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Thomas Dolan Carried

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

--- Mary Thomas
--- Thomas Piendergast
0. Thomas
1.101 Thomas Kingston
1.50 Dolan
11:05 Thomas
15.20 Thomas Stephens
1959 Carried
2- D Catherine Kierans Thomas Beets Cummings
2-Carried Farmers
25.00 Thomas
2722 Thomas
2743 Thomas
3. Carried
3.30 Thomas Hold
3106 Thomas
35706XM2 Thomas
3rd Thomas 1er
4.— Carried
453-7326 Thomas E. Towle Drummondville
46251b Rev Sr Thomas More
4748XS11 Thomas
4a H. J. Dolan
50.00 Carried
6.45—Lcwcll Thomas
6.45—Lowell Thomas
6.46—Lowell Thomas
6.46—Lowell Thomas 7.00— Morton Downey Amos *n’ Andy 8.00— Cities Service Happy Bakers 9.00— Little
7-251X Thomas
7-2845 Thomas
8. Carried
8tl Thomas
A*cx Thomas
A. Thomas
A. Thomas Kinsley
A1 Dolan
Admiral Thomas C. Hart
Admiral Thomas Hart
Adolph Thomas
Agnes Thomas
Agnes Thomas Gil Fraser Club Lloyd Hocgms Furniture
Ago Thomas J McGuire
Aim Thomas Mary Ann Thomas
Airs Thomas McCoshen
Al MacDonald Carried
Al- Thomas
Alain Thomas
Alan Dolan
Albert Carried
Albert Tan- Carried
Albert Tanner Mrs. Thomas Smith
Albert Thomas
Albert Thomas Bennett
Albert Thomas Tubman
Alec Thomas
Alex Carried
Alex Chartrand- Mrs Thomas White
Alex Davis—Carried
Alex Dolan
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas Agnes Thomas Ernie Kingsbury Jackie Kingsbury Raney McPhee Alice Chevner Gibbon
Alex Thomas Bristol
Alex Thomas Irish
Alex Thomas Jr
Alex Thomas Jr.
Alex Thomas Lineup
Alex Thomas Randy s Restaurant Gord Ca/anaugh B.J. Maheral Trucking Pontiac
Alex Thomas Reg
Alexander Thomas
Alfred Thomas
Alfred Thomas Cot
Alfred Thomas Cot..................... Shaw
Alfred Thomas No. 2
Alfred Thomas Wilkinson Shelley McNamara
Alfredda Thomas
Alice & Earl Dolan Tel
Alice & Kathy Dolan
Alice (Earl) Dolan
Alice and Earl Dolan
Alice and Earl Dolan Brent
Alice and Earl Dolan Sunday
Alice Dolan
Alice Dolan Laurent
Alice Thomas
Alice Thomas 450
Allan Bond St Thomas
Allan Dolan
Allan Findlay Joan Thomas
Allan Me Carried
Allan Thomas
Allan Thomas Paul
Allan Thomas Quaile
Allen Dolan
Allen Thomas Hicks Robitalle Bazialle Archilbald Muir Robert Murrell Thomas Murrell 3 Mrs.
Allison Thomas
Always Thomas
Am- Thomas
Amy Carried
Andrew Dolan
Andy Thomas
Ann Smyrner Carried Account
Ann Thomas
Anna Mr. Thomas Horner
Anne Thomas
Annie Thomas
Another Thomas W Gibbons
Anthony Carried
Anthony Carried Johnston
Antoine Mary Bolger..... Francois Boucher Thomas Burns
Aon Thomas
API»ly Thomas Cunning-
Application Thomas
Apply Thomas
Apply Thomas E. Hodg
Apply Thomas Heaphy
Apply Thomas Madry-gar
Apply Thomas Tracy
Archbishop Thomas Collins Pembroke
Archibald Thomas Campbell
Arkansas Thomas Cat
Armitaee Thomas Narlnrk Mémorial Certificate
Armstrong Thomas Dean
Armstrong’s Thomas Stephens
Art Cheryl Dolan
Arthir L E Thomas
Arthnr Thomas
Arthur A Edith Thomas
Arthur Carried
Arthur Dolan
Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Arthur Thomas
Arthur Thomas A....
Arthur Thomas Anita McCrank
Arthur Thomas EQUITY
Arthur Thomas Gatineau
Arthur Thomas Miss Dawna Montgomery
Arthur Thomas Mr
Arthur Thomas Mr.
Arthur Thomas Mrs.
Arthur Thomas N.S.
Arthur Thomas Pontiac Hotel
Arthur Thomas Were Mr.
Arthur—F W Thomas 1
Audrey Dolan
Aug Thomas Macfarlane
Aunt Mrs Thomas Township
Austin Dolan
Austin Mrs. Thomas George Johnston
Avril Thomas
Aylmer Carried
B. Thomas
B. Thomas A. Bade# Misa Nellie Smiley Mrs. James Hanna Wm Hanna Ed.
Bake Thomas
Barb Thomas Merredith
Barbara & John Dolan
Barbara Dolan
Barbara Stanley Jackie Stevens Ada Tanner Robert Thomas El
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Thomas - Gates
Barbara Thomas Meredith
Barbeau....... Thomas Dagg
Barber and Gordon McMil- Carried
Barber and Lennon Thomas
Barber and Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Barber and Thomas Hades
Barber Carried
Barber Pr Rabbits—F W Thomas
Bari Thomas
Barr Carried
Barrie Thomas
Barrv Thomas
Barry Carried
Barry Thomas
Barry Thomas lia—Stephen Witt Blake Armitage Ciloria Tubman
Basil Stanton Carried Mr. Bernard Moore
Bay Dolan
Bay Notes Church Hall Mrs. Thomas Neville
Bay Pastoral Char* Rev. A. J. Neal St. Thomas
Bay- Carried
Beach Thomas
Beach Thomas Discussing Mr. Sheed
Beam—Doug Thomas
Bella Thomas
Ben Kingtbury Ron Findlay Alex Thomas
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas Barry
Ben Thomas Wrinn
Benjnnn Thomas
Benny Dolan
Bernard Armitage Thomas Be
Bernard Thomas
Bert Thomas
Bert Thomas Schwartz
Bertie Thomas
Bertie Thomas 3. British
Bertram Thomas
Bessie Thomas
Bessie Thomas 2. Single
Bessie Thomas We
Beth Thomas
Betsy Thomas Fleming
Betty Thomas
Betty Thomas Carson
Betty Thomas Corner Rortege Rood
Beuy Thomas
Beverley Henderson Carried
Beverly Thomas
Bib Thomas
Bill Thomas
Bing- Thomas
Blr Thomas
Bob Campbell Carried
Bob Hodgins Carried
Bob Thomas
Bob Thomas Narlock Jr.
Bob Thomas)
Bobbie Thomas
Bobby Thomas
Boh Thomas
Bon- Dolan
Bonnie Thomas
Bougie Thomas
Boy-John Thomas Sloan
Brennan Caldwell Bristol Arthur Thomas Minn Ignore Cirant
Brent Thomas
Breton Thomas
Brian Drummond Garth Tracy Thomas Fahey Jacques Lance Bob Scott Basil Orr Gordon Dttt
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas Drummond
Brian Thomas.
Brian) Thomas
Bristol W I. Mrs. Thomas MacFarlane
Bros Thomas Stark
Brown Carried Correspondence
Bruce Armitage Mrs Michael Dolan
Bruce Armitage Thomas Belair
Bruno................ Dolan
Brvwnl Thomas Homer
Bry-Jack Thomas
Bryan Murray Ronnie Thomas Mrs. Marie Finnegan
Bryson Thomas J. Moorhead
Buckwheat---------- Thomas
Burke Carried
Burrell Thomas
Burrows Thomas Craig.....
But Thomas
By Mrs. Earl Findlay Arthur Thomas
By Thomas
By-Law Carried.-The
C Thomas
C W L Myrtle Thomas
C. Dolan
C. Thomas
C.N. Thomas
C.T. Thomas
Caddy Dolan
Calgary Thomas Beveridge
Call Thomas
Call Thomas 2bo30 Cook/Highland Travel
Call Thomas Cook/Highland Travel
Call Thomas Cook/Highland Travel Renfrew
Calvin Thomas Mc-Whirter
Calvin Thomas Me Whir
Cameron Thomas Gordon Smith
Campbell Carried
Capi- Thomas J. McGuire
Captain Dolan
Caretaking Thomas Murphy
Carol Ann Shorv D U D D H Carried P D
Carol Carried Million Away
Carried Z T#
Carried I
Carried Agronomist Neil Drummond
Carried Allen Meredith
Carried Andrew Daly
Carried Andrew Farrell
Carried Anglican Parish
Carried Campbell
Carried Carried
Carried Chapman Catt
Carried Edgar Lance
Carried Fraser
Carried Frost
Carried G 70.00 100.00
Carried G K. O’Donnell
Carried Graham
Carried Grant
Carried Harper Young
Carried Howard Daley
Carried Hull
Carried Î * Reuben Smith
Carried I Campbell
Carried Jean Charles Langlois
Carried Lloyd Balharrle
Carried McGuire
Carried Messrs Lloyd Stevens
Carried Motion Commr
Carried Motion Crs
Carried Motion Graham
Carried Mr. Carmen Bretzlaff
Carried Mr. Desmond
Carried Mr. Michael Foran
Carried Murray
Carried Ray Bowie
Carried Shawville
Carried Silver
Carried Smith
Carried Thomas
Carried Transfer
Carried W « Mrs. Idena Fraser
Carried W Clark
Carried William
Carried Wilson
Carried Woods
Carried Yours
Cartoons Thomas Nast
Catherine Dolan
Catherine McKennv Dolan
Catherine Thomas A Smith
Cathy Dolan
CDotv X Carried Arthur Labelle
Cecil Thomas
Cecil Thomas O Brien
Cecil Thomas Santa Claus
Cerrr* Thomas Flynn As
Charles I Thomas
Charles Imison’s Carried
Charles Kelly VldlUlUlUn Thomas Charles Kelly
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas 2 James
Charles Thomas Feed
Charles Thomas Foad
Charles Thomas Food
Charles Thomas Kearns
Charles Thomas Stanger
Charlie Carried
Charlie Thomas
Charlie Thomas 1st
Charlie Thomas Wayne Langford
Chateau Cartier Choice Meats Cosy Corner Corel Corporation Dolan
Chemin Thomas Lefebvre Mansfiekj-et-Pontefract
Chemin Thomas Lefebvre Mansfield-et-Pontefract
Cheryl Dolan
Cheryl Dolan-McPhie
Childrens Thomas Mousseau Men
Chniyl Dolan Michael Findlay
Chômas Dolan Joan
Chrintie Dolan Uto
Chris Dolan
Chris Thomas
Christian Heritage Party’s Thomas Sabounn
Christie Dolan
Christina Dolan
Christopher Dolan
Christopher Thomas
Christy Dolan
Chuck Thomas
Church Alexander Grant John Sinclair Lydia Lebaw Cornelius McCagg James Gibson Thomas
Church Clerk- Thomas Qalg
Cîàyton Thomas
CiC* Thomas H Lefebvre
CIs Thomas
Claire Carried
Claire Lunam Clarence Thomas Sparling
Claire Lunam Thomas Ronald Horner Peacefully
Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas Chartrand
Claire Thomas M >*
Clarence Caldwell—carried
Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas Brownlee
Clarence Thomas Hade6
Clarence Thomas Hades
Clarence Thomas Ilea
Clarence Thomas Sparling
Clarendon Thomas Elliott... Unknown
Clarendon Thomas Elliott... Unknow»......... James McFarlane Daniel Leitch
Claude Dolan
Claude Mar- Carried
Claude Thomas
Clayton Carried Zion Black
Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas 677
Clayton Thomas Grant Eades
Clayton Thomas Norway Bay
Clayton Thomas Willie Grace
Cliff Thomas
Clifford Cone Mrs. Thomas Brown Mrs Miiy Brown
Clifford Dolan
Clifford Elliott :• Thomas Joyce No.
Clifford Thomas
Clifford Thomas Atkinson
Clifford Thomas Wilson
Clift Thomas
Clifton Thomas
Clinton Thomas
Clmilcs Thomas
Cockerel—F W Thomas
Coffer Thomas Fitnn
Coffre Thomas Flynn
Color Paul Carpenter Melissa Stribling Carried
Comrade Earl Dolan
Comte Thomas Flynn K Agent
Con-Mildred Thomas
Congratulations Thomas Wallace
Connie Thomas
Constable Thomas A. Brow
Contact Thomas Tracy
Corey Thomas
Corp L H Thomas
Corporal Thomas Evans
Corrigan and Grant Elliott Carried
Corrigan Thomas Dagg
Cory Thomas
Cotton Thomas
Coun F Thomas
Coun Thomas
Coun Thomas McDowell
CoUn* Thomas
Councillor Thomas
Councillor Thomas Dunn
Councillor Thomas Eraser
Councillor Thomas Fraser
Councillor Thomas J. McGuire
Councillor Thomas J. McGuire John’s Quebec
Councillor Thomas O Brien
Councillor Thomas O’Brien
Councillor Thomas Smith
Councillors Dolan
Councillors Thomas Be
Councillors Thomas Calumet Island
Councillors Thomas Fades
Councillors Thomas Fraser
Councillors Thomas J. Pou|>ore
Councillors Thomas Jewell
Councillors Thomas Kearns
Councillors Thomas Marcotte
Councillors Thomas Mel)
Councillors Thomas Mirbelixed Iron Oval Top Trunks
Councillors Thomas Smi
Councilor Thomas J. McGuire
Councilor Thomas Jewell
Councilor Thomas O Brien
Coyne Dolan
CpL Thomas Alva Kennedy
Cpl Thomas MacFarlanc
Cpl Thomas Macfarlane Station
Cr Thomas
Cr Thomas J. McGuire
Cr Thomas Smith
Craig Thomas Campeau Eloi Elliott John I^aiizon Bvtmeau Lucas W. H. Murdock John Smith
Craig Thomas Vain|H''au Kloi Elliott John Ijutizon Bvinicau Lucas W. H. Murdock John Smith Matthe
Crayon—Miss Thomas
Crs J J Carried
Crs Thomas
Crs Thomas - Crs Mavis Hanna
Crs Thomas Be
Crs Thomas Belair
Crs Thomas Bruce Armitage
Crs Thomas Fahey
Crs Thomas Rigid Frame
Crs Thomas S1010.90
Crs Thomas Uelair
Cruice Thomas Dodd
Cyril Thomas
D. K Carried
D. Thomas
Da Thomas
Dad Thomas
Dale 2. F W Thomas 3. Milch
Dale Carried
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale Thomas
Dale Thomas Rothwell
Dan Thomas
Dana Dolan
Dance Thomas Bennett
Danford Thomas
Daniel Mr. Thomas Davis
Daniel Step- Carried Motion Os
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas Dubeau
Dannv Thomas
Danny Dolan
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas William
Darien Thomas
Darien Thomas Routline Routliffe
Darlene Thomas
Dave Dav- Carried Reports
Dave Thomas
David Charles Thomas Lester
David Clayton Thomas
David Dickson Thomas Memorial
David Haig Thomas
David McKenny Thomas Tracey
David Thomas
David Thomas Brandt
David Thomas Hughes
David... Martin E. T.____ Nolan Thomas
Davidson Thomas Lo
Dawn Dolan
Dawn J Dolan
Debbie Thomas
Del Dolan
Del- Thomas
Delbert Thomas
Delbert Thomas Kearns
Delegate Thomas
Delia Dolan
Dennis Theiian.............. Thomas O’Donnell
Derek Thomas
Derick Thomas Issac
Detroit Thomas
Detroit’s Thomas Holmstrom
Deven Thomas Edward Hiscock
Di Leaving Dagg Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Diane Dolan
Dianna Thomas George Elliott
Director Thomas
Docteur Thomas O’Neill
Doctor Thomas
Dolan "
Dolan - Chris Dolan
Dolan Body Shop
Dolan By Richard McAra Mr John Dolan
Dolan Coulouge
Dolan Detroit
Dolan Est.
Dolan Farrell That Cl
Dolan Fitiroy Harbour
Dolan Fltzroy Harbour Amprior N
Dolan Francis Dolan
Dolan Herbert
Dolan Hubert
Dolan I
Dolan John LeBrun Bernard O Hara Ronald Renaud Nancy Kilbride
Dolan L Kev Class
Dolan McKenny
Dolan Raymond McCafferv
Dolan Russell -
Dolan S
Dolan Steele
Dolan The
Dolan Thomas
Dolan WE.
Dolan- Ruth
Dolan’s Fabrics
Don Mc- Carried
Don McColgan Quyon Ferry Jean-Guy Lapierre Quyon Post Office Terry Dolan JP Cote
Don Thomas
Don Thomas Mass
Donald Joseph Dolan
Donald Thomas Richardson Richardson
Donna Lynn To- Thomas
Donna Thomas
Doreen Dolan
Doreen Thomas Misses Jadvya Leonaviciuliuti Vermont
Doreen Thomas New
Doris Day Danny Thomas
Doris Thomas
Doris Thomas 951
Dorothy’s Thomas
Dot Thomas
Doue Thomas
Doug Carried
Doug Thomas
Doug Thomas "Defenceman
Doug Thomas He
Doug Thomas Joey Keon
Doug Thomas) Rockland—J.
Dougie Thomas
Dougie Thomas Kervin Burman
Douglas and Betty Thomas
Douglas Thomas
Douglas Thomas 138.50
Down Dolan
Dr. Martin Benfey Dr. John Wootton Dr Thomas O Neill INFORMATION Pontoc Les
Dr. Thomas
Dr. Thomas Addis
Dr. Thomas C. O Neill
Dr. Thomas C. O Neill DIRECTORY
Dr. Thomas C. O’Neill
Dr. Thomas C. O’Neill Dr. Isabelle Martin
Dr. Thomas C. Routley
Dr. Thomas Chalmers
Dr. Thomas Dodd
Dr. Thomas Eclectric
Dr. Thomas F. Anderson
Dr. Thomas Fuller
Dr. Thomas Guiui
Dr. Thomas H. Hogg
Dr. Thomas J
Dr. Thomas J. Headlee
Dr. Thomas J. Mays
Dr. Thomas M. Beck
Dr. Thomas O Neill
Dr. Thomas O Neill Moved
Dr. Thomas O Neill SHAWVILLE
Dr. Thomas O. Thompson
Dr. Thomas Oliver
Dr. Thomas O’Neill
Dr. Thomas Robertson
Dr. Thomas’ Eclectnc
Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric
Dr.Thomas O’Neill
Dundas Thomas Haliburt
Duth Thomas
Dvug Thomas
E Dolan
E J Barber and Thomas I
E Thomas.
E. Dolan
E. Thomas
e8^Jr Thomas
E>oug Thomas
Eadie Thomas
Ear Ring Rare Terry Dolan
Earl "Chipper" Dolan
Earl & Alice Dolan
Earl Authur Thomas
Earl Dolan
Earl Dolan 2
Earl Dolan Brent
Earl Dolan Legal
Earl Dolan Paddy McCann
Earl Dolan Quyon-Tel
Earl J. Dolan
Earl Jos Dolan
Earl Joseph Dolan
Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas Annie Thomas
Earl Thomas Cotie
Earl Thomas Donald and Joan Woermke
Earl Thomas Is
Earl Thomas Tel
Earl Thomas Thomas -
Ebert Alexander From James Dolan
Ebert Thomas
Ed Dolan
Ed MoCafr Thomas
Ed Thomas
Eddie Dolan
Edgar Carried Has Opening
Edgar P Carried
Edgar Tubman Howard Walls Albert Frechette Lawson Corrigan Bill Thompson Thomas Roberts John Should
Edie Thomas
Edith Thomas
Edith Thomas Ebert Smith
Edmund Thomas Camp
Edmund Thomas Campbell
Edward Davis) Thomas S. Jewell
Edward Dolan
Edward Francis Dolan
Edward Kelly............ Thomas Gallagher........ Leo Elliott..............
Edward Robert —Carried
Edward Thomas
Edward Thomas Brownlee
Edward Thomas Hodgin-s»
Edward Thomas Hodgins
Edward Thomas Hodglns
Edward Thomas Toner
Edward Thomas Whclen Dies HARLAND
Edward Thomas.
Edward Whelan Richard Richardson Nathaniel Brownlee John Brown Thomas Prendergast Robert Prendergas
Edwin Thomas Finan
Edwin Thomas Finan Shawville United Church
Eileen Carried
Elbert Thomas
Eleanor Thomas
Eleanor Thomas Foran
Eli- Thomas
Elizabeth Ar Thomas Gray
Elizabeth J Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647- 3879 9.00
Elizabeth Lowell Dolan
Elizabeth McCallum Weds Charles Earl Thomas Lorna Lucas Marries Robert John Frederick Smart
Elizabeth Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck
Elizabeth Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Rev Ft Thomas Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Rev Ft Thomas Fitzpatrick 647
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas-Clark
Ella Thomas
Ella Thomas Davis
Ella Thomas • Victor Lemaire
Ellen Dolan
Elliot Thomas Scharff
Elliott Carried
Elliott Mrs. Arthür Thomas Neil Sparling I Evelyn A. Scott Peter Hodglns Mrs. S.R.N.
Elliott Sr 2. Thomas McDowell
Elmer Thomas
Emma Myers- Thomas Foran
Emmer- Carried
Engineer Thomas Hunt
Ennis Thomas
Ennis Thomas Rickie Richardson
Eoert Thomas
Eric (Noreen Dolan
Eric Maldoff Thomas
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas Sherk Lefebvre
Eric Thomas Sullivan
Eric Thomas Sullivan He
Ernest Carried David Brosseau
Ernest Dolan
Ervin Russell - Doug Thomas
Ervine Thomas
Estate Thomas A. Elliott FOR
Estate Thomas A. Elliott FOR SALE
Esther Maria Thomas
Esther Thomas
Ethel Thomas
EUen Dolan
EUx Thomas
Eva Andai Thomas H. Lefebvre
Eva Thomas Eades
Evelyn Mur- Thomas
Evelyn Thomas
Evelyn Wilkinson Thomas
Ex-Mayor K Thomas
F J Dolan
F W Thomas
F W Thomas 1
F W Thomas. Milch
F W Thomas. Pr Toulouse
F. Dolan
F. Thomas
F. Thomas No. 4,-Lila
F.C. Carried
F.W. Thomas
Faithful Thomas
Farrell Da Carried
Farrell Dolan That Hoad Foreman M. Doyles
Fat Dolan
Father Thomas Trie
Fernand Alarie Dr. Thomas C. O Neill Shawville
Fiederivk Thomas
Finn Thomas Investment
Flaurie Thomas
Flight Sergeant Irvine Gordon Thomas
Flight Sergeant Irwin Gordon Thomas mi* H ¦spaa
Florence Thomas Cyrus Beck Way
Florence Thomas Smith
Fran Thomas
Frances Dolan
Francia Dolan
Francis Dolan
Francis Dolan’s
Francis Thomas
Frank Corrigan J Stal W Thomas 2.
Frank Dolan
Frank Hampel Thomas
Frank Robertson Thomas Murphy
Frank Sloan Carried
Frank Thomas
Frankie Thomas
Fraser Carried
Fraser Thomas
Fre<l Thomas Mrs
Fred Astaire John Payne Carried
Fred Campbell Allan Woods Shawville Brownie Pack Thomas Gallagher Wallace McGillis Reginald Stanley
Fred Carried
Fred Dolan
Fred T Thomas
Fred Thomas
Fred Thomas ... Lloyd Hodgins
Fred Thomas ...... Lloyd Hodgins
Fred Thomas 1
Fred Thomas 2
Fred Thomas 3. Single
Fred Thomas 5
Fred Thomas 647-3589
Fred Thomas 647-3589 Vfc&l
Fred Thomas 647-3589.
Fred Thomas C. Matters
Fred Thomas Calgary
Fred Thomas dial
Fred Thomas S.
Fred Thomas Shawville
Fred Thomas-Policeman
Fred Thomas........
Fred Thomas..........
Fred Thomas...........
Fred V Thomas 2. Pair Oxford
Fred W Thomas
Fred W Thomas 2. FOB SALE.
Fred W Thomas Nov.
Fred W. Thomas
Fred XV Thomas
Freddie Thomas
Fredeiick Thomas
Frederick G. Thoms Carried
Frederick Thomas
Fumerton Mrs Fred Thomas
Fumerton Thomas
Furl Thomas
G. Thomas
Gabnel-de-Brandon Thomas
Gaboury Thomas Hades
Garnet Thomas
Garnet Thomas McGee
Gary Mason Thomas
Gauthier Dolan
Geo Murphy Robt Hammond Arthur Wiggins James Thomas Frank Cornu Arthur Smiley Allan Meredith Win Dr
George Aired Thomas
George and Thomas
George and Thomas Tubman
George C. Dolan
George Hodgins John Dale Thomas Hodgins, Jr Cr
George Kilgour.-Carried
George Matthew’s Anglican Cemetery Thomas
George Thomas
George Thomas Conlin
George Thomas Frank
George Thomas Judd
George Thomas R
George Thomas the
George Thomas Tubman
George Thomas Warren
George Thomas Warren Passes Away Al
George Thomas Warren.
Georgina Thomas
Gerald D.D Carried
Gerald Francis Dolan
Gerald Francis Dolan Appearing
Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas ......... Erwin Laughren
Gerald Thomas ............ Arvilla Pitt
Gerald Thomas |IE.
Gerald Thomas.
Geraldine Thomas
Gerard Thomas Be
Gerry Thomas
Gertrude Fraser- Thomas Tracey
Gilbert Morin Thomas Herbert Gilles Villeneuve Big
Gilbert Thomas
Gilles Thomas Fahey
Glen Ford Diane Brewster Ernest Borgnine Carried
Glen Thomas
Glen Thomas Barber at Edmonton
Glen Thomas.
Glenn Thomas
Glenn Thomas Bar-1about
Glenny Thomas
Gloves Thomas Patrick Mousseau
Godfrey Thomas
Golden Thomas
Gordon Carried
Gordon H A Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck 647
Gordon Paul Carried
Gordon Paul Gordon Thomas Paul
Gordon Scott Vera MlleV Carried Moved
Gordon Thomas
Gordon Thomas Brownlee
Gorman Dolan
Governor Thomas E. Dewey
Graham Thomas - Smart Helen
Graham Thomas Milne
Graham Thomas Thompson
Grant Carried Messrs. Don Horner
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
Grant Thomas
Gregoiy Thomas
Guest Thomas H. Lefebvre
H H L Thomas’ Anglican Church
H Thomas
H. J. Dolan
H. Thomas
Hairy Thomas
Hal Thomas Tubman
Hall Carried
Hall Thomas
Hannah Correction Carried Motion Crs
Harold Steeli Carried
Harold Thomas
Harold Thomas <Ttmi Armstrong
Harold Thomas Armstrong
Harold Thomas Sowerby
Harold Wilson Carried
Harold Wilson Carried Moved
Harry Carried
Harry Church Carried
Harry Thomas
Hart Thomas
Hartwell Thomas
Harvey Thomas
Harvey Thomas 3
Harvey Thomas Flteroy
Harvey Thomas John
Harvey Thomas John - Peacefully
Harvey Thomas John Smith
Harvey Thomas) Fitz-Harhour
Hayes Carried
Hayes Thomas
Heather The Dolan
Hel- Thomas
Helena Hart Dolan
Hen Thomas
Henry Carried
Henry Dolan
Henry Dolan RR
Henry Miller—carried
Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas Argue
Henry Thomas Buckle
Henry Thomas F U
Henry Thomas Hindman
Henry Thomas Hope
Henry Thomas Hurd-
Henry Thomas Hurdman
Henry Thomas Lunam
Henry Thomas Smith
Herbert Martin Carried
Herbert Thomas Millar
Herbert Thomas Smith
Hertha Dolan
HesMo Thomas
Hod Carried
Hodgins Thomas
Hodgins-Thomas Block
Hollis Barber ___ Thomas Bean ----- Grant Fades
Holt Thomas
Holt Thomas Calls
Homes Thomas
Hon Thomas Low
Hon Thomas Narlock R.E.
Honorable Thomas Ostrom Enders
Horigins Thomas Wallace
Hot Thomas B/ilantyne
Howard Thomas
Hpe- Ward 2- Alice Dolan
hr-4 Thomas
Hubert McCauley Carried
Hubert Thomas Horner -
Huddersfield Thomas Murray McNeil
Hugh Dolan
Hugh Grant Carried
Huid Thomas Brown
Hunter Chad Thomas Belanger
Hy Thomas Mini
I)i Thomas
I**************************** Thomas E. Towle
I. E Dolan
Icy Thomas
Ih Thomas
Iind Thomas
Ijiwrenue Thomas
Ilam-shaw Thomas
In- Thomas Scott.
Ingrid Thomas
Inquire Thomas Campbell
Inventor Thomas
Irene Dolan
Irvine Gordon Thomas Brownlee
Irwin Carried
Irwin Thomas
Irwin Thomas -
Irwin Thomas The
Irwin Thomas Wilson
Is Sir Thomas Lip
Isaac Stan- Thomas MacEarlanv.
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas Graham Graham - Isaac Thomas Graham
Issac Thomas
Ivan Carried
Ivan Dolan
Ivan Dolan Girls Automobile Race
Ivor Thomas
Ivy Thomas
J A Cathy Dolan
J C Dolan
J E Dolan
J E Dolan 3
J E Dolan 3. Pair
J H Thomas
J R —Carried Motion
J Thomas
J Thomas Hugh Sharpe
J Thomas.
J. Dolan
J. K Dolan
J. Thomas
Jack Dolan
Jack Dolan Ah
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas Audgey Bishop.
Jack Thomas Co. Arnprior Is
Jack Thomas Guests
Jack Thomas Sunday
Jack" Dolan
Jackie Thomas
Jackie Thomas Almonte
Jackie Thomas Desmond Kennedy
Jackie Thomas Eldon McDqwell
Jackie Thomas Shawville United Church
Jackie Thomas Yarm Community Hall As
Jacky Thomas
Jacques Thomas
Jame* Thomas
Jameé Thomas
Jamee Thomas Haekett
Jameff Thomas Lord
James Austin Dolan Janies Austin Dolan
James D Thomas Bade* Ed.
James Dolan
James Dolan................ Michael Foran.............. Dominic Foran
James Edward Dolan
James Ftar Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Grabouski Thomas Rowen
James Hod-Thomas Smart
James I Thomas Glenn
James K McGoff—Carried
James McDowell Thomas Wilson Guests
James McGoff......... Francis Dolan........ Jaa Dougherty
James Me Thomas Hoysted
James Otter Lake St Thomas Bnstol St George Campbell
James Otter Lane St Thomas
James Otter Late St Thomas
James Re Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Rer Fr Thomas Fitrpatnck
James Rev Fr Thomas
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck 647
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3679
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 11:00
James Rtw Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James R«w Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Steele Carried
James Thomas
James Thomas "
James Thomas Brown
James Thomas C uthbertson
James Thomas CALL
James Thomas Glenn
James Thomas Kobus
James Thomas Pal
James Thomas Pat
James Thomas Patteaon
James Thomas Patti
James Thomas Pattiann
James Thomas Pattimn
James Thomas Pattison
James Thomas Savage Derian Jeremy Plouffe
James Thomas V. K. Steele
James Thomas Victor Young
James Thomas Wall
James Thomas Wall NOTICE
James Thomas “ Simon Martineau
James Ward Mr. Lennon Thomas
James Whelen—Carried
Janies Thomas
Jas Dolan
Jas Thomas
Jason How- Carried
Jean and Thomas James.
Jean Francis Simser Carried
Jean Ostrom-Ken Thomas Lefebvre
Jean Thomas Taschereau
Jean) Mrs. Thomas McRae
Jean----------------------------- Thomas - Charlie
Jeff Thomas
Jeffrey Thomas
Jennie Thomas
Jennifer Dr. Thomas
Jeramy Thomas
Jeroee Thomas
Jerome Thomas
Jerry Dolan
Jerry Dolan On Saturday
Jerry Lewis Joan O Brien Fun Drama Carried
Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas -
Jessie Thomas
Jim Dolan
Jim Thomas
Jim" James Thomas
Jimmy Dolan
Jimmy Durante Donald O’Connor Carried
Jnme* Thomas
Jno C Dolan
Jo Carried
Jo Thomas Fltnw
Joan Thomas
Joanisse.Thomas Fraser
Joe Carried
Joe Dolan
Joe Dolan................... Leo Dolan.................. Joe O’Donnell
Joe Thomas
John A Dolan
John and Fred Thomas
John and Thomas Holland
John B Ralph Joseph Dolan George Reid Adam Brownlee
John C Dolan
John C. Dolan
John Carried
John Carried Ki LgOu
John Devlin............. Estate Thomas Rutledge
John Devlin.............. Estate Thomas Rutledge..
John Dolan
John Dolan 1
John Dolan 2
John G Hilton St Thomas
John Hickey—Carried
John I Thomas Stokes
John J Carried
John J. O Donnell d Councillors Dolan
John Jacques Thomas
John Jones John Thomas Muldoon Mrs. Austin Sparling
John Kilgoor Trucking Billy T’s Pizza Rusendale Farms Valu-mart Dr Thomas C O Neiii Kearns Mobile F
John L. Corn* Thomas Flynn
John L. Correa Thomas Flynn
John L. Correa Thomas Flynw
John M Dolan
John M. Dolan
John M. Dolan............*• Arnold Vallillee
John Morrison--Carried
John O’Connel John McMahan Jack Dolan
John St Carried
John Thomas
John Thomas -
John Thomas Acres
John Thomas Beardsley
John Thomas Bristol
John Thomas Cote
John Thomas Creighton
John Thomas Dies Catherine the
John Thomas Farrell
John Thomas Farrell Tenders
John Thomas Ferrigan
John Thomas Ferrigan Pecho
John Thomas Harrison
John Thomas Hodgins
John Thomas Hodgins CO
John Thomas I
John Thomas Moan Died
John Thomas North
John Thomas Phelan
John Thomas Roach
John Thomas Roach November
John Thomas So
John Thomas Sturgeon
John Thomas Twedddl
John Thomas Wrinn
John Thomas Wrinn’s
John Thomas............ Acres
John Tierney Patrick Dolan
John Vrai*—Carried
John Winert Thomas
John................. Dolan
Johni Thomas Jorgen- Eades
Johnny Dolan
Johnny Thomas
Joiui Thomas S. Mahon
Jos Dolan
Joseph Dolan
Joseph Dolan Geoige Reid Adam Brownlee Partie
Joseph E. Dolan
Joseph E. Dolan Dies
Joseph Lance 33.10 Carried
Joseph Patrick Dolan J-
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas Alexander La
Joseph Thomas Alexander Laframboisc
Joseph Thomas Walter Rudkin
Joseph Thomas Welch
Joshua Thomas
Journée Thomas
Jr Carried
Jr Champion Mrs Thomas Dunn
JUâSeld Thomas
Judd Thomas Smith
Julie Harris James Dean Carried Lucille Ball Deal Arne* Motion Crs
Julie i*V Thomas
Julie Thomas
June 10,1981 Frederick W Martin Obituaries Thomas Melvin Beattie
J«ek Thomas
K. Carried
K. Thomas
Kathleen Thomas
Kathryn Grant Carried
Kathy Dolan
Katie Dolan
Katie Dolan Bursary
Katie Dolan Cadet
Katie Tom Dolan
Katlyn Dolan
Kay Thomas
Kdna Thomas
Kdward Thomas Brown
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas Anglican
Keith Thomas Ferneyhough
Kelly Thomas
Kelvin Thomas
Ken Carried
Ken Dow- Carried Moved
Ken Spear St Thomas
Ken Spear St Thomas’Bristol
Kennedy Carried
Kenneth Bean’s—Carried Motion
Kenneth Dolan
Kenneth JBrownlee-- Carried
Kenneth Thomas
Kenneth Thomas Fraser
Kerry Dolan
Keven Thomas
Kevin Thomas
Kim Thomas
Kir Thomas IApton
Kirk Thomas
Kirs Dolan
Kolton Thomas
Kyle Dolan
Kyle Thomas O’Brien
L J Carried
L M!* 0wcn Thomas
L Thomas
L. Thomas
Lance Photography K Thomas - Palmer
Langfoid Thomas Russell
Larry Thomas
Late Thomas
Late Thomas Fraser
Late Thomas Grant ARTHUR
Laundry Thomas
Laura Palmer Thomas
Laura Palmer Thomas Cleans
Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas Mathers
Laurence Hartwell Thomas
Laurence Thomas
Law Thomas Murray
Lawrence Thomas
Lawrence View Tendon Council Maroc Thomas McFarlane
Lawson Carried
Lee Dolan
Lee Hod- Thomas John Smith
Leigh Dolan
Len Thomas
Len-nin Thomas
Lena Thomas Leach
Lennon Thomas
Lennon Thomas Claude !
Lennon Thomas) Sha Willard
Leo Carried Motion Crs
Leo Chartrand Carried
Leo Dolan
Leo Dolan............... Wm
Leo Me Thomas OiV WALLACE
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas Sullivan
Leona Dolan
Leonard Hearty I Thomas Hearty
Leonard Horner Thomas Stark
Leonard Thomas
Les Serres Thomas Towle Inc.
Les Serres Thomas Towle Inc. Nous
Leslie Thomas Prestage
Lester Thomas
Lewis Carried Carried Mr. Kelly
Lifelong Leslie Township Resident Mrs. Thomas Quaile
Linda Dolan
Linda Thomas
Lionel Carried Telford
Lionel Grimes Carried
Little Thomas
Little Thomas—"Mamma
Lizzie Thomas
Lloyd Balharrie Carried Married
Lois Thomas
Lola Dolan
Lord Thomas
Lou Thomas
Louis Barbeau......... Thomas Dagg
Louis Thomas * W_My
Louis Thomas Cecil Walsh
Louis Thomas Combenmece
Louis Thomas I to—Meet McGraw
Louise Thomas
Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Lucv Thomas
Luke Thomas
Lumema Dolan
Lyle Thomas Mitchell
Lynette Thomas
L’honorable Thomas Lefebvre
M A. Dolan
M L A.—Carried
M Thomas Lefebvre
M. Dolan
M. Thomas
M. Thomas H. Lefebvre
M:ss Ann Thomas
Mac Thomas
Mac Vicar Bros St Thomas
Mae Dolan
Major Thomas
Mal,cl Thomas
Mam Thomas Fades
Mar- Carried
Mara Lane Dennis O’Keefe Carried
Marc-André Rev Thomas Simms
Margaret Dolan
Margaret Ethel Knipe Mrs Thomas A Hobbs Margaret Ethel Knipe
Margaret ft* Mrs. Thomas Smith
Margaret Rutherforo Tarry Thomas
Margaret Thomas
Maria Thomas
Marina Thomas
Marjorie Thomas
Marjorie Thomas 648
Mark Dolan
Mark Thomas
Martha Hanning Thomas
Martha Thomas
Martin Benfey Dr John Wootton Dr Thomas O Neill
Martin Dolan
Marty Thomas
Marvin Thomas
Mary Agnes Vaillant Thomas
Mary Ann Dolan
Mary Catherine Dolan
Mary Dolan
Mary Ellen Dolan
Mary Katherine Dolan
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas Mrs.
Mary Thomas Smith
Mass Carried
Mass E St Thomas
Master Thomas
Master Thomas Brown
Mathew Thomas
Maty Thomas
Maud Thomas
Maureen Thomas
Maureen Thomas Waterfront
Maurice Lafleur Thomas Dubeau
Maurice Meunier Mr. Thomas Shore
Mavor Thomas
Max John H. H Thomas. Win
May Thomas
Maynard Davis Carried
Mayor F W Thomas
Mayor F W. Thomas
Mayor K W Thomas
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Thomas J. (Bud) Sloan Councillors S<
Mayor Thomas
Mayor Thomas *''
Mayor Thomas E. Henry
Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Mayor Thomas J. McGuire
Mayor Thomas Moncion
Mayor Thomas O - Brien
Mayor Thomas O -1
Mayor Thomas O Brien
Mayor Thomas O’Brien
Mayors Thomas
Mb Thomas Neville Is
McCualg Carried
McKay Carried
McLellan Thomas
Meeting Thomas Lefeb
MEETING | Karen Elizabeth McCready Weds Revel Thomas Stewart
Mel Carried Mrs. Manswell Thresher
Mel Thomas
Mel Thomas Joseph Kelly
Mel- Thomas Hodgins/Art Rennick
Melba Thomas Sparling
Melville Thomas
Melvin Arm-Thomas
Melvin Stewart—Carried
Melvin Thomas
Merleau Thomas Corrigan.... Faloon Corrigan
Merleau Thomas Corrigan..... Faloon Corrigan..... Michael Cooney
Merleau Thomas Corrigea.....
Messrs Michael Thomas
Messrs Thomas
Messrs Thomas Craig
Messrs Thomas Mrs. William Fraser
Messrs Thomas Murray
Messrs'' Thomas Murray
Messrs. Elisha Graham and William Dolan
Messrs. Thomas
Messrs. Thomas Cook
Messrs. Thomas Murray
Messrs. Thomas Orr
Messrs. Thomas Wallace
Met Thomas
Mevcrend Thomas Lord
Mi Thomas
Mi Thomas Shepherd
Mi* Thomas
Mi* Thomas Lato
Mi- Thomas Pilon
Mia Thomas Quelle BSantwaki
Mica Dolan
Mich Helen Dolan
Michael Carried
Michael Dolan
Michael Dolan Esq.
Michael Dolan Passes Àway Al Home MY BANK
Michael Dolan...........
Michael O’Hare Thomas Heaphy
Michael St Germain Charles P Shea,----- Thomas H Mousseau J. Derouin
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Earl -
Michael Thomas Edward Meetings
Michael Thomas May
Michael Thomas Murdock
Michael Thomas Nimchuk By ELIZABETH HAHN
Michael............ Guertin Bruno................ Dolan
Michelle Tessier Father John Thomas Fitzpatrick
Micky Dolan
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas Ran
Mil da Le-Dolan
Mil-Mayor Thomas
Mildred Thomas
Mildred Thomas Brennan
Mildred Thomas Calumet Island
Mildred Thomas Leah Miller
Mildred Thomas Mr Ramsay Baker
Mildred Thomas On
Mildred Thomas Our
Mildred Thomas Shawville
Mildred Thomas were Guy
Mildred Thomas §he
Mildred Thomas.
Mildred Æ Thomas
Miles Thomas
Millie Thomas
Millie Thomas Patricia Anzivino
Milton Hache Carried
Minerva Thomas
Minnie Dolan
Minor Carried Carried Gus
Minor Crs Thomas Fahey Jeannine
Minor Thomas Hickey
Mirian Thomas
Mis Thomas Hodgin*
Mis Thomas Martin
Mis Thomas Stitt
Mis* Thomas
Misa Audrey Dolan
Miss Mona Armstrong Thomas Sheppard Melvin Sheppard Mr.
Miss Thomas 2. Kensington—Mrs John Hodgins Mrs Edwd Hodgine
Mitchell Anthony Mackenzie Carol Marie Morgan Lindon Dantm Todd Roland Mikaela Kristen Thomas Grayd
MiV''Thomas McDowell
Mlles Thomas
Mme Thomas Ladouceur
Mme Thomas Soucie
Mn Thomas McGee
Mnt- L T. Thomas
Mol Thomas McTier-
Monsieur Thomas
Monsieur Thomas Fecteau
Monsieur Thomas H Lefebvre
Monsieur Thomas H. Lefebvre
Monsieur Thomas Réouverture
Monsieur Thomas Shea
Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nolan Thomas
Moore David................ Martin E. T................ Nolan Thomas
Motion Thomas
Mousseau Thomas
Mr J E Dolan
Mr Thomas
Mr Thomas Argue
Mr Thomas Armstrong
Mr Thomas B Wilson
Mr Thomas Boyd Caldwell
Mr Thomas Brown
Mr Thomas Cahill
Mr Thomas Carthy
Mr Thomas Chapais
Mr Thomas Cor Peggy Cruickshank
Mr Thomas Dagg
Mr Thomas Dodd
Mr Thomas Donnelly
Mr Thomas Dubeau
Mr Thomas Dubois
Mr Thomas Dunbar
Mr Thomas Dunhar
Mr Thomas Durrell
Mr Thomas Eades
Mr Thomas Fitzpatrick
Mr Thomas Fox
Mr Thomas G Dagg
Mr Thomas Grifen
Mr Thomas Harris
Mr Thomas Hayes
Mr Thomas Heeney
Mr Thomas Hodgins
Mr Thomas Horner
Mr Thomas J McGuire
Mr Thomas Jenkins
Mr Thomas Kavanaugh
Mr Thomas Kirkham
Mr Thomas Lefebvre
Mr Thomas Letts
Mr Thomas Lunam
Mr Thomas Madrygar Corporation
Mr Thomas Marshall
Mr Thomas McEachern
Mr Thomas McNeil
Mr Thomas Miss Reubie Russett
Mr Thomas Mo
Mr Thomas Moran
Mr Thomas Murdock
Mr Thomas Neville
Mr Thomas PcnUergaat
Mr Thomas Pilon
Mr Thomas Pitts
Mr Thomas Quaile
Mr Thomas Rutledge
Mr Thomas Schneider
Mr Thomas Shawville
Mr Thomas Sic
Mr Thomas Somerville
Mr Thomas Stephens
Mr Thomas Tentians
Mr Thomas Tracey
Mr Thomas Tracy.
Mr Thomas Wesley
Mr Thomas Whelan
Mr Vincent Foran Dolan
Mr# H . Thomas
Mr# Thomas Mathers
Mr* D Oateem Mrs Thomas McGee
Mr* Thomas
Mr* Thomas Ferneyhough
Mr* Thomas Horner
Mr* Thomas Shore
Mr, Thomas Barron
Mr, Thomas Eades
Mr, Thomas Tubman
Mr- Thomas Dagg
Mr- Thomas McVeigh
Mr- Thomas Quaile
Mr. Dolan
Mr. Fred W. Thomas
Mr. Harvey Thomas John
Mr. J E. Dolan
Mr. Le- Carried
Mr. M*™*» Carried
Mr. Thomas
Mr. Thomas 8. Reilly
Mr. Thomas A. Corrigan
Mr. Thomas A. Edison
Mr. Thomas A. Elliott
Mr. Thomas Abbott
Mr. Thomas Adams
Mr. Thomas Ahearn
Mr. Thomas Alexander
Mr. Thomas Alva Edison
Mr. Thomas Archie Leonard Emmerson
Mr. Thomas Armi- Mr.
Mr. Thomas Armour
Mr. Thomas Armstrong
Mr. Thomas Atkins
Mr. Thomas B Wilson
Mr. Thomas B. Date
Mr. Thomas B. Flint
Mr. Thomas Belt
Mr. Thomas Ben-''#
Mr. Thomas Benii
Mr. Thomas Bennett
Mr. Thomas Black
Mr. Thomas Boyle
Mr. Thomas Bradley
Mr. Thomas Brownlee
Mr. Thomas Bur-and Mrs. Amy Creighton.
Mr. Thomas Burrows
Mr. Thomas Burton
Mr. Thomas C. Mj,-declt
Mr. Thomas Cahill
Mr. Thomas Carmichael
Mr. Thomas Cavanagh
Mr. Thomas Charles Druce
Mr. Thomas Cirant
Mr. Thomas Cotte
Mr. Thomas Craig
Mr. Thomas Crawford
Mr. Thomas Cubmaster
Mr. Thomas Cunningham
Mr. Thomas Dad
Mr. Thomas Dagg
Mr. Thomas Dale.
Mr. Thomas Daly
Mr. Thomas Denauh
Mr. Thomas der
Mr. Thomas Dodds
Mr. Thomas Dolan
Mr. Thomas Donnelly
Mr. Thomas Dunbar
Mr. Thomas Dunbar Jr.
Mr. Thomas Dur
Mr. Thomas Durrell
Mr. Thomas DurreM
Mr. Thomas E. Farrell
Mr. Thomas E. McDowell
Mr. Thomas E. Shawville
Mr. Thomas E. Tisdale
Mr. Thomas Eades
Mr. Thomas Edison
Mr. Thomas Elliott
Mr. Thomas Em-merson
Mr. Thomas Evoy
Mr. Thomas Fades
Mr. Thomas Findlay
Mr. Thomas For-
Mr. Thomas Frederick Dyer
Mr. Thomas G. Shaughnesay
Mr. Thomas Gallagher
Mr. Thomas Galt
Mr. Thomas Garland
Mr. Thomas Gibbons
Mr. Thomas Glenn
Mr. Thomas Graham
Mr. Thomas Grant
Mr. Thomas Griffin
Mr. Thomas Grindlay
Mr. Thomas H. Armstrong
Mr. Thomas H. Lefebvre
Mr. Thomas Had Said
Mr. Thomas Hades
Mr. Thomas Halli-
Mr. Thomas Han-ratty
Mr. Thomas Hardy
Mr. Thomas Harris
Mr. Thomas Harter
Mr. Thomas Heaphy
Mr. Thomas Hi
Mr. Thomas Hilton Crick
Mr. Thomas Hobin
Mr. Thomas Hod
Mr. Thomas Hodgins
Mr. Thomas Hogan
Mr. Thomas Hollo- Med''9
Mr. Thomas Hubert Elliott
Mr. Thomas Hughes
Mr. Thomas Hurray
Mr. Thomas I Dodd
Mr. Thomas I.owe
Mr. Thomas Iloban
Mr. Thomas Ilobm
Mr. Thomas J. Hogan
Mr. Thomas J. McGuire
Mr. Thomas J. McNamara
Mr. Thomas J. Molton
Mr. Thomas J. Reid
Mr. Thomas J. Wdson
Mr. Thomas J. Wilson
Mr. Thomas J. Wilson R.R. 2
Mr. Thomas Johnson
Mr. Thomas Jowsey
Mr. Thomas K.
Mr. Thomas Kavanagh
Mr. Thomas Kdimmd Rlack
Mr. Thomas Kearns
Mr. Thomas Kêlley
Mr. Thomas Kierans
Mr. Thomas L. Brownlee
Mr. Thomas L. Clarke
Mr. Thomas L. Hubba
Mr. Thomas Lang
Mr. Thomas Lefebvre
Mr. Thomas Lindsay
Mr. Thomas Lotts
Mr. Thomas Lunam
Mr. Thomas M. Hodgins
Mr. Thomas M. Sheppard
Mr. Thomas Mac-farlane
Mr. Thomas MacFar Yfrs
Mr. Thomas Macfarlane
Mr. Thomas Mackie
Mr. Thomas MacLaren
Mr. Thomas Many
Mr. Thomas Marks
Mr. Thomas Marray
Mr. Thomas Marshall
Mr. Thomas McCool
Mr. Thomas McCord
Mr. Thomas McDo-
Mr. Thomas McDonald
Mr. Thomas McDowell
Mr. Thomas McFar-lane
Mr. Thomas McGee
Mr. Thomas McKee
Mr. Thomas McKibbon
Mr. Thomas McLaughlin
Mr. Thomas McLean Wallace
Mr. Thomas McNeill
Mr. Thomas McRae
Mr. Thomas McRay
Mr. Thomas McVeigh
Mr. Thomas McVeixh,
Mr. Thomas Me Do
Mr. Thomas Me-1 Hodgins Lo.
Mr. Thomas MeA
Mr. Thomas Mean
Mr. Thomas Moorhead
Mr. Thomas Moran
Mr. Thomas Morehead
Mr. Thomas Morrison
Mr. Thomas MoTiernan
Mr. Thomas Moulton
Mr. Thomas Mr. Caldwell Smith
Mr. Thomas Mu-ray
Mr. Thomas Mur-
Mr. Thomas Mur-UilvlX K 1
Mr. Thomas Murdock
Mr. Thomas Murphy
Mr. Thomas Murray
Mr. Thomas Murrell
Mr. Thomas Murrey
Mr. Thomas Mvl
Mr. Thomas Nappy
Mr. Thomas Neville
Mr. Thomas O Brien
Mr. Thomas O''Callaghan
Mr. Thomas O. Leatham
Mr. Thomas On
Mr. Thomas Orr
Mr. Thomas Ottawa
Mr. Thomas O’Donnell
Mr. Thomas O’Hare
Mr. Thomas P. Henry
Mr. Thomas Palmer
Mr. Thomas Parks
Mr. Thomas Paul
Mr. Thomas Paul Dies Aged
Mr. Thomas Paul Mr. Brownlee
Mr. Thomas Payne
Mr. Thomas Peabody
Mr. Thomas Pearson
Mr. Thomas Pink
Mr. Thomas Prendergast
Mr. Thomas Prendergsst
Mr. Thomas R. These
Mr. Thomas Rades
Mr. Thomas Reid
Mr. Thomas Renouf
Mr. Thomas Rev. Harry Clafham Incumbent
Mr. Thomas Richard-,f Clarendon
Mr. Thomas Richardson
Mr. Thomas Ritchie
Mr. Thomas Russell
Mr. Thomas Sally
Mr. Thomas Sandwith
Mr. Thomas Scobie
Mr. Thomas Sharpe
Mr. Thomas Shaw
Mr. Thomas Shore
Mr. Thomas Smart
Mr. Thomas Smith
Mr. Thomas Somerville
Mr. Thomas Spence-motored
Mr. Thomas Stark
Mr. Thomas Steam
Mr. Thomas Stephen
Mr. Thomas Stephens
Mr. Thomas Stevenson
Mr. Thomas Swift
Mr. Thomas Tackney
Mr. Thomas Tanguay
Mr. Thomas Terrill
Mr. Thomas Thacker
Mr. Thomas Tisdale
Mr. Thomas Tracy
Mr. Thomas Tracy.
Mr. Thomas Trudeau
Mr. Thomas Tubman
Mr. Thomas W. Hodgins
Mr. Thomas Wain
Mr. Thomas Wall
Mr. Thomas Wallace
Mr. Thomas Wallace Campbell
Mr. Thomas Walmslcv
Mr. Thomas Walters
Mr. Thomas Wardell
Mr. Thomas White
Mr. Thomas White Is
Mr. Thomas Wilkinson
Mr. Thomas Wilson
Mr. Thomas Wilson’s
Mr. Thomas Wilton
Mr. Thomas Woods
Mr. Thomas WÛson J.
Mr. Thomas XVilson
Mr. Thomas Young People
Mr. X Mrs. Thomas Benoit
Mr.s Thomas Keyes
Mr? Thomas Smith
Mra Thomas Kelly
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Thomas Cough McGuire
Mrs Thomas Don-
Mrs Thomas Don- Danny Lepack Jr s
Mrs Thomas Donnelly
Mrs Thomas Edward Brownlee
Mrs Thomas G. Ewen
Mrs Thomas H. Narlock
Mrs Thomas Herve Sabourin
Mrs Thomas Horner
Mrs Thomas Horner Special
Mrs Thomas Jean Marleau
Mrs Thomas Jeffery Kilcollins
Mrs Thomas Kel-
Mrs Thomas Martin
Mrs Thomas Mathers
Mrs Thomas McGee
Mrs Thomas Ottawa
Mrs Thomas Sheppard
Mrs Thomas Stephens
Mrs Thomas Sullivan
Mrs Thomas Wallace Visitors
Mrs Thomas Warder Vailloncourt
Mrs Thomas Young
Mrs" Thomas Co,c- Jeanne
Mrs, Thomas
Mrs, Thomas Findlay
Mrs, Thomas Kelley
Mrs, Thomas Martin
Mrs, Thomas Proulx
Mrs, Thomas Telford
Mrs. Andrew Dolan
Mrs. Austin Dolan
Mrs. Bob Fairfield Thomas Horner
Mrs. Clifton Thomas Pembroke
Mrs. Dolan
Mrs. Earl Dolan
Mrs. Earl Thomas
Mrs. Eddie Carried Adjournment
Mrs. Eddie Dolan
Mrs. Ellen Dolan
Mrs. Ernest Qulnn- Thomas Frost
Mrs. Fred W. Thomas
Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Mrs. R. L. McGowan Mr. Fred Thomas
Mrs. Gil-and Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Harvey Thomas
Mrs. Harvey Thomas Fitzroy Harbor
Mrs. Hugh Dolan
Mrs. J Dolan
Mrs. J XV. Thomas
Mrs. James D. Hodgins Thomas Fades
Mrs. John C. Dolan
Mrs. John Stonehaven Flowers Thomas
Mrs. John W. Thomas
Mrs. Jones Homer Carried Councillor Thomas J. McGuire AAA
Mrs. L Thomas Sloan
Mrs. Lumene Dolan
Mrs. Margaret Dolan
Mrs. R S. Mrs. Thomas Palmer
Mrs. Reu- Fred Thomas
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Carried Motion Crs
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas * Mousseau
Mrs. Thomas 1
Mrs. Thomas 2xd31 Horner
Mrs. Thomas A. Bou-known
Mrs. Thomas A. Hobbs
Mrs. Thomas A. Nar
Mrs. Thomas Abbott
Mrs. Thomas ACoughlin
Mrs. Thomas Ade
Mrs. Thomas Ahearn
Mrs. Thomas Alexander
Mrs. Thomas Alleer
Mrs. Thomas Allger
Mrs. Thomas An
Mrs. Thomas Anderson
Mrs. Thomas Armitage
Mrs. Thomas Armstrong
Mrs. Thomas Ash
Mrs. Thomas Ayotte
Mrs. Thomas B Horner
Mrs. Thomas B. Shelds
Mrs. Thomas B. Stewart
Mrs. Thomas Bam
Mrs. Thomas Bamford
Mrs. Thomas Barley
Mrs. Thomas Barnes
Mrs. Thomas Bean
Mrs. Thomas Bean Starks Corners
Mrs. Thomas Beat-
Mrs. Thomas Belanger
Mrs. Thomas Bell
Mrs. Thomas Ben-
Mrs. Thomas Ben- À
Mrs. Thomas Ben- Mrs
Mrs. Thomas Ben- Mrs James Maheral
Mrs. Thomas Ben- Yarm
Mrs. Thomas Bennett
Mrs. Thomas Benoit
Mrs. Thomas Benoit Mr.
Mrs. Thomas Benoit Mr. David Spencer
Mrs. Thomas Bird
Mrs. Thomas Black
Mrs. Thomas Black Dies
Mrs. Thomas Black Mrs.
Mrs. Thomas Blackwe
Mrs. Thomas Blackwell
Mrs. Thomas Blown
Mrs. Thomas Bradley
Mrs. Thomas Brennan
Mrs. Thomas Brown
Mrs. Thomas Brown Mm Charles Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Brown On Sat
Mrs. Thomas Bryson
Mrs. Thomas Bur-
Mrs. Thomas Burrows
Mrs. Thomas Burton
Mrs. Thomas C.
Mrs. Thomas C. Kelly
Mrs. Thomas Cahill
Mrs. Thomas Cain
Mrs. Thomas Campbell
Mrs. Thomas Car-
Mrs. Thomas Carroll
Mrs. Thomas Casey
Mrs. Thomas Cashin
Mrs. Thomas Cava
Mrs. Thomas Ciilchrist
Mrs. Thomas Clarendon Front
Mrs. Thomas Cogh-lin
Mrs. Thomas Cole
Mrs. Thomas Coleman
Mrs. Thomas Colton
Mrs. Thomas Cooney
Mrs. Thomas Cough
Mrs. Thomas Cough-Jin
Mrs. Thomas Coughlin
Mrs. Thomas Crawford
Mrs. Thomas Creigh
Mrs. Thomas Creighton
Mrs. Thomas Croskery
Mrs. Thomas Cuaig
Mrs. Thomas CuAlitUf Mr.
Mrs. Thomas Cummings
Mrs. Thomas Curley
Mrs. Thomas d Mr.
Mrs. Thomas Dagg
Mrs. Thomas Dagg Mrs. Wm
Mrs. Thomas Dale
Mrs. Thomas Daly
Mrs. Thomas Dan-The
Mrs. Thomas Davidson
Mrs. Thomas Davis
Mrs. Thomas Davison
Mrs. Thomas Dean
Mrs. Thomas Den
Mrs. Thomas Denault
Mrs. Thomas Deneau
Mrs. Thomas der
Mrs. Thomas Dieseline
Mrs. Thomas Do
Mrs. Thomas Dods
Mrs. Thomas Dol-
Mrs. Thomas Dol- Boys
Mrs. Thomas Dolan
Mrs. Thomas Donnelly
Mrs. Thomas Draper
Mrs. Thomas Driscoll
Mrs. Thomas Du-bruiel
Mrs. Thomas Dubeau
Mrs. Thomas Duffy
Mrs. Thomas Dumas
Mrs. Thomas Dumas Dies
Mrs. Thomas Dumouchel
Mrs. Thomas Dun-1
Mrs. Thomas Dunbar
Mrs. Thomas Dunn
Mrs. Thomas E. Anderson
Mrs. Thomas E. Farrell
Mrs. Thomas E. Hod-gins
Mrs. Thomas E. McDowell
Mrs. Thomas E. McGrath.
Mrs. Thomas E. Murphy
Mrs. Thomas E. Sharpe
Mrs. Thomas Eades
Mrs. Thomas Eagle
Mrs. Thomas Egan
Mrs. Thomas Elliott
Mrs. Thomas Em-of Charterls
Mrs. Thomas Emerson
Mrs. Thomas Emmerson
Mrs. Thomas Eu
Mrs. Thomas F.. Bean
Mrs. Thomas Fades
Mrs. Thomas Far- Rev.
Mrs. Thomas Farrell
Mrs. Thomas Farrell Exceedingly
Mrs. Thomas Find
Mrs. Thomas Findlay
Mrs. Thomas Fleming
Mrs. Thomas Fleury
Mrs. Thomas Fr
Mrs. Thomas Fraser
Mrs. Thomas Furrows
Mrs. Thomas Gain
Mrs. Thomas Gal-
Mrs. Thomas Gal- Renfrew
Mrs. Thomas Gallacher Mrs, Pearl Garrett
Mrs. Thomas Gallag
Mrs. Thomas Gallag-
Mrs. Thomas Gallagher
Mrs. Thomas Gau
Mrs. Thomas Gauvreau
Mrs. Thomas Geo-
Mrs. Thomas Gibbons
Mrs. Thomas Glad-
Mrs. Thomas Glen
Mrs. Thomas Glenn
Mrs. Thomas Glover
Mrs. Thomas Graham
Mrs. Thomas Graham Grade
Mrs. Thomas Grant
Mrs. Thomas Grant Dies
Mrs. Thomas Graveline
Mrs. Thomas Gravelline
Mrs. Thomas Gray Churchill
Mrs. Thomas H. Bradley
Mrs. Thomas H. Riley
Mrs. Thomas Hade-,
Mrs. Thomas Hades
Mrs. Thomas Hanlehan
Mrs. Thomas Harris
Mrs. Thomas Harris 5.00 V Fred McMurray
Mrs. Thomas Heaphy
Mrs. Thomas Hearty
Mrs. Thomas Henderson
Mrs. Thomas Hinton
Mrs. Thomas Hobbf
Mrs. Thomas Hobbs
Mrs. Thomas Hobin
Mrs. Thomas Hodgins
Mrs. Thomas Hodgins Greermount
Mrs. Thomas Hodglns
Mrs. Thomas Hof»an
Mrs. Thomas Homer
Mrs. Thomas Homer Shaw
Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Thomas Howard
Mrs. Thomas Hubert Elliott
Mrs. Thomas Hunt
Mrs. Thomas Hurdman
Mrs. Thomas Hurst Hodgins
Mrs. Thomas Hynes
Mrs. Thomas I
Mrs. Thomas I. Hodgins
Mrs. Thomas Indies
Mrs. Thomas J
Mrs. Thomas J Kearns
Mrs. Thomas J Smith
Mrs. Thomas J Wilson
Mrs. Thomas J Y GEORGE B WILLIAM B E. Anderson
Mrs. Thomas J. Corrigan
Mrs. Thomas J. Glenn
Mrs. Thomas J. Johnston
Mrs. Thomas J. Kearns
Mrs. Thomas J. Moorhead
Mrs. Thomas J. Preston
Mrs. Thomas J. Reid
Mrs. Thomas J. Reid Lake
Mrs. Thomas J. Sloane
Mrs. Thomas J. Smith
Mrs. Thomas J. Tubman
Mrs. Thomas J. Wilson
Mrs. Thomas James Alexander
Mrs. Thomas James Misheaud
Mrs. Thomas James Perry
Mrs. Thomas John
Mrs. Thomas John Smith
Mrs. Thomas John Wilson
Mrs. Thomas Jore*
Mrs. Thomas Joyce.
Mrs. Thomas Jure*
Mrs. Thomas K * Stanton
Mrs. Thomas K. Hudgins
Mrs. Thomas Kavanagh
Mrs. Thomas Kearns
Mrs. Thomas Kelley
Mrs. Thomas Kelly
Mrs. Thomas Kennedy
Mrs. Thomas Kenneth Knox
Mrs. Thomas Kensiey
Mrs. Thomas King-
Mrs. Thomas Kingdom
Mrs. Thomas Kingdon
Mrs. Thomas Kinsley
Mrs. Thomas Kklly
Mrs. Thomas Knox
Mrs. Thomas L Clarke
Mrs. Thomas La-douceur
Mrs. Thomas Laforce Emerson
Mrs. Thomas Langford’s
Mrs. Thomas Leach
Mrs. Thomas Lefebvre
Mrs. Thomas Lloyd.
Mrs. Thomas Loper
Mrs. Thomas Lowiy
Mrs. Thomas M. Smith
Mrs. Thomas Mac
Mrs. Thomas Mac- Eachcrn
Mrs. Thomas Mac- Farlane
Mrs. Thomas Mac- Superinter*!-¦
Mrs. Thomas Mac-Eachren Mrs. Robert Laird
Mrs. Thomas Mac-farlane
Mrs. Thomas Mac-Fiwlane
Mrs. Thomas MacDlarmid H.R. 3
Mrs. Thomas MacEachem
Mrs. Thomas Macfar
Mrs. Thomas Macfar-lane
Mrs. Thomas Macfarhme
Mrs. Thomas MacFarlanc
Mrs. Thomas MacFarland
Mrs. Thomas MacFarlane
Mrs. Thomas Madden Mrs. Hannaberry
Mrs. Thomas Mahon
Mrs. Thomas Major
Mrs. Thomas Mar Lawrence Tracey
Mrs. Thomas Mar-
Mrs. Thomas Marshall
Mrs. Thomas Martin
Mrs. Thomas Martin- Miss Louisa Dumas
Mrs. Thomas Marting January 1
Mrs. Thomas Mathers
Mrs. Thomas Matrin
Mrs. Thomas Mc-the
Mrs. Thomas McCoshcn
Mrs. Thomas McCoshen
Mrs. Thomas McDowell
Mrs. Thomas McDowell’s John Salway’s
Mrs. Thomas McEach-ern
Mrs. Thomas McEachern
Mrs. Thomas McFar-lane
Mrs. Thomas McGee
Mrs. Thomas McGuire
Mrs. Thomas McKay
Mrs. Thomas McKee
Mrs. Thomas McNally
Mrs. Thomas McNeill
Mrs. Thomas McUuffe
Mrs. Thomas Me- Victoria
Mrs. Thomas Meeting
Mrs. Thomas Merriman
Mrs. Thomas Meunier
Mrs. Thomas Mill-doou
Mrs. Thomas Millar
Mrs. Thomas Mnroer
Mrs. Thomas Molli- Fred Laframboise
Mrs. Thomas Montreal
Mrs. Thomas Moonev
Mrs. Thomas Moor
Mrs. Thomas Moorhead
Mrs. Thomas Mosseau
Mrs. Thomas Mousseau
Mrs. Thomas Mousseau AVAILABLE
Mrs. Thomas Mulli-
Mrs. Thomas Mulligan
Mrs. Thomas Mur-
Mrs. Thomas Mur- Campbell’s Bay
Mrs. Thomas Murphy
Mrs. Thomas Mustcroft
Mrs. Thomas Narlock
Mrs. Thomas Neil- Fuel
Mrs. Thomas Nev-her
Mrs. Thomas Neville
Mrs. Thomas Neville Mr. Howard Fumerton
Mrs. Thomas New-common
Mrs. Thomas Next
Mrs. Thomas Nimchuck
Mrs. Thomas O Brien
Mrs. Thomas Obrien
Mrs. Thomas Olm*
Mrs. Thomas Olmstead
Mrs. Thomas Orange Order
Mrs. Thomas Orr
Mrs. Thomas O’Brien
Mrs. Thomas O’Brien Mr.
Mrs. Thomas O’Hegan
Mrs. Thomas P. Graham
Mrs. Thomas Palmer
Mrs. Thomas Palmerf Trvas
Mrs. Thomas Parker
Mrs. Thomas Paul
Mrs. Thomas Pidgeon
Mrs. Thomas Piersol
Mrs. Thomas Plazer
Mrs. Thomas Prendergast
Mrs. Thomas Qnaile
Mrs. Thomas Quai
Mrs. Thomas Quaile
Mrs. Thomas Quigg
Mrs. Thomas Quigg Onn
Mrs. Thomas Quinn
Mrs. Thomas R. I)agg
Mrs. Thomas Reid
Mrs. Thomas Ridge
Mrs. Thomas Riley
Mrs. Thomas Ritchie
Mrs. Thomas Rivet
Mrs. Thomas Robinson
Mrs. Thomas Robinson J*
Mrs. Thomas Rock-days
Mrs. Thomas Rose
Mrs. Thomas Rubles
Mrs. Thomas Rutledge
Mrs. Thomas S. Campbell
Mrs. Thomas Schwartz
Mrs. Thomas Scobie
Mrs. Thomas Sharpe
Mrs. Thomas Shaw
Mrs. Thomas Shea
Mrs. Thomas Sheppard
Mrs. Thomas Shore
Mrs. Thomas Sloan
Mrs. Thomas Sloan Mrs.
Mrs. Thomas Smart
Mrs. Thomas Smiley
Mrs. Thomas Smith
Mrs. Thomas Smith John Hudgins
Mrs. Thomas Snowden
Mrs. Thomas Social Committee
Mrs. Thomas Sparling
Mrs. Thomas Spence
Mrs. Thomas Stanton
Mrs. Thomas Stark
Mrs. Thomas Ste-
Mrs. Thomas Stephen
Mrs. Thomas Stephen She
Mrs. Thomas Stephens
Mrs. Thomas Stephen’s
Mrs. Thomas Stevens
Mrs. Thomas Sul- HORNER
Mrs. Thomas Sullivan
Mrs. Thomas Tang-cay Is
Mrs. Thomas Tanguay
Mrs. Thomas Telford
Mrs. Thomas Thacker
Mrs. Thomas Thos
Mrs. Thomas Tracey Dies
Mrs. Thomas Tru-
Mrs. Thomas Trudeau
Mrs. Thomas Trudeau Dies
Mrs. Thomas Tubman
Mrs. Thomas Tubman 1
Mrs. Thomas Tubman Mrs. M. L Valliant
Mrs. Thomas Uu*irof
Mrs. Thomas V. Hearty
Mrs. Thomas Van Du-sen
Mrs. Thomas Vansickle
Mrs. Thomas VV. Hudgins
Mrs. Thomas W.
Mrs. Thomas Wain-man
Mrs. Thomas Wal-
Mrs. Thomas Walker
Mrs. Thomas Wall
Mrs. Thomas Wallace
Mrs. Thomas Wallace Mrs. T. Wallace
Mrs. Thomas Walls
Mrs. Thomas Walls Motion Crs
Mrs. Thomas Walls Walter Kilgour
Mrs. Thomas Warden
Mrs. Thomas Watkins
Mrs. Thomas Whalen
Mrs. Thomas William
Mrs. Thomas Williamson
Mrs. Thomas Woodley
Mrs. Thomas Woods
Mrs. Thomas Wrinn
Mrs. Thomas XV
Mrs. Thomas Young
Mrs. Thomas* Knox
Mrs. Thos Dolan
Mrs. Tom Dolan
Mrs. William Thomas
Mrs; Thomas Curley
MrSe Thomas McGregor
Mrv Arthur Wocrmkc Thomas
Mt Thomas Thacker
MTO* Thomas
Muriel Thomas
Music Thomas Tallis
Mvrtlc Thomas
Myles Thomas
Myrtle Thomas
N. Dolan
N. Thomas
Nan Thomas Horner
Nancv Thomas Glenda Love
Natalie La- Dolan
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas Smith
Nathan Thomas Smith Donations
Nathan Thomas.
Nathaniel Thomas
Neil Thomas
Neil Thomas Bos 459
Neil Thomas Box 459
Nellie Thomas
Nelson Thomas
Nettie Thomas
Newton Thomas
Nor Thomas Corrigan
Nor-een Dolan
Nora Dolan
Norbourn Thomas
Norecn Dolan
Noreen Dolan
Noreen Dolan Weds Samuel Eric Russell Shaw
Norma Ste- Thomas Rutledge
Norma Thomas
Norman Thomas
Norman Thomas.
Nov. Thomas Gallagher
November Thomas Anglican Church
Nvs Thomas Neville
O''Reilly Thomas Kearns
O. Hamilton Mrs. Harvey Thomas
O.—Sandy Thomas
Obituaries Thomas Frederick Ritchie Ladies Auxiliary St Joseph’s Manor Dr.
Obituary Thomas James Glenn She
Obituary Thomas Wright BAZAAR
Old Thomas Harcourt
On Dolan
Ooo— Thomas
Ooun Thomas McD
Orman Thomas
Os Thomas Be
Ottas##-and Thomas
Ottawa Thomas Cantly
Otter Thomas
Owen Thomas Joseph Philippe
Owen Thomas Joseph Philippe Tracey/Philippe - Anne-Marie
O’Reilly-Sheppard Jacob Michael Thomas Gale Wickens Brent
P J Dolan
P Q Carried
P Thomas
P. Q. RegU Carried Mr. Kennedy McBane
P. Thomas
Palmer Daryl Sally Amy Keindal Cory Thomas Laura Palmer Elsie Sparrow Donna Sally Nick Thompson
Palmer Thomas
Paroisse Saint-Thomas Mouvement
Parry Thomas
Pat Councillor” WILLIAM Dolan
Patk Dolan
Patrick Dolan
Patrick Dolan Mayor
Patrick J Dolan
Patrick J. Dolan
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas ELECTRIC
Paul Dolan
Paul Martineau Carried
Paul Romaip Thomas Shea
Paul Thomas
Pearl Thomas
Peerless Thomas
Peggy Lee Danny Thomas Piper Laurie Rory Calhoun
Penny Thomas
Per Clarendon Thomas Cor-ng
Peter Dolan
Peter Dolan Her Idea
Peter Dolan Onslow
Peter Kingsbury Carried
Peter Kingsbury Carried Quyon
Peter Thomas Dufault
Peter Thomas Los Angeles California
Philip Thomas
Phillip Thomas
Pine Thomas
Pitriok Dolan
Popularity-Sir Thomas Upton
Poundkeeper Thomas Dolan
PreMayor Thomas
Present—Mayor Thomas
Prof. Thomas Shaw
Property Cleanup Mrs. Harvey Thomas Harbour
Puknowivlncoiinu Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nohm Thomas
Q Carried Ottawa Was
Qr Thomas Kelertrlc Oil
Que M r- MARRIED Thomas M. Mulligan
Que Thomas Black
Que Thomas Hodoins Phone
Quentin Thomas McGee
Quo Thomas Hougins
QUr Thomas
Quyon Dolan
Quyon Earl Dolan
Quyon Holy Communion St Thomas
R K Thomas
R. Thomas
r1* Thomas
Raeburn Thomas
Ralph Thomas
Randall Thomas Davidson
Randy Carried
Randy Thomas
Randy Thomas Cliff Hahn
Ranee Thomas Gallagher
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Ray- Thomas
Raye Thomas
Raymond Chev- Carried Mt-ved
Raymond Glea-Carried Unanimously
Raymond Thomas Kingsbury
re-1 Thomas
Rebecca Thomas
Reg Dolan
Regenerate Thomas Holmes
Reginald Thomas Slinn
Remembrance Day—Carried
Renaud Rainville Philip Thomas
Reuben Thomas H.
Rev M C Thomas.
Rev Thomas
Rev Thomas Bon-
Rev Thomas Fitzpatrick
Rev Thomas Gerald May
Rev Thomas Johnson
Rev Thomas KJatt
Rev Thomas Klatt
Rev Thomas Klatt Mr.
Rev Thomas P. Shav
Rev Thomas Patrick Tait
Rev Thomas Pollack
Rev Thomas Pollock
Rev Thomas Simms
Rev Thomas T. Oliver
Rev Thomas Tait
Rev* Thomas McQuaid
Rev. Thomas
Rev. Thomas Due
Rev. Thomas 8. Clued
Rev. Thomas A. Pollock
Rev. Thomas Dixon
Rev. Thomas Gerald Smith
Rev. Thomas Hanley
Rev. Thomas Harris
Rev. Thomas Her
Rev. Thomas I.awlor
Rev. Thomas J. Cole
Rev. Thomas Klatt
Rev. Thomas Li
Rev. Thomas Mac
Rev. Thomas May
Rev. Thomas McCarty
Rev. Thomas Pollock
Rev. Thomas Stark Hams
Rev. Thomas Struther
Rev. Thomas W. Ball
Rev. Thomas Wingle
Reverend Thomas
Reverend Thomas Fitz
Reverend Thomas Fitzpatrick
Reverend Thomas Hunt
Reverend Thomas P. Tait
Reverend Thomas Warren Congregational
Riberfc Thomas Dot
Richard Carried
Richard Gray 647-2693 Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
Richard Ledger...... Thomas Martin....... Francis Moreau..... John Rooney
Richard Ledger.......... Thomas Martin............. Francis Moresu............ John Rooney
Richard Mr. Dolan
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 2
Richard Thomas Dagg Ouyoa Pastoral Charge REV.
Richard Thomas Hodgins
Richard Thomas Raft
Richard Thomas Ross
Richard Thomas Wall
Richard Wills Six-year-old Peter Dolan
Richard WUls Thomas
Rie- Thomas Mathers
Rivcrman Thomas Bell
Rob Thomas
Rob-Douglas Thomas
Robert Bronson Carried
Robert Carried
Robert Dan Dolan
Robert H Thomas
Robert Hobbs Thomas Corrigan Robert Armstrong George McDowell John Armstrong Sam McDowell William M
Robert John Michael Richard William James Joseph Thomas William Charles George
Robert Lome Thomas Philipp’s
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 14
Robert Thomas Armstrong
Robert Thomas Brown
Robert Thomas Daley
Robert Thomas Hobin
Robert Thomas J
Robert Thomas Mervin Cluff
Robert Thomas Noter Kilgour
Robert Thomas Steacy Steacy
Robert Thomas Wallace
Robin- Thomas
Rochester Thomas Mitchell
Rodney Luneberg Carried
Roily Bernier Cindy Carty-MacKay Daryl Leach Dawn Dolan Shawn Grant Doug Kennedy Karen Knight-Stanl
Rokely Thomas
Roland Thomas Glenn
Roley Thomas
Romeo E Thomas
Ron Thomas
Ron Thomas 1
Ron Thomas 2
Ron Thomas Pembroke
Ron Thomas Shuts Out
Ronald A Thomas
Ronald and William Thomas Hay Kchoe
Ronald Thomas
Ronald Thomas 2.50
Ronald Thomas Elliott Beattie
Ronald Thomas She
RonaW Russell Doug Thomas
Ronnie Thomas
Ronnie Thomas *2.00
Ronnie Thomas Centre
Ronnie Thomas Fontiacs
Ronnie Thomas Garage
Ronnie Thomas Outstanding
Ronnie Thomas Saturday Night Since
Ronnie Thomas Sunday
Roy Carried
Roy Elliott—Carried
Roy Thomas
Roy Thomas Peacefully
Roy Thomas Sylvain Bertrand
Running Thomas
Russ Arnold Carried
Russ Thomas
Russell Carried
Russell Carried Moved
Russell Thomas
Ryan Westport—Byrns Shawvllle—Oil Fraser Shawvllle—Doug Thomas Caldwell Notes Shawvllle Pontiacs Wi
S. Carried
S. Thomas
sai4„®lr Thomas
Saim Thomas
Saint Thomas
Saint Thomas Anglican Church
Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish
Saint Thomas Day
Sally Thomas
Sam Brown Thomas Brown
Samuel Thomas Towe
Sanh Thomas
Sara Thomas
Sarah Dolan
Sarah Thomas
scapegoats0 Thomas
Scott Thomas
Seafood Shawville 647-2000 Dolan
Sec- Terry Dolan
Secondary V- Terry Dolan
Secondary V: Anne Marie Dolan
See.-Treas Thomas Dale
Selfish Thomas
SES Dolan
Seth Thomas
Sf Thomas
Sfr Thomas White
Sh* Thomas
Shannon Dennison Dolan
Shawn MacDo- Thomas
Shawville Thomas
Shawville Thomas H. Lefebvre
Shawvllle Thomas
Sheep- F W Thomas 1
Sheril Dolan
Sherwood Thomas
Shirley Dolan
Shirley Thomas
Shop-------Hodgins-Thomas Block
Short But Silent Martha Banning Thomas
Short Course--Carried
Shu-Icy Thomas
Si Thomas
Si Thomas
Si Thomas Aquinas
Si Thomas Bnslol
Si Thomas Bristol St Luka
Simon Corri- Thomas Brown
Simon St-Sylvère St-Thomas d Aquin Ste Victoire
Sincerely Terry Dolan Quyon
Sir Thomas
Sir Thomas Blarney
Sir Thomas Holland
Sir Thomas White
Sir Thomas — Clemens Krauss
Sir Wililam Beach Thomas
Sister Thomas Aquinas
Smart Thomas Rebertz
Smiley Carried
Smiley Carried Correspondence
Smith Carried
Snowden Thomas
Son Thomas Abott
Sons Thomas
Specials Thomas W. Pryse Kelabllahed
St Thomas
St Thomas Angii- George Pirie
St Thomas Anglican Church
St Thomas Anglican Church Mr. William Webb
St Thomas Bnstoi St Liiœ
St Thomas Bnstoneicept
St Thomas Bntiol St George Campbell
St Thomas Bread St John
St Thomas Bristol
St Thomas Bristol St George Campbell
St Thomas Bristol- 11:30
St Thomas Brstol St John Quyon Shawvile Rev D MacPherson
St Thomas Brstol St Luke
St Thomas Church
St Thomas D Aquin
St Thomas D Aquin Ste-Victoire
St Thomas Higt
St Thomas Ladies
St Thomas Ladies Guild
St Thomas Schools Ren-
St Thomas Storm
St Thomas Timcs-Journal
St Thomas Titnes-Jminis
St Thomas Tlmes-Journal
Stacey Desabrais_____________ Thomas -
Stan- H Carried CONSULT
Stanley Thomas George Widdi-combe
Stanton Llyod Stewart Carried
Ste Thomas
Ste- Thomas OBnen
Stephen (Thomas
Stephen Kelly Thomas
Stephen Robinson—Carried
Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas Dobec
Stephen Thomas McCann
Stephen Thomas Smith
Steve Brodie Lyn Thomas
Steve Dolan
Steve Hero Carried
Steve Thomas
Steven Dolan
Steven Thomas
Stewart Thomas Black
Su Thomas Wardlaw Taylor
Subsequently Thomas
Susan Dolan
Susie Thomas Padget
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Eight-year-old Katie Dolan
T E R N urse—Carried Mr.
T* Thomas Craig
T. Thomas
t0 Thomas
Tames Dolan
Tarry Thomas CALL
Team Thomas
Team* Thomas
Ted W Thomas
Teddy Craig Carried
Terri Thomas
Terry Dolan
Terry Thomas Kearns
Terry Thomas Mr
Terry Thomas Richard Beymer 441
Terry Thomas Shirley Eaton
Terry Thomas Vera Day
Tessie Dolan
Teueman Thomas
Tewde Dolan
That Thomas Gal
Thci:man Thomas
Thelma Thomas Ottawa
Theodore Thomas
Theresa Thomas
Theresa Thomas Tracey
Tho Thomas
Thomas Jennings
Thomas 4
Thomas Be At
Thomas Dunphy
Thomas L A
Thomas Mr. Bald
Thomas Mrs.
Thomas "
Thomas " Edward Saturday
Thomas "Carbide
Thomas "Irish
Thomas "Joe"
Thomas & Omo Homer
Thomas ( Betty
Thomas ( Ttjibertmix-, Graham A
Thomas (Becky
Thomas (Hayes
Thomas (Joan
Thomas -
Thomas - Charlie
Thomas - Mrs Marion Smith
Thomas - Scott
Thomas - Tracy
Thomas 0. Brisho]
Thomas 0f
Thomas 165.58 2.75 ac.
Thomas 1st
Thomas 2. l''r Toulu
Thomas 2. W. A. HODGINS.
Thomas 3. Alsike
Thomas 3. Barley
Thomas 3. Berkshire
Thomas 3. Night
Thomas 3. White Russian—Thomas
Thomas 3. Wm Ma^“
Thomas 5.00.
Thomas 5îcCool
Thomas 7-2616 Howard
Thomas 7-3812 Howard
Thomas 7.00— Amos n'' Andy 8.00— Happy Bakers 8.15— Slngin''
Thomas 7.00— Morton Downey Amos
Thomas 7.00— Morton Downey Amos *n’ Andy 8.00— Cities Service Happy Bakers 9.00— Little Forum Fred
Thomas 8. Harris
Thomas A
Thomas A .
Thomas A <
Thomas A Beattie’s Eye Service
Thomas A Edison
Thomas A Elliott
Thomas A Elliott Ralph
Thomas A Fades
Thomas A H Durrell
Thomas A Hobbs
Thomas A Inventor
Thomas A James
Thomas A Kdison
Thomas A Kennedy
Thomas A L >w
Thomas A Low
Thomas A Lucas
Thomas A Lucas Result
Thomas A McWhirtcr Tin-
Thomas A Mousseau
Thomas A O Connor
Thomas A Orr
Thomas A Orrbe
Thomas A R P. BEAN&IN
Thomas A S.R.
Thomas A!f-Edgar
Thomas A-
Thomas A. Barley Administrator
Thomas A. Beck
Thomas A. Begely
Thomas A. Bernier
Thomas A. Crearar
Thomas A. Crerar
Thomas A. C’uthbei
Thomas A. Eades
Thomas A. Edi-a
Thomas A. Edison’s
Thomas A. Elison
Thomas A. Elliott
Thomas A. Fades
Thomas À. Forai Dies
Thomas A. Hall
Thomas A. Hobbs
Thomas A. Joints
Thomas A. KiH
Thomas A. Norris
Thomas A. Orr
Thomas A. Sheppard
Thomas A. Somerville
Thomas A. Stewart Leafs
Thomas A. Vreran
Thomas A. Wain-man
Thomas A. White
Thomas A.Proud-
Thomas Abbot
Thomas Abbott
Thomas Abbott Mr
Thomas Abeam
Thomas Abercrombie
Thomas AbL
Thomas Acland
Thomas Acres
Thomas Acres ËÜsM EEE
Thomas Acres Wanted
Thomas Adame
Thomas Adams
Thomas Addis Emmet
Thomas Ade
Thomas After
Thomas Agnes Klaiber
Thomas Agnew
Thomas Agricultural Hall
Thomas Aguinis Church
Thomas Ahearn
Thomas Airth After
Thomas Al-
Thomas Alary
Thomas Albans
Thomas Albert
Thomas Albert Hodgins
Thomas Albert HoJgins
Thomas Albert Orr
Thomas Albert Yach
Thomas Albert Young
Thomas Albert Young Thomas Albert Young
Thomas Alex-*
Thomas Alexander
Thomas Alexander 1
Thomas Alexander 2.00 2.00 Mrs.
Thomas Alexander Afternoon Service—2.30
Thomas Alexander Crerar
Thomas Alexander Emma Maria Alexander
Thomas Alexander FOR SALE—Dual-purpose Shorthorn
Thomas Alexander La
Thomas Alexander North Onslow
Thomas Alexander North Onslow Afternoon
Thomas Alexander North Onslow—Sunday
Thomas Alexander.
Thomas Alexander........... Adrien Martineau
Thomas Alexander—Carried
Thomas Alexander’s
Thomas Alfred Hayes
Thomas Allaire
Thomas Allan
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen Limited
Thomas Allger
Thomas Allger Ottawa
Thomas Allison Kirkconnell
Thomas Also
Thomas Alva
Thomas Alva Ed I*
Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Kennedy
Thomas Alvo Edison
Thomas Alvx-mder
Thomas And
Thomas and Hayes
Thomas and Kathleen
Thomas and Margaret
Thomas Andcr-
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Andrew Elliott
Thomas Andrew Keyes and Margaret “Maggie” Jane Ferrigan
Thomas Andrew Young
Thomas Anes
Thomas Ange
Thomas Anglican
Thomas Anglican Cemetery
Thomas Anglican Church
Thomas Anglican Church Hall
Thomas Anglican Church Northern
Thomas Anglican Gerard St Pierre
Thomas Anglican Guild
Thomas Anglican Receiving Treasurer
Thomas Anglican William Webb
Thomas Another
Thomas Applications
Thomas Apply Athol Dole
Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas Parish Fort
Thomas Ar-
Thomas Archibald Mac- Mrs- J N- Bowie
Thomas Archibald McLel-lan
Thomas Arden
Thomas Argue
Thomas Argue 2
Thomas Argue 3.
Thomas Argue 3. Rain
Thomas Arkle Clark
Thomas Arm
Thomas Armitage
Thomas Armltage
Thomas Armond Hobbs
Thomas Armour
Thomas Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong Armstrong - Gibbons
Thomas Armstrong Excavating
Thomas Armstrong Excavating Trudeau’s Collision W.A. Hodgins Inc. Wesley Gordon Garry Dagenais
Thomas Arn
Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold Corrigan
Thomas Arnold Stark
Thomas Arnold Stark Shawville Rev. Gary W. Stokes Morning
Thomas Arnot Horner
Thomas Arnprior
Thomas Arthur
Thomas Arthur Harold -
Thomas Arthur Lyon Eaton Hero
Thomas Article
Thomas Ash
Thomas Ask
Thomas Asking
Thomas At Copper Cliff
Thomas Atkins
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas August
Thomas Augustine Arne
Thomas Austin Dunbar
Thomas B
Thomas B O’Malley
Thomas B pose
Thomas B WII
Thomas B. Lee
Thomas B. Lunam
Thomas B. MeCrea
Thomas B. Reed
Thomas B. Robinson
Thomas B. Wilson
Thomas B.C.
Thomas Bacon
Thomas Bade*
Thomas Bade»
Thomas Bade» R.
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Thomas Baines
Thomas Baker
Thomas Balanyk
Thomas Baliantyne
Thomas Balky
Thomas Ball
Thomas Bamford
Thomas Ban
Thomas Banes
Thomas Banks
Thomas Bany
Thomas bapt-1 William
Thomas Barber
Thomas Barclay
Thomas Barley
Thomas Barlow
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barrington Michael Lance
Thomas Barry
Thomas Barry Bradley Pearson
Thomas Barry’s
Thomas Barter
Thomas Bateman
Thomas Bates
Thomas Bateson
Thomas Bay
Thomas Bayard
Thomas Bblalr
Thomas Bcrney
Thomas Be
Thomas Be-
Thomas Be-lair
Thomas Bean
Thomas Bean V. Wilson
Thomas Beanie
Thomas Beard
Thomas Beardsley
Thomas Beattie
Thomas Beatties Furniture
Thomas Beattie’s
Thomas Beau
Thomas Beck
Thomas Beck-
Thomas Beck-four
Thomas Bee-nan
Thomas Beecham
Thomas Beecham Explains His Antipathy
Thomas Behrend
Thomas Bela*
Thomas Belair
Thomas Belair Edward Robert
Thomas Belair Instead
Thomas Belair Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Thomas Belaire
Thomas Belalr
Thomas Belanger
Thomas Bell
Thomas Belway Ayrian McCredle
Thomas Ben
Thomas Ben- Mr.
Thomas Beniot
Thomas Benlot
Thomas Bennett
Thomas Benoft
Thomas Benoit
Thomas Benoit Mr.
Thomas Benoit Mr. Gerald Donnelly
Thomas Benoit Mrs Edgar Lance
Thomas Bern
Thomas Bernardo
Thomas Berry
Thomas Bert Hod
Thomas Bertie Stark
Thomas Bexeocen
Thomas Bfowcr
Thomas Bi
Thomas Bîack
Thomas Binney Not
Thomas Bird
Thomas Birkett
Thomas Biso
Thomas Bitkett
Thomas Bknoouoii
Thomas BKSOoiron
Thomas Black
Thomas Black and Nancy Cole
Thomas Blackman Paul McGee Equity Reporter Who
Thomas Blades
Thomas Blaeklock
Thomas Blake
Thomas Blake Mr Garry
Thomas Blanket
Thomas Blarney
Thomas Blazo
Thomas Block
Thomas Blower
Thomas Blrdall
Thomas Blrkett
Thomas Bmdley
Thomas Bn** Quyon
Thomas Bn.w
Thomas Bnsloi Si Georg
Thomas Bodes
Thomas Bolan
Thomas Boland
Thomas Bonnie Donnelly
Thomas Boor Crosby
Thomas Boot
Thomas Booth
Thomas Borne*
Thomas Bouch
Thomas Bought
Thomas Boulieu
Thomas Bourchior
Thomas Bourke
Thomas Bower
Thomas Bowes
Thomas Bowie
Thomas Bowman
Thomas Boy
Thomas Boyd Caldwell
Thomas Boyle
Thomas Brackett Reed
Thomas Brad
Thomas Bradley
Thomas Bradley Passes Buried At
Thomas Bradley ThoroJd
Thomas Brady
Thomas Brazeau
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Bristol
Thomas Bristol 7:30
Thomas Bristol 9:00
Thomas Bristol Lawrence Smith
Thomas Bristol St Luke
Thomas Bristol St Lute
Thomas Bristol Vestry Meeting Campbell
Thomas Brnsscy
Thomas Brooks
Thomas Bropht
Thomas Bros'' Washers
Thomas Bros* Washers
Thomas Bros’ Washers
Thomas Brougham
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown HR 3 Campbell
Thomas Browne
Thomas Brownies
Thomas Browning
Thomas Brownlee
Thomas Brsto<
Thomas Brstol Si John
Thomas Bruce
Thomas Brvson
Thomas Bry-
Thomas Bryson
Thomas Bryson Cemetery
Thomas Btcket
Thomas Bti/rivwp
Thomas Btsc''ey
Thomas Buchanan
Thomas Buildings
Thomas Bull
Thomas Bums
Thomas Burgess
Thomas Burk
Thomas Burke
Thomas Burman
Thomas Burney
Thomas Burns
Thomas Burrell
Thomas Burroughs
Thomas Burrows
Thomas Burton
Thomas Bus
Thomas But
Thomas Butler
Thomas Bvron
Thomas By-law
Thomas Byron Sr
Thomas Bytown Lodge
Thomas C
Thomas C 0 Neill
Thomas C Abbott
Thomas C Belated
Thomas C Hodgin»
Thomas C Kelly
Thomas C O Neill
Thomas C O’Neill
Thomas C Spence
Thomas C Sullivan
Thomas C. 0
Thomas C. Hart
Thomas C. Kelly
Thomas C. Lockwood
Thomas C. McVeigh
Thomas C. McVeight
Thomas C. O Neill
Thomas C. O Neill L!PA.
Thomas C. O’Neill Ne
Thomas C. Shepard
Thomas C. Spence
Thomas C.illigan
Thomas Cabbage
Thomas Cada
Thomas Cadow
Thomas Cahi
Thomas Cahill
Thomas Cahill Campbell
Thomas Cain
Thomas Cain Bills
Thomas Caldwell
Thomas Caldwell Miller
Thomas Callaghan
Thomas Callahan
Thomas Calmer
Thomas Calumet Slides
Thomas Camborne
Thomas Cameron
Thomas Camp
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Canada
Thomas Car
Thomas Car-two
Thomas Carbery
Thomas Carew
Thomas Carey
Thomas Cario''l
Thomas Cariyla
Thomas Carleton
Thomas Carlyle
Thomas Carlyle’s
Thomas Carmichael
Thomas Carole St-Aubln
Thomas Carried
Thomas Carrol
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carson
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carthy
Thomas Cartie
Thomas Cartie Largest
Thomas Cartv Died
Thomas Carty
Thomas Carty 2
Thomas Cashen
Thomas Caskey
Thomas Cat
Thomas Cathedral
Thomas Cattertll Mrs. Evelyn Johnston
Thomas Caveat
Thomas Cavendish
Thomas Cbesee
Thomas Cbuach Cemetery
Thomas Ccnnley
Thomas Cecil Carroll
Thomas Cecil Elliott
Thomas Chabot
Thomas Cham-till
Thomas Chancellor Boyd
Thomas Chandler HaJibur-ton
Thomas Chapa
Thomas Chapais
Thomas Chapaispiesented
Thomas Char- Mrs Phyllis Dumont
Thomas Charles
Thomas Charles Explanations
Thomas Chartrand
Thomas Chase
Thomas Chassie
Thomas Chatterton
Thomas Chess
Thomas Chess*
Thomas Chess®
Thomas Chippendale
Thomas Chippendale Beyond
Thomas Christie
Thomas Church
Thomas Church Bristol Martin Riley
Thomas Cia
Thomas Cider
Thomas Claike
Thomas Clarence Brownlee
Thomas Clark
Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarke Bristol
Thomas Clarkson
Thomas Class
Thomas Cmig
Thomas Coburn
Thomas Codiiev.
Thomas Coed
Thomas Cole
Thomas Coles
Thomas Coles Oct.
Thomas Collins
Thomas Collision Centrale FLEURY
Thomas Colton
Thomas Coltrim Keefer
Thomas Coltrin Keefer Son-.n-law
Thomas Comedy Smiley
Thomas Con
Thomas Con- EiCrciil Tlidc#
Thomas Condon
Thomas Conky
Thomas Conley
Thomas Conley Shawville Fair
Thomas Connelly
Thomas Constance Labelle
Thomas Construction
Thomas Conway
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook Jr.
Thomas Cook Travel
Thomas Cook Travel Renfrew
Thomas Cook Travel Strawberries
Thomas Cook/Highland
Thomas Cook/Highland International
Thomas Cook/Highland Travd
Thomas Cook/Highland Travel
Thomas Cook/Highland Travel Auto
Thomas Cook/Highland Travel Quebec
Thomas Cook/Highland Travel Upcoming Tours Wonderland P.E.I.
Thomas Cook/Highland TVavel
Thomas Cooke
Thomas CoolVHighland Travel Cab
Thomas Cooney
Thomas Cor-hands-on
Thomas Corcoran
Thomas Corn
Thomas Cornier Hovllle
Thomas Corny
Thomas Correspondent Bretzlaff
Thomas Corrigan
Thomas Corrigan 184852
Thomas Corrigan Collp8e
Thomas Corrigan Faloon Corrigan
Thomas Corrigan I
Thomas Corrigan.
Thomas Corrigan.............. Fab
Thomas Corwin
Thomas Cor^
Thomas Cosgatc
Thomas Costello
Thomas Cotie
Thomas Coughlan
Thomas Coughlin
Thomas Coughlin.......... Thos
Thomas Coughlin........... Thom
Thomas Coughlin........... Thos
Thomas Couhlan
Thomas Coulis
Thomas Coulonge
Thomas Coulson
Thomas Councillors
Thomas Councillors Fred Alfred Jay
Thomas Courtis
Thomas Coûte
Thomas Coutts
Thomas Cowan
Thomas Cowherd
Thomas Cowling
Thomas Craig
Thomas Craig 1877-81
Thomas Craig 1882
Thomas Craig Acrmr.NT
Thomas Craig and Elizabeth Woolsey
Thomas Craig Smith’s
Thomas Craig''
Thomas Craig''s
Thomas Craig.
Thomas Craig..... Madam
Thomas Craig....... Tho
Thomas Craig1
Thomas Craig;
Thomas Cralhshanhs
Thomas Cranshaw
Thomas Craw-
Thomas Crawford
Thomas Creighton
Thomas Crerar
Thomas Crnig
Thomas Crock
Thomas Croiselle
Thomas Cromie
Thomas Cromwell
Thomas CroweJI
Thomas Crowell
Thomas Cruise
Thomas Cul
Thomas Cull
Thomas Culpepper
Thomas Cum-
Thomas Cummings
Thomas Cummings Hynes
Thomas Cunning- Ponliac Coun*y Cocpera ive Med Pastoi
Thomas Cunningham
Thomas Curley
Thomas Curley-$
Thomas Currie
Thomas Curry
Thomas Curtin
Thomas Curtis
Thomas Curtis Clark
Thomas Cuthbert
Thomas Cuthbertaon
Thomas Cuulnghame
Thomas Cyrus
Thomas Czarnokol
Thomas D
Thomas D Airy McGee
Thomas D Arcy McGee
Thomas D Flemming
Thomas D''Arcy McGee
Thomas D. Schall
Thomas D.igg
Thomas DA
Thomas Dacg
Thomas Dadson
Thomas Dagg
Thomas Dagg Mrs Clinton Sparling
Thomas Dale
Thomas Dale .
Thomas Dale Dies
Thomas Dale.
Thomas Daley
Thomas Daly
Thomas Dalys
Thomas Dalzell
Thomas Damme
Thomas Daniel
Thomas Daniel St. Stephen s
Thomas Daniels
Thomas Darker
Thomas Dashwood
Thomas Daves
Thomas David 2»13
Thomas David Coles
Thomas Davidson
Thomas Davidson Manufacturing Company
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davison
Thomas Daw-''
Thomas Day
Thomas De
Thomas Deacon
Thomas Dean
Thomas Dean Mrs. Alex Bean ....... Wesley Palmer
Thomas Dean Tnu.eday
Thomas Decorated
Thomas Deepest
Thomas Dekon Fraser
Thomas Delahey
Thomas Delbert Zacharies
Thomas Demers et Marie Ribaric Demers
Thomas Dempsey
Thomas Den-
Thomas DenauJt
Thomas Denaulfs
Thomas Denault
Thomas Denning
Thomas Dennison
Thomas Desjar-
Thomas Desjardin
Thomas Desjardins
Thomas Desjardins Wedding Reception
Thomas Despite
Thomas Devine
Thomas Dewey
Thomas Dexter
Thomas Diamond
Thomas Digg
Thomas DihJs
Thomas Dixon
Thomas Dodd
Thomas Dodds
Thomas Dodge
Thomas Dods
Thomas Doherty
Thomas Dois
Thomas Dol-
Thomas Dol- Mr. Gerald
Thomas Dolan
Thomas Dolan Afterwards
Thomas Dolan Carried
Thomas Dolan HOOVER Washer
Thomas Dolan Municipal Inspector
Thomas Dolan Ontario
Thomas Dolan Parkway
Thomas Dolslell
Thomas Don-try Tradition Band
Thomas Donahue
Thomas Donation
Thomas Dongal
Thomas Donncly
Thomas Donnel-
Thomas Donnelly
Thomas Donnelly Corporation
Thomas Donnelly Ottawa
Thomas Donnely
Thomas Doo
Thomas Doubeau
Thomas Dougal Stone-culture
Thomas Douglas
Thomas Douglas Campbell
Thomas Dowell
Thomas Doyle
Thomas Dr Wallace Hodgins
Thomas Drake
Thomas Drapei
Thomas Draper
Thomas Drenth
Thomas Drevniok
Thomas Drew
Thomas Dris-
Thomas Drummond
Thomas Dubeau
Thomas Dubeau W Saturday
Thomas Dubihx
Thomas Dubois
Thomas Dudley
Thomas Duffy
Thomas Duhamel
Thomas Dumas
Thomas Dumber
Thomas Dumouchel
Thomas Dun-
Thomas Dun- Fi
Thomas Dunbar
Thomas Dunlop
Thomas Dunn
Thomas Dunn Municipality
Thomas Dunphy
Thomas Dur
Thomas Dur-the
Thomas Durrcll
Thomas Durrell
Thomas Duval
Thomas Du™
Thomas Dverbury
Thomas Dwight
Thomas Dwight McDowell
Thomas Dwyardms
Thomas D’Arcy McGee
Thomas E
Thomas E Armstrong
Thomas E Bean
Thomas E Bean Shuwvillv Reuben MSayhew
Thomas E Dagg
Thomas E Ernest McRae
Thomas E Farrell
Thomas E McCool
Thomas E Muldoon
Thomas E Sheppard
Thomas E Talîmadge
Thomas E Tanguay
Thomas E Visser
Thomas E%o
Thomas E. Armstrong
Thomas E. Bean Chester Walsh Harvey Wilson Keith Bean Albert Dahms Norval Kilgour Pm
Thomas E. Black Johnston
Thomas E. Dewey Harry S. Truman
Thomas E. Emmcrson
Thomas E. Emmerson
Thomas E. Farrdl
Thomas E. Farrell
Thomas E. Ferrell
Thomas E. Lawrence
Thomas E. Matthews
Thomas E. McDowell
Thomas E. Simpson
Thomas E. Young
Thomas E.dea
Thomas Eadea
Thomas Eadee
Thomas Eades
Thomas Eades and Margaret Hobbs Eades
Thomas Èades Hiî
Thomas Eados
Thomas Eady
Thomas Earl Armstrong Earl Armstrong
Thomas Earl Murphy
Thomas Earl.
Thomas East Templeton
Thomas Echo Campbell
Thomas Eclair
Thomas Eclectric Oil
Thomas Eclectric Oil Dr.
Thomas Ed-Camphell’s Bay—Pinal
Thomas Edcctnc
Thomas Edgar
Thomas Edgar Belanger
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edmond Black
Thomas Edmonds
Thomas Edmund Black
Thomas Edmunds
Thomas Edward
Thomas Edward 1907.
Thomas Edward Dagg
Thomas Edward Em
Thomas Edward Em | V ^cnf6
Thomas Edward Emmerson
Thomas Edward Hodgins
Thomas Edward Hodgtns
Thomas Edward Lmmcrson
Thomas Edward Ridge
Thomas Edward Schultz Furniture
Thomas Edward Sharpe
Thomas Edward Shep
Thomas Edwin
Thomas Edwprd Sheppard
Thomas Eelectrie Oil
Thomas Egan
Thomas Eidei
Thomas Eider
Thomas Eides
Thomas Eide»
Thomas Eilsoe
Thomas Ekyson
Thomas El
Thomas El- Men’s Underwear WM.
Thomas Elizabeth Hartley
Thomas Elliot
Thomas Elliott
Thomas Elliott.
Thomas Ellis Wright
Thomas Elmitt
Thomas Elplon
Thomas Elrritt
Thomas Elva Greiken
Thomas Emmerson
Thomas Endos
Thomas Eraser
Thomas Ericson
Thomas Erlcaon Wood
Thomas Ernie Kingsbury Jackie Kingsbury
Thomas Erskin
Thomas Ervine Hod
Thomas Ervine Hodgins
Thomas Erwin
Thomas Erwin Beck
Thomas Etdei
Thomas Etdes
Thomas Eudes
Thomas Eugene Tan Marsha
Thomas Eugene Tanguay
Thomas Evered
Thomas Everett
Thomas Everett Hines
Thomas Ewing Sherman
Thomas F
Thomas F Barnet Sr Friends
Thomas F Fleury
Thomas F Izpathck
Thomas F t/pat
Thomas F-Upetr-ck
Thomas F. Fa
Thomas F. Kiliuartin
Thomas Fade*
Thomas Fades
Thomas Fades Pres
Thomas Fades ROBERT A
Thomas Fahey
Thomas Fahey 647-5413 Jacques Lance 458-2162 Bob Scott 647-5366 Basil Orr
Thomas Fahey OO Sylvia Bakker _ Equity
Thomas Fainter
Thomas Falconbridge
Thomas Falls
Thomas Family
Thomas Faquin
Thomas Far-
Thomas Farrell
Thomas Farrell Monday
Thomas Faser
Thomas Faught
Thomas Faulkner
Thomas Fcrrigan
Thomas Fennell
Thomas Fer-Thrun
Thomas Fern-gan
Thomas Ferrigan
Thomas Fhiser
Thomas Fi
Thomas Fiaherty
Thomas Findlay
Thomas Findlay 2
Thomas Findlay 2. Ox
Thomas Findlay 2. Potatoes
Thomas Findlay 2. Squash
Thomas Findlay 4
Thomas Findlay Dies Five Weeks After Husband Dr.
Thomas Findlay Phone
Thomas Findley
Thomas Findlnv
Thomas Fines
Thomas Firz Patrick
Thomas Fishel
Thomas Fisher
Thomas Fit/petnc*
Thomas Fitkw
Thomas Fitrpetnck
Thomas Fittpatrick
Thomas Fitz
Thomas Fitz-r
Thomas Fitzgerald
Thomas Fitzpat-
Thomas Fitzpatnck
Thomas Fitzpatnck 647-
Thomas Fitzpatoick
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3679
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3679 BOO
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 Mass
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 Maw Pariah
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 Shawville Rev Richard Gray
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-387» 9.00
Thomas Fitzpatrick 647»
Thomas Fitzpatrick 847-3879
Thomas Fitzpatrick’s
Thomas Fitzpetncfc
Thomas Fitzpetnck
Thomas Fivnn Hobbs Hardware Go
Thomas Fiynn
Thomas Fl*kar
Thomas Flack
Thomas Flatmaa
Thomas Flavor
Thomas Fleet
Thomas Fleming
Thomas Flet-
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher 20.00 Rec.
Thomas Fletcher-22.50
Thomas Fletcher............. Heir
Thomas Fletcher.............. Heir
Thomas Fletcher.............. Heir(
Thomas Fleury
Thomas Flint
Thomas Fllen Heartv
Thomas Flthm
Thomas Flttpltrk* 647-3679 Sundey
Thomas FltzpMrick
Thomas Flynm John L.
Thomas Flynn
Thomas Flynn Could Find No Relief Till Re Dodd
Thomas Flynn John
Thomas Flys*
Thomas Foad
Thomas Foepore
Thomas Fogary
Thomas Foot
Thomas For
Thomas Forain
Thomas Foran
Thomas Force
Thomas Fort Coulongr Council Mrs. Jean and Mias Sheila Me- Murphy Rae
Thomas Fortin
Thomas Fortune
Thomas Foster Olmstead Thomas Foster
Thomas Fowler
Thomas Fox
Thomas Fraaer
Thomas Fran- Smith JP
Thomas Francia Prud- Hs
Thomas Francis
Thomas Francis 4
Thomas Francis Hughes
Thomas Francis Shannon
Thomas Frank David Stone
Thomas Fras-Huckabone
Thomas Fras-y
Thomas Frase
Thomas Fraser
Thomas Fraser Bronson
Thomas Fraser DANFORD
Thomas Fraser Gilbert Cruickshank
Thomas Fraser N.E.
Thomas Fraser Quyon
Thomas Fraser SPIN
Thomas Fraser THORNE
Thomas Fraught
Thomas Frazer
Thomas Frederick Gerald Percival
Thomas Frederick Ri<
Thomas Frederick Ritchie
Thomas French
Thomas Friend
Thomas Froment
Thomas Frost
Thomas Frsser Quyon
Thomas Frt/patnck
Thomas Frtzpdrick
Thomas Frtzpetnck
Thomas Ftapattok
Thomas Ftepetnck
Thomas Ftzpat
Thomas Ftzpatrick
Thomas Fulford
Thomas Fuller
Thomas Fulton
Thomas Fun
Thomas Funeral Home
Thomas Furie
Thomas Furthermore
Thomas Fyshe
Thomas G Klatt
Thomas G Marshall.
Thomas G Thompson
Thomas G. Ewan
Thomas G. Fuller
Thomas G. G.
Thomas G. Sharpies
Thomas G>od
Thomas Gabbitt
Thomas Gagné
Thomas Gagnon
Thomas Gaila
Thomas Gaiwhee
Thomas Gales
Thomas Gallagher
Thomas Gallagher MONDAY
Thomas Gallagher Sr.
Thomas Gallagher’s
Thomas Gallaliei’e Easter
Thomas Gallicher
Thomas Gallowhlll
Thomas Gann
Thomas Garland
Thomas Garry
Thomas Garth
Thomas Garth Graham
Thomas Gates
Thomas Gauthier
Thomas George
Thomas George Along
Thomas George Alvin Pa
Thomas George Beattie
Thomas George John-
Thomas George W. H. LUCAS.
Thomas Ger-
Thomas Geraki May
Thomas German Notes Monitor
Thomas Get
Thomas Ghapaits Minister
Thomas Gibb
Thomas Gibbins
Thomas Gibbons
Thomas Gilbert May An
Thomas Gill
Thomas Gillespie
Thomas Gilmore
Thomas Girard
Thomas Gladstone
Thomas Glenn
Thomas Glenn Monday 9
Thomas Gllllard
Thomas Glover
Thomas God
Thomas Goddo
Thomas Godfrey Carey
Thomas Godin
Thomas Gold Appleton
Thomas Good
Thomas Goodrich
Thomas Goodwin
Thomas Gor-
Thomas Gordon
Thomas Gordon Over
Thomas Gordon Smith
Thomas Gorman
Thomas Gosselin
Thomas Gosselin Sec.-Tress
Thomas Goughian
Thomas Goughian 1
Thomas Gould
Thomas Gown
Thomas Gra
Thomas Grace
Thomas Grade
Thomas Graham
Thomas Graham I
Thomas Graham Sunday
Thomas Grant
Thomas Grave
Thomas Graveline
Thomas Gravelling
Thomas Gray
Thomas Gra^
Thomas Greek School
Thomas Green
Thomas Green Marshall
Thomas Green Morton
Thomas Greenway
Thomas Greenway Hst
Thomas Greenway’s
Thomas Greenway’s Cabinet
Thomas Greeuway
Thomas Grenville
Thomas Gresham
Thomas Grey
Thomas Grierson
Thomas GriffiJis
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffon
Thomas Grittin
Thomas Groenwsy
Thomas Grotty
Thomas Grtenwny
Thomas Guest
Thomas Guest* Death
Thomas Guthrie
Thomas H
Thomas H .
Thomas H 150
Thomas H Armsthono
Thomas H Boll Moved
Thomas H Bud «5
Thomas H Dagg
Thomas H James Otter La*e
Thomas H Kelley
Thomas H Lefebre
Thomas H Lefebvfe
Thomas H Lefebvre
Thomas H Lefebvre Les
Thomas H Lefebvre M.P. Pontiac.
Thomas H Lefebvre MP
Thomas H Lefebvre Senator
Thomas H Lefebvre^IP Pontiac
Thomas H Levebvre
Thomas H Mousseau
Thomas H Narlock
Thomas H Rutledge
Thomas H S. Baiiantyne
Thomas H Stanley
Thomas H Ufebvre
Thomas H#
Thomas H. Bradley
Thomas H. Burke
Thomas H. Gray
Thomas H. Hoare Native
Thomas H. Holland
Thomas H. Ive
Thomas H. Johnson
Thomas H. Kelley
Thomas H. Lefebvne
Thomas H. Lefebvre
Thomas H. Lefebvre M.P.
Thomas H. Lelebvre
Thomas H. Moffat
Thomas H. Mrs.
Thomas H. Narlock
Thomas H. Norlock Jr.
Thomas H. Stewart W.M.Oran Thompson Michel Tousignant James L. Wellington Ha Young Yoon
Thomas H. Woods
Thomas H..
Thomas H.| Strutt
Thomas H.«l-*rnîV
Thomas Hades
Thomas Haire
Thomas Hairing- SP H,
Thomas Hale
Thomas Hale Mr. J.
Thomas Hall
Thomas Halliwell
Thomas Ham
Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton Ormsbee
Thomas Han
Thomas Hancock
Thomas Hannaway
Thomas Har
Thomas Harding
Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hare
Thomas Harkin
Thomas Harney
Thomas Haroki
Thomas Harold
Thomas Harold Beckett
Thomas Harold Heekett
Thomas Harri-&
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harris
Thomas Harris) Mary Jane Wilson
Thomas Harrison
Thomas Hart
Thomas Harvey
Thomas Hawkins
Thomas Hayes
Thomas Hays
Thomas Hazard
Thomas Hcaphy
Thomas Hcv.
Thomas Hcxigins
Thomas He
Thomas He Constipation
Thomas Headmaster Fred Clark
Thomas Heaney
Thomas Heaphy
Thomas Hearty
Thomas Hearty June 9
Thomas Hearty Mr
Thomas Hearty Wilfred Trudeau
Thomas Hedging Dolores Théoret
Thomas Heeney
Thomas Heilman
Thomas Hen-
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henry
Thomas Henry Bell
Thomas Henry Blythe
Thomas Henry Desabrais Belanger
Thomas Henry Edgar Rutledge Beloved
Thomas Henry Hayden Elmer John It
Thomas Henry Kelley
Thomas Henry Kelly
Thomas Henry Marshall
Thomas Henry Reid
Thomas Henry Sanderson
Thomas Henry Simpson
Thomas Hérault
Thomas Herbert Gilles
Thomas Herman Elliott
Thomas Hewlett
Thomas Hey Ron
Thomas Hi
Thomas Hick-result
Thomas Hickey
Thomas Hide*
Thomas Hides
Thomas Hidg
Thomas Higgins
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hillis
Thomas Hilton Crick
Thomas Hind
Thomas Hiram Dagg
Thomas History
Thomas Hlz- Fund
Thomas Hobbs
Thomas Hobin
Thomas Hobin Wm Thomson Alex Box
Thomas Hobin- Mrs
Thomas Hobiu
Thomas Hobln
Thomas Hobln Die»
Thomas Hod
Thomas Hod-
Thomas Hod- Mr.
Thomas Hodgim
Thomas Hodgine
Thomas Hodgine 2 Geo
Thomas Hodgini
Thomas Hodgins
Thomas Hodgins Archie
Thomas Hodgins Embroidery
ThomAs Hodgins Greermount
Thomas Hodglns
Thomas Hodgtns
Thomas Hodoins Cemetery Donations Dr.
Thomas Hogan’s
Thomas Hoggins
Thomas Hohin
Thomas Hoi* H here J. Kilgour R
Thomas Holcomb
Thomas Holland
Thomas Hollis
Thomas Holmes
Thomas Homer
Thomas Homer Dixon
Thomas Homer Mrs Berber* Robataille
Thomas Honourable Claude Ryan
Thomas Honoured HIV
Thomas Honoured MacLean’s DALE’S
Thomas Honwi
Thomas Hood
Thomas Hook
Thomas Hope
Thomas Hor*
Thomas Hor- Murphy
Thomas Horace
Thomas Horder
Thomas Horn
Thomas Horn- Seph MacDonald
Thomas Horner
Thomas Horner 123.55
Thomas Horner 313.99 Lawrence Dace Secy
Thomas Hornet-,
Thomas Horse Show Indoors 7:30
Thomas Hoskin
Thomas Hoskins
Thomas Hospital
Thomas Hothhns
Thomas Householder—“You
Thomas How Paddy
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard CoWtiti V*
Thomas Howard Overton
Thomas Howell
Thomas Howland
Thomas Hoyden
Thomas Htitt Tin**.
Thomas Hudgins
Thomas Hudgins School
Thomas Hugh
Thomas Hugh ?
Thomas Hugh Sharpe
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hughes First
Thomas Hurdman
Thomas Hurst Hodgins
Thomas Huxley
Thomas HwuiiiWow
Thomas Hydro
Thomas Hyland
Thomas Hynes
Thomas H»bin
Thomas I
Thomas I Coun
Thomas I H.Lano
Thomas I Mr. John Armstrong
Thomas I Smiley
Thomas I Stewart
Thomas I>efebvre Rd
Thomas I>vhu
Thomas i?r5r* Wilson
Thomas IAlexander
Thomas Id Bennett
Thomas Ijefebvre
Thomas Ik
Thomas Ilabbett
Thomas Ilobin
Thomas Iloiloway
Thomas Ilrowne Stevenson
Thomas In
Thomas In-
Thomas Indian Hill Cemetery
Thomas Inkermnnn Pollock
Thomas Inskip
Thomas Inspector Honeymsn
Thomas Ireland Quin
Thomas Ireland Summerville
Thomas Irvine
Thomas Irving
Thomas Irwin
Thomas Irwlr
Thomas Is
Thomas It
Thomas It. Wilson
Thomas Itemy
Thomas Ivan
Thomas Ivanhoe
Thomas Ixmgrnnn
Thomas I‘or
Thomas I’rondergast
Thomas J
Thomas J 16.95
Thomas J Berrigan
Thomas J Curley
Thomas J Friday
Thomas J Glenn
Thomas J Kearns
Thomas J Kearns 132
Thomas J Knox
Thomas J Mayor
Thomas J Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Thomas J McGuire
Thomas J Minutes
Thomas J Moorhead
Thomas J Mous
Thomas J Mousseau "
Thomas J Murdock
Thomas J Reid
Thomas J Turner
Thomas J- Lipton
Thomas J.
Thomas J. Coughlin
Thomas J. G McGUIRE.
Thomas J. Heffernan
Thomas J. Houn-ihan
Thomas J. HP* Beech
Thomas J. Hunt
Thomas J. Kearns
Thomas J. Liplon
Thomas J. Maguire
Thomas J. McCaffrey
Thomas J. McGuire
Thomas J. Me-j Guirc
Thomas J. Moorhead
Thomas J. Mousseau
Thomas J. Mulcair
Thomas J. O Donnell
Thomas J. Preston
Thomas J. Reid
Thomas J. Sharpe
Thomas J. Smith
Thomas J. Trudeau
Thomas J. Upton Co. Ltd.
Thomas J. Upton Limited
Thomas J. Wilson
Thomas Jac
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jacksos Clinton
Thomas Jacobsen
Thomas Jake" Eaton
Thomas Jamas Frobsl
Thomas James
Thomas James Ade
Thomas James Burrows
Thomas James Burton
Thomas James Fro
Thomas James is Jr
Thomas James Johnson
Thomas James Mainer
Thomas James Murdock
Thomas James Sharpe
Thomas James Smith
Thomas Jarvis
Thomas Jas Me Bane
Thomas Jaynes
Thomas Jcffcmon
Thomas Jef*
Thomas Jeff
Thomas Jeff ray
Thomas Jeffer-
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson London
Thomas Jefferson Odell
Thomas Jefferson Tommy 3104X0S
Thomas Jefferson’s Versatility Summing
Thomas Jeffery
Thomas Jefïer Silver
Thomas Jerald Drenth
Thomas Jerald Drenth Randy
Thomas Jew- Jean Sparling
Thomas Jewel
Thomas Jewell
Thomas Jewell Esq
Thomas Jewell Stan-
Thomas Jewsey
Thomas Jink
Thomas Jinkinson
Thomas Jinks
Thomas Jnmw
Thomas John
Thomas John Caldwell
Thomas John Caldwell FATHER
Thomas John Perdval
Thomas John Pidgeon
Thomas John Reid Thomas John Reid
Thomas John Samuel
Thomas John Sharpe
Thomas John Sharpe Thomas John Sharpe
Thomas John Smith
Thomas John Sparling
Thomas John Tubman
Thomas John Tufbman
Thomas John Whiteford Ligget
Thomas John-Conditions
Thomas Johns
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnston
Thomas Johnstone Lip
Thomas Johnstone Llpton
Thomas Johnstone Upton
Thomas Joh«i Smith
Thomas Jolicoeur
Thomas Jom Pr«
Thomas Joncs
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jonnesco
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Joseph Desabrais Desabrais
Thomas Joseph Maurice Ryan
Thomas Joseph McManus
Thomas Joseph Mills
Thomas Josey
Thomas Jour
Thomas Jowey
Thomas Jowsey
Thomas Jowsey His Descendants
Thomas Joyce
Thomas Jo^ph Me- Executive Commissioner
Thomas Jr and
Thomas Jr.
Thomas Jr. Hodgins
Thomas Jr. Stephens
Thomas Jrs Gordon Hodgins
Thomas Jseason
Thomas Judd
Thomas Judd 2
Thomas Junghans
Thomas K
Thomas K honor
Thomas K Michel Lair Boomerang’s Corne V/s/f
Thomas K.
Thomas K. Farrell
Thomas K. Richardson
Thomas K. Rivlnmlson
Thomas K. Rose
Thomas Kade*
Thomas Kadee
Thomas Kades
Thomas Kadi Deposited
Thomas Kai>p>
Thomas Karl Smiley
Thomas Katies
Thomas Kauey
Thomas Kavanagh
Thomas Kbit
Thomas Kcicc
Thomas KcL
Thomas Kean
Thomas Kearns
Thomas Kearns Bretilnff
Thomas Kearns Clapham
Thomas Kearns Council
Thomas Kearns Development Ltd
Thomas Kearns Died Monday Otter
Thomas Kearns Moved
Thomas Kearns Municipal Council
Thomas Kearns Municipality
Thomas Kearns Seat
Thomas Kearns Truth
Thomas Kearns.
Thomas Keefer
Thomas Keen
Thomas Keenan
Thomas Keith Daley
Thomas Kelley
Thomas Kelley’s
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly .... Elliott Hodgins
Thomas Kelly Sept.
Thomas Kemptville
Thomas Kendall
Thomas Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy------$
Thomas Kenslcy
Thomas Kensley
Thomas Keon
Thomas Kerrigan
Thomas Ketchum
Thomas Ketiy
Thomas Keyes
Thomas Kidd
Thomas Kidea
Thomas Kides
Thomas Kidesat.d William Hod 8
Thomas Kierans
Thomas Kilroy
Thomas Kingdom
Thomas Kingdon
Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kip
Thomas Kir-of
Thomas Kirby
Thomas Kirk
Thomas Kirprdon
Thomas Klatt
Thomas Kleinpeter
Thomas Kluke
Thomas Klukt Thomby
Thomas Knipe
Thomas Knowles
Thomas Knox
Thomas Knox—$
Thomas Knusky
Thomas Konrad
Thomas Koran
Thomas Kruse
Thomas Ktly
Thomas Ktoore
Thomas Kuipc
Thomas Kulc*
Thomas Kyle
Thomas L
Thomas L Brownlee Word
Thomas L Gibson
Thomas L Liberty
Thomas L MacFarlane
Thomas L Scott
Thomas L%franee
Thomas L%mbert
Thomas L. Brow
Thomas L. Kennedy
Thomas L.reit
Thomas La
Thomas La-douceur
Thomas La-franco
Thomas Labors Is
Thomas Lachute
Thomas Lacourse
Thomas Ladcouceur
Thomas Ladou-
Thomas Ladou-ceur
Thomas Ladou-le
Thomas Ladouceur
Thomas Ladoucoeur
Thomas Lafabvre Road
Thomas Lafrance
Thomas Lakey
Thomas Lancaster
Thomas Lance
Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang Nolan Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang-
Thomas Langman
Thomas Langman Craig Bowie
Thomas Langmann
Thomas Lapierre
Thomas Lapierre’s Orr
Thomas Lapointe
Thomas Laporte
Thomas Largest Order Received
Thomas Lariviere
Thomas Larmond
Thomas Larmond Pres
Thomas Lath
Thomas Laughren
Thomas Lauriault
Thomas Lavoie
Thomas Law
Thomas Lawless LOUIS HERMAN
Thomas Lawrence
Thomas Lawrence "Loudon
Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawson Sl Son Ltd.
Thomas Lax
Thomas Laxton
Thomas Leach
Thomas Leahey
Thomas Leahy
Thomas Leave
Thomas Leclair
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lefebv-
Thomas Lefebvfe
Thomas Lefebvre
Thomas Lefèbvre Député
Thomas Lefebvre Mansfield-et-Pontefract
Thomas Lefebvre Member
Thomas Lefebvre MP MARY Trudeau
Thomas Lefebvre Rd
Thomas Lefebvre Road
Thomas Lefebvre Traditional
Thomas Lefebvre-
Thomas Lefr*
Thomas Leila
Thomas Leishman
Thomas Lemoine
Thomas Lemoyne
Thomas Leonard Watson
Thomas Leslie Russett
Thomas Lett
Thomas Letts
Thomas Lett’s
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Li
Thomas Liberty
Thomas Lidos
Thomas Ligget
Thomas Liggett
Thomas Lindhurst
Thomas Lindsay
Thomas Lindsay Lawrence Sparling
Thomas Lindsay Lawrence Sparling Edmonton
Thomas Lindsay Sparling
Thomas Lindsey Carson
Thomas Lip
Thomas Lip- Owing
Thomas Lipton
Thomas Liptons
Thomas Lipton’n
Thomas Lipton’s
Thomas Lipton’s Stnfmrocki
Thomas Liptou
Thomas Liptvn
Thomas Little
Thomas Little Long
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Llpton
Thomas Ln
Thomas Lockhart
Thomas Long
Thomas Longman
Thomas Lord
Thomas LOST
Thomas Low
Thomas Lowry
Thomas Lsng..
Thomas Lu
Thomas Lucan
Thomas Lucas
Thomas Lucas’s
Thomas Lummi
Thomas Lumsden
Thomas Lunam
Thomas Lunam Lead
Thomas Lundy
Thomas Lush
Thomas Lv
Thomas Lynch
Thomas Lyons
Thomas M
Thomas M A A Zachariaa
Thomas M Hodgins
Thomas M Hodgms
Thomas M Holds
Thomas M Rebertz
Thomas M Sharkey
Thomas M Smith
Thomas M(
Thomas M.
Thomas M. Beck
Thomas M. Bram
Thomas M. Costello
Thomas M. Heck
Thomas M. Ross
Thomas M. Smith
Thomas M. Whin
Thomas M.D
Thomas Ma
Thomas Ma Rurin
Thomas Ma-acquired
Thomas Mabel
Thomas Mac
Thomas Mac Each
Thomas Mac Earl
Thomas Mac-faiiane
Thomas Mac-Farlane
Thomas Mac-fat
Thomas Mac/aria
Thomas MacBachern
Thomas MacClure
Thomas MacDonnell
Thomas MacEachern
Thomas MacEaehern
Thomas MacFanlane
Thomas MacFaPlane
Thomas MacFar-
Thomas MacFar-lane
Thomas Macfarhine
Thomas MacFariane
Thomas MacFarlanc
Thomas Macfarlane
Thomas Macfarlane Cpl.
Thomas Macfarlane Motion
Thomas MacFarlsne
Thomas MacfatUne
Thomas MacJanet
Thomas Macken-
Thomas Mackenzie
Thomas Mackey
Thomas Mackie
Thomas MacMillan
Thomas Mad-
Thomas Madore
Thomas Madry-
Thomas Madryg
Thomas Madrygar
Thomas Maekie
Thomas Magraw
Thomas Maguire
Thomas Mahal
Thomas Maher
Thomas Maheral
Thomas Maheral SNOWPLOWING
Thomas Mahon
Thomas Major
Thomas Maloney Gavin
Thomas Malory
Thomas Man
Thomas Manary
Thomas Manderson
Thomas Manka
Thomas Mann
Thomas Manser
Thomas Mansfield Ontario Exeter OATS
Thomas Manwell
Thomas Maokie
Thomas Mar-
Thomas Mar- Fort Coulonge-^Dr.
Thomas Marcotte
Thomas Marcotte 167
Thomas Marcotte George
Thomas Marcotte Meehan
Thomas Marfa
Thomas Marion
Thomas Marks
Thomas Marks Moved
Thomas Marshall
Thomas Mart
Thomas Marthe
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin Aftei
Thomas Martin Further
Thomas Martin M*s Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin McKee
Thomas Martin Shaver Starcross 444
Thomas Martin...... Francia Moreau..... John R
Thomas Martingale
Thomas Martyn Jerram
Thomas Mary Daly.
Thomas Master
Thomas Masters
Thomas Mathers
Thomas Mathers APRIL
Thomas Mathers GAUTHIER
Thomas Matt
Thomas Matthewson
Thomas Mavkiv
Thomas Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell Dods
Thomas May
Thomas Mc Cool Will Oppose E.
Thomas Mc-
Thomas Mc-Kenny
Thomas Mc-Lellan
Thomas Mc-|
Thomas Mc.Tanet
Thomas Mc<x>uirter
Thomas McAlic
Thomas Mcaphy
Thomas McArthur
Thomas McBride
Thomas Mcbrx-vy
Thomas McC osheti 10.50
Thomas McCabe
Thomas McCambley
Thomas McCann
Thomas McCaughey
Thomas McClashan
Thomas McCloy
Thomas McCmhen
Thomas McCoihen
Thomas McComb
Thomas McCool
Thomas McCool Killed
Thomas McCord
Thomas McCormack
Thomas McCorridon
Thomas McCos Commerce County
Thomas McCos- Amanda
Thomas McCoshen
Thomas McCoshen’
Thomas McCreevy
Thomas McD
Thomas McDjwvII
Thomas McDo-
Thomas McDonaugh
Thomas McDonnell
Thomas McDowd''
Thomas McDowe
Thomas McDowell
Thomas McDowell 1
Thomas McDowell 2
Thomas McDowell 2. W. Armstrong
Thomas McDowell Mangold
Thomas McDowells
Thomas McDowell—$
Thomas McDoweU
Thomas McDowgLL At
Thomas McDowtl''
Thomas McDowtP
Thomas McEachem
Thomas McEoshen
Thomas Mcfar-
Thomas McFarlanc
Thomas McFarlane
Thomas McFarlane $15.00
Thomas McFarlaue
Thomas McFaul
Thomas McFerlane
Thomas McFsihne
Thomas McGaghren
Thomas McGee
Thomas McGee ZE
Thomas McGIash-
Thomas McGill
Thomas McGistien
Thomas McGlashan
Thomas McGowan
Thomas McGowan 25.00 Kenneth Smiley Emery
Thomas McGreavy
Thomas McGreevy
Thomas McGu
Thomas McGuire
Thomas McGuire Warden
Thomas McHenrv
Thomas McHenry
Thomas McJanct
Thomas McJanet
Thomas McJannett
Thomas McJauet
Thomas McKay
Thomas McKeddle
Thomas McKee
Thomas McKen-success
Thomas McKenny
Thomas McKinnestry
Thomas McLaughlin
Thomas McLean Stevenson
Thomas McLeese
Thomas McLeltyn
Thomas McLennan
Thomas Mclîeney
Thomas McLool
Thomas Mclvennan
Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMann
Thomas McManus
Thomas McManus 635
Thomas McMillan
Thomas McMunn
Thomas McNally
Thomas McNamara
Thomas McNau&ht
Thomas McNeil
Thomas McNeill
Thomas McNiel
Thomas McNulty I ari<icr*igned Sec.
Thomas McNutt
Thomas McQuarter’s
Thomas McRay
Thomas McTieman
Thomas McTiermso
Thomas McTiern&n
Thomas McTiernan
Thomas McTiernan.
Thomas McTiernan.............
Thomas McTieruau
Thomas Mctireevy
Thomas McUool
Thomas McVeigh
Thomas McVeigh 1862-75
Thomas McVeigh Arthur
Thomas McVeigh I William McVeigh......... Chailes
Thomas McVeigh Passes Away Campbell’s
Thomas McVeigh William McVeigh.......... Chai
Thomas McVeigh William McVeigh.......... Charles F. Cone
Thomas McVeigh.
Thomas McVVhirter
Thomas McWhirter
Thomas McWilliams
Thomas McWilliams’
Thomas McXiely
Thomas Mc»arUme Pontiac
Thomas Md><>wvll 2
Thomas Mdlwraith
Thomas Me
Thomas Me Cool
Thomas Me Do
Thomas Me Dow
Thomas Me Dowell
Thomas Me Janet
Thomas Me Leshe Dale
Thomas Me To
Thomas Me Urevvy
Thomas Me-
Thomas Me- Hoot Gibson Dowell
Thomas Me- Shawville Fair
Thomas Me-IU''Wi
Thomas Meachatn
Thomas Mead Brain
Thomas Mean
Thomas MecFerlan#
Thomas MeCivern
Thomas Meehan
Thomas MeFarlane
Thomas Mehon
Thomas MeJanet
Thomas Mel*
Thomas Melanie Larose 1
Thomas Meltons
Thomas Memorial Hall
Thomas Merrill’s
Thomas Merritt
Thomas Mervln Gilbert Armstrong
Thomas Messrs. G.
Thomas Metcalfe
Thomas Metcalfei
Thomas MeTiernnti
Thomas Meunier
Thomas MeVei
Thomas Me— Tucker
Thomas MHMash-an
Thomas MicEachem
Thomas Michael
Thomas Micham
Thomas Mifflin
Thomas Millar
Thomas Millar Shep-
Thomas Millar Sheppard
Thomas Millar Stevens
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller Sterritt
Thomas Miller Sterritt DR.
Thomas Millie
Thomas Milne Langdon
Thomas Milton Hamilton
Thomas MiNaught
Thomas Ministère
Thomas Miqhael
Thomas Mitch-
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchem
Thomas Mitchem Ladyrmlth
Thomas Mitchem William Thomas Much- Evans
Thomas Mite
Thomas MKee
Thomas Mltchum Sr.
Thomas MmTay
Thomas Mncfarlatie
Thomas Mnckie
Thomas Mnr-hockey
Thomas MocFarlane
Thomas MoDenald
Thomas Modi
Thomas Modyfonl
Thomas Moerahead
Thomas Moffat
Thomas Moffatt
Thomas MoGlashan
Thomas Moll
Thomas Mollwraith
Thomas Mommsen
Thomas Moncion
Thomas Moncrief
Thomas Montreal
Thomas Moon
Thomas Mooney
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore And
Thomas Moore Describing
Thomas Moorehcad
Thomas Moorehead
Thomas Moores
Thomas Moorhead
Thomas Moorhead May
Thomas Moortvad Phone
Thomas MoQroevy
Thomas Moran
Thomas Moran J.
Thomas More
Thomas Morebead
Thomas More’s
Thomas Morgan
Thomas Mori Ison
Thomas Morin
Thomas Morm
Thomas Morn
Thomas Moron
Thomas Morrison
Thomas MorrUsey
Thomas Mosel
Thomas Motherwell
Thomas Motion Cr McCredie
Thomas Motion Crs
Thomas Mouifeau
Thomas Moulton
Thomas Mous- Cr
Thomas Mousseau
Thomas Mousseau Shawville
Thomas Moved
Thomas Moylan
Thomas Mr.
Thomas Mr. Cuthlx-rtsrm
Thomas Mr. Flngelstein
Thomas Mr. James
Thomas Mr. Joseph Somerville
Thomas Mr. W.
Thomas Mrs Denis Newberry
Thomas Mrs Goldaline Lance
Thomas Mrs. Ed.
Thomas Mrs. WMiam Thoms
Thomas Mscfarlane
Thomas Mstk
Thomas Msvfarlane
Thomas MtiNcUJ
Thomas Mu
Thomas Mu FOR SALE
Thomas Mubin
Thomas Muekie
Thomas MuFarlane
Thomas Muldoon
Thomas Mulford
Thomas Mulligan
Thomas Mulligan Grade
Thomas Mulligan Jr.
Thomas Mulligan Sr.
Thomas Mullin
Thomas Mulvey
Thomas Mum
Thomas Mumm’s
Thomas Mumy
Thomas Muna
Thomas Mund
Thomas Municipal Council
Thomas Mur
Thomas Mur-
Thomas Mur- As
Thomas Murdoch
Thomas Murdock
Thomas Murdock Home Hardware W.A. Hodgins Inc.
Thomas Muria>
Thomas Muring
Thomas Murmv
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray Appeals
Thomas Murray Ezpcscd
Thomas Murray Further Exposed
Thomas Murray Jeered
Thomas Murray McNeil
Thomas Murray’s
Thomas Murrell
Thomas Murtagh
Thomas MUs Nancy Sturgeon
Thomas Mva Edison Incalculable
Thomas MvD
Thomas MvFarlane
Thomas N Trenton
Thomas N Y
Thomas N. Bowers
Thomas Nar- Club
Thomas Nar- K
Thomas Nariock
Thomas Narlock
Thomas Narlock 165.96
Thomas Narlock Jr
Thomas Narlock Jr.
Thomas Narlock Memorial Bursary
Thomas Narlock Sr
Thomas Nartock
Thomas Nast
Thomas Ne
Thomas Neil
Thomas Neill Cream
Thomas Neilson
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson Page
Thomas Nephin
Thomas Nerlock
Thomas Nesbitt
Thomas Nesbitt Trudeau
Thomas Nevilk
Thomas Neville
Thomas Nevllè Kts Giy Lecavonler
Thomas New
Thomas New-common
Thomas Newcommon
Thomas Newsome
Thomas NggÊËjgg Corrigan
Thomas Nichol
Thomas No
Thomas No.
Thomas No. 1
Thomas Noerenberg
Thomas Nor-
Thomas Noranda
Thomas Norman Dods
Thomas Norman Dods AGRICULTURAL EMPLOYMENT Thomas Norman Dods
Thomas Norris
Thomas North Onslow
Thomas Notice
Thomas Nunley
Thomas Nut
Thomas O Bee
Thomas O Brian
Thomas O Brian Esq
Thomas O Brien
Thomas O Brien Councillors
Thomas O Brien Councillors Alfred Jay ¦
Thomas O Brien Esq.
Thomas O Brien George Y. Brown Otter
Thomas O Brien Grant
Thomas O Brien*
Thomas O Connor
Thomas O Hare
Thomas O Mallev
Thomas O Malley
Thomas O Malley Carried Motion Crs
Thomas O Neil
Thomas O Neill
Thomas O Neill Dear Editor
Thomas O Neill Huddersfield
Thomas O Nellie 647-2891
Thomas O Rourke
Thomas O''Brien
Thomas O''Hagan
Thomas O''Leary
Thomas O-r
Thomas Oakes
Thomas OBr
Thomas OBr- Mr.
Thomas OBrien
Thomas OBrien V Hearty
Thomas OBriesi
Thomas OBrlen
Thomas OD Hanley
Thomas Off
Thomas Oleary
Thomas Oli- Murray
Thomas Oliver
Thomas Oliver Mtd-ligati
Thomas On
Thomas On*-,
Thomas ONanski
Thomas Onions
Thomas Ont
Thomas Ont.
Thomas Ontario
Thomas On’s
Thomas Or
Thomas Organ
Thomas Ormstown
Thomas Orr
Thomas Orr Helen Hodgins
Thomas Orr Mrs. Walter Riley
Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne Bowes
Thomas Osborne Modems CJristmas Pr°gram
Thomas OTlave One/
Thomas Ottawa
Thomas Outhwait
Thomas O’
Thomas O’ Brian B*q.
Thomas O’ Brien
Thomas O’ Neill
Thomas O’Bjitn
Thomas O’Brien
Thomas O’Brien Councillors
Thomas O’Brien Name
Thomas O’Brien.
Thomas O’Don-Mr.
Thomas O’Donnsll
Thomas O’M
Thomas O’Malley
Thomas O’Neill
Thomas O’Neill 647-2891
Thomas O’Sullivan
Thomas P Bennett
Thomas P Graham
Thomas P Mousseau
Thomas P. Graham
Thomas P. Graham Dies
Thomas P. Walsh
Thomas P. White
Thomas Pack
Thomas Padget
Thomas Paget
Thomas Paget Sparling Laporte
Thomas Pal
Thomas Palme
Thomas Palmer
Thomas Palmer Catholics
Thomas Palmer'',
Thomas Palmer.
Thomas Palmer’s
Thomas Paquin
Thomas Par
Thomas Parker
Thomas Parker Is
Thomas Parker Notice
Thomas Parkkr
Thomas Parr
Thomas Parrel
Thomas Pat
Thomas Patrick
Thomas Patrick Dunbar
Thomas Patrick Walsh
Thomas Patrick Walsh Get
Thomas Pattern
Thomas Patterson
Thomas Pattison
Thomas Pattlson Jr.
Thomas Paul
Thomas Paul .
Thomas Paul* Hector Telford
Thomas Payette
Thomas Pcnderghnst
Thomas Peacocks FURNITURE LTÉE
Thomas Pearse
Thomas Penalties:- Quigg
Thomas Penalties—E.
Thomas Pendergast
Thomas Penderghast
Thomas Penderglmst
Thomas Perrier
Thomas Perth
Thomas Petit
Thomas Ph.D.
Thomas Phaser
Thomas Philbin
Thomas Philippe
Thomas Phillipe
Thomas Phillippe
Thomas Phillips
Thomas Pi Ion
Thomas Pibrukc
Thomas Pickup
Thomas Pierre
Thomas Pierunck
Thomas Pikrunuk
Thomas Pilon
Thomas Pilon Section 7
Thomas Pilon Wesley
Thomas Pink
Thomas Pitt
Thomas Pitts
Thomas Plazek
Thomas Pltn*
Thomas Pniidergast
Thomas Pollock Emily Welch
Thomas Poole
Thomas Pope
Thomas Potter
Thomas Poupore
Thomas Poupure
Thomas Pout Thoa V.i
Thomas Pov M^cfarlnne
Thomas Powell
Thomas Powers
Thomas Pr
Thomas Prandergast
Thomas Prc
Thomas Precderga>t
Thomas Premlcrgast
Thomas Prendaigast
Thomas Prendcrgast Sr
Thomas Prender-
Thomas Prender-gast
Thomas Prendergaat
Thomas Prendergast
Thomas Prendergast 1875 d
Thomas Prendergawt
Thomas Prenderga^t Cauton
Thomas Prendergnst
Thomas Prendergrast
Thomas Prentice
Thomas President—Wm
Thomas Preudergast
Thomas Prewiergaat
Thomas Price
Thomas Price’s
Thomas Probst
Thomas Proctor
Thomas Prondorgast
Thomas Proud-
Thomas Proud- Spring SeafiOD
Thomas Proudfood -
Thomas Proudfoot
Thomas Proudlock
Thomas Proulx
Thomas Provincial Tret
Thomas Prvndergast
Thomas Pryse
Thomas PtIIosi
Thomas Puffy
Thomas Pump Organ
Thomas Purecl
Thomas P^P®1
Thomas Q. Bevins
Thomas Qhvalc
Thomas Quai
Thomas Quaile
Thomas Quailk
Thomas Quaille
Thomas Quebec
Thomas Quelle
Thomas Quig
Thomas Quigg
Thomas Quigg Carried
Thomas Quinrtdl
Thomas R
Thomas R Brown-Lacelies
Thomas R Brownlee
Thomas R Brownlee Look Here
Thomas R Lenz
Thomas R Stewart
Thomas R __ Regina
Thomas R •mfoid
Thomas R.
Thomas R. Bavin
Thomas R. Farrell
Thomas R. Marshall
Thomas Rades
Thomas Rae Wilson
Thomas Rafter
Thomas Rail
Thomas Rallis
Thomas Ralph
Thomas Randy
Thomas Randy Child
Thomas Ranger
Thomas Raphael
Thomas Ray
Thomas Rcbcris
Thomas Rcbcrv
Thomas Re
Thomas Re*‘
Thomas Rebcrtz
Thomas Rebert/
Thomas Rebertz
Thomas Rebertz Thomas
Thomas Reberv Sr
Thomas Reed
Thomas Regarding
Thomas Reid
Thomas Reihertz
Thomas Reilly
Thomas Rejd
Thomas Rekl
Thomas Relair
Thomas Ren-
Thomas Rennie
Thomas Reuben Erwi
Thomas Reunion
Thomas Reviews British
Thomas Reynolds
Thomas Reynolds Being Lot J*
Thomas Reynolds Otta
Thomas RE^A EGAN
Thomas Rice
Thomas Rich,
Thomas Richaidson
Thomas Richard
Thomas Richard Henry
Thomas Richard William Moore
Thomas Richardson
Thomas Rides
Thomas Ridgè
Thomas Ridout
Thomas Ridout Dead
Thomas Riley
Thomas Ringer
Thomas Rinnan
Thomas Riopelle
Thomas Riordon
Thomas Ritchie
Thomas Rldout
Thomas Rmrooves
Thomas Ro
Thomas Robert
Thomas Robert-ber
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Robertson
Thomas Robertson MacEachern
Thomas Robin
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson’s
Thomas Rockcliffe Findlay
Thomas Rofhwell
Thomas Roi Eva Hodgins
Thomas Rol-
Thomas Roll Carding
Thomas Rollins
Thomas Romain
Thomas Rooney
Thomas Rose
Thomas Ross
Thomas Rossiter
Thomas Rouleau
Thomas Rourke
Thomas Routledge
Thomas Rowe
Thomas Rowen
Thomas Roy Man
Thomas Royden
Thomas Rty-
Thomas Rubbles
Thomas Rue
Thomas Ruffin Bass
Thomas Rules
Thomas Rum
Thomas Rusenstrom
Thomas Russe
Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell Eric and
Thomas Rut- Metagama
Thomas Rutledge
Thomas Ryan
Thomas Ryan 29—
Thomas S Clark
Thomas S Harris
Thomas S Jewell
Thomas S Swadron
Thomas S. Harris
Thomas S. Jewell
Thomas S. Vaxm
Thomas Sa
Thomas Sabounn
Thomas Sabourin
Thomas Sabourin C.H.P
Thomas Saint
Thomas Saint s
Thomas Saint’s
Thomas Sally
Thomas Sally 1878
Thomas Samuel Mahon
Thomas Sanderson
Thomas Sandy MacPherson
Thomas Saunders
Thomas Sawyer
Thomas Says Natural Outlet
Thomas Scanlon
Thomas SCC.
Thomas Schoen
Thomas Schofield
Thomas Scobie
Thomas Scoby
Thomas Scohie
Thomas Scoit
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scuccimarra
Thomas Sea
Thomas Sealy
Thomas Seaman
Thomas Seaman....... Robt
Thomas Seaman............ Robt
Thomas Senack
Thomas Senack SHM
Thomas Service
Thomas Servos
Thomas Sexton
Thomas Sha
Thomas Shanghnessy Not
Thomas Shannon
Thomas Sharin''
Thomas Sharkey
Thomas Sharp
Thomas Sharpe
Thomas Sharpe FOR
Thomas Sharpe Is
Thomas Sharpe,
Thomas Shaugbnueay
Thomas Shaugh-nea«y
Thomas Shaughncssv
Thomas Shaughncssy
Thomas Shaughneasy
Thomas Shaughneasy Is
Thomas Shaughneesy
Thomas Shaughnessy
Thomas Shauglinessy
Thomas Shaugltnessy
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw Duuseoinbe
Thomas Shaw Guelph
Thomas Shawville
Thomas Shcpshed
Thomas Shea
Thomas Shea PARISH
Thomas Sheoghnreey
Thomas Sheppard
Thomas Sheridan
Thomas Shields
Thomas Shirley
Thomas Shore
Thomas Shot
Thomas Shul
Thomas Simms
Thomas Simon
Thomas Simpson
Thomas Siuihy
Thomas Siuiley
Thomas Skidsteer
Thomas Sl<>an
Thomas Slattery
Thomas Sliaw Jenson
Thomas Slioehy
Thomas Slmughnessy
Thomas Sloan
Thomas Sm
Thomas Smart
Thomas Smart Peter Glenn
Thomas Sme*a W S Terry Taurus Travel Trail
Thomas Smekal
Thomas Smile
Thomas Smilev.
Thomas Smiley
Thomas Smiley 1
Thomas Smiley Had
Thomas Smiley Passes
Thomas Smiley Tin*
Thomas Smilvv.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Dorrien Smith
Thomas Smith Mrs Eric Belanger
Thomas Smitii
Thomas SmiYy
Thomas Smyth
Thomas Snowden
Thomas Somerill I’ve
Thomas Somerville
Thomas Somerville»
Thomas Sommcr-viHe
Thomas Sommer
Thomas Sons
Thomas Soucie
Thomas Soucie Sr. de
Thomas South
Thomas Southgate
Thomas Sparling
Thomas Sparling Dies After Brief Illness Day
Thomas Spence
Thomas Spencer
Thomas Spencer.
Thomas Spiroux
Thomas Spur- Nevertheless
Thomas Sr. Stark
Thomas SruiLy
Thomas St
Thomas St Pierre
Thomas St.
Thomas Stack
Thomas Stafford
Thomas Stanley
Thomas Stanley Proprietor
Thomas Stanton
Thomas Stanton Sr.
Thomas Stark
Thomas Stark After
Thomas Stark Harris
Thomas Stark Harris NOTICE
Thomas Stark Murphy
Thomas Starke
Thomas Staunton
Thomas Ste- Grant Murray
Thomas Ste-Marie
Thomas Step-
Thomas Stephen
Thomas Stephens
Thomas Stephens Jacqueline Moseley
Thomas Stephen»
Thomas Stevens
Thomas Stewart
Thomas Stickney
Thomas Stitt
Thomas Stnilty
Thomas Stoneman
Thomas Storey
Thomas Storik
Thomas Streets
Thomas Stretch
Thomas Strutt
Thomas Stuart
Thomas Suii''ey
Thomas Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan Men’s
Thomas Sum
Thomas Summers
Thomas Summerville
Thomas Summon
Thomas Sutton
Thomas Swann
Thomas Swift
Thomas Sydenham
Thomas Sykes
Thomas T imes-Journal
Thomas T. Ib.nl
Thomas T. Topping
Thomas Tail’s
Thomas Tanguay
Thomas Tanquay
Thomas Tapper
Thomas Tardy
Thomas Tart
Thomas Tax
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Ted Fort
Thomas Telf-
Thomas Telford
Thomas Tencred
Thomas Tenders
Thomas Terrell
Thomas Terrill
Thomas Te’fwd
Thomas Thacker
Thomas Thacket
Thomas Thanksgiving
Thomas That
Thomas That H.
Thomas That Walter
Thomas The
Thomas Their
Thomas These
Thomas They
Thomas Thnee-Journal
Thomas Thomas Graham
Thomas Thomas Moran
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson Life
Thomas Thompson Yard Goods
Thomas Threl-
Thomas Tiir.es-Journab
Thomas Tim
Thomas Tim es-Journal Women
Thomas Timcs-Journal
Thomas Time
Thomas Time*-Journal
Thomas Timea-Journal
Thomas Timed Journal
Thomas Timee-Joumal
Thomas Timee-Jour-nal
Thomas Timee-Journal HITLER QUIZ
Thomas Timei Journal NO SCORE—YET
Thomas Times
Thomas Times Jour-1
Thomas Times Journal
Thomas Times Journal Accident Toll
Thomas Times*Journal
Thomas Times-
Thomas Times- Ottawa Mrs. D. Leo Dolan
Thomas Times-Fournal
Thomas Times-ïoumaJ.
Thomas Times-Jotrnal
Thomas Times-Jouma
Thomas Times-Joumal
Thomas Times-Joumal Z A
Thomas Times-Jour-
Thomas Times-Jour- Madison
Thomas Times-Jouraal
Thomas Times-Jouranal
Thomas Times-Jouriial
Thomas Times-Journa
Thomas Times-Journal
Thomas Times-Journal An
Thomas Times-Journal And
Thomas Times-journal Gunners
Thomas Times-Journnl
Thomas Times-Jouvnal Western Farmers Battle For Crops Another Champion Honored RailwBVS ParleV I
Thomas Time» Journal
Thomas Tiplady
Thomas Tippet Scantling
Thomas Tisdale
Thomas Tisdale Thompson
Thomas Titnes-Jum
Thomas Tiudmu
Thomas Tj* JU™OT
Thomas Tlmee-Journal
Thomas Tlmes-Journal
Thomas Tmes-Journa
Thomas To
Thomas Toal
Thomas Todd Kline
Thomas Toff
Thomas Tomkins
Thomas Toomey
Thomas Torrance
Thomas Towell
Thomas Towle
Thomas Towle As
Thomas Towle Cost
Thomas Tra
Thomas Tracey
Thomas Tracv
Thomas Tracy
Thomas Tracy 2
Thomas Tracy Jr and
Thomas Tracy Quyon
Thomas Tracy.
Thomas Travel
Thomas Trcdeau
Thomas Treanor
Thomas Tredeau
Thomas Tremblay
Thomas Tremblay QUEBEC
Thomas Tripp
Thomas Tru-Commissioner
Thomas Trudaeu Dies At Amprior
Thomas Trudeau
Thomas Trudeau -
Thomas Trudeau—Carried On
Thomas Trudel
Thomas Tt
Thomas Ttom-journal
Thomas Tub
Thomas Tub-St
Thomas Tubma
Thomas Tubman
Thomas Tucker
Thomas Tungman
Thomas Tupping
Thomas Turcotte
Thomas Turnbull
Thomas Turner
Thomas Tusser
Thomas Tussvr
Thomas Tyrrell
Thomas Ug
Thomas Ukxuoioii
Thomas Uoare
Thomas Uoundslow
Thomas Upton
Thomas Ur LAAAUA
Thomas Urahain
Thomas Urbina
Thomas Ureenway
Thomas Urquhart
Thomas UT.s
Thomas Utronk
Thomas Vallee
Thomas Van Durer
Thomas Van Dusen
Thomas Vansittart Bowater
Thomas Vemor
Thomas Vhassels
Thomas Vien
Thomas Village
Thomas Villeneuve
Thomas Virany Chairman
Thomas Vmk
Thomas Voices His Doubts
Thomas Von
Thomas Vorrixan
Thomas Voyce
Thomas Vrendergast
Thomas Vrquhart
Thomas W
Thomas W Ball
Thomas W Barnes
Thomas W C «lli-tcr
Thomas W Griffin
Thomas W Jeffry
Thomas W Kite
Thomas W MoKnightA
Thomas W Pembroke
Thomas W Smart
Thomas W Watman
Thomas W,
Thomas W. Hod
Thomas W. Hodgins
Thomas W. J. Dagg
Thomas W. M. Cameron
Thomas W. Paterson
Thomas W. Wilson
Thomas Waaaoa
Thomas Wade
Thomas Waghorn
Thomas Wainman
Thomas Wal-
Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker Cotie
Thomas Wall
Thomas Wallace
Thomas Wallace 4
Thomas Wallace 500.00
Thomas Wallace On Tuesday
Thomas Wallace Passes After Lengthy
Thomas Wallace X1
Thomas Wallace’s
Thomas Walls
Thomas WalN
Thomas Walsh
Thomas Walsh—Negro Dade
Thomas Walter
Thomas Walter 1865-1926
Thomas Walton
Thomas WaP
Thomas Ward
Thomas Warder
Thomas Wardrope
Thomas Warren
Thomas Warren Dies W Hudson Kaiser S&>
Thomas Was
Thomas Wasaon
Thomas Wasson
Thomas Watson
Thomas Watters
Thomas We
Thomas Weaver
Thomas Webb
Thomas Webb Austin United Church
Thomas Weds James Robert Johnson
Thomas Weds SS3LSWurûSs-s StHE,-?
Thomas Weir
Thomas Wesley Lonsdale
Thomas Wesson
Thomas Whalen
Thomas Whalen It
Thomas Whatley
Thomas Whclcn
Thomas Whe
Thomas Whelan
Thomas Whelen
Thomas When
Thomas Whereas
Thomas Whit Horses Wanted Î
Thomas Whit SILOS
Thomas White
Thomas White Jake
Thomas White Montreal Last
Thomas White Treas
Thomas Whitewashes Hun
Thomas White—Minister
Thomas White’s
Thomas Whito
Thomas Whittaker
Thomas Whvlen
Thomas Wiison
Thomas Wil-were
Thomas Wilcox
Thomas Wiling
Thomas Wilkinson
Thomas William
Thomas William Hodgii
Thomas William Pryse
Thomas William Richard Moorhead
Thomas William Smith
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williamson
Thomas Willis Sadellan
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson X #
Thomas Wilson X V #
Thomas Wilson For Litchfield
Thomas Wilson Jr
Thomas Wilson Jr y
Thomas Wilsons
Thomas Wilsor
Thomas Win R
Thomas Wingle
Thomas Winuns
Thomas Wish
Thomas Withrow
Thomas WiUon
Thomas Wlieien Several
Thomas Wlielen
Thomas Wlimns
Thomas Wninmati
Thomas Wolfs
Thomas Wood
Thomas Woods
Thomas Woods Her
Thomas Woods Thorne
Thomas Woodsman Badge
Thomas Woodward
Thomas Woolsey
Thomas Workman
Thomas Worth
Thomas Wray
Thomas Wrenn
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wriim
Thomas Wrinn
Thomas Wrlnn
Thomas Wrlnn Erma Nicholas Honoured At Party Marie Poisson Married To Ray Grier Rse McTlernan
Thomas Wrlnn Is
Thomas Wtdsey
Thomas Wuehr
Thomas Wuehr R.R.
Thomas Wuehr Saturday
Thomas Wxu
Thomas W«liace
Thomas X William Pryae
Thomas Xaughn
Thomas XV.
Thomas XVilkie
Thomas Yat**
Thomas Yates
Thomas Yearns
Thomas Yien
Thomas Yolkowski
Thomas Yolkowskie
Thomas Yolkowskle
Thomas Yollcowski
Thomas You
Thomas Young
Thomas Young Sr.
Thomas Zeiland
Thomas Zic Zic - Franco
Thomas _-_1M
Thomas • Michel Grenier
Thomas) Armstrong
Thomas.......... Curry
Thomas.......... Ross
Thomas............ Wesley Hodgins
Thomas............. Christopher
Thomas............... Christopher
Thomas’ E<
Thomas’ Eclcc
Thomas’ Eclectric Oil
Thompson Thomas Graham Thompson
Thornes Dolan ParVway
Thursday Thomas
Tiff Thomas
Tim Dolan’s
Tim Thomas
Timothy Golden Thomas
Timothy Thomas Bell
Tin Mr. Thomas
Tired Thomas
To- Thomas
Todd Thomas Cummings
Tom Dolan
Tommy Dolan
Tommy Thomas
Tommy" Thomas
Tony Thomas
Tony Dolan
Tony Thomas
Travis Thomas Meredith
Treuman Thomas
Trod Thomas
Tru- Terry Dolan
Truemah Thomas
Trueman Thomas
Trueman Thomas 2
Trueman Thomas 2 H. Elliott 2. Domestic—
Trueman Thomas 2.
Trueman Thomas 2. Ed.
Trueman Thomas 3. Single Carriage
Trueman Thomas Lynch
Truman "Thomas
Truman Thomas
Truman Thomas 3. Bair
TSsxfst Gananoque Kast-Ernest Thomas
Tues Carried
United Dolan
Uobt Hammond Jas Thomas
V* Thomas I. J Parliament Buildings
Vaughan Thomas
Velma Thomas
Vera Smith Thomas
Vera Thomas
Veronica Dolan
Victor Young Mathew Fraser Jas Thomas For
Visitin Thomas
Vl Thomas
W adopted.--Carried
W M Hayes Sec.-Treas Carried Mr. Wm
W Thomas
W Thomas 2
W Thomas 3. Bacon
W Thomas 3. Swine Specials Best
W Thomas Elliott
W Thomas Mrs. J. H. Stewart United Church
W Thomas.
W* Thomas
W, Thomas
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasure Carried
W. Thomas
W. Thomas 3. Spring Wheat—John J
W. Thomas Councillors McDowell
W. Thomas Dies After Lengthy Illness
W. Thomas Shaw
Wallace Craig.—Carried
Wallace Thomas
Walter Kil- Carried
Walter Mae Dolan
Walter Riley Mr. Lawrence Thomas
Walter Thomas
Walter Thomas Harris
Walter Thomas Parker
Walter Thomas Wilkins
Walter Vallillee Thomas Dolan John Daugherty John Steele S Walsh Regular
Walton Thomas McCorriston SHAWVIUE
Wanted Thomas Grant Campbell* Bat
Warden McLellan—Carried
Warden Thomas
Warren Mrs Thomas Fleury
Warren Thomas
Warren Thomas Kelley
Wayne Dolan
Wayne Maheral Charlie Lloyd Agnes Findlay Alex Thomas Agnes Thomas Alice Chevner Lesley Chevrier Gi
Wayne Thomas
Wayward Thomas Wade Glass
We Thomas
Webb Thomas Berwick
Wendy Thomas and Jessica Ivory Newton
Wesley Thomas
Whelcn Thomas
White Ash Thomas Smith Bristol
White Birch THOMAS
Wickens Thomas
Wiimifred Thomas
WiL Thomas
Wilbert Thomas
Will Mr. Thomas Do
Willard Thomas Answers 8:00
Willard Thomas Hodgins Valke
William and Thomas Stephens
William Carried
William Hodgins Carried
William Hodgins Thomas Corrigan Edward Dale Richard Wilson Robert Kees Henry McDowell Thomas Elliot
William Joseph James Richard Edward Robert Thomas George Louis
William M re Thomas Craig...
William Nadeau 25.00 Clifton Dale 247.50 Thomas Horner 250.68 Kenneth Brownlee 279.36 Lawrence Dage
William Orr Carried
William Smith St Thomas Congregation Sincerely
William Thomas
William Thomas Barber
William Thomas Barber Amta
William Thomas Burns On
William Thomas Cosgrave President
William Thomas Crawford
William Thomas Ernest Sparling
William Thomas Gordon Harris William Thomas Gordon Harris
William Thomas Lola Mee
William Thomas Math
William Thomas McDowell
William Thomas Meagher
William Thomas Meagher Come
William Thomas Music
William Thomas Racine
William Thomas Racine From
William Thomas Smiley
William Thomas Stewart
William Thomas Wallace
William Webb Mrs Arthur Thomas
Willie Carried
Willie—-“Did Thomas A. Edison
Willis Thomas
Wills Thomas Gray
Wilson Carried
Wilson Thomas Clifford Wilson
Win Kennedy-Carried
Windows See M-CANN Carried
Winni-fred Thomas 972j|
Wm McGregor Carried
Wolves Thomas Garvin
Women’s Institutes Mrs. Thomas KAdks MURRAY
Wrinn Thomas Graham
Written-on Thomas Edison
Xavier Thomas - On
Xavier Thomas Mathieu
XI.— Carried
Y T Mrs. John C. Dolan
Yarn—Mrs Thomas Red Scoteh Wheat—John Young
Years Thomas Quaile Resigns At Otter
Yelon Jas Thomas
Young Carried
Young Carried Motion Crs
Younge M Farms Thomas Jinkinson
Z. Thomas
Zotiquc Thomas
Zotique Thomas
^l8S Thomas
_iH0 Thomas
«atis-1 Thomas
350 Z Z Carried
Austin Dolan
Ca Dolan
Canada Carried
Carried Motif l Crs.
Carried Mo
Carried Mr.
Coffee Thomas
Dr. Thomas
Fort Carried
Fort Thomas
Fred Thomas l
Georgian Bay Canal.—Carried
Ibavoid ; l''ses F W Thomas
Kami Telephone l —Carried
L FtiSSrSy l Thomas Durrcll
Lowell Thomas
MacArthur Road Carried
Mason Carried
Mr. Thomas Burrell
Mr. Thomas Hi
Mrs. Em Carried
Myrtle St St Thomas.
Norway Bay—Carried
Norway Carried Bay
Norway Riy*—Carried
Ottawa Thomas Homer
Pine Thomas
P»ddv Dolan
Quebec St Thomas
R Carried l
San Juan St Thomas Antigua St Lucia Barbados Trinidad
Silver Creek—Carried
Spring Wheat—Thomas
St Thomas
Stevenson ap-| l Carried |
Thomas Bay
Thomas Cahi l
Thomas Dolan Parkway
Thomas Falls
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Hare
Thomas N. l
Thomas Shea
Thomas These
Thomas-Lefebvre Road
& Carried Sons
7th Line Notes DOLAN’S Ml FABRIC SHOP Anniversary RENFREW
Active Experimental Work Is Iking Carried Forward
AGED Starts JUNE 4th b Carried
Agricultural Society Division C.—Carried
Agriculture Society Carried
Agriculture Society Carried Born
ANGLICAN PARISH OF QUYON Rev. John G Hilton St Thomas Bristol 9:00
ANGLICAN PARISH OF QUYON Rev. John G. Hilton St Thomas Bristol 9:00
Animal Carried
Armistice Service Carried
BA 2 Dolan
Bank of Montreal Carried
Bank of Montreal HAVE YOU EVER HAD Carried
Bank of Montreal—Carried
Bank of Montreal—Carried Motion
Beauty Shop Carried
Bell Telephone Carried
Bell Telephone Co. Carried
Better Relations Bristol Carried
Blast Equity Photo Carried
Blmside Womens Institute Carried
Body Shop Dolan s Fabric Goldie Mohr Ltd Ottawa Pontiac Malard F«h &
Bristol Boy Cainod Carried
Bristol Carried
Bristol Clarendon Town Carried
Bristol Council Clarion DOLAN’S FABRIC
Bristol Council—Carried
Bristol Mines -NO SERVICE— St Thomas
Bristol Mines 2.00 p.m.—Holy Communion St Thomas
Bristol Mines 2.30 p.m.-—Evening Prayer St. Thomas
Bristol Mines 2.30 p.m.—Evening Prayer St Thomas
Bristol Mines 2.30 p.m.—Evening Prayer St. Thomas’
Bristol Mines 2.30 p.m.—Holy Communion St Thomas
Bristol Mines 2.30 p.m.—Holy Communion St. Thomas’
Bristol Mines NO SERVICE St. Thomas’
Bristol Murrells Notes St Thomas Anglican Guild
Bristol Remembrance Day Service Carried Mr. Poltras
Bristol Station—Carried
Bristol ^ Joannisset Mines.—Carried
BURNETT FARM SUPPLY Carried Sales and Service
CAMPBELL THOMPSON Dental Surgeon BRISTOL Telephone 604-12 604-30 Announcement St Thomas
Canadian Cancer Soci- Carried V
Canadian Cancer Society Carried L & M ELECTRONICS RCA VICTOR RADIO
Canadian Institute Carried
Canadian Legion Carried Branch
Canadian National Institute for Carried
Canadian National Institute for Carried Motion Crs
Canadian Oil Carried Company
Cancer Carried
Carried &
Carried Wayne Perry
Carried BR b Office SS
Carried Carried Every Carried HON.
Carried Christmas Special
Carried Commission
Carried Cos Ltd.
Carried Coulonge Telephone
Carried Council
Carried Council Minutes
Carried Council N Onslow Council GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
Carried Cr
Carried Dame Helen O Neil
Carried Equity
Carried Farm House
Carried Forestry Conservation;
Carried Health
Carried Health & Sanitation HHH
Carried Iin£ton Em-merson
Carried Rev. Father Morris No Service Rev. Lodges Emard Cr
Carried Salvation Army
Carried Separate School
Carried Service
Carried Shawville High School
Carried Team Sauriol
Carried Winter Works
Carried WSP.
Carried | Telephone
Central Hospital Auxil-Hugh Dolan
CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE Carried Stationers — Office Supplies
Chfnky & THOMAS VV.
Christ Jesus Carried NOW OPEN
Citizens Committee Parks Association for Terry Dolan
Clarendon Council Carried
Committee Carried
Community Centre Carried Motion Cr
Con- Carried
Cooperative Medical Se*> Carried
COTIE Wilson Carried
Council Carried
Council Carried Church Motion Crs Sparl
Council Carried Clarendon Council
Council Carried Council
Council Carried Motion Cr
Countrywomen’s Association Carried
CScope Carried Rubber Tire Wagon Vulcan Heavy Duty Battery Charger One Electrice Chain Saw
DE SOT A Sales and Service Auction Sale—Thomas
Department of Fair Carried
Department of Roads Carried
Désilets represented Tele- Carried
Dodge Sedan Carried
DOLAN Circular
DOLAN Fitzroy Harbour
Dolan Girls Automobile Race
Dolan- Outstanding
Dolan’s Fabric Shop Quyon
Dolan’s Store
Dominion Dey Service ST. THOMAS
DONAT Le GUERRIER Men’s Work Boots Fop Spring Red Cross Drive Being Carried on Tin Week Notary Publ
E c Dolan
Edison Brown Calumet Island CWL Mr. Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas
Elmside Women’s Institute Thomas
Fairbanks Hotel Carried As
Feature Film Carried Vincent They’re
Federal Business Development Bank Thomas Horner
Federal Department of Labor Carried SHAWVILLE
Ferry Route HHH Carried Carried Notice
Fish & Game Association Carried
Forests Products Labor-Thomas Macfarlane
Francis-Thomas Engagement Police
Garage/Body Shop Dolan s Fabrics Gavan s Hotel Francis Fuel Mountainview Turf Farm Campbell
Gatineau Power Company Carried
General Insurance Carried
Genera’ Supply Co Carried
Good Friday Service ST THOMAS BRISTOL Good Friday Service
Group Insurance Carried
Guelph Hospital Thomas Bryson Cemetery
Hall—Thomas Owen Perry
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
HH| Hi | Carried Audit
Home Bible Study Groupe Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
Hospital Monthly Report Singer Sales And Service Carried John Duff
House Carried
House Orderly Carried
Hull Electric Railway | Carried
HYETT’S Deeper Life Crusade Carried Celebrated EXZEMA.
ÎIKN POTPOURRI Dolan’s Fa brie Shop
IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Travauxpublics Canada Public Works Canada ST THOMAS BRISTOL BRYSON Father Le
IS Carried
J. M. Dolan
Jas Hart—Carried Conservative
JfiSK Carried
KENSLEY ELECTRIC Elisha Bceman Thomas
Kingdon Mining & Smelting Co.-Carried
Lakeside Hotel Thomas Bean
LEEDER & P0ITRAS Carried Monuments • Sculpture
Lion Alex Thomas
Litchfield Council Carried
Local Boy Scout Carried
Lodge Carried ; Fair Society Decides Against
LTD Thomas
M. Donaldson —Carried
M. Fernand Alarie Dr. Thomas
Maple Syrup Carried | Russell
Master Thomas Brown
McCann & Sons Dolan
McColgan Quyon Ferry Jean-Guy Lapierre Quyon Post Office Terry Dolan JP Cote X
McDonald P.P. SL Thomas
Member Standard Stock and Mining Exchange LISTED STOCKS CARRIED ON MARGIN Correspondence Invited
Member Standard Stock and Mining Exchange LISTED STOCKS CARRIED OR MARDIS Correspondence Invitai ME
Menard Phillip Perry Leo Marleau Judy El-Hakim Christine Labelle Bill Dolan
MESSES Carried
Metropolitan Council of Western Carried
Milling Co —Carried
Mine Road Carried
Mine Road—Carried
Morning Worship St Thomas
Morning Worship St Thomas Bristol 11
Morning Worship St Thomas Bristol 1130 A M Morning Worship FREE METHODIST CHURCH
Morning Worship St Thomas Bristol 11:30 A M Morning Worship FREE METHODIST CHURCH
Morning Worship ST THOMAS BRISTOL Rev Allan Bond
Motion Carried
Motion Carried Crs
Motion Councillor Chamber- Carried
Motion Crs Dolan
Motion Crs Roy Carried Mr. Dcnzil Brown
Motion Crs Thomas Belair
Motion of ers MacKechnie-Mul- Carried
Moulded Waistline Slip Fine Needlework By MARTHA BANNING THOMAS I’m
MOV Carried DIAL
Mr. Thomas Rowe
Mrs Teddy Craig Carried
Mrs. Earl Dolan
Mrs. Thomas Sons
Municipal Carried
Municipal Corp. Carried
Municipal Hal L Carried
Municipal Hall Carried A INSURANCE
Murdock Glass Marcottes Peto Canada Quyon Ferry Cavan s Hotel Dolan s Fabric St Laurent Trophies Lo
New York Post Carried
Norway Bay Ferry Co. Carried
NOTICE Carried Clarendon Council Province
NOTICE Dr. Thomas
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties Carried CLERK OFFICE P.O.
Onslow Council Carried Carried Motion
Onslow Council Carried Country
Ottawa Valley Power Co.—Carried
OU Carried
Ovcrnite Express Carried Ltd.
Parish Hall PARISH OF QUYQN Rev Allan Bond St Thomas Bristol 9
PEMBROKE Carried Motion Crs
Pontiac Ag- Carried
Pontiac Agricultural Society No. 1.—Carried
Pontiac Carried
Pontiac County Protestant Central School Board Carried Adjournment
Pontiac Farm Forum Carried
Pontiac Lionette Bonspiel Alice Dolan
Pontiac Mutual Fire Insurance Carried
Pontiac Plowmens Carried
Pontiac Print Carried
Pontiac Rural Tel- Carried
Pontiac Rural Telephone Carried
Pontiac Rural Telephone Co.—Carried
Pontiac Thomas Equity Editor PONTIAC
Pontiac Union National Ass n Carried
Professional Pin Davidson Inc. Davidson Thomas Lo
Public Carried Motion Cm Young
Public Works Carried
Public Works Carried FRIDAY
Quyon Council Carried
Quyon Council Carried Mulligan
Quyon Council Minutes Carried
Quyon Hockey Team Miss Doreen Dolan
Red Cross Carried Moved
Red Cross Drive Carried
Research Carried
Rev. Thomas
Roll Homolgated Carried
Royal Thomas’
Rural Schools—Carried
Rural Telephone Co Carried
School Carried
School Carried Immerson Cr
School Closing SL Thomas
School Collection psliiy—Carried Roll
School Morning Worship Lutheran Rav Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
School Morning Worship Carried Plans Garden Party
School Morning Worship Lutheran Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
School Pat- Carried
School St. Thomas
School St. Thomas’
Service Carried Public Notice
SHAWVILLE Clarendon Ave Carried Imperial
Shawville Council Carried
Shawville Council Carried Carried
Shawville Hardware Store Storik—Thomas College Mr.
Shawville High School—Carried
Shaxvville Nursing Home—Carried
SHELL Carried Mr. Jos
SHELL Carried Motion Crs
ShOP Call Thomas Cook/Highland Travel
Si Thomas
Si Thomas Brstol Si John
Si Thomas’
Singer Sales And Service Carried
SL Thomas
SL Thomas Anglican Guild
Smith Bros Carried
Society Radford Native Mes Aged Ninety Four Carried Motion Os
St Carried
St CLEAN St Thomas
St Thomas
St Thomas Anglican
St Thomas Anglican Cemetery
St Thomas Anglican Church
St Thomas Anglican Church Bristol
St Thomas Anglican Church Hall
St Thomas Anglican Church Mr. William Webb
St Thomas Anglican Guild
St Thomas Anglican Kennedy
St Thomas Bnstoi St Liiœ Eardtey St John Quyon Ctoaed
St Thomas Bnstol St Lite Eardtey Mass Saturday Mass
St Thomas Bnstol St Luke Eaid
St Thomas Bristol
St Thomas Bristol 11.30
St Thomas Bristol 11:30 A M Morning Worship FREE METHODIST CHURCH Rev Edith Main
St Thomas Bristol 11:30 A M Morning Worship Matthew Tackney
St Thomas Bristol 7:30
St Thomas Bristol 9
St Thomas Bristol 9:00
St Thomas Bristol 9:30
St Thomas Bristol a
St Thomas Bristol and St Luke s Eardley
St Thomas Bristol SHAWVILLE
St Thomas Bristol St George
St Thomas Bristol St George Campbell
St Thomas Bristol St Like Barclay 648-5859 Shawville Ministerial Association
St Thomas Bristol St Luka
St Thomas Bristol St Luka E
St Thomas Bristol St Luka Eard
St Thomas Bristol St Luke bard
St Thomas Bristol St Luke fcard
St Thomas Bristol St Lule
St Thomas Bristol St Lule E
St Thomas Bristol St Lute
St Thomas Bristol St Lute Eaid
St Thomas Bristol St Lute Eardwry St John Quyon Closed
St Thomas Bristol Station
St Thomas Bristol.
St Thomas Bristol; and St Luke s Eardley
St Thomas Brsto<
St Thomas Brstol St Luke Eardtey St John Quyon Closed
St Thomas Church
St Thomas Collegiate Institute
St Thomas Parish
St Thomas Times-Journal
St. Alexandre Katie Dolan
St. Alphonsus C.W.L. DOLAN’S Fabric Shop Plans
St. Thomas
St. Thomas Anglican Church
St. Thomas Church Bristol.
St. Thomas—Memorial Hospital
St. Thomas’Anglican Church
Stamps Carried Dr.
Starts Co Thomas
STORE Carried Lumber
Student Government Plaque for Outstanding School Spirit Dolan
Student Thomas O’Neill
SUITS Carried Motion Crs
Sun Eve Prayer St Thomas Bristol
Sun Eve Prayer St Thomas Bristol 11
Sun H. Eucharist St Thomas Bristol
Sun Holy Eucharist St Thomas
Sun Holy Euctwiet St Thomas Bristol
Sundey School Rev Fi Thomas F-Upetr-ck
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Eight-year-old Katie Dolan
THOMAS " Motor Car
Thomas Advertising
Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Anglican Church
Thomas Bell
Thomas cemetery
Thomas Davidson Manufacturing Company
Thomas Edison
Thomas Heaphy
Thomas Hilton
Thomas Hospital
THOMAS Hotel Manager
Thomas James Perry
THOMAS MORAN Special Colonist Trains
Thomas Sons Ltd for
Thomas Travel Agency
THOMAS WALSH Bristol Mines
THOMAS ” Motor Car
Thomas’ Electric Oil
Thomas’ Electric Oil for Campbell* Hay Doctor of Medicine
Thu Ibuth Group Rev Ft Thomas Fit/petnc*
Transacted Farmers Business Solicited Carried
Tread Carried Motion Crs
Try Jap*a*Iac Paint Carried
TURKEY - GEESE - CHICKEN Carried Motion Crs*
United Carried Church Parsonage
United Church Quyon Bristol Bristol i St. John’s Church St. Thomas Church Starks Corners
US A. Carried
Vicar Bros St Thomas
Village Carried SHAWVILLE
Village Of Shawville Carried Shawville Council
Vlpond Construction Co Carried
Wakefield Hospital Carried Carried Carried Motion
Walls Burtons Ltd Carried
Wheaton College Carried
White Russian—Thomas
Work Guaranteed Carried Carried BROWN
Worship Service St Thomas Bristol SI George Campbell
Wyman Women’s Institute Carried
XT Plus BiOOD ARROW Carried Arthur Laban