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C A Christian

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Blanche Chevri- Christian Fix
Bonnechere Christian
Boone Terry Moore Lang Jeffries Early Christian Drama Color Plus Certified Public Accountants
Bruce Christian
C A Christian
Charles Christian
Chris Christian
Christian Al Utronkl
Christian Alliance
Christian And
Christian and Karen
Christian Andersen
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson Fairy Tale Characters Business
Christian Anderson Famous Fairy Tale
Christian Andrée
Christian Ann Smith
Christian As-
Christian As- French-Canadians
Christian As-s«
Christian Asiatic»
Christian Assehn
Christian Assiniwi
Christian Asso-
Christian Association
Christian Associations
Christian At*
Christian B-e-c-k-er
Christian Baker Pasha
Christian Barbeau
Christian Barbpau
Christian Bélalr
Christian Beliefs
Christian Biser
Christian Bishops
Christian Black
Christian Boisvert
Christian Books
Christian Botha
Christian Bourassa
Christian Bradford
Christian Brassard
Christian Burial
Christian Burial Aug
Christian Businessmen
Christian Businessmen’s Association
Christian Bu^nessmen’s Association
Christian C est
Christian Calling
Christian Calling”
Christian Cameos—Slides
Christian Campbell
Christian Camps
Christian Century
Christian Chabot
Christian Char-
Christian Character
Christian Charity
Christian Childré
Christian Children
Christian Children Books
Christian Chip
Christian Chirch
Christian Christians
Christian Church
Christian Churches
Christian Citizen Convenor
Christian Citizenship
Christian City
Christian CMC
Christian Co- Saint Elizabeth
Christian College
Christian Condon
Christian Covenants
Christian Culture
Christian Culture Convenor
Christian Damphousse
Christian Dau
Christian David
Christian De Wet
Christian Dear
Christian Denault
Christian Department
Christian Després
Christian Destiny
Christian Dubois
Christian Dumouchel
Christian Dumoulin
Christian Duval
Christian Edu-
Christian Education
Christian Education Convention
Christian Education Convention Need
Christian Education Coun-
Christian Education Hour
Christian Education Reader
Christian Education Toronto
Christian Eduia-tion
Christian Elliott
Christian Endeavor
Christian Ethics
Christian Eudeavvr
Christian Fa
Christian Faith
Christian Family
Christian Family Life da Kelly
Christian Family Living
Christian Farmers
Christian Fathering"
Christian Fellowship
Christian Fellowship Convener
Christian Fellowship Convenor
Christian Fellowship III John
Christian Felowshp International
Christian Fix
Christian Flag
Christian Fort William Ont
Christian Franc
Christian Francoeur
Christian François
Christian Françour
Christian Frechette
Christian Friends
Christian Funeral
Christian Gag
Christian Gag- Hector Soucie
Christian Gagné
Christian Geiger
Christian Genet
Christian Gentleman
Christian Geroux
Christian Girard
Christian Glttoenehlp
Christian Godin
Christian Gosselin
Christian Grandmother
Christian Guillaume Crevier
Christian Han
Christian Hcntagc Party
Christian Heinecker
Christian Henry Poeer
Christian Heritage Party
Christian Heritage Party’s Thomas Sabounn
Christian Herter
Christian History
Christian Homes
Christian Homo’’
Christian Hospitality
Christian Huyg-hens
Christian Huygens
Christian III.
Christian Items
Christian IV
Christian Jacques
Christian Jewellery
Christian John Richardson
Christian Kingdoms
Christian Kraft
Christian La-Pencil
Christian Ladouceur
Christian Laflarnce
Christian Lareau
Christian Laroche
Christian Laurin
Christian Lauzon de Luskville
Christian Lebel
Christian Lefebvre
Christian Lefevre
Christian LeGault
Christian Legeais
Christian Lemay
Christian Life
Christian Life Commu- Merit
Christian Life Convener
Christian Linda
Christian Literature
Christian Liturgy
Christian Living
Christian Lucas
Christian MacFee
Christian MacMillan
Christian Made Les
Christian Main
Christian Mainville
Christian Maisonneuve
Christian Mamville
Christian Marcoux
Christian Martineau
Christian Martyrs
Christian Mass
Christian Masseau
Christian Mcaffee
Christian McFee
Christian Meditation
Christian Meilleur
Christian Merit-
Christian Merquend As Citizenship Convenor Mrs Harry Hodgins
Christian Miljour
Christian Ministry
Christian Misions Convenor
Christian Missionary
Christian Mohr
Christian Monitor
Christian Montgomery
Christian Moses
Christian Moved
Christian Mr.
Christian Musical Drama
Christian Name
Christian Names For Sees
Christian Nous
Christian Old
Christian Paradis
Christian Parenthood’
Christian Patriotism
Christian Pavilion
Christian Peck
Christian Pilon
Christian Pineau
Christian Plourde
Christian Poirier
Christian Pontiac
Christian Practitioners Rural
Christian Prévost
Christian Provencher
Christian Pumping
Christian Queen
Christian Quyon
Christian Raphael
Christian Re-Union
Christian Ref
Christian Reid
Christian Renewal
Christian Richter
Christian Romance
Christian Romance Novels
Christian Romance SATURDAY
Christian Ross
Christian Roy
Christian Sacaement
Christian Saint.
Christian Sc
Christian Schiwk
Christian Schnck
Christian Schock
Christian Science
Christian Science Monitor
Christian Science Monltoç
Christian Science Teaching
Christian Scientists Aid War Victims CANADA’S
Christian Sclmck
Christian Scott
Christian Ser-
Christian Service
Christian Simard
Christian Singles
Christian Smuts
Christian Socialism
Christian Soldiers
Christian Soldiers-; Guide Me
Christian Soldiership
Christian Soucie
Christian Soucy
Christian Soucy Tim Adlam
Christian Soucy Tim Adlam Campbell
Christian Starbuck Harmonie
Christian Stephen s Church
Christian Stephenie Chartrand
Christian Stewardship
Christian Stewardship Mrs.
Christian Stewardshop Convenor
Christian Stewardsship
Christian Supplie
Christian Supply
Christian Tapes
Christian Teacher
Christian Tempe
Christian Temper-day
Christian Temperance
Christian Temperance Union
Christian Temperanct
Christian Tolfrey
Christian Torn
Christian Toussaint
Christian Transfers
Christian Trinity
Christian Triumph
Christian Trudel
Christian Unity
Christian Unity"
Christian Unlies
Christian Vaillancourt
Christian Videos
Christian Vincent
Christian Visiting Toronto
Christian William
Christian Witness Bethel
Christian Workers* Home
Christian X
Christian Youlh Caravan For
Christian Youth
Christian Youth Crusade Council
Christian Youth Crusaders
Christian Youth Crusaders Kick Off
Christian Youth Crusaders Shawvllle Wesleyan Church
Christian Youth Week
Christian Z
Christian _
Commandant Christian
David Christian
David Moore Christian Soucie
Denmark’s King Christian X
Dr. Williams Hans Christian Goethe
Edward Albert Christian George
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David
Emanuel Joseph Mario Christian Duval
Eric Christian Haughton
Fern Hamelin Christian Meilleur
Field Marshall John Christian Smutts
Frederick Christian
Gaétan Deschatelets Christian Clément Bruno Châteauvert Réjean Charlebois François Breton
George Christian Frederick
George Evans Christian Education Convention
Green Pants Christian Science
Hans Christian An-
Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen—was
Howard Christian BMC
Jack Christian
Jan Christian Smuts
Jean - Christian Masseau
Jeff Christian
Jennifer Christian Tie
John Christian
John Christian Bach
John Christian Mohr
John Christian Mohr’s
John Christian Mohr’s Grace
John Christian Watson
John Christian’s
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Rimym Christian
John Urges Christian Love—The Epistle
Joseph Christian
Joseph Mario Christian Fair
Judy Geeson Christian Roberts
L 7.00 pm—Christian Youth Cru
Louis S Christian Snnivt
Messrs John Christian
Mr. J Christian
Mr. John Christian
Nicole Vaillancourt Christian and Karen
Olive Christian
Pal Schouiar Christian Gagnon
Patricia Bron- Bryson—The Boy Scouts As-Christian Business Men’s Com
Paul Christian
Paul Christian Drama
Paul Christian James Stewart
Paul Christian Mr Stan Horner
Pink Pll Christian Science Doctrine
Pressed Han» Christian Andersen
Princess Christian
Princess Christian Thc
Prinoe Christian
Rev A Christian Masseau
Richard Gray 647-2603 Christian Education Hour 9:45
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Tue
Richard Gray 647-2893 Christian Education Hour
Richard WiHs Christian Stewart
Robert Belland Ron Lafleur Christian Despres Int
Saint Christian
Sermon—‘‘Christian Boldness
Sharon Lariviere Christian
Shirley Rivard Christian
Sue Christian
Tim Adlam Christian Soucy
Tim Adlam Christian Soucy Aver
Young Men’s Christian As-
Young Men’s Christian As-There
Young Men’s Christian Associations
Young Womens Christian Association
Young Women’s Christian As-
Christian Ave.
Christian Europe
Christian Islands
Christian Mo
Christian Mother
Fort Christian
Niumtui St Louis S Christian
Prince Christian
Texas Christian l
1,16 Christian Education Centre
2 Christian Reformed Church 13 Miracle Crusade
20321BJN8 Family Christian Week End Cobden
647-2603 Christian Education Hour
647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning Worship
647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning Worship 5:00
647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Tue
647-2893 Christian Education Hour
70,000 Christian Education Wing
9S£* Christian Fellowship III John
AGENTS Christian Endeavor
Andrews United Church - Christian Education Centre
Anglican Christian Endeavor Union
Association for Christian
Association for Christian Service
Association for Christian Services
Bank of Montreal Bills Stolen Christian
Baptist Women s Association for Christian Service
Bedford Christian Church
Berea Christian Church
Bible Christian Church of Philadel
BLAZERS Christian Family Life
BLINDS Christian Plourde
Board of Christian Education
Bonnechere Christian Home
Boston Christian Science England
Boy Scouts As-Christian Business Men’s Com
Bullets Christian
Calvary Christian Reformed Church
Canadian Christian Youth Council
Catechism—the Christian Daily Exercise
CGIT Christian Education Council No
Christian As-
Christian Association
Christian Book Store & Gift Shop
Christian Brothers
Christian Brothers Cotnarn
Christian Business Mens Committee Gospel Signboard Night
Christian Business Mens Committee of Rhawvllle
Christian Business Mens Committee of Shawvillc
Christian Business Mens Committee of Shawville
Christian Business Mens Committee Park
Christian Business Mens Committees
Christian Business Mens Group
Christian Business Men’s Committee
Christian Business Men’s Committee International
Christian Businessmen’s Association
Christian Central Alliance Church
Christian Children s Fund Methodist Church
Christian Christ Church
Christian Church
Christian Culture
Christian Culture Convenor
Christian Democratic
Christian Democratic Party
Christian Education
Christian Education ACREAGE WANTED
Christian Education and Missionary Education
Christian Education Bible Study
Christian Education Build-were
Christian Education Centre
Christian Education Centre the
Christian Education Committee
Christian Education Committee for Ottawa Baptist Association
Christian Education Cou-
Christian Education Coun-
Christian Education Council
Christian Education Hall
Christian Education Hall of Shawville United Church ON SATURDAY
Christian Education Hour
Christian Education Hour 9:45 am Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Tue Student Ministries
Christian Education Hour 9:46 am Morning Worship
Christian Education Hour Morning Worship
Christian Education Hour Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Rev
Christian Education Hour Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Tue
Christian Education Hour Morning WxsNp Evening Praise Service Tue Student Ministries
Christian Education Hour Rev
Christian Education Pentecostal Assemblies Canada Land Rich
Christian Education Unit
Christian Education Week
Christian Education Wing Treasurer
Christian Family Life
Christian Family Life and Communications and Public Relations
Christian Family Life Christian Family
Christian Family Life Con
Christian Family Life Convener
Christian Family Life Recent
Christian Family Roll Roofing Building Paper Lime and Cement Rockwool Insulation Ihen
Christian Federation of Canada
Christian Guardian
Christian Heritage
Christian Heritage Party
Christian Heritage Party;
Christian Heritage"
Christian Hi Fish & Game Club
Christian High School
Christian Hospital
Christian Laurin’s
Christian Life Centre
Christian Life Communi-
Christian Ministry
Christian Monitor
Christian Reserve
Christian Science Monitor
Christian Service
Christian Studies
Christian Temperance Union
Christian Workers’ Association
Christian World Church
Church Christian Education Hall
Church Christian Education Wing
CLSC Christian Gagné
Communion Services Sermon Mibject—‘‘The Public Sign Christian Descipleship
Coun-1 Christian Education
Council of Christian Education
Council of Christian Educe
CYC Christian Youth
Department of Christian Education
DEPARTMENTS "Christian Education
DEPARTMENTS “Christian Education
District Christian Business
District Christian Business Men
District Christian Business Men s Committee Program
District Christian Business Mens Committee Annual Ladies Night
District Christian Businessmens Committee
Dr. Christian
Durham Christian High School
E. Christian Science Monitor
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Shawville John Christian Mohr
Engineering Christian
Equity Christian Mainville
General Christian De Wet
Glengarry Christian Council
Good Christian
Good Christian Soldier;
Heart Christian Lady
Hillcrest Christian College
Home Eco- Christian
Hope Christian Fellowship
Hope Christian Fellowship Church
Hope Christian Fellowship Wesleyan Church
House Christian Fellowship
Id Christian Science Monitor
Ideal Christian Home
In Christian Education
In Christian Science Monitor
In Christian Social Action
Inter School Christian Fellowship
Inter-School Christian Fellowship
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Jesus Christ and Christian
John Christian Watson
John- Christian Education
King Christian
King Christian IV.
King Christian VIII
King Christian X
Lang Christian Education
Lions Christian Prayer Unity
Logos Land Christian
LOGOS LAND RESORT Christian Book Store & Gift Shop
Lord Christian
M. Christian
Marantha Christian Reform Church
Mary-tiac Christian Education Council
Master of Christian Studies
Men’s Christian Association
Methodist Christian
Missionary Christian Alliance Church
MOVIEI Christian Education
Mrs. Christian Education
Name Christian Soucy Tim Adlam c
National Christian Council of India
National Christian Council of Japan
National Christian Party
NCC Christian
NDP Gretchen Schwartz GRN Eleanor Hyodo NLP Christian Legeais
New Christian Education Wing
New Hope Christian
New Hope Christian Church
New Hope Christian Fellowship Church
Niagara Christian College
Oaks Christian Training College
Oil Christian Education Convent-
Ontario Christian Business Men s Committee of Pembroke Tel
Ontario Council of Christian
Ontario Council of Christian Education
Ontario Council of Christian Education Toronto During
Ottawa Christian Centre Tractors
Ottawa Valley Christian Fellowship
OWL LAFFS Christian Science Monitor
PATRO Christian Gagné
PATRO Christian Gagné; Cari
PCH Foundation Christian Lareau
Philippine Christian College
Politise Christian Education Convention
Pon-tiec Christian Education Council
Pontiac Christian
Pontiac Christian Dale Thomson
Pontiac Christian Educa
Pontiac Christian Education
Pontiac Christian Education C
Pontiac Christian Education Conven-
Pontiac Christian Education Convention
Pontiac Christian Education Council
Pontiac Christian Education Croup
Pontiac Christian Education Mr‘ Pvrrv
Pontiac Christian Ijdneation
Pontiac Council 01 Christian Education Rink No.
Pontiac Council of Christian
Pontiac County Christian Education and Sunday School
Pontiac County Council of Christian Education
Pontiac County Division of the Ontario Council of Christian Education
Priest Contends Christian Restraint Required
Public Relations Executive Christian Gagné
Qucbel^T^ Christian Education
reali-1 Christian Science Monitor
School Christian Fel-
School Christian Fellowship
School Christian Science
Schwarn Christian Family Week
Secretary-Treasurer Christian Singles
Service Christian Church
Shawville Christian Business
Shawville Christian Business Men
Shawville Christian Business Men s Committee
Shawville Christian Business Men’s Committee BRISTOL PASTORAL CHARGE Rev.
ShawviUe Christian Business Men’s Committee
So Christian Association
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Society of Christian Endeavor
SON Christian
SPONSORED BY Christian Business Men’s Committee
St Christian Burial
St Christian Orphans
St Paul’s Christian
Student Christian Movement
Student Christian Movement Dr Catherine A Missionary Convention
Study Book Jesus Christ and Christian Life
S» Montreal Christian Supply House
Texas Christian
Texas Christian University
The Christian
The Christian Advocate
The Christian Business Men’s Committee of
The Christian Education
The Christian Science
The Christian Science Board of
The Christian Science Journal
The Christian Science Monitor
The Christian Science Publishing Society
Time Christian Science Monitor
TIRE Christian
True Christian
True Christian Courtesy
United Christian Education
United Christian Education Wing
United Christian Service
United Christian Workers Counter Pads
United Church Christian Edu
United Church Christian Educa
United Church Christian Education
United Church Christian Education Hail
United Church Christian Eduction Centre
Valley Christian Fellowship
Varsity Christian Fellowship
Wales Christian
Walt Disney tiac Christian Education Council
WANTED Christian
WED NOV 6—Pontiac Christian Education
Womens Christian Service
Women’s Christian Association
Women’s Christian Temperance Union
World Christian
Worship Christian Family Day—Congregation
Young Men’s Christian Association
Young Womens Christian Association Community Centre
Young Women’s Christian Association
Young Worn* Christian Association
Youth Department of the Board of Christian Education
Zacharias Christian Zacharias Renfrew Mall Downtown Renfrew Mall Downtown & Renfrew Mall Renfrew Ma