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Barry Alexander Helen Bradley Jack McKay

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

-*-5 Alexander
-r*4- Alexander
1,95 Alexander S. Elliott Dies After Brief Illness Reg Optometris A
10.00—Jack Benny
12h30 Helen Thrun Directrice
147683BS22 Helen
15,995 Helen
1929 Alexander MacDonald Dies At Chapeau Lv.
1971 Helen Neville Barnsley Gerald Osborne Howard J°^n Wesley Grant
1991 Helen
2-7961 Alexander A. Smart Dies After Lengthy Illness
2.50 McKay Dress Shoes
20 Jack Graham Community Centre
2146 Alexander
28,1994 Helen
2—Jack Harrison
3-Jane Alexander
3. Helen Bradley
3.000,000 Helen Mine
4p*a McKay
4tK Helen
4—William Alexander
5.00 Alexander
50/50 Helen
641-2146 Alexander
647-3471 Alexander
647-3861 Helen s Fur Salon
7-2221 McKay
7-2431 McKay
7-2459 McKay
7-2586 McKay
7-2901 McKay
743972bj26 McKay
8. Alexander
A. Alexander
A. Alexander Honorary Fellow
A. McKay
AAary Alexander
Aaron Alexander
Ada Alexander Dods
Adam Bradley
Adam Hod Mrs. Gordon Bradley
Add Helen Routliffe
Addison Alexander
Advocate Barry
Afelakie Award - Assiduity - Sec. V-Barry Lamarche
Agret McKay
AHen McKay Carson Hodglns
Aima Alexander
Aired Alexander
AIRPORT Helen Hayes Deen Martin George Kennedy
Alan Alexander
Alan McKay
Alan McKay Hillie Hobbs
Alberna Alexander
Albert Alexander
Albert Armstrong Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Gerald Dempsy 350
Albert Cameron 2.25 Arthur Douglas 2.25 Jack Farrell
Albert Yonk-Barry
Albert Yonkman Barry
Albina Alexander
Alex Alexander After
Alex McKay
Alex McKay Has
Alexander A
Alexander J SION X
Alexander "
Alexander (Sandy
Alexander (Sandy Quinn
Alexander (Sandy) Brusen-bauch
Alexander -
Alexander - Bill Pirie
Alexander - Bora
Alexander - Copeland
Alexander - Farrell
Alexander - Harold Davis
Alexander - Rick
Alexander 1236.00
Alexander 14.00 J
Alexander 4f>
Alexander 56.25 Fischer
Alexander 8. Elliott
Alexander 8. Stevenmn
Alexander A
Alexander A Tau
Alexander A Warren) Gordon
Alexander A. Drabik
Alexander Abdicates
Alexander After
Alexander Albert
Alexander Alex Horner
Alexander Alexander
Alexander Alison
Alexander Allan
Alexander Amos
Alexander and
Alexander and J. S. Armstrong
Alexander and Marie Cluff
Alexander and McGill
Alexander Anderson
Alexander Angus
Alexander Angus Chapeski
Alexander Arbuthnot
Alexander Argue
Alexander Armitage
Alexander Armitage Armstrong Bean Beattie Black Bradley Cameron Fields Fulford Campbell Gauthier Dr
Alexander Assists
Alexander Association
Alexander Ave
Alexander Avenue
Alexander Awarded
Alexander Bach
Alexander Baer
Alexander Balfour
Alexander Band
Alexander Band Concert
Alexander Baptiste Day
Alexander Baring
Alexander Barnet
Alexander Barnett
Alexander Bat Sarah
Alexander Bav
Alexander Bay
Alexander Beachburg
Alexander Bean
Alexander Beans
Alexander Beatrice Hoopfer
Alexander Beckwith
Alexander Beeftink
Alexander Beeves
Alexander Belisle
Alexander Bell
Alexander Bertrand
Alexander Bethel
Alexander Bishop John-cox
Alexander Blair
Alexander Blane
Alexander Bldg
Alexander Bldg Spt
Alexander Bldg Sup
Alexander Bldg Super
Alexander Bldg Superintendent
Alexander Blvd
Alexander Bob their
Alexander Bookkeeping Lynn s Serving Renfrew
Alexander Borate
Alexander Born
Alexander Boudreau
Alexander Bowie
Alexander Box 327
Alexander Bretzlaff
Alexander Brome Pokes
Alexander Brott
Alexander Brough
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brusiloff
Alexander Buchanan
Alexander Burns
Alexander Bus Drivers
Alexander Butta
Alexander Byng McNab
Alexander C MacDonald
Alexander C''lith-bertson
Alexander Cadogan
Alexander Cameron
Alexander Camp
Alexander Camp-<>f
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Cannon
Alexander Capt
Alexander Carroll
Alexander Carson
Alexander Carter
Alexander Carter Bishop
Alexander Cement Block
Alexander Chalmers
Alexander Charles (Sandy) Stark
Alexander Charles Smart
Alexander Charles William Campbell
Alexander Cher
Alexander Chichester
Alexander Christie
Alexander Chronicles
Alexander Cjunpboll
Alexander Claessen
Alexander Clark
Alexander Class
Alexander Clinton
Alexander Clutter
Alexander Clutterbuck
Alexander Cobb
Alexander Cobb Hayes
Alexander CocMmrn
Alexander College
Alexander Collins
Alexander Congratulations
Alexander Cornant Samuel McDowell William Loughrun John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
Alexander Corresponding Rose Marie Ran- Plans
Alexander Corrigan
Alexander Corrigvn Samuel McDowell William Lough
Alexander Courchesne Manl- UZ
Alexander Crigg
Alexander Croke
Alexander Cross
Alexander Crozier
Alexander Crummer
Alexander Cummings
Alexander Dagg
Alexander Dahkinik
Alexander Dale
Alexander Darrach
Alexander Davidson
Alexander De Prate
Alexander De Prato
Alexander Déc
Alexander Dell
Alexander Des
Alexander Dies
Alexander Dm Prato
Alexander DR.
Alexander Drives To Top
Alexander Drummond
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas*
Alexander Dunbar
Alexander E Rule
Alexander Earl
Alexander Ebert
Alexander Ed- Bristol Mines
Alexander Edler
Alexander Edmonds
Alexander Educated
Alexander Eganville P.S. Thanks
Alexander Elaine
Alexander Elkins
Alexander Elliott
Alexander Elliott 3.
Alexander Elliott Sr Clarendon
Alexander Elliott Sr.
Alexander Elliott—That
Alexander Emile Rule
Alexander Erwin
Alexander Erwin Mohr
Alexander Essiambre
Alexander Estate
Alexander F Pokes
Alexander F Pokes If Highways Grant Witheld Honoured By
Alexander Faat Times
Alexander Family
Alexander Farrell
Alexander Farrell That
Alexander Farrell-
Alexander fas Graham Alev
Alexander Fence
Alexander Fergueon
Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Fiafter
Alexander Fiaser
Alexander Fidèle
Alexander Finlay
Alexander Flat Dutch Cabbage W A Armstrong 1
Alexander Flea
Alexander Fleming
Alexander Fleming’s
Alexander Flockhard
Alexander Forth Fokes Shawville United Church
Alexander Forth Pokes
Alexander Foster
Alexander Frank Frobel
Alexander Fraser
Alexander Frasre
Alexander Frier
Alexander Frolov
Alexander Frond
Alexander Fultou''e
Alexander Funeral
Alexander Funeral Home Established
Alexander Galt
Alexander Galt Regional
Alexander Galt Regional Mit
Alexander Garfield Elliott Alexander Garfield Elliott
Alexander Garvin
Alexander Gaudet
Alexander Gault
Alexander George
Alexander George Reid
Alexander Get
Alexander Gibson
Alexander Gilbert
Alexander Gillespie Brough
Alexander Glass "Sandy
Alexander Goetz
Alexander Good
Alexander Gordin
Alexander Gordon
Alexander Graham
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Eire
Alexander Graham.
Alexander Grant
Alexander Grant.
Alexander Gratton-Label
Alexander Greenwood Tracy "Alex
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander Grey
Alexander Gunn
Alexander H Kilgour
Alexander H Stephens
Alexander H. Stephens
Alexander Had
Alexander Had Gold Coffin
Alexander Haggart
Alexander Haig
Alexander Hallos
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Institute
Alexander Hamilton Instl-Reaearch Professor
Alexander Hammond Kii
Alexander Hated
Alexander Hay
Alexander Hazard
Alexander Hazard C.
Alexander He
Alexander Head
Alexander Hem-verer
Alexander Hence
Alexander Henderson
Alexander Henry
Alexander Henry Orr
Alexander Henry _
Alexander Hérault
Alexander Hhttwviile
Alexander HI.
Alexander Hill
Alexander Hilts
Alexander Hobkirk Geor
Alexander Hod
Alexander Hodgins
Alexander Hodman
Alexander Holds
Alexander Honored
Alexander Hore-Ruthven
Alexander Horner
Alexander Horner Rural Telephone
Alexander Hospital
Alexander Howard
Alexander Ht.
Alexander Hudgins
Alexander Hugh Barclay Sharpe
Alexander Hugh Barclay Sharpe Sharpe/Barclay - Tom
Alexander Hughes
Alexander Huiler
Alexander Humboldt
Alexander Hume
Alexander Hunter
Alexander I
Alexander I A Little
Alexander I Xi
Alexander If
Alexander II
Alexander II Motion—Crs.
Alexander II.
Alexander III
Alexander III.
Alexander IL
Alexander Ilf.
Alexander Inquire
Alexander Ireland
Alexander Ireland Telfer
Alexander Is
Alexander Island
Alexander IV
Alexander IV.
Alexander J Ayoub
Alexander J Gibbons) Penalties Goulbourn
Alexander J June
Alexander J. Andci
Alexander Jack
Alexander Jack.
Alexander Jacqnes
Alexander Jacques
Alexander Jame-
Alexander James Cuthbertson
Alexander Jance
Alexander Jannaeus
Alexander Joan Glenn
Alexander Joan Bennett
Alexander Johanssen
Alexander John Forsyth
Alexander John s Lutheran Church Onesieme Godin
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnston
Alexander Joliceur
Alexander Joseph Lusk Jr.
Alexander Jr married
Alexander June
Alexander June Marie Bourgeeu Shlrley-Maye Mohr Lynn Overton Brent Young Coagrave
Alexander K. Macfarlano
Alexander K. MacLean
Alexander Kartell That
Alexander Kerensky
Alexander Kil-gour
Alexander Kile Dufour _
Alexander Kilgour
Alexander Kilgour Henry Knox 5
Alexander Kilgour Herman
Alexander Kilgour Matthew Elder
Alexander Kind.
Alexander King
Alexander Klatt
Alexander Kluke
Alexander Knox
Alexander Korda
Alexander Kri-wr
Alexander Krwin
Alexander L. da Toit
Alexander Lacoste Director
Alexander Lafram
Alexander Laframboise
Alexander Laird
Alexander Lambert
Alexander Lance < Allen 5
Alexander Lance.
Alexander Landing
Alexander Lang Man’s Beaver
Alexander Lapierre
Alexander Larose Marie-Annabelle
Alexander Latham
Alexander Lathem
Alexander Le
Alexander League
Alexander Lear
Alexander Lee
Alexander Leitch
Alexander Leslie
Alexander Lie
Alexander Lindsay
Alexander Linn
Alexander Lit
Alexander Ljcn
Alexander Lnm.d
Alexander Logan
Alexander Loney
Alexander Lonoin
Alexander Louis Fmw
Alexander Louis Fras
Alexander Lourfa
Alexander Luca*
Alexander Lumsden
Alexander Lusk
Alexander Lutnsd
Alexander M >r-riaon
Alexander Mac
Alexander Mac-nsldered
Alexander Maccent Conservative
Alexander Macdon
Alexander Macdonald
Alexander MacDonald Alexander MacDonald
Alexander MacDonell
Alexander Maciaren
Alexander Mack
Alexander MacK-
Alexander Mackenz
Alexander Mackenzie
Alexander Mackenzie—Montreal Star
Alexander Mackenzie’s
Alexander Maclaien
Alexander Maclarcn M.
Alexander Maclaren
Alexander Maclaren M.
Alexander MacLean
Alexander MacLeod
Alexander Maclurcn
Alexander MacMil-
Alexander MacMinn
Alexander Macphall
Alexander MacquliPlen
Alexander Madaren M.
Alexander Madare»
Alexander Madmen
Alexander Maelaren
Alexander Magistrate
Alexander Magnon—of "
Alexander Mann
Alexander Maple
Alexander Mardneau
Alexander Margaret Cuthbertson Sylvia Gibeon Leslie Greenshieldi Elflon Hodgins Barbara Johnson Eth
Alexander Marie Runtz
Alexander Mark
Alexander Mas
Alexander Mat
Alexander Matgillax
Alexander Mathieson
Alexander Mature
Alexander Mavericks
Alexander Mayhew
Alexander Mayhew They
Alexander McAdie
Alexander McCall
Alexander McCann’s Barker Shop
Alexander McCom-ber
Alexander McCool
Alexander McDonald
Alexander McDonald to Winnifred Armstrong
Alexander McDonald-who___
Alexander McDonald.
Alexander McDonell
Alexander McDougall
Alexander McGoff
Alexander McGregor
Alexander McKay
Alexander McKechnlo
Alexander McKenzie
Alexander McKinnon
Alexander McLachlin
Alexander McLaren
Alexander McLean
Alexander McLeod
Alexander McMullen
Alexander McNeil
Alexander McNeill
Alexander McRae
Alexander Me-
Alexander Me- Cready
Alexander Mean
Alexander Mel-1 Office—Hayes
Alexander Melville Bell
Alexander Mensies
Alexander Miley
Alexander Miley Gordon
Alexander Millerand
Alexander Milne
Alexander Miohaelovilch
Alexander Miohaelovitcb
Alexander Miss Eva Alexander Mrs. Gerald Armltage Ira Sturgeon George W. Smith Gordon Stewart
Alexander Miss Ruth Sharpe
Alexander Miss Susan Sharpe
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mo
Alexander Moisevich
Alexander Mor-of Macdonald
Alexander Morris
Alexander Morris X
Alexander Morrison
Alexander Motion
Alexander Motion Mrs. Caldwell
Alexander Mr
Alexander Mr.
Alexander Mrs. J. Horner Mrs.
Alexander Mrs. John Knox Mrs. Geo
Alexander Mucha
Alexander Muciaren
Alexander Muiler
Alexander Muir
Alexander Mulligan
Alexander Munro Adam Brownlee
Alexander Murdock
Alexander Murray
Alexander MvKvtizie
Alexander Namie
Alexander Nanlt
Alexander Narrows
Alexander Ncvski
Alexander Neveky
Alexander Newberry
Alexander Nicholem
Alexander Nicholson
Alexander Nicholson Mr. Tl
Alexander Nicolaievich
Alexander Norman.
Alexander North Onslow
Alexander Nosrat
Alexander Nuptials
Alexander O
Alexander O Connor
Alexander o Hayes.
Alexander O''Reilly
Alexander Oefice
Alexander of
Alexander Olaf Andersen
Alexander Olm
Alexander Olm-ted
Alexander Olmstead
Alexander Oranski
Alexander Organist
Alexander Ostola
Alexander Ostrovsky
Alexander Otter Lake
Alexander Otttee
Alexander Ouimet
Alexander O’Reilly — Mr. Ferris
Alexander Par
Alexander Parish
Alexander Park
Alexander Paromet
Alexander Pasch
Alexander Patrick Growl
Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul arc Craig MacNaughton
Alexander Paul William
Alexander Pay-;
Alexander Peever Mr.
Alexander Peewees
Alexander Pharand
Alexander Phillips
Alexander Pine
Alexander Pitt
Alexander Pokes
Alexander Pollock
Alexander Pontiacs Novice A’
Alexander Pope
Alexander Pope.
Alexander Potruch’s
Alexander Powell
Alexander Proudfoot
Alexander Proudfoot 1868-77
Alexander Proudfoot, Jr;
Alexander Prpndfout
Alexander Purvis
Alexander Put..............
Alexander Quebec
Alexander Quinn
Alexander R Cunningham
Alexander R. von
Alexander Rd
Alexander Re
Alexander Reaston-Bruee Surgeon
Alexander Recide
Alexander Reeves
Alexander Render
Alexander Renfrew
Alexander Reside
Alexander Retro-vitch
Alexander Returning
Alexander Richmond
Alexander Riggs
Alexander Right
Alexander Ritchie
Alexander Rizhov
Alexander Road
Alexander Road Aylmer
Alexander Road Aylmer Que
Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson Funeral
Alexander Robitachek
Alexander Roger
Alexander Rogers
Alexander Rose Jeanette A Clifford Alexander David A Janet Alexander Maria Aniskowkz Paulette A Rom
Alexander Ross
Alexander Roy
Alexander Russell
Alexander Rutledge
Alexander Ryan
Alexander S
Alexander S. Elliott
Alexander S. Smart
Alexander S:g- Almost
Alexander Sale*
Alexander Sales
Alexander Sandra Shen-
Alexander Sandy Smart
Alexander Scheffer
Alexander School
Alexander Scott
Alexander Seaman
Alexander Seaman Passes At Yarm ANGLICAN
Alexander Sec.-Treas
Alexander Seles
Alexander Selkirk
Alexander Selkirk’s Cave
Alexander Sept.
Alexander Sha
Alexander Sharpe
Alexander SHAWVILLE- 3
Alexander Sheehan
Alexander Sheppard Farm
Alexander Shower For August Bride W.A. Hodgins
Alexander Siemens
Alexander Simpson
Alexander Simser
Alexander Sinclair
Alexander Sm ley
Alexander Smart
Alexander Smart Portage
Alexander Smiley
Alexander Smiley and Margaret Craig.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smooth
Alexander Soulgikoff
Alexander Sparling
Alexander Sparrow
Alexander Spencer Pirie
Alexander Spittall
Alexander Sr include Lee
Alexander St.
Alexander Standing Long Jump - Danny King
Alexander Starks Corners Norway Bay Campbell
Alexander Steele-That
Alexander Steen
Alexander Stepanov
Alexander Stephen and Sons
Alexander Stevenson
Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stu-rt
Alexander Stuart
Alexander Sturgeon
Alexander Suckow
Alexander Sudbury
Alexander Suddaby
Alexander Sullivan
Alexander Summers Robert Crosson James Hart Robert Barnet Francis Armstrong Alexander Carmichael Sc
Alexander Supply Co.
Alexander Tache
Alexander Tait George Dagg..
Alexander Tanner
Alexander Tanner Cawood
Alexander TBche
Alexander Tcche
Alexander TDlock Gait
Alexander Telephone
Alexander Tender Taken
Alexander The
Alexander They
Alexander This
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thompson Mahlon Alexander Davis
Alexander Those
Alexander Titt
Alexander Tlio
Alexander To
Alexander Torrey
Alexander Transport Lines
Alexander Trem-
Alexander Tremblay
Alexander Trophy
Alexander Tyler
Alexander U)
Alexander Umre
Alexander Unroll
Alexander Ura
Alexander VI.
Alexander Village
Alexander Virgin
Alexander Vishnevski
Alexander Visitors
Alexander Vogo-rides
Alexander von Humboldt
Alexander von Kluck
Alexander VureechUchagin
Alexander Waltham Seniors
Alexander Wand
Alexander Want
Alexander Warren
Alexander Wat-on
Alexander Watson
Alexander Watt
Alexander Weinman
Alexander Weir
Alexander Wellington Smart
Alexander Wendt
Alexander Wet
Alexander Whclen
Alexander William Campbell
Alexander William Campbell Dies After Lengthy Illness Mrs.
Alexander William Coll Inn
Alexander William George
Alexander William John
Alexander William Murphy
Alexander Wills
Alexander Wills Patricia 0 Callaghan
Alexander Wilson
Alexander Winton
Alexander With
Alexander Wm
Alexander WoeiHlfcc
Alexander Woermke
Alexander Wood
Alexander Woods
Alexander Woolcott
Alexander Woollcott
Alexander Woolsey
Alexander Workman
Alexander Workman#
Alexander Workman..................
Alexander Wright
Alexander WU-the Chapleau
Alexander Yercck
Alexander Yerreck
Alexander Yn Us
Alexander Yon Nubrr
Alexander Young
Alexander Young Jackson
Alexander Z /
Alexander Zacharias
Alexander Zhivkov.
Alexander Zimmerling
Alexander _ _
Alexander) W A. Hodgms Ltd.
Alexander.............. Purvis
Alexander: Marvin Murray
Alfred Alexander
Alfred Alexander 8
Alfred Alexander.
Alfred Barry
Alfred Bradley
Alfred E. Alexander
Alfred F Alexander
Alfretl Alexander
Alice Alexander
Alice Bradley
Alice E. Bradley
Alice McKay
All Alexander
Allan Barry Pettem
Allan Black Clayton Dods Dale Thomson Jack Kerr Anonymous Leonard Horner Shawville Meat Market Don
Allan Bradley
Allan Bradley Feel
Allan Flossie McKay
Allan Jack
Allan McKay
Allan McKay July
Allan McKay Ken Hodgins Charles Imison E.
Allan McKay Mr.
Allen Alexander
Allen Bradley Starter
Allen E. Bradley
Allen McKay
Allen McKay Chairman
Allen McKay Pups
Allen McKay Shawville
Allen S McKay
AllenS McKay
Allison Alexander MacDonnell
Allison Jack Zimmer
Àllkn McKay Shaw
Alma Dahms Sharron Hodgins Helen Thrun Bev Krose And
Alonzo McKay
Alterna Alexander
Alumette Helen Fitzpatrick
Alva Bradley
Alvin Alexander
Am- Helen Sage
Amanda Alexander
An* Helen
Anchor Jack
Andrea Bradley
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Ebert Alexander
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Barry Draper
Andrew Barry’s Bay
Andrew Joseph Bradley
Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Andy Alexander
Anelda Bradley
Aneta Alexander
Angela Jack Boyd
Anita Alexander
Ann Barry
Ann Bradley
Ann Helen
Ann McKay
Ann Robinson Gene Barry Professional Sevices
Ann Sparling Weds Allan Melvin Johnston Sadie Margaret Bradley Weds Henry Frederick Cook Visitor*
Anna Alexander
Anna Alexander Lackey
Anna Barry
Anna Ethel Alexander
Anne Alexander
Anne Bradley
Anne Francis CinemaScope Jack Web
Anne Marie Alexander
Anne Martine Rochon Jacob Taylor Porteous Stephen Alexander Cody William Kelly Jeremy Robert Mako H
Annie McKay
Annt Helen
Anthony Albert Alexander Adrian Paul David Napoleon Maria Salvatore Sottile Restivo
Anthony Perkin# Jack Pa
Apple Jack
Apply Alexander
Apply Hugh 556962bjy4 Helen s Fur Salon
Apply T W Alexander.
Apr Jack Graham Bris
April H Jack Hawkins
Archibald McKay
Archie Alexander Tanner Also
Armit-age Alexander
Armitage Alexander
Armstrong Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Art Alexander
Art McKay
Arthur A Jack
Arthur Alexander
Arthur Alexander Beattie Crs
Arthur Alexander Erwin Time
Arthur Alexander Sturgeon
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bonnie
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bronco Billy Cabaret Casey
Arthur Granville Bradley
Arthur McKay
Arthur McKay (Betty
Artie McKay
Artist Badge Marshall Burke Homecraft Badge Bryin Alexander Institute Wishing
Asa McKay
Assisting Alexander
Associate Grade Piano— Helen Mrs. R.P. Fades
At Alexander
Au- Helen
Au- Helen -
Auctioneer Alexander—Armstrong Wesley United Church
Audrey Bradley
Audrey Kelly Vômè Kelly - Jack
Audrey McKay
AUen McKay
Aunt Helen
Aunt Helen Wallace
Aunt Helen Welcome
Aunt Helen.
Ava Helen
Ava Helen Hitz
Ava Helen Hitz Proud
Axel Helen
B Alexander
B. Alexander
B. Alexander J. A. Latimer
B. Johnston CHIROPRACTOR Joyce Alexander
B. McKay
Banks Helen Hackett
Bar Andrew Bradley Murray
Bar- Alexander
Barb Harris Shane Patrick Kelly Jack
Barbara Alexander.
Barbara Barry
Barbara Helen
Barbara Helen Woodley
Barbara Lang Jack Balance
Barbara Rush Jack Palance
Barber and Ken Alexander
Barber Helen Romain
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander Goalies
Barbera Devis Earl Alexander
Bari Alexander
Barnes Barry
Barnes Miss Beth McKay
Barry A
Barry Ban
Barry Technicolor Black Fury
Barry "
Barry & Karen Pretty Barry Moran Bev
Barry (Marie)
Barry - Hay
Barry 34236BJN6 SCHWARTZ
Barry 458-2771._xa6
Barry 7-2465 Murray
Barry 7-2665 Murray
Barry 7-2813 Murray
Barry 7-3*47 Murray
Barry A
Barry A Vendre
Barry Agency
Barry Agnew
Barry Ail
Barry Alexander
Barry Alexander Helen Bradley Jack McKay
Barry Allan
Barry Also
Barry and Karen
Barry and Karen Atack
Barry and Karen Bell
Barry and Karen Bennett
Barry and Marie Russet
Barry and Marie Russett
Barry and Nancy Camp
Barry and Nancy Campbell
Barry Andrew Turner
Barry Angus
Barry Annsmuir
Barry Arm
Barry Arm As
Barry Armstrong
Barry Arthur
Barry Arthur Sprigings
Barry Babcock
Barry Barkan
Barry Bay
Barry Be-
Barry Be-June
Barry Bean
Barry Bean 2
Barry Beardsley
Barry Beardsley Canada
Barry Beauchamp
Barry Belagner
Barry Belan-Most Sportsman Like Player
Barry Belane Leonard Godin
Barry Belanger
Barry Belanger Driver
Barry Belanger PBL
Barry Belangers
Barry Belanger’s
Barry Bell
Barry Bennett
Barry Bennett IHs
Barry Beverley Draper
Barry Bias- MacKay
Barry Bidder
Barry Bids
Barry Bill
Barry Billing-
Barry Billingham
Barry Bilmer
Barry Bindley
Barry Birnie
Barry Birthday
Barry Blais
Barry Blaskie
Barry Blaskle
Barry Bob Grant Whiter Buawell Joffre Dciilets Carl Vo* G*orge Mentha
Barry Boisvert
Barry Bonds
Barry Bradley
Barry Bradley Motion
Barry Breen
Barry Brenda Greenshields
Barry Bretzlaff
Barry British Columbia
Barry Broadfoot
Barry Brock
Barry Broseau- Onslow
Barry Brousaeau
Barry Brouseau
Barry Brousseau
Barry Brown
Barry Buder
Barry Burial
Barry Burke
Barry Burke Yach
Barry Calumet Island
Barry Camm
Barry Campbed
Barry Campbel
Barry Campbell
Barry Campbell 2
Barry Campbell 3
Barry Campbells Bay
Barry Can
Barry Carolyn
Barry Carried
Barry Carroll
Barry Chan THE
Barry Chapman
Barry Choir
Barry Cliff Hahn
Barry Cnwford
Barry Collins
Barry Community Hospital
Barry Conroy
Barry Cooper
Barry Corrigan
Barry Corriveau
Barry Cox
Barry Crag
Barry Craig
Barry Craig - That James Members
Barry Craig.
Barry Cran
Barry Cranham
Barry Crawford
Barry D Nicol
Barry D ummond
Barry Dale
Barry Dale 1
Barry Davis
Barry Dcschcncs
Barry De
Barry De-
Barry De- Ottawa
Barry Dean -
Barry Dean Anyone
Barry Decarie
Barry Decks
Barry Deebs
Barry Deeks
Barry Deeks Motion Crs H Wickens
Barry Dekes
Barry Deline
Barry Deline My
Barry Delvln Rodolph Lepine
Barry Demain
Barry Denise Morrissette
Barry Denommee
Barry Denver
Barry Dequanne
Barry Deri
Barry Derouin
Barry Derouin Congratulations
Barry Derouin Shawville
Barry Derouln
Barry Deschênes
Barry Desmond
Barry Desmond McGowan
Barry Devereaux
Barry Dies
Barry Dillon
Barry DM
Barry Donon
Barry Doyle
Barry Doyle Achetez 1
Barry Doyle.
Barry Dra-1 Gwen Hearty
Barry Dra-I
Barry Dragila Smith
Barry Drap
Barry Draper
Barry Draper Melvin
Barry Draper Phone
Barry Draper To
Barry Draper-Guardian
Barry Drapers
Barry Draper’s
Barry Draper’s Willow Hill Marty
Barry Drum
Barry Drummond
Barry Drummond’s
Barry Dubeau
Barry Dubeau Feb. 1
Barry Duncan
Barry Duncan Gavan
Barry Dupuis
Barry Dwyer
Barry E S Sullivan
Barry Edmonds
Barry Edward O''Meara
Barry Edwin Murphy
Barry Egan
Barry Electrolux Trophy
Barry Eliott
Barry Elliot
Barry Elliott
Barry Elliott Mrs Marjorie Smith
Barry Elliottt
Barry Ellison-Wade
Barry Elsie
Barry Eudes
Barry EW
Barry F
Barry F Hard
Barry Fails
Barry Fawcett
Barry Ferguson
Barry Find
Barry Findlay
Barry Finlay
Barry Fitsgerald
Barry Fitzgerald
Barry Fltsgerald
Barry Flynn Rd
Barry For
Barry Foran
Barry Foran 4
Barry Foster Stitt Macdonald College
Barry Fox
Barry Francis Graveline
Barry Frank Donne
Barry Frank Sloan
Barry Frederick
Barry Froats
Barry Ftndlav
Barry Fulford
Barry Gallant
Barry Gautheir
Barry Gauthier
Barry Gervais
Barry Get
Barry Giberson
Barry Gil- An
Barry Gilchrist
Barry Gilpin
Barry GIMn
Barry Gimson
Barry Ginson
Barry GJom
Barry Gkrm
Barry Gleason
Barry Glen Robinson
Barry Goldwater
Barry Good
Barry Good Fellow
Barry Goodfellow
Barry Goodfellow Beech Grove
Barry GoodfeUow
Barry Grace
Barry Graham
Barry Grand Pole Bending- Pinto Valley Ranch
Barry Griese
Barry H. Elliott
Barry H. Elliott F.H.
Barry Hag-and Brent Bertrand
Barry Hagen
Barry Hall
Barry Happy
Barry Hark- Tommy McTiernan
Barry Harkens
Barry Harki
Barry Harkins
Barry Harkins and Karen
Barry Harkins This
Barry Harold
Barry Harper
Barry Hart
Barry Hawker
Barry He
Barry Head
Barry Hearts Club
Barry Hedgins
Barry Hewitt
Barry Hfl|HH|||H|^|H|HpCampbell
Barry Higgins
Barry Hindley
Barry Hintley
Barry His
Barry Hiver
Barry Hobbs
Barry Hobin
Barry Hockey League
Barry Hod
Barry Hodgina
Barry Hodgins
Barry Hodgins - Geraldine Violet
Barry Hodgins 1
Barry Hodgins 2
Barry Hodgins- Quebec Angus Assoc
Barry Hodglni
Barry Hodglns
Barry Hodgma
Barry Hogan
Barry Holt
Barry Holt 1
Barry Homemade
Barry Homer
Barry Homer Time
Barry Homer_ Shawville
Barry Homilist
Barry Hon
Barry Horn
Barry Horn-Kruitz
Barry Horne
Barry Horner
Barry Horner JN90TC
Barry Horner Bernard Armilage
Barry Horner Residents
Barry Horners Peggy Cruickahank
Barry Hospital
Barry Hostess Mr. Ward Markle
Barry Hotel
Barry Hound
Barry Howard
Barry Howard 4
Barry Hubert
Barry Hutchinson
Barry Hutchison
Barry I
Barry I Moore
Barry I Rev L. Bacon
Barry Immaculate Conception Klukc
Barry In
Barry Is
Barry It
Barry J P A.
Barry J. Yoell
Barry James
Barry James Crawford
Barry James Telford
Barry James.
Barry John
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnston
Barry Jones
Barry Joubame
Barry Jr.
Barry July
Barry Kedwell
Barry Keith
Barry Kelly
Barry Kelsey
Barry Kerr
Barry Kilbride
Barry Kinch
Barry Kinch - Dena-t
Barry Kinch Ont
Barry Kinch- Help
Barry Kinch-Kenabeek
Barry Kingsbury Mrs.
Barry Kirk Douglas Richard Harris Team
Barry Klchman
Barry Kluke
Barry Kluke Gerard
Barry Kluke McLaughlin
Barry Kluke Morley Hodgins Ltd.
Barry Kluke Wallace
Barry Koran
Barry Kroee
Barry Krose
Barry Krose 7:00
Barry Krose Ottawa
Barry Krose- McDowell
Barry L usine
Barry La
Barry La# Horner
Barry La*
Barry La-uder
Barry Labadie
Barry Labante
Barry LaBatté
Barry Labattie
Barry Labonte
Barry Lac
Barry Lafromboise
Barry Lamarche
Barry Lance
Barry Lance Construction Langford s Grocery Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Loeb Shawville Loisirs Shawvill
Barry Lanoix
Barry Lawrence
Barry Leduc
Barry Lee Smith
Barry Leney
Barry Libodie
Barry Lovett
Barry Loveys
Barry Loyer
Barry Lush
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk Pontiac
Barry Lydon
Barry M Colby
Barry M Loses
Barry Mac Kay
Barry Mackay
Barry Mackey Mrs. Earl Gallagher
Barry MacMillan
Barry MacMillan Tractor
Barry MacNeill
Barry MacWilliam They
Barry Mali
Barry Maloney
Barry Manwell
Barry Manwell Acheté
Barry Mark
Barry Marked
Barry Martin
Barry Martin Country Favourites Emile
Barry Marty Brownlee
Barry Mather
Barry Matson
Barry Maurice Duquette
Barry Mayer
Barry Mayhew
Barry Mc-Callum
Barry McC
Barry McCallum
Barry McCann
Barry McCann B.M. Graham
Barry McCann Goal
Barry McCann Phone No.
Barry McClaren
Barry McCord
Barry McCoy
Barry McCracken
Barry McCrank
Barry McCredie
Barry McDonald
Barry McDowell
Barry McGow-
Barry McGow-and
Barry McGow-Mr.
Barry McGowan
Barry McGowan - Heritage
Barry McGowan Diane Sanford
Barry McGowan There
Barry McGowar
Barry McGown
Barry McGrory
Barry McGuire
Barry McIntyre
Barry McKay
Barry McLaughlin
Barry McMilliam
Barry McMillian
Barry McNally
Barry McOuatt
Barry McOuatt Armstrong
Barry McQuatt
Barry McWilham
Barry McWilliam
Barry McWilliams
Barry Me Quatt
Barry Me William
Barry Mel
Barry Mel-number
Barry Melanson
Barry Metcalfe
Barry Me—
Barry Me— Quatt
Barry Michael Brouse
Barry Min
Barry Mo-
Barry Mo-and Team
Barry Mo-| Mr.
Barry MoAre MP
Barry Model
Barry Mof-
Barry Moffall
Barry Moffat
Barry Moffatt
Barry Moffatt Cft Mettait Rd.
Barry Moffatt Clarendon
Barry Moffatt McDowell
Barry Moffett
Barry Moftati
Barry Mohr
Barry Molfat
Barry Moore
Barry Moore Canada Mortgage
Barry Moore Cette
Barry Moore Crusade
Barry Moore Crusade 1:30
Barry Moore Crusade Money
Barry Moore DAY
Barry Moore Driving
Barry Moore Evangelistic
Barry Moore H®
Barry Moore Il
Barry Moore Jérôme Sallafranque
Barry Moore M.P
Barry Moore M.P.
Barry Moore M.P. Dance
Barry Moore M.P. Pontiac
Barry Moore M.P. WITH
Barry Moore M.R. Pontiac
Barry Moore Maniwaki
Barry MOORE Mazankowski Mazankowski
Barry Moore Member
Barry Moore Metis from Quebec
Barry Moore Michael Roy.
Barry Moore Moore
Barry Moore MP
Barry Moore MP Pontiac
Barry Moore MR
Barry Moore Mr Maloney
Barry Moore PC
Barry Moore Pontiac
Barry Moore Remembrance
Barry Moore Robert Middlemiss
Barry Moore S#
Barry Moore Sec.
Barry Moore Team
Barry Moore Tulips
Barry Moore’s
Barry Moore’s Ottawa
Barry Moran
Barry Morre
Barry Morris
Barry Morse
Barry Mos*
Barry Moughton
Barry Moved
Barry Mrs Bob Dale
Barry Mrs Hobbs 819-647-3718
Barry Mrs Morley Mrs Hariand Armitage
Barry Mui-
Barry Mur-
Barry Mur-kar
Barry Murdoch
Barry Murdock
Barry Muriel Davies
Barry Murkar
Barry Murrav
Barry Murray
Barry Murray 3
Barry Murray Certificates
Barry Murray Collectors Badge Bryan Alexander House Oiderly Albert Armstrong To
Barry Murray Eari Powell
Barry Murray MacIntyre
Barry Murray Richardson
Barry Murray Richardson Penalties Watson
Barry Murrays
Barry Murray—Shawville
Barry Murray’s
Barry Muuray
Barry NeJblt
Barry Nelson
Barry Nelson FIRST
Barry Nelson Sat.
Barry Ness
Barry New Jersey
Barry Newberry
Barry Newman Dean Jaggar
Barry Nicholds
Barry Nina Milford
Barry Noonan
Barry North
Barry Nulllvaa Mona Freeman
Barry O Reilly
Barry O Sullivan
Barry OhMR
Barry Oitrom
Barry Ont Halloween
Barry Orr
Barry Orr Janet
Barry Orr Saturday
Barry Orr’s
Barry Os
Barry Os-Pontiac
Barry Os-tom
Barry Ostrom
Barry Ostrom He
Barry Ostrum
Barry Our
Barry Owens
Barry O’Brien
Barry O’Gorman
Barry Pageant
Barry Parker
Barry Parks
Barry Peever Mayor
Barry Pencil
Barry Pepin
Barry Peski
Barry Peter
Barry Pierce
Barry Pierrette
Barry Pieschke
Barry Pieschke Heinz
Barry Pieschkie
Barry Pieskie
Barry Pil- J>s
Barry Pilgrim
Barry Pilon
Barry Pilon Moved
Barry Plager
Barry Plus
Barry Police
Barry Popkey Gerald Perry
Barry Poppenheim
Barry Poulsen
Barry Pricnett
Barry Quatt
Barry Quyon
Barry Ra
Barry Racine
Barry Racine Gauthier
Barry Racne An
Barry Radant
Barry Raines
Barry Rains
Barry Randle
Barry Randy Chabot
Barry Ranger
Barry Ratine
Barry Rebertz
Barry Regional Heritage Fair
Barry Reibertz
Barry Reporters
Barry Resolved
Barry Rhonda Perry
Barry Riebertz
Barry Rifcsett
Barry River
Barry Ro-Sharpe
Barry Robcrlson Beachb
Barry Robert
Barry Roberta
Barry Robinson
Barry Robinson Class 6
Barry Robinson Junior Champion Female
Barry Robinson Shelby Grubbs
Barry Roc
Barry Rose
Barry Ross
Barry Rus
Barry Rus- Court Report
Barry Rus-sett
Barry Rusaett
Barry Russctt
Barry Russell
Barry Russett
Barry Russett But
Barry Russett Willie O’Rourke
Barry Russe»
Barry Russstt
Barry Rveir
Barry Ryan
Barry s Boys
Barry Sand Point
Barry Saturdays
Barry Seller
Barry SelUva» V Technicolor HOT
Barry Service
Barry Sharpe
Barry Shawville
Barry She
Barry Shewv.lle
Barry Shields Wedding
Barry Simpson
Barry Situ
Barry Sloan
Barry Slurs
Barry Smerdon
Barry Smith
Barry Somer-v
Barry Sommerville
Barry Sound
Barry Sparrow
Barry Spinner
Barry Spratt
Barry Sprigings
Barry Springing#
Barry St
Barry Stanton
Barry Starr
Barry Stephen
Barry Stephen at
Barry Stephens
Barry Stevens
Barry Stewart
Barry Stewart’s
Barry Stewrt
Barry Still
Barry Stilt
Barry Stitt
Barry Stitt Also
Barry Stitts
Barry Stitt’s
Barry Storey
Barry Strutt
Barry Suit
Barry Sulivan Western
Barry Sullivan
Barry Sullivan Î
Barry Sullivan 6
Barry Sullivan Mona Freeman
Barry Sullivan Peter Graves
Barry Sullivan Wednesday
Barry Suth- Bryson
Barry Sylvester
Barry Sylvie Chartrand
Barry T Draper
Barry Taber
Barry Tagaret
Barry Taylor
Barry Tcevens
Barry Technicolor Cinemascope Debbie Reynolds Van Heflin Jane Powell
Barry Tee
Barry Tee-vens
Barry Teevans
Barry Teeven
Barry Teevens
Barry Teevesn
Barry Telford
Barry Tenderfoot Tenderfoot Tenderfoot
Barry Tessa
Barry The
Barry Their
Barry Theo Schwartz
Barry Therrien
Barry Therrlen
Barry Thom
Barry Thom Patrick Burgess
Barry Thomas
Barry Thomas lia—Stephen Witt Blake Armitage Ciloria Tubman
Barry Thompson
Barry Thorne Township
Barry Throp
Barry Throp Everyone
Barry Thrope
Barry Tiernan
Barry Tracey
Barry Tripp Tripp
Barry Truman Draper
Barry Tubman
Barry Tyler
Barry Uhl
Barry Underwood
Barry US.
Barry Valent
Barry Valentine
Barry Valentine Montreal
Barry Valerie French
Barry Valerie French Daffy
Barry Vernon
Barry Versel
Barry Vinton
Barry Voung Explorers
Barry Wade
Barry Wagner
Barry Waito
Barry Wall
Barry Wav Quebec
Barry Way
Barry Way Present
Barry We
Barry Whelan
Barry Whether
Barry Wigmore
Barry Wil-
Barry William Young
Barry Wilmont
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Ottawa
Barry Wishing
Barry Wll-I
Barry Woerm-ke
Barry Woermkc
Barry Woermke
Barry Woermkie
Barry Wood
Barry Wood Is
Barry Woods
Barry Wood—a
Barry Woolsey
Barry Workman
Barry Wormke Murray
Barry Worth
Barry WUson
Barry XQXu Community Hospital
Barry Yach
Barry Yach Mrs Hazel Bell
Barry Yach Ranger
Barry Yard Sale
Barry Yoell
Barry Young
Barry Zach- Rueckwald
Barry Zach-Gordon Strutt
Barry Zachar-las
Barry Zacharias
Barry Zacharias It
Barry Zacharies
Barry Zacharlas
Barry ZZæEZZr* Charter* News
Barry''s Hay
Barry* Ray
Barry’s Lane Homing
Basil Alexander
Basil Allen McKay
Bazil Alexander
Bdb Barry
Bdna McKay
Bdwin Alexander
Beatrice Alexander
Beatrice McKay
Beaudoin Alexander
Beaver- Jack C. Stavenow
Beck Brown Jack
Belan- Helen C. Campbell
Belt Ronald Campbell Sterling Knox Barry Murray Billy Richardson To Members Of
Ben Alexander
Ben Miss Helen Mathers
Ben Thomas Barry
Benzyl Alexander
Bernadette Helen
Bernard Alexander
Bernard Kob-Helen
Bert Jack Graham
Bertha Alexander
Bertrand Barry Zacharias Jennifer Anderson lie—Kathy Hayes Bobby Brctzlaff Michael Finnegan Ilia—Ro
Beta McKay
Beth Bradley
Beth McKay
Bethel Pentecostal Taberna- Carson Alexander
Betty Bradley
Betty Dowd Erna Young C Standing Faye Armstrong Lillian Bradley
Betty Gordon Alexander
Betty McKay
Beverley Alexander
Beverley Jack
Beverly Alexander
Beverly Alexander James Armitage Morley Ayerst Denise Chartrand Leon Chartrand Robert Gordon Garlan
Biggs Jack
Bill Alexander
Bill Bradley
Billie Jack
Billy (Helen)
Billy Alexander
Billy Jack
Billy Jack" Delores Taylor Tom Laughlin 3
Billy Jack*
Billy Jack.
Bing Crosby Barry Fitzgerald Hi
Bishop Alexander
Bishop Alexander W. Wayman
Black Jack
Blaine Alexander
Blair Alexander Wayne
Blair Barry
Bloodsmith/ Alexander Build Ship
Board Alexander
Bob Alexander
Bob Alexander 647
Bob Alexander Osmond
Bob Alexander Pontiac
Bob Alexander Skip
Bob and Helen
Bob and Helen Towell
Bob Bradley Fitzroy Harbour
Bob Findla Alexander
Bob Jack"
Bob Stephens Vice-president Helen
Bob Tracy Barry Draper
Bobble Alexander
Bobby Alexander Joey Pickles Bruce C
Bobby Alexander Rank B — John Bottrill
Bobby Bradley
Boh Alexander
Bonnie Alexander Miley Gordon Perry Helen and Larry Perry
Bonnie McKay
Bonnie Sue Crulkshank Mrs Fred Andrew Dickson Gariy Bradley Ricky Hodgins
Bonnie_ Alexander
Borry Homer Barry Horner
Both Helen
Bou- Richard Wills Mark Alexander
Box Social And Dance Jack Screws
Boyd Alexander
Boyd Alexander Slain
Boyd Barry Stitt
Br Alexander
Brad Alexander
Brad McKay
Braden Alexander
Bradford Alexander
Bradley and Wesley Bradley
Bradley Ban
Bradley Barr
Bradley Belland
Bradley Benjamin
Bradley Bronson
Bradley Campeau
Bradley Clark
Bradley Curley
Bradley Dale
Bradley Dalgleish
Bradley Dilla-bough
Bradley Dubeau
Bradley Dubeau(left
Bradley Duval
Bradley Egg Race
Bradley Elliott
Bradley Faulkner
Bradley Fleury
Bradley Frost
Bradley Graveline
Bradley Harris
Bradley Holt Birthday
Bradley Ingimundson
Bradley John
Bradley John E. C. Elliott
Bradley Kluke Joan -
Bradley Landiy
Bradley Landry
Bradley Lucier
Bradley Marples
Bradley McKay
Bradley McTavish
Bradley Michael David Dubeau
Bradley Pearson
Bradley Peck
Bradley Pirie
Bradley Rover
Bradley Russell
Bradley Scott Hewlett
Bradley Sloan
Bradley Stewart
Bradley Strand
Bradley Tubman
Bradley Young
Bradley-Garrktson Co.
Brady Alexander
Brandan Alexander
Branden Alexander
Branden Alexander Kyle Fraser
Brandon Alexander
Brandon Alexander Canada Savings
Brandon Alexander I
Brandon Alexander McCords
Brandon Alexander Shawville
BrcV''er Jack Plan
Brenda (Les McKay
Brenda Alexander.
Brenda Bradley
Brenda Bradley Get
Brenda Jack
Brenda McKay
Brendan Alexander
Brent Bradley
Brent Helen Campeau
Brent Hobbs Billy Hodgins Shirley Howard Adaline Judd Dorothy Judd Jack Kehoe 463
Brent Smith Jack Rylands
Brett Alexander
Brian Alexander
Brian Alexander Pennant
Brian Alexander.
Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley 647
Brian Bradley 647-
Brian Bradley 647-2560
Brian Jr Helen Perry
Brian Mrs Jack Boyd
Brian Tubman Steve Forber Barry Horner 647-5973
Brian Visiting Mrs Edna Har Jack Graham
Bride Hol-Jack Graham
Brigadier Jack Gillies
Bristol Jack Graham
Brown Graham Alexander Scott
Brownlee Mrs. A. McKay Mrs.
Bruce Alexander.
Bruce Barry
Bruce Bradley
Bruce McKay
Bruce McKay Annie Garfoote
Bruce Yemen Barry Murray Bruce Yemen Odorless Sales Check
Bruce | McKay
Bry-Jack Thomas
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander 2nd Class Bandage
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bryan Alexander Armstrong.
Bryan Alexander Bob Howard David Yach
Bryan Alexander Bryan Arblc Helen Black Denali Brownlee John Carmichael James Dods Robert Fairfield
Bryan Alexander Gwenyth Barber Marshall Burke Lois Chamberlain Merwyn Dagg Billy Davies Henry De Vr
Bryan Alexander Ift Shawville Troop Invested R nanti
Bryan Alexander Instructors Keith McCleary Quartermaster
Bryan Alexander To
Bryan McKay
Bryce Alexander
Bryson Helen Perry
Buck McKay
Buck McKay Mixed Trophy
Bucky McKay
Bucky Mckay Trophy
Bud Abbott I Z Dennis O’Keefe Joyce Holden Gene Barry / Lou Costello
Bud Bradley
Buddy McKay’s
Buekv McKay
Burke McKay
Burman Helen Thrasher
By Helen Buckler
By Helen Christine Bennett McCall
By Helen Imison Jones People
By Helen Imison Thought
By Helen Imison Tne
By Helen Imlsoit
By Helen Johnson Keyes
Bÿ Helen Johnson Keyes Ju*t Mud
By Helen Johnson Keyes Why
By Helen PERRY
By Helen Perry By Heather Stewart
By Jack Rabbit REGLAR FELLERS—By Gene Bymea
C Alexander
C&r Alexander
C. Alexander
C. McKay
Ca* Murray Graham 647-3819 Jack Warder
Call Helen 648-5636
Calumet Mrs Barry Kluke
Cameron Alexander
Campbell Alexander
Can Jack Graham Justify
Cancelled Helen Stuart
Captain Alexander B. C. Weel
Caretaker Helen Atkinson
Carl Alexander
Carl Bradley
Carl McKay
Carol Helen Robinson
Carol Latray Jack Walls
Caroline Alexander
Caroline Helen Krose
Carolyn Alexander -
Carp Helen Wallace
Carrie Alexander
Carrie Helen Owens Brislol R.C. School Weds Lawrence Hunt Site Is Approved Carrie Helen Owens
Carson Alexander
Carson Alexander Sons Funeral Home
Carter Alexander
Carter Alexander MacDonell
Cassandra McKay
Catherine Barry
Catherine Helen Meilleur
Catherine Helen.
Cathy Gray David Alexander
Chairman Alexander
Chan-Jack Russell
Chandler Jack Palance Drama Double Feature
Chapeau Alexander - Mark
Charles Alexander
Charles Alexander Mag
Charles McKay
Charles..... Bradley
Charles...... Bradley
Charlie Alexander
Charlie Judd Bradley
Charlie Row Rod Bradley
Charlotte Helen
Charlotte Helen Graham - Laura Marjorie Graham Big Brother Isaac
Charlotte Helen Graham Little
Chartes Alexander
Cheiy McKay
Chelsea Victoria Alexander
Chemin Barry Road
Cheryl Barry Campbell
Cheslyn Graham Alexander Wills
CHft Alexander
Chickens—Dr Alexander
Chns Alexander
Chris 458-3027 Mark 458-2224 Stuart Graham Jack Graham KLl
CHRIS Alexander
Chris Alexander MacK-fled
Chris Alexander’s
Chris Fournier Black Jack
Chris Helen McCredie
Chris Hobbs Matt Alexander
Chris Kinman Alexander
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Chad Routliffe Marty Brownl
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Derek Frobel Marty Brownlee
Chris Mackay Alexander
Chris McKay
Chris Mocmtyre Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Marly Brownlee Chad Routliffe Derek Frobei
Christine Alexander
Christine Wilkins Bryan Arhlc Bryan Alexander James Gods Joan Wilson Beverley Strutt Catherine Smit
Christopher Alexander 1
Christopher Barry Pilon Pilon - Jaime Smith
Christopher James Alexander
Chum Buddie Waltham Helen Perry 1
Church Alexander Grant John Sinclair Lydia Lebaw Cornelius McCagg James Gibson Thomas
Cindy Barry
Cindy McKay
Cindy Smiley Barry Drummond
Ciordon Alexander
City Clerk James Barry
Civilian Instructor Jack Shepherd
CKBY’s Helen Lenthal
Claire Barry
Claire Bradley
Claire Lunam Helen Woolsey
Claire Wil- Jack Jr.
Clare Barry
Clarence Edith Alexander
Clarence Jack Sequin
Clarendon Barry
Claude Jack Lang
Claude Ryan Jack Graham
Claudette Helen
Clayben Alexander MacDONALD
Clayton Alexander
Cliff Alexander
Cliff Alexander Highland Cottage
Clifford Alexander
Clifford Bowey Principal Helen Jarvis
Clifford Bradley
Clipper McKay
Clr McKay
Clrs McKay
Clyde Jack Young
Cmr Alexander
Co. Alexander Mortimer
Coach Barry Teevens
Coach Barry Woem-ke
Coach Branden Alexander
Coach Jack Knox
Coach McKay
Cody Alexander
Comments Helen Murphy
Commissioners Alexander
Communautaire Jack Graham de Bnstol
Communion Helen
Community Hospital Mrs Gordon Bradley
Community Jack Graham
Contact Helen
Contact Helen Lapierre
Contact Helen Soucy
Cope Alexander
Copeland Alexander
Coplin Alexander
Corporal Alexander Campbell
Corson Alexander
Cory Dorzek Steven Alexander
Cory McKay
Cory McKay Assists
Côte McKay
Cotie and Wesley Dagg Councillors Alexander
Cou tney Alexander
Coumey Alexander
Counci McKay
Council A Mrs Ron Alexander
Council Helen Brady
Councillcr McKay
Councilld McKay
Councillor Alexander
Councillor Jack Clark
Councillor McKay
Councillors Alexander
Councillors Alexander Gordon
Councillors McKay
Councillors—-Jack Harrison
Councillor» McKay
Councilors Alexander
Courtenay Alexander
Courtney Alexander
Courtney Alexander Quyon
Courtney Alexander Stock
Courtoey Alexander
Cowan Alexander
CpL Alexander Oranski
CQ,on/Alla,dShow Alexander
Cr Jack Graham
Cr McKay
Craig 21 0BJY27 BRADLEY
Craig Bradley
Craig Bradley May
Craig Helen
Craig William John..... Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward........... Dav
Craig- Mrs Jack McKay
Criag Bradley
Crs Alexander
Crs Alexander Cain
Crs Alexander Farrell
Crs Alexander Martineau
Crs Alexander Young
Crs Farrell Alexander
Crs McKay
CScope Ernie Kovac Margo Moore Jack Warden
Cspt McKay
Ctsl McKay
Cubs—Bryan Alexander
Cure Alexander
Curley Helen
Curtis Alexander
Cyril Reuben Elmer Alexander
Czar Alexander
Czar Alexander III
c®110- Alexander
D B Alexander
D B Alexander.
D O Alexander
D. Alexander
D. McKay
D.B. Alexander
D.R. Barry
da*rà6 Alexander
Dagg Alexander
Daisy Barry
Dale Alexander
Dale Alexander Benefit
Dale Alexander Burgess
Dale Alexander Glenn La Corporation Municipal
Dale Alexander Strathroy
Dale and Joan Alexander
Dale Barbara Helen— Mona
Dale Barry
Dale Barry McDowell
Dale Bradley
Dale Helen
Dale Jack
Dale McKay
Dale T Alexander
Dale T. Alexander
Dale- Alexander
Dalton Bradley
Dalton McKay
Dalton McKay Stella Meunier
Dame Helen Dagg
Dame Helen Russett
Dame Marion Helen Dagg
Dan Alexander Suckow
Dan Bradley
Dan Jack
Dan Jack Cooper
Dan McKay
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander Drum
Daniel Alexander Drum- Corrigal
Daniel Alexander McLean
Daniel Barry
Daniel McKay
Dar Alexander
Darleene Helen
Darlene Bradley
Darly McKay
Darnel Alexander Lapierre
Darren Barry Donald Richard Larocque Janet Beauchemin
Date R Alexander
Daugh er Helen Office Manager J.
Daughter Helen
Daughter Helen Municipal Corporation Village
Daughter Helen.
Dave Alexander
Dave Alexander 647-2478 Dave Rowat
Dave Alexander Carp Lyse
Dave Alexander Husquvama
Dave McKay
Dave Moore Then Steven Alexander
Dave Rich Todd Fraser Marc Savard John Peck Brian Moore Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier RodTwo
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Stéphane Villene
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Savard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Bavard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve John Peck Kevin Chev
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Savard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve Kevin Chevrier John
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser MarcSavard Jim Barry John Peck Terry Burwell Jason Toole Kevin
David Afulpooranam Helen McMunn
David Alexander
David Alexander Edward Lindsay
David Alexander George
David Barry
David Bellanger Bradley
David Bradley
David Dennis Alexander
David Gordon Alexander Thanks
David Helen Laporte
David I Alexander
David Inglis Helen
David McKay
David R Barry
David Rochon - Jack Graham -
David William Alexander
Davies Alexander
Dawn Alexander
Dawn Alexander and Betty Davis
Dawn Alexander Ruby Alexander Armitage Beverly Glenn MacMillan George Poole Greta Poole By Chris Ki
Dawn Alexander Sunday
Dawn Bradley
De Barry
De Jack Graham
Dean Barry Russctt Stuart Mac Far
Dean Bradley Office
Dean Horner Darron Bruce Travis Yach Nick Greenshields Clancey Keon Bradley Pearson Alexis Gauthier
Dear Alexander
Dear Barry
Dear Helen
Dear Helen 1
Dear Helen Armstrong Rivet
Debbie Bradley
Debbie Bradley Taking
Debbie Jack Amshe
Debbie Jack Walls
Debbie McKay
Deborah Bradley
Deborah Helen Elizabeth
Deborah Russell and Helen Palmer
DeKey- Helen Dumouchel
Del Bradley
Della Alexander
Della McKay
Delmer Alexander
Delnv-r Alexander
Delvechen Helen.
Denail Alexander
Denis Alexander
Denis Poir- Darcy Alexander
Dennis Alexander
Dennis Alexander Band
Dennis Alexander Beverly Alexander
Dennis Alexander Congratulations
Dennis Alexander Hospital
Dennis Alexander.
Densil Alexander
Denver Helen Jo-Anne Smith
Denzil Alexander
Denzyi Alexander
Denzyl Alexander
Derek Alexander
Derek Alexander One
Derek Alexander Renfrew
Derek Frobel Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Jeremy Jones Steven Alexander Don Dubé Goalies
Di McKay
Diana Barry
Diane Boisvert 648-5296 Waltham Helen Perry
Diane McKay
Dianne Helen.
Dick Alexander
Dick McKay
Distinction Helen Hayes
Dls A Barry Campbell
Dm Alexander
Do Barry
Doctor Addison Alexander
Doctor Jack
Doctor Jack Is
Doctor Jack—
Doctor Jack—he Paris
Dods Helen Robinson Dan Ryan
Doherty Alexander
Dollar Village Danny Desabrais Du Barry Buffet E
Domenic Graham-Jack Graham
Don Alexander
Don Bradley
Don Helen Hackett
Don McKay
Don Paul Miss Eva Alexander Anonymous Electricity Is Your Biggest Bargain
Don Paul Mrs. Gordon* Alexander
Don*il Alexander
Don- Bradley
Dona May Bradley
Donald Alexander
Donald Alexander.
Donald Bradley
Donald G. Alexander
Donald Gagnon Ken Pack Andrew Perrault Barry Moffatt Located
Donald Jack Kirkham
Donald McKay
Donald W Helen Bradley
Donnie Bradley
Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Armitage
Door Helen
Dora McKay
Doreen Bradley
Doreen Edith Alexander
Dorion Alexander
Doris Alexander
Dorothy Alexander
Dorothy Alexander Pontiac
Dorothy Alexander Prize
Dorothy Alexander Staffer Plaque
Dorothy Helen
Dorothy Helen Metcalfe K N
Dorothy Helen R.N.
Dorothy Jack
Dot Alexander
Doug Alexander
Doug Bradley
Doug McKay
Douglas Alexander
Douglas James Graham Jack Graham
Douglas McLean Fashion Shop Alexander
Douglas ShawvLle Jack
Douglas Strutt To Old Scout Guild Alexander
Dove Moore John Alexander
Doyle Eva Alexander Assumes Shawville Standard Church Charge Womens Inst
Dpty Helen Black
Dr. Alexander
Dr. Alexander Bell
Dr. Alexander Graham
Dr. Alexander Graham Doll
Dr. Alexander Graham Roll
Dr. Alexander H. Bolani
Dr. Alexander Hunter
Dr. Alexander Miss Kelly
Dr. Alexander Wetmore
Dr. Alexander Zhisvkov
Dr. Archibald Alexander
Dr. Barry
Dr. Barry H. Schneider
Dr. Bradley
Dr. Helen Abel
Dr. Helen Caldicott
Dr. Helen Hogg
Dr. Helen I. Miner
Dr. Helen MacMurehy
Dr. Helen MscMnrohy
Dr. Helen Parlor
Dr. McKay
Dr. Wallace W. McKay
Drew Gilmour Matthew Alexander
Driving Back Jack Frost
Driving Barry Goodfellow’s Chevy
Dt Alexander
Dumas Barry
Duncan A. Brown John Kelly Auctioneer Jack Baker
Duthie John B. Fraser Vice President Alexander Madaren M.
E J Alexander
E J. Alexander
E Jack Graham
E McKay Mr
E. Alexander
Eari Alexander
Earl Alexander
Earl Alexander * .4
Earl Alexander 1
Earl Alexander 647-2108
Earl Alexander Invoice
Earl Alexander Main St
Earl Alexander Main St.
Earl Alexander Mam St Shawville
Earl Alexander Saturday
Earl Alexander TEL.
Earl Alexander We
Earl Bradley
Earl Dods Douglas Dods C Helen Robinson
Earl Mous- Helen Frost Ottawa
Earle Alexander
Earle Alexander (Kathleen) Shawville
Earle Bradley
Earle Jack
Easter Sun- J Mr. Jack
Eawln Alexander
Ebert Alexander
Ebert Alexander F rri***
Ebert Alexander From James Dolan
Ebert Alexander._3
Ebet Alexander
Ed Alexander
Ed Alexander Best
Ed McKay
Eddie Alexander
Eddie Alexander HARDY TREES
Eddie Alexander 420
Eddie Alexander Gospel Business
Eddie Alexander Laura
Eddie Alexander Mr
Eddie Alexander Mr.
Eddie Alexander Murphy
Eddie Alexander They
Eddie McCann Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Paul Ryan
Eddie McKay
Eddy Alexander
Edgar Alexander
Edgar Alexander .
Edgar Alexander 6473520
Edgar Alexander 667-7988.
Edgar Alexander Hydro
Edgar Alexander I RUSSELL—In
Edgar Alexander.
Edgar Alexander’s
Edgar Archibald Alexander Archibald
Edgar Barry Sun.
Edgar Bradley
Edgar Campbell Bradley
Edgar McKay
Edith (Alexander
Edith Alexander
Edith Alexander Landerman
Edith Alexander Quyon Sno-Riders
Edith Kelly Jack Graham
Edith Mr. Jerry McKay
Editor Jack
Edmond Alexander
Edna Bradley
Edna McKay
Edward Alexander
Edward Alexander and Joan
Edward Alexander Christie
Edward Alexander Christie.
Edward Barry Yach
Edwfa McKay
Edwin Alexander
Edwin Alexander HARRY WOOD
Edwin Alexander James C. Gordon
Edwin Alexander Motion Councillors Ar$
Edwin Alexander Of
Edwin Alexander Pirie
Edwin Alexander SUNDAY
Edwin Alexander Wilson Barber Elvyn Corrigan Erma Corrigan Lillian Dagg Wesley Dagg Hawley Elliott
Edwin J. Alexander
Edwin McKay
Egan Alexander
Egan B Alexander.
Ehert Alexander
Eieanor Alexander
Eileen Bradley
Eileen Bradley Loroa
Eileen La- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Eileen Robert Bradley
El-win Alexander
Elaine Alexander
Elaine McKay
Elbert Alexander Minutes
Eleanor Alexander
Eleanor Alexander Grade 5—Miss Orla Mee Grade
Eleanor Alexander Norand
Eleanor Alexander Wed
Eleanor Bradley
Eleanor Helen Rennick
Elisabeth Helen McCagg
Elizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Got Craig Bradley
Elizabeth R Helen Perry
Ella Beland Helen Kilby
Ellen | Alexander—At Stark’s Corners Eyre
Elmer Alexander
Elmer Alexander 111.00
Elmer Alexander FREE METHODIST
Elmer Bernard Alexander
Elmside Alexander
Elsie Hodgins Honoured Talking* Pictures Jack Benny
Elsie Schwartz Bert Murphy Floyd Tubman Vernon Beattie I Gordon Bruce Roe Plouffe Earl Alexander Do
Elyse Bradley
Emeric Helen
Emma Alexander
Emma Alexander.
Empire Helen Hayes Helen Hayes
Emri Alexander
Era Bradley
Eric Alexander
Erline Alexander
Ernest Alexander
Ernest Bradley
Ernest Craig Bradley
Ernest Helen and Pat Wallace
Ernie Bradley
Ersklne McKay
Esther Williams Technicolor Susan Cabot Julia Adams Technicolor Barry Sullivan
Ethel Alexander
Ethel Bradley
Ethel McKay
Eugene McKay
Eva Alexander
Eva Alexander THE Minister
Eva Alexander 10.00
Eva Alexander 10.00 a.m.—Sunday*
Eva Alexander 10.C2
Eva Alexander 5.00
Eva Alexander 9645X014 WANTED
Eva Alexander Friday—8 p.m. Young Peoples
Eva Alexander i0
Eva Alexander Mr.
Eva Alexander Saturday
Eva Alexander Shawville
Eva Alexander The
Eva Alexander • Pearl Armstrong
Eva Alexander.
Eva Andai Barry McCann
Eva Andai Mark Alexander
Eva Bradley
Eva Maria Bradley
Eva Sloan Helen
Eve Alexander King St
Evelyn Alexander
Evelyn Helen Towel
Evelyn Jack Callaghan
Evelyn Nelda Bradley
Evelyn Sharpe Jack Stewart Justin Stewart Jeff Stewart Revel Stewart Ron Stewart
Exeter Alexander
F oil—D B Alexander 1#
F. Alexander
F. Bradley
F.d Alexander
Farmers Jack Ferguson
Farrell Alexander
Farrell Alexander By
Father K Bradley
FEEDS V V V Bl naiSii Helen Armstrong
Fenton-Moore Barry
Fields McKay
Fittings Barry Draper Shawville
Five Alexander
Floor Jack
Florence Alexander
Flowers Helen s Fur Salon
Fmilv Helen Ebert
Foran Barry
Fount Alexander Toisto
Fr-mk Alexander
Framed Oil Painting Helen MacKechnie
Frances Alexander
Frances Jack Kesourek
Frances McKay
Francis Alexander
Francis Alexander Roy
Francis Alexander White
Francis Barry
Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Arm
Francis Louella Alexander
Francis McKay 507
Frank Alexander
Frank Alexander 487
Frank Alexander 625
Frank Alexander Roy
Frank Bradley
Frank Sloan Barry Stitt
Frank) McKay
Franz Alexander
Fraser Alexander
Fraser Barry
Fraser............ D R. Barry
Fred A Alexander
Fred Alexander
Fred and Helen Meilleur
Fred Barry OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined
Fred Bradley
Fred Eliza Bell McKibbon Bradley
Fred Fraser Mrs. Jack Stewart
Fred Meil- Marœ Bradley Hewitt Pine
Freda Helen Robinson
Frederick (Leona Barry
Frederick Alexander Graham
Frederick Alexander Graham PPHS
Frederick William Alexander Ney
Freeman Bradley
Freeman Bradley I732XM16 Always
Freeman Bradley.
Freida McKay
Frieda McKay
G F FORD. Kadf IFT Alexander
G. Kearns Bradley—
G. McKay
Gail Greer Alexander
Gail Mrs Bruce McKay
Garage Alexander
Garret Bradley Church
Garry Bradley
Gary Bradley
Gary Cam Shades Leo Laoouceur Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley
Gary Mayor Jack Graham
Gary McLel-Barry Horner
Gaudreau Jack Graham
Gene Barry
Gene Barry Beverley Tyler MONO
Geneviève Cahill Cécile Essiambre Helen
Geo Bradley
George Alexander
George Alexander Dale
George Alexander Dodge
George Alexander Drew
George Alexander Fuller
George Alexander McDougall
George Alexander Me-Dougell
George Alexander Murray
George an'' Jack
George and Alexander
George and Alexander McDonald
George and Helen Murdock
George Bradley
George Bruce McKay
George B’d 3.00 Mr. John M. Alexander
George Catherine Helen Davis
George Hornet Barry Elliott
George Jack
George Ladou-Barry Deeks
George McKay
George Mrs Jack Hamilton
George Towell Speaker Rev. Brian Bradley Refreshmen
George Wesley Bradley
Gerald Alexander
Gerald Alexander Lang
Gerald Alexander.
Gerald Bradford Alexander
Gerald Helen
Gerald Helen Stark
Gerald Man- Jack Murdock
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham R.R.
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham Toll Free
Gerald McKay
Gerard Barry Ib
Gerry Bradley
Gerry Lottie Bradley
Giant Star Show Marlin Brando Jack Webb G.
Gibbons K Alexander
Gibbons-K Alexander
Gilles Helen McCredie
Gillian Barry
Gilly Fraser Ra^ LaPine*Jack Griffin
Gladys Alexander
Gladys Helen Hynes
Glen Bradley
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glenda Bradley
Glenda McKay
Glenn Ford Jack Lemon Also
Glenn Morrison Rover Scout Jack Kehoe Rover Squire Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Glynsi John Jack Hawking
Goalie John Alexander
Gord Alexander
Gord Jack Betty Datton
Gordan ALexander
Gorde Alexander
Gorden McKay
Gordie Alexander
Gordon Alexander
Gordon Alexander 39.66
Gordon Alexander 9:33
Gordon Alexander Aug
Gordon Alexander Briggs
Gordon Alexander Centre
Gordon Alexander Feb.
Gordon Alexander Grant Rogers
Gordon Alexander Jason
Gordon Alexander LINDSAY
Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle Barber Mr.
Gordon Alexander May
Gordon Alexander Mr.
Gordon Alexander Nov
Gordon Alexander Resolved
Gordon Alexander Sep
Gordon Alexander’s
Gordon and Nancy Alexander
Gordon Barry Jennifer Hodgina
Gordon Bradley
Gordon Bradley BAPE
Gordon Bradley Mia
Gordon Bradley Mrs. Black
Gordon Lewis Bradley
Gordon Lewis Bradley Gordon Lewis Bradley Tom
Gordon McGillvray Ken Alexander Chad Routlffe Ralph McColgan Dan Dubô Jeremy Jones Marc Dufour Sean
Gordon McGillvray Lewes McGuire Chris MacIntyre Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Marty Bro
Gordon McKay
Gordon Motion Crs McKay
Gordon Osborne Alexander
Gordon Soloist:- Jack Smith
Gordre Alexander
Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward.......... Davidson Stewart...... Gagno
Gra Alexander
Grace Alexander
Grace Alexander Maud R Balky
Grace Bradley
Grace Ebert Alexander
Grace Helen
Grace Helen Tubman
Grade V: Robert Alexander.
Graham - Alexander
Graham B Master Jack Argue
Graham Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Graham Jack Graham
Graham Jack Graham Anniversary
Graham Jack Graham 6:00
Graham Jack Graham Hi
Graham Jack Graham Kit KK 4
Graham Jack Graham KLU Oome
Graham Jack Graham RM
Graham Thomas - Smart Helen
Grandma Alexander
Grandmother Alexander
Grandpa Alexander
Grant Helen Bretzlaft
Great-grandmother Helen Campeau
Greenhouse Hugh Tracy Welding J Bertrand Chez Jack Patates Giant Tiger
Gregg Kitchen Call Jack Pollen
Gregory Alexander Madden
Grover Alexander
Gtbbons-K Alexander) Penaltlei Shawn O Brien
Gtrvais Barry River
Guy Bradley
Gwen Barber and Jack Campbell
Gwen Bradley
Gwendoline P Clarke Jack Burche
Gwendolyn Alexander
H *f™*°*'' luOMA8 McKay
H. Alexander
H. McKay
H. Murphy Mrs. Jack McGuire
Hagen Barry
Haley Alexander
Hanna McKay
Har- Bradley
Hareld Alexander
Harland Alexander
Harold Alexander
Harold Alexander the
Harold Bradley
Harold Dodsand Jack James
Harold Gould Barry Newman Diana Muldaur
Harold Jack
Harold Joan Alexander
Harold McKay
Harold McKay Harvey
Harper Alexander
Harrell Alexander
Harry Alexander Storey
Harry McKay 9th
Harry Williams Bradley
Harvey Mohr............. Helen Mohr................ Municipal Form
Hava Helen Imison Howe
Hayes Funeral Peggy Alexander
Hayes Gordon Alexander
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Hayes L Barry Hodgins 1
Hazel Alexander
Headphone Jack
Heather Alexander
Heather Dicksotl Kenny Alexander
Heather Gardner Memorial Nancy Alexander and Nancy Trophy
Heather Jack.
Heather John Alexander
Heather Stewart By Helen Perry By Diane Boisvert 689-2652
Hector Helen
Hefty Helen
Hefty Helen)
Hein Werner Bumper Jack
Hein Werner Trolley Floor Jack
Helen T W Rev. O.A. White Fast
Helen T.
Helen Tow
Helen "
Helen & Hubert McCauley
Helen & Joanne Dotey
Helen & Lloyd Ca Congratulations
Helen & Louise
Helen & Pat Wallace
Helen (
Helen (Daley
Helen (David Reid
Helen (Dennis Chalifour
Helen (Greg)
Helen (Ken) Reid
Helen (Lloyd
Helen (Lloyd Palmer
Helen (Murdoch
Helen (Murphy Stark’s Comers
Helen (Stewart
Helen * n Father Shalla Interment
Helen * VaUer^n
Helen *eir Motion
Helen -
Helen .....
Helen 0f
Helen 1-888-291-
Helen 1973 Dart Swinger
Helen 3. Faye 2
Helen 3. Tractor
Helen 4
Helen 5306*
Helen 647-2140
Helen 647-5177
Helen 756112ba12 Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
Helen 819-647-5177
Helen ?
Helen A
Helen A Cliff
Helen A Cyrus Atkin-
Helen A. Packhiser
Helen A. Saxon
Helen Abuse
Helen Acres
Helen Adams
Helen Again
Helen al
Helen Alexander
Helen Alfard
Helen Alford
Helen All
Helen Allwood
Helen Amyotte
Helen and
Helen and Betty Martineau
Helen and Billy
Helen and David Reid
Helen and Grant
Helen and Jo Anne
Helen and Joan
Helen and Larry Per-
Helen and Larry Perry
Helen and Lee
Helen and Leona.
Helen and Lloyd Palmer
Helen and Margaret
Helen and Margaret.
Helen and Nancy
Helen and Pat Alice
Helen and Pat Wallace
Helen and Pat Wallace Happy
Helen and Pat Wallace’s
Helen and Ron MacKechnie
Helen and Sandy MacDonald
Helen and Sharon
Helen and Sonia
Helen and Susan McLaughlin
Helen Another
Helen Antonucci
Helen Arabic
Helen Archdeacon Ken Bolton Deb
Helen Aresenault
Helen Arm
Helen Armitage
Helen Armstrong
Helen Armstrong - Left
Helen Armstrong Enright Cavan
Helen Armstrong Rivet
Helen Arsenault
Helen At- MacLachlan
Helen Atkin Visiting
Helen Atkin-who
Helen Atkinson
Helen Atwater
Helen Auditors
Helen Augusta
Helen B
Helen B sck
Helen B Young
Helen B. Anderson
Helen B. Carson
Helen B. Power
Helen Back
Helen Badgley Moller
Helen Badgley Roller
Helen Bailey
Helen Baird
Helen Balanoff
Helen BalanoffJu*
Helen BALANOFP.Fusi-i
Helen Barbara Woodley
Helen Barber the
Helen Barnes
Helen Barnet
Helen Barnett
Helen Barnsley
Helen Bast-endorff
Helen Baxter
Helen Bayne
Helen Bayne Worship Mayor Gerald 127.88
Helen BBHBi ISÉhl ESS EtHEE Coles
Helen Be Is
Helen Bean
Helen Beattie
Helen Bechamp
Helen Beckett
Helen Beecroft
Helen Beef Producers Syndicate
Helen Behrens
Helen Bel-
Helen Bell
Helen Belshcr
Helen Belsher
Helen Bennett
Helen Benoit
Helen Berry
Helen Bertram
Helen Bertrand
Helen Beulah
Helen Bigelow
Helen Bins
Helen Black
Helen Blake
Helen Boisvert
Helen Boucher
Helen Boulianne
Helen Bradley
Helen Bresee
Helen Bretzlaff
Helen Brian
Helen Brian 8
Helen Bridge
Helen Bristol
Helen Bronson
Helen Brown
Helen Brown Coppins
Helen Brrdley
Helen Bruce
Helen Brunsdon
Helen Bryson
Helen Buck
Helen Buckley
Helen Budnik
Helen Buissière
Helen Burchat
Helen Burke
Helen Burman
Helen Burns
Helen Burnside
Helen But
Helen Buttle
Helen Byrne
Helen C Brown
Helen C. Campbell
Helen Ca Mrs Norman Hobbs
Helen Cadieux
Helen Caklicott
Helen Caldicott
Helen Cam
Helen Cam- Olmstead
Helen Cameron
Helen Cameron Graham
Helen Campbell
Helen Campbell Secretary-Treasurer
Helen Campeau
Helen Campeau Given
Helen Campeau_ DEATH Graham
Helen Car-
Helen Cared
Helen Carey
Helen Carr
Helen Carroll
Helen Cart
Helen Cart-rnan
Helen Carter
Helen Cartman
Helen Catherine
Helen Catherine Cameron
Helen Cavanagh
Helen Cempeau
Helen Chalmers
Helen Chamberlain
Helen Chandler
Helen Chapeau
Helen Chapman
Helen Charron
Helen Chartrand
Helen Chevrette
Helen Church
Helen Church United Hall
Helen Cindy
Helen Clark
Helen Clay-;
Helen Claymore
Helen Claymores
Helen Clem
Helen Clemen Hie
Helen Clemens
Helen Clemmens
Helen Clifford
Helen Coates
Helen Coffin
Helen Collins
Helen Colterman
Helen Colton
Helen Colton K,„m‘e Zl(
Helen Colton R
Helen Colton RN
Helen Combes
Helen Comes Back
Helen CoMon
Helen Compeau
Helen Congratulations
Helen Connel Gayle Cartier
Helen Connell
Helen Correspondent Queenville
Helen Corri-resentatives
Helen Corrigan
Helen Corrigan 90.7
Helen Corrigan Gould
Helen Çorrigau
Helen Corriveau
Helen Cote Marries Claude Marcotte Miss Helen Cote
Helen Coulonge Branch
Helen Cowan
Helen Craig
Helen Croakshanks
Helen Croteau
Helen Croteau Presents
Helen Crows
Helen Cruckshanks
Helen Crui
Helen Cruickshank
Helen Cruickshanks
Helen Cruikshank
Helen Cruikshank Mark Cuddihey
Helen Cunningham
Helen Curley
Helen Cvrriveau
Helen D Arcy
Helen D. Thompson
Helen D. Ullrich
Helen D.igg
Helen Daey
Helen Dagg
Helen Dagg Cartman
Helen Dagg’s
Helen Daily Reads Bible
Helen Daky
Helen Dal Deepest
Helen Dale
Helen Dale 1
Helen Dale 2
Helen Dale 94.2
Helen Dale August
Helen Dale BD1»
Helen Dale Hwy
Helen Daley
Helen Daley-Palmer
Helen Dalke
Helen Dalton
Helen Danelek
Helen Danielle Tracey
Helen Darling
Helen Darroclc
Helen Davidson
Helen Davis
Helen Davis Seer
Helen Dawn
Helen DAY
Helen Dcjardins
Helen De
Helen Deacon
Helen Dear Diary
Helen December If
Helen Defin-Lepine
Helen Delaney
Helen Denbv
Helen Denby
Helen Denby’s
Helen Denilak
Helen Derby
Helen Des
Helen Desjar-
Helen Desjar- Irene Sloan
Helen Desjar-ter
Helen Desjardins
Helen Desjardins Being
Helen Desjardins Bob and Lynda Sloan
Helen Desjardins Ottawa River Pollution
Helen Desjardins.
Helen Desjardin’s
Helen Deslaurier
Helen Deslaurler
Helen Deveau
Helen Devis
Helen Devouge
Helen Dinner
Helen Dittburner
Helen Dngg
Helen Dodds
Helen Doe
Helen Does
Helen Don
Helen Donlan
Helen Donnelly
Helen Dorothy
Helen Douglas Adam Who May Ultimately
Helen Dowe
Helen Dowe-Lapierre
Helen Downey
Helen Doyle
Helen Doyle Elementary Grade
Helen Drake
Helen Draper
Helen Du Rick Younge
Helen Du-
Helen Dube
Helen Dube Boisvert
Helen Duff
Helen Dum- Susan
Helen Dumlchel
Helen Dumoichel
Helen Dumou-
Helen Dumoucel
Helen Dumouchel
Helen Dumouchel According
Helen Dumouchel Calumet Island
Helen Dumouchel Charles
Helen Dumouchel Dies
Helen Dumouchel February
Helen Dumouchel Mike Hamel X/
Helen Dumouchel Stylist
Helen Dunlop
Helen Dunlop Reid
Helen Duquette
Helen Duquette August
Helen Dwight
Helen Each
Helen Eades
Helen Eleanor Murphy
Helen Elizabeth Stark
Helen Elliot
Helen Elliot But I
Helen Elliott
Helen Elsie
Helen En- Lynn Foran
Helen Enright
Helen Enright Armstrong
Helen Enright-Armstrong
Helen Enright-Armstrong Good-Byes
Helen Enrlght-Armstrong
Helen Entertainment
Helen Epworth
Helen Eriks
Helen Eudes
Helen Everett
Helen Everyday
Helen Ex
Helen Eyes
Helen F
Helen F. Allshire
Helen F. Grierson
Helen Far-
Helen Faye Dunlop
Helen Faye | Ron Ryan
Helen February
Helen Ferry
Helen Firerobin
Helen Fisherman Badge
Helen Fit*- Mr. Lyai Bean Is Chairman Of
Helen Fitz-MurrCiy
Helen Fitzpatrick
Helen Fl-
Helen Flea Market
Helen Fleming
Helen Fleming Florence Margaret Fulford
Helen Fleming* Patsy
Helen Flemming
Helen Flet-
Helen Fletcher
Helen Fletcher 2
Helen Fletcher Clarendon Rural
Helen Fletcher James
Helen Fletcher.................
Helen Fleurie
Helen Fleurv
Helen Fleury
Helen Flint
Helen Flonan
Helen Florence Morrison
Helen Florian Brough
Helen Foisy
Helen For- Marrying
Helen For-only
Helen Forbes
Helen Forrester
Helen Fortin
Helen Foster
Helen Fran
Helen Fraser
Helen Fraser Sdrogef-ski
Helen Frazee
Helen Frith Stickney
Helen Frost
Helen Frost Smith
Helen Frost-Smith
Helen Fuller
Helen Funeral
Helen G*xtb
Helen G. Smith
Helen Gandier
Helen Gauthier
Helen Gavin
Helen Georgette Piche
Helen Gertrude
Helen Gertrude Hudson
Helen Gilbert At-
Helen Gilbert Letts
Helen Gingrjw
Helen Gladstone
Helen Glass
Helen Gleason
Helen Glin- Cowley
Helen Gloria Tyman
Helen Good
Helen Gordon
Helen Gould
Helen Grace
Helen Graham
Helen Graves
Helen Gray
Helen Grier
Helen Grierson
Helen Guise
Helen H. Anderson
Helen H. Dennison
Helen H. Swift
Helen Hacked
Helen Hacket
Helen Hackett
Helen Hackett There* Osborne
Helen Hades
Helen Hagen
Helen Hale
Helen Hales
Helen Hall
Helen Hamilton
Helen Handier
Helen Happy
Helen Harland
Helen Harrington
Helen Harrison
Helen Has-ick
Helen Hassall
Helen Hassel
Helen Hassell
Helen Hastrelter
Helen Hatton
Helen Hay
Helen Hay- Dawson Moorhead
Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes Central Hospital
Helen Hayes Jane Bretz
Helen Hayes Lorna Barber
Helen Heagie
Helen Hear Darlene Hearty Marlene Hearty
Helen Hearty
Helen Heberu
Helen Heck-ford
Helen Hedging
Helen Helen Wallace
Helen Hell
Helen Hellier
Helen Henderson
Helen Hewer
Helen Heynemans
Helen Hi
Helen Hickey
Helen Hicks
Helen Hill
Helen Hillier
Helen Hixon
Helen Hlllclr
Helen Ho
Helen Hobbs
Helen Hobin
Helen Hod
Helen Hod$
Helen Hod*in*
Helen Hod- Pat Wallace
Helen Hod-gins
Helen Hodg
Helen Hodgina
Helen Hodgins
Helen Hodgins Forwards By Mary Kilgour
Helen Hodgins Girard
Helen Hodgins Hodgins
Helen Hodgins IX— Anita Schwartz X— Henry Horner XI— Charles Dale SHAWVILLE
Helen Hodgins R.R.
Helen Hodgins Raymond Bowie
Helen Hodgins With
Helen Hodginst Beryl Krause
Helen Hodginti
Helen Hodgius
Helen Hodgl MtiCorC
Helen Hodglna
Helen Hodglns
Helen Hodgms
Helen Hodgxis
Helen Hoffman
Helen Hogan
Helen Hogg
Helen Hogue
Helen Holly
Helen Holstein
Helen Homer
Helen Homer—6
Helen Hoofing Specialists
Helen Horner
Helen Hortly
Helen Hospital Visiting
Helen Howard
Helen Howe
Helen Hoy
Helen Hoyt
Helen Hrydon
Helen htt<1
Helen Hudson
Helen Hunt Jackson
Helen Hunt Jackson Math
Helen Hymans
Helen Hyndman
Helen Hynes
Helen I
Helen I Dale.
Helen I Hodgins
Helen i-cucila Ai- Xowdl
Helen I.owatt
Helen Iegt
Helen Im-ison
Helen Imi
Helen Imi-son
Helen Imision
Helen Imison
Helen Imison Howe
Helen Imison Howe P Vinton Watch
Helen Imison-Howe
Helen Imlaon
Helen Imleon Howe
Helen Imlson
Helen Imlson-Howe
Helen In
Helen In Fred
Helen Interested
Helen Iowell
Helen Ire
Helen Ireland
Helen Is
Helen Isabel
Helen Isabel Turfc*_jand
Helen Isabella Morrison
Helen It
Helen Italian Guides Frozen Still
Helen Itoutliffe
Helen Iva Mee
Helen Ivine
Helen I’d
Helen J. Henderson
Helen J. Young
Helen Jacobs
Helen Jam
Helen James
Helen Jane Lafortune
Helen Janie
Helen Janveau
Helen Jean.
Helen Jeffrey
Helen Jenson
Helen Jepson
Helen Jmison
Helen John McCauley
Helen Johns
Helen Johnson
Helen Johnson Kelca
Helen Johnson Keyes
Helen Jones
Helen Jordon
Helen Judd
Helen June Krose
Helen K Everett
Helen K. Everett
Helen K. Mussallem
Helen Kane
Helen Karen
Helen Kcelei
Helen Keeler*
Helen Kel-
Helen Kelleher
Helen Keller
Helen Keller Fellowship
Helen Keller Fellowship Aw
Helen Keller Fellowships
Helen Kellerman
Helen Kennedy
Helen Keon
Helen Kermott
Helen Kerry
Helen Keyport
Helen Kilbride
Helen Kilby
Helen Kilgour
Helen Kilt- RothweU.
Helen Kin
Helen King
Helen Kingdom
Helen Kingdon
Helen Kingdt
Helen Kiogdon
Helen Kirkpatrick
Helen Knight
Helen Kniuhi Hrmie
Helen Knot
Helen Knox
Helen Knox Weds Carl Dale Shawville Calf Club Hold Annual Mtg
Helen Koeler
Helen Koues
Helen KverlML
Helen L.
Helen La-Jouceur
Helen La-people”
Helen La-pierre
Helen Lacroix
Helen Ladou-coeur
Helen Ladouceur
Helen Lafleur
Helen Lagarde
Helen Laiiberté
Helen Lake
Helen Lakedire
Helen Lal-iberté
Helen Lalberte
Helen Lalcherté
Helen Lali-day
Helen Lalib- Walton Clark
Helen Lalibcrte
Helen Lalibcrty
Helen Laliberite
Helen Laliberté
Helen Laliberte’s Stafford
Helen Lalibertie
Helen Laliberty
Helen Laliherte
Helen Lamb
Helen Lamothe
Helen Landry
Helen Lang
Helen Lapierre
Helen Laporte
Helen Lavallée
Helen Lawn
Helen Lawn Corrivcau Sask
Helen Le-
Helen Le-pine
Helen Lemay
Helen Lenore
Helen Lenthal
Helen Leota
Helen Lepcne
Helen Lepine
Helen Lepine Ottawa
Helen Lesage
Helen Levesque
Helen Levine
Helen Levoy
Helen Lew.
Helen Liebert
Helen Little
Helen Lodia
Helen Lolcen
Helen Long
Helen Lori
Helen Lothern
Helen Lottie Drummond
Helen Love
Helen Lucas
Helen Lucas Picco
Helen Lucua
Helen Lukacs
Helen Lusk Isabella Amyotte
Helen Lynn
Helen M Barclay
Helen M lcCalbun
Helen M.
Helen M. Bailey
Helen M. Caldwell
Helen M. Elliott
Helen M. Fox
Helen M. MacDonald
Helen M. Milkes
Helen M. Winslow
Helen Ma- Marion Kelley
Helen Ma< Murchy
Helen Mac Lean
Helen Mac-Kechnie
Helen Mac-Lean
Helen MacCalium
Helen MacCallnm
Helen MacCallum
Helen MacDonald
Helen Macfarlane
Helen Mack
Helen MacKay
Helen MacKechme
Helen MacKechnie
Helen MacKinnon
Helen MacLean
Helen MacLean Audrey Fulford
Helen MacLean.
Helen MacLennan
Helen MacMrm
Helen Mac— Young
Helen Madore
Helen MaeLvan
Helen Mah
Helen Mahcral
Helen MaheraJ
Helen Maheral
Helen Maheral-Hodgins
Helen Mahoney
Helen Mailing
Helen Maine
Helen Mainprize
Helen Majore
Helen Man Morris
Helen Man-is
Helen Manes
Helen Manis
Helen Mar-
Helen Mar- Martha Schwartz
Helen Mar- Miss Man Jane Kingsbury
Helen Marcelin#
Helen Marcott
Helen Marcotte
Helen Marcotte Donné
Helen Marcotte KWfceoiptoctinn
Helen Margaret
Helen Margaret Bevan
Helen Margaret Black
Helen Margaret Mulvany
Helen Margaret Sharpe
Helen Marguerite
Helen Maria
Helen Marie
Helen Marie Briscoe
Helen Marie Hobbs
Helen Marie Municipal Corporation
Helen Marion
Helen Marion Kelly
Helen Marion’s
Helen Mark
Helen Marlng
Helen Marshall
Helen Marshall North
Helen Mart
Helen Martel
Helen Martineau
Helen Martineu
Helen Martini
Helen Mary
Helen Massé
Helen Mat
Helen Mathers
Helen Matin»*
Helen Matte
Helen Matthews
Helen Maxwell Dods
Helen May
Helen May White
Helen Mayer
Helen Mayhew
Helen Mc-tfagg
Helen McAfee
Helen McC agg
Helen McCagg
Helen McCaHum
Helen McCallum
Helen McCallum Helena McCallum
Helen McCann
Helen McCarty
Helen McCau
Helen McCauley
Helen McCauley Donna
Helen McCauley Hearty
Helen McCauley Shawville Main St
Helen McCaw
Helen McClure
Helen McCool
Helen McCredie
Helen McCredie Some
Helen McCulla
Helen McDonald
Helen McDowell
Helen McDowell MacLean
Helen McDowell MacLean Adams
Helen Mce
Helen McGrath
Helen McGuire
Helen McKay
Helen McKee
Helen McKie
Helen McKinlay
Helen McLaugh
Helen McLaughlin
Helen McLean
Helen McLean Adams
Helen McLeatl
Helen McMunn
Helen McMunn Harris
Helen McNally
Helen McNeeley
Helen McNeely
Helen McNeill
Helen McNeill Graham
Helen McNeilT
Helen Mcr
Helen Me
Helen Me Cagg
Helen Me Present
Helen Me-
Helen Me- Neill
Helen Me-grandchild
Helen Mead
Helen Mee
Helen Mee Barbara Schwartz
Helen Mee Eve
Helen Meil- Hank Gleason
Helen Meilleur
Helen MeMunn Pnze
Helen Mena
Helen MeNaN
Helen Menken
Helen Merle Hobbs
Helen Mi Kay IO
Helen Mi,
Helen Mildred Jay
Helen Milks
Helen Millar
Helen Miller
Helen Millier
Helen Milling
Helen Mimellu-,
Helen Mine
Helen Ministry
Helen Mir<h
Helen Miss Evelyn Coe*
Helen Mltchem
Helen Mo/gan
Helen Mobérai
Helen MoCâgg
Helen MoCagg Grades VII
Helen Mohr
Helen Moienee
Helen Molyneaux Salisbury
Helen Monette
Helen Montgomery
Helen Moodie
Helen Morin
Helen Morns
Helen Morris
Helen Morris Colleen Morris
Helen Morrison
Helen Morton
Helen Motion Cr DufT
Helen Motion Fulford
Helen Movvat
Helen Moyle
Helen Mr
Helen Mr.
Helen Mrs Emmerson Roy
Helen Mrs Stewart Wood
Helen Mrs Vern Phillips
Helen Mrs.
Helen Muir
Helen Muldoon
Helen Mur-
Helen Mur- Klaske Veldhuis
Helen Murdoch
Helen Murdock
Helen Muriel Charlene Imison
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy BENFBKW.
Helen Murphy Named Queen At Local
Helen Mutchmore
Helen Muwbray
Helen M„ Clifford Miss Amelia Cuthbertson
Helen N
Helen Nedaw
Helen Nephin
Helen Neta Routdifle
Helen Neville
Helen Neville Barnsley
Helen NEW
Helen Norway
Helen Nova Scotia
Helen Nubian
Helen O Brian
Helen O Canada
Helen O Connor
Helen O Donnell
Helen O Hare
Helen O Reilly
Helen Oakley
Helen Ode
Helen Old
Helen Olinskl
Helen Ollie Ziebart
Helen Ontario
Helen Oonigan
Helen Opal
Helen Ottawa
Helen Ottawa River
Helen Otter Lake
Helen Oulgg
Helen Outhrie
Helen Over
Helen O’Riley
Helen P
Helen P C
Helen P Campbell
Helen P Campbell L.te No.
Helen P Campbell Secretary
Helen P. Campbell
Helen P. Campbell Apply Meat Market
Helen P. Campbell Five
Helen P. Campbell Hospital
Helen P. Campbell Secretary
Helen P. Campbell Secretary-Treasurer
Helen P. Campbell’s Sec.-Treas
Helen P>J
Helen Pal-*
Helen Palmer
Helen Palmer Boutique
Helen Palmer Happy
Helen Palmer He
Helen Palmer Kanata
Helen Paquette
Helen Parish
Helen Parker
Helen Parker _ SflSMES EP"
Helen Parkhurst
Helen Patterson
Helen Paul
Helen Paul McGee SPECIAL
Helen Paupst
Helen Peach
Helen Pearce
Helen Pearl
Helen Pearl Cochrane
Helen PEI
Helen Peiry Président
Helen Peny
Helen Per
Helen Per-
Helen Per-Garth
Helen Perreault
Helen Perrier
Helen Perrv
Helen Perry
Helen Perry 689-2652 Marie Cam
Helen Perry Congratulations
Helen Perry Ethier
Helen Perry Hayley Marion
Helen Perry I
Helen Perry ITrl
Helen Perry J
Helen Perry LI 689-2652 J Birthday
Helen Perry On Saturday
Helen Perry Waltham Town Hall
Helen Peterson
Helen Petrie
Helen Pharnad
Helen Phillips
Helen Pi
Helen Pierrier
Helen Pieshkie
Helen Pilon
Helen Pilon Peace
Helen Pine
Helen Pine_ William
Helen PioneerBuildmgs
Helen Pirie
Helen Pirie Painfully Injured
Helen Pirie’s
Helen Plrie
Helen Plrle
Helen Plrte
Helen Plummer
Helen Plymouth Chrysler Dealers Advertising Association Inc.
Helen Poirier
Helen Poole
Helen Power
Helen Pratt
Helen press-1
Helen Prime Minister’s
Helen Prior
Helen Pu
Helen Q.
Helen Quebec Leads Dominion
Helen Quenneville
Helen Quigg
Helen Quigg-Lusk
Helen Quinn Lalihcrté
Helen Qulcg
Helen R Dods Honoured
Helen R. Crane
Helen Rades
Helen Rae
Helen Randolph
Helen Ranger
Helen Ranger Jan
Helen Raymond
Helen Re
Helen Rebertz
Helen Rees
Helen Reid
Helen Reid Lake
Helen Rembrandt
Helen Rennick
Helen Ricard
Helen Richard
Helen Rickey
Helen Riley
Helen Ring-
Helen Ring-rose
Helen Ring-verend
Helen Ringrose
Helen Ringrose Lucky Monster Night Winner Fair
Helen Rivcst
Helen Rivet
Helen Rivington Auctioneers James
Helen Rix
Helen Rlngrose
Helen Ro
Helen Roach
Helen Robert Lalonde
Helen Roberta
Helen Roberts
Helen Robertson
Helen Robin*»
Helen Robin-
Helen Robin- _
Helen RobinSOll
Helen Robinson
Helen Robinson Husband
Helen Robinson 648
Helen Robinson Home 648-5868
Helen Robinson Leslie Benoit
Helen Robinson Ph
Helen Robinson Phone
Helen Robinson’s
Helen Rodgers
Helen Roger
Helen Roma
Helen Romain
Helen Romain Discussion
Helen Ronger
Helen Ronnie Smith
Helen Rose - Peacefully Dubeau
Helen Ross
Helen Ross Russett
Helen Rout
Helen Rout da Hoy
Helen Rout Mlle
Helen Rout-
Helen Rout- Branch
Helen Rout- Jane Hayes
Helen Rout- M.N.A.
Helen Rout- Receivership
Helen Routcliffe
Helen RoutclifTe
Helen Routfiffe
Helen Routhffc
Helen RoutHffe
Helen Routhffe Mansfield
Helen Routiiffe
Helen RoutKffe
Helen Routledge
Helen Routlife
Helen Routliff
Helen Routliff#Ngg^g Bill Fletcher
Helen Routliffc
Helen Routliffe
Helen Routliffe - Ed-
Helen Routliffe Chairperson Canadian Cancer Society Shawville Hockey Club
Helen Routliffe Chairperson Fort Coulonge
Helen Routliffe Cost
Helen Routliffe Dear Editor
Helen Routliffe Fort Coulonge Women
Helen Routliffe Mansfield
Helen Routliffe Mansfield Beware
Helen Routliffe Pontiac
Helen Routliffe QUEBEC
Helen Routliffe Saturday
Helen Routliffe Up-and-down
Helen Routlifle
Helen Routliflfe
Helen RoutlifTe
Helen Routllffe
Helen Routllffe Cost
Helen RoutUffe
Helen Roy
Helen Rozanna
Helen Rpbinson
Helen Russell
Helen Russett
Helen Ruthven
Helen Ruwe
Helen Ryan
Helen Ryan James Robillard
Helen s Fur Salon
Helen s Fur Salon J Used
Helen s Fur Salon Mi
Helen s Fur Salon Our
Helen s Fur Salon Shawville
Helen s Fur Selon
Helen s Fur Selon Shawville
Helen s Fur Solon
Helen s Furs
Helen s Ladies Wear Shoppe Dresses
Helen Sage
Helen Sally
Helen Sam
Helen Sam-
Helen Sammon
Helen Samuels
Helen Saunol Bernard Chassie
Helen Sauriol
Helen Sawyer Hogg
Helen Schultz
Helen Schwartz
Helen Scott
Helen Scully
Helen Seaman
Helen Seguin
Helen Segur Seguin
Helen Sept.
Helen Sha*
Helen Sharon
Helen Sharon Fitzpatrick* Kt John Raymond
Helen Sharpe
Helen Shaw
Helen Shawville
Helen Shea
Helen Shea Crowned Queen
Helen Shea Same-sex
Helen Shearan
Helen Show June
Helen Sicoli
Helen Sin-
Helen Sinclair
Helen Sinvthe
Helen Skingley
Helen Skiucy
Helen SL
Helen Slack Wickenden Mrs. R F.. Quebec
Helen Slattery
Helen Smaggus
Helen Smallman
Helen Smallmon
Helen Smart
Helen Smat Pictures
Helen Smith
Helen Smith Johnson
Helen Sophia
Helen Soucie
Helen Soucv
Helen Soucy
Helen Soude
Helen Souliere
Helen Sowden
Helen Special
Helen Spitsbergen
Helen Sprague
Helen Sprayed Quality
Helen St V
Helen St Anthropology
Helen St Dennis
Helen St Pf Oarson
Helen Staf
Helen Stafford
Helen Stafford Visiting Cletus
Helen Stalport
Helen Stangou
Helen Stank
Helen Stanton
Helen Star*
Helen Staric
Helen Stark
Helen Stark Donna Hummel
Helen Stark Jerda
Helen Stark Jo-
Helen Stark Radford
Helen Stark Wilson
Helen Starks
Helen Ste-
Helen Ste-wart-Dumouchel
Helen Steiner
Helen Steiner NOtiCE- Summer
Helen Steiner Rice
Helen Steiner Rice Cards
Helen Steiner Rice Poem Books
Helen Steiner Rke
Helen Stephens
Helen Stevenson
Helen Stewart
Helen Stewart Dumou-
Helen Stewart Dumouchel
Helen Stewart-Dumouchel
Helen Stewart-Dumouchel Stylist
Helen Stewas Roadster
Helen Stirk
Helen Stjart
Helen Stlner Rice
Helen Stone
Helen Strutt
Helen Stuart
Helen Sue Goldy
Helen Sullivan
Helen Sullivan’s
Helen Sutton
Helen Swart"
Helen Swartz
Helen Swartz Honored
Helen Sxvartz
Helen Tait
Helen Tall
Helen Tate
Helen Tawall
Helen Taylor
Helen Tee-Van
Helen Terry
Helen The
Helen Thing Fashion Show
Helen This
Helen Thom*
Helen Thompson
Helen Thrasher
Helen Thrasher Page 3
Helen Thrasher’s
Helen Thrasner
Helen Thrum Head Clerk
Helen Thrun
Helen Thrun Don McCredie’s
Helen Thrun Gérant
Helen Thrun Gérante
Helen Thrun Office
Helen Thrun Office Manager 9h30 -
Helen Thrun Office Manager Gavan’s Hotel
Helen Thrun Office Manager HELP WANTED
Helen Thrun Office Manager HEURES D ÉTÉ Les
Helen Thrun Office Manager La Commission
Helen Thrun Office Manager Municipality
Helen Thrun Office Manager St.
Helen Thrun Office Manager Thank
Helen Thrun Office Manager X
Helen Thrun Présidente
Helen Thrun Returning Officer 1990 Public Notice Germain Glaireux Returning Officer 0/1/OC24 Cana
Helen Thrun Returning Officer ELECTRIC UNIT
Helen Thrun Stark
Helen Thurn Gérante
Helen TimLemay
Helen Tisdale
HeLen Tkw
Helen Tn
Helen To
Helen Toison
Helen Tomlinson
Helen Toronto
Helen Tow
Helen Tow Get
Helen Tow-
Helen Tow- Margaret Willis
Helen Towcll
Helen ToweII
Helen Towel
Helen Towel 1
Helen Towel I
Helen Towel Shawville
Helen Towell
Helen Towell As
Helen Towell Charles Garry Foad
Helen Towell Kehoe
Helen Towell.Glenna Campbell
Helen Towel]
Helen Towet
Helen ToweU
Helen ToweU God
Helen Tows-ley
Helen Towsley
Helen Trainer
Helen Traubel
Helen Trevethen
Helen Trinidad
Helen Trudeau
Helen Trudeau Ken Richard/Jen Gauthier Drs
Helen Try
Helen Tubman
Helen Tullls
Helen Turcotte
Helen Tutka
Helen Tw
Helen Tw Helen—“Down
Helen TWeddle
Helen Twelvetrees
Helen TXibman
Helen Tyres
Helen Uagg
Helen Unison
Helen Venne
Helen Verhoun
Helen Victoria
Helen Vinnifrtïd Mutt
Helen Vinson
Helen Vinson Perry Is
Helen Visiting Kay Spotswood
Helen Visiting Mrs Eva Muloney Bo
Helen W I
Helen W -
Helen W McNeil
Helen W. Montague
Helen Wall
Helen Wallace
Helen Wallace Coghlin
Helen Wallace Johnsen
Helen Walls
Helen Walsh
Helen Ward
Helen Watt
Helen WEalls
Helen Welburn
Helen Welburn, Jr League
Helen Welburne
Helen Well
Helen Welshiühn
Helen West
Helen Westcott
Helen Whalen
Helen Wheeler
Helen Whelen
Helen White
Helen Wick
Helen Wickens
Helen Wickens Smith
Helen Wickens435
Helen Wickent
Helen Wilder
Helen Wilicox
Helen Willccnc
Helen Williams
Helen Willis
Helen Wills
Helen Wills V
Helen Wills Moody
Helen Wilson
Helen Win*
Helen Win-
Helen Windsor
Helen Winners
Helen Winnifred
Helen Winnifred Murray
Helen Wittenburg
Helen Wm
Helen Wn
Helen Woolaey
Helen Woolsey
Helen Wrfcm
Helen Wright
Helen Wrinn
Helen Wrino
Helen Y
Helen Yawnghe
Helen Yawnghwe
Helen Yellow
Helen Yereck
Helen Yiannakouroe
Helen Young
Helen Zimeriing
Helen Zimerling
Helen Zimmerling
Helen | Russell
Helen |0f Mr.
Helen ||
Helen } Hanneran
Helen • Fleming
Helen) Mrs. Isidore
Helen-Mrs Ray Murdock
Hem Werner Trolley Floor Jack
Henry Alexander
Henry Barnabe Donnie Barnett Billy Bell Helen Black May Brownlee Eric Campbell Harold Cuthbertson H
Henry Bradley
Henry Horner IVc—Helen Hayes
Henry McDowell 3. As Jack
Henry McKay
Herbert Alexander Rruee
Herbert Turner John McGoff Copeland Alexander
Herbie Xmingaud Councillors Barry
Here Alexander
Here Helen Routliffc
Herman McKay
Hie Alexander
Higgins William Alexander
Hir Alexander Campbell
Hiram Alexander
Hits Helen Kennedy
Hlgl Alexander J. Quinn Passes
Hmer Alexander Mr.
Hobbs Helen Frost
Hobbs McKay
Hodgins Helen
Holly Drummond Jack
Honey Helen Ottawa University From Helen Howe
Honor Jack
Hostesses Helen Towell
Howard Jack-|es
Howard McKay
Hubert A Helen McCauley
Hugh Alexander
Hugh Alexander MacDonald
Hugh Alexander MacDonald Canadian
Hugh McKay
HUMANITY Stuart Graham Jack Graham
Hydraulic Helen.
Hydraulic Jack
H] Alexander
H£AOQUA/tmS Barry
I Helen
I''ellerin Mid Alexander
I''rrurli Helen
I------— Helen Perry
I. Helen
I>r Alexander
Ian Alexander
Ian Barber and Ken Alexander
Ian Barber getting Steven Alexander
Ian Lang Jack
ICC.A. Alexander
Id Alexander
Ida Alexander
Idena Fraser Sec.-Treas JACK RUSSELL
Ignore Alexander
Imison Helen
Incumbent Jack Graham
Inez Alexander
Instantly Helen
Insti-Helen Routliffc
Institute Helen
Institutions--Jack Bailey
Inte Alexander Clifford Workman
Interment Helen Judd
Irene Alexander
Irvine Alexander
Is Alexander
Isobel Bradley
It Barry
It Helen Young
IU—Edgar Alexander
IV-Carrie Alexander
Ivan Alexander
Ivan Lewis Mrs. Jack Hendry
Ivan Prendergasty Alton McKay
Ivor Barry
J A Alexander 3. Cockerel—Austin McDowell 1
J A Alexander 3. Hen
J A Arm-In 1875 Alexander Elliott
J Alexander
J Alexander 610-30 Second
J Alexander Six Fraser
J Alexander.
J E Jack 3. White Bantams—J E Jack 1
J G B Alexander 1
J L Bradley Goose—
J Stuart Graham Jack Graham
J W (Jack
J W (Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
J • Jack Fait
J. Alexander
J. Alexander Elected School Commissioner
J. Alexander Poulton
J. Alexander V. J. Masson U.
J. Bradley’s Ottawa
J. Helen
J. W . McKay
J.A. Bradley
J.L. Alexander
J.Min Alexander
Jack Sr Nl Fall Entertainment Line-up
Jack And
Jack Graham
Jack Tape Arnpnor
Jack "
Jack %nd Chris
Jack &
Jack (Graham
Jack * Clifford Obnstead
Jack -
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack 111,11 al
Jack 14h00 L Anneau
Jack 2.
Jack 2. Sow
Jack 230D.
Jack 3f Randy Borman 2
Jack 458-2333 Murray
Jack 7-2489 7-3760 7-3727 7-3824 7-2832 7-2985
Jack 7-2529 7-2415 7-3746 7-3705
Jack 7-2722 Young
Jack 9 Graham
Jack A
Jack A "
Jack A Mary
Jack A Smith
Jack A Vivian
Jack A*erst
Jack AanabeBe Glande WMMam Edward Webb Dorothy O Connor Sc
Jack Aaron
Jack Abercrom-Paul
Jack Abercrombie
Jack Ad- Eric Lindros
Jack Adam
Jack Adame
Jack Adams
Jack After
Jack Ah
Jack Aiken
Jack Ailum
Jack Alicoate*
Jack Alien
Jack Alive- 1
Jack Allen
Jack Alvin Poole
Jack and Betty
Jack and Chris
Jack and Chris Armstrong
Jack and Larry
Jack and Margaret Perrault
Jack and Nancy
Jack and Nancy Bullis
Jack and Ron
Jack and Ron Knipe
Jack and Susan McRae
Jack and William
Jack and William.
Jack Anderson
Jack Andrew
Jack Andrews
Jack Anglican Church
Jack Anniversary
Jack Anthony
Jack Anthony Mr. Gagnon
Jack Anthony Newberry
Jack Anthony Newberry Newberry - Tony
Jack Any
Jack Ar- Mr.
Jack Argm Ottawa
Jack Argue
Jack Argue*
Jack Argues
Jack Argues Office
Jack Armitage
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong Carries On Jack Armstrong
Jack Arnold StoDery
Jack Art
Jack Aside
Jack Aslong
Jack Asselin
Jack Assists
Jack Association
Jack Astle
Jack At
Jack Athol Dale
Jack Aubry
Jack Austin
Jack Axes Cross Cut Saws Swedish Web Saws Snow Shovels Hay Wire Sleigh Shoeing Channel Cutter Steel
Jack Ayeaist
Jack Ayearst
Jack Ayearst Intro-
Jack Aylmer
Jack Ayrest
Jack B
Jack B.B.Q
Jack Babbit*
Jack Bai- Tibrarv
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey Norway Bay
Jack Bair
Jack Baird
Jack Baker
Jack Bakt
Jack Balance
Jack Balance Barbara Lang Sheree North Tom Ewell
Jack Balance Jeff Chandler SIGN
Jack Ballick
Jack Ballock
Jack Ban
Jack Band"
Jack Bannerman
Jack Banta
Jack Barber
Jack Barkin
Jack Baron
Jack Barr
Jack Barr 647-
Jack Barr 6473942
Jack Barr................ R,
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Barr......................
Jack Barrie
Jack Barryirore
Jack Barrymore’s
Jack Bartlett
Jack Bathelor
Jack Baxter
Jack Beams
Jack Beaton
Jack Beattie
Jack Beatton
Jack Beaupre
Jack Beck-stead
Jack Beckett
Jack Beckstead
Jack Beckton
Jack Beechgrove
Jack Beiley Norwey Bey
Jack Belabor
Jack Belcher
Jack Bell
Jack Belsher
Jack Ben-returns
Jack Bennett
Jack Benny
Jack Benny Ann Sheridan ESTABLISHED
Jack Benny At
Jack Benny Is
Jack Benny Sunday Hour
Jack Benny Ye
Jack Benny"
Jack Benny’s
Jack Benny’s By
Jack Bent)y
Jack Bentley
Jack Bernard
Jack Bernard.
Jack Berry
Jack Bertrand
Jack Bertrands OK
Jack Bestell
Jack Bfennan
Jack Biayley
Jack Biernacki
Jack Bill
Jack Billow—“Not
Jack Billy Mahon
Jack Bingham
Jack Bird
Jack Birden
Jack Bissonette
Jack Black
Jack Black Division
Jack Blade Runner Blood Brothers Blue Thunder Body Heat Breakdance Breathless Bronco Billy Cabaret
Jack Blau Carle
Jack Blizzard
Jack Blnns
Jack Bloom
Jack Boblneon
Jack Boden
Jack Bodeu
Jack Bodui
Jack Body
Jack Bole*
Jack Boles
Jack Bond
Jack Bond Rosanne
Jack Bone
Jack Bonham
Jack Booth
Jack Borner
Jack Boss Leaves
Jack Boston
Jack Boucher
Jack Boucner
Jack Bow- Buckingham
Jack Bowden
Jack Bowden Montreal
Jack Bowden.
Jack Bowes
Jack Bowman
Jack Boyd
Jack Boyd Home
Jack Boyd Visiting
Jack Boyds
Jack Boyd’s
Jack Boyle
Jack Bradley
Jack Bradley Agricultural
Jack Bradley Tropny
Jack Bradshaw
Jack Breakfast
Jack Breav Joyce
Jack Brenan
Jack Brennan
Jack Brennan Senior
Jack Brennan’s
Jack Brennon
Jack Brest BY
Jack Brian
Jack Brian Harris
Jack Bridge
Jack Bridge QUEBEC 301
Jack Bridge Come While
Jack Bridge Murrell
Jack Bridge Nylon
Jack Bridge Shawville
Jack Bridges
Jack Brinklow
Jack Bris
Jack Brisbois
Jack Briscoe
Jack Brisebois
Jack Brooks
Jack Brown
Jack Brt-
Jack Brunswick
Jack Bryden
Jack Buchanan
Jack Budge
Jack Bui-
Jack Built
Jack Built/
Jack Bulks
Jack Bull
Jack Bullis
Jack Bun
Jack Burche
Jack Burden
Jack Burke
Jack Burke Jr.
Jack Burman
Jack Burnet
Jack Burnside
Jack Burron
Jack Burrows
Jack Burrows Mr. Harold Donnelly
Jack Burton
Jack Bush
Jack Bussell
Jack Butler
Jack Butterfly Farm
Jack Button
Jack Byers
Jack Byrnes
Jack Byron
Jack C*
Jack C*ix Ont
Jack Ca-on
Jack Cade
Jack Cade’s Castle
Jack Cahill
Jack Cal
Jack Cal-Martineau
Jack Calder
Jack Caldwell
Jack Call
Jack Callaghan
Jack Callaghan On Saturday
Jack Calumet
Jack Cameron
Jack Camp
Jack Camp-operative
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell Well
Jack Campbell Wth
Jack Campbellford Cement Stave Silos _ Silo
Jack Can
Jack Canada
Jack Canada Day Parade
Jack Canuck
Jack Carisse
Jack Carlson
Jack Carmen
Jack Carriesse
Jack Carrisse
Jack Carson
Jack Carson Campbell’s Bay
Jack CartfM
Jack Cartier England
Jack Carty
Jack Casino
Jack Casino Opens
Jack Casino Opens 1:00
Jack Cassette
Jack Cassidy
Jack Cassie
Jack Castelman
Jack Castle
Jack Castleton
Jack Cavil
Jack Cavili
Jack Challis
Jack Chapman
Jack Charbon-nceu
Jack Charbon-neau
Jack Charlton
Jack Charron
Jack Charron Arena
Jack Charron Arena Kanata
Jack Checkerbarker
Jack Chega
Jack Chenier
Jack Cherry
Jack Chevier
Jack Chftllow
Jack Christian
Jack Christmas
Jack Churchill
Jack CiÉ C I.iikIv Binctti» Guy Thstowull
Jack CIuetL Quoted
Jack Cl
Jack Clarence Brown
Jack Clarence Brownlee
Jack Clark
Jack Clarke
Jack Clarke*
Jack Clarkes
Jack Class
Jack Clayton Young
Jack Cleland
Jack Clin-
Jack Clinker
Jack Clint
Jack Clissold
Jack Cloutier
Jack Clupham
Jack Cnrru
Jack Cobb
Jack Cobb Haileybury
Jack Cobh
Jack Coburn
Jack Cocktails
Jack Coghill
Jack Col-
Jack Collins
Jack Come
Jack Community Centre
Jack Competition Events
Jack Connolly
Jack Connor
Jack Conroy
Jack Contest
Jack Conway
Jack Coogan
Jack Cook
Jack Cooke
Jack Cooke All
Jack Coombs
Jack Cooney
Jack Coooey
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Royal Canadian Legion
Jack Cor
Jack Corbeil
Jack Corbeile
Jack Corcoran
Jack Cornette
Jack Cornwall
Jack Cornwell
Jack Cororan
Jack Correspondent
Jack Corrigan
Jack Cory Smart
Jack Costello
Jack Cot-man
Jack Cotman
Jack Cotnam
Jack Cotnam Minutes
Jack Coulonge
Jack Council
Jack Country Wanderers
Jack Coutier
Jack Couture
Jack Cowan
Jack Cowley
Jack Coyle
Jack Cra
Jack Craig
Jack Craig.
Jack Cram
Jack Craw
Jack Crawford
Jack Crawford - Coverly Bud
Jack Crawford-Count Breeze
Jack Creley Color Plus
Jack Creley Jay Reynolds Color
Jack Croton
Jack Crowley
Jack Cruikshanks
Jack Csmithew
Jack Cuff
Jack Culler
Jack Culley
Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham Charles Kucharik
Jack Currie Mills
Jack Currie THEATRE Ul
Jack Currie-Mills
Jack Currymills
Jack Curtis
Jack Curtiss
Jack Cush
Jack Cuthbcrt
Jack Cu^ig
Jack D C M. Miss Ann Campbell
Jack Dailey
Jack Dale
Jack Dalford
Jack Daltdhl Unhand
Jack Dalton
Jack Daly
Jack Dana
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniels
Jack Darragh
Jack Dash
Jack Dashing
Jack David
Jack Davidson
Jack Davie
Jack Davies
Jack Daviev
Jack Davis
Jack Dawkins
Jack Dawson
Jack Day
Jack Dcanne
Jack Dcrouin
Jack De-the Silver Maple Hotel
Jack Debra Greenshields
Jack Delaney
Jack Delorme
Jack Dem- Veterans Parks Com
Jack Demers
Jack Demp
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey—there’s
Jack Denault Doreen Picard
Jack Denham
Jack Denny
Jack Der-
Jack Derion
Jack Derouin
Jack Derouin........ Ernie Gillis
Jack Deschenes
Jack Dick MG LEYS
Jack Died
Jack Din
Jack Dine
Jack Dionne
Jack Diploek Nias-
Jack Dirks
Jack Dodd
Jack Dodds
Jack Doherty
Jack Dolan
Jack Dolan Ah
Jack Dolun
Jack Don
Jack Donald Trudeau
Jack Donliko
Jack Doo
Jack Doughty
Jack Downing Letter*
Jack Downright
Jack Doyle
Jack Dr
Jack Dragna
Jack Draper
Jack Drisner
Jack Driver
Jack Drummond
Jack Duff
Jack Duffy
Jack Duford
Jack Duggan
Jack Dun-
Jack Duncan
Jack Duncan Pots
Jack Dunlap
Jack Dunlap Jr
Jack Dunlap Sr.
Jack Dunlop
Jack Dunlop Mrs. Lena Myers
Jack Dunlp
Jack Dunn
Jack Dunop
Jack e8faPe
Jack Eades
Jack Eady
Jack Earl.
Jack Eason
Jack East
Jack Eastern Breeders Incorp
Jack Easton
Jack Easy
Jack Eaymie
Jack Ebert
Jack ED 81J-
Jack Edgar
Jack Edmonton
Jack Edwards
Jack Eg*
Jack Egan
Jack Egyptian
Jack Eileen’s
Jack Einheber BA
Jack Electric
Jack Ella<
Jack Ellacott
Jack Ellacotte
Jack Ellacott’s
Jack Ellaeotl
Jack Ellarott
Jack Elliot
Jack Elliott
Jack Elliott ................ Provincial Treasurer
Jack Elliott ADA DALEY
Jack Elliott............
Jack Elliott............. Cecil Howard
Jack Elwyn Lang
Jack Emmerson
Jack Enac.
Jack English
Jack Enslow
Jack Enterprises
Jack Epp
Jack Equity
Jack Equity Photo Horner
Jack Ernst
Jack Es
Jack Est
Jack EUacotte
Jack Euamfc
Jack Eustace Cavill
Jack Evaline Hodgins
Jack Evans
Jack Evans and Connor Walsh
Jack Evans Is
Jack Evans Pontiacs
Jack Evers
Jack F Graham
Jack F W. Taylor
Jack F.
Jack F. Steyskal
Jack Faience
Jack Fairclough
Jack Fait
Jack Fait St
Jack Fallen
Jack Fallen En Ltd.
Jack Fallen Enterprises
Jack Fallen Enterprises Limited
Jack Fallen Enterprises Ltd. Haley
Jack Fallen Enterprises Ltd. Haley Station
Jack Fanner
Jack Far Here
Jack Farm
Jack Farmer
Jack Farnam
Jack Farrell
Jack Farrell -
Jack Farrell-
Jack Farrell-Rcg Div.
Jack Faught
Jack Fawcett
Jack Fcott’shelp
Jack FE
Jack Feeney
Jack Ferguson
Jack Ferguson Executor
Jack Ferguson For
Jack Ferrell
Jack Ferrigan
Jack Ferrigen
Jack Ferris
Jack FIct
Jack Filkin
Jack Findlay
Jack Fine
Jack Finn
Jack Finn Waterloo
Jack Fiost
Jack FIs
Jack Fish
Jack Fish Bay
Jack Fizzlstop
Jack Flagler
Jack Fleming
Jack Fleming Easter
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher Mr Earl Gray Ot‘ow
Jack Fletcher To
Jack Florida
Jack Foote
Jack Forbes
Jack Ford
Jack Ford Car For
Jack Foreman
Jack Fort William
Jack Fos-
Jack Foster
Jack Foster Z
Jack Foster’s
Jack Fra-«-v
Jack Fraeer
Jack Francoeur
Jack Fraser
Jack Fred Dale.
Jack Frede-
Jack Frederick
Jack Fredrick
Jack Freet
Jack Fro*t
Jack Fro.-t
Jack Froat
Jack Froat Failed When
Jack Froet
Jack Froht
Jack Front
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Experimental
Jack Frost River
Jack Frost Rolled
Jack Frostr
Jack Frosts
Jack Frost’s
Jack Fry
Jack Ftrgukon* Charleroi
Jack Fuller
Jack Fulton
Jack Funk
Jack Furthermore
Jack G
Jack Gaëtan Nadeau Ltd
Jack Gallagher
Jack Gammon
Jack Garden
Jack Gardner Denver
Jack Garland
Jack Garth Tracy
Jack Garvin
Jack Gatineau Arthur Earl Bean
Jack Gauthier
Jack Gauthier Otter Lake
Jack Gazai
Jack Gervais
Jack Gibeault
Jack Gibson
Jack Giecnough
Jack Gilbert
Jack Gillilaad
Jack Gilmour
Jack Ginns
Jack Givens Hils
Jack Gnf- Brendan Boyle
Jack Good
Jack Good-heart
Jack Goodfellow
Jack Goods
Jack Goodwin
Jack Gordie Black
Jack Gordon
Jack Goudreau
Jack Gr
Jack Gra
Jack Gra Mansfield
Jack Gra-
Jack Gra- Dempsey
Jack Gra- Farm
Jack Gra- Force
Jack Gra- Nina
Jack Gra- Parks
Jack Gra- Pascale Tremblay
Jack Gra- Quyon
Jack Gra- Twolan
Jack Gra- United Church
Jack Gra- William Hickey
Jack Gra-.
Jack Gra-A
Jack Gra-and
Jack Gra-cerns
Jack Gra-i
Jack Gra-ing
Jack Gra-io
Jack Gra-Jerry Amyotte
Jack Gra-Joiniés
Jack Gra-Mayor
Jack Gra-same
Jack Gra-second
Jack Grab
Jack Grace
Jack Graham
Jack Graham 4
Jack Graham - Mutual Ins
Jack Graham 238.
Jack Graham 458
Jack Graham 647-3885
Jack Graham 8
Jack Graham 9
Jack Graham Agriculture Coordinator
Jack Graham and Nancy Tubman
Jack Graham Billy Ta Pizza Dr. Dang Dentistry Special
Jack Graham Birstol Municipal Hall
Jack Graham Bnstol Community
Jack Graham Bnstol Community Centre
Jack Graham Bristol
Jack Graham Bristol Communitv Centre
Jack Graham Bristol Community
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Bristol
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Ronald DAGG RE-ELECT Christopher YOUNG
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Saturday
Jack Graham Bristol Community Centre Spaghetti Supper
Jack Graham Bristol Kristina Misener
Jack Graham Bristol Mayor
Jack Graham Bristol Municipal Hall
Jack Graham Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Sunday
Jack Graham Budget Speech
Jack Graham Centre
Jack Graham Centre Communataire
Jack Graham Clarendon
Jack Graham Community
Jack Graham Community Center
Jack Graham Community Centre
Jack Graham Community Centre Our
Jack Graham Community Centre Refreshments
Jack Graham Community Hall
Jack Graham Dear Ratepayer
Jack Graham Dumouchel
Jack Graham Enjoys Big Toronto Convention MI
Jack Graham Financial Review
Jack Graham Fire Department
Jack Graham Hall
Jack Graham J&J Grocery Pontiac Auto Parts McCann
Jack Graham Jameson Mick
Jack Graham JOHN
Jack Graham Katharine Fletcher
Jack Graham Ladouceur
Jack Graham Lawrence Reid
Jack Graham Litchfield
Jack Graham Locally
Jack Graham Mayor Léo Piché
Jack Graham Memorial
Jack Graham Memorial Hall
Jack Graham Memorial Hall Cheslyn Trudeau
Jack Graham Motion Cr Orr
Jack Graham Municipal Hail
Jack Graham Municipalité
Jack Graham Murdock Glass
Jack Graham Numbers
Jack Graham O Mayor Holiday Shopping Hours Thurs
Jack Graham Players
Jack Graham Quyon
Jack Graham R.R.
Jack Graham Recreation Hall
Jack Graham RLl
Jack Graham San
Jack Graham Scott Wilson
Jack Graham SQ Const
Jack Graham Stella Scott
Jack Graham This
Jack Graham Town Hall
Jack Graham Week"
Jack Graham wide
Jack Graham You
Jack Graham)
Jack Graham*
Jack Graham* Jim Congdon Donnie NLCrrdie* Paul Hi
Jack Grahams
Jack Graham’s
Jack Graham’s Esso Tel
Jack Graham’s Mutual Life
Jack Grahm
Jack Grah«un
Jack Granatstetn
Jack Grand
Jack Grant
Jack Graveline
Jack Gray
Jack Gray EQUITY
Jack Gre
Jack Green Deaconist Director
Jack Greiner
Jack Grey
Jack Griffin
Jack Griffin Mu OTC Quebec
Jack Groundhog
Jack Grtham
Jack Guest
Jack Gunn
Jack Gunne
Jack H--------------.
Jack Hackney
Jack Hag
Jack Haig
Jack Haley
Jack Haley Last Saturday
Jack Hall
Jack Halli-
Jack Halliday
Jack Ham
Jack Ham*
Jack Hambleton
Jack Hamblton
Jack Hamilton
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer 16961
Jack Hammer Drill
Jack Hammer Drill -
Jack Hammer Reg
Jack Hanna
Jack Hannerman
Jack Hantaan
Jack Haoell
Jack Happy
Jack Har-Foran
Jack Harbor-
Jack Harmer
Jack Harmon
Jack Harr
Jack Harrell
Jack Harris
Jack Harris 647
Jack Harris Crete
Jack Harris Ottawo
Jack Harris To
Jack Harrises
Jack Harrison
Jack Harrison Gerard Jounnisse
Jack Harrison Iterson
Jack Harrison Stamps
Jack Harrison’s
Jack Hart
Jack Hartman
Jack Harvester
Jack Hassei
Jack Hassel
Jack Hassell
Jack Hatley
Jack Hatter’s
Jack Haw
Jack Haw Mrs Bari Findlay
Jack Hawkins
Jack Hawkins ANDERSON
Jack Hawkins Alec Guinness Kory Calhoun Piper Laurie Victor Jury John Bromfield
Jack Hawkins Arlene Dahl
Jack Hawkins Business Drama
Jack Hawkins Dewey Martin Call Cinemascope
Jack Hawkins Joan Colline
Jack Hawkins Joan Collins
Jack Hawkins Mia Farrow
Jack Hawkins Nina Foch Technicolor
Jack Hawkins Peter Finch
Jack Hawkins Virginia McKeena
Jack Hawley
Jack Hconey
Jack Hcrdman
Jack Healcv
Jack Healey
Jack Hearty
Jack Heaslip
Jack Heather Alberti Dickson
Jack Heeney
Jack Hein
Jack Helping Hands
Jack Henley
Jack Henry
Jack Henry.
Jack Henry/.... Curtis Hudson Joy Darby
Jack Her
Jack Herdman
Jack Hessell
Jack HI.
Jack Hill
Jack Hillis
Jack His
Jack Hitchcock
Jack Hlllis Smith
Jack Hobbs
Jack Hobbs Cl
Jack Hoden
Jack Hodgins
Jack Hodgson
Jack Hoe
Jack Hogan Recommended As Adult Entertainment Don Trudeau
Jack Holden
Jack Holes
Jack Holland
Jack Holland Mr.
Jack Hollinger
Jack Holly
Jack Holmes
Jack Holt
Jack Homer
Jack Hood
Jack Hopkins
Jack Hopkins Ltd.
Jack Horien..and
Jack Horn
Jack Horn- Brenda Murphy
Jack Horner
Jack Horner Genius
Jack Horner 235
Jack Horner 286
Jack Horner 8:30
Jack Horner I*
Jack Horner M.P.
Jack Horner Sat
Jack Horner Story Horner
Jack Horner—are
Jack Horner”
Jack Horror
Jack Hosier MP
Jack Hospital
Jack Hossall
Jack Hossell
Jack Hot-of Mr. Leonard
Jack Houston
Jack Howard
Jack Howard and Betty McGregor
Jack Howe
Jack Howell
Jack Howies
Jack Hoxie
Jack Hudson
Jack Hue
Jack Hueston
Jack Hui-
Jack Hul-
Jack Hulbert
Jack Hunt
Jack Hunter Donolly
Jack Hur-teau
Jack Hurteau
Jack Hussell
Jack Hut
Jack Hyatt
Jack Hydraulic Oil
Jack Hylands
Jack Hynes
Jack I
Jack I Caldwell
Jack I Graham
Jack I Hardy
Jack I V £ Lester
Jack I"
Jack I#
Jack I''iîost
Jack I-avigne
Jack IA
Jack Idler
Jack Iducky
Jack Ifnceman
Jack Ihss
Jack Ike B!p»er
Jack Impetuously
Jack In
Jack Instructed
Jack Insulted
Jack Intoxicated
Jack Is
Jack Is Indignant
Jack Is/or»
Jack Island
Jack It
Jack ItffingtonVi
Jack Ivecomcs
Jack Ixican
Jack Ixing
Jack Ixmg Voice
Jack I»aw
Jack I’he
Jack I’m
Jack Δ
Jack J
Jack J Griffin
Jack J R°yal Dubue
Jack J)undas
Jack J30
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Lang
Jack Jacobson
Jack Jakes
Jack James
Jack James Durant
Jack Jamie- Vacation
Jack Jansen
Jack Janson
Jack January
Jack Jayne’s
Jack Jenks
Jack Jennings
Jack Jewel
Jack Jewell
Jack Jim
Jack Job-ns
Jack Jockstrap
Jack John
Jack John Egan
Jack John Langford Mt tdce
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnsons
Jack Johnson—or
Jack Johnston
Jack Johnston He
Jack Jolicoeur
Jack JoneM^ggggl
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Here Today Jill Corey
Jack Jones It
Jack Jr on
Jack Jr.
Jack Jr. Cora
Jack Judd
Jack Judd.
Jack Judd’s
Jack Judge
Jack Justin McGuire
Jack Kanawin
Jack Kane
Jack Katie
Jack Kay
Jack Kcllehvt Mr.
Jack Kdly
Jack Ke
Jack Kealey
Jack Keally
Jack Kealy
Jack Kearns
Jack Kegm
Jack Kehoe
Jack Kehoe J.
Jack Kelk
Jack Kelleher
Jack Kelley
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Draveurs
Jack Kelly Hlldy
Jack Kelly May Wynn
Jack Kelly Ray Denton V Set
Jack Kelly Stéphane Parc
Jack Kelly Tuesday
Jack Ken- Gray
Jack Keneti
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kenny
Jack Kensley
Jack Kerr
Jack Kerr Mrs. Melvin Young
Jack Kerr Toronto
Jack Ketrham
Jack Kim
Jack Kincade
Jack King
Jack Kingsbury
Jack Kingston Quality Recording Star
Jack King»
Jack Kirk
Jack Kirk-
Jack Kirkham
Jack Kirkham Chaplan
Jack Kirkham Visiting
Jack Kirkland
Jack Kirtham
Jack Kitfpe
Jack Klaasscn
Jack Klaassen
Jack Klasscn
Jack Klassen
Jack Knife
Jack Knight
Jack Knipc
Jack Knipe
Jack Knipe Mr
Jack Knipes
Jack Knives
Jack Knlpe
Jack Knott
Jack Know
Jack Knox
Jack Knox 1
Jack Knox 3rd
Jack Knox Ernest Garland
Jack Knox I David Russell
Jack Knox Junior
Jack Knox Powell
Jack Knox Reserve
Jack Ko
Jack Kopstein CD.
Jack Kovar
Jack Kramer
Jack Kroil
Jack Kuipe
Jack Kvhoe
Jack L Cottet
Jack L. Brown
Jack La
Jack La.dwell
Jack Labrador
Jack Ladder
Jack Ladder Steam Rlckerm
Jack Laderpute
Jack Ladouceur
Jack Laffe^y
Jack Lafond
Jack Lagarde
Jack Laidlaw
Jack Laird
Jack Laldlaw
Jack Lalond
Jack Lalonde
Jack Landry
Jack Lane
Jack Lang
Jack Lang W
Jack Lang - Clarendon
Jack Lang - Treasurer
Jack Lang - Vice-president
Jack Lang 647-5441
Jack Lang Americas Nul
Jack Lang Beautification Contest
Jack Lang By Paul McGee Equity Editor
Jack Lang Carmen Wickens
Jack Lang Commerce
Jack Lang Correspondence
Jack Lang Curlers
Jack Lang Dubuc
Jack Lang Gerald Kdly
Jack Lang Harolyn Farms Butson
Jack Lang Huckabone
Jack Lang I8762*d23
Jack Lang Lang
Jack Lang Lease
Jack Lang Motion Crs Jack Lang
Jack Lang Municipality
Jack Lang Public Notice
Jack Lang Randy Carson -
Jack Lang Representative Break
Jack Lang Showmanship
Jack Lang Sorel
Jack Lang Starting June
Jack Lang UMRCQ
Jack Lang Vi Best Full Beard
Jack Lang Wickens
Jack Langford
Jack Lapierre
Jack Laplante
Jack Laplerre
Jack Lariviere
Jack Larocque
Jack LaRue Norah Beery
Jack Later
Jack Latimer
Jack Latoode
Jack Latray
Jack Lauder
Jack Laurina Hodgins
Jack Lav-iolette’s
Jack Lavigne
Jack Lavigne’s
Jack Lavoie
Jack Lawn
Jack Lawson
Jack Lawton
Jack Layton
Jack Ldn& Bill/ Murray
Jack Le
Jack Le-
Jack Lee
Jack Legge
Jack Lemeux
Jack Lemieux
Jack Lemieux Jr
Jack Lemmon
Jack Lemmon Carol Lynley
Jack Lemmon Comedy
Jack Lemmon June Aljyson Jacques Bergeras Allison Hayes Horror Drama
Jack Lemmon Natalie Wood
Jack Lemmon Walter Mafthu
Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Gig Young Carol Lynley
Jack Lemon Judy Hallday Adventure Romance FIRST
Jack Lemur
Jack Leronde
Jack Leslie
Jack Lestel*
Jack Lester
Jack Lester Mrs. Grégoire Loiselle Mrs. Roland McDougall Mrs. S. Wyman McKechnie Mrs. Ken Morrison
Jack Lev
Jack Leva
Jack Lie
Jack Lingill
Jack Lionettes
Jack Litchfield United Church
Jack Little
Jack Locke
Jack Lockhart Canadi WANTED
Jack Lockwood
Jack Logan
Jack Loken
Jack Loken Final
Jack Lon-swelling
Jack London
Jack Long
Jack Loraine
Jack Lord
Jack Lord FISH
Jack Lord Susan Strasberg
Jack Lou-
Jack Louis Brown
Jack Louise
Jack Lovatt
Jack Lovatt’s
Jack Lover
Jack Lucas
Jack Lukus
Jack Lumsden
Jack L^
Jack M I.arc
Jack Ma
Jack Mac Vicar
Jack Mac- Pherson
Jack MacArthur
Jack MacCosham
Jack MacDonald
Jack Macintosh
Jack MacIntyre
Jack Mack
Jack Mackay
Jack MacLaren
Jack MacLaren Farm Systems Elliott Farm Equipment R.A. B-B-Q
Jack MacLean
Jack MacPherson Mr Paul Martineau M.P.
Jack MacRae
Jack Madro Each
Jack Mahoney Linda Cristal Color
Jack Mahoney Luana Patten Sophia Loren With Thursday
Jack Mahoney Shawn Smith Joanne Weldon
Jack Mahoney Write
Jack Malcttc
Jack Malette
Jack MaoLaren
Jack Mar
Jack Mar-
Jack March
Jack Marion
Jack Marjorie
Jack Mark
Jack Marsh
Jack Marshall
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Sunday
Jack Martin Wakefield
Jack Mat-
Jack Mathers
Jack Maughan
Jack Mayhew
Jack Mayor Graham
Jack Mc-er Thrun
Jack Mc-Kav
Jack MC.
Jack McArthur
Jack McBane
Jack McBane Quyon
Jack McCaffrey
Jack McCagg
Jack McCai-
Jack McCallum
Jack McCann
Jack McCaul
Jack McClaren Farm Services
Jack McClaskey
Jack McClel- No
Jack McClennon Barry’s Bay
Jack McClure
Jack McCooeye
Jack McCormack
Jack McCoubrey
Jack McCoubrey Brian Coughlin
Jack McCoubry
Jack McCoy
Jack McCredie
Jack McDearmid
Jack McDonald
Jack McDowell
Jack McElroy
Jack McEwen
Jack McFall
Jack McFetrick
Jack McGee
Jack McGee Raymond Johnston
Jack McGee»
Jack McGill Send
Jack McGinn
Jack McGregor
Jack McGuire
Jack McIntyre
Jack McKav
Jack McKay
Jack McKay ............. Leonard Stanley
Jack McKay First
Jack McKay Shawville Motor Sa
Jack McKennys
Jack McKimmie
Jack McKinlay
Jack McKnight
Jack McLar-
Jack McLar- Richardson
Jack McLaran Firm Service* Ltd.
Jack McLaren
Jack McLaren Cobden
Jack McLaren Eastern Breeders
Jack McLaren Farm Equipment
Jack McLaren Farm ServI
Jack McLaren Farm Service
Jack McLaren Farm Service* Ltd.
Jack McLaren Farm Services Ltd
Jack McLaren Farm Services Ltd.
Jack McLaren Farm Supplies
Jack McLaren Farm Systems Jamieson Enterprises Elliott Farm Equipment Barker Motors R.A. B-B-Q Satu
Jack McLaren Form Services Ltd.
Jack McLaren Ottawa
Jack McLaren Pilots
Jack McLar_
Jack McLean
Jack McLelland
Jack McLellao
Jack McLennan Marshall
Jack McLeod
Jack McLeod Kerr
Jack McManus
Jack McMillan
Jack McMurray
Jack McNally
Jack McNeil
Jack McNeill
Jack McNeil’s
Jack McNeley
Jack McOulre
Jack McPartlm
Jack McPhail
Jack McPherson
Jack McRa
Jack McRae
Jack McRae Gail Gavan
Jack McRae Gail Psvan
Jack McRae Gary Fairburn
Jack McRae Restaurant
Jack McRae Silver Maple Hotel Ladysmith
Jack McRae Use
Jack Md Margaret
Jack Mdaren
Jack Me Guire
Jack Me Ray
Jack Me Vicar
Jack Me* Cagg
Jack Me-
Jack Me- Ratepayers
Jack MeAuliffe
Jack Med
Jack Medlca
Jack Meeking
Jack Mela
Jack Melleken
Jack Melnick
Jack Melniek
Jack Meron
Jack Methodist Church
Jack Metier
Jack Me— B Stewart.
Jack MHllUVHlK Mr.
Jack Mid-summer Millinery Owning
Jack Middl-
Jack Middlestead
Jack Middleton
Jack Mignault
Jack Mil-
Jack Millar
Jack Miller
Jack Milliken
Jack Milllken
Jack Mills
Jack Milltken
Jack Min-permanently
Jack Mine
Jack Miner
Jack Miner Bird
Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary
Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary On
Jack Miner Gives New Name
Jack Miner R*mt* Manly F. Miner
Jack Miner Rolls Up Another Honor Jack Miner
Jack Miner Sanctuary
Jack Miner—and
Jack Miner’s
Jack Miner’s Garden
Jack Miner’s Wofk
Jack Minor
Jack Miss Ella White
Jack Mitchell
Jack Mitchem
Jack Mitchem Lillian Wiggins
Jack Mite
Jack Mnlhall
Jack Mo-Gee
Jack Molleken
Jack Molloy’s
Jack Monague
Jack Montagne
Jack Montagne Sr
Jack Montague
Jack Montique
Jack Moore
Jack Moorfield
Jack Moorhead
Jack Mor-
Jack Morin
Jack Morris
Jack Morrison
Jack Morrison’s
Jack Mortimer
Jack Mosley
Jack Mot
Jack Motion Cr T Smith
Jack Moulton
Jack Mouse
Jack Mousseau
Jack Mowet
Jack Mr.
Jack Mrs Audry Leclair
Jack Mrs Claude Mrs
Jack Mrs Myrtle Deering
Jack Mrs. Amile Zacharias
Jack Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Jack Mrs. Moise Sauve
Jack Mtchem
Jack Mtirdoek
Jack Muldoon
Jack Mulhall
Jack Mulligan
Jack Mun-
Jack Municipal Debentures May Sometimes
Jack Municipality
Jack Munro
Jack Murdock
Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin Dragon Fly
Jack Murphy
Jack Murray
Jack Murray Graham
Jack Murray—and
Jack Murta
Jack Mus- Mrs. John Ade
Jack My
Jack Myers
Jack MyLkmogh
Jack Nancy Turcotte
Jack Nathanson
Jack Ncphin
Jack Needham
Jack Nephin
Jack Nepin
Jack Nesbett
Jack Nesbitt
Jack New
Jack Newman
Jack NfcKay
Jack Nichols Agrieul
Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson For All Earl Lepine Garage Ltd.
Jack Nicholson R VER VIEW
Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear
Jack Nicklaus Golf Sel
Jack Nickolson Moil
Jack Nicolson
Jack Nielsen
Jack Nine
Jack Nixon
Jack Nolan
Jack None
Jack Nooman
Jack Noonan
Jack Noonew
Jack Norma
Jack North
Jack Nose
Jack Not
Jack Nothing
Jack Nox
Jack Ntn
Jack Nurvy
Jack O
Jack O Connor
Jack O Lantern
Jack O Brien
Jack O Brie»
Jack O Connor
Jack O Donnell
Jack O Grady
Jack O Muttin
Jack O N.il
Jack O Neil
Jack O Neill
Jack O Reilly OJdJ.
Jack O''Brien
Jack O-day
Jack Oak
Jack Oakie
Jack Oakie Mary Carlisle
Jack Oakie _
Jack Oaltag-
Jack Oalue Don Ameche Janet Blair Store
Jack Oct. 9
Jack October
Jack Oetrom
Jack Of Chapeau
Jack Oil
Jack Olden
Jack ONeil
Jack Ont.
Jack Ooodley
Jack Oordm&n
Jack Oossman
Jack Opportunity TOT
Jack Ora
Jack Oraham
Jack Orahem
Jack Oral*..4 Vf
Jack Oriftin
Jack Orval Principal
Jack Osmond
Jack Ostrom
Jack Others
Jack Our
Jack Owen
Jack O’Brien
Jack O’Connor
Jack O’Donohue
Jack O’Lanterns
Jack O’Neil
Jack O’Neil Gordon Holmes
Jack O’Neil Secretary
Jack O’Neil* Shetland Pony
Jack O’Neill
Jack O’Neill Mr.
Jack Pa
Jack Pa a"
Jack Paiance McDonald Carey
Jack Palan
Jack Palance
Jack Palance ARROWHEAD
Jack Palance Arrowhead Charlton Heston Red Skelton Ronald Regan Technicolor Victor Mature Sterling
Jack Palance Cedar
Jack Palance Joan Fontaine
Jack Palanee
Jack Pallen Enterprises Ltd.
Jack Pallister
Jack Palter Enterprises Limited
Jack Panozzo
Jack Paquette
Jack Par-
Jack Parizeau
Jack Parkington
Jack Parnham
Jack Parnham Emerson
Jack Parvyn
Jack ParvynI
Jack Pat-
Jack Pat-Motion V. Foran
Jack Patanilla
Jack Paterson
Jack Patsy Cotnam
Jack Patten Enterprises Ltd. Haley Station
Jack Patter-
Jack Patter-burned
Jack Patterson
Jack Peaker
Jack Pearl
Jack Peeling
Jack Peever
Jack Peifer
Jack Peinstein
Jack Pelence Tony Musante E.W. Mulligan
Jack Pembroke
Jack Pennessy
Jack Penny
Jack Penny’s
Jack Perault
Jack Perrault
Jack Perreault
Jack Perry
Jack Peters
Jack Peterson
Jack Pethick
Jack Petrie
Jack Pharand
Jack Pharand Urban Renewal Commission
Jack Phelps
Jack Phillips
Jack Pickersgill
Jack Picot
Jack Pierce
Jack Pigott
Jack Pikersgill
Jack Pine
Jack Pine 8
Jack Pine 8’
Jack Pine Bud
Jack Pine Bud Worm
Jack Pine Ctt Rmglit
Jack Pine Does Not Mature
Jack Pine Percherons
Jack Pine Plains
Jack Pine Raymond Johnston
Jack Pine Rough Mixed Hardwood------- Rough Poplar
Jack Pine Rough Mixed Hardwood------- Rough Poplar __
Jack Pine Rough Poplar Peeled Poplar Mixed Rough Hardwood
Jack Pine White Pine Red Pine Spruce
Jack Pine----------------------- White
Jack Pine____ White
Jack Pipe Stands
Jack Plunkette
Jack Plunketts
Jack Poirier
Jack Pollen
Jack Pollen Enterprises Limited
Jack Pollen Enterprises Ltd.
Jack Pollen John Larrfbert
Jack Pollen Kenmore
Jack Pollen Quebec
Jack Pony
Jack Pook
Jack Poole
Jack Poole Gordon Popkey
Jack Portage
Jack Portage Bridge
Jack Porter
Jack Portland
Jack Pot
Jack Pot - Beef
Jack Pot Jumbo
Jack Pot Prize
Jack Pots
Jack Potts
Jack Pounce
Jack Powell
Jack Powell—with
Jack Prime Minister
Jack Pritchard
Jack Proceeds
Jack Proven Line Lang
Jack Provost
Jack Pumpkin
Jack Pumpkinhead
Jack Purcell Community Motion Crs Orr
Jack Pyke
Jack Q
Jack Qstrom
Jack Quaile
Jack Quebec
Jack Queen King
Jack Quinn
Jack Quyon
Jack Q’Connor
Jack R
Jack R Miron
Jack Rabb
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabies
Jack Racine
Jack Raday
Jack Raddafz
Jack Raddatz
Jack Radford
Jack Ralph
Jack Ranger
Jack Rata-went West
Jack Ray-
Jack Raymond
Jack Raymond Quebec C
Jack Raymond’s
Jack Reasbeck
Jack Rebecca.
Jack Rebertz
Jack Redden
Jack Reden
Jack Regan
Jack Regular
Jack Reid
Jack Rempier
Jack Rennick
Jack Rennie
Jack Rennison
Jack Rennkk
Jack Renshaw
Jack Reste
Jack Reuben Harris
Jack Reynolds
Jack Rice
Jack Rich
Jack Richardson
Jack Riddle
Jack Riebertz
Jack rises
Jack Risse
Jack Ritchie
Jack Rivet
Jack Robert
Jack Robert Lacourse .423
Jack Robertson
Jack Robillard
Jack Robin-
Jack Robinmsn Mrs. Cecil Fans
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Eric Vadneau
Jack Robinson Visiting
Jack Robinson’s
Jack Roden
Jack Rodenberg
Jack Roebuck
Jack Rogers
Jack Rohinson
Jack Rom
Jack Romain
Jack Ros*
Jack Ross
Jack Rowell
Jack Rowley Louis Schryer
Jack Roy*
Jack Ruaaell
Jack RuaaeU.
Jack Ruasell
Jack Ruasett
Jack Ruddy
Jack Rumen
Jack Rune It
Jack Runell
Jack Rus
Jack Rus-in
Jack Rusedl
Jack Russe
Jack Russel
Jack Russell
Jack Russell Chairman
Jack Russell COUNCIL January Special
Jack Russell Madeleine Wittig
Jack Russell Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Jack Russell Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell V >
Jack Russell WÊÊM
Jack Russell- Chairman.
Jack Russell;
Jack RusseN
Jack Russet
Jack RusseU.
Jack Rusteil
Jack Rutledge
Jack Rutz
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Ottawa
Jack Rylands
Jack Sa
Jack Sale Day
Jack Salley
Jack Salmon
Jack Salmon Reg Young Butch Cloutier
Jack Salter
Jack Salyard
Jack Sam
Jack Sam- McKenny
Jack Sam- Mike Fahey
Jack Sammon
Jack Sammon All
Jack Samon
Jack Sand Bay
Jack Saturday
Jack Saunders
Jack Sccord
Jack Schultz
Jack Score* Look
Jack Scotsman
Jack Scott
Jack Scotthll
Jack Screw
Jack Screws
Jack Scully
Jack Seaton
Jack Secretary
Jack Seguin
Jack Sept. 1
Jack Sernas Color
Jack Sernas Technicolor Cinemascope HELEN
Jack Serna» Technicoler HELEN
Jack Serngs Plus
Jack Sexton
Jack Sexton Council
Jack Sh.v
Jack Shad-try
Jack Shadbolt
Jack Shark
Jack Sharkey
Jack Shaver
Jack Shaw
Jack Shawn
Jack Shawville
Jack Shea
Jack Sheppard
Jack Sher-Lennis Barr
Jack Sher-wtn
Jack Sherman
Jack Sherwin
Jack Sherwjn
Jack Shill
Jack Shirts
Jack Shirts Work Shirts Sweaters
Jack Sholdice
Jack Should Be Gay
Jack Show
Jack Show - Fairgrounds Horse Shows
Jack Show Horseshoe Competition Volleyball Tournament Duck Races Closing Dinner
Jack Shrier
Jack Shultz
Jack Siefort
Jack Simp
Jack Simpson
Jack Sinclair
Jack Sinclair’s
Jack Sinfleld
Jack Sjott
Jack Skeater
Jack Skeene
Jack Sketches
Jack Slade
Jack Slattery
Jack Sloan
Jack Small
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Kingston
Jack Smith Ottawa For
Jack Smith Ralph Hall
Jack Snow
Jack Solomon’s Scrapbook
Jack Somerville
Jack Sonne
Jack Sound
Jack South Porcupine
Jack Sparrow
Jack Spires
Jack Spotswood
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprctt
Jack St
Jack Stand
Jack Stavenati
Jack Stay
Jack Staylong
Jack Ste-
Jack Ste- Ottawa
Jack Steacy
Jack Stephen*
Jack Stephens
Jack Sterling Knox
Jack Stevens
Jack Stevens Master
Jack Stevens Miss VtvtSIl
Jack Stevens Ou
Jack Steven»
Jack Steward.
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart Amvotte
Jack Stewart-
Jack Stewart- 2.90 Morley Hodg Danny Me Ca Canadian Industries
Jack Stewart- 23.68 Eugene Potvin-
Jack Stewarts
Jack Stilt
Jack Stitt
Jack Stone Creek
Jack Stoughton
Jack Sturdy
Jack Sturgess
Jack Stutt
Jack Sullivan
Jack Summon
Jack Sundy
Jack Super E
Jack Sweeney
Jack Sweeplng
Jack Sydney Jessie
Jack Sympathy
Jack S^P* Graham
Jack S» SMiSi
Jack Ta
Jack Ta,Ior
Jack Table
Jack Talion
Jack Tall Ship
Jack Tallboys
Jack Tallon-brother
Jack Talma
Jack Tapanila David
Jack Tar
Jack Tar Has Language Which
Jack Tar Village
Jack Tar.g
Jack Tars
Jack Tar’s Jargon
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Jack Taylor Travel Hwy
Jack Tblhurst
Jack Teagarden
Jack Télécommunications
Jack Telfer
Jack Telford
Jack Telling Time Rev.
Jack Thacker
Jack Thcmas
Jack THE
Jack This
Jack Thistle
Jack Thistle Kirkland Lake Erwin Smith
Jack Tho-
Jack Thom
Jack Thoma
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas Audgey Bishop.
Jack Thomas Co. Arnprior Is
Jack Thomas Guests
Jack Thomas Sunday
Jack Thompson
Jack Thontar
Jack Thor
Jack Thornhill
Jack Thurston
Jack Thyme
Jack Thynne
Jack Tnomas
Jack To
Jack Todd.
Jack Tol
Jack Tol-
Jack Tol- W
Jack Tol-,
Jack Tol-hurst
Jack Tol-medal
Jack Tol-_
Jack Tolburst
Jack Tolhmst
Jack Tolhnrst
Jack Tolhuist
Jack Tolhurat
Jack Tolhuret
Jack Tolhurit
Jack Tolhursc
Jack Tolhurst
Jack Tolhurst Rover Scout Lead
Jack Tolhursv
Jack Toner
Jack Top Intermediate
Jack Toronto
Jack Tors
Jack ToTlhurst
Jack Tourangeau
Jack Towers
Jack Towey
Jack Towle
Jack Township
Jack Transtar Rose
Jack Treaudeau
Jack Trebilcock
Jack Trotter
Jack Troughton
Jack Trower
Jack Truck
Jack Trucks
Jack Trudeau
Jack Turcotte
Jack Turiieff
Jack Turner
Jack Turpin
Jack Turrieff
Jack Turrietf
Jack Turriff
Jack Twiname
Jack Ung
Jack Ura-
Jack Uranam These
Jack Urguart
Jack Urguhart Hanmer
Jack Urtln
Jack V
Jack V V
Jack V&bqintte
Jack Va
Jack Vaillancourt
Jack Valiquette
Jack Valique»te
Jack Vallquette
Jack van Duscn
Jack Vander Eyk
Jack Vandusen
Jack Vanvliet
Jack Venne
Jack Verney
Jack vid Bourke Jr
Jack Vileau
Jack Vilion Jr
Jack Villeneuve
Jack Vilon
Jack VN
Jack Vooeht
Jack Vowles
Jack VXkn
Jack W Graham Award
Jack W Graham.
Jack W. Horner
Jack W.M#
Jack Wa
Jack Wa Interment
Jack Waite
Jack Walker
Jack Walker Ryan
Jack Walls
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh Sr
Jack WarcN
Jack Ward
Jack Warden
Jack Warder
Jack Warder "
Jack Warder 6
Jack Warder Messe Dominicale
Jack Warder Pastor
Jack Warder Quebec
Jack Warder School Service
Jack Warder Wesleyan Church
Jack Wardor
Jack Warier
Jack Warner
Jack Watercourse
Jack Watson
Jack Watt
Jack Watt*
Jack Waud
Jack Waves Over Dieppe
Jack Wcnry
Jack We
Jack Webb
Jack Webb Rickard Wldmark DRAGNET Technicolor
Jack Webb Roofing Specialists
Jack Webb Roofing Specialists Cinemascope Reasonable Prices Technicolor HARLAND
Jack Webber
Jack Welch
Jack Wellington
Jack Welsh
Jack Westlake
Jack Weston
Jack While
Jack White
Jack Wickens
Jack Wil- School
Jack Wilcox
Jack Wilikns
Jack Wilkenson
Jack Wilkins
Jack Wilkins Ottawa
Jack Wilkinson
Jack Willard
Jack Willard.
Jack William*
Jack Williams
Jack Williamson
Jack Wills
Jack Wilmn
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 7546*
Jack Wilson A
Jack Wilson Anderson
Jack Wilson Mr
Jack Wilson Thanksgiving
Jack Wilton
Jack Wilwn
Jack Winder
Jack Winocour
Jack Wins-
Jack Wintario Lornie Hayes
Jack Wl
Jack Women
Jack Woods
Jack Wooldridge
Jack Woolsey
Jack Word
Jack Worden
Jack Worder
Jack Wordm
Jack Work- Mr.
Jack Wright
Jack Wrinn
Jack WSrder
Jack Wtson
Jack Wyatt
Jack Wylie
Jack Wynter
Jack Wyrtzen
Jack X
Jack xal3 Housekeeper
Jack Yalt
Jack Yasuda
Jack Ye- Mrs. Henry Dale
Jack Yeman
Jack Yemen
Jack Yemen An
Jack Yes
Jack Young
Jack Your
Jack Yourt
Jack Yuke
Jack Zadow
Jack Zim
Jack Zimmerling
Jack Zimmerling G Hes Bnsebois
Jack Zivlc
Jack __
Jack" Band
Jack" Busy
Jack" Dolan
Jack" Stitt
Jack) Graham BOWES
Jack) Graham 647-3885 Joan Bertrand
Jack) Graham 647-3885 Stuart Graham
Jack) Graham Bus
Jack) GRAHAM Edgar Phoebe McCord
Jack) Graham II
Jack) Graham INVE5TCO P.O.
Jack) Graham Love
Jack) Graham Main St.
Jack) Graham Mayor
Jack) Graham Mayor 1993
Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
Jack) Graham Mayor: Marcel Lavigne
Jack) Graham Mutual
Jack) Graham Mutual Group Powell
Jack) Graham Mutual Life
Jack) Graham Mutual Life Insurance Trudeau
Jack) Graham Office
Jack) Graham P 0
Jack) Graham P 0. Box
Jack) Graham P O. Box
Jack) Graham P.0.
Jack) Graham P.O.
Jack) Graham President
Jack) Graham Sister Marilyn_
Jack) Graham Stuart Graham
Jack) Kenneth Henry
Jack- Alexander
Jack- Campbell
Jack- Canada
Jack- Clarke
Jack- Daii*y Hefrsrtwnents
Jack- Graham
Jack- Lions
Jack- Robert-
Jack- Sharpe
Jack- Thanks
Jack- Wallis
Jackie McBane Debbie Hodgins Jane Alexander Roily Bernier Gary Trudeau Gerry McKenny Eric Smith Pau
Jackie McKay
Jackie Mrs. Helen Thrun
Jackson Alexander
Jack] Edwfal McKtty
Jack—Doctor Evans
Jamea Alexander
James Alexander
James Alexander Bowes James Alexander Bowes
James Alexander Braden
James Alexander Ebert
James Alexander McCaHum
James Alexander McLean
James Alexander Payne
James Alexander Pocket Watches
James Alexander Prondfoot
James Alexander Proudfoot
James Alexander Tracy
James Alexander ^8
James Alexander.
James Barry
James Barry Mary Louise McGahern Weds Edward James Barry 8:00
James Barry.
James Bradley
James Deityy Alexander How-
James Drummond Robertson Mr. Jack Poole
James H McKay
James H. McKay
James Horner Jack Mayhew
James Jack
James McKay
James Rev.Barry Pierce
James Tait NBss Helen McLaren
Jamie Al- Ken Alexander
Jamie Alexander
Jamie Chartrand Alexander
Jamie John Bradley
Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander Chives
Jane Alexander Doug Hodgins
Jane Alexander Herb Garden Elmer Alexander Garden
Jane Alexander Lady’s
Jane Alexander May Schwartz
Jane Alexander Melissa Kavanagh Beth
Jane Alexander Secrétaire-trésorière
Jane Alexander Tea Biscuits -
Jane Alexander Wall Hanging
Jane Alexander Wendy and David Homer
Jane Barry
Jane Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Alexander
Jane Pilon Betty Russell Jane Alexander
Jane Polar Fleece Alexander
Janet Alexander
Janet B.A Brian McKay
Janet Bradley
Janet Leigh Jack Lemmon
Janet McKay
Janice Barry
Jas Alexander
Jas McKay
Jason McCoy Jamie Warren ~ Colin Amev Jack De Keyzer
Jaw Alexander
Jean (Alexander
Jean Alexander
Jean ami Helen Colton
Jean and Black Jack
Jean Bradley
Jean Davies Union Jack Dedicated At Evening
Jean Helen Bennett
Jean Louella Alexander
Jean McKay
Jean McKay Isabel
Jean Wallace V / W 647-3855 Stuart Graham Jack Graham
Jean were Mrs Jack Robinard
Jean- Barry Lusk
Jeannie Alexander Liz Corrigan
Jeff Alexander
Jeff and John Alexander
Jeff Country Wine Radey Strawberry Farm Jane Alexander
Jeff McKay
Jeff Mr Gordon Bradley
Jeffrey Alexander
Jennie Alexander
Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander Democratic
Jennifer Brian Bradley
Jennifer McKay
Jenyce Helen
Jeremy Campbell’s Alexander
Jerome Jack Campbell
Jerry and Joan McKay
Jerry Barry Murray
Jerry Lewis Helen Traubel
Jerry McKay
Jessie Amanda Alexander
Jill McKay
Jim Alexander
Jim Barry
Jim Barry J Mauricie
Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier Terry Burwell Rod Twolan Tony Hodgins Daniel Decontie Rod Ston
Jim Barry Seabrooke
Jim Barry Todd Fraser Brian Moore Dave Rich Marc Bavard Jason Toole Tony Hodgins Kevin Chevrier Dan
Jim Jack Boyd
Jim McKay
Jim Stewart Rick Paquette Ernie Kingsbury Jack Kingsbury Noel
Jimmy and Larry Alexander
Jlbert Alexander
Jllllan Barry
Jo Anne Helen
Jo-Ann Helen
Joan Alexander
Joan Alexander and Nancy Michael
Joan Bradley Margaret
Joan Cham- Helen Stark
Joan Conrad and Nancy Alexander
Joan Helen Goodwin Obituary Joan Helen Goodwin
Joan Howard Jack Mcf.nick
Joan McKay
Joan Sally McKay
Joan- Alexander
Joan- Motion Crs Jack Harrison
JoAnne Helen Hodgins
Joanne Jeff Walsh Tom Alexander
Joanne Stuart Seat Five Helen Ro Chichester Fort Coulonge Litchfield Litchfield
Joe Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Jack Brennan
Joe Barry
Joe Bradley
Joe Bradley Ko
Joe Jack
Joe McCleary Barry
Joel Alexander
Joel McCrea Miss Eleanor Bradley
Johanna Bradley
John (Jack) Lang
John A. Bradley
John A. Bradley John Clark
John Alexander
John Alexander - Coach
John Alexander 1mm
John Alexander Arm-
John Alexander Armstrong
John Alexander Armstrong .coming
John Alexander Armstrong.
John Alexander Blair
John Alexander Dale
John Alexander David Hor-
John Alexander Davis
John Alexander Godin
John Alexander Golden Eagles
John Alexander Hayley
John Alexander Jack-
John Alexander Jackson 287
John Alexander John Alexander
John Alexander Logue McDonald
John Alexander Macdonald
John Alexander Mathle
John Alexander QUYON FERRY L
John Alexander Scierie Sylvain Dams
John Alexander Scierie Sylvain Danis
John Alexander Sturgeon
John Alexander Sturgeon AA.D.
John Alexander Tru-
John Alexander Trudeau
John Alexander Warm Weather Does
John Alias Jack Jewell
John and Helen Dahlke
John B Fraaer Vice President Alexander Maclaren Hon
John B Frailer Vice President Alexander MaoJaren Hon
John B Framer V''ice President Alexander Maolaren Hon
John B Framer Vice President Alexander Maclnren Hon
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maclarcn M.
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maclaren Hon
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maclaren M.
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Macluren
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Madaren M.
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maelaren Hon
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maelaren M.
John B Fréter Vice President Alexander Mac
John Barry
John Barry Falls
John Bradley
John Bradley Fort William
John Burgess Jr. Helen
John D Fraser Vice President Alexander Maeluren M.
John David “Jack’’ Reid
John Entwistle Keith Moon Paul Nicholas Jack Nicholson Robert Powell Pete Townshend Tina Turner
John Helen
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Jack
John Jack 2.
John Jack Roes
John Jack-
John K. Alexander
John M Alexander
John M. Alexander
John Martin Bradley
John McAr- Alexander
John McKay
John McKay Hiljiard
John McKay Motion Cr
John McKay’s
John Miss Beth McKay
John O’Connel John McMahan Jack Dolan
John Peck Trent Reynolds Jim Barry Brian Moore Dave Rich Todd Fraser Tony Hodgins Jason Toole Kevin
John Petty Joan Conrad Helen McMunn Jaime Christie Members
John Saxon Kurt Jurgens CinemaScope Technicolour JACK RUSSELL
John Tracy Jack Campbell
John Trent N.D.P Brian Murphy Barry Moore CANDIDATE Unité
Joioph Alexander McLejd
Jonathan Jack
Jonn Alexander Cooper
Josée Alexander
Joseph "Barry
Joseph Alexander
Joseph Alexander 9<
Joseph Alexander Claessen
Joseph Alexander Leighton
Joseph Alexander Malette Pt
Joseph Bradley
Joseph Bradley’s
Joseph Thomas Alexander La
Joseph Thomas Alexander Laframboisc
Josh Alexander
Josh McKay
Joshua McKay
Joy Alexander
Joy Alexander Mat Donell
Joyce Alexander
Joyce Helen Bretz
Joyce Helen Jane Sparling
Jtckie McKay
Judd W Helen
Judges—Sister Helen
Judith Alexander
Judy Al- Jack Barr
Judy Alexander
Judy Alexander Brent BaUantyne Joan Bradley
Judy Alexander.
Judy Barry Doug Schoular
Julia Alexander
Julie Alexander and Susan Lynch
Jumping Jack
June Bradley
June Orr Alexander
Junes McKay
Junior—Helen Elliott
Jure Jack Fred Conrve
Jurië Bradley
Just Alexander
Just Jack
Justin Helen
Justin McGuire Alexander
K,te McKay
Kaiden Alexander
Kaiden Alexander Bauer Chad Bauer
Kamona Helen Hobbs
Karen Alexander
Karen Alexander Alva Lance
Karen Bradley
Karl Alexander Main St.
Katharine Fletcher Alexander-Desjardins Dreaming
Katherine Hynes Jack Graham
Katherine Marion Alexander
Kathryn Helen 7
Kathryn Maria Helen
Kathy Alexander
Katie Alexander
Katny Alexander
Katrina Barry
Kay Bradley
Kdwin Alexander
Keith Bradley
Keith Bradley’s
Keith D.D.G.M. Wm Bradley Sr.
Keith Horner Mick Hodgins Don Dods Jack Russell Knlpe
Keith Jack Campbell
Keith Palmer Registered Scouts Alexander
Kelly - Jack
Ken Alexander
Ken Alexander -photo Sytvia Bakker
Ken Alexander 1
Ken Alexander 15 Patrick
Ken Alexander 22
Ken Alexander 4
Ken Alexander 8 Ralph McCcXgar
Ken Alexander Andrew Warren
Ken Alexander Arnprior
Ken Alexander Bcachburg
Ken Alexander It
Ken Alexander Jcson Barley Mike Thtoeou Troy Cot* Tim Thompson Michael Murphy
Ken Alexander Ken Alexander
Ken Alexander Patrick
Ken Alexander Patry
Ken Alexander Pyan Wood
Ken Alexander Ralph McC
Ken Alexander Ralph McCoigon Jeff Gibbons Steven Alexander Derek F
Ken Alexander Renfrew 7
Ken Alexander Ryan Barber Jason Boiiey Mchoel Murphy Mike Th.beou Blake Crozier Tim Thompson Opeong
Ken Alexander Shawville
Ken Alexander Shot*
Ken Alexander Steven Alexander Derek Probe
Ken Alexander*
Ken Alexander-Biaxe Croz-er
Ken Alexander-Chad Routliffe
Ken and Helen Kelly
Ken Barry
Ken Barry Moore
Ken I Alexander
Ken McKay
Ken Whicher Onslow School Jack Harris Clarendon However
Kenneth Alexander
Kenneth Bradley
Kenneth Bron- Mr Gordon Alexander
Kenneth McKay
Kenny Alexander
Kenny Jack
Kenny McKay
Kerry Ann Alexander
Kerry Ann Alexander Mary Lepack
Kevan McKay
Kevin Barry
Kevin Bradley
Kevin Find- Steven Alexander
Keyanna Alexander
Kim Alexander
Kim Barry
Kim Barry Mama
Kim McKay
King Alexander
Kingston Barry
Kinperor Alexander
Kir Alexander
Kirs Jack Barr
Kllmac Helen Rag Apple
Knlpe Jack
Koss Alexander
Kourtney Helen Perry
Kris Alexander
Kristen Helen
Kyle Misener Branden Alexander
Kyle Tyler Alexander
L Alexander
L Helen
L. Alexander
L. McKay
L<»ui* Alexander
Labelle Miss Susan McKay
Labine Alexander
Lac McKay
Lackey Alexander Mr.
Lady Helen
Lady-Jack O Neil
Lake Helen Perry
Lake Stuart Graham Jack Graham Quyon Kl
Lamarche Barry Harkins
Lance Alexander
Lance Moore Steven Alexander
Lang Alexander
Laura Alexander
Laura Helen
Laura Helen Woodley
Laura Louisa Alexander
Laura McKay
Laurie Helen
Laurie Jack
Lavallee Charlene Graham Mayfred Dods Jack Burke Iva Armstrong Nancy Alexander Louis Lavallee Rene
Lawrence Alexander
Lawrence Alexander.
Lawrence Lan Mrs Kenneth Case Convenor- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Lawson Clarence J. L Alexander
Lawson Mias Helen Pirie
Lb# Rev. Alexander John Forsyth
Lcs McKay
Lcuclla Alexander
Lcuella Alexander
Ldith Alexander
Leaves Jack Miner’s Sanctuary On Its
Lee Alexander
Lee Helen McCauley
Lee Teper- Alexander
Leigh Alexander
Len-ora Alexander
Lena Alexander
Lena Evelyn Alexander
Lena Kvelyn Alexander
Lena Ro- Jack Lar*vl^re Woan
Lena Y. Alexander
Lenora Alexander
Lenora Alexander Billy Barr Wallace Bretzlaff Mary Lou ConoUy Emily Dagg Marie Draper Barbara Findl
Lenora Gwendolyn Alexander
Lenore Alexander
Leo Fortin - Helen
Leo Fortin - Helen Dubé
Leo Periard Mrs Cecilia Bradley Mulligan
Leo St Dennis Helen)
Leona Alexander
Leona Barry
Les Alexander
Les Alexander Canada
Les Alexander Named
Les Alexander Shawville Curling Club
Les Alexander.
Les McKay
Leslie Alexander
Leslie Helen
Leslie Hynes Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Jack Campbell Irwin Wilson Camp Bed
Leslie McKay
Leslie Unit Jack McLaren
Lester Helen Hodgins
Lester Jack
Letts Alexander
Leuclla Alexander
Leuella Alexander
Leuella Alexander JULY
Levina Alexander
Lewes McGuire Paul Lang Gordon McGillvray Chris MacIntyre Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Jeff AyouD Cha
Lewis Bradley
Lewis Jack
Lillian Alexander
Lillian Bradley
Lillian E. Bradley
Lilly Bradley
Lily Bradley
Lincoln Alexander
Linda Bradley
Lion Jack
Lionel McKay
Lisa Corrigan BARRY HORNER
Lisa Helen Routliffe
Lisette Helen Marie Hobbs
Little Helen
Little Helen (quietly Ivi&il LOSoOflS
Little Helen Hodgtos
Lj Helen Wallace
Llodv Alexander
Lloyd Alexander
Lloyd Alexander Alfred Armitage Edmond Gauthier Andrew Daley
Lloyd Bradley
Lois Bradley
Lome Alexander
Lome Bradley
Lon McKay
Lorenn Helen Connelly
Lorney Alexander
Lornie Bradley
Lorraine Helen Tubman
Lottie Bradley
Lou Alexander Bruce
Lou Bradley
Lou Costello Bud Abbott JACK
Louclla Alexander
Louclla Alexander Joan
Louefla Alexander
Loueila Alexander
Louel-la Alexander
Louella Alexander
Louelle Alexander
Louis Alexander
Louis McKay
Louise Alexander
Louise McKay
Love Helen
Love Jack! Weaver JOLICOEUR
Lowella Alexander
Lowella Alexander’s
Lucky Alexander
Lucky Jack
Luella Alexander
Luella Alexander Westport
Lulu Helen McCord
Lulu Helen Spar
Lumber Jack
Lumber Jack Show
Lura McKay
Lyla Bradley
Lyle Byers Daniele LaSalle Barry Stephens Harold Dougherty Dwight Crozier Nell
Lynn Alexander
Lynn Bradley
Lynn Knox Domenic Alexander Jack Daniel Irvin Kelly
L’Rlect Helen
M Alexander
M Alexander.
M J Barry
M L KID J Entertain Bride-Elect Jack Currie-Mills
M P Barry Moore
M*»* Helen Catherine Cameron
M. Alexander
M. Bradley
M. Helen
M. McKay
M.P. McKay
Mabel Bradley
Mabel Helen.
Mac Alexander
Mac Mrs. Mary Alexander
Macedonia’s Alexander
Madonna Helen Towell
Maggie Alexander
Maijorie Helen Mom- She
Maire Jack Graham Bourgeois
Maire-Jack Graham
Major-General Alexander
Malcolm Alexander
Malt Alexander
Malt Alexander Campbell
Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell
Manola Alexander
Mar Barry
Marc McKay
March W ’ W W. Alexander
Marcia McKay
Margaret A Helen O Neil
Margaret Alexander
Margaret Alexander Eight
Margaret Bradley
Margaret Catherine Gloria Helen Linda
Margaret Cuthbertson George Dale Doris Deguire Mable Erly Helen Horner
Margaret E. Alexander
Margaret Helen
Margaret Hod-was Barry Draper
Margaret McKay
Margaret Mrs Jack Braddock
Margo Helen
Marie Bradley
Marie Helen and Larry
Marilyn Alexander
Marion Alexander
Marion Alexander.
Marion Gordon Alexander
Marjorie Helen Morningstar Marjorie Stevenson
Marjorie Helen Young
Marjorie Jane Alexander
Marjorie Jean Alexander
Marjorie Man- Mrs. Jack Russell
Mark 400-0064 ALEXANDER
Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander Continued
Mark Alexander SEE OUR
Mark Alexander .466
Mark Alexander Are
Mark Alexander CALDWELL
Mark Alexander Canadian
Mark Alexander Forum
Mark Alexander From MNA
Mark Alexander I Canadian
Mark Alexander Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander Mock
Mark Alexander Shawville
Mark Alexander Shawville Richard Wills Once
Mark Alexander Shawville Ross Dickson Forum
Mark Alexander Sincerely
Mark Bradley
Mark Dana Jack Mahoney
Mark E Alexander Shawville Please
Mark McKay
Marlene Bradley
Marly Barry Pel# Kelly
Marshall Alexander
Marshall Alexander Riggs
Marshall Helen and Lloyd Palmer
Martha Alexander
Martha Alexander.
Martha Helen
Martha Helen Fairgrieve
Martha Helen Schwarts
Martha Helen Schwartz
Martha Hod- Jack Zimmerhng
Martin Helen Hayes
Martineau Alexander
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Woctets
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Marven Smith Percheron Stallion: Emerson Cou-Barry Smith
Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander Teevens
Mary Ann Alexander
Mary Bradley
Mary Breckenridge - McKay
Mary Dale Alexander
Mary Helen
Mary Helen Convalescent Home
MARY Helen Emily
Mary Helen Giroux
Mary Helen McKinley
Mary Helen Pirie
Mary Hodglns Mrs Helen Dale
Mary Jack-
Mary Jane Alexander
Mary McKay
Mary Spence Jack
MasteLr Barry
Master—Jack Bryant
Mathew Alexander
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander Hodgins
Matt Alexander They
Matt Alexander’s
Matt Freeh- Alexander
Matthew Alexander
Matthew Alexander Assists
Matthew Alexander Justin Bennett
Matthew Alexander MVP
Matthew McKay
Maureen Alexander
Maurice Barry
Maxime Branden Alexander
Mayor Alexander
Mayor Graham Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Jack
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Jack Graham CRLO
Mayor Jack Graham Qf
Mayor Jack Graham QUÉBEC
Mayor Jack Graham Tenderers
Mayor Jack Lang
Mayor «Jack Graham Marion Robinson
Mayors Jack Graham
Mbs Helen
McCagg Helen
McDougal Jack O’Neill
McDowell VicePrincipal Nancy Alexander
McEwan da Bradley
McGee Barry Beardsley Bristol
McGee Mrs Jack Montague
McGee Perly Richardson Duncan Russett Mrs Helen Jones Mqs Hubert Hamilton Mrs. W.
McGoff Alexander — B.
McKay St
McKay & Julie Faught Sat
McKay A Company LIMITED.
McKay A Gouvernement
McKay A Oo.
McKay Audrey Jacques
McKay Black
McKay Bob Camere Our
McKay Carried
McKay Co Inc.
McKay Company
McKay Correspondence
McKay Eliard Horner
McKay E§
McKay Hewett
McKay Hobbs
McKay I
McKay Ik*
McKay Insulation
McKay James Wil
McKay Jjj
McKay Judy Grant II
McKay K
McKay Lake
McKay Lot
McKay M Doyle: Mrs
McKay Marion Smyth
McKay Milling Co.
McKay Precision-built
McKay Rd
McKay Shawville
McKay St.
McKay Subdivision
McKay The
McKay Trophy
McKay Trueman Tuck
McKay Woolsey
McKay Wright
McKAY’S Barber Shop
McKechnie Misses Eleanor Bradley
McKeen Alexander
McLaughlin Alexander
McRae Helen
Me- Bradley
MeG*»tf Alexander Crs Motion That
Megan Alexander
Mel Bradley
Mel McKay
Melissa McKay
Melrose Alexander
Melrose Alexander Alva Turner
Melrvse Alexander
Melvin Bradley
Melvin Stewart Jack Hawkins Color Model
Melvin W Younge Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Willow Hollow Farm Barry
Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Lindsay Carson Barry
Merry Christinas Helen Dumouchel
Merry Reardon Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Merry Reardon Sister Helen Gratton
Messrs Barry
Messrs Barry McCallum
Messrs D. B Alexander
Messrs Harold Mckay
Messrs Jack
Messrs Jack Radford
Messrs Jack Turcotte
Messrs James Moynihan Barry
MfJ Barry
Mg Helen Perry
Mgr Barry
Mhs Helen MacLean
Mi Helen
Mi Helen Armstrong Montreal
Mi* Helen
Mi* Helen The
Mi** Helen
Mi** Helen MacLean
Mi*s Helen Davis
Mi- Helen Swartz
Mi-s Helen
Mia Jack
Mias Alexander
Mias Helen
Mias Helen Enright
Mias Helen Mrs. Robert Iah*»
Mib-es Helen
Mich Helen Dolan
Mich- Helen Imison
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander Roy
Michael Barry
Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley A
Michael Bradley Before Jury At Hull Advocate
Michael Bradley Charged
Michael Bradley Hanged Mrs.
Michael Bradley Sentenced To
Michael Douglas BEST ACTOR Jack Nicholson BEST
Michael J Barry
Michael Jack* Dm
Michael McCrank Barry Stitt
Michael Murphy Ken Alexander Ralph McCoigon Blake Crozier Mike Thibeau Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Jason
Michel Helen and Lloyd Palmer Lalonde
Micheliie Helen
Michelle Bradley
Michelle Fo-Darlene Bradley
Mickey McKay
Mies Helen Marie Hodgins
Mies Helen Roe
Mies Helen Wickens
Mies Helen XV.
Miguel Alexander.
MIhk Helen THylor
Miiiniiimiiimmimmi Helen Imison
Mike Alexander
Mike Leroy - Jack McGuire
Miller Helen
Millie Barry
Milton Bradley
Min Helen BpHicer
Mineola Alexander
Minnie Alexander
Minola Alexander
Minor Hockey Bob Alexander
Minor Hockey Helen Klngden
Minota Alexander
Mis Barry Lee Horner
Mis Helen Horner
Mis Jack McGee
Mis* Helen
Mis* Helen Belsher
Mis* Helen Brydon
Mis* Helen Campbell
Mis* Helen Wll
Mis* Helen Young
Mis* Margaret Bowen Jack Cunningham
Misa Barry
Misa Helen I
Misa Helen MacLean
Mises Helen Winthorpe Weyant
Mish Helen Acres
Miss Alexander
Miss Helen
Miss Helen Armstrong
Miss Helen Benoit
Miss Helen C. Karam
Miss Helen Campbell
Miss Helen Daley
Miss Helen Doreen Thompson
Miss Helen Dowe
Miss Helen Fleury
Miss Helen Grace Wickens
Miss Helen Hayes
Miss Helen Ly
Miss Helen M. CHash
Miss Helen M. Ul&shan
Miss Helen Marie | Findlay
Miss Helen Mel
Miss Helen Pearl Cochrane
Miss Helen Sea
Miss Helen She
Miss Helen Thrasher
Miss Helen Ub1ob National
Miss Helen White
Miss Helen Young
Miss Helen.
Misses Helen
Misses Helen Brinkswovth
Misses Helen Elliott
Misses Helen Fitzpatrick
Misses Helen Hunt
Misses Helen MacLean
Misses Helen Voting
Misses McKay
Mission Helen Hayes
Mitch Helen Desjardins
Mitt Helen DuJop
Mitt Helen Mee
Mi»* Helen G«rri*on
Mlgg Helen KeBer
Mlss Helen Acres
Ml„ Helen Thos
Mm Helen Maheral
Mm Helen Stewart
Mm Karl Bradley
Mme Helen
Mme Helen LaHberté de Fécole St-John
Mme Helen Laliberté
Mme Helen Marcotte
Mme Helen Nephin
Mme Helen PerrY
Mn Allen McKay
Mn Helen
Mn Helen Jones
Mn Jack Ayearst
Mna Alexander
Mns Jack Thistle
Moclntyre-K Alexander
Monica Lewis Jack Webb Bing Crosby
Mons Barry
Monsieur Jack Graham
Monsigneur Barry
Monsignor Barry
Monter Helen
Mooon Cn Alexander
More* Jack
Motion Alexander
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Carmen Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Mountain Jack Thomp- Jerry Manwell
Mr Alexander
Mr E J Alexander
Mr Gordon Bradley
Mr J L Alexander
Mr Jack Graham
Mr McKay
Mr W H McKay
Mr* Jack
Mr. Albert Sparling Miss Helen Campbell
Mr. Alexander
Mr. Alexander Allan
Mr. Alexander Annie
Mr. Alexander Barnkt
Mr. Alexander Clifford Robinson
Mr. Alexander Doherty
Mr. Alexander Elliott
Mr. Alexander Heibert Dean
Mr. Alexander Leitch
Mr. Alexander Lind
Mr. Alexander McDonald
Mr. Alexander McLaren
Mr. Alexander Millar
Mr. Alexander MoPhee
Mr. Alexander Morrison
Mr. Alexander Nichol-
Mr. Alexander Robert- Paul
Mr. Alexander Ross
Mr. Alexander Smart
Mr. Alexander Smart Mr. Hon M,ss Eva MurPhX
Mr. Alexander Tremblay
Mr. Alexander Wat-
Mr. Alexander Wat§on
Mr. Alexander Wooleott
Mr. Allen Bradley
Mr. Allen McKay
Mr. Barry
Mr. Barry Foster Stitt
Mr. Barry Freeman
Mr. Barry Moore
Mr. Bradley
Mr. D R Barry
Mr. Douglas Alexander
Mr. E J. Alexander
Mr. Edgar Bradley
Mr. Gordon Bradley
Mr. Helen
Mr. Helen MacLean
Mr. Helen Ringrosc
Mr. Ituy Bradley
Mr. Jack
Mr. Jack Armstrong
Mr. Jack Daley
Mr. Jack Graham
Mr. Jack Graham - Fashion
Mr. Jack Graham Fashion
Mr. Jack Graham Gordon McIntyre
Mr. Jack Grant
Mr. Jack K.
Mr. Jack L. Hod
Mr. Jack McNal-
Mr. Jack Miner-
Mr. Jack Radford
Mr. Jack Tol-hurst
Mr. Jack Tolhnrat
Mr. Jack Tolhurst
Mr. Maurice Alexander
Mr. Mckay
Mr. Merlin Alexander
Mr. Pennington Alexander
Mr. Stewart Freeman Alexander.
Mr. Thomas Alexander
Mr. Thomas Bradley
Mr. W O. McKay
Mr. Wendell Alexander
Mr. Wesley Bradley
Mr. Wesley F. Bradley
Mra Ernie Bradley
Mra Helen Corriveau
Mre Helen Kingdom
Mrs Alexander ¦ McArthur
Mrs B W. Alexander
Mrs G Alexander
Mrs Helen
Mrs Helen MacKinnon
Mrs Helen Neville Barnsley
Mrs Helen Routliffe
Mrs Hubert Elliott Barry
Mrs J Percy Bradley
Mrs J W Arm* Alexander
Mrs Jack Jr,
Mrs Ma X FortCoulonge M M Helen Colton
Mrs, Jack Grant
Mrs, Jack Lester
Mrs- Garfoote> Mrs. McKay
Mrs-) Helen P. Campbell
Mrs. Albert Gortmaker Doris Hodgins Milton Hodgins Myrtle Hodgins Eddie Jean-Marie Elwyn Lang Jack
Mrs. Albert V. Alexander
Mrs. Alexander
Mrs. Alexander Armstorng
Mrs. Alexander Brough Dies
Mrs. Alexander Brown
Mrs. Alexander Corrigan
Mrs. Alexander Donoski
Mrs. Alexander Giant
Mrs. Alexander Gillespie
Mrs. Alexander Gillespie Brough
Mrs. Alexander Groves
Mrs. Alexander If
Mrs. Alexander Johnson
Mrs. Alexander Keîth R. Emmenon
Mrs. Alexander McDonald
Mrs. Alexander McLachlin
Mrs. Alexander Mon-heit
Mrs. Alexander Ross Dies
Mrs. Alexander Shaw
Mrs. Alexander Shaw Mr. William Tubman
Mrs. Alexander Smirle
Mrs. Alexander Sutlieiland
Mrs. Alexander Tre Mano
Mrs. Alexander Warren
Mrs. Allan Jack
Mrs. Allan McKay
Mrs. Allen Bradley
Mrs. Allen Bradley Mrs. Allen Bradley
Mrs. Allen McKay
Mrs. Allen S. McKay
Mrs. Andrew Alexander Dies
Mrs. B C Hor- Gordon Alexander
Mrs. Barry
Mrs. Barry Draper Many
Mrs. Barry McCormack
Mrs. Barry Ross (Betty
Mrs. Bazil Alexander
Mrs. Carson Ryan Debbie Smith Eleanor Scuccimarra Helen Thrun Margaret Wall Pat Wood Shawvilie Rota
Mrs. Ciarry Bradley
Mrs. Cliff Alexander
Mrs. Cliff Alexander Important Notice
Mrs. Cliff Alexander Mr.
Mrs. Cliff Bradley
Mrs. Clifford Alexander
Mrs. Clifford Bradley
Mrs. Clifford Bradley Mrs. Larry Lamb
Mrs. Craig Bradley
Mrs. Craig Bradley Noranda
Mrs. Criig Bradley
Mrs. Dalton McKay
Mrs. Del Bradley
Mrs. Delmer Alexander
Mrs. Dwight McDow-of Barry’s Bay
Mrs. E J. Alexander
Mrs. Eddie Fin-Gordon Alexander
Mrs. Edwin J. Alex- Gordon Bradley
Mrs. Em-ter Mrs. Jack Williams
Mrs. Ernie Bradley
Mrs. Ernst Bradley
Mrs. Gary Bradley
Mrs. George Fred- Helen
Mrs. Gordon Alexander
Mrs. Gordon Alexander N. Dakota
Mrs. Gordon Bradley
Mrs. Gordon Bradley Koutliffe
Mrs. Gordon Bradley Mary
Mrs. Gordon Bradley Three Rivers
Mrs. Griffin Bowie Jack Marshall
Mrs. Helen
Mrs. Helen Adams
Mrs. Helen Betty
Mrs. Helen Black
Mrs. Helen Blake
Mrs. Helen Bodvn
Mrs. Helen Burmester
Mrs. Helen Campbell
Mrs. Helen Campeau
Mrs. Helen Cermak Kinlay
Mrs. Helen Colton RN
Mrs. Helen Com
Mrs. Helen Compeau
Mrs. Helen Connelly
Mrs. Helen Dale
Mrs. Helen Dumouchel Calumet Island
Mrs. Helen F Harmer Avenue
Mrs. Helen Halcomb
Mrs. Helen Hassell
Mrs. Helen Hen-
Mrs. Helen Henderson
Mrs. Helen Hodgins
Mrs. Helen Hughes Dulaney
Mrs. Helen James
Mrs. Helen Judd
Mrs. Helen Kingdom
Mrs. Helen Kingdom Mr. Bud Findlay
Mrs. Helen Kingdon
Mrs. Helen Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Helen L. Grenfell
Mrs. Helen La* Woodbine Avs„ Toronto
Mrs. Helen Lav#
Mrs. Helen Lsw
Mrs. Helen MacKech
Mrs. Helen MacKech-nie
Mrs. Helen Martineau
Mrs. Helen McFaul
Mrs. Helen Moses
Mrs. Helen P. Campbell
Mrs. Helen PCampbell II
Mrs. Helen Prestner
Mrs. Helen Rhyn
Mrs. Helen Routliffe
Mrs. Helen Ruasett
Mrs. Helen Russett
Mrs. Helen Russett Miss Winnie Armstrong
Mrs. Helen Ryan
Mrs. Helen Smith
Mrs. Helen Smyth
Mrs. Helen Thrun
Mrs. Helen Tisdale
Mrs. Helen Towell This
Mrs. Helen V....
Mrs. Helen Vsinski
Mrs. Helen Walls
Mrs. Helen Walsh
Mrs. Helen Warford
Mrs. Helen Warren
Mrs. Helen Wi
Mrs. Helen Wills Moody
Mrs. Helen Woodbine Avs„ Toronto
Mrs. Helen Woolsey
Mrs. Helen Yurko
Mrs. Helen Zimmcrling
Mrs. I. B Bradley
Mrs. Idwm Alexander
Mrs. Jack
Mrs. Jack Mrs. Clayton Russell
Mrs. Jack Armstrong
Mrs. Jack Armstrong Miss Kathryn Mulligan
Mrs. Jack Barr
Mrs. Jack Barr Ange
Mrs. Jack Barr John Draper
Mrs. Jack Beach
Mrs. Jack Bertrand
Mrs. Jack Black
Mrs. Jack Blake
Mrs. Jack Books
Mrs. Jack Boyd
Mrs. Jack Burden
Mrs. Jack Cunningham
Mrs. Jack Derouin
Mrs. Jack Dunlop
Mrs. Jack E. McKay
Mrs. Jack Foster Ireland
Mrs. Jack Frederick
Mrs. Jack G.x>dfd- Iimb
Mrs. Jack Grant Shawville Recreation Director ReC
Mrs. Jack Hanson Mr.
Mrs. Jack Hassell
Mrs. Jack Hibbard
Mrs. Jack Holland
Mrs. Jack KclleJier
Mrs. Jack Kel-ieher
Mrs. Jack Knlly
Mrs. Jack McGuire
Mrs. Jack Moore
Mrs. Jack Ottawa
Mrs. Jack O’Neil
Mrs. Jack P. Johnston
Mrs. Jack Pal
Mrs. Jack Shaw
Mrs. Jack Stephens
Mrs. Jack Thistle
Mrs. Jack TkmUtk*
Mrs. Jack W. Horner
Mrs. James A. Farley Mrs. Helen Wills Moody
Mrs. James Alexander Payne
Mrs. James Loken Mr. Jack Thistle Bay Mrs. Malette
Mrs. John Bradley
Mrs. Ktiwin Alexander
Mrs. Laird Barclay Miss Shaw—Miss E. Alexander
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander !
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander Miss Jean White
Mrs. Lyde Alexander
Mrs. Marshall Laughren Mr. Jack Byron
Mrs. Mary Alexander
Mrs. McKay
Mrs. Mrs Gordon Bradley
Mrs. Percy Alexander
Mrs. Percy Bradley
Mrs. S Alexander
Mrs. T W Alexander
Mrs. Terrance Alexander
Mrs. Themas Alexander
Mrs. Thomas Alexander
Mrs. Thomas Bradley
Mrs. Thomas H. Bradley
Mrs. Thomas James Alexander
Mrs. Thomas McKay
Mrs. Thornes Alexander
Mrs. Thos Alexander
Mrs. Thos Bradley
Mrs. W E Bradley Rachelle Carrière
Mrs. Wendal Alexander
Mrs. Wesley Bradley
Mrs. Wm Bradley
Mr§ Helen
Mr» Alexander Tremblay Mr
Mr» M Shan* Mrs Jack Body
Msgr Barry
Msgr M Barry
Msgr Michael J Barry
Mss Helen Hodgins
MUi Helen Morris
Muir Gordon Alexander
Mulligan Geetske Veildhuiss C. Standing Shirley Bradley Donald Reynolds Herbie Stafford Shirley Wil
Munel McKay Don-s Ele(
Muriel Helen
Murray Barry
Murray Barry Draper Henry Barnabe
Mw Helen Henderson
Myna Bradley
M» Jack Lester
N. Alexander
Nad* Alexander
Nada Alexander
Nancy Alexander
Nancy Alexander -
Nancy Alexander Benson Autoparts
Nancy Alexander Campbell
Nancy Alexander Church
Nancy Alexander Douglas.
Nancy Article Alexander
Nancy Barry Kil- To Picture
Nancy Horner Helen Imison
Nancy Maxsom Helen MacKechnie Donna Kennedy Dot Mohr Tayler Campbell Carl Inglee Josh Greenshields
Naomi Rooney Miss Rosetta Riley Miss Helen Wickens Miss Lorna Wilson Miss Annie Hamilton North Clar
Ne** Helen Beckett
Near Barry River
Neesle McKay
Neil & Helen McMunn
Neil & Helen Walls
Neil McKay
Neil McKay Smith
Neil Murphy-Jack Wilson
Nelson Alexander Schwartz
Nes-de McKay
Nessie McKay
News Alexander Kilgour
Nicastro P Riley Helen Horner
Nick McKay
Nigel Barry Hamer
Nivan Helen Hayes Jodi Foster 2
No, Jack
No. Helen C* Campbell
Noble Grand Helen Towell
Nora D’Aoust,Cassandra McKay
Norm Alexander
Norma Alexander
Norman Alexander
Norman Cartier 3. Barry Belanger 3. Jofth
Norman Hubert 4 Helen McCaulev.
Norman McKay
Normand Alexander
Norris Horner Keith Bean Vertal Smiley Eric Brown Gordon Alexander Rowat
Norval Helen Young
Notes Messrs "Jack" Kavanagh
November Helen Dumouchel
Novices Bradley
O McKay
O O Helen MacLean 079
Obituary Clifford Alexander Robinson Clifford A Robinson
Oct. Master Artie McKay
Oddfellows Barry More Photos
Office Alexander
Officially Thanked For Landscaping At Garden Party Helen E. Henderson Exchanges Vows With Edward E.
Olmstead Helen Mathers
Omee Alexander
On Helen
Onr Alexander
Ontruc Allison Corrigan Jack
Or McKay
Or- Helen SOOTH
Organizer Helen Du-
Orson Alexander
Orville Helen Robinson
Osborne Alexander
Ot-, Helen
Other Helen Robinson
Ottawa Mrs. Razil Alexander
Ottawa—Jack James
Ottice Alexander
Out- Alexander
Over Jack Brennan
Over Melvin W Younge Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow
Owen Teevens Branden Alexander
P. Alexander
P. Bradley
Paddy Helen McCann
Paddy Jack
Paddy O Donnell Or McKay
Papineau Jack Graham
Pastor Bradley
Pat Barry
Pat Barry’s
Pat Bradley C P 340
Patricia Alexander
Patricia Barry Baseball Drama
Patricia Helen Bronson
Patricia Helen to
Patrick Hc-with Ken Alexander
Patrick Ker Alexander
Patty Shep- Helen Hodgins
Paul Barry
Paul Bradley
Paul Bristol Mayor Jack
Paul Dr. Alexander
Paul Havnes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortera
Paul Haynes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Paul Helen and Lloyd Palmer Amanda Baird
Paul Jack Johnston
Paul Lang Chris MacIntyre Gordon McGillvra Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Jeff Ayoub Chad Roufliffe Ral
Paul Long Chris MacIntyre Ken Alexander Lewes McGuire Gordon McGUtvroy Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons
Paul McKay
Paul OuwMWkei Barry
Paul Ryan Mayor: Jack Graham
Pearl Alexander
Pedro Lana Timer Barry Sullivan Technicolor Plat
Peggie Alexander
Peggie Alexander 7375XJ4
Peggy Alexander
Pentecostal Church Helen Perry
Peoples Alexander Copeland Quyon
Percy Alexander
Percy Bradley
Perry Helen’s
Petawawa Alexander
Peter Alexander
Peter Arm-Helen Belsher
Peter McKay
Peter McKay’s
Pharmacy Helen s Hair Design Doctors
Philip Alexander Simser
Phillip Elliott Jack
Phillip Holmes Dorothy Alexander Prize
Phone Alexander
Phone Jack
Phylis Helen
Phyllis Helen
Phyllis Helen Cavill
Phyllis Helen Weaver
Phyllis Me- Beverley Alexander
PMavor Jack Graham
Point Alexander
Pontiac Business Assoc Jack McLaren.......... Murray
Pontiac M P Barry Moore
Pontiac Mark Alexander Gradual
Pontlao F A. Parker Franklin Alexander Parker
Pope Alexander IV
Pops Alexander VI.
Pound Keepers:- Barry Draper Robert Smart
Prana Alexander
Presley Alexander
Pretty Helen Br
Primes Alexander
Princess Alexander
Princess Helen
Princess Helen McGuire
Princess Helen’s
Prince» Helen
Principal Alexander
Principal Matron) Helen L. Shanks
Prinoe Alexander
Prinotws Helen
Private Barry
Pro- Jack Graham
Pro-Mayor Jack
Pro-Warden Jack Graham
Prof McKay
Prof. Alexander Graham Bell
Prof. Alexander McConnell
Prof. Helen Neflsoo
Proud Helen McCauley
Provost Alexander
Prtnee Alexander
Prussia Alexander
Pte Mickey McKay
Qara Alexander
Qeorge Alexander
Qr Alexander
Quartermaster Rae Campbell Daryl Tubman Registered Brian Alexander Douglas Young Maurice
Que Alexander
Que McKay
Que Mrs. Joe Jack
Quebec Alexander
Quebec Helen Neclaw
Queen Helen.
R Alexander
R Barry
R C A. Alexander
r*S| Alexander Berard
R.C.F Alexander
R.mk Helen Biadiey
Ralph Jack
Ralph McColgan-Ken Alexander) PenoP.es
Ralston McKay
Randy Helen Young
Randy Plouffe Jamie Lemay Brad Barr Jeff Tanner Jack Knox
Raspber-Jane Alexander
Ray Denton Jack Kelly I .
Ray Luella Alexander
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Raymond Lalonde Stewart Kehoe Brian Alexander To
Raymond Sheppard Gordon Bradley Andrew Michaud William MacLachlan EQUITY PHOTO
Rcnor Jack
Rcta McKay Isabel Smart
Rd J W (Jack
Rebecca McKay
Reeve Jack White
Referee "Beef" McKay
Referee Gordon "Beef" McKay
Referee—Jack Anderson
Reisers Easy Jack
Ren Alexander
Ren K Alexander L McGuire
Renegade Wj F Zinger Jack
Renfrew Alexander
Renfrew Bradley Dillobough
Reta Barber Bradley
Reta McKay
Rev A Jack Johnston
Rev Alexander
Rev Alexander Drennan
Rev Eva Alexander 1IW
Rev Helen Pat-
Rev J W Alexander
Rev. Alexander Forth
Rev. Alexander Grant
Rev. Alexander Tremblay
Rev. Alexander White
Rev. Eva Alexander 10.00
Reverend Alexander Pokes
Reword Helen Robinson Helen EQUITY
Rhonda Helen
Rich J. Bradley
Richard Alexander
Richard Greene Gene Tierney Gene Barry / Ann Robinson
Richard Helen
Richard Hodgiua............ John Bradley
Richard Jack !
Richard McKay
Richard Wills Barry Moore
Richard Wills Jack Elliott
Richard Wills MP Barry Moore
Richard Wllk Jack McRae
Rick Alexander
Rick Bradley
Rick Evans - Dale Alexander - Hodgins Logging
Rick Helen
Ricky Alexander
Riley Alexander Drummond
Riley Helen
Rita Barber and Barry Draper
Rita McKay
Roadmasters—John McKay
Robby Benson Lynn HoMy Johnson Plus China Syndrome Suspense Drama Jane Fonda Jack Lemmon
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander Dupuis
Robert Alexander Glenn
Robert Alexander Hodgins
Robert Alexander Tracy-Alexander - Nancy Tracy
Robert Alexander Waif
Robert Alexander Watson Watt
Robert and Alexander Wills
Robert and William Alexander
Robert Barry
Robert Belanger Jack
Robert Clayton Young Grade VIII Dawn Alexander
Robert David Alexander
Robert Fowell Miss Alexander
Robert Jack.
Robert Lang Nancy Alexander
Robert M Smith Barry
Robert McKay
Robert Or Ml# SA Glrle Helen Acre#
Robert Shirley 1855-59 Alexander G. Ross
Robert Sparling Lulu Helen* McCord
Robert Wagner Jack Carson CINEMASCOPE
Rod Bradley
Roid Jack
Romy Daigle Pointe-aux-Trembles Marie-Andrée Arsenault Bathurst Alexander Kelly Brampton Benoît
Ron Alexander
Ron Alexander Corriveau
Ron Bradley
Ron McKay
Ronald Bryant Bradley James Harris Charlie John Bomediano Smith Meaghan Anne TXimer Daniel
Ronald Courney Walter Alexander
Ronald McKay
Ronald Richardson Jack Campbell
Ronald Strutt Jack
Ronnie Beat-Edith Alexander
Ronnie Helen Perry
Ronnie McKay
Rooney Helen Marie Hobbs Lisette LeCuerrier Amy Keon PIANO
Rose Mary Jack
Rose Mary) Mrs Allen Jack
Ross Bradley
Ross Dickson Barry Moore
Roy Alexander
Roy Barber (Helen
Roy Bradley
Roy Giesebrecht First Period Shawville—McKay
Royce Rich- Barry Murray
Ruby Alexander
Ruby Jean McKay Ï=M£=B Z=
Ruby McKay
Ruby Ru- Louella Alexander
Rupert Alexander Snow
Russ Bradley
Russell Alexander
Russell Barry
Russett-Smith Alexander
Ruth (Jack) McLaughlin Timmins
Ruth Alexander
Ruth Bar- Alexander
Ruth Bradley
Ruth Wool- Helen
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander Howard
Ryan Barber and Alexander Friday
Ryan Loaders Cedric Ac Lois Ludlngton Barry Maloney Harold Ac Achsah Maloney Barry
Ry^ Barry
S*Jack Graham
S. Alexander
S. Bradley
S. McKay
Sadie Arietta Bradley
Sale Jackson David Alexander Klaudie Boucher Hi
Sally Bradley
Sally McKay
Sam Alexander
Sam I Alexander
Sam Jack Lemmon
Sam Wilson Mrs Jack Knipc
Samantha McKay
Samuel Alexander
Samuel Alexander 6
Samuel Alexander Alexander
Samuel Alexander Mudd
Samuel Alexander White
Samuel Alexander White’s
Samuel Alexander.
Samuel Alexander........ Dwight McDowell
Samuel Alexander......... Dwight McDowell ......... Wesley Hodgins
Samur Alexander
Samvkl Alexander
Sandra Alexander
Sandra Ann McKay
Sandra Ann McKay Sandra Ann
Sara Barry
Sara Helen Augusta
Sarah Alexander Lesley
Sarah Barry
Sarah Bradley Exposition
Sarah Helen
Sarah Helen Dale
Sassy Helen Happy Birthday Love
Saucy Jack
Says Helen Methan
Sc J -, Jack Klaasscn
Schroeder th»t Thorne Council Alexander
Scott Barry
Scott Barry Campbell
Scott Barry Kelley
Scott Bradley
Sean Alexander Sterling
Second Albert Armstrong Douglas Young Brian Alexander To
Secy-Treas Alexander
Seed Barry Breen Ins
Senor Jack
Serres Helen Regular
Service Helen
Sgt McKay
Shane Alexander
Shane Bradley
Shannon West Alexander
Sharleen Helen
Sharon and Nancy Rabb* Mrs. Jack 1
Sharon Ann Munroe Marries James Bruce McKay
Sharon Barry
Sharon McKay
Sharon McKay Shore
Sharpe Alexander
Sharpe Nola Stark Erma Thompson Helen Wilson
Sharron McKay
Shaun Bradley
Shawn McCord Alexander
Shawville Helen Robinson
Shawville Helen Stark
Shawvllle Helen McCagg Is
She Helen Lallberte Inter March
Sheila Alexander
Shelley Winters Barry Sullivan Campbell*»
Shepherds—Alberna Alexander
Shirley Bradley
Shirley Corrigan,-Helen Dale
Shirley Dowser 1-613-984-2754 Bradley Auctions Auctioneer
Shirley Helen
Shirley McKay
Shirley Mr. Jack Wilson Is
Shone Peck Jomle Richardson Ken Alexander Steven Alexander Jeff Ireland Ian Barber Wade McCambley I
Shops Helen Clemmens----- Clifford Hahn
Show K Alexander
Showman,Courtney Alexander
Showville Alexander
Signalling Henry de Vries Albert Armstrong John Tracy Artist Badge Bryan Alexander K.
Simon Alexander
Simon Barry Stitt
Simon Corri- Barry Stitt
Simone Bradley
Simsa’s Black Jack
Sir Alexander Campbell
Sister Helen
Sister Helen > O Voice
Sister Helen ?
Sister Helen and Margaret Dowe
Sister Helen and Pat Wallace
Sister Helen and Pat Wallace’s
Sister Helen Barrett
Sister Helen Bless
Sister Helen Flaherty
Sister Helen Gratton
Sister Helen Holly
Sister Helen Smaggus
Sister Helen vice-president
Sister Helen.
Sisters Helen
Skip Barry Draper
Skip Jack Graham
Skip Les Alexander
Skip Reg McKay-Keenan
SLavigna Alexander
Sloan Barry Stitt
Sloan Jack Holland Mrs Joe Sweeney
SlUrley Helen Lett*
Smith Helen Perry
Smiuel Alexander
Song Leader Jack Smith
Song Leader—Bob Clifford Organist—Helen Warren Pianists—Betty Campbell
Sparrow Helen Towell John
Spot Alexander
Sr Helen
Ssm Alexander
SSsSSr Helen
St Helen
St Helen Tnmer
Stan Barry
Stan McKay
Stanley Alexander
Stanley Alexander Byng
Stanley Alexander Byng McNab
Stanley Jack
Stanton E W R Gordon Dittbumer Dave Alexander Ike Rennlck Mickey McGuire Trucking Donald Hodglns El
Starks Alexander
Stc Helen s Island
Ste Alexander
Steele Alexander
Stella Bradley
Stella Minerva Bradley
Stephen Agret Alexander Merritt Miss Morna Dean
Stephen Alexander
Stephen Alexander Mac Kay
Stephen Alexander Mackay
Stephen Alexander Mackey
Stephen Alexander Maektiy
Stephen Alexander Mako
Stephen Alexander Mavkny
Stephen McKay
Stephen Ru- Jack
Stephens Helen
Sterling Knitted Afghan Helen MacKechnie
Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander Best Defenceman
Steve Alexander Routliffe
Steve Alexander Steve Alexander
Steve Bradley
Steve Gkn John Judy Woodstock Andy Jack McRae
Steve Martha Alexander
Steve McKay
Steven Alexander
Steven Alexander and Chris Millier
Steven Alexander Cassleman
Steven Alexander Craig Hamelin
Steven Alexander for Richardson
Steven Alexander November
Steven Alexander Pontiacs
Steven Alexander Ross
Steven Alexander Routliffe
Steven McKay
Stevjn Alexander
Stewart Alexander
Stewart Barry
Stoic Alexander
Store Helen Stewart
Stu- Barry
Stuart Alexander
Stuart Graham Jack Graham At
Stuart Graham Jack Graham CONSTANT LETxAlfLT
Stuart Graham Jack Graham KLl
Stuart Graham Jack Graham MURDOCK
Stuart Graham Jack Graham RLl
Students Helen McNally
Suan McKay
Suas Helen
Sue McKay
Sue McKay Quyon
Susan Alexander
Susan Alexander Onslow
Susan McKay
Susan McKay- Onslow
Susanna Foster Allan Jones Margaret Lindsay Lynne OverWilliam Grace Bradley
Suzanne McKay
Sylvia Hodgins Helen McMunn
Symington Alexander
T. Alexander
T: Alexander Hickey
T>ler Alexander
Taber Barry
Tammy Alexander
Tammy Alexander - Ion Cleansing
Tara Alexander
Tara Leigh Alexander
Team Alexander Manning
Teddy Bear- Helen Daley
Telephone Helen Robinson
Telford Barry
Teri McKay
Terry and Susan McKay
Terry McKay
Terry McKay Bachelor
Terry McKay Saturday
Th@ Bucky McKay Trophy
That Helen
Theme Helen
Theo Alexander
Theresa Barry
Tho McKay Milling Co.
Thomas Alexander
Thomas Alexander 1
Thomas Alexander 2.00 2.00 Mrs.
Thomas Alexander Afternoon Service—2.30
Thomas Alexander Crerar
Thomas Alexander Emma Maria Alexander
Thomas Alexander FOR SALE—Dual-purpose Shorthorn
Thomas Alexander La
Thomas Alexander North Onslow
Thomas Alexander North Onslow Afternoon
Thomas Alexander North Onslow—Sunday
Thomas Alexander.
Thomas Alexander........... Adrien Martineau
Thomas Alexander—Carried
Thomas Alexander’s
Thomas Barry
Thomas Barry Bradley Pearson
Thomas Barry’s
Thomas Bradley
Thomas Bradley Passes Buried At
Thomas Bradley ThoroJd
Thomas H. Bradley
Thomas McKay
Thomas Orr Helen Hodgins
Thompson Alexander
Thos Alexander
Thos Bradley
Thr- Barry
Thus Alexander
Tiinoe Alexander
Tim - Jack
Timmy Helen Wallace
Tleatrice Alexander
To Helen
To Jack* Brennan
Todd Alexander
Todd Hoffman Mansfield Helen Routliffe
Toilet Set Little Jack Horner
Tom **"7- Miss Helen Mathers Durrell
Tom Alexander
Tom Alexander Bantams
Tom Jack-2111
Tom Orr Cartage Atkinsons Sports Bar Mickey McGuire Jack
Tommy Alexander
Toner Dr. Alexander H. Stewart.
Tor- Mr. Gordon Bradley
Torry Alexander Montres1 June *0.—
Tourist McKay
Trainer Elmer Alexander
Treasurer Helen
Treasurer Helen Routliffe
Trent Reynolds John Peck Jim Barry Dave Rich Brian Moore Dan Remigio Kevin
Trinity Alexander
Trolley Jack
Truman Bradley
Tyler Alexander
Tyler Alexander Carson
Tyler Alexander Greer
Tyler Alexander Horner
Tyler Alexander Marquardt
Tyler Alexander Scott Levesque
Tyler Branden Alexander
U*ne Alexander
Un-Amanda Alexander
Unifies Barry
Union Jack
Unlike Alexander III
Ur Alexander
Uttptftin Alexander
Uupei-fc King Alexander Kcvsky
Üü§üi Helen
V W Jack
V. Alexander
V. Alexander SOVIET <9
V.W. Jack
Van Heflin Ann-Margret Jack Balance ADULT ENTERTAINMENT
Van S Alexander
Vcrncr Jack
Verna Helen
Verner W Jack. E.B.W. Mulligan
Vernon Alexander
Versel Campbell Councillors Alexander
Vice-Grand Helen Towell
Victoria Alexander
Victoria McKay
Virginia Mayo Bob Hope Bing Crosby Technicolor Jack Hawkins TUES
Vis Alexander Cain
Viscount Alexander
Viscount Alexander L Park
VIWl” Alexander
Voting Alexander
Vr< Farrell Alexander -
Vunvillor Alexander
V—Susan Alexander
W A McKay
W A McKay Wni Graham
W endell Alexander
W H McKay
W Helen
W O. Bruce C. T. Misses Helen Pirie
W T W’Helen
W W McKay
W. Alexander
W. McKay
Wa''-fcer Bradley
Wallace Barber replaces Jack Warder
Wallace D Bradley
Wallace McKay
Wallace Mrs. Alexander
Walsh - Betty McKay
Walsh Helen Towel
Walter Alexander
Walter Bradley
Walter Gordon Alexander
Walter Kileonr Jack Russell
Walter Mondey Mrs. Jack Burrows
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen F^rry
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen Perry 1
Waltham Helen Perry Bpl
Waltham Helen Perry Ejfcl
Waltham Helen Perry P^l
Wanted Helen P. Campbell
Ward Schwa* David Alexander
Warren McKay
Wayne Alexander
Wayne Alexander Lang
Wayne Barry Jones
Wayne Barry Sullivan Technicolor Technicolor THURSDAY
Wayne Bradley
Wayne Lang Mrs Jack Clarke
Wcndsll Alexander
We Alexander
We Helen Perry
Welding Service Jack Clarke Pontiac Refrigeration Molson Breweries
Welfare Mrs. Clifford Bradley
Well Helen
Wellington Alexander Smart
Wen-dali Alexander
Wendal Alexander
Wendall Alexander
Wendall Alexander Mrs. R. McGuire
Wendell Alexander
Wendy Alexander Lalonde 9
Wendy Barry Mackay
Wendy Higgins Quyon Fair President Jack Graham
Wesley Bradley
Wesley F. Bradley
Wesley United Alexander
Westport—Taylor Shawvllle—Barry Murray Shawvllle—Laird Murray Shawvllle—Richardson Westport—T.
When Helen
Whereas James Barry’s
Wi tkopf Bradley
Widdi- Barry
Wil- Barry
Will Jack
William Alexander
William Alexander - Carruthers
William Alexander Armstrong March
William Alexander Bell
William Alexander Cameron
William Alexander Dickson
William Alexander Glenn
William Alexander Hod Arnprior
William Alexander Hodgins
William Alexander Hodgins Dies
William Alexander Hodgins FOR
William Alexander Hodglne
William Alexander Kemptville
William Alexander McCuaig
William Alexander Mr
William Alexander Mrs. Harry Farrell
William Alexander Percy
William Alexander.
William an& Alexander
William and Helen Ranger
William Archam Barry Moore
William Barry
William Bradley
William Drum- Mrs. Helen Henderson
William Holden S-1114 Judy Halliday Jack Le
William Jack
William Jack- Daintv
William Mc- Jack Carmichael
William McKay
William McKay Wright
William McKay Wright B.A.
Willian Alexander
Willie Alexander
Willie Alexander Mr
Willie Alexander Peggy Callagh
Wills Barry McGowan
Wills Jack Graham
Willy Alexander
Win Alexander
Winllinn Alexander
Winnifred Alexander
Wlnnllred Alexander
Wm Alexander
Wolfe Barry
Wolfman Jack
Workman...... Alexander .... Moodie
Worn Alexander
Wright John Bradley James Colton William Hamilton John Palmer Robert Palmer G.
Wyman Helen Atkinson
Yallillee Alexander
Young Alexander
Young Barry
Young Bride- Jack
Young Helen Fleury
Young Peoples HELEN
Younge Helen Hodgins
Younge-Top Barry CampbeU
Younger-Lewis Margaret Mary Helen Knox
You’re Helen
Zachary Alexander
^*non 9aU^ Helen
^1SS Helen Daley
_ Nathan Jack Daniel
1915-1925 Bradley S Hill
Alexander Ave
Alexander Bay
Alexander British Columbia
Alexander Grove Park
Alexander Road
Alexander Street
Alexander Trophy
As Jack
B. Alexander l Phone 458-2659
Barry * l
Barry Bay
Barry Mo
Barry River
Barry Sound
Barry’s Bay
Barry’s Bay Deep River
Bradley Air
Bradley Creek
Bradley Hills
Bradley Mountains
Bradley Road
Bradley Trophy
Cape Alexander
Del Bradley
Fort Alexander
Fort Bradley
Fort Helen
Fort Jack
Fort Notes JACK
Gordon Bradley l Three Rivers
Helen McLean
Helen Mir<h
Helen Robinson
Hudson Jack
Jack Bailey l. phone
Jack Beach
Jack Griffin
Jack Griffin Mu
Jack Township
Killaloe-Barry’s Bay
LaPine*Jack Griffin
Little Jack
Lottie Bradley
Mayor Jack
McGuire Ken Alexander
McKay Ave.
McKay Lake
McKay Road
McKay street
McKay Trophy
Mich Helen
Michael Bradley
Mrs Jack Grace
Otter Lake Jack
Pearl Alexander
Prince Alexander
Roy Bradley
Sacred History-Lyla Bradley
San McKay
St Alexander
St Helen’s Fort
St Helen’s Island
Susan McKay au 992-4231 au
Trophy Jack
Upper Bradley
1 Helen Perry Ç— _
2. Courtoey Alexander;
2MTel Communications Aylmer Marina B & B and Sons Farm Barry & Karen Pretty Barry Moran Bev & Julia
350J A N NOUNCEMENT Gordon Alexander
3rd Mac Alexander
453-7326 Otter Lake Helen Stewart Dumou-
689-2236 Helen Perry
Agriculture Mrs. Cecil Paris; Education Mrs. Sam Wilson; Citizenship Mrs. Cliff Bradley; Welfare He
Air Peplum Woolen Dress By HELEN WILLIAMS.
Alexander College Guild
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Hospital
ALEXANDER LE- y0iirself John Lambert
Alexander Marien Institute
ALEXANDER S Saks & Service Pern Shawville Quo.
ALEXANDER S Sales & Service Bus
ALEXANDER S Sales & Service Renfrew
Alexander Sales & Service
Alexander Supply Co.
Alexander’s cemetery
Alexander’s Sales & Service
Alexander’s Welding Clarendon School Board
AM Helen Perry
Américain Way Conservative Peter McKay
Apple Jack
artists Helen Perry
Ashton Allan McKay Mr.
Association D.lt.ALEXANDER
AT Valley Flowers & Gifts HELEN
Atlantic Service Dale Alexander
Automotive & Sports Jack McLaren Farm Supplies
Bank of Montreal JACK POTS
Bank of Montreal N OBRIEN THEATRE Barry Way
Barnett Billy Bell Helen
Barry Y
BARRY & GRACE STEPHEN Beachburg Fairgrounds
Barry Belanger’s
Barry Community Hospital
Barry Hockey League
Barry Hospital
Barry Hotel
Barry McGow-
Barry Regional Heritage Fair
Barry Rhonda Perry
Barry Wood
Barry’s Dominion Line ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS Montreal
Barry’s Tire Service
Bay 7th Line District Notes Mr. Johnmc Alexander
BCS Barry Moore
Bell McKibbon Bradley
Bell Telephone Jack
Ben Barry Agency
Beneficiary Committee Helen Towel
Beneficiary Committee Helen Towell
Best Contender Barry Belan-Most Sportsman Like Player
Best Shorthorn Steer- Barry Hodgins
Board of Mr. Barry Ostrom
BORN Church Services Anglican YACH- Barry
Bradley Air Servi-
Bradley Air Service
Bradley Air Services
BRADLEY AUCTIONEER Wyman Women’s Institute For Gins
Bradley Crystal Bowie
Bradley Donaldson Mines
Bradley Equity
Bradley Family Shot|
Bradley Farm OHARLLS BRINK WORTH Bryson Defeats C Island In League Fixture
Bradley Flying School
Bradley Flying School of Carp
Bradley University
Bradley-Carretson Co
Bradley-Carretson Co BRANTFORD
Bradley-Carretson Co BRANTFORD.
Bradley-Garretson Co "
Bradley-Garretson Co ?7574
Bradley-Garretson Co BRANTFORD
Bretzlaff Family Dorothy Alexander Special Reunion Prize for Highest Prize
Bristol ; Alexander Krwin
Bristol Barry Moore
Bristol Council Jack Graham
Bristol Girl Monsignor Barry
Bristol HELEN
Bristol Jack
Bristol Jack Graham
Bristol Jack Graham Memorial Hall
Bristol Jack Graham;
Bristol Mavor Jack Graham
Bristol May Jack
Bristol Mayor Jack
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra Mansfield
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Parks
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Pascale Tremblay
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-A
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-cerns
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-ing
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-Jerry Amyotte
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-same
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-second
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Budget Speech
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Financial Review
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Katharine Fletcher
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Numbers
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Players
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham SQ Const
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham’s
Bristol Mayor Jack Grah«un
Bristol Mayor Jack October
Bristol Mayor Jack Sloan
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham - Fashion
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham Fashion
Bristol Memorial Presbyterian Bradley
Bristol Mines Recreation Lu ella Alexander
Bristol Mr. Jack Graham
Bristol Qemusr Jack Miner
Bristol s Jack Graham
Bryson Helen Perry 819-689-2652
Bryson Beverley McKay
Bryson Lions Club Mr. Dick Alexander
Bryson McKay
Bryson Mr. Barry Burke
BUFFS RD MUTUAL LIFE Jack Graham Bristol
Buick Regal Customs But Alexander
BURGESS Helen Perry
Bv HELEN PERRY Correspondent
By Helen Perry 1
By HELEN PERRY 4+ Re/Max Direct Inc.
By Helen Perry 648-5296
By Helen Perry 689
By HELEN PERRY 689-2652
By Helen Perry 689-2652 By Mona Rutledge
By Helen Perry 689-2652 Every
By Helen Perry By
By Helen Perry By Diane Boisvert
By HELEN PERRY Correspondent
By HELEN PERRY Correspondent 689-2652
By Helen Perry On
Cain Line Alexander
California c JACK* MCRAE
Canadian Cancer Alexander
Canadian Telephone Employee J McKay
Canadian Tire Corpor- Alexander
Capital City Coin Helen Martineau
Carleton Place Kings Ken Alexander
Carried Dame Helen O Neil
Carson Alexander
Carson Alexander Sons Funeral Home
Central Barry Sloan
Central School Amey Bradley
Christmas Party Alexander
Church Helen Perry
Church Helen Perry 689-2652
Clarendon Council Eva Alexander
Clarendon Council JULY 3-4-5 Motion Crs Jack Lang
Clarendon Women’s Institute J. C. BRADLEY AUCTIONEER Stittsville Ontario Phone
Clothes Shop Hobbs Furniture A Appliances House of Flowers Helen
Clothes Shop Ontruc Allison Corrigan Jack
Clothes Shop; GAS Farm Equipment; Garnet Stephens Construction; Jack
CLYDESDALE Stallion S yr- Donald Bradley
Community Cen- Federal M.P.. Barry Moore
Community Center sponsored Jack Graham’s Mutual Life
Community Centre Jack
Community Hospital Jack Bullis
COMPACT BUDGET PRICED Grade Vie John Dean; Harley Richardson; Jack Lang; David Mc-Brian Brownlee
Conservative Barry
Conservative MP Barry Moore
Contact Gordon Alexander
Contact Helen SATURDAY
Contact Jack Graham
Continuing Education Graduates Alexander
Corner Shop Kathleen & Earl Alexander Main St.
Corporation Steven Alexander
Council Clr Barry Stitt
Council of Helen Routlife
Counterfeit Killer Jack Lord
Courtney Alexander Stock Sa
Crystal Jack Chevier
DAILY CLOSED WEDNESDAYS Alexander Garfield Elliott Alexander Garfield Elliott
Dairy Products HELEN
Daughter Helen Municipal Corporation Village of Campbell
DI Agro Jute’s Office Alexander
Diamond Drilling # Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling e Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling • Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Diamond Drilling • Duro Water Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Dillon McGee; Kenny Sloan; Barry Howard
District Governor Lion Jack Cherry
District Hockey Association Helen Dumouchel
Doctor Addison Alexander
Doctor Jack
Doctor Jack—he Paris
Donaldson Dr. Alexander
Dorcas Sparling Perry and Barry Belanger
Dot & Jack Moulton
Dr. Alexander Bell Btated
Du Barry
DU Barry S Arabica Food
Du Barry’s
Du Barry’s BTAisor OWO.CITTOF
Du Barry’s HEALTH RESTüR D Branch Otfio JJiMKsÙs
Du Barry’s JESTS*.
Du Barry’s Revalent
Education Convenor Helen
Entertainment Featuring Black Jack
Esso Service ALEXANDER
Family Helen Perry Waltham Town Hall
Fashion Shop Alexander s Sales & Serv.
FI Jack Myers Dies In Montreal Solemn Moment
Financial Secretary Barry Draper
Fine Jack Knives
First Rotary Club Luncheon J. C. BRADLEY AUCTIONEER Stittsville Ontario Phone
First Vice President- Nancy Alexander
FM Imprimerie Plus Helen Routliffe Heart Institute of Ottawa Joan
FOR RENT Adult Entertainment Barry Fitsgerald TEACHERS WANTED Room
FORD FOCUS SE Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Ford Gordon Alexander
Framed Oil Painting Helen MacKechnie
Fronts & Sons Ltd Alexander Kluke
FRUIT MART Jack Graham
Funeral Home Mrs. Helen
Funeral Peggy Alexander
G. Donaldson H. Bolam P. Toner Dr. Alexander
Garret Bradley Church
GARRY GRAHAM Agents DARWIN SMITH Sales ELMER ALEXANDER Delivery Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
General Alexander Brusiloff
General Hospital Mr. Jack Wilson
General’s Department Bradley
GM Bob Alexander
Good Food NOW Friendly Service Jack of Creighton Mines.
Great Britain Motion Cr< Alexander-Steele
HATCHERY Helen’s School
Health and Welfare Mrs. Clifford Bradley; Publicity Mrs.
HEALTH RESTORED Bevartnta Arabloa Food Du Barry’s
Heart Institute Director of Development Barry Stanton
Hearth Côte McKay
Helen / Perry
Helen B. Power
Helen Bell
Helen Doyle Elementary Grade
Helen Happy
Helen Iron
Helen Methodist Church
Helen Morris Colleen Morris
Helen Perry
Helen Perry 1^1
Helen Perry 689-2652 Marie Cam A
HELEN PERRY B Alexina Romain
HELEN PERRY Correspondent
HELEN PERRY Correspondent Petawawa
Helen Perry.
HELEN S FUR SALON Specializing
Helen Stewart
Helen Thrun Office Manager FERMETURE POUR LES FÊTES
Helen Thrun Office Manager Gavan’s Hotel
Helen Woolsey Publishers
Helen-ettes Corps Leader Françoise Corriveau
Helen-ettes Junior Corps
HERMONIE SHARPE Correspondent By HELEN PERRY Correspondent
HHVI Courtney Alexander
Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Barry Draper Melvin
HOME COOKING Rough Spruce & Balsam Rough Jack Pine Rough Poplar Peeled Poplar Mixed Rough Hardwood
Home Heetfng Service McKAY
Home Meeting Service Jack Warder
House of Commons; Barry Moore M.P. Pontiac
House of U» JM Barry Merson
House Teams Barry
House Thai Jack Built
House That Jack Built"
HP Gordon Alexander
HR Helen Perry One
I------— Helen Perry
Ideal Leather Polish Du Barry’s Loan
IIP Barry
Information Call Barry
Institute Helen
International Barry’s Tire Repair Service
J <è Allan McKay
J. Bradley
Jack & Perry
Jack Graham’s Mutual Life
Jack Mac Vicar Memorial Church
Jack Methodist Church
JACK Safety
Jack Warner
Jack Wil- School
Jeff Country Wine Radey Strawberry Farm Jane Alexander
JEROME ALEXANDER Professional Type
JJ Lumber Inc and-or Jack Jewell
JJ Lumber Inc et-ou Jack Jewell
Jr Helen Perry
Junior Champion Jack Knox Reserve Junior
Junior First Aid Certificates Barry’s
KELLY Auctioneer Alexander—Armstrong Wesley United Church
KIDS LOVE LIFE Agronome s Office Alexander
Kourtney Helen Perry
Lac McKay
LAFLAMME Church of England Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
LAFLAMME Jack Screws
LAFLAMME Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
Lake Helen Perry
Lamothe Bakery Appointments Alexander Borard Court
Legislature Messrs. McDonald, Barry US.
LIBERAL JACK-O-LANTERN Federoi Agriculture
Lion Barry Murray
Lion Jack Sherwin
Lion Jack Toboggan Race Grade
Lion Jack Wright
Lions Club International Helen Keller Fellowship
Local Hospital Miss Helen R Dods Honoured
LUV Adult Color Jack Lemmon
M. Donaldson and Dr. Alexander
M. Donaldson H. Stewart..... Phil Toner...... Dr. Alexander
Maple Grove Cemetery HARVEY ALEXANDER
Mar-Alexander Sales & Service
Master Alexander Wills
Master Artie McKay
Master Barry Bell
Master Barry Blais
Master Barry Campbell
Master Barry Corrigan
Master Barry Draper
Master Bro Barry Whelan
Master Crothers Mrs. Alexander
Master Dale Alexander
Master David Alexander
Master Earl Alexander
Master Edwin Alexander
Master Jack
Master Jack Argue
Master Jack Ebert
Master Jack MacCosham
Master Jack Mathers
Master Jack Porter
Master Jack Stewart
Master Jack Turriff
Master McKay Hewett
Master Shane Alexander
Master Wm Bradley Jr.
Mayor Jack Graham
McDonald Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
McGil University Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
McKay Center for Deaf and Crippled Children
McKay Presbyterian Church
McKay United Church
McKay United Church Uwa
McKAY’S Barber Shop
Meat Council JACK McCOUBREY - B.I.O.
MEETINGS Mrs. Sam Alexander
Mg Helen Perry *
Michael Bradley
Miley Gordon Perry Helen
Mining Securities V J. BRADLEY STREIT & Co.
Ml# SA Glrle Helen Acre#
MM I/I/eirstead Alexander
Mme Helen PerrY- de
Montreal McKay Centre
Morning Service Jack
Motion Alexander-Voting
Motion Barry Craig
Motion be Allan McKay
Motion Cm McKay
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Cr Jack Lang
Motion Cr McKay
Motion Cra McKay
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Jack
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Crime Prevention Sym
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jack Lang Sorel
Motion Crs McKay
Motion Crs Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Wmj Alexander
Motion Farrell-Alexander Patrick
Motion Farrell-Alexander—That
Motion Farrell—Alexander
Motion Jack Harrison
Motion Jack Lang
Motion Mayor Jack Gra
Motion McKay
Motion Os McKay
Motion Vrs* Alexander-O'' Reilly
MP Barry
MP Barry Moore
Mr Gordon Bradley Zion Service
Mr. Alexander Allan
Mr. Gordon Bradley
Mr. Jack Perry of
Mrs Barry Bell
Mrs Gordon Bradley
Mrs Helen Perry
Mrs Helen Perry.
Mrs Jack Word
Mrs Larry Perry Helen’s
Mrs. Allan McKay
Mrs. Art Bradley
Mrs. Barry Bell
Mrs. Edgar Alexander b Hairdressing
Mrs. Jack Committee Gospel Signboard Judd’s
Mr§ Helen
Muir Gordon Alexander
MUTUAL LIFE Jack Graham Bristol
MUTUAL LIFE Jack Graham Bristol 647-3885 MARCOTTES RETRO-CANADA Quyon
My Poor Dear Jack
N. Alexander Telephone
National Bank Beth s Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell - Donation
National Capi- Mayor Jack Graham
National Library Jack
National Midget Tour- Bob Alexander
Natural Health Products Fat North Infra-Red Saunas Tammy Jaan-Marie Alexander
NDP Leader Jack Layton
NOW Division Branden Alexander
Office Alexander
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Ate Barry Lusk
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Barry Lusk
Old Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Lindsay Carson Barry Draper
ONE Timber Jack
Onslow Protestant School Commission Mrs. Helen Campbell
Overtime Penalties—McKay
Oxford Mills—Barry Pierce.
P.M. Young Peoples Waltham Jack Warder
Party Association of Québec Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Pembroke Regional Hospital Alexander
Per Week Sports Review Antarctic Bound S By HELEN WILLIAMS.
Physical Education Teacher-Mrs Alexander
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Highway
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
Pontiac Barry Moore
Pontiac Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Pontiac Business Assoc Jack McLaren.......... Murray
Pontiac Community Hospital are Hospital Administrator Jack Russell witn Hospital Board
Pontiac County Alexander
Pontiac Economic Develop Jack Graham
Pontiac Eddie McKay
Pontiac Gatineau Labelle MP Barry Moore
Pontiac Hospital Auxiliary By Helen
Pontiac Jack Graham
Pontiac Lions Alexander
Pontiac M P Barry Moore
Pontiac M.P. Barry Moore
Pontiac McKay
Pontiac Midget Hockey After Jack
Pontiac MP Barry
Pontiac MP Barry Moore
Pontiac MP Barry Moore Driving
Pontiac Orangemen Want Union Jack Kept Pontiac County L.O.L.
Pontiac Printshop Alexander
Pontiac Progressive MP Barry Moore
Pontiac Protest-Helen
Pontiac Protestant Helen Routliffe
Pontiac Protestant High School Vice-Principal Barry McGowan
Pontiac Recep- Alexander
Pontiac Road Bradley Air Service
Pontiac School Board Pastor Jack Warder
PONTIAC TRADING POST REC D Mr. Jack Wilson A Complete Line of Merino Products Tel
PPHS Principal Barry
PPHS Vice-Principal Barry McGowan
PPJ Trail Jack Graham
Prayer Service Jennifer BRADLEY
Professional Wood Scaler As- History; Helen Hodgins
Progressive Conservative Barry Moore
Progressive Conservative MP Barry Moore’s
Provost Alexander
Public Notice Public Notice TRAVEL ALEXANDER—In
PUBUCNOTIÇE Jack Graham Community Centre
Pumps Sales & Service Barry Lusk
Pumps Skies & Service Barry Lusk
Quy-ftrst; Allan McKay
R Helen Perry
Ranch Hotel Mrs Helen McDonald
Rawleigh Products Available Contact - Mrs. Helen Dumouchel Calumet Island
Rawleigh Products Available Contact Mrs. Helen Dumouchel Calumet Island
Regional Hlstorica Fair Barry McGowan
Richard Wills Conservative MP Barry Moore
Ronnie Helen Perry 689-2652 Very
ROUGH JACK PINE Sons Nigel Green Elke Sommer MODERN
Row- Jane Alexander
Royai Alexander Hospital
Royal Bank of Canada Barry Moore
Royal Bradley
Royal Canadian Army Service Miss Verna Helen
Rumps Sales & Service Barry La*
Sacred Heart of Jesus Alexander -
SALES Helen Perry 689-2652
School Principal Defines Role Of Home And School Rev. Alexander Forth Fokes Shawville United Church
SCOUT CAMP Jack Murray
Scout Guild Alexander
Second Reelisez JACK Maison des Jeunes
Second Alexander
Second Period _ Brownlee ; Holy Trinity Church ; Mrs. Barry’s Bay
Secretary Helen Perry s^nd Treasurer Réina ÎGagnon
Serge Du- Helen
SERVICE Gordon Alexander Briggs
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Helen Kin
Shawville Ladies Hos- Helen Towell
Sheenboro Helen Perry
Side Airbags Power Heated Folding Door Mirrors Auxiliary Input Jack Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Single Carriage Horse Allen McKay
Smith Bros Barry Shewv.lle
Smith Helen Perry
Smith Jack Campbell; Strutt
Social And Dance Jack Screws for Rent Advocate
Society Director Jack Opportunity TOT
Society Vice-president Jack Graham
Southern Fried Chicken Supper Miss Helen Colton
SpflRl Helen Perry
Sports Achieve- Barry Moffat
St Alexander
St Alexander’s Church
St Ed- Jack
St Helen Routliffe
St Helen*» School
St Helen’s
St Helen’s Island
St Jo- Helen Lapierre
St. Alexander
St. Alexander Col-
St. Alexander College
St. Alexander Roman Catholic Church
St. Alexander’s Cemetery
St. Alexander’s R. C. Church
St. Helen’s
St. Regis Hotel Cake Master—Jack Bryant
Stanhow Durie Stone Manufacturing Barry Murray
Store Jack McKay Shawville Motor Sa
Storks Corners Contact Jack Nathanson
Student Council Treasurer John Alexander
Supply Mr. Gordon Bradley
SW Mrs Allan McKay
SWITCHES NEW & USED PUMPS Authorized Dealer for Goulds Water Systems Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry
Team Eganville Barry
Teen Quyon Pageant Helen
TENDERS Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle
Thai Helen# Supreme In
THE Helen Perry
Theresa Dunbar Cathy & Len Watson Danielle Vachon Darlene & Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin D
THK KfeMJITY L Waltham Helen Perry
Thorne Council Alexander
ULEY MtC Garth Dean Barry Russctt Stuart Mac Far
Union Jack
Union Jack Quarter Horse Stallions
Union Star Cheese HELEN’S FUR SALON
University of Ottawa Heart Institute Barry Stanton
USED PUMPS Authorized Dealer for Goulds Water Systems Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
V Helen Perry •1
Vegetables Mrs. Allan McKay
Village of Motion Motion Cr McKay
Vinton Post Of ALEXANDER—In
W R Gordon Dittbumer Dave Alexander Ike Rennlck Mickey McGuire Trucking Donald Hodglns Electric Mur
Wagner Jack Carson CINEMASCOPE
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen Perry
Waltham Helen Perry "
Waltham Helen Perry *
Waltham Helen Perry 1
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652 BÆJ
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652 Congratulations Sorry
Waltham Helen Perry 689-2652 MggÿJ
Waltham Helen Perry 7
Waltham Helen Perry 819-689-2652 J %
Waltham Helen Perry 819-689-2652 Ri{
Waltham Helen Perry Bpl
Waltham Helen Perry Ejfcl
Waltham Helen Perry JPZr1
Waltham Helen Perry P^l
Waltham Helen Perry Well
Waltham Helen Perry ¦Ef-1
Watson Alexander
Watson Alexander...... Belanger William...... Gilpin Joseph
Watson Alexander....... Belanger William...... Gilpin Joseph
WÊ Helen Perry
We Helen Perry 689-2652
WEDDING Jack Poller Enterprises Limited
Western Barry Sullivan
Western Quebec School Board By HELEN PERRY By HEATHER STEWART
White Jack
White Owl Mine Helen Imlaon
Women’s Institute JACK GRAHAM
Wyman Women’s Institute Mrs. Jack Melnick
x2o31 Helen Perry 689-2652 FINANCING AVAILABLE OAC
XsrtBHBSS@ Du Barry