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A L Love Connie
Action Drome Connie Stovon
Alexa Therien Connie Christie
Allan Mohr Connie
Anne McGee Connie McGee
Award Graduate Connie Stanley Starks
Baby Queen Connie Clarke”
Betty Gorsc Connie Sharpe
Bev Wocrmkl Connie Community Service Chevron Lyn McCord
Bonnie Connie Callaghan
Boyd Hodgins Connie Crick
Brian (Connie
Carol Congratulations Connie
Carol Toll- Connie McGee
Cedar Terrace Connie 2K
Clifford Mr. Connie Mainville
Connie Fierce
Connie "
Connie & Karen De
Connie A UniQuê Sen/o/s
Connie Again
Connie All
Connie Also
Connie and Karen
Connie and Karen De-large
Connie and Karen.
Connie and Nancy
Connie Andrews
Connie Anglican Church
Connie Ann
Connie Ann Stephens
Connie Anna Brown
Connie Anne
Connie Armstrong
Connie Armstrong Beattie
Connie Armstrong Thv
Connie Ashfield
Connie Be-
Connie Bean
Connie Beattie
Connie Bel
Connie Bel- Contact Nelson Angus
Connie Belang-
Connie Belanger
Connie Belland
Connie Bennett
Connie Ber-
Connie Bertrand
Connie Beverly Ireland
Connie Boldt
Connie Bond
Connie Boswell
Connie Bourgeau
Connie Bowie
Connie Braun
Connie Bretziaff
Connie Bretzlaff
Connie Brown
Connie Brown Boys
Connie Buckley
Connie Cal-were
Connie Caldwell
Connie Calla
Connie Callaghan
Connie Callaway
Connie Cam
Connie Cameron
Connie Cameron Hearty
Connie Cameron Ladies Broomball Club
Connie Cameroon Pontiac Ladles Broomball
Connie Campbell
Connie Carruthers
Connie Cartman Palmer
Connie Casselman
Connie Cast Lynette Harris
Connie Cesar
Connie Chabot
Connie Chaput
Connie Chavot
Connie Chega
Connie Christie
Connie Christie Sharpe
Connie Christmas
Connie Clark
Connie Clarke
Connie Clayton Dods
Connie Coulis
Connie Cric*
Connie Crick
Connie Crouse
Connie Culver
Connie Cummings Jr,
Connie CUrke
Connie Cutis
Connie Cutoskie
Connie Dag
Connie Dagg
Connie Dahms
Connie Daly
Connie Darlene Gutoakie
Connie David Bertrand
Connie Dawn
Connie Debbie
Connie Deepest
Connie Delaney
Connie Delarge
Connie Deslauriers) Bur-(Marie Gilchrist
Connie Did
Connie Donnie
Connie Douglas
Connie Doyle
Connie Drake
Connie Drake Showing
Connie Dumoulin
Connie Duncan
Connie Eastaugh
Connie Elke Wittig
Connie Eon
Connie Erwin
Connie Et
Connie Eth-Nancy Bechamp
Connie Ethier
Connie Evains
Connie Evans
Connie Evans Cameron
Connie Evelyn Deavy
Connie Fades
Connie Farrell
Connie Fields
Connie Fit-
Connie Francis
Connie Fraser
Connie French
Connie Friday
Connie Gail
Connie Gall Trudeau
Connie Gayle
Connie Giant
Connie Gm-oski
Connie Grade IV Anderson
Connie Graham
Connie Grant
Connie Gray
Connie Gray Also
Connie Gray Rev. Richard Gray
Connie Graziadei
Connie Graziaei
Connie Green Cucumbers
Connie Greer
Connie Grey
Connie Grif- Nathalie Béchamp
Connie Griffin
Connie Gutcakk
Connie Gutoeki
Connie Gutoski
Connie Gutoski Hubert Ralston
Connie Gutoskie
Connie Gutoskie Lasalle
Connie Hamilton
Connie Hannaberry
Connie Har
Connie Harris
Connie Harris Andrew Turcotte
Connie Heaney
Connie Hearty
Connie Hits
Connie Hitz
Connie Hobbs
Connie Hodgins
Connie Holly
Connie Homer
Connie Hughes
Connie Huner
Connie Hunter
Connie Hunter’s
Connie I
Connie ÎF Stephen Sparling
Connie Interrupts
Connie Is
Connie Johnston
Connie Kearns
Connie Kell Ont.
Connie Kelly
Connie Kennedy
Connie Kirkham
Connie Knox
Connie La
Connie Lacharity
Connie LaCharity Clifford Monette
Connie Laf
Connie Laf-leur
Connie Lafleur
Connie Lang
Connie LaSalle
Connie Lasalle Hwy
Connie LaSalle Shawville
Connie Lasalles
Connie LaSaMe
Connie Lasidle
Connie Le-
Connie Lea Avis
Connie Leach
Connie Lefebvre
Connie Lepine
Connie Levesque
Connie Littie
Connie Little
Connie Little Grads
Connie Little Long Jump
Connie Little Time
Connie Little Wickens
Connie Lorraine
Connie Losolle
Connie Lou
Connie Lou Me Courtney Hodgins
Connie Lynn
Connie Ma
Connie Mack
Connie MacMil- Loving
Connie MacMillan
Connie Maher
Connie Maheral
Connie Maheral Douglas
Connie MaheralJ Dhakshana Mahesan
Connie Mahers L Mac-Cartman
Connie Mahersl
Connie Man-nam
Connie Manwell
Connie Manwell-Douglas
Connie Margo
Connie Marjorie
Connie May
Connie Mayhew
Connie McCorriston
Connie McCoshen
Connie McCrank
Connie McGee
Connie McGee Grant
Connie McGuire
Connie Mctiernan
Connie McTiernan Visiting
Connie McTlernan
Connie Me- Marilyn Letts
Connie Meheral
Connie Melodie
Connie Miheral
Connie Mindenhall
Connie Moffatt
Connie Mohr
Connie Monaghan
Connie Moore
Connie Morin
Connie Morin’s
Connie Mrs Ivan Dagg
Connie Mrs. August Olm
Connie Murray
Connie Murrell
Connie O Connor
Connie O Donnell
Connie O Donnell Andrew Devine
Connie O Neill
Connie O-
Connie Oarfce
Connie ODonne
Connie ODonnel(on
Connie Ont
Connie Ontario
Connie Ottawa
Connie O’Donnell
Connie Pam
Connie Paquette
Connie Parrel
Connie Peggy
Connie Pembroke
Connie Pembroke St W, Pembroke
Connie Physical Education
Connie Picard
Connie Pigrim
Connie Pilgrim
Connie Pirn
Connie Plante
Connie Poon
Connie Presley
Connie Province
Connie Qouse
Connie Qrouse
Connie R Iwk W
Connie Ranch
Connie Re-
Connie Rebertz
Connie Reibertz
Connie Renaud
Connie Richard
Connie Richardson
Connie Rivert
Connie Rivet
Connie Robertson
Connie Robinson
Connie Roffey
Connie Romain
Connie Russ
Connie Russctt
Connie Russell
Connie Russelt
Connie Russett
Connie Russe’l
Connie Ryan
Connie Ryan Eddie Stanky
Connie Saturday
Connie Schwartz
Connie Sears
Connie Sharpe
Connie Sharpe 647-3402
Connie Sharpe Friends
Connie Sharpe Hunter
Connie Sharpe Is
Connie Sharpe McGee
Connie Shawville
Connie Shawville Fair Queen Cindy Coles
Connie Shirley Caldwell
Connie Shrye
Connie Sian-
Connie Sloan
Connie Sloan June 8.
Connie Smith
Connie Smythe
Connie Sparling
Connie Special
Connie St
Connie St Pierre
Connie St-Pierre
Connie St-Pierre Cameron
Connie Stan-
Connie Stan- Reine-Marie Smith
Connie Stanely
Connie Stanley
Connie Stanley - Top Int
Connie Stanley Archie Stanley
Connie Stanley Ont
Connie Stanley-top Intermediate
Connie Stanleys
Connie Ste
Connie Stenerson
Connie Stennerson
Connie Stennison
Connie Stephens
Connie Stephens Weekend
Connie Stevens
Connie Stevens Jerry Lewis
Connie Stevens Scott Wilson
Connie Stevenson
Connie Stone
Connie Stones
Connie Strand
Connie Su>i
Connie Sue
Connie Sue Elizabeth
Connie T
Connie Telford
Connie The
Connie Thomas
Connie Towell
Connie Tr;na
Connie Trudeau
Connie Tubman
Connie Twolan
Connie Twolan Brown
Connie Uttk
Connie van Mines
Connie Veitch Sparling
Connie Velma Coles
Connie Vinton
Connie Visiting
Connie Wadell
Connie Walsh
Connie Whose
Connie Wic-kens
Connie Wickcns
Connie Wickens
Connie Wickens Demis
Connie Wickens Geraid
Connie Widens
Connie Wiekens
Connie Wil
Connie Will
Connie William*
Connie Williams
Connie Wilson
Connie Wilson Drop
Connie Wilson French
Connie Wilson-Gow
Connie Wlc-kens
Connie Wtekens
Connie Young
Connie Younge
Connie- Sue McTierran Walnut
Connie-Gall Trudeau
Cora Rm Connie Wickens
Corrigan Connie Campbell Joan Tbe Municipal Council
Darlene Murphy Liz Tubman...... Connie Gray
David Ash- Connie McGee
Dianne Connie
Donnie Connie Hunter
Elsie P Connie L Pat
Eva Andai Connie Picard
Evelyn Connie McGee
Field Contact Connie 647-3300 Bryson
Francis Mur- Connie Little
Front Row Connie Maheral
Gary Russell I Connie Little
George M. Connie
Guy Connie
Holstein Hostess Connie Stanley
House Orderly—Connie Grant
Hubert Connie Callaghan
Ingrid Wittig Connie Harris Equity
Insti-------------------------------------- Misses Connie
Iris Smith Connie Belland
Irma Stanley Connie Stanley Elwyn Lang Randy
Jake A Connie
James (Connie Sharpe
Jayne Car- Connie LaSalle
Jean Guy Connie Stanley
Karen -2 Weirstead Connie
Katherine Hynes Connie Stanley
Ken O Leary Sandra Laroche Connie LaSalle Donald Lavallée 433-FOOD
Kenny Miss Connie Mohr
Leona Connie
Little Miss Connie Crouse
Manager / Connie Shrye
Marilyn Connie LWe
Mark Damon Connie Stevens JOHN F. KELLY QUEBEC
Mark Damon Connie Stevens Melodrama
Mary < Connie
Mr X Connie Armstrong
Mrs Bernard Connie
My- Miss Connie Mrs Frank
On Saturday Connie
Owen Connie
Paul Connie Cheryl
Paula Prentiss Connie Francis
Presmell Connie Francis
Princess Miss Connie Gutoskie
Randy U Connie Stevens
Richard WIN# Connie Rebertz
Rick and Connie
Roily Lepine Connie Evans
Rory Calhoun Connie Hines
Sandra Laroche Connie LaSalle Donald Lavallée Rita Cybulski Heather Dickson Yves Forget Donald Gagn
Senior Contestants Connie
Sept. 7/96 Leona “Connie” Poisson Paquette
Sept. Apply Connie Hitz
Steel V Connie Wilson Wendy
Studio Andrée Connie
Th# United Connie
Tim Conway Connie |Ei4iiintc
Tom Connie
Tommy Connie Rivet
Troy Donahue Connie Stevens
Tubman S Connie Crick Wolfe’s Store Shop
Veronica Connie
Walsh - Stephens Connie
Walsh and Connie Stephens
William Robert Connie Bretzlaff
Wilson Connie
Workman* Miss Connie Dagg
Connie Griffin
Connie of
Connie Province
Fort Cou-Connie
McGuire Connie
Best Hamburg Bantam Connie Hughes Best Cockin- Bill Hendricks
Civic Hospital Connie
Connie and Perry
Connie and Perry Be
Connie and Perry Be-
Connie and Perry Belanger
Connie Beverly Ireland
Connie LaSalle &
Connie Teddy Newberry
Contact Connie
Contact Connie Ashfield
Dodge/ Plymouth Neon Natasha Anne McGee Connie McGee
GLEN & CONNIE BEGGS -10780 Church Road
House Orderly—Connie Grant
Insti-------------------------------------- Misses Connie
Municipal Miss Connie Telford
Paquette Connie Visitors
Perry & Connie Belanger
Pontiac Community Hosjpf Connie
Sloan, Perry & Connie Belanger
XX Gift Boutique CONNIE RYAN