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Carried Andrew Farrell

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1. Andrew s Hosts To Regional Meeting Rev R G. Elliott
1. Andrew s Knox
11.03 Andrew Daley
1939 Andrew Daley
1959 Carried
2-Carried Farmers
22.50 Andrew Daley
3. Carried
3.75 Andrew Daley
4.— Carried
4mi Councillor* Farrell
50.00 Carried
8. Carried
A. Farrell
Adam Andrew
Adam Tubman Alain Dubé Andrew McNamara B
Adams Cts Kenneth Farrell
Address Dr. Andrew F. Currier
Al MacDonald Carried
Alan Farrell
Albert Cameron 2.25 Arthur Douglas 2.25 Jack Farrell
Albert Carried
Albert Horner........................... Joshua Farrell
Albert Tan- Carried
Alex A S. Farrell
Alex Andrew Cochrane
Alex Andrew William *ndh«
Alex Carried
Alex Davis—Carried
Alexander - Farrell
Alexander Farrell
Alexander Farrell That
Alexander Farrell-
Alfred Farrell
Alfred Farrell Seat
Alice Farrell
Allan Farrell
Allan Farrell Rapides
Allan G. Farrell
Allan Me Carried
Allen Andrew Pilon
Allen Farrell
Amm Mrs. Danny Farrell
Amy Carried
Andrew In
Andrew Bob >
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Ebert Alexander
Andrew Housekeepers
Andrew "
Andrew & Grant
Andrew & James Tracy
Andrew & Mrs. W. Taylor
Andrew (Andy
Andrew -
Andrew 1966
Andrew A
Andrew A Millie Clark
Andrew A''exander
Andrew About
Andrew ac Jr B
Andrew Acres
Andrew Adam Johnson
Andrew Adam Warren
Andrew Agcr
Andrew Ager
Andrew Aguecheek Or Benedict
Andrew Agustus Thomp
Andrew Aikenhead
Andrew Aikenhead’s
Andrew Aitken
Andrew Ake-son
Andrew Akeson
Andrew Al
Andrew Alex
Andrew Alex-
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Allan
Andrew Always Mondoux
Andrew Amos
Andrew Amour
Andrew and Chris
Andrew and Karen Dickson
Andrew and William H.
Andrew Andiews
Andrew Andrea Daye
Andrew Andrew
Andrew Angus
Andrew Angus-es
Andrew Angut
Andrew Aor
Andrew Arbour
Andrew Archdeacon
Andrew Armour
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Ashworth
Andrew Atkin
Andrew Atkinson
Andrew Auditor
Andrew Audrey Sharpe
Andrew August
Andrew Aylmer
Andrew B. Fraser
Andrew B. Ingram
Andrew Bahr
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Baily
Andrew Baird
Andrew Baker
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Barry Draper
Andrew Barry’s Bay
Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bcnntt
Andrew Be
Andrew Bean
Andrew Beattie
Andrew Beau
Andrew Béchamp
Andrew Beck
Andrew Belanger
Andrew Ben
Andrew Ben Judd.
Andrew Ben- Motion Crs
Andrew Ben-nell
Andrew Bender
Andrew Benett
Andrew Benitt
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett I
Andrew Bennett Mrs Steele
Andrew Bennett’s
Andrew Bennitt
Andrew Bernard Arm
Andrew Bernard Armitage
Andrew Bernard The
Andrew Berraun
Andrew Berry
Andrew Blair
Andrew Bodes
Andrew Boisvert
Andrew Bolger
Andrew Bonar Law
Andrew Boorde
Andrew Borden
Andrew Bourgeau
Andrew Boyd Clifford
Andrew Boyle
Andrew Branning
Andrew Brazeau
Andrew Breckenridge
Andrew Brekenridge
Andrew Brem-ner
Andrew Brennan
Andrew Bridge
Andrew Bris
Andrew Brisbois Jr.
Andrew Broder
Andrew Brown
Andrew Browne Cunningham
Andrew Brownlee
Andrew Bruce
Andrew Brutskl
Andrew Brwbois
Andrew Brydges
Andrew Buckshot
Andrew Bulger
Andrew Burgess
Andrew Butler
Andrew Butter
Andrew Buvking- Elannerj
Andrew C Atkinson
Andrew C. Young Brittand
Andrew Cahill
Andrew Caimen Keon
Andrew Cal-
Andrew Câlin
Andrew Callan-Jones
Andrew Camagie
Andrew Cameron
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell’s Bay
Andrew Canterbury
Andrew Car
Andrew Car-
Andrew Car-gin
Andrew Carmen
Andrew Carmen Keon
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie Australia
Andrew Carnegie N Beattie
Andrew Carnegie Nineteenth Street
Andrew Carr
Andrew Carre Innocence
Andrew Carrol
Andrew Carroll
Andrew Carroll Betty Verner
Andrew Carson Ryan
Andrew Cartier
Andrew Cash
Andrew Castle
Andrew Cat
Andrew Catherine
Andrew Chambers
Andrew Charles Atkinson
Andrew Church
Andrew Clarendon
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clarke
Andrew Cleary
Andrew Clerk
Andrew Clifford Maracle
Andrew Clifford Maracle Jr from
Andrew Clifton
Andrew Clifton Center
Andrew Clifton Horner
Andrew Cline
Andrew Clinton
Andrew Clow
Andrew Club
Andrew Cluff
Andrew Cnrr
Andrew Colic
Andrew Collins
Andrew Comes
Andrew Congratulations
Andrew Corner
Andrew Cote
Andrew Cotie
Andrew Coughlin
Andrew Coûte Establishments Involved
Andrew Cowan
Andrew Coyne
Andrew Craig
Andrew Cram
Andrew CremlMd THt EQUITY Cathy Dubeau
Andrew Creppin
Andrew Crozier
Andrew Crystal Thrun
Andrew Cublerlsov
Andrew Cudla
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Cuthil
Andrew Cybulski
Andrew D
Andrew D White
Andrew D. White
Andrew D. Wright
Andrew D.lef
Andrew D/gg
Andrew Da
Andrew Da!c
Andrew Dagg
Andrew Daggi
Andrew Dagi
Andrew Daie
Andrew Dailey
Andrew Dairy
Andrew Dajey
Andrew Dal
Andrew Dale
Andrew Dale.
Andrew Dalev
Andrew Daley
Andrew Daley 126.40
Andrew Daley Auditing
Andrew Daley Auditor
Andrew Daley Esq Mayor
Andrew Daley Harold Armitage John Armitage
Andrew Daley Mayor
Andrew Daley Municipal Form* Raymond Trudeau
Andrew Daley On Thursday
Andrew Daley R.
Andrew Daley’s
Andrew Dali^v
Andrew Dalton
Andrew Daly
Andrew Daly Auditing Ministry
Andrew Damson
Andrew Dan Cooper
Andrew Darling
Andrew Darling’s
Andrew Davie
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 2
Andrew Davison
Andrew Dawes
Andrew Dawson
Andrew Deary
Andrew Degg
Andrew Degraff
Andrew Demong-hue
Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine 56S63xd22 Campbell
Andrew Devine Shewville
Andrew Devuie When
Andrew Dick-
Andrew Dick- Uiomas Benoit
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson Andre’s
Andrew Dickson Bob Smith
Andrew Dickson Mother-Daughter CGIT Banquet Mr.
Andrew Dickson PICK-UP RACE
Andrew Dickson Pontiac
Andrew Dickson This
Andrew Dickson White
Andrew Discussion
Andrew Doda
Andrew Dodds
Andrew Dods
Andrew Doherty
Andrew Dolan
Andrew Dole
Andrew Donlan
Andrew Donlen
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas At
Andrew Douglas McCredie
Andrew Douglas Me-
Andrew Downey
Andrew Dqmas
Andrew Drew
Andrew Du
Andrew Du-
Andrew Dubeau
Andrew Dubois
Andrew Duds
Andrew Dufault
Andrew Dumas
Andrew Duma»
Andrew Duncan
Andrew Dunlin
Andrew Dunn
Andrew Dxley
Andrew Dykes
Andrew D«»di
Andrew E. Gervais
Andrew Eades
Andrew Economic Council
Andrew Edward King
Andrew EEEF
Andrew EL
Andrew Elder
Andrew Elliot
Andrew Elliott
Andrew Elliott 88.7
Andrew Elliott Allison Corn
Andrew Elliott Approximately
Andrew Elliott Toronto
Andrew Eodes
Andrew Erickson
Andrew F
Andrew F Carrier
Andrew F Corner
Andrew F Currier
Andrew F Neville
Andrew F nrrelL SecVTrcas
Andrew F.
Andrew F. Currier
Andrew Fa
Andrew Fabrkll
Andrew Fades
Andrew Fades Tyler Smart
Andrew Faiirkll
Andrew Fair- Nancy Pirie
Andrew FaireU
Andrew Fairgelding
Andrew Fan
Andrew Fan*1.!
Andrew Far
Andrew Fariiell
Andrew Farkell
Andrew Farkri
Andrew Farrell
Andrew Farrell Insane Accounts
Andrew Farrell Sec
Andrew Farrell Sec Treas
Andrew Farrell Sec Treat
Andrew Farrell Sec-Treas
Andrew Farrell Sec.
Andrew Farrell Sec.-T-eas
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Tneas
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treaa
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treas
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treas Shawville Council
Andrew Farrell___
Andrew Farret
Andrew Farrkll
Andrew Farrrll
Andrew Fe Curr
Andrew Ferrault Tourism
Andrew Fhtchsr
Andrew Fiche
Andrew Fin Ian
Andrew Finlan
Andrew Finlin
Andrew Fleck
Andrew Fleming
Andrew Fletcher
Andrew Fletcher Carlton Clarissa Elsie Hodgins
Andrew Fletcher Ogle
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood I
Andrew Flood Moyle’s Hotel
Andrew Floods
Andrew Foad
Andrew FOr SALE—1 Circle Fleury
Andrew Forbes
Andrew Forrester
Andrew Fort
Andrew Fort Portal
Andrew Fraser
Andrew Fraser 2
Andrew Fred-
Andrew Frobel
Andrew Frost
Andrew Fu.Ian’s
Andrew Fuller
Andrew Fulton
Andrew G Tipping
Andrew G Tippins
Andrew Gable
Andrew Gabriel
Andrew Gagnon
Andrew Galloway
Andrew Games
Andrew Gardner Havelin
Andrew Gargul
Andrew Garner Havelin Bennett Presley
Andrew Garnet Havelin
Andrew Gaudctte
Andrew Gaudette
Andrew Gauthier
Andrew Gelineau
Andrew George Edge
Andrew Gerard Tek
Andrew Getz
Andrew Giant
Andrew Gibbons
Andrew Gih
Andrew Gil-
Andrew Giroux
Andrew Godin
Andrew Godmere
Andrew Goncalves
Andrew Gorman
Andrew Grade IB Lor
Andrew Gran*
Andrew Grand
Andrew Grand-Papère
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant 1
Andrew Grant 11
Andrew Grant 3. Saddle
Andrew Grant Bristol
Andrew Grant I
Andrew Grant.—Amendment
Andrew Grant’s
Andrew Green
Andrew Gregson
Andrew Gregson Australia Responsible
Andrew Gribbon
Andrew Gutoski
Andrew H. Brown
Andrew Ha
Andrew Haatle
Andrew Hades
Andrew Hale
Andrew Halpin
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton Ltd.
Andrew Hanik
Andrew Hanna
Andrew Hanna Fred Harner
Andrew Harris
Andrew Hart
Andrew Harwood
Andrew Hav- Province
Andrew Hav.
Andrew Havclin
Andrew Havctin.........;
Andrew Have-lin
Andrew Havefcn
Andrew Havelin
Andrew Havelin McCredie
Andrew Havilan’s
Andrew Havlin
Andrew Hawley
Andrew Haydon
Andrew Hebb
Andrew Hedging Mrs.
Andrew Heietor
Andrew HelcUer
Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson "
Andrew Henderson Seat
Andrew Hev.
Andrew Hicbens
Andrew Hickev This
Andrew Hickey
Andrew Hickson
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Hines
Andrew Hivgli
Andrew Hobbs
Andrew Hod
Andrew Hod*
Andrew Hod- Chevrier
Andrew Hod-gins
Andrew Hodeins Pr0
Andrew Hodgin*
Andrew Hodginb
Andrew Hodgins
Andrew Hodgins 1
Andrew Hodgins Wrinn
Andrew Hodgins*
Andrew Hodgins- McDowell
Andrew Hodgin»
Andrew Hodgln*’
Andrew Hodgms
Andrew Hodgtns
Andrew Hodoinh
Andrew Hoduins
Andrew Hol-partment
Andrew Holland
Andrew Holland First
Andrew Hood
Andrew Horigin*
Andrew Horigins
Andrew Horn
Andrew Horner
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard Kack
Andrew Hoy
Andrew Hr
Andrew Hrie
Andrew Hrslgins Bridge
Andrew Hudgins
Andrew Hugh
Andrew Hugh Tracy O Brien
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hyan
Andrew Hyan Large John Bryson
Andrew I
Andrew I .an
Andrew I> P-
Andrew Iet Houglcr
Andrew If
Andrew Ifavilan
Andrew Ihxigins
Andrew III
Andrew Iiovle
Andrew Ilarvie
Andrew Ilodgins
Andrew Im
Andrew IMckson
Andrew Imlach
Andrew Imrie
Andrew In
Andrew Incumbent
Andrew Incumbent Bereaved
Andrew Incumbent Spelling
Andrew Incumbent Sunday
Andrew Incumbent Sunday May
Andrew Incunbci.i
Andrew Ireton
Andrew Irish
Andrew Irving
Andrew Is
Andrew It
Andrew Itang
Andrew Itosi
Andrew IV.charde2
Andrew IVlfer
Andrew I^mg
Andrew J Cleary
Andrew J Middle-miss
Andrew J*
Andrew J. Cooey
Andrew J. Davis
Andrew J. Middlemies
Andrew J. Stevenson
Andrew Jacgson
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Donelson
Andrew Jackson’s
Andrew James Costello
Andrew James Robinson
Andrew Jeffrey Stewart
Andrew Jergem Vo.
Andrew Joannlaae
Andrew Joannlsse
Andrew John
Andrew John Montague
Andrew John- Mr.
Andrew Johncox
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnston
Andrew Join
Andrew Jones
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Joseph Bradley
Andrew Joseph Taxes
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 1st
Andrew Joyce won
Andrew Joyce.
Andrew Jr and
Andrew Judd
Andrew Judd Norman McCuaig 1882-84 Wal*
Andrew Jvdd
Andrew K Russe U,
Andrew K Russell
Andrew K. Russell
Andrew Karber-Cuthbektson
Andrew Karri)
Andrew Kartell
Andrew Kartell Sec
Andrew Kavanagh
Andrew Kavanagh Kavanagh - Matthew
Andrew Kavelin
Andrew Kazlowski
Andrew Kcon
Andrew Keen
Andrew Keith
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly the
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kenny
Andrew Keon
Andrew Keon Michael Meehan.
Andrew Keon’s
Andrew Kerby
Andrew Kerr
Andrew Keyes
Andrew Kim Yach
Andrew King
Andrew Kings
Andrew Kingsbury
Andrew Kirk
Andrew Kirk Sor
Andrew Kirt-chaw
Andrew Kluke
Andrew Kniewasser
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knox
Andrew Ko
Andrew Kozkiwaki
Andrew Kozlowski
Andrew Krezniok
Andrew Kussol
Andrew LaCroese
Andrew Lades
Andrew Ladies Auxiliary
Andrew Ladysmith
Andrew Laflaur
Andrew Lance
Andrew Lance The
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang’s
Andrew Larche
Andrew Larivier
Andrew Lawson
Andrew Le
Andrew Leach
Andrew Lebrun
Andrew Lecouree
Andrew Lennon
Andrew Lepack
Andrew Lepack Bom
Andrew Leslie
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lietrim
Andrew Liston
Andrew Lit-thers
Andrew Lloyd Elliott
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
Andrew Lodge
Andrew Lon-ette
Andrew Lonce Dorse
Andrew Long
Andrew Long Usa Coles
Andrew Loo
Andrew Lovett
Andrew Lrt
Andrew Lucan
Andrew Lunam
Andrew Lusk
Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch Ooalow
Andrew M
Andrew M Smith
Andrew M. A. Leahy
Andrew M. Pine Shawville Quebec
Andrew M. Rhule
Andrew M. Vbrrell
Andrew Ma-clochlan
Andrew Mac-phail
Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacKnzie
Andrew MacLachlin
Andrew Macphail
Andrew Mailed
Andrew Maison
Andrew Malette
Andrew Manna
Andrew Manson
Andrew Mar-
Andrew Marc Pa
Andrew March
Andrew Marie Bourgeau
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Baird
Andrew Martin Killed
Andrew Marvell
Andrew Mat
Andrew Mc( W.
Andrew Mc-
Andrew Mc- Sf®
Andrew Mc-Cn
Andrew McAllis
Andrew McAndrow
Andrew McArthur
Andrew McCain
Andrew McCalhtin
Andrew McCallum
Andrew McClure
Andrew McConnell
Andrew McCormack
Andrew McCormick
Andrew McCrcdie
Andrew McCredic
Andrew McCredie
Andrew McCredie Doug Smart
Andrew McCredle
Andrew McCullagh’s
Andrew McDmne
Andrew McDo- Gleason
Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald Tait Ross
Andrew McGaghren
Andrew McGaw
Andrew McGerrigle
Andrew McGowan
Andrew McGuire
Andrew McKinley
Andrew McKinnon
Andrew McKinnon Ml
Andrew McKirght
Andrew Mckmght
Andrew McKmoht
Andrew McKni
Andrew McKnighf
Andrew Mcknight
Andrew McKnivht
Andrew McKnkiht
Andrew McKnlght
Andrew McLacfilin
Andrew McLachlin
Andrew McLachlin X
Andrew McLachlin André Cordeau
Andrew McLachlin Sunday
Andrew McLachlln
Andrew McLadhlan
Andrew McLaughlin
Andrew McLaughlin Joey Raven
Andrew McMaster
Andrew McNally
Andrew McOcdle
Andrew McOedie
Andrew McOuat
Andrew McQedk
Andrew McQredietf
Andrew McReynrIds
Andrew McVie
Andrew McVmliv
Andrew Me
Andrew Me Credie
Andrew Me Knight
Andrew Me M.
Andrew Me Ope
Andrew Me-
Andrew Me-Knight
Andrew Meadow
Andrew MeCredie
Andrew Melissa Hewitson Congratulations
Andrew Mellon
Andrew Mercier
Andrew Met
Andrew Me—
Andrew Michaels
Andrew Michaud
Andrew Michaud Président
Andrew Mignault
Andrew MiIjour
Andrew Mil
Andrew Mil-
Andrew Miljour
Andrew Milks
Andrew Milks Ik
Andrew Miller
Andrew Mills
Andrew Milton
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew MoBrayer
Andrew Moffat
Andrew Moffatt
Andrew Moir
Andrew Moir Dickson
Andrew Mol
Andrew Molette
Andrew Mongel
Andrew Morin
Andrew Morrison
Andrew Motion
Andrew Mott
Andrew Mousseau.
Andrew Moved
Andrew Moved McDonald
Andrew Mrs Evelyn Pelletier
Andrew MtDjnnell
Andrew Mulli- I
Andrew Mulligan
Andrew Mulligan’s
Andrew Municipal
Andrew Mur
Andrew Mur-
Andrew Mur- Mrs. George Black
Andrew Mur- Brenda and Chris Cox
Andrew Mur- Mrs. N.l HFS Mrs.
Andrew Mur-.
Andrew Muriay
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murrav
Andrew Murrav Apron
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 2
Andrew Murray Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Cairoen Hodgms
Andrew Murray Correspondence
Andrew Murray Friday
Andrew Murray Saturday
Andrew Murray—acted
Andrew Murrey
Andrew Murry
Andrew Musrop
Andrew Mutt
Andrew MvKnight
Andrew MvVrydie
Andrew Narlock
Andrew NeviHe
Andrew Neville
Andrew Neville H
Andrew Neville Va
Andrew New
Andrew Newberry
Andrew Nicholas Durocher
Andrew Nobel
Andrew Noble
Andrew Noble’s
Andrew Nol
Andrew Norman
Andrew Novule
Andrew O. Bain
Andrew Office—
Andrew Olark Sir Andrew Clark
Andrew Omni
Andrew On
Andrew Orval
Andrew Orval Woolsey
Andrew O’Donnell
Andrew P Comer
Andrew P. Baird
Andrew P. Currier
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Papineau
Andrew Parrel
Andrew Parsons
Andrew Patrick
Andrew Patrick David
Andrew Patrick Ryan
Andrew Patterson
Andrew Pattullo
Andrew Pattulo
Andrew Paul Baird
Andrew Paul McCredse
Andrew Pcr- Pauline Ringrose
Andrew Peebles
Andrew Pelletier
Andrew Pelltier
Andrew Pender
Andrew Penny
Andrew Pepall
Andrew Pepin
Andrew Per
Andrew Per-
Andrew Per- Michael Sullivan
Andrew Per- Ministry
Andrew Per- Proposed
Andrew Per-day
Andrew Per-Pontiac Reception Centre
Andrew Perault
Andrew Percy Bennett-
Andrew Perie
Andrew Perrault
Andrew Perrault 100.00
Andrew Perrault ENT
Andrew Perrault Pictured
Andrew Perreault
Andrew Perries
Andrew PERSONAL MENTION { Nails Barrister
Andrew Perth
Andrew Peterman
Andrew Peters
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Phil-
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Pi
Andrew Piche
Andrew Piiie
Andrew Pikik
Andrew Pikje
Andrew Pilon
Andrew Pine
Andrew Pine Church
Andrew Piria
Andrew Piric
Andrew Pirie
Andrew Pirie’a
Andrew Pirik
Andrew Pollock
Andrew Popliger
Andrew Potter
Andrew Poupore
Andrew Pours
Andrew Prit
Andrew Pritchard
Andrew Private James Marshall
Andrew Proposé
Andrew Proposed
Andrew Provincial TRY THEM.
Andrew Pumas
Andrew Qfpoofnmrtf
Andrew R Galloway
Andrew R John
Andrew R-
Andrew R. Campbell TUESDAY
Andrew R<>*s
Andrew Randolph
Andrew Rath
Andrew Ravelin
Andrew Raymond Aren
Andrew Regan
Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid/Lori
Andrew Restaurant Rocky
Andrew Retty
Andrew Rhode Island
Andrew Rich ar<Lice Cotton Knitted
Andrew Richard
Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards 2. Toilet Set—Mrs Thomts Reid
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Ritchie
Andrew Rob-
Andrew Robert-
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Romain
Andrew Romain Campbell
Andrew Rome
Andrew Rooney
Andrew Rosa
Andrew Rose
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 1887-88
Andrew Rowat
Andrew Roy
Andrew Roy McDonald
Andrew Roy.
Andrew Ruaftell
Andrew Rus-ell
Andrew Russ
Andrew Russe
Andrew Russel
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell and Hugh G. Kossett
Andrew Russell and Margaret Stewart
Andrew Russell Campbell
Andrew Russell Celebrate Sixty-fourth Wedding
Andrew Russell Dean
Andrew Russell Dean Passes
Andrew Russell MRS.
Andrew Russell Robertson
Andrew Russell Sr
Andrew Russell Sr.
Andrew Russell W
Andrew Russell—un
Andrew Ru—ell
Andrew Ryan
Andrew s Knox
Andrew s Knox United Chuch
Andrew s Knox United Church
Andrew s Knox United Donald Sharpe
Andrew S Miiiour
Andrew s W A. Hold Monthly Meeting Stephens
Andrew s Young Peoples Ont.
Andrew S!y
Andrew S''y
Andrew S-KnOX W.
Andrew S. Kwiug
Andrew Sample
Andrew Sanborn
Andrew Sancton
Andrew Sandham
Andrew Schauer
Andrew Schizkoske
Andrew School
Andrew Schultz
Andrew Scobie
Andrew Semple
Andrew Senecal
Andrew Sennett
Andrew Seville
Andrew Sf Campbell’s Bay Father Pelletier 10:30
Andrew Sff Itef’&rri
Andrew Sfr
Andrew Shandro
Andrew Shannon
Andrew Shawville
Andrew Shawville Black Hawks
Andrew Shawville Pontlacs
Andrew Shawvn© Dale
Andrew Shea
Andrew Sheenboro McDonald
Andrew Sherman
Andrew Shiavetti
Andrew Shields
Andrew Shot
Andrew Sibley
Andrew Sij^
Andrew Simmentals
Andrew Simms
Andrew Simms Caisse
Andrew Simms Shawville
Andrew Simms Trophy
Andrew Sims
Andrew Sinints
Andrew Sirois
Andrew Sisters Impersonators
Andrew Sloan
Andrew Sluder
Andrew Slv
Andrew Sly
Andrew Sly Andrews
Andrew Sly Clarendon
Andrew Sly Farm Forum Council Dies
Andrew Sly Gordon McMillan
Andrew Sly Mary-
Andrew Sly Vice-President
Andrew Smart
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Bhe
Andrew Smith(lO
Andrew Snroule
Andrew Sonstrom
Andrew Soutar
Andrew Spencer
Andrew Spinale
Andrew Sport**v Aylmer
Andrew St Martin
Andrew St.
Andrew Stafford
Andrew Stalkle
Andrew Stentlm-Holbrook
Andrew Stephanie
Andrew Stephens
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens Shawville
Andrew Stew Silver
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart William Cruickshank
Andrew Stoppa
Andrew Strong
Andrew Strutt
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Sy
Andrew Syrett
Andrew Szigeti
Andrew S‘y
Andrew S’y
Andrew T .
Andrew T. Ward
Andrew Tait
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Rescued Ju.t
Andrew Telfer
Andrew Telford
Andrew The
Andrew This
Andrew Thivierge
Andrew Thom
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thomson
Andrew Tiitix*
Andrew Tippiits
Andrew Tipping
Andrew Tippins
Andrew Tippish
Andrew Todd"
Andrew Tollman
Andrew Toncalvcs
Andrew Tracey
Andrew Tracy
Andrew Tracy Montreal
Andrew Tracy V
Andrew Trader
Andrew Trout Lake Road
Andrew Tub-Marion Porter
Andrew Tubman
Andrew Tubman Diane Stephens.....647-5855 Trisha White
Andrew Tubman Russell
Andrew Tubman Sr
Andrew Tubman’s
Andrew Tuhman
Andrew Tun-
Andrew Turcote
Andrew Turcott
Andrew Turcotte
Andrew Turcotte 3.00
Andrew Turcotte Gen
Andrew Turcotte Meat
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner et Joan Turner
Andrew Un
Andrew United
Andrew Uwnon
Andrew Uy-
Andrew Uy.m
Andrew V Carrier
Andrew V Currier
Andrew V Knox Bristol Bbte Study Thursday
Andrew V Knox Bristol Bible Study
Andrew Vaillancourt
Andrew Vallianteourt
Andrew Varn
Andrew Varneg
Andrew Varvaris
Andrew Vaughan
Andrew Vaughn
Andrew Vender Muelen
Andrew Victor Sykes
Andrew Village
Andrew Vine
Andrew Vinters
Andrew VOf*
Andrew Vyl Fades
Andrew W Dagg
Andrew W Tubman
Andrew W. Tubman
Andrew Wa/rer Ryan Wood Tim Thompson
Andrew Walker Fleck
Andrew Walter
Andrew Walters
Andrew War
Andrew War-
Andrew War- Renfrew
Andrew War- Thursday
Andrew War-rin
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren At
Andrew Warren Atoms
Andrew Warren I__
Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Andrew Warren Metcalfe
Andrew Warren OOD(Kneemg
Andrew Warren Ralph McColgan
Andrew Warren Troy Concordia
Andrew Warren Wade Warren) Second Period Penalties Shawville Wade Warren
Andrew Warren) Juniors
Andrew Warren.
Andrew Warrens
Andrew Warrin
Andrew Waters Protection Act
Andrew We
Andrew Wei-
Andrew Weldon
Andrew Wellington Haviin
Andrew Wendell
Andrew Werten
Andrew Wesley
Andrew Wesley Tubman
Andrew Wesley Tubmen
Andrew Whalen
Andrew Whelan
Andrew White
Andrew Wickens
Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wil Walsh’s Sail
Andrew Wiliuer Hodgms
Andrew William
Andrew William Dagg
Andrew William Haughton
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Winnipeg
Andrew Wittig
Andrew Wm
Andrew Woodall
Andrew Wool- Valley
Andrew Woolsey
Andrew Wor-
Andrew Worren
Andrew Worrerv-Mike Murphy
Andrew Worron
Andrew Yakabuskie
Andrew Yearling
Andrew Young
Andrew Y’oung
Andrew Zimmerling
Andrew" Russell
Andrew* Murray
Andrew* Presbyterian
Andrew- Judd
Andrew......... Madame Mrs. Salmon John Stafford
Andrew.......... Frost
Andrew’s W M.S.
Andy Farrell
Ann Smyrner Carried Account
Anna Farrell
Anna-Marie Farrell
Anne Farrell
Annie Farrell
Annie Murray Andrew
Anthony Carried
Anthony Carried Johnston
Anurkw Farrell
Apply D B. Farrell
Archdeacon Andrew
Arnold Farrell
Arthur Carried
Associa Andrew s
At Mrs. Andrew Flood
Auditor Andrew Daley
Auditor Andrew Daley*
Auditor Andrew Daley’s
Aunt Lola Hear- Andrew Roy
Austen Farrell
Austin Andrew Farrell
AWszirJ Farrell
Axdkfax Farrell
Aylmer Carried
B J Farrell
B. Farrell
Baker Farrell
Bar Andrew Bradley Murray
Barbara Farrell
Barbara’s Andrew
Barber and Andrew Sly
Barber and Gordon McMil- Carried
Barber Andrew Dale
Barber Carried
Barber Dave McDowell Roy Eacfarlane Andrew Sly J.
Barber has Andrew
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander Goalies
Barr Carried
Barry Andrew Turner
Barry Carried
Basil Stanton Carried Mr. Bernard Moore
Bay Mrs. Andrew Flood
Bay- Carried
Bee Andrew Hodglns
Bella Mr. Andrew Haviland
Bemie Farrell
Bérard Andrew Brennan Andrew
Bernadette Farrell
Bernard Farrell
Bernard Farrell Litchfield
Bernard Farrell Noe
Bernard Farrell’s
Bernice Farrell
Bernie Farrell
Bert Farrell
Bertal Farrell
Bertie Farrell
Beth Farrell
Betsy Farrell
Betsy Farrell President
Betsy Farrell SÊÊm
Betty Farrell
Betty Farrell Miss Beverley Harris Mr.
Betty Farrell Tuesday
Beverley Henderson Carried
Bill Farrell
Bill Farrell Gordie Carson
Billy Farrell
Blair Farrell
Bob Campbell Carried
Bob Farrell
Bob Hodgins Carried
Bonnie Sue Crulkshank Mrs Fred Andrew Dickson Gariy Bradley Ricky Hodgins
Bounty Andrew Ben-
Boyd Andrew
Br Andrew
Br Andrew F Turner
Brad Kohlsrrwfh Patrick Grout* Jason Lavigne Trevor Golka Andrew Boyle PJ Voillancourt Dave Luskasa
Brandon Farrell
Brandon Farrell Tyler Larue
Brandon Nugent Andrew Cahill
Bren- Mrs Andrew Halverson Mrs Pearl McCleary
Brenda Farrell
Brenda O Farrell
Brent Andrew Liya
Brian Andrew
Brigitt Farrell
Brown Andrew Turcotte
Brown Carried Correspondence
Bruce Andrew Bennett
Bruce Farrell
Bucking-with Andrew Warren
Buddy - Smith Engaged Armstrong - Orr St Andrew
Burke Carried
Butch Farrell
Butchy Farrell
By Andrew
By Andrew Bennett Andrew Bennett
By Andrew F. Carrier
By Andrew F. Curlier
By Andrew F. Currier
By Andrew K Currter
By Andrew K. Currier
By-Law Carried.-The
C"rs Andrew Robertson
C. Andrew
C. Farrell
C. H Mrs. Farrell
Call Andrew 647-2502 Beechgrove
Campbell Andrew
Campbell Carried
Campeau Andrew McLachlin
Captain Andrew Lett
Care Andrew J. Davis
Carl Farrell
Carl J Farrell
Carmen Andrew Keen
Carol Ann Shorv D U D D H Carried P D
Carol Carried Million Away
Carolyn Mack St Andrew
Carried Z T#
Carried I
Carried Agronomist Neil Drummond
Carried Allen Meredith
Carried Andrew Daly
Carried Andrew Farrell
Carried Anglican Parish
Carried Campbell
Carried Carried
Carried Chapman Catt
Carried Edgar Lance
Carried Fraser
Carried Frost
Carried G 70.00 100.00
Carried G K. O’Donnell
Carried Graham
Carried Grant
Carried Harper Young
Carried Howard Daley
Carried Hull
Carried Î * Reuben Smith
Carried I Campbell
Carried Jean Charles Langlois
Carried Lloyd Balharrle
Carried McGuire
Carried Messrs Lloyd Stevens
Carried Motion Commr
Carried Motion Crs
Carried Motion Graham
Carried Mr. Carmen Bretzlaff
Carried Mr. Desmond
Carried Mr. Michael Foran
Carried Murray
Carried Ray Bowie
Carried Shawville
Carried Silver
Carried Smith
Carried Thomas
Carried Transfer
Carried W « Mrs. Idena Fraser
Carried W Clark
Carried William
Carried Wilson
Carried Woods
Carried Yours
Catherine Farrell
CDotv X Carried Arthur Labelle
Certificates Andrew
Ch J J Mc-Farrell
Charles and Andrew
Charles and Andrew Dickson
Charles Farrell
Charles Imison’s Carried
Charles Portal Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham
Charlie Carried
Charlie Farrell
Christopher Andrew
Christopher Farrell
Christopher Lee Andrew Keir
Church Andrew
Claire Carried
Clarence Andrew Roy
Clarence Caldwell—carried
Clarence Farrell
Clarence Farrell—Nailing
Clarence Lloyd Farrell
Clarence Lloyd Farrell Clarence Lloyd .1 Farrell
Clarendon Wl Gwenyth Strutt Andrew Elliott
Claude Mar- Carried
Clayton Carried Zion Black
Clinique Farrell
Cnclr Andrew Perrault
Color Paul Carpenter Melissa Stribling Carried
COmmerciêl Andrew Knox Church
Commissioner* Andrew Mv-1>ne
Con-and Andrew Tubman
Connie Farrell
Connie Harris Andrew Turcotte
Connie O Donnell Andrew Devine
Conrad Andrew Monette
Conspirators Andrew
Constable Andrew Tilley
Constance Farrell
Corrigan and Grant Elliott Carried
Cory Andrew
Councillif1 Andrew Daley
Councillor Andrew
Councillor Andrew Carroll
Councillor Andrew Daley
Councillor Andrew Perrault
Councillor Andrew Perrault Portage
Councillor Andrew Perreault
Councillor Farrell
Councillors Andrew Bennett
Councillors Andrew Perrault
Councillors Farrell
Councillors Steele Farrell
Councillor» Farrell
Councilors Voting Farrell
CouncUlor Andrew Perrault
CouncUlor Andrew Rectory Road
Cr Andrew
Cr Andrew Bennett
Cr Andrew Per Sheen Road
Cr Farrell
Cra Farrell Dagg
Crade V Farrell
Crs Alexander Farrell
Crs Andrew
Crs Andrew Bennett
Crs Andrew Bennett 6:15
Crs Andrew Bennett Lindsay
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Crs Andrew Gerard Joanisse
Crs Farrell
Crs Farrell Alexander
Crs Farrell Cain
Crs Farrell Dagg
Crs Farrell Martineau
Crs Farrell Martine»
Crs Farrell Robert
Crs Farrell Vallille
Crs Farrell Vallillee
Crs J J Carried
Crs J J McCalli Kenneth Farrell
Crs Kenneth Farrell Ryan Tanguay
Crs Voting Farrell
Crs Young Farrell
Cr^ Farrell Dagg
Ct Andrew Bennett
Cts Andrew Bennett
Cyrus Atkinson Coach Kelly Finlan Andrew McCredie
D. Farrell
D. K Carried
D.igg—that Andrew Daly
Dale Carried
Daley Andrew Daley Air
Dan Farrell
Daniel B. Farrell
Daniel D. Farrell
Daniel Farrell
Daniel Farrell Mayor
Daniel Farrell Mayor Councillors:- Seat
Daniel Farrell Mayor.
Daniel R Farrell
Daniel R. Farrell
Daniel Step- Carried Motion Os
Danny Farrell
Danny Poole Westmeath 1-613-646-7536 Rosemarie Farrell Calumet
Darlene Farrell
Darlene Farrell Murdock
Dave Dav- Carried Reports
Dave Moore Andrew Lang
David Andrew Belanger
David Han Andrew’s
David Moore Andrew Dale
David Moore Andrew Murton
David Russell Mrs. R. G. Hodgins Andrew Sly
David Smith Andrew
Dawn Kathleen Farrell
Dean Clarence Farrell
Debbie Farrell
Denial Andrew
Dental Farrell Mayor
Department—Andrew Grant
Derek Frobel Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Jeremy Jones Steven Alexander Don Dubé Goalies
Directors Andrew Sly
Dixie Farrell
Dolan Farrell That Cl
Don Mc- Carried
Don-Andrew K Russell
Donald A. Sharpe St Andrew»-Knox
Donald Andrew MacDonald
Donald Andrew*
Donald Andrew»
Donald D. Farrell
Donald Farrell
Donald Farrell And
Donald Gagnon Ken Pack Andrew Perrault Barry Moffatt Located
Donnie Smith Andrew Perrault
Donny Farrell Saturday
Doris Andrew
Dorothy Farrell
Doug Carried
Douglas Andrew
Dr. Andrew
Dr. Andrew Blake
Dr. Andrew S. Morrison
Dr. Andrew Smith
Dr. Andrew Welse
Drectors Andrew
Dumas Mrs. Danny Farrell
E eanor Farrell
E. Farrell
Earl Andrew
Earl Farrell
Earl Kenneth Farrell
Earl Mrs. Andrew Mich-
Earle Andrew
Ebert Andrew Turcotte
Ebert Mur- Mr. Andrew Holland
Ed Andrew’s
Ed McCaig St Andrew
Eddie Barber and Andrew Sly
Edgar Carried Has Opening
Edgar P Carried
Edith Farrell
Edith Farrell FjreH.fwbeoalp^Ldhe»way
Edith Farrell—water
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David
Edward Albert George Andrew Patrick .
Edward Benoit ............. Arthur Pellerin............ Andrew Mulligan............ Geo
Edward Farrell
Edward Farrell Miss Loretta Gavan
Edward Neil Farrell
Edward Robert —Carried
Eileen Carried
Eileen Farrell
Eisa Farrell
Elaine Leona Farrell
Eleanor Farrell
Eliza Ann Farrell
Elizabeth Ellen Farrell
Elizabeth Farrell
Elizabeth Farrell Motion Crs Malette
Elizabeth Isobel Farrell
Ellen Farrell
Elliott Carried
Ellis Farrell
Em Farrell
Emily C B Farrell
Emily C Farrell
Emily C. Farrell
Emily Farrell
Emma C. Farrell
Emma Farrell
Emma V. Farrell
Emmer- Carried
Eng- Andrew Tracy
Ernest Carried David Brosseau
ESSSmS-------------"ZT Andrew Uni
Esther Farrell
Eugene Potvin 103.40 Bruce Farrell-12.65 Chris Thompson 8.05 Elliot
Eva Andai Andrew Woolsey
Eveline Farrell
F. Farrell
F.C. Carried
Farrell A Co.
Farrell Alexander
Farrell Alexander By
Farrell Bender
Farrell Cain
Farrell Coiwtancc
Farrell Da Carried
Farrell Dagg
Farrell Dolan That Hoad Foreman M. Doyles
Farrell Jr
Farrell March 2
Farrell Martineau
Farrell McGovern
Farrell Motion
Farrell Murdock
Farrell Pvhert That Road Foreman Paul l’liilippes
Farrell Sec.
Farrell Steele
Farrell Tanguay
Farrell Tauanguay
Farrell That
Farrell Thompson
Farrell Tracey
Farrell Yoifhg
Farrell Young
Fieddie Farrell
Francis Andrew McGaghran
Francis Andrew Woolsey
Frank Farrell
Frank Sloan Carried
Fraser Carried
Fred Andrew.
Fred Arm Mrs. Danny Farrell
Fred Astaire John Payne Carried
Fred Carried
Fred Farrell
Fred Farrell Shawville
Fred I Andrew
Fred J. Farrell
Freddy Farrell
Frederick G. Thoms Carried
Frederick James Joshua Farrell
Fy Andrew F Currier
G. Farrell
Garry It Valerie 47649b 56S63xd22 Andrew Devine
George ... Farrell
George A. Farrell
George Andrew Finlan
George Andrew Frederick Povid Windsor
George Andrew Kenneth Smith
George Farrell
George Kilgour.-Carried
George................... Farrell
Georgina Farrell
Gerald D.D Carried
Gerald Farrell
Gilbert Farrell
Gilbert Roland Glenda Farrell
Glen Ford Diane Brewster Ernest Borgnine Carried
Glenda Farrell
Gordon Carried
Gordon Farrell
Gordon Paul Carried
Gordon Scott Vera MlleV Carried Moved
Grace Farrell
Graeme Andrew
Graham Andrew Henderson
Grandma Andrew Turcot
Grant Andrew
Grant Carried Messrs. Don Horner
Gregory Andrew
Gregory Andrew Horner
Gregory Andrew Mrs Joseph Hogan
Gregory Andrew Tubman
Guy Farrell
H Corrigan. Andrew Sly
H. Farrell
Hall Carried
Halloween Andrew
Hannah Andrew
Hannah Andrew»
Hannah Correction Carried Motion Crs
Harold Andrew McCoy
Harold Andrew ^rs Bvnj Hines
Harold Elliott Herbie Howard Andrew Tippins Jim Whalen
Harold Farrell
Harold Lynn G Bourdon Quebec Hydro Gauthier Paving Ken A Farrell Morley Hodgins Canadian Tire J A E
Harold Steeli Carried
Harold Wilson Carried
Harold Wilson Carried Moved
Harriett Andrew McKnight
Harry Carried
Harry Andrew
Harry Andrew (Andy
Harry Andrew McCleary
Harry Andrew Me-
Harry Church Carried
Harry Farrell
Harry Farrell J Litumtun
Harry J. Farrell
Harry Mncpherton I. E. C. Farrell
Harry) Farrell
Hayes Carried
Henry Carried
Henry Miller—carried
Herbert Martin Carried
Herbert Romain .Andrew Atkinson
Hetty Farrell
Hickey Summer Yearling Andrew Hickey Champion Andrew Hickey Kathleen Hickey Poultry Showmanship Lau
Hilliard Farrell
Hobbs Andrew Daley
Hod Carried
Howard Int Showmanship Emily Simms Senior Showmanship Andrew Hickey Champion Showmanship Emily Simm
Ht Andrew
Hubert Farrell
Hubert McCauley Carried
Hudgins Andrew
Hudgins Andrew OTTAffAlt GATINEAU
Hugh Grant Carried
Hull Farrell
Hydro Quebec Kenneth Farrell Mayor
I. Andrew Daley
Ian Andrew
Intermediate Andrew Lane School
Into L V XIT K1> Ch UHi H Liy Minister Mr. Leslie Dzan M Usions Sr. Andrew*
Irvin Ole 4180 Andrew Holland
Irwin Carried
Is- Andrew Atkinson
Ivan Carried
Ivy Farrell Sheppard
J Q Hodgins Garage E Andrew Far
J D Andrew Lang
J Farrell
J R —Carried Motion
J | Andrew
J. Farrell
J.V. Andrew
J<*cph Squitli Andrew Miljour
Jack Andrew
Jack Farrell
Jack Farrell -
Jack Farrell-
Jack Farrell-Rcg Div.
Jackie Farrell
James Andrew
James Andrew Agcr
James Andrew Lance.
James Andrew Perrault
James E Farrell
James E. Farrell
James Farrell
James Hall Farrell
James K McGoff—Carried
James K. Farrell
James Steele Carried
James T. Me Andrew
James Tracy I Andrew Sly
James Whelen—Carried
Jamie Andrew Warren
Jamie Richardson Andrew Warren Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Marty Brownlee Jeremy Jones Shone Peck Jeff
Janet Kilgour Mrs. Harry Farrell Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ivan Hodgins Dr.
Jason Andrew
Jason How- Carried
JDaniel B Farrell
JDtaniel Farrell
Jean Andrew
Jean Andrew Duggan Recommended As Adult
Jean Bretzlaff Dorothy Burton Hillis Conolly Keith Emmerson Betty Farrell Diane Hobbs Billy Hodgins
Jean Brownlee Lawrence Corrigan Phyllis Farrell Greta Krose Golden Leeson John Malette James McKinn
Jean Francis Simser Carried
Jean Neville Webster Me- Andrew Roy
Jene Farrell-Murdock
Jennifer Andrew Lang
Jenny Farrell
Jeremy Andrew Justin Murray
Jerry Farrell
Jerry Lewis Glenda Farrell 211
Jerry Lewis Joan O Brien Fun Drama Carried
Jim Andrew
Jim Farrell
Jimmy Durante Donald O’Connor Carried
Jimmy Farrell
Jo Carried
Jo Farrell
Jo Farrell Portage
Joan Me Andrew
JoAnne Brown Andrew Tracy
Joanne Mr. Ken Farrell
Joe Carried
Joe Farrell
John and Andrew
John and Andrew Telfer
John and Gordon Farrell
John Andrew
John Andrew Atkinson
John Andrew Bar Atkinson
John Andrew Bennett
John Andrew Bennett Life
John Andrew Kluke
John Andrew Kluke Many
John Andrew Lawn
John Andrew Linda Hogan
John Andrew Pritchard
John Andrew Rattray
John Andrew Stewart
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew McKnight
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew Me Knight........
John Carried
John Carried Ki LgOu
John Clarke Joeeph D Sloan Andrew Perrault
John E Farrell
John Farrell
John Farrell Wishing
John Farrell X’ahml
John Hickey—Carried
John J Carried
John Keeler....... Andrew
John Mainvillc Andrew
John Morrison--Carried
John St Carried
John T. Farrell
John Thomas Farrell
John Thomas Farrell Tenders
John Vrai*—Carried
John'' Farrell
Johnny Farrell
Jordan Scharfe Perth Andrew Bremner Goulboum
Joseph Andrew Holland
Joseph Andrew Holland Jr.
Joseph Crawford^who Andrew Flood
Joseph Dominic Andrew
Joseph Farrell
Joseph Farrell Ten
Joseph Lance 33.10 Carried
Josh Farrell
Josh Farrell’s House Damaged
Joshua Farrell
Joyce Saddle Pony Andrew Dickson
Jr Carried
Jr Motion—Crs Farrell
Julie (Andrew) Murray
Julie Andrew!
Julie Harris James Dean Carried Lucille Ball Deal Arne* Motion Crs
K. Carried
K. Farrell
K.A. Farrell
K.A. Farrell Roy Perrault Farm
Karl An^us* Mr Andrew Tubman
Kathryn Grant Carried
Kay Farrell
Kayla Farrell
Kcn Farrell
Kdith Farrell
Keeley Andrew Dale
Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew Mayhew "
Keith Edward St. Andrew
Ken Alexander Andrew Warren
Ken and Kim Farrell
Ken Carried
Ken Dow- Carried Moved
Ken Farrell
Ken patr1ck Jason Lovtgne Andrew Boyle Trevor Golka PJ VaiHancourt Dave LsJSkasavncr Totals
Kendall Andrew’s
Kennedy Carried
Kenneth A Farrell
Kenneth A Farrell RAPP
Kenneth A. Farrell
Kenneth Alton Farrell
Kenneth Andrew
Kenneth Bean’s—Carried Motion
Kenneth Farrell
Kenneth Farrell Church
Kenneth Farrell Conseillers
Kenneth Farrell Jnr
Kenneth Farrell Jnr.
Kenneth Farrell Jr and
Kenneth Farrell Jr.
Kenneth Farrell Mayor
Kenneth Farrell Minutes
Kenneth Farrell Sr.
Kenneth Farrell, Jr
Kenneth Farrell- Mayor
Kenneth G Farrell
Kenneth G Farrell.
Kenneth Guy Farrell
Kenneth H. Farrell
Kenneth JBrownlee-- Carried
Kenneth Wayne Andrew Berry
Kenny Farrell
Kerry Andrew Burman
Kevin Andrew
Kevin Andrew Macintosh
Kibert Andrew
Kim Farrell
L J Vegetables Andrew Dickson
L Farrell
L J Carried
L W. Dahms Andrew Sly
L. Farrell
Laurena Farrell
Laurence Andrew Stewart
Laurie Farrell
Lawson Carried
Leo Carried Motion Crs
Leo Chartrand Carried
Leo Farrell
Lewis Carried Carried Mr. Kelly
Lewis Hodginsand Andrew Sly
Liam Andrew
Lilias Farrell
Lillian Farrell
Lilly Farrell
Lionel Carried Telford
Lionel Grimes Carried
Little/'' Andrew Sly
Liurena Farrell
Lloyd Alexander Alfred Armitage Edmond Gauthier Andrew Daley
Lloyd Balharrie Carried Married
Lloyd Farrell
Loni Farrell
Lorena Farrell
Louisa Farrell
Louise Farrell
Louise St- Andrew’s United
Lucy Farrell
Lurena Farrell
Lyle Hodglns Roy Brown Andrew Atkenaon George Stewart Lloyd Stewart Kenneth Stewart Fred Stickler D
Lynne Cameron Neil Farrell Seat
M and Clarence J. L. Farrell
M Andrew Daley
M Farrell
M L A.—Carried
M-s Andrew King
M. Farrell
M. K. Farrell
Mac Andrew Renfrew Recruiting Officer John A. Armstrong
Madeleine Farrell
Madeline Farrell
Maggie Farrell
Maniwaki Andrew Miljour
Mar- Carried
Mara Lane Dennis O’Keefe Carried
Margaret Andrew
Margaret Farrell
Maria Farrell
Marian Farrell
Marie Andrew Martin
Marion Andrew s United Church
Marion Farrell
Marjorie Farrell
Marjorie Horner Andrew Elliott
Mary Farrell
Mass Carried
Master Gordon Farrell
Maurice Kenneth Farrell
Maxim Andrew MacLachlin
May Farrell
Maynard Davis Carried
Mayor Andrew Daley
Mayor Farrell
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell We
McCualg Carried
McKay Carried
Me- Andrew a
Me- Andrew Farrell Frisby
Medeline Farrell
Mel Carried Mrs. Manswell Thresher
Mel Andrew*
Melvin Stewart—Carried
MERRY ANDREW Danny Kaye V Pier Angeli Color
Messrs Andrew
Messrs Andrew Grant
Messrs Andrew Great
Messrs Andrew Sly
Messrs. Andrew
Messrs. Andrew Bull
Messrs. Andrew D. White
Messrs. Andrew Elliott
Messrs. Andrew Grant
Messrs. Andrew Sly
Messrs. Rich d Farrell
Mi Andrew Grant
Mi- Andrew s Knox Church
Mia# Florence Farrell
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew McCredie
Michael Andrew McGoff
Michael Carried
Michelle Farrell
Mike Farrell
MIKE TOM A. Farrell
Milton Hache Carried
Minor Carried Carried Gus
Mir Andrew Hanna
Misa Farrell
Miss Edith Farrell
Miss Farrell
Miss M K Farrell
Mka Andrew McKmoht
Monica Farrell
Monica T. Farrell Married Mr. Walter J.
Most Rev J R Brother Andrew
Motion—Crs Farrell
Mr Andrew
Mr Andrew Bennett
Mr Andrew Benson Elliott
Mr Andrew By-law
Mr Andrew Carroll
Mr Andrew Daley
Mr Andrew Elliott
Mr Andrew Flood
Mr Andrew Graham
Mr Andrew Grant
Mr Andrew Holland
Mr Andrew Per-
Mr Andrew Piria
Mr Andrew Richards
Mr Andrew Ross
Mr Andrew Sly
Mr Andrew White
Mr% Andrew Bnxho.x
Mr* Andrew Flood
Mr* Andrew Hudgins
Mr* Andrew Iiodgins
Mr* Andrew Stewart
Mr. Allan G. Farrell
Mr. Andrew
Mr. Andrew the Canadian Red Cross Society
Mr. Andrew #Ty
Mr. Andrew 4e
Mr. Andrew 9ly
Mr. Andrew A. Allan
Mr. Andrew Alex
Mr. Andrew B.-dgma
Mr. Andrew Balk
Mr. Andrew Barnard
Mr. Andrew Bennett
Mr. Andrew Boyd
Mr. Andrew Broder Would Admit Rooster
Mr. Andrew Bussell
Mr. Andrew Cai
Mr. Andrew Caldwell
Mr. Andrew Car-
Mr. Andrew Carroll
Mr. Andrew Cawley
Mr. Andrew Chartrand
Mr. Andrew Daley
Mr. Andrew Daley Assessors
Mr. Andrew Daly
Mr. Andrew Elliott
Mr. Andrew Elliotts
Mr. Andrew F. Webb
Mr. Andrew Flood
Mr. Andrew Flood F/Lt
Mr. Andrew Flood Mr
Mr. Andrew Ftnlati
Mr. Andrew Gnint
Mr. Andrew Grant
Mr. Andrew Grant,of Bristol
Mr. Andrew H.iiv
Mr. Andrew Hanna
Mr. Andrew Hicks
Mr. Andrew Hodgina
Mr. Andrew Holland
Mr. Andrew Hudgins1
Mr. Andrew I’ears
Mr. Andrew Jamieson
Mr. Andrew Joyce
Mr. Andrew Joyce.
Mr. Andrew Judd
Mr. Andrew Judd.
Mr. Andrew King
Mr. Andrew Lance
Mr. Andrew Lang
Mr. Andrew Lynch
Mr. Andrew M.rtta
Mr. Andrew Makcenzic
Mr. Andrew Mar- Master Leslie McCagg
Mr. Andrew Marty
Mr. Andrew McCormack
Mr. Andrew McCredie
Mr. Andrew McCrodie
Mr. Andrew McDonald
Mr. Andrew McEwen
Mr. Andrew McKnight
Mr. Andrew Me-Credie
Mr. Andrew MeCredie
Mr. Andrew Meehan
Mr. Andrew Mis
Mr. Andrew Mrs. Jan M. Collins
Mr. Andrew Murray
Mr. Andrew Neville
Mr. Andrew Neville Mr.
Mr. Andrew Norton Buell
Mr. Andrew O. Hebb
Mr. Andrew Or.ht
Mr. Andrew P. Baird
Mr. Andrew Perrault
Mr. Andrew Piiie
Mr. Andrew Pine
Mr. Andrew Pirie
Mr. Andrew Pritchard*s
Mr. Andrew Ranger
Mr. Andrew Richards
Mr. Andrew Richarî
Mr. Andrew Ross
Mr. Andrew Roy
Mr. Andrew Shannon
Mr. Andrew Sly
Mr. Andrew Stewart
Mr. Andrew T. Mohr
Mr. Andrew T. White
Mr. Andrew Taylor
Mr. Andrew Tippins
Mr. Andrew Tubman
Mr. Andrew Ur.mt
Mr. Andrew W. Tubman
Mr. Andrew Watters
Mr. Andrew White
Mr. Andrew Woolsley
Mr. Andrew XV.
Mr. Bernard Farrell
Mr. Farrell
Mr. Farrell Thomson
Mr. Hubert Farrell
Mr. James Farrell
Mr. Kenneth Farrell
Mr. Le- Carried
Mr. M*™*» Carried
Mr. Thomas E. Farrell
Mr. Walter E. Andrew
Mr. William Farrell
Mr< Andrew Russell
Mra Andrew Miljour
MrS Andrew Flood
Mrs Andrew Benson Elliott
Mrs Andrew Cram Rae Judd
Mrs Andrew Holland
Mrs Andrew King
Mrs Andrew Quebec City
Mrs Andrew Stephens
Mrs Andrew Tur
Mrs Andrew W. Crozier
Mrs J E Farrell
Mrs R H Farrell
Mrs W H Farrell
Mrs* Andrew Flood
Mrs, Andrew Hodgins Mrs.
Mrs, Andrew McKnight
Mrs, Andrew Neville
Mrs, Andrew Stewart
Mrs, W Andrew Bennett
Mrs- Andrew
Mrs- Andrew Murray
Mrs- Andrew Neville
Mrs. Andrew
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew # Dumas
Mrs. Andrew Alexander Dies
Mrs. Andrew Andrews
Mrs. Andrew Atkin-
Mrs. Andrew Atkinson
Mrs. Andrew Ben-
Mrs. Andrew Bennett
Mrs. Andrew Bolger
Mrs. Andrew breaking’.e
Mrs. Andrew Brissette
Mrs. Andrew Cain
Mrs. Andrew Carroll
Mrs. Andrew Cleary
Mrs. Andrew Crosier
Mrs. Andrew Croz-1
Mrs. Andrew Crozier
Mrs. Andrew Cunningham
Mrs. Andrew Dagenais
Mrs. Andrew Dagg
Mrs. Andrew Daley
Mrs. Andrew Daly
Mrs. Andrew Davis
Mrs. Andrew Devine
Mrs. Andrew Dolan
Mrs. Andrew Dumas
Mrs. Andrew Elliott
Mrs. Andrew F. Neville Dr.
Mrs. Andrew Farrell
Mrs. Andrew Fleming
Mrs. Andrew Flodd
Mrs. Andrew Flood
Mrs. Andrew Flood Familu Finance Plan LOW-COST
Mrs. Andrew Flood Mr.
Mrs. Andrew Flood St Lake’s
Mrs. Andrew Fred Bronson
Mrs. Andrew G. Lund
Mrs. Andrew Gauthier
Mrs. Andrew Halverson
Mrs. Andrew Hanna
Mrs. Andrew Havelin
Mrs. Andrew Hodg-
Mrs. Andrew Hodgin*
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins E. Robinson
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins On August
Mrs. Andrew Howard
Mrs. Andrew Howard Will
Mrs. Andrew Hudg-
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins Clarence Brownlee
Mrs. Andrew II
Mrs. Andrew Judd
Mrs. Andrew Judd Monday
Mrs. Andrew King
Mrs. Andrew King Married
Mrs. Andrew Lance
Mrs. Andrew Lance Marie as
Mrs. Andrew Lance Quyon Baseball Club
Mrs. Andrew Lance Rcv* MrSe
Mrs. Andrew Lefleur
Mrs. Andrew Lepack Otter Lake
Mrs. Andrew Lusk
Mrs. Andrew Lynch
Mrs. Andrew McCredie
Mrs. Andrew McKnigbt
Mrs. Andrew McKnight
Mrs. Andrew McKnlght
Mrs. Andrew McKuight
Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin
Mrs. Andrew Me- Auxiliary
Mrs. Andrew Me-Church
Mrs. Andrew Me-Knight
Mrs. Andrew Michaud
Mrs. Andrew Milks
Mrs. Andrew Mills
Mrs. Andrew Mr. James Foran
Mrs. Andrew Mur-
Mrs. Andrew Mur- February
Mrs. Andrew Mur-Joint
Mrs. Andrew Murra>
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew Murray Johnston
Mrs. Andrew Murry
Mrs. Andrew Neville
Mrs. Andrew Neville Mr.
Mrs. Andrew Nuria>
Mrs. Andrew Oleary
Mrs. Andrew Paquette
Mrs. Andrew Piiie
Mrs. Andrew Pippins
Mrs. Andrew Pirie
Mrs. Andrew Pirie Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mrs. Andrew Pirle
Mrs. Andrew R. Dods
Mrs. Andrew R. E. Flood
Mrs. Andrew Richards
Mrs. Andrew Robertson
Mrs. Andrew Robertson Mrs
Mrs. Andrew Rod
Mrs. Andrew Ru
Mrs. Andrew Russe LI
Mrs. Andrew Russell
Mrs. Andrew Russell Ancd
Mrs. Andrew Russell Celebrate GeWee Wedding OTTAWA
Mrs. Andrew S!y
Mrs. Andrew Sharenl
Mrs. Andrew Simpson
Mrs. Andrew Slcwarl
Mrs. Andrew Sly
Mrs. Andrew Smith
Mrs. Andrew Smyth
Mrs. Andrew Stewart
Mrs. Andrew Tipnins
Mrs. Andrew Tipping
Mrs. Andrew Tippins
Mrs. Andrew Tubman
Mrs. Andrew Wiggins
Mrs. Andrew Woolsey
Mrs. Andrew Wool«ey
Mrs. Anne Carl Farrell
Mrs. Bernard Farrell
Mrs. Carl Farrell
Mrs. Danny Farrell
Mrs. David Andrew
Mrs. Deniel Farrell
Mrs. Dick Farrell
Mrs. Eddie Carried Adjournment
Mrs. Farrell
Mrs. Fred Farrell
Mrs. H Andrew s United Church
Mrs. James K Farrell
Mrs. Jo Farrell
Mrs. Jones Homer Carried Councillor Thomas J. McGuire AAA
Mrs. Kenneth Farrell
Mrs. Margaret Farrell
Mrs. Miss Betty Farrell
Mrs. Murray Farrell
Mrs. Paul Me-[Andrew Flood
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Carried Motion Crs
Mrs. Sam Farrell
Mrs. T E. Farrell
Mrs. T K Farrell
Mrs. Thomas E. Farrell
Mrs. Thomas Farrell
Mrs. Thomas Farrell Exceedingly
Mrs. Tom Farrell
Mr» Andrew Murray
Murphy Farrell
Music Andrew Murray
Muw Edith Farrell
Naomi Andrew
Napoleon Farrell
Nat- Farrell
Nathan Andrew McLachlin
NeH Farrell
Neil Farrell
Neil Farrell Call
Neil Farrell McCallum Labour
Neil Farrell Prima
Neil Farrell Send
Neil Farrell Thompson
Neil Farrell Verify
Neil Farrell-
Neil Tubby Farrell
Neil William Archambault Farrell
Neill Farrell
Nell Farrell
No. 1.—Andrew Grant
NOTICE- K A Farrell
Ntr Andrew Daley
O Reilly Farrell
O. Farrell
OeO Andrew
Oils Andrew Farrell
Ora Andrew Bennett
Ormond Campbell Farrell
Os Andrew Bennett
Ot- Mr. Danny Farrell
OTl NOTICE- K A Farrell
P Farrell
P Q Carried
P —The Ontari* Andrew Cirne^ii
P. Farrell
P. Q. RegU Carried Mr. Kennedy McBane
Pat Keon Andrew
Pat Schoular Andrew Imrie
Pat Trudeau Mrs Nett Farrell
Patrick Farrell
Patrick Farrell 1875-77
Patrick Farrell 19024)4
Patrick Farrell March
Patrick Groulx Andrew Warren
Paul Andrew
Paul Andrew Em
Paul Andrew Emmerson
Paul Andrew Kluke
Paul Andrew Kluke SI Aubin
Paul Martineau Carried
Pearl Farrell
Peggy Farrell
Pellerin Farrell
Pete Farrell
Peter Andrew
Peter Farrell
Peter Kingsbury Carried
Peter Kingsbury Carried Quyon
Peter M. Farrell
Philip Andrew
Philip Andrew Atkinson
Phillis Farrell
Phone Andrew Brisebois Jr RR4
Phyllis (Farrell
Phyllis Farrell
Pierre Andrew’s Knox United Church
Preaby- Andrew McKni«ht
Present Andrew Daley
Present—Andrew Carnegie
Pritchard X Andrew
Prof Farrell
Prof. Farrell
Pte Tom Farrell
PWter John Foley SI Andrew a-Kno*
P»Y Andrew Kingsbury
Q Carried Ottawa Was
Qrs Andrew Bennett
Qs Andrew Bennett
Que Andrew Bennet Armltage
Que Andrew Fa
R. Farrell
R. L JMhv Andrew
Rachel Andrew Murphy Joyce Sylvester
Randall Andrew.
Randy Carried
Randy Farrell
Randy Farrell 100.
Randy Farrell Rogers
Ray Andrew
Ray Farrell
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Raymond Chev- Carried Mt-ved
Raymond Glea-Carried Unanimously
Raymond Sheppard Gordon Bradley Andrew Michaud William MacLachlan EQUITY PHOTO
Rebeccay Andrew
Remembrance Day—Carried
Renelle Andrew Smith
Rev Andrew
Rev Andrew Rus
Rev Andrew Russell
Rev Andrew Russell Is
Rev* C Arm* Andrew
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. Andrew Bus Cyril Flannigan
Rev. Andrew Maracle
Rev. Andrew Melvin
Rev. Andrew Morgan
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. Andrew Telford
Reynolds Andrew Daley
Re^Stanley Andrew
Rich Farrell 1
Richard Andrew McCaffrey
Richard Andrew Williams
Richard Carried
Richard Farrell
Richard Wills Clarence Andrew Roy
Richard Wills Andrew Kelly
Richard Wlls Andrew Dale
Rick Farrell
Rir Andrew
Rivers Mrs. Clarence Farrell
Robert Alfred Farrell Jr.
Robert and Farrell
Robert Andrew
Robert Andrew 7
Robert Andrew Daley
Robert Andrew Grant
Robert Andrew Grant Fort Cou/onge Period
Robert Andrew Kearney
Robert Andrew.
Robert Bronson Carried
Robert Carried
Robert Eiswald Farrell
Robert Farrell
Robert Farrell Esq
Robert Farrell I>''1
Robert G. Farrell
Robert Grant ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. Robert Andrew Grunt
Robert J. Farrell
Robert Middlemia Andrew Michaud
Robert Neil Farrell
Robert Nemcommon Farrell
Rod Farrell
Rodney Luneberg Carried
Roger Andrew’s Knox United Ross
Ron Farrell
Ronald Andrew Pnnglc
Ronald Andrew Pringle
Ronald Andrew Prirtglc
Rose Farrell
Rosemarie Farrell
Ross Andrew
Roy Andrew.... O''Riley James
Roy Andrew....... O’Riley James
Roy Andrew........
Roy Carried
Roy Elliott—Carried
Roy Farrell
Roy Secretary- Neil Farrell
Rrvcrerrl Andrew Warren
Ruby Farrell
Ruby McCann Marries Bernard Farrell
Rudolphe Farrell
Russ Arnold Carried
Russdl Mrs. Danny Farrell
Russell Carried
Russell Carried Moved
Russell Farrell
Ry Andrew F. Currier
Ryan Barber (Andrew Boyle
Ryan Barber (Andrew Woren
Ryan Bcybe -Andrew Warren
Ryan Farrell
S. Carried
Sadie Farrell
Saint Andrew
Saint Andrew s Day
Saint Andrew s Knox
Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Sam Farrell
Sam Rennick Mrs. John B. Judd ......... Mrs Andrew McKnight
Sammy Farrell
Samples Andrew Carroll
Sandra Andrew Michaud
Sandra Farrell
Sarah Farrell
Sarah Jane Farrell
Sask Andrew Sly
Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Farrell
Service Andrew’ Farrell Sec Treas Pure
Sf Andrew Knox Church
Shane Andrew
Shannon Farrell
Sharon Farrell
Shawville Andrew
Shawville Andrew Clifford Maracle
Sheila Foran FARRELL
Sherwood Councillor* Andrew Dennett
Sherwood Henderson Cts Andrew Bennett
Shirley Farrell
Shirley Jean to Carlo Andrew Locleir
Short Course--Carried
Short- Andrew Tracy
Si Andrew
Si Andrew* X 11:30
Simon Andrew Bruce Barber
Simon Bsrb Andrew Rly
Smiley Carried
Smiley Carried Correspondence
Smith Carried
Smith- Karen Andrew Devine
Social Farrell
St Andrew
St Andrew Avellin
St Andrew Streets
St Andrew Sts
St Andrew"
St Andrew*
St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s Knox
St- Andrew
Stake-body Andrew Farrell
Stan- H Carried CONSULT
Stanley Andrew
Stanley Andrew»
Stanley Lewis Andrew’s United Church
Stanton Llyod Stewart Carried
Starks Corners St Andrew
Steele Farrell
Stella Scott Andrew
Stephen Farrell L Klonr
Stephen Robinson—Carried
Steve Hero Carried
Stewart M St Andrew*»
Stewart-Directors-- Albert Kenneth Farrell
Stuart Andrew
Susan (icrald Dagg Kenneth Farrell
Susan Farrell
T E R N urse—Carried Mr.
T. Farrell
Tammy Andrew Miljour
Te Andrew Die Johnston
Ted Farrell
Teddy Craig Carried
Terry Farrell
Theresa Andrew Bennett Amen Due GRANT
Thomas Alexander—Carried
Thomas Andrew Elliott
Thomas Andrew Keyes and Margaret “Maggie” Jane Ferrigan
Thomas Andrew Young
Thomas Carried
Thomas Dolan Carried
Thomas E Farrell
Thomas E. Farrell
Thomas Farrell
Thomas Farrell Monday
Thomas K. Farrell
Thomas O Malley Carried Motion Crs
Thomas Quigg Carried
Thomas R. Farrell
Thomas Trudeau—Carried On
Thompson Andrew
Thompson Andrew Lang
Thoms Mrs. Kenneth Farrell
Thornes E. Farrell
Thur-Peter Farrell
Ties Andrew Farrell
Tim Farrell
Tim Graham Andrew Dickson
Tim Thompson 1 Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Andrew Boyle Andrew Warren Brad Kohlsrmth Michael Laska Totals
Tim Thompson Andrew Woren Tnoy
Todd Andrew
Tom Farrell
Tom iUlllUl Andrew Narlock
Tommy Farrell
Tracy Farrell
Treasurer Andrew Sample
Trevor Andrew
Trinity-St Andrew
Troy Andrew
Tubby Farrell
Tubby Knuckles Farrell
Tues Carried
VclllIH Farrell
Via Farrell Dale
VIcCUAIC Farrell
Volley Andrew Perrault
Vr< Farrell Alexander -
W adopted.--Carried
W alter Clarke A. Farrell
W H Farrell James L Stewart Quyon
W J Marks................... Farrell
W M Hayes Sec.-Treas Carried Mr. Wm
W- Farrell
W- H : Farrell
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasure Carried
W.C. Farrell
Wall Clocks Andrew Daley
Wallace Craig.—Carried
Wallace Farrell
Wallace Whelan Farrell
Wally Farrell
Walter Andrew Turcotte
Walter Andrew»
Walter Kil- Carried
Walter Me Mrs. Danny Farrell
Walter Mrs Andrew Russell
Warden McLellan—Carried
Warren Andrew
Wayne Andrew
Wayne Campeau Rene Miljour Bill Curry Darwin Wickens Gary Harris Randy Farrell Alan Farrell Ben Eth
Wayne Farrell
Welter Andrew
Wendy Farrell
Wesley Farrell
Wilbour (Betty Farrell
Willard Farrell
Willard Farrell Ottawa
William Alexander Mrs. Harry Farrell
William Andrew
William Andrew Dickson
William Andrew G
William Andrew Gload
William Andrew Glode
William Andrew Hanna
William Andrew Judd
William Andrew Richard Hanna
William Carried
William Farrell
William Farrell Australia
William Farrell Opportunities
William Henry Farrell William Henry (Harry) Curling Club Farrell
William Hodgins Carried
William James Farrell
William Orr Carried
Willie Carried
Willie Farrell
Wilson Carried
Win Kennedy-Carried
Windows See M-CANN Carried
Wm Farrell
Wm McGregor Carried
Wood Andrew Boyle Andrew Women Brad KohOmWh G
xd8 Farrell
XI.— Carried
Young Carried
Young Carried Motion Crs
Young Farrell
0f St Andrew
350 Z Z Carried
Andrew 9
Andrew Fulton
Andrew Henderson l UP
Andrew Islands
Andrew Malcolm
Arnold Farrell
Bay - St Andrew
Bay St Andrew
Betsy Farrell
Canada Carried
Carried Motif l Crs.
Carried Mo
Carried Mr.
Farrell Road
Fort Farrell
Fort Carried
Fort Coakmgw St Andrew’s
Fort Codonge St Andrew
Fort Coubnge St Andrew
Fort Coubnge St Andrew s
Fort Coufonge St Andrew
Fort Couionge St Andrew
Fort Couionge St Andrew’s
Fort CouJonge St Andrew
Fort Coukxioe St Andrew
Fort Coulonge - St. Andrew
Fort Coulonge St Andrew
Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s
Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s W.A.
Fort Coulonge W l in St Andrew
Fort Coulooge St Andrew
Fort Coutonga St Andrew
Fort Coutonge St Andrew
Fort Coutonge St Andrew s
Fort Coutonge St Andrew’s
Fort Coutongs St Andrew
Fort Coutooge St Andrew
Fort St. Andrew’s-Knox
Georgian Bay Canal.—Carried
Kami Telephone l —Carried
MacArthur Road Carried
Mason Carried
Mass St Andrew
McGuire Andrew Warren
Mrs. Em Carried
Norway Bay—Carried
Norway Carried Bay
Norway Riy*—Carried
Ottawa St Andrew
Pearl Farrell
R Carried l
Raglan St C. St Andrew’s W.M.S
Silver Creek—Carried
St Andrew
St Andrew Memorial
St Andrew s
St Andrew S Church
St Andrew St
St Andrew St .
St Andrew’* l
St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s C
St Andrew’s Cemetery
St Andrew’s East
St Andrew’s Knox
St Andrew’s Presbyterian
St Andrew’s U-
St Andrew’s X
St l Andrew
St. Andrew
St. Andrew’
St. Andrew’s l
Stevenson ap-| l Carried |
Trinity St Andrew
U.C.W. St Andrew
U.C.W. St Andrew’s
& Carried Sons
7.30 P M St Andrew Church
9t Andrew’s Cemetery
A. H. Perry Shawville Andrew Clifford Maracle
A.M. Church School 11 A.M. Morning Worship Sermon - ANDREW.
a.m.—Sunday School SL Andrew’s
Active Experimental Work Is Iking Carried Forward
AGED Starts JUNE 4th b Carried
Agricultural Society Division C.—Carried
Agriculture Society Carried
Agriculture Society Carried Born
Andrew & Family b
Andrew Carnegie N Beattie
Andrew Crystal Thrun
Andrew Knox Church
Andrew McKmght
Andrew Per- Institute
ANDREW Rev. Allan
ANDREW S W A Holiness Movement Church Shawville Pastor
Andrew* Presbyterian Church
Andrew* Presbyterian Church Fort
Andrew*-Knox Bnatol Bible Study Thutodey Ibuth Group
Andrew;-Knox Womens Association Central Unit Plans
Andrew’s cemetery
Andrew’s Church
Andrew’s Church Cemetery
Andrew’s Knox Church
Andrew’s Knox Special Christmas Services
Andrew’s LTnited Church
Andrew’s Preifoyterian Church Womans Missionary Society
Andrew’s Presbyterian
Andrew’s Presbyterian cemetery
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Fort
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Fort
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church W.M.S.
Andrew’s Presbyterian Design School
Andrew’s Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society
Andrew’s Society
Andrew’s Sunday School
Andrew’s United Cemetery
Andrew’s United Church
Andrew’s United Church Basement BRISTOL
Andrew’s United Church Campbell’s Bay
Andrew’s United Church Hall
Andrew’s United Church Manly Brown
Andrew’s United Church Manse
Andrew’s United Church McCord
Andrew’s United Church Rtistol
Andrew’s United Church Women
Andrew’s University
Andrew’s Women’s Association
Andrew’s-Knox United Church
Andrew’s-Knox United Church Museum-Tea Room
Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
Anglican Andrew’s United Glmrch
Anglican United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Animal Carried
Anniversary Service St. Andrew’s - Knox United Church Bristol
Anniversary Services Andrew
Anniversary Services At St. Andrew’s Church Fort Coulonge Coulonge Telephone Shareholders Meet
Anniversary Services St. Andrew’s
Annual Memorial Service St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Armistice Service Carried
ASSEMBLIES St. Andrew’s Campbell’s Bethel Tabernacle Shawville
Association of St Andrew s Presbyterian Church
Association of St Andrew’s United Church
Association of St. Andrew’s
Association of St. Andrew’s Church
Association of St. Andrew’s United Church
Bank of Montreal Carried
Bank of Montreal HAVE YOU EVER HAD Carried
Bank of Montreal—Carried
Bank of Montreal—Carried Motion
Bath Room Fixtures St. Andrew’s Knox
BD St. Andrew’s Worship Service Austin 3.00 p.m.—Worship Service
Beauty Shop Carried
Bell Telephone Carried
Bell Telephone Co. Carried
Beryl Andrew’s Church
Better Relations Bristol Carried
Blast Equity Photo Carried
Blmside Womens Institute Carried
Board of Pontiac Protestant Hospital Andrew Michaud
Boy Andrew Davie
Boys Andrew
Bristol - St Andrew s Knox Rainbow
Bristol ; Andrew Itosi
Bristol and St Andrew
Bristol Andrew
Bristol Andrew T
Bristol Betsy Farrell
Bristol Beys Arrive Safely Overseas William Andrew
Bristol Boy Cainod Carried
Bristol Carried
Bristol Charge Rev Arm Durant Church Oflce 647-3950 Stark s Corners St Andrew’s Knox Brotol
Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCaig Christmas Services St Andrew s Knox Saturday December
Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCwg Dl St Andrew
Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s KnoAr
Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Bristol Clarendon Town Carried
Bristol con-Andrew
Bristol Council—Carried
Bristol Memorial Andrew’s
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fori Couionge St Andrew s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coufonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Wolf Lake St Fra
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worshp Service Roman Catholic Br
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Couionge Si Andrew
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Couionge St Andrew s Worship Service Si
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Coutonga St Andrew s Worship Service 1 Pontiac Prints
Bristol Memorial Worstup & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Mines Mr. Andrew Hudgins
Bristol Mmej Andrew Pirie
Bristol Remembrance Day Service Carried Mr. Poltras
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Mary’s C.W.L. United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Bristol St Andrew
Bristol St Andrew s Young Peoples Society
Bristol St. Andrew’s United Church
Bristol St. Andrew’s W.M.S. Meet RENFREW
Bristol St. Andrew’s Y.PU.
Bristol Station—Carried
BRISTOL UNITED St Andrew s Service
BRISTOL UNITED St Andrew’s Service
BRISTOL UNITED St. Andrew’s Service
BRISTOL UNITED St. Andrew’s Still
Bristol ^ Joannisset Mines.—Carried
Bristol; Andrew Sluder
Brj»on Immaculate Conception St Andrew’s Knox
Bryson Charge Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Bryson Immaculate Conception St Andrew’s Knox
Bryson Immaculate Conception St. Andrew’s
Bryson Village Andrew Migneault........ Estate
BURNETT FARM SUPPLY Carried Sales and Service
CAMPBELL Andrew Martin Baird Veterinary
Canadian Cancer Soci- Carried V
Canadian Cancer Society Carried L & M ELECTRONICS RCA VICTOR RADIO
Canadian Institute Carried
Canadian Legion Carried Branch
Canadian National Institute for Carried
Canadian National Institute for Carried Motion Crs
Canadian Oil Carried Company
Cancer Carried
Carleton Place Kings Andrew Eades
Carried &
Carried Wayne Perry
Carried BR b Office SS
Carried Carried Every Carried HON.
Carried Christmas Special
Carried Commission
Carried Cos Ltd.
Carried Coulonge Telephone
Carried Council
Carried Council Minutes
Carried Council N Onslow Council GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
Carried Cr
Carried Dame Helen O Neil
Carried Equity
Carried Farm House
Carried Forestry Conservation;
Carried Health
Carried Health & Sanitation HHH
Carried Iin£ton Em-merson
Carried Rev. Father Morris No Service Rev. Lodges Emard Cr
Carried Salvation Army
Carried Separate School
Carried Service
Carried Shawville High School
Carried Team Sauriol
Carried Winter Works
Carried WSP.
Carried | Telephone
Celebrate Crystal Anniversary Andrew Russell
Chamber of Farrell
CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE Carried Stationers — Office Supplies
Christ Jesus Carried NOW OPEN
Christ Rally | Trinity St Andrew’s United Chucrh
Church of Clure St Andrew
Church of St Andrew Undershaft
Church School of St Andrew
Church Service IT. ANDREW S
Church Service ST. ANDREW S
Church Service ST. ANDREW S.
Church Service St. Andrew’s Knox
Church Service ST. ANDREW’S.
Church Services Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Church St and St Andrew St
Clarendon Council Carried
Clarendon School Board ANDREW
Clarendon School Board St. Andrew’s
Clarendon Women’s Institute St. Andrew’s
Club Achievement Andrew Lang
Cocnmun-Andrew’s United Church
Comers Bible Study Tuesday St Andrew s-Knox Bristol Bible Study Wednesday 9.30
Comers St Andrew s Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Ybuth Group Friday Campbell
Committee Carried
Community Centre Carried Motion Cr
Con- Carried
Conrad Andrew Monette
Continental Life Insurance Co. Andrew Farrell
Cooperative Medical Se*> Carried
Corners Bible Study Tuesday St Andrew
Corners Bible Study Tuesday St Andrew s-Knox Bntfol Bible Study Wednesday 9:30
Corners St Andrew’s Knox Bristol Btote Study Thursday Ybuth Group Fnday Campbele Bay United Rev Ang
COTIE Wilson Carried
Council Carried
Council Carried Church Motion Crs Sparl
Council Carried Clarendon Council
Council Carried Council
Council Carried Motion Cr
Council Onslow North Andrew Farrell
Countrywomen’s Association Carried
County Council Andrew’s Presbyterian A Social
CPPG Andrew McDermott
CRAFT SALE St Andrew s Knox United Church
CScope Carried Rubber Tire Wagon Vulcan Heavy Duty Battery Charger One Electrice Chain Saw
Day Service St. Andrew’s United Church
DEATH United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Department of Agri- Motion ers Steele-Farrell
Department of Fair Carried
Department of Roads Carried
Désilets represented Tele- Carried
Dodge Sedan Carried
DONAT Le GUERRIER Men’s Work Boots Fop Spring Red Cross Drive Being Carried on Tin Week Notary Publ
Dublin Commission Court Andrew
DURABLE St Andrew’s W.
E 0 0 IIe Ul St Andrew’s Cleaning Pressing Dyeing
Equity WHAT SHELDON NEEDS Mr. Andrew McCredie
Fairbanks Hotel Carried As
Farrell Line
Farrell | Co
Farrell.................. Hospital St. Jean De Diem
Farrell’s Lake Fish
Feature Film Carried Vincent They’re
Federal Department of Labor Carried SHAWVILLE
Ferry Route HHH Carried Carried Notice
Fish & Game Association Carried
Fly Andrew F Currrer
Fod Couionge Si Andrew s Worship Service V
Fori Coukxige Si Andrew*
Fori Coulonge Sl Andrew
Fori Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service
Fori Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic Bnafol Mines
Frasers Clothes Shop NOTICE K A Farrell
Funeral of Thos Sharpe St. Andrew’s Knox Austin Sermon—Remember the
Gatineau Power Company Carried
General Insurance Carried
Genera’ Supply Co Carried
Group Insurance Carried
Harness Shop Ph St. Andrew’s
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
HH| Hi | Carried Audit
HODCINS Surgeon Dentist Josh Farrell’s House Damaged
HODGINS Motion Proprietor Robert-Farrell
Holiness Movement Mrs. Andrew
Hospital Monthly Report Singer Sales And Service Carried John Duff
House Carried
House Andrew Fades
House Orderly Carried
Hull Electric Railway | Carried
HYETT’S Deeper Life Crusade Carried Celebrated EXZEMA.
IS Carried
Ivy Farrell
Ivy Farrell Sheppard
Jas Hart—Carried Conservative
JfiSK Carried
JO FARRELL Outstanding Gospel Film ST THE RAPTURE
Kingdon Mining & Smelting Co.-Carried
Ladysmith Lutheran Church St Andrew’s
LEEDER & P0ITRAS Carried Monuments • Sculpture
Litchfield Council Carried
Local Boy Scout Carried
Lodge Carried ; Fair Society Decides Against
Ltd Andrew
M. Andrew s Women’s Association
M. Donaldson —Carried
M. Mac Andrew Renfrew Recruiting Officer John
Maple Syrup Carried | Russell
Marie’s Beauty Parlor St Andrew
Master Andrew Hamilton
Master Farrell AVIS / NOTICE Je
Master Gordon Farrell
Master Hilly Farrell
McDonald and John Mainvillc Andrew
McDonald, of Gravest Andrew’s United Church
Member Standard Stock and Mining Exchange LISTED STOCKS CARRIED ON MARGIN Correspondence Invited
Member Standard Stock and Mining Exchange LISTED STOCKS CARRIED OR MARDIS Correspondence Invitai ME
Memorial Service St. Andrew’s
Memorial Service St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Men’s Department Funeral of Mra E Farrell
MESSES Carried
Metropolitan Council of Western Carried
MILLAR Agricultural Engineering Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin
Milling Co —Carried
Mine Road Andrew Daley
Mine Road Carried
Mine Road—Carried
Morning Prayer Evening Prayer Organ Recital Rev. D Andrew; Inc urn
Morning Worship Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew* Knox
Morning Worship Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew* Knox
Morning Worship LISTINGS REQUIRED St Andrew’s Women’s Association
Motion Carried
Motion Carried Crs
Motion Councillor Chamber- Carried
Motion Cra Farrell
Motion Crs Andrew Ben- the
Motion Crs Andrew Bennett
Motion Crs Farrell
Motion Crs Roy Carried Mr. Dcnzil Brown
Motion ers Farrell Steele
Motion ers Farrell-Cain
Motion ers Farrell-Robert
Motion ers Farrell-Young
Motion ers Young-Farrell
Motion Farrell-Alexander Patrick
Motion Farrell-Alexander—That
Motion Farrell-McGoff Fhat Jo*
Motion Farrell—Alexander
Motion of ers MacKechnie-Mul- Carried
Motion Ors Farrell
MOV Carried DIAL
Mr Hugh Carson of Motion—Farrell-Robert—That Thoa
Mr. Andrew Meehan
Mrs Kenneth Farrell
Mrs Teddy Craig Carried
Municipal Carried
Municipal Corp. Carried
Municipal Hal L Carried
Municipal Hall Carried A INSURANCE
Name Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
National Assembly Andrew Lance
New York Post Carried
NEWPORT SEDANS Hilton Manpower Committee K.A. Farrell
Norway Bay Ferry Co. Carried
NOTICE Carried Clarendon Council Province
NOTICE K A Farrell
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Carried CLERK OFFICE P.O.
Old St Andrew s Church
Onslow Council Carried Carried Motion
Onslow Council Carried Country
Onslow Farrell Line
Ot-Andrew’s United Church
Ottawa Valley Power Co.—Carried
OU Carried
Ovcrnite Express Carried Ltd.
PEMBROKE Carried Motion Crs
Pier Angeli MERRY ANDREW Color
Pontiac Ag- Carried
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. 1.—Carried
Pontiac Andrew McDonald who cel- Bee "
Pontiac Andrew Perrault
Pontiac Carried
Pontiac County Andrew Sly
Pontiac County Protestant Central School Board Carried Adjournment
Pontiac Farm Forum Carried
Pontiac Home Bakery St. Andrew’s United Church Sunday School
Pontiac Mutual Fire Insurance Carried
Pontiac Pa-Andrew
Pontiac Plowmens Carried
Pontiac Print Carried
Pontiac Rural Tel- Carried
Pontiac Rural Telephone Andrew Sly
Pontiac Rural Telephone Carried
Pontiac Rural Telephone Co.—Carried
Pontiac Union National Ass n Carried
Pontiac United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Pontiac Warden Andrew Gervais
Port Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service
Prayer & Bible St United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
Prayer & Bible Study United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3650 St Andrew VKnax Br
Prayer A Bible Study St Andrew s Knox
Prayer Service PRESBYTERIAN St. Andrew’s Coulonge
Prayer Service PRESBYTERIAN St. Andrew’s Fort
Prayer St Andrew*»
Pre-Christmas Service CHRISTMAS EVE St Andrew
PRESBYTERIAN Part Ceekegr St Andrew’s
PRESBYTERIAN Pert Ceeleegw St Andrew’s
Presbyterian United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew
Public Carried Motion Cm Young
Public Works Carried
Public Works Carried FRIDAY
Quyon Council Carried
Quyon Council Carried Mulligan
Quyon Council Minutes Carried
Red Cross Carried Moved
Red Cross Drive Carried
Research Carried
RevAnntXrml Church Ollce 647-3950 Stark s Comers St Andrew rKnox Bretoi Bbte Study Thursday Ibuth G
Roll Homolgated Carried
Roll ÏL John E Farrell
Rural Schools—Carried
Rural Telephone Co Carried
SAVE SCRAP V J Q Hodgins Garage E Andrew Far
School Carried
School Carried Immerson Cr
School Collection psliiy—Carried Roll
School Fort Coulonge St Andrew * Worshp Service Wolf Lake
School Morning Service St Andrew’s
School Morning Worship Carried Plans Garden Party
School Pat- Carried
School St Andrew’s
School St. Andrew’s
Service Carried Public Notice
SHAWVILLE Clarendon Ave Carried Imperial
Shawville Council Carried
Shawville Council Carried Carried
Shawville High School—Carried
Shaxvville Nursing Home—Carried
Shelby Woodman; St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Memorial Bursary
SHELL Carried Mr. Jos
SHELL Carried Motion Crs
SI Andrew
SI Andrew a-Kno*
Si Andrew Dalcy Dr.
SI Andrew e-Knox St George
SI Andrew Farrell
Si Andrew s Knox BtbIoI Stole Sludy Thursday Ybulh Group
SI Andrew s Knox Unit- Pontiac Lions Club New Year
Si Andrew s Worship Service
Si Andrew*
Si Andrew-»Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Wxith Group End
SI Andrew’s Worship Service
Si Andrew’s Worship Service Wolf Lake St France François Bouchard
SI Andrew’s Wtorshtp Servie#
Singer Sales And Service Carried
SL Andrew
SL Andrew s Knox United Church Bristol - Seturdey
SL Andrew’s Campbell
SL Andrew’s Presbyterian Women s Missionary Society
Smith Bros Carried
Smith’s Shop Andrew
Social Science Andrew Liston
Society of St Andrew’s Church
Society of St. Andrew’s Church
Society of St. Andrew’s Presby-
Society Radford Native Mes Aged Ninety Four Carried Motion Os
SOLICITOR United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
SOLICITOR United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
St Andrew
St Andrew s Knox Bristol Bible Study Î huredey Ybuth Group Friday
St Andrew a Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday >buth Group Fnday Campbell
St Andrew Avellin
St Andrew Church
St Andrew Knox Vnlted Church
St Andrew s
St Andrew s Beaver Club
St Andrew s bjy5 Knox United Church
St Andrew s Cemetery
St Andrew s Church
St Andrew s Church Fort Coulonge
St Andrew s Church Hall
St Andrew s Church Sunday School
St Andrew s I’nited Church
St Andrew s Knox
St Andrew s Knox Brstoi Btote Study Thursday Mbuth Group
St Andrew s Knox Church
St Andrew s Knox Church Base
St Andrew s Knox Church Basement Bristol
St Andrew s Knox Church Saturday
St Andrew s Knox L
St Andrew s Knox Unit- AND INFORMATION Quyon Lionettes
St Andrew s Knox United
St Andrew s Knox United Centre
St Andrew s Knox United Church
St Andrew s Knox United Church Aylmer Rd.
St Andrew s Knox United Church Bristol.
St Andrew s Knox United Halloween
St Andrew s Knox United Motors
St Andrew s Knox United OLYMPIC
St Andrew s Knox WEDNESDAY
St Andrew s Mary
St Andrew s Otrited Church
St Andrew s PreabyterianNNMN^N^^N^^N Fisher
St Andrew s Preebyterian Church
St Andrew s Presbytarian Church
St Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery
St Andrew s Presbyterian Church
St Andrew s Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge
St Andrew s Presbyterian Church of
St Andrew s Service
St Andrew s United Cemetery
St Andrew s United Church
St Andrew s United Church Camp
St Andrew s United Church Carloads
St Andrew s United Church Cemetery
St Andrew s United Church Hall H Û Fitzroy Harbour Best Wishes Only
St Andrew s United Church Piano Recital
St Andrew s United Church YOUR FAMILY DISCOUNT STORE* Enter
St Andrew s United Funeral Home
St Andrew s Womans Missionary Society
St Andrew s Worship Service
St Andrew s-Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Ybuth Group Friday Campbell
St Andrew s-Knox Church
St Andrew s-Knox LTnited Church
St Andrew s-Knox United Church
St Andrew Society
St Andrew St .
St Andrew United Church
St Andrew y Presbyterian Church
St Andrew »Knox Bristol Bible Study Wednesday
St Andrew"e-Knox Bristol 11:00 am Bible Study Wednesday
St Andrew"eKnox Bmtol
St Andrew''s United Church
St Andrew* Knot Church
St Andrew* l‘rv»l»)teriwii Church
St Andrew-e Rnox
St Andrew‘•-Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Ybuth Group Friday
St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s Aylmer Rev. Lome Lamoine
St Andrew’s ba21
St Andrew’s Board Never
St Andrew’s Campbell
St Andrew’s Cemetery
St Andrew’s Church
St Andrew’s Church 1
St Andrew’s Church Bristol were
St Andrew’s Church Hall
St Andrew’s Church Women s Association
St Andrew’s Congregation
St Andrew’s Get
St Andrew’s Knox
St Andrew’s Knox Church
St Andrew’s Knox UCW.
St Andrew’s Knox United
St Andrew’s Knox United Church
St Andrew’s Knox United Everyone
St Andrew’s Knox United MAY
St Andrew’s Knox ^ST**1* 8&U.
St Andrew’s Knox |
St Andrew’s Liberal
St Andrew’s Preabyterian Church
St Andrew’s Preebyteriao Church
St Andrew’s Pres
St Andrew’s Presbyterian
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
St Andrew’s Presbyterian1 Church
St Andrew’s Separate School
St Andrew’s Service
St Andrew’s Shawville Quebec Service
St Andrew’s Si George
St Andrew’s Society Mrs. Acres
St Andrew’s the
St Andrew’s U-
St Andrew’s United
St Andrew’s United Chigch
St Andrew’s United Church
St Andrew’s United Church Bryson
St Andrew’s United Church Campbell’s Bay
St Andrew’s United Church Campbel’s Bay
St Andrew’s United Church Cemetery
St Andrew’s United Church Hall
St Andrew’s United Church Manse
St Andrew’s United St. Mary
St Andrew’s United TUESDAY
St Andrew’s Unitud Church
St Andrew’s W.M.S
St Andrew’s Women s Association
St Andrew’s X
St Andrew’s XV.M
St Andrew’s Y.P.U.
St Andrew’s YPS
St Andrew’s |
St Andrew’s----nect.com
St Andrew’s-Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday >buth Group Friday Campbell
St Andrew’s-Knox Church
St Andrew’s-Knox Pontiac’s
St Andrew’s-Knox UC
St Andrew’s-Knox United Church
St Andrew’» Anniversary Services
St Carried
St HOUSGS Andrew s Knox United Church
St St. Charles Borromeo Andrew’s United Church
St Stephen’s OBITUARIES Andrew
St. Andrew
St. Andrew Cemetery
St. Andrew Knox Church
St. Andrew s Knox Church
St. Andrew s Knox Church Bristol
St. Andrew s Knox United Church
St. Andrew*
St. Andrew* A
St. Andrew* Womens Missionary So- Hi
St. Andrew’s
St. Andrew’s TàsC f Sales & Service
St. Andrew’s - Knox Church
St. Andrew’s - Service
St. Andrew’s 3.01 p.m. Service
St. Andrew’s and Knox Mrs. Sherwood Grant
St. Andrew’s and Knox United Churches
St. Andrew’s and Knox Women’s Association
St. Andrew’s Anniversary Services Special Preacher—Rov.
St. Andrew’s Aylmer
St. Andrew’s Beaver Club
St. Andrew’s Bridge Club; Self-Culture Society
St. Andrew’s Bristol SPECIALIST Medical Arts
St. Andrew’s By IIERMONIE
St. Andrew’s Cemetery
St. Andrew’s church
St. Andrew’s Church AUCTION SALE NOTICE Mason & Relshe
St. Andrew’s Church Bristol were
St. Andrew’s Church Mission Band
St. Andrew’s Church Ottawa
St. Andrew’s Church Service K
St. Andrew’s Congregation
St. Andrew’s Denzil Laughren
St. Andrew’s East
St. Andrew’s Happy
St. Andrew’s Jim Hodgins Marine & Small Engine Service AUCTION SALE CORRECTION NOTICE Yamaha Electo
St. Andrew’s Knox
St. Andrew’s Knox Church
St. Andrew’s Knox Church Local
St. Andrew’s Knox Church; Elsie Gordon
St. Andrew’s Knox free United Church
St. Andrew’s Knox Missionary
St. Andrew’s Knox United
St. Andrew’s Knox United Birthday
St. Andrew’s Knox United Church
St. Andrew’s Knox United Church Bristol
St. Andrew’s Knox United Church Bristol 4:30
St. Andrew’s Maryland Recent
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew’s Saturday
St. Andrew’s Service
St. Andrew’s Sunday School Service
St. Andrew’s Tuesday
St. Andrew’s United
St. Andrew’s United Cemetery Service
St. Andrew’s United Church
St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery
St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery Fort Coulonge
St. Andrew’s United Church Hall
St. Andrew’s United Church Manse
St. Andrew’s United Church Phil
St. Andrew’s United Cnurch
St. Andrew’s United Delicious
St. Andrew’s United GhurcA
St. Andrew’s University
St. Andrew’s Untied
St. Andrew’s Untied Church
St. Andrew’s Untied Church June
St. Andrew’s Womens Association
St. Andrew’s YPS
St. Andrew’s |
St. Andrew’s-Knox United Church
St. Andrew’s-Knox United Church of Bristol’s
Stamps Carried Dr.
Starks Corners St Andrew
Stark’s Corners St Andrew
Stark’s Corners St Andrew e-Kno*
Ste Gatineau Power Co Andrew
Store Andrew Da
STORE Carried Lumber
Stork’s Corners St Andrew
Study Group St Andrew’s Church
SUITS Carried Motion Crs
THURSDAY St Andrew s United Church
Transacted Farmers Business Solicited Carried
Tread Carried Motion Crs
Try Jap*a*Iac Paint Carried
TURKEY - GEESE - CHICKEN Carried Motion Crs*
UNITED St. Andrew’s Service
United Carried Church Parsonage
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew’s Kno
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Kno
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’sKnoa
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaitr St. Andrew’s Knox
United Church Women of St Andrew
United Church Women of St Andrew Get
United Church Women of St Andrew s United Church
United Church Women of St Andrew’s
United Church Women of St Andrew’s United Church
United Church Women of St. Andrew’s United Church
University of British Uolum Andrew McKellar
University of Farrell
US A. Carried
VII Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s W.A.
Village Carried SHAWVILLE
Village Of Shawville Carried Shawville Council
Vlpond Construction Co Carried
Wakefield Hospital Carried Carried Carried Motion
Walls Burtons Ltd Carried
Wheaton College Carried
White Cliffs B> PAUL MCGEh Equity Editor St. Andrew’s Knox United
Woman’s Association of St. Andrew’s United
Women s Association Andrew’s United Church
Women’s Association of St Andrew s Church
Women’s Association of St Andrew s Presbyterian Church
Women’s Association of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Women’s Association of St. Andrew’s United Church
Women’s Missionary Society of St. Andrew’s United Church
Wool St. Andrew’s
Work Committee of Hull Farrell
Work Guaranteed Carried Carried BROWN
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Kno
Worship Service Otter Lake Fire Department United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
Worship Service St. Andrew’s Knox
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew’s Kno
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Kno*
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed MoCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Wr* Church News St. Andrew’s United Church
Wyman Women’s Institute Carried
XT Plus BiOOD ARROW Carried Arthur Laban
Young Country School Maain’*-—at St Andrew’s United Church
Young Peoples Society of St. Andrew’s United Chinch
Young People’s Society of St Andrew’s United Church