Third Period Red Young
TÏ Torch Relay Russell
Tiger & Young’s Appliance Service
TM Friday Young Peoples —8.00
TOM FfrASfk OAYTON YOUNG AuloOtees ShêwvBe
Try Wilson Young Muriel Chamberlain
U S A Mrs. Roland Russell
U. Church Young and Mrs. Art Labelle
Undertakings Supply Electric- Second Young Lady
United Church Women’s LITTER OF YOUNG PIGS
United Church Young People
United Church Young People Celebrate Youth-week Extra
United Church Young Peoples Rally
United Church Young People’s Society
United Church Young People’s Union
V* RUSSELL’S Service Centre SALE
VAILABLE September 17,1936 Fair Dances
View Tempo Belle Young Farmers
Vinton Seasons Greetings Mrs. Russell Judd
VOM E Russell
VUW A.V Montreal Silas Young
WALES Ü V Centre Bailer Sion CHEWING TOBACCO Young Ladies
Waltham Wesleyan Methodist Church Young People
Waltham’s Wesleyan Methodist Young People
War Museum A A Kiefloe Mountainview Young’s Appliance Service Hwy
Welsh Mrs. Susan Young Farms
Welsh Young
Welsh Young County Council
Welsh Young Fanners Club
Welsh Young Farmers
Welsh Young Farmers Club
Welsh Young People
Wesleyan Church Young Pecflc
Wesleyan Church Young People
Wesleyan Methodist FOR SALE—Young
Wesleyan Methodist Young Peoples Societies
West Baptist Young People s Group
Western Quebec Young Farmers Federation
Women’s Sport Shoes Real Fitters Young Men’s White Drill Outing Trousers
Worker: Ken Young
Worse Calamity Old Gent—Young
XEROX Ea Young Canada Works
XX S Young Alloua Miller
Young Canada Works
Young Farm Forums Annual Meeting Tigers Swamp
Young &
Young & Co.
Young & Mary McKenny
Young & Rubicam Limited:
Young & Sons
Young & Sons Registered
Young A
Young Adult Group
Young Agricultural Land
Young Alex Davis
Young Arena
Young Artists
Young Artists Workshop
Young Artists Workshop Series
Young Artists Worksl Æ V
Young Association
Young Audiences Program
Young Australia League
YOUNG Available AND Ready
Young Basil Stanton Department of Roads
YOUNG Belgium
Young Best
Young Best Shorthorn Bull
Young Blood Stallion Hain
Young Blood Stallion Hamiltonian Tippo
Young Boys CUifford Tubman
Young Brenden Bell
Young Bride
Young Britons
Young Bros Almonte.
Young Brothers
Young c
Young Cal Cummings
Young Canada
Young Canada Club
Young Canada Works
Young Canada Works Ernest Yach
Young Canada Works Life
Young Canada Works Newfoundlander
Young Canada Works Program
Young Canada Works Programme
Young Canada Works Project
Young Canada Works Project Otter Lake JUDGING HEAVY HORSES
Yoûng Canada Works Sisters °* Renfrew
Young Canada Works Young Canada Works Newspapers
Young Canadian Association
Young Cattlemen’s Association
Young Cemetery
YOUNG Charelais
Young Children A Course
Young Children Extincteurs L & S Extinguishers and Safety Equipment Municipality
Young Committee
Young Communist Internationale
Young Construction
Young Councillors Allan Black
Young Country School Maain’*-—at St Andrew’s United Church
Young Country School Ma’am’ |
Young Country Schoolma’am
Young Country Svhoolm’am
Young Country Y
YOUNG C^__Starke’s Corners
Young Division
Young Division St. Inquire
Young Emergency Bill
Young Entrepren- Bristol s
Young Entrepreneurs Assistance Services
Young Entrepreneurs Services
Young Equity
YOUNG Fairbanks Hotel
Young Farm Horses
Young Farmers
Young Farmers Young
Young Farmers Association
Young Farmers Association Both MP
Young Farmers Clubs
Young Farmers Computer Seminar Day Saturday
Young Farmers Dairy Judge
Young Farmers Following
Young Farmers Rally
Young Foal—Carbrook Pilot Russell
Young Folk
Young Folk Apples
Young Foundation Females
Young Full
Young Girl
Young Girl Sails Three Voyages
Young Girl Six Grandsons Pallbearers
Young Girls
Young Girls Clear Away Pimples With Cuticura
Young Girls Guild
Young Girls Guild ; St. Paul’s Church Guild ; Sprays—Jas
YOUNG Gordon Tel
Young Guard
Young Guns
Young Gunz Federation
Young Heart Club
Young High Yaller
Young Horse
Young Horse Wyman
Young Husband
Young Inc
Young Inc a
Young Ladies Bible
Young Ladies Boys Clothing
Young Ladies Centennial Chorus
Young Ladies Guild
Young Ladies'' Guild
Young Ladies’ Bible Class
Young Ladies’ Guild of St. Paul’s Church
Young Ladies’ Patriotic Associates
Young Legion
Young Liberal Association
Young Liberal Association Executive
Young Liberal Association for Pontiac Gatineau
Young Liberals Association
Young Liberals COUNCIL Sha
Young Live Stock and
Young M Bible
Young Mac
YOUNG Male Help Wanted
YOUNG Mayor District
Young Men Rally Round Girl Trained
Young Mens Bible Class
Young Mentone
YOUNG MEN—Oui Special Military Policy
Young Men’s Bible Class
Young Men’s Bible Ringers
Young Men’s Christian Association
Young Men’s Collegiate Suits C. H. MacLEAN INSURANCE CONTINENTAL LIFE Agent FIRE
Young Men’s Collegiate Sweaters
YOUNG MEN’S Randy Cummings Farm
Young Men’s Reading Club
Young Men’s School Oxfords
Young Men’s School Oxfords Black
Young Men’s Society
Young Nation
YOUNG Of Shawville Council
Young Offenders
Young Party
Young PCs
Young Peonies Group
Young People
Young People A A A the
Young People COLD
Young People Hold First Social Evening Morning Prayer 10.301
Young People Hold Social
Young People League
Young People Lome Schmeling
Young People Offer Protestent School
Young People s Association of Charter
Young People s Bible Study HOLT TRINITY
Young People s Bible Study HOLY TRINITY
Young People s Bible Study SATURDAY
Young People s Group
Young People s Missionary Convention
Young People s Service
Young People s Society Characters
Young People s Union Church
Young People Shawville Women’s Institute Branch
Young People St Andrews
Young People UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Bristol Charge
Young Peopled Group
Young Peoples
Young Peoples 8p.m Bible Study -
Young Peoples Bible Study
Young Peoples Club HOLY TRINITY
Young Peoples EOR SALE— Field
Young Peoples Group
Young Peoples Meeting Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Doneld
Young Peoples Meeting INSURANCE Head Office -P.O.
Young Peoples Organization
Young Peoples Service
Young Peoples Service Offer
Young Peoples Society
Young Peoples Society of St. Andrew’s United Chinch
Young Peoples Union
Young People’s
Young People’s Association
Young People’s bi- Mid-Week Bible Studies
Young People’s Bible
Young People’s Bible Study the
Young People’s Community Hospital
Young People’s Department
Young People’s Group
Young People’s Group It
Young People’s Leadership Camp
Young People’s Leadership Surviving
Young People’s Party
Young People’s Rally
Young People’s Service
Young People’s Service North Onslow Pastor
Young People’s Service Quyon
Young People’s Service Quyon 7.00 p.m.—Evening Service ortnightly Services
Young People’s Service Quyon BETHEL PENTECOSTAL TABERNACLE Pastor
Young People’s Service Quyon Tuesday
Young People’s Service Quyon Tuesday Prayer Meeting BRISTOL PASTORAL CHARGE Rev.
Young People’s Service Regular
Young People’s Service St Matthew’s
Young People’s Service Y
Young People’s Society
Young People’s Society of Austin
Young People’s Society of St
Young People’s Society of St Andrew’s United Church
Young People’s Society of St. Paul’s Church
Young People’s Society WM
Young People’» Group
Young Plan
Young Progrès-j Conservatives
Young Progressive Conservative
Young Progressive Conservative Association of Mount Allison University Miss Phyllis Lang
Young Quyon Hockey League Scores Sha
Young Rangers
Young Rangers Club
Young Rangers vs Native Sons
Young s Service Shavvville Council
Young Scots Free Trade
Young Senior Division
Young Service
Young Stanley Abott Al McKenzie Dev
Young Subdivi- Council
Young Turkeys Kitting
Young United Adult Group J^e
Young United Church
Young United Church SHA WVILLE Rev. Alistair
Young Volunteers Program
Young Womens Christian Association Community Centre
Young Women’s Christian Association
Young Women’s Guild
Young Worn* Christian Association
Young- Shawvi!le GrouP
YOUNG; Bristol.
Young’s Appliance Service
Young’s Appliance Service Pontlacs
Young’s Appliance Service Hwy
Young’s Appliance Service Mountainview Tiirf Farm Agronomics Ellard Kennedy Repairs Book
Young’s Appliance Service Vinton Diane Boisvert
Young’s Classy
Young’s Hotel
Young’s Service Weight
Young’s Sports Marina