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Donna Ruth ARDA

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

Al Ruth’
Alan and Donna
Alan and Donna Cockerell
Albert Ruth Woolsey
Alex Ruth Murphy
Alexander Miss Ruth Sharpe
Allison Ruth Also El
Angela Donna Kennedy
Anita Donna Perry
Ann Campbell Ruth Fletcher Lorna MacKechnie
Ann Mc Ruth Cowley
Ann Reine Ruth Girl s
Ann Ruth-
Anna Hilda Ruth Martin
Anna Robinson Ruth Wideman
Annette Gagnon Donna Gagnon
Armstrong Ruth Armstrong and
Arthur Kilgour Miss Ruth Dagg
Association Patterson - Sharpe Wedding Donna Lucille Sharpe
Aunt Ruth
Aunt Ruth Î''
Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth Story WEDNESDAY
Babe Ruth Years
Babe Ruth—he
Babe Ruth’s
Babe” Ruth
Baker Marg- Sheppard Ruth
Barbara Ruth Foster
Barbara Ruth.
Bay Donna
Bay Donna Riebertz
Bay Fort Coulonge Vinton Mim Donna Biescnthul
Bella Donna
Belslicr Ruth
Berta Ruth
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Betty Van Donna Draper
Beverly Ruth Fleugel
Bill Donna Perry
Bill Luxton Ruth Beardsley
Billy Carson June Dale Dora Harris Ruth Hobbs Joan Homer Durrell Smith Carol Stephens Eileen Watson
Billy Ruth Russell
Blossom Donna Kennedy
Bob and Donna
Bob Beaudoin Princess Ruth
Bob Donna
Bob Hope Joan Fontaine Donna Reed
Bob Morrison John Hovelin Janet Dole Donna Dole Cliff Dale Clarence Richardson____ Merlin Richardso
Bob Secretary Ruth Leishman
Brenda Donna
Brenda Trafford Grade V— Donna Hall
Brian & Donna Zim-merling
Brian & Ruth Hahn
Brian and Donna Peck
Bruce Donna
By Ruth I. McKenzie Austin Farm Forum
Cameron Ruth
Candace Ruth
Carol Ann Caron’s Donna Gagnon
Carol Donna Stephens
Casselman Ruth Murdock
Charlie Ruth Cowley
Chris Judd 647-5966 Ruth Strutt
Chris- Donna
Clifford Donna Perry
Correspondent Donna
Dagg Ruth Karen
Dahras Ruth Hodgins
Dale Donna Kennedy
Dale Hiram Davis Dora Harris Elgin Hobbs Ruth Hobbs David Hodgins Irma Howard Donald Johnston Doris
Dame Ruth Horner
Dame Ruth Karen Dagg
Dan Donna Doucette
Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Michelle Th6i Donna Armitage Heather Dickson Ross Dickson
David & Donna Campbell
David Black Donna Roach Manager
David Da Miss Donna
De Luxe Karen Kelly Ruth Strutt
Dear Ruth
Dear Ruth Wyman News By* Eleanor Campbell
Debbie Donna
Debbie Ruth
Deborah Russett Ruth Gordon
Diane Ruth
Doctor Ruth Vanderstelt
Dolan- Ruth
Dolores Ruth Thu
Donald Donna
Donald E. Ruth- His
Donna Lew*
Donna "
Donna (Leonard
Donna 8.
Donna A
Donna Abeam
Donna Ad» DaUv
Donna Agar
Donna Agar MacLellan
Donna Agcr
Donna Ager
Donna Ager Kay
Donna Allanson
Donna Allard
Donna Amni-
Donna And
Donna and Karen
Donna and Karen Hearty
Donna and Margaret Ann McCrank
Donna and Nancy
Donna Ann Hobbs
Donna Ar- da Smith
Donna Ar-and René Boudreault
Donna Armi-tage
Donna Armifage
Donna Armit- Harper Emerson
Donna Armitage
Donna As
Donna Ashley
Donna Association
Donna ATicarn
Donna Atkin-
Donna Auctioneer
Donna Available
Donna Bailey
Donna Baker
Donna Barbe
Donna Barber
Donna Bartman
Donna Bean
Donna Belleou
Donna Berry
Donna Bharpe
Donna Biescnthal RN
Donna Biesenthal
Donna Birthday
Donna Bisenthal
Donna Black
Donna Black Cooper
Donna Blair
Donna Bles
Donna Blesenthal
Donna Board
Donna Bohemier
Donna Boucher
Donna Bouhamier
Donna Box
Donna Bratton
Donna Bright Funeral Home
Donna Brown
Donna Brownlee
Donna Bruce
Donna Bur
Donna Burke
Donna B„ Reg
Donna Ca
Donna Ca- Carol
Donna Cahill
Donna Caldwell
Donna Camobell
Donna Campbell
Donna Card
Donna Carroll
Donna Carv
Donna Cawley
Donna Cawley - Rose
Donna Chapeskie
Donna Charette
Donna Cieland
Donna Clarke
Donna Claus
Donna Cleland
Donna Cocke- Smart
Donna Cockerall
Donna Cockerel
Donna Cockerel Temiscaming-Ottawa
Donna Cockerell
Donna CoiYiveau
Donna Collins
Donna Com
Donna Community
Donna Coni
Donna Cooney
Donna Cooper
Donna Cor
Donna Cor-riveau
Donna Cord
Donna Corn
Donna Correspondent
Donna Corri-
Donna Corrivcan
Donna Corrivcau
Donna Corrivea
Donna Corriveau
Donna Corriveau LADYSMITH
Donna Corrivvau
Donna Cory Sharpe
Donna Coughlan
Donna Courcfiesne
Donna Courchane
Donna Courchcsne
Donna Courchesne
Donna Courchesne Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Donna Courchesnes
Donna Courefiesne
Donna Courehesne
Donna Courschêne
Donna Cousineau
Donna Cowley
Donna Crabbe
Donna Craig
Donna Craig Baby
Donna Craig Drop Cookies
Donna Craig Fruit Loaf
Donna Craig Frys Chocolate Cake Special
Donna Craig Heifer Calf Sr - Donald
Donna Craig Light Fruit Cake - Mrs Stewart
Donna Craig Men
Donna Craig Men s Dress
Donna Craig Méthot
Donna Craig Novelty
Donna Craig Reversible
Donna Craig Teresa JY- Jerseys
Donna Crawford
Donna Currivcati
Donna Cusson
Donna Cuthbensor
Donna Cuthber-tson
Donna Cuthberfson Those
Donna Cuthbert-
Donna Cuthbertson
Donna Cuthbertsort
Donna Cuthhertson Mrs Seldon Langford
Donna Dagenais
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald
Donna Dak
Donna Dale
Donna Dale Emmerson
Donna Daley
Donna Daley Hodgins
Donna Daley JPM To-»,
Donna Daley Mike Cloutier
Donna Daley-Hodgins
Donna Daley’s
Donna Damico
Donna Davis
Donna Day
Donna Denault
Donna Donna MacKechnie
Donna Donnelly
Donna Donnely
Donna Dorion
Donna Doris
Donna Doris Draper
Donna Doris Draper Marries Frederick Provost
Donna Douglas
Donna Draper
Donna Dubeau
Donna Dumouchel
Donna Dunlop
Donna Duquet
Donna Dwyer
Donna Each
Donna Early
Donna Eddy
Donna Elenora
Donna Elenora’s
Donna Elliot
Donna Elliott
Donna Enright
Donna Escander
Donna Express
Donna E||iott
Donna Falleiro
Donna Faye
Donna Faye Sparling
Donna Felskie
Donna Fercken
Donna Ferguson
Donna Fields
Donna Fielo Corn
Donna Filske
Donna Findlay
Donna Fitz-ledge
Donna Fitzsim
Donna Fleming
Donna Fleming HD
Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher-Rush
Donna Foran
Donna Fownes
Donna Frost
Donna Ful-ford
Donna G Horner
Donna Gagnon
Donna Gagnon Corr
Donna Gagnon Renfrew
Donna Gail
Donna Gail Horner
Donna Gail Mac
Donna Gail Mac-Kechnie
Donna Gail MacKechnie
Donna Gale
Donna Gall
Donna Garth Graham
Donna Gauthier
Donna Gayle
Donna Gayle MacDonald Mr.
Donna Glen Thoms
Donna Gloucester
Donna Godin
Donna Gongon
Donna Gourchesne
Donna Grace
Donna Gravelle
Donna Gray
Donna Greer
Donna Gregory
Donna Had
Donna Hall
Donna Hamlyn
Donna Harris
Donna Harris June 9
Donna Hawkins
Donna He
Donna Hear- Kavanagh
Donna Heard
Donna Hearts
Donna Hearts KN
Donna Hearty
Donna Hearty RN
Donna Heartys
Donna Helmut Erfle
Donna Hi
Donna Hickey
Donna Hill
Donna Hod
Donna Hod- Katherine Dumont
Donna Hod-oIns
Donna Hodg- Plumadore
Donna Hodgins
Donna Hodgins Betty Young
Donna Hodgins Cockerall
Donna Hodgins Ken Bronson
Donna Hodgins Roly
Donna Hodgins Saturday
Donna Hodglns
Donna Hodigns Barn
Donna Homer
Donna Hope
Donna Hor Bill
Donna Hor- Velma Holt
Donna Horner
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donna Houty
Donna Huber
Donna Hudgins
Donna Hull
Donna Hummel
Donna Hummel Hel-
Donna Hummell
Donna I
Donna Inverts
Donna Is
Donna Isanor
Donna IVrry
Donna I^aughlin__and
Donna J Hod
Donna J Hodgins
Donna Ja
Donna Jacobs
Donna Jean McCree
Donna Jennings
Donna Jesse Ruppell
Donna Jesus
Donna John Hynes
Donna Johnson
Donna Jones
Donna Joy
Donna Judd
Donna Kane
Donna Kelly
Donna Ken- Mountain
Donna Kenne-and Pierre Mousseau
Donna Kennedy
Donna Keon
Donna Kiki
Donna Kilsley
Donna King
Donna Kirkpatrick
Donna Klenoia
Donna Klenora
Donna Kluke
Donna Komm
Donna Kraft
Donna Kurk
Donna L APn
Donna La
Donna LaBonté
Donna Ladies
Donna Lafieur
Donna Laflcur
Donna Lafleur
Donna Lafleur Brent Belsher
Donna Lafleur Hodgins
Donna LaHeur
Donna Lake
Donna Lalonde
Donna Lamothe
Donna Lampion
Donna Lapieme
Donna Lapierre
Donna Larabie
Donna Larabte
Donna Larruthers
Donna Larue
Donna Lauretta
Donna Lavalee
Donna Lavallee
Donna Lavoie
Donna Lawrence
Donna Laxdale
Donna Le
Donna Le Graham
Donna Leclair
Donna Lee
Donna Lee Bean
Donna Lee Burtch
Donna Lee Graham
Donna Lee Steer
Donna Lepine
Donna Lev-
Donna Leveris
Donna Levesque
Donna Lew- Palmer
Donna Little
Donna Lohnes
Donna Lou
Donna Lou Malr
Donna Louise
Donna Lucille
Donna Lusk
Donna Lyn Robertson
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn Gauthier
Donna Lynn To- Thomas
Donna M J
Donna Ma-heral
Donna Mac
Donna Mac Don
Donna Mac-Kechnie
Donna MacDon
Donna MacDonald
Donna MacDonneil
Donna Macdonnell
Donna MacK-
Donna MacKachnie Lloyd Hodgins Cut
Donna MacKechnie
Donna MacKechnie Debbie Young
Donna MacLel- Eileen
Donna MacLellan
Donna MacLellan Ranger
Donna Maclennan
Donna MacPherson
Donna Mae
Donna Maheral
Donna Mai Donnell
Donna Maika
Donna Mainville
Donna Mar-hey
Donna Marcotte
Donna Marie
Donna Marie Larue
Donna Mark
Donna Marks
Donna Mary
Donna Mary Gorman
Donna Mary Lepine
Donna May
Donna Maye Nugent
Donna Mc-Kechnie
Donna McAlpine Child
Donna McCaffrey
Donna McCal-
Donna McCambley
Donna McCaMum
Donna McFarlane
Donna McGee
Donna McKechnie
Donna McLaughlin
Donna McLean
Donna McLellan
Donna McLelland
Donna McRae
Donna McRea
Donna Meisner
Donna Miller
Donna Miller-Dubeau
Donna Milton Schroeder )
Donna Moon
Donna Moon Show
Donna Moore
Donna Mor-
Donna Morris
Donna Morrison
Donna Morrow
Donna Morrow Provost
Donna Mous
Donna Mousseau
Donna Mousseau Dec.
Donna Mowat
Donna Mr.
Donna Mr. Wesley Nicholson
Donna Mrs
Donna Mrs Elsie Presley
Donna Mrs Lillian Tubman
Donna Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Donna Mulvi
Donna Murphy
Donna N Hodgins
Donna N. Hodgins
Donna Nearly
Donna Nichol
Donna Nixon
Donna North
Donna O Connor
Donna O Connor
Donna Oaig
Donna Oates
Donna Oates Agnes
Donna Oawford
Donna Oct.
Donna Onslow
Donna Ottawa
Donna Our
Donna O’Connor
Donna Panke
Donna Paris
Donna Pariseau
Donna Patricia
Donna Patrick
Donna Pattama
Donna Pe Bust
Donna Peck
Donna PeJW
Donna Pel
Donna Pembroke
Donna Penders
Donna Peny Montreal
Donna Per- Belsher
Donna Periy
Donna Perry
Donna Perry Lachute
Donna Perry St Eustache
Donna Pet/nick
Donna Petti------
Donna Pettigrew
Donna Petznick
Donna Petznlck
Donna Pilon
Donna Poker
Donna Pontiac Printshop
Donna Powell
Donna Presley
Donna Prévost
Donna Principale
Donna Prit- Saundes
Donna Pro
Donna Pro-
Donna Pro- Coughlin
Donna Procontributions
Donna Progirls
Donna Proulx
Donna Provort
Donna Provost
Donna Provost Donna’s
Donna Provost Joey Lou Baker
Donna Provost Mama’s Good Looks
Donna Provost Tina Dagenais
Donna Provots
Donna Qaig
Donna Qrawfced
Donna Quasi
Donna Que
Donna Quealc
Donna Queale
Donna Quebec
Donna Quyon
Donna R Hamilton
Donna R*
Donna Rabton
Donna Ralston
Donna Ralston-Leblanc
Donna Randy
Donna Ranger
Donna Re
Donna Rebertz
Donna Reed
Donna Reed BACKLASH Technlcolour Tab Hunter Natalie Wood
Donna Reed Dana Andrews
Donna Reed Mr.
Donna Reed Show
Donna Reginald Daly
Donna Reibcrtz
Donna Reibertz
Donna Reid
Donna Reid Jan Sterling John Payne Monday
Donna Rennick
Donna Retty
Donna Richard
Donna Richard Sprucing
Donna Richardson
Donna Ridiard
Donna Rie-
Donna Riebertz
Donna Ring
Donna Ringrose
Donna Rm
Donna Roach
Donna Roach Directrice
Donna Robin Zacharias
Donna Rode
Donna Roggte Selling
Donna Rogpe
Donna Romona Hobbs
Donna Rueckwald
Donna Russett
Donna Ruth
Donna Ruth ARDA
Donna Rutherford
Donna S
Donna Sally Sandra Smythe
Donna Sauvé
Donna Savage
Donna Schroeder
Donna Schroeder with Jason
Donna Scott Kilgour
Donna Second Prize
Donna Shad
Donna Shaddick
Donna Sharpe
Donna Shawville
Donna Sheri
Donna Shewville
Donna Sic
Donna Silvers
Donna Skelly
Donna Slew
Donna Smith
Donna Smith Debbie Thrun
Donna Smith Dennis
Donna Smith Young
Donna Smith-Young
Donna Spaling
Donna Sparling
Donna Sparling Laurie Glenn
Donna Spears
Donna Spence
Donna Spencer
Donna Spencer L 1
Donna Splaine
Donna Splalne
Donna Splame
Donna Srvr
Donna St
Donna St Jean
Donna St Martin
Donna St-Aubin
Donna St-Aubin Love Evelyn
Donna Stafford
Donna Stephens
Donna Stevens
Donna Stewart
Donna Stewart Anniversary
Donna Stewart Marcella Dumas
Donna Stewart Reminiscing Beginning
Donna Stewart Trina
Donna Stewart-Patrick
Donna Stuart
Donna Sullivan
Donna Surveillance
Donna Tav
Donna Tcrney
Donna Teresa Lynn Hickey
Donna The
Donna Thibert Anglican Church
Donna Thomas
Donna Thompson
Donna Tie
Donna Tierney
Donna Tlemy
Donna To
Donna Tom Thanks
Donna Tomko
Donna Tovell
Donna Tow- Golden
Donna Towefl
Donna Towel
Donna Towel Midget Boys
Donna Towell
Donna Towel]
Donna Tubman
Donna Vach
Donna Van-
Donna Village
Donna Vinters
Donna Wakeford
Donna Wal- Baptism
Donna Wallace
Donna Ward
Donna Waugh
Donna Wbods
Donna We
Donna Welland
Donna Whe- II
Donna Whelan
Donna Whelen
Donna White
Donna Whiteside
Donna Whitmore
Donna William Kirkpatrick Pte Alton Stark
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line Class
Donna Wilson Ml
Donna Wlielvn
Donna Woito
Donna Woods
Donna Woods Queensline
Donna Woolsey,
Donna Workman
Donna Workman Ac Family Marion Workman 0
Donna Workman Stark
Donna Wrinn
Donna Wrinn Is
Donna Yach
Donna Yech
Donna Young
Donna Young Dites
Donna Young Les
Donna Zachar- Mowing Contest
Donna Zacharias
Donna Zacharlas
Donna Zim
Donna Zimm#
Donna Zimmer-ling
Donna Zimmeriing
Donna Zimmerling
Donna _
Donna _ Provost
Donna-Lee Bean
Donna-Lee Graham
Dor- Ruth Beardsley
Doris Judd Miss Ruth Dods Mr. Nellis Hodgins Mrs.
Doris Ruth
Dorothy Barley Donna
Dorothy Ruth Sharpe
Dorothy Schwartz Ruth Halifax
Doug Donna
Dr. Donna Courchesne
Dr. Donna Courschêne
Dr. Ruth
Dr. Ruth He
Dr. Ruth Vander
Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt
Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt Family
Dr. Ruth Vanderstelt
Dr. Ruth Vender Stelt
Dre Ruth Vander Stelt
Edgar Barber < Ruth
Edgar Barber and Ruth Sheppard
Edward Ruth
Eileen Donna Hodgins
Eileen Ruth Scb
Elizabeth Donna Smith
Eric (Donna
Ernest Ruth-
Essiambre Donna
Eva Andai Hostess Ruth Hobbs
Eva Hodgms Har- Donna
Eva Ruth Balkan
Eva Ruth Balken»
Eva Ruth mer Theresa Stephens
Evangeline Ruth
Farmers Mis* Ruth Stanley
Frances Ruth
Frances Ruth McKenzie
Francis Donna Reed
Frank Ruth Watson
Fred Miss Ruth Draper
Gail Horner Donna Jean Horner
Games Ruth Smiley Hahn
Garry Bronson Donna Draper Okie Gordon Bruce McKav Goldie Mohr Marjorie Mohr Overton Lynn C. Standi
Gary Cooper Ruth Roman Mrs
George Bretzlaff Mrs. Ruth Bretzlaff
George Donna
George Donna Elizabeth
George Herman Ruth
George Ruth
Gerald Dagg Donna Preasked
Gertrude Ruth Ziani de Ferranti
Gladys Ruth
Glen Daughters Donna and Hayes
Glen Donna Armitage
Guy and Karen Ruth
Hale Donna Reed Linda Damcll MON.
Hally Ruth Bidden# St Lambert
Hannah Ruth Letts
Hannah Ruth Loken
Harold Donna
Harrington Ruth Murdock
Harry Dale Ruth Strutt
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Heather Donna
Heather Donna Dagenais
Heather Donna Stewart’s
Helen McCauley Donna
Helen Stark Donna Hummel
Herbj6| Donna
Herman Ruth
Holland Ruth Holland
Insfi-Miss Ruth Horner
Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin Dragon Fly
Jackie Donna Bratton
James Hodgins Donna Hodgins
Jane Ruth
Janet Donna Stephens
Janet Reilley Ruth Fuller
Janet Ruth
Janice Ruth
Janice Ruth.
Jason 10-12 Donna Gauthier
Jay Weil- Donna
Jean Wallace Donna Zimmerling
Jean and Donna
Jean and Ruth
Jeff and Ruth Hudgins
Jeff Donna Pet/nick
Jennetta Ruth Curry
Jenni-were Ruth Sharpe
Jerry Lewis Donna Bufferworfh Shiwville
Jerry Lewis Donna Butterworth
Jerry Schwartz Ruth Hahn
Jimmy Ruth Belsher
Joan Donna Gagnon
Joan Ruth
Joan Ruth Smart
Joan Stark Ruth Westbrook
Joe Ruth
John and Ruth ?née
John and Ruth Beardsley
John and Ruth Murdock Spotswood
John and Ruth Murdock What
John Armstrong Joan Chamberlain Ruth Dagg Jimmy Davie Andy Devine Harwood Doherty Sandra Draper Bar
John Derek Donna Reed
John Maheral Georgette Piché George Murdock Gisele Chartrand Donna Judd Shelley Greer Paul Boulange
John Wayne Donna Reed Technicolor
Johnny K. Ruth
Joyce & Donna
Joyce Ruth
Judy Ruth Cowley
Julie Arm-singers Donna Lee
Kathleen Craig Ruth
Keith McCleary Donna Hodgins
Ken (Donna
Ken Rich-arda
Ken Ruth
King Henry V. When Ruth
Lawrence Black Donna
Lena Ruth Smiley
Leslie Ruth
Leslie Ruth Howard Is
Linda Ruth Cooper
Lise Donna Cooper
Lorraine Ruth Hearty
Lou-Anne Ruth to Blake Anderson Caldwell
Louis Donna Elliott
Love Donna
Love Ruth
Lucas Donna Texas
Madeleine Gravel Secrétaire-Tresorier Ruth Wideman
Margaret Ruth
Margaret Ruth Bell
Margaret Ruth Houghton Mannix
Maria Ruth Homer Mrs Meryl Horner
Maria Sybil Ruth
Marie Madore Donna
Marilyn Ruth Neill
Marion Donna Gallagher
Marion Ruth Wickens
Marjorie Elliott OBITUARIES Beatrice Ruth Powles Marjorie Sarah Elliott
Marjorie Ruth
Marjorie Ruth to Mr. Lawrence Everett Rooney
Martha Ruth.
Mary Campbell - Ruth Woolsey
Mary Myresas Ruth
Mary Ruth
Mary Ruth Dev
Mary Ruth.
Maurice Bissonnette Donna
Mavis Richardson Bobbie Scott Donna Sharp
Mavis Ruth Joy
Maxine P Fenton gradu- Donna Patricia Smith
Me- Ruth
Mel Donna
Melanie Sarah Ruth Hodgins Jeff
Mias Ruth Horner
Mies Ruth Gibson
Mike Fin- Miss Ruth Dagg
Mis Ruth Sharpe
Misa Donna Sparling
Misa Ruth Bancroft
Misses Donna
Misses Ruth Graham
Misses Ruth Hodgins
Misses Ruth Kiiloran
Misses Ruth Westbrook
Ml Donna Marie Lucille Ward
Ml* Ruth Dods
Ml* Ruth James
Mr Ruth Murdock
Mr. Donna
Mr. Michael Foran Miss Donna
Mra Lloyd Mur- Miss Donna Perry
Mrs. James T. Miss Donna Cuthbertson
Mrs. M«b*l Mills Mrs. Ruth Cartwright Director
Mrs. Norman Hache Miss Ruth Dagg RN
Mrs. Ruth Beardsley
Mrs. Ruth Fellowships
Mrs. Ruth Forbes
Mrs. Ruth G. Pontico
Mrs. Ruth Guest
Mrs. Ruth Hit
Mrs. Ruth Hough
Mrs. Ruth Irish
Mrs. Ruth MacLean
Mrs. Ruth Shaw
Mrs. Ruth Thumm
Mrs. Ruth TTiumm
Mrs. Ruth Wideman
MSss Ruth Sharpe
Myrna Palmer Marjorie Homer Darwin Krose George Ruth Brian & Arlene Bretzlaff Johnny O’Malley
Nancy Maxsom Helen MacKechnie Donna Kennedy Dot Mohr Tayler Campbell Carl Inglee Josh Greenshields
Nancy Ruth’s
Neil Jennings Donna Gagnon
Nick Matechuk Donna Glgnac Terry
Nicole Romain Donna
Norma Hodgins Donna Hodgins
Norma Margaret Ruth Smiley
Norma Ruth Tweedy
Norman Donna Maryland
Notes Ruth Gladys Hobbs Susannah Milliken
Nurse Ruth
Ocelia Ruth Hays
Oliver Mowat Ruth
Olsen Award- Politeness- Donna Donnelly
On- Ruth
P P „ LeaVe Ruth
Palmer Daryl Sally Amy Keindal Cory Thomas Laura Palmer Elsie Sparrow Donna Sally Nick Thompson
Pamela Lionette Donna
Past-president Donna
Pat (Donna
Patricia Miss Donna Corriveau
Patricia Ruth
Patricia Ruth Pert
Pearce Ruth
Philip Hodgins Miss Donna Hearty
Princess Ruth Cowley
Raksha-, Donna Stewart
Randy and Donna Lee
Randy Fades Ruth Racine
Ray Cavan Bruce Kennedy Maureen Curley Kathy Kennedy Donna Daley Bobby Davis
Rev. A J Ruth
Rev. Ruth Ann Paul
Richard Poirier Donna Hubert
Richard WiDa Donna Boucher
Richard Will# If Ruth Woolsey
Rita McGuire Donna
Roberta Ruth
Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
Ruth Brady McCrank
Ruth "
Ruth (Armstrong
Ruth (Atkinson
Ruth (Clarke
Ruth (Jack) McLaughlin Timmins
Ruth (Mrs Harry Leech
Ruth (Norris Cluff
Ruth 48622BJN28
Ruth 647-3855 Beattie
Ruth 8U™®njy
Ruth 8yme
Ruth A
Ruth A Eason Russell
Ruth Abeam
Ruth Acres
Ruth Acres Grade II Clinton Thompson
Ruth Adams She
Ruth Ade
Ruth Ahem
Ruth Ahem Returning Officer CoAn Lafleur Agent
Ruth Aheme
Ruth Ahern
Ruth Aim* James
Ruth Albert
Ruth Alexander
Ruth Alexandria Smart
Ruth Alexandria Williams
Ruth Allum
Ruth Alma
Ruth Amy
Ruth And
Ruth and Adelalne
Ruth and Betty
Ruth and Joan
Ruth and Larry
Ruth and Larry Reid
Ruth and Marie
Ruth and Ron
Ruth and Ron Strutt
Ruth Anent AssnriA
Ruth Ann
Ruth Ann Atkinson
Ruth Ann Carswell
Ruth Ann Paul
Ruth Ann Paul.
Ruth Ann Saulnier-Smith
Ruth Anne and Ron Paul
Ruth Arm
Ruth Arm- Hayes
Ruth Arm-were
Ruth Armitage
Ruth Armstrong
Ruth Armstrong-Rheaumé
Ruth Atkin-
Ruth Atkin-o
Ruth Atkinson
Ruth Atkinson Hitz
Ruth Atkinson RN Miss Ruth Ann Atkinson
Ruth Atkinson-Hitz
Ruth B
Ruth B MacLean
Ruth Bailey
Ruth Baillie
Ruth Bar- Alexander
Ruth Barber (Ed
Ruth Barber and Edgar
Ruth Barber, Nancy Tracy
Ruth Barber.
Ruth Barclay
Ruth Bardouche
Ruth Barrie
Ruth Barton
Ruth Bcl-sher
Ruth BcLsher
Ruth Be
Ruth Bear
Ruth Beardsley
Ruth Beardsley P.O.
Ruth Beardsley Shawville
Ruth Beardsley Shawvtlle La
Ruth Beardsley Squares
Ruth Beardsley Well
Ruth Beardsly
Ruth Beat-do
Ruth Beaties
Ruth Beattie
Ruth Beattie Allen
Ruth Beattie Vivian
Ruth Beatt’iei
Ruth Bebher
Ruth Beer
Ruth Bekher
Ruth Bel
Ruth Bel-
Ruth Bel-Mr W F Smith
Ruth Bel-sher
Ruth Bel-week
Ruth Belabor
Ruth Belcher
Ruth Beliher RN
Ruth Belsh-er
Ruth Belsher
Ruth Belsher 13.4
Ruth Belsher Uy SPECIALS
Ruth Belsher’s
Ruth Belxher
Ruth Bennett
Ruth Betsher
Ruth Beverly Ann
Ruth BeWher
Ruth Birch
Ruth Black
Ruth Bonds
Ruth Boughton Manmx
Ruth Bradley
Ruth Brash
Ruth Bretzlaff
Ruth Bretzlaff Secretary-Treasurer
Ruth Brezlaff
Ruth Brisker
Ruth Brit/aln
Ruth Brittain
Ruth Brittain_
Ruth Brock
Ruth Brock Forces Base
Ruth Brock Lots
Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown Beattie Belsher
Ruth Brown White
Ruth Brownlee
Ruth Brownley
Ruth Bruce
Ruth Bruyère
Ruth Bryan Owen
Ruth Bryant
Ruth Btelsher
Ruth Bunnells
Ruth Burgess
Ruth Burke
Ruth Burke Marries Gary Allen Pert
Ruth Butch
Ruth Byce
Ruth Byrne
Ruth Ca
Ruth Calberry
Ruth Camp
Ruth Campbell
Ruth Car- Geo
Ruth Carr
Ruth Carswell
Ruth Cartwright
Ruth Cavey
Ruth Chamberlain
Ruth Chambers
Ruth Charme
Ruth Charteris
Ruth Chatterton
Ruth Clark
Ruth Clarke
Ruth Clarke Beattie
Ruth Clarke Is
Ruth Clarke Welcome Dylan Congratulations
Ruth Clelland
Ruth Clerk
Ruth Clynick
Ruth Co
Ruth Co.*ley
Ruth Collins
Ruth Commerce
Ruth Conley
Ruth Cooke
Ruth Cordis Ixuig
Ruth Corner
Ruth Corrigan
Ruth Cow
Ruth Cow-
Ruth Cowie
Ruth Cowky
Ruth Cowley
Ruth Cowley Cordell Dubeau
Ruth Cowley Danny Dagg Carl Dale
Ruth Cowley Québec
Ruth Cowley-Duprais
Ruth Coyle
Ruth Crawford
Ruth Cried
Ruth Cull
Ruth Cullen
Ruth Cunningham Art Bradford Orillia
Ruth Curry
Ruth D#gg
Ruth Da**.
Ruth Daflfl R.N.
Ruth Dagg
Ruth Dagg and Joan Lloyd Conolly
Ruth Dagg Andre Audet
Ruth Dagg R.N.
Ruth Dagg RN
Ruth Daigg
Ruth David Bertrand Cowley
Ruth Day
Ruth Dayg
Ruth Dean
Ruth Dennison
Ruth Deor
Ruth Desmond.
Ruth Després
Ruth Dingle
Ruth Dittburner
Ruth Dividson
Ruth Dods
Ruth Donaldson
Ruth Donations
Ruth Donné
Ruth Dool-
Ruth Dorothy
Ruth Douma
Ruth Dr
Ruth Dr.
Ruth Drake
Ruth Draper
Ruth Draper 2
Ruth Dretzlaff
Ruth Drown
Ruth Drynam
Ruth Dsgg
Ruth Duds
Ruth Dunbar
Ruth Dunlop
Ruth E
Ruth Eades
Ruth Eagleson
Ruth ËL
Ruth Elder Thursday
Ruth Eleanor Hodgins
Ruth Elizabeth
Ruth Ellen
Ruth Ellen Walsh
Ruth Elliott
Ruth Ellis
Ruth Emma (Wm
Ruth Emma Roberts I
Ruth Emmcrson
Ruth Equity Ads Get Results
Ruth Ericson
Ruth ErtUh
Ruth Estelle Sylva Giroux
Ruth Eustace
Ruth Evans
Ruth Evens
Ruth Fades
Ruth Ferma
Ruth Findlay
Ruth Flet- Mrs. Livingston
Ruth Fletcher
Ruth Flood
Ruth Flood Calgary
Ruth Flood Dear Editor
Ruth Flood Goods
Ruth Foley
Ruth Foster
Ruth Frances
Ruth Frank Roy
Ruth Fraser Kent
Ruth Freltag
Ruth French
Ruth Fritz
Ruth Fuller
Ruth Fuyar- Palliative Care Unit
Ruth Fuyarchuk
Ruth Ga-lenski
Ruth Gauthier
Ruth Get
Ruth Gibson Mack James
Ruth Gipps
Ruth Gladys
Ruth Gladys Hobbs
Ruth Gladys Rusenstrom
Ruth Glodys
Ruth gmirtirv3
Ruth Godemair
Ruth Goidon
Ruth Gordoil
Ruth Gordon
Ruth Gordon 2
Ruth Gordon ISharpe
Ruth Gordon JS”
Ruth Gordon Md
Ruth Gordon Miss Eunice Ruth Gordon
Ruth Gosseline
Ruth Gow
Ruth Gra
Ruth Grace
Ruth GraD.
Ruth Graham
Ruth Graham play-1
Ruth Gran
Ruth Grant The
Ruth Granton
Ruth Green
Ruth Grier
Ruth Grodde
Ruth Grodde Thumm
Ruth Guest
Ruth H Honeywell
Ruth H. Honeywell
Ruth Hades
Ruth Hahn
Ruth Hahn Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Ruth Hahn’s Monday
Ruth Hall
Ruth Hamilton
Ruth Hansford
Ruth Hatcher
Ruth Hayes
Ruth Hdbbs
Ruth Heart
Ruth Hearty
Ruth Hearty Aug.
Ruth Hearty Dec.
Ruth Hearty Vibert Pavilion
Ruth Henderson
Ruth Higgins
Ruth His
Ruth Hiscock
Ruth Hit/
Ruth Hits
Ruth Hitt
Ruth Hitz
Ruth Hltz
Ruth Hobbs
Ruth Hobbs 4
Ruth Hobbs Janey Campbell
Ruth Hobb»
Ruth Hod
Ruth Hod-
Ruth Hod-gins
Ruth Hodgina
Ruth Hodgins
Ruth Hodgins And
Ruth Hodgins J.
Ruth Hodgins Macdonald Mrs. Bland Little
Ruth Hodgins Shirley Sly
Ruth Hodgins Smiley
Ruth Hodgins Three Rivers
Ruth Hodgins93.1
Ruth Hodtgins
Ruth Hodvins
Ruth Holland
Ruth Holland-
Ruth Holland-Hearty
Ruth Homer
Ruth Honbs
Ruth Honer
Ruth Honeywell Witt
Ruth Hor-
Ruth Hor- Mamie McGuire
Ruth Horner
Ruth Horner Muriel Zimmerling Bertha Telford Pearl Kllgour N Mabel Chisnell Rae Smart Winnifred Ham
Ruth Horner......... 2.00
Ruth Horners
Ruth Hotels
Ruth Howe
Ruth Howie
Ruth Hoy
Ruth Hoy and Karen Murawsky
Ruth Hudgins
Ruth Hussey
Ruth Hussey Sat.
Ruth I
Ruth I Norma Atkinson WÊM Sheppard
Ruth In
Ruth Ingle
Ruth Introduced
Ruth Irish
Ruth Irvine Mr. Ronald Shurtlifl
Ruth James
Ruth Jean
Ruth Jean Houghton
Ruth Jenning
Ruth Jennings
Ruth Jewell
Ruth Jewell " Muriel Watkins Mrs M M. Ross
Ruth Jg Curry
Ruth Jimmy Spotswood
Ruth Johnsen
Ruth Johnson
Ruth Johnsto
Ruth Johnston
Ruth Jones
Ruth Julie Du
Ruth June
Ruth Karen
Ruth Katies
Ruth Kelley
Ruth Kelly
Ruth Kennedy
Ruth Keon
Ruth Kiiloran
Ruth Kilgour
Ruth Kilîoran
Ruth Killoran
Ruth Kirkhope
Ruth Kitel
Ruth Klinke
Ruth Kmpe
Ruth Knees
Ruth Knox
Ruth L On Thursday Elizabeth Hahn
Ruth La
Ruth Lades
Ruth Ladysmith Debbie Thrun
Ruth Lance
Ruth Land
Ruth Lane
Ruth Latimer
Ruth Laviolette
Ruth Le Pera
Ruth Leblanc
Ruth Lee
Ruth Lee "
Ruth Leger Rivard
Ruth Leishman
Ruth Lemaire
Ruth Leonard Kluke Dec. 4
Ruth Lester
Ruth Letter
Ruth Leveris
Ruth Lindsay
Ruth Lindsay Tweedy
Ruth Lloyd
Ruth London
Ruth Lottie
Ruth Low
Ruth Lowe
Ruth Lucas
Ruth Lyn
Ruth Lynch
Ruth M Hor-
Ruth M. C. Homer
Ruth M. Van Dev-anter
Ruth Ma
Ruth Mabel
Ruth Mac
Ruth Macdougal
Ruth MacFarlane
Ruth MacKenzie
Ruth MacLean
Ruth Madeline
Ruth Mah
Ruth Maheral
Ruth Mansfield
Ruth March
Ruth Margaret Horner
Ruth Margaret Pearl
Ruth Margaret Smith
Ruth Marie
Ruth Marion Wickens
Ruth Marion Wickens Margaret Wickens
Ruth Martin
Ruth Mary
Ruth Mateson
Ruth May
Ruth Mayfield
Ruth McCallum
Ruth McCord
Ruth Mccrae
Ruth McCutcheon
Ruth McGuire O Brien
Ruth McKechhie
Ruth McKenney
Ruth McKenney J. McLeod
Ruth McKenzie
Ruth McLaughlin
Ruth McLean
Ruth McMillan
Ruth McMunn
Ruth McRae
Ruth Me
Ruth Meeks
Ruth Meld
Ruth Meldrum
Ruth Merkel
Ruth Milieu
Ruth Millar
Ruth Miller Comedy Our
Ruth Millet
Ruth Millett
Ruth Miss Al- I
Ruth Mix
Ruth Mme Clarence Pieschke de Vile
Ruth Montgomery
Ruth Moonev
Ruth Moore
Ruth Morris
Ruth Morrison
Ruth Mosher Place
Ruth Mr.
Ruth Mr. Turgeon
Ruth Mr?
Ruth Mrs. Alex
Ruth Mrs. Lunam’s
Ruth MUlett
Ruth Murdock
Ruth Muth Man
Ruth N*"-
Ruth Nelson
Ruth Nevers
Ruth Never»
Ruth Nic/nols
Ruth Nichob
Ruth Nichols
Ruth Nichols Climbs
Ruth Nickels
Ruth Noe-
Ruth Nora Dods
Ruth Norris
Ruth Norris liked
Ruth Nunley
Ruth O Reilly
Ruth Ontario
Ruth Others
Ruth Ottawa
Ruth Our
Ruth O’IUêUy
Ruth Packard
Ruth Paige’s
Ruth Paq-
Ruth Paquette
Ruth Parker
Ruth Parkinson
Ruth Parsons Congratulations
Ruth Patenaude
Ruth Paterson
Ruth Pccvcr
Ruth Pcever
Ruth Pecver-Cooke
Ruth Pee/nr
Ruth Peevcr
Ruth Peever
Ruth Percy
Ruth Phelan
Ruth Phillips
Ruth Pinch
Ruth Pirie
Ruth Po
Ruth Pontiac County
Ruth Pot- Election
Ruth Pot- Qn
Ruth Potier
Ruth Potter
Ruth Potter Directrice
Ruth Potter Lake
Ruth Potter Please
Ruth Potter Présidente
Ruth Potter Returning Officer
Ruth Potter Returning Officer 1-0-S1 Avis
Ruth Potter Returning Officer.
Ruth Potter Secrétaire-trésorière
Ruth Potter Secrétaire-trésorière SJ Sandra
Ruth Potter Secrétaire-trésorière Notice Province
Ruth Potter Secretary- Treasurer
Ruth Potter Strutt
Ruth Potter Strutt Loma Younge
Ruth Potter Strutt Lorna Younge
Ruth Potter-Strutt
Ruth Potter_ Dunn _ 0n Sundav Auaust
Ruth Powles
Ruth Powloe DIV i
Ruth Printed Text
Ruth Purdy
Ruth Quyon
Ruth R R R
Ruth Ra-
Ruth Racine
Ruth Racine Thanksgiving Weekend
Ruth Racine’s
Ruth Rad
Ruth Raone
Ruth Rappak
Ruth Ratz
Ruth Recent
Ruth Reid
Ruth Relsher
Ruth Remembrance Day
Ruth Rennie
Ruth Rennie Texas Oil Company
Ruth Retry
Ruth Reverend Father T. P. Tait
Ruth Reynolds
Ruth Rhoda
Ruth Rhoda Sharpe
Ruth Richard
Ruth Richardson
Ruth Richardson February 2
Ruth Roberts
Ruth Robertson
Ruth Robertson Luker Forestry Madawaska Golf Course
Ruth Robin-
Ruth Robinson
Ruth Rolsder
Ruth Romain
Ruth Roman
Ruth Roman Glenn Ford
Ruth Ronald.
Ruth Roon-
Ruth Rooney
Ruth Rosch
Ruth Roth
Ruth Rryan Owen
Ruth Rudnikoff Slot-
Ruth Runells Mrs. Frances Carlson
Ruth Runnellf Handicraft
Ruth Runnells
Ruth Runnels
Ruth Russell
Ruth Russell November
Ruth Russell SHAWVIUE
Ruth Russell t*0 V*
Ruth Russett
Ruth Rutherford
Ruth s Wiser Choice Ruth
Ruth Sadie
Ruth Same
Ruth Sand Bay
Ruth Sangster
Ruth Sapinsky
Ruth Sar-
Ruth Sarah Hodgins
Ruth Sc
Ruth Schade
Ruth Schlaepfer
Ruth Schneider
Ruth Schock
Ruth Scobie
Ruth Scotia
Ruth Scpbie
Ruth Seiiminn Erich Bender Dr. Erwin Burcih
Ruth Seohie
Ruth Shar-and Genevieve Chabot
Ruth Shari>e
Ruth Sharpe
Ruth Sharpe Also
Ruth Sharpe Is
Ruth Sharpe Lucas
Ruth Sharpe Visiting
Ruth Sharpe’s Gordon
Ruth Shaver
Ruth She
Ruth Shep-
Ruth Shephard
Ruth Shepherd
Ruth Sheppard
Ruth Sheppard Shirley Say
Ruth Shock
Ruth Sh«p
Ruth Simms
Ruth Simpson
Ruth Singing
Ruth Siparling
Ruth Smart
Ruth Smi-
Ruth Smiley
Ruth Smiley 1
Ruth Smiley 2
Ruth Smiley Cf
Ruth Smiley Falls
Ruth Smiley Farmer
Ruth Smiley Hahn
Ruth Smiley June
Ruth Smiley Large
Ruth Smiley Pontiac Historical Society
Ruth Smiley-
Ruth Smiley- Motors
Ruth Smiley-group
Ruth Smiley-Hahn
Ruth Smiley-Hahn 647-6424
Ruth Smiley-Hahn 819-
Ruth Smitey-Hahn
Ruth Smith
Ruth Smith Mary Lepine
Ruth Smith Other
Ruth Smith Victoria Place Mall Available Immediately
Ruth Smlley-Hahn 647-5210 K •
Ruth Snyder
Ruth Sowerby
Ruth Sparks
Ruth Sparl-
Ruth Sparling
Ruth Sparling 440
Ruth Spencer
Ruth Sperling
Ruth Springford
Ruth Stanley
Ruth Stanley Gwen
Ruth Stanton
Ruth Steiner
Ruth Stewart
Ruth Stoddart P.P. North
Ruth Strang
Ruth Strutt
Ruth Strutt 647-3646
Ruth Strutt Bill Anderson
Ruth Strutt Charles Dale
Ruth Strutt Dog
Ruth Strutt Donnie
Ruth Strutt For
Ruth Strutt GEO.
Ruth Strutt He
Ruth Strutt Judd - Russell WWW.MICKARMnAGEBAND.COM
Ruth Strutt Pésidente
Ruth Strutt Pontiac
Ruth Strutt Ralph Lang
Ruth Strutt Richard Wills ShazwitU
Ruth Strutt Shawville
Ruth Strutt There
Ruth Strutt Wade Hodgins
Ruth Strutt______ Little
Ruth Strutt’s
Ruth Strutt’s Clarendon
Ruth Sundborg
Ruth Sutherland
Ruth Swinwood
Ruth Syme
Ruth T. T. Beattie
Ruth The
Ruth Then
Ruth Thoen
Ruth Thompson
Ruth Thoms
Ruth Thoms 372
Ruth Thuhm
Ruth Thum
Ruth Thumm
Ruth Thumn
Ruth Thumra
Ruth Thurrim
Ruth To
Ruth Tolhurst
Ruth Towftley
Ruth Tubman
Ruth Twister Robert Smith
Ruth Uncle Durward Crawford
Ruth V. Bennett
Ruth V/oolsey
Ruth Valentine Dagg
Ruth van
Ruth Van Sandt
Ruth Vander Stelt
Ruth Vander Stelt Pontiac Health
Ruth Vanderstelt
Ruth Visiting
Ruth von Brentani
Ruth von Tobacco Exchange
Ruth VVickens
Ruth W"
Ruth W..
Ruth w1^
Ruth Waddall
Ruth Wade
Ruth Walsh
Ruth Walsh Richardson
Ruth Warren
Ruth Warrick
Ruth Wcstbrooke
Ruth Webster
Ruth Welcome
Ruth Well
Ruth West-presenting
Ruth Westbrook
Ruth Westbrook Lee Divine
Ruth Westbrooke
Ruth Western Rodeo
Ruth Whit*
Ruth Wick-
Ruth Wickena
Ruth Wickens
Ruth Wicket
Ruth Wide-the
Ruth Wideman
Ruth Wideman First
Ruth Wideman Mustard
Ruth Widens
Ruth William Flood
Ruth Williams
Ruth Willis
Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson Toronto
Ruth Winnifred Pirie
Ruth Wlckens
Ruth Woelsey
Ruth Woerenberg
Ruth Wolsey
Ruth Woo Is
Ruth Woods
Ruth Wool
Ruth Wool- Helen
Ruth Woolaey
Ruth Wooleey
Ruth Wooliey Publicity
Ruth Woollsey Publicity Convenor Quyon W.I.
Ruth Woolsev
Ruth Woolsey
Ruth Woolsey -
Ruth Woolsey Publicity Convenor Minutes
Ruth Wright
Ruth X Hilgert
Ruth XV
Ruth Z oeightorhot’d
Ruth) Mrs. Mearl Woolsey
Samuel RfVCnn Donna Lowen
Sandra Donna
Sandy Donna Workman
Sarah Ruth
Sarah Ruth Watson
Scott Donna Reed John Wayne Karl Malden
Scott Donna Stephens
Secrétaire-trêsohère Ruth Potter Secretary-Treasurer
Sharon Brown Ruth Belsher
Sharon Ruth.
Shirley Donna Provost
Sons Funeral Home Donna
Sorry Ruth.
Steve Ruth
Stevens A Donna ToweH Sears
Susan Ruth
Susan Ruth Young
Technicolor Ruth Roman Van Heflin Big Championship Rodeo Sat
Thompson Donna Farm
Ti Ruth
Todd Robinson Donna Perry
Tom Ladou- Donna Stewart
Tommy Riebertas Treasurer Donna Woods
Towcll Donna
Tracy Ruth
Trina Donna
Van Johnson Donna Reed Mickey Rooney Marsha Hunt Joseph Cotton Eva Bartok
Velma Dagg Miss Alva Turner Miss Ruth Hornet Miss Euella Turner Miss Pearl Kilgour Miss Janet Kilgo
Vernon Donna Moore
Victor Donna
Violet Ruth -
W “W * Ruth
Wayne Donna Reed Trouble
Wayne Mrs Donna Hearty
William & Ruth Carroll Baker
William & Ruth How
William and Donna Blaney
William and Ruth * Johnston
William and Ruth 3BJY11
Wilson Donna Horner
Winter Sports Princess Ruth Cowley
Y W Donna Gray Regina
Young Donna
Donna Lake
Donna Pasco
Donna Presley
Fort Ruth
K«che‘ Ruth Z oeightorhot’d
Mesdames Ruth
Miss Donna Hi
Ore Ruth
Ruth Strutt
& Donna Perry
Anita Donna Perry
Ba Hospital Donna Wilson
Bill Donna Perry of Ste Eustache Hayward
Blind Patsy Ruth Fergus
Bow Presbyterian Interim Moderator Rev Dr Ruth Syme
Bristol se Villeneuve Ruth HeS
Bristol Stomp Ruth Sharpe’s
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc MRC de Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. MRC de Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Candlelight Donna Perry of Ste Eust-
Catholic Secretary Donna Provost
CemmeiCwZter Donna Dunlop
Choice Ruth
Christmas Donna Perry
Clarendon Ministerial Association Miss Ruth Williams
Clifford Donna Perry
CLSC PONTIAC Rontoc Dr. Donna Courchesne
Committee Donna Mou/ard
Contact Ruth Strutt
Dairy Oktoberfest Ladysmith TCRA Ladysmith Hotel Donna
Dillon and Donna
Donna & Family Jim
Donna & Shelfcy and School Association
Donna Ager
Donna Ager Kay
Donna Allard
Donna and Co 11cor
Donna Armitage
Donna Available
Donna Blair
Donna Christ Judd
Donna Cockerell
Donna Com
Donna Craig
Donna Cuth-three-quarter
Donna Cuthbertson
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald.
Donna Donaldson
Donna eagle
Donna Express
Donna Farm
Donna Fields
Donna Gall.
Donna Get
Donna Golf Course
Donna Hall
Donna Happy
Donna Hearty
Donna Hodgins Ad-
Donna Homer
Donna Horner
Donna Kennedy
Donna Leonard Perry, Perry & Peter Gautnier
Donna Mae
Donna Mae Russell
Donna Mar-December
Donna McAlpine Child
Donna Moon
DONNA MOON Onslow Elementary School LaSalle
DONNA MOON Special Guests
DONNA MOON” Norris Bryson
Donna Morris
Donna Nichol & Daniel Chartrand Saturday
Donna Nichol & Daniel Chartrand Saturday
Donna Perry
Donna Perry of St Bust
Donna Perry of St Bust- Melinda
Donna Perry of St Eustache
Donna Perry of Ste Eus
Donna Perry St Eustache
Donna Perry Ste Bust-
Donna Perry Ste Eustache
Donna Perry.
Donna Petznick
Donna Poker
Donna Reed
Donna Reid
Donna Rexannn
Donna Second Prize
Donna Service
Donna Shaddick Communications and Public Relations Pembroke Diocesan
Donna Space
Donna Spence
Donna Thibert Anglican Church
Donna Village
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line
Donna Workman Hospital
Donna Wrinn
EARLY Auctioneering Services Free Estimates Braeside Home Furnishings Ruth Murdock
Education - Donna Pro-
Education Donna
Education Ruth
Elections Canada Donna Presley
Eunice Ruth Gordon
Evening Service Wednesday Bible Study Presbyterian Interim Moderator Rev Dr Ruth Syme
Evening Service Wednesday, Bible Study Presbyterian Interim Moderator Rev Dr Ruth Byrne
Evening Service Wednesday, Bible Study Presbyterian Interim Moderator Rev Dr Ruth Syme
Financial Secretary Tommy Riebertas Treasurer Donna Woods
Ford Trucks Chevy Trucks Dodge Trucks Toyota Trucks Donna Woods Great Selection
GYPSY COLT Color Donna Corcoran Frances
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Donna
Hospital and Donna Gift Exchange
Hospital Donna Joy
Hospital Founda-Donna St. Auhin
Inter Ruth Leger Sivard
It Donna Perry
J Donna Perry of Ste Eustsche
J R Shop Diane s Fashion Fashion Sho Brenda Stevens A Donna ToweH Sears
JEFF & RUTH HODGINS Daniel Normandeau
KRM Logistics Larry & Ruth Robertson Luker Forestry Madawaska Golf Course
Love Curtis b Donna
LTJ Donna Perry
Ministerial Association Patterson - Sharpe Wedding Donna Lucille Sharpe
Misa Donna Perry of St Eustaehe
Misa Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Miss Donna Perry
Miss Donna Perry and
Miss Donna Perry Lachute
Miss Donna Perry of
Miss Donna Perry of St
Miss Donna Perry of St Eustache
Miss Donna Perry of St Laundry
Miss Donna Perry of St School Boards
Miss Donna Perry of Ste
Miss Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Miss Donna Perry re-q
Miss Donna Perry St
Miss Donna Perry St Eustache
Miss Donna Perry.
Miss Ruth
Misses Donna Perry
Misses Donna Perry of Montreal
Misses Marjory Perry and Donna Perry
Mss Donna Perry of Ste
Municipal Inspector Convener Donna Pro-
National Farm Forum Execu-ive; Ruth MacKenzie
North Country Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
NOTICE Donna Conna Ten Test Rock Wool Tenders wanted
Notre Dame Mss Donna McGee
Our Lady Of Donna Pilon-Biggs
Our Lady of Perpetual Donna of Sault Ste-Marie
Outside Guardian Donna
Pembroke Hospital Mias RUth McDougeL Carleton Place
Pontiac Anti-Tuberculosis Miss Donna Hearty
Pontiac Co. Perman-Miss Ruth Ellen
Pontiac Community Hos- Donna Draper
Pontiac Community Hospital Ruth Gordon
Pontiac Community Miss Donna Wrinn
Pontiac Donna Provost
Pontiac Donna Stewart
Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Pontiac Dre Donna Courthesne
Pontiac Hospital Centre Dr. Donna Courchesne
Pontiac House Special—Donna Horner
Pontiac Plowmens Association Ruth Cowley
Pontiac Ruth
PSDA Donna-Lee Graham
qs6 Call Ruth Strutt
Raksha-, Donna Stewart
Ringrose Brothers Donna
Robinson Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Room Donna Perry of Ste Rust-
Royal Donna -439393
Ruth Belsher & Èarl Bean
Ruth Donaldson of Perth
Ruth Equity Ads Get Results
Ruth Hearty Vibert Pavilion
Ruth Potter Secretary-Treasurer 0-1-D2 Triennial Roll
Ruth Roman
Ruth Shep- Cola Co
Ruth Wideman Telephone Company
Ruth-tural Engineer
Ruth’s Church Auxiliary Group
Saddle Horse Donna Lavallee
Sadi Standard Church Donna
Second Wor-ter Ruth
Smith Secretary Insulation New Chrysler Models Announced NOTICE Donna Conna Ten Test Rock Wool Tend
SPECIAL Terry & Donna Spencer L 1
SthfNlei Donna Perry
Student Donna Provost
Study Presbyterian Interim Moderator Rev Or Ruth Syme
Sylvin Donna McQueen
TCRA Hotel Ladysmith Donna
Teachers Assistant Donna Cahill
TEXACO Mrs. Ruth MacLean
Theresa Dunbar Cathy & Len Watson Danielle Vachon Darlene & Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin D
Tobacco Ruth
Toys Books & Games Ruth Smiley Hahn
US Arben Tiger Donna
VINTON By ADA Daley Correspondent Daughter Donna
‘169” Donna Perry