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Elaine Hayes

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83471_1941-09-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1941-12-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1942-07-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1944-09-28 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1944-12-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1945-08-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1945-12-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1947-01-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1949-09-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1949-10-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1950-09-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1950-10-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1951-03-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1951-09-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1955-09-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1956-08-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1958-07-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1965-07-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1970-08-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1992-06-30 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

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0. J. Hayes
0llicc — Hayes
1-46 inoe Hayes
1085 Office—Hayes Block
10:00 Eleanor Hayes
10:15 Howard Hayes
1836 Office—Hayes
1951.. W M. HAYES.
2. Annie Hayes
20,21,22 Howard Hayes
2005 Kristine Hayes
2416 Hayes
3.00-Ted Hayes
3i/irry QYooJ W. M. Hayes
3rd Harold Hayes India
3ti| Office—Hayes
4- M. Hayes
414.20 W.J. Hayes
432-7036 W.J. HAYES
582 K Hayes
647-1942 W.J. HAYES
647-2068 W.J. Hayes
647-2546 W.J. Hayes
647-2972 W.J. Hayes
647-3861 W.J. Hayes
647-5808 W.J. Hayes
7315BA20 W.M. Hayes
8. J. Hayes
819-647-2204 W.J. Hayes
819-647-3861 W.J. Hayes
819-647-5711 W.J. Hayes
8396.00 office—Hayes
8pen- Office—Hayes
9C ** Hayes - Armstrong Janet Armstrong
A A I / W. M. Hayes
A. Carpets Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store
A. E. Hayes
A. Hayes
A. W. Hayes
Absent Comm Hayes
Adam Elaine Richardson
Adc’ Katherine Hayes
Addison Hayes Murphy Addison Hayes Murphy
Adrien Du- Elaine
Adult Allison Hayes Gregg Palmer
Against amendment—Hayes
AIRPORT Helen Hayes Deen Martin George Kennedy
Al- Hayes
Albert Hayes
Alexander Cobb Hayes
Alexander Elaine
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander Mel-1 Office—Hayes
Alexander o Hayes.
Alfred Hayes
Alice Hayes
Allan Gerald Hayes
Allen Hayes
Alma Hayes
Also Hayes
Alvin Brown Mahlon Hayes
Alvin Brown Mr. Mahlon Hayes
Alvin Hayes
Amy Creighton spent Pearl Hayes
Amy Elaine.
And Major Hayes
Anderson- W.M. Hayes
Andes Maggie Hayes
Andy Devine Teddy Hayes
Ann Hayes
Ann os7 W. M. Hayes
Anna (Nee Bruce Hayes
Anne Hayes
Annette Hayes
Annie E. Hayes
Annie Hayes
Annual Howard Hayes
Apples Hayes
Apply Mrs W J. Hayes
Apply Mrs. W. J. Hayes
Apply W J Hayes
Apply W J. Hayes A Display Classfied
Archbishop Hayes
Archdeacon Roberts Hayes Bros.
Ari Hayes
Art and Mack Hayes
Art Hayes
Art Hayes - Maurice Lemay
Art Hayes Program
Art Hayes^El-
Arthur ?Hayes
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes 661
Arthur Kennedy W. M. Hayes
Arthur Lucas Beechgrove Steele Line W. M. Hayes
Arthur Mrs. Elaine
Arthur Wilson Hayes
Artist Howard Hayes
Avocats Ross Sc Elaine Beck Craig Sc Kerry Callan-J Campbell
Ayrshire—Erwin Hayes
B la Hayes Snowplowing
B.A. Mahlon Hayes
Band Howard Hayes
Barbara Elaine Eades
Barbara Elaine Hull
Barbara Harris Prize Stone Consolidated Gwen Hayes Special
Barbara Miss Elaine Hod-gfns
Barbers Elaine
Bay - Hayes
Bay Dr. Marie Hayes
Bay Gwen Hayes New
Bennett Howard Hayes
Bergerac Allison Hayes
Bert Mahlon Hayes Mur-
Bertram F. Hayes
Bertrand Barry Zacharias Jennifer Anderson lie—Kathy Hayes Bobby Brctzlaff Michael Finnegan Ilia—Ro
Best Antique Car - Bruce Hayes
Beth Rayma Hayes
Betty Hayes
Beverley Elaine.
Bill Hayes
Bill Lasalle W. M. Hayes
Billy Murray Hayes
BiS ( Hayes
Bishop Teresa Hayes
Bob Bechtold C. Edgar Hodgins Anonymous W. J. Hayes
Bob Hayes
Bob Mrs Howard Hayes
Book Marie Hayes
Boston Transcript HAYES
Boys-Lorne Bean Sr. Girls-Elaine Tait Sr. Boys-Stephen Kennedy
Brenda Elaine Shawville
Brenda Lee Hayes
Brent Elaine
Brian Hayes
Brian Tubman Hayes
Bridge M Hayes
Brown John S. Hodgins George Stones W, M. Hayes Eerl Bean Lloyd Quaile Roland Amyott
Bruce & Jane Hayes
Bruce ) Hayes
Bruce Hayes
Bruce Hayes - Sheppard
Bruce Hayes 56.7.
Bruce Hayes Moorehead Routliffe
Bruce Jennifer Hayes
Bruce Judd and Bruce Hayes
Bruce Norway Bay Senior Men’s Hayes
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bud Rowat Athol Dale Irvine Gone Mac Hayes
Bull—J C Hayes 1
By Doris Hayes
By- Hayes
C A I W. M. Hayes
C and Mrs Hayes
C Hayes
C J Hayes
C mncillur Hayes
C. Hayes
C. J. Hayes
C. J. Hayes Y Brough
C. Schwartz W. H. Hayes
Captain Hayes
Carence Hayes
Carlos A. Hayes
Carlson I I • Howard Hayes
Carmen W. M. Hayes Secretary-T
Caroline Elaine Rivet
Carrière Gwen Hayes Michelle As
Catherine Hayes
Catherine Poirier Susan Marcotte Mary Hayes Grade 8— Alice Hayes Anne Meilleur Ci
Cathie Hayes
Cathy Hayes
Cecilia Ann Hayes
Celia Hayes
Celia W.M. Hayes
Central School Hayes
Chairman Hayes
Chamberlin - Hayes
Charity Game Coordinator Greg Hayes
Charles M. Hayes
Charlie Hayes
Chiffon) Hayes
Chip returned Hayes Funeral Home
Chris Barber Hayes
Chris Hayes
Chrisella Hayes
Chrisella Kelly Hayes Chapeau
Christine Hayes
Church WJ Hayes Funeral Home
Cis Hayes
City Province J • Phone 4- 95 HAYES’ DRESS SHOP
Ciwen Hayes
Claie/ice Hayes
Clarence Hayes
Clarence Hayes 692
Clarence Hayes ITT Strawberry Festival
Clarence Hayes----
Clarence W. Hayes
Clarence Wesley Hayes
Clarence Wesley Hayes Passes
Clarendon W M. Hayes
Clareuce Hayes
Claude Hayes
Clayton Hayes
Clifford Force Hayes
Clifford Russell-Hayes-Dods Jones
Cm Hayes
Cn Hayes
Coach Elaine Richardson
Cole Hayes
Cole J. Hayes
Color Suzanne Pleshette Rod Taylor W. M Hayes
Com M Hayes
Com Maillon Hayes
Comm Hayes
Comm M Hayes
Comm Mahlon Hayes
Comm W.M. Hayes
Comma Hayes
Commissioner M Hayes
Comms Hayes
Conduct Henry Hayes
Conductor Elaine Hodgins
Const!-Hayes Ambulance
Contact Heather Hayes
Contact W.M. Hayes
Convener Gwen Hayes
Cordelia Hayes
Corn Hayes
Council W.J. Hayes
Councillor Gerald Hayes
Councillor Hayes
Councillor Irwin Hayes
Councillor M. Hayes
Councillor Mahlon Hayes
Councillors George Hayes
Councillors Hayes
Counselors Hayes
Cr C Richardson Hayes
Cr Hayes
Cr I Hayes
Cr!l Hayes Next
Cra I Hayes
Crazy Hayes
Crs Black Hayes
Crs Gerald Hayes
Crs Hayes
Crs I Hayes
Crs Irwin Hayes
Crwen Hayes Thus
Curling J Hayes
CUtiWCG-tt Herbert Hayes
Cyril R. Hayes
D. Hayes
D.D. Shawville Mrs. A. Hayes
D.W. James Hayes
Dagg Mrs H Hayes
Dale Clarence Hayes
Dale Hayes
Dale.......... Clarence Hayes
Dale............ Clarence Hayes
Danielle Hayes
Daryl Hayes
Daryl Irwin Hayes
Dash— Bruce Hayes
Dçris M. Hayes
Dear Editor Elaine Russett
Découpage Rayma Hayes
Den- W J Hayes
Denis and J Hayes
Dennis Hayes
Diane Richard Villa Day Spa Elaine Lang
Distinction Helen Hayes
District Governor elect Mac Hayes
District Governor elect Msc Hayes
Diversity Office—Hayes
Docteure Hayes
Docteure Marie Hayes
Doctor Hayes
Doctor Marie Hayes
Donald Hayes
Donald Lavallée W.J. Hayes
Donna Courchesne Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Donnie Campbell Hayes
Doris Hayes
Doris Neale Hayes
Dorothy (Hayes
Dorothy ?Hayes
Dorothy Hayes
Dorothy Hayes Promoted
Dorothy I. Hayes
Dorothy J Hayes
Dorothy WJ Hayes
Dot Hayes
Doug Tait Art Hayes
Douglas Stocker Hayes
Dr. Hayes
Dr. Hayes Brothers Main Street
Dr. Marie Hayes
Dr. Marie Hayes Come Worship With Us Mohr
Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Dr. Marie Hayes French
Dr. Marie Hayes New
Dr. Marie Hayes Yukon
Draper , M. Hayes
Draper Office—Hayes
Drifters Howard Hayes Dean Howard Andy Clarke Don C
Drrothv Hayes
Duncan Lunam Ted Hayes
Dunn- WM Hayes
Dwight McDow- W. M. Hayes
E aine Hayes
E and Mrs Marion Hayes
E H. Hayes
E R. Hayes
E R. Hayes Sec-Treas.-R.NV.
E T ^ Hayes
E. E Hayes
E. H. Hayes
E. Hamilton) Mabel Hayes
E. K. Hayes
E. R Hayes
E. R Hayes F A. Thompson «Duncan Campbell
E. R. Hayes
E.R. Hayes
Eades Mahlon Hayes
Earlatu John Gibson W. J. Hayes Lloyd Elliott Cecil EUiott
Ed Vance Hayes
Eddie Bretzlaft Hayes Beauty Shop
Editeur Hayes
Edward C. Hayes
Edward Hayes
Edward James Mahlon Hayes
Edward Mahlon Hayes
Edward Titnming..... Michael Hayes
Edwin Dahms Elaine Eades
Eileen Elaine Routledge
El- W.M Hayes
Elaine Schwartz
Elaine ?
Elaine Extended Cab SLS
Elaine & Darwin Denault
Elaine & Leslie Russett
Elaine ( Mrs B Palmer
Elaine (Fred Godin
Elaine (Fred Wilson
Elaine (Mn Beverley Palmer
Elaine (Oliver
Elaine (Ron) Ma- Sammon
Elaine (Schwartz
Elaine -
Elaine 100112b
Elaine 1535
Elaine 30712xm31
Elaine 54250BS16 Waterfront
Elaine 56993BD9
Elaine 648-5641
Elaine 9814XF4
Elaine A
Elaine Acres
Elaine Adaire
Elaine Alex-
Elaine Alexand
Elaine Alexander
Elaine Allard
Elaine Am-
Elaine Amyotte
Elaine and
Elaine and Becky
Elaine and Clifford Grant.
Elaine and Joan
Elaine and Murray
Elaine and Ron
Elaine and Ron Bruce Baker
Elaine and Ron By ELIZABETH Gauthier
Elaine and Ron Lewis
Elaine and Ron Madaire
Elaine and Ron Modal
Elaine and Ross Morley
Elaine and William Gautier Elyse Gautier
Elaine Anne
Elaine Anne Schwartz Marries Bryon Frank Mackenzie Hodgins
Elaine Archibald
Elaine Armstrong Weds
Elaine Balstone
Elaine Bane
Elaine Barbara
Elaine Barbeau
Elaine Barber
Elaine Barbie Stafford Lutheran Zion
Elaine Barrie
Elaine Barrymore
Elaine Batstone
Elaine BdVle
Elaine Beck
Elaine Beck McKnight
Elaine Beck Mrs Evangeline Robinson
Elaine Beck Shirley Thoms
Elaine Bedard
Elaine Bertrand
Elaine Birthday
Elaine Black
Elaine Borden
Elaine Born
Elaine Boucher
Elaine Boyd Ebert
Elaine Brisson
Elaine Bronson
Elaine Brown
Elaine Brown Plaintiff
Elaine Brydges
Elaine Burden
Elaine Burk
Elaine Burke
Elaine Burke Dépanneur Coin Picanoc Otter
Elaine Burke’s
Elaine Caimey
Elaine Cairney
Elaine Cairney’s
Elaine Carmen Beloved
Elaine Carmen Inglee
Elaine Carney
Elaine Carson
Elaine Carswell
Elaine Carty
Elaine Cecille
Elaine Ceramic
Elaine Chamber- Bob Young Gladvs
Elaine Charette
Elaine Charteris
Elaine Church
Elaine Ciceri
Elaine Cicissini
Elaine Clarke
Elaine Clouthier
Elaine Cole
Elaine Cole Lori a Perry
Elaine Cole Truman Stitt
Elaine Commencing
Elaine Corby
Elaine CoUiam
Elaine Courtney
Elaine Courtney Centre
Elaine Crawford
Elaine Crawford Mrs Willis Crawford
Elaine Csw.ord
Elaine Currie Mills
Elaine Currie Mills Honoured X
Elaine Currie-Mills
Elaine Curry-Mills
Elaine da
Elaine Dads
Elaine Dahms
Elaine Dahms Lewis
Elaine Dahm»
Elaine Dale
Elaine Danny
Elaine Datum
Elaine Dawn’s
Elaine Deanault
Elaine Decks
Elaine Deeks
Elaine Denaulf
Elaine Denault
Elaine Desjardines
Elaine Desjardins
Elaine Dick
Elaine Docto
Elaine Doda
Elaine Dodds
Elaine Dods
Elaine Dods Saturday
Elaine Does
Elaine Dominic Curley
Elaine Dow
Elaine Dow-
Elaine Dow-dall
Elaine Dowd
Elaine Dowdall
Elaine DowdaM.
Elaine Downey
Elaine Dr. Norman Poole
Elaine DubL Pride Corn
Elaine Due
Elaine Dufault
Elaine Dumouchel
Elaine E. G Sparrow
Elaine Eades
Elaine Ebert
Elaine Ebert Godin
Elaine Ebert Godin Wall
Elaine Ebert Wall
Elaine Ebert Walls
Elaine Eberts Godin
Elaine EDITORIAL Dear Editor Leader
Elaine Edwards
Elaine Edwards Shawville
Elaine Eliott
Elaine Elsie Sparrow
Elaine Elwyn
Elaine Ernest
Elaine Evans
Elaine Fades
Elaine Fair
Elaine Faris
Elaine Find
Elaine Find- Warren Halligan
Elaine Find-son
Elaine Findlay
Elaine Findlay McIntyre
Elaine Finlan
Elaine Flanders
Elaine Floch
Elaine Francoeur
Elaine From
Elaine Fulford
Elaine Gagnon
Elaine Gardener Mona Lacroix
Elaine Gardni-er
Elaine Garry
Elaine Gaudet
Elaine Gawley
Elaine Gerow
Elaine Gilbert
Elaine Glazed Chemes
Elaine Glenn Reg
Elaine Godin
Elaine Godin Mae Stafford Young
Elaine Godin-Wall
Elaine Godin_______
Elaine Grace
Elaine Grace Mulvey
Elaine Grace-Sloan
Elaine Grand
Elaine Grant
Elaine Grant Stewart
Elaine Graveline
Elaine Greet Margaret
Elaine Hades
Elaine Ham
Elaine Ham-commented
Elaine Hamilton
Elaine Hammerstein and
Elaine Hammond
Elaine Hammonds
Elaine Han* Ion
Elaine Hanlan
Elaine Hanlon
Elaine Harris
Elaine Hatpin
Elaine Hayes
Elaine Hcdgins
Elaine Hedging
Elaine Helleyer
Elaine Hérault
Elaine Hérault Belair
Elaine Hérault Beloir
Elaine Herb
Elaine Hides
Elaine Hilda
Elaine Hilda Dorothea
Elaine Hod
Elaine Hod- Applesauce Cake - Dar- Evelyn Dale
Elaine Hod-Dan
Elaine Hod-gins
Elaine Hod-Jones
Elaine Hod-ria
Elaine Hodgina Shawville
Elaine Hodgins
Elaine Hodgins Carmen BretzlafT Secrc-was
Elaine Hodgins Isabel Elliott
Elaine Hodgins Number
Elaine Hodgins On
Elaine Hodglns
Elaine Hods
Elaine Homer
Elaine Hor-Thompson
Elaine Horn
Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner 2
Elaine Horner Honoured Miss Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner Youngest
Elaine Horner.
Elaine Hospital
Elaine Hotte
Elaine Houghton
Elaine Huckabone
Elaine Hudgins
Elaine Hun-oack
Elaine Hunter
Elaine Hynes
Elaine I
Elaine I Stryker
Elaine Interesting
Elaine I^ing
Elaine James
Elaine Jason
Elaine Jean
Elaine Jean Brown
Elaine Jean part-time Orchestra
Elaine Jean-Marie
Elaine Jessie
Elaine Joan
Elaine Johns
Elaine Johnston
Elaine Joyce
Elaine Kirby
Elaine Kluke
Elaine Kramer
Elaine La
Elaine Lachap
Elaine Lafr
Elaine Laframboise
Elaine Lagace
Elaine Lagarde
Elaine Laird
Elaine Lake
Elaine Lamarche
Elaine Lance
Elaine Land
Elaine Lang
Elaine Lang Dan
Elaine Lang Hynes
Elaine Lang J.J.
Elaine Lang Lang
Elaine Lang Mans Sweater
Elaine Lang Poster
Elaine Lang Roybaye Farms New
Elaine Laroche
Elaine LaSalle
Elaine Lasalles Dumouchel
Elaine Laugh
Elaine Laughren
Elaine Laughren And Mr Chester Laughren
Elaine Laughren Palmer
Elaine Lawrence
Elaine Leach
Elaine Learn
Elaine Leona Farrell
Elaine Lewis
Elaine Lewis Louise Barber
Elaine Le|arde
Elaine Liedtke
Elaine Loved
Elaine Lund
Elaine Lusk
Elaine Lytle
Elaine Ma
Elaine Ma*Eweu
Elaine Ma- Gilles Malette
Elaine Mac-Farland
Elaine MacEwen
Elaine MacFarlane
Elaine Macphee
Elaine MacPhee Donald
Elaine Madair
Elaine Madaire
Elaine Madaire Association Dube
Elaine Madalre
Elaine Madarie
Elaine Mainse
Elaine Malette
Elaine Margaret.
Elaine Marion
Elaine Marleau
Elaine Martineau
Elaine Mary Bertrand Mr
Elaine May
Elaine May Shea
Elaine May-
Elaine Mayhew
Elaine Mayhew Burke
Elaine Mayme Cowlthorpe
Elaine Mc-Presbyterian
Elaine McCagg
Elaine McDmveir™
Elaine McDow-
Elaine McDowell
Elaine McDowell *0 Muriel Webb
Elaine McDowell Spent
Elaine McElroy Ottawa
Elaine McGee
Elaine McGfbbon
Elaine McGuire
Elaine McHale
Elaine McKay
Elaine McKibbon
Elaine McKibbon’s
Elaine McKibhon
Elaine McKihbon
Elaine McKwen
Elaine McLaren
Elaine Mcllowell
Elaine McMullen
Elaine McPhee
Elaine Me
Elaine Me-
Elaine Me- Mr.
Elaine Me-7:30
Elaine Meabb
Elaine Meredith
Elaine Merleau
Elaine Mfljour
Elaine Michael Grace
Elaine Miij^ir
Elaine Mil
Elaine Mil-
Elaine Mil- da Hodgins
Elaine Mil- Elsie Gordon
Elaine Mil- He
Elaine Mil- Verna Kelly
Elaine Mil-?Jour
Elaine Mil-jour
Elaine Mil-sie Gordon
Elaine Milford
Elaine Milford Leach
Elaine Miljour
Elaine Miljour Burke
Elaine Miljour Hodgins
Elaine Miljour Quebec
Elaine Milliken
Elaine Mil|our
Elaine Misse* Marjorie
Elaine Mi^our
Elaine Mme Joan Esmambre
Elaine Mme Joan Essiambre
Elaine MnrlMr*
Elaine Mohr
Elaine Molyeaux
Elaine Mon
Elaine Moore
Elaine Moore She
Elaine Mousseau
Elaine MQjour
Elaine Mr
Elaine Mrs Ed Gutoski
Elaine Mrs.
Elaine Mrs. Hector Racine
Elaine Mueller
Elaine Müjour
Elaine Mullin
Elaine Mulvcy
Elaine Napanee
Elaine Needham
Elaine New Year
Elaine Newton
Elaine Newton _
Elaine Nora
Elaine Nugent
Elaine Obituary
Elaine Ole
Elaine Otter Lake
Elaine P. Ralli
Elaine Pal-, Mrs. William Rueckwald
Elaine Palmer
Elaine Palmer - Theresa Fraser
Elaine Palmer McDowell
Elaine Palmer Neil Sharpe
Elaine Palmer Saturday
Elaine Palmer Welfare
Elaine Perry
Elaine Pilon
Elaine Pilon Guides
Elaine Platt
Elaine Pods
Elaine poster Richardson
Elaine Prince
Elaine Proulx
Elaine P™™*
Elaine Quests
Elaine Quinn
Elaine Quinn Boucher
Elaine Racine
Elaine Racine Sales
Elaine Raymond Wall
Elaine Rebertz
Elaine Regarde
Elaine Ren-
Elaine Rennick
Elaine Rice
Elaine Rich August
Elaine Rich-
Elaine Rich- Hit
Elaine Rich- Richardson
Elaine Rich- Smith
Elaine Rich-apartment
Elaine Richard
Elaine Richard toumameat Shaw
Elaine Richard-
Elaine Richard- Eleanor Rennick
Elaine Richard-kids
Elaine Richard-Truaeau
Elaine Richards
Elaine Richardson
Elaine Richardson Dianne Judd
Elaine Richardson Your
Elaine Richardson’s Gr
Elaine Risto
Elaine Ritchie
Elaine Ritchie Ronald * Clara Russell Dkk
Elaine Ritchie/
Elaine Riv-
Elaine Rivet
Elaine Robertson
Elaine Rochon
Elaine Rochon Gardener
Elaine Rochon Gardiner
Elaine Rochon Happy
Elaine Rochon-Gardlner
Elaine Romain
Elaine Ron Postlander
Elaine Rose
Elaine Rosilla
Elaine Rosille
Elaine Routledge
Elaine Ruasett
Elaine Ruas^tt
Elaine Rueaett
Elaine Rus
Elaine Rus-sett
Elaine Rus-ticipation
Elaine Rusaett
Elaine Russe
Elaine Russell
Elaine Russet
Elaine Russett
Elaine Russett Charte
Elaine Russett Smith
Elaine Russett’s
Elaine Russe»
Elaine Rutledge
Elaine s Gustave Yach
Elaine S(
Elaine SAT.
Elaine Say
Elaine Saylcs
Elaine Sayle
Elaine Sayles
Elaine Scanlon
Elaine Schureg
Elaine Schurig
Elaine Schwartz
Elaine Senack
Elaine Senack-
Elaine Sharon Carrière
Elaine Shepard
Elaine Sheppard
Elaine Sloan
Elaine Sloan Brisson Miss Cathy McCrank
Elaine Smith
Elaine Smith-Gauthier
Elaine Snodden
Elaine Soucie
Elaine Sparling
Elaine Sparling Faye Sparling
Elaine Sparrow
Elaine St-
Elaine St-Aubin
Elaine Stan-staff
Elaine Stanton
Elaine Steph-1
Elaine Stephens
Elaine Stephen»
Elaine Steven
Elaine Stevens
Elaine Steward Schwartz
Elaine Stewart
Elaine Stewart TOMOEBOW Celer Join Decore
Elaine Stitt
Elaine Stiutt
Elaine Stone
Elaine Strutt
Elaine Strutt Instruction
Elaine Stryker
Elaine Sweet
Elaine Swick
Elaine Tait
Elaine Tait Mavis Kluke Darlene Hearty Senior Boys
Elaine Taylor
Elaine Tel-like
Elaine Telford
Elaine Telford Equity Editor
Elaine The
Elaine Theresa
Elaine Thompson
Elaine Thurgood
Elaine Timmy Markus
Elaine tl0l
Elaine Tol- M
Elaine Tollan
Elaine Tollman
Elaine Tollmann
Elaine Tollman’s
Elaine Tolman
Elaine Towell
Elaine Tracey
Elaine Tracey Stewart
Elaine Transport
Elaine Tuesdays
Elaine Turpin
Elaine Uing Hello
Elaine V/
Elaine Vic
Elaine Vickery
Elaine W.ckens
Elaine W.‘
Elaine Walsh
Elaine Way
Elaine Way Simpson Declare
Elaine Wd
Elaine Weir
Elaine What
Elaine White
Elaine Wic
Elaine Wickcns
Elaine Wickens
Elaine Wickens Fort
Elaine Wickens There
Elaine Widens
Elaine Willard Sparling
Elaine Wilson
Elaine Wlc-kens
Elaine Wlck-| Committees
Elaine Wlckens
Elaine Women
Elaine Wood Marketing Board
Elaine Wtckens
Elaine Yolande
Elaine Young
Elaine Your
Elaine Za-dow
Elaine £SL5T«L
Elaine ¦ Lang
Eleanor C Hayes
Eleanor Hayes
Eleanor Hayes Agricultural Bus
Eleanor Hayes Marathon Bicycle Races Arts
Eleanor Hayes Prize
Election Clerk: Mrs Elaine Sloan
Elementary Hayes
Elementary—Miss Hayes
Elizabeth (Hayes
Elizabeth Hayes
Ella Hayes
Ella Ste- Elaine Towell
Ellen Hayes
Ellen McCrea Hayes
Elmer Hayes
Elsie Spar- Hayes
EMBALMING A V W. J. HAYES Cream Separator
Embyle Hayes
Emily Samuel Hayes
Empire Helen Hayes Helen Hayes
Engaged 2153 Hayes Bros
Ennis Elaine Krutz
Eric Elaine Sparling
Eric Hayes
Ernest Hayes
Erwin Hayes
Esq Cbone Hayes
Eva Armstrong to Kathy Hayes
Eve Elaine
Everett Hayes
Excellence Eleanor Hayes
F R V I T F ( Elaine
Fair K » Jennifer Hayes
Fam Hayes Road
Farmer Hayes
Featuring “Howard Hayes
Festival Tal- Hayes
Fleury Sec-Treas W. M. Hayes
Florence Hayes
Florent Howard Hayes Band
FOOL” Office—Hayes
Force Eleanor Hayes
Ford W.J. Hayes
Fort 5l0832ba24 Hayes Ambulance
Frances Hayes
Fred A Elaine Godin
Fred Desa- Elaine Palmer
Friends Kristine Hayes
Fundraisers Greg Hayes
Furniture F H Rowat Insurance Shawville Rotary W J. Hayes
G Hayes
G. Hayes
G. T. Hayes
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gail Gavan • Howard Hayes
Gail Hayes
Gail Smith Weds Herbert Nathan Hayes Ladysmith Vinton Mr.
Gary J. Hayes
Gates Gilbert Gilliland Greaves Hayes
Gem-ge Hayes
Gene Hackman " Three Tough Guys" Isaac Hayes
Geoffrey Elaine and Ron Madaire
George and Elaine Ren
George Campbell Mrs. Irwin Hayes At
George Elaine
George Hayes
George J Hayes
George Mrs. Hayes
George Stew- Hayes Funeral Home
Gerald Hayes
Gerald Hayes Donald
Gerald Marion Hayes
Gerald McKenny Cartage Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home
Gertie Riley W. J. Hayes
Gil-from W J Hayes
Gilbert Hayes
Gilbert Mr. W. J. Hayes
Gilpin-, Bruce Hayes
Glen Daughters Donna and Hayes
Glen Hayes
Gloria Elaine
Gordon Broad Jump— Bruce Hayes 17’6’
Grace Woods Elaine Lang
Grade 7—Elaine Hayes
Grade V: Elaine Grant
Grade V—Betty Hayes
Graduate McGill Vnlverott}) Office—Hayes
Graham Hayes
Graham John Lunam Elaine Richardson Karen Smith
Graham Mr. W. J. Hayes
Grant Fades Hayes
Grc# Hayes
Greg / Hayes
Greg and Jennifer Hayes
Greg and Lome Hayes
Greg Hayes
Greg Hayes And
Greg Hayes Inspects
Greg Hayes Lion
Greg Hayes THANIiS Wadge
Greg §6M Hayes
Gregory Hayes
Gregory Hayes.
Grey - Hayes Funeral Home 58+11 Murray
Grey Hayes
Guy Boisvert Gaétan Dumouchel Fence Guy Pieschke W.J. Hayes
Guylaine Homer Elaine
Gwen B Hayes
Gwen Hayes
Gwen Hayes President
Gwen L Hayes
Gwendoline Hayes
Gypsies Jennifer Hayes
H- Hayes
H. Hayes
H.rolJ Hayes
Halerie Roberts Ib—Heather Hayes le—Delbert Stephens 2a—Rita Kirkham 2b—David Russell 2c—Karen Davi
Ham James Hayes
Ham-to Clarence Hayes
Hannah Dianne Elaine
Hansom Hayes
Hardy Plants K&L Dairy Products C.B.L Pirie Enterprises André Chartrand W.J. Hayes
Hardy Plants Shawville 647-2680 W.J. Hayes
Haro d Hayes
Harold Hayes
Harold Hayes 1
Harold Hayes AI
Harold Hayes Floral
Harold Hayes Municipal Council
Harold Hayes O.
Harold Hayes U.l BUFFALO
Harold Hayes Visiting
Harold Hayes With
Harold Hayes’
Harris W. M. Hayes
Harris R.C.A.M.C. Kingston Art Hayes R.C.A.M.C.
Harry 7-2782 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2736 Hayes
Harry 8. J. Hayes SUPPLIES June
Harry A. Hayes
Harry Fades,-Miss Elaine
Harry Hayes
Harry Hodglns Hayes
Harry M. Hayes
Harry Mrs. J. P. Hayes
Harvey Me- Mrs. Harold Hayes
Hawley Hayes
Hayes Ottawa Valley Antique Association
Hayes "
Hayes " Block
Hayes - Jackson
Hayes A
Hayes A 1 K
Hayes A Andy Clark
Hayes A Son Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons
Hayes A Sons Funeral
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons Funeral Village
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Admission
Hayes Ai Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Am- Knudson
Hayes Ambulance
Hayes and Margaret Michaua
Hayes B
Hayes B Sons
Hayes Band
Hayes Bea ttv Shop Haye* Funeral Home Hayes
Hayes Beauty Parlor
Hayes Beauty Parlour
Hayes Beauty Salon
Hayes Beauty Shop
Hayes Beauty Shop Repairs
Hayes Beauty Shoppe
Hayes Beauty Shoppe Clearance Sale
Hayes Beauty Shoppe) Buddy Hacket Comedy
Hayes Bert Montgomery
Hayes Bios
Hayes Bios.
Hayes Block
Hayes Block Centre
Hayes Block Centre St
Hayes Block Centre St Ottawa
Hayes Bock
Hayes Bracebridge
Hayes Bras
Hayes Brm
Hayes Bros
Hayes Bros Ambulance Cummings
Hayes Bros Mrs Edward Stewart
Hayes Bros,
Hayes Bros, Dr Morissette
Hayes Bros, Mrs Belvo Armitage
Hayes Bros, Rev.
Hayes Bros, Roy Bretzloff
Hayes Bros, _ _ _
Hayes Bros.
Hayes Bros. Burial
Hayes Bros. Ever
Hayes Bros. Funeral
Hayes Bros. Funeral Home
Hayes Bros. Inez Maheraf
Hayes Bros. Mary
Hayes Bros. Mary Kahoa
Hayes Bros. SpeciaJ Shawville
Hayes Bros. Travail
Hayes Bros. Wife Ruby
Hayes Brother
Hayes Brothers
Hayes Brothers Business Personals Harold Hammond
Hayes Brownlee
Hayes Cards
Hayes Carried
Hayes Celebrate Their Fortieth Wedding Anniversary Parishioners
Hayes Chanted Mrs. Kelley
Hayes Chapeau
Hayes Chapel
Hayes Cheryl Campbell
Hayes Citizenship
Hayes Classic
Hayes Closest
Hayes Comer
Hayes Comteé
Hayes Congratulations
Hayes Consultants
Hayes Converter
Hayes Converters
Hayes Corner
Hayes Cost
Hayes Creek
Hayes Curling Trophy Thursday
Hayes Currently
Hayes Dave Brown Bill Riddell Don Paul Ron MoCredie
Hayes Dean
Hayes Deceased
Hayes Delegates
Hayes Dies
Hayes Emmerson
Hayes Englehart
HAYES Eric A. Smith
Hayes Esq.
Hayes Every
Hayes Family Reunion Weekend
Hayes Family Smith
Hayes Farl Findlay
Hayes Farm
Hayes Feb. 2
Hayes Fimer-
Hayes First
Hayes Fisher
Hayes Fishing
Hayes Forever
Hayes Fu Pembroke
Hayes Fu- County
Hayes Fu-Homer
Hayes Fu-personnes
Hayes Fuieral Homr
Hayes Fuller*
Hayes Fun
Hayes Fun- Always
Hayes Funentf
Hayes Funer- Rust Ri»
Hayes Funer-Morrisburg
Hayes Funerai
Hayes Funeral
Hayes Funeral Active
Hayes Funeral And
Hayes Funeral And Krose
Hayes Funeral Ann
Hayes Funeral Attention
Hayes Funeral But
Hayes Funeral Ca
Hayes Funeral Carleton Place
Hayes Funeral Chapel
Hayes Funeral Chapel Quyon Hockey
Hayes Funeral Christianity
Hayes Funeral Could Home
Hayes Funeral D.R.
Hayes Funeral Directors
Hayes Funeral Elliott
Hayes Funeral Factory Lab
Hayes Funeral Heme
Hayes Funeral His
Hayes Funeral Ho Shaw
Hayes Funeral Hoir Fastball
Hayes Funeral Home
Hayes Funeral Home Applications
Hayes Funeral Home August
Hayes Funeral Home C.B.L.
Hayes Funeral Home Calumet Island
Hayes Funeral Home Carson Hodgins W.A. Hodgins Home Hardware J & J Grocery Killarney
Hayes Funeral Home Chapel
Hayes Funeral Home Clarendon Hotel Powell
Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container Pontiac Electric Murray
Hayes Funeral Home Glen McDougall
Hayes Funeral Home Golden Peak
Hayes Funeral Home Hacs
Hayes Funeral Home Havelin
Hayes Funeral Home International
Hayes Funeral Home Mutual W.A. Hodgins Home Riverside Jam Hardware Roulotte
Hayes Funeral Home Nepean
Hayes Funeral Home Rev.
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville Clarendon Fire Home Hardware Department Hursty
Hayes Funeral Home Shawvllle
Hayes Funeral Home Staff
Hayes Funeral Home Staterooms
Hayes Funeral Home THAinM Dumouchel
Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store FULL-TIME
Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store J& P Furniture Kelly
Hayes Funeral Home Your
Hayes Funeral Homel Dunlop
Hayes Funeral Homes
Hayes Funeral Homs
Hayes Funeral Hone
Hayes Funeral Hoz
Hayes Funeral June
Hayes Funeral L Sfmv
Hayes Funeral McLaughlin
Hayes Funeral Miljour
Hayes Funeral Ont
Hayes Funeral Par-
Hayes Funeral Pariour
Hayes Funeral Parlor
Hayes Funeral Parlors
Hayes Funeral Parlour
Hayes Funeral Parlours
Hayes Funeral Peggy Alexander
Hayes Funeral Proulx
Hayes Funeral QC
Hayes Funeral Robert Evans
Hayes Funeral Service C.B.L.
Hayes Funeral Sherry Myna
Hayes Funeral SUNDAY
Hayes Funeral Wishing God
Hayes Funeral With
Hayes Futeraf Home
Hayes Garfield—Canal
Hayes Gordon Alexander
Hayes Government—a
Hayes Governor
Hayes Grant
Hayes Grant Eades
Hayes He
Hayes Heather
Hayes Hill
Hayes Home
Hayes Homestead
Hayes Honored
Hayes Honours
Hayes Hospital
Hayes Hosson
Hayes Hutchison
Hayes I
Hayes I Schedule____
Hayes I W John Hughes
Hayes I*
Hayes If
Hayes Ii
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Hayes In- Bom Angelina Hodglns
Hayes Iroi.
Hayes Is
Hayes It
Hayes Ivor.
Hayes Jackson
Hayes Jaime Christie
Hayes January
Hayes Jfc Sons Funeral Home
Hayes JjUlettjrkiwri^in
Hayes Jubillee
Hayes Judd.—11
HAYES K Cream Separator
Hayes Katherine
Hayes Kays
Hayes Keith Emmerson Funeral Home
Hayes Kept Engine Running Joe McGuire Dies
Hayes Kyla
Hayes L
Hayes L Barry Hodgins 1
Hayes L Canada Mrs Roland Graham 1
Hayes Ladies
Hayes Lady Bond Monument
Hayes Lake
Hayes Lane
Hayes Line
Hayes Lm
Hayes Lone
Hayes Marathon
Hayes Marries Bill Smiley
Hayes McAllen
Hayes McGuire
Hayes Mean
Hayes Memo-
Hayes Memorial
Hayes Memorial Christopher Telford Gordie Block Kyle Meredith Allen Memorial Tyler Cluff James Smit
Hayes Miller
Hayes Miss Eva Howard
Hayes Moves
Hayes Mr*
Hayes Mr.
Hayes Mrs
Hayes Mrs Gordon Brownlee
Hayes Mrs.
Hayes Mrs. Draper
Hayes MU)
Hayes Murphy
Hayes Named New Lions
Hayes No.
Hayes Norway Bay
Hayes Obituary
Hayes Open
Hayes Paj
Hayes Parking Lot
Hayes Parlour
Hayes Parlour Quyon
Hayes Parlours
Hayes Passes
Hayes Pays Visit
Hayes Percy Belsher
Hayes PJL
Hayes Precious
Hayes Prodigious
Hayes Qn
Hayes R Docks Solos
Hayes Rd
Hayes Rd.
Hayes Reed
Hayes Reg
Hayes Res
Hayes Residents
Hayes Reunion
Hayes Road
Hayes S
Hayes S Sons
Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
Hayes S.c-Tr*et
Hayes Sac-Trees
Hayes Sat.
Hayes Saturday
Hayes School
Hayes Sec
Hayes Sec-Treas
Hayes Sec.
Hayes Sec.-Treas
Hayes Sec.-Trees
Hayes Sec.-Trees William O Meant Wilson
Hayes Secrétalre/Secretary P.S.
Hayes Secretary
Hayes Secretary Peterborough Canoe Co.
Hayes Secretury-T
Hayes Secty
Hayes See Trees
Hayes Shawville W.l
Hayes Sheen
Hayes Si Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Simon Clarks Howard Hayes Mississauga Express Band All Weekend
Hayes Smart
Hayes Smith
Hayes Sons
Hayes Spe-
Hayes Special
Hayes St Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Sum
Hayes Summerfield
Hayes Summerfield Shawville
Hayes Summerfleld
Hayes Tbos
Hayes The
Hayes Third
Hayes Thomas
Hayes Timeshare Resales
HAYES Toronto
Hayes Tray
Hayes Treasurer
Hayes Trophy
Hayes Trophy Chevalier
Hayes Trophy Curling Club
Hayes Trophy-Mens
Hayes Undertaking
Hayes Undertaking Rooms
Hayes Une
Hayes Vice-Pres
Hayes W Chisnell W J Black Sam Dale Jim Caldwell Bert Hodgins Alex Hazard Keg
Hayes W J & Sons Ltd Funeral Home
Hayes W J & Sons Ltd.
Hayes Ward
Hayes We
Hayes Wednesday
Hayes Wendy
Hayes Woods
Hayes Your
Hayes" Block
Hayes* Block
Hayes- Andy Michaud
Hayres Harold Hayes
Hazel Elaine .to
Heather Elaine.
Heather Hayes
Heather Hayes Jackson
Heather Sc Devon Bally Stanley Sc Mavis Jamieson Elaine Batstone
Hekn Hayes
Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes Central Hospital
Helen Hayes Jane Bretz
Helen Hayes Lorna Barber
Helen Rout- Jane Hayes
Henderson Miss Ray ma Hayes
Henri Hayes
Henry Horner IVc—Helen Hayes
Henry MeCord W. M. Hayes
Herb Pontiac Community Hospital Elaine Lytle
Herbert Gillis Hayes
Herbert Hayes
Herbert N. G. Hayes
Herbert Nathan Hayes Photo
Heritage Crafts Annie Eleanor Hayes
Hi Gwen Hayes
Hkw J Hayes
Hodgms Greg Hayes Steve McCord
Hollis Barber .......... Clarence Hayes
Hollis Barber ........... Clarence Hayes
Holstein»—Irwin Hayes
Honor Madelon Hayes
Hospi Hayes
Hostess Rayma Hayes
Howa d Hayes
Howard 4bd20 Hayes
Howard Hayes
Howard Hayes 9:00
Howard Hayes All
Howard Hayes Band
Howard Hayes Band Al
Howard Hayes Catering Phone
Howard Hayes Charlie Muldoon
Howard Hayes Country Drifters Toll Free
Howard Hayes Country Drillers
Howard Hayes Country Ju-billee
Howard Hayes Late
Howard Hayes Ron McMunn
Howard Hayes Up-date
Hubert Hayes
Hugh A. Hayes
Hull Principal Mrs Una Hayes
I C. Hayes
I J. Hayes
I w.J. Hayes Funeral Home
I''.eree Hayes
I...... Clarence Hayes
Ida Hayes
Ida Verna Hayes
IMlss Hayes
In- W J Hayes
Included Rayma Hayes
Incumbent Office—Hayes
Instructor Eleanor Hayes
Ion Hayes
Ion Hayes 204
Irwin and Ron Hayes
Irwin Hayes
Irwin Hayes 250
Irwin Hayes Fay McDowell
Irwin Hayes Marks
Irwin I Hayes
Irwin J Hayes
Irwin J. Hayes
Irwin James Hayes
Is* Office—Hayes
It Hayes
Iverson A Hayes
Iverson A. Hayes
I’aktok Plain White Oflice—Hayes
J BI Hayes
J C Hayes
J C Hayes 2
J C Hayes I
J C. Hayes
J Cole Hayes
J Hayes
J hayes December
J Maggie Hayes
J me Hayes On
J W. M. Hayes
J. C Hayes
J. C. Hayes
J. Cole Hayes
J. Cole Hayes Passes
J. F. Hayes
J. Gibeault Hayes
J. T Hayes
J. V. Hayes
J. W. Hayes
J.C. Hayes
Jack Lemmon June Aljyson Jacques Bergeras Allison Hayes Horror Drama
Jack Wintario Lornie Hayes
James ( ole Hayes
James (ole Hayes
James Arthur Hayes
James C. Hayes
James Cole Hayes
James Hayes
James Mahlon Hayes
James Moffatt W. J, Hayes
Jane Hayes
Jane Hayes Lorraine Hodgins
Jane Hayes Ringrose Denture Therapy
Jane Hayes Terry Sparling
Jane Mrs. Ralph Richmond Miss Elaine McDowell Mr.
Janes Hayes
Janet J Hayes
January 23,1985 Hayes Funeral Home
Jayne Hayes
JC Hayes
Jean McDowell Butter Tarts- Elaine Mil
Jeff Chandler — Color Shower For Elaine
Jeffrey Larsen Gwen Hayes Special Prize
Jen Hayes
Jenna Hayes
Jennie Hayes
Jennifer Hayes
Jenny Hayes
Jerome Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Barber and Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Lion Bi
Jewellers Lloyd Hodgins Furniture KJ.D.S. W J. Hayes
Jim Hayes
Jim-J Hayes
Jimmy Wallace Elaine Steve.
Joanne Hayes
Joeh Hayes
John and Susan Mrs Hayes
John Car- Hayes
John Derek Elaine Stewart This Week Tiy
John Elaine Sarrazin
John Gra j Hayes
John Hayes
John Hayes Ham*
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Jane Hayes
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John Valu-mart W.J. Hayes
Jon Hayes
Jonathan Hayes
Joseph D Sloan Hayes
Josie Hayes
Jr.----MaW Hayes
Jr—Mable Hayes
Judd AM Hayes
Jules M Hayes
Julia Pa- Eleanor Hayes
K ion Hayes
K. A. Hayes
K. Hayes
K. R Hayes
K. R. Hayes
Katharine Hayes
Katharine Hayes- Summerfield
Katherine Elaine Newberry
Katherine Hayes
Katherine Hayes Summerfield
Katherine Hayes-Summcrfield
Kathie Hayes
Kathleen Lamb Publicity Convenor Mrs Gwen Hayes
Kathy Hayes
Kathy Hayes Christine Smart
Kathy Hayes DeMerchont-Kennedy Photo
Katie Elliott Kay Woodley W. J. HAYES
Kelsey Elaine
Ken & Elaine Burke
Ken McDowell Sam Hayes
Ken Wilson Trophy W.J. Hayes
Kennedy Repairs Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home
King- J. Hayes
Kl- e Hayes
Kristine Hayes
L Bruce Hayes
L Hayes
L W. M. Hayes
Ladies Presidents Trophies Gwen Hayes
Lance) Tierney Elaine Heins
Largest Dog - Jennifer Hayes
Larry Greg Hayes
Larry Hayes
Lathe Work Ron Hayes
Lawrence A Doris Barber, Hayes
Lee Hayes
Lee Pultz) Ida Hayes
Lei Ian Hayes
Leona Tanner Jennifer Hayes
Leonard W. M. Hayes
Liberals Mrs. Harold Hayes
Library Irwin Hayes
Lillian Elaine
Lind» Hayes
Lion M. Hayes
Lion Mac Hayes
Lion Mack Hayes
Lion Mahkm Hayes
Lion Ted Hayes
Lionctte Gwen Hayes Saturday
Lionetle Gwen Hayes
Lionette Gwen Hayes
Lionette Gwen Hayes Canada Day
Lionette Una Hayes
Lionettes Gwen Hayes
Litchfield Chemin Hayes
Little Kathy Hayes
Llyal Bean Mac Hayes
Logan W J Hayes
Loi- Hayes
Loin Hayes
Lois (Hayes
Lois Evelyn Hayes
Lois Hayes
Lome Draper-Hayes
Lorn C J Hayes
Lornie Hayes
Lottie Bra* Hayes
Lough Hayes
Louis Leach William Leach Jay Payette W J Hayes Utchfied Council July Meeting
Louise Hayes
Lovely Cathy Hayes
Lynn Elaine | Elliott
L’niversitv Office—Hayes
M ah Ion Hayes
M Hayes
M innerva Hayes
M o Hayes.
M S Hayes
M- Hayes
M-chæl Hayes
M. D. Hayes
M. E. Hayes
M. Hayes
Ma rione Hayes
Mabel Hayes
Mac Hayes
Mac Hayes choice
Mac" Hayes
Mac) Hayes
Mac* Hayes
Mack Hayes
Mackenzie King Una Hayes
Made Ion Hayes
Made-Ion Hayes
Madeion Hayes
Madelaine Hayes
Madeleine Hayes
Madelon Hayes
Maggie Hayes
Mah Ion Hayes
Mah-lon Hayes
Mahîon Hayes
Mahkro Hayes
Mahlon "Mac" Hayes
Mahlon Hayes
Mahlon Ion Hayes
Mahlori Hayes
Mahlou Hayes
Mahlun Hayes
Maillon Hayes
Major Hayes
Mali Ion Hayes
Margaret E. Hayes
Margaret Elaine
Margaret Hayes
Margaret K. Hayes
Margaret M. Hayes
Marian Hayes
Marie Hayes
Marilyn Elaine
Marilyn Elaine -
Mario Hayes
Marion Hayes
Marion Hayes FOUND
Marion Hayes Wolf
Marion Kathleen Hayes
Marjoiie Hayes
Marjorie Grant and Mahlon Hayes
Marjorie Hayes
Marjorie Hayes Manary
Marjorie Hayes-Manary
Marjorie Hayes.
Marjorie Marjorie (Hayes
Marjorie Misst Hayes
Marjorie Smith Elaine Romain
Mark Hayes
Marlaine Hayes
Marlon Hayes
Marsha) Hayes Funeral
Marshall—Harold Hayes
Martha Hayes
Martin Helen Hayes
Mary -I Hayes
Mary Ann Hayes
Mary Ann) Elaine
Mary Elaine
Mary Elaine Eades
Mary Hahn Hayes
Mary Hayes
Mary Hayes-Valentine
Mary W J Hayes
Mary W. J. HAYES
Maureen Keon Elaine
Max Elaine’s Room
May Ion Hayes
Mayhew Saturday W M. Hayes
Maylon Hayes
Mayor Cotie Hayes
Mayor Hayes
Mayor Lee Hod-gins with Mack Hayes
Mayors Hayes
McGiHUniversity Office—Hayes
McGill Uni Hayes Block
McGill University Hayes
McGill University) Office—Hayes
McGillUDiversity Office—Hayes
McGillUniversity Office—Hayes
McGiUUniversity Office—Hayes
Mehlon Hayes
Mélanie Ann to Duane Hayes
Merry Reardon When Elaine Lang
Mervyn Hayes
Messers W.M. Hayes
Messieurs Irwin Hayes
Messrs Irwin Hayes
Messrs W M Hayes
Messrs. George Hayes
Messrs. Irwin Hayes
Me— Mrs Hayes
Mias Ella Hayes
Mias Ida Hayes
Mias R. Hayes
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 2
Michael Hayes 3. Single
Michael Hayes Notice
Michael Sullivan - Sheenboro Mike McCrank - Litchfield Elaine Field - Low Erwin Mohr - Quyon Muriel
Michel Hayes
Mid-Summer Mahlon Hayes
Middlemiss W.J. Hayes
Midget B Hayes
Mike Hayes
Mildred Hayes
Mils Marjorie Hayes Honoured
Milton Elaine Cairney
Mim Lois Hayes
Mine Martha Hayes
Minerva D. Hayes
Minerva Dale Hayes
Minerva Hayes
Mis Harold Hayes
Mis* Betty Hayes Honoured Mrs.
Mis* Hayes
Misa Dot Hayes
Miss A Hayes
Miss Betty Hayes
Miss Ella Hayes
Miss Helen Hayes
Miss Lois Hayes
Miss Madeion Hayes
Miss Madelon Hayes
Miss Margaret Hayes
Miss Muriel Hayes
Miss Naudett Hayes
Miss R Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes Pontiac Holstein Club Hostess
Miss Ruby Hayes
Misses Elaine
Mission Helen Hayes
Miss’Marjoiie Hayes
Mitts Office—Hayes
Mli ce—Hayes
Mme Hélène Hayes
MMM Howard Hayes
Mn Irvin Hayes
Mnt Clarence Hayes
Model—Minerva Hayes
Monique Hayes
Moran W J Hayes
Morley Hayes
Morning Prayer 10.301 Ofliee—Hayes
Morris Irwm Hayes
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Hayes
Mr Claude Hayes
Mr Cole Hayes
Mr Hayes
Mr Irwin Hayes
Mr M Hayes
Mr M Hayes Aug
Mr MahIon Hayes
Mr Mahlon Hayes
Mr Samuel Hayes
Mr Thomas Hayes
Mr W J Hayes
Mr W.M. Hayes
Mr# M Hayes
Mr# Pearl Hayes Is
Mr, Cole Hayes
Mr, Irwin Hayes
Mr, Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr. C. Hayes
Mr. Clarence Hayes
Mr. Cole Hayes
Mr. Edgar Lance Miss Elaine Desjardins
Mr. Haiold Hayes
Mr. Harold Hayes
Mr. Hayes
Mr. Irwin Hayes
Mr. Irwin Hayes - Shawville
Mr. K R Hayes
Mr. L Hayes
Mr. M Hayes
Mr. M. Hayes
Mr. Mac Hayes
Mr. Mack Hayes
Mr. Mahlon Hayes
Mr. Maillon Hayes
Mr. Malilon Hayes
Mr. Martin Hayes
Mr. Mehlon Hayes
Mr. Michael Hayes
Mr. R E. Hayes
Mr. Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr. Sam Hayes
Mr. Samuel Hayes
Mr. Ted Hayes
Mr. Teddy Hayes
Mr. Vole Hayes
Mr. W M Hayes
Mr. W M. Hayes
Mr. W. Hayes
Mr. W. J ___________ - Hayes
Mr. William Hayes
Mr. Willie Hayes
Mr.s P Hayes
Mr; Hayes
Mr? Art Hayes
Mrs Bill Hayes
Mrs Carson Hayes
Mrs Dennis Hayes
Mrs Eleanor Hayes
Mrs Ervin Hayes
Mrs Erwin Hayes
Mrs H Hayes
Mrs Hayes
Mrs Howard Hayes
Mrs Irwin Hayes
Mrs J Hayes
Mrs M Hayes
Mrs MahIon Hayes
Mrs Mahlon Hayes
Mrs Marion Hayes
Mrs Mrs Hayes
Mrs W.M. Hayes
Mrs, Harold Hayes
Mrs, Pearl Hayes
Mrs, Solomon Hayes
Mrs- P. Hayes
Mrs- W.M. Hayes
Mrs. 8. Hayes
Mrs. 8wen Hayes
Mrs. A Hayes
Mrs. A. Hayes
Mrs. Art Hayes
Mrs. Arthur Hayes
Mrs. Bert Hayes Murphy
Mrs. Bessie Hayes
Mrs. C.(office—Hayes
Mrs. Clarence Hayes
Mrs. C’arence Hayes
Mrs. E R. Hayes
Mrs. E. Hayes
Mrs. E. R. Hayes
Mrs. Edward Hayes
Mrs. Edward Young ... Clarence Hayes........ Leonard Mee
Mrs. Edward Young Clarence Hayes
Mrs. Eieonor Hayes
Mrs. Eleanor Hayes
Mrs. Erwin Hayes
Mrs. Erwin Hayes Sl
Mrs. Everett Hayes Mr.
Mrs. G. Hayes
Mrs. Gwen Hayes
Mrs. Gwen Hayes Guide
Mrs. H Hayes
Mrs. H. Hayes
Mrs. Hahlon Hayes
Mrs. Harold Hayes
Mrs. Harold Hayes Citizenship
Mrs. Harold Hayes It
Mrs. Harold Hayes Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Hayes
Mrs. Hayes Bereaved Mrs.
Mrs. Hazel Hayes
Mrs. HJ Hayes
Mrs. Humid Hayes
Mrs. Ir-rn Hayes
Mrs. Irwin Hayes
Mrs. Irwin Hayes Social Con-$
Mrs. Irwin Hayes Teapot Stand
Mrs. J C Hayes
Mrs. J. C. Hayes
Mrs. J. Hayes
Mrs. jean Hayes
Mrs. M Hayes
Mrs. M. Hayes
Mrs. M. Hayes Dainty
Mrs. M. Hayes G.P.
Mrs. Mac Hayes
Mrs. Mac Hayes Bush
Mrs. Mack Hayes
Mrs. Mack Hayes Chalk River
Mrs. Mah-lon Hayes
Mrs. MahIon Hayes
Mrs. MahJon Hayes
Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Mrs. Mahlon Hayes Suddenly Stricken On Visit Here
Mrs. Mahlor Hayes
Mrs. Maillon Hayes
Mrs. Mali Ion Hayes
Mrs. MaMon Hayes
Mrs. Marion Hayes
Mrs. Mat Hayes
Mrs. Maurice Dumouchel Calumet Island W. M. Hayes
Mrs. Mehlon Hayes
Mrs. Mshton Hayes
Mrs. Office—Hayes
Mrs. Owen Hayes
Mrs. P Hayes
Mrs. P. Hayes
Mrs. Paul Elaine Wlckens
Mrs. Pcail Hayes Mrs. McCiahcrn
Mrs. Pearl Hayes
Mrs. Pearl Hayes After
Mrs. Pearl Hayes Ml
Mrs. Pearl Hayes Mrs.
Mrs. S. Hayes
Mrs. Samuel Hayes
Mrs. Solomon Hayes
Mrs. Ted Hayes
Mrs. U. Hayes Principal
Mrs. U. Hayes Telephone
Mrs. Una Hayes
Mrs. V. Hayes
Mrs. Verfion Morris Mack Hayes
Mrs. VV.J. Hayes
Mrs. W J Hayes
Mrs. W J Hayes Centre Street
Mrs. W J. Hayes
Mrs. W M. Hayes
Mrs. W. J Hayes
Mrs. W. J. Hayes
Mrs. W. M. Hayes
Mrs. W.J. Hayes
Mrs. W.M. Hayes
Mrs. William Hayes
Mrs. Wilson Hayes
Mrs. Xrt Hayes
Mrs. | Hayes Ambulance
MrsMahlon Hayes
Mrv M. Hayes
Mr» Harold Hayes
Mu- Hayes
Muhlon Hayes
Muriel ÉStÊB Office—Hayes
Muriel Hayes
Myles Richardson Elaine Richardson Judy Young IS
Myma Hayes
Myrna Hayes
N councilors Hayes
Nancy Ashley Hayes
Nancy Provost Tom Armstrong Excavation Tom On Cartage Construction WA Modgms Store WJ Hayes Funeral
Nathan Hayes
Nays Councillors Hayes
Neil Alder Hayes
Nivan Helen Hayes Jodi Foster 2
Norma Elaine
Norma Tel-Elaine Findlay
Norman 552534ba8 W. J. Hayes
Norval Hayes
Norval Kilgour Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
November 20,1991 Hayes Funeral
Number- Rayma Hayes
Nurse Dorothy Hayes
O 647-2921 Hayes
Office - Hayes
Office — Hayes
Office-Hayes Block
Office-Hayes* Block
Office-»Hayes* Block
Office— Hayes
Office— Hayes Block
Ofliee — Hayes
Olenna Ted Hayes
Olïice — Hayes
Ont Office—Hayes
Onta- Hayes
Ontario W M. Hayes
Opal Hayes
Opal J. Hayes
Os D Hayes
Os Hayes
Osgoode Emile Hayes
Ot M. D. Hayes
Ottawa Howard Hayes
Outique Katharine Hayes
Owen Hayes
Owner Katherine Hayes Summerfield
P / Greg Hayes
P L Hayes
P. L Hayes
P. L. Hayes
Pahtor Office—Hayes
Palmer Allyson Hayes
Past Presi- Hayes
Pastor Carl Kappes Elaine.
Pastor Quebec W. M. Hayes Sec.-Treas Andrews
Pat Levesque W.J. Hayes
Pat Schoular Doctors Marie Hayes
Pat Schoular Elaine Lang
Patricia Hayes
Patricia McDowell........ Lois Hayes
Patrick Cardinal Hayes
Patrick Dubeau Brooke Elaine Leach Relics
Patrick Rivet and William Hayes
Paul Hayes
Paul Mac Hayes
Paul Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Paul Seguin John S. Hodgins Teddy Hayes PEE
Paul''s Hayes
Pearl Hayes
Peggy Hayes
Perry Gwen Hayes Special
Peter A. Hayes
Peter Hayes
Philip Hayes
Phone R. Hayes
Phone —Dorothy Hayes Briggsr
Pierre Hayes
Please J J call Gwen Hayes
POMlble ¦ Hayes
Pontiac Co Hayes
Prayer Office—Hayes
Presents Howard Hayes
Presley - Hayes
Preston Elaine MacPhee
Princess Louise Hayes
Principal Una Hayes
Principal W. M. Hayes
Program Office—Hayes
Protect What You Have W. M. Hayes
Publisher Hayes
Puppet- Rayma Hayes
R A. Grant Wedded To Arthur Hayes
R E. Hayes
R*Jrm* Hayes
R. E. Hayes
R. Hayes
R. Sly Hayes
R.D. Hayes
R.P. Hayes
Rachel Elaine
Rachel Elaine McCagg
Rachel Elaine.
Ralph Carlson • Howard Hayes
Ram Lamb Acvd Shropshire Ram HAYES
Randy Hodgins Elaine Lang
Ravina Hayes
Ray Hayes
Ray ma Hayes
Rayina Hayes
Rayma Hayes
Rayma Hayes Eleven
Rayma Lynn Hayes
Rayman Hayes
Raymond John- Hayes
Rayms Hayes
Raysha Ki- Hayes
Rcitram Hayes
Reading Mr. Hayes
Rebecca Eleanor Elaine
Regina Elaine -
Reid Pacey Hayes Ron.
REPAIRS R X Si Howard Hayes
Reserve W.B. Hayes
Reuben Hayes-
Rev. Hayes
Rev. N. |office—Hayes Block Centre
Reverend James Hayes
Richard Armltage Elaine Richardson REGISTRATION
Richard Hayes
Richard- Mrs Elaine Godin
Richardson Irwin Hayes
Ringrose Bros, W. J. Hayes
Rita Barber, Gwen Hayes
Rita Erwin Hayes
Ritchie KlnJcy Hayes
Ro- Hayes
Roastee Mac Hayes
Rob Howard Hayes
Robert 7-25321 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2620 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2849 Hayes
Robert 7-2825 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2964 Henderson
Robert 7-3814 Haves Beauty Shop 7-2628 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2904 Hayes
Robert 7-387o Hayes Beauty Shop McDowell
Robert Curtman Mr% Mahlon Hayes
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes Beantx
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop 7-3814 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2628 Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hay*
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Maxes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Hayes Beauty Shop Mayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert I Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Robert Tedd/y Hayes
Robert Walsh • Hayes
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Ron Hayes
Ron Hayes - Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Ron McMunn Show Howard Hayes
Ron) Hayes
Ronald eanor Hayes
Ronald Hayes
Ronald McGuire W M. Hayes
Ronnie Hayes
Ronny Hayes
Ross Vowles Elaine Richardson Judy Young
Rowat Insurance 647-3737 W.J. Hayes
Ruby Hayes
Run— Bruce Hayes
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Ruth Arm- Hayes
Ruth Hayes
Rutherford B Hayes
Rutherford B. Hayes
Rutherford R. Hayes
Ryan O Neal GREEN Hayes Funeral Home
S J Hayes
S. C. Hayes
S. J. Hayes
S. L. Hayes
Sale Notice Hayes
Sally Hayes
Sam Hayes
Sammie Hayes
Samuel Hayes
Samuel Hayes Is Buried Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Samuel J. Hayes
Samuel W. J. HAYES Mr.
Sandra Hall Elaine Dock
Scott Brady Elaine Edwards
Scoutmaster Bert Hayes
Sec Comm Hayes
Sec.-Treas W M Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer Mack Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer W M Hayes
Serial W M HAYES
Service Office—Hayes
Service Station Hayes
Shaw" Mrs. Mac Hayes
Shawvilk —The Hayes Family
Shawville Hayes
Shawville Hayes Beauty Salon
Shawville Mahton Hayes
Shawville Office—Hayes
Shawville W.J. Hayes
Shawville — Hayes
Sheen—Michael Hayes
Sheriff Hayes
Sherry Gwen Hayes Special Prize Shawville Businessmen
Shirley Elaine
Shirley Elaine Armstrong
Shirley Miss Beverley Harris Miss Euella Turner Mrs. Harold Hayes Mr.
Short Storey W. M. Hayes
Showers Mesdames Hayes
Simon Barber pissed vince—Hayes Block Centre St
Simon Downey Sydney Perrault Gerald Hayes
Simuel Hayes
Sincere Hayes
Sister Dorothy Hayes Returns
Sister Elaine
Sister Teresa Hayes
Skip Gwen Hayes
Skipping Teddy Hayes
Smart Erwin Hayes
Smith Peart Hayes
Sour Howard Hayes Wayne Rostad
Special Hayes Bros, Rev John Pearce
SPÉCIALISTE(E) Dr. Marie Hayes Pique-nique
Sr.—Minerva Hayes
St. Hayes
Stan Hayes
Stanley Hale To Bring Bride To Bristol Double Ring Ceremony Hayes
Stark Harold Hayes
Strutt Mrs Hayes
Su- Hayes
Sud- Hayes
Susan Tubman/ Elaine Richardson
Suzanne Meilleur Elaine Senack Mary Donnelly Junior Boys
Suzie Dr. Marie Hayes
Sylvia Hayes
T Rayma Hayes
t0 thank Hayes
Tail Twister Gwen Hayes
Talko W.J. Hayes
Taylor XV J Hayes
Teacher—Annie E. Hayes
Ted Hayes
Ted Hayes Dr. Beemer
Ted" Hayes
Ted) Hayes
Ted) Hayes As
Teddy Hayes
Teddy Hayes Daryl Glenn
Teddy Hayes Lorraine Elliott
Teddy) Hayes
Tenders Pearl Hayes
Teresa Hayes
Terry Dods Hayes Funeral Home Hodgins Home Hardware Killarneys Norway Bay Golf Course K & L Dairy B
Terry Hayes
Th- Marion Hayes
The Glen Hayes Country Jamboree
The Howard Hayes Band
These d Hayes Trophy
Thomas (Hayes
Thomas Alfred Hayes
Thomas and Hayes
Thomas Hayes
Thurso Greg Hayes
Ti-bert Nathan Hayes
Tim Hayes
Timmons Wj Hayes Fu
Timmy Hayes
Timothy Hayes
To Greg Hayes
To Greg Hayes And
To- Hayes
Top Hayes
Tracy Hayes
Turner President- Mrs Willard Elliott 1st Vice President- Mrs Art Hayes
TURNER” Isaac Hayes
U.—Irwin Hayes
Una Hayes
University Office—Hayes
University Oflice—Hayes
V M Hayes 4.97
V W. M. Hayes Sec. - Treas
V. “Howard Hayes
VALVE DONATIONS Hayes Beauty Parlor
Van Hayes
Varnish Office—Hayes
Vaughn Hayes
Velina Hayes
Vera Hayes
Vice Hayes
Victoria Genevieve Hayes Hayes
Vir-of Howard Hayes
Vna Hayes
VV M. Hayes
VV..J. Hayes
W J" Hayes
W . M. Hayes
W .J. Hayes
W Howard Hayes
W Ï Hayes
W J Hayes
W J Hayes & Daley
W J Hayes 1
W J Hayes 4
W J Hayes 6
W J Hayes 8
W J Hayes Ac Sons
W J Hayes Armond St Louis
W J Hayes Calendars
W J Hayes Christina Bonnah
W J Hayes Convenor Margaret Cain
W J Hayes d
W J Hayes Eliza
W J Hayes Emptiness
W J Hayes Entertainment
W J Hayes er1y
W J Hayes Fanning
W J Hayes For
W J Hayes Funeial Home
W J Hayes Funeral
W J Hayes Funeral Chapel
W J Hayes Funeral Home
W J Hayes Funeral Homo
W J Hayes Is
W J Hayes Richardson
W J Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
W J Hayes Shawville
W J Hayes She
W J Hayes So
W J Hayes Time
W J Hayes Todd What
W J Hayes Wed
W J Hayes-Wooden
W J. Hayes
W J. Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
W J. Hayes Chapel
W J. Hayes Funeral Home
W J. Hayes Funeral Trisha
W J. Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
W JH Hayes
W M (Mac) Hayes
W M Hayes
W M Hayes - L
W M Hayes Athol Dale.
W M Hayes Sec-Treas
W M Hayes Sec.
W M Hayes Sec.-Treas Carried Mr. Wm
W M Hayes Secretary
W M HAYES Secretary-Treasurer
W M Hayes- President
W M I Hayes
W M, Hayes
W M. Hayes
W M. Hayes Sec.
W M. Hayes Sec.-Treas
W M. HAYES Secretary-Treasurer
W N Hayes
W ¦fi W. M. Hayes There
W • J Hayes
W, J Hayes
W, J. Hayes
W, M. Hayes
W- J. Hayes
W- M. Hayes
W. AAahlon Hayes
W. B1 Hayes
W. H. Hayes
W. Hayes
W. J Hayes
W. J. Hayes
W. J. Hayes A Sons
W. J. Hayes Casey
W. J. HAYES Cream Separator Record
W. J. Hayes Funeral
W. J. Hayes Funeral Eldon
W. J. Hayes Funeral Home
W. J. Hayes Funeral Word
W. J. Hayes Get
W. J. Hayes Miss Kate Donnelly
W. J. Hayes Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
W. J. Hayes Mrs. Henry Horner
W. J. Hayes Never
W. J. Hayes Sc Sons
W. J. Hayes Shawville
W. J. Hayes She
W. J. Hayes Trophy
W. J. Hayes Who
W. M Hayes
W. M Hayes Nov.
W. M Hayes Sec-Tress Trans Canada Matinee Secretary
W. M Hayes Sec.
W. M Hayes Sec.-Treas PIANO
W. M Hayes Sec.-Treat
W. M Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville Council
W. M Hayes Secretary Treasurer I 25-3p Melvin Dr. R.
W. M Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Motion Crs
W. M. Hayes
W. M. Hayes Sec Trees
W. M. Hayes Sec-Treas
W. M. Hayes Sec-Treas L I COUNCIL
W. M. Hayes Sec-Trees
W. M. Hayes Sec.
W. M. Hayes Sec. - Treas
W. M. Hayes Sec.-T
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Treas
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Treat
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Trees
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville
W. M. Hayes Sec.-Tresuarer Shawville Council
W. M. Hayes Secrea
W. M. Hayes Secretary
W. M. Hayes Secretary JOHN L. HODGINS Tree
W. M. Hayes Secretary Treasurer
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasure Carried
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer
W. M. Hayes Secretary-treasurer Insulation
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Bom
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Large
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Rarely
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Tom Barley
W. M. Hayes Secty
W.J. Hayes
W.M Hayes
W.M. Hayes
W.N. Hayes
Wade Hayes
Walter Brooke Elaine Stewart
Wanted W.J. Hayes
Watt Mrs. Hayes
Wednes W J Hayes
Welding W.J. Hayes
Wesley U.C.W. OBITUARY Elaine McDowell
West-1 Office—Hayes
WH Howard Hayes
What Dr Hayes
When Mr. Hayes
Whereas Council Hayes
Wil Uam Hayes
Willard Hudgins Mots Elaine Reid
William and Callum Hayes
William Hayes
William J Hayes
William J. Hayes
William J. Hayes Amyotte’s
William J. Hayes Funeral Home
William James Hayes
William John Hayes
William Mahlon Hayes
William Mahlon Osborne Hayes
Willie Hayes
Willism Hayes
Wilson W J Hayes
Winner -Jennifer Hayes
With Hayes
WJ. Hayes
Wm Hayes
Wm J Hayes
Wm J Hayes On Friday
xsl3 Mahlon Hayes
XV M Hayes
XV. J. Hayes
XXL J. Hayes
Yach Gwen Hayes
Zimerling W J Hayes
£<>0.00 |*»r Hayes
Dr. Hayes
Elaine Newton
Eleanor Hayes
Hayes Creek
Hayes Memorial
Hayes Road
Hayes Trophy
Hayes Trophy Curling Club
M. Hayes
MW WWW l W. M. Hayes
Pearl Hayes
Wfl f l W. J. HAYES
Apple Pie- Elaine Miljour
Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First Aid A
ART & ELAINE of Education
ASTHMATIC P.-Harold Hayes
Bank of Montreal Canadian Tire Terry Dods Hayes Funeral Home Hodgins Home Hardware Killarneys Norwa
Bank of Mr. Hayes
Bea ttv Shop Haye* Funeral Home Hayes
Beauty Shop 7-2620 Hayes Funeral Home
Beauty Shop 7-3814 Hayes Funeral Home
Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hay*
Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Beauty Shop Maxes Funeral Home Hayes
Beauty Shop Mayes Funeral Home Hayes
Bristol council W.J. Hayes
Bristol Hayes
Bristol J. Hayes and Sons Funeral
Bristol Mines, Morning Prayer 10.301 Ofliee—Hayes
Bristol s Elaine
Bristol W. J Hayes A Sons Funeral Village
Bros of Hayes Funeral Home.
Bryson Correspondent W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Canadian Tire Shawville 647-2733 John Valu-mart W.J. Hayes and Sons
Canadian Tire W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Cartage Construction WA Modgms Store WJ Hayes Funeral Home Also
Central School Hayes
Charter Member Mahlon Hayes
Church Treasurer Elaine Findlay
Church WJ Hayes Funeral Home
Clothes Shop Retired Pontiac Bake Shop Canadian Tire Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container P
Con- W M Hayes
Con- Mac Hayes
Council W.J. Hayes & Sons
Dagenais & Family Bailey’s Coffee Company Mohr’s Garage & Restaurant Hayes Funeral Home
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Gradual o/McGi University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St Shawville Que
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Graduate of McGill University Hayes
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Graduate of McGill University Office ; Hayes
Dairy Hayes Manufacturing McLaren Systems Inc DeLaval
Dairy Shewvi W J Hayes & Sons Shawv.
Devine Teddy Hayes
District Governor elect Mac Hayes
District Governor Mahlon Hayes
E. Thomson Presenting HAYES’ BLOCK Fifty-four
Elaine Dods
Elaine Dominion Textile Company
Elaine Lang Bank of Montreal Petro Pontiac Macador Farms Bill
Elaine Wood Marketing Board
Elaine’s Pub
Eleanor Hayes Prize
Everett Hayes
Farm Hayes Funeral SUNDAY
Funeral Hayes Beauty Salon
Funeral Home Hayes
FURNACES Hayes* Beauty Shoppe
Gates Gilbert Gilliland Greaves Hayes
Gavan’s Hotel Gerald McKenny Cartage Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home H
Glen Hayes Country Jamboree
Gra-Iuateof McGill University Oflice—Hayes’ Block Centre St.
Graduate McGill University Office-Hayes
Graduateof McGill University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St Shawville
Graduateof McGill University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St.
HA U Bride-Elect Honoured TJa HAYES BEAUTY SHU*
Harley Elaine Findlay McIntyre
Haves Beauty Shop 7-2628 Hayes Funeral Home
HAYES Ladies’ Spike Heel Patent Leather Fancy Trimmed Shoe
Hayes Line
Hayes &
HAYES & FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
Hayes & Son Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons
HAYES & SONS 1 Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone
Hayes & Sons A D McCredie 6i Sons
Hayes & Sons Alex Murray
Hayes & Sons Ambulance Maheral ami Service
Hayes & Sons Ann Beaulieu
Hayes & Sons Assoc.
Hayes & Sons Attending
Hayes & Sons C.B.L. Pi
Hayes & Sons Campbell
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
Hayes & Sons Chapel
Hayes & Sons Cummings
Hayes & Sons Dean
Hayes & Sons Donnelly
Hayes & Sons DOW
Hayes & Sons F
Hayes & Sons Fire
Hayes & Sons Ford
Hayes & Sons Friends
Hayes & Sons Fu-
Hayes & Sons Fu- de
Hayes & Sons Fu- MacGregor Concrete
Hayes & Sons Fu- There
Hayes & Sons Fu- Truckload
Hayes & Sons Fu- Your
Hayes & Sons Fu-(Brenda
Hayes & Sons Fu-deliveries
Hayes & Sons Fu-Orleans
Hayes & Sons Fu-y Jy Jeanette
Hayes & Sons Fun-
Hayes & Sons Fun-family
Hayes & Sons Fun-oral Home
Hayes & Sons Funeal
Hayes & Sons Funeal Harley Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funer
Hayes & Sons Funer Lake
Hayes & Sons Funer*
Hayes & Sons Funer-
Hayes & Sons Funer- Get
Hayes & Sons Funer- Kehoe
Hayes & Sons Funer- Mass
Hayes & Sons Funer- Mrs Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funer-attended the
Hayes & Sons Funer-Harper Rennick
Hayes & Sons Funer-peacefully
Hayes & Sons Funer-Phone
Hayes & Sons Funer-ra Mackenzie
Hayes & Sons Funeral
Hayes & Sons Funeral .
Hayes & Sons Funeral aouais Regional Hospital Deepest
Hayes & Sons Funeral Arthurs
Hayes & Sons Funeral Chapel
Hayes & Sons Funeral Clifford Schwartz
Hayes & Sons Funeral Directors
Hayes & Sons Funeral Directors J Shawville
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone 647-2221 Management and Staff BAIE PONTIAC B
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors ¦ Ambulance Service Shawvllle
Hayes & Sons Funeral Division
Hayes & Sons Funeral Each
Hayes & Sons Funeral Ebert
Hayes & Sons Funeral Emmett
Hayes & Sons Funeral General Hospital
Hayes & Sons Funeral Gilles
Hayes & Sons Funeral Governments
Hayes & Sons Funeral H>me
Hayes & Sons Funeral He
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hodgins
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home
HAYES & SONS Funeral Home - Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home - Shawville/Quyon Pontiac Mallard Fish and Game Club
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home .
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home 134 Centre Si Shawvwe
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home and
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Chapel
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Cowley
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home for Life
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home for Stewart
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Forever
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Fred Dagg
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Grier
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home In
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home MARRIAGE
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Mra Dayton Larocque
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Quebec
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Shawvllle
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home the
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Wednesday
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes 819-647-2221
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes FALL FEVER BOOK SALE Saturday
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hone
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horie
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horn* Rev
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horner
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hume
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hurry
Hayes & Sons Funeral If^me SHAWVILLE FAIR September
Hayes & Sons Funeral Jeff Russell
Hayes & Sons Funeral K
Hayes & Sons Funeral Kathleen
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lance
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lindsay
Hayes & Sons Funeral M Hodgins
Hayes & Sons Funeral McDowell
Hayes & Sons Funeral McKenny
Hayes & Sons Funeral Milton
Hayes & Sons Funeral Morin
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlor
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlors
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlours
Hayes & Sons Funeral passed
Hayes & Sons Funeral Paul McGee
Hayes & Sons Funeral Rita Harris
Hayes & Sons Funeral Ro
Hayes & Sons Funeral Robinson
Hayes & Sons Funeral Russell Mee
Hayes & Sons Funeral r_Fath
Hayes & Sons Funeral Saturday
Hayes & Sons Funeral She
Hayes & Sons Funeral the
Hayes & Sons Funeral There
Hayes & Sons Funeral Timmins
Hayes & Sons Funeral Woermke
Hayes & Sons Funeral |
Hayes & Sons Funeral-_
Hayes & Sons Funerpl Home
Hayes & Sons Get
Hayes & Sons Hcunhan
Hayes & Sons He
Hayes & Sons Lightlaser Technology Inc 1-800-
Hayes & Sons Ltd
Hayes & Sons Ltd 819-647-2221
Hayes & Sons Ltd 819-647-2221 DEATH Dagenais
Hayes & Sons Ltd Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Ltd hai
Hayes & Sons Ltd on
Hayes & Sons Ltd Richardson
Hayes & Sons Ltd,
Hayes & Sons Mabel Dagenais
Hayes & Sons Monday
Hayes & Sons Murdock Glass Glad Crest Farms Windy Top Farms Windy Hill Farms McLaughlin Haulage Rad
Hayes & Sons North Vancouver
Hayes & Sons NU
Hayes & Sons Olga
Hayes & Sons Ottawa
Hayes & Sons Pallbearers
Hayes & Sons Patricia Russell
Hayes & Sons Pontiac Federal Liberal No 443 RCAF Spitfire Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Pontiac Welding & Small Engine Repair La Brasaerle Labatt Ltd.
HAYES & SONS Quyon Shawville
Hayes & Sons Reinhard
Hayes & Sons Seeing
Hayes & Sons SOW;
Hayes & Sons Street
Hayes & Sons the Wesleyan Church
Hayes & Sons There
Hayes & Sons They
Hayes & Sons Trophy
Hayes & Sons Trophy LETTERS
Hayes & Sons Ud Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Village
Hayes & Sons | J * Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons-
Hayes & Sons; Lamb’s Corner Shawville Fair
Hayes & Sons’ Funeral Home
Hayes &i°n-and Sons Funeral Home McCann
Hayes &t Sons Funeral Home
Hayes * Sons
Hayes * Sons Funeral Home
Hayes 4 Sons Funeral Home
Hayes 4 Sons Funeral Home Cows
Hayes 6 Sons Funeral Home
Hayes <& Sons Fun- Mr.
HAYES A Famous Cemetery
HAYES A FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
HAYES A FINDLAY Surprise Party
HAYES À FINDLAY Well Improved Farm
HAYES A Reduction
Hayes A Sons
Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Ac Sons
Hayes ana Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes and Sons
Hayes and Sons Fun.ral Home
Hayes and Sons Funeral
Hayes and Sons Funeral Belanger
Hayes and Sons Funeral Coleman
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors Shaw
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors ShawviHe
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Director^ Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral E
Hayes and Sons Funeral Expert
Hayes and Sons Funeral Gracefield
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home 1
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Donna
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home HW
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home In
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home March
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Quyon
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shaw-ville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shawville Methodist Church
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Sincere
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home the
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes and Sons Funeral Kingsbury
Hayes and Sons Funeral Melanie
Hayes and Sons Funeral Montreal
Hayes and Sons Funeral Only
Hayes and Sons Funeral Parlors
Hayes and Sons Funeral Treasure
Hayes and Sons Funeral Weirstead
Hayes and Sons Ltd
Hayes and Sons Services
Hayes At Sons Funeral Home
Hayes B Sons
Hayes Beauty Parlor
Hayes Beauty Salon
HAYES Boxed Handkerchiefs Lingerie Hosiery Silk Scarfs Compacts Fapetries
HAYES Boxed Handkerchiefs Lingerie Hosiery Silk Scarfs Compacts Papetries
HAYES Bristol Public Schools Th@
Hayes Bros
Hayes Bros and Ker
Hayes Bros and Mrs. Dubois
Hayes Bros and Rev Ed AAcCaig
Hayes Bros and Rev Owen MacPherson
Hayes Bros and Rev Priesler
Hayes Bros Die UCW
Hayes Bros end Mr. Gerald Hodgins
Hayes Bros for
Hayes Bros Funeral Home
Hayes Bros Glen Hodgins
Hayes Bros Mi* Ltd pre-mi*
Hayes Bros part
Hayes Bros state
Hayes Bros welcome
Hayes Bros with Rev A Morgan
Hayes Brothers
Hayes Brothers DOHERTY—In
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home.
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home;
Hayes Brothers Peach
Hayes Elementary School
Hayes Farm
Hayes fit Sons Funeral Home
HAYES For Service Registered Holstein Bull—Sir Echo Burke
Hayes Funer- Municipal de Litchfield
Hayes Funeral Word
HAYES Furniture Department S #
HAYES Furniture Department SIMMONS Davenport Bed
HAYES Hoi Unger Mine Predicted
HAYES Hunter & Company
Hayes k Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Line
Hayes Line Moved
Hayes Line Road
HAYES Men’s Oxfords
HAYES Mr. John Grant
HAYES New All-wool Army Blankets—a
Hayes ond Sons Funeral Home
HAYES Propriktor
Hayes S Sons
Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board i Brighten
HAYES SHAWVILLE Secret of Long Lite
Hayes Sons
HAYES Spring Underwear
Hayes Telephone
Hayes* & Sons
Hayes’ Line
Head Girl Elaine Dods
Heritage Crafts Annie Eleanor Hayes
Hobbs & Sons 647-2814 Rowat Insurance 647-3737 W.J. Hayes & Sons 647-2221 Shawville Milling Co. Ltd
Hodgins Teddy Hayes PEE WEES—
Home Supplies Pontiac House Hotel Hayes Funeral Home Clarendon Hotel Powell s Auto Service Hewitt E
House Hayes Funeral Home.
Howard Hayes
Howard Hayes Country Drifters Toll Free
II J Hayes & Sons Funeral
IWJ Hayes & Sons
J HAYES & SONS Funeral Home-
J-Hayes and Sons Funeral
J. Hayes & ; Sons
J. Hayes Sons
J. Hayes Sons Funeral Home
J. School of Interior Design Hayes and Sons Funeral 1443-38 McArthur Ave
l Mr. Mahlon Hayes
Lion Dak and Lionette Merle Thomson Lion Mahlon and Lionette Gwen Hayes
Lion District Governor Mac Hayes
Lion Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Li
Lion Lionettes Gwen Hayes
Lion Mac Hayes
Lion Mahkm Hayes
Lion Ted Hayes
Lodge Meets Hayes
Logs End Inc Jim Hodgms Greg Hayes Steve McCord Shawville - Royal Bank Bristol, Shawville
Master Arthur Hayes
McDonald, Esq Cbone Hayes
McDonald, Mrs. Hayes
McGH University Office—Hayes
McGil University Film Program Office—Hayes
McGIl University New Spring Styles Just Arrived ALL-TALKING PICTURES Office—Hayes* Block
McGil University Office-Hayes
McGil University Office—-Hayes
McGil University Office—Hayes
McGil University Office—Hayes* Block
McGil University Pahtor Office—Hayes
McGill University Office—Hayes
McGill University At Foresters Office—Hayes* Block Centre St Shawville
McGill University MARRIED Office—Hayes’Block
McGill University Office New Daytime Frocks Hayes
McGill University Office-Hayes
McGill University Office-Hayes’ Block Centre St.
McGill University Office—Hayes
McGill University Office—Hayes* Block
McGill University Oflice—Hayes
McGill University ORice-Hayes
McGill University Ortice—Hayes* Block
MeGil University Office—Hayes
Metropolitan Tabernacle Miss Elaine Laughren
Milking Equipment VV.J. Hayes Funeral Home
Mine Martha Hayes
Miss Elaine Carson
Miss Lois Hayes
MoGil University Office—Hayes
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Irwin Hayes
Mr. Everett Hayes
Mr. Teddy Hayes
Mrs. Art Hayes; Health & Welfare
Mrs. Elaine Carson
Mrs. Erwin Hayes
Mrs. Everett Hayes
Mrs. Everett Hayes Mr.
Mrs. Mac Hayes
MuGil University Office—Hayes
Municipal Code Mayor Hayes
Municipal Council of Mayor Hayes
Municipality CllcirtCFlS Chronicle Hayes
Murray s Sports & Automotive Supply 647-2550 647-2236 W. J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Mutual Insurance W.J. Hayes & Son Funeral Home ?
NfcGil University Office—Hayes Block
NlcGil University Office—Hayes
Nominating Committee of Gwen Hayes
Norval Wilson & Son; Sheppard Motors; W. J. Hayes & Sons; Pontiac Farm Equipment; Ernies Body Shop;
NOTICES Hayes Funeral Home.
Old Reliable o W. J. HAYES
PM — Special Singing Every Service Miss Doris Hayes
Pontiac Agricultural Society W.J. Hayes A Sons Erf
Pontiac Agricultural Society; Elaine MacPhee
Pontiac Co Hayes
Pontiac Community Hospi Hayes
Pontiac Community Hospital and Hayes Funeral Home and Archdeacon Roberts
Pontiac Community Hospital and Hayes Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital and W J Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital and W J. Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital Elaine Lytle
Pontiac Comunity Hospital and Hayes Bros.
Pontiac County Memorial Service Office—Hayes
Pontiac Elaine
Pontiac Electric Donald Hodglns Electric Inc Shawville Ford W.J. Hayes
Pontiac Hayes
Pontiac Hayes''cottage
Pontiac High Hayes Family Reunion
Pontiac High Hayes School
Pontiac Lions Club Presi-Elaine
Pontiac Printshop Elaine Burk
Portage du Hayes & Sons Funeral Fort
PREMIERE ASSEM- ers, W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral
Protestant School Hayes
Public Notice W, J HAYES.
Reform Party Leader Preston Elaine MacPhee
ROWAT General Insurance W. J. HAYES & SONS Ecology Factor Spells End
Royal Hayes
Royal Solomon Hayes
Russell House Hayes Undertaking Parlours
Sat-i Mac Hayes
Sault College Dr. Marie Hayes PLANTS SHRUBS
Scotiabank Hayes Sports Deep
Sewerage Committee Crs Hayes
Shawville Decoration Service Office—Hayes
SHAWVILLE Élaine Gaudct & ASSOC.
Shoe Shop l W J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Si Howard Hayes
Skipping Teddy Hayes
Social Assistance Service Mrs. Irwin Hayes Social Con-$
Sour Howard Hayes Wayne Rostad
St. Ann Hayes
Store Hayes Funeral Home Carson Hodgins W.A. Hodgins Home Hardware J & J Grocery Killarney
Su-Hayes & Sons Funeral
T. D Rowe and Hayes Bros —Annie Brown
THE EQUI- Hayes & Sons Funeral TY
Tiger Elaine & Hollis Findlay Rowat Insurance J & J Gas Bar Cutting Edge Salon Clarence & Carol Tol
Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home Hursty’s Bar & Grill J & J s Gas Bar John Va
United Church Auxiliary end Hayes Funeral Home.
United Church Women and Hayes Funeral Home
Violet mar-Hayes & Sons Funeral Dean Tubman
VV J Hayes
VV J Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
VV J Hayes & Sons Funeral RevFr G Proubt
Vv.J. Hayes & Sons
W J Hayes & Sons SSSv
W.J. Hayes & Sons
W.J. Hayes & Sons Chapel
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home In
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes
W.J. Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes Shawville
W.J. Hayes & Sons Lid
W.J. Hayes & sons Ltd on
W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
W.J. Hayes & Sons Otter Lake
W.J. Hayes & Sons Shawvilie
W.J. Hayes Sons
W.J.Hayes and Sons Fineral Home
WJ .Hayes and Sons Funeral Home
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WJ Hayes & Sons Funeral Home
WJ Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
WJ Hayes & Sons Funeral Home;
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WJ Hayes and Sons Funeral Home
WJ Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
WJ Hayes Funeral Home
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