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Agriculture Convenor

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Possible related entities:

3f Agriculture
Agriculture - Jean McMillan
Agriculture Barber.
Agriculture Convener
Agriculture Convenor
Agriculture Department
Agriculture E O ?
Agriculture J Consommateurs J Énergie J Évaluation
Agriculture Minister J. 0. Gardiner
Agriculture Minister Michel Page
Agriculture Mrs J Russell
Agriculture Mrs. Gerald Draper
Agriculture Student
Agriculture* Awareness
Agriculture- Farmer
Agriculture-Miss H Graham
Agriculture—Mrs Rena Graham
Albert Agriculture
American Agriculture
Amy Quyon Agriculture Fair
Anna Robinson Publicity Convenor
Anna Robinson Publicity Convenor Gladys Pearl Hodgins
Anna Robinson Publicity Convenor W %
BBiBBBVB,J ,1VIW Agriculture
Blanche Chevrier Publicity Convenor
Bob Agriculture
Brent Agriculture Minister Eugene Whelan
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
Brownlee Agriculture
By Hilda Graham Publicity Convenor
C K -------------- _ _ _ Agriculture
C) B Hopkins Publicity Convenor
Card Convenor
Christian Citizen Convenor
Christian Culture Convenor
Christian Fellowship Convenor
Christian Merquend As Citizenship Convenor Mrs Harry Hodgins
Christian Misions Convenor
Christian Stewardshop Convenor
Citizenship Convenor
Clayton Benedict Publicity Convenor Mountain View
Convenor Ada Daley Mary s CWL.
Convenor Margaret
Convenor Quebec
Convenor Queen St
Convenor Sharon Schock Collect
Craig Publicity Convenor
Craig Publicity Convenor Aylmer East W.I.
Danny Terre Agriculture
Dean Agriculture
Doug Mac-) Agriculture
Duquette Convenor Com
Edgar L (Agriculture
Education Convenor
Edward Ken- L I)|ploma Agriculture
Edward Kennedy Press Convenor
Eileen Colton Publicity Convenor Geo
Eileen Labe Ik Publicity Convenor
Eileen Labelle Convenor Public
Eileen Labelle Publicity Convenor Dear
Eugene E Whelan Agriculture Canada L A
Frank Carroll Convenor
Fred Publicity Convenor
Gary Provincial Convenor Janet Parker
George Coles Sr 4-H, Pontiac Agriculture Society
Gerald Dempsey Church Life Convenor
Gerry McCrystal Agriculture
Graham Publicity Convenor
Graham Publicity Convenor Regular
Grant Agriculture
Guy Lepage Agriculture Canada
Henderson Crick Agriculture
Henry Mulligan Publicity Convenor
Highland Dancing ..............« Junior Agriculture
Hilda M Graham Publicity Convenor Clded
Hilda M Graham Riblicity Convenor Florence Faria
Hilda M. Graham Publicity Convenor
Historian Convenor
Isabel Graham Agriculture
Isabel Graham Co. Publicity Convenor Ladysmith Update
J G Agriculture
Jack Graham Agriculture Coordinator
James Howard Agriculture Sales
James Howard Agriculture Service
Jean Finlan Convenor
Jean Finlan Publicity Convenor DRIVEWAY
Jean Finlan Publicity Convenor Marl
Jean Finlan Publicity Convenor OPEN
Joan Agriculture
Joan Desa- Publicity Convenor Ada
Katharine Fletcher Agriculture
Kathleen Lamb Publicity Convenor Mrs Gwen Hayes
Kim McKinnon Agriculture
Knox Publicity Convenor Mrs H R Rsbb
Knox Publicity Convenor SHALLOW
Lawrence Lan Mrs Kenneth Case Convenor- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Linda Thompson Agriculture
Lionette Rally Convenor
Luella Rorke Billeting Convenor
Lynn Lang Publicity Convenor
Lynn Ling Publicity Convenor
Magazine Convenor
Margaret Convenor
Mark Marion- Spiritual Convenor
Marsha Bean Agriculture
Mary Varney Convenor
Match Convenor Doris Hanna
Membership Convenor Vienna Campbell
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Publicity Convenor
Mrs. Campbell Agriculture
Myrtle Barber P.D.D.P. Convenor
Nancy Giroux Convenor
Nick Rouble __ Agriculture Minister Eusene CEGEP
Organization Convenor Susan Ethier
Permanent Agriculture
Publicity Convenor
Publicity Convenor Hilda M. Graham
Publicity Convenor St Mary’s
Raymond Morin Agriculture - Mrs Ny-
REGIONAL(E) Agriculture Canada
Rilla Graham Publicity Convenor LUCERNE
Rilla Graham Publicity Convenor Wyman W.I. Campbell’s
Rillia Graham Publicity Convenor Carole Ix>da
Robinson Publicity Convenor
Roy Leach Agriculture
Ruth Woollsey Publicity Convenor Quyon W.I.
Ruth Woolsey Publicity Convenor Minutes
Scott Convenor
Short Courses Agriculture—Shaw
Smith Convenor
Social Action Convenor
Spiritual Convenor
Spiritual Convenor Joan
Spiritual Convenor Joan Blind Guide Dog
St Agriculture
Steve Robinson Publicity Convenor
Steve Robinson Publicity Convenor Eardley
Steve Robinson Publicity Convenor St Mary
Tom Towle Agriculture Canada
Treasurer- Mrs Hugh Hammond Agriculture Mrs Ivan Merrifield
V M Poole Publicity Convenor Hot
Violet M Poole Publicity Convenor
W J Hayes Convenor Margaret Cain
William Young Agriculture
Wilson Agriculture- Mrs
Work Convenor Mrs. Wm
Agriculture Canada
Agriculture McGill l
l + l Agriculture
L’agriculture Il
Nova Scotia Agriculture
Quebec Agriculture
Scientific Agriculture
South Convenor
St Convenor Reports
Visit agr.gc.ca/cala l + l Agriculture
1 Canada Department of Agriculture
119th Quebec Ministry of Agriculture’s
682-9587 Health A Croup Agriculture Centre Marsha Bean
8.00 Vic Obeck Show-sports Canada Department of Agriculture
AAA A A Agriculture Replacement Parts Full Une of Lawn Care Needs 1 A
Academy of Agriculture
Action- Agriculture Institute
Adult Education and Canada Manpower and Department of Agriculture
AGRICULTURAL INPUTS FORECAST- Agriculture Canada’s Economics Branch
Agriculture Action Drama
Agriculture &
Agriculture & Horticultural Products August 12 Honey
Agriculture & Horticultural Products August 8 Dairy & Other Food Products August
Agriculture & Horticulture Honey & Other Food Products Aug.
Agriculture -
AGRICULTURE - Health Of Animals Branch ANTI RABIES CLINIC Pontiac Bus
Agriculture .... Public Works
Agriculture ; Forestry ; Water Powers; Mining; Fisheries; Fur Trade
Agriculture Abroad
Agriculture Abuses
Agriculture Accidents Prevention Week
Agriculture Advisory Committee
Agriculture and Arts Association
Agriculture and Industry
Agriculture and School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Agriculture and School of Food Science
Agriculture and School Physical
Agriculture Annual
Agriculture Art
Agriculture Awareness
Agriculture Banque
Agriculture Banquet
Agriculture Barber
Agriculture Basis
Agriculture Being
Agriculture Bill
Agriculture Board
Agriculture Bradford
Agriculture Business
Agriculture Can-
Agriculture Cana
Agriculture Cana-mon
Agriculture Canada
Agriculture Canada AMFO............Disinfection Alidher-FM7.....Degreaser Merlin..........Grill & F
Agriculture Canada AMFO............Disinfection Alidher-FM7.....Degreaser Merlin.........Grill & Fr
Agriculture Canada AMFO..........Disinfection Alidher-FM7...Degreaser Merlin........Grill & Fryer C
Agriculture Canada AMFO..........Disinfection Alidher-FM7...Degreaser Merlin.......Grill & Fryer Cl
Agriculture Canada Commerce
Agriculture Canada Dangerous WTO
Agriculture Canada HON. EUGENE
Agriculture Canada MON. EUGENE
Agriculture Canada Ottawa
Agriculture Canada Quebec’s Ministry of Ag-America
Agriculture Canada Research Macdonald College
Agriculture Canada Research Station
Agriculture Canadas
Agriculture Canada’s
Agriculture Canada’s Animal Research
Agriculture Canada’s Committee on Biting Flies Deaim
Agriculture Canada’s Food Production
Agriculture Canada’s Fredericton
Agriculture Canada’s Health of Animals
Agriculture Canada’s Health of Animals Branch
Agriculture Canada’s Lethbridge
Agriculture Canada’s Morden
Agriculture Canada’s Research
Agriculture Canada’s Veterinary Inspection Directorate
Agriculture Center
Agriculture Centre Marsha Bean
Agriculture College
Agriculture Com
Agriculture Commission
Agriculture Committee
Agriculture Committee the Labor Committee
Agriculture Community
Agriculture Con
Agriculture Conference Halifax
Agriculture Convener
Agriculture Convenor
Agriculture Convenor Carolyn Knox
Agriculture County
Agriculture Course
Agriculture Covers Many Sciences THE EQUITY A Word About Feeding
Agriculture Cows
Agriculture Critic
Agriculture Days
Agriculture Dep
Agriculture Depart
Agriculture Departed
Agriculture Department
Agriculture Department George
Agriculture Department’s
Agriculture Department’s Statistics Branch
Agriculture Dept
Agriculture des Pêcheries
Agriculture Development
Agriculture Diane
Agriculture Diploma
Agriculture Division
Agriculture Division A
Agriculture Dr
Agriculture du
Agriculture E
Agriculture Economics
Agriculture Economics Branch
Agriculture Education
Agriculture Engineering
Agriculture Enlist Boys Aid
Agriculture Environment Renewal Cananda Inc
Agriculture Eugene
Agriculture Exhibit
Agriculture Extension
Agriculture Fair
Agriculture FARMS
Agriculture Favors
Agriculture First
Agriculture Gordon
Agriculture Grade
Agriculture Graduate
Agriculture Graduates
Agriculture Grant
Agriculture Grounds
Agriculture Gwen
Agriculture Hall
Agriculture Health
Agriculture Hon
Agriculture Horner
Agriculture House of Commons Room
Agriculture Industrial Arts Brent Dunlop
Agriculture Industry
Agriculture Information Day McDowell School
Agriculture Information Day SATURDAY
Agriculture Inspiration
Agriculture Institute
Agriculture Institute of Technology
Agriculture la
Agriculture Ladies
Agriculture Lime
Agriculture M*
Agriculture MACDONALD
Agriculture Macdonald College
Agriculture MACDONALDS
Agriculture Man-
Agriculture Management
Agriculture Manpower
Agriculture Manufactures Miscellaneous 6.401.000
Agriculture Mary
Agriculture Mary Merrifield
Agriculture McGill
Agriculture McGill University
Agriculture Merit Awards
Agriculture Mike
Agriculture Min-place
Agriculture Minage
Agriculture Mini-
Agriculture Minister
Agriculture Ministère
Agriculture Ministery’s
Agriculture Minister’s
Agriculture Ministry
Agriculture Ministry’s
Agriculture Miss
Agriculture Mr.
Agriculture Mrs.
Agriculture Mrs. Cecil Paris; Education Mrs. Sam Wilson; Citizenship Mrs. Cliff Bradley; Welfare He
Agriculture Museum
Agriculture Nearing Start Keeping Maple Leaf
Agriculture News
Agriculture Night
Agriculture Normand
AGRICULTURE NOTEBOOK Eugene Whelan Secretary-Treasurer Wanted Tenders
Agriculture OCFAMTMtNT STOfttS
Agriculture of
Agriculture office
Agriculture Office Shawville
Agriculture Officials Discover Bassinette
Agriculture Organiz-by Dr. Havilland
Agriculture Organization
Agriculture Ottawa
Agriculture Panel
AGRICULTURE Parliament Buildings
Agriculture Pavilion
Agriculture Pecheries
Agriculture PoliCV
Agriculture Policy
Agriculture Policy Framework
Agriculture Productions
Agriculture Protection Land
Agriculture Provincial
Agriculture QMKtara
Agriculture Quebec
Agriculture Re-education
Agriculture Regarding
Agriculture Renfrew Office
Agriculture Representative
Agriculture Research
Agriculture Research Lethbridge
Agriculture Rex-ford
Agriculture Rolland
Agriculture s
Agriculture Sales & Service
Agriculture Sales & Service 647-5216 Brvson Anna Sjewart Season
Agriculture Section
Agriculture Service
Agriculture Sfattongry OFFICE HOURS Oder Monday
Agriculture Shawville
AGRICULTURE Shawville Office Thanks Congratulations
Agriculture Shawvllle
Agriculture si
Agriculture Socict Fairgrounds
Agriculture Societies
Agriculture Societies Seed Fairs Transportation
Agriculture Society
Agriculture Society Carried
Agriculture Society Carried Born
Agriculture Society Fair Ground»
Agriculture Society Grounds.
Agriculture Society Inspector Aikmon
Agriculture Society Joey Keon
Agriculture Society Messrs Pirie
Agriculture Society Montreal
Agriculture Sows Shoats Boars .89-1.08/lb
Agriculture st
Agriculture Staff
Agriculture Student
Agriculture Suggestions
Agriculture Target
Agriculture Teacher
Agriculture Th
Agriculture Trinity Church
Agriculture U
Agriculture Varied Competitions—Model Home—Dairy Produce—Home Cooking and Baking
Agriculture Wasted
Agriculture Wê
Agriculture Week
Agriculture Will Help Dispose of Bean Surplus
Agriculture WOrk Canada
Agriculture Yields
Agriculture Yours
Agriculture Zone
Agriculture-Mrs E N Me Co 11
Agriculture; Engineering
Agriculture’s Marketing Service
Agrie Department of Agriculture
Ahead Dominion Department of Agriculture
Alberta Department of Agriculture
Alberta Federation of Agriculture
Altar Guild Convenor
Altar Guild Convenor Mrs
American Agriculture
Animal Nutrition Department of the Ontario Agriculture College
Apply Dominion Departnemt of Agriculture Department
Appoints New Health Convenor
Ashbury Department of Agriculture EQUITY
Association of Agriculture
Auctions Renfrew County Federation of Agriculture Renfrew/Pontiac Livestock Ltd.
Bass Agriculture Society
BEECHGROVE HOTEL WARD’S Agriculture Minister
Beef Stabilization Program Agriculture Minister
Behan House Board of Agriculture
Bermuda Department of Agriculture
Best Agriculture
Bfltish Ministry of Agriculture
Bingo Committee Convenor
Board of Agriculture
Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture
Bristol and J G Agriculture
Bristol Fire Depart- Organization Convenor
Bristol of Agriculture
BristolbyWomf£T Institute Th.e Agriculture Convenor
British Board of Agriculture
British Boys Study Agriculture
British Columbia Department of Agriculture
British Department of Agriculture
British Ministry of Agriculture
Bureau of Agriculture
Bureau of Agriculture Eco-
C Division Agriculture
C&DAQ1&11 Department of Agriculture
C&TS AQO Pontiac Agriculture Society
C-I-L Agriculture News
C. Department of Agriculture
C. Shawville Agriculture Society
C.W.L. Church Life Convenor
California Department of Agriculture
Campbell s Bay CO Agriculture
Canada Department of Agriculture
Canada Department of Agriculture Invites
Canada Department of Agriculture Karl Keeler
Canada Department of Agriculture s Agassiz Research
Canada Department of Agriculture s Laboratory
Canada Department of Agriculture s Marketing Serivce
Canada Department of Agriculture Science Service Laboratory
Canada Department of Agriculture’s Division of Plant Protection Office
Canada Department of Agriculture’s Food Advisory Services
Canadian Agriculture Congress
Canadian Agriculture Museum
Canadian Agriculture Research
Canadian Coalition for Federation of Agriculture
Canadian Council of Agriculture
Canadian Department of Agriculture
Canadian Department of Agriculture s Exhibition Service
Canadian Federal Department of Agriculture
Canadian Federation Agriculture
Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Canadian Federation of Agriculture Annual
Canadian Federation of Agriculture Conference
Canadian Federation of Agriculture Conferences
Canadian Federation of Agriculture News
Canadian Federation of Agriculture the
Canadian Grains Program Agriculture Canada Ottawa
Canadian Task Force on Agriculture
Canauian Government Department of Agriculture
CEDARS WANTED Department of Agriculture
Census of Agriculture
Central Canada Junior Agriculture Fair
Chamber of Agriculture
Chamber of Agriculture de
Chapeau Agriculture Society
Cheese Industry Canada Department of Agriculture
Child Welfare Agriculture
Christian Culture Convenor
Church Life Convenor
Cinada Department of Agriculture
Claresholm School Agriculture
Claude Godin Ministry of Agriculture
Cobden Agriculture Hall
College of Agriculture
Color Soc‘el Action Convenor; Party
Committee on Agriculture
Committee on Agriculture and
Commons Agriculture Committee
Communications and Public Relations Convenor
Community Life Convenor
COMPLIMENT D AIR CANADA Lake Education Convenor Helena
Convenor Buying Committee
Convenor County
Convenor of Methodist Church
Corrugated Galvanized Steel Roofing Publications Branch Department of Agriculture Ottawa
Council - Press Convenor Mrs.
Council of Agriculture
County Federation of Agriculture
Cultural Life Convenor
CWL Education Convenor Helena Beattie
CWL Spiritual Convenor
D()Imni<m Department of Agriculture
Dairy Products Board of the Department of Agriculture
Decorating Committee of Muriel Imison P.P. Convenor
Department of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture March
Department of Agriculture and
Department of Agriculture and* Technical Instruction
Department of Agriculture Application
Department of Agriculture Balham
Department of Agriculture Bulletin
Department of Agriculture Colonization
Department of Agriculture Elwood Brownlee Seat No.
Department of Agriculture Evangelistic
Department of Agriculture Gladys
Department of Agriculture Haulage Subsidy Applicable Dominion Magnesium Haley
Department of Agriculture Helping Farmers
Department of Agriculture Ing
Department of Agriculture Investigators
Department of Agriculture Minister
Department of Agriculture Mr.
Department of Agriculture No.
Department of Agriculture Office
Department of Agriculture Officials
Department of Agriculture Ot-
Department of Agriculture Ottawa
Department of Agriculture Press
Department of Agriculture R
Department of Agriculture Reports COUNTRY STORE AND DWELLING
Department of Agriculture Rev.
Department of Agriculture s Household and Medical Entomology Unit
Department of Agriculture s Poultry Production Service
Department of Agriculture Shavmlle
Department of Agriculture Shawille
Department of Agriculture Shawvllle
Department of Agriculture She
Department of Agriculture Sublimate
Department of Agriculture Supervising Livestock Ficldman
Department of Agriculture Th
Department of Agriculture the
Department of Agriculture These
Department of Agriculture Veterinary Service
Department of Agriculture*
Department of Agriculture;
Department of Agriculture»;
Department of Agriculture—plenty
Department of Agriculture’s
Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Chemistry
Department of Agriculture’s Division of Entomology
Department of Agriculture’s ExScout Mothers
Department of Agriculture’s Forage Plants Division
Department of Agriculture’s Horticultural Division
Department of Agriculture’s Illustration Stations
Department of Agriculture’s Marketing Service
Department of Agriculture’s Riant Industry Station
Department of Bristol Agriculture
Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture
Department of SDGCIgI Ofl Agriculture
Departments of Agriculture
Departments of Health and Agriculture
Diocesan Church Life Convenor
Diocesan Communications and Public Relations Convenor Mrs
Discussion Group Convenor
Division A Agriculture
Division A Agriculture Society
Division of Agriculture
Division of Plant Protection, Department of Agriculture
Division, Dominion Department of Agriculture
Dominion Agriculture Department
Dominion Departineutof Agriculture
Dominion Department Agriculture
Dominion Department c Agriculture
Dominion Department of Agriculture
Dominion Department of Agriculture Commercial Iodized
Dominion Department of Agriculture Extraordinary
Dominion Department of Agriculture Inspectors Are Active Keeping Watch
Dominion Department of Agriculture Marketing Service
Dominion Department of Agriculture OTTAWA
Dominion Department of Agriculture;
Dominion Department of Agriculture’s
DOORS Spiritual Convenor
DOt JQ| JUL ZD X Agriculture Society
Dresden Agriculture Society
Dundas County Department of Agriculture
E&s Kent Chamber tf Agriculture
Eastern Agriculture
Economics Convenor
Editor Farm Safety Organisations Agriculture
Education and Agriculture
Education and Press Convenor
Education Convenor
Education Convenor Helen
Education Convenor Helena
Education Convenor Margaret Hodgins
Education Convenor Mrs Gagnon
Education Convenor Mrs Newberry
Education Convenor Read
Education Convenor’s
Education Instructor BRISTOL Wl Convenor
Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture
Eileen Labelle Public Relations Convenor
Elsewhere Agriculture Students Still Believe Old Superstitions Public
Embrun Quebec Agriculture
Emile Department of Agriculture
Environment Ministry Agriculture
Environmental Agriculture Grimard
Equipment Sales Person • Agriculture
Extension Division Dominion Department of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture Convenors
Farm Air Services Stoneroed Landscaping A Tree Service Ontario Federation of Agriculture McDougall
Farm Management Department of the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Agriculture
Farmers Agriculture
Farmers Department of Agriculture
Favorite Department of Agriculture
Federal Agriculture De-J
Federal Agriculture Minis-(Bud
Federal Department Agriculture
Federal Department of ; Agriculture
Federal Department of Agriculture
Federal Department of Agriculture Hog Marketings
Federal Department of Agriculture Inn
Federal Department of Agriculture s Science Service
Federal Department of Agriculture Taken Action
Federal Ministry of Agriculture
Federal NDP Agriculture Critic Vic Althouse
Federation of Agriculture
Federation of Agriculture Her
Federation of Agriculture; Mr.
FL Federation of Agriculture
Food and Agriculture
Food and Agriculture Organization
Food and Agriculture the
Food Canada Agriculture
Food Committee Winnifred Pirie Convenor
Free Meth-Ontario Department of Agriculture
Free State Ministry of Agriculture
French Department of Agriculture
FUNERAL SERVICE P Many Department of Agriculture
General Convenor
George’s School of Agriculture
Glanders Department of Agriculture
Handicraft Institutes—Junior Agriculture
Handicrafts Agriculture MRS.
He Department of Agriculture
Health and Welfare Convenor
Health and Welfare Convenor-
Health Convenor
Health of Animals Branch of Agriculture Canada
Health of Animals Division of the Department of Agriculture
Helena Beattie Education Co-convenor CWL;
Home Economic Convenor
Home Economics and Health Convenor Muriel Treasurer Audrey Hod
Home Economics Convenor
Home Economics Convenor-ship
Home Economics Women’s Institute Branch of Ontario Department of Agriculture Holding Three
House Committee Agriculture
House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture
Human Catholic Board of Agriculture
Ife* c Zone Federation of Agriculture
Incial Department of Agriculture
INFORMATION BUREAU Department of Agriculture OTTAWA
Information Canada Department of Agriculture
Information Division of Agriculture Canada
Institute for Experimental Agriculture
Institute of Agriculture
Institutes ----------- Educational Exhibits---------- Junior Agriculture------------ Honey
Institutes ------------------- Junior Agriculture-------------------- Agricultural and Horticultura
Institutes Junior Agriculture
Institutes Junior Agriculture Agriculture
Institutes-------------- Junior Agriculture-------------- Agricultural
Institutes—Junior Agriculture
INTERLUX PAINT Quebec Department of Agriculture Shaw
International Institute of Agriculture
International Salon of Food and Agriculture
INVITATIONS Quebec Department of Agriculture ShawviUe
Ion Department of Agriculture
Italian Ministry of Agriculture
Jeanne Lajoie High Clarendon WI Agriculture
Job Offer Correction Wal-Mart Agriculture
Junior Agriculture
Junior Agriculture 1
Junior Agriculture Agricultural & Horticultural Dairy & Other Food Products Highland Dancing Dog Sh
Junior Agriculture Agricultural & Horticultural Products Highland Dancing Dog Show SQUARE DANCING F
Junior Agriculture Agricultural A
Junior Agriculture Aug.
Junior Agriculture Merit
Junior Agriculture Notarv
Junior Agriculture Seed
Junior Agriculture---------------- Agriculture A Horticulture Products Honey
Junior Agriculture-------------------- Agricultural and Horticultural Products Honey
Just Department of Agriculture
Kem-ptville Agriculture College
Knox Presbyterian Church Convenor Reports
Lana Organization Convenor
Liberal Canada’s Agriculture Mini*-
LIBERAL JACK-O-LANTERN Federoi Agriculture
Life Convenor Alice Roy
Lite Department of Agriculture
Living Department of Agriculture
Local Agriculture Office
London College of Agriculture ; Mr.
Lutheran Church the Agriculture Society
Lutheran Hour Agriculture
L»«uue Industry Agriculture
Macdonald College Demonstrator of Agriculture
Macdonald College Department of Agriculture
MacGregor Concrete Products Limited Agriculture
MacMillan The Quebec Department of Agriculture
Mail Department of Agriculture
Manitoba Department of Agriculture
Manitoba Federation of Agriculture
Manpower Agriculture Course
Mantlboba Department of Agriculture
Maple Agriculture Canada
Marketing Service Dept of Agriculture
Mass Family Life Convenor
MASSE Y-HARRJS CENTENNIAL MOTION PICTURE the Dominion Department of Agriculture
Method Department of Agriculture Quebec
Min- Ministry of Agriculture
Ministries of Environment and Agriculture
Ministry Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture & Food.
Ministry of Agriculture and
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Agriculture budget
Ministry of Agriculture Cows
Ministry of Agriculture English
Ministry of Agriculture Regional
Ministry of Agriculture Tm
Ministry of Agriculture Wednesday
Ministry of Agriculture—which
Ministry of Agriculture’s
Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Ministry of Transport of Transport and Agriculture
Missouri College of Agriculture
Miuiisteiytrf Agriculture Tilley
Morning Prayer Agriculture Convenor
Mr Department of Agriculture
Mrs. Junior Agriculture
MteWHOWW) Company National Agriculture Week
Municipal Affairs and Department of Agriculture
Municipal Agriculture
Nation s Food and Agriculture Organisation
National Agriculture Day
National Agriculture Week
National Board of Agriculture
National Convenor
National Convenor of Social Action
National Sa on of Agriculture
National Salon of Agriculture
NDP Agriculture Critic
NDP Agriculture Terminator
NDP s Agriculture Critic
New High School; Agriculture Society
New York State College of Agriculture
New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture
Newfoundland Department of Agriculture
Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture
ob-1 Department of Agriculture
Oct Department of Agriculture
Oct. Education Convenor
Office Practices and Agriculture
Ohio State College of Agriculture
Old Agriculture Hall
Onslow Bristol | Convenor of Welfare
Ontario Agriculture College
Ontario Agriculture Department
Ontario Chamber of Agriculture
Ontario College of Agriculture
Ontario Department of Agriculture
Ontario Department of Agriculture Affiliated
Ontario Department of Agriculture Board Room
Ontario Department of Agriculture MacLeod
Ontario Department of Agriculture Parliament Buildings WÊÈ/ÈKÈÈÈjj/Ê/JÊ HON
Ontario Department of Agriculture Spray
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Ontario Federation of Agriculture;
Ontario Ministry el Agriculture and
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food Fact Sheet
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food Animal Health
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food Office
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food
Oominion Department of Agriculture
Organization Convenor
Organization Convenor Laurina Dempsey
Organization Convenor Noella
Organization Convenor Susan Ethier
Organization Rotary On Agriculture Holds Meeting S3 Si
Orootfontein School of Agriculture
Ottawa Agriculture Museum
Ottawa Citizen Agriculture Freelance
Ottawa Department of Agriculture
Ottawa’s Canada Agriculture Museum
Otter Canada Department of Agriculture
Our Education Convenor
Our Lady of Perpetual nity Life Convenor
OUTAOUAIS Agriculture and
Ouyon Agriculture Society
Palais du Commerce Salon de L’Agriculture
Pennsylvania State Board of Agriculture
Pierrette Matthieu Education Co-convenor CWL; Helena Beattie 2nd Prize High School
Plant Products Division of the Department of Agriculture
Plantagene* Department of Agriculture
Pontiac Agricultural Society AGRICULTURE^
Pontiac Agricultural Society Bursary for Agriculture
Pontiac Agriculture
Pontiac Agriculture Cooperative
Pontiac Agriculture Exhibitions
Pontiac Agriculture Exotic Beef Breeds Profile
Pontiac Agriculture Mrs.
Pontiac Agriculture Office
Pontiac Agriculture Producers Union SHAWVILLE
Pontiac Agriculture So-
Pontiac Agriculture Society
Pontiac Agriculture Society By ELIZABETH HAHN Correspondent
Pontiac Agriculture Society Cflliipsigii Dlv.
Pontiac Agriculture Society Division "
Pontiac Agriculture Society Division A
Pontiac Agriculture Society Messrs Ait Hodgins
Pontiac Agriculture Society-
Pontiac Agriculture Society:-Bearing
Pontiac Clergy Association Bursary Sidney Squitti; Pontiac Agricultural Bursary for Agriculture
Pontiac Convenor
Pontiac County Convenor for Education and Cultural Affairs
Pontiac Forest Producers Board Quebec Agriculture
Pontiac s Agriculture Program
Poole Water- District Agriculture Society
Poultry Junior Agriculture
Poultry Services, Dominion Department of Agriculture
Poultry---------------------------- Junior Agriculture----------------- Western Horse Show
Prairie Quebec Department of Agriculture
Preaching Service 3.00 p.m—Sunday School CLIMAX OF GOOD AGRICULTURE Holy Trinity
Press Convenor Publishers & Editors David
PRESS Department of Agriculture Report
Previn- Council of Agriculture
Production Service Dominion Department of Agriculture
Progressive Agriculture
Progress— Agriculture
Provincial Agriculture Representatives
Provincial Department of Agriculture
Provincial Department of Agriculture Imported
Provincial Ministry of Agriculture
Provincial Ministry of Agriculture’s
Public Perceptions of Agriculture
Public Relations Convenor
Public Relations Convenor Waltham
Publication Branch Department of Agriculture Oetsrie THE Western Ontario
Publication* Branch Department of Agriculture Ottawa
PUBLICATIONS BRANCH Department of Agriculture
Publications Branch Department of Agriculture Ottawa
Publications Branch Department of Agriculture Ottawa How Should Canada Export Beef Cattle
Publicity Convenor Ottawa Civic Hospital
Publicity Convenor ShawvUle Hospital Auxiliary
Publicity Department of Agriculture
Quebec Department <>t Agriculture
Quebec Department Agriculture
Quebec Department of Agriculture
Quebec Department of Agriculture Advisory Board
Québec Department of Agriculture Fisheries
Quebec Department of Agriculture Itself
Quebec Department of Agriculture Producers
Quebec Department of Agriculture Shatmlle
Quebec Department of Agriculture Shawville
Quebec Department of Agriculture Shawvllle
Quebec Department of Agriculture Shawvüle
Quebec Department of Agriculture Signed
Quebec Department of Agriculture telephone
Quebec Department of Agriculture;
Quebec Department of Agriculture’s
Quebec Federation of Agriculture
Quebec Ministry of Agriculture
Quebec Provincial Department of Agriculture
Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture
Queoec Department of Agriculture
Quy-|| Department of Agriculture
Quyon Agriculture Society
Radford Hospital Auxiliary Publicity CONVENOR
Regional Department of Agriculture
Regional Veterinary Director Agriculture Canada
REINKE’S HARDWARE Conveners Agriculture
Reliable Service Agricultural Suppliet Board DOMINION DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
Renfrew County Federation of Agriculture
Renfrew Department of Agriculture
Research and Technological Development of Agriculture
Royal Agriculture Winter
Royal Commission Agriculture
Royal Commission on Agriculture
Royal Winter Agriculture Fair
Russian Department of Agriculture
S. Department of Agriculture
Sabbath School Agriculture
Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture
Saskatchewan Federation of Agriculture
Says Department of Agriculture Net
School Department of Agriculture
School of Agriculture
School of Practical Agriculture
Science Service Department of Agriculture
Scottish Chamber of Agriculture
SECRETARY-TREASURER FOR Pontiac Agriculture Society
Seed Corn Department of Agriculture
Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry
Senate Committee on Agriculture EXPRESS
Senate Committee on Agriculture Le Comité
Shawville Agriculture Hall
Shawville Agriculture Office
Shawville Agriculture Society
Shawville Ministry of Agriculture
Shew-viHe Agriculture Society
Sliawville Agriculture Society
Social Action Convenor
Society of Agriculture
Society of Technical Agriculture
SON Agriculture
Spraying Systems tee- Agriculture
SSSSS Economics Convenor
St ates Department of Agriculture
St Mary s League Publicity Convenor Ada Daley
St. Louie Journal of Agriculture
Standard for Organic Agriculture
Standing Committee on Agriculture
State College of Agriculture
State Department of Agriculture
States Department of Agriculture
Statistical Division of the Department of Agriculture
Stew-1 Federal Department of Agriculture
Summer School for Nature Study and Elementary Agriculture
TA Ask Supervisors To Teach Agriculture
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Teachers Wanted AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES BOARD WANTED Dominion Department of Agriculture
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The Publications Branch Department of Agriculture Ottawa
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Toronto Agriculture Fair
Tractor Association Agriculture Minister
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U S. Agriculture Department
U S. Agriculture Department’s Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U S. Agriculture Secretary
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Grain Agriculture
United Agriculture Telephone
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations
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United States Department of Agriculture
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WATERCRESS Extra Milking National Policy For Agriculture MONKEYS
Way Junior Agriculture
Weagant Farm Supplies Clover Leaf Farm D A. Bielaskie & Son Ltd James Howard Agriculture Sales
Wee Shop Agriculture YieldsIgFruittuI Results PET FOOD
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Wisconsin College of Agriculture
Women’s Institute Publicit>Convenor Pontiac County
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Work Junior Agriculture