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--- Barr

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Possible related entities:

--- Barr
1 - Karen Barr
2 -- Karen Barr
A1 Davis W.T. Wilf Le Barr
Admini- Gladys Barr
Al Barr
Alan Barr
Albert R. DOMielly Lennis Barr
Alesha Barr
Alex Barr’a
Alfred H Barr
Allan Barr
Alma Barr
Anita Barr
Ann Barr
Annie Henderson Barr
Arthur Barr
Arthur Jackson Mr* Lennis Barr
Arthur Smart Billy Barr Hawley Wickens Robert Wilson Robert Stark
Barber and Barr
Barber and Barr That
Barber Lennis Barr
Barr A Bvron
Barr À Wright
Barr Allan
Barr Arena
Barr Associated Goapei Standerdf Joan Finnigan
Barr Batter
Barr Beulah
Barr Carleton Place
Barr Carmichael
Barr Carried
Barr Carswell
Barr Collar
Barr Councillor Connelly
Barr Dale Stephen
Barr Davidson
Barr Dessi Keon
Barr E H
Barr Elliott
Barr Findlay
Barr Fraser
Barr I*
Barr In
Barr Inter»
Barr Isterv.eto.
Barr John Daye
Barr Karen
Barr Kennedy
Barr Line
Barr Line Beef Makcs
Barr MacDougall
Barr Marcel Berard Pascal Asaelin Todd Hearty Tony Newberry Jeff Presley Rejean Gervais Guy Soucie
Barr Marcel Berard Pascal Asselin Todd Hearty Tony Newberry Kevin Chevrier Jc/T Presley Randy Peck
Barr McCord
Barr Mi
Barr Minuter
Barr Mona
Barr Motion Cr
Barr Mr. Jason Howard
Barr Mrs. James Forgie
Barr Now On
Barr October
Barr P *9
Barr Peggy Elliott Monday
Barr Precision
Barr Publicity
Barr Reuben Smith
Barr Siiilly
Barr Trophy
Barr W W. CORY
Barr Wanted
Barr We
Barr Wesley United Church
Barr XV.
Barrie Murray Fentalties Barr
Barron Barr
Ben Barr
Ben Barr Émile Desnoyers
Bessie Barr
Betty Ann Barr
Beulah Barr
Bill Barr
Billy Barr
Blair Barr
Blake Barr
Blake Barr Hannaberry
Blake Blake Barr
Bob Barr
Bob- That Mayor Barr
Boyd Barber and Byron Barr
Brad Barr
Brad Barr Brent Wickens Rod Storie Randy Plouffe Dan Romain Joey Radey Pontiacs
Brad Barr Fort
Brad Barr Jamie Lem
Brad Barr Jeff Presley
Brad Barr M.V.P.
Brad Barr Meanwhile
Brad Barr Pascal Aaselin Tony Newberry Todd Hearty Jeff Presley Kevin Chevrier Randy Peck Cletus Pi
Brad Barr Pascal Asselin Todd Hearty Tony Newberry Jeff Presley Randy Peck Kevin Chevrier Clctus Pi
Brad Barr Pascal Asselin Tony Newberry Todd Hearty Jeff Presley Kevin Chevrier Randy Peck Cletus Pi
Brad Barr Pascal Asselin Tony Newberry Todd Hearty JefF Presley Kevin Chevrier Randy Peck John Peck
Brad Barr Shaw Malcolm McGillvray
Brad Barr Show Malcolm McGillvroy Shaw Tony Newberry Stars Cory Smart Shaw Johnnie Manon Stars Marc
Brad Barr White
Bradley Barr
Brenda Barr
Brenda Barr and Nancy Hobbs
Brenda Barr Brenda Barr
Brenda Barr Congratulatknx
Brenda Barr Cost
Brenda Barr Graduates
Brenda Barr Great-grandparents
Brenda Barr Grist
Brenda Barr JOuBD
Brenda Barr Shawville Dear Editor
Brenda Barr’s
Brenda Jacqueline Barr However
Brens Barr
Brent Barr
Brent Barr Arnold McGee
Brent Barr Ellen
Brent Barr’s
Brent Lennis Barr
Brian Barr
Brian Judd and Blake Barr
Bruce Barr
Business Association Karen Barr Jeff Harris Elwin Lang Donnie Rooney
Byron Barr
Byron Barr Robert Bertrand Ed Brazeau Lucy Brownlee Mr.
Byron Barr.
Byron Bernard Barr
Carol Barr
Carole Barr
Catherine Barr
Christine Barr
Claire Ann Barr
Claire Barr
Claire Barr House
Claire Barr’s
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon 1991 1963 Karen Barr
Clarie Barr
Cody Barr
Constables Barr
Curtis Young Brenda Barr Sandra Murray Mervin Conroy Businesses
Dale Barr
Dale Doris Barr
Dale Forbes Barr
Danny Barr
Darren Barr
Darrin Barr
Darron Barr
Dave Barr
Dave Moore Barr
David Barr
David Barr County
David Blake Barr
Dawn Barr
Da]e Barr
Dean Gall Barr
Dennis Barr
Deris Barr
Donald McKin- Mrs. Barr
Doreen Barr
Doris Barr
Doris Barr Edyth Campbell
Doris Barr Reed’s
Dorothy Byron Barr
Doug Barr
Duron Barr
Earl Barr
Elson Barr
Elsou Barr
Emma Barr
Evelyn Claire Barr
Frank Lennis Barr
Fred Barr
G-ail Barr
Gail Barr
Gayle Barr
George A. Barr
George Barr
George C. Barr
George H. Barr
Gerald H Barr
Gladys Barr
Glass John s Repair Service Galetta Livestock Barr
Godies Team Blake Barr
Greg Barr
Greg Barr May
GUdys M Barr
H Barr
Harold Barr
Harry Barr
Henry Barr
Hodgins W H Barr
Horner Cheer- Mrs Lennis Barr Hospital- Mrs Lloyd Connolly Mrs
Ira Barr
J H. Barr
Jack Barr
Jack Barr 647-
Jack Barr 6473942
Jack Barr................ R,
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Barr......................
Jack Sher-Lennis Barr
Jackie Barr
James Barr
Jamie Barr
Jane Fonda Brad Barr Girls Dresses
Jennifer Barr
Jim Barr
JMfcrris Barr
Joan Barr
Joan Emily Barr
Joan" Barr
Joey Fraser Brad Barr
John Barr
John Barr 1
Johnny Barr
Judy Al- Jack Barr
Jules Barr
Julie Barr
Karen Barr
Karen Barr Voice
Katie Patricia Barr
Kelly Ry»n Bred Barr
Ken Barr
Ken Barr Douglas
Ken Barr Hay
Kenneth Barr
Kevin Barr
Kevin Chevrier Show Cory Smart Shaw Marcel Berard Stars Tony Newberry Stars Blake Barr Show Randy P
Kirs Jack Barr
L. Barr
Larron Barr
Lawrence Mrs. Bill Barr
Le-nnis Barr
Lem* Barr
Len-nis Barr
Lenms Barr
Lennia Barr
Lennis Barr
Lennis Barr Dr. S.E.
Lennls Barr
Lenora Alexander Billy Barr Wallace Bretzlaff Mary Lou ConoUy Emily Dagg Marie Draper Barbara Findl
Lentils Barr
Lewis Barr
Linda Barr
Lindsay Barr
Lloyd Barr
Lord Barr
Lorraine Harris Kevin Barr
Mackenzie Barr
Mackenzie Barr Beattie
Margaret Barr
Maria Barr
Marilyn Theory Examination Grade VIh Byron Barr
Martha Barr
Martin Darron Barr
Maurice Barr
Mayor W H Barr
Mayor W H. Barr
Mel Barr
Messrs. W H. Barr
Michael Barr
Michelle Brain Karen Barr
Mis* Mona Barr
Misa Mona Barr
Misses Mona Barr
Moiu Barr
Mona Barr
Morgan Barr
Morris Barr
Mr M Barr
Mr W H Barr
Mr. Barr
Mr. Henry Barr
Mr. W H. Barr
Mrs Maurice Barr
Mrs W L Barr
Mrs W Lennis Barr
Mrs. Barr
Mrs. Bill Barr
Mrs. Billy Barr
Mrs. Brent Barr
Mrs. Clifford Rob-1 Barr
Mrs. Dennis Barr
Mrs. Doris Barr
Mrs. Gordon Barr
Mrs. H Barr. Percy Ballantyne
Mrs. Herb Barr
Mrs. Jack Barr
Mrs. Jack Barr Ange
Mrs. Jack Barr John Draper
Mrs. Lcnnis Barr
Mrs. Lenms Barr
Mrs. Lennis Barr
Mrs. W D. Barr
Mrs. W H Barr
Mrs. W H. Barr
Mrs. W Len-Barr
Mrs. William Barr
Msgr M Barr
Nancy Barr
Neil Brenda Barr
Noella Dubeau Barr
Olga Barr
Oti Barr Garrett Walsh
Patricia Armstrong Brenda Barr Kathryn Black Winnifred Corrigan Myrna Cotie Elsie Harris Verna Hodg
Patrick Barr
Paul and Karen Barr
Peter Barr
Petro Barr
Professor A M. Barr
Randy Plouffe Jamie Lemay Brad Barr Jeff Tanner Jack Knox
Raymond Barr
Richard Barr
Robert Barr
Robert Barr Managed
Roes Dickson Karen Barr
Ryan Barr
Sandra Barr 7
Sandy Barr
Sean Darren Barr
Seed Brent Barr Weagant Farm Equipment Campbell
Shawville W H Barr
Shawville’s D Barr
Shawville’s Luke Murphy Darron Barr
Shelley Barr
Shelley Barr Hendrickson
Shelley Barr,
Shelley Barr-McDowell
Shelley Barr’s
Shelly Barr
Shirley Cummings Byron Barr William Dods Carl Mousseau Rachel Wrinn Brent Bowie Wayne Maloney Cleme
Sorry Dale Barr
Step Dancing Contest were Karen Barr
Sun- Dave Barr
T Brad Barr
Team-Shelley Barr
Terry Barr
Third Blake Barr
Tim Ferrigan Barr
Tim Murray Gerald Nugent Rod Twolan Brad Barr Joey Fraser Wayne Marion Blake Barr Filly Fraser_____
Todd Hearty Brad Barr Gillie Fraser Bobby Clarke Carson Ryan Randy Peck Greg Murphy Davey Keon Kell
Todd Hearty Shaw Brad Barr
Tom Barr
Tom Barr -
Tom Barr Farms O Neil
Tony Newberry Stars Blake Barr Shaw Cory Smart Show Marcel Berard
W B. Barr
W H Barr
W Lenms Barr Sullivan
W. H Barr
W. H. Barr
W. T. Barr
W.L. Barr
Walsh - Mrs Byron Barr
Walter Manly Barr
Wayne Barr
Wayne Brad Barr
Wesley and Karen Brenda Barr
William Barr
William Barr Buried
William H. Barr
William Henry Barr
William Henry Barr Buried
William Lcnnis Barr
William Lennis Barr
Win Barr
Wm Barr
Wm H Barr
Barr Side Road Dunrobm
Barr Trophy
Barr>s BaY
APPLE Auto Glass Gladys Maud Barr
Barr & Sons Farms
Barr Arena
Barr Associated Goapei Standerdf Joan Finnigan
Barr House
Barr Line
Barr Line Beef Makcs
Barr Line Factory
Barr Well Remembered
Board Municipal Forms Messrs. L Barr
Brad Barr
Bristol Barr
Bristol Misa Mona Barr
Bryson Lions Lennis Barr
Bryson United Barr
CHEESE Barr Line
Clarendon-Shawville School Board Barr
Contact Kevin Barr
Dean Gall Barr.
February Mr. Allan Barr
Fireplace Barr Line
Godies Team Blake Barr
Heritage Karen Barr
Lion Lennis Barr
Lion Lermis Barr
Lower Auditorium Barr
Morgan Barr
Morgan Lindon Darron Barr
Motion Cr* Barr
Motion- Conns Barr
Mr. Alex Barr
Pontiac Hockey Barr
Recreation Hockey League ShawviUe Lion s Club ShawviUe Business Association Karen Barr Jeff Harris
Repair Service Galetta Livestock Barr s Sand & Gravel CAS Livestock Oattes Farm Drainage Renfrew Re
Rural Barr Association
Rural Telephone Mayor Barr
Second Period South Onslow Council Pembroke—Barr
Stars Blake Barr
Stars Blake Barr Shaw Cory Smart Show Marcel Berard
Stars Cory Smart Shaw Johnnie Manon Stars Marcel Berard Stars Blake Barr Shaw Scoff Sauce Stars AJc
Stars Tony Newberry Stars Blake Barr Show Randy Ptouffe Flyers Maurice White Scene