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Donald Andrew MacDonald

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1. Andrew s Hosts To Regional Meeting Rev R G. Elliott
1. Andrew s Knox
11.03 Andrew Daley
1929 Alexander MacDonald Dies At Chapeau Lv.
1939 Andrew Daley
22.50 Andrew Daley
3.75 Andrew Daley
6-R-33 Mrs. Betty MacDonald
7°v E Grant MacDonald
A-s M Donald
Ab MacDonald
Adam Andrew
Adam MacDonald
Adam Tubman Alain Dubé Andrew McNamara B
Address Dr. Andrew F. Currier
Al MacDonald
Al MacDonald Carried
Albert Armstrong Edgar Schwartz Sylvia Hodgins Chris Judd Ëason Russell Donald Stevens Boyd Barber
Albert MacDonald
Alec MacDonald
Alex Andrew Cochrane
Alex Andrew William *ndh«
Alex Diana MacDonald
Alex Mac Donald
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald Larry
Alex Mc Donald
Alexander C MacDonald
Alexander Macdonald
Alexander MacDonald Alexander MacDonald
Alexander Mor-of Macdonald
Alice Donald Mclnnes
Alice Helena Bruce RN Weds Donald Crosley MacKenzie
Alice MacDonald
Alice Macdonald Kipling
Alice MacDonald Victoria
Allan Davis Executive Director A.Q.R.E.M. Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
Allan Donald Swinwood
Allan MacDonald
Allen Andrew Pilon
Andai Donald S. Hodgms
Andrew In
Andrew Bob >
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Ebert Alexander
Andrew Housekeepers
Andrew "
Andrew & Grant
Andrew & James Tracy
Andrew & Mrs. W. Taylor
Andrew (Andy
Andrew -
Andrew 1966
Andrew A
Andrew A Millie Clark
Andrew A''exander
Andrew About
Andrew ac Jr B
Andrew Acres
Andrew Adam Johnson
Andrew Adam Warren
Andrew Agcr
Andrew Ager
Andrew Aguecheek Or Benedict
Andrew Agustus Thomp
Andrew Aikenhead
Andrew Aikenhead’s
Andrew Aitken
Andrew Ake-son
Andrew Akeson
Andrew Al
Andrew Alex
Andrew Alex-
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Allan
Andrew Always Mondoux
Andrew Amos
Andrew Amour
Andrew and Chris
Andrew and Karen Dickson
Andrew and William H.
Andrew Andiews
Andrew Andrea Daye
Andrew Andrew
Andrew Angus
Andrew Angus-es
Andrew Angut
Andrew Aor
Andrew Arbour
Andrew Archdeacon
Andrew Armour
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Ashworth
Andrew Atkin
Andrew Atkinson
Andrew Auditor
Andrew Audrey Sharpe
Andrew August
Andrew Aylmer
Andrew B. Fraser
Andrew B. Ingram
Andrew Bahr
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Baily
Andrew Baird
Andrew Baker
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Barry Draper
Andrew Barry’s Bay
Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bcnntt
Andrew Be
Andrew Bean
Andrew Beattie
Andrew Beau
Andrew Béchamp
Andrew Beck
Andrew Belanger
Andrew Ben
Andrew Ben Judd.
Andrew Ben- Motion Crs
Andrew Ben-nell
Andrew Bender
Andrew Benett
Andrew Benitt
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett I
Andrew Bennett Mrs Steele
Andrew Bennett’s
Andrew Bennitt
Andrew Bernard Arm
Andrew Bernard Armitage
Andrew Bernard The
Andrew Berraun
Andrew Berry
Andrew Blair
Andrew Bodes
Andrew Boisvert
Andrew Bolger
Andrew Bonar Law
Andrew Boorde
Andrew Borden
Andrew Bourgeau
Andrew Boyd Clifford
Andrew Boyle
Andrew Branning
Andrew Brazeau
Andrew Breckenridge
Andrew Brekenridge
Andrew Brem-ner
Andrew Brennan
Andrew Bridge
Andrew Bris
Andrew Brisbois Jr.
Andrew Broder
Andrew Brown
Andrew Browne Cunningham
Andrew Brownlee
Andrew Bruce
Andrew Brutskl
Andrew Brwbois
Andrew Brydges
Andrew Buckshot
Andrew Bulger
Andrew Burgess
Andrew Butler
Andrew Butter
Andrew Buvking- Elannerj
Andrew C Atkinson
Andrew C. Young Brittand
Andrew Cahill
Andrew Caimen Keon
Andrew Cal-
Andrew Câlin
Andrew Callan-Jones
Andrew Camagie
Andrew Cameron
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell’s Bay
Andrew Canterbury
Andrew Car
Andrew Car-
Andrew Car-gin
Andrew Carmen
Andrew Carmen Keon
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie Australia
Andrew Carnegie N Beattie
Andrew Carnegie Nineteenth Street
Andrew Carr
Andrew Carre Innocence
Andrew Carrol
Andrew Carroll
Andrew Carroll Betty Verner
Andrew Carson Ryan
Andrew Cartier
Andrew Cash
Andrew Castle
Andrew Cat
Andrew Catherine
Andrew Chambers
Andrew Charles Atkinson
Andrew Church
Andrew Clarendon
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clarke
Andrew Cleary
Andrew Clerk
Andrew Clifford Maracle
Andrew Clifford Maracle Jr from
Andrew Clifton
Andrew Clifton Center
Andrew Clifton Horner
Andrew Cline
Andrew Clinton
Andrew Clow
Andrew Club
Andrew Cluff
Andrew Cnrr
Andrew Colic
Andrew Collins
Andrew Comes
Andrew Congratulations
Andrew Corner
Andrew Cote
Andrew Cotie
Andrew Coughlin
Andrew Coûte Establishments Involved
Andrew Cowan
Andrew Coyne
Andrew Craig
Andrew Cram
Andrew CremlMd THt EQUITY Cathy Dubeau
Andrew Creppin
Andrew Crozier
Andrew Crystal Thrun
Andrew Cublerlsov
Andrew Cudla
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Cuthil
Andrew Cybulski
Andrew D
Andrew D White
Andrew D. White
Andrew D. Wright
Andrew D.lef
Andrew D/gg
Andrew Da
Andrew Da!c
Andrew Dagg
Andrew Daggi
Andrew Dagi
Andrew Daie
Andrew Dailey
Andrew Dairy
Andrew Dajey
Andrew Dal
Andrew Dale
Andrew Dale.
Andrew Dalev
Andrew Daley
Andrew Daley 126.40
Andrew Daley Auditing
Andrew Daley Auditor
Andrew Daley Esq Mayor
Andrew Daley Harold Armitage John Armitage
Andrew Daley Mayor
Andrew Daley Municipal Form* Raymond Trudeau
Andrew Daley On Thursday
Andrew Daley R.
Andrew Daley’s
Andrew Dali^v
Andrew Dalton
Andrew Daly
Andrew Daly Auditing Ministry
Andrew Damson
Andrew Dan Cooper
Andrew Darling
Andrew Darling’s
Andrew Davie
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 2
Andrew Davison
Andrew Dawes
Andrew Dawson
Andrew Deary
Andrew Degg
Andrew Degraff
Andrew Demong-hue
Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine 56S63xd22 Campbell
Andrew Devine Shewville
Andrew Devuie When
Andrew Dick-
Andrew Dick- Uiomas Benoit
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson Andre’s
Andrew Dickson Bob Smith
Andrew Dickson Mother-Daughter CGIT Banquet Mr.
Andrew Dickson PICK-UP RACE
Andrew Dickson Pontiac
Andrew Dickson This
Andrew Dickson White
Andrew Discussion
Andrew Doda
Andrew Dodds
Andrew Dods
Andrew Doherty
Andrew Dolan
Andrew Dole
Andrew Donlan
Andrew Donlen
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas At
Andrew Douglas McCredie
Andrew Douglas Me-
Andrew Downey
Andrew Dqmas
Andrew Drew
Andrew Du
Andrew Du-
Andrew Dubeau
Andrew Dubois
Andrew Duds
Andrew Dufault
Andrew Dumas
Andrew Duma»
Andrew Duncan
Andrew Dunlin
Andrew Dunn
Andrew Dxley
Andrew Dykes
Andrew D«»di
Andrew E. Gervais
Andrew Eades
Andrew Economic Council
Andrew Edward King
Andrew EEEF
Andrew EL
Andrew Elder
Andrew Elliot
Andrew Elliott
Andrew Elliott 88.7
Andrew Elliott Allison Corn
Andrew Elliott Approximately
Andrew Elliott Toronto
Andrew Eodes
Andrew Erickson
Andrew F
Andrew F Carrier
Andrew F Corner
Andrew F Currier
Andrew F Neville
Andrew F nrrelL SecVTrcas
Andrew F.
Andrew F. Currier
Andrew Fa
Andrew Fabrkll
Andrew Fades
Andrew Fades Tyler Smart
Andrew Faiirkll
Andrew Fair- Nancy Pirie
Andrew FaireU
Andrew Fairgelding
Andrew Fan
Andrew Fan*1.!
Andrew Far
Andrew Fariiell
Andrew Farkell
Andrew Farkri
Andrew Farrell
Andrew Farrell Insane Accounts
Andrew Farrell Sec
Andrew Farrell Sec Treas
Andrew Farrell Sec Treat
Andrew Farrell Sec-Treas
Andrew Farrell Sec.
Andrew Farrell Sec.-T-eas
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Tneas
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treaa
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treas
Andrew Farrell Sec.-Treas Shawville Council
Andrew Farrell___
Andrew Farret
Andrew Farrkll
Andrew Farrrll
Andrew Fe Curr
Andrew Ferrault Tourism
Andrew Fhtchsr
Andrew Fiche
Andrew Fin Ian
Andrew Finlan
Andrew Finlin
Andrew Fleck
Andrew Fleming
Andrew Fletcher
Andrew Fletcher Carlton Clarissa Elsie Hodgins
Andrew Fletcher Ogle
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood I
Andrew Flood Moyle’s Hotel
Andrew Floods
Andrew Foad
Andrew FOr SALE—1 Circle Fleury
Andrew Forbes
Andrew Forrester
Andrew Fort
Andrew Fort Portal
Andrew Fraser
Andrew Fraser 2
Andrew Fred-
Andrew Frobel
Andrew Frost
Andrew Fu.Ian’s
Andrew Fuller
Andrew Fulton
Andrew G Tipping
Andrew G Tippins
Andrew Gable
Andrew Gabriel
Andrew Gagnon
Andrew Galloway
Andrew Games
Andrew Gardner Havelin
Andrew Gargul
Andrew Garner Havelin Bennett Presley
Andrew Garnet Havelin
Andrew Gaudctte
Andrew Gaudette
Andrew Gauthier
Andrew Gelineau
Andrew George Edge
Andrew Gerard Tek
Andrew Getz
Andrew Giant
Andrew Gibbons
Andrew Gih
Andrew Gil-
Andrew Giroux
Andrew Godin
Andrew Godmere
Andrew Goncalves
Andrew Gorman
Andrew Grade IB Lor
Andrew Gran*
Andrew Grand
Andrew Grand-Papère
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant 1
Andrew Grant 11
Andrew Grant 3. Saddle
Andrew Grant Bristol
Andrew Grant I
Andrew Grant.—Amendment
Andrew Grant’s
Andrew Green
Andrew Gregson
Andrew Gregson Australia Responsible
Andrew Gribbon
Andrew Gutoski
Andrew H. Brown
Andrew Ha
Andrew Haatle
Andrew Hades
Andrew Hale
Andrew Halpin
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton Ltd.
Andrew Hanik
Andrew Hanna
Andrew Hanna Fred Harner
Andrew Harris
Andrew Hart
Andrew Harwood
Andrew Hav- Province
Andrew Hav.
Andrew Havclin
Andrew Havctin.........;
Andrew Have-lin
Andrew Havefcn
Andrew Havelin
Andrew Havelin McCredie
Andrew Havilan’s
Andrew Havlin
Andrew Hawley
Andrew Haydon
Andrew Hebb
Andrew Hedging Mrs.
Andrew Heietor
Andrew HelcUer
Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson "
Andrew Henderson Seat
Andrew Hev.
Andrew Hicbens
Andrew Hickev This
Andrew Hickey
Andrew Hickson
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Hines
Andrew Hivgli
Andrew Hobbs
Andrew Hod
Andrew Hod*
Andrew Hod- Chevrier
Andrew Hod-gins
Andrew Hodeins Pr0
Andrew Hodgin*
Andrew Hodginb
Andrew Hodgins
Andrew Hodgins 1
Andrew Hodgins Wrinn
Andrew Hodgins*
Andrew Hodgins- McDowell
Andrew Hodgin»
Andrew Hodgln*’
Andrew Hodgms
Andrew Hodgtns
Andrew Hodoinh
Andrew Hoduins
Andrew Hol-partment
Andrew Holland
Andrew Holland First
Andrew Hood
Andrew Horigin*
Andrew Horigins
Andrew Horn
Andrew Horner
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard Kack
Andrew Hoy
Andrew Hr
Andrew Hrie
Andrew Hrslgins Bridge
Andrew Hudgins
Andrew Hugh
Andrew Hugh Tracy O Brien
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hyan
Andrew Hyan Large John Bryson
Andrew I
Andrew I .an
Andrew I> P-
Andrew Iet Houglcr
Andrew If
Andrew Ifavilan
Andrew Ihxigins
Andrew III
Andrew Iiovle
Andrew Ilarvie
Andrew Ilodgins
Andrew Im
Andrew IMckson
Andrew Imlach
Andrew Imrie
Andrew In
Andrew Incumbent
Andrew Incumbent Bereaved
Andrew Incumbent Spelling
Andrew Incumbent Sunday
Andrew Incumbent Sunday May
Andrew Incunbci.i
Andrew Ireton
Andrew Irish
Andrew Irving
Andrew Is
Andrew It
Andrew Itang
Andrew Itosi
Andrew IV.charde2
Andrew IVlfer
Andrew I^mg
Andrew J Cleary
Andrew J Middle-miss
Andrew J*
Andrew J. Cooey
Andrew J. Davis
Andrew J. Middlemies
Andrew J. Stevenson
Andrew Jacgson
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Donelson
Andrew Jackson’s
Andrew James Costello
Andrew James Robinson
Andrew Jeffrey Stewart
Andrew Jergem Vo.
Andrew Joannlaae
Andrew Joannlsse
Andrew John
Andrew John Montague
Andrew John- Mr.
Andrew Johncox
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnston
Andrew Join
Andrew Jones
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Joseph Bradley
Andrew Joseph Taxes
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 1st
Andrew Joyce won
Andrew Joyce.
Andrew Jr and
Andrew Judd
Andrew Judd Norman McCuaig 1882-84 Wal*
Andrew Jvdd
Andrew K Russe U,
Andrew K Russell
Andrew K. Russell
Andrew Karber-Cuthbektson
Andrew Karri)
Andrew Kartell
Andrew Kartell Sec
Andrew Kavanagh
Andrew Kavanagh Kavanagh - Matthew
Andrew Kavelin
Andrew Kazlowski
Andrew Kcon
Andrew Keen
Andrew Keith
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly the
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kenny
Andrew Keon
Andrew Keon Michael Meehan.
Andrew Keon’s
Andrew Kerby
Andrew Kerr
Andrew Keyes
Andrew Kim Yach
Andrew King
Andrew Kings
Andrew Kingsbury
Andrew Kirk
Andrew Kirk Sor
Andrew Kirt-chaw
Andrew Kluke
Andrew Kniewasser
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knox
Andrew Ko
Andrew Kozkiwaki
Andrew Kozlowski
Andrew Krezniok
Andrew Kussol
Andrew LaCroese
Andrew Lades
Andrew Ladies Auxiliary
Andrew Ladysmith
Andrew Laflaur
Andrew Lance
Andrew Lance The
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang’s
Andrew Larche
Andrew Larivier
Andrew Lawson
Andrew Le
Andrew Leach
Andrew Lebrun
Andrew Lecouree
Andrew Lennon
Andrew Lepack
Andrew Lepack Bom
Andrew Leslie
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lietrim
Andrew Liston
Andrew Lit-thers
Andrew Lloyd Elliott
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
Andrew Lodge
Andrew Lon-ette
Andrew Lonce Dorse
Andrew Long
Andrew Long Usa Coles
Andrew Loo
Andrew Lovett
Andrew Lrt
Andrew Lucan
Andrew Lunam
Andrew Lusk
Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch Ooalow
Andrew M
Andrew M Smith
Andrew M. A. Leahy
Andrew M. Pine Shawville Quebec
Andrew M. Rhule
Andrew M. Vbrrell
Andrew Ma-clochlan
Andrew Mac-phail
Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacKnzie
Andrew MacLachlin
Andrew Macphail
Andrew Mailed
Andrew Maison
Andrew Malette
Andrew Manna
Andrew Manson
Andrew Mar-
Andrew Marc Pa
Andrew March
Andrew Marie Bourgeau
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Baird
Andrew Martin Killed
Andrew Marvell
Andrew Mat
Andrew Mc( W.
Andrew Mc-
Andrew Mc- Sf®
Andrew Mc-Cn
Andrew McAllis
Andrew McAndrow
Andrew McArthur
Andrew McCain
Andrew McCalhtin
Andrew McCallum
Andrew McClure
Andrew McConnell
Andrew McCormack
Andrew McCormick
Andrew McCrcdie
Andrew McCredic
Andrew McCredie
Andrew McCredie Doug Smart
Andrew McCredle
Andrew McCullagh’s
Andrew McDmne
Andrew McDo- Gleason
Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald Tait Ross
Andrew McGaghren
Andrew McGaw
Andrew McGerrigle
Andrew McGowan
Andrew McGuire
Andrew McKinley
Andrew McKinnon
Andrew McKinnon Ml
Andrew McKirght
Andrew Mckmght
Andrew McKmoht
Andrew McKni
Andrew McKnighf
Andrew Mcknight
Andrew McKnivht
Andrew McKnkiht
Andrew McKnlght
Andrew McLacfilin
Andrew McLachlin
Andrew McLachlin X
Andrew McLachlin André Cordeau
Andrew McLachlin Sunday
Andrew McLachlln
Andrew McLadhlan
Andrew McLaughlin
Andrew McLaughlin Joey Raven
Andrew McMaster
Andrew McNally
Andrew McOcdle
Andrew McOedie
Andrew McOuat
Andrew McQedk
Andrew McQredietf
Andrew McReynrIds
Andrew McVie
Andrew McVmliv
Andrew Me
Andrew Me Credie
Andrew Me Knight
Andrew Me M.
Andrew Me Ope
Andrew Me-
Andrew Me-Knight
Andrew Meadow
Andrew MeCredie
Andrew Melissa Hewitson Congratulations
Andrew Mellon
Andrew Mercier
Andrew Met
Andrew Me—
Andrew Michaels
Andrew Michaud
Andrew Michaud Président
Andrew Mignault
Andrew MiIjour
Andrew Mil
Andrew Mil-
Andrew Miljour
Andrew Milks
Andrew Milks Ik
Andrew Miller
Andrew Mills
Andrew Milton
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew MoBrayer
Andrew Moffat
Andrew Moffatt
Andrew Moir
Andrew Moir Dickson
Andrew Mol
Andrew Molette
Andrew Mongel
Andrew Morin
Andrew Morrison
Andrew Motion
Andrew Mott
Andrew Mousseau.
Andrew Moved
Andrew Moved McDonald
Andrew Mrs Evelyn Pelletier
Andrew MtDjnnell
Andrew Mulli- I
Andrew Mulligan
Andrew Mulligan’s
Andrew Municipal
Andrew Mur
Andrew Mur-
Andrew Mur- Mrs. George Black
Andrew Mur- Brenda and Chris Cox
Andrew Mur- Mrs. N.l HFS Mrs.
Andrew Mur-.
Andrew Muriay
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murrav
Andrew Murrav Apron
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 2
Andrew Murray Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Cairoen Hodgms
Andrew Murray Correspondence
Andrew Murray Friday
Andrew Murray Saturday
Andrew Murray—acted
Andrew Murrey
Andrew Murry
Andrew Musrop
Andrew Mutt
Andrew MvKnight
Andrew MvVrydie
Andrew Narlock
Andrew NeviHe
Andrew Neville
Andrew Neville H
Andrew Neville Va
Andrew New
Andrew Newberry
Andrew Nicholas Durocher
Andrew Nobel
Andrew Noble
Andrew Noble’s
Andrew Nol
Andrew Norman
Andrew Novule
Andrew O. Bain
Andrew Office—
Andrew Olark Sir Andrew Clark
Andrew Omni
Andrew On
Andrew Orval
Andrew Orval Woolsey
Andrew O’Donnell
Andrew P Comer
Andrew P. Baird
Andrew P. Currier
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Papineau
Andrew Parrel
Andrew Parsons
Andrew Patrick
Andrew Patrick David
Andrew Patrick Ryan
Andrew Patterson
Andrew Pattullo
Andrew Pattulo
Andrew Paul Baird
Andrew Paul McCredse
Andrew Pcr- Pauline Ringrose
Andrew Peebles
Andrew Pelletier
Andrew Pelltier
Andrew Pender
Andrew Penny
Andrew Pepall
Andrew Pepin
Andrew Per
Andrew Per-
Andrew Per- Michael Sullivan
Andrew Per- Ministry
Andrew Per- Proposed
Andrew Per-day
Andrew Per-Pontiac Reception Centre
Andrew Perault
Andrew Percy Bennett-
Andrew Perie
Andrew Perrault
Andrew Perrault 100.00
Andrew Perrault ENT
Andrew Perrault Pictured
Andrew Perreault
Andrew Perries
Andrew PERSONAL MENTION { Nails Barrister
Andrew Perth
Andrew Peterman
Andrew Peters
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Phil-
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Pi
Andrew Piche
Andrew Piiie
Andrew Pikik
Andrew Pikje
Andrew Pilon
Andrew Pine
Andrew Pine Church
Andrew Piria
Andrew Piric
Andrew Pirie
Andrew Pirie’a
Andrew Pirik
Andrew Pollock
Andrew Popliger
Andrew Potter
Andrew Poupore
Andrew Pours
Andrew Prit
Andrew Pritchard
Andrew Private James Marshall
Andrew Proposé
Andrew Proposed
Andrew Provincial TRY THEM.
Andrew Pumas
Andrew Qfpoofnmrtf
Andrew R Galloway
Andrew R John
Andrew R-
Andrew R. Campbell TUESDAY
Andrew R<>*s
Andrew Randolph
Andrew Rath
Andrew Ravelin
Andrew Raymond Aren
Andrew Regan
Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid/Lori
Andrew Restaurant Rocky
Andrew Retty
Andrew Rhode Island
Andrew Rich ar<Lice Cotton Knitted
Andrew Richard
Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards 2. Toilet Set—Mrs Thomts Reid
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Ritchie
Andrew Rob-
Andrew Robert-
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Romain
Andrew Romain Campbell
Andrew Rome
Andrew Rooney
Andrew Rosa
Andrew Rose
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 1887-88
Andrew Rowat
Andrew Roy
Andrew Roy McDonald
Andrew Roy.
Andrew Ruaftell
Andrew Rus-ell
Andrew Russ
Andrew Russe
Andrew Russel
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell and Hugh G. Kossett
Andrew Russell and Margaret Stewart
Andrew Russell Campbell
Andrew Russell Celebrate Sixty-fourth Wedding
Andrew Russell Dean
Andrew Russell Dean Passes
Andrew Russell MRS.
Andrew Russell Robertson
Andrew Russell Sr
Andrew Russell Sr.
Andrew Russell W
Andrew Russell—un
Andrew Ru—ell
Andrew Ryan
Andrew s Knox
Andrew s Knox United Chuch
Andrew s Knox United Church
Andrew s Knox United Donald Sharpe
Andrew S Miiiour
Andrew s W A. Hold Monthly Meeting Stephens
Andrew s Young Peoples Ont.
Andrew S!y
Andrew S''y
Andrew S-KnOX W.
Andrew S. Kwiug
Andrew Sample
Andrew Sanborn
Andrew Sancton
Andrew Sandham
Andrew Schauer
Andrew Schizkoske
Andrew School
Andrew Schultz
Andrew Scobie
Andrew Semple
Andrew Senecal
Andrew Sennett
Andrew Seville
Andrew Sf Campbell’s Bay Father Pelletier 10:30
Andrew Sff Itef’&rri
Andrew Sfr
Andrew Shandro
Andrew Shannon
Andrew Shawville
Andrew Shawville Black Hawks
Andrew Shawville Pontlacs
Andrew Shawvn© Dale
Andrew Shea
Andrew Sheenboro McDonald
Andrew Sherman
Andrew Shiavetti
Andrew Shields
Andrew Shot
Andrew Sibley
Andrew Sij^
Andrew Simmentals
Andrew Simms
Andrew Simms Caisse
Andrew Simms Shawville
Andrew Simms Trophy
Andrew Sims
Andrew Sinints
Andrew Sirois
Andrew Sisters Impersonators
Andrew Sloan
Andrew Sluder
Andrew Slv
Andrew Sly
Andrew Sly Andrews
Andrew Sly Clarendon
Andrew Sly Farm Forum Council Dies
Andrew Sly Gordon McMillan
Andrew Sly Mary-
Andrew Sly Vice-President
Andrew Smart
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Bhe
Andrew Smith(lO
Andrew Snroule
Andrew Sonstrom
Andrew Soutar
Andrew Spencer
Andrew Spinale
Andrew Sport**v Aylmer
Andrew St Martin
Andrew St.
Andrew Stafford
Andrew Stalkle
Andrew Stentlm-Holbrook
Andrew Stephanie
Andrew Stephens
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens Shawville
Andrew Stew Silver
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart William Cruickshank
Andrew Stoppa
Andrew Strong
Andrew Strutt
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Sy
Andrew Syrett
Andrew Szigeti
Andrew S‘y
Andrew S’y
Andrew T .
Andrew T. Ward
Andrew Tait
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Rescued Ju.t
Andrew Telfer
Andrew Telford
Andrew The
Andrew This
Andrew Thivierge
Andrew Thom
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thomson
Andrew Tiitix*
Andrew Tippiits
Andrew Tipping
Andrew Tippins
Andrew Tippish
Andrew Todd"
Andrew Tollman
Andrew Toncalvcs
Andrew Tracey
Andrew Tracy
Andrew Tracy Montreal
Andrew Tracy V
Andrew Trader
Andrew Trout Lake Road
Andrew Tub-Marion Porter
Andrew Tubman
Andrew Tubman Diane Stephens.....647-5855 Trisha White
Andrew Tubman Russell
Andrew Tubman Sr
Andrew Tubman’s
Andrew Tuhman
Andrew Tun-
Andrew Turcote
Andrew Turcott
Andrew Turcotte
Andrew Turcotte 3.00
Andrew Turcotte Gen
Andrew Turcotte Meat
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner et Joan Turner
Andrew Un
Andrew United
Andrew Uwnon
Andrew Uy-
Andrew Uy.m
Andrew V Carrier
Andrew V Currier
Andrew V Knox Bristol Bbte Study Thursday
Andrew V Knox Bristol Bible Study
Andrew Vaillancourt
Andrew Vallianteourt
Andrew Varn
Andrew Varneg
Andrew Varvaris
Andrew Vaughan
Andrew Vaughn
Andrew Vender Muelen
Andrew Victor Sykes
Andrew Village
Andrew Vine
Andrew Vinters
Andrew VOf*
Andrew Vyl Fades
Andrew W Dagg
Andrew W Tubman
Andrew W. Tubman
Andrew Wa/rer Ryan Wood Tim Thompson
Andrew Walker Fleck
Andrew Walter
Andrew Walters
Andrew War
Andrew War-
Andrew War- Renfrew
Andrew War- Thursday
Andrew War-rin
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren At
Andrew Warren Atoms
Andrew Warren I__
Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Andrew Warren Metcalfe
Andrew Warren OOD(Kneemg
Andrew Warren Ralph McColgan
Andrew Warren Troy Concordia
Andrew Warren Wade Warren) Second Period Penalties Shawville Wade Warren
Andrew Warren) Juniors
Andrew Warren.
Andrew Warrens
Andrew Warrin
Andrew Waters Protection Act
Andrew We
Andrew Wei-
Andrew Weldon
Andrew Wellington Haviin
Andrew Wendell
Andrew Werten
Andrew Wesley
Andrew Wesley Tubman
Andrew Wesley Tubmen
Andrew Whalen
Andrew Whelan
Andrew White
Andrew Wickens
Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wil Walsh’s Sail
Andrew Wiliuer Hodgms
Andrew William
Andrew William Dagg
Andrew William Haughton
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Winnipeg
Andrew Wittig
Andrew Wm
Andrew Woodall
Andrew Wool- Valley
Andrew Woolsey
Andrew Wor-
Andrew Worren
Andrew Worrerv-Mike Murphy
Andrew Worron
Andrew Yakabuskie
Andrew Yearling
Andrew Young
Andrew Y’oung
Andrew Zimmerling
Andrew" Russell
Andrew* Murray
Andrew* Presbyterian
Andrew- Judd
Andrew......... Madame Mrs. Salmon John Stafford
Andrew.......... Frost
Andrew’s W M.S.
Andy MacDonald
Angus MacDonald
Ann Mac Donald
Ann Macdonald
Anne Maloney Donald Ac Brenda Maloney Morgan
Annie Murray Andrew
Apply Donald Fraser
Archdeacon Andrew
Armstrong Macdonald College
Arthur Henderson Ramsay Macdonald
Arthur Lang* Cyrus MacDonald
Associa Andrew s
At Mrs. Andrew Flood
Atchie Macdonald
Auditor Andrew Daley
Auditor Andrew Daley*
Auditor Andrew Daley’s
Audrey Macdonald
Aunt Lola Hear- Andrew Roy
Austin Andrew Farrell
A‘ V" Patrick Me Donald 7
B.C. Also Donald
Bar Andrew Bradley Murray
Barbara MacDonald
Barbara’s Andrew
Barber and Andrew Sly
Barber Andrew Dale
Barber Dave McDowell Roy Eacfarlane Andrew Sly J.
Barber has Andrew
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander Goalies
Barry Andrew Turner
Barry Foster Stitt Macdonald College
Bay Bristol Charge Rev. Donald A. Sharpe St Andrews Knox United
Bay Bristol Charge Rev. Donald A. Sharpe Starks Comers
Bay Council Donald Letts
Bay Mrs. Andrew Flood
Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald
Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Campbell
Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Fred
Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald St Pierre
Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Su
Bay Untied Rev Angus MacDonald
Bee Andrew Hodglns
Bella Mr. Andrew Haviland
Ben Macdonald
Ben Macdonald Brian Murphy
Ben MacDonald Photos
Ben MacDonald Watch
Benjamin Donald
Bérard Andrew Brennan Andrew
Bernie MacDonald
Betty Grable MacDonald Carey Langford
Betty MacDonald
Betty Young Donald Burton
Bey United Rev Angus MacDonald
Bey United Rev Angus MacDonald Hun
Bill Donald
Bill MacDonald
Billy Kenne- Donald Graveline
Bishop Donald N. Baatian Muaic
Bishop Donald N. Bastian
Bonnie Donald Duck Dog Food
Bonnie MacDonald
Bonnie Sue Crulkshank Mrs Fred Andrew Dickson Gariy Bradley Ricky Hodgins
Bounty Andrew Ben-
Boyd Andrew
Br Andrew
Br Andrew F Turner
Brad Kohlsrrwfh Patrick Grout* Jason Lavigne Trevor Golka Andrew Boyle PJ Voillancourt Dave Luskasa
Brandon Nugent Andrew Cahill
Bren- Mrs Andrew Halverson Mrs Pearl McCleary
Brent Andrew Liya
Brent Donald
Brewery Donald S. Hodgins BP“" E»P
Brian Andrew
Brian Harney Donald
Brian MacDonald
Brian W. Donald L. Healy Fisher’s
Brown Andrew Turcotte
Brown Si*» Donald Wilson
Bruce Andrew Bennett
Bruce Donald
Bruce Homer Mrs Donald Dods
Bruce MacDonald
Bryan MacDonald
Bucking-with Andrew Warren
Buddy - Smith Engaged Armstrong - Orr St Andrew
By Andrew
By Andrew Bennett Andrew Bennett
By Andrew F. Carrier
By Andrew F. Curlier
By Andrew F. Currier
By Andrew K Currter
By Andrew K. Currier
C A. Donald McCulloch
C O D. Donald Walker
C"rs Andrew Robertson
C. Andrew
Cakes Del MacDonald
Call Andrew 647-2502 Beechgrove
Calvin MacDonald
Campbell Andrew
Campeau Andrew McLachlin
Captain Andrew Lett
Captain Donald McMillan
Care Andrew J. Davis
Carmen Andrew Keen
Carol Donald 11.00
Carolyn Mack St Andrew
Carrie Macdonald
Carried Andrew Daly
Carried Andrew Farrell
Cathy Cathy Hunter MacDonald
Certificates Andrew
Charles and Andrew
Charles and Andrew Dickson
Charles and Donald
Charles D. Donald
Charles Donald
Charles Donald Elliott
Charles Donald.
Charles MacDonald
Charles Portal Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham
Cheese Jolly Miller Crystals Orange Flavor Donald Duck Grapefruit Juice Red Rose Reg
Childs Turnout Donald TRUDEAU* Single Thompson
Christine Knight MacDonald
Christopher Andrew
Christopher Lee Andrew Keir
Church Andrew
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Clarence Andrew Roy
Clarence Dean Donald Dods
Clarence MacDonald
Clarendon Wl Gwenyth Strutt Andrew Elliott
Claude Macdonald
Clay MacDonald
Clayben Alexander MacDONALD
Clayben MacDonald
Clr Edgar Sloan Donald Letts
Cnclr Andrew Perrault
Colleen Davis Mae MacDonald
Colleen Kelly MacDonald
Commander Donald H. MacMillan
Commander Donald h0
Commander Eugene F. MacDonald’s
COmmerciêl Andrew Knox Church
Commissioner* Andrew Mv-1>ne
Con-and Andrew Tubman
Connie Harris Andrew Turcotte
Connie O Donnell Andrew Devine
Conrad Andrew Monette
Conseillers Donald
Conspirators Andrew
Constable Andrew Tilley
Corrigan Gary Hodglns Gary Hodglns Group Class Donald Corrigan Junior
Cory Andrew
Councillif1 Andrew Daley
Councillor Andrew
Councillor Andrew Carroll
Councillor Andrew Daley
Councillor Andrew Perrault
Councillor Andrew Perrault Portage
Councillor Andrew Perreault
Councillor Donald Sloan
Councillor Joseph Donald Letts
Councillors Andrew Bennett
Councillors Andrew Perrault
Councillors Donald
CouncUlor Andrew Perrault
CouncUlor Andrew Rectory Road
Cr Andrew
Cr Andrew Bennett
Cr Andrew Per Sheen Road
Cr Armstrong Alter Donald
Crs Andrew
Crs Andrew Bennett
Crs Andrew Bennett 6:15
Crs Andrew Bennett Lindsay
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Crs Andrew Gerard Joanisse
Crs Donald
Ct Andrew Bennett
Ctayben MacDonald
Cts Andrew Bennett
Cyril* MacDonald
Cyrus Atkinson Coach Kelly Finlan Andrew McCredie
Cyrus MacDonald
Cyrux Macdonald Richard Olmstead
D.igg—that Andrew Daly
Dale Answer To Donald By Subscription
Dale Hiram Davis Dora Harris Elgin Hobbs Ruth Hobbs David Hodgins Irma Howard Donald Johnston Doris
Dale Master Donald Hodgins Miss Marion Smyth Grant Gibson
Dale Robertson Technicolor Donald Sinden Dale Robertson Technicolor THURSDAY
Daley Andrew Daley Air
Daniel MacDonald
Danny MacDonald
Darren Barry Donald Richard Larocque Janet Beauchemin
Dave Donald Sharpes
Dave Moore Andrew Lang
David Andrew Belanger
David Donald
David Donald Perry
David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
David Han Andrew’s
David MacDonald
David Macdonald Stewart
David Mat Donald
David Moore Andrew Dale
David Moore Andrew Murton
David Russell Mrs. R. G. Hodgins Andrew Sly
David Smith Andrew
David Wees Macdonald College
Dean Mrs Elson Smiley Mrs Donald Corrigan The
Denial Andrew
Department—Andrew Grant
Derek Frobel Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Jeremy Jones Steven Alexander Don Dubé Goalies
Derek MacDonald
Diane MacDonald
Diane McGee’s MacDonald
Diane Pjric Mr Mrs. Donald Earley
Directors Andrew Sly
Don Dods Donald
Don MacDonald
Don-Andrew K Russell
Donald Wanderers Mr X SATURDAY
Donald !
Donald ShawviUe Recreation Hockey League ShawviUe Lion
Donald Shawville Mosquitoes
Donald !
Donald "
Donald "Duck” Trudeau
Donald "Pomme Romain
Donald "Pomme" Romain
Donald # Certificat
Donald & Danny Trudeau
Donald & Eunice SUCC.
Donald & Evelyn Duff
Donald & Gisele Evans
Donald & Linda Norman Wiggins
Donald & Louise Lavallée
Donald & Margaret Ann Foran
Donald & Roneld
Donald (Campbell
Donald (Duck) Trudeau
Donald * Mr.
Donald -
Donald - Linda Whitney
Donald - Sept.
Donald - Suddenly James
Donald - Words
Donald -2817
Donald .a
Donald .go
Donald .of
Donald 0f
Donald 0f Shaw
Donald 0strom
Donald 0strom Correspondent
Donald 0strom Ottawa
Donald 0’Cod
Donald 1990
Donald 2642
Donald 2726 Fraser
Donald 3. Aside Dickson
Donald 3. Dagg
Donald 54»782bm9
Donald 613-225-2411 2ba28
Donald 648-2376 A- Gordon
Donald 648-2376 OTC Wilson
Donald 648-2376 SHAGGY Male
Donald 7-2427 7-2968 7-2519 7-2858 7-2418 7-2830
Donald 7-2475 7-2267
Donald 7-2579 -2746 Tubman
Donald 7-2632 Fullord
Donald 7-2644
Donald 7-2644 Kopp Laboratories
Donald 7-2653 Rooney
Donald 7-2726 Atkinson
Donald 7-2726 Eraser’s Mens Wear
Donald 7-2903 7-2752 7-38601 Garrison
Donald 7-2951 Rooney
Donald 7-3751 Rooney
Donald 7-3816 Garrison
Donald 86141b Canada
Donald 900.00
Donald =ndaS1 ‘°r Maryland Sat
Donald ?
Donald A
Donald A 9
Donald A Baker
Donald A Baker Dies From Paralytic Stroke Phone
Donald A Dorothy Simpson
Donald A Jo Ann Sharpe
Donald A Letts
Donald A Mayfred Doda Ronnie
Donald A McTtemsn
Donald A Sharpe St Andrews-Knox
Donald A Shirley Paul
Donald A Smith
Donald A Stanton
Donald A.
Donald A. Baker
Donald A. Boulden
Donald A. Laird
Donald A. Laird For Stamp
Donald A. Laird And
Donald A. McIntosh
Donald A. Mclr>tosh
Donald A. Raker
Donald A. Sharpe
Donald A. Sharpe St
Donald A. Sharpe St Andrews Knox
Donald A. Sharpe St Andrews Knox United
Donald A. Sharpe St Andrews--Knox United
Donald A. Sharpe St Andrews-Knox
Donald A. Sharpe St Andrews-Knox United
Donald A. Sharpe St Andrew»-Knox
Donald A. Sharpe Starks Comers
Donald A. Sharpe Tel NOTAIRE
Donald A. Sharpe Visitors Welcome
Donald A. Smith
Donald A. Stewart Sale
Donald A. Williams
Donald Acres
Donald Ada Daley
Donald Adam
Donald Agenda
Donald Al Shawville
Donald Alban
Donald Alexander
Donald Alexander.
Donald Allan
Donald Allan Woods
Donald Allard
Donald Allen
Donald Allen Woods
Donald Alleyn 5-18
Donald Allumette East
Donald Also
Donald Ambridge
Donald and
Donald and Betty
Donald and Cathy Belec.
Donald and Clifford
Donald and David Clouthier Albert Waito
Donald and David Corrigan
Donald and Edward
Donald and Evelyn
Donald and Joan Woermke
Donald and Margaret
Donald and Margaret Me—
Donald and Nancy
Donald and Ross Campbell
Donald and William
Donald Andiew
Donald Andrew MacDonald
Donald Andrew*
Donald Andrews
Donald Andrews- Interment
Donald Andrew»
Donald Angie Retty
Donald Angn*
Donald Angus
Donald Angus Dorrance
Donald Ar-
Donald Arbour
Donald Arm
Donald Armi- W.
Donald Armitage
Donald Armitage Barber
Donald Armstrong
Donald Art MacIntyre
Donald Arthur
Donald Arthur Rat*
Donald Arthur Seymour
Donald Arthurs
Donald Ar__________________
Donald As
Donald Asa Horner
Donald Asay
Donald At
Donald at# Louise Lavallee
Donald Atwater
Donald B Munro Dr
Donald B Munro Or
Donald B Munro Or Watch
Donald B Murvo Of
Donald B Smith
Donald B. Mac-the
Donald B.O.
Donald Backman
Donald Badges Vhc
Donald Bain Monteitb
Donald Baine
Donald Bakci
Donald Baker
Donald Baker 1
Donald Baker December Service
Donald Baker Fancy Turkish Towelling Strong
Donald Baker FOR
Donald Baker For Sale
Donald Baker Gold Label Shirts
Donald Baker I
Donald Baker---
Donald Baker•
Donald Bam
Donald Banks
Donald Bannister
Donald Barbara Shelly Skew
Donald Barnett
Donald Barracudas
Donald Barrett) Vir-
Donald Baseball Sharpe
Donald Baxter
Donald Baxter MacMillan
Donald Bay
Donald Bayne
Donald Bclcc
Donald Bclec
Donald Be Campbell
Donald Be Hand
Donald Be-tembre
Donald Bean
Donald Beaudoin
Donald Beaudois
Donald Beaumont Bloomfield
Donald Beckett
Donald Bedard
Donald Beechgrove De
Donald Begaley
Donald Bel
Donald Belanger
Donald Belec
Donald Belec 300.
Donald Bélec Bertrand
Donald Bélec [1ern Hoy Marilyn
Donald Belec)
Donald Bélec* Shawville
Donald Belec.
Donald Belgian Brood Marc - Brian Crabb
Donald Bélisle
Donald Bell
Donald Belland
Donald Belland Çhiçhesler Mayor:
Donald Belshcr
Donald Belsher
Donald Berdard
Donald Bertrand
Donald Bev Young
Donald Bfelland
Donald Bigelow
Donald Biker
Donald Bill
Donald Bills
Donald Birthday
Donald Black
Donald Blackada
Donald Blackadnr
Donald Blais
Donald Blanch-trd
Donald Blanchard
Donald Bliss
Donald Bods
Donald Boom
Donald Bou-
Donald Boucher
Donald Boucner
Donald Bower
Donald Boyd
Donald Bradley
Donald Bravley
Donald Bray
Donald Brayiey
Donald Brayley
Donald Brayley Huissier
Donald Brayley Huissier 01015
Donald Brayley Huissier Waters
Donald Brayley Waters
Donald Brennan
Donald Brett McDonald
Donald Brian Corriveau
Donald Bright
Donald Bristol
Donald Brown
Donald Brownlee
Donald Brownrigg
Donald Bruce
Donald Bruce Macdonald
Donald Budge
Donald Bui
Donald Burden
Donald Burden Mr.
Donald Burgees
Donald Burke
Donald Burton
Donald Burton Dorothy Burton Mary DeGuire Ernest Eady Earl Fraser Joan Glenn Eleanor Graham _ .Jean
Donald Burton.
Donald Bush
Donald By-Law
Donald Byington
Donald C
Donald C aern T* Sons Ltd
Donald C Griffin Architect
Donald C McLach-
Donald C McLean
Donald C Munro
Donald C Smith
Donald C. Nickel
Donald C. Robertson
Donald C. Smith
Donald C. Smith B.A.
Donald C. Smith BA
Donald C. Smith Cold
Donald C. Smith RE-
Donald Cahill
Donald Cald-wel
Donald Caldwell
Donald Callahan
Donald Calling
Donald Caltborp
Donald Calumet Island’s
Donald Cam- Shawville
Donald Cameron
Donald Cameron 340
Donald Cameron Arrives Home HARRY BOWDEN Mr. Calvin Meunier
Donald Camp
Donald Camp- Shawville
Donald Campbell
Donald Campbell Campbell
Donald CampbeU
Donald Carlseen
Donald Carmen
Donald Carmen -
Donald Carol Tollman
Donald Carr
Donald Carri-
Donald Carrie
Donald Carroll
Donald Carson
Donald Cart
Donald Cartman
Donald Carty
Donald Celtege One
Donald Cemetery
Donald Chamber
Donald Chamberlain
Donald Chamberlin
Donald Charles
Donald Charron
Donald Chasel
Donald Chasl
Donald Chasle
Donald Chasles
Donald Chevalier
Donald Chevrier
Donald Chief
Donald Chipman
Donald Chisholm
Donald Choi"
Donald Chuck McCoigan
Donald City
Donald Civil War
Donald Clapham
Donald Clarendon
Donald Clark TILLAGE Bush
Donald Cleland
Donald Clouth
Donald Clouthicr
Donald Clouthier
Donald Clouthier 2
Donald Clouthier 3
Donald Code
Donald Coggins
Donald Coghill
Donald Coghill Miss Jocelyn Houghton
Donald Coghill Mr.
Donald College
Donald College And
Donald Comgan
Donald Conley
Donald Connelly
Donald Connelly Betty
Donald Connelly Michael Sarrazin
Donald Connely
Donald Connolly
Donald Conseiller John Lawn
Donald Consultatif
Donald Cook
Donald Cook Mrs.
Donald Cooney
Donald Cor-
Donald Cordon
Donald Cordwell Kenneth Trudeau
Donald Cornel’y
Donald Cornwall
Donald Corri- ADF.
Donald Corrigan
Donald Corrigan 2.00
Donald Corrigan Bruce
Donald Corrigan Donald Corrigan Female Bom Jan 1st
Donald Corrigan FREE ESTIMATES
Donald Corrigan Gary Hodglns Donald Corrigan Female
Donald Corrigan Section
Donald Corrigan.
Donald Corrigan’s
Donald Corse
Donald Corsette
Donald Coulton
Donald Courtney
Donald Cox
Donald Cragg
Donald Craie
Donald Craig
Donald Crawford
Donald Crawford-
Donald Cready
Donald Creighton
Donald Crisp
Donald Crisp Marj Reynolds
Donald Crisp Walt Disney Story
Donald Croisdale
Donald Crook
Donald Crotty
Donald Crouse
Donald Crozier
Donald Cslrom Correspondent
Donald Cuirie
Donald Cullen
Donald Culross Pcattie
Donald Culross Peat-tie
Donald Cummins
Donald Cur-
Donald Curfie
Donald Currie
Donald Currie Was
Donald Cutler
Donald D
Donald D. Farrell
Donald D. White
Donald Dads
Donald Dads Office
Donald Dagenais
Donald Dagg
Donald Dagwnaia
Donald Dahjik»
Donald Dahma
Donald Dahms
Donald Dahms Confession
Donald Dahms What
Donald Daly
Donald Dame
Donald Darlington
Donald Dart
Donald David
Donald David Donahue
Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson Mrs. William Creighton Miss Yvonne Dupuis
Donald Davis
Donald Day
Donald Dcbonairc’s
Donald Dcds
Donald Dcrouin
Donald De-
Donald Dean
Donald Dean H C Rowat
Donald Deans
Donald Deborah (Yuhaas
Donald Decks
Donald DeCosta
Donald Dell
Donald Delorme
Donald Demen
Donald Demers
Donald Demers Ottawa
Donald Demet
Donald Der
Donald Der-ouin
Donald Derouin
Donald Derouin Mar-
Donald Derouln
Donald Deroutn
Donald Dery
Donald Des-
Donald Desa-
Donald Desa- Shirley Archambault
Donald Desa-Kingsbury
Donald Desabrais
Donald Desebrais
Donald Desjardins
Donald Desmond Roo
Donald Desmond Rooney
Donald Després
Donald Dess Joey Cummings
Donald Dhu
Donald Dial Telephones Listing To Date
Donald Dick
Donald Dickson
Donald Dim
Donald Dim A Son J E Russell A
Donald Din-the
Donald Dinnie
Donald Dittbumer
Donald Dixls
Donald Dixon
Donald Dlnnie
Donald DocLs
Donald Doda
Donald Dodd
Donald Dodds
Donald Dodi
Donald Dodier
Donald Dods
Donald Dods and Margaret Horne
Donald Dods Charles Liberman Stonehaven Flower Shop Clifford McLarnon
Donald Dods Mr.
Donald Dods Office
Donald Dods Scotia
Donald Dods Susan
Donald Don
Donald Donald
Donald Donaldson
Donald Donna
Donald Donnelly
Donald Donnie.
Donald Donohue
Donald Donp»
Donald Dor Birtle Peck
Donald Doré
Donald Doré Jean-François Cloutier Daniel Potvin David Gauthier Sylvain Dufour Bernard Guénette Jos
Donald Dorothy Ireland
Donald Dorothy Pitts
Donald Dorrance
Donald Dorranse
Donald Doug Gauthier
Donald Douglas
Donald Drake
Donald Draper
Donald Drew
Donald Drive
Donald Drummond
Donald Duane
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 1.36 L
Donald Duck 1.36 L Un From Concentrate
Donald Duck 1.82 L
Donald Duck 3/.
Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck Chilled Clover
Donald Duck Chilled Orange Juiice Weston Crullers
Donald Duck Florida GRAPEFRUIT
Donald Duck Frozen Orange
Donald Duck Frozen Orange Juice
Donald Duck Milk Bread
Donald Duck Milk Bread David Strawberry Tarts Spring Garden Salad Dressing
Donald Duck Milk Bread I#
Donald Duck Milk Breed
Donald Duck Orange Juiceiooz
Donald Duck Sweet or
Donald Duck Sweetened Grapefruit Juice
Donald Duck Sweetened or
Donald Duck Unsweet 450ml Admiral 1.79 Grapefruit Juice
Donald Duck Unsweet Blended Juice
Donald Duck Unsweet Grapefruit Juice
Donald Duck Unsweetened & Sweetened Hot Chocolate Royale Facial Tissue Grapefruit
Donald Duck Unsweetened Grapefruit
Donald Duck Unsweetened GRAPEFRUIT JUICE
Donald Duck Unsweetened Grapfruit Juice Assorted Dog Food Dr.
Donald Duck Unsweetened lb
Donald Duck.
Donald Duf(
Donald Duff
Donald Duff - Senior Holstein
Donald Duff 1
Donald Duff 3*
Donald Duff 6
Donald Duff A
Donald Duff A Son J E Russell A Sons Walter Kllgour A Son J E Barber & Sons
Donald Duff Corporal Claude Bouchard
Donald Duff Councillor
Donald Duff Edwin Plrle A Son Walter Kllgour
Donald Duff Janet Donations
Donald Duff John Dutf Itch
Donald Duff Jr Female
Donald Duff Liam Daley
Donald Duff Lorene Hod
Donald Duff Motion Crs Orr
Donald Duff Mr. Carswell
Donald Duff Presented
Donald Duff President- Winston Me Bane
Donald Duff Tubman
Donald Duff Warmful
Donald Duff- Senior Holstein- Charles Pirie
Donald DUFF. A.
Donald Duffs
Donald Duffs 3
Donald Duff’s Brysoa
Donald DufT
Donald DufY
Donald Dull
Donald Dull*2
Donald Dun
Donald Duncan
Donald Duncan -
Donald Duncan Angua Enid Audrey Bates Weds Donald Duncan Angus
Donald Duncan Angus
Donald Duncan Levere
Donald Duquette
Donald Durant
Donald Dutf....... John Dods
Donald DutTbelng
Donald Dvaidson Fred Dale
Donald Dyke
Donald E Acres
Donald E Wylie
Donald E- Full
Donald E. Acres
Donald E. Hudson
Donald E. Ruth- His
Donald E. Rutherford
Donald E. Simla
Donald E. Wylie Nov.
Donald Eades
Donald Earl
Donald Earley
Donald Early
Donald Ebert
Donald Eddy
Donald Edgar
Donald Education
Donald Edward Douglas
Donald Edwin White
Donald Edwin.
Donald Eldon Ostrom
Donald Election
Donald Elliott
Donald Elliott 82.2
Donald Ellis
Donald Elmira
Donald Emergency Measures
Donald Emerson
Donald Emile Rule
Donald Emmcrsonr
Donald Emmer- Today
Donald Emmerson
Donald English Pleasure
Donald Eraser
Donald Eric at
Donald Erley
Donald Ettinger
Donald ÊüfÜü Mielke
Donald Evans
Donald Ewen
Donald Except
Donald Eyre
Donald F
Donald F Campbell
Donald F Runcc-8.50 Powell
Donald F Runge
Donald F Runge -
Donald F Runge 113.58
Donald F Runge 2.63
Donald F Runge Ltd
Donald F Runge Ltd.
Donald F Runge Printers
Donald F Runge Typewriter Peter Gauthier
Donald F Rungv
Donald F*
Donald F. Campbell
Donald F. Clausen
Donald F. McKechnie
Donald F. Rungc
Donald F. Runge
Donald F. Runge Ltd.
Donald F. Runge Ltd. 22.20
Donald Fades
Donald Fairboiro
Donald Fairgrieve
Donald Family
Donald Farm
Donald Farquharson
Donald Farrell
Donald Farrell And
Donald February
Donald Feltmate
Donald Female
Donald Ferguson
Donald Ferguton
Donald Ferquharson
Donald Ferquherson
Donald Fielding
Donald Final
Donald Find
Donald Findlay
Donald Findlay Mrs. Leonard Smith
Donald Findley
Donald Fkaskk
Donald Fkaskr
Donald Fleming
Donald Fleury
Donald Flood
Donald Florence
Donald Fo-
Donald Following
Donald FOR SALE-hay
Donald Foran
Donald Forarr
Donald Forbes
Donald Fortin
Donald Fouette
Donald Fra
Donald Fra*kr
Donald Fra-er
Donald Fraher
Donald Frahkii
Donald Frahkr
Donald Fram
Donald Francoeur
Donald Frasbr
Donald Fraser
Donald Fraser and Nancy Sherman
Donald Fraser Charteris
Donald Fraser Coming Events
Donald Fraser Mrs. Isadora Coulis
Donald Fraser R.
Donald Fraser Total
Donald Fraser.
Donald Fraser.......
Donald Fraser............. Cyrus
Donald Fraser’s
Donald Fraser’s Mens Wear Free Methodist Parsonage
Donald Fraskp
Donald Frederick
Donald Frederick c/o K P M G Inc
Donald Frederick.
Donald French
Donald Fui-
Donald Ful-
Donald Ful-ford
Donald Fulford
Donald Fuller
Donald Fullord
Donald Furniture
Donald fWk Sid Krueger
Donald G
Donald G Boyd
Donald G Hodgins
Donald G. Alexander
Donald G. Boyd
Donald G. Hodgins
Donald G. Hodglns
Donald G. Paul
Donald Gabie
Donald Gable Kazabazua
Donald Gag
Donald Gag-
Donald Gag- No
Donald Gagnon
Donald Gagnon If
Donald Gagnon - Chichester
Donald Gagnon and Betty Harkins
Donald Gagnon If
Donald Gagnon John Richard Cavey Fournier
Donald Gagnon Ken Pack Andrew Perrault Barry Moffatt Located
Donald Gagnon Libelles
Donald Gagnon MANSFIELD
Donald Gagnon Mayor
Donald Gagnon Philippe
Donald Gagnon Seat
Donald Gagnon*
Donald Gagnon* Seat
Donald Gamble
Donald Gamble His
Donald Gamble Jr.
Donald Gamble RN
Donald Ganger
Donald Garrison
Donald Gates
Donald Gatincauu Power Co. Hodgms
Donald Gau-treau
Donald Gauthier
Donald Gauthier Daughter
Donald Gauthier Stephen
Donald Gauthier Wayne Shepherd
Donald Gauvriau
Donald Gavan
Donald Gavan That
Donald Gay
Donald Gend-|
Donald Gendron
Donald George Smith
Donald Georgetown Streaker
Donald Gerrard
Donald Gerravd
Donald Gibson Street
Donald Gideon Service Ultramar Heating Sales
Donald Gilchrist
Donald Gilles
Donald Glen Lappierre
Donald Glenn Cougler
Donald God- Beattie
Donald Gordon
Donald Gordon Addresses Weekly Newspaper Editors
Donald Gordon Darlington
Donald Gordon Paul
Donald Gordon Says Consumer Rationing May Be
Donald Gorse
Donald Gou-lah
Donald Goulet
Donald Gra Emile Morn
Donald Grade
Donald Graham
Donald Grandpa
Donald Grant
Donald Grant.
Donald Gravalina
Donald Gravclme
Donald Gravdine
Donald Grave
Donald Grave-nagh
Donald Gravel
Donald Gravelinc McElligott
Donald Graveline
Donald Graveline A Co. Contestants
Donald Graveline Jr.
Donald Graveline Jr. Lynn Moorehead
Donald Graveline Spending Easter
Donald Graveline Sr
Donald Graveline Sr.
Donald GraveUne Blaine
Donald Gray
Donald Greer
Donald Griffin
Donald Gunn
Donald Gwlght Thomoflon
Donald Gyles
Donald H T McDowell 2
Donald H.
Donald Hallam
Donald Hamlcy
Donald Hamm
Donald Han
Donald Hanna’s
Donald Happy
Donald Harbor
Donald Harbour
Donald Harkins
Donald Harold Malette
Donald Harris
Donald Harry
Donald Hartman
Donald Hastings
Donald Havelin
Donald Havens
Donald Hayes
Donald He
Donald Heap
Donald Hearty
Donald Heatlie
Donald Hector Maclean
Donald Hein
Donald Hel-mer
Donald Helmer
Donald Hérault
Donald Hertmen
Donald Hetfler
Donald Hetty
Donald Heury
Donald Hharjie
Donald Hiker Lowest
Donald Hill
Donald Hilts
Donald Hilts —
Donald Himmelman
Donald Hines
Donald HIV
Donald Hobbs
Donald Hod
Donald Hod-
Donald Hodgina
Donald Hodgins
Donald Hodgins Ashbury
Donald Hodgins Cathy Young
Donald Hodgins Electric
Donald Hodgins Electric McColgan
Donald Hodgins Electrical
Donald Hodgins Electrical Installations Inc. Shawville
Donald Hodgins Tne
Donald Hodglns
Donald Hodgms
Donald Hods
Donald Holland
Donald Home
Donald Homer
Donald Homer LeGuemer
Donald Homer’s
Donald Homer’s Silver Maple Dale
Donald Honniger
Donald Honor
Donald Horner
Donald Horner 2
Donald Horner Sec.
Donald Horner Workshops
Donald Horner’s Silver Maple Betsy True Tell
Donald Hornet
Donald Hospitil
Donald How
Donald Howard
Donald Howard Bulmer
Donald Howe
Donald Hoy Chamberlin
Donald Hugh Proudfoot
Donald Hugh.
Donald Hughes
Donald Hummel
Donald Humor
Donald Hunt
Donald Hunter
Donald Hynes
Donald I
Donald I Demers
Donald Î Get
Donald I J. P. Wilson
Donald I Russell
Donald I Sharpe
Donald I'',
Donald Î1. McDonald
Donald Ik
Donald Ilodgins
Donald Imre
Donald In
Donald Interment
Donald Irafford
Donald Irouiieau
Donald Irwin
Donald Irwin Wednesday
Donald Ivan Grant
Donald Ivan Wyman
Donald IVmers
Donald I^etts
Donald I’m
Donald J Bravlev Aagregites
Donald J Brayiey
Donald J Brayley
Donald J Brayley 1
Donald J Brayley H Huissier de Justice
Donald J Brayley Huissier
Donald J Brayley Huissier Campbell
Donald J Brayley Huissier Linteau Paradis
Donald J Brayley Mackey Funeral Home
Donald J Brayley O Hara
Donald J Brayley StH-rSmS
Donald J Brayter Huiss-er
Donald J Delorme -
Donald J Findlay
Donald J MacLean
Donald J MacLeod
Donald J. Brayley
Donald J. Byrne
Donald J. Campbell
Donald J. Campbell Bro
Donald J. Jenkins
Donald J. Jost
Donald J. MacKinnon
Donald J. McDonald
Donald J. McLean
Donald J. Nightingale
Donald J. Roney
Donald J. Roney Tke Pott Office
Donald J. Sutherland
Donald Jack Kirkham
Donald Jackson
Donald Jacques
Donald Jacques and Brent Miinville
Donald Jacques Ledoux
Donald James Butler
Donald James Cameron
Donald James Cameron Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples Sunday
Donald James Cameroon
Donald James Findley
Donald James Hill
Donald James MacLean
Donald James McNeill
Donald James Walter
Donald James Wilson
Donald James.
Donald Jamison
Donald Jansen
Donald January 6
Donald Jean
Donald Jean.
Donald Jenkins
Donald Joe
Donald John
Donald John Campbell
Donald John Evoy Funeral
Donald John McElheran
Donald John McElheran Anna Pearl Hamilton
Donald John McElhoran Minutes
Donald John Olmstead
Donald John Splane
Donald John*
Donald John>t
Donald Johnson
Donald Johnston
Donald Johnstone
Donald Jones
Donald Jones 8i Bray
Donald Joseph Chichester Désignation
Donald Joseph Dolan
Donald Joseph Mayhew
Donald Joseph Taxes
Donald Jost
Donald JoTinston
Donald Journal
Donald Joyce
Donald Joyce BA
Donald Jr Greve*ne
Donald Jr.
Donald Jr. Get
Donald July
Donald K 1»
Donald K Hudgins
Donald K. Andrews
Donald Kallice
Donald Kane
Donald Ke-
Donald Kealy
Donald Kearns
Donald Kearns Montréal
Donald Kehoe
Donald Keith
Donald Ken-
Donald Kennedy
Donald Kenneth
Donald Kenneth Smith
Donald Kenny
Donald Kilbride
Donald KimiuT-ui
Donald King
Donald Kingsley
Donald Kinmerson
Donald Kirkbam
Donald Kirke
Donald Kirkey
Donald Kirkham
Donald Kmineraon
Donald Knapp
Donald Knox
Donald Knox Doreen Belland
Donald Knu
Donald Kraskh
Donald Kucharik
Donald Kueharik
Donald Kulaisa
Donald Kulesa
Donald Kulft-rxi
Donald Kuliasa
Donald L Craig
Donald L Millar
Donald L, Gilles L, Deanna L, Kim H
Donald L. Birch Quinton
Donald L. Macintosh
Donald La
Donald La Municipalité
Donald La*allee 647-2142 Murphy
Donald La- Lionel Morin
Donald La-formed
Donald Labile
Donald Labine
Donald Labrie
Donald Lacroix
Donald LaCrosse
Donald Lafieur
Donald Lafleur
Donald Lafontaine
Donald Lagoie
Donald Laird
Donald Lalng
Donald Lamoric
Donald Lanças-
Donald Lancaster
Donald Lancaster Lather
Donald Lancaster--------
Donald Lancaster—who
Donald Lancaster’s
Donald Lance
Donald Landry
Donald Lang
Donald Lanvas- K"r<
Donald Lapointe
Donald Laporte
Donald LARGE
Donald LaSalle
Donald Latulippe
Donald Laurier Best
Donald Laurin
Donald Lav
Donald Lava
Donald Lava Ike
Donald Laval
Donald Laval Ice Entile Friday
Donald Laval-
Donald Laval-So
Donald Lavalée
Donald Lavalee 250.00
Donald Lavalie 7
Donald Lavalke
Donald Lavallce
Donald Lavallde
Donald Lavalle
Donald Lavallee
Donald Lavallée - Chartered Accountant
Donald Lavallee 133.00 Hydro Quebec
Donald Lavallee 58.00
Donald Lavallee Also
Donald Lavallée Attorney
Donald Lavallée Avocat
Donald Lavallée Chairman
Donald Lavallée Charcoal Barrel Restaurant Steaks
Donald Lavallée DONALD
Donald Lavallée Forestry
Donald Lavallée France Maltais
Donald Lavallée Hanna
Donald Lavallée L hôpital
Donald Lavallée Lloyd Stewart Used Furniture
Donald Lavallée Procureur
Donald Lavallée Secretary
Donald Lavallee T-ifty
Donald Lavallée W.J. Hayes
Donald Lavallee-llO.
Donald Lavallée»
Donald LavaUee
Donald LavaWee
Donald Lavdllee
Donald Lave 1
Donald Lavellee
Donald Lavinski
Donald Lavoie
Donald Lawi
Donald Le
Donald Leahy
Donald Learmouth
Donald Leblanc
Donald LeBrun
Donald Leclerc
Donald Lee
Donald Lee Richardson
Donald Legault
Donald Lepine
Donald Leplne
Donald Lessard
Donald Lester Beattie
Donald Let-1 A. Mohr
Donald Lett
Donald Létts
Donald Letts de Campbell
Donald Letts L. B
Donald Letts Mo*
Donald Letts Morin
Donald Letts Proposé
Donald Letts Salutations
Donald Letts,110 Pontiac
Donald LetU
Donald LevalMe
Donald Levesque
Donald Lévesque Contracte
Donald Lévesque Contracter
Donald Lévesque Contracteur
Donald License Bureau Lily
Donald License Bureau Lily’s Beauty Shop Linden
Donald Lily
Donald Lindsay
Donald Lindzay
Donald Litchfield
Donald Lli/aheth
Donald Llndzny
Donald Lloyd Sharpe
Donald Lloyd Stuart Photo
Donald Lloyd Stuart.
Donald Lockhart
Donald Long
Donald Lorraine
Donald Lorris Carson
Donald Lotte
Donald Louden
Donald Louis
Donald Lovallee
Donald Lovellée
Donald Loynacliarr
Donald LUCERNE Spending Easter
Donald Lyall
Donald M .Credie
Donald M <
Donald M Lean
Donald M Lefor
Donald M Lefor Re
Donald M Mc Callum
Donald M Mc(
Donald M''Coll
Donald M''Queen
Donald M.
Donald M. Fleming
Donald M. Grant Kberswalde
Donald M. J>
Donald M. L A.
Donald M. McCaflum
Donald M. McLean
Donald M. McPhail
Donald M. Murphy
Donald M. Nelson
Donald M. Stevens Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle
Donald M. Thompson
Donald M. Thompson Appointed C.P.R. Agent ENGAGEMENT ADVOCATE.
Donald M. Yates
Donald M.-Rae
Donald M.P.
Donald M.uLoan al Mrs.
Donald M< Credie
Donald M<ltao
Donald Ma
Donald Maas Sharpe
Donald Mac
Donald Mac Donald
Donald Mac Master
Donald Mac Mur-
Donald Mac-
Donald Mac-Kechnie
Donald Mac-Norwood
Donald Macdonald
Donald MacDougal
Donald MacDougall
Donald Macintosh
Donald MacIntyre
Donald Mackenzie
Donald Mackenzie Grant
Donald Mackey
Donald Macl
Donald MacLachlan
Donald Maclean
Donald Macleod
Donald Maclsaac
Donald Macmabtib
Donald MacMaster
Donald MacMil-
Donald MacMillan
Donald MacNeil Mrs Raymonde
Donald Mae-
Donald Mai
Donald Main
Donald Main 2
Donald Main-
Donald Maker
Donald Malet
Donald Malette
Donald Mali
Donald Mallette
Donald Maloney
Donald Man
Donald Manary
Donald Mann
Donald Manning
Donald Mao
Donald Mao Far
Donald Mar-
Donald Marian
Donald Marian McCal
Donald Marian McCallum
Donald Marian McCel- Judd s
Donald Marian Metal-
Donald Marie- Anglican Church Ladies Guild
Donald Marion
Donald Marion Corporation Municipale
Donald Marion respective- Pinqouins
Donald Marion Truite
Donald Marlen
Donald Marshall
Donald Marshall Fund
Donald Marti
Donald Martin
Donald Martin McCaftum
Donald Martin-eeu Quyon
Donald Martine
Donald Martineau
Donald Mary Mackillop
Donald Mathers
Donald MatPherson Funeral Al Sudbury Funeral
Donald May 7
Donald Mayhew
Donald Mc-
Donald Mc- Everett McDowell
Donald Mc- Mr.
Donald Mc- QUYON
Donald Mc-1
Donald Mc-Credie
Donald Mc-Dooigai
Donald Mc-Kechnie
Donald Mc-Kti
Donald Mc-the NHL Stanley
Donald Mc.
Donald McAlpine
Donald McC
Donald McCaffery
Donald McCagg
Donald McCallum
Donald McCann
Donald McCann Joey Fraser Jean-Guy Lapierre Joseph Bennett John Atkinson Edgar Barber Randy Labadie
Donald McCann’s
Donald McCiedie
Donald McCoahen
Donald McColgan
Donald McCord
Donald McCord. Lee Murphy
Donald McCoshan
Donald McCradie
Donald McCrc-die
Donald McCrcdic
Donald McCrcdîë
Donald McCre
Donald McCre-
Donald McCre- Community Centre
Donald McCre-die
Donald McCrea
Donald McCred-ie
Donald McCred-this
Donald McCredic Roberta
Donald McCredie
Donald McCredie 2
Donald McCredie 2. Hen-
Donald McCredie Ave
Donald McCredie BRISTOL
Donald McCredie Council
Donald McCredie Grant Woolsey
Donald McCredie Howard Orr Milburn Homer
Donald McCredie Macdonald
Donald McCredie Norman Burke
Donald McCredie Sale:-
Donald McCredie’s
Donald McCrediie
Donald McCredle
Donald McCredR
Donald McCredte BRISTOL
Donald McCrodie
Donald McCrrdie
Donald McCulloch
Donald McCullough
Donald McDonald
Donald McDonald K Turner
Donald McDonald MP
Donald McDoowell K C. A.F Tienton
Donald McDougal
Donald McDougall
Donald McDougnl
Donald McDow- Hodgins
Donald McDowell
Donald McDowell Bay
Donald McDowell Breaks Record
Donald McDowell Id
Donald McDowell Kirkland Lake
Donald McDowell Missing
Donald McDowell Poultry Fencing Poultry Netting Electric Fencers
Donald McDowell Prisoner
Donald McDowell Pte
Donald McDowell—6
Donald McElrea
Donald McEwan
Donald McGarry
Donald McGee
Donald McGee Donnelly
Donald McGihbon
Donald McGregor
Donald McGuire
Donald McHa
Donald McIntosh
Donald McIntyre
Donald McKay
Donald McKecbnie
Donald McKech-
Donald McKechmc
Donald McKechnie
Donald McKeeby
Donald McKendry
Donald McKenny
Donald McKenzie
Donald McKiIlup
Donald McKiliop
Donald McKillop
Donald McKillop Sr.
Donald McKin- Mrs. Barr
Donald McKUlopsr.
Donald McLachlan
Donald McLaren
Donald McLaren Former Howard Service Station
Donald McLaren''#
Donald Mclaugh- Lions Club
Donald McLaughlin
Donald Mcldrum
Donald McLean
Donald McLean Buried At Beachburg
Donald McLean Donald McLean
Donald McLean Quyon
Donald McLeod
Donald McLeod O.
Donald McLeod OMI
Donald McLiren
Donald Mclla
Donald McLoed
Donald Mclta
Donald Mcltae
Donald McLuren
Donald McLwen
Donald McMaster
Donald McMillan
Donald McNaugh-ton
Donald McNaughton
Donald McNdl
Donald McNeil
Donald McNeil Stevens
Donald McNeill
Donald McNeill 524
Donald McNeills
Donald McOedie
Donald McOrcside
Donald McPh I)ods
Donald McPhaii
Donald McPhail
Donald McPhail Radford
Donald McPhall
Donald McPhee
Donald McPhse
Donald McPliee
Donald McRa
Donald McRae
Donald McRae 2
Donald McRae 3.
Donald McRae Coaches Team
Donald McRae Dr. R E. Dagg Norris Brough Miss Nell
Donald McRae Dr. Wallace Hodgins Mr. Harold Hayward Mr.
Donald McRae Elected
Donald McRae Mrs. George Craig.
Donald McRae Starke’s Corners
Donald McRea
Donald McThkk
Donald McVean
Donald McVee
Donald McVey
Donald Me
Donald Me 2nd Jerry Laughlln
Donald Me Cradle
Donald Me Credle
Donald Me Ha
Donald Me Hat
Donald Me Isaac
Donald Me Kedmie
Donald Me Liren
Donald Me Mr.
Donald Me Rae
Donald Me Thee
Donald Me William Cotie
Donald Me-
Donald Me- W?
Donald Me- However
Donald Me- Richmand
Donald Me- Woodley
Donald Me- ¦»«s Mr. Hugh Caimey
Donald Me-1
Donald Me-Credie
Donald Me-dived
Donald Me-Hewitt McCredie
Donald Me-I
Donald Me-l)odual
Donald Me-Phall
Donald Meakin
Donald MeCredie
Donald Mediae Willie McKinley
Donald MeDou
Donald MeEwan
Donald MeHae
Donald MeKae
Donald Mel
Donald Melanie.
Donald Meldrum
Donald Melville
Donald Menard
Donald MePhail
Donald MePhee
Donald Merlan McCallum
Donald Messages
Donald Met
Donald Mi Phkb
Donald Mich-
Donald Middlemiss
Donald Mil-
Donald Mill
Donald Millar
Donald Miller
Donald Mine
Donald Miners—D.
Donald Mines
Donald Miss Frances Dean
Donald Miss Marie Susie Brownlee
Donald Miss Shirley Mary Sly Reg
Donald ML
Donald Ml-Credic
Donald MoColgan
Donald MoCredie
Donald MoDowell
Donald MoDoweU
Donald Moir
Donald MoLean
Donald Mollae
Donald Monette
Donald Monroe
Donald Monroe Memorial
Donald Mooette
Donald Moore
Donald Morin
Donald Morley Hodgins Inc.
Donald Morrison
Donald Morton
Donald Mostrum
Donald Motion
Donald Motion Cr L Roy
Donald Mous
Donald Mousseau
Donald Moved
Donald Moyle
Donald Mqltae
Donald Mr.
Donald MrCullagh
Donald MrRae
Donald Mrs Bertha Nephin
Donald Mrs Bertha Orr
Donald Mrs Donald Ostrom
Donald Mrs Percy
Donald Mrs. Everett Moore
Donald MscNv
Donald MtCredie
Donald MtKie Laving
Donald Mu
Donald Mulligan
Donald Municipality
Donald Munro
Donald Munroe
Donald Murchison
Donald Murdock
Donald Muriel Graveline
Donald Murray
Donald MURRAY RRflS~ Kerr
Donald N. Bastian
Donald N. Bastian Music
Donald N. Hogarth
Donald N. Ht Lennoxville
Donald Nault
Donald Neil Orpen Munroe
Donald Nelson
Donald Nelson-
Donald Nesbit
Donald Nesbitt
Donald Ness
Donald Neville
Donald New
Donald New Partie
Donald New SHOP
Donald New Wickens
Donald Newberry
Donald Nicholas Kuliasa
Donald Nicholson
Donald Nicholson Gold Label Shirts
Donald Nickel
Donald Nixon
Donald Noble
Donald Norman MacLeod
Donald Norman McRae
Donald Nose- Third
Donald Noseworjhy
Donald Noseworthy
Donald Novls
Donald Noyes
Donald N^Credie
Donald O C nUNCIS
Donald O C On Our Stage
Donald O Callaghan
Donald O Callahan
Donald O Callahan RR 2
Donald O Connor
Donald O Connor Vf
Donald O Connor Comedy
Donald O Connor Gloria DeHaven
Donald O Connor Janet Leigh
Donald O Connor Jean Simmons Technicolor
Donald O Connor Jimmy Durante Sat.
Donald O Connor Marilyn Maxwell
Donald O Connor Marilyn Munroe Dan Dailey
Donald O Connor Not House Sat.
Donald O Connor Technicolor
Donald O Connor Technicolor Marilyn Monroe
Donald O Donnell
Donald O Sylvester
Donald O*
Donald O. McLean
Donald Oaites
Donald Oamhi.k
Donald Oatrom
Donald Oatrom Correspondent IDown
Donald Oatroml TCtZ.
Donald Oats
Donald OCenner Marth
Donald OConnor
Donald October
Donald Oetrom
Donald Oetrom Correspondent
Donald Oetrom Normand Perrier
Donald Oetrom Stewart Woods
Donald Oetrom Visiting
Donald Oetrom-
Donald Oft
Donald Oitrom
Donald Oitrom Mrs Clifford Olmstead
Donald Olinstead
Donald Oliver
Donald Olm
Donald Olm-.
Donald Olm-stead
Donald Olmstead
Donald Olmstead aL SjfflSffSSS£
Donald Olmstead Mrs1 Berna Diotte
Donald Olmstead.-
Donald Omtrom Visiting
Donald On Thursday
Donald Oowing
Donald Oral Woermke
Donald Orr
Donald Orval Simpson Donald Orval Simpson
Donald Orval Woerm
Donald Orval Woermke
Donald Os
Donald Os-
Donald Osborne
Donald Oshier
Donald Oslrom
Donald Osnos
Donald Ostroin Afcru
Donald Ostroin Gorr
Donald Ostroir
Donald Ostroir ROPANE
Donald Ostroir Broken
Donald Ostroir Get
Donald Ostroir HUBERT McCauley
Donald Ostroir Invoices List
Donald Ostroir Mrs Amable Jolicoeur
Donald Ostroir Shawville
Donald Ostroir Sus
Donald Ostroir Vinton
Donald Ostroir Visiting
Donald OstrolT BHC
Donald Ostrom
Donald Ostrom Mr Jimmy Lindy
Donald Ostrom -4.
Donald Ostrom Holidaying
Donald Ostrom Mrs Robert Eady
Donald Ostrom ELECTRIC
Donald Ostrom Greaser Party
Donald Ostrom Apply Gordon Armstrong
Donald Ostrom Bryson
Donald Ostrom Bryson News
Donald Ostrom Bryson Skidoo
Donald Ostrom Charlie Burke
Donald Ostrom Chiropractor Mrs. Verner Thrun
Donald Ostrom Community Calendar
Donald Ostrom Community Hospital Correspondent
Donald Ostrom Congratulations
Donald Ostrom Cor
Donald Ostrom Correspondant Get
Donald Ostrom Correspondant Miss Dominion
Donald Ostrom Correspondent
Donald Ostrom Correspondent O F 5
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Birthday
Donald Ostrom Correspondent For
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Get
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Home
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Miss Anita Leach
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Moved
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Bertha Gardiner
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs James Ostrom
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs Peter Wall
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs T W McGuire
Donald Ostrom Correspondent News
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Pontiac Alternates
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Thanksgiving
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Donald Ostrom Curling
Donald Ostrom Deepest
Donald Ostrom Emmerson
Donald Ostrom Gervais
Donald Ostrom Get
Donald Ostrom Harrington
Donald Ostrom Hi-Way Drive-In Children
Donald Ostrom Home
Donald Ostrom Lafont
Donald Ostrom MEN
Donald Ostrom MotftS
Donald Ostrom Mr
Donald Ostrom N&WS Director
Donald Ostrom Pontiac County
Donald Ostrom QttOF Lake
Donald Ostrom RADIATOR SERVICE Shawville
Donald Ostrom Recent
Donald Ostrom Saturday
Donald Ostrom SEPTIC
Donald Ostrom Shawville
Donald Ostrom Sudbury
Donald Ostrom Their
Donald Ostrom’s
Donald Ostronr
Donald Ostronr RUSSETT’S
Donald Ostronr Call
Donald Ostronr Congratulations
Donald Ostronr Recently
Donald Ostronr Visiting
Donald Ostror Mias Debbie Grier
Donald Ostrora
Donald Ostrorn
Donald Ostrorn Correspondent
Donald Ostrorr
Donald Ostrorr Misa Louisa Mellon
Donald Ostrorr WORK WANTED
Donald Other
Donald Ottawa
Donald Ottrom Correspondent Bryson Notes
Donald Ouellette
Donald Oullctte
Donald Our Bankers Insist
Donald O’Cbnnor Destination Gobi Esther WllliaThs
Donald O’Cenanor Ana Blythe
Donald O’Conno
Donald O’Connor
Donald O’Connor Debbie Reynolds First Run Fox Movitonc News Coloured Car
Donald O’Connor FRANCIS
Donald O’Connor Gale Storm Scott
Donald O’Connor Janet Leigh Technicolor FEBRUARY
Donald O’Connor THERE’S
Donald O’Connor With Forage
Donald P Gauthier
Donald P Given
Donald P Russe IL
Donald P Sloan 201
Donald P. Bennett
Donald Pa
Donald Pagé
Donald Paid
Donald Pallbearers
Donald Palmer
Donald Pamela
Donald Pap
Donald Pap-
Donald Paquette
Donald Paquette Happy
Donald Paquette Saturday
Donald Paquette Sr.
Donald Paresin
Donald Parker
Donald Parrish
Donald Paterson
Donald Patrick Cable
Donald Patrick Kirkham
Donald Patrick May
Donald Patterson
Donald Paul
Donald Paul #
Donald Paul Insurance
Donald Paul Joan Smart Opal Smart Embyle Smiley Phyllis Smith Bernice Stewart Martin Taggart Joyce
Donald Paul Shaw
Donald Paul Shawvill
Donald Paul Shawville
Donald Paul Shâwvillt
Donald Paul Shêwvllle Non
Donald Paul Unit
Donald Paul.
Donald Paul. Gordon Paul.
Donald Peebles
Donald Peever
Donald Pel-
Donald Pel- Mrs
Donald Pelle-V
Donald Pelletier
Donald Penrose
Donald Pépin
Donald Percy
Donald Percy Dahms
Donald Perf(
Donald Permis
Donald Perrier
Donald Perry
Donald Petb
Donald Peter -
Donald Pfr
Donald Phan-She
Donald Phaser
Donald Phillips
Donald Photo
Donald Piche
Donald Pickering
Donald Picketing
Donald Pierce
Donald Pilon
Donald Piloquin
Donald Pipe
Donald Pitiudfoot
Donald Plager
Donald Pleasence
Donald Plouffe
Donald Pnoulx
Donald Pod*
Donald Poirier
Donald Poisson
Donald Pomme Calumet Island Voyageurs
Donald Pontiac Agricultural Society
Donald Pontiac Rural Telephone Co. Manson McDowell
Donald Poullotte
Donald Powellelc
Donald prc-| Costs
Donald Prior Rosebush
Donald Pro-
Donald Proiilx
Donald ProucLfoot
Donald Proud
Donald Proud-
Donald Proudfoot
Donald Proudfoot B Grade Five Grace Godin B
Donald Prouix
Donald Proulx
Donald Proulz
Donald Pteasance
Donald Puff....... Beans
Donald Pulford
Donald Pyper
Donald Qapham
Donald Qor-do
Donald Quebec
Donald Quyon Fire Department
Donald Q[
Donald R
Donald R 647-2218
Donald R Bower
Donald R Dads
Donald R Dads 647-2218 Off
Donald R Dads Cosmorama Realties
Donald R Dads Cosmoramd Realties
Donald R Dads Office
Donald R Dads Ontario
Donald R Dods
Donald R Dods PONTIAC
Donald R Dogs
Donald R Moir
Donald R,
Donald R. 647-3659 Dads
Donald R. Cole
Donald R. Crawford
Donald R. Crawford B A. Sc.
Donald R. Dads
Donald R. Dads Shawville
Donald R. Dads Shawville Office
Donald R. Dods
Donald R. Dods Re/Max Mayfrod Homer Dods Kopek
Donald R. Heath
Donald R. Scharf Auctioneers
Donald R. _ _
Donald R.C. McLachlan
Donald Ra-bishaw
Donald Racine
Donald Raker
Donald RakerJ#
Donald Randolph
Donald Ranger
Donald Raphael Snipper
Donald Rath
Donald Rathwell
Donald Raul
Donald Ray I
Donald Rayburn Arden
Donald Raymond DON’T Miss - Smith
Donald Rayne
Donald Rctty
Donald Read Description
Donald Reagan
Donald Reagan Doris Day
Donald Red
Donald Reg Andrews
Donald Renaud
Donald Renfrew Jordan
Donald Replies How
Donald Retly
Donald Retty
Donald Retty April
Donald Retty Sheen
Donald Rev
Donald Reynold
Donald Reynolds
Donald Reynolds U)
Donald Reynold»
Donald Rhsver
Donald RicHaDdson
Donald Richadson
Donald Richard
Donald Richard.
Donald Richardson
Donald Riven
Donald Rivers
Donald Rivest
Donald Rivet
Donald Rivington
Donald Rivington Kinburn
Donald Roadster Open John Brunton
Donald Robaitaille
Donald Robertson
Donald Robertson B1S Pembroke St
Donald Robertson Phone 587
Donald Robinson
Donald Robitailk
Donald Robitaille
Donald Rock
Donald Roderick Mair
Donald Rods
Donald Roe#
Donald Roger
Donald Romain
Donald Roney
Donald Ronnie’s
Donald Roo
Donald Roo-
Donald Roo- Clr Stevens
Donald Rooney
Donald Rooney Affairs
Donald Rooney Ottawa
Donald Rooney _
Donald Rosaleen Dickson
Donald Rose
Donald Ross
Donald Ross Stewart
Donald Rothwell
Donald Rothwell McCord
Donald Rowley
Donald Roy
Donald Roy 1664
Donald Roy Chamberlain Local News
Donald Roy Wyman
Donald Roy.
Donald Rrydges
Donald Ruby
Donald Rus- Ve
Donald Russell
Donald Russell 80.8„ Danny Drummond 804
Donald Russell Claude Young
Donald Russell DEAN
Donald Russell Dods
Donald Russell Grade 7—Brian Smith
Donald Russell Recent
Donald Russett
Donald Rustxll
Donald Rusty
Donald Rutherford
Donald Rutherlnrd
Donald S
Donald S Annual Meeting
Donald S Hod
Donald S Hodgim
Donald S Hodgims
Donald S Hodgins
Donald S Hodgint
Donald S Hodglns
Donald S Hodgms
Donald S Hudgins
Donald S Ladysmith Judd
Donald S Ladysmith Kilgour
Donald S Pontiac Bursaries Inc.
Donald S.
Donald S. Atkinson
Donald S. Gilmore
Donald S. Hadgins
Donald S. Hedging
Donald S. Hedging Inc. Electrical Installations Electric Heating
Donald S. Hod
Donald S. Hodgim
Donald S. Hodgin*
Donald S. Hodgini
Donald S. Hodginj
Donald S. Hodgins
Donald S. Hodgins Bretzlaff
Donald S. Hodgins DON’S ELECTRIC REG’D Commercial
Donald S. Hodgins Inc.
Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Electrical Installations Electric Heating Duvet Covers
Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Electrical Installations Electric Heating Shawvllle
Donald S. Hodgins Shawvllle
Donald S. Hodgint
Donald S. Hodgin»
Donald S. Hodglm
Donald S. Hodglms
Donald S. Hodglns
Donald S. Hodgms
Donald S. Homes
Donald S. Ladysmith
Donald S. Ladysmith Judd
Donald S. Ladysmith Kilgour
Donald S. Ladysmith Papadopoulos
Donald S. Modgins
Donald Sabbath Service-
Donald Sandra Murray
Donald Saunders
Donald Saying
Donald Sbabpf
Donald Sc Elsie Fraser
Donald Scarrow
Donald Scharf
Donald Scharfe
Donald Schult
Donald Schultz
Donald Schwartz
Donald Scobie
Donald Scohie
Donald Scott
Donald Scully
Donald Seaman
Donald Second Street
Donald Senior Female
Donald Sert Grant
Donald Servant
Donald Sey-
Donald Sey-Falh
Donald Seymour
Donald Shame
Donald Shames
Donald Shante Fished
Donald Sharer
Donald Sharil
Donald Sharp
Donald Sharpe
Donald Sharpe Community Hospital
Donald Sharpe Dies
Donald Sharpe Port Colboume
Donald Sharpe Shawville
Donald Sharpe-----------------------------—
Donald Sharpes
Donald Shaver
Donald Shawl
Donald Shawville
Donald Shawville Morris Piano
Donald Shawville United Church
Donald She
Donald Shea
Donald Sheppard
Donald Shultz
Donald Shun
Donald Si
Donald Simiaon
Donald Simmons
Donald Simp Bay By Mrs Iri$ Smith
Donald Simpson
Donald Sims
Donald Sinden Wm
Donald Single Roadster
Donald Sixth
Donald Skw
Donald SlBHH Dubeau
Donald Sle
Donald Slnden
Donald Sloan
Donald Sloan 63000$
Donald Sloan AIF
Donald Sloan Approx
Donald Sloan Do
Donald Sloan Gerard
Donald Sloan Hawley Frost’s
Donald Sloan McCrank’s
Donald Sloan Recreation Associaiton
Donald Sloan Wiliam’s
Donald Sloan’ McGuire
Donald Sloan’s
Donald Sloen
Donald Smart
Donald Smart Blaine Strutt Gordon Tanner
Donald Smart Kneeling
Donald Smart Mae Storie
Donald Smart-
Donald Smellle
Donald Smiley
Donald Smith
Donald Smith Canadian
Donald Smith Douglas Fulford
Donald Smith He
Donald Smith Ken Cavers
Donald Smith*
Donald Smlih
Donald Smyth
Donald Snell
Donald Snetsinger
Donald Snowden
Donald Snygg
Donald Soper
Donald Sorley
Donald Soucie
Donald Soucie Coulonge
Donald Soude
Donald Spence
Donald St
Donald St Ottawa
Donald St Pier
Donald St Pierre
Donald St Pierre Smith-Hearty
Donald St-Cyr
Donald St.
Donald St. Andrews United Church
Donald St. Martin Jr.
Donald Stafford Saturday
Donald Stahan
Donald Stan-1
Donald Stanley
Donald Stanley 1,067.55
Donald Ste
Donald Ste-
Donald Ste- 2843 Quyon
Donald Ste- 8
Donald Ste- Ada Dods
Donald Ste- Chichester
Donald Ste- Christmas Day
Donald Ste- DO-IT-ALL Construction A.A.ÿiÿiÿi
Donald Ste- I
Donald Ste- King Street
Donald Ste- March
Donald Ste- Moved
Donald Ste- Pasch
Donald Ste- Pm
Donald Ste- Remplacement
Donald Ste- Robert Smith
Donald Ste- S.H.Q
Donald Ste- Sherwin Greer
Donald Ste- S^li
Donald Ste- Tender
Donald Ste- Variance
Donald Ste- Veal Calves
Donald Ste- _ Ks K "
Donald Ste-called
Donald Ste-lated
Donald Ste-Louise Lanthier
Donald Ste-ment
Donald Ste-mittee
Donald Ste-Moved
Donald Ste-nies Rhoda
Donald Ste-payment
Donald Ste-ric
Donald Ste-Town Hall
Donald Ste-^HHH^pHHHB^H
Donald Steele
Donald Stein
Donald Stenson
Donald Steven & Chris 1328JN9
Donald Stevens
Donald Stew-
Donald Stew-night
Donald Stewart
Donald Stewart Macdonald
Donald Stewart*
Donald Stillman
Donald Stokes
Donald Stonely
Donald Strachan
Donald Street
Donald Strutt
Donald Stuart
Donald Stubbs
Donald Stur-
Donald Sub Division
Donald Sullivan
Donald Sullivan Hcanv
Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland Mr
Donald Sutherland - Elliot Gould RENFREW
Donald Sutherland McIntosh
Donald Sutherland Pioneer
Donald Sutherland Saturday
Donald Sutton
Donald Swin- Fails
Donald Swinwood
Donald Sylvester
Donald Sympathy
Donald SzAutt
Donald T La
Donald T Richardson
Donald T Trudeau
Donald Tarte
Donald Tayloi
Donald Taylor
Donald TbnS
Donald Tea
Donald Telford
Donald ters Pearl
Donald Th imv Richardson
Donald Th.
Donald The
Donald Their
Donald ThelWalthain R.A.
Donald They
Donald Thi-
Donald Thomas Richardson Richardson
Donald Thome
Donald Thomp
Donald Thompson
Donald Thompson & Graham Russell
Donald Thompson and Graham Russell
Donald Thompson Holjr
Donald Thompson Milford
Donald Thompson Qf
Donald Thomson
Donald Thrun
Donald Tie Pembroke Diocesan
Donald Timmins
Donald Tinsley
Donald Toll-free
Donald Tomlinson
Donald Tommy
Donald Tourangeau
Donald Towsley
Donald Trader Saddle
Donald Trafford
Donald Trafford 1
Donald Train
Donald Tremblay "
Donald Trost
Donald Tru
Donald Tru-
Donald Tru- Morgans
Donald Tru- Shawvllle
Donald Tru- Vote For Me
Donald Trudeau
Donald Trudeau 458-2267
Donald Trudeau Heather
Donald Trudeau Morris Smith
Donald Trudeau Phillip Thompson
Donald Trudeau Prop.
Donald Trudeau Single Roadster Shortbread Crystal Stone
Donald Trudeau Some
Donald Trudeau,Emile Trudeau
Donald Trudeau-Sylvic Landry Driving Parade
Donald Trudeau.
Donald Trudeay
Donald Truteau Donald Trudeau
Donald Try
Donald Tubman
Donald Tuesday
Donald Tulley
Donald Turcotte
Donald Unable
Donald Urban
Donald Uule
Donald Uvalde
Donald V Brown Fu- Pallbearers
Donald V*P
Donald Vadneau
Donald Vadneau-5.00
Donald Vallilee
Donald Valpy
Donald Veteran Mayor Robert Ladouceur
Donald VI.
Donald Vinters
Donald visit- Forums
Donald Visitation
Donald Visited Mr
Donald Visitors
Donald Vrovm
Donald W Helen Bradley
Donald W Wn
Donald W. Mr.
Donald W. Noseworthy
Donald W. Stokes
Donald W. Tully
Donald W.lliam John
Donald Waito
Donald Waitol
Donald Wall
Donald Wallace
Donald Walter
Donald Walter McDowell
Donald Walter.
Donald Walters
Donald Waltham
Donald Warren Findlay Kevin
Donald Warren.
Donald Watson
Donald Watts
Donald Way
Donald Way-tax
Donald Wbarrey
Donald We
Donald Webster/
Donald Weldon Thompson
Donald Wesley
Donald Westfall
Donald Whalley
Donald Wharrey
Donald Wha^rey
Donald Wheeler
Donald Whit-
Donald Whitbread
Donald White
Donald Whitmore
Donald Wil-
Donald Wiley
Donald William
Donald William Fulford
Donald William Ramsay
Donald William Sharpe
Donald William Wallace Blackadar
Donald Williams
Donald Willie Ladouceur
Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson Borden
Donald Wilson Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson Klnbum
Donald Wilson Klnburn
Donald Wilson Schock
Donald Wilson X #
Donald Winch
Donald With
Donald Woerm-ke
Donald Woermke
Donald Woods
Donald Woods L*
Donald Woods -
Donald Woods 141,12 Harvey Smith
Donald Woods Photo
Donald Woods Requérant
Donald Work
Donald Wormke
Donald Wormkie
Donald Wylie
Donald Yolkowskie
Donald Young
Donald Young Street
Donald Zadow RR
Donald Zoschke
Donald ^(it/ Fulford
Donald ^1UQ^elInÎV ot?39 7’
Donald __
Donald ____ Experienced
Donald ¦GBPof Ottawa
Donald • Wharrey
Donald ™ IUUIf
Donald) Barnett
Donald) Forage
Donald) Trudeau
Donald» Laverdure
Donna Craig Heifer Calf Sr - Donald
Donna Gayle MacDonald Mr.
Donna MacDonald
Donnie MacDonald
Donnie Smith Andrew Perrault
Donolly MacDonald
Doris Andrew
Douglas Andrew
Douglas MacDonald
Dr. Andrew
Dr. Andrew Blake
Dr. Andrew S. Morrison
Dr. Andrew Smith
Dr. Andrew Welse
Dr. Donald A. Laird
Dr. Donald A. Piatt
Dr. Donald D. Brand
Dr. Donald F. Jones
Dr. Donald W. I*
Dr. Macdonald
Dr. William MacDonald
Drectors Andrew
Drew MacDonald
Duncan Donald
Duncan Macdonald
Dustin Hoffman Morgan Freeman Donald Sutherland Front St.
E A L T > Apply Donald Beagle
Earl Andrew
Earl Mrs. Andrew Mich-
Earl Thomas Donald and Joan Woermke
Earle Andrew
Eason Russell Mr Donald Stevens
Ebert Andrew Turcotte
Ebert Mur- Mr. Andrew Holland
Ed Andrew’s
Ed McCaig St Andrew
Eddie Barber and Andrew Sly
Eddie Finnigan Miss Mona Armstrong Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Edgar Conseiller Donald Lett
Edgar Sloan Aoue- Conseiller Donald Letts
Edmund Donald Dahms
Edmund Periard 2nd Star Donald Campbell
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David
Edward Albert George Andrew Patrick .
Edward Benoit ............. Arthur Pellerin............ Andrew Mulligan............ Geo
Edwin PlrieA Hlllls ConoUy J Donald Dufl A Son Junior Champion Female J E RusseU A Sons
Ei- MacDonald
Elaine MacPhee Donald
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu MacDonald
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Donald Ostrorr
Elizabeth MacDonald
Ellen Angus MacDonald
Elliott Donald
Emily Carr Macdonald
Emily MacDonald
Emily Meagan MacDonald
Eng- Andrew Tracy
Eric Smiley Miss MacDonald
Erma MacDonald
ESSSmS-------------"ZT Andrew Uni
Esther Macdonald
Ethel Macdonald
Ethel Macdonald W
Eva Andai Andrew Woolsey
Eva Butson Memorial Donald
Evelyn Donald
Evelyn McCredie Donald Duff
Evelyn Sean MacDonald
Father A K MacDonald
Fermai V Donald Lancaster
Fkinald Macdonald
Flora MacDonald
Florence Marie MacDonald
Floyd Donald F Runge
Fort Coulonge Rev Angus MacDonald
Fort Coulonge Rev Angus MacDonald Conduire
Fort Coulonge Samedi Messe Dimanche Rev Angus MacDonald
Francis Andrew McGaghran
Francis Andrew Woolsey
Francis Simpson MacDonald
Frank Chabot Wm McLarnon Donald McPhee Jas Campbell Stephen Bell Jerry Quaile G XV Craig Jas A Grah
Frank Macdonald
Fred and Susan Wilson Donald
Fred Andrew.
Fred C. MacDonald
Fred Donald
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred I Andrew
Fred MacDonald
Fred MacDonald Owner
Frederick Charles MacDonald
Friday Donald
Funny Feeling Color—Stndru Dee Bobby Défis Donald O Connor Rev
Fy Andrew F Currier
Gail Hawley MacDonald
Gail Hawley Mac— Donald
Garry It Valerie 47649b 56S63xd22 Andrew Devine
Gary Donald Grade
Gene Kelly Donald O’Connor
Geoffrey Donald Cameron
George Andrew Finlan
George Andrew Frederick Povid Windsor
George Andrew Kenneth Smith
George Donald
George Donald F Campbell
George Donald- Electric Li^ht Items
George Knox Mrs. Donald Fraser
George Macdonald
George Thompson Mis Johanna MacDonald Fullerton
George Towell Rev Angus MacDonald
Gerald Hayes Donald
Gingrich Mrs Donald Bainard Miss Diane
Gordon Angus Donald Ron Robicheau
Gordon Donald
Gordon Harold Donald Richardson
Gordon Ro- Donald Campbell
Graeme Andrew
Graham Andrew Henderson
Grandma Andrew Turcot
Grant Andrew
Grant MacDonald
Grant MacDonald B A 11:00
Grant MacDonald BA
Grant MacDonald Receives Call To Fenelon Falls Liberals Meet
Greg Macdonald
Gregory Andrew
Gregory Andrew Horner
Gregory Andrew Mrs Joseph Hogan
Gregory Andrew Tubman
Guest Speaker Hugh MacDonald
H and Donald McCredie* Mr.
H Corrigan. Andrew Sly
Hag- Donald
Halloween Andrew
Hannah Andrew
Hannah Andrew»
Hannah Tel Macdonald College
Harold Andrew McCoy
Harold Andrew ^rs Bvnj Hines
Harold Elliott Herbie Howard Andrew Tippins Jim Whalen
Harold Macdonald
Harriett Andrew McKnight
Harry Andrew
Harry Andrew (Andy
Harry Andrew McCleary
Harry Andrew Me-
Harry Hodg- Donald
Harry Macdonald
Heather MacDonald
Hector Macdonald
Hector Macdonald Is
Helen and Sandy MacDonald
Helen M. MacDonald
Helen MacDonald
Hennie MacDonald
Henrietta MacDonald She
Herb MacDonald
Herbert Romain .Andrew Atkinson
Hickey Summer Yearling Andrew Hickey Champion Andrew Hickey Kathleen Hickey Poultry Showmanship Lau
Hobbs Andrew Daley
Hodglns Donald S. Ladysmith Kilgour
Horn Chirr Justice Macdonald W.
Howard Donald Bulmer
Howard Int Showmanship Emily Simms Senior Showmanship Andrew Hickey Champion Showmanship Emily Simm
Ht Andrew
Hudgins Andrew
Hudgins Andrew OTTAffAlt GATINEAU
Hugh A Macdonald
Hugh Alexander MacDonald
Hugh Alexander MacDonald Canadian
Hugh Donald Horner
Hugh Douglas MacDonald
Hugh J. Macdonald
Hugh John Macdonald
Hugh Juhu Macdonald
Hugh Macdonald
Hugh MacDonald Bytaw
Hugh Macdonald Clyde MacTavIsh
Hugh Macdonald Président
I. Andrew Daley
Ian Andrew
Intermediate Andrew Lane School
Into L V XIT K1> Ch UHi H Liy Minister Mr. Leslie Dzan M Usions Sr. Andrew*
Irvin Ole 4180 Andrew Holland
Irwin Donald and David.
Is- Andrew Atkinson
Ishbel Macdonald
Ishhcl MacDonald
Iwing Hugh Macdonald
J by Karen MacDonald
J Q Hodgins Garage E Andrew Far
J Y By Wilson MacDonald Lantern Processions Held
J - Donald
J - Donald Time - Linda Whitney
J A MacDonald
J D Andrew Lang
J E H MacDonald
J E H. MacDonald
J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin Plrle A Son J E Barber A Sons J Donald Duff A
J E Russell A Sons Hlllls Connolly Edwin Plrle A Son HillIs Connolly J Donald Duff A
J E Russell A Sons J Donald Duff A Sons Hlllls ConoUy
J Macdonald Tender
J | Andrew
J. K. MacDonald
J. Macdonald
J.V. Andrew
J<*cph Squitli Andrew Miljour
Jack Andrew
Jack Donald Trudeau
Jack MacDonald
Jackie MacDonald
Jacques MacDonald
James MacDonald
James Andrew
James Andrew Agcr
James Andrew Lance.
James Andrew Perrault
James Archibald Macdonald
James Donald
James Donald Angus
James Donald Gagnon
James Donald.
James G. Bryson Mr. Macdonald
James Macdonald
James Ramsay MacDonald
James T. Me Andrew
James Tracy I Andrew Sly
James Warr Rev B Grant MacDonald
Jamie Andrew Warren
Jamie Donald Russell Emerson
Jamie Richardson Andrew Warren Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Marty Brownlee Jeremy Jones Shone Peck Jeff
Jane MacDonald
Janice Gertrude Yemen Weds Donald Gordon Darlington Her
Jason Andrew
Jean (Donald Martineau
Jean (Mrs Donald) Horner
Jean and Donald Horner
Jean Andrew
Jean Andrew Duggan Recommended As Adult
Jean Donald
Jean Donald Chevier
Jean Flnlayson Donald J. Findlay Fraser
Jean Hodgins Donald S
Jean Hodgins Donald S. Ladysmith Kilgeur
Jean Hodgins Donald S. Ladysmith Kilgour
Jean Macdonald
Jean Mr. Donald Runtz
Jean Neville Webster Me- Andrew Roy
Jean orig- Macdonald
Jean PeUetier Donald
Jean Pilon’s Donald Edmonton
Jean Smith Donald
Jean to Mr. Donald Bland Smart
Jean) Mrs Donald Martineau
Jean) Mrs. Donald Bredburg
Jeanette MacDonald
Jennifer Andrew Lang
Jeremy Andrew Justin Murray
Jerry Lewis Marie MacDonald
Jerry MacDonald
Jerry Ryan Dwight Tanguay Donald Boudreau Faye Visneskie
Jerry Walsh Verdun Ben MacDonald
Jim Andrew
Jim Currie Macdonald College
Jim MacDonald
Jimmy Durante Donald O’Connor Carried
Jimmy Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Joan Bennett Robert Campbell Janet Fraser Ross Finnigan Donald Stafford Shirley Trudeau Sadie Wilso
Joan MacDonald
Joan Me Andrew
JoAnne Brown Andrew Tracy
Joanne Macdonald
JobU Macdonald
Joe MacDonald
Joel Metres Joanne Dm Robert Taylor Donald O’Connor Deborah Kerr Donald O’Connor Sterling Hayden 1
John A Macdonald
John A MacDonald’s
John A. Cowan Donald McRae
John A. Macdonald
John A. Macdonald''
John A. Macdonald’s
John Alexander Macdonald
John and Andrew
John and Andrew Telfer
John and Greg Donald
John Andrew
John Andrew Atkinson
John Andrew Bar Atkinson
John Andrew Bennett
John Andrew Bennett Life
John Andrew Kluke
John Andrew Kluke Many
John Andrew Lawn
John Andrew Linda Hogan
John Andrew Pritchard
John Andrew Rattray
John Andrew Stewart
John Appleby - Donald Edward Appleby
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew McKnight
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew Me Knight........
John Clarke Joeeph D Sloan Andrew Perrault
John David MacDonald
John Donald
John Donald Horner
John Donald Trudeau
John H. MacDonald
John Keeler....... Andrew
John Lawn Donald Letts
John Mac Donald
John Macdonald
John Macdonald Bir Harrv Johnaon
John MacDonald Club
John Macdonald Hector Umgcvin
John Macdonald Hon
John Macdonald Next
John Macdonald O.
John Macdonald Sir Hector Langevin
John MacDonald The^gm
John Macdonald''
John Macdonald—the
John Macdonald—When 1
John Macdonald’s
John Macdonald’s Cabinet
John Macdonald’s Ia;t
John Macdonald’s Nile
John Mae Donald
John Mainvillc Andrew
John Sandfield Macdonald
John SandSeld Macdonald
John Slav Donald
John Tra Oswald Donald Woods - 196.80 Wallace McGillis
Johu Macdonald
Jordan MacDonald
Jordan Scharfe Perth Andrew Bremner Goulboum
Joseph Andrew Holland
Joseph Andrew Holland Jr.
Joseph Crawford^who Andrew Flood
Joseph Currie- Macdonald College
Joseph Dominic Andrew
Joseph Donald Kelly
Joseph MacDonald
Joseph Mills Donald Bennett
Joyce Saddle Pony Andrew Dickson
Jr.—Donald Cameron
Juiin Macdonald—tlut
Julie (Andrew) Murray
Julie Andrew!
K. Macdonald
Karen Macdonald
Karen Macdonald II
Karl An^us* Mr Andrew Tubman
Katherine Macdonald
Katherine Patterson Diploma Program Macdonald College Dairy Day
Kathleen MacDonald
Kathy MacDonald Young
Katie MacDonald
Keeley Andrew Dale
Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew Mayhew "
Keith Cor- Harold MacDonald
Keith Edward St. Andrew
Keith Emmerson Donald J. Braytey Shawville
Kelsey Kelly MacDonald
Kemp Donald -Knot Tieing—Shawville
Ken Alexander Andrew Warren
Ken and Betty Griffin Lafleur - Donald
Ken O Leary Sandra Laroche Connie LaSalle Donald Lavallée 433-FOOD
Ken patr1ck Jason Lovtgne Andrew Boyle Trevor Golka PJ VaiHancourt Dave LsJSkasavncr Totals
Kendall Andrew’s
Kenneth Andrew
Kenneth Macdonald
Kenneth MacDonald June 8.
Kenneth Wayne Andrew Berry
Kent MacDonald Red
Kerry Andrew Burman
Kevin Andrew
Kevin Andrew Macintosh
Kevin Donald Ostrom
Kevin MacDonald
Kibert Andrew
Kir John MacDonald
KUgour A Son Grand Champion Bull J Donald Duff A Son
Kyle MacDonald
L J Vegetables Andrew Dickson
L W. Dahms Andrew Sly
Lac Leslie - Moved Donald Sloan
Ladies MacDonald
Lamothe Roley Wickens Donald Paul Kays Style Shoppe Canada Bread Pure Spring Ltd. George Towell Pon
Landon Donald
Larry Natasha MacDonald
Laurence Andrew Stewart
Laurie Mul-Donald
Lee Donald Dods
Len Macdonald
Leo Gena Donald O’Connor FRIDAY Call Me Madam Ethel Merman Audrey Long Lynn Roberts
Les Conseillers Donald Letts
Les Installation Electriques Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Electrical
Leslie Thompson Donald Armitage
Lewis Hodginsand Andrew Sly
Lewis MacDonald
Liam Andrew
Liberal Nominee Wallace MacDonald
Lillian MacDonald
Lillian Tub- Donald Duff
Lind- Glenna Graham Marries Donald Campbell
Little Donald
Little/'' Andrew Sly
Lloyd Alexander Alfred Armitage Edmond Gauthier Andrew Daley
Lloyd Jr. Donald Tru-few
Lloyd MacDonald
Lloyd N MacDonald
Lome Lome MacDonald
Lord Irving- Sir Donald
Lord Macdonald
Lou Woermke - Donald
Louise Donald
Louise Donald Gagnon
Louise Donald This
Louise Donald-
Louise Donald- Continued
Louise Donald-to
Louise E Donald
Louise Joseph Donald Lavallee
Louise MacDonald
Louise St- Andrew’s United
Love Melvin Donald O Connor Technicolor MONDAY
Luc MacDonald
Lyle Hodglns Roy Brown Andrew Atkenaon George Stewart Lloyd Stewart Kenneth Stewart Fred Stickler D
M A Mme Donald Roy
M Andrew Daley
M-s Andrew King
M. MacDonald
Mac Andrew Renfrew Recruiting Officer John A. Armstrong
Mac Donald
Mac Donald-Cartier
Mac Farline Macdonald College
Mac MacDonald
Mac- Donald
MacDonald Campbell
Macdonald Campus
MacDonald Carey
Macdonald Carey Gall Russell
Macdonald Cartier
Macdonald Character
Macdonald Col
Macdonald Col-
Macdonald Col- Kelley
Macdonald College
Macdonald College Announcement
Macdonald College Mrs Dave Davies
Macdonald College Poultry-W.
Macdonald Collkge
Macdonald De
Macdonald Dorothy
Macdonald J V Lister
Macdonald Jean 2nd
MacDonald K Guttler
Macdonald McMillan
Macdonald Mrs. Draper
MacDonald Visits
Mae MacDonald
Magazine Donald S. Hodgins
Malcolm Macdonald
Malcolm MacDonald Says Giles
Malcolm Norman MacDonald
Mamie Donald
Mamie Donald* Carlton Wain
Maniwaki Andrew Miljour
Mara Bishop MacDonald
Margaret Andrew
Margaret Macdonald
Margaret R MacDonald
Margie Macdonald
Marie Andrew Martin
Mario Lanza Calamity Jane Howard Keel Alec Nicol Dorl* Day Donald O Connor
Marion Andrew s United Church
Marion MacDonald
Marjorie Dickson Mrs. Tom MacDonald
Marjorie Horner Andrew Elliott
Mark MacDonald
Marlene Macdonald
Mary Laird Macdonald College
Mary MacDonald
Maureen MacDonald
Maurice Ik France Lamarche Donald
Max MacDonald
Maxim Andrew MacLachlin
Mayor Andrew Daley
Mc Donald
McCREDIE Donald RR 1
McGee MacDonald
Me- Andrew a
Me- Andrew Farrell Frisby
Mel Andrew*
Mel Donald
Mel Macdonald
Melvin J. Donald Duff
MERRY ANDREW Danny Kaye V Pier Angeli Color
Messrs Andrew
Messrs Andrew Grant
Messrs Andrew Great
Messrs Andrew Sly
Messrs Donald
Messrs Donald McDowell
Messrs Donald McRae
Messrs E. Donald Gorse
Messrs Macdonald
Messrs. Andrew
Messrs. Andrew Bull
Messrs. Andrew D. White
Messrs. Andrew Elliott
Messrs. Andrew Grant
Messrs. Andrew Sly
Messrs. Donald .shore
Mi Andrew Grant
Mi- Andrew s Knox Church
Mia Violet Aequith Donald Drew Himself Up Highest
Mias Jennie Macdonald
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew McCredie
Michael Andrew McGoff
Michael Donald
Michael Donald Duff
Michael L| Donald
Michael M''Donald
Michael Macdonald Toronto
Michel Fauvelle Pony Donald Trudeau
Mick Moderns Ann MacDonald
Mike MacDonald
Mildred MacDonald
Minor Derogation Donald McKenny -
Mins Macdonald
Mir Andrew Hanna
Mis Donald McNeil
Misses H Macdonald
Mka Andrew McKmoht
Mona Armstrong Mr. Claude Richardson Mrs. Albert Richardson Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Mona MacDonald
Monsieur Donald Bélec
Monsieur Donald Bélec.
Monsieur Donald Boucher Chef
Most Rev J R Brother Andrew
Mr Andrew
Mr Andrew Bennett
Mr Andrew Benson Elliott
Mr Andrew By-law
Mr Andrew Carroll
Mr Andrew Daley
Mr Andrew Elliott
Mr Andrew Flood
Mr Andrew Graham
Mr Andrew Grant
Mr Andrew Holland
Mr Andrew Per-
Mr Andrew Piria
Mr Andrew Richards
Mr Andrew Ross
Mr Andrew Sly
Mr Andrew White
Mr Macdonald
Mr W E MacDonald
Mr# Donald Grave
Mr% Andrew Bnxho.x
Mr* Andrew Flood
Mr* Andrew Hudgins
Mr* Andrew Iiodgins
Mr* Andrew Stewart
Mr. 1RQQ Hugh John Macdonald
Mr. A H. MacDonald
Mr. Andrew
Mr. Andrew the Canadian Red Cross Society
Mr. Andrew #Ty
Mr. Andrew 4e
Mr. Andrew 9ly
Mr. Andrew A. Allan
Mr. Andrew Alex
Mr. Andrew B.-dgma
Mr. Andrew Balk
Mr. Andrew Barnard
Mr. Andrew Bennett
Mr. Andrew Boyd
Mr. Andrew Broder Would Admit Rooster
Mr. Andrew Bussell
Mr. Andrew Cai
Mr. Andrew Caldwell
Mr. Andrew Car-
Mr. Andrew Carroll
Mr. Andrew Cawley
Mr. Andrew Chartrand
Mr. Andrew Daley
Mr. Andrew Daley Assessors
Mr. Andrew Daly
Mr. Andrew Elliott
Mr. Andrew Elliotts
Mr. Andrew F. Webb
Mr. Andrew Flood
Mr. Andrew Flood F/Lt
Mr. Andrew Flood Mr
Mr. Andrew Ftnlati
Mr. Andrew Gnint
Mr. Andrew Grant
Mr. Andrew Grant,of Bristol
Mr. Andrew H.iiv
Mr. Andrew Hanna
Mr. Andrew Hicks
Mr. Andrew Hodgina
Mr. Andrew Holland
Mr. Andrew Hudgins1
Mr. Andrew I’ears
Mr. Andrew Jamieson
Mr. Andrew Joyce
Mr. Andrew Joyce.
Mr. Andrew Judd
Mr. Andrew Judd.
Mr. Andrew King
Mr. Andrew Lance
Mr. Andrew Lang
Mr. Andrew Lynch
Mr. Andrew M.rtta
Mr. Andrew Makcenzic
Mr. Andrew Mar- Master Leslie McCagg
Mr. Andrew Marty
Mr. Andrew McCormack
Mr. Andrew McCredie
Mr. Andrew McCrodie
Mr. Andrew McDonald
Mr. Andrew McEwen
Mr. Andrew McKnight
Mr. Andrew Me-Credie
Mr. Andrew MeCredie
Mr. Andrew Meehan
Mr. Andrew Mis
Mr. Andrew Mrs. Jan M. Collins
Mr. Andrew Murray
Mr. Andrew Neville
Mr. Andrew Neville Mr.
Mr. Andrew Norton Buell
Mr. Andrew O. Hebb
Mr. Andrew Or.ht
Mr. Andrew P. Baird
Mr. Andrew Perrault
Mr. Andrew Piiie
Mr. Andrew Pine
Mr. Andrew Pirie
Mr. Andrew Pritchard*s
Mr. Andrew Ranger
Mr. Andrew Richards
Mr. Andrew Richarî
Mr. Andrew Ross
Mr. Andrew Roy
Mr. Andrew Shannon
Mr. Andrew Sly
Mr. Andrew Stewart
Mr. Andrew T. Mohr
Mr. Andrew T. White
Mr. Andrew Taylor
Mr. Andrew Tippins
Mr. Andrew Tubman
Mr. Andrew Ur.mt
Mr. Andrew W. Tubman
Mr. Andrew Watters
Mr. Andrew White
Mr. Andrew Woolsley
Mr. Andrew XV.
Mr. Donald
Mr. Donald A. Macintosh Sr.
Mr. Donald G. Kennedy
Mr. Donald Gamble Jr.
Mr. Donald Murdock
Mr. Donald S. Hodgins
Mr. Donald Seymour
Mr. H A. Macdonald
Mr. Hugh A. MacDonald
Mr. John A. Macdonald
Mr. Macdonald
Mr. MacDonald David Colton
Mr. Norman P. Macdonald
Mr. R MacDonald
Mr. Walter E. Andrew
Mr< Andrew Russell
Mr< Donald Rooney d St.aw
Mra Andrew Miljour
MrS Andrew Flood
Mrs Andrew Benson Elliott
Mrs Andrew Cram Rae Judd
Mrs Andrew Holland
Mrs Andrew King
Mrs Andrew Quebec City
Mrs Andrew Stephens
Mrs Andrew Tur
Mrs Andrew W. Crozier
Mrs Donald Hugh
Mrs* Andrew Flood
Mrs, Andrew Hodgins Mrs.
Mrs, Andrew McKnight
Mrs, Andrew Neville
Mrs, Andrew Stewart
Mrs, Donald-
Mrs, W Andrew Bennett
Mrs- Andrew
Mrs- Andrew Murray
Mrs- Andrew Neville
Mrs. Alex MacDonald
Mrs. Allan A. MacDonald
Mrs. Allan P. MacDonald
Mrs. Allen Poole Donald Sharpe
Mrs. Andrew
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew # Dumas
Mrs. Andrew Alexander Dies
Mrs. Andrew Andrews
Mrs. Andrew Atkin-
Mrs. Andrew Atkinson
Mrs. Andrew Ben-
Mrs. Andrew Bennett
Mrs. Andrew Bolger
Mrs. Andrew breaking’.e
Mrs. Andrew Brissette
Mrs. Andrew Cain
Mrs. Andrew Carroll
Mrs. Andrew Cleary
Mrs. Andrew Crosier
Mrs. Andrew Croz-1
Mrs. Andrew Crozier
Mrs. Andrew Cunningham
Mrs. Andrew Dagenais
Mrs. Andrew Dagg
Mrs. Andrew Daley
Mrs. Andrew Daly
Mrs. Andrew Davis
Mrs. Andrew Devine
Mrs. Andrew Dolan
Mrs. Andrew Dumas
Mrs. Andrew Elliott
Mrs. Andrew F. Neville Dr.
Mrs. Andrew Farrell
Mrs. Andrew Fleming
Mrs. Andrew Flodd
Mrs. Andrew Flood
Mrs. Andrew Flood Familu Finance Plan LOW-COST
Mrs. Andrew Flood Mr.
Mrs. Andrew Flood St Lake’s
Mrs. Andrew Fred Bronson
Mrs. Andrew G. Lund
Mrs. Andrew Gauthier
Mrs. Andrew Halverson
Mrs. Andrew Hanna
Mrs. Andrew Havelin
Mrs. Andrew Hodg-
Mrs. Andrew Hodgin*
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins E. Robinson
Mrs. Andrew Hodgins On August
Mrs. Andrew Howard
Mrs. Andrew Howard Will
Mrs. Andrew Hudg-
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins Clarence Brownlee
Mrs. Andrew II
Mrs. Andrew Judd
Mrs. Andrew Judd Monday
Mrs. Andrew King
Mrs. Andrew King Married
Mrs. Andrew Lance
Mrs. Andrew Lance Marie as
Mrs. Andrew Lance Quyon Baseball Club
Mrs. Andrew Lance Rcv* MrSe
Mrs. Andrew Lefleur
Mrs. Andrew Lepack Otter Lake
Mrs. Andrew Lusk
Mrs. Andrew Lynch
Mrs. Andrew McCredie
Mrs. Andrew McKnigbt
Mrs. Andrew McKnight
Mrs. Andrew McKnlght
Mrs. Andrew McKuight
Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin
Mrs. Andrew Me- Auxiliary
Mrs. Andrew Me-Church
Mrs. Andrew Me-Knight
Mrs. Andrew Michaud
Mrs. Andrew Milks
Mrs. Andrew Mills
Mrs. Andrew Mr. James Foran
Mrs. Andrew Mur-
Mrs. Andrew Mur- February
Mrs. Andrew Mur-Joint
Mrs. Andrew Murra>
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew Murray Johnston
Mrs. Andrew Murry
Mrs. Andrew Neville
Mrs. Andrew Neville Mr.
Mrs. Andrew Nuria>
Mrs. Andrew Oleary
Mrs. Andrew Paquette
Mrs. Andrew Piiie
Mrs. Andrew Pippins
Mrs. Andrew Pirie
Mrs. Andrew Pirie Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mrs. Andrew Pirle
Mrs. Andrew R. Dods
Mrs. Andrew R. E. Flood
Mrs. Andrew Richards
Mrs. Andrew Robertson
Mrs. Andrew Robertson Mrs
Mrs. Andrew Rod
Mrs. Andrew Ru
Mrs. Andrew Russe LI
Mrs. Andrew Russell
Mrs. Andrew Russell Ancd
Mrs. Andrew Russell Celebrate GeWee Wedding OTTAWA
Mrs. Andrew S!y
Mrs. Andrew Sharenl
Mrs. Andrew Simpson
Mrs. Andrew Slcwarl
Mrs. Andrew Sly
Mrs. Andrew Smith
Mrs. Andrew Smyth
Mrs. Andrew Stewart
Mrs. Andrew Tipnins
Mrs. Andrew Tipping
Mrs. Andrew Tippins
Mrs. Andrew Tubman
Mrs. Andrew Wiggins
Mrs. Andrew Woolsey
Mrs. Andrew Wool«ey
Mrs. Angus MacDonald
Mrs. Bill Himmel- Donald
Mrs. David Andrew
Mrs. David MacDonald You
Mrs. Donald
Mrs. Donald Angus
Mrs. Donald Campbell
Mrs. Donald Coghill
Mrs. Donald Coghlll
Mrs. Donald Compeau
Mrs. Donald Fgaser
Mrs. Donald Gagnon
Mrs. Donald Graham
Mrs. Donald Grave- Mrs.
Mrs. Donald H. McIntosh
Mrs. Donald Her-ner
Mrs. Donald J. McBeth
Mrs. Donald J. McNeil
Mrs. Donald J. Olmstead
Mrs. Donald L. Kirkey
Mrs. Donald Lang
Mrs. Donald McCre-die
Mrs. Donald McCredle
Mrs. Donald McPhaii
Mrs. Donald McRae
Mrs. Donald Mein
Mrs. Donald Olmstead
Mrs. Donald pe0ple McGuire
Mrs. Donald R. Dods
Mrs. Donald Russet I.
Mrs. Donald Schwartz
Mrs. Donald Seymour
Mrs. Donald Seymour Fort
Mrs. Donald Seymour Mr.
Mrs. Donald Seymour Sharon
Mrs. Donald Sharpe
Mrs. Donald Sloan
Mrs. Donald StPierre
Mrs. Donald Valpy
Mrs. Donald White-
Mrs. E G MacDonald
Mrs. Gordon Brad- Donald
Mrs. Grant MacDonald
Mrs. H Andrew s United Church
Mrs. Henry Smiley Mrs. Donald MacDougall
Mrs. J B. Macdonald
Mrs. James MacDonald
Mrs. James MacDonald >1
Mrs. Ken Fa^ Mr. Allan MacDonald
Mrs. Leslie Cruick- Donald McNeill
Mrs. Lome MacDonald
Mrs. Lottie Ian MacDonald
Mrs. M MacDonald
Mrs. MacDonald
Mrs. Paul Me-[Andrew Flood
Mrs. Ross MacDonald
Mrs. Wallace MacDonald
Mrs. William MacDonald
Mr» Andrew Murray
Mulligan Geetske Veildhuiss C. Standing Shirley Bradley Donald Reynolds Herbie Stafford Shirley Wil
Murray Donald
Murray MacDonald
Music Andrew Murray
Myrtle Hades Macdonald
Nancy Lome MacDonald
Nancy MacDonald
Naomi Andrew
Nathan Andrew McLachlin
Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations With
Neil MacDonald
Neil McCagg Donald Floral
Nelson Charles MacDonald
New Carlisle Macdonald Journal
Newfoundland Archbishop James H MacDonald
No. 1.—Andrew Grant
Norah Margaret MacDonald
Norman MacDonald
Ntr Andrew Daley
O. J. MacDonald
Obituary Mrs Donald Gendron L*
OeO Andrew
Ohakrabarty Donald
Oils Andrew Farrell
Ollie Donald
Ora Andrew Bennett
Os Andrew Bennett
Oswald MacDonald
P —The Ontari* Andrew Cirne^ii
Pastor Grant 647-2335 Standing MacDonald Single Road Horse
Pastor Ken MacDonald
Pat Elizabeth’s Parish Church Donald
Pat Evangaline MacDonald
Pat Keon Andrew
Pat Lance Donald McLoughlin
Pat Mac Donald.
Pat MacDonald
Pat MacDonald Beattie
Pat MacDonald’s
Pat Schoular Andrew Imrie
Patrick Groulx Andrew Warren
Patrick Mc Donald ¦3
Patrick Me Donald
Patrick Me Donald Financial Consultant QOD
Patrick Me Donald Oktoberfest Ladysmith Financial Consultant GUI
Paul Andrew
Paul Andrew Em
Paul Andrew Emmerson
Paul Andrew Kluke
Paul Andrew Kluke SI Aubin
Paul F MacDonald
Paul MacDonald
Peggy Paul Weds Donald W. Ramsay Mrs. Watt Taylor
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Perth A MacDonald
Peter Andrew
Peter Donald
Peter Donald-
Peter Macdonald
Philip Andrew
Philip Andrew Atkinson
Phone Andrew Brisebois Jr RR4
Phyllis Jean Parrel Weds Donald Harold Malette At
Phyllis MacDonald
Pierre Andrew’s Knox United Church
Pierre MacDonald
Ponlac A MacDonald Renfrew B Fleury Ponlac Z Tataryn Cartelon Place C Peck
Preaby- Andrew McKni«ht
Present Andrew Daley
Present—Andrew Carnegie
Principal “ Ida Macdonald
Pritchard X Andrew
Publicity Mrs Donald Duff
PWter John Foley SI Andrew a-Kno*
P»Y Andrew Kingsbury
Qrs Andrew Bennett
Qs Andrew Bennett
Que Andrew Bennet Armltage
Que Andrew Fa
Que Donald S. Hodgins
R. L JMhv Andrew
Rachel Andrew Murphy Joyce Sylvester
Ralph MacDonald
Ramsay MacDonald
Randall Andrew.
Ray Andrew
Ray Donald
Ray M Donald
Ray Thras-Donald
Raymond Sheppard Gordon Bradley Andrew Michaud William MacLachlan EQUITY PHOTO
Rebeccay Andrew
Renelle Andrew Smith
Repairs Dennis Lucas T.D.C. DENTUROLOGIST Donald S. Hodgins
Résolu- Melvin Gaenon Donald
Rev Andrew
Rev Andrew Rus
Rev Andrew Russell
Rev Andrew Russell Is
Rev Donald E. Rutherford
Rev E Grant MacDonald
Rev O J. MacDonald
Rev* C Arm* Andrew
Rev. A K MacDonald
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. Andrew Bus Cyril Flannigan
Rev. Andrew Maracle
Rev. Andrew Melvin
Rev. Andrew Morgan
Rev. Andrew Russell
Rev. Andrew Telford
Rev. Angus MacDonald
Rev. D B MacDonald
Rev. Donald
Rev. Donald 8. J. McNal^RenÜud
Rev. Donald A. Sharpe
Rev. Donald A. Sharpe Bristol United Church
Rev. Donald A. Sharpe St
Rev. Donald C. Smith
Rev. Dr. Charles D. Donald
Rev. E G MacDonald.
Rev. E G. MacDonald
Rev. E Grant MacDonald
Rev. E. G MacDonald
Rev. E. Grant MacDonald
Rev. E. Grant MacDonald SS
Rev. Macdonald
Reynolds Andrew Daley
Re^Stanley Andrew
Richard Andrew McCaffrey
Richard Andrew Williams
Richard MacDonald
Richard Russell Messrs Donald MEN’S SUITS MEN’S
Richard Wills Clarence Andrew Roy
Richard Wills Andrew Kelly
Richard Wlls Andrew Dale
Richardson Donald
Ricky Donald McCann
Ring Crosby Donald O Connor Geo
Rir Andrew
Rob Donald
Rob Natasha MacDonald
Robert Andrew
Robert Andrew 7
Robert Andrew Daley
Robert Andrew Grant
Robert Andrew Grant Fort Cou/onge Period
Robert Andrew Kearney
Robert Andrew.
Robert Donald
Robert Donald Steele
Robert Grant ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. Robert Andrew Grunt
Robert Lalonde Donald Despree
Robert MacDonald
Robert Middlemia Andrew Michaud
Robert Mr. Donald Dodridge
Robin Macdonald Talking Pictures X
Rodney Donald David Richard
Roger Andrew’s Knox United Ross
Roland Donald Trudeau
Ron MacDonald
Ron TTudeau Joel Edge Bretzlaff’s Store Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Wilfred Trudeau Randy Godin Evert Ho
Ron- Macdonald
Ronald Andrew Pnnglc
Ronald Andrew Pringle
Ronald Andrew Prirtglc
Ronald H MacDonald
Ronald Little Donald Sharpe
Ronald Macdonald
Ronald MacDonald Orange
Ronald MacDonald Saturday
Ronnie MacDonald
Ronnie Millions Mariya Richardson Caroline Schroeder Donald Stanley Evelyn Stanley Betty Strutt Gar
Ross Andrew
Ross Fiiw Donald Horn Others Albert Armstrong
Ross MacDonald
Roy Andrew.... O''Riley James
Roy Andrew....... O’Riley James
Roy Andrew........
Rrvcrerrl Andrew Warren
Ruth Hodgins Macdonald Mrs. Bland Little
Ry Andrew F. Currier
Ryan Barber (Andrew Boyle
Ryan Barber (Andrew Woren
Ryan Bcybe -Andrew Warren
S.T.B. Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald C. Smith
Saint Andrew
Saint Andrew s Day
Saint Andrew s Knox
Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Sam Rennick Mrs. John B. Judd ......... Mrs Andrew McKnight
Samples Andrew Carroll
Samuel Walsh Lady Macdonald
Sandra Andrew Michaud
Sandra Dagg Arthur Sc Iaobel Day Linda Dent Evelyn Duff Sc Donald Duff John Duff - Memorial Melvin
Sandra Laroche Connie LaSalle Donald Lavallée Rita Cybulski Heather Dickson Yves Forget Donald Gagn
Sandy Macdonald
Sar- Mrs David MacDonald
Sarah MacDonald
Sask Andrew Sly
Saturday G Donald S. Hodgins
Scott John A. MacDonald’s
Scott MacDonald
Sean MacDonald
Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Farrell
Service Andrew’ Farrell Sec Treas Pure
Service Th Donald S. Hodgins
Sf Andrew Knox Church
Shane Andrew
Sharon Mery Jean to Donald Thornes Richardson
Sharon Ri- Rev Angus MacDonald
Sharpe Donald
Shawville Andrew
Shawville Andrew Clifford Maracle
Shawville Pentecostal Church Rev. Donald C. Smith
Sheila Me Donald
Shelley MacDonald
Shelley MacDonald Louise Stuart
Sherwood Councillor* Andrew Dennett
Sherwood Henderson Cts Andrew Bennett
Shirley Jean to Carlo Andrew Locleir
Short Rib Steaks Donald Duck Orange Juice
Short- Andrew Tracy
Si Andrew
Si Andrew* X 11:30
Simon Andrew Bruce Barber
Simon Bsrb Andrew Rly
Sir.I.dm Macdonald
Sloan Donald
Smith Donald
Smith- Karen Andrew Devine
Special Donald
Splrak Phil Thompson Donald Trudeau Mr
St Andrew
St Andrew Avellin
St Andrew Streets
St Andrew Sts
St Andrew"
St Andrew*
St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s Knox
St- Andrew
Stacey Donald- Gordon Nesbitt
Stacey MacDonald
Stake-body Andrew Farrell
Stanley Andrew
Stanley Andrew»
Stanley Lewis Andrew’s United Church
Stanley MacDonald Cooper
Stanton E W R Gordon Dittbumer Dave Alexander Ike Rennlck Mickey McGuire Trucking Donald Hodglns El
Starks Corners St Andrew
Stella MacDonald
Stella Scott Andrew
Stephen MacDonald
Steve MacDonald
Steven Donald
Stewart M St Andrew*»
Stuart Andrew
Sue MacDonald
Susan Fournier Macdonald College
Susan Gerald end Winnlfred Devld Donald Graveline
Susan Wil- Donald
Swartz Mrs. Donald A. McCrimmon
Sylvia MacDonald
Tammy Andrew Miljour
Te Andrew Die Johnston
Thanks MacDonald
Theresa Andrew Bennett Amen Due GRANT
Theresa Greene Macdonald
Thomas Andrew Elliott
Thomas Andrew Keyes and Margaret “Maggie” Jane Ferrigan
Thomas Andrew Young
Thomas Horn- Seph MacDonald
Thompson Andrew
Thompson Andrew Lang
Ties Andrew Farrell
Tim Graham Andrew Dickson
Tim Thompson 1 Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Andrew Boyle Andrew Warren Brad Kohlsrmth Michael Laska Totals
Tim Thompson Andrew Woren Tnoy
Todd Andrew
Tom iUlllUl Andrew Narlock
Tom MacDonald
Tom O’Neill Donald
Tony MacDonald
Treasurer Andrew Sample
Trevor Andrew
Trinity-St Andrew
Troy Andrew
Tshbel MacDonald
Valerie Donald Petty
Valerie MacDonald
Valley Ramblers Robaye Holstems Graham McLeod Donald Lavaliee Second Generation Simmentals Smillea
Versil Smith Rev. Donald C. Smith
Vincent Macdonald
Volley Andrew Perrault
W C. MACDONALD^^ J‘ K‘ MACSino Dmrcro
W D Macdonald
W R MacDonald
W R MacDonald M L A.
Walker Riley Macdonald
Walker Riley Macdonald College Figure Skating Classes Fire
Wall Clocks Andrew Daley
Wallace Donald
Wallace MacDonald
Wallace MacDonald Returning Officer
Wallace MacDonald Will Try To Unseat Ray Johnston
Wallace MacDonald’s
Wallace R MacDonald
Walter Andrew Turcotte
Walter Andrew»
Walter Donald Begley
Walter Donald Begley French Proverb Dennis Lucas
Walter Kllgour SSÿfw Macdonald Poach Prince
Walter Mrs Andrew Russell
Walter Thrun Herbert Hodgins Earl Dods Fred Wiggins Hilliard Sinclair Bud Elliott Donald Duff Shawv
Warren Andrew
Warren Donald
Warren Donald Campbell
Wayne Andrew
Wayne Venne Mayor Donald Gagnon
Webb Miss Amy Barber Mrs. Frank Ford Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Welter Andrew
Will- M Donald
William and Donald Gagon
William Andrew
William Andrew Dickson
William Andrew G
William Andrew Gload
William Andrew Glode
William Andrew Hanna
William Andrew Judd
William Andrew Richard Hanna
William Christopher Macdonald
William Donald
William Donald Munroe
William Macdonald
William Macdonald Is
William Macdonald WM.
Willis Nancy MacDonald
Wilson MacDonald
Wood Andrew Boyle Andrew Women Brad KohOmWh G
Wyman W I Donald Paul
Y von D Lapierre David Z. Le Donald D. Macfie Martial Marois
Young Macdonald
Young Tenderfoot Gadget Donald Wilson Ground Observer Corps To Be Observers Norma Lamb Brent McBrid
0f St Andrew
Andrew 9
Andrew Fulton
Andrew Henderson l UP
Andrew Islands
Andrew Malcolm
Appeliez Rosemarie au Donald Gamble
Bay - St Andrew
Bay St Andrew
Collège Macdonald
Del MacDonald
Donald Atwater
Donald Crisp l Printed Silks
Donald Griffin
Donald Harbor
Fort 4 V Donald McLean
Fort Coakmgw St Andrew’s
Fort Codonge St Andrew
Fort Coubnge St Andrew
Fort Coubnge St Andrew s
Fort Coufonge St Andrew
Fort Couionge St Andrew
Fort Couionge St Andrew’s
Fort CouJonge St Andrew
Fort Coukxioe St Andrew
Fort Coulonge - St. Andrew
Fort Coulonge St Andrew
Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s
Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s W.A.
Fort Coulonge W l in St Andrew
Fort Coulooge St Andrew
Fort Coutonga St Andrew
Fort Coutonge St Andrew
Fort Coutonge St Andrew s
Fort Coutonge St Andrew’s
Fort Coutongs St Andrew
Fort Coutooge St Andrew
Fort St. Andrew’s-Knox
Hi Donald.
Hi Macdonald College
Hi Mr, MacDonald
L Rev. Donald
Le Donald
MacDonald Ave.
Macdonald College
Macdonald College:-electric
Macdonald County
Macdonald Lake College
MacDonald) l l l I
Mass St Andrew
McGuire Andrew Warren
Mount Macdonald
Mr. Malcolm MacDonald
Ottawa St Andrew
Raglan St C. St Andrew’s W.M.S
Rev. Malcolm MacDonald
Secretary Malcolm MacDonald
St Andrew
St Andrew Memorial
St Andrew s
St Andrew S Church
St Andrew St
St Andrew St .
St Andrew’* l
St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s C
St Andrew’s Cemetery
St Andrew’s East
St Andrew’s Knox
St Andrew’s Presbyterian
St Andrew’s U-
St Andrew’s X
St l Andrew
St. Andrew
St. Andrew’
St. Andrew’s l
Tel Macdonald College
Trinity St Andrew
U.C.W. St Andrew
U.C.W. St Andrew’s
W. Mo Donald
14-5th Line Donald
7.30 P M St Andrew Church
9t Andrew’s Cemetery
A. H. Perry Shawville Andrew Clifford Maracle
A. Macdonald’s Conservative
A.M. Church School 11 A.M. Morning Worship Sermon - ANDREW.
a.m.—Sunday School SL Andrew’s
AGENTS WANTED Macdonald Farm Journal
Agricultural Engineering Department of Macdonald College
Agriculture Canada Research Macdonald College
Agriculture MACDONALD
Agriculture Macdonald College
Agronomy Department Macdonald College
Agronomy Department of Macdonald College
Allan Line Royal Mall Steamships Unci Horn Chirr Justice Macdonald
Andrew & Family b
Andrew Carnegie N Beattie
Andrew Crystal Thrun
Andrew Knox Church
Andrew McKmght
Andrew Per- Institute
ANDREW Rev. Allan
ANDREW S W A Holiness Movement Church Shawville Pastor
Andrew* Presbyterian Church
Andrew* Presbyterian Church Fort
Andrew*-Knox Bnatol Bible Study Thutodey Ibuth Group
Andrew;-Knox Womens Association Central Unit Plans
Andrew’s cemetery
Andrew’s Church
Andrew’s Church Cemetery
Andrew’s Knox Church
Andrew’s Knox Special Christmas Services
Andrew’s LTnited Church
Andrew’s Preifoyterian Church Womans Missionary Society
Andrew’s Presbyterian
Andrew’s Presbyterian cemetery
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Fort
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Fort
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church W.M.S.
Andrew’s Presbyterian Design School
Andrew’s Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society
Andrew’s Society
Andrew’s Sunday School
Andrew’s United Cemetery
Andrew’s United Church
Andrew’s United Church Basement BRISTOL
Andrew’s United Church Campbell’s Bay
Andrew’s United Church Hall
Andrew’s United Church Manly Brown
Andrew’s United Church Manse
Andrew’s United Church McCord
Andrew’s United Church Rtistol
Andrew’s United Church Women
Andrew’s University
Andrew’s Women’s Association
Andrew’s-Knox United Church
Andrew’s-Knox United Church Museum-Tea Room
Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
Anglican Andrew’s United Glmrch
Anglican United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Anglophone Social Action Dr. DAVID JOHNSTON Principal McGill University DONALD JONDRBVILLE
Anniversary Service St. Andrew’s - Knox United Church Bristol
Anniversary Services Andrew
Anniversary Services At St. Andrew’s Church Fort Coulonge Coulonge Telephone Shareholders Meet
Anniversary Services St. Andrew’s
Annual Memorial Service St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Arnprior Livestock Exchange MacDonald College
ASSEMBLIES St. Andrew’s Campbell’s Bethel Tabernacle Shawville
Association of St Andrew s Presbyterian Church
Association of St Andrew’s United Church
Association of St. Andrew’s
Association of St. Andrew’s Church
Association of St. Andrew’s United Church
Back Home Donald O Connor MONDAY A
Back Home Donald O Connor SATURDAY A
Bankers Nitemare MacDonald
Bath Room Fixtures St. Andrew’s Knox
Bay Council Donald Letts
BD St. Andrew’s Worship Service Austin 3.00 p.m.—Worship Service
BEAL Sir Donald Stewart
Beauty Salem Bryson Hodgimi Donald
Beauty Salon Bryson Hodgins Donald
Beauty Salon Bryson Hodglns Donald
Beauty Selon Bryson Hodgins Donald
Beryl Andrew’s Church
Beverley Mae MacDonald
Bilingual HOCKEY SCHOOL Macdonald College
Board of Pontiac Protestant Hospital Andrew Michaud
Boy Andrew Davie
Boys Andrew
Boys Donald Brownlee
Boys School Oxfords Donald McDowell
Bretzlaff’s Store Donald S. Hodgins Inc. Wilfred Trudeau Randy Godin Evert Hodgins Logging Molson M
Bristol - St Andrew s Knox Rainbow
Bristol ; Andrew Itosi
Bristol and St Andrew
Bristol Andrew
Bristol Andrew T
Bristol Beys Arrive Safely Overseas William Andrew
Bristol Charge Rev Arm Durant Church Oflce 647-3950 Stark s Corners St Andrew’s Knox Brotol
Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCaig Christmas Services St Andrew s Knox Saturday December
Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCwg Dl St Andrew
Bristol Charge Rev. Donald
Bristol Charge Rev. Donald A Sharpt St A
Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s KnoAr
Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Bristol con-Andrew
BRISTOL COUNCIL Miss Phyllis Jean Parrel Weds Donald Harold Malette At
Bristol Councillor Donald Duff
Bristol Councillor Donald DufY
Bristol Donald Duff
Bristol MacDonald
Bristol Memorial Andrew’s
Bristol Memorial Church Rev E Grant MacDonald
Bristol Memorial Church Rev E. Grant MacDonald
Bristol Memorial Church Rev. E. Grant MacDonald
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fori Couionge St Andrew s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coufonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Wolf Lake St Fra
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worshp Service Roman Catholic Br
Bristol Memorial Worship & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Couionge Si Andrew
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Couionge St Andrew s Worship Service Si
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service
Bristol Memorial Worship A Sunday School Fort Coutonga St Andrew s Worship Service 1 Pontiac Prints
Bristol Memorial Worstup & Sunday School Fort Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic B
Bristol Mines by Rev. Malcolm MacDonald
Bristol Mines Mr. Andrew Hudgins
Bristol Mines; Donald
Bristol Mmej Andrew Pirie
Bristol Mrs. Donald Corrigan
Bristol Pastoral Charge REV DONALD
Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald
Bristol Pastorol Charge Rev. Donald
Bristol Posterai Charge Rev. Donald
Bristol Postoral Charge Rev. Donald
Bristol Pro-Mayor Donald Jacques Ledoux
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs Mary’s C.W.L. United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’
Bristol Ridge Rev. Gary Hobbs United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Bristol Senator Donald Bristol W.
Bristol St Andrew
Bristol St Andrew s Young Peoples Society
Bristol St. Andrew’s United Church
Bristol St. Andrew’s W.M.S. Meet RENFREW
Bristol St. Andrew’s Y.PU.
BRISTOL UNITED St Andrew s Service
BRISTOL UNITED St Andrew’s Service
BRISTOL UNITED St. Andrew’s Service
BRISTOL UNITED St. Andrew’s Still
Bristol Volun- Crs Donald McCredie
Bristol [Macdonald College
Bristol; Andrew Sluder
Bristol; Donald McCredie
Brj»on Immaculate Conception St Andrew’s Knox
Bruce MacDonald Motor Hotel and Mr.
Bryson Charge Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Bryson Immaculate Conception St Andrew’s Knox
Bryson Immaculate Conception St. Andrew’s
Bryson Me Donald Lavallee
BRYSON Mr Ernest MacDonald
Bryson Mr. Macdonald
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir Shawville
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom CHRISTMAS
Bryson News J Mrs. Donald Oatrom Teaching Project Visiting
Bryson News J.M. LEMAY Mrs. Donald Ostrom RADIATOR SERVICE Shawville
Bryson News Mrs. Donald
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Oslrom
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir Vinton
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostroir With
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Chiropractor Mrs. Verner Thrun OFFICE NOW OPEN
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Gervais
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Hi-Way Drive-In Children
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Home
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom Hospital
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrom STOPYLANDI NEAR RENFREW
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostronr RUSSETT’S TAXI
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostronr Recently
Bryson News Mrs. Donald Ostrorr Misa Louisa Mellon
Bryson News Obituary David Eligah Peck Ladysmith Update Mrs. Donald Ostrom Spending
Bryson News ONTIAC Mrs. Donald Ostroir ROPANE
Bryson Village Andrew Migneault........ Estate
Cal Sir John Macdonald
CAMPBELL Andrew Martin Baird Veterinary
Canadi-Macdonald College
Carleton Place Kings Andrew Eades
Carlisle Macdonald Journal
Celebrate Crystal Anniversary Andrew Russell
Centennial Center MacDonald College
Cheese Jolly Miller Crystals Orange Flavor Donald Duck Grapefruit Juice Red Rose Reg
Chichester Mayor Donald Quyon Fire Department
Christ Rally | Trinity St Andrew’s United Chucrh
Church of Clure St Andrew
Church of St Andrew Undershaft
Church School of St Andrew
Church Service IT. ANDREW S
Church Service ST. ANDREW S
Church Service ST. ANDREW S.
Church Service St. Andrew’s Knox
Church Service ST. ANDREW’S.
Church Services Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Church St and St Andrew St
Clarendon School Board ANDREW
Clarendon School Board St. Andrew’s
Clarendon Women’s Institute St. Andrew’s
CLOSED MONDA YS Bryson News Mrs. Donald
Club Achievement Andrew Lang
CLYDESDALE Stallion S yr- Donald Bradley
Cocnmun-Andrew’s United Church
Colonial National Monument Swamp Rattlesnake Donald FOR SALE Interior
Comers Bible Study Tuesday St Andrew s-Knox Bristol Bible Study Wednesday 9.30
Comers St Andrew s Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Ybuth Group Friday Campbell
Community Macdonald College
Con Donald
Confessors Church Donald
Conrad Andrew Monette
Conseiller Donald I^etts
Conseiller Donald Letts
Contact Kazuma Donald Way
Continental Life Insurance Co. Andrew Farrell
Convention Macdonald College
Corners Bible Study Tuesday St Andrew
Corners Bible Study Tuesday St Andrew s-Knox Bntfol Bible Study Wednesday 9:30
Corners St Andrew’s Knox Bristol Btote Study Thursday Ybuth Group Fnday Campbele Bay United Rev Ang
Corporation Chairperson Donald Gagnon
Council Onslow North Andrew Farrell
County Council Andrew’s Presbyterian A Social
Court Rotary Hears Alex Macdonald On Insurance Austin Plain Nutt Tn Attend Clarendon Council W(
CPPG Andrew McDermott
CRAFT SALE St Andrew s Knox United Church
Crane Sup-Donald F. Runge Ltd 17.70
Day Service St. Andrew’s United Church
DEATH United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Dell Macdonald
Depart- Extension Service Macdonald College
Dillon and Diane McGee’s MacDonald
Division of Macdonald College
Dominion Securities Representative Donald Lavallée
Donald Dame
Donald Gamble
Donald Gideon Service Ultramar Heating Sales and Services Moved
Donald Graveline & Co. Contestants
Donald Hodgins Electric
Donald Hodgins Electric McColgan s Insurance
Donald Mac Master
DONALD MacGILLIVRAY Bank of Commerce
Donald Marie- Anglican Church Ladies Guild
Donald McCredie Council
Donald Ouellette
Donald Sloan
Donaldson and Donald McRae
DOOR SWEEPS DOOR SEALS Bristol Charge Rev. Donald
Dublin Commission Court Andrew
DURABLE St Andrew’s W.
E 0 0 IIe Ul St Andrew’s Cleaning Pressing Dyeing
E O N DENTIST Macdonald College
ELECTRIC REG’D Vinton School Carnival Donald
Ellard Royce Perry; Donald Ranger
Equity WHAT SHELDON NEEDS Mr. Andrew McCredie
Estension Department of Macdonald College
Extension Department Macdonald College
Extension Department of Macdonald
Extension Department of Macdonald College
FAMIL Y BROWN Shawville Lionettes Donald
Farm Management Macdonald Collage Sh
Fine MacDonald
Fire Department - Edgar Sloan & Donald Letts
Firm Management Macdonald College
FLUSHES Colour Donald
Fly Andrew F Currrer
Fod Couionge Si Andrew s Worship Service V
Forest Inn Donald Ostrom
Fori Coukxige Si Andrew*
Fori Coulonge Sl Andrew
Fori Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service
Fori Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service Roman Catholic Bnafol Mines
Form Management MacDonald College
Frday CampbeFs Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald
Funeral of Thos Sharpe St. Andrew’s Knox Austin Sermon—Remember the
General Donald Cutler
General Hector Macdonald Suicides
Good Brothers Mrs. Donald Ostrom
Guild of Macdonald College
Harley Donald McKenny
Harness Pony Donald Trudeau
Harness Shop Ph St. Andrew’s
Health Donald Duff
HENRY’S SHORTHAND SCHOOL Macdonald College Short Course
Heritage Peas Donald Duck Orange Juiceiooz
Hi Macdonald College School of Household Science
Highest Ranking Student attending MacDonald College School
Hodgins Store Fairtawn Travel Nepean Donald S Hodgins Inc Pontiac Agricultural Society Div A Pontia
Holiness Movement Mrs. Andrew
House Andrew Fades
House Flora MacDonald
House Macdonald College
Household Science School of Macdonald College
IAIN EQUIPMENT Donald Mr. Vincent Sloan
Ideal Home Obituary Mrs Donald McNeill Donald S Hodgins
IHHHHHUIHI Macdonald College
Immigration Canada Flora MacDonald
In- Macdonald College
JA & KL Kllgour JA & KL Kllgour J Donald Duff Edwin
Junior Boys Donald John*
KL Kllgour J E Russell A Sons J Donald Duff A Sons Hlllls ConoUy
Lac Donald McDoowell K C. A.F Tienton
Ladysmith Lutheran Church St Andrew’s
Lake Fish & Game Club Donald Evans
LBS Donald Graveline
Library of Macdonald College
Lodge Representatives Donald Wilson
Louise Donaldson Donald Gagnon
Ltd Andrew
M & Sons MacDonald
M. Andrew s Women’s Association
M. Mac Andrew Renfrew Recruiting Officer John
Ma-Donald College
Macdonald & Co @6
Macdonald Agricultural College
Macdonald Agricultural SHS
MacDonald Blind School
MacDonald Brothers Aircraft Ltd.
Macdonald Business Education & Hugh Macdonald
Macdonald Cd- Bristol Mines
Macdonald Co
Macdonald Co 1
Macdonald Co Carmen
Macdonald Col- Agricultural Society
Macdonald College
Macdonald College Litter
Macdonald College A New World
Macdonald College Afield
Macdonald College Agri
Macdonald College Agricultural Extension Phone
Macdonald College Agricultural Extension Service
Macdonald College and Canada Manpower Services
Macdonald College and Montreal
Macdonald College Animal
Macdonald College Announcement for
Macdonald College Annual Convention
Macdonald College Applies Electric Eye
Macdonald College BERT CRAWFORD
Macdonald College Both
Macdonald College By KENNETH
Macdonald College By Rose Dickson
Macdonald College Campus
Macdonald College Cattle Complex
Macdonald College Cen- X
Macdonald College Centennial Centre
Macdonald College Christmas
Macdonald College CLARENDON
Macdonald College Coarse
Macdonald College Convention NOTICE
Macdonald College Dairy Day
Macdonald College de Quebec Handicraft Competition
Macdonald College Dean Pokes
Macdonald College Demons
Macdonald College Demonstrate
Macdonald College Demonstration
Macdonald College Demonstrator
Macdonald College Demonstrator Custom
Macdonald College Demonstrator of Agriculture
Macdonald College Department of Agriculture
Macdonald College Diploma 8hawville Club Md
Macdonald College Diploma Course Committee
Macdonald College Diploma Department
Macdonald College Diploma Program
Macdonald College Engineering
Macdonald College Exams NOTICE.
Macdonald College Extension Andai
Macdonald College Extension Department
Macdonald College Extension Department Trophy
Macdonald College Extension Services
Macdonald College Faculty
Macdonald College Fall
Macdonald College Farm
Macdonald College Farm Day
Macdonald College Figure Skating Classes Fire
Macdonald College for Teachers Course—Doreen
Macdonald College Free Short
Macdonald College Guylain Charron
Macdonald College Handicrafts Cards
Macdonald College HAZLEY ISLAND
Macdonald College Heavy Laying Strain
Macdonald College Heavy Laying Strain Wim
Macdonald College HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Macdonald College High School
Macdonald College Information Service
Macdonald College International Hockey Tourna
Macdonald College Island
MacDonald College Journal
Macdonald College Journal Every Could
Macdonald College Journal That Air Raid Warning Windfall
Macdonald College Junior Matriculation
Macdonald College Library
Macdonald College Livestock
Macdonald College Livestock Club
Macdonald College Livestock Show
Macdonald College Magazine
Macdonald College Many
Macdonald College May
Macdonald College Members
Macdonald College Men GEORGE
Macdonald College Miss Shaw
Macdonald College Misses Marion Dale
Macdonald College Modifications
Macdonald College Mr.
Macdonald College Mr. Fow-
Macdonald College Mr. Graham Conolly
Macdonald College Mrs. Roland MacKechnie
Macdonald College Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Macdonald College N —
Macdonald College Name___
Macdonald College of
Macdonald College of McGill
Macdonald College of McGill University
Macdonald College of Mr.
MacDonald College of St. Anne de Belleview
Macdonald College Planning
Macdonald College Post Office
Macdonald College Poultry Department
Macdonald College Poultry-W.
Macdonald College Preston Hodgins
Macdonald College Ptovtaglal Quyon W. I.
Macdonald College Quel
Macdonald College Receives Full Grant
MacDonald College Renauld
Macdonald College Representative
Macdonald College Resear
Macdonald College Reunion
Macdonald College RIVER VIEW
MacDonald College Roads
Macdonald College Roll
MacDonald College Royal In
Macdonald College Royal.
Macdonald College Saturday
Macdonald College School
MacDonald College School for Teachers
Macdonald College School of Household Science
Macdonald College School of Teachers
MACDONALD COLLEGE See.Treas Home-Made Mustard Plasters Best
Macdonald College Short
Macdonald College Short Coarse In Household Science Ottawa-Waltham— Leave Shawville
Macdonald College Short Com
Macdonald College Short Course
Macdonald College Short Course Mrs.
Macdonald College Short Course OVERCOAT SPECIAL Fifteen Men’s Overcoats Regular
Macdonald College Shortcourse In Household Science Applications
Macdonald College Solon Chez Hélène R.R. 1
Macdonald College Ste
Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue
Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
Macdonald College Stock-prise
Macdonald College STRAYED AC
Macdonald College Summer Course
Macdonald College Summer School
Macdonald College the
Macdonald College Those
Macdonald College Tickets
Macdonald College ttension Department
Macdonald College Uate
Macdonald College where Farm Forum
Macdonald College Wilson
Macdonald College Win-
Macdonald College Woodley
Macdonald College [Extension Department Box
Macdonald College |
Macdonald College; Mrs.
Macdonald Extension Department
Macdonald Extension Service
Macdonald Farm
Macdonald Farm Jour
Macdonald Farm Journal
MacDonald Graduate Society
Macdonald High School
MACDONALD Horigins Garage Add Water
Macdonald Hotel
Macdonald Institute
Macdonald June Emmerson
Macdonald Labor Government
MacDonald Ministry
Macdonald National Memorial Association
MacDonald Our Customs.
Macdonald Raptor Research Centre
MACDONALD S That Dominion Reconstruction Committee Advocates Standard Of Farm Honfts Be Raised
MacDonald School
Macdonald Stewart Foundation
Macdonald Students Society
Macdonald Su;.liner School
Macdonald Tobacco
Macdonald Tobacco Co.
Macdonald Tobacco of Montreal
Macdonald University
MacDonald Wallis
Macdonald-Stewart Foundation
Macdonald’s Sod Science Department
Mae Mac Donald
MAH Bristol Charge Rev. Donald
Marie’s Beauty Parlor St Andrew
Master Andrew Hamilton
Master Donald
Master Donald Elliott
Master Donald Fades
Master Donald Flood
Master Donald Hodgins
Master Donald Hodgins Ashbury
Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Master Donald Hynes
Master Donald Palmer
Master Mrs. Donald Ostroir
McDonald and John Mainvillc Andrew
McDonald, of Gravest Andrew’s United Church
Me- Donald Trading Company
Me-Donald Agricultural Colege
Memorial Church Rev. E. Grant MacDonald
Memorial Service St. Andrew’s
Memorial Service St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
MILLAR Agricultural Engineering Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin
Mine Road Andrew Daley
Ministry of Donald Charron
Morgan Freeman Donald Sutherland Front St.
Morning Matinee OVERLAND TELEGRAPH Tim Holt Saturday Morning Matinee RUSTY LEADS THE WAY Ted Donald
Morning Prayer Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald
Morning Prayer Evening Prayer Organ Recital Rev. D Andrew; Inc urn
Morning Worship 11:00 Morning Worship BER & BER HOME LTD DONALD LAVALLEE BARRISTER
Morning Worship Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew* Knox
Morning Worship Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew* Knox
Morning Worship LISTINGS REQUIRED St Andrew’s Women’s Association
Motion Crs Andrew Ben- the
Motion Crs Andrew Bennett
Mr Ronnie MacDonald
Mr. Andrew Meehan
Mr. Donald Perry
Mrs Mae MacDonald
Mrs. Donald Gamble
Mrs. Douglas Hogg Donald Gunn
MTTV Macdonald EST.
Municipal Council Donald Duff ON11 Free Methodist Compboll
Municipal Li- Donald Duff
Murdock MacDonald
Name Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
Natasha MacDonald
National Assembly Andrew Lance
Noon W.O. Donald McDowell Poultry Fencing Poultry Netting Electric Fencers
NOW Donald
Office Macdonald College
Office Macdonald College of McGill University 21,111 Lekeshore Road
Office of Sir William Macdonald
Old St Andrew s Church
ONDONGO Rhonda Flemming MacDonald Carey
ONT Macdonald College Short Course
Ora Kendall Animal Science Department Macdonald College
Ot-Andrew’s United Church
OTTER LAKE Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald
Outstanding Leadership Gall Hawley-MacDonald Leadership
Pat Mac Donald
Pentagon MacDonald
Pier Angeli MERRY ANDREW Color
Piper Delmar MacDonald
PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE Gene Tierney First Run Plow Maureen O’Hara THE MILKMAN Donald O’Connor Pipjr Lau
Pontiac Andrew McDonald who cel- Bee "
Pontiac Andrew Perrault
Pontiac County Andrew Sly
Pontiac County Pro- Macdonald School for Teachers
Pontiac Donald
Pontiac Electric Donald Hodglns Electric Inc Shawville Ford W.J. Hayes
Pontiac Forest Products Producers Board DONALD LAVALLEE BARRISTER
Pontiac Furniture Centre Rev. Kingsley MacDonald Cutler
Pontiac Holstein Club Ptetident Donald Duff
Pontiac Home Bakery St. Andrew’s United Church Sunday School
Pontiac Ladies Do Well At Macdonald College
Pontiac Ladies Succeed At Macdonald LOST—May
Pontiac Mayors Visit Macdonald College
Pontiac Pa-Andrew
Pontiac Rural Telephone Andrew Sly
Pontiac United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
Pontiac Wallace MacDonald
Pontiac Warden Andrew Gervais
Port Coulonge St Andrew s Worship Service
Poultry Department el Macdonald College Says Average Production
Poultry Department of Macdonald
POUPART PHARMACY Bristol Charge Rev. Donald
PPHS Campbell‘i Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L .
Prayer & Bible St United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
Prayer & Bible Study Rev Angus MacDonald
Prayer & Bible Study United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3650 St Andrew VKnax Br
Prayer A Bible Study St Andrew s Knox
Prayer Meeting and Bible Study W Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald
Prayer Service PRESBYTERIAN St. Andrew’s Coulonge
Prayer Service PRESBYTERIAN St. Andrew’s Fort
Prayer St Andrew*»
Pre-Christmas Service CHRISTMAS EVE St Andrew
PRESBYTERIAN Part Ceekegr St Andrew’s
PRESBYTERIAN Pert Ceeleegw St Andrew’s
Presbyterian United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew
PROMUTUEL La Vallée/ Valley Mutual Dr Maurice Ik France Lamarche Donald & Louise Lavallée Construct
Provincial Convention Macdonald College
PTLA Prize for Top Student attending Macdonald College School for Teachers
Quebec Farm Forum Meets At Macdonald
Quyon Fair Donald
Quyon Lions Hall Donald Toll-free
RA Donald Sharpe of Mani- Centre
Rectory SHAWVILLI Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald
Regional School Board Awards for Academic Hugh Macdonald
Regional School Wallace MacDonald
Rev Angus MacDonald Monreng Worship Ou
Rev. MacDonald
RevAnntXrml Church Ollce 647-3950 Stark s Comers St Andrew rKnox Bretoi Bbte Study Thursday Ibuth G
Rhode Island Reds Macdonald College Heavy Laying Strain
Roman Catholic Church DONALD LAVALLEE
SAVE SCRAP V J Q Hodgins Garage E Andrew Far
School Fort Coulonge St Andrew * Worshp Service Wolf Lake
School Hugh MacDonald
School Morning Service St Andrew’s
School Mrs. Donald Duff
School St Andrew’s
School St. Andrew’s
Scotch Sir John Macdonald
Second Highest Ranking Student attending Macdonald College School for Teachers
SHAWVILLE Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. Donald
Shawville Lions Hall Everyone Welcome Valley Equipment Rental Limited VOTE DONALD GRAVELINE JR.
Shawville Municipal Council; Master Donald Hodgins
Shawville Pentecostal Church Rev. Donald
Shelby Woodman; St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Memorial Bursary
Shell Canada Ltd 238.97 Donald Campbell
SHOP BENEFIT PARTY Mrs. Donald Ostronr
SI Andrew
SI Andrew a-Kno*
Si Andrew Dalcy Dr.
SI Andrew e-Knox St George
SI Andrew Farrell
Si Andrew s Knox BtbIoI Stole Sludy Thursday Ybulh Group
SI Andrew s Knox Unit- Pontiac Lions Club New Year
Si Andrew s Worship Service
Si Andrew*
Si Andrew-»Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Wxith Group End
SI Andrew’s Worship Service
Si Andrew’s Worship Service Wolf Lake St France François Bouchard
SI Andrew’s Wtorshtp Servie#
SL Andrew
SL Andrew s Knox United Church Bristol - Seturdey
SL Andrew’s Campbell
SL Andrew’s Presbyterian Women s Missionary Society
Smith’s Shop Andrew
Social Science Andrew Liston
Society of St Andrew’s Church
Society of St. Andrew’s Church
Society of St. Andrew’s Presby-
SOLICITOR United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
SOLICITOR United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
SON Rev. Donald
Spelchake Machinery Co MacDonald Ave
Sports Electric Troie Tri-Pod A Cose Donald College
St Andrew
St Andrew s Knox Bristol Bible Study Î huredey Ybuth Group Friday
St Andrew a Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday >buth Group Fnday Campbell
St Andrew Avellin
St Andrew Church
St Andrew Knox Vnlted Church
St Andrew s
St Andrew s Beaver Club
St Andrew s bjy5 Knox United Church
St Andrew s Cemetery
St Andrew s Church
St Andrew s Church Fort Coulonge
St Andrew s Church Hall
St Andrew s Church Sunday School
St Andrew s I’nited Church
St Andrew s Knox
St Andrew s Knox Brstoi Btote Study Thursday Mbuth Group
St Andrew s Knox Church
St Andrew s Knox Church Base
St Andrew s Knox Church Basement Bristol
St Andrew s Knox Church Saturday
St Andrew s Knox L
St Andrew s Knox Unit- AND INFORMATION Quyon Lionettes
St Andrew s Knox United
St Andrew s Knox United Centre
St Andrew s Knox United Church
St Andrew s Knox United Church Aylmer Rd.
St Andrew s Knox United Church Bristol.
St Andrew s Knox United Halloween
St Andrew s Knox United Motors
St Andrew s Knox United OLYMPIC
St Andrew s Knox WEDNESDAY
St Andrew s Mary
St Andrew s Otrited Church
St Andrew s PreabyterianNNMN^N^^N^^N Fisher
St Andrew s Preebyterian Church
St Andrew s Presbytarian Church
St Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery
St Andrew s Presbyterian Church
St Andrew s Presbyterian Church Fort Coulonge
St Andrew s Presbyterian Church of
St Andrew s Service
St Andrew s United Cemetery
St Andrew s United Church
St Andrew s United Church Camp
St Andrew s United Church Carloads
St Andrew s United Church Cemetery
St Andrew s United Church Hall H Û Fitzroy Harbour Best Wishes Only
St Andrew s United Church Piano Recital
St Andrew s United Church YOUR FAMILY DISCOUNT STORE* Enter
St Andrew s United Funeral Home
St Andrew s Womans Missionary Society
St Andrew s Worship Service
St Andrew s-Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Ybuth Group Friday Campbell
St Andrew s-Knox Church
St Andrew s-Knox LTnited Church
St Andrew s-Knox United Church
St Andrew Society
St Andrew St .
St Andrew United Church
St Andrew y Presbyterian Church
St Andrew »Knox Bristol Bible Study Wednesday
St Andrew"e-Knox Bristol 11:00 am Bible Study Wednesday
St Andrew"eKnox Bmtol
St Andrew''s United Church
St Andrew* Knot Church
St Andrew* l‘rv»l»)teriwii Church
St Andrew-e Rnox
St Andrew‘•-Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday Ybuth Group Friday
St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s Aylmer Rev. Lome Lamoine
St Andrew’s ba21
St Andrew’s Board Never
St Andrew’s Campbell
St Andrew’s Cemetery
St Andrew’s Church
St Andrew’s Church 1
St Andrew’s Church Bristol were
St Andrew’s Church Hall
St Andrew’s Church Women s Association
St Andrew’s Congregation
St Andrew’s Get
St Andrew’s Knox
St Andrew’s Knox Church
St Andrew’s Knox UCW.
St Andrew’s Knox United
St Andrew’s Knox United Church
St Andrew’s Knox United Everyone
St Andrew’s Knox United MAY
St Andrew’s Knox ^ST**1* 8&U.
St Andrew’s Knox |
St Andrew’s Liberal
St Andrew’s Preabyterian Church
St Andrew’s Preebyteriao Church
St Andrew’s Pres
St Andrew’s Presbyterian
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
St Andrew’s Presbyterian1 Church
St Andrew’s Separate School
St Andrew’s Service
St Andrew’s Shawville Quebec Service
St Andrew’s Si George
St Andrew’s Society Mrs. Acres
St Andrew’s the
St Andrew’s U-
St Andrew’s United
St Andrew’s United Chigch
St Andrew’s United Church
St Andrew’s United Church Bryson
St Andrew’s United Church Campbell’s Bay
St Andrew’s United Church Campbel’s Bay
St Andrew’s United Church Cemetery
St Andrew’s United Church Hall
St Andrew’s United Church Manse
St Andrew’s United St. Mary
St Andrew’s United TUESDAY
St Andrew’s Unitud Church
St Andrew’s W.M.S
St Andrew’s Women s Association
St Andrew’s X
St Andrew’s XV.M
St Andrew’s Y.P.U.
St Andrew’s YPS
St Andrew’s |
St Andrew’s----nect.com
St Andrew’s-Knox Bristol Bible Study Thursday >buth Group Friday Campbell
St Andrew’s-Knox Church
St Andrew’s-Knox Pontiac’s
St Andrew’s-Knox UC
St Andrew’s-Knox United Church
St Andrew’» Anniversary Services
St HOUSGS Andrew s Knox United Church
St St. Charles Borromeo Andrew’s United Church
St Stephen’s OBITUARIES Andrew
St. Andrew
St. Andrew Cemetery
St. Andrew Knox Church
St. Andrew s Knox Church
St. Andrew s Knox Church Bristol
St. Andrew s Knox United Church
St. Andrew*
St. Andrew* A
St. Andrew* Womens Missionary So- Hi
St. Andrew’s
St. Andrew’s TàsC f Sales & Service
St. Andrew’s - Knox Church
St. Andrew’s - Service
St. Andrew’s 3.01 p.m. Service
St. Andrew’s and Knox Mrs. Sherwood Grant
St. Andrew’s and Knox United Churches
St. Andrew’s and Knox Women’s Association
St. Andrew’s Anniversary Services Special Preacher—Rov.
St. Andrew’s Aylmer
St. Andrew’s Beaver Club
St. Andrew’s Bridge Club; Self-Culture Society
St. Andrew’s Bristol SPECIALIST Medical Arts
St. Andrew’s By IIERMONIE
St. Andrew’s Cemetery
St. Andrew’s church
St. Andrew’s Church AUCTION SALE NOTICE Mason & Relshe
St. Andrew’s Church Bristol were
St. Andrew’s Church Mission Band
St. Andrew’s Church Ottawa
St. Andrew’s Church Service K
St. Andrew’s Congregation
St. Andrew’s Denzil Laughren
St. Andrew’s East
St. Andrew’s Happy
St. Andrew’s Jim Hodgins Marine & Small Engine Service AUCTION SALE CORRECTION NOTICE Yamaha Electo
St. Andrew’s Knox
St. Andrew’s Knox Church
St. Andrew’s Knox Church Local
St. Andrew’s Knox Church; Elsie Gordon
St. Andrew’s Knox free United Church
St. Andrew’s Knox Missionary
St. Andrew’s Knox United
St. Andrew’s Knox United Birthday
St. Andrew’s Knox United Church
St. Andrew’s Knox United Church Bristol
St. Andrew’s Knox United Church Bristol 4:30
St. Andrew’s Maryland Recent
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew’s Saturday
St. Andrew’s Service
St. Andrew’s Sunday School Service
St. Andrew’s Tuesday
St. Andrew’s United
St. Andrew’s United Cemetery Service
St. Andrew’s United Church
St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery
St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery Fort Coulonge
St. Andrew’s United Church Hall
St. Andrew’s United Church Manse
St. Andrew’s United Church Phil
St. Andrew’s United Cnurch
St. Andrew’s United Delicious
St. Andrew’s United GhurcA
St. Andrew’s University
St. Andrew’s Untied
St. Andrew’s Untied Church
St. Andrew’s Untied Church June
St. Andrew’s Womens Association
St. Andrew’s YPS
St. Andrew’s |
St. Andrew’s-Knox United Church
St. Andrew’s-Knox United Church of Bristol’s
St. MacDonald College
Starks Corners Iir Donald McLeod
Starks Corners St Andrew
Stark’s Corners St Andrew
Stark’s Corners St Andrew e-Kno*
Ste Gatineau Power Co Andrew
STEPHENS Bristol Postoral Charge Rev. Donald
STINGER Hockey School Macdonald College
Store Andrew Da
Stork’s Corners St Andrew
Study Group St Andrew’s Church
SWEET RIDE Donald Connelly Michael Sarrazin
T. & W. H. PRIDHAM Donald MePhee
The Macdonald Journal
THURSDAY St Andrew s United Church
TO Macdonald College Ste Anne de
Trial MACDONALD Fine Civt ZHow
Try Macdonald’s Crown
UNITED St. Andrew’s Service
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew’s Kno
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Kno
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Know
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’sKnoa
United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaitr St. Andrew’s Knox
United Church DON S ELECTRIC REG D Donald
United Church Women of St Andrew
United Church Women of St Andrew Get
United Church Women of St Andrew s United Church
United Church Women of St Andrew’s
United Church Women of St Andrew’s United Church
United Church Women of St. Andrew’s United Church
United Mrs. Donald Biker
University of British Uolum Andrew McKellar
Uuyon Council Mrv Donald M.uLoan
Vallée/ Valley Mutual Dr. Maunce Si France Lamarche Donald & Louise Lavallée Construction Pieschke
VII Fort Coulonge St Andrew’s W.A.
W R Gordon Dittbumer Dave Alexander Ike Rennlck Mickey McGuire Trucking Donald Hodglns Electric Mur
Welsh Ponies-Single Pony- Donald Trudeau
White Cliffs B> PAUL MCGEh Equity Editor St. Andrew’s Knox United
Wo Mrs. Mary MacDonald Still Enjoys Her Pipe
Woman’s Association of St. Andrew’s United
Women s Association Andrew’s United Church
Women’s Association of St Andrew s Church
Women’s Association of St Andrew s Presbyterian Church
Women’s Association of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Women’s Association of St. Andrew’s United Church
Women’s Institute Bryson News Mrs. Donald
Women’s Missionary Society of St. Andrew’s United Church
Wool St. Andrew’s
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Kno
Worship Service Macdonald College Farmers ’ Days Institute Pontiac Community Hospital
Worship Service Otter Lake Fire Department United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
Worship Service St. Andrew’s Knox
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St Andrew’s Kno
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s Kno*
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St. Andrew’s-Knox
Worship Service United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed MoCaig St. Andrew’s Knox
Wr* Church News St. Andrew’s United Church
WU Hi HHHBiS Donald Sharer
XI Donald Ranger* Garrison Supply Co
XX Rav Angus MacDonald Mommg Wbrahip Ou
Young Country School Maain’*-—at St Andrew’s United Church
Young Peoples Society of St. Andrew’s United Chinch
Young People’s Society of St Andrew’s United Church