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Charles Taylor Moreen Little Cummings

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

,1 Carter s Little Liver Fills Case Undefended
.1 Taylor
0. Taylor
11.11 C O D. Charles R. Boyd
1964 Taylor
1979 Taylor
2- D Catherine Kierans Thomas Beets Cummings
2.—Charles Russell
2639 Taylor
38.06 Cummings
4-Ashlcy Cummings
4bs25 Taylor
6.46—Lowell Thomas 7.00— Morton Downey Amos *n’ Andy 8.00— Cities Service Happy Bakers 9.00— Little
647- Taylor
647-3620 Taylor
648-5811 Taylor
8. Taylor
9-12 À Little
A. Little
A. Taylor
A8k Edith E. Taylor
Aaron & Taylor Poffenroth
Abbott A Costello Encore Gig Young Jean Hagen Don Taylor Glynis Johns
Ac Steven Spratt Charles J. Menard
Adelaide Little
Adnenne Taylor
Adrienne Taylor
AH Taylor
Alan Little
Albert Arm Miss Rhonda Cummings
Albert Charles World
Albert Taylor
Alberta Taylor Sturgeon
Albums L Little Dolls
Alderman Charles Leduc
Alex Taylor
Alex X) Little Tyler Orr
Alex. Little
Alexander Charles (Sandy) Stark
Alexander Charles Smart
Alexander Charles William Campbell
Alexander Cummings
Alexander I A Little
Alf Taylor
Alfred J. Taylor
Alfred M. Taylor
Alfred N. Taylor
Allan Emmer-son(Little Indian
Allan McKay Ken Hodgins Charles Imison E.
Alma Cummings
Alt Taylor
Alvin Taylor
Ammunition Rev. Rural Dean Taylor
Amy Maye Taylor On
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 1247
Amy Taylor 6th - Shannon Grant
Amy Taylor June
Amy Taylor Pontiac
Amy Taylor PrJces;-Stacey Thomson Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor Sharpe
Amy Taylor St-Louis
Amy Taylor “T
Amy Taylor!
Amy Taylor-Sharpe
Amy Taylor-Sharpe Bristol
Amy Taylor-Sharpe’s
Amy Taylor.
Amy Taylor..... Louise Cowley
Amy Taylor’s
Anderson & Taylor Shawville
Anderson - Taylor
Anderson A Taylor
Anderson A Taylor Anderson
Anderson A Taylor Bldg
Anderson A Taylor Building
Anderson A Taylor Garage
Anderson A Taylor HAS Supplies Young
Anderson Sc Taylor
Anderson Si Taylor
Anderson St Taylor
Anderson Taylor
Anderson Taylor Building
Andrew & Mrs. W. Taylor
Andrew Charles Atkinson
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Rescued Ju.t
Andy Bean Ryan Barber Cory Gloss Ben Younge David Coles Amy Taylor Serving
Andy Charles Black
Andy Hoi- Garry Cummings
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor Had Horrible
Andy Taylor I^
Angus Taylor
Anita Taylor
Ann & Cy Little
Ann Blythe Robert Taylor Big
Ann Charles Dale
Ann Little
Ann M. Taylor
Ann North Little
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor 500$
Ann Taylor 647
Ann Taylor 647-2161
Ann Taylor 647-2161 CheveuxTech/HairTech
Ann Taylor 647-2161 Dave Moore
Ann Taylor 647-2749 Shawvllle Tel
Ann Taylor ANYONE
Ann Taylor At Shawville Shopping Plaza
Ann Taylor Bristol If
Ann Taylor Cherry
Ann Taylor Dave Moore
Ann Taylor For
Ann Taylor Haley Station
Ann Taylor Leg
Ann Taylor Mon.-Fri
Ann Taylor Otter Lake
Ann Taylor Press
Ann Taylor These
Ann Taylor Travel Consultant
Ann Taylor VOYAGES
Ann Taylor Wet
Anna Bell Taylor
Anna Edison Taylor
Anna Edson Taylor
Anna TaylOr
Annabel Taylor
Annabell Taylor
Anne Little
Anne Martine Rochon Jacob Taylor Porteous Stephen Alexander Cody William Kelly Jeremy Robert Mako H
Anne Taylor
Annette Taylor Sharon
Annie Taylor
Apply Anderson S Taylor Shawville
Apron For Little
Archduke Charles
Arm Taylor
Armitage Taylor
Armstrong Chrysler Expansion Amazes Newsmen Mrs. Evelyn Little
Armstrong Taylor
Armstrong Weds Watt Taylor Martha Toren Sat.
Art Landiy Little Kate
Art Little
Art Taylor
Arthur Charles
Arthur Charles Buckley
Arthur Charles Dufault
Arthur Charles Far-
Arthur Charles Farwell
Arthur D Little
Arthur D. Little
Arthur Little
Arthur M. Taylor
Arthur Taylor Newbold
Artist Badge Stuart Kehoe Charles Russell
Arvella Taylor
Ashley Cummings
Ashley Taylor
Auberge Albert Melissa Cummings
Audrey Taylor
Augustus Taylor
Austin Taylor
Award Cummings
Ayl-| Mrs. W. Taylor
B. Cummings
B2M12 Taylor
Bailiff Cummings
Banko/e Taylor
Bar Les Atkinson Cyrus 4c Doris Beck Charles Crawford Elshmarg
Bar Taylor
Barbara Charles Graham
Barbara Charles Street
Barbara Mrs Charles Mansfield
Barbara Taylor
Barry Taylor
Bastien G Cummings
Bay Charles Heaphy
Bay Charles Shawville
Bay Rev. Charles
Bay Rev. Charles J. Boole
Bay Rev. Charles J. Boole SEPTEMBER
Bay Rev. Charles J. Boole St James Otter Lake
Bay Rev. Charles J. Boole Tues
Bay Taylor
Bayard Taylor
Bean...... Henry Olinstead John Little
Beguiling Taylor
Beth Little
Beth Taylor
Betty Taylor
Bex Taylor
Bex Taylor Electrical
Bex Taylor OUT#
Bex Taylor Simon
Bfll Taylor
Biahop Taylor
Bill Charles Trudeau
Bill Cummings
Bill Little
Bill Little Harold House
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor Sr.
Billy Jack" Delores Taylor Tom Laughlin 3
Billy Little
Billy Taylor
Bishop Taylor
Biss Taylor
Bland Little
Blande Little
Bob Cummings
Bob Cummings Comedy Drama
Bob Hobbs Goldie Rutledge Stu Stark Denis Fleury Charles Homsma
Bob Taylor
Bobby A Nancy Little
Bobby Little
Bonnie Little
Bonnie Taylor
Boss Taylor
Boyd’ Little Gents’
Brad Taylor
Brant Little
Brave Little Holland
Brenda and John Charles
Brenda Cummings
Brent Horner Neil Sharpe Claire Lunam Jean Smith Ann Taylor Richard Wills Maurice J King Rockburn
Brent Maurice and Taylor Miles
Brian Al-Molly Little
Brian Charles Scattergood
Brian Harris Harry Wallace THANK YOU Little Stone Churrh Partage
BROKEN LAND Kent Taylor Color
Brooks Taylor
Brother Charles and Sisters Ray
Brown Charles H. Shuman
Brown Taylor
Brownie Leader Mrs. Charles Imtaor
Bruce Cummings
Bruce Cummings County Secretary
Bruce Hodgins Keith Cummings
Bruce Taylor
Bud Taylor
But Little
C Cummings
C Cummings Sr.
C Taylor
C. Cummings
C. Taylor
C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor
C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor 647-2723 Fort-William
C. Taylor Friday
Ca.ol Little
Ca/ Cummings
Cai Cummings
Cal Cummings
Cal Cummings Jr
Cal Cummings Jr accompanies
Cal Cummings Jr and
Cal Cummings Jr I
Cal Cummings Jr on
Cal Cummings Jr Public
Cal Cummings Jr Rescue
Cal Cummings Jr Upcoming Coulonge Carnival Kehoe
Cal Cummings Jr who
Cal Cummings Jr,
Cal Cummings Sr
Cal Cummings Sr Paula
Cal Cummings Sr.
Cal Cummings Sr. Judd
Cal Cummings Sr. McGuire
Call Charles Car Soles
Call Cummings
Calvert Cummings
Calvert Cummings Jr
Cameron Charles Kylie Hope McGuire/Chiasson
Candy L Rhonda Cummings
Canon Taylor
Carl Cummings
Carl Cummings Jr.
Carl Trudeau Claude Cummings Bob Smith Bruce Wilson Ed Carbonell
Carol Cummings
Carol Little
Carol Little Marries John Lewis Burrill
Carol Taylor Sharpe
Carole Cummings
Caroline Mc- Charles Brinkwortb
Carried Jean Charles Langlois
Carroll Cummings
Carter''s Little
Catherine E Little
Catherine Little
Catherine Taylor
Catherine Taylor Chocolate Cake
Cathy McLelland Taylor
Ca] Cummings
Cecil Charles
Cecil Little
Charles VS
Charles Combining Pastels
Charles Commercial Colleges For Xm.
Charles Drew
Charles In
Charles "
Charles "Buzz
Charles "We
Charles & Reilly
Charles & Ross Clarendon
Charles (Andy
Charles - Mohr
Charles - Wozv
Charles .Tames Fox
Charles 1’rvscott
Charles 2. Crawford
Charles 2241 McCagg
Charles 2592x ATKINSON
Charles 2636 McCagg
Charles 3f
Charles 4/ A. KRIFF.
Charles 6*4-3 » Aylmer
Charles 647-3576 Dagg
Charles 647-5511 Fulford
Charles 68,138-69
Charles 7-2261
Charles 7-2735 McCauley
Charles 7-2839 7-2968
Charles 7-2951 7-2569
Charles 7-3738 | Schwartz
Charles 7295X1F18 Routliffe
Charles 8. Brink
Charles 8. D. Morris
Charles 8. Francis
Charles À
Charles A Chabot
Charles A de Coulomb
Charles A F Fokes
Charles A Gam-m«Mid
Charles A Hll(
Charles A Irvine
Charles A I»c«ey
Charles A Levine
Charles A Lindbergh
Charles A MU 11*0»
Charles A P&rt
Charles A Parsons
Charles A Ryan
Charles A W. Chamberlin
Charles A. Bannister
Charles A. Belief Kearney
Charles A. Collins
Charles A. Cook
Charles A. Davis
Charles A. Dewey
Charles A. Dunning
Charles A. Eastman
Charles A. Gilmour
Charles A. Kimball
Charles A. Levine
Charles A. Lin,bei
Charles A. Linbergh
Charles A. Lindbergh
Charles A. Lindbergh’s
Charles A. Lingbergh
Charles A. Magmth
Charles A. Moreau
Charles A. Pitcher
Charles A. Quant
Charles A. Roy
Charles A. Smilky
Charles A. Stoneham
Charles A. Swenson
Charles A. Wagner
Charles A. Weddigen
Charles A. White
Charles A. Wilson
Charles A. Young
Charles A.W
Charles Abandoned
Charles Abouas- Commission
Charles Abouassali
Charles Adams
Charles Adaraa
Charles Addington
Charles Addis
Charles Ade
Charles Adolphus
Charles Adolphus Squire»
Charles Agate
Charles Ahawville
Charles Aimé
Charles AJIlHeaphy
Charles Al-den Seltzer’s
Charles Alain
Charles Albert
Charles Albert Draper
Charles Albert Draper I .
Charles Albert Edgar Draper
Charles Aldington
Charles Alex
Charles Alexan-
Charles Alexander
Charles Alexander Mag
Charles Allaen
Charles Allan
Charles Allard
Charles Allardyce
Charles Almon Washington Chamberlin
Charles Also
Charles AM
Charles Among
Charles Amy
Charles Amyot
Charles An-
Charles and
Charles and Adam Armstrong J
Charles and Adeline
Charles and Andrew
Charles and Andrew Dickson
Charles and Ann Beriau
Charles and Benjamin Moors.
Charles and Carol Lemaire
Charles and Danny
Charles and Danny Judd
Charles and Diana
Charles and Diana Wedding
Charles and Donald
Charles and Doris Routliffe
Charles and Dowell
Charles and Elder Hines
Charles and Elder Hynes
Charles and Fred
Charles and Fred Headrick
Charles and Freeman
Charles and Gerald 0red
Charles and Gordon
Charles and Gordon Chamberlain
Charles and Greg Fort Coulongv Allan G. Mackenzie 11:30
Charles and Greg.
Charles and Greg____________________ Fraser
Charles and Harper Smith
Charles and James
Charles and James Brown
Charles and Jane McKen-
Charles and Jean
Charles and Jean 3
Charles and Jean Bristol s Dann Webb
Charles and Jean Smith
Charles and Jean Smith’s Hwy
Charles and Jean Zacharias
Charles and Joan
Charles and Kathy Stairs
Charles and Lady Tupper
Charles and Lloyd
Charles and Marilyn MacDougall
Charles and Mary
Charles and Maurice O’Donnell
Charles and Melvin
Charles and Mrs Mr. O.
Charles and Mrs. Staidèy Thacker
Charles and Nancy Pirie
Charles and Nancy.
Charles and Pat Renaud
Charles and Ralph
Charles and Rod Rodgers
Charles and Ross
Charles and Ross Dickson
Charles and Ross Sylvester
Charles and Ross Tay-
Charles and Ross Taylor
Charles and Sandra Blackmore
Charles and Sandy Kircher
Charles and Smith
Charles and Susan
Charles and Susan 648-2669 Rebel Dempsey
Charles and Susan Ethi-
Charles and Susan Ethier Refreshments
Charles and Tracy Wakelam
Charles and William Hobbs
Charles Anderson
Charles Andrews
Charles Angus
Charles Anile Gagne
Charles Annan
Charles Anns
Charles Anthony
Charles Antler
Charles Antoine Ernest Gagnon
Charles Ar-
Charles Archer
Charles Argue
Charles Argue 2
Charles Argue Happy
CharleS ArgU®’ Rodney Marks- John Hynes
Charles Armon Dagg
Charles Armour
Charles Armstrong
Charles Arnold
Charles Aronson
Charles Arrand
Charles Arthur
Charles Askins
Charles At
Charles Atk- Mrs. D. J. McLaughlin
Charles Atkin McKenzie
Charles Atkin-
Charles Atkin- Arnold Scullion
Charles Atkin- Jimmy Daley
Charles Atkin- Surviving
Charles Atkinson
Charles Atlas
Charles Au- Mr
Charles Auburn
Charles Augusta Trudell
Charles Auguste Langlois
Charles Augustus Lindbergh
Charles Augustus Lindbergh’s
Charles Augustus Tompkins
Charles Aumond
Charles Aurnond
Charles Ave
Charles Avenue
Charles Ax
Charles Axeworthy
Charles Axeworthy Girl
Charles Axeworthy Rose Henley
Charles Axeworthy-Abee Patch
Charles Axeworthy-Haleta
Charles Axeworthy-Kate Dillard
Charles Axeworthy-Lady Lee P
Charles Axeworthy-Rose Effective
Charles Axworthy
Charles Aylmer
Charles AYLMER 113
Charles B Major
Charles B. Baker
Charles B. Feet
Charles B. Henderson
Charles B. Moore
Charles B. Newman
Charles B. Rea
Charles B. Rouleau
Charles B.lec
Charles Ba
Charles Babbage
Charles Bachenski
Charles Bailey Holmes
Charles Baines
Charles Balfour
Charles Ballance
Charles Banbury’s Dlomed
Charles Banter
Charles Barbeau
Charles Barber
Charles Bares
Charles Barley Hied Postor - Rev O White Charles Barley Ried
Charles Barnabe
Charles Barnard
Charles Barnes
Charles Barnet
Charles Barremeo
Charles Barrett
Charles Barrett.
Charles Barsalon
Charles Bartley
Charles Basker-vllle
Charles Bath
Charles Bathurst
Charles Bathurst MiU.
Charles Baugh
Charles Baxter
Charles Bçale Word
Charles Bckart
Charles Bclcc
Charles Bclec
Charles Bclec.
Charles Bcriau
Charles Bcrlau
Charles Bdl
Charles Be
Charles Be Is
Charles Be-riau
Charles Beacock
Charles Beale
Charles Bean
Charles Beard
Charles Beardsley
Charles Beardsley Soloist Mrs. Cecil Lester
Charles Beatty
Charles Beaubien Ito
Charles Beaudoin
Charles Beaudoin 29.0 Simon Paradis
Charles Beauparlant
Charles Beauregard
Charles Beauvais
Charles Beck
Charles Bedaux
Charles Beek*ted
Charles Beeler
Charles Behai
Charles Behrraan
Charles Bel
Charles Belair
Charles Belanger Executive Assistant
Charles Belanger.......
Charles Belcc
Charles Belec
Charles Belec 191719
Charles Belec Howell Miss Margaret Smiley Air F)rce Day
Charles Belec Jr.
Charles Belec Percy Smith
Charles Belec Simon McNally Dominic Sloan Joseph D Sloan Bernard J Sloan
Charles Belec.
Charles Belee
Charles Beler
Charles Belet*
Charles Belgian 2
Charles Bell
Charles Bellefeuille
Charles Belsh
Charles Belsher
Charles Belton
Charles Benjamin Hynes
Charles Benn
Charles Bennett
Charles Benoist
Charles Benoit
Charles Benter
Charles Bentley Office Products
Charles Ber-
Charles Ber-iau
Charles Bercau
Charles Beresford
Charles Berian
Charles Beriau
Charles Beriau Center
Charles Beriau Director
Charles Bériau)
Charles Berieau
Charles Berion
Charles Berlac
Charles Berlau
Charles Berlau Bertrand
Charles Berlau Delbert Zacha
Charles Berromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Bert Hobbe
Charles Bert Hobbs
Charles BerThe
Charles Bertram
Charles Bertrand
Charles Bertrand Tire
Charles Best
Charles Bet
Charles Bethune
Charles Bfown
Charles Bicard
Charles Bickford
Charles Biederman
Charles Biron
Charles Bishop Algar
Charles Black
Charles Black Hawks
Charles Black Hawks 4
Charles Black John Elliott Terrence Higgins Elliott Jones Max Rukald Arnold Strader
Charles Black John Elliott Terrence Higgins Elliott Jones Max Rukald Arnold Strader Assets
Charles Blais
Charles Blond
Charles Bnrwell
Charles Bo
Charles Bo- Mr- Bergmann
Charles Boas
Charles Bob Morrison
Charles Boh
Charles Boh- Canada
Charles Boisvert
Charles Bol-
Charles Bolam
Charles Bolam Build*
Charles Bolam’s
Charles Bolduc
Charles Bolée
Charles Bomb Injures Witness HAMILTON
Charles Bomxneo
Charles Book
Charles Book*
Charles Boole
Charles Boole Anglican Rector
Charles Boole Eileen Colton
Charles Boole ST.
Charles Boone
Charles Booth 3rd
Charles Bor-omeo Orta
Charles Bore
Charles Bormmeo
Charles Boromé
Charles Boroméo
Charles Borremeo Church
Charles Borremo Church
Charles Borro-
Charles Borromao
Charles Borromco
Charles Borromco Father Pat Tail Saturday
Charles Borromco Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromé
Charles Borromec
Charles Borromec.
Charles Borromée
Charles Borromeo
Charles Borromeo CajnpbelTa*Bayâ
Charles Borromeo Catho-daughter
Charles Borromeo Catholic
Charles Borromeo Cemetery
Charles Borromeo Chirch
Charles Borromeo Church
Charles Borromeo Church Ha Wedding
Charles Borromeo Church Otter Lake
Charles Borromeo Church Shawn
Charles Borromeo Church They
Charles Borromeo Country Music
Charles Borromeo Fathcr Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Father Pat Tail Saturday
Charles Borromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Hev Fr Jean-Raul Rochefort
Charles Borromeo I
Charles Borromeo Ladies Auxiliary
Charles Borromeo Otter Lake
Charles Borromeo Otter Lake INNOVONS
Charles Borromeo Otter Lake Masses
Charles Borromeo Otter Lake Saturday
Charles Borromeo Pariah
Charles Borromeo Parish
Charles Borromeo Parish Hall
Charles Borromeo Re* Fr Jean-Paul Rochefort
Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Jean-Paul Rochefort
Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Pbt
Charles Borromeo Rev Pal Tail
Charles Borromeo Rev Pat Tait 453
Charles Borromeo Rev Stuart Marpias
Charles Borromeo Rev. Roger McE
Charles Borromeo Roman
Charles Borromeo Romeo Wilson
Charles Borromeo Rw Fr Jean-Fteul Rochetort
Charles Borromeo Rw Fr Jean-Paul Rochefort
Charles Borromeo Stuart Marpies
Charles Borromeo Stuart Marples
Charles Borromeo Sunday School Morning Worship Rev Fr Jeen-Psui Rochetort
Charles Borromeo There
Charles Borromoo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromoo Otter Lake
Charles Borromso
Charles Borromvo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borrow.o
Charles Botto
Charles Boujard
Charles Bourk
Charles Bouse
Charles Bowie
Charles Boyar
Charles Boyd C<
Charles Boyer
Charles Boyer Lest
Charles Boyer Louis
Charles Boyer Manufacturing
Charles Boyer Robert Bedford
Charles Boyer W P. L. Smith
Charles Boys
Charles Bo’am
Charles Brabin
Charles Brad
Charles Bradford
Charles Braithwaite
Charles Brandon
Charles Brassard
Charles Breard
Charles Breckenridge
Charles Brem- Campbell
Charles Bremner
Charles Brennan
Charles Bretelaff
Charles Breton
Charles Bretzlaff
Charles Bridgewater
Charles Brier
Charles Brigger
Charles Brigger Herbert Charles Brigger
Charles Brink
Charles Brink-worth
Charles Brinks
Charles Brinksw orth
Charles Brinksworth
Charles Brinkworth
Charles Brinkworth Have
Charles Bristol
Charles Brittain
Charles Brlnkworth
Charles Broadway Rons*
Charles Bromée
Charles Bronfman
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson But
Charles Brookdalc Farm
Charles Brooke
Charles Broom
Charles Brown
Charles Brown Prescn
Charles Brownlee
Charles Bruce
Charles Bruce.
Charles Bruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilchrist....... Eustache La
Charles Bruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilohrist....... Eustache La
Charles Brunet
Charles Brunette
Charles Bryson
Charles Bucholtz
Charles Buck Perhaps
Charles Buckley
Charles Bud
Charles Budd
Charles Budd Shirley
Charles Buege
Charles Buggies
Charles Buik
Charles Buike
Charles Bums
Charles Buntzinger
Charles Bur-rison
Charles Burgess
Charles Burke
Charles Burke Interment
Charles Burke P.P. Interment Kevin O Brien
Charles Burlin-defence
Charles Burnett
Charles Burnett Ethier
Charles Burnette
Charles Burns
Charles Burrison
Charles Burroughs
Charles Bursaw
Charles Burton
Charles Burton Dalton
Charles Bury
Charles Bury Presents
Charles Bus-
Charles Bused
Charles Bussell
Charles But
Charles Butler
Charles Butt
Charles Butter
Charles Bvresfnrd
Charles Bvresford
Charles Byron
Charles B«-attle
Charles C Couture
Charles C D. Roberta
Charles C Symms
Charles C Thompson
Charles C''nulongu
Charles C. Burson
Charles C. Clay
Charles C. Moore
Charles C. Stewart
Charles C.H.dla
Charles C.lndfiam
Charles Caccia
Charles Cacda
Charles Caceia
Charles Cahi l
Charles Cahill
Charles Cahill SATURDAY
Charles Cahill Speaks To
Charles Cahill Wins Mayoralty Contest At Bay
Charles Caitj
Charles Caldwell
Charles Callaghan
Charles Cam
Charles Cameron
Charles Cameron King-
Charles Camidge
Charles Campbell
Charles Camsell
Charles Canada
Charles Canadian
Charles Cantin
Charles Can» 148.16
Charles Cape Breton Celtic Musical
Charles Car
Charles Cardinal
Charles Carl
Charles Carlson
Charles Caroll
Charles Caron
Charles Carpenter
Charles Carr
Charles Carroll
Charles Carroll Kvorett
Charles Carry
Charles Carson
Charles Cart
Charles Carter
Charles Cartie
Charles Cartier
Charles Cartier.
Charles Carty
Charles Carty Dies
Charles Carty’a
Charles Caston
Charles Caston-
Charles Castonguay
Charles Catch
Charles Catholic Church
Charles Cathy Riebertz
Charles Cavan Puffy
Charles Cavendish
Charles CbamherUin
Charles Cecil Tuck
Charles Celebrating WÏ-Il
Charles Cemetery
Charles Cerr
Charles Ce^i Chamberlin
Charles Cha-;
Charles Chabot
Charles Chabot 1381*
Charles Chabot Jr*
Charles Cham
Charles Chamberla
Charles Chamberlain
Charles Chamberlain Motion Crs
Charles Chamberlain Seat
Charles Chamberlain Vinton
Charles Chamberlin
Charles Chambers
Charles Chaplin
Charles Char- Quyon St
Charles Chartrand
Charles Cheattle
Charles Chénier
Charles Chev- Japanese
Charles Chevrier
Charles Chicago
Charles Chrétien
Charles Christian
Charles Christopher
Charles Christopher Bristol Hotel-Dining.Room-Dining-Room-Terrace Bar
Charles Christy
Charles Church
Charles Church Murder
Charles Ci
Charles Ciccia
Charles Ciilmour
Charles City
Charles Civond
Charles Clarendon Front
Charles Clark
Charles Clement
Charles Clifford Hahn
Charles Cline
Charles Close
Charles CN Dalton
Charles Co#
Charles Coal
Charles Coates
Charles Cobum
Charles Coburn
Charles Coburn Drama ALWAYS
Charles Cockahutt
Charles Code
Charles Code’s
Charles Coed
Charles Coghlan
Charles Cogswell
Charles Col-I
Charles Coldstream
Charles Cole
Charles Cole-
Charles Coleman
Charles College
Charles Collins
Charles Colson
Charles Commanda
Charles Commercial Colleges
Charles Commercial Colleges Preparations
Charles Commercial Gelleges
Charles Company Thorne Centre Recreation
Charles Comway
Charles Conacher
Charles Conway
Charles Conway Jr
Charles Coo,Kir
Charles Cook
Charles Cooke
Charles Cooper
Charles Cork
Charles Cornell Verna
Charles Corners
Charles Correll
Charles Corrigan.
Charles Costello
Charles Côté
Charles Cottar
Charles Coughlin
Charles Coulter
Charles Courtman
Charles Cow-
Charles Coyne
Charles Coyr.e 3 E J
Charles Craig
Charles Crane
Charles Crank
Charles Craven
Charles Craven She
Charles Crawford
Charles Cresham
Charles Crook
Charles Crozat Converse
Charles Cunningham Boycott
Charles Curtis
Charles Cusson
Charles Cyr
Charles D abord
Charles D Aoust
Charles D moo.—Carr
Charles D.
Charles D. Clide
Charles D. Donald
Charles D. Flory
Charles D. French
Charles D. Kirkpatrick
Charles D. Sch
Charles D. Walcott
Charles Da
Charles da Salaherry
Charles Da>idson
Charles Dag-1
Charles Dag/
Charles Dagcnais
Charles Dagenai
Charles Dagenais
Charles Dagenals
Charles Dagg
Charles Dagg Aylmer
Charles Dagg Aytmer
Charles Dagg Vvm B Hodgins
Charles Dais
Charles Dale
Charles Dale ?
Charles Dale BOX
Charles Dale 0f
Charles Dale 647- Laurie
Charles Dale 647-2716
Charles Dale 647-2716 Deepest
Charles Dale Everett
Charles Dale George Campbell Jr.
Charles Dale Highest
Charles Dale Hodgins
Charles Dale OR
Charles Dale Président
Charles Dale Presiding
Charles Dale Presiding-Officer
Charles Dale Returning
Charles Dale Returning Officer CONNELLY
Charles Dale Returning Officer Tel
Charles Dale Returning Officer VILLAGE
Charles Dale Returning Officer ¦
Charles Dale Sec-Trees
Charles Dale Sec.-Treas
Charles Dale Sec.-trees
Charles Dale Secretary-Treasurer
Charles Dale Secretary-treasurer Municipality
Charles Dale Secretary-Treasurer Village
Charles Dale Stroke
Charles Dale Treasurer
Charles Dale.
Charles Daley
Charles Daley Labor
Charles Dale’s Green Mountain
Charles Dalfen
Charles Dalq
Charles Dana
Charles Danis 142.60
Charles Danis 16.00
Charles Danis 186.00
Charles Danvers
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin’s
Charles David
Charles David Sc
Charles David Schock Hamilton Band Pontiac Historical Society
Charles Davidson
Charles Davie
Charles Davis
Charles Daw
Charles Dawes
Charles Dayon Suffered
Charles Dcrouin
Charles De
Charles de Bruyn
Charles de Chicoutimi
Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle’s Free French
Charles de Lesaops
Charles de Lint
Charles de Lxwaepe
Charles de Rohan
Charles de Rothschild
Charles de This
Charles De Vere
Charles de We
Charles Dean
Charles Decarie
Charles Dechert
Charles Deepest
Charles DeGaulle
Charles Deiisle
Charles Deiott
Charles Del
Charles Del-
Charles Del-engie
Charles Delagrave
Charles Delangie
Charles Dele
Charles Dele Presiding Officer
Charles Delisle
Charles Delude
Charles Demachv
Charles DeMarsh
Charles Demers Centre Isle
Charles Dempsey
Charles Den
Charles Denise Dowe
Charles DENTISTRY.-Dr.
Charles Dept
Charles der
Charles Der-
Charles Derouin
Charles Desjardins
Charles Dev-Hu
Charles Devis
Charles Devlin
Charles Devlin A* Son’s
Charles Devlin Aylmer
Charles Devlin Dated
Charles Devlin Esq.
Charles Devlin M.P
Charles Devlin’*»
Charles Dftgenais
Charles Diamond
Charles Dibdin
Charles Dick
Charles Dick-
Charles Dick- Armitage
Charles Dick- However
Charles Dick-(Continued
Charles Dickacn
Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens " IIiastl>red
Charles Dickens 9
Charles Dickens Christmas
Charles Dickens Excursions Popularize Train
Charles Dickens Is
Charles Dickens It
Charles Dickens Made Smart Retort
Charles Dickens No
Charles Dickens Reveals Care Which Great Writer Gave Hie Books
Charles Dickens Theiv
Charles Dickens*
Charles Dickens—retired
Charles Dickens’s
Charles Dicker
Charles Dickon
Charles Dickons
Charles Dickson
Charles Dickson - Praises Municipality
Charles Dickson A
Charles Dickson Becchgroxe
Charles Dickson Burke
Charles Dickson BY: Mrs Lloyd Cartman Correspondent
Charles Dickson Many Pontiac
Charles Dickson Published
Charles Dickson Rutherford
Charles Dickson’s
Charles Dickson’s Flicka
Charles Dickson’s Jean Paul Fleury
Charles Dickson’s Lady
Charles Dickson’s Lea Lea Willark’s Laddy
Charles Diehl
Charles Diike
Charles DiIke’s
Charles Dilke
Charles Dilke* Nipiksutg News
Charles Dinuncll
Charles Dio
Charles Diofens
Charles Diotte
Charles Division
Charles Dixon
Charles Di^y
Charles Dllke
Charles Dngg
Charles DOke
Charles Dole Personal
Charles Donald
Charles Donald Elliott
Charles Donald.
Charles Donan
Charles Donnelly
Charles Donnie
Charles Dora Bland Jordan
Charles Dorick
Charles Dorn
Charles Dorn-berger
Charles Dorn-herger
Charles Dounelly
Charles Dr''nk
Charles Drake
Charles Drake Color
Charles Drennan
Charles Drink
Charles Drinkwater
Charles Drinkwster
Charles Drouin
Charles Drury
Charles Du.e
Charles Dubeau
Charles Dubreuil
Charles Dudley Warner
Charles Dufault
Charles Duff
Charles Dugg
Charles Duke
Charles Duncan
Charles Dunlap
Charles Dunning
Charles Durght
Charles Durntng 2
Charles Durwah
Charles Dutti
Charles Dwight
Charles Dydo
Charles E
Charles E Beat
Charles E HEAPHY
Charles E HEAPHY Campbell
Charles E Itaven
Charles E Mohr
Charles E Muhr
Charles E Palme
Charles E Palmer
Charles E Palmer Business
Charles E R*ad
Charles E Renaud
Charles E Rosenthal
Charles E Smith
Charles E Smith -
Charles E Smith Mrs Ivan Lewis
Charles E Spence
Charles E Turner
Charles E.
Charles E. Caagrain
Charles E. Courtney
Charles E. Dale
Charles E. Davis
Charles E. Duryea
Charles E. Lees
Charles E. Mohr
Charles E. Morgan
Charles E. Palmer
Charles E. Palmer Dies After Brief Illness Mrs. Evelyn Little
Charles E. Phillips
Charles E. P^rry
Charles E. Resser
Charles E. Rose
Charles E. Smith
Charles E. Thome
Charles E. Thorpe
Charles E. Williams
Charles E. Wilson
Charles E.* Morris
Charles E.Cunmngham
Charles E.Palmer
Charles EACH V
Charles Eady
Charles Eady .......... Clifford Wilson ............ Lois E. Smiley
Charles Earle
Charles Early
Charles Eastman
Charles Ed-
Charles Ed- Hecretary
Charles Eden
Charles Edey
Charles Edgar Coleman
Charles Editer
Charles Edouard
Charles Edward
Charles Edward Poulott Thomson
Charles Edward rerep- After
Charles Edward Saunders
Charles Edward Underwood
Charles Edward.
Charles Egbert Craddock
Charles Ekown
Charles EL Sherrill
Charles El-
Charles Eliot Norton
Charles Elliott
Charles Elliott.
Charles Ellis
Charles Elsoti
Charles Elthier
Charles Elton
Charles ElUcott
Charles Elward Cliche
Charles Emil Milier
Charles Emile Renaud
Charles Emmett Mack
Charles Emory Smith
Charles English
Charles Equinox
Charles Ernest John Storey
Charles Ervin Smith
Charles Erwin
Charles Erwin Mohr
Charles Erwin Mohr Charles
Charles Erwini Ottawa
Charles Et
Charles ET340T
Charles Eth
Charles Etheir
Charles Ethi-
Charles Ethiar
Charles Ethicr
Charles Ethier
Charles Ethier 15.00
Charles Ethier 42.00
Charles Ethier Bertrand
Charles Ethier Dempsey
Charles Ethier Harkins
Charles Ethier Harold Lamarche
Charles Ethier Minister
Charles Ethier Municipal Corporation
Charles Ethier RAP
Charles Ethier’s
Charles Ethler V/
Charles Euan Smith
Charles Eugene Poulit
Charles Evans
Charles Every
Charles Evoleigh
Charles Excellent Fashion Pare
Charles F King
Charles F Mohr Lot
Charles F. Cool
Charles F. Donne
Charles F. Farzer
Charles F. HJohnson
Charles F. Horner
Charles F. Hyde
Charles F. Kettering
Charles F. King
Charles F. Knox
Charles F. Loewen
Charles F. Luramis
Charles F. Oeschiker
Charles F. Petersen
Charles F. Survjvj
Charles F. X. Chaloner
Charles Faber
Charles Far-red
Charles Farewell Win-
Charles Farm Forums
Charles Farms
Charles Farrell
Charles Farren
Charles Father Merlyn Ethier
Charles Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Felix
Charles Fergu
Charles Ferguson
Charles Fetch
Charles Ffoulkes
Charles FHWt
Charles Field
Charles Fielding
Charles Fierce
Charles Fifth
Charles Financial
Charles Firm Inc.
Charles Fisher
Charles Fitali
Charles Fitz- Pirliamcnt
Charles Fitzmaurice
Charles Fitzpatrick
Charles Fkelmont
Charles Flag-
Charles Flager
Charles Fleis
Charles Flemml
Charles Fltzhugh Talman
Charles Fltzpat-
Charles FlUlUOSj McKiernan
Charles Foad
Charles Following
Charles For-
Charles Ford
Charles Forester
Charles Fort
Charles Fort Martin
Charles Fort Quyon
Charles Forth
Charles Fortin
Charles Fos*fr
Charles Foster
Charles Foulkes
Charles Fowler
Charles Fox
Charles Foy
Charles Fraaer
Charles Fral-
Charles Frame
Charles France
Charles Francis
Charles Francis Adams
Charles Francis Campbell
Charles Francoeur
Charles Franklin
Charles Franklin Dale
Charles Franklin Dale Elisabeth Anne Marshall Miss Elizabeth Anne Marshall
Charles Franz
Charles Fraser
Charles Frederic
Charles Frederick Hyde
Charles Frederick Irons
Charles Fremont
Charles French
Charles Frie-day
Charles Friend
Charles Fro-
Charles Frohman
Charles Frost
Charles FRsmorrle
Charles Fulford
Charles Fulmer
Charles Funnel I
Charles Fureabend
Charles G
Charles G D Roberts
Charles G D Roberts No.
Charles G Zimmerling
Charles G Zlmmerling
Charles G. Burdick
Charles G. Dawes
Charles G. Hodgii-s
Charles G. McFadden
Charles G. Smith
Charles G.. James Davis
Charles G.D. Roberts
Charles G.D. Roberts Robert Service
Charles Ga van Duffy
Charles Gabonry
Charles Gagain
Charles Gagnon
Charles Gagnon -
Charles Gagnon - Rod
Charles Galley
Charles Galogly
Charles Gamier
Charles Gananoque
Charles Gar- Charles Belec
Charles Gardner
Charles Garry Kenneth
Charles Gartner
Charles Garvice
Charles Garvlce
Charles Gatineau
Charles Gaunt
Charles Gauthier
Charles Gava
Charles Gavan Duffy
Charles Gavsie
Charles Gaw
Charles Gay
Charles Georges Hammonds
Charles Gervais
Charles Gezork
Charles Ghiniquy
Charles GHs
Charles Gibb
Charles Giffin
Charles Giftin
Charles Gilbert
Charles Gilbert Mohr
Charles Gillett
Charles Gillies
Charles Gilmoor
Charles Gilmour
Charles Gird-his
Charles Giroux
Charles Giroux Blondin
Charles Glackmeyer
Charles Gleason
Charles Glenn
Charles Glenn Hudgins
Charles Glenn) Aylmer
Charles Glover
Charles Gnus Louis
Charles Go
Charles Goddard
Charles Godin
Charles Godue
Charles Goldfeld
Charles Golgoleen
Charles Gollogby
Charles Goltz
Charles Gonthier
Charles Gooderham
Charles Gooderham 3.30— Genetics AFTERNOON
Charles Gooderham Care
Charles Gooderhatn
Charles Gooderliam 3.30— Genetics MORNING Round Tower
Charles Goodfellow
Charles Goodman
Charles Goodspeed
Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear Jr.
Charles Gordon
Charles Gordon Crouse
Charles Gore
Charles Gorman
Charles Gough
Charles Gould
Charles Goulet
Charles Governor General’s
Charles Gow Convicted
Charles Gra
Charles Grace
Charles Gracejr
Charles Gracey
Charles Gracy
Charles Graeey
Charles Grammont
Charles Gran
Charles Grandison
Charles Grant
Charles Grant Jordan
Charles Grant Mackenzie
Charles Grant Mocquair
Charles Grant.
Charles Graves
Charles Gray
Charles Gray Color Adult Entertainment Eastman Color
Charles Green
Charles Grenier
Charles Grey
Charles Grey Nuns
Charles Griffith
Charles Griffiths
Charles Guenther
Charles Guenther’s
Charles Guibault-Lapointe
Charles Guth-rb
Charles Guy
Charles Guy Hill
Charles Guy Laçasse
Charles H Campbell
Charles H Harrison
Charles H Land
Charles H Routliffe
Charles H Schwartz
Charles H U. X
Charles H Wainman
Charles H Weinman
Charles H*nry McCord
Charles H-mtgins
Charles H.
Charles H. Berry
Charles H. Brooks
Charles H. Campbell
Charles H. Dases
Charles H. Davis
Charles H. Elliott
Charles H. Fry
Charles H. Haight
Charles H. Hawes
Charles H. Herty
Charles H. Hewitt
Charles H. Mayo
Charles H. Paget
Charles H. Park
Charles H. S. Ballantyne
Charles H. Sherrill
Charles H. Tapper
Charles H. Tliorlmrn
Charles H. Topper
Charles H. Tupper
Charles H. Tupper—It
Charles H. Wainman
Charles Ha
Charles Hache
Charles Hackland
Charles Had
Charles Haddleton
Charles Hager
Charles Hailey
Charles Haines
Charles Hairnet
Charles Hait
Charles Hale
Charles Hall
Charles Halle
Charles Halliday
Charles Hallook
Charles Ham
Charles Hamilton
Charles Hammond
Charles Hammond Newberry
Charles Hammonds
Charles Hammonds Ottawa
Charles Han- Given
Charles Hanes
Charles Haney
Charles Hani
Charles Hanna
Charles Hannen
Charles Hanson
Charles Hanson Tow
Charles Hanson Towue
Charles Hapsburg Proved Belter Type
Charles Harcourt
Charles Hardy
Charles Haris
Charles Harri-,
Charles Harris
Charles Harris H
Charles Harrison
Charles Harris’s
Charles Harry
Charles Hartley
Charles Harvey
Charles Hash
Charles Hatch
Charles Hatherly
Charles Havlland
Charles Hayden
Charles Haynes Has
Charles Hcaphy
Charles Hcaphy Campbell
Charles Hcid
Charles Hdam
Charles He
Charles Hea
Charles Hea-
Charles Hea-phy
Charles Heaphy
Charles Heaphy act
Charles Heaphy Charles Heaphy
Charles Heaphy Conseil
Charles Heaphy Hour
Charles Heaphy Ray
Charles Heapliy
Charles Heathorn
Charles Heavy Sage
Charles Heavysege
Charles Hedderwick
Charles Hehal
Charles Hehich
Charles Held
Charles Helec
Charles Henderson
Charles Heney
Charles Hennessey
Charles Henri 1983.
Charles Henrv
Charles Henry
Charles Henry 42.13
Charles Henry 52
Charles Henry Carrière
Charles Henry Col-I
Charles Henry Hart
Charles Henry Loken
Charles Henry Metcalf
Charles Henry Roderick Married
Charles Hereney
Charles Herman Mah__litz
Charles Herron
Charles Hesphy
Charles Hester
Charles Heston George Kennedy
Charles Hi
Charles Hi#am
Charles Hibbard Tapper
Charles Hibbart Tapper
Charles Hibbert London
Charles Hibbert Tapper
Charles Hibbert Tupper
Charles Hickman
Charles Hied
Charles Hies
Charles Hiffr
Charles Higham
Charles Higharn
Charles Hill
Charles Hill Caldwell
Charles Hines
Charles Hines Arrives Home
Charles Hines Over
Charles Hipwaÿ
Charles Hlgham
Charles Hmtopp
Charles Hobbs
Charles Hobbs Furniture
Charles Hobh
Charles Hod
Charles Hod-
Charles Hodfilns
Charles Hodflms
Charles Hodg
Charles Hodge
Charles Hodges
Charles Hodgina
Charles Hodgins
Charles Hodgins Charles Hodgins
Charles Hodginx
Charles Hodgtns
Charles Hoefsmit
Charles Hogan
Charles Hoikins
Charles Hoir.un
Charles Hollingsworth
Charles Homh
Charles Honess
Charles Honey
Charles Honored
Charles Hoodruff
Charles Hooper
Charles Hopewell
Charles Hopewell Commits Suicide Charles Hopewell
Charles Hopson
Charles Horner
Charles Hose
Charles Hotel
Charles Hotel Inc. Wind
Charles Hotlgiiv
Charles Houtliffe
Charles Howard
Charles Howard Church
Charles Howard Vthce
Charles Howland
Charles Hoyt
Charles Htreet W.. Toronto
Charles Hu.itley Stark Survey
Charles Huard
Charles Hubert
Charles Huckabone
Charles Hudgins
Charles Hudon
Charles Hudson
Charles Hudysnn...........
Charles Huekabone
Charles Hugh Rus
Charles Hughes
Charles Hugo Gustave Ida
Charles Huneault
Charles Hunter
Charles Huntley Stark
Charles Hupras Jacques Cart’r Leon Forest
Charles Hus
Charles Husband
Charles HuseeLl
Charles Huso
Charles Hussell
Charles Hutchins
Charles Hutchison
Charles Hutt
Charles Huyckabone
Charles Huzzy
Charles Hvhich
Charles Hyde
Charles Hyman
Charles Hynes
Charles Hynes Passes At Shawville
Charles I
Charles I /V/VWWM.
Charles I Chin Kun Raw
Charles I Dwight Price
Charles I H Dowd
Charles I Hammond
Charles I IMF _ - William III
Charles I McCagg
Charles I Mine
Charles I Thomas
Charles I* Fevre
Charles I*lmçr
Charles I.
Charles I. Ohrensteln
Charles I. Rooney’s
Charles I.owry
Charles I.’s
Charles I>evlln
Charles IC. Graham
Charles Idler
Charles If
Charles If.
Charles IGA
Charles Igglesdcn
Charles II
Charles II.
Charles III
Charles III.
Charles IJ. Wainman
Charles IK
Charles Ik*lee
Charles IL
Charles Ileade’e
Charles Ilurna
Charles Im
Charles Im-ison
Charles Imeson
Charles Imi-
Charles Imi- Corrigan
Charles Imi- Henry Smiley
Charles Imi-All
Charles Imi-son
Charles Imi-The Lions Club
Charles Imiacti
Charles Imiaon
Charles Imieon
Charles Imieon 669
Charles Imisen
Charles Imisoe
Charles Imison
Charles Imison - Allen Independent Order
Charles Imison Deputy District Governor
Charles Imison Director
Charles Imison Due
Charles Imison Manor
Charles Imison Named President
Charles Imison Pembroke
Charles Imison Speaks Cagers To Play Mortgage Burned At
Charles Imisonj
Charles Imisons On Saturday
Charles Imison’s
Charles Imison’s Carried
Charles Imisoo
Charles Imisoo Windsor
Charles Imleon
Charles Imlson
Charles Imnon
Charles In
Charles Indedon
Charles Ingram
Charles Ini
Charles Iniison
Charles Iraison
Charles Irmas
Charles IrumanJ
Charles Is
Charles It
Charles It Gibson
Charles It-Hertln
Charles IT.
Charles Ithier
Charles Itkmson
Charles Itnison
Charles IT’S
Charles IV
Charles IV Devlin—
Charles IV.
Charles IV. Gooâfellow
Charles Iven Lynch Bridge
Charles Ivers Bridge
Charles IX
Charles IX Rina Ido
Charles IX.
Charles I^ett
Charles J
Charles J Burnette
Charles J Caccia
Charles J Dagg
Charles J Mayhew
Charles J Menard
Charles J Menard 613-822-1351
Charles J Menard 819-963-1056 Website
Charles J Ménard 819-983-1056
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Also Bred
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Leo Menard
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Leo Menard W **
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Leo Menard Next Stocker Sales
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Website
Charles J Menard Leo Menard
Charles J Menard Leo Menard 613-822-1351
Charles J Menard Leo Menard Partenariat
Charles J.
Charles J. Bethune
Charles J. Boole
Charles J. Boole 10:30
Charles J. Brennan
Charles J. Doherty
Charles J. Hastings
Charles J. Hyde
Charles J. Jolif-fe
Charles J. Kingster
Charles J. Ménard
Charles J. Menard 1-819-983-1056
Charles J. Ménard 819-983-1056 B B •
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard
Charles J. Ménard Steven Spratt Léo Ménard Auctioneer Ken McNeely
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard Paul McGee
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard 1-819-983-1056
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard Vinton Campbell
Charles J. Rimer
Charles J. Smith
Charles J. Trudeau
Charles Jackson
Charles Jackson Mrs. James Wilson
Charles Jacqueline
Charles Jamboree
Charles James
Charles James Fox
Charles James Fox—eminent
Charles James Hobbs
Charles James Robinson
Charles Jamieson
Charles Jandreau
Charles January 1
Charles Jardine - Mr. Allan Delarge
Charles Jarry
Charles Jay
Charles Jay Brough Appointed Resident Engineer
Charles Jay Buried Al Aylmer 1»54
Charles Jean
Charles Jean Pharmacien Bob & Myrna Campbell KIDS
Charles Jean Pharmacien Fairbanks Hotel Quyon
Charles Jean Pharmacy
Charles Jean Thursday
Charles Jean,
Charles Jeffrey
Charles Jen
Charles Jenkens
Charles Jenkine
Charles Jenkins Word
Charles Jepson
Charles Jess
Charles Jesters
Charles Jhanston
Charles Joanisse
Charles Jobin
Charles Johansan
Charles John
Charles John Fred-
Charles John Perceval
Charles John Secretary-Treasurer BRYSON
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnston
Charles Jollife
Charles Jones
Charles Jordan
Charles Jordan Continental Choir
Charles Joseph
Charles Joseph 1999 Congratulations
Charles Joseph 8tron£-
Charles Joseph Cahill
Charles Joseph Craig
Charles Joseph D Aillebout
Charles Joseph D AlUeboust
Charles Joseph David
Charles Joseph Doherty
Charles Joseph McNeill P
Charles Joseph Oaig
Charles Joseph Slattery Valentine’s Party Valentine’s Day
Charles Joseph Young
Charles Joslin
Charles Joyn-
Charles Jr (
Charles Jr,
Charles Jr.
Charles Jrs
Charles Judd
Charles Judd.
Charles K
Charles K Bland
Charles K Klngeford-Bmlth
Charles K Palmer.......t......
Charles K.
Charles K. Graham
Charles K. Hickey
Charles K. Stewart
Charles K;ng
Charles Kady
Charles Kami Kennedy
Charles Karl Tuttle
Charles Kathleen Uhl
Charles Katwnlou............ Heirs
Charles Kavanagh
Charles Kavanagh 238
Charles Kavanagh and Margaret McGee
Charles Kavanaugh
Charles Kealey
Charles Kean
Charles Kechnie
Charles Kel-Itiit
Charles Kelley
Charles Kelly
Charles Kelly VldlUlUlUn Thomas Charles Kelly
Charles Kemble
Charles Kennedy
Charles Kenneth Machin 69.3
Charles Kenney
Charles Kenny
Charles Kent
Charles Kettler
Charles Kettles
Charles Kiddle
Charles Kidnit •*0
Charles Killoran
Charles Kimberley Kluke
Charles King
Charles Kings
Charles Kings-good
Charles Kingsford-every
Charles Kingsley
Charles Kingsley*
Charles Kingsley—it
Charles Kingston
Charles Kinson
Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe
Charles Kllot Nor-
Charles Klngsford Smith
Charles Klngsford-Bmlth
Charles Klttggley
Charles Kluke
Charles Knew Her
Charles Knight
Charles Knox
Charles Korromeo
Charles Kregelo
Charles Kruger’s
Charles Ktcinke
Charles Ktewmrt
Charles Ktlison
Charles Ktt
Charles Ku-
Charles Kucbarik
Charles Kucha
Charles Kucharick
Charles Kucharik
Charles Kucharik Eldon Ostrom
Charles Kuchurik
Charles Kuckarik
Charles Kugvne Boucher de Boucherville
Charles Kxprv*»
Charles L
Charles L .
Charles L 1
Charles L A Imison
Charles L Allen
Charles L Center
Charles L McColgan
Charles L Meyer
Charles L Ottley
Charles L Pehling
Charles L Perfect
Charles L Singer
Charles L,
Charles L, XMiltehnll
Charles L. Dana
Charles L. Ketcha
Charles L. McCol
Charles L. McColgan
Charles L. Meyer
Charles L. Morris
Charles L. Nelli-gan
Charles L. Shaw
Charles L. Smith
Charles La
Charles La Rose
Charles La Wall
Charles Labarge
Charles Labarge Pontiac
Charles Labarge Questions
Charles Labelle
Charles Labi
Charles Laçasse
Charles Lackey Hanged
Charles Lacroix
Charles LaFerle
Charles Lafleur
Charles Lafrei
Charles Laird
Charles Lamarche
Charles LaMarr
Charles Lamb
Charles Lamb*
Charles Lamb/
Charles Lamothe
Charles Lamoureux
Charles Lance
Charles Lance Bertrand
Charles Lance.
Charles Land
Charles Lane
Charles Lane President
Charles Lang
Charles Langehers
Charles Langelicr
Charles Langelier
Charles Langevin
Charles Langlois
Charles LaogePer
Charles Lapierre
Charles Lapointe
Charles Laputre
Charles Larose
Charles Lass
Charles Latendre
Charles Lathem
Charles Lathrop Pack
Charles Latno
Charles Laughton
Charles Laughton Timmins
Charles Lawn
Charles Lawrie
Charles Lawrie ROOM
Charles Layman
Charles Lazarus
Charles LB
Charles Le
Charles Le Moyne
Charles Le UIU
Charles Le- Rninville’s Pee Wees
Charles Le- Signel To Go Faintly
Charles Le-Back
Charles Leach
Charles Leaveely
Charles Leblanc
Charles Leclerc
Charles Ledger
Charles Lee Jr.
Charles LeFerle
Charles Leger
Charles Legge
Charles Lema.re
Charles Lemaire
Charles Lemaire Grocery Store
Charles Lemaire Mr Ernest
Charles Lemaire Mrs. Alphonse Cahill Adolph Zimmerling
Charles LeMarche
Charles Lemay
Charles Lemenchick
Charles Lemoine
Charles LeMoyne
Charles Lench
Charles Leo Code
Charles Leo Levett
Charles Léo Rabishaw
Charles Leon
Charles Léon Gi- Administrator
Charles Leon-
Charles Leona Corriveau
Charles Lepootre
Charles Lepoutre
Charles Lepoutre M.R.C.
Charles Leslie
Charles Leslie Harold
Charles Leslie Harold Hines
Charles Leslie* Clark
Charles Leslie.
Charles Letellier
Charles Lett
Charles Lett?
Charles Letts
Charles Leveris
Charles Lewis Armstrong Imison L HÔPITAL
Charles Lewrie
Charles Lg
Charles Liberman
Charles Lichnuwsky
Charles Liehelle
Charles Limb
Charles Lin- EBB
Charles Lind
Charles Lindaie
Charles Lindberg
Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindhurgh
Charles Linnmis 1
Charles Lister
Charles Litidbvigh
Charles Livingstone
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lmi->on
Charles Lmison
Charles Locke
Charles Lodge
Charles Logan
Charles Logue
Charles Loken
Charles Loken Mom" Mrs Aggie Sparling
Charles Long
Charles Long Lac
Charles Long Lae
Charles Longman
Charles Looi
Charles Lortie
Charles Lortier
Charles Louis
Charles Louis Dahms
Charles Lowery
Charles Lownaberry
Charles Loyer
Charles Lsmont
Charles Lsngelier
Charles Ltndberg
Charles Luc
Charles Lucas
Charles Lucerne
Charles Luckey
Charles Luekoy Charged
Charles Lummis
Charles Lummis 3.
Charles Lundrtn
Charles Lungelier
Charles Lurges
Charles LutwIdgp Dodgson
Charles Luwnaberry
Charles Lyell
Charles Lynch
Charles Lynch Bndge
Charles Lynch Bridge Murphy
Charles Lyncli London
Charles Lynoh
Charles Lyon
Charles L^ue
Charles L’Ecuyer
Charles M Chambea
Charles M Oakland
Charles M Rus-
Charles M Russell
Charles M | QQ
Charles M&okay
Charles M. Bo-gert
Charles M. Cavanagh
Charles M. Coller
Charles M. Drury
Charles M. Hayes
Charles M. Hays
Charles M. Mot
Charles M. Royer
Charles M. Schwab
Charles M. Shel-
Charles M. Sheldon
Charles M.vjbk
Charles M<C>ol
Charles Ma
Charles Ma -pherson Dobell
Charles Mac-1
Charles Macara
Charles MacDonald
Charles MacDougnl
Charles Mace*
Charles Macgregor
Charles Macibk
Charles Macjek
Charles Mackaness
Charles Mackay
Charles MacKenzie
Charles Maclnr
Charles Madnnes
Charles Mage*
Charles Mageb
Charles Magee
Charles Magee Ottawa
Charles Magek
Charles Mages
Charles Magf.k
Charles Magfe
Charles Magi*
Charles Magie
Charles Magkii
Charles Magkr
Charles Mah
Charles Mahiltz
Charles Mahlitz
Charles Mahlitz - Richard Dahms
Charles Mahlltz
Charles Mahoney
Charles Mai- It
Charles Main
Charles Main 4T Ralph Horner
Charles Maine
Charles Mair
Charles Maitland
Charles Major
Charles Male
Charles Mall
Charles Malone
Charles Maloney
Charles Maltais
Charles Man-Jer’s
Charles Mankay
Charles Mann
Charles Mann Kincardine
Charles Manor
Charles Manson
Charles Mao
Charles Mao EE
Charles Maobb
Charles Maobe
Charles Maobi
Charles Maoee
Charles Maoek
Charles Maoep
Charles Maoer
Charles Maoh
Charles Maoke
Charles Maokk
Charles Maole
Charles Maom
Charles Maore
Charles Maori
Charles Maqie
Charles March
Charles Marcil
Charles Marion
Charles Marion.
Charles Markham
Charles Marks
Charles Marriagè
Charles Marshall
Charles Martel
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Hall
Charles Martin Minnie Schwartz
Charles Mary
Charles Mason
Charles Mass Saturday 7
Charles Massey
Charles Masters
Charles Matcil
Charles Mathew McColgan
Charles Mathews
Charles Maubb
Charles Maube
Charles Maubr
Charles Maueb
Charles Maueb.
Charles Mauee
Charles Mauke
Charles Maukk
Charles Maure
Charles Maurice <
Charles Mavetv
Charles Mavor
Charles Maxtor
Charles May
Charles May-1
Charles Mayer
Charles Mayheu _
Charles Mayhew
Charles Mayhew Agi
Charles Mayhew Leaves
Charles Mayo
Charles Mayor and Jamie Mayor
Charles Mbhr
Charles Mc
Charles Mc Va
Charles Mc-Colgan
Charles Mc-Wiibur Horner
Charles Mc-¦
Charles McAlear
Charles McAuley
Charles McBm
Charles McCagg
Charles McCaghren
Charles McCallum’s
Charles McCarr&gher
Charles McClary
Charles McClaskey
Charles McClear
Charles McCloskey
Charles McCol-
Charles McCol-Lwo
Charles McColgan
Charles McColgan This
Charles McColgan......... Daniel McCauley
Charles McCool
Charles McCord
Charles McCrea
Charles McCrea Lauded By Leaders
Charles McCullogh
Charles McCullough
Charles McDonald
Charles McDonough
Charles McDou-Pulpwood
Charles McDougall
Charles McDowell
Charles McElligott
Charles McFadden
Charles McGee
Charles McGill
Charles McGraw
Charles McGraw Adele
Charles McGuinnis
Charles McGuire
Charles McGure
Charles McIntosh
Charles McIntosh A Co.
Charles McIntosh St Co.
Charles McIntyre
Charles McKay
Charles McKbann
Charles McKee
Charles McKenny
Charles McKillop
Charles McKinley
Charles McKinley Co.
Charles McKiornun
Charles McLaurin
Charles McLean
Charles McLeod
Charles Mclnnts
Charles Mclolyr
Charles McManus
Charles McMillan
Charles McNamara
Charles McNamara Bhawvllle
Charles McNee- Aba
Charles McNeely
Charles McNeil John jr Ballantyne David 3
Charles McNeill
Charles McNelly
Charles McRae
Charles McWilliams
Charles Me Dow
Charles Me Dow-
Charles Me*
Charles Me* Créa
Charles Me- Le
Charles Me-Dowell
Charles MeCooi
Charles médita-1
Charles Meilke
Charles Melee
Charles Melkie
Charles Melville
Charles Melville Briggs
Charles Members
Charles Ménard
Charles Ménard 1
Charles Ménard 1-746-7623
Charles Menard 1-819-983-1056
Charles Ménard 232-3916 Delmer Spratt
Charles Ménard 819-595-2103
Charles Ménard 819-983-1056
Charles Ménard 819-983-1056 FRANCOIS
Charles Ménard 819-983-1056 Regular
Charles Ménard 819-983-1056 Steven Spratt
Charles Ménard 819-983-1056 Steven Spratt 613-822-1351 V Green Tomato Relish
Charles Ménard AUCTIONEER KEN McNEELY Goaltenders
Charles Ménard Régent Ménard
Charles Ménard Régent Ménard Oelmer Spratt C.W.A. Equipment Reg’d
Charles Ménard SEAIMARK
Charles Mervin
Charles Messey
Charles Meyers
Charles Me—
Charles Me— Resolved
Charles Mi
Charles Mi K-
Charles Michaud
Charles Michaud Luskville Territory Manager January
Charles Miclkc
Charles Mielke
Charles Mielke Mr. John Armitage
Charles Mielkie
Charles Miikie
Charles Mikula
Charles Milieu
Charles Millar
Charles Millar Agent
Charles Millard
Charles Mille
Charles Miller
Charles Milliken
Charles Milner
Charles Milner Ancient
Charles Minard
Charles Mis
Charles Mitchell
Charles Miu Janet Rabb
Charles Ml-
Charles Mlelke
Charles Mllkle
Charles Mng
Charles Moffatt
Charles Mohr
Charles Mohr Is
Charles Mohr Mrs. Iva Brownlee
Charles Moir
Charles Molly-Mandy
Charles Momreal Military Surplus
Charles Monaghan
Charles Monroe Sheldon
Charles Monselet In
Charles Moor-
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 197.03
Charles Moore 2,794.50
Charles Moore 796.16
Charles Moore Desjardins
Charles Moore Henry McCord
Charles Moore Ivan Sparling
Charles Moore Jean-Guy Lallemand
Charles Moore Lionel Morin
Charles Moore Mary Smith
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Charles Moore Minutes
Charles Moore Moore
Charles Moore Moved
Charles Moore Mr
Charles Moore Mr Stan Charbois
Charles Moore Pat and Mrs Lloyd Ostrom
Charles Moore Tande Truck
Charles Moore V Sunday
Charles Moore We
Charles Moore Wednesday
Charles Moorehead
Charles Moorehead: Murray Moore
Charles Moore’s
Charles Moorhead
Charles Moorhead Kapuskasing
Charles Moors
Charles Mor-Wilson
Charles Moran
Charles Morgan
Charles Morgtn
Charles Morin
Charles Morissette
Charles Morns
Charles Morris
Charles Morrison
Charles Morrissette
Charles Moss
Charles Most
Charles Motion
Charles Moureau
Charles Moussette
Charles MoV-
Charles Moved
Charles Mr Lalonde
Charles Mr.
Charles Mrs
Charles Mrs Hilgert Bretzlaff
Charles Mrs Myrtle Kealey
Charles Mrs Zita Chassie
Charles Mrs.
Charles Mrs. Alfred Millar
Charles Mrs. Eva Mohr
Charles Mrs. H Emmerson
Charles MscLesn
Charles Mukes
Charles Mul-
Charles Muldoon
Charles Muldoon Hayrides
Charles Mullen
Charles Mulvagh
Charles Mulvey
Charles Muma
Charles Mun-ro
Charles Municipality
Charles Munn
Charles Munro
Charles Munroe
Charles Murat
Charles Murchison
Charles Murphy
Charles Murray
Charles Musset
Charles Mustache Itrodcnr
Charles MvCrea
Charles Myers
Charles N. Brown
Charles N. Jones
Charles Napier
Charles Nathan
Charles Ncatc
Charles Neasier
Charles Nègre
Charles Nelson
Charles Nesbitt
Charles Nettoyeur Chatel Papeterie Thibo Proson Reitman
Charles Neuville Membres
Charles Never
Charles Neville
Charles Newcome
Charles Nichel
Charles Nicholaon
Charles Nicholas
Charles Nicholas 3
Charles Nichols
Charles Nicholson
Charles Nickel
Charles Nickel Tel
Charles Nickel’s
Charles Niemann
Charles No
Charles No-
Charles Noble
Charles Noltie
Charles Nor-
Charles Nordhoff
Charles Nordhoflf
Charles Nordmann
Charles Norris
Charles Norris Manly
Charles Norton
Charles Norton Pt
Charles Ntckle
Charles Nungesaer
Charles Nursing
Charles O Connor,
Charles O Carson
Charles O Conner
Charles O Connor
Charles O Donnell
Charles O Hara
Charles O Phillips Mill
Charles O Reilly
Charles O RicIlv.
Charles O Rlelly
Charles O Smith
Charles O''Malley
Charles O. D. Roberta
Charles O. Falrbank
Charles O.M.H.
Charles Oagenais
Charles Obemluugh
Charles Ogg
Charles Ogilv
Charles Ogilvie
Charles Ogilvy
Charles Ogilvy Ltd.
Charles Ogilvy Store
Charles Ogilvy Supplies
Charles Oglvie
Charles OHielly
Charles Oiffhi
Charles Oilmour
Charles Oiucky
Charles Oliver
Charles Olmsted
Charles Olson
Charles On
Charles ORielly 2
Charles Ormond
Charles Orr
Charles OTC
Charles Our
Charles Out-of-town
Charles Ouvlin
Charles Owen After
Charles Owens
Charles Oxley
Charles O’ Connor
Charles O’Connor
Charles O’Donnell
Charles O’Hara
Charles O’Hare
Charles O’llaie
Charles O’Reilly
Charles O’Reilly Assoc
Charles P
Charles P Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles P Heaven Is
Charles P Roderick
Charles P*rhcm
Charles P.
Charles P. Gamble
Charles P. Shea
Charles P. Steinmetz
Charles P. Wright
Charles Pack
Charles Packet
Charles Paget
Charles Palmer
Charles Panel
Charles Pare
Charles Paris
Charles Paris Parish Picnic
Charles Parish
Charles Parish Hall
Charles Parish Otter Lake
Charles Parker
Charles Parnell
Charles Parrott
Charles Parsons
Charles Paske
Charles Patrick O Hara
Charles Patrick Shea
Charles Patrick Shea Passes
Charles Patterson
Charles Pay
Charles Payne
Charles Peace
Charles Peaker
Charles Pel
Charles Pelham Villiers
Charles Pelton
Charles Pen-suit
Charles Pence
Charles Pepper Clarendon
Charles Percy Hall
Charles Perrault
Charles Perrier
Charles Perry
Charles Pétnn Régisseur
Charles Pétrin
Charles Pfager
Charles Philion Montréal
Charles Philip Arthur George
Charles Phillips
Charles Phis
Charles Phone 647-3821 SHAWVILLE
Charles Photo
Charles PhUip Sèk
Charles Pi-
Charles Piager
Charles Pie-
Charles Pil-
Charles Pil- Joanne Brownlee
Charles Pil- Thursday
Charles Pilgrim
Charles Pilloud
Charles Pilon
Charles Pinckney
Charles Pine
Charles Pine Elmside View
Charles Pine Glenys John
Charles Pine Lodge Bristol Permis
Charles Pire
Charles Piric
Charles Pirie
Charles Pirie -
Charles Pirie 647-5563 Slo-Pitch Ladles
Charles Pirie Champion
Charles Pirie Cory
Charles Pirie Farm
Charles Pirie Hall
Charles Pirie Main St.
Charles Pirie Merdith- George Coles Trophy
Charles Pirie Photo
Charles Pirie • Louis Judd Memorial
Charles Pirie* Mary Lyn Pirie
Charles Pits-ly
Charles pitt- VlW Aoadsmy
Charles Placers
Charles Plaeger
Charles Plagcr
Charles Plager
Charles Plager Kirk
Charles Plager Mrs
Charles Plagger
Charles Plante
Charles Plegei
Charles Plrle
Charles Pointing
Charles Poirier
Charles Pontiac
Charles Portal
Charles Portal Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham
Charles Porter
Charles Pran-catittt
Charles Prarer
Charles Pratt
Charles Prescott
Charles Price
Charles Prnn-catelll
Charles Proxy
Charles Pruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilchrist....... Eustache Laroude
Charles PU- Charles Pilgrim
Charles Published
Charles Pus- Grade
Charles Pzn Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Que
Charles Quinlan SEVEN
Charles Quinn
Charles Quinn She
Charles Q’ieet
Charles R Devlin
Charles R Duncan
Charles R Lady
Charles R Letts Special
Charles R Swart
Charles R''kid
Charles R-
Charles R.
Charles R. Bloomer
Charles R. Eady
Charles R. Gor-
Charles R. Herschell
Charles R. McCleary
Charles R. Taber Pl
Charles Racinl
Charles Rally
Charles Ralph Feeley
Charles Ram
Charles Ransom
Charles Rapids
Charles Rathe
Charles Ray
Charles Ray FOR SALE
Charles Ray Latham
Charles Raymond
Charles Re#back
Charles Reade
Charles Readhead
Charles Reado
Charles Reas
Charles Redmond
Charles Regan
Charles Regimbald
Charles Reichwald
Charles Reid
Charles Reid Mr. John Lang
Charles Reid Rec.
Charles Reid Sunday
Charles Reise
Charles Relatives
Charles Relec
Charles Relue
Charles Renaud
Charles Reres-fonl
Charles Reuekwald
Charles Rev.
Charles Rev. R.
Charles Rev. Willis Sayers
Charles Ricard
Charles Ricci
Charles Rice
Charles Richard
Charles Richard Murphy
Charles Richard.
Charles Richardeon
Charles Richards
Charles Richardson
Charles Richardson SEPTIC
Charles Richet
Charles Riebertz
Charles Ried
Charles Riel
Charles Rigoult
Charles Rimain
Charles Rimer
Charles Ring
Charles Ring.
Charles Ritx
Charles River
Charles Rivers Wilson
Charles Rivers-Wilson Certain
Charles Rivet
Charles Rivet Bay
Charles Rivets
Charles Rkjd
Charles Rkm
Charles Rnisei 1
Charles Ro
Charles Robert
Charles Roberts
Charles Robertson
Charles Robinson
Charles Rocheville
Charles Roderick
Charles Rodgers
Charles Rodrigue
Charles Rogers
Charles Rolland Russell
Charles Romain
Charles Romain CHRIS
Charles Romain Jérémi
Charles Romain Jr
Charles Roman Catholic Church
Charles Rons
Charles Rontliffe
Charles Rooney
Charles Rooney Duff
Charles Rose
Charles Rosien
Charles Ross
Charles Ross Finlan
Charles Rothschild
Charles Rouleau
Charles Roulliffe
Charles Rout
Charles Rout Lori
Charles Rout-
Charles Rout- Ladysmith
Charles Rout- Protestant Teachers
Charles Rout-liffe
Charles Routcliffe
Charles Routcliffe U,°n
Charles RouthfTe
Charles Routiiffe
Charles Routiiffe Jr,
Charles Routiilfe
Charles Routiliffe Jr,
Charles Routkffe
Charles Routlife
Charles Routliffe
Charles Routliffe "
Charles Routliffe Clifford
Charles Routliffe Fredericton
Charles Routliffe Is
Charles Routliffe Joanne Routliffe
Charles Routliffe Jr
Charles Routliffe Jr and
Charles Routliffe Jr Christospher
Charles Routliffe Jr LARGE
Charles Routliffe Jr s
Charles Routliffe Jr,
Charles Routliffe Jr.
Charles Routliffe Jr.,Christopher
Charles Routliffe Miss Joanne Dumouchel
Charles Routliffe Montreal
Charles Routliffe Mrs Margaret Graham
Charles Routliffe Sr
Charles Routliffe Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall Frank MacDonnell
Charles Routliffe Waltham
Charles Routlifle
Charles Routlifle Christopher
Charles RoutlifTe
Charles RoutlifTe Bmndl
Charles Routliife
Charles Routtiffe
Charles Rowe
Charles Rowntree
Charles Roy
Charles Royer
Charles Rremnor
Charles Rrooke
Charles Rtio
Charles Ru
Charles Rucckwald
Charles Rudolph Bretzlaff
Charles Rudolph BretzlafT Society
Charles Rudolph Schroeder They
Charles Rudolph Schroeder val- 458-2268 B1D21 Shepherds
Charles Rue
Charles Rue&ell
Charles Rueckwald
Charles Rufiell
Charles Ruiter
Charles Rundle
Charles Running
Charles Runtz
Charles Rus
Charles Rus-
Charles Rus-Bristol
Charles Rus-el
Charles Rus-on Mother’s
Charles Russ*
Charles Russcfll
Charles RusseH
Charles Russel
Charles Russell
Charles Russell ...... Claude Elliott ....... Jones Radio Service
Charles Russell Bristol
Charles Russell Directors
Charles Russell H. I. Smith
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Charles Russell I
Charles Russell Judd
Charles Russell Mr James Carmichael
Charles Russell Mrs Claude Young Mrs Gilbert CArmjchael M-s Earl Findlay
Charles Russell presi-1 Committee
Charles Russell President
Charles Russell President I X Personals Cont
Charles Russell Rotarians
Charles Russell Special
Charles Russell Taber
Charles Russell Telephone President
Charles Russell Village
Charles Russell Walter Easey
Charles Russell) Bristol
Charles Russell—Carrie I.
Charles Russett
Charles RusseU
Charles Rutherford
Charles Rutledge
Charles Ry
Charles Ryan
Charles Ryan IIOW
Charles Ryan.
Charles Rykert
Charles S Hinder
Charles S. Atkinson
Charles S. Brinksworth
Charles S. Leopold
Charles S. Murphy
Charles S. Taggart
Charles S. Walters
Charles S.c
Charles S<
Charles Sabourin
Charles Sabourln
Charles Salmon
Charles Samaran
Charles Sammon
Charles Samphire
Charles Sampson
Charles Sand Point
Charles Sanders
Charles Sanderson
Charles Sant
Charles Santley
Charles Sask
Charles Saturday
Charles Saulnier
Charles Saunders
Charles Sauriol
Charles Saurla
Charles Savard
Charles Savard Textiles
Charles Sawyer
Charles Sax
Charles Sc
Charles Sc*hock
Charles Scarfe
Charles Scattergood
Charles Scbock
Charles Schaffer Ohio
Charles Scharfe 0f Miranda
Charles Scheideman
Charles Schfoeder
Charles Schiemann
Charles Schmidt
Charles Schmidt P.O.
Charles Schock
Charles Schock Twenty
Charles Schoek
Charles Schoening
Charles Schook
Charles School
Charles Schraeder
Charles Schroader
Charles Schroe- TbP
Charles Schroeder
Charles Schroeder Sr
Charles Schroeder Sr.
Charles Schroeder the
Charles Schroeder.
Charles Schuchcrt
Charles Schwab
Charles Schwartz
Charles Scott
Charles Scott.
Charles Scrim
Charles Second
Charles Secretary
Charles Seguin
Charles Sehroeder
Charles Seidenspinner
Charles Selck
Charles Sells
Charles Semard
Charles Sent
Charles September
Charles Sereney
Charles Sereny
Charles Sesso
Charles Shall
Charles Sharpe
Charles Shaw
Charles Shawville
Charles Shea
Charles Sheard
Charles Shear»
Charles Sheas For
Charles Sheenhoro
Charles Sheffield
Charles Sher-carriage
Charles Sherritt
Charles Shertzer
Charles Shervington
Charles Sherwood
Charles Shewvffle
Charles Shields
Charles Shipley
Charles Shock
Charles Shoes Repaired
Charles Shorey
Charles Si
Charles Si-card
Charles Sicard
Charles Sign
Charles Silmore
Charles Simpson
Charles Sims
Charles Simstrum
Charles Sinclair
Charles Sirois
Charles Sis
Charles Sivlll
Charles Six Horse Tandem Lawrence Wallace
Charles Sj
Charles Skele Palmer
Charles Slattery
Charles Slaveley
Charles Slcard
Charles Slingerland
Charles Sloan
Charles Sly
Charles Slyvester
Charles Smart
Charles Smiley
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Each
Charles Smith Fallowfleld
Charles Smith Funeral
Charles Smith Jr.
Charles Smith’s
Charles Smkett’a
Charles Smutny
Charles Smyth
Charles Snake
Charles Snelling
Charles Snelllng
Charles Society
Charles Sofa
Charles Sofalva
Charles Sofalvi
Charles Sofalvi)
Charles Sohmner
Charles Somers Augustus Somerset
Charles Somerville Bateman
Charles Soucy
Charles Soupay
Charles Southey
Charles Spa If
Charles Sparling
Charles Sparrell
Charles Spelling
Charles Spence
Charles Spence de Bristol
Charles Spi-
Charles Spittal
Charles Sprague Sargent
Charles Sprague Smith
Charles Sproule
Charles Spurgeon
Charles Sp»noar
Charles St
Charles St Germain
Charles St Jsan
Charles St Pastor
Charles St Paul
Charles St Sunday
Charles St.
Charles ST. Pastor
Charles ST. Pastor D. Esta
Charles St. R*v.
Charles St. Rev. Willie Snyere
Charles Stacie
Charles Stafford
Charles Stafford Thursday
Charles Stairs
Charles Stamps
Charles Stanger
Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley McLean
Charles Stanley McLean Well
Charles Stanton
Charles Stark
Charles Stark Daily Vacation Bible School Norman Charles Stark
Charles Starke
Charles Starks Corners
Charles Starret
Charles STARRETT Russell
Charles Statue King Charles
Charles Stave
Charles Steele
Charles Stein
Charles Steinkie
Charles Stephen and Catherine Lucas
Charles Stephen-on
Charles Stephens
Charles Stephen»
Charles Stereo
Charles Stevens
Charles Stevenson
Charles Stew
Charles Stew-
Charles Stew-1
Charles Steward
Charles Stewart
Charles Stewart Corry
Charles Stewart Minister
Charles Stewart Parnell
Charles Stewart Scott
Charles Stewart Who
Charles Stewarts
Charles Stexvart
Charles Stinson
Charles Stirrett Bob Hope Joan Bennett
Charles Stone
Charles Storey
Charles Storey Mrs. Ferdinand Bertrand Mrs. Harry Sharpe F—E=|
Charles Street
Charles Streets Grade III
Charles Stroud
Charles Struck Shawville
Charles Sts
Charles Stsrrett Smiley
Charles Stuart
Charles Stuart At
Charles Stvxvart
Charles SU.
Charles Succinca
Charles Sudre
Charles Suiiley
Charles Sullivan
Charles Summer
Charles Sumner
Charles Sun-
Charles Sun- Mayor Clifford !
Charles Sun-strum
Charles Sunetrum
Charles Suns
Charles Suns-trum
Charles Sunsfrum
Charles Sunstrom
Charles Sunstrum
Charles Sunstrum Box
Charles Sunstrum Mrs. Jennie Florence Sunstrum
Charles Sun» Sadly
Charles Surugue
Charles Sutherland
Charles Swartz
Charles Swinburne
Charles Sylvester
Charles Sylvester Pontiac Sleep Shop
Charles Symmes
Charles T
Charles T Russell
Charles T Smith
Charles T Stanger
Charles T. BaUantyne
Charles T. Bing
Charles T. Corners
Charles T. Haley
Charles T. McTague
Charles T. Mocauley
Charles T. Mrs Carl Sparling
Charles T. MsTague
Charles T. Ormsby
Charles T. Sit
Charles T. Smith
Charles T. Sweeney
Charles T. Ulm
Charles Ta
Charles Ta>lor
Charles Taber
Charles Taber and Margaret Lough
Charles Taber..... Potatoes
Charles Taber......... Owing
Charles Taggart
Charles Taker’s
Charles Talbot
Charles Tames Fox
Charles Tapp
Charles Tapper
Charles Tapper Building
Charles Tapper Government
Charles Tapper’s
Charles Tappet
Charles Tardif
Charles Taüa
Charles Tay
Charles Tay- Frank Devlin
Charles Tay- More
Charles Tay-scored
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 1
Charles Taylor 2
Charles Taylor and Waiter Anderson
Charles Taylor John Murphy
Charles Taylor Moreen Little Cummings
Charles Taylor Mr
Charles Taylor President
Charles Taylor V
Charles Taylor WQLA
Charles Taylor’s I
Charles Tcssicr
Charles Tea
Charles Teakle
Charles Teggart
Charles Telford
Charles Templeton
Charles Ten-foreseen
Charles Tenders
Charles Tennant
Charles Th
Charles That
Charles The
Charles the Campbell
Charles Thebarge
Charles Theex
Charles Thériault
Charles THIS
Charles Thom
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas 2 James
Charles Thomas Feed
Charles Thomas Foad
Charles Thomas Food
Charles Thomas Kearns
Charles Thomas Stanger
Charles Thompson
Charles Thomson
Charles Tiijiper
Charles Tilsbury
Charles Tim
Charles Titper
Charles Tkylor
Charles Tn
Charles To
Charles Tolbert Clinton
Charles Toll
Charles Toller
Charles Toner
Charles Toner.........
Charles Toner.......... William Kelly
Charles Tong
Charles Topper
Charles Topper’s
Charles Torquet
Charles Town
Charles Townhill
Charles Townsend
Charles Travers
Charles Tremblay
Charles Trembly
Charles Trevel-
Charles Trick CurreUy
Charles Trottier
Charles Trouse
Charles Trudaeu
Charles Trudeau
Charles Truman Tuck
Charles Try t0
Charles Ttipfsr
Charles Ttipjiorfwlm
Charles Ttipper
Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker------ Mrs. Horsefield
Charles Tucker......
Charles Tucker........
Charles Tucker.........
Charles Tucker...........
Charles Tucker............
Charles Tuj
Charles Tunatall Evans
Charles Tuniier
Charles Tunner
Charles Tunper
Charles Tup
Charles Tup MCKINLEY
Charles Tup Murray
Charles Tup-
Charles Tup-Bronson
Charles Tup-I
Charles Tup-more
Charles Tupfier
Charles TupI
Charles Tupi>er
Charles Tupjter
Charles Tupner
Charles Tupp-r
Charles Tuppar Building
Charles Tuppar—that
Charles Tuppcr
Charles Tuppek
Charles Tupper
Charles Tupper Back
Charles Tupper Building
Charles Tupper Building Riverside Drive
Charles Tupper Crew Red Otter
Charles Tupper Retires
Charles Tupper Scales
Charles Tupper’a Government
Charles Tupper’a Visit
Charles Tupper’e
Charles Tupper’s
Charles Tuppet
Charles Tuppi-r
Charles Tuppor
Charles Tupporhu Rosignod
Charles Tuppor’s
Charles Tuppvr
Charles Tup|ier
Charles Turbide
Charles Turner
Charles Turper
Charles Tuttle
Charles Tvpper
Charles T‘’-«a* Belec
Charles U-|
Charles Uberman
Charles Uedtke
Charles Uienkirchen
Charles Ungers
Charles Unison
Charles Up
Charles Urban
Charles Uri
Charles Uule
Charles Uwrle 11768b
Charles V
Charles V Lone Scouts
Charles V.
Charles V. Napoleon Bonaparte
Charles V. Pollock
Charles Vadneau
Charles Vaillant
Charles Valentine Party
Charles Vallée
Charles Vallière
Charles Vallieres
Charles Vallieres FC
Charles Van
Charles van der Voort Dresser
Charles Vance
Charles Vance Millar
Charles Vance Millar- Eccentric Lawyer-Sportsman
Charles Various
Charles Vaughan
Charles Veilleux
Charles Verner Thrun
Charles VI.
Charles Victor
Charles VII
Charles VII.
Charles VIII
Charles VIII.
Charles Village
Charles Vinton
Charles Vole
Charles Volirath
Charles Voyageur Motel
Charles Voyce
Charles Vr. Baker
Charles Vrig-
Charles Vrignaud
Charles VuUiii
Charles Vv
Charles VV. Bell
Charles Vyner
Charles Vyner Brooke
Charles V„
Charles W
Charles W Colson [Bantam Books
Charles W Dagg
Charles W Dagg On Thursday
Charles W Eliot
Charles W Milner
Charles W Morgan
Charles W Moser
Charles W Nickel
Charles W President
Charles W Smith
Charles W!
Charles W.
Charles W. Cross
Charles W. D.gg
Charles W. Dagg
Charles W. Gilmore
Charles W. Goodfellow
Charles W. Gordon
Charles W. Graves
Charles W. Lindsay
Charles W. Lsrned
Charles W. Mead
Charles W. Milner
Charles W. Moser
Charles W. Murphy
Charles W. Scambler
Charles W. Smi.il
Charles W. Smith
Charles W. Spencer
Charles W. Stokon
Charles W. U. Douglass
Charles W. Walker
Charles Waghorn
Charles Wagner
Charles Waimnan
Charles Wain
Charles Wainman
Charles WakcL
Charles Wakclam
Charles Wake
Charles Wakefield
Charles Wakefield Flight
Charles Wakelain
Charles Wakelam
Charles Wakeleem
Charles Wakelin
Charles Walkefield
Charles Walker Robin-
Charles Wall
Charles Wallace
Charles Wallace Stephens
Charles Wallis
Charles Walls
Charles Walter
Charles Walter.
Charles Walters
Charles Waltham
Charles WaMacc
Charles WANTED
Charles Warren
Charles Warren.
Charles Waterloo
Charles Waugh
Charles Wayland
Charles We
Charles Webster
Charles Weedon
Charles Weetmacott
Charles Weetmaootfc
Charles Weetmaoott
Charles Welch
Charles Wellington Furlong
Charles Wells
Charles Wenyon
Charles Wes
Charles Wesley
Charles Wesley.
Charles Wesley—
Charles Westma-
Charles Westmacott
Charles Westmacott When
Charles Westminster
Charles Wharton Stork
Charles Whelan
Charles Whelen
Charles Whelton
Charles While
Charles Whit- Legislature
Charles White
Charles Whitehead
Charles Whitmarsh
Charles Whooten
Charles Whyte Mavor
Charles Wilfred Mowbray
Charles Wilkins Promoted
Charles Wilkinson
Charles William
Charles William Brown
Charles William Jones
Charles William Nickel Preetoflte
Charles Williams
Charles Williamson
Charles Willoughby
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson McCleary
Charles Wilson’s
Charles Win Otto Hahn
Charles Win*
Charles Wingert
Charles Wingert Mr.
Charles Wlnthrop
Charles Wm
Charles Wnrkman
Charles Woermke
Charles Wolcolt
Charles Wood
Charles Woods
Charles Woodward
Charles Work- Homer
Charles Workman
Charles Workman Highest;Cash Price
Charles Worship
Charles Worship Borromeo
Charles Worship Wesleyan Mas
Charles Worth
Charles Worthington Spencer
Charles Wright
Charles Wright Present
Charles Wrights
Charles Wu
Charles Wvs-
Charles Wy-
Charles Wym^n
Charles Wyndham
Charles Wyndham Gtorgo Edward
Charles Wyndhom
Charles Wyr.dl
Charles X
Charles X.
Charles X1L
Charles XI.
Charles XII
Charles XIV
Charles XU
Charles Xupper
Charles XV
Charles XV.
Charles XV. Moser
Charles XVyndham
Charles Y. Pabst
Charles Yerkvfl
Charles You
Charles Young
Charles Young McKEE
Charles Z Palmer
Charles Z. Case
Charles Zacharias
Charles Zacharlas
Charles Zim
Charles Zim-
Charles Zim- Mrs.
Charles Zim- Mrs. Herman Ballantyne
Charles Zim-merling
Charles Zimmer
Charles Zimmer-
Charles Zimmer-ling
Charles Zimmerling
Charles Zimmerlings
Charles Zimmerlirog
Charles Zlmmerling
Charles Zlmmerllgn
Charles Zlmmerllng
Charles |
Charles | Leslie
Charles ¦ Ethier 224.00
Charles ¦yp2 SSSIB
Charles »ry Taylor
Charles ‘ Rev. Willis Sayers
Charles* Moore Some
Charles* Russell
Charles..... Bradley
Charles..... I^afleur
Charles...... Bradley
Charles............. Tourangeau
Charles^HH|HHHHHH^^HH^H Imison
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor 647-2891 Atkinson
Charlie Taylor 647-2891 Watt Taylor
Charlie Taylor Best
Charlie Taylor C.H.
Charlie Taylor CH
Charlie Taylor Marty Brownlee
Charlie Taylor Pontiac Hotel
Charlotte Helen Graham Little
Chartes Taylor
Charte» Taylor
Chas Murphy Dead Senator Charles Murphy
Chas Taylor David Armitage
Chatfleld Taylor
Cheryl Taylor
Chet Charles
Chez Charles
Chief Taylor
Children’s Little Wash Dresses Excellent Little Wash Dresses
Chris Cummings
Chris Taylor
Christ Taylor
Christopher Charles Her- Beaverton
Christopher Charles McDowell McDowell
Christopher Taylor
Chuck Taylor
Cilenn Little
Cindy Cummings
Cindy Cummings Kluk Xccounnng Mds
Cindy Poulin - B-Barrels Otoes Little Zip
Cindy Poulin Otoes Little Zip Youth Flag Shawn Mack
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Claia Little
Clair Taylor
Claire Hall Charles
Claire Taylor
Claire Trev Robert Taylor Janet Leigh
Clara Little
Clare Taylor
Clarence Bland Little
Clarence Cummings
Clarence Joseph Little
Clarence Little
Clarence Little Rated
Clarence Little Shaw
Clarence Taylor
Clarence Taylor IEER SEASON
Clarence) Little
Clark Cummings
Clarke Cummings
Claude Cummings
Clayton Cummings
Clayton Çummings -
Clayton Cummings Campbell
Clayton Cummings Farm
Clayton Cummings Farm See
Clayton Cummings Shawville
Clayton Cummings Tobacco
Clayton Cummings Tobacco Farm
Clayton Cummings Wood Crafts
Cleyton Cummings
Cliff Taylor
Clr Charles
Clr Edgar Sloan Charles Heaphy
Coach Charles Kucharik
Col Charles A. Lindbergh
Colin Amey Chris Cummings
Collect J 6fJ TAYLOR
Colombe Cummings
Color Suzanne Pleshette Rod Taylor W. M Hayes
Color Suzanne Pleshette Rod Taylor We
Colvert Cummings Slème Concession
Connie Cummings Jr,
Connie Little
Connie Little Grads
Connie Little Long Jump
Connie Little Time
Connie Little Wickens
Conseiller Charles
Constance Cummings
Constance Little
Contact W C Cummings
Cooper Taylor Farmeress
Cora Taylor
Corn-Charles Dale
Corrigan I *in Taylor
Councillor Charles
Councillor Edgar Councillors Charles Heaphy Sloan
Count Von Moltke Did Very Little Talking
Crawford Little Helpers Mas H Pemvai. Ch
Csl Cummings Sr
Ctayton Cummings
Cummings A ***** Comedy Drama
Cummings Ave
Cummings Avenœ
Cummings Br
Cummings Bridge
Cummings C&
Cummings Ci
Cummings Co
Cummings CO.
Cummings C°
Cummings Darien
Cummings E»
Cummings Farm
Cummings III
Cummings Jr
Cummings Jr and
Cummings Jr at
Cummings Jr,
Cummings Jr.
Cummings Jr. Toronto
Cummings Mr. Donat Rivet
Cummings Mrs. William Hall
Cummings Road
Cummings Sat
Cummings Sr
Cummings Sr.
Cummings Sr. Quyon Bridge
Cummings- Joan
CUUSUiSll^H Little Christmas
Cyril Charles
D G Cummings
D. Taylor
Daffeny Taylor
Dale Alex- Taylor
Dale Charles Franklyn
Dancing Stewart Taylor
Daniel Charles Prévost
Danny Cummings
Danny DoHighan Mike Fahey Jean Munharvey Claire Ouayte John Langford Dancers Cal Cummings
Danny Taylor
Dave Keon Bill Murray Carson Ryan Todd Fraser Jamie Armstrong Mark Lang Charlie Taylor Ryan Wood
Dave Little
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 "
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 Furniture
Dave Moore Digital Darkroom Ann Taylor Shop Manager •
Dave Moore Rick Cummings
Dave Rich Kelly Taylor Chris Olmstead
Dave Rich Paul Collette Jr. Chris Olmsteod Marcel Berard John Peck Kelly Taylor Greg Macdonell Tren
David Charles
David Charles Thomas Lester
David Cummings
David Janssen Joyce Taylor
David Little
David Lucas Cal Cummings Jr
David Moore Charles Routliffe
David Taylor
David__ Taylor
Dawn Little
Dawn Little Centofonti
Dawn Marie Little
De Charles Léo Rabishaw
Deacon Taylor
Deacon Taylor Address/Adresse JEWELLERS
Deacon Taylor Jewellers
Deacon Taylor _ Jewellers
Dean Grade 5a—Suzanne Little
Dean J. F Taylor
Dean Taylor
Dean Taylor Resigns Home
Dear Little Stranger
Dear Little Stranger"
Dear Mr. Taylor
Deborah Mrs Cy Little
Dec 3. Little Ross Angus
Deems Taylor
Denise Belec Little Dawn Murdock
Dennis Junior Section Cummings
Dennis Little
Diane Cummings
Diane Lan- Charles Sofalvie
DIegueted Little Brother
Dimitris Taylor
Doctor Taylor
Don Taylor
Don Taylor Color
Don Taylor Eileen Moore 7
Don Taylor Glanna Segale
Don Taylor Rich.
Don Taylor RIcharid Widmark Jerry Lewis Technicolor NOVEMBER
Don Taylor Walter Abel Don Taylor
Don Taylor Willima Holden Professional Sevices
Donald Charles
Donald Dess Joey Cummings
Donald Dods Charles Liberman Stonehaven Flower Shop Clifford McLarnon
Donald Duff- Senior Holstein- Charles Pirie
Donald Taylor
Donna Little
Donnie Thompson Ross Taylor
Dor- Jlara Little
Dor/ek Taylor
Doreen Taylor
Doris Taylor
Dorothy Livesay Phoebe McCord Sir Charles GD. Roberta Robert Service
Dorothy Taylor
Douglas Taylor
Dp. Taylor
Dr. Charles
Dr. Charles A. Cline
Dr. Charles E. Fetter
Dr. Charles E. Kellogg
Dr. Charles E. Saunders
Dr. Charles E. Sauu-i Windsor Castle
Dr. Charles F
Dr. Charles F Stevens
Dr. Charles F. Bead
Dr. Charles F. Brush
Dr. Charles F. Stevens
Dr. Charles F. Swingle
Dr. Charles H. Rest
Dr. Charles H. Smiley
Dr. Charles Harris
Dr. Charles M. Griffith
Dr. Charles R. Clure
Dr. Charles S. Piggot Evidence
Dr. Charles Said
Dr. Charles Said-enspinner
Dr. Charles Weiman
Dr. Cummings
Dr. Douglas Taylor
Dr. George W. Taylor
Dr. Taylor
Dr. Taylor Is
Dr. W R. Taylor
Duncan Cummings
Dundan Cummings
E "Little BoT Bingo
E R. Taylor
E. Taylor
E.R. Taylor
Earl Scott-Taylor
Earl Taylor
Early—Little John O’Donaid
Eastern Ontario Jr. B League Taylor
Easy—Eat Less X Mary Imlay Taylor
Ed McColgan John Charles Reilly
Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor’s
Ed Taylor’s Shamrocks
Ed. Taylor
Eddie I” Little Eddie—"Let
Eddie Jean-Marie Charles Jean,
Eddie Taylor
Edith Little
Edna Cummings
Edward Campbell’s Bay Charles
Edward Charles
Edward Charles Fabre
Edward Charles Lawn
Edward Charles Tanner
Edward Charles Turner
Edward Robert Brothers Father Charles McColgan
Edward Taylor
Edwin Taylor
Eileen Childs Taylor Anne Our Drenth - Taylor Anne Trinity Margaret Nathan Griffin Edward Cole Hale
Eileen Taylor
Eirene Taylor
Elaine Taylor
Eleanor Little
Eleanor Parker Robert Taylor
Eleanor Taylor
Eliezer Little
Eliza Little
Elizabeth Charles
Elizabeth l Taylor
Elizabeth Little
Elizabeth McCallum Weds Charles Earl Thomas Lorna Lucas Marries Robert John Frederick Smart
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor Alec Guinness
Elizabeth Taylor Beaumont Sport Deluxe Coupe Acadian Canso
Elizabeth Taylor Confidentially
Elizabeth Taylor During
Elizabeth Taylor LUMBER
Elizabeth Taylor Montgomery
Elizabeth Taylor Paul Newman Plus
Elizabeth Taylor Phone
Elizabeth Taylor REID BROS.
Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton
Elizabeth Taylor Stewart Granger Technicolor Ronald Coleman
Elizabeth Taylor Technicolor
Elizabeth Taylor Vittorio Oassman Joyce Mackenzie
Ella Armstrong 1 John Little
Elliott Charles Hines
Elliott Charles Routliffe Jr
Elliott Little
Elsie Cummings
Elsie Taylor
Elson Cummings
Elta Little
EMaen Brennan Cleavor Little Plus Reg
Emerson Dal While Charles W. Eliot
Emery Little
EMge Cartier A/S Patsy A Charles Beaudoin Otter Lake
Emily Human Taylor
Emily Little
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor FT T TT
Emily Taylor Information
Emily Taylor John Atkinson
Emily Taylor Standing
Emily Taylor Triple
Emma Irelyn Daley Guertin Daley/Guertin - Little
Emmett Taylor
Enoch Taylor
Eric Charles Eric
Eric Smiley Little
Eric Taylor
Erica Drummond Ashley Cummings
Erin Taylor
Erma Little
Erma Little Mrs.
Ernest Graham-Little
Ernest Jamie Charles Dagenais
Ernie Cummings
Ernie Pasch Charles Mielke
Esther Taylor
Eva Andai Photo Jamie Little
Eva Andai Quyon Pilgrim - Dale Wedding Rev. Father Charles Mc<
Evangelist Taylor
Evelyn B. Little
Evelyn Little
Evelyn Little L D C M
Evelyn M Little
Evelyn M. Little
Evelyn Ma- Charles Young
Evelyn Mf Little
Evelyn Roberta Little
Ezz Charles
Ezzard Charles
F O Leslie Taylor
F Taylor
F W. Taylor
F-to Taylor
F. G Taylor
F. Taylor
F. W Taylor B.
F.W Taylor
F.W. Taylor
F: Taylor
Fanny Taylor
Father Taylor
Faye Clara Little Russell
Florence Taylor
Floy Little
Floyd Emmerson Little
Floyd Little
Floyd Little hi Hay
Floyd Little Injured Talking Pictures
Floyd Robinson Charles Ethier
Fondation Jean-Charles-Bonenfant
For Little
For Little Boys Women’s White
Foreman Charles Lance
Foreman Charles Lance.
Frances Pierunek-Taylor
Frances Taylor
Francis Milton Little
Francis Mur- Connie Little
Francis Taylor
Frank Fontana s Dirty Little Secrets
Frank Little John.
Frank M. Taylor
Frank Rettyand Mrs. Taylor
Frank Taylor
Fred Charles Canada
Fred Cummings
Fred Gordon TAYLOR
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred Little
Fred Little Miss Kim Perry
Fred Mielke Charles Toner
Fred Taylor
Frederick Charles
Frederick Charles Capreol
Frederick Charles DEZorcne
Frederick Charles MacDonald
Frederick Taylor
Frederick Taylor Norman
Frederick William Taylor
Frederick Williams Taylor
Frederick Williams-Taylor
Frederick Willtants Taylor
Frederick Wllliame-Taylor Speak
Frederick Wtlllams-Taylor
Fri- Bland Little
Fri-Yvonne Taylor
Friday Charles
Frmly Taylor
Funny Little Fellow
G (Taylor
G Cummings
G F Taylor
G Taylor
G. Cummings
G. Taylor
GA. Taylor
Gabriel Cummings
Gail Ann Taylor
Gail Gavan.Cal Cummings
Gail Greer Cummings
Gail Greer Susan Cummings
Garnet Arthur Little
Garry Charles Belton
Garry Cummings
Garry Little
Gary Cummings
Gary Cummings Assists
Gary Little
Gary Russell C Taylor
Gary Russell I Connie Little
Gary Taylor
Gauthier H Cummings
General Cummings Jr
Geoffrey Charles Buxton
Geoffrey Taylor
George A Charles Pirie
George A. Little
George Beland Charles Gauthier
George Bland Fraser Little
George Bland Little MEN’S Failing
George Charles
George Cummings
George E Taylor
George Little
George Taylor
George Taylor Hardware
George Taylor Today
George Taylor Tracey
George V sene Little
Ger-(Charles Axeworthy—Volo Star
Geraldine Taylor
Gerrit Charles
Gerrit Charles Beimers Mark
Gerry Cummings
Gertie Cummings
Gilbert Charles Peck
Gilbert Charles Shepherd
Glen Little
Glen Taylor
Glenda Cummings
Glendon Taylor
Glenn Little
Glenn Taylor
Goorp Cummings
Gordie Cummings
Gordon Little
Gordon Taylor
Gov. Charles Edison
Grace Dagg Mary Dale Irene Shaw Evelyn Little Dorothy Fairfield Margaret Simons Ethel Gibson
Grace Taylor
Grade I — Pearl Little
Grade-Andy Taylor 1
Grandma Taylor
Grant Present Councillor Charles Moore
Grant Taylor
Greg Lisa Taylor
Gregory Charles
Group Taylor Orr
Gwen Taylor
H # Little Surprises
H S I Little Justin Bertrand
H. Taylor
Hacharay Taylor
Hal Cummings
Haley Cummings
Hanna Cecelia Little Dies At Kirkland
Hardy Plants Uonettes Charles Jean Pharmacy J.L Hodgms
Harold Charles
Harold Hambleton Taylor
Harold Taylor
Harold Warford Sc Glenn Mor- 2nd Clara Little
Harper Charles Salon Bar Che/ Mayer
Harry Little
Harry Taylor
Harry Thompson Gail Sparling Gerald Howard Hiram Walls Gerald Hodgins V Charles K. Smith
Harvey Little
Hatch Tht Little Church
Hattie Charles
Hattie Taylor
Hayes Bros Ambulance Cummings
HBHHiiÈHHjH Taylor
Head Little
Heather Cummings
Helen Dumouchel Charles
Helen Hodgins IX— Anita Schwartz X— Henry Horner XI— Charles Dale SHAWVILLE
Helen Little
Helen Taylor
Helen Towell Charles Garry Foad
Helena Taylor
Henri Berand Charles Romain
Henry Charles
Henry Charles Lance
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Henry J. Taylor
Henry Little
Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Rogaa Mrs. William Began Dean Finished
Henry Taylor
Herb Little
Herbert Charles 11
Herbert Charles Brigger
Herbert Charles Brigget BUSINESS
Herbert Charles Brown
Herbert Charles Hobbs
Herbert Little
Herbert Salima# Little
Herbert Taylor Captain O. O.
Hermonie Sharpe Little
Hex Taylor
Hig Sandy and Little Sandy
Higgins A Little
Hill Cummings
Hobbs Bland Little 2
Hobbs Taylor
Hoofing Is Easy Work Little Girl
Hosana Taylor
Hottest Little Dress Store
Howard Clara Little Joan MacFarlane Joseph M alette Mary McDowell Betty Metcalfe Muriel Riley
Howard Letts the Anderson Taylor
Howard Little
Howard Weds Ruby Sparling Garnet Arthur Little
Hoyt Taylor
Hudson Taylor
Hugh Charles
Hugh Cummings
Hugh Taylor
HUhop Taylor
Huth Taylor
Hutton.Charles Taylor
I Cummings
I E R. Taylor
I. Taylor
Ian Cummings
Ian Hudson Cummings
Ida Taylor
If Taylor
Iiishop Taylor
In Taylor
Invitations Gilbert Charles Peck
Ira Charles Richards
Ira Taylor
Irma Little
Irving Taylor
Is Charles J. Van Depoelo
Isabel Macbeth Mrs. Charles Hondcrich
Ivan Charles Taylor 1
Ivan Cummings
J A Little
J D. Taylor
J Deacon Taylor
J Deacon Taylor Jewellers
J F Taylor
J H. Little
J Taylor
J- Taylor
J. K T. Taylor
J. Taylor
J.A. Little
Jack Cunningham Charles Kucharik
Jack F W. Taylor
Jack Little
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Jack Taylor Travel Hwy
Jackie Cummings Jr
Jackie Little
Jacob Cummings
Jacquleine Taylor
Jaime Allison Katie Taylor
Jam** Taylor
James A Little
James A. Little
James Best Susan Cummings
James Charles
James Charles Foy
James Charles Knox
James Charles Knox Janies Charles Knox
James Charles Leilch Fort
James Charles Leitch
James Charles Lindsay Smith
James Charles McCaffrey
James Cummings
James Little
James Little Buried At ShawviUe
James Little Decern
James Little Reserve
James Little Sheppard Motors Morley Hodgins Hedging Lumber Co. Rennick’s Service Station Pontiac Fa
James McMil Little
James mcOee Mrs. Charles Kavanagh
James Taylor
Jamey Taylor
Jamie Garnet Little
Jamie Little
Jan Taylor
Jane A Little
Jane A. Little
Jane Bour-Charles Main
Jane Charles Al
Jane Cummings
Jane Little
Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor 6472891
Janet Telfer Maggie McFarlane - Little Bo Peep; Jennie McFarlane - Star
Jared Taylor
Jas Little
Jason Little
Jason MacKechme Taylor
Jean (Mrs Charles Smith
Jean ancf Taylor Lakes
Jean Betty to William Lloyd Little
Jean C. Little
Jean Charles Beriau
Jean Charles Gibeault
Jean Charles Harvey
Jean Charles Hu-vbert
Jean Charles Le
Jean Charles Pharmacy
Jean Charles Shawville Fair Young Horseman Saturday
Jean Charles St Pierre
Jean Charles Treiublay
Jean Charles Worth
Jean Charles • Alberta
Jean Little
Jean McDow- Taylor
Jean nie Little Thompson
Jean Paul Rochefort 453-7656 Sl Charles Borromeo Otter Lake
Jean Paul Rochefort 453-7656 St Charles Borromeo
Jean Paul Rochefort 453-7656 St Charles Borromeo Otter
Jean Taylor
Jean Taylor J
Jean Was Brave Little Jean Label
Jean-Charles Bonin
Jean-Charles Daze
Jean-Charles Harvey
Jean-Charles Hudon
Jean-Charles Lavoie
Jean-Charles Sauriol
Jeannie Little
Jeff Barber....... Charles Pilgrim
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor Promise
Jennie Little
Jennie Taylor
Jennifer Cummings
Jenny Taylor
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor Th«-
Jereuiy Taylor
Jerry Lewis Rene Taylor I V >
Jim Cummings
Jim Da- Ray Thompson Garth Charles Sinclair Cyrus
Jim Fletcher Charles McGuire
Jim Little
Jim Little Cathy Grahl
Jim Taylor
Jimmy Taylor
Jim” Taylor
JJ. Taylor
JlllKfl Charles E. Wilson
Joan Charles and
Joan Charles and Mr. Elgin Hodgins
Joan Clara Little
Joan Crawford Don Taylor
Joan Cummings
Joan Moreen Little
Joan Taylor
Joan Taylor William Hopper
Joanne Cummings
Joanne Duheau Adrienne Taylor Hugh Scott
Joe Cummings
Joe Little
Joe s Little Boy Gentleman
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor Bookshelves
Joel Metres Joanne Dm Robert Taylor Donald O’Connor Deborah Kerr Donald O’Connor Sterling Hayden 1
Joen Taylor Lance Fuller
Joey Cummings
Joe’s Little Boy
Johhnie Taylor
John and Charles Wesley
John and Nancy Taylor
John Audley-Charles
John Bellamy Taylor
John Cal Cummings Jr,
John Charles
John Charles Godin
John Charles Moor
John Charles Reilly
John Charles St
John Charles Stewart
John Charles Walsham Keith
John Cummings
John Deroin Charles Shea
John F Taylor
John F. Taylor
John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Ta
John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Tat
John Governors Charles Imison
John Hearty Cummings
John L Taylor concerning
John Langford Dorothy Porteous Carl Trudeau Paulette Gauthier Claude Cummings Loma Hearty Amanda Tr
John Little
John Little At Winnipeg
John Moore de Bienville Charles Grant
John R. Taylor
John Smi- Mr. Charles Kehock
John Sutton Maria Fernando AMAZON TRADER Tecnnicolor Jean Taylor 1
John Sylvester Mrs. Charles Taber
John Taylor
John Taylor As
John Taylor Was
John Taylor’s
John Tracy Charles Tomas AVached
Johnny Taylor
Jon Maurice, Taylor Miles
Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor Jr.
Jon Taylor.
Jona-Adrienne Taylor
Joseph and Ann Little
Joseph and Jennie Little
Joseph and Wilfred Little
Joseph Charles Dagenais
Joseph Charles Paul Bona
Joseph Cummings
Joseph H Little
Joseph H. Little
Joseph Little
Joseph Little Mrs.
Joseph Little Brownie Badges Brown Owl
Joseph Little Catharine Russett
Joseph Little Windsor
Joseph Little,
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor-
Josh Little Olga Zimmerling Fulford
Joy Little - Ivan Thrun
Joy Rld- Bdwarti Charles Frederick
Joyce Rev. Charles L. McColgan
Joyce Taylor Color
Joyce Taylor Recommended
JP°^ Taylor
Judith Taylor
Judith Taylor Paul Dumont-Frenette
Judith Taylor Paul Dumont-Frenette There
Judy Little
Judy Taylor
Judy Taylor When
Juge Charles B Major
Juiie Cummings
Julia Cummings
Julie Ann Cummings
Julie Charles Schroeder
Julie Cummings
Julius Cummings
Junior Taylor
Justine Taylor
J^ Taylor Toronto
J»bn Taylor
K. Little
Kaitlin Taylor
Karen Charles
Karen Cummings
Karen Cummings-Amyottc.
Karen Cummings-Amyotte
Karen Cummings-Amyotte Chair
Karen Taylor
Katharine Fletcher Little By Little
Katherine Black Mrs Taylor
Kathryn Taylor
Katie Achievement Taylor
Katie Cummings
Katie Jane Taylor
Katie Little
Katie Little Stark
Katie McMahon Secretary-Treasurer Charles Belanger
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor Baccalaureate
Kauc Taylor
Kauc Taylor I-ov
Kay Little
Kdwanl Taylor
KeHy Taylor
Keith Brownlee Little Janet Mein-
Keith Charles McNeely
Keith Cummings
Keith Cummings Edgar Barber
Keith Manager Cummings
Keith Smith Nfr Charles Routllffe
Kejth Cummings
Kelly Taylor
Ken Dugan Little
Ken Little
Ken Taylor
Kenneth Little
Kenneth Taylor
Kent Taylor
Kent Taylor J
Kent Taylor Marie Windsor Space Project Pontiac Hoast
Kent Taylor This
Kerry Gavan Charles McColgan
Kerth Cummings
Kev. Taylor
Kev.F.W Taylor
Kevin Cummings
Kevin Han- Charles Pirie
Kevin Stanton Debbie Fraser Ron Armttage Norway Bay Golf Course Tom Fraser Joe Teevens Cal Cummings
Kfrs Charles Placer
Kick Cummings
Kil- F W. Taylor
Kill Taylor
Kim Cummings
King Charles
King Charles II
Kings Scoring Summary Games Goals AssistsPoints Name Mark Loyer Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Sté
Kngllsch Taylor
Komm Taylor
Kyle Patrick Taylor
Kzzard Charles
L B. Taylor
L E. L. Taylor
L G Kerr’s Little Darling
L la* Taylor
L Rev. E. Rex Taylor
L Taylor
L*. Taylor
L. Little
L. Taylor
L. Taylor Myrtle Blanche Elliott
Ladies Curl At Arnprior Shdwville Notes Little Wendy Wickens
Lafrance Taylor
Lance Charles J - Mav
Lance Corp. Charles W.
Lance Corporal Little
Lance Corporal Little May
Lance Sergeant Floyd Little
Lance Sert géant Floyd Little
Larry Cummings
Laura Naismith Katie Cummings
Laurie MacKechnie Cummings
Lawrence Charles SUNDAY
Lawrence Manson Little Ernie Dagg
Lawrence Taylor
Lawson Little
Leave Little Sandy After
Lee Taylor
Lemon Cummings
Leo Charles Nelligan
Leo Dub- Charles Lafleur
Leo Menard Charles J. Ménard
Leo Menard Charles Menard Regent Menard Del Sprat
Leo Menard Steven Spratt Charles Ménard 819-595-2103
Léo Ménard Steven Spratt Charles Ménard ALARM COMPUTERS
Leona Joyce Little
Leona Little
Leonard John Taylor
Les Taylor
Leslie Charles Hines
Leslie Taylor
Lewis Robb LITTLE
Lewis Robbie LITTLE
Lex Barker Joan Taylor
Liberals Dave Moore 647-5167 Ik Ann Taylor 647
Lila Cummings
Lily Little
Linda Atkinson Taylor
Linda Lamping Stuart Taylor
Lineman Taylor
Lion Charles
Lionel Morin Clement Charles Burke
Lis Little Arthur McKiiligan
Lisa E Taylor Photography
Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor Lacharity
Lisa Worde and Nancy Little
Lise Cummings
Little Abe
Little Angel
Little Ann Marie Carswell
Little Ann Tubman
Little Apple
Little Auvergne
Little B
Little B Mrs. C. Hanson
Little Bear
Little Bernard
Little Bessie
Little Betty Lamarche
Little Betty Young
Little Black Sambo Regular
Little Blanche Dallas
Little Boy Blue
Little Bredlev
Little Brother
Little Brown Jug
Little Brown Jug.
Little Brown Whale
Little Carleton
Little Cur- P.-8.—
Little Current
Little Darling
Little Darling Tin
Little David
Little Dear
Little Dirk—mDj
Little Donald
Little Dorothy
Little Dover
Little Dovqr
Little Drops
Little Edith
Little Emma''s
Little F 8. Cahill—Best
Little Fanfare
Little Faye Belanger
Little Fifty
Little Forum Fred Allen Irvin S. Cobb
Little G % Carson Bros.
Little Harold
Little Hazel
Little Helen
Little Helen (quietly Ivi&il LOSoOflS
Little Helen Hodgtos
Little Helpers
Little Henry
Little Hughes Lake
Little J ckie—"And
Little Jane
Little Jeff
Little Jeffrey Daley
Little Johnnie
Little Julia
Little Kathy Hayes
Little Kirby
Little L M Mt> Hugh A
Little Lamb
Little Leslie Hodgi
Little Leslie Hodgins
Little Lisa
Little Long Preston East Dome
Little Long Rapids
Little Master Jamie Brown Mr
Little Mias Karen Campbell
Little Michael Spencer
Little Mies Kathleen Hivers
Little Miss Connie Crouse
Little Miss Karen Howard
Little Miss Karen Murray
Little Miss Karen Richard
Littlë Miss Susan Kennedy
Little Misses Myrtle
Little Nugget Coat
Little Pauline Marie Yach Infant
Little Pbplsr
Little Pine
Little Pine Mos-pal
Little Pony
Little Questions-The Result*
Little Ray
Little Robbie
Little Ryan Hunter Guindon
Little Sandy
Little Scotland
Little Serena Le Roy
Little Sheba Burt Lancaster
Little Sisters
Little Sutton
Little Swing
Little Thomas
Little Thomas—"Mamma
Little Thompson
Little Thorhurns
Little Timmy Dickens
Little Tinker
Little Tobago
Little Tots Day-Care
Little Turtle
Little TUtmtCMs Yellow Bird
Little Tyler Orr
Little Ukraine
Little Willie liked
Little Xmv
Little/'' Andrew Sly
Liz Taylor
Lloyd Bridges Join Taylor Lance Fuller USED
Lloyd Little
Llvyd Little
Loaders G X I Little Ciaot Elevator
Lois Edith Little
Lome Little
Lord Arthur Charles
Lord Charles
Lord Charles Bcresford
Lord Charles Beaeaford
Lord Charles Berea
Lord Charles Bereeford
Lord Charles Bereeford’s
Lord Charles Beres-
Lord Charles Beres-ford M.P.
Lord Charles Beresford
Lord Charles Bexeaford
Lord Charles Borcsford
Lord Charles Derestord
Lord Charles Eeresford
Lord Charles Fitzmaurice
Lord Charles Hay
Lord Charles Hereaford
Lord Charles Lennox
Lord Charles Manson
Lord Charles Uereaford
Lord Charles Wellesley
Lord Charles William Delap
Lord Mrs Rex Taylor
Loren Little
Lorn Little
Lottie Taylor
Louis Charles
Louis Schryer Dean Howard Cal Cummings
Louis Schryer Jean Cote Dean Howard Cal Cummings
Love Dad Charles
Lucky Little Ladies
Lucky Taylor
Lucy Fer MIDGET WRESTLING Little Farmer Pete
Lucy Hobbs Taylor
Lucy Per MIDGET WRESTLING Little Farmer Pete
Lydia Taylor
M 17.40 Dave Little
M E Corrigan White Bantams—John Little 1 Brown
M Says Jean Charles Worth
M*ry Little
M-s Jos Little
M. Taylor
M.*s Gordon Little
Mabel Taylor
Madonna Little
Maggie Little
Maibec’s Charles Tardif
Man-son Little
Manson Little
Mar Taylor
Margaret Cummings Sr
Margaret Cummings
Margaret Le-Mrs Charles Routliffe
Margaret Little
Margaret Taylor
Margaret Taylor Edey
Marguerite Cummings
Marie Cummings Jr and
Marie Taylor
Marilyn Monroe Jane Russell Daddy s Little Darling Technlcoleur
Marion Taylor
Marjorie Dickson s CocoKing Charles Dickson’s Poco John SAR
Marjorie Little
Marjorie Taylor
Mark Adam Charles
Mark C. Little
Mark Cummings
Mark Loyer Dave Rich Chris Olmstead Kelly Taylor Trent Reynolds Paul Collette Jr. Marcel Berard Joh
Mark Stevens Don Taylor Joyce Holden Added Hits Ian Sally Forest Mon.
Mark Taylor
Mark Twain TAYLOR
Marshall Little
Martin Charles
Marty Burns Cummings
Marva Taylor
Mary Charles
Mary Ethel Little
Mary EtlmJ Little
Mary Eugenia Charles
Mary Imlay Taylor
Mary Imlay Taylor *301
Mary Imlay Taylor When John Sherwin
Mary Imloy Taylor
Mary Little
Mary Little Ethan Hadju
Mary Little..
Mary Lou Sly. Taylor
Mary M. Little
Mary Mildred Little
Mary Mildred Little IAN
Mary Taylor
Master Geo Graham - Little Boy Calumet Island A
Matt Little
Matt Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Vreer J> Emily Taylor
Maureen Doreen Theriault Charles Tong
Maureen Little
Maurice Charles
Maurice Charles Moore
Maurice Little Peggy Foy
Maxwell Taylor
Mayor Taylor
Mayor Taylor Fitz
McConnell Taylor
McDowell’s Taylor
McGee Cummings
McGee For Reliable Year-Round Service CHARLES DALE Shawville
McLean Charles E. R^gan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shan
McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherin
Mcrilla Taylor
Meet Charles Henzler
Megan Taylor
Mel Daley Little Brittany Daley
Melinda Cummings
Melinda Cummings Cummings
Melissa Cummings
Melissa Cummings Melissa Cummings
Melvin Taylor
Mena Taylor
Merchant Taylor
Merlin Eleanor Little
Merrlckville-Melvln Taylor
Merry Little
Merry Little Rung
Mervin Cummings
Mervin Taylor RR
Messrs Charles
Messrs Charles Spence
Messrs John F. Taylor
Messrs Taylor
Messrs Watt Taylor
Messrs Watt Taylor Fire
Messrs, John F. Taylor
Messrs. Bland Little
Messrs. Charles
Messrs. Cummings
Messrs. Taylor
Metrocolor P Also Jim Brown Rod Taylor
MfS Wilfred Little
Mi* Taylor
Mias Lindsey Taylor
Mias Taylor
Michael Me— Charles Moore
Michael St Germain Charles P Shea,----- Thomas H Mousseau J. Derouin
Michael Taylor
Michel Charles Allard
Michel Cummings
Mies Taylor
Mike Clouthier- Renfrew Cal Cummings
Mike Cummings
Mike Leroy Charles Kucharik
Mike O’Reilly Cal Cummings
Mike Taylor
Mil Charles Imlson Daniel Glenn
Milion Little
Milton Little
Milton Taylor Paper’s New Rival
Mima Taylor
Minor Hockey Exhibition Game- Watt Taylor
Mins Jennie Taylor
Mis Lilian M. Taylor
Misa Mary Little
Misa Taylor
Mise Taylor
Miss Little
Miss Margaret Little Wood
Miss Suzanne Little
Miss Taylor
Misses Taylor
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Mitchell Charles
Mnw Taylor
Molly Little
Molly Taylor
Mom Julie Lillie Heather Marie Taylor Ashley Carson
Mona Taylor
Mona Taylor P.D.D.P.
Mono Taylor
Monsieur Charles Young
Moreen Brownlee
Moreen Little
Moreen Rae Little
Moreen Reid
Moreen Thompson
Mr A Mrs Clarence Little
Mr Charles Aberdeen-Angus
Mr Charles McKenzie
Mr Cummings
Mr J F Taylor
Mr Taylor
Mr# Charles Kucharik
Mr# R G Little 2.
Mr* Taylor
Mr, Little
Mr, Taylor Statten
Mr. Andrew Taylor
Mr. Bland Little
Mr. Calvin Cummings
Mr. Cecil Little
Mr. Charles
Mr. Charles 0. Card
Mr. Charles A. Christie
Mr. Charles A. Cushman
Mr. Charles A. Turner
Mr. Charles and Fred Burke
Mr. Charles B. Wright
Mr. Charles Bennett
Mr. Charles Clifford
Mr. Charles Cooke
Mr. Charles Daley
Mr. Charles Donnelly
Mr. Charles Glynn
Mr. Charles Grant Honshuw
Mr. Charles Harris
Mr. Charles J. Mickle
Mr. Charles Jay
Mr. Charles M. Schwab
Mr. Charles Mayhew
Mr. Charles McDiarmid
Mr. Charles Murphy
Mr. Charles Phillips
Mr. Charles Rouse*
Mr. Charles Russell
Mr. Charles S. Ivddey
Mr. Charles Stanton
Mr. Charles Stephen
Mr. Charles T. Yerkes
Mr. Charles W. Lelerc
Mr. Charles W. Mead
Mr. Charles W. Nash
Mr. Charles Wesley
Mr. Cummings
Mr. Grant Taylor
Mr. Harvey Little
Mr. J F Taylor
Mr. J F. Taylor
Mr. J. Taylor
Mr. James Little
Mr. John F. Taylor
Mr. John F. Taylor Who
Mr. John Misa Joan Little
Mr. K. A. Little
Mr. Little
Mr. Lloyd Little
Mr. Maurice Charles Caron
Mr. Seth Taylor
Mr. Taylor
Mr. Thomas Charles Druce
Mr. Wilfred Little
Mr.Charles K Graham
Mrg Charles Curt
Mrs J H Little
Mrs Melvin Wickens Cummings
Mrs R E. Cummings
Mrs Taylor
Mrs Taylor.
Mrs* Bland Little
Mrs- Taylor
Mrs. A. 7-2511 Little
Mrs. Allen J. Taylor
Mrs. Bill Little
Mrs. Bland Little
Mrs. Bruce Moffatt Mrs. Charles Gilmour
Mrs. C. J Little
Mrs. Cal Cummings
Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh
Mrs. Charles A. O''Connor
Mrs. Charles Algate
Mrs. Charles Atkinson
Mrs. Charles Beardsley
Mrs. Charles Belec
Mrs. Charles Bo-lam
Mrs. Charles Bolam
Mrs. Charles Brem-I Mr.
Mrs. Charles Bremner
Mrs. Charles Brennan
Mrs. Charles Bretzlaff
Mrs. Charles Brown
Mrs. Charles Campbell
Mrs. Charles Carpenter
Mrs. Charles Cliche
Mrs. Charles Dagenais
Mrs. Charles Don-
Mrs. Charles E. Muma
Mrs. Charles E. Palmer
Mrs. Charles E. Smith
Mrs. Charles F. Hyde Dies While Visiting
Mrs. Charles G. Horigins
Mrs. Charles G. McFadden
Mrs. Charles Grinnell
Mrs. Charles Han-
Mrs. Charles Hansen
Mrs. Charles Hunt
Mrs. Charles Imison After
Mrs. Charles Imisoo
Mrs. Charles Jay
Mrs. Charles Kavanagh
Mrs. Charles King
Mrs. Charles Lance.
Mrs. Charles Lemaire
Mrs. Charles M. Hawks
Mrs. Charles M. Russell
Mrs. Charles Mack
Mrs. Charles Mayhew
Mrs. Charles McDowell
Mrs. Charles McKillop Ihere
Mrs. Charles Mohr
Mrs. Charles Mr.
Mrs. Charles Mrs. Myles Daley
Mrs. Charles P. Stager
Mrs. Charles Quinn
Mrs. Charles R. Barnes
Mrs. Charles Rose
Mrs. Charles Rueckwald
Mrs. Charles Russell
Mrs. Charles Russell Mrs. R.
Mrs. Charles Sch
Mrs. Charles Schoek Kaye Stevens
Mrs. Charles Si-1 Mr.
Mrs. Charles Sicard
Mrs. Charles Smallman
Mrs. Charles Smart
Mrs. Charles St
Mrs. Charles Stacey Farlington
Mrs. Charles Stephens
Mrs. Charles Sunstrum
Mrs. Charles T. Smith
Mrs. Charles T. Smith Charter
Mrs. Charles T. Smith Mr.
Mrs. Charles W. Smith
Mrs. Charles Wall
Mrs. Charles Walls
Mrs. Charles Walls Campbell Mills
Mrs. Charles Wesley United Church
Mrs. Charles Zacharies
Mrs. Cummings
Mrs. Dennis Robin- Little Misses Rac
Mrs. Duncan Cummings
Mrs. Evelyn Little
Mrs. Evelyn Little Mr.
Mrs. Evelyn Little Music Teacher
Mrs. Evelyn M. Little Results Of McGill
Mrs. F Taylor
Mrs. F W Taylor
Mrs. F W. Taylor
Mrs. Floyd Hodgins Joseph Little Year
Mrs. Gordon Little
Mrs. Grant Taylor
Mrs. H A. Taylor
Mrs. H H. Taylor
Mrs. Harold W. Taylor
Mrs. Henry Charles
Mrs. Iva Armstrong Mrs. Ann Taylor Mr. Ross M. Taylor Mr. Carson Hodglns
Mrs. J H Little
Mrs. James Little
Mrs. James R. Taylor
Mrs. Jeannic Little Thompson
Mrs. Jim Little
Mrs. Ken Kdgour Charles James Tranchita
Mrs. Kenneth Little
Mrs. Leslie Little
Mrs. Lilian M. Taylor
Mrs. Lilian Taylor Tells How Cuticura Healed Her Baby
Mrs. Little
Mrs. Lloyd Little
Mrs. Man-son Little
Mrs. Manson Little
Mrs. Maoson Little
Mrs. Margaret Mielke Charles
Mrs. Mary M. Leach OBITUARIES Mrs. Eddie Richardson Mrs. Charles Quinn Mrs. Wm
Mrs. Mona Taylor
Mrs. P Burden Mrs. James Little
Mrs. P R Little
Mrs. R Cummings
Mrs. R Taylor
Mrs. Rae Little
Mrs. Rankin Taylor
Mrs. Re* Taylor
Mrs. Reg Taylor
Mrs. Regnald Taylor
Mrs. Rex Taylor
Mrs. Roberta Little
Mrs. Sherwood Smoley Little
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Taylor Reports On Mission Bend World
Mrs. Thérèse Taylor
Mrs. Thomas Brown Mm Charles Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Cummings
Mrs. Tom Little
Mrs. W. G Joan Caulfield Robert Cummings
Mrs. W. Taylor
Mrs. Wesley Mac-1 Cummings
Mrs. Wilfred L. Little Pulpwood
Mrs. Wilfred Little
Mrs. Wilfred Taylor
Mrs. Wn-•rerf Taylor
MSas Undwy Taylor
Mur- Little
Music Taylor
Musician L CpI Charles I
Mutchmore Taylor
Mu»* Taylor
N. Cummings
N. Taylor
Name Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Paul Collette Jr. Dave Rich Chris Olmstead Kelly Taylor Trent R
Nancy Hargreave Lisa Taylor
Nancy Little
Nancy Little-donkey Peppy
Nancy Mahon- Little
Nellie Taylor
Nelson Charles MacDonald
Nelson Colt - Little Bones - Andi
Newton Taylor
Nick Taylor
Nickolai Charles David Smith
Nicolas William Charles
Nicole Cummings
Nina Little
Nor- Charles Jay
Norma Little
Norman Brown Charles E. Compton
Norman C. Taylor
Norman Taylor
Notes Theresa Cummings
Notify Mrs. Evelyn Little
Nova Taylor
Nurse Taylor
Odds Little Karen Stephens
Oil Cummings Sr
Olive Varney Little Billy
Ont Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard 613-822-1351
Ornmlma Taylor Ih
Orville Taylor
Ot-sa Cummings
Ottawa A O D. Taylor
Ottawa Ont W J. Taylor
Otter Charles Borremeo Church Pallbearers
Otter Lisa Erin Taylor
Owen Taylor
Owen Taylor Money
P. Taylor
P.P. Taylor
Pamela Little
Pancake Race-Watt Taylor
Parkin Taylor
Pastor John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Jeen-Rîul Rochefort
Patricia Eleanor Armstrong Weds Gunter Charles Schmidt Farewell Party
Patricia Taylor
Patrick Charles
Patrick Charles Cameron
Patrick LITTLE-
Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor Nathalie Lavigne
Patrick Younge Taylor
Patrick) Taylor
Patrolman Charles Kolesar
Paul Charles Pilgrim
Paul Charles von Rer.nen-
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Mark Loyer Marcel Berard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Meisner Chris
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Mark Loyer Marcel Berard Kelly Taylor
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Mark Loyer Marcel Berard Terry Burwell Stephen Meisner Chris Martin
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Terry Burwell Trent Reynolds Marcel B
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Chris Olmstead Dave Rich Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Trent Reynolds Joh
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor John Peck Marcel Berard Terry Burwell Chris Olmstead Alai
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard John Peck Terry Burwell Chris Olmstead Alai
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Meisner Chris
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Terry Burwell John Peck Alain Leveillee Chr
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Terry Burwell John Peck Alain Leveillee Tre
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Trent Reynolds Chris Olmstead John Peck Ala
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner Chris Martin Trent Re
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Stéphane Villeneuve Trent Reynolds Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Chris Ol
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Trent Reynolds Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Chris Olmstead John Peck Ala
Paul Collette Jr. Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Chris Olmstead Marcel Berard Kelly Taylor Trent Re
Paul Collette Jr. Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard
Paul Douglas Diana Lynn Don Taylor Constance Smith David Wayne
Paul McGee OBITUARY Charles
Paul Seguin Dr. Paul Desrosiers Dr. Charles Paquin Watch
Paul Taylor
Pciping Taylor
Peace Little Boy
Pearl Ann Little
Pearl Little
Peggy Cummings
Peggy Paul Weds Donald W. Ramsay Mrs. Watt Taylor
Peill’s Taylor
Pembroke Little
Penny A Pound A little-known
Percy Charles
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Peter Chevrier Cummings
Peter Cooper Moses Taylor
Peter Li >rge Little
Peter Little
Peter Little Thompson
Peter Little’s
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor 1
Peter Taylor 1
Peter Taylor Great
Peter Taylor Poor
Peter Taylor Le
Peter Taylor Robinson
Peter Taylor To
Phil Taylor
Philip Cummings
Philip Taylor Miles
Phll Taylor
Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Phone Ann Taylor
Phone Taylor
Phyllis A. Little
Phyllis Little
Pierre Charles I.‘Enfant
Pizza Taylor Fire Extinguisher Langford
Plouffe- Taylor
Polyvalente Charles Young
Popular Little Kathleen Again Well And
Postmaster Charles Lemaire
President—Charles Russell Vice-President—William Hodgins
Princess Charles
Principal Charles Sicard
Principal Mr. D. Little
Prof. Griffith Taylor
Pump Taylor
Qeorqe Taylor
Qrothy Taylor
Quinton Taylor
Quinton Taylor-
R G Little Carrots
R Taylor
R. Taylor Austin
Rac Little
Rachael Cummings
Rae Little
Ralph Charles Ellis
Ralph Little
Randall Mona Freeman Techniceleur Little Red Riding Heed
Randin Taylor
Randolph Scott Bai/ban Hale SEVENTH CAVALRY Elisabeth Taylor Marilyn Monroe
Randy Cummings
Randy Cummings Farm
Rankin Taylor
Raster John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Jean-Paul Rochefort
Rax Taylor
Ray Charles
Ray Charles Lost de Mie
Ray Layer Cake Brenda Cummings
Ray Moss Charles Lance
Ray Smith Charles Beaudoin
Ray Taylor
Re* Taylor
Rea Taylor Frlie
Rebecca Wil-Trudeau Charles McNee Coodwright
Reg Taylor
Reggie Taylor
Reid Mick,Charlie Taylor
Remembrance Day Little Patrick Michaud
Ren Brooks Taylor
Ren Brooks Taylor Perth Lang Osmond
René Laporte C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor
Renfrew Taylor Coins Ampnor
Restaurant Carol Lemaire Charles Lemaire Curlers
Retiring Little Singer
Rev Charles Yates
Rev E R Taylor
Rev F W Taylor
Rev Leslie Taylor
Rev Rex Taylor
Rev Taylor
Rev W Little
Rev- E R Taylor
Rev. C. L Taylor
Rev. Charles Boole
Rev. Charles Boole 7:30
Rev. Charles Dawes
Rev. Charles Massey
Rev. Charles McKil-lop
Rev. Charles Quinney
Rev. Charles Reid
Rev. Charles Wesley
Rev. Dr. Charles Crane
Rev. Dr. Charles D. Donald
Rev. E R Taylor
Rev. F W Taylor B.
Rev. F W. Taylor
Rev. F XV Taylor
Rev. F XV. Taylor
Rev. Fred W. Taylor
Rev. K S. Taylor
Rev. K Taylor
Rev. L L Taylor
Rev. Leslie Taylor
Rev. Leslie Taylor Mr
Rev. Mr. Taylor
Rev. Rex Taylor
Rev. Sister Charles-Garnier
Rev. Taylor
Rev. W Taylor
Rev. XV. Taylor
Rev. XXL S. Taylor
Rev.F.W Taylor
Rev.|clarence Little Margaret Smith
Rex Taylor
Rex Taylor Road
Rex Taylor 030
Rex Taylor 11.00
Rex Taylor 8.30
Rex Taylor 9.30
Rex Taylor 930
Rex Taylor FOR TOUR
Rex Taylor Hie
Rex Taylor Knox
Rex Taylor Mrs Henry Henderson Motion
Rex Taylor Shortly
Rex Taylor Students
Rex Taylor TJO
Rex Taylor Uy
Rex Taylor Welcomed Al Bristol
Rhona Cummings
Rhonda Cummings
Rhonda Mormon Adrienne Taylor
Rich Little
Rich Little Special Care Nursery
Richard Charles
Richard Charles and George Be Henry
Richard Charles Dagg
Richard Charles How
Richard Charles Oh
Richard Charles When
Richard Harris Charles Craven
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe 466-2407 Cal Gerry Lavoie Charles Joseph Slattery
Richard Little
Richard Prior.............. Charles Rusnlou............ Heirs
Richard Rohmer’s "E.P. Taylor"
Richard Taylor
Richard Wills Cal Cummings
Richardson Taylor Ross
Rick 647-3293 Little Rock
Rick Chartrand Rick Cummings
Rick Cummings
Rick Cummings Holmes
Rick Cummings Neil to*inthc6200,bmodincd
Rick Cummings Shawville
Ricky Charles
Rights Taylor
Rita St Brian Charles Scattergood
Rivt Cummings
Rob Schilkie Little Mariah
Rob Taylor
RoB* Taylor
Robert Campbell Lawrence Degg Charles McDowell Garnet Or Lawrence Rooney LET
Robert Charles
Robert Charles Bourget
Robert Charles Company
Robert Charles Harris
Robert Charles Lucas
Robert Charles Lucas OBITUARY Earl Denzil Young
Robert Charles Mayhew
Robert Charles Russett
Robert Charles Walsh
Robert Cummings Grace Kelly
Robert Cummings OÊÊÊ
Robert Cummings Show
Robert Cummings Show Jane Wyman
Robert D. Little
Robert Francis Robert Taylor Color Deborah Kerr SEE
Robert H. Taylor
Robert John Michael Richard William James Joseph Thomas William Charles George
Robert Little
Robert Little 60,1
Robert Little Dies Suddenly
Robert Me- Little
Robert O. Little
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor .1
Robert Taylor Ann
Robert Taylor Ava Gardner
Robert Taylor CALL
Robert Taylor CARDS
Robert Taylor Coloured Cartoon—First
Robert Taylor Dana Wvnter I
Robert Taylor Dona Wynter Color
Robert Taylor Doris Day Frank Sinatra
Robert Taylor Dorothy Malone
Robert Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Sat.
Robert Taylor Friday Saturday CINEMASCOPE
Robert Taylor Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Marilyn
Robert Taylor Gia Sea
Robert Taylor Janet Leigh
Robert Taylor Julie London
Robert Taylor Julie London Color CinemaScope Mitzi Gayner Gene Kelly Lee Philips Lloyd Nolan Lane T
Robert Taylor Julie London Saturday
Robert Taylor Kay Kendall CITY
Robert Taylor KNIGHTS
Robert Taylor Mala Powers Gig Young
Robert Taylor MANY
Robert Taylor P»p
Robert Taylor QUENTIN DURWARD Kay Kendall
Robert Taylor Richard Todd
Robert Taylor Richard Widmark
Robert Taylor Stewart
Robert Taylor Technicolor
Robert Taylor THURS.
Robert Taylor Tina Louise BROADCLOTHS
Robert Taylor WED.
Robert Taylor Wednesday
Robert Taylor’s
Robert W Taylor Dates
Robert • Taylor
Roberta Little
Robin Jayne Little
Robin Little
Robt Taylor Mr. Arthur Carson
Robyn Little
Roc Taylor
Rod Charles Imison
Rod Taylor
Rod Taylor Claudia Cardinale
Rod Taylor Doris Day
Rod Taylor Doris Dey
Rod Taylor Irene Worth
Rod Taylor Jane Fonda Cliff Robertson
Rod Taylor Keith Mitcell Adventure
Rod Taylor Panavisionand Metrocolor
Rod Taylor Yvette Mimleux
Roes Taylor
Roger Rhonda Cummings
Roland Pilon Little Stone Church Study
Roland Pilon Little Stone Church Study Messe
Roland Ren- Wat* Taylor
Roland Ren-Taylor
Roly Wickens Anderson 8i Taylor
Ron Cummings
Ronald Charles Grant
Ronald Charles Green
Ronald Cummings
Ronald L. | Little Raith Colliery
Ronald Little -
Ronald Little Donald Sharpe
Ronald MacKechnie Champion Dairy Showman- Charles Pirie
Ronald Russell < Clara Little
Ronald Taylor
Ronnie Charles McNeelev Soen-
Rory Calhoun Susan Cummings
Rosa Taylor
Rose Taylor
Rosg Taylor
Ross Campbell Charles Dale
Ross Charles
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti-Dickson Ann Taylor Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Scott Campbell Janey Duf
Ross Snowmobile Derby Taylor
Ross Taylor
Ross Taylor Vînimin Ridge Hunt Club Dove Moore
Rot Taylor
Roxanne Little
Roy Charles Last
Roy Charles Smith
Royce Charles Argue
Ruby Taylor
Rufus Cummings
Russell Charles
Russell Charles E. Pearl
Ruth Hodgins Macdonald Mrs. Bland Little
Ruth Strutt Charles Dale
Ruth Strutt______ Little
Rvx Taylor
Ryan Barber April Bretzlaff Laurie Bretzlaff Kaara Brown Cory Brownlee Lana Cowley Melissa Cummings
Ryan Charles
Ryan Little
R°ss Taylor
R°« Taylor
S. Craig ‘The Little
S. Taylor
Saint Charles
Saint Charles Borromée
Saint Charles Borromeo
SALE— Taylor Safe
Sally Has Three Little Lambs—Sally Ann Chitwood
Salome Charles McGraw Karin Booth Rita Hayworth Marie Windsor
Sam Little
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Sandra Cummings
Sandra Cummings-Poole Saunders
Sandra Little
Sandra Taylor
Sandy Cummings
Sandy Taylor
Sandy Taylor Aylmer
Sarah Narlock Amy Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Scot Little
Scott Little
Scott Taylor
Scouts Charles Main Canadian
Séguin Dr. Paul Desrosier* Dr. Charles Paquin
Settlers Rich Dr. Charles
Shannon Little Fanfare - Steven Coady McEwan
Sharon Little
Sharon Taylor
Sharpe Th« Rev. Charles Irish
Shawn Little
Shawn Taylor Miles
Shawuille Taylor
Shawville Little Crusaders
Shawville Little Grey Goose
Shawville Little Rock Curlers
Shawville Taylor Brothers
Sheila Lafram- Clarendon W I Little
Shelly Graham Taylor Bryson
Shelly Taylor
Sheriff Charles M. • Wright
Shipping Tags Rev. F..W Taylor
Shirley A Charles
Shirley and Taylor Yach
Shirley Cummings
Shirley Cummings Byron Barr William Dods Carl Mousseau Rachel Wrinn Brent Bowie Wayne Maloney Cleme
Shirley Eaton Charles Hawthr Plus
Shirley Julia Cummings
Shirley Taylor
Shirly Cummings
Si Charles s289.00 Elizabeth
Sidney C. Little
Sii Charles H. Tapper
Simmental-Katie Taylor Reserve-Pat Young Champion Goat-Bradleigh Clark Reserve-Kate-Lynn Clark Cham
Sin Charles Tvpfer
Single Car- Charles Dale
Sis Mona Taylor
Sister Mane Charles
Slipping Away Little Sandy
Slothing Little Bobbie Horigins
Smith Mr. Charles Chamberlain
Song -Happy Little Maiden Mines Me- Fee
Sonnys Taylor
Sonnys Taylor Maid
Sons Cummings
Spratt Charles J Menard
Spratt Charles J Menard 613-822-1351
Spratt Charles J Menard 819-983-1056
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard MONUMENTS
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard 613-822-1351
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard NEW!
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard RM
Sr Charles
Sr Cummings
St Charles
St Charles Borromea Church Otter Lake
St Charles Borromeo Ce- Barbara
St Charles Borromeo Otter Lake
St Charles Borromeo Shane Narlock
St Charles Church Parish
St Taylor
St-Charles B or-
Stella Cummings Jr ,
Stéphane Taylor
Stephen Charles
Stephen Little
Stephen Little Miss Kim Sharpe
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor de Quyon Elus
Stephen Taylor Kevin Wallace
Stephen Taylor’s
Stephens Charles McS''eil John jr Balia
Steve and Taylor
Steve Little
Steve Melinda Cummings
Steve Spratt Léo Ménard Ken McNeely Charles Ménard
Steve Taylor
Steven Charles
Steven Little
Steven Little BSc.
Steven Spratt Charles
Steven Spratt Charles J Menard 819-983-1056
Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard
Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard ALSO
Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard Holiday Season
Steven Spratt Charles J. Menard 1-613-822-1351
Steven Spratt Charles J. Menard 1-613-822-1351 Congratulations Mom
Steven Spratt Charles J. Menard Jeff 1-613-822-1351
Steven Spratt Charles Ménard
Steven Spratt Charles Ménard Sanding
Steven Spratt Charles Ménard We
Stewart Charles Mayhew
Stewart Taylor
Stewart Taylor Course Rood
Stuart Taylor
Style Taylor
Su Charles Tapper
Su Thomas Wardlaw Taylor
Sue Cummings
Sue Taylor
Surely Mr. Taylor
Susan Cummings
Susan Gumming Susan Cummings
Susan Little
Susan Taylor
Susanne Little
Suzane Little
Suzanne Elizabeth Little
Suzanne Little
Suzanne Little Ernest Man-well
Sylvia Charles Dale
Sylvia Poisson Carole St-AuMc TE* EOUirv Adrienne Taylor
T. Cummings
T. Little
T. Taylor
Tammy Roberta Little
Tara Taylor
Taylor Seems
Taylor "
Taylor -
Taylor - Bretzlaff
Taylor - Cuthbertson
Taylor - Daly
Taylor - Sharpe
Taylor - Shawville
Taylor A
Taylor A A
Taylor A Henry
Taylor A Meredith
Taylor A Roes
Taylor A WOMAN
Taylor Academy
Taylor Addresses
Taylor and Chris Tracy
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Angus
Taylor Ann Taylor
Taylor Ann Tubman
Taylor Anne Aubry Jungle War Story
Taylor Archibald
Taylor B
Taylor B A.
Taylor B S P..
Taylor B.A.
Taylor Baccalaureate
Taylor Band
Taylor Barometers Mild Cured - Well Streaked Burns
Taylor BDF
Taylor Becman
Taylor Bergeron
Taylor Bill Anderson
Taylor BJdg
Taylor Bkig
Taylor Bld
Taylor Bldg
Taylor Boulevard
Taylor Bransoa
Taylor Branson
Taylor Bristol
Taylor Bros,
Taylor Bros.
Taylor Brown
Taylor Bud
Taylor Building
Taylor Building God
Taylor Building Main St.
Taylor Burks Falls
Taylor Cameron
Taylor Campbell
Taylor Carson
Taylor Char Sha
Taylor Cholettc
Taylor Cholette
Taylor Cholette-Will
Taylor Chryatar
Taylor Chrysler
Taylor Clarke
Taylor Co.
Taylor Coach
Taylor Coins
Taylor Coleridge
Taylor Collins
Taylor Colour
Taylor Concluded
Taylor Council
Taylor Crawford Perth’s Chris Abel
Taylor Crook
Taylor Cub
Taylor Cyd Charisse
Taylor David Conrod
Taylor Denies Dereel After
Taylor Dodge
Taylor Dorothy Molone
Taylor Drenth
Taylor Dumouchel
Taylor Eason J. Russell
Taylor Elizabeth Brown
Taylor Elizabeth Brown Tanguay/Brown - Tammy
Taylor Equity Want Ads Get Results
Taylor Extinguisher
Taylor Family
Taylor Field
Taylor Financial Secretary
Taylor Fire
Taylor Fire Chief
Taylor Fire Extin-
Taylor Fire Extin- Cr Dagg
Taylor Fire Extinguishers
Taylor Fire Extinguishers ABC
Taylor Fire Extinguishers June
Taylor Fire Extinguishers Sales
Taylor Fire Extinguishers Shawville Watt Taykx
Taylor Fire-Chief
Taylor Fleury
Taylor Forbes Co.
Taylor Friends
Taylor Funeral Home
Taylor Garage
Taylor Garage Main Si
Taylor Garage Main St.
Taylor Ghernrdl
Taylor Goes
Taylor Grand Champion
Taylor Happy
Taylor Hardwares Limited
Taylor Hardwares Lt
Taylor Heritage Endowment
Taylor Hilliard Sinclair
Taylor Holmes
Taylor Honesty
Taylor HonGWR Hon R Harcourt
Taylor Honored
Taylor Honoured
Taylor Horner
Taylor I
Taylor I Shawville
Taylor IBBIv
Taylor Institution
Taylor Instrument Company
Taylor Interred
Taylor Is
Taylor It
Taylor J #
Taylor J.L Hodgina Ltd.
Taylor James Dean Rook Hudson
Taylor John
Taylor JR Shop
Taylor K s Dress Shop Hardy Plants
Taylor Kerfoot
Taylor Kingsbury
Taylor Lagoon
Taylor Lake
Taylor Lakes
Taylor Lam Double
Taylor Limit It
Taylor Limited
Taylor Lisa Montai
Taylor Love
Taylor Ltd.
Taylor Lush
Taylor Lynn
Taylor Lynn Harris Harris - Crawford
Taylor M,A.
Taylor M.A.
Taylor MacDougall
Taylor Main St.
Taylor Main Street
Taylor Marion Carr M GHOST TOWN
Taylor Matthew
Taylor Mc-Veity
Taylor McV
Taylor MeCredie’s Garage
Taylor MeYaity
Taylor Miles
Taylor Miss Doreen Graveline
Taylor Miss Eva Hobbs
Taylor MLA
Taylor Morris
Taylor Motion
Taylor Mr.
Taylor Mrs Edward Donlan
Taylor My
Taylor Myles
Taylor N.G.
Taylor Newmann
Taylor No.
Taylor Nuracrlee
Taylor Nurseries
Taylor Onslow
Taylor Orr
Taylor Orr Hayden Moore
Taylor Ottawa
Taylor P
Taylor P.P.
Taylor Pall
Taylor Pasch
Taylor Paul
Taylor Performer
Taylor Photography Sharpe - Taylor On
Taylor Pierce
Taylor Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Taylor Pontiacs
Taylor Principal
Taylor Property
Taylor Ptoufle
Taylor P»
Taylor R Hudson
Taylor Reade
Taylor Rebertz
Taylor Rescue
Taylor Rivers
Taylor Safe
Taylor Safe-
Taylor Safe—
Taylor Safe—medium
Taylor Sharon Remi
Taylor Sharpe
Taylor Shawville
Taylor Shawville Devilled Egg Balls For Salad Garnish
Taylor Shawville - Reinke
Taylor Shawville Order Your
Taylor Shawville Z 1
Taylor Shawville .r~2L
Taylor Shawville Anna
Taylor Shawville Burial
Taylor Shawville I
Taylor Shawville Local Farm Forums Meet At
Taylor Shawville Mr. Herman Schrueder
Taylor Shawville Mrs. James Carty
Taylor Shawville No.
Taylor Shawville North
Taylor Shawville QUEBEC QUYON
Taylor Shawville SUIT
Taylor Shawville Tel
Taylor Shawville WALTER SMITH
Taylor Shawville Where Trading Is
Taylor Shawville Z T H E A T R E /
Taylor Shawvllle
Taylor Sheila
Taylor Shelley McDonald
Taylor SL.
Taylor Smith
Taylor Sophy
Taylor Sparks
Taylor Specialty Co.
Taylor St
Taylor St.
Taylor Stake
Taylor Statten
Taylor Stewart Granger BEAU BRUMMELL
Taylor Swift
Taylor T Bricks
Taylor Taylor
Taylor Tells How Cuticura Healed Her Baby
Taylor Tells How Cuticura Healed Her Baby Icrial
Taylor The
Taylor Thurston
Taylor To Lecture Al Training
Taylor Trophy
Taylor Tubman
Taylor Turcotte
Taylor Turcotte Aug.
Taylor Turcotte Sunday
Taylor TV
Taylor Un
Taylor Vanessa Brisebois
Taylor Vanessa Brisebois Taylor Vanessa Brisebois
Taylor Varieties
Taylor VAV''Ol/VER—Stevens
Taylor Vi
Taylor Voyages Ottawa Travel
Taylor W Pembroke
Taylor Wage»
Taylor Way 3
Taylor We
Taylor We See
Taylor Williams
Taylor Woodstock
Taylor Work
Taylor XV
Taylor XV J Hayes
Taylor You
Taylor-Made Cattle Company
Taylor........ Wilson
Ted Jacob Cummings
Telford Taylor
Ten Little Indians—the Agatha Christie
Teresa Cummings
Teresa Cummings Brian Drummond
Teresa Cummings Fruit
Teresas Cummings Bill
Teressa Cummings
Terry Curley Bunny Trudeau Joel Gibeault Valerie Curley Danny Dollighan Gary Cummings Gerry Dubeau
Terry Little
The P Frederick Charles
The Taylor
Thelma Taylor
Theodore Taylor
Theresa Cummings
Theresa Cummings Daley
Theresa Cummings Frankie Craig
Theresa Cummings Mrs Ernie Turner
Theresa Eason Little
Theresa Little
Thérèse Taylor
This Little IJermon
Tho Little Cook
Tho- Recitation - Little Bird—Margaret Du White
Thomas 7.00— Morton Downey Amos *n’ Andy 8.00— Cities Service Happy Bakers 9.00— Little Forum Fred
Thomas Charles
Thomas Charles Explanations
Thomas Cummings
Thomas Cummings Hynes
Thomas Little
Thomas Little Long
Thomas McVeigh William McVeigh.......... Charles F. Cone
Thomas Taylor
Thompson - Charles Christopher Peacefully
Tim Taylor
Tim ‘The Little
Tlî Little
Todd Thomas Cummings
Toilet Set Little Jack Horner
Tom &od Mrs Charles Routliffe Jr lengthy
Tom and Betty Taylor
Tom Cummings
Tom little Julie
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor - Canadian Hunger Foundation Dr. John Trent - University
Tom Taylor Buz Laughton
Tom Wil- Taylor
Tommy Taylor
Tony Curtis Robert Taylor Susan Hayward Vic
Took Hi* Little Sister For
Touching Little Story Comes
Tracey Charles
Tracy Little
Travis Little
Treasurer: Cat Cummings
Tree Changed Little
Tressa Taylor
Trevor Cummings
Two Little
Tyler Sc Emily Hubky Charles Russell
Unhappy Little
Uoyd Little
Ur Cummings
V K By Charles W. Peterson
V T * My Little M<id
V ’ Little Girl
V. Cummings
Van Johnson Elisabeth Taylor
Victoria Taylor
Vision Specialist Liz Taylor Doctor
Vivian Little
VV. Taylor
VVatt Taylor
W . J. Taylor
W C Cummings
W CARE Sandy Cummings
W disMiss Clara Little
W I Taylor
W J. lit Taylor
W J. Taylor
W J. Taylor Limited
W Taylor B A.
W Taylor B A.»
W Taylor B.
W Taylor B. A.
W Taylor B. A.. B
W Taylor B. A.. B.D Letterheads
W Taylor B. A.. B.D. Church
W Taylor B. A.. B.D. Sunday
W Taylor B. A.t B D Sunday
W Taylor B.A.
W Taylor IL
W Taylor R.
W Taylor Sunday
W* J-J Taylor
W*ED H YOVNol Cummings Bridge
W, G. Taylor
W, Taylor
W. Taylor
W. Taylor 647-2723 C. Taylor 647-2891 Francois E. Lacourse Philippe J. Lacourse Jean Lacourse Exti
W. Taylor B.
W. Taylor B. A.
W. Taylor B. A..
W. Taylor Membeis
W. Taylor Sunday
W..L Taylor
W.J. Taylor Limited
W.P. Taylor
W.Taylor B A.
W.Taylor B.A.
W; Taylor
Waff Taylor
Waft Taylor
Wallace Taylor
Walt Taylor
Walter A. Little
Walter Charles Letts
Walter Little
Walter Peering Little Wendy Young
Walter Taylor
Wat Taylor
Watt I Taylor
Watt Taylor
Watt Taylor Company
Watt Taylor Education
Watt Taylor Fire Chief
Watt Taylor Grace
Watt Taylor Hodgins Store
Watt Taylor Honoured
Watt Taylor P.O.
Watt Taylor Skip
WaU Taylor
Wayne Cummings
Wayne Mc- Taylor BDF
Weft Taylor
Weifon-Oumfon Taylor
Wendy (Ross) Taylor
Wendy and Ross Taylor
Wendy Little
Wendy Mary to Ross William Taylor
Wendy Taylor
Westport—Taylor Shawvllle—Barry Murray Shawvllle—Laird Murray Shawvllle—Richardson Westport—T.
Wett Taylor
When Taylor
White Layer Cake- Rhonda Cummings
White Oats—Charles Taber
WI. Taylor
Wiifril Little
Wilfred Launer Sir Charles Tupper
Wilfred Little
Wilfrid Little
Wilfrid Taylor
Will Be Surveyed Little Junior
Will Taylor
Willard Parker Kent Taylor
William and Jane Little
William Charles
William Charles Bouchie William Charles Bouchie
William Charles Carty
William Charles Dagg
William Charles Harris DRAPES
William Charles Lindale
William Charles White
William Cummings
William Emery Little
William Hopper Jean Taylor 2#
William Hopper Joan Taylor 0#
William L Taylor
William Little
William Little River
William P. McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. WiHiam Regan Dean Mary Regan Mr
William P. McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan M
William P. MV-Lean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan
William Scott Taylor
William Taylor
William Watt Taylor
Williams Y V A Little
Willie Charles Csrtie
Willie Little
Willis Smiley Kenneth Little Claude Klliott Refreshments
Win Taylor
Win Taylor Hartwell
Winnifred Jacob Grant Alexie Sally Nathalie Jade Charles and Presseau-Pieschkc Carleigh Hannah
Witt Taylor
WJ. Taylor
Wm Stephan Little
Wm Taylor
Write E L Taylor
Write E L. Taylor
XV. Taylor
XV.Taylor Sunday
Y C “The Little
Young Taylor
Yvette Rodgers Little Cassie Williams Bryson
Yvone Taylor
Yvonne Taylor
YVONNt Mona Freeman Technicolour Little Red Riding Hood
Y” Taylor
Z/J 7- Clara Little
Zachary Taylor
Zai-hnn Taylor
«S3S Taylor
29 Little
684-6297 Charles Nickel Tel 684-511$
Annual Metcalfe Fair Anderson-Taylor Trophy
Austin Taylor
Cape Charles
Carter’s Little
Carter’s Little Liver
Charles Ave.
Charles Avenue
Charles Broadway
Charles Cape Breton
Charles City
Charles Eady
Charles Ga
Charles McLean
Charles Pétrin au 819-449-7866
Charles Shea
Charles Sheffield
Children’s Little Wash
Cummings Ave
Cummings Ave.
Cummings Road
Cummings Road Ran-
Elizabeth Taylor AU T -
Floyd Little
Fort Charles
Fort Coulonge Little
Fort Little
Fort Little Slone
Fort Little Stone
Hudson Taylor
Imlay Taylor
King Charles
King Charles X
King Charles''
King Charles.
Lake Charles
Lake Taylor
Little 1
Little 133.29
Little Ad-
Little Adviee
Little Aeorn*
Little Alley
Little Allumette
Little America
Little Ballham
Little Bar
Little Bay
Little Ben
Little Ben—so
Little Bertram Lake.
Little Better
Little Billy’s
Little Bit
Little Blue
Little Bonnie Base
Little Boy
Little Boys
Little Brew
Little Britain
Little Brother
Little Ca
Little Canyo-n
Little Canyon
Little Care
Little Carrots
Little Cascapedia River
Little Causes
Little Champlain
Little Chap—We’re
Little Chaudière
Little Chaudière Street
Little Child
Little Choyeuse Creek
Little Chri^Wa/^a
Little Church
Little Creek
Little Current
Little Dam
Little Dark
Little Daughter’s
Little Desert
Little Dick—
Little Dover
Little Eagle
Little Eddie-"
Little Egypt
Little Eight
Little El
Little El Salvador
Little Elgin
Little Exmouth St.
Little Falls
Little Farmer
Little Father
Little Garden
Little Gents
Little George
Little Giant
Little Gift
Little Girl
Little Gold
Little Greener
Little Guy
Little Harbor
Little Hearts
Little Horsehair
Little Howard
Little Is
Little Island
Little Italy
Little Itapids
Little Itussla
Little Jack
Little Joan
Little Joe Lake
Little Kingdom
Little Km
Little Known
Little Kock
Little Lake
Little Lake Dumont
Little Lakes
Little Lamb
Little Lambe
Little Lamb—Really
Little Lamb’’
Little Lamb”
Little Lester
Little Long
Little Lord
Little Lot—
Little Madawaska
Little Manitou
Little Manitou Lake
Little Marc’s
Little Marjory
Little Miss Pa y
Little Mondoys
Little More
Little Moscow
Little Mountain
Little Mudard
Little Mvian
Little Nation
Little Neck
Little Nell
Little Norway
Little Nut
Little Old
Little Onec.
Little Ones l ABY
Little Otter Lake
Little Over
Little People
Little Phillips
Little Province
Little Rapid
Little Rapids
Little Rascals
Little Ray
Little Rays
Little Red
Little Red River
Little Regulators
Little Rideau
Little River
Little Road
Little Rock
Little Rock Air Force Base
Little Rockies
Little Roy
Little Russia
Little Sammy
Little Sands
Little Sandy
Little Santeetlah
Little Saskatchewan
Little Sheppard/Husky
Little Sister
Little Sisters
Little Smaller
Little Spring
Little St
Little St.John’s
Little Stanbury
Little Streams
Little Stump
Little Superstition*
Little Symphony
Little Teapot
Little The*-burns
Little Theatre
Little Thing
Little Things
Little Thinking
Little Thor
Little Thorburna
Little Thorburns
Little Tikes
Little Tobago
Little Tots
Little Trout
Little Uussia
Little Victoria
Little Water
Little Water Hen Island
Little White River
Little Wiilie’e
Little Wisdom
Little Wonder
Little Wright
Little XX onder
Little York
Madison Taylor Lynn
McGuire Charles McGuire
McLean Charles
Messrs. Charles Sheffield
Monsignor Charles
North Little Rock
Norway Bay Little
Ottawa Little 0rs
Ottawa Little “°we
Otter Lake St Charles Borromco
Pearl Little
Pearl Little.
Prince Charles
Prince Charles of
Quebec Charles
Rev. Charles Hartley
Sale Charles
Sir Charles Sheffield
St Charles
St Charles Borremo
St Charles Borromeo
St Charles Cemetery
St Charles Pariah
St Charles Parish
St Charles River
St Charles Sympathy
Taylor Field
Taylor Lake
Taylor Trophy
Vancouver Charles
Venice Charles
1953-1954 Eastern Memorial Cup Finalist East View St. Charles Team
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Slone Church Rev. L.H. Ballard
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev L.H. Ballard
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L H
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L.H. Ballard
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L.H. Bollard
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. LB.
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. LH.
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. LJH.
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. LJL Ballard
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. LÜ
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. LU.
7:30 pm Bible Study United Pentecostal Porteg* du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. LJL Ballard
9-10-11 IVANHOE Color Elizabeth Taylor REID BROS.
Adventure Drama David Janssen Joyce Taylor HUBERT MAULEY 7:00
Agricultural Information Meeting St. Charles Borromeo Otter Lake Father Stephan Mass Saturday
Ambre Rose Spray Cologne Little Tykes Party Kitchen Large Hockey TRO
ANDERSON & TAYLOR Chrysler-Dodge
ANDERSON & TAYLOR Pontiac Printshop L
Anglican Church Charles
Anglican Church Moor Charles Tupper
Anita Ferras & Tim Taylor
Ann Taylor
Apple Jelly Patrick’s Day Layer Cake New York Little
As-Charles Morris
AT THF PEOPLE’S STORE Sir Charles Tapper
AUCTION Sale Little Mamma
Bank of Montreal Bank of Nova Scotia Charles Lemaire Mrs. Alphonse Cahill Adolph Zimmerling DR ROLA
Bear Attacks Little Nova Scotia Girl
Beauty Shop Anderson & Taylor Archibald
Beauty Shop Andvrson A Taylor Archibald
Best Little Special
Best Little Whorehouse
Big International Organization Natives Take Little Interest
Bland Little
BMW A Little Qiri''i
Borrowed Life 9:00—Bob Cummings
Boys Continues Mr. Charles Dagg
Bristol Adrienne Taylor
Bristol Council CHARLES BELEC
Bristol Hugh Taylor
Bristol; Dumlee Lolly Charles; Mayjay Citamatt Amazing; Double G Jackpot Nyla
Bristol; John Cummings
Bristol; Katie Taylor
Bros Ambulance Cummings
Brothers Funeral Charles
Bryson Kell Charles Chamberlain Vinton
Bryson News Andai Photo Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rout
Bullets Charles
BUREAU Jean.Charles
Burning House Charles Lamb
Busy Store Where Good Shoes Cost Little
Busy Store Where Good Shoes Cost Little Bargains
BY Charles Bury Presents
C hez-Charles Hotel
Cal and T Cummings
Cal and Teresa Cummings
Cal and Theresa Cummings Frankie Craig
Cal Cummings
Cal Cummings P
Cal Cummings Alberta
Cal Cummings Band
Cal Cummings CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday
Cal Cummings Come
Cal Cummings Committee
Cal Cummings Gina Gilchrist
Cal Cummings Happy
Cal Cummings Jr.
Cal Cummings Jr. Jerry Leach Todd Fraser
Cal Cummings Jr. the
Cal Cummings Kevin Stanton Frank Murdock Jim Coyle Ben Kingsbury PUBLIC NOTICE Transport Canada Tr
Cal Cummings Lawrence Deroum Pam Komm Wayne
Cal Cummings Orchestra
Cal Cummings Ron
Cal Cummings Sponsored
Cal Cummings Sr
Cal Cummings Sr Paula
Cal Cummings Sr United Church
Cal Cummings Sr.
Cal Cummings Super Modified Club
Cal Cummings TEL NORWAY Litchfield Summer Festival
Cal Cummings Tom Faulkner
Cal Cummings; Dale Bean-Culley; Rick Allen; Line Dancing
Cal Gerry Lavoie Charles
Cal ¦ Cummings Jr.
CAMPBELL S BAY Little Bobbie
CANADA INC Club Chez Charles Demers Centre Isle
Capital Theatre Block BY KERN LITTLE FARMER
Carbonell Cal Cummings Jody Gibeault Joel Gibeault
Carson Brothers Mary Little
Carson Charles Tucker------ Mrs. Horsefield
Carson Charles Tucker......
Carson Mrs. Watt Taylor
Carson.... Charles Tucker...........
Cartier A/S Patsy A Charles Beaudoin Otter Lake
Central Canada Exhibition St. Charles
CHAPTER IV Little Jeante
Charles Axeworthy-Rose Effective
CHARLES BELEC QUEBEC Sheriff s Office Sheriff
CHARLES BELEC Sheriff Sheriff» Office
CHARLES BELEC Sheriffs Office Sheriff A
Charles Bell Of
Charles Borromeo Church
Charles Cansell Hospital
Charles Catholic Church
Charles Chamberla
Charles Christopher Bristol Hotel-Dining.Room-Dining-Room-Terrace Bar LACHANCE PHARMACY
Charles Division
Charles E. Perry
Charles Edison
Charles Ethier Municipal Corporation
Charles Faucetl Ltd Poulan
Charles Financial
Charles Heavysege University of Toronto Press
Charles Hospital
Charles Hotel
Charles Hotel Grill
Charles Hotel Inc at
Charles Hotel Inc. Wind
Charles Mayo
Charles McIntosh
Charles McIntosh St Co.
Charles Memorial Service
Charles Me— Resolved
CHARLES MoCOLOAN,Defendant-Insolvent Notice I*
Charles Ogilvy Store
Charles Pilon
Charles Pine
Charles Russell Telephone
Charles School
Charles Spa If
Charles VV. Bell
Charles-LeMoyne Hospital
Chez-Charles Hotel
Children Mrs. Taylor
Cities Service Happy Bakers 8.00— Little Forum
Cities Service Happy Bakers 9.00— Little Forum
Citizen Watt Taylor
Clara Little
Clarendon Council Minutes Taylor MeYaity
Clarendon School Board Minutes Little White School
Clarendon United Churches Rev. C Leslie Taylor
CLD Amy Taylor
Cobb Family CUMMINGS
Community St Charles Borromeo Church
Con Little Mary
Con Sir Charles Tup|ier
Conseiller Charles
Conseiller Charles D abord
Conseiller Charles Heaphy
Conseiller Charles Heaphy Conseil
Conservative Charles Schroeder
COOK Starring CHARLES Dingle COBURN Store
Corner Shop Charles Jean Pharmacien Bob
Corporation Municipale du Randy Cummings de
Cummings Tobacco Trust General
Custom Application Charles Russell;
CwBda’s Little Red School
CWL Lea-Ann Taylor
Dairy Showmanship Senior- Charles Pirie
Dancers Cal Cummings Jr Frankie Bell
Dancers Cal Cummings Jr. Frankie Bell
Deere No. 34 Manure Spreader John Deere 510 Round Baler Chain Harrows Little Giant
Dillon Little Miss
Dominion Line Steamships HEALTH FOJt LITTLE ONES Wabash Railroad
DRILL Little Johnny Lambert
DRINK Anybody’s Alcohol Little
DU Charles Hubert
Dunraven News Cummings
Educators Nature Study for Little Children—By
Eggs-actly Fair To Poor Little Jeff
ÊL All Passes Cancelled SECOND FLOOR PHONE 647-2724 ANDERSON & TAYLOR MATINEE Saturday
ELLIOTT Little Old Boche
Entertains Ladies Hospital Donations Mr. John Taylor.
EP Taylor
Equity Office Taylor’s Infant’s Delight Soap
EQUITY Patricia Eleanor Armstrong Weds Gunter Charles Schmidt Farewell Party
EVALUATION Charles Lepoutre
Evangelistic Service S.-JÏÏÏÏ»* LITTLE STONE CHURCH
Evsngeistic Service Secretory- Little Stone Church
Family Fair Sugar Shack Pembroke Camera Shop Kerron Milk Bar Kern t Jewellery PM Optics My Little G
Fart* Little Stone Church
Father Cal Cummings Jr
Federation Charles Dale
First Radio Broadcasting Station HEAD OFFin CHARLES W. DAGG.
FM Optics My Little Gallery
FOOL Cal Cummings
Froats & Sons Ltd Clarence Little Rated
General Bankingbuilnesetraneacted CHARLES MoGBB
General Banklngbuflneaatransaeted CHARLES McGEE.^
General Foods Cummings
German Supply Cut Off Little Swedish
Girls Quality Toys Tapes Brimax Board Books Interesting Little Junks
Girls Softball Tourna Theresa Cummings
Government Leaders Pontiac Printshop Prize Katie Taylor
GRANT Commerce Charles
Greer Susan Cummings
Group Taylor Orr
Guelph Soap OOy Guelph John Taylor & Co.. Toronto Chisholm Milling Co N ARMY CORPS WHY MAW PRINK IN
Hamilton Feet Office HERE’S A LITTLE NUT
Harness Horse Ray Layer Cake Brenda Cummings
HAT & COAT SETS For Little Boys
HAT & COAT SETS Little Boys
HATCH Th# Little Church
Hayes & Sons Cummings
Hell Charles M. Rashall & Co,
High School Montreal SANDRA JANE MacLEAN Lachine High School Lachlne RALPH CHARLES SUTHERLAND WALKE
Hobo Lunch Hospital Auxiliary Root Beer Floats Renfrew Little Theatre Performance Much Musk Teenage
Holstein Friesian Association of Canada Charles
Home Bcon-Anderson & Taylor; Bank
Horse Teresa Cummings
Horticultural Society CHARLES RUDOLPH BRETZLAFF Mr. Jas
Ht Charles Church
Indoor/Outdoor Public Address Amplifier Call Miss Ann Taylor
Institutions Little Stone Church Portage du
IS Petawawa Vs Pontiacs ANDERSON & TAYLOR-Main Streef-Shawville
J & J Taylor
J. Hotel St. Charles
Jacob Cummings
John Cal Cummings Jr
Junior Section Cummings
Keon School Mrs. Taylor
Ladies Pancake Race-Watt Taylor- Muriel Imison Pres
Leisurely Little Line
Lichfield Little Stone Church
Lion Charles Grace
Lion Charles Henderson
Lion Charles Imison
Lion Tamer Charles Claude Fortier
Little Apple
Little Bar T
Little Bear
Little Bit
Little Boys
Little Boys Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev.
Little Bride
Little Brothers
Little Brown
Little Brown Church
Little Cal
Little Children
Little Church
Little Circle
Little Depot
LITTLE Director National Selective Service
Little Farm
Little Forum
Little Girl
Little Girls
Little Golf
Little Goody
Little House
Little Island
Little Kings
Little Lady
Little League
Little League Ball Team
Little League Baseball
Little League Baseball Fi
Little League Baseball Playoffs
Little League CTC Official League
Little Live
Little Lumber
Little Lumber Kings
Little Lumber Kings In Farmers
Little Lumber Kings lead
Little Lumber Kings of Pembroke
Little Matthew
Little Mitchel Pitt
Little Point Church
Little Red School
Little Red School House
Little Red School House*
Little Reggie
Little River
Little School
Little School League
LITTLE Shop Canadian Tire
Little Steee Church
Little Sterne Church
Little Stew Church
Little Stone
Little Stone Church
Little Stone Church ImnucuUU Conception Bryson PorUSe
Little Stone Church Portage
Little Stone Church Portage du
Little Stone Church Portage du Fort
Little Stout Church
Little Stow Church
Little Stowe Church
Little Sun-Maid
Little Teddy
Little Tigers
Little Wales
Little Wings Foundation
LJ Joan Cummings
Local Scouting Fire Chief Taylor
Lodge Brantford Little Shirley
Lord" Gossamer Creature Was Ones A Poor Unhappy Little Girl
Lucas Cal Cummings Jr
Lutheran Little Stone Church
Mae West My Little Chickadee
Marc Keith Cummings
March Cal Cummings Jr
Master Billy Little
Master Cecil Little
Master Charles Arrand
Master Charles Callaghan
Master Charles Demarsh and Group Committee
Master Charles Hackland
Master Charles Hotlgiiv
Master Charles Lemaire
Master Charles McColgan
Master Charles Smith
Master Charles Wood
Master Glen Little
McComber & Cummings Co WHOLESALE FURRIERS Cor
McDonald Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Member & Cummings Co WHOLESALE FURRIERS Cor
Membership Chairman Carson Hodgins and Charter Member Charles Imison
Miracle Crusade Charles Doming
MISCELLANEOUS View Adrienne Taylor
MOHR Charles
Mona Taylor Financial Secretary
MONDAY 5 PM Jean Charles Gauthier
MONUMENTS Charles Fraser
MONUMENTS Little Stone Church
Morgan Little
Morning Matinee FORT SAVAGE RAIDERS Charles Starrett
Morning Matinee SNAKE RIVER DESPERADO Charles Starret
Mr Cal Cummings
Mr. Cal Cummings
Mr. Cal Cummings Jr. Toronto
Mr. Charles Breckenridge
Mrs Cal Cummings
Mrs Cal Cummings Office
Mrs Cal Cummings Sr
Mrs Cal Cummings Sr.
Mrs Charles
Mrs Glenn Taylor
Mrs. Cal Cummings
Mrs. Cal Cummings Jr
Mrs. Cal Cummings Jr.
Mrs. Cal Cummings Mr. Herbie O’Hara
Mrs. Cal Cummings Pastoral Quyon
Mrs. Cal Cummings Sr
Mrs. Cal Cummings;
Mrs. Charles Paris
Mrs. Charles Paris Parish Picnic
Mrs. Parkin Taylor
Murdock -The Little Church
MURDOCK Hie Little Church
Murdock Little Church
Murdock Tbe Little Church
Murdock The Little Church
MURDOCK ¦The Little Church
Murdock ‘The Little Church
Murdock “The Little Church
Murdock •The Little Church
MURRAY BROS A Little Success
National Library Sincerely Charles H
National Railways Revenues Little Polly
OBITUARY Mrs. Charles Bçale Word
Old Church Charles Imison Speaks Cagers To Play Mortgage Burned At 5th Charter Night
Old Lady Little
Old Thorne Resident Rev. Charles Hait
Onslow Corners Charles Hi
ONT Little Boys
Ontario Cal Cummings Jr.
Our Lady of Charles Burke
Our Lady of Charles Rodgers
Our Shop W. Taylor
O’Reilly Cal Cummings
Parade Horse Stake Roger Rhonda Cummings
Pembroke Electric Mr. Charles Spittal
Personal Business Farm Charles Dale Returning Officer SMITH & ASSOCIATES CAMPBELL
Personal Mention G HAROLD CHARLES
Plouffe Barney Richardson Charles
PM Optics My Little Gallery
Pontiac Agricultural Little Rock Curling
Pontiac Amy Taylor
Pontiac Charles
Pontiac Com-Taylor
Pontiac Community Charles Pirie
Pontiac Community Little ¦ Hospital
Pontiac County’s Little Red
Pontiac Kitchen Project Rural Development Officer Amy Taylor
Pontiac Little League
Pontiac Local Development Amy Taylor
Pontiac Lome Little
Pontiac Mark Taylor
Pontiac Masonic Sarah Dagg; Emily Taylor
Pontiac Municipality Councillors Charles Moore
Pontiac Printshop Little League Baseball Shield
Pontiac Rural Charles
Portage du Fort Little Stone Church
Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Quyon St. M •
Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L.H. Ballard
Portage du Little Stone Free Methodist Church
Portage du Mr. Charles Gillies
Prayer and Bible Study St Charles Borromeo Otter Lake
Prayer Service 1 Little Stone Church
Prayer Service LITTLE
Prayer Service Little Stone Church
Prayer Service LITTLE STONE CHURCH Portage du
Prayer Service ONTIAC ROPANE Little Stone Church
Prayer Service Portage du Fort Little Stone
Prayer Service Portage du Fort Little Stone Church
Prayer Service Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L.H. Ballard
Prayer Service Portage du Port Little Stone Church
Prayer Service SJOMSUV Portage du Fort Little Stone Church
President Cal Cummings Sr
Preyer Service C Little Stone Church
Prof. Charles
Professional Optometrist CHARLES BELKC
Public Notice REWARD TJ T Charles Dale Returning Officer
QUYON Little Stone Church Portage du
Quyon News & Notes Theresa Cummings YOU AND GERALD BOUDREAU B.A.
Radford Hospital Auxiliary Charles Hammonds Ottawa
Reliable Year-Round Service CHARLES DALE Shawville
Renfrew Cal Cummings - Quyon Other Special Guests House Band Canadian
REPAIR Charles
Rev. Charles Spurgeon
REX TAYLOR Port Coulonge
RJ & Elmside View Farms Inc Charles
ROD Charles Maoer
Roi du Dollar........... Lindor..................... Mathew Charles
Rolls Teresa Cummings
room0 Eastern Ontario Jr. B League Taylor
Royal A Little-Known Corner
Royal Charles Dickson
Royal Charles Elementary
RRAP Charles Lance
Rural Development Officer Amy Taylor
Sacred Charles Hopewell
SADC Pontiac CFDC Charles
School Morning Worship Taylor
Seagram Cup—which Lawson Little
Sergt Charles Mall
Service Little Stone Church Portage du
Sharon Thomson & Miss Beth Taylor
Shawville Council Board ; Mrs. Little
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Margaret Cummings
SHAWVILLE Lip MUs Ann Taylor Leg
Shawville Little Stone Church
SHAWVILLE MILLING COMPANY LTD Anderson & Taylor Shawville Where Trading
Si Charles
Si Charles Borromeo
Si Charles Borromeo Hev Fr Jean-Raul Rochefort
Si Charles Laughton We
Si J Taylor
Sisters M. Taylor ,
Sisters of St Joseph Taylor
SNAKE RIVER DESPARADOS Charles StarrKt Saturday Morning Matinee WILD HORSE
Society of Little Flower
SON Little Boys
SPEND A LITTLE SAVE Shop Canadian Tire
SPEND A LITTLE Shop Canadian TIre
Spinach Soup Little Tramp Dog Riced Potatoes Roast Chicken
Sport Caps 75 CENTS Little Boys
Sport Caps 7TS CENTS Little Boys
SSSHS Dodge Cummings
St Charles Association
St Charles Baromé Church
St Charles Barromav Catholic Church
St Charles Bor-
St Charles Bor- X/inti^n
St Charles Bor-romeo Church
St Charles Bore
St Charles Bormmeo
St Charles Boromeo
St Charles Boromeo Church
St Charles Borro-
St Charles Borro-mco Church
St Charles Borro-meo Catholic Church
St Charles Borro-meo Church
St Charles Borromao
St Charles Borromco Church
St Charles Borromea Church Otter Lake
St Charles Borromee
St Charles Borromeo
St Charles Borromeo CajnpbelTa*Bayâ
St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
St Charles Borromeo Church
St Charles Borromeo Church F
St Charles Borromeo Church Otter Lake
St Charles Borromeo Me- Today
St Charles Borromeo Otter Lake
St Charles Borromeo Otter Lake Saturday
St Charles Borromeo Parish
St Charles Borromeo Parish Auxiliary
St Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church
ST Charles Borromio Church
St Charles Borrotneo Church
St Charles Boys
St Charles Catholic
St Charles Catholic Church
St Charles Cemetery
St Charles Church
St Charles Church Half
St Charles Church Hall
St Charles Church Otter Lake Happy
St Charles Church Parish
St Charles Church |
St Charles College
St Charles Hall
St Charles Home
St Charles Hotel
St Charles In
St Charles Parish
St Charles Parish Cemetery.
St Charles Parish Women’s
St Charles Qi Hall
St Charles River
St Charles Roman
St Charles Roman Catholic
St Charles Roman Catholic Church
St Charles the
St Charles’ Church Otter Lake
St St. Charles Borromeo Andrew’s United Church
St-Charles Parish Church
St. Charles
St. Charles Borema Church
St. Charles Borromco Catholic Church
St. Charles Borromeo Church
St. Charles Borromeo Church Hall
St. Charles Borromeo Church Mr.
St. Charles Borromeo Church Otter Lake
St. Charles Borromeo Parish Hall
St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church
St. Charles Catholic Church
St. Charles Church
St. Charles Church Otter Lake
St. Charles Dc Bruno Church
St. Charles de Borromee Church
St. Charles Hospital
St. Charles Of Borromeo Roman Catholic Church
St. Charles Parish Hall | Otter Lake
St. Charles Roman Catholic Church
St. Charles* Church
St. Charles* Home
Standard A Rally la Needed General Charles de Gaulle
Stars Charles Taylor
State Rights Taylor
Steam & Gas Little Theatre
Student Lay Header Rev. Charles Reid
Student lay Reader Rev. Charles Reid
Study Little Stone Church
Talking Pictures Charles STARRETT Russell HAYDEN
TAYLOR "Pontiac
TAYLOR "Red & White Foodmarket
Taylor & Sons
Taylor accuses Hospital
Taylor Equity Want Ads Get Results
TAYLOR Hec.-Treas WM.
Taylor MeCredie’s Garage W. A. Hare Hodgins Garage
Taylor s Garage
TAYLOR Sec.-Trea* WM.
Taylor Shawville Bank of Montreal
TAYLOR Shawville Jerry Armstrong
TAYLOR Shawville Main Street
Taylor Shawville Tel
TAYLOR Thermometer
TAYLOR Toll Free
TAYLOR Urn Garrison Supply Co. Ltd.
TD Little Boys
Tea Meeting Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev.F.W. Taylor
Teen Charles
Teresa Cummings Prize
THE EQUITY Little League
Theocratic School Otter Lake St. Charles Borromco Thursday Service
Theocratic School Otter Lake St. Charles Borromeo Thursday Service
Thi Industrial Revolution Little Paul
Ti Little Stone Church Portage du
Tigers Win Little League Shield Fortieth Anniversary
TIME MACHINE Color Rod Taylor Yvette Mimleux Science Fiction
Tinware Shop Sir Charles Tapper
Treas Cal Cummings 1
Treasurer Cal Cummings
TRUCKS Taylor Guthrie We
Try Carter’s Little Liver Pills
Tuesday Saturday Morning Matinee BONANZA TOWN-Charles Starrett U Xi
Tyrone Power SEVEN LITTLE FOYS Technicolor Vista Vision UNTAMED Sepember
UNITED CHURCH EH Bristol Pastoral Charok Kev.F.W Taylor
United Church Notes Calumet Island Gordon Little
United Church Par- Charles Wall
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Cbakos Rev. F. VV Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev F.W.Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. F.W Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev.F.W.Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charur Rev.F.W Taylor
United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L.H. Ballard
University Mr. Taylor
University of Vi- Lord Charles
VOICE British Miner’s Amazing Record Cheerful Little Fellow
WAINWAN & BOLES Lord Charles Bvresford
WANLE5S & CO Little
Warm Morning Little Miles
Watt Taylor Education
Weatherall Mechanical Ltd Charles Dale
Wed îesday Bible Study Otter Lake St. Charles Borromeo Stuart Marples
Wednesday Little Stone Church
Wednesday Bible Study IVISI United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L.H. Balla
Wednesday Bible Study Otter Lake St. Charles Borromeo Stuart Marples
Wednesday Bible Study Portage du Fort Little Stone Church
Wednesday Bible Study United Pentecostal Portage du Fort Little Stone Church Rev. L.H. Ballard
Western Quebec School Taylor Heritage Endowment for Academic
White Charles
White Layer Cake- Rhonda Cummings
White Oats—Charles Taber
WHITE STORE Taylor Asserted He Was Not Fit
White Sugar Cookies Brenda Cummings
WITH Little Boys
Women’s Institute Shawville Council Minutes Taylor
X5M26 Taylor’s Garage
Young Cal Cummings
YOUNG MEN’S Randy Cummings Farm