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Ira McKnight Dies

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Possible related entities:

1,95 Alexander S. Elliott Dies After Brief Illness Reg Optometris A
19.50 Mrs. Frederick H. Judd Dies Lugris
1929 Alexander MacDonald Dies At Chapeau Lv.
2-7961 Alexander A. Smart Dies After Lengthy Illness
A- McKnight
A. Bur- Wayne McKnight
Adam Hodgins Dies Suddenly
Agnes McKnight
Albert E Wilson Dies
Albert E, Richardson Dies
Albert E. Elliott Dies
Albert J Horner Dies
Albert Manary Dies Suddenly
Alex Bean Dies
Alex Hcdgins Dies
Alex Meldrum Dies
Alexan- McKnight
Alexander Dies
Alexander Miss Eva Alexander Mrs. Gerald Armltage Ira Sturgeon George W. Smith Gordon Stewart
Alexander William Campbell Dies After Lengthy Illness Mrs.
Alfred Anderson Dies Suddenly
Alice McKnight
Allan Armstrong Dies
Allan Marr Dies At Port Colborne Norman
Andre Beauchamp Dies Al Pembroke
Andrew Mcknight
Andrew Sly Farm Forum Council Dies
Andy McKnight
Appointment Norman Brownlee Widely Known Businessman Dies Sudjenîy Clarendon
Armstrong Dies
Armstrong Dies Dr. Wallace
Armstrong Dies Powl
Armstrong Dies _
Arnold Wright Dies
Arthur Garfield Hodgins Dies
Arthur Quealc Dies After Lingering Illness Mr. Matthew Wallace
Arthur Spinks Dies Al Sheenboro
Audrey Hodg- McKnight
B. Palmer Dies
Barber and Ira Hanna
Barry Dies
Ben Thompson Garry McKnight
Benjamin Armitage Dies After Lengby Illness HARLAND
Benjamin Judd Dies
Bill McKnight
Bob McKnight
Brownlee Dies
Bruce Barber Dies Aged
Carey Dies
Carl Mcknight Young
Caroline Ann McKnight
Caroline McKnight
Caroline McKnight.
Carroll Porter Dies After Lengthy Illness Kenneth Hodgins
Catherine A. Wilson Dies After Four Months
Cfc O Ira Merrifield
Chapeau Mayer Eugene Pleau Dies
Charles Carty Dies
Charles E. Palmer Dies After Brief Illness Mrs. Evelyn Little
Christopher Caldwell Dies
Christopher Daley Dies
Clarence Keen Dies
Clarence McKnight
Clarendon Mrs. Matthew Thompson Dies
Clarke Dies
Clayton William Tubman Dies At Shawvile Weather Wise
Clifford Wilson Dies After Lengthy Illness
Clyde McKnight
Colleen Dal Mrs. Clarence Mcknight
Corrigan Dies
Corrigan McKnight
Crystal Stones Ira Merrifield Mangolds Small Muriel Bronson
Dale Dies
Dale Mcknight
David Angus Dies
David Campbell Dies Following Operation H Widespread Indeed
David Clarke Dies After Brief Illness David Clarke
David G. Graham Dies
David Hobbs Dies
David M. McAra Dies
David Sinclair Dies
Dennis Kennedy Dies SpeCialS
Diane McKnight
Diane McKnight’s
Dianne McKnight
Dies A
Dies After Being Found Windsor
Dies After Brief Illness Anson G. Murphy
Dies After Brief Illness R. Fred Black
Dies After Briet Illness
Dies After Length Illness
Dies After Lengthy Illness
Dies After Short Illness I h
Dies At Toronto Toronto
Dies Suddenly
Donald A Baker Dies From Paralytic Stroke Phone
Donald Sharpe Dies
Doris McKnight
Doris McKnight Two
Dr. Ira S. Wile
Dunn Dies Very Suddenly Death
Earl Elliott Dies Following Brief Illness Stark
Earl Haig Dies
Earl Horner Dies After Lengthy Illness
Earl John H. Findley Valley Horseman Dies Al Arnprior
Earl McKnight
Earl McKnight Gordon MacMillan
Earl Mcknight Ottawa
Earl McKnight Papineau
Earl McKnight Recent
Earl McKnight’s
Earl McKnight’s They
Earl Noel Dies
Earl Roberts Dies Suddenly London
Earl Russett Dies
Edna McKnight
Edward Gibson Dies
Edward Ira Whclen
Edward McLarnon Dies
Edward Smiley Dies
Edward Sparling Dies At
Edward Thomas Whclen Dies HARLAND
Elaine Beck McKnight
Elgin McKnight
Elizabeth McKnight
Ella McKnight
Ellcda B. Tucker Dies
Ellen McKnight
Elliot Dies
Elliott Dies
Engineer Dies
Engineer James McKnight
Ethel Dis Ira
Evening Mrs. Hugh Prendergast Dies
Ewe—Ira Hanna 1
F. Hodgins Dies
F. Wilson Dies
Famous Dog Dies Grandmother
Flowers Soap Box Derby Ira Merrlfield
Forrest Ira Strutt
Francis Ryan Dies
Francis Wilson Dies
Frank Cornu Dies
Frank Ferdinand Miron Dies
Frank Ferrigan Dies
Frank Hearty Dies
Frank Hughes Dies Suddenly
Frank Ira Whalen
Frank Strutt Dies At Inkerman Relatives
Frank W. Corrigan Dies After Brief Illness AL
Fraser Dies
Fraser Dies Suddenly Dr. Hugh B. Fraser
Fred Tarranl Dies Al Foxwarren Starks Corners Wl Hi-liles Committee Make Profils Farm Forum Finding
Fred W. Schwartz Dies
Fred Way Dies After Month’s
Frederick Krufz Dies
G .ira M"
G. McKnight
Gareth McKnight
Garry McKnight
Gary McKnight
Gary McKnight Wayne Venne
George Albert Ebert Dies
George Alfred Dagg Dies
George B. Armstrong Pioneer Resident Dies
George B. Campbell Dies
George Brown Dies After Illness
George Bryson Dies
George Cahill Dies
George Campbell Dies
George Dagg Dies
George Dunlop Struck By Car Dies
George E. Black Dies At Sudbury
George Hodgins Dies
George Jay Dies George Jay
George Johnston Dies Alter
George Laughren Dies While Working
George McKnight
George R. Horner Dies
George S. Ne»bitt Dies
George Sparling Dies At
George Williams Dies
GeorKC Johnston Dies
Gertrude Lafleur Dies Suddenly
Gilbert Carmichael Dies
Gilbert Hodgins Dies Suddenly
Gillies Dies Suddenly
Gladys McKnight Black
Glen Dies
Glen McKnight
Glen T. Barber Dies
Glenn McKnight
Godfrey Bourgeois Drowned At Quyon James Rennick Dies Sarah Jane Tubman Buried
Gordon McKnight
Grace McKnight
Grenville Atkinson Dies
Guy Fletcher Dies After Lengthy Illness
Hamilton Dies
Hanna Cecelia Little Dies At Kirkland
Harold Beckett Dies Suddenly
Harold Cochrane John McAra Ira Merrifield Leo Muldoon
Harold Cuthberfson Dies
Harold T. Armstrong Dies
Harold Wilson Dies
Harper McKechnle Dies At Vancouver
Harriett Andrew McKnight
Harry Bourgeois Dies At Quyon
Harry Imisoo Dies After Lingering Illness Mrs Harry Imison
Harry Ira. Hanna
Harry McKnight
Harry McKnight Suddenly
Harry Nadelle Dies
Harry Parke Dies
Hayes Dies
Hayes Kept Engine Running Joe McGuire Dies
Helen Dumouchel Dies
Henry E. McDowell Dies Suddenly OTTAWA
Henry Landry Dies
Henry McKnight’s
Henry Mcrvin Eadcs Dies
Henry Yalliere Dies
Herbert Austin Dagg Dies
Herbert MacArthur Dies At Phillips
Herbert McGuire Dies At Nelson
Herbert Smith Dies
Herbert Strutt Dies
Herbert Wyman Durrell Dies Suddenly
Herman Wdeon Ira
Hobbs Dies After Lengthy Illness John Brough
Hockey Tournament Earl McKnight
Hodgins Dies Suddenly While
Hodgins Ira Boyd
Howard Dies
Howard Ferguson Dies Suddenly
Howard Walsh Dies Suddenly
Hugh Neman Brownlee Dies During His
I Ma C. Mcknight
I. D XliC Mrs. James Sloan Dies At Her
I. Harvey Steele Dies At Work
INTRODUCING Mrs. Willie I. Barber Dies In
Ira ÎÜ
IrA 3r*x .#i
Ira Henry Saxon Brown
Ira Vbtre
Ira 3rd
Ira A N
Ira Acheson
Ira and William Hanna
Ira Archaeological
Ira Arm- Mary Jeffrey
Ira Armstrong
Ira Atchesun
Ira B Hyde
Ira Banque Provinciale
Ira Barr
Ira Bene
Ira Benedict
Ira Benedict Motion Crs
Ira Benedict RR
Ira Benedict Shawvilla
Ira Bentley
Ira Birthday
Ira Black
Ira Blackburn
Ira Book Shelf
Ira Boucher
Ira Boyd
Ira Bretzlaff
Ira Bvcc
Ira Byce
Ira C. Baker
Ira Charles Richards
Ira Cook
Ira Cooke
Ira Corrigan
Ira Crawford
Ira Crazy Taps
Ira D SankevL __ R. de
Ira Dates
Ira Day
Ira Delbert Cotnam
Ira Delmer Boucher
Ira Dilworth
Ira Draper
Ira E. McLean Passes
Ira Earl Hanna
Ira Edward
Ira Erwin
Ira Ex
Ira Fallls
Ira February
Ira Fraser
Ira G. Crawford
Ira G. McKnight
Ira Gillespie Brough
Ira Greer
Ira Greer - Shawville
Ira Greer Owner Kelly
Ira Hac
Ira Hamm
Ira Hammond
Ira Han
Ira Han-
Ira Han- M
Ira Han- N. Drummond
Ira Han-Directors
Ira Hanna
Ira Hanna ....... Fred
Ira Hanna 1
Ira Hanna 2. Kwe
Ira Hanna 2. Onions
Ira Hanna 3.
Ira Hanna 3. Bronze
Ira Hanna 3. Bull
Ira Hanna 3. Potatoes
Ira Hanna 3. Single
Ira Hanna 3. THOS.
Ira Hanna Cattle Committee
Ira Hanna Clarendon
Ira Hanna Esq
Ira Hanna Fred Horner J.
Ira Hanna Has Great Success With Grain Corn
Ira Hanna II
Ira Hanna Lenni*
Ira Hanna Mayor
Ira Hanna Roy McDowell
Ira Hanna Shropshire
Ira Hanna*A.
Ira Hanna. Lee Hodgins
Ira Hanna....................
Ira Hannaf’ft
Ira Hannah
Ira Hannas
Ira Hanna^
Ira Hanna—
Ira Hanna—$
Ira HaoYttTl
Ira Henna
Ira Henna 626
Ira Heslop
Ira Hod-gram
Ira Holt
Ira Homer
Ira I
Ira Ihinna XV
Ira Importing Co.
Ira Irwin
Ira J Greer
Ira John Smith
Ira K
Ira Kwe
Ira L>
Ira Latighren
Ira Lawrence
Ira Lawrence Tanguay
Ira Lawson
Ira Le
Ira Leach
Ira Leltch
Ira Lieghley
Ira Lillian Spinks
Ira Line-My
Ira M. Atcheaon
Ira Manley Stamens
Ira Marlatf
Ira McKmght
Ira McKnigbt R.
Ira McKnight
Ira McKnight Dies
Ira McKnight H.
Ira McKnight R.
Ira McKnigUt
Ira McKnlght
Ira McKntght
Ira McLaughlin
Ira McLean
Ira Mcr-rificld
Ira Mcrrificld
Ira Mcrrifield
Ira Mcrrifieltl
Ira Me
Ira Me Knight
Ira Me-Knight
Ira Meirifield
Ira MeKnight.
Ira Mem-field
Ira Memfield
Ira Menfield
Ira Menifield
Ira Mer-
Ira Mer-(
Ira Mer-rifield
Ira Mer-rlfleld
Ira Merri-
Ira Merri- Mrs. Stan Mrs.
Ira Merri-field
Ira Merrifeld
Ira Merrificld
Ira MerrifieId
Ira MerrifiekJ.
Ira Merrifield
Ira Merrifield - Mrs. Belva Armitage
Ira Merrifield Mangels - Wm Howard
Ira Merrifield Mrs.
Ira MerrifieldJ
Ira MerrifieM.
Ira Merrifleld
Ira Merrifteld
Ira Merriftield
Ira Merritield
Ira MerrItleId Nancy Draper
Ira Merrl
Ira Merrlfield
Ira Milliken
Ira Monday’s
Ira Morgan
Ira Moved
Ira Mr. Jee
Ira Mrs.
Ira MvKnight
Ira M«rr - Johnston
Ira N
Ira Neil
Ira Newton
Ira Norval Kilgonr
Ira Nw.leprmd Sfrito-Sii
Ira O Reilly
Ira Oreer
Ira Ow -n*
Ira Owens
Ira Payment
Ira Police
Ira Pot Rotating Bar Dumping Orate
Ira Proodfoot
Ira Qui
Ira R
Ira Rev K Spears
Ira Robertstead
Ira S
Ira S Benedict
Ira S nS US SSSi
Ira S. Benedict
Ira Sadler
Ira Slandi>h
Ira Smith
Ira Spearman
Ira St
Ira Stephens Surviving
Ira Sturgeon
Ira Surgeon
Ira T Terrifie
Ira Tanguiy
Ira Taylor
Ira The
Ira They
Ira Tier
Ira ToIman Bros
Ira Uns
Ira V
Ira Vhelen
Ira von
Ira Voting
Ira VVHelen Weekend
Ira W,th
Ira Warren
Ira We
Ira Weekend
Ira Whaeln
Ira Whale-;
Ira Whalen
Ira Whalen Mrs.
Ira Whclcn
Ira Whclen
Ira Whdcn Mr, John Morriaon
Ira Whden
Ira Whe
Ira Whe-
Ira Whe- Mr.
Ira Whe-len
Ira Whefen
Ira WheJen
Ira Whekn
Ira Whel-
Ira Whelan
Ira Whelan act Bishop Reed
Ira Whelan Did
Ira Whelcn
Ira Whelen
Ira Whelen " Len O Beaupre
Ira Whelen Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Ira Whelen Ottawa
Ira Whelenl
Ira Whelm
Ira Wheten
Ira Wholen
Ira Wilson
Ira Wilson M,« Hilda Graham
Ira Wrlson
Ira X1T
Ira Xi;rrifleld
Ira Young
Ira Young 497
Ira Young Dies
Ira) Leach
Ira- Van Adel
Isaac Brady Dies Buried At
Isaac McLellan Dies At Foxwarren
Ivan Dawkins Mrs Ira Whelan Mrs John Lisk
J --v John A. Smith Dies Al Home
J. B Fraser Dies
J. M. Elder Dies
J. Ryan Dies Suddenly
Jack McKnight
Jacques Native Dies A!
James A Armstrong Dies
James Aitchison Dies
James Amm Dies Al Quyon
James B. McCullough Dies
James Bowie Dies
James Cole Dies Suddenly When Meyrn Cole
James Cunningham Dies At Campbell
James Cutbertson Dies At
James D. Hamilton Dies
James Duloe Dies
James F. Devine Dies At Hcr
James F. Smith Dies
James H. Colton Dies
James Henry Peever Dies Mr.
James M. McLean Dies Àt Home Bertha Ellen Mohr Dies
James MacMillan Dies
James McDowell Dies
James McGillis Dies
James McKnight
James Pilkington Dies
James Ramsay Dies
James Richard Prior Dies
Jamie McKnight
Jamie Mcknight Farm Equipment
Jane Salway Dies At Shawville
Jean Ann Bowden Dies Suddenly
Jessie Smiley Dies
Jessie Smith Dies
Jeunes Cantile Dies
Ji Mr. Herbert Armstrong Dies
Jim McKnight
Jo Anne McKnight
Joanne Mcknight
John 7-2667 McKnight
John 7-2761 McKnight
John A. Gillies Prominent Lumberman Dies W
John À. Kelly Dies
John Angus Dies
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew McKnight
John Bingham Dies Suddenly Mr. John Bingham
John Brown V Cl Dies
John Campbell Dies
John D Moorhead Dies
John D. Russell Dies After Lengthy Illness
John David Morrison Dies At
John Eric Palmer Dies
John F. Kearns Ouyon Resident Dies Carpenter
John Francoeur Dies Al Coulonge Mr. John Francoeur
John George Stephens Ex-Mayor Dies
John Gordon Life Long Resident Dies
John Horner Dies
John Hubert Stilt Dies Al
John J. Gibson Dies
John James Morrison Dies After Brief Illness
John Johston Dies Suddenly At Campbell
John Junes Mulligan Dies Al Elkhom If
John Langford Mcknight
John Latham Dies After Wedneiday
John McKnight
John McNally Dies
John McVeigh Dies
John Moore Quyon Resident Dies
John Murray Dies Home
John Olsen Dies
John P Murray Dies At Sand Point DB.R.a.DOCKS
John S. Gillies Dies Suddenly
John S. Strutt Dies
John Sidney Perreault Dies
John Sloan Dies
John Steele Dies Suddenly
John Thomas Dies Catherine the
Joke Grant Dies Suddenly
Joseph Bean Dies
Joseph Buelieu Dies Shawville United Church Anniversftjy Shawvim.k
Joseph Dagenais Dies
Joseph E. Dolan Dies
Joseph Hearty Dies Suddenly Square Round
Joseph McDowell Dies
Joseph Robillard Dies At Vinton
Joyce W. G. Cowan C. Hobbs Ira Merrifield C. Lachaj>elle
Jr John Palmer Dies
Judy Stanton David Foran Doma Coyle Laurie Stafford Stephen McKnight Mary Theresa Murdock Gwen Pepp
K.C. William T. McDowell Dies
Karl McKnight
Kathleen Fulford Dies
Ken Christink Mcknight
Ken Smith Sarah Ellen Smith A.Y.P.A. Holds Sliding Parly And Annual Meeting Dies Al
L A. Dies Dealer
Laski Famed Labour Leader Dies
Lawrence Wallace Ira Leach
Lewis Schroeder Dies
Liza Romain Dies Al Kapuskasing Ladysmith Notes Convenors Items Wyman MacKechnie
Louis Richard Dies Mr. Frank Smith
Luella McKnight
Margaret Ann Shea Dies
Margaret Hammond Dies
Marie Therese Ira Lawrence
Marilyn Desabrais Trudy McKnight Mary-Jane McColgan P
Marjorie McKnight
Marlin Yach Dies Suddenly Fresh
Marshall Armstrong Dies Suddenly
Martin Kilroy Dies
Mary Agnes Toner Dies
Mary Alice Lunam Portage Native Dies
Mary Armstrong Dies Al Shawville
Mary Ellen McKnight
Mary Goodman Dies
Mary Hobbs Clarence Mcknight
Mary Milchum Dies At Maryland Messrs H I. Smith
Mary Mulligan Dies
Mary Stedman Dies Pontiac Farm Equipment Reg
McCoy Weds Norris Corrigan Samuel McNeill Dies
McKnight Dawson Armstrong
McKnight Murray
Melodie Mcknight
Messrs Gary McKnight
Messrs Ira
Messrs Ira Hanna
Messrs McKnight
Michael Doyle Dies
Michael James Sammon Dies
Michael Lance Dies
Milton Klock Dies
Minor Hockey IRA Belarus
Misa James L. Horner Dies
Miss Carter Dies After Lengthy Illness Clarendon
Missionary Dies
Morrison Dies Suddenly
Moses Greer Dies
Mr Ira Boyd
Mr Mrs. Fred Russett Dies
Mr. Andrew McKnight
Mr. Ira Hamm
Mr. Ira Merrifield
Mr. James Campbell Dies
Mr. Joseph Earlam Dies Unexpectedly
Mr. Murray McKnight
Mr. Thomas Paul Dies Aged
Mrs, Andrew McKnight
Mrs. Albert E. Wilson Dies Suddenly
Mrs. Alexander Brough Dies
Mrs. Alexander Ross Dies
Mrs. Andrew Alexander Dies
Mrs. Andrew McKnight
Mrs. Charles F. Hyde Dies While Visiting
Mrs. David Galbraith Dies
Mrs. Earl McKnight
Mrs. Emma Hurdman Dies
Mrs. Emma Saurial Dies At
Mrs. Felix Malette Dies After
Mrs. H Rabb. Mrs. Ira Whelcn
Mrs. Herb McKnight
Mrs. Ira Merrifield Elliott
Mrs. Ira Mr.
Mrs. Ira Mrs Vera Hodgins
Mrs. Ira Whalen
Mrs. Ira Young
Mrs. James Campbell Dies
Mrs. James Francis Rennick Dies
Mrs. James P. Conncllv Dies Miss Mona Armstrong
Mrs. Jean Marie Fort Coulonge Ira Whclen
Mrs. John 7-2588 McKnight
Mrs. John 7-2761 McKnight
Mrs. John 7-2987 McKnight
Mrs. John Bennett Dies
Mrs. John Gibson Dies
Mrs. M J Mcknight
Mrs. Margaret Ethel Paint Dies
Mrs. Margaret Smellie Dies Al Valois
Mrs. McKnight
Mrs. Roger James Mcknight’s
Mrs. Ruby McKnight
Mrs. Stephen Rohinsongjj^g Ira Whclen
Mrs. T.P. Graham Dies
Mrs. Thomas Black Dies
Mrs. Thomas Dumas Dies
Mrs. Thomas Grant Dies
Mrs. Thomas Tracey Dies
Mrs. Thomas Trudeau Dies
Mrs. W Dies
Mrs. Æ X <4 Ira
Mulligan Dies
Muriel Kathleen McKnight
Murphy Dies At Age
Murray McKnight
Newton Lewis Miss Verna McKnight
Norma Grace McKnight
Norma McKnight
Norma McKnight Given
Norman Reid Dies
Norris Angus Dies
Norval Kil- Gerald Ladouceur Dies Al
Notes John R. Robertson Dies Sunday
Notes Paul Gervais Dies
Nti Earl McKnight
O Byrne-AI McKnight
Oswald Murdock Dies Al Her
Owen D Sullivan Dies
Palmer Dies
Pastor Hamilton H. Stewart Dies
Patrick Daley Dies
Patrick Sajnmon Dies
Paul Insurance Hauptmann Dies
Paul McKnight
Paul Mrs. John D. Ford Dies After Lingering Illness DR.
Peace Signed Russell Sage Dies Suddenly GUATEMALA
Penney-Lynn McKnight
Penny Lynn McKnight
Penny McKnight
Penny McKnight.
Penny-Lynn McKnight
Peter Bell Dies
Peter Dumas Dies After Brief Illness INSECTICIDE
Peter Thompson Dies
Portage da Fort Dies Dp.
Prominent Area Farmer Dies
Qua Earl McKnight
Ralph Horner Dies
Reid Dies
Reid Dies At Horton
Repairs To Ira FrafKof Timmins
Rev M J Mcknight
Rev M McKnight
Rev Murray McKnight
Rev. H I. Horsey Dies
Rev. M J McKnight
Richard Armitagc Dies
Richard McBride Dies
Robert Cameron Dies
Robert Desabrais Dies
Robert H. Klock Dies Suddenly RAILWAY
Robert Hickson Dies
Robert Ira Earl Hanna
Robert Ira Hanna
Robert Little Dies Suddenly
Robert McCord Dies
Robert McKnight
Robert Morey Dies While Visiting
Robert Storey Dies
Robert Telford Dies Out
Robert W. Stanley Dies After Lengthy Illness
Roger McEl- McKnight
Ruby McKnight
Russell Dies
Russell Dies Al Norway
Sam McGee Dies
Sam Rennick Mrs. John B. Judd ......... Mrs Andrew McKnight
Samuel David Devenney Dies After Lengthy Illness Ann Smith
Samuel Hedgias Dies
Samuel Hodgiui Dies After Hushrll
Sec.-Treas McKNIGHT Wayne
Seward Liberal M Dies
Sharpe Dies
Shaw Dies Glengarry
Shawville Rotary Concert McKnight
Shirley Fierobin Dies
Shirley McKnight
Six Young Quyon Boy Dies Suddenly
Skip Mrs. Leon Lalibcrte Vf Mrs. Ira- Whalen
Smart John E. Whitton Dies Suddenly
Smiley Dies
Smith Ira
Solomon Woolley Dies
Ss Ella Stella Black Dies
Steinke Dies Suddenly
Steve McKnight
Sullivan Dies
Suzanne Ira
That Foreman Ira Hanna
The Honourable William McKnight Minister
Thomas À. Forai Dies
Thomas Dale Dies
Thomas Findlay Dies Five Weeks After Husband Dr.
Thomas P. Graham Dies
Thomas Sparling Dies After Brief Illness Day
Thomas Trudaeu Dies At Amprior
Thomas Warren Dies W Hudson Kaiser S&>
Thompson Dies At Otter
Tracy Dies
Treasurer Mrs. Ira Whelen
Trudy McKnight
Tyson McKnight
ÜJiï-iiJ Shawville Centenarian Dies After Brief Illness
Urn Ira
V Î »ira V .V
Vera McKnight
Verna McKnight
Victoria B.C. David McCuaig Dies
W H Corrigan. Ewe—Ira Hanna
W, G E Ira I M. Bond
W. Thomas Dies After Lengthy Illness
Wallace Dies
Walter A Craig Dies At Areola
Walter Arnold McKnight Range
Walter Clarks Ira Merrlfield
Walter E. Elliott Dies Very
Walter Henderson Dies
Walter McKnight
Walter Russell Dies
Wanted Lloyd Barrett Emmerson Dies
Wayne McKnight
Wes McKnight
Widow Ralph C. Horner Dies All Wool White Blanket
William & Lula McKnight
William ( Pat ) Ward Dies At
William A McKnight
William A. McKnight
William Albert Tweedy Dies
William Alexander Hodgins Dies
William and Ira Hanna
William Beattie Dies
William Brownlee Dies
William C. Young Dies
William Cameron Dies
William Elliott Jones Dies
William Fairbairn Edward Graham Dies
William Gray Dies À
William H Horner Dies
William Horsleld Dies
William Ira
William M. Russell Dies STENCIL TYPING
William McKnight
William McKnight and Margaret Leuis Paeche
William Murphy Dies
William Murray Dies
William Peebles Sly Dies
William Sereney Dies
William Telford Former Pontiacor Dies
William Thompson Dies Suddenly At McKee
William Turrieff Dies
William Wallace Dies
Willie McKnight
Wills Dies Suddenly
Wilson Dies
Wm James Connelly Dies
Wyman Institute Hugh Alton Moodie Dies Suddenly
Young Dies
Young Onslow Resident Dies After Brief Illness
Alberta l l ira
Des Ira»
Fort Dies
Fort Dies Dp.
Fort Dies Dr.
Fulton Dies
Green Lake Dies
ira-1 Mad-crumbi
Ma C. Mcknight
McGuire Dies
McKnight Creek
McKnight’s Grove
Mrs. Ira
San Ira
Straits .ira
Arms Dies At His Home
August Rose Dies
Austin McDowell Dies Following Lengthy Illness Out
Automobile Former Thorne Resident Dies
Bank of Montreal Prominent United Church Clergyman Dies
Banquet Hall County Women s Institute Earl Noel Dies
Baseball League Coulonge Man Dies Recreation Program Following Accident Starts Next Week Murray Pit
Bell Dies Al Mis Home
Boy Scouts Mrs. Lavina Tubman Dies Regular Meeting
Bride Elect Honoured Service Announcement Joseph Buelieu Dies Shawville United Church Anniversftjy
Bristol Dies
Bristol Dies At San Carlos Cal.
Bristol Dies CLINTON
Bristol Dies Suddenly
Bristol Lady Dies
Bristol Man Dies
Bristol Mrs Ira Whclnn Fort
Bristol Pentecostal Mission Dies At Mille Roches Womens House
Bristol Pioneer Dies Aged
Bristol Resident Dies
Bristol Resident Dies Suddenly
Bristol Station Agent Dies
Bryson Dies
Bryson Dies Those Message
Bryson Ira Hanna New Elects Ken Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Bryson Native Dies
Bryson Notes Dies Following Bancroft Accident Mr.
Carnival McKnight
Carson Dies Following Lengthy Illness BRISTOL NEWS
Chamber Dies
Chester Prendergast Dies Suddenly At Lachine Hospital DONAT Le GUERRIER Notary Public CAMPBELL,S BA
Clarendon Lady Dies At Westlock
Clarendon School Board Native of Bristol Dies
COLLEGE Wm Quinn Dies
Community Worker Dies in
Concert McKnight
Contact Ira Benedict
Contact Ira Greer
CREST Hardware Opening FLY Mrs. Oswald Murdock Dies Al Her Home
Crystal Stones Ira Merrifield Mangolds Small Muriel Bronson
Dagg Former Bristol Resident Dies
Department of Doris McKnight
Diamond Dies
Dies At Sons Home
Dies Best
Dies Civic Hospital
Dies Hi Syracuse In
Dies High School Hockey
Dies Mayo Clinic
DOCKS Dental Surgeon Mi88 Georgena Walaman Dies
Electronic Filing Dies
Everett Hodgins Dies
FI Jack Myers Dies In Montreal Solemn Moment
Fine Harness Ponies Ira Wilson
Ford Dies After Lingering Illness DR.
Ford Se- Malartic Girl Dies
Gulf Stream Dies
Haye Stephens Board Of Transport Commissioners Dies At
Health Mrs. Ira Whelen
Hector Belec Dies At Home Clarendon Council
HEHEH WÊÊ HH ErSKffrM fil*- Jeke Andemi Dies
Hodgini Rearing Pond In Shawville Dies
Hughes Dies Suddenly
ILL Barrister & Solicitor CAMPBELL’S BAY PHONE 28 Mrs. Nellie Helmer Dies At South
Inetit- Mrs. Ira Whelan
Installation Fr<»ser & Jamie McKnight GUIDE DE LA ROUTE DRIVER’S HANDBOOK Disponible
IRA Belarus
Ira Merrifleld
IRA Sebastien Beaudoin
John Gordon Life Long Resident Dies
Joke Grant Dies Suddenly
KELLEY Qaeboo Dies
Lawn Party Dies After Illness After Hour
Local Hardware Merchant Dies
Local Lions Visit Fisherman Dies Otta wa Club Lifting Motor Mother Country
Look Sere Beattie’s Eye Service John Steele Dies Suddenly
Malartic Girl Dies
Maple Leaf Miss Marjorie McKnight
Master Ira Hanna
McDowell Shawville Council Dies
McKnight Family
McKnight Rev. Stuart Marples
MEAT MARKET General Meeting Litchfield Council Hanlon Hammond Dies Al Zion Moved
Mission Circle Dies
Mithkm Quyon Woman Dies
Motion Agent Dies Suddenly Dr.
Mrs. Alex Bean Dies
Mrs. Ira Line
Mrs. Peter Bell Dies
National Manufacturing Co Montreal A DIES È
Native of Bristol Dies
NEILSON Pyjama Cloth Artbv Smyth Dies Soticily
North Star Dairy Ration Ladysmith Native Dies
Old Friends GOODS Hilliard Walsh Dies Suddenly Mr. Hilliard Walsh
Oldwell Dies In Hospital Sian Horner Wins B.A.
Onslow Council Mother Dies
Our Lady Of McKnight’s
Our Shop Tenders Wanted Norris Angus Dies
Paul Insurance Hauptmann Dies
Pioneer Resident Of SJiawville And Yarm Mrs. William Horsleld Dies
Pontiac Advance Dies Suddenly Attending Maes Victim
Pontiac Citizen Dies
Pontiac County Dies After JAMES
Pontiac Dies
Pontiac Dies After Chokbf Spell Seized
Pontiac Hockey League Schedule John Sloan Dies
PONTIAC HOUSt Fort Coulonge Citizen Dies
Pontiac Lady Dies
Pontiac McKnight
Pontiac Member Dies
Protects Clothes Protects Health Annie Jane Horner Dies
Publisher Dies
Quebec House Dies
Renfrew Hospital Select Owen D Sullivan Dies
Ryan Dies Suddenly
Sacred Elephant Dies
School Mr. Walter McKnight
Shawville Centenarian Dies After Brief Illness DEVELOPING PRINTING Beattie’s Eye Service Grenada’
Shawville Dies Cemetery Donations Service Announcement Shawville United Church Kbv A.
SHAWVILLE Mrs. Ira Whelen
Shawville United Church Dies
Sly Farm Forum Council Dies
Smith Bros Carson Hodgins Office Equipment Mcknight
Smith Maple Grove Service Dies
Society Dies Suddenly
SON Ira Hanna Fred Horner
SS A SI BLACK WIDOW Admit Entertainment May St A II Dies In Hospital Mtr
St McKnight
St Mrs Ruby McKnight
Standard Church Dies
Starks Corners Dies SOFT BALL Woman Gored
Starks Corners Miss Norma McKnight
Stark’s Corners Baptist Churek Dies
Student Dies
SUPER Alvin Smiley Dies In Memorial Hospital
That Brother Ira
Toronto Rev. Kingsley Cutler Dies Suddenly
Trailer / Shawville Native Dies
Trudy McKnight Mary-Jane McColgan P
United Church Mn Fred Tarranl Dies Al Foxwarren Starks Corners Wl Hi-liles Committee Make Profils F
United Church Pastor Dies Suddenly
Veteran Dies In Toronto Mr.
Veteran School Teacher Dies
Victor McGuire Dies Suddenly
Village McKnight
Visa Gertrude Lafleur Dies Suddenly
W. McKnight Conservative Association
Western Methodist Lyman Connelly Dies
WMS Clarendon Native Dies Correction
Women’s Institute Pte Dalton Devine Dies
Worker Dies.
Workers Tops For Detailed Operations Mrs. Chas Mayhew Dies
Wyman Institute Hugh Alton Moodie Dies Suddenly