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3rd Harold Hayes India

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

&r=msisB5ssr- S. Hayes
0. J. Hayes
0llicc — Hayes
1-46 inoe Hayes
1085 Office—Hayes Block
10:00 Eleanor Hayes
10:15 Howard Hayes
1836 Office—Hayes
1951.. W M. HAYES.
1973 Harold Frederick (Fred) Kleck
2. Annie Hayes
20,21,22 Howard Hayes
2005 Kristine Hayes
2416 Hayes
2nd Darwin Elliott 3rd Billv Horner
2nd S W MacKechnie 3rd
3.00-Ted Hayes
3i/irry QYooJ W. M. Hayes
3rd Allen Keuhl Draper
3rd Ann Bax-ented
3rd B J .
3rd Cadet Boys
3rd Charlotte Leona During
3rd da
3rd Dr Bowles.
3rd Floor Quebec
3rd Garnet Armstrong
3rd Harold Hayes India
3rd L .as
3rd Laurel McKenzie
3rd Leonard
3rd Mr# Harry Hodgins
3rd Mrs J Bowden.
3rd Mrs. Harper Rennick
3rd Mrs. Win
3rd Ponics
3rd Reading
3rd S W MacKechnie
3rd Solo
3rd Thomas 1er
3rd V Richardson
3rd W J Smith
3rd W J Tugman
3rd- Dillon Sullivan
3rd-Paul Smith
3rd—Silver Cup
3ti| Office—Hayes
4- M. Hayes
414.20 W.J. Hayes
432-7036 W.J. HAYES
582 K Hayes
647-1942 W.J. HAYES
647-2068 W.J. Hayes
647-2546 W.J. Hayes
647-2972 W.J. Hayes
647-3861 W.J. Hayes
647-5808 W.J. Hayes
7315BA20 W.M. Hayes
8. J. Hayes
819-647-2204 W.J. Hayes
819-647-3861 W.J. Hayes
819-647-5711 W.J. Hayes
8396.00 office—Hayes
8pen- Office—Hayes
9C ** Hayes - Armstrong Janet Armstrong
A A I / W. M. Hayes
A. Carpets Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store
A. E. Hayes
A. Hayes
A. W. Hayes
Absent Comm Hayes
Ac Harold
Adc’ Katherine Hayes
Addison Hayes Murphy Addison Hayes Murphy
Adult Allison Hayes Gregg Palmer
Against amendment—Hayes
Agricult Harold Daley
AIRPORT Helen Hayes Deen Martin George Kennedy
Airs Harold H Hodgins
Al- Hayes
Al- Mrs Harold Campbell Bish
Albert Hayes
Alexander - Harold Davis
Alexander Cobb Hayes
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander Mel-1 Office—Hayes
Alexander o Hayes.
Alfred Craig 3rd
Alfred Hayes
Alfred Manwell Harold Alfred Manwell
Alfred Trudeau 3rd Vice Pres
Alice Hayes
Alice Ryan 3rd
Allan Gerald Hayes
Allen Foster 3rd
Allen Hayes
Alma Hayes
Also Hayes
Alvin Brown Mahlon Hayes
Alvin Brown Mr. Mahlon Hayes
Alvin Hayes
Amelia MrP Harold Sparling
Amelia Smart Winnie Horner Clara Strutt Annie Hamilton Mias McMonag’e Harold G. Young
Amo A Jenny Patch John A Sandy Patch Harold A Dor
Amy Creighton spent Pearl Hayes
And Major Hayes
Anderson- W.M. Hayes
Andes Maggie Hayes
Andrew Daley Harold Armitage John Armitage
Andy Devine Teddy Hayes
Angus Harold MacKin-
Ann Hayes
Ann os7 W. M. Hayes
Anna (Nee Bruce Hayes
Anne Hayes
Annette Chartrand Harold
Annette Hayes
Annie E. Hayes
Annie Hayes
Annie Reid Mack-and Mrs. Harold Fokes
Annual Howard Hayes
Apples Hayes
Apply Harold McCoy 647
Apply Harold McCoy Phone
Apply Harold W. Hobbs
Apply Mrs W J. Hayes
Apply Mrs. W. J. Hayes
Apply W J Hayes
Apply W J. Hayes A Display Classfied
Ar- Harold Hodglns
Archbishop Hayes
Archdeacon Roberts Hayes Bros.
Ari Hayes
Art and Mack Hayes
Art Hayes
Art Hayes - Maurice Lemay
Art Hayes Program
Art Hayes^El-
Arthur ?Hayes
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes 661
Arthur Kennedy W. M. Hayes
Arthur Lucas Beechgrove Steele Line W. M. Hayes
Arthur Pitt* Harold Henderson BrU- Many Showers Held For Miss Barber Miss M<
Arthur Wilson Hayes
Artist Howard Hayes
Assessors Harold
Ayrshire—Erwin Hayes
B la Hayes Snowplowing
B.A. Mahlon Hayes
Bancroft Harold Scott Brady
Band Howard Hayes
Barbara Harris Prize Stone Consolidated Gwen Hayes Special
Barber and Harold Barber.
Barber and Harold Walsh
Barry Harold
Bay - Hayes
Bay Dr. Marie Hayes
Bay Gwen Hayes New
Bay Harold
Bennett Howard Hayes
Bergerac Allison Hayes
Bert Mahlon Hayes Mur-
Bertram F. Hayes
Bertrand Barry Zacharias Jennifer Anderson lie—Kathy Hayes Bobby Brctzlaff Michael Finnegan Ilia—Ro
Best Antique Car - Bruce Hayes
Beth Rayma Hayes
Betty Hayes
Bill Harold
Bill Hayes
Bill Lasalle W. M. Hayes
Bill Little Harold House
Bill Rev- Harold Steele
Billy Harold
Billy Murray Hayes
BiS ( Hayes
Bishop Bo 3rd Carpenter Is
Bishop Teresa Hayes
Blair Harold Smyth
Bob Bechtold C. Edgar Hodgins Anonymous W. J. Hayes
Bob Burns Harold Abilities
Bob Harold Hall
Bob Hayes
Bob Mrs Howard Hayes
Bob Young Keith Mohr Jim Hickey Harold Kearns Bruce Campbell Quyon U.C.W.
Book Marie Hayes
Borden O 3rd Whats Doing
Boston Transcript HAYES
Brenda Lee Hayes
Brian Hayes
Brian Stanton 1st V Pres Reginald Newberry 2nd V Pres Tom Fleury 3rd V Pres Jacques MacDonaM Secre
Brian Tubman Hayes
Bridge M Hayes
Brown John S. Hodgins George Stones W, M. Hayes Eerl Bean Lloyd Quaile Roland Amyott
Bruce & Jane Hayes
Bruce ) Hayes
Bruce Hayes
Bruce Hayes - Sheppard
Bruce Hayes 56.7.
Bruce Hayes Moorehead Routliffe
Bruce Jennifer Hayes
Bruce Judd and Bruce Hayes
Bruce Norway Bay Senior Men’s Hayes
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bud Rowat Athol Dale Irvine Gone Mac Hayes
Bull—J C Hayes 1
Bums Harold
Burns Harold
Burns Harold Wil
By Doris Hayes
By- Hayes
C A I W. M. Hayes
C and Harold Robi-
C and Mrs Hayes
C Hayes
C J Hayes
C mncillur Hayes
C. Hayes
C. J. Hayes
C. J. Hayes Y Brough
C. Schwartz W. H. Hayes
Calumet Councillor Harold Elliott
Campbell Harold
Capt Harold A. Cunningham Berlin.-—A
Captain Hayes
Carence Hayes
Carlos A. Hayes
Carlson I I • Howard Hayes
Carmen W. M. Hayes Secretary-T
Carrière Gwen Hayes Michelle As
Catherine Hayes
Catherine Poirier Susan Marcotte Mary Hayes Grade 8— Alice Hayes Anne Meilleur Ci
Cathie Hayes
Cathy Hayes
Cecilia Ann Hayes
Celia Hayes
Celia W.M. Hayes
Central School Hayes
Chairman Hayes
Chamberlin - Hayes
Charity Game Coordinator Greg Hayes
Charles Booth 3rd
Charles Ethier Harold Lamarche
Charles Leslie Harold
Charles Leslie Harold Hines
Charles M. Hayes
Charlie Hayes
Chiffon) Hayes
Chip returned Hayes Funeral Home
Chris Barber Hayes
Chris Harold
Chris Hayes
Chris Ma- 3RD
Chrisella Hayes
Chrisella Kelly Hayes Chapeau
Christine Hayes
Church WJ Hayes Funeral Home
Cis Hayes
City Province J • Phone 4- 95 HAYES’ DRESS SHOP
Civilization Prof. Harold J. Laski
Ciwen Hayes
Claie/ice Hayes
Clarence Brownlee Harold
Clarence Hayes
Clarence Hayes 692
Clarence Hayes ITT Strawberry Festival
Clarence Hayes----
Clarence W. Hayes
Clarence Wesley Hayes
Clarence Wesley Hayes Passes
Clarendon W M. Hayes
Clareuce Hayes
Claude Hayes
Clayton Cor-3rd Grade
Clayton Hayes
Clifford Force Hayes
Clifford Russell-Hayes-Dods Jones
Cm Hayes
Cn Hayes
Coach Harold Price
Cole Hayes
Cole J. Hayes
Color Suzanne Pleshette Rod Taylor W. M Hayes
Com M Hayes
Com Maillon Hayes
Comm Hayes
Comm M Hayes
Comm Mahlon Hayes
Comm W.M. Hayes
Comma Hayes
Commissioner M Hayes
Comms Hayes
Conduct Henry Hayes
Const!-Hayes Ambulance
Contact Heather Hayes
Contact W.M. Hayes
Convener Gwen Hayes
Cordelia Hayes
Corn Hayes
Corporal Harold Armstrong
Council W.J. Hayes
Councillor Gerald Hayes
Councillor Hayes
Councillor Irwin Hayes
Councillor M. Hayes
Councillor Mahlon Hayes
Councillors George Hayes
Councillors Harold Elliott
Councillors Hayes
Counselors Hayes
Cr C Richardson Hayes
Cr Hayes
Cr I Hayes
Cr!l Hayes Next
Cra I Hayes
Craig 3rd
Crazy Hayes
Crs Black Hayes
Crs Gerald Hayes
Crs Hayes
Crs I Hayes
Crs Irwin Hayes
Crwen Hayes Thus
Curling J Hayes
CUtiWCG-tt Herbert Hayes
Cyril R. Hayes
D. Hayes
D.D. Shawville Mrs. A. Hayes
D.W. James Hayes
Dagg Mrs H Hayes
Dale 3rd
Dale Clarence Hayes
Dale Harold McCoy
Dale Hayes
Dale Miss Arminta McDowell Miss Raeburn Doherty Mrs. Harold Pokes Mr.
Dale.......... Clarence Hayes
Dale............ Clarence Hayes
Danielle Hayes
Daryl Hayes
Daryl Irwin Hayes
Dash— Bruce Hayes
David Coles 2nd - Enk Barber 3rd - Holly Drummond
David Corrigan 3rd
Davis Remembering Harold
Dçris M. Hayes
Découpage Rayma Hayes
Den- W J Hayes
Denis and J Hayes
Dennis Harold
Dennis Hayes
Distinction Helen Hayes
District Governor elect Mac Hayes
District Governor elect Msc Hayes
Diversity Office—Hayes
Docteure Hayes
Docteure Marie Hayes
Doctor Hayes
Doctor Marie Hayes
Donald Harold Malette
Donald Hayes
Donald Lavallée W.J. Hayes
Donald McRae Dr. Wallace Hodgins Mr. Harold Hayward Mr.
Donna Courchesne Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Donnie Campbell Hayes
Doris Hayes
Doris Neale Hayes
Dorothy (Hayes
Dorothy ?Hayes
Dorothy Hayes
Dorothy Hayes Promoted
Dorothy I. Hayes
Dorothy J Hayes
Dorothy WJ Hayes
Dot Hayes
Doug Tait Art Hayes
Douglas Fulford Harold Sc
Douglas MacDou- Harold Templeman
Douglas Stocker Hayes
Dr. Harold
Dr. Harold G.
Dr. Harold G. Stafford
Dr. Harold Grant
Dr. Harold Keon
Dr. Harold Lay
Dr. Harold Laycock
Dr. Harold Lutuan
Dr. Harold P. Lund
Dr. Harold P. McDonald
Dr. Harold Skeels
Dr. Hayes
Dr. Hayes Brothers Main Street
Dr. Marie Hayes
Dr. Marie Hayes Come Worship With Us Mohr
Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Dr. Marie Hayes French
Dr. Marie Hayes New
Dr. Marie Hayes Yukon
Draper , M. Hayes
Draper Office—Hayes
Drifters Howard Hayes Dean Howard Andy Clarke Don C
Drowning Accident Mr. Harold H. Hodgins
Drrothv Hayes
Duncan Lunam Ted Hayes
Dunn- WM Hayes
Dwight McDow- W. M. Hayes
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins Chris Caldwell Plate Collection J,jZi
Dwight McDowell ....... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
E aine Hayes
E and Mrs Marion Hayes
E H. Hayes
E R. Hayes
E R. Hayes Sec-Treas.-R.NV.
E T ^ Hayes
E. E Hayes
E. H. Hayes
E. Hamilton) Mabel Hayes
E. K. Hayes
E. R Hayes
E. R Hayes F A. Thompson «Duncan Campbell
E. R. Hayes
E.R. Hayes
Eades Mahlon Hayes
Earlatu John Gibson W. J. Hayes Lloyd Elliott Cecil EUiott
Ed Vance Hayes
Eddie Bretzlaft Hayes Beauty Shop
Editeur Hayes
Edward Beckett 3rd
Edward C. Hayes
Edward Hayes
Edward James Mahlon Hayes
Edward Mahlon Hayes
Edward Titnming..... Michael Hayes
El- W.M Hayes
Elaine Hayes
Eleanor C Hayes
Eleanor Hayes
Eleanor Hayes Agricultural Bus
Eleanor Hayes Marathon Bicycle Races Arts
Eleanor Hayes Prize
Elementary Hayes
Elementary—Miss Hayes
Elizabeth (Hayes
Elizabeth Ar- Harold
Elizabeth Hayes
Ella Hayes
Ellen Hayes
Ellen McCrea Hayes
Elmer Hayes
Elsie Spar- Hayes
EMBALMING A V W. J. HAYES Cream Separator
Embyle Hayes
Emily Samuel Hayes
Emma Armstrong 3rd
Empire Helen Hayes Helen Hayes
Engaged 2153 Hayes Bros
Eric Hayes
Ernest Hayes
Erwin Hayes
Esq Cbone Hayes
Eugene Potvin- 106,50 Harold Lynn- 5
Eva Armstrong to Kathy Hayes
Eva McDowell 3rd
Everett Hayes
Excellence Eleanor Hayes
Fair K » Jennifer Hayes
Fam Hayes Road
Farmer Hayes
Featuring “Howard Hayes
Festival Tal- Hayes
Five-year-old Harold
Fleury Sec-Treas W. M. Hayes
Florence Hayes
Florent Howard Hayes Band
Floyd Robinson Harold Lamarche
FOOL” Office—Hayes
Force Eleanor Hayes
Ford W.J. Hayes
Fort 5l0832ba24 Hayes Ambulance
Frances Hayes
Frank Sofslvi Harold Leikin
Fraser V 3rd January
Fred Armstrong I Harold Sally
Fred Mar-Harold Wilson
Fred Mrs. Harold Mc Mahon
Frederick Harold Hatt
Friends Kristine Hayes
Fundraisers Greg Hayes
Furniture F H Rowat Insurance Shawville Rotary W J. Hayes
G Hayes
G. Hayes
G. T. Hayes
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gail Gavan • Howard Hayes
Gail Hayes
Gail Smith Weds Herbert Nathan Hayes Ladysmith Vinton Mr.
Gary J. Hayes
Gary Mulligan 3rd Neil McOoll
Gates Gilbert Gilliland Greaves Hayes
Gem-ge Hayes
Gene Hackman " Three Tough Guys" Isaac Hayes
Gene Saks William Darnels Harold Gould Her
George and Harold
George Campbell Mrs. Irwin Hayes At
George Carey Id Harold Carey
George Harold
George Harold Miljour
George Hayes
George Helmer Harold
George J Hayes
George Judd Mrs. Harold Hodgins
George Mrs. Hayes
George Stew- Hayes Funeral Home
George WMlT Howard) Harold 16-118 Anderson
Gerald Hayes
Gerald Hayes Donald
Gerald Marion Hayes
Gerald McKenny Cartage Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home
Gertie Riley W. J. Hayes
Gibson Jean and Harold Kirk
Gil-from W J Hayes
Gilbert Harold Fraser
Gilbert Hayes
Gilbert Mr. W. J. Hayes
Gilpin-, Bruce Hayes
Glen Daughters Donna and Hayes
Glen Hayes
Gordon Broad Jump— Bruce Hayes 17’6’
Gordon Harold Donald Richardson
Gordon Harold Main
Gordon India I’ve
Grade 7—Elaine Hayes
Grade V—Betty Hayes
Graduate McGill Vnlverott}) Office—Hayes
Graham Hayes
Graham Mr. W. J. Hayes
Grant Fades Hayes
Grant Harold Martin Arm-
Grant Harold Martin Armstrong
Grc# Hayes
Greg / Hayes
Greg and Jennifer Hayes
Greg and Lome Hayes
Greg Hayes
Greg Hayes And
Greg Hayes Inspects
Greg Hayes Lion
Greg Hayes THANIiS Wadge
Greg §6M Hayes
Gregory Hayes
Gregory Hayes.
Grey - Hayes Funeral Home 58+11 Murray
Grey Hayes
Gross Harold Muise
Guy Boisvert Gaétan Dumouchel Fence Guy Pieschke W.J. Hayes
Gwen B Hayes
Gwen Hayes
Gwen Hayes President
Gwen L Hayes
Gwendoline Hayes
Gypsies Jennifer Hayes
H 3rd "
H- Hayes
H. Hayes
H.rolJ Hayes
Halerie Roberts Ib—Heather Hayes le—Delbert Stephens 2a—Rita Kirkham 2b—David Russell 2c—Karen Davi
Ham James Hayes
Ham-to Clarence Hayes
Hamilton Gregory Tubman Clarence T. Brownlee Gordon Brownlee Harold Hodgins Harland Hodgins T.
Hamilton India
Hansom Hayes
Hardy Plants K&L Dairy Products C.B.L Pirie Enterprises André Chartrand W.J. Hayes
Hardy Plants Shawville 647-2680 W.J. Hayes
Haro d Hayes
Harold *
Harold Money-Saving
Harold Stephens
Harold da
Harold Starting Sunday
Harold "
Harold "Let’s
Harold "Red
Harold & Betty
Harold & Della Wilson Choice
Harold & Hazel Armitage
Harold & Jean Kirkham
Harold & Lois McCoy
Harold & Margaret Kenny 1473 Scott
Harold & Nancy
Harold (Betty
Harold * E. J. Murphy
Harold *16,500.°°
Harold ,^r P* Verdun
Harold -
Harold .1 French
Harold 0. Young
Harold 17162.dS
Harold 2960XN24 Green Lake
Harold 2xm21 Taggart
Harold 37832x
Harold 7-2405 | Elliott
Harold 7-24J2 Elliott
Harold 7-2635 Howard
Harold 7-2847 Information
Harold 7-3710 Howes
Harold 8. Osborne
Harold 8. Peabody
Harold A
Harold A Bernice Zosei
Harold A Collins
Harold A Curley
Harold A Hodgins
Harold A Walker
Harold A. Amy
Harold A. McCoy
Harold A. Senn
Harold A. Smith
Harold A. Turner
Harold Adam
Harold Adam Hodgins
Harold Add
Harold Ai
Harold Alexander
Harold Alexander the
Harold Allen
Harold Allen Walk- Wallace
Harold Allen Walker
Harold Allin
Harold Also
Harold Amy
Harold Amy Sr.
Harold Amy,2d
Harold Amy.
Harold And
Harold and Karen
Harold Andrew McCoy
Harold Andrew ^rs Bvnj Hines
Harold Annitage
Harold Anniversary
Harold Anniversary Party
Harold Ansley Lillie
Harold Applcbottom
Harold April
Harold Argue
Harold Ariiwtrong
Harold Arithmetic—Feb.
Harold Arithmetic—Nov.
Harold Arm
Harold Arm Wresting
Harold Arm- Thorough
Harold Arm-make
Harold Armand
Harold Armit- Ervine Brownlee
Harold Armitagc
Harold Armitage
Harold Armitage Assisting
Harold Armitage Mrs. Harold Fui
Harold Armitage Townline Bristol
Harold Armitages
Harold Armltage
Harold Armstroag
Harold Armstrong
Harold Armstrong 626
Harold Armstrong Has Close Shave
Harold Armstrong Mildred Armstrong
Harold Armstrongs Farm
Harold Arnett
Harold Arthur
Harold Arthur Bennett
Harold At
Harold at Campbell
Harold At-cheson
Harold Atkinson
Harold Attending
Harold Austin
Harold Authors
Harold B Boîte
Harold B. Clifford.
Harold B. Reid
Harold Bahin
Harold Bailey
Harold Bâjes
Harold Baker
Harold Baldwin
Harold Balfour
Harold Ballard
Harold Bally
Harold Barber
Harold Barber from Irma
Harold Barlow
Harold Barns
Harold Barr
Harold Bartlett
Harold Beaudry
Harold Beaudry Weekend
Harold Beck
Harold Beck-
Harold Becket
Harold Becket.
Harold Beckett
Harold Beckett Shawville
Harold Beckett 3
Harold Beckett 4
Harold Beckett and Betty Lou Elliott
Harold Beckett Cuts Feed Bill
Harold Beckett Dies Suddenly
Harold Beckett Dog
Harold Beckett Jn
Harold Beckett Moved
Harold Beckett Mrs.
Harold Beckett Pontiac Hotel Ac
Harold Beckett...... Royce Prendergast
Harold Beckett.......
Harold Beckett.........
Harold Beckett...........
Harold Beckett............ NEW CTREAMUNED
Harold Beckett............. Wm
Harold Beckett—a
Harold Beckett—Painting
Harold Beech
Harold Beechgrove
Harold Begbie
Harold Begble
Harold BeKved
Harold Belgian
Harold Belgium
Harold Bell
Harold Bell Wright
Harold Ben-
Harold Benson
Harold Bereeford Butler
Harold Berks
Harold Berry
Harold Bertrand
Harold Best
Harold Beuliean
Harold Bibby
Harold Bichai
Harold Biesenthal
Harold BIG
Harold Bill Murray
Harold Bills
Harold Bingham
Harold Birthday
Harold Bjf-wti
Harold Bl&ney
Harold Blaedow
Harold Blair
Harold Blake Armitagc
Harold Blanchard
Harold Blecher
Harold Blerher
Harold Bmir-
Harold Bo!an
Harold Bo-tt
Harold Bobba
Harold Bolan
Harold Boland
Harold Boll
Harold Boomhour
Harold Boucher
Harold Boul-
Harold Boulton
Harold Boulton Bristol
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg
Harold Boulton Er
Harold Boulton Pr
Harold Bourgeau
Harold Bourgr
Harold Bowen
Harold Bowie Insurance Agency
Harold Boyes
Harold Bracken
Harold Bradley
Harold Breen
Harold Brisbois
Harold Brisco
Harold Bristol Genivar Groupe Counseil
Harold Brittany
Harold Brocklebank
Harold Brontmire
Harold Brow
Harold Brown
Harold Brown Dentil Harold Brown
Harold Brown Master Randy
Harold Brown Mr. Du
Harold Brown OTC Cutom
Harold Brown Quyon CM
Harold Brown That
Harold Brown Their
Harold Brown Ways
Harold Brownlee
Harold Browns
Harold BrownTes
Harold Buck
Harold Burdette
Harold Burke
Harold Bush
Harold Buyers
Harold C Yetts
Harold C Kcon
Harold C uth-bertson
Harold C. Hanson
Harold C. James
Harold C. Keon
Harold C. Scharfe
Harold Cahill
Harold Cameron
Harold Camp
Harold Campbell
Harold Campbell Bristol
Harold Campbell Estate
Harold Car
Harold Caraon
Harold Carey
Harold Carey Found Dead
Harold Carkner
Harold Carson
Harold Carson RR
Harold Caskets
Harold Cdjet
Harold Cede
Harold Chant
Harold Charles
Harold Charteris
Harold Chemistry—Jan
Harold Chesloek
Harold ChOrt&riS
Harold Christopher Keon
Harold Church
Harold Ciiese
Harold Clarendon
Harold Clark
Harold Clauson
Harold Clayton
Harold Clifford * Mean
Harold Closs
Harold Cnthbert-
Harold Cnthbertson
Harold Coatee
Harold Coates
Harold Cochrane
Harold Cochrane John McAra Ira Merrifield Leo Muldoon
Harold Cochrans
Harold Coie
Harold Cok
Harold Col
Harold Col*
Harold Colburn
Harold Cole
Harold Cole Mi
Harold Colman Rickaby
Harold Colonial Lumber Co.
Harold Colton
Harold Combi
Harold Community Centre
Harold Composition
Harold Con Peter B. Smith
Harold Con-font
Harold Connelly
Harold Conoly
Harold Contest’*
Harold Conway OMI
Harold Cook
Harold Cornell
Harold Corners Cemetery
Harold Corrigan Connelly
Harold Cotie
Harold Cotie Wharrev
Harold Cotton
Harold Cotton B Sc.
Harold Cotton Gatineau
Harold Coul-beck
Harold Cousin
Harold Craig
Harold Crain
Harold Crane
Harold Crang
Harold Cross
Harold Cusrte
Harold Cut.iberLo
Harold Cutfa-bertson
Harold Cuth
Harold Cuth- Bureau
Harold Cuth-.
Harold Cuth-bertson
Harold Cuth-hertson
Harold Cuthbcrt-j Jiott
Harold Cuthbcrtson
Harold Cuthbeilson
Harold Cuthbeitson
Harold Cuthberfson Dies
Harold Cuthbert- Construction Boom
Harold Cuthbert- Getan
Harold Cuthbert-4848
Harold Cuthbert-Harold Davis
Harold Cuthbert-son
Harold Cuthbertaon
Harold Cuthbertaon 2
Harold Cuthberteon
Harold Cuthbertsi
Harold Cuthbertsnn
Harold Cuthbertson
Harold Cuthbertson Is
Harold Cuthbertsun
Harold Cuthberuon
Harold Cutherbertson
Harold Cuthhert-sus
Harold Cuthhertson
Harold CuthherUon
Harold Cutiibertson
Harold Cutler
Harold Cutli- Dog Tax Officers—Geo
Harold D Arcy
Harold D Arry
Harold D Brownrlgg
Harold D He D
Harold D Howard
Harold D J.
Harold D.
Harold D. Bertram Had Inflammatory Rheumatism
Harold D. BPownrigg
Harold D. Robertson
Harold Da
Harold Da-
Harold Da-Lee Tcpcrman
Harold Dagenais
Harold Dagg
Harold Dagg 2
Harold Dagg 3
Harold Dagg Widely Mourned H
Harold Daggs
Harold Dale
Harold Daley
Harold Daly
Harold Danish
Harold Darcy
Harold Darwin
Harold David
Harold Davidson
Harold Davidson Father Pat Tait Saturday
Harold Davie
Harold Davie Rennick
Harold Davis
Harold Davis Clifford Sharpe
Harold Davis John
Harold Davis Murray
Harold Davis Ottawa
Harold Davu OAO
Harold Da«£
Harold Dean
Harold Dean.......
Harold Dean..........
Harold Dean...........
Harold Dean..............
Harold Debar
Harold Dec.
Harold December
Harold Degg
Harold Dennis
Harold Denver
Harold Derragh
Harold Devlin
Harold Digg
Harold Dillingham
Harold Dillon*
Harold Dina Judd’s
Harold Dingwall
Harold Diu»
Harold Dlngman
Harold Doan
Harold Doan...........
Harold Dob- Orange Young
Harold Dobson
Harold Dodd
Harold Dodsand Jack James
Harold Doheity
Harold Doherty
Harold Donation
Harold Donelly
Harold DoneMv
Harold Donna
Harold Donnell
Harold Donnelly
Harold Donnelly Bryson Lions Hall
Harold Donnelly This
Harold Donnely
Harold Dropping
Harold Drown
Harold Duff
Harold Dugg
Harold Duggan
Harold Dundee
Harold Dunn
Harold D’Arcy
Harold D„
Harold E Howard
Harold E Schock
Harold E Smiley
Harold E Welsh
Harold E. Elliott
Harold E. Grant
Harold E. Gray
Harold E. Hughes
Harold E. Smiley
Harold E. Stftssen
Harold Eaaey
Harold Eadle
Harold Eady
Harold Eady Jr,
Harold Eady Jr.
Harold Easey
Harold Easy
Harold Easy - Francis Mousseau
Harold Eckes
Harold Ed-seen
Harold Edey
Harold Edgar Lance
Harold Edgar Schock
Harold Edgerton
Harold Ediott
Harold Edmond
Harold Edmpnd
Harold Edmund Irvin Smith
Harold Edward Fades
Harold Edwards
Harold EHiotc
Harold EHiott
Harold Éiliott
Harold Eillott
Harold El
Harold El-
Harold Eli
Harold Eliott
Harold Elizabeth
Harold Elliot
Harold Elliott
Harold Elliott WEDDING
Harold Elliott ..... XV.
Harold Elliott HABLAND
Harold Elliott Herbie Howard Andrew Tippins Jim Whalen
Harold Elliott I
Harold Elliott Messrs, John A. Ren
Harold Elliott Present
Harold Elliott Shawville At Creel
Harold Elliott’s
Harold Ellwin Cuthhert-son
Harold Elsie L
Harold Elwin
Harold Em
Harold Emery
Harold Emery Hodgins
Harold Emery’s
Harold Emmerson
Harold Enderud
Harold Eng
Harold Eody
Harold Ernest Man
Harold Ernest Manson Stephens
Harold Ernest Schwartz 21L11
Harold Essy
Harold EST.
Harold EUiott
Harold Evangelist Church Hall
Harold Eveard Brownlee
Harold F
Harold F Ritchie
Harold F RiUhie
Harold F Russell
Harold F.
Harold F. McCormick
Harold F. Pitcairn
Harold F. Ritchie
Harold F. Ritchie Co. Ltd.
Harold F. Ritchie Î A Co. Ltd.
Harold F. Ritchie ÔC Co.
Harold F. Russell
Harold Fakes
Harold Farrell
Harold Fcken
Harold Fetheratonhaugh
Harold Fill
Harold Fill-ford
Harold Fisher
Harold Fisher Esq.
Harold Fisher K
Harold Fit
Harold Fm-ford
Harold Fokc.s
Harold Fokcs
Harold Foke-,
Harold Fokes
Harold Fokes 018
Harold Fokes*
Harold Folkes
Harold For
Harold For Councillors
Harold Ford
Harold Forest Cole
Harold Fowler Crain
Harold Fowler Proud
Harold Foy ÉSjfcj
Harold Fraser
Harold Frederic
Harold Frederick
Harold Frederick.
Harold Freeman
Harold French
Harold Frit
Harold FRitcbic
Harold Frown
Harold Fui- 1
Harold Fuiford
Harold Fukes
Harold Ful-
Harold Ful-ford
Harold Ful-fords
Harold Fulfcrd
Harold Fulfogd
Harold Fulford
Harold Fulford Wallace Hodgins
Harold Fulford Xtiss Janet Fulford
Harold Fulford’s
Harold Fulfotd
Harold Fuliord
Harold Fullord
Harold FuMord
Harold Funord
Harold Furniture
Harold Futford
Harold G
Harold G FABRIC SALp Sale
Harold G Lester
Harold G Wil- E
Harold G Wilson
Harold G Wilson 0 2X1N15
Harold G Young
Harold G.
Harold G. 647-2703
Harold G. 647-2703 647-3282 647-5653 647-2247
Harold G. 647-2703 Brownlee
Harold G. Barnet
Harold G. Chant
Harold G. Hesler
Harold G. Laycock
Harold G. Way
Harold G. Wilson
Harold G. Young
Harold Gagnon
Harold Gains-ford
Harold Gainsford
Harold Gainsrord
Harold Gallagher
Harold Galnsford
Harold Gatineau Power Co.
Harold Gaudette
Harold Gavan
Harold Geinsford
Harold Gengoult Smithh
Harold Gib
Harold Gibbons
Harold Gibbs
Harold Giles
Harold Gillis
Harold Gilmour Haley’s Station
Harold Gladstone
Harold Glenna Campbell
Harold Gloss
Harold Gogo
Harold Goodfellow
Harold Gould Barry Newman Diana Muldaur
Harold Gould Her* VAechaue WntVnb
Harold Grade X— Armstrong
Harold Graham
Harold Graham Young
Harold Grant Mai
Harold Grant Malloch
Harold Granville
Harold Green
Harold Greenberg
Harold Greene
Harold Grey
Harold Grierson
Harold Griese
Harold Grodde
Harold Gus T. Draper
Harold H
Harold H ARL AND C
Harold H Elliott
Harold H Hedging
Harold H Hod-gins 2
Harold H Hodgins
Harold H Hoi
Harold H Hudgins and David T. Hodgiiw
Harold H I H HI HE
Harold H i> Sad
Harold H in,t S''ewart
Harold H ODuixa
Harold H Phone 20-33
Harold H.
Harold H. Hobbs
Harold H. Hodg-ins
Harold H. Hodgins
Harold H. Hodgin»
Harold H. Hudgins
Harold H. Nesbitt
Harold Ha
Harold Haarfager
Harold Hackney
Harold Hajwi
Harold Hall
Harold Hall Skip
Harold Hall Skip.
Harold Hall Watters
Harold Ham
Harold Ham CATTLE
Harold Ham Quyon
Harold Ham-Brady St.
Harold Hambleton Taylor
Harold Hamilton
Harold Hammel
Harold Hammond
Harold Hammond -
Harold Hammond 32.00
Harold Hammond Brian Davis
Harold Hammond Dowell
Harold Hammond Quyon
Harold Hammond Table Beets
Harold Hammond W.P.R.
Harold Hamond
Harold Handky
Harold Hanna
Harold Happy
Harold Harebell
Harold Hargreaves
Harold Harry ArmitagCan
Harold Harvey
Harold Harvey Armitage
Harold Hassell 700
Harold Haves 3rd Clive Smart
Harold Haves Monday
Harold Haward
Harold Hawlhorne 613
Harold Hawthorn
Harold Hawthorn Bnng
Harold Hawthorn Phone
Harold Hawthorne
Harold Hay Richard
Harold Haye
Harold Haye*
Harold Hayee
Harold Hayes
Harold Hayes 1
Harold Hayes AI
Harold Hayes Floral
Harold Hayes Municipal Council
Harold Hayes O.
Harold Hayes U.l BUFFALO
Harold Hayes Visiting
Harold Hayes With
Harold Hayes’
Harold Hayeu
Harold Haye»
Harold Hayis
Harold Hays
Harold Hayward
Harold Hcdgins
Harold HdlKiixa
Harold Hedging
Harold Hedging L A Smart
Harold Hel
Harold Helper
Harold Hempstead
Harold Hendei®on
Harold Henderson
Harold Henderson Spring Mu-krat Skins Wanted
Harold Henry Hodgins
Harold Herbert
Harold Hewett
Harold Hewitt
Harold Hie
Harold Higginson
Harold Higginson Hickey
Harold Higginson* Voting
Harold Higginsotf
Harold Higgison
Harold Hilditoun
Harold Hill
Harold Hiqqlnson
Harold Hiram
Harold His
Harold Hlbbert
Harold Hmnmond
Harold Hnmmnnd
Harold Hnycs
Harold Ho.lg
Harold Hoagins
Harold Hoarc
Harold Hobbe
Harold Hobbs
Harold Hobbs Evangelist
Harold Hobbt
Harold Hobson
Harold Hod
Harold Hod Ball Bearings
Harold Hod Wednesday
Harold Hod- Carmel Laroche
Harold Hod-gins
Harold Hod-gins 2
Harold Hodein<
Harold Hodfiiu
Harold Hodg
Harold Hodge
Harold Hodges
Harold Hodge®
Harold Hodgiia
Harold Hodgiiis
Harold Hodgin*
Harold Hodgin< C.
Harold Hodgina
Harold Hodgine
Harold Hodgins
Harold Hodgins ..... Armstrong Bros..... Alf Armstrong
Harold Hodgins ....... Lois E. Smiley
Harold Hodgins 1
Harold Hodgins 2
Harold Hodgins 3. Graham
Harold Hodgins 3. Shorthorn
Harold Hodgins Barred Hock
Harold Hodgins Board
Harold Hodgins Chris Caldwell
Harold Hodgins Doz
Harold Hodgins Elliott
Harold Hodgins Gardon Stephens
Harold Hodgins Mrs
Harold Hodgins Mrs. Art Turner
Harold Hodgins White Leghorn
Harold Hodgins........... Armstrong Bros........... Alf Armstrong
Harold Hodgir
Harold Hodgius
Harold Hodglnr
Harold Hodglns
Harold Hodgma
Harold Hodgms
Harold Hodgsin
Harold Hodgtnp
Harold Hodgtns
Harold Hodgtrn
Harold Hodins
Harold Hodoins
Harold Hodqms Mrs. Austin MiDowell Lionel Thomson OBITUARIES Harold Adam Hodgins
Harold Hoffman
Harold Hogan
Harold Hoggins
Harold Hohhs
Harold Hoik
Harold Hoium
Harold HoJgms
Harold Hoke*
Harold Hokes
Harold Hollis
Harold Holly 2
Harold Holt
Harold Holy Trinity
Harold Homer
Harold Hommond
Harold Horigin*
Harold Horigins
Harold Horner
Harold Horwood
Harold Hotlgins 2
Harold Howard
Harold Howard Densol Caldwell
Harold Howard Frank Fitmigan
Harold Howard Mr.
Harold Howard Pine Lodge
Harold Howes
Harold Hsyes M.l BUFFALO
Harold Htyes
Harold Hudgins
Harold Hudgins WHOLESALE
Harold Hudgins Portage Road
Harold Hudgins*
Harold Hugh Richardson
Harold Hugh Rovvatt
Harold Hugh Rowatt
Harold Hume
Harold Hunt
Harold Huntingdon
Harold HW
Harold I
Harold I RichardMcAra
Harold I ridham.
Harold I Smith
Harold I Walker
Harold I)agg
Harold I.
Harold I. June
Harold I. Smith
Harold I>.
Harold Iekee
Harold If
Harold Iflggfne
Harold Ih>dgins 2. Trio
Harold Ihtgg
Harold Iîcdgins
Harold Iind
Harold Ilayes
Harold Ilayvs
Harold IliliBii
Harold Ilndgins
Harold Ilod
Harold Ilodgins
Harold IM
Harold In
Harold In- H:iroM Irvington
Harold Information Jixloin
Harold Information Jodoin
Harold Ir
Harold Ir-salutation
Harold Iras
Harold Irk
Harold Irving-
Harold Irvington
Harold Irwin Smith
Harold Is
Harold It
Harold Ix>unsbury
Harold J Carson
Harold J Laski
Harold J. Jeghers
Harold J. Kirby
Harold J. Laski
Harold Jack
Harold Jackes
Harold Jackson
Harold Jakes
Harold James Turver
Harold Jamieson
Harold JKloqk
Harold Joan Alexander
Harold John
Harold Johnson
Harold Johnston
Harold Jones
Harold Jr
Harold Jr is
Harold Judd
Harold Judd Meets
Harold Judd Suffers Compound Fracture
Harold Judd.
Harold Judds
Harold Judds Reward
Harold June
Harold June 12,,1978
Harold Junn
Harold K. V^
Harold Kasy
Harold Kchoe
Harold Ke-
Harold Kear-
Harold Kearn
Harold Kearns
Harold Keen
Harold Keenan Dispersal
Harold Kehoe
Harold Kehoe Director
Harold Kehoe Director English Educational Services
Harold Kehoe Director English Educational Services Dépanneur Mr. Roger de Montigny Principal Tele
Harold Kell
Harold Kelly
Harold Kelly 598
Harold Kelt
Harold Kennedy
Harold Keon
Harold Keuhl
Harold KHnk
Harold Kichard
Harold Kil
Harold Killlne
Harold Kim Mako
Harold Kindy
Harold Kinsley
Harold Kirby
Harold Kirk
Harold Kirk-
Harold Kirk-ham
Harold Kirk-ham Cora
Harold Kirk-ward
Harold Kirkhai Kingston
Harold Kirkham
Harold Kirkham Goldie Rutledge
Harold Kirkham Mrs Helena Yach
Harold Kirkham Parlour
Harold Kirkhatn
Harold Klinck
Harold Klliott
Harold Klllln»
Harold Knudsoi
Harold Knudson
Harold Koen
Harold Kr-win
Harold Kuntz
Harold Kushner’s
Harold L Brown
Harold L.
Harold L. Brown
Harold L. Smiley Passes
Harold La
Harold Lacina
Harold Lacroix
Harold Ladysmith
Harold Lake
Harold Lamarche
Harold Lamburge
Harold Lance
Harold Lang
Harold Lannin
Harold Lansdowne
Harold Larsen
Harold Laurence Brown I
Harold Laurence Brown Robinson
Harold Lawrence
Harold Lawrence Brown
Harold Lawrence Roy
Harold Laws
Harold Lay
Harold Lay-
Harold Laycocfc
Harold Laycock
Harold Lcikin
Harold Le
Harold Lei
Harold Leikcn
Harold Leiken
Harold Leikin
Harold Leikln
Harold Leildn
Harold Leitvb
Harold Lelken
Harold Lelkln
Harold Lester
Harold Lester 1958-63—Rev.
Harold Lesway
Harold Lett
Harold Letts
Harold Letts 1
Harold Letts 3. HI
Harold Letts Sudbury
Harold Lewis
Harold Leycock
Harold Liedthe
Harold Lillenas
Harold Limit
Harold Lindsay
Harold Lindsay Smiley
Harold Linn
Harold LLan
Harold Lliiott
Harold Lllio
Harold Lloyd
Harold Lloyd Subject
Harold Lloyd’s F Y Mother Earth LI
Harold Local
Harold Logan
Harold Lorraine Black Hodgins
Harold Loumbury
Harold Louns
Harold Lounsbury
Harold Lounsbury’s
Harold Lowry
Harold Lucae
Harold Lucas
Harold Luckasovicth
Harold Luckasovictn
Harold Lunney
Harold Luthbertson
Harold Lyle Skuee
Harold Lynn
Harold Lynn G Bourdon Quebec Hydro Gauthier Paving Ken A Farrell Morley Hodgins Canadian Tire J A E
Harold Lynns
Harold L°TWe*
Harold M Smith
Harold M •
Harold M. Reid
Harold Ma
Harold Ma Dwell Sr.
Harold Mac
Harold Macdonald
Harold MacIntyre
Harold Mackay
Harold MacKeigan
Harold Mackubbic
Harold MaCoy
Harold Mact
Harold Mae-Cormack
Harold Mahhtz
Harold MahIitz
Harold Mahlilz
Harold Mahlit/and
Harold Mahlite
Harold Mahlitz
Harold Mahlitz Celebration
Harold Mahlitz Day
Harold Mahlitz Elwyn
Harold Mahlitz Martineau
Harold Mahlitz Portage’s
Harold Mahlltz
Harold Mahltiz
Harold Mahon
Harold Maiiwelt
Harold Main St
Harold Malonev
Harold Maloney
Harold MammondV
Harold Mams
Harold Man
Harold Man-well
Harold Man-well Jr.
Harold Manuel
Harold Manw II
Harold Manwcll Jr.
Harold ManwcM
Harold Manwell
Harold Manwell Jr.
Harold Manwell Mrs. Thus Martin Merlin McKee
Harold Manwell Sr
Harold Manwell Sr.
Harold Manwell-
Harold Manweti
Harold Mar- Armstrong
Harold Margaret
Harold Marie
Harold Mario Allen
Harold Marion
Harold Markwell
Harold MarshaII
Harold Marshall
Harold Mathews
Harold Mathlitz
Harold Mathlitz Contest
Harold Matthew*
Harold Matthews
Harold May
Harold Mayhew
Harold Mc Le Hand
Harold Mc- Î Ij
Harold McAdam
Harold McArthur
Harold McBride
Harold McCaig
Harold McCallum
Harold McClel-
Harold McClelland
Harold McCloskey
Harold McCoshen
Harold McCov
Harold McCoy
Harold McCoy - Gisèle Ralston
Harold McCoy 12.00
Harold McCoy 647
Harold McCoy 647-
Harold McCoy 7780XA8
Harold McCoy Af
Harold McCoy Di^ce
Harold McCoy V
Harold McCoy Wagon- Broad
Harold McCrca
Harold McCrea
Harold McDonald
Harold McFarlane
Harold McGrath
Harold McGuire
Harold McKay
Harold McKay Harvey
Harold McKcnny
Harold McKee
Harold McKenna
Harold McKenney
Harold McKenny
Harold McKenny Global
Harold McKenny Me Kenny
Harold McKenny Produits Forestiers Coulonge Inc. NOUS ACHETONS/WE
Harold McKeown
Harold McLaren
Harold McLel-
Harold McLellan
Harold McLelland
Harold McMahon
Harold McMan-
Harold McMillan
Harold McMullin
Harold McNeely
Harold McRae
Harold McTiuiv Fort Coulonge
Harold Me
Harold Me Kenny
Harold Me Kenny M. Jim Coyle
Harold Me Kenny.
Harold Me-
Harold Me-graibh
Harold Mealing
Harold Meerath
Harold Meg
Harold Megrath
Harold Megrath - Husband
Harold Megrath Bryson
Harold Megrath Harold Megrath
Harold Megrathj STORE
Harold Megreth
Harold Megreth 47161b E. Wheeler
Harold Memorial
Harold MeOuat
Harold Merle
Harold Mesrath
Harold Meunier
Harold Meyers
Harold Michael Chaput
Harold Mielkie
Harold Milks
Harold Milks Janie Davison
Harold Millar
Harold Millem
Harold Miller
Harold Milligan
Harold Mills
Harold Mime
Harold Minshall
Harold Minutes
Harold Mitchell
Harold Mlllgan
Harold Mod-elski
Harold Modi'' Hinds
Harold Modifias
Harold Mof-fe
Harold Moffat
Harold Moffatt
Harold Mohr
Harold Montre**
Harold Montrose
Harold Moodie
Harold Moon
Harold Moore
Harold Moores
Harold Morgan
Harold Morphy
Harold Morris
Harold Morton
Harold Mosley
Harold Motif
Harold Moved
Harold Mowat
Harold Moyle
Harold Moyle Creighton Mines
Harold Mr.
Harold Mrs Poole
Harold Mrs.
Harold Mrs. Don Lmgo
Harold Mrs. S. Neville
Harold Mrs. Wm Welch Jr is
Harold Msgrath
Harold Mu-lse
Harold Muis
Harold Muisc
Harold Muise
Harold Muise Foreman
Harold Muisel Miss Beverley Strutt
Harold MuisT
Harold Muiv*
Harold Muixe
Harold Mulae
Harold Mulbar
Harold Mulligan
Harold Mulse
Harold MuMigan
Harold Murphy
Harold Murrdl’e
Harold Muse
Harold MvTiur-
Harold Myroa Carroll
Harold N Smith
Harold N. Golden
Harold Nepean*
Harold Nesbitt
Harold Neville
Harold Nicholas
Harold Nichols
Harold Nicholson
Harold Nickel-
Harold Nickerson
Harold Nlcolaon
Harold No. 5- Turcotte
Harold Noble
Harold Noice
Harold North
Harold Northern Affairs
Harold Nu-
Harold Nugent
Harold Nugent Luskville Neighborhood Watch
Harold Nugent Onslow
Harold Nuise Named Shaw
Harold Nymark
Harold O Connor
Harold O Neil
Harold O Reilly
Harold O. WBaon
Harold O. WBson
Harold O. Wibon
Harold O. Wilson
Harold Oarage
Harold October 7
Harold Ont
Harold Osborne
Harold Otter Lake Post Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Harold Owens
Harold Ox
Harold O’Buffy
Harold O’Neil
Harold P"4 "eek-, Brown
Harold P. Fawcett
Harold P. Pokes
Harold Pacific Railway Company
Harold Page
Harold Pal-
Harold Paper
Harold Paquette
Harold Parry
Harold Parry - Evangelists
Harold Parsons
Harold Paul Ryan
Harold Peever
Harold Percheron
Harold Perry
Harold Pettier
Harold Pfod
Harold Phillip
Harold Picket
Harold Pierre Tardiff Coordinator Adult
Harold Pitt
Harold Plais COMFORT
Harold Plaisance
Harold Plnbey
Harold Plummer Grand Warden
Harold Pnce
Harold Pobson
Harold Poke*
Harold Poke-
Harold Pokes
Harold Pokes 60.7
Harold Pokes Graduates
Harold Pokes Mrs. Robt
Harold Pokes R C. A. F
Harold Pokes «>1
Harold Poke»
Harold Pontiac Printshop
Harold Pool
Harold Poole
Harold Pop
Harold Pop-ton
Harold Pophey
Harold Popkay
Harold Popkeÿ
Harold Popkey St Bruno
Harold Popkeys
Harold Popkey’e
Harold Popney
Harold Premier
Harold Prescott Pokes
Harold Pretty
Harold Prévost
Harold Prévost Sermon
Harold Price
Harold Price Jr accepts
Harold Price Jr.
Harold Price Li Li
Harold Price’s
Harold Pro-shansky
Harold Proulx
Harold Proulx Was Accidental Fur Pelts
Harold Provost
Harold Pul-ford
Harold Pulford
Harold Purcell
Harold Putnam
Harold Q. Hoffman
Harold Qf
Harold Qjilt
Harold Qoulton Bristol Egg
Harold Quaile
Harold Queaie
Harold Québécois Entrepreneur
Harold QUYON Town Hockey
Harold R
Harold R McDonald
Harold R n^s Smith
Harold R Ostrom
Harold R Stark
Harold R Waite
Harold R White
Harold R.
Harold R. Stark Mr.
Harold Rabb
Harold Rabb Susan Doris Harvey
Harold Rabb Jimmy Larabie
Harold Raker
Harold Ralph.
Harold Rapin
Harold Rarrard
Harold Ray-nes
Harold Raynes
Harold RC.M
Harold Read
Harold Ready
Harold Reckett
Harold Recording Steward Dagg
Harold Reginald
Harold Reid
Harold Reilly
Harold Relledga
Harold RENT Napoleon
Harold Reranrd Moyle
Harold Reynolds
Harold Ri
Harold Rich
Harold Rich-
Harold Rich- Fallg
Harold Rich-more
Harold Richard
Harold Richard - Shawville Canners Co-Operative
Harold Richard Wittenburg
Harold Richard-
Harold Richard- Lawson Corrigan
Harold Richard- Shawville Caimers Co-Operative
Harold Richard- Shawville Canners Co-Operative Renfrew
Harold Richard-,.ck
Harold Richardson
Harold Richardson Richard Bruce iVhat
Harold Richardson Russett
Harold Riches
Harold Ricnardson
Harold Riddell Birthday
Harold Riggs
Harold Rihardson
Harold Rimer
Harold RKlinck
Harold Ro- Fernand Cyr
Harold Robertson
Harold Robinson
Harold Robitaille
Harold Robitaille John I Hodgma
Harold Robltaille
Harold Roch
Harold Rodgers
Harold Rogers
Harold Rooney
Harold Rooney Gouvernement
Harold Ross
Harold Roxie Hostettler
Harold Rrassey
Harold Ruaeell
Harold Russel
Harold Russell
Harold Russell Boston
Harold Russell Class
Harold Russell Houston
Harold Russell Lake Placid
Harold Russell Mr
Harold Russett
Harold Rust
Harold Ruthledge
Harold Rutledge
Harold S
Harold S Coleman
Harold S Hodgim
Harold S Hodgins
Harold S. Foster
Harold S. Hodgins
Harold S. Osborne
Harold S. Peabody
Harold S. Richardson
Harold Sa
Harold Sadie
Harold Safscnbcrg 2nd Vice Jean La
Harold Saftenkerg
Harold SaHy
Harold Sails
Harold Sal-
Harold Sall
Harold Salley
Harold Sallv
Harold Sally
Harold Sally Men’s
Harold Sally Visiting
Harold Salmon
Harold Sam Lafkur - Hearty
Harold Samftenberg
Harold Sanftcnberg
Harold Sanften-
Harold Sanftenbcrg
Harold Sanftenberg
Harold Sansenberg
Harold Sanserberg
Harold Saw*
Harold Sc
Harold Scarfe
Harold Scarfe Mr. Jerome Amyotte
Harold Scbock
Harold Sch
Harold Scharfe
Harold Scheck
Harold Scherf
Harold Schock
Harold Schock 200.00
Harold Schock 500.00
Harold Schock 725553v*ol3
Harold Schock 725553vxo13
Harold Schock J & J
Harold Schock Paint Horse
Harold Schock PhU
Harold Schock Re Signing Authority
Harold Schocks
Harold Schock’sTaint Hill
Harold Schocx
Harold Schodl
Harold Schook
Harold Schovk
Harold Sears
Harold Sehoek
Harold Sept
Harold Shamel
Harold Sharp
Harold Shawville United Choir
Harold Shea
Harold Sheen
Harold Sheldrlck
Harold Sheppard
Harold Shipelarke
Harold Shipman
Harold Shock
Harold Shuster
Harold Si Hazel Il Ul LATHEM
Harold Simmon*
Harold Simmons
Harold Simmons Light Stallions Bred Ebert Richardson
Harold Sinclair
Harold Sisco
Harold Sleele
Harold Sloan
Harold Slone
Harold Slone Mr.
Harold Slorie
Harold Sm Ivy
Harold Smihy
Harold Smiley
Harold Smiley 1
Harold Smiley 2
Harold Smiley 3
Harold Smiley Dennis Day
Harold Smiley Mildred Stanley
Harold Smith
Harold Smith Maheral
Harold Smith Mrs
Harold Smith Norman Wiggins Lennis Zimmerling Jacques Lapointe Garnet Thompson Billy Davies Clarke
Harold Smith Peggy
Harold Smith President
Harold Smiths
Harold Smith—Lot
Harold Smith’s
Harold Smrinons
Harold Smuck
Harold Snell
Harold Snider
Harold Snudden
Harold Sohock
Harold Southwell
Harold Sow-erby
Harold Sower
Harold Sowerbv
Harold Sowerbv______________
Harold Sowerby
Harold Sowerby Alliance Outaouals
Harold Sowerby Bureau
Harold Sowerby Campbell’s
Harold Sowerby Campbell’s Bay
Harold Sowerby H *.m
Harold Sowerby Mel
Harold Sowerby Mid-week Bible Studies
Harold Sowerby OFFICE
Harold Sowerby Otter Lake Baptist Church Pastor
Harold Sowerby Powo
Harold Sowerby Presbyterian
Harold Sowerby Rev. Ed McCaig
Harold Sowerby Rev. Rosemarie Payne
Harold Sowerby Salon Chez Hélène
Harold Sowerby St
Harold Sowerby St George’s
Harold Sowerby Stark’s Comers
Harold Sowerby Stark’s Corners
Harold Sowerby Sunday
Harold Sowerby Sunday Morning
Harold Sowerby Sunday Services
Harold Sowerby United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Harold Sowerby _
Harold Spafling
Harold Spar-
Harold Sparing
Harold Sparl- GrnillUl
Harold Sparling
Harold Sparlings
Harold Speakman
Harold Spen-
Harold Spenceley
Harold Spencer
Harold Sphlinu
Harold Sr
Harold St* Tie
Harold St.
Harold Stanton
Harold Stark
Harold Stark 1
Harold Stark 2
Harold Starks
Harold Starr
Harold Steel
Harold Steele
Harold Steele 2
Harold Steele Alex Lapierre
Harold Steele’s
Harold Steeli Carried
Harold SteelPuvon
Harold Steer
Harold Steinke
Harold Stephens
Harold Stephens Largely Attended
Harold Stevenson
Harold Sto- Quebec
Harold Stobbart Year
Harold Stone
Harold Stone Get
Harold Storey
Harold Storey Clarendon W.I.
Harold Storic
Harold Storie
Harold Storie 682-3637
Harold Storie Congratulations Harold Some
Harold Storie K 4
Harold Storie Maryland
Harold Storie Miss Lorraine Bret/.laff
Harold Storie Part Lot
Harold Storie President
Harold Stories
Harold Stories Super Lotoj
Harold Stork
Harold Storle
Harold Story
Harold Stove
Harold Strange
Harold Stuart
Harold Stuart Marples
Harold Sturie
Harold Suiiley 2. Clydesdale
Harold Sullivan
Harold Sunday
Harold Surface
Harold Sutton
Harold Süy
Harold Swan
Harold Swanson
Harold Sweetman
Harold Sylvain
Harold Sylvain Directeur
Harold Sylvain Le
Harold T Arm*
Harold T Armstrong
Harold T. Armstrong
Harold T. Armstrong Dies
Harold T. Choabrough
Harold T.. _
Harold Taber Poole
Harold Taggart
Harold Tammond
Harold Tar
Harold Taylor
Harold Tea Cosy
Harold Teen
Harold Temple-
Harold Temple-Wendy Towell
Harold Templeman
Harold Term Report—Max
Harold The
Harold There
Harold Thoburn Caldwell
Harold Thom
Harold Thom- Lawn
Harold Thomas
Harold Thomas <Ttmi Armstrong
Harold Thomas Armstrong
Harold Thomas Sowerby
Harold Thompson
Harold Thoms
Harold Thomson
Harold Thors
Harold Thorstein-son
Harold Thorsteinaon
Harold Thrun
Harold Timmins
Harold Tinmpwn Las
Harold Tomlinson
Harold Toner
Harold Tony Heins
Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer
Harold Ttt Fresh
Harold Tucker
Harold Turcot
Harold Turner
Harold U,
Harold U-oYD
Harold U. Sverdrup
Harold Uagg
Harold UH Pearl
Harold Until
Harold Untilbertson
Harold Uodgins
Harold Updike
Harold Uuthberüon
Harold Vagtborg
Harold Vema
Harold Vermilyea
Harold Vernon
Harold Viner
Harold Visiting
Harold Visitors
Harold Vlnal
Harold Vlnl
Harold Voting
Harold Vounsbury
Harold Vuthliertson
Harold VVj
Harold W
Harold W Fulford
Harold W Hobbs
Harold W Morteen
Harold W#rtord
Harold W, Hobbs
Harold W-lson
Harold W. Dodds
Harold W. Hobbs
Harold W. Jackson
Harold W. Munwell Sr.
Harold W. Nor
Harold W. Smith
Harold W. Venmlyea
Harold W.t Raymond Belanger
Harold Waimnon
Harold WaJkcr
Harold Waker
Harold Wal-
Harold Walah 63.2
Harold Walk Colborne
Harold Walk*
Harold Walke
Harold Walkei Mis
Harold Walker
Harold Walker Be
Harold Walker Awarded
Harold Walker Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross
Harold Walker D.S.O.
Harold Walker Mr.
Harold Wall
Harold Wall Emily Weldon
Harold Wallace
Harold Wallace Hobbs Requirements Secretarial
Harold Waller
Harold Waller Statistics
Harold Walls
Harold Walsh
Harold Walter
Harold Walters
Harold War-
Harold Ward
Harold Ward c0nducttng Satu
Harold Warford
Harold Warford Sc Glenn Mor- 2nd Clara Little
Harold Warford Young
Harold Warlord
Harold Warner
Harold Wat/ts
Harold Watson
Harold Watson Cubs Doug.
Harold Watts
Harold Wattson
Harold We
Harold Wednesday
Harold Well
Harold Wendy Woodman
Harold West
Harold Whilst
Harold White
Harold White Lead
Harold Wi op
Harold Wiggins
Harold Wii-Cr
Harold Wikon
Harold Wil
Harold Wil I
Harold Wil-
Harold Wil- Asknowledgement
Harold Wil- Audet Qpp
Harold Wil- Hall
Harold Wil- THURSDAY
Harold Wil- Well
Harold Wil-before
Harold Wil-Equity Photo
Harold Wil-of
Harold Wil-on
Harold Wil-son
Harold Wil-the
Harold Wilaon
Harold Wilfred Manwcll
Harold Willard
Harold William and
Harold William Elliott
Harold William Elliott OUT Music
Harold William Fulford
Harold William Watson
Harold William Watson Watson
Harold Williams
Harold Willson
Harold Wilsoi
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson .... Singer Sewing Machine
Harold Wilson 1
Harold Wilson 12.00 Crawford
Harold Wilson 216.75
Harold Wilson 229
Harold Wilson 230.69
Harold Wilson 3.15
Harold Wilson 34948BJY4
Harold Wilson 36.30
Harold Wilson 9.46- Victor Tanner
Harold Wilson and
Harold Wilson Carried
Harold Wilson Carried Moved
Harold Wilson Councillors
Harold Wilson Dennis
Harold Wilson Dies
Harold Wilson Equip
Harold Wilson Fred Martin
Harold Wilson Harris
Harold Wilson He
Harold Wilson Horner
Harold Wilson I.
Harold Wilson In-out
Harold Wilson L L. Baird
Harold Wilson Lance
Harold Wilson MISC.
Harold Wilson Misses
Harold Wilson MLss Kathy Emeraon
Harold Wilson Moyle
Harold Wilson Mr. Hamilton Backs
Harold Wilson Mrs. Dickson
Harold Wilson Mrs. Emery Le
Harold Wilson NAtvltVfl*
Harold Wilson OTTAWA ONT.
Harold Wilson Owner R R 3
Harold Wilson Rlngrose Bros.
Harold Wilson se-1 Wilson
Harold Wilsonr
Harold Wilsons
Harold Wilson’s
Harold Wilsop
Harold Wilsot
Harold Wilton
Harold WIMon
Harold Winch
Harold WiUon 1
Harold Wjtlker
Harold Wlboa
Harold Wll- Campbell
Harold Wondering
Harold Wood
Harold Worden
Harold WR-
Harold Wrfson
Harold Written French—Mar
Harold WUaon
Harold WUklnron
Harold WUson
Harold X.lri W.
Harold XIC
Harold XV
Harold XVilson
Harold Yach
Harold Ybung
Harold Yctts
Harold Yellow Brand No-Name
Harold Yetis
Harold Yetts
Harold Yoeag—
Harold Young
Harold Young Bristol Native Comes
Harold Young Paving Inc. Pavage Harold Young Inc. Jacques Chevalier
Harold Young Principal
Harold • 647-3264 Kelly
Harold) Davidson
Harold- Yet
Harris W. M. Hayes
Harris R.C.A.M.C. Kingston Art Hayes R.C.A.M.C.
Harry 7-2782 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2736 Hayes
Harry 8. J. Hayes SUPPLIES June
Harry A. Hayes
Harry Foran................. Harold Steele
Harry Hayes
Harry Hodglns Hayes
Harry M. Hayes
Harry Mrs. J. P. Hayes
Harry Stur- Harold Elliott
Harry Stur- Harold Elliott.
Harry Sturgeon,- Harold Elliott
Harvey Harold Armi-
Harvey Harold Armitagc
Harvey Me- Mrs. Harold Hayes
Hawley Hayes
Hayes Ottawa Valley Antique Association
Hayes "
Hayes " Block
Hayes - Jackson
Hayes A
Hayes A 1 K
Hayes A Andy Clark
Hayes A Son Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons
Hayes A Sons Funeral
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons Funeral Village
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Admission
Hayes Ai Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Am- Knudson
Hayes Ambulance
Hayes and Margaret Michaua
Hayes B
Hayes B Sons
Hayes Band
Hayes Bea ttv Shop Haye* Funeral Home Hayes
Hayes Beauty Parlor
Hayes Beauty Parlour
Hayes Beauty Salon
Hayes Beauty Shop
Hayes Beauty Shop Repairs
Hayes Beauty Shoppe
Hayes Beauty Shoppe Clearance Sale
Hayes Beauty Shoppe) Buddy Hacket Comedy
Hayes Bert Montgomery
Hayes Bios
Hayes Bios.
Hayes Block
Hayes Block Centre
Hayes Block Centre St
Hayes Block Centre St Ottawa
Hayes Bock
Hayes Bracebridge
Hayes Bras
Hayes Brm
Hayes Bros
Hayes Bros Ambulance Cummings
Hayes Bros Mrs Edward Stewart
Hayes Bros,
Hayes Bros, Dr Morissette
Hayes Bros, Mrs Belvo Armitage
Hayes Bros, Rev.
Hayes Bros, Roy Bretzloff
Hayes Bros, _ _ _
Hayes Bros.
Hayes Bros. Burial
Hayes Bros. Ever
Hayes Bros. Funeral
Hayes Bros. Funeral Home
Hayes Bros. Inez Maheraf
Hayes Bros. Mary
Hayes Bros. Mary Kahoa
Hayes Bros. SpeciaJ Shawville
Hayes Bros. Travail
Hayes Bros. Wife Ruby
Hayes Brother
Hayes Brothers
Hayes Brothers Business Personals Harold Hammond
Hayes Brownlee
Hayes Cards
Hayes Carried
Hayes Celebrate Their Fortieth Wedding Anniversary Parishioners
Hayes Chanted Mrs. Kelley
Hayes Chapeau
Hayes Chapel
Hayes Cheryl Campbell
Hayes Citizenship
Hayes Classic
Hayes Closest
Hayes Comer
Hayes Comteé
Hayes Congratulations
Hayes Consultants
Hayes Converter
Hayes Converters
Hayes Corner
Hayes Cost
Hayes Creek
Hayes Curling Trophy Thursday
Hayes Currently
Hayes Dave Brown Bill Riddell Don Paul Ron MoCredie
Hayes Dean
Hayes Deceased
Hayes Delegates
Hayes Dies
Hayes Emmerson
Hayes Englehart
HAYES Eric A. Smith
Hayes Esq.
Hayes Every
Hayes Family Reunion Weekend
Hayes Family Smith
Hayes Farl Findlay
Hayes Farm
Hayes Feb. 2
Hayes Fimer-
Hayes First
Hayes Fisher
Hayes Fishing
Hayes Forever
Hayes Fu Pembroke
Hayes Fu- County
Hayes Fu-Homer
Hayes Fu-personnes
Hayes Fuieral Homr
Hayes Fuller*
Hayes Fun
Hayes Fun- Always
Hayes Funentf
Hayes Funer- Rust Ri»
Hayes Funer-Morrisburg
Hayes Funerai
Hayes Funeral
Hayes Funeral Active
Hayes Funeral And
Hayes Funeral And Krose
Hayes Funeral Ann
Hayes Funeral Attention
Hayes Funeral But
Hayes Funeral Ca
Hayes Funeral Carleton Place
Hayes Funeral Chapel
Hayes Funeral Chapel Quyon Hockey
Hayes Funeral Christianity
Hayes Funeral Could Home
Hayes Funeral D.R.
Hayes Funeral Directors
Hayes Funeral Elliott
Hayes Funeral Factory Lab
Hayes Funeral Heme
Hayes Funeral His
Hayes Funeral Ho Shaw
Hayes Funeral Hoir Fastball
Hayes Funeral Home
Hayes Funeral Home Applications
Hayes Funeral Home August
Hayes Funeral Home C.B.L.
Hayes Funeral Home Calumet Island
Hayes Funeral Home Carson Hodgins W.A. Hodgins Home Hardware J & J Grocery Killarney
Hayes Funeral Home Chapel
Hayes Funeral Home Clarendon Hotel Powell
Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container Pontiac Electric Murray
Hayes Funeral Home Glen McDougall
Hayes Funeral Home Golden Peak
Hayes Funeral Home Hacs
Hayes Funeral Home Havelin
Hayes Funeral Home International
Hayes Funeral Home Mutual W.A. Hodgins Home Riverside Jam Hardware Roulotte
Hayes Funeral Home Nepean
Hayes Funeral Home Rev.
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville Clarendon Fire Home Hardware Department Hursty
Hayes Funeral Home Shawvllle
Hayes Funeral Home Staff
Hayes Funeral Home Staterooms
Hayes Funeral Home THAinM Dumouchel
Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store FULL-TIME
Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store J& P Furniture Kelly
Hayes Funeral Home Your
Hayes Funeral Homel Dunlop
Hayes Funeral Homes
Hayes Funeral Homs
Hayes Funeral Hone
Hayes Funeral Hoz
Hayes Funeral June
Hayes Funeral L Sfmv
Hayes Funeral McLaughlin
Hayes Funeral Miljour
Hayes Funeral Ont
Hayes Funeral Par-
Hayes Funeral Pariour
Hayes Funeral Parlor
Hayes Funeral Parlors
Hayes Funeral Parlour
Hayes Funeral Parlours
Hayes Funeral Peggy Alexander
Hayes Funeral Proulx
Hayes Funeral QC
Hayes Funeral Robert Evans
Hayes Funeral Service C.B.L.
Hayes Funeral Sherry Myna
Hayes Funeral SUNDAY
Hayes Funeral Wishing God
Hayes Funeral With
Hayes Futeraf Home
Hayes Garfield—Canal
Hayes Gordon Alexander
Hayes Government—a
Hayes Governor
Hayes Grant
Hayes Grant Eades
Hayes He
Hayes Heather
Hayes Hill
Hayes Home
Hayes Homestead
Hayes Honored
Hayes Honours
Hayes Hospital
Hayes Hosson
Hayes Hutchison
Hayes I
Hayes I Schedule____
Hayes I W John Hughes
Hayes I*
Hayes If
Hayes Ii
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Hayes In- Bom Angelina Hodglns
Hayes Iroi.
Hayes Is
Hayes It
Hayes Ivor.
Hayes Jackson
Hayes Jaime Christie
Hayes January
Hayes Jfc Sons Funeral Home
Hayes JjUlettjrkiwri^in
Hayes Jubillee
Hayes Judd.—11
HAYES K Cream Separator
Hayes Katherine
Hayes Kays
Hayes Keith Emmerson Funeral Home
Hayes Kept Engine Running Joe McGuire Dies
Hayes Kyla
Hayes L
Hayes L Barry Hodgins 1
Hayes L Canada Mrs Roland Graham 1
Hayes Ladies
Hayes Lady Bond Monument
Hayes Lake
Hayes Lane
Hayes Line
Hayes Lm
Hayes Lone
Hayes Marathon
Hayes Marries Bill Smiley
Hayes McAllen
Hayes McGuire
Hayes Mean
Hayes Memo-
Hayes Memorial
Hayes Memorial Christopher Telford Gordie Block Kyle Meredith Allen Memorial Tyler Cluff James Smit
Hayes Miller
Hayes Miss Eva Howard
Hayes Moves
Hayes Mr*
Hayes Mr.
Hayes Mrs
Hayes Mrs Gordon Brownlee
Hayes Mrs.
Hayes Mrs. Draper
Hayes MU)
Hayes Murphy
Hayes Named New Lions
Hayes No.
Hayes Norway Bay
Hayes Obituary
Hayes Open
Hayes Paj
Hayes Parking Lot
Hayes Parlour
Hayes Parlour Quyon
Hayes Parlours
Hayes Passes
Hayes Pays Visit
Hayes Percy Belsher
Hayes PJL
Hayes Precious
Hayes Prodigious
Hayes Qn
Hayes R Docks Solos
Hayes Rd
Hayes Rd.
Hayes Reed
Hayes Reg
Hayes Res
Hayes Residents
Hayes Reunion
Hayes Road
Hayes S
Hayes S Sons
Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
Hayes S.c-Tr*et
Hayes Sac-Trees
Hayes Sat.
Hayes Saturday
Hayes School
Hayes Sec
Hayes Sec-Treas
Hayes Sec.
Hayes Sec.-Treas
Hayes Sec.-Trees
Hayes Sec.-Trees William O Meant Wilson
Hayes Secrétalre/Secretary P.S.
Hayes Secretary
Hayes Secretary Peterborough Canoe Co.
Hayes Secretury-T
Hayes Secty
Hayes See Trees
Hayes Shawville W.l
Hayes Sheen
Hayes Si Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Simon Clarks Howard Hayes Mississauga Express Band All Weekend
Hayes Smart
Hayes Smith
Hayes Sons
Hayes Spe-
Hayes Special
Hayes St Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Sum
Hayes Summerfield
Hayes Summerfield Shawville
Hayes Summerfleld
Hayes Tbos
Hayes The
Hayes Third
Hayes Thomas
Hayes Timeshare Resales
HAYES Toronto
Hayes Tray
Hayes Treasurer
Hayes Trophy
Hayes Trophy Chevalier
Hayes Trophy Curling Club
Hayes Trophy-Mens
Hayes Undertaking
Hayes Undertaking Rooms
Hayes Une
Hayes Vice-Pres
Hayes W Chisnell W J Black Sam Dale Jim Caldwell Bert Hodgins Alex Hazard Keg
Hayes W J & Sons Ltd Funeral Home
Hayes W J & Sons Ltd.
Hayes Ward
Hayes We
Hayes Wednesday
Hayes Wendy
Hayes Woods
Hayes Your
Hayes" Block
Hayes* Block
Hayes- Andy Michaud
Hayres Harold Hayes
Heather Hayes
Heather Hayes Jackson
Hekn Hayes
Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes Central Hospital
Helen Hayes Jane Bretz
Helen Hayes Lorna Barber
Helen Rout- Jane Hayes
Henderson Miss Ray ma Hayes
Henri Hayes
Henry Barnabe Donnie Barnett Billy Bell Helen Black May Brownlee Eric Campbell Harold Cuthbertson H
Henry Davis ;3rd
Henry DumoucheL Mr Harold Brown
Henry Horner IVc—Helen Hayes
Henry MeCord W. M. Hayes
Henry Thompson Harold Hodgins
Herbert Elliott 3rd
Herbert Gillis Hayes
Herbert Hayes
Herbert N. G. Hayes
Herbert Nathan Hayes Photo
Herbert Strutt --- Harold Hodgins
Heritage Crafts Annie Eleanor Hayes
Hi Gwen Hayes
Hkw J Hayes
Hodgins Harold Young
Hodgms Greg Hayes Steve McCord
Hollis Barber .......... Clarence Hayes
Hollis Barber ........... Clarence Hayes
Holstein»—Irwin Hayes
Honor Madelon Hayes
Honourary Pallbearers Harold Smith
Hospi Hayes
Hostess Rayma Hayes
Howa d Hayes
Howard 4bd20 Hayes
Howard Harold
Howard Hayes
Howard Hayes 9:00
Howard Hayes All
Howard Hayes Band
Howard Hayes Band Al
Howard Hayes Catering Phone
Howard Hayes Charlie Muldoon
Howard Hayes Country Drifters Toll Free
Howard Hayes Country Drillers
Howard Hayes Country Ju-billee
Howard Hayes Late
Howard Hayes Ron McMunn
Howard Hayes Up-date
Howard Mrs. Thompson Harold Beckett Moved
Hubert Hayes
Hugh A. Hayes
Hull Principal Mrs Una Hayes
I C. Hayes
I J. Hayes
I w.J. Hayes Funeral Home
I''.eree Hayes
I...... Clarence Hayes
Ibui Hom< Harold Ho J
Ida Hayes
Ida Verna Hayes
IMlss Hayes
In- W J Hayes
Included Rayma Hayes
Incumbent Office—Hayes
India Company
Instructor Eleanor Hayes
Ion Hayes
Ion Hayes 204
Ira 3rd
Irwin and Ron Hayes
Irwin Hayes
Irwin Hayes 250
Irwin Hayes Fay McDowell
Irwin Hayes Marks
Irwin I Hayes
Irwin J Hayes
Irwin J. Hayes
Irwin James Hayes
Is* Office—Hayes
It Hayes
IV.—Harold Smiley
Iverson A Hayes
Iverson A. Hayes
I’aktok Plain White Oflice—Hayes
J .... Harold Mahlitz
J BI Hayes
J Brownlee Harold Easy
J C Hayes
J C Hayes 2
J C Hayes I
J C. Hayes
J Cole Hayes
J Hayes
J hayes December
J Maggie Hayes
J me Hayes On
J R Prendergast W R Beckett Harold Beckett
J W. M. Hayes
J. C Hayes
J. C. Hayes
J. Cole Hayes
J. Cole Hayes Passes
J. F. Hayes
J. Gibeault Hayes
J. T Hayes
J. V. Hayes
J. W. Hayes
J.C. Hayes
Jack Burrows Mr. Harold Donnelly
Jack Knox 3rd
Jack Lemmon June Aljyson Jacques Bergeras Allison Hayes Horror Drama
Jack Wintario Lornie Hayes
James ( ole Hayes
James (ole Hayes
James Arthur Hayes
James C. Hayes
James Cole Hayes
James Harold Dagg
James Harold Steele Passes Away At Home James Harold Steele
James Hayes
James Mahlon Hayes
James Moffatt W. J, Hayes
Jamie Harold Fulford
Jane Hayes
Jane Hayes Lorraine Hodgins
Jane Hayes Ringrose Denture Therapy
Jane Hayes Terry Sparling
Janes Hayes
Janet J Hayes
January 23,1985 Hayes Funeral Home
Jayne Hayes
JC Hayes
Jean & Harold Kirkham
Jean (Harold) Brian Hahn
Jean (Mrs Harold) Judd Visiting
Jean and Harold
Jean and Harold Friends
Jean and Harold Judd
Jean and Harold Kirk- Grégoire
Jean and Harold Kirk-ham
Jean and Harold Kirkham
Jean Guy Lariv-and Harold Wilson
Jean Pigeon 3rd
Jean Sara- Harold William Watson
Jeffrey Larsen Gwen Hayes Special Prize
Jen Hayes
Jenna Hayes
Jennie Hayes
Jennifer Hayes
Jenny Hayes
Jerome Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Barber and Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Lion Bi
Jewellers Lloyd Hodgins Furniture KJ.D.S. W J. Hayes
Jim Hayes
Jim-J Hayes
Jimmy 3rd Prizes
Joanne Hayes
Joeh Hayes
John and Harold
John and Susan Mrs Hayes
John Car- Hayes
John Gra j Hayes
John Harold
John Harold Melvin Ham
John Hayes
John Hayes Ham*
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Jane Hayes
John Kelly................ Hodgins Lumber Co......... Harold McCoy
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John Oannksaei Harold Blorie Anglican Home For Elderly
John Valu-mart W.J. Hayes
Johnson Harold T. Kay Wilbert Kcon Muzrudée Khan
Jon Hayes
Jonathan Hayes
Joseph D Sloan Hayes
Joseph Harold
Joseph Harold Storie
Josie Hayes
Jr.----MaW Hayes
Jr—Mable Hayes
Judd AM Hayes
Judd: Harold McCoy
Jules M Hayes
Julia Pa- Eleanor Hayes
July 3rd Graham
June 3rd Ncrticc Laymen’s Down
K ion Hayes
K. A. Hayes
K. Hayes
K. R Hayes
K. R. Hayes
Katharine Hayes
Katharine Hayes- Summerfield
Katherine Hayes
Katherine Hayes Summerfield
Katherine Hayes-Summcrfield
Kathie Hayes
Kathleen Lamb Publicity Convenor Mrs Gwen Hayes
Kathy Hayes
Kathy Hayes Christine Smart
Kathy Hayes DeMerchont-Kennedy Photo
Katie Elliott Kay Woodley W. J. HAYES
Keith Cor- Harold MacDonald
Ken Cavers Harold
Ken Draper Wayne Smith Harold Kearns Jean McCann Nancy
Ken McDowell Sam Hayes
Ken Wilson Trophy W.J. Hayes
Kennedy Repairs Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home
Kenneth Sherxvood Harold
Kentity A Harold Wilson
King- J. Hayes
Kl- e Hayes
Kristine Hayes
L Bruce Hayes
L Hayes
L W. M. Hayes
Ladies Presidents Trophies Gwen Hayes
Largest Dog - Jennifer Hayes
Larry Greg Hayes
Larry Hayes
Lathe Work Ron Hayes
Laura Woodley Adelaide Elliott Harold Pagg Cecilia Argue Raymond Beckett N
Lawrence A Doris Barber, Hayes
Lee Hayes
Lee Pultz) Ida Hayes
Lei Ian Hayes
Lena Kelly Hubert Horner Harold Wilson Rock
Lennon Harold Grant
Leona Tanner Jennifer Hayes
Leonard W. M. Hayes
Liberals Mrs. Harold Hayes
Library Irwin Hayes
Lind» Hayes
Lion M. Hayes
Lion Mac Hayes
Lion Mack Hayes
Lion Mahkm Hayes
Lion Ted Hayes
Lionctte Gwen Hayes Saturday
Lionetle Gwen Hayes
Lionette Gwen Hayes
Lionette Gwen Hayes Canada Day
Lionette Una Hayes
Lionettes Gwen Hayes
Litchfield Chemin Hayes
Little Harold
Little Kathy Hayes
Lloyd Harold
Lloyd Kensley Orel Gervais Harold Wilson Councillors
Llyal Bean Mac Hayes
Logan W J Hayes
Loi- Hayes
Loin Hayes
Lois (Hayes
Lois Evelyn Hayes
Lois Hayes
Lome Draper-Hayes
Lorn C J Hayes
Lornie Hayes
Lottie Bra* Hayes
Lough Hayes
Louis Judd 3rd James Barber.
Louis Leach William Leach Jay Payette W J Hayes Utchfied Council July Meeting
Louise Hayes
Love Song U( Harold Willard Gleason
Lovely Cathy Hayes
Lyle Byers Daniele LaSalle Barry Stephens Harold Dougherty Dwight Crozier Nell
L’niversitv Office—Hayes
M 3rd June
M ah Ion Hayes
M Harold Fok
M Hayes
M innerva Hayes
M o Hayes.
M S Hayes
M% Harold
M- Hayes
M-chæl Hayes
M. D. Hayes
M. E. Hayes
M. Hayes
Ma rione Hayes
Mabel Hayes
Mac Hayes
Mac Hayes choice
Mac" Hayes
Mac) Hayes
Mac* Hayes
Mack Hayes
Mackenzie King Una Hayes
Made Ion Hayes
Made-Ion Hayes
Madeion Hayes
Madelaine Hayes
Madeleine Hayes
Madelon Hayes
Maggie Hayes
Mah Ion Hayes
Mah-lon Hayes
Mahîon Hayes
Mahkro Hayes
Mahlon "Mac" Hayes
Mahlon Hayes
Mahlon Ion Hayes
Mahlori Hayes
Mahlou Hayes
Mahlun Hayes
Maillon Hayes
Major Hayes
Mali Ion Hayes
Marcel Ste Marie Clarence Stephens J A Kssiambre Maurice Kssiambre Harold Lynn Contran
Margaret E. Hayes
Margaret Harold
Margaret Hayes
Margaret K. Hayes
Margaret M. Hayes
Maria Laughran ;3rd
Marian Hayes
Marie Hayes
Marilyn Hodgins Harold Howard
Mario Hayes
Marion Hayes
Marion Hayes FOUND
Marion Hayes Wolf
Marion Kathleen Hayes
Marjoiie Hayes
Marjorie Grant and Mahlon Hayes
Marjorie Hayes
Marjorie Hayes Manary
Marjorie Hayes-Manary
Marjorie Hayes.
Marjorie Marjorie (Hayes
Marjorie Misst Hayes
Mark Hayes
Marlaine Hayes
Marlon Hayes
Marsha Harold Price
Marsha) Hayes Funeral
Marshall—Harold Hayes
Martha Hayes
Martin Helen Hayes
Mary -I Hayes
Mary Ann Hayes
Mary Hahn Hayes
Mary Harold
Mary Harold McEachen
Mary Harold McEochen
Mary Hayes
Mary Hayes-Valentine
Mary India
Mary W J Hayes
Mary W. J. HAYES
Maurice Du- Harold Kungli
May Ion Hayes
Mayhew Saturday W M. Hayes
Maylon Hayes
Mayor Aurele Gerveis Lloyd Kensley Harold Wilson Councillors Seat No.
Mayor Cotie Hayes
Mayor Hayes
Mayor Lee Hod-gins with Mack Hayes
Mayors Hayes
McGiHUniversity Office—Hayes
McGill Uni Hayes Block
McGill University Hayes
McGill University) Office—Hayes
McGillUDiversity Office—Hayes
McGillUniversity Office—Hayes
McGiUUniversity Office—Hayes
McVeigh 3rd
Mehlon Hayes
Mélanie Ann to Duane Hayes
Mervyn Hayes
Messers W.M. Hayes
Messieurs Irwin Hayes
Messrs Harold
Messrs Harold Arm-L
Messrs Harold Armstrong
Messrs Harold Easy
Messrs Harold Elliott
Messrs Harold Hodgins
Messrs Harold Mckay
Messrs Harold Muise
Messrs Harold Pokes
Messrs Irwin Hayes
Messrs W M Hayes
Messrs. George Hayes
Messrs. Harold
Messrs. Harold Elliott
Messrs. Irwin Hayes
Me— Mrs Hayes
Mias Ella Hayes
Mias Ida Hayes
Mias R. Hayes
Michael Con-Harold Pokes
Michael Harold
Michael Harold Hall
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 2
Michael Hayes 3. Single
Michael Hayes Notice
Michel Hayes
Michel Realties Inc. Harold Storie
Mid-Summer Mahlon Hayes
Middlemiss W.J. Hayes
Midget B Hayes
Mike Hayes
Mildred Hayes
Mils Marjorie Hayes Honoured
Mim Lois Hayes
Mine Martha Hayes
Minerva D. Hayes
Minerva Dale Hayes
Minerva Hayes
Minor Hockey 3rd Annual Golf Tournament
Mis Harold Hayes
Mis* Betty Hayes Honoured Mrs.
Mis* Hayes
Misa Dot Hayes
Miss A Hayes
Miss Betty Hayes
Miss Ella Hayes
Miss Helen Hayes
Miss Lois Hayes
Miss Madeion Hayes
Miss Madelon Hayes
Miss Margaret Hayes
Miss Muriel Hayes
Miss Naudett Hayes
Miss R Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes Pontiac Holstein Club Hostess
Miss Ruby Hayes
Misses Kay Woodley Mr. Harold Snnley
Mission Helen Hayes
Miss’Marjoiie Hayes
Mitts Office—Hayes
Mli ce—Hayes
Mme Hélène Hayes
MMM Howard Hayes
Mn Irvin Hayes
Mnt Clarence Hayes
Model—Minerva Hayes
Monique Hayes
Moran W J Hayes
Morley Hayes
Morning Prayer 10.301 Ofliee—Hayes
Morris Irwm Hayes
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Hayes
Mr Claude Hayes
Mr Cole Hayes
Mr Hayes
Mr Irwin Hayes
Mr M Hayes
Mr M Hayes Aug
Mr MahIon Hayes
Mr Mahlon Hayes
Mr Samuel Hayes
Mr Thomas Hayes
Mr W J Hayes
Mr W.M. Hayes
Mr# M Hayes
Mr# Pearl Hayes Is
Mr* Harold FuMord 1
Mr* Harold Mr.
Mr* Harold Wilson
Mr, Cole Hayes
Mr, Harold Smith
Mr, Irwin Hayes
Mr, Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr. A Mrs. Harold Amdtage Mr. A Mrs. Wes
Mr. C. Hayes
Mr. Clarence Hayes
Mr. Cole Hayes
Mr. Haiold Hayes
Mr. Harold
Mr. Harold 0. Voting’s
Mr. Harold A. Hod
Mr. Harold Arm- Congratulations
Mr. Harold Armstrong
Mr. Harold Barclay
Mr. Harold Brown
Mr. Harold Campbell
Mr. Harold Cotton
Mr. Harold Dagg
Mr. Harold E. Smiley
Mr. Harold Edmonds
Mr. Harold Elliott
Mr. Harold Graham
Mr. Harold Hammond
Mr. Harold Hayes
Mr. Harold Hodgins
Mr. Harold Hunt
Mr. Harold McCoy
Mr. Harold Pokes
Mr. Harold Smith
Mr. Harold Steele
Mr. Harold T. Armstrong
Mr. Harold Young
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Hayes
Mr. Irwin Hayes
Mr. Irwin Hayes - Shawville
Mr. K R Hayes
Mr. L Hayes
Mr. M Hayes
Mr. M. Hayes
Mr. Mac Hayes
Mr. Mack Hayes
Mr. Mahlon Hayes
Mr. Maillon Hayes
Mr. Malilon Hayes
Mr. Martin Hayes
Mr. Mehlon Hayes
Mr. Michael Hayes
Mr. R E. Hayes
Mr. Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr. Sam Hayes
Mr. Samuel Hayes
Mr. Ted Hayes
Mr. Teddy Hayes
Mr. Vole Hayes
Mr. W M Hayes
Mr. W M. Hayes
Mr. W. Hayes
Mr. W. J ___________ - Hayes
Mr. William Hayes
Mr. Willie Hayes
Mr.s P Hayes
Mr; Hayes
Mr? Art Hayes
Mra J Me Mr. Harold Josses
Mrs Bill Hayes
Mrs Carson Hayes
Mrs Dennis Hayes
Mrs Eleanor Hayes
Mrs Emerson Harold Richardson
Mrs Ervin Hayes
Mrs Erwin Hayes
Mrs H Hayes
Mrs Hayes
Mrs Howard Hayes
Mrs Irwin Hayes
Mrs J Hayes
Mrs M Hayes
Mrs MahIon Hayes
Mrs Mahlon Hayes
Mrs Marion Hayes
Mrs Mrs Hayes
Mrs W.M. Hayes
Mrs, Harold
Mrs, Harold Beckett
Mrs, Harold Hayes
Mrs, Pearl Hayes
Mrs, Solomon Hayes
Mrs- P. Hayes
Mrs- W.M. Hayes
Mrs. 8. Hayes
Mrs. 8wen Hayes
Mrs. A Hayes
Mrs. A. Hayes
Mrs. Art Hayes
Mrs. Arthur Hayes
Mrs. Bert Hayes Murphy
Mrs. Bessie Hayes
Mrs. C.(office—Hayes
Mrs. Clarence Hayes
Mrs. C’arence Hayes
Mrs. E R. Hayes
Mrs. E. Hayes
Mrs. E. R. Hayes
Mrs. Edward Hayes
Mrs. Edward Young ... Clarence Hayes........ Leonard Mee
Mrs. Edward Young Clarence Hayes
Mrs. Eieonor Hayes
Mrs. Eleanor Hayes
Mrs. Erwin Hayes
Mrs. Erwin Hayes Sl
Mrs. Everett Hayes Mr.
Mrs. G. Hayes
Mrs. Gwen Hayes
Mrs. Gwen Hayes Guide
Mrs. H Hayes
Mrs. H K 23—ISaddle Horst Elliott 3rd Mrs.
Mrs. H. Hayes
Mrs. Hahlon Hayes
Mrs. Harold
Mrs. Harold - Walsh
Mrs. Harold 0. Wilson
Mrs. Harold 7-JSJO Elliott
Mrs. Harold Armstrong
Mrs. Harold Blanchard
Mrs. Harold Boland
Mrs. Harold Boyd
Mrs. Harold Chant
Mrs. Harold Cole
Mrs. Harold Cumniing*
Mrs. Harold Cuthbertson
Mrs. Harold Dagg
Mrs. Harold Don- Montreal
Mrs. Harold Donnelly
Mrs. Harold Elliott
Mrs. Harold Elliott.
Mrs. Harold Fill
Mrs. Harold Flactcars
Mrs. Harold Ftilford
Mrs. Harold FUiford
Mrs. Harold Ful-ford
Mrs. Harold Fulfonl
Mrs. Harold Fulford
Mrs. Harold Fulford Earl Brown
Mrs. Harold G. Wilson
Mrs. Harold Graham
Mrs. Harold Guttler
Mrs. Harold H. Hod
Mrs. Harold H. Hodgin*,1
Mrs. Harold H. Hodgins
Mrs. Harold H. Hodgins - David T. Hodgins
Mrs. Harold H. Hodgins Jfar
Mrs. Harold H. Hodgius
Mrs. Harold H. Hodgms
Mrs. Harold H. Ilod-gins
Mrs. Harold Hayes
Mrs. Harold Hayes Citizenship
Mrs. Harold Hayes It
Mrs. Harold Hayes Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Harold Helmet
Mrs. Harold Hemstead
Mrs. Harold Hod Pritchard J Mr- Cavender
Mrs. Harold Hod-gins
Mrs. Harold Hodgins
Mrs. Harold Hodglns
Mrs. Harold House
Mrs. Harold Hudgins
Mrs. Harold Hunter
Mrs. Harold I. Smith
Mrs. Harold Judd
Mrs. Harold Judd.
Mrs. Harold Kirkham
Mrs. Harold Lacey
Mrs. Harold Letts
Mrs. Harold Manwell Mr
Mrs. Harold McCoy
Mrs. Harold McMah-and
Mrs. Harold McRae
Mrs. Harold Muise
Mrs. Harold O. Wilson
Mrs. Harold P.
Mrs. Harold P. Fokes
Mrs. Harold Pitt
Mrs. Harold Pokes
Mrs. Harold Popkey Rev.
Mrs. Harold R. Waite
Mrs. Harold Russell
Mrs. Harold Sally
Mrs. Harold Sally Advisor
Mrs. Harold Sally Clarence
Mrs. Harold Schock
Mrs. Harold Sills
Mrs. Harold Smith
Mrs. Harold Storie
Mrs. Harold T. Armstrong
Mrs. Harold Thorsteinson
Mrs. Harold W. Taylor
Mrs. Harold Wallace
Mrs. Harold Wil- Yarm
Mrs. Harold Wil-1
Mrs. Harold Wilson
Mrs. Harold Wilson Honoured Mrs. Gordon Elliott
Mrs. Harold Young
Mrs. Harold _ Hodgins
Mrs. Hayes
Mrs. Hayes Bereaved Mrs.
Mrs. Hazel Hayes
Mrs. HJ Hayes
Mrs. Humid Hayes
Mrs. Ir-rn Hayes
Mrs. Irwin Hayes
Mrs. Irwin Hayes Social Con-$
Mrs. Irwin Hayes Teapot Stand
Mrs. J C Hayes
Mrs. J. C. Hayes
Mrs. J. Hayes
Mrs. jean Hayes
Mrs. L E. Thomson Harold Beckett
Mrs. M Hayes
Mrs. M. Hayes
Mrs. M. Hayes Dainty
Mrs. M. Hayes G.P.
Mrs. Mac Hayes
Mrs. Mac Hayes Bush
Mrs. Mack Hayes
Mrs. Mack Hayes Chalk River
Mrs. Mah-lon Hayes
Mrs. MahIon Hayes
Mrs. MahJon Hayes
Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Mrs. Mahlon Hayes Suddenly Stricken On Visit Here
Mrs. Mahlor Hayes
Mrs. Maillon Hayes
Mrs. Mali Ion Hayes
Mrs. MaMon Hayes
Mrs. Marion Hayes
Mrs. Mat Hayes
Mrs. Maurice Dumouchel Calumet Island W. M. Hayes
Mrs. Mehlon Hayes
Mrs. Mshton Hayes
Mrs. Office—Hayes
Mrs. Owen Hayes
Mrs. P Hayes
Mrs. P. Hayes
Mrs. Pcail Hayes Mrs. McCiahcrn
Mrs. Pearl Hayes
Mrs. Pearl Hayes After
Mrs. Pearl Hayes Ml
Mrs. Pearl Hayes Mrs.
Mrs. S. Hayes
Mrs. Samuel Hayes
Mrs. Solomon Hayes
Mrs. Ted Hayes
Mrs. U. Hayes Principal
Mrs. U. Hayes Telephone
Mrs. Una Hayes
Mrs. V. Hayes
Mrs. Verfion Morris Mack Hayes
Mrs. VV.J. Hayes
Mrs. W J Hayes
Mrs. W J Hayes Centre Street
Mrs. W J. Hayes
Mrs. W M. Hayes
Mrs. W. J Hayes
Mrs. W. J. Hayes
Mrs. W. M. Hayes
Mrs. W.J. Hayes
Mrs. W.M. Hayes
Mrs. William Hayes
Mrs. Wilson Hayes
Mrs. Xrt Hayes
Mrs. | Hayes Ambulance
MrsMahlon Hayes
Mrv M. Hayes
Mr» Harold Hayes
Mt-ssrs Harold
Mu- Hayes
Muhlon Hayes
Muriel ÉStÊB Office—Hayes
Muriel Hayes
Myma Hayes
Myrna Hayes
Myrna Lorrie Harold McIntyre
N councilors Hayes
Nancy Ashley Hayes
Nancy Provost Tom Armstrong Excavation Tom On Cartage Construction WA Modgms Store WJ Hayes Funeral
Nathan Hayes
Nays Councillors Hayes
Neil Alder Hayes
Nivan Helen Hayes Jodi Foster 2
Norman 552534ba8 W. J. Hayes
Norris Horner....... Harold Beckett...... John L Hodgins
Northeast India
Norval Hayes
Norval Kilgour Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
November 20,1991 Hayes Funeral
Number- Rayma Hayes
Nurse Dorothy Hayes
O 647-2921 Hayes
October Harold McCoy
Office - Hayes
Office — Hayes
Office-Hayes Block
Office-Hayes* Block
Office-»Hayes* Block
Office— Hayes
Office— Hayes Block
Ofliee — Hayes
Olenna Ted Hayes
Olïice — Hayes
Olwyn Harold Wallace
Ont Office—Hayes
Ont P O. Harold Fokes
Onta- Hayes
Ontario W M. Hayes
Opal Hayes
Opal J. Hayes
Os D Hayes
Os Hayes
Osgoode Emile Hayes
Oswald Murdock Harold Wilson
Ot M. D. Hayes
Ottawa Howard Hayes
Outique Katharine Hayes
Owen Hayes
Owner Katherine Hayes Summerfield
P / Greg Hayes
P H McCann Harold Cochrane Willie Steele
P L Hayes
P. L Hayes
P. L. Hayes
P. Q Harold
Pahtor Office—Hayes
Palmer Allyson Hayes
Pamela Nelson 3rd
Past Presi- Hayes
Pastor Quebec W. M. Hayes Sec.-Treas Andrews
Pat 3rd Vice President Betty Walsh
Pat Levesque W.J. Hayes
Pat Schoular Doctors Marie Hayes
Patricia Hayes
Patricia McDowell........ Lois Hayes
Patrick Cardinal Hayes
Patrick Rivet and William Hayes
Paul 3rd
Paul Hayes
Paul Mac Hayes
Paul Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Paul Seguin John S. Hodgins Teddy Hayes PEE
Paul Sept. 3rd
Paul''s Hayes
Payne 648-2949 Pastor Rev. Harold Sowerby Sunday
Payne 648-2949 Pastor Rev. Harold Sowerby Sunday 7
Pearl Hayes
Peggy Hayes
Perry Gwen Hayes Special
Peter A. Hayes
Peter Hayes
Philip Hayes
Phone R. Hayes
Phone —Dorothy Hayes Briggsr
Phyllis Jean Parrel Weds Donald Harold Malette At
Pierre Chevrier Mrs. Harold Steele
Pierre Hayes
Please J J call Gwen Hayes
POMlble ¦ Hayes
Pontiac Co Hayes
Pound Harold Hammond
Pound Keepers—Harold
Pound Keepers—Harold Hammond
Prayer Office—Hayes
Presents Howard Hayes
Presley - Hayes
Princess Louise Hayes
Principal Harold G.
Principal Una Hayes
Principal W. M. Hayes
Program Office—Hayes
Protect What You Have W. M. Hayes
Pte Harold Armstrong
Publisher Hayes
Puppet- Rayma Hayes
Que Harold
R A. Grant Wedded To Arthur Hayes
R E. Hayes
R J 2nd Harold Hodgins
R*Jrm* Hayes
R. E. Hayes
R. Hayes
R. Sly Hayes
R.D. Hayes
R.P. Hayes
Raleigh Morrison Harold S. Hodgins John Smart
Ralph 3rd
Ralph Carlson • Howard Hayes
Ram Lamb Acvd Shropshire Ram HAYES
Ravina Hayes
Ray Grier Harold Megarth
Ray Hayes
Ray ma Hayes
Rayina Hayes
Rayma Hayes
Rayma Hayes Eleven
Rayma Lynn Hayes
Rayman Hayes
Raymond John- Hayes
Rayms Hayes
Raysha Ki- Hayes
Rcitram Hayes
Reading Mr. Hayes
Reid Pacey Hayes Ron.
REPAIRS R X Si Howard Hayes
Reserve W.B. Hayes
Reuben Hayes-
Rev Harold G Lester
Rev R J Mrs. Harold Cole
Rev. Harold A. Turner
Rev. Hayes
Rev. N. |office—Hayes Block Centre
Reverend Harold Sowerby
Reverend James Hayes
Richard Bowk-, Harold Wilson
Richard Hayes
Richard Willi Shawville Skip Harold Hall
Richardson Irwin Hayes
Ringrose Bros, W. J. Hayes
Rita Barber, Gwen Hayes
Rita Erwin Hayes
Ritchie KlnJcy Hayes
Ro- Hayes
Roastee Mac Hayes
Rob Howard Hayes
Robert 3rd.
Robert 7-25321 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2620 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2849 Hayes
Robert 7-2825 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2964 Henderson
Robert 7-3814 Haves Beauty Shop 7-2628 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2904 Hayes
Robert 7-387o Hayes Beauty Shop McDowell
Robert Curtman Mr% Mahlon Hayes
Robert Dale 3rd Third Class
Robert Harold
Robert HAROLD Edward Davis
Robert Harold Edward Davis Lime Lome Albert Mayer Mayer
Robert Harold Fdward
Robert Harold Grant
Robert Harold Ixl-
Robert Harold Kelley
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes Beantx
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop 7-3814 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2628 Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hay*
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Maxes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Mayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Hobbs Shawville President Harold
Robert I Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Middle- Harold Emery
Robert Tedd/y Hayes
Robert Walsh • Hayes
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Roger Blais Featuring Harold Morris A ‘fkt* Two-Part Film Series
Roland Graham 3rd
Ron Hayes
Ron Hayes - Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Ron McMunn Show Howard Hayes
Ron) Hayes
Ronald eanor Hayes
Ronald Hayes
Ronald McGuire W M. Hayes
Ronnie Hayes
Ronny Hayes
Rowat Insurance 647-3737 W.J. Hayes
Roy Harold Judd
Ruby Hayes
Ruby Kim Harold R
Run— Bruce Hayes
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Ruth Arm- Hayes
Ruth Hayes
Rutherford B Hayes
Rutherford B. Hayes
Rutherford R. Hayes
Ryan Loaders Cedric Ac Lois Ludlngton Barry Maloney Harold Ac Achsah Maloney Barry
Ryan O Neal GREEN Hayes Funeral Home
S J Hayes
S. C. Hayes
S. J. Hayes
S. L. Hayes
Sale Notice Hayes
Sally Hayes
Sam Hayes
Sammie Hayes
Samuel Hayes
Samuel Hayes Is Buried Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Samuel J. Hayes
Samuel W. J. HAYES Mr.
Sarah J. Letts,3rd Agnes Murray
Scott Sara Shane Harold W. Hutchinson Camp Petawawa
Scoutmaster Bert Hayes
Sec Comm Hayes
Sec.-Treas W M Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer Mack Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer W M Hayes
See.-Treas Clever Scholar Harold Graham Young
Serial W M HAYES
Service Office—Hayes
Service Station Hayes
Session—Harold H. Hodgins
Shaw" Mrs. Mac Hayes
Shawn Mack Touch O Honey 3rd - Jean Francois Grat
Shawvilk —The Hayes Family
Shawville Hayes
Shawville Hayes Beauty Salon
Shawville Mahton Hayes
Shawville Mrs. Harold Elliott
Shawville Office—Hayes
Shawville W.J. Hayes
Shawville — Hayes
Sheen—Michael Hayes
Sheriff Hayes
Sherry Gwen Hayes Special Prize Shawville Businessmen
Shirley Miss Beverley Harris Miss Euella Turner Mrs. Harold Hayes Mr.
Short Storey W. M. Hayes
Showers Mesdames Hayes
Simon Barber pissed vince—Hayes Block Centre St
Simon Downey Sydney Perrault Gerald Hayes
Simon Harold Barber Le
Simuel Hayes
Sincere Hayes
Sir Harold R. L.
Sister Dorothy Hayes Returns
Sister Teresa Hayes
Skip Gwen Hayes
Skipping Teddy Hayes
Smart Erwin Hayes
Smiley Harold Cuthbertson
Smith Mrs. Harold Walker Sgt
Smith Peart Hayes
Sour Howard Hayes Wayne Rostad
Special Hayes Bros, Rev John Pearce
SPÉCIALISTE(E) Dr. Marie Hayes Pique-nique
Sr.—Minerva Hayes
St. Hayes
Stan Hayes
Stanley Hale To Bring Bride To Bristol Double Ring Ceremony Hayes
Stark Harold Hayes
Stephen 3rd
Steven Hamilton 3rd
Strutt Mrs Hayes
Su- Hayes
Sud- Hayes
Susan Harold Mahlitz
Suzie Dr. Marie Hayes
Sylvia Hayes
T Rayma Hayes
t0 thank Hayes
Tail Twister Gwen Hayes
Talko W.J. Hayes
Taylor XV J Hayes
Teacher—Annie E. Hayes
Ted Hayes
Ted Hayes Dr. Beemer
Ted" Hayes
Ted) Hayes
Ted) Hayes As
Teddy Hayes
Teddy Hayes Daryl Glenn
Teddy Hayes Lorraine Elliott
Teddy) Hayes
Tenders Pearl Hayes
Teresa Hayes
Terrible Harold
Terry Dods Hayes Funeral Home Hodgins Home Hardware Killarneys Norway Bay Golf Course K & L Dairy B
Terry Hayes
Th- Marion Hayes
The Glen Hayes Country Jamboree
The Howard Hayes Band
These d Hayes Trophy
Thomas (Hayes
Thomas Alfred Hayes
Thomas and Hayes
Thomas Arthur Harold -
Thomas Harold
Thomas Harold Beckett
Thomas Harold Heekett
Thomas Hayes
Thurso Greg Hayes
Ti-bert Nathan Hayes
Tim Hayes
Tim Man Harold
Timmons Wj Hayes Fu
Timmy Hayes
Timothy Hayes
To Greg Hayes
To Greg Hayes And
To- Hayes
Tom 3rd
Tom Harold Wilson
Top Hayes
Tracy Hayes
Turner President- Mrs Willard Elliott 1st Vice President- Mrs Art Hayes
TURNER” Isaac Hayes
U.—Irwin Hayes
Una Hayes
University Office—Hayes
University Oflice—Hayes
V M Hayes 4.97
V W. M. Hayes Sec. - Treas
V. “Howard Hayes
VALVE DONATIONS Hayes Beauty Parlor
Van Hayes
Varnish Office—Hayes
Vaughn Hayes
Velina Hayes
Vera Hayes
Vice Hayes
Victoria Genevieve Hayes Hayes
Vir-of Howard Hayes
Vna Hayes
VV M. Hayes
VV..J. Hayes
W J" Hayes
W . M. Hayes
W .J. Hayes
W Howard Hayes
W Ï Hayes
W J 3rd.
W J Hayes
W J Hayes & Daley
W J Hayes 1
W J Hayes 4
W J Hayes 6
W J Hayes 8
W J Hayes Ac Sons
W J Hayes Armond St Louis
W J Hayes Calendars
W J Hayes Christina Bonnah
W J Hayes Convenor Margaret Cain
W J Hayes d
W J Hayes Eliza
W J Hayes Emptiness
W J Hayes Entertainment
W J Hayes er1y
W J Hayes Fanning
W J Hayes For
W J Hayes Funeial Home
W J Hayes Funeral
W J Hayes Funeral Chapel
W J Hayes Funeral Home
W J Hayes Funeral Homo
W J Hayes Is
W J Hayes Richardson
W J Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
W J Hayes Shawville
W J Hayes She
W J Hayes So
W J Hayes Time
W J Hayes Todd What
W J Hayes Wed
W J Hayes-Wooden
W J. Hayes
W J. Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
W J. Hayes Chapel
W J. Hayes Funeral Home
W J. Hayes Funeral Trisha
W J. Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
W JH Hayes
W M (Mac) Hayes
W M Hayes
W M Hayes - L
W M Hayes Athol Dale.
W M Hayes Sec-Treas
W M Hayes Sec.
W M Hayes Sec.-Treas Carried Mr. Wm
W M Hayes Secretary
W M HAYES Secretary-Treasurer
W M Hayes- President
W M I Hayes
W M, Hayes
W M. Hayes
W M. Hayes Sec.
W M. Hayes Sec.-Treas
W M. HAYES Secretary-Treasurer
W N Hayes
W ¦fi W. M. Hayes There
W • J Hayes
W, J Hayes
W, J. Hayes
W, M. Hayes
W- J. Hayes
W- M. Hayes
W. AAahlon Hayes
W. B1 Hayes
W. H. Hayes
W. Hayes
W. J Hayes
W. J. Hayes
W. J. Hayes A Sons
W. J. Hayes Casey
W. J. HAYES Cream Separator Record
W. J. Hayes Funeral
W. J. Hayes Funeral Eldon
W. J. Hayes Funeral Home
W. J. Hayes Funeral Word
W. J. Hayes Get
W. J. Hayes Miss Kate Donnelly
W. J. Hayes Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
W. J. Hayes Mrs. Henry Horner
W. J. Hayes Never
W. J. Hayes Sc Sons
W. J. Hayes Shawville
W. J. Hayes She
W. J. Hayes Trophy
W. J. Hayes Who
W. M Hayes
W. M Hayes Nov.
W. M Hayes Sec-Tress Trans Canada Matinee Secretary
W. M Hayes Sec.
W. M Hayes Sec.-Treas PIANO
W. M Hayes Sec.-Treat
W. M Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville Council
W. M Hayes Secretary Treasurer I 25-3p Melvin Dr. R.
W. M Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Motion Crs
W. M. Hayes
W. M. Hayes Sec Trees
W. M. Hayes Sec-Treas
W. M. Hayes Sec-Treas L I COUNCIL
W. M. Hayes Sec-Trees
W. M. Hayes Sec.
W. M. Hayes Sec. - Treas
W. M. Hayes Sec.-T
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Treas
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Treat
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Trees
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville Council
W. M. Hayes Secrea
W. M. Hayes Secretary
W. M. Hayes Secretary JOHN L. HODGINS Tree
W. M. Hayes Secretary Treasurer
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasure Carried
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer
W. M. Hayes Secretary-treasurer Insulation
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Bom
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Large
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Rarely
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Tom Barley
W. M. Hayes Secty
W.J. Hayes
W.M Hayes
W.M. Hayes
W.N. Hayes
Wade Hayes
Wal Mrs. Harold H. Elliott
Walter Harold Easy
Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold Sowerby Sunday
Wanted W.J. Hayes
Warren Harold
Watt Mrs. Hayes
Wednes W J Hayes
Welding W.J. Hayes
Wellington Rooney Harold Sparling
Wesley Hodgins Harold Beckett
West-1 Office—Hayes
WH Howard Hayes
What Dr Hayes
When Mr. Hayes
Whereas Council Hayes
Wil Uam Hayes
Willard Elliott Norma Hodgins Mvinan McDowell Harold Wilson Norval
William and Callum Hayes
William Harold even-
William Harold FREE DELIVERY
William Harold Smart
William Hayes
William J Hayes
William J. Hayes
William J. Hayes Amyotte’s
William J. Hayes Funeral Home
William James Hayes
William John Hayes
William Mahlon Hayes
William Mahlon Osborne Hayes
Willie 3rd
Willie Hayes
Willism Hayes
Wilmer Harold
Wilson W J Hayes
Winner -Jennifer Hayes
With Hayes
WJ. Hayes
Wm Hayes
Wm J Hayes
Wm J Hayes On Friday
xsl3 Mahlon Hayes
XV M Hayes
XV. J. Hayes
XXL J. Hayes
Yach Gwen Hayes
Yearling View Betty Lou 3rd
Young Mother—“Now Harold
Younger-Lewis Harold E. Laycock
Zimerling W J Hayes
£<>0.00 |*»r Hayes
3rd % l;
3rd Annual Street
3rd Ave Bound.
3rd Ave.
3rd Avenue
3rd Avenue Quebec
3rd Cape Colony
3rd East Ave.
3rd Field
3rd Period
3rd Place
3rd Place Trophy
3rd River
3rd Road
3rd Row
3rd Row Seating
3rd Row Side Curtain Airbags
3rd St East Cornwall
3rd Track and Field
3rd Victoria
3rd- V Lagasca
647-2204 P l 3rd Annual RIVER VIEW
Arizona India
Canada West India
Central India
Central India States
Dr. Hayes
East India
East India Dock Road
Eleanor Hayes
Fort ,$l ^ 3rd
Harold Beach
Harold Carson
Harold Denver
Harold St
Hayes Creek
Hayes Memorial
Hayes Road
Hayes Trophy
Hayes Trophy Curling Club
Ii • l 2 India
In India
India "
India Africa
India Bombay
India Buffalo
India Dock Road
India Egypt
India France
India Head
India Ink
India Is
India Islands
India It
India London
India Mill
India Minting
India Needs
India Office
India Scythes
India Silk
India St. Paul
India Tlu
India Whereupon George
M. Hayes
Ma ch 3rd.
Mr. Harold
MW WWW l W. M. Hayes
North India
Northern India
Pearl Hayes
Port Ar- India
South India
Southern India
St Ottawa October 3rd
Temple India
Trophy 2nd Place 3rd Place
Upper India
West India
West India Islands
Wfl f l W. J. HAYES
& 3rd Prize
123 3rd ISO
2nd: Electric Motor 3rd ; Fish Finder Euchre Tournament
3rd c Deadline
3rd Alex &
3rd Anniversary CHARLENE
3rd Annual Alliance
3rd Basic Bookkeeping
3rd Best
3rd Committee
3rd Council
3rd Division
3rd Division of Ottawa Council
3rd Duhaimes Red Jester
3rd Edwin Perry
3rd Entertainment
3rd Floor General Care
3rd International Midget Hockey
3rd Junior Boys
3rd Lancashire Regiment
3rd Line
3rd Mac Alexander
3rd Mr. Pitt
3rd Parliament
3rd Poor Caa...i.
3rd Regional
3rd Reserve
3rd Scots Guard
3rd Scout Law
3rd SHOH Sidewalk Savings Friday S Saturday
3rd st 2nd 3rd st 2nd 3rd F .ma
3rd st 2nd 3rd st 2nd 3rd st 2nd st 2nd 3rd st 2nd
3rd Star
3rd Stedmans VS
3rd Stephen Perry
3rd Sundays Morning Prayer
3rd Sundays Morning Prayer 2nd
3rd Sundays Morning Prayer 2nd &
3rd Sundays Morning Prayer 2nd & 4th Sundays Holy Communion St Paul
3rd Sundays Morning Prayer 2nd A
3rd Sundays Morning Prayer 2nd and
3rd Sundays Morning Prayer 9:30
3rd Toronto Group
3rd University College Alumnae Scholarship
3rd Week
3rd World Tournament
4th Sun 3rd Sun Holy Trinity
7th Line Mrs Harold
Advocate of India
Air India
All-India Legislature
All-India National Congress
Anniversary Service Zion U-nitad Church Guest Speaker Rev Harold G
Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First Aid A
ASTHMATIC P.-Harold Hayes
AVIS Church Services Standard Church 1 Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold
Bank of India
Bank of Montreal Canadian Tire Terry Dods Hayes Funeral Home Hodgins Home Hardware Killarneys Norwa
Bank of Mr. Hayes
Bea ttv Shop Haye* Funeral Home Hayes
Bear of India OOO 1
Beauty Shop 7-2620 Hayes Funeral Home
Beauty Shop 7-3814 Hayes Funeral Home
Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hay*
Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Beauty Shop Maxes Funeral Home Hayes
Beauty Shop Mayes Funeral Home Hayes
Boy Scouts Association of India
Boy Scouts of India
Boys Department 3rd i Second Floor Hardware
Bristol Beach Mr. Harold Cuthbertson
Bristol Council Deciding Choice of Chittagong Chittagong’s India
Bristol Council Minutes Harold Stark
BRISTOL COUNCIL Miss Phyllis Jean Parrel Weds Donald Harold Malette At
Bristol council W.J. Hayes
Bristol Hayes
Bristol J. Hayes and Sons Funeral
Bristol Mines ; Mr< Harold Smith
Bristol Mines, Morning Prayer 10.301 Ofliee—Hayes
Bristol W. J Hayes A Sons Funeral Village
British India Company
Bros of Hayes Funeral Home.
Brothers Business Personals Harold Hammond b -1 STEFAN
Bryson Correspondent W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Canadian Tire Shawville 647-2733 John Valu-mart W.J. Hayes and Sons
Canadian Tire W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Capital Gasolene Light M«v Harold Smith 1
Cartage Construction WA Modgms Store WJ Hayes Funeral Home Also
Central India Chiefs Scindia
Central School Hayes
Charter Member Mahlon Hayes
Church of North India
Church Services Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold
Church Services Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold
Church WJ Hayes Funeral Home
Clothes Shop Retired Pontiac Bake Shop Canadian Tire Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container P
Con- W M Hayes
Con- Mac Hayes
CONTACT Harold Stone
Control By Institute Members Harold Smith
Convention Inspector Harold Young Bristol Native Comes
Council W.J. Hayes & Sons
Dagenais & Family Bailey’s Coffee Company Mohr’s Garage & Restaurant Hayes Funeral Home
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Gradual o/McGi University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St Shawville Que
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Graduate of McGill University Hayes
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Graduate of McGill University Office ; Hayes
Dairy Hayes Manufacturing McLaren Systems Inc DeLaval
Dairy Shewvi W J Hayes & Sons Shawv.
Department of Harold & Carolyn Gloss; Fire Department
Devine Teddy Hayes
District Governor elect Mac Hayes
District Governor Mahlon Hayes
Dominion of India
Door Air Conditioning CD Stereo Tit Steering Overdrive ABS 3rd Deer Air Conditioning
Drug & Dept Stores Sales Agents; Harold
Drug A Dept Stores Sales Agents; Harold F Ritchie A Co Ltd ,
Drug A Dept Stores Seles Agents; Harold
E. Thomson Presenting HAYES’ BLOCK Fifty-four
Eleanor Hayes Prize
Everett Hayes
Farm Hayes Funeral SUNDAY
Fast India Company
Financial Harold Easy
FIRE AUTO LIFE Mr. Harold Sam Lafkur
Floats & Sons Ltd 3rd Annual WESTERN STYLE L
Ford Service Produces Mica India’s
Fort-Coulonge Standard Church Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold
Funeral Hayes Beauty Salon
Funeral Home Hayes
FURNACES Hayes* Beauty Shoppe
Gates Gilbert Gilliland Greaves Hayes
Gavan’s Hotel 3rd Prize
Gavan’s Hotel Gerald McKenny Cartage Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home H
Glen Hayes Country Jamboree
Government of India Information Services
Gra-Iuateof McGill University Oflice—Hayes’ Block Centre St.
Gracie Beach 3rd
Graduate McGill University Office-Hayes
Graduateof McGill University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St Shawville
Graduateof McGill University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St.
HA U Bride-Elect Honoured TJa HAYES BEAUTY SHU*
Harold & Agnes Lynch
Harold Beckett...... Royce Prendergast
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL - QUEBEC
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL - QUEBEC FOR SALE—One Clyde Gelding
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL - QUEBEC FOR SALE—One Clyde Horse
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL - QUEBEC Muscle-Disease Treatment A
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL - QUEBEC Nation Blood Purifier Rational Be
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL - QUEBEC Shawville Co-operative Hatchery
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL .
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL 80-Year-Old Gunsmith Still Busy
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL • QUEBEC
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL.
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg â Poultry Association BRISTOL
Harold Boulton Bristol Egg A Poultry Association BRISTOL - QUEBEC We
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg â Poultry Association BRISTOL, OÜB Estate Mrs.
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg A Poultry Association BRISTOL.
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg and Pou!ti*y Association BRISTOL * QUEBEC Men’s
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg and Poultry Association BRISTOL <
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg and Poultry Association BRISTOL Full Stock
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg and Poultry Association BRISTOL sSfCl^ng
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg uhd Poultry Association QUEBEC Fig
HAROLD BOULTON M THE CORNER STORE Shawville Marble & Granite Works
Harold Corners Cemetery
Harold Gatineau Power Co.
Harold Qoulton Bristol Egg & Poultry Association BRISTOL .
Harold Ryder
Harold Schock Paint Horse
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson Equip
Haves Beauty Shop 7-2628 Hayes Funeral Home
HAYES Ladies’ Spike Heel Patent Leather Fancy Trimmed Shoe
Hayes Line
Hayes &
HAYES & FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
Hayes & Son Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons
HAYES & SONS 1 Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone
Hayes & Sons A D McCredie 6i Sons
Hayes & Sons Alex Murray
Hayes & Sons Ambulance Maheral ami Service
Hayes & Sons Ann Beaulieu
Hayes & Sons Assoc.
Hayes & Sons Attending
Hayes & Sons C.B.L. Pi
Hayes & Sons Campbell
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
Hayes & Sons Chapel
Hayes & Sons Cummings
Hayes & Sons Dean
Hayes & Sons Donnelly
Hayes & Sons DOW
Hayes & Sons F
Hayes & Sons Fire
Hayes & Sons Ford
Hayes & Sons Friends
Hayes & Sons Fu-
Hayes & Sons Fu- de
Hayes & Sons Fu- MacGregor Concrete
Hayes & Sons Fu- There
Hayes & Sons Fu- Truckload
Hayes & Sons Fu- Your
Hayes & Sons Fu-(Brenda
Hayes & Sons Fu-deliveries
Hayes & Sons Fu-Orleans
Hayes & Sons Fu-y Jy Jeanette
Hayes & Sons Fun-
Hayes & Sons Fun-family
Hayes & Sons Fun-oral Home
Hayes & Sons Funeal
Hayes & Sons Funeal Harley Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funer
Hayes & Sons Funer Lake
Hayes & Sons Funer*
Hayes & Sons Funer-
Hayes & Sons Funer- Get
Hayes & Sons Funer- Kehoe
Hayes & Sons Funer- Mass
Hayes & Sons Funer- Mrs Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funer-attended the
Hayes & Sons Funer-Harper Rennick
Hayes & Sons Funer-peacefully
Hayes & Sons Funer-Phone
Hayes & Sons Funer-ra Mackenzie
Hayes & Sons Funeral
Hayes & Sons Funeral .
Hayes & Sons Funeral aouais Regional Hospital Deepest
Hayes & Sons Funeral Arthurs
Hayes & Sons Funeral Chapel
Hayes & Sons Funeral Clifford Schwartz
Hayes & Sons Funeral Directors
Hayes & Sons Funeral Directors J Shawville
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone 647-2221 Management and Staff BAIE PONTIAC B
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors ¦ Ambulance Service Shawvllle
Hayes & Sons Funeral Division
Hayes & Sons Funeral Each
Hayes & Sons Funeral Ebert
Hayes & Sons Funeral Emmett
Hayes & Sons Funeral General Hospital
Hayes & Sons Funeral Gilles
Hayes & Sons Funeral Governments
Hayes & Sons Funeral H>me
Hayes & Sons Funeral He
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hodgins
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home
HAYES & SONS Funeral Home - Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home - Shawville/Quyon Pontiac Mallard Fish and Game Club
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home .
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home 134 Centre Si Shawvwe
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home and
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Chapel
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Cowley
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home for Life
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home for Stewart
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Forever
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Fred Dagg
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Grier
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home In
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home MARRIAGE
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Mra Dayton Larocque
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Quebec
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Shawvllle
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home the
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Wednesday
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes 819-647-2221
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes FALL FEVER BOOK SALE Saturday
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hone
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horie
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horn* Rev
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horner
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hume
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hurry
Hayes & Sons Funeral If^me SHAWVILLE FAIR September
Hayes & Sons Funeral Jeff Russell
Hayes & Sons Funeral K
Hayes & Sons Funeral Kathleen
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lance
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lindsay
Hayes & Sons Funeral M Hodgins
Hayes & Sons Funeral McDowell
Hayes & Sons Funeral McKenny
Hayes & Sons Funeral Milton
Hayes & Sons Funeral Morin
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlor
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlors
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlours
Hayes & Sons Funeral passed
Hayes & Sons Funeral Paul McGee
Hayes & Sons Funeral Rita Harris
Hayes & Sons Funeral Ro
Hayes & Sons Funeral Robinson
Hayes & Sons Funeral Russell Mee
Hayes & Sons Funeral r_Fath
Hayes & Sons Funeral Saturday
Hayes & Sons Funeral She
Hayes & Sons Funeral the
Hayes & Sons Funeral There
Hayes & Sons Funeral Timmins
Hayes & Sons Funeral Woermke
Hayes & Sons Funeral |
Hayes & Sons Funeral-_
Hayes & Sons Funerpl Home
Hayes & Sons Get
Hayes & Sons Hcunhan
Hayes & Sons He
Hayes & Sons Lightlaser Technology Inc 1-800-
Hayes & Sons Ltd
Hayes & Sons Ltd 819-647-2221
Hayes & Sons Ltd 819-647-2221 DEATH Dagenais
Hayes & Sons Ltd Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Ltd hai
Hayes & Sons Ltd on
Hayes & Sons Ltd Richardson
Hayes & Sons Ltd,
Hayes & Sons Mabel Dagenais
Hayes & Sons Monday
Hayes & Sons Murdock Glass Glad Crest Farms Windy Top Farms Windy Hill Farms McLaughlin Haulage Rad
Hayes & Sons North Vancouver
Hayes & Sons NU
Hayes & Sons Olga
Hayes & Sons Ottawa
Hayes & Sons Pallbearers
Hayes & Sons Patricia Russell
Hayes & Sons Pontiac Federal Liberal No 443 RCAF Spitfire Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Pontiac Welding & Small Engine Repair La Brasaerle Labatt Ltd.
HAYES & SONS Quyon Shawville
Hayes & Sons Reinhard
Hayes & Sons Seeing
Hayes & Sons SOW;
Hayes & Sons Street
Hayes & Sons the Wesleyan Church
Hayes & Sons There
Hayes & Sons They
Hayes & Sons Trophy
Hayes & Sons Trophy LETTERS
Hayes & Sons Ud Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Village
Hayes & Sons | J * Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons-
Hayes & Sons; Lamb’s Corner Shawville Fair
Hayes & Sons’ Funeral Home
Hayes &i°n-and Sons Funeral Home McCann
Hayes &t Sons Funeral Home
Hayes * Sons
Hayes * Sons Funeral Home
Hayes 4 Sons Funeral Home
Hayes 4 Sons Funeral Home Cows
Hayes 6 Sons Funeral Home
Hayes <& Sons Fun- Mr.
HAYES A Famous Cemetery
HAYES A FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
HAYES A FINDLAY Surprise Party
HAYES À FINDLAY Well Improved Farm
HAYES A Reduction
Hayes A Sons
Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Ac Sons
Hayes ana Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes and Sons
Hayes and Sons Fun.ral Home
Hayes and Sons Funeral
Hayes and Sons Funeral Belanger
Hayes and Sons Funeral Coleman
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors Shaw
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors ShawviHe
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Director^ Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral E
Hayes and Sons Funeral Expert
Hayes and Sons Funeral Gracefield
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home 1
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Donna
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home HW
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home In
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home March
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Quyon
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shaw-ville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shawville Methodist Church
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Sincere
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home the
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes and Sons Funeral Kingsbury
Hayes and Sons Funeral Melanie
Hayes and Sons Funeral Montreal
Hayes and Sons Funeral Only
Hayes and Sons Funeral Parlors
Hayes and Sons Funeral Treasure
Hayes and Sons Funeral Weirstead
Hayes and Sons Ltd
Hayes and Sons Services
Hayes At Sons Funeral Home
Hayes B Sons
Hayes Beauty Parlor
Hayes Beauty Salon
HAYES Boxed Handkerchiefs Lingerie Hosiery Silk Scarfs Compacts Fapetries
HAYES Boxed Handkerchiefs Lingerie Hosiery Silk Scarfs Compacts Papetries
HAYES Bristol Public Schools Th@
Hayes Bros
Hayes Bros and Ker
Hayes Bros and Mrs. Dubois
Hayes Bros and Rev Ed AAcCaig
Hayes Bros and Rev Owen MacPherson
Hayes Bros and Rev Priesler
Hayes Bros Die UCW
Hayes Bros end Mr. Gerald Hodgins
Hayes Bros for
Hayes Bros Funeral Home
Hayes Bros Glen Hodgins
Hayes Bros Mi* Ltd pre-mi*
Hayes Bros part
Hayes Bros state
Hayes Bros welcome
Hayes Bros with Rev A Morgan
Hayes Brothers
Hayes Brothers DOHERTY—In
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home.
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home;
Hayes Brothers Peach
Hayes Elementary School
Hayes Farm
Hayes fit Sons Funeral Home
HAYES For Service Registered Holstein Bull—Sir Echo Burke
Hayes Funer- Municipal de Litchfield
Hayes Funeral Word
HAYES Furniture Department S #
HAYES Furniture Department SIMMONS Davenport Bed
HAYES Hoi Unger Mine Predicted
HAYES Hunter & Company
Hayes k Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Line
Hayes Line Moved
Hayes Line Road
HAYES Men’s Oxfords
HAYES Mr. John Grant
HAYES New All-wool Army Blankets—a
Hayes ond Sons Funeral Home
HAYES Propriktor
Hayes S Sons
Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board i Brighten
HAYES SHAWVILLE Secret of Long Lite
Hayes Sons
HAYES Spring Underwear
Hayes Telephone
Hayes* & Sons
Hayes’ Line
HEART Tourist Traffic Harold He
Heritage Crafts Annie Eleanor Hayes
Hint Harold Fish
Hobbs & Sons 647-2814 Rowat Insurance 647-3737 W.J. Hayes & Sons 647-2221 Shawville Milling Co. Ltd
Hodgins Teddy Hayes PEE WEES—
Home Supplies Pontiac House Hotel Hayes Funeral Home Clarendon Hotel Powell s Auto Service Hewitt E
Hotel 3rd Prize
House Hayes Funeral Home.
Household Articles & Miscellaneous Items HAROLD
Household Furniture & Miscellaneous Items Mrs. Harold McBride
Howard Hayes
Howard Hayes Country Drifters Toll Free
II J Hayes & Sons Funeral
India Campaign"
India Dominion
INDIA PALE Public Notice
India Repair Work
India Rubber Plant
IWJ Hayes & Sons
J HAYES & SONS Funeral Home-
J-Hayes and Sons Funeral
J. Hayes & ; Sons
J. Hayes Sons
J. Hayes Sons Funeral Home
J. School of Interior Design Hayes and Sons Funeral 1443-38 McArthur Ave
Jenny Patch John A Sandy Patch Harold A Dor
Johnson Harold
l Mr. Mahlon Hayes
l Plan For Free India
Labels 2nd Labels 3rd Labels 4th Labels 5th Labels
Lac Harold Prescott Pokes
Lion Dak and Lionette Merle Thomson Lion Mahlon and Lionette Gwen Hayes
Lion District Governor Mac Hayes
Lion Dr. Harold
Lion Harold Muise
Lion Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Li
Lion Lionettes Gwen Hayes
Lion Mac Hayes
Lion Mahkm Hayes
Lion Ted Hayes
Lodge Meets Hayes
Logs End Inc Jim Hodgms Greg Hayes Steve McCord Shawville - Royal Bank Bristol, Shawville
Maintenance Department Harold Wilson
Master Arthur Hayes
Master Harold Cuthbertaon
Master Harold Hobbs
Master Harold Thrun
Master Harold Waimnon
McCANN & SONS 3rd ANNUAL CHARITY Golf Tournament Monday
McDonald 3rd prize
McDonald ; 3rd
McDonald, Esq Cbone Hayes
McDonald, Mrs. Hayes
McDonald; 3rd
McGH University Office—Hayes
McGil University Film Program Office—Hayes
McGIl University New Spring Styles Just Arrived ALL-TALKING PICTURES Office—Hayes* Block
McGil University Office-Hayes
McGil University Office—-Hayes
McGil University Office—Hayes
McGil University Office—Hayes* Block
McGil University Pahtor Office—Hayes
McGill University Office—Hayes
McGill University At Foresters Office—Hayes* Block Centre St Shawville
McGill University MARRIED Office—Hayes’Block
McGill University Office New Daytime Frocks Hayes
McGill University Office-Hayes
McGill University Office-Hayes’ Block Centre St.
McGill University Office—Hayes
McGill University Office—Hayes* Block
McGill University Oflice—Hayes
McGill University ORice-Hayes
McGill University Ortice—Hayes* Block
MeGil University Office—Hayes
Men’s High Cross Harold Sally Men’s High Single Sterling McKibbin Ivüdics High Cross Margaret Curle
Metropolitan Mr. Harold Armstrong
Milking Equipment VV.J. Hayes Funeral Home
Milling Co Mrs. Harold Becket.
Mine Martha Hayes
Ministry of Agricult Harold Daley
Miss Lois Hayes
MoGil University Office—Hayes
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Irwin Hayes
Mr Harold Pitt
Mr Harold Pitt Mtas Vwa Oameron
Mr Harold Watson
Mr, Daniel British India
Mr. Everett Hayes
Mr. Harold Bell
Mr. Harold Hill
Mr. Harold Pitt
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Teddy Hayes
Mrs Harold Moon
Mrs. Art Hayes; Health & Welfare
Mrs. Erwin Hayes
Mrs. Everett Hayes
Mrs. Everett Hayes Mr.
Mrs. Harold
Mrs. Harold Brown Ways and Means
Mrs. Harold Finance Committee
Mrs. Harold Pitt
Mrs. Harold Stone Get
Mrs. Mac Hayes
MuGil University Office—Hayes
Municipal Code Mayor Hayes
Municipal Council of Mayor Hayes
Municipal Forms Harold McCoy
Municipality CllcirtCFlS Chronicle Hayes
Murray s Sports & Automotive Supply 647-2550 647-2236 W. J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Mutual Insurance W.J. Hayes & Son Funeral Home ?
M^s United Church Camp Harold
National Bank India
National Christian Council of India
Nationalist All-India Congress
New Service Will Carry Air Mail Across India
NfcGil University Office—Hayes Block
NlcGil University Office—Hayes
Nominating Committee of Gwen Hayes
Norval Wilson & Son; Sheppard Motors; W. J. Hayes & Sons; Pontiac Farm Equipment; Ernies Body Shop;
NOTICES Hayes Funeral Home.
Office Harold Pokes
OK Apply Harold
Old Man Master Harold
Old Reliable o W. J. HAYES
Onslow Council January 3rd
Our Lady of Fatima Church Harold
People of India
Personal Mention G HAROLD CHARLES
PM — Special Singing Every Service Miss Doris Hayes
Pontiac Agricultural Society W.J. Hayes A Sons Erf
Pontiac Co Hayes
Pontiac Community Harold Hodgins
Pontiac Community Hos- Harold
Pontiac Community Hospi Hayes
Pontiac Community Hospital and Hayes Funeral Home and Archdeacon Roberts
Pontiac Community Hospital and Hayes Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital and W J Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital and W J. Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital Harold
Pontiac Comunity Hospital and Hayes Bros.
Pontiac County Lodge Thorne Councillor Harold Schock
Pontiac County Memorial Service Office—Hayes
Pontiac Electric Donald Hodglns Electric Inc Shawville Ford W.J. Hayes
Pontiac Farmers Association; Harold Richardson
Pontiac Graduates HAROLYN FARMS Harold
Pontiac Harold McKenney
Pontiac Hayes
Pontiac Hayes''cottage
Pontiac High Hayes Family Reunion
Pontiac High Hayes School
Pontiac Truck Club 3rd Annual Economic
Portage du Hayes & Sons Funeral Fort
Portage du India Famine Fund
Prayer & Bible St Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold Sowerby Rev. Rosemarie Payne
PREMIERE ASSEM- ers, W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral
Protestant School Hayes
Public Notice W, J HAYES.
Remembrance Church Services Standard Church Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold
RENFREW Contact Mr. Harold Schock
Renouf Publishing Co Harold
RIBBON Harold Cuthbertson
RMB Motor Sport 1 st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize 4th Prize
Rmgrose Bros Elliotts Fabric Crawfords Machine Shop Harold Wilson Moyle
Romantic Adventure In India
Rontiac Telephone Harold Poole
ROWAT General Insurance W. J. HAYES & SONS Ecology Factor Spells End
Royal Hayes
Royal Solomon Hayes
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Sat-i Mac Hayes
SATE AUGUST 3rd Dean & Merritt s Shawville Rotary Club BARBECUE ROTARY SWIMMING POOL Shawville Fr
SATURDAY December 3rd &
Sault College Dr. Marie Hayes PLANTS SHRUBS
SCHOOL OPENING Sept. 3rd Funeral of Kllvington Myers Largely Attended DONAT Le GUERRIER
Scotiabank Hayes Sports Deep
SEAWAY S 3rd 15,000 KM TIRE ROTATION ABSOLUTELY S Renfrew 0 53 PP Cody Kit
Senate Committees Harold Storey
Sewerage Committee Crs Hayes
Shawville Decoration Service Office—Hayes
Shawville Hardware Business College Harold Judd Meets Tragic Death
Shoe Shop l W J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Si Howard Hayes
SINGING EVERYONE WELCOME NO COST United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig Pastor Rev. Harold Sow
Skipping Teddy Hayes
Social Assistance Service Mrs. Irwin Hayes Social Con-$
Sour Howard Hayes Wayne Rostad
Southern India
St. Ann Hayes
Standard Church Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold
Stewart Bros 3rd
Stone School Gallery 3rd Fall Art Festival
Store Hayes Funeral Home Carson Hodgins W.A. Hodgins Home Hardware J & J Grocery Killarney
Su-Hayes & Sons Funeral
Sun 3rd Sun
Sun 3rd Sun Holy
Sun 3rd Sun Holy IHnity
Sun 3rd Sun Holy Thnity
Sun 3rd Sun Holy Trinity
Sun 3rd Sun Holy Unity
Sun Fran- India Will
T. D Rowe and Hayes Bros —Annie Brown
TCRA Gil & Lorraine Cluff Harold & Doreen Schock Oktoberfest Ladysmith Ernest & Essie Schwartz Mutu
Temperance Associ-are India
THE EQUI- Hayes & Sons Funeral TY
Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home Hursty’s Bar & Grill J & J s Gas Bar John Va
Tropical Disease India
U U IlQJf SALES | Harold
United Church Auxiliary end Hayes Funeral Home.
United Church Women and Hayes Funeral Home
Value 3rd Prize Northern Electric Two-Tube RadioValue
Value Harold Mahlitz
Village Cemetery - September 3rd BAPTIST CHURCH Otter Lake Mr. Bill Breenahan
Violet mar-Hayes & Sons Funeral Dean Tubman
VV J Hayes
VV J Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
VV J Hayes & Sons Funeral RevFr G Proubt
Vv.J. Hayes & Sons
W J Hayes & Sons SSSv
W.J. Hayes & Sons
W.J. Hayes & Sons Chapel
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home In
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes Shawville
W.J. Hayes & Sons Lid
W.J. Hayes & sons Ltd on
W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
W.J. Hayes & Sons Otter Lake
W.J. Hayes & Sons Shawvilie
W.J. Hayes Sons
W.J.Hayes and Sons Fineral Home
Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold Sowerby CSS
Watson India
West India Electric
Western India Automobile
White India
WJ .Hayes and Sons Funeral Home
WJ Hayes
WJ Hayes &
WJ Hayes & JohnHiram Elliott
WJ Hayes & Sons Fu- Stove
WJ Hayes & Sons Funeral Home
WJ Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
WJ Hayes & Sons Funeral Home;
WJ Hayes and Sons
WJ Hayes and Sons Fty
WJ Hayes and Sons Funeral
WJ Hayes and Sons Funeral Home
WJ Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
WJ Hayes Funeral Home
WJ Hayes Hodgins
Women’s Institute Annual Meeting of Charteris Ladies’ Guild FOR SALE INSECT CONTROL Mrs. Harold Ful
Worship Service Waltham Pastor Rev. Harold Sowerby Powo
WT U India’s Marriage Boom Gives Railroad Increased Dividend
^3rd Shop