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Barry Bob Grant Whiter Buawell Joffre Dciilets Carl Vo* G*orge Mentha

Issues the person appears in:

83471_1938-02-24 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

,1 Grant
10.00 Freeman Grant
1021 Grant
1947 Memberships Quebec Grant
1971 Helen Neville Barnsley Gerald Osborne Howard J°^n Wesley Grant
1974 Bob Cat
1978 Margaret Grant Demanderesse
1979 Grant
1987 Telecommunication Grant
205.10 169.15 Quebec Government Grant
3 Grant
3,000 Grant Urquhart
432-2245 Grant C. Werry
4th - Grant Woolsey
647-2204 Grant C. Werry 623-7206 G. Wayne Ellis
647-3221 Grant
647-3231 Mrs. Grant Fades
647-3456 Grant C. Werry Amprior
6—Grant Gibson
7-2481 Grant
72,427 Mrs. Grant Rade#-------
7°v E Grant MacDonald
8. Grant
87.00 Motion Grant Elliott
8h€W kindneeSe Hla Grant
9am Grant;2nd
A Brown Grant
A* Grant
A* Grant X"*de
A. E Grant
A. E Grant Cbofton
A. E Grant Ckoftuv
A. E Grant Crofton
A. E Grant Cropton
A. E Grant Crouton
A. E. Grant Crofton
A. E. Grant Orokton
A. Grant
A. Grant 11.00 a.m.
A. Grant El
A. Grant Elmshle Win
A. Grant HI
A. Grant Klmside Win Foas
A. Grant Klmstde Win Foss
A. GRANT Quebec
A..oc„ Grant
A1 Grant
Abner Grant
Academy—Emma Grant
Accessories V: O Carl Sparling
Ada Asse]in> Bob
Adeline Grant
Admiral Grant
Advocate Barry
Afelakie Award - Assiduity - Sec. V-Barry Lamarche
Aggie Grant
Agnes Grant
Aiufrew Grant
Al Ian Grant
Al- Red Cross Grant
Alain Villeneuve Carl Davidson
Albert Armstrong Bob Smith
Albert Carl
Albert Durer/ Grant
Albert Elliott and Margaret Grant
Albert Grant
Albert Grant 2
Albert Grant 3. Class III.—Jae Hamilton
Albert Grant 3. R*HORNER First Primer
Albert Grant 8. YOUNG
Albert Grant Phone
Albert Yonk-Barry
Albert Yonkman Barry
Alex Grant
Alex. Grant
Alexander Bob their
Alexander F Pokes If Highways Grant Witheld Honoured By
Alexander Grant
Alexander Grant.
Alfred Barry
Alfred Carl December
Alfred Carl Miller Rev. Ed MsCalg
Alice Grant Rosman
Alice Grant Rosman When Samuel Penguin
Allan Barry Pettem
Allan Bean Carl Fairfield
Allan Grant
Alliance’s Judy Grant
Allison Grant
Allumette Island Those Mrs. Sherwood Grant
Alternate Grant Eades
Alton Grant
Amy Grant
Amy Taylor 6th - Shannon Grant
Andai Photo Bob.
Andrea Grant
Andrea Hobbs,Carl
Andrew Bob >
Andrew & Grant
Andrew Barry Draper
Andrew Barry’s Bay
Andrew Dickson Bob Smith
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant 1
Andrew Grant 11
Andrew Grant 3. Saddle
Andrew Grant Bristol
Andrew Grant I
Andrew Grant.—Amendment
Andrew Grant’s
Andtvw Grant
Andy Carl Mclnnis
Andy Grant
Anetta Grant
Ann Barry
Ann Grant
Ann Robinson Gene Barry Professional Sevices
Anna Barry
Anna Carl
Anne McConnell Dan Tremblay Bob and Jennfier Orr Kelly
Annie Ethel Grant
Annie Grant
Annie KeUy Grant
Annie M. Grant
Appelez Mariette Grant
Applied Leslie Grant
Apply Freeman Grant 647-3421 Mrs.
Apply Freeman Grant 8I302xm10
Apply Mrs Grant Eades
Apply Mrs Grant Eudes
Apply Mrs. Grant
Apply Sherwood Grant
Ar Grant
Archie Grant
Arline Grant
Armstrong Grant
Armstrong Grant Eades
Arnold Carl Yach
Arnold St. Jean and Bob Scott
Art McGuire Marion McGuire Carl Beck Jim Curley Joan
Arthur Grant
Arthur Kilgour Whiter Kilgour
Arthur Laundrie Carl Vandray Mrs.
Asa Grant
Ass.Coach Bob "Fish
Assistant Coach Bob Sheppard
At Freeman Grant
Athol Carl
Auctioneers Grant C. Werry Arnprior
Auctioneers L Grant C. Werry Arnprior
Auditorium - Grant Fades
Aurelia Grant
Austin Special Constable Carl Gibbons
A^ J Bob Carswell
B. A. Grant
B. A. Grant Eliuside
B. A. Grant Eltnsidu Wm Foss
B. Grant
Baird Bob
Barbara Ann * Grant
Barbara Barry
Barber and Grant
Barber and Messrs Freeman Grant
Barber and Messrs Grant
Barber Grant.
Barber, Grant
Barber...... E Grant....... Elliott Hodgins J R McDowell
Barnes Barry
Barred L Carl Dale
Barry A
Barry Ban
Barry Technicolor Black Fury
Barry "
Barry & Karen Pretty Barry Moran Bev
Barry (Marie)
Barry - Hay
Barry 34236BJN6 SCHWARTZ
Barry 458-2771._xa6
Barry 7-2465 Murray
Barry 7-2665 Murray
Barry 7-2813 Murray
Barry 7-3*47 Murray
Barry A
Barry A Vendre
Barry Agency
Barry Agnew
Barry Ail
Barry Alexander
Barry Alexander Helen Bradley Jack McKay
Barry Allan
Barry Also
Barry and Karen
Barry and Karen Atack
Barry and Karen Bell
Barry and Karen Bennett
Barry and Marie Russet
Barry and Marie Russett
Barry and Nancy Camp
Barry and Nancy Campbell
Barry Andrew Turner
Barry Angus
Barry Annsmuir
Barry Arm
Barry Arm As
Barry Armstrong
Barry Arthur
Barry Arthur Sprigings
Barry Babcock
Barry Barkan
Barry Bay
Barry Be-
Barry Be-June
Barry Bean
Barry Bean 2
Barry Beardsley
Barry Beardsley Canada
Barry Beauchamp
Barry Belagner
Barry Belan-Most Sportsman Like Player
Barry Belane Leonard Godin
Barry Belanger
Barry Belanger Driver
Barry Belanger PBL
Barry Belangers
Barry Belanger’s
Barry Bell
Barry Bennett
Barry Bennett IHs
Barry Beverley Draper
Barry Bias- MacKay
Barry Bidder
Barry Bids
Barry Bill
Barry Billing-
Barry Billingham
Barry Bilmer
Barry Bindley
Barry Birnie
Barry Birthday
Barry Blais
Barry Blaskie
Barry Blaskle
Barry Bob Grant Whiter Buawell Joffre Dciilets Carl Vo* G*orge Mentha
Barry Boisvert
Barry Bonds
Barry Bradley
Barry Bradley Motion
Barry Breen
Barry Brenda Greenshields
Barry Bretzlaff
Barry British Columbia
Barry Broadfoot
Barry Brock
Barry Broseau- Onslow
Barry Brousaeau
Barry Brouseau
Barry Brousseau
Barry Brown
Barry Buder
Barry Burial
Barry Burke
Barry Burke Yach
Barry Calumet Island
Barry Camm
Barry Campbed
Barry Campbel
Barry Campbell
Barry Campbell 2
Barry Campbell 3
Barry Campbells Bay
Barry Can
Barry Carolyn
Barry Carried
Barry Carroll
Barry Chan THE
Barry Chapman
Barry Choir
Barry Cliff Hahn
Barry Cnwford
Barry Collins
Barry Community Hospital
Barry Conroy
Barry Cooper
Barry Corrigan
Barry Corriveau
Barry Cox
Barry Crag
Barry Craig
Barry Craig - That James Members
Barry Craig.
Barry Cran
Barry Cranham
Barry Crawford
Barry D Nicol
Barry D ummond
Barry Dale
Barry Dale 1
Barry Davis
Barry Dcschcncs
Barry De
Barry De-
Barry De- Ottawa
Barry Dean -
Barry Dean Anyone
Barry Decarie
Barry Decks
Barry Deebs
Barry Deeks
Barry Deeks Motion Crs H Wickens
Barry Dekes
Barry Deline
Barry Deline My
Barry Delvln Rodolph Lepine
Barry Demain
Barry Denise Morrissette
Barry Denommee
Barry Denver
Barry Dequanne
Barry Deri
Barry Derouin
Barry Derouin Congratulations
Barry Derouin Shawville
Barry Derouln
Barry Deschênes
Barry Desmond
Barry Desmond McGowan
Barry Devereaux
Barry Dies
Barry Dillon
Barry DM
Barry Donon
Barry Doyle
Barry Doyle Achetez 1
Barry Doyle.
Barry Dra-1 Gwen Hearty
Barry Dra-I
Barry Dragila Smith
Barry Drap
Barry Draper
Barry Draper Melvin
Barry Draper Phone
Barry Draper To
Barry Draper-Guardian
Barry Drapers
Barry Draper’s
Barry Draper’s Willow Hill Marty
Barry Drum
Barry Drummond
Barry Drummond’s
Barry Dubeau
Barry Dubeau Feb. 1
Barry Duncan
Barry Duncan Gavan
Barry Dupuis
Barry Dwyer
Barry E S Sullivan
Barry Edmonds
Barry Edward O''Meara
Barry Edwin Murphy
Barry Egan
Barry Electrolux Trophy
Barry Eliott
Barry Elliot
Barry Elliott
Barry Elliott Mrs Marjorie Smith
Barry Elliottt
Barry Ellison-Wade
Barry Elsie
Barry Eudes
Barry EW
Barry F
Barry F Hard
Barry Fails
Barry Fawcett
Barry Ferguson
Barry Find
Barry Findlay
Barry Finlay
Barry Fitsgerald
Barry Fitzgerald
Barry Fltsgerald
Barry Flynn Rd
Barry For
Barry Foran
Barry Foran 4
Barry Foster Stitt Macdonald College
Barry Fox
Barry Francis Graveline
Barry Frank Donne
Barry Frank Sloan
Barry Frederick
Barry Froats
Barry Ftndlav
Barry Fulford
Barry Gallant
Barry Gautheir
Barry Gauthier
Barry Gervais
Barry Get
Barry Giberson
Barry Gil- An
Barry Gilchrist
Barry Gilpin
Barry GIMn
Barry Gimson
Barry Ginson
Barry GJom
Barry Gkrm
Barry Gleason
Barry Glen Robinson
Barry Goldwater
Barry Good
Barry Good Fellow
Barry Goodfellow
Barry Goodfellow Beech Grove
Barry GoodfeUow
Barry Grace
Barry Graham
Barry Grand Pole Bending- Pinto Valley Ranch
Barry Griese
Barry H. Elliott
Barry H. Elliott F.H.
Barry Hag-and Brent Bertrand
Barry Hagen
Barry Hall
Barry Happy
Barry Hark- Tommy McTiernan
Barry Harkens
Barry Harki
Barry Harkins
Barry Harkins and Karen
Barry Harkins This
Barry Harold
Barry Harper
Barry Hart
Barry Hawker
Barry He
Barry Head
Barry Hearts Club
Barry Hedgins
Barry Hewitt
Barry Hfl|HH|||H|^|H|HpCampbell
Barry Higgins
Barry Hindley
Barry Hintley
Barry His
Barry Hiver
Barry Hobbs
Barry Hobin
Barry Hockey League
Barry Hod
Barry Hodgina
Barry Hodgins
Barry Hodgins - Geraldine Violet
Barry Hodgins 1
Barry Hodgins 2
Barry Hodgins- Quebec Angus Assoc
Barry Hodglni
Barry Hodglns
Barry Hodgma
Barry Hogan
Barry Holt
Barry Holt 1
Barry Homemade
Barry Homer
Barry Homer Time
Barry Homer_ Shawville
Barry Homilist
Barry Hon
Barry Horn
Barry Horn-Kruitz
Barry Horne
Barry Horner
Barry Horner JN90TC
Barry Horner Bernard Armilage
Barry Horner Residents
Barry Horners Peggy Cruickahank
Barry Hospital
Barry Hostess Mr. Ward Markle
Barry Hotel
Barry Hound
Barry Howard
Barry Howard 4
Barry Hubert
Barry Hutchinson
Barry Hutchison
Barry I
Barry I Moore
Barry I Rev L. Bacon
Barry Immaculate Conception Klukc
Barry In
Barry Is
Barry It
Barry J P A.
Barry J. Yoell
Barry James
Barry James Crawford
Barry James Telford
Barry James.
Barry John
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnston
Barry Jones
Barry Joubame
Barry Jr.
Barry July
Barry Kedwell
Barry Keith
Barry Kelly
Barry Kelsey
Barry Kerr
Barry Kilbride
Barry Kinch
Barry Kinch - Dena-t
Barry Kinch Ont
Barry Kinch- Help
Barry Kinch-Kenabeek
Barry Kingsbury Mrs.
Barry Kirk Douglas Richard Harris Team
Barry Klchman
Barry Kluke
Barry Kluke Gerard
Barry Kluke McLaughlin
Barry Kluke Morley Hodgins Ltd.
Barry Kluke Wallace
Barry Koran
Barry Kroee
Barry Krose
Barry Krose 7:00
Barry Krose Ottawa
Barry Krose- McDowell
Barry L usine
Barry La
Barry La# Horner
Barry La*
Barry La-uder
Barry Labadie
Barry Labante
Barry LaBatté
Barry Labattie
Barry Labonte
Barry Lac
Barry Lafromboise
Barry Lamarche
Barry Lance
Barry Lance Construction Langford s Grocery Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Loeb Shawville Loisirs Shawvill
Barry Lanoix
Barry Lawrence
Barry Leduc
Barry Lee Smith
Barry Leney
Barry Libodie
Barry Lovett
Barry Loveys
Barry Loyer
Barry Lush
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk Pontiac
Barry Lydon
Barry M Colby
Barry M Loses
Barry Mac Kay
Barry Mackay
Barry Mackey Mrs. Earl Gallagher
Barry MacMillan
Barry MacMillan Tractor
Barry MacNeill
Barry MacWilliam They
Barry Mali
Barry Maloney
Barry Manwell
Barry Manwell Acheté
Barry Mark
Barry Marked
Barry Martin
Barry Martin Country Favourites Emile
Barry Marty Brownlee
Barry Mather
Barry Matson
Barry Maurice Duquette
Barry Mayer
Barry Mayhew
Barry Mc-Callum
Barry McC
Barry McCallum
Barry McCann
Barry McCann B.M. Graham
Barry McCann Goal
Barry McCann Phone No.
Barry McClaren
Barry McCord
Barry McCoy
Barry McCracken
Barry McCrank
Barry McCredie
Barry McDonald
Barry McDowell
Barry McGow-
Barry McGow-and
Barry McGow-Mr.
Barry McGowan
Barry McGowan - Heritage
Barry McGowan Diane Sanford
Barry McGowan There
Barry McGowar
Barry McGown
Barry McGrory
Barry McGuire
Barry McIntyre
Barry McKay
Barry McLaughlin
Barry McMilliam
Barry McMillian
Barry McNally
Barry McOuatt
Barry McOuatt Armstrong
Barry McQuatt
Barry McWilham
Barry McWilliam
Barry McWilliams
Barry Me Quatt
Barry Me William
Barry Mel
Barry Mel-number
Barry Melanson
Barry Metcalfe
Barry Me—
Barry Me— Quatt
Barry Michael Brouse
Barry Min
Barry Mo-
Barry Mo-and Team
Barry Mo-| Mr.
Barry MoAre MP
Barry Model
Barry Mof-
Barry Moffall
Barry Moffat
Barry Moffatt
Barry Moffatt Cft Mettait Rd.
Barry Moffatt Clarendon
Barry Moffatt McDowell
Barry Moffett
Barry Moftati
Barry Mohr
Barry Molfat
Barry Moore
Barry Moore Canada Mortgage
Barry Moore Cette
Barry Moore Crusade
Barry Moore Crusade 1:30
Barry Moore Crusade Money
Barry Moore DAY
Barry Moore Driving
Barry Moore Evangelistic
Barry Moore H®
Barry Moore Il
Barry Moore Jérôme Sallafranque
Barry Moore M.P
Barry Moore M.P.
Barry Moore M.P. Dance
Barry Moore M.P. Pontiac
Barry Moore M.P. WITH
Barry Moore M.R. Pontiac
Barry Moore Maniwaki
Barry MOORE Mazankowski Mazankowski
Barry Moore Member
Barry Moore Metis from Quebec
Barry Moore Michael Roy.
Barry Moore Moore
Barry Moore MP
Barry Moore MP Pontiac
Barry Moore MR
Barry Moore Mr Maloney
Barry Moore PC
Barry Moore Pontiac
Barry Moore Remembrance
Barry Moore Robert Middlemiss
Barry Moore S#
Barry Moore Sec.
Barry Moore Team
Barry Moore Tulips
Barry Moore’s
Barry Moore’s Ottawa
Barry Moran
Barry Morre
Barry Morris
Barry Morse
Barry Mos*
Barry Moughton
Barry Moved
Barry Mrs Bob Dale
Barry Mrs Hobbs 819-647-3718
Barry Mrs Morley Mrs Hariand Armitage
Barry Mui-
Barry Mur-
Barry Mur-kar
Barry Murdoch
Barry Murdock
Barry Muriel Davies
Barry Murkar
Barry Murrav
Barry Murray
Barry Murray 3
Barry Murray Certificates
Barry Murray Collectors Badge Bryan Alexander House Oiderly Albert Armstrong To
Barry Murray Eari Powell
Barry Murray MacIntyre
Barry Murray Richardson
Barry Murray Richardson Penalties Watson
Barry Murrays
Barry Murray—Shawville
Barry Murray’s
Barry Muuray
Barry NeJblt
Barry Nelson
Barry Nelson FIRST
Barry Nelson Sat.
Barry Ness
Barry New Jersey
Barry Newberry
Barry Newman Dean Jaggar
Barry Nicholds
Barry Nina Milford
Barry Noonan
Barry North
Barry Nulllvaa Mona Freeman
Barry O Reilly
Barry O Sullivan
Barry OhMR
Barry Oitrom
Barry Ont Halloween
Barry Orr
Barry Orr Janet
Barry Orr Saturday
Barry Orr’s
Barry Os
Barry Os-Pontiac
Barry Os-tom
Barry Ostrom
Barry Ostrom He
Barry Ostrum
Barry Our
Barry Owens
Barry O’Brien
Barry O’Gorman
Barry Pageant
Barry Parker
Barry Parks
Barry Peever Mayor
Barry Pencil
Barry Pepin
Barry Peski
Barry Peter
Barry Pierce
Barry Pierrette
Barry Pieschke
Barry Pieschke Heinz
Barry Pieschkie
Barry Pieskie
Barry Pil- J>s
Barry Pilgrim
Barry Pilon
Barry Pilon Moved
Barry Plager
Barry Plus
Barry Police
Barry Popkey Gerald Perry
Barry Poppenheim
Barry Poulsen
Barry Pricnett
Barry Quatt
Barry Quyon
Barry Ra
Barry Racine
Barry Racine Gauthier
Barry Racne An
Barry Radant
Barry Raines
Barry Rains
Barry Randle
Barry Randy Chabot
Barry Ranger
Barry Ratine
Barry Rebertz
Barry Regional Heritage Fair
Barry Reibertz
Barry Reporters
Barry Resolved
Barry Rhonda Perry
Barry Riebertz
Barry Rifcsett
Barry River
Barry Ro-Sharpe
Barry Robcrlson Beachb
Barry Robert
Barry Roberta
Barry Robinson
Barry Robinson Class 6
Barry Robinson Junior Champion Female
Barry Robinson Shelby Grubbs
Barry Roc
Barry Rose
Barry Ross
Barry Rus
Barry Rus- Court Report
Barry Rus-sett
Barry Rusaett
Barry Russctt
Barry Russell
Barry Russett
Barry Russett But
Barry Russett Willie O’Rourke
Barry Russe»
Barry Russstt
Barry Rveir
Barry Ryan
Barry s Boys
Barry Sand Point
Barry Saturdays
Barry Seller
Barry SelUva» V Technicolor HOT
Barry Service
Barry Sharpe
Barry Shawville
Barry She
Barry Shewv.lle
Barry Shields Wedding
Barry Simpson
Barry Situ
Barry Sloan
Barry Slurs
Barry Smerdon
Barry Smith
Barry Somer-v
Barry Sommerville
Barry Sound
Barry Sparrow
Barry Spinner
Barry Spratt
Barry Sprigings
Barry Springing#
Barry St
Barry Stanton
Barry Starr
Barry Stephen
Barry Stephen at
Barry Stephens
Barry Stevens
Barry Stewart
Barry Stewart’s
Barry Stewrt
Barry Still
Barry Stilt
Barry Stitt
Barry Stitt Also
Barry Stitts
Barry Stitt’s
Barry Storey
Barry Strutt
Barry Suit
Barry Sulivan Western
Barry Sullivan
Barry Sullivan Î
Barry Sullivan 6
Barry Sullivan Mona Freeman
Barry Sullivan Peter Graves
Barry Sullivan Wednesday
Barry Suth- Bryson
Barry Sylvester
Barry Sylvie Chartrand
Barry T Draper
Barry Taber
Barry Tagaret
Barry Taylor
Barry Tcevens
Barry Technicolor Cinemascope Debbie Reynolds Van Heflin Jane Powell
Barry Tee
Barry Tee-vens
Barry Teevans
Barry Teeven
Barry Teevens
Barry Teevesn
Barry Telford
Barry Tenderfoot Tenderfoot Tenderfoot
Barry Tessa
Barry The
Barry Their
Barry Theo Schwartz
Barry Therrien
Barry Therrlen
Barry Thom
Barry Thom Patrick Burgess
Barry Thomas
Barry Thomas lia—Stephen Witt Blake Armitage Ciloria Tubman
Barry Thompson
Barry Thorne Township
Barry Throp
Barry Throp Everyone
Barry Thrope
Barry Tiernan
Barry Tracey
Barry Tripp Tripp
Barry Truman Draper
Barry Tubman
Barry Tyler
Barry Uhl
Barry Underwood
Barry US.
Barry Valent
Barry Valentine
Barry Valentine Montreal
Barry Valerie French
Barry Valerie French Daffy
Barry Vernon
Barry Versel
Barry Vinton
Barry Voung Explorers
Barry Wade
Barry Wagner
Barry Waito
Barry Wall
Barry Wav Quebec
Barry Way
Barry Way Present
Barry We
Barry Whelan
Barry Whether
Barry Wigmore
Barry Wil-
Barry William Young
Barry Wilmont
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Ottawa
Barry Wishing
Barry Wll-I
Barry Woerm-ke
Barry Woermkc
Barry Woermke
Barry Woermkie
Barry Wood
Barry Wood Is
Barry Woods
Barry Wood—a
Barry Woolsey
Barry Workman
Barry Wormke Murray
Barry Worth
Barry WUson
Barry XQXu Community Hospital
Barry Yach
Barry Yach Mrs Hazel Bell
Barry Yach Ranger
Barry Yard Sale
Barry Yoell
Barry Young
Barry Zach- Rueckwald
Barry Zach-Gordon Strutt
Barry Zachar-las
Barry Zacharias
Barry Zacharias It
Barry Zacharies
Barry Zacharlas
Barry ZZæEZZr* Charter* News
Barry''s Hay
Barry* Ray
Barry’s Lane Homing
Basil Carl-
Basil Grant
Battle Grant
Bay Mrs Carl Ebert
Bdb Barry
Belt Ronald Campbell Sterling Knox Barry Murray Billy Richardson To Members Of
Ben Grant
Ben Thomas Barry
Bernard Grant
Bernard Grant Sodo Cultural Activities- Secretary
Bert Grant
Bertal Grant
Bertha Grant
Bertha M Grant
Bertha M. Grant
Bertie Grant
Bertrand Barry Zacharias Jennifer Anderson lie—Kathy Hayes Bobby Brctzlaff Michael Finnegan Ilia—Ro
Beth Young R.N. Bob
Betty Bob and
Betty Grant
Beverly Mrs Carl Ann.
Bey Carl Ostrom
Bill Bob Hobbs Skipped
Bill Carswell Bob Littlemore TENDER J
Bill Grant
Bill Pauline Grant
Bill Watson Bob Fenton Santa
Billy Russell and Grant Russell
Billy T’s Pizza Kyle Richardson Grant Rogers Howard Construction Hugh TVacy Pontiac Electric
Bing Crosby Barry Fitzgerald Hi
Bing Crosby Bob Hope
Bitty Grant
Blair Barry
Bob A*
Bob Anyhow
Bob Davis
Bob Portage
Bob 647-3737
Bob Campb
Bob Coulonge
Bob Curling Club
Bob Father Jeffery
Bob Fort Cou
Bob Is
Bob K
Bob McMullen
Bob River View Inn Dining Room Sparling
Bob !
Bob "
Bob "Angel" Steele
Bob "Fanner
Bob "Fish
Bob "No Knees
Bob "V *
Bob "you
Bob % W
Bob &
Bob & Corrain McCredie
Bob & Della Craig
Bob & Diane Man
Bob & Doug MacKenzie
Bob & Joan Eatock
Bob & Jolene Groulx
Bob & Joyce Binder
Bob & Karen Sally
Bob & Karen | Chairman Daley
Bob & Laurel Smith
Bob & Lise Hobbs
Bob & Lise Mrs Iva Lucas
Bob & Lise Proulx
Bob & Lois Findlay
Bob & Lois Michaud
Bob & Lois Smith
Bob & Loma Young
Bob & Lorna
Bob & Lucy Imbleau
Bob & Marie King
Bob & Mary Browse Father
Bob & Mary Calvert
Bob & Mary Ellen In
Bob & Mary Ellen £
Bob & Mary | Calvert
Bob & Myma Campbell
Bob & Myma Campbell Shawville
Bob & Myrna Campbell
Bob & Myrna Campbell Hdoqlns Shopping Ploxo Shawville SIMPSONS
Bob & Myrna Campbell Julie
Bob & Myrna Campbell ShawvIHe
Bob & Myrna Campbell Shawville
Bob & Myrna Campbell Shawvllle
Bob & Myrna Campbell ShawvMo
Bob & Pat
Bob & Pat Dick
Bob & Paula Vibert
Bob & Roberta
Bob & Sharon Gravelle
Bob & Sharon Kluke Mark
Bob & Thea Wilson
Bob & Tracy
Bob (Claire) Walsh
Bob (Grace
Bob (Jean-Louis Auger
Bob (Webb
Bob ) Hodgins
Bob *
Bob * Montreal
Bob ,<HJ™am<
Bob ,ruM Bronson
Bob -
Bob ----*------------------Campbell
Bob .
Bob 0f
Bob 1/mg
Bob 1000-1150
Bob 11.00
Bob 1147XM19 Special
Bob 1929
Bob 1982
Bob 1er
Bob 1st
Bob 2.15 Mitchell
Bob 2040
Bob 22,000
Bob 2BJN27 Crawford
Bob 2bn11
Bob 3-635-2023 Merci
Bob 3862 5U.
Bob 613-635-2023 I M LV
Bob 613-635-2023 Attention
Bob 647-2247
Bob 647-2484
Bob 647-3165
Bob 647-5378
Bob 647-5433
Bob 647-5643
Bob 648-2375
Bob 648-2375 Bryson
Bob 648-2979
Bob 648-5806
Bob 7-2753 Findlay
Bob 7-2779 Fina Service Station
Bob 7-2904 Findlay
Bob 7-3743 Fina Service Station
Bob 7-8817
Bob 8- Myrno Campbell
Bob 819-647-5284
Bob 819-647-5513.___________________xd3
Bob ?
Bob A I V-
Bob A Doreen Gamble
Bob A Grace Stewart
Bob A Lise Hobbs
Bob A Louise Rlznek Bretzlaff Store Shawville
Bob A My ma Campbell Julie
Bob A Myma Campbell
Bob Abbott
Bob Abercrom-1
Bob Abercrom-1 Dry Cleaners
Bob Abercrom-Miss Laura Woodley
Bob Abercrombie
Bob Accounts
Bob Adjournment
Bob Adrien Laurier
Bob Agriculture
Bob Al-
Bob Al- Pontiac
Bob Albert Armstrong
Bob Alex
Bob Alex-
Bob Alex-Smith
Bob Alexan- CV Hobbs
Bob Alexan-with .472
Bob Alexander
Bob Alexander 647
Bob Alexander Osmond
Bob Alexander Pontiac
Bob Alexander Skip
Bob Alfield
Bob Allard
Bob Allen
Bob Allison
Bob Amm
Bob Among
Bob An
Bob an* Fatty
Bob and
Bob and Anita Stewart
Bob and Ann
Bob and Anna Stewart Visiting Heather Stewart
Bob and Anne
Bob and Anne Bowen
Bob and Audrey MEMORIAM
Bob and Betty
Bob and Betty Canadian Legion
Bob and Betty Laporte
Bob and Betty Pritchard
Bob and Betty Ron
Bob and Bobby For
Bob and Brenda Smith
Bob and BTanch Johnson
Bob and Carl Stewart
Bob and Carmcle Fisher
Bob and Carol Campbell
Bob and Carol Floyd
Bob and Carol Floyd.
Bob and Carol Smith
Bob and Carole
Bob and Chris Young
Bob and Claire
Bob and Clayton Young
Bob and Connor Zacharias
Bob and Cookie
Bob and Danielle Tracy Murray
Bob and Diane Graham
Bob and Dianne Graham
Bob and Donna
Bob and Doris Holmes
Bob and Dorothy Cowley
Bob and Dorthy Holmes
Bob and Dougie Sloan
Bob and Duncan
Bob and Eila
Bob and Eila Elliott Ledingham Buses
Bob and Eila Lcdingham Campbell
Bob and Ella
Bob and Ella Ledingham
Bob and Ella Ledmgham
Bob and Ethel Chamberlin
Bob and Evelyn
Bob and Fred
Bob and Fred Johnston
Bob and Freddie
Bob and Gene.
Bob and George
Bob and Georgette__________________ D E A T H /
Bob and Gisefe Fenton
Bob and Gisele Fenton
Bob and Glen Whitelaw
Bob and Grace Stewart
Bob and Grace Stuart
Bob and Gwen Foster
Bob and Helen
Bob and Helen Towell
Bob and Heman Moore
Bob and Henry
Bob and Jane Weatherall
Bob and Jeanette Romain
Bob and Jerry Gallagher
Bob and Joan
Bob and Joan 339
Bob and Joan Essiambre
Bob and Joan Mulvagh
Bob and Joan Mulvoth
Bob and John
Bob and John Mi-
Bob and Joyce
Bob and Joyce McCleary
Bob and Julie Johnson
Bob and Julie Johnston
Bob and Keith Hanna
Bob and Keith.
Bob and Kelly Hobbs
Bob and Kelly Whelan
Bob and Kim
Bob and Laurel
Bob and Laurel Smith
Bob and Laurel Smith Benjamin Ronald Judd Ben
Bob and Lee
Bob and Lee CARSWELL Campbell
Bob and Les Connor.
Bob and Lise Hobbs
Bob and Lois Flood
Bob and Lois J Smith
Bob and Lois Smith
Bob and Lori
Bob and Lynda
Bob and Lynda Sloan
Bob and Lynne Campbell
Bob and Margaret
Bob and Margaret Bretzlaff
Bob and Margo (Fenton
Bob and Marie King
Bob and Mary
Bob and Mary B
Bob and Mary Brouse
Bob and Mary Calvert
Bob and Mary Ellen
Bob and Mavis Sloan
Bob and Millie Boyd
Bob and Mrs Becky Hache
Bob and Mrs. W. A. Moore
Bob and Myma Campbell
Bob and Myrna Campbell
Bob and Myrna Campbell Love
Bob and Nancy
Bob and Pat
Bob and Pat Dick
Bob and Pat Vachon
Bob and Paul Vibert
Bob and Rick Stewart
Bob and Roberta Walsh
Bob and Ruby Smart
Bob and Sally Faulkner
Bob and Sandra Betrand
Bob and Sandy
Bob and Sandy Winter Bristol Ridge Pentecostal
Bob and Scott
Bob and Sharon Belanger
Bob and Sharon Gravelle
Bob and Sheila Murray
Bob and Shirley
Bob and Stewart Stark
Bob and Susan Ed-
Bob and Susan Eddie
Bob and Terry
Bob and Theresa
Bob and Theresa Daley
Bob and Tom
Bob and Tracey
Bob and Valerie
Bob and Wayne Garnit
Bob Anderson
Bob Andre
Bob Andy Michaud
Bob Angus
Bob Ann
Bob Anne Mane Retty
Bob Anniversary
Bob Anything
Bob Arbour
Bob are Sandy Burke
Bob Arm
Bob Armitage
Bob Armstrong
Bob Arthurs
Bob As
Bob Asher Stéphane Richer Stéphane Richer
Bob Atkin
Bob Atkinson
Bob Atom
Bob Aube
Bob Aubin
Bob Austin
Bob B.sson
Bob Babcock
Bob Bagley
Bob Bahm
Bob Bahn
Bob Baird
Bob Baker
Bob Ban- John MacLatchy J u> Red
Bob Banning
Bob Barbecue
Bob Barber
Bob Barclay
Bob Barefoot
Bob Barker
Bob Barnes
Bob Barr
Bob Barrie
Bob Barrj
Bob Bart
Bob Bas
Bob Bauer
Bob Bauman’s
Bob BaY
Bob Bazelton
Bob Be
Bob Be<
Bob Beachamps
Bob Beale
Bob Bean
Bob Bean 5’
Bob Beasley
Bob Beattie
Bob Beaudan
Bob Beaudoin
Bob Beaudoin Princess Ruth
Bob Beaudoin Renfrew
Bob Beaudoin-Renfrew
Bob Beaulac
Bob Beaupre
Bob Became
Bob Bechtold C. Edgar Hodgins Anonymous W. J. Hayes
Bob Beck
Bob Becker
Bob Beckett
Bob Bedard
Bob Begley
Bob Belanger
Bob Belfoy
Bob Bell
Bob Bellefeuille
Bob Bellefoy
Bob Bellefueille
Bob Bellinger
Bob Bellinger Carnival Queen Cathy Vallee
Bob Bellisle
Bob Bemdt
Bob Bench-ley
Bob Benchley
Bob Benedetti
Bob Bennett
Bob Bentley
Bob Ber- Campbell
Bob Ber-day
Bob bera''of Co. Pontiac Agricultural
Bob Bergeon
Bob Bern
Bob Berndt
Bob Bert-
Bob Bertrand
Bob Bertrand Name
Bob Berubé
Bob Best Friend
Bob Bethel
Bob Betty Baker
Bob Billings
Bob Bind
Bob Bind-well
Bob Binder
Bob Binder 647
Bob Binder 647-3380 Anglican Sylvia Bakker
Bob Binder Clifford Stevenson
Bob Binder Front
Bob Binder Kjj
Bob Binder M*
Bob Binder MT IJhii Deepest
Bob Binder Paul Lamoureux
Bob Binder VP
Bob Bird
Bob Birse
Bob Birt
Bob Birthday
Bob Birthdays
Bob Bishop
Bob Bishop Df Ottawa
Bob Bishop Ottawa 4
Bob Bisson
Bob Bissonette Mr.
Bob Bissonnette
Bob Bissonnette Brockville
Bob Bissonnettel Mr. Gideon Gravels
Bob Bittorf
Bob Black
Bob Black Lea
Bob Blackburn
Bob Blackmon
Bob Blackrnore
Bob Black—Owner Cobden
Bob Blais
Bob Blakely
Bob Blanchard
Bob BllmWe
Bob Bloct
Bob Bmmerson
Bob Bmmore
Bob Boa#*
Bob Bobchard
Bob Bohen
Bob Boirget
Bob Bolam
Bob Bolan
Bob Boldt Mike Gagon Bill Levons Clarence McBride Don Schroeder „ M. Watts Until
Bob Bom
Bob Boniel
Bob Bonita Benoit
Bob Born
Bob Borne
Bob Botr
Bob Bou-
Bob Bou-escort
Bob Bouchard
Bob Bouchard Elected President
Bob Bouchard’s 7:30
Bob Boucher
Bob Bourget
Bob Bourget Guide Commis
Bob Bourget International Trucks
Bob Bourget Past S«U
Bob Bourget Skip
Bob Bout-
Bob Bouttar
Bob Bouwman
Bob Bouwman’s
Bob Bow
Bob Bow-live
Bob Bow-Randy Beattie
Bob Bowan
Bob Bowen
Bob Bowen Coaches
Bob Bowen Corps
Bob Bowen FROM
Bob Bowen Golden Shasta Restaurant
Bob Bowen Henderson
Bob Bowen Journal
Bob Bowen MEN
Bob Bowen Pontiac County
Bob Bowen Restaurant
Bob Bowens
Bob Bowens Anglers Inn
Bob Bowen’s
Bob Bowen’s Restaurant
Bob Bowman
Bob Boyer
Bob Brad-
Bob Brad- Wilson
Bob Bradford
Bob Bradley Fitzroy Harbour
Bob Brandon
Bob Brawn
Bob Breckenridge
Bob Brennan
Bob Bretz
Bob Bretzlaff
Bob Bretzlaflf
Bob Bridge Club
Bob Brigger
Bob Brillantes
Bob Briscoe
Bob Brisson
Bob Bristol
Bob Bristol Community Centre
Bob Britt
Bob Brockville
Bob Brodie Ingram
Bob Bromley
Bob Bronson
Bob Bronson Pte
Bob Brooks
Bob Brou
Bob Broughton
Bob Brouse
Bob Brown
Bob Brumm
Bob Brunelle
Bob Bryson
Bob Bu
Bob Buck
Bob Bulmcr
Bob Bulmer
Bob Bums
Bob Burdette
Bob Burgess
Bob Burke
Bob Burke Holmes
Bob Burke’s
Bob Burni
Bob Burns
Bob Burns Harold Abilities
Bob Bushey
Bob Bussell
Bob Bussiere
Bob Buster
Bob Butler
Bob Butter
Bob Buzzel
Bob Buzzell
Bob Byron
Bob C amer-1 Mr. Gerard Trudeau
Bob Ca
Bob Cairns
Bob CaisweM
Bob Calumet Island
Bob Calve
Bob Calve#
Bob Calvert
Bob Calvert Bristol Rolland Despres Bristol
Bob Calvert Bristol Wh Rolland Despres Bristol
Bob Calves
Bob Calves Good Com
Bob Calves 100
Bob Calves Approx
Bob Calves Boo
Bob Calves Cows
Bob Calves Elus
Bob Calves Fat Heifers Good Com
Bob Calves Fat Steers
Bob Calves Feeder
Bob Calves Good Com
Bob Calves Guitar
Bob Calves Holstein Steers
Bob Calves IS
Bob Calves Lettre
Bob Calves M
Bob Calves M 301-500
Bob Calves May
Bob Calves Page 6
Bob Calves Selling
Bob Calves She
Bob Calves Troubled
Bob Calves Ultramar Canada
Bob Cambpell
Bob Cameron
Bob Camo
Bob Camp
Bob Camp Ottawa
Bob Camp*
Bob Camp- Clr Barber
Bob Camp- Sandra Murray
Bob Camp-additions
Bob Camp-and John Giroux
Bob Camp-and Ursula
Bob Camp-ccrning
Bob Camp-Moved
Bob Camp-the
Bob Camp-Treasurer
Bob Camp-vens
Bob Camp-with Councillors Barber
Bob Camp4|HHgHHHHHg|
Bob CampA
Bob Campai
Bob Campbell
Bob Campbell Bridal Shower Brenda Romain
Bob Campbell Clapham-Huddersfield
Bob Campbell Armstrong
Bob Campbell By-Law
Bob Campbell Carried
Bob Campbell CRLO
Bob Campbell Did
Bob Campbell Editor—
Bob Campbell Industrial Promotion Weldon Hobbs
Bob Campbell James Stewart Jr. Gabriel
Bob Campbell Janey
Bob Campbell Moorhead
Bob Campbell Mrs Rose Marie Thrasher
Bob Campbell Ray Brown
Bob Campbell Richards
Bob Campbell Sears
Bob Campbell Shawville
Bob Campbell Shewville
Bob Campbell Streets
Bob Campbell To
Bob Campbell Uoyd Kensley
Bob CampbeU
Bob CampbeU.
Bob CampboN
Bob Campeau
Bob Campeti
Bob Can
Bob Canada
Bob Canadian
Bob Cantlev
Bob Canweil
Bob Car-
Bob Car-ruthers
Bob Car-tman
Bob Carbert
Bob Carey
Bob Carisse
Bob Carno-
Bob Caron Saturday
Bob Carradtne
Bob Carrier
Bob Carrière
Bob Carrière This
Bob Carriers
Bob Cars- Pubbc
Bob Carson
Bob Carswbll
Bob Carswell
Bob Carswell Mor-
Bob Carswell Phone
Bob Carswll
Bob Cart
Bob Cart-man
Bob Carter
Bob Cartma
Bob Cartman
Bob Cartman Qeorge Reid
Bob Carty
Bob CassRickCummingsdhv- Kmc
Bob Cat
Bob Cat 40,000
Bob Cat 40.000
Bob Cats
Bob Cedar Haven
Bob Centennial
Bob Ceramic
Bob Ceramics
Bob Cereusse
Bob Certmen
Bob Cfamobell Willie Lang
Bob Chamber-
Bob Chamber-Ruthie Cowley
Bob Chamberiafc
Bob Chamberlain
Bob Chamberlain-.
Bob Chapman
Bob Chapman Pontypool
Bob Char
Bob Char-and Mrs Harvey CON VER
Bob Charbonnea
Bob Charctt
Bob Chareittes Shell Service Station
Bob Charejtg-Til God Himself
Bob Charette
Bob Charette Bretzlaff
Bob Charette Shell Service
Bob Charette Shell Service Station
Bob Charette Visiting
Bob Charettea Shell Service Station
Bob Charettee Shell Service Station
Bob Charettes Shell Service Station
Bob Chareuc
Bob Charters
Bob Chartrand
Bob Chenier Théo Mmeault Zeller
Bob Cheriton
Bob Cheuonka
Bob Chiarelli
Bob Chinese
Bob Chlarelll
Bob Choice Deals
Bob Christie
Bob Christmas Day
Bob Church
Bob Cieddes
Bob Cimdell
Bob Cirant
Bob cj]s Hobbs
Bob Clarence Moorehead
Bob Clark
Bob Clarke
Bob Clarke-
Bob Class
Bob Clayton
Bob Cleall
Bob Clean
Bob Clement
Bob Clifford
Bob cloth’
Bob Clouthier
Bob Cm Mr. Editor
Bob Cna
Bob Cochrane
Bob Code
Bob Cole
Bob Coleman
Bob Collins
Bob Colombe Fortin
Bob Colterman Parts Dept
Bob Colton
Bob Com-tods
Bob Compton
Bob Congdon
Bob Congratulations
Bob Connel-| N
Bob Connelly
Bob Conoily
Bob Conolly
Bob Conrod
Bob Considine
Bob Continued
Bob Cook
Bob Cooperation
Bob Corkery
Bob Corner
Bob Coroplast
Bob Correy
Bob CorrWkre
Bob Cot
Bob Coté
Bob Cotie
Bob Cotie Gail
Bob Cotnam
Bob CoU
Bob Coulas
Bob Council
Bob Councillors
Bob Couture
Bob Coveil
Bob Covell
Bob Cow
Bob Cowan
Bob Cowely
Bob Cowkv.
Bob Cowky
Bob Cowlay
Bob Cowley
Bob Cowley FLOORING.
Bob Cowley George
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bob Cowley Pontiac Comm Hosp
Bob Cowley’s
Bob Cra
Bob Craft
Bob Craft Anyhow
Bob Craig
Bob Craig Brown
Bob Crane
Bob Craw
Bob Craw-
Bob Crawford
Bob Crawford 1
Bob Crawford Campbell
Bob Crawford Florida
Bob Crawford Phone
Bob Cray
Bob Creighton
Bob Crew-ford
Bob Crewford
Bob Crosblc Jerome Courtland Frankie Lane Campbell’s
Bob Crosby
Bob Crosby.
Bob Crosby?
Bob Crosby’s
Bob Crosley
Bob Crossley
Bob Csnwell
Bob Cst
Bob Cummings
Bob Cummings Comedy Drama
Bob Cunde
Bob Cundell
Bob Cundetl
Bob CundeU.
Bob Cunningham
Bob Cunningham’s
Bob Cup
Bob Curling Bonspiel
Bob Custom
Bob da Day
Bob Dagenais
Bob Dagenals
Bob Dak
Bob Dal
Bob Dale
Bob Dale Men
Bob Dale*
Bob Dale.
Bob Daley
Bob Daley Northborough
Bob Dalton
Bob Daly
Bob Damant
Bob Dastous
Bob David
Bob Davidson
Bob Davies
Bob Davis
Bob Davis Onslow
Bob Dawson
Bob Dawson Chair
Bob Dawson Lack
Bob Dawson Ottawa
Bob Dawson Ottawa Sâruuf Oil
Bob Dawson Pontiac Bay
Bob Dawson Property Owner
Bob Day
Bob Dazé
Bob De Jongh
Bob de Mercado
Bob De-
Bob De-Jongh
Bob Deadline
Bob Dear
Bob Deavey
Bob Deegan
Bob DeJonch
Bob Dejongh
Bob Delahia
Bob Delay
Bob Delong
Bob Demers
Bob Demon
Bob Dent
Bob Denver
Bob DesJardins
Bob Deslaurier
Bob Dethier Blues Band
Bob Dethier Blues Band NEW
Bob Detroit
Bob DhZnf
Bob Dick
Bob Dick 613-649-2252
Bob Dick 613-649-2252 Attention All Farmers You’re Invited
Bob Dick I
Bob Dick M0nry-
Bob Did
Bob Diddley
Bob Dilberds
Bob Discher
Bob Dodd
Bob Dodge
Bob Dohrenwend
Bob Donna
Bob Dorian
Bob Dormer
Bob Double
Bob Dowdall
Bob Dowe
Bob Downey
Bob Drew
Bob Drummond
Bob Du
Bob Dub
Bob Dubé
Bob Dubois
Bob Dubue
Bob Duchesneau
Bob Duff
Bob Duffield
Bob Dumaultn
Bob Dumelie
Bob Dumoulin
Bob Dumoulin Easter
Bob Duncan
Bob Dunn
Bob Durant
Bob Dyck
Bob Dylan
Bob E.
Bob Eady
Bob Eakins
Bob East
Bob Eatock
Bob Ebert
Bob Eberts
Bob Ed-
Bob Eddie
Bob Eddy
Bob Edglcy
Bob Edmunds
Bob Edwards
Bob Egan
Bob Egg#
Bob Eiswald
Bob EKan
Bob El-
Bob Eldon
Bob Elliot
Bob Elliott
Bob Elliott Jr.
Bob Elliott Seat
Bob Ellis
Bob Ellis Bob Gordon R R 1
Bob Elson
Bob Emmer-son
Bob Emond
Bob England
Bob Er-
Bob Erwin
Bob Erwin’s
Bob Erwm
Bob Esaiambre
Bob Essi
Bob Essiam
Bob Essiambre
Bob Essiambre Heather Pearson
Bob Essiambre John Atkinson Eahalt
Bob Essnambre
Bob Ethier
Bob Evans
Bob Eveline
Bob F
Bob Fabian
Bob Fades
Bob Fail Held
Bob Fair Ground
Bob Fairfield
Bob Faketiy
Bob Falkcnberg
Bob Falkenburg
Bob Famon
Bob Fan-field
Bob Fanion Office
Bob Far
Bob Farmer
Bob Farmer Newly
Bob Farnon
Bob Farnon’s
Bob Farrell
Bob Fatter A Terry Carrise Wayne Boston White River Bluegra L Prescott Bros. Hugh Scott
Bob Faucett
Bob Favata
Bob Fawcett
Bob Fbher
Bob Feiton Office
Bob Feller
Bob Femon
Bob Fen-
Bob Fen- Cemetery Beechgrove Quebec
Bob Fennessy
Bob Fenton
Bob Fenton Bonnie Richardson Laurie MacKechnie QUESTIONS
Bob Fenton Office
Bob Fenton Shawville Lizzie
Bob Fenton Television
Bob Fenton.
Bob Fenton.......6^-5378 Leclalr
Bob Fenton.647-5378
Bob Fenton________647-5378 Bill Watson
Bob Fenton’s Gas Bar
Bob Fer
Bob Ferguson
Bob File
Bob Fina Service Station Findlay
Bob Find
Bob Find- Shaw
Bob Find-lac#
Bob Find-met
Bob Find-third
Bob Findla Alexander
Bob Findlav Finnigan
Bob Findlay
Bob Findlay 2
Bob Findlay 7
Bob Findlay Philip Hodgina
Bob Findlay Pm Wm Tournament Winners Calumet Island
Bob Findlay Stan Widdicombe
Bob Findlay Wia
Bob Findlay-
Bob Findlays
Bob Findlay’s
Bob Findlay’s Bantams
Bob Findley
Bob Findley Having Terrific Season Bill Ostrom
Bob Findleys
Bob Findtay Middle
Bob Findtiay
Bob Finlay
Bob Fipdlay
Bob Fischer
Bob Fish
Bob Fish Findlay
Bob Fisher
Bob Fisher X
Bob Fish’ Findlay
Bob Fit
Bob Fitisi Pvt
Bob Fitzpatrick
Bob Fitzpatrick Laird
Bob Fitzpatrick Marilyn McGuire
Bob Fitzpatriek
Bob Fitzsim- Bill Higginson
Bob Fitzsimmons
Bob Fleming
Bob Fletcher
Bob Flood
Bob Florence Pountney
Bob Floyd DRY -
Bob Flynn
Bob FoiIMain
Bob Foote
Bob For
Bob Ford
Bob Former
Bob Fort
Bob Fortie
Bob Fortin
Bob Foster
Bob Fountain
Bob Fowler
Bob Fr
Bob Frank BASE
Bob Frank Jordan
Bob Frankie
Bob Fraser
Bob Freeman Grant
Bob Fren-Tony Montanaro
Bob Frenette
Bob Friday
Bob Friesen
Bob Full-time
Bob Fuller
Bob Gadsby
Bob Gainey
Bob Galb- Tubman
Bob Gallagher
Bob Gam
Bob Gamble
Bob Gamble -
Bob Gamble Bristol
Bob Gamble Mutual Life
Bob Gamer
Bob Garainer
Bob Garden
Bob Gardiner
Bob Gardner
Bob Garner
Bob Garreau
Bob Gaugin
Bob Gauthi-
Bob Gauthier
Bob Gauvrcau
Bob Gauvreau
Bob Gavan
Bob Geddes
Bob Geldof
Bob Geldofs
Bob Gendron
Bob General
Bob Genuine Oom-Pah-Pah
Bob Germain
Bob Germain Clairoux
Bob Get
Bob Geymonat
Bob Gharette Shell Service Station
Bob Giasper
Bob Gibbons
Bob Gil-lard
Bob Gilchrist
Bob Giles
Bob Gillard
Bob Gilpin
Bob Giroux
Bob Glaser
Bob Glass
Bob Glazer
Bob Glenn
Bob Glidden
Bob Gloucester
Bob Godin
Bob Goidon
Bob Goltz
Bob Goodenow
Bob Gor-
Bob Gor- Permit
Bob Gorck-ir Saturday
Bob Gordon
Bob Gordon *4
Bob Gordon - Requests
Bob Gordon 12.500.00
Bob Gordon 5000.00
Bob Gordon And His
Bob Gordon As
Bob Gordon Campbell
Bob Gordon Campbell’s Bay Rev. Den
Bob Gordon Campbell’s Bay Rev. Den Droddy
Bob Gordon Coming Event»
Bob Gordon Dan Droddy
Bob Gordon DIANE’S
Bob Gordon Jr
Bob Gordon Jr $
Bob Gordon Jr asked
Bob Gordon Jr.
Bob Gordon Morley Hodgins
Bob Gordon Night
Bob Gordon PONTIAC
Bob Gordon Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Bob Gordon Prix
Bob Gordon Rev. Dan Oroddy
Bob Gordon Showville CONNELLY
Bob Gordon T #
Bob Gordon Teh 468
Bob Gordon Tei 458
Bob Gordon Tel
Bob Gordon TO
Bob Gordon Toi
Bob Gordon Tt 468-2/21 Œ
Bob Gordon TW
Bob Gordon Uuy
Bob Gordon Waltham A Campbell
Bob Gordon—134
Bob Gordon’s
Bob Gould
Bob Goulet
Bob Gracia Gu» Marker Howie M “ssr
Bob Gracie Ou» Marker Howie Morvns
Bob Graham
Bob Graham 819-447-31 SI Iront Hobbs
Bob Graham 81f.A47.3l
Bob Graham Dept
Bob Grant
Bob Grav
Bob Gravel
Bob Gravelie
Bob Gravelle
Bob Gray
Bob Greaves
Bob Green
Bob Greenbag
Bob Greenberg McGillis
Bob Gregory
Bob Griffin
Bob Griffin Calumet Island
Bob Guimont
Bob Gumming
Bob Gwendolyn Elliott 607
Bob gYoung
Bob H Phone 647-2601 Shawville
Bob H.
Bob Ha Marie Finnigan
Bob Hailey
Bob Hair Sandwich Famous
Bob Haired Women Taxed
Bob Haley
Bob Hall Frankie Ray RIFF
Bob Hall Johnson
Bob Hama
Bob Hamilton
Bob Hammond
Bob Han
Bob Hanna
Bob Hanna 3
Bob Hanna Correspondent
Bob Hanna Wayne Wallace
Bob Hanna/ Robert Grant
Bob Hanson
Bob Happy
Bob Harbic
Bob Harcourt
Bob Hare
Bob Harkins Bryson
Bob Harold Hall
Bob Harrington
Bob Harris
Bob Harvey
Bob Haskin
Bob Haskins
Bob Haskirs
Bob Havelin
Bob Hawkins
Bob Hayes
Bob Hazard
Bob Hazelton
Bob Hblmes
Bob Hcnschel
Bob Heant Minister
Bob Hearth
Bob Hearty
Bob Hearty 11-13-25-18942 Irvin Cole
Bob Hearty 21-18-49=31793 Owen Heartyl9-20-44=32153 Emile
Bob Hearty 49178
Bob Hearty 54587 Owen
Bob Hearty HS 236
Bob Hearty Owen Hearty
Bob Hearty’s
Bob Heberger
Bob Hedges
Bob Heise
Bob Helferty
Bob Hellinger
Bob Hellivger
Bob Henna Ron
Bob Henshell
Bob Hérault
Bob HI
Bob Hickson
Bob Hill
Bob Hilliard
Bob Hillinger
Bob Hills
Bob His
Bob Hliott
Bob Hltz
Bob Hob
Bob Hobbs
Bob Hobbs Goldie Rutledge Stu Stark Denis Fleury Charles Homsma
Bob Hobbs OR
Bob Hockey League
Bob Hod
Bob Hod- Morna Dean Among Successful Graduates Fo.tunately
Bob Hod-gins
Bob Hodgim
Bob Hodgimk
Bob Hodgina
Bob Hodgini
Bob Hodgins
Bob Hodgins Carried
Bob Hodgins Monsieur
Bob Hodgins Noreen
Bob Hodgins Pres
Bob Hodgins S
Bob Hodgins*
Bob HodginsJ
Bob Hodgins—Books
Bob Hodgint
Bob Hodgin»
Bob Hodglms
Bob Hodglns
Bob Hodgms
Bob Hodqim
Bob Hodqine
Bob Hodqins
Bob Hodqins Phone
Bob Hodqlns
Bob Hoe Jane Russell
Bob Hogarth
Bob Hohhs
Bob Holmes
Bob Holmes -
Bob Holmes 3 Jean Paul Normandeau 4
Bob Holmes 4
Bob Holmes 7
Bob Holmes 7. Michel Charron 8. Rick Chartrand 9
Bob Holmes 8
Bob Holmes Nightmare
Bob Holmes Roy Rodgers Ron Dick Steve McKee
Bob Holmes Suzie Pasch
Bob Holmes Therrien
Bob Holt
Bob Hom-•
Bob Home
Bob Homer
Bob Homer Old Fashioned Chicken Supper
Bob Hope
Bob Hope Hodgins Store Lana Turner PSYCHO
Bob Hope Anita Ekberg African Adventure Color Technicolor Adult Entertainment Notice
Bob Hope Anita Ekberg Portage da Fort
Bob Hope Anita Ekberg Technirama
Bob Hope Atharlne Hepburn Sunday MkUitc
Bob Hope Ball Susan Victor Mature
Bob Hope Belleville
Bob Hope Bock Hudson
Bob Hope Comedy Jane Wyman Jackie Gleason
Bob Hope Cyd Char
Bob Hope Deana Lynn
Bob Hope Eva Marie Saint Plus A
Bob Hope Friday
Bob Hope Hedy Lamarr Eilo Pin
Bob Hope Is
Bob Hope It
Bob Hope Joan Fontaine Donna Reed
Bob Hope Lana Turner Color
Bob Hope Lucille Ball PesnlvioAe E A T R E Matinees Bing Crosby Bob Hope
Bob Hope Marilyn Maxwell
Bob Hope MILNE
Bob Hope Mr.
Bob Hope Peggie Castle
Bob Hope Phyllis Dilltr Emard Photo Complete
Bob Hope Phyllis Oilier O BRIEN THEATRE Renfrew
Bob Hope Rhonda Fleming Color
Bob Hope Shawville
Bob Hope Technicolor John Derek Paul Douglas Vista
Bob Hope These
Bob Hope To
Bob Hope Tony Martin
Bob Hope Undeay Gibbon
Bob Hope’s
Bob Hor-
Bob Hor-Top
Bob Horde
Bob Horner
Bob Horner Master Bobby Atkinson
Bob Horner Young
Bob Horner’s Bud Pershing
Bob Hortie
Bob Horty
Bob Hospital
Bob Hot
Bob Hotie
Bob Houston
Bob How Dick
Bob Howard
Bob Howard Murray Moore Sandy McDougall
Bob Howard Trea
Bob Hoy
Bob Hss
Bob Hudgins
Bob Hudson
Bob Hugh
Bob Hughes
Bob Humphrey
Bob Huntly
Bob Hussey
Bob Huston
Bob Hutchison
Bob Hyrdman
Bob I
Bob I A -
Bob I Johnson
Bob I J°ye(
Bob I*™ Jim Barton
Bob Ideas
Bob Igaves
Bob Ijat*g Brand
Bob Ilaslam
Bob In
Bob Ing
Bob Ingereoll
Bob Ingersoll
Bob Insists It
Bob Iodg Umoa-Mid
Bob Iogsrsoll
Bob Iowan
Bob Irvine
Bob Irving
Bob Is
Bob It
Bob Its
Bob Iuger
Bob IV|orris
Bob J. Walsh
Bob Jack"
Bob Jacque Piche
Bob James
Bob Jamieson
Bob Jamieson Cover Charge
Bob Jen-brooke Fair
Bob Jennings
Bob JKamilton
Bob Joachims
Bob John Chartrand
Bob John Tolhurst
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson On
Bob Johnston
Bob Johnston 445
Bob Johnston John Stewart
Bob Johnston Sparling
Bob Johnston’s
Bob Jon
Bob Jones
Bob Jordan
Bob Jowsey
Bob Joyce
Bob Joyce -
Bob Joyce - Asks
Bob Joyce 458-2739
Bob Joyce-
Bob Joyce.
Bob Jr Sc Tom Llttiemore Richard
Bob Jt
Bob Judd
Bob Juddd
Bob Kaon
Bob Katz
Bob Kavelin C« Il
Bob Kay
Bob Kazabazua
Bob Kddie
Bob Ke-
Bob Kean
Bob Kearns
Bob Keaton
Bob Keen
Bob Keen Mr Francois Boileau
Bob Keith
Bob Keith.
Bob Kelleer
Bob Keller
Bob Keller Ottawa
Bob Kellers
Bob Kelley
Bob Kelly
Bob Kelly Mrs Doris Telford
Bob Kemp
Bob Ken
Bob Kennedy
Bob Keon
Bob Keon Big
Bob Keon Young
Bob Keorr
Bob Kestan
Bob Ketcheson Is Cadet Corporal
Bob Khx*k
Bob Killer
Bob Kimberley
Bob Kindom
Bob King
Bob King- Kathie Wickens
Bob King-Stone
Bob Kingdom
Bob Kingdom Passed Tasks Albert Armstrong To
Bob Kingdon
Bob Kingdon 647-3630.
Bob Kingdon To
Bob Kingdon’s
Bob Kinqdon
Bob Kira
Bob Kirkwood Canada
Bob Kirkwood Canada Talc
Bob Kiznek
Bob Kl<xk
Bob Klmber-
Bob Klngden
Bob Klngdon
Bob Klngdon 647
Bob Klock
Bob Klock 2
Bob Kluke
Bob Kmgdon
Bob Kmgdon Congratulations
Bob Knapp
Bob Knight
Bob Knop
Bob Knowles
Bob Koabel
Bob Kramer
Bob Krose
Bob Ktisaell
Bob Kucharik
Bob L Ecuyer
Bob L Younge
Bob L&Force
Bob L.
Bob La
Bob La Rose
Bob La-mu
Bob La-ty
Bob Laberge
Bob Labine
Bob Lackey
Bob Lacourse
Bob Lacroix
Bob Lad
Bob Ladou
Bob Ladou-
Bob Ladou-ceur
Bob Ladouccur
Bob Ladouccur MRC
Bob Ladouceur
Bob Ladouceur New
Bob Ladouceur’s
Bob Ladoudeur
Bob Lafleur
Bob Lafleur-n/a Power
Bob Laforce
Bob Laframb-oise
Bob Laframboise
Bob Laird
Bob Lake Road
Bob Lamothe
Bob Lance
Bob Lance Bryson Que
Bob Lance.
Bob Landry
Bob Landy
Bob Lane
Bob Lang
Bob Langford
Bob Laporte
Bob Laroch
Bob Laroche
Bob Larocque
Bob Laroque
Bob Larue
Bob Last
Bob Latham
Bob Laughlin
Bob Laundry
Bob Laverdure
Bob Lavigne
Bob Law
Bob Lawaon
Bob Lawler
Bob Lawrence
Bob Lawson
Bob Lay Readers
Bob Layton
Bob Lcadingham
Bob Leach
Bob Leach Tandem Truck Wash Chicken Coop Dash Cafe Dépanneur Central Hamelln W.A Hodgins Murray
Bob Lead Ray MacPhee
Bob Leave
Bob Leblanc
Bob Led
Bob Ledignham
Bob Leding-
Bob Ledingham
Bob Ledingham Hildegard
Bob Ledingham Louis
Bob Ledmgham Shawvillc
Bob Leduc
Bob Lee
Bob Leframbois
Bob Leggit
Bob Leighton
Bob Lemaire
Bob Lemay
Bob Lemay 3
Bob Lemieux
Bob Lepine
Bob Leroux
Bob Leroy
Bob Lester
Bob Lester Shawville
Bob Lester These
Bob Letourneau
Bob Letter
Bob Leveille
Bob Levesque
Bob Lewis
Bob Leylor
Bob Lions Hall
Bob Lithemore
Bob LitUcmore InterBob
Bob Lnng
Bob Lodg
Bob Lodg QU
Bob Lodo Shingle Stain UottoMid* Gloves Overalls
Bob Lodouceur
Bob Logic
Bob Logic/
Bob Logie
Bob Loi?g
Bob Loken
Bob London
Bob Lone
Bob Long
Bob Long Bankrupt
Bob Long Black
Bob Long Brand
Bob Long Bread
Bob Long Glove
Bob Long Say
Bob Long Says
Bob Long Says*—
Bob Long Say»
Bob Long-Black
Bob Longchamps
Bob Lopg
Bob Lori Cooper
Bob Loving
Bob Low-
Bob Lowg Brand» Kmwn
Bob Lucas
Bob LUMBER-wholesale
Bob Lusignan
Bob Lusk
Bob Lynch
Bob Lynn
Bob M,s® Soph
Bob M:
Bob Mac
Bob MacClelland
Bob MacFarlane
Bob MacMurray
Bob MacPhcnon
Bob MacWlan
Bob Madot
Bob Madott
Bob Madotte
Bob Maenck
Bob Magee
Bob Maguire
Bob Mahliu
Bob Mainville
Bob Majauiy
Bob Major
Bob Makom
Bob Malaugh
Bob Malnwarlng
Bob Man
Bob Man-,
Bob Man-is
Bob Manarv
Bob Manary
Bob Manary CLSC
Bob Manazy
Bob Manner
Bob Mannish
Bob Mar
Bob March
Bob Marion
Bob Marleau
Bob Marlev
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Community
Bob Marlon
Bob Mart
Bob Martin
Bob Martin Co-
Bob Martin P Amateurs
Bob Mary
Bob Mary Ellen Billy Sharon
Bob Masco
Bob Mason
Bob Mason Rick Chartrand
Bob Mason This
Bob Mautvauh
Bob Max
Bob Maxwell
Bob May
Bob May Come Back
Bob Mc(
Bob Mc-
Bob Mc- Sprinç Power
Bob Mc-Credie
Bob McAdam
Bob McC
Bob McCaghorty
Bob McCaugherty
Bob McCauley
Bob McCelland
Bob McCleary
Bob McClel-
Bob McCleland
Bob McClelland
Bob McClelland Agr.
Bob McClelland Agronome Last
Bob McClelland Agronome Members
Bob McClelland Farmer
Bob McClelland If
Bob McClelland Pontiac County
Bob McCord
Bob McCre
Bob McCre-1 Lake
Bob McCrea
Bob McCredie
Bob McCredie Ellen
Bob McCredie’s Garage McDougall
Bob McCredle
Bob McDonald
Bob McDonnel
Bob McDonnell
Bob McDonough
Bob McDougal
Bob McElligott
Bob McEwen
Bob McEwen More
Bob McFetridge
Bob McGib-bon
Bob McGibbon
Bob McGlynn
Bob McGtffin
Bob McGuire
Bob McGulgan
Bob Mcisane
Bob McKee
Bob McKeown
Bob McKnight
Bob McLean
Bob McLean Show
Bob McLelian
Bob McLelland
Bob McLeUan Me
Bob McLeWand
Bob McLintock
Bob Mclsaac
Bob McManus
Bob McMillan
Bob McMul-
Bob McMullen
Bob McMullin
Bob McNarry
Bob McNeely
Bob McNichol
Bob McOedle
Bob McOuat
Bob McQuirter
Bob McRae
Bob McSwc-cney
Bob McSweeney
Bob McSweeny Outaouais
Bob McSwetoey
Bob McTlernan
Bob Me
Bob Me Adam
Bob Me Don
Bob Me Ewe
Bob Me Kethnie
Bob Me-
Bob Me- Blaine Frost
Bob Me- Mrs. Wells
Bob Meade
Bob Meahan
Bob MeCredie
Bob Meehan
Bob Meehan Bnstol Town Hall
Bob Meehan Room
Bob Meeting
Bob Melk*
Bob Melt
Bob Mention
Bob Meredith
Bob Merlna
Bob Métier
Bob Meunier
Bob Meuscl
Bob Michaelis
Bob Michaels
Bob Michel Charron
Bob Michelle and Mark.
Bob Mid
Bob Mid-dlemiss
Bob Mid-lence
Bob Middlcmiss
Bob Middle
Bob Middle _
Bob Middle- Keon
Bob Middle-Bank
Bob Middle-dents
Bob Middle-erty
Bob Middle-miss
Bob Middle-their
Bob Middlemans
Bob Middlemisa
Bob Middlemise
Bob Middlemiss
Bob Middlemiss Harper
Bob Middlemiss Breakfast
Bob Middlemiss Bristol Women
Bob Middlemiss Date
Bob Middlemiss Golf
Bob Middlemiss Golf Tourna
Bob Middlemiss Golf Tournament
Bob Middlemiss M.A.N.
Bob Middlemiss MNA
Bob Middlemiss NINA
Bob Middlemiss Sylvia Hodgms
Bob Middlemist
Bob Middlemlss
Bob Middlemms
Bob Middllemiss
Bob Midlemiss
Bob Mielke
Bob Mike
Bob Milker
Bob Millar
Bob Miller
Bob Miller Cattle
Bob Miller Portage
Bob Miller’s
Bob Millon
Bob Mills
Bob Ministry
Bob Minnie
Bob Miron
Bob Mirquardt
Bob Misener
Bob Misses Kay Woodley
Bob Mlddlemiss
Bob MMdtomftss
Bob Mo-Visiting
Bob MoCredie
Bob Monette
Bob Mongrain
Bob Monkhouse Comedy
Bob Monkhouse W Peggy Cummins
Bob Moore
Bob Moore Saturday
Bob Moorei
Bob Morgan
Bob Morin
Bob Morin 16149
Bob morning
Bob Morris
Bob Morris Caps
Bob Morris Winter Caps
Bob Morrison
Bob Morrison John Hovelin Janet Dole Donna Dole Cliff Dale Clarence Richardson____ Merlin Richardso
Bob Morrison So
Bob Morrissette
Bob Morton
Bob Moss
Bob Most
Bob Mothers Auxiliary
Bob Moved
Bob Mr
Bob Mr Bernard Gauthier
Bob Mr Freddie
Bob Mr.
Bob Mrs
Bob Mrs Howard Hayes
Bob Mrs Kay Spotswood
Bob Mrs Patton
Bob Mrs Rita Lepine
Bob Mrs. Lusk
Bob Muise
Bob Mulligan
Bob Mulvagh
Bob Mulvah
Bob Muriel Mitchell
Bob Murphy
Bob Murray
Bob Musse
Bob My
Bob Myrna Palmer
Bob Nadeau
Bob NanceKnell
Bob Narcenell
Bob Nash Gerald Kluke Gerald Kluke
Bob Nathalie
Bob Necldeson
Bob Neveau
Bob Nevin
Bob New
Bob New-berfÿ*
Bob New-r7
Bob New-tngham Aces
Bob Newberry
Bob Newberry Miners
Bob Newhort
Bob Nflsner But
Bob Nicholas Mrs Emmerson Horner
Bob Nicki Babe Young
Bob No
Bob Nobes
Bob Normandeau
Bob Normandeau Saturday
Bob Norway Bay
Bob November
Bob Nu-
Bob Nugent
Bob NuV
Bob O -Rielly
Bob O Brien
Bob O Donnell
Bob O Dwyer
Bob O Heare
Bob O Hears
Bob O Neil
Bob O R
Bob O Reilly
Bob O.Rourke
Bob Oawford
Bob Oct.
Bob October
Bob of
Bob Ogle
Bob Oharettes Shell Service Stat-Petawawa
Bob Oharettes Shell Service Station
Bob OHeare
Bob Oleon
Bob Olson
Bob Ompb.Il
Bob On September
Bob One
Bob Onesime
Bob Ontario
Bob Orr
Bob Orr 5:10
Bob Orr Cartage Bristol
Bob Osborne
Bob Osbourne
Bob Ostmm
Bob Ostrom
Bob Ostrum
Bob Ottawa
Bob Ounn
Bob Our
Bob Ouyon
Bob Over-
Bob Overion
Bob Overton
Bob Overton IXpt
Bob Overton Young
Bob Overtons
Bob O’Grady
Bob O’Heare We
Bob O’Heere Mrs. Fleury
Bob O’Reilly
Bob Paisley
Bob Pakenham
Bob Paquin
Bob Paquln
Bob Par
Bob Paré
Bob Partie-7yme
Bob Pastor
Bob Patacairk FINANCING^
Bob Paterson
Bob Paterson Brady
Bob Patrick
Bob Patterson
Bob Paul
Bob Paula
Bob Paulette
Bob Pearce
Bob Pecver
Bob Peggy
Bob Pelletier
Bob Pembroke
Bob Penh Blue
Bob Pentinga
Bob Peppard
Bob per- Quebec
Bob Perch
Bob Perkins
Bob Perrier
Bob Perron C.B.C.
Bob Peterborough
Bob Peters
Bob Petrie Mrs. Bessie Knox
Bob Philips
Bob Phillips
Bob Phone
Bob Piamonte
Bob Picard
Bob Picard Jean-Louis Corriveau Corriveau
Bob Pierol
Bob Pilot Iransport Quebec
Bob Pinch
Bob Pirie
Bob Pitt
Bob Piznek
Bob Planning
Bob Platt
Bob Plus
Bob Polk
Bob Popkey
Bob Potler There
Bob Potvin
Bob Poun-polka
Bob Prankie
Bob Pre-Kindergarten
Bob Preme Court
Bob Pres _ _
Bob Presbyterian Church
Bob Preston
Bob Price
Bob Pringle
Bob Pritchard
Bob Proulx
Bob Province
Bob Ptoulx
Bob Pugh
Bob Pulford
Bob Purcell
Bob Purvey
Bob Pyke
Bob Q0r(
Bob Qawford
Bob QtMrn Of
Bob Qua Ik
Bob Quail#
Bob Quaile
Bob Quails
Bob Qualk
Bob Quebec Ouest Reality
Bob Quebec Ouest Realties
Bob Quelle
Bob Quesnel
Bob Quyon
Bob Racine
Bob Radmore
Bob Rae
Bob Rafter
Bob Raikes
Bob Ramey
Bob Ranger
Bob Rantz
Bob Ras
Bob Ray
Bob Re
Bob Re-
Bob Ree
Bob Registrar
Bob Reguly
Bob Reid
Bob Reinlck
Bob Remi
Bob Remi Visiting Mrs
Bob Remis
Bob Renaud
Bob Renauld
Bob Rendait
Bob René
Bob Rene Brixhe
Bob Renée
Bob Rennick
Bob Renwarden
Bob Reny
Bob Request
Bob Resnick
Bob Reynolds
Bob Rez-nick
Bob Reznek
Bob Reznick
Bob Reznik
Bob rfu1
Bob Rhonda
Bob Ri/nek
Bob Ri/nek Sister Marie
Bob Rianek
Bob Richard
Bob Richard Dahms
Bob Richard Wills
Bob Richardson
Bob Richer
Bob Ricky
Bob Ridley
Bob Riebertz
Bob Riezneck
Bob Riley
Bob Ringrose
Bob Ringrose Cemetery
Bob Rinmore
Bob Ripley
Bob Ritchie
Bob River
Bob Riz
Bob Riznck
Bob Rizneh
Bob Riznek
Bob Riznek Body
Bob Riznet
Bob Riznick
Bob Riznik
Bob Rlr|
Bob Rlznek
Bob Ro> Wiggins
Bob Roach
Bob Roarer
Bob Robertson
Bob Robinson
Bob Rodgers
Bob Rodx
Bob Rogers
Bob Romain
Bob Rosaieen Dickson
Bob Rose
Bob Rose Mark Papousek
Bob Roseau
Bob Rosendahl
Bob Ross
Bob Rouseau
Bob Roussel
Bob Rowaell
Bob Rue-ell
Bob Ruins
Bob Rus
Bob Rusett
Bob Rush
Bob Russe
Bob Russell
Bob Russell Bonds
Bob Russell IDe
Bob Russell Mr.
Bob Russell Pearl Garety
Bob Russell USHERS
Bob Russell" Keith Ha
Bob Russell’s
Bob Russett
Bob Russe»
Bob Russe» Elliott
Bob Rut-
Bob Rutherford
Bob Rutledge
Bob s
Bob s Alex Hodgins
Bob s Chicken
Bob s Chicken Co-op
Bob s Chicken Coop
Bob s Chicken Coop Shawville
Bob s Combo Plate
Bob s Dad
Bob s Gas Bar
Bob s Rest
Bob s Restaura Jeffrey AMon Clarence
Bob s Restaurant
Bob s Restaurant Learn
Bob s Take Outs
Bob Sacksville
Bob Safari
Bob Saille
Bob Saille Orchestra Saturday
Bob Sal* - Well
Bob Salley
Bob Sally
Bob Sally Friends
Bob Sally’s Band
Bob Salmon
Bob Saly MM Bouche
Bob Sampson’s Homemaker Safety—pretty
Bob Sargeant
Bob Saturday
Bob Saunders
Bob Sauve
Bob Savage
Bob Savidant
Bob Savident
Bob Sawyers
Bob Sc Sully Thompson Jim Sc Dorene McCambly Sc
Bob Schmidt
Bob Schnieders
Bob Schryer
Bob Schwalm
Bob Schwartz
Bob Scott
Bob Scranton
Bob Seaboyer
Bob Sear
Bob Secretary Ruth Leishman
Bob Séguin
Bob Séguin W.R.A.P.P.S.
Bob Seguln
Bob Senti
Bob Sequin
Bob SESS BsssittS
Bob Sharpe
Bob Sharpe’s
Bob Shaw
Bob Shawville Curling Club
Bob Shawville Lions Club
Bob Shawvllle
Bob She
Bob Sheen
Bob Shellard
Bob Shelley
Bob Shep-The
Bob Sheppard
Bob Sheppard Bryson
Bob Sheppard Mrs. Bill I
Bob Sheppard’s
Bob Sherwood
Bob Shewville
Bob Shuttleworth
Bob Sibbert
Bob Sic
Bob Sicvier
Bob Silverman
Bob Simpson
Bob Simpson Keep Plastic Bags Away
Bob Simpson Speaks To Shawville Athletes Elgin Murray
Bob Simpsons
Bob Simpson’s
Bob Sims
Bob Sin- Allen
Bob Sinclair
Bob SincMr, Ottawa
Bob Singers
Bob Skerkowaki
Bob Skerkowski
Bob Skirkowski
Bob Slade
Bob Sleigh
Bob Sleighs
Bob Sloan
Bob Sloan 648
Bob Sloan Frost
Bob Sloan Gerard
Bob Sloan I Mrs Clifford Desjardins
Bob Sloan North
Bob Sloan Note
Bob Sly
Bob Smaçt Mrs
Bob Smart
Bob Smarts
Bob Smiley
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Armstrong
Bob Smith Baie Pontiac
Bob Smith Ben Tubman
Bob Smith Brian Corriveau Daniel Des
Bob Smith Broomball Pontiac Selects
Bob Smith Golden Shasta
Bob Smith Hr
Bob Smith H|
Bob Smith Québec Res
Bob Smith Res
Bob Smith Restaurant
Bob Smith Restiuimt Guest Speaker
Bob Smith Royce
Bob Smith Saturday
Bob SMith Shawville
Bob Smith Sr.
Bob Smith Stable
Bob Smith-Past President
Bob Smiths
Bob Smiths Rest
Bob Smiths Rest.
Bob Smiths Restaurant
Bob Smiths Restaurant Moke
Bob Smith’s
Bob Smith’s Catering
Bob Smith’s HT Vite
Bob Smith’s July
Bob Smith’s Lefebvre
Bob Smith’s Midgets
Bob Smith’s Rassurant
Bob Smith’s Re-
Bob Smith’s Rest-
Bob Smith’s Restau
Bob Smith’s Restaur Community Centre
Bob Smith’s Restaurai
Bob Smith’s Restaurant
Bob Smith’s Restaurant Main Street
Bob Smith’s Restaurant Shawville
Bob Smith’s Restaurant ShawvUle
Bob Smith’s Restaurant Trot
Bob Smith’s Shawville
Bob Smith’s Trail Cutter
Bob Smitn
Bob Smyth
Bob Smyth Bramalea
Bob Smythe
Bob Sn
Bob So
Bob Société
Bob Softball Throw
Bob Solly’s Band
Bob Somebody
Bob Somerville
Bob Sons Funeral Home
Bob SoNy
Bob Soucy
Bob Souda
Bob South
Bob Souuere
Bob Sparks
Bob Sparliig
Bob Sparling
Bob Sparling—4
Bob Spears
Bob Spears Russel LeRoy
Bob Spears Visiting
Bob Spearsw
Bob Specials - Dairy Calf Hugh Hammond
Bob Speller
Bob Spence
Bob Spending
Bob Spielvogel
Bob Spink*
Bob Sponsored
Bob Spring
Bob SSTS’Jasfi Ladysmith JWBi
Bob St Michael
Bob Stack
Bob Stafford
Bob Stanfield
Bob Stapleford
Bob Stark
Bob Stark Rheas Poisson
Bob Ste-
Bob Ste- Lepinc
Bob Steele
Bob Steele April
Bob Steele It
Bob Steele Last
Bob Steele Paul
Bob Steeles
Bob Steele’s
Bob Stephanie
Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens Vice-president Helen
Bob Stevens
Bob Stevenson
Bob Stewan
Bob Steward
Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart Beverley Ebert
Bob Stewart FIREMAN
Bob Stewart Lage
Bob Stewart McTiernan
Bob Stewart Visitors
Bob Stickney
Bob Stone
Bob Storey
Bob Storing
Bob Stout Owner
Bob Strong’s
Bob Strum
Bob Strumm
Bob Styles
Bob Sulli
Bob Summer
Bob Sur-
Bob Surtees
Bob Susan
Bob Suspects Everyone Claire
Bob Sutherland
Bob Sutter
Bob Sutton
Bob Sweeeatingham
Bob Sweeney
Bob Sweet
Bob Swim
Bob Swim Shawville
Bob Switzer
Bob Switzer SATURDAY
Bob Switzer Show
Bob T/breuvages/crème-glacée
Bob T? .1 Smith
Bob Tait
Bob Tames A Lady Russian Plus Colour
Bob Tape
Bob Tapping
Bob Tarter
Bob Taunton
Bob Taylor
Bob Tay_ EftSi pS
Bob Tel
Bob Telebec
Bob Terhusne
Bob Terrison
Bob That
Bob The
Bob There
Bob Therriault
Bob Thirsk
Bob This
Bob Tho- Georgette Lance
Bob Thom
Bob Thom-in
Bob Thomas
Bob Thomas Narlock Jr.
Bob Thomas)
Bob Thomas_
Bob Thomas_ Featuring ROCK
Bob Thomas_ The
Bob Thomp
Bob Thompson
Bob Thomson
Bob Thomson’s
Bob Thrasher
Bob Thrasner
Bob Thunder
Bob Thursday
Bob Tinker
Bob To
Bob Todd
Bob Tol-hurst
Bob Tolhurst
Bob Tommv Lanvkre
Bob Toronto
Bob Tousignant
Bob Tovee
Bob Towel
Bob Towell
Bob ToweU
Bob Town Hall
Bob Townsley
Bob Tracey
Bob Tracinski
Bob Tracy
Bob Tracy 647-2671
Bob Tracy Aylmer
Bob Tracy Barry Draper
Bob Tracy Best
Bob Tracy Mr. Athol McKillop
Bob Trembath
Bob Tremblay
Bob Trice
Bob Troulbe
Bob Trout
Bob Trtdy
Bob Trudeau
Bob Trudeau Touch O Honey 2nd - Billy Lajeuncs Jays
Bob Turcotte
Bob Turner Arena
Bob Turpin
Bob Two
Bob U VA
Bob Ugault
Bob Umarche
Bob Uncle Randy Thoms
Bob Uvei
Bob Uyler
Bob V - Dunn
Bob Vachoo
Bob Van Dyke
Bob Van Dyke This
Bob Van Hoff
Bob Vant Hoff
Bob Vant-hofT
Bob Vaughan
Bob Verch
Bob Verner
Bob Verrer
Bob Vi Deneuve
Bob Vibert
Bob Vibert 7:30
Bob Vibert Our
Bob Videto
Bob Vihert
Bob Villcnt-uvc
Bob Ville-neuve
Bob Villen
Bob Villeneu
Bob Villeneuve
Bob Villeneuve 224-87 Enregistrement
Bob Villeneuve 224-87 Greatest Gift Remembrance Henry Barnabe
Bob Villeneuve 224-87 Henrv Barnabe
Bob Villeneuve 224-87 Henrv Barruibe
Bob Villeneuve 224-87 X MacCREGOR CONCRETE
Bob Villeneuve Chairman Throw
Bob Villeneuve5
Bob Villon
Bob Villvneuve
Bob Villvneuvt
Bob Villvnuuvu
Bob ViUefieuve
Bob Vivian
Bob Vlbart
Bob Vlberf 7:30
Bob Vlbert
Bob W,„h
Bob Waddell
Bob Waddingham
Bob Wahh
Bob Wallace
Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh Jr (
Bob Walter
Bob Walters
Bob Walton
Bob Want Hoff
Bob Ward
Bob Warford
Bob Warnick
Bob Waterloo
Bob Watsworth
Bob Waxman
Bob We
Bob Weather-don
Bob Weatheral
Bob Weatherall
Bob Webb
Bob Webb Band Otter Lake Tel
Bob Webb c1
Bob Webster
Bob Weigandt
Bob Weir
Bob Western
Bob Western Canada
Bob Whalen
Bob Whcalcn
Bob Whe-
Bob Whe- Effective
Bob Whe-1
Bob Whekn
Bob Whelan
Bob Whelcn
Bob When
Bob Whetam
Bob While
Bob WhiLsiu
Bob White
Bob White-However
Bob Whitehorn
Bob Whitelaw
Bob Whites
Bob Whitney
Bob Whitsitt
Bob Whyte
Bob Wigandt
Bob Wiggins
Bob Wigney
Bob Wiison
Bob Wilaon
Bob Wildfong
Bob Wilkinson
Bob Will Recover Hannah
Bob Willard
Bob Williams
Bob Williston
Bob Wills
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson Dunrobin
Bob Winstead
Bob Wintcrmutc.
Bob Winter
Bob Wintermuth
Bob Winters
Bob Winters September
Bob Wl
Bob WOmttK
Bob Woods
Bob Woods ÉpSÉ
Bob Wright
Bob X
Bob XM9 Ladysmith
Bob y0pper
Bob Ycman
Bob Ye
Bob Ye-!<Ott
Bob Yemen
Bob Yeung
Bob Yoimge
Bob You Ron Sharp- Calf
Bob Youjige
Bob Young
Bob Young 4
Bob Young Clarendon
Bob Young G
Bob Young Kechnie
Bob Young Keith Mohr Jim Hickey Harold Kearns Bruce Campbell Quyon U.C.W.
Bob Young Lone Wilson
Bob Young McCann
Bob Young Moved
Bob Young Quyon Lions Club
Bob Young Ryan Benoit
Bob Young Sandra A. Murray
Bob Young Shawville
Bob Young#
Bob Young-.*
Bob Youngc
Bob Younge
Bob Younge Shawville Community
Bob Younge Bu* 11*777.0112
Bob Younge Crand Champion Jersey
Bob Younge Dickson
Bob Younge Fair Pres
Bob Younge Front
Bob Younge’s
Bob Youngo
Bob Youngs
Bob Young’s
Bob Young’s Jersey Cow
Bob Younqe
Bob Yourrge
Bob Yownge
Bob Zimmer-
Bob Zimmerman
Bob Zochorecky
Bob Zup-
Bob Zwissler
Bob ] Towell
Bob ^ampbell
Bob ^Campbell Municipality
Bob ^tTrsColle^and Linda
Bob _
Bob | Afterwards
Bob | Clifford
Bob | Roycc Richardson
Bob |g Middlemiss
Bob «.UUihg Wl.df»
Bob —
Bob ‘Fish’ Findlay
Bob ‘Fish’ Findley
Bob “Fish” Findlay
Bob „
Bob •
Bob" Edwards
Bob" Middlemiss
Bob" Pizzeria Chez Buck Dépanneur Claude Romain Coiffures Mélégance Construction Bonne Façon Crevie
Bob" Sloan
Bob'' Eades
Bob'' Hazel
Bob'' Ilazelton
Bob) Bethcr
Bob) Bressee
Bob) Brownrigg
Bob) Calvert
Bob) Charette
Bob) Chiarelli
Bob) Coveil
Bob) Fades
Bob) Farmer
Bob) Farrel
Bob) G Walsh
Bob) Gamble
Bob) Glazer
Bob) Gravel
Bob) Hades
Bob) Hamilton
Bob) Hevelin
Bob) Hobbs
Bob) Hodgins
Bob) Homuth
Bob) Johnston
Bob) Kmg
Bob) Ladouceur
Bob) M.G.
Bob) Meehan
Bob) Middlemiss
Bob) Moore
Bob) Morrison May
Bob) Nolan
Bob) Perkins
Bob) Pour
Bob) Renfrew
Bob) Sker-kowski
Bob) Sloan
Bob) Smith
Bob) Stafford
Bob) Stark
Bob) Stewart
Bob) Timmins
Bob) Vandal
Bob) Vibert
Bob) Walsh
Bob- Bobby Towell
Bob- Brian FRESH
Bob- Curmencita
Bob- Fiddle Contest
Bob- Meisner
Bob- That Mayor Barr
Bob-hv Burke
Bobby Griffin Jacques Mentha Rejean Meilleur
BOB’S O c>
Boileau Grant
bombard-1 Grant
Bonnie Harris Bob Findlay
Bonnie Lynn Herbert Carl Sehroeder
Bonspiel Grant Fades
Borry Homer Barry Horner
Boy- Grant Fades
Boyd Barry Stitt
Break Grant
Brenda Louisa Allen Weds Arnold Carl Yach POM
Brendan Grant
Brian Carl Stiller
Brian Charbonneau Germain Asselin Jean-Pierre Forget Carl Nadeau Lawrence Romain Rodney Zimmerling
Brian Coughlin 613-638-8415 Ron Hodgins Brian Kelly Lome Orser Weldon Rantz Bob Dick
Brian Drummond Garth Tracy Thomas Fahey Jacques Lance Bob Scott Basil Orr Gordon Dttt
Brian Gains- Bob
Brian Kelly 2. Bob Muise
Brian McCann Carl Trudeau
Brian Tubman Steve Forber Barry Horner 647-5973
Brislol Municipal Grant
Bristol 647-3594 Grant
Bristol Grant
Bristol J Mrl George Grant
Bristol* A. Grant
Bro Freeman Grant.
Brock Grant
Bronson By-Law Grant
Brown Grant
Brown Thé EQUITY Bob Riznek
Brown-1 Grant
Bruce Barry
Bruce Carl Telford
Bruce Yemen Barry Murray Bruce Yemen Odorless Sales Check
Bryan Alexander Bob Howard David Yach
Brydon Grant
BSsHiÜaE''ïH “The Bob Boy Country
Bud Abbott I Z Dennis O’Keefe Joyce Holden Gene Barry / Lou Costello
B„ Grant
C L I D J Grant Robert
C o-ordinator Carl Narlock
C. Grant
C.P A.S. Grant
C.P. Carl
C.P.A.S. Grant
Call Bob Quebec Ouest Reality
Call Bob Quebec Ouest Realties
Calumet Mrs Barry Kluke
Calvin Grant Hawthorne
Cameron Grant
Cameron Grant Ferrigan
Camille Grant
Campbell Grant
Campbell* Freeman Grant
Can Grant
Capital Grant Awarded Hospital Thome Centre Boy Accident
Captain Alastair E. Grant
Captain David Grant
Captain Grant
Captains Grant
Carl Tubman
Carl "
Carl "Chum
Carl - Husband
Carl 0s-trom
Carl 647-5171
Carl 7-2716 7-3728
Carl 819-458-1752 V»
Carl 8lne Shearling Ram
Carl A
Carl A Alice Ostrom
Carl A Hum
Carl After
Carl Ahem
Carl Al
Carl Al* D
Carl Al.um
Carl Alexander
Carl Alford
Carl Alium
Carl Aliuro
Carl Allum
Carl Alluni
Carl Allvm
Carl and
Carl and Betty Dowdell
Carl and Karen
Carl and Karen Inglee
Carl and Nancy
Carl and Nancy.
Carl Andersen
Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson Rose Oswald
Carl Anderton
Carl Ann Finlan
Carl Ann Lamarche
Carl Ann Listening
Carl Armstrong
Carl Ashton
Carl Auer von Weis
Carl AUnn
Carl B Brown
Carl B,^eaU
Carl B. Suhf*i-ri<iV.on
Carl Baden
Carl Bailey
Carl Baker
Carl Barber
Carl Beck
Carl Beck Billy Russett
Carl Beechburg
Carl Bélisle
Carl Belkau
Carl Belleau
Carl Below
Carl Ben Eleison
Carl Bennett
Carl Benz
Carl Bering
Carl Bert-
Carl Bertrand
Carl Bertrand Commandant
Carl Birks
Carl Births
Carl Bittner
Carl Bob-son
Carl Bochert
Carl Booth
Carl Bordon Hodgins
Carl Bore
Carl Boucher
Carl Bowers
Carl Bowers Shawville
Carl Bowers Taxes
Carl Bowers Tsxes
Carl Bradley
Carl Brady
Carl Braeside
Carl Brown
Carl Bruce
Carl Bruce $
Carl Bruce.
Carl Bryson
Carl Buelow
Carl Buelqw
Carl Burnette
Carl Carl Dale.
Carl Carlson
Carl Carnegie
Carl Carson
Carl Cart
Carl Casey
Carl Cashman
Carl Cathey
Carl Cathy Belsher
Carl Cegfclaa
Carl Charron
Carl Chcteauguay
Carl Chevaliers de Colomb
Carl Clark
Carl Clarke
Carl Clements
Carl Cole
Carl Cole 648-2727 Canadian
Carl Coles
Carl Comba
Carl Commercial
Carl Coté
Carl Course
Carl Cox
Carl Crozier
Carl Cummings
Carl Cummings Jr.
Carl CWL
Carl Czuboka
Carl D Tubman
Carl Da .c
Carl Dak
Carl Dakmw Hamo-
Carl Dal*
Carl Dal* 647-3812 Shawville Quantity
Carl Dale
Carl Dale 2. John Howard 3. Wampole’s Extract Cod Liver Oil
Carl Dale 515
Carl Dale 636
Carl Dale 647
Carl Dale 647-3812
Carl Dale 8. Bruce Sin-
Carl Dale and
Carl Dale Best Display
Carl Dale Buff Orpington
Carl Dale DAIRY
Carl Dale Mangels
Carl Dale Mrs
Carl Dale Pair Crate
Carl Dale Rabbits Chincilla Doe
Carl Dale Sussex
Carl Dale U Campbell
Carl Dale Wilbur Horner Wm
Carl Dale-English Section
Carl Dale.
Carl Dale:
Carl Dale: Neil
Carl Dale;-best
Carl Daley
Carl Dale’s Maggie Muggins
Carl Danis
Carl Date
Carl David Good
Carl Davidson
Carl Davidson Joe and Nancy Bertrand
Carl Davidson Linda Elliot
Carl De
Carl Dealers
Carl Decker
Carl Dele
Carl Demell
Carl Denault
Carl Did
Carl Diehl
Carl Dile
Carl Dionne
Carl Donlan
Carl Donnellan
Carl Donnelly
Carl Double G ~
Carl Douglas Strutt
Carl Douglas Strutt WL
Carl Dow
Carl Du
Carl Dube
Carl Dubeau
Carl Dubeeu
Carl Ducks At W.A
Carl Dufault
Carl DuW VZ Marc Sauiiol
Carl E Cole
Carl E R. Mlelke
Carl Ebert
Carl Ebert ( Pearl
Carl Ebert Belated
Carl Ebert Campbell
Carl Ebert V
Carl Eberts
Carl Ebert’s
Carl Eddie
Carl Edmund
Carl EH Hi
Carl El
Carl Eliott
Carl Elliot
Carl Elliott
Carl Emerson What
Carl Emery
Carl Equity
Carl Er-
Carl Erfle
Carl Erv.n Beck
Carl Every
Carl F Dale
Carl F Hawver Q.
Carl Fairfield
Carl Falangio
Carl Farrel Keith M.
Carl Farrell
Carl Faust
Carl Feedlot Association
Carl Fergie
Carl Fincher
Carl Findlay
Carl Firerobin
Carl Fischer
Carl Fischer''s Band
Carl Fischer''s Baud
Carl Flannery
Carl Fletcher
Carl FloridAtion
Carl Foley
Carl Foley Pontiac
Carl Foley- Ottawa Rough Riders Club
Carl Ford
Carl Foster
Carl Foster Dale
Carl Fraser Simmental
Carl Frie-
Carl Fu
Carl Fu-the
Carl FUcher
Carl Fulford
Carl Fumer
Carl Fumerton
Carl G. Clark
Carl Gagnon
Carl Garannson
Carl Gardiner
Carl Gardner
Carl Garlaugh
Carl Garlough
Carl Garlough Bourgeau
Carl Gart- H. Fitzsimmons
Carl Gartner
Carl Gauley
Carl George
Carl Georgette
Carl Gibbons
Carl Gibson
Carl Gillancleis
Carl Girls J Dale
Carl Glenn
Carl Glllanders
Carl Glover
Carl Glover Some
Carl Godin
Carl Gomson
Carl Good
Carl Gor- Masham
Carl Goranson
Carl Goransson
Carl Gorrannson
Carl Gorranson ÊQéjÇOu*
Carl Grace
Carl Green
Carl Green Singers
Carl Greer
Carl Grimard
Carl GUlanders
Carl Gustaf
Carl Gustav Mannerhcim
Carl Gustave Zimmer- Soulière
Carl H *
Carl H(ttie
Carl H. Armstrong
Carl Hagen-beck
Carl Hagenbcck
Carl Hager
Carl Hager Firefighters
Carl Hager Provincial Association
Carl Hanger
Carl Hansen
Carl Happen
Carl Havekes
Carl Havekes Gagne
Carl Havekus
Carl He
Carl Henry
Carl Henry Stevenson
Carl Henry Stevenson 442
Carl Hérault
Carl Herman Alfred
Carl Ho-tie
Carl Hogei Quyon
Carl Hoiner
Carl Holtzworth
Carl Homer
Carl Horner
Carl Horner Chisnell
Carl Horner’
Carl Hortie
Carl Hrohart
Carl Hue
Carl Hueston
Carl Hvtin
Carl Hyne
Carl I
Carl I Light Breed
Carl I Sr.
Carl Ian Belanger
Carl Inglcc
Carl Inglee
Carl Inglee Michael Barney
Carl Inglee TENDERS
Carl Iron Bridge
Carl Is
Carl IUordon
Carl IVibett
Carl I’r
Carl J Farrell
Carl J. Hambro
Carl Jackson
Carl James
Carl James Howard
Carl Jay
Carl Jennings
Carl Jersey Black
Carl Jessup
Carl Jhiseh Thorne
Carl Johan
Carl Jones
Carl Jordan MacDuugall
Carl Joseph)
Carl Jr
Carl Jr and
Carl Jr.
Carl Jr. Cole
Carl Jung
Carl K. Gray
Carl Kanpes
Carl Kapp*
Carl Kappa#
Carl Kappas
Carl Kappee
Carl Kappes
Carl Kappes Card
Carl Kappes It
Carl Kappes Jo
Carl Kappes Second
Carl Kappes Second Annie Schroeder
Carl Kappes Second Beverley Heenev
Carl Kappes Second Rita Beaudoin
Carl Kappes Wavne
Carl Kapprs
Carl Kapps
Carl Kealey
Carl Kelley
Carl Kelly
Carl Kelly OMI
Carl Ken-
Carl Kennedy
Carl Kesper
Carl Kiel
Carl King
Carl King-
Carl Kingdom
Carl Kingdon
Carl Kingston
Carl Kîoôc
Carl Klecher
Carl Knox
Carl Konig
Carl Kropp
Carl Krose
Carl L. Narlock
Carl L. Narloek Bussicre Otter I
Carl La-bine
Carl La-framboise
Carl Labine
Carl Labine HR
Carl Ladouceur
Carl Ladysmith Fort
Carl Lafram- Pee
Carl Lafram-boise
Carl Lafram-Cobden
Carl Laframboise
Carl Lang
Carl Lariviere Lariviere - Jordan
Carl Lavigne
Carl Lebinel
Carl Led-
Carl Led- Rev. Arnold Stanton
Carl Ledbetter
Carl Lee
Carl Lemaire
Carl Lengpre
Carl Leo
Carl Lewis
Carl Lhiisberg
Carl Linlnge Wall
Carl Lisa Belanger
Carl Lomen
Carl Lu
Carl Ludwi
Carl Lurcman
Carl M Wheaton
Carl Mac Maudella Eachern
Carl MacEachern
Carl Macomber
Carl Magee
Carl Mahovilidge
Carl Majka
Carl Marcel Lavignc
Carl Margaret Young
Carl Mari SSHwiSSsr
Carl Marks
Carl Martin
Carl Mary
Carl Maw
Carl May-
Carl Mayer
Carl Mayer Clapham
Carl Mayer Friday
Carl Mayer J"
Carl Mayer Maxwell
Carl Mayer Review
Carl Mayer Rick
Carl Mayer Trisha Thompson
Carl Mayer’s
Carl Mayhew
Carl Mayhew Hospital
Carl Mayhew Marie Theresa Ryan
Carl Mayhew Quick
Carl Mc*|on
Carl McCord
Carl McCredie
Carl McGill
Carl McGuire
Carl McIntyre
Carl McKay
Carl Mcknight Young
Carl McLean
Carl McNab
Carl Medcof
Carl Merrill
Carl Michael McGee
Carl Michaud
Carl Mielke
Carl Miha
Carl Mihalowitch
Carl Milford
Carl Miller
Carl Miner
Carl Miville
Carl Mollis
Carl Moorhead
Carl Morin
Carl Morin de Davidson
Carl Morlock
Carl Morphy
Carl Motors
Carl Mous
Carl Mous-
Carl Mous-deficit
Carl Mous-the Pontiac Catholic
Carl Mousscau
Carl Mousseau
Carl Mousseau Grand Chevalier Gilles St-Peter
Carl Mousseau President
Carl Mr Hugh Lackie
Carl Mr.
Carl Mrs
Carl Muidoon
Carl Mul- Egan Street
Carl Mul-most
Carl Muldoon
Carl Muller
Carl Mur-
Carl Murray
Carl Mvvrn
Carl Myers
Carl Nadeau
Carl Nar-lock
Carl Narlock
Carl Narlock Sherwood
Carl Nelson
Carl Nesmith
Carl Nick-le
Carl Nickle
Carl No
Carl Normandea
Carl Normandeau
Carl Norval McNeill
Carl Norway Bay
Carl O St
Carl Oi Bristol Area
Carl Olsen
Carl Os-
Carl Os- CafS FOf
Carl Os- Hay First
Carl Os- International
Carl Os- NewMac
Carl Os- Quyon
Carl Os-trom
Carl Os-unlikely
Carl Osfrom
Carl Oslroir.
Carl Oslrom
Carl Ost
Carl Ostola
Carl Ostroin
Carl Ostrom
Carl Ostrom 648- Shawville Lions Hall
Carl Ostrom 648-2574
Carl Ostrom Beauchamp
Carl Ostrom Calumet Legal Notices
Carl Ostrom Display
Carl Ostrom Leonard Horner
Carl Ostrom Susan Sloan
Carl Ostrum
Carl Outram
Carl O’Leary
Carl Pacquette
Carl Paquette
Carl Parrel
Carl Pforzhehner
Carl Phies
Carl Phone 647-3875 Tubman
Carl Phone 648-5521
Carl Picard
Carl Pilgram
Carl Pilgrim
Carl Pretzel
Carl Price
Carl Price 174
Carl Puckett
Carl Queale
Carl R Porter
Carl R Zaoharias
Carl Ranger
Carl Reger
Carl Reich
Carl Reiner Eva Marie Saint Your Price
Carl Reitz
Carl Ren-nick
Carl Renmck
Carl Rennick
Carl Rennlck
Carl Requires
Carl Rev Basil Long
Carl Rev.
Carl Reww For
Carl Ritza
Carl Robert Zacharias
Carl Robinson
Carl Rochon
Carl Rogers
Carl Rohwer
Carl Roloffs
Carl Romain
Carl Romain Bud Rowat
Carl Romain Michigan
Carl Rosa
Carl Rose
Carl Rungus
Carl Russell
Carl S
Carl Sadie Pine
Carl Sagan
Carl Sal
Carl Sal-way
Carl Salway
Carl Sandburg
Carl Schaefer
Carl Schcib
Carl Schmidt
Carl Schoen
Carl Schoger
Carl Schorn
Carl Schrankler
Carl Schroeder
Carl Schubert
Carl Schwartz
Carl Scrlven
Carl Severin
Carl Sewart M
Carl Shaw
Carl Shawville
Carl Shawville Lyse Lacourse M 647-5932 S.
Carl Shawvllle - Commercial
Carl Sheenboro Myrtle Sullivan
Carl Shew ville—Boyce Richardson Ebert
Carl Si
Carl Simon Garlough
Carl Simon-
Carl Simpson
Carl Skidder
Carl Slevemun
Carl Smith
Carl Society
Carl Son
Carl Soucie
Carl Spaatz
Carl Sparling
Carl Stallion
Carl Ste
Carl Ste-
Carl Stein
Carl Steinke
Carl Stenkie
Carl Stevenson
Carl Stormer
Carl Strutt
Carl Stsohlsman
Carl Sulliman
Carl Sullivan
Carl Summqr Savory
Carl Sutton
Carl Svboda
Carl Swail
Carl Swanstrom
Carl Tanser
Carl Tapscott
Carl Telford
Carl Thacker
Carl Thi- Firemen
Carl Thi- His
Carl Thibault
Carl Thibault Fire
Carl Thibault Freightliner Report Transfer
Carl Thoms
Carl Tollman
Carl Toner
Carl Toole
Carl Townships
Carl Troke
Carl Tru-
Carl Tru-Ioops
Carl Trudeau
Carl Trudeau Claude Cummings Bob Smith Bruce Wilson Ed Carbonell
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carl Tu
Carl Tub
Carl Tub-
Carl Tub-am
Carl Tubman
Carl Tubman 2XS15 Darcy Hearty
Carl Tubman 647
Carl Tubman 647-
Carl Tubman 647-2531
Carl Tubman 647-2531 Gilbert Lachance
Carl Tubman 647-3521 ShawvSe
Carl Tubman 6472531
Carl Tubman Motion Crs Carmen
Carl Tubman.
Carl Uclaire
Carl Use
Carl V Bull
Carl Van
Carl Van Doering
Carl Van Duyse
Carl Van Uoer-ing
Carl Vandrv Gordon
Carl Vandry
Carl Vinson
Carl Visits Campbell
Carl Voss Roger Jenkins Muah Mardi You Need Send
Carl Voua Roger Jenkins Mush March SEEDS
Carl Vsmdry
Carl Wagon
Carl Wakefield Quebec
Carl Wall
Carl Warren.
Carl Way
Carl Webb
Carl Wells
Carl Weygandt
Carl White Holland Cockerel
Carl White Holland Hen Carl Dale
Carl Wiggins
Carl Wilbur Horner Dale
Carl Wiley
Carl Wilkins
Carl William David Way
Carl Willys
Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson 2.00 Campbell
Carl Winget
Carl Wood Producers Federa
Carl Woods
Carl Wright
Carl Xllum
Carl Yach
Carl Yeung
Carl Young
Carl Z Ï
Carl Zacharias
Carl Zieroth R.R. 1
Carl Zimmerling
Carl Zimmerlmg
Carlo Owen Falasconi I^son Grant Ferrigan Serena
Carlton Grant
Carmen Bob McMullin
Carol Bean Carl
Carol Grant
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage KeWy Funeral Home
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage Young
Carol Tolman Treasur- Grant Eades
Carried Grant
Carry Grant Deborah Kerr Big Business Comedy
Cary Grant
Cary Grant Joan O Brien Jjêê Jflpu
Cary Grant Grace Kelly
Cary Grant Kay Francis Dr
Cary Grant Sophia Loren Quantity
Cary Grant v Joan Fontaine
Catering V BOB SMITH
Catherine Barry
Catherine Grant
Catherine Grant.
Cecil Vibert R.N. Graduate Bob Vibert
Cecilia Grant
Cell Bob et
Ceverend Leslie Grant
Chairman Grant Rogers
Chairmen Grant Fades
Chapman Grant
Charles Bob Morrison
Charles Carl
Charles Grant
Charles Grant Jordan
Charles Grant Mackenzie
Charles Grant Mocquair
Charles Grant.
Charles Jean Pharmacien Bob & Myrna Campbell KIDS
Charles Stirrett Bob Hope Joan Bennett
Charles T. Mrs Carl Sparling
Charlie Grant
Charlie Mahl-tz Bob Campbell
Charlotte Grant
Cheese Burger Bob Burger
Chelsea If Grant
Chelsea Mayor Grant
Chelsea Mayor Judy Grant.
Chemin Barry Road
Cheryl Barry Campbell
Chi-1 Grant
Chief Harvey Wilson-Inspector PRO-MAYOR - Cr A. Brown Motion Os Grant
Chip Grant and Leona Fades
Choir Sherwood Grant Obituary St Paul
Chris Bob
Chris Thompson Carl Clarke
Christine Grant
Christopher Barry Pilon Pilon - Jaime Smith
Christopher Carl
Christy Ann Grant
Church Alexander Grant John Sinclair Lydia Lebaw Cornelius McCagg James Gibson Thomas
Cindy Barry
Cindy Smiley Barry Drummond
City Clerk James Barry
Claire Barry
Claire Bob Morgan
Claire Grant
Claire Marguerite Grant
Claire Pretty Grant
Claire Trevor Bing Crosby Bob Hope Monday
Clara Grant
Clara Grant Ray
Clare Barry
Clare Grant
Clarence Bob McCredie
Clarendon Barry
Clarendon Municipal Grant
Claude Grant Woolsey
Claude Leslie Grant
Claude Rich- Grant Rogers
Clayton Hodgins Bob Wltb
Clayton The Grant
Clayton Thomas Grant Eades
Cliff Grant
Cliff I Grant
Clifford Bob Schwartz
Clifford Grant
Clifford Grant Drown
Clifford Grant J.P.
Clifford Grant s2S Shirley Duds Ml Il
Clifford Grant Stewart
Clifford Grant.
Coach Barry Teevens
Coach Barry Woem-ke
Coach Bob Findlay
Coach Bob Lang
Coach Bob Monfils
Coles John Grant Parade Chairmen Paul McGee
Colin *nd Grant
College Grant
Colonization Grant
Color Cary Grant Audrey Hepburn
Color Cary Grant Audrey Hepburn Buy
Color Cary Grant Joan O Brien
Color Cary Grant Samantha Egger Set
Comm Grant 24.90
Comm Grant Eades
Comm Grant Hades
Comm MacKechnie- Grant Eades
Commissioners Grant Eades
Communion Grant Elliott-Mrs
Connie Grant
Connie McGee Grant
Conservative Judith Grant
Constance Grant
Contact Grant Carswell
Contact Grant Eedes
Contact Grant Rogers
Corporation Municipale de Canton Grant Calumet
Corrigan and Grant Elliott Carried
Cory Grant
Coun- Grant
Councillor Grant
Councillor Grant Eades
Councillors Boyd Doris Grant
Councillors Carl
Councillors Freeman Grant
Councillors Grant
Councillors Grant Eades
Councillor» Grant
Councülor Grant
County Grant
Cpl Gerald Grant
Cr Grant
Crane Cary Grant
Crom-1 Grant
Cross Grant
Crs Fitzsimmons Grant
Crs Grant
Crs Grant Chamberlain
Crs Grant Connolly
Crs Grant Henderson
Crs Grant Judd
Crs Grant Marks
Crs Hanna Grant
Crs Henderson Grant
Crs Walsh Grant
Crs Whelen Grant
CtS Mscfailane Grant
Cub Grant Smith
Cubs Grant Smith
Currie Mills Jean Grant
Curtis Grant
Cuthbert Grant
Cuthbert-R. A. Grant
D. Grant
D.C. Mrs Grant Eades
D.R. Barry
Dagenais Improvement Grant
Daisy Barry
Daisy Carl
Dale Barry
Dale Barry McDowell
Dale Bob Weatherall Atkinson’s Bar
Dale Carl
Dale Grant
Dale L H Keen 1.95 Harland Smiley R R Beardsley Margaret Grant
Dale Master Donald Hodgins Miss Marion Smyth Grant Gibson
Dan Grant
Dance D Bob Holmes
Daniel Barry
Daniel Grant
Daniel Sc Peter Jobia Bob Sc Sheila Johnston James Sc Andree Keohane Brian
Danny Grant
Darcy Freeman Grant
Darlene Wiggins Bob Smith Murray
Darrell Grant
Darrell Hea Bob Hearty Owen Hearty Emile Devlin Claude Provost 16-20-38-28755 Irvin Cole
Darren Barry Donald Richard Larocque Janet Beauchemin
Dave Carl Grand Champion
Dave Grant
Dave Grant Ferrigan
Dave Moore Sponsor Bob Dale
Dave Rich Todd Fraser Marc Savard John Peck Brian Moore Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier RodTwo
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Stéphane Villene
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Savard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Bavard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve John Peck Kevin Chev
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Savard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve Kevin Chevrier John
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser MarcSavard Jim Barry John Peck Terry Burwell Jason Toole Kevin
Dave Trottier Runs Rlinco Earl Robinson Bob Gracie
Dave Trottier Ruse Blinco Earl Robinson Bob Grade
David Barry
David Bob
David Bob Carswell
David Carl
David Geerstma Mrs Bob Daley
David Grant
David Grant 2
David Grant 2. Ill Class—Ezra
David Grant 4
David Moore ShawviUe Kinsmen John Grant
David R Barry
David W Grant Retiring Coucillors
David W. Grant
Davidson Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Dawna Knox Bob Fenton
Dawson Armstrog Carl Dale
Day Grant
De Barry
Dean Barry Russctt Stuart Mac Far
Dear Barry
Dear Bob
Dear Bob White
Dear Miss Grant
Debbie Dubé Grant Woolsey
DEFI 91 Grant
Delmer Barber and Councillors Bob Findlay
Delmer Barber Mayor GRANT -
Denis Carl Mohalowitch
Denise Carl
Dennison Grant
Denote Grant
Denote Grant Child Welfare
Department—Andrew Grant
Development Grant
Diana Barry
Diane Schwartz Brent Krose John Pasch Bob
Dick Farms Bob and Pat Dick
Dick Farms Bob and Pat Dick
Dick Grant
Dick Grant Married
Dickson Hamilton Grant
Dir Grant
Directors A Grant
Dls A Barry Campbell
Do Barry
Doctor Grant
Doctor Grant Rogers
Dodie Holmes Bob Riznek
Dollar Village Danny Desabrais Du Barry Buffet E
Don Grant
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty 648-2716 Grant Ferrigan
Don Mr. Bob Hughes
Donald Gagnon Ken Pack Andrew Perrault Barry Moffatt Located
Donald Grant
Donald Grant.
Donald Ivan Grant
Donald M. Grant Kberswalde
Donald Mackenzie Grant
Donald McCredie Grant Woolsey
Donald Sert Grant
Donnie Carl
Doris Bob
Doris Grant
Doris Grant Faber £2.25
Doris Grant Nov. 8
Doris Grant Williams
Doris Grant*
Doris Palmer Grant
Doughp Grant
Douglas Carl
Dr. Barry
Dr. Barry H. Schneider
Dr. Carl
Dr. Carl D. Anderson
Dr. Carl Louis Porin
Dr. Grant
Dr. Grant Carman
Dr. Grant Carmen
Dr. Grant Emcee Colleen
Dr. Grant Fairbanks
Dr. Grant Fleming
Dr. Grant Rodgers
Dr. Grant Rogers
Dr. Grant Rogers Dr. Earl Potvin
Dr. Grant Rogers Ont
Dr. Grant Rogers Robert
Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Jim
Dr. Harold Grant
Dr. William Grant
Driving Barry Goodfellow’s Chevy
Drowning Snowplowing Grant Coleman Inquest Verdict Increase Requested
Dr^ Dundas Grant
Dudley Grant
Dumas Barry
Duncan Lunam Bob Ell
Durrel Smith Carl
Durrell Smith Bob-
Dwight Thomp- Bob Campbell
E E Bob,
E life Grant C. Werry Amprlor
E N. Rhodes Announces Grant
E*d< Grant
E. Grant
E. L. Grant Wilson
Eades Asa Grant
Earl Ricard Hoad Grant
Earl Robinson Bob Ciraeio
Easter Carl
Easter Floral Arrangement Bob Calves
Easy-Carl Mielke
Eddie Cantor Bob Burns
Eddie Grant
Edgar Carl Ebert
Edgar B.W. Mulligan BOB BINDER
Edgar Barry Sun.
Edgar Grant
Edith Grant
Edith Grant Anniversary
Edith Grant Quyon Address Name CALIFORNIA Brief
Edmund Lou Grant
Edna Grant
Edna Margaret Grant
Education Grant
Edward Barry Yach
Edward Carl
Edward Carl - Apnl
Edward Carl - April
Edward Carl Yach
Edward Grant
Edward Grant.
Edward Recently Mrs Carl Price
Egg Rolls Bob s Chicken Coop
Eileen Carl
Eileen Knlpc...... Marjorie Grant... Eleanor Eiric.
Elaine and Clifford Grant.
Elaine Chamber- Bob Young Gladvs
Elaine Grant
Elaine Grant Stewart
Eldon Romain Carl Romain
Eleanor Grant
Eleanor Grant Campbell Wed
Elfrieda Carl
Eliza Grant
Elizabeth Argue Ralph McPherson Grant McAllister
Elizabeth Barker Grant
Elizabeth Bob and Sheila Murray
Elizabeth Grant
Elizabeth Hahn Grant
Ellen Parker Bob» Loggin
Elliott Farm Equipment Bob Weatherall
Elliott Grant
Elliott Grant Dale Grant Dale Elliott
Ellis Dr. Grant Rogers H I. Hobbs Feed Bobby Dick Dr.
Emma Grant
Emma Grant.Shamrock.
Emma Mrs. Clara Grant
Emmett Romain Boisvert Robert Dompierre John Green Bob l^douceur Georges Gagnon Commercial
Eric Bonders Bob
Eric Carl
Eric Judy Grant
Erin Grant
Ernest Quaile---- Ezra Grant....... Dave Telford
Ernie Bob ?°
Esther Williams Technicolor Susan Cabot Julia Adams Technicolor Barry Sullivan
Ethel Grant
Ethel Grant Patania
Ethel Willetta Grant
Eva Andai Barry McCann
Eva Andai Grant V Smith
Eva Marie Saint Bob Hope
Eva Marie Saint Carl Reiner
EWne Grant
Extra Grant
Ezra Grant
Ezra Grant 2
F. Grant
Fa r Grant
Fair Grant
Fairbanks Grant
Fanny Wallace Grant
Farley Grant
Farm Forum Grant
February 1,1995 Grant
Federal Grant
Feeds Grant Rogers Mickey McGuire Pontiac Electric Roy Nugent Shawville Ford Dr. Keith MacLellan Br
Fenton-Moore Barry
Fernand Défi Grant
Fertilizer Govt Grant Net
Fireman Bob Campbell
Fittings Barry Draper Shawville
Fitzsimmons Grant
Fitzsimmons Sherwood Grant
Fleury- 17.32 Grant Limited
Flooding Colonization Grant
Florence Grant
Florence Linda Grant
Florence M. Grant
Florent Grant
Foran Barry
Ford Grant
Fore V. Grant
Fort Margaret Grant
Four Horse Registered Carl Dale Millan
Frances Grant
Francis Barry
Francis L Grant
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Ale* Levineky Carl Voee Roger Jenkins Herbie Cain Mush March
Frank Bouclier Marty Burke Alex Lex-inaky Carl
Frank Carl Ireland
Frank Carl Yach
Frank Fin- Bob Keller
Frank Finnigan Morfoy Hodgins Bob s Chicken Coop
Frank Lepack Carl Ostrom Gordon Angus Percy Zacharias Olive Stewart
Frank Sloan Barry Stitt
Frank Wiggins Bob Homer
Fraser Barry
Fraser............ D R. Barry
Fred Barry OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined
Fred Grant
Frederick (Leona Barry
Frederick Carl
Frederick Carl Rose
Frederick Grant Banting
Freeman Grant
Freeman Grant $
Freeman Grant 37832xs17
Freeman Grant 4.80
Freeman Grant 647-3421
Freeman Grant and
Freeman Grant Grand Warden
Freeman Grant Mrs- Wt
Freeman Grant Mrs. Woods
Freeman Grant P.GJf
Freeman Grant)
Freeman Grant,
Freeman Grant.
Freemen Grant
Freemen Grant 647-3421
Frieman Grant
Froeman Margaret Grant
Frost Cowboy Bob
G -orge
G*‘orge Palmer
Gail Bob
Garnet Grant Gil-
Garry Grant
Garry Grant Among
Gary Grant
Gary McLel-Barry Horner
Gary Tri- Bob Keon
Gene Barry
Gene Barry Beverley Tyler MONO
Generals Grant
Geo Grant
Geo P Grant
George D. Grant
George Grant
George Grant Hollywood
George Grant Mrs. George Grant
George Grant Steward
George Grant Sunday
George Grant’s
George Hornet Barry Elliott
George Ladou-Barry Deeks
George Mrs. Bob Dale
George Murdock Grant - Cheslock On
Gerald A. •Grant
Gerald Grant
Gerald Grant Belli
Gerald Grant Frederick Way
Gerald Grant Llliotfc
Gerald Grant Que
Gerald Grant’s
Gerald Sparling Grant
Gerard Barry Ib
Gillian Barry
Girl Edith Grant
Gladys L. Grant
Glass Bob Villeneuve
Glen Bob-
Glen Crisosto- Shannon Grant
Glen DALE - Bob
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glmn Mrs R A Grant
Gloria Jean and Grant
Goalie Grant Ferrigan
Goalkeeper Grant
GOOSE" Cary Grant
Gordon Alexander Grant Rogers
Gordon Barry Jennifer Hodgina
Government Grant
Government Grant Ottawa
Gra-Motion Crs Grant
Grade V: Elaine Grant
Graham Cary Grant Joan Fontaine
Graham Grant
Grant Thank You Lionel Morin Our
Grant Z -
Grant "
Grant & Leona Hades
Grant &nd Sharon McLaughlin
Grant -
Grant - Les
Grant 2.550.00
Grant 25016BF1
Grant 7-2987
Grant A
Grant A a
Grant A Frances Woolsey Divide# A
Grant A Miller
Grant A Son
Grant Agricultural Department Coehrane-Rhrer- Letter
Grant Agricultural Society Bldg
Grant Agricultural Society- Resolved
Grant Agriculture
Grant Aikenheads
Grant Alary
Grant Albert McQuarrie
Grant Allen
Grant Alvin Crozier
Grant An
Grant and Betty
Grant and Chris Dowe
Grant and Joan Carey
Grant Andrew
Grant Aony-leod
Grant Appleby
Grant Application
Grant Application Form
Grant Arm
Grant Armstrong
Grant Arthur
Grant Asa
Grant Asa Fades
Grant Bade
Grant Bade#
Grant Bade*
Grant Badea Main St.
Grant Badee Main St.
Grant Baden Main St.
Grant Bades
Grant Bades Main St.
Grant Bade» Main St.
Grant Barber
Grant Barton
Grant Barton’s
Grant Beacaire
Grant Beat-
Grant Beattie
Grant Beattie 3 August
Grant Beattie Mrs William Grant Beattie
Grant Beattie On Nov.
Grant Beattk
Grant Beaucaire
Grant Beauclair
Grant Beauclaire
Grant Beaulaire
Grant Bedes Main Street
Grant Belated
Grant Bernice Hickey
Grant Bissard
Grant Blades
Grant Blades Elliott- To Isobel
Grant Blhott
Grant Board
Grant Boils
Grant Bolt
Grant Bond
Grant Boone
Grant Bott
Grant Britain
Grant Bros,
Grant Bros.
Grant Brought
Grant Brow
Grant Brown
Grant BruhL
Grant Brunet
Grant Bunny
Grant C.
Grant C. Warry Braeslde
Grant C. Werry
Grant C. Werry Amprior
Grant Cahill
Grant CahUI
Grant Calberry
Grant Caldwell
Grant CaluM
Grant Calumet
Grant Calumet West Quebec
Grant Campbell
Grant Can
Grant Canadian Alliance
Grant Carer
Grant Carey
Grant Carey Glenn Morrison
Grant Careyf Lawrence
Grant Carr Unsubdiv.
Grant Carried Messrs. Don Horner
Grant Carry Grant
Grant Carswell
Grant Cercle Socio Culturel
Grant Cercle Socio Culturel- Moved
Grant Chambers
Grant Child Lgainst
Grant Childerhose
Grant Church
Grant Clarence Zimmerling
Grant Clarke
Grant Class
Grant Committee
Grant Congratulations
Grant Connelly
Grant Contact Robert Days
Grant Corey
Grant Corrigan Sr K:
Grant Croften
Grant Crofton
Grant D
Grant D Annual Bazaar
Grant D Elliott
Grant D. Elliott
Grant D.K. Dads Limited
Grant Dale
Grant Dale Elliott
Grant Darby
Grant Dave
Grant Davidson
Grant DD
Grant Dead
Grant Debroah Kerr Edmund Gwenn
Grant Devine
Grant Dexter
Grant De^uin
Grant Diehard
Grant Dobson
Grant DOWCll
Grant Draper
Grant Duff
Grant Dupuis
Grant Eadas
Grant Eadc.
Grant Eadcs
Grant Eadcs Honorary
Grant Eadea
Grant Eadea Main St.
Grant Eadee
Grant Eadei
Grant Eades
Grant Eades -
Grant Eades 100
Grant Eades Box 763
Grant Eades Chairman
Grant Eades Grade
Grant Eades Hoy
Grant Eades Main St.
Grant Eades Main Street
Grant Eades Onto Horner
Grant Eades Phone
Grant Eades Phone America
Grant Eades SATURDAY
Grant Eades-Chairman
Grant Eadess
Grant Eadesv Shawville
Grant Eadf>s JONES
Grant Eadie
Grant Eados
Grant Eads
Grant Ead«s
Grant Eardiey Recreation Association
Grant Eaton
Grant Eauéfl Main St.
Grant Ea~e
Grant Ed- Portage
Grant Edwards
Grant Eedee—Bristol
Grant Eedei
Grant Eedes
Grant EHioU
Grant EI- Walter Kilgour
Grant EIliott
Grant El-
Grant El- Funeml
Grant El-The
Grant Elhott
Grant Eliioti
Grant Elimdde
Grant Elliot
Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott 658
Grant Elliott Banquet
Grant Elliott Basi-
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
Grant Elliott William Hoogins
Grant Elllûtt
Grant Elmeide
Grant Elmside
Grant Elmslde
Grant Endos
Grant Eodes
Grant Eodes ESHER
Grant Ernie Yach
Grant Eudes
Grant EUiott
Grant Eve-Marie Saint Drama
Grant EWiott
Grant Extension Bus
Grant Fades
Grant Fades Box 763
Grant Fades Hayes
Grant Fades KEN CRUICK8HANK Loam Top Soil
Grant Fades Main Street
Grant Fades Trevelhan At
Grant Fades W. Schultz
Grant Fades*
Grant Fahey
Grant Family Trophy Rev Visiting
Grant Femgan
Grant Fempua Je#
Grant Fer-
Grant Ferrigan
Grant Ferrigan 2
Grant Ferrigan Birthday
Grant Ferrigan Eric Laporte
Grant Ferrigan Eric Laporte 4.29 Andy Bathgate
Grant Ferrigan Eric Laporte 4.51
Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Grant Ferrigan Raymond Gleason
Grant Ferrigan St Alphonsus
Grant Ferrlgan
Grant FerrWan
Grant Firearm Safety Course
Grant Fitzsimmons
Grant Fleming
Grant For Church
Grant For Commercial Beef Cattle Special Junior Beef Grant For Junior Section Special Junior Shorth
Grant For Sewage Disposal
Grant Foster
Grant Fraser
Grant Frazer
Grant Frazier
Grant Fuhr
Grant Gagné
Grant Gareau
Grant Geroux
Grant Gib
Grant Gibscn
Grant Gibson
Grant Gibson 1
Grant Gibson 668
Grant Gibson 81.5 Hobbs
Grant Gibson Crawford—
Grant Gibson LAW.
Grant Gibson Roland Ren nick Kingsley Smyth Allan Black Urquhart Campbell Cameron Rowat Hewett McCr
Grant Gibson She
Grant Gibsrn
Grant Giroux
Grant Graham
Grant Grolway
Grant Groves
Grant Gtondin
Grant Guest
Grant Guest Gilbert Pallbearers Zimmerling
Grant GW*»
Grant G»o9on
Grant H inis Council
Grant Hades
Grant Hall
Grant Hanna
Grant Harold Martin Arm-
Grant Harold Martin Armstrong
Grant Hearty
Grant Heland
Grant Helen Bretzlaft
Grant Henderson
Grant Hod
Grant Hod- Rodgers
Grant Hodges
Grant Hodgins
Grant Hodgms
Grant Homer
Grant Honored
Grant Honoured
Grant Horner
Grant Horner Trick Pet- Andy Souliere
Grant Hunter
Grant Hydro-Québec Grant
Grant I
Grant I Carey
Grant I I
Grant I Murray
Grant Iki
Grant In
Grant Ingrid Bergman Sophisticated Adult Story
Grant Interview
Grant Is
Grant Isabelle Fortin
Grant It
Grant J
Grant j Rogers
Grant Jackson
Grant James
Grant James Homer
Grant James Horner
Grant Jamie Lemay
Grant January Slat
Grant Jean Arthur Ronald Caiman
Grant Jeff Currier Steve
Grant Jeffrey
Grant Jones
Grant Joy
Grant Jr of
Grant Judd
Grant Judd.
Grant Jude
Grant Jude’s Sainf
Grant July
Grant Ka-Jes
Grant Kelly
Grant Kelly Farrelton
Grant Kerr
Grant Kerrigan
Grant Kim*.Me Wm Foss
Grant King
Grant Kitchener
Grant Kllgour
Grant Klm
Grant Klmalde Wm Foma Ac Son
Grant Klmside Win Ko.nn
Grant Koilgn
Grant Krose
Grant L arswell
Grant Lades
Grant Lake
Grant Lamothe
Grant Leo McCaffrey
Grant Leslie Caron
Grant Liberty
Grant Linda McCreadie
Grant Lucy Graham
Grant M.R.C. Dev.
Grant M.R.C. Functionning
Grant MacDo
Grant MacDon
Grant MacDonald
Grant MacDonald B A 11:00
Grant MacDonald BA
Grant MacDonald Receives Call To Fenelon Falls Liberals Meet
Grant MacEwan
Grant MacEwan B.S.A.
Grant MacGregor
Grant Macintyre
Grant Mackenzie
Grant MaeKenzie
Grant Maheral
Grant Major Hill
Grant Malak
Grant Malloch
Grant Mallock
Grant Marshall
Grant Marshall Thompson
Grant Martin Taggart CLUB
Grant Maryland
Grant Matthews
Grant Maxwell
Grant Mc-Cutcheon
Grant McAllister
Grant McCagg
Grant McMillan
Grant McMunn
Grant McQueen
Grant McTavlah
Grant Me Bishisn Maguire
Grant Meeting
Grant Members Toronto
Grant Middlemiss
Grant Millar
Grant Miller
Grant Minutes
Grant Miscellaneous 5.00 279.U 124.90 116.00 12.112.86
Grant Miss Fern Hodgins
Grant Mitchell
Grant Mojo Ringer
Grant Money
Grant Mood
Grant Mordvin
Grant Morehead
Grant Moses
Grant Moved
Grant Mr.
Grant Mr. Wood
Grant Mrs H Elliot
Grant MsAlhster
Grant Mulh-tami-
Grant Mur-
Grant Mur- Bob Younge
Grant Mur- Burial
Grant Mur-Allan Black
Grant Mur-ents
Grant Murdock
Grant Murphy
Grant Murphy Hospital Auxiliary
Grant Murrav-
Grant Murray
Grant Murray 560
Grant Murray Shawville
Grant Murray Teachers
Grant Murray- 1,565.18
Grant Murray- 1275.80 Wilson
Grant Murray- 2,308.48
Grant Murray- 275.20 Melvin Stanley- 3.60 Lawrence Bougeau- 451.43 Shaw
Grant Murray- Flora
Grant Murray-1,247.04
Grant Murrey
Grant Neville
Grant Nicholas
Grant Nicurity
Grant No.
Grant Odll
Grant Orr
Grant O’Brien
Grant P
Grant P G M.
Grant P.GJf
Grant Par
Grant Parents Ih Organizing
Grant Park
Grant Parson
Grant Patterson
Grant Paula Raymond Sal
Grant Peart
Grant Perry
Grant Plmsidv
Grant Pontiac Anti-Tubercol-osis Association
Grant Pontiacers
Grant Present Councillor Charles Moore
Grant Program Campbell
Grant Project
Grant Pt
Grant Quyon
Grant Quyon Fair
Grant Radas Main St.
Grant Rades
Grant Ralston
Grant Ray
Grant Reduction
Grant Ret-ty
Grant Revenue
Grant Richard
Grant Richards
Grant Richards—named
Grant Ro- Fit-,patricl< Jimmy Gallagher
Grant Robertson
Grant Robertson Ontario
Grant Rodgers
Grant Roe
Grant Rog
Grant Rog-
Grant Rog- Happiness
Grant Rog- Wood
Grant Roger
Grant Rogers
Grant Rogers - Lion Tamer
Grant Rogers 647
Grant Rogers =7
Grant Rogers Alluding
Grant Rogers Bay
Grant Rogers Bertrand Electric G
Grant Rogers Continued
Grant Rogers County Council
Grant Rogers Denzil Yach Jerry Callaghan
Grant Rogers Dr. Earl Potvin
Grant Rogers First
Grant Rogers Hotel
Grant Rogers MC
Grant Rogers Minutes
Grant Rogers Phone
Grant Rogers Pound Keepers: Messrs Robert Smart
Grant Rogers Robert
Grant Rogers Saturday
Grant Rogers STEWART
Grant Rogers ToUl
Grant Rogers WATER
Grant Rogerse
Grant Rose
Grant Roy Beattie
Grant Royers
Grant Russe
Grant Russell
Grant Russell Box 617
Grant Russell P Campbell’s Bay Tel
Grant Rutuell
Grant Saturday
Grant Schwartz
Grant Seat
Grant Seott
Grant September
Grant Short Cour***
Grant Sides
Grant Simeon
Grant Smith
Grant Smith Dear
Grant Smith P Beth Hodgins Famiy
Grant Smith Shaw
Grant Smith Ward Schwartz
Grant Smüh
Grant Sock
Grant Sophia Loren Comedy Drama
Grant Sou- Shawville
Grant Soucie
Grant Souicc
Grant St.
Grant Starks Comers Mol
Grant Steel
Grant Stephen Meisner
Grant Steven
Grant Stevenson
Grant Stokoe
Grant Sue Hodgins
Grant T Fanner
Grant Taylor
Grant Telford
Grant The
Grant The Campbell
Grant Then Hull
Grant This
Grant Thomas
Grant Thompson
Grant Thorne
Grant Throp
Grant Thropp
Grant To Promote Stake Race Hugh Proudfoot Re-elected Pres
Grant Todd and
Grant Tomkinson
Grant Tomklneon
Grant Tomktnson
Grant Toole
Grant Tracey
Grant Trapp
Grant Trophy
Grant Tropp
Grant Trunk Pacific
Grant Turner
Grant V Smith Photo
Grant Vafllancourt
Grant Vaillancourt
Grant Valin
Grant Valllancourt
Grant Valllancourt Bottom
Grant Versil
Grant Versil Campbell
Grant Versil Smith
Grant Villeneuve
Grant VneV
Grant Wall
Grant Walsh
Grant Warwick
Grant Watson
Grant We
Grant Wednesday
Grant Wellington Young
Grant Werry
Grant Whalen
Grant What
Grant William Pirie
Grant Williams Bandy Stuart
Grant Williams V
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson Ottawa
Grant Wlndle
Grant Wood
Grant Wood’s
Grant WooKc
Grant Wool-
Grant Wool-/
Grant Woolsev
Grant Woolsey
Grant Woolsey Jr and
Grant Woolsey Jr.
Grant Woolsey Mason
Grant Woolsley
Grant Young
Grant Young’s
Grant- Audacieux
Green Luke Mrs. Jean Grant
Greer Grant
Greg Carl Foley
Gregor Grant
Gregory Tubman ............. Sherwood Grant
Gtrvais Barry River
Guy Carl
H carl B.J.
H H H Motion Crs Grant
H Mrs Carl Ostrom
H ncle1 Bob
H. A. Grant Klmslde
H. Grant
H. H (Bob)
Hagen Barry
Hahn I V Lu V Grant
Hanna Grant
Harold E. Grant
Harold Gould Barry Newman Diana Muldaur
Harold Grant Mai
Harold Grant Malloch
Harrv Grant Elliott
Harry Carl Foster Dale
Harry Cor K 1 Grant
Harry Grant
Harry Hod- Grant Eades
Harry Imison Dagg—Grant HOME
Harvey Grant
Hay Wilson Grant Dr. McLeod
Hayes Grant
Hayes Grant Eades
Hayes L Barry Hodgins 1
Health Dr Grant Rogers
Health-Dr Grant Rogers
Heather Grant
Heather Grant Grant
Heather Grant La Palme
Heather Grant Sat.
Heather Grant Z Dear Editor
Heather Grant.
Heather Spring Grant
Heather » Grant
Heather) Grant
Hebert Grant
Helen and Grant
Helen Desjardins Bob and Lynda Sloan
Helen Knox Weds Carl Dale Shawville Calf Club Hold Annual Mtg
Hello Bob
Henderson Grant
Henry Date Carl Date
Herbert Carl
Herbert Carl Schroder SSsSfHS
Herbert Grant
Herbie Xmingaud Councillors Barry
Heres Grant Beaucaire
Heritage Grant
Herman Grant
Herman Grant.
Hevite Woës Datas Harms Big Bob FuRer
HHHfl Grant
Highway Grant
Hilary Grant
His Wor- Grant Fades
Hod gin3 Grant
Hodgins Mrs Grant Rogers
Hollis Barber ___ Thomas Bean ----- Grant Fades
Hono- Grant
Horsfield Grant
House Orderly—Connie Grant
Howard Doher- Grant
Howard Grant
Howard Me-Whiter
Hubert Emmer-•from Bob Erwin
Hubert Grant
Hudgins Sherwood Grant
Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant Carried
Hugh Grant Wilma Wright
Hugh Grant.......
Hugh J. Grant
Hugh MacLennan Creditor Bob Bowman
Hugh Tracy Grant Rogers Lawrence Lang Bud Elliott Lei Hodgins Edgar Schwartz Irvin Jamieson Al McKe
Hum Grant
Hum* Blinro Earl Robinaon Bob Grade Gue Marker Howie Morens Johnny Gagnon Wilf Cuoe Gnorpe Mentha J
Hut Grant
Hymeneal Grant
H£AOQUA/tmS Barry
I Grant
I. Grant
Ida Purvuie M. Grant
Ignore Grant
III.— Retta Grant
Imper- Motions Grant
Improvement Grant
Institute Grant
Inter Municipal Grant
Intermediate Boys - Carl Low- Bruce Reibertz
Into Spencer Grant
Introducing Leslie Grant
Isla Grant
Isobcl Grant
It A Grant
It Barry
It Grant
Ivan Mulll-grant
Ivor Barry
J : Bob Riznek War Amps Programs
J Grant
J Grant 2. Ewe—J Grant 1
J Grant 3.
J Grant 3. Chester White
J Grant Mur-
J Grant Murray
J Grant Murray-
J Grant.
J hn Grant
J J Grant
J W Grant.
J. A. Grant
J. C. B Grant
J. Grant
Jack Grant
Jack McClennon Barry’s Bay
Jackie Sammon Carl Lemaire Trio
Jacob Grant
Jacob Sherwood Grant Rogers
Jacob Sterling Grant Rogers
Jacques Lanoix Bob.
Jambs Grant
James Barry
James Barry Mary Louise McGahern Weds Edward James Barry 8:00
James Barry.
James Carmichael BOB CAT OPERATORS Chris Judd
James Craw- Carl Dale
James E. Grant
James Edgar Grant
James Grant
James Grant''
James Grant,M.
James Grant.
James Grant’s
James Horner Farms Quebec - Shannon Grant Ottawa Citizen
James Knox Jersey Black Carl Dale
James Rev.Barry Pierce
James Warr Rev B Grant MacDonald
Jamieson Farm Equipment Gordon Dittburner........ Bob Young
Jane Barry
Jane Grant
Jane Wyman Bob Hope Jackie Gleason N
Janet Grant
Janet Grant 1
Janet Grant Needham
Janet Grant On
Janet M Grant 2
Janet M Grant.
Janet Marjorie Grant
Janice Barry
Jas Grant
Jas Grant Junior Class Boys
Jason Hamelin Grant Ferrigan
Jay and Grant Elliott <3
Jayden Hunter Grant
Jayden Hunter Grant Shawn
Jc''-m Grant
Jean & Bob Sutherland
Jean (Hodgins) Grant
Jean (Mrs George Grant
Jean and Bob Elliott
Jean and Grant
Jean Carl-
Jean Corn- Grant
Jean Fran R. A. GRANT
Jean Grant
Jean Grant V There
Jean Grant $
Jean Grant (Russell
Jean Grant -10
Jean Grant 5
Jean Grant and Betty Cameron
Jean Grant and William B Hodgins
Jean Grant December
Jean Grant Tuesday
Jean Grant-
Jean Grant- Mr
Jean Grant.
Jean Grant’s
Jean Grant’s SAVE
Jean Thompson Carl Dale Dale
Jean to Mr. James Grant Murray
Jean) Mrs. Grant Murray
Jean- Barry Lusk
Jeen Grant
Jeffrey Grant
Jennie Grant
Jennifer A Swan V Bob Orr
Jennifer Grant Rick Currie Rick Presley
Jennifer John Grant
Jerry Barry Murray
Jerry Prentice Grant Elliott
Jersey Grant
Jesse Grant
Jessie Grant
Jim Barry
Jim Barry J Mauricie
Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier Terry Burwell Rod Twolan Tony Hodgins Daniel Decontie Rod Ston
Jim Barry Seabrooke
Jim Barry Todd Fraser Brian Moore Dave Rich Marc Bavard Jason Toole Tony Hodgins Kevin Chevrier Dan
Jim Bob
Jim Bob St Laurent
Jim Bob.
Jim Grant
Jimmy Carmichael Bob Findlay
Jllllan Barry
Joan and Grant Carey
Joan Gallagher Bob Fitzpatrick Stephen Strutt
Joe Barry
Joe Bertrand Carl
Joe Grant
Joe Laroche Garage Bob Walsh
Joe McCleary Barry
Joe McCleary’s Bob’s
Joel Daniel Grant Perry
Joffre* Sugar Situai
John and Bobby Grant
John and Grant Drummond
John and Headier Grant
John and Heather Grant
John and Heather Grant.
John Barry
John Barry Falls
John Bertha M. Grant
John Carl
John Dagenais Peter Buske Bob St
John Freeman Grant
John Grant
John Grant - President
John Grant 36,45"
John Grant 647-3421 Daryl MacPherson
John Grant 7th
John Grant 8th
John Grant and Chris Judd
John Grant Canadian Pacific __
John Grant Celebrates
John Grant CLirrndnn’sf* ÀDVÔCAT
John Grant Eades
John Grant Elliott
John Grant Elliott Born
John Grant EMMA—William Clark
John Grant Family
John Grant Family Trophy
John Grant Ferrigan
John Grant Gerard Trudeau
John Grant Gib
John Grant Gibson
John Grant Ice
John Grant Km
John Grant No
John Grant Parade
John Grant Russell
John Grant Turgeon
John Grant)
John Grant**
John Grant’s
John I075x Grant
John Langford Dorothy Porteous Carl Trudeau Paulette Gauthier Claude Cummings Loma Hearty Amanda Tr
John Moore de Bienville Charles Grant
John Mrs Carl Ebert
John Peck Trent Reynolds Jim Barry Brian Moore Dave Rich Todd Fraser Tony Hodgins Jason Toole Kevin
John Robert Newton BEHAVE YOURSELF Cary Grant Dona R^edmstrelley Winters Farley Grange»- Dana Andr
John Smlti Bob Johnston
John Trent N.D.P Brian Murphy Barry Moore CANDIDATE Unité
John Wesley Grant
Johnlo Grant
Johnny Carl Mayhew
Johnny Desmond C. Grant J Mansfield KISS
Joke Grant Dies Suddenly
Joseph "Barry
Joseph Betten- Grant
Joseph Joffre
Jr «grant*
Judd Grant
Judith Grant
Judith Grant CA Benoit Larocque PC Melissa Hunter NDP Gretchen Schwartz GRN Eleanor Hyodo NLP Chris
Judy Barry Doug Schoular
Judy Grant
Judy Grant Age
Judy Grant and Mark Buzan
Judy Grant Campaign
Judy Grant Campaign Authorized
Judy Grant Campaign PEMBROKE
Judy Grant Considering
Judy Grant Hubert Leduc David Smith Gretchen Thierry Benoit Schwarz Vicente Legros ELECTION
Judy Grant Lundi
Judy Grant Mayor
Judy Grant Warden
Judy Grant!
Judy Grant.
Judy Grant’s
Julian Cameron Grant
Julien Cameron Grant
Julien Cameron Grant Femogan Average Games
Julien Cameron Grant Ferrigan
K A Grant
K. A. Grant
K. A. Grant Elmslde Wm Foss
K. A. Grant Klmsirio Wm Foss
Kate Grant
Katherine Grant l.ou
Katheryn Grant COME
Kathie Dono-Kathy Grant Mahon
Kathleen and Grant Mullock
Kathleen Grant
Kathryn Grant
Kathryn Grant Carried
Kathryn Grant GUNS
Kathryn Grant Section
Kathryn Grant THE
Kathryn Grant William Leslie Heavenly Puss
Katie Elliott Kay Woodley Carl Schubert
Katrina Barry
Keith Grant
Keith Road Grant
Keith Sloan Bob Holmes
Keith Yach Bob Young
Kelly Cary Grant
Kelly) Grant
Ken Barry
Ken Barry Moore
Ken Bob-on
Ken Carl Ostrom
Ken Grant
Ken Osterhout Bob Glass Ann Leadman
Ken Smith Norris Horner Gordon McMillan Elbum Bean Albert McMunn Grant Bades Earl McDowell Harvey W
Kennebec- Bob Yellow Beans Rae Judd
Kenneth Carl Peacefully
Kenneth Me- Grant
Ketta Grant
Kevin Barry
Kevin Bob Findlay
Kevin Rampton Bob Warford
Kim Barry
Kim Barry Mama
Kim Braid Bob Bennett
Kim Grant
Kim Thalhelmer Bob Elliot
Kimberly Carl
Kimberly Grant
Kingston Barry
Kinsman John Grant
Kinsmen John Grant
Kirk- Grant Smith
Kobt H bS# 2. Span Horae#—Gto Grant 1
L BOB CAMPBELL 918-600 Pearl Finish
L Grant
L il Carl
L. Grant
Labadie É Leona and Grant Hades Main St.
Ladies Carl Classes Shawn Findlay
Lady- John Grant
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Lamarche Barry Harkins
Lang Carl Tubman
Lang Freitnan Grant
Late Thomas Grant ARTHUR
Laura Grant
Laurel Grant
Laurie MacKechnie 458-2424 Bob Fenton Bill Watson
Laurie MacKechnie 458-2424 Bob Fenton Bill Watson Bonnie Richardson
Laurie MacKechnie Bonnie Richardson Bill Watson Bob Fenton
Laurie MacKechnie458-2424 Bob Fenton Bill Watson Bonnie Richardson
Laurie MacKechnle 458-2424 Bob Fenton
Lawrence Freeman Grant
Lawrence Grant
Lawrence Grant 3
Là—J Bob Villeneuve
Lcnorc Grant
Lcnore Grant
Le-nora Grant
Leake M. Grant
Lee Grant
Lee Grant William Holden Plus
Len-ore Grant
Lenne Grant
Lennon Harold Grant
Lenone Grant
Lenora Grant
Lenorc Grant
Lenore Grant
Leo Carl
Leo Elliott..... David Grant
Leo Mer- EVA ANDAI PHOTOS Freeman Grant and
Leona & Grant Eades
Leona & Grant Eades Main St.
Leona and Grant
Leona and Grant Eades Main St.
Leona and Grant Eades Main Street
Leona and Grant F
Leona and Grant Fades Main St.
Leona and Grant Hades Main St.
Leona Barry
Leonard Carl Merlin Richardson
Leonard Mee- Bob
Leonora Grant
Les Grant
Les Grant Bring
Les Grant Official
Les Grant.
Leslie Grant
Leslie Grant Ottawa
Leslie M Grant Saturd
Lieut Carl
Lieutenant Erskine Grant Travers
Linda Holmes Bob
Linda Lagarde Carl Mousseau
Linda Vowles Bob
Lindsay Harris Mr. Bob McKinnon
Lindsay Horner Bob-
Lindsey A Ron H A Vicki J A A Bob John David
Lion Dr. Grant Rogers
Lion Dr. Grant Rogers Lion Doug Fulford Lion Albert Routliffe Lion Ernie Olsen Lion Denzil Yach Lio
Lion Grant Rogers
Lions Grant Rogers
Lisa Cheslock Grant
Lisa Corrigan BARRY HORNER
Lisa Grant
Lloyd Elli Ezra Grant
Lloyd Grant
Lm Grant Herbert Bock Harvey Schreeder J.
Lome F Grant
Lord Bob
Lord Carl
Lord Grant
Lou Grant
Lou Lou Bob
Louis Phillip Carl
Love Bob
Love Bob Sally
LP. Grant
Luck Carey Grant Stella
Lula Grant
Lutheran Summer Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes 647-
Lyle Byers Daniele LaSalle Barry Stephens Harold Dougherty Dwight Crozier Nell
L_ Sheriff Grant
L’il Carl
M J Barry
M L Hobbs 48.52 Victor Krutz 10.00 Edward Kelly 414.14 Harvey Smith Grant Murray
M Mme Bob Healey
M P Barry Moore
M* Bob King
M. Grant
Ma1yh Grant
Mac- Centre Grant
Mahoney Motion Grant
MAISI—George Crawford MARC ELLA—Man&on McC agg JEAN—Russell Grant
Mamie Grant
Mamin Grant
Managers Bob Graham 81*447.3151
Mar Barry
Mar- Freeman Grant phone
Marcel Gag-Constance Grant
Marcella Grant
Marcus Carl
Margaret A Bob Bretzlaff
Margaret Bob Bronson
Margaret Grant
Margaret Grant 31365BJN10
Margaret Grant 820
Margaret Grant Inside Guardian
Margaret Hod-was Barry Draper
Margaret Lang Robert Grant
Marguerite Grant
Marguerite Grant Smith
Marie Grant Beattie
Marie Saint Bob Hope Vista
Marilyn Amyotte Bob Ringrose
Marilyn Grant
Marjorie Bob Towell
Marjorie Grant
Marjorie Grant 2.00
Marjorie Grant 4191
Marjorie Grant 4191k
Marjorie Grant 7738XJY9
Marjorie Grant Aluminum
Marjorie Grant and Mahlon Hayes
Marjorie Grant Second
Marjorie Grant YARD SALE.
Marjorie Grant, Betty Cameron
Marjorie Grant-
Marjorie Grant.
Mark Grant
Mark Grant—knowing
Mark Pilon Sherwood John Grant Frances Tubman
Mark# Grant
Marks Grant
Marly Barry Pel# Kelly
Marlyn Grant
Marshall Carl Dale
Martha Grant
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Woctets
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Marven Smith Percheron Stallion: Emerson Cou-Barry Smith
Mary Ann Grant He
Mary Argue Weds Grant Armstrong
Mary Grant
Mary Grant O’Sheridan
Mary M. Grant
MasteLr Barry
Master Leslie Grant
Matt Grant
Maureen Racine Bob Billings
Maurice Barry
Maurice Razeau - Grant
Mawegers Bob Graham
May 3.—Dick Grant
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Mayor Bob 11
Mbs Annie Grant
Mc-former Irene Grant
McCord Carl Frederick
McGee Barry Beardsley Bristol
McGee Carl Hager Lake
McKay Bob Camere Our
McKay Judy Grant II
McTer- Carl
Meeting L J • BOB
Mel Carl
Melissa Racine ...........Shannon Grant
Melroe Bob Cat
Melvin Grant
Melvin W Younge Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Willow Hollow Farm Barry
Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Lindsay Carson Barry
Mercury Bob Cat
Mercury Bob Cat Station Shawville
Merge Grant
Messrs Andrew Grant
Messrs Barry
Messrs Barry McCallum
Messrs Bob Younge
Messrs Carl
Messrs Carl Horner
Messrs Carl Muldoon
Messrs Carl Ostrom
Messrs Carl Trudeau
Messrs Grant
Messrs Grant Bade
Messrs Grant Brothers
Messrs Grant Carr
Messrs Grant Crofton
Messrs Grant Dio*
Messrs Grant Eades
Messrs Grant Fades
Messrs James Moynihan Barry
Messrs S Grant
Messrs VVeslic Grant
Messrs, Lawrence Grant
Messrs. Andrew Grant
Messrs. Bob Coyle
Messrs. D. Grant
Messrs. Grant Eades
MfJ Barry
Mgr Barry
Mi Andrew Grant
Mi Grant Schwartz
Mi M. Grant
Mi* Lenorc Grant
Mi** Lenoie Grant
Mias Annie Grant
Mias Lenore Grant
Mias Lenore Grant Mr
Michael and Grant
Michael Barry
Michael J Barry
Michael McCrank Barry Stitt
Mike and Grant
Mildred Grant
Mildred) Grant
Millie Barry
Mims Annie Grant
Minnie Grant
Minor Hockey Bob Alexander
Miry Grant
Mis Barry Lee Horner
Mis* Florence Grant Honoured For Sale
Misa Annie Grant
Misa Barry
Misa Verda Grant
Mise Arlene Grant
Misq Lenore Grant
Miss Grant
Miss H Grant
Miss l-enore Grant
Misses Grant
Mitch Mrs Grant Stevenson
Ml*» Grant
Mm Sherwood Grant
MNOtj Cary Grant Deborah Kerr —Now Playing
Model Archie Grant
Mona Rut-contact Bob Crawford
Monica Watchorn Heather Grant
Mons Barry
Monsieur Bcaucaire Bob Hope
Monsigneur Barry
Monsignor Barry
Motion Crs Grant
Motion O Grant
Motion Ors Grant
Motion Os Grant
Motions Crs Grant
Mounts!mrt Grant Duff
Mountstuart E. Grant Duff
Mr A Grant
Mr Andrew Grant
Mr Freeman Grant • McCauley
Mr Freeman Grant.
Mr Grant
Mr Grant Armstrong
Mr Grant Bretzlaff
Mr Grant Carswell
Mr Grant Eadea
Mr Grant Eades
Mr Grant Eedet
Mr Grant Elliott
Mr Grant Germain
Mr Grant Hades
Mr Grant Hodgins
Mr Grant Jackson
Mr Grant Murphy
Mr Uly Grant
Mr! Eddie Grant
Mr, Bob
Mr, Grant
Mr- Grant
Mr. A Grant
Mr. A. Grant
Mr. Albert Grant
Mr. Allen Grant
Mr. Andrew Grant
Mr. Andrew Grant,of Bristol
Mr. Barry
Mr. Barry Foster Stitt
Mr. Barry Freeman
Mr. Barry Moore
Mr. Bob Clifford
Mr. Bob Graham
Mr. Bob Young
Mr. Bob'' Townaley
Mr. Cameron Grant
Mr. Carl Armstrong
Mr. Carl Carl-1 Edward Normandeau
Mr. Carl Conger
Mr. Carl Donlan
Mr. Carl Foley
Mr. Carl Nick
Mr. Carl Richardson
Mr. Carl Van Allen
Mr. Charles Grant Honshuw
Mr. D R Barry
Mr. David Grant
Mr. Dick Grant
Mr. Freeman Grant
Mr. Freeman Grant - Glenna Campbell
Mr. Freemand Grant
Mr. Garth Graham - Carl Clark
Mr. Grant
Mr. Grant Allen Mis
Mr. Grant Armstrong
Mr. Grant Beattie
Mr. Grant Carey
Mr. Grant D. Elliott
Mr. Grant Eares Bristol-Clar-
Mr. Grant Edmunds
Mr. Grant Eedes
Mr. Grant El-Hospital
Mr. Grant Elliott
Mr. Grant Gibson
Mr. Grant Gibson Law
Mr. Grant Gibson Mr.
Mr. Grant Hall
Mr. Grant Murray
Mr. Grant Out
Mr. Grant Remember
Mr. Grant Smith
Mr. Grant Taylor
Mr. Grant Thompson
Mr. J. Grant
Mr. Jack Grant
Mr. John Grant
Mr. John Grant Dr. George A. Llando
Mr. Leonard Carl Andemon
Mr. Leslie Grant
Mr. Leslie Grant Hod
Mr. Lloyd Carl- Ray Dennis Mined By Dairy Mayufae
Mr. Lome Grant Stewart
Mr. Lucius Grant
Mr. Meehan Grant Elliott
Mr. O-orue Grant
Mr. Preston Carl
Mr. R A. Grant
Mr. R. Grant
Mr. Russell Grant City View
Mr. Ru«sell Grant
Mr. Sherwood Grant
Mr. Slack Grant
Mr. Thomas Grant
Mr. Thos Grant
Mr. Ulyssis Grant
Mr. W C. Grant
Mr. Wilfred Grant
Mr. Wilfred Tipping Mrs. Margaret Bretzlaff Mr. Grant Eodes Mr. Basil Quaile
Mr. William Grant
Mr. Wm Grant
Mr.and Mrs. Bob Charette
Mra Carl Sparling
MrR.A Grant
Mrs Freeman Grant
Mrs Grant Beattie
Mrs Grant Du
Mrs Grant Rogers
Mrs Hubert Elliott Barry
Mrs J Grant Carswell
Mrs R A. Grant
Mrs Russell Grant
Mrs Sherwood Grant
Mrs Sherwood Grant HOME Phone
Mrs* .Tames Grant Murray
Mrs, Grant
Mrs, Jack Grant
Mrs- Bob.
Mrs. Ada Grant
Mrs. Angus Grant
Mrs. Angus Grant Former Shawville Residents
Mrs. Anne Carl Farrell
Mrs. Barry
Mrs. Barry Draper Many
Mrs. Barry McCormack
Mrs. Barry Ross (Betty
Mrs. Benne Grant
Mrs. Bob
Mrs. Bob Campbell
Mrs. Bob Daley
Mrs. Bob Fairfield
Mrs. Bob Fairfield Thomas Horner
Mrs. Bob Mr
Mrs. Bob Sic-carefree
Mrs. Bob Van-t Hoff Bert Burrows
Mrs. Bob Warner
Mrs. Bob Wetherdon
Mrs. Carl
Mrs. Carl A. Kieso
Mrs. Carl Armstrong
Mrs. Carl Armstrong Clubs
Mrs. Carl Brown
Mrs. Carl Comba
Mrs. Carl Dale Mrs. Lloyd Cooke
Mrs. Carl Dale.
Mrs. Carl Donnelly
Mrs. Carl Farrell
Mrs. Carl Father-Son Partnerships Lunch
Mrs. Carl Foley
Mrs. Carl Gartner
Mrs. Carl Gibbons
Mrs. Carl Hopkins
Mrs. Carl J. Zimmarling
Mrs. Carl Jacques Berthiaume
Mrs. Carl M. Bbert
Mrs. Carl M. Ebert
Mrs. Carl Mr.
Mrs. Carl Os-trom Calumet Island
Mrs. Carl Vance
Mrs. Carl Ziadharias
Mrs. D. Grant
Mrs. David Grant
Mrs. Dwight McDow-of Barry’s Bay
Mrs. E. Grant
Mrs. Edith Grant
Mrs. Eldon Carl-Mr.
Mrs. Ezzra Grant
Mrs. F. Grant
Mrs. Frances Grant
Mrs. Freeman Grant
Mrs. Freeman Grant Honored
Mrs. Freeman Grant LANG—Joan
Mrs. Freeman Grant.
Mrs. G. Grant
Mrs. Grant
Mrs. Grant Armstrong
Mrs. Grant Atkinson
Mrs. Grant Bade*
Mrs. Grant Bailey
Mrs. Grant Beattie
Mrs. Grant Beattie Tracy
Mrs. Grant Cameron
Mrs. Grant Carey
Mrs. Grant CarsweH
Mrs. Grant Carswell
Mrs. Grant Corrigan
Mrs. Grant Eades
Mrs. Grant Eadvs-^Magazines Mrs.
Mrs. Grant Eedes
Mrs. Grant Fades
Mrs. Grant Fades She
Mrs. Grant Gibbon Mr.
Mrs. Grant Gibson
Mrs. Grant Gibson MJ!
Mrs. Grant Gibson Mr.
Mrs. Grant Graham
Mrs. Grant Guest
Mrs. Grant Hades
Mrs. Grant Humphrey
Mrs. Grant July
Mrs. Grant Lades
Mrs. Grant MacDonald
Mrs. Grant MacKen- Mrs.
Mrs. Grant MacKenzie
Mrs. Grant MacKenzle
Mrs. Grant Malleck
Mrs. Grant Malloch
Mrs. Grant Marshall
Mrs. Grant McAllister
Mrs. Grant Moodie
Mrs. Grant Moodie Commission
Mrs. Grant Mrs. Asa Laughren
Mrs. Grant Munray
Mrs. Grant Murray
Mrs. Grant Murray Mr.
Mrs. Grant Perry
Mrs. Grant Rogers
Mrs. Grant Taylor
Mrs. Grant Vice-Pre-rident
Mrs. Grant Welch
Mrs. Grant | Gibson
Mrs. Hugh Grant
Mrs. J. Grant
Mrs. J.Grant Gibson
Mrs. Jack Grant Shawville Recreation Director ReC
Mrs. James Grant
Mrs. James Grant Arriving
Mrs. Jas Grant
Mrs. Jean Grant Tuesday
Mrs. Jno Grant
Mrs. John Grant
Mrs. Julia Grant
Mrs. L*Mie Grant
Mrs. Les Grant
Mrs. Leslie Grant
Mrs. Mary Grant Cramer
Mrs. P. Grant Jones
Mrs. R A. Grant
Mrs. R A. Grant Mr
Mrs. R A. Grant Ronald
Mrs. R A.-Grant
Mrs. R Grant
Mrs. R. Grant
Mrs. R.A. Grant
Mrs. Ralph Grant
Mrs. Ruseell Grant
Mrs. Russell Grant
Mrs. Russell Grant.
Mrs. Samuel Grant
Mrs. Sherwood Grant
Mrs. Sherwood Grant 47261b Z BARN EQUIPMENT
Mrs. Sherwood Grant Doughnuts
Mrs. Stewart Grant
Mrs. Thomas Grant
Mrs. Thomas Grant Dies
Mrs. Verna Grant
Mrs. Victor Find-grant
Mrs. W. Grant
Mrs. Wesley Grant
Mrs. William 7-3827 Gordie’s Welding 7-2671 Grant
Mrs. William Gordie’s Welding Grant
Mrs. William Grant
Msgr Barry
Msgr M Barry
Msgr Michael J Barry
Mtrjpri* Grant
Mu. R A. Grant
MUdred Grant
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
Mum Grant
Municipal Grant
Municipal Roads Grant
Murray Barry
Murray Barry Draper Henry Barnabe
Mus-grove Mr. Grant
N. Grant
n0r Grant
Name Grant Ferrigan 9
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Each
Nancy Barry Kil- To Picture
Nancy Carl
Nancy Elliott Grant Rogers Philip Elliott Norm Durocher
Nancy Gates Myrna Loy Cary Grant News
Nancy Maxsom Helen MacKechnie Donna Kennedy Dot Mohr Tayler Campbell Carl Inglee Josh Greenshields
Nancy Shannon Grant
Near Barry River
Née Grant
Neil Grant
Neil Hanna Bob Horner
Nell Grant
Nellie Agnes Grant 1
Nellie E Grant
Nellie E. Grant
Nellie E. Grant Teacher
Nellie Grant
Nellie Grant Sar-
Neville Wells Defies Harms V Big Bob Fuller Terry Carrise Wayne Rostadt White River Bhiegrass L Pre
Niagara Directors Grant Elliott
Nicolet Grant Murray
Nigel Barry Hamer
No. 1.—Andrew Grant
Noah Gaureau...... Hugh Grant....... George Annitage
NOODLE Foster Grant
Nor-Judith Grant
Norma (Grant
Norman Cartier 3. Barry Belanger 3. Jofth
Norman Liedtke %hew Palmer Bob Tracy
Norval Grant William
Nov Grant
November 30,1999 Grant Eades
O /o Bob Webb Band
O Bêf Grant
O.orge W Culeni
Obituary William Grant Beattie Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager
Oddfellows Barry More Photos
Oeorgenla Grant
Office 647-2512 Grant Williams Carole Mathews Civil War Plot
Oil Grant Available
Olenny Mr. Bob Findlay
On Grant McKenzie
Ont Bill Grant
Ontario 623-8360 Grant C. Werry Arnprior
Organ GAftTNEJt Mrs. Carl Gartner
Os Grant
Oswald Cuthbertson Bob s Restaurant Young
Other Judy Grant
Otter Grant Beaucaire
Oum‘illurs Guimully Grant
Over Melvin W Younge Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow
Owe Moee J Bob Campbell
O’Reilly Grant Requested Motion Crs
P A. Grant
P Grant
P. Grant
P. L Grant
PA-DEM Grant Application
Paddy Grant
Pall Sherwood Grant
Palmer Freeman Grant
Parley Belsher Grant Guest
Partie Grant
Pastor Bob
Pastor Carl Happes
Pastor Carl Kappas
Pastor Carl Kappes
Pastor Carl Kappes Elaine.
Pastor Grant
Pastor Grant 647-2335 Standing MacDonald Single Road Horse
Pastor Leslie Grant
Pastor Leslie Grant 647
Pat Barry
Pat Barry’s
Pat Mrs Carl Mayhew
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Patri- Grant Beattie
Patricia Barry Baseball Drama
Patricia Grant
Patrick Sarrazin Grant Ferrigan
Paul Barry
Paul Havnes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortera
Paul Haynes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Paul Insurance Ltd. Bob Smith’s Restaurant Cobden Auto Supply On
Paul Martineau Lawrence Lang Anonymous Don Paul Assistant Chief Edgar Bob Bechtold Anonymous Claren
Paul OuwMWkei Barry
Paula Grant
Pauline Grant
Pauline Grant B You
Pauline Grant Bryson
Pauline Grant Saturday
Paving Grant
Pearl Mrs Grant Rogers
Pedro Lana Timer Barry Sullivan Technicolor Plat
Peggy Grant
Peggy Mousseau Carl
Pembroke Civic HospftB^P Carl Morin
Pendergrast R, Robitaille W. Richardson Joe Stanley Ezra Grant J. 8.
Percy Grant
Perth Lead Grant Edmonds
Pestcx Leslie Grant
Peter Grant
Peter I Bob Dunn
Peter Shawn Grant
Philip Carl
Philip Holmes Bob Binder Desktop Publishing Joyce Rainville Newberry Strawberry Supper
Phillip Holmes Shannon Grant
Phone 647-3231 Grant 492352b*13 Mrs
Phone Carl Tubman
Phone Grant Eades
Phone Grant Fades
Phone Mrs Grant Eades
Phone Mrs. Bob Kingdom
Phone Mrs. Bob Kingdon
Phone Mrs. Grant Eades
Phone Mrs. Grant Fades
Phyllis Grant
Pit Superintendent Bob Hortie
Pontiac Auto Grant Murray
Pontiac Council Grant Softball Associations
Pontiac M P Barry Moore
Pound Keepers:- Barry Draper Robert Smart
Preston Cull M& R Feeds Dr. Grant Rogers Mickey McGuire Equipment Rentals Ltd.
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant
Preston Cull Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Billy
Principal Grant
Principal Grant Stoüto
Private Barry
Prize Grant.
Prof. Carl Barus
Prof. Carl G. Ross-by
Provincial Roads Grant
Ptrie- Dr Grant Rogers
Que Mrs. Chris Kinmond Dow Brewery Bob Brouse Mrs. Fred Coyne Bruce Yemen Jerry Morrison
Quy-Bob Gordon
R A Grant
R A Grant .rnd
R A Grant Mr.
R A Grant Sheppards
R A Grant''s—White Wyandotte»—N
R A. Grant
R A. Grant .......... Ervin Russell R H Russell HQ Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
R A. Grant Wedded To Arthur Hayes
R Barry
R Grant
R Grant.
R, A. Grant
R, Grant
R-diort Grant
R. A Grant
R. A Grant Eltnslde
R. A. Grant
R. A. Grant Elmside
R. A. Grant Elmside Wm
R. A. Grant Elmside Wm Foss
R. A. Grant Elmside Wm Pose
R. A. Grant Elmslde
R. A. Grant Elmslde Wm Foss
R. A. Grant Elmstde
R. A. Grant Eltuaide Wm Foss Sc Son
R. A. Grant Kim
R. A. Grant Klinsidc
R. A. Grant Klinside
R. A. Grant Kliuslde
R. A. Grant Klmedrie Win Foss Sc Son
R. A. Grant Klmside Wm Foss
R. A. Grant Klmslde
R. A. Grant Klmslde Win Foss
R. A. Grant Retires From
R. A. Grant STRAYED Baby
R. Grant
R.A. Grant
R.J.(Bob) Calvert
Rae Grant
Ralph Carl-
Ralph Carl-Wilson
Ralph Grant
Ralph Kdgar Grant
Ralpn Grant
Ranger Grant
Ray Carl Rieger
Ray Grant
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Raymond Hynes Carl Mousseau
Rcnaro Wilis Grant Beattie
Receive Rockfellor Grant
Recreation Grant
Regular Grant
Regular Grant Quebec Government
Regular Grant Quebec Govt
Regular Grant Quel Special Grant Quebec Government
Renfrew Cary Grant
Renovation Grant
Reta Grant
Rev Alex Grant
Rev Carl Kappes
Rev Carl Rappee
Rev E Grant MacDonald
Rev Grant
Rev Grant Schwartz
Rev L Grant
Rev Les Grant
Rev Les Grant.
Rev Leslie Grant
Rev Leslie Grant itl’ri-g-gtlMi1 tffiTff JPMFiVMMOf
Rev. Alexander Grant
Rev. Carl Allum
Rev. Dr. Grant
Rev. E Grant MacDonald
Rev. E Grant McDonald B A. !
Rev. E. Grant MacDonald
Rev. E. Grant MacDonald SS
Rev. Grant
Rev. Grant Dillenbeck
Rev. Harvey Grant
Rev. J. Grant
Rev. L. Grant
Rev. Les Grant
Rev. Les Grant.
Rev. Leslie Grant
Rev. Leslie Grant Jean a P.J.
Rev. Leslie Grant Birthday
Rev. Principal Grant
Rev. R S Russe# Grant
Reverend Leslie Grant
Richard Greene Gene Tierney Gene Barry / Ann Robinson
Richard Will* Bob Campbell
Richard Wills Barry Moore
Richard Wills Bob Miller
Richard Wills Grant Beattie
Richard Wills Master Haymaker Bob Younge
Richard Wills MP Barry Moore
Richard Wills MRC Warden Bob Ladou-ceur
Richard Wills Pontiac MP Bob Bertrand
Richard Wilt Bob Calves
Richard Win* Bob Bowen
Richardson John Grant
Rill Grant Gary
Rita Barber and Barry Draper
Rita Grant
Road Grant
Road Grant 4940.50
Road Improvement Grant
Road Work Grant
Roads Grant
Robbie Grant
Robeit A. Grant
Robeit Grant
Robert "Bob Kaffien
Robert (Bob) Russett Stark
Robert 647-5374 BLOCKS BOB’S
Robert A Grant
Robert A. Grant
Robert Andrew Grant
Robert Andrew Grant Fort Cou/onge Period
Robert Barry
Robert Bob Nolan
Robert Bob s
Robert Bob s Restaurant
Robert Bob s Restaurant Canada Manpower Carol
Robert Bob s Restaurent
Robert Bob’s Restaurent
Robert Campbell Bob Smith
Robert Carl
Robert Carl "Moose
Robert Carl Bretzlaff
Robert Carl Fumerton
Robert Carl Mc-
Robert Carl Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Carl ‘Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Gordon Grant Beattie As
Robert Grant
Robert Grant 1
Robert Grant 88 3”
Robert Grant and Chris Young
Robert Grant ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. Robert Andrew Grunt
Robert Grant Birthday
Robert Grant Mark Golden Wedding Anniversary
Robert Grant Mr.
Robert Grant Mrs.
Robert Grant TIIK
Robert Grant | Jane Bourget
Robert Grant) Shawvilto
Robert Grant.
Robert Grant............ N.
Robert Grant—c
Robert Grant’s
Robert Harold Grant
Robert Lang Grant
Robert M Smith Barry
Robert R. A. GRANT Rogers
Robert Zacharias Bob Villeneuve
Robt A. Grant
Robt Grant
Robwyn J B Grant R
Rod Storie Dan Remigio Shaun Armitage Chris Olmstead Steve Turcutte Grant Ferrigan Pontiac Selects
Rodger Grant
Roger Grant
Roily Bernier Cindy Carty-MacKay Daryl Leach Dawn Dolan Shawn Grant Doug Kennedy Karen Knight-Stanl
Romain Carl
Ron Grant
Ron Hodgins Bob Younge John Lapierre 689-2164 Send
Ron Hunti Bob
Ronald Charles Grant
Ronald Gordie’s Welding Grant
Ronald Grant
Ronald Grant Beattie
Ronald Grant Eades
Ronald Grant Fades
Ross Dickson Barry Moore
Roy Grant
Royce Rich- Barry Murray
Ruaacll Grant
Rudy Schroeder ......Bob Rlznek
Rusaell Grant
Russell Barry
Russell Grant
Russell Grant.
Russell Mas Ignore Grant
Ruth Cowley Danny Dagg Carl Dale
Ruth Grant The
Ruthie Grant
Ryan Barber J.R. Well Drilling Bob Dick Thank You H I. Hobbs
Ryan Loaders Cedric Ac Lois Ludlngton Barry Maloney Harold Ac Achsah Maloney Barry
Ry^ Barry
S'' Grant
S. Grant
Saint-Constante Grant
Salary Grant
Salon Bryson Grant
Sam Grant
Samuel Grant
Samuel Grant 2
Samuel Grant 3. A. E. McCullaoii
Sandra Grant
Sandra Murray Campbell’s Bay Ciment Dr. Grant
Sandy Bob
Sandy Bob''s
Sara Barry
Sara Knox Shannon Grant
Sarah Barry
School Grant
Schroeder and Leslie Grant
Scott Barry
Scott Barry Campbell
Scott Barry Kelley
Scott John Grant Kayla McCann
Scott Smith Brian Corriveau Bob Smith Daniel Desrochers March
Scott Wilson Welding Giant Tiger Bob Smith
Screen Government Grant Rebate Wood Burning
Sean Grant
Secretary-Treasurer X Bob Hoy
See.-Treas K R, A.GRANT
Seed Barry Breen Ins
Service Rev. E. Grant McDonald B A Armstrong
Shan- Grant
Shana Grant
Shannon Grant
Shannon Grant - Holstein
Shannon Grant - Maibec Inc.
Shannon Grant H.I. Hobbs
Shannon Grant L Sons Ltd
Shannon Grant Royal
Shannon Grant Septic Tank Pumping Sales
Shannon Grant Summer
Shannon I Grant
Shanon Grant
Sharon Barry
Sharon Grant
Sharpe - Grant
Shaw- Grant
Shawn Grant
Shawn Grant Income Tax Franchise Available
Shawvillc Grant
Shawville Crs Grant
Shawville Grant
Shawville Leslie Grant
Shawville Phone 647-2564 Leona and Grant Eades Main Street
Shawville Veterinarian Grant Rogers
Shawville’s Grant Ferrigan Anne
Sheen...... Grant
Sheenboro Grant Werry
Sheila and Grant
Sheila Grant
Sheiwood Grant
Shelley Winters Barry Sullivan Campbell*»
Sherwood Grant
Sherwood Grant Carl Dale
Sherwood Grant Gordon Strutt
Sherwood Grant Morley Stuart Sharpe
Sherwood Grant Shearling Ewe
Sherwood Grant White Leghorn
Sherwood Sherwood Grant
Shingle-.-K. A. Grant
Shirley Corrigan l,t Grant Gibson 1
Shirley Cummings Byron Barr William Dods Carl Mousseau Rachel Wrinn Brent Bowie Wayne Maloney Cleme
Shirley Grant
Shorthorn Herd—Ezra Grant
SHS) Grant Carey
Sidney Grant
Simard J Pontiac MNA Bob Middlemiss
Simon Barry Stitt
Simon Corri- Barry Stitt
Sir Hope Grant
Sister Doris Grant November
Sizing Grant Carey
Skip Barry Draper
Skip Bob Tracy
Sl.iiley Grant
Sloan Barry Stitt
Snow Plowing Grant
Snowplow Grant
Son Carl
Son-in-law Carl
Song Leader—Bob Clifford Organist—Helen Warren Pianists—Betty Campbell
Special Grant
Spencer Grant
St Joseph Pastor Leslie Grant 647
Stan Barry
Stanley A. Grant
Stanley Baker Jean Seberg Bob and
Stanley Fox Bob Younge
Stanley Grant
Stanley Grant 730
Stanley Grant Maryland
Stanley Grant Rogers
Steelmans Grant Eades Richard Melsner Thursday
Steers V Bob Calves
Stella Grant
Sterling McKibbon Grant
Stewart Barry
Stewart Grant
Storage Grant C. Werry Amprior
Str James Grant
Stu- Barry
Student Grant
Students Grant
Sue Carl
Sullivan R A. Grant
Sundays Grant Eodes
Susan Grant
T. Grant
Taber Barry
Tanya Grant
Taxes Receivable Grant Receivable Advances
Tea Grant
Ted Hodgins Carl Dale
Ted Hodgms Grant
Telford Barry
Terry Coulas Grant A. Crozier Excavating Elliott Farm Equipment
Terry Da- Mrs Carl Clarke
The Grant Elliott
Theft Grant C. Werry Arnprior
Theresa Andrew Bennett Amen Due GRANT
Theresa Barry
There’s Life—Another Bob Hope
Thomas Barry
Thomas Barry Bradley Pearson
Thomas Barry’s
Thomas Fahey 647-5413 Jacques Lance 458-2162 Bob Scott 647-5366 Basil Orr
Thomas Grant
Thomas O Brien Grant
Thomas Ste- Grant Murray
Thr- Barry
Todd Grant Ferrigan Eraser
Tom At Quyon Grant Campbell
Tom Carl
TOM FRAHR Bob Gordon Bo*
Tom Grant Russell
Tom Wakefield* Bob Holmes
Town Foreman Grant.
Treasurer Grant Fades
Tree-mail Grant
Trent Reynolds John Peck Jim Barry Dave Rich Brian Moore Dan Remigio Kevin
Tubman Carl
U. Grant
U. S. Grant
Uiiyses Grant
Uly Grant
Ulysses Grant
Ulyssis Grant
Unifies Barry
V H. Grant
Van-, Russell Grant
Vankleek Grant
VenH Grant
Vera Bob Sloan
Verda Grant
Verna Grant
Verua Grant And
Veterinarian Dr Grant Rogers
Veterinarian Grant Rogers
Vicepresident Grant Hall
VicePresident Grant Rogers
Violet Grant
Virginia Mayo Bob Hope Bing Crosby Technicolor Jack Hawkins TUES
Vrs Judd Grant
W M Grant
W R Grant
W R. Grant
W, R. Grant
W. Grant
W. H Armstrong. R W. Grant
W. R Grant
W. R. Grant
W.R. Grant
Wallace Barber, Grant Caldwell
Wallace Grant
Wally Grant
Walsh Grant
Walter Bob and Carol Floyd.
Walter S. Grant
Wanted Thomas Grant Campbell* Bat
Warden Grant
Warden Judy Grant
Warren Carl Paul Krose
Warren Mrs Bob Chamberlain
Watbar Carl Mischief
Wayne Barry Jones
Wayne Barry Sullivan Technicolor Technicolor THURSDAY
Wayne Ellis Grant C. Werry
Wayne Me Carl Dak*
We Grant
Welding 7-2523 Grant
Welding 7-3830 Grant
Welding Grant
Wellington Emmerson Grant
Wendy Barry Mackay
Wesley Grant
Wesleyan Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas 647-
Western Messrs. Grant Eades
Westport—Taylor Shawvllle—Barry Murray Shawvllle—Laird Murray Shawvllle—Richardson Westport—T.
Wharf Grant
Whereas James Barry’s
White Colombian Cock Carl Dale.
WHleta Grant
Widdi- Barry
Wil- Barry
Wil- John Grant
Wilfred Grant
Wilfrid Grant
Will Carl
Will Read By Bob Stark
Willard Arthur Grant
Willetta Grant
Willetta Grant Canu>
Willetta Margaret Grant
Willetts Grant
Willi A Grant Smith
William Archam Barry Moore
William Barry
William Bob... "
William Carl Otto Hahn
William Carl Rose
William Grant
William Grant Beattie
William Grant.
William Halph Grant
William Henry Carl
William John Grant GWon
William Mvlntosh Grant
William R. Grant Congregations
William Ralph Grant
Willie Grant
Willie Grant John 8. Hob-in
Willow Hollow- Bob Younge Willow Hollow- Bob Younge Willow Hill - Melvin Young
Wills Barry McGowan
Wilson That Road Foreman Grant
Win Grant
Winners Cliff Grant
Winnifred Jacob Grant Alexie Sally Nathalie Jade Charles and Presseau-Pieschkc Carleigh Hannah
Wit Grant
WîvQ*l£2 Grant
Wm Grant
Wm R Grant
Wolfe Barry
Work Grant
Wry Rev Principal Grant
Y Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Jl
Yemen Leslie Grant Hodgins
Young Barry
Young Goose Carl Dale
Young Wright Grant
Younge-Top Barry CampbeU
Zella Grant
Zella Grant Blanchard
Zells Grant
114 W l I Bob
648-5217 C l D Bob Villeneuve
A. GRANT l V ll
Barry * l
Barry Bay
Barry Mo
Barry River
Barry Sound
Barry’s Bay
Barry’s Bay Deep River
Bob River View
Bob Calves l BARBER Good
Bob Cirant l
Bob Flood
Bob Griffin
Bob Han
Bob Hare and Joanne Hare
Bob Hills
Bob McLean
Bob River
Bob’s Beach
Carl Commercial
Carl Kingdom
Carl Road
Carl#ton Place
Carl-ton Hare
Cary Grant
Deep River Bob
Florence Grant
Goose—1 C. l Carl Dale
Grant El
Grant Place
Grant River Road
Grant Township
Grant Trophy
Grant. l OBITUARY I''he
Grant’s Grove
Killaloe-Barry’s Bay
Lynn Lake Carl
Messrs l:/ra Grant
Sherwood Grant
U Mill Grant
15,120 Canada Works Grant
1958-59 School Carl Nelson
2MTel Communications Aylmer Marina B & B and Sons Farm Barry & Karen Pretty Barry Moran Bev & Julia
9h30 Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
A. GRANT Bristol
A. GRANT Roll Carding
A. Grant’s Bristol
Adjustment of Government Grant
Agricultural Society Grant
Agricultural Society Grant.
Agriculture Grant
Anglican Bob
Animal Veterinary Surgeon Bob Charette
ASSOCIATES Mr Carl Goransson
Association Grant For Commercial Beef Cattle Special Junior Beef
Association Peelime Grant Sherbrooke
Au Bouleau Blanc Bs Restaurant Bean s Service Station Bob Leach Tandem Truck Wash Chicken Coop Dash
August 12,1933] Sheriff R. A. GRANT BRISTOL
Ba Bob Villeneuve
BALL CLUB REVENUE Registration Fees Ball Club Donations Municipal Grant Fund Raising TOTAL
Bank of Montreal N OBRIEN THEATRE Barry Way
Barry Y
BARRY & GRACE STEPHEN Beachburg Fairgrounds
Barry Belanger’s
Barry Community Hospital
Barry Hockey League
Barry Hospital
Barry Hotel
Barry McGow-
Barry Regional Heritage Fair
Barry Rhonda Perry
Barry Wood
Barry’s Dominion Line ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS Montreal
Barry’s Tire Service
BCS Barry Moore
BCS Job Development Grant
Beauty Salon Bryson Grant
Ben Barry Agency
Best Contender Barry Belan-Most Sportsman Like Player
Best Shorthorn Steer- Barry Hodgins
Board of Mr. Barry Ostrom
Bob Best Friend
Bob Calvert Bristol Wh Rolland Despres Bristol
Bob Calves Holstein Steers
Bob Camp-ccrning
Bob Council
Bob Fish
Bob Fish Findlay
Bob Gordon
Bob Gordon Campbell
Bob Gordon Campbell’s Bay Rev. Den Droddy
Bob Gordon PONTIAC CARPET CLEANING REG D Professional Carpet
Bob Gordon PONTIAC CARPET CLEANING REG’D Profeaetongf Carpet
Bob Gordon PONTIAC CARPET CLEANING REG’D Professional Carpal
Bob Gordon PONTIAC CARPET CLEANING REG’D Professional Carpet
Bob Gordon Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Bob Gordon Showville CONNELLY
Bob Gordon T
Bob Gordon Tel
Bob Hall Frankie Ray RIFF RAFF GIRLS Recommended As Adult Entertainment
Bob Hockey League
Bob Kluke
Bob Long-Black
Bob Middlemiss Bristol Women s Institute
Bob Ministry
Bob Morris Boy’s Cap
Bob Morris Collegian Cap
Bob Morrison So
Bob Presbyterian Church
Bob Sloan
Bob Smith Royce
BOB SMITH’S Meanwhile
BOB SMITH’S RESTAURANT All SnowmobUers Welcome Sports Minded Snacks
Bob Stewart Visitors
Bob Thomson
Bob’s Boogalou Dance Party
BORN Church Services Anglican YACH- Barry
Borrowed Life 9:00—Bob Cummings
BRISTOL / Carl Mayer* Rick
Bristol 647-3594 Grant
Bristol Barry Moore
Bristol Bob Gordon Campbell
Bristol Bob Gordon PONTIAC CARPET CLEANING REG D Professional Carpet
Bristol Bob Gordon TW
Bristol Bob Russell
Bristol Brownie John Grant
Bristol Cornem Mr. Grant
Bristol Coun Development Grant
Bristol Girl Monsignor Barry
Bristol Grant
Bristol Grant Woolsey
Bristol J Mrl George Grant
Bristol Memorial Church Rev E Grant MacDonald
Bristol Memorial Church Rev E. Grant MacDonald
Bristol Memorial Church Rev. E. Grant MacDonald
Bristol Memorial Presbyterian Poultry Church Carl Dale
Bristol Mines Somme- Schedule Pestcx Leslie Grant
Bristol Mines Summer Schedule Pastor Leslie Grant
Bristol Miss Janet Grant
Bristol Miss Lenore Grant
Bristol Municipal Grant ............... Thorne School Corporation
Bristol Municipal Grant for Fair
Bristol Pastoral Charge Austin Bob Fisher
Bristol Presbyterian Austin United Mr. Bob Bmmore
Bristol Ralph Grant
Bristol Ridge Pastor Leslie Grant
Bristol School Fair Grant
Bristol; Steve Shawville; Bob Holmes
Bryson Carl Lemalre’s Instrumental Trio
Bryson Mr. Barry Burke
BX Call Bob Fanion Office 647-2223 Home
Cadieux Fish & Game club Atom All Stars Grant Ferrigan
Cal Carl Ostrom
Cal Bob Fenton
Cal Bob Fenton Office
Call Bob Fenton Office 647-2223 Home 647-5378 Cars & Trucks bjn6 FRI & SAT
Canada Education Savings Grant
Canadian Carl
Canadian Education Grant
Capital Grant Awarded Hospital Thome Centre Boy Accident Victim F~
CARDS Grant Eades
Carl Iron Bridge
Carl Mayer Review
Carl Motors
Carl Narlock
Carl Oi Bristol Area
Carl-eton Bus Lines Luxury
Carl-Ritz Hotel
Central Barry Sloan
Central Hospital Auxiliary Shawvfile Bob Middlemist
Central School Board Nurse GRANT
Chapeau Agricultural Society Fair Grant
Chapeau Agricultural Society Grant
Charteris Chronicle Carl Feiraband
CHEO Carl Jr.
Chevrolet Bob McClelland
Church Office 647-2764 July A August Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Pastor Leslie Grant
Churches Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Pastor Leslie Grant
Churches Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Pastor Leslie Grant 647-2336 Sundey School Morning Worship
Civic Hospital Mias Carl Bennett
Civil Defense Grant
Clarendon Council R. A. GRANT Bristol $
Clarendon Culture Grant
Clarendon School Board Motion by Grant Fitzsimmons
Colette Blain Pontiac MNA Bob Middlemiss
Collected Fire Protection Grant Miscellaneous Income Realized On Sale Of Bonds Total Receipts Disbu
College of Applied Leslie Grant
Comedy Bob Hope
Comedy Bob Hope Phyllis Oilier O BRIEN THEATRE Renfrew
Common School Government Grant
Common School Grant 2nd Report
Community Cen- Federal M.P.. Barry Moore
Community Hos- Carl
Complete Insurance Service Grant Murra
Conservative Barry
Conservative MP Barry Moore
Contact Bob Be
Contact Bob Bowen
Contact Bob Campbell
Contact Bob Essiambre
Contact Bob Hodgins
Contact Bob Toronto
Contact Carl
Contact Carl Bertrand
Contact Carl Rood
Contact Carl Tubman
Contact Carl Wall
Contact Carl XTC Dearly
Contact Grant Carswell
CORMAC PILGRIMAGE Deacon Bob Williston - Redcmptorist Mission Team
CORMAC PILGRIMAGE Deacon Bob Williston - Redempiorist Mission Team
Corner Shop Charles Jean Pharmacien Bob
Corporation Municipale de Canton Grant Calumet
COSP Grant Pontiac Propane Reg’d Bristol
Council Clr Barry Stitt
Council Federal Judy Grant Hubert Leduc David Smith Gretchen Thierry Benoit Schwarz Vicente Legros
Council Re Grant
Council Rescinds Creamery Grant # School
Crane Cary Grant
Custom Crafted Memorials Offering Love’s Greatest Gift Remembrance Bob Villeneuve
Daniel Grant Perry
Data Grant
DEATHS Mrs. John Grant Canadian Pacific _
Denote Grant Child Welfare Health
Department of Transport Grant
des Collines Mme Judy Grant
Diamond Drilling # Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling e Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling • Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling • Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Dianne Mousseau Carl Morin Guy Beauvais Ghislaine Ladouceur Shirley Nadeau Gilles Gervals Annette
Dillon McGee; Kenny Sloan; Barry Howard
District Chamber of Mrs. Pauline Grant Shawville Commerce
Dodge Trucks Crvsede Advertisement SIMPSON SEARS SERVICE Bob
Dorcas Sparling Perry and Barry Belanger
Doris Grant*
Dry Bob
Du Barry
DU Barry S Arabica Food
Du Barry’s
Du Barry’s BTAisor OWO.CITTOF
Du Barry’s HEALTH RESTüR D Branch Otfio JJiMKsÙs
Du Barry’s JESTS*.
Du Barry’s Revalent
Duke Carl Theo So
Duke Carl Theodore
Eastern Ontario Junior B’ Hockey League Valley Bob
Edna Donaldson • Bob & Mary Calvert
Education Grant of
Education Instructor 1966-67 SALARY SCHEDULE Standard Minimum Maximum Mr. Bob Sloan
Education Savings Grant
Elementary School Grant.......... April
Elementary School Grant........... 44
Elliott Farm Equipment Bob Weatherall
ENGAGEMENT HARDWARE Business Mbldrum—Grant Mr.
Everett Bob Campbell
Farewell Party Grant Ferrigan Eric Laporte
Farm Equipment Gordon Dittburner........ Bob Young
Farm Forum Grant
Fashion Show & Tea Thank Dr. Grant Rogers Bertrand Electric G & S Farm Equipment Cobden
Federal Canada Works Grant
Federal Government Grant
Federal Government Grant Au-
Federal Government LIP Grant
Federal Government Student Grant
Federal Grant
FEDERAL GRANT Bristol Council
Federal Grant Program
Federal Tuberculosis Control Grant
Federal • Provincial Special Prize Grant
Financial Secretary Barry Draper
Fire Depart- Grant
Fireman Bob Campbell
First Grant Corpv
Flo Carder Allan Bean Carl Fairfield
FOR RENT Adult Entertainment Barry Fitsgerald TEACHERS WANTED Room
Forestry Association Grant
FOUNDATION Dodge & DeSoto Sales & Service Miss Marilyn Grant
Four Corners Joan & Bob Essiambre John Atkinson Eahalt
Funeral Home André Pilon 623-5194 623-24 Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
Funeral Home Bob s Restaurant Pontiac Auto
G. orge’s Church
Galt Garnet P Grant
Gates Foundation Grant
GE ORGE ST District Representative
General Assessment Government Grants Federal Grant Others SHAWVILLE SHOPPING PLAZA
General Carl
General Grant
General Joffre
General Tax Special Tax Arrears Consolidated Taxes School Taxes Dog Tax Grant—FiTe Protection Loan
GM Bob Alexander
Good School Agricultural Society Grant OTTAWA
Gottlieb Daimler of Wurttemburg and Carl Benz
Government Grant Program
GRANT Bristol Quebec
GRANT Peshawar
Grant & Sons
GRANT / Bristol Council LAWN BROS.
Grant Agricultural Department Coehrane-Rhrer- Letter
Grant Agricultural Society Bldg and Jury Fund
GRANT Auto Show
Grant Blades Elliott-
GRANT Blanket Cloth MacKinaw
GRANT Bristol
GRANT Bristol 2.00 Que
GRANT Bristol 20.00
GRANT Bristol EARLY LACROSSE GAMES QUE Toronto Club Was Formed
GRANT Bristol Public Schools
GRANT Bristol Que
GRANT Bristol Quebec
GRANT Bristol We
GRANT Charter
GRANT Commerce Charles
Grant Committee
GRANT Délavai Cream Separators
Grant Eardiey Recreation Association
Grant Elementary Education
GRANT General Merchant
GRANT Genuine Ford
Grant Hall Inn
GRANT House of Commons
GRANT Kpitor
Grant MacEwan Dance Program
GRANT March School
Grant One
Grant People Ltd !
Grant Perry
GRANT PROGRAM Urban Affairs Minister Barney
GRANT School Supplies
GRANT See.-Trvas Bristol
GRANT Shoe Repairing Business At
GRANT South Onslow Council
GRANT That Conn-.
GRANT The Dominion Parliament
Grant Trunk Pacific
GRANT University
Grant Watson
Grant- Industrial Development
Grant’s Repair Shop
Grant’s Store
Grant’s Store Bristol Corners UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev.
Grave/ Snowplowing & Equipment Rentals Bob Gordon Tel
Gravel Snowplowing & Equipment Rentals Bob Gordon Tel
Group Captain Carl
Group Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
HAYES Mr. John Grant
Health Inspectors Dr Grant Rogers
HEALTH RESTORED Bevartnta Arabloa Food Du Barry’s
Health Unit Fermiers Grant
Heart Institute Director of Development Barry Stanton
Heritage Grant
High School Auditor- Bob Carswell
HOC Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Hodgins Store Hoggs Back Service Centre Pontiac Welding Laynard & Marlene Pasch Bob A Louise Rlznek
Hodgins Store | Grant Elliott
Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Barry Draper Melvin
Horse Registered Carl Dale Millan & McHugh; Wild McHugh
Hospital Road Grant
House Insulation Grant
House of Bob
House of Commons; Barry Moore M.P. Pontiac
House of U» JM Barry Merson
House Orderly—Connie Grant
House Teams Barry
Ideal Leather Polish Du Barry’s Loan
IIP Barry
IlhOO Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Pastor Leslie Grant
INDISCREET Cary Grant Ingrid Bergman Sophisticated Adult Story
Information Call Barry
Infra-Structure Grant Program
Infrastructure Grant Continuing Education Centre
Installation Grant Program Clip
Inter Municipal Grant
International Barry’s Tire Repair Service
International Guest Lion Carl Young
INVESTMENTS Bob Villeneuve 224-87 O.B. Villeneuve Insurance
j0b Development Grant Sherry Hickey
Job Development Grant
Joke Grant Dies Suddenly
Junior First Aid Certificates Barry’s
Junior Section Special Junior Shorthorn Grant For Junior Section These Grants
Junior Sunday School Concert Grant Smith
l Carl Dale;
LAC Claire Grant
Lac Clare Grant
Lacroix Grant Perry
Ladies Carl Classes Shawn Findlay
Ladyenith Rev Carl Kappee Foundation
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Land Grant College
Lang Carl Tubman
Legislature Messrs. McDonald, Barry US.
Lion Barry Murray
Lion Bob Bourget
Lion Bob Carswell
Lion Bob Young
Lion Bob Zimmer-
Lion Carl Ebert
Lion Carl Young
Lion Dr Grant
Lion Dr. Grant
Lion Dr. Grant Rogers Lion Doug Fulford Lion Albert Routliffe Lion Ernie Olsen Lion Denzil Yach Lio
Lion Grant Rogers
Lion Hugh Young Lion Bob Carrier Lion Dan Tremblay Fraser
LIP Grant
Litchfield Council Applies For Municipal Roads Grant
Local Iniat-ives Grant
Local Initiatives Grant
Lodge Hotel Veal Calves Bob Calves SATURDAY
London Board of Education Mr. Grant
LONG & CO.. Limited Winnipeg TORONTO* Bob Lowg Brand» Kmwn
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Happes
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappa#
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappee
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Macdonald College Receives Full Grant
Maple Leaf Bob
Maple Leaf Headliner Bob Fortin
MARTINEAU B«Am L.L.L. Barrister & Solicitor CAMPBELL’S BAY Lawn Block GE ORGE FT
Master Allan Grant
Master Barry Bell
Master Barry Blais
Master Barry Campbell
Master Barry Corrigan
Master Barry Draper
Master Bob
Master Bob Bryson
Master Bob Kingdon
Master Bob Sparling
Master Bob’s
Master Bro Barry Whelan
Master Carl and
Master Carl Beck
Master Carl Thacker
Master Carl Wall
Master Grant Eudes
Master Leslie Grant
Master Mr Grant Hie
Master Sherwood Grant
MAZDA GLC’S Schock-Grant Shawville
MC Bob Joyce
McDonald R. A. Grant
Memberships Quebec Grant
Memorial Church Rev. E. Grant MacDonald
Mine Social Services Centre BOB DAWSON Chairman Postal Code The Council of Quebec Minorities EUGENE
Mine Verna Grant
Miscellaneous Call Carl Tubman
MNA Bob Middlemans
MNA Bob Middlemiss
Morning Wbrship Messe Samedi Messe Dimanche Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Morning Worship Evening Service Ladysmith Rev Carl Kappee
Morning Worship Messe Samedi Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Morning Worship Pastor Leslie Grant
Motion Barry Craig
Motion Carl Mayer
Motion Cn Grant
Motion Cr Grant
Motion Crs Grant
Motion Grant
Motion Grant Elliott
Motion Os Grant
Motion Vy Vrs Whelen Grant
Motive Power Technician Bob Villeneuve
MP Barry
MP Barry Moore
MP Bob Bertrand
Mr Bob Pitt
Mr Bob Pitt.
Mr. Bob Pitt
Mr. Grant
Mrs Barry Bell
Mrs. Barry Bell
Mrs. Bob Hospital
Mrs. Carl Cola
Mrs. Grant Perry
Mrs. Stewart Grant
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
Municipal Bob Cowley
Municipal Council Recreation Grant
Municipal Grant Donations Fund Raising TOTAL
Municipal Grant............. Shawville Municipal Grant
MW Bro Carl Smith Grand Master
National Grant
National Midget Tour- Bob Alexander
National Research Council Bob
National Subsidy Grant
Nationview School Bob Loken
New York Islanders BOB ELLETT
NFU Co-ordinator Grant Robertson
OBITUARIES The Equity Asa Grant
Oceanfront Farm Equipment BOB FENTON
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Ate Barry Lusk
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Barry Lusk
OFY Grant Perspec
Oil Substitution Program Grant Hydro-Québec Grant
Old Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Lindsay Carson Barry Draper
OTC Grant Jude
Outaouais Valleys Fine Meats Co-op; Bob Younge
Oxford Mills—Barry Pierce.
PAIE Grant
PARADOX Security & Fire Alarm Systems 6h30 Meeee Dimanche Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Keppee
Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Pastor Leslie Grant
PILON GARAGE Inc Bob Hodgins
Pilon Garage Inc. Bob O Heare
Pontiac Agents Laurie MacKechnie 458-2424 Dawna Knox Bob Fenton
Pontiac Agents Laurie MacKechnle 458-2424 Dawna Knox Bob Fenton
Pontiac Agents Laurie MacKechnle 458-2424 Dawns Knox Bob Fenton__
Pontiac Agricultural Society Grant A Frances Woolsey Divide# A
Pontiac Anti Tuber-coloris Assn Grant
Pontiac Auto Grant Murray
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Highway
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
Pontiac Barry Moore
Pontiac Bob
Pontiac Bob McClelland
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation’s Carl Narlock
Pontiac Council Grant Softball Associations
Pontiac County Council for Fair Clarendon Municipal Grant for Fair Shawville Municipal Grant for Fa
Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant
Pontiac Electric Sandy Hamilton Livestock Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Billy T
Pontiac Gatineau Labelle MP Barry Moore
Pontiac Jr. B’s Annual Bob
Pontiac Juniors Shawville Lions Club Gaston Boucher Oswald Cuthbertson Bob
Pontiac Liberal Association Bob Middlemiss Golf Tournament
Pontiac Liberal MP Bob Bertrand
Pontiac Lions Carl Hager
Pontiac M P Barry Moore
Pontiac M.P. Barry Moore
Pontiac MP Barry
Pontiac MP Barry Moore
Pontiac MP Barry Moore Driving
Pontiac MRC Warden Bob
Pontiac Printshop Ltd. Bob Olson
Pontiac Pro- Grant Eades
Pontiac Progressive MP Barry Moore
Pontiac Protestant High School Vice-Principal Barry McGowan
PPHS Principal Barry
PPHS Vice-Principal Barry McGowan
Prayer & Bible Study Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Prayer & Stole Study Tuesday 7 Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
Prayer 4 Bible Study Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Prayer A Bible Study Lutheran Ladysmith Rev Carl Kappee Zion
Present Grant
Pro Bob
Professional Business and Hotel Carl*
Progressive Conservative Barry Moore
Progressive Conservative MP Barry Moore’s
Protestent Regional School Grant Transport- Moved
Public Schoil Grant............. Superior School
Public School Grant Superior School
Public School Grant........ Fees
Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Pumps Skies & Service Barry Lusk
QE Q A Etfi Grant Ferrigan Eric Laporte
R. A.GRANT Bristol Quebec
RA Grant
Rad Service Consolidated Bathurst Inc. Pontiac Wool Works Bob Smith s Restaurant Lois Callaghan
Rayer & Hbie Study Lutheran LadyanWth Rev Carl Kapp«
Regional Hlstorica Fair Barry McGowan
Rent CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Call Bob Fenton Office 647-2223 X Services WEEKLY RATES Minimum
Rev. Carl Kappes
Richard Wills Conservative MP Barry Moore
Ritz-Carl-ton Hotel
ROLL Bob Calves
Royal Bank Dr. Grant
Royal Bank of Canada Barry Moore
Royal Bob Binder
Royal Caledonia Bob Campbell
Royal Grant Have Disappeared
Royal Military Carl Kennedy
Rumps Sales & Service Barry La*
Saddle Club Banquet Dr Grant Rodgers
Salvation Army Grant
SATURDAY Grant Eades
Save Leona & Grant Eades Main St.
School Fair Grant
School Fair Grant Bond
School Grant
School Morning Worship Summer Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Sears Canada Inc. Bob
Second Aggregate John Grant Family
Second Period _ Brownlee ; Holy Trinity Church ; Mrs. Barry’s Bay
Shawville Community Hospital Receives Grant
Shawville Development Grant
Shawville Milling Carl Mr. Brown
Shawville United Church Hall Best Wishes Only BOB BOWEN
She Grant Perry
Sherry Rev Leslie Grant
SHOPS Carson - Lusk Bob
SM Bob-SUigk
Smith Bros Barry Shewv.lle
Society Grant 300.00
Some Rubber Bob« Buggy Bumpers
Special Grant....... Interest............ Collection Roll
Sport Shop and Bob Smiths
Sport Shop Fraser’s Clothes Shop Bob’s Restaurant Anderson
Sports Achieve- Barry Moffat
Spy Bob Hope Hedy Lamarr Eilo Pin
Squsdron Leader Carl Fumerton
St Mrs Carl Ebert
St Oominque Mgr Marcei Maine 455-2487 Ma» English Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
St Vincents Carl Gibbons
St. Andrew’s and Knox Mrs. Sherwood Grant
Standard Margaret Grant of North Church Rev. Barney
Stanhow Durie Stone Manufacturing Barry Murray
Steer Committee TVJj Bob Binder 647-3380 Small Business Bookkeeping
Stone Container Bob
Store Bob Findlay
Strategic Research Grant
Student Grant
Study Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
Study Lutheran Ladysmith Ares Rev Carl Kappas
Study Lutheran Ladysmith Rev Carl Kappas Zion
Sun But Grant
Superior Education Grant......... i‘ Elementary School Grant......... 11 Mis Haliday
Sweeping Murray s Automotive Promutuel Insurance Scott Wilson Welding Giant Tiger Bob Smith Restaur
SWITCHES NEW & USED PUMPS Authorized Dealer for Goulds Water Systems Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry
Tabmaa Valley Mutual General WE BUY HARDWOOD LOGS Bob Gamble Mutual Life
Talking Pictures Cary Grant Jean Arthur Ronald
TCRA Board of Carl Trudeau
Team Eganville Barry
Theft Grant
Try Carl Lehrbaaa
TT Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Happes
ULEY MtC Garth Dean Barry Russctt Stuart Mac Far
United Church Pauline and Bob Ringrose Cemetery
United Church Women Grant Signed
University of Ottawa Heart Institute Barry Stanton
UOV Baseball League Finals Clarendon Council Requests Higher Snowplough Grant
UP Grant
USED PUMPS Authorized Dealer for Goulds Water Systems Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
View Inn Creighton Dale Bob Weatherall Atkinson’s Bar K & M Stanton Dufferin Const
Virginia Mayo Bob Hope Bing
Ways Gloria F. Tubman Bob John Chartrand
Western Barry Sullivan
Western Messrs. Grant Eades
White Colombian Cock Carl Dale
XsrtBHBSS@ Du Barry