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--- David Russell

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*18.00 Russell
,7 Russell
--- David Russell
--- In- Advertisements Classified Russell Mee
--- Russell
0. Russell
0XA11 Russell
1,118 Russell HouseBloek Ottawa
108.50 Russell s Serv.
1425 Russell
1740 Russell Rd.
1936........ Russell Young
1976 Russell
1st Russell Elliott
2.95 Russell
2.—Charles Russell
3 - Russell Hunt
3, Russell
3. Russell
39.00 G Russell
4 Russell
5—David Wilson
6,11 Russell
60.00 Lewis Russell Elliott
647-2877 Russell
647-6511 Russell
65.00 Russell
7-3826 Russell
8.301 David Luoam
819-776-1212 Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan David
8ftry Mrs. David Hall
9-ounce Russell
9—Dalton Russell
<2,42 ®2 Russell
A V K *>r Photo David M
A Russell
A. David.
A. McFarlane and William Russell
A. Russell
A. Russell Director General
A. Russell Mrs
A. Russell Petiac Community Hospital Shawville
A. Russell Potiac Community Hospital Shawville
A. Russell REP.
A. Russell Sec-Treas Box
A. Russell Sec-Treas Central Board
A. Russell Sec-Trees
A. Russell- Secretary
A1 Russell
Able Seaman David .loore
Able Seaman David Moore
ac-1 Russell
Accompanying Russell
Adam David
Adam David Woe
Adam Richardson David Arulpoornam Equity
Adam Russell
Adam Turner David Gallagher
Admiral Russell R. Waesche
Advance Russell Judd Report
Advocate David Far
Agent Russell
Agnes Russell
Agriculture Mrs J Russell
Ail’sen Russell
Airs David Dickson
Akc Russell
Al Mine Able Seaman David Moore Pending Settlement
Al Russell
Al Russell Heart Institute Golf Tourna
Alain David
Alan Russell
Alan Russell CHAPEAU Longest
Albert Armstrong Edgar Schwartz Sylvia Hodgins Chris Judd Ëason Russell Donald Stevens Boyd Barber
Albert David
Albert David.
Albert Russell
Alderman David Morgan
Alec Russell
Alee Russell
Alex Premier Exhibitor Ban- Russell
Alex Russell
Alex Russell’s
Alex- Joreph Russell
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander Rose Jeanette A Clifford Alexander David A Janet Alexander Maria Aniskowkz Paulette A Rom
Alexander Russell
Alf Russell
Alfic Russell
Alfie Russell
Alfred & Russell
Alfred David
Alfred David Smith
Alfred Gordon Russell
Alfred Gordon Russell Obituary Alfred Gordon Russell Jancy
Alfred Jay and David Belanger
Alfred Lunem David
Alfred Russell
Alfred Russell 66648XN12
Alfred Russell Bristol
Alfred Russell Citizenship
Alfred Russell George Alfred Russell
Alfred Russell Montreal
Alfred Russell Mrs. Tolbert McCorriston
Alfred Russell Wallace
Alice Russell
Alice Russell’s
Allan David
Allan David Whitelock Photo
Allan Russell
Allan Russell Ccbb
Allan Russell Cobb
Allan Russell Golf Tournament
Allen Russell
Allison Russell
Allred Russell
Alma Hobbs J 9 Russell Taber
Almonte Russell Young
Alta Mrs. David Robertson
Although Russell
Amelia Russell
Amy Kachelle Keindel David MofTatt Mark Lance École
And Russell
Andrea R0y David Yates
Andrew K Russell
Andrew K. Russell
Andrew Patrick David
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell and Hugh G. Kossett
Andrew Russell and Margaret Stewart
Andrew Russell Campbell
Andrew Russell Celebrate Sixty-fourth Wedding
Andrew Russell Dean
Andrew Russell Dean Passes
Andrew Russell MRS.
Andrew Russell Robertson
Andrew Russell Sr
Andrew Russell Sr.
Andrew Russell W
Andrew Russell—un
Andrew Tubman Russell
Andrew" Russell
Andrews Austin David
Andy Bean Ryan Barber Cory Gloss Ben Younge David Coles Amy Taylor Serving
Andy Russell
Andy Russell Stories
Andy Russell.......... T*
Andy Russell................... Stories
Andy Russell..................... Stories
Andy Russell’s
Angela David Brady
Angela Sally Graham Dowe Ed Rusenstrom Ronnie Dowe Chris Last Ryan Woermke Adam Sally Jett Russell
Angie Langford (Betty Russell
Angle Sc David William
Ann Blythe David Farrar Mon.
Ann Russell
Ann Sheridan Clark Gable Jane Russell Steve Cochran
Anna (David) Tripard
Annie Russell
Anniversary David
Anniversary Mrs Russell PILON GARAGE INC.
Anthony Albert Alexander Adrian Paul David Napoleon Maria Salvatore Sottile Restivo
Anyone Russell
Ap-also Russell
Apartment Russell
Apply Mrs. Russell Elliott
Apply Mrs. Russell Ta
Apply R G Russell
Apply Russell
Apply Russell Elliott
Apply Russell Elliott Ph
Apply Russell Judd 647-2139
Apply Russell Lulas
Apply Russell Mee
Apply Russell Wilson Shawville
Archibald David Campbell
Argue L Russell M Durm S
Armand Russell
Armitage David
Armstrong David T. Hod-gins
Armstrong David Telford
Armstrong Russell Shawville Mary Morin
Arnold McLeod Billy Russell
Arnold Russell
Art Turner David Davies
Arthur David
Arthur David Hodgins
Arthur David Kingsbury So Di-The
Arthur David-Accompanist
Arthur Dean John Russell
Arthur Labdle David
Arthur Milton Russell
Arthur Russell
Artist Badge Stuart Kehoe Charles Russell
Artist Betty Russell
Artist David Yeatman
Artist Gardners Jim Carmichael Willard Smith Willard Smith George Russell I
As Russell
Asselin David Wayne Monday
Assessors Russell EllioH
At Hamilton David K
At Russell
Atkin-1 Russell
Auction Sale Russell Gsuley
Austro-Hungarian James G Russell
Ave Russell
Avila David Bundle
Aylmer Tigres Russell
B J Russell
B O D. D. Gilpin David Daniel Gilpin
B Russell
B&E Russell Equipment
B. Russell
Barb Russell Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. John A. Burnett Farm Equipment Walter Reiche
Barbara A:>n Russell
Barbara Ann and David Carlton
Barbara Ann Russell
Barbara Anne Russell
Barbara I Russell
Barbara Russell
Barbara Russell 1st
Barbara Russell Telephone Co.
Barbara Russell Winchester
Barbara Russell’s
Barber and Barb Russell
Barber and David T. Hodgins
Barber met Council Mrs. David Langdon
Barber Russell
Barber • Eason Russell
Barber) Russell
Bargains Russell
Baron Russell
Barrette David-
Barrie Russell David Tripp
Barrv Russell
Barry Russell
Bason Russell
Bay Bookkeeping J. Russell Rev. Hatch Shawville
Bay David
Bay David Lunam
Bay David Parent
Bay Mrs. Roland Russell Corporal
Bay Parish Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.
Bay Rev. David C. Bolton B A.
Bay Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.
Bay Rev. David C. Bolton B.A’
Bay Rev. David C. Bolton BA
Beatrice Russell
Beattie Russell
Beck Russell
Becky Russell
Belly David
Belsher Bill Russell Marc Bizier Brian Cole To
Belsher Russell
Ben David Jacobs
Benjamin Malo........... David Pacquett#
Benjamin Malo........... David Pacquette
Benjamin Russell
Benny Mrs David Lunam
Bernadette David
Bernadette Russell Elliott
Bernard Pilot Russell
Bernice Russell
Bernice Russell Honoured Miss Bernice Russell
Bertha Russell
Bertnnd Russell
Bertrand Russell
Bessie Russell
Beta Russell
Bethel Pentecostal Church AdmiMion Contact David Hktdgins
Betty David Miller
Betty Monica Russell
Betty Russell 1
Betty Russell 2
Betty Russell Beauty Salon
Betty Russell Brownline Farms Burnetts Catherine Nyveld Crafts Cecil Elliott Equipment Country
Betty Russell Carriage Cover
Betty Russell Dates
Betty Russell H.I. Hobbs 4
Betty Russell’s
Betty Trudeau Russell
Betty Vem- Russell
BHan Russell
BiH Russell
Bill Cuth Moffatt David Moffatt
Bill Ma- Russell Corrigan
Bill Russell
Billy & David
Billy and Brenda Russell
Billy and David
Billy and David Dagg
Billy and David Leggette
Billy David
Billy Gerald and David
Billy Richardson Knots David Yach
Billy Russell
Billy Russell 638R32
Billy Russell and Grant Russell
Billy Russell.
Billy Ruth Russell
Bing Crosby rocker David Bowie
Bi^ruhd Russell
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bob David
Bob Hoe Jane Russell
Bob Russell
Bob Russell Bonds
Bob Russell IDe
Bob Russell Mr.
Bob Russell Pearl Garety
Bob Russell USHERS
Bob Russell" Keith Ha
Bob Russell’s
Bobbi Russell
Bobbi Russell Jr.
Bobbie Russell
Bobby MSB Russell
Boh David
Boh Russell
Bonnie Richardson Laurie MacKechnie Mr. David Thomson
Boy Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.. S.T.R. ST.
Boy—Edward Morrison David Yach
Bract Russell
Bradley Michael David Dubeau
Bradley Russell
Brandon Presley Most Sportsmanlike Ployer David Hobbs Most
Brenda and Mrs. David Pilgrim
Brenda Murphy Russell
Brenda Russell
Brenda Russell.
Brent David Desabrais
Brent David.
Brent Ga-David Hodgins
Brian and David Gibbons
Brian and David Maloney
Brian David Campbell
Brian David Sparrow
Brian Kenneth David
Brian Russell
Brian Russell 4
Brian Russell 429
Brian Russell Jr,
Brian Russell Lance
Brian Russell McGee
Brian Russell s Russell
Brian Russell We
Brian RUssell Woods
Brian Russell.
Brian Sr Russell
Brief Russell
Bristol—Dalton Russell
Brome Russell Currle-Mills
Brood Mare Russell Turner
Brother Russell April
Brownlee Barber and Mrs. Fred Russell
Brownlee Russell Bennett
Bruce Anderson Billy McKinley George Russell
Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson George Russell I Ross Dickson
BrVSOn David
Brwco Russell Judd
Bryan Alexander Bob Howard David Yach
BST.S Russell
BT~^M Russell
Bub Russell
Bud Carson Russell
Bum- Russell St Sons
Bums Russell
Burn* Russell
Burns Russell
By David Foster
By David Foster WH7
By John Russell Heard ITiis
C M Russell
C Russell
C Russell McCord
C Russell.
C W David Paton
C. Russell
C. Russell Directors Mrs. Sly
C. Russell St Sons
Caldwell Russell
Call Mrs. Russell Elliott
Call Russell Denis 648-2027.
Calvin Russell
Cam-David Hobbs
CaN Murray Graham 647-3615 llidg* Rev. David Purdie
Candace Russell
Candi Russell
Captain David
Captain David Grant
Captain David.
Car Russell Happy
Carl David Good
Carl Russell
Carl William David Way
Carmen Russell T Elliott
Carol Russell
Caroline Master David Dagg
Carry Russell
çarS0n Russell
Carson Russell
Carson Russell B>’
Carson Russell Bristol Volunteer Qn October
Carson Russell By ELIZABETH Elizabeth Hahn
Carson Russell Michael Elizabeth
Carson Russell Mike
Carson Russell Russell
Carter David Orr
Carving Russell Currie-Mills
Cary Russell
Casey Russell
Catherine Russell
Catherine Russell Honours
Catherine Russell.
Cathie Russell
Cathy Gray David Alexander
Cathy Holmes David Baker
Cathy Russell
Cat°i King David
Cayt Russell
Cecil David
Cecil Russell
Celinie Russell
Cell 647-2656 Russell Elliott Residence
Cental Dent Russell Reese BlncL
Central Depot Russell Bonse Block
Central Depot Russell Home Block Admiral Dupont
Cfn Russell Judd
Ch Russell
Chai Russell
Chair- Russell To Replace Equity
Chairman Russell
Chan-Jack Russell
Charier Russell
Charles David
Charles David Sc
Charles David Schock Hamilton Band Pontiac Historical Society
Charles Joseph David
Charles M Russell
Charles McNeil John jr Ballantyne David 3
Charles Rolland Russell
Charles Russell
Charles Russell ...... Claude Elliott ....... Jones Radio Service
Charles Russell Bristol
Charles Russell Directors
Charles Russell H. I. Smith
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Charles Russell I
Charles Russell Judd
Charles Russell Mr James Carmichael
Charles Russell Mrs Claude Young Mrs Gilbert CArmjchael M-s Earl Findlay
Charles Russell presi-1 Committee
Charles Russell President
Charles Russell President I X Personals Cont
Charles Russell Rotarians
Charles Russell Special
Charles Russell Taber
Charles Russell Telephone President
Charles Russell Village
Charles Russell Walter Easey
Charles Russell) Bristol
Charles Russell—Carrie I.
Charles STARRETT Russell
Charles T Russell
Charles* Russell
Charley Russell
Charlie David Ryan Benoit Kasmira Lance Adam Robert Viau Todd
Charlie Russell
Charlie Russell bull-1959
Charlie Russell Canal
Charlie Russell Part 4
Charlie Russell School
Charlotte Russell
Chartered Accoun- Eason Russell
Chartes Russell
Chas Russell
Chas Taylor David Armitage
Cheerios Cereal David 300
Chip David Biscuits
Chocolate A Strawberry Borden Ice Cream David Maple Leaf Biscuits
Chris Byrne Jean Philippe Brochu Louis Philippe Bowie David Coles Shawn Daly Matt Collins Travis Do
Chris David Bell
Chris David Rusenstrom
Chris Drew David Woermke
Chris Judd Roland ValHère GartWd Hobbs David Lafoode James Stewart Julius Rozgal MarcAmyot
Chris Judd Roland Valllére Garfield Hobbs David Lalonde James Stewart Julius Pozgai MarcAmyot
Chris Russell
Chris Russell - Vice-Presi
Chris Russell Pre^tnn Hod
Chris Russell Shawville Fair
Christian David
Christie M David ObrisUe
Christina Hod- David Coles
Christmas Russell
Christopher David
Christopher David Douglas
Christopher David Scuccimara
Chthy Russell
Church Russell
Ciarry Russell
Cindy Russell
Cittert L Russell
Cj Russell Elliott
Cjison Russell
Clara Russell
Clara Russell They
Clarence A Jeen Russell
Clarence Russell
Clarendon W I. Mrs Margaret Russell
Clark Russell
Clarke David s Third Anointing
Clarke Russell Although
Claude David Wilson
Clearing Customs David
Cliff Mrs. Russell Dean
Cliff Russell
Clifford and David Wilson
Clifford David Colton
Clifford Fierohin David Schock
Clifford Russell-Hayes-Dods Jones
Clr Russell
Co. Russell
Coach David Holmes
Coach Driver John Russell
Coach Jeff Russell’s Pontiac Lions Midget
Colton David
Com-David Lamb
Comm J Russell
Comm Russell
Communion C David Brown
Connie David Bertrand
Connie Russell
Consequently Com J A Russell
Consequently Commissioner J. A. Russell
Constable Russell Berndt
Constance Russell
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contractor Legionnaire Russell Judd
Contractor Russell
Contractor Russell Judd
Controller James David
Corn Flakes J Marshmallows 2110149c V DAVID Ili^Sotla
Cornwall Russell
Corporal James McDer- Mr. Russell
Corporal Russell Davies Russell Davies
Correspondent Russell
Council Russell
Councillor David
Councillor Eason Russell
Councillor Russell
Councillor Russell Taber
Councillors Russell
Councillors Russell Sylvia Hodgins
Cpl Russell
Cpl Russell’s
Cr Russell Judd
Crs Murdock Russell
Ct> Russell
Currie-Mills Family - Russell
Curtis Barber and David Bell
Cynthia Vicki Jewell Jewell - David
C’fn Russell Judd C’fn
D E (David) Snyder
D Russell
D*/ A Russell
D*lt>n Russell
D. Russell
Daah—David Wilson
Dagg David
Daisy Russell
DaJton Russell
DaKon Russell
Dale David Mcdowell
Dale Hiram Davis Dora Harris Elgin Hobbs Ruth Hobbs David Hodgins Irma Howard Donald Johnston Doris
Dale........... Mat Sinclair........ D. Russell
Dally Russell
Dalton Russell
Dalton Russell 3. Clerk
Dalton Russell First Aid
Dalton Russell Mr.
Dalton Russell-
Dan Hobbs David Hobbs Travis Corrigan Nathan Lariviere Derek Burman Jessica Richardson Dennis Camp
Dan Russell
Danny Bérard David Fletcher
Danny Hobbs David Hobbs
Danny Russell
Darlene Russell
Darryl David
Dave Cornwall David Rochon
Dave Fraser Merton Glenn David Cirant Sherwood Cirant Herb Hannaherry Robert Havclin | Herb R. Hodg
Dave Miller David
Dave Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE David Hobbs
Dave Mrs Patricia Russell
Dave Russell
David BltftltMtMMttl
David "
David "
David A W
David At
David Good Local Clover
David I
David MRC
David SHAW Vil.LE
David !
David "
David & Deana
David & Diana Cart
David & Donna Campbell
David & Gertrude Fraser
David & Gordon Somerville
David & Joan Conrod Accent Music Kathanne
David & Joan Lindsay
David & Joan Ruin
David & Joan Rusenstrom
David & Joan Rusenstroni
David & Julie
David & Pat Johnson
David & Sylvia Hodgins
David & Terry Smith
David & Wallace McGillis Open
David (
David ( Eleanor
David (Barbara) Russell
David (Faye) Antler
David (Joan) Rusenstrom
David (Martha
David (Suzanne Towsey
David * Coles
David -
David - Mere
David - Passed
David - We
David -----—L.---
David -UdUy MIIllLIl
David .also
David 0''nnte.d
David 1.29 2Z.89 Mir Strawberry
David 11:00
David 1969 OLYMPIA
David 1995 Audited
David 1VC
David 2.59
David 2nd Star Pack Leader Observer
David 510004BM27 Jr. Friends
David 562MXJY1
David 613-526-TY
David 647-3721
David 647-6373 Thirty
David 648-5681
David 7-2833
David 8
David 8-4.
David 8. Morris
David 819-684-9355
David 819-684-9355.___________2x)14
David 819-684-9355.___________2xf4
David 819-684-9355.____________2xf4
David 8und
David >oisson Hodgins
David A
David A Anderson
David A Belanger
David A ClîMTl*
David A Joan I
David A McCord
David A Purdie
David A Rees
David A Smith
David A Stout
David A years*.
David A.
David A. Anderaon
David A. Ashworth
David A. Belanger
David A. Burke
David A. Croll
David A. Dowd
David A. E. Creighton
David A. Keys
David A. Macfarlane
David A. McGowan Distributor
David A. Rees
David A. Ross
David A. Smith
David AAay
David Abbott
David Abelson Association
David Ackles-Fuerst
David Acres
David Adam
David Adam-
David Afulpooranam Helen McMunn
David Aiken
David Airth
David Albert The
David Alberti
David Alberti Dickson
David Alberti Dickson’s
David Alberti-
David Alex Smith
David Alex Smith Passes After Illness
David Alexander
David Alexander Edward Lindsay
David Alexander George
David Alexanderl^*******jj*Hl
David Alexandre
David Alice
David Allan
David Allan MacEachen
David Allan Pastor
David Allan Pert
David Allen
David Allen Eardley Escarpment
David Allen Gauthier
David Allen Sibely
David Allen Sibley
David Allen Sibley’s
David Also
David Alymer
David Am
David Ambulanceman
David Ames
David Amu
David Amyot
David An*
David An-.elope Poor Jjnpcrs
David Ancivs
David and
David and Alan Balharrie
David and Becky Early
David and Betty
David and Betty Bertrand
David and Betty Dagg
David and Betty Frost
David and Betty Honsinger
David and Betty Lou
David and Betty Lou Community Choir
David and Billy Rusaell
David and Chris Clarke
David and Debbie Moore
David and Diane Boone HARDWOOD
David and El- Clarence Bretzlaff
David and Elizabeth
David and Elizabeth Newmarket
David and Gary Lance
David and Gary Wilson
David and Janice Murray
David and Joan
David and Joan Colin Lalumicre
David and Joan Conrod
David and Joan Joanne
David and Joan Pasch
David and Joan Rusenstrom
David and Joan Yach
David and Joan Zimmerling
David and Julie
David and Karen Fassat
David and Leslie Ste Angus McLean
David and Margaret
David and Margaret Bolton
David and Margaret Curley
David and Margaret MacKay R.R.
David and Marie Narlock
David and Marie Nicholson
David and Marilyn Packer
David and Mark
David and Nancy
David and Nancy Archambault
David and Nancy.
David and Ray Feltmate
David and Rev Karen Holmes
David and Ross
David and Sandy
David and Sandy Dagg
David and Solomon
David and Susan
David and Susan Find Our
David and Susan Findlay
David and Susan Findlay Terry Lynn
David and Susan McLaughin
David and Suzanne Schwartz
David and Trevor Simard
David and William
David Anders
David Anderson
David Anderson’s Park
David Andre
David André Pilon
David Andrew Belanger
David Andrews
David Andus
David Angus
David Angus Dies
David Angus Fort Coulonge
David Angus Sympathy
David Ann-
David AnnLtage
David Annnnl Burton Conrod
David Anson
David Anyone Can Be
David Aplin On
David April
David Arama
David Arbic
David Archam-
David Archambault
David Archer
David Archibald
David Archibald Mac-The
David Archoffice
David Arhic
David Arm
David Arm-
David Arm-brated
David Armi-
David Armit-
David Armitaga
David Armitagc
David Armitage
David Armitage Broad Jump
David Armitage Elliott
David Armitage Margaret Campbell Keith Overton Una Poole Keimpe Veilcthuiss
David Armitage Memorial
David Armitege
David Armltage
David Armstrong
David Arnold Sammon
David Arnott
David Arthur Quaile
David Article
David Arul- Erik Robillard
David Arul-pooranam
David Arulpoora- Phillips
David Arulpoora-nam
David Arulpooran
David Arulpooranam
David As
David Ash- Connie McGee
David Ash- Gauthier
David Asper
David Assad Faces Fleuriste
David Asselin
David Assists
David Assortment Super Mix Fascination Kernel
David At Quyon
David Atom A
David Atom All-Stars
David Attending
David Atwood
David Auger
David AuMn« Mr
David Austin
David Austin Eng-
David Automatic
David Auxiliary Bingo
David Avearst
David Averell Shaw
David Avetill
David Ay-
David Aycarst Directors John Tollman
David Aycfte
David Aye-arst
David Ayearst
David Ayearst Claudia Qale Mlller Lawrence Schrank-Carruccl
David Aylmer
David Aylmer Road
David Ayofte
David Ayottc
David Ayotte
David Ayotte-Jamie Burnette
David à»TJ5"
David B
David B Con
David B Conrod
David B Smith
David B.
David B. Ritchie
David B.dlantino
David Ba-bineau
David Babineau
David Backman
David Backynski
David Bahler
David Bair
David Baird
David Baird-O’Brien
David Baker
David Balbarrie
David Balhai
David Balharie
David Balharne
David Balharrie
David Balîantine
David Ball
David Ballantine
David Ballantyne Property
David Banner
David Banning
David Bar
David Barbour
David Bardley
David Barlow
David Barr
David Barr County
David Barrie
David Barrington
David Barry
David Bartxxjr
David Barzo
David Bas
David Bassett
David Bassett Friday
David Basti-
David Basticn
David Bastie
David Bastien
David Bastien J
David Bastion
David Bates
David Battishill
David Bauer
David Baveille
David Baxter
David Bayly
David Bchm
David Bcllerive Jonathan Richard and Richardson
David Bcrard
David Bdfcn-ger
David Be-
David Be- Present Mayor Melvin
David Beabury
David Beachburg
David Beard
David Beardsley
David Bearspaw
David Beat-
David Beaten
David Beattie
David Beattie 1
David Beattie Rev. David Beattie
David Beatty
David Beatty’s
David Beaudoin
David Beaudol Raymond Johnston-
David Beaudry
David Bechamp
David Bedard
David Bednar
David Beechgro
David Beecroft
David Beers
David Befanger
David Begalow
David Began
David Begley
David Behm
David Bel
David Bel*
David Bel-Frost
David Belan-
David Belan-gcr
David Belange Morin
David Belanger
David Belanger Campbell
David Belanger Clarke
David Belanger Congratulations
David Belanger Councillors
David Belanger Dagg
David Belanger Ex-Mayor
David Belanger From Estate
David Belanger George Gionew Mr M-
David Belanger I
David Belanger Island
David Belanger It
David Bélanger Jr. Front
David Belanger Kay Ho
David Belanger Marshall Hodgins Earl Mousseau Geo
David Belanger Minutes
David Belanger Municipality
David Belanger Newly
David Belanger Present
David Belanger Quebec
David Belanger Ron Lafleur Perry Belanger Int
David Belanger Seat
David Belanger Shawville
David Belanger/ Councillors Duncan Stevenson
David Belangerr Hcrb
David Belanper
David Belasco
David Belgue
David Bell
David Bell Greg MacDonell
David Bell May
David Bellanger Bradley
David Bellcrive
David Belle
David Bellerive
David Belleville
David Belsher
David Belter
David Bemey
David Ben Labine
David Ben- Adjourn
David Bennett
David Benson
David Ber-
David Ber- Association
David Ber- Mrs Lillian Cole
David Ber- Sylvio Bakker Equity Editor
David Ber- WaItham
David Ber-day
David Berard
David Bercuson
David Berger
David Berholti
David Bernard
David Bernard Early Cameron
David Berney
David Berney Pontiac Hereford Club
David Bernie
David Bernier
David BerThe Clarendon W
David Bertrand
David Bertrand Audrey
David Bertrand Constable
David Bertrand Joe
David Bertrand Jr
David Bertrand Jr 3Af
David Bertrand Jr and
David Bertrand Jr at
David Bertrand Jr Mr
David Bertrand Jr to
David Bertrand Jr,
David Bertrand Jr.
David Bertrand Jr. Then Scott Leroy
David Bertrand Mr
David Bertrand Pontiac Students Again-
David Bertrand Sr and David Bertrand Jr
David Bertrand Vice Pontiac Printshop
David Bertrand’s
David Beruand Delicious
David Bet
David Betz
David BeU
David Bi O BRIEN
David BIÊM
David Biesenthal
David Bigalow
David Bigelow
David Bigelow 9
David Bigelow Bring
David Bigelow Peaceful
David Bige|ow
David Bin
David Bingham
David Biosseau
David Bird
David Birn-in
David Birthday
David Bis
David Biscuit Company
David Biscuit S.E.
David Biscuits
David Biscuits 1.51 White Swan
David Biscuits Cavalier Cadbury Chocolate McLareo
David Biscuits Chocolate Chip Facette Royale Bathroom Tissue McLarens Stuffed Manzaniila Olives Ass
David Biscuits Maple Leaf ASS t Heinz Strained Baby Food Salada Orange Pekoe Tea Bags Kraft Dressin
David Biscuits Princess Facette Royal
David Biscuits Super Mix Facette Royal Jumbo Towels Store Packed Jaffa Dates Mazoia Corn Oil Stokel
David Biscuits Super Mix Scfub-A-Dub Scouring Pads Jaffa Store Packed White Pea Bea
David Bishop
David Bit
David Bl* Soucie
David Black
David Black Donna Roach Manager
David Blackaller
David Blackwood
David Blaine
David Blair
David Blair Findlay
David Blair Murphy
David Blais
David Blake Barr
David Blankenhorn
David Blaskie
David Blea I
David Bleak
David Bleakney
David Bleakney Resolution Moved
David Bleakney Vadneau
David Bluett
David Blustein
David Blyth
David Board
David Bob
David Bob Carswell
David Bodian
David Boese
David Boisvert
David Boisvert’s
David Bol
David Bol-
David Bol-gasbord
David Bolduc
David Boldue They
David Bolton
David Bolton STS..tfCKh A
David Boltons
David Bolton’s
David Bone
David Bonnie
David Boo
David Boone
DaVid Boone’s
David Boon©
David Born
David Boss
David Boucher
David Boudin
David Boudoin
David Bowes-Lyon
David Bowie
David Bowie Trip
David Bowman
David Bowrs-Lyon
David Br
David Bradley
David Braeside
David Braid
David Braithwaite
David Brand
David Brandt
David Brault
David Brazeau
David Brc/tlaff
David Brcard
David Breard
David Bree
David Brenda
David Brent
David Brett Stanley
David Bretzloff
David Brian
David Brian Lynn Bernay
David Brian May Wynn This
David Brian MONDAY
David Brian RCMP
David Brian Vera Ralston Pat Boone
David Brian •4m #
David Bridge
David Brisard
David Brisebois
David Bristol
David Brizard
David Broaseau
David Broeseau
David Brohart
David Brokeman
David Bromllow
David Bron-‘•grandchildren
David Bronson
David Brooke McNab
David Brooks
David Brooks - Martoek Resource Consultants Dr. Davis Earle - Atomic
David Broom
David Brosn
David Brosse
David Brosseau
David Brosseau Proprietor
David Brosseau Proprietor ROOMS
David Brosseau Proprietor Brent McBride
David Brosseau Proprietor Mrt Leonard Graham ROOMS
David Brosseau Street
David Brosseeu
David Brosses
David Brossesu
David Brousseau
David Brousseau Portage
David Brow**
David Brown
David Brown #885
David Brown #990
David Brown 1200 David Brown 990
David Brown 3
David Brown 4
David Brown 656
David Brown 860
David Brown 880
David Brown 950
David Brown 950—$
David Brown 990
David Brown 990 White David Brown 990
David Brown 995
David Brown Case
David Brown Co.
David Brown Dealer
David Brown Dealer Galvanized
David Brown Diesel
David Brown Diesel Tractor
David Brown Education
David Brown FRIDAY
David Brown ISO Tractor
David Brown MO
David Brown See
David Brown SSO
David Brown Tractor
David Brown Tractors
David Browne Model
David Brownlee
David Bruce
David Bruce Pae
David Bruce Ralph Bellamy
David Bruce.
David Brunet
David Brunson
David Brunt
David Bruusseau
David Bry-
David Bryson
David Bucher
David Buick
David Bull
David Bum- Senior
David Bumea
David Bumes
David Bunsar
David Bureau
David Burke
David Burke Ireland Ireland England Ireland Scotland Ireland Scotland Ireland Scotland
David Burns
David Burnside
David Burpee
David Burrows
David Burton
David Burton Conrod
David Busch
David BusseII
David Bussell
David Butcher
David Butler-Jones 4
David Butler-Jones Chief Public Health
David Bwl
David By Mrs.
David C
David C 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
David C Bolton
David C Bolton Recent
David C Bolton Anglophone
David C Bolton F Children
David C Bryson
David C Bryson 82.23
David C Cook Sunday
David C Hod
David C Hod-
David C Hod-gins
David C Hodgins
David C Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
David C Hueston
David C om-peau
David C.
David C. 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
David C. 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P.
David C. 647-2901 Hodgins Lyle P. Hodgins
David C. 7-2964 Hodgins
David C. 7-3745 Hodgins
David C. Belton I.A.
David C. Bolten BA.
David C. Bolton
David C. Bolton B.A.
David C. Bolton B.A..
David C. Bolton B.A.. S T B ST. GEORGE S.
David C. Bolton B.A.. S.T.B. ST.
David C. Bolton B>.
David C. Bolton BA.
David C. Bolton I.A.
David C. Bolton IA* S.T.R.
David C. Bolton Parish
David C. Bolton S.A.
David C. Bolton S.T.B.
David C. Dick
David C. D’Aoust Executive
David C. Glenn
David C. Hedging
David C. Hodgins
David C. Holton
David C. Lengpre
David C.P.
David Cabral
David Cadieux
David Calder
David Caldwell
David Caldwell Shaw
David Calm
David Cameron
David Cameron Rowat
David Camp-bell
David Campbell
David Campbell Dies Following Operation H Widespread Indeed
David Campbell Malloch
David Campeau
David Canada
David Canada Mix Biscuits David Maple Leaf Biscuits
David Cancilla
David Candie
David Capri
David Car Rally Income Tracy
David Car-
David Car- On
David Cara-Wood
David Cardinal-Martineau
David Carl
David Carlisle
David Carlisle Bit
David Carman
David Carman Morri-
David Carman Morrison
David Carnegie
David Carradine 2
David Carradioe Christopher Lee Plus
David Carroll
David Carruthers
David Carson
David Carson Farms
David Carson Hodgins
David Cart
David Carter
David Cartman
David Cathy
David Catton
David Cbaiu
David Cedar
David Cel- Doe Johnstoe
David Cfarteboa
David Cfteveutfecfï-Mairfech
David Chabot
David Chain
David Chalmers
David Cham
David Cham Ont
David Chamberlain
David Chambers
David Champion
David Champion Ayrshire- Chris MacKechnie
David ChanasslAn
David Chantal Lavigne-Barber
David Chapman
David Chaput
David Chariebois
David Charle
David Charle-hoise
David CharleboH
David Charlebois
David Charles
David Charles Thomas Lester
David Charon
David Charron
David Chemushenko
David Chenoweth
David Chevalier
David Chi
David Chiang
David Childerlmee
David Chocolate
David Chonetx)is
David Chow
David Christian
David Christy
David ChtvewfTecfi-lHaifTccfi ShmoviCCe
David Churneshenko
David Churohill
David Ciarke
David City
David City Passenger Agent
David Claike
David Clame
David Clarence Hodgins
David Clarendon Bingham
David Clarendon Municipal Hall
David Clark
David Clark B Ed
David Clark Fields
David Clarkc
David Clarke
David Clarke Dies After Brief Illness David Clarke
David Clarke Miss Amv
David Clarkl
David Clark»
David Claudette Landry Schelyer
David Clayton
David Clayton Thomas
David Clcn-At
David Clcndcnning’s
David Cledes
David Clementina
David Clements
David Clendining
David Clendining - Watercolours
David Cliche
David Cliche P**
David Clouthicr
David Clouthiei
David Clouthier
David Clouthier 1
David Clouthier D
David Cloutliier
David Clu
David Club
David Clyde
David Cnthbertaon
David Coburn
David Cochrane
David Cohen
David Coilenette
David Col-
David Col- Fro From
David Col- Svans Marj
David Cole
David Coles
David Coles Campbell
David Coles 2nd - Enk Barber 3rd - Holly Drummond
David Coles 9
David Coles Campbell
David Coles Chevalier
David Coles Denzil Brownlee Memo- Aggregate Score
David Cole’s Co-op
David Collcnette
David Collenette
David Collennette
David Collin
David Collins
David Colton
David Columbus Hall
David Com
David Com- Thelma Kuehl
David Com-peau
David Come
David Comgan Job
David Commissioner
David Committees
David Compeau
David Compeau Mrs. David Campeau
David Compeau St Joseph
David Con
David Con- Christine Hodgins
David Con-Ellard
David Con-family
David Con-rod
David Con-who
David Condie
David Conn
David Connelly
David Connkm.y
David Conrad
David Conrod
David Conrod At
David Conrod Henderson Grocery H I. Hobbs
David Conrodl Mr
David Conrod’s
David ConroJ
David Conroy
David Coomlw
David Coorod
David Cop-
David Copper
David Copperfield
David CopperfW I
David Coppertlt Id
David Cordeau
David Corhgan Valu-Mart Econo
David Corkcry
David Cormack
David Cornean-$
David Corngan
David Cornish
David Corood
David Correspondence
David Corriga
David Corrigan
David Corrigan 3rd
David Corrigan 4th
David Corrigan 647-3528
David Corrigan Jr 4-H.
David Corrodine
David Cortrod
David Cote
David Cotie
David Cotnam
David Cottrell
David Council
David Councillors
David Courtenay Holier
David Courtney
David Cox
David Coyle
David Craib
David Craig
David Craig 4t Otter Lake
David Craig DR.R.C. DOCKS
David Craig Portage
David Craig Toronto
David Craig.
David Cram
David Crambie Secrétaire
David Crampton
David Crane
David Crapper
David Craw
David Crawford
David Crawley
David Cre
David Cree
David Crepin
David Croll
David Croll’s Department
David Crombie
David Crombie L hon David Crombie C est
David Crombie Secretary
David Crombie We’re Searching
David Croskery
David Crs
David Cruikshank
David Crushers
David Ctithhertson Glenn
David Ctycv* Recipients
David Cucumber
David Cuddihey David Cuddihey
David Cuddihy
David Cullin
David Cummings
David Cun Ingham
David Cunimingn McLaren
David Curling Attention
David Curran
David Cutfa-bertson
David Cuth
David Cuth- Mr.
David Cuth-bertson
David Cuthbcrtson
David Cuthbei
David Cuthbert-
David Cuthbert- Mr.
David Cuthbert-son
David Cuthbertaon
David Cuthbertson
David Cuthbertson Glenn
David CuthberUoo
David Cutlibertson
David D Aoust
David D Aoust Director-general Protestant Regional
David D Harper Bryson
David d James Telford
David D Mrs Donnie Warm
David D Smith
David D Vaughan
David D.
David D. Harper Bryson A Leslie Lake
David D. Irvine
David D. Metcalf
David D. Smith
David D.ys
David D<>wki
David Da
David da Belsher
David Da Miss Donna
David Da-
David Dadian
David Dads
David Dage
David Dagenaia
David Dagenaift
David Dagenais
David Dagenais Saturday
David Dagenals
David Dagg
David Dagg 1
David Dagg 2
David Dagg Day
David Dagg Happiness
David Dagg Mr.
David Dahma
David Dahms
David Dai Madoc
David Dairy
David Dale
David Dale Dam
David Daley
David Dalian-tyneand
David Daniel
David Daniel Chartrand Amanda Lalonde
David Danielle Coté-Smith
David Darent
David Darrah
David David
David David Hobbs
David Davidson
David Davies
David Davies Canon Latimer
David Davies Mr
David Davis
David Davis Age
David Davis Toronto
David Davit
David Daw
David Daw-route
David Dawn
David Dawson
David Dcsa- Hospital
David de
David De Blois
David de J-rfllllllCI
David De Joghn
David De Witt Meyer
David Deaahraie
David Dealer
David Deanoyers
David Dear
David Dejongh
David Del Guidance
David Dellabouth
David Delorme
David Demole
David Dempsey
David Demse
David Dennis Alexander
David Denyer
David Derrick Dagenais
David Desabrais
David Desahrais
David Dick Saturday
David Dick*
David Dick-
David Dick- Young
David Dick-1
David Dick-at Pontiac Printshop
David Dick-Proprietor
David Dick-trips
David Dickaon Hearings
David Dickeon
David Dickeon Charron
David Dicknon President
David Dickon
David Dicks
David Dicksert
David Dickson
David Dickson Agreement
David Dickson Demonstrations
David Dickson -
David Dickson Alphonsus
David Dickson Ampnor
David Dickson Appeal Court
David Dickson Art Turner
David Dickson B Comm
David Dickson Beef
David Dickson Bill 101
David Dickson Budget
David Dickson CAP
David Dickson Consultant
David Dickson Dr. John Morton
David Dickson Editor
David Dickson Editors
David Dickson Equity Shawville
David Dickson Feats
David Dickson Gaspé
David Dickson H.S.
David Dickson Hie September
David Dickson How
David Dickson Is
David Dickson Jr.
David Dickson Melanie McCann
David Dickson Naval
David Dickson Noms Robert Horner
David Dickson Now
David Dickson Obituary Wilfred Wasmund
David Dickson Our
David Dickson Potpourri Hotel Le Manoir
David Dickson Publisher
David Dickson Quebec
David Dickson Regular
David Dickson Results
David Dickson Thomas Memorial
David Dickson Thursday
David Dickson Torn Lefebvre M.P. Jean-Guy Lariviere MNA Yves Letellier Autorisé
David Dickson Townsend
David Dickson UN
David Dickson VAN
David Dickson Via Rail
David Dickson Welfare Recipients Stage
David Dickson What
David Dickson Whut
David Dickson Women
David Dickson-s
David Dicksons
David Dicksons Poco John
David Dickw* K
David Dicta
David Die
David Diet*
David Diets
David Diets Its
David Dietz
David Dietz Silence
David Dingwall
David Dit
David Dit Jd THIS IAI
David Division Final
David Dldkson Funeral
David Dmgpre
David Dodds
David Dods
David Dods 1
David Doherty
David Dol-liver
David Donahue
David Donald
David Donald Perry
David Donaldson
David Donglas
David Donne
David Donnelly
David Doonc
David Dor^hykijd Kat^^nThL
David Dos
David Doth
David Dougherty
David Dougin*
David Dougins
David Douglas
David Dowd
David Dowdell
David Dowling
David Doyle
David Draper
David Draper J. Grade
David Drebit
David Drogan
David Drummond
David Du
David Dube
David Dubue
David Ducharme
David Duchesne
David Duciaume
David Dudley
David Dufault
David Duff
David Dumas
David Dumeii
David Dunam
David Dunam’s
David Duncan
David Dunham
David Dunlap
David Dunlea
David Dunlop
David Dunlop Win McLaren Oliver
David Durocher
David Durrani
David Dwight
David Dwyer
David Dyer
David Dyson Of Shaw
David D’Aoust
David E McLaughlin
David E.
David E. Armitage
David E. Behan
David E. Buckingham
David E. Greenberg
David Eades
David Ear-
David Eardley
David Eardley Elke Wittig
David Eardly
David Earl - Passed
David Earl Burdett
David Earl Wal1 Passcd
David Earley
David Early
David Early Villeneuve
David Early*
David Early’s
David Easton
David Ecklestone
David Economic
David Eddie Walker
David Edgar
David Edgar Wilcox Schock
David Edmund O’Reilly
David Edward
David Edwards
David Eisâambre
David Eisner
David El
David Elburn
David Elden
David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
David Elke Bzdurreck
David Elliott
David Elmer
David Elmer McLaughlin
David Elsie Assaf
David Elyn Frost
David Emden
David Emerson
David Emerson.
David Emerson’s
David Empire Biscuits
David Employers
David Enfin
David Enter-prize
David Equity Sports Hobbs
David Eraser
David Erawan House Ltd
David Eric
David Eric 7
David Erickson
David Erik Barber
David Ervan McCauley
David Ervin Crawford
David Esborne
David Ethier
David Éthier April
David Ethier-April
David Etta Richardson
David Eunam
David Evan Jones
David Evans
David Evered
David Everybody
David Everyone
David Ewca
David F Pilgrim - Kathleen Lamb
David F Yach
David F. Chapman
David F. Dill
David F. Hod
David F. Sellers
David Fairchild
David Fallon
David Farley
David Farquhar
David Farquharson W 1
David Farrar
David Farrar Black Fury
David Faubert Developments Ltd
David Faubert Inc.
David Fawcett
David Fem
David Fenn
David Ferguson
David Ferrier
David Fife
David Find
David Finday
David Findlay
David Findlay Dickson
David Findlay Susan McDowell
David Fire
David Fireworks Display
David Fish
David Fisher
David Fisk
David Fisk Environment
David Fisk Regional Agricultural Engineer Determining Ventilation Needs
David Fitzpatrick
David Fitzpatrick I__
David Fletcher
David Fletcher Roy) Dagg
David Fleu- Hoover
David Fleur
David Fleury
David Fleury Mrs Alex Malette
David Fleury O’Brien
David Flood
David Florida
David Flury
David Fngon
David Focus
David Foley
David Fontaine
David For
David Foran
David Foran My
David Foran North Vancouver
David Foran_________________ Wiggins
David Forart
David Forbes
David Forde
David Forsythe
David Fortier
David Fortin
David Fortin de Philemon
David Fos-
David Foster Centre Local
David Foster En
David Foster Saturday
David Foster What
David Francie
David Frank Horsle/ Kennedy
David Frank Present
David Franklin McDowell EACH
David Fras
David Fraser
David Fraser Activity
David Fraser Church
David Fraser Dr Luc Bherer
David Fraser Eight
David Fraser Hydro-Quebec
David Fraser Logos Land
David Fraser Pil-
David Fraser Pilgrim Photo
David Fraser Rector
David Frazer Pilgrim
David Frea-fice
David Frederick Arthur Oldham
David Freed
David Frickleton
David Friday
David Friesen
David Frolic
David Frost Fort
David Frost Given
David Fry
David Ful- Pat Harris
David Fulton
David Fut
David Fvr
David G Agnon
David G Graham
David G Majn Pt
David G Purdie
David G. Biesenthal
David G. Graham
David G. Graham Dies
David G. LeBarron
David G. Purdie
David G. Schutt
David G. W. DALE’S
DavId Ga*ne* St
David Gagne
David Gagnon
David Gal
David Galbraith
David Galla-the
David Gallagher
David Gallagher 2nd Anniversary
David Gallagher Charteris Notes Continued
David Gallagher Mike Smiley
David Gallagher Paul Lang
David Gallagher Pec
David Gallaher
David Galt
David Gambi.k
David Gamble
David Gamble W. H Murphy
David Game
David Gamulk
David Gann
David Gar
David Garret Walsh
David Garrett
David Garrett Walsh
David Garrick
David Garriock
David Gatineau
David Gauthier
David Gauthier 1.25 Sam Pelletier 115
David Gauthier Esoie
David GauthvMr, Mr
David Gcddcs
David Gcertsma
David Gecrstma
David Geddes
David Geer- Hector
David Geerstina
David Geerstma
David Geerstma Foley
David Geerstma Mrs Bob Daley
David Geerstma Walter Yach
David Geertsma
David Geggie
David Geldart
David Gellatly
David Genn
David Geor Colin : Beattie
David George
David George.
David Gerald (Margaret Young
David Gereaux
David Gerow
David Gerts-ma
David Gertsma
David Gervais
David Get
David Gflks
David Gibbons
David Gibbs
David Gidmark
David Gill
David Gilles
David Gilles Hodgins
David Gillespil
David Gillie
David Gillie#
David Gillie*
David Gillie*# David Gillie6
David Gillies
David Gillies Campbells Bay
David Gillies—whose
David Gillie»
David Gilpin
David Gilpin 1
David Ginger Snaps,600
David Gingrich
David Giroux
David Giroux Many
David GiUios
David Given
David Gleghoru Thomson
David Glenn
David Glenn 633
David Glenn Wilson
David Glouthier
David God
David God-mere
David Godin
David Godmere
David Golden Age Club
David Good
David Goodland
David Goodwin
David Gordon
David Gordon Alexander Thanks
David Gordon McMiTan
David Gorman
David Goshawk
David Gough
David Gough - Turpin Leasing Many
David Goulet
David Gourd
David Govan
David Goyette
David Gra- Finlay
David Gra- Hall
David Gra-nesday
David Grade
David Grade Eleven
David Graham
David Graham Horner
David Graham I
David Graham Phillips
David Graham Vancouver
David Granirer
David Grant
David Grant 2
David Grant 2. Ill Class—Ezra
David Grant 4
David Gravclle
David Graveline
David Gravelle
David Gravelle Happy
David Gray
David Grayson
David Green
David Green-made
David Green-Mexico
David GreenshiekU
David Greenshlelds
David Greer
David Gregory
David Grenfell
David Grew Greater
David Grieve
David Griffin
David Gros
David Grosvenor BUDGET
David Grtl*flnîl T
David Guar-
David Guardino
David Guiler
David Guilleminault
David GUpin
David Guy
David H
David H 16
David H Biird
David H Grade May Hill
David H Hodgins
David H Russell Awarded Fellowship Notary Public
David H Way
David H »rner
David H “
David H''Xbfins
David H.
David H. Arndt
David H. Cook
David H. Dickson Editor
David H. Gibson
David H. Gillies
David H. Hudgins
David H. King-
David H. Ringrose
David H. Russell
David Ha
David Hackney
David Hadmore Stewart
David Haig Thomas
David Haines
David Hal
David Halbrooke
David Hale
David Hale Active
David Halharrie
David Hall
David Hall Bill Pyke
David Hall Rental
David Hallantine
David Hall’s
David Halpin
David Halt
David Halton
David Ham
David Hamil-
David Hamil-Shawville
David Hamilton
David Hamilton Apt 6
David Hamm
David Hammel Road
David Hammings
David Hammings Color
David Hammings Ugo Tognazzi
David Han Andrew’s
David Han- Stella
David Hanrahan
David Hanson
David Happy
David Hard
David Hardly
David Harper
David Harper O Leaiy
David Harr
David Harrington
David Harris
David Harris Russell
David Hart
David Hartley
David Harum
David Harum’s
David Harvey
David Hassell
David HaU
David Have
David Having
David Hawley
David He
David Hea-ht
David Heaney
David Heath
David Hedging
David Hedison
David Heins
David Held
David Helen Laporte
David Hemil-
David Hemple
David Henderson
David Hendriks
David Henry
David Henry Hamar Greenwood
David Henry Lunam
David Henry McFadden
David Henry.
David Heon
David Her-
David Hérault
David Herbert Lawrence A
David Herbert Wilson
David Herbier
David Herman
David Herman Elliott
David Hess Horror Drama GISELE’S SNACK BAR
David Hewer
David Heymann
David Hi
David Hic- Archambault
David Hickey
David High
David Hill
David Hill McIntyre
David Hillis
David Hillisinthe
David Hiram
David Hiram Hodgins
David Hiram Knox
David Hiram Knox DR.
David Hisko
David Hi»hop
David hl5
David Ho Stephen
David Hoagins
David Hoagtns
David Hobbs
David Hobbs 2
David Hobbs Dies
David Hobbs Draveurs
David Hobbs If.
David Hobbs Luc Lair
David Hobbs Mark Lang
David Hobbs No. 8 David
David Hobbs Saturday
David Hobbs Shawn Powell
David Hobhs
David Hochon
David Hod
David Hod-
David Hod- Dmb
David Hod-1
David Hod-gins
David Hod-Mary Ellen Barber
David Hodemi
David Hodgim Calgary
David Hodgina
David Hodgine
David Hodgine Hugh Langford Just
David Hodgins
David Hodgins Director
David Hodgins On Sunday
David Hodgins Shewville
David Hodgins Stewart
David Hodgins There
David Hodgins Transferred
David Hodgint
David Hodgin»
David Hodgirts
David Hodglns
David Hodglns Roy Thoms
David Hodgms. Lee Hod-gin*
David Hodgni Damage
David Hodgrns Lalonde
David Hodpin*
David Hods
David Hoe
David Hoekins
David Hoffman
David Hoffman Solar • Wesley Swiff Community Activism Emily Finn Recycling
David Hohbs
David Hohhs
David Holbrooke
David Holden
David Holmes
David Holmes - Special
David Holmes Alexandre
David Holmes Intermunicipal Recreation Agreement
David Holt
David Holton
David Homer
David Hon
David Honsingcr
David Honsinger
David Honsm^vr
David Hopper
David Hor- Willie Beck
David Horne"
David Horner
David Horner 033
David Horner 401
David Horner I
David Horner Photo
David Horner Si
David Horners HIHHI Htained
David Horner’s
David Horse
David Horton
David Hoskins
David Hotchkiss
David Hotchkiss 7:30
David Houle
David Houlton
David House
David Houston
David Howard
David Howe
David Hoy
David HoZ
David HrownlA*
David Hu*sell
David Huckabone
David Hudgins
David Hudson
David Hudson Austin
David Hugh
David Hughes
David Hugo
David Hume
David Humer
David Humphreys
David Humphries
David Hunt
David Hunter
David Huntley
David Huntoon
David Hutton
David Hyde
David Hynes
David I
David I Alexander
David I Armitage
David I McDowell
David I Paul McNally
David I Tice
David I''ark
David I)atig
David I.
David I. Hodgins
David I.angton
David I.loyd
David I.unam
David I.unam Sr. Mr
David I.urwn
David I/Ogan
David Ian MacKechnie
David Içgram
David If
David II
David II Drebit
David II.
David IIacLahkn
David III Montgomery
David Ike
David Iklanger
David IMiillipo
David In
David In Arthur
David Ingles
David Inglis
David Inglis Helen
David Inglis Lucie Rochon Landry
David Inglls
David Ings
David Inn
David IQouthier
David Ireland
David Irvin
David Irvine
David Is
David Is Anointed
David It
David Itîf
David Itmaire
David Itoono
David Iva Abbott Smfth
David IWS Frost
David I^ebnin
David I^gri
David I»
David J A Horner
David J Brent Howard
David J Craig 1887-89
David J Lolonde
David J Rhéal Racine
David J Stewart
David J Thompson
David J Thompson Lot
David J.
David J. Brewer
David J. Craig
David J. Hodgins
David J. McClure
David J. Moore
David J. Oallin
David J. Pouncre
David J. Poupore
David J. Price
David J. Scticoimat
David J. Scuc-cimarra
David J. Seligman
David J. Stewart
David J. Thompson
David J. Walker
David J. White
David J>elanger
David Jackson
David Jacobs
David Jaggcrs
David Jago
David James
David James Fraser R.R.
David James He
David James Honsinger
David James Pot
David Jane Mohr
David Janssen
David Janssen Elke
David Janssen Joyce Taylor
David Janssen Sous
David January
David Janzen
David Jarvis
David Jeanes
David Jeaudion
David Jef
David Jeffrey
David Jelfer-
David Jenevieve Lemaire
David Jenkins
David Jennifer
David Jennings
David Jensen
David Jensien
David Jessup Eganville
David Jet- Shawville
David Joan McLachlin
David Joanise
David Joanne
David Joannise
David John
David John Campbell
David John CARPET
David John I CARPET
David John Lander Smith
David John Mathers
David John Needham
David John Needham Bom December
David John Needham Raven Needham
David John Staples
David John Stewart
David John Sugrue
David Johns
David Johnson
David Johnston
David Johnston Here
David Johnston Men
David Johnston Sudbury
David Jones
David Jorgensen
David Joseph Lemay
David Joseph Lemay José
David Joseph Spottswood
David Joseph Walker
David Jr
David Jr and
David Jr Bertrand
David Jr.
David Ju-
David Judah
David Judy Smith
David June
David K Lutheran Ladysmith Are
David K Mott ^1
David K Mrs. Lunaui
David K Sunday
David K*ÿt
David K. Dickson Editor
David K. Dickson Rosaleen Dickson Printed
David Kalakua
David Karen
David Karr
David Kassel
David Katz
David Kcon
David Ke
David Kearn Mrs. Duncan Gumming
David Kearney
David Keen
David Keindel
David Keir Also Bnan
David Keith
David Keith Craig
David Keith RR 3
David Kelley
David Kelly
David Kelpacki
David Kemdel
David Kennedy
David Kennedy Henderson
David Kenny
David Keon
David Keon Born
David Ker
David Kerr
David Kershaw
David Kidd
David Kii*don
David Kilgour
David Kin
David Kingdom
David Kingdom History Grdae
David Kingdom Kingdon - Casey
David Kingdom Pts
David Kingdom Sterling Knox
David Kingdon
David Kingdon Mrs Howard Stone
David Kingsberry—Similar
David Kingsbury
David Kinloch
David Kir.gdon
David Kirk
David Kirk Ot-
David Kirk- Vista
David Kirke
David KirkPatrick
David Kirkpatridc
David Kitchen
David Kleist
David Kluke
David Kmj
David Knight
David Knowles
David Kossoff Malcolm Muggcridge John Bunyon
David Kusenstrom
David L Councillors Fred Martin
David L Davies
David L Davies Sgt
David L Davis
David L Dowd
David L Esperance
David L J Lamox
David L Smith
David L.
David L. Brainard
David L. Davies
David L. Devins
David L. Hollinger
David L. MacFarlane
David L. Macpherson
David L. Prentice
David L. Smith
David L. Tomson
David L.iing-stone
David L.unam
David l.unani
David La
David La,werence
David La-
David La-.
David La-londe
David La-mares
David Label]
David Lacroix
David Ladd
David Ladd Color
David Ladd Julie Adams
David Ladd Patrice Wymore Established
David Ladou- Mrs. James Roderick
David Ladou-ceur
David Ladysmith
David LaFlccht
David Laflèche
David Lai
David Lainem
David Laionde Rhonda Lyle
David Laird
David Lajeunes
David Lajeunesse
David Lake
David Lalande
David Lali-
David Laliberté
David Laliberté 1
David Lalonde
David Lalonde RR#5 Shawville
David Lalonde’s
David Lamadelaine
David Lamadeleine
David Lamb
David Lampert
David Lanam Jr.
David Lancaster
David Lance
David Lance.
David Lang
David Langdon
David Langford
David Langpere
David Langpre
David Lank
David Laparie
David Lapierre
David Larkin
David Larkins
David Laroche
David Lasallc
David Lasalle
David Lasolle
David Last
David Laurettc
David Lavergne
David Lavigne
David Lawrence Sin-1
David Lawson
David Lazenby
David Lazenby (9g
David Lc-senior
David Le Barron
David Le$ Heritiers
David Le-
David Le-May
David Leach
David Leach Girls
David Leach Ï Saturday
David Leach To
David Lean
David Lear-on Saturday
David leav.
David Leavitt
David LeBarron
David Lebrun
David LeBrun 150.01
David Ledoux
David Ledoux Community Centre
David Lee”
David Leitch
David Lelond
David Lemaiire
David Lemaire
David Lemaire Special
David Lemay
David Lemay Red Cross
David Lemkay
David Lenay
David Leonardo
David Lepine
David Leroy
David Les
David Leslie
David Lester
David Lester Charlie Dale
David Lethbridge
David Lett
David Levey
David Levine
David Lewis
David Lewis Is
David Libert
David Liberty
David Liinain
David Liinam
David Lilienthal
David Lim
David Lima
David Limam
David Limant
David Limatu
David Limed
David Limit
David Linam
David Lincoln Slater
David Lind
David Lindsay
David Lindsay Eckford
David Lions
David Lirnarn
David Lisle AECL
David Litchfield Council
David Little
David Liv
David Living
David Livingston
David Livingstone
David Livingstone Rheumatism
David Livingstone Wilson
David Llewellyn Davies Obituaries David Brian Smith
David Llovd Georw»
David Lloyd
David Lloyd George
David Lloyd George.
David Lloyd George?
David Lloyd George’s
David Lloyd Georgs
David Lloyd Ovorge
David Lloyd V.eorgv
David Ln
David Lngan
David Lnnain
David Lnnam
David Lo- Mo
David Loat
David Lodge Home
David Logan
David Logue
David Lombardi
David Long
David Longpre
David Loose
David Loose Services
David Lorente
David Lot
David Lothian
David Lothian 295
David Lothians
David Louis
David Love Dawn Anderson Science Fiction
David Low
David Lowe
David Loxton
David Loyer
David Lt
David Ltrsam
David Lu
David Lu-
David Lu- Elwin Stephens
David Luca
David Luca*
David Lucas
David Lucas Although
David Lucas Armed
David Lucas Band Members
David Lucas Cal Cummings Jr
David Lucas Ironwood
David Lucas Kong Ih Moy
David Lucas Members
David Lucas Not
David Lucas S VP
David Lucas Scott Wilson
David Lucas Shades
David Lucas Standing
David Lucas They
David Lueaa Rev Gary Stokes
David Luke Rajotte
David Lull
David Luman
David Lun
David Lun Phone CE
David Lun&m Trophy
David Lun-
David Lun- Bowie
David Lun- Clarendon Council
David Lun- Corporation
David Lun- Mr.
David Lun- Rev
David Lun-.
David Lun-am
David Lun-Command Phil Ross
David Lun-nm
David Luna
David Luna Vs
David Luna*
David Lunain
David Lunam
David Lunam Litters
David Lunam 257.
David Lunam Clifford Lawn It
David Lunam Counci
David Lunam Councillors
David Lunam Councilors
David Lunam I
David Lunam Is
David Lunam Jr Mrs. George Pirie
David Lunam Mayor-elect
David Lunam Mr.
David Lunam Mrs. Elisie Gibbons
David Lunam Oounclllos
David Lunam Senior
David Lunam Sr
David Lunam Sr.
David Lunam Sr. Saturday
David Lunam Young
David Lunaml
David Lunaml Derail Brown
David Lunams
David Lunam’s
David Lunan
David Lunana
David Lunanf’s
David Lunani
David Lunarn
David Lunasn
David Lunatn
David Lunioi
David Lunnin
David Lunniti
David Lunnm
David Luo
David Luoam
David Lurwn
David Luskville
David Luttam
David Luttant
David Lvxam
David Lyall
David Lynus Richard
David M 1
David M a< Lari I
David M acLakcm Dsnms M-
David M Barron
David M Bleakney
David M Clarke
David M G Thomson
David M ££5^
David M •
David M,<
David M.
David M. Brodie
David M. Jordan
David M. Lank
David M. Maloney
David M. McAra Dies
David M.ic-phersnn
David M.v Larkn
David M< Corriston
David M< Dowell
David M< Dowki
David Ma
David Ma<
David Ma< I.ahkn
David Ma< I.aiikn
David Ma< Lafen
David Ma< Lahkn
David Ma< Lake*
David Ma< Lakkn
David Ma< Laren
David Ma< Larkx
David Ma< Luikn
David Ma<Laren
David Ma<Lari
David Ma<’Lahex
David Mabey
David Mac
David Mac - Assisting Bro
David Mac Alisier
David Mac I.arkn
David Mac La
David Mac La**»
David Mac Laden
David Mac Lahen
David Mac Laiubk
David Mac Lakes
David Mac Lakkn
David Mac Lare*
David Mac Lark*
David Mac Larkn
David Mac Lxiikn
David Mac Taken
David Mac-
David Mac- Palmer
David Mac-,o
David Mac-La
David Mac.Lakkn
David Macalister
David MacCredie
David MacDon
David MacDonald
David Macdonald Stewart
David MacEllven
David Macfailane
David Macfar
David Macfarhne
David Macfarlane
David Macfarlane Emile Lamerande
David Maci.aiil
David Maci.arrn
David MacIntyre
David MacIntyre 2
David Maciver
David Macjarbn
David MacKechnie
David MacKenzfc
David Mackenzie
David Mackenzie 647-2244 Ellard Perry
David Macla**/» Rbq.
David MacLaacn
David Maclaben
David Maclabkn
David MacLahen
David MacLahir
David Maclahkn
David MacLahkx
David MacLahoi
David MacLahsh
David MacLahsn
David Maclahun
David Maclaiien
David MacLaiik
David MacLaiikn
David MacLaiikn,-
David MACLAiim
David Maclaiin
David MacLaiirn
David MacLaiuw
David MacLajien
David MacLakbn
David MacLakem
David MacLaken
David MacLakin
David MacLakk*
David MacLakkn
David Maclakkx
David Maclakln
David Maclambw
David MacLamh
David Maclami
David MacLapen
David MacLarbn
David MacLarbs
David MacLarbw
David MacLarcn
David MacLarek
David MacLarem
David MacLaren
David MacLaren Dead
David MacLarew
David MacLarex
David MacLarhk
David Maclari
David MacLarin
David MacLark
David MacLarkjt
David Maclarkk
David MacLarkn
David Maclarkn Hknhv
David MacLarkx
David Maclarrn
David MacLars*
David MacLarsm
David MacLarsn
David MacLarun
David MacLarxn
David MacLarxv
David Maclaubn
David Maclauen
David Maclauf.n
David Maclaukx
David MacLauln
David MacLelland
David MacLeod
David MacMillan
David Macpher-eou
David Macpheraon’s
David Macpherson
David MacUi.i.n
David Madsen
David Maenck
David Mafette
David Magoon
David Magoon Mr. Geo
David Magoon Our
David Mai
David Mai I.aiu
David Mai I.akkn
David Mai I.auks
David Mai La
David Mai La Dennis Murphy
David Mai Lahew
David Mai Lakes
David Mai Larch
David Mai Lari Vic# President Geoiu.b
David Mai Larks
David Mai Laukn
David Mai Taken
David MaiI.aiun
David MaiL.ah>
David MaiLabkx
David MaiLahen
David MaiLahin''
David MaiLahkw
David MaiLakbs
David MaiLaken
David MaiLaki*
David MaiLakkm
David MaiLakkn
David MaiLakkx
David MaiLaren
David MaiLarkn
David MaiLarmi
David MaiLarsn
David Main
David Maine
David Maines
David Mainse
David Mainse Ministering Sunday
David Mairs
David Maitland
David MaJkow
David Makow
David Male
David Malette
David Malette -
David Malette 30.00
David Malette-
David Malette- 7.50 David Fletcher- 7.50 Russell
David Mall
David MalLake»
David MalLakkn
David MalLaren
David MalLarkm
David MalLarkn
David MalLarmk
David Mallette
David Maloney
David Malvtle
David Malvtte
David Mam
David Mamse
David Manchester
David Maniwaki
David Mankala
David Manning
David Mansell
David Manwell
David Mao Faria
David Maolaben
David MaoLarem
David MaoLarr*
David Maophereon
David Maple Leaf
David Maple Leaf Biscuits
David MaqLaau
David Maraden
David Marc November 1
David Margaret Langford
David Margaret Wall
David Margeeeon
David Mark
David Marquette Deluxe
David Marsden
David Marshmallow Coconut Pkgs
David Martha Steinkc She
David Martin
David Mary Knox-Rc- Hobbs
David Massé
David Masters
David Mat Donald
David Mat Lamsm
David Mathiesoo
David Matiernan
David Matricule
David MaU.arrn
David Mau.aukn
David Maularln
David Mav- John Ariane
David Mavi
David MavLahen
David Mavlaken
David MavLamkn
David Mavlaren
David MavLarkn
David Maxwell Fyfe
David Maxwell Sons
David May
David Mayhew
David Mayotte
David Ma«
David Ma« Larin
David Mc
David Mc Le
David Mc Mas
David Mc- Mr.
David Mc-Brian Brownlee
David Mc-Kenny
David Mc-service
David Mc-the
David Mc-whirter
David Mc<
David McAithdfof Lunin-d<*n
David McAlhone
David McAnaul
David McAra
David McAra 492
David McArthur
David McBanc
David McBride
David McC
David McCagg
David McCailum
David McCallum
David McCallum Sylva Koscina
David McCann
David McCarthy
David McCaw
David McCiedie
David McClellan
David McClure
David McCollum
David McCollum Disc Harrow
David McColm
David McConnaghy
David McCord
David McCormick
David McCorriston
David McCrcdie
David McCre-die
David McCrea
David McCready
David McCred 2
David McCredic
David McCredie
David McCrediè Arthur I>de’lan
David McCredie W.
David McCredie’s
David McCredle
David McCretile
David McCuaig
David McCulloch
David McCullough
David McCutcheon
David McDonald
David McDonell
David McDow
David McDow-eil
David McDowell
David McDowell 1
David McDowell 2
David McDowell 2. Hull
David McDowell 3. Shorthorn
David McDowell 4
David McDowell 5
David McDowell 9
David McDowell Fork
David McDowell II
David McDowell J H and Fraser
David McDowell Mrs. David William McDowell
David McDowell Shawville
David McDowell W.P.R.
David McElheran
David McElroy
David McFarland
David McFarlane
David McFarlane.
David McFaul
David McGaw
David McGee
David McGinnis
David McGoey
David McGone-gal
David McGregor
David McGuinty
David McGuire
David McIntyre
David McJanet
David McKay
David McKechnle
David McKeen
David McKennx Sudbury
David McKenny Thomas Tracey
David McKenzie
David McKobb
David McLane
David McLaren
David McLaughlin
David McLean
David McLeese Spending
David McLellan
David McMacters
David McMaster
David McMath
David McMullen
David McMurtrie
David McOcmack
David McOedie
David Mcpowel
David McQredie
David McRobb
David McTeiman
David McTieman
David McTiernan
David McTlernan Campbell’s Bay Anglican
David McUiedie
David Mcxxe
David Mdivani
David Me
David Me 9
David Me Caw
David Me Dow
David Me Dowell
David Me Elroy
David Me Masters
David Me Vied
David Me*
David Me-
David Me- Credie
David Me- Included
David Me-1
David Me-Dowell
David Me-ing
David Me.
David Measles
David Meddars President
David Medowell
David MeDoxvell I
David Meg
David Meier
David Meinse
David Meir
David MeIX)well 2. G V Ibxlgins
David Mel
David Melville
David Melvyn Perry
David MEMORIALS November
David Memorial’1 Shut
David Ménard
David Menson Wil
David Mercer
David Meridith
David Merit
David Merrifield
David Met
David Mey
David MfD H 1
David MflKS
David Mi-LLs
David MicCredie
David Michael
David Michael Baker
David Michael Judah Nancy
David Michael Judah On
David Michael Steeves
David Michaud
David MiD
David Mifimlng
David Miles
David Miles Richardson
David Miliette
David Miljour
David Miljour - Conseiller
David Miljour’s
David Mill
David Mill Lake Project
David Millar
David Millar D.M. Rattray
David Mille
David Miller
David Miller Arthur Shore
David Milliard
David Mills
David Mills A Chapeau
David Mills Ambulances
David Mills Don Lavallee
David Mills Students
David Minielly
David Minielly Box 29829 T.C.U.
David Ministre
David MIord
David MiQuitty’s
David Miranda Stewart
David Misa Glenda O Brien
David Mischief*
David Miss Jean Cameron
David MissAugusta.eldesidaugh-
David Mitchell
David Mitchell McCann
David MiUan
David MkLaksh
David MllJ
David Mm Lakes
David Mmr
David Mncfarlane
David Mnrpher
David Mo<xe Santa
David Moc e
David MoCord
David MoCredie Curling
David Modems Cemetery
David Modesty
David Moffat
David Moffat Walsh
David Moffatt
David Moflatt
David Moh>
David Mohr
David Mohr 11
David Mohr FORTIN
David Mohr Saturdayf
David Mohr’s
David Moir
David Moirtae
David Mon
David Monsour
David Moon
David Moor*
David Moor* Honey
David Moor-ham
David Moore
David Moore No
David Moore Toll Free
David Moore "Afternoon Delight
David Moore Aggi Hendriks
David Moore Am
David Moore Andrew Dale
David Moore Andrew Murton
David Moore Apartment
David Moore Apple
David Moore As
David Moore As Pontiac’s
David Moore At Sunday
David Moore Blazing
David Moore Bringing
David Moore Bryson
David Moore Campbell
David Moore Campground
David Moore Celine Thompson
David Moore Chad Hodgins
David Moore Charles Routliffe
David Moore Christian Soucie
David Moore Colourful
David Moore Cool
David Moore Dan Haughton
David Moore Dan Moleno
David Moore Darlene Dods
David Moore Dear Editor
David Moore Deux
David Moore Do
David Moore Earl
David Moore Estate
David Moore Eugene Hamelin
David Moore February
David Moore February 1st
David Moore Four
David Moore Frechette
David Moore Friday
David Moore Gavin Christie
David Moore Going
David Moore Grads
David Moore Greg McCredie
David Moore Head
David Moore IHWhy
David Moore Jean Mourier
David Moore John Chartrand
David Moore Kelly
David Moore Kinsmen Christmas
David Moore Lady Di
David Moore Letters Open
David Moore Local
David Moore Lumber Co.
David Moore MacIntyre
David Moore Major
David Moore Mark Chamberlain
David Moore Martin Ouellet
David Moore Midget Tournament Committee
David Moore Missing
David Moore More
David Moore Mud
David Moore Natalie and
David Moore Neil Carmichael
David Moore North Bay
David Moore North Toronto
David Moore Norway Bay Regatta Then
David Moore Old No.
David Moore On August
David Moore On Saturday
David Moore Ouellet
David Moore Parish Priest
David Moore Peace!
David Moore Pontiac
David Moore Pontiac Community Hospital
David Moore Pontiac Junior
David Moore Pontiac Junior B
David Moore Pontiac Winger John Peck
David Moore Presented
David Moore Radio
David Moore Rebecca Sterritt
David Moore Renfrew
David Moore Renfrew Midget Tourna
David Moore Richard Wills Leaving
David Moore Rod LaSalle
David Moore Ron Poirier
David Moore Royal Ethier
David Moore Rural Recollections
David Moore Ryan Judd
David Moore Sam
David Moore Santa
David Moore Serge Lasalle
David Moore Sgarbossa
David Moore Shawn
David Moore Shawville
David Moore Shawville Lions President Jerry Callaghan
David Moore Shawville s Neil Woodman
David Moore Shawville s Ted Leach
David Moore ShawviUe Kinsmen John Grant
David Moore Sherwin Greer
David Moore Something
David Moore Stars
David Moore Stéphane Sgarbossa
David Moore Strike
David Moore These
David Moore This
David Moore Timberwolves
David Moore Truck
David Moore Un
David Moore Vivid
David Moore W.A. Hodgins
David Moore When George Levesque
David Moore While Jackie Armstrong
David Moorehead’s
David Moore’s
David Moorhead
David Moorhead DEATHS
David Moot
David Moote
David Moo»*
David Moquin
David Mor-
David Moran
David Morchcad
David Mordy
David More
David Morehead
David Morehead’s
David Morgan
David Morh
David Moriarity
David Morin Re-|^ Paul
David Morloclt
David Morris
David Morrison
David Morrison Calgary
David Morrison Gin
David Morton
David Morton 4
David Mortons
David Motion
David Motr
David Moudie
David Mountain
David Mousseau
David Mousseau Coulonge
David Moved
David Mow
David Moyer
David Moyle
David Mr
David Mr*
David Mr.
David Mr. Herman Kallies
David Mr. Smith
David MRC
David Mrs
David Mrs Akx Chaput
David Mrs Mary Kelly Eleanor
David Mrs Minnie Pasch
David Mrs Renaud Rainville
David Mrs- Kenneth Dowdall
David Mrs.
David Mrs. Harper Rennick
David Mrs. Henry McO-rd
David Mrs. Merton Glenn
David Mrs. Roas
David Mscfarlane
David Mu:ray
David Mueller
David Muflphenon
David Muir
David Muise
David MUjour
David Mul-
David Mulli
David Mulligan
David Mulligan 350
David Mulligan August
David Mulligan North Gower
David Mulligan Seattle Unl
David Mulligantin
David Mullola St Jean
David Muma
David Municipality
David Munn
David Munroe
David Munroe Ro
David Munroe Robertson
David Mur- Oct
David Murphy
David Murray
David Murray Days Pembroke
David Murray Shepherd
David Murray Triple Pull
David Murrell
David Murrell Editor Watch Dog Newsletter
David Muut
David MxrLAttr.N.
David Name President
David Nasmith
David Natah
David Needham
David Nelson
David Nelson Angis
David Nelson Bell David Nelson Bell
David Nero
David Neville
David New
David New-
David Newman
David Newman Wy
David News
David Nfiller
David Nichols
David Nicholson
David Nicholson Guest Speaker
David Nivei
David Niven
David Niven 2
David Niven Alberto Sorli Comedy Drama
David Niven Alex Gulness
David Niven Color
David Niven Color Steaks
David Niven Deborah Kerr
David Niven Deborah Kerr Color Saturday
David Niven Doris Day
David Niven Geo
David Niven Lola Albright
David Niven Mitzi Gaynor AAylene Demongeo
David Niven Robert Newton One
David Niven Robert Wagner der
David Niven Robert Wagner We
David Niven Robt
David Niven Sat.
David Niven Ursula Andress
David Niven Verna Lisi Mrs Fred Btetzlaff
David Niven Visiting
David Niven X Jean Crain F. Astaire Cyd Charlsse Shawville PhdLr
David Nixon
David No.
David Noakes
David Nolan
David Norcott B Ed
David Noreen Gibbons
David Norlock
David Norris
David Norton
David Norway Bay
David Novices
David Noyes
David Nugent
David NVilii
David O Brien
David O Callahan
David O Colla
David O Connor
David O Hare
David O Reilly
David O Rielly
David O'' Reilly
David O''Brien
David O''Reilly
David O.
David O. Woodbury
David Oaig
David Oalbrestb
David Oates
David Oeggie
David Of
David Of Perpetual Help Church Perry
David Ohustead
David Oilfson
David Oldham
David Olinstead
David Oliver
David Olm
David Olm-stead
David Olm-tead
David Olmstead
David Olmstead Desabrais
David Olmstead Warmly
David On
David On November
David On Sunday
David On* Edson
David One
David Only Papineau
David Ont.
David Ontario Business College
David Oolyuk
David Or
David Ora
David Oran»
David Orchard
David Orchard’s
David OReilly
David Orme
David Orr
David Oslrom
David Osseau
David Ostrom
David Ostrom M.ke Lalonde
David Ouaile
David Ouelette
David Our
David Outfield
David Owens
David O’Brien
David O’Brien Baird
David O’Kielly
David O’Reilly
David O’Reilly-Dodds
David P Hall
David P*um®dore
David P. Guido
David P. Holden
David Paa-vila
David Paach
David Pace
David Padget
David Pae
David Page
David Paget
David Paget Ottawa
David Pair
David Palmer
David Palowsky
David Pankerist
David Paquette
David Paradis
David Parent
David Parent 647-
David Parent Birthday
David Parent J Sudbury
David Parents
David Park
David Park PS
David Parker
David Parliament
David Participants
David Particularly University Moved
David Pasch
David Pasch Wootton
David Paseh
David Patrick
David Patrick Jarratt
David Patsy Ralston
David Patterson
David Paur
David Payette
David Payne
David Pcrsolja
David Pe-
David Pe- 7
David Pearce
David Pedro
David Pedro.
David Peebles
David Peek
David Peev.r
David Peever
David Peever Ottawa
David Pehleman
David Pehleman 1
David Pelletier
David Pelletier 1
David Pelletier Victor Bisson
David Pembroke
David Peneptchak
David Penticton
David Peny
David Perkins
David Perreault
David Perry
David Perry Jodi
David Person
David Pert
David Peters
David Petersat Smith
David Peterson
David Peterson Défendeur
David Peterson Défendeur Il
David Peterson Défendeur VU
David Peterson Sheenboro
David Phillip
David Phillips
David Phone
David Photo
David PHS
David Pi
David Pichette
David Pick*™
David Pigeon
David Pigeon An
David Pil- L
David Pil- Pretoria
David Pil-3XJN30
David Pilgnm
David Pilgram
David Pilgrim
David Pilgrim Me-Dairy Showperson
David Pilgrim Memori-munity
David Pilgrim Saturday
David Pilgrim.X305
David plake6
David Planning Council
David Plots
David Plunket
David Poch
David Poile
David politic» Christie Murray
David Pollock
David Pontiac
David Pontiac Bus
David Pony
David Popplewell
David Porter
David Portoous
David Portsgs
David Potter
David Pottinger
David Potts
David Powles
David Prain
David Prentice
David Present
David Prinse
David Pritchard
David Pritchard Powles
David Pro
David Proclamation
David Prondfoot
David Proposé
David Proud
David Proudfo
David Proudfoot
David Proudfoot 3
David Proudfoot 4
David Proulx
David Provincial Secretary
David Provincials
David Pstvor
David Pt 6#
David Public Health
David Pudwell
David PufdH» IP
David PunBe
David PunSe
David Puntie
David Pur
David Purcj
David Purdfs
David Purdie
David Purdie Teen Time
David Purdie 9:45 J
David Purdie Electric Unit Heaters
David Purdle
David Purdle Campbei
David PurdM
David Purdta
David Purdte
David PurdW
David Purttie
David Pyper
David P»irr
David Qatineau
David Qauthier
David QCtion
David QllUM
David Quaik
David Quaile
David Quaile Otter Lake
David Quaile Wade
David Queale
David Québec
David Queen
David Queen St.
David Quinn
David Quo
David Quyon
David Quyon Jill McBane
David R
David R Barry
David R Dickson
David R Dickson Editor
David R Donaldson
David R Godine
David R Lum-and Alderic
David R McFarlane
David R Small
David R. Atchison
David R. Dickson
David R. Dickson Editor
David R. Francis
David R. Lunam Doug
David R. Macfarlane
David R. McFarlane
David R. Plunkett
David R. Small
David R.V.I.
David Radmore Stewart
David Rahal
David Rajottc
David Rajotte
David Rajotte Hitz
David Ramsay
David Ramseur
David Randal Hunt
David Rang The Campbell
David Rang-
David Ranger
David Ranger Mrs. J. Richardson
David Ranger Wanted
David Rankin
David Rankin’s
David Ransome
David Raskin
David Rath
David Rawson
David Rayera
David Raymond
David Re
David Rea
David Ready-Mix Concrete BNQ Septic Tanks Seepage Pits Cement Blocks Well Tiles Curbs Screened Sand
David Recent
David Reeder
David Rees
David Rees People
David Reeves
David Reginald Moore
David Regular Price Regular Price Regular Price Regular Price
David Reid
David Reid Lunam
David Relancer
David Rélanger
David Relord
David Reserve Commercial Beef
David Reserve Senior Champion Burnside
David Resnick
David Rettie
David Rev Harry
David Rev.
David Revenue
David Rhone 648-5681
David Ricardo I SPECIALS J 111
David Rich
David Rich.
David Richard
David Richard.
David Richards
David Richardson
David Riche
David Riches
David Richmond
David Riel
David Rigby
David Ringrose
David Ringroso
David Rinsed
David Rintoul
David Risk
David Riters
David Ritz
David Rivet
David Rivet Beechgrove
David Riznek
David Rizzfo
David Rmgrose
David Rml
David Rnsspll Farm
David RnVell
David Ro
David Ro*a
David Road
David Roadforeman
David Rob-
David Robert Ltd
David Robert*
David Roberts
David Robertson
David Robinson
David Robinson Alex Kluke
David Roc
David Roch
David Roch Universal Fire
David Roch-
David Roch- Bertha McGee
David Roch- David Rochon
David Roch-cluding
David Roch-din
David Roch-how
David Roch-ly
David Roch-month
David Roch-Moved
David Roch-seconded
David Roch6n
David Rochon
David Rochon - Jack Graham -
David Rochon 2
David Rochon Angie’s
David Rochon Clifford Lincoln
David Rochon Moved
David Rochon No
David Rochon Paul Ryan
David Rochon Prankie
David Rochon Public
David Rochon Put
David Rochon Quebec Government
David Rochon Rochon
David Rochon Sale
David Rochon Seat 2
David Rochon Yv-m
David Rochon Yvan
David Rochon*
David Rochor
David Rodion Janice
David Rodrigue
David Roes
David Roetad
David Rogan
David Roger Aplin
David Roger Plaque
David Rogers
David Rolfe
David Romain
David Romain Ovila Lance
David Romains
David Ron
David Ronald
David Ronald BROADLOOM
David Rooney
David Ros-
David Rosa
David Rosaleen
David Roscoe
David Rosen
David Ross
David Ross Dickson
David Ross Dickson Dickson - Alberti
David Ross Dickson MSc.
David Ross Village
David Roth
David Rouble
David Routley
David Row
David Rowal
David Rowan
David Rowat
David Rowat Wedding Rowat - Ritz
David Roxborough
David Roy
David Roy Saun-
David Roy Saunders
David Ru
David Ru- Birthday
David Ru- Leo Dryburgh
David Ru-senstrom
David Ruaaell
David Ruaenstrom
David Rueckwald
David Rueenstrom
David Rundle
David Rurdie
David Rurdle
David Rus
David Rus-ell
David Rusaen-I Diacus
David Ruscn-grandlather
David Ruscn-strom
David Ruscnstrom
David Rusen
David Rusen-
David Rusen- Kilgour
David Rusen-Raymond Trudeau
David Rusen-strom
David Rusens
David Rusensfrum
David Rusenstrom
David Rusenstrom 1
David Rusenstrom Pt 38
David Rusenstrom Rusenstrom/Laframboise
David Rusenstrum
David Rusentrom
David Rusentsrom Murray Richardson
David Russe
David Russell
David Russell ... Hulbert Armstrong
David Russell 1
David Russell 18.2
David Russell 2. J. E. O Neil
David Russell 5th
David Russell C.
David Russell Gilbert Sanffenberg
David Russell Mrs
David Russell Mrs. Garner Richardson Herb
David Russell Mrs. R. G. Hodgins Andrew Sly
David Russell Quicksand Does
David Russells
David Russell____ Mrs. Cramer Richardson
David Russell—
David Russell’s
David Rustelf
David Rutledge
David Rutledge George Macintosh
David Rvsmbll
David Ryan
David Ryan Roy Hammond Nugent Nugent - Lisa
David S
David S. Kelley
David S. Lampel
David S. Morrison
David S. Morrison—who
David Sager
David Salomon*
David Sam-off
David Samuel
David Samuel Horner
David Samuel Kelley 3
David Sandra
David Sanftenberg
David Sar-o:T
David Sarah Coles
David Sarnoff
David Sat.
David Saturday
David Saumier X
David Saunders
David Sc
David Scattergood
David Sccucclmara
David Scharf
David Schefter
David Schinkel
David Schock
David Schroe-der
David Schwartz
David Schwartz 188.84
David Schwartz Tail Twister Kevin
David Scnock
David Scollie
David Scott
David Scott Bloc A: Lots
David Scott Gas
David Scott Show
David Scott Show _
David Scott Thompson
David Scott’s
David Scucci-
David Scucci- Ottawa
David Scucci-of Peekskill
David Scuccimar- Shaw
David Scuccimara
David Scuccimara Jr
David Scuccimarra
David Scuccimarri
David Scuccimorro IAFRAMBOISE
David Scucclmara
David Scully
David Scully Conrod
David Scully Municipality
David Scully Refreshments
David Scully Saturday
David Scully Union
David Sdiock
David Seabury
David Seaft
David Seagrove Ltd
David Secondary V: Petula
David Secretary-Treasurer
David Segel
David Seguin
David Sehoek
David Seitfi
David Sell-nick
David Selliker
David Selznick
David Selznick’e
David Selznlck
David Senecal
David Setigman
David Shark
David Shaw
David Shawville
David Shawville United Church Manse New Holland
David Shawville Young Farmers Nyveld
David Shearer
David Shepherd
David Sheppard
David Sherk
David Shields
David Shipton
David Shirley Diane Lairay
David Shore
David Shouldice
David Show
David Show Spirituality Matt.
David Showville
David Shulist
David Shulist Shawville’s Travis Dorzek
David Shulist This
David Shullst
David Sibeko
David Silliker
David Sim
David Simlnovltch
David Simmentals
David Simp-closing
David Simpson
David Simpson-Sears
David Sinclair
David Sinclair Dies
David Sinclair—wreath
David Sincli
David Skeaft
David Skeate
David Skeott
David Skokos
David Skuy These
David Slack
David Slater
David Sloan
David Small
David Small Takes Over
David Smar
David Smart
David Smart Bros. McDowell
David Smart Mass
David Smart Saturday
David Smeltzer
David Smiley
David Smith
David Smith What
David Smith Pern
David Smith 2
David Smith Aider
David Smith Andrew
David Smith Député
David Smith Député M.P.
David Smith Esq.
David Smith FdUE
David Smith Jacques Saada
David Smith Morrison
David Smith MP
David Smith Switzerland
David Smith X
David Smithers
David Smithrand
David Smith’s
David Smitn
David Snively
David Snook
David Snyder
David Soda Biscuits Burns Pure
David Soda Crackers
David Soda Crackers All Rinse Agent Carrier Tomatoes White
David Soda Crackers Hb
David Soir
David Solomon
David Somerville
David Somerville National
David Somerville President
David Soollie
David Southworth
David Sparline
David Sparling
David Special
David Special Pen
David Spence
David Spence 1
David Spencer
David Spencer Mr. David Spencer
David Spinney
David Spinney Saturday
David Splain
David Sponsored
David Spratt
David St
David St Germain
David St Jermaine
David St Pierre
David St-Germain
David Stacey
David Stafford
David Stance
David Stanley
David Stanton
David Stark
David Starr
David Starr Jordan
David Ste-Mae Tracey
David Steinberg
David Stephens
David Stephens Bertha McGee
David Stern
David Sterritt
David Stevens
David Stevenson
David Stevenson Garage Du-Rac
David Steward
David Stewart
David Still
David Stitt
David Stittsville
David STO
David Storey
David Stout
David Strang
David Strawberry Tarts
David Strawberry Tarts SCHNEIDERS
David Strong
David Stubborn Love
David Studham
David Stuen
David Su/uki
David Succimarra
David Sugrue
David Sülhetm Wl
David Sunday
David SUrr Iordan
David Surreys
David Surviving
David Susan Horner
David Susuki’e
David Suther’anl
David Suzanne Boucher
David Suzu
David Suzu- _ Perhaps
David Suzuki
David Suzuki Books
David Swain
David Sweet
David Swing
David Sydney Perrault
David T
David T Brownlee
David T H
David T H dgin^
David T Hedging
David T Hod Mn* Mary Kilgour
David T Hod*
David T Hod-
David T Hod-gins
David T Hodfins
David T Hodgins
David T Hodgins George Evans Maker
David T Hodgins On Tuesday
David T Hodglns
David T Hodglns-
David T Hodgms
David T Hodi.ix*
David T HoJgins
David T Hudgins
David T Hughes
David T Hurt
David T Ralph’s
David T-
David T.
David T. Brown
David T. Buckingham
David T. Graham
David T. H Ignis
David T. H-
David T. Hod
David T. Hod-gins
David T. Hodg
David T. Hodgfn*
David T. Hodgin**.
David T. Hodgina
David T. Hodginb
David T. Hodgine
David T. Hodgine......... Wesley Hod
David T. Hodgini
David T. Hodgins
David T. Hodgins Labour
David T. Hodgins Th# Hodgins
David T. Hodginv Shaw
David T. Hodgin»
David T. Hodgin»....... Robert Strutt ......... W F. Caldwell
David T. Hodgitis
David T. Hodglns
David T. Hodgmi
David T. Hodgms
David T. Hodgtns
David T. Hodrin*
David T. Hoduins
David T. Hoixiins
David T. Hoixjisi
David T. Hoixuns
David T. Horigins
David T. Hudgins
David T. Hudgins Mr.
David T. Hughes
David T. Ilodgms
David T. Robertson
David T. Snedden
David T. V«* Miss Marjcfrie
David T. Wilentz
David T.. R. XV.
David t0
David T: Hod
David Tabi-can
David Tablecoe
David Tahiscon
David taine
David Tait
David Talion
David Tancrede Trud
David Tanguay
David Tanner
David Tanner’s
David Tate
David Tax
David Taxas
David Taylor
David Te Hudgins
David Tear
David Telf
David Telfer
David Telford
David Telford Marilyn Elliott
David Tellerd
David Terrier
David Tfthiaoon
David TGhompson
David Thacker Joseph Armitage William McDowell Harry OPPOSITE PONTIAC HOUSE.
David Thayer
David The
David Theatre
David Then Hodg Smiley
David Theodore
David Theodore Hod-gins
David Theodore Hodgins
David Theodore Hodglns
David Theodore Toura
David There
David They
David This
David This Autumn
David This Part
David Thistle
David Thoi
David Thom
David Thom- Douglas Graham
David Thom- X W Pr
David Thom-The Shawvillc Peewee
David Thomas
David Thomas Brandt
David Thomas Hughes
David Thomp
David Thomps Kirby Smart
David Thompson
David Thompson On Friday
David Thompson Westmeath
David Thoms
David Thomson
David Thomson Argue
David Thomspon
David Thor
David Thorburn
David Thorburn’s
David Thorcau
David Thoreau
David Thornes
David Thornton
David Those
David Thoui|Mou
David Three
David Thu
David Thunday I
David Thursday
David Ti Hudgins
David Tilley
David Tim Graham
David Tinner
David Tn
David Tnent
David Tnpp
David To
David Toft
David Tohhahc*
David Tojiu Goal Agent#
David Tokhance
David Tokranck
David Tomamot
David Tomlin Sympathy
David Tomlin-of
David Tomlinson
David Tommy Dubeau
David Tompson
David Tomranoe
David Tomson
David Toole
David Toplis
David Torgerson
David TorraNCB
David Torrance
David Torrance Sl Co* Gen
David Torrance Sl Co.
David Tow^ance
David Toycen
David Transport
David Trautrim
David Travis Dorzek
David Tregunna
David Tremblay
David Trinque
David Trotter
David Trower 252
David Troy
David Truman
David Truman Draper
David Tsutada
David Ttlford
David Tu brmn
David Tub-Charteris R R 2 A Quebec Licence
David Tub-mi
David Tubman
David Tubman June
David Tubman Mr.
David Tubman Seat 4
David Tubman Tennis
David Tubman-
David Tubmans
David Tubman’s
David Tuesday
David Tuesdays
David Tullis
David Turnbull Dear Editor
David Turnbull Le
David Turner
David Twice
David Twolan
David Twolan Any
David Twolan Thank
David Twoland
David Twolsn Charlie Sc
David T„
David Uarrit
David Umam
David Uole
David Uon*
David Up
David Upton
David Uralit
David Uroche
David Uronson
David Uttaro
David V
David V vu*
David V. Bush
David V. Reddick
David Vaae
David Vach
David Vail
David Vail-
David Vail- 17 Trevor Stewart Peggy Sheppard Marc-Andre Francour
David Vaillancourt
David Vaillancourt C
David Vaillancourt I
David Vaillancourt Shawville
David Valincourt
David Vambell
David Van Patter
David Van Sehsack
David Vatcher
David Veaudrivllle
David Venne
David Verzillis Healing
David Videtto
David Vincent Mercer Summer Hours
David Virgin
David Visiting
David Visschedyk
David Vogt
David Voore
David Voting
David VV.
David W
David W Armstrong.
David W Dickson
David W Grant Retiring Coucillors
David W Thomson
David W. Bird Although
David W. Budd
David W. Dick-well
David W. Dickson
David W. Ellis
David W. Grant
David W. Henderson
David W. Hodgins
David W. Larry Gleason
David W. McDowell Passes
David Waiter
David Wal
David Wal-li
David Walker
David Walker Speaks Conservative Party
David Wall
David Wall Dumouchel
David WalL Tammy
David Wallace Dickson
David Walls
David Wall’sz Bryson
David Walsh
David Walsh Bristol
David Walsh Rebate
David Walsh Samuel Horner
David Walsh*# Clydesdale Horse
David Walsh.
David WalsJi
David Walter
David Walter Moffatt Rhone
David Walter Smart
David Walters
David Waltham
David War
David War-
David Ward
David Wardrobe
David Wardrobe Binkley
David Wardrobe DD
David Wardrope
David Warn*
David Warner
David Warnock
David Warren
David Wat-erson
David Wateh
David Watson
David Way
David WayJand
David Wayne
David Wayne Down
David Wayne MONDAY
David Wayne Thought
David Wayne With
David Wd-so
David We
David Weatherall
David Webb
David Webster
David Wednesday
David Wee
David Wees
David Wees Extension Service
David Wees Macdonald College
David Wee» -
David Weir
David Welsh
David West
David Western
David Whelan I FROZEN
David When
David While
David Whissel
David Whissell
David White
David White-house
David Whlssell
David Widdiccmbe
David Widdicoir.be
David Widdicombe
David Widdicombe the
David Widdicomte David Hodgins
David Widdkomhe
David WiDott
David Wiffen
David Wiffen TEA.
David Wil-.ai
David Wilaon
David Wilcox
David Wilding-Davis
David Wiliam McDowell
David Wilkie
David Wilkins
David William
David William Alexander
David William Armitoge
David William Davies
David William Edward Thomson Dr. S.E.
David William Frost
David William Murray
David William Yale
David William.
David Williams
David Willie*
David Wilma
David Wilson
David Wilson 1
David Wilson Buried Al Maple
David Wilson Cald
David Wilson Caldwell
David Wilson Followed
David Wilson Head Boy Head Girl — Joan Armstrong
David Wilson Robert Hobbs
David Wilson Tenderfoot
David Wilson’s
David Win-
David Windfield
David Windle
David Wingate
David Witte
David Wl
David Wlson
David Wm
David Wocrm-nis
David Wocrmkc
David Wocrmkc This
David Wocrmke
David Woerm
David Woerm-time
David Woermkc
David Woermke
David Woermke’s
David Wolf
David Wolo-chow
David Woodburn
David Woods
David Woodworth
David Worden
David Woremkc
David Wright
David Wright PR
David Wrinn
David Wylie
David XVilson
David Yach
David Yach Edgar Schwartz HUHHH Wilson
David Yach Grade
David Yach Leader
David Yach Scouters
David Yach Transferred
David Yach Tuesday Prayer Meeting
David Yach — J Armstrong
David Yaeh
David Yard Sale
David YarS
David Yateman
David Yeasts
David Yeatman
David Young
David Young Dr. David M. Young
David Youngren
David Youth Sunday Held
David Ysch
David YVocmikc
David Zack
David Zeiebevger
David Zeitsma
David Zelsherger
David Zim
David Zim-
David Zim-friends
David Zim-lotte ELert
David Zim-Mrs Olga Plager
David Zimerling
David Zimhclt
David Zimhelt
David Zimmcrling
David Zimmer
David Zimmer- Fort Coulonge
David Zimmer-Visiting
David Zimmeriing
David Zimmerling
David Zimmerling 53567BA26
David Zimmerling Godchild
David Zimmerling’s
David Zion Hospital Auxiliary
David Zucchini
David | Daley
David »
David Æ
David •r Ross
David''s Adams
David''s City
David) Beatty
David) Edward Davidson
David) Hodgins
David) Homer
David) Leach
David- Achievement
David- Dave Moore V# Sports
David- Douglas
David- Friday
David- Lleute
David- Miss Benia Kranch
David- Mrs.
David- Sports
David--- Martin
David... Martin E. T.____ Nolan Thomas
David.... Sheppard
David................... Sheppard
David: Hosanna
David| Joan
Dayid Russell
Dear David
Dear David.
Debbi Russell
Debbie David
Debbie Russell
Debbie Russell SOCIAL SCIENCES Diana Andai
Deborah and Brian Russell
Deborah Joan Russell Elizabeth Ann Russell Ar.d
Deborah Kerr David Nivéh NOTE
Deborah Russell
Deborah Russell (Brian
Deborah Russell (Brian)
Deborah Russell and Helen Palmer
Deborah Russell High Distinc- Barbara Ann Desabrais
Deborah Russell-
Deborah Russell.
DeFlora Russell
Dehhic Russell
Deogun David Conrod
Depot Russell Boose Block CUTHBEHTSON
Depot Russell House Block
Depot Russell House Block GUTHBEfjTSON
Derek David
Deve Moore David
DI HECTORS David MacLaw...
di-1 Russell Mee
Diana David
Diane Russell
Diane Russell On Friday
Dianne Russell
Dick David
Diocesan Conven David Payne
Director Russell Mee
Distnct Antique David
Dlane Russell
Docteur David A. McCarron
Doctor David Livingstone
Dolan Russell -
Dolly Russell
Domino Russell
Don Russell
Don Russell Kay Walsh
Don Russell Vice President
Don-Andrew K Russell
Donakf David Cliff Atkinson
Donald and David Clouthier Albert Waito
Donald and David Corrigan
Donald David
Donald David Donahue
Donald Dim A Son J E Russell A
Donald Doré Jean-François Cloutier Daniel Potvin David Gauthier Sylvain Dufour Bernard Guénette Jos
Donald Duck Milk Bread David Strawberry Tarts Spring Garden Salad Dressing
Donald Duff A Son J E Russell A Sons Walter Kllgour A Son J E Barber & Sons
Donald I Russell
Donald Russell
Donald Russell 80.8„ Danny Drummond 804
Donald Russell Claude Young
Donald Russell DEAN
Donald Russell Dods
Donald Russell Grade 7—Brian Smith
Donald Russell Recent
Donald Thompson & Graham Russell
Donald Thompson and Graham Russell
Donnie Russell
Donnie Russell Mis
Dons Russell
Dons Russell Hodgins
Door David.
Doris Jacques and Mrs. Roland Russell
Doris Jean Russell Weds Milton Hodgios
Doris Russell
Dorothy M Russell The
Dorothy Russell
Dorothy Stevens Barbara Russell
Dorothy Uncle Leonard Russell
Dorris Russell
Doue Russell
Doug Russell
Doug Russell .471
Doug Russell 17010"
Doug Russell 2nd
Doug Russell 311
Doug Russell congratulates Sandy Welburn
Doug Russell Pbil
Dougie Russell
Douglas Russell
Dow-MUton Russell
Dr- David 3i
Dr. David
Dr. David Eye
Dr. David M. Trout
Dr. David Schindler
Dr. David Suzuki’s
Dr. Russell
Dr. Russell Elliott
Dr. Russell L. Cecil
Dr. Russell M. Wilder
Dr. Russell W. Bunting
Dryden Russell Abby McBane Frobel
Duncan Campbell Russell At
Durrell Russell
Dwight David
Dwight McDowell......... David T. Hodgimi ....... Wesley Hudgins
Dwight McDowell.......... David T. Hodgins ........ Wesley Hodgins
Dwight McDowell............ David T. Hodgine........... Wesley Hodgina
Dwight McDowell............ David T. Hudgins........... Wesley Hudgins
Dwight Mrs. David Tucker
Dylan Russell
E ard Russell
E F Russell
E F. Russell
E Pirie J E Russell J D Duff
E Russell
E Russell Judd.
E*q David Mac La
E. Russell
E. Russell Sec.
Earl David
Earl David Amm
Earl David Rochon
Earl Findlay Mr. Milton Russell
Earl Russell
Eas Russell
Eason Russell
Eason Russell 647-5646 Gates
Eason Russell and Nancy Armitage
Eason Russell But
Eason Russell Eason Russell
Eason Russell Harris
Eason Russell Horticulture
Eason Russell Mr Donald Stevens
Eason Russell Shawville Milling
Eason Russell Showville
Eason Russell that Gerard
Easton Russell
Eat David O’Brien
Eaton Russell
Eavc Russell Elliott
Ed 819-647-2724 DAVID
Edgar Alexander I RUSSELL—In
Edgar David Miljour
Edgar Eason Russell
Edgar Lance sec-Present Mayor David Lunam
Edgar Russell
Edgar Russell COLD WAVE
Edgar Russell Dakon Hodgins
Edgar Russell -
Edgar Russell .lal
Edgar Russell 647-3425
Edgar Russell Secretary Treasurer
Edgar Russell Shawville
Edgar Russell Vicki O Neil
Edgar Russell’s
Edgeworth David
EdHors David
Edie David
Edith Kathleen Russell
Edith Russell
Edith Russell Elliott
Editor* David
Editors David
Editors X David
Editor» David
Edmund N. McCbll David
Edmund Russell
Edna Russell
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David
Edward David
Edward Mrs Carson Russell
Edwin Marion Russell.
Eervin Russell
Ëg Russell
Eiiters David
Eileen Marie to David Wayne
Eileen Miller Kay Russell
Ei|S|SWl|fEiFS="=--" Russell
Ekq David Mac Lakes
Elaine Ritchie Ronald * Clara Russell Dkk
Elaine Russell
Eleanor David
Eleanor Russell
Eleanor Russell Ronald Russell Ronald Russett Joan Stark Jean Stephens Willda Telford**
Elenore Russell
Elizabeth Dickson David
Elizabeth Dickson David 4
Elizabeth Dickson David A Rosaleen Dickson Roea
Elizabeth Hahn Russell
Elizabeth Russell
Elizabeth Russell He
Ellen (Russell
Ellen I Russell
Ellen Russell
Ellen Russell Dechle
Elliott (Russell
ELLIOTT- Russell
Ellis Palmer Russell Elliott Henry McCord
Elmer David
Elsie Letts David Archambault
Elsie Russell
Emard Dean Family Entertains Mrs. David Russell Sincerely
Emerson Russell
Emily David
Emily Revell Russell
Emily Russell
Emily Russell Tenors
Emj David Mac La
Emma Russell
Emma Russell- Miss Madeleine Craig
Emma Russell.
Ena Russell
Engineer Russell
Eoson Russell
Eric David Hodgins
Eric Russell
Eric Russell R.C.A.F.
Eric Russell tll6 Howard Nesbitts
Eric Smith Mr. Stuart Russell
Erie Russell
Erik Barber and David Coles
Ernest Carried David Brosseau
Ernest F Russell
Ernest Forbes Russell
Ernest Russell
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J.
Ernie da Russell
Ernie Russell
Ernie Russell My
Ernly Russell
Ervin Russell
Ervin Russell - Doug Thomas
Ervin Russell Recent
Ervine Russell
Erwin Russell
Eson Russell
Esq David Mac Lakes
Essen Russell
Esther Helena Russell Dakin
Esther M. Russell
Esther Russell
Esther Russell 654
Esther Russell Dakin
Esther Russell Lewis Wiggins
Esther Russell This
Ethel Russell
EUard Nicholas and David Corrigan
Eugene Russell
Eva Andai David Graveline
Evangelist Russell
Evelyn Russell
Ex Governor W, K. Russell
Ex Judge David 8. Terry
Ex-Apply R G Russell
F Russell
F. Russell
F.ason Russell
F.O.B. Russell
Faint Mover- Russell Taber
Families Ramsay Kenneth David
Fason Russell
Father Russell
Faye Clara Little Russell
Fern Russell
Fernand Russell
Fête By David Dickson
Fieri Fraser David Millar Arthur Shore
Finance J Russell.
Finnigan....... David T. Hodgins
Fireman David Walls
Fireside Dr. David EL
Flora Russell
Flora Russell and Margaret Russell
Floyd David Scott Bloc A:
Floyd Russell.
Floyd Tubman and David McCord
Foal—J N Russell I
Foal—Tannin Collard—Claude Young Foal—Carbrook Pilot Russell
Francine Russell
Francis Rosalind Russell
Frank Cahill David Belanger
Frank Lacourse Russell Judd
Frank Russell Young
Fred (Norma) Russell
Fred Coyne David
Fred David
Fred David Shields 189.80
Fred David Wayne 1
Fred M Russell
Fred Russell
Fred Russell -
Fred Russell ......
Fred Russell Home
Fred Russell IS
Fred Wiggins Russell
Frederick Wiggins Russell
Fric Russell
Friend David
Friend David Grafftey
From Russell
Ftederick W Russell
G N. David
G Russell
G. Russell
G.-George Russell Mrs. H. Millar
G.A. Russell
Gail Russell
Gail Russell Coming To
Gail Russell SEVEN
Gail Russell Z Saturday November 3
Gaiy Russell
Garnet Russell
Garry David
Garry David Hodgins
Garry Russell
Garry Russell Capt
Garry Russell John Russell
Garry Russell Théo Leduc
Gary Brad- To Mc- David Colton
Gary David Foran
Gary Russell
Gary Russell 17’0
Gary Russell 2. Hugh Hodgins 2. Billy Russett 1
Gary Russell 2.32
Gary Russell 3
Gary Russell 33 4"
Gary Russell Broad Jump
Gary Russell C Taylor
Gary Russell Frances Young
Gary Russell Geoffrey Hyde
Gary Russell I Connie Little
Gary Russell I Jane Bourget
Gary Russell Shawville
Gaston David
Gatineau Russell
Gavin Russell
Gavin Russell Rusenstrom Reese
Gaynor David Wayne Kart Marjorie Main Percy Kilbride
Ge- Russell
Ge- Russell Elliott
Geo A Russell
Geo Russell
Geoff Russell Joanne Brownlee
George & Betty Russell
George A Russell
George A. Russell
George and Betty Russell
George and Betty Russell Golden Beauty
George and Betty Russell’s
George and David
George and David The
George and David Tub
George and David.
George Bryson* President Russell Iil^ukburn
George Coles Russell
George David
George David Angus
George David Byron
George David- Port Colborne
George David-gc
George Kemp David Lvnan»
George Robert Miul Wnlt«-r Russell
George Russell
George Russell 20.00
George Russell 623
George Russell 7
George Russell Auction
George Russell Billy Scott George Russell" Billy Scott At
George Russell Bristol
George Russell Bruce Anderson I
George Russell Bruce Anderson Somersault
George Russell Celebrates
George Russell George Macintosh 1st Shawville Troop Garry Zahodnick
George Russell Horner
George Russell Is
George Russell Mee Standard Church Board
George Russell Polishing
George Russell Quarter Horse
George Russell Telford
George Russell Willard Smith Tom Smart
George Russell^
George Russell’s
George W. Russell
Georgie Russell
Gerald and David
Gerald and David Dagg
Gerald and David Yarn
Gerald and David.
Gerald Dempsey David Rochon
Gerald Kelley Deborah and Bnan Russell
Gerald Russell
Gerry Carson Russell
Gerry Mur-David Hagerman
Gerry Russell
Gertie Russell Elliott
Gilbert Gilpin ........ Clifford Roy .......... Russell Lucas
Gilbert Samuel David Wilson
Glads Russell
Gladys Mrs. David McCredie
Glen Chas Russell
Glen David Clarle
Glen Russell.
Glenark E Russell D Hodglns D Hodglns J D Duff E Pirie
Glengarry/Prescott Russell
Glenn David
Glenn Russell
Glenn Tes- Mrs. Irvin Russell
Gloria Graham Technicolor Jane Russell
Gloria Russell
Gor- David H. Wilson
Gordon Crouse Linden Devine David Dickson Kosaleen Dickson Carson Hodgins Brent Horner Keith Irvine
Gordon David
Gordon David Ross
Gordon David Ross REID BROS
Gordon McBride Sr. David McBride
Gordon Russell
Gordon Russell Smiley
Gordon Strutt E Pirie D Hodgins J D Duff J D Duff Glenark W Kllgour Glenark J E Russell Gladcrest
Gordon Z I Mrs. David Parker
Governor Russell
Grace Russell
Graham - David
Graham Russell
Graham Russell 4
Grant Russell
Grant Russell Box 617
Grant Russell P Campbell’s Bay Tel
Gred Russell
Greg Russell
Gregory David Madore
Gregory David Tubman Children
Gregory Peck David Niven
Group W R McKechnle Qrawford Bros Ronald G Russell
Guy Russell
Gwen Black David Hill
H crby Russell
H D Russell
H K -photo David Moore Mark Loyer
H- David Dickson Public
H. Russell
H. Russell Rolphton
H.E.A. Russell
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants
Halerie Roberts Ib—Heather Hayes le—Delbert Stephens 2a—Rita Kirkham 2b—David Russell 2c—Karen Davi
Halloo Russell
Hanna Russell
Hannah Mrs W David
Hannah Russell
Harold David
Harold F Russell
Harold F. Russell
Harold H Hudgins and David T. Hodgiiw
Harold Russell
Harold Russell Boston
Harold Russell Class
Harold Russell Houston
Harold Russell Lake Placid
Harold Russell Mr
Harris Richie Russell
Harry and David XV.
Harry Hedging Russell
Harry Hod- Mrs. David T. Hodglns
Harry Hodgins 2nd Dalton Russell
Harry Russell
Harry Russell Centre
Harry Russell For
Harry) David Campbell
Harvey Russell
Hay David Maclaren
Hazel Russell
Heather Dickson David A Boeeloen Dickson
Heather Stewart 648-5413 DAVID
Helen (David Reid
Helen and David Reid
Helen Russell
Helen | Russell
Henderson Russell
Henly Russell
Henry Dalton Russell
Henry Dalton Russell Panes Suddenly X
Henry David
Henry David Campbell
Henry David Lunam Z Henry David Lunam
Henry David Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau 8
Henry David Thoreau ÎA
Henry David Thoreau Wearing
Henry Joseph Neil Kluke Henry Joseph Neil David
Henry Tubman Mr. Russell Judd
Henry Tubman- 177.80 Russell Woods-252.00
Herb Russell
Herb Russell I Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Herbert K Russell
Herbert Russell
Herbert Russell .
Herbert Russell 6< Campbell
Herbie Russell
Herby Russell
Herd Russell
Herman Russell
Hertoy Russell
Hilaries Russell
Hilda Russell
Hill David Lunam
Hilly Russell
Hodglns Mrs. Russell Hodglns
Holland Russell
Holland Russell Roll
Hollftmi Russell
Hollis Russell
Holmes Hastings E. Russell Huron E
Homeowner Russell Stewart
Hooks Russell
Hor-David Clarke
Howard David
Howard Russell
Howard When John David Eaton
Hubect’ Russell
Hubert Russell
Hugh Car- David Spencer
Hugh Mount David Scuccimarra
Hugh Russell
Hull Miss Betty Russell
Hum* Russell
Husband David
Ï * V X Photo David Moore
I.A. Russell
I.ucas Russell
Ian David
Ian Russell
Ida K< Russell Campbel
Idena Fraser Sec.-Treas JACK RUSSELL
If Russell
Ingrid Russell
Irene Gravelle David Geerstma
Irvin Russell
Irvine Cone Russell Judd Councillors
Irvine Russell
Irving Russell
Irwin Donald and David.
Irwin Russell
Irwin Wilson David Yach
IrwlnTHay- Russell
Is Mrs David Dickson
Iverson Harris -Russell Elliott
IwJlKSJBKMSfl Russell
Ixerny Russell
I—Dalton Russell
I—Robbie Russell
J -photo David Moore Father Proulx
J .A. Russell
J A Russell
J A. Russell
J A. Russell Potlec Community Hospital Shawville
J and Dan Russell
J D Duff E Pirie E Pirie E Russell W Kllgour E Russell J D Duff Geo
J D Russell
J D. Russell
J E Russell
J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin Plrle A Son J E Barber A Sons J Donald Duff A
J E Russell A Sons Hlllls Connolly Edwin Plrle A Son HillIs Connolly J Donald Duff A
J E Russell A Sons J Donald Duff A Sons Hlllls ConoUy
J E Russell W Kllgour
J E Russell-Reserve-2nd Edwin Pirie H Conolly D Hodglns J Tracy Jr. Yearling J E Russell Jr. Champ
J E. Russell
J G Russell
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J mo- Russell
J N Russell
J N Russell 1
J Russell
J Russell Resolution
J Russell.
J “Louis David Riel
J- Russell
J. N. Russell
J. Russell
J. Russell Elected Busy Bristol Beavers
J. Russell Jane Bussell Bichard Egan
J. Russell Juhn Hickey
J.A Russell
J.A Russell Returning Officer COIN
J.A. Russell
J.A. Russell Presiding Officer Pontiac Protestant
J.A. Russell Returning Officer.
J.A.Russell REP.
J.E. Russell
J.N. Russell
Jacey Russell
Jack David
Jack Knox I David Russell
Jack Russell
Jack Russell Chairman
Jack Russell COUNCIL January Special
Jack Russell Madeleine Wittig
Jack Russell Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Jack Russell Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell V >
Jack Russell WÊÊM
Jack Russell- Chairman.
Jack Russell;
Jack Tapanila David
Jacques and David Ledoux Mr. Pierre-Y von Alary
JacY Russell
Jaime Russell.
Jam Russell
Jam# Russell Clark Gable
James 1875 On- David
James A. Russell
James C. Russell
James Ci. Russell
James Craw- David
James David
James David Bertrand
James David Black
James David Fraser
James David Fred The
James David Frederick
James David McLeese
James Eason Russell
James G Russell
James G. Russell
James Glenn Russell
James Glenn Russell Tel
James Loken David
James O. Russell
James Russell
James Russell 196.76.
James Russell Lost While Fishing Quebec City
James Russell Lowell
James Russell Nos
James Russell’s
Jamie Donald Russell Emerson
Jamie Russell
Jamy Morin David Laliberte
Jane Alexan- Russell
Jane Alexander Wendy and David Homer
Jane David Brown
Jane De Brenda Russell
Jane Emmerson RUSSELL-
Jane Pilon Betty Russell Jane Alexander
Jane Russell
Jane Russell Saturday
Jane Russell Cinemascope
Jane Russell Keenan Wynn
Jane Russell PHONE
Jane Russell Technicolor Jeanne Crain
Jane Russell Van Heflin Mrs. Hubert Elliott
Janet MeJanet Russell
Janet Russell
Janet Young Russell
Janey Russell
Janies Russell
Jark Russell
Jas Russell
Jas Russell Lucas
Jask Russell
Jason Kotack-David Skeafe
Jcannie Russell
Je&a Russell
Jean & Edgar Russell
Jean (Mrs David Stephens
Jean - Louis Russell
Jean and Edgar Russell
Jean and Russell Racheal Mallie
Jean Carol Russell
Jean Cuthbert-Brenda Russell
Jean David
Jean Gabriel Mantha David Belanger
Jean Grant (Russell
Jean Parker Russell Hayden Saturday
Jean Russell
Jean Russell 8
Jean Russell.
Jean Seberg David Janssen
Jean Smart Harries David Walter Ellis
JEAN WALLACE Carson Russell
Jean* David
Jean- - David Birt
Jeannine Russell
Jeff and David.
Jeff and Naomi Russell
Jeff David s Magic Comedy
Jeff David s Magic Comedy Shoiv Cocktails
Jeff David s Magic Comedy Show
Jeff jce Russell
Jeff Russell
Jeff Russell 48
Jeff Russell and Mark Dunn
Jeff Russell assist- Berard
Jeff Russell Carson Russell
Jeff Russell Ear Falk
Jeff Russell Lucas Russell
Jeff Russell Muskrat
Jeff Russell November
Jeff Russell Peck
Jeff Russell Shawville
Jeff Russell Shawville Chrysler
Jeff Russell Stick
Jeff Russell Sunday
Jeffery Russell
Jeffrey Blake Russell
Jeffrey Russell
JefT Russell
Jen Russell
Jen Russell’s
Jenn Russell
Jennie J.M. Russell
Jennie L Russell 3
Jennie Russell
Jennifer and David
Jennifer Russell
Jennifer Russell - Reserve
Jenny Russell
Jerry Barber and David Coles Front
Jersey—David Clarke
Jessie Russell Arnold
Jetf Russell
JEUnry Norris Russell
Jim David
Jim David-on
Jim Davis Lennie Richardson Toymakers Badge George Russell Artists Badge
Jim Eason Russell
Jim Russell
Jimmie Russell
Jimmie Russell I
Jimmy # Russell
Jimmy Russell
Jimmy Russell 1
Jimmy Russell Baird
Jimmy Russell Me-
Jimmy Russell Memo-
Jimmy Russell Memo- Lisa Coles
Jimmy Russell Memorial
Jimmy Russell Memorial (Jr Showman Fri)
Jimmy Russell Memorial Tro
Jimmy Russell Memorial Trophy (Jr Showman Fri)
Jimmy Russell Quebec
Jimmy Russell Susan
Jimmy Russell Tro-
Jimmy Russell _ate Truman B Draper
Jimmy ______________________________ Russell
Jnd David Graham
Jo Russell
Joan A David 55535525
Joan and David Potts
Joan Orr David Hodglns Hugh TVacy
Joan Russell
Joan Russell Many
Joan Telford Russell
Joanie Russell
Joe I TEAHOUSE Russell
Joe Mrs Russell Gravelle
Joe Rus-Russell
Joe Russell
Joe Russell And Gulbransen Organ Stars
Joe Russell Ion Gilmer
Joe Russell Organ — Kay Hodgins
Joe Russell Production
Joe Russell Rotary Club Entertain-
Joe Russell Rotary Club Entertainment
Joe Russell Rotary Talent Margaret
Joe Russell Shawville Rev Bain
Joe Russell Shawville Rotary Club
Joe Russell Shawville Shawville Yarm
Joe Russell Wm
Joe Russell’s
Joe Russell’s Amateurs
Joe Russell’s Amateurs SPOTS
John 0. Russell
John A Russell
John A Russell Sec.
John Alexander David Hor-
John and David
John and David Mayer
John and David.
John and Liz David McTiernan
John and Marilyn Russell
John Burns Russell
John D Russell
John D. Russell
John D. Russell Dies After Lengthy Illness
John David
John David # Kirkham
John David and Clifford
John David Brown
John David Brown John David Brown
John David Cuthbert*
John David Gardner
John David Horner
John David Kirkham
John David MacDonald
John David Miller
John David Morrison
John David Morrison Dies At
John David Orix
John David Reid
John David Russell
John David William Green-shields
John David Wills
John David Young
John David “Jack’’ Reid
John David)
John David-
John Grant Russell
John H Russell
John Henderson Ervin Russell Mr.
John Henry............... David McGonegal
John James G. Russell
John L&n David T. Robert Strutt-- Sod
John Langford Beets - Brenda Russell
John M Russell
John N Russell
John N. Russell
John Russell
John Russell Here
John Russell 2
John Russell 405
John Russell 647-3426.
John Russell Attractively
John Russell Back
John Russell C Jim F
John Russell Distinction
John Russell HI
John Russell It
John Russell Judy Morris
John Russell June Blair Minister
John Russell Mrs Margaret Russell
John Russell On Sunday
John Russell On Tuesday
John Russell Passes Away
John Russell’s
John Saxon Kurt Jurgens CinemaScope Technicolour JACK RUSSELL
John Sweeping CheveuxTech/HairTech David’s Place Susan McCleary
John W Russell
John W. Russell
John Wemie Russell
John West Russell
John Woyne David Jansen TfCHMICOiOa*
John X Russell.
John X that Russell
Johnnie Russell
Johnny Russell
Johnson Smith Mr. David Saunders
Johnson Weds Mr. David Glenn
Jolly Miller Drink Crystals Maple Leaf David Biscuits JeNy Mallow David Biscuits
Jonathan David 7
Jonathan Russell
Joo Russell
Jos Russell
Joseph David
Joseph David Brown
Joseph David Moyle
Joseph David- Campbell
Joseph J. Russell Bristol
Joseph John Russell
Joseph Russell
Joseph Russell Is
Joseph Russell Mr.
Joseph Russell Teaching Diploma
Joseph Russell.
Josephine Russell
Josephine Russell Hodgins Wilson
Josic Russell
Josie Russell
Joy Hodgins David
Jr )—David TLird
Jr.hn Russell
Ju<*1 Russell
Judd - Russell
Judd Russell El-
Judd Russell Judd
Judy Grant Hubert Leduc David Smith Gretchen Thierry Benoit Schwarz Vicente Legros ELECTION
Judy Stanton David Foran Doma Coyle Laurie Stafford Stephen McKnight Mary Theresa Murdock Gwen Pepp
Julie and David
Julie Andrews-Dick Van Dyke David Tomlinson
Julie Eason Russell
Julie Russell
Julie Russell Andre
July Mrs David T. Hodgins
June Russell
Jus Russell
Justin Lucas Russell
Jvan Russell
Jœ Russell
K. Russell
Kalllou David
Kara Young Russell
Karen Fa- Mr. David Thomson
Karl Russell
Katherine and David Jeffrey AUCTIONEERS
Katherine Fletcher Bonnie Richardson H I. Hobbs Barbara Russell Shawville Kinsmen Club LOEB Shawvil
Katherine Hynes David Moore
Kathleen J. A. Russell
Kathy Mrs. David Dick
Kathy Russell
Katie Russell
Kav Russell
Kay David Ma< Laren
Kay I Russell
Kay Russell
Kay Russell Hamilton Corey
Kay Russell Ms Carol McNabb
Kay Russell You
Kdgar Russell
Keith Horner Mick Hodgins Don Dods Jack Russell Knlpe
Keith K. Warren Russell
Keith Russell
Keith Russell 693
Keith Russell He
Keith Russell Local
Keith Russell Quebec Farm Forum Secretary
Keith Russell RCAF Jet Crashes Message About Savings
Keith Russell Vigorous
Kelly Russell
Kelsi Russell
Kelsie Russell
Ken and David
Ken Cruick-Eason Russell
Ken David
Ken Fisher Pontiac Russell
Ken Rose David Lunam
Ken Russell
Ken Russell Tommy O BRIEN
Kenneth David Ross
Kenneth David Ross Angus
Kenneth David Ross Angus Ottawa
Kenneth M Mrs Russell Judd
Kenneth Mrs David Baker
Kenny Russell
Keven Russell
Kevin A Lynn Russell
Kevin David Meisner
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell EQUITY
Kfr Russell Zimmerling
Kfrs Russell Elliott
Kiara Russell Jeff and
Kim Murray - Russell Low
Kim Murray-Russell
Kim Russell
Kim S David 4303
King David
King David’s
Kirby David Burke
Kirk Douglas Alexis Smith David Janssen Your Community Livestock Auction Sales
Kirk Lucas Russell
Knaid Russell
Knox Russell
Kotxrt Russell
Kris David xa3l
Krista Brown Jennifer Russell
Kurt Russell
Kyle David
L -photo David Moore
L A IV C Russell Cobb
L ENERGIE David Foster
L G. Russell
L O. David
L Russell
L. Russell
L.nda Russell
Ladies Aid Mrs Pearl Russell
Lafleur Russell
Lamothe-and David
Lance Ernest F. Russell
Lance Pontiac David Arulpooranam Pontiac Olivia Noël Mata
Langfoid Thomas Russell
Langford - Warren Russell
Lar-Carson Russell
Lari Russell
Larson Russell
Lason Russell
Late David S. Kelley Sunday Services
Laura Bill Russell
Lawrence Carol Ann Hickey B) David Therese Osborne
Lawrence Russell
Lawrence Russell Brennan
Lee David Thoms
Lee Mary Colussi-Russell
Lee Russell
Legal-Medical Russell Elvidge Estate
Lena Russell Warren
Leo David
Leo Elliott..... David Grant
Leona and David Malette
Leonard Coyne Russell
Leonard David Frost
Leonard Godin David Lamarche
Leonard Mayor David
Leonard Russell
Leslie Russell
Leslie Russell Stewart
Leslie Russell Stewart Estate
Leslie Russell Stewart Pontiac - Buick
LI-i/iahcih Russell
Liam Russell
Liane Russell
Lieut David
Lieut David Clark
Lieutenant Russell
Lillian Russell
Lillian Russell 57.9
Lillianna Russell
Linda David Dahms
Linda Russell
Linda Russell and Betty Twolan
Linda Russell Louis Judd Memorial
Lindsay Russell
Lindsey A Ron H A Vicki J A A Bob John David
Lionel Russell
Lionettes Alec Russell Sandy Pasch Douglas Row
Liquid Bleach David 1.79 Maple Leaf Cookies
Lisa Russell
Little David
Liz Hahn.Jeff Russell
Liz Russell
Lloyd David
Lloyd David Dahms Süüs§sæg
Lloyd Morrice Russell
Lloyd Russell
Lnd Mrs. Russell
Loader David Brown 990
Loader...................... R David Brown
Logan Russell
Lois Russell
Lome David Bertrand
Lome David.
Lord John Russell
Lord Odo Russell
Lord Russell
Lord William Russell
Lorna Russell Elliott
Lorraine Russell
Lottie Russell
Lou Russell
Louis David Reil
Louis David Riel
Louis Russell
Ltiio Russell
Lucas David Beverly Dagg Dagg/Kunuk
Lucas Russell
Lucas Russell as-tiac Junior B
Lucas Russell JoEUfltEUllS
Lucas Russell Robert
Lucas Russell Romain
Lucas Russell set-up Al-
Lucas Russell.
Lucien Moved David Rochon
Lyall Russell
Lydia Gillet David Dubeau
Lyn Bill Russell
Lynette Russell
Lynn David and Joan Don
Lynn Jeff Russell
Lynn Russell
M B David Bluetein
M David
M i Russell
M Russell
M*s Russell
M-s Carson Russell
M-s David EVA
M. Russell
M.H. Russell
M00RH0USE Russell House Shawville
M0ORHOÜSE Russell House Shawville
Mabel Boh Russell
Mabel Russell
Macdonald Carey Gall Russell
MacKechnie Russell
Madeleine Russell
Mae Russell
MAISI—George Crawford MARC ELLA—Man&on McC agg JEAN—Russell Grant
Maître Russell Gibson de
Make Russell
Malcolm David Martin
Malcolm David Martin Blakely
male—1st David Mc-1
Manager Russell Taber
Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell
Manson McDow- Russell - Chamberlain
Marc Russell
March Russell Amey
Margaret Clark* Russell It’s Liver That
Margaret David L. Prentice
Margaret Josephine Russell
Margaret Russell
Margaret Russell Bay
Margaret Russell Coulonge W
Margaret Russell Pontiac Reception Center
Marie Bertrand Sister Mary David
Marilyn David Foran
Marilyn David-•
Marilyn Fahey John Russell
Marilyn Monroe Jane Russell Daddy s Little Darling Technlcoleur
Marilyn Russell
Marilyn Russell - Mavis Hanna
Marilyn Russell Herbert Smart
Mario Tremb- Russell
Marion Russell
Marjorie and Margaret Russell
Marjorie Horner Flaurie David Rusenstrom Sayle
Marjorie Man- Mrs. Jack Russell
Marjorie Present: Mayor-David
Marjorie Russell
Marjorie WILSON Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.
Marjory Mc-Stowart Russell
Mark Stanton Scott Russell
Marks Russell
Marlon Russell
Marshall David Nagle
Marshall Russell H Elliott
Marshall Sir Douglas Haig Admiral Sir David Beattie
Martin Clarke Master David Arbic
Martin David
Martin David.
Martin Feeds -Russell Stewart
Martin Russell
Marty Russell
Marv Russell
Mary Ann La- Russell
Mary E Russell Obituary
Mary Hamilton Chantal Legault Joanne Dubeau Jade Cote David Bassett MERCI À
Mary Hodgins Mary Lou Russell
Mary Judd Russell
Mary Lou Russell
Mary Lvnn Elliott Elwyn Russell Lang
Mary Me- David Fid
Mary Russell
Mary Russell 3
Mary Russell Gatineau Equipment
Mary S. O Brien David N. Preston Walter W. Rosser Léonard Roussel G. Sauve Marianne Schenker Rodolp
Mary Salloway Russell
Master Russell
Masters David
Matt Jeff Russell Defense Posi- C° ®tte B,ai
Matt Mac- David Arulpooranam
Matt Mac- Russell
Matthew Russell
Maude Russell
Maureen Sc David Sly John Sc Gwen Smith Tom Sc Mary Smith Ivon
Mavis Russell
Maynard Russell
Maynard Russell 603
Maynard Russell Rapides
Maynard Russell—English Literature
Mayor David Luna Councillors Edgar Lance.
Mayor David Lunam
Mb Russell
McBRIDE Russell Leader
McCuaig David
McCuaig David.
McCuaig David.............. Stevens William
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or Horner
McFarlane W. Russell
McG Russell
McVeigh David Clarke
Meeting David
Meeting David Yach Murray Moore
Meeting Rev. David C. Bcîfon B.A.
Melvin J. E. Russell
Meriyn Mrs Russell Mee
Messrs David
Messrs David Education
Messrs David Stewart
Messrs David Yach
Messrs J A Russell
Messrs J.A. Russell
Messrs John and David Gamble
Messrs Russell
Messrs Russell Dean
Messrs Russell El-
Messrs Russell Elizabeth II
Messrs Russell Lucas
Messrs Russell Mee
Messrs Russell Taber
Messrs. David
Messrs. Russell
Messrs. Russell Elliott.
Messrs. Russell Judd
Messrs. Russell Mee
Metcalfe Russell
Mh Pred Russell
Mi Russell
Mi Russell Wallace
Mias Pieivtte Hebert Stuart Russell
Michael and David
Michael David
Michael David Dead Train Robbers Sentenced Kamloops
Michael David Griffin
Michael David Needham
Michael David.
Michael Malone DaVid
Michael Russell
Michael Russell June
Michael Russell Ladies
Michael Russell Ottawa
Michael Trot- Russell
MicheaJ Russell
Micheal Russell
Micheal Russell Cheryl
Micheal Russell Tara
Mien Russell
Mike Russell
Mildred Russell
Miles David
Milton Russell
Milton Russell 1
Milton Russell L,
Milton Russell Road
Milton Russell.
Milton Russell’s
Milton W Russell
Milton W Russell 2
Mis Russell GravelIc
MisD..vid Russell
Miss Russell
Miss Russell G.
Miss Russell Pritchard
Misses Russell
Mix David
MliI Marion Hod-Roland Russell
Mm J Russell
Mn David A. Matfarlane
Mom Betty Russell
Mon-David Wilson
Mona Russell
Monica Betty Russell
Monsieur David Fleury
Monsieur Mark Russell
Moore - David
Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nolan Thomas
Moore David................ Martin E. T................ Nolan Thomas
Moore Mrs. Russell Elliott Wm
Moore Photo David Moore MoreRun-a-thonwinners
Moot Jot Russell
Morrison Marilyn Nicholas Shirley Park Barbara Richardson Diane Richardson Diane Russell Bruce Scho
Motion Russell
Motion—Chas Russell
Moynord Russell
Mp David
Mr David
Mr David Carmen Morrison
Mr David Conrod
Mr David Donnell
Mr David Potts
Mr David Russell Wedding
Mr David Sager
Mr David Sheppard
Mr Mrs Russell Elliott
Mr Russell
Mr Russell Blinco
Mr Russell Cobb
Mr Russell Cochrane
Mr Russell Crick
Mr Russell Elliott
Mr Russell Elliott.
Mr Russell H Elliott
Mr Russell Hill
Mr Russell Hurdman
Mr Russell Judd
Mr Russell Krutz
Mr Russell Lucas
Mr Russell Mulligan
Mr Russell Stewart
Mr Russell T Elliott
Mr Russell Taber
Mr Russell Up
Mr Russell Williams
Mr Russell Young
Mr W David Gamble
Mr# Jock Russell
Mr# Russell Lucas
Mr& Mrs David Hodgins
Mr* A Russell
Mr* David Graham
Mr* K Russell
Mr* Murray Russell
Mr* Russell
Mr, Russell
Mr, Russell Accompanied
Mr- Russell
Mr. Archie Russell
Mr. C Russell
Mr. Carson Russell
Mr. Charles Russell
Mr. Chas Russell
Mr. Clerk Russell
Mr. Dalton Russell
Mr. David
Mr. David A. Belanger
Mr. David Black
Mr. David Blumenfeld
Mr. David Brown
Mr. David Carmen Morrison
Mr. David Christ
Mr. David Clark
Mr. David Dexter
Mr. David Dickson
Mr. David Fleury
Mr. David Graham
Mr. David Grant
Mr. David H. Brownlee
Mr. David H. Hodgins
Mr. David Hart
Mr. David Hod
Mr. David Hut-mac
Mr. David Hut-mâcher
Mr. David Lunam
Mr. David Marsh
Mr. David McCord
Mr. David McLaren
Mr. David Mo
Mr. David Mulligan
Mr. David Potts
Mr. David S. Kelly
Mr. David Sheppard
Mr. David Small
Mr. David Spencer
Mr. David T. Hod-gins
Mr. David T. Hodgins
Mr. David T. Hudgins
Mr. David T. Ilocf-hnlf
Mr. David T. Liddle Die
Mr. David Tubman
Mr. David Wallace Dickson
Mr. David Walsh
Mr. David.
Mr. E F Russell
Mr. Eason Russell Pontiac Agricultural Society Olv.
Mr. Elwin Russell Lang
Mr. Ervin Russell
Mr. Herbie Russell
Mr. J A. Russell
Mr. J Russell
Mr. Jas Russell
Mr. John David Draper
Mr. Johnston __ Mayor David Lunam
Mr. Jos Russell
Mr. Joseph Russell
Mr. M L Russell
Mr. MacDonald David Colton
Mr. Patrick David Howe
Mr. R C. David
Mr. R David
Mr. Russell
Mr. Russell Bower
Mr. Russell Cobb
Mr. Russell Currie-Mills
Mr. Russell Doherty
Mr. Russell Dougherty
Mr. Russell DUott
Mr. Russell Elliott
Mr. Russell Elliott.
Mr. Russell Findlay
Mr. Russell Gilman Higby
Mr. Russell Gouley
Mr. Russell Grant City View
Mr. Russell Hill
Mr. Russell Institutes
Mr. Russell Johnson
Mr. Russell Judd
Mr. Russell Judd Pontiac County
Mr. Russell Judd.
Mr. Russell Kelly
Mr. Russell Lang
Mr. Russell Leader
Mr. Russell Lucas
Mr. Russell Luces
Mr. Russell MacKay
Mr. Russell McBride AH
Mr. Russell Mee
Mr. Russell Mousseau
Mr. Russell Mulligan
Mr. Russell Pritchard
Mr. Russell Rudd
Mr. Russell Ryan
Mr. Russell Smith
Mr. Russell Stevens
Mr. Russell Taber
Mr. Russell Tiber
Mr. Russell Urry
Mr. Russell Wallace
Mr. Russell Wayne Stewart
Mr. Russell Young
Mr. Stewart Russell
Mr. Stuart Russell
Mr. Tgfldy Russell
Mr. Thomas Russell
Mr. William David Cuthbertson
Mr. William Russell
Mr8 Russell
Mr< Andrew Russell
Mra David Flees Dr. Rees
Mra Russell LeRoy
Mre Dolen Russell and Margaret Stewart
Mrs David Graham
Mrs David Graham Present
Mrs Ervin Russell
Mrs R W Wilson. Stuart Russell
Mrs Russell
Mrs Russell B Taber
Mrs Russell Boyd.
Mrs Russell Cobb
Mrs Russell Coob
Mrs Russell Cotnam
Mrs Russell Doherty
Mrs Russell Elliott
Mrs Russell Elliott JtttfPWLS
Mrs Russell Elliott Municipality
Mrs Russell Grant
Mrs Russell Gravel
Mrs Russell Hurd
Mrs Russell Judd
Mrs Russell Kirk
Mrs Russell Lang
Mrs Russell Leroy
Mrs Russell Lucas
Mrs Russell MacNevin
Mrs Russell Mcc
Mrs Russell McLinton
Mrs Russell Mee
Mrs Russell Mitehette
Mrs Russell Mulligan
Mrs Russell p*er Kluke
Mrs Russell Raymond
Mrs Russell Stewart
Mrs Russell Ta-cently
Mrs Russell Taber
Mrs Russell Verner Thrun
Mrs Russell Vickers
Mrs Russell Wallace
Mrs Russell Watson
Mrs Russell Zimmerling
Mrs Russell ZlmmerUng
Mrs, David W. McDowell
Mrs, Russell Elliott
Mrs. Afred Russell
Mrs. Alison Russell
Mrs. Allan Mr. Milton Russell
Mrs. Allison Russell
Mrs. Andrew Russell
Mrs. Andrew Russell Ancd
Mrs. Andrew Russell Celebrate GeWee Wedding OTTAWA
Mrs. Audrey Russell
Mrs. Bert Horner David T. Hodgins United Steel Workers
Mrs. C Russell
Mrs. C Russell and Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. Carson Russell
Mrs. Charles M. Russell
Mrs. Charles Russell
Mrs. Charles Russell Mrs. R.
Mrs. Chartes W John David Foley Mr.
Mrs. Chas Russell
Mrs. D Russell
Mrs. Dalton Russell
Mrs. Dalton Russell Church
Mrs. Dalton Russell Creamed Salmon
Mrs. Dalton Russell Roy Dagg
Mrs. David
Mrs. David 792522bd6 o Lot 2on29 COBDEN.
Mrs. David A. Anderson
Mrs. David A. Belanger
Mrs. David A. Pittis
Mrs. David Andrew
Mrs. David Angus
Mrs. David Augus
Mrs. David B. McLaren
Mrs. David Belislc
Mrs. David Belisle
Mrs. David Berard
Mrs. David Black
Mrs. David Brown
Mrs. David C. Glenn
Mrs. David Campeau
Mrs. David Clark
Mrs. David Clark Jennifer -
Mrs. David CutHbertsom
Mrs. David Dick- Mrs. Jos Dailey
Mrs. David Dick-1 Judd.
Mrs. David Dickson
Mrs. David E.
Mrs. David F.
Mrs. David F. Sherwin
Mrs. David Galbraith
Mrs. David Galbraith Dies
Mrs. David Graham
Mrs. David Grant
Mrs. David Guinn
Mrs. David H. Hodgins
Mrs. David Hod
Mrs. David Hodgins
Mrs. David Hunter
Mrs. David J. Scucci-marru
Mrs. David KiKiik Port Arthur
Mrs. David L. McLaugh
Mrs. David L. Sinclair
Mrs. David Lasalle
Mrs. David Lemaire
Mrs. David Letts
Mrs. David Lun-am
Mrs. David Luna
Mrs. David Lunam
Mrs. David Lunani Sr.
Mrs. David LYN
Mrs. David MacDonald You
Mrs. David McCord
Mrs. David McCre-die
Mrs. David McCredie
Mrs. David McDonald
Mrs. David McDowell
Mrs. David Mrs. Earl Findlay
Mrs. David Murray
Mrs. David Packer
Mrs. David Parent
Mrs. David Philippe
Mrs. David Pilgrim
Mrs. David R. Dickson
Mrs. David R. Small
Mrs. David Robert-127111
Mrs. David Ross
Mrs. David Ru/sell
Mrs. David Russell
Mrs. David Shearer
Mrs. David T.
Mrs. David T. Elliott
Mrs. David T. Glenn
Mrs. David T. Hedging
Mrs. David T. Hod
Mrs. David T. Hod- Mr.
Mrs. David T. Hod-gins
Mrs. David T. Hodgins
Mrs. David T. Hodgins Saturday
Mrs. David T. Hodglns
Mrs. David T. Hodgms
Mrs. David T. Hudgins
Mrs. David T. Modgins
Mrs. David T. Mr.
Mrs. David T. School
Mrs. David Tubman
Mrs. David W. McDowell
Mrs. David Wil-
Mrs. David • McDowell
Mrs. Don-ole Russell
Mrs. Douglas Russell
Mrs. E F Russell
Mrs. E F. Russell
Mrs. E Russell.
Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Pearl Russell
Mrs. Eason Russell
Mrs. Easton Russell
Mrs. Eivin Russell
Mrs. Ervin Russell
Mrs. Ervin Russell Mr.
Mrs. Ervin Russell Mrs. Black
Mrs. Ervin Russell Mrs. Roy Lavig.ie
Mrs. Ervin Russell Party
Mrs. Ervin Russell Saturday
Mrs. Ervin Russell | Stewart
Mrs. Ervine Russell
Mrs. Erwin Russell
Mrs. G A David.
Mrs. Geo Russell
Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong Mrs. David Clarke
Mrs. Harold H. Hodgins - David T. Hodgins
Mrs. Harold Russell
Mrs. Henderson Crick Russell
Mrs. Herb Darling David
Mrs. Herby Russell
Mrs. Herhy Russell
Mrs. Hertoy Russell
Mrs. Hertoy Russell Sudbury
Mrs. Hoîaaa Russell
Mrs. I.eonard Russell
Mrs. Irvin Russell
Mrs. Irvine Russell
Mrs. J B. Russell
Mrs. Jack Mrs. Clayton Russell
Mrs. James G. Russell
Mrs. James Russell
Mrs. James Russell.
Mrs. Janies Russell
Mrs. Jas Russell
Mrs. Jim David
Mrs. John David To Mr.
Mrs. John N. Russell
Mrs. John Russell Pine Lodge
Mrs. John W. Russell
Mrs. John X. Russell
Mrs. K F. Russell
Mrs. Kathleen Russell
Mrs. Kith Russell
Mrs. Len Russell Main Street
Mrs. Leo Russell Hindman
Mrs. Leonard Russell
Mrs. Leslie Russell
Mrs. M Russell
Mrs. Martin Dowe Mr. David Spencer
Mrs. Martin Riley Donnie Russell Is
Mrs. Milton Russell
Mrs. Milton Russell Hobbs
Mrs. Milton Russell.
Mrs. Mtiton Russell
Mrs. Murray Russell
Mrs. Patrick David Howe Howe—Imison
Mrs. Pearl Russell
Mrs. Percy Russell St
Mrs. Pred Russell
Mrs. R J David T. Hodgins
Mrs. R Russell
Mrs. Renshaw David Gamble Mrs
Mrs. Rob Russell
Mrs. Rolland Russell
Mrs. Ronnie Russell
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Mrs. Roland Russell
Mrs. Russell
Mrs. Russell 8m.th
Mrs. Russell Beilhavtz
Mrs. Russell Beisher
Mrs. Russell Belsher
Mrs. Russell Boland
Mrs. Russell Bowei
Mrs. Russell Bower
Mrs. Russell Boyd
Mrs. Russell Boyd Carlsbad Springs
Mrs. Russell Boyd.
Mrs. Russell Briscoe
Mrs. Russell Brown
Mrs. Russell By-
Mrs. Russell Cameron
Mrs. Russell Camp
Mrs. Russell Cobb
Mrs. Russell Cobh
Mrs. Russell Currie-Mills
Mrs. Russell De- Miss Marion Fulford
Mrs. Russell Dean
Mrs. Russell Dean Mr.
Mrs. Russell Delarge
Mrs. Russell Dohertx
Mrs. Russell Doherty
Mrs. Russell Doherty Cowansville
Mrs. Russell El- Mr. L Lacroix
Mrs. Russell Eland Mrs. Douglas Derraugh
Mrs. Russell Elliott
Mrs. Russell Elliott Annual
Mrs. Russell Elliott Pick
Mrs. Russell Elliott Shaw
Mrs. Russell Elliott Shawville
Mrs. Russell Elliott.
Mrs. Russell Em
Mrs. Russell Emmerson
Mrs. Russell English
Mrs. Russell Findlay
Mrs. Russell Gibson
Mrs. Russell GiWtL
Mrs. Russell Gorman
Mrs. Russell Grant
Mrs. Russell Grant.
Mrs. Russell Gravelle
Mrs. Russell Hamiltqn
Mrs. Russell Hampson
Mrs. Russell Han-ha
Mrs. Russell Hanna
Mrs. Russell Hanna Freda
Mrs. Russell Hawes
Mrs. Russell Hawkins
Mrs. Russell Hawkins Mrs* M Smith
Mrs. Russell Healey
Mrs. Russell Hendsbec
Mrs. Russell Higby
Mrs. Russell Hill
Mrs. Russell Hill Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. C. W. Bruce
Mrs. Russell Hodgins
Mrs. Russell Hrisçoe
Mrs. Russell Hudgins
Mrs. Russell Hurdman
Mrs. Russell I
Mrs. Russell III
Mrs. Russell I^ing
Mrs. Russell Johnston
Mrs. Russell Judd
Mrs. Russell Kettle
Mrs. Russell Kettles
Mrs. Russell Kirk.
Mrs. Russell Lang
Mrs. Russell Leader
Mrs. Russell Leroy
Mrs. Russell Lucas
Mrs. Russell Luces ROLL TOP DESK.
Mrs. Russell Mack
Mrs. Russell Mackay
Mrs. Russell Marshall
Mrs. Russell McLaugh
Mrs. Russell McLaughlin
Mrs. Russell Me#
Mrs. Russell Mee
Mrs. Russell Montreal
Mrs. Russell Mr
Mrs. Russell Mr.
Mrs. Russell Mulligan
Mrs. Russell Ned
Mrs. Russell Noble
Mrs. Russell Nor
Mrs. Russell Pitt
Mrs. Russell Rich- I
Mrs. Russell Richard-
Mrs. Russell Richardson
Mrs. Russell Ringrose
Mrs. Russell Rmgrose
Mrs. Russell Rudd
Mrs. Russell Sage
Mrs. Russell Smith
Mrs. Russell Stewart
Mrs. Russell Taber
Mrs. Russell Taber Welsh
Mrs. Russell Taebr
Mrs. Russell Trew
Mrs. Russell True
Mrs. Russell Vance
Mrs. Russell Wallace
Mrs. Russell Wallace Original
Mrs. Russell Watson
Mrs. Russell Wilcox
Mrs. Russell X J
Mrs. Russell You
Mrs. Russell Young
Mrs. Russell Zim
Mrs. Russell Zim-merllng
Mrs. Russell Zim-merLng
Mrs. Russell Zim-rr.erling
Mrs. Russell Zimmcrling
Mrs. Russell Zimmer
Mrs. Russell Zimmer-
Mrs. Russell Zimmer-Ann
Mrs. Russell Zimmer-ling
Mrs. Russell Zimmerling
Mrs. Russell Zimmerlingj
Mrs. Russell Zimmerlinj
Mrs. Russell Zimmerllng
Mrs. Russell Zimmerting
Mrs. Russell Zlm
Mrs. Russell Zlmmer-llng
Mrs. Russell Zlmmerllng
Mrs. Russell Ztmmerllng
Mrs. Russell Zunmrrl-ing
Mrs. Theo David
Mrs. Thomas Benoit Mr. David Spencer
Mrs. Violet David Stewart
Mrs. W Ervin Russell
Mrs. Wallace Bclsbcr Rev. David Conliffe
Mrs. Wesley KVes John N. Russell Neil Thompson
Mrx Russell LI-liott
Mr» Dalton Russell
Mr‘ Bertrand Russell
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
MuHigan David
Muldoon Russell Taber
Muriel Cham David McDowell
Muriel Freda Gibson Weds Gunner James David Black
Muriel Smith Marries Russell Pitt Phileas
Murray Russell
Myrle Russell
Myrle Russell L Myrle
Myrte Russell
Myrtle Russell
N Russell
N. Russell
N. Russell Mrs. Pitt
N.R.C. Russell
Nancy Russell
Naomi Russell
Naomie Russell
Napoleon Ranguire David Faquin
Napoleon Ranguire David Paquin
Napoleon Ranguire David Paquin---- Mrs. Desarmound Luke Berubie
Natalie Hahn Patricia Russell
Natalie Russell
Nee Russell
Nelda Wil- David
Nellie Russell
Nelson Tru-Billv Russell
Nfrs Russell Lucas) Miriel Hodgins
Nicholas Russell
Nickolai Charles David Smith
Nicole David
Nlrs Russell Hurd
No: 555-2421-0)0105-79 Russell Elliott
Nomie Russell
Norcen Russell
Noreen Dolan Weds Samuel Eric Russell Shaw
Noreen Russell
Norma (Mn Fred Russell) Re
Norma David
Norma David and Susan Findlay
Norma Eileen to Fred Wiggins Russell
Norma Jean and Mrs David Lunam
Norma Jean Mi David Sparling
Norma Russell
Norma Russell - Clifford Adolph Schwartz
Norma Russell Norma Eileen Russell
Norma Wilson Russell Crick
Norma) Russell
Norman Russell 8t.
Not Russell
Note Russell
NVm Russell
O DAVID M. ROY Gagné Isabelle Patry Laflamme
O Russell
O. Russell
Oaston David.
Observer Rb Russell
Odo Russell Pun*
Oio Russell
Olive Erwin Russell
Onslow Oraham Russell
Ont Russell Boyd
Oraiham Russell
Orval Russell
Oskar Werner David Janssen
Ot- Russell Lucas
Ottawa Russell
Ottewe David
Ou Russell
O’Keefe Mrs David Hodgins
P 0. Box 2. Russell
P. Q David
P. Q. Technicolor Rosalind Russell
P. Russell
Pads Kraft David 400
Pallbearers David
Palmer David Hamilton
Parson Russell
Past W >rshipful Master Russell Horne
Pastor David Hamm
Pat and David
Pat David Clouthier
Pat Russell
Pat Schoular David Northwood
Patncia Russell
Patricia Carson Russell
Patricia Hahn Russell
Patricia Russell
Patricia Russell and
Patricia Russell Hahn
Patricia Russell Pierre
Patricia Russell QUYON
Patricia Russell.
Patricia Russell’s
Patrick and David
Patrick David Campbell’s
Patrick David Howe
Patrick David Joseph Belanger
Patrick David—those
Patti Russell
Paul André David
Paul Belmondo J David Niven
Paul Brousseau 34.0, David Manielly
Paul David
Paul David DeMerchant
Paul Douglas Diana Lynn Don Taylor Constance Smith David Wayne
Paul Emile MP David Smith
Paul Girard Curtis Girard Nick Smith Mike Keaman Josh Beardsley Andy Henderson Jeff Russell Jesse T
Paul Russell
Paul Russell Hcu-lahan
Paul Russell Lang
Pav>tJ Russell
Payne and David Stewart
Payne W Jane Russell Cornel Wilde
Peace Signed Russell Sage Dies Suddenly GUATEMALA
Peach Russell
Peeking Russell
Peewee B David Vaillancourt
Peggy Merri- Tom Russell
Per Year David
Percy Burden Russell Taber
Percy Emmerson Russell Chas Judd
Perfect David Brown
Perry Lucas Russell
Peter Ai David Meier
Peter David
Peter David 3841
Peter David April
Peter Haughton Nelie A Bill Jette Ron At Gayle Johnston Russell Judd
Peter Loughee<J David Crombie
Peter Russell
Peter Russell Uses
Philip David Crawford
Philip David Tracy
Philip Thompson Mr Roland Russell Mr Palmer Mi Annie Graham COAL Councilors
Phillys Russell
Phone Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawvitie
Phyllis Jean to Mr. David Walter Ellis
Phyllis Russell
Pie Russell Judd
Pierre André David
Pierre David
Pilot Russell K. Rogers
Pipe Major David Ritchie
Prayer Russell
Prescott A Russell
Prescott Russell
Président Russell Blackburn
President—Charles Russell Vice-President—William Hodgins
Preuve Russell
Prof. David H. Steven#
Proud Russell
Psalms King David
Pte Russell J mid
Publishers A Editors David
Pue Gilchrist David
Puknowivlncoiinu Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nohm Thomas
Q | Russell Henderson
Que Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.
Quebec David
Quebec Russell
Quiet Community Russell - Wong George and Betty Russell
Quo Russell Fredrick Zimmerling
Quyoni Russell Judd
R >land Russell
R A. Grant .......... Ervin Russell R H Russell HQ Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
R D Russell
R D. Russell
R G Russell
R H Russell. Fur Pelts
R T 1st David Me
R. Russell
Rachel Russell
Radford David
Randy and David
Randy and David Hodgins
Randy and David Pasch
Randy David and Julie
Randy Fur- David Jacobs
Randy Russell
Rat Russell
Rates Russell
Ray Dagenals Jr. David Ostrom
Ray David MacLarkn
Ray David MaiLaken
Ray Middleton Laurie Piper Vlveca Llndfors Technicolor Howard Keel Eleanor Parker Jane Russell
Raymond David Dagenais Jr
Raymond Johnston Hugh Proudfoot Mrs. David Dickson Tom Lefebvre M.P Jeon-Guy Leriviere MNA
Raymond Mabel Russell
Raymond Russell
Rblland Russell
Reforestation Purposes Russell Taber
Refreshments David Tubman
Reid Russell
REID- David
René Ladouceur Russell Allen
Rene Latreille David B. Conrod
Renfrew Mr. Russell Ta
Renfrew N......... Renfrew S......... Russell
Repainted David Brown
Reserve Russell Turner
Reside Mrs. Russell Hurdman
Returning Russell
Rev A L Russell
Rev A Russell
Rev Andrew Russell
Rev Andrew Russell Is
Rev David
Rev David Bolton
Rev David G Purdie
Rev David Kel-
Rev David Purdie
Rev Russell Leonard LeRoy KSFStSES
Rev Russell Leroy
Rev Russell Nicolle
Rev S Snow- Jimmy Russell
Rev W B p^nds Mrs David Hodgins
Rev W David Raths Ottawa Civic Hospital
Rev. A A. Russell
Rev. A Russell
Rev. À. Russell
Rev. Andrev/ Russell Celebrates Nintieth Birthday
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. David *ou9ht
Rev. David A. Gallagher
Rev. David Bol-
Rev. David Bol- P
Rev. David Bolton
Rev. David C.
Rev. David C. Bolton B
Rev. David C. Bolton B A.
Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.
Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.. S TB ST.
Rev. David C. Bolton BA.
Rev. David C. Bolton I.A.
Rev. David E. Richards
Rev. David Elliott
Rev. David Hamm
Rev. David Hamm Friday
Rev. David Punka
Rev. Dr. David Rees Speaker Elmira N.Y
Rev. Father David Kelly Arrangements
Rev. Mr. Russell
Rev. Russell
Rev. Russell Le Winchester
Rev. Russell McGilliv- H. Lucas
Reverend Russell Daye
Rfbert Russell
Rhodi David Bassett
Rhodri David
Rich- Michael Russell
Rich- Mr. Russell Belsher
Richard Anderson David Lunam
Richard David Coles
Richard John Adolph Mtelke David Harris Russell
Richard Kingdom to Frederick David Clark
Richard Russell
Richard Russell Messrs Donald MEN’S SUITS MEN’S
Richard Russell Passes
Richard Sam Russell
Richard Smith L ENERGY David Foster Otter Lake
Richard Wills David Strong
Richardson Mrs. Russell True
Richardson Russell
Richie Russell
Rick and David
Rick and Russell
Rick Russell Green Lake
Rick t.afleur David Early Barbara Cm Charte
Rick Young George Russell
Rickey Russell
Ricky Russell Emmerson
Ritchie Russell
Rivers Litchfield David E Hanson Davidson
Rob- Russell Findlay
Robbie Russell
Robert and David
Robert B. David
Robert B. David - International
Robert Camp- Russell
Robert Dalton Russell
Robert David
Robert David Alexander
Robert David Irwin
Robert David uf Norway Hay
Robert David.
Robert Find-1 Mrs. Russell Dean
Robert Gordon Russell
Robert H. Russell
Robert l> Russell
Robert Russell
Robert Russell 210
Robert Russell and Stewart Murray
Robert Russell Harry W
Robert Russell Mollon Quenneville
Robert Russell Mr
Robert Russell Mr. Diefenbaker
Robert Russell Mrs Malcolm Letts Mrs
Robert Russell No.
Robert Russell Place
Robert Russell Russell - Gesner Adam
Robert Russell.
Robert Scott Russell
Robert Stiowood Anri Ken Russell HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Robert Wilson Judd David Dickson
Robett Russell
Robt Russell
Rocky White David Coles
Rodney Donald David Richard
Roger Mayhew Kevin Russell
Roger Younge David Draper
Roimey Russell
Rolan Russell
Roland David
Roland David Fairfield
Roland David La
Roland H. Russell
Roland Horace Russell
Roland I David
Roland Normandeau Denise Laroche Mario Tremblay Paul Pilon DAVID
Roland Russell
Roland Russell 5.00.
Roland Russell Entertains Bristol
Roland Russell Is
Roland Russell Mary Anne Hearty CofC
Roland Russell Mr
Roland Russell Mr.
Roland Russell Mrs. R. W. Wilson
Roland Russell President
Roland Russell Property For Sale
Roland Russell Report
Roland Russell Russell
Roland Russell Secretary
Roland Russell Stafford
Roland Russell Sunday
Roland Russell Were Mr
Roland ΠRussell
Rolland Russell
Romain MP David Smith
Ron & Clara Russell
Ron David
Ron Hodgins David Hickey
Ron Russell
Ron Russell Billy Grace 24
Ron- Russell
Ronad J Russell
Ronald Campbell David Yach To
Ronald David
Ronald G Russell
Ronald G. Russell
Ronald Glenn Russell
Ronald Glenn Russell Ronald Glenn Russell
Ronald J Russell
Ronald Russell
Ronald Russell < Clara Little
Ronald Russell Hall 02014
Ronald Russell Memorial
Ronald Russell Treasurer
Ronald Russell Trudeau
RonaW Russell Doug Thomas
Rondd Russell
Ronnie Orr- 331.80 Russell
Ronnie Russell
Ronny Russell
Rooster- David All
Roots Russell Carrots
Rosaleen Dicksoe David
Rosalind Russell
Rosalind Russell "Vista
Rosalind Russell Alex Guinness Presented By Mr.
Rosalind Russell HIS
Rosalind Russell Ideas
Rosalind Russell PLUS
Rosalind Russell Stella Stevens MOVIE BINGO
Rotarian David Conrod
Rou-Roiand Russell
Routliffe A. Russell
Roxanne Russell
Roy Drake Russell Pritchard
Roy Russell
Royce Russell
Ruby Russell
Run” Russell
Rural Inspector Russell Elliott
Russell Christmas Candies Toilet
Russell DON’T W AIT—EVE R Y .
Russell Our
Russell X
Russell - Bristol Me-
Russell - Herbert
Russell - Ludlow
Russell - Percy Campbell
Russell 6405XM5 Phone Earl
Russell 7-2422 7-2500 7-3896
Russell 7-2471 7-2463
Russell 7-2471 7-2463 7-2721 7-2723
Russell 7-2523 Emmerson
Russell 7-2635 t 7-3825 X Smart
Russell 7-2984
Russell A
Russell A .
Russell A Russell
Russell A. Elliott
Russell A. McLachlin
Russell Africa
Russell Alexander
Russell Allen
Russell Allen Allen
Russell Allen Atkinsons Bar Hwy
Russell Amey
Russell and Wesley
Russell Andrews
Russell April
Russell Ba
Russell Bal-
Russell Barry
Russell Beattie
Russell Beau
Russell Beauchamp
Russell Beck
Russell Beckett
Russell Belsher
Russell Bennet
Russell Bennett
Russell Bennett’s
Russell Berndt
Russell Bertha Gardiner
Russell Berube
Russell Billot
Russell Bird
Russell Black
Russell Black Honoured
Russell Blavkburn
Russell Boise Block
Russell Boland
Russell Boose Block
Russell Boose Block Reliability
Russell Boose Elect.
Russell Bosse Block
Russell Bous*
Russell Bouse
Russell Bouse Biol
Russell Bouse Block
Russell Bouse Elect.
Russell Bower
Russell Bowes
Russell Boyd
Russell Brabazon
Russell Bradford
Russell Bribers
Russell Bristol
Russell Bros
Russell Bros Ottawa-Waltham— Leave Shawville
Russell Bros,
Russell Bros.
Russell Brothers Incorporated
Russell Brown
Russell Brown Emmerson Brown Mr
Russell Brownlee
Russell Burden
Russell Buttle
Russell By-law
Russell C Moore
Russell C. Tulk
Russell Cal
Russell Cameron
Russell Campbel
Russell Campbell
Russell Carr
Russell Carried
Russell Carried Moved
Russell Ceremonies
Russell Chairman
Russell Charles
Russell Charles E. Pearl
Russell Charlie King
Russell Charteris
Russell Church
Russell Clifford Cowan
Russell Co.
Russell Coach
Russell Coaler
RUssell Cobb
Russell Cobb - Whelen
Russell Cobb April
Russell Colvin
Russell Condon
Russell Cooper
Russell Corrigan
Russell Cosby
Russell Costain
Russell Court
Russell Cow
Russell Cowansville-Goal
Russell Crick
Russell Curie Mills
Russell Curley
Russell Currie
Russell Currie Mills
Russell Currie*Mills
Russell Currie- M
Russell Currie-Mill*
Russell Currie-Mills
Russell D Leach Chapeau
Russell Dagg
Russell Dale
Russell Daley
Russell David
Russell Davies Pontiac Bridal Fair
Russell De Carle
Russell Dean
Russell Dean Bristol
Russell Dean Come
Russell Dean Mr
Russell Dean Mr.
Russell Dean Mr. Neilson
Russell Dean Tribute
Russell Deb- Manwcll Carroll
Russell Deborah Russett
Russell DeCorle
Russell Decourcie
Russell Deeource
Russell DeLombard
Russell Dennis
Russell Development
Russell Dies
Russell Dies Al Norway
Russell Doherty
Russell Douglas
Russell Douse Block Another
Russell Dove M Inside
Russell Dumas
Russell Dumont
Russell E Hansen
Russell Education
Russell Edwards
Russell Eglish
Russell EHott
Russell Eight
Russell El
Russell El-
Russell Eli
Russell Eliminates Shawvllle
Russell Elizabeth
Russell ElKott
Russell Elli- David Fraser
Russell Elli-Joseph Belanger
Russell Elliots
Russell Elliott
Russell Elliott - Sterling Hodgins
Russell Elliott 40th
Russell Elliott 9.50
Russell Elliott J Cleary
Russell Elliott Lake
Russell Elliott Smart
Russell Elliott Sorry
Russell Elliott Tel
Russell Elliott to
Russell Elliott XA2 Rheal
Russell Elliott!
Russell Elliott) Alma Elliott
Russell Elliott* Fred Graham
Russell Elliott.
Russell Elliott.......... R. Wallace Burry
Russell Elliottt
Russell Elsie Murphy Letts
Russell Elwood
Russell Emmerson
Russell Eonse Block
Russell Eraklne
Russell Estate
Russell Evans Derouin
Russell EYES
Russell F
Russell F Elliott
Russell Faber
Russell Fair-
Russell Falbar
Russell Family
Russell Farewell Dr. Russell
Russell Farm
Russell Farrell
Russell Fin
Russell Find-J
Russell Findlay
Russell Findlay Shawville
Russell Fitzsimmons
Russell Fort Coulonge
Russell Frederick C. Mouche
Russell Frederick Zim-merling
Russell French - Lena Baml
Russell Funeral
Russell Funeral Home
Russell G. M. Murphy
Russell Gamble
Russell Gamble 213
Russell Gatineau Mills Que Parties
Russell Gauley
Russell George Centre
Russell Gerald Mielke
Russell Gibson
Russell Gleason
Russell Goldwyn Hobbs
Russell Goose Block
Russell Gordon Hod--------------------------------------
Russell Gordon MarRae
Russell Gough
Russell Gouley
Russell Grant
Russell Grant.
Russell Grave
Russell Gravelle
Russell Green
Russell Grice
Russell H -Elliott»RussellRR2 Francon Ltd Gregory
Russell H B ennett
Russell H Elliott
Russell H Elliott.
Russell H. 647-2578 Elliott
Russell H. Elliott
Russell H. Elliott,RussellRR2 Francon Ltd Gregory
Russell H. Elliott,RussellRR2 Francon Ltd-Gregory
Russell H. Monroe
Russell Hall
Russell Hanna
Russell Harper
Russell Harper.......
Russell Harper........
Russell Harper.........
Russell Harper..........
Russell Hart Sloan
Russell Hawkins
Russell He
Russell He-
Russell He-man Elliott
Russell He/use
Russell Hedging
Russell Heman
Russell Heman Elliott
Russell Henderson
Russell Herman Elliott fo/hj
Russell Hill
Russell Hobbs
Russell Hobbs 2
Russell Hobbs 3. Pair
Russell Hod
Russell Hodgins
Russell Hodgtm
Russell Holstein Breeders Association
Russell Holstein Calf Sale
Russell Holstein Club
Russell Holt
Russell Home
Russell Hon
Russell Honse Block
Russell Hormon
Russell Hotel
Russell Houee
Russell Houei Block
Russell Houet Block
Russell Hour* Orders
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Russell House* Itepresentatives
Russell HouseBlock Ottawa
Russell Houst
Russell Hou§eBlock Ottawa
Russell Hove*
Russell Hovse
Russell How Stable* ROBT.
Russell Humphrey
Russell Hunt
Russell hunt Graham
Russell Hunter
Russell Hurdman
Russell Hurdmen
Russell HXl
Russell I
Russell I Lu
Russell I THE
Russell I* Pa“ Versai
Russell I/)well
Russell Ilouse
Russell In
Russell Inanerws
Russell Indicated
Russell Is
Russell ITouse
Russell Ix>roy
Russell J Mulligan
Russell Jackson
Russell Jeannette Coyne
Russell Jeff Russell Concerts
Russell John
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnston
Russell Judd
Russell Judd $
Russell Judd 12.00
Russell Judd 137.26
Russell Judd 1470.00
Russell Judd 148
Russell Judd 17.50
Russell Judd 1974
Russell Judd 212.02
Russell Judd 227.71
Russell Judd 239
Russell Judd 24.00
Russell Judd 26.25
Russell Judd 260.19
Russell Judd 310.35 Garrison Supply
Russell Judd 315.00
Russell Judd 337.50
Russell Judd 748.00
Russell Judd 99.35
Russell Judd and Leonard Horner
Russell Judd Anniversary
Russell Judd Building Inspector
Russell Judd Contractor
Russell Judd cott*gers
Russell Judd Gels Board Meeting Nurse
Russell Judd Margaret Kilgour
Russell Judd Minutes
Russell Judd Moved
Russell Judd Such
Russell Judd _ _
Russell Judd • Ketchebaw
Russell Judd- Moved
Russell Judd.
Russell Judd................
Russell Judds
Russell Judd’s Fury
Russell Judi
Russell Jvld
Russell K
Russell Ken Tubman From
Russell Kettles
Russell Klliott
Russell Kllirtt
Russell Knits
Russell Knox
Russell Knox Preacher
Russell Kruts Ottawa
Russell Krutz
Russell L LeRoy
Russell L. Hod-gins
Russell Lacas
Russell Lance
Russell Lang
Russell Lavlie
Russell Le Roy
Russell Leach
Russell Leader
Russell Leafe
Russell Lecompte
Russell Lent
Russell Lerojr
Russell Leroy
Russell Lesway
Russell Levesque
Russell Lewis
Russell Linden M Richardson
Russell Lindsay
Russell Lloyd
Russell Lodge
Russell Louis Schwartz
Russell Lowed
Russell Lowell
Russell Loxton
Russell Loyer
Russell LTugroan.
Russell Lu-
Russell Lucas
Russell Lucas Dave Angus
Russell Lucas No.
Russell Luces
Russell Lug
Russell M Melanie
Russell Mac
Russell Mace
Russell MacIntyre
Russell Mackay
Russell Mae
Russell Manson
Russell Margaret Reid
Russell Margaret Reside
Russell Marilyn
Russell Martin Yach
Russell Mas Ignore Grant
Russell Masks
Russell Masseous
Russell May
Russell May God
Russell Mayo
Russell McCleary
Russell McDdWell
Russell McDowell
Russell Mce
Russell McKenzie Tisdale
Russell McKibbon
Russell McLaughlin
Russell McLellan
Russell McLinton
Russell McMillan
Russell McNeill
Russell McRoh-erts
Russell Mdkide
Russell Me
Russell Me#
Russell Me:
Russell Mee
Russell Mee -
Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawville Valuation Roll
Russell Mee Dalton Richardson
Russell Mee Verda Hamilton
Russell Mee xn2 November
Russell Mees
Russell Mee’s
Russell Mégane Bretzlaff
Russell Melburne Elliott
Russell Men
Russell Mer
Russell Mer-
Russell Merrifield
Russell Merritt
Russell Mev
Russell Miljour
Russell Milks
Russell Miller
Russell Mills
Russell Milton
Russell Mkk
Russell Mosseau
Russell Motion
Russell Motion Cr Garth Tracy Dust
Russell Motor Car Co.
Russell Mous-
Russell Mousso
Russell Mr
Russell Mr-
Russell Mr.
Russell Mr. R.
Russell Mr. W,
Russell Mrs Kenneth Smith
Russell Mrs. Asa Laughren
Russell Mrs. D.
Russell Mrs. Gilbert
Russell Mrs. H. Armstrong
Russell Mrs. H. G Judd. Young
Russell Mu
Russell Mulligan
Russell Mulligan Russell Mulligan ® Robinson
Russell Mulligan Steel Line Quy-
Russell Murdock’s
Russell Murray Hill
Russell Mve
Russell N OPEN
Russell Nancy Joy Vickers
Russell Nell Peggy
Russell Nitschkie
Russell NMM#
Russell Nobel
Russell Noble
Russell Nyveld
Russell O Old Grist Mill Burns To Ground Schedule
Russell Officers
Russell Ontario
Russell Ormond
Russell Osborne
Russell Ottawa
Russell Owen
Russell Own
Russell P. Hartle
Russell Pallbearers
Russell Pat terson
Russell Patrick
Russell Paulger
Russell Peck
Russell Pedwell
Russell Pembroke
Russell Pitt
Russell Plaident
Russell Pontiac s Agronomist Neil Drummond
Russell Poultry
Russell Powers
Russell Primer II
Russell Prit- T *
Russell Prit-that
Russell Pritchard
Russell Pt Toronto
Russell Puuse
Russell Quinn
Russell R F U
Russell R R
Russell Ram
Russell Raymond
Russell Rd
Russell Rd.
Russell Relsher
Russell Restaurant
Russell Reuse Block
Russell Richard-
Russell Richard- Complete
Russell Richardson
Russell Rick Valin
Russell Ring
Russell Ringrose
Russell Road
Russell Robinson 17.25
Russell ROBT.
Russell Rolphton
Russell Rons* Rlor
Russell Rotary Entertainment
Russell Rouse April
Russell Rouse Block
Russell Rouse Block CUTHBEgTSON
Russell Roust Block
Russell Route
Russell RR 2
Russell RR2647-3308 Gaumond
Russell RR2647—3308 Carroll
Russell Rudd
Russell Russell
Russell S. Hodgins
Russell S. Wilson
Russell Sage
Russell Samuel Hod
Russell Samuel Hodgins
Russell Samuel Hudgins
Russell Sec-Treas
Russell Sec-Trees
Russell Sec.-Treas
Russell Sec.-Trees
Russell Second Vice President
Russell Secretary
Russell Secretary-Manager
Russell Sense Block David Reaver
Russell Service Centre
Russell Service Centre-George Coles
Russell Service NOTICE
Russell Service Shawville Milling
Russell Shale Brick Company
Russell Sisson
Russell SKI
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 518
Russell Smith GSPi You
Russell Smith Passes
Russell Sot
Russell South
Russell South Mountain Sturgeon Falls
Russell Sports ShawvtHe
Russell Square
Russell Sr.
Russell St 8.
Russell St* Toronto
Russell St.
Russell Staut.m
Russell Staye
Russell Stew
Russell Stewart
Russell Stewart Mr
Russell Stéwert
Russell Sudbury
Russell Suitor
Russell T Elliott
Russell T Elliott.
Russell t,4tî
Russell T. Kelley
Russell T. Kelly
Russell Tab-parents
Russell Taber
Russell Taber Clive Beattie
Russell Taber Beverley
Russell Taber Martin
Russell Taber She
Russell Taber This
Russell Tabor
Russell Tader
Russell Tait Doherty
Russell Tatar
Russell Tater
Russell The
Russell Theatre
Russell There
Russell Thomas
Russell Tmirnamvnt M<i
Russell Toronto
Russell True
Russell Tubman
Russell Turner
Russell Turner 7
Russell Turner Almonte
Russell Unit
Russell Unuse
Russell Uodgins
Russell Uouet Block Ottawa
Russell Uoute
Russell V Hill
Russell Vestrup
Russell Victor
Russell Village
Russell VINTON R. MacGregor Dillon McGee
Russell Visitors
Russell Wallace
Russell Ward
Russell Warren
Russell WE MMgf
Russell Webb
Russell WED.
Russell Wedreaday
Russell White
Russell Wil-
Russell Will
Russell Williams
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson Shewville
Russell Winchester
Russell Wocds
Russell Wood
Russell Wood*
Russell Woods
Russell Woods -
Russell Woods 138.
Russell Woods 151.24
Russell Woods 157.
Russell Woods 196
Russell Woods A. Brown
Russell Woods BtT1
Russell Woods Municipal Forms
Russell Woods That
Russell Woods-
Russell Young
Russell Zim
Russell Zimmer
Russell Zimmerling
Russell Zimmerling Phone
Russell Zlmmerllng
Russell, Jr Champion Dairy Jim Russell
Russell- Mrs Sylvia Hodgins
RUSSELL—Beverley Ann
Russell’s Tom V6
Ruth A Eason Russell
Ruth David Bertrand Cowley
Ruth Russell
Ruth Russell November
Ruth Russell SHAWVIUE
Ruth Russell t*0 V*
Ruth Strutt Judd - Russell WWW.MICKARMnAGEBAND.COM
Rutherford Dickson David Rutherford Dickson
Ryan Barber Krisstessa Electronics Patrick Younge Jeff Hannaberry David Coles Willy Armitage Scott
Ryan Hartly David Hobbs
Ryan Russell
R^th Russell
S E Russell
S&wreuce Russell
S. Russell
S.S. Russell
Saint David
Saint David’s Day
Sale Jackson David Alexander Klaudie Boucher Hi
Sam David
Samuel David Devenney Dies After Lengthy Illness Ann Smith
Samuel David Grave
Samuel David Roth-well
Sandra Mur- Russell
Sandra Mur-Russell
Sandra Russell
Sar- Mrs David MacDonald
Sarah Mrs Edgar Russell
Satur- Russell
Saul David.
Scierie David- Todd Fraser
Scott Gall Russell Color
Scott Joan Leslie Technicolor Kiss Me Kate Kathryn Grayson Judy Canova John Russell WEDNESDAY
Scott Russell
Scout John David Grix
Sec Mrs Russell Elliott
Sec-Treas Russell
Second Bearer David Smith
Second David Kingdom
Sellers David Niven News
Sens Russell
Sf Editors David
Sfc> X D Russell
Sharon David Draper
Sharpe David Warren AUCTION SALE
Shawn Russell
Shawville David
Shawville JefT Russell
Shawville Russell Hotel
Shawville Russell House
Shawville Russell House Notice
Shawvllle’s Russell Judd
Sheets Constable David McCord
Sheila Ann Hodgins Weds John David Draper
Sheila Russell
Shelly Russell
Shelly W inters Claire Trevor Stephen McNally Denis O’Keefe Gail Russell
Shirey Russell
Shirlav Russell
Shirlety Russell
Shirley (Russell
Shirley Booth Jane Russell CEN^f
Shirley Eaton David McCallum
Shirley Eck-Russell
Shirley Incumbent David Roch
Shirley Russell
Shirley Russell Ada Palmer
Shower Mrs Russell Elliott
Shriley Russell Lucas
Shu- Russell
Sidney Tub- Russell
Sing David Wayne SATURDAY
Sing David Wayne SUNDAY
Sister Marie David
Sister Marie David (Marie Bertrand
Sister Mary David
Sister W. G. RUSSELL
Smallest dog- Graham Russell
Smith_ David Smith
Sml- Russell
Sol Smith Russell
Some Russell
Sometimes David
Son* R Russell
Sonny Russell
Sons Funeral Jeff Russell
Sons Funeral Russell Mee
Spar- Russell
Sparling Mrs David Parent
Sparrow David Brian Sparrow
Spot Russell T. Kelly
Sr ~Hrrrr David Crowell
St David
St David’s
St Eason Russell
St Jean de David-fatal
Stacey Russell
Stan Russell
Stanley - Bull Russell Mulligan
Stanton Russell Fhat
Stanton--That Russell Taber
Starring Rosiland Russell
Statfacts Myrle Russell
Stephen and David Ottawa
Stephen David McLaughlin
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggcridgc John Bu
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggeridge John Bu
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggeridge John Bv
Stephen King Louis L’Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggeridge John Bu
Stephen Mrs David Bertrand
Stephen Russell
Steve Cocharan David
Steve Russell
Steven and David
Steward Russell Gravcllc
Stewart Granger David Niven HARLAND C
Stewart Russell
Stuart Graham - David Brown
Stuart Russell
Stuart Russell Hay
Studio Andrée Kathleen Grace and Chris Russell
Sue Cahill-Booth Guelph Warren Russell Shawville
Sue David
Susan Russell
Susie Russell
Sylvia Bakker Al Russell
Sylvia David Ross
Sylvia Russell
T. Russell
Taber-That Russell V‘Motton-Cra McGoff-Steele
Taylor David Conrod
Taylor Eason J. Russell
Telford Russell
Tenderpads Chums David Wilson Bobby Hodgins Charlie Dale Collectors Badge Daryl Tubman Rae Campbell
Terry Clouthier David Rusenstrom
Terry Duffs Give David Prentice
Terry Moore Jeff Chandler David Wayne Technicolor _
Terry Russell
Th- Russell Elliott
Thanksgiving Theme Betty Russell
That Russell Taber
The Dravcurs* Matthew Lucas Russell
The Russell Heather Coughlin
Then Russell
Theodore William David
Theresa David.
Theresa Russell
They Russell K. O’Dell
Thomas David 2»13
Thomas David Coles
Thomas Frank David Stone
Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell Eric and
Tim Jeff Russell
Tim Russell
Timothy David
Timothy Heed—David McDowell 1
Tip Russell
Todd Russell
Tom and David
Tom Grant Russell
Tom Russell
Tom Russell 11.211
Tom Russell Dwayne Laughren He
Tom Smart David Wilson Andy Devine
TOM SMITH James David Fraser
Tom- Alfred Russell
Tommy Russell
Tony David.
Tony Hodgins David Mohr
Tony Russell
Toy David Cox
Tracteur "David Brown
Tractor David Brown
Tracy 584.12 Alfred Russell 1.60 Mrs L W Em
Tracy and Margaret Ervin Russell
Tracy Sharpe David Pilgrim
Treasurer David T. Morrison
Treasurer- Mrs Russell
Troy Russell
Truman Young David Truman
Trustee Russell Elliott
Turner David
Tyler Sc Emily Hubky Charles Russell
Ü* Mrs W David Hodgins
Uoiuid Russell
UVWWW.*.- M * Russell
V G Borg r Hay David Maclarbn
V J Russell Young
V V * Eason David Conrod
V* Russell
V. Russell
Val David
Val David.
Valley Mutual Betty Russell C.B.L. Pirie
VALUE OBITUARY Russell O’Connor Russell O Connor
Van-, Russell Grant
Vancou- Russell
Vera Palmer - Neil Russell Judd
Vera Russell Gibbs
Verdun Mr. Russell
Verna Russell Elliott
Verner Thnrn David Eligah Peck
Very Rev. David Cray
Vf Russell
Vice-President Guns DAVID MACLARBN
Viciurma Russell
Vick Russell
Vicki Russell
Vicky Russell
Victoria B.C. David McCuaig Dies
Victurnia Russell
Vivian Russell
Vonnie David.
V—Russell Lucas
W " X V * La Banque Scotia Photo David Moore
W A Mrs. Roland Russell
W A Russell House
W altei Russell
W alter Russell
W G. Russell
W Gaston David Aged
W innifred Russell Cone.
W M Russell
W Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.
W Russell
W T F S S T W David C
W" Emma Jennifer Jewell Jewell - David
W. Russell
Waiter Russell
Wallace - Russell Stewart - LaSalle
Walter David
Walter David Gerow
Walter David Moffatt
Walter Kileonr Jack Russell
Walter Kilgom Maynard Russell
Walter Kilgour David Belanger
Walter M. Russell
Walter MeM Russell
Walter Moffatt Mrs. David Ellis
Walter Mrs Andrew Russell
Walter Russell
Walter Russell 2
Walter Russell Dies
WALTER SMITH Jane Russell George Brent SIX
Walter Smith Kay Russell
Walter W. Russell
Wanda Younge and David.
Ward Schwa* David Alexander
Warren Mrs. Russell
Warren Russell
Warren Russell Bill Marras
Warren Russell Lot
Warren Russell or Betty Strutt
Warren Russell or Betty Strutt- Anyone
Warren Russell’s
Watching Me David
Wayne Maheral Debbie Russell
Wayne Rus- Catherine Russell Distinction Loren Smart
Wayne Tub- David William Murray
We Russell
Weirstead Mr. David McCord
Wendy Russell
When Russell
Wh»m Mr. David Park
Wilbert Hitchcock David Haveren
Willard Dage- Russell Judd
Willard Smith David Lester Jim Carmichael Gardner
William and David
William and David Further
William and David July
William and David Stephens
William Dale and David Belanger
William David
William David Acres
William David Armitage
William David Brown
William David Brown Ü
William David Hodgins
William David Iro Hoorn
William David John Beattie
William David McLaren
William David Norman Wilson
William David The
William David Whalen McGee
William David Whelan
William David Whelan William David Whelen
William Howard Russell
William M Russell
William M. Russell Dies STENCIL TYPING
William McGregor Russell
William Me- Russell Lucas
William Russell
William Russell y DR.
William Russell BETHEL
William Russell DR.
William Russell Keith McCleary
William Russell Trophy
William Russell Woods
William Somerville RUSSELL HOUSE
Willie M. Russell
Willie Russell
Wilson David Angus In*
Wilson Mrs Rolland Russell
Wilson Scout Irwin Wilson David Yach
With Russell
Wm V Si David A. Davis
Wm G Russell
Wm Russell
WO-1 Russell Armstrong
Wong - Russell Janey
Woods Russell
Wt Russell
Wyman W I -photo David Moore Pontiac
X* A Mrs Russell Elliott.
X—David Ayearst
Y & David P
Y * David ODonohoe
Y von D Lapierre David Z. Le Donald D. Macfie Martial Marois
Y von David C Hod
Yearling- R Russell
Young David
Young James David Averefl Shaw
Younger-Lcwis Russell
Zac* Russell
Zllvmanager Russell House Block Ottawa Ottawa.Je»
[ Mrs Russell Elliott
_ David Frederick.
_ Russell
Camp David
Coal Oil l H AS. RUSSELL
Dakota David
David Bar
David Brosse
David Columbus Hall
David Fleury au 648-5852.
David Griffin
David Hall
David Kingdom
David Maine
David Russe l
David Trinque au 455-2401.
Devil David
Dr. David Hartley
Floyd David
Fort Cou- Russell
Fort David
Green Lake David
Ill Class.-David
Jasper Park David
King David
King David Kalakua
Lake David
Luke David
M David
Mr. David Park
Mrs David l.
Ottawa David
Pearl Russell
Prince David
Quebec David
Quebec David
Russell 4 Hare
Russell Africa
Russell County
Russell Road
Russell Square
Russell Williams
Sale David
St David-de
U David
Yours Respectfully l David Mills
1st Shawville Pack 1st Star Tests George Russell Polishing
2. Dalton Russell;
2bmll Santa Barger David McCollum Disc Harrow
4** Tap Dance; David Bronson
453-7326 Otter Lake Russell
5.00 Publishers & Editor* David
5.00 Publishers & Editors David
5.00 Q Publishers & Eiiters David
5847X2S21 Russell’s Service Centre Ford
5th Anniversary David
6.00 Publishers & Editors David
A # Publishers & Editors David
Adventure Drama David Janssen Joyce Taylor HUBERT MAULEY 7:00
Advocate David
After Clearing Customs David
Agricultural Society Silver Ronald Russell Memorial
Anglophone Social Action Dr. DAVID JOHNSTON Principal McGill University DONALD JONDRBVILLE
As David
Association David
Association David Brown
BAKERY David Biscuits Cavalier Cadbury Chocolate McLareo
Bank of David
Bank of Montreal Barbers Bastien Tire Bean s Retro Canada Beckcrest Farm Betty Russell Brownline Fa
Banker David
Barbara Russell Telephone Co.
BARN David Brown
Bell David
Benefit Entertainment Russell Brothers
Best Beef Calf; Jeff Russell
Bible Study Publishers & Editors David
BINGO David Niven Lola Albright
Birth Hospital Meetings David
Board of Health Ervin Russell
Boys David
Bristol ; Mrs. David
Bristol ; Mrs. David McDowell
Bristol and Mrs. Herb Russell
Bristol and Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol Bob Russell
Bristol Mrs. Hertoy Russell
Bristol Mrs. Millon Russell
Bristol Norway Bay LAC Cecil Cmfligh Buried At Beechwood Mr. Burns Russell
Bristol R.dge Rev. David
Bristol Ridge Rev David
Bristol Ridge Rev David Purdie
Bristol Ridge Rev David Purdle Campbei
Bristol Ridge Rev David Purdte
Bristol Ridge Rev. David
Bristol Ridge Rev. David Purdie
Bristol Rklge Rev. David
Bristol s Clara Russell
Bristol s Fred Russell
Bristol s Jeff Russell
Bristol Women’s Institute David Dickson Budget
Bristol Women’s Institute Mrs. Roland Russell
Bristol Women’s Institute; Eason Russell
Bristol | Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol.............. Dalton Russell
Bristol; Russell Mackay
Bristol; Tpr David
Bristol; Warren Russell
Bros Ronald G Russell & Sons DRY COW 8c Sons Glenark
Bryson Council Call David
Bryson David
Bryson Lionettes Special Prize David Dickson CAP Student Leadership Certificate Leslee Russett Pont
Bryson Lions Hall DAVID
Bryson Lions Mrs. David
Bryson Mrs. David
Bryson News Obituary David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
BSE Russell Garage
BY DAVID K Promptly
Cal Carson Russell
Caldwell Ladies’ Guild Lieut David Chi
Canada Public Works Canada David Lindsay Eckford
Cancer David
Carey Gall Russell k
Carson David Condie
Carson Golden Age Club Russell of North Gower
Carson Russell
Carson Russell & Mike
Carson Russell B>’
Carson Russell Bristol Volunteer Qn October
Carson Russell By ELIZABETH Elizabeth Hahn
Carson Russell Hall
Carson Russell Mike
Carson Russell of
Carson Russell of North
Carson Russell of North Gower
Carson Russell’s
Carson Russell’s Pee-Wee
Cartier Sheraton Dr. Martin C. Benfey Pavilion Cushing Lodge David
Cat°i King David
Celebrate Crystal Anniversary Andrew Russell
Central Depot Russell House
Central Depot Russell House BIoîï
Central Depot Russell House Bloch London
Central Depot Russell House Block Gome First Week
Central Depot Russell House Block GUTHBEfjTSON
Central Depot Russell House DM.
Chamber of Commerce Mayor David Lunam;
Champion & Reserve Russell
Charles Russell Telephone
Civic Hospital Mrs. Fred Russell
Clara Russell
Clarendon School Board David Livingstone
Clinical Laboratory Will Begin Co-op Medical Returns Russell Her
Clothes Shop Allan Russell
Clow Harmony Equity Photo Joe Russell
Colombo Plan David
COMMERCIAL PRINTING Call David Murray Days Pembroke
Community Calendar David Brown
COMPACT BUDGET PRICED Grade Vie John Dean; Harley Richardson; Jack Lang; David Mc-Brian Brownlee
Concert Joe Russell And Gulbransen Organ Stars Of Great Rotary Show
Consequently Com J A Russell
Contact David
Contact David Bristol
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contact Russell Mae
Corporation David Brown
Corporation Municipale du Russell
Council David
Council David Fisk Regional Agricultural Engineer Determining Ventilation Needs
Council Federal Judy Grant Hubert Leduc David Smith Gretchen Thierry Benoit Schwarz Vicente Legros
Council Mrs. David Langdon
Council Onslow North Forbidden DAVID ANGUS
CPM Ltd Rmgrose Funeral Home Jencom Inc David
Custom Application Charles Russell;
David Melvyn Perry
David Reserve Senior
DÉP David Pontiac
Department of Russell Elliott
Doctor David
Donna Mae Russell
Dr David Fish
Edgar Russell & Sons
ELIZABETH Carson Russell
Elmlea Domino Russell
Everett Arthurs Carson Russell
Everett Eason Russell
Fam#y Night Bristol Ridge Rev David
Fam#y Night Bristol Ridge Rev. David
Famfy Night Bristol Ridge Rev David
FamHy Night Bristol Ridge Rev. David
Famly Night Bristol Ridge Rev David
FamSy Night Bristol Ridge Rev David
Famüy Night Bristol Ridge Rev. David
Fan*y Night Bristol Ridge Rev. David
Farm Equipment OBITUARY Russell Murray Hill
Food Service Floor Maintenance General Sanitation Disinfection A Biotechnology DAVID
Formerly Russell’s Service Centre
FROATJ & SONS Mrs. Russell Dean
Funeral Home of S S Russell
F«n#y Night Bristol R,dg* Rev. David
G Publishers & Editors David
G. Russell Bristol
Gall Russell Color
George Russell
Golden Girl Margarine David Soda Crackers Hb
Good Clean Unit David Brown MO
GOOD David
Great Demonstration Public Notice DAVID M< IK)WELL Last Thursday
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants Royal Bank C.B.
Harley David
Hayes & Sons Funeral Jeff Russell
Hayes & Sons Funeral Russell Mee
Hayes & Sons Patricia Russell
Health Examiner-^Russell Mulligan
Heritage Russell
Historial Society David
Holiday Inn Crown Plaza David
Hospital Road DAVID
HOURS Publishers Sf Editors David
House of David
III—Robbie Russell
Insti David
Institute Mrs. Roland Russell
IRONWOOD - David Morgan
Is AECL Public Relations Officer David Lisle AECL
IS David
Isabella St David Pilgrim B2J26 LEO Your
J A Russell
J David Faubert Developments Ltd
J E Russell with Reserve Junior Champion Female
J.E. Russell Court
JEAN WALLACE Carson Russell
Junior Champion Reserve Russell
JUNIOR YEARLING HEIFER J E Russell A Sons Hlllls Connolly Edwin
K & Rev. David
Kings 0 Jeff Russell
KL Kllgour J E Russell A Sons J Donald Duff A Sons Hlllls ConoUy
KL KUgour Hlllls Connolly J E Russell A Sons SENIOR YEARLING HEIFER J E Russell A Sons Hlllls ConoU
KRIFF Mrs. David Olmstead DEATHS St. Andrews Knox
Lake Dumont Fish A Russell
LAMBS Sheep David Lunam
Life Insurance Phone David
Life Insurance Rhone Rev. David
Lion David Brizard
LKAH MILLER Equity Reporter PONTIAC David Smith
Lleut-Colonel David Watson
Local de Services Communautaires David
LPTO David Brown
Lucas Russell
M. Bernard Pilot Russell
Maple Leaf David
Maple Syrup Carried | Russell
Marries Russell Pitt Phileas Amyotfe Named Fort Coulonge Mayor
Marshall Sir Douglas Haig Admiral Sir David Beattie
Master Corporal Russell Davies Russell Davies
Master David
Master David 1
Master David Alexander
Master David Ayearst
Master David Bowman
Master David Brown
Master David Cartman
Master David Colton
Master David Dagg
Master David Dagg Mr.
Master David Dods
Master David Hodgins
Master David Johnston
Master David Langdon
Master David McBride
Master David McCord
Master David Mulligan
Master David Palmer
Master David Sccucclmara
Master David Sparline
Master David Sparling
Master David Sugrue
Master David T
Master David Thompson
Master David Wall
Master Jeff Russell
Master Russell
Master Russell Horne
Masters David
McGill University Russell Judd
McKechnle & Sons CTawford Bros Ronald G Russell & Sons Wm
McKechnle & Sons Ronad J Russell & Sons Ronald J Russell & Sons Bull
McKechnle & Sons Ronald G Russell & Sons Ronald G Russell & Sons Frank Finnigan
Messrs David Education and Better Schools
Mil David County Social Planning Coun-
Mine Able Seaman David Moore Pending
Morning Rosalind Russell Technicolor MS
Morning Worship WESLEYAN Shawville Rev. Ted Willingham Bristol Ridge Rev. David
Motion Russell-Alien
Motion—Russell-Beattie Council
Moyer’s School Supplies Russell Lucas
MP David
Mr David
Mr Russell Pitt
Mr. Alf Russell Bristol
Mr. David
Mr. David Brown
Mr. David Gamble
Mr. Russell Gilman Higby
Mrs Carson Russell
Mrs David High School
Mrs Russell Pitt
Mrs Russell Pitt of Hull
Mrs Russell Pitt spent Christmas Holidays
Mrs. David Gamble
Mrs. Emile Carson Russell
Mrs. Mrs Carson Russell
Mrs. Ned | Hospital Auxiliary Mrs. Russell Dean
Mrs. Ronnie Russell
Mrs. Russell Elliott ;
Mrs. Russell Pitt
Mrs. Russell Pitt and Ellen
Mrs. Russell Pitt and Heather
Mrs. Russell Pitt of Hull
Mrs. Russell Watson
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
National Bank Beth s Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell - Donation
National Events Mrs. David Russell
Negotiating Committee QAPSB Western Que J A Russell
NOTICE Publishers & Editors David
Oldsmobile Cars Chevrolet Trucks RUSSELL BOYD.
ONSLOW Gordon Russett Mr. Gordon Russell
ONT Call David Murray Days Pembroke
Ont David Bell
Oppose Agricultural Russell Dumont
Orohami DAVID
Oskar Warner David Janssen
Our Lady of Good David
Pack Leader David
Patricia Russell’s
PAUL MCGEE Equity Editor - Pontiac MP David Smith
Pee Wee Division David
Pembroke Hahn Correspondent Belated Carson Russell of North
Pentecostal Church AdmiMion Contact David Hktdgins
Perry Lucas Russell
PGM.Grand Sec.; Beta Russell
Pontiac Community Alfred Russell
Pontiac Community Hos-David
Pontiac Community Hospital are Hospital Administrator Jack Russell witn Hospital Board
Pontiac Council David Dickson
Pontiac County Co- Dalton Russell
Pontiac County Eason Russell
Pontiac County John David
Pontiac County Protestant Schools David
Pontiac Jamea Russell
Pontiac Kid* David
Pontiac Lions Midget CC Russell
Pontiac Lions PNMHT Scoring Player J Argue L Russell M Durm S Larameé S Beck MA Glfouard
Pontiac MP David Smith AG BEAT Valley Fine Meats Co-op
Pontiac Printshop Janet Russell
Pontiac Protestant High David
Pontiac Russell
Pontiac Russell Mee 647-3378 Shawville Valuation Roll
Pontiac Telephone Co Mrs Herby Russell
Pontiac Trail Ken Fisher Pontiac Russell
Pontiac; Bank National; Eason Russell
Prayer & Bible Study DAVID MAINSE AREA WIDE CRUSADE Bristol Memorial Rev. Allan G. Mackenzie
Prayer Meeting Rev. David
Press Convenor Publishers & Editors David
Preyer Service Rev. David
PTO David Brown
Public Speaking Lindsay Kilgour Victor Belanger David
Public Works David
Publishers & Edit ers David
Publishers St Editors David
Pue-Gilchrisl 4P Publishers Sf Editors David
Quebec Farm Forum By Keith Russell
RA Hard-working Russell
Radford Hospital David
Red David
Reis Equipment Ltd. Mystical Creations Valley Mutual Revel Stewart & Barb Russell Elliott Farm Equi
Roll JH Nathan Russell Woods
Rotarian Joe Russell
Royal Bank Beckcrest Farm Pontiac Auto Betty Russell H.I. Hobbs
Royal Winter Miss Eleanor Russell
Ruby Seal Eason Russell
Rural Inspector Alfred Russell
Rural Inspector Russell Elliott
Russell & Associates
Russell & Associates Studio
Russell & Co''s
Russell & Sons
Russell & Sons Crawford Bros.
Russell & Sons Dalton Hodgins J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin
Russell & Sons Dalton Hodgins JA & KL Kilg Walter Kllgour
Russell & Sons MacKechnie
Russell & Sons One
Russell & Sons;
Russell A Sons JA A KL KUgour Walter
Russell A Sons Walter
Russell and Sons
Russell and Sons Shea
Russell Bristol end Mrs.
Russell Bros
Russell Bros Ottawa-Waltham— Leave Shawville
Russell Brothers
Russell Brothers Incorporated
Russell Director General Shewville
Russell Disney
Russell du Québec.
Russell Equipment Ltd. Hwy
Russell Fair
Russell Farm Equipment
Russell Farm Shawville’s Pipeline
Russell Heart Institute Golf Tourna
Russell Hospital
Russell Hotel
Russell House
Russell House Biol CUTHBEHTSON
Russell House Bloch CUTHBEHTSON
Russell House Block
Russell House Elect
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Russell House Mr. Horner
Russell House Mrs.
Russell House Open—^ms |
Russell House ROBT.
Russell House SCHOOL NO.
Russell House Shawville
Russell House Stables
Russell House SURGEON DENTIST Campbells Bat -
Russell House X
Russell House Yard
Russell Mayo
Russell Motor Car Company
Russell Mrs. Pitt ....... Warren Campbell WÊKÊÊÊIÊÊÊ Mrs.
Russell Opera House
Russell Own High Producers Pontiac League
Russell Pontiac
Russell Rd
RUSSELL ROOM NOW # Equity & TO....
RUSSELL S Service Centre
Russell s Service Centre Tel
Russell Sage Foundation
Russell Service Centre
Russell Service Centre 7.41
Russell Service Centre-George Coles
RUSSELL Shooting
Russell St Sons
Russell St Sons Selwood Greta’s Burton; John T. Dagg St Son Senior
Russell Unit No.
Russell’s Farm
Russell’s Service Center
Russell’s Service Centre
Russell’s Service Centre Ford
Russell’s Service Centre INSULATED Homemade
SCHOOL Births COWLING Tin- Russell House
School Board Association Charlie Russell
School Board of David
School David
School Russell Allen Atkinsons Bar Hwy
School Russell Judd Board
Scout David
Seals Campaign Chair-David Conrod
Second Joe Russell Rotary Club Entertainment
Secret Eason Russell
Shawville Hardware Store Mrs. David Hall
Shawville Ladies Hospital Auxiliary David
Shawville Milling Co and Russell Service Centre
SHAWVILLE Publishers & Editors David
SHOWMANSHIP Ronnie Russell
SI Editors David
SII8.WVIIIG Council Russell
Sir David
Softball Throw Carson Russell
SON Fuel Oil Supplier ERIC JUDO RUSSELL JUDD Trucks Electrical Contractor Farm Equipment | Automoti
SON Mrs. Herman Russell
SONS Mr David
Sports Equipment David
St David
St David’s Day
St David’s Hie
St Editors David
St Francis Rosalind Russell
St Jo- David
St Jo- David Geerstma
St Jo-Russell
St Joseph’s Russell
St. David
St. David’s Head
Student Coun- GAS OIL GREASE Russell
Talking Pictures Charles STARRETT Russell HAYDEN
Task Force Chair David
Thome Council David Romain
TÏ Torch Relay Russell
Towell Lois Watson Mona Whelen Claudia Wickens David
TUESDAY David Farrar Black Fury
U S A Mrs. Roland Russell
UCW David
United David
University of Western Ontario Professor David
V* RUSSELL’S Service Centre SALE
Valley Mutual General Insurance Bursary David Dickson Memorial Award for Journalism
Vinton Seasons Greetings Mrs. Russell Judd
VOM E Russell
Wales David Outfield
Wales St. David
Watson David
Western Quebec School Board Dr. David Brooks - Martoek Resource Consultants Dr. Davis Earle - Atomi
Western Quebec School Logan Drummond; David Board
White David
Wilderness Society David
Wm V Si David
Womens Institute David McLellan
Women’s Institute David
WORLD Adventure Color David Hedison
Y. M LA G FO RO K IIA Y David Maci.aiil
Young Foal—Carbrook Pilot Russell