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Alex Gauthier

Issues the person appears in:

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83471_2006-01-25 | .pdf | .txt

Possible related entities:

1—Alex Murray
Abby Gauthier
Adrienne Gauthier
Albert Gauthier
Alex Choissez
Alex R
Alex W
Alex -
Alex --*vV.f
Alex 1975 White Tractor
Alex 282l
Alex 7-2585 Muloin
Alex 7-2734 Horner
Alex 7-2837 Mulligan
Alex 7-3837 Horner
Alex 8. Araott Accurate Analysis
Alex 8. Elliott
Alex 8. Smart
Alex A
Alex A Crochet
Alex A S. Farrell
Alex A Sm- February
Alex A Smart
Alex A.
Alex A. Fraser
Alex A. Smart
Alex AAcCurdie
Alex Adrian
Alex Afleck
Alex Alb
Alex Albert
Alex Alexander After
Alex All
Alex Allard
Alex Allen
Alex Almerson
Alex Also
Alex Amyotte
Alex and Brandon Lloyd
Alex and Karen
Alex and Marie Louise Edward
Alex and William
Alex Anderson
Alex Andrew Cochrane
Alex Andrew William *ndh«
Alex Andrews
Alex Angus
Alex Angus Auctioneer
Alex Annual
Alex Another
Alex Arbour
Alex Arbour Campbell
Alex Argue
Alex Arm
Alex Armitage
Alex Armstrong
Alex Armstrong 2
Alex Armstrong 2. Buckwheat
Alex Armstrong 2. Orange
Alex Armstrong 2. Yearling
Alex Armstrong 3. Heifer
Alex Armstrong Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Armstrong---- Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Arreeene
Alex Arthur
Alex Ashton
Alex Atamanenko
Alex Auld
Alex Auroviere
Alex Ave
Alex Aylmer
Alex A|
Alex B McDonnell
Alex Baird
Alex Barker
Alex Barnet
Alex Barnett
Alex Barris
Alex Barr’a
Alex Bartlett
Alex Bathgate B. McClennon J. Cameron
Alex Bclisle
Alex Bean
Alex Bean 1
Alex Bean 2
Alex Bean 3
Alex Bean 3 G
Alex Bean Dies
Alex Bean To
Alex Bean Who
Alex Bean Wm Wilson 3
Alex Beau
Alex Beaudoin
Alex Belisle
Alex Bell
Alex Belland
Alex Belore
Alex Benn
Alex Bern
Alex Bert-rend
Alex Berthelot
Alex Bertrand
Alex Bertrand 4
Alex Bertrand Birthday
Alex Bertrand Wanted To Bu For Sale For Sale Notice
Alex Bertrands Perm
Alex Berube
Alex Besn
Alex Betii
Alex Betts
Alex Bialosh
Alex Bigras
Alex Birthday
Alex Bis
Alex Bisson
Alex Blair
Alex Boles
Alex Borman
Alex Boroden
Alex Borodin
Alex Both
Alex Bothwell
Alex Box
Alex Brabant
Alex Bran 3. ADVOCATES.
Alex Brennan
Alex BrisboU
Alex Brisebois
Alex Bromley
Alex Brough
Alex Brough_
Alex Brow
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Atkinson
Alex Broyden
Alex Bryant
Alex Buch- Tawney Owl
Alex Buchanan
Alex Buchanan Wm
Alex Burger
Alex Burrick
Alex Bussiere
Alex Buzzard
Alex By
Alex Byrne
Alex C
Alex C Rutledge
Alex C!os«
Alex C. Armstrong
Alex C.W.L.
Alex Cairns
Alex Caldwell
Alex Calling
Alex Calumet Island
Alex Cameron
Alex Campbell
Alex Canavan
Alex Carpentier
Alex Carried
Alex Cattanach
Alex CeMBe
Alex Chabot
Alex Chabots
Alex Chaput
Alex Chart
Alex Charteris Mona Rutledge -
Alex Chartrand
Alex Chartrand J
Alex Chartrand- Mrs Thomas White
Alex Chatterton
Alex Chert-rend
Alex Chip
Alex Christmas
Alex Churtrand
Alex Clarke
Alex Cloutier
Alex Cobb
Alex Cobb - Refreshments
Alex Cobb Jo Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie Muldoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jr.
Alex Cobb’s
Alex Cobh
Alex Cobl*
Alex Coburn
Alex Cochrane
Alex CofT
Alex Col
Alex Col-
Alex Collins
Alex Collins Janet Collins Pontiac Station Cedric Elliott Shawville
Alex Collinses
Alex Colville
Alex Colville - Diary
Alex Community Centre
Alex Congrat__________
Alex Connell
Alex Considine
Alex Cord
Alex Cord Etoiles
Alex Corrigan
Alex Corrigan Buried
Alex Cot*
Alex Cowan
Alex Cr L Roy
Alex Craig
Alex Crcpin
Alex Cross
Alex Cur-
Alex Cuthbert-
Alex Cuthbertson
Alex CX*nmltU-e
Alex D. Grunt
Alex Da
Alex Da-
Alex Dale
Alex Daniel
Alex Dare
Alex Darts
Alex Davfs
Alex Davie
Alex Davis
Alex Davis - Merchandise
Alex Davis Acc’t
Alex Davis K A Pritchard
Alex Davis Ladies
Alex Davis Mr. Latiamme
Alex Davis Protestant School Municipality
Alex Davis Sunday
Alex Davis-
Alex Davis—Carried
Alex Davis—Quyon
Alex Davit
Alex Davi»
Alex Dax
Alex Dec.
Alex Delarge
Alex Delisle
Alex Devi*
Alex Devine
Alex Devine Richardson Holt
Alex Dewar
Alex Diana MacDonald
Alex Dickson
Alex Dine
Alex Dirley
Alex Divine
Alex Dllhlif NflllfP
Alex Dlnel
Alex Docherty
Alex Dodds
Alex Dolan
Alex Dr
Alex Dr. Niko Mihic
Alex Draper
Alex Draper Benson Auto Parts Billy Hamilton Briggs Richardson Campbell’s Polaris
Alex Draper’s
Alex Drug Co.
Alex Drum
Alex Drum- Motion Crs
Alex Drummond
Alex Drummond Clapham
Alex Drummond Heathfield
Alex Drummond’s
Alex Drumond
Alex Du
Alex Dumas
Alex Dumont -
Alex Dunn Ail
Alex Duval
Alex Dynes
Alex E
Alex E Hodgins
Alex E. Barron
Alex E. Hodgins
Alex Early Thursday
Alex Edgar Dunn
Alex Edmison
Alex El
Alex El-
Alex El- Hodgins
Alex El-they
Alex Elder
Alex Elliot
Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott "Heifer
Alex Elliott 1
Alex Elliott 1875-79
Alex Elliott 2
Alex Elliott 2.
Alex Elliott 2. Bull
Alex Elliott 2. Oxheart Cabbage
Alex Elliott 2. Registered Leicesters—Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott 2. Rye—Thos Hodgins 1
Alex Elliott 3. Oxheart
Alex Elliott 3. Pair
Alex Elliott 3. Potatoes—m Thompson 1
Alex Elliott 8.
Alex Elliott Cunningham Seed Corn
Alex Elliott Hoioured HU
Alex Elliott Honoured
Alex Elliott Sr.
Alex Elliott......
Alex Elliott...... D
Alex Elli^ EHrEEE EHS™ Germain
Alex ElUott
Alex English
Alex Eraser Ksq.
Alex Erkford
Alex Erwin
Alex Essiambre
Alex Esslambre
Alex Etewart
Alex Ethier
Alex Ethler
Alex F
Alex F. Kilgour
Alex F. Pokes
Alex F. Pokes 1952-58—Rev.
Alex Fan Ids
Alex Ferguson
Alex Fhu-and
Alex Filion
Alex Fleck
Alex Fmaef
Alex Fokes
Alex Folkes
Alex For
Alex Forbes
Alex Fra
Alex Francoeur
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser..... Pembroke
Alex Fraser............ Pembroke
Alex Fraser............................ Steamer Pembroke
Alex Frui-
Alex Furniture
Alex G
Alex G Hodgins - Mer-vin Yach
Alex G Hrlstol
Alex G Proudfoot
Alex G Wilson
Alex G.
Alex G. Proud- Motherwell
Alex G. Proudfoot
Alex G. Rrough
Alex Gail
Alex Garinson
Alex Garvin
Alex Gaudet
Alex Gauthier
Alex Gibbon
Alex Gillis
Alex Gloss
Alex Gn Thursday
Alex God
Alex Godin
Alex Godmere
Alex Goianason
Alex Goldie
Alex Goraassoit
Alex Goran
Alex Goran-
Alex Goran-son
Alex Gorannson
Alex Goranson
Alex Goransson
Alex Goranwon
Alex Gordon
Alex Gorkoff
Alex Gornsson
Alex Gorramon Ottawa
Alex Gorransson
Alex Gorrianson
Alex Gove
Alex Goyette
Alex Grade V Gi
Alex Graham
Alex Grant
Alex Gratton-Lebel
Alex Gray
Alex Greenhorn Sr.
Alex Gribbon
Alex Grominsky
Alex Guay
Alex H
Alex H dgins
Alex H Bad
Alex H Bayne
Alex H Homer George Palmer Mrs R P Eadts Mrs C H McLean
Alex H Horner
Alex H Horner. McKee Paul s Anglican Church " Campbell
Alex H Ktlgour Gaine Pension Per Faithful Services
Alex H''.i-er
Alex H. Elliott
Alex H. Homer
Alex H. Horner
Alex H. Horner Bereaved Phone
Alex Ha
Alex Haley
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hannah
Alex Hannah.
Alex Harness
Alex Harper
Alex Hart
Alex Havlky
Alex Hawthorne
Alex Hay
Alex Hayley
Alex Haylky
Alex Hazard
Alex Hazari*
Alex Hazle
Alex Hazzard
Alex Hcdgins Dies
Alex Heart
Alex Hearty
Alex Heiberg
Alex Henry Smith
Alex Hickey
Alex Hiider
Alex Hitt
Alex Ho1i>s
Alex Hockey League
Alex Hod
Alex Hod<iins
Alex Hodgin- B t"k’pi1;
Alex Hodgina
Alex Hodgine
Alex Hodgins
Alex Hodglns
Alex Hodgms
Alex Hoduixs
Alex Hogan
Alex Hogsboom
Alex HoiUins
Alex Holiss
Alex Hollis
Alex Hollis ....... Shaw
Alex Holliss
Alex Homer
Alex Hone
Alex Honey Wagon Charteris
Alex Honour Roll
Alex Honrer
Alex Hor-
Alex Hor-snawville
Alex Horn
Alex Horner
Alex Horner Too
Alex Horners.---i
Alex Horuev XV
Alex Hospital
Alex Hot
Alex Houle
Alex Houle Leonard
Alex Howard
Alex Hoy
Alex Huard
Alex Hudgins
Alex Hudgins Mrs.
Alex Hunter
Alex Hurd
Alex I
Alex I Drummond
Alex I>Ufort
Alex IIornrr
Alex Ijpierrc
Alex Ijtcroix Mrs. Archie Hcnchy
Alex In
Alex Income Tax Returns Compiled Commercial Accounting
Alex Intermediate Division
Alex Ir Submitted
Alex Irvine
Alex Irwin
Alex Itiomas
Alex Ivilgour
Alex IWn
Alex Ixmcka
Alex Ixrpine
Alex J
Alex J .
Alex J**/*
Alex James Park Kim Beattie
Alex James Telford
Alex Jane
Alex Janoff
Alex Janusitis
Alex Jany’s
Alex Jennings
Alex Jenrungs
Alex Jimmy Horner
Alex Joan McGrath
Alex Jodoin
Alex Joenston
Alex John
Alex John "
Alex John Bryson
Alex John E Havelin
Alex Johns
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnston
Alex Jr our
Alex Jr.
Alex Judgment
Alex Junkin
Alex Just
Alex Jycgros
Alex K. Paterson Co-Chairmen
Alex Kennedy
Alex Khike
Alex Kihrmir
Alex Kil-gour
Alex Kil-X
Alex Kilg-mr
Alex Kilgcur
Alex Kilgoi**
Alex Kilgonr
Alex Kilgour
Alex Kilgour Clarendon
Alex Kilgours Meet
Alex Kilsour
Alex Kingsbury
Alex Kinsey
Alex Kllgonr
Alex Kllgour
Alex Kllgours
Alex Klliott
Alex Klliottt
Alex Klu
Alex Klukc
Alex Kluke
Alex Knox Jean Simmons Red Skelton Technicolor Technicolor Jean Hagen Joan Fontaine Ray MHand
Alex Kovalev
Alex Kovalev.
Alex Kuijper Dickson
Alex L.
Alex La
Alex La Pierre
Alex La-Pierre
Alex Labine
Alex Labrecque
Alex Lacelle J
Alex Lachance
Alex Lacroix
Alex Lacroix Calumet Island
Alex Lacroix Sr Rita Ryan.
Alex Ladouceur
Alex Lahrao
Alex Lajpierre
Alex Lakes
Alex Lamoureux
Alex Lance
Alex Landa
Alex Lapéerre
Alex Lapiere
Alex Lapierre
Alex Lapierre Following
Alex Lapierre- Mrs Pearl Dougherty
Alex LapierreX
Alex Lapierre’s
Alex Lapirie
Alex Laplerre
Alex Larivee
Alex Latham
Alex Lathearn
Alex Lathem
Alex Lathero
Alex Lathkm
Alex Lauzon
Alex Lavigne
Alex Lavine
Alex Lawson
Alex Lcpine
Alex Le
Alex Le-
Alex Le-pack
Alex Le-pine
Alex Leckie
Alex Leclaire
Alex Ledingbam
Alex Ledinghaiu
Alex Ledingham
Alex Lefebvre
Alex Leitch
Alex Lemaire
Alex Lemaires Diamond
Alex Lenine
Alex Leon
Alex Lepack
Alex Lepinc
Alex Lepine
Alex Leplne
Alex Lepmes
Alex Levesque
Alex Levinsky
Alex Lewis
Alex Li
Alex Lindsay
Alex Lit Item
Alex Lloyd Goth
Alex Lnmsdenare
Alex Loiott
Alex London
Alex Long
Alex Lopack
Alex Lopierre
Alex LoRoy
Alex Lough
Alex Lough D.G.M. Yarn
Alex Lough Junior Dep.
Alex Lucas
Alex Lum*rien
Alex Lumaden
Alex Ly Pierre
Alex Lysannc
Alex M
Alex M'' I
Alex M. Stewart
Alex Mac
Alex Mac Donald
Alex Mac Perkins
Alex MacDo
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald Larry
Alex Mack
Alex MacKay
Alex Mackenzie
Alex MacLean
Alex Macramé
Alex Makila
Alex Manka
Alex Mann
Alex Margaret
Alex Margaret Young
Alex Marilyn
Alex Married
Alex Marshall—were
Alex Martel
Alex Martin
Alex May
Alex Mayhew
Alex Mc
Alex Mc Donald
Alex McBride
Alex McCann Building Supply Reg
Alex McCarter
Alex McCauley
Alex McCowen Color
Alex McCuaig
Alex McCuaigs
Alex McCuan
Alex McCurdle
Alex McDonald
Alex McDonaud
Alex McDougall
Alex McEachen
Alex McFarlane
Alex McFee
Alex McGarth
Alex McGrath
Alex McGrath Killaloe Selling
Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntyre
Alex McKay
Alex McKay Has
Alex McKechnie
Alex McKee
Alex MçKeehnie
Alex McKenzie
Alex McKimven
Alex McKinney
Alex McLaren
Alex McLarend
Alex McLaughlin
Alex McLean
Alex McLennan
Alex McLeod
Alex McLeods
Alex McLeods''grove
Alex McLscd
Alex McMillan
Alex McNabb
Alex McNeill
Alex McOedU.
Alex McPieill
Alex McWinney
Alex Mdani
Alex Me
Alex Me-
Alex Me- Monday
Alex Mean
Alex Megrath
Alex Meidi
Alex Meidrum
Alex Meîdrum’s
Alex Mel
Alex Mel-drurn
Alex Mel-sorrowing
Alex Meld
Alex Meld: Wiggins
Alex Meldi
Alex Meldrmn
Alex Meldrum
Alex Meldrum 2
Alex Meldrum Dies
Alex Meldruni
Alex Meldvum
Alex Mellon
Alex Melvin Stewart
Alex MeWrum
Alex Middlestead
Alex Mike Fahey
Alex Mil
Alex Milburn
Alex Miller
Alex Mills
Alex Milne
Alex Mm
Alex Mnrrnv.
Alex MnT^nn
Alex Moffat
Alex Moldrum
Alex Momlou
Alex Monroe
Alex Moor
Alex Moore
Alex Mor-1
Alex More J*.
Alex More Jr.
Alex More Sr.
Alex Morin
Alex Morris
Alex Morrison
Alex Motion
Alex Moyle
Alex Mr.
Alex Mrs Hillis Thompson Ottawa
Alex Mrs Pearl Allan
Alex Mrs. Jean Paul Care
Alex Mrs. Mary Johansen
Alex Mu
Alex Mucha
Alex Mucha Mayor Orla Young
Alex Muchas
Alex Mulligan
Alex Muloin
Alex Mur
Alex Mur- Coming
Alex Mur- Continued
Alex Mur- Murphy
Alex Mur- There
Alex Murra
Alex Murrav
Alex Murrav.
Alex Murray
Alex Murray L*w#on Corrigan
Alex Murray Mayor Wm
Alex Murray Park
Alex Murray St Andrews
Alex Murray Sunday
Alex Murray;Treasurer
Alex Murrey
Alex MvKnigl
Alex Mvldrum
Alex N. Wilson
Alex Nadeau
Alex Nair Carey Finan Alex Nair
Alex Natasha
Alex Nelles
Alex Neuman DONAT
Alex Newell
Alex Newman
Alex Newton
Alex Nicholson
Alex Nicholson Passes
Alex Nick Matechuk HOTEL GAVAN
Alex Nickel
Alex Nicol
Alex Nicoll
Alex O Funeral Home
Alex Oakley
Alex October
Alex Oil
Alex Olm
Alex Olm-tea-l
Alex Olm-ted
Alex Olmated
Alex Olmsead
Alex Olmstcad
Alex Olmstea.i
Alex Olmstead
Alex Olmsted
Alex Olmsted Mr.
Alex OniuiK
Alex Onoszko
Alex Ooransson
Alex Orr
Alex Output
Alex Ovechkin
Alex P. Drummond
Alex P.geault
Alex Palmer
Alex Papineau Voisin
Alex Paquette
Alex Parish
Alex Parker
Alex Parker Wife
Alex Parr
Alex Parsons
Alex Paterson
Alex Paul
Alex Pelletier
Alex Pen
Alex Periard
Alex Pernel
Alex Pernel Villeneuve Villeneuve - Aldage
Alex Perrault
Alex Philippe
Alex Phillippe
Alex Phllllppe
Alex Phone Rutledge
Alex Pi-Bey
Alex Pi-son
Alex Pierre
Alex Pigcaull
Alex Pigcault
Alex Pige
Alex Pigeault
Alex Pigeon
Alex Pigeon Mrs. Alex Pigeon
Alex Pigot
Alex Pine
Alex Pirie
Alex Pitt
Alex Please
Alex Pneu
Alex Pokes
Alex Pontiacs
Alex Potter
Alex Premier Exhibitor Ban- Russell
Alex Presley
Alex Price
Alex Proud
Alex Proudfoot
Alex Proudfoot.........
Alex Proudtoot’s Pon-
Alex Pull-over
Alex Qiunn
Alex Qor-ansson
Alex Qorransson
Alex Quyon
Alex R<’>
Alex Rafell
Alex Railway
Alex Rainville
Alex Raymond
Alex Reeves
Alex Reford
Alex Reid
Alex Renfrew
Alex Rheault
Alex Rhyn
Alex Rich-
Alex Richard
Alex Richards
Alex Rivers
Alex Robertaon I
Alex Robertson
Alex Robillard
Alex Robinson
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rons
Alex Rosignol
Alex Roslin
Alex Ross
Alex Rough
Alex Roy
Alex Roy Jr.
Alex Ruhedge Ouyon
Alex Rus
Alex Rus- Lome Holmes
Alex Russel
Alex Russell
Alex Russell’s
Alex Rut
Alex Rut* Aunts Debbie Wilson
Alex Rut-
Alex Rut- Aylmer United Church
Alex Rut-lege
Alex Ruth Murphy
Alex Rutledge
Alex Rutledge Ca"°dion Bible Society
Alex Rutledge IN^JTIC^^ Don
Alex Rutledge Reymond
Alex Rutledge Showville
Alex Rutledges
Alex Rutleldge For Sale Perry
Alex Rvan
Alex Rvan No
Alex Rya
Alex Ryan
Alex Ryan - Mrs Celia Derouin
Alex Ryan 3.
Alex Ryan Calumet Island
Alex Ryan Thursday
Alex Ryen Celumet I
Alex Rynn Thus
Alex S
Alex S Araott Upward Writing Indicates Optimism Dear Mr. Arnott
Alex S Arnott
Alex S Arnott BUY
Alex S Arnott Worth
Alex S Elliott
Alex S Smart
Alex S Sylvia Casey
Alex S Thom»*
Alex S.
Alex S. Amott
Alex S. Arnott
Alex S. Arnott Another
Alex S. Drap
Alex S. Eliott
Alex S. Elliott
Alex S. Smart
Alex Sale
Alex Sales
Alex Sander
Alex Sasha
Alex Saunders
Alex Schmidt
Alex School Municipality
Alex Seaman
Alex Seaman.
Alex Seaman..................
Alex Seamans
Alex Seamen
Alex Seplowitz
Alex Se^y.-Trees
Alex Shane Moore
Alex Sharpe
Alex Shaw
Alex ShawviDe
Alex Shawville
Alex Shea
Alex Sheen
Alex Shepley
Alex Shewville
Alex Shi-
Alex Shingbush
Alex Sim
Alex Sima
Alex Simms
Alex Sims
Alex Sin-
Alex Sinclair
Alex Skowron
Alex Slmmerling
Alex Smart
Alex Smart........ E 1
Alex Smart........ Robt
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Scott
Alex Sned-den
Alex Snedden
Alex Snedden,
Alex Snow
Alex Somerville
Alex Soucie
Alex Souter
Alex SparUng
Alex Spencer
Alex St
Alex St Aubin
Alex St Jacques
Alex St. Germain
Alex Stable
Alex Stanley
Alex Stay
Alex Staye
Alex Stevenson
Alex Stewart
Alex Steye
Alex Storie
Alex Stoughton
Alex Strong
Alex Strutt
Alex Stuart
Alex Stuart 5611
Alex Stuart Gay
Alex Sturgeon
Alex Sutheiünd
Alex Sutherland
Alex Sutton
Alex Symington
Alex Szalay
Alex Szalay Shawville Council
Alex Sze-ley
Alex Szeley
Alex Tache
Alex Tan-
Alex Tanguav Gibson Benedict
Alex Tanguay
Alex Tannef
Alex Tanner
Alex Tanner Bureau de Shérif
Alex Tanner Fortin—Bel
Alex Tanner MURRAY—In
Alex Tanner Shawville Curling Club
Alex Tanner Texaco Service Station
Alex Tanner__________
Alex Taschereau
Alex Taschereau’s
Alex Taylor
Alex The
Alex Themes
Alex Theresa
Alex Therrien
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas Agnes Thomas Ernie Kingsbury Jackie Kingsbury Raney McPhee Alice Chevner Gibbon
Alex Thomas Bristol
Alex Thomas Irish
Alex Thomas Jr
Alex Thomas Jr.
Alex Thomas Lineup
Alex Thomas Randy s Restaurant Gord Ca/anaugh B.J. Maheral Trucking Pontiac
Alex Thomas Reg
Alex Thorburn Shirley
Alex Thumm
Alex Thurel
Alex Thurston
Alex Tipler
Alex Toggenburg Sr
Alex Toronto
Alex Tre
Alex Tremblay
Alex Trembley
Alex Trudy
Alex Twiggs
Alex U- Cecile
Alex UKler MitlifM
Alex Upierre*s
Alex Urd
Alex UrummonU Nvn
Alex Vi
Alex Victor Young
Alex Vincent
Alex Vliabut
Alex Wain-man
Alex Wallace
Alex Walls
Alex Warren
Alex Watson
Alex WatTlWW
Alex We
Alex Webster
Alex Wedding
Alex Weir
Alex Weir Ralph Nutall
Alex Weir Stro-
Alex Welt
Alex Went
Alex Whalen
Alex Whelan
Alex Whillans Cr
Alex Whlllans
Alex Wier
Alex Wilkie
Alex Will
Alex Wills
Alex WiLon
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson Batteries
Alex Wilson Morrison
Alex Wilson School Roy
Alex Wilson Smarts Meat Market Seldom Langford Gordon T. Paul A. G. Proudfoot Gordon Richardson Kay
Alex Wilson*
Alex Wilsons Percfleroiilmimil^^l
Alex Wilson’s
Alex Wilson’s Bel-
Alex Woermàe
Alex Woertnke
Alex Wood
Alex Wor Bro
Alex Workman
Alex Wt Sts
Alex Wyllie
Alex X) Little Tyler Orr
Alex XVatson
Alex XX
Alex Y<*s
Alex Yach
Alex Yanosik
Alex Yarm
Alex Ycrcx
Alex Ycreck
Alex Ye
Alex Yeieck
Alex Yenagrodf
Alex Yer-
Alex Yer-eck
Alex Yerack
Alex Yercck
Alex Yercck-$
Alex Yereck
Alex Yereck But P"
Alex Yereck Lnd Nephtali Gravelle
Alex Yerek-
Alex Yerek-9.80 Martin Bachinskie-5.60
Alex Ynrkiewicz
Alex Young
Alex Y„
Alex Zim-merling
Alex Zimmerling
Alex Zoltan Rigo
Alex _
Alex __
Alex » der Wa
Alex* McDonald
Alex- Cat Sitting
Alex- Arthur Young
Alex- Assisting
Alex- Braille Courier
Alex- Commissioners
Alex- Coowners
Alex- Eganville
Alex- Empire
Alex- Joreph Russell
Alex- Mr
Alex- Peterborough
Alex- Quebec
Alex- Robt McDowell
Alex- Ryan Wood
Alex- Scott Levesque
Alex- Shawville Council
Alex-1 DagenaU
Alex. Armstrong
Alex. AT.
Alex. Caldwell
Alex. Campbell
Alex. Davis
Alex. Elliott
Alex. Elliott Doctors
Alex. Elliott Shawville
Alex. Fraser
Alex. Grant
Alex. Hollis
Alex. Little
Alex. McDonald
Alex. McLean
Alex. Mills
Alex. Morrison
Alex. Murray
Alex. Patrick Quinn
Alex. Pollock
Alex. Robb
Alex. Ross
Alex. Ryan
Alex. S. Elliott
Alex. Saint Denis and William Rod-
Alex. Shaw
Alex. Smith
Alex. Stephens
Alex. Stewart
Alexander Alex Horner
Alexander Armitage Armstrong Bean Beattie Black Bradley Cameron Fields Fulford Campbell Gauthier Dr
Alexander Greenwood Tracy "Alex
Alexis Gauthier
Alfred Gauthier
Alice Alex
Alice Alex-
Allan Gauthier
Allan Piion Gauthier
Amanda Gauthier
Ambrose Gauthier
Ambrose L Gauthier
Ambrose L Gauthier L ‘*pm
Amy Hélène Gauthier
Andre Gauthier
Andrew Alex
Andrew Alex-
Andrew Gauthier
Andy Alex 1
Anita Alex
Anita Alex- Are
Anita Gauthier
Anna Alex- Rev.
Anna Gauthier
Anna Rer Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anna Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anna Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Anna Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anna Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne # Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne Anglican Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Duplessis Nicole Roy Sandra Boulanger Suzanne Gauthier Lise Meilleur
Anne Duplessis Nicole Roy Suzanne Gauthier Sandra Boulanger Lise Meilleur
Anne He/ Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier 646-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne R*w Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Re/ Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne Rer Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Associated Gospel
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Mease Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne Rev Rev Merc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Wesley United Ouyon Unted Baptist Mixed Stag
Anne R« Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne R«z Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne s Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne s Rev. Marc L. Gauthier
Annette Gauthier
Annie Gauthier
Antoine Gauthier
Apply Alex
Apply Alex Rutledge
April H “ Alex. Workman
Archange Gauthier
Arnold Gauthier
Arthur Gauthier
Arthur Omer Gauthier
Asst Coach Lucienne Gauthier
Audrey Gauthier
Aurele Gauthier
Aurélie Gauthier
Aylmer Retail Rep Alex He
B C Mr. Alex Snow
Barbara Gauthier
Barber and Alex
Barber Gauthier
Barber Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Barry Gauthier
Barry Racine Gauthier
Bay Council Minutes Mrs. Emile Gauthier
Bay Ray’s Sawmill Raymond Gauthier
Ben Kingtbury Ron Findlay Alex Thomas
Bernard Gauthier
Bernard Gauthier 31.50
Bernard Gauthier Shawville
Bernie Gauthier
Beth Mark Gauthier
Betty Gauthier
Betty MacGregor Alex Homer
Bill Gauthier
Billy Gauthier
Blanche Gauthier
Bob Alex
Bob Alex-
Bob Alex-Smith
Bob Gauthier
Bob Mr Bernard Gauthier
Bob s Alex Hodgins
Bobby Gauthier
Bonnie Donnelly Gauthier
Brady Pirie Gauthier
Brandon Gauthier
Brenda Gauthier
Brent Gauthier
Brent Gauthier’s
Bretzlaffs Store Marie Gauthier
Brian Gauthier
Brian Gauthier Saturday
Brian O Callahan G. Gibeault Charlie Gorman Herb Kelm Francis Rivet Loma Hearty Paulette Gauthier C
Brian Pre- Scott Gauthier
Brownlee Alex N.
Bruno Gauthier
Bryan Alex-
Captain Rodolph Gauthier
Carleigh Gauthier
Carmen Gauthier
Carolyn Gauthier
Catherine Gauthier
Cécile Gauthier
Célima Gauthier
CFRA’s Alex Black
Chantal Gauthier
Chantel Gauthier
Charles Alex
Charles Gauthier
Charlie Alex-
Charlie Alex-son Overton
Chris Gauthier
Chris Gauthier MRC.
Christine Gauthier
Christopher Gauthier
Christopher Gauthier 97.50
Christopher Jennifer Gauthier
Christy Fred McMurray Alex GuInnés
Cindy Gauthier
Claire Gauthier
Claire Gauthier Heather Stewart
Claire Gauthier Saturday
Claire Gauthier Tickets
Clara Gauthier
Clarence Alex-
Clarence Gauthier
Claude Gauthier
Claude Gauthier RESERVATIONS
Claude Gauthier -
Claude Gauthier Adults
Claude Gauthier Campbell’s Bay
Claude Gauthier Classified
Claude Gauthier Le
Claude Gauthier Smith
Claude Minister Françoise Gauthier
Clement Gauthier
Colin Gauthier
Confect Rose Gauthier
Contact Rose Gauthier
Councillor Davis Alex Benoit
Councillors Ambrose L Gauthier
Councillors—Alex Murray
Courtney Alex- Lanark
Craig Gauthier
Cyril Gauthier
Dale Alex
Dale Alex-
Dale Alex- Barnes
Dale Alex- Taylor
Daniel Gauthier
Dave Gauthier
Dave Moore Photography Dubeau - Gauthier Gina Gauthier
David Alex Smith
David Alex Smith Passes After Illness
David Allen Gauthier
David Ash- Gauthier
David Fleury Mrs Alex Malette
David Gauthier
David Gauthier 1.25 Sam Pelletier 115
David Gauthier Esoie
David Niven Alex Gulness
David Robinson Alex Kluke
Dealers Alex Parker Peeled
Dean Horner Darron Bruce Travis Yach Nick Greenshields Clancey Keon Bradley Pearson Alexis Gauthier
Debbie Gauthier
Deborah Gauthier
Deborah Gauthier-Chamberlain
Denis Gauthier
Denis Gauthier Door
Denis Gauthier- Wolf Lake
Derek Alex- Derek Burman
Derek Gauthier
Diane LasH Judith Gauthier
Diane Sullivan Gauthier
Don Gauthier Hot
Donald Doré Jean-François Cloutier Daniel Potvin David Gauthier Sylvain Dufour Bernard Guénette Jos
Donald Doug Gauthier
Donald F Runge Typewriter Peter Gauthier
Donald Gauthier
Donald Gauthier Daughter
Donald Gauthier Stephen
Donald Gauthier Wayne Shepherd
Donald P Gauthier
Donna Gauthier
Donna Lynn Gauthier
Dores Gauthier
Doris Day Ronald Regan Jeff Chandler FRIDAY B. Karloff F Redhead From Wyoming Maureen O Hara Alex N
Doris Gauthier
Doris Gauthier’s
Dorothy Gauthier
Dorothy Roe Gauthier
Doug Gauthier
Doug Gauthier 4
Doug Gauthier L R..
Doug Gauthier Ontario Diploma
Douglas B Gauthier
Douglas Cfr Douglas Gauthier
Douglas Gauthier
Douglas Gauthier 453-7230
Douglas Gauthier By-Law
Douglas Gauthier Deux
Douglas Gauthier Let
Douglas Gauthier Otter Lake
Douglas Gauthier Rhéal Racine
Douglas Gauthier Sec.
Dr. Alex
Dr. Alex E. Brown
Dr. Alex F. Fokes
Dr. Alex Fokes
Dr. Henry Argue Alex Horner George Palmer
Dr.Alex Stewart
Earl Alex
Earl Alex-
Earl Alex-under
Earl Gauthier
Ed Gauthier
Ed- Alex
Eddie Gauthier
Edey R.J. Hamilton Alex Horner John J Horner
Edgar Alex- _
Edgar Gauthier
Edith Margaret Alex
Edith Margaret Alex-Marjorie France
Edmund Gauthier
Edna Gauthier Sister Theresa
Edward Gauthier
Edwin Alex
Edwin Alex Pirie
Edwin Alex-
Elaine Alex-
Elaine and Ron By ELIZABETH Gauthier
Elaine Smith-Gauthier
Eleanor Alex-.
Eli Gauthier
Elise Gauthier
Eliza Gauthier
Elizabeth Gauthier
Emilio Gauthier
Emma (Gauthier
Ernest Gauthier
Ernest Gauthier 4889XM26
Eugene Gauthier
Eva Alex*
Eva Andai Ladysmith Notes Alex
Eva Gauthier
Evelyn Gauthier
F/O Alex
February Martin Gauthier
Felix Gauthier 648-5634
First Runner-up Jennifer Gauthier
Food Services Marie Gauthier
Fr Gauthier
Fr M Gauthier
Fr Marc Gauthier
Francine Gauthier
Francois Gauthier
Françoise Gauthier
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Alex
Frank Bouclier Marty Burke Alex Lex-inaky Carl
Frank Reiffenstein* Alex
Fred Alex Ashton
Fred Cant’ Alex Murray _
Fred Marcel Gauthier
Frederick Alex-1Sparling
Gaetane Gauthier
Gaetane Lemay-Gauthier
Gail Gauthier
Gary Gauthier
Gauthier Dolan
Gauthier Boisvert
Gauthier Eng O.R.C.
Gauthier Funeral Home
Gauthier H Cummings
Gauthier Is
Gauthier L .
Gauthier McGuire
Gauthier Mow
Gauthier Mr. Fred Rivet
Gauthier O Malley
Gauthier Romain
Gauthier Sun-
Gauthier Werner
Gauthier’s Live Bait
Georg** Gauthier
George Alex
George Alex.
George Beland Charles Gauthier
George Bryson Alex Proud
George Gauthier
George Rotarian Alex Pokes
George T. Dsgg Alex LoSTÂirent
George W W H Gauthier
Georges Gauthier
Georges Gauthier Gauthier
Georges Gauthier-
Georges Georges Gauthier
Ger- Alex
Gerald Gauthier
Gerald Gauthier 5., Louis Fleury
Gerald Gauthier April
Gerald Gauthier- 87.50 Arthur Labelle-
Gerald Lang Shawville Electric Lawrence Hodgins Walter J.Hargrave Alex Hollis El
Gerard Gauthier
Gilbert Gauthier
Gilbert Gauthier Or
Giles Gauthier
Gilles Gauthier
Gina Gauthier
Gladys Mrs Claude Gauthier
Glen Gauthier
Glen Gauthier Limousin Sale Saturday
Glen I Alex Wilsons Belgian
Glenn Gauthier
Glenn Gauthier Lafieur Nature
Glenn Yach - Alex Mucha
Goalie Mrs. Rodolph Gauthier
Gordon Alex
Gordon Alex SO
Gordon Alex-
Gregory Cyril Gauthier
Guy Gauthier
Harold Lynn G Bourdon Quebec Hydro Gauthier Paving Ken A Farrell Morley Hodgins Canadian Tire J A E
Harold Steele Alex Lapierre
Hayes W Chisnell W J Black Sam Dale Jim Caldwell Bert Hodgins Alex Hazard Keg
Heather McElwain Gauthier
Helen Gauthier
Helen Trudeau Ken Richard/Jen Gauthier Drs
Helene Gauthier
Henri Gauthier
Hereford Steer- Alex Dewar
Hilda Margaret - On Gauthier
Hilliard Gauthier
Household Furnishings DENNIS LUCAS Raymond Gauthier
Hr* J L. St Pierre Rodolphe Gauthier
Ie M Ambrose Gauthier
IHfrUrt Alex
Il B • Alex. Fraser
Isidore Gauthier
J F Gauthier
J M Hodgins 3. Alex Meldrum
J Marie Gauthier
J W. Mr. Alex
J) Gauthier
J. Alex Armstrong
Jack Gauthier
Jack Gauthier Otter Lake
Jacqueline Gauthier
Jacques Chevali- Gauthier
Jacques Gauthier
James Alex
James Alex-
James Alex- Mrs. Storey
James Alex-1
James Gauthier
James H Baird Francine Gauthier
James Stewart Gauthier
Jana Gauthier
Jane Alex
Jane Alex-
Jane Alex- Hat
Jane Alex-Campbell
Janet Gauthier
Jared Murray Beef Intermediate Showmanship Alex Draper Beef Senior Showmanship Kalie Dufault 4-H An
Jason 10-12 Donna Gauthier
Jason Gauthier
Jean - Mane Gauthier
Jean - Marie Gauthier
Jean - Marie Gauthier Official Agent
Jean and Margaret Gauthier
Jean Gauthier
Jean Guy Gauthier
Jean J. Gauthier
Jean live Gauthier
Jean Louis Gauthier
Jean Mane Gauthier
Jean Mar Gauthier
Jean Marie Gauthier
Jean • Marie Gauthier Official Agent
Jean-Robert Gauthier
Jeff Alex-
Jeff Gauthier
Jeff Gauthier Coulonge Sunday
Jeffrey Gauthier
Jennifer Gauthier
Jeremy Smith Alex Bell
Jerry Dubeau Douglas Gauthier
Jerry Dubeau Gauthier
Jerry Gauthier
Jerry La-Gauthier
Jimmy Gauthier Bus
Jk Alex
Joan Alex- Christina Elliott
Joan Gauthier
Joanne Gauthier
Joanne Gauthier Corporation Municipale
Joanne Gauthier Council
Joe Gauthier
Joe Kerwin Mr. Alex Storie Is
John A. Gauthier
John Alex
John Alex McLaren
John Alex*
John Alex-
John Alex- Graduation Class
John Alex- Kluke
John Alex- Trevor Lang
John Alex-Panet
John and Vera Gauthier’s
John Balchin - Mme Alex Ryan
John Cahill Alex
John Gauthier
John Gauthier’s
John Langford Dorothy Porteous Carl Trudeau Paulette Gauthier Claude Cummings Loma Hearty Amanda Tr
John M Gauthier
John MacGREGOR Claude Gauthier
John Quyon Winter Summer Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Johnny Gauthier
Jordan Gauthier
Joselle Gauthier
Joseph Alex McMunn
Joseph Alex Philip
Joseph Gauthier
Joseph Mrs Alex Weir
Joseph Qrigene Gauthier Calumet Island
Joseph Yereck 18.00 Alex Yereck
Jr Alex
Jr ____ Alex. Fraser
Jr. Alex. Fraser
Judith Alex-
Judith Gauthier
Judy Gauthier
Julie Gauthier
June Gauthier
Justin Murray Alex Houle
Kathleen Gauthier
Kathy Gauthier
Kcrsten Gauthier Dubeau
Keith Hodgins Alex Horner
Keith Mrs. Alex Lacroix
Kelly P Gauthier
Ken Alex
Ken Alex-
Ken Alex- Dufour
Ken Alex- Goulbourn
Ken Alex- Pontiacs
Ken Alex- Strutt
Ken Alex- Wilcox
Ken Alex-gether
Ken Alex-Pontiacs
Ken Alex-the
Ken Alex-^
Ken Gauthier
Ken Gauthier Wesley Auditorium
Ken Marcel Gauthier
Kenny Alex-
Kenny Alex-collected
Kevin Gauthier
Kevin Keon Gauthier
Kim Gauthier
Kim Thalheimef Phil Gauthier
Larry Adult Adolph Zimmerling Louis Gauthier
Laurie Gauthier
Lawrence Alex-
Lawrence Gauthier
Lee Anne Gauthier
Leo Gauthier
Leo Gauthier 4M Llagar
Leo Gauthier Highway
Leo Gauthier’s
Leo Joseph Gauthier
Leo McGee Alex
Leonard Gauthier
Leonard Tilleyt Sir Alex. Galt
Les Loups Gauthier
Les Orr Martin Gauthier
Leslie Mr. Alex
Lewes Martin Gauthier
Linda Gauthier
Lion Alex
Lionel Gauthier
Lionel Gauthier K Shawville
Lisa Gauthier
Lise Gauthier
Lloyd Alexander Alfred Armitage Edmond Gauthier Andrew Daley
Lord Alex
Lorrie Lee Gauthier
Lory Beadoin Gauthier
Lou Gauthier
Louis Alex
Louis Alex Pigeault
Louis Alex-ire
Louis Gauthier
Louise Dumas - Emelio Gauthier
Louise Gauthier
Love Alex
Love Alex Cobb____________ Desabrais
Love Mom___________________ Gauthier
Lucienne Gauthier
Lynn Gauthier
Lynn Gauthier-Piché
M G Gauthier
M Georges Gauthier
M. Gauthier
Mac Gauthier
Mackenzie Gauthier
Madaline Gauthier
Madeleine Gauthier
Mamie Gauthier
Manon Gauthier
Marc and Michel Gauthier
Marc Gauthier
Marc Gauthier’s
Marc L Gauthier
Marc L Gauthier 646
Marc L Gauthier 646-2122
Marc L Gauthier 646-2122 Mass Saturday
Marc L Gauthier 648
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Associated Gospel
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 BBBHHHBBPR
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Ma» Saturday
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Morning
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Samedi
Marc L Gauthier Mass 7:30
Marc L, Gauthier
Marc L. Gauthier
Marc L. Gauthier 646-2122 Mesas Samedi
Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Marcel Gauthier
Margaret Gauthier
Marie Gauthier
Marie Gauthier Ronnie Desabrais
Marie Mrs. Alex Davis
Marilyn Me Mrs. Alex Lapierre
Mark Alex- Correspondence
Mark Gauthier
Marnr Gauthier
Marshall Gauthier
Martin Gauthier
Marty Burke Alex
Mary Alex Bussell Ju(W.
Maryse Veilleux-Gauthier
Maureen Gauthier
Maurice Gauthier
Maurice Lafleur- 532.00 Alex Yereck-
May W H Gauthier 1911-2
Maynard McDiarmid Mrsf Alex Francoeur
Mayor Alex.
McNally W J Omeara Alex. Hodgins Campbell* Uny
McVeigh Théophile Gauthier
Melanie Gauthier Knight She
Melissa Gauthier
Melissa Gauthier -
Melissa Marie Gauthier
Melvin Gauthier
Men Alex McDonald
Messrs Alex
Messrs Alex Elliott Sr.
Messrs Alex Framer
Messrs Alex H
Messrs Alex Horner
Messrs Alex Meldrum
Messrs Alex N Wilson
Messrs Alex S. Smart Gerald Armstrong
Messrs. Alex
Messrs. Alex and William McDonald.
Messrs. Alex H.
Mia Gauthier-
Mia Gauthier-Dupuis
Michael Gauthier
Michael Me— Mr Raymond Gauthier
Michel Gauthier
Michel Ladouceurof Gauthier
Michele Gauthier
Mike Alex
Mike Gauthier
Mildred Gauthier
Milton Hahn 288.00 Francis Bourgeau 366.40 Alex Drummond
Mis Alex Drummond
Mis Alex Ryan
Miss Marion Mary Gauthier
Miss Suzanne Gauthier
Mitch Gauthier
Mm Alex Horner
Mme Archange Gauthier
Mme Suzanne Gauthier -
Mme Yvette Gauthier
Mn Rodolphe Gauthier
Mom Gauthier
Monica Gauthier-Villeneuve
Mount Alex
Mr Alex 8torle
Mr Albert Gauthier
Mr Alex
Mr Alex Berard
Mr Alex McDonald
Mr Bernard Gauthier
Mr Gauthier
Mr* Alex Rhyn
Mr- Kenneth Clifford Alex-
Mr. Albert Gauthier
Mr. Alex
Mr. Alex Armstrong
Mr. Alex Bourgault
Mr. Alex Castelle
Mr. Alex Elliott
Mr. Alex H. Orr
Mr. Alex H. Orr Passes At Snipe Lake
Mr. Alex Hazard
Mr. Alex Kilgour
Mr. Alex Latham
Mr. Alex McDonald
Mr. Alex McDonald I
Mr. Alex Munroe
Mr. Alex Newton
Mr. Alex Pi-1
Mr. Alex Roy
Mr. Alex Shaw
Mr. Alex. S. Elliott
Mr. Andrew Alex
Mr. Gauthier
Mr. JeanPierre Gauthier
Mrs Alex 7-3710
Mrs Alex Nickel SKrKe
Mrs Jean Marie Gauthier
Mrs Maurice Gauthier
Mrs Neils Hansen Jennifer Gauthier
Mrs, Alex Olmsted
Mrs. Aldege Gauthier
Mrs. Aldor Gauthier
Mrs. Alex
Mrs. Alex 0f
Mrs. Alex Armstrong
Mrs. Alex Bennett
Mrs. Alex Bert- Pj|Ujc F^Me
Mrs. Alex Bertrand
Mrs. Alex Cobb
Mrs. Alex Consisting
Mrs. Alex Davis
Mrs. Alex Drummond
Mrs. Alex Elliott
Mrs. Alex Eltüott
Mrs. Alex G. Prcndfoot
Mrs. Alex Graham [Joseph Clarke
Mrs. Alex H. Horner
Mrs. Alex H. Johnston
Mrs. Alex H. Kilgour
Mrs. Alex Hazard
Mrs. Alex Hazard For Service Yorkshire Boar
Mrs. Alex Hcrner Lennis
Mrs. Alex Hodgins
Mrs. Alex Hodigns Mr.
Mrs. Alex Horner
Mrs. Alex Hudgins
Mrs. Alex J Turner
Mrs. Alex Ki
Mrs. Alex Kilgour
Mrs. Alex Kllgour
Mrs. Alex L. Pigvault
Mrs. Alex Lacroix
Mrs. Alex Lapicrrc
Mrs. Alex Lapierre
Mrs. Alex Le
Mrs. Alex Le-1
Mrs. Alex LeClalr
Mrs. Alex Lepine
Mrs. Alex MacDonald
Mrs. Alex McDonald
Mrs. Alex McDonald Bereaved Harness
Mrs. Alex McKenzie
Mrs. Alex McMillan
Mrs. Alex Megrath Mrs. Robert Hood
Mrs. Alex Milne
Mrs. Alex Newberry
Mrs. Alex Olmstead
Mrs. Alex Olmsted
Mrs. Alex P. Smith
Mrs. Alex Parent
Mrs. Alex Pelletier
Mrs. Alex Pigeault
Mrs. Alex Pigeaux
Mrs. Alex Qraruki
Mrs. Alex Stewart
Mrs. Alex Stqyart
Mrs. Alex Stuart
Mrs. Alex Toronto
Mrs. Alex Young
Mrs. Andrew Gauthier
Mrs. C jD*n°nd Gauthier
Mrs. D Alex Olm-stead
Mrs. Edgar Kelsey Gauthier
Mrs. Edwin J. Alex- Gordon Bradley
Mrs. Frank Alex Ladouceur
Mrs. Fred Gauthier
Mrs. Gordon Alex-
Mrs. Henri Gauthier
Mrs. Jean Marie Gauthier
Mrs. Jean Marie Gauthier Gatineau
Mrs. Kenneth Mrs. Alex Bertrand
Mrs. Leonard Gauthier
Mrs. Marie Gauthier
Mrs. R Alex Hodgins Saturday
Mrs. R J. Alex
Mrs. Rodolphe Gauthier
Mrt Alex McDonald
Nancy Alex Wm Armstrong We
Nancy Alex-
Nancy Alex- Palmer
Nancy Alex- Pirie
Nancy Gauthier
Natalie Gauthier
Nathan Dags Mrs Alex Fto Mrs
Nathaniel Gauthier
Nfrs Alex Mr.
Nicholas Gauthier
Nicole Gauthier
Nicole Gauthier Pelletier
Noel Quinn Mme Alex Richard
Noellie Alex Laçasse
Nui Alex Dana
Olga Gauthier
Olive Gauthier
Olive Gauthier Dufault As
Olive Stewart Claude Gauthier MONUMENTS
Oswald Gauthier
P" Georges Gauthier
P. Gauthier
Paige Linda Gisele Dubeau Gauthier/Dubeau
Pat Gauthier
Pat Schoular Alex Rutledge
Pat Schoular Alex Szalay
Patrick Philip Gauthier
Paul Blaskie Alex Yereck Municipal Forms Leonard Hearty Jerry Racine Hydro Quebec Firemen Gordon Pa
Paul Emile Gauthier
Paul Gauthier
Paul Gauthier Game
Paul Gauthier Mr
Paulette Gauthier
Paulette Gauthier Da
Paulette Gauthier Evelyn Hodgins
Paulette Gauthier Prix
Pêche Cadieux Gauthier
Peggy Lee Debbie Gauthier
Père Gauthier
Perer Gauthier
Peter < Gauthier
Peter Gauthier
Peter Gauthier 224.00
Peter Gauthier 42.00
Peter Gauthier 874.00
Peter Gauthier Accountants
Peter Gauthier Campbell
Peter Gauthier Corporal Saumure
Peter Gauthier Councillors
Peter Gauthier Green St
Peter Gauthier Harkins
Peter Gauthier Library
Peter Gauthier Mother
Peter Gauthier Mr
Peter Gauthier Peter Bayne 2
Peter Gauthier President
Peter Gauthier Ryan
Peter Gauthier United Townships
Peter Gauthier YourWedding Day
Peter Gauthier’s
Peter Senack Cyril Gauthier
Phil Gauthier
Phil Gauthier Rose Atkinson
Philip Gauthier
Philip Gauthier 1.25
Piere Gauthier
Pierre Alex
Pierre Gauthier
Pierrette Gauthier
Pigeon Gauthier
Pinkie Gauthier
Pontiac/Aylmer Retail Representative Alex Ladouceur
Princess Alex
Pritchard Earl Clark John Muldoon Alex Davis Geo
Rachel Leach Mrs Alex Cobbs
Ray Gauthier
Ray Mme Alex Ryan
Raymond Cyril Gauthier
Raymond Gauthier
Raymond John- ALEX HOLLIS
Rebecca Gauthier
René Cor- Melissa Gauthier
Rev Albert Gauthier OP
Rev Alex Grant
Rev L J Gauthier
Rev M L Gauthier
Rev Mark Gauthier
Rev R Marc L. Gauthier
Rev. Alex
Rev. Alex F. Foke*
Rev. Alex F. Fokes
Rev. Alex F. Pokes
Rev. Councillor#—Alex Murray
Rev. Mark Gauthier
Reverend Mark Gauthier
Richard Gagnante Jennifer Gauthier
Richard Gauthier
Richard Wills T* Alex Bean
Richard Wills X V Peter Gauthier
Ricky Gauthier
Rita Gauthier
Rita Gauthier Survived
Rita Margaret Gauthier
Rl-Alex Murray
Rl-Alex Weir
Rl— Alex
Rob Gauthier
Robert Alex
Robert Alex Glenn
Robert Alex- Rev.
Robert Camp-Gauthier
Robert Gauthier
Robert Judd Alex Murray Anonymous Clarendon
Robert La-Marc Gauthier
Robert Ryan Alex Cord
Rod Gauthier
Rodolphe Gauthier
Roger Gauthier
Roland Gauthier
Roland Graham G. S. Fades Nathan Fraser Bill Laframboise Robert Gordon Alex Murray Henry Smiley
Ronald Alex
Rosalind Russell Alex Guinness Presented By Mr.
Rose Marie Gauthier
Ruby Gauthier
Rudolph Gauthier
Rudolphe Gauthier
Ruth Gauthier
Ruth Mrs. Alex
Ryan Gauthier
Sam Alex
Sam Inc. Mrs St-Aubin Douglas Gauthier
Samuel Alex-she
Sandra Gauthier
Sarah Crawford Alex Shea
Scott Gauthier
Scott Gauthier STEAK
Scott Gauthier-Parent - Child O Reilly
Sean Gauthier
Serge Gauthier
Shannon Nicholas Gauthier
Sharpe Mrs. Alex Lathem
Sharpe Mrs. Alex Millar
Shawn Denis-Gauthier
Shawn Gauthier
Shawn McCord Alex Viens
Shawville Albert Armstrong VOTEZ AMBROSE L GAUTHIER
Sheila Gauthier
Shelley Gauthier
Shelly Gauthier
Sherry Gauthier- Wolf Lake
Shiela Gauthier
Shirley Gauthier
Shirley Gauthier VALLEY
Simone Gauthier Ro
Sister Edna Gauthier
Sonia Veilleux Gauthier
Sonia Veillsux Gauthier
Sorry Father Gauthier
Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Steering Wheel CEMETERY Alex Lacroix
Stephen Alex-mileage
Stephen Alex. Mack
Stephen Mrs. Alex Davis
Steve Gauthier
Steven Alex
Steven Alex-
Steven Alex- Bantam
Steven Alex- Defenceman
Stewart Emma (Gauthier
Susan Gauthier
Susan Horner Gauthier
Susan Lome Gauthier
Suzanne Gauthier
Sylvie Gauthier
Tammy Gauthier
Tammy Gauthier Gilles
Tanya Gauthier
TCaChOr Wanted-Alex
Terry Gauthier
Theodore Hodgi Alex Mean Mrs Archie Johnston
Théophile Gauthier
Theresa Gauthier
Thomas Alex-*
Thomas Belair Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Thomas Dean Mrs. Alex Bean ....... Wesley Palmer
Thomas Gauthier
Thomas Hobin Wm Thomson Alex Box
Thomas Mathers GAUTHIER
Thompson Alex Davis
Timothy Seed—Alex Armstrong 1
Tina Gauthier
Todd Gauthier
Todd Gauthier Miguel Branchaud
Toine Gauthier
Tom Alex
Tom Paulette Gauthier
Tom Sharpe Gauthier
Tony Gauthier
Tree Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 646-2122 Meaee Samedi
Ty Harrison Gauthier
Tyler Alex-lead
Uryhom Jr Alex
Us Alex
Vera Gauthier
Veronica Gauthier
Véronique Gauthier
Vincent Gauthier
Vinson Gauthier
Viola Gauthier
Violet Gauthier
W A Armstrong 2. Alex Elliott
Walter Gauthier
Wayne Maheral Charlie Lloyd Agnes Findlay Alex Thomas Agnes Thomas Alice Chevner Lesley Chevrier Gi
Wendy Hod Painting - Nancy Alex-
Wendy Lalonde,Jane Alex-
Wendy Wickens Mrs. Alex Souter
William Alex Watt
William and Alex
William and Alex Che Paul Stafford
William Gauthier
William Ost- Gauthier
Wilson Alex
Winnifred Corrigan Weds George Alex Pirie
Young Alex
458-2034 3439162JN20 l GAUTHIER
8,r Alex
H Gauthier
Lake Gauthier
Lynn Gauthier
Ma- Gauthier
Mr. Ambrose l Gauthier
Mrs Alex l
Ottawa Louis Gauthier
Prince Alex
Queen Alex
S £ l Obituary Alex
& Alex Weir
3rd Alex &
4......... Alex Bean
AB Stars 2. Martin Gauthier
Alex Birthday
Alex Cobb
Alex Corrigan
Alex Dllhlif NflllfP
Alex Gail
Alex Gordon
Alex Hockey League Instead
Alex Hospital
Alex Ijtcroix Mrs. Archie Hcnchy
Alex Îri-Service Hospital
Alex Knox Jean Simmons Red Skelton Technicolor Technicolor Jean Hagen Joan Fontaine Ray MHand
Alex McDonald proprietor .
Alex Moyle
Alex Natasha
Alex new High School
Alex Perrault
Alex Power Graduate
Alex Rutledge Ca"°dion Bible Society
Alex Ry- Visitors
Alex School Municipality
ALEX SZALAY 647-5056 Charter Master
Alex Wilson School Roy
Alex- Pilot Had Fortune
Alex. Pitt
Alva Gauthier Funeral Home
Anglican Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne School Paulette Gauthier
Apply Alex Weir
ARTHUR Shawville ALEX—Renfrew JANET—T.
B. Alex Toronto
Banking Veteran Alex Brough
Bay Council Minutes Mrs. Emile Gauthier
Bear Lake Gauthier
BELARUS Councillor Douglas Gauthier
Breed Alex Weir
Bretzlaffs Store Marie Gauthier Valley Coffee & Food Services The Equity Hotel Ladysmith Pontiac Da
Bristol ; Alex
Bristol beach Alex Lepinc
Bristol Mayor Alex Murray
Bristol Recreation Gauthier
Bristol s Grand Old Mrs. Aléx Horner
Bristol; Alex
Bryson Alex
Bryson Alex Proud
Bryson Lions Club Jennifer Gauthier
Bryson Mr. Alex Bean
Bryson Ray’s Sawmill Raymond Gauthier
Bureau du Secré-Clement Gauthier
BURNETTltd Alex Power Graduate
Cal Alex Davis
Call Alex Rutledge
Canadian Alex Newton
Capital Commission Gauthier
Cheese Maker Mr. Alex
Children Alex Davis
Church Service Ernest Gauthier Calumet Island
Clement Gauthier Tel
Clr Gauthier
Co-op Medical Services Rum Gauthier
Colombe Alex Weir
Comité Marc Gauthier
Commercial Bidder Alex Rgo
Commercial Bolder Alex Rigo
Committee Clr Douglas Gauthier
Contact Alex Bertrand
Contact Alex Cobden Memorial Hall
Contact Alex Rutledge
Contact Alex Shawville
Contact Alex Tremblay
Contact Gauthier Garage
Council Alex Davis
Council Gauthier
Court Rotary Hears Alex Macdonald On Insurance Austin Plain Nutt Tn Attend Clarendon Council W(
CP Emile Gauthier
Dillon Gauthier
District Chamber of Alex Trembley
Donaldson th.t Alex
Douglas Cfr Douglas Gauthier
Douglas Gauthier
Douglas Gauthier Municipal Councillor Seat
Douglas Gauthier Visitors; Frank Blaekie
Dr. Alex Fokes
Dr. Alex G
Dr. Alex Nicoll
Draveurs1 Alex Brown
Eardley Veterans Association Committee Gauthier
Eaux du Douglas Gauthier
Editor Alex Webster Revue
EË Alex
Emelio Gauthier
F. & A. M. Messrs. Alex
Food Services Marie Gauthier Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Evert & Debbie Hodgins Darwin Zimmerling
FOR RENT Used Alex Murrey
Forest Products Producers Gauthier
Fr Merc L Gauthier
Fraser’s Apply Mrs. Alex Davis
Front Alex Rutledge
FROUIN CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Calumet Island St# Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Ft Merc L Gauthier
Gall Gauthier In
Garth Alex Weir
Gauthier & Sons Otter Lake
Gauthier 648-2122 Morning Worship 7:30
Gauthier Association Board
Gauthier b48-2122 Publishers
Gauthier Centre
Gauthier Mr Allan Pilon
Gauthier Municipalité de Bristol Poste
Gauthier Paving Co *
Gauthier Rhonda Perry
Gauthier Ronnie Desabrais Beauchamp s Service Gauthier s Garage Chez Madeline Restaurant M.E.
GM Pierre Gauthier
Greene & Alex Fraser
Harrington Hall Alex Drummond
Hayes & Sons Alex Murray
Home Of AUCTION SALE for Mr. & Mrs. Leo Gauthier Highway
Hospital Alex Yercck
Huddersfield Re-éiisez Douglas Gauthier Conseilleur
Huddersfield Re-élisez Douglas Gauthier Conseilleur
Imperial Oil Ltd 3.86 Cyril Gauthier
JJ Caldwell Alex Seaman
Justice Alex Cattanach
King Alex Draper
l Alex Hawthorne
Lion Alex
Lion Alex Miller
Lion Alex Thomas
M. Alex Lough Junior Dep.
Major Alex Dare
Master Alex and Master George Drummond
Master Alex Elli^ EHrEEE EHS™ Germain
Master Alex Lough
Master Alex Murray
Master Alex.
Master Rt Wor Alex | Aslcr Easy
McGill University Mrs. Alex Olmsted
Messrs Alex
Messrs Alex & Louis Ryan
Messrs Alex Horner
Messrs Alex Meldrum
Messrs Alex N Wilson
Methodist Church Gauthier
MICHAEL LLOYD Equity Reporter BRISTOL Paulette Gauthier
MINE Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
MNA Alex Brabant
MONDAY 5 PM Jean Charles Gauthier
Montreal Alex H
Morgan Gauthier
Morning Worahip Rev Ft Marc L Gauthier
Morning Worship Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Motion Cr Alex Drummond
Motion Crs Alex
Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Mr Alex Law
Mr Alex N Wilson
Mr Alex Wilson
Mr Gauthier
Mr* Alex Drug Co.
Mr. Alex
Mr. Alex Angus
Mr. Alex Barr
Mr. Alex Bean
Mr. Alex Brown
Mr. Alex Horner
Mr. Alex Kilgour
Mr. Alex McDonald of Ot- Wed Al
Mr. Alex Pitt
Mr. Alex Pitt of Montreal
Mr. Alex Proud
Mr. Alex Sti
MRC Ponti- Gauthier
Mrg Alex Stuart Gay
Mrs Alex Hazzard
Mrs Alex Stuart
Mrs Alex Weir
Mrs Alex Weir Stro-
Mrs- Alex Weir
Mrs. Alex
Mrs. Alex Bean
Mrs. Alex Bean Dies
Mrs. Alex Bell
Mrs. Alex Campbell
Mrs. Alex Davis
Mrs. Alex Davis Court Report
Mrs. Alex G
Mrs. Alex God
Mrs. Alex Hazzard
Mrs. Alex Health and Welfare Committee
Mrs. Alex John
Mrs. Alex Johns
Mrs. Alex L. Pigvault | Hospital
Mrs. Alex Lapierre
Mrs. Alex McCann Building Supply Reg d Limited Supply Only
Mrs. Alex McDonald Bereaved Harness
Mrs. Alex McDonald.
Mrs. Alex McIntyre
Mrs. Alex Moor
Mrs. Alex Olmsted
Mrs. Alex Pigeon Mrs. Alex Pigeon
Mrs. Alex Pokes
Mrs. Alex Stuart
Mrs. Alex Vincent formerly Mrs. Annie Stewart
Mrs. Alex Weir
Mrs. Alex Weir of Renfrew
Mrs. Alex Weir Sun-dayed
Mr» Alex Weir
Municipal Douglas Gauthier and Council
Municipal Gauthier
Municipal Yadufructn».-Alex
MVP Alex Ovechkin
Native Alex MacLean Passes At Haileybury 7th Line Notes
Ni- Alex Rutledge
OATS Wes Cartman 647- Agricultural Exchange Asso- GAUTHIER
OBITUARY Mrs. Hormidas Gauthier Mrs. Hormidas Gauthier
Office Alex Murray
Old Alex
Ontario Telephone 432-4224 NOTICE Policeman Wanted GAUTHIER Applications
OTTAWA Alex Draper
Ottawa Alex Hazzard
Ottawa Valley League Gauthier
Parliament Alex Atamanenko
Pontiac Agent Felix Gauthier
Pontiac Agent Fell* Gauthier
Pontiac Alex Brown
Pontiac Alex Seaman
Pontiac Community Gauthier
Pontiac Community Leo Gauthier
Pontiac County Mr. Alex Lough
Pontiac House Alex
Pontiac Plowmens Assoc Alex Bertrands Perm
Pontiac Wood Products Producers Board Douglas Gauthier
Pontiac’s Alex Whalen’s
PPHS Calumet Island Ste Anna Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
PPHS Morning Worahip Rev Ft Marc L Gauthier
Prayer and Bible Study AUTO THEFT SEPTIC TANK PUMPING SERVICE Alex Honey Wagon Charteris
PUBLIC NOTICE Contact Rose Gauthier
Public Works Alex Topolski
Regional School Board Eddie Gauthier
Rene Shawville Plaza Councillor Gauthier
Ret Fr Marc L Gauthier
RolL Gerald Gauthier
Royal Alex. Pontiac
Rural Inspector Alex Drum
School Gauthier Funeral Home Hull
SHAWVIUI Gary Gauthier Box
SIMMONS Alex Essiambre N ON-FL
Smith Alex Bell
Son Alex
St Cater Gauthier
St Doug Gauthier
St Jo- Gauthier
St Jo-thev Gauthier Rev Bal-
Stark* Corners Mrs. Alex Olmsted
Steering Wheel CEMETERY Alex Lacroix
SUNCATCHERS Mr. & Mrs. Albert Dubeau & Mr. Cyril Gauthier
TEXACO Mrs. Alex Milne
Thomson Alex Box
TM Alex
United Church Choir Alex
United Church Pastoral SEPTIC TANK PUMPING SERVICE Alex Honey Wagon Charterts
Wyman Women’s Institute Mrs. Alex Davis
Young Alex Davis
Zion United Church GAUTHIER Dunraven News