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Jim Barber

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Possible related entities:

10.40—Jim Ole
2 E J Barber
2. James B. Barber Si Sons
3 E J Barber.
3 J E. Barber.
3. James E. Barber Si Sons
8. Barber
819-776-1212 Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan David
819-776-1212 Jim Brennan Denis R. Couture
8th—Red Barber
Abigail Barber
AdmesstraborT Barber /Elliott
Agriculture Barber.
Al Barber ,mas
Albert Armstrong Edgar Schwartz Sylvia Hodgins Chris Judd Ëason Russell Donald Stevens Boyd Barber
Albert Armstrong Kandy Beattie* Bill Atkinson Hands Pitt John Beimen Boyd Barber* H
Albert Barber
Alfred Barber
Allan Barber
Allan Sparlings Barber Shop
Allan Sparlings Barber Shop.
Allan Sparling’s Barber Shop.
Amy Barber
Amy Barber Honoured
Amy Barber Miss Hilda Harris Miss Mona Armstrong Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois
Amy Barber,
Amy Barber, Mrs. Keith Corrigan
Amy Barber, R.C.A.F.
Amy Barber.
Andy Bean Ryan Barber Cory Gloss Ben Younge David Coles Amy Taylor Serving
Anita Barber
Ann Barber
Anne Barber
Anne-Marie Barber
Annette Ryan Well Jim
Anthony Barber
Anthony Barber.
Apply James E. Barber
Armitage Martin Leonard Belanger Erik Barber
Armstrong - Barber wedding Calumet
Armstrong Miss Merle Barber
Art Barber
Art Barber and Mrs.
Art McGuire Marion McGuire Carl Beck Jim Curley Joan
Arthur Barber
Arthur Pitt* Harold Henderson BrU- Many Showers Held For Miss Barber Miss M<
Arthur Rice Passed Hygiene 1st Sta Leslie Hynes William Bell Jim Davis
Artist Gardners Jim Carmichael Willard Smith Willard Smith George Russell I
Ask Your Barber—He Knows
Assistant Coach Jim Carmichael
Atkinson Barber Provisional Council
Auctioneer Jim Dick
Auditor—Henry Barber
Audry Barber
Auxiliary Treasurer Myrtle Barber
Baird Barber
Baird Barber lumet Island
Baird Barber on
Baird Barber.
Barber I Y
Barber A 20
Barber An Australian
Barber Art Fid
Barber James Stewart Quyon
Barber T C Elliott
Barber "
Barber "It
Barber # Itch
Barber $138.70
Barber $3.00
Barber $716.64
Barber %C0T n$
Barber %tüaùmtea&£
Barber &
Barber & Bons
Barber & Brownlee
Barber & Ellis Co.
Barber & Sons
Barber (
Barber ( Marion Belsher
Barber (Boyd
Barber (fco
Barber (Roughing
Barber (Seat No. I
Barber (Slashing
Barber *
Barber *2
Barber ,Broad Jump—Joy Young
BarBer ,enimJ Mr. J Z. D^^Mdvcr
Barber - Dean
BARBER - K.WMKRSON Natalie Sarah Emmerson
Barber - Kowalski Mr.
Barber - Kowalski Sherry Barber and Dr. Mark Kowalski
Barber - Murray
Barber - Pender Bridesmaids
Barber - We
Barber -$994.78
Barber .
Barber ....
Barber .........
Barber ............ Motion
Barber ..................
Barber 1
Barber 10.13
Barber 1229.20
Barber 1556
Barber 1st
Barber 2
Barber 2.
Barber 2. Cauliflower
Barber 2. Cucumbers
Barber 2. Filly
Barber 2. Foal
Barber 2. Gander
Barber 2. Gents
Barber 2. Largest
Barber 2. Pair
Barber 2. Patchwork
Barber 2. Pillow
Barber 3.
Barber 3. Aged
Barber 3. Ban 1
Barber 3. Bureau
Barber 3. Display
Barber 3. Foal
Barber 3. ham
Barber 3. Heifer
Barber 3. Horner 2
Barber 3. I
Barber 3. I. T Br
Barber 3. Knitted
Barber 3. Lace
Barber 3. Lad
Barber 3. lien—H G Hudgins 1
Barber 3. Pair
Barber 3. Pr
Barber 3. Single
Barber 3. Three
Barber 3. Timothy
Barber 3. Top Onions—Jas
Barber 3. Woolen
Barber 3. Woollen
Barber 3. XVest
Barber 30c
Barber 4
Barber 4 Fred Kmerv.
Barber 5
Barber 5258.72
Barber 647- 840 b
Barber 647-3403 Residence
Barber 647-3494 "
Barber 647-3635
Barber 647-3635 NO
Barber 647-3635 Visiting
Barber 647-3635.
Barber 647-3636.
Barber 647-5547
Barber 647-5547 .
Barber 647-5547 8l243xml7
Barber 647-5547.
BARBER 647-5718
BARBER 647-5718,647-5768
Barber 647-5718,647-5768 R. Hodgins 647-5233 M. Smith
Barber 647-5718.
Barber 647-5768
Barber 647-6307 Notice
Barber 647-6307 Business
Barber 7,206.54
Barber 7. L.
Barber 747.36
Barber 8
Barber 819-647-5718.
Barber :
Barber :nê* Emma Hodgins
Barber ?
Barber A
Barber A Armstrong
Barber A Bona
Barber A ier Exhibitor
Barber A lien Chesley Howard G. G. McDowell J. E. Cowan Ken Pirie Clinton Palmer
Barber A Son*
Barber A Sons
Barber A ^ne-.
Barber adjourned
Barber After
Barber Agents !
Barber All
Barber Allison Corrigan
Barber Am
Barber Among
Barber An
Barber and
Barber and Alex
Barber and Andrew Sly
Barber and Ann Marie Nancy Tubman
Barber and Anniversary
Barber and Armstrong
Barber and Barb Russell
Barber and Barr
Barber and Barr That
Barber and Barrie Murray
Barber and Bean-
Barber and Beimers
Barber and Ben Younge
Barber and Black
Barber and Brent
Barber and Brown
Barber and Brown Shawville United
Barber and Brown-road
Barber and Brownlee
Barber and Brownlee Minutes
Barber and Chamberlain Minutes
Barber and Chief
Barber and Chris Lapierre Shawville
Barber and Claudia Wickens
Barber and Clifford
Barber and Clr Barber
Barber and Connelly
Barber and Coté
Barber and Crs
Barber and Crs Duff
Barber and Crs Gilpin
Barber and Curtis PONTIACSchedule MacKechnie
Barber and Dale
Barber and David T. Hodgins
Barber and Directors Morley Hodgins
Barber and Directors Wm
Barber and Dr.
Barber and Dr. McDowell
Barber and Dunn
Barber and Earl Fulford Iand Mrs. Tanguay
Barber and Ed.
Barber and Edward Dale
Barber and Emery Elliott
Barber and Geo
Barber and Geraldine Armstrong
Barber and Gilpin
Barber and Gordon Mc-
Barber and Gordon McMil- Carried
Barber and Gordon McMillan
Barber and Grant
Barber and Harold Barber.
Barber and Harold Walsh
Barber and Hides
Barber and Hobbs
Barber and Hodgina
Barber and Hodgins
Barber and Hud
Barber and Ira Hanna
Barber and J Murphy
Barber and Ja
Barber and Joan
Barber and Joe
Barber and John Alexandra der
Barber and Judd
Barber and Julie Arm- French
Barber and Katrina McElwain
Barber and Ken Alexander
Barber and Kenneth Kilgour
Barber and Kirk Richardson
Barber and Kluke
Barber and L W. Dab
Barber and Len-
Barber and Lennon Thomas
Barber and Lester Hodgins
Barber and Marc Patry
Barber and Marie
Barber and Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Barber and McCleary
Barber and McDowell
Barber and Me Cleary
Barber and Melvin Armstrong
Barber and Meredith Gloss
Barber and Messrs Freeman Grant
Barber and Messrs Grant
Barber and Miinkr
Barber and Min
Barber and Minerva Armstrong
Barber and Miss Mary Jane Wilson
Barber and Mr. Ben Young
Barber and Mr. Ligget
Barber and Mrs Roy.
Barber and Mrs.
Barber and Mrs. Emory Elliott
Barber and Mrs. Garrison
Barber and Mrs. Norris Horner
Barber and Mrs. R. J Tracy
Barber and Mrs. Rol-
Barber and Municipalities
Barber and Parent
Barber and Racine
Barber and Roy Macfarlane
Barber and Ryan Wood
Barber and Scott
Barber and Shawv.be
Barber and Sinclair
Barber and Sly—That U.
Barber and Smith
Barber and Stevens
Barber and Susan Young
Barber and T. Smiley
Barber and Telford
Barber and Thomas Hades
Barber and Thompson
Barber and W Murray
Barber and W. H. Armstrong
Barber and Wallace Belsher
Barber and Wayne
Barber and Win
Barber and Wm
Barber and Wm Armstrong
Barber Andrew Dale
Barber Ann Marie Dean
Barber ard Blacksmith
Barber Argue
Barber Arnott Horner
Barber Aslmcr
Barber Asphalt Company
Barber at
Barber Avenue
Barber Aytahire
Barber Barber
Barber be
Barber Belanger
Barber Boyd
Barber BRIGHT 3
Barber Brown
Barber Brown Swiss
Barber Brownlee
Barber Brunet
Barber C. G. I.T.
Barber Callage
Barber Carried
Barber Cartman
Barber Celebrates 77th
Barber Chaplin
Barber Chris Chevalier
Barber Claims That Old-Time
Barber Clarke
Barber Clippers
Barber Col
Barber Coles
Barber Coll
Barber College
Barber College I
Barber College.
Barber conclud- Saturday
Barber Conductor—Mrs.
Barber Councillor
Barber Dairy Peewee Novice
Barber Dale
Barber daughters
Barber Dave McDowell Roy Eacfarlane Andrew Sly J.
Barber Dave Moore 647-6307 Business
Barber District Master
Barber Dodge-Graham
Barber Don
Barber draw Rocky White
Barber During Tour
Barber Edgar
Barber Eleanor
Barber elected Holstein Club
Barber Elected.
Barber Elliott Albert Kirkbatn Wm Olmstead
Barber Embrun
Barber Engagement Forthcoming
Barber entertained Mrs. Imi- Mave Armstrong
Barber Equipment Phone
Barber Equipment Stone Container
Barber et Messieurs Robert
Barber F arm
Barber F. Barthel
Barber Fair
Barber Family
Barber Family Reunion Committee Powell
Barber Family X
Barber Farm 295-2489 -
Barber Farm 2nd Danielle Menard
Barber Farm Equip
Barber Farm Equipment
Barber Farm Equipment Bristol
Barber Farm Equipment Banner
Barber Farm Equipment Bristol
Barber Farm Equipment Gift Certificate
Barber Farm Equipment Hwy
Barber Farm Equipment Kate
Barber Farm Equipment Lafleur
Barber Farm Equipment Main St.
Barber Farm Equipment Reg
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville Milling Shawville Chrysler
Barber Farm Equipment Telford
Barber Farm Eqvp-?5 Bristol
Barber Farm Photos
Barber Farm Supplies
Barber Farm Supplies 443
Barber Farm Supplies WE LL
Barber Farms Equipment
Barber Fasses Away J
Barber fed Danis
Barber Female Gr
BARBER Fifty Settlers Wanted
Barber First Vice President
Barber Following
Barber from
Barber from Irma
Barber from Sudbur>
Barber Gauthier
Barber Ger-
Barber Get
Barber Gets Top Score
Barber Given
Barber Glenda Hynes
Barber Gordon Paul Ins
Barber Gouvernement
Barber Grade HI
Barber Grand Champion Female
Barber Grant.
Barber H I. Hobbs
Barber ha*
Barber Haldimaud
Barber Hamilton
Barber Hanna
Barber has Andrew
Barber has Barred Rock
Barber He Know
Barber Helen Romain
Barber Hodgins
Barber Home From
Barber Home.
Barber Honoured
Barber I
Barber I Admission
Barber I Baby
Barber I FIRE
Barber In
Barber In Maryland
Barber Iriends
Barber Isahell Corrigan
Barber J #
Barber J Cow Dry
Barber J J Clarke
Barber James 2
Barber Joan
Barber John Deere
Barber John Kiigour
Barber joined Parent Representatives
Barber Judd
Barber J°Rn Langford
Barber Kearnan
Barber Kept Tally
Barber Killed
Barber l1-.
Barber Ladies Hodgins 1
Barber Lagarde
Barber Lake
Barber Larder
Barber Larder FINIE
Barber Larder Mines Limited
Barber Larder What
Barber Lei Hodgins
Barber Lemiis Harr
Barber Lena Lamothe
Barber Lennis Barr
Barber Leo Denis Steve Hodgins
Barber Lorivlère Fitzpatrick Peck Soucie
Barber Lorna
Barber Lot
Barber M
Barber Martin Gra
Barber Martin Grave#
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander Goalies
Barber Marty Brownlee Jett
Barber Marv McCacg Auxilary
Barber Maryland 605-22 FREE PICK-UP
Barber Matt Schock
Barber Mayor
Barber McDowell
Barber McDowell—That
Barber Mct
Barber met Coun-
Barber met Council
Barber met Council Mrs. David Langdon
Barber Metro League
Barber Mexico
Barber Mil- Kelly Hahn
Barber Minute*
Barber Moved
Barber Mr Percy Belsher
Barber Mr. Matthew Wallace
Barber Mrs Robert Glasper
Barber Mrs.
Barber Mrs. J D. Brown
Barber My
Barber Nan-1 Young
Barber net-
Barber net- Wood
Barber Niagara Falls
Barber Nicholas
Barber of
Barber of Ross
Barber Olive Curran
Barber on Exec.
Barber On July
Barber op
Barber op- Beimers
Barber op-municipality
Barber or Rev.
Barber outfit
Barber Ouyon
Barber Palmer 1
Barber Park Mr. Emerson Park
Barber Passes After Brief Illness
Barber phone
Barber Phone 647
Barber Phone 647-3635 B T V -
Barber phone Shawville
Barber PNG
Barber Pontiac Pacific Jonction By
Barber Pr Rabbits—F W Thomas
Barber QFMP
Barber R. Hodgins M. Smith
Barber R.C.N.V.R
Barber R.R. 3
Barber Reinhold Pasch
Barber Reliable Shoe Repair Annual
Barber replied
Barber reunion
Barber Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Barber Rev. Nil Guillemette
Barber Rev. Swarcn
Barber Roger Barnabe
Barber Ron Résumé
Barber RR 3
Barber Russell
Barber s
Barber s Almonte
Barber s Farm Equipment
Barber s I. Salt Rheum
Barber s Itch
Barber s Iti-h
Barber s Shaw
Barber Sateens - Reg
Barber Saturday
Barber says Bui Brunei
Barber Sbon On
Barber Sbop See
Barber Scat
Barber School
Barber School.
Barber scored Shaw
Barber scoring Graham
Barber Scouts Operate Hodgins
Barber Sean McGarry Matt Schock Others Jamie
Barber Seat 3 Alvin Brown
Barber Set Hi C Drinks
Barber Sfjop -
Barber Sf]op -
Barber Sh''»p Main St.
Barber Shawv
Barber Shawville
Barber Shawville 60-21
Barber Shawville 647-3494 Specialists Hir HEATED
Barber Shawville.
Barber Shears
Barber Sherry Lee Barber
Barber Shewville
Barber Shoe
Barber Shoe.l
Barber Shop
Barber Shop Shawville Main
Barber Shop Give
Barber Shop !
Barber Shop 7
Barber Shop ?
Barber Shop A
Barber Shop ASP De
Barber Shop ASSEMBLERS O Û Main Street Shawville
Barber Shop Can Opener Makes Good Needle
Barber Shop Dr. Wallace Hodgins GRADUATE McGill
Barber Shop Farms
Barber Shop FOR
Barber Shop Fort
Barber Shop Gallery
Barber Shop Î7
Barber Shop M
Barber Shop Main SI.
Barber Shop Main St.
Barber Shop Mam St Shawville
Barber Shop McCredie
Barber Shop Meanwhile
Barber Shop Mother Nature
Barber Shop Mother Nature’s Natural Foods Shawvllle Shopping Plaza
Barber Shop Occasion Lent Klddlywinks Boutique Denise Associate Accoptonces Co. Ltd.
Barber Shop On
Barber Shop Opened
Barber Shop Plus
Barber Shop Pontiac
Barber Shop Powell
Barber Shop PowelTs Auto Service
Barber Shop Quar-
Barber Shop Quartet
Barber Shop Quartette
Barber Shop Quyon Ferry
Barber Shop Ropened Â
Barber Shop Ropened Get
Barber Shop Ropened Orillia
Barber Shop Shawville Glen
Barber Shop Shawville Main Street
Barber Shop Stephan Mousseau
Barber Shop Sunkist Navel Oranges Main Street Shawville
Barber Shop THE
Barber Shop TIME
Barber Shop Trophy
Barber Shop While
Barber Shop You
Barber Shop"
Barber Shop.
Barber Shopoj Main Street
Barber Shoppers
Barber Shops
Barber Shops Closed All
Barber Showvrs
Barber Sign
Barber Signs Most
Barber Sion
Barber SI|op -
Barber sKiville
Barber Sljop
Barber Sljop -
Barber Sloe 7>
Barber Slop
Barber Slop II.M
Barber Slop 2.56
Barber Slop Call
Barber Slop On
Barber Slop See
Barber Slop Sn
Barber Slop Some
Barber Slop TIMETABLE.
Barber Slop We
Barber sod Armstrong
Barber Soturdag
Barber South Porcupine
Barber Sparrow
Barber SSZ SS&H
Barber Stanley.
Barber Stedmans VS
Barber Stop THE
Barber Stringer-be
Barber St|op -
Barber succeeds Mr. M. Thompson
Barber sug-the Great Lakes
Barber SUN.
Barber Sylvia Gibson
Barber t>
Barber Tailoring Co.
Barber thanks
Barber That
Barber that Hydr^Quebec
Barber that Mayor Murray
Barber that Mr. Lionel Telford
Barber That the
Barber The
Barber The Shawvllle O Keefe
Barber The Village
Barber There
Barber Theriault
Barber They
Barber Tire Service
Barber to Keith Hodgins
Barber to Lawrence Bourgeau
Barber to Weldon Hobbs
Barber Tom Lefebvre
Barber Tpr
Barber Trade
Barber Trade Great
Barber Translations
Barber Treas
Barber Trophy
Barber Tubman.
Barber U>
Barber Uh.i II
Barber Under
Barber VCrp
Barber Verge
Barber Vlh—Glenda Hynes Vic—Linda Schock VII
Barber W A Hodgina
BARBER Wallace
Barber Watson
Barber We
Barber Weds Bud Elliott Petawawa-Goal
Barber Welcome
Barber Who Had Rheumatism
Barber whose
Barber Wilson 5
Barber Wilson.
Barber Wins Award
Barber With
Barber with Arm
Barber Wreaths—Mr.
Barber w|ih
Barber xal7
Barber ^PProx-
Barber _
Barber £ C
Barber «h
Barber «ml Dagg
Barber »
Barber »as
Barber —
Barber •
Barber • Eason Russell
Barber • Glenn
Barber • We
Barber''s Itch
Barber''s Itçh Ulcers
Barber) Allen
Barber) Argue
Barber) Armstrong
Barber) As
Barber) Elliott
Barber) Fletcher
Barber) Russell
Barber) Willcrton
Barber* Lewis
Barber, Graham Thompson
Barber, Grant
Barber, Karen Bean
Barber, Karen Campbell
Barber, Leonard Dufault
Barber, Marie Oar-MnrrYio
Barber, Melvin Armstrong
Barber, Melvin Young
Barber, Shaw
Barber, Wesley Hines
Barber- Emergency
Barber...... E Grant....... Elliott Hodgins J R McDowell
Barber............. F A Horner................ H irry Wallace
Barber: Victim
Barber; C.W. Elliott Best Disolay Sweet Peas
Barber; Kenneth Brownlee
Barber; Sr. Calf
Barber— That
Barber— That Ins
Bât Barber
Bay Barber
Bay Help Wallace Barber Rev. Nil
Bay-Jim Ringrose
Beck Nancy Fitzpatrick Marion McGuire Doug Corrigan Jim Stewart Jim Gallagher Joan Gallagher Brenda
Becky Barber.
Ben Barber
Ben Jim
Ben Kemp-Jim McLean
Ben Younge Audrey Lapierre Ellen McGuire Mark Lang Tom Lapierre Ryan Barber Jonathan Duff Patrick Y
Ben Younge Barber
Benjamin Robert McCredie Jacob James Paul Stewart Jim
Bernadette Barber
Bernie’s Barber Shop
Bert Murphy Jim Hodglns
Beta Barber
Beta Barber 647-5547 Art MacIntyre
Beta Barber.
Bev Boyd Mel A Millie Bowes Jim
Bill Barber
Bill Barber ILTON
Bill Barber s
Bill Barber Sgt.
Bill Barber Visit
Bill Barber)
Bill Barber.
Bill Boyd Barber
Bill Fletcher’s Barber Shop
Bill Jim Park
Bill Rey- Board Jerry Barber.
Billy *T Jordan Barber
Billy Barber
Billy Scott Jim Tanner
Blanche Jim De Finney
Block Belt Jones THURSDAY Jim Kelly
Bluebirds Dear Jim Stark
Bmd Barber and
Bmee Barber.
Bob Barber
Bob Camp- Clr Barber
Bob Camp-with Councillors Barber
Bob I*™ Jim Barton
Bob Sc Sully Thompson Jim Sc Dorene McCambly Sc
Bob Young Keith Mohr Jim Hickey Harold Kearns Bruce Campbell Quyon U.C.W.
Boss Barber
Bovd Barber
Boyd Bar- Barber
Boyd Barber
Boyd Barber (
Boyd Barber 20:00
Boyd Barber 90
Boyd Barber ac.
Boyd Barber and Annie Camp-(2nd Cub Pack
Boyd Barber and Bar-
Boyd Barber and Bemie MacDonell
Boyd Barber and Brent Smith
Boyd Barber and Byron Barr
Boyd Barber and Gerry Robert McCord
Boyd Barber and Harry Barber
Boyd Barber and Jerry Callaghan
Boyd Barber and Jim Hodgins
Boyd Barber and John Beimers
Boyd Barber and Keith Harris
Boyd Barber Centre d accueil Manoir Sacré-Coeur
Boyd Barber Continued
Boyd Barber Council
Boyd Barber Department
Boyd Barber EQUITY
Boyd Barber full
Boyd Barber garnered
Boyd Barber Government
Boyd Barber Government Policies
Boyd Barber is
Boyd Barber l
Boyd Barber Letter
Boyd Barber lors Barber
Boyd Barber ments
Boyd Barber opposed
Boyd Barber proved
Boyd Barber s
Boyd Barber Safe-Keeping
Boyd Barber structure
Boyd Barber that
Boyd Barber that Council
Boyd Barber that Télébec Ltée
Boyd Barber the
Boyd Barber to
Boyd Barber ty Rh
Boyd Barber V4 Mil M
Boyd Barber vens
Boyd Barber with Jerry
Boyd Barber ’•ssssr H ¦ V A O/Jirim—
Boyd Barber „ Participate
Boyd Barber!
Boyd Barber, Betty Brownlee
Boyd Barber, Campbell
Boyd Barber, Quebec
Boyd Barber, Trevor Yach
Boyd Barber-Scout Master
Boyd Barber.
Boyd Barber]
Boyd Barber’
Boyd Barber’ Arena
Brace Barber
Brenda Barber
Brenda Barber Barbara Dagg
Brenda Barber Barbara Dagg Isobel Dagg Glyndwr Davies Esther Erley Elizabeth Hodgins Elizabeth Horn
Brenda Barber Rooney
Brenda Barber, Eric Campbell
Brenda Barber.
Brenda Jim
Brenda Lorraine Barber
Brent Barber.
Brent Gabie Jim
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
Brownlee Barber and Mrs. Fred Russell
Bruce Anderson Willard Smith Jim Carmichael Willard Smith Geo
Bruce Barber
Bruce Barber (May
Bruce Barber ....
Bruce Barber and Mr.
Bruce Barber and Mrs. Pokes
Bruce Barber and R. Elliott
Bruce Barber Dies Aged
Bruce Barber is
Bruce Barber Mrs. H. Millar
Bruce Barber Ree-Seet y—Miss Doris Jndd Fin Sect
Bruce Barber Tenders
Bruce Barber the
Bruce Barber, Shaw
Bruce Barber.
Bruce Barber; De-[ WBgmfff*
Bryan Alexander Gwenyth Barber Marshall Burke Lois Chamberlain Merwyn Dagg Billy Davies Henry De Vr
Bryan Mur-and Jim McGlade
Burns Neighbors Honour Jim Cuthbertson
Burton V Barber Shop.
Buz Barber
Byan Barber
B°yd Barber personne
C Barber
C. Barber
Campbell Coach Jim Rob-Ihird
Captain ST. Jim Whitford
Carl Barber
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carol Barber
Carol Barber.
Carole Barber
Carolyn Meisner JIM’S
Carrie Barber (Richardl
Carrots—XV T Barber 1
Carson Barber
Casselman Ryan Barber
Centennial Barber and Laird Hamilton Quyon Councillor Terrence
Ch Barber and
Chairman Barber.
Charles Barber
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Cheryl Stewart Jim Tierney Joyce
Chris Barber
Chris Barber and Transit Mix
Chris Barber Hayes
Chris Barber.
Chris Boyd Barber
Christie Jim Hodgins
Christopher Barber
Chronicle Barber a.d Cr
Ciail Barber at Macdvn-
Çitnon Barber
Ciwen Barber
Claire Davis ROY Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie
Clarence Barber
Clarence Miss Susie Barber
Claude Côté Jim Hickey
Clifford Cone—barber
Clifford Jim
Clifford Olmstead - Jim
Clifford Wilson Barber.
Clifford Witt Wilmer Barber aine Wickens Barbara Grade VIII
ClifrCont- M Barber Shop
Clr Barber
Clr Barber.
Clr Boyd Barber
Clr Boyd Barber joined
Clrs Barber
Clrs Barber and Beim- Campbell
Clrs Boyd Barber
Co H G Rowat Dorte Barber G S Eades J L Hodgins Garage Pontiac Farm
Coach Jim
Coach Jim Carmichael
Coach Jim Hodgins
Coaches Jim White
Cock—W T Barber
Congratulations Margaret Congratulations Jim
Connaught Barber
Connelly Barber
Cora Barber
Cora Barber and Cecil Walsh
Cora Barber.
Cordon Barber
Corn Barber
Cory Barber
Cory Barber.
Councillor Allan Delmer Barber
Councillor Barber
Councillor Barber s
Councillor Boyd Barber
Councillor Boyd Barber Moved
Councillor Delmer Barber
Councillor Delmer Barber.
Councillor Jim Coyle Winners
Councillors Barber
Councillors Barber and Judd
Councillors Barber, Armstrong
Councillors Barber.
Councillors Boyd Barber
Councillors Boyd Parents Barber
Councillors W T. Barber
Couture Jim Brennan
Couture Jim Brennan Call Jamie Bramburger
Couture Jim Brennan WOUflEN DON’T CONTRACT HIV
Cr Barber
Cr Barber were Perry
Cr Barber.
Criss Barber
Crs Barber
Crs Barber Seat 1
Crs Barber.
Curtis Barber and David Bell
D. Barber
Da Barber 1
Dad Barber UN Grand
Dai Bassett Marie Zettler Jim Beattie
Dale Jim
Dale Jim*
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale Mrs. Jim Kennedy
Dale Thomson Barrie Murray Jerry Barber
Dalmer Barber
Dance Barber
Dave James E Jim
Dave Rich Todd Fraser Marc Savard John Peck Brian Moore Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier RodTwo
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Stéphane Villene
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Savard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Bavard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve John Peck Kevin Chev
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Savard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve Kevin Chevrier John
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser MarcSavard Jim Barry John Peck Terry Burwell Jason Toole Kevin
David Chantal Lavigne-Barber
David Coles 2nd - Enk Barber 3rd - Holly Drummond
David Erik Barber
David Hod-Mary Ellen Barber
DcInter Barber elected Mayor
Dcl-mcr Barber.
Dclmcr Barber
Ddmcr Barber.
De- Councillor Boyd Barber
Debner Barber.
Debra Barber and Mrs Phyllis Laframboise
Dehnar Barber
Dehner Barber
DeImer Barber
Dekner Barber
Del Barber
Del*ner Barber
Del-mar Barber
Del-mer Barber
Del-mer Barber.
Delcner Barber
Delmar Barber
Delmar Barber -
Delmar Barber.
Delmcr Barber
Delmer Barber
Delmer Barber 629
Delmer Barber 647-5547 20647BJ22 BACKHOE
Delmer Barber 660-21.
Delmer Barber and
Delmer Barber and Clarence Roy
Delmer Barber and Councillors Bob Findlay
Delmer Barber and Councillors Clarence Roy CORP
Delmer Barber and Frankie Finnigan
Delmer Barber and Hotel
Delmer Barber and Mrs Barber.
Delmer Barber and Secretary Treasurer Melvin Younge
Delmer Barber and Soucie
Delmer Barber Boys
Delmer Barber by Fred Metcalfe Seat
Delmer Barber Mayor GRANT -
Delmer Barber ohone Shawvllle
Delmer Barber phone Shawvllle
Delmer Barber s
Delmer Barber s tendeVof Maw
Delmer Barber xs28
Delmer Barber.
DeLmev Barber.
Delraer Barber.
Delrner Barber
Deltner Barber
Denis R. Couture 819-776-1212 Jim Brennan
Denis R. Couture Jim Brennan
Dennis Barber
Dennis Barber s
Denture Therapy Clinic Obituary Jim Glassford
Detaaer Barber
Detaer Barber
Dianne Barber
Dianne Judd Jim
Directors E J Barber
Directors E J. Barber,-------------------------"
District Mi-Councillor Boyd Barber op-
Don Love Jim
Donald Armitage Barber
Donald Duff A Son J E Russell A Sons Walter Kllgour A Son J E Barber & Sons
Donald McCann Joey Fraser Jean-Guy Lapierre Joseph Bennett John Atkinson Edgar Barber Randy Labadie
Donna Barber
Donnie McCredie Barber
Dons Barber
Doris Barber
Doris Barber French
Doris Barber (
Doris Barber and Deanna Langford
Doris Barber and Hospital
Doris Barber mar-
Doris Barber Marie Cartman Marcella Cole Marie Brownlee Jean Cutbbertson Evelyn Dagg Marion Hodgins
Doris Barber Sept.
Doris Barber who
Doris Barber,
Doris Barber, Joan Belsher
Doris Barber, Pearl Armstrong
Doris Barber.
Doris Barber:
Doris Barber: NB
Doris Barber; Musician Sis
Dorothy Barber (Leslie
Dorothy Char- Barber
Doug Fulford Jim Hodgins
Doug Gowenlock - Equine Nutritionist Jim Park
Doug Well Jim
Douglas Jim Marks
Dr. Barber
Dr. Grant Rogers Shawville Ford Jim
Dube Barber
Dudley Barber.
Dur- Barber
Dvl-mer Barber.
E J Barber‘
E Barber.
E J Barber
E J Barber :v Pen
E J Barber and Thomas I
E J Barber “ 7 Ernie
E J Barber,
E J Barber, G Thompson
E J Barber, R J Wilson
E J Barber, Thos
E J Barber.
E J Barber; 2f D
E T. Barber
E. Barber
E. Barber.
E.J Barber.
Ebert Richardson Cauliflower - Mrs. Jim Stewart
Ecae Barber # Itch
Ecoles Suivantes Auctioneer Jim Dick Owner Ge-ald Welsh Oic»ol«
Ed Barber
Ed Barber 3. Gent
Ed-itn Barber a*id
Eddie Barber
Eddie Barber 1
Eddie Barber and Andrew Sly
Eddie Barber.
Eddie McCann Jim Williams
Edganr Barber Gordon Black
Edgar Barber
Edgar Barber 15
Edgar Barber 19
Edgar Barber < Ruth
Edgar Barber and Ruth Sheppard
Edgar Barber of
Edgar Barber)
Edgar Barber, Debbie
Edgar Barber.
Edgar Barber; Dianne Tracy
Edith Barber
Edith Barber from Sudbu- Grace Gibbons
Edith Wiggins Dark Fruit Cake - Mrs Jim Stewart
Edward Barber
Edward Barber and
Edward Barber CLARENDON HOTEL Frank Finnigan
Edward Barber Fastball
Edward Barber who
Edward Barber,
Edwin Alexander Wilson Barber Elvyn Corrigan Erma Corrigan Lillian Dagg Wesley Dagg Hawley Elliott
Edwin Barber
Edwin Barber len
Edwin Barber.
Eileen Mor- Jim Definney
Elaine Barber
Elaine Lewis Louise Barber
Eleanor Barber
Eleanor Barber and
Eleanor Barber and Colleen Belanger
Eleanor Barber ofH _
Eleanor Barber.
Elec- Barber
Eliot Spencer-Jim McLean
Elizabeth Barber
Elizabeth Barber ..647-5644 Prbert Lang Lisa Smith
Elizabeth Barber and Scott Stewart
Elizabeth Barber.
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Jim Deforce Ms. Yvonne Mayhew
Ella Barber
Ellen Barber
Elliott A Barber
Elliott Barber
Elliott Barber Continued
Elmer Ryan Wtimer Barber
Emma Kingsbury Jim
Enc Barber
Enk Barber.
Enk Barber; Quebec Farm
Eric Barber
Eric Barber #
Eric Barber and Fraser
Eric Barber and Rocky
Eric Barber Barber scoring
Eric Barber tiac
Eric Barber.
Erie Barber
Erik Barber
Erik Barber (
Erik Barber * :v.
Erik Barber - Grand
Erik Barber - Open Letter
Erik Barber -of
Erik Barber 1
Erik Barber 2nd - Ken Drummond
Erik Barber 4
Erik Barber 6
Erik Barber 654
Erik Barber ami Danah Ar-
Erik Barber and
Erik Barber and Chad Se
Erik Barber and Curtis MacKcchnic
Erik Barber and David Coles
Erik Barber and Joel Cardinal
Erik Barber and Kristine Argue
Erik Barber and Krystal McColgan
Erik Barber and Kyle
Erik Barber and Saturday
Erik Barber and Steven Ru-Wendy Stevens
Erik Barber and Travis
Erik Barber assist-
Erik Barber assist- But
Erik Barber assist-villc
Erik Barber assit-
Erik Barber B.TylerWoolsey
Erik Barber breeder Bumlea
Erik Barber cSvLîo^^poor0" PhiBoscore Ampnor
Erik Barber Danis
Erik Barber ed
Erik Barber figuring
Erik Barber Garth
Erik Barber Hull Frontaliers
Erik Barber J.R. Drilling
Erik Barber Joe McCleary
Erik Barber Jordan MacDougall
Erik Barber Leitrim
Erik Barber McDowell cihlc.cs
Erik Barber Petawawa November
Erik Barber Randy Thoms
Erik Barber Reserve Champion
Erik Barber s
Erik Barber scored
Erik Barber scoring
Erik Barber Sr.
Erik Barber Starting Friday
Erik Barber thank MURRAY
Erik Barber thanks
Erik Barber two Fort
Erik Barber with Benjamin Younge
Erik Barber with Ian
Erik Barber,
Erik Barber, Beck
Erik Barber, Bryan
Erik Barber, Daly
Erik Barber, Ryan Barber
Erik Barber, Tom
Erik Barber, White
Erik Barber- Grand
Erik Barber.
Erik Barber: Best
Erik Barber; County Homemaker
Erik Barber’s
Erik Barber’s Reserve Grand Champion
Erin Barber
Erin Barber 647-5644
Erin Barber and Kelly Kilgour
Erin Barber and Maryse Gravelle
Erin Barber s
Erin Barber.
Ernest Barber
Erwin Barber
Erwin Barber, Ho
Ethan Claude Rob- Jim
EUcn Barber
Eva Andai J Auctioneer JIM DICK R R 2
Eva Barber
Eva Barber and Ken and Ron
Eva Barber.
Everything Barber
Ewe—E J Barber 1
Fax Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie CONTRACTOR
Fay Barber
Fddie Barber
Fiffct-class Barber.
FIr*t-cla*s Barber.
First-class Barber.
First-elaa* Barber.
Fletchers Barber
Floyd Barber, Merrickville
Floyt Barber
Foil—First-class Barber.
Foit—First-class Barber.
Foit—Flrst-da** Barber.
For-Delmer Barber
Fort—Fiist-class Barber.
Fort—First-class Barber.
Francis Assisei Wallace Barber Pentecostal Assemblies Father Stefan Soltyssewki Shauwtile Bethel Ta
François Bérubé Jim Smith
Frank Barber
Fred Jim
Fred Jim McMillers
Frederick Barber
Fredic Barber
From Grade IV Joan Barber, Margaret Roy
From Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
G Barber
G Barber.
G. Barber
Gad Barber
Gad Barber HK
Gail Bar- By Jim Robinson
Gail Barber
Gail Barber (Shawville
Gail Barber 77 Springbsnk Burke Piebe Latest
Gail Barber 80
Gail Barber and Misses Karen
Gail Barber.
Gale Barber, Faye Bparl-
Gall Barber
Gall Barber and
Gall Barber and Frances Elliott.
Gayle al Shawville Community Barber
Gayle Barber
Geerge Barber
George and Jim
George Barber
George Barber.
George Hilliard Barber
George Hilliard Barber O § A FI
Georges Jim
Gerald Barber
Gerald Barber Douglas Belsher
Gerald Barber,
Gerald Barber.
Gerald Draper Mrs. Emirle Lance Westbum Hamilton Delmer Barber Please Apply al Office
Gerry Barber
Gerry Barber *
Gerry Barber 647-2760 or
Gerry Barber and Terry Knox
Gerry Barber •
Gerry Barber,
Gerry Barber, Glenn Stephens
Gerry Barber, Laird Murray
Gerry Barber.
Gerry Barber: Skip Marg Michaud
Glass Murray Graham Auctioneering Le Veteran Gaz Bar Barber s Farm Equip
Glen Barber
Glen Barber.
Glen T. Barber Dies
Glen Thomas Barber at Edmonton
Glen Vu - Jim Brass
Glenn Barber
Glenn Barber 2
Glenn Barber.
Good—Wilmer Barber, Billy Black
Gorden Barber
Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle Barber Mr.
Gordon Barber
Gordon Barber (Edith
Gordon Barber 25
Gordon Barber and Mr.
Gordon Barber and Shawwlle
Gordon Barber Island Separate School Lively
Gordon Barber sislcr Yvonne
Gordon Stewart* É. J# Barber* W J. Brownlee
Grant Barber
Greg Jim White
Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan
Greg MacKenzie Jim Brennan I
Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan Kelly
Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan L <
Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan Morin
Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan NOTAIRE.
GST." Laurie Barber
Guiliani Barber
Gwen Barber
Gwen Barber (SHS-Bl
Gwen Barber and
Gwen Barber and Jack Campbell
Gwen Barber and Margaret Lamb
Gwen Barber and Miss| Brenda* Richardson
Gwen Barber and Stewart Stark
Gwen Barber Black
Gwen Barber of
Gwen Barber ool Auditorium
Gwen Barber s Sports Report
Gwen Barber v Shaw
Gwen Barber ^ Pontiac
Gwen Barber.
Gwen-yth Barber
Gwenneth Barber
Gwenny Barber
Gwenyth Barber
Gwenyth Barber, Leona Dorothy Hodglns
Gwenyth Barber.
Gwenyth Barber; Trea-100
Gwonyth Barber.
H Hamilton....... Hollis Barber.....
H. Barber.
Hanna Barber
Hannah Barber
Hannah Barber -
Hannah Barber 2
Hannah L. Barber
Hannah L. Barber)
Hannah Lorena Barber
Harold Barber
Harold Barber from Irma
Harold Elliott Herbie Howard Andrew Tippins Jim Whalen
Harold Me Kenny M. Jim Coyle
Harry Barber
Harry Barber and Brent
Harry James Barber
Harry Roy Am- Mrs Bruce Barber
Hayes W Chisnell W J Black Sam Dale Jim Caldwell Bert Hodgins Alex Hazard Keg
Helen Barber the
Helen Hayes Lorna Barber
Henry Barber
Henry Barber $20,000
High School Boys Jim Smart
Hill Barber.
Hilliard Barber He
Hilton Mines Fletchers Barber Shop 8-
His Barber
Hodgins Barber
Hollih Barber ville
Hollis Barber
Hollis Barber $5.00
Hollis Barber (Lou
Hollis Barber - Erlin Tubman
Hollis Barber .... F. A. Horner
Hollis Barber .... Harry Eades
Hollis Barber .......... Clarence Hayes
Hollis Barber ........... Clarence Hayes
Hollis Barber 2
Hollis Barber 82.42
Hollis Barber Claude Elliott W. Tubman J. W. Eades Hour
Hollis Barber Fort Coulonge
Hollis Barber met Council Smith
Hollis Barber R. 3 Sbawviile
Hollis Barber R. P. Fades Harper Rennlck Township
Hollis Barber Shawville 72523xa3I Always
Hollis Barber Thorne Lake
Hollis Barber who Ti
Hollis Barber ___ Thomas Bean ----- Grant Fades
Hollis Barber*
Hollis Barber,
Hollis Barber,"
Hollis Barber.
Hollis Barber.... Garfield Hodgins
Holms Barber
Homs Barber
Howard Barber
Howard Barber.
Hrucr Barber
Hruc’e Barber
Hsd Notioqd It- Barber (
Htnigins Barber
Hubert Gordon Barber
Hubert Gordon Barber.
Hull Denis R. Couture Jim Brennan
Hull Greg MacKenzie Jim Brennan
Hull M 819-776-1212 V Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan
Hullib Barber.
HÜ_________ Jim
I-orna Barber li#l>7.
I. Barber
Ian Barber
Ian Barber 10 Ryan
Ian Barber 10:28 SCCOPd
Ian Barber and
Ian Barber and Jason Man
Ian Barber and Kelly Schumacher
Ian Barber and Ken Alcxan-
Ian Barber and Ken Alexander
Ian Barber and Kirk Davies
Ian Barber and Paul Lang Rets Berber
Ian Barber and Ralph McColgan
Ian Barber and Rich- Ottawa
Ian Barber and Shane Peck
Ian Barber and Shawn McCord
Ian Barber and Steven Peever
Ian Barber and Wade McCambley
Ian Barber as- Sunday
Ian Barber assisting
Ian Barber Breton
Ian Barber clicking
Ian Barber Derek Frobel
Ian Barber drew Saturday
Ian Barber Elizabeth Gerow
Ian Barber for Most Laperrière
Ian Barber getting Steven Alexander
Ian Barber McDowell School
Ian Barber Pontiacs
Ian Barber set Lewes McGuire
Ian Barber Shawvilk.
Ian Barber strom
Ian Barber) Penalties ShowvWe None Perth Dan Melsner
Ian Barber.
Inabel Barber
Information Barber
Inter Barber
Intermediate Holstein - Enk Barber.
Intermediate School Jim Robinson
INTRODUCING Mrs. Willie I. Barber Dies In
Ion Barber -Sylvain Legauit
Ion Barber 17
Irwin Barber
Irwin Barber and
Irwin Barber Social Notes
Irwi’ Barber
Isabel Barber
Isabelle WSPr J *B Body Shop WALLY BARBER
Isobct Barber
Isobel Barber
I—Lola Barber
J Barber
J Barber 2.
J Barber 2. Pure
J Barber 3. 0
J Barber 3. Ewe
J Barber 3. VX
J Barber.
J E Barber St Sons
J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin Plrle A Son J E Barber A Sons J Donald Duff A
J K Barber 2
J Mrs Jim Sylvester
J » Eva Barber
J. Barber end Hurs
Jack Barber
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Graham* Jim Congdon Donnie NLCrrdie* Paul Hi
Jack Jim
Jamas Barber
James Barber
James Barber $6
James Barber & Son
James Barber & Sons
James Barber ( Acclamation
James Barber - 57.60 Larry Black
James Barber 1
James Barber 2
James Barber 617-3.
James Barber 617-3._
James Barber 647-
James Barber 647-3494 xtc
James Barber 647-3494.
James Barber and
James Barber and John Argue
James Barber and Mr. Rob
James Barber and Sons
James Barber are Bruce Horner
James Barber City
James Barber Dave Davies Scat I
James Barber for Clarendon Front
James Barber i
James Barber of
James Barber Phone
James Barber Phone 647*3494
James Barber Pontiac
James Barber Sc Son
James Barber Seat 1
James Barber Seat No. 3
James Barber the
James Barber)
James Barber,
James Barber, Pearl
James Barber.
James E Barber and Sons
James E Barber.
James E. Barber
James E. Barber 4th Line
James E. Barber and Sons
James E. Barber ph
James E. Barber recm
James E. Barber.-Class
James John Percy Barber
James Stewart Anita Barber NO MONDAY
James £ Barber
James “Jim” Crawford
James “Jim” Quinn
Jamie Richardson Andrew Warren Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Marty Brownlee Jeremy Jones Shone Peck Jeff
Jane Barber
Janet Young Rua Barber.
January Barber.
Jas Barber
Jas Barber 3. Colt
Jas Barber.
Jason Trudeau Erik Barber
Jean and Jim
Jean and Jim ChaLsick
Jean and Jim Chatsick
Jean Barber
Jeff Barber
Jeff Barber and Chris Barber
Jeff Barber and Greg Jeff Barber.
Jeff Barber and Kevin Keon
Jeff Barber and Peter Strutt
Jeff Barber and Robert Hearty
Jeff Barber and Shawn Walsh
Jeff Barber assisting
Jeff Barber Cindy Storie
Jeff Barber game Nepean
Jeff Barber put Erfle’s
Jeff Barber Selects
Jeff Barber Shawville.
Jeff Barber)
Jeff Barber,
Jeff Barber.
Jeff Barber....... Charles Pilgrim
Jeff goalie Marcel Jim Desabrais
Jeffrey Barber
Jeffrey Barber Saturday
Jennifer Barber
Jenny Barber
Jeny Barber.
Jernr Barber
Jerrv Barber 647-2760 Tickets
Jerry Barber
Jerry Barber 698
Jerry Barber I
Jerry Barber "There
Jerry Barber & Sons
Jerry Barber (
Jerry Barber (Fraser
Jerry Barber )
Jerry Barber - 647-3770 Darlene Dods -
Jerry Barber - Fraser
Jerry Barber - Thrun
Jerry Barber .59
Jerry Barber 647 -
Jerry Barber 647-2760
Jerry Barber 647-2760 .
Jerry Barber 647-2760 or
Jerry Barber 647-3770
Jerry Barber 647-3770 Jim Carmichael
Jerry Barber 647-3770.
Jerry Barber 7
Jerry Barber 819-647-
Jerry Barber <*#
Jerry Barber and Chris Judd
Jerry Barber and David Coles Front
Jerry Barber and Frances Elliott.
Jerry Barber and Gwen Armstrong
Jerry Barber and Jean Pierre Lcdoux
Jerry Barber and Joan
Jerry Barber and John Argue
Jerry Barber and Mahlon Hayes
Jerry Barber and Phillip Thompson
Jerry Barber and Terry MacDougall
Jerry Barber at
Jerry Barber at Fraser
Jerry Barber Atom - Terry MacDougall Novice
Jerry Barber Barbara Cruickshank
Jerry Barber Brenda Ladouceur
Jerry Barber by Tom Artandi
Jerry Barber Cell
Jerry Barber Chairman
Jerry Barber dock
Jerry Barber Even
Jerry Barber Fair Committee
Jerry Barber I
Jerry Barber is Shawn McCord
Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Lion Bi
Jerry Barber on Young Farmers Provincial Exec.
Jerry Barber President
Jerry Barber rciler-
Jerry Barber Reasonable Rates Barber
Jerry Barber represents Ward Five
Jerry Barber Robert Smith
Jerry Barber SALES
Jerry Barber SALES 1-800-594-2025 Furnace
Jerry Barber Says
Jerry Barber SHOV Jerry Barber
Jerry Barber Special Education Teacher Michael Robinson
Jerry Barber T. Richard
Jerry Barber Thompson
Jerry Barber THREE
Jerry Barber took
Jerry Barber VENTES
Jerry Barber VENTES -
Jerry Barber Wakefield
Jerry Barber WARD 6
Jerry Barber ¦2760.
Jerry Barber • 647-3770 Darlene Dods
Jerry Barber)
Jerry Barber.
Jerry Barber._2xjy7
Jerry Barber; Joan
Jim Personalized
Jim Fr
Jim 432-2121 Campbell
Jim Bryson
Jim CDs
Jim Experienced Tree Removal
Jim "
Jim " Roes
Jim &
Jim & Debbie 42.810
Jim & Debbie 42.810 pi2 LANDR1AULT
Jim & Ivy Stewart
Jim & Kathy Ness Trophy
Jim & Pat Brass
Jim & Pat Brass Female
Jim & Pat Clearbrook Avalon Farms Progeny
Jim & Pat Jan
Jim & Ruby Corrigall
Jim & Sharon Leslie Russett
Jim (
Jim (Kathleen Baklis
Jim -
Jim - James
Jim - Pride
Jim .McGuire
Jim 0Donnell
Jim 2bs30
Jim 3,10 Garonne
Jim 5.30 Howdy Doody
Jim 613233-4575
Jim 647-2475 Mary Ellen Sally
Jim 647-2475 Mary Ellen Sally 647-5174
Jim 648-2144
Jim 648-2182
Jim 689-5654 Pat 689-2676 Shelley
Jim 819-647-6113._____________xn18
Jim 819-648-2754
Jim A
Jim A Anna Stewart
Jim A Darteen Crawford
Jim A Larry Dick R.R.
Jim A Linda Dave 659
Jim A Marlene Sylvester
Jim A Sophia Ringrose
Jim Ada
Jim Adamchick
Jim Adams
Jim Ade
Jim al
Jim Al Utronkl
Jim Alexan-
Jim Alexander
Jim Allen
Jim Allingham
Jim Allison
Jim Also
Jim Ameche
Jim Amm
Jim Among
Jim An-
Jim and
Jim and Ann Marie MEMORIAL
Jim and Betty
Jim and Chris
Jim and Marie Curley
Jim and Marie.
Jim and Nancy Davidson
Jim Andai
Jim Anderson
Jim Andrew
Jim Angus Benoit
Jim Annett
Jim Annette
Jim Ann^
Jim Araechc
Jim Arbuckle
Jim Ardley
Jim Arena
Jim Arm
Jim Armhage
Jim Armstrong
Jim Atkinson
Jim Auberge Mont Blanc
Jim Aye-
Jim Ayearst
Jim Ayerst
Jim Aylmer
Jim B
Jim Baas
Jim Backus
Jim Backus Division
Jim Backus Mrs. Louisa Wills
Jim Badbam Douglas Graham
Jim Badham
Jim Bailey
Jim Baker
Jim Ballantyne
Jim Balsillie
Jim BandaII
Jim BandaU
Jim Barber
Jim Barber.
Jim Barnard—I’m
Jim Barnes
Jim Barnhart
Jim Barr
Jim Barrie
Jim Barry
Jim Barry J Mauricie
Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier Terry Burwell Rod Twolan Tony Hodgins Daniel Decontie Rod Ston
Jim Barry Seabrooke
Jim Barry Todd Fraser Brian Moore Dave Rich Marc Bavard Jason Toole Tony Hodgins Kevin Chevrier Dan
Jim Barth
Jim Barto
Jim Barton
Jim Baskin
Jim Baskins
Jim Bass
Jim Battist
Jim Bayne
Jim Ba„ J-
Jim Bcnnet
Jim Beal
Jim Beale
Jim Beall
Jim Beamsh
Jim Bean
Jim Beattie
Jim Beattie Musique
Jim Beatty
Jim Becker
Jim Beer
Jim Beer All Weather Channel
Jim Beer’s
Jim Belanger
Jim Bellamy
Jim Belland
Jim Bemdt
Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett Armstrong
Jim Bentley
Jim Ber Lonsdale
Jim Berg
Jim Bernadette Ptche
Jim Berry
Jim Bertrand
Jim Biemers
Jim Bigsley
Jim Bill
Jim Birch
Jim Birthday
Jim Bishop
Jim bj3
Jim Black
Jim Black Earl Tubman
Jim Black-hall
Jim Blad
Jim Blake
Jim Blank
Jim Bloom
Jim Boanc''
Jim Boas
Jim Bob
Jim Bob St Laurent
Jim Bob.
Jim Bobby Elliott
Jim Bobby Germain
Jim Boos
Jim Borke
Jim Borkef
Jim Bou-é
Jim Boulé
Jim Bouleau Blanc
Jim Bound
Jim Bovington
Jim Bower
Jim Bowers
Jim Bowers Jim
Jim Boyd
Jim Bradford Classic
Jim Braeside
Jim Brampton
Jim Bramwell
Jim Brass
Jim Bra_s
Jim Breakfast
Jim Breeder
Jim Brennan
Jim Brennan Denis R. Couture
Jim Brennan Gieg Mackenzie
Jim Brennan Gréa MacKenzie
Jim Brennan Grec Mackenzie J S #
Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie
Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie 1
Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie I
Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie INSPECTOR
Jim Brennan Gres MacKenzie
Jim Brewster
Jim Brickman
Jim Bridger
Jim Bristol Golden Age Club
Jim Bristow
Jim Brody
Jim Brough
Jim Brouqh
Jim Brown
Jim Brown Adult
Jim Brown Campbell
Jim Brown Gene Hackman "
Jim Brown Raquel Welch
Jim Brown Smith
Jim Brown Wed
Jim Brownlee
Jim Brownson—yes
Jim Bruce
Jim Brunet
Jim Bryne Kehoe
Jim Bryson
Jim Btrrlgan
Jim Bu- Semi-finals
Jim Buchanan
Jim Buck
Jim Budden
Jim Buhil- Minnaçrlis - St Paul
Jim Bui-
Jim Bullard
Jim Bunnies
Jim Bur
Jim Burnet
Jim Bussed
Jim Butler
Jim Ca
Jim Caesar Romero McCANN
Jim Calabogie
Jim Caldwell
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron 904
Jim Cameron Shawville
Jim Camithera X .
Jim Camithere
Jim Camithers
Jim Campbell
Jim Can
Jim Car
Jim Car Mr. Maheral
Jim Car-
Jim Car- Sparling
Jim Car- Tony Montanaro
Jim Card
Jim Carey
Jim Carleton
Jim Carmi-
Jim Carmi- Lang
Jim Carmi-day
Jim Carmiacbad
Jim Carmic
Jim Carmich
Jim Carmichael
Jim Carmichael Cleanliness
Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll Jr
Jim Carruther.
Jim Carruthers
Jim Carruthers Caldwell Notes Broomball Final Standings
Jim Carruthers Beech
Jim Carruthers Birthday
Jim Carruthers Fort Cou
Jim Carruthers HIM
Jim Carruthers Island
Jim Carruthers Murray Dagg
Jim Carruthers Shawville’
Jim Carruthers Sunday
Jim Carruthers Upper Ottawa Valley Senior Hockey
Jim Carson
Jim Carswell
Jim Carter
Jim Carvel
Jim Carver
Jim Centofonti
Jim Chabot
Jim Chabot W.A. Hodgins H I. Hobbs
Jim Chambers
Jim Changement
Jim Chapman
Jim Chapman Saturday
Jim Chapman This
Jim Charron
Jim Chatsick
Jim Che Robert Henry Rutledge
Jim Chevrolet Cavalier
Jim Chmithers
Jim Chou
Jim Christie
Jim Chugg
Jim Chugg Authorized
Jim Church Picnic
Jim Ci
Jim CL Friends
Jim Clark
Jim Clark-(late
Jim Clarke
Jim Clarkson
Jim Cleary
Jim Cochrane
Jim Cochrane Saturday
Jim Cof
Jim Coffey
Jim Coffey To
Jim Coffey Wednesdays
Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman K
Jim Coleman Show
Jim Colline St James
Jim Collins
Jim Collins St Jamee
Jim Collins St James
Jim Colton
Jim Comall
Jim Comb
Jim Combe
Jim Combo
Jim Comgal
Jim Comhe
Jim Commins
Jim Cong
Jim Cong-
Jim Congdon
Jim Congdon DE CHANGEMENT DE NOM Changement
Jim Connah
Jim Connell
Jim Connelly
Jim Connor
Jim Connors
Jim Conolly
Jim Contra
Jim Cooke
Jim Coon
Jim Coon’s
Jim Cooper
Jim Corbett
Jim Corbin
Jim Corcoran
Jim Cordell
Jim Corn
Jim Cornelius Environment
Jim Corngal
Jim Cornwall
Jim Corp.
Jim CorrigaH.
Jim Corrigal
Jim Corrigall
Jim Corrigan
Jim Corrige
Jim Cotie
Jim Cotnain
Jim Cotnam
Jim Cotnarn
Jim Could
Jim Council
Jim Courts
Jim Coutts
Jim Couture
Jim Couture 819-648-2500 Campbell
Jim Coven-
Jim Cowdrey
Jim Cowell
Jim Coyle
Jim Craiet
Jim Craig
Jim Crate
Jim Crate Kelowna
Jim Crate Sr
Jim Crates Happy
Jim Craw
Jim Craw ford
Jim Crawford
Jim Crawlord
Jim Creakey
Jim Creeds
Jim Creekey
Jim Creskey
Jim Creskey Push
Jim Cresky
Jim Cretkey
Jim Cretkey Editorial
Jim Crocker
Jim Crogen
Jim Croghan
Jim Crow
Jim Crow Commercial
Jim Crowism
Jim Cullen
Jim Cummings
Jim Cummins
Jim Cunningham
Jim Curley
Jim Curling
Jim Curran
Jim Currie
Jim Currie Administrators
Jim Currie Can
Jim Currie Founder’s Day
Jim Currie Last
Jim Currie Macdonald College
Jim Currie March
Jim Currie On
Jim Currie There’s
Jim Curry
Jim Cuth-bertson
Jim Cuthbert-
Jim Cuthbertson
Jim Cutting
Jim Cutting Canada-$
Jim Cutting Energy
Jim Cutting Laurena Matechuk Quyon Subscription
Jim Cutting Open
Jim Cutting Subscription
Jim D Crawford
Jim Da- Ray Thompson Garth Charles Sinclair Cyrus
Jim Dads
Jim Dal-
Jim Dale
Jim Daley
Jim Daley Quyon
Jim Dallvu
Jim Dalton Cluff
Jim Daly
Jim Dandy
Jim Daod
Jim Dar-ragh
Jim Darlington
Jim Darragh
Jim Darrell
Jim Darrell 7
Jim Darruagh
Jim David
Jim David-on
Jim Davidson
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Brian Smith
Jim Davis Lennie Richardson Toymakers Badge George Russell Artists Badge
Jim Dcr-
Jim De
Jim De Finney
Jim De Forge
Jim De-
Jim Dean
Jim Defenney
Jim Definey
Jim Definney
Jim Deforce
Jim Deforge
Jim DeFurge
Jim Delany
Jim Dele
Jim Dele-Then
Jim Dele-van
Jim Delevan
Jim Delevan’s
Jim Demers
Jim Dempsey
Jim Dent
Jim Dery
Jim Desa
Jim Desabrais
Jim Desahrais
Jim Deschamps
Jim Desi-bras
Jim Deslauriers
Jim Desoeurs
Jim Devereux
Jim Devis
Jim Dewey
Jim Diamond’s
Jim Dick
Jim Dick Auctioneer Robert Griffin Owner Queen St.
Jim Dick R R 2
Jim Dick R.R.
Jim Dick R.R. 2 Renfrew
Jim Dick R.R.2
Jim Dick Renfrew
Jim Dick RR 2
Jim Dick RR2
Jim Dills
Jim Dimgle
Jim Dkk
Jim Dobec
Jim Dobec.
Jim Dobenko
Jim Dobie
Jim Dodds
Jim Dods
Jim Dog
Jim Doherty
Jim Doherty Shawville
Jim Dol-cn
Jim Dolan
Jim Dolsen
Jim Dominic
Jim Donaldson
Jim Doner
Jim Dong
Jim Donnie
Jim Donohue
Jim Donovan
Jim Dorris
Jim Dorrlston
Jim Dorthey
Jim Doyle
Jim Drodée
Jim Drody
Jim Druve
Jim Dubeau
Jim Duffy
Jim Duke
Jim Dumps
Jim Dun-
Jim Dunbar
Jim Duncan
Jim Dunn
Jim Dunne
Jim Duplex
Jim Durr
Jim Durral
Jim Durrell
Jim E. Brown
Jim Earl
Jim Earl 458-2364 4ML.
Jim Eason Russell
Jim Easter
Jim Ebbs
Jim Ebert
Jim EcLds
Jim Ecoles
Jim Edds
Jim Edds Mrs. Antoine Rivet
Jim Eddy
Jim Egan
Jim Emmauel
Jim Engil
Jim Ernie Sharpe
Jim Erwin
Jim Este
Jim Estes
Jim Evans
Jim Ewing
Jim Expected
Jim Fades
Jim Fair
Jim Fairburn
Jim Faker
Jim Farrell
Jim Feeny
Jim Fenton
Jim Fer-
Jim Ferguson
Jim Ferrter
Jim Ffew
Jim Fie
Jim Fieroben’s
Jim Fin
Jim Finan
Jim Findlay
Jim Fitzpatrick
Jim Fktcher
Jim Flaherty
Jim Fleming
Jim Fletcher
Jim Fletcher Asst Captain
Jim Fletcher Charles McGuire
Jim Fletcher Marilyn McGuire
Jim Flowers
Jim Flowers PedtP
Jim Flowers Police
Jim Flowers Tire Size
Jim For
Jim For-gie
Jim Foran
Jim Forgie
Jim Forrest
Jim Forsyth
Jim Fort
Jim Fortunately
Jim Foster
Jim Fowl
Jim Fox
Jim Francoeur
Jim Frank
Jim Franklin
Jim Fraser
Jim Frazer
Jim French
Jim Frieling
Jim Frise
Jim Frost
Jim Fu
Jim Ful-cnminal
Jim Ful-ford
Jim Fulford
Jim FulforJ
Jim Fulton
Jim Gagnon
Jim Gagnon’s
Jim Gallagher
Jim Galloway
Jim Gamier
Jim Garnit
Jim Garnithers Pontiacs Carson Ryan
Jim Gates
Jim Geescck
Jim Gerald
Jim Get
Jim Gettia
Jim Gibb
Jim Gibbon
Jim Gibbons
Jim Gibbson
Jim Gibson
Jim Gilchrist
Jim Gilmore
Jim Gilmore SATURDAY
Jim Girouli
Jim Giroux
Jim Giselia Selkirk
Jim Gladys Walsh
Jim Glenn
Jim God
Jim Goddard
Jim Godseff
Jim Golightly
Jim Gordon
Jim Gowlmg
Jim Grace
Jim Graham
Jim Graham And June Bourgeau Attend
Jim Graham I
Jim Graham,Campbell
Jim Granddaughters
Jim Grant
Jim Graveline
Jim Gray
Jim Greaves
Jim Green
Jim Green Gardner
Jim Greer
Jim Grey
Jim Griffiths
Jim Groer
Jim Grow
Jim Guilty
Jim Guinn’s
Jim Gunenm
Jim Guthrie
Jim GWesE.
Jim Had
Jim Hag-garty
Jim Hallet
Jim Hamilton
Jim Hammond
Jim Hampson
Jim Hand
Jim Hanway
Jim Happy
Jim Harding
Jim Hardwick
Jim Harrington
Jim Harris
Jim Harris Lamothe
Jim Hartford
Jim Hatherton
Jim Hawk
Jim Hawker
Jim Hawkins
Jim Hay
Jim Hayes
Jim Hazel
Jim Hazel Marlowe
Jim Hedging
Jim Heiitu Pompton
Jim Henne
Jim Hennepin
Jim Hennessey
Jim Henry Leggett
Jim Henson
Jim Herbert’s
Jim Herefords
Jim Hewitt
Jim Hickey
Jim Hickie
Jim Hicks
Jim Hie Penman
Jim Hill
Jim Hiorpe
Jim Hizel
Jim Hobbs
Jim Hod
Jim Hod*
Jim Hod-about
Jim Hod-gins
Jim Hod-McGillvray
Jim Hodains
Jim Hodg Aylmer
Jim Hodg- Havelin
Jim Hodgim
Jim Hodgina
Jim Hodginr
Jim Hodgins
Jim Hodgins Seventh Line
Jim Hodgins Doug Homer
Jim Hodgins Carson
Jim Hodgins Firefighters
Jim Hodgins Get
Jim Hodgins Shawville
Jim Hodgins They
Jim Hodgins Warren
Jim Hodgins XZ
Jim Hodginv
Jim Hodgin»
Jim Hodglns
Jim Hodgm*
Jim Hodgms
Jim Hodgms Sh**
Jim Hodqins
Jim Hods
Jim Hoefer
Jim Hogan
Jim Hogdins
Jim Hoggarth
Jim Hoggins
Jim Holly
Jim Holmes
Jim Homer
Jim Hong
Jim Hood
Jim Hoofc
Jim Hook
Jim Horigins
Jim Horn
Jim Horner
Jim Horners
Jim Horton
Jim Hoshko
Jim Hoskho
Jim Hough-.
Jim Houghton
Jim How
Jim Howard
Jim Huckabone
Jim Hudgins
Jim Hudgins Shawville
Jim Hughes
Jim Hugues
Jim Hui
Jim Hum
Jim Hunter
Jim Hunters
Jim Hunter’s
Jim Huwa
Jim I
Jim I Floyd Smart
Jim I II
Jim I P* B thus.ca
Jim I-urraine
Jim Iafter
Jim Iallon
Jim Iare Plcased
Jim Ica Erox
Jim Iktcher
Jim Ilodgins
Jim IMy
Jim In
Jim Irwin Stewart
Jim Is
Jim Isabelle Bechamp
Jim Ivan
Jim IVetu Quality Pre-owned Cars
Jim Ivomond
Jim I’d
Jim J*
Jim Jack Boyd
Jim James
Jim James Arnprior
Jim Jamie
Jim Jannett
Jim Jannette
Jim Jar-
Jim Jarrett
Jim Javex
Jim Jean Whelan
Jim Jean-Guy
Jim Jeffreys
Jim Jeffries
Jim Jennings
Jim Jewell
Jim Jim Stewart
Jim Joan Stephens
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnston
Jim Johnston JSt
Jim Johnston Mr.
Jim Joins Campbell McDonald
Jim Jones
Jim Jong
Jim Jordan
Jim Jr
Jim Jr.
Jim Jr. Shirty
Jim Jr. Stafford Tues
Jim Ju
Jim Judd
Jim Juliette Dubois
Jim July
Jim Jvf
Jim J^u
Jim Kaadall
Jim Kawal-chuk
Jim Kci*
Jim Kealy
Jim Kearns
Jim Kelland
Jim Keller
Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly Here
Jim Kennedy
Jim Kennedy Hudgins Lumber Vo
Jim Kennedy Mr. Earl Garre
Jim Keogh
Jim Keohane
Jim Kerwin
Jim Kierl
Jim Kilbride
Jim Kilgallen
Jim Killoran
Jim Kiloran
Jim King
Jim Kirk
Jim Kirkpatrick
Jim Kirwan
Jim Kluke
Jim Knox
Jim Kohlsmith
Jim Koniar
Jim Kucharick
Jim Kucharik
Jim Kyle
Jim Kyte
Jim L.
Jim La
Jim Labelle
Jim Lacroix
Jim Laframboise
Jim Laird
Jim Laird A
Jim Laird Gatineau
Jim Lake
Jim Lake Pull
Jim Lamarche
Jim Lampkin
Jim Lancaster
Jim Lansburg
Jim Lapierre
Jim Larue
Jim Lastly
Jim Laurent Chevalier
Jim Laurier Dumouchel
Jim Lawson
Jim Leach
Jim Lee
Jim Lee Federal
Jim Leered
Jim Left
Jim Leigh
Jim Leitch
Jim Lepack
Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis Agri-Nutrition
Jim Lillian Zimmerling
Jim Linda Sloan
Jim Linden
Jim Little
Jim Little Cathy Grahl
Jim Livingston
Jim Lloyd
Jim Local
Jim Loken
Jim Londos
Jim Lopez
Jim Lorgie
Jim Lorraine
Jim Lotz
Jim Lowe
Jim Lt*
Jim Lucas
Jim Lunam
Jim Lunney
Jim LZirZ
Jim M
Jim M Fishing
Jim M. Crosley
Jim Mac- Jean Coté
Jim MacCormick
Jim MacCormlck
Jim MacDonald
Jim Macdonnell
Jim Macfarlane
Jim Macgregor
Jim MacKay
Jim Macklin
Jim MacLeod
Jim MacMillan
Jim MacMillan It
Jim MacNeill
Jim MacNulty
Jim Macormick
Jim Macormlck
Jim Malette
Jim Mansfield-et-Pontefract
Jim Mao#
Jim Marc Andre Bergeron
Jim March
Jim Marenger
Jim Marino
Jim Mark
Jim Marks
Jim Marquardt
Jim Marr
Jim Marshall Young
Jim Martin
Jim Martin Pinecrest
Jim Marvin
Jim Mattern
Jim Mauerts
Jim Maxwell
Jim Maybe
Jim Mc Janet
Jim Mc(
Jim Mc-
Jim Mc-Cuaig
Jim McAuley
Jim McAutey--------
Jim McBane
Jim McCabe
Jim McCam
Jim McCambley
Jim McCambly
Jim McCamhly
Jim McCann
Jim McCarthy
Jim McConnell
Jim McConnell Henderson
Jim McCord
Jim McCormack
Jim McCormick
Jim McCormick Amanda
Jim McCormick Stables
Jim McCrea
Jim McCredie
Jim McCuaig
Jim McCuaiq
Jim McCualg
Jim McDonald
Jim McGee
Jim McGil-
Jim McGillis
Jim McGraw
Jim McGregor
Jim McGuire
Jim McHale
Jim McHale Douglas
Jim McHale Douglas Ph
Jim McHale Sept
Jim McIntyre
Jim McKay
Jim McKenzie
Jim McKnight
Jim McKogue
Jim Mcl
Jim Mcl-rectors
Jim McLaren
Jim McLarimn
Jim McLaughian
Jim McLaughlin
Jim McLean
Jim McLean-Scott Jewer
Jim McLellan
Jim Mcleon Shawville
Jim Mclsaac
Jim Mclsaac Talent Show
Jim Mclsaac.
Jim Mclssac
Jim Mclssiac
Jim McMiHan
Jim McMillan
Jim McMillan I
Jim McMullan
Jim McMullen
Jim McNee
Jim McNeely
Jim McNeil
Jim McPherson Ottawa Director Blood Donor
Jim McQuaig
Jim Me
Jim Me Isaac
Jim Me-
Jim Me- Average
Jim Me-Credie
Jim Mecgregor
Jim MeCiiaig
Jim MeCuaig
Jim MeDermit
Jim Meek Ministry
Jim Mel
Jim Merino
Jim Merrithew
Jim Mich-
Jim Michael
Jim Michand
Jim Michaud
Jim Millar
Jim Miller
Jim Millions
Jim Mitchell
Jim Mitchum
Jim Mltchum
Jim Mm
Jim Mn*thy
Jim Mnthi''wson
Jim MoCuatg Leave Ottawa
Jim Mode Ins
Jim Modgins
Jim Moffat’s Primary Class
Jim Monsson
Jim Moore
Jim MoOredie
Jim Moore’s
Jim Moran
Jim Mori
Jim Morin
Jim Morris
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrow
Jim Most Rev Angelo Palmas
Jim Mother’s
Jim Mother’s Wish Volume III
Jim Mousseau
Jim Moyle
Jim Mr.
Jim Mrs
Jim Mrs Peter Bauer
Jim Mrs Rev. L. R. Mack
Jim Mrs. Dorothy Lough
Jim Mueller
Jim Mugs Mrs Jean Whelan
Jim Mul-sent
Jim Muldoon
Jim Muldoon’s
Jim Mulli- Treasurer
Jim Mulligan
Jim Mulligan I
Jim Mullin
Jim Municipalité
Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy Rd"
Jim Murray
Jim Myles
Jim Naismith
Jim Nash
Jim Negent’s
Jim Neil
Jim Nelson
Jim Nesbitt
Jim Ness
Jim Neubauer
Jim New
Jim New EJ
Jim New Affordable
Jim New Belanger
Jim New Chantable
Jim New Février
Jim New Pre-Owned
Jim New Quality
Jim Newberry
Jim Newton Première
Jim Nolan
Jim Noone
Jim Nugent
Jim Nuget
Jim O Hara
Jim O Neil
Jim O Neil"
Jim O Neill
Jim O''Connell
Jim O''Donnell
Jim O''Kelly
Jim Obituary IjIGIIGI
Jim Ock R R 2 Renfrew
Jim Oeskey
Jim Oliver
Jim On
Jim Ore-hem
Jim Oretwn
Jim Osborne
Jim Ostrom
Jim Ostrum
Jim Our
Jim Owen Gleason
Jim Owens
Jim O’Hdlloran
Jim O’Neil
Jim O’Neill
Jim O’Neill Tail Island Bryson-Calumet Bridge
Jim O’Shaughnessy
Jim Palmer
Jim Panagapko
Jim Pappin
Jim Paris
Jim Parker
Jim Patterson
Jim Payee
Jim Payne
Jim Payton
Jim Payton Church
Jim Payton Church OBce
Jim Payton Church Of Ice
Jim Payton Church Office
Jim Payton Church Ofice
Jim Payton Church Ofice 647-2764 Bonnie McLaughlin 7:00
Jim Payton Church Ofioe
Jim Payton Church Ofoce
Jim Payton Church Oftice
Jim Payton Church Ollce
Jim Payton Church Otice
Jim Payton Church OtK*
Jim Payton Church OWce
Jim Payton Shawville United Church Candidate Hodgins
Jim Peaker
Jim Pebble
Jim Peck
Jim Peever
Jim Perdicaris
Jim Perrier
Jim Peterson
Jim Peyton Church Office
Jim Pezoulas
Jim Phillips
Jim Pick
Jim Pigeon
Jim Pilkingtoii
Jim Pilon
Jim Pitman
Jim Pitt
Jim Pitta-man
Jim Pittis
Jim Pittman
Jim Plascot
Jim Platt
Jim Plummandor
Jim Plummer
Jim Plunkett
Jim Pontiac
Jim Pontiacs
Jim Poole
Jim Porgie
Jim Post
Jim Power
Jim Power(kneeling
Jim Pre
Jim Prebble
Jim Prendgaat
Jim Prentice
Jim Presbyterian
Jim Presley
Jim Primus
Jim Prior
Jim Pritchard
Jim property- Gallagher
Jim Prophet
Jim Proudfoot
Jim Proulx
Jim Provided
Jim Ptman
Jim Purcell
Jim P«rry
Jim Q-rmans
Jim Qenneville
Jim Quennevile
Jim Quenneville
Jim Quikty
Jim Quilty
Jim Quinn
Jim Quinn Polaris
Jim Rafferty
Jim Rak
Jim Ran-
Jim Rand*M
Jim Randall
Jim RandalL Oh
Jim Randall’s
Jim Rankin
Jim Ray
Jim Reagan
Jim Reece
Jim Reece Canadian Tire Shawville
Jim Reece Equity
Jim Reed
Jim Reeney
Jim Reese
Jim Reese B s Restaurant Bobby Erwin Trucking Brian Middlemiss Bud Lusk
Jim Reese George Griffith R.R.
Jim Regan
Jim Reid
Jim Rendlc
Jim Rendle
Jim Renfrew
Jim Renney
Jim Rennick
Jim Rente]
Jim Reside
Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynold’s
Jim Richard
Jim Richardson
Jim Riddell
Jim Riddle
Jim Riley
Jim Riley’s
Jim Ringroae
Jim Ringroee
Jim Ringrose
Jim RingroSi Campbell
Jim Rintoul
Jim Ritchie
Jim Rivard
Jim RK’hurdsoii J Bissonetîv Bill Horner Fred Fraser If
Jim Rmgrose
Jim RmK
Jim Ro
Jim Roane
Jim Rob- Sawlogs
Jim Robb
Jim Robertson
Jim Robfcison
Jim Robillard
Jim Robinson
Jim Robinson Tuesday
Jim Roe
Jim Rogers
Jim Rooney
Jim Rose
Jim Rose Photo Dawn Bottrill
Jim Rosita
Jim Ross
Jim Routier
Jim Rowe
Jim Roy
Jim Russctt
Jim Russell
Jim Russett
Jim Rut
Jim Rutledge
Jim Ryan
Jim S
Jim s Re- Chris McKechnie
Jim Sangster
Jim Sardo
Jim Satterfield
Jim Saturday
Jim Savage
Jim Savage Jennifer
Jim Scarf
Jim Scheel
Jim Schlievert
Jim Schoenfeld
Jim Schuenfcld
Jim Scott
Jim Scovel
Jim Selby
Jim Selkirk
Jim Semrau
Jim Senos
Jim Serving
Jim Sgarbossa
Jim Shalls
Jim Shan
Jim Shanks
Jim Shanks New Year
Jim Shannon
Jim Sharpe
Jim Shaw
Jim Shawville
Jim Shea
Jim Shea Gatineau
Jim Shearer
Jim Shearon
Jim Shearon Portable
Jim Shearon Thompson
Jim Sheppard
Jim Shir-
Jim Shirley
Jim Shirriflf
Jim Shobert
Jim Shoobert
Jim Shoobert’s
Jim Sim
Jim Sim*
Jim Sima
Jim Simmons
Jim Simser
Jim Sin-
Jim Sinclair
Jim Skrenek
Jim Slack
Jim Slavin
Jim Sleeves
Jim Sloan
Jim Small
Jim Smiley
Jim Smith
Jim Smith White
Jim Snider
Jim Soete
Jim Soucie
Jim Sparling
Jim Speakei
Jim Spencer
Jim Spottswood
Jim Stack
Jim Stafford
Jim Stake Given al Campbell
Jim Stan- Mrs Brian Woods
Jim Stanley
Jim Stanzell
Jim Stark
Jim Stark AA
Jim Stark All
Jim Stark Author
Jim Stark KCOOK
Jim Stark Soviets
Jim Starlight
Jim Stc
Jim Ste-
Jim Ste- Fair
Jim Ste- February
Jim Steele
Jim Steen
Jim Steevee
Jim Steeves
Jim Steeves L équipe
Jim Steeves Legal
Jim Steeves Toute
Jim Steven- Beth Barclay
Jim Steveneon
Jim Stevens
Jim Stevens Included
Jim Stevenson
Jim Stew
Jim Stewar1 Elwyn Lang
Jim Steward
Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart Acres
Jim Stewart Afghan
Jim Stewart Arthur Dean Campbell’s Bay District Garry Hearty
Jim Stewart Baby
Jim Stewart Bristol
Jim Stewart Child
Jim Stewart Citron
Jim Stewart Dark Fruit Cake
Jim Stewart Debbie Cross Marilyn McGuire
Jim Stewart Girls
Jim Stewart Green
Jim Stewart Her
Jim Stewart Jim Earl
Jim Stewart Jr and
Jim Stewart Legion Pres
Jim Stewart Rick Paquette Ernie Kingsbury Jack Kingsbury Noel
Jim Stewart Tomatoes
Jim Stewart...... Cecil Elliott.... H. Stewart
Jim Stewart’s
Jim Sth Neil Hanna
Jim Stickler
Jim Stokes
Jim Stuart
Jim Sullenly
Jim Sullivan
Jim Summers
Jim Sun-strum
Jim SUpper
Jim Surges
Jim Sutherland
Jim Suzanne Pepin
Jim Swan
Jim Swanson
Jim Sylvester
Jim Taber
Jim Tablet
Jim Tabor
Jim Taggart
Jim Talion
Jim Tames
Jim Tan
Jim Tan-
Jim Tanner
Jim Tanner Jr
Jim Tanner Jr appeared
Jim Tanner Jr s
Jim Taylor
Jim Teevens
Jim Tel
Jim Tel- Technidan Horticulture
Jim Telford
Jim Telford’s
Jim Tells
Jim Templeton
Jim Terrell
Jim Terry
Jim Thacker
Jim Thaine
Jim The
Jim the''1
Jim Then
Jim Theresa Lance
Jim This
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomp
Jim Thomp-named WF Jones
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Charteris
Jim Thompson Log’s End Fred Desabrais Rebecca Wilson Auto-Tech
Jim Thompson Pauline Marois
Jim Thompson Pine Lodge Golf
Jim Thompson Saturday
Jim Thompson Showv
Jim Thompson Surrey
Jim Thompson Tara Fraser
Jim Thorpe
Jim Three
Jim Tierney
Jim Tischart
Jim TOjins
Jim Toman
Jim Toney
Jim Tough
Jim Tow
Jim Towers
Jim Townley
Jim Tra
Jim Tracey
Jim Tracy
Jim Tracy 2
Jim Travers
Jim Trench
Jim Tri-c
Jim Tripp
Jim Trottier
Jim Trudeau
Jim Tubman
Jim Tunwell
Jim Turcotte
Jim Turn
Jim Turner
Jim Turpei
Jim Twemblow
Jim Ty- Mitchell
Jim Ty-rsick
Jim Tyscck
Jim Tysck
Jim Tysck Stndty
Jim Tysck Sunday
Jim Tysick
Jim Uens
Jim UnitII
Jim Uoyd
Jim V -w
Jim Vallance
Jim Vampliell U*ing
Jim Van Cleave
Jim Van de Vyver
Jim Van Exan
Jim Vander
Jim Vander Meer
Jim VanderEnde
Jim Vaughn
Jim Vaus
Jim Ventura
Jim Vi-
Jim Vide
Jim Videta Paul
Jim Videto
Jim Videto Shirley s
Jim Videtta
Jim Videtto
Jim Villeneuve
Jim Visiting
Jim Vries
Jim W&m
Jim Waddell
Jim Waite
Jim Wal1
Jim Walker
Jim Walking Day Motion
Jim Wall
Jim Wallace
Jim Walmsley
Jim Wals
Jim Walsh
Jim Walsh Mayor
Jim Ward
Jim Ward Jr. Fort
Jim Warren
Jim Warrington
Jim Washer
Jim Watson
Jim Waugh
Jim Wc
Jim Webber
Jim Webster
Jim Weemys
Jim Welch
Jim Well
Jim Weller
Jim Welsh
Jim Welshs
Jim Whelan Gallagher
Jim While Lcpinc
Jim Whitaker
Jim White
Jim Whitford
Jim Wideman
Jim Wier
Jim Wil-
Jim Wil- Sauvageau
Jim Williams
Jim Wilson
Jim Wings
Jim Winners
Jim With
Jim Witol
Jim Witt
Jim Witter
Jim Wittig
Jim Wolfe
Jim Wolff
Jim Woo
Jim Wool
Jim Woolam
Jim Woolan
Jim Woolen
Jim Woollam
Jim Wren
Jim Wright
Jim Wtnt Inside
Jim Wur
Jim Wur-j
Jim Wurrell
Jim Wylie
Jim Wyman
Jim X
Jim X.
Jim Yates
Jim Yeldon
Jim You
Jim Young
Jim Young Onslow
Jim Young Richard Matte Danny Desabrais Tony Hodgins Paul Hupé Mark Muldoon
Jim Young- Onslow
Jim Youpg
Jim Yuill
Jim Zumbo
Jim ¦ Whitaker
Jim" Glenn
Jim" James M. Tfcomes
Jim" James Thomas
Jim" Quinn
Jim) Oswald Brennan
Jim** Aye
Jim- Anniversary
Jim- JollD.
Jim- Kildare
Jim-J Hayes
Jim. Karen.
Jim.Anna Marion Dale
Jimmie Barber
Jimmie Barber.
Jimmy Barber
Jimmy Barber and Nancy
Jimmy Barber, Pearl Allen
Jim” Taylor
Joan Barber
Joan Barber 82
Joan Barber and Brian Brownlee
Joan Barber and Linda Graham
Joan Barber and Margaret Roy
Joan Barber and Margaret Roy Elizabeth Dickson
Joan Barber I
Joan Barber Mission Band
Joan Barber.
Joan Beverley Barber
Joanne Dubeau Jim
John and Elizabeth Barber
John and Jim Thompson
John Barber
John Barber and Elizabeth Begley Barber
John Barber opposed
John Barber,of Clarendon
John Barber.
John Centre Barber Shop QVERCOATS
John Kelly Dennis Egan Erin Barber Frasers Gamma Dynacare Golf Works Home Hardware
John N.B. Jim
John Peck Trent Reynolds Jim Barry Brian Moore Dave Rich Todd Fraser Tony Hodgins Jason Toole Kevin
John Percy Barber James John Percy Barber
John Russell C Jim F
Jon Maurice and Jim Marçuardt
Jon School Board Jerry Barber: "
Jonathan Ste-Argue Erin Barber
Jordan Barber
Jordan Barber.
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph Barber
Joseph Barber 5.34
Joseph Rev Jim Collins
Josh Armitage Ryan Barber
Josh Barber scored Shawville
Joy Barber and Valley
Joy Barber.
Jr )—Jim
Juan Barber
Juan" Jim Delevan
Judd Barber
Julia Barber
Julie Jim Stafford
Junior B Hockey Club Manager Jim ®old1
Karen Barber
Katherine Hynes Jim
Kavanagh - Jim
Kay Barber
Keith Cummings Edgar Barber
Keith Larson Jim Davis
Kellie Barber.
Ken Aiexondef Ralph McCogan Blake Croaer Mike TNbeou Ryan Barber Wood
Ken Alexander Ryan Barber Jason Boiiey Mchoel Murphy Mike Th.beou Blake Crozier Tim Thompson Opeong
Ken Barber (Renfrew
Ken Barber Evelyn Campbell
Ken Barber is Olmsted
Ken Barber s
Ken Pirie Gordon Stewart Jim Stewart
Ken Ryan Barber.
Kenneth Barber
Kenneth Barber and Clarence Curhbertson
Kenneth Lagarde Jim McFarlane Carey Griffin Leon Lance
Kevin Daley Mayor Barber
Kim Thalheimer Sherry Barber
Kt Jim Purvis
L A W. Amy Barber
L Barber
L Barber,
L G. Barber <S
L J Jim Hodgins
L J. Barber and
L*wrencc Barber
L. Barber 14th
L. Barber.
L. Ma- Mrs. Jim Suwar
L.I. Barber
Lacourse A Wrimer Barber.
Lance Orr Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie Security
Laune Barber
Laura Barber
Laura Barber 3164.
Laura Barber and Enid Connelly
Laura Barber.
Laurence Barber
Laurie Barber
Laurie Barber and Chris McColgan
Laurie Barber and Claire Lafieur
Laurie Barber and Joan Rusenstrom
Laurie Barber and Lois Froment
Laurie Barber as
Laurie Barber.
Laurier Barber
Lawhksck Barber
Lawrence A Doris Barber
Lawrence A Doris Barber, Hayes
Lawrence Barber
Lawrence Barber $
Lawrence Barber $115.50
Lawrence Barber 135—491
Lawrence Barber 60.00.
Lawrence Barber and
Lawrence Barber and Mr.
Lawrence Barber and Mrs. Emery Elliott
Lawrence Barber as Betty Grable
Lawrence Barber AVIS PUBLIC
Lawrence Barber CANADA
Lawrence Barber Emery Elliott
Lawrence Barber Evelyn Marti
Lawrence Barber ond
Lawrence Barber pate
Lawrence Barber Removing
Lawrence Barber Renfrew
Lawrence Barber s
Lawrence Barber)
Lawrence Barber* Muriel Chamberlain
Lawrence Barber.
Lawrence Barber; Entertains Friends Bingo
Lawrence Simon Barber (Albert
Lee Devine Jim Dav-
Lee Fraser Ryan Barber
Lee Tcperman Jim
Lemaire Barber
Leo Piché Councillor Barber Seat No
Les Barber and
Les Orr Jerry Barber
Leslie Barber
Leslie Barber.
Liasie Barber Grade 111
Lily Barber
Lin Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
Liura Barber.
Lizzfc Barber
Lizzie Barber
Lizzie Barber.
Lois Barber
Lois Barber 3
Lois Barber and Claire Stewart
Lois Barber and Mr. George Barber
Lois Barber.
Lola Barber
Lola Barber.
Loma Barber
Lome Armstrong Everett Armstrong E. J. Barber .... Thos
Lomu Barber
Lonia Barber
Loraa Barber
Lorena Barber
Lorenn Barber.
Lorens Barber
Lorna Barber
Lorna Barber and Dorothy Barley Cathy
Lorna Barber and Glenda Hynes
Lorna Barber as Maid
Lorna Barber.
Lou Barber
Lou Barber X
Louis Barber
Louis Barber)
Louis Judd 3rd James Barber.
Louisa Barber and Ina Kilgour
Louise Barber
Louise Barber (
Louise Barber *§
Louise Barber 121
Louise Barber 6380X1S10 BROWNLEE
Louise Barber and Mrs Edith
Louise Barber Norway Bay
Louise Barber »
Louise Barber.
Louise Dube Jim
Louise Eleanor Barber (
Lousie Barber and Minerva Armstrong
Love Jim
Lucy Jim
Lxxte Barber
Lynn Barber)
Lynne Cameron Jim Gibbons Quyon
M Barber.
Mac Barber.
Mackenzie Jim Brennan
MacKenzie Jim Brennan Bientôt
MacKenzie Jim Brennan Bcachlnirg
Mackenzie Jim Brennan Beachburg
Mackenzie Jim Brennan Beachhurg
MacKenzie Jim Brennan Bvachluiig
MacKenzie Jim Brennan Dave Moore
MacKenzie Jim Brennan Phone
Mae Barber
Maijorie Barber
Malcolm McGillvray Councillors Barber
Marc Jim Daniels
March Edith Barber %
Margaret Barber
Margaret Nicholas Nancy Barber
Margie Barber
Margie Barber 647-3403 Residence
Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
Margie Barber 647-3403 Residence
Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
Margie Barber and Holly Leach
Margie Barber and Jennifer Totten
Margie Barber and Joan Craig
Margie Barber COLLECTION
Margie Barber Make
Margie Barber Name
Margie Barber QUE
Margie Barber-Normandeau
Margie Barber.
Marie Barber (Wilmer
Mario Jim Hodgins
Marion Barber
Marion Barber (
Marjie Barber
Marjie Barber the
Marjorie Barber
Marjorie Barber & Glenn Fraser Silver Maple Inn
Marjorie Barber (Hardy Plants
Marjorie Barber i
Marjorie Hal-upka Grade 2a—Joan Barber Shirley Voteary
Mark Dunn Ryan Barber.
Mark Kingsbury Mrs Barber reported
Mark Loyer Stephen Meisner Stéphane Villeneuve Marcel Berard Paul Collette Jr. John Peck Jim Young
Marlyn Sullivan Visiting Jim Sullivan
Martha Barber
Martha Barber $
Martha Barber.
Martin- Barber
Marty Brownlee Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Shone Peck Mike Guotto Von Foubert Sylvoki Dams Cary Zadoroz
Mary "Jim*”
Mary Ann Mucha Gwen Barber
Mary Barber
Mary Barber Miss Hazel Naudett
Mary Barber Montague
Mary Barber Weds Irvin
Mary Barber who Neil
Mary Barber ___
Mary Barber-McCagg
Mary Barber-Montague
Mary Barber.
Mary E. Barber
Mary Margaret Lola Barber
Mary Mount Jim Armstrong
Matt MacDougall Barber
Maur BtirANKAi Iniirnaiiosai In» Margie Barber
Maurice White Erik Barber, Ryan Smith
May Barber
Maye Barber
Mayor Barber
Mayor Barber and
Mayor Barber and Cm
Mayor Barber and Cra
Mayor Barber and Cra Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs
Mayor Barber and Crs C Lm* Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy. Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs L Roy
Mayor Barber and Os C Roy
Mayor Barber and Os Findlay
Mayor Barber opposed
Mayor Barber Resources
Mayor Barber.
Mayor Councillor Boyd Barber Albert Armstrong
Mayor Mel- Jim
Mayors Barber
McKAY’S Barber Shop
Me Mrs. Jim Warren
MeLellan L W T Barber 2
Men-Jim Tanner Jr
Merle Barber
Merle Barber 2
Merle Barber Secondary School Staffs
Merle Barber.
Merry Reardon Reverend Jim Stevenson
Meryl Barber and Mona Armstrong
Messrs Barber
Messrs Boyd Barber
Messrs Bruce Barber
Messrs Deimer Barber and Clarence Roy
Messrs Delmer Barber
Messrs Hollis Barber
Messrs Jim
Messrs Jim Anderson
Messrs Wallace Barber
Messrs. Barber
Messrs. E J Barber
Messrs. E J Barber anl
Metrocolor P Also Jim Brown Rod Taylor
Mette Barber
Mias Nina Barber.
Michael Murphy Ken Alexander Ralph McCoigon Blake Crozier Mike Thibeau Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Jason
Mike Hodgins Jim Darragh Sam Robinson Eric Lachapelle
Mike Hodgins Jim Desahrais
Miles Barber
Miles Barber 19
Miles Barber 91-92
Miles Barber and Bruce Lewis
Miles Barber.
Miller Relay THREE-LEGGED RACES— Junior M Lois Barber and Vaughn Harris
Minnie Barber
Minnie Barber 2. 3
Minor Chevrier Jerry Barber
Miss Robin Jo Barber and Wayne Edward Seymour
Moore James (Jim) Moore James Moore
Mor- Barber
Motion Q Barber
Motion Q. Barber
Motion Q. Barber to
Moved Dy Boyd Barber Dale Road
Moved E J Barber
Mr Barber
Mr Barber.
Mr Jim Armstrong
Mr, Barber
Mr, Graham Spence’s Barber Shop
Mr- James L%1|ra Barber ; Managers
Mr. Barber
Mr. Barber is
Mr. Barber respoiui
Mr. Barber''s
Mr. Boyd Barber
Mr. Gordon Carol Mel- Mrs. Jim Johnston
Mr. Jim Maker
Mr. Jim Richardson
Mr. Jim Wallace
Mr. John H. Barber
Mr. Leslie Barber
Mr. Murphy Barber
Mr. Murphy Barber.
Mrs, Willie Lang Jim Graham
Mrs- Jim Sttwart M. George L. Corrigan
Mrs. A. Barber Vancouver
Mrs. Barber
Mrs. Barber .
Mrs. Barber 3<on
Mrs. Barber and Mrs Roy
Mrs. Barber and Mrs. McNeill
Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Meunier
Mrs. Barber and Wedding Anniversary
Mrs. Barber ar.d Diane
Mrs. Barber s
Mrs. Barber!
Mrs. Barber.
Mrs. Bill Barber
Mrs. Bruce Barber—8
Mrs. BUI Barber
Mrs. Clifford Findlay Jim
Mrs. D Barber.
Mrs. Delmer Barber and Mr. Clarence Roy
Mrs. F C Barber
Mrs. Frank Jim Cornell
Mrs. Glen Barber and Mr.and Mrs. Herb Palmer
Mrs. Han Jim ID
Mrs. I^awrcnce Barber on
Mrs. James E. Barber
Mrs. James E. Barber announce
Mrs. Jim
Mrs. Jim Armstrong
Mrs. Jim Baker
Mrs. Jim Campbell
Mrs. Jim Connelly
Mrs. Jim Daley
Mrs. Jim David
Mrs. Jim Dunbar Forester’s Falls
Mrs. Jim Forgie
Mrs. Jim Hodgins
Mrs. Jim Little
Mrs. Jim McMillan
Mrs. Jim Peaker
Mrs. Jim Richardson
Mrs. Jim Stanley
Mrs. Jim Stephens
Mrs. Jim Stewart
Mrs. Jim Telford
Mrs. Jim Towne
Mrs. Jim Tracey
Mrs. Jim Tracy
Mrs. Jim Wick-1
Mrs. Jim Young
Mrs. K J. Barber
Mrs. Leslie Barber
Mrs. Lola Mary Marget Barber
Mrs. Mollis Barber
Mrs. Robbie Robi-and Jim
Mrs. W T Barber 3 Mant
Mrs. Wallace Barber
Mrs. Willie T. Barber
MSes Barber
Mtu Barber
Munici- Barber Normandeau-
Mvrtle Barber and Nettie
Myles Barber
Myles Barber and John Atkinson
Myles Richardson Jim Ilodgins Robert McCord Doctors
Myrtle Barber
Myrtle Barber and Maye Davies
Myrtle Barber P.D.D.P. Convenor
Myrtle Barber — LSNG
M„ Jim Videtto
Nancy Barber
Nancy Barber and Valerie Clark
Nancy Barber Doom
Nancy Barber-Keaman
Nancy Barber-Kearnan
Nancy Barber.
Nbm Barber «^d
Nee Barber)
Nina Barber
Nina Barber and Wyman Harris
Nina Barber and Wyman Harris They
Nina Barber •
Nina Barber.
Nine Barber
Noble Grand James Barber
Noble Grand Myrtle Barber
Noon Shawville Square Dancers Joey Vaillancourt Renfrew County Fiddlers Jim Hodgins
Norma Hodgins Obituary - Lawrence Simon Barber Hodgins -
Nova Barber and
O Barber
O Barber Farm Equipment Lafleur
Oall Barber
Oefiner Barber 647-5547.
Of-Rob Barber ___________
Ofli Barber
Olga Hollis Barber
Onslow Barber
Ont Jim
Ontario Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan
Ontario Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan
Ontario Greg MacKenzie Jim Brennan Nous
Ontario J Greg MacKenzie Jim Brennan
Ontario Jim Brennan
Ontario Jim Brennan Nous
Ontario Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie
Ors Barber
Os Barber
Os Barber and Brownlee
Owen Barber
Owen Barber.
Owen Barber; Darken Murray
Owen-neth Barber
Owenneth Barber
Owenyth Barber
Owner Jim Coffey Esprit Rafting
P A R A D O X Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie Security
Palmer W J. Barber 1
Pat Jim Whe-these
Pat s Photo Vacuum Packed Bill s Barber Shop Shield Winners
Pat Schoular Jim
Patty Wallace Barber’s
Paul 10.00 Jim Chant
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Alain Bertrand Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner John Peck Jim Young
Paul Collette Jr. Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Stephen Meisner John Peck Jim Young Marcel Bérard
Paul Favereau............ Anthony Barber........... Joe
Paul Favereau............. Anthony Barber............ Jos
Paul INSURANCE Mrs. Gordon Barber
Paul Komm...... SHAWVILLE - Mr. Jim Hodgins
Paul Mar-| Mrs. Jim Hodgins
Paula (Barber)
Paula Barber
Paula Barber (Herald
Paula Barber 647-3635.
Paula Barber-larms
Paula Barber.
Per Barber/Dickson
Per Brand/Zavitski Ren Barber/Dickson
Percy Barber
Percy Barber.
Perry Jim
Pete Barber
Pete Barber)
Peter Barber (
Peter Councillor Jim Hodgins
Petro Pontiac 819-647-2025 Jerry Barber.
Phil Law Jim Randall
Phone Jim 819-648-5892
Pita Barber
Pizza Fraser s Clothing Shawville Milling Mickey McGuire Just-In-Time Truck Stop Jim McConnell CBL
Place Nathan Laçasse Ampnor Ryan Barber Pontiac Goalies Leonan^Penon Pontiac GreenhanvSeocaspaig CP
Pock Marion Brad Harris Ryan Barber op" Wade McCambley Ken Proulx Josh McConnell James Solly Troy
Pontiacs Ryan Barber
Port—First-class Barber
Powers Automotive WA Hodgms Ltd Shawville Foods Berries Barber Shop
Presideht Jerry Barber
Proprietor William T. Sutherland Auctioneer Jim Dick Monday
Qrs Barber
Qs Barber
Quebec Barber
Quebec Greg MacKenzie Jim Brennan
QuvImm Jim
Quyon Jim
R A D O X Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan R
R A D O X Jim Brennan
R A D O X Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie A
Rachel Barber
Ralph McCdgon-lon Barber) 6
Ramsay Barber
Randy Barber
Rata Barber 8763* Church
Ray Simon Barber
Rebecca Barber
Referee Jim MacGregor
Regal Jim Tourist Camp
Relays—Gwen Barber
Ren Barber.
Renfrew Jim Mem
Reserve-Erik Barber
Reta Barber
Reta Barber and Genevieve Chabot
Reta Barber Bradley
Reta Barber but
Reta Barber on
Reta Barber, Margaret E. Wall
Reta Barber.
Rev Jim Payton
Rev Jim Peyton Church Office
Rev Jim Ste-
Rev Jim Stevenson
Rev. Jim Gill
Rev. Jim Payton
Rev. Jim Tysick
Rhys Barber
Richard Wills Jim Prophet
Rick Atkinson Barber
Rita Barber
Rita Barber - Refugee Law Protests
Rita Barber and Barry Draper
Rita Barber and Blanche Hod Krose
Rita Barber at
Rita Barber Garlough
Rita Barber s
Rita Barber Skip
Rita Barber,
Rita Barber, Gwen Hayes
Rita Barber, Jean Burnet
Rita Barber, Marion LaFrance
Rita Barber, Multicultu- Ross
Rita Barber.
Rita Carson Barber Garlough
Road Foreman 8. Barber
Rob Barber
Robert Barber
Robert Dick 613-649-2252_________ WALLY BARBER RCL Branch
Robert Griffin Owner Jim Dick November
Robert Ladouceur Delmer Barber
Robert Laird Mrs. Jim Kane Sr.
Robert McCord 647-2825 Jim Hodgins
Robert McCord 647-2825 Jim Hodgins Vous
Ron Barber
Ron Draper Jim Hodgins
Ronnie Barber
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Jeffrey Barber Student Council Pr
Rota Barber
Rota Barber as
Roy Barber
Roy Barber (Helen
Roy Bretzlaff Jim Hospital
Russell, Jr Champion Dairy Jim Russell
Ruth Barber (Ed
Ruth Barber and Edgar
Ruth Barber, Nancy Tracy
Ruth Barber.
Ryan Bar- Ryan Barber
Ryan Barber
Ryan Barber Sales
Ryan Barber (Andrew Boyle
Ryan Barber (Andrew Woren
Ryan Barber (Ken Lallcur
Ryan Barber -
Ryan Barber 18
Ryan Barber 35-10
Ryan Barber 51.43 sec.
Ryan Barber and
Ryan Barber and Alexander Friday
Ryan Barber and Barber
Ryan Barber and Beck
Ryan Barber and Brad Greer
Ryan Barber and Chris Barber .
Ryan Barber and Derek
Ryan Barber and Ed Rusenstrom
Ryan Barber and Edward
Ryan Barber and Erik .
Ryan Barber and Gil Lens
Ryan Barber and John Tuesday
Ryan Barber and Katie Bent
Ryan Barber and Marion
Ryan Barber and Mark Lang
Ryan Barber and Matt MacDougall
Ryan Barber and Mike McPherson
Ryan Barber and Minor Hockey
Ryan Barber and Richard Tracy
Ryan Barber and Ryan Wood
Ryan Barber and Smith
Ryan Barber and Sylvain
Ryan Barber April Bretzlaff Laurie Bretzlaff Kaara Brown Cory Brownlee Lana Cowley Melissa Cummings
Ryan Barber as- October
Ryan Barber Buyer Pontiac Fish
Ryan Barber Dave Moore Sports Verses
Ryan Barber Derek Corre
Ryan Barber J.R. Well Drilling Bob Dick Thank You H I. Hobbs
Ryan Barber Jeff Russe# S^eve Lafleur Rob Smith Steve Beck Josh McConnel Troy Coté Kris Lapierre Ed
Ryan Barber Krisstessa Electronics Patrick Younge Jeff Hannaberry David Coles Willy Armitage Scott
Ryan Barber Me Bane
Ryan Barber on
Ryan Barber Panthers
Ryan Barber Pontiac Pee Wees
Ryan Barber s
Ryan Barber Sales: Jerry Barber Cell
Ryan Barber Sales: Jerry Barber Cell:
Ryan Barber Shawville
Ryan Barber Sunday
Ryan Barber Wing Posi-
Ryan Barber) 3 Shawville
Ryan Barber.
Ryan Barber’s
S. Barber.
Saint- Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Sandra Jim
Sandra Mur- Barber
Sandra Rutledge-Barber Sandra Rutledge-Barber
Sandy Scott 458-2212 Shawville United Rev Jim Payton Church Office
Saturday Barber
Scott Brady Mur Jim Davis No Andy Devine
Scout Master Boyd Barber.
Scouting Jim
Sem Barber
Service P R A D O X Greg MacKenzie Jim Brennan
Sewage Frontage Mr. Lawrence Barber
Sewing—Mis W T Barber 1
Sharon Barber
Sharon Barber and Ken Relsher
Shawvillc’s Ryan Barber Coulonge
Shawville Clr Boyd Barber
Shawville Councillor Boyd Barber
Shawvllle Jim Graham Quvon
Sheila Barber
Shelley Jim
Shen Barber.
Sherry Barber
Sherry Barber and Leanne Smart
Sherry Barber Myrna McCal-lum
Sherry Barber photo
Sherry Barber with Christine Brain
Shirley Barber
Shirley Barber - Basket
Shirley Barber and
Shirley Barber ment
Shirley Barber read
Shirley Barber sang Whither Thou Goest
Shirley Barber.
Shone Peck Jomle Richardson Ken Alexander Steven Alexander Jeff Ireland Ian Barber Wade McCambley I
Si Barber
Silver Fern Jim
Simon Andrew Bruce Barber
Simon Barber
Simon Barber *
Simon Barber 2
Simon Barber 2.
Simon Barber 2. Sow
Simon Barber 2. Yorkshire
Simon Barber 818.55
Simon Barber and Mr. Eddie Barber
Simon Barber Darwin Elliott
Simon Barber for
Simon Barber H. C. Row
Simon Barber pissed vince—Hayes Block Centre St
Simon Barber rec.
Simon Barber sec.
Simon Barber to
Simon Barber''s
Simon Barber.
Simon Barber.......................
Simon Barber.—
Simon Harold Barber Le
Smith Metcalfe—Barber
Son-in-law Jim
Sovereign Rag- Delmer Barber
St Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins
St Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Stan Callaghan Jim Thompson Bristol QFA
Stanton Frank Murdock Jim Coyle Ben Kingsbury
Steele Jim
Stephanie Hamilton Barber
Stephen * Barber Shop
Stephen''s Barber Shop Main St.
Steve Beck Iroy Coté Ryan Barber jeft Rueel
Steve Rusenstrom Erik Barber
Steven Barber
Stewart........ G Bourke ........ Jim Stewart
Stor Barber
Sue Barber
Sunny Jim
SupOes Barber Farm Eqvp
Susan Barber
Susan Barber, Desmond Hod
Susan Richard- Walter Anderson Gail Barber
Susie Barber
Sydnee Michelle Carson Noah André Belanger Alexandra Noelle Kluke Jim
Sylvia Hod- Barber
Sylvia Hod-Jim Ayearst
Systems Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie .................Phillip Holmes
Systems Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie LOCAL
T Barber
T Barber 2
T Barber 3
T Barber.
T. Barber
T. Barber.
Tatted—W T Barber,
Terry Jim Armstrong
Terry Martineau,Bruce Mohr,Jim
Th<e Barber
Thomas Barber
Tim Barber; Best Hereford Steer Top Aggregate Clarendon Kelly McConnell
Tim Thompson 1 Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Andrew Boyle Andrew Warren Brad Kohlsrmth Michael Laska Totals
Tim- Jim Martin
Timmins Jim
Todd Barber
Todd Barber 9th
Todd Barber and Paul Bourgeau
Todd Barber and Paul Nugent
Todd Barber Shawville
Todd Barber.
Tom Jim Murdock
Tony & Jim Schwartz Clarence
Top Boy Erik Barber
Top Ryan Barber
Town Councillor Boyd Barber
Trent Reynolds John Peck Jim Barry Dave Rich Brian Moore Dan Remigio Kevin
Tricia Smith Jerry Barber
Trudeau Jim Young Clayton
Tur- W T. Barber.
Turnip Swede—W T Barber 2 D.uml
Tyler Ryan Barber.
Until Barber
Uoo.en Mittens Mrs J E Barber 1
Urbic Jim Daley
V / Jim Young
V Greg MacKenzie Jim Brennan
V* Barber
Val Henderson Nora Findlay - Henderson’s Store Kelly Wilkinson Frisby Tire - Jim McConnell Giant Ti
Van Cleef Jim Brown
Vince s Barber Shop
Vince s Barber Shop :00
Vince s Barber Shop Main Street
Vince s Barber Shop Pontiac Home Bakery Pontiac Dairy Fleury Texaco Pigeon
Vincent Barber Shop
Vincent Dumouchel Barber Shop
Vinces Barber Shop Shawville Readers
Vm Barber
VV.T. Barber
W Barber
W Barber. Five
W T Barber
W T Barber .*$
W T Barber 1
W T Barber 1 Plain
W T Barber 2
W T Barber 2. Breedimi
W T Barber 2. Handkerchief
W T Barber 2. Sofa
W T Barber 3. Centrepiece
W T Barber 3. Knitted
W T Barber Baby’s
W T Barber d G.
W T Barber Dowell L
W T Barber Star
W T Barber The Tailors
W T Barber,
W T Barber.
W T Barber. 2 O Cuihbertson
W —W T Barber 1
W- Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan
W.E. Barber.
Waliv Barber 647-
Wallace Barber
Wallace Barber -
Wallace Barber - September 27,1917 Armstrong
Wallace Barber -farmer
Wallace Barber 10
Wallace Barber 175062BJ26
Wallace Barber 19th
Wallace Barber 273
Wallace Barber 2BN9
Wallace Barber 647-3635
Wallace Barber 647-3635 ,1 COUCH
Wallace Barber 647-3635 9479X07
Wallace Barber 647-3635 A OTTER
Wallace Barber 647-3635 chic
Wallace Barber 647-3635 FOR
Wallace Barber 647-3635 POINTER PUPS
Wallace Barber 647-3635 Rather
Wallace Barber 647-3635 WESTERN
Wallace Barber 647-3635.
Wallace Barber 647-3636.
Wallace Barber 6473635
Wallace Barber 82013
Wallace Barber and
Wallace Barber and Brian Kilgour
Wallace Barber and Chris Judd
Wallace Barber and Maurice Cayer
Wallace Barber and Thoburn Caldwell
Wallace Barber as
Wallace Barber at
Wallace Barber B2013 FULL
Wallace Barber china
Wallace Barber d
Wallace Barber Farm Equipment Jamieson Farm Equipment Cecil Elliott Farm Equipment Century Milling
Wallace Barber I DES
Wallace Barber Ihon H#ft
Wallace Barber namedCletus Femgan
Wallace Barber OM2 Residential
Wallace Barber Pentecostal Assemblies Father Stefan Soltyszewki
Wallace Barber phone
Wallace Barber Phone 647-3635
Wallace Barber replaces Jack Warder
Wallace Barber second
Wallace Barber SERVICES
Wallace Barber Social
Wallace Barber was ChaAr- Mattson Shade
Wallace Barber Willard Bretzlaff Wayne Chamberlain Claire Dagg Benson Elliott Walter Harris Teddy H
Wallace Barber X| Pentecostal
Wallace Barber)
Wallace Barber, Grant Caldwell
Wallace Barber- John Deere
Wallace Barber.
Wallace Barber; 1st
Wallace Barber; 2nd
Wallace Barber; Mr.
Wallace D Barber
Wallace Half Mile Road Race—Reuben Barber
Walla» Barber
Wally Barber
Wally Barber 2
Wally Barber 2478 5211
Wally Barber 647-3635
Wally Barber 647-3635 45711B01
Wally Barber 647-3635 HUNTING
Wally Barber 647-3635 To
Wally Barber 647-5718
Wally Barber 647-5718 Photos
Wally Barber 647-5718.
Wally Barber 647^140imme<,iAteiy
Wally Barber and Margaret
Wally Barber Pontiac Agricultural Society
Wally Barber s Farm Equipment
Wally Barber)
Wally Barber.
Walter Kil-i Jim Clarke
Wanda Palmer Chairman Jerry Barber
WaUace Barber
Wayne Barber
Webb Miss Amy Barber Mrs. Frank Ford Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Wendal Alexan-Barber
Wendy 647-2011 JIM’S PICKS Sat.
Wesley United Quyon Unled Baptist Shawvlte United Rev Jim Payton Church Otice
Whereas Ann Murray Barber
Wilbur Horner Sr. Cpl Bill Barber
Will Rogers Jr Big Jim McLain
Willard Smith David Lester Jim Carmichael Gardner
William Armitage Tom Orr Cartage Construction Erik Barber t
William Barber
William Barber and
William Barber and Brian Lloyd Kilgour
William Barber)
William Barber.
William Barber’s
William Clinton Barber
William Clinton L Barber
William T Barber and Abigail Wilson
William T Barber and Lola
William T. Barber
William T. Barber.
William T. Barber.)
William T. Sutherland Auctioneer Jim Dick
William T. Sutherland Auctioneer Jim Dick AYLMER EAST
William T. Sutherland Auctioneer Jim Dick W 1
William T. Sutherland Grocery Auctioneer Jim Dick
William Thomas Barber
William Thomas Barber Amta
Willie Barber
Willie I. Barber 0
Willie Jim
Willie T Barber
Willie T. Barber
Willie T. Barber Elliott
Wilmer Barber
Wilmer Barber 647-3494 51303
Wilmer Barber ami Allan Dean
Wilmer Barber.
Wilson Barber
Wilson- Jim McIntyre
Win Roberts Norman Hobbs K J Barber Earl Hod
Wllmer Barber.
Wm Barber
Wm Barber 3. Bui C*lf—H Young
Wm T Barber 2
Wm T Barber 3. Knitted
Wm T Barber was
Wo!lc„w Barber
Won Barber
Won Herb Grey Wallace Barber 10
WT Barber 3. Kgga.frsah.Derdoses
Young Jim Thomson
Young Uncle Jim’s
Yvette Mimieux Jim Brown
YVilmer Barber
Barber County
Barber Lake
Barber’s Creek
Bob Calves l BARBER Good
Boyd Barber
Boyd Barber l
Ca Jim
Councillor Barber
Fort Barber
Grove Creek Jim
Jim Brennan
Jim Fulton.
Jim Lake
Jim McLean
Jim s au- l
Jim Shea
Jim’s Lake
Jim’s Lake Arlene
Jim’s Lake Barbara
Jim’s Lake Road
l 00 l Dry BARBER
Lac Jim
Lake Jim
Nova Barber
Susie Barber l
T Barber l.
Tel Jim
*17,500 Public Works Hydro Quebec Project BARBER EQUIPMENT
647-5591 Randy Pitt 647-5462 Terry Ramsay Jimmie & Myrtle Barber SUN.
777-2731 CHEV OLDS CADILLAC Liée Jim Durrell
Adult Entertainment FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Jim Blown
Advisor Jim
Agriculture Barber
Allan Sparling’s Barber Shop
Allan Sparling’s Barber Shop for Permanents
American Sterilizer Com-Jim Brennan
ANDRE FORTIN Arpenteur Géomètre Lend Surveyor A JIM MCDONALD free Water Analysis
Anglican Barber
Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim
Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collms
Atkinson Hands Pitt John Beimen Boyd Barber* H
Baptist Shawville United Rev Jim Payton Church Office
Baptist Cx Shawville Unted Rev Jim Payton Church Office 647-2764 For Information
Baptist ShawvHle United Rev Jim Payton Church Office 647-2764 Chapeau Rev Fr Hamngton
Baptist Shawville United Rev Jim toiyton Church Office 647-2764 Chapeau Hev Fr Harrington
Barber 4th Line
Barber & Sons
Barber & Sons DRY COW Dalton Hodgins Edwin Plrle
Barber & Sons; Edwin Pirie
Barber & Sons; J A. Kilgour & Sons; Waiter Kilgour
Barber 647-3403 Residence 647-6307 Business THE
Barber A Sons
Barber A Sons;
Barber Fair Committee
Barber Family Reunion
Barber Family,
Barber Farm
Barber Farm Equip
Barber Farm Equip-
Barber Farm Equipment
Barber Farm Equipment Banner
BARBER Farm Equipment Centre St
BARBER FARM EQUIPMENT Head Operating Room Nurse Laurel Smith
Barber Farm Equipment Hwy
Barber Farm Equipment Kate s Restaurant
Barber Farm Equipment Lafleur
Barber Farm Equipment Reg
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville 647-5768 Loeb Shawville Shawville 647-2293 E & A Carpet Shawville
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville 647-5768 W.A. Hodgins Shawville
Barber Farm Equipment Shawville Milling Shawville Chrysler
BARBER Farm Equipment SINCE
Barber Farm Photos
BARBER Farm Supplies
Barber Farm Supplies WE LL PAY THE TAX
BARBER Hull Electric Company Will
Barber Lot
Barber Metro League
Barber Reunion Committee
Barber School
Barber Scouts Operate Hodgins; Osborne Belsher;
Barber Shop
Barber Shop Shawville Main
Barber Shop A & P Dalfen s Family Fair Sugar Shack Pembroke Camera Shop Kerron Milk Bar Kern
Barber Shop ASP De
Barber Shop Business.
Barber Shop Can Opener Makes Good Needle
Barber Shop Domaine Beauty Shop O BRIEN THEATRES PEMBROKE - RENFREW Lingerie
Barber Shop Farms
Barber Shop Fort Coulonge
Barber Shop Group
Barber Shop Group Holstein Show Horse Draw COMEDY HYPNOTIST MAXWELL 4:00
Barber Shop Group Hot Turkey Dinner Kevin Dooley & Friends
Barber Shop Main SI.
Barber Shop Main St.
Barber Shop Main Street
Barber Shop McCredie s Garage Variety GRAB RACK Dr. Potvin
BARBER SHOP More Tobacco
Barber Shop Mother Nature
Barber Shop Mother Nature’s Natural Foods Shawvllle Shopping Plaza
Barber Shop Occasion Lent Klddlywinks Boutique Denise Associate Accoptonces Co. Ltd.
BARBER SHOP P More Tobacco
Barber Shop Plus
Barber Shop Pontiac Home Bakery Pontiac Dairy Fleury Texaco Pigeon
Barber Shop Pontiac Protestant High School
Barber Shop Powell s Auto Service Co. Ltd.
Barber Shop PowelTs Auto Service
Barber Shop Quartet Sing-
Barber Shop Quartette
Barber Shop Ropened Orillia
Barber Shop ROWAT & ROWAT
Barber Shop Shawville Glen wood Plaza Lucerne
Barber Shop Shawville Main Street
Barber Shop Shawville Readers Phoebe
Barber Shop Shield Winners
Barber Shop si Profassional Cards
Barber Shop Skit
Barber Shop Sunkist Navel Oranges Main Street
Barber Shop They
Barber Shop Trophy
Barber Si Sons
Barber Si Sons;
Barber St Sons
Barber Tire Service Shop We
Barber Verge
Barber- Gordon Stewart
Barber- Parks
Barber’s Service
Base Barber Shop
Bear Jim
Bell Jim Davis
Bell Jim Hudgins
Beverly Barber
Bhawvllle United Rev Jim Payton Church Office 647-2764 FORTIN & LEGAULT CHUGG ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL C
BILL BARBER Gil Cluff Septic Service
BILL BARBER Gil Cluff Septic Service Terry Racine
Board Chairman Jerry Pontiac Protestant High Barber
Body Shop Jim
BRISTOL Margie Barber 647-6307 Business
Bristol - Jim Carmichael
Bristol - Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol Barber Shop
Bristol Busy Bees Barber Fasses Away J I Bristol Busy Bee
Bristol Clarendon Mayor Barber
Bristol Councillor Jim
Bristol Delmer Barber
Bristol Delmer Barber Mayor
Bristol Lawrence Barber
Bristol Mary Ellen Barber
Bristol Mayor Del*ner Barber
Bristol Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol Protestant School Wallace Barber
Bristol Ridge Pentecostal Assembly Pastor Jim Shearer 647-2335 Sun Morning Sunday School
Bristol Ridge Pentecostal Assembly Pastor Jim Shearer 647-2336 Sun Mornmg Sunday School
Bryson Jim Hodgins
Bryson Pepsi Jim New Pre-Owned Storyland K & L Dairy McCauley
Cal Cummings Kevin Stanton Frank Murdock Jim Coyle Ben Kingsbury PUBLIC NOTICE Transport Canada Tr
Cal Jim
Cambrian College Delmer Barber
Cartier Jim
Chairman Jon School Board Jerry Barber
Chamber of Miss Gail Barber
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Auctioneer JIM DICK R R
Chronic Care Facility Jim
Chronicle Barber
CHURCH SERVI® Barber Shop Ropened Get
Citizen’s Committee Jim & Mary Regan Ronald & Martha Ross Harvey
Contact Ian Barber
Council Clr Barber
COUNCIL Motion Crs Barber
Diamond Jim Caesar Romero McCANN & SONS
DIED Barber Shop Opened
Donna & Family Jim
DOORS Ag Engineer Jim Cooper
DRESSING NOW HONE AT Elit & Barber’s Mill
Driver’s Education Program May Also Apply JULY BARBER FARM EQUIPMENT Hwy
Ford Service GRAHAM SPENCE BARBER Shell Sealed Cas & Oils Dr.
Forest Jim Hotel
Francoeur Barber Shop
Froats & Sons Ltd. Jim Renfrew
Gall Barber ;
Gall Barber and
GENERAL TRUCKING Wallace Barber Social
Glass JIM
Highest School Board Chairman Jerry Barber
Hilton Mines Fletchers Barber Shop 8-
HOCKEY Erik Barber
HORIZONTAL LIEUTENANT Jim Hutton Paula Prentice Color — Service Comedy Shawville
IGA Barbeque E. & A. Cantine Barber Farm Equipment Telford
IH Farm Equipment Wallace Barber Farm Equipment Jamieson Farm Equipment Cecil Elliott Farm Equipmen
Japan Centre Barber Slop CREAM WANTED
Jim Addition Mansfield
Jim and
Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie Security & Fire Alarm Systems Suite
Jim Council
Jim De Hospital
Jim Enterprises Maisons TRIVICO Homes Aylmer
Jim Fair
Jim Farm Km
JIM H N ¦ Aluminum
Jim Lowe
Jim Meek Ministry of Culture Jim & Correen Muldoon Onslow Farms
Jim Mrs AM
JÎM Page Twelve Needs Change
Jim Power
Jim Presbyterian Bristol Memorial
JIM Rank ML Ottawa 1
Jim Reece Equity Reporter 14th Annual Quyon & District Golf Tournament Saturday
Jim Rose
JIM S PICKS Shawville
Jim Thomson Defense
Jim Watson
Jim Witter
Jim’s Auto Service
Jim„ Methodist Church
JT Delmer Barber
Jungle Jim Coleman K
Junior Gold Medalist Erik Barber
Junior Teens Todd Barber
l S & JTREE REMOVAL Experienced Tree Removal & Trimming Free Estimates Fully Insured Call Jim Home
Labor Jim Flaherty
Lac Barber
Lac Jim
Lac Jim Mansfield-et-Pontefract Dossier
Lac Jim Webber
Lac-Jim Mansfield Pontefract MLS
Ladysmith Hotel Bean s Service Station Jim’s Auto Glass
Ladysmith Hotel Bean’s Service Station Jim’s Auto Glass
Ladysmith Hotel Jim’s Auto Glass
Ladysmith Sports Club Jim
Lion Jerry Barber
Lion Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Li
Litchfield Council BARBER
Logs End Inc Jim Hodgms Greg Hayes Steve McCord Shawville - Royal Bank Bristol, Shawville
Ltd Margie Barber 647-3403 Residence 647-6307 Business THE
Lumber Co H G Rowat Dorte Barber G S Eades J L Hodgins Garage Pontiac Farm Equipment
Machine Shop Barber Shop & Pool Bow» Phone
Master Boyd Barber
Master Jim Crawford
Master Jim Devereux
Master Jim Fletcher
Master Jim Wylie
Matinee Saturday Morning Jim Am
McKAY’S Barber Shop
Microscope Scientific Barber
Mine V Barber Wins
Miss Merle Barber Secondary School
Motion Barber-Bean That
Motion Barber—I*
Motion C rs Barber
Motion Cis Barber
Motion Cr Barber
Motion Cre Barber
Motion Crs Barber
Motion Crs Gilpin Barber
Motion Gs Barber
Motion Mrs. Barber
Motion Os Barber
Motion— Horner-Barber
Motive Power Technician • Office AdmesstraborT Barber
Mr Jim Methodist Church Hwy
Mr Ronnie Barber
Mr. Jim School
MRC Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins Bristol Mines & Thoms Lake Rev Fr Peter
Mrs Beta Barber
Mrs. Gordon Barber
Mrs. Jim Perry.
Mrs. Jim Pitt
Mrs. Jim Telford
NEARLY A NASTY ACCIDENT Jim Edwards Shirley Eaton Air Service Comedy Jacques Gélinas
NIGHT - Special Flyers ’RADIO EQUIPPED TRUCKSm Marty Brownlee Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Shone Peck M
Office Installation & Service l Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan Security & Fire Alarm Systems Saturday
Office Installation & Service P A R A D O X Security & Fire Alarm Systems Jim Brennan Greg Mackenz
Office Installation & Service PARADOX Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan Security & Fire Alarm Systems LOCA
Office Installation & Service PARADOX Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie Security & Fire Alarm Systems
Ottawa Valley Power Barber
Patriots scored Sports Shawville BARBER
Perry Jim
Personal Income Tax Preparation Farm Year-End Financial Statement GST - QST Reports Paula Barber-Ha
Pontiac Agricultu- Barber
Pontiac Community Carnaval Lac Jim
Pontiac Community Hospital, Inc "-DAIS JIM CHANT
Pontiac Community Jim Stevenson
Pontiac Glass Murray Graham Auctioneering Le Veteran Gaz Bar Barber
Pontiac Ian Barber
Pontiac Jim Durrell
Pontiac Jim’s Used Auto
Pontiac League Hockey Schedule Jim
Pontiac Masonic Lodge Jim
Pontiac Pacific Jim
Pontiac School Board Barber
PPHS Student Council Sherry Barber
Prayer Service Wallace Barber
Prayer Shawville Unted Rev Jim Peyton Church Office 647-27* Rhv Fr Harrington
Preparation Farm Year-End Financial Statement GST - QST Reports Paula Barber-Hamilton
Professional Hoof Trimming JIM NESS
PUBLISHER Louise Eleanor Barber
Quebec Ministry of Delmer Barber
Quebec National Library Sunday School Christmas Concert Mrs Eleanor Barber
Quebec School Board Chairman Jerry Barber
Quyon Business & Citizens Committee BARBER BERNIE’S
Ranger Barber Shop
Regional Committees Jerry Barber
RON PICKERING Equity Reporter Jim Coyle
Rookie Jim Carmichael
Royal Bank of Shawville Barber Family Reunion Committee Powell s Auto Service A Thanks
RSVG Mrs. Dors Barber PNG; LSVG Mrs. Lulu Sparling PNG Mrs. Stella Hoogins PNG; Outside Guardian
Ryan Barber
Ryan Barber Buyer Pontiac Fish and
Ryan Barber Dave Moore Sports Verses the Packers Sports Shawville
Ryan Barber Pontiac Pee Wees
Ryan Barber; Best Heavy Will Armitagc; Grand Closs; Top Aggregate Memorial
S & J TREE REMOVAL L# Experienced Tree Removal & Trimming Free Estimates Fully Insured Call Jim
S & J TREE REMOVAL Experienced Tree Removal & Trimming Free Estimates Fully Insured Call Jim Home
S & JTREE REMOVAL Experienced Tree Removal & Trimming Free Estimates Fully Insured Call Jim Home
Same-Day Service Insurance Specialists JIM’S AUTO GLASS
Saskatchewan Centre Barber Shop
School Waltham Waltham—Jim’s Lake Forbes Depot
School Wear r<z Centre Barber Shop You
Security & Fire Alarm Systems Jim Brennan Greg Mackenzie LOCAL SEPTIC SERVICE INSPECTOR - APPRAISER
Service Sunday School Rev Jim Payton Church OBce 647-2764 Rev Fr Hamngton
Service Sunday School Rev Jim Payton Church Ofoce 647-2764 Rev Ft Hamngton
Service Sunday School Rev Jim Payton Church OWce
Shawville Club Under Bernie’s Barber Shop
Shawville United Rev Jim Payton Church Office
Shawville United Rev Jim Payton Church Office 647-2764 Baptist Otter Lake For Information
Shawville United Rev Jim Paytor Church Office 647-2764 Chapeau Rev Fr Harrington
Shoe Shop Steve Hodglns Barber Farm Equip
Shoe Store JJew Barber St|op
SHUR GAIN Margie Barber 647-6307 Business 647-3403 Residence
SI Ford Service GRAHAM SPENCE BARBER Shell Sealed
Society Arena Councillor Barber
Society Jim Ritchie
St Barber
St Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins Bristol Mines & Thorne Lake Rev Fr Pet
St Pat-Barber Shop.
St. Andrew’s Jim Hodgins Marine & Small Engine Service AUCTION SALE CORRECTION NOTICE Yamaha Electo
St. Paul’s Church ; Miss Isobel Barber
Starks Corners Mr. Jim Macfarlane
Steer Exhibitors Jordan Barber
STONE S & JTREE REMOVAL Experienced Tree Removal & Trimming Free Estimates Fully Insured Call Jim H
Sun K Big Jim McLain «0
Sydnee Michelle Carson Noah André Belanger Alexandra Noelle Kluke Jim
Team Chris Barber
TENDERS Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle
Tenth Line Barber
Three Scouting Sons Each Mr. Jim Annett
Trade Fair BARBER Here
Twins Jim Power
Uncle Jim Rowe
United Rev Jim Payton Church Office
United Rev Jim Payton Church Office 647-2764 7.00
United Rev Jim Payton Church Office 647-2764 7:00
United Rev Jim Payton Church Office 647-2764 Baptist Otter Lake For Information 453-7668 Anglican C
ÜPE Jim Hodgms
VINCES Barber Shop Give
VIP Barber Shop * Valley Office Machines
Wesleyan Church Barber
Western Quebec School Board Chairman Jerry Barber
WOOD DOCTOR Experienced Tree Removal & Trimming Free Estimates Fully Insured Call Jim Home