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Arthur - Gary Cooper

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7. Prince Arthur
A* V Rev. Gary
A. Cooper
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Alex Arthur
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Allen Meredith Arthur Wiggins Frank Cornu Basil Stanton John McAra Wm Westbrook Fred Clark P H O Ha
Amy Cooper
Amy Corrigan....... Arthur Horner........... John E. Horner.........
And Maxtor Arthur
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Arnold Sloan Gary Moorehead
Arthur British
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Arthur "
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Arthur - Gary Cooper
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Arthur - Range II
Arthur 0f Allen Hrigden
Arthur 6.786.00
Arthur 7-2260
Arthur 7-3705 Turner
Arthur ?Hayes
Arthur A
Arthur A Balfour
Arthur A Edith Thomas
Arthur A Jack
Arthur A Villeneuve
Arthur A Wiggins.--------------------------------
Arthur A. Richards
Arthur A. Villeneuve
Arthur A.S. Reds Rich
Arthur AAockoy
Arthur Abercrombie
Arthur Ac Nancy Mayhew Clayton McCredle Dave A Gladys McCredle Hugh Ac Irene McCredle Jessie
Arthur Adams
Arthur Agercrombie
Arthur Ai
Arthur Aider
Arthur Alban Francoeur
Arthur Albert
Arthur Albert Steer
Arthur Alder
Arthur Alexander
Arthur Alexander Beattie Crs
Arthur Alexander Erwin Time
Arthur Alexander Sturgeon
Arthur Allan
Arthur Allan Cornell
Arthur Allen
Arthur Allen Killed
Arthur Allum
Arthur Alter
Arthur Although
Arthur Alyea
Arthur Amy*
Arthur Amy- Camp
Arthur Amy-Oet
Arthur Amyote
Arthur Amyotfe
Arthur Amyotle
Arthur Amyottc
Arthur Amyotte
Arthur Amyotte Pi es
Arthur Amyottee
Arthur An
Arthur and Nancy Mayhew
Arthur and Nancy Mayhew September
Arthur Andersen
Arthur Applications
Arthur April
Arthur Archambault
Arthur Archambault Aylmer Jottings
Arthur Archibald
Arthur Ardmore Stacey
Arthur Argue
Arthur Argue 305
Arthur Armatn
Arthur Armitage
Arthur Armstrong
Arthur Armstrong - Base Ball Player
Arthur Armstrong Wil-
Arthur Arnold
Arthur Arnot Horner GEORGE
Arthur Arsenault
Arthur Art
Arthur Ary
Arthur Aryere
Arthur Ashe
Arthur Ashley
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Arthur Asquith
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Arthur At
Arthur ATTENTION Minor Hockey Boys Midget
Arthur Attrid
Arthur Attridge
Arthur Attrldge
Arthur Aubrey
Arthur August Rose
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bonnie
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bronco Billy Cabaret Casey
Arthur Ave
Arthur Avenue
Arthur Avenue Renfrew
Arthur AVLR''H
Arthur Ax-man
Arthur Axman
Arthur Aylmer
Arthur Ayre
Arthur B auehens''g
Arthur B Lamb
Arthur B Lovelace
Arthur B Lovelace Rev Love
Arthur B. Cook
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Arthur Back
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Arthur Bai
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Arthur Bal-
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Arthur Barnes
Arthur Barnes Mr.
Arthur Barns
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Arthur Bascon
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Arthur Bcnm
Arthur Be
Arthur Be-
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Arthur Beaudoin Mr.
Arthur Beauleu
Arthur Beaulieu
Arthur Beaulieu Alderic Devdlc
Arthur Beaulieu Furniture Store
Arthur Beaulieu)
Arthur Beaulieu’s
Arthur Beauvais
Arthur Bed-anger
Arthur Bedard
Arthur Beering
Arthur Beggs
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Arthur Belair
Arthur Bélair Jr. Her
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Arthur Belalr
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Arthur Belanger
Arthur Belanger’s
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Arthur Belleau
Arthur Belli
Arthur Belsher
Arthur Benjamin
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Arthur Bennett
Arthur Ber- Encouraging Note
Arthur Bergeron
Arthur Berry Jr.
Arthur Bert-,
Arthur Bertrand
Arthur Bertrand Bert Smith
Arthur Bertrand Bryson
Arthur Bertrand Wife- Betty
Arthur Besner
Arthur Bhearly Crlpps
Arthur Bice
Arthur Bickford Lewis
Arthur Bigge
Arthur Bigpce
Arthur Bill Mr. William Thompson
Arthur Bin 1
Arthur Birnes
Arthur Bishop
Arthur Bishop.
Arthur Bisson
Arthur Bit
Arthur Bitssiere
Arthur Black
Arthur Blades
Arthur Blais
Arthur Blais Died
Arthur Bliss Copp
Arthur Blythe
Arthur Boadofn
Arthur Board
Arthur Bod
Arthur Bogart
Arthur Bois
Arthur Bois-and
Arthur Boisv*
Arthur Boisveit
Arthur Boisvert
Arthur Boisvert JOUI
Arthur Boisvert Lynn
Arthur Bols-nome
Arthur Bolton
Arthur Bonnah
Arthur Bootbby
Arthur Boothby
Arthur Boston
Arthur Bosvert
Arthur Boucher
Arthur Bourinot
Arthur Bouton
Arthur Bouton Assista
Arthur Bradey
Arthur Brady
Arthur Brady Defendant
Arthur Brady Motioi
Arthur Brain
Arthur Brazeau
Arthur Brend
Arthur Bretton
Arthur Brewster
Arthur Brisbane
Arthur Brisbois
Arthur Brisebois
Arthur Bristol Brick
Arthur British
Arthur Brlsebols
Arthur Brnzcau
Arthur Brock
Arthur Bronson
Arthur Brouee
Arthur Brouse
Arthur Brouse Council
Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown 352
Arthur Brownlee
Arthur Browse
Arthur Bruce Carson Step-dancing
Arthur Bruner
Arthur Brunette
Arthur Bryon
Arthur Bryson
Arthur Btoe
Arthur Btoimiifldl
Arthur Btyron
Arthur Buck
Arthur Buckley
Arthur Buckley Dr.
Arthur Bucksaw
Arthur Budarick
Arthur Budd
Arthur Buggies
Arthur Buller
Arthur Bunitre
Arthur Burnette
Arthur Burns
Arthur Burrell
Arthur Burton
Arthur Burtorî
Arthur Bus&iere
Arthur Bus-siere
Arthur Bush
Arthur Busqué
Arthur Bussierc
Arthur Bussiere
Arthur Busslere
Arthur Bvauhi
Arthur By
Arthur Byrne
Arthur Byron
Arthur C
Arthur C D. A.D.C.
Arthur C. Hardy
Arthur C. Moore
Arthur Ç. Oenrick
Arthur CaH
Arthur Cahill
Arthur CaHwell
Arthur CakNeW
Arthur Cald
Arthur Cald- Robinson
Arthur Cald-wétt
Arthur CaldwÂl
Arthur Caldwell
Arthur Caldwell - John U. Corrigan
Arthur Caldwell Country
Arthur Caldwell_
Arthur Caldwell’s
Arthur Calumet Island
Arthur Calwcll
Arthur Cameron
Arthur Campbell
Arthur CaMxvell
Arthur Canon
Arthur Capper
Arthur Caraon
Arthur Carbone
Arthur Cardinal
Arthur Carlisle
Arthur Carmichael
Arthur Carol Baker
Arthur Carrie
Arthur Carried
Arthur Carson
Arthur Carson QUYON QUEBEC
Arthur Carson’s
Arthur Caswell McManus
Arthur Cayley
Arthur Ccombs
Arthur Celery His
Arthur Cha
Arthur Chamberlin Harrington Hall
Arthur Champion
Arthur Chaput
Arthur Chaput Vis
Arthur Chaput Louie Hodgins
Arthur Charette
Arthur Charles
Arthur Charles Buckley
Arthur Charles Dufault
Arthur Charles Far-
Arthur Charles Farwell
Arthur Charlotte
Arthur Chase Is
Arthur Choke
Arthur Chômas
Arthur Chouinard
Arthur Christie
Arthur Christmas
Arthur Chronicle
Arthur Churchman
Arthur Churchman London
Arthur Ciouest
Arthur Clark
Arthur Clarke
Arthur Clarke_
Arthur Class
Arthur Clcndenen
Arthur Clennam
Arthur Cleveland Bent
Arthur Clevelaud Coxe
Arthur Clouthier
Arthur Cmilm
Arthur Coates
Arthur Cobill
Arthur Coburn
Arthur Cochrane
Arthur Coewfford
Arthur Colely
Arthur College
Arthur Collins
Arthur Collins - Anjeska Princess.
Arthur Comgan
Arthur Community Hospital
Arthur Conan
Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Conan Doyle Is
Arthur Conan Doyle.
Arthur Conao ZmaZ-lend
Arthur Coningham
Arthur Connell CSSR Fr
Arthur Conrad
Arthur Consumptive*
Arthur Contrary
Arthur Cooger
Arthur Cooksey
Arthur Cor-
Arthur Cormier
Arthur Cornell
Arthur Cornell Spencerville
Arthur Corrigan
Arthur Couch
Arthur Coughlan
Arthur Council
Arthur Couture
Arthur Coventry
Arthur Covey
Arthur Cowansville
Arthur Cox
Arthur Craig
Arthur Crave
Arthur Creig
Arthur Creigheur
Arthur Creighton
Arthur Cremm
Arthur Crew Inman
Arthur Crisp.
Arthur Crone
Arthur Croteau
Arthur Currie
Arthur Currie Explains
Arthur Currie School
Arthur Curry
Arthur Cutrie
Arthur Cyril
Arthur D Little
Arthur D*gg
Arthur D. Little
Arthur D.igg
Arthur D.igg Treasurer—J.
Arthur Da
Arthur Daaabrate Motion CIS.
Arthur Dacg
Arthur Dafg
Arthur Dag
Arthur Dag#
Arthur Dag*
Arthur Dag/
Arthur Dagenais
Arthur Dagg
Arthur Dagg -
Arthur Dagg Although
Arthur Dagg Bereaved Mr»
Arthur Dagg Con
Arthur Dagg Dainty
Arthur Dagg Dr. Earl
Arthur Dagg Education
Arthur Dagg Garrett Walsh
Arthur Dagg I
Arthur Dagg Ida Harris
Arthur Dagg Judges
Arthur Dagg Mary Kilgour
Arthur Dagg Memorial- Janie Ebert
Arthur Dagg Model
Arthur Dagg Mossri^g
Arthur Dagg Moyer School Supplies
Arthur Dagg Mr Norval Kllgour
Arthur Dagg Mr.
Arthur Dagg Mr. Del Manary
Arthur Dagg Mrs Christine Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs.
Arthur Dagg Mrs. Christina Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs. John Morrison
Arthur Dagg Named
Arthur Dagg On
Arthur Dagg Other
Arthur Dagg Page Five Y*rm Noies
Arthur Dagg Publicity
Arthur Dagg QUALITY
Arthur Dagg Que
Arthur Dagg Re
Arthur Dagg Those
Arthur Dagg Trophy
Arthur Dagg Weekend
Arthur Dagg- Competency
Arthur Dagg/ President
Arthur Daggs
Arthur Dagg’s
Arthur Dago
Arthur Dagp
Arthur Dags
Arthur Daiey
Arthur Dajjg
Arthur Dak
Arthur Dale
Arthur Dale 1
Arthur Dale Mr
Arthur Dale Mrs.
Arthur Daley
Arthur Dasent
Arthur David
Arthur David Hodgins
Arthur David Kingsbury So Di-The
Arthur David-Accompanist
Arthur Davidson
Arthur Davis
Arthur Dawson
Arthur Day
Arthur Da« Mr.
Arthur Dcering
Arthur Dcnault
Arthur De
Arthur De-
Arthur Dealers Association
Arthur Dean
Arthur Dean Evtns
Arthur Dean John Russell
Arthur Dean Kuehl
Arthur Dean Monday
Arthur Dean Tuesday
Arthur Dee
Arthur Dee*
Arthur Deed
Arthur Deegan
Arthur Deenng
Arthur Deer
Arthur Deer-tng
Arthur Deering
Arthur Deering Vltfd
Arthur Deerlng
Arthur Default
Arthur Degg
Arthur Degg Mr*
Arthur DeÏÏÎ
Arthur Delorme
Arthur Denault
Arthur Denault Doughnuts
Arthur Deneault
Arthur Denny
Arthur Denoult
Arthur Dependence
Arthur Dérocher
Arthur Derochers
Arthur Derouin
Arthur Desabrais
Arthur Desabrais Jr.
Arthur Desabrais Sr.
Arthur Desahrais
Arthur Desebrais
Arthur Désignât tom Touto
Arthur Désignation
Arthur Desjardins
Arthur Desmarteau
Arthur Desrivieres Orleans
Arthur Desrocher
Arthur Desrochera
Arthur Detachment Ontario Provincial Police
Arthur Dick
Arthur Dicker
Arthur Dickson
Arthur Digg
Arthur Diineil
Arthur Dinnis
Arthur Display
Arthur Dixon
Arthur Dngz
Arthur Dobson
Arthur Dodd
Arthur Dodds Campbell
Arthur Dodd’s Kidney Pills Finding Their Way Into Every Civilized Country
Arthur Dogg
Arthur Dolan
Arthur Dome
Arthur Donnelly
Arthur Donovan
Arthur Dorey
Arthur Doughty
Arthur Doughty Although
Arthur Douglas
Arthur Douglas Pat
Arthur Dowc
Arthur Dowe
Arthur Downing
Arthur Dowv
Arthur Dr. Herbert
Arthur Dra
Arthur Drapeau
Arthur Draper
Arthur Draper-Sum
Arthur Drapers
Arthur Draper—$
Arthur Drew
ArthUr Drlper
Arthur Droiun
Arthur Drouin
Arthur Dsgg Miss Barsbara Dagg
Arthur Dtgg
Arthur Du
Arthur Du-of
Arthur Dubé
Arthur Dubien
Arthur Dubouchel
Arthur Duchesne
Arthur Duckworth
Arthur Dufault
Arthur Dufault Mrs. Len Coyne
Arthur Duffy
Arthur Dugg
Arthur Duhn
Arthur Dumouchel
Arthur Dun-
Arthur Dunmgan
Arthur Dunnigan
Arthur Dupuis
Arthur Dupuis Westmeath
Arthur Dur
Arthur Dur-
Arthur Dur-ell
Arthur Dur-réll
Arthur Dur-|with MMr
Arthur Dure*
Arthur Durell
Arthur Durocher
Arthur Durovher
Arthur Durr
Arthur Durrdl
Arthur Durre
Arthur Durreb
Arthur Durreil
Arthur Durrel
Arthur Durrell
Arthur Durrell Bryson
Arthur Durrell Bryy-oa
Arthur Durrell Mr.
Arthur Durrelll
Arthur Durretl
Arthur DurreU Mrs John Grand
Arthur DurreU.
Arthur Dwenigen
Arthur D’Aoust
Arthur E
Arthur E 8c<»tt
Arthur E.
Arthur Eades
Arthur Eadie
Arthur Eadie Grenville Atkinson Clarence Dean
Arthur Eagles
Arthur Eahcllc
Arthur Earle Our
Arthur Eason Sturgeon
Arthur East
Arthur Easy
Arthur Ecaeaa Ointment
Arthur Echar
Arthur Ecker
Arthur Eckford
Arthur Eddington
Arthur Eden
Arthur Edgar Boisvert
Arthur Edge
Arthur Edward Grasett
Arthur Edward Tanner
Arthur Edward Webb
Arthur Edwin Denny
Arthur Edwin Wood
Arthur Eeker
Arthur Ei- Alvin Nichol-
Arthur Eides
Arthur El
Arthur Elchgruen
Arthur Elder
Arthur Eliott
Arthur Elliaon
Arthur Elliott
Arthur Ellis
Arthur Ellis Ex-Mayor
Arthur Elwood
Arthur Emery
Arthur Emir Abdullah
Arthur Enterprise
Arthur Enterprise-News
Arthur Equity Editor Pontiac
Arthur Eraser
Arthur Erickson Canadian
Arthur Erin
Arthur Ernest R.C.A.F.
Arthur Ernest Trowsse
Arthur Erw
Arthur Erwin
Arthur Erwm
Arthur Et
Arthur Etdy
Arthur Ethelbert McDowell
Arthur Ethief Sudbury
Arthur Etides
Arthur Eustache Mor-
Arthur Evans
Arthur Even K News Chronicle
Arthur Evered
Arthur EXagg
Arthur F
Arthur F Berry
Arthur F.
Arthur F. Bailey
Arthur F. Davidson
Arthur F. Gleason
Arthur Fades
Arthur Fairbank
Arthur Fallon
Arthur FARM
Arthur Fawcett
Arthur FDurreli
Arthur Fecteua
Arthur Fed
Arthur Feller
Arthur Fenton
Arthur Ferrier
Arthur Ferry
Arthur Few
Arthur Fie
Arthur Fiedler
Arthur Fieldhouse
Arthur Fights On
Arthur Finan
Arthur Find
Arthur Findlay
Arthur Findlay Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Findlay Ear
Arthur Finlayson
Arthur FinuCOOe
Arthur Fisher
Arthur Fitz
Arthur Fitzpatrick
Arthur Five
Arthur Fkrgusson
Arthur Flack
Arthur Fleming
Arthur Fleming Mclnick
Arthur Fleury
Arthur Fllllon
Arthur Fofi-Coukmgc
Arthur Following
Arthur Forbes
Arthur Forestry Core
Arthur Forrest
Arthur Fort-Cuulongc
Arthur Foster
Arthur Fountain
Arthur Fran
Arthur Fran-
Arthur Fran- Mrs.
Arthur Fran-coeur
Arthur Francoeur
Arthur Franooeur
Arthur Frans
Arthur Franz 1
Arthur Franz Adult Technicolour Barbecue Brawl
Arthur Franz Adult Technko*our Barbecue Brawl
Arthur Franz Doris Dowling
Arthur Franz Eight Iron Men WED.
Arthur Franz MONDAY
Arthur Frappier
Arthur Frar^tur
Arthur Fraser
Arthur Frederick
Arthur French
Arthur French Canadian
Arthur Freshfield
Arthur From
Arthur Froment
Arthur Fslrbaim
Arthur Fulk
Arthur Funeral
Arthur Funeral Home
Arthur Furness
Arthur G *agn Thurs
Arthur G Downing
Arthur G. Browning
Arthur G. Ridgew.iy
Arthur G. Smith
Arthur Ga-$
Arthur Gaboury
Arthur Gag-
Arthur Gag- Lillian Spinks
Arthur Gag-Labelle
Arthur Gag-visited
Arthur Gagn
Arthur Gagno
Arthur Gagnon
Arthur Gagnon Allan
Arthur Gagnon Chantal
Arthur Gagnon Gagnon Valentine
Arthur Gagnon Miss Sylvia Clalrmont
Arthur Gagnon Mrs Mary Boisvert
Arthur Gagnon Visiting
Arthur Gamble
Arthur Garfield Hodgins
Arthur Garfield Hodgins Dies
Arthur Garraain
Arthur Gauthier
Arthur Gbltiwell
Arthur Gca-Quyon
Arthur Geering
Arthur Gendron
Arthur George
Arthur Germain
Arthur Germaine
Arthur Gervais
Arthur Gibson
Arthur Gibson’s
ARthur Gilker
Arthur Gillies
Arthur Gilligan
Arthur Giroux
Arthur Gladman
Arthur Glass
Arthur Gleason
Arthur Glenn
Arthur Godfrey
Arthur Godfrey Admission
Arthur Godfrey ALSO Black Spurs Technicolor Rory Calhoun
Arthur Godin
Arthur Goebel
Arthur Goldfinch
Arthur Goodman
Arthur Goodrich
Arthur Gordon
Arthur Gordon Webb
Arthur Gould
Arthur Grace
Arthur Grace Miss Theresa Neville
Arthur Grace Nov.
Arthur Graham
Arthur Graham Max Run
Arthur Grant
Arthur Granville Bradley
Arthur Gratton
Arthur Gravclle
Arthur Grave
Arthur Gravel
Arthur Gravelle
Arthur Gravelle Andwo Cfonfield THt
Arthur Greek
Arthur Greeson
Arthur Grenke
Arthur Gritfiith
Arthur Grouse
Arthur Gttvaisl
Arthur Guests
Arthur Guidon
Arthur Guindon
Arthur Guiterman
Arthur Gummies Multivitamins
Arthur Gumming
Arthur Guy Enipey
Arthur H
Arthur H FWi| Larson
Arthur H-.hu
Arthur H. Clark
Arthur H. Cook Singapore
Arthur H. Fisher
Arthur H. Lee
Arthur H. Rost
Arthur H. Woermke
Arthur Hack
Arthur Hades
Arthur Hagar
Arthur Hagji
Arthur Hahn
Arthur Hailey
Arthur Hainp-son
Arthur Hallam
Arthur Halm
Arthur Ham
Arthur Hammond Douglas
Arthur Hamp
Arthur Hamp-of Dor Val
Arthur Hamp-son
Arthur Hampeon
Arthur Hampseu Bord
Arthur Hampsnn
Arthur Hampson
Arthur Hampson’s
Arthur Hampsorx W S. Hanna
Arthur Hampton
Arthur Hanaberry
Arthur Hanger
Arthur Hanimberry
Arthur Hanna
Arthur Hannaberry
Arthur Hardy 1st
Arthur Haropson
Arthur Harris
Arthur Harrison Creighton
Arthur Harry Storey 0
Arthur Harry Storey Tuck
Arthur Hart
Arthur Hartley*
Arthur Harupson
Arthur Hasty
Arthur Hat
Arthur Hatton
Arthur HaUam’s
Arthur Haute
Arthur Havelock
Arthur Haves
Arthur Haw-include
Arthur Hawke
Arthur Hawkea
Arthur Hawkes
Arthur Hay
Arthur Hayden
Arthur Haye
Arthur Haye*
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes 661
Arthur Hazelrigg
Arthur He
Arthur Heaney
Arthur Heaneys
Arthur Heanny
Arthur Hedging
Arthur Helps
Arthur Helps RSM3-1C V
Arthur Heming
Arthur Hender
Arthur Henderson
Arthur Henderson Minister
Arthur Henderson Ramsay Macdonald
Arthur Henderton
Arthur Henneberry
Arthur Henry
Arthur Henry Downs
Arthur Henry Gooden
Arthur Henry Gooden Chapter T.—(C-ont
Arthur Henry Gooden I CHAPTER III.—(Cant’d
Arthur Henry Gooden Julietta Cream Wanted A
Arthur Henry Gooden V O N
Arthur Henry Gooden We
Arthur Henry Gpcden
Arthur Henry Hallam
Arthur Henry Woermke
Arthur Herbert Bur-ford
Arthur Herbert Richardson
Arthur Herlend
Arthur Hewitt
Arthur Heyday
Arthur Hhaw
Arthur HhUIipt
Arthur Hice
Arthur Higginson Leonard Dufault
Arthur Hilda
Arthur Hill
Arthur Hill Julie Herris
Arthur Hind
Arthur Hind Of
Arthur Hitt
Arthur Hmiley Wortry
Arthur Hoare
Arthur Hobbs
Arthur Hoc
Arthur Hockey
Arthur Hod
Arthur Hod-gins
Arthur Hod-Kee
Arthur Hodg-ns
Arthur Hodges
Arthur Hodgi Cr
Arthur Hodgim
Arthur Hodgina
Arthur Hodgins
Arthur Hodgins Aug
Arthur Hodgins Co-owner
Arthur Hodgins Dec
Arthur Hodgins Glenn
Arthur Hodgins Jan
Arthur Hodgins July
Arthur Hodgins May
Arthur Hodgins Nov
Arthur Hodgins Nov.
Arthur Hodgins Sep act
Arthur Hodgins Sept.
Arthur Hodgins Wall Bells Corners
Arthur Hodgins*
Arthur Hodgins- Dumouchel
Arthur Hodgios
Arthur Hodgitv.
Arthur Hodglns
Arthur Hodglns - Gil Fraser
Arthur Hodgm
Arthur Hodgms
Arthur Hodgn
Arthur Hodgtns
Arthur Hodgtoe-Mege^mee
Arthur Hoe
Arthur Hohn
Arthur Hoilgm-, Sh
Arthur Holmes
Arthur Homer
Arthur Homer Havelin
Arthur Homer’s
Arthur Homing
Arthur Honer
Arthur Honeyman
Arthur Hooper Up
Arthur Hop*
Arthur Hope
Arthur Hopper
Arthur Hor
Arthur Hor-
Arthur Hor-Mrs Melvin Young
Arthur Horigins
Arthur Horn-Clarendon
Arthur HornbloW
Arthur Horncr
Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner H Wayland
Arthur Horner 1
Arthur Horner 306
Arthur Horner Equity Photo Brock
Arthur Horner Honored
Arthur Horner John Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner Mrs Fred Arthurs
Arthur Horner Shawville
Arthur Horner Three Rivers
Arthur Horner- Mr Michael Wrinn
Arthur Horner- Mrs Martha Corrigan
Arthur Horner.............. John E. Horner.............
Arthur Horner.............. Wm
Arthur Horner—fulfilled
Arthur Hornkr
Arthur Horper
Arthur Hose
Arthur Hot
Arthur Hotel
Arthur Hotel Port Arthur
Arthur Houghton
Arthur Howard
Arthur Hoyle
Arthur Hoyt Day
Arthur Hoyt I)ay
Arthur Hra-per
Arthur Hu
Arthur Hudgins
Arthur Hudson
Arthur Hudson Marks
Arthur Huge
Arthur Hugh Clough
Arthur Huit
Arthur Humphries
Arthur Hunnicutt
Arthur Hunt Chute
Arthur Hunter
Arthur Hutchen
Arthur Hynes
Arthur I
Arthur I .
Arthur I Ihutt
Arthur I J Tarry Storey Tuck
Arthur I James Balfour
Arthur I)a
Arthur I)agg
Arthur I*bbc
Arthur I-.
Arthur I-abolie
Arthur I.c.
Arthur I>agg
Arthur Ifcauheu
Arthur IHenng
Arthur Ihigg
Arthur Ihigg Those
Arthur Ihinv»
Arthur Ihomas
Arthur II
Arthur Ij&bbc
Arthur Ijibhe
Arthur Ijtbbe
Arthur Imison
Arthur In
Arthur Inglee
Arthur Inspiration Is
Arthur Irian
Arthur Irnieon
Arthur Irnison
Arthur Irvine
Arthur Irwin
Arthur Is
Arthur Isabelle
Arthur Isabelle Mr.
Arthur Itodgms
Arthur IUgg
Arthur IVlIeiiii
Arthur IW)be
Arthur IWm.n
Arthur IXifault
Arthur I^bbe
Arthur I^ibbe
Arthur I’
Arthur J
Arthur J Aufderheide
Arthur J Byford
Arthur J Globensky
Arthur J Lamb
Arthur J Pires
Arthur J.
Arthur J. Balfour
Arthur J. Dempster
Arthur J. Evans
Arthur J>an Tuesday
Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson Fashions
Arthur Jackson Al Shawville
Arthur Jackson Mr* Lennis Barr
Arthur James Balfour
Arthur James Bilfuur
Arthur James Labelle
Arthur James Labelle A Business Dinectonu
Arthur Jamieson
Arthur Jan
Arthur Jarvis
Arthur Jeasop
Arthur Jeesop
Arthur Jenkinson
Arthur Jennings
Arthur Jesscwp
Arthur Jessop
Arthur Jewell
Arthur Jewkes
Arthur John
Arthur John Neal
Arthur Johnie
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnston
Arthur Jolicoeur
Arthur Jones
Arthur Joseph Brise
Arthur Joseph Turcotte
Arthur Jourdin
Arthur Jowsey
Arthur Judd
Arthur Judd -
Arthur Judd .............. J B Kilgour
Arthur Judd 1 .35
Arthur Judd 145.60 Arnot Homer
Arthur Judd 197.40 Council Expense
Arthur Judd 217.35
Arthur Judd 220.05
Arthur Judd 250
Arthur Judd 251.10
Arthur Judd 284.20 Pontiac Auto Parts
Arthur Judd 75.60
Arthur Judd Motion
Arthur Judd Pontiac Prim
Arthur Judd-
Arthur Jumet Brady
Arthur K
Arthur K dley
Arthur K lgour’s
Arthur K Ren
Arthur K Rennick
Arthur K. Davis
Arthur K. Goodman
Arthur K.lgour
Arthur K:
Arthur Kaddats
Arthur Kaddatz
Arthur Kades
Arthur Katies Pupils
Arthur Kdgour
Arthur Kducot
Arthur Kealey
Arthur Keen
Arthur Keith
Arthur Kelly
Arthur Kennedy
Arthur Kennedy Comedy Drama Motion
Arthur Kennedy Maureen O’Hara
Arthur Kennedy O BRIEN THEATRE
Arthur Kennedy Ottawa
Arthur Kennedy Public Notice
Arthur Kennedy W. M. Hayes
Arthur Kenneth
Arthur Kenney
Arthur Kenney James Stewart
Arthur Kennick
Arthur Kenny
Arthur Kerr
Arthur Keyes
Arthur KHgour O *
Arthur Ki
Arthur Ki gour
Arthur KID S
Arthur Kiigour
Arthur Kiigour Brian
Arthur Kiigours
Arthur Kiiomnr
Arthur Kikgour
Arthur Kikour
Arthur Kil
Arthur Kil#our
Arthur Kil-
Arthur Kil- Elburn Bean
Arthur Kil- Mrs
Arthur Kil- Mrs. Martin
Arthur Kil-and Walter Kilgour
Arthur Kil-gour
Arthur Kil-gours
Arthur Kil-grove
Arthur Kil-Hilliard Holmes
Arthur Kil-Ooffrr
Arthur Kilcotw
Arthur Kilgctir
Arthur Kilgojr
Arthur Kilgonr
Arthur Kilgotir
Arthur Kilgou
Arthur Kilgour
Arthur Kilgour Agricultural Society
Arthur Kilgour Farm
Arthur Kilgour Frank Nyveld
Arthur Kilgour Fred Kcch
Arthur Kilgour Hanna
Arthur Kilgour Hillis Conolly
Arthur Kilgour Line
Arthur Kilgour Memo-table
Arthur Kilgour Miss Ruth Dagg
Arthur Kilgour Mr.
Arthur Kilgour Mrs Cameron
Arthur Kilgour Mrs.
Arthur Kilgour Ottawa
Arthur Kilgour Pembroke
Arthur Kilgour Renfrew
Arthur Kilgour St Sons Bull
Arthur Kilgour Stays As
Arthur Kilgour Trophy Baler Twwe Mrs Arthur Kilgour
Arthur Kilgour Various
Arthur Kilgour View
Arthur Kilgour Were
Arthur Kilgour Whiter Kilgour
Arthur Kilgour- Lome Wilson
Arthur Kilgours
Arthur Kilgourt
Arthur Kilgour—a Holstein
Arthur Kilgour’s
Arthur Kilgour’s Armistice Day
Arthur Kilgouz
Arthur Kilgoyr
Arthur Kilgtmr
Arthur Kilguur
Arthur Killop
Arthur Kiln
Arthur Kilo
Arthur Kilooue
Arthur Kiloour
Arthur Kiloour Registered Yorkshire Hog Fee
Arthur Kilter*
Arthur Kilyour
Arthur King
Arthur Kingsbury
Arthur Kinnaira
Arthur Kinsley
Arthur Kiu
Arthur Kj
Arthur KJlgour
Arthur Kkigsberry
Arthur Kl
Arthur Klemming
Arthur Kligour
Arthur Kll
Arthur Kll- F°”tlac Don
Arthur Kll-gour
Arthur Kll-People
Arthur Kllgour
Arthur Kllgour By Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Harrison McDlrmld
Arthur Kllgour Kenneth
Arthur Kllgour Si Sons
Arthur Kllgour St
Arthur Kllgour St Sons
Arthur Kllgour Telford
Arthur Kllgour*»
Arthur Kllgours
Arthur Klreour
Arthur Km
Arthur KM-
Arthur KM-gour
Arthur Kmart
Arthur KMgour
Arthur Kmgsbury
Arthur Kmond
Arthur Knox
Arthur Knyvet Wilson
Arthur Knyvot It Is
Arthur Kobcr
Arthur Kober
Arthur Koehler
Arthur Korn
Arthur Kramer
Arthur Krlgour
Arthur Krock
Arthur Kroeger
Arthur Krose
Arthur Krose Coffee
Arthur Ktigour
Arthur Ktigour’s August
Arthur Ktl-gour
Arthur Ktlgour
Arthur KU-
Arthur KU- Edi-Ui Turner
Arthur KUgour
Arthur KUgours
Arthur Kukkc
Arthur Kurle
Arthur Kvigour
Arthur K‘lgour_
Arthur L 214.20$
Arthur L Meyers
Arthur L Olroux
Arthur L Shaw
Arthur L Shaw Passes At
Arthur L Sifton
Arthur L Spinks
Arthur L*»acy
Arthur L. Harris
Arthur L. Shaw
Arthur L.E.
Arthur La
Arthur La-bell
Arthur La-belle
Arthur La-belle Diocesan Secretary
Arthur Lab
Arthur Lab- Douglas
Arthur Lab-be
Arthur Laban
Arthur Labbc
Arthur Labbd
Arthur Labbe April
Arthur Labbe Dullard Bertrand
Arthur Labbe J.D.
Arthur Labbe Tuesday
Arthur Labç ie
Arthur Labcllc
Arthur Labclle
Arthur Labclle County
Arthur Labdle
Arthur Labdle David
Arthur Labe
Arthur Labe He
Arthur LabeBe County Sec
Arthur Labei- Qu
Arthur Labeile
Arthur Labeile Mosquito All Stars
Arthur LabeKe
Arthur Label
Arthur Label Ic
Arthur LabelIc
Arthur Labelie
Arthur Labelk
Arthur Labell
Arthur Labellc
Arthur Labellc Pro-Mayor Edward Kavan-
Arthur Labelle
Arthur Labelle AWARDS
Arthur Labelle GERRY’S T.V.
Arthur Labelle Low Notes Waltham’s Lob Ball
Arthur Labelle Knits Terrys Cottons Stretch Denims Ribbing
Arthur Labelle Si GRADED
Arthur Labelle X/y
Arthur Labelle Approx
Arthur Labelle Auction Sale Holstein Herd
Arthur Labelle Audit
Arthur Labelle Beautiful
Arthur Labelle Betty Grieves
Arthur Labelle Congratulations
Arthur Labelle Correspondent Gerald Perry
Arthur Labelle Curtiss
Arthur Labelle Diocesan Press Convener
Arthur Labelle Everyone
Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Arthur Labelle Friendly Service LOW
Arthur Labelle Garry
Arthur Labelle GEO.
Arthur Labelle Gerard
Arthur Labelle Graduate Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle Dr Ebert Judd
Arthur Labelle Headquarters
Arthur Labelle Mayor Schrankler
Arthur Labelle Mm Cecil Vibert
Arthur Labelle Mrs E Lively Christinas Concert By Waltham Catholic Women
Arthur Labelle Our Lady
Arthur Labelle Philip Gerard
Arthur Labelle Recent
Arthur Labelle Revel
Arthur Labelle Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic N.H.
Arthur Labelle Sec
Arthur Labelle SseMssttrMfc
Arthur Labelle Tie Binary
Arthur Labelle W eirstead Messag June Orr Gerard Labelle
Arthur Labelle Z FREE
Arthur Labelled
Arthur LabeMe Sec-Treas
Arthur Labette
Arthur LabeUc
Arthur LabeUe
Arthur Labhce
Arthur LabHU*
Arthur Labie
Arthur Labile
Arthur Lablele
Arthur Labric
Arthur Lacombe
Arthur Ladouceur
Arthur Lafcelle
Arthur Laframboise Waters And Sons
Arthur Lahbc
Arthur Lahdle
Arthur Lahelle
Arthur Lahhc
Arthur Lahhe
Arthur Laid
Arthur Laing
Arthur Lalonde
Arthur Lamontagne
Arthur Lancaster
Arthur Landry
Arthur Landry Almonte
Arthur Lang
Arthur Lang* Cyrus MacDonald
Arthur Langdon
Arthur Lanoix
Arthur Lapansea
Arthur Larivieie
Arthur Larson
Arthur Last Tuesday
Arthur Lat
Arthur Latulippe
Arthur Laudrie
Arthur Laudry
Arthur Laundrie Carl Vandray Mrs.
Arthur Laundry
Arthur Laval
Arthur LavalIee
Arthur Lavallée
Arthur Lavigne
Arthur Lavoie
Arthur Law
Arthur Lawled#
Arthur Lawson
Arthur Lawson Corrigan
Arthur Lcclair
Arthur Lcpine
Arthur Le-
Arthur Le-pine
Arthur Leach
Arthur Leader
Arthur Lebel’s
Arthur Leblanc
Arthur Leclerc
Arthur Lee
Arthur Lee-Dillon
Arthur Leeder
Arthur Leeder’s
Arthur Leering
Arthur Leeson
Arthur Leethsm
Arthur Legend Lives On Whether
Arthur LeMarquand
Arthur LeMorquont
Arthur Lenihan
Arthur Leo Meilleur
Arthur Leonard
Arthur Leonard Alder
Arthur Lepage
Arthur Lepine
Arthur Leplne
Arthur Lepme
Arthur LeRoy
Arthur Lester
Arthur Lett
Arthur Letts
Arthur Letts Su
Arthur Levesque
Arthur Lflbelle---------
Arthur Libel I
Arthur Libelle
Arthur Libelle County Sec.
Arthur Libelle Gerard Arthur Labelle
Arthur Libelle Sec Trees
Arthur Lily 1*011»
Arthur Lindsay
Arthur Lismer
Arthur Listowel
Arthur Little
Arthur Lloyd
Arthur Lloyd Quaile
Arthur Lloyd Queale
Arthur LlttlfJ
Arthur Lodge
Arthur Loiaellv
Arthur Lonsdale
Arthur Lorna
Arthur Lsbbt
Arthur Ltfomb
Arthur Lu-
Arthur Lu-|
Arthur Lucae
Arthur Lucan
Arthur Lucas
Arthur Lucas Also
Arthur Lucas Beechgrove Steele Line W. M. Hayes
Arthur Lucas James Arthur Lucas
Arthur Lucas JANE McGUIRE
Arthur Lucas Shawville
Arthur Lucas Wilson—Tomiack
Arthur Luces
Arthur Luke
Arthur Lynch
Arthur Lyon
Arthur Lyon Shaw
Arthur Lyons
Arthur M
Arthur M Henry
Arthur M Minuit
Arthur M treottv.
Arthur M"Idrum
Arthur M. Hanta
Arthur M. Taylor
Arthur M... Ebert
Arthur M....
Arthur M<
Arthur Ma
Arthur Mac
Arthur Mac-in Shawville
Arthur MacArthur
Arthur Mach
Arthur Machen
Arthur Machen’s
Arthur MacIntyre
Arthur Mack
Arthur Mackay
Arthur MacKay Jr.
Arthur Mackey
Arthur MacLaren
Arthur Maclean
Arthur Maclnerney
Arthur MacNamaia
Arthur MacNamara
Arthur MacNamara Mated
Arthur MacXamara
Arthur MacXamur
Arthur Maiette
Arthur Maine*
Arthur Maitland
Arthur Malcolm Lot
Arthur Male
Arthur Malette
Arthur Malley’s Australian Cricket Team
Arthur Maloney
Arthur Maloney Q.C.
Arthur Man
Arthur Man-well
Arthur Manby
Arthur Mann
Arthur Mansfield
Arthur Manson For
Arthur Mansxield
Arthur Mantel
Arthur Manuel
Arthur Manwell
Arthur Mar-Marjorie Dickson
Arthur Marcotte
Arthur Margaret Pilon
Arthur Marinho Vibert
Arthur Marion
Arthur Marleau
Arthur Marlon
Arthur Marshall
Arthur Martin Leake
Arthur Martins
Arthur Masse
Arthur Mathewson
Arthur Matte
Arthur Maude
Arthur Maues Farm
Arthur Maurice
Arthur Maves
Arthur Mavhew
Arthur Maw
Arthur Maxwell
Arthur May
Arthur May- Lang
Arthur May- Lawrence Flood
Arthur May-their
Arthur Maybew
Arthur Mayes
Arthur Mayhew
Arthur Mayhew’s
Arthur Maynew
Arthur Mc-Cor
Arthur McAllister
Arthur McAllister Now
Arthur McAllister Shawville
Arthur McArthur
Arthur McBride
Arthur McCagg
Arthur McCann
Arthur McCon
Arthur McConnel
Arthur McConnell
Arthur McConnell ¦^3
Arthur McCurdy
Arthur McDon-Do
Arthur McDonald
Arthur McDowell
Arthur McDowell Mr. Tommie Smart
Arthur McElhaney
Arthur McElroy
Arthur McGown
Arthur McGrath
Arthur McGuire
Arthur McGuire 4
Arthur McGuire Gth
Arthur Mcighen
Arthur Mciglien
Arthur Mciglivn
Arthur McIntyre
Arthur McK Holland Landing
Arthur McKay
Arthur McKay (Betty
Arthur McKenna
Arthur Mckihbon
Arthur McKwen
Arthur McLane
Arthur McLaren
Arthur McLaren,
Arthur McLean
Arthur McLine
Arthur McManara
Arthur McNally
Arthur McNeill
Arthur McNur
Arthur McVoi^h
Arthur Me
Arthur Me Id
Arthur Me*Dowel
Arthur Me-
Arthur Mehlrums Also
Arthur Mehtrum
Arthur Meigben
Arthur Meigben—Minister
Arthur Meigh-M
Arthur Meighan
Arthur Meighcn
Arthur Meighen
Arthur Meigheo
Arthur Meigher
Arthur Meigken
Arthur Meiglten
Arthur Meigtien
Arthur Meilleur
Arthur Meiuhen
Arthur Meizhen
Arthur Mel
Arthur Mel R.
Arthur Mel-
Arthur Mel-Mot
Arthur Meld
Arthur Meldruin Joe Keon Frank Bourgeau Clarence Irwin J 1
Arthur Meldruiu
Arthur Meldrum
Arthur Meldrum St- -
Arthur Meldrum’s
Arthur MeldrurK 1
Arthur Meldrutn
Arthur Melghan
Arthur Melghen
Arthur Melghen This
Arthur Melrose’s
Arthur MelUrum
Arthur Menard
Arthur Mendel
Arthur Mendel’s
Arthur Mer-ruins
Arthur Merleau
Arthur Merleau Deborah Kerr
Arthur Merleau Country Schoolmaster
Arthur Merlfield
Arthur Met
Arthur Metghvn
Arthur Meyer
Arthur Meyhew
Arthur Midweek
Arthur Mielleur
Arthur Miles
Arthur Millar
Arthur Miller
Arthur Millier
Arthur Milligan
Arthur Milton Russell
Arthur Mimes
Arthur Mines
Arthur Minute
Arthur Miss Patsy Megrath
Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Mitchell Rice
Arthur MixonT
Arthur Mjy^onsM
Arthur Ml-
Arthur Mmphy
Arthur Modgins
Arthur Moffatt
Arthur Mon
Arthur Monette
Arthur Monk
Arthur Mono
Arthur Moor.
Arthur Moore
Arthur Moore Mrs. Flossie Bryson Moore
Arthur Moose Hunting Party
Arthur Morin
Arthur Motion Cr
Arthur Motion—Comm
Arthur Moved
Arthur Mpckay
Arthur Mr
Arthur Mr.
Arthur Mrs
Arthur Mrs.
Arthur Mrs. Edgar Hod
Arthur Mrs. Elaine
Arthur Mrs. Ernest Towsley
Arthur Mrs. Gordon McEwen
Arthur Mrs. Ixonard Smith
Arthur Mrs. Robt
Arthur Mtillegan
Arthur Mul- Murphy
Arthur Mul-Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mull
Arthur Mulli- Best
Arthur Mulli-Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mulligan Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mulligan Mrs
Arthur Mulligan Quyon
Arthur Mulligans
Arthur Mulligan’s
Arthur Mulligen
Arthur Mulls
Arthur Municipality
Arthur Murdock
Arthur Murphj SSS
Arthur Murphy
Arthur Murray
Arthur Murray Farquhar
Arthur Murray’s
Arthur Murrell
Arthur Must Stop Motors While Filling Tank Fair
Arthur MvGuirt Somerville
Arthur Mvigh
Arthur Mvighcn
Arthur Mvighen
Arthur Mvighvn
Arthur Mvigl
Arthur Mviglien
Arthur Mviglivn
Arthur Mvl-drum
Arthur Myre
Arthur M«
Arthur N X N • Added Shorts
Arthur N. McCray
Arthur Nanlt
Arthur Naseby
Arthur Nault
Arthur Ncws-Chroniclc
Arthur Neil
Arthur Nelson
Arthur Neubtrg
Arthur Never Proved
Arthur New
Arthur New*
Arthur Newa-Chron
Arthur Newberry
Arthur Newman
Arthur News Chronicle
Arthur News-/ Chronicle
Arthur News-Chiunlcle
Arthur News-Chron
Arthur News-Chron-It
Arthur News-Chronic
Arthur News-Chronicle
Arthur News-Chronicle Theatre Need Another
Arthur News-Chronicle All Beautifully
Arthur News-Chronicle Hope For Hemisphere Solidarity At Parley
Arthur News-t Immo
Arthur Newsholme
Arthur Nicholson
Arthur Nlklsch
Arthur No
Arthur Noonam
Arthur Noonan
Arthur Nor
Arthur Norham
Arthur Norhani—the
Arthur Norland
Arthur Notice
Arthur Nov
Arthur November
Arthur Nugent
Arthur Nuliol**ui
Arthur Nute
Arthur Nute Nute-McKee
Arthur N^ws Chronicle
Arthur O Byrne
Arthur O Callaghan
Arthur O Connell
Arthur Oaboury
Arthur Oagg
Arthur Oagg Looks For Record Crowd
Arthur Oaks
Arthur Oald* _
Arthur Oer-
Arthur Oer-I
Arthur Oer-vals
Arthur Ohaput
Arthur Oibjou* Chief
Arthur Olmstead
Arthur Olroux
Arthur Omer Gauthier
Arthur Omis
Arthur Omiston Eades
Arthur Ont
Arthur Ont Also
Arthur Opal Grace
Arthur Oration
Arthur Oravdle
Arthur Orford Mr.
Arthur Organ
Arthur Ormiston Eades Suddenly
Arthur Orton
Arthur Osborne
Arthur Osmond
Arthur Osmond À Robert Arthur Holmes
Arthur Osmond de Bristol
Arthur Ottawa
Arthur Ottawa Winter Fair Calf Meal
Arthur Otto
Arthur Otto Equity
Arthur Oualle
Arthur Ourocher
Arthur Ourtis
Arthur O’Hara
Arthur P
Arthur P God
Arthur P Hawkins
Arthur Padgett
Arthur Page
Arthur Paget
Arthur Pagg
Arthur Painter CREASE
Arthur Palmer
Arthur PaMison
Arthur Paq
Arthur Paquette
Arthur Parent
Arthur Parker
Arthur Parry
Arthur Passes
Arthur PattUo»
Arthur Paul 1918-2010 W W II
Arthur PBt
Arthur Pcî&ter JITTER
Arthur Pearson
Arthur Peas
Arthur Peas Flax
Arthur Pedal
Arthur Peer
Arthur Peering
Arthur Peguegnat
Arthur Peguegnat Clock
Arthur Pel
Arthur Pel It
Arthur Pellerin
Arthur Pelleriu
Arthur Pelletier
Arthur Pellwiu
Arthur Pen
Arthur Pepuegnat
Arthur Pequegnat
Arthur Pequegnat Clock
Arthur Perrier
Arthur Perry
Arthur Perrys
Arthur Pescot
Arthur Peterson
Arthur Pettipiece
Arthur Phelps
Arthur Philemon Coleman
Arthur Philip Louis
Arthur Philipps
Arthur Phillip
Arthur Phillips
Arthur Pi
Arthur Pick
Arthur Pierce
Arthur Pierrette Graveline
Arthur Piers
Arthur Pierson
Arthur Pig-1
Arthur Pig-this
Arthur Pigeon
Arthur Pigott
Arthur Pillion
Arthur Pillsbury
Arthur Pinard
Arthur Pinero
Arthur Pit Home
Arthur Pitt
Arthur Pitt Arrives
Arthur Pitt*
Arthur Pitt* Harold Henderson BrU- Many Showers Held For Miss Barber Miss M<
Arthur Pitts
Arthur Play Important
Arthur Plough
Arthur Pointer
Arthur Pointer By
Arthur Pointer JITTER
Arthur Pointer ANDi AkE Go
Arthur Pointer I
Arthur Pointer JITTER
Arthur Pointer K>
Arthur Pointer Musician Arthur Nikisch
Arthur Pointer OOP
Arthur Pointer Phillips
Arthur Poirier
Arthur Pollen
Arthur Pomeroy
Arthur Ponsonby
Arthur Pontiac
Arthur Pony Express Joseph Cot
Arthur Porcupine****
Arthur Pouliot
Arthur Poultry Shaw
Arthur Pound
Arthur Powell
Arthur Powers
Arthur Powles
Arthur Pratt
Arthur Prcsseau
Arthur Prentiss
Arthur PresAgg#
Arthur Presse
Arthur Presseau
Arthur Presseau Calumet
Arthur Presseau Mr. Rodolphe Corriveau
Arthur Presseauk
Arthur Presseaus
Arthur Preston Edwards
Arthur Prévost
Arthur Pri- Hgajn
Arthur Price
Arthur Prim- Mrs. Bernard Comeron
Arthur Pritch
Arthur Proudfoot
Arthur Pubeau
Arthur Puckett
Arthur Purvis
Arthur Q
Arthur Qitnile
Arthur Qtteale
Arthur Qu
Arthur Quai
Arthur Quaile
Arthur Qua|nt Pets
Arthur Queah
Arthur Quealc Dies After Lingering Illness Mr. Matthew Wallace
Arthur Queale
Arthur Queale Lloyd
Arthur Quealo
Arthur Quebec
Arthur Quelle
Arthur Quiller Couch
Arthur Quinn
Arthur R
Arthur R I|
Arthur R lgour
Arthur R Smfley
Arthur R Smiley
Arthur Ra
Arthur Ra- Eileen Labelle 689-2314 Waltham Thursday
Arthur Racine
Arthur Racine Curling
Arthur Racine Lyle
Arthur Racine Miss Bonnie Donnelly
Arthur Rackham
Arthur Rad
Arthur Radmore
Arthur Rag-
Arthur Rain-to
Arthur Ralph
Arthur Ramger
Arthur Ranger
Arthur Ranger Art Rangers Celebrate Campbell
Arthur Ranger Honored On
Arthur Rank
Arthur Rank Production I
Arthur Ranson
Arthur Raymond
Arthur Reid
Arthur Ren
Arthur Ren-
Arthur Renfrew
Arthur Rennick
Arthur Rennick Transferred
Arthur Rennison
Arthur Rennlck
Arthur Rennlikl
Arthur Reynolds
Arthur Rhys Davids
Arthur Ricard
Arthur Rice
Arthur Rice Cora McNeill Norval
Arthur Rice Passed Hygiene 1st Sta Leslie Hynes William Bell Jim Davis
Arthur Rice Raymond La’cnde Bc-bby Scott Homecraft Townaker
Arthur Richard
Arthur Richard Arnprior
Arthur Richard Leach
Arthur Richard Wellesley K.
Arthur Richard.
Arthur Richards
Arthur Richardson
Arthur Rickman
Arthur Rilfour
Arthur Rimbaud
Arthur Riscoe
Arthur Rllll
Arthur Robinson
Arthur Rochon Matfawa
Arthur Rochon Mattawa
Arthur Rock
Arthur Rod
Arthur Roebuck
Arthur Rogers
Arthur Romain
Arthur Ron-
Arthur Rose
Arthur Rosenthal
Arthur Ross
Arthur Rostrou—commodore
Arthur Rowat Cameron Rowat
Arthur Rowntree
Arthur Royer
Arthur Rrazeau
Arthur Russell
Arthur RV
Arthur S
Arthur S Wynne
Arthur Salter
Arthur Salter Comunn
Arthur Salter Drew Up Memorandum
Arthur Sarsfield
Arthur Saturday
Arthur Sauve
Arthur Schaw-low
Arthur Schieman
Arthur Schneider
Arthur Schnitzler
Arthur Sclwyn-Brown
Arthur Scott
Arthur Sec
Arthur Secretary
Arthur Seed
Arthur Seed Peas
Arthur Seguin
Arthur Selmi
Arthur Semer-
Arthur Ser-eney
Arthur Sereney
Arthur Sereny
Arthur Serges
Arthur Sewall
Arthur Seyes Inquart
Arthur Seyhold
Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Arthur Sha
Arthur Shaft
Arthur Sharpe
Arthur Shaw
Arthur Shawville
Arthur Sheasly
Arthur Sheppard
Arthur Sherburne Hardy
Arthur Shipbuilding Company
Arthur Shore
Arthur Shorten
Arthur Si
Arthur Sicard
Arthur Sicerd
Arthur Sifton
Arthur Silverstone
Arthur Sim-and
Arthur Simmonds
Arthur Simpson
Arthur Simpson Clennan
Arthur Sin
Arthur Since
Arthur Sisters
Arthur Sitton
Arthur Skipworth
Arthur Slallee
Arthur Slcard
Arthur Sly
Arthur Sm
Arthur Smart
Arthur Smart Billy Barr Hawley Wickens Robert Wilson Robert Stark
Arthur Smart R.C.A.F.
Arthur Smart St Hubert
Arthur Smart William John Samuel Spar-
Arthur Smart....................... Wm Dean
Arthur Smi-
Arthur Smilc/a
Arthur Smilcv
Arthur Smile
Arthur Smilet
Arthur Smilev
Arthur Smilev*
Arthur Smilev.
Arthur Smilev» Tndrrlnkrr
Arthur Smiley
Arthur Smiley :1
Arthur Smiley Bryson—Dr
Arthur Smiley It Hammond
Arthur Smiley Kui.
Arthur Smiley Passes Suddenly
Arthur Smiley*
Arthur Smiley-
Arthur Smileys
Arthur Smiley’s
Arthur Smith
Arthur Smlky
Arthur Smllev
Arthur Smtlev
Arthur Smyth
Arthur Smythe
Arthur Smythe Dugald Stewai
Arthur Sm|
Arthur Snnl.-y
Arthur Snyder
Arthur Sohueti
Arthur Someiville
Arthur Somer
Arthur Somer-
Arthur Somer-obden RR
Arthur Somervilb
Arthur Somerville
Arthur Somerville Gowling Chau*—Sly Mr.
Arthur Somerville My
Arthur Sommer-
Arthur Sommer-ville
Arthur Sommervilk
Arthur Sommerville
Arthur Somnivv- Mt
Arthur Sparling
Arthur Spencei
Arthur Spencer
Arthur Spiasrge
Arthur Spinks
Arthur Spinks Dies Al Sheenboro
Arthur Spngings Photo
Arthur Spngmgs
Arthur Spotswood
Arthur Spring-Rice
Arthur Sqgpsijy
Arthur Srmley
Arthur Srrsüev.
Arthur St
Arthur St Denis
Arthur St Dennis
Arthur St Jean
Arthur St.
Arthur St. Jean
Arthur Stalled
Arthur Stan
Arthur Stanley
Arthur Stanley Riggs
Arthur Stanley Smith
Arthur Steel Maitland
Arthur Steel-Maitland
Arthur Steele Su
Arthur Steinke
Arthur Step-
Arthur Stephens
Arthur Stevens
Arthur Stevenson
Arthur Stitt
Arthur Stokes
Arthur Storey
Arthur Stringer
Arthur Stringer Severely Censures
Arthur Struts Shawville
Arthur Strutt
Arthur Strutt Mrs. Nancy Hughes
Arthur Strutt Shawville
Arthur Strutt- Feminist Bora Near Frankville
Arthur Strutt........
Arthur Strutt........... John L. Hodgins
Arthur Sttch
Arthur Sturgeon
Arthur Sturgeon Que
Arthur Sturgeon-----
Arthur Sudbury
Arthur Suive
Arthur Sullivan
Arthur Sullivan—Hie Llf
Arthur Sullivan’s Life
Arthur Sumer
Arthur Summers
Arthur Summerville
Arthur Sweaters
Arthur Syd
Arthur Sydney
Arthur Sylvestre
Arthur Symthe
Arthur T
Arthur T Beaulieu 16.61
Arthur T Beaulieu 19.93
Arthur T Beaulieu 30.84
Arthur T. Beaulieu
Arthur Tache
Arthur Tache Estate
Arthur Tapner
Arthur Tarrieff
Arthur Taylor Newbold
Arthur Tedder
Arthur Telford
Arthur Ten
Arthur Tenders Wanted CARD
Arthur Tennant
Arthur Tetley
Arthur The
Arthur This
Arthur Tho
Arthur Tho-
Arthur Tho- Mr.
Arthur Tho- Mrs Cliff Garrison
Arthur Tho- Mrs Fred Fraser
Arthur Thom
Arthur Thom*
Arthur Thom- Mrs. Paul Baudreau
Arthur Thomas
Arthur Thomas A....
Arthur Thomas Anita McCrank
Arthur Thomas EQUITY
Arthur Thomas Gatineau
Arthur Thomas Miss Dawna Montgomery
Arthur Thomas Mr
Arthur Thomas Mr.
Arthur Thomas Mrs.
Arthur Thomas N.S.
Arthur Thomas Pontiac Hotel
Arthur Thomas Were Mr.
Arthur Thome#
Arthur Thompson
Arthur Thoms
Arthur Thomson
Arthur Thornes
Arthur Thos
Arthur Thrasher
Arthur Tilley
Arthur Timleck
Arthur Timmins
Arthur Tipping
Arthur Titky
Arthur Titley
Arthur Titley Mrs Arthur Tit
Arthur Tlob
Arthur TnrriefF
Arthur Tom
Arthur Torrance
Arthur Town-son
Arthur Township
Arthur Trafford
Arthur Transfers
Arthur Travers
Arthur Trem)bay
Arthur Tremblay
Arthur Trerabley
Arthur Tripp
Arthur Trudeau
Arthur Tuck
Arthur Tuck Kv-
Arthur Tuerriff
Arthur Tuirieff
Arthur Tumeff
Arthur Tun- 1
Arthur Tunbridge
Arthur Tunbridge’s
Arthur Tunieff
Arthur Tur-lieff
Arthur Tur-lst
Arthur Turcotte
Arthur Turiff
Arthur Turifl
Arthur Turk
Arthur Turneff
Arthur Turner
Arthur Turreiff
Arthur Turrieff
Arthur Turrieflf
Arthur Turrieft
Arthur Turrif
Arthur Turriff
Arthur Turriff 2nd
Arthur Turrleff
Arthur Tutreiff
Arthur Twfdle
Arthur Twidle
Arthur TWn
Arthur Tyndall
Arthur T’u
Arthur Ub
Arthur Ubbe
Arthur UbeUe
Arthur Uciv
Arthur ÜggUI
Arthur Undry
Arthur United Church Parsonage
Arthur Uttway
Arthur V Hahn
Arthur V Hahn 618
Arthur V Hahn Seafy
Arthur Va
Arthur Vaillan-
Arthur Vaillancourt
Arthur Vale
Arthur Valliere
Arthur Valllan-court
Arthur Valllancourt
Arthur VaMwell
Arthur Vean
Arthur Veck
Arthur Velc huis
Arthur Veldhuis
Arthur Veldhuise
Arthur Vellerm
Arthur Vemer
Arthur Vermet
Arthur Vf,
Arthur Vibert
Arthur Ville-hcre
Arthur Villeneuve
Arthur Villeneuve Laflamme
Arthur Villeneuve Sydney Street Belleville
Arthur Vining
Arthur Visiting
Arthur Vot-
Arthur Votary
Arthur Votcary
Arthur Voteary
Arthur Voteary Shawvllle
Arthur Voteary—Minister
Arthur Voth
Arthur Voughn Collins
Arthur Vouliot
Arthur Vowley
Arthur VV
Arthur VVelleely Peel
Arthur VX
Arthur W .lv.
Arthur W A Hodirins Himnlies
Arthur W Argue
Arthur W Armstrong
Arthur W H Corrigan 1
Arthur W Termmiello
Arthur W Voteaiy
Arthur W. Argue Yours
Arthur W. Currie
Arthur W. Magee
Arthur W. Mr.
Arthur W. Wynn
Arthur W.de
Arthur Waite
Arthur Walden
Arthur Waley
Arthur Walker
Arthur Wall
Arthur Wallace Peach
Arthur Waltham
Arthur Walton
Arthur Warren
Arthur Warren Horner
Arthur Warrington In-
Arthur Watson
Arthur Watt
Arthur WaU
Arthur Wayne Ecker
Arthur We
Arthur Webb
Arthur Webster
Arthur Weedmark
Arthur Weir
Arthur Well
Arthur Welle-ley
Arthur Wellesley
Arthur Wellington
Arthur Wellington Judd
Arthur Weormke
Arthur Wfoel-
Arthur Wheeler
Arthur Whelan
Arthur Whidden Brown
Arthur Whiston
Arthur White
Arthur Whitten Brown
Arthur Wig-
Arthur Wigand
Arthur Wigg
Arthur Wiggans
Arthur Wiggins
Arthur Wil-
Arthur Wilaon
Arthur Wiliams
Arthur William Currie
Arthur William Dagg
Arthur William McDowell
Arthur William Steuart
Arthur William*
Arthur Williams
Arthur Wils
Arthur Wilson
Arthur Wilson Hayes
Arthur Wilson January Oth
Arthur Wilson Miss Beverley Stark
Arthur Wilson Mr.
Arthur Wilson Richardson
Arthur Wilson Roy McMillan
Arthur Wils„n
Arthur Win-
Arthur Win-ronto
Arthur Windle
Arthur Wine Hlfl
Arthur Winnie
Arthur WiNon
Arthur Winslow
Arthur Wirtz
Arthur Wistaff
Arthur Wlnnington-Ingraham
Arthur Woarmka
Arthur Wocr-
Arthur Wocr-j
Arthur Wocr-mke
Arthur Wocrmkc
Arthur Wocrmke
Arthur WoemV
Arthur Woennkc Mr.
Arthur Woer-
Arthur Woer-mke
Arthur Woer-nke
Arthur Woer-|erta Wilson
Arthur Woermke
Arthur Woermke Requests
Arthur Woermkes Suppliers
Arthur Woertnke
Arthur Wolfe
Arthur Wong
Arthur Wood
Arthur Woods
Arthur Wotton
Arthur Wright
Arthur WUace
Arthur Wy-
Arthur Wyman MacKechie
Arthur Wyvorne
Arthur X iX
Arthur X<
Arthur Xflgour
Arthur XVilson
Arthur XX
Arthur Yach
Arthur Yapp
Arthur Young
Arthur Yvette Lacourse
Arthur Yvon Bertrand
Arthur |
Arthur „ Wiggins
Arthur •Freeh
Arthur) McKee
Arthur... Egan
Arthur—F W Thomas 1
Arthur—W H Corrigan. Timothy seed—J J Hodgins
Arthur’s Block
Arthur’s Sisters
Assistant Coach Gary Stokes
Astlcy Cooper
Astley Cooper
Audrey Cooper
Austin Clarke Arthur Wigg
Auto Mr. Arthur G. Lea
Aylmer Coun- Gary Trivett
B. Cooper
Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Barrett Applicator Gary Merrill RENFREW.
Barrie Murray Co-President Gary Thompson Vice-President Lucille Hodgins Treasurer Valerie Mulligan
Barrie Murray Gary Thompson Lynn Wilson
Barrie Murray Gary Thompson Lynn Wilson ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT
Barry Arthur
Barry Arthur Sprigings
Barry Cooper
Bay Rev. Arthur Wilkins
Bay Rev. Gary Hobbs Rev. William Craig
Bea Cooper
Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper Paul Newman Eva Marie Saint
Ben- Gary Cain
Beth Iby Mrs> Arthur Hodgins
Betty Cooper
Beverley Anne Campbell Weds John Arthur McNeill Grains
Bill Cooper
Bill McCord Gary Hodgins Le Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Bill:613-2S7-1361 Gary 613-257-7961 Cell
Billy Cooper
Bing Crosby Rosemary Clooney Charlton Heston Susan Morrow Garry Cooper
Blake Carson Councillor# Arthur#
Bob Lori Cooper
Boh Cooper
Boucherie Gary 90-1.26/lb
Boucherie Gary X
Bransley Cooper
Brenda (Gary Goudie
Brenda and Gary
Brenda Arthur.
Brennan Caldwell Bristol Arthur Thomas Minn Ignore Cirant
Brent Cooper
Brian and Gary Harris
Brian Jr and Gary Harris
Brough W G Y Corrigan W H Corrigan Arthur Dagg El
Brown Owl Mrs. Arthur Lalonde
Bruce Campbell Gary Trlvett
Bruce Plicated Mr. Arthur Dufault
Bruno Gary
Buck- D.D.O.M. Arthur Williams
Buck- Gary Hodgins
By Mrs. Earl Findlay Arthur Thomas
C O M , Cooper
C''.-in- W M. COOPER*
C. Cooper
C.C.M. Cooper
Cain Gary Trivett
Campbell’s Bsv Arthur Kilgour
Canadian Outlaw Gary Ron Poirier
Capitale Coach Gary Green
Captain Arthur White
Cathy McMuna Gary Glasper
CBO’s Gary Dwyer Joyce.
CDotv X Carried Arthur Labelle
Cecil John Arthur Howard
Chairman Mr. Arthur Dagg
Charle* Arthur
Charles Arthur
Charles Cooper
Charles Philip Arthur George
Charlie McDowell Wendy Elliott Mrs. Melvin Smith Timmy Hodgins Mrs. Robert Russett Mr Arthur
Chef Gary
Chef Gary 5:30
Chef Gary Burnside
Chris Coady Gary Rafter Ed Reid
Chris Coody Gary Rafter Ed Reid
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper DJ, Butler Photography
Chris Cooper DJ.
Chris Cooper Tickets
Chris Trainer Gary Graham
Christine Émond Lapointe Magician - Darell McCorriston Deer|na Arthur _
Christopher Cooper
Claire Mulligan Gary Dube
Clarence Wil-Rev Gary Stokes
Claude Uodin Gary Hodgins
Clemence Albert Arthur Miller
Clifford Arthur
Clifford Stewart Mrs. Arthur C. Pigott 0. Cecil
Clr Gary
Clr Gary Tri-
Clr Gary Trivett
Co-président Gary D. Shapiro
Co. Gary R. Cameron
Coach Gary Young
Congeniality Gary
Constable Arthur
Constable Cooper
Contact Gary Hodgins
Controller Arthur
Cooper Amusement Company
Cooper Ball Gloves
Cooper Belated
Cooper Boos
Cooper Brothers
Cooper Correspondence School
Cooper Dress Company
Cooper Francis Fuels Kelly Automobiles R A H Nugent John Munharvey Rentals Gary Renaud René Vaillan
Cooper Gloves Model
Cooper Hockey Equipment
Cooper Hodgins
Cooper Hospital
Cooper Is
Cooper John T. Lyons
Cooper Limited
Cooper Milton Wall
Cooper Model
Cooper Mount
Cooper Mrs. Geo
Cooper Norzis
Cooper Oorro-Boa
Cooper Paid Il«m
Cooper Pastor
Cooper Pee Wee Pro
Cooper Rd
Cooper Road
Cooper Ryan
Cooper S
Cooper S .. Ottawa
Cooper Senior Pro BDS
Cooper Smeaton
Cooper Square
Cooper St
Cooper St Ottawa
Cooper St* OTTAWA
Cooper St**.
Cooper St*.
Cooper St.
Cooper Sta.
Cooper Ste
Cooper Streets
Cooper Streets ONT.
Cooper Streets OTTAWA
Cooper Streets RENFREW
Cooper Streetto
Cooper Street»
Cooper Sts
Cooper Sts Each
Cooper Sts Mineral
Cooper Sts Mr.
Cooper Sts Note
Cooper Sts Office
Cooper Sts OTTAWA
Cooper Sty
Cooper St».
Cooper S„ Ottawa Ont
Cooper Taylor Farmeress
Cooper Tells
Cooper Tube Seeks
Cooper Ultrastar.... Cooper Pee Wee
Cooper Union
Cooper Warble Fly
Cooper Wayne Morris
Cooper Wedding
Cooper Woolco Gift Certificate Rebates
Cooper X
Cooper _
Corrigan Gary Hodglns Gary Hodglns Group Class Donald Corrigan Junior
Councillor Gary
Councillor Gary Hodgins
Councillor Gary Ladouceur
Councillor Gary Tri-
Councillor Gary Tri-vett
Councillor Gary Trivett
Councillors Gary
Councillors Gary Councillor Tracey
Councillors Gary Tri
Councillors Gary Trivett
Count Arthur
Cr Gary
Cr Gary Hodgins
Crs Gary Hodgins
Curry Dominican Fathers Road Gary Trivett
D. Cooper
Dagger Gary Cooper
Dale 2. Arthur Somerville 3. Class IV
Dan Cooper
Dan Jack Cooper
Dan Mac Arthur
Daniel Arthur
Daniel Cooper
Dave Moore Photography Blake - Crawford Gary Blake
Dave Mooro Gary Tubman
David and Gary Lance
David and Gary Wilson
David Arthur Quaile
David Frederick Arthur Oldham
David In Arthur
David Lueaa Rev Gary Stokes
David McCrediè Arthur I>de’lan
David Miller Arthur Shore
Dean Arthur
Dean Gary
Deanna Cooper
Debbie Cooper
Debra Arthur»
Dirk Cooper
Disappointment Order Today Cooper’s Dry Kill
Disappointment Order Today Robert H E. Smith Cooper
Dol- Gary Trudeau
Dominic Gary Young
Don Cooper
Don Wilson Arthur Rice
Donald Arthur
Donald Arthur Rat*
Donald Arthur Seymour
Donald Corrigan Gary Hodglns Donald Corrigan Female
Donna Black Cooper
Donna Cooper
Doreen Arthur
Dorothy Cooper Harris
Dorothy Fisher Herbert Arthur Armstrong
Doug Arthur
Doug Cooper
Doug McBane Gary Merrifield
Douglas Bean d Gary Poole
Douglas Cooper
Douglas Mac Arthur
Dr. Arthur
Dr. Arthur H. Bulbulian
Dr. Arthur H. Compton
Dr. Cooper
Dr. Gary Doublestein
Dr. Gary Lands
Duff Cooper
Dumas Rev Gary Cain
E. Cooper
E.J. Cooper
Earl Arthur
Earl Cooper
Earl W Cooper
Ed Cooper
Edgar Gary
Edgar Gary Nelson
Edith Moyhew Compbel Arthur Mayhew
Edith Wilson Gary
Edmund Cooper
Edna Cooper
Edward Benoit ............. Arthur Pellerin............ Andrew Mulligan............ Geo
Edward Cooper
Edward Cunningham 512 Cooper
Edward Gary Culleton
Edward Smiley,------ Arthur Dagg
Edward William Arthur
Elbert H. Gary
Elgin Cooper
Elisabeth Gary Hines
Elizabeth Cooper
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur La
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur Labelle Mrs Hannah Zacharias
Elizabeth Mrs Gary Valance
Elliott Mrs. Arthür Thomas Neil Sparling I Evelyn A. Scott Peter Hodglns Mrs. S.R.N.
Emile Cooper
Emma Latham 3. Conduct—Arthur
Equity Page Nine Ayrshire Breeders Meet At Arthur Dagg’s
Eric D. Arthur
Eric D. Arthur University
Eric Robert A. Cooper
Ernest Cooper
Ernie Keon Arthur Smiley
Eva Andai Arthur
Eva Cooper
F. Q Gary Hearty
F/L D Cooper
Falconbridge Cooper
Falls Rev Gary Hobbs
Family Cooper Discoverer 215/10R16
Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Cooper Cooper Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Mason Fa
Fence Gary Renaud
Fenlmore Cooper
Fieri Fraser David Millar Arthur Shore
Flowers Pontiac Electric W.A. Hodgins Store Stone Consolidated Gary Tubman Marsha
Fr Cooper
Fr Gary
Frank Arthur Finnigan
Fred Derouin Al Derouin Camp B Nai B Rith - Matt Kevin Trudeau Gary Thompson
Fred Gra- Arthur Boisvert
Fred Stewart Gary Simard
Frederick Arthur
Frederick Arthur Lyon
Frederick Wilson Cooper
Freeda Smiley Mon- Arthur
Freeman Cooper
Furnishings Gary
Gail Mrs Gary Lester
Garnet Arthur Little
Garry Cooper
Garry Cooper FOR
Garry Cooper Chalea Bickford President-Mrs
Garry Cooper Deborah Kerr Suspense Drama
Garry Cooper Suzy Parker Politics
Gary Ladies
Gary Q File
Gary !* Hodgins
Gary "
Gary "Purdy
Gary "There
Gary & Margaret Hodg-ins
Gary & Pat Renaud
Gary -
Gary 61.200.00
Gary 647-3788 Bruce
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 "We’re
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 Dusk
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 Shawville
Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 READY-MIXED
Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 Mack Mackenzie Hours
Gary ?
Gary À
Gary A .
Gary A,so
Gary About
Gary Algis Mikalauskas
Gary Allan
Gary Allen
Gary Allen Allen-Wilson
Gary Along
Gary and
Gary And God
Gary and Karen Plunkett
Gary and Lin da
Gary and Margaret
Gary and Margaret Belated
Gary and Margaret Conn
Gary and Margaret Hodgins
Gary Àndai Photo Senior
Gary Anderson
Gary Angele Lacroix
Gary Anne Hiles
Gary Ar
Gary Arthurs
Gary As
Gary Atkinson
Gary Attfleld
Gary Barter
Gary Bastien
Gary Be Funeral
Gary Beaupre
Gary Bel
Gary Belair
Gary Belland
Gary Beloved
Gary Belton
Gary Benoit
Gary Bernard
Gary Bernard Ambassador
Gary Bettman
Gary Betts
Gary Blake
Gary Blakeburn
Gary Boggs
Gary Borowsld
Gary Boulertice
Gary Bourgeois
Gary Bowie
Gary Boyle Late July
Gary Br
Gary Brad- To Mc- David Colton
Gary Bradley
Gary Branches
Gary Brations
Gary Bratzkrff
Gary Brclzlaff
Gary Brctzlaff
Gary Brett- Discus
Gary Bretxlatf
Gary Bretzlaff
Gary Brewer
Gary Briand
Gary Bron-»on
Gary Bronson
Gary Brown
Gary Buck
Gary Bull
Gary Bums
Gary Burns
Gary Burnside
Gary Bus
Gary But
Gary Cahill
Gary Cain
Gary Cain Brian Crooke
Gary Cain Shades
Gary Cain When Father Gary Cain
Gary Cajn
Gary Cald
Gary Caldwell
Gary Cam
Gary Cam Shades Leo Laoouceur Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley
Gary Cam V» IM
Gary Cambrid^D^f River Grit
Gary Campbell
Gary Can
Gary Cantley
Gary Card
Gary Carpenter
Gary Carter
Gary Cavanagh
Gary CCW Carleton Regional Chair Andy Wiseman
Gary Cemetery
Gary Chaput
Gary Charland
Gary Check
Gary Choir*
Gary CkTre
Gary Clarence Bretzlaff Robert Edward Burke
Gary Clark GO
Gary Clarke Chris Noel
Gary Claude Richardson
Gary Cloutier
Gary Cobden Livestock Sales
Gary Cochrane
Gary Cogswell
Gary Coleman
Gary Collins
Gary Conn
Gary Consolidated Inc.
Gary Cooler
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper A COMPLETE
Gary Cooper Burt Lancaster
Gary Cooper Denise Dimel
Gary Cooper Diane Varsi
Gary Cooper Franchot Tone
Gary Cooper Gene Kelly Beechgrove Steele Line CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS
Gary Cooper Ingrid Bergman
Gary Cooper Jaae Greer
Gary Cooper Maria Schell
Gary Cooper Marie Schell
Gary Cooper Montgomery Clift
Gary Cooper MOONFLEET Technicolor Cinemascope Technicolor Cinemascope
Gary Cooper Paulette Goddard
Gary Cooper Plaza Glen
Gary Cooper Rita Hayworth Dean
Gary Cooper Ruth Roman Mrs
Gary Cooper Susan Hayward Cinemascope
Gary Cooper Technicolor Phone
Gary Cooper TRUCKS
Gary Copeland
Gary Council
Gary Council Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association
Gary Council Township
Gary Coupland
Gary Cour
Gary Coyer
Gary Crallé
Gary Crawford
Gary Crosby
Gary Cummings
Gary Cummings Assists
Gary D. Shapiro Co-Chairman
Gary Dagenais
Gary Dagg
Gary David Foran
Gary Davis
Gary Dawson
Gary Deforge
Gary Delves
Gary Depelteau
Gary Despite
Gary Discussion
Gary Doak
Gary Dodridge
Gary Donald Grade
Gary Donnally
Gary Donnelly
Gary Donovan
Gary Dorion
Gary Draper
Gary Dubeau
Gary Dubeau Jr.
Gary Dur
Gary Dwayne Newans
Gary Eady
Gary Elder
Gary Elford
Gary Elson Schock
Gary Emile Mayhew
Gary Emma Hanna
Gary Emmerson
Gary Epton
Gary Equipment
Gary Evelyn Hodgins
Gary F
Gary Faairburn
Gary Fair Notes
Gary Fair-
Gary Fairbum
Gary Fairburn
Gary Fairhorn
Gary Fairhum
Gary Falls
Gary Femeyhough
Gary Ferguson
Gary Filmon
Gary Firemen
Gary Fischer
Gary Fishcer
Gary Fisher
Gary Fjellgaard
Gary Forbes - Nepean
Gary France
Gary Fraser
Gary Free
Gary Frudeau
Gary FuHerton
Gary Fullerton
Gary Funeral
Gary Gagnon
Gary Gallagher
Gary Galley
Gary Garage
Gary Garage Door
Gary Garage Door R H Nugent Equipment Randy
Gary Garage Doors Thome
Gary Garlough
Gary Garnett
Gary Gary Thompson
Gary Gary Trivett
Gary Gauthier
Gary Gibbons
Gary Gibbons 747-5915 or Jo Kearns
Gary Ginsberg
Gary Girard
Gary Glasper
Gary Gleason
Gary Glitter
Gary Godin
Gary Goranson
Gary Graham
Gary Graham 647-5248
Gary Graham 647-5248 Canada
Gary Graham 647-5248 Hodgins Plaza
Gary Graham 647-5248 Mansfield
Gary Graham Murray
Gary Graham’s
Gary Grahm
Gary Grant
Gary Graveline
Gary Graveline-Katie Sharp
Gary Green
Gary Greenwood
Gary Hager
Gary Hahn
Gary Hahn Logging Otter Lake
Gary Halliwell
Gary Halloween
Gary Hame
Gary Hams
Gary Hansch
Gary Hansen
Gary Hanson Snowmobile Races Fan Class
Gary Har-
Gary Harbach
Gary Hardy
Gary Harrington
Gary Harris
Gary Harris 647-3898
Gary Harris Dave Draper
Gary Harris PBL
Gary Harris PEL
Gary Hart
Gary Hauptman
Gary Hawke#
Gary Hawkins
Gary Hear-beautiful
Gary Hearty
Gary Hedging
Gary Hérault
Gary Hill
Gary Hilliard
Gary Hines
Gary Hobbs
Gary Hobbs Episcopal
Gary Hobbs Father Dan Cooper
Gary Hobbs I
Gary Hobbs JEAN
Gary Hobbs Mary’s C.W.L. United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Gary Hobbs McLEAN
Gary Hobbs St.
Gary Hobbs Sunday
Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Gary Hobbs Sunday School Bernadette
Gary Hobbs Sunday School Morning
Gary Hobbs Tues
Gary Hobbs United Church
Gary Hobbs United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig
Gary Hobbs _ Sunday
Gary Hod
Gary Hod-
Gary Hod- Claude Richardson
Gary Hod- da
Gary Hod- Department
Gary Hod- Director
Gary Hod- Mrs
Gary Hod- October
Gary Hod- Richard
Gary Hod-Black
Gary Hod-but
Gary Hod-count
Gary Hod-Elwyn Lang
Gary Hod-For
Gary Hod-from
Gary Hod-gins
Gary Hod-gins Trophy
Gary Hod-rifle
Gary Hod-Robert Middlemiss
Gary Hodcins
Gary Hodcurling
Gary Hodeins
Gary Hodgina
Gary Hodgini Bull
Gary Hodgins
Gary Hodgins Shawville
Gary Hodgins Sylvia Bakker
Gary Hodgins Although
Gary Hodgins Bill Cross
Gary Hodgins Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Gary Hodgins Council
Gary Hodgins Crs Garth Tracy
Gary Hodgins da 126
Gary Hodgins Edmund Black
Gary Hodgins FRIDAY
Gary Hodgins H?#3
Gary Hodgins Jr Cnampon Female
Gary Hodgins Kluke
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Joey Peck Mayor: Rheal Racine
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Yvon Ladouceur
Gary Hodgins MfiCK
Gary Hodgins pre-Claude Richardson
Gary Hodgins Robert Walsh
Gary Hodgins-e“
Gary Hodglna
Gary Hodglns
Gary Hodgms
Gary Hodgrns Shirley % Parent-Teacher Interviews
Gary Hoffman
Gary Hofftnan
Gary Hooper
Gary Hopkins
Gary Hotfgins
Gary Houle
Gary Howard
Gary Hoy
Gary Hrohart
Gary Hudgins
Gary Hynes
Gary I
Gary I Hagen
Gary I Malcolm McOaw
Gary Idena Fraser’s
Gary Ilahn
Gary In
Gary Interment
Gary Iri- July
Gary Irving
Gary J. Hayes
Gary James
Gary James Campbell
Gary Jeffrey
Gary Jetty
Gary Joachims
Gary Jodoin
Gary John
Gary John Boyd
Gary John Carmichael
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson-Williams
Gary Jones
Gary Josée Blais
Gary Juby
Gary Kane
Gary Keith Emmerson
Gary Kel-
Gary Keller
Gary Kelly
Gary Kennedy Sherwood Jennifer
Gary Kenneth Strutt RR
Gary Keon
Gary Kilcollins
Gary King
Gary Krutz
Gary Kyling
Gary L Hodgins Melvin C Eliott
Gary L Pearson
Gary La
Gary Labelle-Vibert
Gary Lablanc
Gary Lacroix
Gary Ladies Section
Gary Ladouceour
Gary Ladouceur
Gary Lake
Gary Lakmde
Gary Lalonde
Gary Lalonde Gary Lalonde
Gary Lamarche
Gary Lance
Gary Lance From Grade
Gary Lapier
Gary Larlviere
Gary Larocque
Gary Law
Gary Leblanc
Gary Leblanc-Cor
Gary Leeson
Gary Lemieux
Gary Leonas McLellan
Gary Leslie
Gary Lester
Gary Letendesse
Gary Letts
Gary Lewis
Gary Library
Gary Little
Gary Lloyd Perry
Gary Loretta Carroll
Gary Ludington
Gary Lundberg
Gary Lunn
Gary Lussier
Gary Luxton
Gary M Gary Wiseman
Gary M. Smith
Gary Ma
Gary MacCallum
Gary MacDougall
Gary MacMurray
Gary Mal/on
Gary Mallon
Gary Marchand
Gary Martin
Gary Mason
Gary Mason Thomas
Gary Masseau
Gary Mathers
Gary Mathew Morris
Gary May
Gary Mayor Jack Graham
Gary Mc Credie
Gary Mc- Colburn
Gary McCallmn
Gary McCallum
Gary McCann
Gary McClelland
Gary McCre
Gary McCre- Raiph
Gary McCredie
Gary McCredle
Gary McDonell
Gary McDonell Angus
Gary McDonnell
Gary McDonnell’at
Gary McEwan
Gary McEwen
Gary McEwsn
Gary McGee
Gary McGowan
Gary McGuire
Gary McIntyre
Gary McKinley
Gary McKnight
Gary McKnight Wayne Venne
Gary McKnlght
Gary McKwan
Gary McLel-Barry Horner
Gary McLellan
Gary McLellon
Gary McOcdac
Gary McOedie
Gary McQedk
Gary Me Court
Gary Me Knight
Gary Meek
Gary Mer-riefield
Gary Merlin
Gary Merri-field
Gary Merrifield
Gary Merrifield Wesley Gordon
Gary Merrill Sale
Gary Mexico
Gary Miller
Gary Mills
Gary Milton Gfasper
Gary Minish
Gary Minnie
Gary MM»
Gary MoCaHum
Gary Moore
Gary Moore Sextet.
Gary Moore Show.
Gary Moorehead
Gary Moorhead
Gary Moorhead Pyaiiin
Gary Morgan
Gary Morley
Gary Morrissette
Gary Morton
Gary Motion Crs D Fulford
Gary Mou
Gary Moved
Gary Mr
Gary Mr.
Gary Mr. Bert Clem
Gary Mr. Karate
Gary Mr. Lindsay Hodgins Mrs.George Clark
Gary Mrs Lorna Younge
Gary Mrs.
Gary Mrs. Bill V*
Gary Mulligan
Gary Mulligan 3rd Neil McOoll
Gary Municioalitv
Gary Nad
Gary Nadon
Gary Name Stéphane Sgarbossa Robert Lalonde Martin Ouellet Sylvain Lalonde Chris MacIntyre
Gary Nathan
Gary Nathan Bron-
Gary Nelson
Gary Nesseth
Gary Nicholson
Gary Noeeworthy
Gary Nor
Gary Norman Smith
Gary Norrad
Gary Nugent
Gary O Bryne
Gary O Burn
Gary O Byrne
Gary O Neil
Gary Olasper
Gary Our
Gary Overton
Gary O’Malley Ray Whitaker
Gary O’Malley Shawville
Gary P Cain
Gary Page
Gary Parker
Gary Parson
Gary Pasch
Gary Paul
Gary Pearson
Gary Peck
Gary Peggy Cruickshank
Gary Pembro
Gary Perkins
Gary Perkins Heather
Gary Perrin*
Gary Perry
Gary Peters
Gary Pettiglew
Gary PI
Gary Picard
Gary Pickard
Gary Pickard Expense Statement
Gary Plager
Gary Player/Nancy Lopez
Gary Pleger
Gary Poitras
Gary Pontiac Trail
Gary Poole
Gary Property
Gary Proulx
Gary Provincial Convenor Janet Parker
Gary Ptaysr/Nancy Lopaz
Gary Pur-don
Gary Queale
Gary Queale and Karen Queale
Gary R. Barrett
Gary Racine
Gary Ral-
Gary Ralston
Gary Ralston Renfrew
Gary Ralstotn
Gary Ranger
Gary Ranking Student
Gary Ratepayers
Gary Ray McLaughlin
Gary Re- H Murray
Gary Re- Vqquo
Gary Reamey
Gary Reid
Gary Remembered
Gary Remove
Gary Renalds
Gary Renaud
Gary Renaud Complete
Gary Renaud Distributor
Gary Renaud Distributor CASH
Gary Renaud Distributor THINH HRTURflLLV.
Gary Renaud Fairbanks Hotel
Gary Resolution No
Gary Resolved
Gary Reynolds
Gary Reynolds Francois Pi
Gary Rhone
Gary Rich-
Gary Richard
Gary Richard-
Gary Richard- Finnigan
Gary Richard-1 Valley
Gary Richard-Witt
Gary Richardson
Gary Richardson 2nd — Billy Black 1er
Gary Richartbou
Gary Riebertz
Gary Rimdl
Gary Rlch-irdson
Gary Robertson
Gary Romain
Gary Romam
Gary Ron Poirier
Gary Ronberg This
Gary Rowe
Gary Royce
Gary Rus
Gary Rus- James School
Gary Rus- Renfrew
Gary Russe
Gary Russel
Gary Russel 3
Gary Russell
Gary Russell 17’0
Gary Russell 2. Hugh Hodgins 2. Billy Russett 1
Gary Russell 2.32
Gary Russell 3
Gary Russell 33 4"
Gary Russell Broad Jump
Gary Russell C Taylor
Gary Russell Frances Young
Gary Russell Geoffrey Hyde
Gary Russell I Connie Little
Gary Russell I Jane Bourget
Gary Russell Shawville
Gary Ruv
Gary Rynolds
Gary Satenslem
Gary Scharf
Gary Schmid
Gary Schnepp
Gary Schock
Gary Scholl
Gary Scott
Gary Scott Edith Smart Brenda Smith
Gary Sel
Gary Sell
Gary Selle
Gary Sept. 2
Gary September
Gary Servis
Gary Shapiro We
Gary Shawn
Gary ShawviJle
Gary Shawville
Gary Shepheard
Gary Showperson
Gary Simard
Gary Simpson
Gary Simzer
Gary Since
Gary Smaglinski Farm Equip.
Gary Smart
Gary Smiley
Gary Smith
Gary Smoglinski
Gary Smyth
Gary Soulière’s
Gary Sparling
Gary Speaking Contests
Gary Spending
Gary Spenser
Gary Stark
Gary Steinhardt
Gary Stinson
Gary Stirling
Gary Stitt
Gary Stokes
Gary Stokes Abide
Gary Stokes It
Gary Stokes Jeiry Derouin
Gary Storey
Gary Stretcher
Gary Strutt
Gary Sulpher
Gary Ta
Gary TaIIman
Gary Tail-man
Gary Tallman
Gary Taylor
Gary Temporary
Gary The
Gary Tho
Gary Thomp
Gary Thomp Î
Gary Thomp- Standings
Gary Thomp-1 Lorraine Racine
Gary Thomp-jitems
Gary Thompson
Gary Thompson Shawville
Gary Thompson 647
Gary Thompson Atkinson
Gary Thompson Koya
Gary Thompson Lions Mint Project
Gary Thompson Manager Agricultural PEMBROKE
Gary Thompson Manager Andre Leclair Account Manager Agricultural
Gary Thompson Manager J Andre Leclair Account Manager Agricultural
Gary Thompson Se Janice Young
Gary Thompson’s Centre
Gary Thomson
Gary Thomspon
Gary Thornp
Gary Thorrp Marie
Gary Ti-
Gary Tlmum* Jean Valjean
Gary Tn-
Gary Tnvett
Gary TOilJty
Gary Towner
Gary Tracey
Gary Trade
Gary Tri
Gary Tri P.O.
Gary Tri-
Gary Tri- Bob Keon
Gary Tri- Council
Gary Tri- Parliament
Gary Tri- Problem
Gary Tri- «Hydro Quebec
Gary Tri-,
Gary Tri-and
Gary Tri-by
Gary Tri-on
Gary Tri-u
Gary Tri-vett
Gary TriCARE
Gary Trinity
Gary Trivelt
Gary Trivet
Gary Trivett
Gary Trivett ADAM FOREST
Gary Trivett Amendment
Gary Trivett Collines
Gary Trivett Conservation Calendar
Gary Trivett Council
Gary Trivett Councillors
Gary Trivett Denis Papineau
Gary Trivett Gaiy Trivett
Gary Trivett Gauvreau
Gary Trivett Graham Dowe
Gary Trivett Hélène Bélisle
Gary Trivett Î
Gary Trivett Invoices
Gary Trivett Jo-Anne
Gary Trivett Lot
Gary Trivett Luskville
Gary Trivett Mohr
Gary Trivett Monday
Gary Trivett Motion
Gary Trivett Moved
Gary Trivett Municipal Councillor
Gary Trivett Our Kids Succeed
Gary Trivett Pontiac
Gary Trivett Pontiac Municipality
Gary Trivett Quyon
Gary Trivett Ratepayers
Gary Trivett Sewage
Gary Trivett Smith
Gary Trivett Street
Gary Trivett Tenders
Gary Trivett Town
Gary Trivett Tracey
Gary Trivett Trivett
Gary Trivett Upon Claudine Brunet
Gary Trivett Vaillant
Gary Trivett Walton Clark
Gary Trivitt
Gary Triyears
Gary Trrvett
Gary Trudeau
Gary Trudeau 7
Gary Trudeau Bathurst Tech
Gary Trupp
Gary Tr’ivett
Gary Tub
Gary Tub- Burns
Gary Tub- Bus
Gary Tub- Rice
Gary Tub-Sunday
Gary Tub-The Northern Truck
Gary Tubman
Gary Tubman Bringing
Gary Tubman Councillors
Gary Tubman Marcel Richard Memori-from Shawville
Gary Tubman Roy Rogers
Gary Tubman Tomi-Anne Greer
Gary Tubman*
Gary TYudeau
Gary Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Hodgins
Gary Unsworth
Gary Van Bruchem
Gary Varley
Gary Venosta Church Rooney
Gary Vi Ion
Gary Vibert Martineau
Gary Vilon
Gary Vinton
Gary W Stokes
Gary W Stokes Baptist Rev. Father
Gary W Stokes Morning
Gary W Stokes Morning Worship
Gary W Stokes Shawville United
Gary W Stokes Well
Gary W Stokes When
Gary W. Stokes Attending St Paul
Gary W. Stokes der
Gary W. Stokes Morning
Gary W. Stokes Pastor Roy Godber
Gary Wagner
Gary Wal-
Gary Wallace
Gary Walsh
Gary Warren
Gary Waxman
Gary Wayne Uovce Bertrand
Gary Wdson
Gary Welk
Gary Whitten
Gary Wickens
Gary Wil-cial
Gary Wilk
Gary Wilk Heatmore Outdoor Furnaces CSA Certified
Gary Will
Gary William Riley
Gary Williams
Gary Williams-Johnson
Gary Wilmont
Gary Wilmot
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 1
Gary Wilson Bill Anderson
Gary Wilson DR.G.S.DANG
Gary Wilson Silver- Jane Reid
Gary Wilson Tire
Gary Wilson Tire Service Ltd.
Gary Wilson _ Ronnie Ross Specials
Gary Wilsonr
Gary Wise
Gary Wiseman
Gary Wiseman Ottawa
Gary Wiseman PONTIAC Fitzroy Harbour
Gary Wllmot
Gary Woolsey
Gary XTasœ
Gary Young
Gary Z Wally Whelan
Gary Zahodmk
Gary Zahodnik
Gary Æ Harris
Gene Tierney ¦ Phil Carey Gary Cooper Technicolor
Geo Murphy Robt Hammond Arthur Wiggins James Thomas Frank Cornu Arthur Smiley Allan Meredith Win Dr
Geoffrey Arthur Barnett
Geoffrey Cooper
George and Arthur
George Arthur
George Arthur Brown
George Arthur Car- Halleyburk
George Arthur’s
George Cooper
George Williams John Arthur Williams
Gerald and Gary
Gerald Carrisge Harde* Double-Arthur Smi-
Gerald Gauthier- 87.50 Arthur Labelle-
Gerald Wayne Gary MILKIE
Gerard Arthur
Gerard Arthur Labe
Gillian Cooper
Glen Gary
Glenn Cooper
Gordon Arthur Armstrong Wilson
Gordon Arthur Hodgins
Gordon Brown-Mr Arthur Dagg Is
Gordon Cooper
Gordon Paul Arthur Kllgour
Grade VIII Gary Mulligan
Graham Hender- Mrs Gary John
Grant Arthur
Grant Jean Arthur Ronald Caiman
Gregory Loffler and Gary
Gregory Wfler and Gary Loffler
Greta Cooper
Gross Gary McCallum
H: Gary
Harold Arthur
Harold Arthur Bennett
Harry Cooper
Harry Fades Arthur Smart
Harvey Gary
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Heather and Gary
Heather Cooper
Hector Arthur
Henri Rene Arthur Turcotte
Henry Arthur
Henry Arthur Krose
Hi Gary Harris
Hi Gary Concert
Holstein Herd—Arthur Kilgour
Howard Pyle’s King Arthur
Howard Weds Ruby Sparling Garnet Arthur Little
Hugh Arthur
Hugh L. Cooper
Husband Gary
Ian Arthur Nute
Ian Cooper
Ida Cooper
Ill Cooper
Inform* Cooper Corre-Tarmlnal
J M Stanley 2.65 Arthur La
J. Arthur Thomson
J. H Shaw Claude Shaw Arthur Shaw
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Royal Canadian Legion
Jack Gatineau Arthur Earl Bean
Jack Graham Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday
Jack McRae Gary Fairburn
Jackie Cooper
Jackie Cooper Ink
Jackie McBane Debbie Hodgins Jane Alexander Roily Bernier Gary Trudeau Gerry McKenny Eric Smith Pau
Jackie Mrs Arthur Kealey
Jacques Dmi SOT Mrs. Arthur Spinks
Jacques Gary Trivett
James Arthur
James Arthur Hayes
James Arthur Hodgins
James Arthur Lu-
James Arthur Mules
James Cooper
James M. Cooper
James Smith Stephan Gary Trudeau Bruce Man
James Stewart Arthur Kennedy
James Tracy Arthur Kllgour
Jane Cooper
Jane Thorton Arthur Grace
Janet Gary Desabrats
Janie* Cooper
Jean and Gary
Jean Arthur
Jean Arthur Alan Ladd
Jean Arthur Technicolor Cinemascope Adult Entertainment
Jean de Ma- Councillor Gary Trivett Boileau
Jean Guy Gary Smazlinski
Jean Joseph Arthur Meilleur
Jean Ogilvie 647-5407 Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Jean ther Gary Cain
Jean to Mr. Arthur Herbert Keddeti
Jean-Pierre Gen-dron Gary Trivett
Jeannine Gary Hodgins
Jefferson Mflchamer Arthur William Brown
Jennie F Arthur.
Jerry Cooper
Jim Cooper
Jim Stewart Arthur Dean Campbell’s Bay District Garry Hearty
Jimmie Carmichael Gary McEwen Chum Brian Smith Man
Jimmy Wats Mini Arthur Mouton
Jiunes Cooper
Joe Bryson Waltham News Review Mrs. Arthur La
Joe Dee Gary Crosby
Joe Gary Mulligan
John A. Cooper
John and Arthur
John Arthur
John Arthur Cooke
John Arthur Keith Hodgins
John Arthur Malette
John Arthur McNeil
John Arthur Wellington Hbrner
John Arthur Wellington Horner
John Cooper
John Dean........ Arthur Eadie
John J. Cooper
John Jones B. Laiambvise Arthur Meldrum
John Kilgour Gary Hodgins
John Matappas Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
John Stewart Mac- Arthur
John Tracy Gary Hbdgins
John Whiteby Karl Malden Mari Aldon Gary Cooper
Jon Cooper
Jonn Alexander Cooper
Jonn Cooper
Joseph Arthur
Joseph Arthur Gal-¦¦
Joseph Arthur Grace
Joseph Arthur Leo
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper I .united
Joseph Cooper Limit Poultry Dept
Joseph Cooper Limite#
Joseph Cooper Limited
Joseph Cooper Limited Poultry D-pt
Joseph Cooper Limited Poultry Dept
Joseph Cooper Limited Poultry D»pt
Joseph Cooper Limits*
Joseph Cooper Umlted
Joseph Winston Arthur Houghton
Josh Ralph-Evan Gary) Penalties Shawville Jeff Gibbons
Joshua Allan Gary Hodgins Hodgins - Big
Jr.—Arthur McGuire
Julie McCredie Cooper
June Cooper
Jus A. Mulligan Dead Hi* Honor Janie* Arthur Mulligan
K. Cooper
Kant Africa—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Karl CooPer
Kathleen Cooper
Kathryn Cooper
Kathy Cooper
Keith 3bd21 Mayor Gary Hodgins
Keith Emmerson Gary Stokes
Ken Cooper Good
Ken Davis Bruce Campbell R H Nugent Equip Rental Ltd Gary Merrifield Gary Trudeau Kathy Armitage Ug
Kenneth Cooper
Kenneth Naylor Clarence Naylor G. Hodgins Arthur Wilson Austin Sly
Kent McBride Professor JH Cooper
Kevin Arthur
King Arthur
Kirkland Leslie Arthur Earl Shores
Kristopher Arthur
Kvs Gary 8W-647-3788 Bruce 8W-M7-3433
L E By Arthur Pointer
L L B. Arthur Smiley
L Ûm Smiley Arthur Cal
Late Thomas Grant ARTHUR
Laura Cooper
Lawrence | Mrs. Arthur Tache
Leilla Cooper
Léo Gibbons Gary Trivett
Les Gary Renaud
Leslie Arthur Woermke
Liam Ivan Arthur Donné
Liberals Unanimous Arthur Kilgour
Lieut Gary McConnell
Lillian Cooper
Linda Ruth Cooper
Lionel Arthur
Lis Little Arthur McKiiligan
Lise Donna Cooper
Lloyd Arthur
Lois Smiley Arthur Caldwell
Lord Arthur
Lord Arthur Charles
Lori Cooper
Lou Costello Wanda Hendrix Gary Merrill
Louis Bat-Gary Hodgins
Love Gary
M & Mme Arthur Gravelle
M A. Gary Hynes
M* Gary
M. Cooper
M:> Gary H-xlglns
Mac Arthur
Mac Arthur—
Mac Arthur’s
Manager-Gary Graham
Marcel Aitoro Gary Fairbum
Margaret Saunders Gary Hodgins
Marie Cooper
Marilyn Cooper Huddersfield
Marion Gary
Marjorie Cooper
Mark Cooper
Marshall Hudgins Arthur Smythe
Mary Ann Glozer Gary
Mary Arthur Daley
Mary Louise to Murray Arthur
Mary McKinley-Cooper
Mary Mrs. Arthur Dubien
Mary Rev Gary Can
Master Gary Harris Shawville
Maur-1 Rev. Arthur W. Voteary
Mayor Gary Carmen Wickens
Mayor Gary Hod- Joachims
Mayor Gary Hodgins
Mayor Gary Letter
Mel Brown Leo O Brien Michael Wrinn John Romain Eddie Ranger Eric Ranger Lawrence Romain Arthur Amy
Mel Gary McLellon
Mel Lang- Gary Tubman
Merle Cooper
Merrlfleld Gary
Messrs Arthur
Messrs Arthur Dagg
Messrs Arthur Kilgoor
Messrs Arthur Kilgour
Messrs Arthur Wilsu
Messrs Earl Cooper
Messrs Gary McKnight
Messrs Gary Renaud
Messrs. Arthur
Mi K Cooper
Michael and Gary
Michael Cooper
Michael Gary
Michael Gary Hodgins
Michael Leo Arthur Riebertz
Michael McGuire Arthur Racine Smith Bros.
Michelle Tessier Michael Cooper
Mike Arthur
MMTh Gary Bretzlaff
Monsieur Gary Caldwell R.R.
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Mp* Cooper
Mr Cooper
Mr Gary Wiseman
Mr R W Cooper
Mr& Mrs Gary Hodgins
Mr* Cooper Maggie
Mr* Gary Hodgln*
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt’s
Mr. Arthur
Mr. Arthur Hemtng
Mr. Arthur Hen-
Mr. Arthur M. Wilson
Mr. Cooper
Mr. Fred Koch Mr Arthur Kilgour
Mr. Gary
Mr. Gary Kilgour
Mr. Gary McCollum
Mr. Gary Wil-
Mr. Gary Wilson
Mr. Leslie Arthur Woermke
Mr. R W Cooper
Mr. Ronald Cooper
Mr? Gary Hodgins
Mre Gary Hodgina
Mrs Gary Holland
Mrs. Annie Mo-Arthur
Mrs. Arthur
Mrs. Arthur 647-2534 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
Mrs. Arthur Argue
Mrs. Arthur Boisvert
Mrs. Arthur Crcigh
Mrs. Arthur Dagg
Mrs. Arthur Fitzpatrick Congratulations
Mrs. Arthur Grace
Mrs. Arthur Hayes
Mrs. Arthur Horner
Mrs. Arthur K. Rennick Rev. John Pearce
Mrs. Arthur Kent
Mrs. Arthur Kilgour
Mrs. Arthur Kilgour Mr.
Mrs. Arthur Kll-I
Mrs. Arthur KtifOUf
Mrs. Arthur Messrs. Lloyd Stevens
Mrs. Arthur Oliver
Mrs. Arthur Woermke
Mrs. Clare Jacques and Mrs. Arthur Winslow
Mrs. Cooper
Mrs. Cooper Oakely
Mrs. David KiKiik Port Arthur
Mrs. Gary
Mrs. Gary Bradley
Mrs. Gary Clasper
Mrs. Gary Cooligan
Mrs. Gary Crawford
Mrs. Gary Hardy
Mrs. Gary Hérault
Mrs. Gary Hodgins
Mrs. Gary Hudgins
Mrs. Gary Lester
Mrs. Gary Richardson
Mrs. Gary Seguin
Mrs. Gordon Cooper
Mrs. Gordon Mr. Gary McCallum
Mrs. James Arthur Hodgins
Mrs. Leslie Mac-Arthur
Mrs. Leslie Woermke Mrs. Arthur Woermke
Mrs. Norris I &od Mrs Arthur Draper
Mrs. Pern-Arthur Manwell
Mrs. R Cooper
Mrs. R S. Cooper
Mrs. R W Cooper
Mrs. R W. Cooper Mr.
Mrs. Ross Mayhew Arthur Boisvert
Mrs. Sam Woods------ Arthur Caldwell
Mrs. W G. Arthur Wilson
Mrs. William Arthur
Mrs. Wm Arthur
Mrs..Arthur Dagg
Mrv Arthur Wocrmkc Thomas
Msehr Arthur
Muscular Graham Murray Arthur Rennick Edytha Sto Edna Tanner Fay Tanner Archie Tubman Evelyn Warfor
Neil Fr Gary Cain
Neil Mac Arthur
Newell Mrs Arthur Dirrell
Nicole Tru- Gary Trudeau
Nil Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 Nlltl
Nlclml Cooper
Norma and Gary Graham
Norma Cooper
Norma Gary
Norma Jean Cooper
Obituaries J Clemence Albert Arthur Miller
Obituary Linden Arthur Young
Oi King Arthur
Olive Arthur
Orville Frenette Mrs Arthur Dagg
Owen Mr. Arthur Turrieff
P Cooper
P. R. G Arthur Dagg Collection
Papmeau Gary Trivett
Pastor Gary Hobbs
Patrick Arthur MacKay
Patrick Ashley Cooper
Paul Arthur
Paul Arthur Evered
Paul Arthur II
Paul Arthur Nightly
Paul Cooper
Paul Mrs Arthur St. Jean
Paul Ryan Clr Gary Trivett
Paula Gary
Pauline Cooper
Pembroke Gary Schultz
Penny Singleton Arthur Lake Larry Simms Inkf Leads
Penny Singleton Arthur Lake Larry Sims Blondte’s Blessed Event New Spring
Perley Belsher..... Gary Strutt....... Marilyn Elliott
Perry Rev. Arthur
Peter Arthur
Peter Cooper
Peter Cooper Moses Taylor
Peter Cooper’s
Peter Finch James Arthur Scotch
Peter Me Arthur
Peter Proud Dorothy Fleming Arthur Sc Dorothy Forbes Steve Forbes John W ic Martha God
Pierre Arthur Guerttn Community Centre
Pioneer Grain Gary Hodgins
Poile Gary Harris
Pole Bending Gary Donnelly
Pontiac Councillor Gary Trivett
Pres Mrs. Arthur Dagg
Princess Arthur
Prof- Mac Arthur
Prof. Arthur
Prof. Arthur C. Hardy
Prof. J Arthur Thomson
Purest Rev. Arthur W. Voteaiy
P^noe Arthur
Québec Cooper
R A. Grant Wedded To Arthur Hayes
R Cooper
R W. Cooper
R. Bailey Arthur
R. Cooper
Ralph Cooper
Ralph Presley Arthur Hahn
Randy Cooper
Randy Crowe Gary Me Court
Ray Arthur
Raymond Arthur At Pontiac
Raymond Arthur Trevor
Reader Gary
Recipes For Romance Arthur
Referee Timekeeper Gary Wilson
Ressources Québec Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday
Returns V Arthur SWEATERS
Rev Arthur D. Waite
Rev Cooper
Rev Daniel Cooper
Rev Gary
Rev Gary Car
Rev Gary Hazel
Rev Gary Stokes
Rev Gary W
Rev Gary W Stokes
Rev Stanley Arthur Ralph
Rev. Arthur G. Downing
Rev. Arthur Perry
Rev. Cooper
Rev. Gary
Rev. Gary J Tel
Rev. Gary Stokes
Rev. Gary W.
Rev. Gary W. Stokes
Rev. Gary W. Stokes Baptist Rev. Father McElligott
Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship
Reverend Gary
Reverend Gary Stokes
Reynolds Gary
Ric Cooper
Rich Cooper
Richard and Gary Hahn
Richard Cooper
Richard Gary Richardson
Richard Gary Richardson Mr.
Richard Hearty Mr. Arthur Grace
Richard Hodgins Arthur Mulligan..... William Olm
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Earl Hodgin* James Richardson Mr Arthur Bates
Richard K. Cooper
Rick Cooper
Rick Cooper Doug and Marilyn Pep-
Rick Cooper’s
Ricky and Gary
Rill Grant Gary
River Alan Ladd Jean Arthur Technicolor Dick Ha
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur Osmond
Robert Arthur Webb
Robert Charette Mayor Gary Horigins L I R.R.
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper Company
Robt Taylor Mr. Arthur Carson
Rod and Gary
Rod Cameron Julie Bishop Barbara Rush Ben Cooper
Rod’gins " Gary
Roger Belisle Mr Arthur Graham
Roger Mrs Arthur Dagg
Ron Arthur
Ron Cooper
Ronald Mac-Arthur Dagg
Ronnie Ross Gary Wilson
Roy Cooper
Rudic Schwartz Arthur Doug
Russell Cooper
Ruth Burke Marries Gary Allen Pert
S. Cooper
Saint Cooper
Sam Harris 69.79 Arthur Carson
Sam Woods------ Arthur Caldwell
Sandra Dagg Arthur Sc Iaobel Day Linda Dent Evelyn Duff Sc Donald Duff John Duff - Memorial Melvin
Sarah Lemay Horner Arthur
Saturdays-French Rev. Gary
Scott Cooper
SÉ& M::m Arthur Dagg
Second Officer Cooper
Secrétaire-trésorier Gary
Shane Arthur
Sharon Cooper
Sharon Gary Emile Jr Kathy
Sharon Gary Emile Jr month
Sharpe Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Shawviiie Gary
Shawville Lions Entertainment Cooper
Shawville Rev. Gary
Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
Shawville-; Rev. Mr. Cooper
Shirley Ann Cooper
Shirley Cooper
Shirley Kenward Prize Clarendon Gary Hodgins
Sidney Cooper
Sidney Draper 325.17 Arthur Judd 226.72 Arnot Horner 416.85 Motion Crs Brownlee
Skip Gary Harris
Skip Gary Hodgins
Smiley Mrs. Sain Woods Arthur
Spajl Contact Gary Trudeau Daytime
SSw* Mrs. J Arthur Hodgins
St- Gary McEwan
Stanley Cooper
Stanley MacDonald Cooper
Stanley McDonald Cooper
Steers Herefords Gary Hodgins
Stephen Gary Jodoin
Stephen Hartley Arthur Lynn
Steven Davis Gary Renaud Equipment Rentals Neilson Dairy Ottawa Rejean Chamberland Trucking Mountai
Stevens Rifles Arthur McConnell A Halifax
Stone E McMillan Gary Larush
Stuart Cooper
Susan Ma Cooper She
Susie Cooper
Sutton Cooper
Suzanne and Gary
Sylvie Bekker Gary Trivett
Terry Arthur
Terry Curley Bunny Trudeau Joel Gibeault Valerie Curley Danny Dollighan Gary Cummings Gerry Dubeau
Terry Graham Arthur Dagg Trophy- Jane Ebert
Thomas Arnold Stark Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
Thomas Arthur
Thomas Arthur Harold -
Thomas Arthur Lyon Eaton Hero
Thomas McVeigh Arthur
Thompson Gary
Tim Gary Harris
Timothy Father Dan Cooper
Todd Arthur
Todd Har-Gary McEwan
Tom Orr Cartage C.B.L Plrto Enterprises Inc. Gary Thompson Don Hodglns Don Lavallée Eddie Jean-Mari
U.S.A. Gary Hodgins
Vera Cruz Gary Cooper
Vernon Craig Arthur Mack A
Viola Cooper
W Gary Graham 647-5248
W Cooper
W rug. Arthur Mayhew
W. Cooper
W.V.L. Arthur Kilgour
Walter Kilgour Gary Hodgins
Walter Smith Dr. Arthur
Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur La
Wanda Cooper
Wanda Hendrix Gary Merrill
Wanda Jeannette Arthur
Wayne Arthur Mayhew
Wayne Campeau Rene Miljour Bill Curry Darwin Wickens Gary Harris Randy Farrell Alan Farrell Ben Eth
Wayne Ly- Arthur John Findlay Mrs. Ferdinand Bertrand
WËî P« Gary Tri«tt
Welcome— Anderson Arthur Rice
Whel-Gary Wilson
Wilbur Arthur
Willard Arthur Grant
William and Port Arthur
William Arthur
William Arthur Deacon
William Arthur Hod
William Arthur Hodgins
William Arthur Hodgins Quyon Craft
William Arthur McDowell
William Cooper
William Cooper Harness
William Henry Arthur
William John Cooper
William Kearns Rev. Arthur
William Martin Cooper
William Richard Arthur
William Webb Mrs Arthur Thomas
Wllbur McLean Thî Equity Gary Harris
Wm Cooper
Yio- Primer I—Arthur Eadws Lucy Cole
Young Gary
Young Mac-Arthur
111:00 Port Arthur
2q Arthur
41X1 Cooper street
7th Arthur l ahcllv.
Arthur Ave.
Arthur Avenue
Arthur Malcolm Lot
At Port Arthur
Births—At Port Arthur
Cooper Hockey
Cooper Islands
Cooper Square
Cooper St Ontario.
Cooper Union
Fort Arthur
Fort Coulonge—Arthur
Fort Gary
Fort William-Port Arthur
Gary Hill
Ihit Port Arthur
Joseph Cooper l imits*
King Arthur
King Arthur’s
Lake Arthur
Nova Gary
O. Dupui l Hector Arthur
Phene Gary
Poit Arthur
Port Arthur
Port Arthur Irian
Prince Arthur
Prince Arthur street
Prince Arthur’s
Scotland England England Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Cooper Cooper Farmer Farm
Sea Pines Arthur
Tli- Mo Arthur
2 Arthur’s Hill
7th Line News Strayed Mr. Arthur Dag*
Accident Agricultural Society Renames Arthur Kilgour As
ANDRK FORTIN A Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship 11
Arthur Browse
Arthur Chronicle
Arthur High School
Arthur Hod
Arthur Hudson Marks
Arthur Kilgour Line
Arthur News Chronicle
Arthur News Chronicle BRIER
Arthur News Chronicle Peace Motive
Arthur News-/ Chronicle
Arthur N^ws Chronicle
ARTHUR Shawville ALEX—Renfrew JANET—T.
Arthur St.
ARTHUR Tomatoes
B. Wood Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Ballantyne County Health Unit Mr. Arthur Mackay
Bank of N Grade X— Arthur Hampsnn
BAY S BRYSON Reverend Don Cooper
Ber Home Ltd s Gary Trivett
Blue Bonnets Satur- Cooper Norzis;
Board of Education Arthur Henderson
Board Ventral School Board Arthur Dagg
BOISERIE DU PONTIAC PONTIAC WOODWORKING John Munharvey Steven Davis Gary Renaud Equipment Rentals N
Brennan Caldwell Bristol Arthur
Bristol Corners ; Arthur
Bristol Memor Earl Cooper
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M R Costello Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs
Bristol Mr Arthur Dagg
Bristol Municipal Hall Gary
Bristol Ridge Rev Gary Hobbc Sunday School
Bristol Ridge Rev Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbe Sunday School
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs JEAN
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Mary’s C.W.L. United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs McLEAN & SLEVIN INC.
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School 10: Morning Worship
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School Bernadette
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School Morning Worship 11
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs United Church
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Bristol Ridge* Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Bristol Ridgi- Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Bristol Women’s South West Hull Intermediate Mrs. Arthur Hodgins
Bryson Charge Rev. Dan Cooper
Bryson PENTECOSTAL Rev. Dan Cooper
BRYSON THEATRE Arthur Kilgour & Sons
Cal Green Cooper
Canadian Cancer Gary Hodgins
Canadian National Prince Arthur
Canadian Prima Mr. Arthur
Carnival Vital St-Aubin Trucking Creative Hair Design Gary Hahn Logging Otter Lake Small Engine Rep
Charteris Chronicle Review Mrs. Arthur
CHURCH Rev. Arthur
Church Services Anglican Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Church Services Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Clara Parent Allan Taut Bobby Pitt, Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Clarendon School Board Ori-Kil Cooper’s Farm Insect Powder
Come Wi Church Services Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Committees 1982-83 Water Bowls Pro Mayor Gary Hodgins
Con- Arthur Hodgins
Contact Gary Hodgins
Cooper Brothers
COOPER BROTHERS • Rock & Roll Cowboys
COOPER Complete
Cooper Hockey School
COOPER Pee Wee Pro
Cooper Union Museum
Cooper- Weeks Ltd 125.25
Cooper’s Farm Insect
Cooper’s Farm Insect Powder
Cooper’s Farm Insect Powder For Destroying Lice Insurance & Real Estate
Cooper’s Farm Insect Powder XORltlS R. HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
Corporal Arthur Pitt
Council Arthur Inglee
Council Arthur Smiley
Credit Plan Available LINDSAY SCHARFE Authorized Barrett Applicator Gary Merrill RENFREW.
Crs Gary Hodgins
DEATH United Church Bristol Ridgv Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Department Mr Gary Renaud
DODS & SONS K Arthur Horner
DOORS Ag Engineer Jim Cooper
Douglas Mac Arthur
Edison Brown Calumet Island CWL Mr. Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas
Education Mrs Arthur Dagg
Education Mrs. Keith Brownlee; Home Economics Mrs. Milburn Hodgins; Publicity Mrs. Arthur Dagg; Wel
EIUIPMENT Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur
Emp,°yees Conservation Club Arthur KUgour
Evangelist Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship 11
Evening Worship Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Everett Arthur*
Fine Harness Double-Arthur
Gary Council Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association
Gary Lloyd Perry of
Gary’s Church McDowell
Gary’s High School
GE 2 Arthur
GE 2 Arthur’s Hill
GE 2 Arthur
General Douglas Mac Arthur
General Douglas Mac-Arthur
General Foods By Arthur Pointer JITTER AftttoO Good Story-Teller Pretty
General Mac Arthur
General Mac Arthur’s
General Sir Arthur
George Arthur Perry
Godin Gets Six Months For Jail Breaking RAYBESTOS Arthur Godin
Gospel Service Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Gospel Service Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Grove cemetery Mr. Arthur
Hare Gatimau Power Equ ty Office Councillors Karknes* Arthur Labelle
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hev Arthur Perry.
Hi Gary Concert
Home Economics Mrs Arthur Mayhew
HOME HARDWARE Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship 11
HOTEL Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur
Hut Spa Bean’s Service Station Canadian Tire The Equity Gary Hahn Gavan’s Hotel Magnalum A
II Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship 11
INSURANCE AUTO Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary
INTERNATIONAL Stock Food Co. Ltd Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
ISLAND Apply Mrs. Arthur Durrell
I—Centennial Eve Rally Shewville Free Methodist Church Rev Gary Walsh
JANE Gary Trrvett
John Burnett Ltd Mountamview Turf Farm Gary
King Arthur’s,Court
Kvs Gary
Lac Arthur
LAC Arthur Mayhew
Lac Arthur Smart
Lac Arthur Smart St Hubert
Lac Arthur Strutt
Lakefield Church Arthur Labclle
Liberal Conservâti Tli- Mo Arthur Plough
Lions Entertainment Cooper DJ Services
Local Artists Pontiac Electric Bill McCord Gary Hodgins Le Dr. Maurice Lamarche
LOGS Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
LOGS Highest Prices Paid Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle CWL Meeting Shirley
LOST Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Maple Gary Tnvett
Master Arthur
Master Arthur Dale
Master Arthur Durrell
Master Arthur Hayes
Master Arthur Knox
Master Arthur Pettipiece
Master Arthur Shaw
Master Arthur Smiley
Master Arthur W
Master Arthur Wilson
Master Arthur-bold
Master Gary
Master Gary Harris Shawville
Master Gary McGee
Master Gary Storey
Matinee Saturday Morning Wanda Hendrix Gary Merrill 2.30 p.m. Daily Matin
MER Gary
Mid Mrs. Arthur
Mine Mrs. Arthur Strutt
Mister Gary
Mn Everett McDowell Gary
MORE Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Morning Worship Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Motion Crs Gary
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins Hodgins
MR ALLISON Methodist Arthur Merleau Deborah
Mr Arthur Pitt.
Mr. Arthur Perry
Mr. Arthur Pitt
Mrs Arthur Perry
Mrs Gary Royce
Mrs, Arthur Pitt.
Mrs. Arthur Pitt
Mrs. Arthur Pitt and Francis Pitt of Wakefield
Mrs. Arthur Pitt on Oct. Kith
Mrs. Arthur Pitt.
Mrs. Arthur Pitt;
Mrs. Arthur Pitt; Highway school
Mrs. Arthur Turner
Mrs. Gary Perry
Municipal Mayor Gary
National Arthur
National Defence Medical Cen- Arthur Vowley
National Headquarter ARTHUR KILGOUR Shawville
Neil Mac Arthur
NICOLE BERTRAND-PROULX Agent Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
NL 6lr Arthur Currie Explains
NO JOINT SEPTC TANKS Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
North Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle Industrial
ONTARIO Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Ottawa Civic Hospital Mrs. Arthur Kilgour
Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
PERRY Arthur Smilev*
Phone Gary Hodgins
Pictures Jackie Cooper Ink
PILLS Cooper’s Fly Knocker
Pioneer Grain Gary Hodgins
Pontiac Arthur Beaulieu Stone
Pontiac Community Centre Debt Retirement Fund Gary Copeland
Pontiac Community Hos- Gary Stokes
Pontiac Community Hospital and Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Pontiac Councillor Gary Trivett
Pontiac County Cooper-
Pontiac Electric W.A. Hodgins Store Stone Consolidated Gary Tubman Marsha & Mel Bean F.H. Rowat Ins
Pontiac Gary
Pontiac Gary Thompson
Pontiac Municipal Councillor Gary Trivett
Pontiac Printshop Ltd 9.60; Arthur Kilgour
Port Arthur
Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce
POTVIN S OFFICE L Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship
Prayer & Bible Nil Guillemette and Rev. Study Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship 11
Prayer & Bible Study 7:30 pm Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Prayer and Bible St Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Pro-Mayor Gary Municipal Library.
PRODUCTS Cooper’s Dri-Kill Insect Power Cooper’s Sheep Dipping Powder Phone
PRODUCTS Cooper’s Dri-Kill Insect Power Cooper’s Sheep Dipping Powder Phono
Progressive Conservative Gary
Pump Sales and Service Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
PUT Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Q.P P. Court Report Arthur VX
Rabies Clinic Public Notice Prince Arthur
Reader Gary
Recording Artists GARY FAIRBURN
Renfrew County School Arthur
Rental Ltd Gary Merrifield Gary Trudeau Kathy Armitage Ugly Iguana Restaurant Mountainview Turf Far
Ressources Québec Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Rev Arthur Perry
Rev Arthur Perry Vice-Chairman
Rev. Arthur Perry
Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
RIVER VIEW INN Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Roll Gary Hodgins
Royal Arthur
Royal Bank Betty Cooper
Royal Canadian Air Forces Arthur Mayhew
S. Mac Arthur
School Superintendent Arthur
Sea Pines Arthur Powell
Service Sermon Master Archie Arthur Wilson Richardson
Sh.wville Everett Arthur
Shawville Auto Service Gary
Shawville Fire Hall DEC 30—Jen I—Centennial Eve Rally Shawville Free Methodist Church Rev Gary Wals
Shawville High Student Council Gary Richardson
SHAWVILLE QUE Men’s Hats Talking Pictures Penny Singleton Arthur Lake Larry Sims Blondte’s Blessed
Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning Worship 11
SHAWVIUI Gary Gauthier Box
Siege of Port Arthur
SINGE FOUND Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Sir Arthur
St Presbyterian Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
Standard Church Camp Meetings Arthur Caldwell
Talking Pictures Cary Grant Jean Arthur Ronald
Talking Pictures Garry Cooper
Tech Cinemascope STRANGE ADVENTURE Ben Cooper
The Arthur Peguegnal Clock Company
The Arthur Peguegnat Clock Company
The Arthur Pegugnat Clock Company
Thorne Council Gary
Title Attorneys MIDLAND WALWYN GARY P. GODARD 1-800-268-7457 GIFFORD & ASSOC.
United Church Bristol Ridge Rgv Gary Hobbs
United Church Father Dan Cooper
W. Arthur Ferry
Walters Port Arthur
WËî P« Gary Tri«tt
Work Gary Cooper Franchot Tone
Worship Service Bristol Ridge Gary Hobbs Sunday School Morning Worship 11
Worship Service Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday School
WWII Veteran Leading Aircraftsman Arthur Mayhew KRISTINA MISENER Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
XT Plus BiOOD ARROW Carried Arthur Laban