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7. Betty Jane Richardson Graduates As Nurse

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7. Betty Jane Richardson Graduates As Nurse
8. Contact Betty
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8. Richardson
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Apple Brown Betty Dinner No.
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Appliance Service Hugh Tracy Rowat Insurance W A Hodgins Inc. Wilfred and Betty Murdock Pathyway Hy
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Barney Richardson 2
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Barney Richardson Love
Barney Richardson Moore
Barney Richardson Petty
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Barrie Richardson
Barry Murray Richardson
Barry Murray Richardson Penalties Watson
Barry Technicolor Cinemascope Debbie Reynolds Van Heflin Jane Powell
Bay Jane Campbell Steele
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Bay Quyon Betty
BAY Richardson
Bay—Mrs Mary Jane
Bberf Richardson
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Beautiful* H SHAWVILLE - Richardson
Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy Dobson Loma Sparling
Beg Nurse
Belle Pointer—Allen Young Shawville < Richardson
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Best Wishes Betty
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Beth Proulx-Richardson
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Betty "
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Betty Ann McCord
Betty Ann Muidoon
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Betty Ann Sauer
Betty Ann Shaw
Betty Ann Stevens
Betty Ann Walls
Betty Ann Williams
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Betty Anne Muldoon
Betty Anne Muldoon Qet
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Betty Anne Scott
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Betty Arsenault Wedding
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Betty Baker
Betty Barclay
Betty Barrett
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Betty Beech
Betty Behave Anita Gagnon
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Betty Bertrand,Gregory Dombroski
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Betty Bisson
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Betty Blotter
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Betty Crocker Assorted Hamburger Helper
Betty Crocker Bake
Betty Crocker Bake Book
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
Betty Crocker Cake Mix
Betty Crocker Cake Mix Asserted
Betty Crocker Cube Steak White Pink
Betty Crocker Date Square Mix
Betty Crocker Frosting
Betty Crocker Hamburger
Betty Crocker Pie Crust
Betty Crocker Pie Crust Mix
Betty Crocker Puddings
Betty Crocker Snackin Cake Rose
Betty Crocker Snackln
Betty Crocker Super Motet Cake Mix
Betty Crocker Super-Moist Cake Mix
Betty Crocker Supermoist
Betty Cunningham
Betty Dagg
Betty Daniels
Betty David Miller
Betty Davis
Betty Davis Dunraven
Betty Davis Humphry Bogart
Betty Davis Joan Crawford Adult Entertainment Equity Photo
Betty Davis Lusk
Betty Davis Z A %
Betty De
Betty Deepest
Betty Delbert Zacharias
Betty Denny
Betty Dense
Betty Detroit
Betty Dévia
Betty Dewar
Betty Dieting
Betty Don Armstrong
Betty Donavon
Betty Donlan
Betty Dorse
Betty Douglas
Betty Dowd Erna Young C Standing Faye Armstrong Lillian Bradley
Betty Dowling
Betty Dr.
Betty Dunbar
Betty Dupont
Betty Durochcr Ontario
Betty Durose
Betty Duval
Betty Eades
Betty Ed- Cooney—Paquettr
Betty Edmund
Betty Eleanor Rcnnick
Betty Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu
Betty Ellen
Betty Elliott
Betty Elsie Sparrow
Betty Emery Gutz
Betty Et
Betty Ethicr
Betty Ethier
Betty Ev- Kirk Douglas
Betty Evans
Betty Fairweather
Betty Faris
Betty Farrell
Betty Farrell Miss Beverley Harris Mr.
Betty Farrell Tuesday
Betty Farrelton
Betty Field
Betty Fitzgerald
Betty Fleck
Betty Florence Wadge
Betty Flower Prop
Betty Foran
Betty Foster
Betty Fox
Betty Fox’s
Betty Fraser
Betty Frisk
Betty Frost
Betty Frost Marie Michelle
Betty Fuite-rd
Betty Ful-ford
Betty Fulford
Betty Furness
Betty G
Betty Gagnon
Betty Gagnon Ordained Bishop
Betty Galbraith
Betty Games
Betty Garce
Betty Garse
Betty Gauthier
Betty Gaw
Betty Gen-pality
Betty Gendron
Betty Gerald Hannaberry
Betty Germain
Betty Gib
Betty Gibault
Betty Gibb
Betty Giffin
Betty Giffln
Betty Gilbert
Betty Gilbertson
Betty Giroux
Betty Gladys Marilyn Brownlee
Betty Gloria
Betty Glyndwr Davies
Betty Goard
Betty Goldnst—Did
Betty Gone
Betty Good
Betty Gordon Alexander
Betty Gorsc
Betty Gorsc Connie Sharpe
Betty Gorse
Betty Gower
Betty Gra
Betty Grable
Betty Grable MacDonald Carey Langford
Betty Grable Mon.
Betty Graham
Betty Granger
Betty Grant
Betty Grattan
Betty Gratton
Betty Greenough
Betty Gribbon
Betty Gribbon Mrs M Vannest
Betty Grieve
Betty Grieves
Betty Griffin
Betty Gunlack
Betty Gutz
Betty H. E. Elliott
Betty Hall
Betty Halloween
Betty Hamilton
Betty Hamilton McGowan Dart
Betty Hamilton Mm
Betty Hammond
Betty Hampson
Betty Hampsoo
Betty Har-
Betty Har- Discussion
Betty Har- Gagnon
Betty Har- John Giroux
Betty Harkins
Betty Harkins Moved
Betty Harley
Betty Harris
Betty Hart
Betty Harvey
Betty Hay
Betty Hay On Saturday
Betty Hay T-—v.
Betty Hayes
Betty Hay’s
Betty HEAR
Betty Hearty
Betty Henderson
Betty Herbie Hodgins
Betty Here
Betty Hickey
Betty Hicksy
Betty Hobbs
Betty Hobgins
Betty Hodgins
Betty Hodgins Reilly
Betty Hodglns
Betty Hodgms
Betty Hohbbs
Betty Hollands
Betty Homer
Betty Horn
Betty Horn-
Betty Horner
Betty Horner Qf
Betty Howell
Betty Hutton
Betty Hutton Hon
Betty Hutton James Stewart
Betty I
Betty I-each
Betty Ijr
Betty In
Betty Indignantly
Betty Ireland
Betty Irving
Betty Ix)u Dunlop
Betty Ix)u Twolan
Betty Ix>u Twolan
Betty Ixm Twolan
Betty Ixni Stanley
Betty Ixw Twolan
Betty I»u Twolan
Betty J Talion
Betty Jackfe Say
Betty Jane
Betty Jane (Richardson
Betty Jane Chamberlain
Betty Jane Lindsay
Betty Jane Richardson
Betty Jane Sparling
Betty Jane Wylie’s
Betty Jaynes
Betty Jean
Betty Jean Ferguson
Betty Jean Hardie
Betty Jean Hunt
Betty Jean McHugh
Betty Jean; Mrs. James Noseworthy
Betty Jeannette
Betty Jefferies
Betty Jeffrey
Betty JEremy Downroy
Betty Joan
Betty Joe
Betty John
Betty John Patrick Sloan
Betty Johnson
Betty Jones
Betty Josn
Betty Jossul
Betty Joyce
Betty Joyce Smart
Betty Judd Robertson
Betty Kachura
Betty Kenne-site
Betty Kennedy
Betty Kennedy They
Betty Ketch
Betty Ketchaban
Betty Ketchebaw Joe
Betty King
Betty Kipp
Betty Kirk
Betty Kjos
Betty Knew
Betty Knit
Betty Knox
Betty L#assie
Betty La-brecque
Betty Ladoceur
Betty Lamarche
Betty Lamarche Mr.
Betty Lamarche Ryan
Betty Lamothe
Betty Lapierre
Betty Lapointe
Betty Lapone
Betty Lapone Campbell
Betty Laporte
Betty Laporte Alter
Betty Laporte Laporte
Betty Lathe
Betty Laugh
Betty Laura
Betty Lavigne
Betty Le-
Betty Lea
Betty Leach
Betty Leach’s
Betty Led
Betty Lem
Betty Lemay
Betty Lemaye
Betty Lepine
Betty Lepino
Betty Leu
Betty Leu Elliott
Betty Like
Betty Lloyd
Betty Lon
Betty Looseley
Betty Loosley
Betty Lorraine
Betty Lou
Betty Lou (Elliott
Betty Lou 8:30
Betty Lou Amy Allard
Betty Lou Avenue
Betty Lou Bliott
Betty Lou Blkott
Betty Lou Brownlee
Betty Lou Cal-Calumet Island
Betty Lou Campbell
Betty Lou Campeau
Betty Lou Doucet
Betty Lou Ekloll
Betty Lou El
Betty Lou Ell
Betty Lou Elliott
Betty Lou Elliott Saturday
Betty Lou ElMott
Betty Lou H. E Elliott.
Betty Lou I.août
Betty Lou LaChapelle
Betty Lou Marbury
Betty Lou Midway
Betty Lou Miller
Betty Lou Mr.
Betty Lou s Adventure
Betty Lou Stanley
Betty Lou Strutt
Betty Lou Stwolan
Betty Lou Trudeau
Betty Lou Twoian
Betty Lou Twolaa
Betty Lou Twolan
Betty Lou TwoUi»
Betty Lou.
Betty Louella Campeau
Betty Louella Compeau Weds Boyd James Brownlee OBITUARIES Mrs.
Betty Louise
Betty Lou’s
Betty Love
Betty Lusk
Betty Lynn
Betty M.
Betty MacDonald
Betty MacGregor
Betty MacGregor Alex Homer
Betty MacGregor’s
Betty Mack
Betty MacKay
Betty MacPherson
Betty Maloney
Betty Markie
Betty Martin
Betty Martineau
Betty Mary
Betty Massia
Betty Master
Betty Maxwell
Betty May Fulford
Betty Mayhew
Betty McCambley
Betty McCann
Betty McCanse
Betty Mccféèdié
Betty McCready
Betty McDonald
Betty McGregor
Betty McKav
Betty McKay
Betty McLaughlin
Betty McMillin
Betty Me
Betty Me-
Betty Meehan
Betty Megrath
Betty Men
Betty Metcalf
Betty Metcalfe
Betty Miller
Betty MNA
Betty Mnilton
Betty Mohr
Betty Moirisun C<
Betty Moms
Betty Moms Morris
Betty Momson
Betty Monica Russell
Betty Montreal
Betty Moore
Betty Moore Free Decorating
Betty Mor-
Betty Mor-Joanne McMunn
Betty Moris
Betty Morn
Betty Morns
Betty Morris
Betty Morrison
Betty Morrison Eil-
Betty Morrson
Betty Mother
Betty Motioned
Betty Moyle
Betty Mr.
Betty Mrs
Betty Mueller
Betty Muidoon
Betty Muldoon
Betty Mur-
Betty Murdoch
Betty Murdock
Betty Murdock Mary
Betty Murdock Mike
Betty Muriel Woods
Betty Murphy
Betty Myers
Betty Name
Betty Nèski
Betty Neville
Betty New-land
Betty Newcommon
Betty Nicholson
Betty Nickerson
Betty Nnrse
Betty Nugent
Betty Nurse
Betty Nuthall
Betty Nye
Betty O
Betty O Malley
Betty Oarse
Betty Olmstead
Betty Olmsted
Betty Ontario
Betty Ooree
Betty Oorse
Betty Orr
Betty Osgoode
Betty Ottawa
Betty Ouellet
Betty Our
Betty Paquette
Betty Parker
Betty Pe-
Betty Pearson
Betty Peiptegnat
Betty Peq-uegnat
Betty Peqn
Betty Pequegnat
Betty Petty
Betty Peyton
Betty Pe«piegnat
Betty Phillips
Betty Picard
Betty Pirie
Betty Poole
Betty Pophey
Betty Popkey
Betty Popkey Montreal
Betty Posdi
Betty Potash
Betty Potts
Betty Practical Apron
Betty Preston
Betty Pt
Betty Ptquegnat
Betty Purcell
Betty Pyon
Betty Reilly
Betty Rennick
Betty Rent
Betty Reside
Betty Rich
Betty Richard
Betty Richard- Barred Baby Chicks
Betty Richard-on
Betty Richardson
Betty Richardson Lorraine Elliott
Betty Richardsui
Betty Riley
Betty Robber
Betty Robitaille
Betty Robitallle
Betty Robitarlle
Betty Roblt-allle
Betty Roddy MacDowail
Betty Roderick
Betty Roger Perry
Betty Rogers
Betty Rosario Delair
Betty Rose
Betty Ruaeeil
Betty Ruby
Betty Rupert
Betty Rus
Betty Russel
Betty Russell 1
Betty Russell 2
Betty Russell Beauty Salon
Betty Russell Brownline Farms Burnetts Catherine Nyveld Crafts Cecil Elliott Equipment Country
Betty Russell Carriage Cover
Betty Russell Dates
Betty Russell H.I. Hobbs 4
Betty Russell’s
Betty Ryan
Betty Ryan - Studio Venus
Betty Ryan 362.32
Betty Ryan and Margaret Pilon
Betty Ryan Betty Ryan
Betty Ryan Church
Betty Ryan Cosgrove
Betty Ryan Dear Editor
Betty Ryan Father Chris Shalla
Betty Ryan Hearing Aids
Betty Ryan Journalist Carrie Buchanan
Betty Ryan Moved
Betty Ryan Municipalities
Betty Ryan Oil Paintings
Betty Ryan Old
Betty Ryan Photography
Betty Ryan Photography Nepean
Betty Ryan Pres
Betty Ryan President
Betty Ryan Re
Betty Ryan Sec.Treas
Betty Ryan St Alphonsus
Betty Ryan This
Betty Ryan Waltham
Betty Ryan Waltham Have
Betty Ryan’s
Betty Sandra Racine
Betty Santa Claus
Betty Sawyer
Betty Say
Betty Scarlett
Betty Scharf
Betty Schonauer
Betty Schwalm
Betty Scott
Betty Scullion
Betty Seaghers
Betty Second
Betty Sharpe
Betty Sharpe Mackay
Betty Shawville
Betty Sheen
Betty Sheridan
Betty Shore
Betty Shore Ann
Betty Sicard
Betty Smart
Betty Smith
Betty Snarling
Betty Soucie
Betty Spafling
Betty Spar Nancy Mayhew
Betty Spariing-Laporte
Betty Sparling
Betty Sparling Is
Betty Sparling Laporte
Betty Spicks
Betty Spurline
Betty St
Betty Stanley
Betty Ste
Betty Stettler
Betty Stevens
Betty Stewart
Betty Stewart Jossil
Betty Stewart Jossui
Betty Stewart Josul
Betty Stinton Saturday
Betty Stoddard
Betty Strader
Betty Strang
Betty Strauss
Betty Streadel
Betty Streader
Betty Strutt
Betty Strutt Anyone
Betty Suillivan-Morris
Betty Sullivan
Betty Sullivan-Morris
Betty Sutherland
Betty Swartz
Betty Sylvia
Betty Sympathy
Betty Tal-
Betty Tanner
Betty Taylor
Betty Tel-
Betty Tel- I
Betty Telford
Betty Telford Darling Dods
Betty Telford Epss
Betty Telford MW.
Betty Telford OPEN HOUS]
Betty The
Betty Then
Betty They
Betty This
Betty Thomas
Betty Thomas Carson
Betty Thomas Corner Rortege Rood
Betty Thomp
Betty Thomp-of
Betty Thompeon Mb
Betty Thompson
Betty Thorne
Betty Those
Betty Tippins Honored Ml
Betty To Mavis Kluke
Betty Tollman
Betty Toque
Betty Tourney
Betty Tracy Huff
Betty Trouse
Betty Trudeau Russell
Betty Tub
Betty Tubman
Betty Tubmen
Betty Tuck
Betty Turner
Betty Turner Since
Betty Umay
Betty Use
Betty V
Betty Valiant
Betty Van JUST
Betty Van Donna Draper
Betty Van Wigcheren
Betty Van Wlg-heren
Betty VandenBosch
Betty Vandenbosh
Betty Vaughan
Betty Vem
Betty Vem- Russell
Betty Vem-er
Betty Vemcr
Betty Vemer
Betty Vemere
Betty Vemor
Betty Vemor An
Betty Verier
Betty Verner
Betty Verner Eleanor Foran Spiritual
Betty Verner Kingsbury
Betty Verner Pat Trudeau
Betty Vernon
Betty Vetterlein
Betty Vincent
Betty Visiting Ivan
Betty Vomer
Betty Walle-Frost
Betty Walls
Betty Walls-Frost
Betty War
Betty Wayne Tanner
Betty Webber
Betty What
Betty Wichener
Betty Wig-cheren
Betty Wigchercn
Betty Wil-
Betty Williams
Betty Williamson
Betty Wilson
Betty Winkler
Betty Woods
Betty Woolsey
Betty Worship
Betty Wright
Betty Wrinn
Betty Wyatt
Betty Y Flo
Betty Young
Betty Young Donald Burton
Betty Young Grade Nine Beverley Campbell
Betty Young Is
Betty Young Shirley Kehoe
Betty Young-Jones
Betty Zim-merUng
Betty Zimmer
Betty) Graham
Betty-Ann Bohan
Betty-Lou Brownlee
Betty-Lou Campbell
Bety Richardson
Beverley Lennle Richardson
Beverly Richardson
Beverly Richardson D) SCHRYER
Bifrbara Richardson
BilJv Richardson
Bill Richardson
Bill (Betty
Bill and Betty
Bill Richardson
Bill Williams Jane
Billy and Betty
Billy Richardson
Billy Richardson Knots David Yach
Billy T’s Pizza Kyle Richardson Grant Rogers Howard Construction Hugh TVacy Pontiac Electric
Billy) Richardson Dear
Birthday I Betty Lou »
Bishop and Betty Young
Blair Richardson
Bnggs Richardson
Boar Richardson
Board Richardson
Bob and Betty
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Bob and Betty Laporte
Bob and Betty Pritchard
Bob and Betty Ron
Bob and Jane Weatherall
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Bob Fenton Bonnie Richardson Laurie MacKechnie QUESTIONS
Bob Hod- Morna Dean Among Successful Graduates Fo.tunately
Bob Hoe Jane Russell
Bob Hope Comedy Jane Wyman Jackie Gleason
Bob Richardson
Bob | Roycc Richardson
Bobby & Betty Sparling
Bobby and Betty Lou
Bobina Richardson
Bolph Richardson Buried Al Stoughton Mrs. McEwan
Bomie Richardson
Bon Richardson
Bonds Richardson
Bonme Richardson
Bonne Richardson
Bonnia Richardson
Bonnie BOlO Richardson
Bonnie Coordinator Richardson
Bonnie Richardson
Bonnie Richardson 1
Bonnie Richardson 647
Bonnie Richardson 647-5362
Bonnie Richardson Adrian Larocque
Bonnie Richardson Campbell’s
Bonnie Richardson Des
Bonnie Richardson EQUITY
Bonnie Richardson Every
Bonnie Richardson L Vern MacBournie At
Bonnie Richardson Laurie MacKechnie
Bonnie Richardson Laurie MacKechnie Mr. David Thomson
Bonnie Richardson Le Vétéran Gulf Gas Bar
Bonnie Richardson Michael Costello
Bonnie Richardson Shawville Revitalisation SHAWVILLE Attendance
Bonnie Richardson Vice-President
Bonnie Richardson Vice-President Pontiac Agricultural Society
Bonnie Sue Richardson
Bonnie Sue Richardson Shawville
Bovce Richardson
Boyce Richardson
Boyce Richardson Hodgins
Boyd & Betty Lou Brownlee
Boyd & Betty Lou Brownlee Shawville
Boyd and Betty Hi-Ranch
Boyd and Betty Lou
Boyd and Betty Lou Brownlee
Boyd Barber, Betty Brownlee
Brandon Lionette Betty Sparling After
Brandon Presley Brock Plouffe Kyle Richardson Justin Carson Blair Campeau Waylon Bohart Derek Bertr
Brcnda Richardson
Brehda Richardson
Brenda (Richardson
Brenda Baird and Betty Sparling
Brenda Barr Graduates
Brenda I Richardson
Brenda Lee (Richardson
Brenda Marlene Richardson
Brenda MURPHY nee(Richardson
Brenda Richardson
Brenda Richardson Horse
Brenda Richardson Is
Brenda Richardson Named King
Brenda Richardson Sharon Beattie Erwin Mohr
Brenda Shalla Murray Richardson
Brenda Waltham Chatteris Miss Brenda Richardson
Brennan Richardson
Brent Dunlop Murray Richardson
Brent My daughter Betty
Brent Richardson
Brian Doyle signs Jane Leroy’s
Brian Drummond Royce Richardson
Brian Edward AVIS DU SCRUTIN Merlin Richardson
Brian Fitzpatrick Betty
Brian Richardson
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
Briggs Richardson
Briggs Richardson Bedard
Bristol View Betty Lou
BROMLEY Richardson
Brown Betty
Brown Betty Pudding.—2
Brown Betty With Ceramet Sauce
Brto-warnie Richardson
Bruce & Jane Hayes
Bruce and Betty
Bruce Betty
Bryan Mur-Jamie Richardson
Bryan Murray 2 Star Billy Richardson 2
Bryan Murray Ronald W Richardson
Bryan Murray Royce Richardson Pontiacs Top Production
Bryan Richardson
Buckingham—Jane Baldwin
Bud Lance 5827 Glen Richardson
Bulah Vera -Registered Nurse Retired
By Albert Armstrong By Arnold Garrison Third Period Richardson
By Mrs. Betty Turner
By-law Richardson
Byron Horner Eminerson Richardson
C J- Richardson
C Richardson
C Richardson - Cr
C. Richardson
Caldwell Miss Betty Stewart
Call M Richardson
Cameron Richardson
Camp-Betty Laporte
Campbell Ebert Richardson Yach
Campbell McDonald Jane
Campbell Miss Betty Woolsey
Canada Claude Richardson
Canada Manpower Betty
Candice Jane
Captain Betty
Carl and Betty Dowdell
Carl Shew ville—Boyce Richardson Ebert
Carmen Richardson
Carnival Queen Betty Lou Twolan
Carnival Queen Jane Ranger
Carol Aim Richardson
Carol and Betty
Carol Ann Richardson
Carol Anne Ri- Grade IX B Yach Betty Hamilton
Carol Anne Richardson
Carol Jane Pachl
Carol Richardson
Carol Robina Richardson
Carole Richardson
Caroline Jane Downey
Cary Richardson
Catfish - Betty Johnston
Cedric Motion Crs Richardson
Cedric Richardson
Celery Ebert Richardson
Chapter Queen Betty
Charleen Jane
Charles and Jane McKen-
Charles Richardson
Charles Richardson SEPTIC
Charlie and Betty Ann
Charlie and Betty Ann Elwood Fletcher
Charlie and Betty Anne
Charlie and Betty Anne Mississauga
Charlie and Betty Anne Muldoon
Charlie and Betty Anne Your
Charlie including Betty Morris
Charlie Kyle Richardson
Charlie Richardson
Charlie Richardson 4
Charlie Richardson Agent
Charlie Richardson Coulonge
Charlie Richardson Coulonge Draveun
Charlie Richardson Dumouchel
Charlie Richardson Luke Younge
Charlie Richardson Promutuel La
Charlie Richardson Then
Charlie Richardson They
Charlie Schroeder Jr. Gordon and Betty Popkey
Charlotte Richardson
Chelsea Colby Richardson
Chichester Coun Betty Harkins
Chicken Coop Gloria Richardson
Chortle Richardson
Chris Evans Charlie Richardson
Chris MacIntyre Richardson
Christ- Mrs Betty Laporte
Christian John Richardson
Christina Jane
Christina Matilda Gli- Richardson
Chsriie Richardson Shawville
Cico X Mary Jane Hammond
Cindy Jane Pooklns
Ciordon Richardson
CIs Richardson
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron Metric Conversion
Claaence Richardson
Claire (Richardson
Claire Richardson
Claire Richardson and Betty Elliott
Clara Jane Harris
Clarence (Betty
Clarence and Betty
Clarence and Betty Dagg
Clarence and Betty Dagg Walsh
Clarence B. Richardson
Clarence Dean Graduates
Clarence J. Richardson
Clarence Mary Jane William Alice Frederick Hamilton Muriel* Lloyd Rae Maria Noble Verna* Kenneth Be
Clarence Richardson
Clarence Richardson 5
Clarence Richardson Mrs
Clarence Richardson Ottawa
Clarence Richardson*
Clarendon Richardson
Claud Richardson
Claude B Richardson
Claude Claude Richardson
Claude J. Richardson
Claude moratorium Richardson
Claude Motion Crs Claude Rich-Richardson
Claude Richardson
Claude Richardson -
Claude Richardson 605
Claude Richardson 80.00
Claude Richardson B
Claude Richardson Chief
Claude Richardson Chutes
Claude Richardson CLUB
Claude Richardson Crs Horner
Claude Richardson Cultural Affairs
Claude Richardson Judd
Claude Richardson Léo
Claude Richardson March
Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Claude Richardson Range
Claude Richardson Richardson
Claude Richardson Three
Claude Richardson to Richardson
Claude Richardson VISA Motion
Claude Richardson Wickens
Claude Richardson Woods
Claude Richardson’s Road
Claude ^ Richardson
Clifford Mrs Betty Ryan
Clive Smart J Richardson
Clr M Richardson
Clr Murray Richardson
Clr Richardson
Clra Richardson
Clrs Richardson
Clrs Richardson Bryan Murray
Clrs Richardson Richardson
Clrs Schroeder and Richardson
Cnud Nurse
Coach Elaine Richardson
Coach Murray Richardson
Coach Myles Richardson
Coach Richardson
Coaches Myles Richardson
Cobden Auctioneer Ebert Richardson
Colby Richardson
Colby Richardson All
Collette Betty Sparling
Commercial Course— Betty Morrison
Communion 647-3977 Richardson Murray
Communion Rev. L G. Richardson
Connie Richardson
Connor Richardson
Consecreation —Betty Harris
Constable Richardson
Constitutions Richardson
Contact Glenn Richardson
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Continuing Education Bursaries Kari Richardson
Cora Richardson
Cordon Richardson
Cornet Richardson
Corrigan Messrs Clarence Richardson
Council Richardson
Councillor Boyce Richardson
Councillor Richardson
Councillors Richardson
Cpl Richardson
Cpl Richardson Master CpI Richardson
Cr C Richardson
Cr C Richardson Hayes
Cr Claude Richardson Fire
Cr M Richardson
Cr Merlin Richardson
Cr Richardson
Craig 1er Betty Lamarche
Craig Betty
Crls Richardson
Crs C Betty Foran
Crs C Richardson
Crs G Hodgins & Richardson
Crs M Richardson
Crs Richardson
Crs Richardson CLD
Crs Richardson Cr
Crs Richardson George Coles
Crs Richardson UMRCQ
Curling Miss Betty Richardson
Curling Richardson
Curtis Venne Closest Pin Female Betty Angus Dave Hall
Cynthia Jane Findlay
D ana Richardson Noble Grand
D Richardson
D. Richardson
D.ymk Frances Jane Marcella Horner
Dal/ton Richardson
Dale (Betty
Dale Robertson Betty
Dale Robertson Betty Grable Z Z Plus
Dale T E Richardson Portage
Dale T E Richardson Portage da Fort
Dalton Richardson
Dalton Richardson Trophy
Dalton Richardson Valuators
DaMon Richardson
Dan Hobbs David Hobbs Travis Corrigan Nathan Lariviere Derek Burman Jessica Richardson Dennis Camp
Daron Richardson
Dave and Betty Lou
Dave Moore Richardson
Dave Moore Royce Richardson
Dave Richardson
Dave Walsh Character—Lee Richardson
David and Betty
David and Betty Bertrand
David and Betty Dagg
David and Betty Frost
David and Betty Honsinger
David and Betty Lou
David and Betty Lou Community Choir
David Bcllerive Jonathan Richard and Richardson
David Etta Richardson
David Jane Mohr
David Miles Richardson
David Ranger Mrs. J. Richardson
David Richardson
David Rusentsrom Murray Richardson
David Russell Mrs. Garner Richardson Herb
David Russell____ Mrs. Cramer Richardson
Davidson Ebert Richardson
Davidson Mrs. Mary Dale Ebert Richardson Pontiac Dairy
Davis and Betty Hodgins
Dawn Alexander and Betty Davis
Dbnald Richardson
Dclauncr Richardson
Dean Martin Jane Powell Jerry Lewis
Dean Warnie Richardson
Debbie Pirie and Betty Lou Campbell
Debbie Reynolds Jane Powell
Dec. Vikki Richardson
Decisions Richardson
Deep Richardson
Defenseman Glen Richardson
Defenseman Luke Richardson
Denis Fen Pontiac Hockey League Schedule Royce Richardson
Denise Richardson
Dennis Adam Richardson
Dennis and Betty Thoms
Derek For- Richardson
Derek Frobel Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Jeremy Jones Steven Alexander Don Dubé Goalies
Derek Frobel Jamie Richardson
Derek McColgan Richardson
Desmond Maheral Nally Betty Van Wigcheren
Diana Richardson
Diane Richard, Betty Telford
Diane Richardson
Diane Richardson Value-priced
Dianne McColgan and Betty Sparling
Dianne Richardson
Dick Irvin Richardson
Dick Richardson
District Richardson
Doctor Bars- Jane Cashen
Don Richardson
Don Richardson Mrs Claire Fkury
Donald and Betty
Donald Connelly Betty
Donald Gagnon and Betty Harkins
Donald Lee Richardson
Donald Richardson
Donald T Richardson
Donald Th imv Richardson
Donald Thomas Richardson Richardson
Donna Hodgins Betty Young
Donna Richardson
Donnie Richardson
Doreen Chabot Richardson
Doreen I Betty Ann
Doris and Betty
Doris Jane Harris
Dorothy and Betty
Dorothy Jane
Dorothy Jane Beryl Hodgins
Dorothy Jane Goulding
Dorothy Richardson
Doug & Betty Meredith -
Doug A Jane MacDougall
Doug and Betty Q||
Doug Ful-and Merlin Richardson
Doug Richardson
Doug- Richardson
Douglas and Betty Thomas
Douglas Campeau Richardson
Dr. E K. Richardson
Dr. Gregory Perley Richardson
Dr. Richardson
Dr. Waraie Richardson
Dulton Richardson
Duncan Murray Richardson
Dwight Peck Ann Beaudoin and Betty Ann Ranger
E .R. Nurse
E A Pritchard T E Richardson Portage
E bert Richardson
E McDowell Betty Cameron
E R Nurse
E R. Nurse
E Richardson
E. I Richardson
E. O Donnell I Betty Kennedy
E. Richardson
E. Richardson 163.05
E. Richardson Referee — Bruce Elliott.
ea-1 Richardson
Earl and Betty Mayhew
Earl and Betty Mayhew’s
Earl Jane
Earl Richardson
Eastman Richardson
Eben Richardson
Ebert Richardson
Ebert Richardson Cauliflower - Mrs. Jim Stewart
Ebert Richardson Cucumbers
Ebert Richardson DeMerchant-Kennedy Photo DeMerchant-Kennedy Photo
Ebert Richardson Ewe Dale
Ebert Richardson Family
Ebert Richardson For
Ebert Richardson Jennings
Ebert Richardson Lawn
Ebert Richardson Smith
Ebert Richardson Spec-
Ebert Richardson Surviving
Ebert Richardson Temiscamingue
Ebert Richardson Wilbur Chapman
Ebert Richardson’s
Ed A Betty Lukas
Ed Eind Jane Walker
Ed Richardson
Ed/ie Richardson
Eddie J Richardson
Eddie McCann Joey Richardson
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson Fred Dagg
Eddie Richardson Wakefield
Edgar and Betty
Edgar Richardson
Edith and Betty Lou.
Edith Jane Beer Classes Lager: Graham Hawley
Edith Nugent célébrât- Richardson
Edith Tubman Jane James
Edith W. Richardson
Edward 647*5571 Richardson Murray
Edward 647-5571 Richardson Murray
Edward and Betty
Edward Harley Richardson Proud
Edward Richardson
Edward Richardson Murray
Edward Whelan Richard Richardson Nathaniel Brownlee John Brown Thomas Prendergast Robert Prendergas
Edwin daughter Betty
Effie Richardson
Ehner Richardson
Eihel Richardson 2
El- Ebert Richardson
Elaine poster Richardson
Elaine Rich- Richardson
Elaine Richardson
Elaine Richardson Dianne Judd
Elaine Richardson Your
Elaine Richardson’s Gr
Elbowing Richardson
Elburn Bean Royce Richardson
Elgin Howard .... Warnie Richardson Erwin Smart
Elgin Richardson
Elgin Richardson Agencies
Elisa Jane
Elissa Jane
Eliza James Lang Jane
Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane Hodgins James George
Eliza Jane X
Elizabeth (Betty
Elizabeth (Betty ) Morrison
Elizabeth (Betty McGregor
Elizabeth (Betty) Marlene
Elizabeth (Betty) Stewart
Elizabeth and Betty Mayhew
Elizabeth Bar-Jane Corrigan
Elizabeth Dale Richardson
Elizabeth Jane
Elizabeth Jane Black
Elizabeth Jane Elliott
Elizabeth Jane Hill Byron
Elizabeth Jane McCorris-ton
Elizabeth Jane McNally
Elizabeth Richardson
Elizabeth “Betty* Murphy
Ella Bayne and Betty Ryan
Ella Jane Chamberlain
Ella Richardson
Ellen (Betty
Ellen Jane
Ellen Jane Denni-wife
Ellen Jane Graham
Ellen Jane Healey
Ellen Jane O Neill
Ellen Jane Qoss
Ellen Place Motion Crs Richardson Tracy
Ellen Richardson
Elliott Ava Gloria Richardson Hi
Elliott Richardson
Ellis Pcrley Richardson
Ellis Richardson
Elmer Richardson
Elmer Richardson Guests
Elmer Richardson HARLAND
Elmo (Betty Church
Elmor Richardson
Elmside View Betty Ann
Elninn Richardson
Elsie Jane Tubman
Elsie Richardson
Embie Richardson
Emble Richardson
Embyle Richardson
Emerson Richardson
Emily Claude Richardson
Emily Jane Mercer
Emma Jane
Emma Jane Ade
Emma Jane Gougeon
Emma Jane Lathem Emma Jane Lathem
Emmerson Richardson
Emmerson Richardson Mrs. John ¦ Richardson
Emmersou Richardson
Employees Murray Richardson
Enible Richardson
Ennis Thomas Rickie Richardson
Eric Brown James Warnie Richardson
Eric Duval Royce Richardson
Erie Gaudette Richardson
Erika Richardson
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J.
Ernie Richardson
Ervin Richardson
Esstman Richardson
Ethel Jane
Ethel Richardson
Etta Ralph (Richardson
Etta Richardson
ETTA—Warnie Richardson
Eva and Betty Sparling
Eva Andai BETTY
Eva Andai Motion Ora M Richardson
Eva Betty
Eva Betty June Chamberlain
Eva Betty June Sign
Evelyn and Betty Lou Campbell
Evelyn Campbell Jamie Richardson
Evelyn J. Archie Richardson
Evelyn Murphy Jane
Evelyn Richardson
Ex-Nurse Girl—It’s
Eystman Richardson
F Richardson
F » L *•> All Richardson
F. Richardson
Faith Jane
Families Richardson
Family Richardson
Farmers Miss Betty King
Fay & Betty
Fay and Betty
Fear Factor’ Richardson
February Richardson
Fherr Richardson
Film Richardson
Findlay Richardson Penalties Mayo
Flame Richardson
Florence Jane
Florence Richardson ISSUE No.
Fmd Richardson
Foal Ebert Richardson
Fokesand T E. R Nurse
Foster Richardson
Frances Jane
Frances Jane Marcella Homer
Frances Jane Monday
Frances Jane Wallace
Francis Richardson
Frank and Betty Anne Muldoon
Frank Brenda Richardson
Frank Car-Mary-Jane
Frank Palmer Barney Richardson Douglas Schwartz Lawrence Stafford Ron Tanguay Hugh Young Phil Hamel
Frank Richardson
Frank Ryan and Betty Ryan
Franklin Richardson
Fraser Shawvllle—Royce Richardson Penalties:- Barrie Murray Cecil McTlernan
Fred and Betty
Fred Dale Betty Smith
Fred Hodg Claude Richardson
Fred Howard and Betty
Fred Richardson
Fred Richardson Killed
Fred Richardson Mr Storey
Fred Richardson Returning
Frederick Richardson
Fri-l Treasurer Betty Lou Elliott
Frid Richardson
From Bristol-Wyman Betty
Frost M Richardson
Funeal Harley Richardson
G F Handel Mrs. Perles Richardson
G Richardson Services:
G Richardson.. James Howard
G. Richardson
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gail Bronson and.Brenda Richardson
Gail Ebert Richardson
Gail Ga van Gail Gavan Graduates
Gail Gavan _ _ Betty Church
Gail Richardson
Gail Ricnardson Ronald Richardson
Gall Richardson
Game Richardson
Gamer Richardson
Garfield Richardson
Garner Richardson
Garner Richardson Basil Glenn
Garner Richardson Richardson
Garry Ladou-Seat Six Betty Harkins
Garry McCallum Mrs. Isobelle Richardson
Garry Richardson
Garry Richardson Toronto
Garry Richardson’s
Gary Claude Richardson
Gary Hod- Claude Richardson
Gary Hodgins pre-Claude Richardson
Gary Richardson
Gary Richardson 2nd — Billy Black 1er
Gary Russell I Jane Bourget
Gary Wilson Silver- Jane Reid
Gathering Jane
Gatineau Mills Miss Betty Ireland
Gelbin A A SYNOPSIS L B Nurse Mary Lament
Gelding Richardson
Gene Nelson Jane Wyman Technicolor
Genevieve Richardson
Geo Richardson
George & Betty Russell
George & Betty Wilson
George and Betty
George and Betty Conrod
George and Betty Eades
George and Betty Russell
George and Betty Russell Golden Beauty
George and Betty Russell’s
George and Mary Jane Smith
George Armitage Jane Logan Armitage
George Armitage Jane Logan-Armitage
George B. Richardson
George B. Richardson Mrs Composition
George Gardon Richardson
George Gordon Richardson
George Mrs. Jimmie Richardson
George Ralph Richardson Cockburn
George Richardson
George Richardson Fred Rose
George Richardson Sheriff
George Richardson Woman
George Telford* Mrs. Sam Richardson’s
Gerald Demp-B&> Graduates
Geri Murray) Richardson
Gerry and Betty
Gerry Richardson
Gertrude Jane
Gervais (Betty
Gilbert and Betty
Gillian Richardson
Gillian Richardson When Richardson
GirU—iBrenda Richardson Mary Stanton
Glen and Betty Atkins
Glen Ford Betty Davis Color
Glen Richardson
Glen Richardson Daron
Glen Richardson Jimmy Foran
Glen Richardson L/mKj
Glen Richardson Rabb
Glenn & Betty At- Birthday
Glenn and Betty Muldoon
Glenn Mereddth Betty Mohr Geraldine Robinson Edwin Shenmet After
Glenn Richardson
Glenn Richardson Standings
Glona Richardson
Gloria Graham Technicolor Jane Russell
Gloria Richardson
Gloria Richardson 647-2500 Hardy Plants Shawville
Gloria Richardson Cluff
Gloria Richardson Kyle
Gloria Richardson Morley Hodgins Inc.
Gloria Richardson Powell’s Auto Service
Gloria Richardson Robert Riznek
Goalie Kyle Richardson
Goalie Kyle Richardson Shawville
Goalies Kyle Richardson Shawxille
Goals Richardson
Godfrey Bourgeois Drowned At Quyon James Rennick Dies Sarah Jane Tubman Buried
Gord Jack Betty Datton
Gordie A Jane Mohr
Gordon and Betty
Gordon and Betty Belanger
Gordon and Betty Fopkey
Gordon and Betty Popkay Lamarche
Gordon and Betty Popkey
Gordon and Betty Popkey Whelen
Gordon Betty Gordon
Gordon Harold Donald Richardson
Gordon Paul .... R. F. Richardson
Gordon Richardson
Gordon Richardson 1
Gordon Richardson 2
Gordon Richardson 2. Brown Bantam
Gordon Richardson 2. Bull
Gordon Richardson Clarence Hod
Gordon Richardson Four Post Office
Gordon Richardson George Gordon Richarason
Gordon Richardson Harry Stur-
Gordon Richardson I
Gordon Richardson Muir
Gordon Richardson Sarah Ellen
Gordon Richardson Sidney Sheppard Vertel Smiley
Gordon Richardson Smyths
Gordon T Paul 13.97; Betty Turner
Gorton and Betty Popkey
Grace & Jane Grace Hearty
Grace and Betty Allard
Grace anil Betty Mohr
Grade 3A Betty Chamberlin
Grade 3a— Betty Hamilton
Grade 9—Betty Graham
Grade V—Betty Hayes
Graduates Factories
Graduates Graduate Campbell
Graham John Lunam Elaine Richardson Karen Smith
Grant and Betty
Gravel Betty
Greg Richardson
Gregory Peck Jane Wyman
Gregory Richardson
Greta Garbo—or Betty Lomax
Gri.wv—Richardson Shawville’s
Gwen Barber and Miss| Brenda* Richardson
Gwen Betty
Gwen Richardson
H Richardson
H. H Richardson. Young
H. H. Richardson
H. Richardson
Hagen Leslie Caron Mel Ferror Gig Young Jean Hagen Jane Greer Technicolor TUES.
Hahn Mrs Don Richardson
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants
Hamilton Dennis Chase....Mark Richardson Mara Landers
Hamilton Richardson
Hank Blinks....John Richardson McDowell
Hannah Jane Desmond
Hannah Jane Towell
Hannah Marina Richardson
Hannah Marina Richardson Richardson
Har- Betty Young
Hariey Richardson
Harley Richardson
Harley Richardson Best
Harold & Betty
Harold (Betty
Harold Beckett and Betty Lou Elliott
Harold Hugh Richardson
Harold Pokes Graduates
Harold Richardson
Harold Richardson Richard Bruce iVhat
Harold Richardson Russett
Harold S. Richardson
Harold Simmons Light Stallions Bred Ebert Richardson
Harry 647-2156 Richardson Murray
Harry Jane Willis
Harry Palmer Lawrence Hodgins J E Palmer NY Richardson Hurst IPidgin-R J Lucas John Ravelin
Harry Richardson
Harry Richardson Agencies
Harry Richardson Murray
Harsh Richardson
Harvey Nurse
Harvey Richardson
Harvey T E. R. Nurse
Hasel Richardson
Haven Campground Benson Auto Parts Wilt $ Betty Murdock Mike Guitard
Haxel Richardson
Hazel Richardson
He- and Betty Verner
Heather and Betty Muirhcad
Heather Betty Sparling
Heather I V Stevens, Betty
Heather Lemke and Betty Sullivan
Heather Richardson
Heather Richardson Kountry Kookin’ W.A. Hodglns Brian Stanton Joan Gray Tim
Heather Richardson SHUR
Heather Stewart 648-5413 Betty
Heather Stewart and Betty Hodgins
Heether Richardson
Helen and Betty Martineau
Helen Hayes Jane Bretz
Helen Jane Lafortune
Helen Mar- Miss Man Jane Kingsbury
Helen Rout- Jane Hayes
Helena Beat- Betty Vernor
Henry and Betty Wohler
Henry Betty Monfort
Henry McCord Claude Richardson Joe Smile
Henry McCord Mr. Claude Richardson
Henry V. O. Nurse
Herbert Cuthbertson Gordon Richardson Keith Brownlee Gerald Wall Wilbur Chapman United Steel
Herbert Richardson
Herbie Richardson
Herby Richardson
Here Ella Jane Emerson Hospital Donations
Hetty Richardson
Hickey Mrs Cora Richardson Pearl M Anderson Lake
Hil-burn Richardson
Hilbum Richardson
Hilburn Richardson
Hilda Brown Bay Lisa Richardson
Hilda Gordon and Betty Van Wlghern
Hill Richardson
Hill T B Jane
Hiram Smiley jClarence Richardson
Hn Richardson
Hobbs Richardson
Hobbs Richardson Mylca
Hod- Claude Richardson
Hodgins Richardson Bros Ren
Holly Richardson
Honda Richardson
Honnie Richardson
Honor Marie Hodgins Marilyn Telford Graduates As Nurse
Hoot Richardson
Hope Richardson
Hor-Hilburn Richardson
Horner Richardson
Hornet Richardson
Horry Richardson Agencies
Hospital Nurse
House Richardson Murray
Howard Clara Little Joan MacFarlane Joseph M alette Mary McDowell Betty Metcalfe Muriel Riley
Howard Duff Get Your Hunting Licence Now At Julie Adams Charlton Heston Jeff Chandler Jane Russel
Howard Hubert Ellio.t Gordon Richardson F*mt
Howard Keel Jane Powell
Hull Miss Betty Russell
Hv-rbie Richardson
I 732-3444 Betty Cameron V
Ian Ire Rover Richardson
Ian Richardson
II—Archie Richardson
ILX^hool Mrs Betty Popkey
Imi Richardson Trophy To Radford Hockey Team
Intellectually Richardson
Intends Bliss Margaret Richardson
InThe Miss Betty EdgU
Investiga-Brenda Richardson
Iona (Richardson
Iona Richardson
Iona Richardson Honored
Ionian Richardson
Is "Nurse
Is Selwood Betty
Isabella Jane
Isabella Richardson
Isabelle Richardson
Isabelle Richardson Graham
It Richardson
Itoycc Richardson
IVrley Richardson
Ivy Richardson
IWlS^încreas^eb^Un^doUbir^p^mont^^air9 Betty
I—Lindsay Richardson
I—Vi»la Richardson
I’erlky Richardson
J A MRS H. Richardson WoirsU^h
J A. Richardson
J Ann Jane Robinson
J J Hud Clarence Richardson 1
J Jillian Richardson
J M Jamieson 3. Sapple —Garner Richardson 1
J Miss Betty Sparling
J Richardson
J Richardson .17
J Richardson Mr.
J « -V B 4k * Carole Richardson PhD On
J, Betty Maloney
J. A. Richardson
J. Richardson
J. Russell Jane Bussell Bichard Egan
Jaa Richardson
Jack and Betty
Jack Howard and Betty McGregor
Jack McLar- Richardson
Jack Richardson
Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Jackie and Richardson
Jackie McBane Debbie Hodgins Jane Alexander Roily Bernier Gary Trudeau Gerry McKenny Eric Smith Pau
Jacob Holly Richardson
Jacob Richardson
Jacqueline Stanley-Richardson - Vikki
Jacques Misses Betty
Jagies Richardson
James and Betty Ward
James Eliza Jane Tubman
James Harkins Richardson
James J. Richardson
James Judd Gordon Richardson
James Kenny (Betty
James Mason I Betty Grable
James Richardson
James Richardson Ivan F-irr Ray OemmiU
James Richardson Richardson
James Richardson SHAW
James Richardson Smith Falls
James Sal-and Charlie Richardson
James Sherwood Claude Richardson
James Wamie Richardson
James Warnle Richardson
James Warren Richardson
James Wernie Richardson
Jamie and Betty Sparling Laporte
Jamie First Richardson
Jamie Jamie Richardson
Jamie Richardson
Jamie Richardson 1
Jamie Richardson 3
Jamie Richardson Andrew Warren Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Marty Brownlee Jeremy Jones Shone Peck Jeff
Jamie Richardson Renfrew
Jamie Richardson _
Jane !5lh
Jane "
Jane - Ann
Jane 1st
Jane 5th Sale Start*
Jane 647-5373 Rose
Jane 7.
Jane 7. IMS.
Jane 8th
Jane A
Jane A lei- Phlox
Jane A Little
Jane A Yach
Jane A Yach-9.90 R McMahon-15.30
Jane A. Little
Jane A1 Baby
Jane AAjmG*
Jane Ab
Jane Acres
Jane Adams
Jane Addams
Jane Addams.
Jane Adult
Jane Adult Pullover
Jane After
Jane AI- Congratulations
Jane AihUy
Jane Aim
Jane Akxan
Jane Al-
Jane Al- Mina Rebertz
Jane Al- Steve Bauer
Jane Alcxan- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Jane Alcxan- Schock
Jane Alderidge
Jane Alevan-
Jane Alex
Jane Alex-
Jane Alex- Hat
Jane Alex-Campbell
Jane Alexan- Carol-Ann Finlan
Jane Alexan- Cnb
Jane Alexan- Dorothy
Jane Alexan- Russell
Jane Alexan- V
Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander Chives
Jane Alexander Doug Hodgins
Jane Alexander Herb Garden Elmer Alexander Garden
Jane Alexander Lady’s
Jane Alexander May Schwartz
Jane Alexander Melissa Kavanagh Beth
Jane Alexander Secrétaire-trésorière
Jane Alexander Tea Biscuits -
Jane Alexander Wall Hanging
Jane Alexander Wendy and David Homer
Jane Alexanderl Cabbage
Jane Allison Beardsley
Jane Allyson Cyd Charlsse
Jane Amelia Smith
Jane Amm
Jane and Nancy P**"
Jane Anderson
Jane Andrews
Jane Ann
Jane Ann Beattie
Jane Ann Brown
Jane Ann Craig
Jane Ann Deren
Jane Ann Dubois
Jane Ann Finan—Kinette
Jane Ann Find Mackenzie
Jane Ann Findlay
Jane Ann Findlay March
Jane Ann Hod-gins
Jane Ann Hodgins
Jane Ann Hudgins
Jane Ann Hunt
Jane Ann McDonald
Jane Ann Mulligan
Jane Ann Richardson
Jane Ann Saunders
Jane Ann Scully
Jane Ann Vacli
Jane Ann Yach
Jane Ann Yach 15003xn21 Kenneth E. Eckford
Jane Ann Yach I5003xn2l
Jane Ann Yaeh
Jane Anne
Jane Anne Blown
Jane Anne Carroll
Jane Anne Connolly Mrs. R:
Jane Anne Findlay
Jane Anne Graham
Jane Anne Hunt
Jane Anne Richard- Silos
Jane Anne Richardson
Jane Anne Saturday
Jane Anne Seul
Jane Anne Yach
Jane Annie
Jane Ann’s Revenge
Jane Anu Madore
Jane April
Jane Arden
Jane Ardhem
Jane Argue
Jane Arm
Jane Armitaee
Jane Armitage
Jane Armour
Jane Armstrong
Jane Ashley
Jane Ashley’s Crown
Jane Athlay
Jane Atkinson
Jane Aug.
Jane Austen
Jane Austen Delicious
Jane Austin
Jane Babbitt
Jane Baby
Jane Babys
Jane Bags
Jane Baird
Jane Baldwin 2
Jane Bar-wise
Jane Barber
Jane Barlow
Jane Barrett I
Jane Barry
Jane Bartlett
Jane Barton
Jane Beatrice Wii-him
Jane Beattie
Jane Beatty
Jane Beau
Jane Beauchamp
Jane Belland
Jane Bennett Farm Lake
Jane Beryl
Jane Best
Jane Black
Jane Blackwell
Jane Borget
Jane Bottom Chairs
Jane Boucher
Jane Bour-
Jane Bour-.
Jane Bour-Charles Main
Jane Bourget
Jane Bowie
Jane Brct/lalf
Jane Brctz-is
Jane Brctzlaff
Jane Brel-zlaff
Jane Bret/laff
Jane Bret/lafl
Jane Bretalaff
Jane Bretz
Jane Bretz- Other»—Michael Allen
Jane Bretz-laff
Jane Bretzlaff
Jane Bretzlaff Kierans
Jane BretzlafT
Jane BretzlafT.
Jane BretztafT
Jane Bridgeman
Jane Broad
Jane Brophy
Jane Brophy X / X Ms. Brophy
Jane Brousse
Jane Brown
Jane Brown He
Jane Brown She
Jane Brownlee
Jane Brrtzlaff
Jane Brunton
Jane Bryant
Jane Btetzlaff
Jane Bulmer Lady’s Skirt Powell
Jane Burnes
Jane Bussell
Jane Byers
Jane C uthbertson
Jane Cahill
Jane Cake
Jane Cakebrcad
Jane Caldwell
Jane Callaghan
Jane Cameron
Jane Camp
Jane Campbell
Jane Campbell Steele
Jane Cancer Research
Jane Canuck
Jane Carrol Improvements
Jane Carroll
Jane Carroll Communications
Jane Carroll Communications Officer AUCTION SALE
Jane Carroll Frances Giroux
Jane Carroll Mary Latimere
Jane Carty
Jane Cashen
Jane Cashon
Jane Cecilia
Jane Chamber-z
Jane Chamberlain
Jane Chambers
Jane Charles Al
Jane Charlton
Jane Chocolate Fudge
Jane Church
Jane Churma
Jane Clark
Jane Clarke
Jane Clerk
Jane Clien Elam
Jane Cline
Jane CmUibertson
Jane Cole
Jane Collard
Jane College
Jane Collin
Jane Collins
Jane Comgan
Jane Connelly
Jane Connolly
Jane Conolly
Jane Conoly
Jane Cook
Jane Cooney
Jane Cooper
Jane Corke
Jane Correspondent LeRoy
Jane Corri-’ To
Jane Corrigan
Jane Corrigan Marsha Doug
Jane Coshen
Jane Cot
Jane Cotioly
Jane Courtney
Jane Cowley
Jane Coyle
Jane Coyle Mrs Clarice Mosseau
Jane Craig
Jane Craw
Jane Crawford
Jane Crawford Ebert
Jane Crowe
Janè Cu-
Jane Cullen
Jane Cummings
Jane Curley
Jane Curry
Jane Cutfobertson
Jane Cuthbcrtson
Jane Cuthbert-son
Jane Cuthbertson
Jane Cuthhertson
Jane D Ritchie
Jane D.iwxm
Jane Dagg
Jane Dale
Jane Dale.
Jane Dale’s
Jane Daniel Faasen
Jane Darlene Brown
Jane David Brown
Jane Davidson
Jane Davis
Jane Daw
Jane Dawson
Jane De
Jane De Brenda Russell
Jane de Faith
Jane De Haan
Jane de Hoan
Jane de Kaan
Jane De-
Jane De- Mrs Bolger
Jane Dean
Jane DeHaan
Jane DeHann
Jane DeHoan
Jane Denault
Jane Dennis
Jane Derby
Jane Derragh
Jane Derraugh
Jane Des
Jane DHoan
Jane Dieulafoy
Jane Dihvorth
Jane Dirff
Jane Dods
Jane Doherty
Jane Donovan
Jane Dough Her
Jane Dougherty
Jane Douglas
Jane Doyle Ralph
Jane Draper
Jane Drummond
Jane Dubé
Jane Dufault
Jane Duff
Jane Duff Ask
Jane Duff MacDougail
Jane Duff-MacDougall
Jane Dywan
Jane E Harrison
Jane Eady
Jane Ebert
Jane Edith Palmer
Jane Egan
Jane Eileen Zim-
Jane Eiswald
Jane Eiswald Broad Jump
Jane Eiswald Clark
Jane Eketzlaff
Jane Elizabeth
Jane Elizabeth BRYSON
Jane Elizabeth Jones Payment
Jane Elizabeth Mohr
Jane Elizabeth Sturgeon
Jane Elizebeth Sturgeon
Jane Ellen Henderson
Jane Elliott
Jane Elliott BSc
Jane Elspeth
Jane Elspeth Rowat
Jane Emerson
Jane Emmerson
Jane Emmerson RUSSELL-
Jane Ena
Jane English Ivy
Jane Erskine
Jane Especially
Jane EUaabeth Richmond
Jane Eyre"
Jane Eyre’s
Jane Fabery
Jane Fades
Jane Fairbairn
Jane Fairfax
Jane Fayrer
Jane Ferguson
Jane Fiddle
Jane Fieroben
Jane Fierobin
Jane Fin
Jane Finnigan
Jane Firobin
Jane Fischer
Jane Fletcher
Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda Brad Barr Girls Dresses
Jane Fonda Adult
Jane Fonda Anthony Perkins Recommended As Adult Entertainment BOOK YOUR
Jane Fonda Carry
Jane Fonda George Segal
Jane Fonda Lee Marvin Contact
Jane Fonda Lee Marvin Mr.
Jane Fonda Plus
Jane Fonde
Jane Forgiel
Jane Fortin
Jane Fran-
Jane Frances
Jane Frances Clarendon
Jane Francis
Jane Francis Dagg
Jane Fraser
Jane Frazee
Jane Froman
Jane Frost
Jane Galbraith
Jane Gavan
Jane Gavan Mohr
Jane Geranium
Jane Gertrude Smart
Jane Giddons
Jane Gifford
Jane Gil-lis
Jane Gilchrist
Jane Gillespie
Jane Gillis
Jane Gimson
Jane Gladys
Jane Glenn
Jane Goldie
Jane Gough
Jane Gousz
Jane Grace
Jane Grace Hospital
Jane Grace Ism
Jane Graham
Jane Graham If Mr. Beemer
Jane Grant
Jane Gray
Jane Greer
Jane Greer CinemaScepe
Jane Greer CinemaScope Treasure Jest
Jane Greer Documentary
Jane Grey
Jane Grey—Lord
Jane Grlchr
Jane Haepenny
Jane Hal-antyne
Jane Haley
Jane Hall
Jane Halpenny
Jane Hamilton
Jane Hamilton Trarev Senior Reserve Mare
Jane Hammond
Jane Hammond Thc
Jane Hannah
Jane Hark
Jane Harris
Jane Hawthorne
Jane Hay
Jane Hayes
Jane Hayes Lorraine Hodgins
Jane Hayes Ringrose Denture Therapy
Jane Hayes Terry Sparling
Jane Hazard
Jane Hearty
Jane Heggs
Jane Hel
Jane Helena Irvine
Jane Hemming
Jane Henderson
Jane Henna
Jane Hickey
Jane Highest
Jane Hill
Jane Hodgina
Jane Hodgins
Jane Hodglns
Jane Hoey
Jane Holt
Jane Homer
Jane Horner
Jane Howard
Jane Hudson
Jane Hughes
Jane I
Jane Inez Belsher
Jane Inez Brownlee
Jane Information
Jane Is
Jane Isabel
Jane IStti
Jane Jacobs
Jane James
Jane Jasper
Jane Jennings
Jane John
Jane Johncox
Jane Johnson
Jane Johnston
Jane Jolie
Jane Jones
Jane Jones Pastor
Jane Judd
Jane Judgson
Jane Kel-
Jane Kelieher
Jane Kelleher
Jane Keller
Jane Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Alexander
Jane Kelly
Jane Kendal
Jane Kendall
Jane Ketiy
Jane Kilbride
Jane Kimmins
Jane Klizabeth Jones
Jane Kluke
Jane Kluke Vince Kluke
Jane Knapp
Jane Knox
Jane Kunnells
Jane L *
Jane La
Jane La-pi
Jane Lady Churchill
Jane Lamothe
Jane Lamure
Jane Lane
Jane Lang
Jane Lapierre
Jane Larkin
Jane Larry
Jane Lathtm
Jane Lavcock
Jane Lawn
Jane Lay
Jane Laycock
Jane Lbert
Jane LcRoy
Jane Le Roy
Jane Le Roy Gerard Labelle’s
Jane Legassick
Jane Lemon
Jane LeRo>
Jane LeRov
Jane Leroy
Jane LeRoy Bryson
Jane LeRoy Coughlin
Jane Leroy’s
Jane Lester
Jane Lester REWARD
Jane Levoy
Jane Lindsay
Jane Lister - Deere
Jane Lit
Jane Little
Jane Logan-Armitage
Jane Logue William James Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logu
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt Telephone
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue EI
Jane Lome
Jane Lowell
Jane Lucas
Jane Luckas
Jane Lythgo
Jane Mac
Jane Mac-plcasure - Zips Ticket
Jane MacClatchy
Jane MacDonald
Jane MacDou-
Jane MacDougal
Jane MacDougal JUS^ARRIVED
Jane MacDougall
Jane MacDougall 819-647-5373 Rose Bushes
Jane MacDougall’s
Jane MacDougaU
Jane MacDouqall
Jane Macintyre
Jane Mackenzie
Jane MacMilian
Jane MacMillan
Jane MacMillian
Jane Mahoney
Jane Maillet
Jane Mait-
Jane Maitland
Jane Mall
Jane Mallstt
Jane Maloney
Jane Mansfield
Jane Man’s
Jane Marc
Jane Margaret
Jane Margaret Bretzlaff
Jane Marguarctta
Jane Marrish
Jane Marrow
Jane Martin
Jane Martin Schultz
Jane Martineau
Jane Mary
Jane Mary Reilly
Jane Mather
Jane Mavis Hanna
Jane Maxwell
Jane May-tormances
Jane Mayes
Jane Mc-
Jane McBride
Jane McCalligan
Jane McCann
Jane McCleary
Jane McCleary Saturday
Jane McClung
Jane McColgan Grist
Jane McCook
Jane McCoshen
Jane McCrea
Jane McCredie
Jane McDonald
Jane McDou- Mrs Marie Greer
Jane McDougal
Jane McDougall
Jane McDowell
Jane McDoweU
Jane McDowwIl
Jane McElhone Great Fall Fishing
Jane McElhone Mainland
Jane McElhone Mainland Press Inuit
Jane McGuire
Jane McKeclmie
Jane McKen-
Jane McKenna
Jane McKenny
Jane McLean
Jane McLeeee
Jane McMillan
Jane McMillan Man
Jane McMillion
Jane McMillon
Jane McNeil
Jane McNeill
Jane McNulty
Jane Me-
Jane Meadows
Jane Mee
Jane Melboum
Jane Meldrum Honoured Mrs.
Jane Melloul
Jane Mere
Jane Merrick
Jane Middleton
Jane Millar
Jane Miller
Jane Miss Anne Pilon
Jane Ml
Jane Mohr
Jane Mohr Golf Tournament
Jane Mohr Good Life Fitness
Jane Mohr- Quebec
Jane Mohr’s
Jane Mon
Jane Monish
Jane Moore
Jane Moore McNeely.
Jane Moorhead
Jane Mor-
Jane Mor-nson
Jane Mor-rie»
Jane Morfis
Jane Moriivoo
Jane Morrison
Jane Morrison Mulligan
Jane Morrisson
Jane Moueseau
Jane Mousseau
Jane Moved
Jane Mr
Jane Mr.
Jane Mrs Ernie Gillis
Jane Mrs. Garnet Hodgins
Jane Mrs. Ralph Richmond Miss Elaine McDowell Mr.
Jane Mulligan
Jane Murdock
Jane Murphv
Jane Murphy
Jane Murray
Jane Nelson
Jane Nicholson
Jane Nickerson
Jane nie Richardson
Jane Noranda
Jane Norma Johncox Weds Frank Ross Young
Jane Norman
Jane Norway Bay United Chiefs
Jane Nvveld
Jane Nyvcld
Jane Nyveld
Jane O Donnell Aylmer
Jane O Neill
Jane O Shoughneœv Schwartz Water
Jane Oh
Jane Onions
Jane Orr
Jane Ostrom
Jane Ottawa
Jane O’Neill
Jane Pal- Our
Jane Palmer
Jane Pares
Jane Paris
Jane Parker
Jane Parker Bread SLICED
Jane Pat-
Jane Patsy Stewart
Jane Patty
Jane Paula.
Jane Peever
Jane Pen- John Hart
Jane Perry
Jane Perry—Senior Games Keith Overton-President
Jane Pilon Betty Russell Jane Alexander
Jane Poff
Jane Polar Fleece Alexander
Jane Poole
Jane Powelî
Jane Powell
Jane Powell Cliff Robertson Color
Jane Powell Gordon MacRae Doris Day Howard Keel
Jane Powell Janet Leigh Julia Adams
Jane Powell MAIN ST.
Jane Powell Vic Damone Mon.
Jane Prend Their
Jane Prendergast
Jane Preparations
Jane Presky
Jane Presley
Jane Puttka
Jane Qrace
Jane Queale
Jane Queale Brownlee
Jane Queole
Jane Quyon Mixed
Jane R cnards
Jane R Stewart
Jane Rafferty
Jane Ranger
Jane Ransier
Jane Refrigerate
Jane Reid
Jane Renfrew
Jane Rennlck
Jane Rest
Jane Rev.
Jane Richardson
Jane Richardson I
Jane Richmond
Jane Ritchie
Jane Ritchie Davis
Jane Ro-plause
Jane Roberts
Jane Robertson
Jane Robertson - Canadian Teachers
Jane Robinson
Jane Robinson Mrs Mark Marion
Jane Robinson Our Lady
Jane Robinson’s
Jane Robyn Dean April Jane Robyn Dean
Jane Roche
Jane Rochon
Jane Rod
Jane Roller
Jane Romain
Jane Rooney
Jane Rose McWhirter
Jane Rowat
Jane Rowut
Jane Roy
Jane Royal
Jane Rretzlaff
Jane Runnells
Jane Runnels
Jane Rus-Lalonde
Jane Russel
Jane Russel Old Rocking Chair Tom EVERY
Jane Russell
Jane Russell Saturday
Jane Russell Cinemascope
Jane Russell Keenan Wynn
Jane Russell PHONE
Jane Russell Technicolor Jeanne Crain
Jane Russell Van Heflin Mrs. Hubert Elliott
Jane Ruth
Jane S
Jane Sadler
Jane Salway Dies At Shawville
Jane Sam
Jane Sat.
Jane Scharf
Jane Schock
Jane Schwartz
Jane Scobie
Jane Scott
Jane Scully
Jane Seamans
Jane Segis Aaggie
Jane Semrau
Jane Seymour
Jane Sharpe
Jane Sharpe Armstrong Wm
Jane Shaw
Jane Shea
Jane Sheppard
Jane Shot Put
Jane Simpson
Jane Sincerely
Jane Sion
Jane Sion Arrives
Jane Skelton
Jane Sless
Jane Sly
Jane Smart
Jane Smiley
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Brown
Jane SOth Brintol-Orelow Townllne
Jane Sparling
Jane Spears
Jane St.
Jane Stanton
Jane Steele
Jane Stephens
Jane Steven
Jane Stewart
Jane Stitt
Jane Stod
Jane Stopped
Jane Stor-
Jane Storev
Jane Storey
Jane Storey—Homemaxvrs
Jane Storie
Jane Strange
Jane Strutt
Jane Sullivan
Jane Tanguay
Jane Tassé
Jane Taylcr
Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor 6472891
Jane Telford
Jane Tennyson
Jane Thanks
Jane The
Jane There
Jane Thompson
Jane Thompson Is
Jane Thorton Arthur Grace
Jane Thrash-Fort Coulonge
Jane Thrasher
Jane Timmans
Jane Timmins
Jane Titbitvm
Jane Toller
Jane Toweii
Jane Towel
Jane Towell
Jane Tracy
Jane Tuba
Jane Turner
Jane Twelan
Jane University Housing Office
Jane Uodgins
Jane Uycock
Jane V
Jane Vaughan
Jane VBmpDell S £>Sy Henderson
Jane Velker
Jane Virgin
Jane W illiam#
Jane Wa<SOn
Jane Walker
Jane Walker Chrissy
Jane Walker Glenda Cole
Jane Wall
Jane Wallace
Jane Ward
Jane Wardla
Jane Watchorn
Jane Watchorn Arnold Watchorn
Jane Watson
Jane Watt Maureen O Sullivan Sat.-Sun
Jane Webb
Jane Welsh CaitlW
Jane Welsh Carlyle
Jane Whelen
Jane Wiggins
Jane William
Jane Williams
Jane Willmina Pritchard
Jane Wilson
Jane Winters Toller
Jane Wong Wong - Maya Jane Wong
Jane Wood
Jane WVz
Jane Wyatl
Jane Wyatt
Jane Wyatt Apparel Specialists For Men
Jane Wyatt Matinee
Jane Wyman
Jane Wyman X
Jane Wyman Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd
Jane Wyman Angela Clark On Vacation Marjorie Main Lou Costello Ray MU
Jane Wyman Bob Hope Jackie Gleason N
Jane Wyman Color
Jane Wyman Ray Milland WED.
Jane Wyman Ray Millaud QYoJ
Jane Wyman Richard Egan Color
Jane Wyman UNY VMttlO CknM*
Jane Wyman Van Johnson
Jane Wyman—but
Jane Wyman’s
Jane XValsli
Jane y Campbell
Jane Yes
Jane You
Jane Young
Jane Zagler
Jane- Ann Findlay
Jane-Ann Findlay
Janet and Betty
Janet Gamer Brian Rogers Susie Orr Brian Judd Elwyn Lang Mike Richardson Dave Keen Bean
Janey | Richardson
Janice Richardson
Jason Howard at Betty Richardson
Jason Paul and Betty Ryan
Jason Pieschke Adam Richardson
Jason Richardson
Jcrry Dubeau Richardson
Jean and Betty
Jean Betty to William Lloyd Little
Jean Bretzlaff Dorothy Burton Hillis Conolly Keith Emmerson Betty Farrell Diane Hobbs Billy Hodgins
Jean Doyle, Betty Pearson
Jean Fulford Graduates PontÎQC Social Planning Council Campbell’s Bay
Jean Grant and Betty Cameron
Jean Mary Jane McColgan
Jean Sayle and Betty Telford
JEAN WALLACE 647-3855 Richardson
Jean, Betty
Jean, Betty Jean
Jean- Richardson
Jeff and Betty Cook
Jeff and Betty Mrs Walter Yach
Jeff Country Wine Radey Strawberry Farm Jane Alexander
Jeff Ire- Richardson
Jeff Jane Nyveld
Jeff Nurse
Jemma Richardson
Jenina Richardson
Jenna Richardson
Jennie Richardson
Jennifer Jane.
Jerry Htzpat-I Glenn Richardson
Jess Richardson
Jesse__________ Hobbs Betty -
Jessica Jane
Jessica Richardson
Jessica Richardson Jessica Richardson
Jewel- Contact Betty
Jil-lian Richardson
Jilhon Richardson
Jillian Richardson
Jillian Richardson JR DRILLING CO.
Jillian Richardson Tammy Tanguay
Jillion Richardson
Jim and Betty
Jim Davis Lennie Richardson Toymakers Badge George Russell Artists Badge
Jim Richardson
Jimmie Richardson
Jimmie Richardson Ê BOURGEAUS’ BRUINS
Jimmy Hearty Louis Fleury Dalton Richardson Moved
Jimmy Richardson
Jis Richardson
Jl Richardson
Jlllian Richardson
Jllllan Richardson
Jno Richardson
Joan and Betty Tubman
Joan Glenn Eleanor Graham Adaline Judd Grace McCagg Janey McDowell Ronald Richardson Kenneth Yach P
Joan Nurse
Joan Richardson
Joanne Elliott-Maxwell Betty Mayor
Joanne from Betty Daley
Jobby Howard »»urrell Smith Dorval Wickens Billy Hodgins Garner Richardson Keith Yach Spare VtoW
Joe Richardson
Joey Richardson
Johanne Marion Jane Boucher Mario Amyotte Mario Amyotte Pierre Mellon________ Pierre Mellon Gabriel
JohilStOn Richardson
Johm Richardson Edward Judd BINGO
John : Richardson
John A McCredie Eliza Jane Emmerson
John A Richardson
John A. Richardson
John Ambulance > Betty Kennedy
John and Ann Jane Corrigan
John and Betty Petty
John and Betty Petty Dr. S.E.
John and Betty Stewart
John and Betty Williams
John and Jane Duff
John and Jane Melloul’s
John and Jane Mur-
John and Jane Murphy
John and Jane Oshawa
John Betty Crocker
John Bonnie Richardson
John Bromfleld Jane Wyman Gregory Peck HOT CARS
John C Richardson
John Cahill Ceo Mohr E A Pritchard T E Richardson Portage
John G Richardson
John Garner Keith Richardson
John Gordon Richardson
John J Richardson
John Jane Hayes
John L. Richardson
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John Lee Richardson
John Mrs Betty Verner
John O. Richardson
John ond Betty
John Payne Betty Grabie
John Richardson
John Richardson Crs
John Richardson Ed
John Richardson Horror Drama
John Richardson Howard
John Richardson KILLERS
John Richardson L U >
John Richardson Lot 110’
John Richardson Make
John Richardson Mary Julia Workman
John Richardson QPP
John Richardson Rosanna Schiaffino
John Richardson Rosanna SchiaHino Fort
John Richardson Wm
John Robertson Betty Before
John Roger to Betty Rita Harris
John T E’ Richardson
John ^irk Richardson
Johnson Richardson Co.
Jon- Betty
Jordan Richardson
Jose Ferrar Viveca Lindfors Betty Garrett
Joseph A La-Jane Hodgins
Joseph Bennett and Betty
Joseph Hannaberry Graduates Amanda Baird
Joseph Hogan and Betty Ann
Joseph Hogan and Betty Hogan
Joseph Richard for Thus E. Richardson
Joseph Richardson
Joseph Richardson Sr.
Joshua MacDougall Kirk Richardson
Jovcc Richardson Niagara
Joy and Betty
Joyce Betty
Joyce Gift Richardson
Joyce Helen Jane Sparling
Joyce Richardson
Joyce Richardson This
Joyce Richardson- Secy Mrs Wayne Chamberlain- Treas
Judy Anne Betty
Julia Richardson
Julie Langlois Davidson - Shelley Jessica Jane Hynes Chantal Dubeau
Julie-Anne Richardson
Julius Richardson
June Richardson
K .1 Richardson
K Richardson
K. Richardson
K1 Richardson
Kaara Richardson
Kaara Richardson Keven
Kan Richardson
Karen Susan Richardson
Kari Richardson
Kari Richardson Kari Richardson
Kari Richardson and Nancy Murray
Karl Richardson
Kate Richardson
Katherine Betty
Katherine Fletcher Bonnie Richardson H I. Hobbs Barbara Russell Shawville Kinsmen Club LOEB Shawvil
Kathleen Maria Hodgins Richardson
Kathleen Richardson
Kathleen Richardson Fair
Kathrine Jane
Kathy Richardson
Katie Jane Taylor
Kay Richardson
Kaye and Betty
Keen Richardson
Keith and Betty Hodgins
Keith Guy (Betty
Keith Hams 1 Richardson
Keith Harris -Claude Richardson
Keith McCleary Glenn Morrison Ronald .Richardson Royce Richardson
Keith Richardson
Kelly Richardson
Ken & Betty Grif
Ken & Betty Griffin
Ken & Pat Richardson
Ken * Barbara Crulckshank Rick & Bennie Richardson Ellen
Ken 4 Betty Beaulieu
Ken and Betty Griffin
Ken and Betty Griffin Lafleur - Donald
Ken Richardson
Ken Richardson Filly
Kendyl Richardson
Kenneth and Betty Griffin
Kenneth Richardson
Kenneth Richardson and Dawson McTiernan
Kenneth Richardson Archie
Kenny Richardson
Kevin Richardson
Kieth Richardson
Killaloe s Betty Bryant
Kim Richardson
Kirk I Richardson
Kirk Richardson
Kirk Richardson Cory Smart
Kirk Richardson Featuring
Kirk Richardson He < Leonard
Kirk Richardson Luc Lagarde
Kirk Richardson Luc Lagarde Travis Dorzek Martin Dufoô Trevor Walls Jason Argue Matt Dunn Curtis Ma
Kirk Richardson Pontiacs
Knife Richardson Having
Knox Brenda Richardson Then
Kori Richardson
Korl Richardson
Koyce Richardson
Koyce Richardson JOHN L HODGINS
Kthel Richardson
Kyle Richardson
Kyle Richardson Gordie Black Greg Atkinson Allen Memorial Blair Campeau Wrinn
Kyle Richardson Midget’s Jordan
Kyle Richardson Pontiacs
Kyte Richardson
K_ Richardson
L A Smart........ Gordon Richardson Hulbert Armstrong Fred Lang
L and Joey Richardson
L E A Pritchard Tancredla T E Richardson Ceo
L E Richardson States
L G. Richardson
L Richardson
L T. Miss Betty Richardson
L V Susan Jane Duff Your
L! Margaret Jane Wiggins C L PA NT
L. E. Richardson
L. Richardson
L.tlton Richardson
Lachlan Richardson
Laet Gordon Richardson
Lagarde Richardson
Lance and Betty Telford
Lance Murray Richardson
Lang-Royce Richardson
Larry and Betty Lou
LaSalle E A Pritchard T E Richardson Portage
Laura and Betty
Laura Betty Pequegnat
Laura Erfle-Richardson
Laura Jane
Laura Richardson
Laura Richardson Those
Laura Wheeler Jane Addams
Laurie MacKechnie 458-2424 Bob Fenton Bill Watson Bonnie Richardson
Laurie MacKechnie Bonnie Richardson Bill Watson Bob Fenton
Laurie MacKechnie458-2424 Bob Fenton Bill Watson Bonnie Richardson
Lavina Richardson
Lawerence Richardson
Lawrence Barber as Betty Grable
Lay-reader Richardson
Layer Richardson
Lbert Richardson
Le- Richardson
Lee Claude Richardson
Lee Eddie Albert Jane Wyatt
Lee Jane *° Tom Albert Beverdam Mrs Willis Wren
Lee Richardson
Lee Visiting Jane
Lei Robina Richardson
Len Richardson
Lena Poole- Mrs Betty Telford
Lena Richardson
Lena Richardson—crystal
Lennie Richardson
Lennie Richardson Owen Coyne T
Lennie Richardson Spencer Moon
Leo Belec Clr Richardson
Leo LeHreck IVIle- Misees Betty
Leo Me Kenny as Richardson
Leona Horner Betty Pep
Leona Jane
Leonard Carl Merlin Richardson
Leonard Dubroy Betty Chartrand
Leonard Richardson
Leslie Dale Richardson
Leslie Greenshieids.Ron Richardson
Lesnick Richardson
LetnaJre Richardson
Lettia Jane Young
Lhert Richardson
Li Top Men Royce Richardson
Liberals Richardson
Librarian Mrs. Betty Turner
Lilias Jane
Lilias Richardson
Lillian Richardson
Lillian Wall Graduates
Lillis (Betty
Lillis Richardson
Lilt Bonnie Betty .1
Linda Harley Richardson
Linda Jane Mohr
Linda Russell and Betty Twolan
Linda Young Gordie Mohr Betty Wigchercn Hilda Gordon Bruit Lmmerson Diana Ireland Rosemary McKillop
Lindsay Richardson
Lionel and Betty
Lionel and Betty Lot
Lionel S«e Stamps For Jane
Lisa Richardson
Lisa Richardson Kleins
Lisa Richardson Middlemiss
Little Betty Lamarche
Little Betty Young
Little Jane
Llisle Richardson—china
Lloyd and Betty Mack Wesley
Lloyd Elliott Gordon Richardson
Lloyd Hodglns John F. Hodgms Ronald Hodgms Royce Richardson Edgar Schwartz Varan Smith Roy Thoms Ro
Lloyd Palmer Joseph (Betty
Llsa Richardson
Loeb’s Joey Vaillan- Adam Richardson
Logos Richardson
Lois Betty Stewart
Lois Richardson
Lome Michael and Betty Kachura
Lori Richardson
Lorna Marshall Richardson
Lorraine and Betty Lou.
Lottie Richardson
Lou & Betty
Lou and Betty
Lou and Betty Johnson
Louise Richardson
Love Jane Powell Richardo Montai
Love,Jane Clyde Williamson
Ltd Richardson
Lt’d Shawville Quebec T B. B. Nurse
Luc Richardson
Luc Richardson Night
Lucy Jane Brennan
Lucy Jane Brown
Lucy Jane Cargill
Luke Richardson
Lyall and Betty
Lyle Richardson
Lynn Petty John and Betty
Lynn were Betty Lou Jolly
M and Betty
M E M O R I A M Richardson
M J Smiley 2. Jane Morrison 3 POULTRY
M Richardson
M Richardson 196.00
M ss Betty Lou Elliott
M(j Richardson
M. Richardson
M.J. Richardson
Ma-Ebert Richardson
Mabel Cbisnell Graduates
MacLachlan Richardson
Mae Richardson
Maggie Richardson
Maifcie Geraldine Richardson
Major Richardson
Malvina Rose Richardson
Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell
Manon Richardson
Marc Kirk Richardson
Marc Mark Richardson
Margaret (Richardson
Margaret and Betty
Margaret C Betty Maloney
Margaret Jane
Margaret Jane Armstrong
Margaret Jane Caldwell
Margaret Jane Dagenais
Margaret Jane Grace
Margaret Jane Kilgour
Margaret Jane Mous-thc
Margaret Jane Mousseau
Margaret Jane Mulligan
Margaret Jane Richardson
Margaret Jane Shields
Margaret Jane Strutt
Margaret Jane Wallace
Margaret Me Brenda Richardson
Margaret Pilon Paul and Betty Ryan
Margaret Richardson
Marguerite Richardson
Maria Jane
Maria Richardson
Maria Richardson I H ¦
Marian Richardson
Marie Jane
Marilyn .Myks Richardson
Marilyn and Betty Ann Drum
Marilyn Desabrais Trudy McKnight Mary-Jane McColgan P
Marilyn Drummond Graduates At Civic Rev. G. E. Clifford
Marilyn Mary-Jane McColgan
Marilyn Monroe Jane Russell Daddy s Little Darling Technlcoleur
Marilyn Richardson
Marilyn Rus- Richardson
Mario Lanza Calamity Jane Howard Keel Alec Nicol Dorl* Day Donald O Connor
Marion Betty
Marion Edith Jane
Marion Richardson
Marion Richardson Congratulations
Marion Richardson Heather Beale
Marjorie and Betty Lou McKinley
Marjorie Grant, Betty Cameron
Marjorie Jane Alexander
Marjorie Richardson
Marjorie Richardson 1
Marjorie Tngman 11 Pat McDowell “ Betty Silver
Mark from Richardson
Mark Lang Adam Richardson
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson Graveline
Mark Richardson Nancy Kearnan Herbert Strutt Stork
Marleene Richardson
Marlon Richardson
Marly Richardson
Marlyn Richardson
Marsha (Elliott) Richardson
Marsha Richardson
Marsha Richardson 1
Marsha Richardson MAY
Marsha Richardson Bretzlaff
Marsha Richardson EASEEM
Marsha Richardson Friday Mixed
Marsha Richardson Monday Men
Marsha Richardson Monday Night
Marsha Richardson Printshop
Marsha Richardson Varin
Marsha S Myles Richardson W A Hodgins Store Eleanor Renmck Martina
Marshall Jane McBride
Martha Jane Kirk
Martha Jane Tippins
Martha Richardson
Martha Scott by Betty Loving
Martin Richardson
Marvin Richardson
Mary A Richardson
Mary Beth’s parents Betty
Mary Cr Claude Richardson
Mary Ebert Richardson
Mary Elizabeth (Betty
Mary Grade J. Richardson
Mary Hanna and Betty Jane Richardson
Mary Holmes Linda Smith Jane Murdock Party
Mary In Richardson
Mary J Richardson
Mary Jane
Mary Jane -
Mary Jane 1831
Mary Jane 1865
Mary Jane Alexander
Mary Jane Allen
Mary Jane Arm
Mary Jane Armour
Mary Jane Bell
Mary Jane Blakely McNeill
Mary Jane Bourne
Mary Jane Brennan
Mary Jane Brown
Mary Jane Brown Its Agricultural Committee
Mary Jane Carey
Mary Jane Carson
Mary Jane Cludesdale
Mary Jane Clydesdale
Mary Jane Cook
Mary Jane Coyle
Mary Jane Crawford
Mary Jane Darcy
Mary Jane Donnelly
Mary Jane Doreen Etta
Mary Jane Dowling
Mary Jane Ebert
Mary Jane Elliott
Mary Jane Emmerson
Mary Jane Findley Arnprior
Mary Jane FJi/abeth Brownlee Cory
Mary Jane Goddah
Mary Jane Hammond
Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night Dolly Parton FREE
Mary Jane Harrigan
Mary Jane Hickey
Mary Jane Hodgins
Mary Jane Horner
Mary Jane Horner Our
Mary Jane Horner Predeceased
Mary Jane J
Mary Jane Kingsbury
Mary Jane King”
Mary Jane KUiott
Mary Jane Lapierre
Mary Jane Laporte
Mary Jane Legassick
Mary Jane Letts
Mary Jane Lowe
Mary Jane LUsk-Robinson Mrs Mary Jane Robertson
Mary Jane MacGregor
Mary Jane MacMillan
Mary Jane Mainville
Mary Jane McColgan
Mary Jane McDowell
Mary Jane McGregor
Mary Jane McMillan
Mary Jane McNeill
Mary Jane Me
Mary Jane Mee
Mary Jane Merleau
Mary Jane Mines Watercourses Rule* US-
Mary Jane Morish
Mary Jane Moyle Mary Jane Moyle
Mary Jane Norris
Mary Jane Pallbearers
Mary Jane Poirer Coyle
Mary Jane Quaile
Mary Jane Rackliffe
Mary Jane Richard
Mary Jane Richardson
Mary Jane Schultz
Mary Jane Scott
Mary Jane Seman
Mary Jane Serris Reaching
Mary Jane Shores
Mary Jane Smiley
Mary Jane Smith
Mary Jane Spinks
Mary Jane Spurlin
Mary Jane St
Mary Jane St Laurent
Mary Jane St-Laurent^^
Mary Jane Sullivan
Mary Jane Tanguay
Mary Jane Telford
Mary Jane Towel
Mary Jane Towell
Mary Jane Tubman
Mary Jane Wal- Volunteer Fire Depart-
Mary Jane Wallace
Mary Jane Watchern
Mary Jane Watchorn Sidney Stephen
Mary Jane Wil
Mary Jane Wilaon
Mary Jane Wilson
Mary Jane Wilson She
Mary Jane Zlhott
Mary Jane » ThotnoA
Mary Jane)
Mary Jane.
Mary Jane”
Mary Maheson Jane Robinson
Mary Richardson
Mary-Jane Eddie
Mary-Jane Robinson
Master Cpl Richardson
Matt Adam Richardson
Matt Carmichael Jamie Richardson
Matt Dunn Kirk Richardson
Matt Richardson
Matthew Ebert Smith Mary Jane Ebert
Maud Richardson
Maureen Kate Baukje Richardson Joey Richardson
Maurice Howard Richardson
Maurice Warnie Richardson
Mavis Richardson
Mavis Richardson Bobbie Scott Donna Sharp
Maybe Richardson
Mayor Albert Armstrong Richardson
Mayor E Clrs Richardson
Mbs Betty Richardson
McCann Richardson
McGee Perly Richardson Duncan Russett Mrs Helen Jones Mqs Hubert Hamilton Mrs. W.
McKenna Rae Richardson Richardson - Richard It’s A Girl Emma Mona MacDonell It’s
McKenna Richardson
McNally W J Omeara Ceo Mohr E A PHtohard T E Richardson Portage
McNally W J Omeara Ceo Mohr E A Pritchard T E Richardson Portage
Mederic Richardson
Meeting Graduates
Mel Richardson
Melbourne Richardson
Mention Robyn Richardson
Merchant Tailor Mr. U. Richardson
Meritne Richardson
Merlin Richardson
Merlin Richardson C.P. Railroad Track
Merlin Richardson Lot
Merlin Richardson Richardson
Merlin Richardson Walls
Merline Richardson
Merlyn Richardson
Merry Jane
Merry Reardon Richardson
Mervin Richardson
Messrs Clarence Richardson
Messrs Claude Richardson
Messrs John Richardson
Messrs Ron Richardson
Messrs. G. Richardson
Messrs. Richardson
Meter* R Richardson
Mi (Betty
Miaa Maria Richardson
Mias Betty
Mias Betty Cameron
Mias Betty Sullivan
Mias Jane Dowd
Mibb Lizzie Richardson
Michael and Betty Allard
Michael and Betty Kachura
Michael and Betty Lou Heaven
Michael and Betty Three-Gaited Saddle Kaehura
Michael Jane Bretzlaff
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson J
Mies Betty Holmes
Mike (Betty
Mike Jane Brinkworth
Mike Richardson
Mildred Mary Jane Hodgins
Mildred Richardson
Mildred Watchorn...... Claude Richardson
Miles Richardson
Miles Richardson Fin
Milford Richardson
Miller Richardson
Milliard Richardson
Milton Richardson
Minor Hockey President Myles Richardson
Miranda Ste-Jillian Richardson
Mis Albert E. Richardson
Mis Gordon Richardson
Mis Jennie Richardson
Mis* Audrey Richardson
Mis* Betty Hayes Honoured Mrs.
Misa Anaetaeia Jane Jefferson
Misa Betty
Misa Richardson
Mise Betty Smith
Mise Mary Jane Clydesdale
Miss Betty
Miss Betty Ferris
Miss Betty Hayes
Miss Betty Hunt
Miss Christal Betty
Miss Richardson
Misses Betty
Misses Betty Sheppard Edwin
Misses Faye and Betty Neville
Misses Richardson
Mix Wurme Richardson
Mixed Pickles Harvest Crunch Bars Ken L Ration Dog Food Betty Crocker Super Motet Cake Mix Newport
Ml* Betty Metchalfe
Mn A LabtUe türst«-w*» Richardson
Mo-and Richardson
Mod Richardson
Mom Betty Russell
Mona Armstrong Mr. Claude Richardson Mrs. Albert Richardson Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Mona Mrs Betty Cameron
Mona Richardson
Mona Richardson Linton William Faulkner
Mona|een Beattie Richardson
Monica Betty Russell
Montreal Miss Betty Williams
Morrison Marilyn Nicholas Shirley Park Barbara Richardson Diane Richardson Diane Russell Bruce Scho
Mort Richardson
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Richardson
Mountholm Dude Jane
Mousseau Richardson
Mr Ebert Richardson
Mr Emerson Richardson
Mr Lee Richardson
Mr Murray Warnie Richardson
Mr Murray Warnle Richardson
Mr Richardson
Mr W H Richardson
Mr W J D- K«*y- Mr. Ebert Richardson
Mr* Ehvrt Richardson
Mr, Richardson
Mr, Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr. 8. Richardson
Mr. A. Richardson
Mr. Albert E. Richardson
Mr. Albert K. Richardson
Mr. Albert Richardson
Mr. B F. Richardson
Mr. Carl Richardson
Mr. Claud Richardson
Mr. Claude Richardson
Mr. Ebert Richardson
Mr. Garner Richardson
Mr. Gordon Richardson
Mr. Harley Samuel Richardson
Mr. Hilburn Richardson
Mr. Hill Richardson
Mr. Hillburn Richardson
Mr. James Armstrong Richardson
Mr. James Richardson
Mr. Jim Richardson
Mr. Lindsay Richardson
Mr. Merlyn Richardson
Mr. Mila* Richardson
Mr. Parley Richardson
Mr. Perley Richardson
Mr. Pertey Richardson
Mr. Richard Richardson
Mr. Richardson
Mr. Richardson H #
Mr. Richardson W. M. Hayes
Mr. Thomas Richardson
Mr. Warney Richardson
Mrs C J Richardson
Mrs D J. Richardson
Mrs Edgar Betty Mayhew
Mrs Emerson Harold Richardson
Mrs G Richardson
Mrs H Betty Verner
Mrs Maurice ,b®™* Richardson
Mrs Murray Richardson
Mrs Percy Betty
Mrs Richardson
Mrs W H Richardson
Mrs, Perley Richardson
Mrs- Dalton Richardson
Mrs. Albert E. Richardson
Mrs. Albert Richardson
Mrs. Ann Jane Eades
Mrs. Anne Jane Eades
Mrs. Archie Richardson
Mrs. Arnold Betty Morrison
Mrs. Arnold Manwell Betty Lou
Mrs. Arnold Richardson
Mrs. B W. Richardson
Mrs. B. McGowan Jane Melloul Killarney
Mrs. Barry Ross (Betty
Mrs. Betty Gordon
Mrs. Betty Gratta
Mrs. Betty Mack
Mrs. Betty Pearson
Mrs. Betty Turner
Mrs. Betty Vaughan
Mrs. Bill Richardson
Mrs. Bottom Photo Betty A. Petty
Mrs. C. Richardson
Mrs. Clarenee Richardson
Mrs. Claude Richardson
Mrs. Clifton Richardson
Mrs. Dalton Richardson
Mrs. Davis Hodglns Mrs. Clarence Richardson
Mrs. E Richardson
Mrs. Ebert Richardson
Mrs. Eddie g Richardson
Mrs. Edward Richardson
Mrs. Emerson Richardson
Mrs. Emile Hurricane Jane - Leah da
Mrs. Emma Jane Gougeon
Mrs. Fred Richardson
Mrs. G. Richardson
Mrs. Galvin Richardson
Mrs. Garner 7-2592 Richardson
Mrs. Garner Richardson
Mrs. Gary Richardson
Mrs. George Richardson Vegreville
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Margaret Jane W. B. Armstrong
Mrs. Gordoi Richardson
Mrs. Gordon Richardson
Mrs. Helen Betty
Mrs. Herb Brown Mrs. Garner Richardson
Mrs. Hil-Tubman -with Betty
Mrs. Hubert iHilburn Richardson
Mrs. Isabell Richardson
Mrs. J. Richardson
Mrs. James H. Richardson
Mrs. James Richardson
Mrs. Jane Armstrong
Mrs. Jas Richardson
Mrs. Jennie Richardson
Mrs. Jim Richardson
Mrs. John ------------- Richardson
Mrs. John G. Richardson
Mrs. John Richardson
Mrs. John S. Richardson
Mrs. K J. Richardson
Mrs. Lcttie Richardson Vancou-and
Mrs. Lindsay Richardson
Mrs. Lindsay Richardson Marlyn
Mrs. Mae Richardson
Mrs. Margaret Jane Richardson
Mrs. Margaret Richardson
Mrs. Margaret Richardson Mr
Mrs. Margaret Richardson Wood
Mrs. Maria Jane Peever
Mrs. Mary Jane A.
Mrs. Mary M. Leach OBITUARIES Mrs. Eddie Richardson Mrs. Charles Quinn Mrs. Wm
Mrs. May Jane Bogart
Mrs. MeHn Richardson
Mrs. Merlin Richardson
Mrs. Miss Betty Farrell
Mrs. Miss Betty Murphy
Mrs. Murray Richardson
Mrs. Nellis Richardson
Mrs. Nurse
Mrs. Parley K. Richardson
Mrs. Pei ley Richardson
Mrs. Per ley Richardson
Mrs. Perlcy Richardson
Mrs. Perley Richardson
Mrs. R F. Richardson
Mrs. R Richardson
Mrs. Rabina Richardson
Mrs. Rabins Richardson
Mrs. Ralph Richardson
Mrs. Raymond Clarke Jane
Mrs. Raymond Tubman Mr. Harley Richardson
Mrs. Richardson
Mrs. Richardson Cpl.
Mrs. Richardson Mr.
Mrs. Rob na Richardson
Mrs. Rob-ina Richardson
Mrs. Robin# Richardson
Mrs. Robina Richardson
Mrs. Robins Richardson
Mrs. Roblna Richardson
Mrs. Roger Dufault Ciâhbertson - Richardson
Mrs. Russell Richardson
Mrs. S L. Richardson
Mrs. Seldon Langford Mise Betty Mchardeon
Mrs. T K. R. Nurse
Mrs. T. Richardson
Mrs. VVarnle Richardson
Mrs. Wamie Richardson
Mrs. Wanue Richardson
Mrs. War-nie Richardson
Mrs. Warme Richardson
Mrs. Warnic Richardson
Mrs. Warnie Richardson
Mrs. Warnie Richardson Mr.
Mrs. Warnle Richardson
Mrs. Wm Maloney Mrs. Betty Theisen
Mrs. Wm Richardson
Mrs.Victor Richardson
Ms Richardson
Municipalities Richardson
Murray A Gloria Richardson
Murray Richardson
Murray Richardson 4
Murray Richardson 5
Murray Richardson Fish
Murray Warnie Richardson
Murrv Richardson
Musician Betty Cameron
Mv Aunt Betty Mayhew
My Aunt Betty Mayhew
Myks Richardson
Mylea Richardson
Myles Richardson
Myles Richardson -
Myles Richardson - 647-5512 Campbell Monument
Myles Richardson Elaine Richardson Judy Young IS
Myles Richardson Jim Ilodgins Robert McCord Doctors
Myles Richardson Lave
Myra and Betty
Myrtle Richardson
Nancv Jane
Nancy and Betty Debennam
Nancy Betty Verner
Nancy Jane Duff
Nancy May- Betty Harkins
NBC’S "Betty
Neil Richardson
Nellie Richardson
Nellie Richardson Mrs. H A. Hampson
Nelson Johnston Betty
Neville Faye and Betty
Newspaper Richardson
Nfrs Emma Jane Gougeon
Nick Elson Equity Photo Ron Richardson
Nicole Betty
Nicole Graduates
Noble Grand Betty Came
Noble Grand Betty Cameron
Nora Richardson
Norma Paul, Betty Lou Elliott
Norma Richardson Clarendon
Norman Richardson
Norman Wiggins Richardson
Norway Richardson
Nov. Mrs Richardson
Nurse Babies
Nurse Brown Miss Amy Corrigan |
Nurse Dorothy Hayes
Nurse Edith Cavoll
Nurse Geraldine Lowrey
Nurse Graham
Nurse Henry
Nurse Henry.
Nurse Janet Teller
Nurse Jeon Murray
Nurse Legree
Nurse Margaret Anderson
Nurse McGuire
Nurse Moore
Nurse Moore He
Nurse Nancy Argue
Nurse R. Tucker
Nurse Richardson
Nurse Robinson
Nurse Ruth
Nurse Sunshine
Nurse Taylor
Nurse—Joan Wilson Joan
NvL.e Richardson
O Perte Garner Eldon Richardson
O R. Nurse
O. Richardson
Ô015X3F12 Sincerely Betty Telford Will
Observers Miss Betty L. Elliott Miss Janey
October 14,1981 Betty Crocker Snackin Cake Assorted
Odel Miss Betty Sparling
Of Rowe Richardson
Ola Richardson
Ontario e» Betty
Oordon Richardson
Option Claude Richardson
Or Richardson
Ore Richardson
Orville Richardson
Ot- Harley Richardson
Ottawa Highland Dancing Associ-I Ten Mrs. John Richardson
Owennyth Jane
O’Reilly Mary E. Moore Obituaries Jane Sharpe
P K Richardson
P Richardson
P* K# Richardson
P* Richardson
Paddy O Donnell Royce Richardson Shawville Pontiacs Win First
Pam Richardson
Parley Richardson
Parley Richardson Ken Armitage
Pastor Russel Richardson Yorkton
Pat 3rd Vice President Betty Walsh
Pat and Betty Lusk
Pat Dick 613-646-2252 Betty Ixpine
Pat Wallace and Betty
Patience Richardson
Patricia Jane Also
Patricia Jane McCleary
Patrick Emmet Kierant Jane Margaret Bretzlaff
Patrick Richardson
Patsy and Betty
Patsy Jane
Paul (Betty
Paul and Betty
Paul and Betty Birthday
Paul and Betty Cameron
Paul and Betty Claudette Stanton
Paul and Betty Cobum
Paul and Betty Cockburn
Paul and Betty Cockhum
Paul and Betty Laporte
Paul and Betty Ryan
Paul and Betty Ryan at- Cook Book
Paul Jane
Paul Ryro and Betty Ryan
Paula Richardson
Pauline Richardson
Payne W Jane Russell Cornel Wilde
Pcrlcy Richardson
Pcrly Richardson
Pe-Adam Richardson
Peanut Butter........ Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper
Pearley Richardson
Pearly Richardson
Peggy and Betty Wrinn
Peggy Jane
Peggy Jane”
Pembroke Jane
Penalties Richardson
Pendergrast R, Robitaille W. Richardson Joe Stanley Ezra Grant J. 8.
Penny Leach Jane Robinson
Per Ley Richardson
Per-Iey Richardson
Per-ley Richardson
Percy Richardson
Periey Richardson
Perky Richardson
Perlcy Richardson
Perlev Richardson
Perley Richardson
Perlky Richardson
Perly Richardson
Perry Richardson
Peter L Richardson
Peter L. Richardson
Peter Mack Jane
Peter Robyn Richardson
Peter Song-Jane Whalen
Pharma Richardson
Phil- Richardson
Philip Hod- Richardson
Philip La-Richardson
Philip Q S Richardson
Phone 647-2500 Betty .00
Phyllis Royce Richardson
Pineapple Brown Betty 1M$
Pioneer Richardson Village
Players Richardson
Plus Mux Betty Garrett Phil Carey
Po-ce Richardson
Pontiac Hotel Betty Lou Twolan
Pontiacs Richardson
Pontlacs—Ebert Richardson Edgar Mulligan
Porley Richardson
Port*gc Richardson
Pound keepers—Gordon Richardson
Powerful Flood Richardson
Poyce Richardson
Practical Nurse
Present Richardson
Primer-Warme Richardson
Priscilla Richardson
Private Elmor M. Richardson
Pro-Mayor Richardson
Pro-mayor-Royce Richardson
PROTECTED1 Richardson
Puhlfr* Richardson
Pure Strawberry Betty
Put* Richardson
Ql EBEC Van Johnson Jane Powell Deborah Kerr END
Quebec Mrs Betty Cameron
Quebec Richardson
Quiet Community Russell - Wong George and Betty Russell
Quinn O Brien Goalies Kyle Richardson
R "Whelan - Betty Sparling
R chard Richardson
R L. Richardson
R R. Richardson
R Richardson
R T. Richardson
R- Richardson
R. Richardson
R. T. Richardson
R.W. Richardson
Rabina Richardson
Rabina Richardson^and
Rabins Richardson
Rachelle Richardson
Ralph Homer............ Richard Richardson
Ralph Hugh Richardson
Ralph Richardson
Ralph Richardson CHARRO Lucille Ball Henry Fonda Western Color Elvis Presley
Ralph Richardson Silas Yonng
Ram lamb—E Richardson
Randy (Jane
Randy A Jane Hodgins
Randy Richardson
Raspber-Jane Alexander
Raspberry Jam Betty Crocker
Ray Danton Jane Mansfield Real Life Drama
Ray Middleton Laurie Piper Vlveca Llndfors Technicolor Howard Keel Eleanor Parker Jane Russell
Raymond Clarke Jane
Raymond Clarke Mrs. Jane Ann Yach
Raymond Garner Richardson
Rcrley Richardson
RE 2-8881 Richardson
Recording Secretary Betty Smith
Recreation Merlin Richardson
Reed Richardson
Reg Nurse
Remembrance Service Quyon Legion Holds Miss Elizabeth Jane Salway Al POflâQG Dll FOff
Repairs Perley Richardson
Resources Richardson
Rev Nurse
Rev R Gray Jane
Rev T E R. Nurse
Rev T E. R. Nurse
Rev T E. R. Nurse Mies Irene Shaw
Rev T.E.R. Nurse
Rev. L G Richardson
Rev. L G Richardson Services
Rev. L G. Richardson
Rev. Lois Richardson Camden
Rev. Sister Jane Frances
Rev. T E R Nurse
Rev. T E R. Nurse
Rev. T E. R Nurse
Rev. T E. R. Nurse
Rev. T F IF Nurse
Rev. T K. R Nurse Rexfcrd Wilson Hall
Rev. T K. R. Nurse Rev. Vila*
Rev. T. K R Nurse
Rev. T.E.R. Nurse
Revitalisation’s Richardson
Reyce Richardson
Rhonda Miss Karen Susan Richardson
Rhonda Richardson
Ri Richardson
Rice School Health Nurse Mrs. Katherine Sahner
Rich ard Richardson
Rich Richardson
Rich Richardson-
Richa/d Wills Jane Corrigan
Richard 7-2260 Richardson
Richard and Betty Church
Richard Armltage Elaine Richardson REGISTRATION
Richard Gary Richardson
Richard Gary Richardson Mr.
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Earl Hodgin* James Richardson Mr Arthur Bates
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson Fred A. Horner
Richard Richardson Mr.
Richard Richardson Richard
Richard Richardson Sunday - Joan
Richard Richardson Wardens
Richard Richardson X
Richard Richardson,-John Sturgeon
Richard Richardson—potato
Richard Richardson’s Saskatchewan
Richard Sher- Richardson
Richard T Richardson Orders
Richard W Richardson Old
Richard W:s Jamie Richardson
Richard WHS Shawville s Betty Telford
Richard Wills Betty Miller
Richard Wills Bonnie Richardson
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Richard Wills Richardson
Richard XV. Richardson
Richardson AM/FM
Richardson "
Richardson Mike Boucher
Richardson "
Richardson - Claude Jhon Shawville
Richardson - Elliott
Richardson 1,225
Richardson 14:23
Richardson 2. Bull
Richardson A
Richardson Affairs
Richardson Agencies
Richardson And
Richardson Andai Photo
Richardson Apt
Richardson Apt.
Richardson Arena
Richardson At
Richardson Avenue
Richardson B
Richardson Bates
Richardson Be
Richardson Best
Richardson Bill Horner
Richardson Block
Richardson Bro&
Richardson Bros
Richardson Bros CHA?TERILHobby
Richardson Bros Shawville
Richardson Bros,
Richardson Bros.
Richardson Bros. Townhouse
Richardson Brothel
Richardson Brothers
Richardson Bucks Girl
Richardson Campbell
Richardson Ch
Richardson CHURCH SHUnttji
Richardson City Council
Richardson Clapham
Richardson Clifford Greer Motion Crs
Richardson Cornwall
Richardson Cosmos
Richardson Crepeau
Richardson Donald
Richardson Donations
Richardson Dr. Gurdeep Singh Dang MM.
Richardson Dugan
Richardson EfiSt
Richardson England
Richardson Eveiything
Richardson Games
Richardson Ginger Axworthy
Richardson Hawks
Richardson Heads Pec Croup
Richardson Hflhpclc
Richardson Hynes
Richardson I
Richardson INSURANCE
Richardson Int
Richardson Inventors - Product
Richardson Irwin Hayes
Richardson Is
Richardson Jeremy Jones Chad Routline
Richardson John Grant
Richardson King Street
Richardson Kj''iO
Richardson K^me
Richardson Lake
Richardson Lee
Richardson Lee Murphy
Richardson Lewis
Richardson Local
Richardson Love
Richardson Mack Mackenzie Motors
Richardson Manv
Richardson March
Richardson Mavis Hanna
Richardson Motion
Richardson Moved
Richardson MP Smith
Richardson Mr*
Richardson Mr.
Richardson Mrs
Richardson Mrs.
Richardson Mrs. Ad
Richardson Mrs. Fred Dale
Richardson Mrs. Russell True
Richardson Murray
Richardson Night SOLD Pontiac JR B
Richardson O Grain
Richardson Ottawa
Richardson Our
Richardson O’Reilly
Richardson Pe
Richardson Penalties
Richardson Penalties Rowell
Richardson Phone
Richardson Phone Mr.
Richardson Pine
Richardson Players
Richardson Pontiacs—R
Richardson Pontlaos—O.
Richardson Portage
Richardson Powell
Richardson Q.
Richardson Qua
Richardson Queen
Richardson Radford Que
Richardson Re
Richardson Ready Mix Concrete
Richardson Referring
Richardson Refhfrew
Richardson Renfrew
Richardson Revenue Canada
Richardson Richardson
Richardson Rink
Richardson Rink Monday
Richardson Rink Saturday Market
Richardson Rome
Richardson Russell
Richardson Saturday
Richardson Saunders
Richardson Saunders Christink
Richardson SB
Richardson Sec.
Richardson Senior Ch.tmpi
Richardson Services:
Richardson Serviçps:
Richardson Sevan
Richardson Shalika Amio- Brownlee
Richardson Shaw
Richardson Shawville
Richardson Shawville Fishing
Richardson Shawville Shoe Pontiac/Renfrew Cleaners Murdock Glass
Richardson Shawville Ws SjseN
Richardson Store
Richardson T
Richardson Tablets
Richardson Taylor Ross
Richardson The
Richardson TM
Richardson Todd Kline
Richardson Top Hockey
Richardson Townhouses
Richardson Trophy
Richardson Unassisted Assist Keon
Richardson Vis
Richardson W H Dickson
Richardson War
Richardson Wayne
Richardson We
Richardson Wedding
Richardson Whereas
Richardson Wright
Richardson Yarm
Richardson Yarm Neighbours
Richardson Yarm Quebec Arnold ONell Douglas
Richardson Young
Richey Richardson
Richud Richardson
Rick & Betty
Rick and Betty
Rick Parker Holographie Richard Harley Richardson Trudeau
Rick Richardson
Rick Richardson 2
Rick Richardson Golden Ramns Walnut
Rick Richardson La Corp
Rick VVa Richardson
Rickey Richardson
Rickie Richardson
Ricky Richardson
Ricky Richardson 2
Ricky Richardson Props HOURS
Rilan Richardson
Rilen Richardson
Rita Beimers Richardson
Ritchie Hazel Richardson Invalid
RmM Richardson
Robby Benson Lynn HoMy Johnson Plus China Syndrome Suspense Drama Jane Fonda Jack Lemmon
Robert & Betty
Robert (Betty
Robert and Betty Laporte
Robert and Betty Lou
Robert and Betty Lou Trudeau
Robert and Betty Trudeau
Robert and Betty Wall
Robert Bedford Color Jane Fonda
Robert Cummings Show Jane Wyman
Robert Grant | Jane Bourget
Robert Ho- Muffins - Betty Verner
Robert is Betty Fulford
Robert Jr. Richardson
Robert McCord 647-2825 " Myles Richardson
Robert Middle-Merlin Richardson
Robert Percy Richardson CLINTON
Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson Smith
Robert Richardson Wakefield
Robert Ryan Susan Ball Somel Betty Hutton Ralph Meeker
Robert Telford George Richardson
Roberta Richardson
Robertson Shawville - Richardson Bros. Townhouse
Robin Richardson
Robina Richardson
Robins Richardson
Robin» Richardson
Robitaille H Richardson
Roblna Richardson
Robyn Richardson
Robyn Richardson Shannon Riebertz
Robyn Richardson Wisot/ki Shawville
Rod Taylor Jane Fonda Cliff Robertson
Roger (Betty
Roger and Betty Menard
Roger Name Brenda Richardson
Roger Royce Richardson
Rohina Richardson
Roland Richardson
Romain and Betty Har- Discussion
Ron and Richardson
Ron Betty Popkey
Ron I--------------- Richardson
Ron Price Richardson
Ron Richard Merlin Richardson
Ron Richardson
Ron Richardson Mr.
Ron Richardson Rene Allard
Ron Richardson Shawville Que Grooming
Ronald Betty-Ann
Ronald Richardson
Ronald Richardson 1st Shawville Crew Stamp Collector Squire Robert G. Lester
Ronald Richardson 647-3705
Ronald Richardson Box 238
Ronald Richardson Jack Campbell
Ronald W. Richardson Shawville
Ronda Richardson
Rondo Richardson I_____
Ronnie & Betty
Ronnie Hod-Warnie Richardson
Ronnie Millions Mariya Richardson Caroline Schroeder Donald Stanley Evelyn Stanley Betty Strutt Gar
Ronnie Richardson
Ronnie Richardson Halloween
Ronnie Richardson Transferred
Rori Richardson
Rory Richardson
Rosaleen Dickson Richardson
Rose Anne Rochon and Betty Allard
Rose Richardson
Ross Dickson Graduates Dee Dee Lepine
Ross Ken Richardson Sons
Ross Vowles Elaine Richardson Judy Young
Rovce Richardson
Roy (Betty
Roy (Betty Anne Ban
Roy and Betty Ann
Roy Richardson
Roycc Richardson
Royce Richardson
Royce ( Richardson
Royce and Betty Cameron
Royce I Richardson
Royce Richardson
Royce Richardson Again Win Fame At Ottawa Ex
Royce Richardson Star
Royce Richardson - 647-2974 Albert Armstrong -
Royce Richardson - Royce Richardson Heather
Royce Richardson Advance
Royce Richardson Albert Armstrong
Royce Richardson Arthurs
Royce Richardson But
Royce Richardson Cameron
Royce Richardson Campbell
Royce Richardson Cecil C. Elliott
Royce Richardson Cecil McTieman
Royce Richardson Chaplain
Royce Richardson ClmxfuaAd JtoUUùU
Royce Richardson Contract Albert Armstrong
Royce Richardson Councillor Municipality
Royce Richardson Councillor Seat
Royce Richardson Councillors Campbell
Royce Richardson Finance
Royce Richardson H(inaId Rh
Royce Richardson ID.
Royce Richardson Larve
Royce Richardson Llyal
Royce Richardson Messrs O. Lecourse
Royce Richardson Moved
Royce Richardson Murray
Royce Richardson Official
Royce Richardson Penalties—L
Royce Richardson Pontiac Old Timer
Royce Richardson Powell
Royce Richardson Pres
Royce Richardson Quotes
Royce Richardson Reg
Royce Richardson Renfrew
Royce Richardson Resolved
Royce Richardson Rosaleen Dickson
Royce Richardson Royal Canadian Navy
Royce Richardson Royce Richardson
Royce Richardson Russett
Royce Richardson Sales
Royce Richardson Sandra Murray
Royce Richardson Seat
Royce Richardson Shawvllle
Royce Richardson Shawvllle—Barrie Murray B.A. Appointment
Royce Richardson Stars
Royce Richardson Sylvia Hodgins
Royce Richardson This
Royce Richardson Top
Royce Richardson VACANT
Royce Richardson Warden Robert Ladouceur
Royce Richardson Weds At Campbell
Royce Richardson Yvonne Dagenais
Royce Richardson*
Royce Richardson’s
Royce Royce Richardson
Royce Student Richardson
Royer Richardson
Royte Richardson
Rqyce Richardson
Ruby Evelyn ( Richardson
Ruby Jane
Ruby Richardson
Rudolph and Betty
Rudolph and Betty Lee Murphy
Rudolph and Betty Mayhew
Rudolph and Betty Michael
Rudy and Betty
Rudy Schroeder and Murray Richardson
Russell Judd Gels Board Meeting Nurse
Russell Linden M Richardson
Russell Mee Dalton Richardson
Russell Richardson
Ruth and Betty
Ruth Richardson
Ruth Richardson February 2
Ruth Walsh Richardson
RW Richardson
Ryan Charlie Richardson
Rylan Richardson
S. R Richardson
S. Richardson
Sadie* Betty
Sain Richardson
Sally Jane
Sally Richardson
Salsa Richardson
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson Community Hospital
Samuel Ralph Richardson
Samuel Richardson
San- Mary Jane
Sandra Jane
Sandy” Richardson
Sara Jane Armstrong
Sara Richardson
Sarah (Richardson
Sarah J Richardson
Sarah J. Richardson
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane 1834
Sarah Jane Armi-tage
Sarah Jane Armstrong
Sarah Jane Belsher
Sarah Jane Black
Sarah Jane Brownlee
Sarah Jane Craig
Sarah Jane Cuthbertson
Sarah Jane Cuthbertson Wee
Sarah Jane Doran
Sarah Jane Emin
Sarah Jane Farrell
Sarah Jane Greer
Sarah Jane I Armitage
Sarah Jane Ireland
Sarah Jane Kelley
Sarah Jane Kelly
Sarah Jane Kilbride
Sarah Jane Lamure
Sarah Jane Le
Sarah Jane Maitland
Sarah Jane McCorris-1 Robcrt
Sarah Jane McTiernan
Sarah Jane Murphy
Sarah Jane N
Sarah Jane N. Tubman
Sarah Jane Ontario
Sarah Jane Pattyson
Sarah Jane Richards They
Sarah Jane Richardson
Sarah Jane Sanford
Sarah Jane Wall
Sarah Letts Nurse
Sarah McCleary Betty
Sarah Richardson
Sarah-Jane Kilbride
Satur-Kirk Richardson
Saunders Keen Richardson
Says Richardson
Schock Clrs Richardson
School Nurse
Schroeder and Richardson
Schwartz Richardson
SCOn Richardson
Scott Adam Richardson
SCOTT Richardson
Scotty Richardson
Secretary-1 Richardson
Security Noral Reben - Richardson Greenshiekts Pontiac Printshop
Service L BETTY
Sf ^ Betty Horner
Shane Peck Richardson
Shannon Leigh Petty John and Betty
Shannon Nu- Richardson
Sharon Chabot Brando Bastion Lora-Lee Sloan Marsha Coyne Darlene McCollum Valerie Gagnon Jane Bruin
Sharon Mery Jean to Donald Thornes Richardson
Sharon Richardson
Shaw- Margaret Jane
Shaw- Richardson
Shaw-ton Richardson
ShawviHe Richardson
Shawville Betty Horner
Shawville Kirk Richardson
Shawville Richardson
Shawville Walsh Richardson Mr.
Shawville’s Richardson
Shawvllle Richardson
Sheenboro Betty Morris
Sheenboro • Betty Morris
Sheila Mohr Betty Hickey
Sheila Parley Richardson
Sheila Richardson
Sheila Richardson Roberta Dagg Dorothy Hodgins
Sheilla Richardson
Sheree North Betty Orable
Sherri Jane Beattie
Sheryl Ann Betty Sparling
Shirley and Betty
Shirley Betty
Shirley Booth Jane Russell CEN^f
Shirley Bretzlalf and Betty Brownlee
Shirley Hodgins and Betty Pequineau
Shirley Jane
Shirley Mary - Retired Reg’d Nurse Peacefully
Shirley Richardson
Shone Peck Jomle Richardson Ken Alexander Steven Alexander Jeff Ireland Ian Barber Wade McCambley I
SîaWf Richardson
Sidney and Betty Hobbs
Sifto Richardson
Silas Richardson
Sin Richardson
Sister Jane
Sister Lillis Richardson
Skip Royce Richardson
Smith (Betty
Smith Betty
Smith J. Richardson
Sneckleby Ma Sneckleby Maria Jane Sneckleby Miss A. Bridges Mr. Earl Masson Mr.
Song Leader—Bob Clifford Organist—Helen Warren Pianists—Betty Campbell
Sophia Jane Hodgins
Special Richardson
Squire Ronald Richardson
Squire Ronnie Richardson
Sr. Betty
Sr. Betty Ber- P^P|e
Sr. Betty Berrigan
SSfC Z ,w Ron ce Richardson
SStSmSSS Obituary SnSBSSSSK BlSaySBBffl Richardson Stevenson Also
St Garner Richardson
St Richardson
Stanhow M Anthony Betty
Stanley Hills (Betty
Stanton Mrs. Isabelle Richardson
Starks Crs Claude Richardson
Ste- Richardson
Steam Show Animator Robyn Richardson
Stephen and Jane
Stephen and Jane Dixon Saturday
Stephen W. Hudgins Bonnie Sue Richardson Paul McGee ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM
Steve Betty
Steve Dubeau Ernest Schrankler John and Sandy Pasch Betty
Steve Dumou- Charlie Richardson
Steven Alexander for Richardson
Stewards Richardson
Stewart Stark^ Betty Lou Elliott
Stoneand Sandra Betty Hickey
Streaker and Betty Brownlee
Strutt Mr. G Slones Mrs. R. Richardson Mrs.
Stuart Granger Betty Beuhler
Sue Richardson
Sumer Betty
Sun- Richardson
Surah Richardson
Susan Betty
Susan Hayward Jane Wyman
Susan Jane
Susan Richardson
Susan Tubman/ Elaine Richardson
Susanna Richardson
Susie Richardson
Suzanne Jane
Sweetman Richardson
Sydney Per- Richardson
Sylvia Bakker Betty Lou Miller Unionville
Sylvia Hodgins Claude Richardson Edgar Schwartz
T * J Jane If
T E R Nurse
T E Richardson Portage
T E. Richardson
T K Richardson
T. E B Nurse
T. E R. Nurse
T. E. Richardson
T. K R. Nurse
T. K. Richardson
T. Richardson
Tanning Salon Betty Walls
Tara Jane
Team B — Rovce Richardson
Team B — Royce Richardson
Ted and Betty Brownlee
Ted Richardson
Teresa Richardson
Terry and Betty
Terry and Betty Mugent
Terry and Betty Nugent
Terry Graham Arthur Dagg Trophy- Jane Ebert
Terry Moore Jane* Gaynor Technicolour Ann Doran
Thanksgiving Theme Betty Russell
That Foreman R. Richardson
The Marcotte Betty
The Misses Betty Lou Elliott
The Misses Betty Richardson
The Richardson
Then Richardson
Theo (Betty
Theodore Richardson
They Richardson
Thomas ( Betty
Thomas Andrew Keyes and Margaret “Maggie” Jane Ferrigan
Thomas Harris) Mary Jane Wilson
Thomas K. Richardson
Thomas Richardson
Thompson and Betty Lou Twolan
Thompson June Vandry Anna Young Betty Young
Thor- Miss Betty Lou Elliott
Thos Richardson
Thp Richardson
Tiger s Richardson
Tim Perry’s Junior Class Rhonda Richardson
Tim Richardson
Timothy And Red Clover Mr. Cecil Richardson
Tims E. Richardson
Tin- Richardson
Tina Aumont/Jôhn Richardson Æ Carle Bralt/luc
Tina Hillier MacLachlan J. Richardson
Tippett Richardson
Tom and Betty Taylor
Tom Cement Work Betty Row
Tom died Richardson
Tom Fahey Richardson
Tom More- Jane Lapierre
Tom Murdock and Betty Gordon
Tom Richardson
Tomatoes - Betty Verner
Tommy created Betty Lou.
Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou
Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou.
Tony Curtis Ernest Borgnine BARBELLA Jane Fonda Colour Tourn- REMFREW.
Tous Richardson
Town Foreman Richardson
Toymakers—Betty Morrison
Tracy Richardson
Travis Dor-with Kirk Richardson
Trevor Howard Royce Richardson
Trevor Ste-gela Jane Saunders
Trevor Stevens, Betty Petty
Tsrport Michelle p.3.TZ02% Betty p.ZT1*S
Tue Equity Avery Richardson
Tyler Betty
Tyler Jillian Richardson
T^rYoyre Richardson
U. Richardson
Undefeated Richardson
Untwining Twins Betty
Uomie Richardson Bill Har-
Ur Richardson
Us Richardson
V Mrs Betty Turner
V. Sod** Betty Young
Vacuum Pack Assorted Varieties Betty Crocker Snackin’ Cake Bologna Chunks
Vaillancourt Richardson
Valley Mutual Betty Russell C.B.L. Pirie
Van Neville Betty
Vancouver B C. Betty Sparling
Vernon & Betty Beattie
Vernon and Betty
Vernon and Betty Beattie
Vice Grand Betty Cameron
Victor Richardson
Viki Richardson
Vikki Richardson
Vikki Richardson Cramps
Vikki Richardson Shane Benoit
Vince Richardson
Vincent and Betty MEMORIAM
Vincent and Betty Rebertz
Vincent Edwards Yvette Dugay Betty Davis
Vincent Richardson
Vivian Richardson
Vlkki Richardson
W F Richardson
W J Hayes Richardson
W L hen— Gordon Richardson 1
W Richardson
W#mee Richardson
W. J Holt............... W. J Holt............... Ralph Horner............ Richard Richardson
W. Richardson
W.M. Betty Sparling Laporte
Wabash Avenue Betty Grable MMHi iniiMiiimiiMiriiiiisimMMiiMimmimiiMiiimmmimrmiwimiiiMimtiH.
Walsh - Betty McKay
Walter Abel Technicolor Technicolor Jane Wyman
Walter Kilgour read Betty
Walter Richardson
WALTER SMITH Jane Russell George Brent SIX
Walton Richardson
Wamie Richardson
Wamie Richardson Campbell
Wamle Richardson
Wamte Richardson
War-ney Richardson
Waraie Richardson
Warmt Richardson
Warner Richardson
Warney Richardson
Warnic Richardson
Warnie Richardson
Warnie Richardson 3
Warnie Richardson Captain
Warnie Richardson Motion Crs
Warnie Richardson S.H.
Warnie Richardson Wilbur Chapeau
Warnio Richardson
Warniv Richardson
Warnle Richardson
Warnle Richardson Mr. James Greenshleldk
Waroie Richardson
Warren (Betty
Warren A Richardson
Warren Horner Sam Harris Arthui Kilgour W Richardson Moyer School Supplies
Warren Richardson
Warren Russell or Betty Strutt
Warren Russell or Betty Strutt- Anyone
Waruie Richardson
Wavniv Richardson
Wayne (Betty
Wayne and Betty
Wayne and Betty Anglican
Wayne and Betty Maloney
Wayne and Betty Tel-
Wayne and Betty Telford
Wayne Brown Claude Richardson
Wayne Richardson
Wayne Shawville J Betty Field
Welcom Lennie Richardson
Wendy Jane
Wendy Jane Camp
Wendy Lalonde,Jane Alex-
Wendy Mary Jane Emmerson
Wendy Moore and Betty Sparling
Wendy Richardson
Wernie Richardson
Wes Richardson
Wesley Richardson
Westburn Hamilton Claude Richardson
Westport—Taylor Shawvllle—Barry Murray Shawvllle—Laird Murray Shawvllle—Richardson Westport—T.
Wilbour (Betty Farrell
William and Jane
William and Jane Little
William E Mrs. Jane Emmerson
William F. Richardson
William Far-Jane Outhbertson
William Ferdinand Richardson
William Garner Richardson
William H. Richardson
William John and Anne Jane Pentland
William K Richardson
William Kovack and Betty
William Richardson
Willie Cowan K. Richardson Lawrence Hynes Charlie Nicholson Hiram Smiley Lome Smiley
Willie Graduates
Willis Graduates
Willis Graduates Those Meatless Days
Willis Richardson
Winni- Betty Sparling
With Mrs Betty
With Mrs Betty Cameron
Wm Richardson Murray
Wnrney Richardson
Wnrnie Richardson
Worship Richardson
Worthy Grand Matron Betty Johnson
Worthy Matron Betty Johnson
WtATHfl WOO# Betty Hutton Sat.
Wwnle Richardson
Wy- Richardson
Yarm K Richardson
Yarm V V z Mrs. VVarnie Richardson Mr. Fred Ralph
Yarm—Louis Richardson
Yearling View Betty Lou 3rd
Young Betty
Young Graduates
Young Peoples Richardson
Younger Lewis By Leu Coyne Miss Betty Germain
Zenith Stickler Betty Strutt
^0[don Richardson
„ Richardson
Betty Cooligan
Betty Griffin
Betty Lake
Camp Nurse
Elisabeth Neelin l Jillian Richardson
Glen Richardson
H. Me l Miss Betty
Jane Brousse
Jane Park Plaza
Luke Richardson
Luke Richardson of
Luke Richardson’s
Norway Richardson
Ore Richardson
Richardson 647-5362 au
Richardson Ave.
Richardson Avenue
Richardson Lake
Richardson Lake Québec.
Richardson Lake Street
Richardson Stadium
Richardson Trophy
Sarah Jane Ireland
T. Richardson
Vancouver Nurse
1st Period Royce Richardson - Royce Richardson Heather
2nd Lecturer Royce Richardson
4th School Opening Parish of Shawville Rev. T. E. R. Nurse
647-36 Parish North Clarendon House Richardson Murray
648-5879 Parish North Clarendon House Richardson Murray
8:30 P.M. Royce Richardson
9.20 P M. COUNCIL Messrs Royce Richardson
Acting Mayor Royce Richardson
Aged Graduates After
Agriculture Graduates
ANDAI Susan Jane Duff
Annual Shawville/Clarendon Royce Richardson
Apple Flake Betty
Army Technicolor Jane Ruaeell MONDAY
Arnold Garrison Royce Richardson
Arthurs aid Royce Richardson
Artists Betty
As Public Health Nurse
Ashley Godin Graduates
Associates Mr. Ebert Richardson Dr. Gurdeep Singh Dang MM.
Bank of Montreal Barbers Bastien Tire Bean s Retro Canada Beckcrest Farm Betty Russell Brownline Fa
Baptist Women’s Association Graduates
BARBER FARM EQUIPMENT Head Operating Room Nurse Laurel Smith
Bates Sheenboro Nurse
Bear Richardson
Bending Jane Perry
Bertrand d Publishers & Editors BETTY
Best Wishes Graduates Main St.
Best Wishes Jane
Betty 7th Line A
Betty Ann Drum
Betty Ann Lambert
Betty Bell
Betty Bell of Montreal
Betty Best
Betty Cameron
Betty High News
Betty Morris
Betty Popkey
Betty Popkey Montreal
Betty Rent
Betty Roger Perry
Betty Ryan Old Barge Art Gallery
Betty Society" Happy
Betty Vemer
Betty’s Beauty Salon
Big Heart BETTY
Body Shop i Rick Parker Holographie Richard Harley Richardson Trudeau
Bonnie Richardson
Brian Drummond Royce Richardson
Bristol 3. Gloria Richardson
Bristol Corners ; Jane Telford
Bristol Heritage Richardson
Bristol Marion Richardson
Bristol View Betty
Bristol View Betty Lou
British Red Cross Nurse
Bryan Murray Royce Richardson Pontiacs Top Production Line
Bryson Ronnie Richardson Transferred
By DORA JANE HAMBLIN American Red Cross Representative Garmiseh
By Harvard Graduates and Commissioners Nurse
C Richardson Senior Ch.tmpi
Cable member Royce Richardson
CALDWELL Graduates
Canadian College Graduates
Canadian Nurse We Court
Canadian Nurse’s Association
Canadian Pacific Railway Company Nurse
Carleton University Boyce Richardson
Carnival Queen Betty Lou Twolan
Carson Hodgins— 1st Royce Richardson
Carson Modgms and Royce Richardson
CEGEP Nursing Graduates
Central School Board Nurse
Central School Board Nurse GRANT
Chambers ^th Royce Richardson
Children’s Health Nurse
China Syndrome Jane
Citizen Angie Trudeau Student nurse
City Beneath Thé Sea Robert Ryan Susan Ball Somel Betty Hutton Ralph Meeker
Civic Hospital and Mr. Warnie Richardson
Clara Parent Allan Taut Bobby Pitt, Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Clara Richardson
Clarendon Council BETTY’S BEAUTY SALON Bristol
Clarendon Council Richardson that Council Clarendon Fireman
CLARENDON Rev. T. E. R. Nurse
CMW M Golf Betty Gilbertson
Co. Ltd Mrs Etta Richardson
Colt Ebert Richardson
Commercial School Mrs. Albert Richardson
Committee - Royce Richardson
Community Centre by Royce Richardson
Community Royot Richardson
COMPACT BUDGET PRICED Grade Vie John Dean; Harley Richardson; Jack Lang; David Mc-Brian Brownlee
Con Miles Richardson
Con- Mrs. Ellen Jane
Contact Betty
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Continuing Education Bursaries Kari Richardson
Continuing Education Graduates Alexander
Council Richardson
COUNCIL The Sports Clinic Betty
Councillor Royce Richardson
County School Nurse
Crop Of Graduates Finest Iron Ore
Crothers Ltd l W. A. Hodgins Richardson Bros Ren nick’s Service
Crs Richardson & Ditt-
CSSS Pontiac Nurse
Dairy industry Pontiacs Royce Richardson
Dave Moore Royce Richardson
Davidson Mrs. Mary Dale Ebert Richardson Pontiac Dairy
Decorating Committee Mary Jane Towell
Deere LOCAL LADY GRADUATES Singer Sales And Service SALES AND SERVICE Quality Farm Implements
DIAMOND DRILLING Wafer Well Drilling OBITUARY Mrs. Warnie Richardson
Dickson & Royce Richardson
DIED HOCKEY Office Mr. Goidon Richardson
Division — Royce Richardson Albert Armstrong
Do- Sheriff Richardson
Dominion Royce Richardson
Dump- Royce Richardson
Dunraven 7th Line Mr. Gordon Richardson
dur-1 Dame Ann Jane Mulligan
Eastern Betty Ann Hall
Eastern Star Worthy Matron Betty Johnson
Ebert Richardson’s Fish
Education Graduates Bell
EL R Nurse
Elburn Bean Royce Richardson
Elmside View Jane
Emard PPOC Rev. Nurse
Equipment High School Students Defeat Graduates Service
EQUITY Jane MacDougall
Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Richardson
EXPERTS Civil A Mechanical Engineers Graduates
F. Fokesand T E. R Nurse
Farm Forum Rally Misses Betty
FARM HOCKEY Royce Richardson
Federal Government Constable John Richardson
Fight el Jane
Film Richardson
Fire Department Royce Richardson
Fire Richardson’s Lake
First Graduates Pontiac Picnic
Ford Murray’s Automotive Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Retro Pontiac Shawville Milling Betty
FT Jamboree Scouts Guests Of Rotary Constable Richardson Covers Three Local Week-end Accidents
G SYNOPSIS Nurse Mary Lament
Gall Richardson.
Gentlemanly Tiger Royce Richardson « Equity Photo Weekend
Girls Betty Chamberlin
Government Grants Royce Richardson
Graduates As Nurse
Graduates Graduate Campbell
Graduates High School
Graduates R*.oyrvtion Program
Graduates Recognition Program
Graduates WttUsCollege
Grand Farm Forum Annual Roundup Clarmoe Richardson
Guild Betty Thompson
Guild of St John’s Betty
Hair Gallery Betty Russell K&L Dairy Gladcrest Farms Shawville Milling Hardy Plants Royal Bank C.B.
Harley Richardson
Harley Richardson -Roc.
Harley Richardson Proud
Harley Samuel Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funeal Harley Richardson
Hayes & Sons Funer- Mrs Richardson
Hayes & Sons Ltd Richardson
Health and Welfare Betty Cameron
Health Nurse
Health Nurse Introduced
Heart Institute Richardson
Heritage College Graduates Waltham Iris Smith
Heritage l||J College Pre-University Program Graduates
Hi BB ¦¦Bis Registered Nurse
High School Graduates Reunion Saturday
High School Montreal SANDRA JANE MacLEAN Lachine High School Lachlne RALPH CHARLES SUTHERLAND WALKE
Hign School Graduates
Hockey Team Wins Dalton & Ebert Richardson
Holiday Inn Moved by Royce Richardson
Holiness Movement E. J. RICHARDSON Secretary-Treasurer Wakefield
Home Care graduates
Home Field of School Nurse FIGURE ON FILM FAME THE EMPIRE Value
HOSIERY Sisman Ernie Richardson" GIFT IDEAS GALORE
Hospital Kennedy; Betty
House of Richardson
House Richardson Murray
II High School Graduates Fund Raising Bottle Drive Inâqle/
In Hospital Insurance Plan Miss Brenda Richardson
In May Royce Richardson
Institute Nurse
Iona Morris and Betty Morris
IS. Gordon Richardson
Isabelle Mary-Jane Emmerson
ISO Mystery Prise Royce Richardson OBRIEN THEATRE Up
It Nurse Service
Ivy Richardson
J. Hodgins Royce Richardson
Jackets Apple Brown Betty Dinner No.
JANE Gary Trrvett
Jane Cancer Research
JANE CARROLL Communications ST.
Jane School
Jane University Housing Office
Jane Watson
Jane’s Walk
Jeff Country Wine Radey Strawberry Farm Jane Alexander
JHH Mrs. Betty Hay
Johns Graduates
Johnson-Richardson Ltd
Jr- Jane Perry
Jubilee Trust Nurse — Value
Judd Gels Board Meeting Nurse
K R. Nurse
Krause PENTECOSTAL MISSION Rev. L G Richardson
l Nondenominational BIBLE TALKS C.L.S.C. Fort-Coulonge REGISTERED NURSE
Lang- School Jane Bourget
LaSalle E A Pritchard T E Richardson Portage
LaSalle E A Pritchard T E Richardson Portage du Fort
LATEX FLAT Royce Richardson
Leaders Mary Jane
Library Books * Montreal Bonk Room Meyers School Supplies Frnnk Richardson Motion Commissioner
Lila Jane Dale
Lions Club Jane
Local Group of Gilt Guides Honours Mrs. Nurse MacLean’s DALE’S TINSHOP TINSMITHS
Local residents Royce Richardson
Ltd Jane
Lumber Co Gordon Richardson
Lunch Registered Nurse
M. H. Royce Richardson & Sec.
MAI Marv Jane
Maple Creek Jane
March • Royce Richardson
MARRIED Graduates
Master Archie Richardson
Master Clarence Richardson
Master Corporal Joey Richardson
Master CpI Joey Richardson
Master Cpl Richardson
Master Cpl Richardson Master CpI Richardson
Master Eastman Richardson
Master Greg Richardson
Master Gregory Richardson
Master Jimmie Richardson
Master Kenny Richardson
Master Miles Richardson
Master Ron Richardson
Maya Jane
McDonald Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
McGill Graduates* Society PHOTO REPRINTS
McTer- Royce Richardson
Meetings Management Notional Fundraising Project Management Registered Nurse-Operating Room Occupat
Men’s League Murray Richardson
Messages 647-5306 Royce Richardson
Milk Richardson’s Skua
MILLIONAIRE Betty Grable Arrow
Mine Jane McDonald, of
Ministry of Crs Claude Richardson
Miss Debbie Pitt and Betty Sparling
Mlaa Betty Bell
Morris Royce Richardson
Motion 1-y Comr Nurse
Motion by Royce Richardson
Motion Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Cr Merlin Richardson
Motion Crs C Betty Foran
Motion Crs C Richardson
Motion Crs C Richardson and
Motion Crs C Richardson Clapham
Motion Crs C Richardson Council
Motion Crs C Richardson JOHN MacGREGOR CONCRETE
Motion Crs C Richardson Telebec Project No
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Richardson
Motion Crs Lang and Budget Motion Crs Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs M Richardson
Motion Crs M Richardson Work
Motion Crs Merlin Richardson
Motion Crs Pfj Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs Richardson the
Motion Os M Richardson
Motive Power Technician • Nursing • Office Administration • Practical Nurse • Social Service Worker
Mr Gordon Richardson
Mrs. Everett Mor-Nurse
Mrs. Gordon Richardson
Mrs. Harvey T E. R. Nurse
Mrs. Mae Richardson
Mrs. Mary Richardson
Municipal Council Richardson
Municipal Richardson
MURDOCK Murray & Gloria Richardson
Mutual Group IAI JANE
National Anthem Rev. TER Nurse and Mrs Nurse
National Bank Beth s Manicure Helen Routlitfe Northtork Country Kitchen Betty Russell - Donation
National SubMerlin Richardson
New Industry- Royce Richardson
NEW MANAGEMENT Richardson’s Service Centre Ladysmith
New Party Formed Memories By BETTY
Number Six Royce Richardson
Nurse Bello Caldwell
Nurse Graduate Bristol
Nurse Mies Alma Brownlee
Nurse Ronnie Richardson
Nurse* Woodstock General Hospital
OBITUARY Wanted Mary Jane Moyle Mary Jane Moyle
Occupational Health Nurse
Of Richardson Sons Of Native Sons
Office Graduates
Only Weekly Newspaper Richardson
Onslow Intermediate School Graduates Congratulated By Inspector Munroe
Ottawa Heart Institute Betty
Ottawa Valley Royce Richardson
Outstanding Community Service Betty Morris
Paddy O Donnell Royce Richardson Shawville Pontiacs Win First Of Hockey Playdowns
PAJAMAS Harley Richardson
Parish of Shawville Rev. T. E. R. Nurse
Party Barney & Heather Richardson
Paul Moyer School Supply Clinton Palmer Hilliard Sinclair Richardson’s Grocery Standard Tube & T. I
PCH Head Nurse Betty Sparling
Pitt and Royce Richardson
Plouffe Barney Richardson Charles
POCKET FULL OF MIRACLES Glen Ford Betty Davis Color
Pontiac Agricultural Richardson
Pontiac Community Hosp-Richardson
Pontiac Community | RICHARDSON
Pontiac Ebert Richardson
Pontiac Farmers Association; Harold Richardson
Pontiac Graduates
Pontiac Graduates Duquette
Pontiac Graduates Duquette’s Auto
Pontiac Graduates HAROLYN FARMS Harold
Pontiac Graduates Hwy
Pontiac Health Nurse
Pontiac Hockey League Schedule Royce Richardson
Pontiac Hotel Betty Lou Twolan
Pontiac Junior Richardson
Pontiac Nurse Serving
Pontiac Padfle Jane-)
Pontiac Potato Mrs. Gamer Richardson Clubs
Pontiac Respite Services; Betty Griffin
Pontiac Richardson
Pontiac School Health Nurse
Portage Ronnie Richardson
POSITION OPEN Registered Nurse
Prayer & Bible Study Ellen Jane Chamber-z
Pro Life Author Betty Ryan Waltham
Pro Mayor Royce Richardson
PROCLAMATION Betty Lou Campeau
PROGRESSIVE MOTOR CLUB Irî Mrs. Warnie Richardson
Project Management Registered Nurse-Operating Room
Protects Clothes Protects Health Annie Jane Horner Dies
Proudfoot Gordon Richardson Kays Style Shoppe Pontiac Home Bakery Renfrew Bottling Works J Emile Pa
Public H< ilth Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Competition
Public Notice Births Health Is Everybody’s Business School Health Nurse Advises Will the
QFMP Myles Richardson
QPP Traffic Officer John Richardson
Quyon Flyers Betty
Quyon Lionettes Jane Mohr Memorial Ladles Golf Tournament
Quyon Lions Betty
Quyon Mary Jane St Laurent
Read Why... NURSE SCOTT Ontario Government Plans Comprehensive Program
Reader Betty Augusts
Recreation- Royce Richardson
Red Chamber Objects nurse
Red Cross Collector Al Fort (oulonge PCM Nurse Injured
Red Cross Nurse
Regional Association Richardson
Remembrance Service Quyon Legion Holds Miss Elizabeth Jane Salway Al POflâQG Dll FOff
Ren- Hospital Jane Mary
Rev. T F IF Nurse
Revitalisation’s Richardson
Ri?f School Health Nurse
Rice School Health Nurse
Rice School Health Nurse An
Rice School Health Nurse Mrs. Katherine Sahner
Rice School Health Nurse Raymond Johnston
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
RICHARDSON & CO* PTOfrt Montreal
Richardson & Sons
Richardson & Sons Established
Richardson - Royce Richardson Russett
Richardson 647-5512 Insurance Shawville Plaza Shawville
Richardson Arena
Richardson Arena)
Richardson Best
Richardson Bros
Richardson Bros 1976
Richardson Bros 647-5362
Richardson Bros CHA?TERILHobby
Richardson Bros package Develop
Richardson Bros rink
Richardson Bros Shawville
Richardson Bros Town Houses
Richardson Bros Townhouse
Richardson Bros Townhouse.
Richardson Bros Townhouse.MMNM@M^^
Richardson Brothers
Richardson Brothers Ainsi
Richardson Brothers Apts
Richardson Brothers Donné
Richardson Brothers Funeral Home
Richardson Brothers Municipalité de Bryson Townhouse
Richardson Brothers Operators
Richardson Brothers Townhouse
Richardson Brothers Towns
RICHARDSON Business Men s Committee of Shewville
Richardson Fish Hatchery E & A Carpet Shop Les Atkinson JLS
Richardson Horse & Buggy Museum CrowneJ Queen M Under Consideration Quyon Carnival Hopes
RICHARDSON Ladies Aid of Bristol Memorial Church
Richardson Moyer School Supplies
Richardson of Sons
Richardson Penalties Watson
Richardson s Fish Hatchery
Richardson School
Richardson Sevan
Richardson’s Fish Hatchery
Rive School Health Nurse Serre
Row- Jane Alexander
Royal Bank Beckcrest Farm Pontiac Auto Betty Russell H.I. Hobbs
Royal Bank Betty Cooper
Royal Bank of Canada John Burnett Limited Ronnie Strutt Cyrus Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy
Royal Military Betty
Royce Richardson
Royce Richardson Royce
Rural Inspector Claude Richardson
Ryan and Royce Richardson
School Board Parent Jane Comgan
School Health Nurse
School Health Nurse Toronto
School Jane Bourget
School Nurse
Science Grandfather Royce Richardson
Secretarial Studies Graduates Bonnie Bayne
See.-Treas Shawville Group Canadian Red Cross Dear Mr. Nurse Enclosed
Service Sermon Master Archie Arthur Wilson Richardson
Shawvillc pro-Mayor Royce Richardson
Shawville Adult Education Graduates
Shawville Council Litchfield Council Richardson - Proulx
Shawville Fair Jane
Shawville High School John Richardson
Shawville High Student Council Gary Richardson
Shawville High | CHAPEAU A FORT-COULONGE SERVICES School Jane Bourget
Shawville Hospital Mrs. Isabell Richardson
Shawville Petting Royce Richardson
Shawville Rev. T. E. R. Nurse
SHAWVILLE SHOE SHOP Congratulations Graduates
Shawville Shoe Shop Maison des Fleurs Ottawa Valley Office Suppl SpaTique / Betty Frost Pine Lodge
SHOW Betty G
SIliKS COUTSG Royce Richardson
Simmons Light Stallions Bred Ebert Richardson
SIS Betty Murdock
Sisters otc RICHARDSON—In
Social Ore-graduates
SPECIALS Graduates
Squire Ronnie Richardson
St Alexandre College | wife Dame Sarah Jane
St Garner Richardson
St Lawrence Senior Royce Richardson
St. Betty Morris
St. Richardson
Star Spangled Rhythm Jane Powell FRIDAY & SATURDAY FRIDAY
Starks Corners DON RICHARDSON.
Statistics Canada Dr. Bruce Pappas - Carieton University Heather Jane Robertson
Store Changes Owners Dalton Richardson
Student Council Cary Richardson
Student Nurse CM*
Student Richardson
Surface Culture Anna Steese Richardson Finds People Are Mentally Lazy
Swartz Gordon Richardson
Sykes Bar-Jane Perry
SYNOPSIS Nurse Mary Lament
T. E R. Nurse
T. E. R. Nurse
Team B — Royce Richardson
TEMPORARY POSITION OPEN Registered Nurse General Duty Senior Citizens’ Home Campbell’s Bey
Th Club 900 Royce Richardson Royce Richardson
THE Equity Graduates
They Heritage Campus Graduates the
Third Party Is RevivedinPontiac Royce Richardson
Tigers Captain Royce Richardson
Tigers:— Royce Richardson
Tigers’ Royce Richardson Again Win Fame
Tl;e Public Health Nurse
To School Nurse
to0Der ^Croteau P6Cial Nurse
Top Men Royce Richardson
Top Valu Peanut Butter........ Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Assorted General Mills Country Corn F
TOTAL MONTREAL ISLAND HOSPITALS Sherbrooke Hospital Sbtrbrookê Julius Richardson
Town Girl Jane Powell SUNDAY A MONDAY Pride
Trudy McKnight Mary-Jane McColgan P
True OR Congratulations Graduates
Union Pacific & Northwestern Jane
University Graduates "
Victoria Hospital Nurse’s Residence
Victoria Hospital Nursing Graduates
Vikki Richardson
Vlkki Richardson
Vocational Studies Graduates
VOTE Royce Richardson Seat
VOTE Royce Richardson(
Warner Richardson
Wax Paper BETTY CROCKER Pie Crust Mix
Ways of improving Health Nurse
WD Lough Health Clinic Nurse
WEEKLY RATES Ltd Jane Elizabeth Jones RENFREW STOCK REMOVAL Information
White BREAD Royce Richardson
White Cross Nurse Mates
Wills Graduates Allan
Wills Graduates Boys
WITH DKK&JANE” Stittsville Kennels
Wright Regional High School One Registered Nurse
XV A Hodzirifc Honorary Rev. T. B. K. Nurse
Yearling View Betty Lou