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Ross Stewart Ft Coulonge County Council Mrs. H R. Rabh

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

(Mrs Wesley Me
)i11 Stewart
--- Mrs.
.1 Stewart
0. Ross
0D18 Council
0f Mrs Emily Connel
0f Mrs John John Lawn
0f Mrs Rodger Laframbose
0f Mrs W Corrigan WM
1-arkin Mrs Michael Perrier
1-ornie Stewart
10-2 Mrs Ivan Carroll
11*0*8 Stewart
11,1984 A Ross
14—Mrs H
19.50 Mrs. Frederick H. Judd Dies Lugris
1949 Mrs. Graham
1997 Mrs W < Mr
1FW Mrs. Gerard Power Mrs. Gerard Power
1st Mrs J Cunningham1
1st Vice-president Ross Hamilton
1—George Stewart
2. Council
2. Lloyd Balhar- Mrs.
2. Lloyd El- Mrs. Nancy Hughes
2. Mrs K Hudgins
2. Mrs.
2. Stewart Graham
2.95 Mrs. Wesley Hodgins
2500 Mrs Wesley Palmer
27.00 Albert Palmer- 15.00 Ken Stewart
2946 Stewart James 613-445-3269 SEASONAL DISCOUNTS
2: Karen Stewart
2nd Mrs B C Carswell
2nd Mrs J > -3 Driving
2nd Mrs J Cunningham
2nd Mrs L | Ward
2nd Mrs R Trudeau
2nd Mrs. Peden Wilson
2nd Stewart
3 1434xj28 Marie Stewart
3. Mrs J A Smith
3. Stewart L. Stark
3rd Mrs J Bowden.
3rd Mrs. Harper Rennick
3rd Mrs. Win
3V * Ross Bystem Never Falls
4-29 Range IV Council
4.—Lavina Ross
40,000 K H Pontiac County
451-2950 Mrs. Harper Young
4i Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
4SI-Mrs E S. Bishoo Luskville P O.
4th Albert Armstrong Pontiac County Church
5.00 Mrs. Fred Schroeder.
5.299 Tyler Ronald Stewart Kelly Stewart
50/50 Ann Anna Stewart
6-R-33 Mrs. Betty MacDonald
600.00 -Call Ross
613-623-4250 Stewart
646-7693 Mrs Graham
646-79 Revel T. Stewart Cobden
647- Mrs. Neil Saturday
647-2430 Mrs.
647-2772 Mrs Ross
647-3231 Mrs. Grant Fades
647-3714 Mrs Norris Horner
647-3823 Mrs Jean Morrison Shew-I Owner
647-3904 Stewart
647-5553 Mrs. Clifford Horner
6899.38 van Stewart
692573bfl7 Mrs. Fred Lefremboise
6th Mrs Ella Thoms
7-24301 Stewart
7............... H. Ross
72,427 Mrs. Grant Rade#-------
762-8187 SAGUENAY Ross
8. Mrs
8. Mrs Austin Dagg
8. Stewart
819-647-3179 Stewart
819-770-9111 647-2204 Ross Dickson
8ftry Mrs. David Hall
9 Ross
9th Mrs Kenneth Egan
9—John Stewart
A G Ross. February
A Ross
A" Eviscerated Tender Plump Mrs. Edward Leduc
A"na Stewart
A. Dean Melvin Stewart Harry Hudgins
A. H Graham Mrs.
A. Mrs Armstrong
A. Ross
A. Russell Mrs
A. S. Ross
A. Stewart
A. W. Ross
AArond Mrs Earl 0IÏ16D S
AArs Ross
AArs Stewart Woods
Abraham Lincoln Mrs.
Ac-1 Desmond Hod- Mrs. Everett Moore
Acton Smiley Mrs. Herbie Martin
Ad Hodgins Earl Hodgins Miss Pearl Brown Mrs.
Ada Ross
Ada Stewart
Adam de Fort Coulonge
Adam Hod Mrs. Gordon Bradley
Adam Nicholas Elliot Nellis Stewart
Adam Stewart
Addison Mrs Beulah Hodgms
Adeline Mrs
Adeline Stewart
Adolphe Mrs Denis Newoerry
Adorian Stewart
Adult John Wayne Ernie Kovacs Fabian Capucine Stewart Granger
After Stewart
Aggie Stewart
Agnes Co emon Mrs. Mary Sly
Agri- M S Bert Stark Citizenship- Mrs.
Agri- Mrs Gerald Draper Citizenship- Mrs
Agriculture Mrs J Russell
Agriculture Mrs. Gerald Draper
Agriculture—Mrs Rena Graham
Ah Mrs. Mct-agg
Aileen Stewart
Aime Hssiamhrc Mrs. John A. Dean
Al Council
Al J McGuire Mrs Rena Ladouceur
Al Mrs.
Al Shawville Wedding Al Coulonge Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle
Al* Mrs. Neil McArthur
Al- Mrs Harold Campbell Bish
Al- Mrs Jeff O Brien
Alain Mrs Blanche Wilson
Alan A James Stewart Sr.
Alan Mrs Rita Kasobuski
Alan Stewart
Alana Stewart
Alarm Mrs Lester Hodgins
AlAVVTr TTTrwlr Ross
Albert Armstrong By Dave Moore Coulonge
Albert Armstrong Mrs Mary Allen
Albert Council
Albert Fort Coulonge
Albert Fort Coulonge Ella Romain
Albert Fort Coulonge J A MacKHhcan
Albert Fort Coulonge K H Box
Albert Fort Coulonge Phone
Albert Fort Coulonge Pour
Albert Fort Coulonge Puissions-nous
Albert Fort Coulonge Shawville
Albert Fort Coulonge TOM FRASfB F
Albert Laporte Mrs Renaud Rainville
Albert Ma- Mrs Dollard Desabrais
Albert Mrs Bill Toison
Albert Mrs. Friends
Albert Mrs. Rowat
Albert Stewart
Albert Stewart Collect
Albert Tanner Mrs.
Albert Tanner Mrs. Thomas Smith
Alberti Dickaon Ross Dickson
Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson Christmas
Alberti Dtctoon Ross Dickson
Alder Mrs Wanda Smith
Alderman Mrs. Bake
Ale* Ross
Alex Armstrong Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Armstrong---- Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Chartrand- Mrs Thomas White
Alex H Homer George Palmer Mrs R P Eadts Mrs C H McLean
Alex Hudgins Mrs.
Alex Ijtcroix Mrs. Archie Hcnchy
Alex Lapierre- Mrs Pearl Dougherty
Alex M. Stewart
Alex Melvin Stewart
Alex Mrs Hillis Thompson Ottawa
Alex Mrs Pearl Allan
Alex Mrs. Jean Paul Care
Alex Mrs. Mary Johansen
Alex Pigeon Mrs. Alex Pigeon
Alex Ross
Alex Ryan - Mrs Celia Derouin
Alex Stewart
Alex Szalay Shawville Council
Alex- Shawville Council
Alex. Ross
Alex. Stewart
Alexander Miss Eva Alexander Mrs. Gerald Armltage Ira Sturgeon George W. Smith Gordon Stewart
Alexander Motion Mrs. Caldwell
Alexander Mrs. J. Horner Mrs.
Alexander Mrs. John Knox Mrs. Geo
Alexander Ross
Alexander Stewart
Alexander William Campbell Dies After Lengthy Illness Mrs.
Alfred Burke Mrs. Is.dore Beauregard
Alfred Lord Tennyson Mrs John R McDowell
Alfred Miller Council
Alfred Mrs Frank Finnigan Sr.
Alfred Mrs John McKenzie
Alfred Mrs Julie St-Jean
Alfred Mrs. A. Proudfoot Mrs.
Alfred Mrs. Douglas Campbell
Alfred Mrs. R. Smith
Alfred Rose de Fort Coulonge
Alfred Russell Mrs. Tolbert McCorriston
Alfred Scott Ross
Alfred Stewart
Alice Burlingette Stewart
Alice E. Chase Mrs. Herb Brown
Alice Gravelle Mrs- Adolph Thoms
Alice Jacques and Mrs.
Alice Lawn - Social Planning Council
Alice Mrs. Camay
Alice Mrs. Herb Mullens
Alice Mrs. Roger Dufault
Alice Pig- Mrs. Alexandre Tremblay
Alice Ryan Rita Stewart
Alice Stewart
Alice) Mrs. Armand Renaud
All MRS.
Allai Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Allan Black’s Council
Allan Coulonge
Allan R. Stewart
Allan Ross
Allan Stewart
Allan Stewart Victor Tysyck
Allen Coulonge Notes
Allen Kuehl 647-3808 Trevor Stewart
Allen Mrs Arnold McColgan
Allen Mrs.
Allen Stewart
Allen Thomas Hicks Robitalle Bazialle Archilbald Muir Robert Murrell Thomas Murrell 3 Mrs.
Allison A Kathleen Com- Mrs Fred Stevens
Allumette Island Those Mrs. Sherwood Grant
Alma Hobbs Mrs Rebecca Wilson
Alma Horner Mrs.
Alma McCagg Municipal Council Minutes Portage
Also Mrs Marie Greer
Also Mrs Sam Klein Cris
Also Mrs. Gerald Horner
Alta Mrs. David Robertson
Alvin Kelly Mrs.
Alvin Palmer Miss Minerva Sparling Miss Elma Dale Miss Lewina Harkness Mrs. Ed.
Alvin Stewart
Alvin Stewart Whalen Harriet
Alvin Stewart Whelen
Alvin Stewart Whelen OFC
Am C Ross
Amanda Mrs Doreen Chabot
Amm Mrs. Danny Farrell
Amùnta Woods Mrs. Gordon Russett
Amy (Mrs Clarence Peatman
Amy Barber Miss Hilda Harris Miss Mona Armstrong Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois
Amy Barber, Mrs. Keith Corrigan
Amy Corrigan Mrs. John Belsher
Amy Dean and Mrs, Leslie Dean
Amy Frost de Fort-Coulonge
Amy Hudgins 2. Mrs R
Amy J Ross
Amy M. Stewart Wanted
Amy Mrs Alwyn Dale
Amyotte Coulonge
Ancasler Mrs. Sean OBvrne
Anchor Mrs. Itutierfurdi
Anderson Mrs Ernie Hearty
Andra Martin Color Mrs.
André Ma-council
Andre Mrs. James P. Connelly
Andre* Stewart
Andrea Fort Coulonge
Andrea Ross Gallagher Secondary III
Andrea Stewart
Andrée Martin Mrs Devlin
Andrée Martin Mrs Glen Saunders
Andrew & Mrs. W. Taylor
Andrew Bennett Mrs Steele
Andrew Economic Council
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treas Shawville Council
Andrew Hedging Mrs.
Andrew Jeffrey Stewart
Andrew McDonald Tait Ross
Andrew Mrs Evelyn Pelletier
Andrew Mur- Mrs. George Black
Andrew Mur- Mrs. N.l HFS Mrs.
Andrew Richards 2. Toilet Set—Mrs Thomts Reid
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 1887-88
Andrew Russell and Margaret Stewart
Andrew Russell MRS.
Andrew Sly Farm Forum Council Dies
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart William Cruickshank
Andrew......... Madame Mrs. Salmon John Stafford
Andrews H Mrs Nettie Fulfcrd
Andrews Incumbent Stewart
Andrews Knox Radford Auxiliary Al Mrs.
Andrews Ladles Auxiliary Mrs. D Campbell
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev. Wm
Andy Fraser - Kevin Oattes Mrs. Sharon Halligan
Andy Kenney Ross
Andy Murray :md Mrs. Lloyd Elliott
Andy Ross
Andy Stewart
Andy Stewart Building Also
Angela Dubeau Sieur de Coulonge Congratulations
Angela Mrs Minerva Sparling
Angela Stewart
Anglican Mrs Lawson Stanley
Anita Council
Anita Mrs Linda McLellan McCrank
Anita Stewart
Ann Council
Ann Kingdon By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Ann May Stewart
Ann Mrs Dick Dumas
Ann Mrs.
Ann Mrs. Garnet Jones
Ann Stewart
Ann Stewart Raymond Amyotte
Ann Thomp Mrs Anna Stones
Ann-ihage Clarendon Council
Anna Stewart I
Anna A Coulonge
Anna Caldwell Stewart
Anna Coulonge
Anna Gertie Stewart
Anna I Stewart
Anna Mrs
Anna Mrs Olive Hayward
Anna Mrs.
Anna Mrs. Sipplf
Anna Poft-Coulonge
Anna Smith Mrs. Oarl Ebert
Anna Somers Mrs.
Anna Stewart
Anna Stewart Anna Stewart Congratu
Anna Stewart Campbell
Anna Stewart Our
Anna Stewart Amanda Early
Anna Stewart Bouleau Blanc
Anna Stewart CALDWELL
Anna Stewart CAMPBELL
Anna Stewart Cellular
Anna Stewart Congratu
Anna Stewart Crowds
Anna Stewart Ê
Anna Stewart For
Anna Stewart Fraser
Anna Stewart Fri.
Anna Stewart Golden Anniversary BILL
Anna Stewart Hermonie
Anna Stewart Hermonie Sharpe
Anna Stewart If
Anna Stewart If-
Anna Stewart J
Anna Stewart John Paul II
Anna Stewart JT.
Anna Stewart Kjlj
Anna Stewart Mac
Anna Stewart Mbi
Anna Stewart McCredie - Brent
Anna Stewart Montreal Mail
Anna Stewart Myrtle
Anna Stewart Otter Lake Hermonie Sharpe
Anna Stewart Raymond
Anna Stewart Smart
Anna Stewart Specials
Anna Stewart Sugg
Anna Stewart Tb
Anna Stewart Those Tierney Bachand
Anna Stewart TI
Anna Stewart Tnomblay
Anna Stewart Welcome
Anna Stewart X Successful
Anna Stewart’s
Anna Vinsi Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Anna X " Stewart Ont
Anna) Hry Mrs Donat Duboau
Anne Britdowonh Mrs Jean the
Anne Fumerton Mrs Phoebe McCord
Anne Fumetrton Secretary—Mrs
Anne Mrs
Anne Mrs Ernie Hearty
Anne Mrs,
Anne Stewart
Annette Har- Mrs Rita Lepine
Annette Marion Barne Street Fort Coulonge
Annette Marion Borne Street Fort Coulonge
Annie Kelly Coulonge Fort
Annie May Stewart
Annie Reid Mack-and Mrs. Harold Fokes
Annie Stewart
Anniversary Mrs Russell PILON GARAGE INC.
Anno Stewart
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross It’s
Anthony Stewart
Antoine Mrs
Ap* Mrs Ross Beck
Applv Mrs. Leonard Mee
Apply Freeman Grant 647-3421 Mrs.
Apply Haney Ross
Apply Harvey Ross
Apply Lloyd Stewart
Apply Melvin Stewart
Apply Mrs Edgar T.C.R.A. Connelly
Apply Mrs Grant Eades
Apply Mrs Grant Eudes
Apply Mrs Louise Derouin
Apply Mrs Reed
Apply Mrs W J. Hayes
Apply Mrs.
Apply Mrs. Campbell
Apply Mrs. Carmen Bretzlaff
Apply Mrs. Carmen Wickens
Apply Mrs. Clifford Lapine
Apply Mrs. Eckardt Elliott
Apply Mrs. Ella Hampel
Apply Mrs. Fred Thoms
Apply Mrs. Grant
Apply Mrs. Ivan Sicard
Apply Mrs. J D. Brown
Apply Mrs. Kenneth McDowell
Apply Mrs. Kenneth Smiley
Apply Mrs. Marie Hamilton
Apply Mrs. Melvin
Apply Mrs. Melvin Mayhew
Apply Mrs. Melvin Smith
Apply Mrs. Melvin Younge
Apply Mrs. Neil Hodgins
Apply Mrs. Neil Hodgins 647-3312
Apply Mrs. Norris Horner
Apply Mrs. Russell Elliott
Apply Mrs. Russell Ta
Apply Mrs. Secil Sly
Apply Mrs. Stephen Bell
Apply Mrs. W J. Brownlee
Apply Mrs. W. J. Hayes
Apply Nellis Stewart 70102XM7 Lloyd Neville MANY Farms
Apply Ross
Apply Ross E. Matlock
Apply Stewart Ross
Apply Stewart Woods
Appointed Supervisor Mrs. George A. McDougall
Appointment Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong
April Mrs Frankie Monnett
Ar- Mrs. Graham Smith
Arch Stewart
Archibald Stewart
Archie Mrs. Clif Dale
Archie Stewart
Archie Stewart Keon
Archie Stewart Percy
Argyl Mrs.
Armand Mrs Kathleen Spotswood Pembroke
Armi- Stewart
Arminta McDowel Mrs. Jos
Arminta McDowell Mrs. Jos
Arminta Woods Mrs. Gordon Russett
Armitage Mrs Wayne Armitage
Armour Mrs
Arms Mrs. Lucy Kelly
Armstrong Chrysler Expansion Amazes Newsmen Mrs. Evelyn Little
Armstrong Council
Armstrong Jno Stewart
Armstrong Martha Stewart Day
Armstrong Miss Edna Devlin Miss D. Clarke Mrs
Armstrong Mrs
Armstrong Mrs Ernie Lanford
Armstrong Mrs Steward Crawford Mrs. Frank Ladouceur Mrs. Roland Matcalfe Joe Elliott Sack Mrs. John
Armstrong Mrs.
Armstrong Mrs. Crawford Carson Mrs. Wm
Armstrong Mrs. Edgar Horigins
Arnold Stewart
Arnprior Council
Arnprior’s Neal Ross
Art Barber and Mrs.
Art Council
Art MacIntyre Litchfield Council
Art Mrs.
Art Mrs. Quaile Otter
Art Ross
Art Stewart
Arthur Brouse Council
Arthur Council
Arthur Dagg Mrs Christine Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs.
Arthur Dagg Mrs. Christina Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs. John Morrison
Arthur Dale Mrs.
Arthur Dufault Mrs. Len Coyne
Arthur DurreU Mrs John Grand
Arthur Findlay Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Findlay Ear
Arthur Fran- Mrs.
Arthur Gagnon Mrs Mary Boisvert
Arthur Hor-Mrs Melvin Young
Arthur Horner Mrs Fred Arthurs
Arthur Horner- Mrs Martha Corrigan
Arthur Judd 197.40 Council Expense
Arthur Kenney James Stewart
Arthur Kil- Mrs
Arthur Kil- Mrs. Martin
Arthur Kilgour Mrs Cameron
Arthur Kilgour Mrs.
Arthur Kilgour Trophy Baler Twwe Mrs Arthur Kilgour
Arthur Kllgour By Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Harrison McDlrmld
Arthur Labclle County
Arthur LabeBe County Sec
Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Arthur Labelle Graduate Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle Dr Ebert Judd
Arthur Labelle Mrs E Lively Christinas Concert By Waltham Catholic Women
Arthur Laundrie Carl Vandray Mrs.
Arthur Libelle County Sec.
Arthur Moore Mrs. Flossie Bryson Moore
Arthur Mrs
Arthur Mrs.
Arthur Mrs. Edgar Hod
Arthur Mrs. Elaine
Arthur Mrs. Ernest Towsley
Arthur Mrs. Gordon McEwen
Arthur Mrs. Ixonard Smith
Arthur Mrs. Robt
Arthur Mulligan Mrs
Arthur Prim- Mrs. Bernard Comeron
Arthur Ross
Arthur Strutt Mrs. Nancy Hughes
Arthur Tho- Mrs Cliff Garrison
Arthur Tho- Mrs Fred Fraser
Arthur Thom- Mrs. Paul Baudreau
Arthur Thomas Mrs.
Arthur Titley Mrs Arthur Tit
Artist Mrs. H. Hobbs
Assistant Coach Trevor Stewart
Assistant Mrs. Ethel Whitley
Assisting Hostesses—Mrs
Assisting Mrs
Assisting Mrs. Holmes
Associate Grade Piano— Helen Mrs. R.P. Fades
At Mrs. Andrew Flood
Athol Mrs- Melvin Frost
Atkinson Barber Provisional Council
Attendance Lloyd Ross
Au- Mrs
Auctioneer Stewart James 613-445-3269 ?
Auctioneer MRS.
Auctioneer Revel T. Stewart
Auctioneer Revel T. Stewart Cobden
Auctioneer Rick Hobbs 613-257-7583 Stewart James Henry 613-257-7028
Auctioneer Stewart Jamea
Auctioneer Stewart James
Auctioneer Stewart James 613-445-3269
Auctioneer Stewart James 613-445-3269 Ministry
Audit- Nellis Stewart Moved
Auditor Mrs Evelyn Me Coll
Auditors Mrs. Brough
Auditors Mrs. Jennie* CovedUck
Auditors Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Auditors-Mrs Davis
Audrey (Mrs Clifford Kealy
Audrey Be- Mrs Zita Chassie
Audrey Fulford Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Audrey Ross
Aunt Mrs Ernest Gillis
Aunt Mrs Thomas Township
Aunt Mrs. Chris Caldwell
Aunt Stewart
Aurelkfl^JpIBUP^l^H Mrs Grace Allard
Aurora Mrs. Louise Menton
Austin Clarke Mrs. Austin Clarke Jr.
Austin Mrs.
Austin Mrs. Thomas George Johnston
Austin Texas Mrs. Annie Duncan
Auto Amyotte Fleuriste Coulonge Fernand Roy Salon Coiffure Patncia Salle Billard Roy Cour
Autumn Mrs. Goldie Kearns
Av- Fort-Coulonge
Availne Ross
Aveline Ross
Avocats Ross Sc Elaine Beck Craig Sc Kerry Callan-J Campbell
Ayl-| Mrs. W. Taylor
Aylmer Mrs Agnes Howard
B A Mrs. W. D. Campbell
B B C........... Mrs S F McGoff
B C Mrs. Kennedy
B C. Mrs. R-dd
B l Mrs K Campbell
B W Ross
B* J % Mrs Bertha Nephin
B*nd Mrs. Neil Wilson
B. Thomas A. Bade# Misa Nellie Smiley Mrs. James Hanna Wm Hanna Ed.
B.C. Mrs Campbell
B.TM Mrs. Armstrong
B.W. Ross
Badges Ross Dickson Rev
Baie Comeau Chapter Alliance Quebec Dr. James Ross Sherbrooke
Bail Mrs Elsie Mrs Rachel Presley
Bailey By Mrs.
Bailey Mrs.
Bailey Mrs. H. Robbins
Bailey Mrs. Karl Hndlay
Bailey Mrs. W. J. Murray
Baird Mrs LB.
Baird Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Baird Mrs. Mervin Baird
Bal- Council
Ball Mrs Gilberte Gervais
Ball Mrs Hugh Hammond
Ballantyne Mrs
Ballantynr Y Mrs. Don Mill*
Bancroft Council
Barabar Stewart
Barbara Ann Stewart
Barbara Florence Mrs Shirley Corbin
Barbara J. Council
Barbara J. Stewart
Barbara Mrs Charles Mansfield
Barbara Mrs Ricky Young
Barbara Mrs. Cecil© Patterson
Barbara Mrs. G. P. Hyde
Barbara Mrs. Kane
Barbara Mrs. Robertson
Barbara Mrs. Stanley Stevenson
Barbara Ross
Barbara Ross 647
Barbara Ross 647-5647
Barbara Ross Community Hospital
Barbara Ross District Commissioner
Barbara Ross Is
Barbara Ross List 507
Barbara Stewart
Barbara ___ Ross
Barbare Ross
Barber James Stewart Quyon
Barber and Earl Fulford Iand Mrs. Tanguay
Barber and Mrs Roy.
Barber and Mrs.
Barber and Mrs. Emory Elliott
Barber and Mrs. Garrison
Barber and Mrs. Norris Horner
Barber and Mrs. R. J Tracy
Barber and Mrs. Rol-
Barber Conductor—Mrs.
Barber entertained Mrs. Imi- Mave Armstrong
Barber met Council
Barber met Council Mrs. David Langdon
Barber Mrs Robert Glasper
Barber Mrs.
Barber Mrs. J D. Brown
Barber of Ross
Barnes Fort Coulonge Carnival Queen
Barr Mrs. James Forgie
Barrie Ross
Barriet Stewart
Barry Elliott Mrs Marjorie Smith
Barry Kingsbury Mrs.
Barry Mackey Mrs. Earl Gallagher
Barry Mrs Bob Dale
Barry Mrs Hobbs 819-647-3718
Barry Mrs Morley Mrs Hariand Armitage
Barry Ross
Barry Stewart
Barry Stewart’s
Barry Yach Mrs Hazel Bell
Basil Ross
Bay Mrs. Gladys Frost
Bay Visiting Mrs Margaret Scott Saunders
Bay Bristol Mrs.
Bay Brownie Mrs Carmen Landry
Bay C W L Fort Coulonge
Bay Cawood Chapeau Chichester Clarendon Eardley Fort Coulonge Leslie
Bay Chapeau Chichester Clarendon Fort Coulonge Leslie
Bay Chichester Fort-Coulonge Huddersfield Huddersfield Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Le
Bay Ciment Mrs. Charlotte L Écuyer
Bay Contact Mrs.
Bay Council
Bay Council Buys Smith
Bay Council Campbell
Bay Council Donald Letts
Bay Council Minutes Mrs. Emile Gauthier
Bay Council Mrs. John Hits
Bay Council- Mayor Yihert
Bay Dear Mrs
Bay Dunraven Mrs. Sherwood Storey
Bay Eugene de Guig Mrs
Bay Fort Coulonge Vinton Mim Donna Biescnthul
Bay Fort-Coulonge
Bay Fort-Coulonge June
Bay Fort-Coulonge Waltham Fort-William
Bay Holes Mrs Clarence Brown
Bay Ladysmith Mrs. Leonard LuhuU
Bay Litchfield Mrs. Verner Thrun Fire Dept
Bay Mrs
Bay Mrs Asa Smith
Bay Mrs Carl Ebert
Bay Mrs Herbie Hodgins
Bay Mrs James Mousseau
Bay Mrs Joe Sloan
Bay Mrs John T. Reed
Bay Mrs Katie Phelan
Bay Mrs Owen McPherson
Bay Mrs Owen McPherson Joint
Bay Mrs Pat Howe
Bay Mrs Paul Rougier
Bay Mrs.
Bay Mrs. Andrew Flood
Bay Mrs. Eric Brown
Bay Mrs. Ernest Hearty
Bay Mrs. Jllex Stuart
Bay Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Bay Mrs. Owen MacPherson
Bay Mrs. Owen McPherson
Bay Mrs. Percy Burden
Bay Mrs. Roland Russell Corporal
Bay Mrs. Sarah Ellen Smith
Bay Mrs. Vemer Thorn
Bay Mrs. Willie Spots
Bay Notes Church Hall Mrs. Thomas Neville
Bay Ross
Bay V I I J Mrs. Eva Woods
Bay V Vinton Coulonge
Bay Waltham Mrs Martha Ryan
Bay-Portage Coulonge-Shaw
Bay—Mrs Alfred
Bay—Mrs Mary Jane
Bcaulah Stewart
Bculha Stewart
Bcv Stewart
Be Mrs. P. Ellison
Beach Mrs W MacQuetn
Beachburg Stewart
Beatrice Mrs.
Beatty Mrs
Beaulieu Mrs Allen Ryan
BEAVEN da Mrs. NVm
Beccy Stewart
Becehgrove Mrs. R. Wiggins
Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy Dobson Loma Sparling
Beck Nancy Fitzpatrick Marion McGuire Doug Corrigan Jim Stewart Jim Gallagher Joan Gallagher Brenda
Beck Revel Stewart
BeckT Mrs Walter Kilgour
Beckwith Mrs Lois Judd
Becy Stewart
Bed Mrs. Hubert Dale
Bee Mrs. Lizzie Morrison
Beechgrove- Mrs
Beethoven Son- Mrs.
Belec Fort Coulonge
Bella K. Stewart
Bella K. Stewart Reoi
Bella Stewart
Bello Stewart
Bells Stewart
Ben fiow-j Coulonge
Ben Paré Mrs Kathleen Spotswood Qf Fort Cou
Benjamin Bryson Anna Stewart
Benjamin Mrs Gordon Fierobin
Benjamin Robert McCredie Jacob James Paul Stewart Jim
Bennett Lawrence Ross Rusenstrom
Bennett Lawrence Ross Rusenstrom Rusenstrom
Benny Allen Mrs. Ruby Knipe
Benny Mrs David Lunam
Ber-Anna Stewart
Bergeron Mrs Denyse
Bergeron Mrs. Lena Lafferriere
Berglund-Storey - Ross
Bernadette Sicard Mrs Rosemary Germain
Bernard Council
Bernard Mechanized Work- Council
Bernard Mrs Bernard Carroll
Bernard Mrs Billie Zimerling
Bernard Murdoch Mrs.
Bernard Ross
Bernice Mrs Ivan Orr
Bernice Stewart
Bert Cullimork Lawrence Wilson County Master BOYS’
Bert Kelly Shawville Council
Bert Stewart
Bertha Fletcher Mrs.
Bertha Mrs- John L. Hodgins
Bertha Woldruff Graham Estate Clarendon Parish Mrs Edna Mitchem
Beryl Mrs. Rueben Smith
Best Pitcher Leonard Berger Fort Coulonge
Bet ASPIRIN Roosevelt Mrs. Franklin
Beth Barclay STEWART
Beth Iby Mrs> Arthur Hodgins
Beth Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Gatineau
Betsy Ross
Betty Gribbon Mrs M Vannest
Betty Hutton James Stewart
Betty Jean; Mrs. James Noseworthy
Betty Louella Compeau Weds Boyd James Brownlee OBITUARIES Mrs.
Betty Mrs
Betty Stewart
Betty Stewart Jossil
Betty Stewart Jossui
Betty Stewart Josul
Beu- Eileen McWilliam Me-lah Stewart
Beulah Stewart
Bev Stewart
Beverley Ann Stewart
Beverley Harris Mrs. George Clark Mr.
Beverley Harris Mrs. R G. Elliott
Beverley Stewart
Beverley Stewart Deepest
Beverley Stewart WALTHAM Gagnon
Beverly and Marie Stewart
Beverly Mrs Carl Ann.
Beverly Stewart
Bexerlcy Stewart
Bey Council
Bey Mrs. Cameron
Bibliothèque Municipale de Fort Coulonge
Bill Callaghan Mrs Bud Elliott
Bill Council
Bill IpHS Mb SEE Mrs^larence Leach
Bill Lee Stewart
Bill Mrs
Bill Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Bill Mrs Roy Wiggins
Bill Mur- Mrs Bernadette Diotte
Bill Mur-Mrs
Bill Pine Mrs.
Bill Reilly By Mrs. E. Murphy Mrs.
Bill Rob- Jame* Stewart
Bill Ross
Bill Stewart
Bill Stewart Nugent
Bill Timm U> Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Bill x(ji Stewart
Billie Ross
Billie-Jo Stewart
Billie-Joe Stewart
Billy %and Bev Stewart
Billy Archambault Stewart
Billy Horner.. Stewart Kehoe
Billy Joe Stewart
Billy Mrs Jacque Miljour
Billy Stewart
Bin* Crosby Mrs. Henderson
Birdie Thompson Mrs Janet Horner
Bishop Carter Mrs Leo Foran
Bishop Mrs Peg Timmens
Bishop Pierce Mrs R^eal Slcard
Bishop W. Mrs.
BiUt V ^ross
Blaine Stewart
Blanc Coulonge Fleuriste CLSC Pontiac Hôtel Albert Restaurant Conrad Body Shop Bibliothèque
Blanche Coulonge
Blanche Pontiac County
Blanche Raven Mrs Merle Hearty
Blues Diana Ross
Bnan Stewart
Bo Mrs. Russel Ward
Boas Stewart
Bob Coulonge
Bob & Lise Mrs Iva Lucas
Bob A Grace Stewart
Bob and Anita Stewart
Bob and Anna Stewart Visiting Heather Stewart
Bob and Carl Stewart
Bob and Grace Stewart
Bob and Mrs Becky Hache
Bob and Mrs. W. A. Moore
Bob and Rick Stewart
Bob and Stewart Stark
Bob Bowen Pontiac County
Bob Campbell James Stewart Jr. Gabriel
Bob Campbell Mrs Rose Marie Thrasher
Bob Char-and Mrs Harvey CON VER
Bob Council
Bob Johnston John Stewart
Bob Kelly Mrs Doris Telford
Bob McClelland Pontiac County
Bob Me- Mrs. Wells
Bob Mrs
Bob Mrs Howard Hayes
Bob Mrs Kay Spotswood
Bob Mrs Patton
Bob Mrs Rita Lepine
Bob Mrs. Lusk
Bob Nicholas Mrs Emmerson Horner
Bob O’Heere Mrs. Fleury
Bob Petrie Mrs. Bessie Knox
Bob Remi Visiting Mrs
Bob Ross
Bob Sheppard Mrs. Bill I
Bob Sloan I Mrs Clifford Desjardins
Bob Smaçt Mrs
Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart Beverley Ebert
Bob Stewart FIREMAN
Bob Stewart Lage
Bob Stewart McTiernan
Bob Stewart Visitors
Bob) Stewart
Bobbie Stewart
Bobby and Ross
Bobby Golden Stewart
Bobby M Mrs Micheline Labelle
Bobby Marion Coulonge—Bobby Marion
Bobby Mrs Leonard Dufault
Bobby Mrs* Henry Douglas
Bobby Mrs. Hob
Bobby Stewart
Bobby) Stewart
Body Moore - Black Mrs.
Boh Stewart
Boisvert S A D C. Pontiac BMR Fort-Coulonge C.H.I.P
Bolph Richardson Buried Al Stoughton Mrs. McEwan
Bonnah Publicity- Mrs
Bonnie (Mrs Clifford Driscoll
Bonnie Sue Crulkshank Mrs Fred Andrew Dickson Gariy Bradley Ricky Hodgins
Both Mrs. Dixon
Bournemouth Town Council
Bout Leuzon Fort-Coulonge
Bovey Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Bower Henry e Mrs R G Hodgins
Boyd Barber Council
Boyd Barber that Council
Boyd Mrs. Hector Lagarde
Bradley Stewart
Brady James Lindsay Stewart
Brady Stewart
Braiding—Mrs D
Brain Mrs. Jean Brown
Branch Mrs Clifford McCredie
Branch Ross Dickson Outaouais
Brandon Stewart Leah Miller
BrcnJa Mrs. F. Bailey
Brcwn Mrs
Bren- Mrs Andrew Halverson Mrs Pearl McCleary
Brenda ( Mrs Dennis Stevens
Brenda (Mrs Hugh Hodgins
Brenda (Warren) Stewart
Brenda and Mrs. David Pilgrim
Brenda Hodglns Mrs. Ed Pettaplece
Brenda Mrs H Fitzpatrick
Brenda Mrs Kenneth Potter
Brenda Mrs Poole
Brenda Mrs Regie Gleason
Brenda Mrs Rita Holmes
Brenda Mrs. ÇDr.
Brenda Pa- Mrs
Brenda Peck Boys Terry Stewart
Brenda Ross McCoy
Brenda Smith Mrs Francis Daley
Brenda Stewart
Brenda Stewart SHEENBORO Neil
Brendan Council
Brendan Mrs Eleanor McAdam
Brendan Stewart
Brenn Stewart
Brent Findlay Mrs. Lenora Kennedy
Brent Mrs
Brent Mrs Charlene Ryan
Brent Mrs Tom Fleury
Brent Sharpe Mrs. Steve Robinson 627-4 Campbell
Brent Stewart
Brent Stewart-both
Brent Stewart’s
Bretzlaff Mrs Krutz
Bretzlaff Store Ross
Brian and Stewart Crabb
Brian and Stewart Percheron
Brian Boh Stewart
Brian Cor-Mrs
Brian Coulonge
Brian Doug- Mrs Durrell Smith
Brian Edward Stewart
Brian Edward Stewart He
Brian Jr Coulonge
Brian Mrs B Rennick Rose
Brian Mrs Doris Woermke
Brian Mrs Elizann Emmerson
Brian Mrs Jack Boyd
Brian Mrs Katie McGee
Brian Mrs Loma Dagg
Brian Mrs Niel Narlock
Brian Mrs Originé Ryan
Brian Murdock Mrs Harvey Smith
Brian Murray Shawville Council
Brian O Dwyer Dan Stark Doc Labrie John Argue Ross Vowles
Brian Richard Olmstead Mrs Elsie Nicholas Elsie Mary Cuthhertson Nicholas
Brian Ross
Brian Rus- Mrs Ray MacMillan
Brian Sloan Mrs Loren B Hodgins
Brian Smith Best Begonia— Mrs.
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
BRIAN STANTON Mrs. Herbie Brown
Brian Stewart
Brian Stewart Gamble
Brian Visiting Mrs Edna Har Jack Graham
Bride Holland Mrs Maurice Lafleur
Bristol Council
Bristol Stewart
Bristol W I. Mrs. Thomas MacFarlane
BromMu Citizenship- Mrs
Bron Mrs W J Stanton
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Eli
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Mrs
Brother-in-law Harvey Smiley Mrs Irene Payne
Brown Bread - Mrs Edith Wiggins Buns - Mary Ellen Young
Brown Mrs.
Brown Mrs. Dowd
Brown Owl Mrs. Arthur Lalonde
Brownie Leader Mrs. Charles Imtaor
Brownlee Barber and Mrs. Fred Russell
Brownlee Mrs. A. McKay Mrs.
Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson George Russell I Ross Dickson
Bruce Armitage Mrs Michael Dolan
Bruce Barber and Mrs. Pokes
Bruce Barber Mrs. H. Millar
Bruce Council
Bruce County’s
Bruce Cummings County Secretary
Bruce Homer Mrs Donald Dods
Bruce Mrs Basil Stanton
Bruce Mrs Charlie Regan
Bruce Mrs Hubert McCauley
Bruce Stewart
Bruce Stewart Co.
Bruno Richard Hauptmann Mrs.
Bry Mrs. B. Reid
Bryan Mrs Gerry McHugh
Bryan Murray GolfTour-Fort-Coulonge
Bryan Murray Ronnie Thomas Mrs. Marie Finnegan
Bryn Council
Bryson Mrs Marie Grier
Bryson Mrs. Harry Wood
BRYSON................ CHAPEAU............... FORT-COULONGE......... RAPIDES-DES-JOACHIMS
Buckingham Mrs.
Buckingham Mrs. Mary McGuire Dancing
Bud By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Bud Eilictt Goidon Stewart Motion Crs
Bud Eliott Clarendon Council
Bud Lafrance Shawville Lions Club RM Lang Mrs
Bud Mrs. Nelson
Bui Mrs Lola Dagg
Bulk Mrs. Graham
Burke Mrs. Shennett
Burman Mrs. Sparl-
Burns Wil- Mrs.
Buster McDowell Mrs. H IfeGuir* ALVIN PALMER
Bvrt Stewart
By Bruce Campbell Mrs. Edward Lachance
By Dorothy Mohr Mrs. August
By Helen Perry By Heather Stewart
By Mrs Ada Daley Quyon Ferry
By Mrs* 1,111,8 Graham
By Mrs.
By Mrs. Betty Turner
By Mrs. Earl Findlay Arthur Thomas
By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
By Mrs. Fbert Murphy
By T E. B CLARKE Mrs. Solomon Says
Byers Mrs
Byron Ross
C /and Mrs. McGuire
C A Fort Coulonge
C A L M S F E A T Mrs. McEachnie Says Dr. Williams
C A. Mrs R W W.lson
C and Mrs Hayes
C B ; Mrs. Lloyd Elliott 9-10—Ossie
C E. Ross
C Frost Campbell’s Bay Council’s
C hoJidayin8 al Bris John Stewart
C huck Marshall Mrs. Robert Newcommon
C P 1169 -V Fori Coulonge
C P 1250 Fort-Coulonge
C Ross
C Stewart
C W L Council
C W L COUNCIL Thursday
C zy-Mrs J J Cotie 1
C-W.L. Stewart
C. C. Ross
C. H Mrs. Farrell
C. M. Ross
C. Mrs
C. Ross
C. Russell Directors Mrs. Sly
C. Stewart
C.M Mrs. Ann Maxwell Held
C.mr Stewart
C.Pl C Ross
Cahill Mrs Reuben Stewart
Caisse Populaire de Fort-Coulonge
Caisse Populaire Desjardins de Fort-Coulonge
Cal Cummings Jr Upcoming Coulonge Carnival Kehoe
Cal QimmJngs Sr. Mrs Gefald Stewart
Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Sharpe Blood Pressure Clinic
Caldwell Miss Betty Stewart
Caldwell Miss K. Woodley Mrs.
Caldwell Ross Campbell
Calex Fort-Coulonge
Caley Stewart
Call Mrs. Neil Hodgins
Call Mrs. Russell Elliott
Call Ross
Calumet Irwin Stewart
Calumet Island Calgaiy Mrs Percy McGill
Calumet Mrs Barry Kluke
Calumet Mrs Carmel Sullivan
Cameron Mrs Frank Cahill
Cameron Mrs. Jemima Cameron
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Campbell Council
Campbell Mrs
Campbell Mrs Lottie Doherty
Campbell Mrs.
Campbell Mrs. Campbell
Campbell Mrs. George Stones
Campbell Pres Mrs. Garth Graham
Campbell Robitaille Mrs. Wm
Campbell-with Mrs J Romain
Campbell’s Mrs. Joan McCorriston
Campliell Stewart Stark
Canad- Mrs.
Canada Mr. Ross
Canadian Council Churches
Canadian Horticultural Council
Candice Ann Stewart
Candles Mark Mrs.
Candy Cane Adam Mrs Lucy Flood
Cann Mrs.
Canning Mrs. Cornelia
Cannon Stewart
Canon Ralph R. Forum Council
Cape-Mrs E H. S. Dowd
Capit- Mrs- J Fieldhouse
CapL Stewart
Capt J Stewart
Captain Stewart
Carl Dale Mrs
Carl Mrs
Carlo Stewart
Carmichael Mrs Robert Campbell
Carol Brousseau Mrs Des McLaughlin
Carol Coulonge
Carol Feirabend Mrs. Eva Tubman * Carol Frederick
Carol Mrs Garth Graham
Carol Ross
Carol Stewart
Caroline M. Smith Mrs. Robert Havlin Passes
Caroline Mrs. H. Burke
Caroline Pasch Stewart
Caroline) Mrs. Archie Ward
Carp Mrs. Sam Rennick A LLOYD STEVENS
Carried W « Mrs. Idena Fraser
Carter Stewart Evan Billy Atkinson Atkinson - Proud
Cartier Mrs. Napoleon Paul Cartier
Caruso Mrs Wesley Palmer
Casey Marie Stewart
Catherine Edgar Stewart
Catherine Mrs A G Brough 3. Mrs. E.
Catherine Mrs. Jas
Catherine Ross John Armstrong
Catherine S.V.C Stewart
Catherine Schwartz the Ella Stewart
Catherine Stewart
Catherine: Ross
Catheryn Stewart
Catholique da Camp-County West
Cathy McCrank Mrs Carmel Donnelly
Cathy Stewart
Cathy Stewart Crabb
Cawood Bristol Fort-Coulonge
Cayk* Stewart
Cecil Elliott.... Jas Stewart
Cedric E Mrs Sharon Hodgins
Cell Mrs. Neil Hodgins
Certificate Rating Ross White
Cfj Mrs Willis Carroll
Chairman Ross
Chairmen Stewart Stark
Chambers Mrs.
Chantal Stewart
Charcoals Mrs. Wesley Hines
Charferis Mrs Margaret Mielke
Charles & Ross Clarendon
Charles and Mrs Mr. O.
Charles and Mrs. Staidèy Thacker
Charles and Ross
Charles and Ross Dickson
Charles and Ross Sylvester
Charles and Ross Tay-
Charles and Ross Taylor
Charles Atk- Mrs. D. J. McLaughlin
Charles Beardsley Soloist Mrs. Cecil Lester
Charles C. Stewart
Charles Dickson BY: Mrs Lloyd Cartman Correspondent
Charles E Smith Mrs Ivan Lewis
Charles E. Palmer Dies After Brief Illness Mrs. Evelyn Little
Charles Jackson Mrs. James Wilson
Charles K. Stewart
Charles Lemaire Mrs. Alphonse Cahill Adolph Zimmerling
Charles Loken Mom" Mrs Aggie Sparling
Charles Mohr Mrs. Iva Brownlee
Charles Moore Pat and Mrs Lloyd Ostrom
Charles Mrs
Charles Mrs Hilgert Bretzlaff
Charles Mrs Myrtle Kealey
Charles Mrs Zita Chassie
Charles Mrs.
Charles Mrs. Alfred Millar
Charles Mrs. Eva Mohr
Charles Mrs. H Emmerson
Charles Plager Mrs
Charles Ross
Charles Ross Finlan
Charles Routliffe Mrs Margaret Graham
Charles Routliffe Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall Frank MacDonnell
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Charles Russell Mrs Claude Young Mrs Gilbert CArmjchael M-s Earl Findlay
Charles Stewart
Charles Stewart Corry
Charles Stewart Minister
Charles Stewart Parnell
Charles Stewart Scott
Charles Stewart Who
Charles Storey Mrs. Ferdinand Bertrand Mrs. Harry Sharpe F—E=|
Charles Sunstrum Mrs. Jennie Florence Sunstrum
Charles T. Mrs Carl Sparling
Charles Tucker------ Mrs. Horsefield
Charles Zim- Mrs.
Charles Zim- Mrs. Herman Ballantyne
Charley Sicard Coulonge
Charlie Con Ison Mrs. Thus
Charlie McDowell Wendy Elliott Mrs. Melvin Smith Timmy Hodgins Mrs. Robert Russett Mr Arthur
Charlie Mrs Lars Bre Zimerling
Charlie Richardson Coulonge
Charlie Richardson Coulonge Draveun
Charlie Ross
Charlie Ross Bv Dave Moore
Charlie Schroeder and Mrs Paul Bretslaff
Charlie Stewart
Charlie W Mrs Smith
Charlie Zimerling Mrs Elva Smith
Charpenti- Coulonge
Chartes Ross
Chartrand Mrs Maurice Lemay
Charts Ross
Chat K R. Othbestw MRS.
Cheese Orange Juice Mrs James MacMillan
Cheiyl Stewart
Chelsea Mrs Blair Kelly
Chelsea Ross Vowles - Thorne Jacques Lafrenière - Gracefield Brian McGarry - Ottawa/Wakefield Josie
Cherniyn Mrs. Clifford Greer
ChertI Stewart
Chervl Stewart
Cheryl Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Cheryl Stewart
Cheryl Stewart Jim Tierney Joyce
Ches-Mrs Gerard Neville
Cheslyn Graham Stewart
Cheslyn Mrs. Martin Yach
Chester Council
Chib Secretary Mrs. Ken Cruikshanks
Chichester Council Jr FV
Chichester Council Nancy
Choir Leader Mrs Mary Lafleur
Chris Judd Roland ValHère GartWd Hobbs David Lafoode James Stewart Julius Rozgal MarcAmyot
Chris Judd Roland Valllére Garfield Hobbs David Lalonde James Stewart Julius Pozgai MarcAmyot
Chris Judd Visiting Mrs James Ostrom
Chris Kkunond Mrs. Fred Martin
Chris Klnmond M llMMHIMMlIllMlltm MIIIIIMIIIIIimilMMlMIIM Mrs Mel McNellly
Chris Mrs. Smyth
Chris Ross
Chris Routliffe Renfrew Chichester Council
Chris Shawville Council
Chris- Mrs Neil Chassie
Chris- Mrs.
Chrissie Stewart
Chrissy Stewart
Christ- Mrs Betty Laporte
Christian Merquend As Citizenship Convenor Mrs Harry Hodgins
Christian Ross
Christian Stewardship Mrs.
Christian Youth Crusade Council
Christie Stewart
Christina Mrs Danny O’Brien
Christine Mrs John Lanoix
Christine Mrs. Wayne Narlock
Christine Stanton-Stewart
Christine Stewart
Christopher Council
Christopher Leadership Mrs.
Christopher Mrs Harry Hodgins
Christopher Stewart
Christy Stewart
Chrystal Stewart
Chummy Stewart
Church Wesley Mrs Weslev Quebec Shorthorn Association
Church Mrs Danny Gavan
Chute Fort Coulonge
Chute Fort-Coulonge
Chute-Fort Coulonge
Chute-Fort Coulonge Yovr
Chutes Coulonge Free
Cigars.Good Mrs. JamvH Mullin
Cindy Heather Stewart
Cindy Mrs
Cindy Mrs. Edna Stonely
Cindy Stewart
Circulation Ross
Circulations V Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Cit.Venship Mrs Hubert Elliott
Citiscnship-Mrs Hudson
Citizenship Mrs
Citizenship Mrs Becky Wilson
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron Metric Conversion
Citizenship Mrs Ivan Merrifield
Citizenship Mrs Kathleen O’Donnell
Citizenship Mrs W MacKechnie
Citizenship Mrs.
Citizenship Mrs. E. Craig
Citizenship Mrs. Edgar Hudgins
Citizenship Mrs. Ernest Garland
Citizenship Mrs. Gerald Diaper Education Mrs. Keith Brownlee
Citizenship Mrs. Ken Dowdall
Citizenship-Mrs E Lusk
Citizenship-Mrs M Havley
Citron—Mrs D Hodgins
Claire Fort Coulonge
Claire Gauthier Heather Stewart
Claire Gor- Mrs Cecil Sparling
Claire Jae- Mrs. Stewart Hodgins
Claire Lance Equity Editor Fort Coulonge
Claire Lunam Litchfield Council Modification
Claire May Stewart
Claire Mrs Floyd Robinson.
Claire Mrs Gilbert Lemay
Claire Raymond de Fort-Coulonge
Claire Stewart
Claire Sturgeon Mrs Elsie Sparrow
Clancey Stewart Patricia
Clara French Bethunes Sask Mrs. Anna E. Fitzpatrick
Clara Mrs. Moore
Clarence Brownlee Mrs. Sam Woods
Clarence Cuthbert-Fraser- Mrs S Fitzsimmons
Clarence Dean Student Council
Clarence Homer Mrs Wilbert Cruickshank Saturday
Clarence Knox Champion Beef Showman- Sharon Stewart
Clarence Mrs John McVlegh
Clarence Mrs. Melvin Armstrong
Clarence Richardson Mrs
Clarence Stewart
Clarence Stewart Smith
Clarence Tol- Council
Clarendon Council
Clarendon Council Febmavy
Clarendon Council Shaw
Clarendon Council W E D 1
Clarendon Mrs. Graham
Clarendon Mrs. Matthew Thompson Dies
Clarendon W I. Mrs L «J.
Clarendon W I. Mrs Margaret Russell
Claries Stewart Parnell
Clark Mrs. Walter Findlay Ernest Towsley Dr. R, E. Dagg Dr. Wallace Hodgins Raymond Johnston
Clarté Ross
Claude Bryson Anna Stewart
Claude Du- Mrs. Norris
Claude Gordon T. Paul INSÜRANCE From Ottawa Mrs.
Claude Rich- Hoi Stewart
Claude Rich-Clarcndon Council
Claudia (Mrs Ken Kilgour
Clay Coulonge Hockey Team
Claybcroe Stewart Grade III
Clayborne Stewart
Clayton Mrs
Clayton Mulligan Buried At Coulonge
Cleaner Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Cliff Mrs. Russell Dean
Clifford Cone Mrs. Thomas Brown Mrs Miiy Brown
Clifford Dcsjar- Renfrew County Aloctte
Clifford Fieroben Stewart
Clifford Grant Stewart
Clifford Hahn Mrs Wayne Millette
Clifford Hen- Mrs Bernard Armitage
Clifford j0hn* X. S. Mrs. Johnson
Clifford Mrs Betty Ryan
Clifford Mrs Fred Bailey
Clifford Mrs Fred Mielkie
Clifford Mrs Isabelle Emmerson
Clifford Mrs Ken o— M. W. BRAITHWAITk Principal W.
Clifford Mrs Laurier Lamarche
Clifford Mrs Pierre Pilon
Clifford Mrs. Eva Mulligan.
Clifford Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Clifford Stewart
Clifford Stewart Mrs. Arthur C. Pigott 0. Cecil
Clifford Visiting Mrs Rita Lepine Randy
Clifton Corrigan» Frances Mrs Sim* Comveau
Clinique Relax-Santé de Fort-Coulonge
Clinton Mrs
Clinton Ross
Clinton Sparl-Mrs
Clr Schroeder that Thorne Council
Clyde Ross
Co. Julia Adams Richard Carlson James Stewart REAR WINDOW
Coach Ross Vowles
Coats Mary Stewart Collect
Cobden Mrs. Hilliard Palmer
Cobden Stewart
Col- Mrs Venetia Crawford Firemen
Coleus L Stewart
Colin Ross I
Colin Ross Wet
Colin Ross Wet-more
Colin Ross Wetmore
Colin Stewart
Colleen Dal Mrs. Clarence Mcknight
Colleen Ross
Colleen Ross Farmer
Colleen Stewart
Com Martha Uni Kvan Ross West
com-1 Motion Mrs. McMillan
Comer-and Mrs K Towsley
Commissioners Graham Stewart
Commissioners Stewart
Communion Grant Elliott-Mrs
Community Hospital Mrs Gordon Bradley
Comr Stewart
Concrete Sand Mrs. Mariette Klukeof Campbell
Conley Mrs. Armstrong
Connelly Stewart
Connie Mrs Ivan Dagg
Connie Mrs. August Olm
Conolly Mrs Gerald
Conrad Al- Fort Coulonge
Conrad Body Shop Fort Coulonge Ponttec County Qu*
Consequently Council
Constable Stewart
Constance Ross
Conta Madeleine 1-819-647-5487 Coulonge Golf
Contact Beverley Stewart
Contact James Ross RR
Contact Mrs C Robinson
Contact Mrs Elwood Hamilton
Contact Mrs G Huckabone
Contact Mrs Stephens
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contact Stewart Adam 819-689-5078 Equity Editor PONTIAC
Conveners—Mrs Thos Stephens
Cook Mrs Clayton Benedict
Cookies Coulonge
Cooking Stewart Kehoe
Cooper Mrs. Geo
Cop- Mrs. Pearl Allan
Cor- Mrs Johnny Stafford
Cora Mrs.
Cora Stewart
Cordon Stewart
Corners W I ^ Mrs
Cornr Stewart
Cornwall Mrs. Beatrice Conley
Cornwall Mrs. Lillian Horner XValteis
Corporal Stewart Murray
Corporation Coulonge
Correspondent Mrs Kenneth M
Correspondent Mrs Walter Celbula
Corrigan Connie Campbell Joan Tbe Municipal Council
Corrigan Mrs
Corrigan Mrs Stephen Ley
Corrigan Mrs. Clarence Brownlee
Corrigan Mrs. Ivan Beattie
Corrigan Mrs. Morley Hodgins
Cory Stewart
Costello Mrs Ramona Lafleur
Costello Visits A D McCredie Maryland Gerald Sparling __ Geo Stewart
Cottage Mrs H R. Rebb
Coulonge 683-2463
Coulonge Atkinson
Coulonge Ball Hockey
Coulonge Ball Hockey League
Coulonge Bazaar Winners
Coulonge Billy Boys Lçs
Coulonge C X
Coulonge Chute
Coulonge Chutes
Coulonge Co-
Coulonge Comets Baseball Schedule
Coulonge Comets Baseball Schedule QUYON
Coulonge Dove Moore Sports
Coulonge Fourth
Coulonge Gouvernement
Coulonge Hotel
Coulonge Hynes
Coulonge L’Office
Coulonge Mellon
Coulonge Ministère
Coulonge Minor Hockey Banquet Continued
Coulonge Nesbitt
Coulonge Novice
Coulonge O Reilly
Coulonge Pavilion
Coulonge Queen
Coulonge Queen McKenzie
Coulonge Supply
Coulonge Sutters Fires Ot Very Suspicious Origin Volunteer
Coulonge Terry Fox Run
Coulonge The
Coulonge W
Coulonge W M S !
Coulonge Warden Earl Fulford
Coulonge-et Noire
Coulonge-Portage Campbell
Coulonge-Ray Davis
Coulonge/ Mansfield
Coulonge’s Grade
Coulonge’s Lee Germain
Coun Ross
Council A Mrs Ron Alexander
Council After
Council Atkinson
Council Back Sr. Hockey
Council Bernard Mullin
Council Bonds
Council Chambers
Council Clifford 647-5425 647-2879
Council Councillors Michel Grenier
Council Deschenes
Council Elections Neil Month
Council Fires
Council Foster
Council G
Council G Sparling $
Council Garatb Graham
Council Gives Job To Ernie Periard
Council Graham
Council H Bélisle Pontiac Plumbing
Council H Standard
Council Hall
Council Helen Brady
Council It
Council J By Tom Sloan
Council John Story
Council Leslie
Council Minutes Wesley UCW
Council Racine
Council Range III
Council Resolution
Council Richardson
Council Russell
Council Shawville Boys
Council Smiley
Council Stewart
Council W.J. Hayes
Council Walter Doxey
Council X V
Council* Bruce
Council* Ifred Jay
Council- Faubert Jr -
Council-Sir M.ck
Councillor Edgar Municipal Council
Councillor Stewart
Councillor- Stewart
Councillors James Shawville Council
Councillors Mrs
Councillors Mrs Evans
Councillors Mrs Frances Senior
Councillors Ross
Councillors Stewart
Councillors-Mrs Benedict Allen
Councillors=John Stewart
Councillor» Stewart
Counsellors Ross
County Agronomist Neil Drummond
County Agronomy* Neil Drummond
County Animator
County Clerk
County Clerk Art Labelle
County Clerk Cliff Robillard
County Clerk Clifford Robillard
County Co
County Convenors
County Council
County Council Campbell
County Councillor
County Councils
County Court
County Grant
County J Peel
County Kilkenny
County L OI. Meeting
County Land Sale
County Land Tax Sale
County Limerick
County Ma
County Marshall
County Marshall John Dagg
County Marshall Mrs. Basil Johncox
County Master
County Registrar
County Scout Commissioner
County Secretary
County Sullivan
County Valuators Michel Legaie Inc.
County W
County Warden
County Warden Basil Quaile
County Warden Gerald Dempsey
County Warden W Burke
County Womens
Court Clerk Mrs. Henry Clarke Service Announcement
Courtenay Robinson Organist- Mrs G Popkey Reading Course Sec- Mrs Lloyd Robinson Magazine - Miss Vi
Cover—Mrs W O. Hodgins
Cowan Stewart
Cowley Mrs Fred Laframboise 2s
CpL W D & Mrs Lougn
Cpl. C. L. Stewart
Cr Mrs.
Craig Oattes Lloyd Oattes Brian Coughlin Terry Stewart
Craig Rosemary Germain Visiting Mrs
Craig- Mrs Jack McKay
Crazy Work-Mrs F A Parker 1
Crazy Work—Mrs H Birnett 1
Cream Mrs. Veeda Palmer
Crochet—Mrs H Lothian Geo Graham 2
Crs J J McCal-| Council
Crs Stewart
Cummings Mrs. William Hall
CUre Mrs. Beers
Cure V V MRS.
Curtis Dor Coulonge
CUs- Mrs< Clifford Moore
Cushman Mrs.
Cuth-Mrs H G Elliott 1
Cuthbertson Bennett Beckman John Armstrong Gereld Been Mrs. Linden Young Stanley Abott Al McKenzie
Cuthbertson Grade V Mrs. Etta Kkmær
Cynthia Draper Warden— Mrs. Irene
Cynthia Fort-Coulonge
Cyril Mrs H Hodgins
D C. Dunraven Mrs. Scott
D J Stewart
D Stewart
D. H. Ross
D. Ross
D. Ryan 683-2381 Mrs
D. Ryan 683-2381 Mrs.
D. Stewart
D.C. Mrs Grant Eades
D.D. Shawville Mrs. A. Hayes
D.D.S. Mrs Merlin McKee
Da A Mrs Percy Windsor
Da Mrs Rich
Daddy Mrs. Shaw
Dag* Mrs Neil McDowell
Dagg Council
Dagg Mrs H Hayes
Dagg Mrs Sid Tubman
Dairy Queen Phyllis Stewart
Dale by Karen Stewart Thompson
Dale Cooke Mrs. Henry Dale
Dale Fort-Coulonge
Dale Miss Arminta McDowell Miss Raeburn Doherty Mrs. Harold Pokes Mr.
Dale Miss M Cochrane Dr Dagg Skip—9 Mrs L Armstrong Leslie Hodgine
Dale Miss Winnifred Hamilton Mrs. Fleming
Dale Mrs
Dale Mrs Albert Yach
Dale Mrs.
Dale Mrs. Frank Ford Mrs.
Dale Mrs. Hob Glasper
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale Mrs. Jim Kennedy
Dale Mrs. Turner Ed Vaughan
Dale Ray McTiernan Lloyd Stevens Mrs
Dale Thomson Pontiac County Protestant Cent- Rev. Wesley H. Krause
Dale Warden—Mrs
Dan Ross
Dan Stewart
Dana Mrs Paul Lanoix
Dana Ross
Dana Ross Pigeon
Dance N Onslow Council Campbell
Dancing Stewart Taylor
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart Bereaved
Daniel Stewart Celebrate Silver Wedding F HAY FOR
Daniel Wallace Stewart
Danny Donnelly Mrs Marian Bowie
Danny Mrs Dillon J McGee
Danny Mrs Florence Brown
Danny Mrs Joanne Hearty
Danny Mrs Mildred McGuire
Danny Ross
Danny Stewart
Danny Stewart photo-Eva Andai Tammy
Danny Travis Stewart
Dari Stewart
Darlene Stewart
Darlene Stewart Dubeau
Darren Ross
Darryl Currie-Mills Terry Stewart
Darryl Stewart
Daryl Stewart
Datouter Mrs.
Daughter Mrs. Pearl Dougherty
Dave Armi Mrs Martha Schwartz
Dave Clark Five Mrs. Katie Welch
Dave Davies Mrs Tesson Drummond
Dave Johnson Mansfield/Fort-Coulonge
Dave Mackay President Renfrew County N0FU Quebec
Dave MacMillan Mrs Margaret Saunders Bryson
Dave Moore Coulonge
Dave Moore Coulonge Stars
Dave Moore Fort Coulonge Sports
Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Michelle Th6i Donna Armitage Heather Dickson Ross Dickson
Dave Moore Sports Coulonge
Dave Mrs Patricia Russell
Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart Clare Strutt
Dave Stewart Cordial
Dave Stewart Fair
Dave Still Mrs. Wilbur
David A. Ross
David and Ross
David Angus Fort Coulonge
David Barr County
David Ber- Mrs Lillian Cole
David By Mrs.
David Compeau Mrs. David Campeau
David Council
David D Mrs Donnie Warm
David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
David Fleury Mrs Alex Malette
David Geerstma Mrs Bob Daley
David Hadmore Stewart
David Hodgins Stewart
David J Stewart
David J. Stewart
David John Stewart
David K Mrs. Lunaui
David Kearn Mrs. Duncan Gumming
David Kingdon Mrs Howard Stone
David Ladou- Mrs. James Roderick
David Litchfield Council
David Lun- Clarendon Council
David Lun-Command Phil Ross
David Lunam Jr Mrs. George Pirie
David Lunam Mrs. Elisie Gibbons
David Macdonald Stewart
David McDowell Mrs. David William McDowell
David Miranda Stewart
David Mousseau Coulonge
David Mrs
David Mrs Akx Chaput
David Mrs Mary Kelly Eleanor
David Mrs Minnie Pasch
David Mrs Renaud Rainville
David Mrs- Kenneth Dowdall
David Mrs.
David Mrs. Harper Rennick
David Mrs. Henry McO-rd
David Mrs. Merton Glenn
David Mrs. Roas
David Niven Verna Lisi Mrs Fred Btetzlaff
David Planning Council
David Radmore Stewart
David Ranger Mrs. J. Richardson
David Ross
David Ross Dickson
David Ross Dickson Dickson - Alberti
David Ross Dickson MSc.
David Ross Village
David Russell Mrs
David Russell Mrs. Garner Richardson Herb
David Russell Mrs. R. G. Hodgins Andrew Sly
David Russell____ Mrs. Cramer Richardson
David Stewart
David Vail- 17 Trevor Stewart Peggy Sheppard Marc-Andre Francour
David Zim-Mrs Olga Plager
David Zimmer- Fort Coulonge
David •r Ross
David- Mrs.
Davidson Mrs. Mary Dale Ebert Richardson Pontiac Dairy
Davidson Stewart........ Gagnon Joseph......... Murray John H......... Rattray Mme—Mrs
Davies Mrs William Creighton
Davis Fort Coulonge
Davis M EUS Mrs
Dawn Mrs Tony Todaro
Dawn Mrs. Fred Fraser
De Council
Dean Lloyd Sheen Council Agricultural Society
Dean Mrs Elson Smiley Mrs Donald Corrigan The
Dean Mrs. Iverson Harris District Council Representatives Mrs/ Herb Redman
Dean Publicity- Mrs
Dean Sec. - Mrs Hubert Elliott Treas- Mrs Neil Wilson
Dean That Mrs. Burgess
Dean That Mrs. Claude Fnlford
Deanne Ross
Dear Editor Publishers Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Dear Editor Ross Dickson Alternative
Dear McLeod Stewart
Dear Mrs
Dear Mrs Dickson Megloughlm
Dear Mrs.
Dear Mrs. Armstrong
Dear Mrs. Bvrton Devine
Dear Mrs. Carey
Dear Mrs. Dickson
Dear Mrs. Drummond
Dear Mrs. G *
Dear Mrs. Gallagher
Dear Mrs. King
Dear Mrs. Morrison
Dear Mrs. Oldroyd
Dear Mrs. Walker
Dear Mrs. Wilson
Dear Mrs. Young
Dear Ross
Dear Sir: Mrs. Norman Reid
Dear Willie Mrs. Anderson
Debbie Council
Debbie Donovan Council For Champlain
Debbie Latuli Mrs Manson
Debbie Mrs Lawn
Debbie Ross
Debbie Tracey Stewart
Deborah (Mrs Luc Lajoie
Deborah (Mrs Robert "Scotty" Robertson
Deborah and Brian Rus- Mrs Cora McNeill
Deborah Emmer- 647-2204 Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills D
Deborah Mrs Cy Little
Deborah Ross
Deborah Rus- Mrs Richard Burnette
Deborah Stewart
Deborah Stewart.
Debra Barber and Mrs Phyllis Laframboise
Dec 3. Little Ross Angus
Dee Mrs Wayne Schrim
DeeDee Lepine 648-5846 Stewart
Del* Mrs Leslie Benoit
Delina Ross
Della Stewart
Delmer Barber and Mrs Barber.
Delore Mrs Lome Hodgins
Demonic Mrs Wayne MeCoshen
Dempsey Fort-Coulonge
Denis Council
Denis Laderoute Fort Coulonge
Denison Ross
Dennis Clarendon 150th Committee Stewart
Dennis Lari- Mrs
Dentil Stewart
Dentist Mrs. Hugh Elliott
Denzil Stewart
Depart- Mrs.
Desmond Ma Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Destroyers Ross Dickson
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Di Mrs. James Acres
Diana Priscilla Stewart
Diana Ross
Diana Stewart
Diane Bélec Mrs John Fulford
Diane Fort Coulonge
Diane Mrs Genevieve Olmstead
Diane Mrs Hilarion Veillette Boucher
Diane Mrs Milton Wall
Diane Mrs. Kelly Bowie
Diane Pjric Mr Mrs. Donald Earley
Diane Ross
Diane Stewart
Diane Stewart Between
Diane Stewart Boucher
Diane Stewart Donat Ranger
Diane Stewart Easter Bunny
Diane Stewart Happy
Diane Stewart Stvr.er
Dianne Ross
Dianne Ross Martineau To
Dick Lusig-Mrs
Dick Ross
Dick Stewart
Dick Trainor Mrs Louise Prosser
Dickson Mrs Clifford Hahn
Director Mrs Polly Myles
Directors Mrs Pearl Elliott
District Cham Ross
District Commissioner Barbara Ross
District Commissioner Mrs Edward A Christie
District Minor ph*ne 048_2g76 Mrs Kenneth Hockey
Dive Moore Mrs Daye
Dixie Far-Stewart
Do Stewart Gibson
Doctor Is At Door Commerce Studies Sunspot Problem Mrs. Ellen Barlow
Doctor Mrs Ernest Yach
Doctor Ross
Dodd Buried At Coulonge
Dodoes Dept Mrs
Don Borisenko Vinton Mrs. Ernie Hearty
Don Council
Don Dods Mrs. Lee Hod-gins
Don Hummel Mrs. Colton
Don Mrs
Don Mrs Velma Harris
Don Murphy Mrs. Delmer Berber
Don Paul Mrs. Gordon* Alexander
Don Richardson Mrs Claire Fkury
Don Romain Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Don Ross
Don Stewart
Don- Ross Equity
Donald A. Stewart Sale
Donald and Ross Campbell
Donald Cook Mrs.
Donald Davidson Mrs. William Creighton Miss Yvonne Dupuis
Donald Findlay Mrs. Leonard Smith
Donald Fraser Mrs. Isadora Coulis
Donald Lavallée Lloyd Stewart Used Furniture
Donald M.uLoan al Mrs.
Donald MacNeil Mrs Raymonde
Donald McCredie Council
Donald McKin- Mrs. Barr
Donald McRae Mrs. George Craig.
Donald Mrs Bertha Nephin
Donald Mrs Bertha Orr
Donald Mrs Donald Ostrom
Donald Mrs Percy
Donald Mrs. Everett Moore
Donald Oetrom Stewart Woods
Donald Oitrom Mrs Clifford Olmstead
Donald Ostroir Mrs Amable Jolicoeur
Donald Ostrom Mrs Robert Eady
Donald Ostrom Chiropractor Mrs. Verner Thrun
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Bertha Gardiner
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs James Ostrom
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Peter Wall
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs T W McGuire
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Donald Ostrom Pontiac County
Donald Paul Joan Smart Opal Smart Embyle Smiley Phyllis Smith Bernice Stewart Martin Taggart Joyce
Donald Pel- Mrs
Donald Ross
Donald Ross Stewart
Donald Simp Bay By Mrs Iri$ Smith
Donald Soucie Coulonge
Donald Stewart
Donald Stewart Macdonald
Donald Stewart*
Donna Craig Light Fruit Cake - Mrs Stewart
Donna Cuthhertson Mrs Seldon Langford
Donna Mrs
Donna Mrs Elsie Presley
Donna Mrs Lillian Tubman
Donna Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Donna Stewart
Donna Stewart Anniversary
Donna Stewart Marcella Dumas
Donna Stewart Reminiscing Beginning
Donna Stewart Trina
Donna Stewart-Patrick
Donne Stewart
Donnel- Mrs Mary McNally
Donnie Mrs
Donnie Mrs John Galianos
Donnie Raymond Stewart
Donnie Seul- Stewart
Donnie Stewart
Donnie Thompson Ross Taylor
Donny Smith Mrs Wanda Smith
Door Factory Melvin Stewart
Dor- Mrs. Maynard Thompson
Dor- Mrs. Oould
Dorcas Elizabeth Stewart
Dorcas Stewart
Doreen Stewart
Doris Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Doris Hudgins Mrs.
Doris Jacques and Mrs.
Doris Jacques and Mrs. Roland Russell
Doris Jacques; Mrs.
Doris Jones Stewart
Doris Judd Miss Ruth Dods Mr. Nellis Hodgins Mrs.
Doris Judd Mrs Lloyd Stevens
Doris Mc-and Mrs Edna Harkins
Doris Morgan Mrs Dave Parent
Doris Mrs Cedric Elliott
Doris Mrs Percy Stewart
Doris Stewart
Dorn Mrs. F.H. Cornu
Dorothy Fulford Mrs. Olive MacLean
Dorothy Lough Fort Coulonge
Dorothy Mrs Atari McBane
Dorothy Mrs Claudette Diotte
Dorothy Mrs James Tubman
Dorothy Mrs. Robt
Dorothy Porteous" Ross Campbell Marcel Duel
Dorothy Rich Mrs Ethel Black
Dorothy Stafford Mrs
Dorothy Stewart
Dorothy Stewart Weds
Doug Hodgins Ross Twp.
Doug Mrs
Doug Mrs Edwart Tubman
Doug Mrs Gilbert Emmerson
Doug Mrs Neil Wilson
Doug Rabh
Doug Stewart
Doug- Mrs Augusta Krutz
Douglas L Ross
Douglas Mac-Mrs
Douglas McTiernan J D Brown ....... Cecil Elliott.... H Stewart
Douglas Stewart
Douglas Stewart Young
Dowell Ross
Doyle Apply John Stewart
Dr. C FG. Bowles Mrs. Emery Greer
Dr. Douglas Ross Collier
Dr. Dudley Ross
Dr. Forbee Ross
Dr. G G. Stewart
Dr. G O. Stewart
Dr. Julian H. Stewart
Dr. Ross
Dr. Ross Davies
Dr. Stewart
Dr. Stewart Grade IV.
Dr. Stewart Jones
Dr. W W Thomson Dan Stewart
Dr.Alex Stewart
Dr.Ross Davies
Drama James Stewart
Draper Education- Mrs
Driver—Mrs E
Dt Stewart
Du-Mrs Norman Stark
Due Stewart
Dugh Ross
Dumas Mrs. Danny Farrell
Duncan A. Stewart
Duncan Ross
Duncan Stewart
Duone Word-Chorl# Ross
Dupuis (Stewart
Dur- Mrs. Fred Dagg
Dwight McDowell Mrs
Dwight McDowell Mrs. Joan Belsher
Dwight Mrs. David Tucker
Dwight Pontiac Planning Council
Dwight Th- Mrs Bert Kennedy
E and Mrs Marion Hayes
E and Mrs. Bailey
E B Lunam Mrs Maxine Fenton
E Mil Mrs James Mc(
E Mrs Russel Cobb
E W Paul ... Jas Stewart
E. A. Ross
E. Denison Ross
E. L Mrs. Dvncan Ross
E. Palmer Mrs.
E. Ross
E. Ross Vowles Councillor
E. Stewart
E. Stewart Dowd
E.J Ward Inc. Fort Coulonge
E.J. Ward Inc. Fort Coulonge
Eades Mrs Hubert Burton
Earl A. Stewart
Earl and1 Mrs Dagg
Earl Bean Mrs D J Campbell
Earl Bum- Renfrew County
Earl H Erato John Stewart
Earl Le Mrs
Earl Mrs Beatrice Gagnon
Earl Mrs- W Laughren
Earl Mrs. Andrew Mich-
Earl Mrs. Charlie Imison
Earl Mrs. Laurence Sparling
Earl Mrs. McDougal
Earl Ross
Earl Stewart
Earl Ward- Mrs
Earle Potvin County
Easter Mrs.
Easter Mrs. Hilda Mayhew
Easter Mrs. Ted Craig
Ebert Richardson Cauliflower - Mrs. Jim Stewart
Ebert Stewart
Economic Council
Economics-Mrs W J Fu)ler
Ed Gutoski Stewart
Ed Mrs
Ed Mrs.
Ed Stewart
Ed- Mrs Eva Maloney
Eddie Mrs Kenneth Amyotte
Eddie Mrs Pat Kelly
Eddie Stewart
Eddie Stewart Calumet
Eddie Stewart Miss Linda Dumouchel
Eddie Stewart Verna Strutt
Eddie Wrinn Mrs Eddie Wrinn
Eddy Stewart
Edgar B.W. Mulligan HP Mrs Minnie Zimmerling
Edgar Hodglns Mrs. Wellington Smith
Edgar Lance sec- Mrs. William Kennedy Mrs Joseph Kennedy
Edgar May- Mrs Raeburn Orr
Edgar Mayhew Waited Mrs Alice Gravelie
Edgar Mrs. James Smith
Edgar Mulligan County Protestant Central
Edgar Schwartz Pontiac County
Edgar Smith Lennon Thompson Mrs Robert Clamper
Edgar Stewart
Edgar Stewart Stark
Edgar Yach Mrs Peter Daley
Edie Stewart
Edith Mrs Elsie Wilson
Edith Pilon Coulonge Golf
Edith Stewart
Edith Wiggins Dark Fruit Cake - Mrs Jim Stewart
Edith Wiggins Window Box- Mrs
Edith Z Fort Coulonge Alva Lance
Editor Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Edmond Romain Mrs. Doreen Marion
Edmond Stewart
Edmund Hodgins Mrs. Robert Chamberlain.
Edmund Mrs Elizann Emmerson
Edmund Stewart
Edmund Stewart Correspondent Mrs Mamie Stewart
Edmund Stewart Martins Church
Edmund Stewart Richard
Edmund Stewart’s
Edna Ross Hodgins
Education Mrs
Education Mrs Edgar Elliott
Education Mrs Harriet Burke
Education Mrs K Draper
Education Mrs L Fitzsimmons
Education Mrs.
Education Mrs. Wm Marks
Education-Mrs R Ferris
Education—Mrs Marlowe Campbell
Edward Belang- Mrs Brenda Cox
Edward Ben-Mrs
Edward County/Kingston
Edward County/Kingston-June
Edward Cunning-Mrs
Edward Johnston Mrs. Edward Johnston
Edward Kav- Litchfield Council
Edward Kavanagh Council
Edward Kennedy Mrs Vin- T"
Edward Mrs Carson Russell
Edward Mrs John Walsh Sr.
Edward Mrs. Walter Clarke
Edward O Reilly ONLY Mrs Edward O Reilly
Edward Ran- Mrs
Edward Recently Mrs Carl Price
Edward Stewart
Edward Stewart Kaitlin Hobbs
Edwin Coulonge
Edwin Mrs Martha Schwartz
Edwin Stewart
Edwin Ward Mrs.
EEœEE- Hpr Mrs. Rouleau
Effie Stewart
Eg- Mrs. W J. Horner St Family
EHTtB E B - Mrs.
Eileen (Mrs Clifford Stone
Eileen (Mrs Lloyd McCoristan
Eileen Colton Mrs
Eileen La- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Eileen s Mrs Ahart Fierobin
Eileen Stewart
EJ. Ward Inc. Fort Coulonge
El- Mrs. Eleanor Beamish
Elaine ( Mrs B Palmer
Elaine and Ross Morley
Elaine Beck Mrs Evangeline Robinson
Elaine Crawford Mrs Willis Crawford
Elaine Grant Stewart
Elaine Mrs Ed Gutoski
Elaine Mrs.
Elaine Mrs. Hector Racine
Elaine Pal-, Mrs. William Rueckwald
Elaine Stewart
Elaine Stewart TOMOEBOW Celer Join Decore
Elaine Tracey Stewart
Elayne Strutt Ross Dickson Heart
Eleanor Mrs Bernard Denault
Eleanor Ross
Eleanor Smith Mrs
Eleanor Stewart
Election Clerk - Mrs Mary Ann Senack PoH 3
Election Clerk: Mrs Elaine Sloan
Eleven-year-old Dana Ross
Elgine Stewart
Elia Stewart
Elise Ross
Eliza Ann Mrs. Morrison
Elizabeth (Betty) Stewart
Elizabeth Adel* Stanhope For- Mrs. Forbes
Elizabeth Barber and Scott Stewart
Elizabeth Coulonge
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Anna Miljour
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Gedeon Dubeau
Elizabeth Hahn Correspondent Mrs Grace Quaile
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Albert Richard
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Cecile Gagnon
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Evelyn Plager
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Hilliard Roberts
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Jim Deforce Ms. Yvonne Mayhew
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Norman Marr
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Olive Mouette
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Wilda Cartier
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur La
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur Labelle Mrs Hannah Zacharias
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Donald Ostrorr
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Elizabeth Hartman Technicolor Stewart Woods
Elizabeth Hope Ross
Elizabeth Kuhler Ross
Elizabeth Morrison By Appointment Mrs Elizabeth Morrison
Elizabeth Mrs
Elizabeth Mrs Gary Valance
Elizabeth Mrs. Reginald Wilson
Elizabeth Mrs. Thos
Elizabeth Mul- Mrs Ryan Benoit
Elizabeth Popkey Mrs
Elizabeth Ross
Elizabeth Ross Mrs. Robert Carswell
Elizabeth Salway Mrs. Reuben Smith
Elizabeth Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart Charteris
Elizabeth Stewart Henderson
Elizabeth Taylor Stewart Granger Technicolor Ronald Coleman
Elizabeth Wharry Mrs.
Ella (Mrs Lloyd Stewart
Ella and Lloyd Stewart
Ella Dumouchel Mrs Ella Dumouchel
Ella Horner Mrs Myrtle Harris
Ella Howard Stewart
Ella Ross
Ella Stewart
Ella Stewart Hodgins
Ella Stewart Love
Ella Stewart Prize
Ella Stewart Roger McElwain Sunday Worship
Ella) Mrs J J. McCallum
Ella) Mrs. Camille Dumouchel
Ellen Latimer Mrs Walter Ebert Mrs Bill Lavender Mrs Dale Van Patten
Ellen Maude Stewart
Ellen Stewart
Ellen Uplerre Mrs. Herald Smiley Richard Gibbons Mrs.
Ellen) Mrs. Harvey Pilgrim
Elliot Mrs
Elliott Clifford Horner ....... Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner ........ Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner....... Mrs Chris.
Elliott Hodg- I Mrs- Palmer
Elliott Joined Cr Council
Elliott Leonard County
Elliott Miss June Stewart
Elliott Mrs
Elliott Mrs Dave Stewart
Elliott Mrs Dwight McDowell
Elliott Mrs N L DagR
Elliott Mrs. Arthür Thomas Neil Sparling I Evelyn A. Scott Peter Hodglns Mrs. S.R.N.
Elliott Mrs. Clarence Knox
Elliott Mrs. Harper Youi*
Elliott Mrs. Hulbert Armstrong Kathleen E. Hodgins
Elliott Mrs. Hulbert Armstrong Kathleen E. Hodgins Mrs. Iva P. Clark
Elliott Mrs. Wip McKinley
Elliott Mrs. Wm
Elliott Treasurer- Mrs
Elsie Latham Bernice Stewart
Elsie Melvin Stewart
Elsie Murphy Letts Anna Stewart
Elsie Ross
Elsie Stewart
Elva Martha Brown Stewart
Elva Stewart
Elvis Pre-Mrs
Elvis Presley Mery Tyler Moore Family Entertainment Mrs Lennie Workman Mrs.
Elwln Stewart
Elwyn Mrs, Joan Belsher
Elwyn Stewart
Emard Dean Family Entertains Mrs. David Russell Sincerely
Embroidery Mrs G Olmstead Guitar Charlie Sohomer
Emerson Stewart
Emily I Mrs. Wilbert Rueckwald
Emily McDow-Stewart Metcalfe Ladv
Emily Mrs Bud Sloan
Emily Stewart
Emma ( Mrs Eric Copeland
Emma (Mrs
Emma (Mrs E Copeland
Emma (Mrs Kenneth Hodgins
Emma .Mrs Wm Hogarth
Emma chair Mrs Garth Graham Miette
Emma Gordon Stewart
Emma Jean Marie Mrs Edmund Hodgins
Emma Mrs Boulter Left Home
Emma Mrs. Clara Grant
Emma Sfewarl Mrs Emma Stewart
Emma Stewart
Emma Tanner - Mrs Mary Allan
Emma) Mrs. Theo Steinke
Emmerson Richardson Mrs. John ¦ Richardson
Emmett Mrs. Earl Findlay
Emmett Stewart
Emory Ross
Energetically Mr. And Mrs.
Engaged Hobbs - Stewart Married
Ephraim Stewart
Equality Party Ross
ErE^EEfE-E Mrs J Laughren
Eri- Mrs Marion Clarke
Eric & Katherine Ross
Eric ) Ross
Eric and Fred Stewart
Eric Coulonge
Eric Coulonge Wins
Eric Fort Coulonge
Eric Graham 1P.M.—Mrs
Eric Mrs Lorne Doucette
Eric Ross
Eric Ross Gatineau Valley Horse
Eric Stewart
Eric ter- Norma Stewart
Eric Vadneau Mrs. Mary Armitage George Boyce
Eric Zimmer- Mrs.
Eric) Ross
Erik Barber; County Homemaker
Erma Little Mrs.
Erma Stewart
Ernest 453-2871 F Stewart
Ernest 453-2871 Stewart
Ernest Gregory Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Ernest Mrs Arnes Laroche
Ernest Sally Mrs.
Ernest Sj Events Mrs Ernie SchwarU
Ernest Smith Mrs
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J
Ernest Yach Mrs. Robina Richardson David J.
Ernie Hearty Billeting—Mrs
Ernie Hearty Mrs Jimmy Chugg
Ernie Mrs Cecil Elliott
Ernie Zacha-Mrs G C Meilleur
Ervin Ross
Erwin Stewart
Erwin Tubman Lome Stewart
Estate Mrs.
Estella Ross
Esther Du-the Municipal Council
Esther Mrs Margaret Wall
Esther Quelle Mrs. John Elliot
Esther Ross
Ethel and Ross Stewart
Ethel M Stewart
Ethel Mrs
Ethel Mrs. N
Ethel Peever Stewart
Ethel Sea- Mrs. Idem
Ethel Stewart
Ethol Stewart
Eugene Coulonge
Eugene Mrs
Eugene Potvin 54.21 Kenneth Stewart
Eugene Potvin Mrs Bill Waters
Eunice Mrs. Bud Henry
Eva Andai Council
Eva Andai County Warden Basil Quaile
Eva Andai Les Entreprises SOUTEC Inc. Coulonge
Eva Andai Litchfield Council
Eva Andai Meanwhile Danny Stewart
Eva Andai Mrs
Eva Andai Mrs Christie
Eva Andai Mrs Diane Judd.
Eva Andai Mrs Jose Tomkins
Eva Andai Mrs Lyle P. Hodgins
Eva Andai Mrs Marion Marks
Eva Andai Mrs Reg Andrews
Eva Andai Mrs Walter Smith
Eva Andai Pontiac County
Eva Andai Pontiac County Council
Eva Ann Johnson Mrs Archie Johnson
Eva Grodde Mrs Bernice Smith
Eva Hn Mrs. B. G Qualic
Eva James and Mrs.
Eva Mrs Fred Lance.
Eva Pearl Stewart Kenney Evi
Eva Stewart
Evan Ross
Evange-Ross Wilson
Evelyn ( Mrs Clifford Batchelor
Evelyn Council
Evelyn Dale Mrs. Elsie Schwartz
Evelyn Elsie Schwartz Elva Stewart
Evelyn Fletcher Mrs Florence Evelyn Waltham
Evelyn Hodgins Stewart
Evelyn Johnston Mrs. Lois Pirie _
Evelyn Mrs
Evelyn Mrs. Claire Wilson
Evelyn Sharpe Jack Stewart Justin Stewart Jeff Stewart Revel Stewart Ron Stewart
Evelyn) Mrs. Lloyd Parton
Evening Mrs. Hugh Prendergast Dies
Every- Mrs. Campbell
Ex I........... Construction Roads Maintenance Roads Interest Loans County Rate
Ex Mrs
Ex Service Woman Mrs. MacGregor Whyte
Exchange Stewart
Executive Vice-President Ross Ladd
Executrix Stewart
Ezra Mrs.
F A F Mrs Anne Fumerton
F Mrs Glenn Stevens
F Mrs Lloyd Conolly
F. M Ross
F. Ross
F. Stewart
Fairburo Miss 8. Hodgins Mrs.
Faith Mrs. Kingsbury Mitchell
Falling Tree Stewart
Family Mrs. Edward Steele
Family Ross
fancy—1 Mrs K C
Fart Coulonge
Faught John Ross Weizineau’s
Favc Mrs. Clarence Sparling
Fay Stewart
Faye Smart Mrs
Fddie Stewart
Feggv Ross
Felix Mrs Ken Griffin
Felix Mrs.
Felix Spence John Stewart
Female—Mrs R NX
Fenton and Karen Stewart
Fer- Mrs Beatrice Ydo
Fergus Wrlnn Stewart
Fern Larocque Mrs Margaret Mayhew
Fert Coulonge
Fie- Mrs V Thrun Dennis Thrun
Fierobin Mrs Clifford Fierobin
Fifty Mrs. Robt
Findlay R W Mrs
Findlay Ross
Finie Stewart
Finnigan Mrs. M. Graham Mrs. R. Graham Mrs.
Fip-gjwjllr Ross Stewart
Fitzroy Stewart
Fl-Coulonge Saint Laurent Trophy
Flannel—Mrs L NN
Fleury Mrs Dickson
Floor mat—Mrs Hugh Elliott 1
Florence Stewart
Floyd R. McPhee Mrs. Morley Hod
Floyd Robinson County Mutations
Floyd Tubmen end Mrs.
Fo* A Ross
Fo- Mrs Carmen Inglee
Fo- Mrs Jay Vallllee
Fob Stewart
Foil Coulonge
Font Coulonge
For Pontiac X Mrs. Lloyd Stevens
For* Coulonge
Ford Mrs.
Forestière Coulonge
Forestiers Coulonge
Fori Coulonge
Forrest Ross Beck
Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge August-January Stark
Fort Coulonge Campbell
Fort Coulonge IV
Fort Coulonge Mesas Samedi Mesee Dimanche Sacré-Cœur
Fort Coulonge Morning
Fort Coulonge Municipality
Fort Coulonge Ouyon Pastoral Charge Rev Isabel
Fort Coulonge Ouyon Peetoral Charge Rev Isabel Black
Fort Coulonge Ouyon Peetorei Charge Rev Isabel Black
Fort Coulonge Rev Angus MacDonald
Fort Coulonge Rev Angus MacDonald Conduire
Fort Coulonge Samedi Messe Dimanche Rev Angus MacDonald
Fort Coulonge Stars
Fort* Coulonge
Fort-Coulonge Bouffe Pontiac
Fort-Coulonge Dans
Fort-Coulonge E.S.S.C.
Fort-Coulonge Église
Fort-Coulonge Heures
Fort-Coulonge Horn
Fort-Coulonge Huddersfield
Fort-Coulonge Inc.
Fort-Coulonge J * Ce
Fort-Coulonge M IB
Fort-Coulonge Mansfield
Fort-Coulonge Marion
Fort-Coulonge Mgr
Fort-Coulonge Notre-Dame
FORT-COULONGE Raymond Carrier
Fort1 Coulonge
Fortier Touche Ross Ltee
Fortierf Touche Ross
Fortin Fort Coulonge
Fortin Shawville Council
Four-year-old Laraine Ross
Fowl MRS.
Fr Ross Timmins
Frances Donnelly Mrs Flizann Emerson
Frances Elliott Mrs. M. W. Schultz Secretary-Treasurer
Frances Mrs Birthday
Frances Potter Pontiac County Women
Francine Mrs Wayne McLaughlin
Francis Dev-Council
Francis Mc-Mrs
Francis McCrank Publicity—Mrs
Francis Me Mrs.
Francis O Don Mrs. Verner Rueckwald Mrs.
Francis Rus- Mrs Edgar Dods
Francis Sloan Council
Francis Wiggins Mrs. H. Turner
Frank Bay Council
Frank Co-and Mrs. Robert Bronson If
Frank Council
Frank Dor- Mrs. John Knox
Frank Doyle Fort Coulonge
Frank Finnlgan Jr and Ross Finnigan
Frank Ford Mrs
Frank Ford Mrs. Les
Frank L. Stanton Mrs. Solomon Says
Frank Ladouceur Mrs. F Ladouceur
Frank Law Mrs. Regie
Frank Lepack Carl Ostrom Gordon Angus Percy Zacharias Olive Stewart
Frank Marion Mrs.
Frank McCleary Dear Mrs. Carson
Frank Mead Buys Council Considers Paving Red Deer
Frank Miss Sherry Stewart
Frank Morrison Mrs. R. H. Elliott Miss Orma Elliott Cpl.
Frank Mrs Iva Armstrong
Frank Mrs Percy McKibbon
Frank Mrs.
Frank Mrs. George Palmer We
Frank Mrs. J. Armitage
Frank Mrs. Wm Dowd
Frank Rettyand Mrs. Taylor
Frank Ross
Frank Ross A Co.
Frank Ross Young
Frank Ryan Mrs Lloyd Cart
Frank Sloan Council
Frank Stewart
Franklin Leitch Mr. Stewart Leitch
Fraser Mrs Robert Craig
Fraser Mrs. Wm
Fre<l Thomas Mrs
Fred Arm Mrs. Dalton Prior
Fred Arm Mrs. Danny Farrell
Fred Armât- Mrs. Robert Laird
Fred Belec Mrs. Fred Belec
Fred Belec Mrs. Rodolphe Durouciier
Fred Browne Ottawa Mrs.
Fred Cook Mrs.
Fred Coulonge
Fred Dagg Mrs Mary Baird Mrs Robert Morris Mrs Eleanor Black NOTICE
Fred Emery Mrs. Robt
Fred Fort Coulonge—Colton Bros Gen-
Fred Fras- Mrs.
Fred Fraser County President
Fred Fraser Mrs. Jack Stewart
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred Greenwood Mrs. M Miller
Fred Hodoins Mrs. Nolin
Fred Jr. Mrs Sharpe
Fred Knitz Mrs. Marr
Fred Lafram-boise Mrs. Floella Clout
Fred Lusk 1st County
Fred Lusk Horace Patrick Nugent Richard Mielke BEECH6ROVE W I Mrs. Fred Lusk
Fred Lusk Mrs.
Fred Metcalfe I Ross Dickson
Fred Mrs
Fred Mrs Fred Milkie
Fred Mrs Herbert Elliott.
Fred Mrs House
Fred Mrs II Mrs K va Ma
Fred Mrs J.C. Poisson
Fred Mrs Walter Kilgour
Fred Mrs. Claude Elliott
Fred Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Municipality
Fred Mrs. Harold Mc Mahon
Fred Mrs. Mary George
Fred Mrs. W.
Fred Neher MRS.
Fred Ross Lamothe
Fred Schroeder Mrs. Herb Hannsberry
Fred Stewart
Fred Stewart and Fred Jr
Fred Stewart Gary Simard
Fred Stewart Jr.
Fred Stewart Pembroke
Fred Tipping Mrs Wendt Mrs
Fred Zimmeriing Hello Mrs
Freddy Stewart
Frederick Leith-Ross
Frederick Macphcrson Ross Lot
Frederick Macpherson Ross
Frederick Ross
Frederick Ross Young Peoples Union
Frederick Wilson Stewart Wilson
Freeman Grant Mrs- Wt
Freeman Grant Mrs. Woods
Freeman Moore Mrs. Sadie Sparling
Freeman Mrs Nap Duval
Freida Coulonge
Freo Stewart
From Mrs. Clifford Hobbs
Frost Mamie Stewart
Frost Wire Fence Shawville Council Just Arrived
Fruit Wholesale Shawville Dollar Store Chicken Palace Timberland Tours Fort-Coulonge Dollar Store C
Fry Cadbury Award Mrs Neil Despite
FSïS J / Fort-Coulonge
Ft Coulonge
Ft-Coulonge À
Ft-Coulonge J Campbell
Ft-Coulonge Saint Laurent Trophy
Fumerton Mrs Fred Thomas
Fumerton Mrs Gerald Smith
Funny Ross Scott
Furniture Mrs Harriett McDonald
Fvwns-|llIU| Mrs,
FX>nt Coulonge
G and Mrs Glenn
G F Handel Mrs. Perles Richardson
G G G DG Bristol Council
G G Pontiac County
G J Ross
G K. Stewart
G Mrs. Jas Moore
G Stewart
G W £ D D I N C Mrs. Verner Thrun
G*** Tom Ross TWp
G*< J Mr- Chas Stewart Parnell
G. Stewart
G. W. Ross
G.-George Russell Mrs. H. Millar
Gag-Municipal Council
Gail Ber-Fort Coulonge
Gail Council
Gail Mrs Bruce McKay
Gail Mrs Gary Lester
Gail Patrick £ Mrs Lane
Gail Stewart
Gale Stewart
Gall Radford Ross Edmonton
Gall Stewart
Garden Stewart
Garnet Gsgnon Mrs Clifford Olmstead
Garrow Mrs Alcide Trudeau
Garry Cooper Chalea Bickford President-Mrs
Garry Har-James Stewart
Garry McCallum Mrs. Isobelle Richardson
Garry Mrs
Garry Mrs Emily Donnelly Anna Stewart
Garry Nesseth Umpire Frieda Council
Gary Cooper Ruth Roman Mrs
Gary Council
Gary Council Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association
Gary Council Township
Gary Hod- Mrs
Gary Hodgins Council
Gary Mr. Lindsay Hodgins Mrs.George Clark
Gary Mrs Lorna Younge
Gary Mrs.
Gary Mrs. Bill V*
Gary Tri- Council
Gary Trivett Council
Gary Wilson _ Ronnie Ross Specials
Gat- Mr. Mrs. Gordon Popkey
Gave Stewart
Gay Stewart
Gaye Stewart
Gayle Spear Mrs. Emerson Smiley
Gayle Stewart
Gayle Stewart Thursday
Gennie Stewart
Geo Stewart
Geoffery Ross
Geoffrey Ross
George 8tev- Mrs. James Carty
George A Stewart
George A Stewart Bryson
George A Stewart RR
George A. McDougall Council
George A. Stewart
George A. Stewart Bryson
George A. Stewart RRI Bryson
George A. Stewart RRl Bryson
George and Cecile Mrs. Evelyn Hodgins
George and Marie Mrs Patricia Bertrand Campbell
George and Mrs. Bailey
George and Mrs. Edith Stewart
George Angus Mrs. Peter Moyle
George Archibald Stewart
George B. Richardson Mrs Composition
George Bretzlaff Mrs. Ruth Bretzlaff
George C. Scott Colour Mrs
George Campbell Mrs. Irwin Hayes At
George Carroll Council
George Clarendon Council
George Coles Stewart
George Council
George E Palmer;- Mrs Henry McDowell
George Edward Stewart
George Formby Mrs. A
George G. Stewart
George Grant Mrs. George Grant
George H Stewart
George Hodgins Mrs
George Horlgins Mrs. Lily Horton
George I Mrs. Lindsay Walker
George I Stewart
George Iwiforest 4nee Mrs. Mur-taght
George Judd Mrs. Harold Hodgins
George Knox Mrs. Donald Fraser
George Lemannler Mrs Howard Rouiliffe
George M Stewart
George Ma- Mrs.
George Mayor Ross Vowles
George McKenny Fort Coulonge
George Mousseau Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
George Mrs
George Mrs Diane Amyotte
George Mrs Jack Hamilton
George Mrs.
George Mrs. Bob Dale
George Mrs. Hayes
George Mrs. J Burrows
George Mrs. Jimmie Richardson
George Mrs. McGuire
George Mrs. Robb*
George Mrs. W.
George Murray Ross
George O. Stewart
George Pal- Mrs. Lawrence Young
George Palmer Crawford Mrs Rejean LaFreiere
George Palmer Mrs.
George Palmer Mrs. Verncr Re Our
George Pirie Mrs
George R. Stewart
George Rad Stewart
George Reil-Mrs
George Ross
George Ross 0f Ottawa
George Ross Nod
George Ross Nodwell
George St Pier- Mrs. Susan Young
George Steele Mrs.
George Stewart
George Stewart Clarence Smith
George Stewart Jr.
George Stewart Lloyd Lang
George Stewart On Saturday
George Stewart She
George Stewart Wins Fair Draw
George Stones Mrs. El
George Telford* Mrs. Sam Richardson’s
George Tub-Mrs Ken Tubman
George Visit Pontiac Mrs. Johni Thompson
George Visits Mines Mrs
George W. Ross
George Wilson Mrs. Lionel Martin Mrs. Geo
George Wilson Past Grand Stewart
Gerald and Mrs Clifford Fierobin
Gerald and Mrs. Smith
Gerald Council
Gerald Dempsey Coulonge Fire Brigade
Gerald Donnelly Mrs Armour
Gerald Draper Mrs. Emirle Lance Westbum Hamilton Delmer Barber Please Apply al Office
Gerald Hodgins ....... Belty Lou Elliott Mrs Mary McCagg
Gerald McKenny Transport VON Renfrew County Branch Lady Aberdeen Place Close
Gerald McVeigh and Mrs. Dm Stewart
Gerald Moses Stewart
Gerald Mrs Austin Dagg
Gerald Mrs Ronnie Yach
Gerald Mrs. Everett Loughren
Gerald Mrs. Herb
Gerald Robert, Irwin Stewart
Gerald Smith Mrs. Kphriam
Gerald Smith Smith-Stewart
Gerald Sparling Geo Stewart
Gerald Sparling Gordon Stewart Gordon Wikon Allan Findlay E Mitdicui • Cecil Elliott
Gerald Sparling John Pirie James Stewart
Gerald Stewart
Gerald Stewart -
Gerald Stewart 648-2554 Charter Anniversary Dance
Gerald Stewart Bill
Gerald Stewart Bois
Gerald Stewart Elizabeth Hahn
Gerald Stewart Get
Gerald Stewart OCTOBER
Gerald Stewart R.R. 2
Gerald Stewart the
Gerald Stewart Trophy
Gerald Stewart...... Cecil Elliott Farm
Gerald Stewart........... H.l
Gerald Walls Mrs. Sophia Schock
Gerald Walls Mrs. Sophia Schock ERNIE
Gerald Walsh 613-646-7729 Council
Geraldine (Mrs Maynard McDiarmid
Geraldine Bowie - Beverly Stewart Shauna MrrasCeB
Geraldine Mrs Maynard Me Iharmid She
Geraldine Stewart
Geraldine Wilson Stewart
Gerard Mrs Pearl McNeill
Gerard Mrs. Bill McKinley
Gerard Stewart
Gerard Tru-Mrs
Gerry Business Personals Mrs.
Gerry Lavoie Mrs Venetia Crawford
Gerry Mrs. Wesley Martineau
Gerry Stewart
Gerry Stewart Portage
Gertie Stewart
Gertrude Mrs Wm Marks
Gertrude Mrs. Norman Hobbs
Gertrude Mrs. Wilfred Bean
Gertrude Ross Young
Gertrude Stewart
Gertrude | Stewart
Gertte Stewart
Gestion Coulonge
Gheryl Stewart
Gibson Mrs. J. Clarke
Gil Cluff Sep-shawvillc Council
Gil Council
Gil Mrs. Hilda Mayhew
Gilbert Arm V Mrs Wellington Armstrong Owen Hearty
Gilbert Della Mrs Mervin Brennan
Gilbert Mrs. Tom Donnelly
Gilbert Stewart
Gilles Gervsis Mrs. José Miller
Gilman Stewart
Gilmour C Hodgins Call Nellis Stewart
Ginette Ross
Gingrich Mrs Donald Bainard Miss Diane
Gladys McDowell Honoured Mrs Herbert C. Hodgins
Gladys Mrs Claude Gauthier
Gladys Mrs. David McCredie
Glass Fibre Pipe Wrap Town Hall Fire Station Council Hall Town Hall Right Rev.
Glass Tops Rubber Rings Certo Certo Crystals Parowax Mrs. Catherine Rlngrase Mrs. Cartherine Ringro
Glen Car- Mrs Ray Grier
Glen Mrs. Gordon Wilson
Glen Nugent Mrs Densil LeRoy
Glen Nugent Stewart
Glen Ransom Rose Stewart
Glenn Hugh Ross
Glenn Mrs Leonard Smith
Glenn Mrs.
Glenn Rich- County Orange Lodge
Glenn Stewart
Glenn Tes- Mrs. Irvin Russell
Glenna Graham Stewart
Glenna Stewart
Glenview Mrs. Leonard Stanley
Glmn Mrs R A Grant
Gloria Grahame Melody Patterson COUNCIL
Goalie Mrs. Rodolph Gauthier
Goatie B. Ross
Godmere Mrs Lila Hewitson Cobden Livestock Sales Phone
Gord Stewart Brenda Young
Gordie Ross
Gordon Bias Moore Mrs. James Duke
Gordon Brad- Mrs Ron Dean
Gordon Bradley Mrs. Black
Gordon Coulonge
Gordon David Ross
Gordon David Ross REID BROS
Gordon Denis - Council
Gordon Elliott Mrs
Gordon Graham Mrs James Pritchard
Gordon Hagen _ Mrs. Robert Carswell
Gordon K. Stewart
Gordon MacMillan Mrs. Lloyd Queale Mrs. Thos
Gordon McBride Sr and Mrs. Neil Wilson
Gordon McBride Sr. Mrs
Gordon Mrs. Burroughs
Gordon Palmer _ Stewart Patsy
Gordon Paul 211.26 Mrs Mary McCallum 102
Gordon Paul and Mrs Claire Sturgeon
Gordon Paul Insurance COUNCIL COUNCIL Campbell
Gordon Paul Shawvllle Council
Gordon Richard- Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Gordon Ross
Gordon Standard Parsonage Stewart
Gordon Stewart
Gordon Stewart 2
Gordon Stewart J D Brown Geo Stewart
Gordon Stewart McBride
Gordon Stewart Mrs
Gordon Stewart Mrs.
Gordon Stewart Mrs. Robt
Gordon Stewart Murrells
Gordon Stewart Orval
Gordon Stewart SI.
Gordon Stewart Wes
Gordon Stewart* É. J# Barber* W J. Brownlee
Gordon Wilson Jas Stewart
Gordon Z I Mrs. David Parker
Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward.......... Davidson Stewart...... Gagno
Graccfield Mrs. Irene Doucette
Grace (Mrs Leslie Atkin-
Grace Gibbons Mrs Nancy Kilbride Mrs Jean McCann Members Parent Committee
Grace Honored Mrs. Alt
Grace Kelly James Stewart
Grace Kelly Stewart Granger
Grace Kelly Technicolor Stewart Granger Cinemascope Richard Widmark Technicolor Lauren Bacall Cinem
Grace Mrs Earl M’jrphy
Grace Mrs, Fred Graham
Grace Mrs. James A
Grace Mrs. Julia Mulvey
Grace M» Knight Mrs. Samuel Hennitk Mrs. Reggie Hod
Grace Stewart
Grace Thompson Mrs. Joe Lavigne
Grace Thompson Mrs. Wm Kirkpatrkk
Grade I.—Aveline Ross
Grade L — Lavina Ross Official Time Table
Grade Mrs. Lennis Dean
Grade VT—Lloyd Ross
Graham %ith Mrs Louise Charboneau
Graham Allan Carey By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Graham Council
Graham Gar- Terry Stewart
Graham Hender- Mrs Gary John
Graham Home Econ- Mrs
Graham Kathy Young Litchfield Council DON’T
Graham Kenny Ross Brian Davis Neil Mc(
Graham Mrs Miles Milford
Graham Mrs S Fitzsimmons
Graham Mrs. Alvin Kelley Entertains
Graham Mrs. James A. Graham
Graham Mrs. Wm Burke Mr. Frankie Dowe
Graham Parsons Mrs Graham Parsons
Graham Stewart
Graham Stewart St/Old Mines Rd
Graham Trophy- Best Beef Heifer Calf Sheila Stewart
Graham- Mrs Viola Howard
Gramm Bower Company By Len Coyne Mrs. O Kane Cameron
Grandmother Mrs. Fred Krutz
Grant Beattie Mrs William Grant Beattie
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
Grant H inis Council
Grant Mrs H Elliot
Grant Rogers County Council
Grant Rogers STEWART
Gravelle Mrs Cletus Frost
Gravelle Mrs. Jewell
Gray Council
Graydon Mrs Laurence Harkens
Green Hugh Ross
Green Luke Mrs. Jean Grant
Green Mrs. Velma Boles Mrs. Chas
Greg Hunt Fort Coulonge Or
Greg Macintosh Shawville Council
Greg Mrs Ellen Jones
Greg Stewart
Gregory Andrew Mrs Joseph Hogan
Gregory Ross
Grenville Land Stewardship Council
Greta Stewart
Greta Stewart And
Grey Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Grey Sisters Mrs Bernadette Normand
GroOM# Mrs. Hiram Hinkler
Guild Mrs. Fred Dagg
Gutoski Mrs Wayne Maloney
Guy Bow- Mrs Dominic Sloan
Guy Fleury Mrs Irene Beaudoin
Guy Ross
Gwen Barber and Stewart Stark
H am Stewart
H and Mrs
H and Mrs Spender N.
H and Mrs Susannah Poole
H C Rowat RpreaveH Mrs. Annie Draper
H CROFT Mrs. Albert Cuthbertson
H H Mrs. Joe Norris
H Henderson 2.00 North Onslow Mrs.
H Mrs Alvin Romains
H Mrs Carl Ostrom
H Mrs Sylvia Lucas
H roe Ross
H Ross
H tld Ross
H ugh Ross
H. Murphy Mrs. Jack McGuire
H. Ross
H. S. Ross
H. Stewart
H.I. Mrs. Rose Bemister
H.O.W Braithwait Prin Mrs. Hubert Smart
Haberdasher Mrs. Lena McMunn
Hahn Council
Hahn Mrs Don Richardson
Hailey Stewart
Hal - Stewart
Hal Mrs
Hal Stewart
Hal Stewart’s
Hale Blames Ross Ministry
Hall Fort-Coulonge
Hall Fort-Coulonge All Members
Hall Fort-Coulonge All Mtmbtrs
Hall Stewart
Ham Stewart
Hamill Stewart
Hamilton A V Mrs. Ken Tub- Aberdeen Angus
Hamilton Mrs Laurette Romain
Hamilton Mrs. A. A. Smith
Hamilton Mrs. Robert Overton
Hamilton Stewart
Hamilton Stewart D »wd
Hamilton Stewart Dowd
Hamilton Stewart Down
Hand Sewing- Miss Elliott 1,Mrs RCàmpbell 2.
Handicrafts Mrs Earl Findlay
Hank Home-made Yarn—Mrs J
Hank Mrs. Owen Toller
Hank Yarn—Mrs Clarke
Hank Yarn—Mrs H MoCredie 1
Hanland Stewart
Hanna Mrs Della Kirkham
Hannah Craig: Mrs Alegra Chapman
Hannah Isobel Mrs. Kail
Hannah Mrs Maynard Pasch
Hannah Mrs W David
Hannah Mrs Zacharias
Hannah Mrs.
Hannah Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Har- Mrs Ross Stewart
Harold Armitage Mrs. Harold Fui
Harold Beckett Mrs.
Harold Hayes Municipal Council
Harold Hodgins Mrs
Harold Hodgins Mrs. Art Turner
Harold Hodqms Mrs. Austin MiDowell Lionel Thomson OBITUARIES Harold Adam Hodgins
Harold Kirkham Mrs Helena Yach
Harold Manwell Mrs. Thus Martin Merlin McKee
Harold McKenny Produits Forestiers Coulonge Inc. NOUS ACHETONS/WE
Harold McTiuiv Fort Coulonge
Harold Mrs Poole
Harold Mrs.
Harold Mrs. Don Lmgo
Harold Mrs. S. Neville
Harold Mrs. Wm Welch Jr is
Harold Otter Lake Post Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Harold Pokes Mrs. Robt
Harold Ross
Harold Smith Mrs
Harold Wilson Mrs. Dickson
Harold Wilson Mrs. Emery Le
Harper Mrs.
Harper Ren- Mrs.
Harris Mrs Bill Campbell
Harris Mrs G McDowell
Harris Stewart
Harrison Council Minutes
Harry Coles Pontiac County Cook Book
Harry Corrigan ... Mrs. Mervin Hides
Harry Coulonge
Harry Douglas Mrs Sam Allyson Mr
Harry Eades Mrs. Harry McCleary
Harry Foran Onslow Council Pays Sundry Bills
Harry Henderson County
Harry Hmlgins Council
Harry Hod- Mrs. David T. Hodglns
Harry Hodgins Mrs John T
Harry Hodgins W.M.—Mrs
Harry Hodgins. Brown Bread- Mrs Roy Mrs Harry Hodgini Belva Armitage
Harry Imisoo Dies After Lingering Illness Mrs Harry Imison
Harry Judd Marshall Chamberlain Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armi
Harry Kings-] Mrs. Dora Muldoon
Harry Lloyd Sr to Mrs.
Harry McDowell Mrs R Howard Motion
Harry Mrs
Harry Mrs Embie Finan
Harry Mrs. J. Ostrom
Harry Mrs. J. P. Hayes
Harry Mrs. Luneburo
Harry Mrs. Stewart Foster
Harry Mrs. Win
Harry Otrurch Ken Stewart
Harry Ross
Harry Roy Am- Mrs Bruce Barber
Harry Stewart
Harry Wilson Mrs. Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson Mrs. Pokes
Harry Wood Chartered Accountant By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Harry Wood Chartered Accountant Mrs
Hart Council
Hartland Stewart
Harttin Stewart
Harvev Ross 2.00
Harvey James Stewart V ?
Harvey Me- Mrs. Harold Hayes
Harvey Ross
Harvey Ross Grade III - Theodore Mauary
Harvey Ross WJL
Harvey Smith Council
Harvey Steele County-Master
Harvey Stewart Black
Harvey Wilson Mrs. Clive Smart
Hatch Mrs. Nellis Hodgins
Hattie Ross
Hawey/Touche Ross
Hay Council
Hay Fork Rope Treated Hay Loader Rope Mrs Melvin Armstrong
Hay Stewart
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Bros Mrs Edward Stewart
Hayes Bros, Mrs Belvo Armitage
Hayes Chanted Mrs. Kelley
Hayes Fu- County
Hayes L Canada Mrs Roland Graham 1
Hayes Mrs
Hayes Mrs Gordon Brownlee
Hayes Mrs.
Hayes Mrs. Draper
Hazel Ross
Hazel Stewart
He Stewart
He- Mrs Danny O Brien
Health Mrs G Graham.
Health Mrs Marie Moyle
Health-Mrs Claude Young
Hearty A Mrs Bud Sloan
Heather A Ross Dickson
Heather AibertHDickson Publisher Fort Coulonge
Heather Albert Dickson Ross Dickson
Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Heather Alberti Ross Dlcksoi
Heather Ann Stewart
Heather B Stewart
Heather Dickson Pontiac County
Heather Dickson Shawville Council
Heather Donna Stewart’s
Heather MacKech-and Mrs. Lionel Ouellet
Heather MacNab Stewart
Heather Mrs Margaret Reside
Heather Mrs. Joan Bel-1 Hodgins
Heather Ross Dickson
Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart 819-648-5413
Heather Stewart 4*
Heather Stewart 648-5413
Heather Stewart 648-5413 Avant
Heather Stewart 648-5413 Betty
Heather Stewart 648-5413 DAVID
Heather Stewart 648-5413 WOMEN
Heather Stewart 819-648-5413
Heather Stewart 819-648-5413 Happy
Heather Stewart Also
Heather Stewart and Betty Hodgins
Heather Stewart Aubrey
Heather Stewart Band
Heather Stewart Bertrand
Heather Stewart Bertrand L/OrCttâ
Heather Stewart By Helen Perry By Diane Boisvert 689-2652
Heather Stewart Cameron
Heather Stewart Congratulations
Heather Stewart Council
Heather Stewart Diane Boisvert 648-5296
Heather Stewart H 648-5413 )
Heather Stewart Happy
Heather Stewart Heritage College
Heather Stewart Lance
Heather Stewart Leopold
Heather Stewart Mom
Heather Stewart Oct.
Heather Stewart Oct. 6
Heather Stewart Smart
Heather Stewart They
Heather Stewart Uncle Larry Besserer
Heather Stewart Uncle Melvin
Heather Stewart- Oscar Dumouchel
Heaven Mrs. Norris
Heifers Mrs. Graham
Helen (Stewart
Helen Ca Mrs Norman Hobbs
Helen Coulonge Branch
Helen Mrs Emmerson Roy
Helen Mrs Stewart Wood
Helen Mrs Vern Phillips
Helen Mrs.
Helen Ross
Helen Ross Russett
Helen Routliffe Chairperson Fort Coulonge
Helen Routliffe Fort Coulonge Women
Helen Slack Wickenden Mrs. R F.. Quebec
Helen Stewart
Helen Stewart Dumou-
Helen Stewart Dumouchel
Helen Stewart-Dumouchel
Helen Stewart-Dumouchel Stylist
Helen Visiting Mrs Eva Muloney Bo
Helen) Mrs. Isidore
Helen-Mrs Ray Murdock
Help Wanted Mr. Ross Swartz
Henderson Mrs. Ivan Carroll
Henderson Mrs. Prosper Lemaide
Henri Amyotte Fort Coulonge
Henrietta Maria Ross
Henry * Mrs. Garfield Elliott
Henry Balia- County
Henry Bolam Mrs.
Henry Flood Mrs. Henry Flood
Henry Fort Coulonge
Henry Gagon Portage Council Strikes Mill Rates Bristol
Henry Greenshields Mrs. Harry Belsher
Henry Ma- Mrs Cletus Newberry
Henry McDowell Mrs John R McDowell
Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Rogaa Mrs. William Began Dean Finished
Henry Mrs Clifford Krose
Henry Mrs Delbert
Henry Mrs Martha liretzluff Mrs Louise Olm
Henry Mrs. Thos
Henry O .instead Mrs.Pearl Bowden.
Henry Olmstead Mrs. Pearl Bowden.
Henry S. A. Stewart
Henry Stanley Fort Coulonge
Henry Stewart
Henry Stewart It
Henry T. Ross
Henry Trevethan Mrs
Henry Woods Mrs. Mike Laikely
Hen—Mrs H Millar
Herb Cuth- Mrs. Pat Killoran
Herb Hannaberry Mrs.
Herb Russell I Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Herb Smith Bill Horner Mrs. Mary Amitage Eric Vadneau Roland Rennick
Herbert Brown Mrs Herbert Brown
Herbert Hor- Mrs. MacLean
Herbert Oebhaxdt:-Mrs
Herbert Ross
Herbert ROSS AI
Herbert Stewart
Herbert W County
Here’s Mrs. Brown
Herman Mrs
Herman Mrs Fred Publishers
Herman Mrs Munel LeRoy
Herman Mrs. E.
Herman Ross
Herman Schroeder and Mrs
Herman Schroeder and Mrs Archie Tanner
Herman Schroeder and Mrs Reinhold Pasch
Herman Schroeder and Mrs. Gustave Burke
Herman Schroeder and Mrs. Reinhold Pasch
Herman Schroeder at Echo Val- Mrs Ida McCorriston
Herman Schroeder were Mrs Fred Bletzlaff
Herman Schroeder were Mrs Howard Badham
Herman Schwartz Mrs Herman Otto Schwartz
Herman Stewart
Herman Thrun Thos Horner Frank Lepach John Hitz Melba Hodgins Walter Yach Mrs. Perley Belsher Cliff
Herman Zimmerling Mrs. Lois McCoy
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Albert Richard
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Pat Burnette
HHL— Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Hickey Mrs Cora Richardson Pearl M Anderson Lake
Hicks Mags- MRS.
Hilda Graham Litchfield Council
Hilda Graham Mrs Pearl Hopkins
Hilda M Graham Publicity Convener Mrs Robinson
Hill Apply Mrs Duncan Headrick Foresters
Hillis Graham- Mrs Esther Bretzlaff
Hilton Mines Ottawa Apply Mrs. Arnold Trudeau
Hitch Stewart Crabb
Hitz Council
Ho Mrs. Dilworth
Hoad Stewart
Hobbs Billy Homer Marion Homer Stewart Kehoe Mary Kilgour Eunice Krause Gladys McCagg Billy McCoy B
Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Ross Bailey Sale Day
Hobbs Bros Auctioneer Stewart James 613-445-3269 rm
Hobbs Fancy Work Cattle Mrs E Cow
Hobbs Mrs
Hobbs Mrs Beulah Woods
Hobbs Mrs Marion Laroche
Hobbs Mrs.
Hobbs Mrs. L. Graham
Hobbs Programme Committee—Mrs
Hobbs Shawville Old Miscellaneous Shop Location - Mrs. Marjorie McCredie
Hod Mrs Cecil Gordon
Hod-1 Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Hodg- Mrs Richard Roy
Hodgin Stewart
Hodgins J H. Stewart
Hodgins Mrs
Hodgins Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Hodgins Mrs Grant Rogers
Hodgins Mrs J H Der. Corr Sec Hodgins
Hodgins Mrs Lloyd Connolly
Hodgins Mrs Pat Longton
Hodgins Mrs.
Hodgins Mrs. James Wilson V. J. Wilson
Hodglns Mrs. Russell Hodglns
Holes Mrs. Gerald Kelley
Hollis Barber Fort Coulonge
Hollis Barber met Council Smith
Holly Mrs.
Home Economics _ Mrs. Alvin Kelley
Home Economics-Mrs Fred Fraser
Home Economics—Mrs Evelyn Duff
Home- Mr. Ross
Homeowner Russell Stewart
Honda Ross Prizes
Honorable D. A. Ross
Honored At Coulonge Chute Inn Banquet
Honourable Wm A. Stewart
Horn Mrs.
Horne Mrs. Melvin Stewart
Horner Cheer- Mrs Lennis Barr Hospital- Mrs Lloyd Connolly Mrs
Horner Citizenship- Mrs
Horner Council
Horner Massey-Harris Corn Wellington Armstrong Mrs.
Horner Mrs W J Black
Hors Ross
Hospital Mrs Pat Wallace
Hospital Mrs Peter Kluke
Hotel Baume Street Fort-Coulonge
Household Fellowship - Mrs Ken Smith
Howard A Mrs
Howard Chosen Union Nationale Candidate Mrs. Hugh Grace
Howard Dubé Fort Coulonge
Howard McWhir- Mrs. Fred Piercy
Howard Mrs
Howard Mrs Eldon Keon
Howard Mrs H E Loken
Howard Mrs. Alphonse Tanguay
Howard Mrs. Boucher
Howard Mrs. H. McLaughlin
Howard Mrs. L E. Thomson Moved
Howard Mrs. Thompson Harold Beckett Moved
Howard Mrs. Walter Derrick
Howard Mrs. Wm
Howard Mulligan Mrs. Frances Carson
Howard Stewart
Howard Walsh Mrs. Matt Wallace
Howard) Stewart Todd
Howe Council Knight
Hrma Stewart
Hu- Mrs. Louise Horner Buried At Thorne Dr. C.W. FERRILL M.D. Eyes
Hubert Brownlee- Mrs Ken Beattie
Hubert Hamilton Mrs
Hubert Hom-the Bristol Council
Hubert McCal- Mrs Robert Belsher
Hubert Mrs
Hubert Mrs Ken Tubman
Hubert Mrs.
Hubert Mrs: ManvMefshid
Hubert Stewart
Hudgins Mrs. Ella Angus
Hudgins Mrs. K C.
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
Hugh Horner Mrs.
Hugh L Stewart
Hugh Leslie Stewart Mr Glenn
Hugh Mrs Bernice Gardiner Brusen
Hugh Pr Fort Coulonge
Hugh Ross
Hugh Ross 19034)4
Hugh Stewart
Hugh Stewart Cep
Hughie Stewart
Hugses Mrs Jos Gagnon
Hull Council
Hull Mrs Eva Maloney recent- Mrs Pat Wallace
Hull Mrs Fred Milkie
Hull Mrs. Ivan Saunders
Hull Mrs. Sam Rennick
Hull Principal Mrs Una Hayes
Hulse Mrs. Foster Corrigan
Hun-1 Mrs Hector Racine
Hunt Mrs Neil McDowell
Hunter Borrows Wife’s Corsets Mrs. Bogart
Hunter Mrs
Hunter Mrs. Eleanor Rennick
Hurhie Stewart
Huster Mrs Emerson Twa
Hvuii Ross
I A H Dean................ Council
I da Stewart
I j Karen Stewart Otter
I Mrs Michel Asselin
I Stewart
I*.# H Mrs. John Stewart
I. D XliC Mrs. James Sloan Dies At Her
I. Smith Shawville E Mrs. Emelia Ryan Mrs. Emelia Ryan
I. Stewart
I3SJ PubMws Ross Dickson Heather Dickson EcStof Richard Wits Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Clas
I3SJ Pubtihers Ross Ockson Heother Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cl
Ian Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Ian 2. Mrs R W Horigins 2. K|iecimen
Ian MacK- Coulonge River
Ian Ross
Ian Stewart
Ian<* Mrs Joe Belanger
Id Stewart
Idena Brownlee Mrs.
II—Elbert Stewart
Ijast Sun<*a Mrs Lois Judd
Illusionist Michaell Ross Four-course
Illusionist Michaell Ross Four-course Prime Rib
ILX^hool Mrs Betty Popkey
Imitation Stone Mrs Gerturde Giroux
Implements Stewart
IMr Slid Mrs John Elliott Conway
In Mrs. Wesley Macintosh
In-Lawrence Stewart Sr
Ina Ross
Independence Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Ini’* Mrs. Wm Moore
Inquire Mrs. Eva Poisson Bryson
Inspection Council
Inspector Stewart
Institute Mrs. Leonard Stanley
Intermediate French Mrs. G. Armstrong Kindergarten Miss
Intermediate Mrs Evelyn Duff
Into Mrs.
Introducing BARBARA M. ROSS
INTRODUCING Mrs. Willie I. Barber Dies In
Iona Sloan Mrs. Keith Bowie
IPresldent Mrs. Clifford
Ira Merri- Mrs. Stan Mrs.
Ira Merrifield - Mrs. Belva Armitage
Ira Merrifield Mrs.
Ira Mrs.
Ira Whalen Mrs.
Ira Whelen Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Irene Stewart
Iris Smith Bertha McGee Mrs
Iris Smith Correspondent Mrs Stephens
Iris Smith Mrs Emma Church
Iris Stewart
Iris Stewart Lionel
Irvin Mrs. Leonard Stanley
Irvin Stewart
Irvine Stewart
Irwin Mrs Don Horner
Irwin Ross
Irwin Stewart
Irwin Stewart N
Irwin Stewart RevLH.
Irwm Stewart
Is Mrs David Dickson
Is0l>el Stewart
Isabel Graham Publicity Convener Mrs S.W. MacKechnie
Isabel Macbeth Mrs. Charles Hondcrich
Isabel Stewart
Isabella Davis Mrs. Eddie Finnigan
Isabella Ross
Isabelle Ross
Ishbel Ross
ISill X Phone Mrs. Ethel Mackay
Island Mrs.
Isobel Stewart
Isobel Stewart Phone
Isooel Stewart
Items Revel T. Stewart
Ithe Council
Iva Stewart
Iva Webb Mrs.
Ivan Mrs. Armilage
Ivan Dawkins Mrs Ira Whelan Mrs John Lisk
Ivan Denzeil Stewart
Ivan Lewis Mrs. Jack Hendry
Ivan Mrs Neil LaCharity
Ivan Stewart
Iver- Harris 647-3526 Mrs.
Ives Bisson de Fort-Coulonge
Ivy Stewart
Iw Stewart
I®ri* Mrs
I— J Mrs Amanda Proulx Le
I—Erma Stewart
I—Mrs X W. Chamberlin
I’ Wilson Mrs
J % W J VjA Bristol Council
J Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
J * Mrs Mainville
J - Mrs. Winslow’s Sooth
J A MRS H. Richardson WoirsU^h
J and* Mrs. Edmund Millar
J C. Stewart
J G. Elliott Clifford Horner----- Mrs Chris.
J H Mrs. WiIImu» Murray
J H Stewart
J H Stewart.
J H. Stewart
J J Mrs Shirley Best
J J Hodgins 3. Stewart Stark
J J Mrs Ouellet
J J Stewart
J J Stewart Bishopton
J J Stewart Bishopton Letters
J J Stewart Bishopton Ontario Grist
J J Stewart Inis
J J ¦ Mrs. Lees
J J. Ross
J Jr 819-683-2010 FORT-COULONGE
J L (Bnsebois) Stewart
J L Richards Shawville Council
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J Mrs
J Mrs Curti$ Gail Neilson
J Mrs Eldon McCambly
J Mrs Holmes
J Mrs Jim Sylvester
J Mrs Mallette
J Mrs Oswald Lacroix Mr.
J Mrs. Ella Stewart
J Mrs. Fred Pyper
J Mrs. Hugh McCafTery
J Mrs. Leonard Grace
J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
J Reynolds Lady’s Slacks Mrs R Young
J Stewart
J town Mrs. Viola Cushman
J V Moran 2. Lace Cotton Crochet—Mrs H Barnett Mrs Win Cotie
J Vaf Mrs
J VV. Ross
J W Mrs John E Storey
J ’’Council Standard
J! Mrs Len Perry
J!±S!SS»5a tfSJSlI Estate Mrs.
J. A. Stewart
J. En- Mrs. Hillis Graham
J. G. Ross
J. L. Stewart
J. M. Ross
J. Murray Mrs.
J. Richmond Mrs Erskine Hodgins Bereaved
J. Ross
J. Stewart
J. Thompson Mrs. R. J Thompson
J. W Campbell Mrs.
J.G. Ross
J.H. Stewart
J.J. Mrs Bennett
J.J. Stewart Bishopton
J.T. Mrs. Arnold Bmnton
J? y®PirlL Stewart
Ja-Heather Stewart
Ja=k Stewart
JaA Stewart
Jack Coulonge
Jack Council
Jack Dunlop Mrs. Lena Myers
Jack Haw Mrs Bari Findlay
Jack Kerr Mrs. Melvin Young
Jack Lester Mrs. Grégoire Loiselle Mrs. Roland McDougall Mrs. S. Wyman McKechnie Mrs. Ken Morrison
Jack Me— B Stewart.
Jack Mrs Audry Leclair
Jack Mrs Claude Mrs
Jack Mrs Myrtle Deering
Jack Mrs. Amile Zacharias
Jack Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Jack Mrs. Moise Sauve
Jack Mus- Mrs. John Ade
Jack Robinmsn Mrs. Cecil Fans
Jack Ross
Jack Russell COUNCIL January Special
Jack Russell Mrs. Clarence Clemmens
Jack Sexton Council
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart Amvotte
Jack Stewart-
Jack Stewart- 2.90 Morley Hodg Danny Me Ca Canadian Industries
Jack Stewart- 23.68 Eugene Potvin-
Jack Ye- Mrs. Henry Dale
Jackie Coulonge
Jackie Fort Coulonge
Jackie Mrs Arthur Kealey
Jackie Mrs. Helen Thrun
Jackie Stewart
Jacob Stewart
Jacqueline Brisebois Secrétaire-trésorière Renfrew County
Jacqueline Martineau Corresponding Secretary-Mrs Bernadette McGee Recording Secretary- Mrs John Law
Jacqueline Mrs. EJfla Angus
Jacques and Mrs. C. Schwartz
Jacques Candle Light Service At United Church Mrs.
Jacques Cartier County
Jacques Dmi SOT Mrs. Arthur Spinks
Jacques Hostess Committee Mrs. Exlgar
Jacques Mrs Smith
Jacques Mrs. Bill Anderson Mrs. Kenneth Àrmitage Mrs. F. E. Bailey Mrs. Melvin Beattie Mrs. Gordon
Jaden Stewart
Jadena Stewart
Jaime Stewart
James A Stewart
James A. McBain Mrs. Chesey McMillan
James Alex- Mrs. Storey
James Allen Mrs. Robt
James Armitage Mrs.
James B Stewart
James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E Brandum Mary R. Armstrong K. H
James Bfunton Mrs Eva Brunton
James Brown Mrs James Brown
James C. Glenn Mrs.
James C. Horner Mrs Henry Dale
James Canty Coulonge
James Carswell Mrs.
James Clarendon Council
James Clark Ross
James Coulonge
James Council
James D. Stewart
James Daley Mrs. Margaret Moyle
James E. Barrett Mrs. B. Murray
James G 1- Mrs. Gwen Smith
James G. Ross
James Gaye Stewart
James George Ross
James Gibson - Council
James H. Stewart
James Hamilton Stewart
James Henry Stewart
James Hodgins Council
James Hodgins Shawville Municipal Council
James Hopkins Bersheba Buck Mary Gideon Longface Mrs. Crisp Tommy Crip
James J Ross
James Jno. Stewart
James L Stewart
James L Stewart Portage
James L Stewart Joumali.t
James L Stewart Quyon
James L Stewart Quyon Editor
James L Stewart Quyon Justice
James L. Stewart
James L. Stewart May
James L. Stewart Quyon
James Lcken Mrs
James Malon-Mrs
James McCuaig - Mrs Jean Low 5
James mcOee Mrs. Charles Kavanagh
James Meek Mrs Merle Young
James Mrs Fred Schroeder
James Mrs Geo.
James Mrs Richard Milliken^gJ* Mr. Miiliken
James Mrs Roae Soucie
James Mrs Terry Bfcudy
James Mrs. C.
James Mrs. E.
James Mrs. Ernest Garland Mr.
James Mrs. John McIntosh
James Mrs. L. Kelley
James Mrs. Madella Clarice
James Mrs. Rockefeller
James Mrs. Winnifred Frost
James Mrs. XV.
James Nadi Mrs
James Ostrom Mrs Eamow Kane
James Pandi Council
James Parish Council
James Perry Coulonge Curling Club
James PitC Mrs. George and
James R. Ross
James Riley’s Birthday Party Mrs. James H. Riley
James Ross
James Ross Beck
James Sr Stewart
James Stewart
James Stewart Thursday
James Stewart -
James Stewart - Maire
James Stewart - Points Léo Gibbons
James Stewart - Why
James Stewart 1
James Stewart 855
James Stewart Al
James Stewart Anita Barber NO MONDAY
James Stewart Armitage
James Stewart Arthur Kennedy
James Stewart Audio Murphy
James Stewart Audle Murphy Colour Xÿ
James Stewart Barrister
James Stewart Buried Sunday
James Stewart Caldwell
James Stewart Calumet Is-
James Stewart Calumet Island
James Stewart China War Story Lise Lu
James Stewart Cool
James Stewart Councillor
James Stewart Cr
James Stewart Cregheur
James Stewart Cyd Charisse Gene Kelly IT’S
James Stewart Dawn Addams RETURN TO
James Stewart Debra Paget Mon.
James Stewart Diane
James Stewart Edward
James Stewart Edward G. Robinson
James Stewart Fernando Lamas Arlene Dahl Shawville
James Stewart Gauthier
James Stewart Gerald Dagg
James Stewart Glynis Jones
James Stewart Glynis Jones GALLON
James Stewart Grace Kelly / V * Nancy Newberry
James Stewart Grace Kelly A
James Stewart Hall
James Stewart Henry Fonda Shirley Jones Agent
James Stewart I Campbell
James Stewart Individual
James Stewart J. Marcel Metoche Presiding Officer EQUITY
James Stewart Jam
James Stewart Janet Leigh
James Stewart Joanne Dru
James Stewart Jr
James Stewart Jr and
James Stewart Jr Shannon Finn
James Stewart Jr while
James Stewart Jr,
James Stewart Jr.
James Stewart Jr. Also
James Stewart Jr. En
James Stewart June Aliys
James Stewart June Allyson Technicolor Judy Canova
James Stewart Kim Novak
James Stewart Kim Novak Aft* Snn i V _
James Stewart Michel Grenier
James Stewart Miss Trudeau
James Stewart MRC
James Stewart Mrs Roland St Aubin
James Stewart MURRAY’S Victoria Avenue
James Stewart November
James Stewart Our
James Stewart OVERLOAD
James Stewart Pasture
James Stewart Patricia Smith
James Stewart Pontiac
James Stewart Randy
James Stewart Reception Centre
James Stewart Sandra Dee
James Stewart Sandra Dee ANDERSON
James Stewart Secretary Treasurer Ann
James Stewart Shawville
James Stewart Shirley Jones
James Stewart Sr
James Stewart Sr.
James Stewart Stewart Granger Technicolor Ray Bolger Doris Day Terry Moore Color Clifton Webb Thund
James Stewart Technicolor IiYUYuedicxte
James Stewart Vera Miles Gang Busters
James Stewart Walter Huston
James Stewart Would
James Stewart X
James Stewart YOU
James Stewart*
James Stewart*s
James Stewart.
James Stewart’-bv W. A. Hudgins
James Stewart’s
James Telford Mrs
James Tracy Mrs. Hillis Graham
James Village de Fort Coulonge
James-Stewart Jr
Jamie and Sylvie Stewart
Jamie Carson Coulonge Atoms
Jamie Stewart
Jamie Stewart Linda Trudeau Hines
Jamieson Stewart
Jamvie Stewart
Jan Ross
Jan Stewart
Jane Anne Connolly Mrs. R:
Jane Coyle Mrs Clarice Mosseau
Jane De- Mrs Bolger
Jane McDou- Mrs Marie Greer
Jane Meldrum Honoured Mrs.
Jane Mrs Ernie Gillis
Jane Mrs. Garnet Hodgins
Jane Mrs. Ralph Richmond Miss Elaine McDowell Mr.
Jane Norma Johncox Weds Frank Ross Young
Jane Patsy Stewart
Jane R Stewart
Jane Robinson Mrs Mark Marion
Jane Russell Van Heflin Mrs. Hubert Elliott
Jane Stewart
Jane Thrash-Fort Coulonge
Janet Isabel Stewart
Janet Kilgour Mrs. Harry Farrell Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ivan Hodgins Dr.
Janet L Stewart
Janet Mrs
Janet Rabh
Janet Reynolds Cotton Dress Mrs Cartman
Janet Robin-by Mrs Ada Daly
Janet Stewart
Janet Stewart Young
Janice Stewart
Janies Stewart
Janis Stewart
January Mrs. Lawrence Wilson
Jas Ross
Jas Stewart
Jason Huckabone Murray Wilson Linda Cameron Joanne Stewart Carmen Cameron Jennifer Scharf
Jay Mrs. R Rusenetrum Mrs.
Jayden Stewart
Jean ( Mrs Bruce Wallace
Jean ( Mrs Caruso
Jean ( Mrs Joseph Houghton Jr)
Jean (Mrs
Jean (Mrs Basil Quaile
Jean (Mrs Bill Hooker
Jean (Mrs Charles Smith
Jean (Mrs Clifford Whelan
Jean (Mrs Darrel Davies
Jean (Mrs David Stephens
Jean (Mrs Des McLaughlin
Jean (Mrs Donald) Horner
Jean (Mrs Gar-
Jean (Mrs George Dodge
Jean (Mrs George Grant
Jean (Mrs George Knox
Jean (Mrs Harold) Judd Visiting
Jean (Mrs Herman O Byrne
Jean (Mrs John Cume-Mills
Jean (Mrs John Man
Jean (Mrs John Stewart
Jean (Mrs Ken Grove
Jean (Mrs L Menzies
Jean (Mrs Leo McMamara
Jean (Mrs Leslie McMillan
Jean (Mrs Robert
Jean (Mrs Robert | P.
Jean (Mrs Sherwood Storey
Jean (Mrs Tom MacEachern
Jean (Stewart
Jean + Stewart 2
Jean and Mrs Laurent Lessard
Jean ben Stewart
Jean Blyth Mrs. J. Hunt
Jean Chartrand Mrs Gravell
Jean Coulonge
Jean Council
Jean Cram Stewart
Jean Ebert Ross
Jean Finlan Council J h^1 „
Jean Finlan Mrs Carol Clarks
Jean Fort Coulonge
Jean Fort Coulonge Belec
Jean Fran- Fort Coulonge Atom An
Jean Fulford Graduates PontÎQC Social Planning Council Campbell’s Bay
Jean Guy Coulonge
Jean Guy Mrs
Jean Hahn Mrs. Edmond O’Malley
Jean Horner Mrs Audrey Hodgins
Jean I Carson Mrs. Clarence Westbrook
Jean I Stewart
Jean Judd Stewart
Jean knox Mrs
Jean La- Mrs Sterling Hobbs
Jean Louis Muir Mrs Nicholas Morrissey
Jean Mamie Stewart
Jean Marie Ryan Mrs. Mary McNally
Jean Me Mrs.
Jean Meilleur X Sons Paul Berard Rodger LaSalle Eugene Pigeon Ross
Jean Mrs Adam and Sr Marguerite Adam
Jean Mrs George Fumerton Calumet Island
Jean Mrs Lola Boisvert
Jean Mrs Pat McGuire
Jean Mrs. Alfred Wiitkopf
Jean Mrs. Ernest Hahn
Jean Mrs. Eskar Rebertz
Jean Mrs. James Gavan
Jean Mrs. James Murphy
Jean Mulligan and Susan Ross
Jean Ogilvie 647-5407 Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Jean Pontiac County Social Plan
Jean Sauriol Weds At Coulonge Portage
Jean Smith Mrs. Asa M Smith
Jean Stewart
Jean Stewart 1
Jean Stewart Honoured By Murrell
Jean Stewart March
Jean Stewart s
Jean Stewart Victoria Avenue
Jean Thomp-and Mrs. Minnie MclXgg
Jean Wallace Mrs Olive Hayward
Jean were Mrs Jack Robinard
Jean) Mrs
Jean) Mrs Donald Martineau
Jean) Mrs Lloyd Os
Jean) Mrs Roy
Jean) Mrs.
Jean) Mrs. Art Van Loosen
Jean) Mrs. Donald Bredburg
Jean) Mrs. Earnie SHAWVILLE
Jean) Mrs. Grant Murray
Jean) Mrs. John Thompson
Jean) Mrs. Keith Tait
Jean) Mrs. Leonard MacLean
Jean) Mrs. Lloyd Pallbearers
Jean) Mrs. Robert MacAllister
Jean) Mrs. Stath-am
Jean) Mrs. Thomas McRae
Jean- James Stewart
Jeane Stewart
Jeanne Stewart
Jeannelle Romain Fort Coulonge
Jeff and Betty Mrs Walter Yach
Jeff Gauthier Coulonge Sunday
Jeff Harris Trevor Stewart
Jeff Mrs John Brusenbauch
Jeff Stewart
Jeffery Stewart
Jeffrey Ross
Jeffrey Stewart
Jeffrey Stewart Lelgh-Ann Charette
Jeflf Stewart
Jen- Stewart
Jennie Stewart
Jennifer An-Fort Coulonge
Jennifer Colleen Stewart Hodgins
Jennifer Hodgins Mrs Roland Graham
Jennifer McGuire Outstanding School Spirit Mary Stewart
Jennifer Mrs Adolph Zimerlm*
Jennifer Mrs. Hartman
Jennifer Rout Sharon Stewart
Jennifer Stewart
Jerome Amyotte Fort Coulonge
Jerome Mrs. Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Dubeau Council
Jerry Hrededty Coulonge
Jerry Stewart
Jerry Tabbert Council
Jesse Ross
Jessie May Stewart
Jessie Ross
Jessie Schwartz Stewart
JiaSs Mrs Foster
Jill Donahue Fort Coulonge
Jim & Ivy Stewart
Jim A Anna Stewart
Jim Backus Mrs. Louisa Wills
Jim Council
Jim Edds Mrs. Antoine Rivet
Jim Irwin Stewart
Jim Jim Stewart
Jim Mrs
Jim Mrs Peter Bauer
Jim Mrs Rev. L. R. Mack
Jim Mrs. Dorothy Lough
Jim Mugs Mrs Jean Whelan
Jim Ross
Jim Stan- Mrs Brian Woods
Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart Acres
Jim Stewart Afghan
Jim Stewart Arthur Dean Campbell’s Bay District Garry Hearty
Jim Stewart Baby
Jim Stewart Bristol
Jim Stewart Child
Jim Stewart Citron
Jim Stewart Dark Fruit Cake
Jim Stewart Debbie Cross Marilyn McGuire
Jim Stewart Girls
Jim Stewart Green
Jim Stewart Her
Jim Stewart Jim Earl
Jim Stewart Jr and
Jim Stewart Legion Pres
Jim Stewart Rick Paquette Ernie Kingsbury Jack Kingsbury Noel
Jim Stewart Tomatoes
Jim Stewart...... Cecil Elliott.... H. Stewart
Jim Stewart’s
Jimmie Stewart
Jimmy Ella Stewart
Jimmy Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Jimmy Mrs. Lee Harkins
Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Stewart Shelly Winters Furniture
Jl Mrs.
Jo Ann Stewart
Jo Anne Stewart
Jo Mrs. Chris Caldwell
Jo-Ann Stewart
Jo-Ann Stewart Larocque
Jo-annc Stewart
Jo-Anne Stewart
Joan Arm- Glenlockie Rag Apple Gall Mrs.
Joan Bennett Robert Campbell Janet Fraser Ross Finnigan Donald Stafford Shirley Trudeau Sadie Wilso
Joan Caulfield Mrs. Paul
Joan CELERY Mrs.
Joan Council
Joan Crawford Anne Helm Mrs. W. C. Schwartz
Joan Fin-Mrs
Joan Foil Coulonge—A
Joan Hannaberry Mrs. Brady
Joan McGuire Council
Joan Mrs
Joan Mrs Eric (Eva) Brown Also
Joan Mrs Mabel Langford
Joan Mrs Vreda Murphy
Joan Mrs.
Joan Mrs. Eric Copeland
Joan Nellis Stewart
Joan Pilon Fort-Coulonge
Joan R. Stewart
Joan Sicard Brenda Stewart
Joan Stewart
Joan Stewart’s
Joan) Mrs.
Joann Stewart
Joanne Echoes Fort Coulonge
Joanne Gauthier Council
Joanne Legault Coulonge
Joanne Mrs Alice (Lance
Joanne Mrs Sciba
Joanne Mrs. Edward Cunningham Mrs.
Joanne Ricard Fort Coulonge
Joanne Stewart
Joanne Stewart Evans
Joanne Stewart Is
Joanne Stewart/Larcoque
Joanne Stewart/Larocque Poll
Joanne Stuart Seat Five Helen Ro Chichester Fort Coulonge Litchfield Litchfield
Jocelyne Leclauv Mrs
Jocelyne Vasilos de Fort-Coulonge
Jodie Mrs Annie Campbell
Joe % Mrs. A. P. Knight
Joe Ann Stewart
Joe Anne Stewart Evans
Joe Bryson Waltham News Review Mrs. Arthur La
Joe Doyle Ft Coulonge
Joe E. Ross
Joe Kilgour Funeral Friday Mrs.
Joe Lafram-Mrs Dawson Moorhead
Joe Mrs George Carnahan
Joe Mrs Russell Gravelle
Joe Mrs. SI/
Joe Mrs. Wm
Joe Municipal Council
Joe Rodgers Mrs. Louis Lemay
Joe Rutledge Mrs.
Joe Stewart
Joe Stewart Annette Ryan
Joe Tauebert Mrs Bertha Demers
Joe" Michael) Stewart
Joe) Stewart
John 0. Stewart
John 7-2834 Stewart
John 7-2843 Stewart
John A Armstrong Mrs
John A John Stewart
John A Mrs Bud Elliott.
John A Stewart
John A Stewart Park
John A Stur- Council
John A. Ross
John and Betty Stewart
John and Margaret Staf- Mrs
John and Mrs.
John and Mrs. Carling
John and Mrs. Davis Jr.
John and Mrs. E.
John and Mrs. L. Anderson
John and Mrs. Smith
John and Pat Kavanagh Mrs.
John and Ross
John and Ross McDir-mid
John and Stewart Yemen
John and Susan Mrs Hayes
John Andrew Stewart
John Armstrong Gerald Bean — Mrs Linden Young
John Armstrong Stewart Hodgins
John Atkinson Thorne Mayor Ross
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew McKnight
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew Me Knight........
John Bristol Council
John Brusen- Coulonge
John C. Ross
John Charles Stewart
John Clerk# Nellis Stewart
John Coulonge
John Council
John Cunning- Mrs. Margaret Kelley
John Cunningham Mrs.
John Dagg Mrs
John Deneult Mrs. John Denault
John Derek Elaine Stewart This Week Tiy
John Don- Mrs Neil Sharpe
John Ed- L.nd Mrs. John Greenshields
John English and Mrs. Fred T. *
John F. Kell Mrs Hubert Elliott
John F. Stewart Northern Winter
John Francoeur Dies Al Coulonge Mr. John Francoeur
John Fulford Mrs
John G and Mrs.
John G Henderson Mrs
John Hearty Mrs Hobbs
John Henderson Mrs
John Hobin Mrs. John
John Holmes Mrs. Walter McBane Vice-President
John Home Economics - Mrs.
John Howard Mrs. A.
John HU*wart...... John Stvwart Sam Sinclair..... John Stewart.....
John Hurst Solist Mrs.
John James Draper Mrs. Lyfred Brown
John Jones Guest Mrs
John Jones John Thomas Muldoon Mrs. Austin Sparling
John Jones Ross
John Kelly Mrs
John L For- Mrs. Sherwood Beattie
John L Hodgins Mrs. R Howard
John L MahereL Gerald Stewart
John L. Hodgins Mrs. John L. Hodgins
John Lan* Jthis Council
John Lang Mrs. Albert ___99.26
John Langford Sandra Stewart Elane Wickens
John Mainville Council
John Mane Mrs Raymond Maheral
John McAra Mrs. John McAra
John Me-Municipal Council
John Mousseau........... D.une—Mrs
John Mrs Betty Verner
John Mrs Carl Ebert
John Mrs Dennis Wakeling
John Mrs Dillas Toole
John Mrs Don Duff
John Mrs Garth Graham
John Mrs Kleinikkink
John Mrs Mary Boisvert
John Mrs Mel Bretzlaff
John Mrs Muriel LeRoy
John Mrs Shirley Stevenson
John MRS.
John Mrs. Bailey
John Mrs. Clifford Wilson
John Mrs. Hearne
John Mrs. John Ashe
John Mrs. John Greer
John Mrs. Lloyd Cuiiully
John MtAra Mrs. Pierre Archambault Caldwell
John Munro Ross
John Murtagh Coulonge
John Newberry Mrs. Edgar Reside
John Normandeau 8th - Danny Stewart
John Paul I. Mrs Daley
John Paul II Charity Dance Chevaliers de Colomb Fort Coulonge Powell
John Paul II Student Council
John Paul M’s Shelly Ross
John Q. Stewart
John R Stewart
John R. Stewart
John Rabishaw Mrs. Martin Kluke Jr.
John Rob- Mrs. John Robertson
John Robertson Mrs.
John Robinson Mrs. Orth
John Roland.......... Mrs IIvieilles Maxwell
John Ross
John Ross Allan
John Ross Matthews
John Ross Mr
John Ross Nielsen
John Ross Peck Irma
John Ross Ro-bertson
John Ross Robertson
John Ross Tells Some Geod Stories
John Ross Trinnell
John Russell Mrs Margaret Russell
John Samuel Stewart
John Smiley Mrs.
John Smith Mrs
John Smith Mrs.
John Smith STEWART
John Sparling Mrs. Sparling
John Stephens Pasture Wanted Mrs. J<
John Stewart
John Stewart -
John Stewart 1st Shaw
John Stewart 1»
John Stewart Cal
John Stewart Calumet Island
John Stewart Calumet Island Que
John Stewart Charterla
John Stewart E S Church
John Stewart Fuesday
John Stewart Impertinent
John Stewart Jauarv
John Stewart Mac- Arthur
John Stewart MacKenzie
John Stewart McLennan
John Stewart Monday
John Stewart Mr.
John Stewart On Friday
John Stewart Ot- 6
John Stewart Ottawa
John Stewart Part
John Stewart RR 2
John Stewart Scullion Sr.
John Stewart SOSOx NOTICE
John Stewart Storey
John Stewart Thursday
John Stewart Visiting
John Stewart-
John Stewart- 6,49 Est Lawson Smith
John Stewart- 96.78 Albert
John Stewart.
John Stewart.......
John Stewart’s
John Sturgeon Campbells Bay Mrs.
John Sturgeon Campbells Bay Mrs. Roy McDowell
John Sylvester Mrs. Charles Taber
John T Dagg 2. Mrs
John T Mrs. Gordon Popkey
John T. Da Mrs Dwight McDowell
John Thomson Mrs. John Davis
John W. Mrs. Geo
John W. Ross
John W. Steele Mrs. John W. Steele
John Wallace Mrs.
John Walsh Sr. Mrs Amy Creighton
John Walsh Sr. Mrs Lionel Bastien
John Walsh Sr. Mrs Pearl Ebert
John Warain Mrs. John Warain
John Wayne James Stewart Plus
John Wilson Mrs. Alfred Newberry Rémi Normandeau Women* Institute
John* Ross
John......................... Stewart
Johnathan Stewart
Johnle Stewart
Johnny Mrs Jean Sparling
Johnny Stewart Jam Sterling
Johnny Stewart X
Johnson Mrs
Johnson Mrs. Smith
Johnston Mrs Gerard Trudeau Mrs Lawrence Reid Mrs Don Trudeau Western Saddle Horse
Johnston Mrs Martineau
Johnston Mrs. Thoms
Jon Labine and Ross Cote
Jon Mrs. Hwldenrich
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart Jennifer Fletcher Elizabeth Gerow
Jonathan Tel- Vi Mrs,
Jonathon Stewart
Jones Mrs. B. Hen
Jordon Stewart
Joseph Bean Largely Attended MRS.
Joseph Belanger Mrs. John Belanger
Joseph D Mrs Leona Corriveau Sloan
Joseph Doylt Mrs Roy
Joseph Green Mrs. Ken Knipe
Joseph Jeffrey Mrs.
Joseph Joubert Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe
Joseph Little Mrs.
Joseph Mrs Alex Weir
Joseph Mrs John Connolly
Joseph Mrs John L. Hodgins
Joseph Mrs Vertel Smiley
Joseph Mrs. Amelia Bretzlafif
Joseph Office Municipal Council
Joseph Richard Mrs. Jcneph Richard
Joseph Ross
Joseph Roy .... Duncan Ross
Joseph Smiley^ggg* Mrs Smyth
Joseph Squit Mrs Edith Draper
Joseph Stewart
Joseph Stewart Mr. Woermke
Joseph Toilet Cushion—Mrs E
Joseph Yereck - Mrs.
Joseph Yurkiewicz Mrs.
JoSGOh Patrick Mrs Midas Richard
Josh Coulonge
Joshua Armitage Wendy Stewart
Jouir Stewart
Joyce Mr Jean Yach Honored At Bridal Shower Mrs. Reinhold
Joyce Findlay Honoured Mrs. Hilliard Hobbs
Joyce Flem Mrs Cameron Rowat
Joyce Kllfosr Mrs. Lloyd Conolly
Joyce McCleary Mrs John Dean
Joyce Mrs Howard Orr
Joyce Mrs Simon Corriveau
Joyce Mrs.
Joyce Mrs. Elgin Howard
Joyce Mrs. Ellis Palmer
Joyce Pitt Mrs
Joyce Revel Stewart
Joyce Richardson- Secy Mrs Wayne Chamberlain- Treas
Joyce South For- Mrs. Anne Fumerton
Joyce Stewart
Joyce Stewart Beauchamp
Joyce Sylvester Mrs
Joyce Vachon Mrs Mervin Baird
Joyce Warren Brenda Stewart
Jr Chairman Mrs. G. Bachert
Jr Champion Mrs Thomas Dunn
Jr Mrs
Jr Mrs.
Jr. Coulonge
Jr. D M.—Mrs
Jr.—Myrtle Stewart
Jtiss Kathy Stewart
Juan Mrs. Norris
Judd Jonathan Stewart
Judd Mrs.
Judges Revel Stewart
Judges--Dr Stewart
Judith Ross
Judy Horner Mrs Patrick Sloan
Judy Horner Mrs Horner.
Judy Jewell Coulonge Inc.
Judy Mrs Claudette Stanton
Judy Mrs Ivan Orr
Judy Mrs. George Drummond
Judy Mrs. Stark
Juiy Mrs. Claude Young
Julia Ann Raymond Mrs Julia Ann Raymond
Julia Stewart
Julie Moherol Mrs Renaud Rainville
Julie Stewart
July Mrs David T. Hodgins
June Coulonge
June Mrs Hubert Elliott
June Mrs J S. Barclay
June Mrs Jacques Pilon
June Mrs.
June Stewart
Junes Stewart
Justin James Ross
Justin Stewart
Justin Stewart 3
Justin Stewart Emily
Justine Stewart
J_________ Mrs. Josh Parrel
J| Mrs. J A.E. Cowley
J°hn Stewart
J„hn Stewart
K L J Cheryl Stewart
K V Ross Stewart
K. A. Stewart
K. Ross
K. Stewart
K. W. Stewart
Kar Mrs Mr. Percy Campbell
Karen English Pleasure Horse Judge: Ross McLean
Karen Inglee Home Made Candy - Mrs. Lome Draper Cadbury CHocolate Cake Special - Cathy Emmerson
Karen LaSalle Mrs Alphonse Cahill
Karen McKen-Mrs Francis Finan
Karen Mrs
Karen Mrs Adolph Zimerling Lois Judd’s
Karen Shea Thorne Mayor: * Ross Vowles
Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart Correspondent
Karen Stewart Correspondent
Karen Stewart Correspondent Bruno Meilleur
Karen Stewart Correspondent Congratulations
Karen Stewart Correspondent Eatons
Karen Stewart Correspondent Proposed
Karen Stewart Correspondent Tl Marcel
Karen Stewart Correspondent Visiting
Karen Stewart Correspondent Wednesdays 2
Karen Stewart La
Karen Stewart Pembroke
Karl Mrs Jean Campbell
Kathaleen Mario Miss Mrs. Almond Hodgins
Katharine Fletcher 647-2204 Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam FAX
Katharine Fletcher Coulonge
Katharine Fletcher J J Stewart Bishopton
Katherine Black Mrs Taylor
Katherine Ross Carpentry
Kathleen Lamb Publicity Convenor Mrs Gwen Hayes
Kathleen Mrs. Terry Brady
Kathleen Quinlan Mrs
Kathleen Stewart Woods
Kathleen Woodley R.S V.G— Mrs. Bert Stark L S V G —Mrs Cynthia Draper Chaplain
Kathleen • Mrs Kdgar
Kathleen) Mrs. Elvyn Corrigan
Kathryn and Graham Lil Stewart
Kathryn Kuhlman Miracle Ser- STEWART
Kathryn Stewart
Kathy Hérault ASTRO-DESTINY Mrs Mae Quinn
Kathy Mrs. David Dick
Kathy Stewart
Katie McMahon Mrs Margaret Fleming
Katie Mrs Kathie Blakney
Katie Walsh Mrs. Edgar Hodgi
Kavanagh Mrs
Kay Ross
Kay Lois Stewart
Kay Mrs Percy Stewart
Kay Mrs.
Kay Mrs. Derraugh
Kay Mrs. Eckardt Katie Elliott Woodley
Kay Ross
Kay Ross 4784XS18 Maintenance Superintendant Foreman RAYMOND M. ROWAT
Kay Ross 6473507
Kay Ross Corrain McCredie
Kay Ross George
Kay Ross Mrs Jean Finlan
Kay Ross Who
Kay Stewart
Kay Woodley Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Kay Wooldey Mrs.
Kay) Hodgins Ross Doderidge
Kaye Ross
Kayla "Posh Stewart
Kayla Stewart
Kearns Mrs. Ross
Keir Stewart
Keith and Mrs.
Keith Co Laurie McKech 1.50 Ross
Keith Coulonge
Keith Dupuis de Fort-Coulonge
Keith Hod- Clarendon Council
Keith Me- Mrs Maureen Carson
Keith Mrs Pat Wallace
Keith Mrs. Alex Lacroix
Keith Mrs. Clifford McCredie
Keith Mrs. Hermonie Sharpe
Keith Mrs. Markus
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Mrs Edward Kennedy
Keith Stewart
Keith Tub- Mrs Carmen Young
Kelley A Mrs Margaret Kelley
Kelley Mr Stewart Woods
Kelley Mrs Lloyd Mite
Kellie Stewart
Kellie Stewart Nelda Bretzlaff
Kells Coolingwood Ontario Mrs Floyd F. Griesba
Kelly Ann Com- Pontiac County
Kelly Anne Stewart
Kelly Hampel MEN— H.S. Billy Stewart H T Bud Sauriol LADIES— H.S. Joan Francocur H T. Nita Smith
Kelly Mrs Amy Keon
Kelly Mrs. Claire Fleury
Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart Also
Kelly Stewart-Keon Sharpe
Kelly — Stewart Wed Al SI.
Ken & Susan Ross
Ken and Geraldine Stewart Quyon
Ken Bronson Council
Ken Council
Ken Davidson Green Mrs.
Ken Davidson Ot- Mrs. Herman Schwartz
Ken Dean Mrs. Elizabth
Ken Dick Chenier - Mrs Jean Delbert Stephens
Ken Dugan Mrs. Louis Letnoy
Ken Hod-Mrs
Ken Hodgins " Mrs< Bl Murray
Ken May Mrs. Jean Bean
Ken Mrs
Ken Mrs Gordon Smith
Ken Mrs John E Palmer
Ken Mrs M Guiliani
Ken Mrs. Percy Dagg
Ken Pirie Gordon Stewart Jim Stewart
Ken Ross
Ken Ross Death Ruled Accidental By Hull Corner
Ken Smiley Mrs. Bert Greenshields Mr.
Ken Stewart
Ken Stewart Bryson
Ken Stewart M C. Dance
Ken Stewart RAPP
Ken Stewart Shawville
Ken Stewart-
Kennedy - Mrs Dorothy Mohr
Kennedy Mrs.
Kenneth andt<Gerry Stewart M.M.S Richordt
Kenneth Bronson Mayor Mrs. M. I. Fraser
Kenneth Byles an- Mrs. Jerry N. Monteith
Kenneth David Ross
Kenneth David Ross Angus
Kenneth David Ross Angus Ottawa
Kenneth M Mrs Russell Judd
Kenneth Milliken MRS.
Kenneth Mrs David Baker
Kenneth Mrs Eva Belanger
Kenneth Mrs. Ken Mini
Kenneth Mrs. Robert Laùrd
Kenneth Ross
Kenneth Ross Recently
Kenneth Smyth Chief Petty Officer Stewart Storey Pte
Kenneth Stewart
Kenneth Stewart Is
Kenneth Stewart Lot
Kenneth Stewart.............. Kenneth Stewart.............. Mun
Kenneth Stewart’s
Kenneth Tub Beverley Stewart
Kenny Ross
Kent Howie Donnie Smart Nancy York Timmy Murray Terry MacDougall Trevor Stewart Rick Atkinson Nicol
Kerry Lynn Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn
Kerry Lynn Stewart Dr S.E.
Kerry Mrs. Gerald Mielke
Kerry Stewart
Kety Mrs
Kev. Gordon K. Stewart
Kevin Coulonge
Kevin Gagnon Mrs Diane Connolly
Kevin Mrs Lucy Flood
Kevin Stewart
Kim Coulonge
Kim Ladouceur Stewart
Kim McLe-by Mrs Linda Venne
Kim Mrs Antoine d’Amour
Kim Mrs Romulus Lasalle
Kim Stewart
Kim Stewart Kier
Kimberly Mrs Sherwood Beattie
Kingston Mrs
Kingston Stewart Storey
Kirk Bryson Anna Stewart
Kirs James Stewart
Kldie Stewart
Kllg Council
KLr&y-s Mrs. Melvin Wickens
Kluke Mrs Frank Kluke
Knox H & Wei- Mrs W Johnson H. Econ
Knox Publicity Convenor Mrs H R Rsbb
Knox Yach Shawvllle Council
Konuld Ross
Krista Lee Ross
Krista Lee Ross Ouellet
Krista Ross
Krista Ross Chapeau
Kristy Stewart
Krutz Mrs Fred Krutz
Kurt Coulonge
Kyle Council
Kyle Ross Côté
Kyle Stewart
K°°Xl Mrs. Hugh Riley
L all<1 Mrs-, Stephen Small
L ivina Ross
L K Keen Mrs. M McCaffrey
L L L Fort Coulonge
L L Mrs Romeo Belanger
L L Mrs. Jas
L Ross Campbell
L Smith Ross
L Stewart
L young Ross
L. Ma- Mrs. Jim Suwar
L. Mrs. Hugh Proudfoot
L. Ross
L. Stewart
Lach Mrs
Ladies Marie Stewart
Ladies Aid Mrs Pearl Russell
Ladies Auxil-Mrs Bert Kelly
Ladies Auxiliary Mrs Pamela Komm
Ladies Barbara Ross Horner- Kirby Smart
Ladies Booby-Mrs Francis Bourgeau
Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
Ladies Hat Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Ladies High-Mrs Pete Moyle Msns Hign-Michael Wrinn
Ladies Race Mrs Glennâ Campbell
Ladysmith Update Mrs. Verner Thrun
Lai Mrs. Joe Keller
LairU Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Lamarche Mrs William Lamarche
Lamb Sale Auctioneer Revel Stewart
Lance - Mrs Joe Derouin
Lance On-Fort Coulonge
Lance Orr Stewart
Lance Planning Council
Lane Council
Lang Mrs. K Tubman
Lanny Ross
Lanny Ross Goes
Lanoix Mrs Etta Routliffe
Lapierre Mrs
Laporte Fort-Coulonge
Larry Mrs Grace Quaile
Larry Mrs John Judd
Larry Mrs. Ardley Elliott
Larry Stewart
Las- Mrs Elwin Hearty
Late Marion Lochhead- Mrs Marion E Munn
Late Mrs
Late Mrs. Matthew McFarlane.
Laura Coulonge
Laura Kluke Dubeau Coulonge Mrs Denise
Laura Mary Stewart
Laura Moore Mrs Aggie Sparling
Laura Mrs
Laura Romain Mrs Laure
Laura Schock Pancake Race L Miss Laura Schock 2. Mrs. Ernie Morgan
Laura Stark Renfrew County Citizens
Laura Stewart
Laura Stewart 2
Laura Stewart Leben
Laura Stewart Mr.
Laurel Stewart
Laurel Woods^Mrs
Laurence Andrew Stewart
Laurence Stewart
Lauretta Mrs Hugh Horner
Laurie Moore Mrs^ Mer-
Laurie Smith Mrs
Laurie Stewart
Laurier Du-Stewart Jr and
Lav Ross
Lavina Ross
Lavma Ross
Lawrence 18-30 Ross
Lawrence Barber and Mrs. Emery Elliott
Lawrence Car- 5/ Mrs. Clarence Clcmmcns
Lawrence Cartier Mrs. Lawrence Cartier
Lawrence Clarendon Council
Lawrence Lan Mrs Kenneth Case Convenor- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Lawrence Lang 647-3385 Mrs.
Lawrence M Mrs. Kenneth Smiley
Lawrence Malone Mrs. Lawrence Malone
Lawrence Moore Mrs. Anderson
Lawrence Mrs, J NValm-sley
Lawrence Mrs. Bill Barr
Lawrence Mrs. William Milliken
Lawrence Ross
Lawrence Stewart
Lawrence Stewart Is
Lawrence Stewart Jr.
Lawrence Stewart Sr.
Lawrence Tra-Council
Lawrence Tra-Mrs Lise Chartrand
Lawrence View Tendon Council Maroc Thomas McFarlane
Lawrence Walla Revel Stewart
Lawrence Wilson Mrs.
Lawrence | Mrs. Arthur Tache
Laws Mowers Mrs. Esther Quail.
Lawton Mrs.
La^nce Stewart
Lc-| Mrs. Eugene Asselin
Leach Mrs Edna Leach
Lecturers Curtis Ross
Lee Andy 8 Janice Stewart
Lee Bristol Council Planning
Lee Dames Coulonge
Lee Jane *° Tom Albert Beverdam Mrs Willis Wren
Lee Manoirs de Fort-Coulonge
Lee Merkley J D Stewart L Kincaid L D Merkly Shaw
Lee Ross
Lee Stewart
Lee Teper- Mrs Elizann Emmerson
Lei Ross Mayhew
Lemuel Stewart
Len Stewart
Len- Mrs. Edward
Lena La-Mrs Ivan Connelly
Lena Mrs Lionel Thomson
Lena Mrs.
Lena Mrs. Jerry Quae
Lena Poole- Mrs Betty Telford
Lena Stewart
Lencss Stewart
Lenness Stewart
Lennis Mrs Leslie Russett
Lennis Stewart
Lennis Stewart Pies
Lens M Mrs John Hamilton
Leo Bechamp Mrs. Rex
Leo Bel- Fort-Coulonge
Leo Brazean Calumet Union Head Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Leo C. Bertrand Coulonge Supply Colton Bros. Coulonge Supply H I. Hobbs
Leo Chas- Mrs Chassie
Leo Cogh- Waltham Mrs George Leroy
Leo Donnelly Mrs Lester Mc-wlll
Leo Fortin Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher 785
Leo Fortin Pontiac County
Leo Lance visited Ross Mayhew
Leo Litchfield Council 1 Campbell
Leo Marchand Mrs Leo Marchand
Leo McGee Call Nellis Stewart
Leo Mrs Agnes Sparling
Leo Mrs Bussiere
Leo Mrs Jennie McCord
Leo Mrs Mr.
Leo Muldoon Mrs Caroline Towell
Leo O - Research Council
Leo Periard Mrs Cecilia Bradley Mulligan
Leo Ryan Low Notes Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Leo- Mrs. Leslie Dean
Leona (Mrs Emerson Stewart
Leona Mrs Clifford Fierobin
Leona Mrs. Fred Fierobln
Leona Stewart
Leona) Mrs. Doug.
Leonard Bel-Mrs
Leonard Council
Leonard Hearty Mrs Aurele Brunet
Leonard McCaffrey Mrs Robert Scott
Leonard Mrs Lucy Kelly
Leonard Mrs Mary Hearty
Leonard Mrs Peter Kluke
Leonard P. Kluke Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney
Leonard S Mrs. S. W MacKechnie
Leonard Stewart
Leonard Uoyd Stewart
Les Belles Petites Princesses de Fort Coulonge
Les Chutes Coulonge
Les Chutes Coulonge’s Festival
Les Council
Les Dames Philantropiques de Fort Coulonge
Les Distributions J.M. Comeau Inc. Fort-Coulonge
Les Distributions J.M. Corneau Inc. Fort-Coulonge
Les Draveurs de Fort-Coulonge
Les Potins de Sieur de Coulonge Un
Les Stewart
Leslie Council
Leslie Miss Jean Stewart
Leslie Ross
Leslie Russell Stewart
Leslie Russell Stewart Estate
Leslie Russell Stewart Pontiac - Buick
Leslie Stewart
Letts Mrs Reggie Moore
Levi Stewart
Levia Stewart
Levina Ross
Lew# Bey Lewi Mowen Mrs. Esther Quelle
Lewis Family Reunion At Otter Lake Mrs.
Lewis Mrs W. D. Campbell Wy-
Lewis Mrs Wesley Hamilton Mrs Norval Horner Mrs
Lewis Twenty Fifth Anniversary Mrs. J. G. Graham
Li Council
Li Mrs. Doyle Klyn
Li- Mrs Eva Sloan
Liberals Mrs. Harold Hayes
Librarian Mrs. Betty Turner
Lieut Bert Greer Mrs. Moses
Life Mrs Leona Mainviile
Lifelong Leslie Township Resident Mrs. Thomas Quaile
Lila Smith Mrs. George Stevenson
Lillian Mrs.
Lillian Ross
Lillian Stewart
Lillian Strutt Mrs G.I. Reid Miss Nancy Thompson
Lillian Tubman Jamie Stewart
Lillian Uus- Mrs. Solomon Says
Lillian Wright Mrs. Borden Steele
Lillias Stewart
Lillie Stewart
Lillis K—Mrs
Lily Mrs Simon Corriveau
Limbrequins—Mrs H Barnett 1
Limited Stewart Beachburg
Limited-Shipping Containers Umlt- Stork Derby Lead Grows Mrs. Kenny Gives Birth
Lina Zhivkov de Fort-Coulonge
Lina Ziv- Fort-Coulonge
Linda Ann Crossfield Mrs. Clarence
Linda Community Mourns Mrs. W. J. Murray
Linda Coulonge
Linda Da- Mrs. Gordon Comba
Linda Mrs
Linda Mrs. Cliff Mohr
Linda Mrs. Emile Trudeau
Linda Stewart
Linda Stewart-Burton
Linda WertmuWers Plus Nightmare County
Linda,[were Mrs. Wm Mills
Lindsay Mrs Wayne Maloney
Lindsay Stewart
Lindsay Stewart SundayE
Lindsay Stewart’s
Lindsey Stewart
Lio- Obituary Lucy Somerville Mrs Gerda Bretzlaff
Lionel Council
Lionel Tel-Coulonge
Lionel Thompson Mrs.
Lionette Marie Stewart
Lionette Susan Ross
Lions Stewart
Lisa Mrs Dagg
Lisa Mrs. Violet Rutledge
Lisa Passe-Fort Coulonge
Lisa Stewart
Lise Mrs Julien Fortin
Litchfield Council
Litchfield Council Minutes
Literacy Council
Little B Mrs. C. Hanson
Livestock Mrs. Clara Kendall Also Looks After Exhibits
Lln-and Mrs H Murdock
Lloyd & Ella Stewart
Lloyd 7-37481 Stewart
Lloyd Bal- Mrs. Frank Comer
Lloyd Craw- Mrs Wilson McCleary
Lloyd J. A. Stewart
Lloyd J. A. Stewart Family
Lloyd Mltchem Mrs.
Lloyd Mrs Armand Satiate
Lloyd Mrs Jas Sutton
Lloyd Mrs.
Lloyd Mrs. Heman Dagg
Lloyd Ostrom Mrs Ma
Lloyd Robinson Mrs
Lloyd Ross
Lloyd Stewart
Lloyd Stewart Calumet Island
Lloyd Stewart Campbell
Lloyd Stewart Commercial Farms Residential Appraisals
Lloyd Stewart Glens Falls
Lloyd Stewart H 1
Lloyd Stewart Lome B Hodgins W. D. Hodgins Roy Brown Lyle Hodgins Pontiac Auto Wreckers Gordon Huck
Lloyd Stewart Partie
Lloyd Stewart Phil Toner
Lloyd Stewart PIGS
Lloyd Stewart René La
Lnd Mrs. Russell
Lnii Mrs. Norman Dod*
Ln^ Mrs. H. Graham
Loan Mrs. Fred Cant
Lois Barber and Claire Stewart
Lois Betty Stewart
Lois Mrs Gregory Presley
Lois Mrs Milton Wall
Lois Sparling Stewart
Lois Stewart
Loisir Stewart Adam
Lome Mrs. Earl Renwick
Lome Stewart
Lome Stewart Susan
Lomie Stewart
Lor- Ross
Lord Jesus Oirist Mrs James Benoit
Lord Mrs
Lord Mrs Rex Taylor
Loren B Hodgins Stewart
Loretta Mrs Ray Grier
Lori Stewart
Lori-1 Stewart
Lorne Stewart Sr.
Lornie Stewart
Loron Stewart
Lorraine Stewart
Lorrainne Mrs.
Lorri Stewart
Lou McDowell Garrett Walsh O Keefe Breweries James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E. Brandum
Lou Ross
Lou Stewart Street
Louis Leach William Leach Jay Payette W J Hayes Utchfied Council July Meeting
Louis Mrs. Gustave William Dora Yach
Louisa Ross
Louise (Mrs Alec Murray
Louise Barber and Mrs Edith
Louise Labine de Fort-Coulonge
Louise Stewart
Love Beulah xoxoxo_________ Stewart
Love Tore Mrs. Samuel Stevenett
Love Tyior Mrs Shirley Lacroix
Low Notes Home Hardware Mrs. Robert Lalonde Deepest
Lowe Boy Lewi Mowers McCulloch Chain Sows J Mrs. Esther Quelle
Lower Stewart
lsE5* Mrs Serge Parent
Ltd. Carton Hill Stewart James
Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Lucas Stewart
Lucas William Ross
Lucinda Mrs J Philip Matheson
Lucky Mrs. Ronald McGuire
Lucy Mrs Daniel Brown
Luise Melvin Stewart
Lukas Stewart
Lunam Young Lunam Youn Mrs. Drummond Rev. E G. Warren
Lusk Mrs Raymond Lepine
Luskville Leader Mrs Sam (Pearl
LVd Shawville Quebec Bronze Medals Mrs.
Ly" Spencer Stewart
Lyal Mrs Bill Pirie
Lyle Hodgins Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Lyle Hodglns Roy Brown Andrew Atkenaon George Stewart Lloyd Stewart Kenneth Stewart Fred Stickler D
Lyle McConnell Secretary- Mrs
Lyn Spencer-Stewart
Lynda Stewart
Lynn Campbell Mrs Robinson Hodgins
Lynn Council
Lynn Mrs Anna Stewart
Lynn Mrs Lloyd Kluke
Lynn Mrs Melvin Stewart
Lynn Mrs. E.
Lynn Special Ross Dickson
Lynn Thrash- Mrs Rachel Poisson
L„d Mrs
M & Mrs Basil Quaile
M & Mrs Edmond Stewart
M & Mrs Paul Dumouchel
M ,nd Melvin Stewart
M A Mrs Owen Hearty
M A. Stewart
M cCredieand Mrs.
M du> Stewart
M Mrs Garrett Walsh
M Mrs Stephens
M Mrs. Ebert Turcotte Frost Fence Aluminum Roofing Galvanized Roofing Coal
M Mrs. Leonard Horner
M P Mrs. Bernard Benoit
M rs Melvin Stewart
M STEWART Fall Suitings
M Stewart Percherons
M''HWt-1 Mrs. Fred Vork
M(j Mrs Brian Telford
M* Council
M*s Ross Stewart
M-& Mrs Ross Doyle
M-s C N Woodley Mrs F Ladouceur
M-s Stewart Woods
M. Mrs. xa8 Elliott
M. Ross
M. Smith Ross Stewart
M. Stewart
M. Turner I. H. Stewart X
M.ble Stewart
M.P. E Auctioneer: Revel T. Stewart
Ma V Shawville Council Property
Mabel G eg- Coulonge
Mabel M Stewart
Mable Stewart
Mac Don-Mrs
Mac Mrs. Mary Alexander
Mac- Mrs.
Macdonald College Mrs Dave Davies
Macdonald Mrs. Draper
MacDoneU Mrs Denise Stafford
MacFar- Mrs
Mackcn Mrs Venetia Crawford
MacKechnieand Mrs.
MacKenzie Music Mrs. M. Young Remedial Reading Mrs.
Madeleine (Mrs Leonard Council
Madeleine 1-819-647-S487 Coulonge Golf Comm
Madeleine Stewart McLaren
Magazine Mrs.
Maggie Ross
Mai Stewart
Maisie Kim- Manary-Mrs Warren Campbell
Malartic Schwartz Mrs. John BretzlafT
Malcolm Stewart
Malile Stewart
Mamie Stewart
Manager Mrs. G.
Manager Mrs. M. Langford
Manager X I Quyon Branch Mrs.
Mane Stewart
Mani-Ronald Ross
Maniwaki Mrs Cécile Vaillancourt
Manoir Lilian Ross
Mansfield-Fort Coulonge
Maple Stewart
Mar- Mrs
Mar- Mrs. Martin Rlely
Marc Dube Travis Stewart
Marc Mervin Stewart
Marc Pa-f-ort Coulonge
Marc Ross Dickson
Marcel Marion Fort Coulonge
Margaret Coulonge
Margaret & Carmen STEWART
Margaret ( Mrs Lloyd C. Fulford
Margaret (Mrs Hugh McCagg
Margaret (Mrs Ken Conroy
Margaret (Mrs Laurence Laig
Margaret (Mrs Neil Sharpe
Margaret ) Mrs. Glen Cougler
Margaret and Ross
Margaret Campbell Stewart
Margaret Dagg Mrs. John R. McDowell
Margaret Davis Shawville Council
Margaret Ethel Knipe Mrs Thomas A Hobbs Margaret Ethel Knipe
Margaret Fleming Mrs. Catherine Burke
Margaret ft* Mrs. Thomas Smith
Margaret Lang Mrs. Elizabeth
Margaret Laughren- Mrs Ellis Palmer
Margaret Le-Mrs Charles Routliffe
Margaret MeCaff- H.W. BRAITHWAlTà Principal Supplies Mrs.
Margaret Mrs
Margaret Mrs Alva Lance
Margaret Mrs Bernard Cahill
Margaret Mrs Jack Braddock
Margaret Mrs John MacSween
Margaret Mrs Lan* Kelly
Margaret Mrs Robert Middlemiss
Margaret Mrs Susan Sloan
Margaret Mrs. Irvin Gilpin
Margaret Mrs. James McC
Margaret Mrs. John Hodgins
Margaret Mrs. Urban Curley
Margaret Revel Stewart NOTICES
Margaret Ross McIntosh
Margaret Russell Coulonge W
Margaret Stewart
Margita Mrs. Eric Draper
Margo Mrs.
Margo Mrs. Leslie Richards Miss Doreen Storey Mr.
Margo Mrs. R H. Elliott
Maria Ruth Homer Mrs Meryl Horner
Marian Stewart
Marie ( Mrs Stewart MacKenzie
Marie Diane Stewart
Marie Garland Mrs. Gordon McBride Sr
Marie Mrs
Marie Mrs Alt Moreland
Marie Mrs Dorothy Lepine
Marie Mrs. Alex Davis
Marie Mrs. Teason McCagg
Marie Stewart
Marie Stewart B June 3,2000,9
Marie Stewart We
Marilyn Coulonge
Marilyn Me Mrs. Alex Lapierre
Marilyn Mrs. Orval Smart
Marilyn Mrs. Wes Smiley
Marilyn Stewart
Marilyn Stewart Leblanc
Mario Mrs
Marion ( Mrs Danny Carroll
Marion Eva Stewart Fraser
Marion Kel-Mrs Linda Gainsford
Marion Miss Gayle Stewart
Marion Rich-Mrs Lome Emmerson
Marion Rose White Katherine Ross
Marion Ross
Marion Stewart
Marion Stewart and Margaret Stewart
Marion Stewart Stewart
Marjorie Burke Mrs Leonard Smith
Marjorie Dickson Mrs. Tom MacDonald
Marjorie Graham: Mrs Sharron Hodgins
Marjorie Hod- Ladysmith Mrs Grace Gibbons
Marjorie Lyttle AUCTIONEERS Stewart James Carson Hill
Marjorie Man- Mrs. Jack Russell
Marjorie Mrs
Marjorie Mrs Irvin Cahill
Marjorie Mrs Prank
Marjorie Mrs Willie I.each
Marjorie Mrs. Annie Ritchie
Marjorie Mrs. Walter Harris
Marjorie Stewart MePhee
Marjorie Tubman Honoured Onslow Corners Women’s Institute Mrs. XV.
Mark Alexander Shawville Ross Dickson Forum
Mark H 3-star Ross
Mark John Stewart
Mark Kingsbury Mrs Barber reported
Mark Mrs
Mark Mrs Ovila Fleury
Mark Mrs. William Murphy
Mark Six Horse Hitch - Stewart Don Sparling
Mark Stewart
Marks Mrs
Marks Mrs Graham
Marks Publicity Mrs.
Marlene Pasch Ross
Marlin Mrs Anae Co.
Marlon Stewart
Marlon Stewart Cindy
Marney Patterson Cru County
Marri Mrs Kenneth Griffin
Marshall Burke Council
Marshall Ross Township
Marsten Mrs.
Martha (Mrs Larry Prévost
Martha Adolph Zimmerling Mrs Stewart Augusta Krutz
Martha Bretzlaff Mrs Ken Matacheskie
Martha Colleen Stewart
Martha J (Mrs John Bretzlaff
Martha Mrs Delbert Zacharias
Martha Mrs Minnie Shrankler
Martha Ross Harvey
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Day
Martha Stewart However
Martha Stewart Living
Martin - Mrs Ruby Brownlee
Martin Costs Council
Martin Coulonge
Martin Feeds -Russell Stewart
Martin Lavoie de Fort Coulonge
Martin Lavoies Fort-Coulonge
Martin Le James H. Mrs. John J.
Martin Mrs Brise
Martin Mrs Delbert McTieman
Martin Mrs. D.
Martin Mrs. Harry Taggart
Martin Mrs. J A. Bowie
Martin Mrs. Ken Lowes
Martin Pontiac County
Martin Ri- Mrs Glen Saunders
Martineau Sec-Treas Mrs G Meredith
Marvin Stewart
Marvin Stewart Pat
Mary (Mrs Connor Hsndrkk
Mary Adelaine Stewart
Mary Adeline Stewart
Mary Adeline Stewart March
Mary Adline Stewart
Mary Ann Stewart
Mary Ann Stewart X 1.- Charlie Luminis 1
Mary Anne) Mrs. Watters
Mary Campbell - Melvin Stewart
Mary Cole Mrs.
Mary Council
Mary Did* I Mbs Jean Stewart
Mary E.) Mrs. Wallace McGillis
Mary Ellen Young Mrs Albert Dahms
Mary Elliott Mrs Harvey Wilson Mns
Mary Gardner Mrs Wilson
Mary Gray Mrs. Celinu OitMi
Mary Hi-bland County
Mary Hilda Raymond Mrs. Mary Hilda Raymond
Mary Hodglns Mrs Helen Dale
Mary Holden) Mrs. Mel Goodfellow
Mary Horigins <3h Mrs. Lilian Smith
Mary Jane LUsk-Robinson Mrs Mary Jane Robertson
Mary Jay Mrs Eileen Colton
Mary Kil-of Mrs. Clinton Palmer
Mary Kilgour Mrs. Henry Oreenshields
Mary Lou Buclah Stewart
Mary Lou Mary Stewart Handmade
Mary Lowrey Ross
Mary Lowry Ross
Mary M (Mrs Duncan Ross
Mary Mrs Cedi Elliott
Mary Mrs George De-Felice
Mary Mrs Henry Lunam
Mary Mrs Joan Sallafranque
Mary Mrs Justin Quigg
Mary Mrs Lionel Morin
Mary Mrs Marion McTiernan
Mary Mrs Nathan Bronson
Mary Mrs Rose Pilon
Mary Mrs Terry O Brien
Mary Mrs. Arthur Dubien
Mary Mrs. Bessie Laird
Mary Mrs. E Cameron Shopping
Mary Mrs. Franklin MJanet
Mary Mrs. Lee Hod
Mary Mrs. Wm
Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shanley William Shanley Mrs Susan McLean Fochtman Eugene Fochtman M
Mary Ross
Mary Saurial Mrs
Mary Sheila Keon Mrs Geneviève Cahill Rita O Reilly
Mary Smiley Mrs Leda Pilon
Mary Smith Mrs
Mary Starek Kerr Mrs. Wilderson
Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart Chevrier
Mary Stewart Col-
Mary Stewart Col- Minutes
Mary Stewart Collect
Mary Stewart Collect 1
Mary Stewart Collect Thompson
Mary Stewart Collect V
Mary Stewart Collect”
Mary Stewart Creed
Mary Stewart Crick
Mary Stewart Elliott
Mary Stewart Home Economics
Mary Stewart Lion
Mary Stewart Mrs Ron McCredie
Mary Stewart Qeed
Mary Stewart Vance
Mary Stewart’s
Mary Thomas Mrs.
Mary Violet Evans Shawville Council Minutes Mary Violet Evans
Mary) Mrs. Andy *| Seguin
Maryi Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Master Ross James
Master Stewart Ciraham
Master Stewart Graham
Matt Mrs.
Matt O Mrs
Matthew A charged-up Coulonge
Matthew Lillian Lamarche Council
Matthew Stewart
Mattie Cochrane* Mrs. H. Elliott
Maud Bailey And Mrs. Percy Ballanlyne Winners
Maud J # Stewart Ftilfonl
Maureen Coulonge
Maureen Council CWL
Maureen O Hara Cecil Morrison Mrs. Reginald Hale
Maureen Quinn- Mrs
Maurice E L&fleur Municipal Council
Maurice E Mrs Nathan Dagg
Maurice Mrs Jacques Gaulin
Maurice Mrs. A.
Maurice Revel Stewart’s
Maurice Stewart
May Mrs Ivan Orr
May- Ont On Mrs
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Mayor Coulonge Arena Hall
Mayor Council
Mayor E. Steele Mrs Jamie Amm
Mayor Graham Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Mayor Ross
Mayor Ross Vow
Mayor Ross Vowles
Mayor Stewart
Mayor W. J. Stewart
Mb J Hartland Stewart
Mberti Dickson Ross Dickson
MC Ross Vowles
Mc- Mrs. Neil Drummond
McCale H »V«N All DiUCSTOWS Mrs. Aitken
McConnell Mrs Cecil Paris
McCoy Bn Clarendon Council
McDonald Mrs Ivan Hodgins
McDowell Mrs. Claude Lcmay
McDowell Mrs. Gibson Miss May Roe Mr.
Mce Mrs.
McGee Mrs Jack Montague
McGee Mrs Mary Kelly
McGee Perly Richardson Duncan Russett Mrs Helen Jones Mqs Hubert Hamilton Mrs. W.
McGrath Fort Coulonge
McGuire’s Mrs. Chatterton
McKay M Doyle: Mrs
McKenzie Stewart
McLAUGHLIN Mrs Gerry Nyveld 1864XJ27 NYVELD
McLean Charles E. R^gan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shan
McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherin
McLean Mrs. Ernie Keon
McLean Mrs. Harry Sturgeon
McLean Mrs. Jean McLaughlin Mr- Geo
McLeary Mrs. Earl Findlay
McLeod Stewart
McMillan Mrs. Melvin Stewart
McNally W J Omeara Coulonge Hardware Co. Fort Conolnge
McNeiL Mrs
McNeill Mrs Lawrence Reid
McNeill Mrs Nathan Dagg
MC||f*l|IJ|Bi Stewart
Md Mrs Rickey Chassie
Md Mrs, Wilmer Grahian
Me Mrs. Jim Warren
Me- Mrs Edrice Sweeney
Me- Mrs.
Me- Mrs. Ivan Hodgins
Meant Although Mrs. Margaret Winning
Meet Al Coulonge Mr. Ray Johnston
Meet At Mrs.
Meeting Mrs. Pete Racine St. James Guild
Meeting Mr.and Mrs. Ray Johnston
Meeting Mrs.
Meeting Mrs. L. Young Sec.-Treas
Meeting Western Quebec Literacy Council
Meeting Western Quebec Literacy Council P-
MEETING | Karen Elizabeth McCready Weds Revel Thomas Stewart
Meetings Mrs Emerson Horner
Megan Stewart Is
Meivin Stewart
Mel Carried Mrs. Manswell Thresher
Mel Andrews Mrs. John Morrison
Mel Brown Mrs Evelyn Hodgins
Mel Delorme Stewart
Mel L Lnd Mrs. W. J Black
Mel Mrs Ritchie Russett
Mel Mrs. William Corrigan
Mel Stewart
Melanie Mrs Arthir Giroux
Melanie Stewart
Melba Stewart
Meldrum Stewart
Melissa Stewart
Melven Stewart
Melville Ross
Melvin Beattie Mrs D Ireland
Melvin Brown Mrs. Rite Dubeeu
Melvin Mrs Ethel Hodgins
Melvin Mrs H McCleary Ice
Melvin Mrs. Emery Benedict
Melvin Mrs. J. A. Armstrong
Melvin Stewart
Melvin Stewart Austin Red
Melvin Stewart Convenors
Melvin Stewart Cook Book- Mrs R Graham Mis A Kelley
Melvin Stewart Gentleman
Melvin Stewart Jack Hawkins Color Model
Melvin Stewart Mr Hllburn Armstrong
Melvin Stewart Peach Contest
Melvin Stewart Secretary - Mrs Jas Campbell Trees
Melvin Stewart—Carried
Melvin Stewart’s
Melvin Woods - Mrs Marion Crawford
Melvin } Stewart
Melvm Stewart
Melvyn Stewart
Mensfleld-Fort-Coulonge Davidson
Men’s Dress Socks Mrs. Raymond Trudeau
Men’s Topcoats V Bristol Council
Meriyn Mrs Russell Mee
Merle Mrs Hubert Way
Merold Ross
Merrick Stewart
Merrifield Mrs
Merry Reardon Fort Coulonge
Merry Reardon L Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Bre
Mervin Smith Mrs. Loretta I^aBalbo
Mervin Stewart
Mervyn Stewart
Messrs Dave Stewart Lusk
Messrs David Stewart
Messrs Harvey Ross
Messrs Hugh Ross
Messrs J H Stewart
Messrs John Stewart
Messrs Kenneth Stewart
Messrs Mrs Vernon Carroll
Messrs Reid Coulonge
Messrs Ross Baird
Messrs Stewart
Messrs Thomas Mrs. William Fraser
Messrs. Hamilton Stewart Gon
Messrs. McLeod Stewart
Messrs. Ross
Messrs. Stewart
Messrs. Stewart Hart
MeTlissa Stewart
Mevvin Stewart
Me— Mrs Hayes
Me— Mrs James Niblett
MfsH|H George Stewart
Mgwi Mrs Sandy McMillan
Mi H Z Mrs. Allen Meredith
Mi Mrs. Herman Ballantyne
Mi Mrs. Paul Bretziail
Mi Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Mi Ross Dodr.dgc
Mias Helen Mrs. Robert Iah*»
Michael Bradley Hanged Mrs.
Michael Brennan...... John Brennan......... Heirs Mrs.
Michael Costello Mrs. Peter Macintosh
Michael Council
Michael J Stewart * Sens Campbell
Michael Ken- Mrs.Sly
Michael Pan- Mrs Ron Allen
Michael Ross
Michael Stewart
Michael Wyn- Fort Coulonge
Michaud Mrs. Silas Gibson
Miche- Mrs Eva Maloney
Micheal Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Michel Ber-Mrs
Michel Goulet Mrs Cheryl Chamberlain
Michel Labine de Fort-Coulonge
Michel Mrs. R. Keon
Michel Stewart
Michel Stewart Andre
Michel Ward L Council
Michelle Bélair de Fort-Coulonge
Michelle Tessier Fort Coulonge Mayor Hector Soucie Report
Michelle Tessier Pontiac County
Mick Mrs
Mickey Stewart
Mielke Mrs Zita Chassee
Miivme Stewart
Mil L Lamb MMiIuh«hmhiiiîÎ1 Mrs O O M< I*>well
Mildred H. Brown N.ow Mrs. Brown
Mildred Mrs Cecile Gagnon
Mildred Mrs Norval Horner
Mildred Mrs. Kirk Davies
Mildred Opal Stewart
Mildred Stewart
Mildred Stewart Jamie Stewart
Mile LaSalle WILLIAM RICK Chairman Eastern Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS Chairman
Mill Mrs Hugh Homer
Mill* Mrs. Crozier
Miller Fort Couhnge Mrs. Colin Wetmore
Miller Mrs Violet Atkinson
Millilcen Mrs Susan Mi Hike
Milling Co. Ross
Milton Crawford Jean Landry Murray Ranger Mrs. Stella Sullivan
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs Frances Senior Seat
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs. Frances Senior Seat
Milton Fort-Coulonge
Milton Hen-- I Mrs. J. McCauley
Milton McGuire Shawville Council
Mines Stewart Granger
Mini Mrs. Bowles
Minis L S V.G.—Mrs
Minna Ross
Minor Complaint Mrs. Alva Johnson
Minor Detail Mrs. Moggs
Minor Hockey Annual Meeting Fort-Coulonge
Minor Hockey Council
Minor Hockey Fort Coulonge
Minor Mrs Ivan Wyman
Mirv Stewart
Mis Gordon Stewart
Mis Henry Dumouchel Miss Gayle Stewart
Mis Melvin Stewart
Mis Ross Stewart
Mis* Betty Hayes Honoured Mrs.
Misa Eleanor Ross
Misa Margaret Wilkie Stewart
Miscellaneous Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Misi Mary Smart Mrs. Jas
Miss Faye Mrs. R. G. Elliott
Miss Faye Mrs. Venne
Miss G Dagg Mrs.
Miss Ma Mrs Theresa Shea
Miss Margaret Ross An
Miss Marie Mrs Lillies Ladouceur
Miss Mrs B Armstrong
Miss Mrs Horner
Miss Mrs. Fred Campbell
Miss Pearl Mrs Miles Milford
Miss R Eckford Mrs. Eddie Finnigan
Miss Stewart
Miss Suzanne Stewart
Miss Thomas 2. Kensington—Mrs John Hodgins Mrs Edwd Hodgine
Misses L''ivina Ross
Mit Rom Stewart
Mitch Mrs Grant Stevenson
Mitch- Coulonge Incorporation
Mitchell Mrs.
Mithem N O MRS. JAS.
Mix R C. Holt Mrs. Walter Smith
Mï^and Mrs. Melvin Wickens
Mi^m^Mrs Moses Stewart Dun-raven
Mi» Marie Stewart Montreal
Mlnnfe Mrs Seymour Harris
Mm Helen Stewart
Mm Stewart
Mme Beulah Stewart
Mme Lillian Ross
Mme Marilyn Beulah Stewart
Mme Ross Lamothe
Mn Mrs Lawrence Lang Jackie EF
Mnliudi Mrs.
Mnrit-I Mrs. Geo
Mnvnnnth Vvhil#J Mrs. Ireland
Mo Mrs Wesley Palmer
Moire Stewart
Mom Coulonge
Mom Jd Mrs Mark Bar„
Moms Mrs^ Neil Drummond
Mona Armstrong Mr. Claude Richardson Mrs. Albert Richardson Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Mona Armstrong Mrs. Lola Horner Mr.
Mona Armstrong Mrs. McColm
Mona Mrs Betty Cameron
Mona Mrs. Allan
Mona OiU{ Ross Swartz Hurt Ross Swartz
Mona Ross
Monique Stewart
Moniques Stewart
Monsieur Bernard Carrière Monsieur Bernard Conroy Mrs. Hélène Boulet Mr. Bernard Carrière Mr. Berna
Monsieur Fort-Coulonge
Monsieur James Stewart
Monsieur Jean Coulonge
Monsieur Ronald Village de Fort-Coulonge
Monsieur Ross Vowles
Mont- Mrs. Ethel Sullivan
Montreal Mrs. J T Dale....... Norman Smith
Montreal Mrs. W G. Hall
Montreal—Lake Trout Mrs. Ann Fumerton
Moore Mrs
Moore Mrs J *°
Moore Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Moore Mrs. Fred Krutz
Moore Mrs. Moore
Moore Mrs. Rheal Hérault
Moore Mrs. Russell Elliott Wm
Moore Tom and Colleen Stewart
Moore) Ross
More______ Mrs. Graham
Morfarlane Council
Morris Stewart
Morrison Mrs Belle Morrison
Morrison Mrs Edward Hodgins(S)
Morrison Mrs. Katherine Telfer Mormon
Moses Stewart
Mosey Stewart
Mosic Stewart
Mosie Stewart
Most Horn Privy Council—commonly
Motel Coulonge
Mother Mrs
Mother Mrs. Leona the
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Ross
Motion—Burden OTteilley- That Mr. Hugh Ross
Motley Hodgins Limited Mrs. Edison Brown
Mount Stewart
Mountain Mrs Marie Benoit
Mous-and Mrs Jimmy Morin Sunday
Moyle Mrs. Mary Stephens
Mr A Mrs Blake Mee
Mr A Mrs Bruce Peck
Mr A Mrs Clarence Little
Mr A Mrs Lorenzo Belanger
Mr A Mrs Norman Stark
Mr A Mrs Ross Stewart
Mr Albert New-Mrs Hector Lemaire
Mr Allen Mrs Martin Black
Mr Allen Stewart
Mr Andrew Ross
Mr Bad Mrs
Mr Bernard Ethier Ottawa Mrs.
Mr Denzil Stewart
Mr Emerson Stewart
Mr Enc Ross 647
Mr Greg Mrs Heather Sallgrove
Mr Harvey Ross
Mr Henry Mrs Erwin Beck
Mr J H Stewart
Mr J N McLel-Mrs Allen Woods
Mr John Stewart
Mr Jonn Stewart
Mr Leonard Stewart
Mr Lloyd Stewart
Mr Marcel Ross
Mr Mark Lassen- Mrs Tom Hearty
Mr McLeod Stewart
Mr Melvin Mrs. Clarence Kilgour
Mr Melvin Stewart
Mr Moriey Mrs Roy Wiggins
Mr Mrs
Mr Mrs Felix Spence
Mr Mrs Russell Elliott
Mr Mrs Wayne Schrim
Mr Mrs.
Mr Mrs. Clifford Spots
Mr Mrs. Fred Belec.
Mr Mrs. Fred Russett Dies
Mr Norman Mrs Etta Lunam
Mr Norman Pilon* Mrs Hope Cadieux-Ledoux
Mr Raymond Wayne Stewart
Mr Ross
Mr Ross Hambley
Mr Ross Schwartz
Mr Ross Stewart
Mr Ross Vowles
Mr Russell Stewart
Mr Stewart
Mr Stewart Duke-Elder
Mr Stewart Hart
Mr Stewart Ross
Mr Stewart Schwartz
Mr! Mrs Bill Hannaberry
Mr# John Ross
Mr& Mrs Brendan Sauriof
Mr& Mrs David Hodgins
Mr& Mrs Gary Hodgins
Mr& W Mrs Bentley Hobbs
Mr&Mrs Revel Pauline Lance
Mr* Andrew Stewart
Mr* D Oateem Mrs Thomas McGee
Mr, A Mrs. Keith Munro
Mr, Cecil Coulonge
Mr, Fred Ross
Mr, Stewart
Mr-and Mrs. Rabb
Mr. A J. Stewart
Mr. A Mrs Ben Mrs Cecil Bigelow
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt’s
Mr. A Mrs. Elburne Been #
Mr. A Mrs. Harold Amdtage Mr. A Mrs. Wes
Mr. A Mrs. John Hickey
Mr. A Mrs. Keith Munro
Mr. A Mrs. Revel Robinson
Mr. Alexander Ross
Mr. Allan Ross
Mr. Allen Mrs. Atkinson
Mr. Allen Stewart Mohr
Mr. Andrew Mrs. Jan M. Collins
Mr. Andrew Ross
Mr. Andrew Stewart
Mr. Audrey Ross
Mr. B A. Ross
Mr. Barnett Mrs. Oawford
Mr. Beverley Stewart
Mr. Bill Ross
Mr. Bing Ross
Mr. Bowie Mrs. Cecil Vihert
Mr. Ceîlucci Heather Stewart
Mr. Chester Angus Mrs. I. Robinson
Mr. Clayton Mrs. M. Stevens
Mr. Colin Ross Wetwore
Mr. Crawford Ross
Mr. Duncan Ross
Mr. E Mrs. A. Brown
Mr. E Stewart
Mr. Eddie Stewart
Mr. Edward Kavan- Council
Mr. Emerson Horner Mrs. Chas
Mr. Erwin Ross
Mr. Frank Ross
Mr. Gordon Carol Mel- Mrs. Jim Johnston
Mr. Gordon K. Stewart
Mr. H Stewart
Mr. Hamilton Stewart
Mr. Harvey Ross
Mr. Henry Clarke Belleville Mrs Nalhan IJagl{
Mr. Henry Stewart
Mr. Herb Zachar-chers Mrs. Verner Rueckwald
Mr. Herman Brstzlaft Mrs Heinz Seigwarlle
Mr. Horn- Mrs. Joe Cole
Mr. Hugh Ross
Mr. J Ross Beck November
Mr. J. Ross Robertson
Mr. James Ful-Mrs John Fades
Mr. James Mrs. Rodolphe Ryan
Mr. James Ross
Mr. James Stewart Tupper
Mr. James T. Pat Mr.and Mrs Dean
Mr. John B. Mrs.
Mr. John Mrs. Tom Cilcnn
Mr. John Ross
Mr. John Stewart
Mr. Kenneth Mrs. Undy
Mr. Kenneth Ross
Mr. Lawrence Ross
Mr. Lee Hodgins Mrs Paul All
Mr. Lloyd Ross
Mr. Lome Grant Stewart
Mr. Malcolm Ross
Mr. McLeod Stewart
Mr. McLeod Stewart’s
Mr. Melvin R. Stewart
Mr. Melvin Stewart
Mr. Mrs
Mr. Mrs Fred Walker
Mr. Mrs Gerald Hodgins
Mr. Mrs H I. Smith
Mr. Mrs Phil Mousseau
Mr. Mrs.
Mr. Norman Ross
Mr. Paul Stewart
Mr. Phil Ross
Mr. R Stewart
Mr. R. Ross
Mr. Raymond Las- Mrs. Wm
Mr. Raymond Ti Shawville Council
Mr. Roderick Ross
Mr. Roland Elliott Mrs. Renshaw
Mr. Ross
Mr. Ross Arm- Congregation’s
Mr. Ross Armstrong
Mr. Ross Belsher
Mr. Ross Clarence
Mr. Ross Dickson
Mr. Ross Dodriilgc
Mr. Ross Green-shihjs
Mr. Ross Petrie
Mr. Ross Pilgrim
Mr. Ross Rieger
Mr. Ross S. White
Mr. Ross Smith
Mr. Ross Stewart
Mr. Ross Stuart
Mr. Ross Swartz
Mr. Ross Vowles
Mr. Ross White
Mr. Russell Judd Pontiac County
Mr. Russell Wayne Stewart
Mr. S Mrs. Ebert Turcotte
Mr. Scott Stewart
Mr. Si Mrs. John Ryan
Mr. Stewart
Mr. Stewart C.Leitch
Mr. Stewart Crawford
Mr. Stewart Foster
Mr. Stewart Freeman Alexander.
Mr. Stewart Graham
Mr. Stewart Hart
Mr. Stewart Hobbs
Mr. Stewart L Si
Mr. Stewart Leitch
Mr. Stewart Leitcli
Mr. Stewart MacLean
Mr. Stewart Marten
Mr. Stewart McClenaghao
Mr. Stewart Murray
Mr. Stewart Oswald Woods
Mr. Stewart Pembroke
Mr. Stewart Qualified Stenographer
Mr. Stewart Quebec
Mr. Stewart Russell
Mr. Stewart Schwarz
Mr. Stewart Stark
Mr. Stewart Storey
Mr. Stewart Strutt
Mr. Stewart Sullivan
Mr. Stewart Woods
Mr. Stewart’s
Mr. Thomas Bur-and Mrs. Amy Creighton.
Mr. Tom Mrs. Lionel Demers
Mr. W Clifford Mrs. Robt
Mr. W J. McKibbon Mrs. Wallace Lang
Mr. Wil- Keith Mrs. Phoebe
Mr. Wilfred Tipping Mrs. Margaret Bretzlaff Mr. Grant Eodes Mr. Basil Quaile
Mr. William Stewart
Mr. Wm Ross
Mr. X Mrs. Eric Cahill
Mr. X Mrs. Thomas Benoit
Mr.-and Mrs. Ivan Lewis
Mr..and Mrs.
Mr..and Mrs. Melvin Younge
Mr.ami Mrs. Jas
Mr.and Mrs
Mr.and Mrs.
Mr.and Mrs. Armstrong
Mr.and Mrs. Bob Charette
Mr.and Mrs. Herbert Martin.
Mr.and Mrs. Ivan Wyman
Mr.and Mrs. J
Mr.and Mrs. J B. Murdock
Mr.and Mrs. Manley Glen
Mr.and Mrs. Matthew Kluke
Mr.and Mrs. Ray Johnston
Mr.Stewart Fulford
Mr< Merley Chassie Mrs
Mre Dolen Russell and Margaret Stewart
Mre Fred Stewart
Mre Laurent Mrs Murray Tait
Mrend Mrs. Orville Knipe
Mreuordon Paul .Mrs Mrs K C Denton
Mri Flonmond Mrs. Brian Macintosh
Mrr Stewart
MrS Andrew Flood
Mrs Antoinette Barrett
Mrs Atkinson
Mrs D Cavanagh
Mrs E Finnigan
Mrs Emerson Anderson
Mrs Henry Delivers Sermon To Pontiac
Mrs Howard IHC
Mrs Leonard Civic Hospital
Mrs Oeorg Judd
Mrs Orla
Mrs Oswald Godin
Mrs Walter Kile
Mrs Warren Campbell
Mrs A B Fumerton
Mrs A B Ross
Mrs A D-2S Martin
Mrs A J Bertha McGuire
Mrs A J Hadley
Mrs A J McGuire
Mrs A J McRae
Mrs A J Shalla
Mrs A S. Dales
Mrs A Toole
Mrs A W Hodgins
Mrs Adrian Gerard
Mrs Adrien Gerard
Mrs Adrienne Gerard
Mrs Al McKenzie
Mrs Albert
Mrs Albert Armstrong
Mrs Albert Aylmer
Mrs Albert Campbell
Mrs Albert Chisnell
Mrs Albert Clifford Fierobin
Mrs Albert Congdon Wyman
Mrs Albert Dahms
Mrs Albert E.
Mrs Albert Elliott
Mrs Albert Fleury
Mrs Albert Me
Mrs Albert Me Bane
Mrs Albert SMALL FenxaJe Dog
Mrs Albert St Onge
Mrs Albert Venne
Mrs Albert Yonkman School
Mrs Albert ¦
Mrs Alec Brennan
Mrs Alex 7-3710
Mrs Alex Nickel SKrKe
Mrs Alexander ¦ McArthur
Mrs Allan Armstrong
Mrs Allan Emmer-1 H,e‘e
Mrs Allan T. Quaile
Mrs Allen *] Donnelly
Mrs Allen Armstrong
Mrs Allen Black
Mrs Allen Brown
Mrs Allen Calumet Rd.
Mrs Allen Carey
Mrs Allen Carey Sunday
Mrs Allen Claude Harkins
Mrs Allen da
Mrs Allen Donnelly
Mrs Allen Du
Mrs Allen Ear Falla
Mrs Allen Gravelle
Mrs Allen Kir Imam
Mrs Allen Kirkham
Mrs Allen Ouaik*
Mrs Allen Quaile
Mrs Allen Quaile Jeremy
Mrs Allen Qualle
Mrs Allen Rogers Thor
Mrs Allen S. AAcKay
Mrs Allen Sicard
Mrs Allen Sparling
Mrs Allen Vadneau Canadian
Mrs Allen Vadneau Sandra
Mrs Anderson
Mrs Andrew Benson Elliott
Mrs Andrew Cram Rae Judd
Mrs Andrew Holland
Mrs Andrew King
Mrs Andrew Quebec City
Mrs Andrew Stephens
Mrs Andrew Tur
Mrs Andrew W. Crozier
Mrs Andrews
Mrs Angus Brennan
Mrs Ann Carswell
Mrs Anna Berard
Mrs Anne Marie Kim
Mrs Archie Story
Mrs Archie Toole
Mrs Atkinson
Mrs Austin Bennett
Mrs B *ardsri»s
Mrs B -m Moorhead-crystal
Mrs B Allen
Mrs B C. Horner
Mrs B Campbell
Mrs B E. Smith
Mrs B Fairfield
Mrs B G
Mrs B G Quai
Mrs B G Quaile
Mrs B G Quaile Mr
Mrs B G Quaile.
Mrs B G. Quaile
Mrs B McMillan
Mrs B V Robson
Mrs B W. Alexander
Mrs Bad-
Mrs Bailey
Mrs Barrett
Mrs Bernard Armitoge
Mrs Bernard Ben- Hensley
Mrs Bernard Benoit
Mrs Bernard Carroll
Mrs Bernard Connie
Mrs Bernard Conroy
Mrs Bernard Denault
Mrs Bernard Duezel
Mrs Bernard Dupuis
Mrs Bernard Fields
Mrs Bernard J.
Mrs Bernard Lance
Mrs Bernard Lapierre
Mrs Bernard Lemieux
Mrs Bernard MacDonell
Mrs Bernard McCart
Mrs Bernard McCarth
Mrs Bernard Mousseau
Mrs Bernard Shan
Mrs Bernard Sloan
Mrs Bill Armstrong
Mrs Bill Carmen Inglee
Mrs Bill Hayes
Mrs Bill Jr
Mrs Bishop Johncox
Mrs Blake Ottawa Hospital
Mrs Bradshaw Sr. Rev.
Mrs Brian Frederick Russett Russett - Molyneux
Mrs Bruce Donnelly
Mrs Byers Stephens
Mrs C B Mohr
Mrs C G
Mrs C G Biesenthal
Mrs C G Choban
Mrs C H Wainman
Mrs C J Richardson
Mrs C L Letts
Mrs C Leonard
Mrs C McKenzie
Mrs C W Black
Mrs C W Garrison
Mrs C W Hod
Mrs C W Hodgms
Mrs C W Mavor
Mrs C W Nlckle
Mrs C W Smith
Mrs Carson Hayes
Mrs Carton Hedging
Mrs Celina Berard
Mrs Chesley Kenneth Green
Mrs Christie Gerard
Mrs Clarke
Mrs Clarke Grat-branching
Mrs Clarke Lerocque
Mrs Clifton Campbell
Mrs CoHn Weimore
Mrs D F Kelly
Mrs D G Walsh
Mrs D H Rogers
Mrs D J Campbell
Mrs D J Scuccimara
Mrs D J. Richardson
Mrs D K Campbell Vernon
Mrs D O Fenton
Mrs da Smith
Mrs David Graham
Mrs David Graham Present
Mrs Dawson
Mrs Dawson Ann- Mrand Mrs Holland Graham
Mrs Dawson Arm Thursday
Mrs Dawson Armstrong
Mrs Dawson Cameron
Mrs Dawson Donat Lapierre
Mrs Dawson Lough
Mrs Dawson Moore
Mrs Dawson Moorhead
Mrs Dawson Sparling
Mrs Dawson Stitt
Mrs Dean Moodie Sister D Marion
Mrs Dean Young
Mrs Delbert Brennan
Mrs Dennis Hayes
Mrs Dennis Holland
Mrs Denzil outdoor
Mrs Desmond 5638bm7 Maheral
Mrs Desmond 89899b
Mrs Desmond Cooligan
Mrs Desmond Davie
Mrs Desmond Duff
Mrs Desmond Hod
Mrs Desmond Hod-1
Mrs Desmond Hodgins
Mrs Desmond Hodglns
Mrs Desmond Keon
Mrs Desmond Ma-heral
Mrs Desmond Mah-eral
Mrs Desmond Mahcral
Mrs Desmond Maheral
Mrs Desmond Mailing
Mrs Desmond McGaughlin
Mrs Desmond Me- Vosseler
Mrs Desmond Mr Royal
Mrs Desmond Pasch
Mrs Donald Hugh
Mrs Donat Jules Bertrand
Mrs Douglas Graham
Mrs Douglas Graham Of Ottawa
Mrs Duncan Ross
Mrs E B
Mrs E B Hearty
Mrs E B Lunam
Mrs E C. Dahms
Mrs E C. Mackay Pembroke
Mrs E Campbell
Mrs É Danny O Brien
Mrs E Floyd Yates.
Mrs E G Dods.
Mrs E G Duquette
Mrs E G. Ashman
Mrs E G. Potvin
Mrs E H McColgan
Mrs E H McColgan Blair
Mrs E htn-
Mrs E I. Jardine
Mrs E J
Mrs E J Thompson
Mrs E J Turner
Mrs E J Ward
Mrs E J •
Mrs E Lucas
Mrs E Peck
Mrs E W Elliott. Mrs
Mrs Earl Olmstead
Mrs Earl Ross
Mrs Earl Stephens
Mrs Eddie Brennan
Mrs Eddie Burr Ht
Mrs Eddy Brennan
Mrs Edgar Betty Mayhew
Mrs Edgar C. Dods
Mrs Edgar Mulligan
Mrs Edith Campbell
Mrs Edith Draper
Mrs Edith McCaffrey
Mrs Edmond Danny Sullivan
Mrs Edward Hunt
Mrs Eldon Tin
Mrs Eleanor Hayes
Mrs Elgin Graham
Mrs Emanuel
Mrs Emerson Cote
Mrs Emerson Cotie
Mrs Emerson Harold Richardson
Mrs Emerson Horner
Mrs Emerson Reid
Mrs Emerson Roy
Mrs Emerson Smiley
Mrs Emerson Smiley Tel
Mrs Emerson Timm
Mrs Emerson Timms
Mrs Emerson Twa
Mrs Emile Berard
Mrs Emmeth Berard
Mrs Er-Jason Toole
Mrs Ernie Za-1 Mrs Clarkston.
Mrs Ervin Graham
Mrs Ervin Hayes
Mrs Ervin Russell
Mrs Erwin Graham
Mrs Erwin Hayes
Mrs Eugene Berard
Mrs Evans
Mrs F Foley
Mrs F H Caldwell
Mrs F H MacLeHan
Mrs F W Naudett
Mrs F W Pritchard
Mrs F Wayne Cooke
Mrs F X Bertrand
Mrs F X Roukau
Mrs F X Rouleau
Mrs F X. Centre
Mrs Faye Stafford
Mrs Faye Young
Mrs Felix Kluke Quyon
Mrs Felix Kluke Shelley
Mrs Felix Spence
Mrs Fern Frederick
Mrs Findlay Ross
Mrs Foster Mayhew
Mrs Foster Miyhew
Mrs Foster Smith
Mrs Frances Daley
Mrs Francis Daley
Mrs Francis Jamie Hamilton
Mrs Frankie Cat
Mrs Fraser
Mrs Fred Armstrong
Mrs Freeman Grant
Mrs Freeman Wesley and
Mrs G A Howard
Mrs G a*
Mrs G Alexander
Mrs G Allen Smith
Mrs G Arnold
Mrs G B Watson
Mrs G Berard
Mrs G Boucher
Mrs G Che
Mrs G Du-some
Mrs G Edmonson
Mrs G Elwood William* Shaw
Mrs G Fier
Mrs G Findlay
Mrs G Fitzsimmons
Mrs G G McDowell
Mrs G G. McDowell
Mrs G Graham
Mrs G H Griffiths
Mrs G H Letts
Mrs G Hermitte
Mrs G II Biubazuu
Mrs G Jones
Mrs G K O Donnell
Mrs G King
Mrs G Laughren Mr.
Mrs G Le- g^ggje^
Mrs G Le- Renfrew
Mrs G Lemay Sr
Mrs G Lemuel Hodgina
Mrs G M Smith
Mrs G McEwan
Mrs G McLean
Mrs G Nicholson
Mrs G Ouimet
Mrs G R Hobin
Mrs G Richardson
Mrs G Steele the
Mrs G Tracy
Mrs G W Kelley
Mrs G W Kelley. Mr Albert Mimee
Mrs G W Kelly. Miss Edith Kirkham
Mrs G W Kelt-
Mrs Garry Berard
Mrs Garth Graham
Mrs Gary Holland
Mrs Georgina Berard
Mrs Geraldine Dagen- Congratulations
Mrs Gilbert Armstrong
Mrs Gilbert Campbell
Mrs Gilbert E. Bretzloff
Mrs Gilbert Graham
Mrs Gilbert Meilleur
Mrs Gilbert Ottawa
Mrs Gilbert Presky
Mrs Gilbert Sheppard
Mrs Glen Adams On October
Mrs Glen Bridgeman Birthday
Mrs Glen Christmas
Mrs Glen Elliott
Mrs Glen Stephens
Mrs Glen Yach
Mrs Gordon Armstrong
Mrs Gordon Bennett
Mrs Gordon Brennan
Mrs Gordon Tammy Loesche
Mrs Gordon | McMillan
Mrs Gorton Popkey Linton
Mrs Graham
Mrs Graham Con
Mrs Graham Conoily
Mrs Graham Conol-
Mrs Graham Conolly
Mrs Graham Thomson
Mrs Graham y Thompson
Mrs Graham Young
Mrs Graham.
Mrs Grant Beattie
Mrs Grant Du
Mrs Grant Rogers
Mrs Gray
Mrs Greg
Mrs Greg vice*
Mrs Greg.
Mrs H A. Lynn
Mrs H B Arm-
Mrs H B Armstrong
Mrs H B McCain
Mrs H B Wade
Mrs H Betty Verner
Mrs H C. Brlgger
Mrs H C. Snow
Mrs H Cochran
Mrs H F. Reifel
Mrs H H (
Mrs H H Em
Mrs H H Emerson
Mrs H H Emmerson
Mrs H H rwH
Mrs H H Seaman
Mrs H H Tate
Mrs H H. Hodgins
Mrs H Hayes
Mrs H Hennick
Mrs H I Smith
Mrs H I. Hobbs Wilson
Mrs H I. Smith
Mrs H J Smith
Mrs H J. Taggart
Mrs H K Moyer
Mrs H L Lytle
Mrs H R Millard
Mrs H R Tom-ilson
Mrs H Ross
Mrs H S. Barnett
Mrs H W Redman
Mrs Hahn
Mrs Hamilton
Mrs Harland Karen Watterton
Mrs Harris
Mrs Harvey (Carol
Mrs Harvey Clost
Mrs Harvey Fen-
Mrs Harvey ISiyne
Mrs Harvey Lasalle
Mrs Harvey McDonald
Mrs Harvey Oeig
Mrs Harvey Ooss
Mrs Harvey Revisited
Mrs Harvey Ro- Waltham
Mrs Harvey Ross
Mrs Harvey Ross 5
Mrs Harvey Shawville
Mrs Harvey Wall Softball
Mrs Harvey Westbrook
Mrs Harvey Westbrooke
Mrs Hay Lauzon
Mrs Hay Sheppard
Mrs Hayes
Mrs Helen
Mrs Helen MacKinnon
Mrs Helen Neville Barnsley
Mrs Helen Routliffe
Mrs Helmut
Mrs Helmut Erf
Mrs Helmut Erfk
Mrs Helmut Erflc
Mrs Helmut Erfle
Mrs Helmut Erifle
Mrs Helmut F.rfle
Mrs Helmut Frfle
Mrs Helmut Krfle
Mrs Helmut Krfle Waltham
Mrs Helmut Schmidt
Mrs Helmut Shawville
Mrs Henderson Harris
Mrs Henri Berard
Mrs Henry
Mrs Henry Dumouchel
Mrs Henry IX1 Mr
Mrs Henry Krose
Mrs Henry Lemaire
Mrs Henry Lemaire Joanne
Mrs Henry Pierre Colton
Mrs Henry Rutledge
Mrs Henry Stephens
Mrs Henry Wallace
Mrs Henry °n Sunday June
Mrs Herman
Mrs Herman Bretz-1 Mrs Buddy Sloan
Mrs Herman E. Garland
Mrs Herman Elliott
Mrs Herman Gar-1
Mrs Herman Sparling
Mrs Hillis Graham
Mrs Hillu Graham
Mrs Ho Pfggy
Mrs Homer
Mrs Howard Berard
Mrs Howard Hayes
Mrs Hsilts Graham
Mrs Hubert Elliott
Mrs Hubert Elliott Barry
Mrs Hugh Armstrong
Mrs HUlis Graham
Mrs Irwin Graham
Mrs Irwin Hayes
Mrs Ivan Jr
Mrs J
Mrs J V X-7
Mrs J 7th
Mrs J 8. Stanton
Mrs J Arnold Brunton
Mrs J B Al-
Mrs J B band Dr Christopher Wil-
Mrs J B Corrigan.
Mrs J B Duff
Mrs J B Kelly
Mrs J B KUguur
Mrs J B Leblanc
Mrs J B. KU-gour
Mrs J Brennan
Mrs J C. Poisson
Mrs J E Farrell
Mrs J E. Dagg
Mrs J F Ci
Mrs J F Wilson
Mrs J G Elliott
Mrs J G Haney
Mrs J G Lariviere
Mrs J G Larrlvlere
Mrs J G McAuley
Mrs J Grant Carswell
Mrs J H Carmichael
Mrs J H Little
Mrs J H Murray
Mrs J H R
Mrs J H |
Mrs J Hayes
Mrs J J De Forge
Mrs J J DeForge
Mrs J J Fitzpatrick
Mrs J J He Forge
Mrs J J Kelley
Mrs J J Kennedy
Mrs J J McCall
Mrs J J McCallum
Mrs J J Turner
Mrs J J. Sly
Mrs J K Patterson
Mrs J L
Mrs J L Hodgins
Mrs J L Ma
Mrs J L Ma-
Mrs J L Maheral
Mrs J L Muir
Mrs J L StPlerre
Mrs J L. Maheral
Mrs J M. McKinley
Mrs J N Brown
Mrs J O. Pittis
Mrs J O. Tittis
Mrs J Patrick MacKinnon 11-27,28,29,30
Mrs J Percy Bradley
Mrs J Ross Beck
Mrs J Ryan
Mrs J Ryan.
Mrs J Smiley
Mrs J W Arm* Alexander
Mrs J W Armstrong
Mrs J W Byron
Mrs J W Killen
Mrs J Wesley Grierson
Mrs J ^°SH Doderidge
Mrs J ¦ Cobden
Mrs J&ck Holland
Mrs Jack Jr,
Mrs Jacques Jr in
Mrs James 0strom Conn McCagg
Mrs James Armstrong
Mrs James Payne.
Mrs James Tracy
Mrs James Tracy 5
Mrs Jean I*-1
Mrs Jean Marie
Mrs Jean Marie Asselin
Mrs Jean Marie Comeau
Mrs Jean Marie Corneau
Mrs Jean Marie Gauthier
Mrs Jean Marie Ladouceur
Mrs Jean Marie Lance
Mrs Jean Marie LeGuerrier
Mrs Jean Marie Lepine
Mrs Jean Marie Ry
Mrs Jean Marie Ryan
Mrs Jear Marie
Mrs Jennings Evelyn
Mrs Jo# Hunt
Mrs John Jr Montague
Mrs John McKenzie
Mrs Johnson Hugh Horner
Mrs Johnston
Mrs Ju- shopping
Mrs K ** Fancy Work Mrs Nancy Hughes
Mrs K Burman
Mrs K Dean
Mrs K G Allan
Mrs K J Wilson
Mrs K Jr Office
Mrs K Jr stood
Mrs K Ross
Mrs K Smith
Mrs K V Carswell
Mrs Kearns
Mrs Kelly Leclair
Mrs King McCoy
Mrs L Barrett
Mrs L Brennan Sr St James St
Mrs L dirtx*
Mrs L G Richards
Mrs L G Shiel
Mrs L J Armstrong
Mrs L J Fair-
Mrs L J Roach
Mrs L K Hodgins
Mrs L Lemaire
Mrs L R. Morrow
Mrs L r>urui
Mrs L Spencer
Mrs L W Corrigan.
Mrs L.o- Marie Theresa Lasalle
Mrs Lafontaine
Mrs Lars Wayne
Mrs Laughren Sr.
Mrs Laurence Der
Mrs Lawrence Graham
Mrs Lawson Stephens
Mrs Leach
Mrs Lean- Wesley United Church
Mrs Lee A. Hodgins
Mrs Lee Goodick
Mrs Leonard
Mrs Leonard And
Mrs Leonard Beer
Mrs Leonard Berard
Mrs Leonard Earl Phillips
Mrs Leonard expense9 Emmerson
Mrs Leonard Fox
Mrs Leonard Godin
Mrs Leonard Grace
Mrs Leonard Horn-1
Mrs Leonard Lance
Mrs Leonard Neil Sparling
Mrs Leonard Ottawa
Mrs Leonard Ottawa Hospital
Mrs Leonard P. Kluke
Mrs Leonard Per Eileen Labelle
Mrs Leonard Rogers
Mrs Leonard ¦ Mrs. Norval McNeil
Mrs Leslie
Mrs Leslie Angus
Mrs Leslie Atkin-1
Mrs Leslie Atkinson
Mrs Leslie Atkinson Kohhle
Mrs Leslie BenI
Mrs Leslie Benoit
Mrs Leslie Benoit Martin
Mrs Leslie Boyd
Mrs Leslie Campbell
Mrs Leslie Carroll
Mrs Leslie Carroll,
Mrs Leslie Eades Photo
Mrs Leslie Extra Travels
Mrs Leslie Kehoe
Mrs Leslie McMillan
Mrs Leslie Mus
Mrs Leslie Mus-
Mrs Leslie Musgrove
Mrs Leslie Poole
Mrs Leslie Price
Mrs Leslie Russett
Mrs Leslie Smart
Mrs Leslie Smart Horner
Mrs Leslie Smart- Secretary
Mrs Leslie Steele
Mrs Leslie Walsh
Mrs Leslie Welsh
Mrs Lisa
Mrs Lloyd
Mrs Lloyd Armstrong
Mrs Lloyd Atkin- Ralston
Mrs Lloyd Bomain
Mrs Lloyd Brown
Mrs Lloyd Carmen Bretzlaff
Mrs Lloyd Cooke
Mrs Lloyd Delmar Hearty
Mrs Lloyd Elliott
Mrs Lloyd Fulfor* Mrs Ellis Palmer
Mrs Lloyd Fulford
Mrs Lloyd H. Armstrong
Mrs Lloyd Mur-
Mrs Lloyd Neville
Mrs Lorn Boyd
Mrs Lu McDowell
Mrs Lu Stafford
Mrs Luther Webster
Mrs M %JËÊÊ Recent
Mrs M Brown
Mrs M G
Mrs M G Denault
Mrs M Hayes
Mrs M J Allen
Mrs M J Black
Mrs M J Culletm
Mrs M J Culleton
Mrs M J Denault
Mrs M J Hearty
Mrs M J Hirault
Mrs M J McGuinney
Mrs M J Poirier
Mrs M J Sammon
Mrs M J Stan-
Mrs M J. Shiels
Mrs M J. Turner
Mrs M P. Davis
Mrs M Young
Mrs Ma
Mrs Ma Eleanor Kelly
Mrs Ma hie Dowd Hie
Mrs Ma mon Brown
Mrs Ma no Fierobln
Mrs Ma no Flerobin
Mrs Ma Pontiac Pontiac Transit Hydro Quebec
Mrs Ma Sec.
Mrs Ma Stanton
Mrs Ma Thompson
Mrs Ma Trudeau
Mrs Ma Vga
Mrs Ma X FortCoulonge M M Helen Colton
Mrs Ma ye Elliott
Mrs Ma-
Mrs MahIon Hayes
Mrs Mahlon Hayes
Mrs Margaret Graham
Mrs Margaret Susan Eddy
Mrs Marie Madore
Mrs Marion
Mrs Marion Graham
Mrs Marion Hayes
Mrs Marion Headrick
Mrs Marion Kelley
Mrs Marion Lavigne
Mrs Marion Loch-head
Mrs Marion McCord
Mrs Marion McTier-
Mrs Marion McTiernan
Mrs Marion Ricbertz
Mrs Mark Pilon day Season Jr
Mrs Marlowe Campbell
Mrs Marshall Chelmsford Hodgins
Mrs Martin Riley Mr.
Mrs Mathieuas Bourgarde
Mrs Maurice ,b®™* Richardson
Mrs Maurice Barr
Mrs Maurice Beau
Mrs Maurice Braze
Mrs Maurice Brazeau
Mrs Maurice C,tiles Soucie Their
Mrs Maurice Che-Miss Joelle Asselin
Mrs Maurice Chev-
Mrs Maurice Du
Mrs Maurice Dumouchel
Mrs Maurice DumoucheL Miss GaiJ Stewart
Mrs Maurice DumoucheL Miss Linda Stewart
Mrs Maurice Dumouchel^ Dunraven
Mrs Maurice Fran-
Mrs Maurice Gauthier
Mrs Maurice Ger-
Mrs Maurice Gervais
Mrs Maurice Gra
Mrs Maurice Jobin
Mrs Maurice Lance 42057BM14 Never
Mrs Maurice Larabie
Mrs Maurice Las
Mrs Maurice Lasalle
Mrs Maurice LaSalle Clare Guystt
Mrs Maurice Milford
Mrs Maurice Pilon
Mrs Maurice Racine Montreal
Mrs Maurice Roberge
Mrs Maurice Sloan
Mrs Maurice Spence Beatrice
Mrs Maurice Umay
Mrs Maurice Vannest
Mrs Maurice White
Mrs McFarlane.
Mrs Megrath Sr.
Mrs Melvin Armstrong
Mrs Melvin Armstrong Mr
Mrs Melvin daughters
Mrs Melvin Derouin Dr. Lamarche
Mrs Melvin Hie
Mrs Melvin J. Saturday
Mrs Melvin Mme Lionel St-Pierre
Mrs Melvin Stewart
Mrs Melvin Wickens Cummings
Mrs Mi Jr C
Mrs Michelle 0f Peterborough
Mrs Michelle St Aubin
Mrs Mickey Belanger
Mrs Mike Wayne Vennue
Mrs Milton Mous-Mrs Roy Stephens
Mrs Moses McCord
Mrs Mrs Hayes
Mrs Murray
Mrs Murray Bilson
Mrs Murray Byce
Mrs Murray Dunningan
Mrs Murray Graham
Mrs Murray Graham Roland Graham
Mrs Murray Lavallee
Mrs Murray Lavallle
Mrs Murray Mako
Mrs Murray McEwen
Mrs Murray McNeil
Mrs Murray McNeill
Mrs Murray Moore
Mrs Murray Moore Belanger
Mrs Murray Moyle
Mrs Murray O Lando
Mrs Murray Richardson
Mrs Murray Rus-nd
Mrs Murray Skinner
Mrs Murray Somers
Mrs Myles McCoy
Mrs Myrtle Barrett
Mrs N K McNeill
Mrs N L Da Wedding
Mrs N L Moore
Mrs Neils Hansen Jennifer Gauthier
Mrs Nelson Murdock
Mrs Norman F. Jardine
Mrs Norman Holmes Lake
Mrs Norman Patrick Simpson - Armitage
Mrs Norman Wallace
Mrs Norris
Mrs Norris Hod
Mrs Norris Hod-gins
Mrs Norris Hodgins
Mrs Norris Horner Mrs Ron Robichard
Mrs Norris Hudgins
Mrs Norris Mississauga
Mrs Norris Model
Mrs Norris R. Horner
Mrs O Young
Mrs Ole
Mrs Omer Berard
Mrs Orner Berard
Mrs Orton Stephens Wendy Baird
Mrs Owen Berard
Mrs Owen C.
Mrs Owen Hearty
Mrs Owen Jr Sloan Saturday
Mrs Owen Sloan Spending Easter
Mrs P Campbell
Mrs P J Code
Mrs P J KildufT
Mrs P J Mason
Mrs P J Masson
Mrs P J Murjrt^r
Mrs P J Murohy
Mrs P J Murphy
Mrs P J Neville
Mrs P J. Murphy
Mrs P W Shoobert
Mrs Palmer
Mrs Palmer.
Mrs Pamela Hahn
Mrs Pamela.
Mrs Paul Berard
Mrs Percy Betty
Mrs Peters
Mrs Pilon
Mrs Porter
Mrs Q Johnson
Mrs R
Mrs R A. Dale.
Mrs R A. Grant
Mrs R Arlingt Sharpe
Mrs R E McRae Jacqueline Brown
Mrs R E. Cummings
Mrs R F Black
Mrs R G Elliott
Mrs R G Hodgins
Mrs R Gibson
Mrs R Graham
Mrs R H (Bud
Mrs R H Farrell
Mrs R H Lunam
Mrs R H Spiritual Advisor
Mrs R J Calvert
Mrs R J Cart* It
Mrs R J Connelly
Mrs R J Hamilton
Mrs R J Tracy
Mrs R J Wilson
Mrs R J. Cart
Mrs R J. Suthe
Mrs R J. Thomp Mr.
Mrs R K Johnson
Mrs R K Millar
Mrs R K Miller
Mrs R K R Kierstead
Mrs R L Ea
Mrs R L MacLean
Mrs R Lacroix
Mrs R Mulligan Mrs
Mrs R Murdock Thompson
Mrs R Stephens
Mrs R Thoms ST.
Mrs R W Pritchard
Mrs R W Wil- Get
Mrs R W Wilson
Mrs R W Wilson. Stuart Russell
Mrs R W WÜ
Mrs R W. Hod*
Mrs Ray
Mrs Ray .
Mrs Ray Grier Joseph
Mrs Ray Newton
Mrs Ray Page
Mrs Ray Shannon
Mrs Ray Sheppard
Mrs Ray Stephens
Mrs Raymond Graham
Mrs Reed
Mrs Rejean Mrs Pearl Morrison
Mrs Rene Berard
Mrs René Berard Lemaire
Mrs René Marilyn
Mrs Richard Sr
Mrs Richard Trevor
Mrs Richardson
Mrs Richmond
Mrs Robertson
Mrs Roes Campbell
Mrs Roger Graham Giffen
Mrs Rom Campbell
Mrs Romain
Mrs Romain St Aubin
Mrs Ross Campbell
Mrs Ross Sager
Mrs Ross White
Mrs Ross Young
Mrs Routliffe Jr,
Mrs Ruby Armstrong
Mrs Ruby BeaG Pontiac Recept^ Centre
Mrs Ruby Ottawa Veteran
Mrs Russel Leroy
Mrs Russell
Mrs Russell B Taber
Mrs Russell Boyd.
Mrs Russell Cobb
Mrs Russell Coob
Mrs Russell Cotnam
Mrs Russell Doherty
Mrs Russell Elliott
Mrs Russell Elliott JtttfPWLS
Mrs Russell Elliott Municipality
Mrs Russell Grant
Mrs Russell Gravel
Mrs Russell Hurd
Mrs Russell Judd
Mrs Russell Kirk
Mrs Russell Lang
Mrs Russell Leroy
Mrs Russell Lucas
Mrs Russell MacNevin
Mrs Russell Mcc
Mrs Russell McLinton
Mrs Russell Mee
Mrs Russell Mitehette
Mrs Russell Mulligan
Mrs Russell p*er Kluke
Mrs Russell Raymond
Mrs Russell Stewart
Mrs Russell Ta-cently
Mrs Russell Taber
Mrs Russell Verner Thrun
Mrs Russell Vickers
Mrs Russell Wallace
Mrs Russell Watson
Mrs Russell Zimmerling
Mrs Russell ZlmmerUng
Mrs Ryan Benoit
Mrs S B Tow
Mrs S G Saunders
Mrs S K McDowell
Mrs S W Smith
Mrs S W Thompson
Mrs Schwartz
Mrs Sherman
Mrs Sherwood Grant
Mrs Sherwood Grant HOME Phone
Mrs Sid Stephens
Mrs Smiley
Mrs Smith
Mrs Spencer Sloan
Mrs Ste Marie
Mrs Stewart Graham
Mrs Stewart Jr
Mrs Stewart Jr You
Mrs Stones
Mrs Stu Spencer
Mrs Stu Spencer Church Hall
Mrs Stuart
Mrs Stuart Ahearn
Mrs Stuart Barclay
Mrs Stuart Ca
Mrs Stuart Daw
Mrs Stuart Lionel
Mrs Stuart Spencer Out-of-town
Mrs Sullivan
Mrs Sunny Germain
Mrs T B Campbell-Hope
Mrs T B Draper
Mrs T C. Kelly
Mrs T Fred Ritchie
Mrs T J Brisson
Mrs T J Fitzpatrick
Mrs T J Godin
Mrs T J McMahon
Mrs T J McManhon Riverfield
Mrs T J Murdock
Mrs T J Roberts Project
Mrs T J Shawville
Mrs T J. Moorhead
Mrs T Marshall
Mrs T W Crawford
Mrs T W McGuire
Mrs T W MrGnire* Also
Mrs T W Raymond
Mrs T.P. Graham
Mrs Taylor
Mrs Taylor.
Mrs Telesphore Quebec
Mrs Theresa Hunt
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Thomas Cough McGuire
Mrs Thomas Don-
Mrs Thomas Don- Danny Lepack Jr s
Mrs Thomas Donnelly
Mrs Thomas Edward Brownlee
Mrs Thomas G. Ewen
Mrs Thomas H. Narlock
Mrs Thomas Herve Sabourin
Mrs Thomas Horner
Mrs Thomas Horner Special
Mrs Thomas Jean Marleau
Mrs Thomas Jeffery Kilcollins
Mrs Thomas Kel-
Mrs Thomas Martin
Mrs Thomas Mathers
Mrs Thomas McGee
Mrs Thomas Ottawa
Mrs Thomas Sheppard
Mrs Thomas Stephens
Mrs Thomas Sullivan
Mrs Thomas Wallace Visitors
Mrs Thomas Warder Vailloncourt
Mrs Thomas Young
Mrs Thompson
Mrs Tom Sunday
Mrs Torn Eudes
Mrs Turcotte Jr motored
Mrs Turner Shawville Charter Night
Mrs Uordon Brennan
Mrs Urban Daley
Mrs V i Eila Elliott
Mrs Varner Thrun
Mrs Versai Campbell
Mrs Vincent .beady
Mrs Vincent Foran
Mrs Vincent Holland
Mrs Vincent Tammy Loesche
Mrs W .1 Armstrong Bureau
Mrs W A. Brown
Mrs W B Hodgins
Mrs W C Schwartz
Mrs W Cahill-pair
Mrs W Campbell
Mrs W D Armitage
Mrs W D Brown
Mrs W D Brown cor-1
Mrs W D Heart Manor
Mrs W D Hodgins
Mrs W D l/nigh
Mrs W D Lough
Mrs W Daley
Mrs W E Eckerman Campbell
Mrs W E Hodgins
Mrs W Edgar Mayhew
Mrs W F BHjj^^BB^^^fl^
Mrs W F Pritchard
Mrs W Fred Plourde
Mrs W G
Mrs W G Chisnell
Mrs W G McDowell
Mrs W H
Mrs W H Ban-
Mrs W H Farrell
Mrs W H Hodgins
Mrs W H Horner
Mrs W H Kenny
Mrs W H Maitland
Mrs W H Poupore
Mrs W H Richardson
Mrs W II Johnston
Mrs W Instant Hurricane
Mrs W J
Mrs W J ( Mac
Mrs W J Armstrong
Mrs W J Armstrong.
Mrs W J Black
Mrs W J Brownlee
Mrs W J Cochrane
Mrs W J Cray
Mrs W J Crick
Mrs W J egg#
Mrs W J Hamilton
Mrs W J Hobbs
Mrs W J Hodgins
Mrs W J I
Mrs W J Inglee
Mrs W J McKibbon
Mrs W J Miller
Mrs W J Mur-
Mrs W J Mur-7th
Mrs W J Murray
Mrs W J Murray Miss Stevenson
Mrs W J Smith
Mrs W J Stanton
Mrs W J Stark
Mrs W J Ste- William Stephens
Mrs W J to Hospital Beneficiary Core
Mrs W J Tugman
Mrs W J Woods
Mrs W J. Hamilton
Mrs W K Bauer
Mrs W L Barr
Mrs W L Walsh
Mrs W Lennis Barr
Mrs W Lucy Clarke
Mrs W M Gladish
Mrs W Marie
Mrs W McDonald
Mrs W Murdock
Mrs W O Brien
Mrs W O Corrigan
Mrs W O. Bums
Mrs W R Bailey
Mrs W R Mac Lachlan
Mrs W R Makin
Mrs W R Reynolds
Mrs W RCassidy
Mrs W S Griffith
Mrs W Tipping
Mrs W V Stinson
Mrs W.M. Hayes
Mrs Ward
Mrs Ward Rie-(Warren) Stewart
Mrs Waters
Mrs Wayne Daley
Mrs Wayne Jr
Mrs Webb
Mrs Wellington Armstrong
Mrs Wendal Graham
Mrs Wendall Graham
Mrs Werner Schultz
Mrs Wesley
Mrs Wesley Dagg
Mrs William McCollum
Mrs Wilmar Graham
Mrs Wilmer Graham
Mrs Wilmer Graham Aersity
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Wilson Vibert
Mrs Z Â
Mrs! A
Mrs! I
Mrs! Lavallée
Mrs! Miss Lila McGuire
Mrs! Moore
Mrs! Paul Martineau
Mrs" A G Brough- His
Mrs" Esale Richard
Mrs" Gordon Pophey
Mrs" Hall Fuller
Mrs" Pieldhouse
Mrs" Thomas Co,c- Jeanne
Mrs# Clifton Campbell
Mrs) G E Colton
Mrs* .Tames Grant Murray
Mrs* Al,en Meredith
Mrs* Andrew Flood
Mrs* Bland Little
Mrs* Brown
Mrs* Dawson Smith
Mrs* Emerson Mooney
Mrs* Emerson Roy
Mrs* Graham
Mrs* H R- RaW>
Mrs* Harper Smith
Mrs* L M.Cooké
Mrs* Leslie Ke-died
Mrs* Martin
Mrs* McCredie Douglas Wilson
Mrs* Mitchell
Mrs* R J. Connelly
Mrs* R* J- Thompson
Mrs* S Hart
Mrs* W J Murray
Mrs*Mild Potts
Mrs, Abbott
Mrs, Adolph Thoms Canon
Mrs, Aida Miss Margaret Mt Volga»
Mrs, Albert
Mrs, Albert Matthews
Mrs, Albert Myers
Mrs, Albert Seymour
Mrs, Albert W. Palmer
Mrs, Albert Yach
Mrs, Alex Olmsted
Mrs, Alfred Armstrong
Mrs, Allan
Mrs, Allan Stinson
Mrs, Allen
Mrs, Andrew Hodgins Mrs.
Mrs, Andrew McKnight
Mrs, Andrew Neville
Mrs, Andrew Stewart
Mrs, Archie Forest
Mrs, Arnold Bryan
Mrs, B Curley
Mrs, B McKenzie Mrs.
Mrs, Baiber
Mrs, Ball
Mrs, Bert Presley
Mrs, Black
Mrs, Blake
Mrs, Brown
Mrs, C
Mrs, C H. Hiigger
Mrs, C. J Caldwell
Mrs, Camp-j
Mrs, Carmen Wickens
Mrs, Chas Ivan Hodgms
Mrs, Chatterton
Mrs, Chester Coch
Mrs, Churchill
Mrs, Clarence
Mrs, Clark Cowan James
Mrs, Claude Young
Mrs, Clayton Sly
Mrs, Cliff Corrigan
Mrs, Cliff Edmonds
Mrs, Clifford Durrell Ottawa Miss Mena Brown Out.
Mrs, Clifford Rob- M
Mrs, Clifton Campbell
Mrs, Curry
Mrs, Dale
Mrs, David W. McDowell
Mrs, Denhy
Mrs, Donald-
Mrs, Drummond
Mrs, E
Mrs, E Cooney
Mrs, E Sherman
Mrs, Ed-Gountÿ
Mrs, Edgar Draper
Mrs, Edgar Hod
Mrs, Edith Brigger
Mrs, Edward Band
Mrs, Eric Brown
Mrs, Ethel Sowden
Mrs, Eva Hrmk-1 Bv[
Mrs, F
Mrs, F. Graham
Mrs, Fokes
Mrs, Fortier
Mrs, Frank Durkee
Mrs, Frank Rose
Mrs, Fraser
Mrs, Fred * Sons
Mrs, Fred Bur
Mrs, Fred Froet
Mrs, Fred Hodgins
Mrs, Fred Qrs-131
Mrs, Fred Sheppard
Mrs, Fulton
Mrs, G Carmichael
Mrs, Garnet Armstrong
Mrs, Geo
Mrs, Gilbert
Mrs, Gordon Elliott
Mrs, Gordon Klliott
Mrs, Gordon McCoy
Mrs, Gordon Paul
Mrs, Gordon STRAYED—From
Mrs, Gr
Mrs, Graham
Mrs, Grant
Mrs, Green
Mrs, Grehem Thomp-who
Mrs, H
Mrs, H I. Smith
Mrs, H J. Coo-nelly
Mrs, H Rowfit
Mrs, Hardy
Mrs, Harold
Mrs, Harold Beckett
Mrs, Harold Hayes
Mrs, Heifb Napanee
Mrs, Henry Creb Shoe Co.
Mrs, Henry Dale.
Mrs, Henry Hodgins
Mrs, Henry Horner
Mrs, Henry Horner............. 1
Mrs, Henry Hudson
Mrs, Henry Maitland
Mrs, Hobbs
Mrs, Howard Corbett
Mrs, Howard Routliffe
Mrs, Hugh Young
Mrs, Hulbert Armstrong
Mrs, Il
Mrs, Irwin Graham
Mrs, Ivan Premiergast
Mrs, IW.
Mrs, J
Mrs, J Hyndman
Mrs, J Lascelles
Mrs, J Pirie......... Harper Kennick
Mrs, J. H. Murray
Mrs, J. McMillan
Mrs, J. O. Stephens
Mrs, Ja*
Mrs, Jack Grant
Mrs, Jack Lester
Mrs, James Connelly
Mrs, James Cur Nylon
Mrs, James Kirkpatrick
Mrs, Janu Wallace
Mrs, John A. Smith
Mrs, John Black
Mrs, John G. McGuire
Mrs, John K
Mrs, John Katies
Mrs, John Mack
Mrs, John Ross Many
Mrs, Johnston
Mrs, Ju
Mrs, Julia Sheppard
Mrs, Jüs
Mrs, Jx L Armit
Mrs, K
Mrs, K -= Bennett
Mrs, Kathleen M. Gibson
Mrs, Keller
Mrs, Kelly
Mrs, L H. Arundel
Mrs, L J. Fairfield
Mrs, L Surviving
Mrs, L.J-------------
Mrs, Lawson Smith
Mrs, Lena Kelly
Mrs, Leo White
Mrs, Leonard
Mrs, Leslie Dean
Mrs, Leslie Hill
Mrs, Lewis
Mrs, Lewis Hod
Mrs, Linden
Mrs, Linden Graham
Mrs, Lindsay Arm* Kijjottor Hthst HoiMiiN.s
Mrs, Lloyd
Mrs, Lloyd Cooke
Mrs, Lloyd Mitcham
Mrs, Lloyd Stephens
Mrs, Lome
Mrs, Lome Armstrong
Mrs, Lor
Mrs, Lucas
Mrs, M
Mrs, M Graham
Mrs, M Reside
Mrs, M Stewart
Mrs, M. Armstrong Mrs. Henry Dale
Mrs, Manson McDowell
Mrs, Margaret Baker
Mrs, Marshall
Mrs, Marshall Chamberlain
Mrs, Martin
Mrs, Martin Adams
Mrs, Mary
Mrs, Mary Freeman
Mrs, Maurice Malette
Mrs, May
Mrs, McDowell
Mrs, McGuire
Mrs, McMillan
Mrs, McOagg
Mrs, Melvin Mr.
Mrs, Melvin Stewart
Mrs, Melvin Young
Mrs, Michael Murphy
Mrs, Mitchell
Mrs, Mr.
Mrs, Murphy
Mrs, Murray
Mrs, N K
Mrs, Nelson
Mrs, Norman Brownlee
Mrs, Norman Burke
Mrs, Norman Hodgson
Mrs, Norris
Mrs, Norris Hodgins
Mrs, Orla Young
Mrs, P
Mrs, Patrick Donnelly
Mrs, Pearl Hayes
Mrs, Pena Bert-died
Mrs, Perley Richardson
Mrs, Prank Workman
Mrs, R
Mrs, R J. Thompson
Mrs, R Riley
Mrs, R S. Smith Judith Smith
Mrs, R T. Clarke
Mrs, R Taber
Mrs, R. Graham
Mrs, Ralph Hod-liutch
Mrs, Reuben Harris
Mrs, Reuben Smith
Mrs, Rkvbkn Smith
Mrs, Robt
Mrs, Roland Elliott
Mrs, Rose Mousseau Mr.
Mrs, Ruby Armstrong
Mrs, Russell Elliott
Mrs, Ryan
Mrs, S. Armstrong
Mrs, Sam Towell
Mrs, Samuel Eva Anderson
Mrs, Samuel Renniuk
Mrs, Sidney Tmd-
Mrs, Smith His Lordship Bishop
Mrs, Solomon Hayes
Mrs, SswsS-.sBS
Mrs, Stuart
Mrs, Susan Young
Mrs, Th
Mrs, Tho- Norman Twa
Mrs, Thom
Mrs, Thomas
Mrs, Thomas Findlay
Mrs, Thomas Kelley
Mrs, Thomas Martin
Mrs, Thomas Proulx
Mrs, Thomas Telford
Mrs, Thompson
Mrs, Thos
Mrs, Tom Sheppard
Mrs, Turner
Mrs, V McCug
Mrs, Victor McBane
Mrs, Vincent Hodgins
Mrs, VV.
Mrs, W Andrew Bennett
Mrs, W C Stark
Mrs, W J. Horner
Mrs, W. J Murray
Mrs, Wallace J. Wilson
Mrs, Wellington Armstrong
Mrs, Whelan
Mrs, Willie Lang Jim Graham
Mrs, Wilmer Gra
Mrs, Wilson
Mrs, Wilson Tracy
Mrs, Wm
Mrs, Wm Crick
Mrs- A K Walton
Mrs- Andrew
Mrs- Andrew Murray
Mrs- Andrew Neville
Mrs- Anne Fumer-ton
Mrs- Arlington Sharpe
Mrs- Audrey Jacques
Mrs- Bob.
Mrs- Brown
Mrs- Bud Elliott
Mrs- Chas Brown
Mrs- Dalton Richardson
Mrs- Dwight Me- .-if
Mrs- E Palmer
Mrs- Earl "
Mrs- Earl Dainty
Mrs- Edmund Stew-y
Mrs- Emerson Smil-
Mrs- Emile King
Mrs- Frcd
Mrs- Garfoote> Mrs. McKay
Mrs- Gerald Bonnah Mr.
Mrs- Graham Thompson
Mrs- Harr> Betsher
Mrs- Henry Smiley
Mrs- Hermas Lepine
Mrs- Howard Nesbitt
Mrs- Howard Routliffe
Mrs- I)onalJ Fraser
Mrs- Ina Kil-
Mrs- Ishmin
Mrs- James Dor-
Mrs- Jim Sttwart M. George L. Corrigan
Mrs- John D. Macfar-lane
Mrs- John H. Horner
Mrs- John Hodgins
Mrs- Lawn
Mrs- Leo Pigeon
Mrs- Leslie Dale
Mrs- Lloyd Dale.
Mrs- Lloyd Neville
Mrs- Margaret XV.
Mrs- Maurice
Mrs- May Knight
Mrs- Mblvin Armstrong
Mrs- McLean
Mrs- Michael Doherty
Mrs- Milton Murrell
Mrs- Moore
Mrs- Murray
Mrs- Nelson
Mrs- P. Hayes
Mrs- Paterson Recent
Mrs- Paul Campeau
Mrs- Perley Rich-ville
Mrs- R Murray
Mrs- Ray Moffett
Mrs- Ross Dodridge
Mrs- Schamehorn
Mrs- Simon Mayhew
Mrs- Taylor
Mrs- Tom Km8‘
Mrs- Vaughan
Mrs- W.M. Hayes
Mrs- Wallace Hodgins
Mrs- Walter McDowell
Mrs- Warren Campbell
Mrs- William Campbell
Mrs- William Hanna
Mrs- Wilson
Mrs- Workman
Mrs-) Helen P. Campbell
Mrs-Edward Dale
Mrs-Elgin Hobbs
Mrs-Graham Young
Mrs-James Campbell
Mrs-John L Stephens
Mrs-Luke Rajotte
Mrs. K :
Mrs. Robertson
Mrs. Teen-age Dresses Lovely
Mrs. Walker
Mrs. X
Mrs. "
Mrs. Melvin Armstrong
Mrs. Patrick Reardon Ray
Mrs. "
Mrs. 0. McMillan
Mrs. 4t)
Mrs. 4|Uce Marshall
Mrs. 8. Clark
Mrs. 8. Cohen
Mrs. 8. Hayes
Mrs. 8wen Hayes
Mrs. A
Mrs. A Hayes
Mrs. A.
Mrs. A. 7-2511 Little
Mrs. A. Adams
Mrs. A. Armstrong
Mrs. A. B Palmer
Mrs. A. Barber Vancouver
Mrs. A. Bennett
Mrs. A. Campbell
Mrs. A. Carey
Mrs. A. Cohen
Mrs. A. Cone
Mrs. A. D. Stewart
Mrs. A. Elliott
Mrs. A. Emerson
Mrs. A. Frederick.
Mrs. A. G
Mrs. A. G Brough
Mrs. A. Graham
Mrs. A. Gray
Mrs. A. Hayes
Mrs. A. K Wilson
Mrs. A. Kelley
Mrs. A. Kelly
Mrs. A. Rhodes
Mrs. A. Robertson
Mrs. A. Rose
Mrs. A. Ross
Mrs. A. S. Armstrong
Mrs. A. Schwartz Mr.
Mrs. A. Weber
Mrs. A..G.
Mrs. A.A. Rose
Mrs. A.C.F.
Mrs. Aaron Ilelmer
Mrs. Aatlev.
Mrs. Abe
Mrs. Abe De Ruyter
Mrs. Abe Leghorn
Mrs. Abe Miller
Mrs. Abe Sheppard
Mrs. Abraham Boucher
Mrs. Abraham Rodgers
Mrs. Accounts
Mrs. Ackerman
Mrs. Ad Armstrong
Mrs. Ada
Mrs. Ada Allan
Mrs. Ada Daley
Mrs. Ada Foster
Mrs. Ada Grant
Mrs. Ada Harrison
Mrs. Ada MacNetl
Mrs. Ada McNeil
Mrs. Ada Ross
Mrs. Ada Stephens
Mrs. Adam
Mrs. Adam C. Hodgins
Mrs. Adam Elliott
Mrs. Adam Hudgins
Mrs. Adam W. Lyskoski
Mrs. Adams
Mrs. Adams JOAN
Mrs. Adare
Mrs. Adelaide Emmerton
Mrs. Adelaide Telford
Mrs. Adele Peckham
Mrs. Adeline Borland
Mrs. Adeline Gordon
Mrs. Adeline Stewart
Mrs. Adelurd Dumou-
Mrs. Aden Spencer
Mrs. Adolph
Mrs. Adolph Mahlitz
Mrs. Adolph Marchineau
Mrs. Adolph Schwartz
Mrs. Adolph Thoms
Mrs. Adolph Zimmerling
Mrs. Adolph Zimmerling Messrs R. Stanley
Mrs. Adolphe Lepine
Mrs. Adolphe Von Sharpes
Mrs. Adrien Gerard
Mrs. Aeinil-ius Jarvis
Mrs. Afi
Mrs. Afred Russell
Mrs. Agent
Mrs. Agnes
Mrs. Agnes Hcnrst
Mrs. Agnes Horner
Mrs. Agnes Schwartz
Mrs. Agusta Wall
Mrs. Ah
Mrs. Ahart Firobm
Mrs. Ahler-ton-Miavp
Mrs. Ai
Mrs. Ai Reed
Mrs. Aia Wilson
Mrs. Aibert Blackwell
Mrs. Aiex Da
Mrs. Ailed Carey
Mrs. Aim#
Mrs. Aime Allard
Mrs. Aith
Mrs. Aitken
Mrs. AJ
Mrs. Al
Mrs. Al Best
Mrs. Al Brockman
Mrs. AL J. Turner
Mrs. Al Kyle
Mrs. Al McKenzie
Mrs. Al Monahan
Mrs. Al Read
Mrs. Al Reed
Mrs. Al Roach
Mrs. Al Small
Mrs. Al Toronto
Mrs. Al-
Mrs. Al- Hubert Horner
Mrs. Al- Kenneth Knipe
Mrs. Al- Lloyd Balharrie
Mrs. Al- Louis Lacourse
Mrs. Al- Young
Mrs. Alban
Mrs. Alban McGuire
Mrs. Albeit Urn.t
Mrs. Albert
Mrs. Albert Adams
Mrs. Albert Allchurch
Mrs. Albert Arm-
Mrs. Albert Armitage John A. Hobbs
Mrs. Albert Armitsge
Mrs. Albert Armstrong
Mrs. Albert Armstrong Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. Albert Ashfield
Mrs. Albert Ashfleld
Mrs. Albert B*
Mrs. Albert Baird
Mrs. Albert Bal- Refreshments
Mrs. Albert Ballantine
Mrs. Albert Beauregard
Mrs. Albert Bechamp
Mrs. Albert Ben- Leslie Dale.
Mrs. Albert Benard
Mrs. Albert Ber-Mrs
Mrs. Albert Bernier
Mrs. Albert Bert-
Mrs. Albert Bertrand
Mrs. Albert Black
Mrs. Albert Black-learned
Mrs. Albert Black-veil
Mrs. Albert Blackwell
Mrs. Albert Boulter
Mrs. Albert Boulter Pratt
Mrs. Albert Bro-
Mrs. Albert Brooks
Mrs. Albert Brunke
Mrs. Albert Burnett
Mrs. Albert Burnie
Mrs. Albert Buttle
Mrs. Albert Chevalier
Mrs. Albert Chilcott
Mrs. Albert Chisnell
Mrs. Albert Church
Mrs. Albert Cole
Mrs. Albert Cong-
Mrs. Albert Cong- Pajr Hackneys
Mrs. Albert Congdoi
Mrs. Albert Congdon
Mrs. Albert Conig
Mrs. Albert Corn
Mrs. Albert Corrigan
Mrs. Albert Couture
Mrs. Albert Cuthbertscn
Mrs. Albert Cuthbertson
Mrs. Albert Dahins
Mrs. Albert Dahms
Mrs. Albert Dahms Saturday
Mrs. Albert Dahnis
Mrs. Albert Daims
Mrs. Albert Dehms
Mrs. Albert Dixon
Mrs. Albert Dubeau
Mrs. Albert Dumou-thelle
Mrs. Albert Dumouchel
Mrs. Albert Dunbar
Mrs. Albert Dupuis
Mrs. Albert E. Bom
Mrs. Albert E. Dalpra
Mrs. Albert E. El- Get
Mrs. Albert E. Elliott
Mrs. Albert E. Elliott Celebrate Golden Wedding Omission
Mrs. Albert E. Knowles
Mrs. Albert E. Myers
Mrs. Albert E. Richardson
Mrs. Albert E. Wettin Would
Mrs. Albert E. Wilson
Mrs. Albert E. Wilson Dies Suddenly
Mrs. Albert Edward VIII
Mrs. Albert Elliott
Mrs. Albert Elliott.
Mrs. Albert Ellis
Mrs. Albert Fallafranque
Mrs. Albert Farand
Mrs. Albert Farnham
Mrs. Albert Faust
Mrs. Albert Firobin
Mrs. Albert Fitzsimmons
Mrs. Albert Fleury
Mrs. Albert Forget
Mrs. Albert Forrest
Mrs. Albert Foster
Mrs. Albert Gibbs
Mrs. Albert Glenn
Mrs. Albert Goodcrhani
Mrs. Albert Gortmaker Doris Hodgins Milton Hodgins Myrtle Hodgins Eddie Jean-Marie Elwyn Lang Jack
Mrs. Albert Gouthier
Mrs. Albert Hall
Mrs. Albert Hamel
Mrs. Albert Heury
Mrs. Albert Hodkin-son
Mrs. Albert Hodkinson
Mrs. Albert Home-
Mrs. Albert Hor-n?r
Mrs. Albert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner Dictator
Mrs. Albert Hqgéer
Mrs. Albert Joan Pirie
Mrs. Albert Jonck
Mrs. Albert K. Wilson
Mrs. Albert Kirk-
Mrs. Albert Kirk- Rouyn
Mrs. Albert Kirk-ham
Mrs. Albert Kirkham
Mrs. Albert Kirkham Funeral Directors
Mrs. Albert Kirknam
Mrs. Albert L#-l Miss GaU Letts
Mrs. Albert L. Su
Mrs. Albert L. Wilson
Mrs. Albert Lance
Mrs. Albert LeCompte
Mrs. Albert Lemaire
Mrs. Albert Lepine
Mrs. Albert Lisk
Mrs. Albert Lochard
Mrs. Albert Lunam
Mrs. Albert Madoar
Mrs. Albert Madoer
Mrs. Albert Man-
Mrs. Albert Man-Miss Maisie McTiernan
Mrs. Albert Manarv
Mrs. Albert Manary
Mrs. Albert Martineau
Mrs. Albert McBane
Mrs. Albert McBanelthc
Mrs. Albert McCon
Mrs. Albert McConnell
Mrs. Albert McKillop
Mrs. Albert McLaughlin
Mrs. Albert McMunn
Mrs. Albert Me
Mrs. Albert Meilleur
Mrs. Albert Meilleur Hubert McCauley
Mrs. Albert Michel
Mrs. Albert Mimee
Mrs. Albert Molyneaux
Mrs. Albert Morgan
Mrs. Albert Morin
Mrs. Albert Morin Leonard Horner
Mrs. Albert Morin Mrs Albert Morin
Mrs. Albert Mr.
Mrs. Albert Mr. Bill
Mrs. Albert Mr. Del Taggart
Mrs. Albert Mrs. N. Horner
Mrs. Albert Mui-doon
Mrs. Albert Muldoon
Mrs. Albert Muldoon Henderson
Mrs. Albert Murray
Mrs. Albert Murray Mr.
Mrs. Albert N. Golden
Mrs. Albert Ne
Mrs. Albert Neal
Mrs. Albert Nesbitt
Mrs. Albert Nicholson
Mrs. Albert Nie
Mrs. Albert O. Stark
Mrs. Albert O. SUiik
Mrs. Albert On August
Mrs. Albert Paquette
Mrs. Albert Paquette Rev. Father May
Mrs. Albert Pasch
Mrs. Albert Perry.-
Mrs. Albert Poisson
Mrs. Albert Poulet
Mrs. Albert Powers
Mrs. Albert Putman
Mrs. Albert Quesnel
Mrs. Albert Rev. Mr. Gandier
Mrs. Albert Richaidson
Mrs. Albert Richard
Mrs. Albert Richard-
Mrs. Albert Richard.
Mrs. Albert Richardson
Mrs. Albert Richer
Mrs. Albert Robinson
Mrs. Albert Rosien
Mrs. Albert Ruddy
Mrs. Albert Sal
Mrs. Albert Salway
Mrs. Albert Sanderson
Mrs. Albert Sawyer
Mrs. Albert Scarbo
Mrs. Albert Schenck
Mrs. Albert Scheuneman
Mrs. Albert Schwartz
Mrs. Albert Sellavk
Mrs. Albert Sevigny
Mrs. Albert Seymour
Mrs. Albert Sharp
Mrs. Albert Shaw
Mrs. Albert Skeldon
Mrs. Albert Skeldon Edwards
Mrs. Albert Sommerville
Mrs. Albert Sparling
Mrs. Albert St
Mrs. Albert St Onge
Mrs. Albert St.
Mrs. Albert Sullivan
Mrs. Albert Tan
Mrs. Albert Tan-
Mrs. Albert Tan-before
Mrs. Albert Tanner
Mrs. Albert Tannpr
Mrs. Albert Tassier
Mrs. Albert Tessioi
Mrs. Albert Thn-
Mrs. Albert Trofford
Mrs. Albert Tub
Mrs. Albert Tubman
Mrs. Albert V. Alexander
Mrs. Albert VaHtant
Mrs. Albert Visiting
Mrs. Albert W. Myers
Mrs. Albert W. Smith
Mrs. Albert Waito
Mrs. Albert Walker Myers
Mrs. Albert Wallace
Mrs. Albert Watson
Mrs. Albert Wayne Young
Mrs. Albert Welk
Mrs. Albert Whitmore
Mrs. Albert With
Mrs. Albert Wright
Mrs. Albert Yach
Mrs. Albert Yach 2 Bejsher
Mrs. Albert Yach Finit Cake
Mrs. Albert Yadh
Mrs. Albert Yech
Mrs. Albert Young
Mrs. Albertine Duffy
Mrs. Albright
Mrs. Alcide Charland
Mrs. Aldas Hamelin
Mrs. Aldedge Cor-
Mrs. Aldege Chasles
Mrs. Aldege Gauthier
Mrs. Aldege Lafleur
Mrs. Aldege Racine
Mrs. Aldege Racine Mayor Billy Burke
Mrs. Alderic
Mrs. Alderic Diellf
Mrs. Alderic Dyellc
Mrs. Alderick Brunet
Mrs. Alderlc
Mrs. Alderlc Labine
Mrs. Alderton-Sharp
Mrs. Aldor Gauthier
Mrs. Aldred
Mrs. Ale
Mrs. Ale* Stuart Mr
Mrs. Ale-shine
Mrs. Alec Ar-oour
Mrs. Alec McDonald
Mrs. Alee
Mrs. Ales Lapierrc
Mrs. Alesbime
Mrs. Aleshin#
Mrs. Aleshine
Mrs. Alex
Mrs. Alex 0f
Mrs. Alex Armstrong
Mrs. Alex Bennett
Mrs. Alex Bert- Pj|Ujc F^Me
Mrs. Alex Bertrand
Mrs. Alex Cobb
Mrs. Alex Consisting
Mrs. Alex Davis
Mrs. Alex Drummond
Mrs. Alex Elliott
Mrs. Alex Eltüott
Mrs. Alex G. Prcndfoot
Mrs. Alex Graham [Joseph Clarke
Mrs. Alex H. Horner
Mrs. Alex H. Johnston
Mrs. Alex H. Kilgour
Mrs. Alex Hazard
Mrs. Alex Hazard For Service Yorkshire Boar
Mrs. Alex Hcrner Lennis
Mrs. Alex Hodgins
Mrs. Alex Hodigns Mr.
Mrs. Alex Horner
Mrs. Alex Hudgins
Mrs. Alex J Turner
Mrs. Alex Ki
Mrs. Alex Kilgour
Mrs. Alex Kllgour
Mrs. Alex L. Pigvault
Mrs. Alex Lacroix
Mrs. Alex Lapicrrc
Mrs. Alex Lapierre
Mrs. Alex Le
Mrs. Alex Le-1
Mrs. Alex LeClalr
Mrs. Alex Lepine
Mrs. Alex MacDonald
Mrs. Alex McDonald
Mrs. Alex McDonald Bereaved Harness
Mrs. Alex McKenzie
Mrs. Alex McMillan
Mrs. Alex Megrath Mrs. Robert Hood
Mrs. Alex Milne
Mrs. Alex Newberry
Mrs. Alex Olmstead
Mrs. Alex Olmsted
Mrs. Alex P. Smith
Mrs. Alex Parent
Mrs. Alex Pelletier
Mrs. Alex Pigeault
Mrs. Alex Pigeaux
Mrs. Alex Qraruki
Mrs. Alex Stewart
Mrs. Alex Stqyart
Mrs. Alex Stuart
Mrs. Alex Toronto
Mrs. Alex Young
Mrs. Alexander
Mrs. Alexander Armstorng
Mrs. Alexander Brough Dies
Mrs. Alexander Brown
Mrs. Alexander Corrigan
Mrs. Alexander Donoski
Mrs. Alexander Giant
Mrs. Alexander Gillespie
Mrs. Alexander Gillespie Brough
Mrs. Alexander Groves
Mrs. Alexander If
Mrs. Alexander Johnson
Mrs. Alexander Keîth R. Emmenon
Mrs. Alexander McDonald
Mrs. Alexander McLachlin
Mrs. Alexander Mon-heit
Mrs. Alexander Ross Dies
Mrs. Alexander Shaw
Mrs. Alexander Shaw Mr. William Tubman
Mrs. Alexander Smirle
Mrs. Alexander Sutlieiland
Mrs. Alexander Tre Mano
Mrs. Alexander Warren
Mrs. Alexina Prunelle
Mrs. Alf
Mrs. Alf Armstrong
Mrs. Alf Armstrong Clarence Carson
Mrs. Alf Dagg
Mrs. Alf Grodde
Mrs. Alf Reid
Mrs. Alfie
Mrs. ALfle Henderson
Mrs. Alfred
Mrs. Alfred Armstrong
Mrs. Alfred Armstrong Clarendon Front
Mrs. Alfred Armstrong Isabella
Mrs. Alfred Durocher Mr.
Mrs. Alfred E. Zim-mern
Mrs. Alfred Elliott
Mrs. Alfred Hamil-1
Mrs. Alfred J. McMillan
Mrs. Alfred Jay
Mrs. Alfred Jay Dean Pokes
Mrs. Alfred Jay.
Mrs. Ali R $
Mrs. Alice
Mrs. Alicfe Miss Dora Angus
Mrs. Alida
Mrs. Alien Black
Mrs. Alien Hancock
Mrs. Alined Dehme
Mrs. Alison Russell
Mrs. Alix Bert
Mrs. Alix Davis
Mrs. Alix Muir
Mrs. Allan
Mrs. Allan A. MacDonald
Mrs. Allan B. Carey
Mrs. Allan Black
Mrs. Allan Black Mr.
Mrs. Allan Brown
Mrs. Allan Callodine
Mrs. Allan Carey
Mrs. Allan Carswell
Mrs. Allan Cavers
Mrs. Allan Donnelly
Mrs. Allan E. Greene
Mrs. Allan Eckford
Mrs. Allan Enunerson
Mrs. Allan Find-and
Mrs. Allan Findlay
Mrs. Allan Finlay
Mrs. Allan Fredericks
Mrs. Allan Galbraith
Mrs. Allan Galbraith Scoutmasters
Mrs. Allan Greene
Mrs. Allan Horner
Mrs. Allan Hughes
Mrs. Allan Hutchison
Mrs. Allan Ier’1 P<«reiits
Mrs. Allan Jack
Mrs. Allan Judd
Mrs. Allan Kennedy
Mrs. Allan Kirkham
Mrs. Allan Lachance
Mrs. Allan Len-brey
Mrs. Allan Mac
Mrs. Allan Mac Kay
Mrs. Allan MacFar-ane
Mrs. Allan Martineau
Mrs. Allan Martineau Eugene LaSalle
Mrs. Allan McCagg
Mrs. Allan McCagglof Mr.
Mrs. Allan McKay
Mrs. Allan McRae
Mrs. Allan Melvin Johnston
Mrs. Allan Meredith
Mrs. Allan Miss Pearl Brown
Mrs. Allan Mohr
Mrs. Allan Mr. Milton Russell
Mrs. Allan Mrs. Cliff Garrison
Mrs. Allan P. MacDonald
Mrs. Allan Par-
Mrs. Allan Peever
Mrs. Allan Pet
Mrs. Allan Petti
Mrs. Allan Poole
Mrs. Allan R.
Mrs. Allan Schock
Mrs. Allan Smart
Mrs. Allan Smart Roberta
Mrs. Allan Spar
Mrs. Allan Sparling
Mrs. Allan Stanley
Mrs. Allan Swinwood
Mrs. Allan Swinwood Mr.
Mrs. Allan Tramley
Mrs. Allan Troke
Mrs. Allan Troko
Mrs. Allan Vadneau
Mrs. Allan W.
Mrs. Allchurch
Mrs. Allen
Mrs. Allen B. Carey
Mrs. Allen B. Pet
Mrs. Allen B. Woods
Mrs. Allen Baird
Mrs. Allen Black
Mrs. Allen Blackwell Poole
Mrs. Allen Bradley
Mrs. Allen Bradley Mrs. Allen Bradley
Mrs. Allen Carey
Mrs. Allen Carswell
Mrs. Allen Chamberlain
Mrs. Allen Cpl.
Mrs. Allen Emmcr-1 Charge
Mrs. Allen Emmerson
Mrs. Allen Emmerson 387lx
Mrs. Allen Falconer
Mrs. Allen Findlay
Mrs. Allen Go
Mrs. Allen Gowan
Mrs. Allen Gray Mrs. Archibald Emmerson
Mrs. Allen Guv
Mrs. Allen Hansen
Mrs. Allen Homer
Mrs. Allen Horner
Mrs. Allen Hrigden
Mrs. Allen Hutchinson
Mrs. Allen Hutchison
Mrs. Allen I .3
Mrs. Allen I Carey
Mrs. Allen J. Taylor
Mrs. Allen Judd
Mrs. Allen Judd.
Mrs. Allen Karn
Mrs. Allen Kennedy
Mrs. Allen Kindle
Mrs. Allen Kirk
Mrs. Allen Kirk-
Mrs. Allen Kirkham
Mrs. Allen Kirkhom
Mrs. Allen L. Kennedy
Mrs. Allen MacKay
Mrs. Allen Manse
Mrs. Allen Martin
Mrs. Allen Martineau REGISTRATION
Mrs. Allen Mc
Mrs. Allen McKay
Mrs. Allen McPhail
Mrs. Allen McRae
Mrs. Allen Me-
Mrs. Allen Meredith
Mrs. Allen Mohr
Mrs. Allen Mohr Equity
Mrs. Allen Mohr Mis Dorothy Mohr
Mrs. Allen Nesbitt
Mrs. Allen Parent
Mrs. Allen Paul
Mrs. Allen Peever
Mrs. Allen Pilon
Mrs. Allen Poole
Mrs. Allen Poole Donald Sharpe
Mrs. Allen Rendle
Mrs. Allen Ruadle
Mrs. Allen Ryan
Mrs. Allen S. McKay
Mrs. Allen Sha
Mrs. Allen Shannon
Mrs. Allen Smart
Mrs. Allen Smith
Mrs. Allen Sparling
Mrs. Allen Sparling RusseJl
Mrs. Allen Stan-family
Mrs. Allen Stanley
Mrs. Allen Statham
Mrs. Allen Steele
Mrs. Allen Thomson
Mrs. Allen Troke
Mrs. Allen Tubman
Mrs. Allen Woods
Mrs. Allie Bennett
Mrs. Allie Hearty
Mrs. Allied Trudeau
Mrs. Allison
Mrs. Allison Dennis
Mrs. Allison Russell
Mrs. Allred McMillan
Mrs. Almond Hedging
Mrs. Almond Hod-gins
Mrs. Almond Hodgi
Mrs. Almond Hodgins
Mrs. Almond Hodgiris
Mrs. Almond W Hodgins
Mrs. Alnuzo Wright
Mrs. Aloysius Mctiuire
Mrs. Alp Stjean
Mrs. Alphonse
Mrs. Alphonse Campbell
Mrs. Alphonse Cahill
Mrs. Alphonse Gravelle
Mrs. Alphonse Martineau
Mrs. Alphonse St Jean
Mrs. Alphonse Tanguay
Mrs. Alphonse Vaillant
Mrs. Alt
Mrs. Alt Elliott
Mrs. Alt Dagg
Mrs. Altken
Mrs. Alton
Mrs. Alton A. Farther
Mrs. Alton Stark
Mrs. Alvin Brown
Mrs. Alvin Dra
Mrs. Alvin Kelley
Mrs. Alvin Murrry
Mrs. Alvtn Kelley
Mrs. Alwyn Dale.i
Mrs. Am
Mrs. Am-and Mrs. Wilfred McCallum Brownlee
Mrs. Am-edee Poisson
Mrs. Am-[Bertrand
Mrs. Ama Tracy
Mrs. Amanda Ralph
Mrs. Ambroise Godin
Mrs. Ambrose
Mrs. Ambrose Arm-atherine Armstrong
Mrs. Ambrose Armstrong
Mrs. Amede Poisson
Mrs. Amelia Schram
Mrs. Amey Barnett
Mrs. Amiel Za
Mrs. Amin
Mrs. Amm
Mrs. Amou Woods
Mrs. Ampnor
Mrs. Amy
Mrs. Amy A. Pitt
Mrs. An-
Mrs. An- Earl
Mrs. An-mer
Mrs. Ana-cetus Gribbon
Mrs. And
Mrs. Anderson
Mrs. Anderson IdoTeti
Mrs. Anderson Thorne
Mrs. Andivw Neville
Mrs. Andrcson
Mrs. Andre
Mrs. Andre Levesque
Mrs. Andrew
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew # Dumas
Mrs. Andrew Alexander Dies
Mrs. Andrew Andrews
Mrs. Andrew Atkin-
Mrs. Andrew Atkinson
Mrs. Andrew Ben-
Mrs. Andrew Bennett
Mrs. Andrew Bolger
Mrs. Andrew breaking’.e
Mrs. Andrew Brissette
Mrs. Andrew Cain
Mrs. Andrew Carroll
Mrs. Andrew Cleary
Mrs. Andrew Crosier
Mrs. Andrew Croz-1
Mrs. Andrew Crozier
Mrs. Andrew Cunningham
Mrs. Andrew Dagenais
Mrs. Andrew Dagg
Mrs. Andrew Daley
Mrs. Andrew Daly
Mrs. Andrew Davis
Mrs. Andrew Devine
Mrs. Andrew Dolan
Mrs. Andrew Dumas
Mrs. Andrew Elliott
Mrs. Andrew F. Neville Dr.
Mrs. Andrew Farrell
Mrs. Andrew Fleming
Mrs. Andrew Flodd
Mrs. Andrew Flood
Mrs. Andrew Flood Familu Finance Plan LOW-COST
Mrs. Andrew Flood Mr.
Mrs. Andrew Flood St Lake’s
Mrs. Andrew Fred Bronson
Mrs. Andrew G. Lund
Mrs. Andrew Gauthier
Mrs. Andrew Halverson
Mrs. Andrew Hanna
Mrs. Andrew Havelin
Mrs. Andrew Hodg-
Mrs. Andrew Hodgin*
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins E. Robinson
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins On August
Mrs. Andrew Howard
Mrs. Andrew Howard Will
Mrs. Andrew Hudg-
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins Clarence Brownlee
Mrs. Andrew II
Mrs. Andrew Judd
Mrs. Andrew Judd Monday
Mrs. Andrew King
Mrs. Andrew King Married
Mrs. Andrew Lance
Mrs. Andrew Lance Marie as
Mrs. Andrew Lance Quyon Baseball Club
Mrs. Andrew Lance Rcv* MrSe
Mrs. Andrew Lefleur
Mrs. Andrew Lepack Otter Lake
Mrs. Andrew Lusk
Mrs. Andrew Lynch
Mrs. Andrew McCredie
Mrs. Andrew McKnigbt
Mrs. Andrew McKnight
Mrs. Andrew McKnlght
Mrs. Andrew McKuight
Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin
Mrs. Andrew Me- Auxiliary
Mrs. Andrew Me-Church
Mrs. Andrew Me-Knight
Mrs. Andrew Michaud
Mrs. Andrew Milks
Mrs. Andrew Mills
Mrs. Andrew Mr. James Foran
Mrs. Andrew Mur-
Mrs. Andrew Mur- February
Mrs. Andrew Mur-Joint
Mrs. Andrew Murra>
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew Murray Johnston
Mrs. Andrew Murry
Mrs. Andrew Neville
Mrs. Andrew Neville Mr.
Mrs. Andrew Nuria>
Mrs. Andrew Oleary
Mrs. Andrew Paquette
Mrs. Andrew Piiie
Mrs. Andrew Pippins
Mrs. Andrew Pirie
Mrs. Andrew Pirie Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mrs. Andrew Pirle
Mrs. Andrew R. Dods
Mrs. Andrew R. E. Flood
Mrs. Andrew Richards
Mrs. Andrew Robertson
Mrs. Andrew Robertson Mrs
Mrs. Andrew Rod
Mrs. Andrew Ru
Mrs. Andrew Russe LI
Mrs. Andrew Russell
Mrs. Andrew Russell Ancd
Mrs. Andrew Russell Celebrate GeWee Wedding OTTAWA
Mrs. Andrew S!y
Mrs. Andrew Sharenl
Mrs. Andrew Simpson
Mrs. Andrew Slcwarl
Mrs. Andrew Sly
Mrs. Andrew Smith
Mrs. Andrew Smyth
Mrs. Andrew Stewart
Mrs. Andrew Tipnins
Mrs. Andrew Tipping
Mrs. Andrew Tippins
Mrs. Andrew Tubman
Mrs. Andrew Wiggins
Mrs. Andrew Woolsey
Mrs. Andrew Wool«ey
Mrs. Andrews
Mrs. Andrey Jacques
Mrs. Andy Holland
Mrs. Angel Horner
Mrs. Anglican
Mrs. Angus
Mrs. Angus Benoit
Mrs. Angus Benoit Mrs. John Kclleher
Mrs. Angus Brennan
Mrs. Angus Car-ty
Mrs. Angus Carmen
Mrs. Angus Cart
Mrs. Angus Carty
Mrs. Angus Grant
Mrs. Angus Grant Former Shawville Residents
Mrs. Angus MacDonald
Mrs. Angus McDonald
Mrs. Angus McLean
Mrs. AnI
Mrs. Anita White
Mrs. Ann
Mrs. Ann Armstrong
Mrs. Ann Beriau
Mrs. Ann Blake
Mrs. Ann Crawlord Mr.
Mrs. Ann Fdmerton
Mrs. Ann Fum-erton
Mrs. Ann Fumcrton
Mrs. Ann Fume
Mrs. Ann Fumer
Mrs. Ann Fumer- Rcv. C. Younger Lewi# Waltham
Mrs. Ann Fumerlon
Mrs. Ann Fumerton
Mrs. Ann Fumerton Fort Couk>nge
Mrs. Ann Fumerton Tues-Boivert
Mrs. Ann Green
Mrs. Ann Hind Scala
Mrs. Ann Inn
Mrs. Ann Jane Eades
Mrs. Ann Jones
Mrs. Ann Kennedy
Mrs. Ann Lola Lambert
Mrs. Ann Lusk
Mrs. Ann McCaffrey
Mrs. Ann McConomy
Mrs. Ann McConomy En- His
Mrs. Ann Nuget
Mrs. Ann O’Brian
Mrs. Ann O’Brien
Mrs. Ann Rogers
Mrs. Ann Rondeau
Mrs. Ann Shipley
Mrs. Ann Strutt
Mrs. Ann Tusk Aylmer
Mrs. Ann Winslow
Mrs. Anna McKenzie
Mrs. Anne
Mrs. Anne Armitage
Mrs. Anne B. Fum-erton
Mrs. Anne Brinkworth
Mrs. Anne Brlnksworth
Mrs. Anne Brousseau
Mrs. Anne Carl Farrell
Mrs. Anne Cleary
Mrs. Anne Crinkworth
Mrs. Anne Fu
Mrs. Anne Fu-
Mrs. Anne Fuinert
Mrs. Anne Fuir.erton
Mrs. Anne Fum
Mrs. Anne Fum-1
Mrs. Anne Fum-erton
Mrs. Anne Fumcrton
Mrs. Anne Fumcrtoo
Mrs. Anne Fume
Mrs. Anne Fume-ton
Mrs. Anne Fumer
Mrs. Anne Fumer-along
Mrs. Anne Fumer-and
Mrs. Anne Fumer-g.imAllions
Mrs. Anne Fumer-The
Mrs. Anne Fumer-ton
Mrs. Anne Fumer-y
Mrs. Anne Fumertcn
Mrs. Anne Fumerton
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Mr.
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Publicity Convenor
Mrs. Anne Fumtt Com
Mrs. Anne Funier-oon
Mrs. Anne Fusecrotary
Mrs. Anne Goddard
Mrs. Anne Jane Eades
Mrs. Anne Kenneth Ross
Mrs. Anne Luek
Mrs. Anne Lyster
Mrs. Anne Mitchell
Mrs. Anne Proulx
Mrs. Année Graham
Mrs. Annie
Mrs. Annie Angus
Mrs. Annie B Brown
Mrs. Annie Berard
Mrs. Annie Cole
Mrs. Annie Conollly
Mrs. Annie Diotte
Mrs. Annie Duncan
Mrs. Annie Elliott
Mrs. Annie Foren
Mrs. Annie Graham
Mrs. Annie Hodgins
Mrs. Annie Knipe
Mrs. Annie Louise Smiley
Mrs. Annie Maloy
Mrs. Annie Me-
Mrs. Annie Mo-Arthur
Mrs. Annie Mosley
Mrs. Annie O- Shaughncssy
Mrs. Annie O’Shaughnessy
Mrs. Annie Potter
Mrs. Annie Rathwell
Mrs. Annie Ritchie
Mrs. Annie Sammon
Mrs. Annie Smith
Mrs. Annie Ward
Mrs. Annig Graham
Mrs. Anny Ward
Mrs. Anr-drew Murray
Mrs. Anred Qrodde
Mrs. Anson
Mrs. Anson Hyland
Mrs. Anson Walker
Mrs. Anthony
Mrs. Anthony C
Mrs. Anthony Clark
Mrs. Anthony Gaffney
Mrs. Anthony LaFrance
Mrs. Antoine Ara
Mrs. Antoine Rivet Best
Mrs. Appleby
Mrs. Apply
Mrs. Ar
Mrs. Ar-
Mrs. Ar- Mrs. Gerard Trudeau
Mrs. Ar-hur Dagg
Mrs. Ar-St
Mrs. Arbuckle
Mrs. Arch
Mrs. Archer
Mrs. Archey Farmer
Mrs. Archibald Foster
Mrs. Archibald Mc-Cuaig
Mrs. Archibald Robertson
Mrs. Archibald Walker
Mrs. Archie
Mrs. Archie Bmmerson
Mrs. Archie Campbell
Mrs. Archie Con
Mrs. Archie Connely
Mrs. Archie Dagg
Mrs. Archie Dale
Mrs. Archie Dale For
Mrs. Archie Diotte
Mrs. Archie Emerson
Mrs. Archie Harris
Mrs. Archie Horner
Mrs. Archie Kingsbury
Mrs. Archie Knowles
Mrs. Archie Leckie
Mrs. Archie MacFarland
Mrs. Archie McFarlane
Mrs. Archie Murdoch
Mrs. Archie Richardson
Mrs. Archie Robert
Mrs. Archie Robert- Qjj|fj(
Mrs. Archie Robertson
Mrs. Archie Robertson II
Mrs. Archie Sly
Mrs. Archie Stanley
Mrs. Archie Storey
Mrs. Archie Tanner
Mrs. Archie Toole
Mrs. Archie Weedmark Mrs. Scott
Mrs. Archie Wood
Mrs. Ardell
Mrs. Arden Dowe
Mrs. Ardlev
Mrs. Ardley Elliott
Mrs. Ardley Etiiott
Mrs. Argue
Mrs. Argyl MacFar-lane
Mrs. Arkwright
Mrs. Arlie
Mrs. Arm
Mrs. Armand Lauzon
Mrs. Armand Rivet
Mrs. Armen Hodgins
Mrs. Armour
Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. Arnc
Mrs. Arnel
Mrs. Arno Brelz-I Miss Gail Johnston
Mrs. Arno BretzlafT.
Mrs. Arno Stankle
Mrs. Arnold
Mrs. Arnold H AC
Mrs. Arnold A. Titus
Mrs. Arnold Angus
Mrs. Arnold Betty Morrison
Mrs. Arnold Bretzlaff
Mrs. Arnold Brownof Elmira
Mrs. Arnold Bryan
Mrs. Arnold Bryan Ottawa
Mrs. Arnold Bryan.
Mrs. Arnold C. Young
Mrs. Arnold Corrigan
Mrs. Arnold Corrrigan
Mrs. Arnold Coulonge
Mrs. Arnold Del-The
Mrs. Arnold Dobson
Mrs. Arnold Du
Mrs. Arnold Du Malone N.Y.
Mrs. Arnold Dur- Zero
Mrs. Arnold Fortin
Mrs. Arnold Garrison If
Mrs. Arnold Green
Mrs. Arnold Greene
Mrs. Arnold Ireland
Mrs. Arnold Laport Si
Mrs. Arnold Laporte Ladies Feather Flannel Dresses
Mrs. Arnold Lied-tke
Mrs. Arnold Maitland Sudbury
Mrs. Arnold Man- Mr.
Mrs. Arnold Manwell Betty Lou
Mrs. Arnold Markus
Mrs. Arnold Mc-Colgan
Mrs. Arnold McDowell
Mrs. Arnold McGee
Mrs. Arnold McGee IJ
Mrs. Arnold McKechnie
Mrs. Arnold McKell
Mrs. Arnold Oilman
Mrs. Arnold Pinneil
Mrs. Arnold Richardson
Mrs. Arnold S. McDowell
Mrs. Arnold Sam-
Mrs. Arnold Scull
Mrs. Arnold Scullion
Mrs. Arnold Shawvilie
Mrs. Arnold Sloan
Mrs. Arnold Sloan George Dubois
Mrs. Arnold Sloan Mr.
Mrs. Arnold St. Germain
Mrs. Arnold Trudeau
Mrs. Arnold Watson
Mrs. Arnold Yach
Mrs. Arnold Young
Mrs. Arnott
Mrs. Arnott Hynes
Mrs. Art
Mrs. Art Gagnon Emerson Timm
Mrs. Art Hayes
Mrs. Art Hodgloe Miss Kay Woodley
Mrs. Art Labeile
Mrs. Art Labelh
Mrs. Art Labelle
Mrs. Art Turner
Mrs. Art-
Mrs. Art- Evangelist Pariah Campbell
Mrs. Arthur
Mrs. Arthur 647-2534 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
Mrs. Arthur Argue
Mrs. Arthur Boisvert
Mrs. Arthur Crcigh
Mrs. Arthur Dagg
Mrs. Arthur Fitzpatrick Congratulations
Mrs. Arthur Grace
Mrs. Arthur Hayes
Mrs. Arthur Horner
Mrs. Arthur K. Rennick Rev. John Pearce
Mrs. Arthur Kent
Mrs. Arthur Kilgour
Mrs. Arthur Kilgour Mr.
Mrs. Arthur Kll-I
Mrs. Arthur KtifOUf
Mrs. Arthur Messrs. Lloyd Stevens
Mrs. Arthur Oliver
Mrs. Arthur Woermke
Mrs. Arvine Firerobin
Mrs. Asa
Mrs. Asa Campbell
Mrs. Asa Clifford Smart
Mrs. Asa Gordon
Mrs. Asa Hodgins
Mrs. Asa Jackson Dodds
Mrs. Asa Ki;v.
Mrs. Asa Knright
Mrs. Asa M Smith
Mrs. Asa M. Smith
Mrs. Asa Smart
Mrs. Asa Smart Dr. Wallace Hodgins
Mrs. Asa Smith
Mrs. Asa Smr.t
Mrs. Asa Wilson
Mrs. Asa X
Mrs. Ashton
Mrs. Aside
Mrs. Asquith
Mrs. Atherton
Mrs. Atkinson
Mrs. Atwood
Mrs. Aubin
Mrs. Audet Sr.
Mrs. Audrey
Mrs. Audrey Russell
Mrs. Audrey Allen
Mrs. Audrey Belsher
Mrs. Audrey Children
Mrs. Audrey Eades
Mrs. Audrey Halverson
Mrs. Audrey Hodgins
Mrs. Audrey Jac
Mrs. Audrey Jacques
Mrs. Audrey Jacques attend-1
Mrs. Audrey Jacques.
Mrs. Audrey James Field
Mrs. Audrey Le-clair
Mrs. Audrey Leclair
Mrs. Audrey Leclalr
Mrs. Audrey Reinke
Mrs. Audrey ReweP
Mrs. Audrey Ross
Mrs. Audrey Watts Mc-Naughton
Mrs. Audrey Young
Mrs. Audry Hodgins
Mrs. Audry Leclair
Mrs. Aug
Mrs. August
Mrs. August Olm
Mrs. August Rose
Mrs. August Rougier
Mrs. Augusta Griese
Mrs. Augustin Arsenault
Mrs. Augustin ArsenI
Mrs. Ault
Mrs. Aunele Larose
Mrs. Aurele
Mrs. Aurele Banchard
Mrs. Aurele Bouchard
Mrs. Aurele Pillion
Mrs. Aurelien Berard
Mrs. Aurile Fairfield
Mrs. Aus
Mrs. Aussie McDowell
Mrs. Austen Me- F- »
Mrs. Austin
Mrs. Austin Acres
Mrs. Austin Brown
Mrs. Austin Claris
Mrs. Austin Clark
Mrs. Austin Clarke
Mrs. Austin Dagg
Mrs. Austin Dolan
Mrs. Austin Gibbons
Mrs. Austin Iand Mis
Mrs. Austin Interment
Mrs. Austin Lu,k
Mrs. Austin Lusk
Mrs. Austin McDowell
Mrs. Austin McDowell Holiday
Mrs. Austin McDowell Mr.
Mrs. Austin Mel
Mrs. Austin Sloan
Mrs. Avery
Mrs. Avery McDowell
Mrs. Ayearst
Mrs. B
Mrs. B Allen
Mrs. B Armour 2nd Vice Pres
Mrs. B Bcllcfcuille
Mrs. B C Hor- Gordon Alexander
Mrs. B C. Billy Smiley
Mrs. B C. Horner
Mrs. B Carp
Mrs. B Cochrane
Mrs. B Cole
Mrs. B Day
Mrs. B Dcrf
Mrs. B Dorff
Mrs. B DorfT
Mrs. B D„iton
Mrs. B E Smith
Mrs. B F. Schwartz
Mrs. B F. Smith
Mrs. B Fairfield
Mrs. B Foster
Mrs. B G And-of Youngstown
Mrs. B G.
Mrs. B G. Anderson This
Mrs. B G. Quaile
Mrs. B H Kelly.
Mrs. B H. Cochrane
Mrs. B Hanna
Mrs. B Hannaberry
Mrs. B Hansen
Mrs. B Hodgins
Mrs. B Hodgson
Mrs. B J. Kilduff
Mrs. B Jean Ostrom
Mrs. B L. Burrows
Mrs. B Lawton
Mrs. B Long
Mrs. B M Gardiner
Mrs. B McKewan
Mrs. B Mimee
Mrs. B Mr. Brady
Mrs. B Murphy
Mrs. B O Horner
Mrs. B Peck
Mrs. B Rainville
Mrs. B Reid
Mrs. B S. Bolton
Mrs. B Schwartz
Mrs. B Sherman
Mrs. B Sloan
Mrs. B Smith
Mrs. B Stanton
Mrs. B Stark
Mrs. B Sternal
Mrs. B Vibert
Mrs. B W. Richardson
Mrs. B Waldorff
Mrs. B _ Reid
Mrs. B —That’s Jid
Mrs. B! Hannaberry
Mrs. B.
Mrs. B. Adams
Mrs. B. G Anderson
Mrs. B. Graham
Mrs. B. Kelly
Mrs. B. McGowan Jane Melloul Killarney
Mrs. B. W Smiley
Mrs. B.ll Armstrong
Mrs. Bach
Mrs. Bad Hines
Mrs. Bad McCord Is Now Heard Al
Mrs. Bade
Mrs. Bag
Mrs. Bailey
Mrs. Bailey Miss Pearl Brown
Mrs. Bailey V. Harrison
Mrs. Bait Young
Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Bakker
Mrs. Baldwin
Mrs. Bale
Mrs. Baliantyne
Mrs. Ball
Mrs. Ballantync
Mrs. Ballantyne
Mrs. Baltes
Mrs. Bannacre
Mrs. Banning Stewart
Mrs. Baptist
Mrs. Bar-w
Mrs. Barbara Page
Mrs. Barber
Mrs. Barber .
Mrs. Barber 3<on
Mrs. Barber and Mrs Roy
Mrs. Barber and Mrs. McNeill
Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Meunier
Mrs. Barber and Wedding Anniversary
Mrs. Barber ar.d Diane
Mrs. Barber s
Mrs. Barber!
Mrs. Barber.
Mrs. Barclay Hanna- Gerald Draper
Mrs. Barclay Ottawa Civic Hospital T.P. W L Tot
Mrs. Barcliy Sloan
Mrs. Bargains
Mrs. Bari Findlay
Mrs. Bari Young
Mrs. Barker
Mrs. Barley
Mrs. Barnes
Mrs. Barnett
Mrs. Barns
Mrs. Barr
Mrs. Barrett
Mrs. Barrett O’Donnell
Mrs. Barrie
Mrs. Barrie Murray
Mrs. Barrie Murray John Dale Road
Mrs. Barry
Mrs. Barry Draper Many
Mrs. Barry McCormack
Mrs. Barry Ross (Betty
Mrs. Bart
Mrs. Bart Hannaberry
Mrs. Bart Hannabury
Mrs. Barton
Mrs. Basil
Mrs. Basil Alexi-xlet
Mrs. Basil Caldwell
Mrs. Basil Daley
Mrs. Basil Findlay
Mrs. Basil Lamothe
Mrs. Basil Leach
Mrs. Basil Mulvihill
Mrs. Basil Murphy
Mrs. Basil Oiwilc
Mrs. Basil Orr
Mrs. Basil Qua
Mrs. Basil Quai
Mrs. Basil Quailc
Mrs. Basil Quaile
Mrs. Basil Quane
Mrs. Basil Quinn
Mrs. Basil Richard-
Mrs. Basil Sauhol
Mrs. Basil Smith
Mrs. Basil Stan-
Mrs. Basil Stanton
Mrs. Bat
Mrs. Bates
Mrs. Bathurst
Mrs. Baxter
Mrs. Baxter Mr.
Mrs. Bayston
Mrs. Bazil Alexander
Mrs. Bazil Lamothe
Mrs. Bazil Orr
Mrs. Bcv Palmer
Mrs. Bd
Mrs. Bea
Mrs. Beacon
Mrs. Beads
Mrs. Beaman
Mrs. Beamish
Mrs. Bean
Mrs. Beard Soucie
Mrs. Beatrice I.
Mrs. Beatrice Lancaster
Mrs. Beatrice Sparling
Mrs. Beattie
Mrs. Beatty
Mrs. Beatty Pil- Shawville
Mrs. Beatty Pilgrim
Mrs. Beaudoin
Mrs. Beaupre
Mrs. Beauti
Mrs. Beck
Mrs. Becker
Mrs. Bedford Lac Co-op Medici Be
Mrs. Bedford Plotz
Mrs. Beeb
Mrs. Beecher
Mrs. Beecher Fraser
Mrs. Beet Murphy
Mrs. Bel
Mrs. Bel-to
Mrs. Bell
Mrs. Bella Armstrong
Mrs. Bella Stephens
Mrs. Belle Armstrong Heman Dagg
Mrs. Belle McLean
Mrs. Bellefeuille
Mrs. Belleville L Kelly
Mrs. Bellows
Mrs. Ben
Mrs. Ben Acres
Mrs. Ben Acres Mr.
Mrs. Ben Aires
Mrs. Ben Baatien
Mrs. Ben Bas
Mrs. Ben Basticn
Mrs. Ben Bastien
Mrs. Ben Bastlen
Mrs. Ben Bourne
Mrs. Ben Cochrane
Mrs. Ben Constantine
Mrs. Ben Coyle
Mrs. Ben Coyle Ouyon
Mrs. Ben Coyle’s
Mrs. Ben Dickson
Mrs. Ben E. Young
Mrs. Ben Fyke
Mrs. Ben Glenn
Mrs. Ben Hansen
Mrs. Ben Hines
Mrs. Ben Hynes Mrs.
Mrs. Ben Jol
Mrs. Ben Judd
Mrs. Ben Judd Mr. John Morrison
Mrs. Ben Judd.
Mrs. Ben Le Roy
Mrs. Ben Leroy
Mrs. Ben Mr.
Mrs. Ben Mr. Blondie Moyle
Mrs. Ben Shouldicc
Mrs. Ben Sloan
Mrs. Ben Smart
Mrs. Ben St Laur-
Mrs. Ben Tang- Bemlstir
Mrs. Ben Young
Mrs. Ben- Ottawa
Mrs. Ben-meet-
Mrs. Ben.
Mrs. Bender
Mrs. Benedict
Mrs. Benedict Allen
Mrs. Benedict OBITUARIES Joseph C. Dagenais Vote
Mrs. Benjamin
Mrs. Benjamin Acres
Mrs. Benjamin Acres .
Mrs. Benjamin Chamberlain
Mrs. Benjamin Judd
Mrs. Benjamin Kowalski.
Mrs. Benjamin Ktlloran
Mrs. Benjamin R. Fee
Mrs. Benjamin Roy — Shawville
Mrs. Benjamin Tubman
Mrs. Benjamin W. ,imlth
Mrs. Benjamin Watson
Mrs. Benne Grant
Mrs. Bennett
Mrs. Bennett Llsk
Mrs. Benny
Mrs. Benny Alien
Mrs. Benny Allen
Mrs. Benny Duke
Mrs. Benny Gordon Gravelle
Mrs. Benny Roder
Mrs. Benoit
Mrs. Benson
Mrs. Benson Bel-
Mrs. Benson Belsher
Mrs. Benson Craig
Mrs. Benson Eades
Mrs. Benson Moffatt
Mrs. Benson Moffatt Moffatt - Weaver Wedding On
Mrs. Benson Wallace
Mrs. Ber
Mrs. Bergunder
Mrs. Berkley
Mrs. Bernard
Mrs. Bernard Moore
Mrs. Bernard Armitage
Mrs. Bernard Asselin
Mrs. Bernard Bcl- Coryttuladom
Mrs. Bernard Ben-
Mrs. Bernard Ben- John Kelleher
Mrs. Bernard Ben-1
Mrs. Bernard Benoit
Mrs. Bernard Benoit I
Mrs. Bernard Benoit Mr.
Mrs. Bernard Benoit Tuesday
Mrs. Bernard Cahill
Mrs. Bernard Donaghy
Mrs. Bernard Farrell
Mrs. Bernard Finlan
Mrs. Bernard Finlan The
Mrs. Bernard Frappier
Mrs. Bernard Gravchne
Mrs. Bernard Graveline
Mrs. Bernard Herrick
Mrs. Bernard Hogan
Mrs. Bernard Holly
Mrs. Bernard Keenan
Mrs. Bernard Kilroy
Mrs. Bernard KjUill Mr.
Mrs. Bernard Lacroix
Mrs. Bernard Lance
Mrs. Bernard Lance Fernard Lance
Mrs. Bernard Lance Mr.
Mrs. Bernard Languedoc
Mrs. Bernard Mc<
Mrs. Bernard McCart
Mrs. Bernard McCart Grenville
Mrs. Bernard Moore
Mrs. Bernard Moore Royce Henderson
Mrs. Bernard More
Mrs. Bernard Neilson
Mrs. Bernard O -l
Mrs. Bernard O Hara
Mrs. Bernard O Hara 9
Mrs. Bernard O Hara Cann
Mrs. Bernard O Hara Ottawa
Mrs. Bernard O Hlll
Mrs. Bernard Oer-
Mrs. Bernard OHara Ottawa
Mrs. Bernard O’Hara
Mrs. Bernard O’Hara Ottawa
Mrs. Bernard Packer
Mrs. Bernard Payette
Mrs. Bernard Poisson
Mrs. Bernard Polec
Mrs. Bernard Polec.
Mrs. Bernard Pols- ston
Mrs. Bernard Rev
Mrs. Bernard Riviere
Mrs. Bernard Riviere Shawville
Mrs. Bernard Robin-
Mrs. Bernard Robinson
Mrs. Bernard Roy
Mrs. Bernard Ryburn Kelly
Mrs. Bernard Schienberg
Mrs. Bernard Schwartz
Mrs. Bernard Shan________ _
Mrs. Bernard Shean
Mrs. Bernard Sloan
Mrs. Bernard Soucie
Mrs. Bernard Sully
Mrs. Bernard vomiskey
Mrs. Bernice Bennett
Mrs. Bernice Cameron
Mrs. Bernier
Mrs. Berry
Mrs. Berry Melton
Mrs. Bersal Campbell
Mrs. Bert
Mrs. Bert Bechamp Fort
Mrs. Bert Cavanagh
Mrs. Bert CJemmrTrs Judy
Mrs. Bert Clemmens
Mrs. Bert Costa
Mrs. Bert Cuth
Mrs. Bert Cuthbertson
Mrs. Bert Evenden
Mrs. Bert Fife
Mrs. Bert Hagerty
Mrs. Bert Hayes Murphy
Mrs. Bert Homer
Mrs. Bert Horner
Mrs. Bert Horner David T. Hodgins United Steel Workers
Mrs. Bert Kelly
Mrs. Bert Kennedy
Mrs. Bert McCar-&
Mrs. Bert McCarron
Mrs. Bert Murphy
Mrs. Bert ON
Mrs. Bert Roberts
Mrs. Bert Sinclair
Mrs. Bert Smith
Mrs. Bert Smyth
Mrs. Bert Stark
Mrs. Bert Tubman
Mrs. Bert Wilson
Mrs. Bert Wilson Mr. Robert Findlay
Mrs. Bert Woolsey
Mrs. Berta Daly
Mrs. Bertal McDowell
Mrs. Bertal Stai
Mrs. Bertha
Mrs. Bertha Daley
Mrs. Bertha Daly
Mrs. Bertha Foss
Mrs. Bertha Smith
Mrs. Beryl
Mrs. Beryl Sheppard
Mrs. Bessie Hayes
Mrs. Bessie Seward
Mrs. Bessie White Hsgar
Mrs. Bessy
Mrs. Betty Gordon
Mrs. Betty Gratta
Mrs. Betty Mack
Mrs. Betty Pearson
Mrs. Betty Turner
Mrs. Betty Vaughan
Mrs. Beulah
Mrs. Beulah Cameron
Mrs. Beulah Fiftieth
Mrs. Bev Pour
Mrs. Bev.
Mrs. Beverley Palmer
Mrs. Bevor
Mrs. Bidgood
Mrs. Biesenthai
Mrs. Biesenthal
Mrs. Bigelow
Mrs. Biggins
Mrs. BiH Laframboise
Mrs. BiH Robinson
Mrs. Bill
Mrs. Bill 647-3980 Kelly
Mrs. Bill 647-3980 Mayhew
Mrs. Bill Alliban
Mrs. Bill Anderson
Mrs. Bill Armstrong
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Marks
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Miss Lorraine Armstrong
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Sunday
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Vinton
Mrs. Bill Atkinson
Mrs. Bill Baker
Mrs. Bill Ballantine
Mrs. Bill Bar-
Mrs. Bill Barber
Mrs. Bill Barr
Mrs. Bill Black
Mrs. Bill Brad- Mr. Colin Campbell
Mrs. Bill Brownlee DR.
Mrs. Bill Buck
Mrs. Bill Burk
Mrs. Bill Campbell
Mrs. Bill Carty
Mrs. Bill Clark
Mrs. Bill Cochran
Mrs. Bill Corrigan
Mrs. Bill Cousions
Mrs. Bill Dagg
Mrs. Bill Dowd
Mrs. Bill Elliott
Mrs. Bill Ellis
Mrs. Bill Gibson
Mrs. Bill Gillett
Mrs. Bill Hanna
Mrs. Bill Harper
Mrs. Bill Harvey
Mrs. Bill Himmel- Donald
Mrs. Bill Hoad
Mrs. Bill Hogarth
Mrs. Bill Hornei
Mrs. Bill Horner
Mrs. Bill Hull
Mrs. Bill Hunt
Mrs. Bill Kennedy
Mrs. Bill Kenney Jr.
Mrs. Bill Kin-mond
Mrs. Bill Little
Mrs. Bill Lucas
Mrs. Bill Maitland
Mrs. Bill Marshall
Mrs. Bill Mason
Mrs. Bill Mc-
Mrs. Bill McClellan
Mrs. Bill McCoy
Mrs. Bill McGregor Jr.
Mrs. Bill McKenzie
Mrs. Bill Mil-1er
Mrs. Bill Miller
Mrs. Bill Millions
Mrs. Bill Moorhead
Mrs. Bill Mountgomery
Mrs. Bill Moved
Mrs. Bill MuMigan
Mrs. Bill Mundt
Mrs. Bill Murdock
Mrs. Bill Murphy
Mrs. Bill Orr
Mrs. Bill O’Neil
Mrs. Bill O’Reilly
Mrs. Bill Pearl
Mrs. Bill Pirie
Mrs. Bill Plrte
Mrs. Bill Potts
Mrs. Bill Rady
Mrs. Bill Richardson
Mrs. Bill Riddell
Mrs. Bill Rilcv
Mrs. Bill Robinson
Mrs. Bill Romanus Elliott
Mrs. Bill Ross
Mrs. Bill Schwartz
Mrs. Bill Sharkey
Mrs. Bill Shep
Mrs. Bill Shepherd
Mrs. Bill Sheppard
Mrs. Bill Tol- Herb Lythe
Mrs. Bill Tyman
Mrs. Bill Wallace OBITUARY
Mrs. Bill Web6
Mrs. Bill Welch
Mrs. Bill Welsh
Mrs. Bill Whalen Kars
Mrs. Bill White
Mrs. Bill Wilcox
Mrs. Billie Kenney
Mrs. Billie O Reilly
Mrs. Billie Welch
Mrs. Billie Welsh
Mrs. Bills Richard
Mrs. Billus
Mrs. Billy
Mrs. Billy Barr
Mrs. Billy Carswell
Mrs. Billy Dowd
Mrs. Billy Gunzallls
Mrs. Billy Holland
Mrs. Billy Lough
Mrs. Billy McTiernan
Mrs. Billy Potts
Mrs. Billy Spinks
Mrs. Billy Sunday
Mrs. Billy Sylvester
Mrs. Bilodeau
Mrs. Binns
Mrs. Birch
Mrs. Birch Hills
Mrs. Bird Bishop
Mrs. Birt
Mrs. Bisanet
Mrs. Bishop
Mrs. Bishop John-
Mrs. Bishop Johncox
Mrs. Bishop Powles
Mrs. Black
Mrs. Blackadar
Mrs. Blackburn
Mrs. Blair
Mrs. Blais
Mrs. Blake
Mrs. Blake Sinclair
Mrs. Blake Whyte
Mrs. Blanchard
Mrs. Blanche
Mrs. Blanche Derouin
Mrs. Blanche Derouln
Mrs. Blanche Dubeau
Mrs. Blanche Hedging
Mrs. Blanche Hod
Mrs. Blanche Hod-among
Mrs. Blanche Hodgins
Mrs. Blanche Hodgins Use
Mrs. Blanche Hodgins Wllllam Bell’s
Mrs. Blanche Leathers
Mrs. Blanche McGuire
Mrs. Blanche Van Sicklin
Mrs. Blanche White-home
Mrs. Bland Lit
Mrs. Bland Little
Mrs. Blank
Mrs. Blewett
Mrs. Bliss
Mrs. Blnks
Mrs. Blondin
Mrs. Blondy Moyle
Mrs. Blount
Mrs. Blovgs
Mrs. Blue-Myrrh
Mrs. Blwood
Mrs. Blytli McDonald
Mrs. Bmeril
Mrs. Bmmond Bell
Mrs. BmmU
Mrs. Bm^ry Benedict
Mrs. Bnwnerson Twa
Mrs. Boas White
Mrs. Bob
Mrs. Bob Campbell
Mrs. Bob Daley
Mrs. Bob Fairfield
Mrs. Bob Fairfield Thomas Horner
Mrs. Bob Mr
Mrs. Bob Sic-carefree
Mrs. Bob Van-t Hoff Bert Burrows
Mrs. Bob Warner
Mrs. Bob Wetherdon
Mrs. Bobbie Bennett
Mrs. Boddy Stitt
Mrs. Body
Mrs. Boh Bowen
Mrs. Boh Cotie
Mrs. Boh Fairfield
Mrs. Boh Horner
Mrs. Boh Young
Mrs. Boisvert
Mrs. Boj Fairfield
Mrs. Boland Graham
Mrs. Bolton
Mrs. Bonastre
Mrs. Bond
Mrs. Bond Head
Mrs. Bonnstrc
Mrs. Bonshor
Mrs. Boo G:tvtlle
Mrs. Book
Mrs. Books
Mrs. Booth
Mrs. Booth Tucker
Mrs. Bor-[
Mrs. Borden
Mrs. Borden Cochrane
Mrs. Borden Corrigan
Mrs. Borden Jesus
Mrs. Borden Mr. Percy Coleman
Mrs. Bordon Cockrane
Mrs. Bottom Photo Betty A. Petty
Mrs. Bottrill
Mrs. Boucher
Mrs. Bouchier
Mrs. Boulter
Mrs. Boulton
Mrs. Boutskl
Mrs. Boward Hutchison
Mrs. Bowden
Mrs. Bowden Mac
Mrs. Bowden Mac-1
Mrs. Bowden MacLean
Mrs. Bowden MacLean *n8
Mrs. Bowden McLean
Mrs. Bowden McLean I
Mrs. Bowden The
Mrs. Bowie
Mrs. Bowser
Mrs. Boy Duff
Mrs. Boyce
Mrs. Boyd
Mrs. Boyd Hoddinott
Mrs. Boyd Mc(
Mrs. Boyd McC
Mrs. Boyd McCagg
Mrs. Boyd McCaggler
Mrs. Boyd Mciagg
Mrs. Boynton
Mrs. Bradlev Fathei Harrington
Mrs. Bradshaw
Mrs. Bradshaw Is Miss Madel
Mrs. Bradshaw Sr
Mrs. Bradshaw Sr.
Mrs. Bradshaw Woollffe
Mrs. Bradshaw X-Ray
Mrs. Brady
Mrs. Brandon
Mrs. Brenda Stevens Lennox Gayan
Mrs. Brennan
Mrs. Brent Barr
Mrs. Brent III
Mrs. Bretzlaff
Mrs. Bretzlaff’s
Mrs. Brewer
Mrs. Brian Toole
Mrs. Brill
Mrs. Brindle—
Mrs. Brio Belanger
Mrs. Bristol
Mrs. Britain
Mrs. Bronson
Mrs. Brooks
Mrs. Brough
Mrs. Brouse
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown Campbell
Mrs. Brown Kelley
Mrs. Browning
Mrs. Brownlee
Mrs. Bruce
Mrs. Bruce Arm
Mrs. Bruce Ay-
Mrs. Bruce Ayearst
Mrs. Bruce Barber—8
Mrs. Bruce Bather
Mrs. Bruce Cleland
Mrs. Bruce Creighton
Mrs. Bruce Emerson
Mrs. Bruce Emmerson
Mrs. Bruce Emmet-and
Mrs. Bruce Findlay
Mrs. Bruce Hay Miss Patsy
Mrs. Bruce J. Findlay
Mrs. Bruce Kluke
Mrs. Bruce Letter
Mrs. Bruce Malcolm
Mrs. Bruce Mc-Tierrran
Mrs. Bruce McGee
Mrs. Bruce McTiernan
Mrs. Bruce Moffatt
Mrs. Bruce Moffatt Mrs. Charles Gilmour
Mrs. Bruce MolTatt
Mrs. Bruce Mr. Lawler
Mrs. Bruce Rowland
Mrs. Bruce Rowlins
Mrs. Bruce Sayles
Mrs. Bruce Small
Mrs. Bruce Smart
Mrs. Bruce Smith
Mrs. Bruce Stephens
Mrs. Bruce Tubman
Mrs. Bruce Wallace
Mrs. Brulé
Mrs. Bruno Lampron
Mrs. Bryan
Mrs. Bryant
Mrs. Bryant Smith
Mrs. Bryden
Mrs. Bryson
Mrs. Bryson Holes Mrs. Clifford Smith
Mrs. Bryson Smith
Mrs. Bryson—Goal
Mrs. Bubble
Mrs. Bucking-
Mrs. Bud Arnold
Mrs. Bud Blake
Mrs. Bud C. Elliott
Mrs. Bud Chass
Mrs. Bud El-1
Mrs. Bud Elliott
Mrs. Bud Elliott.
Mrs. Bud Hhies
Mrs. Bud McCord
Mrs. Bud McCord •4,875.00
Mrs. Bud Parks
Mrs. Bud Perry
Mrs. Bud Row
Mrs. Bud Saureol
Mrs. Bud Sauriol
Mrs. Bud Sauriol Mr. Edward McColgan
Mrs. Bud Sloan
Mrs. Buddy Gagnon
Mrs. Buddy GamNe
Mrs. Buddy Kilduff
Mrs. Buddy Sloan
Mrs. Buderick
Mrs. Buehler
Mrs. Buell
Mrs. Buggies Kelley
Mrs. BUI Barber
Mrs. Bullin
Mrs. Bulmer
Mrs. Bum Deneuk
Mrs. Bunnan
Mrs. Burden
Mrs. Burgess
Mrs. Burke
Mrs. Burke Temiscaming
Mrs. Burl White
Mrs. Burnley Goodick
Mrs. Burns
Mrs. Burns Doherty
Mrs. Burns Doherty Chelmsford
Mrs. Burr
Mrs. Burroughs
Mrs. Burrows
Mrs. Burton
Mrs. Bussell Taber
Mrs. Busy
Mrs. Butler
Mrs. Buy Bodgins
Mrs. Buzz Lanton
Mrs. Bvlaney
Mrs. Byers
Mrs. Byers Stephens
Mrs. Byng Me Mrs. Clarence Cameron
Mrs. Byrne
Mrs. Byron
Mrs. C
Mrs. C <L V*
Mrs. C ,aLs McCann
Mrs. C .
Mrs. C .H. MacLean
Mrs. C A Brown
Mrs. C A Reid
Mrs. C A. Burnside
Mrs. C A. Campbell
Mrs. C A. Haughton
Mrs. C A. L. Tucker
Mrs. C Armstrong
Mrs. C Armstrong.
Mrs. C artman
Mrs. C B Mohr
Mrs. C Benny Allen 3iid Ebert Ricn*
Mrs. C Benson
Mrs. C C. Hutch-,
Mrs. C C. Sinclair
Mrs. C C. Wright
Mrs. C Cage
Mrs. C Cameron Walter Harris
Mrs. C Clemmens
Mrs. C Clemmons
Mrs. C Cole
Mrs. C D Wilson
Mrs. C Draper
Mrs. C E. Adams
Mrs. C Edgar Hodgine
Mrs. C Edgar Hodgins SUNDAY
Mrs. C F G Powles
Mrs. C F Jaques
Mrs. C F. G. Powies
Mrs. C F. Garrison
Mrs. C G. Biesenthol
Mrs. C G. Garrison
Mrs. C G. Hiesenthal
Mrs. C Garrison
Mrs. C H
Mrs. C H MacLean
Mrs. C H McLean
Mrs. C H Olmstead
Mrs. C H Stevenson
Mrs. C H. Hodge
Mrs. C H. Mac-Lean
Mrs. C H. Mac-Lum
Mrs. C H. MacLean
Mrs. C H. McLean
Mrs. C H. Stevenson
Mrs. C II McLean
Mrs. C J Caldwell
Mrs. C J Wright
Mrs. C J. !m*
Mrs. C J. Caldwell
Mrs. C J. Caldwell Pratt’s Food Miss Essie Skttce
Mrs. C J. Dewar
Mrs. C J. | Hobbs
Mrs. C Jacques
Mrs. C Jacques.
Mrs. C jD*n°nd Gauthier
Mrs. C Jeremy
Mrs. C Karl
Mrs. C L. Cowan
Mrs. C L. Cowan Neill
Mrs. C L. Dale
Mrs. C lar-vixe Miller
Mrs. C Leslie C
Mrs. C Loge
Mrs. C M. Donaldson
Mrs. C Marguerite K .
Mrs. C Mayhew
Mrs. C Mi
Mrs. C Mo-
Mrs. C Morrison
Mrs. C N Woodley
Mrs. C N. * Wood
Mrs. C N. W
Mrs. C N. Woe
Mrs. C N. Woodley
Mrs. C N. Woodley’s
Mrs. C O. Biesenthal
Mrs. C R. Taber
Mrs. C R. Taber Immediately
Mrs. C Ross
Mrs. C Russell
Mrs. C Russell and Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. C Schwartz
Mrs. C Smith
Mrs. C Spotswood
Mrs. C Sullivan
Mrs. C T. Brownlee
Mrs. C T. Wilson
Mrs. C V Monldey
Mrs. C W. Black Mrs. Ann Lipnicky
Mrs. C W. Dickson
Mrs. C W. Eades
Mrs. C W. Garrison
Mrs. C W. Iving
Mrs. C W. Nickel
Mrs. C W. Schwartz LITERATURE
Mrs. C Watts
Mrs. C XV. Hudgins
Mrs. C Young
Mrs. C Younger
Mrs. C Younger Lew* I
Mrs. C. Armstrong
Mrs. C. Atkinson Hobbs
Mrs. C. Benson
Mrs. C. Cochran
Mrs. C. Duncan
Mrs. C. Edgar Hodgins
Mrs. C. Graham
Mrs. C. J
Mrs. C. J Little
Mrs. C. Jacques
Mrs. C. L. Maynard
Mrs. C. M Boone.
Mrs. C. McKenzie
Mrs. C. Richardson
Mrs. C. Schneider
Mrs. C. W Schwartz
Mrs. C. Wesley Moffat
Mrs. C. Younger
Mrs. C.(office—Hayes
Mrs. C.ar
Mrs. C.C. Sinclair
Mrs. C.F.C. Powles
Mrs. Cabot
Mrs. Cadwalader Jones
Mrs. Cahill
Mrs. Cahill Germain
Mrs. Cain
Mrs. Cal
Mrs. Cal Cum-with Mr.
Mrs. Cal Cummings
Mrs. Cal-
Mrs. Calderon W A*
Mrs. Caldwell
Mrs. Callaghan
Mrs. Calloway
Mrs. Calumet Clifford Strutt
Mrs. Calvern
Mrs. Calvert
Mrs. Calvin
Mrs. Calvin Glenn
Mrs. Calvin Jackson
Mrs. Calvin Meueitr
Mrs. Calvin Meunier
Mrs. Calvin Rocher
Mrs. Calvin Rocker
Mrs. Cam
Mrs. Cam-crv.i
Mrs. Camay
Mrs. Cameron
Mrs. Cameron A. Rowat
Mrs. Cameron C. Dow
Mrs. Cameron Margaret 8. Rattray
Mrs. Cameron Paul Larose
Mrs. Cameron Ro-w’at
Mrs. Cameron Row
Mrs. Cameron Row-
Mrs. Cameron Rowat
Mrs. Cameron Rowwt Dr. D. J. Campbell
Mrs. Cameron Smith
Mrs. Camile
Mrs. Camille Dumouchel
Mrs. Camp
Mrs. Campbell
Mrs. Campbell Agriculture
Mrs. Campbell Daubney
Mrs. Campbell Farqtv
Mrs. Campbell Farquar-and
Mrs. Campbell Farquharson
Mrs. Campbell Jr.
Mrs. Campbell Robitaille
Mrs. Campbell’s
Mrs. Canadian
Mrs. Car-
Mrs. Car- Telford
Mrs. Cardiff
Mrs. Carey
Mrs. Carl
Mrs. Carl A. Kieso
Mrs. Carl Armstrong
Mrs. Carl Armstrong Clubs
Mrs. Carl Brown
Mrs. Carl Comba
Mrs. Carl Dale Mrs. Lloyd Cooke
Mrs. Carl Dale.
Mrs. Carl Donnelly
Mrs. Carl Farrell
Mrs. Carl Father-Son Partnerships Lunch
Mrs. Carl Foley
Mrs. Carl Gartner
Mrs. Carl Gibbons
Mrs. Carl Hopkins
Mrs. Carl J. Zimmarling
Mrs. Carl Jacques Berthiaume
Mrs. Carl M. Bbert
Mrs. Carl M. Ebert
Mrs. Carl Mr.
Mrs. Carl Os-trom Calumet Island
Mrs. Carl Vance
Mrs. Carl Ziadharias
Mrs. Carleton
Mrs. Carlh Graham
Mrs. Carlisle
Mrs. Carlson
Mrs. Carlson Dunn
Mrs. Carlson K
Mrs. Carman Bretzlaff
Mrs. Carman Elliott
Mrs. Carman Inglee
Mrs. Carman McCall
Mrs. Carmen
Mrs. Carmen Bar.—------------------
Mrs. Carmen Barrett
Mrs. Carmen Hod-gins
Mrs. Carmen Hodgins
Mrs. Carmen Hodglns
Mrs. Carmen Inglee
Mrs. Carmen Wickens
Mrs. Carmen Widens Terry Davies
Mrs. Carmichael
Mrs. Carnault
Mrs. Carnegie
Mrs. Carney Sine
Mrs. Carol
Mrs. Carol Homer
Mrs. Carol Hughes
Mrs. Carol Kearnan
Mrs. Carol Les
Mrs. Carol Robinson
Mrs. Carol Rowat
Mrs. Carole Duffault
Mrs. Carr
Mrs. Carr Tate
Mrs. Carrie Findlay
Mrs. Carrière
Mrs. Carrington
Mrs. Carroll Marie Edna
Mrs. Carson
Mrs. Carson Mrs. Leslie Kennedy
Mrs. Carson Roberts
Mrs. Carson Russell
Mrs. Carson Ryan Debbie Smith Eleanor Scuccimarra Helen Thrun Margaret Wall Pat Wood Shawvilie Rota
Mrs. Carson Stratton
Mrs. Carswell
Mrs. Cart-man
Mrs. Carter
Mrs. Cartman
Mrs. Cartman Slacks Mrs. Cartman Beachrobe
Mrs. Carton
Mrs. Carton Angus
Mrs. Carty
Mrs. Carty’s
Mrs. Case
Mrs. Cashel
Mrs. Cask
Mrs. Cat
Mrs. Catherine A. Cavil
Mrs. Catherine Ann Elliott
Mrs. Catherine Burke
Mrs. Catherine Burke Cantley
Mrs. Catherine Cun-
Mrs. Catherine Gage
Mrs. Catherine Lehman
Mrs. Catherine Olmstead
Mrs. Catherine Ross Brown
Mrs. Cathrme Mouldy
Mrs. Caustique
Mrs. Cavendish
Mrs. Cawthra
Mrs. Cecil
Mrs. Cecil Booth
Mrs. Cecil Cole
Mrs. Cecil Gordon
Mrs. Cecil Gracie
Mrs. Cecil Hanna
Mrs. Cecil Paris
Mrs. Cecil Patterson Special Facilities
Mrs. Cecil Sinclair
Mrs. Cecil Sloan
Mrs. Cecil Wilson
Mrs. Cecil Young
Mrs. Cecilia Burns
Mrs. CecU Walls
Mrs. Cedi McTiernan
Mrs. Cedric B. Shaw
Mrs. Cedric E. Shaw
Mrs. Cedric E. Shaw William Maynard
Mrs. Cedric Elliot Shaw
Mrs. Cedric Elliott
Mrs. Cedric Moore
Mrs. Cedric Schleyer
Mrs. Cedric Shaw
Mrs. Celina Shaw
Mrs. Centre
Mrs. Centre Touristique
Mrs. Ceo
Mrs. Cesaire Migneault
Mrs. CeUon
Mrs. Cfilbert
Mrs. Chaa
Mrs. Chae
Mrs. Chai
Mrs. Chalmers Watson
Mrs. Cham
Mrs. Chamard
Mrs. Chambers
Mrs. Chan
Mrs. Chan Trudeau
Mrs. Chapman
Mrs. Chapman V "
Mrs. Chapus
Mrs. Char
Mrs. Chari
Mrs. Charier
Mrs. Charlebois
Mrs. Charlene Graham
Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh
Mrs. Charles A. O''Connor
Mrs. Charles Algate
Mrs. Charles Atkinson
Mrs. Charles Beardsley
Mrs. Charles Belec
Mrs. Charles Bo-lam
Mrs. Charles Bolam
Mrs. Charles Brem-I Mr.
Mrs. Charles Bremner
Mrs. Charles Brennan
Mrs. Charles Bretzlaff
Mrs. Charles Brown
Mrs. Charles Campbell
Mrs. Charles Carpenter
Mrs. Charles Cliche
Mrs. Charles Dagenais
Mrs. Charles Don-
Mrs. Charles E. Muma
Mrs. Charles E. Palmer
Mrs. Charles E. Smith
Mrs. Charles F. Hyde Dies While Visiting
Mrs. Charles G. Horigins
Mrs. Charles G. McFadden
Mrs. Charles Grinnell
Mrs. Charles Han-
Mrs. Charles Hansen
Mrs. Charles Hunt
Mrs. Charles Imison After
Mrs. Charles Imisoo
Mrs. Charles Jay
Mrs. Charles Kavanagh
Mrs. Charles King
Mrs. Charles Lance.
Mrs. Charles Lemaire
Mrs. Charles M. Hawks
Mrs. Charles M. Russell
Mrs. Charles Mack
Mrs. Charles Mayhew
Mrs. Charles McDowell
Mrs. Charles McKillop Ihere
Mrs. Charles Mohr
Mrs. Charles Mr.
Mrs. Charles Mrs. Myles Daley
Mrs. Charles P. Stager
Mrs. Charles Quinn
Mrs. Charles R. Barnes
Mrs. Charles Rose
Mrs. Charles Rueckwald
Mrs. Charles Russell
Mrs. Charles Russell Mrs. R.
Mrs. Charles Sch
Mrs. Charles Schoek Kaye Stevens
Mrs. Charles Si-1 Mr.
Mrs. Charles Sicard
Mrs. Charles Smallman
Mrs. Charles Smart
Mrs. Charles St
Mrs. Charles Stacey Farlington
Mrs. Charles Stephens
Mrs. Charles Sunstrum
Mrs. Charles T. Smith
Mrs. Charles T. Smith Charter
Mrs. Charles T. Smith Mr.
Mrs. Charles W. Smith
Mrs. Charles Wall
Mrs. Charles Walls
Mrs. Charles Walls Campbell Mills
Mrs. Charles Wesley United Church
Mrs. Charles Zacharies
Mrs. Charlie Reid
Mrs. Charlie W. Ai
Mrs. Charlie ZJmrnerHng
Mrs. Charlotte
Mrs. Charron
Mrs. Charteris
Mrs. Chartes Dubeau
Mrs. Chartes W John David Foley Mr.
Mrs. Chas
Mrs. Chas Brown
Mrs. Chas Erwin
Mrs. Chas Ghiamberla
Mrs. Chas Hammond
Mrs. Chas King Mr. Raymond Johnston
Mrs. Chas Lemaire
Mrs. Chas McKinnon
Mrs. Chas Megnath
Mrs. Chas Myers
Mrs. Chas Myers Pallbearer*
Mrs. Chas Russell
Mrs. Chase
Mrs. Chat
Mrs. Chat-
Mrs. Cha»
Mrs. Cheater
Mrs. Cheney
Mrs. Cheryl Campbell
Mrs. Cheryl Campbell II
Mrs. Cheryl Campbell Junior Choir
Mrs. Chesley
Mrs. Chesley Moffat
Mrs. Cheslyn Graham
Mrs. Chester
Mrs. Chester Anderson
Mrs. Chester Ban-ford
Mrs. Chester C. Adams
Mrs. Chester Cochrane
Mrs. Chester Doubleday
Mrs. Chester K. Klohck
Mrs. Chester Lau-ghern
Mrs. Chester Lau-ghren
Mrs. Chester Laughren
Mrs. Chester Laughs
Mrs. Chester Laugihren
Mrs. Chester Mr.
Mrs. Chester R. Walsh
Mrs. Chester Rondeau
Mrs. Chester Rondeau Stewart
Mrs. Chester Szoc
Mrs. Chester Szoc.
Mrs. Chester Walsh
Mrs. Chester Warren
Mrs. Chester Wslsh
Mrs. Chester Y
Mrs. Chesterton
Mrs. Chev-of Toronto
Mrs. Chevalier
Mrs. Chits
Mrs. Chris Cald-1
Mrs. Chris Her
Mrs. Chris.
Mrs. Christena Riley
Mrs. Christie
Mrs. Christie 10792BF11 G.W. Korpet Kare
Mrs. Christie 647-2129 G.W. Korpet Kare
Mrs. Christie G.W. Korpet Kore
Mrs. Christie Grain
Mrs. Christie McAffee
Mrs. Christine
Mrs. Christine Kaufman
Mrs. Christopher
Mrs. Christopher Cald
Mrs. Christum»
Mrs. Church
Mrs. Churchill
Mrs. Ci
Mrs. CiarfiekJ Campbell
Mrs. Ciarry Bradley
Mrs. Ciasman
Mrs. Cicrald Sparrow
Mrs. Cieorgie
Mrs. Cierald Maintenance Man
Mrs. Cietus Frost
Mrs. Ciordon McBride
Mrs. Ciraham Davis
Mrs. Cius Draper
Mrs. Cjde
Mrs. Claire Casgrain
Mrs. Claire Feury
Mrs. Claire Jacques and Mrs. A.C.F.
Mrs. Clancy
Mrs. Clar-
Mrs. Clar- Douglas Campbell
Mrs. Clar-1
Mrs. Clar-tlie
Mrs. Clara Saule
Mrs. Clare Jacques
Mrs. Clare Jacques 0ue •
Mrs. Clare Jacques and Mrs. Arthur Winslow
Mrs. Clare Jacques.
Mrs. Clarence
Mrs. Clarence Adams
Mrs. Clarence Cat
Mrs. Clarence Clem
Mrs. Clarence Clemmens CALL
Mrs. Clarence Cuthbertaon Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Clarence Cuthbertson
Mrs. Clarence Gonnan Mi» Laura Larocque
Mrs. Clarence H. McLean
Mrs. Clarence Hayes
Mrs. Clarence Hod
Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Clarence Ihomp-and
Mrs. Clarence Kil-1
Mrs. Clarence Kil-gour
Mrs. Clarence Kilgour
Mrs. Clarence Kllgou”
Mrs. Clarence KUgour
Mrs. Clarence Maheral and Karen
Mrs. Clarence McKnlght
Mrs. Clarence McLein
Mrs. Clarence Me- Mrs. Margaret Kelley
Mrs. Clarence Miss O Connor
Mrs. Clarence Moon-head
Mrs. Clarence Recent
Mrs. Clarence Rennlck
Mrs. Clarence Sloan
Mrs. Clarence Sloan Mr.
Mrs. Clarence T. Brownlee
Mrs. Clarence Zim-merling
Mrs. Clarendon
Mrs. Clarenee Richardson
Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Clark Fraser
Mrs. Clark Gable
Mrs. Clark Larocque
Mrs. Clark Larocque Hospital
Mrs. Clarke
Mrs. Clarke Anderson
Mrs. Clarke Cain
Mrs. Clarke Cowan
Mrs. Clarke Cowiin
Mrs. Clarke Cownn
Mrs. Clarke Fraser
Mrs. Clarke L Cowan
Mrs. Clarke Larocque
Mrs. Clarke Merritt
Mrs. Claud Young
Mrs. Claude
Mrs. Claude Armstrong
Mrs. Claude Booth Fulford
Mrs. Claude Braba
Mrs. Claude Edgar Mayhew
Mrs. Claude Elliott
Mrs. Claude Harkins
Mrs. Claude Le-may
Mrs. Claude Lemay
Mrs. Claude M. Young
Mrs. Claude Norman
Mrs. Claude Pigeon
Mrs. Claude Presley
Mrs. Claude QUEBEC W.
Mrs. Claude Richardson
Mrs. Claude Young
Mrs. Claude Young Bristol
Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Clay
Mrs. Clayson Sr
Mrs. Clayton
Mrs. Clayton Beattie
Mrs. Clayton Clemow
Mrs. Clayton Dodds
Mrs. Clayton Dods
Mrs. Clayton Elliott
Mrs. Clayton Fremont
Mrs. Clayton Grolway
Mrs. Clayton Love
Mrs. Clayton Maine
Mrs. Clayton Math-ieson
Mrs. Clayton MoCredle
Mrs. Clayton Murrell
Mrs. Clayton Newell
Mrs. Clayton Pine Mrs. Velma Smith
Mrs. Clayton Piric
Mrs. Clayton Pirie
Mrs. Clayton Pirie Amprior
Mrs. Clayton Poirier
Mrs. Clayton Russett
Mrs. Clayton Scharfe
Mrs. Clayton Thom#
Mrs. Clayton X
Mrs. Cleary
Mrs. Clem Br
Mrs. Clem Laughren
Mrs. Clemence Brown
Mrs. Clement
Mrs. Clement Marks
Mrs. Clement Mr.
Mrs. Clemons Brown Forty
Mrs. Cleophas Soucie
Mrs. Cletus Frost
Mrs. Cletus Rhyn
Mrs. Cletus Roach
Mrs. Clias
Mrs. Clif Atkinson
Mrs. Cliff
Mrs. Cliff 7-2231 McDougal
Mrs. Cliff 7-2750 Schwartz
Mrs. Cliff Alexander
Mrs. Cliff Alexander Important Notice
Mrs. Cliff Alexander Mr.
Mrs. Cliff Atkinson
Mrs. Cliff Beattie
Mrs. Cliff Bradley
Mrs. Cliff Campbell
Mrs. Cliff Dale
Mrs. Cliff Garrison
Mrs. Cliff Schwartz
Mrs. Cliff Shaw
Mrs. Cliff Taber
Mrs. Cliff Thompson
Mrs. Clifford
Mrs. Clifford Alexander
Mrs. Clifford At- Mrs Austln Gibbons
Mrs. Clifford Atkinson
Mrs. Clifford Bànford
Mrs. Clifford Black
Mrs. Clifford Bradley
Mrs. Clifford Bradley Mrs. Larry Lamb
Mrs. Clifford Brown
Mrs. Clifford Burke
Mrs. Clifford Cone
Mrs. Clifford Dagenais
Mrs. Clifford Elliott
Mrs. Clifford Elliott.
Mrs. Clifford Fiero- #
Mrs. Clifford Fierob.n
Mrs. Clifford Findlay
Mrs. Clifford Findlay Jim
Mrs. Clifford Flerobln Mias Marlyn Buck
Mrs. Clifford Fleury
Mrs. Clifford Flrobln
Mrs. Clifford Gagnon 689-2581
Mrs. Clifford Garri-| Martin
Mrs. Clifford H.
Mrs. Clifford H. Olmstead
Mrs. Clifford Hahn
Mrs. Clifford Hammond
Mrs. Clifford Harris
Mrs. Clifford Hearty I
,0 County
0.—Bruce County
0f Madison County
0r County
0ur County
1 online County
122 43 Fort Coulonge
122 Fort-Coulonge (QC
16,1982 County
18.75 County
1912 County
1rs Bay Coulonge
1’ontiac County
2. Mrs.
224JO County
23,1912 At Fort Coulonge
230 Dempsey en la Cité de Fort Coulonge
24 Coulonge en la Cité de Fort Coulonge
27,1981 County
278 X Mrs. P.
3,995* County
3. Mrs.
3.00 Mrs.
314S0B5F14 County
32441BMI4 County
37,000 County
4-H County Trophy
432-3895 County Road
5th County
6 County
647-2204 County
647-2979 Campbel l Bay 648-6669 Fori Coulonge
648-2193 C.L.S.C. Fort Coulonge
661964bs30 Fort Coulonge
776-6660 Port Coulonge
A. ALLEN l Mrs. Agnes
A. HODGINS l Fort* Coulonge
A>mt County
Abolish County
Adresse I l Mrs
All County L O
Allamakee County
Alleghany County
Amador County
Ambrose County
Amherst Islander Fort Coulonge Presbyterian
Annapolis County
Annual County
Annual County Orange
Anth-folloiving County
Argcnteuil County
Argenteuil County
Argenteuti County
Arnprior Fort Coulonge
Ashland County
Assistant County
Athapupuskow Lake County
Attends County
Augusta Krutz.^Mrs
Austin Mrs.
Autumn County
Baltimore Council
Barber County
Barnett.F.8 County
Barrett Mrs.
Bay Council l Crawford.
Bay County
Bay defeated Fort Coulonge
Bay Fort Coulonge
Bay Fort Coulonge Quyon
Bay Mrs. Louis
Beauce County
Beauhamois County
Bedford County
Bee County
Berkley County
Berkshire County
Best County
Bfomt County
BHUC» County
Biggest County
Biidpc At Fort Coulonge
Bill County
BKU County
Bliss County
Bloom Mrs.
Blue County
Bonaventure County
Bow County
Brant County
Breeders County
Brentford County
Bristol Council l
Bristol Council C l Emm Arabia
Bristol Council Z
Bristol County
Brome County
BROOD County
Bruce County
Bruce County Ontario
BRUCH County
Bryson—Raintrce County
Buy Mrs.
C I S C. Fort Coulonge
C. Bay C W L Fort Coulonge
C.L.S.C. Fort Coulonge
Cailrton County
Calgary Mountainview County
Camp Council
Camp Mrs.
Camp- Fort Coulonge
Campbell1» Bay Fort Coulonge
Campbells Bay Fort Coulonge
Campbell’s Bay County
Campbell’s Bay County
Campbell’s Bay Fort Coulonge
Canada Fort Coulonge
Canada Fort-Coulonge
Canada/Renfrew County
Cape Breton County
Car- County
Carelton County
Carieton County
Carlcton County
Carle-ton County
Carlefon County
Carletmi County
Carleton County
Carleton-Dundas County
Carliton County
Carroll County
Caulkton County
Cavlelon County Como
Centre Récréatif de Fort Coulonge
Cerleton County
Charlevoix County
Charlotte County
Chateauguay County
Cheshire County
Chet Lylo Fort Coulonge Coll
Chutes Coulonge
Ciatineau County
Clara County
Clarendon Council l Shawville
Clarendon County
Clay County
Clayton County
Cleburne County
Club Optimiste de Fort Coulonge
Club Optimiste de Fort Coulonge Mansfield
Co-ordinator County
Colchester County
Columbia County
Comité de Fort Coulonge-Mansfield
Conseil de Fort Coulonge au
Cook County
Coroo County
Costs County
Coulonge (
Coulonge Columbus Club
Coulonge Falls
Coulonge Hockey
Coulonge Hotel
Coulonge Lake
Coulonge Lake Kraft
Coulonge Lake Shirks
Coulonge Queens
Coulonge River
Coulonge River CHARTERIS
Coulonge River East
Coulonge River Falls
Coulonge River Hall
Coulonge River Valley
Coulonge Road
Coulonge W l T Pts
Coulonge; au Nord-Est et
Council X l
Council County
Council Hall
Council La Place Salem Black River
Council proc< l ''arried
Council River
Council Road
Council s l
Council Spring
Council S’ l
Council Township
Council X V ;
County Airport
County Council
County County
County Jersey
County Mr.
County Road
County Road No.
County Roads l.
County Secretary
County Seed Show
County Union
County • l
Crawford County
Crittenden County
Crittendon County
CSSSO ou au CLSC de Fort Coulonge
Cuinberlnntl County
Cumberland County
Cuyah«»ga County
CZ X au Fort-Coulonge.
Dade Mrs
Dagg County
DAVIS GARAGE l MERCURY Phone 302 Fort Coulonge
Deccm-the Fort Coulonge
Decrees County
Del Pontiac County
Delaware County
Delta County
Denmark County
Develop-the County
Dnndas County
Dorchester County
Drummond County
Dtindas County
Dtmd&s County
Duchess County
Duffer-in County
Dufferin County
Dun-das County
Dundas County
Dundee County
Dundus County
Duplessis County
Durham County
Duudas County
Eardley County
East Pontiac County
Edmonson County
Edmonton Mrs
Education County
EFdEFs County
EganvMe en Renfrew County
Egypt Mrs.
Ekuce County
Elgin County
Elko County
Elliott Fort Coulonge
Elpin County
Essential Minerals l Mrs. M. H?"
Essex County
ÊT# County
EVEK1 County
F>ontiac County
Fall County
Farmer Coulonge
Fermanagh County
Fleming County
Florence County
Florence Mor- Mrs.
Florida Mrs.
Fontiac County
Ford County
Fort Mrs.
Fort Coulonge Team
Fort Council
Fort 1 Coulonge
Fort Apply Mrs.
Fort Cou- County
Fort Cou- Mrs
Fort Cou- Mrs.
Fort Coulongc—Mrs
Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge FSH
Fort Coulonge X z X
Fort Coulonge Calumet Island
Fort Coulonge l 3 0
Fort Coulonge St.
Fort Coulonge Thtt
Fort Coulonge V
Fort Coulonge Wood
Fort Coulonge X
Fort Coulonge Z/Z/
Fort Coulonge Beach
Fort Coulonge Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge l
Fort Coulonge S
Fort Coulonge SHAWVILLE.
Fort Coulonge * l 1
Fort Coulonge - River
Fort Coulonge - St. Andrew
Fort Coulonge 5
Fort Coulonge 683-2763
Fort Coulonge 683-2804
Fort Coulonge 891
Fort Coulonge AAa l
Fort Coulonge Allan
Fort Coulonge Ambulance Station
Fort Coulonge ANNIE
Fort Coulonge Apr
Fort Coulonge April
Fort Coulonge Area
Fort Coulonge Arena
Fort Coulonge Arenas
Fort Coulonge Asst
Fort Coulonge Atom
Fort Coulonge Atoms
Fort Coulonge au
Fort Coulonge au 175
Fort Coulonge au Club de
Fort Coulonge AU TYPES OF
Fort Coulonge Aux
Fort Coulonge Aw#
Fort Coulonge Ban-
Fort Coulonge Bantam
Fort Coulonge Bantams
Fort Coulonge Baseball Park
Fort Coulonge Bibtol
Fort Coulonge Bonjour
Fort Coulonge Bowers
Fort Coulonge Bowling Alley
Fort Coulonge Bowling Leagues
Fort Coulonge Branc
Fort Coulonge Branch
Fort Coulonge Brass
Fort Coulonge Bristol
Fort Coulonge Bryson
Fort Coulonge Bungalow
Fort Coulonge C
Fort Coulonge C Folks
Fort Coulonge C G H
Fort Coulonge C.P.
Fort Coulonge Caisse
Fort Coulonge Call George
Fort Coulonge Calumet Creek Nickabong Creek
Fort Coulonge Calumet Island
Fort Coulonge Campaign
Fort Coulonge Campbell*s Bay
Fort Coulonge Campbells Bay
Fort Coulonge Campbell’s Bay
Fort Coulonge Campbell’s Bay Ever>
Fort Coulonge CampbeUKa Bay
Fort Coulonge Canada
Fort Coulonge Carnival
Fort Coulonge Carte
Fort Coulonge Cct
Fort Coulonge Centre
Fort Coulonge Chapeau
Fort Coulonge Chapeau Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Chatteris
Fort Coulonge Church"
Fort Coulonge Chutes
Fort Coulonge Clarendon
Fort Coulonge Clinic
Fort Coulonge CLSC.
Fort Coulonge Club
Fort Coulonge Co- Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Co.
Fort Coulonge Cog la
Fort Coulonge College
Fort Coulonge Cometa
Fort Coulonge Comets
Fort Coulonge Commercial
Fort Coulonge Community Centre
Fort Coulonge Completely
Fort Coulonge Conduire
Fort Coulonge Cor
Fort Coulonge Cornlvol
Fort Coulonge Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Coun
Fort Coulonge Councillors
Fort Coulonge County
Fort Coulonge C’est au Chateau Frontenac
Fort Coulonge D AND D FORT
Fort Coulonge DANCE
Fort Coulonge Dark
Fort Coulonge Davidson
Fort Coulonge demonstration
Fort Coulonge Déneigement
Fort Coulonge Draveurs
Fort Coulonge Durocher
Fort Coulonge E
Fort Coulonge Each
Fort Coulonge East Fort Coulonge West Fort Coulonge South Fort Coulonge S.W. Fort Coulonge N.W. For
Fort Coulonge en
Fort Coulonge en la
Fort Coulonge Europe
Fort Coulonge FD
Fort Coulonge Feh
Fort Coulonge Ferry
Fort Coulonge Filage
Fort Coulonge Fire
Fort Coulonge Flaky
Fort Coulonge Fort Cou
Fort Coulonge Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Fort Coulonge Wed
Fort Coulonge Fri.
Fort Coulonge Frl.
Fort Coulonge Ft
Fort Coulonge Gail Ga
Fort Coulonge Goal
Fort Coulonge Golf
Fort Coulonge Golf Club
Fort Coulonge Gordon
Fort Coulonge Graveurs
Fort Coulonge H
Fort Coulonge Hall
Fort Coulonge Hector
Fort Coulonge Highway 8
Fort Coulonge Hockey
Fort Coulonge Hope
Fort Coulonge Hospi-
Fort Coulonge Hotel
Fort Coulonge I l CLENwOOD
Fort Coulonge In Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Inc.
Fort Coulonge Incident
Fort Coulonge Inst.
Fort Coulonge Is
Fort Coulonge J
Fort Coulonge J A
Fort Coulonge JAMES
Fort Coulonge JOX
Fort Coulonge JUNE
Fort Coulonge K H
Fort Coulonge Kingston
Fort Coulonge Knox
Fort Coulonge l
Fort Coulonge l J »V
Fort Coulonge L.L.B.O.
Fort Coulonge la
Fort Coulonge la Résidence Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Ladouceur
Fort Coulonge Lafrenier
Fort Coulonge Laporte
Fort Coulonge Lawn
Fort Coulonge Le
Fort Coulonge Leaving Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Lettres
Fort Coulonge Ligue
Fort Coulonge Like
Fort Coulonge Lion
Fort Coulonge Lions
Fort Coulonge Lions Grace
Fort Coulonge Little
Fort Coulonge Louis
Fort Coulonge L’autre
Fort Coulonge M
Fort Coulonge Madore
Fort Coulonge Manager
Fort Coulonge Manoir
Fort Coulonge Manor
Fort Coulonge Mans
Fort Coulonge Mansfield
Fort Coulonge Mardi
Fort Coulonge Marjorettes
Fort Coulonge May
Fort Coulonge Mayor
Fort Coulonge MEMO
Fort Coulonge Messrs R. J. Hamilton
Fort Coulonge Midgets
Fort Coulonge Min- Western Quebec
Fort Coulonge Ministère
Fort Coulonge Mis
Fort Coulonge Miss River
Fort Coulonge Mme
Fort Coulonge Model
Fort Coulonge Morphy
Fort Coulonge Mot
Fort Coulonge Mr.
Fort Coulonge Mrs
Fort Coulonge Mrs.
Fort Coulonge Mts
Fort Coulonge Municipality
Fort Coulonge Music
Fort Coulonge Nabob
Fort Coulonge New
Fort Coulonge No- Z %
Fort Coulonge NoLance
Fort Coulonge Notes
Fort Coulonge Nov.
Fort Coulonge Novice
Fort Coulonge Office
Fort Coulonge ON
Fort Coulonge Outaouais
Fort Coulonge Park
Fort Coulonge Paul
Fort Coulonge Phene
Fort Coulonge PHONE
Fort Coulonge Picnic
Fort Coulonge Place
Fort Coulonge Play
Fort Coulonge Playground
Fort Coulonge POLICE
Fort Coulonge Poly
Fort Coulonge Polyvalente
Fort Coulonge PORK.
Fort Coulonge Portage
Fort Coulonge Postponed
Fort Coulonge Presbyterian
Fort Coulonge Pro
Fort Coulonge Que
Fort Coulonge Quebec
Fort Coulonge Quebec.
Fort Coulonge Quyon
Fort Coulonge Ravi
Fort Coulonge Ravt
Fort Coulonge Recreation
Fort Coulonge Recreation Centre
Fort Coulonge Reg
Fort Coulonge Rev.
Fort Coulonge Revl
Fort Coulonge RevlT.
Fort Coulonge Revt
Fort Coulonge Reword
Fort Coulonge River
Fort Coulonge Rolphton
Fort Coulonge Ryy
Fort Coulonge R»v.
Fort Coulonge S
Fort Coulonge S Utchfleld
Fort Coulonge Sacred Heart Manor
Fort Coulonge Salon
Fort Coulonge Saturday
Fort Coulonge Séance
Fort Coulonge Sec.-Trèsa
Fort Coulonge Secondaire
Fort Coulonge SHAW VILLE
Fort Coulonge Shawviile
Fort Coulonge Shawville
Fort Coulonge Shawvm
Fort Coulonge SI
Fort Coulonge St
Fort Coulonge St Andrew
Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s
Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s W.A.
Fort Coulonge St Laurent Trophy
Fort Coulonge St Matthew’s
Fort Coulonge St Peter’s Choir
Fort Coulonge St Pierre
Fort Coulonge St Pierre Hev
Fort Coulonge St Pierre Mgr
Fort Coulonge St Pierre Rev
Fort Coulonge St Pierre Rev.
Fort Coulonge St.
Fort Coulonge St. George
Fort Coulonge St. George’s
Fort Coulonge St. John’s
Fort Coulonge St. Matthew’s
Fort Coulonge St. Pierre
Fort Coulonge Stark
Fort Coulonge Stars
Fort Coulonge Stork
Fort Coulonge Summer
Fort Coulonge T
Fort Coulonge T #
Fort Coulonge Tél
Fort Coulonge Tel.
Fort Coulonge Tel:
Fort Coulonge Téléphone
Fort Coulonge Testing Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge Tuesday
Fort Coulonge Twolan
Fort Coulonge United
Fort Coulonge United W.
Fort Coulonge United Z
Fort Coulonge V
Fort Coulonge V Hearty
Fort Coulonge Vacc
Fort Coulonge Vendredi
Fort Coulonge Village
Fort Coulonge Village Phone
Fort Coulonge Vinton
Fort Coulonge Volunteer
Fort Coulonge Votre
Fort Coulonge Vous
Fort Coulonge Vv
Fort Coulonge W
Fort Coulonge W l in St Andrew
Fort Coulonge W.I.
Fort Coulonge W.l
Fort Coulonge Wed
Fort Coulonge West of
Fort Coulonge Whelen
Fort Coulonge WI
Fort Coulonge WI.
Fort Coulonge Williams
Fort Coulonge Wo
Fort Coulonge Woman
Fort Coulonge Women
Fort Coulonge X
Fort Coulonge X Campbell’s Bay Recreation Hall
Fort Coulonge Yarm
Fort Coulonge Z
Fort Coulonge _
Fort Coulonge"
Fort Coulonge#
Fort Coulonge*
Fort Coulonge* AA
Fort Coulonge-A Centre
Fort Coulonge-bascd
Fort Coulonge-based
Fort Coulonge-born
Fort Coulonge-Bryson
Fort Coulonge-Campbell’s Bay
Fort Coulonge-Chapeau
Fort Coulonge-Davidson
Fort Coulonge-hased
Fort Coulonge-held
Fort Coulonge-Hull
Fort Coulonge-Mans
Fort Coulonge-Mansfield
Fort Coulonge-MansfieW.
Fort Coulonge-Monsfield
Fort Coulonge-Ottawa
Fort Coulonge-Otter
Fort Coulonge-Otuw
Fort Coulonge-Reword
Fort Coulonge-The Fort Cou
Fort Coulonge-Uoal
Fort Coulonge-Wa
Fort Coulonge-William Henry
Fort Coulonge-with
Fort Coulonge-^-The
Fort Coulonge-^A
Fort Coulonge-^Dr.
Fort Coulonge-—Board
Fort Coulonge-—In
Fort Coulonge-—The
Fort Coulonge.
Fort Coulonge.------------------------
Fort Coulonge/
Fort Coulonge/ Allard
Fort Coulonge/ Mansfield
Fort Coulonge/Mansfield
Fort Coulonge/Mansfleld
Fort Coulonge/Pontiac/Low/
Fort Coulonge:
Fort Coulonge; au Bureau de la M R
Fort Coulonge^^HBBHHBHBHH
Fort Coulonge—
Fort Coulonge—-Sunday
Fort Coulonge—7.00
Fort Coulonge—7.00 Barbara
Fort Coulonge—A
Fort Coulonge—After
Fort Coulonge—and
Fort Coulonge—Arthur
Fort Coulonge—Bedding Out-
Fort Coulonge—C.
Fort Coulonge—Church
Fort Coulonge—Competing
Fort Coulonge—Coulonge
Fort Coulonge—Dark
Fort Coulonge—E.
Fort Coulonge—F
Fort Coulonge—First Tlmrsday
Fort Coulonge—Following
Fort Coulonge—for
Fort Coulonge—Goal
Fort Coulonge—Goal D
Fort Coulonge—Herminigilde
Fort Coulonge—Jam
Fort Coulonge—James Liuzon
Fort Coulonge—Jog
Fort Coulonge—John
Fort Coulonge—Laurier Lecuyer
Fort Coulonge—Miss
Fort Coulonge—Mr.
Fort Coulonge—Mrs
Fort Coulonge—Once
Fort Coulonge—Placide
Fort Coulonge—S.
Fort Coulonge—Stanley
Fort Coulonge—Sunday
Fort Coulonge—T
Fort Coulonge—The
Fort Coulonge—The Fort
Fort Coulonge—The Fort Cou-.onge
Fort Coulonge—The Fort Coulonge
Fort Coulonge—The W,
Fort Coulonge—transport
Fort Coulonge—Two
Fort Coulonge—Wm
Fort Coulonge’s
Fort Coulooge Village de Fort Coulonge
Fort Council
Fort Council Flue
Fort Council Meeting
Fort Council Minutes
Fort Council SHOP
Fort Council V M Children
Fort Council X
Fort County
Fort de Soto County Park
Fort Dearborn County
Fort Elementary Mrs.
Fort en communiquant au bureau Coulonge
Fort Fort Coulonge
Fort Henry Fort Coulonge
Fort Monday Fort Coulonge
Fort Mrs
Fort Mrs.
Fort Mrs. Mabel
Fort Mrs. Thos
Fort Municipal Council
Fort Notes Fort Coulonge
Fort Pm-Coulonge
Fort PRESBYTERIAN Fort Coulonge
Fort Ross
Fort Stewart
Fort THEATRE Fort Coulonge
Fort Vinton Coulonge
Fort WwllillBrS Coulonge
Fort- Coulonge
Fort-Coulonge Both
Fort-Coulonge 1 l G Achat
Fort-Coulonge Club Inc.
Fort-Coulonge s Sacred
Franklin County
Frederick County
Friday County
Frontenac County
Fuiitiac County
Fulton County
FURNITURE Port Coulonge Phono
Gadeeae County
Gaspe County
Gaticau County
Gatineau County
Gatineau County W
Genessee County
Georgian Bay Canal Fort-Coulonge
Germany MRS.
Gespe County
Getineee County
Giants County
Gila County
Glengarry County
Glengrray County
Goodhue County
Green Lake Mrs.
Green Mrs.
Greevagh County
Grenville County
Grey County
H County
H Prend l t MRS.
Haknett.F.H County
Haldi-mand County
Halditnand County
Haliburton County
Halifax County
Hall-burton County
Halliwell Area Fort Coulonge Waltham
Halton County
Hampshire County
Hams County
Hants County
Harris County
Hart County
Hastings County
He- County
Henderson County
Henry County
Herkimer County
Hi 111$ Fort Coulonge
Hi Brent Stewart
Hi la County
Hi- County
Highland County
Hiîasell County
Hit- County
Hodgins Coulonge
Hodgins County
Hondac County
Hontiac County
Hood MRS.
How- County
Hrome County
HRUC» County
Htanstead County
HuH County
Hull County
Hull Fort Coulonge
Humboldt County
Hunterdon County
Huntingdon County
Huron County
I sob* l Marie Stewart
I uutuu County
I0b00 au CLSC de Fort-Coulonge
Ihe County
Ike County
Il Lon Fort Stewart
Iliac County
Ilurdnmu County
In County
In Madison County
Incorporate County
Inverness County
Invited County
Iparthoftbe County
Iron County
Isabella County
J. County
J3KUCB County
Jackson County
Jacob Stewart
January 28th l Mrs Ce
JCrni County
Jefferson County
JNmtiac County
Joliette County
J^ByjBgJpPontiac County
Kankakee County
Kasex County
Kennedy County
Kennedy Mrs.
Kent County
Kenya County
Kgiu County
King County
King of Fort Coulonge
King’s County
Kirkland Lake Mrs.
Krnt County
L County
L''Assomption County
L. County
L19 County
La Caisse Populaire de Fort Coulonge
La Caisse Populaire de Fort-coulonge
La Vérendrye Mrs
La- Fort Coulonge
La-belle County
Labelle County
Lackawanna County
Lainbton County
Lake Coulonge
Lake County
Lamb-ton County
Lambton County
Lanark County
Lancaster County
Large County
Largest County
Larue County
Lawless Lake COUNCIL
Le Patro de Fort Coulonge-Mansfield
Le Patro de Fort Coulonge/Mansfield
Lebanon County
Leeds County
Lehigh County
Lekds County
Lennox County
Lewis County
Lighting County
Lincoln County
Logan County
London County
London County Conn
Lorrainvillerl’ontiac County
Los Angeles County
Lower County
Lower County V
Lower Pontiac County
Lubbock County
Lucas County
M. Stewart- Z
M. Stewart’s
Ma E —Mrs
Ma- Mrs.
MacDon- V Fort Coulonge
Macdonald County
Madame la Conseil Village de Fort Coulonge
Madison County
Magasin Général de Fort Coulonge
Main Mrs.
Malcolm Ross
Manchester County
Manicouagan County
Maniwaki County
Mansfield County
Marathon de Fort-Coulonge
Marian County
Marion County
Marketing’ au CLSC Pontiac de Fort Coulonge
Martha Lake Mrs
Maryland Mrs
Mason County
Mass Mrs.
Mayor Coulonge River
Mayors County
McGuire Mrs Rena
McGuire Mrs Vernon Beattie
McLean Pendleton l Mrs.
Md Mrs
Megantic County
Meganuc County
Mein St 5938612bmay281 Fort Coulonge
Melbourne County
Memory Mrs.
Messrs Mrs Vernon
Mi Mrs. River
Miasdsaquoi County
Middlesex County
Mill County
Milllin County
Minutes County
Missisquoi County
Misslsqtroi County
Mmisquoi County
Monroe County
Mont Mrs.
Montcalm County
Montigny County
Montmagny County
Montrai County
Montreal Mrs
Montreal Mrs.
Mount Stewart
Mr ,m(l Mrs. Sevil
Mr an(l Mrs
Mr an(l Mrs L-
Mr County
Mr. Malcolm Ross
Mr. Stout l Mrs. George
Mrs Alex l
Mrs Bay
Mrs Beach
Mrs Ben
Mrs Carhe
Mrs Carmen Ireland
Mrs Charlotte
Mrs Charlotte G
Mrs Cleveland
Mrs David l.
Mrs Denver
Mrs Diul l
Mrs Dube
Mrs Elvyn l
Mrs Em
Mrs Eul l Miss Freda
Mrs Eva l Mayhew
Mrs Ferry
Mrs Ga
Mrs Gibbons
Mrs Griffin
Mrs Griffin Lake
Mrs H l Hobbs ie(
Mrs Hector l
Mrs Irvine Hi H Hwatson
Mrs Irvine Shea
Mrs Jack Grace
Mrs Joe Hare
Mrs l V Sunday
Mrs Lake
Mrs lCllgour l
Mrs Lindsay l
Mrs M l
Mrs Malcolm
Mrs Malcolm Drum
Mrs Malcolm Drummond
Mrs Malcolm Lett
Mrs Malcolm Letts
Mrs McIvihIpn l
Mrs McLean
Mrs Mo
Mrs Muriel l I
Mrs Nettie l
Mrs Newton
Mrs Ontario
Mrs Park
Mrs Pearl
Mrs Prosper l
Mrs R.W. Hare SSWt«S.ttS
Mrs River
Mrs Road
Mrs Robert
Mrs Rock
Mrs Rosa
Mrs Row
Mrs S l McGoff*
Mrs Sea
Mrs Shea
Mrs Sheffield
Mrs W.E. Hare.
Mrs Woodley l
Mrs, Ade
Mrs, Gerald Ireland
Mrs, Hare Ilannabei
Mrs- John l aP**rc
Mrs. Ade
Mrs. Al
Mrs. Alec l Drummond
Mrs. Alley
Mrs. Alphon-sine l au tara
Mrs. Anthony Eden
Mrs. Austin McDowell
Mrs. Bar
Mrs. Bay
Mrs. Beach
Mrs. Beeton
Mrs. Ben
Mrs. Ben ,l^SsV(l UR
Mrs. Ben Sheffield
Mrs. Berta l Si m
Mrs. Blair Beach
Mrs. Bluff
Mrs. Boodles
Mrs. Brook
Mrs. Budd Worth
Mrs. C.
Mrs. Carman Ireland
Mrs. Carmen Ireland
Mrs. Cecil l
Mrs. Ceorge Sheffield
Mrs. Charlotte
Mrs. Claude l
Mrs. Clifford l
Mrs. Columbia
Mrs. Columbus
Mrs. Costa
Mrs. County
Mrs. Dallas
Mrs. Dam
Mrs. Dan l
Mrs. Daniel
Mrs. Denver
Mrs. Dillon
Mrs. Don l
Mrs. Dorothy l
Mrs. DurkH l
Mrs. Egan
Mrs. El
Mrs. El Milwaukee
Mrs. Em
Mrs. Em Carried
Mrs. Em-
Mrs. Em- l
Mrs. en M capacité
Mrs. Ernest l.
Mrs. Ernie
Mrs. Fairfield
Mrs. Falls
Mrs. Fis*
Mrs. Flood
Mrs. Florence
Mrs. Forest
Mrs. Forge
Mrs. Fort.n’s
Mrs. Frank
Mrs. Frank l
Mrs. Fred Hare
Mrs. Fred Hare.
Mrs. Fulton Armstrong
Mrs. Ga
Mrs. Garnet Hi
Mrs. Gaston l
Mrs. George
Mrs. Gerald Ireland
Mrs. Gordon
Mrs. Griffin
Mrs. Griffin Bowie
Mrs. Ha/el
Mrs. Hare
Mrs. Hector l
Mrs. Henri Banner
Mrs. Hills
Mrs. Hul l
Mrs. Hurd- l Mrs. Derraugh
Mrs. Ida V York
Mrs. Iona Ireland
Mrs. Ira
Mrs. Ireland
Mrs. Irvine
Mrs. Irvine Creel
Mrs. Irvine Findlay’s on
Mrs. Irvine Schwartz
Mrs. Irvine Shea
Mrs. Irvine Swarts.
Mrs. Irvine Swartz
Mrs. Irvine Swartz Honronred
Mrs. Irvine Swartz.
Mrs. Irvine Woods
Mrs. J. l.
Mrs. James
Mrs. Jessie
Mrs. Joe l .mgne
Mrs. John l
Mrs. Johnnie l
Mrs. Katie l
Mrs. Kingdom
Mrs. l C. Smyth
Mrs. l Dale—Proudfoot Convention
Mrs. L-tfmmboise l TINSMITHS
Mrs. Lawn
Mrs. Lawrence l Sparling
Mrs. Leeds
Mrs. Leon
Mrs. Lillian
Mrs. Louis
Mrs. M. l
Mrs. M. l adlCs
Mrs. Mabel Woolsey
Mrs. Madison
Mrs. Malcolm
Mrs. Malcolm Cameron
Mrs. Malcolm Drum
Mrs. Malcolm Drummond
Mrs. Malcolm Lefts
Mrs. Malcolm Lett
Mrs. Malcolm Letts
Mrs. Malcolm McLean
Mrs. Malcolm MoCrua
Mrs. Malcolm ROOFING
Mrs. Marshall l
Mrs. Mason Paris
Mrs. McLean
Mrs. McWhir-
Mrs. Me- Burrell
Mrs. Mellon l
Mrs. Memorial Park
Mrs. Mo
Mrs. Mo Iso
Mrs. Mo Tier
Mrs. Moorhead
Mrs. Mountains
Mrs. Nam
Mrs. Ned Z
Mrs. New Westminster
Mrs. Newton
Mrs. Oviia l
Mrs. Ow- l.
Mrs. Paulo
Mrs. Piere l
Mrs. Place
Mrs. Pointer
Mrs. Province
Mrs. Rand l Le
Mrs. Raymond l Mr.
Mrs. Remington
Mrs. Ren Sheffield
Mrs. River
Mrs. River Valley
Mrs. Robert
Mrs. Robt Street
Mrs. Rodolphe l
Mrs. Roland l
Mrs. Row
Mrs. Roxley
Mrs. Salem
Mrs. Shea
Mrs. Shore
Mrs. Spain
Mrs. Spring
Mrs. St Aocfrews
Mrs. Telford
Mrs. Victor l
Mrs. W l ’
Mrs. W,
Mrs. W. Hare Spry
Mrs. W. Hare Victor
Mrs. W. l
Mrs. Wainman l
Mrs. Wang
Mrs. Westwood
Mrs. X au ---------------
Mrs.Charlotte Conley
Municipality County
Murray County
N County
Ndffolk County
Nepean County
New Castle County Delaware
New Mrs.
Niagara County
Niagara Falls South Council
Nicolet County
Nicolet County Quebec
Nightmare County
NN eg*nd l Embroidery Pillow Shame-Mrs
Nord de Fort Coulonge
Norfolk County
Norfolk County Experimental Field
North County
North Grey County
North Renfrew County
Northumberland County
Norway Bay Mrs.
Norway Bay Fort Coulonge
Norway Bay Wyman Fort Coulonge
Nova Mrs.
Nova Scotia County
Nuclei County
O Ü l Mrs. Earl
O*ford County
Oconee County
Oerleton County
Of County
OfltlQC County
Okanagan County
Oktibbeha County
ol8t County
Old County
Onslow County
Ontario County
Ontario County Road
Ontario Essex County
Ontario Follow County Road
Ontario Fort Coulonge Telephone
Ontario Fort-Coulonge
Ontario Mrs.
Ontario/Renfrew County
Oort County
Or County
Orange County
Orango County
Ore County
Ore Stewart
Ottawa Mrs.
OTTAWA 0 en Mrs. Fîoîsberg
Ottawa Civic Council
Ottawa Civic Hos-Mrs
Ottawa Civic Mrs.
Ottawa Co-operative Mrs.
Ottawa County
Ottawa County Bivialoa
Ottawa County Conrbbvativm
Ottawa County Council
Ottawa County County
Ottawa County Elections
Ottawa County I
Ottawa County ITctoa
Ottawa County L O
Ottawa County Lodge
Ottawa County Mumcipoi-ty
Ottawa County of
Ottawa County On^
Ottawa County Orange
Ottawa County Registry
Ottawa County’s M.
Ottawa Fort Coulonge
Ottawa Fruit County
Ottawa Mrs Florence
Ottawa Mrs.
Ottawa Mrs. A.
Ottawa Mrs. F. E. Hare
Ottawa Mrs. George
Ottawa Mrs. H.
Ottawa Mrs. J.
Ottawa Mrs. Louis
Ottawa Mrs. M.
Ottawa Mrs. R.
Ottawa Mrs. W,
Ottawa Mrs. W.
Ottawa River Coulonge
Ottawa River Fort Coulonge
Ottawa River Jubi-Coulonge
Ottawa Valley C St Lawrence County
Ottawa Valley County
Ottawa Valley St Lawrence County
Otter County
Otter Lake Fort Coulonge
Otter Lake Fort-Coulonge
Otter Lake Mrs
Otter Lake Mrs.
Ot»a-wa County
Ou County
Our County
O^ineau County
P. County
P.-ntiar County
p0ntiac County
Pa Shawville Council
Papineau County
Patro de Fort Coulonge/Mansfield
PAVEMENT Leeds County
Pbntiac County
Pcntiac County
Pcntloc County
Pcutiac County
Pdntiac County
Pearl Brown Mrs.
Pearl Fort Coulonge
Peed County
Peel County
Peith County
Pen-tiac County
Pen-ti«c County
Pent*ac County
Pern-Renfrew County
Perth County
Peterborough County
Philadelphia Mrs.
Phillips County
Phillip’s Lake Mrs.
Pictou County
Pierce County
Pike County
Pima County Arizona
Pine Coulonge
Pine County
Pioneer Mrs.
Pirie County
Pi»ntML County
Pjntic County
Playoffs Port Coulonge
Pmtiec County
Pnntiâc County
Poatiac County
Poetise County
Pointiac County
Poittloc County
Politise County
Polk County
Pon-?c County
Pon-Ilac County
Pon-o County
Ponboc County
Ponfiec County
Ponflec County
Ponkac County
Ponliac County
Ponsac County
Pontac County
Pontfj County
Ponthc County
Pontia County
Pontiac County
Pontiac an(l Mrs. Noble
Pontiac County
Pontiac County Y A
Pontiac County l oyal Orange
Pontiac County l Reference
Pontiac County Packed
Pontiac County Quebec
Pontiac County Recipes
Pontiac County River
Pontiac County Street
Pontiac County W l
Pontiac County West
Pontiac County West Fort Coulonge
Pontiac l County.
Pontiac* County
Pontiacs County
Pontiac^ County Quebec
Pontiai County
Pontiao County
Pontiat County
Pontiec County
Pontiic County
Pontiie County
Pontine County
Pontioc County
Pontisc County
Pontiso County
Pontkc County
Pontla County
Pontlac County
Pontlec County
Pontlsc County
Pontmc County
Ponttac County
PontUc County
Ponüac County
PonUoc County
Poptiac County
Porrtkx County
Port Coulonge
Port Coulonge _
Port Rob-Welland County
Portiec County
Portneuf County
Poruac County
Pottiac County
Poutiac County
Poutine County
Pratt County
Prescott County
Prince County
Prince Edward County
Principale Fort Coulonge
Protestant County
Pulaski County
Putnam County
Qttvra County
Quake* County
Que-1 County
Quebec Fort Coulonge
Quebec Community Fort Coulonge
Quebec Conseil de Fort Coulonge
Quebec County
Quebec Fort Coulonge
Quebec Mrs
Quebec Mrs.
Quebec Provincial County
Quebec Regional County
Quebec* County
Queen Council
Queen’s County
Quy- County
Quyon Mrs. l
Quyon River County
R)rt Coulonge
Radford Mrs.
Raid County
Ralls County
Re County
re-1 County
Regional County
Renfew County
Renfrew County
Renfrew County V
Renfrew County Area
Renfrew County C W
Renfrew County I
Renfrew County New York City
Renfrew County Ottawa River
Renfrew County P.O.
Renfrew County Road
Rentrew County
Resgigouche County
résidence X au Fort-Coulonge.
Restigouche County
Richmond Coulonge Bowling
Richmond County
Richmond Mrs
Ridge In Fort Coulonge
River Fort-Coulonge
Riverside County
Rivière Coulonge
Rmtiac County
Rndgiii* County
Rockcastle County
Ronflec County
Rontiac County
Ross Ave.
Ross Avenue Ottawa
Ross Griffin
Ross Lamothe
Ross Mo
Ross R. Hare
Ross River
Ross Road
Ross Township
Ross/Westmeath Township
Routine County
Rowan County
Ruseell County
Russell County
S Mrs.
Sabine County
Saginaw County
SALE Ida l Mrs Joseph
Sale MRS.
Sale County
Sale Stormont County
Salem County
Sales Check l Mrs. Otto
Salle Paroissiale de Fort Coulonge
San Bernardino County
San Mateo County
Santa Mrs.
Saratoga County
School Port Coulonge
Schuyler County
Scotland Mrs.
Semi-annual County
Sfguenay County
Sgt W. Hare and Mrs. Hare
Shawville Council l In
Shawville Fort Coulonge
Shawvillo Coulonge River CHICKENS.
ShawvUU County
She County
Sheffield County
Shefford County
Shennett County
Sheppard Mrs.
Sherbrooke County
Shewville County
shop-1 Mrs.
Simcoe County
Simcoe County Ontario
Simroe County
Slta^ille* County
Smith Falls Mrs.
So- Mrs.
Soucie Sports au W Fort-Coulonge
Soulangcs County
Soulanges County
South Mrs.
St 054,057,058,059 Fort Coulonge
St Andrews H Mrs
St Coulonge
St Ed- Mrs
St Eli- Mrs
St Elizabeths Fort Coulonge
St Mrs Neil
St Mrs. Théo
St Pe- Fort Coulonge
St. Fort Coulonge
St. Louis County
Stanstead County
Starks Corners l l Mrs. Rae
Steuben County
Stewart 1 l
Stewart F X: V
Stewart "H
Stewart Andamans Islands
Stewart At
Stewart Bank
Stewart Chouinard
Stewart City
Stewart Cobden
Stewart Crabb
Stewart Crabh
Stewart Craw-public
Stewart Douglas
Stewart Field
Stewart Florence
Stewart Fort Coulonge Mr.
Stewart Fui
Stewart Fulford’s
Stewart Grainger l Deborah Kerr
Stewart Granger l M Silva
Stewart Hall
Stewart Hodgins
Stewart Irwin
Stewart Island
Stewart James
Stewart Kehoe
Stewart l 647-3927 F ;
STEWART Main Street
Stewart Mason
Stewart McLean
Stewart Mill
Stewart Nellis J
Stewart Noting Memorial Trophy
Stewart Park
Stewart Reunion
Stewart River
Stewart Road
Stewart SL
Stewart St
Stewart St N. 432-2263
Stewart St N. ShawvWe
Stewart St Phone
Stewart St Renfrew
Stewart St.
Stewart St. N.
Stewart St. Renfrew
Stewart Stark l «a
Stewart Street
Stewart Street Toronto
Stewart Tapper
Stewart Trophy
Stewart Victoria Avenue
Stewart Warner
Stewart Woods
Stewart X
Stewart _
Stewart ¦ l
Stewart----- County
Stormont County
Str&glethorpe County
Stur- Fort Coulonge
Suffolk County
Sumner County
Sunda Mrs. l Me«ri
Sussex County
T County
Tammy County
Teahi County
Tel County
Telephone 647-2722 l USED MRS
Temiscam-ingue County
Temiscamingne County
Temiscamingue County
Tern-iecamtngue County
Tfcmiscouata County
th0 County
the County
Tho County
Tipperary County
Tipperary County Ireland
Tontiac County
Tontine County
Toronto Mrs.
Town Hall l Coulonge Champlain
Towner County
Tte County
Two Mountains County
U ! S Mrs.
U /1 Mrs. Hall
U Mrs
Uac County
UCO County Z J J
Uie County
unan-1 County
Unark County
Union County
Upper Coulonge
Upper County
Upper Pontiac County
UUb County
V Mrs l .lj
Vallée-de-la-Gatineau County
Vancouver Mrs
Vancouver Mrs.
Vaudreuil County
Vcrcheres County
Venango County
Ventura County
Viavflithe County
Victoria Ave Mrs. C. Mv(
Victoria County
Victoria Fort Coulonge
Vie County
Village County
Village County A
Village de Fort Coulonge
Vontiar County
Vs County
Vulcton County
Vyl- an(l Mrs Ken
W York County
W. A. Hare James Telford County
W. County
w0Uë^ÊÊ(ÊÊÊÊKÊÊ^ÊKtÊÊÊSÊÊÊtÊ Malcolm Stewart
Walker County
Waltham— Port Coulonge
Walton County
Warden County
Ware County
Warren County
Washington County
Watauga County
Waterloo County
Wayne County
We County
Webster County
Welland County
Wellington County
Wentworth County
West Coulonge
West County
West Fort Coulonge
West Quebec County
West-the County
Westchester County
Westmoreland County
Whitte County
Whyte Ave Mrs. J
Wicklow County
Wilkes County
Windsor County
Wmcoe County
Wright County
Wsterford County
X Spring Beds MRS.
X County
X X V X X Stewart X
X X X Mrs.
XVright County
Ÿ X X Mrs. XV
y-2 County
Yamaska County
Yarmouth County
Yell County
York County
Z Ross
Z1 County
!j1chester Council
!±S!SS»5a tfSJSlI Estate Mrs.
...819-648-2141 J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager B
000-Shawville Council
0f Council
0f County Council
0f Quebec Municipal Sec- Council
0n.low Council Minute
1.1996 Thome Municipal Council
10,000 Council
100 COUNCIL Roll Sizes Sha
100-acre Farm Clarendon Council Shawville
100.00 Clarendon Municipal Council
102152BJ21 Council General Annual
106 Wellington County
12,1981 Council
12-13-14 Division Shawville Ft Coulonge "B" Bryson 6-7-8 Division Shawville "
1212xa22 Council
15-16-17 Division Calumet Island - Bryson Shawville Ft Coulonge 9-10-11 Division Shawville "A Quyon
15.1 School Municipality of Contact Mrs. Albert Cole
150th Committee Stewart
16,17,18 & 19-The4th Annual Shawville County Jamboree
16,1989 Council
16-102 Council
180.70 Council Expense -
197.40 Council Expense 3200.00
1l^UM»ontreSl Council
1st Mrs.
1‘nvy Council
2 CO Estate Mrs.
2. Council
2. Mrs. Ernie Morgan
2.80 Council of Onslow North
22,1984 Council
25,1900- Council
250.00 - Bristol Council
2nd Millenni-Mrs Alice Roy
2nd Mrs. John Cun
2nd Star Tests Ross
2xo29 Downs and Mrs.
3 Council
3 COUNCIL Pontiac Mill
3 Metro Toronto Coulonge
3 Planning Council
3-way- Council
3. Council Qubroy Road
3.00 p.m.—Evening Service FORT COULONGE CHARGE
300.00 Council
31,1988 Council _ .1 Alleyn & Caw
3166X22» Council
320.90 Council
360.00 Council
3rd Council
3rd Division of Ottawa Council
3ristol Council
4-H Council
4-H Council Office
4.00 Council Expenses 3,062.50
432-4224 Co Cts Dak & Council Que SMewelks
432-4224 Council
432-7032 New Arts Council
453-7326 Otter Lake Helen Stewart Dumou-
453-7804 Council
4th Council
4«ZÊm Council
5 Council
5 Council Minutes Esher & Malakof
5 Council Minutes Pipe Wilfred Brady
5,1982 Council Meetings
5- Council
5.00 Oil Mrs. Jersey
582-3859 & Fort Coulonge* Allan G
5oOD*y Council
5R3 •/1//* Postal Code Pontiac County
6- Mrs Perry
63-1 Village de Fort-Coulonge
646-7649 Council
647-2206 / Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Ho
647-2336 Sunday School Morning Warship Bristol Council
647-2417 SHENANDOAH Color Jomei Stewart
647-2420 Council Come
647-2500 AMYOTTE GARAGE LIMITED Ik Fort Coulonge
647-2975 Council SUNDAY—
647-5611 du Fort Council
648- Council
648-5689 Coulonge Water Falla
6th Line the Bristol Council
7. Council Hall
7.30 Farm For Sale MRS.
7.50 Stewart Garage
71937b & Mrs Cyril Grave
7c County Council
7th County Council
7th Line Farm Forum dian Welfare Council
7th Line Fort Coulonge Vinton Bristol Ladysmith Mr
7th Line Mrs Harold
7th Line Mrs. Stewart
7th Line Mrs. Walter Kilgour Shawville Council
7th Line N Onslow Council
7th Line Notes Mrs. Cliff Brown
7th Line Port Coulonge
7th Line Welfare Council
8.) Council
8.00 Council
8.30 p.m. Bible Study Pontiac County Recipe Book Now
819- Council
819-647-2204 Ltd Fort-Coulonge
819-647-2204 Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
819-684-9185 Council
819382bm9 Council
8hawvffle Council
8th Council
9.20 P M. COUNCIL Messrs Royce Richardson
9.30 a.m.—Church Service 9.30 a.m.—Sunday School Fort Coulonge Rev. Wm
9.30 a.m.—Sunday School Fort Coulonge Rev. Wm
9.30 a.m.—Sunday School Port Coulonge Rev. Wm
; Winter Works Hilliard Ciauthicr COUNCIL COUNCIL ST MARY
;e1*oc Agricultural Council;
A & Lions Tournament Shawville Council Minutes LONG SLEEVE BOYS
A. Council
a.m.—Sunday School St Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev. Wm
AAA Mrs. Ivn Cheverier
Aberdeen Council
Abitibi County
Abitibi County QUEBEC.—The
Academic Council Medal
Achieve- j Postal Code Stuart Graham ELU Pontiac County
ACM Vicki Stewart
Action Council
Active Hospital Secretary At County Track Meet Area Discovered Mrs. Anderson
ACWW Mrs Grace Hall
ADDED CARNIVAL ATTRACTIONS AT DEW DROP INN Shawville Council minutes Litchfield Council Minutes Min
Addr Mrs Postal Code Fftas
Address ......................................... Postal Code Pontiac County
Address .................................................... Postal Code Pontiac County
Address .................................................... Postal Code Pontiac County
Address Litchfield Council December
ADDRESS Pontiac County
Address Postal Code Pontiac County
Address.... Postal Code AVIS PUBLIC Pontiac County
Address..................................... Postal Code Pontiac County
Addresses Group Mrs. Fred Bietzlaff
Adjournment Council
Administration Council
Administration Council As
Administration Council of Manoir Sacré-Cœur
Administrative Committee of County Council
Administrative Council
Administrative Council of
Administrative Council office
Admiralty Council
Adult Entertainment Brigitte Bardot Stewart
Adventure Mrs
Advertising Standards Council
Advertising Standards Council Mrs Bertha Lackie
Advertising Standards Council Shawville
Advise County Council
Advisory Council
Advocate Advocate Advocate Notary AT PORT COULONGE.
AÉ Shawville Council
Ae Council
Aeeocie Council
Aged Lady Fractures Hip Shawville Hardware Store Mrs Robt
Agencies Limited Mrs. Piers Ebbsworth
Agency Planning Council of Social Services
Ago COUNCIL Color - Science Fiction
Agricul- Shawville Council
Agricultu- Council
Agricultural Council
Agricultural Development Council FRENCH BAPTIST CHURCH Otter Lake Pastor
Agricultural Economics Research Council of Canada
Agricultural Society Notes Mrs.
Agricultural Society of the Council
Agriculture County
Agriculture Mrs.
Agriculture Mrs. Cecil Paris; Education Mrs. Sam Wilson; Citizenship Mrs. Cliff Bradley; Welfare He
Agriculture-Mrs E N Me Co 11
Agronomist United Church Fort Coulonge District
Ai Shawville Council
Air Council Blasted Cruise,Tilt
Air Band Pontiac County
Air Council
Ajax; Mr. & Mrs. Blythe McCleary
AJpbon*u* Council- League
Akeny City Council
Al Council
Alarm Systems Council
Alban’s Guild Parkman Mrs. Fred Berry
Albert Council of May
Alberta Aviation Council General Manager Fred
Aldfield Council
Alex Ijtcroix Mrs. Archie Hcnchy
ALGONQUIN Canada Council
ALGONQUIN COLLEGE School of Renfrew County
Algonquin League County Orange Lodge
Algonquin’s School of Renfrew County
Alkyd Semi-Gloss Paint Crown Diamond Bristol council Chapeau Agricultural Society Pontiac Agricu
All Arts Council
ALL SUMMER Chutes Coulonge
Allan Black’s Council
Alleyn & Caw Council
Alleyn & Cawood Council
Alleyn & Cawood Council February
Alleyn & Cawood Council Specials Thurs
ALLEYN - CAWOOD FORT-COULONGE Fire Department Volunteer Fire Department Volunteer Fire Department
Alliance Council
Allied Council
Allied Supreme Council
Allied War Council
Allu- Council
Allumcttes Island Council
Allumette Council
Allumette Island Council ; LTD.
Allumette Island Council ïiiuivk Lite
Allumettes Council
Allumettes Council Participants
Allumettes Council Sept.
Allumettes Island Council
Allumettes Island Council Cellular
Allumettes Island Council Pembroke
Alma McCagg Municipal Council Minutes Portage du Fort
Aloysuis McGuire Bristol Council
Aloysuis McGuire Planning Council
Aloysuis Me Municipal Council of the United Law No
Alphonsua Parish Council
Alphonsus CWL Parish Council Council
Also Council
ALSO Shawville Council
Altar Guild Convenor Mrs
Alzheimer Society of Lanark County
AM 3:00 PM Municipal Council
Amateur Coulonge—Tuesday
Amateur Talent Pontiac County
Amazing Mrs. Holliday Store
American Beauty Council
American Council
American Council on Education
American Engineering Council
American Forestry Coulonge Notes
American Magazine Stewart Edward White
American Mrs. Cline
American National Safety Council
American Prompt Service Bristol Council
American Standard Council
Ames Mrs. El
Amprior Chronicle Mrs. Chevrier
Amusement Committee Mrs. Glenn Meredith
Amyotte Garage Limited FORT COULONGE
AMYOTTE INSURANCE Mrs Delbert Zacharias
An- Mrs. Gordon Amm
ANCIEN INN Mrs. Dave Still
André Du- Council
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev. Wm
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge BRISTOL PASTORAL CHARGE Minister
ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Fort Coulonge HENSLEY ELECTRIC Electrical Contracting & Refrigeration G
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Minister* Rev.
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev AB C asselman
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev AB Cassclman
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev AB Casselman
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev Wm
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev. Wm
Andrews Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge Rev. WnL C
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge
Ang- Council
ANGIE FOSTER Equity Reporter FORT COULONGE Calumet Island
Anglican Church & Shawville Milling Mrs. Ardel Mulligan
Anglican Church Centenary Plans Special Meeting Of Council United Church Choir Aiv
ANGLICAN County Orange Celebration At Exhibition Grounds Handsome
Anglican Mrs Bernice Sparling
Anglican Mrs. Wm
Anglican MURRAY PITT Rev. William Knox FORT COULONGE Tel
Annie Mae Stewart
Anniversary Service Uiti Mrs. Brown
Anniversary Services At St. Andrew’s Church Fort Coulonge Coulonge Telephone Shareholders Meet
AnnuaJ Fi- Municipal Council
Annual Cemetery Services Mrs. Allan Swinwood
Annual Convention Mrs O’Grady
Annual County Convention
Annual County Estate
Annual County Track
Annual County Track Meet
Ann’s Council CLASSIFIED ADS Anyone
Ann’s Council of C.W.L.
ANY HOUR Bristol Council Sec.-Treat
AOO Council
Aouaouals Economic Council
APPEARING A T Hotel Motel Coulonge Hwy
APPEARING AT Hotel Motel Coulonge
APPEL D OFFRES Coulonge Golf Soucie
Apple Mrs. Edgar Connellv
Appliances Chichester Council
APPLIANCES Fort Coulonge Store
Apply Mrs. Allan Black
Apply Mrs. F Hotel
April Council
Arabs Mrs. John Elliot
Area Wentworth County
Arena Committee of Shawville Council
Arena Committee of Shawville Council DISCS
Arena Re- Wherea^ the Council
Argue Marriage Action Before Privy Council
Arm Council Arm Present GIBSON’S GROCERY
Armagh County Council
Arms Hotel Mrs Nelson
ARMSTRONG Bristol Council
Army Council
Arnprior Council
Arnprior Council AT 5:20 P.M. MON THRU SAT McAra
ARNPRIOR Mrs. Lottie McAllister
Arnprior Town Council
Art Council
Art Council Studio Tour
Art MacIntyre Litchfield Council
Article 152 Pitt that Council
Article pal Council
artists Council
Arts Council
Arts Council of Pontiac Canada
Arts Council Show
Arts Council Spring Festival
Arvida Arts Council
As Council
AS Thorne Council May
Ask Clarendon Council
Assist- Council
Assistant Nursing Director Mrs. Fulford
Associate General Council
Association County Women
Association Mrs. Ardley Elliott
Association of Consumers Mrs. Sam Wilson
Association of For* Coulonge United Church
Association of Litch-requested that Council
Association of Mrs. Graham
Association of Pontiac County
Association of Quebec Regional English Media The Council
Association- Council
Association; Mrs. Everett McDowell
Asthma Research Council
Asthma Rvs.urch Council
Astre County Council
AT Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Henry Tubman
AT COULONGE Chute: Pembroke Electric Light Co has
AT Coulonge Folo-Nile
AT Council
AT D. WILSON’S COULONGE ROAD The Municipal Council
AT Fort Coulonge
AT Hotel Motel Coulonge Hwy
AT Mrs. John Stitt
AT Stewart Vncorf
AT THE ZOO Mrs. John Pettigrew
Athletic Council
Athletic Council and Physical Education Depart-TournamenttiaC
Athletic Council of Pontiac High School
Athletic Council Variety Con
Atlantic Clarendon Council Minutes
ATM Pontiac County
ATM Pontiac County * Church Services
Atn S % Farm Health and Safety Pontiac County
Atome Team Cobden II Coulonge
Attend Farm Forum Rally At Pine Lodge Mrs.
ATTENTION Pontiac County Farmers
ATTRX Bribtol Council
Au Bristol Council
Au Council of Wool So talod
AUCTI Mrs. John Patrick Sloan
AUCTION SALE Litchfield Council Belgian
AUCTION SALE Thorne Council August
AUCTION SALES NOTICE Wins Cahill Shield Coulonge and Canada Life Ins
Auction Service Ltd Carson Hill Stewart James
Auction Service Ltd Stewart James
Auctions Renfrew County Federation of Agriculture Renfrew/Pontiac Livestock Ltd.
August Council
Austin United Church Mrs. Norval Homer
Australian Council
Authority of County
Automobile Pontiac County United Ministers Association
AUXILIAIRE Le Manoir Sacré-Cœur de Fort-Coulonge
Avis Council
AVIS DU Scrutin AVIS D ELECTION Fort Coulonge Municipalité de Chichester Avis Public AVIS PUBLIC
AVIS Western Quebec Literacy Council AnnuaF General Meeting A
Avlmer Council
Ayl- Imperial Council Mystic Shrine
Aylmer Arte Council
Aylmer Arts Council
Aylmer Arts Council Spring Show
Aylmer Council
Aylmer Council Austin Shawville Baptism
Aylmer Council Aylmer Council
Aylmer Council baa Affairs
Aylmer Council Dear Mayor
Aylmer Council Facelift
Aylmer Council July
Aylmer Council on April
AYLMER LIONS Bristol Council A
Aylmer Lucerne Arts Council
Aylmer Post-of Council
AYLMER RD Special meeting Litchfield Council Phone 458-2044 A CREATION DESTROYED C.C.M. QUALITY Min
Aylmer Town Council
Ayr Town Council
A» Council Mrs Carmurv Mackenzie
A„ Gamble & Mrs. Adams JOAN
B C. Lumber Trade Council
B. Downs and Mrs.
B.i-lol Council
B.—The Council
BA 9.45 a.m.—Sunday School Mrs.
Ba Council for Municipal Valuators
Baden Powell Council of Boy Scouts Assoc-Statuette
Bait Pembroke Mont Chilly Motel Bowers Motel du Vieux Pont Municipalité Fort-Coulonge Municipalité
Bakery Council of Canada
Bakery County Convention
BAKERYi Phone 89 HOCKEY Mrs. Loretta Stanton Visiting
BAKING Mrs. Gladys Schock
Bal- Council
BALES A SERVICE Gatineau County
Ballan-i Mrs. Visitors
Ballantyne Council
Ballantyne Council That
Ballantyne County Health Unit Mr. Arthur Mackay
Baloon Canada Post Hair Pros Athletics Canada Allumettes Island Council Future Municipal
Baltimore Council
Bancroft Council of
Bancroft Parish Council Immediately
Band Council
BAND Sheriff Sale South Onslow Council Monday
Bank Council
Bank Essex County Automobile Club Appoints Committee
Bank of Montreal Bank of Nova Scotia Charles Lemaire Mrs. Alphonse Cahill Adolph Zimmerling DR ROLA
Bank of Montreal Mrs.
Bank of Mr. John Stewart
BANK OF OTTAWA Shawvillo Council Il led
Bank of To- Davidson Ross
Banquet Hall County Women s Institute Earl Noel Dies
Bar & Grill Kojack’s Restaurant Mandy’s Pizzeria Ron Stewart Pontiac Auto Parts Shawville Milling S
Bar Court Clarendon Council
Barber Shop Fort Coulonge
Barber- Gordon Stewart
Barley HODGINS GARAGE Minutes of Council Onslow North
Baseball League Coulonge Man Dies Recreation Program Following Accident Starts Next Week Murray Pit
Bates and Service ELECTRICAL FIXTURES - FREE ESTIMATES MacKI LUCAN & Pontiac,County Church Services
Bath Towels Robinson; Mrs.
BATS Mrs Allan Mohr
BAY Bristol Council
Bay Commercial Space NOTICE Stewart
Bay Council
Bay Council Cunad
Bay Council Clarendon
Bay Council Considers Sewerage THE EQUITY Page Five
Bay Council Donald Letts
Bay Council Eardley Womens Overnight Express
Bay Council Hears Irx^SifSsr
Bay Council Litchfield Council M
Bay Council Meeting
Bay Council Meeting Me|vln EHEilHgiÊF
Bay Council Meeting Three Way Tie In High School
Bay Council Minutes
Bay Council Minutes Minutes
Bay Council Minutes Mrs. Emile Gauthier
Bay Council Minutes St Mary’s CWL
Bay Council Mrs. John Hits
Bay Council Municipal Corporation
Bay Council Norway Bay Litchfield Council Id
Bay Council Our Seed Cleaner
Bay Council ProMtyor
Bay Council Quyon Chamber firewel1 Parhf
Bay Council Shawville Council
Bay Council Special Meeting THE COMMON
Bay Council SuAWMA "DWI
Bay Council THE EQUITY Page Nine Litchfield Council MomJ
Bay Council | Bryson Subdues Ouyon Minutes
BAY H By ANNA STEWART Correspondent Congratulations
Bay Hotel Briilol Hofei Onslow Council
Bay Intermediate Students Council
Bay Lions Club COUNCIL Gen
Bay News Calumet Island Council Minutes Distinctive Family Portraits
Bay Parish Council
BAY Pontiac County
Bay Protestant Elementary School INFORMATION Fort-coulonge
Bay Ru»l Telephone Co. Mrs. Garnet Stark
Bayswater Council of Ottawa
BEACHBURG PACKERS Thorne Council Shawn Tubman
BEAL Sir Donald Stewart
Beattie’s Eye Service MRS.
BEATTIE’S EYE SERVICE Mrs. Jessie Reid Condie Mrs.* Jessie Reid Condie
Beaudoin Council
Beauman Council Hall
BEAUTY )NA STROKE Starks Corners Visiting Mrs. Austin McDowell
Bedforshire County Council
BEECHGROVE HOTEL Phone SYD Mrs. Annie McCan Phone Cafe Bernard
Beechgrove Ladies Host Roy Dagg Named Pontiac County Institute Hew Dog Catcher
Beef Stew Pontiac County-$
BEER Mrs. Ryan b
BEER Council
begin-1 Economic Council
Belair Coulonge High School
Belgian Club Stewart Crabb & Sons
Bell Mrs Tanner
Bell Ross Museum 6th Annual Sports Complex
Bell Telephone Co. Mrs. Edgar Mulligan
Bell Telephone Co. Mrs. Theresa Kingsbury
Bell Telephone Mrs. John
Bell’s Sunday Mrs. Bell’s
Beltone Service Centre Ft Coulonge Used and Rebuilt
Benouf Publishing Co Mrs.
Benro Construction Council
Ber Home Ltd s des Collines Council
Bernard Council
Bessie Harris Bristol Council
Best Champion Showman Will County
Best County Ex
Best County Exhibition
Best County Exhibition"
Best County Fair
Best Equipped T V Repair Shop la Pontiac County* SHAWVILLE
Best Junior; Chervl Stewart
Best Mrs.
Best Values M. b Mrs. X
Best Wishes Mr. & Mrs. Phone
Bey Lewi Mowen Mrs. Esther Quelle
Bey Mrs. Vincent Holland 648-2623
bf2 County Hospital
BfloKINLBY BROTHERS South Onslow Council QUE.
Bhawville Council on
Bhawvtlie Council Some
BHstol Council
Bhswvllle Council Minutes
Bible Society Committee Mrs Louise Bryant; Parsonage
Bible Society Meets At Coulonge Elects
Bicycle Safety Council
Big Heart Pert Coulonge
Big Q Publishers Ross
Bill Council of Mayors
Bill Quebec Press Council
Billy Kuehl Postal Code Pontiac County
Birds Council
BIRTHDAY Chichester Council
Birthday Party Coulonge United Church
Birthday Party Mrs. Preston Hodgins
Birthday REPRESENTATIVE Municipal Council of Chichester
Birthday Shawville Council
Birtle Council
Bishops University Mrs. Edgar IIorigins
Bissette Council
Bisson-; Council
BKCKKTT Mrs. Blair
Black County Council Notes Real Dainty Material
BLACKWATER - Fort-Coulonge
Blades Team Fort Coulonge Stan Murrays ShowvUe Scierie Davidson Percy: Hotel Gp W L T
Blessing County Warden Elsie Gibbons Gives Talk On County Council
Blind- Pontiac County
Blue Baking Powder 1st Mrs.
Blue MRS.
Bnsto1 Council
Bnstol Council
Bnstol Council April
Board Council
Board of Council
Board of Council April
Board of County Delegates
Board of Directors Mrs. Sly
Board of Education Mrs. Lang
Board of the Foundation Chutes Coulonge Inc.
Board of Transport Commis- South Onslow Council A
Board Pictures Straw Forks Mrs. John
Boating Council SINCE
Boating Council tfzmYïbeLL ô MacGregor Concrete Products
Bob Council
Bob Stewart Visitors
Body Shop Fort Coulonge Ponttec County Qu*
Body Shop Quyon Dollar Village Gavan s Hotel Lou-Lou Pizza St. Laurent Trophy FORT COULONGE Pizza N
BOOK Council
Boots Hockey Sticks Mrs. Albert Kiehnrclson
BOOTS Shswvllle Council Minutes
Borden Hodgins Mrs. Ethel Booth Mr*
Borough Council
Borough Council of Ham-take
Borrows Wife’s Corsets Mrs. Bogart
Boston Mrs. Matters Outlines Influence
Both Council
Bounty Council Haetf
Bouquet Invitation Line Mrs. William
Bow County
Bow County Court
Bowling Council
Boy Scouts As-Quebec Provincial Council team Shawvihe Council
Boy Scouts Mrs. Lavina Tubman Dies Regular Meeting
Boy Scouts Plan Council Fires June
BOYS County
Braeside Council
BRAITHWAITE Principal Mrs Mae Quinn
BRAITHWAITE Principal Mrs. Hilliard Hod
Brampton Hospital Fort Coulonge Prl.
Bretzlaff Council
Bretzlaff Gerald Watson nomi-the Municipal Council
Bretzlaff Store Ross
Briatol Council
Bridge Committee Mrs. G.
Bridge Party Mrs. Dave Sfill
Brigade Fort Coulonge—The Second An-
Brigade Volontaire de Feu de Fort Coulonge Inc,
Brigade Volontaire de Feu de Fort Coulonge Inc.
Brigade Volontaire de Feu de Fort Coulonge Inc. Correspondence
Brigade Volontaire de Feu de Fort Coulonge Inc. De
Brigade Volontaire de Feu de Fort-Coulonge Inc.
Brigade Volontaire de Peu de Fort-Coulonge Village de Fort-Coulonge
Bris-tl Council
Bristl Council
Bristo1 Council
Bristol bristol Council
Bristol The Fort Coulonge Women’s Institute
Bristol * Pontiac County
Bristol - Pontiac County
Bristol ...Mrs
Bristol 100 Fort Coulonge
Bristol 11 Bristol Municipal Council
Bristol : Mrs. Teresa Carson
Bristol ; Mrs, Harry Hodgins
Bristol ; Mrs.
Bristol ; Mrs. Alfred Armitage
Bristol ; Mrs. Bemslcy Smart
Bristol ; Mrs. David
Bristol ; Mrs. David McDowell
Bristol ; Mrs. Joe Pritchard
Bristol ; Mrs. John Cole
Bristol ; Mrs. S
Bristol ; Mrs. Th
Bristol a.m.—Morning Prayer Mrs. Merrick
Bristol ad.ltossed the Council
Bristol and Bristol Council Right
Bristol and Fort Coulonge Presbyterian Churches.
Bristol and Mrs.
Bristol and Mrs. Herb Russell
Bristol and Mrs. Ivan Drew Sr.
Bristol and Mrs. Mel
Bristol and Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol and Mrs. Waher
Bristol and Mrs. Wilmer Harris
Bristol and Mrs. Wm
Bristol and Wyman Institutes and Mrs. Secil Sly
Bristol Antique Display By Mrs. A. Pitt Antiques
Bristol asked Council
Bristol B Council
Bristol Beach Mrs.
BRISTOL Bristol Council
Bristol Bryson Calumet Island Campbell’s Bay Chichester Clarendon Fort Coulonge Litchfield Mansfiel
Bristol Business After Mrs
Bristol Busy J shawville Council ; A.
Bristol Calumet Island Bryson Mrs. John Henderson
Bristol Christmas Food Drive Bristol Council
Bristol Com- Council Hall
Bristol Corriveau that Council
BRISTOL Coulonge Chutes
Bristol council
Bristol Council Bristol.
Bristol Council Whereas
Bristol Council English Berkshire Hog
Bristol Council Minutes
Bristol Council A
Bristol Council Attention
Bristol Council Bristol
Bristol Council Complete
Bristol Council Dec.
Bristol Council OBJET
BRISTOL COUNCIL Popular Wrap Arounds N
Bristol Council Regular
Bristol Council Vs Lachute High Saturday
Bristol Council “Marine Store Dealer
Bristol Council -
Bristol Council 1
Bristol Council 375.00 225.00
Bristol Council ; L.o
Bristol Council A
Bristol Council A $
Bristol Council A. G. BROUGH Oct.
Bristol Council Accept Grader Tender After Motion
Bristol Council Advised Re Withdrawal Of CNR Agent John Wickens
Bristol Council After
Bristol Council Aiy
Bristol Council All
Bristol Council Alleyn &
Bristol Council Allumette Island East Council
Bristol Council Also
Bristol Council Announcing
Bristol Council Any
Bristol Council Apply
Bristol Council April
Bristol Council ARRI8TER8.&C
Bristol Council As
Bristol Council Auction Sale Deepest
Bristol Council Auction Sales Contents
Bristol Council Augu$
Bristol Council August
Bristol Council August Meeting
Bristol COUNCIL Beaudoin
Bristol Council Before
Bristol Council BIRTH Motion Cr Tubman
Bristol Council Bristol
BRISTOL COUNCIL Bristol School Commissioners
Bristol council Bristol Sept.
Bristol Council Build Up From
Bristol Council Buyars
Bristol Council C l Emm Arabia
Bristol Council Caldwell Clarion Congratulations
Bristol Council Calf Club
Bristol Council Canadians
Bristol Council CARD OF
Bristol Council CEGEP
Bristol Council Chambers
Bristol Council CHARLES BELEC
Bristol Council Chevrolet Sales
Bristol Council Clarendon
Bristol Council Clarion DOLAN’S FABRIC
Bristol Council CLIFFORD CONK Sh
Bristol Council Committee
Bristol council Community
Bristol Council con- Service
Bristol Council Conn
Bristol Council Continued
Bristol Council Cor
Bristol Council Corporation
Bristol Council Coulonge Coincident
Bristol Council Council
Bristol Council Council Dollar
Bristol Council Council Pontiac
Bristol Council CUSTOM SOUND John McNeil
Bristol Council Cutta Percha Tires
Bristol Council Dagg that Council
Bristol Council DALE’S TINSHOP
Bristol Council DEAD
Bristol Council December
Bristol Council Deciding Choice of Chittagong Chittagong’s India
Bristol Council Din Better Rubber Footwear
Bristol Council Directors of Funeral Service Shawvilie
Bristol Council Draper
Bristol Council Durant Parts
Bristol Council E
Bristol council Employment
Bristol Council ENSEMBLE
Bristol Council ESTABLISHED
Bristol Council Everyone
Bristol Council Fall Beef Sale
Bristol Council FARM FOR SALE Situated
Bristol Council February
Bristol Council February 1,1999
Bristol Council FeVv
Bristol Council Fireflies Have Perfect
Bristol Council FIVE QUEENS Teachers Wanted Jos
Bristol Council Flour
Bristol Council Flour 3.25
Bristol council Foley
Bristol Council FOR
Bristol Council FOR SALE
Bristol Council GEORGE HYNES Ss
Bristol Council Georgette Bujold
Bristol Council Get
Bristol Council GUIDE
Bristol Council Hall
Bristol Council Heels Gatineau
Bristol Council HENDERSON.
Bristol Council Highest Market Price
Bristol Council Hog For Service
Bristol Council Hold
Bristol Council Hope For Social Service
Bristol Council IhsH
Bristol Council Informed
Bristol Council INVALID COACH Bristol.
Bristol Council Inventor
Bristol Council J. L. HODGINS Oct.
Bristol Council Jack Graham
Bristol Council Jacques Ledoux
Bristol Council January
Bristol council John Belsher’s
Bristol Council Johnson
Bristol Council July
Bristol Council July G
Bristol Council June
Bristol Council K W. Hodoinh
Bristol Council KOA
Bristol Council L
Bristol Council Litchfield
BRISTOL COUNCIL Locker Rental Charges Door
Bristol Council lThe Equity DALE’S TINSHOP
Bristol Council LW.
Bristol Council M
Bristol Council Make
Bristol Council March
Bristol Council Marion Stafford
Bristol Council Maryland
Bristol Council May
Bristol Council McLarnon Bros.
Bristol Council Meeting
Bristol Council Meetings
Bristol Council Minute
Bristol Council Minute*
Bristol Council Minutes
Bristol Council Minutes Bristol
Bristol Council Minutes WhWh
Bristol Council Minutes "
Bristol Council Minutes /
Bristol Council Minutes 1
Bristol Council Minutes A
Bristol Council Minutes A Confederation Life Policy
Bristol Council Minutes BERTRAND
Bristol Council Minutes Bristol
Bristol Council Minutes Bristol April
Bristol Council Minutes Bristol.
Bristol Council Minutes BUTTER
Bristol Council Minutes By the
Bristol Council minutes Clarendon Council
Bristol Council Minutes Council
Bristol Council Minutes Dover’s Quality Clothes Bristol
Bristol Council Minutes Elmhurst Bristol Nov.
Bristol Council Minutes Evidences
Bristol Council Minutes Famous Last
Bristol Council Minutes FIERI FACIAS DE TERRIS Superior Court
Bristol Council Minutes Formerly
Bristol Council Minutes GERMAN
Bristol Council Minutes Grants
Bristol Council Minutes Harold Stark
Bristol Council Minutes Health
Bristol Council Minutes How
Bristol Council Minutes I. L. HOI HUNS.
Bristol Council Minutes INCOME TAX
Bristol Council Minutes Nothing
Bristol Council Minutes NOTICE.
Bristol Council Minutes November
Bristol Council Minutes Policy Contract
Bristol Council Minutes Practical Jeweller Main Street
Bristol Council Minutes Pumps Supplied AND— Wells Repaired
Bristol Council Minutes Que
Bristol Council Minutes RUPTURE RELIEF Bristol
Bristol Council Minutes Sam
Bristol Council Minutes SEALED TENDERS
Bristol Council Minutes SHAWVILLE
Bristol Council Minutes Special Meeting Municipality
Bristol Council Minutes The Municipal Council
Bristol Council Minutes The Municipal Council of Bristol
Bristol Council Minutes Trench
Bristol Council Minutes We
Bristol Council Minutes With
Bristol Council Minutes WM.
Bristol Council Minutes"
Bristol Council Minute» Premier Borden
BRISTOL COUNCIL Miss Phyllis Jean Parrel Weds Donald Harold Malette At
Bristol Council MlllUteS
Bristol Council MONTREAL Hcob Math
Bristol Council Motion
Bristol Council Motion Cr Dagg
Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Bristol Council Moved
Bristol Council Mr. Clarence Roy
Bristol Council N Onslow Council Motion by Cn Armitage
Bristol Council N W T
Bristol Council Names Officers
Bristol Council New Summer Hours Mon.
Bristol Council NEWS Mrs. Myrtle Munroc
Bristol Council No
Bristol Council Non-smoking
Bristol Council North Onslo w Council MM
Bristol Council NOTICE
Bristol Council Nov.
Bristol Council Now
Bristol Council Obituaries She
Bristol Council Oct
Bristol Council Oct.
Bristol Council October
Bristol Council of
Bristol Council of June
Bristol Council OJ c June
Bristol Council on
Bristol Council on Dec.
Bristol Council on May
Bristol Council Oticon Lee
Bristol Council OTTAWA DAIRY February
Bristol Council OULTRY ROFITS P EPPY P 11 V>
Bristol Council Paramnesia Oct.
Bristol Council PARMH
Bristol Council passed By-
Bristol Council PEEWEE W L T Gf GoPts
Bristol Council Phone
Bristol Council Placement
Bristol Council Pontiac Butter Production Public Speaking Contest Bristol Council
Bristol Council Pontiac County Church Services Week
Bristol Council Pontiac Wool Growers''
Bristol Council Pontiac Wool Growers’
Bristol Council produc
Bristol Council Proposes New
Bristol Council Provincial
Bristol Council PUBLIC NOTICE
Bristol Council PUBLIC NOTICE M
Bristol Council Qualified Protestant
Bristol Council QUEBEC AMBULANCE.........1-800-567-1280 | VALIERE
Bristol Council RADIO
Bristol Council Raises Salary
Bristol Council Reads Tax Exemption Bylaw They
Bristol Council Recreation
Bristol Council Regular
Bristol Council Regular Meeting Walter Kfen
Bristol Council Requests
Bristol Council Requests Bridge
Bristol Council Requests Wider Road
Bristol Council Resolved
Bristol Council Rhone
Bristol Council Russel Young
Bristol Council S. E. HODGINS SHAWVILLE.
Bristol council S.P.C.
Bristol Council SAFETY
Bristol Council Sept.
Bristol Council September
Bristol Council Settles Several D!m
Bristol Council Shaw
Bristol Council Shawville Academy
Bristol Council Shawville Council
Bristol Council Shawville Council Pedlar Several Inspections
Bristol Council Shawville Council September
Bristol Council SHAWVILLE HATCHERY Custom Hatching
Bristol Council Shawville Stores
Bristol Council Sheen Esher and Malakoff Council Present
Bristol Council SINGER Touch
Bristol Council SMITH
Bristol Council Special Meeting
Bristol Council Special Meeting WE
Bristol council St Mary’s CWL Margaret Dow*
Bristol Council Stanley
Bristol Council Starks Corners Liond Telford
Bristol Council SUITS
Bristol Council Sullivan
Bristol Council TarripH
Bristol Council That
Bristol Council That Dr. Motion WOMENS’ INSTITUTES May
Bristol Council THE EQUITY Westward Ho Heridersun
Bristol Council THE MARKETS.
Bristol Council The Municipal Council
Bristol Council THE OILY THE
Bristol Council tihawville Council
Bristol Council TO TELL PLANE’S HEIGHT Bristol
Bristol Council treasury Henry Clay National Republican
Bristol Council V February
Bristol Council V.XMPItKU/s
Bristol Council Votes
Bristol Council W
Bristol council W.J. Hayes
Bristol Council Wanted
Bristol Council Wanted W.
Bristol Council Watch Repairer
Bristol Council We
Bristol Council We Are Farmers
Bristol Council What
Bristol Council When Sacco
Bristol Council Will
Bristol Council Winter Brooding
Bristol Council WJ*t
Bristol Council WM.
Bristol Council Wreaths—Mr.
Bristol Council Z
Bristol Council |
Bristol Council—Carried
Bristol Council—Curiied Reliable
Bristol Council—Peter Moyle
Bristol County
Bristol DUMP HOURS Campbell’s Bay Mrs. Owen McPherson Joint
Bristol elec-1 Mrs.
Bristol Fire Depart- Mrs Jean-Guy Lallemand
Bristol Fort Coulonge & Davidson Rev Fr
Bristol Fort Coulonge & Davidson Rev. Fr
Bristol Fort Coulonge Mts
Bristol Fort Coulonge Preebyterian Qu
Bristol Fort Coulonge Women’s Institute March
Bristol Fort-Coulonge AUX ENTREPRISES LOCALES La Caisse Populaire Desjardins de Fort-Coulonge La Ca
BRISTOL FORT-COULONGE l Volunteer Fire Department Fire Department Volunteer Fire Department
Bristol Golden Ross
Bristol Holes Mrs. Ben
Bristol Holmes Mrs Denver Thrun
Bristol I Council
Bristol Intermediate School Students Council
Bristol Iron Mrs. McConnell
Bristol I^Mrs
Bristol Ladies Aid COULONGE
Bristol Ladysmith Fort Coulonge
Bristol Leading Softball League Coulonge Tops Vinton
Bristol Litchfield Council Norway Bay Recent
Bristol lownvhip Council
Bristol Memori* Green Hake; Mrs.
Bristol Memorial Church Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Bristol Memorial Church | Council
Bristol Memorial Ladies Aid Mrs Pearl
Bristol Memorial Mrs.
Bristol Memorial Presby- Mrs" Hector Fance
Bristol Memorial Presbytenan Church Mrs. Everett McCorriston
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Wolf Lake St Fra
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worshp Service Roman Catholic Br
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worstup & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Mines - Mrs
Bristol Mines ; Mrs.
Bristol Mines ; Mrs. John Cole
Bristol Mines ; Mrs. Julius Wiggans
Bristol Mines and Mrs.
Bristol Mines and Mrs. Sydney Trudeau
Bristol Mines Mrs. Robert
Bristol Mines Stewart Rom
Bristol Mines with Mrs. Bohan
Bristol Mines-Mrs Milton Morel
Bristol Mines; Mrs Irvine Swartz
Bristol Mines; Mrs. Marie La-groups
Bristol Mrs
Bristol Mrs Bmmenson Twa
Bristol Mrs Deogun
Bristol Mrs Ffej
Bristol Mrs Gardiner
Bristol Mrs Gaudry
Bristol Mrs Ira Whclnn Fort
Bristol Mrs Knox
Bristol Mrs Maude Bailey
Bristol Mrs Suter
Bristol Mrs William Beattie
Bristol Mrs.
Bristol Mrs. A. Lambert
Bristol Mrs. Bella Armstrong
Bristol Mrs. Cliff Hobbs
Bristol Mrs. Donald Corrigan
Bristol Mrs. Earl Findlay
Bristol Mrs. Edgar Hodglns
Bristol Mrs. Fmest
Bristol Mrs. Fred Browne
Bristol Mrs. Garnet Wiggans
Bristol Mrs. Grace’s
Bristol Mrs. Hertoy Russell
Bristol Mrs. John Adc
Bristol Mrs. Ken Ross
Bristol Mrs. Lome Brady
Bristol Mrs. Mervyn Henderson
Bristol Mrs. Millon Russell
Bristol Mrs. Patrick
BRISTOL Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Bristol Mrs. William Orel*
Bristol Mrs. Wm
Bristol Munici pal Council
Bristol Municijial Council
Bristol Municipal Council
Bristol Municipal Council Fund Rah FVcm^n
Bristol Municipal Council FUND RAISING Fireman’s Ball Saturday
Bristol Municipal Council RR#1 Bristol
Bristol Municipal Council the Bristol Council
Bristol Municipal Council Thorne
Bristol Municipal Council’s
Bristol Municipality Council
Bristol Municpal Council
Bristol Muniviiml Council
Bristol No. 6 School Picnic Mrs.
Bristol Notes Caldwell Notes Mrs. Stevie Smith
Bristol Notes Mrs Cavender
Bristol Notes Mrs. Wesley Macintosh
Bristol Pioneer Mrs. G«
Bristol Pontiac County
Bristol Pontiac Euchre Club Council Representative
Bristol Publie Schools Shawville Council Willard Radio Batteries Bristol
Bristol Recreation Mrs Rachel Presley
Bristol Ridge ; Mrs.
Bristol Ridge Pentecostal Stewart
Bristol Road SSP JM Mrs.
Bristol ROOM & BOARD Mrs. Gardiner
Bristol s Council
Bristol s Grand Old Mrs. Aléx Horner
Bristol School Board and Bristol Municipal Council
Bristol School Commissioners Pontiac County Orange Assoc
Bristol School Mrs.
Bristol school Mrs. Rusenstrom
BRISTOL Shawville Council
Bristol Shawville Council Council
Bristol Shawville Council Shawville
Bristol Shawville council Shawville Council
Bristol Shawvilte Mrs.
Bristol sod Mrs.
BRISTOL South Onslow Council
Bristol Spur line Council
Bristol St. An-1 Mrs. Hilton Hodgins
Bristol Station Agent Plans For Coulonge Hospital Clarence Clemmens Moving Rapidly Ahead
Bristol Stewart
Bristol T Council Meeting
Bristol Tannery Side Itarnet •9 Teachers Association Meeting Mrs'' C M. McLean Proprietress
Bristol Thanks Mine For Help At Fires North Onslow Council Meets
Bristol that Council
Bristol The Municipal Council of
Bristol Township Council
Bristol Township Council Held Regular Meeting Last Week Statistical Report From
Bristol Township Council Seeks Information On Weed Control
Bristol United Church Re-dedication Service Litchfield Council Fort Coulonge—The
Bristol Women s Institute Mrs. Del
Bristol Womens Institute Mrs. R
Bristol Women’s Insti- Council
Bristol Women’s Institute ; Mrs. John Ade
Bristol Women’s Institute Mrs. Roland Russell
Bristol Women’s Institute—Mrs
Bristol Women’s South West Hull Intermediate Mrs. Arthur Hodgins
Bristol YOLKOWSKI Bristol Council MONUMENTS
Bristol | Mrs. Russell Dean
Bristol | Mrs. Winnie McLaren
Bristol — Mrs. Peg Carmichael;
Bristol, Council
Bristol, January Bristol Municipal Council
Bristol, Mrs. Vincent Hodgins
Bristol-Clarendon Council
Bristol-Onslow Council
Bristol/ Council
Bristol: Bristol Council
Bristol: Mrs.
Bristol: Mrs. Earl Findlay
Bristol: Mrs. Earl Findlay; Clarendon Shawville; Fort
Bristol; Mrs. Ardley Elliott
Bristol; Mrs. Edward Steele
Bristol; Mrs. Gardner
Bristol; Mrs. George Campbell
Bristol; Mrs. Gordon Acres
Bristol; Mrs. Guy Rout-Arline Kilgour
Bristol; Mrs. Harry
Bristol; Mrs. Ida Robinson
Bristol; Mrs. John Kelly
Bristol; Mrs. John Sly
Bristol; Mrs. Maude Hayley
Bristol; Mrs. McLaughlin
Bristol; Mrs. Raymond Dick Walsh
Bristol; Mrs. Rose Blair
Bristol; Mrs. Sadie Sparling
Bristol; Mrs. Vincent Hodgins
Bristol; Mrs. Wm
Bristol; Ross
British Army Council
British Army Mrs. Ray McTiernan
British Co Mrs. G
British Color Council
British Columbia Lumber Trade Council
British Government Advisory Film Council
British Imperial Privy Council
British Industrial Research Council
British Medical Research Council
British Privy Council
British Supply Council
Broken Circle— Mrs. Holt
Broker Mrs.
Brome County Rural Development Association
Bron- Council
Bron- Council of Pontiac
Bronson Council
Bronson Kitchen Bulletin Board Mrs Huckabone
Broome County National Bank
Bros Mrs Edward
Brstol Council
Bruce County
Bruce County Health Unit
Brunette Store FORT COULONGE |
Bryn Council
Bryson Anna Stewart 1
Bryson Airs Chantal Stewart
BRYSON Anna Stewart
Bryson Anna Stewart 648-2351 Hi Audrey Jaimeson
Bryson Anna Stewart Kjlj
Bryson Anna Stewart TI
Bryson Anna Stewart W-
Bryson Arma Stewart
Bryson Bridge Club Honors Mrs.
Bryson Bristol Notes Mrs. Hazel Stewart
Bryson By Heather Stewart
Bryson Cawood-Alwyn Calumet Island Campbell’s Bay Litchfield Leslie Thorne Fort Coulonge Mansfield
Bryson CHIP EM Council Chute
Bryson Conseil de Fort-Coulonge A
Bryson Contact Mrs. Gcrvais
BRYSON Cora McNeill Anna Stewart
Bryson Coulonge
Bryson Coulonge Reds
Bryson Council
Bryson council Alleyn & Cawood
Bryson Council Anyone
Bryson Council Bills
Bryson Council Call David
Bryson Council Canton de
Bryson Council DALE
Bryson Council Equity
Bryson Council First Pontiac Bridal
Bryson Council FTP V
Bryson Council HUM
Bryson Council INSCRIPTION Pit
Bryson Council ItM
Bryson Council Jean-Guy Lallemand
Bryson Council Joins Highway
Bryson council Ltd has
Bryson Council Meeting July
Bryson Council Meeting V*
Bryson Council Minutes
Bryson Council Minutes Sunday School
Bryson Council Monday
Bryson Council Moy
Bryson Council Municipal elections
Bryson Council November
Bryson Council Nuclear
Bryson Council of Clarendon
Bryson Council Proudfoot
Bryson Council Says Highway Condition
Bryson Council SPECIALS OF
Bryson Council Srï“trMP"
Bryson Council Townshippers
Bryson Council Wardens
Bryson County
Bryson CWL Mrs Agnes Kluke
Bryson EQUITY WANT ADS GET GOOD RESULTS Bristol Council Forgives Taxes For Ratepayers With Fire Los
Bryson Fort Coulonge
Bryson Ft Coulonge
Bryson Heather Stewart
Bryson Holes Mrs. Clifford Smith
Bryson House Fort Coulonge J & J Gas Bar He
Bryson House of Fort Coulonge
Bryson Li- County
Bryson Lions Club Mrs. M. Idena Fraser Sec.-Treas
Bryson Lions Club Council
Bryson Lions Clubs Mrs. Jamei Alien
Bryson Lions Halt Visiting Mrs Margaret
Bryson Lions Mrs. David
Bryson Lions Rita Stewart
Bryson Lions Second Annual Charter Night Mrs. John Griffin
Bryson Lions The Municipal Council of
Bryson Litchfield Council
Bryson MB Anna Stewart
Bryson MB Anna Stewart JT- A
Bryson Misfits - Heather Stewart
Bryson Mrs Yvonne Hamelin
Bryson Mrs.
Bryson Mrs. David
Bryson Mrs. Duncan Glenn
Bryson Mrs. Harry Wood
Bryson Mrs. Turner
Bryson Muncipal Council
Bryson Municipal Council
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir Shawville
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom CHRISTMAS
Bryson News 1 Clarendon Council
Bryson News Andai Photo Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rout
Bryson News Campbell’s Bay Council Minutes Moved
Bryson News J Mrs. Donald Oatrom Teaching Project Visiting
Bryson News J.M. LEMAY Mrs. Donald Ostrom RADIATOR SERVICE Shawville
Bryson News Mrs. Donald
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Oslrom
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir Vinton
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir With
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Chiropractor Mrs. Verner Thrun OFFICE NOW OPEN
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Gervais
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Hi-Way Drive-In Children
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Home
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Hospital
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom STOPYLANDI NEAR RENFREW
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostronr RUSSETT’S TAXI
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostronr Recently
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrorr Misa Louisa Mellon
Bryson News Obituary David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
Bryson News ONTIAC Mrs. Donald Ostroir ROPANE
Bryson Notes Mrs. Renaud Rainville
Bryson Notes LILIES Mrs. Austin McDowell
Bryson Opry Shawville Council
Bryson Otter Lake Heather Stewart Uncle Larry Besserer
Bryson PAnna Stewart
Bryson Parish Council
Bryson Parish Council Ladies
Bryson Pontiacs Share Top Position Mrs. Audrey Jacques
Bryson Ps Anna Stewart
BRYSON Public Notice Pontiac County Church Services Parking
Bryson Recreation Secretary-Mrs Joan Sicard
Bryson Renfrew County
Bryson Ross
Bryson s Dave Stewart On Winning Team Better Light—Better
Bryson s Municipal Council
Bryson Scout Council
Bryson ShawviUe Council
Bryson Starks Coman Dunravan & Mrs. Hector Soucie
Bryson The Municipal Council
BRYSON THEATRE M Coulonge United Hold Annual Meeting
BRYSON THEATRE Bristol Mrs. George
BRYSON THEATRE Sought By Bryson Council
Bryson Town Council
Bryson Town Council; tion Association;
Bryson V* Heather Stewart
Bryson Volunteer Fire Mrs.
BRYSON VwumW&u&t Yirm Noies THEATRE Mrs John Morrison of
Bryson Waltham St Mâiy s Council
Bryson | Council
BtetïSLStSîtSïri Clarendon Council
Btiatol Council
Buckingham Council
Bud Eliott Clarendon Council
Budget Council
BUDGET The Municipal Council
Buffalo City Council
BUI 106 Council
Building Trades Council
Building Trades Council and Foundation
BULBS / Baume St. Fort Coulonge 4 Roll Pack OUR REG PRICE 59C
Bureau - Office Fort-Coulonge
Bureau de Council Municipal
Bureau de la Commission Scolaire de Pontiac de FORT-COULONGE
Bureau de la Commission Scolaire de Pontiac FORT COULONGE
Bureau de la Commission Scolaire de Pontiac FORT-COULONGE
Bureau de la Commission Scolaire de Pontisc DE FORT-COULONGE
Bureau Mu Council
Bureau Vétérinaire de Fort-Coulonge Satellite
Bureau Vétérinaire Fort-Coulonge Satellite
Bureau Vétérinaire Fort-Coulonge Satellite de Pembroke Animal Hospital PRATIQUE LIMITÉE AUX PETITS
Bureau Vétérinaire Fort-Coulonge Satellite de Pembroke Anlmil Hospital PRATIQUE LIMITÉE AUX PETITS
Burke Ouyon Council
BURN SCREENINGS Mrs. Edgar Hodgins
Bus Council of Canada
Bushmen’s Equipment Mrs.
Business College Mrs.
Business Council
Business Council on National Issues
Business Shawville Council
But Council
Bvinmde Motors Mrs. Esther Quails
By Authority of Order-in-Council P
By Council Legion To
By Mrs. Oil Fraser Mr.
By-Law Council
Byers Stephens Mrs Sid
ByLaw Council
B^EEFBS Council
C *s Shawville Council
C *uu»y Council
C men’s Institute Tucsday:- Mrs. John Rob
C''hurch Council
C,cncral Supply Co. Car-this Council of Grand Canal |
C. Church Council Lions Annual Picnic Toon Donee Municipal Hall Monday
C.G.I.T. News County Council
C.W.L. Council
C.W.L. Council Fort
C.W.L. Council of Calumet Island
C.W.L. Council Our Lady of Lourdes Hall
C.W.L. Provincial Council
C.W.L. St Mary s Council
C<unmon Council
CÀ''unty Council
Cabinet Council
Cabinet Council on
Cabinet Council on Saturday
Cabinet Council the
Cabinet Mrs. A. Winslow
Caboose Shawville Council
Cal Green Radford Hospital Auxiliary Mrs Mae Corrigan
Cal Mrs. Lloyd Neville
Caldwell 7th Line Yarn Otter Lake Bristol Bryson Mrs Hazel Horner
Caldwell Clarion Bristol Council
CALDWELL Shawviiie Mrs.
Calgary City Council
Calgary Council
Call Mrs. Reuben Tubman 647-3106 2xA26
Calumet Council
Calumet Island Council
Calumet Island Council Minutes Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d
Calumet Island Municipal Council
CAMBPELL Ernest Muldoon Wins Council Cup
Camp Council
Camp-dresses Council
Campbell Council
CAMPBELL County Orange Celebration Well Attended Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE.
CAMPBELL Pontiac County Ministerial Association
CAMPBELL THOMPSON Dental Surgeon BRISTOL Telephone 604-12 Mrs.
CAMPBELL THOMPSON Dental Surgeon BRISTOL Telephone 640-12 640-30 Mrs. Leanls Dean
Campbell’s Bay Elementary Apply Mrs.
Campbell’s Bay Municipal Council
Campbell’s Bey Council
Campbell’s Council Informing
Campbell’s Council Minutes
Can- Council of Shawville
Canada Arts Council
Canada Council
Canada Council Pre-Doctoral Scholarship
Canada Economic County
Canada Safety Council
Canada Safety Council Driving
Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Course
CANADA Telephone 2-2240 Mrs.
Canada Works Program THEATRE Fort Coulonge
Canada’s Dominion Department of Mrs. Lydia Hodgins
Canadi- Buying Policy> Council
Canadian 4-H Council
Canadian 4-H Council
Canadian Advisory Council
Canadian Cancer Arts Council Juried Art Drive Away
CANADIAN CHAIN STORE ASSOCIATION Mrs. John Angus Ideas Change Australia
Canadian Christian Youth Council
Canadian Citizenship Council
CANADIAN Clarendon Council
Canadian Corps Association Council
Canadian Council
Canadian Council >n Boys
Canadian Council Child Welfare
Canadian Council Churches
Canadian Council for Fair Taxation
Canadian Council Hospital Accreditation
Canadian Council of
Canadian Council of Accredita-ing Joan Brown
Canadian Council of Agriculture
Canadian Council of Beef Producers
Canadian Council of Child and Family Welfare
Canadian Council of Christians
Canadian Council of Church*
Canadian Council of Churches
Canadian Council of Churches.
Canadian Council of Churches;
Canadian Council of Cooperatives
Canadian Council of Hospital Accreditation
Canadian Council of Nutrition
Canadian Council of Nutrition |
Canadian Council of Professional
Canadian Council of Snowmobile
Canadian Council of Social Development
Canadian Council of Social Welfare
Canadian Council of Teachers
Canadian Council on
Canadian Council on Animal Care
Canadian Council on Boys
Canadian Council on Boys*
Canadian Council on Boy’s
Canadian Council on Child
Canadian Council on Child Welfa.e
Canadian Council on Clubs
Canadian Council on Girls
Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation ASt
Canadian Council on Hoys
Canadian Council on Learning
Canadian Council on Nutrition
Canadian Council on Social Development
Canadian Council Worthy Mistress
Canadian Ethnocultural Council
Canadian Fitness Council
Canadian Folk Arts Council
Canadian General Council
Canadian General Council of
Canadian General Council of Boy Scouts
Canadian Govern Coulonge
Canadian Highway Safety Council
Canadian Horse Council
Canadian Horticultural Council
Canadian Industries Mrs Margaret Young; Citizenship
Canadian Industries-Mrs
Canadian Labour Council
Canadian Library McGoüond and Stewart Limited Toronto-Montréal
Canadian Litchfield Council
Canadian Martyrs Council
Canadian Meat Council
Canadian National 4H Council
Canadian Neutron Council
Canadian Pacific County-wide
Canadian Plowing Council
Canadian Political Youth Council
Canadian Pork Council
Canadian Privy Council
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company Mrs.
Canadian Red Cross Society Mrs. R 0 Hodgins—That the
Canadian Research Council
Canadian Safa Boating Council
Canadian Safety Council
Canadian Safety Council Babysitting Certificate
Canadian Safety Council’s Babysitting Course
Canadian School Association held Thur- Highway Safety Council
Canadian Ski Council
Canadian Social Hygiene Council
Canadian Tire Store Mrs. Dora
Canadian Toy Testing Coun- Mrs. Rodger Erskjnc
Canadian Toy Testing Council
Canadian Unity Council
Canadian Welfare Council
Canadien Highway Safety Council
Canaria Safety Council
Canarian Safety Council
CANCELLED Society Recreative Fort-Coulonge Inc. Kinsmen
CanfHian Council on
Canyon Council
CAP Shawville Council
Capital Region Council
Car- Art Fleming & Sons En- nicipal Council
Carcajou Inn Mrs. Cliff Ta
CARCAJOU INN Mrs. Pearle Hobbs
CARDIGANS Vinton Ouyon Dunraven Mrs.
Care Council
CARE Mrs. Audrey Jacques
Carey Bretzlaff Fort Coulonge
CAREY County Teachers Meet
Carletmi County Conservative Association
Carleton County Council
Carleton County General Protestant Hospital
Carleton County Jail
Carleton-Dundas County
Carnival Council
Carnival Prize Winners Clarendon Council Bill
Carnival St Mary’s Council of
CAROLE ST-AUBIN Equity Reporter FORT COULONGE L’assemblé
CARPETS Thorne Council
Carried Coulonge Telephone
Carried Council
Carried Council Minutes
Carried Council N Onslow Council GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
Carroll Council Committees
Carson And COUNCIL RIVER VIEW INN BRISTOL Electoral District
Carson and Mrs. Wru Sheppard
Carson Bristol Council
Carson Charles Tucker------ Mrs. Horsefield
Carson Hod-don Council
Carson Hodgins Council
Carson Mrs.
Carson Mrs. Clarence Westbrook
Carson Mrs. Glenn.......
Carson Mrs. Watt Taylor
Carson Secretary Treasurer Clarendon Council
Cash Donations Municipal Corporation County
Casio** Council Miant
CASUALTY Fort Coulonge
Catholic Council
Catholic Council of William
Catholic Mrs Mary Nadeau
Catholic Mrs Prends Dsly
Catholic Pontiac County
Catholic Press Mrs.
Catholic School Board Mrs. Johnny Trudeau
Catholic Women’s League Council
Catholic Women’s League of Canada Our Lady Perpetual Help Council
CATS PAWa Northumberland County
CATTLE BUYER Call Nellis Stewart 648-2861 Car Care Auto
CATTLE BUYER Pontiac Protestant High School Call Nellis Stewart
Cave Council
Caviar Safety Council
Cawoocl Council
CaWOOCl Council Whereas Brazil
Cawood Council
Cawood Council A
Cawood Council As
Cawood Council MONTH LONG Fabric
Cawood Council Page
Cawood Council Will
Cawootl Council
CaXhedral Council
Cecil Council
Cécile Es- Council
Cemetery DOflRtiOflS Council
CEMETERY MEMORIALS Mrs. Mervin Etdea Anonymous
Cemetery Reports Mrs. Selwyn Woods
Centenary Council
Center - Council
Central American Defence Council
Central Auxiliary Hospital Mrs Tilly Robinson
Central Auxiliary Mrs Peg Timmins
Central Board Hears Quyon Inspections Report Council
Central Canada Exhibition Mrs. Percy McKibbon
Central Council
Central Council for School Broadcasting
Central Council of
Central Council of Recreational Training Food Chains
Central Council of Social Agencies
Central Council of Unemployed
Central County School Board
Central Divisional Liberal Unionist Council
Central Experi- Mrs. Sly
Central Hospital Auxiliary COULONGE Minor Hotkey BRISTOL
Central Hospital Auxiliary COUNCIL
Central Hospital Auxiliary Litchfield Council
Central School Board the County
Centre Council
Centre Récréatif de Fort-Coulonge
Ceramic Council
Ceremony A PRODUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS Clarendon Women s Institute Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Ceunty Council Minutes
Ceylon State Council
CFDC Renfrew County
CGIT Camp Council
CGIT Christian Education Council No
CGIT Council
Chair-Canada Council
Chairman Mrs. Allan Black
Chamber Fort Coulonge
Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Council
Chamber of Mrs. Robt
Champion Council
Champlain Waterways Council
ChaPcau Council of the
Chapeau Bridge Clarendon Council
Chapeau Community Hospital and Mrs.
Chapeau Council
Chapeau Council CWL V
Chapeau Council of
Chapeau Council of ers Si
Chapeau Council of Gail
Chapeau Council of Judy Hempstead
Chapeau Council of League
Chapeau Council of the Catholic Women
Chapeau Economic Council
Chapeau Economic Economic Council
Chapeau Village County
CHAPTER IV SÎÏÜSgZ Governor in* Council
Charity ....................... County Council ................ Administration
Chart eris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Otter Lake Post
Charteris Chronicle 1 Mrs. Norval McNeil Sympathy
Charteris Chronicle CLARENDON Mrs. Norval McNeil INN
Charteris Chronicle Jfa/KSwcfiofu Mrs. Norval McNeil Visitors
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil A
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Auctioneer JIM DICK R R
Charteris Chronicle Ask Communication-Québec Mrs. Norval McNeil Obituary Ernest John Gfllis Belated
Charteris Chronicle Bryson News Shawville Mrs. Norval McNeil Get
Charteris Chronicle Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe Mrs. Norval McNeil YAMAHA
Charteris Chronicle COUNTRY BUILDING LOTS Mrs. Norval McNeil Joey
Charteris Chronicle Mrs Wm Emmerson
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Nerval McNeil Thanksgiving
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil A
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Back Scratching
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Belated
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Birthday
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil CENTRE TOWN CYCLE KAWASAKI
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil FINAL CLEARANCE FULL
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Happy
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Santa
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil X
Charteris Chronicle Review Mrs. Arthur
Charteris Chronicle Uf A Mrs. Norval
Charteris News Calumet Island Council
Charteris Seventh Chronicle I Line Mrs. Norval McNeil Bristol
Charter» Chronicle Mrs. Nerval McNeil
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil 1 Ibpkg Devon
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil J
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil THIS
Chawville Fair Mrs
CHE OLET Bristol Council B.C.
CHEAP SALE South Onslow Council
Cheese Factory Clarendon Council Sec.-Treasurer
Chef du Parti Libéral du Québec C.L.S.C. Fort Coulonge Maison Bryson
Chemical Products Clarendon Council
CHEQUE Mr. & Mrs. Clifford McLaren
Cheshire County Council
Chester Council
CHESTERFIELD Mrs. Alice Neville
Chevrolet Parts Council
Chevrolet Sales 1 Estate Mrs.
Chevrolet Sales Bristol Council
Chevrolet Sales Clarendon Council
CHEZ LYLA Fort Coulonge
Chicago City Council
Chicago Council Forms Reforestation Committee
ChichêStêf Council
Chichester Council
Chichester Council Ve
Chichester Council A
Chichester Council Bristol Council
Chichester Council Chichester Council
Chichester Council E KuH XUlKh INHHtM VIHlN OK
Chichester Council Employment Prospects THIS WEEK S FEATURE BUYS
Chichester Council February
Chichester Council Fs
Chichester Council Gagnon
Chichester Council Hwy
Chichester Council International Farmall H Tractor
Chichester Council McDowell
Chichester Council Minutes
Chichester Council Minutes Albert Me Bane
Chichester Council Moved
Chichester Council Municipality
Chichester Council Nancy
Chichester Council November
Chichester Council OR Have
Chichester Council Phoebe McCord
Chichester Council PPHS
Chichester Council Range VI
Chichester Council Ratepayers
Chichester Council Rebekahs
Chichester Council Regular
Chichester Council Road
Chichester Council Snowmobilers
Chichester Council Special
Chichester Council SPECIALS
Chichester Council SST
Chichester Council Tenders Wanted July
Child Welfare Council
Childcare Council
Children Mrs. Murray
Children Mrs. Taylor
Children s Aid Society of Lanark County
China Council on Health Education
Chiropractic Council
CHISNELL Mrs, H.R Kelley and Mh.MaM Public Auctioneer
Choice for Pontiac County A Pontiac
Choice pNALUE PL(Js Save Mrs Jennifer
Choir Clarendon Council
Christ Church Mrs. Bill Fletcher
Christ Mrs. Prosper Hamelln
Christian Education Council
Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Chrysler Intrepid Daytona Council
CHRYSLER SEBRING LX Garbage containers Council
Church IT’S BACK Council
Church Wesley Mrs Weslev Quebec Shorthorn Association
Church & Dorion 228,843.; Fort Coulonge
Church Committee Mrs.
Church Council
Church Council Lions Annual Picnic Teen Dance Municipal Hall Monday
Church Council Lions Annual Picnic Teen Dance Municipal Hell
Church Council Lions Annuel Picnic Teen Dance Municipal Hell
Church Fort Coulonge District Mr.
Church Fort Coulonge Rev. Wm
Church Hell Mrs. Kirkpelnck Ihte Visitor»
Church Life Convener Mrs Gerald Dempsey
Church Life Convener Mrs Laurens Dempsey
Church Life Convener Mrs Rena Gagnon
Church Mrs. Belaire’s
Church Mrs. Hammond
Church of England Mrs. ID
Church of Montreal Stock Mrs.
Church Parish Council
Church School Mr. and Mrs. Allan Melvin Johnston
Church School Mrs Raymond Rowat
CHURCH SERVICE Gatineau County W.I.
Church Service PORT COULONGE
Church Service STEWART-
Church Services Mrs Eva
Church Services Mrs.
Church Services Mrs. Doreen Clp&rke
Church Services Musi Tell Council When Occupants
Church Societies and Council Boards
Church Women s Mrs. Ann Fumer
Chute Inn Hotelv Fort- Coulonge
CHUTE INN Pontiac County Protestant Central School Board September Admittance
Chutes Coulonge Board Coulonge Council
Chutes Coulonge Foundation
Cie à Sieur de Coulonge
Cimarron Kid Audie Murphy Stewart Granger Stewart Granger
CINEMA Charter» Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil FORT THEATRE Fort
CINEMA Fort THEATRE Fort Coulonge
Cinrcnilon Council
Circuit Court Mrs. Woolsey
CISC Coulonge
CISC Fort-Coulonge
CISC Fort-Coulonge Doreen Dionne
CISC Fort-Coulonge Management
Citisenehlp—Mrs Sydney Advertising
Citizen s Committee of Pontiac County
Citizens Commit- Bristol Council
Citizens Committee of Pontiac County
Citizens Committee of Renfrew County
Citizens Council
Citizens Council of Ottawa
Citizens of Pontiac County
Citizens of Renfrew County
Citizens of Renfrew County P.O.
Citizens of Renfrew County Spence
Citizens Shield Hockey Mrs. McKibben Meet
Citizen’s Committee Jim & Mary Regan Ronald & Martha Ross Harvey
City Council
City Council House
City Council of Brantford
City Council of Chatham
City Council of Guelph
City Council of Hamilton
City Council of Jackman
City Council of Kingston
City Council of London
City Council of Montreal
City Council of Ottawa
City Council of Rookfort
City Council of Toronto
City Council of Tr
City Council of Vancouver
City Council of Warsaw
City Council We
City Mrs
City of Gatineau Coulonge
City of Hull Council
City s Council Board
Civic Council
Civic Hospital Community Hospital Youville Hospital Mrs. Gilbert Telfoixi
Civic Hospital Mrs. Fred Russell
Civic HospitaL Mrs. Leo Coghlan
Civic Hospital Mrs. Taber
Civil Council Township
Civil Mrs. Fullalovo
Cjistol Municipal Council
CJOH Special Effects Council
Ckgwville Council
CL Council
Clai-endon Municipal Council
Claiencion Council
Claimdon Council
Clar- Mrs. Allan Barker
Clarence Dean Student Council
Clarendoe Institute; Mrs. Carey
Clarendon - Municipal Council
Clarendon Church & Dorion Fort Coulonge QUEBEC LIQUOR BOARD CLERK OFFICE P.O.
CLARENDON Clarendon Council
Clarendon Council
Clarendon Council Gesmec Inc -
Clarendon Council Good Old Days
Clarendon Council CS-.
Clarendon Council Weekend
Clarendon Council  November
Clarendon Council Bristol.
Clarendon Council Do
Clarendon Council FORD TRUCKS
Clarendon Council Maich
Clarendon Council Now
Clarendon Council P
Clarendon Council Sewing Machine Repairs
Clarendon Council Shawville
Clarendon Council SI.
Clarendon Council -1 AM ALSO AGENT FOR
Clarendon Council ;
Clarendon Council A
Clarendon Council A City of Canoes
Clarendon Council Adjourned
Clarendon Council ALLIED
Clarendon Council and Council
Clarendon Council and School Board
Clarendon Council Answering
Clarendon Council Apply
Clarendon Council Appoints Snow Plow Committee Cai Mr. Herb Smith
Clarendon Council Aprilumeeting
Clarendon Council Armltage
Clarendon Council Aug
Clarendon Council August
Clarendon Council Bell
Clarendon Council Belleville
Clarendon Council BETTY’S BEAUTY SALON Bristol
Clarendon Council Board
Clarendon Council Bryson January
Clarendon Council Butter
CLARENDON COUNCIL C Â rerv^xn xCmincii
Clarendon Council Canada
Clarendon Council CARD OF THANKS Shawville
Clarendon Council Carried
Clarendon Council Cemetery Memorials Hull
Clarendon Council Challenge Immediately
Clarendon Council Chamber
Clarendon Council Chicks
Clarendon Council Clarednon Council
Clarendon Council Coast Shawville
Clarendon Council Color BO AD SHOW ATTRACTION
Clarendon Council Come
Clarendon Council Communication
Clarendon Council Concluding
Clarendon Council Conditions
Clarendon Council Continued
Clarendon Council Court Report Clarendon Council
Clarendon Council CREAM WANTED
Clarendon Council December
Clarendon Council Délavai Separator GENERAL MERCHANTS 4.1 QUEBEC
Clarendon Council Donaldson’s EASY PAYMENTS ShawvilD February
Clarendon Council Donations
Clarendon Council Doors
Clarendon Council Dowell
Clarendon Council DR.
Clarendon Council E. HODGINS & SON.
Clarendon Council E.C. AMY
Clarendon Council Engagement Brownlee Mi
Clarendon Council ESTABLISHED
Clarendon Council Eva Alexander
Clarendon Council EXTRA EGGS
Clarendon Council FARM FOR SALE.
Clarendon Council Farm Help Wanted
Clarendon Council Feb. Oth I Council Regular
Clarendon Council Febmavy
Clarendon Council February
Clarendon Council Field
Clarendon Council Flour
Clarendon Council FOR SALE Maryland
Clarendon Council For Service Pure
Clarendon Council Fought Tied
Clarendon Council Geo
Clarendon Council Get That
Clarendon Council GREERMOUNT SCHOOL.
Clarendon Council Hall
Clarendon Council Hall Hwy
Clarendon Council Hall Lors Brownlee
Clarendon Council Hall O.M. Horner Sec.
Clarendon Council Hall Your
Clarendon Council Harrowing
Clarendon Council Held Regular Meeting
Clarendon Council Her Louis Judd
Clarendon Council Here
Clarendon Council HI-WAY DRIVE
Clarendon Council History
Clarendon Council Hodgins
Clarendon Council Horner
Clarendon Council Horse Show
Clarendon Council Hunter
Clarendon Council Hydro
Clarendon Council Information
Clarendon Council INSURANCE Shawville
Clarendon Council It»-.
Clarendon Council January
Clarendon Council January 13,1998 Revitalization Project
Clarendon Council JOHN
Clarendon Council July 13,1999 Diamond Carpet Cleaners
Clarendon Council JULY 3-4-5 Motion Crs Jack Lang
Clarendon Council Jun
Clarendon Council June
Clarendon Council Kitchen Soldiers
Clarendon Council KO J A CK
Clarendon Council KS I
Clarendon Council la Id
Clarendon Council LABOR MAN WINS.
Clarendon Council Lauuhrf.n—In
Clarendon Council LENNON Cold
Clarendon Council Lions Club
Clarendon Council Lord Strathcona
Clarendon Council M
Clarendon Council March
Clarendon Council May 12,1998 Committee
Clarendon Council McDougall & cuzner Bristol Council All
Clarendon Council Meet-
Clarendon Council Meeting
Clarendon Council Meeting Municipality
Clarendon Council Meml
Clarendon Council Men’s Boots
Clarendon Council Men’s Pants
Clarendon Council Minâtes Name
Clarendon Council Minnies* ITotice
Clarendon Council Minute
Clarendon Council Minutes
Clarendon Council Minutes A School Difficulty Settled
Clarendon Council Minutes Adiyarttad
Clarendon Council Minutes Claiendon Council
Clarendon Council Minutes Clarendon Council
Clarendon Council Minutes Elwyn
Clarendon Council Minutes Embalmer
Clarendon Council Minutes First Detachment
Clarendon Council Minutes FOR RENT
Clarendon Council Minutes Four Drowned
Clarendon Council Minutes G SYD SPtC^
Clarendon Council Minutes Minutes
Clarendon Council Minutes Province
Clarendon Council Minutes REX FORD WILSON
Clarendon Council Minutes Shawrille
Clarendon Council Minutes Talent
Clarendon Council Minutes Taylor MeYaity
Clarendon Council Minutes THE EQUITY
Clarendon Council Mon Councillors
Clarendon Council Mother
Clarendon Council Mother’s Day Special
Clarendon Council Motif
Clarendon Council Motion -
Clarendon Council Motion by Crs Taber-Muldoon
Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Clarendon Council Motion Os
Clarendon Council Moved
Clarendon Council Mr.
Clarendon Council Murray
Clarendon Council Nature
Clarendon Council New
Clarendon Council NOTICE
Clarendon Council NOTICE Around
Clarendon Council NOTICE THANKS
Clarendon Council O HOCKEY QUIZ Chambres Salle
Clarendon Council of
Clarendon Council of February
Clarendon Council of Nov.
Clarendon Council Office
Clarendon Council Old
Clarendon Council on
Clarendon Council One-Man Top
Clarendon Council Open House
Clarendon Council OTTAWA DAIRY Shaw
Clarendon Council Ottawa River L
Clarendon Council Pasturage
Clarendon Council Phone
Clarendon Council Pinto Valley Ranch Fun
Clarendon Council Plaintiff
Clarendon Council Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Clarendon Council Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Clarendon Council Potato
Clarendon Council PPHS
Clarendon Council Prarendon Council
Clarendon Council Pres
Clarendon Council Present
Clarendon Council Present May
Clarendon Council Present—Mayor
Clarendon Council Present—W.
Clarendon Council Public
Clarendon Council PUBLIC NOTICE.
Clarendon Council Pulpwood Wanted NOTICE
Clarendon Council Pvter Mnyles
Clarendon Council P»W«''W*,l
CLARENDON COUNCIL QgWleSS PaStUMS Home Of Tomorrow Davidson Clarendon Council
Clarendon Council QUEBEC
Clarendon Council R. A. GRANT Bristol $
Clarendon Council Rabies November
Clarendon Council READY
Clarendon Council Refrigerators
Clarendon Council Regular
Clarendon Council Remember
Clarendon Council Requests Improvement Of Picanock Road Bryson Lions Club Reports Activities And Sl
Clarendon Council Requests Welfare Court
Clarendon Council Reviews Road Situations
Clarendon Council Richardson that Council Clarendon Fireman
Clarendon Council Road - 7th Line
Clarendon Council Roman
Clarendon Council Royal Purple Calf Meal
Clarendon Council S/AfiO *500.00
Clarendon Council Seasonable Goods
Clarendon Council Seat
Clarendon Council Secretary
Clarendon Council Send
Clarendon Council Senior
Clarendon Council Sept.
Clarendon Council Service Announcement The Equity PRINTING 8HAWVILMC
Clarendon Council Session
Clarendon Council Sets Rate No Change
Clarendon Council Sets Tax Rate October
Clarendon Council Shaw
Clarendon Council Shawviile
Clarendon Council Shawvillc
Clarendon Council Shawville
Clarendon Council Shawville Council Thorne Council
Clarendon Council Shawvillë Quebec November
Clarendon Council Sliced Pineapples
Clarendon Council Slmwville
Clarendon Council SS
Clarendon Council Stores
Clarendon Council STRAYED
Clarendon Council Tax Notice
Clarendon Council Teacher Wanted A Protestant
Clarendon Council Teachers Wanted July
Clarendon Council Tenders
Clarendon Council TENDERS WANTED.
Clarendon Council THE EQUITY Shawville
Clarendon Council THE MARKETS.
Clarendon Council Therefore
Clarendon Council Tkl
Clarendon Council Tornado
Clarendon Council Town HaP
Clarendon Council Townhall
Clarendon Council Transport
Clarendon Council U? April
Clarendon Council Uow
Clarendon Council V V*
Clarendon Council V* Shawville
Clarendon Council Visitors
Clarendon Council W, E. N. HODGINS.
Clarendon Council W. I.
Clarendon Council Wallace Brothers Big Midway Shows
Clarendon Council We
Clarendon Council We Can Supply
Clarendon Council WHO
Clarendon Council Widening Roads
Clarendon Council Wilaon
Clarendon Council Wrappers
Clarendon Council Wyman W.I.
Clarendon Council X V ;; MATCHED SETS GLOVES December
Clarendon Council Xml
Clarendon Council Z Clarendon Council
Clarendon Council |
Clarendon Farm Council
Clarendon Hotel Mrs Marcel Legendre Moved
CLARENDON HOTEL Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Council of
Clarendon Inn Pontiac Womens Institutes Art Hodgins Mrs. Cliff Garrison Mrs.
Clarendon Municipal Council
Clarendon School Board and Council
Clarendon School Board Clarendon Council
Clarendon School Board met Clarendon Council
Clarendon School Board Shaw ville Council QUEBEC
Clarendon School Bristol Council
Clarendon School Charteris By Mrs. Henry McCord Mr.
Clarendon Womens Institute Mrs. John L, Hodgins
Clarendon-Shawville Council
Clarendoun Municipal Council
Clareudon Council
Clarondon Council
Clarvtnlou Council
Classified Ads OBITUARIES Mrs. Mary
CLASSIFIEDS Council Minutes
CLEANING - SERVICE Mrs. Steve Robinson
Cleary $6.00; W. P Emmerson County Council
Clement Council
Cliarteris Council
Clirendee Council
ClMOBdOXl Council Îla
Clordndon Council
CLOSED MONDA YS Bryson News Mrs. Donald
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays Mrs. Leo McGee
CLOTHES BEST FRIEND" Clarendon Council
Clothes Council
Clothes Shop Keith Homer s Shop Shawville Council Pontiac Milk Transport
Clothes Shop Shield Winners Fort Coulonge
CLOTHIS SHOOS LTD Mrs. Gerald Kavanagh
Clr Council
Clr Elmer Bélan- Council
Clr Randy Pitt informs Council
Clrs Council
Clrs Nephin Municipal Council
Clrs Schock Council Pit
Clrs Sullivan Municipal Council
CLSC Fort Coulonge
CLSC Fort Coulonge Emergency
CLSC Fort-Coulonge
CLSC Fort-Coulonge Cathy Watson -
CLSC Fort-Coulonge Centre de
CLSC Fort-Coulonge Management
Clsrendon Council
Club Clarendon Council
Club Council He
Club Lions Mansfield Fort-Coulonge
Club Optimiste de Fort-Coulonge
Clwwdon Council
Cm Council
CM RD Mrs. George Hodrins
CM.DF.ST Council
Cnclr Mrs. Mary Darcy
Cnopeou Council Martin
CNR Mrs. Ida Thacker
Co Council
Co County
Co Mrs Stan Keon Bud b
CO Wanted Estate Mrs.
CO- TORONTO Fort Coulonge
Co. Council
Co. Council Legal Blank Printing Co.
Co. Council Sec-• Trees*
Co. Ltd Mrs Etta Richardson
Coaaty Council Minute»
Coast Guard the Council
COATS Clarendon Council
Cobden Memorial Hall STEWART AUCTIONS 24 Main St.
Cobden Memorial MaR FEEDS QUYON Hall & Farm Supply Stewart s Auction Services Cobden
Cobden Sales Bam Stewart s Auction Services Cobden
COHEN Mr. John Ross
Coi Council
Coke South Onslow Council Federal Bldgs
COLLARS Brant County—W.
College Farm Day June Mrs.
College HENRY’S LOCAL NEWS Shawville Hardware Store Mrs J.
Colomb Council
Colonization Council
COLOR Shawville Council
Colt County
Colton Bros fort Coulonge
Columbia University Gordon K. Stewart
Columbus Council
Com CD Bristol Council Minutes Bristol
Comedy James Stewart Sandra Dee PUBLIC NOTICE Que
Comedy William Holden Mrs.
Coming Events Public Notice New Coulonge
Comity Council
Commerce County
Commerce Studies Sunspot Problem Mrs. Ellen Barlow
Commercial League Forest Coulonge
Commercial Printers Mrs. Tubman; Girls
Commercial School Mrs. Albert Richardson
Commission de Toponymie Council
Commission of Council
Committee Clarendon Council
Committee Huntingdon County
Committee Motel Hotel Coulonge M Skate-A- Thon Fort Coulonge
Committee Mrs.
Committee of Council
Committee of Mrs.
Committee of the Council
COMMITTEES For Shawville Council For
Common Council
Common School Commission Bryson Council
Commonwealth E8SSHHI County Council Meets Monday Awards
Community and Municipal Council of Alleyn
Community Association Dagg that Council
Community Aylmer Arts Council
Community B> Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Community Calendar- WMm Inside- • Aylmer Council • Outdoor Education • Blood Donor Clinic Denise F
Community Cen- Council
Community Cen- County
Community Center Council
Community Center Council
Community Center Quyon Mrs Trudeau
Community Center- Council
Community Centre - Council
Community Centre County-wide
Community Centré Therefore Council
Community Coulonge
Community Council
Community Council Bryson
Community Council on Volunteerism ;
Community Hall Mrs Btonson
Community Hospital and Mrs.
Community Hospital Litchfield Council AUCTION SALE Household Furnishings
Community Hospital Mrs. Basil Murphy
Community Hospital Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Community Hospital Visiting Mrs Kay
Community language Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager
Community Life -Mrs Communications
Community Life Convener Mrs Art Gagnon
Community Life Mrs Lise
Community Mrs. T
Community s Council
Community Safety Council
Community Sale Mrs. Ben Ilobinsom
Community Service Pontiac County Recipes
Community Services Pontiac County
Community Welfare Council of Ontario
Compagnie Coulonge & Crow River Boom
COMPLIMENTARY WINDOW CLEANING Fort Coulonge Golf Club Shawville & Clarendon Fire Department K
Composting Council of Canada
Compound Golden Medical Discovery Burdock Blood Bitters Stewart’s Des
Compton County Teachers Association
Comte Council Hell
Comte de Pontiac Office of the Municipal Council
Con Coulonge
Con- Council
Con- County Convention
Con- de Fort-Coulonge
Con- Mrs.
Con- Mrs. Ellen Jane
Con- Mrs. Gcon''C Wilson
Concert Mrs.
Concession Council
Concours Coulonge
Conn Council
Conrad Beauregard Bristol Council
Conseil de Bristol Council Campbell’s Bay Council
Conseil de Fort Coulonge Journée
Conseil de la Corporation Municipale du Village de Fort-Coulonge
Conseil du Village de Fort Coulonge Lettres
Conseil du Village de Fort-Coulonge Canada Council
Conseil du Village de Fort-Coulonge PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE Les
Conseil Municipal de 1- Council
Conseil Village de Fort Coulonge
Conseiller Jean-Paul Lapporte "Association Hockey Mineur Fort Coulonge-MansfieW.
Consequently Council
Conservation Council
Conservative County
Conservative Gov- Mrs.
Conservative party Flo- Clarendon Council CREAM WANTED
Consolidated Bathurst Bristol Council
Consolidated Bathurst Visitors Mrs Conroy
Consolidated Paper Co met Council
Consolidated Paper Cor- onomic Council
Consolidated Paper Corp. Lots Mrs. George Tubman
CONSTIPATION Bristol Council
Constituent Council of the Syrian National Assembly
Consul- U.M.R.C.Q Municipal Council of
Consultation Committee Council
Consultation Committee County
Consulting Optometrist Bristol Council Specialist
Consumers Mrs.
Consumers* Council
Contact Council
Contact Lloyd Stewart
Contact Mrs
Contact Mrs Ernie Schwartz
Contact Mrs P Beausoleil
Contact Mrs P Hursk
Contact Mrs.
Contact Mrs. Allan Horner
Contact Mrs. Betty Russell
Contact Mrs. Borden
Contact Mrs. Elsie Schwartz
Contact Mrs. John Bertrand
Contact Mrs. John Gibson
Contact Mrs. Lawrence Russett
Contact Mrs. Mary Kelly
Contact Mrs. Patricia Tubman
Contact Mrs. Romeo Mousseau
Contact Mrs. Sam Hamilton
Contact Mrs. Sam Woods
Contact Mrs. SECLUDED COTTAGE ON PRI* | Patricia Tubman
Contact Stewart Adam 819-689-5078 Equity Editor PONTIAC
Contact Terry Stewart
Contest Council
Contest County Pontiac Masons Attend Service
Contractor Sales & Service LINE CONSTRUCTION PRESBYTERIAN Apply Mrs. Herbie Trudeau
Convenor County
Convention Committee UN 71 Mrs. Wilfred Rebertz
Convention Fort Coulonge Rev. Allan G. Mackenzie Pontiac County Institute Annual MÊ
Convention of County Councils
Cook’s CottOfl Root CompOUftd Council of Public Instruction
Coopérative Council
Coordination Council
Coptic Church Council
Cor- Council on July
Cor-this Council
Coramu Council
CORE DRILLING Pontiac Dry Cleaners Mrs. Geo
Corn Relish Popular Pickling Choice Pontiac County Obituaries Col
CORNER STORE Bristol Busy Bee’s Institute Estate Mrs.
CORNER STORE Bristol Council Z X
CORNER STORE Î ) Estate Mrs.
CORNER STORE || Estate Mrs,
Corners Council Nominations Shawville Central School Board
Corners County Council
CORNERS Pontiac County
Cornwall Council
Coronation Com- Council
Coronation Council Beacon Fire
Corp County
Corporation - County
Corporation Coulonge
Corporation Coulonge;
Corporation County
Corporation County Transit
Corporation du Village de Fort Coulonge
Corporation du Village Fort Coulonge
Corporation Fort Coulonge
Corporation Municipale de Fort Coulonge
Corporation Municipale du Village de Fort Coulonge
Corporation Municipale du Village de Fort-Coulonge; b
Corporation Municipale du Village du Fort-Coulonge Cyril
Corporation Municipale of Municipalité de Fort-Coulonge
Corporation Notice Clarendon Council Shaw
Corporation of Clarendon pal Council Township
Corporation of County
Corporation Township Litchfield Council Minutes Moved
Corporation “ Council
Corps Council
Correspondence Hotel Motel Coulonge Fort Coulonge
Correspondent Council Hall
Corsair House Trailer 302522BN15 STEWART
COSGROVE & ASSOCIATES Fort Coulonge ComwhitQ Engineeri Wotec Pollution Control
Costs Council
COSTUME MIZES Pontiac Council Pleoee
COTE DU J* SHOP OP Touche Ross
COTIE / TAUNTON Bristol Council It
Cotie County Pontiac W.I. Dean & Merritt Fraser Ltd.
Cottage Hospital Pembroke County Hate
Coulonge c
Coulonge Area Telephone
Coulonge Arena
Coulonge Arena Hall
Coulonge Association
Coulonge Bantam Hockey Club
Coulonge Billy Boys Lçs
Coulonge cemetery
Coulonge Cemetery Service
Coulonge Chamber of Commerce
Coulonge Church of England Parish
Coulonge Chute Committee
Coulonge Chute Inn
Coulonge Chutes Foundation
Coulonge Chutes Foundation She Coulonge River
Coulonge Club House
Coulonge Co-op Electric New Members St
Coulonge College
Coulonge Comets Baseball Schedule CORN BANANAS
Coulonge Community Futures De-
Coulonge Construction
Coulonge Council
Coulonge Council Cap’s Corner
Coulonge Council geliat Church
Coulonge Council of Mayors
Coulonge Court Report Joint Service Honours Mr. & Mrs. A.
Coulonge Credit Corporation
CoUlonge Depot
Coulonge Disst School
Coulonge Division
Coulonge Eagles
Coulonge Electric Cot^Lepine Wed In Bryson Association
Coulonge Electrical Co -
Coulonge Elementary School
Coulonge Elementary School Teacher
Coulonge Equity
Coulonge Equity Sports Not
Coulonge Farm Radio Forum
Coulonge Fire Brigade
Coulonge Fire Department
Coulonge Flood Committee
Coulonge for Dominion Day
Coulonge Forestry Association
Coulonge Forestry Society
Coulonge Forestry Work
Coulonge Forestry Workers Union
Coulonge Foundation
Coulonge Golf
Coulonge Golf &
Coulonge Golf & Country
Coulonge Golf & Country Club
Coulonge Golf & Country Club Mom s Restaurant Katherine Fletcher Bonnie
Coulonge Golf & Country Club Saturday
Coulonge Golf & Country Club Shawville Squash Club Eric Smith
Coulonge Golf & Country Club Shawville Squash Club Eric Smith Pontiac Snowsuit Fund
Coulonge Golf and Bank of Canada
Coulonge Golf and Coun-Canada Post
Coulonge Golf and Country Club
Coulonge Golf and Country Club Staff
Coulonge Golf Club
Coulonge Golf Comm
Coulonge Golf Course
Coulonge Golf League
Coulonge Golf League Old
Coulonge Group
COULONGE High School
Coulonge High School Auditorium
Coulonge High School Gymnasium
Coulonge High School Western Quebec High Schools
Coulonge Hockey Acting
Coulonge Hockey Team
Coulonge Hospital
Coulonge Hotel
Coulonge Hotel Benefit for Poetise Radio
Coulonge Hotel Buccaneers
Coulonge Hotel Trophy
Coulonge Inc "
Coulonge Inc de
Coulonge Inc defen- Maple
Coulonge Inc défenderesse
Coulonge Inc ft
Coulonge Inn
Coulonge Inn Hotel
Coulonge Inn"
Coulonge Institute for
Coulonge L.L.
Coulonge Lighting
Coulonge Lions Club
Coulonge Lions Club A /
Coulonge Management Unit
Coulonge News
Coulonge Notes Visitors
Coulonge Presbyterian Church
Coulonge Presbyterian Church frey-Hale Hospital
Coulonge Protestent Cemetery
Coulonge Reds
Coulonge Reds Shawville
Coulonge Riv- Board of School Commissioners
Coulonge Rural Tele
Coulonge Rural Telephone Company U
Coulonge School
Coulonge School Band
Coulonge School Board
Coulonge School Closing 0 DANCING EVERY FRIDAY
Coulonge School Fair
Coulonge Secondary School
Coulonge Services
Coulonge Services Center
Coulonge Services Waltham United Church
Coulonge Shawvflle Hospital Auxiliary BY
Coulonge Society
Coulonge St Mary
Coulonge Stars
Coulonge Stars /
Coulonge Stars Fraser
Coulonge Stars Scierie Davidson Percy s Hotel
Coulonge Supply
Coulonge Supply Co
Coulonge Supply Co.
Coulonge Supply Co. Clif
Coulonge Supply Colton Bros. Coulonge Supply H I. Hobbs & Sons 124.00;
Coulonge Supply Liée
Coulonge Supply Richelieu
Coulonge Team
Coulonge Telephone
Coulonge Union cemetery
Coulonge United Church
Coulonge United Church Wed
Coulonge Walk
Coulonge Womens Institute
Coulonge Women’s Institute
Coulonge—Colton Bros Gen-
Coun- an<* Pitt that Council
Coun- Council
Coun-ian National Institute for the Board of County Delegates
Coun-Shawville Council
Council Mr Bert
Council Mrs. Coolis
Council 647-3533
Council Get
Council Butta Percha Tires
COUNCIL COUNCIL Clarendon Ministerial
COUNCIL Education
Council Fruits de Mer Frais
Council Jam Mr» Everett McDowell
Council Litchfield Municipality October
Council Phone
Council V Transportation Safety Association Council
Council "
COUNCIL " John Bryson
Council - ByLaw
Council - Chairman Chas Muldoon
Council - Press Convenor Mrs.
Council - Quyon Sno-Riders Kick-off Party PHOTR
Council - X
Council 18,140.12
Council 7th Line Shawville Council Diocesan CWL Executive Meeting
Council : hall
Council ; Pontiac Lodge A. F. &
Council A yImer Council
Council A?-n
Council Activities
Council Advises Parents Keep Children Off Roads IJ® Highlight
Council After
COUNCIL Agricultural Society
Council Aid
Council Alex Davis
COUNCIL Àlexender-Msckey
Council Allowance
Council Aloysuis McGuire
Council Alterations
Council An
Council and Committee
Council and School Board
Council and School Boards
Council and Social Planning Council
Council Annual Country & Western Jamboree
Council Annual General Meeting A
Council Annual General Meeting Conference Saturday
Council Annual General Meeting Saturday
Council Annual General Meeting Wednesday
Council AOi
Council Apply
Council Apply Wilfred Elliott
Council Approves Transfers ALUMINUM, PLYWOOD
Council Arc Nominated
Council Armrttagf
Council Arnold Sloan
Council Art
Council Art Display
Council Arthur Inglee
Council Arthur Smiley
Council Arts Bank
Council Asks Gov ts For Forestry Help Bryson
Council Attention Senior Citizens Municipality of
Council Audit
Council Auditor J. D. Moorhead
Council August
Council August Meeting Louis Leach William Leach
Council aulho- Si A
Council Aveline Laprise
Council B.T.U.
Council Ball
Council Bear
Council Beautification ;
Council Beimers
Council Bend
Council Bernard Mullin
Council Beulah Hodgins
Council Bhkely
Council Bible Society Canvass Volunteers Required An
Council Bids Community Center-decided
Council Bill LaCharity
Council Bluffe
Council Bluffs
Council Board
Council Board Motion Crs Horner
Council Boards
Council Board»
Council Bonds
COUNCIL Brent Horner
Council Brinkworth Electric
Council Bristol A
Council Bristol Council
Council Bristol T
Council Brothers
Council Brownies
Council Bryson
Council Budget
Council Buick
Council Bundelkhand
Council Bureau D’Immatriculation Veuillez
Council Buys Tractor-grader For Municipal Roads Mr. Ebert Horner
Council Bylaw
Council Bylaw No.
Council C larendon Municipal Council
Council C WL
COUNCIL Calumet Island Those
COUNCIL Calumet Island Waltham Inthleau
Council can- des Eaux
Council CANADA April
Council Canada’s Climate Makes
Council Caned Him
Council Carleton
Council Carried
Council Carried Church Motion Crs Sparl
Council Carried Clarendon Council
Council Carried Council
Council Carried Motion Cr
Council Carswell
COUNCIL Cement Work Apply
Council Central Pontiac Prot
COUNCIL Central Pontiac Protestant School Board
Council Ceré
Council Ch
Council Cham-
Council Chamber
Council Chamber ;
Council Chamber where
Council Chamber)
Council Chamber.
Council Chambers
Council Chamber”
Council Chantal Morrissette
Council ÇhawvilÎA Prndnrp
Council Cheese
COUNCIL Church Life- Sister
Council Circle.
Council Circuit Court-In
Council Cja|
Council Clarendon
Council Clarendon Council
Council Clarendon Ratepayers
Council Clarendon Recreation
COUNCIL Clarendon School Bd
COUNCIL Clarendon W.l
Council Claude Ryan
Council Cliaiuber
Council Clr
Council Clr Barber
Council Clr Barry Stitt
Council Clr Frank Lepack
Council Club D
COUNCIL Club Shawvlllo
Council Cock E. T. HODGINS.
Council Cockshutt Sales
Council Cold
Council Commission
Council Commissioners
Council Committee
Council Committees Moved
Council con- Senior Citizens.
Council Condition
Council Conducts Busy Meeting Motion Crs
Council Considers Chute Water Power Felix Turcotte
Council Considers Paving Red Deer
COUNCIL Consulting
Council Convention
Council Corporation
Council Council
COUNCIL COUNCIL Alfred Morrisctte
Council Council Bristol W.l
COUNCIL COUNCIL Calumet Island Campbell
Council Council On
Council Councillor McLean
Council Councillors Michel Grenier
Council County Council
Council County Council He
Council County Women s Institute Classified Ads
Council Cowan
Council Cr
Council Creating Fish and Game Reserve
Council Cross Blood Donor Clinic
Council Cruickshank
Council Cviincil Students
Council DALE’S TINSHOP August
Council Dalton Trudeau
COUNCIL Dames Hélène de Champlain SHAWVILLE Country Notes
Council David
Council David Fisk Regional Agricultural Engineer Determining Ventilation Needs
COUNCIL De BRISTOL The Department of Tourism
Council de- Council
Council December
Council Decree
Council Delegates Attend Montreal Convention
COUNCIL Department
Council Department of Transport
Council Des
Council Deschenes Construction Limited
Council Development
Council Ditch
Council Division
Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Council Due
Council Dur- Bryson
Council E
Council E A
Council Eardley Three
Council Elisabeth
Council Elmer Dubeau
Council Elmside En Fete
Council Emile Devlin
Council Emile Morin
Council Environment
Council Equipement Claude Bé-Hall
Council EQUITY PHOTO Phone SYD There
Council Essential Services
Council Estate
Council Eü
Council Every Afternoon and
Council Executive
Council Executive Council Chamber C 0/ n A Firearms Safety Training Course
Council Expe
Council Expenses
Council Exploration Program
Council Expressman Irvie Swartz’s
Council F;re
Council Fair
Council Fair Grounds
Council Fairbanks Hotel
Council Farm
Council Farm Forums
Council Federal Judy Grant Hubert Leduc David Smith Gretchen Thierry Benoit Schwarz Vicente Legros
Council Ferguson
Council Fetxucvy
Council Fi
Council Financial Statement
Council Fineet
Council Fire
Council Fire Crawford
Council Float
Council Float 119.60;
Council Flue
Council Foods
Council Fop Sale Shawville
Council for Children
Council for Health and Environment Québec on Social Services
Council for Health and Social Services
Council for International Coopération
Council FOR SALK—Carloap Hriti
Council For Service BARGAINS Service NORMAN DODS
Council for Social Service
COUNCIL Fort Cou/onge BRISTOL Aylmer East Women
Council Fraternity
Council Gatineau Power
Council Gauthier
Council General
Council Geo
Council George Coles
Council Georgette Paquette
Council Gilles Lanteigne
Council Glen Nugent
COUNCIL Government
Council Graduate A
Council Grenier
Council Grey Sisters
Council Guns
Council Guns Fantasia
Council H Bélisle Pontiac Plumbing
Council Ha IL Preseit Mayor Hodgins
Council Ha#
Council Ha*
Council HaB
Council Had
Council Hafl
Council HaH
Council HaH.
Council Hail
Council Hall
Council Hall can Planning Council
Council Hall Christmas
Council Hall Job Development
Council Hall MonClub
Council Hall Monday
Council Hall Motion
Council Hall Prea-fi*t Mayor Fulford
Council Hall Pres-ance
Council Hall Present
Council Hall Present Mayor
Council Hall Present Mayor Hodgins
Council Hall Present Mayor Stirling Hodgins
Council HalL Presuit
Council Hall Rev.
Council Hall Shawville
Council Hall VIT”
Council HalL We
Council Hall* Pte
Council Halt Present Mayor Hodglm
Council Hanna
Council Happy
Council Harris
Council Harry
Council HaU.
Council Hawley Wickens
Council He |
Council Health
Council Hearty
Council Held
Council Hell
Council Hell.
Council Helps Flood Skating Rinks
Council Herman Bretzlaff
Council Hi Municipal Council
Council Hilgert Bretxlaff
Council Hne
Council Hoard
Council Hoards
COUNCIL Hodgins Clarendon School Bd
Council Hodgins Ltd.
Council Hodglns
Council Home & School Elect Officers SIDE NEW Minutes
Council Hon
Council HOTELS.
Council House
Council Howord
Council Hsll
Council Hull
Council Hydro
Council Hymeneal S.
Council Iamples
Council ICIarendon Council
Council If
Council IliTOrriiS YOU
Council Ill
Council ILSON’S GARAGE W Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER
Council Imll
Council Imposed
COUNCIL Improvements
Council Increases Water
Council Indemnities Interest
Council Industrial Britain
Council înjjBnoR Red Cross
Council Inm
Council Inn Smart
Council Instructed
Council Introduces ByLaw
Council Invites
Council Ireland
Council Iron Ore Co.
Council It
Council Itself