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Mrs. Edward Young Clarence Hayes

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

&r=msisB5ssr- S. Hayes
(Mrs Wesley Me
,1 III Young
--- Mrs.
-1982 Dear Young Friends
0. J. Hayes
0. Young
0f Mrs Emily Connel
0f Mrs John John Lawn
0f Mrs Rodger Laframbose
0f Mrs W Corrigan WM
0llicc — Hayes
1-46 inoe Hayes
1-arkin Mrs Michael Perrier
10,1990 Young Farmer
10-2 Mrs Ivan Carroll
10.00—Edward Graham
1085 Office—Hayes Block
10:00 Eleanor Hayes
10:15 Howard Hayes
12-61 Young
14—Mrs H
1836 Office—Hayes
19.50 Mrs. Frederick H. Judd Dies Lugris
1927 H.G. Young
1936........ Russell Young
1949 Mrs. Graham
1951.. W M. HAYES.
1966 Young
1997 Mrs W < Mr
1FW Mrs. Gerard Power Mrs. Gerard Power
1rs Young
1st Mrs J Cunningham1
2. Annie Hayes
2. Lloyd Balhar- Mrs.
2. Lloyd El- Mrs. Nancy Hughes
2. Mrs K Hudgins
2. Mrs.
2.95 Mrs. Wesley Hodgins
20,21,22 Howard Hayes
2005 Kristine Hayes
24-49 Martin Young
2416 Hayes
2500 Mrs Wesley Palmer
2nd Faye Young
2nd Mrs B C Carswell
2nd Mrs J > -3 Driving
2nd Mrs J Cunningham
2nd Mrs L | Ward
2nd Mrs R Trudeau
2nd Mrs. Peden Wilson
2ppearSp%gO | Young
2xa30 Young
3. Mrs J A Smith
3. Young
3.00-Ted Hayes
3i/irry QYooJ W. M. Hayes
3rd Harold Hayes India
3rd Mrs J Bowden.
3rd Mrs. Harper Rennick
3rd Mrs. Win
3ti| Office—Hayes
4- M. Hayes
414.20 W.J. Hayes
432-7036 W.J. HAYES
451-2950 Mrs. Harper Young
458-2660 Young
4SI-Mrs E S. Bishoo Luskville P O.
5.00 Mrs. Fred Schroeder.
55.92 Murray Young
582 K Hayes
6-R-33 Mrs. Betty MacDonald
646-7693 Mrs Graham
647- Mrs. Neil Saturday
647-1942 W.J. HAYES
647-2068 W.J. Hayes
647-2430 Mrs.
647-2546 W.J. Hayes
647-2772 Mrs Ross
647-2972 W.J. Hayes
647-3231 Mrs. Grant Fades
647-3714 Mrs Norris Horner
647-3823 Mrs Jean Morrison Shew-I Owner
647-3861 W.J. Hayes
647-5553 Mrs. Clifford Horner
647-5808 W.J. Hayes
692573bfl7 Mrs. Fred Lefremboise
6th Mrs Ella Thoms
7003 E Young Place
72,427 Mrs. Grant Rade#-------
7315BA20 W.M. Hayes
761-3425 Young
8. J. Hayes
8. Mrs
8. Mrs Austin Dagg
8. Young
819-647-2204 W.J. Hayes
819-647-3861 W.J. Hayes
819-647-5711 W.J. Hayes
8396.00 office—Hayes
8ftry Mrs. David Hall
8pen- Office—Hayes
9C ** Hayes - Armstrong Janet Armstrong
9th Mrs Kenneth Egan
<H>0k Young Farmer Sees Action
A A I / W. M. Hayes
A" Eviscerated Tender Plump Mrs. Edward Leduc
A. Carpets Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store
A. E. Hayes
A. H Graham Mrs.
A. Hayes
A. Mrs Armstrong
A. Russell Mrs
A. W. Hayes
A. Young
AAna Young
AArond Mrs Earl 0IÏ16D S
Abbott A Costello Encore Gig Young Jean Hagen Don Taylor Glynis Johns
Abraham Lincoln Mrs.
Absent Comm Hayes
Ac-1 Desmond Hod- Mrs. Everett Moore
Acton Smiley Mrs. Herbie Martin
Ad Hodgins Earl Hodgins Miss Pearl Brown Mrs.
Adam Edward*
Adam Hod Mrs. Gordon Bradley
Adc’ Katherine Hayes
Addison Hayes Murphy Addison Hayes Murphy
Addison Mrs Beulah Hodgms
Adeline Mrs
Adolphe Mrs Denis Newoerry
Adult Allison Hayes Gregg Palmer
Against amendment—Hayes
Aggregate Quebec Young Farmers
Agnes Co emon Mrs. Mary Sly
Agnes Young
Agri- M S Bert Stark Citizenship- Mrs.
Agri- Mrs Gerald Draper Citizenship- Mrs
Agriculture Mrs J Russell
Agriculture Mrs. Gerald Draper
Agriculture—Mrs Rena Graham
Ah Mrs. Mct-agg
Aileen Young
Aime Hssiamhrc Mrs. John A. Dean
AIRPORT Helen Hayes Deen Martin George Kennedy
Akslie Young
Al J McGuire Mrs Rena Ladouceur
Al Mrs.
Al Young
Al* Mrs. Neil McArthur
Al- Hayes
Al- Mrs Harold Campbell Bish
Al- Mrs Jeff O Brien
Alain Mrs Blanche Wilson
Alan Edward
Alan Mrs Rita Kasobuski
Alan Young
Alan Young - Dinah Shore WED.
Alan Young Diana Shore Technicolor Caribbean Humphrey Bogart John Payne Arlene
Alan Young’s Senator Will
Alarm Mrs Lester Hodgins
Albeit Young
Albert Armstrong Mrs Mary Allen
Albert Edward
Albert Edward Wiggam
Albert Grant 8. YOUNG
Albert Hayes
Albert Laporte Mrs Renaud Rainville
Albert Ma- Mrs Dollard Desabrais
Albert Mrs Bill Toison
Albert Mrs. Friends
Albert Mrs. Rowat
Albert O. Young
Albert Tanner Mrs.
Albert Tanner Mrs. Thomas Smith
Albert Young
Albert Young’s
Alder Mrs Wanda Smith
Alderman Clarence Rennick
Alderman Mrs. Bake
Alex and Marie Louise Edward
Alex Armstrong Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Armstrong---- Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Chartrand- Mrs Thomas White
Alex Cobb Jo Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie Muldoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex H Homer George Palmer Mrs R P Eadts Mrs C H McLean
Alex Hudgins Mrs.
Alex Ijtcroix Mrs. Archie Hcnchy
Alex Lapierre- Mrs Pearl Dougherty
Alex Margaret Young
Alex Mrs Hillis Thompson Ottawa
Alex Mrs Pearl Allan
Alex Mrs. Jean Paul Care
Alex Mrs. Mary Johansen
Alex Mucha Mayor Orla Young
Alex Pigeon Mrs. Alex Pigeon
Alex Ryan - Mrs Celia Derouin
Alex Victor Young
Alex Young
Alex- Arthur Young
Alexander Cobb Hayes
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander June Marie Bourgeeu Shlrley-Maye Mohr Lynn Overton Brent Young Coagrave
Alexander Mel-1 Office—Hayes
Alexander Miss Eva Alexander Mrs. Gerald Armltage Ira Sturgeon George W. Smith Gordon Stewart
Alexander Motion Mrs. Caldwell
Alexander Mrs. J. Horner Mrs.
Alexander Mrs. John Knox Mrs. Geo
Alexander o Hayes.
Alexander William Campbell Dies After Lengthy Illness Mrs.
Alexander Young
Alexander Young Jackson
Alexandra Marie Marian Cynthia D Young
Alfalfa Young
Alfred Burke Mrs. Is.dore Beauregard
Alfred Edward
Alfred Edward Nash.
Alfred G «uvreau........... Veuve—Widow Clouthier....... Edward Beaudoin............. Unknown
Alfred Hayes
Alfred Lord Tennyson Mrs John R McDowell
Alfred Mrs Frank Finnigan Sr.
Alfred Mrs John McKenzie
Alfred Mrs Julie St-Jean
Alfred Mrs. A. Proudfoot Mrs.
Alfred Mrs. Douglas Campbell
Alfred Mrs. R. Smith
Alfred Russell Mrs. Tolbert McCorriston
Alice Bruce Pinned Miss Edith Young
Alice E. Chase Mrs. Herb Brown
Alice Gravelle Mrs- Adolph Thoms
Alice Hayes
Alice Jacques and Mrs.
Alice Mildred Mr. Clarence Naylor
Alice Mrs. Camay
Alice Mrs. Herb Mullens
Alice Mrs. Roger Dufault
Alice Pig- Mrs. Alexandre Tremblay
Alice Roberl Edward
Alice Roxborough Young Fraser
Alice Young
Alice) Mrs. Armand Renaud
Alien Young
All MRS.
All Young
Allai Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Allan A. Merritt Clarence
Allan Edward
Allan Gerald Hayes
Allan Young
Allan Young National
Allan Young Quyon Invested
Allan Young Taxless Farm Gas Endorsed By
Allan Young Today
Allan Young Wins European Degree Mr.
Allan Young’s Finette
Allen Hayes
Allen Mrs Arnold McColgan
Allen Mrs.
Allen Thomas Hicks Robitalle Bazialle Archilbald Muir Robert Murrell Thomas Murrell 3 Mrs.
Allen Young
Allen Young John Clarke
Allison A Kathleen Com- Mrs Fred Stevens
Allumette Island Those Mrs. Sherwood Grant
Alma Hayes
Alma Hobbs Mrs Rebecca Wilson
Alma Horner Mrs.
Almonte Russell Young
Also Hayes
Also Mrs Marie Greer
Also Mrs Sam Klein Cris
Also Mrs. Gerald Horner
Alta Mrs. David Robertson
Alvin Brown Mahlon Hayes
Alvin Brown Mr. Mahlon Hayes
Alvin Hayes
Alvin Kelly Mrs.
Alvin Palmer Miss Minerva Sparling Miss Elma Dale Miss Lewina Harkness Mrs. Ed.
AMan Young
Amanda Mrs Doreen Chabot
Amelia Smart Winnie Horner Clara Strutt Annie Hamilton Mias McMonag’e Harold G. Young
Amm Mrs. Danny Farrell
Amùnta Woods Mrs. Gordon Russett
Amy (Mrs Clarence Peatman
Amy Barber Miss Hilda Harris Miss Mona Armstrong Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois
Amy Barber, Mrs. Keith Corrigan
Amy Corrigan Mrs. John Belsher
Amy Creighton spent Pearl Hayes
Amy Dean and Mrs, Leslie Dean
Amy Hudgins 2. Mrs R
Amy Mrs Alwyn Dale
An-Harper Young
Ancasler Mrs. Sean OBvrne
Anchor Mrs. Itutierfurdi
And Major Hayes
AND- Young
Anderson A Taylor HAS Supplies Young
Anderson Mrs Ernie Hearty
Anderson- W.M. Hayes
Andes Maggie Hayes
Andra Martin Color Mrs.
Andre Mrs. James P. Connelly
Andrea Korbin Young
Andrée Martin Mrs Devlin
Andrée Martin Mrs Glen Saunders
Andrew & Mrs. W. Taylor
Andrew Bennett Mrs Steele
Andrew C. Young Brittand
Andrew Edward King
Andrew Hedging Mrs.
Andrew Mrs Evelyn Pelletier
Andrew Mur- Mrs. George Black
Andrew Mur- Mrs. N.l HFS Mrs.
Andrew Richards 2. Toilet Set—Mrs Thomts Reid
Andrew Russell MRS.
Andrew s Young Peoples Ont.
Andrew Young
Andrew......... Madame Mrs. Salmon John Stafford
Andrews H Mrs Nettie Fulfcrd
Andrews Knox Radford Auxiliary Al Mrs.
Andrews Ladles Auxiliary Mrs. D Campbell
Andy Devine Teddy Hayes
Andy Fraser - Kevin Oattes Mrs. Sharon Halligan
Andy Murray :md Mrs. Lloyd Elliott
Andy Young
Andy Young Bryson Pirates—T
Andy Young To
Andy Young’s
Angela Mrs Minerva Sparling
Angela Sally Young
Anglican Mrs Lawson Stanley
Anita Mrs Linda McLellan McCrank
Anita Young
Ann Bertrand-Young
Ann Hayes
Ann Kingdon By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Ann Margret Edward G. Robinson
Ann Mrs Dick Dumas
Ann Mrs.
Ann Mrs. Garnet Jones
Ann os7 W. M. Hayes
Ann Thomp Mrs Anna Stones
Ann Young
Anna (Nee Bruce Hayes
Anna Brown Edward
Anna Mrs
Anna Mrs Olive Hayward
Anna Mrs.
Anna Mrs. Sipplf
Anna Smith Mrs. Oarl Ebert
Anna Somers Mrs.
Anna Stewart____________ Young
Anna Vinsi Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Anna Young
Anna Young Joan Cleary
Anna Young Presented Proficiency
Anna) Hry Mrs Donat Duboau
Anne Britdowonh Mrs Jean the
Anne Fumerton Mrs Phoebe McCord
Anne Fumetrton Secretary—Mrs
Anne Hayes
Anne Mrs
Anne Mrs Ernie Hearty
Anne Mrs,
Anne Young
Annetta Young
Annette Har- Mrs Rita Lepine
Annette Hayes
Annie E. Hayes
Annie Hayes
Annie Reid Mack-and Mrs. Harold Fokes
Annie Young
Anniversary Mrs Russell PILON GARAGE INC.
Annual Howard Hayes
Annual Scott Young
Anthony Edward Kelly
Antoine Mrs
Ap* Mrs Ross Beck
Apple Young
Apples Hayes
Applv Mrs. Leonard Mee
Apply Albert Young
Apply Albert Young Male
Apply Albert Young Wav Cross
Apply Albert Young*
Apply Clarence Brown
Apply Edward J. Loren Is
Apply Freeman Grant 647-3421 Mrs.
Apply Melvin Young
Apply Melvin Young#
Apply Mrs Edgar T.C.R.A. Connelly
Apply Mrs Grant Eades
Apply Mrs Grant Eudes
Apply Mrs Louise Derouin
Apply Mrs Reed
Apply Mrs W J. Hayes
Apply Mrs.
Apply Mrs. Campbell
Apply Mrs. Carmen Bretzlaff
Apply Mrs. Carmen Wickens
Apply Mrs. Clifford Lapine
Apply Mrs. Eckardt Elliott
Apply Mrs. Ella Hampel
Apply Mrs. Fred Thoms
Apply Mrs. Grant
Apply Mrs. Ivan Sicard
Apply Mrs. J D. Brown
Apply Mrs. Kenneth McDowell
Apply Mrs. Kenneth Smiley
Apply Mrs. Marie Hamilton
Apply Mrs. Melvin
Apply Mrs. Melvin Mayhew
Apply Mrs. Melvin Smith
Apply Mrs. Melvin Younge
Apply Mrs. Neil Hodgins
Apply Mrs. Neil Hodgins 647-3312
Apply Mrs. Norris Horner
Apply Mrs. Russell Elliott
Apply Mrs. Russell Ta
Apply Mrs. Secil Sly
Apply Mrs. Stephen Bell
Apply Mrs. W J. Brownlee
Apply Mrs. W. J. Hayes
Apply Ray Young
Apply W J Hayes
Apply W J. Hayes A Display Classfied
Appointed Supervisor Mrs. George A. McDougall
Appointment Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong
Appointment Young Men’s Top Coats
Apportaient Young Men’s Top Coats Loan
April Mrs Frankie Monnett
Ar- Edward Dube
Ar- Mrs. Graham Smith
Archbishop Hayes
Archdeacon Roberts Hayes Bros.
Archie Mrs. Clif Dale
Argyl Mrs.
Ari Hayes
Armand Mrs Kathleen Spotswood Pembroke
Arminta McDowel Mrs. Jos
Arminta McDowell Mrs. Jos
Arminta Woods Mrs. Gordon Russett
Armitage Mrs Wayne Armitage
Armour Mrs
Arms Mrs. Lucy Kelly
Armstrong Chrysler Expansion Amazes Newsmen Mrs. Evelyn Little
Armstrong Miss Edna Devlin Miss D. Clarke Mrs
Armstrong Mrs
Armstrong Mrs Ernie Lanford
Armstrong Mrs Steward Crawford Mrs. Frank Ladouceur Mrs. Roland Matcalfe Joe Elliott Sack Mrs. John
Armstrong Mrs.
Armstrong Mrs. Crawford Carson Mrs. Wm
Armstrong Mrs. Edgar Horigins
Armstrong Young
Arn Arnold Young
Arnold Garrison Walter Young
Arnold Young
Arnold Young Ottawa
Art and Mack Hayes
Art Barber and Mrs.
Art Flem- Clarence Bretzlaff
Art Hayes
Art Hayes - Maurice Lemay
Art Hayes Program
Art Hayes^El-
Art Mrs.
Art Mrs. Quaile Otter
Art Young
Arthur ?Hayes
Arthur Dagg Mrs Christine Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs.
Arthur Dagg Mrs. Christina Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs. John Morrison
Arthur Dale Mrs.
Arthur Dufault Mrs. Len Coyne
Arthur DurreU Mrs John Grand
Arthur Eadie Grenville Atkinson Clarence Dean
Arthur Edward Grasett
Arthur Edward Tanner
Arthur Edward Webb
Arthur Findlay Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Findlay Ear
Arthur Fran- Mrs.
Arthur Gagnon Mrs Mary Boisvert
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes 661
Arthur Hor-Mrs Melvin Young
Arthur Horner Mrs Fred Arthurs
Arthur Horner- Mrs Martha Corrigan
Arthur Kennedy W. M. Hayes
Arthur Kil- Mrs
Arthur Kil- Mrs. Martin
Arthur Kilgour Mrs Cameron
Arthur Kilgour Mrs.
Arthur Kilgour Trophy Baler Twwe Mrs Arthur Kilgour
Arthur Kllgour By Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Harrison McDlrmld
Arthur Labellc Pro-Mayor Edward Kavan-
Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Arthur Labelle Graduate Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle Dr Ebert Judd
Arthur Labelle Mrs E Lively Christinas Concert By Waltham Catholic Women
Arthur Laundrie Carl Vandray Mrs.
Arthur Lucas Beechgrove Steele Line W. M. Hayes
Arthur Meldruin Joe Keon Frank Bourgeau Clarence Irwin J 1
Arthur Moore Mrs. Flossie Bryson Moore
Arthur Mrs
Arthur Mrs.
Arthur Mrs. Edgar Hod
Arthur Mrs. Elaine
Arthur Mrs. Ernest Towsley
Arthur Mrs. Gordon McEwen
Arthur Mrs. Ixonard Smith
Arthur Mrs. Robt
Arthur Mulligan Mrs
Arthur Prim- Mrs. Bernard Comeron
Arthur Strutt Mrs. Nancy Hughes
Arthur Tho- Mrs Cliff Garrison
Arthur Tho- Mrs Fred Fraser
Arthur Thom- Mrs. Paul Baudreau
Arthur Thomas Mrs.
Arthur Titley Mrs Arthur Tit
Arthur Wilson Hayes
Arthur Young
Artist Howard Hayes
Artist Mrs. H. Hobbs
Ashley Marsha Young
Ashley Young
Assistant Coach Curtis Young
Assistant Mrs. Ethel Whitley
Assisting Hostesses—Mrs
Assisting Mrs
Assisting Mrs. Holmes
Associate Grade Piano— Helen Mrs. R.P. Fades
At Mrs. Andrew Flood
Athol Mrs- Melvin Frost
Au- Mrs
Auctioneer MRS.
Auditor Gérard Clarence William Kilgour Brother
Auditor Mrs Evelyn Me Coll
Auditors Mrs. Brough
Auditors Mrs. Jennie* CovedUck
Auditors Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Auditors-Mrs Davis
Audrey (Mrs Clifford Kealy
Audrey Be- Mrs Zita Chassie
Audrey Fulford Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Audrey Young
Aunt Kathy Young
Aunt Mrs Ernest Gillis
Aunt Mrs Thomas Township
Aunt Mrs. Chris Caldwell
Aurelkfl^JpIBUP^l^H Mrs Grace Allard
Aurora Mrs. Louise Menton
Austin Clarke Mrs. Austin Clarke Jr.
Austin Mrs.
Austin Mrs. Thomas George Johnston
Austin Texas Mrs. Annie Duncan
Austin Young
Austin Young Peoples As
Autumn Mrs. Goldie Kearns
Ayl-| Mrs. W. Taylor
Ayl-| Young
Aylmer Mrs Agnes Howard
Ayrshire—Erwin Hayes
B A Mrs. W. D. Campbell
B B C........... Mrs S F McGoff
B C Mrs. Kennedy
B C. Mrs. R-dd
B l Mrs K Campbell
B la Hayes Snowplowing
B W Young
B W Young 1
B W Young 2. Ella Armstrong 2
B* J % Mrs Bertha Nephin
B*nd Mrs. Neil Wilson
B. F. Hunt Sister St. Edward
B. Thomas A. Bade# Misa Nellie Smiley Mrs. James Hanna Wm Hanna Ed.
B. Young
B.A. Mahlon Hayes
B.C. Mrs Campbell
B.TM Mrs. Armstrong
Ba Kerry Young Transport
Bail Mrs Elsie Mrs Rachel Presley
Bailey By Mrs.
Bailey Mrs.
Bailey Mrs. H. Robbins
Bailey Mrs. Karl Hndlay
Bailey Mrs. W. J. Murray
Baird Mrs LB.
Baird Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Baird Mrs. Mervin Baird
Balharrie Young
Ball Mrs Gilberte Gervais
Ball Mrs Hugh Hammond
Ballantyne Mrs
Ballantynr Y Mrs. Don Mill*
Band Howard Hayes
Bane* Young
Banian Young
Bar- Henry B< Doug Young
Barbara Clarence Honorable Mention
Barbara Florence Mrs Shirley Corbin
Barbara Harris Prize Stone Consolidated Gwen Hayes Special
Barbara Mrs Charles Mansfield
Barbara Mrs Ricky Young
Barbara Mrs. Cecil© Patterson
Barbara Mrs. G. P. Hyde
Barbara Mrs. Kane
Barbara Mrs. Robertson
Barbara Mrs. Stanley Stevenson
Barbara Young
Barber ,Broad Jump—Joy Young
Barber and Earl Fulford Iand Mrs. Tanguay
Barber and Edward Dale
Barber and Mr. Ben Young
Barber and Mrs Roy.
Barber and Mrs.
Barber and Mrs. Emory Elliott
Barber and Mrs. Garrison
Barber and Mrs. Norris Horner
Barber and Mrs. R. J Tracy
Barber and Mrs. Rol-
Barber and Susan Young
Barber Conductor—Mrs.
Barber entertained Mrs. Imi- Mave Armstrong
Barber met Council Mrs. David Langdon
Barber Mrs Robert Glasper
Barber Mrs.
Barber Mrs. J D. Brown
Barber Nan-1 Young
Barber, Melvin Young
Baron Edward Gibson Ashbourne
Baron Edward Toll
Barr Mrs. James Forgie
Barrie Young
Barry Edward O''Meara
Barry Elliott Mrs Marjorie Smith
Barry Kingsbury Mrs.
Barry Mackey Mrs. Earl Gallagher
Barry Mrs Bob Dale
Barry Mrs Hobbs 819-647-3718
Barry Mrs Morley Mrs Hariand Armitage
Barry William Young
Barry Yach Mrs Hazel Bell
Barry Young
Basil Young
Bay Mrs. Gladys Frost
Bay Visiting Mrs Margaret Scott Saunders
Bay - Hayes
Bay Bristol Mrs.
Bay Brownie Mrs Carmen Landry
Bay Ciment Mrs. Charlotte L Écuyer
Bay Commissioner Clarence Moorhead
Bay Contact Mrs.
Bay Council Minutes Mrs. Emile Gauthier
Bay Council Mrs. John Hits
Bay Dear Mrs
Bay Dr. Marie Hayes
Bay Dunraven Mrs. Sherwood Storey
Bay Eugene de Guig Mrs
Bay Gwen Hayes New
Bay Holes Mrs Clarence Brown
Bay Ladysmith Mrs. Leonard LuhuU
Bay Litchfield Mrs. Verner Thrun Fire Dept
Bay Mrs
Bay Mrs Asa Smith
Bay Mrs Carl Ebert
Bay Mrs Herbie Hodgins
Bay Mrs James Mousseau
Bay Mrs Joe Sloan
Bay Mrs John T. Reed
Bay Mrs Katie Phelan
Bay Mrs Owen McPherson
Bay Mrs Owen McPherson Joint
Bay Mrs Pat Howe
Bay Mrs Paul Rougier
Bay Mrs.
Bay Mrs. Andrew Flood
Bay Mrs. Eric Brown
Bay Mrs. Ernest Hearty
Bay Mrs. Jllex Stuart
Bay Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Bay Mrs. Owen MacPherson
Bay Mrs. Owen McPherson
Bay Mrs. Percy Burden
Bay Mrs. Roland Russell Corporal
Bay Mrs. Sarah Ellen Smith
Bay Mrs. Vemer Thorn
Bay Mrs. Willie Spots
Bay Notes Church Hall Mrs. Thomas Neville
Bay Orange Young
Bay Pariah Ehc Rev. R Edward# SI.
Bay V I I J Mrs. Eva Woods
Bay Waltham Mrs Martha Ryan
Bay Young
Bay Young Farmer
Bay Young Mens Double Breast Drape Models Single Breast
Bay—Mrs Alfred
Bay—Mrs Mary Jane
Bcv Young
Be Mrs. P. Ellison
Beach Mrs W MacQuetn
Bean Ray Young Dave Wilson
Beatrice Mrs.
Beatty Mrs
Beaulieu Mrs Allen Ryan
BEAVEN da Mrs. NVm
Becehgrove Mrs. R. Wiggins
BeckT Mrs Walter Kilgour
Beckwith Mrs Lois Judd
Becky Young
Bed Mrs. Hubert Dale
Bee Mrs. Lizzie Morrison
Beechgrove- Mrs
Beef Shawville Young Farmers Heifer Jenn Hannaberry
Beethoven Son- Mrs.
Bella Young
Bella Young Wilson
Belle Pointer—Allen Young Shawville < Richardson
Ben Paré Mrs Kathleen Spotswood Qf Fort Cou
Ben W. Young
Ben Young
Ben Young’s
Benjamin E. Young
Benjamin Edward Zimmerling
Benjamin Mrs Gordon Fierobin
Benjamin Wellington Young
Benjamin Young
Benjamin Young*
Bennett Howard Hayes
Benny Allen Mrs. Ruby Knipe
Benny Mrs David Lunam
Bergerac Allison Hayes
Bergeron Mrs Denyse
Bergeron Mrs. Lena Lafferriere
Bernadette Sicard Mrs Rosemary Germain
Bernard Mrs Bernard Carroll
Bernard Mrs Billie Zimerling
Bernard Murdoch Mrs.
Bernard Ouim- Young
Bernice Mrs Ivan Orr
Bernie Habba Young
Bert Kennedy Edward
Bert Mahlon Hayes Mur-
Bertha Fletcher Mrs.
Bertha Mrs- John L. Hodgins
Bertha Woldruff Graham Estate Clarendon Parish Mrs Edna Mitchem
Bertram F. Hayes
Bertrand Barry Zacharias Jennifer Anderson lie—Kathy Hayes Bobby Brctzlaff Michael Finnegan Ilia—Ro
Bertrand Photo Quebec Young Farmers
Beryl Mrs. Rueben Smith
Best Antique Car - Bruce Hayes
Bet ASPIRIN Roosevelt Mrs. Franklin
Beth Iby Mrs> Arthur Hodgins
Beth Rayma Hayes
Beth Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Gatineau
Beth Young
Beth Young Brownlee
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Beth Young R.N. Bob
Beth Young-Brow
Betsy Young
Betty Dowd Erna Young C Standing Faye Armstrong Lillian Bradley
Betty Gribbon Mrs M Vannest
Betty Hayes
Betty Jean; Mrs. James Noseworthy
Betty Louella Compeau Weds Boyd James Brownlee OBITUARIES Mrs.
Betty Mrs
Betty Young
Betty Young Donald Burton
Betty Young Grade Nine Beverley Campbell
Betty Young Is
Betty Young Shirley Kehoe
Betty Young-Jones
Bev Young
Bev Young Lahr
Beverley Ann Young
Beverley Harris Mrs. George Clark Mr.
Beverley Harris Mrs. R G. Elliott
Beverley Henderson At- Young
Beverley Young
Beverly Mrs Carl Ann.
Beverly Young
Bey Commissioner Clarence Moorhead Ward No.
Bey Mrs. Cameron
Bey Young
Bill Callaghan Mrs Bud Elliott
Bill Edward
Bill Gadget L Young Tubbs
Bill Hayes
Bill IpHS Mb SEE Mrs^larence Leach
Bill Kearnan Darlene Dods Judy Young
Bill Lasalle W. M. Hayes
Bill Mrs
Bill Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Bill Mrs Roy Wiggins
Bill Mur- Mrs Bernadette Diotte
Bill Mur-Mrs
Bill Pine Mrs.
Bill Reilly By Mrs. E. Murphy Mrs.
Bill Timm U> Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Bill Young
Bill Young Associate Oil Vera Young Chair
Bill Young’s
Bill1 Young
Billy '' Young
Billy Kuehl Young
Billy Mrs Jacque Miljour
Billy Murray Hayes
Billy Young
Bim Young
Bin* Crosby Mrs. Henderson
Birdie Thompson Mrs Janet Horner
Birdie Young
BiS ( Hayes
Bishop and Betty Young
Bishop Carter Mrs Leo Foran
Bishop Mrs Peg Timmens
Bishop Pierce Mrs R^eal Slcard
Bishop Teresa Hayes
Bishop W. Mrs.
Blain Troy Young
Blanche Raven Mrs Merle Hearty
Bnan Young
Bnan Young Shaw
Bo Mrs. Russel Ward
Bob & Lise Mrs Iva Lucas
Bob & Loma Young
Bob and Chris Young
Bob and Clayton Young
Bob and Mrs Becky Hache
Bob and Mrs. W. A. Moore
Bob Bechtold C. Edgar Hodgins Anonymous W. J. Hayes
Bob Boldt Mike Gagon Bill Levons Clarence McBride Don Schroeder „ M. Watts Until
Bob Campbell Mrs Rose Marie Thrasher
Bob Char-and Mrs Harvey CON VER
Bob Clarence Moorehead
Bob Hayes
Bob Horner Young
Bob Kelly Mrs Doris Telford
Bob Keon Young
Bob Me- Mrs. Wells
Bob Morrison John Hovelin Janet Dole Donna Dole Cliff Dale Clarence Richardson____ Merlin Richardso
Bob Mrs
Bob Mrs Howard Hayes
Bob Mrs Kay Spotswood
Bob Mrs Patton
Bob Mrs Rita Lepine
Bob Mrs. Lusk
Bob Nicholas Mrs Emmerson Horner
Bob Nicki Babe Young
Bob Overton Young
Bob O’Heere Mrs. Fleury
Bob Petrie Mrs. Bessie Knox
Bob Remi Visiting Mrs
Bob s Restaura Jeffrey AMon Clarence
Bob Sheppard Mrs. Bill I
Bob Sloan I Mrs Clifford Desjardins
Bob Smaçt Mrs
Bob Young
Bob Young 4
Bob Young Clarendon
Bob Young G
Bob Young Kechnie
Bob Young Keith Mohr Jim Hickey Harold Kearns Bruce Campbell Quyon U.C.W.
Bob Young Lone Wilson
Bob Young McCann
Bob Young Moved
Bob Young Quyon Lions Club
Bob Young Ryan Benoit
Bob Young Sandra A. Murray
Bob Young Shawville
Bob Young#
Bob Young-.*
Bob Young’s
Bob Young’s Jersey Cow
Bobbie Young
Bobby M Mrs Micheline Labelle
Bobby Mrs Leonard Dufault
Bobby Mrs* Henry Douglas
Bobby Mrs. Hob
Bobby Young
Bobby Young Grade Eight-A Keith Emmerson
Body Moore - Black Mrs.
Boh Young
Bolph Richardson Buried Al Stoughton Mrs. McEwan
Bonnah Publicity- Mrs
Bonnie (Mrs Clifford Driscoll
Bonnie Sue Crulkshank Mrs Fred Andrew Dickson Gariy Bradley Ricky Hodgins
Bonnie Tan- Young
Bonnie Young
Bonnie-Young Sr
Book Marie Hayes
Boston Transcript HAYES
Both Mrs. Dixon
Bovey Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Bower Henry e Mrs R G Hodgins
Bowtski Herb Young
Boyd Mrs. Hector Lagarde
Boys—Marshall Young
Boy—Edward Morrison David Yach
Brad Young
Braden Young
Bradley Young
Braiding—Mrs D
Brain Mrs. Jean Brown
Branch Mrs Clifford McCredie
BRANDI Kin* Edward 7ÔC Hold Hall
BrcnJa Mrs. F. Bailey
Brcwn Mrs
Bread Maker Young
Break Ins Hugh John Young
Bred Females Young Females
Bren- Mrs Andrew Halverson Mrs Pearl McCleary
Brenda ( Mrs Dennis Stevens
Brenda (Mrs Hugh Hodgins
Brenda and Mrs. David Pilgrim
Brenda Clarence Horner
Brenda Hodglns Mrs. Ed Pettaplece
Brenda Lee Hayes
Brenda Macis Young
Brenda Mrs H Fitzpatrick
Brenda Mrs Kenneth Potter
Brenda Mrs Poole
Brenda Mrs Regie Gleason
Brenda Mrs Rita Holmes
Brenda Mrs. ÇDr.
Brenda Pa- Mrs
Brenda Smith Mrs Francis Daley
Brenda Young
Brenda Young ASST
Brenda Young Lynn
Brenda Young Please
Brenda Young Sewing Lain Bev
Brendan Mrs Eleanor McAdam
Brendan Young
Brent Findlay Mrs. Lenora Kennedy
Brent Mrs
Brent Mrs Charlene Ryan
Brent Mrs Tom Fleury
Brent Sharpe Edward Kavanagh
Brent Sharpe Mrs. Steve Robinson 627-4 Campbell
Brent Turner Young
Brent Young
Brent Young Grade
Brent Young Uef
Bret Young
Bretzlaff Mrs Krutz
Brian Cor-Mrs
Brian Doug- Mrs Durrell Smith
Brian Edward
Brian Edward -
Brian Edward AVIS DU SCRUTIN Merlin Richardson
Brian Edward CHRISITE
Brian Edward CHRISTIE
Brian Edward Finnigan
Brian Edward Stewart
Brian Edward Stewart He
Brian Edward Took Seat
Brian Edward Toole
Brian Edward Toole Seat
Brian Edward Toole Siège
Brian Hayes
Brian Mrs B Rennick Rose
Brian Mrs Doris Woermke
Brian Mrs Elizann Emmerson
Brian Mrs Jack Boyd
Brian Mrs Katie McGee
Brian Mrs Loma Dagg
Brian Mrs Niel Narlock
Brian Mrs Originé Ryan
Brian Murdock Mrs Harvey Smith
Brian Richard Olmstead Mrs Elsie Nicholas Elsie Mary Cuthhertson Nicholas
Brian Rus- Mrs Ray MacMillan
Brian Sloan Mrs Loren B Hodgins
Brian Smith Best Begonia— Mrs.
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
BRIAN STANTON Mrs. Herbie Brown
Brian Tubman Hayes
Brian Visiting Mrs Edna Har Jack Graham
Brian Young
Brian Young Lindsay Daley
Brian Young Next
Brian Young Quinn Sheppard
Bride Holland Mrs Maurice Lafleur
Bridge M Hayes
Brigham Young
Brilliant Young M«n Saw His
Bristol Class IV Jr.—John Young
Bristol W I. Mrs. Thomas MacFarlane
Bristol—Edward Graham
Britain’s Bright Young People I
Bro Mirl Young Jr Due
Brock A Friend J I John E. Horner Edward Smiley
BromMu Citizenship- Mrs
Bron Mrs W J Stanton
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Eli
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Mrs
Brother-in-law Harvey Smiley Mrs Irene Payne
Brown Bread - Mrs Edith Wiggins Buns - Mary Ellen Young
Brown John S. Hodgins George Stones W, M. Hayes Eerl Bean Lloyd Quaile Roland Amyott
Brown Mrs.
Brown Mrs. Dowd
Brown Owl Mrs. Arthur Lalonde
Brown- Clarence Stephens
Brownie Leader Mrs. Charles Imtaor
Brownlee Barber and Mrs. Fred Russell
Brownlee Mrs. A. McKay Mrs.
Brownlee V Edward Gordon Brownlee
Bruce & Jane Hayes
Bruce ) Hayes
Bruce and Karen Young
Bruce Armitage Mrs Michael Dolan
Bruce Barber and Mrs. Pokes
Bruce Barber Mrs. H. Millar
Bruce Hayes
Bruce Hayes - Sheppard
Bruce Hayes 56.7.
Bruce Hayes Moorehead Routliffe
Bruce Homer Mrs Donald Dods
Bruce Jennifer Hayes
Bruce Judd and Bruce Hayes
Bruce Maheral Young
Bruce Mrs Basil Stanton
Bruce Mrs Charlie Regan
Bruce Mrs Hubert McCauley
Bruce Norway Bay Senior Men’s Hayes
Bruce Young
Bruce Young Annual Boll
Bruce Young Dowdall
Bruno Richard Hauptmann Mrs.
Bry Mrs. B. Reid
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bryan Clarence
Bryan Mrs Gerry McHugh
Bryan Murray Ronnie Thomas Mrs. Marie Finnegan
Bryson Mrs Marie Grier
Bryson Mrs. Harry Wood
Bryson’s Young Talent
Bsssy-sLd Young German Shepherd
Buckingham Mrs.
Buckingham Mrs. Mary McGuire Dancing
Bud By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Bud Lafrance Shawville Lions Club RM Lang Mrs
Bud Mrs. Nelson
Bud Rowat Athol Dale Irvine Gone Mac Hayes
Bud Young
Buddy Young
Bui Mrs Lola Dagg
Bulk Mrs. Graham
Bull—J C Hayes 1
Burke Mrs. Shennett
Burman Mrs. Sparl-
Burns Wil- Mrs.
Buster McDowell Mrs. H IfeGuir* ALVIN PALMER
Buy Young
By Bruce Campbell Mrs. Edward Lachance
By Doris Hayes
By Dorothy Mohr Mrs. August
By Mr. Hugh Young
By Mrs Ada Daley Quyon Ferry
By Mrs* 1,111,8 Graham
By Mrs.
By Mrs. Betty Turner
By Mrs. Earl Findlay Arthur Thomas
By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
By Mrs. Fbert Murphy
By T E. B CLARKE Mrs. Solomon Says
By- Hayes
Byers Mrs
C /and Mrs. McGuire
C A I W. M. Hayes
C A L M S F E A T Mrs. McEachnie Says Dr. Williams
C A. Mrs R W W.lson
C and Mrs Hayes
C B ; Mrs. Lloyd Elliott 9-10—Ossie
C B L Macintosh Young’s Car Wash C.B.L. Michaud Farmers Inc.
C Hayes
C huck Marshall Mrs. Robert Newcommon
C J Hayes
C Marshall Young
C mncillur Hayes
C Young
C Young Ladies Wanted
C zy-Mrs J J Cotie 1
C. A. Young Peoples Meet
C. H Mrs. Farrell
C. Hayes
C. J. Hayes
C. J. Hayes Y Brough
C. Mrs
C. Russell Directors Mrs. Sly
C. Schwartz W. H. Hayes
C. Young
C.H Young
C.M Mrs. Ann Maxwell Held
C.M. Young
C< Young
Cahill Mrs Reuben Stewart
Cain Young
Cal QimmJngs Sr. Mrs Gefald Stewart
Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Sharpe Blood Pressure Clinic
Caldwell Î Young Soldier Honored Sapper Kieth Corrigan
Caldwell Miss K. Woodley Mrs.
Caldwell Mr. Hugh G. Young
Calf Orla Young
Call Kathy Young
Call Mirl Young
Call Mrs. Neil Hodgins
Call Mrs. Russell Elliott
Calumet Island Calgaiy Mrs Percy McGill
Calumet Mrs Barry Kluke
Calumet Mrs Carmel Sullivan
Cameron Mrs Frank Cahill
Cameron Mrs. Jemima Cameron
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Campbell J Young
Campbell Mrs
Campbell Mrs Lottie Doherty
Campbell Mrs.
Campbell Mrs. Campbell
Campbell Mrs. George Stones
Campbell Pres Mrs. Garth Graham
Campbell Robitaille Mrs. Wm
Campbell-with Mrs J Romain
Campbell’s Mrs. Joan McCorriston
Canad- Mrs.
Canada Ann Young ROBERT
Canada Cpl Kenneth H. Young CD
Candles Mark Mrs.
Candy Cane Adam Mrs Lucy Flood
Cann Mrs.
Canning Mrs. Cornelia
Cannon Roger Young
Cape-Mrs E H. S. Dowd
Capit- Mrs- J Fieldhouse
Captain Hayes
Carence Hayes
Carl Dale Mrs
Carl Margaret Young
Carl Mcknight Young
Carl Mrs
Carl Young
Carle Young
Carlos A. Hayes
Carlson I I • Howard Hayes
Carman Young
Carmen W. M. Hayes Secretary-T
Carmen Young
Carmichael Mrs Robert Campbell
Carol Bretzlaff Clarence C. Smart
Carol Brousseau Mrs Des McLaughlin
Carol Feirabend Mrs. Eva Tubman * Carol Frederick
Carol Mrs Garth Graham
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage Young
Caroline (Edward
Caroline M. Smith Mrs. Robert Havlin Passes
Caroline Mrs. H. Burke
Caroline) Mrs. Archie Ward
Carolyn Bv< Clarence Robert
Carp Mrs. Sam Rennick A LLOYD STEVENS
Carried Harper Young
Carried W « Mrs. Idena Fraser
Carrière Gwen Hayes Michelle As
Carry Young
Cartier Mrs. Napoleon Paul Cartier
Caruso Mrs Wesley Palmer
CarWnn Councillors Young
Cassandra Young
Cassie Young
Catherine Hayes
Catherine Mrs A G Brough 3. Mrs. E.
Catherine Mrs. Jas
Catherine Poirier Susan Marcotte Mary Hayes Grade 8— Alice Hayes Anne Meilleur Ci
Catherine Young
Cathie Hayes
Cathy Hayes
Cathy McCrank Mrs Carmel Donnelly
Cathy McDonald Young
Cathy Young
Cau Prevention By Edward Pleyter
Cecilia Ann Hayes
Cedric E Mrs Sharon Hodgins
Cedric Young
Celia Hayes
Celia W.M. Hayes
Cell Mrs. Neil Hodgins
Central School Hayes
Cfj Mrs Willis Carroll
Chad Young
Chairman Hayes
Chamberlin - Hayes
Chambers Mrs.
Chandler Loretta Young
Charcoals Mrs. Wesley Hines
Charferis Mrs Margaret Mielke
Charity Game Coordinator Greg Hayes
Charlene Young
Charles A. Young
Charles and Mrs Mr. O.
Charles and Mrs. Staidèy Thacker
Charles Atk- Mrs. D. J. McLaughlin
Charles Beardsley Soloist Mrs. Cecil Lester
Charles Dickson BY: Mrs Lloyd Cartman Correspondent
Charles E Smith Mrs Ivan Lewis
Charles E. Palmer Dies After Brief Illness Mrs. Evelyn Little
Charles Edward
Charles Edward Poulott Thomson
Charles Edward rerep- After
Charles Edward Saunders
Charles Edward Underwood
Charles Edward.
Charles Jackson Mrs. James Wilson
Charles Joseph Young
Charles Lemaire Mrs. Alphonse Cahill Adolph Zimmerling
Charles Loken Mom" Mrs Aggie Sparling
Charles M. Hayes
Charles Mohr Mrs. Iva Brownlee
Charles Moore Pat and Mrs Lloyd Ostrom
Charles Mrs
Charles Mrs Hilgert Bretzlaff
Charles Mrs Myrtle Kealey
Charles Mrs Zita Chassie
Charles Mrs.
Charles Mrs. Alfred Millar
Charles Mrs. Eva Mohr
Charles Mrs. H Emmerson
Charles Plager Mrs
Charles Routliffe Mrs Margaret Graham
Charles Routliffe Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall Frank MacDonnell
Charles Russell Mrs Claude Young Mrs Gilbert CArmjchael M-s Earl Findlay
Charles Storey Mrs. Ferdinand Bertrand Mrs. Harry Sharpe F—E=|
Charles Sunstrum Mrs. Jennie Florence Sunstrum
Charles T. Mrs Carl Sparling
Charles Tucker------ Mrs. Horsefield
Charles Wyndham Gtorgo Edward
Charles Young
Charles Young McKEE
Charles Zim- Mrs.
Charles Zim- Mrs. Herman Ballantyne
Charlie Chairman Clarence Wall
Charlie Con Ison Mrs. Thus
Charlie Hayes
Charlie McDowell Wendy Elliott Mrs. Melvin Smith Timmy Hodgins Mrs. Robert Russett Mr Arthur
Charlie Mrs Lars Bre Zimerling
Charlie Schroeder and Mrs Paul Bretslaff
Charlie W Mrs Smith
Charlie Young
Charlie Zimerling Mrs Elva Smith
Chartrand Mrs Maurice Lemay
Chat K R. Othbestw MRS.
ChCrTsyanddKmhyC Young
Cheese Orange Juice Mrs James MacMillan
Chelsea Mrs Blair Kelly
Chelsea Young
Cherniyn Mrs. Clifford Greer
Cheryl Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Cheryl Young
Ches-Mrs Gerard Neville
Cheslyn Mrs. Martin Yach
Chib Secretary Mrs. Ken Cruikshanks
Chiffon) Hayes
Childs Harness RaK OrtCH H AAlh Edward Beckett
Childs Turnout Edward Beckett
Chip returned Hayes Funeral Home
Chiu Je Young
Chna Young CCM.ABC
Chns Young
Choir Leader Mrs Mary Lafleur
Chos Young
Chris Barber Hayes
Chris Frances Young
Chris Hayes
Chris Judd Visiting Mrs James Ostrom
Chris Kkunond Mrs. Fred Martin
Chris Klnmond M llMMHIMMlIllMlltm MIIIIIMIIIIIimilMMlMIIM Mrs Mel McNellly
Chris Macln- Young
Chris Mrs. Smyth
Chris sgL Young
Chris Young
Chris Young WATCH Ann Racine
Chris Young Glen Lucas
Chris Young Laird Graham
Chris Young PHONE
Chris Young Sundav.
Chris Young User
Chris Young*
Chris Young-
Chris YOUNG® Seat
Chris Young’s
Chris- Mrs Neil Chassie
Chris- Mrs.
Chrisella Hayes
Chrisella Kelly Hayes Chapeau
Christ- Mrs Betty Laporte
Christi- Kara Young
Christian Merquend As Citizenship Convenor Mrs Harry Hodgins
Christian Stewardship Mrs.
Christina Mrs Danny O’Brien
Christina Young
Christine Hayes
Christine Mrs John Lanoix
Christine Mrs. Wayne Narlock
Christine Young
Christopher Leadership Mrs.
Christopher Mrs Harry Hodgins
Christopher Thomp- Young People’s Service
Christopher Young
Church Wesley Mrs Weslev Quebec Shorthorn Association
Church Mrs Danny Gavan
Church WJ Hayes Funeral Home
Churches Young
Ciaude Young
Cigars.Good Mrs. JamvH Mullin
Cindy Mrs
Cindy Mrs. Edna Stonely
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Cis Hayes
Cis Muldoon Young
Cis Young
Cit.Venship Mrs Hubert Elliott
Citiscnship-Mrs Hudson
Citizenship Mrs
Citizenship Mrs Becky Wilson
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron Metric Conversion
Citizenship Mrs Ivan Merrifield
Citizenship Mrs Kathleen O’Donnell
Citizenship Mrs W MacKechnie
Citizenship Mrs.
Citizenship Mrs. E. Craig
Citizenship Mrs. Edgar Hudgins
Citizenship Mrs. Ernest Garland
Citizenship Mrs. Gerald Diaper Education Mrs. Keith Brownlee
Citizenship Mrs. Ken Dowdall
Citizenship-Mrs E Lusk
Citizenship-Mrs M Havley
Citron—Mrs D Hodgins
City Province J • Phone 4- 95 HAYES’ DRESS SHOP
Ciwen Hayes
Claie/ice Hayes
Claire Gin- Ecole Secondaire Sieur Clint Young
Claire Gor- Mrs Cecil Sparling
Claire Jae- Mrs. Stewart Hodgins
Claire Lunam Clarence Thomas Sparling
Claire Mrs Floyd Robinson.
Claire Mrs Gilbert Lemay
Claire Sturgeon Mrs Elsie Sparrow
Clar- Dr. Clarence McGuire
Clara French Bethunes Sask Mrs. Anna E. Fitzpatrick
Clara Mrs. Moore
Clare Young
Clarence 7-2426 RicharAon
Clarence Beulah MacDougall
Clarence James M McLean
Clarence Murray
Clarence " Roy Dagg
Clarence % Pontiac JR B
Clarence & Faye Sparling
Clarence (Betty
Clarence (Marie) Sparling
Clarence 7-2*001 Murray
Clarence 7-2666 j Murray
Clarence 7-2848 Horner
Clarence 7-3749 Horner
Clarence 7-3822 | Murray
Clarence A Brown
Clarence A Jeen Russell
Clarence A. Thompson
Clarence A.. Portage
Clarence According
Clarence Ad-
Clarence Adams
Clarence Af
Clarence Albert Peever
Clarence Alex-
Clarence Alma McCoshen
Clarence and Betty
Clarence and Betty Dagg
Clarence and Betty Dagg Walsh
Clarence Anderson
Clarence Andrew Roy
Clarence Armstrong
Clarence Association
Clarence Avenue
Clarence B. Richardson
Clarence Bab
Clarence Barber
Clarence Be
Clarence Bearing
Clarence Beat- Annitage
Clarence Beattie
Clarence Beavers
Clarence Begonia
Clarence Belated
Clarence Bell M&
Clarence Bennett
Clarence Benoit
Clarence Biesenthal
Clarence Bilson
Clarence Biownîee
Clarence Birdseye
Clarence Black
Clarence Black North
Clarence Bland Little
Clarence Blesenthal
Clarence Bmwn Smday
Clarence Bob McCredie
Clarence Body Twinkle
Clarence Bor
Clarence Boss
Clarence Brabazon
Clarence Brady
Clarence Bratzlaff
Clarence Brctzlaff
Clarence BrcUlaff
Clarence Bret/laff
Clarence Bret/laff Speakers
Clarence Bret/lalf
Clarence Bretalaff
Clarence Bretriaff
Clarence Bretxlaff
Clarence Bretz
Clarence Bretz-
Clarence Bretz-laff
Clarence Bretzhff
Clarence Bretziaff
Clarence Bretziefl Building
Clarence Bretzla*i ShawvtUe
Clarence Bretzlaff
Clarence Bretzlaff 108.00
Clarence Bretzlaff 190
Clarence Bretzlaff 620.00
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172 Clara Steinke
Clarence Bretzlaff 647-2172 V B 819-682-0629 f Clara Steinke
Clarence Bretzlaff 966.00
Clarence Bretzlaff Building
Clarence Bretzlaff Building Dean Howard
Clarence Bretzlaff Building Marc Dubois
Clarence Bretzlaff Manor
Clarence Bretzlaff President T.C.R.A.
Clarence Bretzlaff Privat
Clarence Bretzlafl
Clarence Bretzlaflf
Clarence BretzlafT
Clarence Bretzlalf
Clarence Bretzlatf
Clarence Bretzlatt
Clarence Bretzlcff
Clarence Bretzleff
Clarence Bretzloff
Clarence Bro- S™
Clarence Brown
Clarence Brown Marie MeCrea
Clarence Brownies
Clarence Brownlee
Clarence Brownlee Harold
Clarence Brownlee Mrs. Sam Woods
Clarence Brownlee’s Holstein
Clarence Brwin Bill Shaw
Clarence Btownke
Clarence Buchart
Clarence Burchart
Clarence But
Clarence C
Clarence Cald
Clarence Caldee
Clarence Caldwell
Clarence Caldwell Irwin Sly
Clarence Caldwell John Hamilton
Clarence Caldwell—carried
Clarence Cameron
Clarence Cameron Ala
Clarence Campbell
Clarence Canon
Clarence Car
Clarence Car Clive Smart
Clarence Car- VV
Clarence Car-»
Clarence Cara
Clarence Careen
Clarence Carol Tolîmin
Clarence Carol Tollman
Clarence Carson
Clarence Carson Kim
Clarence Carson Vertel Smiley
Clarence Carson’s
Clarence Casey
Clarence Castors are Jr B
Clarence Cecil
Clarence Cecil Smart
Clarence Celebrating
Clarence Cham
Clarence Chamberlain
Clarence Chamberlin
Clarence Chaput
Clarence Charters
Clarence Christmas
Clarence Church
Clarence Clarke
Clarence Clcmmens
Clarence Clem
Clarence Clem*
Clarence Clem-anniversary
Clarence Clem-mens
Clarence Clem-mlns
Clarence Clemmena
Clarence Clemmeni
Clarence Clemmens
Clarence Clemmons
Clarence Collman
Clarence Come
Clarence Community
Clarence Cornu
Clarence Costs
Clarence Coughlin
Clarence Coyle
Clarence Craig
Clarence Creek
Clarence Creek B Gog
Clarence Creek Castors
Clarence Creek Cochrane
Clarence Creek Coe Hill
Clarence Crottey
Clarence Ctemmens
Clarence Culhbertson
Clarence Cummings
Clarence Cuth
Clarence Cuth-bertson
Clarence Cuth-rlson
Clarence Cuthbemon
Clarence Cuthber
Clarence Cuthbert
Clarence Cuthbert-
Clarence Cuthbert- Scotland
Clarence Cuthbert-Fraser- Mrs S Fitzsimmons
Clarence Cuthbert-son
Clarence Cuthbertaon Teirtoce Davies
Clarence Cuthbertson
Clarence Cuthbertson Absent
Clarence Cutherbertson
Clarence Cuthhertson
Clarence Cuthibertson
Clarence Cuthoertson
Clarence CVdwell
Clarence C’lemmens
Clarence D*gg
Clarence D. Chamberlin
Clarence D. Howe
Clarence Da Inns
Clarence Dab
Clarence Dabé
Clarence Dag
Clarence Dagg
Clarence Dagg Section Foreman Retires Raeburn McTiernan
Clarence Dagg Walter
Clarence Dahins
Clarence Dahms
Clarence Dahnis
Clarence Dahras
Clarence Dahtns
Clarence Dalmis
Clarence Danny Laird
Clarence Dashaway
Clarence Datons
Clarence Davis
Clarence Dawson
Clarence Dcdo
Clarence De
Clarence Dean
Clarence Dean Assistant Dis
Clarence Dean Clarence Dean
Clarence Dean Donald Dods
Clarence Dean Ever-Doherty
Clarence Dean Graduates
Clarence Dean I
Clarence Dean Installed As
Clarence Dean Peter Allan
Clarence Dean Short
Clarence Dean SS
Clarence Dean Student Council
Clarence Dean Sverett McDowell
Clarence Dean W. E Schwartz H.
Clarence Dean Wins Highest
Clarence Deans
Clarence Dear
Clarence Deds
Clarence Deearmeau
Clarence Deem
Clarence Deer-
Clarence Deering
Clarence Deering Thanks
Clarence Delicious
Clarence Demi
Clarence Detune
Clarence Dods
Clarence Donston
Clarence Dr
Clarence Draper
Clarence Druwnlee
Clarence Dserlng
Clarence Dubeau
Clarence Duncan
Clarence Duncan Falls
Clarence Dust
Clarence E Luskvllle -
Clarence E Saute
Clarence E Smith Lawrence Lang
Clarence Eadea
Clarence Eadee
Clarence Eades
Clarence Eadks
Clarence Earls
Clarence Ebert
Clarence ECEzvlS
Clarence Edgar
Clarence Edith Alexander
Clarence Ej Bretzlaff
Clarence Ensemble/Together
Clarence Erwin
Clarence Erwin Wm
Clarence Erwin......... Wm
Clarence Erwm
Clarence Evans
Clarence F Carson
Clarence F.C. Japanese
Clarence Faber
Clarence Fades
Clarence Fades Lena J. Smith
Clarence Far
Clarence Farrell
Clarence Farrell—Nailing
Clarence Fasch
Clarence Ferguson
Clarence Ferrell
Clarence Findlay
Clarence Fleury
Clarence FltxRan-
Clarence Foftrsa
Clarence Ford
Clarence Frank Deermg Consolidated Bathurst
Clarence Frank Dewing
Clarence Fraser
Clarence Frede-
Clarence Fredell
Clarence Frederick Miller
Clarence Front
Clarence Frost
Clarence G Brownlee.
Clarence G D
Clarence G. Campbell
Clarence Gatineau
Clarence Gauthier
Clarence Genevieve Elliott
Clarence Gilbert Brownlee
Clarence Giroux
Clarence Glenn
Clarence Gloria Smith
Clarence Goldwin
Clarence Goodine
Clarence Gordon
Clarence Gordon Biesenthal
Clarence Grandpa Edward Sullivan Klaune Miller
Clarence Gray
Clarence Green Peppers- Royce Wesley Dam Irish Cobblers Wesley Wilson
Clarence Gunter
Clarence H Leach
Clarence H u?g
Clarence H. Steele
Clarence H/>dffins Ottawa
Clarence Hades
Clarence Hahn
Clarence Haï
Clarence Haldane
Clarence Hamilton
Clarence Hanna
Clarence Hanson
Clarence Harrison
Clarence Harrow
Clarence Haves
Clarence Hay
Clarence Hayes
Clarence Hayes 692
Clarence Hayes ITT Strawberry Festival
Clarence Hayes----
Clarence Haykh
Clarence He
Clarence He&phy
Clarence Heapby
Clarence Heaphy
Clarence Heather Pearson
Clarence Herbert Murray
Clarence Hetewestonroura^ti^te
Clarence Hicca
Clarence Hietzlaff
Clarence Hiram
Clarence Ho.
Clarence Hod-gis
Clarence Hodgin*
Clarence Hodgina
Clarence Hodgine
Clarence Hodgins
Clarence Hodglns
Clarence Hodoinh
Clarence Hoffman
Clarence Homci Wallace
Clarence Homer
Clarence Homer Mrs Wilbert Cruickshank Saturday
Clarence Homer Peter Sellers
Clarence Homer............. Dr.
Clarence Horn
Clarence Horner
Clarence Horner Archie Johnson Clinton Palmer
Clarence Horner I
Clarence Horner,---
Clarence Horner,---- Orval Smart
Clarence Horner........
Clarence Howard
Clarence Hoy
Clarence Hudgins
Clarence Hudson
Clarence Hudson Serious III
Clarence Humphrey
Clarence Hunter
Clarence Huyes
Clarence I
Clarence I Horner
Clarence I Smiling
Clarence I X
Clarence I)c~armean
Clarence II
Clarence III
Clarence Ilorner
Clarence Ions
Clarence Ireland
Clarence Irene Corkery
Clarence Irvine
Clarence Irwin
Clarence It’s
Clarence IV
Clarence Ivan
Clarence Ivan Armstrong
Clarence Ivan LB LOT
Clarence IXkIs
Clarence J
Clarence J Caldwell
Clarence J Carson
Clarence J. Caldwell
Clarence J. Richardson
Clarence Jack Sequin
Clarence James
Clarence Jamieson
Clarence Jean Gallagher
Clarence Jeannine Wickens
Clarence Jenkinson
Clarence Jerry 4
Clarence John
Clarence Jones
Clarence Joseh Carson
Clarence Joseph
Clarence Joseph Little
Clarence Jr pre
Clarence Jr.
Clarence July 3
Clarence June
Clarence Karine Gratton-Lebel Continued
Clarence Kasch
Clarence Keen Dies
Clarence Kelley
Clarence Kelley KJ
Clarence Ken LavaHee
Clarence Kendall
Clarence Kennedy
Clarence Keon
Clarence Keor.
Clarence Kil-
Clarence Kil-gour
Clarence Kil-jour
Clarence Kilgnur
Clarence Kilgour
Clarence Kingsbury
Clarence Kllgour
Clarence Kllgour I
Clarence Knot
Clarence Knox
Clarence Knox Bull
Clarence Knox Champion Beef Showman - Steven Dalton Hodgins Trophy
Clarence Knox Champion Beef Showman- Sharon Stewart
Clarence Knox Trophy
Clarence Knox Trophy Champion Beef Showman
Clarence Knox Trophy-Charlie McGuire
Clarence Kodl
Clarence Krçpx
Clarence Krwin
Clarence KUgour
Clarence L
Clarence L Griffith
Clarence L Hodgins
Clarence L Hoduinh
Clarence L Honor
Clarence L Honouts SHAWVILLB
Clarence L Model
Clarence L, Hodgina
Clarence L, Hodgins
Clarence L, Hodoins
Clarence L. Brabazon
Clarence L. Hodg
Clarence Labelle
Clarence Lades
Clarence Lapierre
Clarence Lcsieur
Clarence Le-broke
Clarence Le-Sieur
Clarence Leach
Clarence Leach Projet Groupement
Clarence Leech
Clarence Lelonde
Clarence Lelshmon
Clarence Lesicur
Clarence LeSieur
Clarence Lesleur
Clarence LeSoeur
Clarence Lesscur
Clarence Lezieur
Clarence Lila W- W-
Clarence Lindsay
Clarence Lindsay Armstrong
Clarence Link
Clarence Little
Clarence Little Rated
Clarence Little Shaw
Clarence Lloyd Farrell
Clarence Lloyd Farrell Clarence Lloyd .1 Farrell
Clarence Lorenzo Hodgins
Clarence Lunam
Clarence Lurner
Clarence Lusk
Clarence M Young
Clarence M. Young
Clarence M.tcLean
Clarence Ma
Clarence Ma-
Clarence Ma- Murrells Dunra
Clarence Mac
Clarence MacDonald
Clarence Macke
Clarence MacLean
Clarence MacLean Erie Vadneau Irvin Cone 2.00 y Hodgins
Clarence MacLean Hartman
Clarence Maheral
Clarence Maheral Clarence Maheral
Clarence Mallory
Clarence Manary
Clarence Manuel
Clarence Martin
Clarence Mary Jane William Alice Frederick Hamilton Muriel* Lloyd Rae Maria Noble Verna* Kenneth Be
Clarence Mayor Sallafranque
Clarence Mc-
Clarence Mc-Callum
Clarence McCal
Clarence McCal-
Clarence McCall
Clarence McCallu Maurice Easiamhre
Clarence McCallum
Clarence McCallum-
Clarence McCann
Clarence McCauley-Deep River
Clarence McCeiland
Clarence McCel
Clarence McCelland
Clarence McCellum
Clarence McClelland
Clarence McCollum
Clarence McCready
Clarence McDowell
Clarence McGuire
Clarence McGuire*
Clarence McK*e
Clarence McKee
Clarence McKiught
Clarence McKnight
Clarence Mcknights
Clarence McKnipht
Clarence McKnlght
Clarence McLaughlin
Clarence McLean
Clarence McNight
Clarence McNutt
Clarence Me Galium
Clarence Me Knight
Clarence Me Knight Grocery
Clarence Me* Knight
Clarence Me-I Knight
Clarence Meilleur
Clarence Mel- Ont
Clarence Melborne Elli-
Clarence Meyers
Clarence Michael Pallbearers
Clarence Mid Lillian
Clarence Millar
Clarence Milled
Clarence Miller
Clarence Millie Presiden
Clarence Mills
Clarence Miss Susie Barber
Clarence Moor-
Clarence Moore
Clarence Moore- V.
Clarence Moore-head
Clarence Moorehead
Clarence Mooreheao
Clarence Moorhead
Clarence Moorhead Mr. Theodore Richard Mr. L.M. Routliffe Mr. Asa M. Smith
Clarence Moorhead Shirley Lett
Clarence Moorheads
Clarence Mooriiead
Clarence Morehead
Clarence Moreheads
Clarence Morehesd Dsrael Stephens
Clarence Morner
Clarence Morris
Clarence Morton Hodgdon
Clarence Motion Crs Brownlee
Clarence Mould
Clarence Mr.
Clarence Mr. Brent McBride
Clarence Mrs John McVlegh
Clarence Mrs. Melvin Armstrong
Clarence Muir
Clarence Mulligan
Clarence Mur-
Clarence Murphy
Clarence Murphy V Jones
Clarence Murray
Clarence Murray Clarence Murray
Clarence Murray McGee
Clarence Murray Nous
Clarence Murray __
Clarence Murray’s
Clarence Murrey
Clarence MvUuire
Clarence Myrtle
Clarence N
Clarence N.S.
Clarence Nancy Jeffrey
Clarence Napanee
Clarence Natashia
Clarence Nay
Clarence Naylor
Clarence Naylor Hodgins Men’s Overcoats
Clarence Nellis Hodgins
Clarence North
Clarence Norval Kllgour
Clarence Norval McNeill
Clarence Nov
Clarence Oeminent
Clarence Orr
Clarence P
Clarence P " Shawville
Clarence P Shea
Clarence P. King
Clarence P.eschkc
Clarence Paach
Clarence Pasch
Clarence Pasch All
Clarence Pasch Bert Collin
Clarence Pasch Brazeau
Clarence Pasch Forest Haven Campsite Kinsmen Club Pontiac
Clarence Pasch I " Merci
Clarence Pasch Mayor Thome Township REQUIREMENTS
Clarence Pasch Municipality
Clarence Pasch Superintendent
Clarence Past President
Clarence Patch
Clarence Patrick Molrvfllo
Clarence Patti-son
Clarence Peach
Clarence Peach 600.00
Clarence Peatman
Clarence Peatmen
Clarence Peevcr
Clarence Peever
Clarence Peiskie
Clarence Perdu** Ontario
Clarence Pesch
Clarence Pettigrew
Clarence Picon
Clarence Picschie
Clarence Pies-Best Catcher
Clarence Pieschke
Clarence Pieschke Mayhew
Clarence Pieschkey
Clarence Piescke
Clarence Piesckie
Clarence Pieskie
Clarence Pletc
Clarence Plunkett
Clarence Poe
Clarence Poff
Clarence Poitras
Clarence Poliras
Clarence Poll
Clarence Pontiacs
Clarence Poweis
Clarence Powlea Hanna
Clarence Powles
Clarence Primrose
Clarence Project
Clarence Proons
Clarence Pt
Clarence Q William Corrigan
Clarence Qf
Clarence Que
Clarence Quebec
Clarence Quyon
Clarence Quyon -
Clarence R Wilson
Clarence R:ehardson
Clarence Racine
Clarence Rades
Clarence Rae
Clarence Raeburn McTiernan
Clarence Rah
Clarence Rainboth
Clarence Rainey
Clarence Ranger
Clarence Read
Clarence Reid
Clarence Renfrew
Clarence Renmck
Clarence Rennick
Clarence Renniek
Clarence Rennlck
Clarence Rib Steak
Clarence Rich-Randy Hodgins
Clarence Richar
Clarence RicharAon
Clarence Richard
Clarence Richard-therein
Clarence Richards John D. Brown
Clarence Richardson
Clarence Richardson 5
Clarence Richardson Mrs
Clarence Richardson Ottawa
Clarence Richardson*
Clarence Riechke
Clarence Ring
Clarence Ringrose
Clarence Rn-hunlmii
Clarence Robin-
Clarence Robinson
Clarence Rockburry
Clarence Romain
Clarence Romain Adresse Inconnue INTIME
Clarence Romain I
Clarence Romain Unknown Address
Clarence Routley
Clarence Rov
Clarence Roy
Clarence Roy Dagg
Clarence Russell
Clarence S*
Clarence Saint-Luc
Clarence Saminon
Clarence Sandra Holland
Clarence Saturday
Clarence Sauriol
Clarence Say _ Tuesday
Clarence Schock
Clarence Schwartz
Clarence Scott Atkinson
Clarence ScuJly
Clarence Scully
Clarence Sdoan
Clarence Seabrooke
Clarence SEPTI
Clarence Services at—2.30
Clarence Shawville
Clarence Shea
Clarence Shea First
Clarence Shea Is
Clarence Sheas
Clarence Shore
Clarence Shore 190
Clarence Sinclair Bull
Clarence Single
Clarence SJoans
Clarence Skeldon
Clarence Sloan
Clarence Sloan Dagenais
Clarence Sloan Emily
Clarence Sloan Pound Keepers With Wide Screen For CINEMASCOPE VISTA-VISION
Clarence Sloan Wm Clarence Moan
Clarence Sloang
Clarence Sloans
Clarence Smart
Clarence Smith
Clarence Smith Percy Belsher
Clarence Sniarf
Clarence Sown
Clarence Sparger
Clarence Sparhng
Clarence Sparl-
Clarence Sparling
Clarence Sparling Beechgrove W.I.
Clarence Sparling N
Clarence Sparling Scout Masters
Clarence Sparllmgv Don Paul
Clarence Sperling
Clarence Sr.
Clarence St.
Clarence Stanhope
Clarence Stankie
Clarence Stankle
Clarence Steele
Clarence Steinke
Clarence Stephens
Clarence Stevens
Clarence Stewart
Clarence Stewart Smith
Clarence Storey
Clarence Stork
Clarence Surviving
Clarence Svarling
Clarence T
Clarence T Brown Generator
Clarence T Brownlee
Clarence T# Brownlee R.R.l SHAWVILLE
Clarence T* Brownlee
Clarence T. Brown
Clarence T. Brownlee
Clarence T. Brownlee John L. Hodgins
Clarence T. Brownlee R
Clarence T. Brownlee R R 1
Clarence T. Brownlee R.R.l Shawvilie
Clarence T.. Harvey
Clarence Taber
Clarence Tabor
Clarence Tasch
Clarence Taube
Clarence Taxes
Clarence Taylor
Clarence Taylor IEER SEASON
Clarence Th
Clarence The
Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas Brownlee
Clarence Thomas Hade6
Clarence Thomas Hades
Clarence Thomas Ilea
Clarence Thomas Sparling
Clarence Thomp
Clarence Thompson
Clarence Thompson April 7—Shirley Thompson
Clarence TiDenius
Clarence Tilleniue
Clarence Tol-
Clarence Tol- Council
Clarence Tol- Rev
Clarence Tol-man
Clarence Tol-mann
Clarence Toll
Clarence Toll-Henderson
Clarence Tollman
Clarence Tollman Wayne
Clarence Tollmann
Clarence Tolman
Clarence Tolmann
Clarence Tom J. A. McNeil
Clarence Tub
Clarence Tube
Clarence Tubman
Clarence Une
Clarence Uo Igir
Clarence Utile
Clarence Vancouver
Clarence Vermiljfea
Clarence Victualling Yard
Clarence Vote Larry
Clarence W Black
Clarence W Dean
Clarence W Ison
Clarence W Sparling
Clarence W, I„
Clarence W. Hayes
Clarence Wail
Clarence Wall
Clarence Wall Mr Hoy McVeigh
Clarence Wallace
Clarence Walls
Clarence Walls Eric Vadenais
Clarence Ward
Clarence We
Clarence Weir
Clarence Weld
Clarence Wells
Clarence Wesley Hayes
Clarence Wesley Hayes Passes
Clarence Wesley Sparling
Clarence Westbrook
Clarence Westbrooke
Clarence Wi Ison
Clarence Wil
Clarence Wil-
Clarence Wil- Beck
Clarence Wil- Classifled
Clarence Wil-Ann Drisner
Clarence Wil-Rev Gary Stokes
Clarence Will
Clarence William Dean
Clarence Wilson
Clarence Wilson Birthday
Clarence Wilson Health
Clarence Wilson Helpful Hints
Clarence Wilson I HH
Clarence Wilson There
Clarence Wilson’s
Clarence Wilson’s Ivy
Clarence WOeon
Clarence Woodbury
Clarence Would
Clarence Wright
Clarence X
Clarence X Maijorie Johnston
Clarence Xtlgour Gall
Clarence Young
Clarence Young’s
Clarence Yours
Clarence Yvonne Wright Explorer’s
Clarence Zimmcr-ling
Clarence Zimmer-
Clarence Zimmerling
Clarence) Little
Clarence) Stephens
Clarendon Mrs. Graham
Clarendon Mrs. Matthew Thompson Dies
Clarendon W I. Mrs L «J.
Clarendon W I. Mrs Margaret Russell
Clarendon W M. Hayes
Clareuce Hayes
Clark Mrs. Walter Findlay Ernest Towsley Dr. R, E. Dagg Dr. Wallace Hodgins Raymond Johnston
Clarke Young
Claud Young
Claude Du- Mrs. Norris
Claude Gordon T. Paul INSÜRANCE From Ottawa Mrs.
Claude Hayes
Claude J. Young
Claude M Young
Claude M Young Dear Editor
Claude M. Young
Claude Mac-farlane Sinclair Young
Claude Macfarlane Young
Claude S. Young
Claude Sherry Young
Claude Young
Claude Young A Son CllO Dale
Claude Young Blake
Claude Young Bristol
Claude Young Carmel LaSalle
Claude Young Display
Claude Young Drake
Claude Young Fir-t
Claude Young Geo
Claude Young Hie
Claude Young Jacques
Claude Young Memo-but
Claude Young Named
Claude Young Pair Farm Chunks
Claude Young Race Horse Committee
Claude Young Roy
Claude Young Saddle Horse
Claude Young See
Claude Young She
Claude Young Si Son
Claude Young Smith
Claude Young Special- Walter Foster
Claude Young To Let Beattie
Claude Young Wyman
Claude Young’s
Claudia (Mrs Ken Kilgour
Clayon Young
Clayton Hayes
Clayton Mrs
Clayton Young
Clayton Young 648-2563 647-2760 Campbell
Clayton Young Campbell’s Bay
Clayton Young John Dean
Clayton Young- He
Clayton- Young
Cliff Camp-Lion Hugh Young
Cliff Mrs. Russell Dean
Clifford Cone Mrs. Thomas Brown Mrs Miiy Brown
Clifford Force Hayes
Clifford Greer Edward
Clifford Hahn Mrs Wayne Millette
Clifford Hen- Mrs Bernard Armitage
Clifford j0hn* X. S. Mrs. Johnson
Clifford Mrs Betty Ryan
Clifford Mrs Fred Bailey
Clifford Mrs Fred Mielkie
Clifford Mrs Isabelle Emmerson
Clifford Mrs Ken o— M. W. BRAITHWAITk Principal W.
Clifford Mrs Laurier Lamarche
Clifford Mrs Pierre Pilon
Clifford Mrs. Eva Mulligan.
Clifford Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Clifford Russell-Hayes-Dods Jones
Clifford Stewart Mrs. Arthur C. Pigott 0. Cecil
Clifford Visiting Mrs Rita Lepine Randy
Clifford Young
Clifton Corrigan» Frances Mrs Sim* Comveau
Clinton Mrs
Clinton Sparl-Mrs
Clinton Young
Clothing—in Young Men’s Models—is
Cloud# Young
Clyde Jack Young
Clyde Young
Cm Hayes
Cm Young Martineau
Cmr Young
Cmur Young
Cn Hayes
Co. Young
Coach Gary Young
Cobden Mrs. Hilliard Palmer
Cody Young
Coinr Young
Coistable Linden Young
Col- Mrs Venetia Crawford Firemen
Cole Hayes
Cole J. Hayes
Coleen Young
Colin Christie Young
Colin Young
Colleen Dal Mrs. Clarence Mcknight
Colleen Young
Colline Young
Collins Young
Color Suzanne Pleshette Rod Taylor W. M Hayes
Com M Hayes
Com Maillon Hayes
Com Young
Com''is Young
com-1 Motion Mrs. McMillan
Combinations Hay Young
Comedy Gig Young Bonnie Bedelie
Comer-and Mrs K Towsley
Comm Hayes
Comm M Hayes
Comm Mahlon Hayes
Comm W.M. Hayes
Comma Hayes
Commercial Refrigeration Unite CLAYTON YOUNG
Commissioner M Hayes
Commissioners Young
Comms Hayes
Communion Grant Elliott-Mrs
Community Hospital Mrs Gordon Bradley
Competitor- Leslie Young
Comr Young
Com’r Young
Concrete Sand Mrs. Mariette Klukeof Campbell
Conduct Henry Hayes
Conley Mrs. Armstrong
Conncillors Young
Connie Mrs Ivan Dagg
Connie Mrs. August Olm
Connie Young
Conolly Mrs Gerald
Conor Young
Const!-Hayes Ambulance
Constable Linden Young
Constable Lindeq Young
Constable Young
Constables Young
Contact Heather Hayes
Contact Kathy Young
Contact Mrs C Robinson
Contact Mrs Elwood Hamilton
Contact Mrs G Huckabone
Contact Mrs Stephens
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contact Ray Young
Contact W.M. Hayes
Continuing Education Young
Convener Gwen Hayes
Conveners—Mrs Thos Stephens
Cook Mrs Clayton Benedict
Cookies Leslee Young
Cooper Mrs. Geo
Cop- Mrs. Pearl Allan
Cor- Mrs Johnny Stafford
Cora Mrs.
Cora Myrtle Young
Corbin Young
Cordelia Hayes
Corn Hayes
Corners United Young People’s Unions
Corners W I ^ Mrs
Cornganf Young
Cornwall Mrs. Beatrice Conley
Cornwall Mrs. Lillian Horner XValteis
Correspondent Mrs Kenneth M
Correspondent Mrs Walter Celbula
Corrigan Messrs Clarence Richardson
Corrigan Mrs
Corrigan Mrs Stephen Ley
Corrigan Mrs. Clarence Brownlee
Corrigan Mrs. Ivan Beattie
Corrigan Mrs. Morley Hodgins
Cory Young
Costello Mrs Ramona Lafleur
Cottage Mrs H R. Rebb
CoUeen Young
Coun Mr. Young
Council A Mrs Ron Alexander
Council W.J. Hayes
Councillor Gerald Hayes
Councillor Hayes
Councillor Irwin Hayes
Councillor M. Hayes
Councillor Mahlon Hayes
Councillor Orla Young
Councillor* Young
Councillors Edward
Councillors George Hayes
Councillors Hanlan Young
Councillors Hayes
Councillors Mrs
Councillors Mrs Evans
Councillors Mrs Frances Senior
Councillors Victor Young
Councillors Westbrook Young
Councillors Young
Councillors Young Campbell
Councillors-Mrs Benedict Allen
Counselors Hayes
Count Edward Taafo
County Marshall Mrs. Basil Johncox
Court Clerk Mrs. Henry Clarke Service Announcement
Courtenay Robinson Organist- Mrs G Popkey Reading Course Sec- Mrs Lloyd Robinson Magazine - Miss Vi
Cover—Mrs W O. Hodgins
Cowley Mrs Fred Laframboise 2s
Cpl Kenneth H. Young CD
CpL W D & Mrs Lougn
Cr C Richardson Hayes
Cr Hayes
Cr I Hayes
Cr Mrs.
Cr O Young
Cr Orla Young
Cr Young
Cr!l Hayes Next
Cra I Hayes
Craig Robinson Cathie Young
Craig Rosemary Germain Visiting Mrs
Craig William John..... Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward........... Dav
Craig Young
Craig- Mrs Jack McKay
Crazy Hayes
Crazy Work-Mrs F A Parker 1
Crazy Work—Mrs H Birnett 1
Cream Mrs. Veeda Palmer
Creamery—Melvin Young
Cri M Young
Crochet—Mrs H Lothian Geo Graham 2
Crs Alexander Young
Crs Black Hayes
Crs Dagg Young
Crs Gerald Hayes
Crs Hayes
Crs I Hayes
Crs Irwin Hayes
Crs M Young
Crs Muldoon Young
Crs Orla Young
Crs Smiley Young
Crs Young
Crs Young Cain
Crs Young Farrell
Crwen Hayes Thus
Ctrri* Young
Cub Douglas Young
Cummings Mrs. William Hall
CUre Mrs. Beers
Cure V V MRS.
Curling J Hayes
Curtis Douglas Young Young
Curtis Edward Cameron
Curtis Orla Young
Curtis Young
Curtis Young As
Curtis Young Brenda Barr Sandra Murray Mervin Conroy Businesses
Curtis Young Delbert Zachanas
Curtis Young Gatineau
Curtis Young Martin Danis
Curtis Young Pee
Curtis Young’s
Curus Young
CUs- Mrs< Clifford Moore
Cushman Mrs.
Cuth-Mrs H G Elliott 1
Cuthbertson Bennett Beckman John Armstrong Gereld Been Mrs. Linden Young Stanley Abott Al McKenzie
Cuthbertson Grade V Mrs. Etta Kkmær
CUtiWCG-tt Herbert Hayes
Cy Young
Cynthia D Young
Cynthia Draper Warden— Mrs. Irene
Cynthia Young
Cyril Mrs H Hodgins
Cyril R. Hayes
D C. Dunraven Mrs. Scott
D. Hayes
D. J. Morris P.P Young Peoples MILNE
D. Ryan 683-2381 Mrs
D. Ryan 683-2381 Mrs.
D. Young
D.C. Mrs Grant Eades
D.D. Shawville Mrs. A. Hayes
D.D.S. Mrs Merlin McKee
D.S. Young
D.W. James Hayes
Da A Mrs Percy Windsor
Da Mrs Rich
Daddy Mrs. Shaw
Dag* Mrs Neil McDowell
Dagg Mrs H Hayes
Dagg Mrs Sid Tubman
Dagg Young
Dale Anne Young
Dale Clarence Hayes
Dale Cooke Mrs. Henry Dale
Dale Elizabeth Young
Dale Hayes
Dale Honoured By Young
Dale Miss Arminta McDowell Miss Raeburn Doherty Mrs. Harold Pokes Mr.
Dale Miss M Cochrane Dr Dagg Skip—9 Mrs L Armstrong Leslie Hodgine
Dale Miss Winnifred Hamilton Mrs. Fleming
Dale Mrs
Dale Mrs Albert Yach
Dale Mrs.
Dale Mrs. Frank Ford Mrs.
Dale Mrs. Hob Glasper
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale Mrs. Jim Kennedy
Dale Mrs. Turner Ed Vaughan
Dale Ray McTiernan Lloyd Stevens Mrs
Dale Warden—Mrs
Dale • Orta Young
Dale.......... Clarence Hayes
Dale............ Clarence Hayes
Dan Young
Dana Mrs Paul Lanoix
Daniel Edward Gibbons
Daniel Schulyer Young
Daniel Young
Danielle Hayes
Danny Dollighan Obituary Benjamin Edward Thompson Benjamin Edward
Danny Donnelly Mrs Marian Bowie
Danny Mrs Dillon J McGee
Danny Mrs Florence Brown
Danny Mrs Joanne Hearty
Danny Mrs Mildred McGuire
Darlene Young
Darwin Smith Young
Daryl Hayes
Daryl Irwin Hayes
Dash— Bruce Hayes
Date Edward S. Fades
Datouter Mrs.
Daughter Mrs. Pearl Dougherty
Dave Armi Mrs Martha Schwartz
Dave Clark Five Mrs. Katie Welch
Dave Davies Mrs Tesson Drummond
Dave MacMillan Mrs Margaret Saunders Bryson
Dave Mrs Patricia Russell
Dave Still Mrs. Wilbur
Dave Wil- Mayor Orla Young
Dave Young
David Alexander Edward Lindsay
David and El- Clarence Bretzlaff
David Ber- Mrs Lillian Cole
David By Mrs.
David Clarence Hodgins
David Compeau Mrs. David Campeau
David D Mrs Donnie Warm
David Dick- Young
David Edward
David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
David Fleury Mrs Alex Malette
David Geerstma Mrs Bob Daley
David Gerald (Margaret Young
David K Mrs. Lunaui
David Kearn Mrs. Duncan Gumming
David Kingdon Mrs Howard Stone
David Ladou- Mrs. James Roderick
David Lunam Jr Mrs. George Pirie
David Lunam Mrs. Elisie Gibbons
David Lunam Young
David McDowell Mrs. David William McDowell
David Mrs
David Mrs Akx Chaput
David Mrs Mary Kelly Eleanor
David Mrs Minnie Pasch
David Mrs Renaud Rainville
David Mrs- Kenneth Dowdall
David Mrs.
David Mrs. Harper Rennick
David Mrs. Henry McO-rd
David Mrs. Merton Glenn
David Mrs. Roas
David Niven Verna Lisi Mrs Fred Btetzlaff
David Ranger Mrs. J. Richardson
David Russell Mrs
David Russell Mrs. Garner Richardson Herb
David Russell Mrs. R. G. Hodgins Andrew Sly
David Russell____ Mrs. Cramer Richardson
David Shawville Young Farmers Nyveld
David William Edward Thomson Dr. S.E.
David Young
David Young Dr. David M. Young
David Zim-Mrs Olga Plager
David) Edward Davidson
David- Mrs.
Davidson Mrs. Mary Dale Ebert Richardson Pontiac Dairy
Davidson Stewart........ Gagnon Joseph......... Murray John H......... Rattray Mme—Mrs
Davidson Young
Davies Mrs William Creighton
Davis M EUS Mrs
Dawn Mrs Tony Todaro
Dawn Mrs. Fred Fraser
Dçris M. Hayes
Dean 7-2820 Young
Dean Clarence Farrell
Dean E. Young
Dean Edward Ottawa
Dean Edward Rousseau
Dean Mr. Clarence Cuthbertson
Dean Mrs Elson Smiley Mrs Donald Corrigan The
Dean Mrs. Iverson Harris District Council Representatives Mrs/ Herb Redman
Dean Publicity- Mrs
Dean Sec. - Mrs Hubert Elliott Treas- Mrs Neil Wilson
Dean That Mrs. Burgess
Dean That Mrs. Claude Fnlford
Dean Young
Dear Edward
Dear Mrs
Dear Mrs Dickson Megloughlm
Dear Mrs.
Dear Mrs. Armstrong
Dear Mrs. Bvrton Devine
Dear Mrs. Carey
Dear Mrs. Dickson
Dear Mrs. Drummond
Dear Mrs. G *
Dear Mrs. Gallagher
Dear Mrs. King
Dear Mrs. Morrison
Dear Mrs. Oldroyd
Dear Mrs. Walker
Dear Mrs. Wilson
Dear Mrs. Young
Dear Sir: Mrs. Norman Reid
Dear Willie Mrs. Anderson
Dear Young Artist
Dear Young Friend
Dear Young Lady—Not
Deb Young
Debb e Young
Debbie Clarence
Debbie Latuli Mrs Manson
Debbie Mrs Lawn
Debbie Young
Debbie Young James
Debora Young
Deborah (Mrs Luc Lajoie
Deborah (Mrs Robert "Scotty" Robertson
Deborah and Brian Rus- Mrs Cora McNeill
Deborah Mrs Cy Little
Deborah Rus- Mrs Richard Burnette
Deborah Young
Deborah Young 84
Deborah Young Distinction
Deborah Young.
Debra Barber and Mrs Phyllis Laframboise
December 23.1930 Quebec Young Farmers Family Allowances
Declares Edward White
Découpage Rayma Hayes
Dee Mrs Wayne Schrim
Deep Luke Young
Del* Mrs Leslie Benoit
Delmer Barber and Clarence Roy
Delmer Barber and Councillors Clarence Roy CORP
Delmer Barber and Mrs Barber.
Delore Mrs Lome Hodgins
Demonic Mrs Wayne MeCoshen
Den- W J Hayes
Denis and J Hayes
Denise Young
Dennis Edward
Dennis Findlay Auction Sale St Edward
Dennis Findlay Brent Young
Dennis Hayes
Dennis Lari- Mrs
Dennis Young
Dentist Mrs. Hugh Elliott
Denton Tecumseh Young
Denzil Young
Depart- Mrs.
Desmond Ma Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Deven Thomas Edward Hiscock
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Di Mrs. James Acres
Diane Bélec Mrs John Fulford
Diane Mrs Genevieve Olmstead
Diane Mrs Hilarion Veillette Boucher
Diane Mrs Milton Wall
Diane Mrs. Kelly Bowie
Diane Pjric Mr Mrs. Donald Earley
Dianne Jean to Edward John McCann
Dick Lusig-Mrs
Dick Trainor Mrs Louise Prosser
Dick Young
Dickson Mrs Clifford Hahn
Dillon Riley Young
Director Mrs Polly Myles
Director Young
Directors A Young
Directors Boy Young
Directors Mrs Pearl Elliott
Directors Young
Distinction Helen Hayes
District Commissioner Mrs Edward A Christie
District Governor elect Mac Hayes
District Governor elect Msc Hayes
District Minor ph*ne 048_2g76 Mrs Kenneth Hockey
Dive Moore Mrs Daye
Diversity Office—Hayes
Docteure Hayes
Docteure Marie Hayes
Doctor Edward Go
Doctor Hayes
Doctor Is At Door Commerce Studies Sunspot Problem Mrs. Ellen Barlow
Doctor Marie Hayes
Doctor Mrs Ernest Yach
Dodoes Dept Mrs
Dominic Gary Young
Dominic J Edward
Don Borisenko Vinton Mrs. Ernie Hearty
Don Clarence Wall
Don Dods Mrs. Lee Hod-gins
Don Hummel Mrs. Colton
Don Mrs
Don Mrs Velma Harris
Don Murphy Mrs. Delmer Berber
Don Paul Mrs. Gordon* Alexander
Don Richardson Mrs Claire Fkury
Don Romain Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Don- Edward’s Parish
Don- Young Frenchman Gould Not Endure
Donald and Edward
Donald Bev Young
Donald Cook Mrs.
Donald Davidson Mrs. William Creighton Miss Yvonne Dupuis
Donald Edward Douglas
Donald Findlay Mrs. Leonard Smith
Donald Fraser Mrs. Isadora Coulis
Donald Hayes
Donald Hodgins Cathy Young
Donald Lavallée W.J. Hayes
Donald M.uLoan al Mrs.
Donald MacNeil Mrs Raymonde
Donald McKin- Mrs. Barr
Donald McRae Mrs. George Craig.
Donald Mrs Bertha Nephin
Donald Mrs Bertha Orr
Donald Mrs Donald Ostrom
Donald Mrs Percy
Donald Mrs. Everett Moore
Donald Oitrom Mrs Clifford Olmstead
Donald Ostroir Mrs Amable Jolicoeur
Donald Ostrom Mrs Robert Eady
Donald Ostrom Chiropractor Mrs. Verner Thrun
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Bertha Gardiner
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs James Ostrom
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Peter Wall
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs T W McGuire
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Donald Pel- Mrs
Donald Russell Claude Young
Donald Simp Bay By Mrs Iri$ Smith
Donald Young
Donald Young Street
Donna Courchesne Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Donna Craig Light Fruit Cake - Mrs Stewart
Donna Cuthhertson Mrs Seldon Langford
Donna Hodgins Betty Young
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donna MacKechnie Debbie Young
Donna Mrs
Donna Mrs Elsie Presley
Donna Mrs Lillian Tubman
Donna Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Donna Smith Young
Donna Smith-Young
Donna Young
Donna Young Dites
Donna Young Les
Donnel- Mrs Mary McNally
Donnie Campbell Hayes
Donnie Mayor Orla Young
Donnie Mrs
Donnie Mrs John Galianos
Donnie Stanley Mary Ellen Young
Donny Smith Mrs Wanda Smith
Dons Young
Dor- Mrs. Maynard Thompson
Dor- Mrs. Oould
Doris Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Doris (Graham Young
Doris Hayes
Doris Holmes Obituary Annie A McMillan MOVING Obituary Edward John Fierobin TO
Doris Hudgins Mrs.
Doris Jacques and Mrs.
Doris Jacques and Mrs. Roland Russell
Doris Jacques; Mrs.
Doris Judd Miss Ruth Dods Mr. Nellis Hodgins Mrs.
Doris Judd Mrs Lloyd Stevens
Doris Mc-and Mrs Edna Harkins
Doris Morgan Mrs Dave Parent
Doris Mrs Cedric Elliott
Doris Mrs Percy Stewart
Doris Neale Hayes
Doris Young
Doris Young Canada Province
Doris Young Ottawa
Dorn Mrs. F.H. Cornu
Dorothy (Hayes
Dorothy ?Hayes
Dorothy Fulford Mrs. Olive MacLean
Dorothy Hayes
Dorothy Hayes Promoted
Dorothy I. Hayes
Dorothy J Hayes
Dorothy Mor- Clarence Wilson
Dorothy Morrison Anna Young
Dorothy Mrs Atari McBane
Dorothy Mrs Claudette Diotte
Dorothy Mrs James Tubman
Dorothy Mrs. Robt
Dorothy Rich Mrs Ethel Black
Dorothy Stafford Mrs
Dorothy WJ Hayes
Dorothy Young
Dot Hayes
Doug Mrs
Doug Mrs Edwart Tubman
Doug Mrs Gilbert Emmerson
Doug Mrs Neil Wilson
Doug Schou- Edward Thompson
Doug Tait Art Hayes
Doug Young
Doug Young Car Wash
Doug Young CO
Doug Young Fuels
Doug Young Shawvllle
Doug Young Shirley
Doug Young Transport Ltd.
Doug Young Tro- Men’s Pot Lid Pins
Doug Young Trophies Curling Windup
Doug Young Trophy
Doug Young Young’s Car Wash
Doug Young- Lome Wilson
Doug Young’s Car Wash
Doug Young’s Car Wash Rink
Doug- Mrs Augusta Krutz
Doug-Edward Morrison
Dougiaa Young
Dougie Young
Douglas Clarence
Douglas Mac-Mrs
Douglas S Young
Douglas Stewart Young
Douglas Stocker Hayes
Douglas Young
Douglas Young From
Dr. C FG. Bowles Mrs. Emery Greer
Dr. Clarence Cottam
Dr. Clarence O. Simpson
Dr. Edward
Dr. Edward B. Greene
Dr. Edward Francis
Dr. Edward Handford
Dr. Hayes
Dr. Hayes Brothers Main Street
Dr. Marie Hayes
Dr. Marie Hayes Come Worship With Us Mohr
Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Dr. Marie Hayes French
Dr. Marie Hayes New
Dr. Marie Hayes Yukon
Dr. Young
Draper , M. Hayes
Draper Education- Mrs
Draper Office—Hayes
Drifters Howard Hayes Dean Howard Andy Clarke Don C
Driver—Mrs E
Drrothv Hayes
Drummond Troy Young
Du-Mrs Norman Stark
Dumas Mrs. Danny Farrell
Duncan Lunam Ted Hayes
Duncan Young
Dunn- WM Hayes
Dur- Mrs. Fred Dagg
Dwight McDow- W. M. Hayes
Dwight McDowell Mrs
Dwight McDowell Mrs. Joan Belsher
Dwight Mrs. David Tucker
Dwight Th- Mrs Bert Kennedy
Dylan Young
E aine Hayes
E and Mrs Marion Hayes
E and Mrs. Bailey
E B Lunam Mrs Maxine Fenton
E H. Hayes
E Mil Mrs James Mc(
E Mrs Russel Cobb
E R. Hayes
E R. Hayes Sec-Treas.-R.NV.
E T ^ Hayes
E Young
Ë&* Young
E. E Hayes
E. H. Hayes
E. Hamilton) Mabel Hayes
E. K. Hayes
E. L Mrs. Dvncan Ross
E. Palmer Mrs.
E. R Hayes
E. R Hayes F A. Thompson «Duncan Campbell
E. R. Hayes
E. Young
E.R. Hayes
Eades Mahlon Hayes
Eades Mrs Hubert Burton
Earl and1 Mrs Dagg
Earl Bean Mrs D J Campbell
Earl D Young
Earl Denzil Young
Earl Denzil Young When
Earl Le Mrs
Earl Mrs Beatrice Gagnon
Earl Mrs- W Laughren
Earl Mrs. Andrew Mich-
Earl Mrs. Charlie Imison
Earl Mrs. Laurence Sparling
Earl Mrs. McDougal
Earl Ward- Mrs
Earl Young
Earl Young 453
Earlatu John Gibson W. J. Hayes Lloyd Elliott Cecil EUiott
Easter Mrs.
Easter Mrs. Hilda Mayhew
Easter Mrs. Ted Craig
Ebert Horner Kenneth Armitage Clayton Campbell Lee Hodgins Theodore Morin Clarence Dabms Hillis Tho
Ebert Richardson Cauliflower - Mrs. Jim Stewart
Ebert Young
Economics-Mrs W J Fu)ler
Ed Hugh Young
Ed Edward
Ed Mrs
Ed Mrs.
Ed Vance Hayes
Ed Young
Ed- Mrs Eva Maloney
Eddie Bretzlaft Hayes Beauty Shop
Eddie Mrs Kenneth Amyotte
Eddie Mrs Pat Kelly
Eddie Wrinn Mrs Eddie Wrinn
Edfrot Bill Young
Edgar B.W. Mulligan HP Mrs Minnie Zimmerling
Edgar Hodglns Mrs. Wellington Smith
Edgar Lance sec- Mrs. William Kennedy Mrs Joseph Kennedy
Edgar May- Mrs Raeburn Orr
Edgar Mayhew Waited Mrs Alice Gravelie
Edgar Mrs. James Smith
Edgar Smith Lennon Thompson Mrs Robert Clamper
Edgar Susan Young
Edgar Yach Mrs Peter Daley
Editeur Hayes
Edith Beulah Young Palmer
Edith Mr. Clarence Melborne Elliott
Edith Mrs Elsie Wilson
Edith Wiggins Dark Fruit Cake - Mrs Jim Stewart
Edith Wiggins Window Box- Mrs
Edith Young
Edith Young-Palmer
Editor Young
Edmond Romain Mrs. Doreen Marion
Edmund Hodgins Mrs. Robert Chamberlain.
Edmund Mrs Elizann Emmerson
Edmund Stewart Correspondent Mrs Mamie Stewart
Edna Young
Education Mrs
Education Mrs Edgar Elliott
Education Mrs Harriet Burke
Education Mrs K Draper
Education Mrs L Fitzsimmons
Education Mrs.
Education Mrs. Wm Marks
Education-Mrs R Ferris
Education—Mrs Marlowe Campbell
Edward P Mr James
Edward III
Edward Mlncrd’s Uniment Cures Burns
Edward Mu
Edward un111
Edward "
Edward " Royal
Edward " She
Edward "Con
Edward "Hut
Edward (Shawville
Edward 0. B. Kiddle
Edward 41,825 pi2 VOYER
Edward 647*5571 Richardson Murray
Edward 647-5571 Richardson Murray
Edward 7-2708 Thacker
Edward 8. Braun
Edward 9:30am 11:00
Edward A (iraeme
Edward A Christie
Edward A Christie Chairman
Edward A Fires
Edward A Homer
Edward A I
Edward A Martin
Edward A Norma Brenda Smith
Edward A Thoms
Edward A.
Edward A. Bush
Edward A. Doisy
Edward A. Dow
Edward A. Filene
Edward A. Fitzroy
Edward A. H. HORN
Edward A. Hart
Edward A. Hecker
Edward A. Wie
Edward Abdicates
Edward About
Edward AcvPctCf G
Edward Adams
Edward Adams Mr.
Edward Adnum
Edward AevFrMerG Proolx
Edward Albert
Edward Albert Al-
Edward Albert Christian George
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David
Edward Albert Gebistorf
Edward Albert George Andrew Patrick .
Edward Albert YVriglit
Edward Albert Zacharias
Edward Albright
Edward Alcock
Edward Alexan- Lodge
Edward Alexander
Edward Alexander and Joan
Edward Alexander Christie
Edward Alexander Christie.
Edward Alexanders
Edward Alexandra
Edward Allan
Edward Allard
Edward Allen
Edward Allison
Edward Allum
Edward An
Edward An-M
Edward anc^ Leona Corriveau
Edward and Betty
Edward Anderson
Edward Andreskl
Edward Aniiey and Margaret Thompson
Edward Another
Edward April
Edward Arbrose
Edward Archibald
Edward Are
Edward Arena
Edward Arm
Edward Arm-
Edward Armitage
Edward Armstrong
Edward Arnold
Edward Arnold and Cezar Romero
Edward Arnold Barbara Hale
Edward Arnold December
Edward Aruthur Hart
Edward Ar«
Edward At
Edward Atkinson''»
Edward Au Bureau
Edward Au-det
Edward Audet
Edward Auditor
Edward Aug.
Edward Ave
Edward Ave Ontario
Edward Ave Ottawa
Edward B Hearty
Edward B lU J
Edward B. W. Mulligan
Edward Bade
Edward Bade*
Edward BaHim
Edward Bak
Edward Baldwin
Edward Bam
Edward Bamford
Edward Banger
Edward Barber
Edward Barber and
Edward Barber CLARENDON HOTEL Frank Finnigan
Edward Barber Fastball
Edward Barber who
Edward Barber,
Edward Barbers
Edward Bare
Edward Barn-ford Ksqr.
Edward Barnett
Edward Baron
Edward Barry Yach
Edward Bartlett
Edward Bat
Edward Baxter
Edward Be- She
Edward Beat-
Edward Beattie
Edward Beattie Jr.
Edward Beatty
Edward Beatty Objects To Spending
Edward Beaupre
Edward Beckett
Edward Beckett 3rd
Edward Beckett Trail Horse Class- Murray Bonshor
Edward Beeeher
Edward Beelby
Edward Beeman
Edward Begins
Edward Behan
Edward Beil
Edward Belaire
Edward Belan
Edward Belan Visiting
Edward Belan- Expo
Edward Belang- Mrs Brenda Cox
Edward Belang- Pitt
Edward Belanger
Edward Belangers
Edward Belanger’s
Edward Bell
Edward Ben-Mrs
Edward Bender
Edward Bennett
Edward Benoit
Edward Benoit ............. Arthur Pellerin............ Andrew Mulligan............ Geo
Edward Bergunder
Edward Bernard
Edward Berube
Edward Besupre
Edward Bi
Edward Bigelow
Edward Binas Carolyn Craig PORTLAND EXPOSE
Edward Bird
Edward Bkead
Edward Blac- Gentlemen
Edward Black
Edward Blacque
Edward Blacque Bey Corporal—
Edward Blagh
Edward Blagli
Edward Blake
Edward Blake 1
Edward Blake Mr Peter Ebert
Edward Blake Scholarship
Edward Blake the
Edward Bland
Edward Bo-mar
Edward Board
Edward Bodgins
Edward Bohane
Edward Bolder
Edward Bomar
Edward Bomford
Edward Boom K«
Edward Borden McLean
Edward Bosanquet
Edward Bouche
Edward Bouike
Edward Boulier
Edward Bourgeau
Edward Bourque
Edward Bousquat Lauds
Edward Bousquet
Edward Bowes
Edward Boyce
Edward Br-stoi V
Edward Brabazon Die
Edward Braces Ties
Edward Bradford
Edward Brady
Edward Brand Fox Netting
Edward Brazeau
Edward Brctzlaff
Edward Brennan
Edward Brennan Jr
Edward Brennen
Edward Bretz-Iaff
Edward Bretz-lafT.
Edward Bretz-lafY
Edward Bretzlaff Wil-
Edward Bretzlafi
Edward Bridge
Edward Brink
Edward Bristol
Edward Broad
Edward Broadbent
Edward Brohart I«o
Edward Brooks
Edward Broome
Edward Brow
Edward Brow lee
Edward Brown
Edward Brown-
Edward Brownlee
Edward Brownlee 2. Pen
Edward Brownlee 3..
Edward Brownlee$
Edward Brownlees
Edward Browr^ Campbell
Edward Browtdet Francis Wilson W.
Edward Bruce Barton
Edward Bruce Horner
Edward Brunette
Edward Brute* M
Edward Bryson
Edward Bu 1
Edward Buck
Edward Bull
Edward Bum M <
Edward Burk
Edward Burke
Edward Burn-aresq
Edward Burne-Jones
Edward Burpee
Edward Burrell
Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt
Edward Burtynsky
Edward Bush
Edward But Mary
Edward Butler
Edward Butt
Edward C
Edward C JjAwn
Edward C Lawn
Edward C* D M V||
Edward C. Hayes
Edward C. Lawn
Edward C. WUson
Edward C.P. 340 Thompson
Edward Cadman
Edward Cain
Edward Cal
Edward Cam 2
Edward Cam-and Eugene Cameron
Edward Cameron
Edward Campbell’s Bay Charles
Edward Can Walk
Edward Canring-
Edward Cant
Edward Capcrn
Edward Car-
Edward Cardinal
Edward Carl
Edward Carl - Apnl
Edward Carl - April
Edward Carl Yach
Edward Carlin
Edward Carling
Edward Carpenter sec
Edward Carpentier"
Edward Carrol
Edward Carroll
Edward Carson
Edward Carson Camp Bros Chapel
Edward Cart
Edward Carter — Edith Hall
Edward Cartier
Edward Carxoi
Edward Cathy Penfold
Edward Caulbeek
Edward Cavanaugh
Edward CAwOCD ;2-17
Edward Cecil Guinness
Edward Chamberlain
Edward Char-
Edward Char- Nephin
Edward Charbonneau
Edward Charles
Edward Charles Fabre
Edward Charles Lawn
Edward Charles Tanner
Edward Charles Turner
Edward Chartrand
Edward Chassie
Edward Chenier
Edward Chichester
Edward Choir
Edward Cholmeley
Edward Christie
Edward Christie.
Edward Cillon
Edward Clark
Edward Clarke
Edward Clatke
Edward Clauette
Edward Clousfcon
Edward Clyke
Edward Cnlleton
Edward Co
Edward Co.
Edward Coburn
Edward Coch
Edward Cochrane
Edward Coibett Sou
Edward Coke
Edward Colbert
Edward Cole
Edward Coles
Edward Collegiate
Edward Colton
Edward Community Centre
Edward Conditions
Edward Cone
Edward Connelly
Edward Conrad Allard
Edward Control
Edward Coomber
Edward Coons
Edward Cooper
Edward Copping
Edward Cornish
Edward Cornwallis
Edward Correll
Edward Corrigan
Edward Cosgrove
Edward Cosgrove It
Edward Coud-tie*
Edward Coun- Similarly
Edward Councillors
Edward Countier
Edward Counties
Edward County/Kingston
Edward County/Kingston-June
Edward Cousins
Edward Coveil
Edward Craig
Edward Craig Is
Edward Craig Weds Gale Logan At Starks
Edward Craig • Theresa Lalonde
Edward Craig.
Edward Crane
Edward Crawford
Edward Croasley
Edward Crowell
Edward Cu
Edward Cul-
Edward Cullcton
Edward Culletin
Edward Culleton
Edward Cun-
Edward Cunning
Edward Cunning*
Edward Cunning-Mrs
Edward Cunningham
Edward Cunningham 512 Cooper
Edward Cutback
Edward D Radey
Edward D-
Edward D.<gg
Edward D.iqq
Edward Da
Edward Da<
Edward Dag
Edward Dag*
Edward Dagenais
Edward Dagenois
Edward Dagg
Edward Dagg Lil-brated
Edward Dagg—Bristol-South Onslow
Edward Dago
Edward Dago No. 2
Edward Dags
Edward Dai.k
Edward Dai.k W.M.
Edward Dal
Edward Dal*
Edward Dal* W.
Edward Dale
Edward Dale 1008
Edward Dale VV.M. Reu
Edward Dale W.
Edward Dale W.M.
Edward Dale W.M. Reo
Edward Dale W.M. Rru
Edward Dale Would
Edward Dale.
Edward Daley
Edward Dale’s
Edward Dale’s Moved
Edward Dali
Edward Dali W.
Edward Dali XV.
Edward Dalis
Edward Dalk
Edward Dalk W.M.
Edward Dalk W.M. Reo
Edward Dalv.
Edward Dam
Edward Davi
Edward David
Edward Davie
Edward Davies
Edward Davis
Edward Davis 189798
Edward Davis bay
Edward Davis Moore
Edward Davis Reserve Grand
Edward Davis) Thomas S. Jewell
Edward Davison
Edward DavK A.
Edward DavK Mayor
Edward Dawson
Edward Day
Edward Dcsabrais
Edward Deaaelly Ufr
Edward Deartment
Edward Dee
Edward Degnais
Edward Delà
Edward Délabrais
Edward Delaur- Dempsey
Edward Delaurier
Edward Delavnn
Edward DeLisle
Edward Denault
Edward Deneault
Edward Dentist
Edward Derby
Edward Desa-brais
Edward Desabrais
Edward Desabris
Edward Desebrais
Edward Desjeidin
Edward Detmold
Edward Devlin
Edward Dion
Edward Dittberner
Edward Dock
Edward Dodd
Edward Dods
Edward Doherty
Edward Doherty - Elsie
Edward Doherty- Mr
Edward Dolan
Edward Dominion Parliament
Edward Donlan
Edward Donnelly
Edward Donovan
Edward Donston
Edward Doty
Edward Dougias
Edward Douglas.
Edward Dove Moore Rusenstrom
Edward Dowdell
Edward Dowe
Edward Dowe-Cedar Posts-$
Edward Downey
Edward Downliam
Edward Dp
Edward Dr R. Currie
Edward Drew
Edward Drew—children
Edward Driscoll
Edward Drive
Edward Drochshyn
Edward Drummond
Edward Du
Edward Dubcau
Edward Dube
Edward Dubeau
Edward Dubeau’s
Edward Duffield
Edward Duke
Edward Dulwer Lytton
Edward Dunbar
Edward During
Edward E Wil
Edward E. Bomar
Edward E. Johnson
Edward E. Smil-
Edward E?u
Edward Eades
Edward Ecdee St.
Edward Echue-
Edward Eckert Camp Pet-
Edward Edwards
Edward EE 236-0444
Edward EE 236-0444 H O M E S SHA/VVLLE DBG
Edward Egan
Edward Eggleston
Edward Eldon
Edward Elephant
Edward Elephant Divide
Edward Elgar
Edward Em
Edward Emile Morin
Edward Emmerson
Edward End
Edward Ends
Edward Enright
Edward Epps
Edward Ernest Quyon
Edward Evelyn Thacker
Edward Everett
Edward Everett Horton
Edward Ev«
Edward Ewart
Edward Experiment
Edward F
Edward F@dS Willing
Edward Fades
Edward Fafard
Edward Farimacci
Edward Farrar
Edward Farrell
Edward Farrell Miss Loretta Gavan
Edward Ferdinand Emil Steinke
Edward Ferguson
Edward Ferrall
Edward Ffodgins
Edward Fi-lier
Edward Fillator
Edward Fillator FREE REMNANT Bessie Margaret
Edward Finan
Edward Findlay
Edward Findlay Predeceased
Edward Finlan
Edward Finlay
Edward Finnigan
Edward Firobin
Edward FitzGerald
Edward Fleming
Edward Fleurent
Edward Flood
Edward Floody
Edward Flying
Edward Foils Impecuious Nibles
Edward Fokes
Edward For
Edward Force
Edward Foreman
Edward Forreot
Edward Forrest
Edward Foster
Edward Fox Wire
Edward Fraleigh
Edward Francis
Edward Francis Dolan
Edward Fraser
Edward Fred Os- SASHES.
Edward Frederick Mathias
Edward Frederick Steinke
Edward Fronde Seagram
Edward Frost
Edward Frost’s
Edward Fry
Edward FrzOerald
Edward Full Instructions
Edward Fully
Edward Furimsky
Edward G
Edward G. Robinson
Edward G. Robinson Constance Gumming
Edward G. Robinson Technicolor Sunday
Edward Gadd
Edward Gagain
Edward Gagerknecht
Edward Gagnon
Edward Gagon
Edward Gait
Edward Gallagher
Edward Gardener
Edward Gary Culleton
Edward Gaudette
Edward Gauthier
Edward Gavan
Edward Gaw
Edward Gentle
Edward Gerber
Edward Gib-
Edward Gib-1 June 1st
Edward Gib-I
Edward Gibbon
Edward Gibbons
Edward Gibbons I H Gibbons-Bruce
Edward Gibbons Le®al
Edward Gibbons O Ê%
Edward Gibbon»
Edward Gibbous
Edward Gibbs
Edward Gibson
Edward Gibson Dies
Edward Giles
Edward Gilliat
Edward Gillis
Edward Gisham
Edward Gleeson
Edward Glenn
Edward Go Armed
Edward Good
Edward Gorman
Edward Gra-
Edward Gra-velle
Edward Grace
Edward Grace PPHS
Edward Grades VII
Edward Graham
Edward Graham 1
Edward Graham 1898-1901
Edward Graham 2
Edward Graham 3. Heifer
Edward Graham Bristol
Edward Graham Elmside
Edward Graham Resident
Edward Graham Rqr
Edward Graham XESDAY
Edward Graham.
Edward Grahami
Edward Graham’s
Edward Grand
Edward Grant
Edward Grant.
Edward Grave
Edward Gravel
Edward Gravelle
Edward Gray
Edward Green
Edward Greene
Edward Greenshielda
Edward Greer
Edward Gregory
Edward Grev.
Edward Grey
Edward Grey During Most Serious Crisis
Edward Grey’s
Edward Griffiths
Edward Grigg
Edward Grovelle
Edward Guerin
Edward Guest
Edward Gueyne
Edward Guile
Edward Guillaume Their
Edward Gurney
Edward H
Edward H (Ned
Edward H Dew
Edward H McColgan
Edward H McColgan HOUSE
Edward H Mee
Edward H «gar
Edward H. McColgan
Edward H. Mee
Edward H. Mee Passes After Lengthy Ilines
Edward H. Mes
Edward H. S. Elliott
Edward H. Seymour
Edward H. Webb
Edward H. Workman
Edward Ha/ Fr Peter G. Prou
Edward Hackbush
Edward Hades
Edward Haerty
Edward Hahn
Edward Hahn- Mother
Edward Haitian
Edward Halkey
Edward Hall
Edward Hall Alderson
Edward Ham
Edward Hamilton
Edward Hamilton Grove Cemetery
Edward Hamilton Mr. George Preside
Edward Hamilton Seymour
Edward Hancox
Edward Hanlan
Edward Hanlon
Edward Hanlon Hammond
Edward Hanson
Edward Harder
Edward Hardy
Edward Hargreaves
Edward Hark
Edward Harley Richard-
Edward Harley Richardson Proud
Edward Harris ,oC Richmond
Edward Hartley Dewart
Edward Harvev
Edward Hastings Kingston
Edward Hat
Edward Haughlon SO MILNE.
Edward Haughton
Edward Hayes
Edward HcOurk
Edward He
Edward Healey
Edward Hear-
Edward Heard
Edward Hearn
Edward Hearty
Edward Heath
Edward Hebert
Edward Heeling
Edward Heifer Calf Jr- Bobby
Edward Hennessy
Edward Hester
Edward Hetherington
Edward Hev Fr Pater
Edward Hev Fr Peter G Prou
Edward HI
Edward Hickey
Edward Highway Motion—
Edward Hill
Edward Hill During
Edward Hinchy Hod-gins
Edward Hincka
Edward Hitt
Edward HL
Edward Ho&
Edward Hobbs
Edward Hobbs Mee
Edward Hod
Edward Hod-
Edward Hod-gins
Edward Hod-gins John Brownlee
Edward Hod-Light
Edward Hod-•
Edward Hodciinh
Edward Hodgin-,
Edward Hodgina
Edward Hodgins
Edward Hodgins 1883-84
Edward Hodgins and William A. Hod-gins
Edward Hodgins Many
Edward Hodgins Mayor
Edward Hodgins Motion
Edward Hodgins October
Edward Hodgiw
Edward Hodglna
Edward Hodglns
Edward Hodgms
Edward Hodgtus
Edward Hodwlns
Edward Hollinsworth
Edward Holmes
Edward Holy Tnnity
Edward Homer
Edward Hooper
Edward Hoophr
Edward Hoopkr
Edward HoQ#
Edward Horigins
Edward Horn
Edward Horner
Edward Hornkr
Edward Horse
Edward Hosz-
Edward Hotel
Edward Hotel Waverley
Edward Houghton W. Eûward Houghton
Edward Howard
Edward Howard Griggs New
Edward Hubbell
Edward Hubert
Edward Huckabone
Edward Hudgins
Edward Hudgins 1
Edward Hudgins Coeds
Edward Hudson
Edward Hug-
Edward Hughes
Edward Hughes SHAWVILLE
Edward Hull
Edward Hungerford
Edward Hungerford Some
Edward Hupman
Edward Hurley
Edward Hutchinson
Edward Hutchison
Edward Hutton
Edward Hvrtslet
Edward Hw Fr Peter G Prou
Edward Hw Fr Peter G. Prou
Edward I
Edward I .a
Edward I Craig
Edward I I Elliott
Edward I Municipality
Edward I)
Edward I)alk W.M. Rko
Edward I-land
Edward I.dnid
Edward I>a>is
Edward IaGverrier
Edward Ialand
Edward Ibslgiu*
Edward IcJand
Edward If
Edward If.
Edward Ifoare
Edward Ihomp-
Edward II
Edward II.
Edward III
Edward III Son
Edward III.
Edward III.™
Edward IIoluinh
Edward Ikechmc
Edward Ilanlan
Edward Ill
Edward Ill’s
Edward Ilodgine—$5.75—be
Edward In June
Edward Inland
Edward Inland Fox
Edward Inland Railway
Edward Ins Majesty
Edward Ira Whclen
Edward Irksome
Edward Irvine
Edward Irvting
Edward Is
Edward Is Destined
Edward Is Very With His Presents This
Edward Is''and
Edward Is-
Edward Is-Alberta
Edward Is-ceived
Edward Is-ghan
Edward Is-mugs
Edward Is-with Inspector Norton
Edward Is.
Edward Iskand
Edward Isl Newfoundland
Edward IslaiM** Tub Committee
Edward Island
Edward Island VOICE
Edward Island 2. QUEEN’S- McLean
Edward Island 3
Edward Island 8.
Edward Island Album
Edward Island BM
Edward Island Board
Edward Island Brian McCoshen
Edward Island Car Ferry
Edward Island Drain Under
Edward Island Experimental Station
Edward Island Fisheries Bureau
Edward Island Florida Panthers
Edward Island Has Greatest Percentage
Edward Island Heather H
Edward Island Industry Started
Edward Island Is
Edward Island Joined
Edward Island M. Mat
Edward Island Manitoba
Edward Island Mr. Reid
Edward Island Nature Trust
Edward Island Nova Scotia
Edward Island Oyster Experimental Station
Edward Island Potatoes
Edward Island Rail-
Edward Island Railwa
Edward Island s Jo
Edward Island Saskatchewan
Edward Island Senator WHAT RIBBONS MEAN.
Edward Island Sunday
Edward Island Supreme
Edward Island Vancouver
Edward Island Ward
Edward Island X
Edward Island*
Edward Island--Marine
Edward Islander
Edward Islanders
Edward Islands
Edward Island—Hon
Edward Island—iqually
Edward Island—P.
Edward Island—potato
Edward Island—Violet
Edward Island’s
Edward Isle
Edward Islsnd
Edward It
Edward It Parish
Edward IT*
Edward ITagg
Edward Iter Fr Anter G Prou
Edward Itocyshyn
Edward IV
Edward IV.
Edward IVake
Edward I—despite
Edward J Cosgrove
Edward J Hear- Rushlow
Edward J Hearty
Edward J Lueders
Edward J McCann
Edward J McGarry
Edward J McGuire
Edward J Rich- Canada
Edward J What
Edward J** R°
Edward J. Brennan Sr.
Edward J. Hetherington
Edward J. Holmes
Edward J. Smith
Edward J.«niter Introduced
Edward James
Edward James Aylmer Aylmer
Edward James Bell
Edward James Blackall
Edward James Holland
Edward James Mahlon Hayes
Edward James Martin
Edward Jean-Marie
Edward Jeff Trudeau
Edward Jenmnks
Edward Jenner
Edward Jennings
Edward Jessup
Edward Jjl
Edward John Cunningham
Edward John Fierobin
Edward John Hetherington
Edward John.
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson Dood
Edward Johnston Mrs. Edward Johnston
Edward Jolicoeur
Edward Jones
Edward Jones Branch
Edward Jones Limited
Edward Jones RRSP.
Edward Jonuor
Edward Jordan
Edward Joseph
Edward Joseph On
Edward Jr
Edward Js-er
Edward Judd
Edward K CARDS
Edward K T* Hoixiins
Edward Ka- Mr. Ebert Beattie
Edward Ka-Service
Edward Ka-vanegh
Edward Kadt Personals
Edward Karl
Edward Kav
Edward Kav-
Edward Kav- Litchfield Council
Edward Kav-:n
Edward Kav-arïagh
Edward Kava-
Edward Kavaiagh
Edward Kavan-
Edward Kavan-augh
Edward Kavan-igh .seconded
Edward Kavan-|
Edward Kavanafrh
Edward Kavanagh
Edward Kavanagh Council
Edward Kavanagh Councillor
Edward Kavanagh Dills
Edward Kavanagh Ernest Hearty
Edward Kavanagh Kavanagh
Edward Kavanagh Mayor
Edward Kavanagh Mr
Edward Kavanagh OUR
Edward Kavanagh Sac-Trees
Edward Kavanagh Sec-Trees
Edward Kavanagh Stelnke Summer Dresses
Edward Kavanagh Vinton
Edward Kavanagii
Edward Kavanaugh
Edward Kavanaugh Bills
Edward Kavanaugh Section 6
Edward Kavanaugh Sunday
Edward Kavannugh
Edward Kavenegh
Edward Kcnncdy
Edward Kearney
Edward Keeler
Edward Keen
Edward Keith ryi
Edward Kel- Gisèle Ralston
Edward Kel- Grade Nine
Edward Kelley
Edward Kelley -
Edward Kelley.
Edward Kellv -
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly -
Edward Kelly - 29L60 Shaw
Edward Kelly .who
Edward Kelly 111.76
Edward Kelly 1248.48
Edward Kelly 135.12
Edward Kelly 146.20 Richard Bowie 25.30 Gordon Paul Ins
Edward Kelly 16.96
Edward Kelly 322.84
Edward Kelly 40.80
Edward Kelly 418.88
Edward Kelly 647-5571
Edward Kelly 668
Edward Kelly 739.38 Mis Karl FlndUy
Edward Kelly 745.80
Edward Kelly 882
Edward Kelly 964.60;Harvey
Edward Kelly Dan A John Kelly Trucking Judy
Edward Kelly Ed Kelly
Edward Kelly Estate Fund
Edward Kelly January
Edward Kelly Motion Cr Ireland
Edward Kelly s
Edward Kelly to Christopher Walls
Edward Kelly-
Edward Kelly- 863.68
Edward Kelly.
Edward Kelly............ Thomas Gallagher........ Leo Elliott..............
Edward Kellys
Edward Kelly’s
Edward Kelly’s tender Motion Cr Tubman
Edward Kemp
Edward Kemp—Minister
Edward KeMy 343.80;
Edward Ken-
Edward Ken- F^onc Co.
Edward Ken- L I)|ploma Agriculture
Edward Ken- Mary Louise
Edward Kenn-Flower
Edward Kennedy
Edward Kennedy Beach
Edward Kennedy BETHEL
Edward Kennedy Dulcic Elliott
Edward Kennedy Education
Edward Kennedy Men
Edward Kennedy Mrs Vin- T"
Edward Kennedy Press Convenor
Edward Kennedy Robinson
Edward Kennedy S3
Edward Kennedy What
Edward Kerr
Edward KeUy
Edward KeUy 66.20
Edward Key-
Edward Keyserlingk
Edward Kibbee
Edward Kidd
Edward Kielcr Arrangements
Edward Kilpatrick
Edward Kilroy
Edward King
Edward Kings
Edward Kingston
Edward Klassen
Edward Klemm
Edward Kluke
Edward Knapp
Edward KNOX
Edward Kob
Edward Kpvanaugh
Edward Krammer Emerson
Edward Krammik Emerson
Edward Kress
Edward Krizuk
Edward Krnmtinger
Edward Ktv-ana
Edward Kudos 3(
Edward Kwily
Edward L
Edward L Lawn
Edward L Montoro Presentation
Edward L. Henlz
Edward L. Ripley
Edward La
Edward La France
Edward Labelle
Edward Lac
Edward Lachance
Edward Lada
Edward Laforest
Edward Lafrance Sr.
Edward LaGuerrier
Edward Lair
Edward Lake
Edward Lame
Edward Lament
Edward Lamont- Onslow
Edward Lancaster
Edward Lance
Edward Lance.
Edward Landon
Edward Lane
Edward Langevin
Edward Lapointe
Edward Lariviere
Edward Latour
Edward Laurentlen Hôpital
Edward Laurin
Edward Lavigne
Edward Lawn
Edward Lawn Bereaved
Edward Lawson
Edward Lawson’s
Edward Lcalicy
Edward LcGucrrier
Edward LcGuerricr
Edward LcGuerrier
Edward Le Guerrier
Edward Le-
Edward Le- Bean
Edward Le-Guerrier
Edward Leach
Edward Leadley
Edward Leads
Edward Lear
Edward Lee
Edward LeFanee
Edward Lefevre 1876-77
Edward Legge’a
Edward LeGucrricr
Edward LeGuerricr
Edward LeGuerrier
Edward LeGuerrier Fort Cou
Edward Lelbach
Edward Leonard Ave
Edward LeOuer-rler
Edward Letclimerc
Edward Levine McLean
Edward Levy
Edward Lewis
Edward Lie Seventh
Edward Lille
Edward Linde
Edward Lindsey
Edward Line
Edward Liscombe
Edward Litchfield
Edward Litle
Edward Livingston
Edward Li»
Edward Lloyd
Edward Lloyd.
Edward Locke-
Edward Logan Drummond
Edward Loken
Edward Lowden
Edward Lt
Edward Ltacotrfbe
Edward Lumber
Edward Lumsden
Edward Lunam
Edward Lunam XS4
Edward Lv
Edward Lydall
Edward Lynch
Edward Lytton
Edward M
Edward M E. "Ted"
Edward M Is
Edward M. A. McKinley
Edward M. and Clifford G.
Edward M. Pat Allard
Edward Ma
Edward Macaulay
Edward MacDowell
Edward Mackey Elgar
Edward MacLean
Edward Maclnnee
Edward Maclnnes
Edward MacNeil
Edward MacNeU
Edward Madden
Edward Made
Edward Maguire
Edward Maher
Edward Maheral
Edward Mahlits
Edward Mahlitz
Edward Mahlon Hayes
Edward Mai-j
Edward Mainly
Edward Maire
Edward Mal-Vlbert
Edward Malctte
Edward Male
Edward Malet
Edward Malette
Edward Malette TRUE
Edward Mallette
Edward Malloch
Edward Malone
Edward Maltte
Edward Mand
Edward Manley Wheat Competition
Edward Marcotte
Edward Marrie R.R.
Edward Marshal
Edward Marshall
Edward Martin
Edward Martin Biological Laboratory
Edward Mathieson
Edward Mattauz
Edward Maud
Edward Maud Made
Edward Maxsom
Edward Maxson
Edward May Trowern
Edward Mayberry
Edward Mayhew
Edward Mayor
Edward Mayor.
Edward Mc M- Me
Edward Mc(
Edward Mc- Colgan Sr.
Edward McAlpine
Edward McAra
Edward McAro
Edward McCaig
Edward McCann
Edward McCara
Edward McCarthy
Edward McCéinn
Edward McClennan
Edward McCoH BA
Edward McCoigan
Edward McCol-
Edward McCol-gan
Edward McCol-gen
Edward McColgan
Edward McColgan Ottawa
Edward McColgan St
Edward McCord
Edward McCord Roy
Edward McCotgan
Edward McCoy.
Edward McCulgun
Edward McCullough
Edward McDonell
Edward McDowell
Edward Mce
Edward McFall
Edward McGee
Edward McGillivary Lake Manieur
Edward McGillivary Lake Menieur
Edward McGowan
Edward McHugh
Edward McK
Edward McKee
Edward McKenney
Edward McKyes
Edward McL
Edward McLainon
Edward McLamon
Edward McLanon Hoioured
Edward McLaren
Edward McLarnon
Edward McLarnon Dies
Edward McLaughlin
Edward McLean
Edward McLel-
Edward McLellan
Edward McLnrnon
Edward McMa
Edward McManaman
Edward McManus
Edward McNamara
Edward McNamara IF
Edward McNcely
Edward McNeil
Edward McNiff
Edward McNlff
Edward McOuat
Edward Me
Edward Me Larne
Edward Me-
Edward Me-Larxon
Edward Mee
Edward Meefor
Edward MeGillivery Lake Manieur
Edward Megrath
Edward Mel-lanby
Edward MeLamon’s
Edward Mellahby
Edward Mellanby
Edward MeN.
Edward Mendelson
Edward MeOuat
Edward Mercer
Edward Messis
Edward Me—
Edward MI
Edward Mi-
Edward Miall
Edward Michael Kenndy
Edward Michaud
Edward Michaud 184
Edward Michaud Highway
Edward Michaud Mary-raised
Edward Mielkie
Edward Milford
Edward Millar
Edward Miller
Edward Millions
Edward Milton
Edward Milts
Edward Miner
Edward MlptP
Edward MoColgan
Edward Moe, Jr,
Edward Mom
Edward Mom-son
Edward Montagu
Edward Montgomery
Edward Montreal Canadians
Edward Moo
Edward Moore
Edward Mor
Edward Mor- Grade IVa
Edward Mor- Jones
Edward Moran
Edward Morgan
Edward Morin
Edward Morri-Lois Nadeau
Edward Morris
Edward Morris Premier
Edward Morrison
Edward Morrison 2603* V I *rf Rev. R 649
Edward Morrissey
Edward Morrissey’s
Edward Morton
Edward Mos- J Uondon
Edward Moses
Edward Mosley
Edward Mosseau
Edward Most Canadians
Edward Motion
Edward Moummu
Edward Mous-Lee
Edward Mou—eau
Edward Moved
Edward Moyle
Edward MPS.
Edward Mr. Toonie
Edward MrCad-A
Edward Mrs Carson Russell
Edward Mrs John Walsh Sr.
Edward Mrs. Walter Clarke
Edward Msrrlt
Edward Mte
Edward Mul- Eganvil
Edward Mulettc
Edward Mulrooney
Edward Mumhy
Edward Munn
Edward Murdock
Edward Murphy
Edward Murray
Edward Murray Wrong
Edward Murrells
Edward Murrow
Edward Muy-
Edward Muybridge
Edward MvLamon
Edward MvLvllan
Edward N
Edward N. Wentworth
Edward Narlock
Edward Nash
Edward Neil Farrell
Edward Nelson
Edward Neuficld
Edward Newton
Edward No
Edward Nolin
Edward Noonan
Edward Nor- C|$
Edward Nor-got
Edward Normandeau
Edward Norris
Edward November
Edward Noyee
Edward Nyanza
Edward O -
Edward O - Royal Mainville
Edward O Bnen
Edward O Brien
Edward O Connor
Edward O Dwyer
Edward O Reilly ONLY Mrs Edward O Reilly
Edward O''Reilly
Edward O-
Edward O. Smith
Edward O.raham
Edward Obituary
Edward OBrien
Edward Offered
Edward Often Talks
Edward Oldrmg
Edward Ontario
Edward Orey
Edward Ormerod
Edward Orton
Edward Other
Edward Ottawa
Edward Oucllet
Edward Oudlett at Campbell
Edward Ouellette
Edward Oulette
Edward Owens Ont Minutes
Edward Oxford
Edward O’Brien
Edward O’Meara
Edward O’Reilly
Edward O’ReiUy
Edward P
Edward P Trudeau
Edward P. Adams Manager - Personnel Timminco Metals Haley
Edward P.A. Timmins
Edward P.tt
Edward Paetzel
Edward Pall
Edward Palmer
Edward Palmer WANTED
Edward Paquette
Edward Parce
Edward Pare
Edward Parec
Edward Parie
Edward Parish
Edward Parrott
Edward Parry
Edward Passas
Edward Passmore
Edward Patrick
Edward Patrick - Feb.
Edward Patrick McCool
Edward Patrick Mulligan
Edward Patry
Edward Paul
Edward Pay
Edward Payson Weston
Edward Payson Willis
Edward Payton Wee-j London
Edward Pearson Warner
Edward Pease
Edward Pecotte 2
Edward Pemberton
Edward Perrier
Edward Perrier Merrimack
Edward Perrier PBL 3
Edward Perry
Edward Pertn^n*_°
Edward Pfcrk
Edward Phelps
Edward Phillips
Edward Pi
Edward Picard Visiting
Edward Picotte
Edward Pilon
Edward Piootte 2. W*V
Edward Piootte 3.
Edward Pirie
Edward Pitt Campbell’s
Edward Pitt I
Edward Pitt JOHN
Edward PIU
Edward Play
Edward Playter
Edward Poirier
Edward Poirier Open Liquid Modified Trail Sled Mike Carroll Sled Mike Carroll
Edward Poirier Open Modified Fan Gerald Colburn
Edward Polec
Edward Pontiac Pools Reg’d Les Piscines Pontiac Enr’g
Edward Pontiacs
Edward Power
Edward Poynter
Edward Present
Edward Price
Edward Price Ladysmith School
Edward Prices
Edward Priest
Edward Prince
Edward Procter
Edward Procyshyn
Edward Proposé
Edward Pryor
Edward Pulley
Edward Q. Robinson
Edward Que
Edward Quebec
Edward Quinn
Edward Quirk
Edward Quyon
Edward R Dagg
Edward R McColoan
Edward R Me Colgan
Edward R. Vaughan People’s Warden
Edward Ra-
Edward Radam
Edward Radcy
Edward Radey
Edward Radey - Sale
Edward Radford
Edward Raf V Too BcsU.Y
Edward Rainville
Edward Ramsay
Edward Ran- Mrs
Edward Ranger
Edward Ranger *30.00
Edward Rar Fr Rater G Prou
Edward Rausch
Edward Raymond
Edward Raymond Johnston
Edward Re* Fr Rater G Prou
Edward Re/ Fr Pater
Edward Rebeaud
Edward Recently Mrs Carl Price
Edward Regiment
Edward Reid
Edward Reid—notice
Edward Reitsma
Edward Renfrew
Edward Renfrew N.... Renfrew
Edward Retd
Edward Rev D MacPheraon
Edward Rev Ff
Edward Rev Ff Peter G Prou
Edward Rev Fr
Edward Rev Fr Paler G Proutx 647-5562
Edward Rev Fr Pater G
Edward Rev Fr Pater G Prou
Edward Rev Fr Peler
Edward Rev Fr Peter G Prou
Edward Rev Fr Peter G Proubc
Edward Rev Fr Peter G. Pmulx
Edward Rev Fr Peter G. Prou
Edward Rev Fr Prier G Proutx 647-6662
Edward Rev Fr Rater
Edward Rev Fr Rater G
Edward Rev Fr Rater G Prou
Edward Rev Fritter G Prou
Edward Rev P.G.
Edward Rev Peier G Proulx 647-5562
Edward Rev Peler G
Edward Rev Peter G
Edward Rev Peter G Proulx 647
Edward Rev Peter G Proulx 647-5562 Mass
Edward Rev Peter G Proulx 647-6562 Masa Saturday
Edward Rev Peter G. Proulx
Edward Rev Rater G Prou
Edward Rev. Baird
Edward RevFf PWarG Proubt
Edward RevFr PWerG Proutx
Edward RevP
Edward RevP G Proulx 647-5562
Edward RevP.G ProuU
Edward Rhody
Edward Ricard
Edward Ricard 1808.00
Edward Richard
Edward Richards
Edward Richardson
Edward Richardson Murray
Edward Rielly
Edward Ring
Edward Ringrose
Edward Risto
Edward Rivard
Edward Robert
Edward Robert Brothers Father Charles McColgan
Edward Robert —Carried
Edward Robin -rence Tracy
Edward Robin-
Edward Robin-place
Edward Robinson
Edward Robishaw
Edward Rollins Died
Edward Romain
Edward Romkey
Edward Romkry
Edward Ronald
Edward Rooney
Edward Rose
Edward Rouselle
Edward Rousselle
Edward Routledge
Edward Rowland
Edward Ru
Edward Ru Mixed
Edward Ru-
Edward Ru- But
Edward Ru- Pontiac Hockey
Edward Ru- Shawville
Edward Ru- Wins
Edward Ru-scoring
Edward Ru-Troy Coté
Edward Ruscn
Edward Ruscn-Stcve Allen
Edward Ruscnstrom
Edward Ruscnstrom J Pontiac Snowsuit Fund
Edward Rusen
Edward Rusen-
Edward Rusen- Ed Rusenstrom
Edward Rusen- Kichardson
Edward Rusen- Kimberley Harris
Edward Rusen- Towards
Edward Rusen-The Atoms
Edward Rusensfrom
Edward Rusenstrom
Edward Rusenstrom Braves
Edward Rusenstrom Kohoko
Edward Rusenstrom M.V.P.
Edward Rusenstrom Seat
Edward Rusenstrom Shawville
Edward Rusenstrum
Edward Rusentrom
Edward Rusinstrom
Edward Ruth
Edward Ryan
Edward R|ak«j
Edward R«r Fr Ftoter G Prou
Edward S
Edward s Chapel
Edward S Morrison
Edward s Parish
Edward S. Darkness
Edward S. Morse
Edward S. Smilev
Edward Salk
Edward Sallv
Edward Sally
Edward Sally.
Edward Salmon
Edward Samuel Hodgins
Edward Samuel Hodgins Jesire
Edward Samuel Hodgius
Edward Samuel Hudgins
Edward Sanatorium
Edward Sandwich—Four
Edward Sau.y
Edward Sauve
Edward Sch
Edward School
Edward Schreyer
Edward Schreyer Go
Edward Schreyer Gouverneur
Edward Schryer
Edward Schwartz
Edward Scott
Edward Séance
Edward Seibolt
Edward Selkirk Skead
Edward SEMO Pontiac
Edward Servants
Edward Seventh
Edward Seymour
Edward Sfharratt
Edward Shalla
Edward Sharratt
Edward Sheraton Hotel
Edward Sherwln
Edward Sherwood
Edward Shirley and Kelley Tanner
Edward Showers
Edward Shown
Edward Si
Edward Sicord
Edward Silas Stephens
Edward Sills
Edward Simard
Edward Simmons
Edward Sivmkv
Edward Skeldon
Edward Skirmy
Edward Sloan
Edward Slott
Edward Small
Edward Smiley
Edward Smiley and Margaret Thompson
Edward Smiley Dies
Edward Smiley Passes
Edward Smiley,------ Arthur Dagg
Edward Smith
Edward Smith Hoover
Edward Smith Morrison
Edward Smith Special
Edward Sn$
Edward Snvley
Edward Sohnitzer
Edward Sparling
Edward Sparling Dies At
Edward Spink
Edward Spinks
Edward Spots
Edward Spots-
Edward Spotswood
Edward Spotswood Jimmy
Edward Sr.Jean
Edward Ssland
Edward St
Edward St John
Edward St Louis
Edward St.
Edward St. Jean
Edward St. Jean 2
Edward Staf-
Edward Stafford
Edward Stafford Violet Trudeau
Edward Stanhope
Edward Stankcv.
Edward Stankey
Edward Stanley
Edward Stanton
Edward Stanton XV.
Edward Stantons
Edward Stcinke
Edward Stcttinius
Edward Ste Smith
Edward Steel
Edward Steele
Edward Steele’s
Edward Stein
Edward Steinke
Edward Stelnke
Edward Stelnke Sr
Edward Stenkie
Edward Stenkio
Edward Stennitt
Edward Sterling
Edward Stern Challenge
Edward Stern Chnl-
Edward Stevenson
Edward Stewart
Edward Stewart Kaitlin Hobbs
Edward Stich-ler
Edward Stickler
Edward Stickler James Edward Stickler
Edward Stockquelin
Edward Stockton
Edward Stoke
Edward Stokes
Edward Stone
Edward Stonier
Edward Stood
Edward Street
Edward Streets
Edward Strett
Edward Stubbs
Edward Succession
Edward Suggestion
Edward Sugrue
Edward Sullivan
Edward Sunk
Edward Sunlight Soap WOla BpttftD
Edward SUoott
Edward Suspenders
Edward Suspenders---- Duplex
Edward Sw.d.n—N.
Edward T Greene
Edward T Wrinn
Edward T. Dart
Edward T. Salmon
Edward Taber
Edward Tan-
Edward Tan- Auction
Edward Tan-(the
Edward Tanner
Edward Tanner Eh|e Tubman
Edward Tanner Shawville
Edward Tanners
Edward Tanner’s Kina Mosquito
Edward Taylor
Edward Tbrdinnick
Edward Teach
Edward Tel-in
Edward Tel-shortly
Edward Telford
Edward Telford*»
Edward Tenner
Edward Terzich
Edward Thanks His People
Edward The
Edward The Confessors
Edward The King
Edward The>
Edward Theo Morin
Edward There
Edward Tho
Edward Thom
Edward Thom- Winnipeg
Edward Thomas
Edward Thomas Brownlee
Edward Thomas Hodgin-s»
Edward Thomas Hodgins
Edward Thomas Hodglns
Edward Thomas Toner
Edward Thomas Whclen Dies HARLAND
Edward Thomas.
Edward Thomp
Edward Thomp-
Edward Thomp- Article
Edward Thomp- By-Law
Edward Thomp- Dalton Elliott
Edward Thomp- Evans
Edward Thomp- Thompson
Edward Thomp- Visitors
Edward Thomp-and Jeannette Gaudette
Edward Thomp-case
Edward Thomp-Gagnon
Edward Thomp-his
Edward Thomp-to
Edward Thompson
Edward Thompson Bene
Edward Thompson CampbelTs
Edward Thompson Heather
Edward Thompson On Good
Edward Thompson Taxes
Edward Thompson There
Edward Thoms
Edward Thorburn
Edward Thornton
Edward Thring
Edward Thwaits
Edward Tierney
Edward Tiffin
Edward Tim-
Edward Timmons
Edward Timmons.The
Edward Tisdale
Edward Titnming..... Michael Hayes
Edward Tnbmaji
Edward Tolfson
Edward Toner
Edward Towns
Edward Townsend
Edward Tru
Edward Trud- Mattawa
Edward Trudeau
Edward Tubman
Edward Tubman SI.
Edward Tubman Thursday
Edward Tubmen
Edward Tuner
Edward Turman
Edward Turner
Edward Twister
Edward Tyme Fiddle Show
Edward Tyrrel Smith
Edward Ua
Edward Ulako
Edward Uorman
Edward Urban Curley
Edward Useful Heart
Edward V
Edward V. Douglas
Edward V. Lawn
Edward Van Courtland
Edward Vance
Edward Vaugh-of
Edward Vaughan
Edward Vaugluin
Edward Veiiy
Edward Venne
Edward Verniia
Edward Vfi
Edward Vft.
Edward VH
Edward VI
Edward VI.
Edward VII
Edward VII Land
Edward VII.
Edward VII.—the
Edward VII.’s
Edward VII.’s Regalia 1
Edward VIII
Edward VIL
Edward Villeneuve
Edward Villeneuve I
Edward Vl
Edward VlII’s Abdication Duchess
Edward Vll
Edward Vll Hospital
Edward Vo.
Edward Voting
Edward Vu
Edward VU..
Edward VUI
Edward W
Edward W Ins-
Edward W Olding
Edward W Workman
Edward W Workman 19044)5
Edward W. Clark
Edward W. M. S. Notes Island
Edward W. Nyo
Edward W. Tboumon
Edward W. Thomson
Edward Wake
Edward Wal-
Edward Walk
Edward Wall
Edward Wall Shawville
Edward Wallace
Edward Wallace Shawvllle
Edward Wallingford
Edward WALLS—In
Edward Walsh
Edward Walsh L
Edward Walton
Edward Walton’s
Edward Wand
Edward Ward
Edward Waring
Edward Warren Corless
Edward Warren Tubman
Edward Waters
Edward Watkln
Edward Watson
Edward Wawh
Edward Wbelen
Edward We
Edward Wearing
Edward Webb
Edward Weeks
Edward Weiss
Edward Weston
Edward Wh.telaw
Edward Whalen
Edward What
Edward Whclen
Edward Whelan
Edward Whelan Richard Richardson Nathaniel Brownlee John Brown Thomas Prendergast Robert Prendergas
Edward Whelcn
Edward WHelen
Edward Whelm
Edward Whew 500.
Edward Whie* Bew
Edward White
Edward White Benson
Edward Whittle
Edward Whosead
Edward Whym-ter
Edward Wiggam
Edward William
Edward William Arthur
Edward William Work
Edward William Work-
Edward William Workman
Edward William Workmen Workman
Edward Williams
Edward Wilmot Blyden
Edward Wilshaw
Edward Wilson
Edward Wilton
Edward Winslow
Edward With
Edward WJdgina
Edward Wm Hanna
Edward Wnnn
Edward Wolfe
Edward Word
Edward Workman
Edward Wren
Edward Wrien
Edward Wright
Edward Wrinn
Edward Wrinn’s
Edward Wrirm
Edward Wrlnn
Edward Wstkin
Edward Wylie
Edward X II.
Edward XII Lend
Edward Xray
Edward XV.
Edward XVhelena Pf
Edward Yach
Edward Yach) Shawvilk
Edward Yaeh
Edward Yech
Edward Yestey
Edward Yll
Edward Ylt
Edward You
Edward Young
Edward Young There
Edward Young Two
Edward Ypma
Edward Z mmerling
Edward Zacharias
Edward Zimerling
Edward Zimmer-ling
Edward Zimmeriing
Edward Zimmerling
Edward Zimmerling Mabel Zachanas
Edward Zimmerling Regular
Edward | Kelly 328.80
Edward" Brand
Edward) Adams
Edward’s Mazda
Edward’s Parish
Edwin Mrs Martha Schwartz
Edwin Ward Mrs.
EEœEE- Hpr Mrs. Rouleau
Eg- Mrs. W J. Horner St Family
Eggshell Young
EH BB HSriti Quebec Young Farmers
EHTtB E B - Mrs.
Eihel Young
Eileen (Mrs Clifford Stone
Eileen (Mrs Lloyd McCoristan
Eileen Childs Taylor Anne Our Drenth - Taylor Anne Trinity Margaret Nathan Griffin Edward Cole Hale
Eileen Colton Mrs
Eileen Kolaya Edward Brennan Jr,
Eileen La- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Eileen LiihIIa Young
Eileen s Mrs Ahart Fierobin
Eileen Young
El- Mrs. Eleanor Beamish
El- W.M Hayes
Elaine ( Mrs B Palmer
Elaine Beck Mrs Evangeline Robinson
Elaine Chamber- Bob Young Gladvs
Elaine Crawford Mrs Willis Crawford
Elaine Godin Mae Stafford Young
Elaine Hayes
Elaine Mrs Ed Gutoski
Elaine Mrs.
Elaine Mrs. Hector Racine
Elaine Pal-, Mrs. William Rueckwald
Elaine Young
Elden Young
Eleanor C Hayes
Eleanor Hayes
Eleanor Hayes Agricultural Bus
Eleanor Hayes Marathon Bicycle Races Arts
Eleanor Hayes Prize
Eleanor Mrs Bernard Denault
Eleanor Smith Mrs
Election Clerk - Mrs Mary Ann Senack PoH 3
Election Clerk: Mrs Elaine Sloan
Elementary Hayes
Elementary—Miss Hayes
Elisa A. Young
Elisabeth Young
Eliza Ann Mrs. Morrison
Eliza Brown Young
Elizabeth (Hayes
Elizabeth Adel* Stanhope For- Mrs. Forbes
Elizabeth Edward-,
Elizabeth Gravelle Clarence
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Anna Miljour
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Gedeon Dubeau
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Grace Quaile
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Albert Richard
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Cecile Gagnon
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Evelyn Plager
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Hilliard Roberts
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Jim Deforce Ms. Yvonne Mayhew
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Norman Marr
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Olive Mouette
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Wilda Cartier
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur La
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur Labelle Mrs Hannah Zacharias
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Donald Ostrorr
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Elizabeth Hayes
Elizabeth Melrose Beverly Young
Elizabeth Morrison By Appointment Mrs Elizabeth Morrison
Elizabeth Mrs
Elizabeth Mrs Gary Valance
Elizabeth Mrs. Reginald Wilson
Elizabeth Mrs. Thos
Elizabeth Mul- Mrs Ryan Benoit
Elizabeth Popkey Mrs
Elizabeth Ross Mrs. Robert Carswell
Elizabeth Salway Mrs. Reuben Smith
Elizabeth Wharry Mrs.
Elizabeth Young
Elizabeth Young Jus*
Elizabeth Young Sculpture
Ella (Mrs Lloyd Stewart
Ella Dumouchel Mrs Ella Dumouchel
Ella Flagg Young
Ella Hayes
Ella Horner Mrs Myrtle Harris
Ella Mary Young
Ella Young
Ella) Mrs J J. McCallum
Ella) Mrs. Camille Dumouchel
Ellen Hayes
Ellen Latimer Mrs Walter Ebert Mrs Bill Lavender Mrs Dale Van Patten
Ellen McCrea Hayes
Ellen Uplerre Mrs. Herald Smiley Richard Gibbons Mrs.
Ellen Young
Ellen Young 329
Ellen) Mrs. Harvey Pilgrim
Elliot Mrs
Elliott Clifford Horner ....... Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner ........ Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner....... Mrs Chris.
Elliott Hodg- I Mrs- Palmer
Elliott Mrs
Elliott Mrs Dave Stewart
Elliott Mrs Dwight McDowell
Elliott Mrs N L DagR
Elliott Mrs. Arthür Thomas Neil Sparling I Evelyn A. Scott Peter Hodglns Mrs. S.R.N.
Elliott Mrs. Clarence Knox
Elliott Mrs. Harper Youi*
Elliott Mrs. Hulbert Armstrong Kathleen E. Hodgins
Elliott Mrs. Hulbert Armstrong Kathleen E. Hodgins Mrs. Iva P. Clark
Elliott Mrs. Wip McKinley
Elliott Mrs. Wm
Elliott Peter Edward Smiley Buried At Perth Those
Elliott Treasurer- Mrs
Elmer Hayes
Elsie Spar- Hayes
Elvin Clarence
Elvis Pre-Mrs
Elvis Presley Mery Tyler Moore Family Entertainment Mrs Lennie Workman Mrs.
Elwyn Mrs, Joan Belsher
Elwyn Young
Emard Dean Family Entertains Mrs. David Russell Sincerely
EMBALMING A V W. J. HAYES Cream Separator
Embden Young Gander
Embden Young Goose
Embroidery Mrs G Olmstead Guitar Charlie Sohomer
Embyle Hayes
Emily Cahill Larry Black Gwen Black Clarence Shea Gertrude Patry
Emily I Mrs. Wilbert Rueckwald
Emily Mrs Bud Sloan
Emily Samuel Hayes
Emily Young Hodgins
Emma ( Mrs Eric Copeland
Emma (Mrs
Emma (Mrs E Copeland
Emma (Mrs Kenneth Hodgins
Emma .Mrs Wm Hogarth
Emma chair Mrs Garth Graham Miette
Emma Doreen Young Young - Scott
Emma Hearty Delmer Clarence
Emma Jean Marie Mrs Edmund Hodgins
Emma Mrs Boulter Left Home
Emma Mrs. Clara Grant
Emma Sfewarl Mrs Emma Stewart
Emma Tanner - Mrs Mary Allan
Emma Young
Emma) Mrs. Theo Steinke
Emmerson Richardson Mrs. John ¦ Richardson
Emmerson Young
Emmett Mrs. Earl Findlay
Empire Helen Hayes Helen Hayes
Energetically Mr. And Mrs.
Engaged 2153 Hayes Bros
Engagement Ring Young
Entertained Young Ladies
Equip Dr. Clarence J. Berne
ErE^EEfE-E Mrs J Laughren
Eri- Mrs Marion Clarke
Eric Fletcher Glen Leach Randy Young
Eric Graham 1P.M.—Mrs
Eric Hayes
Eric Mrs Lorne Doucette
Eric Vadneau Mrs. Mary Armitage George Boyce
Eric Zimmer- Mrs.
Erma Little Mrs.
Erma Young
Erna Young
Ernest Gregory Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Ernest Gregory YOUNG PIONEER
Ernest Hayes
Ernest Mrs Arnes Laroche
Ernest Sally Mrs.
Ernest Sj Events Mrs Ernie SchwarU
Ernest Smith Edward Pitt
Ernest Smith Mrs
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J.
Ernie Hearty Billeting—Mrs
Ernie Hearty Mrs Jimmy Chugg
Ernie Lun- Penalties—Habba Young
Ernie Mrs Cecil Elliott
Ernie Schwartz Clarence Bretzlaff
Ernie Stran- Young
Ernie Young
Ernie Zacha-Mrs G C Meilleur
Ernst A Young
Erwin Arnold Young
Erwin Hayes
Escape Edward
Esq Cbone Hayes
Estate Michael F. Sullivan Edward Bush
Estate Mrs.
Esther Mrs Margaret Wall
Esther Quelle Mrs. John Elliot
Ethel Mrs
Ethel Mrs. N
Ethel Sea- Mrs. Idem
Ethel Young
Etta Young
Eugene Mrs
Eugene Potvin Mrs Bill Waters
Eunice Mrs. Bud Henry
Eva Alexander Friday—8 p.m. Young Peoples
Eva Andai Mrs
Eva Andai Mrs Christie
Eva Andai Mrs Diane Judd.
Eva Andai Mrs Jose Tomkins
Eva Andai Mrs Lyle P. Hodgins
Eva Andai Mrs Marion Marks
Eva Andai Mrs Reg Andrews
Eva Andai Mrs Walter Smith
Eva Àndàl Tubman - Young
Eva Ann Johnson Mrs Archie Johnson
Eva Armstrong to Kathy Hayes
Eva Grodde Mrs Bernice Smith
Eva Hn Mrs. B. G Qualic
Eva James and Mrs.
Eva Mrs Fred Lance.
Eveline Young
Evelyn ( Mrs Clifford Batchelor
Evelyn Campbell Clarence Hodgins
Evelyn Clarence Brownlee
Evelyn Dale Mrs. Elsie Schwartz
Evelyn Fletcher Mrs Florence Evelyn Waltham
Evelyn Horner Young
Evelyn Johnston Mrs. Lois Pirie _
Evelyn Ma- Charles Young
Evelyn Mrs
Evelyn Mrs. Claire Wilson
Evelyn Quebec Young Farmers
Evelyn Young
Evelyn) Mrs. Lloyd Parton
Evening Mrs. Hugh Prendergast Dies
Everett Hayes
Every- Mrs. Campbell
Evori Si- Young
Ewing Young
Ex Mrs
Ex Service Woman Mrs. MacGregor Whyte
Excellence Eleanor Hayes
Excellent Young
Experiment King Edward "
Extulant Young Father—My
Ezra Mrs.
F A F Mrs Anne Fumerton
F Mrs Glenn Stevens
F Mrs Lloyd Conolly
F R Young
F.dgerton R Young
Fades Luke Young Mod
Fair K » Jennifer Hayes
Fairburo Miss 8. Hodgins Mrs.
Faith Mrs. Kingsbury Mitchell
Fal- Young
Fam Hayes Road
Family Mrs. Edward Steele
fancy—1 Mrs K C
Fanny Young
Farmer Farmer Farmer Robert Ralphe John Young James Ralph Robert Ralphe
Farmer Hayes
Farmers Young
Farmers J Young Farmers
Farmers: Quebec Young Farmers
Faron Young
Farr R McNeil J. Baskin H. Young Saturday
Farrell Young
Favc Mrs. Clarence Sparling
Faye Greer B & H Farm Drainage Young
Faye Smart Mrs
Faye Young
Fc- Melvin Young
Featuring “Howard Hayes
Felix Mrs Ken Griffin
Felix Mrs.
Female—Mrs R NX
Fer- Mrs Beatrice Ydo
Fern Larocque Mrs Margaret Mayhew
Fern Young
Festival Tal- Hayes
Fhief Young
Fie- Mrs V Thrun Dennis Thrun
Fierobin Mrs Clifford Fierobin
Fifty Mrs. Robt
Findlay R W Mrs
Finley Young
Finnigan Mrs. M. Graham Mrs. R. Graham Mrs.
Fiona Young
Flannel—Mrs L NN
Flatters Young
Fleck Luke Young
Fleming Herb Young Motion
Fleury Mrs Dickson
Fleury Sec-Treas W. M. Hayes
Floor mat—Mrs Hugh Elliott 1
Florence Hayes
Florence Young
Florent Howard Hayes Band
Floyd R. McPhee Mrs. Morley Hod
Floyd Robinson Commissioners- Basil Quelle Clarence Moorhead
Floyd Tubmen end Mrs.
Fo- Mrs Carmen Inglee
Fo- Mrs Jay Vallllee
Foal—Claude Young
Foal—Tannin Collard—Claude Young Foal—Carbrook Pilot Russell
Fofd Young
Fol-year’s Quebec Young Farmers
FOOL” Office—Hayes
For Pontiac X Mrs. Lloyd Stevens
Force Eleanor Hayes
Ford Mrs.
Ford W.J. Hayes
Forever Young
Fort 5l0832ba24 Hayes Ambulance
Foster Young
Foui Young Grnie Hull Calve#
Four Young Grade Mull Calves
Fowl MRS.
Frances Adelaide Young
Frances Donnelly Mrs Flizann Emerson
Frances Elliott Mrs. M. W. Schultz Secretary-Treasurer
Frances Hayes
Frances Mrs Birthday
Frances Young
Frances Young Marilyn Young
Frances Young Triple Jump
Frances Young Young
Francine Allen Ehe Perreault Rick Jameson Young’s Racing Dens Papineau Brent
Francine Mrs Wayne McLaughlin
Francis Brett Young
Francis Edward Seymour.
Francis Mc-Mrs
Francis McBanc Gordon Young
Francis McCrank Publicity—Mrs
Francis Me Mrs.
Francis O Don Mrs. Verner Rueckwald Mrs.
Francis Rus- Mrs Edgar Dods
Francis Wiggins Mrs. H. Turner
Francis Young
Frank Edward Oram
Frank A. Young
Frank Area Young
Frank Co-and Mrs. Robert Bronson If
Frank Dor- Mrs. John Knox
Frank Edward*
Frank Ford Mrs
Frank Ford Mrs. Les
Frank Ham- Mr. Hamelln Young
Frank L. Stanton Mrs. Solomon Says
Frank Ladouceur Mrs. F Ladouceur
Frank Law Mrs. Regie
Frank Marion Mrs.
Frank McCleary Dear Mrs. Carson
Frank Morrison Mrs. R. H. Elliott Miss Orma Elliott Cpl.
Frank Mrs Iva Armstrong
Frank Mrs Percy McKibbon
Frank Mrs.
Frank Mrs. George Palmer We
Frank Mrs. J. Armitage
Frank Mrs. Wm Dowd
Frank Palmer Barney Richardson Douglas Schwartz Lawrence Stafford Ron Tanguay Hugh Young Phil Hamel
Frank Ramona Young
Frank Rettyand Mrs. Taylor
Frank Ross Young
Frank Russell Young
Frank Ryan Mrs Lloyd Cart
Frank SIoan» Clarence
Frank Young
Fraser Con- Claude Young
Fraser Mrs Robert Craig
Fraser Mrs. Wm
Fraser Scott Young Joey Fraser Charlie Lloyd JvnCoyte Agnes Findlay Frank Mohr Ervin McCann Ben Kin
Fraser- Clayton Young ShaweWe
Fre<l Thomas Mrs
Fred Arm Mrs. Dalton Prior
Fred Arm Mrs. Danny Farrell
Fred Armât- Mrs. Robert Laird
Fred Belec Mrs. Fred Belec
Fred Belec Mrs. Rodolphe Durouciier
Fred Browne Ottawa Mrs.
Fred Cook Mrs.
Fred Dagg Mrs Mary Baird Mrs Robert Morris Mrs Eleanor Black NOTICE
Fred Emery Mrs. Robt
Fred Fras- Mrs.
Fred Fraser Mrs. Jack Stewart
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred Greenwood Mrs. M Miller
Fred Hodoins Mrs. Nolin
Fred Hodoins* Edward Graham
Fred Hor-young
Fred Jr. Mrs Sharpe
Fred Knitz Mrs. Marr
Fred Lafram-boise Mrs. Floella Clout
Fred Lusk Horace Patrick Nugent Richard Mielke BEECH6ROVE W I Mrs. Fred Lusk
Fred Lusk Mrs.
Fred Martin - Mr Clarence Homer
Fred Mrs
Fred Mrs Fred Milkie
Fred Mrs Herbert Elliott.
Fred Mrs House
Fred Mrs II Mrs K va Ma
Fred Mrs J.C. Poisson
Fred Mrs Walter Kilgour
Fred Mrs. Claude Elliott
Fred Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Municipality
Fred Mrs. Harold Mc Mahon
Fred Mrs. Mary George
Fred Mrs. W.
Fred Neher MRS.
Fred Rnseett H. G. Young
Fred Schroeder Mrs. Herb Hannsberry
Fred Smart Clarence Carson
Fred Tipping Mrs Wendt Mrs
Fred Young
Fred Zimmeriing Hello Mrs
Fred-eruk Young
Freddie Young
Frederick Edward Errington Brock
Frederick Ross Young Peoples Union
Frederick W. Young
Freeman Grant Mrs- Wt
Freeman Grant Mrs. Woods
Freeman Moore Mrs. Sadie Sparling
Freeman Mrs Nap Duval
Friday Young
Friday Young Peoples
Friends Kristine Hayes
From Mrs. Clifford Hobbs
Fry Cadbury Award Mrs Neil Despite
Fui-O-P*p Photograpntr Young Donnie Jacobs
Ful-O-Pep Photographer Young
Fuller Luke Young
Fumerton Mrs Fred Thomas
Fumerton Mrs Gerald Smith
Fundraisers Greg Hayes
Furniture F H Rowat Insurance Shawville Rotary W J. Hayes
Furniture Mrs Harriett McDonald
Fvwns-|llIU| Mrs,
G and Mrs Glenn
G E Young
G F Handel Mrs. Perles Richardson
G H Young
G Hayes
G Mrs. Jas Moore
G W £ D D I N C Mrs. Verner Thrun
G Young
G. Hayes
G. T. Hayes
G. Young
G. Young’s
G.-George Russell Mrs. H. Millar
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gail Gavan • Howard Hayes
Gail Hayes
Gail Mrs Bruce McKay
Gail Mrs Gary Lester
Gail Patrick £ Mrs Lane
Gail Smith Weds Herbert Nathan Hayes Ladysmith Vinton Mr.
Gail Young
Gardiner Young
Garnet Gsgnon Mrs Clifford Olmstead
Garrow Mrs Alcide Trudeau
Garry Albert Young
Garry Brenda Young
Garry Cooper Chalea Bickford President-Mrs
Garry McCallum Mrs. Isobelle Richardson
Garry Mrs
Garry Mrs Emily Donnelly Anna Stewart
Garry Young
Garry Young Birthday
Garry Young Bryan Murray
Garry Young Quyon
Garry Young Secretary-Treasurer
Garry Young Tel
Gary Clarence Bretzlaff Robert Edward Burke
Gary Cooper Ruth Roman Mrs
Gary Hod- Mrs
Gary J. Hayes
Gary Mr. Lindsay Hodgins Mrs.George Clark
Gary Mrs Lorna Younge
Gary Mrs.
Gary Mrs. Bill V*
Gary Russell Frances Young
Gary Thompson Se Janice Young
Gary Young
Gat- Mr. Mrs. Gordon Popkey
Gates Gilbert Gilliland Greaves Hayes
Gayle Spear Mrs. Emerson Smiley
Gayle Young
Gelding Claude Young
Gem-ge Hayes
Gen- Young
Gene Hackman " Three Tough Guys" Isaac Hayes
Geoff Young
Geoff Young AgriArt Jamieson’s Band
Geoffrey Edward* Binns
George 2. Clarence Dean
George 8tev- Mrs. James Carty
George and Cecile Mrs. Evelyn Hodgins
George and Marie Mrs Patricia Bertrand Campbell
George and Mrs. Bailey
George and Mrs. Edith Stewart
George Angus Mrs. Peter Moyle
George B. Richardson Mrs Composition
George Bretzlaff Mrs. Ruth Bretzlaff
George C. Scott Colour Mrs
George Campbell Mrs. Irwin Hayes At
George Clarence D^raa 563
George D. Young
George E Palmer;- Mrs Henry McDowell
George E. Young
George Eades Sells Business Clarence Dean Is New Owner
George Edward
George Edward Black
George Edward Mac
George Edward Maxaom
George Edward Parks
George Edward Stewart
George Edward Tubman
George Formby Mrs. A
George Grant Mrs. George Grant
George H. Young
George Hayes
George Healey Edward Kavanagh
George Hodgins Mrs
George Horlgins Mrs. Lily Horton
George I Mrs. Lindsay Walker
George Iwiforest 4nee Mrs. Mur-taght
George J Hayes
George Judd Mrs. Harold Hodgins
George Knox Mrs. Donald Fraser
George Lemannler Mrs Howard Rouiliffe
George Ma- Mrs.
George McLeod Mr. Clarence Dean
George Methodift Young People
George Mousseau Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
George Mrs
George Mrs Diane Amyotte
George Mrs Jack Hamilton
George Mrs.
George Mrs. Bob Dale
George Mrs. Hayes
George Mrs. J Burrows
George Mrs. Jimmie Richardson
George Mrs. McGuire
George Mrs. Robb*
George Mrs. W.
George Pal- Mrs. Lawrence Young
George Palmer Crawford Mrs Rejean LaFreiere
George Palmer Mrs.
George Palmer Mrs. Verncr Re Our
George Pirie Edward Radey
George Pirie Mrs
George Reil-Mrs
George Royal Edward AND
George St Pier- Mrs. Susan Young
George Steele Mrs.
George Stew- Hayes Funeral Home
George Stewart Clarence Smith
George Stones Mrs. El
George Telford* Mrs. Sam Richardson’s
George Tub-Mrs Ken Tubman
George Visit Pontiac Mrs. Johni Thompson
George Visits Mines Mrs
George Wilson Mrs. Lionel Martin Mrs. Geo
George Young
George Young Film
Georgina Young
Ger- A Young
Gerald and Chris Young
Gerald and Mrs Clifford Fierobin
Gerald and Mrs. Smith
Gerald Donnelly Mrs Armour
Gerald Draper Mrs. Emirle Lance Westbum Hamilton Delmer Barber Please Apply al Office
Gerald Hayes
Gerald Hayes Donald
Gerald Hodgins ....... Belty Lou Elliott Mrs Mary McCagg
Gerald Marion Hayes
Gerald McKenny Cartage Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home
Gerald McVeigh and Mrs. Dm Stewart
Gerald Mrs Austin Dagg
Gerald Mrs Ronnie Yach
Gerald Mrs. Everett Loughren
Gerald Mrs. Herb
Gerald O Toole Young
Gerald Smith Mrs. Kphriam
Gerald Walls Mrs. Sophia Schock
Gerald Walls Mrs. Sophia Schock ERNIE
Gerald Young
Geraldine (Mrs Maynard McDiarmid
Geraldine Mrs Maynard Me Iharmid She
Gerard Laura Helena Young-Overton
Gerard Mrs Pearl McNeill
Gerard Mrs. Bill McKinley
Gerard Tru-Mrs
Gerrard Young Britons
Gerry Albert Young
Gerry Business Personals Mrs.
Gerry Lavoie Mrs Venetia Crawford
Gerry McKenny Young
Gerry Mrs. Wesley Martineau
Gerry Young
Gertie Riley W. J. Hayes
Gertrude Mrs Wm Marks
Gertrude Mrs. Norman Hobbs
Gertrude Mrs. Wilfred Bean
Gertrude Ross Young
Gey Young
Gibson Mrs. J. Clarke
Gig Young
Giijiner Clinton Young
Gil Mrs. Hilda Mayhew
Gil-from W J Hayes
Gilbert Arm V Mrs Wellington Armstrong Owen Hearty
Gilbert Clarence Wilson Quesnel
Gilbert Della Mrs Mervin Brennan
Gilbert Hayes
Gilbert L Young
Gilbert L. Young
Gilbert Lloyd Young
Gilbert Mr. W. J. Hayes
Gilbert Mrs. Tom Donnelly
Gilbert Young
Gilbert Young Both
Gill Young
Gilles Gervsis Mrs. José Miller
Gillian Young
Gillian Young Joie
Gilpin-, Bruce Hayes
Gingrich Mrs Donald Bainard Miss Diane
Gladys McDowell Honoured Mrs Herbert C. Hodgins
Gladys Mrs Claude Gauthier
Gladys Mrs. David McCredie
Glass Tops Rubber Rings Certo Certo Crystals Parowax Mrs. Catherine Rlngrase Mrs. Cartherine Ringro
Glen Car- Mrs Ray Grier
Glen Daughters Donna and Hayes
Glen Edward
Glen Hayes
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glen Mrs. Gordon Wilson
Glen Nugent Mrs Densil LeRoy
Glenn Mr Young
Glenn Mrs Leonard Smith
Glenn Mrs.
Glenn Tes- Mrs. Irvin Russell
Glenn Young
Glenna Decorating Kathy McDonald-Young
Glenview Mrs. Leonard Stanley
Glenview Young
Glmn Mrs R A Grant
Gloria Blon- Edward Arnold
Goalie Mrs. Rodolph Gauthier
Godmere Mrs Lila Hewitson Cobden Livestock Sales Phone
Gord Stewart Brenda Young
Gordon Bias Moore Mrs. James Duke
Gordon Brad- Mrs Ron Dean
Gordon Bradley Mrs. Black
Gordon Broad Jump— Bruce Hayes 17’6’
Gordon Edward
Gordon Elliott - Margaret Young
Gordon Elliott Mrs
Gordon Graham Mrs James Pritchard
Gordon Hagen _ Mrs. Robert Carswell
Gordon MacMillan Mrs. Lloyd Queale Mrs. Thos
Gordon McBride Sr and Mrs. Neil Wilson
Gordon McBride Sr. Mrs
Gordon Milliah George Ruaaall A Claird Young
Gordon Mrs. Burroughs
Gordon Paul 211.26 Mrs Mary McCallum 102
Gordon Paul and Mrs Claire Sturgeon
Gordon Richardson Clarence Hod
Gordon Stewart Mrs
Gordon Stewart Mrs.
Gordon Stewart Mrs. Robt
Gordon Young
Gordon Z I Mrs. David Parker
Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward.......... Davidson Stewart...... Gagno
Graccfield Mrs. Irene Doucette
Grace (Mrs Leslie Atkin-
Grace Edward
Grace Gibbons Mrs Nancy Kilbride Mrs Jean McCann Members Parent Committee
Grace Honored Mrs. Alt
Grace Mrs Earl M’jrphy
Grace Mrs, Fred Graham
Grace Mrs. James A
Grace Mrs. Julia Mulvey
Grace M» Knight Mrs. Samuel Hennitk Mrs. Reggie Hod
Grace Thompson Mrs. Joe Lavigne
Grace Thompson Mrs. Wm Kirkpatrkk
Grace Young
Grade 7—Elaine Hayes
Grade Mrs. Lennis Dean
Grade VI.—Edith Young
Grade V—Betty Hayes
Graduate McGill Vnlverott}) Office—Hayes
Graham %ith Mrs Louise Charboneau
Graham Allan Carey By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Graham Hayes
Graham Hender- Mrs Gary John
Graham Home Econ- Mrs
Graham Hugh Young
Graham Kathy Young
Graham Kathy Young Friday
Graham Kathy Young Litchfield Council DON’T
Graham Kathy Young Minutes
Graham Marion Poole Mona Young C Standing Patricia Burke Robert Keon James Marks Jean McCara Wilfre
Graham Mr. W. J. Hayes
Graham Mrs Miles Milford
Graham Mrs S Fitzsimmons
Graham Mrs. Alvin Kelley Entertains
Graham Mrs. James A. Graham
Graham Mrs. Wm Burke Mr. Frankie Dowe
Graham Parsons Mrs Graham Parsons
Graham T. Young
Graham Young
Graham Young John Evangelist Church Groundhog Day
Graham) Young
Graham- Mrs Viola Howard
Gramm Bower Company By Len Coyne Mrs. O Kane Cameron
Grandmother Mrs. Fred Krutz
Grandpa Kelly Uncle Edward
Grange Young Ititons
Grant Beattie Mrs William Grant Beattie
Grant Clarence Zimmerling
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
Grant Fades Hayes
Grant Mrs H Elliot
Grant Wellington Young
Grant Young
Grant Young’s
Gravelle Mrs Cletus Frost
Gravelle Mrs. Jewell
Graydon Mrs Laurence Harkens
Graze Where Young Tree# Should Have
Grc# Hayes
Green Luke Mrs. Jean Grant
Green Mrs. Velma Boles Mrs. Chas
Greer Luke Young
Greg / Hayes
Greg and Jennifer Hayes
Greg and Lome Hayes
Greg Hayes
Greg Hayes And
Greg Hayes Inspects
Greg Hayes Lion
Greg Hayes THANIiS Wadge
Greg Kara Young
Greg Mrs Ellen Jones
Greg §6M Hayes
Gregory Andrew Mrs Joseph Hogan
Gregory Hayes
Gregory Hayes.
Greta Young
Grey - Hayes Funeral Home 58+11 Murray
Grey Hayes
Grey Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Grey Sisters Mrs Bernadette Normand
GroOM# Mrs. Hiram Hinkler
Grow Young
Guild Mrs. Fred Dagg
Guilty Tells Young Men
Gurry Young
Gutoski Mrs Wayne Maloney
Guy Boisvert Gaétan Dumouchel Fence Guy Pieschke W.J. Hayes
Guy Bow- Mrs Dominic Sloan
Guy Fleury Mrs Irene Beaudoin
Gwen B Hayes
Gwen Hayes
Gwen Hayes President
Gwen L Hayes
Gwendoline Hayes
Gwendolyn Young
Gypsies Jennifer Hayes
H and Mrs
H and Mrs Spender N.
H and Mrs Susannah Poole
H C Rowat RpreaveH Mrs. Annie Draper
H CROFT Mrs. Albert Cuthbertson
H G .Young
H G Young
H G Young 1
H G Young 2
H G Young 2. Breeding
H G Young 2. Edith Currie-Mills
H G Young 2. Geo B Campliell
H G Young 2. Largest
H G Young 3. Child’s Linnet
H G Young 3. Tray
H G Young L
H G. Young
H H Mrs. Joe Norris
H Henderson 2.00 North Onslow Mrs.
H izabfth Edward
H K Hannabeny Clarence Roy -
H Ma dore Orla Young
H Mrs Alvin Romains
H Mrs Carl Ostrom
H Mrs Sylvia Lucas
H O Young
H O. Young
H Q. Young
H- Hayes
H. < Young
H. G Young
H. G. Young
H. H Richardson. Young
H. Hayes
H. Murphy Mrs. Jack McGuire
H. Young
H.I. Mrs. Rose Bemister
H.O.W Braithwait Prin Mrs. Hubert Smart
H.rolJ Hayes
Ha Young
Habba Young
Habbe Young
Haberdasher Mrs. Lena McMunn
Hafoba Young
Hagen Leslie Caron Mel Ferror Gig Young Jean Hagen Jane Greer Technicolor TUES.
Hahha Young
Hahn Mrs Don Richardson
Hal Mrs
Hal Young
Hal Young Bruce C
Hal Young Dwight
Hal Young Paving Dufferin Construction Young
Halerie Roberts Ib—Heather Hayes le—Delbert Stephens 2a—Rita Kirkham 2b—David Russell 2c—Karen Davi
Hall Edward
Hall Orla Young
Hall Young
Ham James Hayes
Ham K Young
Ham-to Clarence Hayes
Hamid Young Scotland
Hamilton Young
Hamilton A V Mrs. Ken Tub- Aberdeen Angus
Hamilton Gregory Tubman Clarence T. Brownlee Gordon Brownlee Harold Hodgins Harland Hodgins T.
Hamilton Mrs Laurette Romain
Hamilton Mrs. A. A. Smith
Hamilton Mrs. Robert Overton
Hamilton Young
Hamilton Young Lady Disappear-
Hams Pork Young Turkeys Prime Rib Turkeys
Han Young
Hand Sewing- Miss Elliott 1,Mrs RCàmpbell 2.
Handicrafts Mrs Earl Findlay
Hank Home-made Yarn—Mrs J
Hank Mrs. Owen Toller
Hank Yarn—Mrs Clarke
Hank Yarn—Mrs H MoCredie 1
Hank Young
Hanlan Young
Hanlau Young
Hanley Young
Hanlon Young
Hanna Mrs Della Kirkham
Hannah Craig: Mrs Alegra Chapman
Hannah Isobel Mrs. Kail
Hannah Mrs Maynard Pasch
Hannah Mrs W David
Hannah Mrs Zacharias
Hannah Mrs.
Hannah Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Hansom Hayes
Har- Betty Young
Har- Mrs Ross Stewart
Hardy Plants K&L Dairy Products C.B.L Pirie Enterprises André Chartrand W.J. Hayes
Hardy Plants Shawville 647-2680 W.J. Hayes
Haro d Hayes
Harold 0. Young
Harold Armitage Mrs. Harold Fui
Harold Beckett Mrs.
Harold Dob- Orange Young
Harold Edward Fades
Harold G Young
Harold G. Young
Harold Graham Young
Harold Hayes
Harold Hayes 1
Harold Hayes AI
Harold Hayes Floral
Harold Hayes Municipal Council
Harold Hayes O.
Harold Hayes U.l BUFFALO
Harold Hayes Visiting
Harold Hayes With
Harold Hayes’
Harold Hodgins Mrs
Harold Hodgins Mrs. Art Turner
Harold Hodqms Mrs. Austin MiDowell Lionel Thomson OBITUARIES Harold Adam Hodgins
Harold Kirkham Mrs Helena Yach
Harold Manwell Mrs. Thus Martin Merlin McKee
Harold Mrs Poole
Harold Mrs.
Harold Mrs. Don Lmgo
Harold Mrs. S. Neville
Harold Mrs. Wm Welch Jr is
Harold Otter Lake Post Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Harold Pokes Mrs. Robt
Harold Smith Mrs
Harold Warford Young
Harold Wilson Mrs. Dickson
Harold Wilson Mrs. Emery Le
Harold Young
Harold Young Bristol Native Comes
Harold Young Paving Inc. Pavage Harold Young Inc. Jacques Chevalier
Harold Young Principal
Harper I Young
Harper Mrs.
Harper Ren- Mrs.
Harper Rennick Young
Harper Young
Harper Young JoAnne
Harper Young John Clarke
Harper Young Rae
Harpers Young
Harper’s Young Peop
Harris W. M. Hayes
Harris Edward Bretzlaff
Harris Edward Brothers Drive
Harris Mrs Bill Campbell
Harris Mrs G McDowell
Harris R.C.A.M.C. Kingston Art Hayes R.C.A.M.C.
Harry 7-2782 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2736 Hayes
Harry 8. J. Hayes SUPPLIES June
Harry A. Hayes
Harry Corrigan ... Mrs. Mervin Hides
Harry Douglas Mrs Sam Allyson Mr
Harry Eades Mrs. Harry McCleary
Harry Hayes
Harry Hod- Mrs. David T. Hodglns
Harry Hodgins Mrs John T
Harry Hodgins W.M.—Mrs
Harry Hodgins. Brown Bread- Mrs Roy Mrs Harry Hodgini Belva Armitage
Harry Hodglns Hayes
Harry Imisoo Dies After Lingering Illness Mrs Harry Imison
Harry Judd Marshall Chamberlain Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armi
Harry Kings-] Mrs. Dora Muldoon
Harry Kingsbury Rescues Edward Dowe Horner
Harry Lloyd Sr to Mrs.
Harry M. Hayes
Harry McDowell Mrs R Howard Motion
Harry Mrs
Harry Mrs Embie Finan
Harry Mrs. J. Ostrom
Harry Mrs. J. P. Hayes
Harry Mrs. Luneburo
Harry Mrs. Stewart Foster
Harry Mrs. Win
Harry Roy Am- Mrs Bruce Barber
Harry Sharpe Young Farmers
Harry Wilson Mrs. Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson Mrs. Pokes
Harry Wood Chartered Accountant By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Harry Wood Chartered Accountant Mrs
Harry Young
Harvey Edward
Harvey Edward Brownlee Harvey Edward Brownlee
Harvey Me- Mrs. Harold Hayes
Harvey Wilson Mrs. Clive Smart
Harvey Wilson Young
Harvey Young
Harvie Young
Hatch Mrs. Nellis Hodgins
Hawley Hayes
Hay Fork Rope Treated Hay Loader Rope Mrs Melvin Armstrong
Hay Young
Hayes Ottawa Valley Antique Association
Hayes "
Hayes " Block
Hayes - Jackson
Hayes A
Hayes A 1 K
Hayes A Andy Clark
Hayes A Son Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons
Hayes A Sons Funeral
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons Funeral Village
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Admission
Hayes Ai Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Am- Knudson
Hayes Ambulance
Hayes and Margaret Michaua
Hayes B
Hayes B Sons
Hayes Band
Hayes Bea ttv Shop Haye* Funeral Home Hayes
Hayes Beauty Parlor
Hayes Beauty Parlour
Hayes Beauty Salon
Hayes Beauty Shop
Hayes Beauty Shop Repairs
Hayes Beauty Shoppe
Hayes Beauty Shoppe Clearance Sale
Hayes Beauty Shoppe) Buddy Hacket Comedy
Hayes Bert Montgomery
Hayes Bios
Hayes Bios.
Hayes Block
Hayes Block Centre
Hayes Block Centre St
Hayes Block Centre St Ottawa
Hayes Bock
Hayes Bracebridge
Hayes Bras
Hayes Brm
Hayes Bros
Hayes Bros Ambulance Cummings
Hayes Bros Mrs Edward Stewart
Hayes Bros,
Hayes Bros, Dr Morissette
Hayes Bros, Mrs Belvo Armitage
Hayes Bros, Rev.
Hayes Bros, Roy Bretzloff
Hayes Bros, _ _ _
Hayes Bros.
Hayes Bros. Burial
Hayes Bros. Ever
Hayes Bros. Funeral
Hayes Bros. Funeral Home
Hayes Bros. Inez Maheraf
Hayes Bros. Mary
Hayes Bros. Mary Kahoa
Hayes Bros. SpeciaJ Shawville
Hayes Bros. Travail
Hayes Bros. Wife Ruby
Hayes Brother
Hayes Brothers
Hayes Brothers Business Personals Harold Hammond
Hayes Brownlee
Hayes Cards
Hayes Carried
Hayes Celebrate Their Fortieth Wedding Anniversary Parishioners
Hayes Chanted Mrs. Kelley
Hayes Chapeau
Hayes Chapel
Hayes Cheryl Campbell
Hayes Citizenship
Hayes Classic
Hayes Closest
Hayes Comer
Hayes Comteé
Hayes Congratulations
Hayes Consultants
Hayes Converter
Hayes Converters
Hayes Corner
Hayes Cost
Hayes Creek
Hayes Curling Trophy Thursday
Hayes Currently
Hayes Dave Brown Bill Riddell Don Paul Ron MoCredie
Hayes Dean
Hayes Deceased
Hayes Delegates
Hayes Dies
Hayes Emmerson
Hayes Englehart
HAYES Eric A. Smith
Hayes Esq.
Hayes Every
Hayes Family Reunion Weekend
Hayes Family Smith
Hayes Farl Findlay
Hayes Farm
Hayes Feb. 2
Hayes Fimer-
Hayes First
Hayes Fisher
Hayes Fishing
Hayes Forever
Hayes Fu Pembroke
Hayes Fu- County
Hayes Fu-Homer
Hayes Fu-personnes
Hayes Fuieral Homr
Hayes Fuller*
Hayes Fun
Hayes Fun- Always
Hayes Funentf
Hayes Funer- Rust Ri»
Hayes Funer-Morrisburg
Hayes Funerai
Hayes Funeral
Hayes Funeral Active
Hayes Funeral And
Hayes Funeral And Krose
Hayes Funeral Ann
Hayes Funeral Attention
Hayes Funeral But
Hayes Funeral Ca
Hayes Funeral Carleton Place
Hayes Funeral Chapel
Hayes Funeral Chapel Quyon Hockey
Hayes Funeral Christianity
Hayes Funeral Could Home
Hayes Funeral D.R.
Hayes Funeral Directors
Hayes Funeral Elliott
Hayes Funeral Factory Lab
Hayes Funeral Heme
Hayes Funeral His
Hayes Funeral Ho Shaw
Hayes Funeral Hoir Fastball
Hayes Funeral Home
Hayes Funeral Home Applications
Hayes Funeral Home August
Hayes Funeral Home C.B.L.
Hayes Funeral Home Calumet Island
Hayes Funeral Home Carson Hodgins W.A. Hodgins Home Hardware J & J Grocery Killarney
Hayes Funeral Home Chapel
Hayes Funeral Home Clarendon Hotel Powell
Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container Pontiac Electric Murray
Hayes Funeral Home Glen McDougall
Hayes Funeral Home Golden Peak
Hayes Funeral Home Hacs
Hayes Funeral Home Havelin
Hayes Funeral Home International
Hayes Funeral Home Mutual W.A. Hodgins Home Riverside Jam Hardware Roulotte
Hayes Funeral Home Nepean
Hayes Funeral Home Rev.
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes Funeral Home Shawville Clarendon Fire Home Hardware Department Hursty
Hayes Funeral Home Shawvllle
Hayes Funeral Home Staff
Hayes Funeral Home Staterooms
Hayes Funeral Home THAinM Dumouchel
Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store FULL-TIME
Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store J& P Furniture Kelly
Hayes Funeral Home Your
Hayes Funeral Homel Dunlop
Hayes Funeral Homes
Hayes Funeral Homs
Hayes Funeral Hone
Hayes Funeral Hoz
Hayes Funeral June
Hayes Funeral L Sfmv
Hayes Funeral McLaughlin
Hayes Funeral Miljour
Hayes Funeral Ont
Hayes Funeral Par-
Hayes Funeral Pariour
Hayes Funeral Parlor
Hayes Funeral Parlors
Hayes Funeral Parlour
Hayes Funeral Parlours
Hayes Funeral Peggy Alexander
Hayes Funeral Proulx
Hayes Funeral QC
Hayes Funeral Robert Evans
Hayes Funeral Service C.B.L.
Hayes Funeral Sherry Myna
Hayes Funeral SUNDAY
Hayes Funeral Wishing God
Hayes Funeral With
Hayes Futeraf Home
Hayes Garfield—Canal
Hayes Gordon Alexander
Hayes Government—a
Hayes Governor
Hayes Grant
Hayes Grant Eades
Hayes He
Hayes Heather
Hayes Hill
Hayes Home
Hayes Homestead
Hayes Honored
Hayes Honours
Hayes Hospital
Hayes Hosson
Hayes Hutchison
Hayes I
Hayes I Schedule____
Hayes I W John Hughes
Hayes I*
Hayes If
Hayes Ii
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Hayes In- Bom Angelina Hodglns
Hayes Iroi.
Hayes Is
Hayes It
Hayes Ivor.
Hayes Jackson
Hayes Jaime Christie
Hayes January
Hayes Jfc Sons Funeral Home
Hayes JjUlettjrkiwri^in
Hayes Jubillee
Hayes Judd.—11
HAYES K Cream Separator
Hayes Katherine
Hayes Kays
Hayes Keith Emmerson Funeral Home
Hayes Kept Engine Running Joe McGuire Dies
Hayes Kyla
Hayes L
Hayes L Barry Hodgins 1
Hayes L Canada Mrs Roland Graham 1
Hayes Ladies
Hayes Lady Bond Monument
Hayes Lake
Hayes Lane
Hayes Line
Hayes Lm
Hayes Lone
Hayes Marathon
Hayes Marries Bill Smiley
Hayes McAllen
Hayes McGuire
Hayes Mean
Hayes Memo-
Hayes Memorial
Hayes Memorial Christopher Telford Gordie Block Kyle Meredith Allen Memorial Tyler Cluff James Smit
Hayes Miller
Hayes Miss Eva Howard
Hayes Moves
Hayes Mr*
Hayes Mr.
Hayes Mrs
Hayes Mrs Gordon Brownlee
Hayes Mrs.
Hayes Mrs. Draper
Hayes MU)
Hayes Murphy
Hayes Named New Lions
Hayes No.
Hayes Norway Bay
Hayes Obituary
Hayes Open
Hayes Paj
Hayes Parking Lot
Hayes Parlour
Hayes Parlour Quyon
Hayes Parlours
Hayes Passes
Hayes Pays Visit
Hayes Percy Belsher
Hayes PJL
Hayes Precious
Hayes Prodigious
Hayes Qn
Hayes R Docks Solos
Hayes Rd
Hayes Rd.
Hayes Reed
Hayes Reg
Hayes Res
Hayes Residents
Hayes Reunion
Hayes Road
Hayes S
Hayes S Sons
Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
Hayes S.c-Tr*et
Hayes Sac-Trees
Hayes Sat.
Hayes Saturday
Hayes School
Hayes Sec
Hayes Sec-Treas
Hayes Sec.
Hayes Sec.-Treas
Hayes Sec.-Trees
Hayes Sec.-Trees William O Meant Wilson
Hayes Secrétalre/Secretary P.S.
Hayes Secretary
Hayes Secretary Peterborough Canoe Co.
Hayes Secretury-T
Hayes Secty
Hayes See Trees
Hayes Shawville W.l
Hayes Sheen
Hayes Si Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Simon Clarks Howard Hayes Mississauga Express Band All Weekend
Hayes Smart
Hayes Smith
Hayes Sons
Hayes Spe-
Hayes Special
Hayes St Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Sum
Hayes Summerfield
Hayes Summerfield Shawville
Hayes Summerfleld
Hayes Tbos
Hayes The
Hayes Third
Hayes Thomas
Hayes Timeshare Resales
HAYES Toronto
Hayes Tray
Hayes Treasurer
Hayes Trophy
Hayes Trophy Chevalier
Hayes Trophy Curling Club
Hayes Trophy-Mens
Hayes Undertaking
Hayes Undertaking Rooms
Hayes Une
Hayes Vice-Pres
Hayes W Chisnell W J Black Sam Dale Jim Caldwell Bert Hodgins Alex Hazard Keg
Hayes W J & Sons Ltd Funeral Home
Hayes W J & Sons Ltd.
Hayes Ward
Hayes We
Hayes Wednesday
Hayes Wendy
Hayes Woods
Hayes Your
Hayes" Block
Hayes* Block
Hayes- Andy Michaud
Hayres Harold Hayes
He- Mrs Danny O Brien
Heads Young Liberals Saunders
Health Mrs G Graham.
Health Mrs Marie Moyle
Health-Mrs Claude Young
Hearty A Mrs Bud Sloan
Heather Hayes
Heather Hayes Jackson
Heather MacKech-and Mrs. Lionel Ouellet
Heather Mrs Margaret Reside
Heather Mrs. Joan Bel-1 Hodgins
Heaven Mrs. Norris
Hebert Young
Heifer Young
Heifers Mrs. Graham
Heiress Young Man—“Oh
Hekn Hayes
Helen B Young
Helen Ca Mrs Norman Hobbs
Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes Central Hospital
Helen Hayes Jane Bretz
Helen Hayes Lorna Barber
Helen J. Young
Helen Mac— Young
Helen Mrs Emmerson Roy
Helen Mrs Stewart Wood
Helen Mrs Vern Phillips
Helen Mrs.
Helen Rout- Jane Hayes
Helen Slack Wickenden Mrs. R F.. Quebec
Helen Visiting Mrs Eva Muloney Bo
Helen Young
Helen) Mrs. Isidore
Helen-Mrs Ray Murdock
Helene Young
Hellene Young
Help Wanted Young
Hen Young
Henderson Harris Myrl Young
Henderson Miss Ray ma Hayes
Henderson Mrs. Ivan Carroll
Henderson Mrs. Prosper Lemaide
Henderson Young
Henri Bourassa s''1D^ Edward
Henri Cartier - Bresson Edward Weston
Henri Hayes
Henry * Mrs. Garfield Elliott
Henry A. Young
Henry and Edward
Henry Bolam Mrs.
Henry Clarence Horner
Henry Edward
Henry Edward Argue
Henry Edward Manning
Henry Edward Shawville Women*» Insittute
Henry Flood Mrs. Henry Flood
Henry Greenshields Mrs. Harry Belsher
Henry Horner IVc—Helen Hayes
Henry Ma- Mrs Cletus Newberry
Henry McDowell Mrs John R McDowell
Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Rogaa Mrs. William Began Dean Finished
Henry MeCord W. M. Hayes
Henry Mrs Clifford Krose
Henry Mrs Delbert
Henry Mrs Martha liretzluff Mrs Louise Olm
Henry Mrs. Thos
Henry O .instead Mrs.Pearl Bowden.
Henry Olmstead Mrs. Pearl Bowden.
Henry Trevethan Mrs
Henry Tubman 40.20 Edward Kelly 228.60 Gil Fraser
Henry Woods Mrs. Mike Laikely
Henry Young
Hen—Mrs H Millar
Herb Cuth- Mrs. Pat Killoran
Herb Hannaberry Mrs.
Herb Russell I Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Herb Smith Bill Horner Mrs. Mary Amitage Eric Vadneau Roland Rennick
Herb Young
Herbert Brown Mrs Herbert Brown
Herbert Edward Price
Herbert Gillis Hayes
Herbert Hayes
Herbert Hor- Mrs. MacLean
Herbert N. G. Hayes
Herbert Nathan Hayes Photo
Herbert Oebhaxdt:-Mrs
Herbert Young
Herbert Young Diamond Anniversary
Herbert Young McCann
Herbie Young
Herbie Young Information
Here’s Mrs. Brown
Heritage Crafts Annie Eleanor Hayes
Herl>ert Young
Herman Mrs
Herman Mrs Fred Publishers
Herman Mrs Munel LeRoy
Herman Mrs. E.
Herman Schroeder and Mrs
Herman Schroeder and Mrs Archie Tanner
Herman Schroeder and Mrs Reinhold Pasch
Herman Schroeder and Mrs. Gustave Burke
Herman Schroeder and Mrs. Reinhold Pasch
Herman Schroeder at Echo Val- Mrs Ida McCorriston
Herman Schroeder were Mrs Fred Bletzlaff
Herman Schroeder were Mrs Howard Badham
Herman Schwartz Mrs Herman Otto Schwartz
Herman Thrun Thos Horner Frank Lepach John Hitz Melba Hodgins Walter Yach Mrs. Perley Belsher Cliff
Herman Young
Herman Zimmerling Mrs. Lois McCoy
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Albert Richard
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Pat Burnette
Hetty Young
Hi Gwen Hayes
Hickey Mrs Cora Richardson Pearl M Anderson Lake
Hickey Young
Hicks Mags- MRS.
Highest Quebec Young Farmers
Hilda Graham Mrs Pearl Hopkins
Hilda Joyce Young Osborne Bel
Hilda M Graham Publicity Convener Mrs Robinson
Hilda Young
Hill Apply Mrs Duncan Headrick Foresters
Hillis Graham- Mrs Esther Bretzlaff
Hilton Mines Ottawa Apply Mrs. Arnold Trudeau
Hilton Young
Hirsch King Edward’s
Hkw J Hayes
Ho Ion Young
Ho Mrs. Dilworth
HobboV Young Shawville
Hobbs Fancy Work Cattle Mrs E Cow
Hobbs Mrs
Hobbs Mrs Beulah Woods
Hobbs Mrs Marion Laroche
Hobbs Mrs.
Hobbs Mrs. L. Graham
Hobbs Programme Committee—Mrs
Hobbs Shawville Old Miscellaneous Shop Location - Mrs. Marjorie McCredie
Hobbs Truck- Doug Young
Hockey Hay Young
Hod Mrs Cecil Gordon
Hod-1 Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Hodg- Mrs Richard Roy
Hodgins Harold Young
Hodgins Mrs
Hodgins Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Hodgins Mrs Grant Rogers
Hodgins Mrs J H Der. Corr Sec Hodgins
Hodgins Mrs Lloyd Connolly
Hodgins Mrs Pat Longton
Hodgins Mrs.
Hodgins Mrs. James Wilson V. J. Wilson
Hodglns Mrs. Russell Hodglns
Hodgms Greg Hayes Steve McCord
Holes Mrs. Gerald Kelley
Hollis Barber .......... Clarence Hayes
Hollis Barber ........... Clarence Hayes
Holly Mrs.
Holstein»—Irwin Hayes
Home Economics _ Mrs. Alvin Kelley
Home Economics-Mrs Fred Fraser
Home Economics—Mrs Evelyn Duff
Home Hardware Young
Honesty Note X Chris Young
Honor Kara Young
Honor Madelon Hayes
Hopetown Clarence Jr Horses—two
Horn Mrs.
Horne Mrs. Melvin Stewart
Horner Cheer- Mrs Lennis Barr Hospital- Mrs Lloyd Connolly Mrs
Horner Citizenship- Mrs
Horner Massey-Harris Corn Wellington Armstrong Mrs.
Horner Mrs W J Black
Hospi Hayes
Hospital Mrs Pat Wallace
Hospital Mrs Peter Kluke
Hostess Rayma Hayes
Household Fellowship - Mrs Ken Smith
Howa d Hayes
Howard 4bd20 Hayes
Howard 7-2830 Young
Howard A Mrs
Howard Chosen Union Nationale Candidate Mrs. Hugh Grace
Howard Hayes
Howard Hayes 9:00
Howard Hayes All
Howard Hayes Band
Howard Hayes Band Al
Howard Hayes Catering Phone
Howard Hayes Charlie Muldoon
Howard Hayes Country Drifters Toll Free
Howard Hayes Country Drillers
Howard Hayes Country Ju-billee
Howard Hayes Late
Howard Hayes Ron McMunn
Howard Hayes Up-date
Howard McWhir- Mrs. Fred Piercy
Howard Mrs
Howard Mrs Eldon Keon
Howard Mrs H E Loken
Howard Mrs. Alphonse Tanguay
Howard Mrs. Boucher
Howard Mrs. H. McLaughlin
Howard Mrs. L E. Thomson Moved
Howard Mrs. Thompson Harold Beckett Moved
Howard Mrs. Walter Derrick
Howard Mrs. Wm
Howard Mulligan Mrs. Frances Carson
Howard Pridham Bull Senior Calf Young
Howard Walsh Mrs. Matt Wallace
Howard Young
Howard- Judy Young
Hu- Mrs. Louise Horner Buried At Thorne Dr. C.W. FERRILL M.D. Eyes
Hubba Young
Hubert Brownlee- Mrs Ken Beattie
Hubert Hamilton Mrs
Hubert Hayes
Hubert McCal- Mrs Robert Belsher
Hubert Mrs
Hubert Mrs Ken Tubman
Hubert Mrs.
Hubert Mrs: ManvMefshid
Hubert Young
Hudgins Mrs. Ella Angus
Hudgins Mrs. K C.
Hugh A. Hayes
Hugh C Young
Hugh Edward Poynter
Hugh G Young
Hugh G. Young
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
Hugh Horner Mrs.
Hugh Mrs Bernice Gardiner Brusen
Hugh O. Young
Hugh T Young
Hugh Young
Hugh Young Apprentice Wilf Schwartz
Hugh Young Community Hospital
Hugh Young Manager
Hugh Young Photo
Hugh Young Second Class Honours
Hugh Young Skip
Hugh Young- Lion Tamer
Hugh Young’s Residence
Hughie Young
Hugn Young
Hugses Mrs Jos Gagnon
Hull Mrs Eva Maloney recent- Mrs Pat Wallace
Hull Mrs Fred Milkie
Hull Mrs. Ivan Saunders
Hull Mrs. Sam Rennick
Hull Principal Mrs Una Hayes
Hulse Mrs. Foster Corrigan
Hun-1 Mrs Hector Racine
Hunt Mrs Neil McDowell
Hunter Borrows Wife’s Corsets Mrs. Bogart
Hunter Mrs
Hunter Mrs. Eleanor Rennick
Huster Mrs Emerson Twa
I C. Hayes
I J. Hayes
I Mrs Michel Asselin
I w.J. Hayes Funeral Home
I''.eree Hayes
I''otril Edward
I* Mona Young
I*.# H Mrs. John Stewart
I-awrence Young
I. D XliC Mrs. James Sloan Dies At Her
I. Smith Shawville E Mrs. Emelia Ryan Mrs. Emelia Ryan
I...... Clarence Hayes
I.ois Young
ÏAilgl Ro-manelll’s King Edward Band
Ian 2. Mrs R W Horigins 2. K|iecimen
Ian Young
Ian<* Mrs Joe Belanger
Ida Hayes
Ida Verna Hayes
Ida Young
Idena Brownlee Mrs.
Idena Kathy Young
Ijast Sun<*a Mrs Lois Judd
Ijola Young
IKK) How King Edward Lost
ILX^hool Mrs Betty Popkey
Imitation Stone Mrs Gerturde Giroux
IMlss Hayes
IMr Slid Mrs John Elliott Conway
In Mrs. Wesley Macintosh
In- King Edward
In- W J Hayes
Included Rayma Hayes
Including Allan Young
Incumbent Office—Hayes
Indignant Young Man— Waiter
Inglee Young
Ini’* Mrs. Wm Moore
Inniur Young
Inquire Mrs. Eva Poisson Bryson
Institute Mrs. Leonard Stanley
Instructor Eleanor Hayes
Intermediate French Mrs. G. Armstrong Kindergarten Miss
Intermediate Mrs Evelyn Duff
Into Mrs.
INTRODUCING Mrs. Willie I. Barber Dies In
Ion Hayes
Ion Hayes 204
Iona Sloan Mrs. Keith Bowie
IPresldent Mrs. Clifford
Ira Edward
Ira Merri- Mrs. Stan Mrs.
Ira Merrifield - Mrs. Belva Armitage
Ira Merrifield Mrs.
Ira Mrs.
Ira Whalen Mrs.
Ira Whelen Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Ira Young
Ira Young 497
Ira Young Dies
Irene O’Brien Young
Iris Smith Bertha McGee Mrs
Iris Smith Correspondent Mrs Stephens
Iris Smith Mrs Emma Church
Iroy Young
Irvin Graham Young
Irvin Mrs. Leonard Stanley
Irwin and Ron Hayes
Irwin Hayes
Irwin Hayes 250
Irwin Hayes Fay McDowell
Irwin Hayes Marks
Irwin I Hayes
Irwin J Hayes
Irwin J. Hayes
Irwin James Hayes
Irwin Mrs Don Horner
Is Mrs David Dickson
Is* Office—Hayes
Isabel Graham Publicity Convener Mrs S.W. MacKechnie
Isabel Macbeth Mrs. Charles Hondcrich
Isabella Davis Mrs. Eddie Finnigan
Isabelle Young
ISill X Phone Mrs. Ethel Mackay
Island Mrs.
It Hayes
It Helen Young
Itoxie Young
Iva Webb Mrs.
Ivan Mrs. Armilage
Ivan Dawkins Mrs Ira Whelan Mrs John Lisk
Ivan Lewis Mrs. Jack Hendry
Ivan Mrs Neil LaCharity
Ivan Wyman Parade Pony- Edward Beckett
Iver- Harris 647-3526 Mrs.
Iverson A Hayes
Iverson A. Hayes
Ivina Young
I®ri* Mrs
I— J Mrs Amanda Proulx Le
I—Mrs X W. Chamberlin
I’ Wilson Mrs
I’aktok Plain White Oflice—Hayes
J r Garry Young
J Young
J * Mrs Mainville
J - Mrs. Winslow’s Sooth
J A MRS H. Richardson WoirsU^h
J A. Dahl Lauretta Young
J and* Mrs. Edmund Millar
J BI Hayes
J C Hayes
J C Hayes 2
J C Hayes I
J C. Hayes
J Cole Hayes
J G. Elliott Clifford Horner----- Mrs Chris.
J G. Young
J H Mrs. WiIImu» Murray
J Hayes
J hayes December
J J Mrs Shirley Best
J J Hud Clarence Richardson 1
J J Mrs Ouellet
J J ¦ Mrs. Lees
J L Garry Young
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J M Argue H A McCoy Motion Councillors Young
J M Hodgins 3 H G. Young
J Maggie Hayes
J me Hayes On
J Mrs
J Mrs Curti$ Gail Neilson
J Mrs Eldon McCambly
J Mrs Holmes
J Mrs Jim Sylvester
J Mrs Mallette
J Mrs Oswald Lacroix Mr.
J Mrs. Ella Stewart
J Mrs. Fred Pyper
J Mrs. Hugh McCafTery
J Mrs. Leonard Grace
J Reynolds Lady’s Slacks Mrs R Young
J town Mrs. Viola Cushman
J u Young
J V Moran 2. Lace Cotton Crochet—Mrs H Barnett Mrs Win Cotie
J Vaf Mrs
J W Mrs John E Storey
J W. M. Hayes
J Young
J! Mrs Len Perry
J!±S!SS»5a tfSJSlI Estate Mrs.
J. Allen Young
J. C Hayes
J. C. Hayes
J. Cole Hayes
J. Cole Hayes Passes
J. En- Mrs. Hillis Graham
J. F. Hayes
J. Gibeault Hayes
J. Murray Mrs.
J. Richmond Mrs Erskine Hodgins Bereaved
J. T Hayes
J. Thompson Mrs. R. J Thompson
J. V. Hayes
J. W Campbell Mrs.
J. W. Hayes
J. Young
J.C. Hayes
J.C. Young
J.G. Young
J.J. Mrs Bennett
J.T. Mrs. Arnold Bmnton
j0jjQ Young
Jack 7-2722 Young
Jack AanabeBe Glande WMMam Edward Webb Dorothy O Connor Sc
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Clarence Brown
Jack Clarence Brownlee
Jack Clayton Young
Jack Dunlop Mrs. Lena Myers
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG RE-ELECT Christopher YOUNG
Jack Haw Mrs Bari Findlay
Jack Kerr Mrs. Melvin Young
Jack Lemmon June Aljyson Jacques Bergeras Allison Hayes Horror Drama
Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Gig Young Carol Lynley
Jack Lester Mrs. Grégoire Loiselle Mrs. Roland McDougall Mrs. S. Wyman McKechnie Mrs. Ken Morrison
Jack Mrs Audry Leclair
Jack Mrs Claude Mrs
Jack Mrs Myrtle Deering
Jack Mrs. Amile Zacharias
Jack Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Jack Mrs. Moise Sauve
Jack Mus- Mrs. John Ade
Jack Robinmsn Mrs. Cecil Fans
Jack Russell Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Jack Salmon Reg Young Butch Cloutier
Jack Wintario Lornie Hayes
Jack Ye- Mrs. Henry Dale
Jack Young
Jackie Mrs Arthur Kealey
Jackie Mrs. Helen Thrun
Jackie Young
Jacob Young
Jacqueline Martineau Corresponding Secretary-Mrs Bernadette McGee Recording Secretary- Mrs John Law
Jacqueline Mrs. EJfla Angus
Jacques and Mrs. C. Schwartz
Jacques Candle Light Service At United Church Mrs.
Jacques Dmi SOT Mrs. Arthur Spinks
Jacques Hostess Committee Mrs. Exlgar
Jacques Mrs Smith
Jacques Mrs. Bill Anderson Mrs. Kenneth Àrmitage Mrs. F. E. Bailey Mrs. Melvin Beattie Mrs. Gordon
Jade Young
James ( ole Hayes
James (ole Hayes
James A. McBain Mrs. Chesey McMillan
James Alex- Mrs. Storey
James Allen Mrs. Robt
James Armitage Mrs.
James Arthur Hayes
James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E Brandum Mary R. Armstrong K. H
James Barry Mary Louise McGahern Weds Edward James Barry 8:00
James Bay Young
James Bfunton Mrs Eva Brunton
James Brown Mrs James Brown
James C. Glenn Mrs.
James C. Hayes
James C. Horner Mrs Henry Dale
James Campbell Rayburn McTiernan Lloyd Quaile John McNeil Clarence Irwin Harry Belcher Fred Dagg Iv
James Carswell Mrs.
James Clarence
James Clarence Carson
James Clarence Horner
James Clarence Mangan
James Clarence Wall
James Cleary Victor Young Ernest Keon James O. O’Reilly
James Cole Hayes
James Daley Mrs. Margaret Moyle
James Dillingham1 Young
James E. Barrett Mrs. B. Murray
James Earl Young
James Edward
James Edward Bohan
James Edward Davis
James Edward Dolan
James Edward Elliott
James Edward Hodgins
James Edward Hodgins Charteris
James Edward Hungerford
James Edward Lacharity
James Edward Mulvihill
James Edward Stickler
James Edward Walshof Hull
James G 1- Mrs. Gwen Smith
James H Constable Linden Young
James Hanlan Young
James Hayes
James Hopkins Bersheba Buck Mary Gideon Longface Mrs. Crisp Tommy Crip
James Horner Edward Rusenstrom Siège
James Lcken Mrs
James M Young
James M. Young
James Mahlon Hayes
James Malon-Mrs
James Mc Ara John Ho Edward 4
James McAra John Ho Edward
James McCuaig - Mrs Jean Low 5
James mcOee Mrs. Charles Kavanagh
James Meek Mrs Merle Young
James Moffatt W. J, Hayes
James Mrs Fred Schroeder
James Mrs Geo.
James Mrs Richard Milliken^gJ* Mr. Miiliken
James Mrs Roae Soucie
James Mrs Terry Bfcudy
James Mrs. C.
James Mrs. E.
James Mrs. Ernest Garland Mr.
James Mrs. John McIntosh
James Mrs. L. Kelley
James Mrs. Madella Clarice
James Mrs. Rockefeller
James Mrs. Winnifred Frost
James Mrs. XV.
James Nadi Mrs
James Orla A. Young Mayor
James Ostrom Mrs Eamow Kane
James PitC Mrs. George and
James Riley’s Birthday Party Mrs. James H. Riley
James S Young
James S. Young
James Stewart Edward
James Stewart Edward G. Robinson
James Stewart Mrs Roland St Aubin
James Telford Mrs
James Thomas Victor Young
James Tracy Mrs. Hillis Graham
James William Steven Clarence Schwart*
James Young
James Young Caroline Elizabeth Golden
James Young Simpson
Jamie Young
Jamieson Farm Equipment Gordon Dittburner........ Bob Young
Jane Anne Connolly Mrs. R:
Jane Coyle Mrs Clarice Mosseau
Jane De- Mrs Bolger
Jane Hayes
Jane Hayes Lorraine Hodgins
Jane Hayes Ringrose Denture Therapy
Jane Hayes Terry Sparling
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt Telephone
Jane McDou- Mrs Marie Greer
Jane Meldrum Honoured Mrs.
Jane Mrs Ernie Gillis
Jane Mrs. Garnet Hodgins
Jane Mrs. Ralph Richmond Miss Elaine McDowell Mr.
Jane Norma Johncox Weds Frank Ross Young
Jane Robinson Mrs Mark Marion
Jane Russell Van Heflin Mrs. Hubert Elliott
Jane Young
Janes Hayes
Janet E Young
Janet J Hayes
Janet Kilgour Mrs. Harry Farrell Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ivan Hodgins Dr.
Janet Mrs
Janet Reynolds Cotton Dress Mrs Cartman
Janet Robin-by Mrs Ada Daly
Janet Stewart Young
Janet Young
Janet Young Buried
Janet Young Diamond Anniversary
Janet Young Grace Nichols
Janet Young Rua Barber.
Janet Young Russell
Janet Young Skip
Janice Young
Janice Young’s Indi-
January 23,1985 Hayes Funeral Home
January Mrs. Lawrence Wilson
Jay Mrs. R Rusenetrum Mrs.
Jay Young
Jayne Hayes
JC Hayes
Je Young
Jean ( Mrs Bruce Wallace
Jean ( Mrs Caruso
Jean ( Mrs Joseph Houghton Jr)
Jean (Clarence Zimmerling
Jean (Mrs
Jean (Mrs Basil Quaile
Jean (Mrs Bill Hooker
Jean (Mrs Charles Smith
Jean (Mrs Clifford Whelan
Jean (Mrs Darrel Davies
Jean (Mrs David Stephens
Jean (Mrs Des McLaughlin
Jean (Mrs Donald) Horner
Jean (Mrs Gar-
Jean (Mrs George Dodge
Jean (Mrs George Grant
Jean (Mrs George Knox
Jean (Mrs Harold) Judd Visiting
Jean (Mrs Herman O Byrne
Jean (Mrs John Cume-Mills
Jean (Mrs John Man
Jean (Mrs John Stewart
Jean (Mrs Ken Grove
Jean (Mrs L Menzies
Jean (Mrs Leo McMamara
Jean (Mrs Leslie McMillan
Jean (Mrs Robert
Jean (Mrs Robert | P.
Jean (Mrs Sherwood Storey
Jean (Mrs Tom MacEachern
Jean (Young
Jean and Mrs Laurent Lessard
Jean Blyth Mrs. J. Hunt
Jean Charles Shawville Fair Young Horseman Saturday
Jean Chartrand Mrs Gravell
Jean Finlan Mrs Carol Clarks
Jean Gionet Costume Prizes Presented At Rotary Ice Carnival Mytle Young
Jean Guy Mrs
Jean Hahn Mrs. Edmond O’Malley
Jean Horn-1 Myrtle Young
Jean Horner Mrs Audrey Hodgins
Jean I Carson Mrs. Clarence Westbrook
Jean knox Mrs
Jean La- Mrs Sterling Hobbs
Jean Louis Muir Mrs Nicholas Morrissey
Jean Marie Ryan Mrs. Mary McNally
Jean Me Mrs.
Jean Mrs Adam and Sr Marguerite Adam
Jean Mrs George Fumerton Calumet Island
Jean Mrs Lola Boisvert
Jean Mrs Pat McGuire
Jean Mrs. Alfred Wiitkopf
Jean Mrs. Ernest Hahn
Jean Mrs. Eskar Rebertz
Jean Mrs. James Gavan
Jean Mrs. James Murphy
Jean Ogilvie 647-5407 Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Jean Smith Mrs. Asa M Smith
Jean Thomp-and Mrs. Minnie MclXgg
Jean Wallace Mrs Olive Hayward
Jean were Mrs Jack Robinard
Jean Young
Jean) Mrs
Jean) Mrs Donald Martineau
Jean) Mrs Lloyd Os
Jean) Mrs Roy
Jean) Mrs.
Jean) Mrs. Art Van Loosen
Jean) Mrs. Donald Bredburg
Jean) Mrs. Earnie SHAWVILLE
Jean) Mrs. Grant Murray
Jean) Mrs. John Thompson
Jean) Mrs. Keith Tait
Jean) Mrs. Leonard MacLean
Jean) Mrs. Lloyd Pallbearers
Jean) Mrs. Robert MacAllister
Jean) Mrs. Stath-am
Jean) Mrs. Thomas McRae
Jeff and Betty Mrs Walter Yach
Jeff Mrs John Brusenbauch
Jeff Rus- Clarence
Jeff Young
Jeffrey Larsen Gwen Hayes Special Prize
Jen Hayes
Jenna Hayes
Jennie Hayes
Jennie Young
Jennifer Hayes
Jennifer Hodgins Mrs Roland Graham
Jennifer Hodgins Quebec Young Farmers Light Steer
Jennifer Mrs Adolph Zimerlm*
Jennifer Mrs. Hartman
Jenny Hayes
Jenny Tanya Young
Jenny Young
Jeremy Edward
Jerome Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Young
Jerry Armstrong Ray Young
Jerry Barber and Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Lion Bi
Jerry Barber on Young Farmers Provincial Exec.
Jerry Sadler Edward Mul-dycn
Jerseys—Douglas Young
Jerseys—Oral Young
Jesse Young
Jesse Young Scott Leveques
Jesse _ Young
Jessey Young
Jessie Jimmy-Lee Young
Jessie Young
Jessy Young
Jewellers Lloyd Hodgins Furniture KJ.D.S. W J. Hayes
JiaSs Mrs Foster
Jig Young
JiIlian Young
Jill Young
Jillian Young
Jilllon Young
Jim Backus Mrs. Louisa Wills
Jim Edds Mrs. Antoine Rivet
Jim Hayes
Jim Marshall Young
Jim Mrs
Jim Mrs Peter Bauer
Jim Mrs Rev. L. R. Mack
Jim Mrs. Dorothy Lough
Jim Mugs Mrs Jean Whelan
Jim Stan- Mrs Brian Woods
Jim Young
Jim Young Onslow
Jim Young Richard Matte Danny Desabrais Tony Hodgins Paul Hupé Mark Muldoon
Jim Young- Onslow
Jim-J Hayes
Jimmy l>ee Young
Jimmy Lee Young
Jimmy Lee Young Thanks
Jimmy Mr. Edward McColgan
Jimmy Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Jimmy Mrs. Lee Harkins
Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young Bruins
Jimmy-Lee Young
Jk Kathy Young
Jl Mrs.
JM H King Edward
Jo Mrs. Chris Caldwell
Joan Arm- Glenlockie Rag Apple Gall Mrs.
Joan Caulfield Mrs. Paul
Joan CELERY Mrs.
Joan Crawford Anne Helm Mrs. W. C. Schwartz
Joan Fin-Mrs
Joan Hannaberry Mrs. Brady
Joan Mrs
Joan Mrs Eric (Eva) Brown Also
Joan Mrs Mabel Langford
Joan Mrs Vreda Murphy
Joan Mrs.
Joan Mrs. Eric Copeland
Joan Young
Joan Young Toronto
Joan) Mrs.
Joanne Hayes
Joanne Mrs Alice (Lance
Joanne Mrs Sciba
Joanne Mrs. Edward Cunningham Mrs.
Joanne Young
Jocelyne Leclauv Mrs
Jodie Mrs Annie Campbell
Joe % Mrs. A. P. Knight
Joe Bryson Waltham News Review Mrs. Arthur La
Joe Kilgour Funeral Friday Mrs.
Joe Lafram-Mrs Dawson Moorhead
Joe Morin Young
Joe Mrs George Carnahan
Joe Mrs Russell Gravelle
Joe Mrs. SI/
Joe Mrs. Wm
Joe Rodgers Mrs. Louis Lemay
Joe Rutledge Mrs.
Joe Tauebert Mrs Bertha Demers
Joe Young
Joeh Hayes
Joel Miller Young
Joey Vallan- Young
Johm Richardson Edward Judd BINGO
John 2. Claude Young
John 8. Young
John A Armstrong Mrs
John A Mrs Bud Elliott.
John and Edward
John and Margaret Staf- Mrs
John and Mrs.
John and Mrs. Carling
John and Mrs. Davis Jr.
John and Mrs. E.
John and Mrs. L. Anderson
John and Mrs. Smith
John and Pat Kavanagh Mrs.
John and Susan Mrs Hayes
John Appleby - Donald Edward Appleby
John Armstrong Gerald Bean — Mrs Linden Young
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew McKnight
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew Me Knight........
John B. Young
John Belsher Clarence Shore
John C Young
John C. James 8. Young
John Car- Hayes
John Carmi- Hugh Young
John Carmichael Mr. Edward Met
John Clarke Clarence Moorehead
John Councillors Herbert Young
John Cunning- Mrs. Margaret Kelley
John Cunningham Mrs.
John Dagg Mrs
John David Young
John Deneult Mrs. John Denault
John Don- Mrs Neil Sharpe
John Ed- L.nd Mrs. John Greenshields
John Edward
John Edward Bel-of
John Edward Belliveau
John Edward Belliveau BBiHi
John Edward Eyre
John Edward Far-
John Edward Fillator
John Edward Fitzmaunce
John Edward Fitzmaurice
John Edward FUlator
John Edward Hearty
John Edward Hodglns
John Edward McCord
John Edward Milbum
John Edward P.O.
John Edward Telferd
John Edward Telford
John Edward Tims
John Edward Wainhouso
John English and Mrs. Fred T. *
John F. Kell Mrs Hubert Elliott
John Fulford Mrs
John G and Mrs.
John G Henderson Mrs
John G. Young
John Gra j Hayes
John Hayes
John Hayes Ham*
John Hearty Mrs Hobbs
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Henderson Mrs
John Hobin Mrs. John
John Holmes Mrs. Walter McBane Vice-President
John Home Economics - Mrs.
John Howard Mrs. A.
John Hurst Solist Mrs.
John James Draper Mrs. Lyfred Brown
John Jane Hayes
John Jones Guest Mrs
John Jones John Thomas Muldoon Mrs. Austin Sparling
John Kelly Clarence
John Kelly Mrs
John Kirkham Edward Kavanagh
John K«rl Young
John L For- Mrs. Sherwood Beattie
John L Hodgins Mrs. R Howard
John L. Hodgins Mrs. John L. Hodgins
John Lang Mrs. Albert ___99.26
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John Mane Mrs Raymond Maheral
John McAra Mrs. John McAra
John McArthur Isador Tromley Edward Tromley Edward Gorley James Gilchrist
John Mousseau........... D.une—Mrs
John Mrs Betty Verner
John Mrs Carl Ebert
John Mrs Dennis Wakeling
John Mrs Dillas Toole
John Mrs Don Duff
John Mrs Garth Graham
John Mrs Kleinikkink
John Mrs Mary Boisvert
John Mrs Mel Bretzlaff
John Mrs Muriel LeRoy
John Mrs Shirley Stevenson
John MRS.
John Mrs. Bailey
John Mrs. Clifford Wilson
John Mrs. Hearne
John Mrs. John Ashe
John Mrs. John Greer
John Mrs. Lloyd Cuiiully
John MtAra Mrs. Pierre Archambault Caldwell
John Newberry Mrs. Edgar Reside
John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred BurriU William Burritt
John Paul I. Mrs Daley
John R Young
John R. Young
John Rabishaw Mrs. Martin Kluke Jr.
John Rob- Mrs. John Robertson
John Robertson Mrs.
John Robinson Mrs. Orth
John Roland.......... Mrs IIvieilles Maxwell
John Russell Mrs Margaret Russell
John S. Young
John Smiley Mrs.
John Smith Mrs
John Smith Mrs.
John Sparling Mrs. Sparling
John Stephens Pasture Wanted Mrs. J<
John Sturgeon Campbells Bay Mrs.
John Sturgeon Campbells Bay Mrs. Roy McDowell
John Sylvester Mrs. Charles Taber
John T 0. Young
John T Dagg 2. Mrs
John T Mrs. Gordon Popkey
John T. Da Mrs Dwight McDowell
John Thomson Mrs. John Davis
John Valu-mart W.J. Hayes
John Victor Young John Victor Young
John W Young
John W. Mrs. Geo
John W. Steele Mrs. John W. Steele
John Wallace Mrs.
John Walsh Sr. Mrs Amy Creighton
John Walsh Sr. Mrs Lionel Bastien
John Walsh Sr. Mrs Pearl Ebert
John Warain Mrs. John Warain
John Wayne SHATTERED ROOM Gig Young
John Weav-Faye Young
John Weaver Marshall Young
John Wilson Mrs. Alfred Newberry Rémi Normandeau Women* Institute
John Young
John Young 2
John Young 3
John Young 3. EUa Armstrong
John Young 4
John Young Morrison
John Young Pre
John Young’s
Johnnie Young
Johnny Mrs Jean Sparling
Johnson Mrs
Johnson Mrs. Smith
Johnston Mrs Gerard Trudeau Mrs Lawrence Reid Mrs Don Trudeau Western Saddle Horse
Johnston Mrs Martineau
Johnston Mrs. Thoms
Joint Young
Joli- Young
Jomos Edward
Jon Hayes
Jon Mrs. Hwldenrich
Jonathan Edward
Jonathan Edward 2470 Headon Forest Dr
Jonathan Edward 2470 Headon Forest Dr.
Jonathan Edward Loftus
Jonathan Hayes
Jonathan Tel- Vi Mrs,
Jones Mrs. B. Hen
Jonn Young
Josee Young
Joseph Bean Largely Attended MRS.
Joseph Belanger Mrs. John Belanger
Joseph Came-Clarence McCallum
Joseph Clarence Clemmens
Joseph Clarence Martin4 G OWLIN
Joseph D Mrs Leona Corriveau Sloan
Joseph D Sloan Hayes
Joseph Doylt Mrs Roy
Joseph Edward Finan
Joseph Edward Keon
Joseph Grade Ten- Lena Baird Young Whereas By-law
Joseph Green Mrs. Ken Knipe
Joseph Jeffrey Mrs.
Joseph Joubert Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Joseph Little Mrs.
Joseph Mm-phy Edward Ddgg Sault Ste
Joseph Mrs Alex Weir
Joseph Mrs John Connolly
Joseph Mrs John L. Hodgins
Joseph Mrs Vertel Smiley
Joseph Mrs. Amelia Bretzlafif
Joseph Richard Mrs. Jcneph Richard
Joseph Smiley^ggg* Mrs Smyth
Joseph Squit Mrs Edith Draper
Joseph Toilet Cushion—Mrs E
Joseph Yereck - Mrs.
Joseph Young
Joseph Young Mr. Joseph Young
Joseph Young Wesley
Joseph Young Wesley Canton
Joseph Yurkiewicz Mrs.
Josephine Charlotte Young Queen
JoSGOh Patrick Mrs Midas Richard
Josh Lee Young
Joshua Edward
Joshua Edward Findlay Emma
Joshua Young
Josie Hayes
Joy Yfunge John Tracy June-Marie Bourgeau Shirley Mae Mohr Brent Young Percentage
Joy Young
Joy Young People
Joy Young’s
Joyce Mr Jean Yach Honored At Bridal Shower Mrs. Reinhold
Joyce Findlay Honoured Mrs. Hilliard Hobbs
Joyce Flem Mrs Cameron Rowat
Joyce Ian Young
Joyce Kllfosr Mrs. Lloyd Conolly
Joyce McCleary Mrs John Dean
Joyce Mrs Howard Orr
Joyce Mrs Simon Corriveau
Joyce Mrs.
Joyce Mrs. Elgin Howard
Joyce Mrs. Ellis Palmer
Joyce Pitt Mrs
Joyce Prince Edward Island
Joyce Richardson- Secy Mrs Wayne Chamberlain- Treas
Joyce South For- Mrs. Anne Fumerton
Joyce Sylvester Mrs
Joyce Vachon Mrs Mervin Baird
Joyce Young
Joyce Young Armstrong
Jr Chairman Mrs. G. Bachert
Jr Champion Mrs Thomas Dunn
Jr Mrs
Jr Mrs.
Jr. D M.—Mrs
Jr.----MaW Hayes
Jr.—Ida Young
Jr.—Percy Young
Jr—Mable Hayes
Juan Mrs. Norris
Judd AM Hayes
Judd Mrs.
Judith A Young
Judith Young
Judy Horner Mrs Patrick Sloan
Judy Horner Mrs Horner.
Judy Mrs Claudette Stanton
Judy Mrs Ivan Orr
Judy Mrs. George Drummond
Judy Mrs. Stark
Judy Young
Judy Young Audrey Dedke
Judy Young During
Judy Young House Plant
Judy Young Second - Dan Lac
Judy Young Shawville
Juiy Mrs. Claude Young
Jules M Hayes
Julia Ann Raymond Mrs Julia Ann Raymond
Julia Pa- Eleanor Hayes
Julia Young
JUlian Young
Julie Moherol Mrs Renaud Rainville
Julien Luke Young
July 28,1993 Quebec Young Farmers
July Mrs David T. Hodgins
June Mrs Hubert Elliott
June Mrs J S. Barclay
June Mrs Jacques Pilon
June Mrs.
Junes S.^ Young
Junior Young
Justin Young
J_________ Mrs. Josh Parrel
J| Mrs. J A.E. Cowley
K ion Hayes
K R. Young
K%s Clarence Cuthbertson
K- Margaret Young
K. A. Hayes
K. Hayes
K. R Hayes
K. R. Hayes
Kandy Young
Kar Mrs Mr. Percy Campbell
Kara Young
Kara Young Russell
Karen Inglee Home Made Candy - Mrs. Lome Draper Cadbury CHocolate Cake Special - Cathy Emmerson
Karen LaSalle Mrs Alphonse Cahill
Karen McKen-Mrs Francis Finan
Karen Mrs
Karen Mrs Adolph Zimerling Lois Judd’s
Karl Edward
Karl Mrs Jean Campbell
Karl Young
Kate Young
Katelyn Ann Young Scott
Katelyn Young
Kathaleen Mario Miss Mrs. Almond Hodgins
Katharine Fletcher Edward Rusenstrom
Katharine Hayes
Katharine Hayes- Summerfield
Katherine Black Mrs Taylor
Katherine Hayes
Katherine Hayes Summerfield
Katherine Hayes-Summcrfield
Katherine Young
Kathie Hayes
Kathleen Lamb Publicity Convenor Mrs Gwen Hayes
Kathleen Mrs. Terry Brady
Kathleen Quinlan Mrs
Kathleen Woodley R.S V.G— Mrs. Bert Stark L S V G —Mrs Cynthia Draper Chaplain
Kathleen Young
Kathleen • Mrs Kdgar
Kathleen) Mrs. Elvyn Corrigan
Kathryn Young
Kathy and Chris Young
Kathy Hayes
Kathy Hayes Christine Smart
Kathy Hayes DeMerchont-Kennedy Photo
Kathy Hérault ASTRO-DESTINY Mrs Mae Quinn
Kathy L Young Bristol Danny Poole He
Kathy L. Young
Kathy MacDonald Young
Kathy Mrs. David Dick
Kathy Young
Kathy Young Bristol Town Hall
Kathy Young Campbell
Kathy Young Lisa WATER
Kathy Young Quyon
Katie Beverley Young
Katie Elliott Kay Woodley W. J. HAYES
Katie McMahon Mrs Margaret Fleming
Katie Mrs Kathie Blakney
Katie Walsh Mrs. Edgar Hodgi
Katie Young
Kavanagh Mrs
Kay Armitage Noella Coughlin Clarence Leach Ortha Bonshor Frances
Kay Mrs Percy Stewart
Kay Mrs.
Kay Mrs. Derraugh
Kay Mrs. Eckardt Katie Elliott Woodley
Kay Ross Mrs Jean Finlan
Kay Woodley Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Kay Wooldey Mrs.
Kay Young
Kearns Mrs. Ross
Keith and Mrs.
Keith Bean» Clarence Dean
Keith Clarence
Keith Edward St. Andrew
Keith Me- Mrs Maureen Carson
Keith Mrs Pat Wallace
Keith Mrs. Alex Lacroix
Keith Mrs. Clifford McCredie
Keith Mrs. Hermonie Sharpe
Keith Mrs. Markus
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Mrs Edward Kennedy
Keith Smith* Don Reynolds Scott Wilson Basil Orr* Chris Young
Keith Tub- Mrs Carmen Young
Keith Yach Bob Young
Keith Young Duck
Kelley A Mrs Margaret Kelley
Kelley Mrs Lloyd Mite
Kells Coolingwood Ontario Mrs Floyd F. Griesba
Kelly Hod- Young
Kelly Mrs Amy Keon
Kelly Mrs. Claire Fleury
Ken and Young
Ken Davidson Green Mrs.
Ken Davidson Ot- Mrs. Herman Schwartz
Ken Dean Mrs. Elizabth
Ken Dick Chenier - Mrs Jean Delbert Stephens
Ken Dugan Mrs. Louis Letnoy
Ken Edward-;
Ken Hod-Mrs
Ken Hodgins " Mrs< Bl Murray
Ken Hodgins Mayor Orla Young
Ken May Mrs. Jean Bean
Ken McDowell Sam Hayes
Ken Mrs
Ken Mrs Gordon Smith
Ken Mrs John E Palmer
Ken Mrs M Guiliani
Ken Mrs. Percy Dagg
Ken Smiley Mrs. Bert Greenshields Mr.
Ken Wilson Constable Edward Romain
Ken Wilson Trophy W.J. Hayes
Ken Young
Kennedy - Mrs Dorothy Mohr
Kennedy Mrs.
Kennedy P-m- Young Peoples
Kennedy Repairs Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home
Kennedy Repairs Young’s Appliance Service For
Kenneth Barber and Clarence Curhbertson
Kenneth Bronson Mayor Mrs. M. I. Fraser
Kenneth Byles an- Mrs. Jerry N. Monteith
Kenneth Edward Hacker
Kenneth H. Young CD
Kenneth John Clarence Smith
Kenneth M Mrs Russell Judd
Kenneth Milliken MRS.
Kenneth Mrs David Baker
Kenneth Mrs Eva Belanger
Kenneth Mrs. Ken Mini
Kenneth Mrs. Robert Laùrd
Kenneth Naylor Clarence Naylor G. Hodgins Arthur Wilson Austin Sly
Kerry Ashley Young Transport
Kerry Lynn Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Kerry Mrs. Gerald Mielke
Kerry Reasbeck Young
Kerry Young
Kerry Young Terry Fox
Kerry Young Transport
Kety Mrs
Kevin Bowie Mr. Clarence Clem
Kevin Gagnon Mrs Diane Connolly
Kevin Mrs Lucy Flood
Kim McLe-by Mrs Linda Venne
Kim Mrs Antoine d’Amour
Kim Mrs Romulus Lasalle
Kim Thalheimer Young
Kim Young
Kimberly Mrs Sherwood Beattie
Kimberly Young
King Edward
King Edward V1J.
King- J. Hayes
Kings Troy Young
Kingston Mrs
Kins Edward
Kirk Davies Korbin Young
Kl- e Hayes
Klin Brown Young
KLr&y-s Mrs. Melvin Wickens
Kluke Mrs Frank Kluke
Knox H & Wei- Mrs W Johnson H. Econ
Knox Publicity Convenor Mrs H R Rsbb
Ko E Palmer 3. Clarence
Kor-bin Young
Korbin Young
Korbin Young Main Street
Kothy Young
Kristine Hayes
Krutz Mrs Fred Krutz
Kyle Young
K°°Xl Mrs. Hugh Riley
L all<1 Mrs-, Stephen Small
L Bruce Hayes
L Dairy Norman Wiggins Eugene Hameline Pontiac Ice Ottawa Senators Shawville Ford Clarence
L Hayes
L J YOUNG Fashion Hints
L K Keen Mrs. M McCaffrey
L L Mrs Romeo Belanger
L L Mrs. Jas
L O. Young
L W. M. Hayes
L young Ross
L ^ Young
L. Ma- Mrs. Jim Suwar
L. Mrs. Hugh Proudfoot
Lach Mrs
Ladies Aid Mrs Pearl Russell
Ladies Auxil-Mrs Bert Kelly
Ladies Auxiliary Mrs Pamela Komm
Ladies Booby-Mrs Francis Bourgeau
Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
Ladies Hat Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Ladies High-Mrs Pete Moyle Msns Hign-Michael Wrinn
Ladies Presidents Trophies Gwen Hayes
Ladies Race Mrs Glennâ Campbell
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Ladysmith Orange Young
Ladysmith Orange Young Briton BLAKE
Ladysmith Silas Young
Ladysmith Update Mrs. Verner Thrun
Lai Mrs. Joe Keller
LairU Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Lamarche Mrs William Lamarche
Lance - Clarence Pleschke Le
Lance - Mrs Joe Derouin
Lang Mrs. K Tubman
Lanoix Mrs Etta Routliffe
Lapierre Mrs
Largest Dog - Jennifer Hayes
Larry Edward Robinson
Larry Edward Tanner
Larry Greg Hayes
Larry Hayes
Larry Mrs Grace Quaile
Larry Mrs John Judd
Larry Mrs. Ardley Elliott
Las- Mrs Elwin Hearty
Late Marion Lochhead- Mrs Marion E Munn
Late Mrs
Late Mrs. Matthew McFarlane.
Lathe Work Ron Hayes
Laura Kluke Dubeau Coulonge Mrs Denise
Laura Moore Mrs Aggie Sparling
Laura Mrs
Laura Romain Mrs Laure
Laura Schock Pancake Race L Miss Laura Schock 2. Mrs. Ernie Morgan
Laura Young
Laurel Woods^Mrs
Laurence Young
Laurence Young* Entertainment
Lauretta Mrs Hugh Horner
Laurie Moore Mrs^ Mer-
Laurie Smith Mrs
Lawrence 7-3840 Young
Lawrence A Doris Barber, Hayes
Lawrence Barber and Mrs. Emery Elliott
Lawrence Car- 5/ Mrs. Clarence Clcmmcns
Lawrence Cartier Mrs. Lawrence Cartier
Lawrence D. Young
Lawrence Edward
Lawrence Edward Garvin
Lawrence K. Young
Lawrence Lan Mrs Kenneth Case Convenor- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Lawrence Lang 647-3385 Mrs.
Lawrence M Mrs. Kenneth Smiley
Lawrence Malone Mrs. Lawrence Malone
Lawrence Moore Mrs. Anderson
Lawrence Mrs, J NValm-sley
Lawrence Mrs. Bill Barr
Lawrence Mrs. William Milliken
Lawrence Tra-Mrs Lise Chartrand
Lawrence Wilson Mrs.
Lawrence Young
Lawrence Young 869
Lawrence Young Brisard
Lawrence Young But
Lawrence Young Classified Advertisements
Lawrence Young Pte
Lawrence Young Sbaw
Lawrence Young’s
Lawrence | Mrs. Arthur Tache
Laws Mowers Mrs. Esther Quail.
Lawson Clarence J. L Alexander
Lawson Corrigan Clarence Knox
Lawton Mrs.
Lc-| Mrs. Eugene Asselin
Lcnden Young
Leach Mrs Edna Leach
Leaden Young
Leanne Young
Lee Hayes
Lee Hod-and Clarence Walls
Lee Jane *° Tom Albert Beverdam Mrs Willis Wren
Lee Pultz) Ida Hayes
Lee Teper- Mrs Elizann Emmerson
Lee Young
Lei Ian Hayes
Len- Mrs. Edward
Lena La-Mrs Ivan Connelly
Lena Mrs Lionel Thomson
Lena Mrs.
Lena Mrs. Jerry Quae
Lena Poole- Mrs Betty Telford
Lena Young
Lenden Young
Lennis Mrs Leslie Russett
Lennon Young
Lenny Young
Lens M Mrs John Hamilton
Leo Bechamp Mrs. Rex
Leo Brazean Calumet Union Head Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Leo Chas- Mrs Chassie
Leo Cogh- Waltham Mrs George Leroy
Leo Donnelly Mrs Lester Mc-wlll
Leo Marchand Mrs Leo Marchand
Leo Mr. Merv Young
Leo Mrs Agnes Sparling
Leo Mrs Bussiere
Leo Mrs Jennie McCord
Leo Mrs Mr.
Leo Muldoon Fred Clark Victor Young
Leo Muldoon Mrs Caroline Towell
Leo Periard Mrs Cecilia Bradley Mulligan
Leo Ryan Low Notes Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Leo- Mrs. Leslie Dean
Leon Edward
Leona (Mrs Emerson Stewart
Leona Mrs Clifford Fierobin
Leona Mrs. Fred Fierobln
Leona Tanner Jennifer Hayes
Leona Young
Leona) Mrs. Doug.
Leonard Bel-Mrs
Leonard Edward
Leonard Em- Young
Leonard Hearty Mrs Aurele Brunet
Leonard McCaffrey Mrs Robert Scott
Leonard Mrs Lucy Kelly
Leonard Mrs Mary Hearty
Leonard Mrs Peter Kluke
Leonard P. Kluke Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney
Leonard S Mrs. S. W MacKechnie
Leonard W. M. Hayes
Lepine Young
Leslee Young
Leslie Bell Mr. Clayton Young
Leslie Clarence Brown
Leslie G. Young
Leslie O. Young
Leslie Young
Leslie Young Andy
Leslie _ Edward Male
LesUe Young
Lethe Young
Lettia Jane Young
Letts Mrs Reggie Moore
Levi J* Young
Levi Young
Lew# Bey Lewi Mowen Mrs. Esther Quelle
Lewis Family Reunion At Otter Lake Mrs.
Lewis Mrs W. D. Campbell Wy-
Lewis Mrs Wesley Hamilton Mrs Norval Horner Mrs
Lewis Twenty Fifth Anniversary Mrs. J. G. Graham
Li Mrs. Doyle Klyn
Li- Mrs Eva Sloan
Lias Young
Liberals Mrs. Harold Hayes
Liberman And Young Score At Toronto Fair
Librarian Mrs. Betty Turner
Library Irwin Hayes
Lieut Bert Greer Mrs. Moses
Lieutenant Edward H. Fiel
Life Mrs Leona Mainviile
Lifelong Leslie Township Resident Mrs. Thomas Quaile
Lila Smith Mrs. George Stevenson
Lila Young
Lillian Dean Young
Lillian Mrs.
Lillian Strutt Mrs G.I. Reid Miss Nancy Thompson
Lillian Uus- Mrs. Solomon Says
Lillian Wright Mrs. Borden Steele
Lillis K—Mrs
Lily Mrs Simon Corriveau
Limbrequins—Mrs H Barnett 1
Limited-Shipping Containers Umlt- Stork Derby Lead Grows Mrs. Kenny Gives Birth
Linda Ann Crossfield Mrs. Clarence
Linda Community Mourns Mrs. W. J. Murray
Linda Cristal Hugh Young
Linda Da- Mrs. Gordon Comba
Linda Mrs
Linda Mrs. Cliff Mohr
Linda Mrs. Emile Trudeau
Linda Young
Linda Young Gordie Mohr Betty Wigchercn Hilda Gordon Bruit Lmmerson Diana Ireland Rosemary McKillop
Linda Young Mae Ubackeren
Linda,[were Mrs. Wm Mills
Linden A Young
Linden A. Young QPP
Linden Young
Linden Young QPP
Lindon Young
Lindsay Mrs Wayne Maloney
Lindy Young
Lind» Hayes
Linua Young
Lio- Obituary Lucy Somerville Mrs Gerda Bretzlaff
Lion M. Hayes
Lion Mac Hayes
Lion Mack Hayes
Lion Mahkm Hayes
Lion Ray Young
Lion Ted Hayes
Lionctte Gwen Hayes Saturday
Lionel Thompson Mrs.
Lionetle Gwen Hayes
Lionette Gwen Hayes
Lionette Gwen Hayes Canada Day
Lionette Kathy Young
Lionette Una Hayes
Lionettes Gwen Hayes
Lions Ray Young
Lisa Edward
Lisa Mrs Dagg
Lisa Mrs. Violet Rutledge
Lisa Young
Lisa Young Get
Lisa Young Troy Young
Lisa Young Young
Lisa Young’s Mary-
Lise Mrs Julien Fortin
Litchfield Chemin Hayes
Little B Mrs. C. Hanson
Little Betty Young
Little Kathy Hayes
LiU Young
Livestock Mrs. Clara Kendall Also Looks After Exhibits
Lln-and Mrs H Murdock
Llndon Young
Lloyd Bal- Mrs. Frank Comer
Lloyd Craw- Mrs Wilson McCleary
Lloyd Edward Smith
Lloyd Mltchem Mrs.
Lloyd Mrs Armand Satiate
Lloyd Mrs Jas Sutton
Lloyd Mrs.
Lloyd Mrs. Heman Dagg
Lloyd Ostrom Mrs Ma
Lloyd Robinson Mrs
Llyal Bean Mac Hayes
Llyal Bean Mayor Orla Young
Lmulie H Young 1
Lnd Mrs. Russell
Lnii Mrs. Norman Dod*
Ln^ Mrs. H. Graham
Loan Mrs. Fred Cant
Logan W J Hayes
Loi- Hayes
Loin Hayes
Lois (Hayes
Lois Evelyn Hayes
Lois Hayes
Lois Mrs Gregory Presley
Lois Mrs Milton Wall
Lois Young
Loma Young
Lome Draper-Hayes
Lome Mrs. Earl Renwick
Lome Young
Loni Young
Loraa Young
Loran Young
Lord Clarence Paget
Lord Edward
Lord Edward Blagb
Lord Edward Blagh
Lord Edward Churchhill
Lord Edward I Cecil
Lord Edward Marked Increase Get
Lord Edward Pelham Clinton
Lord Edward Peril
Lord Edward*
Lord Edward’s
Lord James Edward Sheltir Douglass
Lord Jesus Oirist Mrs James Benoit
Lord Mrs
Lord Mrs Rex Taylor
Lord Young
Loretta Mrs Ray Grier
Loretta Young
Loretta Young Kent Smith Joanne Dru
Loretta Young Melvyn Douglas
Lori Young
Lorn C J Hayes
Lorna Young
Lornie Hayes
Lorrainne Mrs.
Lottie Bra* Hayes
Lou Ann Young
Lou McDowell Garrett Walsh O Keefe Breweries James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E. Brandum
Lou nn Young
Lou-Ann Young
LouAnn Young
Lough Hayes
Louis Edward Rainboth
Louis Leach William Leach Jay Payette W J Hayes Utchfied Council July Meeting
Louis Mrs. Gustave William Dora Yach
Louis Young
Louise (Mrs Alec Murray
Louise Barber and Mrs Edith
Louise Hayes
Love Is Young
Love Tore Mrs. Samuel Stevenett
Love Tyior Mrs Shirley Lacroix
Love Were Young
Loved Edward
Lovely Cathy Hayes
Low Notes Home Hardware Mrs. Robert Lalonde Deepest
Low Prices Young Doctor
Lowe Boy Lewi Mowers McCulloch Chain Sows J Mrs. Esther Quelle
Lrna Young
lsE5* Mrs Serge Parent
Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Luc Young
Lucinda Mrs J Philip Matheson
Lucky Mrs. Ronald McGuire
Lucky Young
Lucy Mrs Daniel Brown
Luke Young
Lunam Young Lunam Youn Mrs. Drummond Rev. E G. Warren
Lusk Mrs Raymond Lepine
Luskville Leader Mrs Sam (Pearl
LVd Shawville Quebec Bronze Medals Mrs.
Lyal Mrs Bill Pirie
Lyle Hodgins Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Lyle McConnell Secretary- Mrs
Lynden Young
Lyndon Young
Lynn Campbell Mrs Robinson Hodgins
Lynn Mrs Anna Stewart
Lynn Mrs Lloyd Kluke
Lynn Mrs Melvin Stewart
Lynn Mrs. E.
Lynn Thrash- Mrs Rachel Poisson
L’niversitv Office—Hayes
L„d Mrs
M & Mrs Basil Quaile
M & Mrs Edmond Stewart
M & Mrs Paul Dumouchel
M A Mrs Owen Hearty
M A Young
M ah Ion Hayes
M and Clarence J. L. Farrell
M cCredieand Mrs.
M Hayes
M innerva Hayes
M iv«»r Young
M L Hobbs 48.52 Victor Krutz 10.00 Edward Kelly 414.14 Harvey Smith Grant Murray
M Moy Young
M Mrs Garrett Walsh
M Mrs Stephens
M Mrs. Ebert Turcotte Frost Fence Aluminum Roofing Galvanized Roofing Coal
M Mrs. Leonard Horner
M o Hayes.
M P Mrs. Bernard Benoit
M s Clarence Kllgour
M S Hayes
M W Young
M X H. G. Young
M Young
M''HWt-1 Mrs. Fred Vork
M(j Mrs Brian Telford
M*s Edward Hickey
M- Hayes
M-& Mrs Ross Doyle
M-chæl Hayes
M-s C N Woodley Mrs F Ladouceur
M. D. Hayes
M. E. Hayes
M. Hayes
M. Mrs. xa8 Elliott
M. Young
M.ss Margaret Young
Ma rione Hayes
Ma Young
Mabel Hayes
Mac Don-Mrs
Mac Hayes
Mac Hayes choice
Mac Kechnie Young
Mac Mrs. Mary Alexander
Mac" Hayes
Mac) Hayes
Mac* Hayes
Mac- Mrs.
Macdonald College Mrs Dave Davies
Macdonald Mrs. Draper
MacDoneU Mrs Denise Stafford
MacFar- Mrs
Mack Hayes
Mackcn Mrs Venetia Crawford
MacKechnie Orla Young*
MacKechnieand Mrs.
Mackenzie King Una Hayes
MacKenzie Music Mrs. M. Young Remedial Reading Mrs.
Made Ion Hayes
Made-Ion Hayes
Madeion Hayes
Madelaine Hayes
Madeleine (Mrs Leonard Council
Madeleine Hayes
Madeleine St- Clarence
Madelon Hayes
Mae Young
Maeiey Young
Magazine Mrs.
Maggie Hayes
Magnate "Young
Mah Ion Hayes
Mah-lon Hayes
Mahîon Hayes
Mahkro Hayes
Mahlon "Mac" Hayes
Mahlon Hayes
Mahlon Ion Hayes
Mahlori Hayes
Mahlou Hayes
Mahlun Hayes
Maigaret Young
Maillon Hayes
Maisie Kim- Manary-Mrs Warren Campbell
Major Hayes
Malartic Schwartz Mrs. John BretzlafT
Malcolm Hugh Young
Mali Ion Hayes
Manager Mrs. G.
Manager Mrs. M. Langford
Manager X I Quyon Branch Mrs.
Maniwaki Mrs Cécile Vaillancourt
Manson Young
Mar- Mrs
Mar- Mrs. Martin Rlely
Mar- Young
Marc-André Young
Marcel Ste Marie Clarence Stephens J A Kssiambre Maurice Kssiambre Harold Lynn Contran
Margaret ( Mrs Lloyd C. Fulford
Margaret (Mrs Hugh McCagg
Margaret (Mrs Ken Conroy
Margaret (Mrs Laurence Laig
Margaret (Mrs Neil Sharpe
Margaret ) Mrs. Glen Cougler
Margaret 0. Young Passes
Margaret Costin Edward
Margaret Dagg Mrs. John R. McDowell
Margaret E. Hayes
Margaret Ethel Knipe Mrs Thomas A Hobbs Margaret Ethel Knipe
Margaret Fleming Mrs. Catherine Burke
Margaret ft* Mrs. Thomas Smith
Margaret Hayes
Margaret Jean Young
Margaret K. Hayes
Margaret L Young
Margaret L. Young
Margaret Lang Mrs. Elizabeth
Margaret Laughren- Mrs Ellis Palmer
Margaret Le-Mrs Charles Routliffe
Margaret M. Hayes
Margaret MeCaff- H.W. BRAITHWAlTà Principal Supplies Mrs.
Margaret Mrs
Margaret Mrs Alva Lance
Margaret Mrs Bernard Cahill
Margaret Mrs Jack Braddock
Margaret Mrs John MacSween
Margaret Mrs Lan* Kelly
Margaret Mrs Robert Middlemiss
Margaret Mrs Susan Sloan
Margaret Mrs. Irvin Gilpin
Margaret Mrs. James McC
Margaret Mrs. John Hodgins
Margaret Mrs. Urban Curley
Margaret O. Young
Margaret Young
Margaret Young He
Margaret Young McPhail
Margaret Young Shawn
Margie Young
Margita Mrs. Eric Draper
Margo Mrs.
Margo Mrs. Leslie Richards Miss Doreen Storey Mr.
Margo Mrs. R H. Elliott
Maria Ruth Homer Mrs Meryl Horner
Marian Hayes
Marie ( Mrs Stewart MacKenzie
Marie Garland Mrs. Gordon McBride Sr
Marie Hayes
Marie Janice Young
Marie Mrs
Marie Mrs Alt Moreland
Marie Mrs Dorothy Lepine
Marie Mrs. Alex Davis
Marie Mrs. Teason McCagg
Marie Young
Marilyn Dods Young
Marilyn Me Mrs. Alex Lapierre
Marilyn Mrs. Orval Smart
Marilyn Mrs. Wes Smiley
Marilyn Young
Marilyn Young Bonnie Overton
Marilyn Young Lennta Zimmer
Marilyn Young Marries George Atholl Magee Smith
Marilyn Young Onslow
Marilyn Young Smith
Marin Young Baird
Mario Hayes
Mario Mrs
Marion ( Mrs Danny Carroll
Marion Hayes
Marion Hayes FOUND
Marion Hayes Wolf
Marion Kathleen Hayes
Marion Kel-Mrs Linda Gainsford
Marion Rich-Mrs Lome Emmerson
Marion Schwartz Ray Young
Marion Young
Mariyn Young
Marjoiie Hayes
Marjorie Burke Mrs Leonard Smith
Marjorie Dickson Mrs. Tom MacDonald
Marjorie Graham: Mrs Sharron Hodgins
Marjorie Grant and Mahlon Hayes
Marjorie Harris Young
Marjorie Hayes
Marjorie Hayes Manary
Marjorie Hayes-Manary
Marjorie Hayes.
Marjorie Helen Young
Marjorie Hod- Ladysmith Mrs Grace Gibbons
Marjorie Man- Mrs. Jack Russell
Marjorie Marjorie (Hayes
Marjorie Misst Hayes
Marjorie Mrs
Marjorie Mrs Irvin Cahill
Marjorie Mrs Prank
Marjorie Mrs Willie I.each
Marjorie Mrs. Annie Ritchie
Marjorie Mrs. Walter Harris
Marjorie Tubman Honoured Onslow Corners Women’s Institute Mrs. XV.
Marjorie Young
Mark Hayes
Mark Kingsbury Mrs Barber reported
Mark Loyer Stephen Meisner Stéphane Villeneuve Marcel Berard Paul Collette Jr. John Peck Jim Young
Mark Mrs
Mark Mrs Ovila Fleury
Mark Mrs. William Murphy
Mark Young
Marks Albert Young
Marks Mrs
Marks Mrs Graham
Marks Publicity Mrs.
Marlaine Hayes
Marlene Young
Marlin Mrs Anae Co.
Marlon Hayes
Marlyn Young
Marri Mrs Kenneth Griffin
Marsall Young
Marsha Young
Marsha Young Zimmerling
Marsha) Hayes Funeral
Marshal Young
Marshall 7-3731 Young
Marshall Young
Marshall Young s Senator WiU
Marshall Young Sec.-Trees
Marshall Young W.
Marshall Young’s Deana King
Marshall—Harold Hayes
Marsten Mrs.
Martha (Mrs Larry Prévost
Martha Adolph Zimmerling Mrs Stewart Augusta Krutz
Martha Bretzlaff Mrs Ken Matacheskie
Martha Edward
Martha Hayes
Martha Hyer Edward Judd THIS
Martha J (Mrs John Bretzlaff
Martha Mrs Delbert Zacharias
Martha Mrs Minnie Shrankler
Martin - Mrs Ruby Brownlee
Martin Helen Hayes
Martin Le James H. Mrs. John J.
Martin Mrs Brise
Martin Mrs Delbert McTieman
Martin Mrs. D.
Martin Mrs. Harry Taggart
Martin Mrs. J A. Bowie
Martin Mrs. Ken Lowes
Martin Ri- Mrs Glen Saunders
Martin Young
Martineau Sec-Treas Mrs G Meredith
Marty Ellen Young
Marty Young
Marvin Young
Mary (Mrs Connor Hsndrkk
Mary -I Hayes
Mary Agues Young
Mary Ann Hayes
Mary Ann Young
Mary Anne Young
Mary Anne) Mrs. Watters
Mary Carol DeCarmen Young
Mary Cole Mrs.
Mary E.) Mrs. Wallace McGillis
Mary Edward
Mary Ellen Young
Mary Ellen Young 806
Mary Ellen Young Boss
Mary Ellen Young Course
Mary Ellen Young George Coles
Mary Ellen Young Mrs Albert Dahms
Mary Elliott Mrs Harvey Wilson Mns
Mary Gardner Mrs Wilson
Mary Gray Mrs. Celinu OitMi
Mary Hahn Hayes
Mary Hanlan Young
Mary Hayes
Mary Hayes-Valentine
Mary Hilda Raymond Mrs. Mary Hilda Raymond
Mary Hobbs Clarence Mcknight
Mary Hodglns Mrs Helen Dale
Mary Holden) Mrs. Mel Goodfellow
Mary Horigins <3h Mrs. Lilian Smith
Mary Jane LUsk-Robinson Mrs Mary Jane Robertson
Mary Jay Mrs Eileen Colton
Mary Joan Justine Coyle Weds Edward Joseph Desabrais Peggy Presley
Mary Kil-of Mrs. Clinton Palmer
Mary Kilgour Mrs. Henry Oreenshields
Mary M (Mrs Duncan Ross
Mary Mrs Cedi Elliott
Mary Mrs George De-Felice
Mary Mrs Henry Lunam
Mary Mrs Joan Sallafranque
Mary Mrs Justin Quigg
Mary Mrs Lionel Morin
Mary Mrs Marion McTiernan
Mary Mrs Nathan Bronson
Mary Mrs Rose Pilon
Mary Mrs Terry O Brien
Mary Mrs. Arthur Dubien
Mary Mrs. Bessie Laird
Mary Mrs. E Cameron Shopping
Mary Mrs. Franklin MJanet
Mary Mrs. Lee Hod
Mary Mrs. Wm
Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shanley William Shanley Mrs Susan McLean Fochtman Eugene Fochtman M
Mary Saurial Mrs
Mary Sheila Keon Mrs Geneviève Cahill Rita O Reilly
Mary Smiley Mrs Leda Pilon
Mary Smith Mrs
Mary Starek Kerr Mrs. Wilderson
Mary Stewart Mrs Ron McCredie
Mary Thomas Mrs.
Mary W J Hayes
Mary W. J. HAYES
Mary Young
Mary Young 2
Mary) Mrs. Andy *| Seguin
Maryellen Young
Maryi Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Master Collins Young
Master Harvey Young
Master Robbie Young
Matt Mrs.
Matt O Mrs
Matthew Young III
Mattie Cochrane* Mrs. H. Elliott
Maud Bailey And Mrs. Percy Ballanlyne Winners
Maud Young
Maureen Be- Clarence
Maureen O Hara Cecil Morrison Mrs. Reginald Hale
Maureen Quinn- Mrs
Maureen Young
Maurice Beau Edward
Maurice E Mrs Nathan Dagg
Maurice Edward
Maurice Mrs Jacques Gaulin
Maurice Mrs. A.
Maurice Young
Maurice Young He
Mavor Young
May Albert Young
May Alexina Daley Richard Edward Dagg
May Ion Hayes
May Mrs Ivan Orr
May- Ont On Mrs
Mayc Councillors Young
Mayhew Saturday W M. Hayes
Maylon Hayes
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Mayor Cotie Hayes
Mayor E. Steele Mrs Jamie Amm
Mayor Hayes
Mayor Lee Hod-gins with Mack Hayes
Mayor Ola Young
Mayor Orla Young
Mayor Orla Young A Councillors Athol Dale.
Mayor Orta Young
Mayor Orta Young Horse
Mayor W C. Young
Mayor Young
Mayors Hayes
Mayors Orla Young
Mayors Young
Mb Clarence Kilgour
Mb Lawrence Young
Mc- Mrs. Neil Drummond
McBane Claude Young Single Light Draft
McCale H »V«N All DiUCSTOWS Mrs. Aitken
McColl Young Peoples
McConnell Mrs Cecil Paris
McDonald Mrs Ivan Hodgins
McDowell Mrs. Claude Lcmay
McDowell Mrs. Gibson Miss May Roe Mr.
Mce Mrs.
McGee Mrs Jack Montague
McGee Mrs Mary Kelly
McGee Perly Richardson Duncan Russett Mrs Helen Jones Mqs Hubert Hamilton Mrs. W.
McGiHUniversity Office—Hayes
McGill Uni Hayes Block
McGill University Hayes
McGill University) Office—Hayes
McGillUDiversity Office—Hayes
McGillUniversity Office—Hayes
McGiUUniversity Office—Hayes
McGuire’s Mrs. Chatterton
McKay M Doyle: Mrs
McLAUGHLIN Mrs Gerry Nyveld 1864XJ27 NYVELD
McLean Charles E. R^gan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shan
McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherin
McLean Mrs. Ernie Keon
McLean Mrs. Harry Sturgeon
McLean Mrs. Jean McLaughlin Mr- Geo
McLeary Mrs. Earl Findlay
McMillan Mrs. Melvin Stewart
McNeiL Mrs
McNeill Mrs Lawrence Reid
McNeill Mrs Nathan Dagg
Md Mrs Rickey Chassie
Md Mrs, Wilmer Grahian
Me Mrs. Jim Warren
Me- Mrs Edrice Sweeney
Me- Mrs.
Me- Mrs. Ivan Hodgins
Meant Although Mrs. Margaret Winning
Meet At Mrs.
Meeting Mrs. Pete Racine St. James Guild
Meeting Mr.and Mrs. Ray Johnston
Meeting Mrs.
Meeting Mrs. L. Young Sec.-Treas
Meetings Mrs Emerson Horner
Mehlon Hayes
Mel Carried Mrs. Manswell Thresher
Mel Andrews Mrs. John Morrison
Mel Bean Chris Young
Mel Brown Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Mel L Lnd Mrs. W. J Black
Mel Mrs Ritchie Russett
Mel Mrs. William Corrigan
Mel Young
Mel Young Men’s
Mélanie Ann to Duane Hayes
Melanie Mrs Arthir Giroux
Melanie Young
Melvin Beattie Mrs D Ireland
Melvin Brown Mrs. Rite Dubeeu
Melvin Mrs Ethel Hodgins
Melvin Mrs H McCleary Ice
Melvin Mrs. Emery Benedict
Melvin Mrs. J. A. Armstrong
Melvin Oris Young Bull
Melvin Stewart Cook Book- Mrs R Graham Mis A Kelley
Melvin Stewart Secretary - Mrs Jas Campbell Trees
Melvin Woods - Mrs Marion Crawford
Melvin Young
Melvin Young 2
Melvin Young HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Melvin Young Hugh Collins
Melvin Young Denzil Brown
Melvin Young MacKechnle
Melvin Young Mangels
Melvin Young Whitton’s
Men Young Men Younger Men
Men’s Dress Socks Mrs. Raymond Trudeau
Meriyn Mrs Russell Mee
Merl Young
Merle Bim Young
Merle Mrs Hubert Way
Merle Young
Merrifield Mrs
Merv Young
Mervin Smith Mrs. Loretta I^aBalbo
Mervin Young
Mervyn Hayes
Meryl Young
Mesdames Melvin Young
Messers W.M. Hayes
Messieurs Irwin Hayes
Messrs Clarence
Messrs Clarence Cuth*
Messrs Clarence Cuthbertson
Messrs Clarence Horner
Messrs Clarence Richardson
Messrs Clarence Sparling
Messrs Clarence Taber
Messrs Clarence Walls
Messrs Deimer Barber and Clarence Roy
Messrs Edward
Messrs Edward Hodgins
Messrs Edward Kidd
Messrs H Young
Messrs Irwin Hayes
Messrs John Young
Messrs Melvin Young
Messrs Mrs Vernon Carroll
Messrs Thomas Mrs. William Fraser
Messrs W M Hayes
Messrs Young
Messrs. Arnold Young
Messrs. Edward
Messrs. George Hayes
Messrs. Irwin Hayes
Messrs. Young
Messrv Edward
Meus Clothing-in Young Men’s Models-isfar
Meu’s Clothing—in Young Men’s Models—is
Me— Mrs Hayes
Me— Mrs James Niblett
MfS Edward
Mgwi Mrs Sandy McMillan
Mi H Z Mrs. Allen Meredith
Mi Mrs. Herman Ballantyne
Mi Mrs. Paul Bretziail
Mi Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Mi** Fannie Young
Mias Ella Hayes
Mias Helen Mrs. Robert Iah*»
Mias Ida Hayes
Mias Marlyn Young
Mias R. Hayes
Michael 8agi Hanlan Young
Michael Bradley Hanged Mrs.
Michael Brennan...... John Brennan......... Heirs Mrs.
Michael Clarence Schwartz Clarence Maynard Clarence
Michael Costello Mrs. Peter Macintosh
Michael Edward Radey
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 2
Michael Hayes 3. Single
Michael Hayes Notice
Michael Ken- Mrs.Sly
Michael Pan- Mrs Ron Allen
Michael Thomas Edward Meetings
Michael Young
Michaud Mrs. Silas Gibson
Miche- Mrs Eva Maloney
Micheal Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Michel Ber-Mrs
Michel Goulet Mrs Cheryl Chamberlain
Michel Hayes
Michel Mrs. R. Keon
Michelle Belsher Mickey McGuire Clarence
Mick Mrs
Mid-Summer Mahlon Hayes
Middlemiss W.J. Hayes
Midget B Hayes
Mie* May Young
Mielke Mrs Zita Chassee
Miiss Debbie Young
Mike Hayes
Mike Troy Young
Mike Young
Mil L Lamb MMiIuh«hmhiiiîÎ1 Mrs O O M< I*>well
Mil- Young
Mildred Amm - Clarence
Mildred H. Brown N.ow Mrs. Brown
Mildred Hayes
Mildred Mrs Cecile Gagnon
Mildred Mrs Norval Horner
Mildred Mrs. Kirk Davies
Mildred Young
Mill Mrs Hugh Homer
Mill* Mrs. Crozier
Miller Fort Couhnge Mrs. Colin Wetmore
Miller Mrs Violet Atkinson
Millilcen Mrs Susan Mi Hike
Mils Marjorie Hayes Honoured
Milton Crawford Jean Landry Murray Ranger Mrs. Stella Sullivan
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs Frances Senior Seat
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs. Frances Senior Seat
Milton Hahn- 257.60 Edward Kelly-Harvey Smitn-Gil Fraser-
Milton Hen-- I Mrs. J. McCauley
Mim B Young
Mim Lois Hayes
Min- Orlj Young
Mine Martha Hayes
Minerva D. Hayes
Minerva Dale Hayes
Minerva Hayes
Mini Mrs. Bowles
Mining Association Young Shawville Rink
Minis L S V.G.—Mrs
Minola Young
Minor Complaint Mrs. Alva Johnson
Minor Detail Mrs. Moggs
Minor Hockey Edward Clergy
Minor Hockey Tournament Young
Minor Mrs Ivan Wyman
Mirai Young
Mirl Young
Mirl Young Clifford Beattie
Mirl Young Morley Sharpe
Mis Clarence Maheral
Mis Clarence Mr
Mis Harold Hayes
Mis* Betty Hayes Honoured Mrs.
Mis* Hayes
Mis* Helen Young
Misa Dot Hayes
Misi Mary Smart Mrs. Jas
Miss A Hayes
Miss Betty Hayes
Miss C. Young Wilson Ebert Horner
Miss Ella Hayes
Miss Faye Mrs. R. G. Elliott
Miss Faye Mrs. Venne
Miss G Dagg Mrs.
Miss Helen Hayes
Miss Helen Young
Miss Lois Hayes
Miss M Young
Miss Ma Mrs Theresa Shea
Miss Madeion Hayes
Miss Madelon Hayes
Miss Margaret Hayes
Miss Marie Mrs Lillies Ladouceur
Miss Marion Young
Miss Mrs B Armstrong
Miss Mrs Horner
Miss Mrs. Fred Campbell
Miss Muriel Hayes
Miss Naudett Hayes
Miss Pearl Mrs Miles Milford
Miss R Eckford Mrs. Eddie Finnigan
Miss R Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes
Miss Rayma Hayes Pontiac Holstein Club Hostess
Miss Robin Jo Barber and Wayne Edward Seymour
Miss Ruby Hayes
Miss Thomas 2. Kensington—Mrs John Hodgins Mrs Edwd Hodgine
Missei A Young
Mission Helen Hayes
Miss’Marjoiie Hayes
Mister Agnes Young
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Mitch Mrs Grant Stevenson
Mitchell Mrs.
Mithem N O MRS. JAS.
Mitts Office—Hayes
Mitts Young Life Cut Short William Gladwyn Hutchison
Mix R C. Holt Mrs. Walter Smith
Mï^and Mrs. Melvin Wickens
Mi^m^Mrs Moses Stewart Dun-raven
Mli ce—Hayes
Mlnnfe Mrs Seymour Harris
Mlrl Young
MLs Marylin Young
Mm Clarence
Mme Hélène Hayes
MMM Howard Hayes
MMnfl R Young
Mn Clarence Horner
Mn Irvin Hayes
Mn Mrs Lawrence Lang Jackie EF
Mnliudi Mrs.
Mnrit-I Mrs. Geo
Mnt Clarence Hayes
Mnvnnnth Vvhil#J Mrs. Ireland
Mo Mrs Wesley Palmer
Moc Young
Model Albert Armstrong 1st Qu.von Troop To Be Tenderfoot Chirm Phillip Long Chum Garry Young Chum D
Model—Minerva Hayes
Mom Clarence
Mom Jd Mrs Mark Bar„
Moms Mrs^ Neil Drummond
Mona Armstrong Mr. Claude Richardson Mrs. Albert Richardson Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Mona Armstrong Mrs. Lola Horner Mr.
Mona Armstrong Mrs. McColm
Mona Mrs Betty Cameron
Mona Mrs. Allan
Mona Young
Monday Twenty-four Young
Monica Young
Monique Hayes
Monsieur Bernard Carrière Monsieur Bernard Conroy Mrs. Hélène Boulet Mr. Bernard Carrière Mr. Berna
Monsieur Charles Young
Mont- Mrs. Ethel Sullivan
Montreal Mrs. J T Dale....... Norman Smith
Montreal Mrs. W G. Hall
Montreal—Lake Trout Mrs. Ann Fumerton
Moore Mrs
Moore Mrs J *°
Moore Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Moore Mrs. Fred Krutz
Moore Mrs. Moore
Moore Mrs. Rheal Hérault
Moore Mrs. Russell Elliott Wm
Moran W J Hayes
More______ Mrs. Graham
Moriey Young
Morley Ay-Young
Morley Hayes
Morley Hodgins Basil Quaile Asa Smith Mirl Young
Morning Prayer 10.301 Ofliee—Hayes
Morris Irwm Hayes
Morrison Mrs Belle Morrison
Morrison Mrs Edward Hodgins(S)
Morrison Mrs. Katherine Telfer Mormon
Mother Mrs
Mother Mrs. Leona the
Moti Young
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Young
Motion Hayes
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion—C<unr Young -That Truman
Motion—Crs Young
Motley Hodgins Limited Mrs. Edison Brown
Mountain Mrs Marie Benoit
Mous-and Mrs Jimmy Morin Sunday
Moyle Mrs. Mary Stephens
Mr A Mrs Blake Mee
Mr A Mrs Bruce Peck
Mr A Mrs Clarence Little
Mr A Mrs Lorenzo Belanger
Mr A Mrs Norman Stark
Mr A Mrs Ross Stewart
Mr Albert New-Mrs Hector Lemaire
Mr Allen Mrs Martin Black
Mr Allen Young
Mr Bad Mrs
Mr Bernard Ethier Ottawa Mrs.
Mr Claude Hayes
Mr Cole Hayes
Mr Edward Brennan
Mr Edward Graham
Mr Greg Mrs Heather Sallgrove
Mr H G Young
Mr Harper Young
Mr Hay Young
Mr Hayes
Mr Henry Mrs Erwin Beck
Mr Irwin Hayes
Mr J N McLel-Mrs Allen Woods
Mr Lari Young
Mr M Hayes
Mr M Hayes Aug
Mr M Young
Mr MahIon Hayes
Mr Mahlon Hayes
Mr Mark Lassen- Mrs Tom Hearty
Mr Marshall Young
Mr Melvin Mrs. Clarence Kilgour
Mr Mirl Young
Mr Moriey Mrs Roy Wiggins
Mr Mrs
Mr Mrs Felix Spence
Mr Mrs Russell Elliott
Mr Mrs Wayne Schrim
Mr Mrs.
Mr Mrs. Clifford Spots
Mr Mrs. Fred Belec.
Mr Mrs. Fred Russett Dies
Mr Norman Mrs Etta Lunam
Mr Norman Pilon* Mrs Hope Cadieux-Ledoux
Mr Ray Young
Mr Raymond Young
Mr Russell Young
Mr Samuel Hayes
Mr Silas Young
Mr Thomas Hayes
Mr W J Hayes
Mr W.M. Hayes
Mr Young
Mr! Mrs Bill Hannaberry
Mr# Jason Nicholas Allan Young
Mr# K Young
Mr# M Hayes
Mr# Pearl Hayes Is
Mr& Mrs Brendan Sauriof
Mr& Mrs David Hodgins
Mr& Mrs Gary Hodgins
Mr& W Mrs Bentley Hobbs
Mr&Mrs Revel Pauline Lance
Mr* Claude Young
Mr* D Oateem Mrs Thomas McGee
Mr* Edward Gibbon*
Mr* Edward Wallace
Mr* J Young
Mr* Young
Mr, A Mrs. Keith Munro
Mr, Cole Hayes
Mr, Ethel Rub7 B*** Judy Young
Mr, Irwin Hayes
Mr, Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr-, Hugh Young
Mr-and Mrs. Rabb
Mr. A Mrs Ben Mrs Cecil Bigelow
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt’s
Mr. A Mrs. Elburne Been #
Mr. A Mrs. Harold Amdtage Mr. A Mrs. Wes
Mr. A Mrs. John Hickey
Mr. A Mrs. Keith Munro
Mr. A Mrs. Revel Robinson
Mr. Albert Young
Mr. Allan Young
Mr. Allen Mrs. Atkinson
Mr. Allen Young
Mr. Andrew Mrs. Jan M. Collins
Mr. Arnold Young
Mr. Barnett Mrs. Oawford
Mr. Ben Young
Mr. Ben Young Cattle Astray
Mr. Ben Young V||
Mr. Benny Young
Mr. Bilan Young
Mr. Bob Young
Mr. Bowie Mrs. Cecil Vihert
Mr. C. Hayes
Mr. Carl Carl-1 Edward Normandeau
Mr. Chester Angus Mrs. I. Robinson
Mr. Clarence
Mr. Clarence Boy
Mr. Clarence Brownlee
Mr. Clarence Hayes
Mr. Clarence Wesley Palmer
Mr. Claude Young
Mr. Clayton Mrs. M. Stevens
Mr. Cole Hayes
Mr. Collins Young
Mr. Craig Young
Mr. Dean Young
Mr. E Mrs. A. Brown
Mr. Edward
Mr. Edward Bel- Wyman
Mr. Edward Blake
Mr. Edward Blake !
Mr. Edward Dagg
Mr. Edward Daley
Mr. Edward Flat-
Mr. Edward Graham
Mr. Edward Graham Iti Reflected Glory
Mr. Edward Hodgins
Mr. Edward Kavan- Council
Mr. Edward Malette Is
Mr. Edward P. Butts
Mr. Edward S. Smiley
Mr. Edward T. Brown- Cuthbertson
Mr. Edward T. Ellis
Mr. Edward Zimmer-The
Mr. Emerson Horner Mrs. Chas
Mr. Gordon Carol Mel- Mrs. Jim Johnston
Mr. H A. Young
Mr. H G. Young
Mr. H.G. Young
Mr. Haiold Hayes
Mr. Hanlan Young
Mr. Hanlon Young
Mr. Harold Hayes
Mr. Harold Young
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Harper Young
Mr. Harrison Young
Mr. Harvey Young
Mr. Hayes
Mr. Henry Clarke Belleville Mrs Nalhan IJagl{
Mr. Herb Zachar-chers Mrs. Verner Rueckwald
Mr. Herbie Young
Mr. Herman Brstzlaft Mrs Heinz Seigwarlle
Mr. Horn- Mrs. Joe Cole
Mr. Hugh Young
Mr. Irwin Hayes
Mr. Irwin Hayes - Shawville
Mr. J >hn Young
Mr. James Ful-Mrs John Fades
Mr. James H. Young
Mr. James Mrs. Rodolphe Ryan
Mr. James T. Pat Mr.and Mrs Dean
Mr. James Young*
Mr. John B. Mrs.
Mr. John Mrs. Tom Cilcnn
Mr. John Young
Mr. K R Hayes
Mr. Kenneth Mrs. Undy
Mr. L Hayes
Mr. Laurence Young
Mr. Lee Hodgins Mrs Paul All
Mr. Leslie G. Young
Mr. Leslie Young
Mr. Leslie Young I.Macdcuald Collego
Mr. Levi Young
Mr. Linden Young
Mr. Lindon Young
Mr. M Hayes
Mr. M. Hayes
Mr. Mac Hayes
Mr. Mack Hayes
Mr. Mahlon Hayes
Mr. Maillon Hayes
Mr. Malilon Hayes
Mr. Martin Hayes
Mr. Mehlon Hayes
Mr. Melvin Young
Mr. Merl Young
Mr. Mervin Young
Mr. Michael Hayes
Mr. Miii Young
Mr. Mirl Young
Mr. Mr. Young
Mr. Mrs
Mr. Mrs Fred Walker
Mr. Mrs Gerald Hodgins
Mr. Mrs H I. Smith
Mr. Mrs Phil Mousseau
Mr. Mrs.
Mr. Munson Young
Mr. Norris Young
Mr. R E. Hayes
Mr. Ralph Young
Mr. Ray Young
Mr. Raymond Las- Mrs. Wm
Mr. Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr. Robbie Young
Mr. Roland Elliott Mrs. Renshaw
Mr. Ross Clarence
Mr. Russell Young
Mr. S Mrs. Ebert Turcotte
Mr. Sam Hayes
Mr. Sam Young
Mr. Samuel Hayes
Mr. Sherwood Young
Mr. Si Mrs. John Ryan
Mr. Silas Young
Mr. Ted Hayes
Mr. Teddy Hayes
Mr. Thomas Bur-and Mrs. Amy Creighton.
Mr. Thomas Young People
Mr. Tom Mrs. Lionel Demers
Mr. Vole Hayes
Mr. W .C. Edward
Mr. W Clifford Mrs. Robt
Mr. W J. McKibbon Mrs. Wallace Lang
Mr. W M Hayes
Mr. W M. Hayes
Mr. W. Hayes
Mr. W. J ___________ - Hayes
Mr. Wayne St Edward
Mr. Weldon Young
Mr. Wil- Keith Mrs. Phoebe
Mr. Wilfred Tipping Mrs. Margaret Bretzlaff Mr. Grant Eodes Mr. Basil Quaile
Mr. William Hayes
Mr. William Young
Mr. Willie Hayes
Mr. X Mrs. Eric Cahill
Mr. X Mrs. Thomas Benoit
Mr. Young
Mr.-and Mrs. Ivan Lewis
Mr..and Mrs.
Mr..and Mrs. Melvin Younge
Mr.ami Mrs. Jas
Mr.and Mrs
Mr.and Mrs.
Mr.and Mrs. Armstrong
Mr.and Mrs. Bob Charette
Mr.and Mrs. Herbert Martin.
Mr.and Mrs. Ivan Wyman
Mr.and Mrs. J
Mr.and Mrs. J B. Murdock
Mr.and Mrs. Manley Glen
Mr.and Mrs. Matthew Kluke
Mr.and Mrs. Ray Johnston
Mr.s P Hayes
Mr; Hayes
Mr< Merley Chassie Mrs
Mr? Art Hayes
Mra Linden Young
Mre Laurent Mrs Murray Tait
Mrend Mrs. Orville Knipe
Mreuordon Paul .Mrs Mrs K C Denton
Mrg Florence Young
Mri Flonmond Mrs. Brian Macintosh
MrS Andrew Flood
Mrs Antoinette Barrett
Mrs Atkinson
Mrs D Cavanagh
Mrs E Finnigan
Mrs Emerson Anderson
Mrs Henry Delivers Sermon To Pontiac
Mrs Howard IHC
Mrs Leonard Civic Hospital
Mrs Oeorg Judd
Mrs Orla
Mrs Oswald Godin
Mrs Walter Kile
Mrs Warren Campbell
Mrs A B Fumerton
Mrs A B Ross
Mrs A D-2S Martin
Mrs A J Bertha McGuire
Mrs A J Hadley
Mrs A J McGuire
Mrs A J McRae
Mrs A J Shalla
Mrs A S. Dales
Mrs A Toole
Mrs A W Hodgins
Mrs Adrian Gerard
Mrs Adrien Gerard
Mrs Adrienne Gerard
Mrs Al McKenzie
Mrs Albert
Mrs Albert Armstrong
Mrs Albert Aylmer
Mrs Albert Campbell
Mrs Albert Chisnell
Mrs Albert Clifford Fierobin
Mrs Albert Congdon Wyman
Mrs Albert Dahms
Mrs Albert E.
Mrs Albert Elliott
Mrs Albert Fleury
Mrs Albert Me
Mrs Albert Me Bane
Mrs Albert SMALL FenxaJe Dog
Mrs Albert St Onge
Mrs Albert Venne
Mrs Albert Yonkman School
Mrs Albert ¦
Mrs Alec Brennan
Mrs Alex 7-3710
Mrs Alex Nickel SKrKe
Mrs Alexander ¦ McArthur
Mrs Allan Armstrong
Mrs Allan Emmer-1 H,e‘e
Mrs Allan T. Quaile
Mrs Allen *] Donnelly
Mrs Allen Armstrong
Mrs Allen Black
Mrs Allen Brown
Mrs Allen Calumet Rd.
Mrs Allen Carey
Mrs Allen Carey Sunday
Mrs Allen Claude Harkins
Mrs Allen da
Mrs Allen Donnelly
Mrs Allen Du
Mrs Allen Ear Falla
Mrs Allen Gravelle
Mrs Allen Kir Imam
Mrs Allen Kirkham
Mrs Allen Ouaik*
Mrs Allen Quaile
Mrs Allen Quaile Jeremy
Mrs Allen Qualle
Mrs Allen Rogers Thor
Mrs Allen S. AAcKay
Mrs Allen Sicard
Mrs Allen Sparling
Mrs Allen Vadneau Canadian
Mrs Allen Vadneau Sandra
Mrs Anderson
Mrs Andrew Benson Elliott
Mrs Andrew Cram Rae Judd
Mrs Andrew Holland
Mrs Andrew King
Mrs Andrew Quebec City
Mrs Andrew Stephens
Mrs Andrew Tur
Mrs Andrew W. Crozier
Mrs Andrews
Mrs Angus Brennan
Mrs Ann Carswell
Mrs Anna Berard
Mrs Anne Marie Kim
Mrs Archie Story
Mrs Archie Toole
Mrs Atkinson
Mrs Austin Bennett
Mrs B *ardsri»s
Mrs B -m Moorhead-crystal
Mrs B Allen
Mrs B C. Horner
Mrs B Campbell
Mrs B E. Smith
Mrs B Fairfield
Mrs B G
Mrs B G Quai
Mrs B G Quaile
Mrs B G Quaile Mr
Mrs B G Quaile.
Mrs B G. Quaile
Mrs B McMillan
Mrs B V Robson
Mrs B W. Alexander
Mrs Bad-
Mrs Bailey
Mrs Barrett
Mrs Bernard Armitoge
Mrs Bernard Ben- Hensley
Mrs Bernard Benoit
Mrs Bernard Carroll
Mrs Bernard Connie
Mrs Bernard Conroy
Mrs Bernard Denault
Mrs Bernard Duezel
Mrs Bernard Dupuis
Mrs Bernard Fields
Mrs Bernard J.
Mrs Bernard Lance
Mrs Bernard Lapierre
Mrs Bernard Lemieux
Mrs Bernard MacDonell
Mrs Bernard McCart
Mrs Bernard McCarth
Mrs Bernard Mousseau
Mrs Bernard Shan
Mrs Bernard Sloan
Mrs Bill Armstrong
Mrs Bill Carmen Inglee
Mrs Bill Hayes
Mrs Bill Jr
Mrs Bishop Johncox
Mrs Blake Ottawa Hospital
Mrs Bradshaw Sr. Rev.
Mrs Brian Frederick Russett Russett - Molyneux
Mrs Bruce Donnelly
Mrs Byers Stephens
Mrs C B Mohr
Mrs C G
Mrs C G Biesenthal
Mrs C G Choban
Mrs C H Wainman
Mrs C J Richardson
Mrs C L Letts
Mrs C Leonard
Mrs C McKenzie
Mrs C W Black
Mrs C W Garrison
Mrs C W Hod
Mrs C W Hodgms
Mrs C W Mavor
Mrs C W Nlckle
Mrs C W Smith
Mrs Carson Hayes
Mrs Carton Hedging
Mrs Celina Berard
Mrs Chesley Kenneth Green
Mrs Christie Gerard
Mrs Clarke
Mrs Clarke Grat-branching
Mrs Clarke Lerocque
Mrs Clifton Campbell
Mrs CoHn Weimore
Mrs D F Kelly
Mrs D G Walsh
Mrs D H Rogers
Mrs D J Campbell
Mrs D J Scuccimara
Mrs D J. Richardson
Mrs D K Campbell Vernon
Mrs D O Fenton
Mrs da Smith
Mrs David Graham
Mrs David Graham Present
Mrs Dawson
Mrs Dawson Ann- Mrand Mrs Holland Graham
Mrs Dawson Arm Thursday
Mrs Dawson Armstrong
Mrs Dawson Cameron
Mrs Dawson Donat Lapierre
Mrs Dawson Lough
Mrs Dawson Moore
Mrs Dawson Moorhead
Mrs Dawson Sparling
Mrs Dawson Stitt
Mrs Dean Moodie Sister D Marion
Mrs Dean Young
Mrs Delbert Brennan
Mrs Dennis Hayes
Mrs Dennis Holland
Mrs Denzil outdoor
Mrs Desmond 5638bm7 Maheral
Mrs Desmond 89899b
Mrs Desmond Cooligan
Mrs Desmond Davie
Mrs Desmond Duff
Mrs Desmond Hod
Mrs Desmond Hod-1
Mrs Desmond Hodgins
Mrs Desmond Hodglns
Mrs Desmond Keon
Mrs Desmond Ma-heral
Mrs Desmond Mah-eral
Mrs Desmond Mahcral
Mrs Desmond Maheral
Mrs Desmond Mailing
Mrs Desmond McGaughlin
Mrs Desmond Me- Vosseler
Mrs Desmond Mr Royal
Mrs Desmond Pasch
Mrs Donald Hugh
Mrs Donat Jules Bertrand
Mrs Douglas Graham
Mrs Douglas Graham Of Ottawa
Mrs Duncan Ross
Mrs E B
Mrs E B Hearty
Mrs E B Lunam
Mrs E C. Dahms
Mrs E C. Mackay Pembroke
Mrs E Campbell
Mrs É Danny O Brien
Mrs E Floyd Yates.
Mrs E G Dods.
Mrs E G Duquette
Mrs E G. Ashman
Mrs E G. Potvin
Mrs E H McColgan
Mrs E H McColgan Blair
Mrs E htn-
Mrs E I. Jardine
Mrs E J
Mrs E J Thompson
Mrs E J Turner
Mrs E J Ward
Mrs E J •
Mrs E Lucas
Mrs E Peck
Mrs E W Elliott. Mrs
Mrs Earl Olmstead
Mrs Earl Ross
Mrs Earl Stephens
Mrs Eddie Brennan
Mrs Eddie Burr Ht
Mrs Eddy Brennan
Mrs Edgar Betty Mayhew
Mrs Edgar C. Dods
Mrs Edgar Mulligan
Mrs Edith Campbell
Mrs Edith Draper
Mrs Edith McCaffrey
Mrs Edmond Danny Sullivan
Mrs Edward Hunt
Mrs Eldon Tin
Mrs Eleanor Hayes
Mrs Elgin Graham
Mrs Emanuel
Mrs Emerson Cote
Mrs Emerson Cotie
Mrs Emerson Harold Richardson
Mrs Emerson Horner
Mrs Emerson Reid
Mrs Emerson Roy
Mrs Emerson Smiley
Mrs Emerson Smiley Tel
Mrs Emerson Timm
Mrs Emerson Timms
Mrs Emerson Twa
Mrs Emile Berard
Mrs Emmeth Berard
Mrs Er-Jason Toole
Mrs Ernie Za-1 Mrs Clarkston.
Mrs Ervin Graham
Mrs Ervin Hayes
Mrs Ervin Russell
Mrs Erwin Graham
Mrs Erwin Hayes
Mrs Eugene Berard
Mrs Evans
Mrs F Foley
Mrs F H Caldwell
Mrs F H MacLeHan
Mrs F W Naudett
Mrs F W Pritchard
Mrs F Wayne Cooke
Mrs F X Bertrand
Mrs F X Roukau
Mrs F X Rouleau
Mrs F X. Centre
Mrs Faye Stafford
Mrs Faye Young
Mrs Felix Kluke Quyon
Mrs Felix Kluke Shelley
Mrs Felix Spence
Mrs Fern Frederick
Mrs Findlay Ross
Mrs Foster Mayhew
Mrs Foster Miyhew
Mrs Foster Smith
Mrs Frances Daley
Mrs Francis Daley
Mrs Francis Jamie Hamilton
Mrs Frankie Cat
Mrs Fraser
Mrs Fred Armstrong
Mrs Freeman Grant
Mrs Freeman Wesley and
Mrs G A Howard
Mrs G a*
Mrs G Alexander
Mrs G Allen Smith
Mrs G Arnold
Mrs G B Watson
Mrs G Berard
Mrs G Boucher
Mrs G Che
Mrs G Du-some
Mrs G Edmonson
Mrs G Elwood William* Shaw
Mrs G Fier
Mrs G Findlay
Mrs G Fitzsimmons
Mrs G G McDowell
Mrs G G. McDowell
Mrs G Graham
Mrs G H Griffiths
Mrs G H Letts
Mrs G Hermitte
Mrs G II Biubazuu
Mrs G Jones
Mrs G K O Donnell
Mrs G King
Mrs G Laughren Mr.
Mrs G Le- g^ggje^
Mrs G Le- Renfrew
Mrs G Lemay Sr
Mrs G Lemuel Hodgina
Mrs G M Smith
Mrs G McEwan
Mrs G McLean
Mrs G Nicholson
Mrs G Ouimet
Mrs G R Hobin
Mrs G Richardson
Mrs G Steele the
Mrs G Tracy
Mrs G W Kelley
Mrs G W Kelley. Mr Albert Mimee
Mrs G W Kelly. Miss Edith Kirkham
Mrs G W Kelt-
Mrs Garry Berard
Mrs Garth Graham
Mrs Gary Holland
Mrs Georgina Berard
Mrs Geraldine Dagen- Congratulations
Mrs Gilbert Armstrong
Mrs Gilbert Campbell
Mrs Gilbert E. Bretzloff
Mrs Gilbert Graham
Mrs Gilbert Meilleur
Mrs Gilbert Ottawa
Mrs Gilbert Presky
Mrs Gilbert Sheppard
Mrs Glen Adams On October
Mrs Glen Bridgeman Birthday
Mrs Glen Christmas
Mrs Glen Elliott
Mrs Glen Stephens
Mrs Glen Yach
Mrs Gordon Armstrong
Mrs Gordon Bennett
Mrs Gordon Brennan
Mrs Gordon Tammy Loesche
Mrs Gordon | McMillan
Mrs Gorton Popkey Linton
Mrs Graham
Mrs Graham Con
Mrs Graham Conoily
Mrs Graham Conol-
Mrs Graham Conolly
Mrs Graham Thomson
Mrs Graham y Thompson
Mrs Graham Young
Mrs Graham.
Mrs Grant Beattie
Mrs Grant Du
Mrs Grant Rogers
Mrs Gray
Mrs Greg
Mrs Greg vice*
Mrs Greg.
Mrs H A. Lynn
Mrs H B Arm-
Mrs H B Armstrong
Mrs H B McCain
Mrs H B Wade
Mrs H Betty Verner
Mrs H C. Brlgger
Mrs H C. Snow
Mrs H Cochran
Mrs H F. Reifel
Mrs H H (
Mrs H H Em
Mrs H H Emerson
Mrs H H Emmerson
Mrs H H rwH
Mrs H H Seaman
Mrs H H Tate
Mrs H H. Hodgins
Mrs H Hayes
Mrs H Hennick
Mrs H I Smith
Mrs H I. Hobbs Wilson
Mrs H I. Smith
Mrs H J Smith
Mrs H J. Taggart
Mrs H K Moyer
Mrs H L Lytle
Mrs H R Millard
Mrs H R Tom-ilson
Mrs H Ross
Mrs H S. Barnett
Mrs H W Redman
Mrs Hahn
Mrs Hamilton
Mrs Harland Karen Watterton
Mrs Harris
Mrs Harvey (Carol
Mrs Harvey Clost
Mrs Harvey Fen-
Mrs Harvey ISiyne
Mrs Harvey Lasalle
Mrs Harvey McDonald
Mrs Harvey Oeig
Mrs Harvey Ooss
Mrs Harvey Revisited
Mrs Harvey Ro- Waltham
Mrs Harvey Ross
Mrs Harvey Ross 5
Mrs Harvey Shawville
Mrs Harvey Wall Softball
Mrs Harvey Westbrook
Mrs Harvey Westbrooke
Mrs Hay Lauzon
Mrs Hay Sheppard
Mrs Hayes
Mrs Helen
Mrs Helen MacKinnon
Mrs Helen Neville Barnsley
Mrs Helen Routliffe
Mrs Helmut
Mrs Helmut Erf
Mrs Helmut Erfk
Mrs Helmut Erflc
Mrs Helmut Erfle
Mrs Helmut Erifle
Mrs Helmut F.rfle
Mrs Helmut Frfle
Mrs Helmut Krfle
Mrs Helmut Krfle Waltham
Mrs Helmut Schmidt
Mrs Helmut Shawville
Mrs Henderson Harris
Mrs Henri Berard
Mrs Henry
Mrs Henry Dumouchel
Mrs Henry IX1 Mr
Mrs Henry Krose
Mrs Henry Lemaire
Mrs Henry Lemaire Joanne
Mrs Henry Pierre Colton
Mrs Henry Rutledge
Mrs Henry Stephens
Mrs Henry Wallace
Mrs Henry °n Sunday June
Mrs Herman
Mrs Herman Bretz-1 Mrs Buddy Sloan
Mrs Herman E. Garland
Mrs Herman Elliott
Mrs Herman Gar-1
Mrs Herman Sparling
Mrs Hillis Graham
Mrs Hillu Graham
Mrs Ho Pfggy
Mrs Homer
Mrs Howard Berard
Mrs Howard Hayes
Mrs Hsilts Graham
Mrs Hubert Elliott
Mrs Hubert Elliott Barry
Mrs Hugh Armstrong
Mrs HUlis Graham
Mrs Irwin Graham
Mrs Irwin Hayes
Mrs Ivan Jr
Mrs J
Mrs J V X-7
Mrs J 7th
Mrs J 8. Stanton
Mrs J Arnold Brunton
Mrs J B Al-
Mrs J B band Dr Christopher Wil-
Mrs J B Corrigan.
Mrs J B Duff
Mrs J B Kelly
Mrs J B KUguur
Mrs J B Leblanc
Mrs J B. KU-gour
Mrs J Brennan
Mrs J C. Poisson
Mrs J E Farrell
Mrs J E. Dagg
Mrs J F Ci
Mrs J F Wilson
Mrs J G Elliott
Mrs J G Haney
Mrs J G Lariviere
Mrs J G Larrlvlere
Mrs J G McAuley
Mrs J Grant Carswell
Mrs J H Carmichael
Mrs J H Little
Mrs J H Murray
Mrs J H R
Mrs J H |
Mrs J Hayes
Mrs J J De Forge
Mrs J J DeForge
Mrs J J Fitzpatrick
Mrs J J He Forge
Mrs J J Kelley
Mrs J J Kennedy
Mrs J J McCall
Mrs J J McCallum
Mrs J J Turner
Mrs J J. Sly
Mrs J K Patterson
Mrs J L
Mrs J L Hodgins
Mrs J L Ma
Mrs J L Ma-
Mrs J L Maheral
Mrs J L Muir
Mrs J L StPlerre
Mrs J L. Maheral
Mrs J M. McKinley
Mrs J N Brown
Mrs J O. Pittis
Mrs J O. Tittis
Mrs J Patrick MacKinnon 11-27,28,29,30
Mrs J Percy Bradley
Mrs J Ross Beck
Mrs J Ryan
Mrs J Ryan.
Mrs J Smiley
Mrs J W Arm* Alexander
Mrs J W Armstrong
Mrs J W Byron
Mrs J W Killen
Mrs J Wesley Grierson
Mrs J ^°SH Doderidge
Mrs J ¦ Cobden
Mrs J&ck Holland
Mrs Jack Jr,
Mrs Jacques Jr in
Mrs James 0strom Conn McCagg
Mrs James Armstrong
Mrs James Payne.
Mrs James Tracy
Mrs James Tracy 5
Mrs Jean I*-1
Mrs Jean Marie
Mrs Jean Marie Asselin
Mrs Jean Marie Comeau
Mrs Jean Marie Corneau
Mrs Jean Marie Gauthier
Mrs Jean Marie Ladouceur
Mrs Jean Marie Lance
Mrs Jean Marie LeGuerrier
Mrs Jean Marie Lepine
Mrs Jean Marie Ry
Mrs Jean Marie Ryan
Mrs Jear Marie
Mrs Jennings Evelyn
Mrs Jo# Hunt
Mrs John Jr Montague
Mrs John McKenzie
Mrs Johnson Hugh Horner
Mrs Johnston
Mrs Ju- shopping
Mrs K ** Fancy Work Mrs Nancy Hughes
Mrs K Burman
Mrs K Dean
Mrs K G Allan
Mrs K J Wilson
Mrs K Jr Office
Mrs K Jr stood
Mrs K Ross
Mrs K Smith
Mrs K V Carswell
Mrs Kearns
Mrs Kelly Leclair
Mrs King McCoy
Mrs L Barrett
Mrs L Brennan Sr St James St
Mrs L dirtx*
Mrs L G Richards
Mrs L G Shiel
Mrs L J Armstrong
Mrs L J Fair-
Mrs L J Roach
Mrs L K Hodgins
Mrs L Lemaire
Mrs L R. Morrow
Mrs L r>urui
Mrs L Spencer
Mrs L W Corrigan.
Mrs L.o- Marie Theresa Lasalle
Mrs Lafontaine
Mrs Lars Wayne
Mrs Laughren Sr.
Mrs Laurence Der
Mrs Lawrence Graham
Mrs Lawson Stephens
Mrs Leach
Mrs Lean- Wesley United Church
Mrs Lee A. Hodgins
Mrs Lee Goodick
Mrs Leonard
Mrs Leonard And
Mrs Leonard Beer
Mrs Leonard Berard
Mrs Leonard Earl Phillips
Mrs Leonard expense9 Emmerson
Mrs Leonard Fox
Mrs Leonard Godin
Mrs Leonard Grace
Mrs Leonard Horn-1
Mrs Leonard Lance
Mrs Leonard Neil Sparling
Mrs Leonard Ottawa
Mrs Leonard Ottawa Hospital
Mrs Leonard P. Kluke
Mrs Leonard Per Eileen Labelle
Mrs Leonard Rogers
Mrs Leonard ¦ Mrs. Norval McNeil
Mrs Leslie
Mrs Leslie Angus
Mrs Leslie Atkin-1
Mrs Leslie Atkinson
Mrs Leslie Atkinson Kohhle
Mrs Leslie BenI
Mrs Leslie Benoit
Mrs Leslie Benoit Martin
Mrs Leslie Boyd
Mrs Leslie Campbell
Mrs Leslie Carroll
Mrs Leslie Carroll,
Mrs Leslie Eades Photo
Mrs Leslie Extra Travels
Mrs Leslie Kehoe
Mrs Leslie McMillan
Mrs Leslie Mus
Mrs Leslie Mus-
Mrs Leslie Musgrove
Mrs Leslie Poole
Mrs Leslie Price
Mrs Leslie Russett
Mrs Leslie Smart
Mrs Leslie Smart Horner
Mrs Leslie Smart- Secretary
Mrs Leslie Steele
Mrs Leslie Walsh
Mrs Leslie Welsh
Mrs Lisa
Mrs Lloyd
Mrs Lloyd Armstrong
Mrs Lloyd Atkin- Ralston
Mrs Lloyd Bomain
Mrs Lloyd Brown
Mrs Lloyd Carmen Bretzlaff
Mrs Lloyd Cooke
Mrs Lloyd Delmar Hearty
Mrs Lloyd Elliott
Mrs Lloyd Fulfor* Mrs Ellis Palmer
Mrs Lloyd Fulford
Mrs Lloyd H. Armstrong
Mrs Lloyd Mur-
Mrs Lloyd Neville
Mrs Lorn Boyd
Mrs Lu McDowell
Mrs Lu Stafford
Mrs Luther Webster
Mrs M %JËÊÊ Recent
Mrs M Brown
Mrs M G
Mrs M G Denault
Mrs M Hayes
Mrs M J Allen
Mrs M J Black
Mrs M J Culletm
Mrs M J Culleton
Mrs M J Denault
Mrs M J Hearty
Mrs M J Hirault
Mrs M J McGuinney
Mrs M J Poirier
Mrs M J Sammon
Mrs M J Stan-
Mrs M J. Shiels
Mrs M J. Turner
Mrs M P. Davis
Mrs M Young
Mrs Ma
Mrs Ma Eleanor Kelly
Mrs Ma hie Dowd Hie
Mrs Ma mon Brown
Mrs Ma no Fierobln
Mrs Ma no Flerobin
Mrs Ma Pontiac Pontiac Transit Hydro Quebec
Mrs Ma Sec.
Mrs Ma Stanton
Mrs Ma Thompson
Mrs Ma Trudeau
Mrs Ma Vga
Mrs Ma X FortCoulonge M M Helen Colton
Mrs Ma ye Elliott
Mrs Ma-
Mrs MahIon Hayes
Mrs Mahlon Hayes
Mrs Margaret Graham
Mrs Margaret Susan Eddy
Mrs Marie Madore
Mrs Marion
Mrs Marion Graham
Mrs Marion Hayes
Mrs Marion Headrick
Mrs Marion Kelley
Mrs Marion Lavigne
Mrs Marion Loch-head
Mrs Marion McCord
Mrs Marion McTier-
Mrs Marion McTiernan
Mrs Marion Ricbertz
Mrs Mark Pilon day Season Jr
Mrs Marlowe Campbell
Mrs Marshall Chelmsford Hodgins
Mrs Martin Riley Mr.
Mrs Mathieuas Bourgarde
Mrs Maurice ,b®™* Richardson
Mrs Maurice Barr
Mrs Maurice Beau
Mrs Maurice Braze
Mrs Maurice Brazeau
Mrs Maurice C,tiles Soucie Their
Mrs Maurice Che-Miss Joelle Asselin
Mrs Maurice Chev-
Mrs Maurice Du
Mrs Maurice Dumouchel
Mrs Maurice DumoucheL Miss GaiJ Stewart
Mrs Maurice DumoucheL Miss Linda Stewart
Mrs Maurice Dumouchel^ Dunraven
Mrs Maurice Fran-
Mrs Maurice Gauthier
Mrs Maurice Ger-
Mrs Maurice Gervais
Mrs Maurice Gra
Mrs Maurice Jobin
Mrs Maurice Lance 42057BM14 Never
Mrs Maurice Larabie
Mrs Maurice Las
Mrs Maurice Lasalle
Mrs Maurice LaSalle Clare Guystt
Mrs Maurice Milford
Mrs Maurice Pilon
Mrs Maurice Racine Montreal
Mrs Maurice Roberge
Mrs Maurice Sloan
Mrs Maurice Spence Beatrice
Mrs Maurice Umay
Mrs Maurice Vannest
Mrs Maurice White
Mrs McFarlane.
Mrs Megrath Sr.
Mrs Melvin Armstrong
Mrs Melvin Armstrong Mr
Mrs Melvin daughters
Mrs Melvin Derouin Dr. Lamarche
Mrs Melvin Hie
Mrs Melvin J. Saturday
Mrs Melvin Mme Lionel St-Pierre
Mrs Melvin Stewart
Mrs Melvin Wickens Cummings
Mrs Mi Jr C
Mrs Michelle 0f Peterborough
Mrs Michelle St Aubin
Mrs Mickey Belanger
Mrs Mike Wayne Vennue
Mrs Milton Mous-Mrs Roy Stephens
Mrs Moses McCord
Mrs Mrs Hayes
Mrs Murray
Mrs Murray Bilson
Mrs Murray Byce
Mrs Murray Dunningan
Mrs Murray Graham
Mrs Murray Graham Roland Graham
Mrs Murray Lavallee
Mrs Murray Lavallle
Mrs Murray Mako
Mrs Murray McEwen
Mrs Murray McNeil
Mrs Murray McNeill
Mrs Murray Moore
Mrs Murray Moore Belanger
Mrs Murray Moyle
Mrs Murray O Lando
Mrs Murray Richardson
Mrs Murray Rus-nd
Mrs Murray Skinner
Mrs Murray Somers
Mrs Myles McCoy
Mrs Myrtle Barrett
Mrs N K McNeill
Mrs N L Da Wedding
Mrs N L Moore
Mrs Neils Hansen Jennifer Gauthier
Mrs Nelson Murdock
Mrs Norman F. Jardine
Mrs Norman Holmes Lake
Mrs Norman Patrick Simpson - Armitage
Mrs Norman Wallace
Mrs Norris
Mrs Norris Hod
Mrs Norris Hod-gins
Mrs Norris Hodgins
Mrs Norris Horner Mrs Ron Robichard
Mrs Norris Hudgins
Mrs Norris Mississauga
Mrs Norris Model
Mrs Norris R. Horner
Mrs O Young
Mrs Ole
Mrs Omer Berard
Mrs Orner Berard
Mrs Orton Stephens Wendy Baird
Mrs Owen Berard
Mrs Owen C.
Mrs Owen Hearty
Mrs Owen Jr Sloan Saturday
Mrs Owen Sloan Spending Easter
Mrs P Campbell
Mrs P J Code
Mrs P J KildufT
Mrs P J Mason
Mrs P J Masson
Mrs P J Murjrt^r
Mrs P J Murohy
Mrs P J Murphy
Mrs P J Neville
Mrs P J. Murphy
Mrs P W Shoobert
Mrs Palmer
Mrs Palmer.
Mrs Pamela Hahn
Mrs Pamela.
Mrs Paul Berard
Mrs Percy Betty
Mrs Peters
Mrs Pilon
Mrs Porter
Mrs Q Johnson
Mrs R
Mrs R A. Dale.
Mrs R A. Grant
Mrs R Arlingt Sharpe
Mrs R E McRae Jacqueline Brown
Mrs R E. Cummings
Mrs R F Black
Mrs R G Elliott
Mrs R G Hodgins
Mrs R Gibson
Mrs R Graham
Mrs R H (Bud
Mrs R H Farrell
Mrs R H Lunam
Mrs R H Spiritual Advisor
Mrs R J Calvert
Mrs R J Cart* It
Mrs R J Connelly
Mrs R J Hamilton
Mrs R J Tracy
Mrs R J Wilson
Mrs R J. Cart
Mrs R J. Suthe
Mrs R J. Thomp Mr.
Mrs R K Johnson
Mrs R K Millar
Mrs R K Miller
Mrs R K R Kierstead
Mrs R L Ea
Mrs R L MacLean
Mrs R Lacroix
Mrs R Mulligan Mrs
Mrs R Murdock Thompson
Mrs R Stephens
Mrs R Thoms ST.
Mrs R W Pritchard
Mrs R W Wil- Get
Mrs R W Wilson
Mrs R W Wilson. Stuart Russell
Mrs R W WÜ
Mrs R W. Hod*
Mrs Ray
Mrs Ray .
Mrs Ray Grier Joseph
Mrs Ray Newton
Mrs Ray Page
Mrs Ray Shannon
Mrs Ray Sheppard
Mrs Ray Stephens
Mrs Raymond Graham
Mrs Reed
Mrs Rejean Mrs Pearl Morrison
Mrs Rene Berard
Mrs René Berard Lemaire
Mrs René Marilyn
Mrs Richard Sr
Mrs Richard Trevor
Mrs Richardson
Mrs Richmond
Mrs Robertson
Mrs Roes Campbell
Mrs Roger Graham Giffen
Mrs Rom Campbell
Mrs Romain
Mrs Romain St Aubin
Mrs Ross Campbell
Mrs Ross Sager
Mrs Ross White
Mrs Ross Young
Mrs Routliffe Jr,
Mrs Ruby Armstrong
Mrs Ruby BeaG Pontiac Recept^ Centre
Mrs Ruby Ottawa Veteran
Mrs Russel Leroy
Mrs Russell
Mrs Russell B Taber
Mrs Russell Boyd.
Mrs Russell Cobb
Mrs Russell Coob
Mrs Russell Cotnam
Mrs Russell Doherty
Mrs Russell Elliott
Mrs Russell Elliott JtttfPWLS
Mrs Russell Elliott Municipality
Mrs Russell Grant
Mrs Russell Gravel
Mrs Russell Hurd
Mrs Russell Judd
Mrs Russell Kirk
Mrs Russell Lang
Mrs Russell Leroy
Mrs Russell Lucas
Mrs Russell MacNevin
Mrs Russell Mcc
Mrs Russell McLinton
Mrs Russell Mee
Mrs Russell Mitehette
Mrs Russell Mulligan
Mrs Russell p*er Kluke
Mrs Russell Raymond
Mrs Russell Stewart
Mrs Russell Ta-cently
Mrs Russell Taber
Mrs Russell Verner Thrun
Mrs Russell Vickers
Mrs Russell Wallace
Mrs Russell Watson
Mrs Russell Zimmerling
Mrs Russell ZlmmerUng
Mrs Ryan Benoit
Mrs S B Tow
2. Mrs.
278 X Mrs. P.
3. Mrs.
3.00 Mrs.
A. ALLEN l Mrs. Agnes
Adresse I l Mrs
Augusta Krutz.^Mrs
Austin Mrs.
Barrett Mrs.
Bay Mrs. Louis
Bloom Mrs.
Buy Mrs.
Camp Mrs.
Ce-Clarence Creek
Clarence Avenue
Clarence Creek
Clarence Creek Castors
Clarence Creek Cochrane
Clarence Creek Coe
Clarence Creek s
Clarence Irvine
Clarence Park
Clarence River Michigan
Clarence Shea
Clarence Tollman
Dade Mrs
Dr. Hayes
Edmonton Mrs
Edward Ave Ontario.
Edward Drive
Edward Houghton
Edward Irvine
Edward Island
Edward Islands
Edward Lake
Edward Thomp-Gagnon
Edward* Austin
Edward* St Geonre’s
Edward* St George
Edward* St George’s
Egypt Mrs.
Eleanor Hayes
Essential Minerals l Mrs. M. H?"
Fern Woolley l Clarence Cuthbertson
Florence Mor- Mrs.
Florida Mrs.
Fort Mrs.
Fort Apply Mrs.
Fort Cou- Mrs
Fort Cou- Mrs.
Fort Coulongc—Mrs
Fort Coulonge Mrs
Fort Coulonge Mrs.
Fort Coulonge—Mrs
Fort Edward
Fort Elementary Mrs.
Fort Mrs
Fort Mrs.
Fort Mrs. Mabel
Fort Mrs. Thos
Germany MRS.
Green Lake Mrs.
Green Lake Young
Green Mrs.
H Prend l t MRS.
Hayes Creek
Hayes Memorial
Hayes Road
Hayes Trophy
Hayes Trophy Curling Club
Hi Mol Young
Hood MRS.
January 28th l Mrs Ce
Kennedy Mrs.
King Edward
King Edward Ave.
King Edward l
King Edward’s
Kirkland Lake Mrs.
La Vérendrye Mrs
Lake Edward
Las Edward’s
Luke Young
M. Hayes
Ma E —Mrs
Ma- Mrs.
Ma- Young
Mahe Young
Main Mrs.
Martha Lake Mrs
Maryland Mrs
Mason Young
Mass Mrs.
McGuire Edward Steinko
McGuire Mrs Rena
McGuire Mrs Vernon Beattie
McLean Pendleton l Mrs.
Md Mrs
Memory Mrs.
Messrs Mrs Vernon
Mi Mrs. River
Mont Mrs.
Montreal Clarence
Montreal l Rev Edward
Montreal Mrs
Montreal Mrs.
Mount Edward
Mountain Road Young
Mr ,m(l Mrs. Sevil
Mr an(l Mrs
Mr an(l Mrs L-
Mr. Stout l Mrs. George
Mrs Alex l
Mrs Bay
Mrs Beach
Mrs Ben
Mrs Carhe
Mrs Carmen Ireland
Mrs Charlotte
Mrs Charlotte G
Mrs Cleveland
Mrs David l.
Mrs Denver
Mrs Diul l
Mrs Dube
Mrs Elvyn l
Mrs Em
Mrs Eul l Miss Freda
Mrs Eva l Mayhew
Mrs Ferry
Mrs Ga
Mrs Gibbons
Mrs Griffin
Mrs Griffin Lake
Mrs H l Hobbs ie(
Mrs Hector l
Mrs Irvine Hi H Hwatson
Mrs Irvine Shea
Mrs Jack Grace
Mrs Joe Hare
Mrs l V Sunday
Mrs Lake
Mrs lCllgour l
Mrs Lindsay l
Mrs M l
Mrs Malcolm
Mrs Malcolm Drum
Mrs Malcolm Drummond
Mrs Malcolm Lett
Mrs Malcolm Letts
Mrs McIvihIpn l
Mrs McLean
Mrs Mo
Mrs Muriel l I
Mrs Nettie l
Mrs Newton
Mrs Ontario
Mrs Park
Mrs Pearl
Mrs Prosper l
Mrs R.W. Hare SSWt«S.ttS
Mrs River
Mrs Road
Mrs Robert
Mrs Rock
Mrs Rosa
Mrs Row
Mrs S l McGoff*
Mrs Sea
Mrs Shea
Mrs Sheffield
Mrs W.E. Hare.
Mrs Woodley l
Mrs, Ade
Mrs, Gerald Ireland
Mrs, Hare Ilannabei
Mrs- John l aP**rc
Mrs. Ade
Mrs. Al
Mrs. Alec l Drummond
Mrs. Alley
Mrs. Alphon-sine l au tara
Mrs. Anthony Eden
Mrs. Austin McDowell
Mrs. Bar
Mrs. Bay
Mrs. Beach
Mrs. Beeton
Mrs. Ben
Mrs. Ben ,l^SsV(l UR
Mrs. Ben Sheffield
Mrs. Berta l Si m
Mrs. Blair Beach
Mrs. Bluff
Mrs. Boodles
Mrs. Brook
Mrs. Budd Worth
Mrs. C.
Mrs. Carman Ireland
Mrs. Carmen Ireland
Mrs. Cecil l
Mrs. Ceorge Sheffield
Mrs. Charlotte
Mrs. Claude l
Mrs. Clifford l
Mrs. Columbia
Mrs. Columbus
Mrs. Costa
Mrs. County
Mrs. Dallas
Mrs. Dam
Mrs. Dan l
Mrs. Daniel
Mrs. Denver
Mrs. Dillon
Mrs. Don l
Mrs. Dorothy l
Mrs. DurkH l
Mrs. Egan
Mrs. El
Mrs. El Milwaukee
Mrs. Em
Mrs. Em Carried
Mrs. Em-
Mrs. Em- l
Mrs. en M capacité
Mrs. Ernest l.
Mrs. Ernie
Mrs. Fairfield
Mrs. Falls
Mrs. Fis*
Mrs. Flood
Mrs. Florence
Mrs. Forest
Mrs. Forge
Mrs. Fort.n’s
Mrs. Frank
Mrs. Frank l
Mrs. Fred Hare
Mrs. Fred Hare.
Mrs. Fulton Armstrong
Mrs. Ga
Mrs. Garnet Hi
Mrs. Gaston l
Mrs. George
Mrs. Gerald Ireland
Mrs. Gordon
Mrs. Griffin
Mrs. Griffin Bowie
Mrs. Ha/el
Mrs. Hare
Mrs. Hector l
Mrs. Henri Banner
Mrs. Hills
Mrs. Hul l
Mrs. Hurd- l Mrs. Derraugh
Mrs. Ida V York
Mrs. Iona Ireland
Mrs. Ira
Mrs. Ireland
Mrs. Irvine
Mrs. Irvine Creel
Mrs. Irvine Findlay’s on
Mrs. Irvine Schwartz
Mrs. Irvine Shea
Mrs. Irvine Swarts.
Mrs. Irvine Swartz
Mrs. Irvine Swartz Honronred
Mrs. Irvine Swartz.
Mrs. Irvine Woods
Mrs. J. l.
Mrs. James
Mrs. Jessie
Mrs. Joe l .mgne
Mrs. John l
Mrs. Johnnie l
Mrs. Katie l
Mrs. Kingdom
Mrs. l C. Smyth
Mrs. l Dale—Proudfoot Convention
Mrs. L-tfmmboise l TINSMITHS
Mrs. Lawn
Mrs. Lawrence l Sparling
Mrs. Leeds
Mrs. Leon
Mrs. Lillian
Mrs. Louis
Mrs. M. l
Mrs. M. l adlCs
Mrs. Mabel Woolsey
Mrs. Madison
Mrs. Malcolm
Mrs. Malcolm Cameron
Mrs. Malcolm Drum
Mrs. Malcolm Drummond
Mrs. Malcolm Lefts
Mrs. Malcolm Lett
Mrs. Malcolm Letts
Mrs. Malcolm McLean
Mrs. Malcolm MoCrua
Mrs. Malcolm ROOFING
Mrs. Marshall l
Mrs. Mason Paris
Mrs. McLean
Mrs. McWhir-
Mrs. Me- Burrell
Mrs. Mellon l
Mrs. Memorial Park
Mrs. Mo
Mrs. Mo Iso
Mrs. Mo Tier
Mrs. Moorhead
Mrs. Mountains
Mrs. Nam
Mrs. Ned Z
Mrs. New Westminster
Mrs. Newton
Mrs. Oviia l
Mrs. Ow- l.
Mrs. Paulo
Mrs. Piere l
Mrs. Place
Mrs. Pointer
Mrs. Province
Mrs. Rand l Le
Mrs. Raymond l Mr.
Mrs. Remington
Mrs. Ren Sheffield
Mrs. River
Mrs. River Valley
Mrs. Robert
Mrs. Robt Street
Mrs. Rodolphe l
Mrs. Roland l
Mrs. Row
Mrs. Roxley
Mrs. Salem
Mrs. Shea
Mrs. Shore
Mrs. Spain
Mrs. Spring
Mrs. St Aocfrews
Mrs. Telford
Mrs. Victor l
Mrs. W l ’
Mrs. W,
Mrs. W. Hare Spry
Mrs. W. Hare Victor
Mrs. W. l
Mrs. Wainman l
Mrs. Wang
Mrs. Westwood
Mrs. X au ---------------
Mrs.Charlotte Conley
MW WWW l W. M. Hayes
New Mrs.
NN eg*nd l Embroidery Pillow Shame-Mrs
Norway Bay Mrs.
Norway Edward
Nova Mrs.
O Ü l Mrs. Earl
Ontario Mrs.
Or la Young Trophy
Ottawa Mrs.
OTTAWA 0 en Mrs. Fîoîsberg
Ottawa Civic Hos-Mrs
Ottawa Civic Mrs.
Ottawa Co-operative Mrs.
Ottawa Mrs Florence
Ottawa Mrs.
Ottawa Mrs. A.
Ottawa Mrs. F. E. Hare
Ottawa Mrs. George
Ottawa Mrs. H.
Ottawa Mrs. J.
Ottawa Mrs. Louis
Ottawa Mrs. M.
Ottawa Mrs. R.
Ottawa Mrs. W,
Ottawa Mrs. W.
Otter Lake Mrs
Otter Lake Mrs.
Pearl Brown Mrs.
Pearl Hayes
Philadelphia Mrs.
Phillip’s Lake Mrs.
Pioneer Mrs.
Pontiac an(l Mrs. Noble
Prince Al-Edward
Prince Edward
Prince Edward Community Centre
Prince Edward County
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Florida
Prince Edward Islands
Prince Edward l
Prince Edward Ontario
Prince Edward Street
Prince Edward Wand
Prince X Edward
Quebec Edward
Quebec Mrs
Quebec Mrs.
Quyon Mrs. l
Radford Mrs.
Richmond Mrs
S Mrs.
SALE Ida l Mrs Joseph
Sale MRS.
Sales Check l Mrs. Otto
Santa Mrs.
Scotland Mrs.
Sgt W. Hare and Mrs. Hare
Shawville Edward Street
Sheppard Mrs.
shop-1 Mrs.
Smith Falls Mrs.
So- Mrs.
South Mrs.
Spring Young Spring
St Andrews H Mrs
St Ed- Mrs
St Edward
St Edward S
St Edward*
St Edward’s
St Edward’s Cemetery
St Edward’s Parish
St Edward’s Parish Hall
St Eli- Mrs
St Mrs Neil
St Mrs. Théo
Starks Corners l l Mrs. Rae
Sunda Mrs. l Me«ri
Telephone 647-2722 l USED MRS
Toronto Mrs.
U ! S Mrs.
U /1 Mrs. Hall
U Mrs
V Mrs l .lj
Vancouver Mrs
Vancouver Mrs.
Victoria Ave Mrs. C. Mv(
Vyl- an(l Mrs Ken
Wfl f l W. J. HAYES
Whyte Ave Mrs. J
X Spring Beds MRS.
X X X Mrs.
Ÿ X X Mrs. XV
Young Farmers
Young l SOUND
Young Nickel
Young Peoples l 10.00
Young River Water
Young Road
Young Trophy
Young-That Road
YOUNG. First-class River
Young’s Car Wash
!±S!SS»5a tfSJSlI Estate Mrs.
& Bible Study Saturday p.m.—Young Pe Service
& Kathryn Perry Eleanor Foran Tiffany & Troy Young Billy & Shania Girls
, S CO p.m. Young People’s Service
15.1 School Municipality of Contact Mrs. Albert Cole
1st Mrs.
2 CO Estate Mrs.
2. Mrs. Ernie Morgan
2nd Millenni-Mrs Alice Roy
2nd Mrs. John Cun
2xo29 Downs and Mrs.
5.00 Oil Mrs. Jersey
6- Mrs Perry
6-13 SHAWVILLE Bible Study Young Pioplee
6.30 p.m.—Kids Bible Klub 8.00 pm-----Young Peoples Minute Message—Help for To-1 Morning Masses—
684-5391 sA Bristol Mines St. Edward
7.30 Farm For Sale MRS.
7.30 p.m.—Worship Service Morning Worship Tuesday 8.00 p.m.—Young Peoples Shawville 7.00 p.m.—Sabba
71937b & Mrs Cyril Grave
7:30pm Sunday School Morning Worship Evanng Worship Tue Prayer A Bible Bristol Mines Si Edward
7th Line Mrs Harold
7th Line Mrs. Stewart
7th Line Mrs. Walter Kilgour Shawville Council
7th Line Notes Mrs. Cliff Brown
8.00 ,p.m.—Young Peoples Qeyon
8.00 p.m.—Young Peoples Shawville 7.00 p.m.—Sabbath School
A. H. Perry Shawviiie St. Edward’s Parish
AAA Mrs. Ivn Cheverier
ACCURATE STRAYED Young Cattle Estray Direct
Active Hospital Secretary At County Track Meet Area Discovered Mrs. Anderson
ACWW Mrs Grace Hall
Addr Mrs Postal Code Fftas
Address MONUMENTS Postal Code St Edward’s Pariah Bristol Mines Rev. Ihf.R.Costello Mass Saturday
Addresses Group Mrs. Fred Bietzlaff
Adventure Mrs
Advertising Standards Council Mrs Bertha Lackie
AGED Edward
Aged Lady Fractures Hip Shawville Hardware Store Mrs Robt
Agencies Limited Mrs. Piers Ebbsworth
Agricultural Society Motion Young
Agricultural Society Notes Mrs.
Agriculture Mrs.
Agriculture Mrs. Cecil Paris; Education Mrs. Sam Wilson; Citizenship Mrs. Cliff Bradley; Welfare He
Agriculture-Mrs E N Me Co 11
Ajax; Mr. & Mrs. Blythe McCleary
Ajj* Garry Young
Alban’s Guild Parkman Mrs. Fred Berry
Alex Ijtcroix Mrs. Archie Hcnchy
Allan Young
Allan Young Taxless Farm Gas Endorsed By
Altar Guild Convenor Mrs
Amazing Mrs. Holliday Store
American Magazine Stewart Edward White
American Mrs. Cline
Ames Mrs. El
Amprior Chronicle Mrs. Chevrier
Amusement Committee Mrs. Glenn Meredith
AMYOTTE INSURANCE Mrs Delbert Zacharias
An- Mrs. Gordon Amm
ANCIEN INN Mrs. Dave Still
Anglican Church & Shawville Milling Mrs. Ardel Mulligan
Anglican Church Edward Island
Anglican Mrs Bernice Sparling
Anglican Mrs. Wm
Anglican Roman Catholic THANKS St Edward
Anglican Young
Anglican Young People
Anglican Young People s Association
Anglican Young People s Society
Anglican Young Peoples Association
Anglican Young Peoples Association of St. Paul
Anglican Young Peoples Association the Chinch Army
Anglican Young People’s
Anglican Young People’s Ass
Anglican Young People’s Association
Anglican Young UNDERWEAR
Anglican Young Women Association
Anglican Young Women s Association
Anglican Young Women’s Association
Anniversary Service Uiti Mrs. Brown
Annual Cemetery Services Mrs. Allan Swinwood
Annual Community Garage Sale Clarence Bretzlaff
Annual Convention Mrs O’Grady
Apple Mrs. Edgar Connellv
Apply Mrs. Allan Black
Apply Mrs. F Hotel
Arabs Mrs. John Elliot
Arms Hotel Mrs Nelson
Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First Aid A
ARNPRIOR Mrs. Lottie McAllister
ARTICLESl Farm Produce Young
ASPIRIN King Edward
Assistant Nursing Director Mrs. Fulford
Association Mrs. Ardley Elliott
Association of Consumers Mrs. Sam Wilson
Association of Mrs. Graham
Association; Mrs. Everett McDowell
ASTHMATIC P.-Harold Hayes
AT Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Henry Tubman
AT Mrs. John Stitt
AT THE ZOO Mrs. John Pettigrew
Attend Farm Forum Rally At Pine Lodge Mrs.
AUCTI Mrs. John Patrick Sloan
Austin United Church Ladies Young Men’s Suits Aid
Austin United Church Mrs. Norval Homer
Aylmer Rd„ Bristol St. Edward
A» Council Mrs Carmurv Mackenzie
A„ Gamble & Mrs. Adams JOAN
B. Downs and Mrs.
BA 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School Mrs.
Ba Kerry Young Transport Cempbtn s WekSog Quyon Legion Branch
BAH Farm Drainage Young’s Appliance Farm A
BAKERYi Phone 89 HOCKEY Mrs. Loretta Stanton Visiting
BAKING Mrs. Gladys Schock
Ballan-i Mrs. Visitors
Banc Brenda Young
Banff Mystery Fish Eat Mosquito Young
Bank of Montreal Bank of Nova Scotia Charles Lemaire Mrs. Alphonse Cahill Adolph Zimmerling DR ROLA
Bank of Montreal Canadian Tire Terry Dods Hayes Funeral Home Hodgins Home Hardware Killarneys Norwa
Bank of Montreal Mrs.
Bank of Mr. Hayes
Bank of Prince Edward Island
Banquet YOUNG’S GARAGE Bristol Farmers
Bantam House League Young
Baptist Church Rummage Young BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
Bath Towels Robinson; Mrs.
BATS Mrs Allan Mohr
Bay Council Minutes Mrs. Emile Gauthier
Bay Council Mrs. John Hits
Bay Ru»l Telephone Co. Mrs. Garnet Stark
BBC Proms/The Guardian Young Composers
Bea ttv Shop Haye* Funeral Home Hayes
Bear Clarence MçÇ
Bear Young
Beattie’s Eye Service MRS.
BEATTIE’S EYE SERVICE Mrs. Jessie Reid Condie Mrs.* Jessie Reid Condie
BEAUTY )NA STROKE Starks Corners Visiting Mrs. Austin McDowell
Beauty Shop 7-2620 Hayes Funeral Home
Beauty Shop 7-3814 Hayes Funeral Home
Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hay*
Beauty Shop Hayes Funeral Home Hayes
Beauty Shop Maxes Funeral Home Hayes
Beauty Shop Mayes Funeral Home Hayes
BEECHGROVE HOTEL Phone SYD Mrs. Annie McCan Phone Cafe Bernard
BEER Mrs. Ryan b
Bell Mrs Tanner
Bell Telephone Co. Mrs. Edgar Mulligan
Bell Telephone Co. Mrs. Theresa Kingsbury
Bell Telephone Mrs. John
Bell’s Sunday Mrs. Bell’s
Benouf Publishing Co Mrs.
BER & BER HOME LTD SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzteff Ladysmith
Best Crossbred Shawville Young Farm-
Best Herd Jerseys Younge; Orla Young; Carson Bros. Best Jersey Bud Calf
Best Jersey Heifer Calf Young;
Best Mrs.
Best Values M. b Mrs. X
Best Wishes Mr. & Mrs. Phone
Bey Lewi Mowen Mrs. Esther Quelle
Bey Mrs. Vincent Holland 648-2623
Bible Society Committee Mrs Louise Bryant; Parsonage
Big Leaguer Edward
Birthday Party Mrs. Preston Hodgins
Bishops University Mrs. Edgar IIorigins
BKCKKTT Mrs. Blair
Blue Baking Powder 1st Mrs.
Blue MRS.
Board of Directors Mrs. Sly
Board of Education Mrs. Lang
Board Pictures Straw Forks Mrs. John
Body Shop Turpin Pontiac Bulck Villeneuve Transport Young s Appliance Service RADEY
Body Shop Walmart Wendy’s Restaurant Young’s Appliances Zellers Iris ABC Dezlne Au Coq Aylmer Bar-B
Boots Hockey Sticks Mrs. Albert Kiehnrclson
Borden Hodgins Mrs. Ethel Booth Mr*
Borrows Wife’s Corsets Mrs. Bogart
Boston Mrs. Matters Outlines Influence
Bouquet Invitation Line Mrs. William
Boy Scouts Mrs. Lavina Tubman Dies Regular Meeting
BRAITHWAITE Principal Mrs Mae Quinn
BRAITHWAITE Principal Mrs. Hilliard Hod
BRANDI Kin* Edward
Bridge Committee Mrs. G.
Bridge Party Mrs. Dave Sfill
Bristol ...Mrs
Bristol : Mrs. Teresa Carson
Bristol ; Mrs, Harry Hodgins
Bristol ; Mrs.
Bristol ; Mrs. Alfred Armitage
Bristol ; Mrs. Bemslcy Smart
Bristol ; Mrs. David
Bristol ; Mrs. David McDowell
Bristol ; Mrs. Joe Pritchard
Bristol ; Mrs. John Cole
Bristol ; Mrs. S
Bristol ; Mrs. Th
Bristol a.m.—Morning Prayer Mrs. Merrick
Bristol and Mrs.
Bristol and Mrs. Herb Russell
Bristol and Mrs. Ivan Drew Sr.
Bristol and Mrs. Mel
Bristol and Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol and Mrs. Waher
Bristol and Mrs. Wilmer Harris
Bristol and Mrs. Wm
Bristol and Wyman Institutes and Mrs. Secil Sly
Bristol Antique Display By Mrs. A. Pitt Antiques
Bristol Beach Mrs.
Bristol Business After Mrs
Bristol Calumet Island Bryson Mrs. John Henderson
Bristol Clarence Roy
Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG RE-ELECT Christopher YOUNG
Bristol Council Mr. Clarence Roy
Bristol Council NEWS Mrs. Myrtle Munroc
Bristol Council Russel Young
Bristol council W.J. Hayes
Bristol DUMP HOURS Campbell’s Bay Mrs. Owen McPherson Joint
Bristol elec-1 Mrs.
Bristol Fire Depart- Mrs Jean-Guy Lallemand
Bristol Hayes
Bristol Holes Mrs. Ben
Bristol Holmes Mrs Denver Thrun
Bristol Iron Mrs. McConnell
Bristol I^Mrs
Bristol J. Hayes and Sons Funeral
Bristol Kathy L Young Bristol Danny
Bristol Memori* Green Hake; Mrs.
Bristol Memorial Church Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Bristol Memorial Ladies Aid Mrs Pearl
Bristol Memorial Mrs.
Bristol Memorial Presby- Mrs" Hector Fance
Bristol Memorial Presbytenan Church Mrs. Everett McCorriston
Bristol Memorial Young People
Bristol Memorial Young Peoples Soc
Bristol Mi Clarence Martin
Bristol Min* St Edward Rev D MacPheraon
Bristol Minas St Edward RevP.G ProuU
Bristol Mine* St Edward Rev
Bristol Mines - Mrs
Bristol Mines ; Mrs.
Bristol Mines ; Mrs. John Cole
Bristol Mines ; Mrs. Julius Wiggans
Bristol Mines and Mrs.
Bristol Mines and Mrs. Sydney Trudeau
Bristol Mines Mrs. Robert
Bristol Mines Si Edward Rev Rater G Prou
Bristol Mines St Edward
Bristol Mines St Edward Hev Fr Peter G
Bristol Mines St Edward Rev Fr Pater G Prou
Bristol Mines St Edward Rev Fr Rater G Proulx
Bristol Mines St Edward Rev Peler G
Bristol Mines St Edward Rev Peter
Bristol Mines St. Edward
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Charteris
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Prayer
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M R Costello Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M R. Costello Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig Starks Corners
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M R. Costello Bryson Immaculate Conception Father Pelletier Mass Sa
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M.R. Costello
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M.R. Costello Mass Saturday
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. MR.
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. P.G.
Bristol Mines St. Edward’s ST.
Bristol Mines with Mrs. Bohan
Bristol Mines, Morning Prayer 10.301 Ofliee—Hayes
Bristol Mines-Mrs Milton Morel
Bristol Mines: St Edward
Bristol Mines: St Edward VM Rev Fr Foster G Proulx
Bristol Mines: St Edward’s Pariah
Bristol Mines: St Edward’s Parish
Bristol Mines; Mrs Irvine Swartz
Bristol Mines; Mrs. Marie La-groups
Bristol Mines; St Edward
Bristol Mints St. Edward’s Rev. M
Bristol Mises St. Edward’s Rev. MR.
Bristol Mmes St Edward AcvPctCf G Proulx
Bristol Mmes St Edward’s Parish
Bristol Mr. Clarence Clemens
Bristol Mrs
Bristol Mrs Bmmenson Twa
Bristol Mrs Deogun
Bristol Mrs Ffej
Bristol Mrs Gardiner
Bristol Mrs Gaudry
Bristol Mrs Ira Whclnn Fort
Bristol Mrs Knox
Bristol Mrs Maude Bailey
Bristol Mrs Suter
Bristol Mrs William Beattie
Bristol Mrs.
Bristol Mrs. A. Lambert
Bristol Mrs. Bella Armstrong
Bristol Mrs. Cliff Hobbs
Bristol Mrs. Donald Corrigan
Bristol Mrs. Earl Findlay
Bristol Mrs. Edgar Hodglns
Bristol Mrs. Fmest
Bristol Mrs. Fred Browne
Bristol Mrs. Garnet Wiggans
Bristol Mrs. Grace’s
Bristol Mrs. Hertoy Russell
Bristol Mrs. John Adc
Bristol Mrs. Ken Ross
Bristol Mrs. Lome Brady
Bristol Mrs. Mervyn Henderson
Bristol Mrs. Millon Russell
Bristol Mrs. Patrick
BRISTOL Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Bristol Mrs. William Orel*
Bristol Mrs. Wm
Bristol No. 6 School Picnic Mrs.
Bristol Notes Caldwell Notes Mrs. Stevie Smith
Bristol Notes Mrs Cavender
Bristol Notes Mrs. Wesley Macintosh
Bristol Pastoral Charge Young People’s Union
Bristol Pioneer Mrs. G«
Bristol Presbyterian Young People’s Society
Bristol Presbyterian Young Ra Men
Bristol Recreation Mrs Rachel Presley
Bristol Ridge ; Mrs.
Bristol Ridge CLAYTON YOUNG Shewvæ
Bristol Road SSP JM Mrs.
Bristol ROOM & BOARD Mrs. Gardiner
Bristol s Grand Old Mrs. Aléx Horner
Bristol School Mrs.
Bristol school Mrs. Rusenstrom
Bristol Shawvilte Mrs.
Bristol sod Mrs.
Bristol St Andrew s Young Peoples Society
Bristol St. An-1 Mrs. Hilton Hodgins
Bristol Station Agent Plans For Coulonge Hospital Clarence Clemmens Moving Rapidly Ahead
Bristol Tannery Side Itarnet •9 Teachers Association Meeting Mrs'' C M. McLean Proprietress
Bristol W. J Hayes A Sons Funeral Village
Bristol Women s Institute Mrs. Del
Bristol Womens Institute Mrs. R
Bristol Women’s Institute ; Mrs. John Ade
Bristol Women’s Institute Mrs. Roland Russell
Bristol Women’s Institute—Mrs
Bristol Women’s South West Hull Intermediate Mrs. Arthur Hodgins
Bristol Worship Young Peoples
Bristol Young
Bristol Young Smith
Bristol | Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol | Mrs. Winnie McLaren
Bristol — John Young
Bristol — Mrs. Peg Carmichael;
Bristol, Mrs. Vincent Hodgins
Bristol: Mrs.
Bristol: Mrs. Earl Findlay
Bristol: Mrs. Earl Findlay; Clarendon Shawville; Fort
Bristol; Mrs. Ardley Elliott
Bristol; Mrs. Edward Steele
Bristol; Mrs. Gardner
Bristol; Mrs. George Campbell
Bristol; Mrs. Gordon Acres
Bristol; Mrs. Guy Rout-Arline Kilgour
Bristol; Mrs. Harry
Bristol; Mrs. Ida Robinson
Bristol; Mrs. John Kelly
Bristol; Mrs. John Sly
Bristol; Mrs. Maude Hayley
Bristol; Mrs. McLaughlin
Bristol; Mrs. Raymond Dick Walsh
Bristol; Mrs. Rose Blair
Bristol; Mrs. Sadie Sparling
Bristol; Mrs. Vincent Hodgins
Bristol; Mrs. Wm
British Army Mrs. Ray McTiernan
British Co Mrs. G
BROADLOOM Carpets Young
Broken Circle— Mrs. Holt
Broker Mrs.
Bronson Kitchen Bulletin Board Mrs Huckabone
Bros Mrs Edward
Bros of Hayes Funeral Home.
Brother Roman Catholic Us Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Holy Trinity
Brownlee & Family Clarence Brownlee & Family
Bryson Bridge Club Honors Mrs.
Bryson Bristol Notes Mrs. Hazel Stewart
Bryson Charge Roman Catholic Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. MR.
Bryson Contact Mrs. Gcrvais
Bryson Correspondent W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Bryson CWL Mrs Agnes Kluke
Bryson Holes Mrs. Clifford Smith
Bryson Lionettes Hugh Young
Bryson Lions Club Mrs. M. Idena Fraser Sec.-Treas
Bryson Lions Clubs Mrs. Jamei Alien
Bryson Lions Halt Visiting Mrs Margaret
Bryson Lions Mrs. David
Bryson Lions Second Annual Charter Night Mrs. John Griffin
Bryson Mrs Yvonne Hamelin
Bryson Mrs.
Bryson Mrs. David
Bryson Mrs. Duncan Glenn
Bryson Mrs. Harry Wood
Bryson Mrs. Turner
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir Shawville
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom CHRISTMAS
Bryson News Andai Photo Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rout
Bryson News J Mrs. Donald Oatrom Teaching Project Visiting
Bryson News J.M. LEMAY Mrs. Donald Ostrom RADIATOR SERVICE Shawville
Bryson News Mrs. Donald
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Oslrom
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir Vinton
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir With
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Chiropractor Mrs. Verner Thrun OFFICE NOW OPEN
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Gervais
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Hi-Way Drive-In Children
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Home
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Hospital
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom STOPYLANDI NEAR RENFREW
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostronr RUSSETT’S TAXI
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostronr Recently
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrorr Misa Louisa Mellon
Bryson News Obituary David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
Bryson News ONTIAC Mrs. Donald Ostroir ROPANE
Bryson Notes Mrs. Renaud Rainville
Bryson Notes LILIES Mrs. Austin McDowell
Bryson Pontiacs Share Top Position Mrs. Audrey Jacques
Bryson Recreation Secretary-Mrs Joan Sicard
Bryson St. Edward
Bryson Starks Coman Dunravan & Mrs. Hector Soucie
BRYSON THEATRE Bristol Mrs. George
Bryson Volunteer Fire Mrs.
BRYSON VwumW&u&t Yirm Noies THEATRE Mrs John Morrison of
Bryson Young Guns
Bryson Young Guns Trudeau
Bryson Young Volunteers Bryson Lions
BUILDING SUPPLIES Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M
BURN SCREENINGS Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Bushmen’s Equipment Mrs.
Business College Mrs.
Busy Boo Institute Prendergast—Young Picnic
Bvinmde Motors Mrs. Esther Quails
BWe Study Bristol Mines St Edward Rev P.G.
By Mrs. Oil Fraser Mr.
Byers Stephens Mrs Sid
C men’s Institute Tucsday:- Mrs. John Rob
Cabinet Mrs. A. Winslow
Cal Green Radford Hospital Auxiliary Mrs Mae Corrigan
Cal Mrs. Lloyd Neville
Caldwell 7th Line Yarn Otter Lake Bristol Bryson Mrs Hazel Horner
CALDWELL Shawviiie Mrs.
California Sweet Young Thing
Call Mrs. Reuben Tubman 647-3106 2xA26
CAMBPELL Quyon Young People Conduct Service
CAMPBELL THOMPSON Dental Surgeon BRISTOL Telephone 604-12 Mrs.
CAMPBELL THOMPSON Dental Surgeon BRISTOL Telephone 640-12 640-30 Mrs. Leanls Dean
Campbell’s Bay Elementary Apply Mrs.
CANADA Telephone 2-2240 Mrs.
Canada’s Dominion Department of Mrs. Lydia Hodgins
CANADIAN CHAIN STORE ASSOCIATION Mrs. John Angus Ideas Change Australia
Canadian Industries Mrs Margaret Young; Citizenship
Canadian Industries-Mrs
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company Mrs.
Canadian Red Cross Society Mrs. R 0 Hodgins—That the
Canadian Tire Shawville 647-2733 John Valu-mart W.J. Hayes and Sons
Canadian Tire Store Mrs. Dora
Canadian Tire W.J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Canadian Toy Testing Coun- Mrs. Rodger Erskjnc
Capital Blend Tea Seasonable Articles Motion—Wilson-Young—That
Capital Shawville United Young
Carcajou Inn Mrs. Cliff Ta
CARCAJOU INN Mrs. Pearle Hobbs
CARDIGANS Vinton Ouyon Dunraven Mrs.
CARE Mrs. Audrey Jacques
Care of Young Children
Care of Young Pigs
Carson and Mrs. Wru Sheppard
Carson Charles Tucker------ Mrs. Horsefield
Carson Mrs.
Carson Mrs. Clarence Westbrook
Carson Mrs. Glenn.......
Carson Mrs. Watt Taylor
Cartage Construction WA Modgms Store WJ Hayes Funeral Home Also
Catholic Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M
Catholic Church St. Edward
Catholic Church St. Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines Rev. M.R. Costello Masses
Catholic Mrs Mary Nadeau
Catholic Mrs Prends Dsly
Catholic Press Mrs.
Catholic School Board Mrs. Johnny Trudeau
Catholic School Commis Young
CCC Printemps Shawville Young Farmers Old Time Square
CEMETERY MEMORIALS Mrs. Mervin Etdea Anonymous
Cemetery Reports Mrs. Selwyn Woods
Central Auxiliary Hospital Mrs Tilly Robinson
Central Auxiliary Mrs Peg Timmins
Central Canada Exhibition Mrs. Percy McKibbon
Central Experi- Mrs. Sly
Central School Hayes
Ceremony A PRODUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS Clarendon Women s Institute Mrs. Dwight McDowell
CFRB Edward
Chairman Mrs. Allan Black
Chamber of Mrs. Robt
Chapeau Community Hospital and Mrs.
Chart eris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Otter Lake Post
Charter Member Mahlon Hayes
Charteris Chronicle 1 Mrs. Norval McNeil Sympathy
Charteris Chronicle CLARENDON Mrs. Norval McNeil INN
Charteris Chronicle Jfa/KSwcfiofu Mrs. Norval McNeil Visitors
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil A
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Auctioneer JIM DICK R R
Charteris Chronicle Ask Communication-Québec Mrs. Norval McNeil Obituary Ernest John Gfllis Belated
Charteris Chronicle Bryson News Shawville Mrs. Norval McNeil Get
Charteris Chronicle Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe Mrs. Norval McNeil YAMAHA
Charteris Chronicle COUNTRY BUILDING LOTS Mrs. Norval McNeil Joey
Charteris Chronicle Mrs Wm Emmerson
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Nerval McNeil Thanksgiving
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil A
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Back Scratching
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Belated
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Birthday
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil CENTRE TOWN CYCLE KAWASAKI
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil FINAL CLEARANCE FULL
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Happy
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Santa
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil X
Charteris Chronicle Review Mrs. Arthur
Charteris Chronicle Uf A Mrs. Norval
Charteris Seventh Chronicle I Line Mrs. Norval McNeil Bristol
Charter» Chronicle Mrs. Nerval McNeil
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil 1 Ibpkg Devon
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil J
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil THIS
Chawville Fair Mrs
CHEQUE Mr. & Mrs. Clifford McLaren
CHESTERFIELD Mrs. Alice Neville
Chevrolet Sales 1 Estate Mrs.
Children Mrs. Murray
Children Mrs. Taylor
CHISNELL Mrs, H.R Kelley and Mh.MaM Public Auctioneer
Choice pNALUE PL(Js Save Mrs Jennifer
Choice young Mares Furniture Department Chesterfield Suites Established
Christ Church Mrs. Bill Fletcher
Christ Mrs. Prosper Hamelln
Christ’s Ambassadors Young Peoples Group
Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Chrysler PT Cruiser LEASE FOR Clarence Brown
Church Wesley Mrs Weslev Quebec Shorthorn Association
Church Committee Mrs.
Church Hall Mr. Clarence Dean
Church Hell Mrs. Kirkpelnck Ihte Visitor»
Church Life Convener Mrs Gerald Dempsey
Church Life Convener Mrs Laurens Dempsey
Church Life Convener Mrs Rena Gagnon
Church Mrs. Belaire’s
Church Mrs. Hammond
Church of England Mrs. ID
Church of Montreal Stock Mrs.
Church School Mr. and Mrs. Allan Melvin Johnston
Church School Mrs Raymond Rowat
Church Service SEPTIC TANK Pumping Service Clarence Bretziaff Ladysmith
Church Services Mrs Eva
Church Services Mrs.
Church Services Mrs. Doreen Clp&rke
Church WJ Hayes Funeral Home
Church Women s Mrs. Ann Fumer
CINEMA Charter» Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil FORT THEATRE Fort
Circuit Court Mrs. Woolsey
Circuit Quyon Prince Edward VII
Citisenehlp—Mrs Sydney Advertising
Citizens Mirl Young
Citizens Shield Hockey Mrs. McKibben Meet
City Hall Mr. Clarence Roy
City Mrs
Civic Hospital Community Hospital Youville Hospital Mrs. Gilbert Telfoixi
Civic Hospital Mrs. Fred Russell
Civic HospitaL Mrs. Leo Coghlan
Civic Hospital Mrs. Taber
Civil Mrs. Fullalovo
Claird Young Bristol $LM
Clar- Mrs. Allan Barker
Clarence Bretzlaff
Clarence Brothers Funeral
Clarence Catholic School Board
Clarence Dean Student Council
Clarence Donaldson Cephas Tubman
Clarence Donaldson Tubman Pontiac
Clarence Horner School Bus
Clarence Services
Clarence Sloan Visitors
Clarence; Perry
Clarendoe Institute; Mrs. Carey
Clarendon Hotel Mrs Marcel Legendre Moved
Clarendon Inn Pontiac Womens Institutes Art Hodgins Mrs. Cliff Garrison Mrs.
Clarendon School Charteris By Mrs. Henry McCord Mr.
Clarendon School Young
Clarendon Womens Institute Mrs. John L, Hodgins
Classified Ads OBITUARIES Mrs. Mary
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Young Canadian’s Television Set Puzzles Experts FOB SAU GERMAN
CLEANING - SERVICE Mrs. Steve Robinson
CLOSED MONDA YS Bryson News Mrs. Donald
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays Mrs. Leo McGee
Clothes Shop Retired Pontiac Bake Shop Canadian Tire Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container P
CLOTHIS SHOOS LTD Mrs. Gerald Kavanagh
CLSC Waltham & Bryson PONTIAC YOUNG Minutes
CM RD Mrs. George Hodrins
Cnclr Mrs. Mary Darcy
CNR Mrs. Ida Thacker
Co Mrs Stan Keon Bud b
CO p.m. Young People’s Service
CO p.m.—Thursday—Young ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Beth of St. Johns
CO per Clarence Dorotliv Way
CO Wanted Estate Mrs.
Co-op Medical Directors Study Onlario Hospital Rales Linden A Young
Co. Ltd Mrs Etta Richardson
Cockerel Best Hanging Basket Young
College Farm Day June Mrs.
College HENRY’S LOCAL NEWS Shawville Hardware Store Mrs J.
Comedy Gig Young Bonnie
Comedy Gig Young Bonnie Bedelie
Comedy William Holden Mrs.
Commerce Studies Sunspot Problem Mrs. Ellen Barlow
Commercial Printers Mrs. Tubman; Girls
Commercial Refrigeration Unit* We Buy Iron and Metals CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units CUkYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units Old Address CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units We Buy Iron and Metals CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial Refrigeration Units We Buy Iron ond Metals CLAYTON YOUNG Tel
Commercial School Mrs. Albert Richardson
Committee Mrs.
Committee of Mrs.
Community B> Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Community Center Quyon Mrs Trudeau
Community Hall Mrs Btonson
Community Hospital and Mrs.
Community Hospital Mrs. Basil Murphy
Community Hospital Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Community Hospital Visiting Mrs Kay
Community Life -Mrs Communications
Community Life Convener Mrs Art Gagnon
Community Life Mrs Lise
Community Life Through Young People
Community Mrs. T
Community Sale Mrs. Ben Ilobinsom
Con- W M Hayes
Con- Mac Hayes
Con- Mrs.
Con- Mrs. Ellen Jane
Con- Mrs. Gcon''C Wilson
Concert Mrs.
Conservative Gov- Mrs.
Consolidated Bathurst Visitors Mrs Conroy
Consolidated Paper Corp. Lots Mrs. George Tubman
Consumers Mrs.
Contact Clarence
Contact Doug Young
Contact Doug Young 819-647-2742 WAL-MART CORRECTION NOTICE Westinghouse Decorative Solar Carden Lig
Contact Fiona Young
Contact Hugh Young
Contact Hugh Young;
Contact Mrs
Contact Mrs Ernie Schwartz
Contact Mrs P Beausoleil
Contact Mrs P Hursk
Contact Mrs.
Contact Mrs. Allan Horner
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contact Mrs. Borden
Contact Mrs. Elsie Schwartz
Contact Mrs. John Bertrand
Contact Mrs. John Gibson
Contact Mrs. Lawrence Russett
Contact Mrs. Mary Kelly
Contact Mrs. Patricia Tubman
Contact Mrs. Romeo Mousseau
Contact Mrs. Sam Hamilton
Contact Mrs. Sam Woods
Contact Mrs. SECLUDED COTTAGE ON PRI* | Patricia Tubman
Contractor Sales & Service LINE CONSTRUCTION PRESBYTERIAN Apply Mrs. Herbie Trudeau
Convention Committee UN 71 Mrs. Wilfred Rebertz
Convention Inspector Harold Young Bristol Native Comes
Convention Oria Young
CORE DRILLING Pontiac Dry Cleaners Mrs. Geo
CORNER STORE Bristol Busy Bee’s Institute Estate Mrs.
CORNER STORE Î ) Estate Mrs.
CORNER STORE || Estate Mrs,
Coulonge Court Report Joint Service Honours Mr. & Mrs. A.
Council Mrs. Coolis
Council - Press Convenor Mrs.
Council Mrs. David Langdon
COUNCIL Mrs. Donnie Patterson
Council Mrs. E.
Council Mrs. Mansel Harkins
COUNCIL Mrs. McWilliams
Council of Edward Morrissey’s
Council of St Edward s Bristol Mines
Council Secretary Mrs.
Council W.J. Hayes & Sons
Councillors-Mrs Benedict
County Council Young
Couoy Council Visiting Mrs. Kennedy
Court of Criminal Assizes Mrs.Youngs
COWAN Publisher MRS.
Cowling Business College A Good SchooI Shawville Hardware Store Mrs. VV.
CREAM Mrs. Woop
CREST Hardware Opening FLY Mrs. Oswald Murdock Dies Al Her Home
Crowd At Chicken Dinner Mrs. Evelyn
Crystal Mrs Muriel Bronson
Crystal Stone Succulent- Mrs N Cartman
CUCUMBERS Mrs Melba Sparling
Cushman Memorial Church Norway Bay Mrs.
CWL Ladies of St Edward Parish
CWL St Edward
Dagenais & Family Bailey’s Coffee Company Mohr’s Garage & Restaurant Hayes Funeral Home
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Gradual o/McGi University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St Shawville Que
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Graduate of McGill University Hayes
DAGG SURGEON DENTIST Graduate of McGill University Office ; Hayes
DAGG Young Men’s Sport Oxford
Daily Vacation School Closes Mrs. Orin Simons
Dairy Hayes Manufacturing McLaren Systems Inc DeLaval
Dairy Mrs Eldon Carty
DAIRY SEALTEST Shawville 647-2858 PONTIAC PLUMBING Garry Young Quyon
Dairy Shewvi W J Hayes & Sons Shawv.
Dale’s Radio Electric Mrs.
DALI - WILSON Mrs. Melbourne
DAN LACROIX Equity Reporter Young
Davidson Mrs. Mary Dale Ebert Richardson Pontiac Dairy
DE LAVAL Cream Separator Mrs. Geo
De Soto Sales and Service FOR SALE-Six Head Onod Cattle One Young Horse
Dean & Merritt; Mrs.
Deanery Conference Mrs.
DEATHS De Laval Sales and Service Mrs.
DEATHS Mrs. J B. Kemp Men’s Blue Overalls
DEATHS Mrs. John Grant Canadian Pacific _
DEATHS Mrs. Thos
DEATHS ThK Equity Mrs. John McLcllan Dios At Her Homo
Dedication Services Mrs. Almond Hodgins
Delivery Service Mrs. MacKechnie
Department of Public Mrs. Roy Jones
Department of Public Young Peoples Club
Department of Roads Mrs. Smith
Dependable Service Ladysmith Mrs.
Devine Teddy Hayes
DHOR Mrs. Asa Homer
DIAMOND DRILLING Wafer Well Drilling OBITUARY Mrs. Warnie Richardson
Dillon Dowell and Mrs. Walter Kil-
Dillon Kensley Mrs Richard Boucher
Dillon Kensley|and Mrs. Mervin Smith
Dillon Riley Young
Diocesan Communications and Public Relations Convenor Mrs
Diocesan Council Mrs.
DIRECTIONS Chatteris Chronicle Î #it*W Mrs. Norval McNeil DONT HUTMffl
Director Everett McDowell Superintendent Mrs. Dorothy McDougal
DIRECTOR Y Clarence Dean
DIRECTOR Y Mrs. Black Honored Pastoral Central Hospital
DIRECTOR Y Mrs. Chris Caldwell
DIRECTOR Y St Edward s Parish Picnic St. Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines
District Chamber of Mrs. Pauline Grant Shawville Commerce
District Council Representatives Mrs/ Herb Redman
District Crusade for Christ —Everyone Welcome Mrs.
District Governor elect Mac Hayes
District Governor Mahlon Hayes
DOCKS Mrs. Frances Tubman
DOCKS Mrs. John Storey Children’s Coat Sweaters
Dominion Department of Mrs.
Dominion Mrs. Wm
Dominion United Church Young People’s Union
Donaldson Young that
Donaldson, Mrs. Murray Donaldson
DONAT Le GUERRIER Mrs. Hert Horner
Don’t Pity Poor Young Men Pity Poor Old Men FALL MERCHANDISE NEW FALL FOOTWEAR
Dover''s Store Young Life Gone Out WE LL SEND
DOWD Mrs. William Uorrioan Advocates
Down Mrs. Henpeck
Dresser Scarf Mrs.
DRINK Anybody’s Alcohol Mrs. John McAra
Drug Mrs Percy McKibbon
du Canada Mrs. Charlotte L Écuyer
DURKEE Mrs. Frank
DYOLA Mrs. Goodheart
E. Thomson Presenting HAYES’ BLOCK Fifty-four
Eardley United Church Mrs. George Giles
Eastern Star Mrs. Ovila Boucher
Echo Val- Mrs Ida McCorriston
Echo Valley Mrs. Peg Carmichael
ECO MASH McKee Red Cross DR. H. K. MEILSON Mrs. John and Leonard
Economic | Mrs. Gibbons
Economics Mrs
Editor Hodgins Garage THE EQUITY & FLOUR Mrs. Elizebeth
Editor Sunday Sports Mrs. Norris Horner Re-elected
Education and Better Schools Mrs.
Education and Better Schools—by Mrs.
Education and Better Schools—Mrs
Education and Cultural Affairs Mrs Sydney Draper
Education and Mrs. Harvey Steel
Education Convener Mrs Val
Education Convenor Mrs Gagnon
Education Convenor Mrs Newberry
Education Hour St Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines Wednesday 750
Education Mrs Arthur Dagg
Education Mrs Colton
Education Mrs Lome Routliffe
Education Mrs Marquis
Education Mrs Molly Community Life Mrs Leona Mainviile
Education Mrs Raymond Trudeau
Education Mrs.
Education Mrs. Art
Education Mrs. Greg Gervais; Social Action
Education Mrs. Keith Brownlee; Home Economics Mrs. Milburn Hodgins; Publicity Mrs. Arthur Dagg; Wel
Education Mrs. Lloyd
Education Mrs. Lloyd Neville
Education Mrs. Lloyd Neville; Home Economics
Education Mrs. Lome Brady
Education Mrs. Nellis Hod
Education Mrs. Sidney Dra
Education Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Education Mrs. Wm Marks
Education Young
EDWARD & NICOLE Propriétaires / Owners JVubcrgp jHnnt
Edward Belang- Pitt.
Edward Council
Edward Crane
Edward Everett
EDWARD S PARISH Bristol Mimes REV. A. PICK Effective Immediately
EDWARD S PARISH Bristol Mines .
EDWARD S PARISH Bristol Mines REV. A. PICK Dominic
EDWARD S PARISH Bristol Mines REV. A. PICK Phone
EDWARD S PARISH Bristol Mines REV. A. PICK Wyman
EDWARD S PARISH Bristol Mines • REV.
EDWARD S PARISH Minute Message Dial
Edward* Methodist church
Edward* St G
Edwards Sunday School Mrs. Cliff Garrison
Edward’s Catholic Church
Edward’s Catholic Church Maryland
Edward’s cemetery
Edward’s Church Annual Christmas Tea
Edward’s Church Hall Bristol
Edward’s Garden Party
Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines dge Purdie Mass Saturday
Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines Rev. M
Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines Rev. MJt
Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines Rev. MR.
Edward’s School
Edward’s School Aud-
Edward’s School Auditorium “9 P Worship Service Presiding
Edward’s School Bristol Mines Mr.
EE Mrs. Eldon Keon
EEEE " M EZES SwftS» Shauwille Ladies’ aJftSSE- Hospital Auxiliary Mrs Spoti
Eganville Mrs. Vincent Galka
Eight Mrs. Vincent Houi
EILSON Ml Joy Mrs. XV.
EIUIPMENT Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur
Eleanor Hayes Prize
Elected FREE OUTDOOR SKATING Society Armstro Clarence
Elementary School Mrs Arvella
Elementary School Young
ELMSIDE W.I. Mrs. Melvin Stewart
Elvis Presley Color Mrs. Gladys Sly
EM Mrs. Herman Ballantyne
EMBALMING Mrs. Rvssbll Him A
ENGAGED Hospital Central Auxiliary YOUNG PUPS
ENSILAGE Mrs. Lotterby
Equity Z Mrs. Allan Black
Equity Mrs
EQUITY Mrs. Hilton Crick
Equity Mrs. Htirdman
EQUITY Mrs. Zaddie Bunker
EQUITY Services Mrs. John
Estate Mrs,
Estate Mrs.
Eternal Life Mrs. Lusk
Evangelistic Service ST. EDWARD S PARISH
Evangelistic Service ST. EDWARD S PARISH Bristol Mlotfl REV.
Everett Arthurs Mrs Gerald Smith
Everett Hayes
Everett Me- Mrs. Herb Robifaille Named Phone Secretary
Evinmde Motors Lawn Boy Lawn Mowers Mrs. Esther Quelle
EYE SERVICE McPhail—Young Cosmetic Sets Costume Jewellery
F. Hodgins Mrs. Art Hodgins School No. 9
F. McDonald John McArthur Isador Tromley Edward Tromley
Fabric Shop AT Mrs. John S. Hodgins Bldg.
Famous WATKINS PRODUCTS Mrs. Turner’s
Farm Drainage Young
Farm Equipment & Miscellaneous Items for Mr. & Mrs. Allan Eckford
Farm Equipment Gordon Dittburner........ Bob Young
Farm Forum Mrs. Bert Hodgins
Farm Forum Mrs. John
Farm Hayes Funeral SUNDAY
Farm League Hockey DOUBLE HEADER Mrs. Cerl Gertner
FARM MACHINERY Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. MR.
Farm Mechanization Mrs. Doris Acosta
Fashion Shop Mrs B Radant
Fastball League Team Royals Young Guns
Fastball League Team Royals Young Guns Red Necks
FAWCETT Torrid Oil Mrs. John KrUpe
FC Mrs.
Federal Mrs.
Federated News Mrs Lome Routliffe
Federation Mrs. Augusta Allard
Federation of Young N F
FG. Bowles Mrs. Emery Greer
Film Night Mrs. Eddie Stewart Verna Strutt
Film Workshop Mrs. Edward Bell
Finance Plan Shower Anna Smith Mrs. Oarl Ebert
Financial Agi Young Men BUFFERING
Findlay Mrs. Campbell’s Room Best
Fine Foods Frozen Custard Mrs
Fine Harness Pony - Beardsley; Hackney Mrs. Crabb Family
FINEST Mrs. Beattie
Fire De- Mrs. Verner Thrun
Fire Department Garry Young
Fire Hall Mayor Young
Fire Hall Present Mayor Young
Fire Prevention Mrs.
Fire Prevention Mrs. ,1
Firework Displays Mrs. Derouin
First Aid De- Mrs.
First Mrs.
First Mrs. L Lamarche
First Woman School Com- Mrs*
Fish Pond" Mrs. Frank Brinkworth
Fish Produce Young Alive
Fit—Young People BRISTOL RIDGE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Pastor Rev. A. Morgan 10:00
Five Girls MOVIES By Mrs. Mervyn Dale My
Fletcher Mrs.
Fly Control; Education Mrs. Poole
Fool Young Villain
FOR RENT Mrs. B Ayearst Quyon Tel I05W2 49585b ELECTRIC SHEEP SHEARERS
FOR RENT United Church Mrs Edith Robinson 8121XM20 SHAWVILLE UNITED CHURCH Rev. Owen McPherson
Ford Clarence & Carol Tollman Black s Electric Theresa & Milton Hahn Fnsby Tire Mike & Doreen Harry
Ford Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Row
Ford Mrs. C. J. Caldwell Lodge
Ford R.M.L. Insurance Ellard Kennedy Repair Mountainview Turf Farm Young
Ford Service Estate Mrs.
Ford Service Mrs.
Forest View Mrs. Sparling
Forest View Orange Young Britons Lodge
FR0ATÎ & SONS D-174/57 Mrs. Ferdinand Rose
Fraser’s Apply Mrs. Alex Davis
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretziafl Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlaff Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK All Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlaft Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK AN Season Pumping Service Clarence Bretzlsff Ladysmith
FREE ESTIMATES SEPTIC TANK At Season Pumping Service Clarence BretzlaM Ladysmith
Frere Mfg Ltd ,Mrs Lionel Laporte
FROATJ & SONS Mrs. Russell Dean
Froats & Sons Ltd Clarence Little Rated
FROATS Mrs. Campbell
Front Mrs.
Frontier College Mrs. Wilfred Mint Havored Canada
Funeral Director B. W. YOUNG.
Funeral Hayes Beauty Salon
Funeral Home Hayes
Funeral Home Mrs. Helen
Funeral of Mrs. H. Taber Build Home Grapevines Larger Than Commercial Yards
Funeral Ot Mrs. Albert Boulter Pratt s Animal Regulator Conditioner Poultry Regulator
Funeral | Mrs. John Black
Furnace Oil Customers HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS SALES & SERVICE Where Mrs Whelley Lives FINA
FURNACES Hayes* Beauty Shoppe
FURNITURE Mrs. John S. Hodgins Bldg.
Gall Mr and Mrs. Larry Robert-Mr.
Gardens Orange Pekoe Blend MRS.
Gates Gilbert Gilliland Greaves Hayes
Gatineau Electric Light Co Mrs.
Gatineau Power Co Mrs.
Gatineau Power Mrs.
Gatineau Power Mrs. Richard Howard
Gavan’s Hotel Gerald McKenny Cartage Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home H
Geiger Lady-Mrs Sam Hodgins Charter
Genealogical Society Mrs Edmund Chassie
General Electric Rotary Ironer Mrs McIntyre
General Hospital Mrs Leonard Kubuskeskie of Round Lake Centre
General Hospital Mrs Ronnie Ranee
General Hospital Mrs. Lucien Fleury Litter
General Insurance Shawville Shawville Mrs. Garth Graham
General Mining Association Young Shawville Rink
General Store Mrs Norman Mullen
General Sudbury Young recently Hospital
GENERAL WORK---------Young
Georgetown Mrs
George’s Guild Mrs.
GIRLS Anna Young
Girls Snow Suits Mrs. Lawson Corrigan
Girls Win Boys Lose Mrs. Sly
GIVEAWAY Mrs. T Scobie
Glen Hayes Country Jamboree
Gnvlunteof McGill University Mrs. Ilerbeit Office—
GOLDEN ARROW Color Tab Hunter Mrs. Eleanor Rennick
Good Brothers Mrs. Donald Ostrom
Good Housekeeping Bureau Groceries Beattie’s Eye Service MRS.
Good Housekeeping Bureau Phone 80 Horse Blankets MRS.
Good Housekeeping Bureau Phone 80 MRS.
Good Motto Mrs.
Good School Mrs.
Good School Shawville Hardware Store Mr. «ml Mrs. XV.
GORDON PAUL INSURANCE LTD QUYON 458-2632 LUSKVILLE 455-2343 AYLMER Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev.
Gougeon Mrs. Hilton Crick
Government Department Mrs. Louis
Gra-Iuateof McGill University Oflice—Hayes’ Block Centre St.
Graduate McGill University Office-Hayes
Graduateof McGill University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St Shawville
Graduateof McGill University Office—Hayes’ Block Centre St.
Greene Mrs.
Group Committee; Mrs.
GUERRIER A. McDougall Mrs. Manson McDowell Bereaved BA
GUERRIER Mrs Hodgins
GUERRIER Young Mens Suits B« A.i L.L.B
Guild Anneal Meeting Ladies Auxiliary el St. Edward’s Parish All
GUILD By Mrs. Fred Hodgins
Guild Honors Mrs Jas
Guild Mrs. Fred Dagg
Guild P.D.Fort Honour Mrs. Stevens
HA U Bride-Elect Honoured TJa HAYES BEAUTY SHU*
Hahn Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Municipality
Hai&ware Store Mrs CLINTON
Haidwaie Store Mrs. T.
Hair Mm Parlor SILAS YOUNG
Hammonds Farm Mrs. Willetta Maria
Handicrafts Agriculture MRS.
Hardware Store Mrs. P.
HARLOW" Mrs. Hilly Holmes
HAROLD BOULTON Bristol Egg â Poultry Association BRISTOL, OÜB Estate Mrs.
HarriH Fhe Young People’s Society
Hastings-Prince Edward Regiment
Hastings/Prince Edward County District School Board
Hattie Belsher Mrs.
Haves Beauty Shop 7-2628 Hayes Funeral Home
HAYES Ladies’ Spike Heel Patent Leather Fancy Trimmed Shoe
Hayes Line
Hayes &
HAYES & FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
Hayes & Son Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons
HAYES & SONS 1 Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone
Hayes & Sons A D McCredie 6i Sons
Hayes & Sons Alex Murray
Hayes & Sons Ambulance Maheral ami Service
Hayes & Sons Ann Beaulieu
Hayes & Sons Assoc.
Hayes & Sons Attending
Hayes & Sons C.B.L. Pi
Hayes & Sons Campbell
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
Hayes & Sons Chapel
Hayes & Sons Cummings
Hayes & Sons Dean
Hayes & Sons Donnelly
Hayes & Sons DOW
Hayes & Sons F
Hayes & Sons Fire
Hayes & Sons Ford
Hayes & Sons Friends
Hayes & Sons Fu-
Hayes & Sons Fu- de
Hayes & Sons Fu- MacGregor Concrete
Hayes & Sons Fu- There
Hayes & Sons Fu- Truckload
Hayes & Sons Fu- Your
Hayes & Sons Fu-(Brenda
Hayes & Sons Fu-deliveries
Hayes & Sons Fu-Orleans
Hayes & Sons Fu-y Jy Jeanette
Hayes & Sons Fun-
Hayes & Sons Fun-family
Hayes & Sons Fun-oral Home
Hayes & Sons Funeal
Hayes & Sons Funeal Harley Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funer
Hayes & Sons Funer Lake
Hayes & Sons Funer*
Hayes & Sons Funer-
Hayes & Sons Funer- Get
Hayes & Sons Funer- Kehoe
Hayes & Sons Funer- Mass
Hayes & Sons Funer- Mrs Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funer-attended the
Hayes & Sons Funer-Harper Rennick
Hayes & Sons Funer-peacefully
Hayes & Sons Funer-Phone
Hayes & Sons Funer-ra Mackenzie
Hayes & Sons Funeral
Hayes & Sons Funeral .
Hayes & Sons Funeral aouais Regional Hospital Deepest
Hayes & Sons Funeral Arthurs
Hayes & Sons Funeral Chapel
Hayes & Sons Funeral Clifford Schwartz
Hayes & Sons Funeral Directors
Hayes & Sons Funeral Directors J Shawville
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors Shawville & Quyon Phone 647-2221 Management and Staff BAIE PONTIAC B
HAYES & SONS Funeral Directors ¦ Ambulance Service Shawvllle
Hayes & Sons Funeral Division
Hayes & Sons Funeral Each
Hayes & Sons Funeral Ebert
Hayes & Sons Funeral Emmett
Hayes & Sons Funeral General Hospital
Hayes & Sons Funeral Gilles
Hayes & Sons Funeral Governments
Hayes & Sons Funeral H>me
Hayes & Sons Funeral He
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hodgins
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home
HAYES & SONS Funeral Home - Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home - Shawville/Quyon Pontiac Mallard Fish and Game Club
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home .
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home 134 Centre Si Shawvwe
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home and
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Chapel
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Cowley
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home for Life
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home for Stewart
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Forever
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Fred Dagg
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Grier
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home In
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home MARRIAGE
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Mra Dayton Larocque
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Quebec
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Shawvllle
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home the
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Wednesday
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes 819-647-2221
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes FALL FEVER BOOK SALE Saturday
Hayes & Sons Funeral Homes Shawville
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hone
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horie
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horn* Rev
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horner
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hume
Hayes & Sons Funeral Hurry
Hayes & Sons Funeral If^me SHAWVILLE FAIR September
Hayes & Sons Funeral Jeff Russell
Hayes & Sons Funeral K
Hayes & Sons Funeral Kathleen
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lance
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lindsay
Hayes & Sons Funeral M Hodgins
Hayes & Sons Funeral McDowell
Hayes & Sons Funeral McKenny
Hayes & Sons Funeral Milton
Hayes & Sons Funeral Morin
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlor
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlors
Hayes & Sons Funeral Parlours
Hayes & Sons Funeral passed
Hayes & Sons Funeral Paul McGee
Hayes & Sons Funeral Rita Harris
Hayes & Sons Funeral Ro
Hayes & Sons Funeral Robinson
Hayes & Sons Funeral Russell Mee
Hayes & Sons Funeral r_Fath
Hayes & Sons Funeral Saturday
Hayes & Sons Funeral She
Hayes & Sons Funeral the
Hayes & Sons Funeral There
Hayes & Sons Funeral Timmins
Hayes & Sons Funeral Woermke
Hayes & Sons Funeral |
Hayes & Sons Funeral-_
Hayes & Sons Funerpl Home
Hayes & Sons Get
Hayes & Sons Hcunhan
Hayes & Sons He
Hayes & Sons Lightlaser Technology Inc 1-800-
Hayes & Sons Ltd
Hayes & Sons Ltd 819-647-2221
Hayes & Sons Ltd 819-647-2221 DEATH Dagenais
Hayes & Sons Ltd Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Ltd hai
Hayes & Sons Ltd on
Hayes & Sons Ltd Richardson
Hayes & Sons Ltd,
Hayes & Sons Mabel Dagenais
Hayes & Sons Monday
Hayes & Sons Murdock Glass Glad Crest Farms Windy Top Farms Windy Hill Farms McLaughlin Haulage Rad
Hayes & Sons North Vancouver
Hayes & Sons NU
Hayes & Sons Olga
Hayes & Sons Ottawa
Hayes & Sons Pallbearers
Hayes & Sons Patricia Russell
Hayes & Sons Pontiac Federal Liberal No 443 RCAF Spitfire Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Pontiac Welding & Small Engine Repair La Brasaerle Labatt Ltd.
HAYES & SONS Quyon Shawville
Hayes & Sons Reinhard
Hayes & Sons Seeing
Hayes & Sons SOW;
Hayes & Sons Street
Hayes & Sons the Wesleyan Church
Hayes & Sons There
Hayes & Sons They
Hayes & Sons Trophy
Hayes & Sons Trophy LETTERS
Hayes & Sons Ud Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons Village
Hayes & Sons | J * Funeral Home
Hayes & Sons-
Hayes & Sons; Lamb’s Corner Shawville Fair
Hayes & Sons’ Funeral Home
Hayes &i°n-and Sons Funeral Home McCann
Hayes &t Sons Funeral Home
Hayes * Sons
Hayes * Sons Funeral Home
Hayes 4 Sons Funeral Home
Hayes 4 Sons Funeral Home Cows
Hayes 6 Sons Funeral Home
Hayes <& Sons Fun- Mr.
HAYES A Famous Cemetery
HAYES A FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
HAYES A FINDLAY Surprise Party
HAYES À FINDLAY Well Improved Farm
HAYES A Reduction
Hayes A Sons
Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home
Hayes A Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Ac Sons
Hayes ana Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes and Sons
Hayes and Sons Fun.ral Home
Hayes and Sons Funeral
Hayes and Sons Funeral Belanger
Hayes and Sons Funeral Coleman
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors Shaw
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors ShawviHe
Hayes and Sons Funeral Directors Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Director^ Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral E
Hayes and Sons Funeral Expert
Hayes and Sons Funeral Gracefield
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home 1
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Donna
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home HW
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home In
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home March
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Quyon
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shaw-ville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shawville
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Shawville Methodist Church
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Sincere
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home the
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
Hayes and Sons Funeral Kingsbury
Hayes and Sons Funeral Melanie
Hayes and Sons Funeral Montreal
Hayes and Sons Funeral Only
Hayes and Sons Funeral Parlors
Hayes and Sons Funeral Treasure
Hayes and Sons Funeral Weirstead
Hayes and Sons Ltd
Hayes and Sons Services
Hayes At Sons Funeral Home
Hayes B Sons
Hayes Beauty Parlor
Hayes Beauty Salon
HAYES Boxed Handkerchiefs Lingerie Hosiery Silk Scarfs Compacts Fapetries
HAYES Boxed Handkerchiefs Lingerie Hosiery Silk Scarfs Compacts Papetries
HAYES Bristol Public Schools Th@
Hayes Bros
Hayes Bros and Ker
Hayes Bros and Mrs. Dubois
Hayes Bros and Rev Ed AAcCaig
Hayes Bros and Rev Owen MacPherson
Hayes Bros and Rev Priesler
Hayes Bros Die UCW
Hayes Bros end Mr. Gerald Hodgins
Hayes Bros for
Hayes Bros Funeral Home
Hayes Bros Glen Hodgins
Hayes Bros Mi* Ltd pre-mi*
Hayes Bros part
Hayes Bros state
Hayes Bros welcome
Hayes Bros with Rev A Morgan
Hayes Brothers
Hayes Brothers DOHERTY—In
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home.
Hayes Brothers Funeral Home;
Hayes Brothers Peach
Hayes Elementary School
Hayes Farm
Hayes fit Sons Funeral Home
HAYES For Service Registered Holstein Bull—Sir Echo Burke
Hayes Funer- Municipal de Litchfield
Hayes Funeral Word
HAYES Furniture Department S #
HAYES Furniture Department SIMMONS Davenport Bed
HAYES Hoi Unger Mine Predicted
HAYES Hunter & Company
Hayes k Sons Funeral Home
Hayes Line
Hayes Line Moved
Hayes Line Road
HAYES Men’s Oxfords
HAYES Mr. John Grant
HAYES New All-wool Army Blankets—a
Hayes ond Sons Funeral Home
HAYES Propriktor
Hayes S Sons
Hayes S Sons Funeral Home
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board i Brighten
HAYES SHAWVILLE Secret of Long Lite
Hayes Sons
HAYES Spring Underwear
Hayes Telephone
Hayes* & Sons
Hayes’ Line
Health & Welfare Mrs. Ivan Convenors
Health and Provincial Treasurer Mrs.
Health and Sanitation McCann Sidewalks M Young
Health and Welfare Mrs.
Health and Welfare Mrs. Barnes
Health and Welfare Mrs. Clifford Bradley; Publicity Mrs.
Health and Welfare Mrs. Irish
Health and Welfare Mrs. Ivan Merrificld
Health and Welfare; Mrs. Hay
Health Inspectors Clarence Moorhead
Health Mrs
Health Mrs C. Jacques Hostess Committee Mrs.
Health Mrs Earl Findlay
Health Mrs.
Health Mrs. Hamilton
Health Mrs. Hilda Hudson
Health Mrs. Ira Whelen
Health Offlirs Clarence Moorheln
Heavy Horse Young
Hedging Addresses Anglican Young
Helps Moth Prevention Mrs. Brown
Her Own Tobacco Exports Increase AND THEIR FATHERS Young Men FEATHER* WANTED
Heritage Board Chairman Edward Radey
Heritage Crafts Annie Eleanor Hayes
Heritage Mrs Constance Provost
Hi Mol Young Men’s Bible Class
High Farm Forum Council; Mrs. Gil- Fort
High Mrs
High School Fort Cou/onge Waltham Vinton SUMMER EXPO Mrs. Claude Harkins
High School Mrs. Hudson
Hillcrest Farm Mrs. Andy
Hilton Crick Mrs.
Hilton Mines Ottawa Apply Mrs. Arnold Trudeau
Hilton Mrs. Fulford
Hilton Mrs. Garfield Hodgins
Hobbs & Sons 647-2814 Rowat Insurance 647-3737 W.J. Hayes & Sons 647-2221 Shawville Milling Co. Ltd
Hobbs Shawville Old Miscellaneous Shop Location - Mrs. Marjorie McCredie
Hockey Party Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ham-was IÜton
HODCINS STORE Mrs. Erwin BoutlifTe
HODGIHS X t*n STORE Mrs. Reta Oulllbeault
Hodgina Store Mrs Eldon
Hodgins Lumber Co Estate Mrs.
HODGINS Mr. F. CVand Mrs. Smyth and Roll
HODGINS Mrs. Beamish
HODGINS Mrs. Cameron
HODGINS Principal Mrs. Powles
HODGINS Shawville Mrs.
HODGINS Stores Mrs. Hattie Dumas
Hodgins Teddy Hayes PEE WEES—
HOGGINS Aid Mrs. Hurst Hopgix*
Hold Services For Mrs.
Holiness Junior Young People
Holiness Movement Mrs W. Roth
Holiness Movement Mrs. Andrew
Holiness Movement Mrs. R
Holy Cross Church Mrs Patrick
Home and School Association Formed Observed Here Mrs. Lefty Dale
Home Economics Mrs
Home Economics Mrs Arthur Mayhew
Home Economics Mrs I-eslic McMillan
Home Economics Mrs Radmore
Home Economics Mrs RE.
Home Economics Mrs.
Home Economics Mrs. A.C.W.W.
Home Economics Mrs. Everett McCor-riston
Home Economics Mrs. Fern Stephens
Home Economics Mrs. Leslie McMillan
Home Economics Mrs. Muriel Bronson
Home Economics Mrs. Muriel Kelley
Home Economics Mrs. Wilmer Hodgins; Citizenship
Home Economics Mrs. Wllmer Hodglns; Publicity
Home Economics-Mrs Fred Fraser; Publicity-Mrs Harriet Burke; Welfare Health
Home Economics; Mrs.
Home Estate Mrs.
Home Hardware Young
Home Mrs. Frank Frost
Home Mrs. Fred Browne
Home Of AUCTION SALE for Mr. & Mrs. Leo Gauthier Highway
Home of Mrs Lambert Villeneuve
Home Sales Mrs Eddie Hurritt
Home Supplies Pontiac House Hotel Hayes Funeral Home Clarendon Hotel Powell s Auto Service Hewitt E
HORNER Contact Mrs.
Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs. H.
Horse Entries Mrs.
HORSE RACES General Admission Superb Carry Young
Hosp. & School Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
HospitaL & Mrs F.
Hospital Auxiliary Mrs Miry Kelly
Hospital Mrs.
Hospital Mrs. Dale
Hospital Mrs. Marcella Grace
Hospital Notes Mrs. Hosmer Turner
Hospital Tagday Mrs. Smyth
Host Mrs.
Hotel Prince Edward
HOTEL Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur
Hotel Young’s Appliance Service Hwy
Houghton Ntffltn Co. MRS 67 Yonge
House Dress-Mrs
House Fly Mr. Clarence
House Hayes Funeral Home.
House Hotel Young Farmers J Young Farmers
House of Repri- Young Offenders
Household Department ; Health Department ; Young Folks’ Department; Ladies’ Department; Fashion Dep
Household Furniture & Miscellaneous Items Mrs. Harold McBride
HOV Mrs. Sam
HOWARD Cemetery Donations Clarence Brownlee
Howard Hayes
Howard Hayes Country Drifters Toll Free
Hrookdalc Farm Mrs.
Huddersfield Council Mrs. Norval McNeil J
Hughes Mrs.
Hughes Mrs. Alec McDonald, Quyon
Hughes; Mrs.
Hughes; Mrs. J.D. Brown; Mrs. Wm
Hull Mother’s Guide Association & Mrs.
Human Person Mrs Leo Foran P.O.
Human Rights Mrs Syd
Hy Mrs Vincent Lapierrt Correspondent
Hydro 9i Institute Mrs. Milton Murrell
IB Mrs.
Ideal Home Obituary Mrs Donald McNeill Donald S Hodgins
IHS WISH Mrs. Peck—Yes
II J Hayes & Sons Funeral
II Mac Lean Mrs.
IIH Mrs.
ILL Barrister & Solicitor CAMPBELL’S BAY PHONE 28 Mrs. Nellie Helmer Dies At South
IM Mrs Drown
Imperial Oil SCHEDULE OF CANDIDA TE Mrs. Loretta LaBalbo
Imperial Oil Mrs. Brent Elliott
IMPROVED Wideawake Cauldron Mrs. Slimdiet
Indies Guild of Christ i Mrs. Jaques
Individual High Mrs. Chistmas
Inetit- Mrs. Ira Whelan
Ins ONE-MAN LIGHT-WEIGHT Mrs. Alfred Armstrong
Insti- Bury Mrs. Leekie At Castleford She
Institute Mrs. Wm
Institute Mr. end Mrs.
Institute Mrs E.
Institute Mrs.
Institute Mrs. E.
Institute Mrs. F.
Institute Mrs. Hanna
Institute Mrs. Leo Pigeon
Institute Mrs. Maud Bailey; Bristol Wo-1
Institute Mrs. Roland Russell
Institute Mrs. Russett
Institute Young Mens Suits DONAT Le GUERRIER L.L.B.. Notary Public CAMPBELL’S.
Institutes Inc. Mrs Kilgour
Insurance Commission Mrs Water Cure Devoted Kingfishers
Inter Mrs. King
Interior Latex Pearl Finish Enamel 4L ELECT Interior Latex Velvet Enamel CLARENCE PASCH
International Guest Lion Carl Young
International Lions Director Carle Young
International Paper Co Mrs Fred Del
Iona Sloan Mrs. Keith Bowie
IOVI General Insurance SANITONE Mrs. Esther Quelle
IS Mrs. Ray Fox
IS Obituaries Mrs Emilie Crete Church Changes Grandmother
ÎSFS /• Mrs. G. Carson Mrs. F. Murphy Mrs.
ISLAND Apply Mrs. Arthur Durrell
ÎTew Store Mr. Clarence Brownlee
ITS Edward s Church Hall si
Ivy Millar M Mrs.
Ivy Mrs. Ballantyne
IWJ Hayes & Sons
λ* *1SBr F Ww Allan A. Merritt Clarence
J & J Gas Bar Clarence
J & Mrs. Keeper HOUSANDS
J c Mrs. Albert Hicks
J HAYES & SONS Funeral Home-
J J Hud Clarence
J P Carson Mrs. Glenn.....
J | Mrs.
J-Hayes and Sons Funeral
J. Hayes & ; Sons
J. Hayes Sons
J. Hayes Sons Funeral Home
J. School of Interior Design Hayes and Sons Funeral 1443-38 McArthur Ave
James Donaldson Edward
JAN Mrs. Suiidilands
JB Mrs.
JCC Oddfellows Euchre Mrs.
JHH Mrs. Betty Hay
Jim Mrs AM
JJ Mrs Si
JM H King Edward
JO Gam Young
Joanne Commission de Formation Professionnelle Mrs. Leo O Brien
JOHN MacGREGOR Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil CONCRETE
Johns Mrs.
Johnston School Health By Mrs.
Joint Plaster Joint Filler and Tape ANGLICAN Estate Mrs,
Joint Young People* Service
Joseph’s Girls Game Mrs. Lena Marquardt
JR Shop JANU Mrs. W
July Co Mrs
JUNE Mrs. Gordon
Junior AYPA Mrs. Herby Zacharias
Junior Choir Roman Catholic Bristol Mines St. Edward
Junior Mrs Amos Armitage
Junior Mrs Tilley Robinson
Junior Young
Junior Young Conserve Rubber Paper
Junior Young Peoples
K E R Y Mrs. Elmer
K Mayo Mrs. Asahel Smith Mrs. Asnhel Smith
K*îtg Edward Hotel
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Mrs Edward
KELLY Auctioneer Mrs. Albert Skeldon
KEON Estate Mrs.
Keon School Mrs. Taylor
Kinder Mrs.
King Edward
King Edward Hotel
King Edward Ins Majesty
King Edward Sheraton Hotel
King Edward VII.
King Edward’s
Kitchen Committee Mrs. Art Hod
Krause Mrs. Uoyd Armitage
KRIFF Mrs. David Olmstead DEATHS St. Andrews Knox
Krskine Presbyterian Edward
KÜ Mrs. Harriet Ann Donaldson
l E Mrs. Leo Lemaire
L & M Elec- Warden Mrs S Langford
l Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
l Mr. Mahlon Hayes
l Mrs.
l Mrs. Alfred Tranchemontagne
l Mrs. Alice Wilson
l Mrs. Carson
l Mrs. Deacon
l Selective Service THE CORNER STORE / / Estate Mrs.
L.O.L Church Service Mrs.
Labels Mrs. Lulu
Lac Mrs. Sinclairs
Ladies Department Mrs. John Craig
Ladies Guild Make Presentation Office Mrs. M.
Ladies Guild Mrs.
Ladies Mrs.
Ladies Mrs. Mervin Hades
Ladies’ Hospital Auxiliary Young Men’s Sport Shirts There
Lady-Mrs A. Lambert
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Ladysmith Lutheran Church Clarence
Lake Mrs Mabel McDonald of Marmora
Lardlcy United Church Mrs. Ciordon
Last League Match Mrs.
League Mrs. EMoo Keoo
League of St Edward
League Prayer Mrs. Greg Gervais
LEAH MILLER Equity Reporter Clarence Herbert Murray
LEASING Mrs Secil Sly
LEMON FILLED DO-NUTS Mrs. Emile Philippes
Levi Young Kriff’s Jewellery Store
Liberal Young Artist Workshop Series
Library Mrs Turner
Life Ends For Mrs. Riley Most Seals Unconlesfed In Pontiac Municipal Elections Karen Hobbs
Lion Bob Young
Lion Carl Young
Lion Chris Young
Lion Clarence Wall
Lion Dak and Lionette Merle Thomson Lion Mahlon and Lionette Gwen Hayes
Lion District Governor Mac Hayes
Lion Garry Young Tel
Lion Hugh Young
Lion Hugh Young Lion Bob Carrier Lion Dan Tremblay Fraser
Lion Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Li
Lion Lionettes Gwen Hayes
Lion Mac Hayes
Lion Mahkm Hayes
LION Mrs. Frank Deitz
Lion Ray Young
Lion Ted Hayes
LISTEN Mrs. Stubbs—“John
Litchfield Council Deals With Fencing Problems Mrs. George Smith Pax
Litchfield Ladies Aid Society Mrs. Bessie Laud
Litchfield School Board; Mrs.
Livingstone’s Surgical How Carnegie Met King Edward VII
LJ Mrs. Norval McNeil
Local Group of Gilt Guides Honours Mrs. Nurse MacLean’s DALE’S TINSHOP TINSMITHS
Local Groups SPECIAL VALUE Mrs. R
Local Post Office MRS.
Local Young People
Lodge Meets Hayes
Lodge Mrs.
Lodge Mrs. Pearl Purcell
Lodge Mrs. Stickler
Logging Contractors Entrepreneurs Forestiers Mrs. Norval McNeil Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn Zimerling
Logs End Inc Jim Hodgms Greg Hayes Steve McCord Shawville - Royal Bank Bristol, Shawville
LOGS Highest Prices Paid Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle CWL Meeting Shirley
Loken nd Mrs. T.
LONGS Canadian Pacific Mrs Harvey
Lost Visiting Committee Mrs. A.
Lot c Sis Mrs.
Loyal Orange Young Britons Association of British America
LTD Mrs Hazel
Ltd Mrs- Percy Dahms
LTD Mrs.
Lumber Company Limited Mrs. Earl Findlay
Lutheran Church Mrs Dorothea Trip
Lutheran Church Sun-1 Mrs.
M. Hudson Equity Photo WALK TALL Willard Parker Pentecostal Campaign Joyce Meadows PIANO TUNING Mrs
MA TB Roman Catholic Church St. Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines Rev. M.R. Costello Masses
Mac-Mrs Muriel Bertrand
Macdonald College Mrs. Roland MacKechnie
Macdonald College Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Macdonald College Short Course Mrs.
Macdonald College; Mrs.
Maid Mrs. Leeks
Malakofff Council Mrs p Kenneifci Maheral Master Steven Maheral
Manufacturers Life Mrs.
MAOFARLANE Mrs. John Morrison
Maple Farm Don McCredie Dan & John Kelly Clarence & Carol Tollman CBL Pirie Henderson’s Grocery Val
Maple Grove Cemetery Donations Mrs.
Maple Grove Cemetery Mrs. Emmerson Cotie
Maple Leaf Weiners Mrs. Smith’s Cherry Beef
Maple Ridge Mrs.
Marians Plan Energetically Mr. And Mrs.
Maryland & Wyman News Mrs.
Master Arthur Hayes
Master Clarence Caldwell
Master Clarence Richardson
Master Clarence Shore
Master Colline Young
Master Crothers Mrs. Alexander
Master Edward Sparling
Master Elgin Mrs. Delia Cavanaugh
Master Glen and Leslie Bell Mr. Clayton Young
Master Harvey Young
Master J. Edward Simmons
Master McLeese Mrs. Ernest Tows
Master Mrs Reu-
Master Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Master Mrs. R. E
Master Peter Young
Master Photographer Mrs. Verner Thrun
Master Robbie Young
Master Visiting Mrs Rachel Poisson Chad Routliffe
Match Committee Mrs. Stark
Mate Association Mrs. Georgette Beauvais
MAY 10 & It- Oronge Young Britons
McCann & Sons Clarence & Carol Tolmann Bristol Community Centre Milton
McCredie & Sons Mrs. John Wickens Mr.
McCredie & Sons Shawville W.I. Mrs. Cliff Garrison Total
McCredle Mrs. R. DeGoire Wax Offers Commercial Use
McDonald - Young
McDonald and Edward Noyee
McDonald and Mrs.
McDonald and Mrs. Ay-ear
McDonald and Mrs. Hunter
McDonald and Mrs. McDonald.
McDonald cod Mrs. George Colton
McDonald mid Mrs.
McDonald) Young
McDonald, Esq Cbone Hayes
McDonald, Mrs. Hayes
McDonald, Noranda; Mrs.
McDonald” Mrs Edith Lair
McDowell Staff Representatives Mrs.
McGH University Office—Hayes
McGil University Film Program Office—Hayes
McGIl University New Spring Styles Just Arrived ALL-TALKING PICTURES Office—Hayes* Block
McGil University Office-Hayes
McGil University Office—-Hayes
McGil University Office—Hayes
McGil University Office—Hayes* Block
McGil University Pahtor Office—Hayes
McGill Music St. Edward’s Examinations Senior Class Kirkham
McGill University Office—Hayes
McGill University At Foresters Office—Hayes* Block Centre St Shawville
McGill University Mar-hall Tel* Mrs George
McGill University MARRIED Office—Hayes’Block
McGill University Mrs. Alex Olmsted
McGill University Mrs. H. Millar
McGill University Mrs. J.
McGill University Mrs. Utile
McGill University Office New Daytime Frocks Hayes
McGill University Office-Hayes
McGill University Office-Hayes’ Block Centre St.
McGill University Office—Hayes
McGill University Office—Hayes* Block
McGill University Oflice—Hayes
McGill University ORice-Hayes
McGill University Ortice—Hayes* Block
McGill University Otter Lake Woman Saved When Fire Burns Home Mrs. Baptiste Leblanc
McKee Clarence Irwin
McKee Farm Forum; Mrs. Lyle Hedging
McKee Mr. and Mrs. Allan Black
McLeod Young Weir Limited
McLeod Young Weir Limited Bristol Council USED EQUIPMENT ON HAND
McLeod Young Weir Limited Pontiac Prlntshop Ltd.
McPhail Baptist Young
Means Committee Mrs.
Medical Mrs.
MEETINGS Mrs. Sam Alexander
Meeting—Free Methodist Camp KEON—Mrs
MeGil University Mrs.
MeGil University Office—Hayes
Members Eighty-Eight Pontiac Lions Carnival Years Young Quemoy And Matsu At Cairo
Memonam Crystal Vase For County Council Mrs# Martineau I#
Memorial Award Journalism - Jillian Young
Memorial Draper Bell Clarence
Memorial Presbyterian Church Mrs. Douglas Brown
Memorial Service Mrs,
MEN Mrs. Allan Sparling
MENTION Austin Methodist Church Mrs. Brown
Men’s Department Young Men’s
MERCHANT Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Société
Merchants Rank l Mrs.
Merrill Young
Messrs. Edward Hodgins
Methodist Young Ladies Class
Methodist Youth Mrs. Jas Allen
Mid Mrs. Arthur
Mid Mrs. E.
Mid Mrs. Phillip Turcotte
MIDGETS Mr Mrs. Walter Bower
MIELKE Mrs. Gustave Pasch
Militia Department Young
MILK PRODUCER Bryson Holes Mrs. Eldon Keon
Milking Equipment VV.J. Hayes Funeral Home
MILLAR Agricultural Engineering Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin
Milling Co Mrs. Harold Becket.
Mine Father D. J. Morris P.P Young Peoples MILNE
Mine Found Mrs. William Sharpe
Mine Martha Hayes
Mine Mayor Clarence
Mine Mrs. Arthur Strutt
Mine Mrs. Orla
Mine Open-House OBITUARY Mrs. John L. Hodgins Mrs. John
Ministerial Association Orla Young
Ministerial Association Young--
Miracle Baste Frozen Young Turkeys
Miss Lois Hayes
Miss Marylin Young
Missionary Coun-Mrs
Missionary Society Mrs Mary O’Brien
Mk CA TAL OGUES Mrs. Mildred Brown School Intermediate
ML Wed.—Bible Study Mrs. James
MoGil University Office—Hayes
MOLASSES High Food Value O Mrs. Jos
Monsieur Bernard Conroy Mrs. Hélène Boulet Mr. Bernard Carrière Mr. Bernard Conroy Profil du
Montreal Association Mrs Scout Gazette
Montreal Painting & Body Work Clarence
Montreal—Ottawa Conference Young People’s Union
Morgan Mrs Dave Parent
Morgan Mrs. Ebert Beattie
Mormtg Worshp Cvenrg Worship Bristol Mines St Edward
Morning Prayer Mrs.
Morning Worship Evening Worship Tue Prayer & Bible Roman Catholic Bristol Mines St Edward Rev Fr Pa
Morning Worship LISTINGS REQUIRED Young
Morning Worship Mrs. Gartner
Morning Worship Mrs. Raymond Chevrier
Morning Worship Roman Catholic Church St. Edward’s Parish Bristol Mines -Rev.
Morning Worship WESLEYAN Shawville Mrs. Walter
Mothers of Young Children
Motion Cm Young
Motion Comr Young Thct the
Motion Counc Hors Young
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillors Young
Motion Councillors Young-Camp-bell
Motion Councillors Young-West-
Motion Cr Young
Motion Cr* Young
Motion Cra Young
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Irwin Hayes
Motion Crs O Reilly A Young
Motion Crs Young
Motion Crs Young & Dagg _
Motion Crs Young & Graham Mr.
Motion Crs Young—Martineau
Motion Doherty-Young Regular
Motion ers Farrell-Young
Motion ers Young-Farrell
Motion ers Young-Steele
Motion Jamieson-Young
Motion Mr & Mrs Mano
Motion Mrs Ballantyne
Motion Mrs F
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs Gwen Tangu.v
Motion Mrs McCredie
Motion Mrs.
Motion Mrs. B.C. Homer
Motion Mrs. Bal- Woodley
Motion Mrs. Ballantyne
Motion Mrs. Barber
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Mrs. Cartman
Motion Mrs. Carty
Motion Mrs. Cecil Paris
Motion Mrs. Corrigan
Motion Mrs. Cowley
Motion Mrs. Elliott
Motion Mrs. Ftaul Martineau
Motion Mrs. Fulford
Motion Mrs. Garrison
Motion Mrs. Gwen Tanguay
Motion Mrs. H Graham
Motion Mrs. Hillis Smith
Motion Mrs. HillU
Motion Mrs. J.
motion Mrs. Lambert
Motion Mrs. M.
Motion Mrs. MacFarlane
Motion Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Motion Mrs. Marks
Motion Mrs. McCord
Motion Mrs. McCord the
Motion Mrs. McCord-N.
Motion Mrs. McCredie
Motion Mrs. McDowell
Motion Mrs. McMillan
Motion Mrs. McMlllian
Motion Mrs. McNeill
Motion Mrs. McOahern
Motion Mrs. MoCredie
Motion Mrs. Moodie
Motion Mrs. Muise
Motion Mrs. Murray
Motion Mrs. Murray/
Motion Mrs. Percy Mac Ribbon and Mrs. Cecil
Motion Mrs. Percy McKib-bon
Motion Mrs. Pheobe McCord
Motion Mrs. Pul
Motion Mrs. Sly
Motion Mrs. Stark
Motion Mrs. Stewart
Motion Mrs. Stone
Motion Mrs. Storie
Motion Mrs. Young
Motion of Young
Motion O’Reilley Young
Motion Smith—Mrs
Motion Steele-Young That
Motion That Mrs. George
Motion Young Beattie That Con
Motion Young-Beattie
Motion Young-Cain
Motley Hodgins Limited Mrs. Edison Brown
MOUNTAIN VIEW General Insurance Mrs. Esther Quaile
Movie Appoint Mrs. Suffel
Mr & Mrs Adolpn Zim
Mr & Mrs F. Schonbrunner
Mr & Mrs. Arvine Firerobin & Mrs. Isabel Racine
Mr* Edward Pitt.
Mr, Edward Dominion Parliament
Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward McColgan
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon McBride Sr
Mr. & Mrs. J.C Jamieson
Mr. & Mrs. Mead Richard
Mr. & Mrs. Origenv
Mr. & Mrs. Saur
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Loren Hedging Mr.
Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. Clarence Carson
Mr. Clarence Carson; Mrs. Jimmy Fulford
Mr. Committee Mrs. El
Mr. Edward Behan
Mr. Edward Kings
Mr. Edward Pitt
Mr. Edward Pitt and Douglas Pitt
Mr. Edward Pitt and Mr. Jackie
Mr. Edward Pitt of Davidson
Mr. End Mrs. Georie Rooney
Mr. Everett Hayes
Mr. Harold Young Shawville Hardware Store Mr.
Mr. Mac Don-Mrs
Mr. nd Mrs. Klatt
Mr. Teddy Hayes
MRC Grand Calumet Mrs
Mrs Institute
Mrs Progressive-Conservative Association
Mrs Trust Royal Courtier JEAN-PIERRE DUSSIAUME Agent Immobilier Centre Comm Glenwood Aylmer
Mrs & Sons Funeral
Mrs 1 Perry
Mrs A Perry
Mrs A Pitt
Mrs A. Lambert
Mrs A. Perry
Mrs A. Pitt and
Mrs A. Pitt the
Mrs Ale* Methodist C
Mrs Alegra Chap-and Mrs. Mary Hodgins
Mrs Alex Hazzard
Mrs Alex Stuart
Mrs Alex Weir
Mrs Alex Weir Stro-
Mrs Alice
Mrs Alice Bell
Mrs Alice Hospital Hospital
Mrs Allan Black
Mrs Allan Peaver
Mrs Allan Poole
Mrs Allan Woermke
Mrs Alma
Mrs Amy Pitt.
Mrs An- Cemetery
Mrs Annie
Mrs Annie Brown
MRS ANNIE ELLIOTT Dresses Blouses Skirts & Slacks Advance Showing
Mrs Annie Word
Mrs ARE Word
Mrs Arlee Perry
Mrs Armitage
Mrs Armond Gosselin
Mrs Arnold Watson
Mrs Art
Mrs Art Carson
Mrs Art Carson.
Mrs Art Smart
Mrs Art Turner;
Mrs Arthur Perry
Mrs Asa C Smart
Mrs Association
Mrs At Co
Mrs B&rry Bell
Mrs Baptist Church
Mrs Barney Sloan
Mrs Barney Wood
Mrs Barry Bell
Mrs Bedford Robinson
Mrs Bell
Mrs Bert Bible Study
Mrs Bertel Lambert
Mrs Bertie Lambert
Mrs Best
Mrs Best Buy
Mrs Beta Barber
Mrs Beta Le- Rind
Mrs Big
Mrs Boisvert’s
Mrs Borden Hobbs
Mrs Bragg*—“ Life
Mrs Bristol School No.
Mrs Brothers
Mrs Bruce Kluke
Mrs Bud Perry of Sheafersvllle NE
Mrs C
Mrs Cal Cummdngs
Mrs Cal Cummings
Mrs Cal Cummings Office
Mrs Cal Cummings Sr
Mrs Cal Cummings Sr.
Mrs Cal Rocher
Mrs Campbell
Mrs Carole St-hle-vocation
Mrs Carson Russell
Mrs Catherine Perry OPEN
Mrs Catherine Perry.
Mrs Cecil
Mrs Cecile Pontiac Hospital
Mrs Charles
Mrs Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Motion Crs G Hodgins
Mrs Christ A
Mrs Christy Stock
Mrs Civic Hospital
Mrs Clara Horner
Mrs Clara Quyon Women’s Institute
Mrs Clint Co wen
Mrs Committee
Mrs Communications Convener
Mrs Community Hospital
Mrs Corners
Mrs County Council
Mrs Crystal Brown
Mrs Crystal Murphy
Mrs Crystal Powell
Mrs Crystal _
Mrs Cyril Perry
Mrs Cyril Watson
Mrs D Arcy Bristol Mines P. O. Box
Mrs Dags
Mrs Daisy N McArthur
Mrs David High School
Mrs Deimar
Mrs Deli Pitt
Mrs Deli Pitt and Mrs Ronnie Dorzek
Mrs Deli Pitt of Caldwell
Mrs Deli Pitt recently
Mrs Deli Pitt who
Mrs Delmar Pitt
Mrs Delmer Pitt.
Mrs Development Committee
Mrs Donaldson
Mrs Donaldson Mrs Bertrand
Mrs Dor- Training Instructor
Mrs E Bell
Mrs E J Miller
Mrs E Stewart
Mrs E. Pitt.
Mrs Each
Mrs Edison
Mrs Edison Brown
Mrs Edison Brown CJOh Channel 13
Mrs Edna Visitors
Mrs Education
Mrs Edward
Mrs Edward Perry
Mrs Edward Pitt
Mrs Edward Pitt JOHN S. HODGINS & SONS Phone
Mrs Edward Pitt.
Mrs EHard Perry & Tim
Mrs Eileen Co
Mrs Eileen Perry
Mrs Eileen Perry of New Brunswick
Mrs Eldon McDonald of Sudbury
Mrs Ellard Perry
Mrs Ellard Perry of
Mrs Ellard Perry.
Mrs Ellard Perry;
Mrs Ellord Perry
Mrs Elsie Gordon Economics and
Mrs Elsie Perry of Cobden
Mrs Elsie School
Mrs Elsie Sparrow
Mrs Emanuelli
Mrs Embie Watson
Mrs Emmett Bell
Mrs Emmett Visitors
Mrs Emmond Bell
Mrs EniTOR Equity
Mrs Entertainment
Mrs Eric Watson
Mrs Ernie Lang-| QUYON
Mrs Ervin Watson
Mrs Erwin
Mrs Erwin Eva
Mrs Eta Perry
Mrs ETC Care
Mrs Evelyn Lambert
Mrs Evelyn Pontiac Community Hospital
Mrs Everett
Mrs Everett Arthurs
Mrs Everett Brown
Mrs Everett Brown & Family
Mrs Everett Lauehren
Mrs Everett Laugh
Mrs Everett Laugh* Bristol Charge Rev.
Mrs Everett Laugh-
Mrs Everett Laughren
Mrs Everett M Laughren
Mrs Everett McCbrriston
Mrs Everett McCorrislon
Mrs Everett McCorrLstuon
Mrs Everett McDowell
Mrs Everett McDowell: Elementary Piano
Mrs Everett McDowell; Those
Mrs Everett McDowellElementary Piano
Mrs Everett McDoweU
Mrs Everett Mi Mrs.
Mrs Everett Moore
Mrs Everett Morris
Mrs Everett Morrison
Mrs Everett MvConiston
Mrs Faye Visitors
Mrs Fire Prevention
Mrs Fletcher
Mrs France
Mrs Frances
Mrs Frances Senior
Mrs Francis
Mrs Francis Pitt - Mrs. Gisèle Ralston
Mrs Frank Perry of
Mrs Fred
Mrs Fulford’s
Mrs Full
Mrs Full Information From
Mrs Full Line
Mrs Fumerton Tel
Mrs Gail Gavan
Mrs Gail Perry
Mrs Garnet Visitors
Mrs Garry Perry
Mrs Garry Perry Adams
Mrs Garry Perry of
Mrs Gary Royce
Mrs Genevieve Hospital
Mrs George
Mrs George Ferry
Mrs George Perry
Mrs George Perry attended Church
Mrs George Perry Michael Leroy
Mrs Gerald Lung : Dear Mr.
Mrs Gerald Perry
Mrs Gerald Perry who Lady of Perpetual Church
Mrs Gerald Perry.
Mrs Gerald Weir
Mrs Gertie
Mrs Gertie Perry
Mrs Gladys Carson
Mrs Glenn Taylor
Mrs Gordon
Mrs Gordon Armstrong
Mrs Gordon Bradley
Mrs Gordon Brownlee
Mrs Gordon Church Step
Mrs Gordon Gibbons
Mrs Gordon Hospital
Mrs Gordon Lambert
Mrs Gordon Orr
Mrs Gordon Roy Mo Ton
Mrs Gordon Sparling
Mrs Gordon T
Mrs Gordon Watson
Mrs Graeme Tel
Mrs H
Mrs H Elementary School Board WMeman
Mrs H Perry
Mrs H Royce Hodgins
Mrs H.M. Turner
Mrs Happy
Mrs Harold Moon
Mrs Harry
Mrs Hartley Municipal Affairs
Mrs Hawley
Mrs Hazel
Mrs Hazel Bell
Mrs Helen Perry
Mrs Helen Perry.
Mrs Hewitt Bell Aylmer Get
Mrs Hi
Mrs Hi Bower
Mrs High School
Mrs Hilda Mayhew
Mrs Hilton Adolphe Von Almon
Mrs Hilton Crick
Mrs Horner
Mrs Horse
Mrs Hospital
Mrs Hospital Findlay
Mrs Howard J L Hodgins Gatineau Electric
Mrs Hubert Hall of Berkeley Laboratory
Mrs Hwrwtt Lough Rt Wor Grand Metre*
Mrs I>en Perry.
Mrs Ian Perry
Mrs Ida Perry
Mrs Ifn Perry.
Mrs IL
Mrs Irene N
Mrs Isabel Graham
Mrs Isabelle Institute
Mrs Ivan Lambert
Mrs IVtei
Mrs Ivy
Mrs J C Poisson community Hospital
Mrs Jack Word
Mrs James
Mrs James Perry
Mrs James Pitt
Mrs James Pitt.
Mrs Jamie Perry
Mrs Janes Pitt
Mrs Jas Pitt
Mrs Jbhn Lambert
Mrs Jean Finlan
Mrs Jerry Perry
Mrs Joan Bell
Mrs Joint P M< Dowell
Mrs Joseph
Mrs Josie Gibbons
Mrs Joyce Perry
Mrs Joyce Perry Election Clerk
Mrs Joyce Pitt
Mrs Kathleen Lepack Clarendon Municipal Hall
Mrs Kathryn Perry
Mrs Katzonjammor’s
Mrs Kay Ranger
Mrs Keith Lambert
Mrs Ken Perry
Mrs Ken Perry 1-819-689-5584 CASH
Mrs Ken Perry of
Mrs Kenneth Farrell
Mrs Kenneth Perry
Mrs Kllard Perry
Mrs l Perry
Mrs L*onard Perry the
Mrs L. Lambert
Mrs Ladies Prize
Mrs Ladou- League Prayer
Mrs Lairy Perry
Mrs Lamb’s
Mrs Larry
Mrs Larry Perry
Mrs Larry Perry and
Mrs Larry Perry Church
Mrs Larry Perry Helen’s
Mrs Larry Perry.
Mrs Laura
Mrs Lauretta Perry
Mrs Laurette Perry
Mrs Laurette Perry of
Mrs Len
Mrs Len Perry
Mrs Len Perry on
Mrs Len Perry the
Mrs Len Perry.
Mrs Leonard Perry
Mrs Leonard Perry Happy
Mrs Leonard Perry.
Mrs Leu Perry
Mrs Leu Perry and Gerald Perry
Mrs Leu Perry CWL
Mrs Leu Perry.
Mrs Leurs Perry
Mrs Lew Perry
Mrs Lew Perry.
Mrs Livestock Shipping Forty-odd
Mrs Lola Lambert
Mrs Lon Perry the Civic Hospital
Mrs Louis St Pierre
Mrs Ltd at
Mrs Lyle Perry
Mrs M Perry
Mrs M Perry.
Mrs M. Perry
Mrs Mabel Gamble
Mrs Mable Cohn
Mrs Mac
Mrs Mac Angus Dan
Mrs Mae
Mrs Mae Avis Public
Mrs Mae Bronson
Mrs Mae Corrigan
Mrs Mae Dongan
Mrs Mae Elliott Ontario
Mrs Mae la
Mrs Mae Lafave
Mrs Mae Mac
Mrs Mae MacDonald
Mrs Mae McCann
Mrs Mae McDonald at Bristol.
Mrs Mae McDonald at Pine Lodge
Mrs Mae McDonald will M
Mrs Mae Reynolds
Mrs Mae Shea RAYMOND
Mrs Mae Soul
Mrs Mae Spinks
Mrs Margaret
Mrs Margaret Elementary School
Mrs Margo Perry
Mrs Marie Lambert
Mrs Marion Perry of Cobalt
Mrs Maritime Provinces
Mrs Martha Duke Grand Master Grand Chaplain Most Worship
Mrs Martin N 5l878Ibol9 SI
Mrs Mary
Mrs Mary Allan
Mrs Mary Baird
Mrs Mary Hass
Mrs Mary Manuel
Mrs Mary McDonald of Montreal
Mrs Mary Pitt |
Mrs Mary Sa
Mrs Mary Watson
Mrs Matthew Perry
Mrs May Perry
Mrs Mayfred Senior Public Speaking Price
Mrs McBride Business Hours Mon.-Thurs
Mrs McClure
Mrs Meley Perry
Mrs Merle Hilton Mines.
Mrs Mervin Watson
Mrs Mildred Murrell
Mrs Miles Perry
Mrs Miley Perry
MRS Minnie Zimmerling
Mrs Miss Alice Pigeon
Mrs Mitey Perry
Mrs Monitor
Mrs Morris Douglas
Mrs Morris Ottawa Civic Hospital
Mrs Myers
Mrs National Portland Cement Nails
Mrs Nell McDowell
Mrs Nina Hospital
Mrs Norma Perry
Mrs Norman Senior
Mrs Norms Perry the
Mrs Onslow Elementary
Mrs Opal Carson.
Mrs Or
Mrs Orval Smart
Mrs P Meehan
Mrs P N G .
Mrs Party
Mrs Pasch Anglican Church Hall
Mrs Paul
MRS PAUL CHABOT Bristol Mines.
Mrs Paul Perry
MRS PEARL CARTER SPECIALS Fry Cadbury Best Chocolate Cake Mrs Neil McDowell
Mrs Pennant
Mrs Percy
Mrs Perry
Mrs Peter
Mrs Peter Bell Celebrates
Mrs Phil Perry
Mrs Phil Perry &
Mrs Phil Perry.
Mrs Philip Perry
Mrs Pierre Lambert
Mrs Pilons
Mrs R.R. Morgan
Mrs Ray Perry
Mrs Ray- Historical Society
Mrs Raymond Bowes
Mrs Renée Latreille
Mrs Rheal Lambert
Mrs Rita Arts Honours
Mrs Roger Perry
Mrs Roger Perry &
Mrs Roger Perry & Jhe
Mrs Roger Perry 8. Coffee
Mrs Roger Perry of
Mrs Roger Perry of Renfrew
Mrs Ron Robichaud
Mrs Ron Robicheau
Mrs Ronnie
Mrs Ronnie Corrlveau
Mrs Ronnie Dagg
Mrs Ronnie De
Mrs Ronnie Desabrais
Mrs Ronnie Dorzek
Mrs Ronnie Emmerson
Mrs Ronnie Gam
Mrs Ronnie Hodgins
Mrs Ronnie Hutchison
Mrs Ronnie Kluke
Mrs Ronnie Lassenba
Mrs Ronnie Madairc Sons Funeral Home
Mrs Ronnie Orr
Mrs Ronnie Roberta
Mrs Ronnie Valiquette
Mrs Ronnie Zimmerling
Mrs Rose Kluke
Mrs Rose Perry
Mrs Roy Hilton
Mrs Ruby Hospital
Mrs Russell Pitt
Mrs Russell Pitt of Hull
Mrs Russell Pitt spent Christmas Holidays
Mrs S Perry
Mrs Sa
Mrs School
Mrs School Suits
Mrs Security Solutions Inc. McElwain
Mrs Service
Mrs Shiela Hill
Mrs Sinai Vaillancourt
Mrs Sloan
Mrs Smart
Mrs Stan Ziebarth
Mrs Standard Church Shawville Wednesday
Mrs Stanley
Mrs Stephen Perry
Mrs Stephen Perry Mr.
Mrs Stephen Perry.
Mrs Steven Perry
Mrs Susie Wings
Mrs Sutherland Visitors
Mrs Syd Barclay
Mrs Syd Murrell
Mrs T.S. Methodist Church
Mrs Teddy BwC
Mrs Teddy C
Mrs Teddy Craie Regular
Mrs Teddy Craig
Mrs Teddy Craig Carried
Mrs Teddy Judd
Mrs Teddy Newberry
Mrs Teddy Newberry Shawville
Mrs Teddy Shuttle
Mrs Telephone
Mrs Teresa Perry
Mrs Teresa Perry and Art Laundry
Mrs Terry
Mrs Terry Pitt
Mrs Terry Pitt and
Mrs Terry Pitt and Lake
Mrs Terry Pitt of
Mrs Terry Pitt of Caladair
Mrs Terry Pitt.
Mrs Theresa Perry
Mrs Theresa Perry Shawville
Mrs Thornes Brown St. Mary
Mrs Thrun’s
Mrs Tommie Bell
Mrs Trooper Loeis Welch Wounded
Mrs Trucking Division
Mrs US Alice Brownlee
MRS V THRUM Christmas
MRS V THRUN Council Hall
MRS V THRUN Sally Rosborough
MRS V THRUN Sandy Homer
Mrs Valmore Perry.
Mrs Vera Perry
Mrs Vera Pitt Lemaire
Mrs Vincent Foran
Mrs Vincent Hodgins
Mrs Violet Hospital
Mrs Violet Watson
Mrs Wales Drive
Mrs Walter
Mrs Walter Perry
Mrs Watson
Mrs Wayne
Mrs Wayne Perry
Mrs Wayne Perry.
Mrs Wesleyan Methodist WALTER
Mrs Wilfred
Mrs Will Perry
Mrs William
Mrs William Watson
Mrs Willie Perry
Mrs Willis
Mrs Wilson Perry
Mrs Wm Kcarnan
Mrs Wm Perry
Mrs XS- Historical Society Helps Trace
Mrs Yach’s
Mrs Zigi Waldner
Mrs! Smith
Mrs* c
Mrs, Arthur Pitt.
Mrs, College
Mrs, Des Co oligan
Mrs, Horace Laudon
Mrs, Mac Angus
Mrs, Percy Institute A
Mrs, Stephen Bell
Mrs- Alex Weir
Mrs- Milton
Mrs. Customs
Mrs. "
Mrs. (vrrald Perry
Mrs. 8. Perry and
Mrs. A. Lambert
Mrs. A. Pitt
Mrs. A. Pitt and
Mrs. A. Pitt Hospital
Mrs. Adam Weir
Mrs. AdfUBS
Mrs. Agricultural Society
Mrs. Al Hutchison A |
Mrs. Al Read
Mrs. Ale-shine
Mrs. Alen Weir
Mrs. Aleshine
Mrs. Alex
Mrs. Alex Bean
Mrs. Alex Bean Dies
Mrs. Alex Bell
Mrs. Alex Campbell
Mrs. Alex Davis
Mrs. Alex Davis Court Report
Mrs. Alex G
Mrs. Alex God
Mrs. Alex Hazzard
Mrs. Alex Health and Welfare Committee
Mrs. Alex John
Mrs. Alex Johns
Mrs. Alex L. Pigvault | Hospital
Mrs. Alex Lapierre
Mrs. Alex McCann Building Supply Reg d Limited Supply Only
Mrs. Alex McDonald Bereaved Harness
Mrs. Alex McDonald.
Mrs. Alex McIntyre
Mrs. Alex Moor
Mrs. Alex Olmsted
Mrs. Alex Pigeon Mrs. Alex Pigeon
Mrs. Alex Pokes
Mrs. Alex Stuart
Mrs. Alex Vincent formerly Mrs. Annie Stewart
Mrs. Alex Weir
Mrs. Alex Weir of Renfrew
Mrs. Alex Weir Sun-dayed
Mrs. Alice Neville
Mrs. Alix
Mrs. Alix Weir
Mrs. Allan
Mrs. Allan Black
Mrs. Allan Black & NOTICE
Mrs. Allan Black’s
Mrs. Allan Brown
Mrs. Allan Carswell
Mrs. Allan Findlay
Mrs. Allan Hall
Mrs. Allan Hornby
Mrs. Allan M Yarin
Mrs. Allan McCagg
Mrs. Allan McKay
Mrs. Allan Mohr
Mrs. Allan Poole
Mrs. Alphonse Vincent
Mrs. Alvin Hamilton
Mrs. Alvin Perry
Mrs. Am
Mrs. Ames
Mrs. Ander-
Mrs. Anglican Church
Mrs. Ann Fumerton Womans Missionary Society
Mrs. Ann Lambert
Mrs. Ann Lola Lambert
Mrs. Annie
Mrs. Annie Alice
Mrs. Annie Sa
Mrs. Anonymous
Mrs. Anson Miller
Mrs. Ar-
Mrs. Archie Campbell
Mrs. Archie Kings-
Mrs. Arimtroi
Mrs. Arlee Perry
Mrs. Arloe Perry
Mrs. Army Campaigns
Mrs. Arnold Gilman of
Mrs. Arnold Watson
Mrs. Arnprior Chronicle
Mrs. Aro- Visitors
Mrs. Art
Mrs. Art Amyotte
Mrs. Art Boivert
Mrs. Art Bradley
Mrs. Art C
Mrs. Art Campbell
Mrs. Art Car- the
Mrs. Art Carson
Mrs. Art Carson and Mrs. Art Strutt
Mrs. Art Carson of
Mrs. Art Carson spent
Mrs. Art Carson’s
Mrs. Art Dagg
Mrs. Art Day
Mrs. Art Hampsoo
Mrs. Art Haves
Mrs. Art Hayes; Health & Welfare
Mrs. Art Hodgins
Mrs. Art Hodgloe Miss Kay Woodley
Mrs. Art Labelle
Mrs. Art Labelle Heads Waltham CWL W/kot
Mrs. Art Labelle Waltham Bristol Quyon Beethgrore Rev
Mrs. Art Manual
Mrs. Art McDowell
Mrs. Art Turner
Mrs. Art Turner’s
Mrs. Arthur Pitt
Mrs. Arthur Pitt and Francis Pitt of Wakefield
Mrs. Arthur Pitt on Oct. Kith
Mrs. Arthur Pitt.
Mrs. Arthur Pitt;
Mrs. Arthur Pitt; Highway school
Mrs. Arthur Turner
Mrs. Arto Perry
Mrs. Atkinson CEMETERY MEMORIALS Mssionary Committee
Mrs. Atomic Energy
Mrs. Austin Bell Canada Fort
Mrs. Ballantync
Mrs. Baptist Boucher
Mrs. Barbers Store Saturday
Mrs. Barney Finlan
Mrs. Barney Kilroy Mrs. Blanche Hodgins
Mrs. Barney Kilroy of
Mrs. Barry Bell
Mrs. Basel Bell
Mrs. Basil Quaile;
Mrs. Beat Cuthbertson
Mrs. Bedford Lac Co-op Medici Be
Mrs. Bedford Robin-
Mrs. Bedford Robinson
Mrs. Bedford Rohin- LocNohe
Mrs. Beechgrove Women’s Institute
Mrs. Bell
Mrs. Bells
Mrs. Benjamin Watson
Mrs. Bertha Drouin;
Mrs. Best
Mrs. Best Mrs.
Mrs. Beta Draper
Mrs. Bible Study
Mrs. Birt s Die- Viiltlng
Mrs. Birthday Party"
Mrs. Blair Brown
Mrs. Blair Piror
Mrs. Blair Prior
Mrs. Blair There
Mrs. Blank’s
Mrs. Blondey
Mrs. Bob Hospital
Mrs. Borden Cochrane
Mrs. Bowles
Mrs. Boys
Mrs. Branch Bank
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brownlee* Insurance
Mrs. Browns Parents Mr. Mrs.
Mrs. Browse
Mrs. Bud Perry
Mrs. Byrtle Lambert
Mrs. c
Mrs. c Hilltops
Mrs. c Lawn
Mrs. C. Watson
Mrs. C.C. Watson
Mrs. Cal
Mrs. Cal C
Mrs. Cal Cum
Mrs. Cal Cummings
Mrs. Cal Cummings Jr
Mrs. Cal Cummings Jr.
Mrs. Cal Cummings Mr. Herbie O’Hara
Mrs. Cal Cummings Pastoral Quyon
Mrs. Cal Cummings Sr
Mrs. Cal Cummings;
Mrs. Cal Cumminrgs
Mrs. Cal verne
Mrs. Carey
Mrs. Carl Cola
Mrs. Carmen McKenzie s Pepsi Cola
Mrs. Cecil Paris
Mrs. cemetery
Mrs. Chalmers Watson
Mrs. Chamber Iain''s Millinery Parlor
Mrs. Chamber la
Mrs. Chapeau Hospital A
Mrs. Charles Paris
Mrs. Charles Paris Parish Picnic
Mrs. Charlesworth
Mrs. Chartes Lambert
Mrs. Chas
Mrs. Chatterton—Oh
Mrs. Christ
Mrs. Christian Education
Mrs. Church
Mrs. Church Parsonage
Mrs. Church Services
Mrs. Civic Hospital
Mrs. Clara
Mrs. Clara Agnes Pr
Mrs. Clara Carknsr
Mrs. Clara Lomme
Mrs. Clara Saule
Mrs. Clare Rowe
Mrs. Clarence Carson
Mrs. Clarence Carson .............. Wyman W. A..............
Mrs. Clarence Carson ; Cut
Mrs. Clarence Carson Celebrate Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary
Mrs. Clarence Romain
Mrs. Clarence Visitors
Mrs. Clarence Wall
Mrs. Cliff School
Mrs. Cliff Schwartz
Mrs. Clifton Visitors
Mrs. Clive Smart
Mrs. Co voua
Mrs. College
Mrs. Com
Mrs. Com Ho
Mrs. Com Refreshments
Mrs. Com Rlngrose
Mrs. Committee
Mrs. Conservative Women
Mrs. Corners
Mrs. Corrigal Sa EES
Mrs. Council
Mrs. Country Club
Mrs. Crawford Carson
Mrs. Crawford Carson Destroyed
Mrs. Crawford Carson J. OSCAR LAFLAMME
Mrs. Crawford Carson of Shawville
Mrs. Crystal Falls
Mrs. Crystal Webb Secretary-Treasurer
Mrs. Culture
Mrs. Cyril Watson
Mrs. C’s
Mrs. D. Rowe
Mrs. D. Rowe.
Mrs. D. Rowe;
Mrs. D. Rowe; Health
Mrs. Dagg; Jelly
Mrs. Dagg; Lemon
Mrs. Daniel Butler
Mrs. Daniel Lamothe
Mrs. Daniel Ryan Rhone
Mrs. Daniel St. Paul’s Church
Mrs. Daniel Stewart
Mrs. Daniel Tee
Mrs. Dave Brown
Mrs. David Gamble
Mrs. Delbert Pack
Mrs. Delbert Pitt &
Mrs. Deli Pitt
Mrs. Deli Pitt and Paulie
Mrs. Dellie Pitt with Randy
Mrs. Delmar Pitt
Mrs. Delmar Pitt Syracuse OLD TIME FIDDLING—DANCING AND SONGS Featuring
Mrs. Delmer Pitt
Mrs. Denton Hodgins Hogs
Mrs. Desmond Rowe
Mrs. Desmond Rowe.
Mrs. Dickson
Mrs. Dickson Tells Coulonge Institute All About Printing
Mrs. Dillion Kings-
Mrs. Docherty
Mrs. Don Lambert
Mrs. Donald Gamble
Mrs. Donaldson
Mrs. Donaldson of Ottawa
Mrs. Donaldson,
Mrs. Donaldson.
Mrs. Donat LeGuerrier
Mrs. Donj Campbell
Mrs. Dorios Racine
Mrs. Douglas
Mrs. Douglas Campbell
Mrs. Douglas Hogg Donald Gunn
Mrs. Douglas Pitt
Mrs. Douglas Pitt church
Mrs. Douglas Pitt of Ottawa
Mrs. Douglas Pitt tave Yach
Mrs. Dougles Pitt.
Mrs. Drake’s
Mrs. Drown
Mrs. Dudlv Gamble Mr.
Mrs. Dunraven
Mrs. E Bell and
Mrs. E F
Mrs. E Godin
Mrs. E Murrell
Mrs. E N McOoll
Mrs. E P Fulford
Mrs. E Perry
Mrs. E Pitt.
Mrs. E. Bell.
Mrs. E. Perry
Mrs. E. Pitt
Mrs. E. Pitt last
Mrs. E. Pitt of Davidson
Mrs. E. Pitt.
Mrs. E. Pitt; Organists
Mrs. Earl Dolan
Mrs. Earl Findlay
Mrs. Earl Hilton Mines
Mrs. Eckard Miss Vernna Simmons
Mrs. Ed Pitt
Mrs. Ed Pitt with Mrs. Doug Campbell
Mrs. Eddie Pitt
Mrs. Eddie Pitt of Chalk River
Mrs. Eddie Pitt of Davidson
Mrs. Edgar Alexander b Hairdressing
Mrs. Edison
Mrs. Edison Brown
Mrs. Edison Brown Moved
Mrs. Edith Titus
Mrs. Edna Bclshcr Bros Belsher
Mrs. Edna Bell
Mrs. Edna Bell 73499b LOST
Mrs. Edna Bell of
Mrs. Edna Bell Victoria Ave
Mrs. Edne Bell
Mrs. Education
Mrs. Edward Church
Mrs. Edward Pitt
Mrs. Edward Pitt and Mrs. Doug-I— IIBHI
Mrs. Edward Pitt and Mrs. John Miron
Mrs. Edward Pitt Campbell’s
Mrs. Edward Pitt of Davidson
Mrs. Edward Pitt.
Mrs. Edward Word
Mrs. Elaine Carson
Mrs. Elburne Bean
Mrs. Eldon Brown
Mrs. Elgin Pitt and Shrye
Mrs. Elhurne Bean
Mrs. Eli Pitt
Mrs. Elizabeth Weir
Mrs. Ellard Perry
Mrs. Ellard Perry of Shawville
Mrs. Ellard Perry Perry-Horner
Mrs. Ellard Perry.
Mrs. Ellerd Perry.
Mrs. Ellis
Mrs. Eltcrd Perry
Mrs. Emerson Haul
Mrs. Emile Carson Russell
Mrs. Emmet Bell
Mrs. Emmett Bell
Mrs. Emmett Bell Collections IHC
Mrs. Emmond Bell
Mrs. Emmond Bell Starks Comers
Mrs. Equity SI
Mrs. Erhen Sa
Mrs. Eric Watson
Mrs. Erne Hamburg
Mrs. Ernest Oil
Mrs. Ernie Visitors
Mrs. ers R. C. Church
Mrs. Ervin Watson
Mrs. Erwin Hayes
Mrs. Erwin Life
Mrs. Esaie Royce Henderson
Mrs. Ester Quaile D.R.O.
Mrs. Etiard Perry
Mrs. Eve- Municipal Council
Mrs. Everett
Mrs. Everett Brown
Mrs. Everett Court Mrs. R
Mrs. Everett Ebert
Mrs. Everett Ebert Hamilton
Mrs. Everett Gilpin
Mrs. Everett Hayes
Mrs. Everett Hayes Mr.
Mrs. Everett I.augh-re
Mrs. Everett Laiigliren
Mrs. Everett Langhren
Mrs. Everett Lau-ghren
Mrs. Everett Laugh
Mrs. Everett Laugh-ren
Mrs. Everett Laughien
Mrs. Everett Laughrcn
Mrs. Everett Laughren
Mrs. Everett Laughren Honoured
Mrs. Everett Laughven
Mrs. Everett Leughren
Mrs. Everett Lowery
Mrs. Everett Mc(
Mrs. Everett Mc- Dowell
Mrs. Everett McCor-iston
Mrs. Everett McCorriaton
Mrs. Everett McCorris-craft
Mrs. Everett McCorris-from
Mrs. Everett McCorris-ton
Mrs. Everett McCorristoe
Mrs. Everett McCorriston
Mrs. Everett McCorrlston
Mrs. Everett McDow-
Mrs. Everett McDow-1
Mrs. Everett McDow-‘
Mrs. Everett McDowel
Mrs. Everett McDowell
Mrs. Everett McDowell Given
Mrs. Everett McDowell Miss Verna Mac Donnell
Mrs. Everett McDOwell Mr.
Mrs. Everett McDowell Perfect Love
Mrs. Everett McDowell Phone
Mrs. Everett McDowells
Mrs. Everett McDowJ
Mrs. Everett McyowbL Clarendon Council SAwville Council Recent
Mrs. Everett Me-
Mrs. Everett Me- Louis Missouri
Mrs. Everett Mo
Mrs. Everett Mo Dowell
Mrs. Everett Moir
Mrs. Everett Moore
Mrs. Everett Moore Wke
Mrs. Everett Mor-Nurse
Mrs. Everett Morri- Mr.
Mrs. Everett Morrison
Mrs. Everett Morrison Ohio
Mrs. Everett Mrs. Asa
Mrs. Everett MscDowell
Mrs. Everett Olm
Mrs. Everett Olm of Prize
Mrs. Everett Steefle
Mrs. Everett Steele
Mrs. Everett Vloorc
Mrs. Everett | Laughren
Mrs. F. Hilton Moore
Mrs. Fair
Mrs. Farm Forum Annual Meeting DRINK MILK USE MILK EVERY MEAL
Mrs. Fd-vv.nl
Mrs. Fein
Mrs. Ferris
Mrs. FI
Mrs. Fields Cookies
Mrs. Fleet
Mrs. Floods Nursing Home
Mrs. Flushton* Learning
Mrs. Forest Lambert
Mrs. Forum Council
Mrs. Francos Senior
Mrs. Franklyn
Mrs. Fred Campbell
Mrs. Fred Cemetery
Mrs. Fred Garage
Mrs. Fred Rowe
Mrs. Fred School
Mrs. Full
Mrs. Gardiner Country
Mrs. Garth Graham Mrs. Violet Poole
Mrs. Garth Roll
Mrs. Gary Perry
Mrs. Gasman
Mrs. Geo
Mrs. Geo Campbell
Mrs. George Black
Mrs. George Chamber
Mrs. George Effective
Mrs. George Parsons
Mrs. George Perry
Mrs. George Perry and Walter Perry
Mrs. George Perry of Waltham Northcotc Mrs. R. Dupuis; Bristol Mem-A Remembrance Day
Mrs. George Perry Waltham
Mrs. George Pitt Calumet Island
Mrs. George Royce
Mrs. George Watson
Mrs. Ger
Mrs. Ger- N Chapeau Recreational Association
Mrs. Gerald Perry
Mrs. Gerald Perry St. Eus-tache
Mrs. Gerald Spicer
Mrs. Gibbons
Mrs. Gil-Ontario Hospital Board
Mrs. Gilbeit Young
Mrs. Gilbert Finan
Mrs. Gilbert Finan’s Radford
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Manager-Secretary
Mrs. Girls
Mrs. Girls School Dresses
Mrs. Goldie Watson
Mrs. Gordon
Mrs. Gordon Armstrong
Mrs. Gordon BaHantyne
Mrs. Gordon Ballantyne
Mrs. Gordon Barber
Mrs. Gordon Bel
Mrs. Gordon Bradleys
Mrs. Gordon Brown
Mrs. Gordon Brownlee
Mrs. Gordon Campbell
Mrs. Gordon Cart
Mrs. Gordon Church
Mrs. Gordon Fierobin
Mrs. Gordon Findlay
Mrs. Gordon Gibbons
Mrs. Gordon Hall
Mrs. Gordon Hall Ex Pontiac Teacher Died February
Mrs. Gordon Hill
Mrs. Gordon Hoy
Mrs. Gordon Hughes Hector Dowe
Mrs. Gordon Lambert
Mrs. Gordon MacMillan
Mrs. Gordon MacMillan Mrs. Lloyd Queale Mrs. Thos
Mrs. Gordon Maxwell
Mrs. Gordon McBride Visitors
Mrs. Gordon McGowan Chamber of Commerce
Mrs. Gordon Me- JOE RAY S TEXACO
Mrs. Gordon Orr
Mrs. Gordon Pan Social Committee
Mrs. Gordon Paul
Mrs. Gordon Perry
Mrs. Gordon R Smith;
Mrs. Gordon Richardson
Mrs. Gordon Rowe
Mrs. Gordon Russett
Mrs. Gordon Sparl
Mrs. Gordon Thorn#
Mrs. Gordon V ° Ba
Mrs. Gordon Wilson
Mrs. Gordon Witt
Mrs. Gordon X
Mrs. Gordon |
Mrs. Graham Sa
Mrs. Grant Perry
Mrs. Green Students May Get Foundling Hospital
Mrs. Griffith & Margaret
Mrs. Group
Mrs. Guilbeut
Mrs. H J
Mrs. H. Co
Mrs. HaKold
Mrs. Hall
Mrs. Har
Mrs. Har- Vincent Hodgin*
Mrs. Harold
Mrs. Harold Brown Ways and Means
Mrs. Harold Finance Committee
Mrs. Harold Pitt
Mrs. Harold Stone Get
Mrs. Harper Campbell
Mrs. Harry Campbell
Mrs. Harry Church
Mrs. Hartwell Thompson
Mrs. Harvey T E. R. Nurse
Mrs. Hawley
Mrs. Hawley Elliott
Mrs. Hawley Elliott;
Mrs. Hawley Frost
Mrs. Hawley Wan
Mrs. Hawley Wic-|
Mrs. Hawley Wick-ens
Mrs. Hawley Wick-Ten
Mrs. Hawley Wickens
Mrs. Hazel
Mrs. Hazel Stuart
Mrs. Health Week
Mrs. Hector Hodgins
Mrs. Hen- Court
Mrs. Herbert
Mrs. Herbie Brown
Mrs. Hi His Gahain
Mrs. Hi Ills Smith Murphy
Mrs. Hi la
Mrs. Hi Mis P. Thompson
Mrs. High School
Mrs. Hilda Graham
Mrs. Hilliard Tubman
Mrs. Hilton
Mrs. Hilton Crick
Mrs. Hilton Kent
Mrs. Hilton OlffM
Mrs. Hilton Or
Mrs. Hilton Robinson
Mrs. Hodgins High School
Mrs. Hogg Allan
Mrs. Holmes
Mrs. Holts
Mrs. Horse Geld
Mrs. Hospital
Mrs. Hospital Mawson Mr.
Mrs. Houston
Mrs. Houston Bishop Windle
Mrs. How-ical Services
Mrs. Hpnald Gamble
Mrs. HT Visitors
Mrs. Hubert Hamilton
Mrs. Hubert Pitt
Mrs. Hubert Pitt and
Mrs. Hudson
Mrs. Hugh
Mrs. Î
Mrs. I Carson
Mrs. I. Perry.
Mrs. Ida King
Mrs. Inn Hotel
Mrs. Institute
Mrs. Iona Periard;
Mrs. Ir- Catholic Women’s League
Mrs. Ira Line
Mrs. Iron Mines
Mrs. Irvin Watson
Mrs. Irwin Watson
Mrs. Ita Perry
Mrs. Ivan Lambert
Mrs. J. Perry Jean Louis Muir
Mrs. J. Pitt b
Mrs. J.C. Bell
Mrs. J.O. Rowe
Mrs. Jack Committee Gospel Signboard Judd’s
Mrs. James Perry
Mrs. James Perry 200.70;
Mrs. James Perry Bristol Memorial Presbyterian
Mrs. James Perry;
Mrs. James Pitt
Mrs. James Pitt.
Mrs. James Sa
Mrs. Janies Bell
Mrs. Jas G Bryson
Mrs. Jas Pitt trove# ABOARD
Mrs. Jean Duke
Mrs. Jean Sa
Mrs. Jeanne Belle Carey
Mrs. Jeanne Belle Murphy
Mrs. Jeanne Equity Staff Photo
Mrs. Jennie Caldwell
Mrs. Jennif Belle Murphy
Mrs. Jernes Pitt
Mrs. Jessie Pitt
Mrs. Jim Perry.
Mrs. Jim Pitt
Mrs. Jim Telford
Mrs. JS Allan
Mrs. Junior Agriculture
Mrs. Kdgar Church
Mrs. Keith Ferry
Mrs. Kelly
Mrs. Kelly’s
Mrs. Ken Dugans
Mrs. Ken Fame
Mrs. Ken Line
Mrs. Ken Vincent
Mrs. Ken Vincent | September
Mrs. Kerr Line
Mrs. Kevin Meehan
Mrs. Kodak
Mrs. L Lambert
Mrs. L Perry
Mrs. L. Lambert
Mrs. L. Perry
Mrs. L. Perry;
Mrs. l.en Perry.
Mrs. Labelle’s
Mrs. Lambert
Mrs. Lambert Kelly
Mrs. Lambert Rut
Mrs. Lance’s
Mrs. Lang’s
Mrs. Lar-Stuart
Mrs. Larry Perry
Mrs. Larry Perry of Waltham
Mrs. Lcn Perry
Mrs. Ldward Pitt
Mrs. Leeks
Mrs. Leith Learning
Mrs. Lemard Perry
Mrs. Len Perry
Mrs. Len Perry and Team
Mrs. Len Perry CW LPres
Mrs. Len Perry Mr.
Mrs. Len Perry Prcs-weekend
Mrs. Len Perry.
Mrs. Lenard Perry, Education Convener
Mrs. Leonard Perry
Mrs. Leonard Perry Mrs. Lomey Perry
Mrs. Leonard Perry | Kirkham
Mrs. Leonard Perry.
Mrs. Leonard Pitt of Le
Mrs. léonard Pitt.
Mrs. Leonard Visitors
Mrs. Leq/ Ferry
Mrs. Lester Thacker
Mrs. lie Elementary School
Mrs. Lillian McMillan Heady x Hospital
Mrs. Lilly C
Mrs. Lilly Harter
Mrs. Lina Horner | DONAT Le GUERRIER
Mrs. Lindsay Carson
Mrs. Lindsay Carson.
Mrs. Line
Mrs. Lionel Morin
Mrs. Lite Smiths Drug 71114b Camp PLACE MATS.
Mrs. Livestock Shipping
Mrs. Lllard Perry
Mrs. LLod&ay Carson.
Mrs. Loenard Perry
Mrs. Lola Lambert
Mrs. Lome Meehan
Mrs. Lome Perry
Mrs. Lorney Perry
Mrs. Lottie Wallis
Mrs. Luker Commission
Mrs. Luker Inégal Blank Printing Co ...
Mrs. Lvle Bronson
Mrs. Lyall Sparling
Mrs. Lynch
Mrs. Lynden Bristol School Commissioners School Board
Mrs. M Murrell
Mrs. M. Chamber
Mrs. M. Duke
Mrs. M. Perry
Mrs. M. Perry and Mrs. Ed
Mrs. M. Pitt.
Mrs. M. Sa
Mrs. Mac
Mrs. Mac Angus
Mrs. Mac Angus and St. Peters RC Church
Mrs. Mac Childerhose
Mrs. Mac Crozier
Mrs. Mac Crozier Renfrew; Mrs. Edward Kavanagh Vinton; Mrs.
Mrs. Mac Desrochers
Mrs. Mac Dowell
Mrs. Mac Drummond
Mrs. Mac Foran
Mrs. Mac Haves
Mrs. Mac Hayes
Mrs. Mac Hyes
Mrs. Mac Loan
Mrs. Mac MacLaren SLrxfJssss
Mrs. Mac MacLaughlin
Mrs. Mac MacLean
Mrs. Mac Mayhew
Mrs. Mac McClenahan
Mrs. Mac McDonald, Wrightville
Mrs. Mac McLaren
Mrs. Mac McLaugh
Mrs. Mac McPhee
Mrs. Mac Mlllan
Mrs. Mac Pitt
Mrs. Mac William*
Mrs. Mac-
Mrs. Mae
Mrs. Mae Ann
Mrs. Mae Arm-ply Mrs. Ida Hobbs
Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armitage Cecil McTiernan Elburn Dagg
Mrs. Mae Arrnstix>ng
Mrs. Mae Boye
Mrs. Mae Butler
Mrs. Mae Commissioners
Mrs. Mae Dale
Mrs. Mae Elliott
Mrs. Mae Gilmour
Mrs. Mae Hall
Mrs. Mae Kcnsley
Mrs. Mae McCann
Mrs. Mae Mcl
Mrs. Mae McLean
Mrs. Mae Mooney
Mrs. Mae O Reilly
Mrs. Mae Richardson
Mrs. Mae Sanftcnberg
Mrs. Mae SERVICE VA CA TION Fest end Efficient Service
Mrs. MaeCalîtim
Mrs. Mahlon Thompson
Mrs. Malcolm Drummond
Mrs. Mar
Mrs. Mar- Largely
Mrs. Margaret Young
Mrs. Marion Bell
Mrs. Marjorie Gamble
Mrs. Marshall
Mrs. Mart
Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Martineau’s
Mrs. Marvin Campbell
Mrs. Mary Campbell
Mrs. Mary Ellen
Mrs. Mary Fades
Mrs. Mary Hill
Mrs. Mary Kelly
Mrs. Mary Lucas
Mrs. Mary Pitt
Mrs. Mary Pitt.
Mrs. Mary Richardson
Mrs. Mary Teresa Kidd has Communications
Mrs. Mary Watson
Mrs. Masika Lancaster
Mrs. Mason
Mrs. Mason Paris
Mrs. Masters
Mrs. Mathers
Mrs. Matthew Perry of Aylmer
Mrs. Maurice Sa
Mrs. May Pitt of North
Mrs. May Stone
Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Mayo Armstrong
Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois Pirie
Mrs. McEachron Hospital Supt
Mrs. McFarlan Bristol Que
Mrs. McGee’s
Mrs. McJanet
Mrs. McKinley
Mrs. McMillans
Mrs. Mel-| Equity
Mrs. Melvin Murrell
Mrs. Merlin Mc- Hodgins
Mrs. Methodist Church
Mrs. Mi-ley Perry.
Mrs. Michelle Courchesne
Mrs. Mick Bristol Memorial Ladies Aid
Mrs. Mildred
Mrs. Miley Perry
Mrs. Miley Perry ;
Mrs. Milton Murrell
Mrs. Miltos Murrell FINDLAY RANGE.
Mrs. Mitchum
Mrs. MjI-ton Murrell
Mrs. MoCredir’s
Mrs. Mohr
Mrs. Mohr T
Mrs. Morris
Mrs. Morris Belodeau
Mrs. Morris Davis
Mrs. Morris de Kort
Mrs. Morris Douglas
Mrs. Morris Label
Mrs. Morris Lance
Mrs. Morris LaSalle
Mrs. Morris Lcniav
Mrs. Morris Mad-aire
Mrs. Morris Malette Rev. & Mrs. H.
Mrs. Morris Parks—
Mrs. Morris Sauvie
Mrs. Mrs Carson Russell
Mrs. MUey Perry
Mrs. Mulci-ber
Mrs. Mulciber
Mrs. Munson McCagg
Mrs. Muriel
Mrs. Murphy
Mrs. Myers
Mrs. Ned Pitt of North Bay
Mrs. Ned | Hospital Auxiliary Mrs. Russell Dean
Mrs. Neil McCagg
Mrs. Neil McDowell
Mrs. Neil Me- USED CARS
Mrs. New School Name Now “High School
Mrs. Noah Kings- Party
Mrs. Norman Hospital Donations Stark
Mrs. Norris Angus
Mrs. Norris Bristol.
Mrs. Nute’s
Mrs. Oil
Mrs. Oil Fraser
Mrs. Opal Carson
Mrs. Opal Carson and Mrs. Joyce McCagg
Mrs. Opal Carson.
Mrs. Orang-Outang
Mrs. Ornave Alice
Mrs. Orr’s
Mrs. Ovila Chartrand Wolf Lake
Mrs. Owen P Hearty Visitors
Mrs. P Dumas Cauliflower
Mrs. P Lang Strutt;
Mrs. P. Lambert
Mrs. P. School
Mrs. Paget
Mrs. Parkin
Mrs. Parkin Taylor
Mrs. Parks
Mrs. Parks Tells How Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound Restored Her Daughter
Mrs. Parks Tells How Lydia E. PinkhanTs Vegetable Compound Restored Her Daughter’s Health Rat Litho
Mrs. Patrick Sa
Mrs. Patriotic Dance
Mrs. Paul
Mrs. Paul Hunt
Mrs. Paul Perry
Mrs. Paul Red
Mrs. Pearl Allan
Mrs. Peeke—“Well
Mrs. Peever RJt
Mrs. Percy Moyle
Mrs. Peter Bell
Mrs. Peter Bell Dies
Mrs. Peter Church
Mrs. Peter Moyles
Mrs. Peter Wilson
Mrs. Phipps
Mrs. Polk
Mrs. Post Graduate Work
Mrs. Post Office Department
Mrs. Progressive Conservative Assoc-1 Martineau
Mrs. R P
Mrs. Rachel Stock
Mrs. Rae Telephone
Mrs. Rain
Mrs. Ray Hilton
Mrs. Ray- Senior Girls
Mrs. Red Dale
Mrs. Reed
Mrs. Reg Stone
Mrs. Regina Wilkinson
Mrs. Reid
Mrs. Remi Ferry
Mrs. Ren- Hilton Crick;
Mrs. Reside
Mrs. Reta
Mrs. Rets
Mrs. Reuben Church
Mrs. Robert Perry
Mrs. Robert Pitt
Mrs. Robert Pitt of Calumet
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robt
Mrs. Roger Perry
Mrs. Roger Perry and Larry Perry
Mrs. Rol-The Bristol Women’s Institute
Mrs. Roland School
Mrs. Romual Watson
Mrs. Romuald Watson
Mrs. Ronald MacKechnie
Mrs. Ronnie
Mrs. Ronnie Chabot
Mrs. Ronnie Com
Mrs. Ronnie Cor- Mr. Ronald Neville
Mrs. Ronnie Corri- Honingman
Mrs. Ronnie Corri-veau
Mrs. Ronnie Dagg
Mrs. Ronnie Davis
Mrs. Ronnie Dean
Mrs. Ronnie Descbrais
Mrs. Ronnie Diaper
Mrs. Ronnie Draper
Mrs. Ronnie Fitzroy Harbour
Mrs. Ronnie Gamble
Mrs. Ronnie Gordon Grey
Mrs. Ronnie Hebert*
Mrs. Ronnie Helman
Mrs. Ronnie Hodgins
Mrs. Ronnie Hutchison
Mrs. Ronnie Las
Mrs. Ronnie Las-senba
Mrs. Ronnie Las-U
Mrs. Ronnie Lasse
Mrs. Ronnie Lassen
Mrs. Ronnie Lassen-
Mrs. Ronnie Lassenba
Mrs. Ronnie Lassenha
Mrs. Ronnie MacKechnie
Mrs. Ronnie Madarie
Mrs. Ronnie McCredde
Mrs. Ronnie McCredie
Mrs. Ronnie McGuire
Mrs. Ronnie Mcliernan
Mrs. Ronnie McTier-and
Mrs. Ronnie McTier-nan
Mrs. Ronnie Milsom
Mrs. Ronnie Milson
Mrs. Ronnie Nadeau
Mrs. Ronnie Orr
Mrs. Ronnie Rich
Mrs. Ronnie Rich FOUR HOUSES
Mrs. Ronnie Russell
Mrs. Ronnie Steele
Mrs. Ronnie Tanguay
Mrs. Roosevelt’s
Mrs. Rose Emond
Mrs. Rose Mousseau
Mrs. Rose Restaurant
Mrs. Roy Allan
Mrs. Roy Hilton
Mrs. Roy Hilton Jackson
Mrs. Roy McDonald and Miss Kay
Mrs. Royce Stephens
Mrs. Russell Elliott ;
Mrs. Russell Pitt
Mrs. Russell Pitt and Ellen
Mrs. Russell Pitt and Heather
Mrs. Russell Pitt of Hull
Mrs. Russell Watson
Mrs. Russrll Pitt of Hull
Mrs. S
Mrs. S P McGoff''be
Mrs. S P McGotf
Mrs. S P McQoff
Mrs. Sa
Mrs. Sa Ionia Prentiss Aylen
Mrs. Sam Education
Mrs. Sam Watson
Mrs. Sanderson
Mrs. Santa
Mrs. Santa Claus
Mrs. School
Mrs. School Bd
Mrs. School Board
Mrs. School Board of Ottawa Valley
Mrs. School Board Secretary Gwen Smith; No.
Mrs. Schwartz
Mrs. Seager
Mrs. Seager Allan
Mrs. Seager Allan Sr
Mrs. Secil Boys Navy
Mrs. Service
Mrs. Service Announcements Black
Mrs. Services
Mrs. Sharpe
Mrs. Shawville High School
Mrs. Shen* Church
Mrs. Sherwln Watson
Mrs. Sidney Murrell
Mrs. Sifton Frazier Miss Bobbie Dagg
Mrs. Sin-
Mrs. Sinclair’s
Mrs. Sjioopendyke
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Stabilization Board
Mrs. Stan Widdi- Bristol congregations
Mrs. Stanley Dashkowski
Mrs. Stephen
Mrs. Stephen Bell
Mrs. Stephen Bell and Mr.
Mrs. Stephen Bell Weirstead Que
Mrs. Stephen Perry
Mrs. Stephen Perry and
Mrs. Stephen Perry.
Mrs. Steve Perry
Mrs. Steve Perry and Bern Ethicr
Mrs. Steve Perry Mrs. Gordon Stewart
Mrs. Steven Perry.
Mrs. Stevens High School
Mrs. Stew Stone
Mrs. Stewart Grant
Mrs. Stewart Hewlett)
Mrs. Stewart Hewlett.
Mrs. Stiles Association
Mrs. Stowe
Mrs. Strow
Mrs. Stubbs
Mrs. Summer Municipal Baths
Mrs. Sunday School
Mrs. Sweet Alice Blue Gown
Mrs. Sybil Line
Mrs. Sylbil Line
Mrs. Taber
Mrs. Tartar—Iledk
Mrs. Tbo* Brown
Mrs. Teddy
Mrs. Teddy 0f Verna Marguerite Hobbs
Mrs. Teddy C
Mrs. Teddy Cra.g
Mrs. Teddy Craig
Mrs. Teddy Craig Plus TWIST
Mrs. Teddy Judd
Mrs. Teddy Lance
Mrs. Teddy Newbe
Mrs. Teddy Newberry
Mrs. Teddy Reid
Mrs. Teddy Richard
Mrs. Telephone
Mrs. Telephone Co.
Mrs. Temple
Mrs. Theresa Carson.
Mrs. Theresa Perry Pierre Pilon
Mrs. Thmoas Bell
Mrs. Thomas Sons
Mrs. Thomson
Mrs. Thos
Mrs. Tom Bell
Mrs. Tom Bell and
Mrs. Tom Brown
Mrs. Tom Pitt
Mrs. Tommie Bell
Mrs. Tommy Bell
Mrs. Tooke’s Fine Shirts
Mrs. Twickembury
Mrs. United Church
Mrs. United Church Women of St.
Mrs. Uunderby
Mrs. Varner Thrun
Mrs. Velma Boles
Mrs. Verbal Pitt vl-
Mrs. Verge
Mrs. Verner Schwartz Mrs.
Mrs. Verrier Thrun
Mrs. Versel Campbell
Mrs. Vertal Pitt Mr.
Mrs. Vincent Done-can.
Mrs. Vincent Hodgine
Mrs. Vincent Hodgins
Mrs. Vincent Kilroy
Mrs. Viney
Mrs. Viney Belle Volvey
Mrs. Violet Bell
Mrs. Violet Bell No
Mrs. Visiting Co:
Mrs. VV.
Mrs. W Perry
Mrs. W, Horner
Mrs. W.
Mrs. W. Perry
Mrs. W. Perry of Morrisburg
Mrs. W.D. Brown
Mrs. W.G. Muidoon
Mrs. Wales
Mrs. Wallace
Mrs. Walt* High School
Mrs. Walter Perry
Mrs. Walter Visitors
Mrs. Wanted—a School Teacher
Mrs. Washington State
Mrs. Watson
Mrs. Wayne Hilton
Mrs. Wayne Perry
Mrs. Wayne Perry Church
Mrs. Wayne Perry McDonald College
Mrs. Weather Report
Mrs. Welter Kilgour
Mrs. Whalen
Mrs. Wil- Institute
Mrs. Wil- Stock
Mrs. Wilde Elliott
Mrs. Wilfred Lavoie Hay Intermediate School
Mrs. Wilfred Markus b V.
Mrs. Will Perry
Mrs. William Perry
Mrs. William Watson
Mrs. William Watson GOOD
Mrs. William Weir
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson Perry
Mrs. Win Miller
Mrs. Wm
Mrs. Wm Watson
Mrs. Wood
Mrs. XV.
Mrs. Y
Mrs. Yvain Lambert
Mrs. Zimmerling’s
Mrs. | High School
Mrs. | University
Mrs. | Vincent Hodgins.
Mrs; Teddy Craig
MuGil University Office—Hayes
Municipal Code Mayor Hayes
Municipal Corporation of Clarendon Mrs. Loma Younge
Municipal Corporation of Clarendon Mrs. Lome Youngs
Municipal Corporation of Clarendon Mrs. Lorna Youngs
Municipal Corporation of Clarendon Mrs. Lorne Youngs
Municipal Council Mrs Angelus
Municipal Council of Mayor Hayes
Municipal Hall Mrs Lourentius Chenier
Municipal Inspector Clarence Moorhead
Municipal Inspector Clarence Sloan
Municipal Inspector Clarence Sloan Pound Keepers With Wide Screen For CINEMASCOPE VISTA-VISION
Municipal Mrs Fred
Municipal Mrs Joyce
Municipal Mrs. Fnthk Morrison
Municipal Mrs. H
Municipality CllcirtCFlS Chronicle Hayes
MURDOCK Caldwell Clarion Leader Mrs. Verner Thrun Mrs. Manson Sharpe TAPIS ET DECOR - CARPET AND DE
MURRA Y PITT Mrs Gordon Sparling
Murray s Sports & Automotive Supply 647-2550 647-2236 W. J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Muscular Eye Defect* Mrs. Sparling
Muscular Eye Defects MRS.
Muscular Eye Defects Mrs. Frank Morrison Mrs.
Muscular Eye Defect» Mrs.
Muscular Mrs. Alice Brownlee
Mutual Group Mrs. Verner Thrun
Mutual Insurance W.J. Hayes & Son Funeral Home ?
Nation Builders—by Mrs.
National Anthem GEORGE H. FR0ATS & SONS Mrs. Merlin McKee the
National Anthem Rev. TER Nurse and Mrs Nurse
National Art Mrs Hector Dowe
National Events Mrs. David Russell
National Events Mrs. Stew
National Events—Mrs
National Events—Mrs L A Smart Publicity—Mrs
National Far- Mrs Wm
National Farm Forum Annual Conference Mrs. Ervine Brownlee
National Federation of Young Farmers
National Library Mrs Grace Smith
National Library Mrs Herby Hodgins
National Mrs. Ed
National Poultry Marketing Scheme S Mrs. George Moore
National Re- Mrs* William Hanley
National Selective Service Mrs, Jno
National What They Stand For-by Mrs.
Natural Aluminum Doors Commercial FREE ESTIMATES Mrs. Evelyn McDowell
Natural Resources Mrs
NAVVVW Mrs, Aimstrong
Neilson Best Chocolate Cake- Mrs Neil McDowell
NEILSON V* Mrs. Fades
New Calumet Mines Mrs. A.
New Calumet Mines Visiting Mrs. James
New Post Office Barbcr a1ld Mrs- Barbcr
New York MRS.
New York State Association of Young Farn
NfcGil University Office—Hayes Block
Niagara Mrs. Vincent Hodgins
NlcGil University Office—Hayes
NO COVER CHARGE Mr. & Mrs. Florent Lafleur
No. 4 Elementary Mrs.
Nominating Committee of Gwen Hayes
Noon Neurological Institute of Mrs. Edith Maud Flanagan
Noranda Mrs. George
Noranda; Mrs.
North Clarendon Radford Young Peoples Society
NORTH ONSLOW Bristol Charteris Mr Edward McNeil Findla
North Star Sign Mrs.
North Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle Industrial
Norval Wilson & Son; Sheppard Motors; W. J. Hayes & Sons; Pontiac Farm Equipment; Ernies Body Shop;
Norway Mrs. INC 1C Greb Arch Boot
Notes Mrs Hilton Oick
NOTICE Roman Catholic Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M
NOTICES Hayes Funeral Home.
Notre Dame Con- Mrs. John A Bradshaw
NOVA SCOTIA General Repairs Estate Mrs.
NOW Warden Young
NUMBERS J Mrs. Esther Quelle
OBITUAR Mrs. Mary Bronson
OBITUARY Mrs John Allan Ontario
OBITUARY Mrs Mary Brown
OBITUARY Mrs. Charles Bçale Word
OBITUARY Mrs. Edmond Ricard Mrs. Edmond Ricard
OBITUARY Mrs. Emile Pigeon
OBITUARY Mrs. Gerald Sparrow English
OBITUARY Mrs. Herman Mayhew Dial Telephones
OBITUARY Mrs. Hormidas Gauthier Mrs. Hormidas Gauthier
OBITUARY Mrs. John Duff
OBITUARY Mrs. John Stitt
OBITUARY Mrs. Lawrence Cartier Mrs. Lawrence Cartier
OBITUARY Mrs. Mary Belisle Funeral
OBITUARY Mrs. Mary Callaway Smith
OBITUARY Mrs. Onesime Labine
Office Mrs. John
Office Mrs. Moyes
Office Mrs. Sam Rennick R®bS
Oil Painting - Mrs. Bronson
Oil, Methodist Church Notes You 1 Mrs. Hender»on Ci
Old Age Mrs.
Old Gold MRS.
Old Miscellaneous Shop Location By Mrs. Marjorie McCredie
Old Mrs.
Old Mrs. Cavendish
Old Reliable o W. J. HAYES
OLIVER Mrs. Kaye
ONLY Arnprior—Mrs
Onslow Corners ; Mrs. Harry Way
Onslow Corners ; Mrs. R chard McCredie;
Onslow Corners Women’s Institute Mrs. XV.
Onslow Council That Mrs. MacKechnlc
ONSLOW Mrs. Alice Neville
Onslow Protestant School Commission Mrs. Helen Campbell
Ontario Agricultural Colle Mrs. R
ONTARIO Popular Single And Double Breasted Young Mm
OR Mrs. John
OR Pontiac Sector Office Mrs. Lila
OR Pontiac Sector Office Mrs. Lila Hewitson Pontiac Protestant High School
Original Oil Painting - Mrs. Gladys Horner
Original Oil Painting Gladys Lisa Young
Original Oil Painting-Mrs S Phrisler
Orla Young
OTC Mrs Mary
Ottawa Civic Hospital Mrs. Arthur Kilgour
Ottawa Civic Hospital Mrs. Mary
Ottawa County Womens Institutes Mrs Store
Ottawa Hospital Mrs. Oscar Landry
Ottawa Mrs.
Ottawa Police Court Mrs. Adelie Boivin
Oui Special Military YOUNG MEN Policy
Our Lady Diocesan Historian Mrs Perpetual Help Church Hass
Our Lady of Fatima Elementary Mrs L Kavanagh School
Our Lady of Mrs. Muriel Le Roy
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mrs Hilton Demers
Our Lady of Perpetual Help St Edward’s Parish
Outaouais Purebred Beef Breeders Association Contact Mrs
Outaouais Regional Mrs. Herman Sparling
Outaouais Regional Mrs. Sam Gibson
Oxford Ewe Mrs. Itobt
P* Wilson Estate Mrs.
P. Carson ... Mrs. Glenn...........
P. Wilson Estate Mrs.
P.M Young Peopba Waltham A SERVICE JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES Kingdom Hall
P.M Young People
P.M Young People s Waltham
P.M. Young People
P.M. Young People s Waltham
P.M. Young Peoples Waltham Jack Warder
P.M. Young People’s Waltham FREE ESTIMATES
Pacific Railway Mrs.
Paint Horse Young Horseman’s Western Pleasure
PAINT Non Bridge Committee Mrs.
Pan Cake Flipping Champions Mrs. Don Fulford
Parish Council of Mrs. Eldon Keon
PARISH Ladies Auxiliary Honours Mrs. Wm
PARK United Roman Catholic Church St. Edward
Parks Hatchery Mrs. Mackey
PASCH Mrs. Dele
PAUL Insurance Mrs. Jas
PAUL Mrs. Cecil Hutton
PAUL Mrs. Elwood Hamilton
Paul’s Bible Study ROMAN CATHOLIC St. Edward’s Parish
Pembroke Cottage Hospital ; Mrs.
Pembroke Hospital Mrs Philias Sicard
Pembroke Mrs. Noella Mulligan
Penecostal Church Mrs. John Warren
Perry Belanger Mrs Agusta
Personal Mention Mrs. Benininh
PERSONAL MENTION Mrs. Ueorge Hodgins
PERSONAL S Mrs. Rose McGrath
PHONE Bristol Mines St. Edward’s Rev. M.R. Costello Mass Saturday
Phone Mrs. Vincent Holland 648-2623
Physical Education Teacher-Mrs Alexander
Pier» Hannon Poor Lord Edward
PIGS FOR SA LB-Young Yorkshire-ready
Pig’s Stomach Mrs. Mabel Murphy
Pioneer Chain Sews Soles ood Service Mrs. Esther Quelle
Pioneer Mrs.
Pioneer Mrs. Steinke Passed Away Abril
Pioneer Resident Of SJiawville And Yarm Mrs. William Horsleld Dies
Pitt and Mrs.
Pitt Mr. and Mrs.
Pitt Mrs Beulah Blais Ford
Plaintiff Mrs.
Planning Sewer Extension Mrs. Manson Sharpe Vachon Mrs Vachon
PLUMBERS Ford Mrs Wallace Murphy
PM — Special Singing Every Service Miss Doris Hayes
Ponliacs Hockey Team Mrs. Marie Bretzalaff Now Organized Shawville Lions Club Celebrates Tenth Anni
Pontiac Agricultural Society W.J. Hayes A Sons Erf
Pontiac Agriculture Mrs.
Pontiac Beth Young
Pontiac Campbell’s Bay ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCE St Edward
Pontiac Catholic Young
PONTIAC Cheryl Young
Pontiac Clarence Moorhead
Pontiac Club; Mrs. Bertha CT- Shawvllle
Pontiac Co Hayes
Pontiac Com Mrs Ray Reid
Pontiac Com Poor young Freddie De-
Pontiac Com- Mrs.
Pontiac Committee on Alcohol ~Mrs
Pontiac Community Ho-and Mrs.
Pontiac Community Hos*| Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Pontiac Community Hos- Mrs Genieve Griffin
Pontiac Community Hospi Hayes
Pontiac Community Hospi-Mrs Sam Harris
Pontiac Community Hospital and Hayes Funeral Home and Archdeacon Roberts
Pontiac Community Hospital and Hayes Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital and Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Pontiac Community Hospital and Mrs. Vincent Hamilton
Pontiac Community Hospital and W J Hayes & Sons Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital and W J. Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.
Pontiac Community Hospital By BILL KINMOND Mrs. Ernest Byron
Pontiac Community Hospital Clarence Dean
Pontiac Community Hospital Mr & Mrs Coll FOR SALVAGING AND CLEARING Centennial Hall NORWAY BAY
Pontiac Community Hospital Mrs Mabel Kilsby
Pontiac Community Hospital Mrs Roy Goodfellow
Pontiac Community Hospital Mrs Wul-o Workman
Pontiac Community Hospital Mrs.
Pontiac Community Hospital Mrs. Hubert Homer BBSS* ACOUSTIC AND ELECTRIC GUI-
Pontiac Community HospltaL Mrs Shirley
Pontiac Community Mrs
Pontiac Community Mrs Jean Ostrom attended Hospital the
Pontiac Community Mrs Jean-Guy Mainville
Pontiac Community Mrs Jessie Shea
Pontiac Community Mrs.
Pontiac Community Mrs. JU*
Pontiac Community Owen Mrs. Hearty
Pontiac Community Young
Pontiac Comunity Hospital and Hayes Bros.
Pontiac Council Meeting Minutes Young Canada Works
Pontiac County Memorial Service Office—Hayes
Pontiac County Mrs. Hall
Pontiac County Protestant Central School Board; Rev. Elliott; Mrs. Percival; Mr. Basil Quaile
Pontiac County Quebec Young Farmers Homemakers Information
Pontiac County W I. Mrs. Reynolds
Pontiac County Warden Orla Young
Pontiac County Warden Pontiac County Warden Orla Young
Pontiac County Young Progressive Conservative Association
Pontiac County Young Progressive-Conservative Association
PONTIAC DAIRY REG D Hubert Cecil Eland Mrs.
Pontiac Don—Mrs
Pontiac Electric Donald Hodglns Electric Inc Shawville Ford W.J. Hayes
Pontiac Farm Forums Mrs. Gil-
Pontiac Feed Seed Wire Coal CHAPEAU NEWS Mrs Horace Collard
Pontiac Fish & Game Protective Association OBITUARY Mrs. Robf
Pontiac Fish & Game Protective Association Silver Maple Hotel Mrs Gail Kelly
Pontiac Gas Bar Lew* Boy Lewi Mowers Mrs. Esther Quail#
Pontiac Hayes
Pontiac Hayes''cottage
Pontiac High Hayes Family Reunion
Pontiac High Hayes School
Pontiac High School Phone Mrs. Ula Hewitson
Pontiac Holstein Club Young Farmers
Pontiac Hotel Mrs. Bill Elliot*
Pontiac Hotel Mrs. E.
Pontiac Hotel Mrs. Palmer
PONTIAC HOUSE Mrs. Webster Palmer
Pontiac League Hockey Games Harness Horse Men Clarence
Pontiac Monuments Lloyd & Marj Hodgins Brian Young Next
Pontiac Mrs Deering
Pontiac Mrs Leona Corriveau Community Hospital Bertha McGee
Pontiac Mrs.
Pontiac Mrs. Alvin Brown
Pontiac Mrs. Charlotte L Écuyer
Pontiac Mrs. Edwin Pine
Pontiac Mrs. Edwin Pirie
Pontiac Mrs. Jules Laroche
Pontiac Mrs. Lockhart
Pontiac Mrs. Merlin Smith
Pontiac Mrs. Nellis Hodgins
Pontiac Mrs. Verner Rueckwald
Pontiac Plumbing Mrs Hilda
Pontiac Potato Mrs. Gamer Richardson Clubs
Pontiac Printshop Young Horseman Trophy
Pontiac Protestant High Mrs
Pontiac Protestant Home A S Mrs
Pontiac Protestant School Board Mrs. Sharon Halligan
Pontiac Prtnt-Mrs Almond Hodglns
Pontiac Quebec Young Annual West Quebecers Farmers
Pontiac Reception Centre ROMAN CATHOLIC St. Edward’s Pariah
Pontiac Refrigeration Fire Department Mrs. Manson Sharpe Shawville’s
Pontiac Royals Young Guns Necks Equity Sports QUYON
Pontiac Rural Telephone CLARENDON W.I. Mrs. Gerald Hodgfne
Pontiac South Young Liberal Association
Pontiac Teachers* Local Mrs. W.
Pontiac Telephone Co Mrs Herby Russell
Pontiac Telephone Co. Mrs. Dowe
Pontiac Temiskaming Bonds Young
Pontiac United Young People
Pontiac Visiting Mrs Lilian
Pontiac Woollen Mills Mrs- A,ex Meldnum
Pontiac Young
Pontiac Young Conservatives
Pontiac Young En-
Pontiac Young Entre
Pontiac Young Entrepren-
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Assistance Services
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Canada Employment Centre Pontiac Business Association HOMEMADE FRENCH F
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Canada Employment Centre Pontiac Business Association Telephone SPRING
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs CHANTAL BELLEAU 648-5645 PUBLIC NOTICE Rontioc Shawville Chrysler
Pontiac Young Entrepreneurs Consultant Services