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12th Bazaar

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12th Bazaar
12th Jr Choir
1M Bazaar
2-Annual Bazaar
2:30—7 Bazaar
2bs26 Bazaar
3- Bazaar
3-Annual Bazaar
3526 Bazaar
4-Teaand Bazaar
432-2104 Bazaar
4th—Parish Bazaar
5. Bazaar
5—-Annual Bazaar
5—Annual Bazaar
7421* Bazaar
819- Bazaar
819-682-7545 Bazaar
A. Bazaar
A.C.W.L. Bazaar
Alton Annual Bazaar
Anglican Bazaar
Anglican Bazaar Friday
Anglican Bazaar Held At Shawville
Anglican Bazaar Well Patronized Dental Surgeon Graduate
Animal Bazaar
Anniversary Bazaar
Annua1 Bazaar
Annual Bazaar
Annual Bazaar Friday
Annual Bazaar Huge Success
Annual Bazaar Largely Attended Veterinary Surgeon SHAWVILLE Messrs J.
Annual Bazaar Moorhead
Annual Bazaar Smorgasbord
Annuel Bazaar
Armstrong Elias Holstein,2 RICK BAZAAR,1
At Bazaar
Bay Bazaar
Bay Bazaar Tea
Bazaar Bacon
Bert-Leglon Bazaar
Big Bazaar
Biggest Bazaar
Blood Donor Clinic Bazaar
Bristol Bazaar
Bristol Bazaar Successful Event Reasonable Rates
C* Bazaar
C. Bazaar Sunday
Charity Bazaar
Christmas Bazaar
Christmas Bazaar Laurent Chevalier
Chrlitmos Bazaar
Church Bazaar
Clmivli Bazaar Friday
Coulonge Bazaar Winners
CWLHarvest Bazaar
Easter Bazaar
Era Bazaar
Eve- Bazaar
Fall Bazaar
Fall Bazaar Défendeur
Faster Bazaar
Fell Bazaar
Free Bazaar
Grant D Annual Bazaar
Harper’s Bazaar
Harvest Bazaar
Home Bazaar
Horizon Bazaar
Hull Bazaar
Hurra Bazaar
I. Bazaar
Information Bazaar Looking
James Parish Bazaar
Jo- Bazaar
Ladies Guild Fall Bazaar
Ladles Perfect Dresses Bazaar
Legion Bazaar
Mary’s Bazaar
Masquerade Bazaar
Maytime Bazaar
Mini Bazaar
Mor> Bazaar"
No Bazaar
Obituary Thomas Wright BAZAAR
Parish Bazaar
Parish Bazaar Mr
Patterson Shawvllle United Church Bazaar
Paul s Anglican Church Bazaar
Paul s Bazaar December
Perpetual Bazaar
Philip Bazaar
Photo Bazaar
Pon- Bazaar
Quy-Annual Bazaar
Quyon Bazaar
Revival Bazaar
Rig Bazaar
Rigce^t Bazaar
Santa Bazaar
SBUBBa* Bazaar
Starks Corners UCW Bazaar Hunting-Coats
Store Bazaar
Successful Bazaar
Successful Bazaar Held
Supper Bazaar
The Bazaar
U.C.W. Bazaar
United^Church^Hall Bazaar
Vinton Bazaar
W. Bazaar
Wallpaper Bazaar
We Bazaar
Xmas Bazaar
_ Bazaar
Annual Bazaar
Fort Annual Bazaar
Main St Big Bazaar—Tues
Wbr ShawviHe l Annual Baza Bazaar
819-647-2543 12th Line
Anglican Bazaar
Anglican Bazaar Held At Shawville CANADA PARISH OF CLARENDON Rev. R
Anglican Bazaar Well Patronized Branch
Anglican Bazaar Well Patronized Dental Surgeon Graduate of McGill University Post Graduate Work
Anglican Church Annual Bazaar
Anglican Church Bazaar
Anglican Church Bazaar Quyon
Annual Church Bazaar
ATKIN S STRAWBERRY FARM 12th Line Clarendon We
Bristol Bazaar
Bristol Bazaar St. Paul’s Church
Bristol Bazaar Successful Event Reasonable Rates
Bristol Christmas K Bazaar de Noël
Bristol Largely Attended Bristol’s Big Bazaar
Bristol s Big Bazaar
Bristol s Big Bazaar and Country Fair
Bristol s Biggest Bazaar
Bristol s Rig Bazaar and Country Fair
Bristol ® Bazaar Largely Attended
Bristol''s Big Bazaar
Bristol''s Big Bazaar—Oct
C184 12th Line Clarendon
C233 12th Line
C233-12th Line
CAMPBELL Bristol s Big Bazaar
Catholic Church Annual Bazaar
Charity Bazaar
CHRISTMAS PARTY Anglican Bazaar Well Patronized Phone
Church Bazaar
Church Bazaar"
Church Hold Successful Bazaar
Comers United Church Bazaar & Tea
CWL Christmas Bazaar
Friendship Circle Bazaar
Good Friday Service CHURCH DIRECTORY APRIL 12th
Hardware Store SHORTHAND SCHOOL Bristol''s Big Bazaar
Home Heating Service Oct 12th LUTHERAN CHURCH Thome
Ladies Guild Fall Bazaar
Morning Worship BAZAAR
Paul’s United Church Hold Annual Bazaar
Pembroke Mall Charity Bazaar
PM-4 PM Annual Bazaar
Pontiac 12th Hotel Fire Chief Watt
Shawville United Church Annual Bazaar
Shawville United Church Bazaar
Shawville United Church Bazaar Hitachi rqa Zenith NEC Mitsu-
SLE Hi Bazaar
St James Parish ANNUAL BAZAAR Henderson Crick
St Mary’s OWL Christmas Bazaar
St Paul’s Anglican Church Bazaar
St Paul’s Church Annual Bazaar
St Peters Church Our Lady of Perpetual Bazaar
St United Church Bazaar
St. Peter’s Parish Church Bazaar
St. Pierre’s Parish Bazaar
Starks Corners UCW Bazaar Hunting-Coats
Store Bazaar
Stork* Corners Chrlitmos Bazaar
Storks Corners Christmas Bazaar
United Church Annual Bazaar
United Church Annual Bazaar Bryson
United Church Annual Bazaar Shawville Kin Club
United Church Annual Bazaar Stories; Haunted Christmas; Garage
United Church Bazaar
United Church Bazaar & Tea
United Church Women s Andai Photo An^ai Photo Bazaar
United Stoics Anglican Christmas Bazaar PERSONAL MENTION Service Announcements
Windstorm Automobile Anglican Bazaar Received Good Patronage