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Leo Lance visited Ross Mayhew

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

0. Ross
11,1984 A Ross
1st Vice-president Ross Hamilton
3V * Ross Bystem Never Falls
4.00 Leo Malette 28.50
4.—Lavina Ross
4000 Debbie Lance Thrun O o
4i Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
600.00 -Call Ross
647-2772 Mrs Ross
648-2979 LEO
7............... H. Ross
762-8187 SAGUENAY Ross
819-770-9111 647-2204 Ross Dickson
822-1351* Del Léo Ménard
9 Ross
A G Ross. February
A Ross
A. Ross
A. S. Ross
A. W. Ross
AAoch Mayhew
AArs Ross
Ada Ross
Adam Mayhew
Adell Lance
Agnes Lance
Ah/a Lance
Alan Ladd Ernest Borqnine Claudette Lance
AlAVVTr TTTrwlr Ross
Albert Lance
Alberti Dickaon Ross Dickson
Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson Christmas
Alberti Dtctoon Ross Dickson
Albertric Lance
Alderman Leo
Ale* Ross
Alex Lance
Alex Mayhew
Alex Ross
Alex. Ross
Alexander Lance < Allen 5
Alexander Lance.
Alexander Mayhew
Alexander Mayhew They
Alexander Ross
Alfred Lance
Alfred Scott Ross
Alice Lance
Alice Mayhew
Aline Lance
Allan Dub-Oertrude Lance
Allan Lance
Allan Mayhew
Allan Ross
Allen Leo Relsman
Allen Leo Relstnan
Allen Leo Reltsmao
Allen Mayhew
Alma Lance
Alva Lance
Am C Ross
Amy J Ross
Amy Kachelle Keindel David MofTatt Mark Lance École
Amy Mayhew
Andre Lance Trudeau
Andrea Ross Gallagher Secondary III
Andrew Lance
Andrew Lance The
Andrew McDonald Tait Ross
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 1887-88
Andrews LEO
Andy Kenney Ross
Andy Lance.
Andy Ross
Angela Lance
Angela Lance Dec.
Angela Lance Their
Ann Lance
Ann Mayhew
Anna Mayhew
Anna Mayhew St Mary
Anna Moore Weds Leo Collins
Anne Lance
Annette Alva Lance
Annette GraveUe Lance
Annette Lance
Annette Tierney Angela Lance
Annie Lance
Anthony Lance
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross It’s
Ap* Mrs Ross Beck
Apply Haney Ross
Apply Harvey Ross
Apply Julia Lance
Apply Mrs. Melvin Mayhew
Apply Ross
Apply Ross E. Matlock
Apply Stewart Ross
Ar- Lise Lance
Archie Lance
Areta-Dawn Mayhew
Armas Felix Lance
Armas Lance
Armour Lance
Arnprior’s Neal Ross
Art Mayhew
Art Ross
Arthur Ac Nancy Mayhew Clayton McCredle Dave A Gladys McCredle Hugh Ac Irene McCredle Jessie
Arthur and Nancy Mayhew
Arthur and Nancy Mayhew September
Arthur Gag-visited
Arthur Leo Meilleur
Arthur Mayhew
Arthur Mayhew’s
Arthur Ross
Attendance Lloyd Ross
AUain Lance
Audrey Leo Lady
Audrey Ross
Aunt Betty Mayhew
Aunt Margaret Sparling Mayhew
Aunt Rose Lance
Availne Ross
Aveline Ross
Avocats Ross Sc Elaine Beck Craig Sc Kerry Callan-J Campbell
B W Ross
B.W. Ross
Babe Mayhew
Backseat Driver - Joe Lance Band Friday
Badges Ross Dickson Rev
Baie Comeau Chapter Alliance Quebec Dr. James Ross Sherbrooke
Barb Mayhew
Barbara & Chip Pauline Lance
Barbara Mayhew
Barbara Ross
Barbara Ross 647
Barbara Ross 647-5647
Barbara Ross Community Hospital
Barbara Ross District Commissioner
Barbara Ross Is
Barbara Ross List 507
Barbara ___ Ross
Barbare Ross
Barber Leo Denis Steve Hodgins
Barber of Ross
Barrie Ross
Barry Lance
Barry Lance Construction Langford s Grocery Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Loeb Shawville Loisirs Shawvill
Barry Mayhew
Barry Ross
Basil Mayhew
Basil Ross
Bay C.W.L. Leo
Bay Joseph Mayhew
Bay Lance-Corriveau
Bay Ross
Beatrice Lance
Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy Dobson Loma Sparling
Becky Lance
Bennett Lawrence Ross Rusenstrom
Bennett Lawrence Ross Rusenstrom Rusenstrom
Benoit Lance
Berglund-Storey - Ross
Bernard Lance
Bernard Lance 683-2738
Bernard Lance.
Bernard Mayhew
Bernard Ross
Bernice Lance
Bertha Derouin Rose Lance
Betsy Ross
Betty Ann Lance
Betty Mayhew
Betty Spar Nancy Mayhew
Beulah Nancy Mayhew
Bill Claudette Mayhew
Bill Junior Classes Nancy Mayhew
Bill Ross
Billie Ross
Billy Lepine Leo Piche
Bishop Carter Mrs Leo Foran
BiUt V ^ross
Blake Findla Lance
Blanche Lance
Blues Diana Ross
Bob Lance
Bob Lance Bryson Que
Bob Lance.
Bob Ross
Bob Tho- Georgette Lance
Bobby and Ross
Bobby Lance
Bobby Mayhew
Bonnie Chevrier Mayhew
Bonnie Lance
Bonnie Mayhew
Branch Ross Dickson Outaouais
Brenda Lance
Brenda Mae Lance
Brenda Mayhew
Brenda Ross McCoy
Brent Mayhew
Bretzlaff Store Ross
Brewer Leo Monge
Brian Drummond Garth Tracy Thomas Fahey Jacques Lance Bob Scott Basil Orr Gordon Dttt
Brian Floyd Mayhew
Brian Lance
Brian Mayhew
Brian O Dwyer Dan Stark Doc Labrie John Argue Ross Vowles
Brian Ross
Brian Russell Lance
Brod Lance
Bronson Léo J Gibbons Housing Corporation
Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson George Russell I Ross Dickson
Bruce Mayhew
Bryan Lance
Bryan Lance Mike Lance
Bud Lance 5827 Glen Richardson
Bud Mayhew
By Louise Lance
Byron Ross
C E. Ross
C Ross
C. C. Ross
C. M. Ross
C. Ross
C.Pl C Ross
Caldwell Ross Campbell
Call 647-2732 Quebec Lance 7933XA6 FRI-
Call Ross
Canada Mr. Ross
Carl Leo
Carl Mayhew
Carl Mayhew Hospital
Carl Mayhew Marie Theresa Ryan
Carl Mayhew Quick
Carley Mayhew
Carmen Mayor Leo thanked Billy
Carnival Queen Honda Lance
Carol Angela Lance
Carol Lance
Carol Lance.
Carol Ross
Carole Lance
Carried Edgar Lance
Carson Edgar Mayhew
Casey Lance Orr
Catherine Lance
Catherine Ross John Armstrong
Catherine: Ross
Cecile Lance
Cecilia Lance
Certificate Rating Ross White
Chadwick Bruce Leo
Chairman Ross
Chan Laic Lance
Chantal Lance
Charlene Lance
Charles & Ross Clarendon
Charles and Ross
Charles and Ross Dickson
Charles and Ross Sylvester
Charles and Ross Tay-
Charles and Ross Taylor
Charles J Mayhew
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Leo Menard
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Leo Menard W **
Charles J Menard 819-983-1056 Leo Menard Next Stocker Sales
Charles J Menard Leo Menard
Charles J Menard Leo Menard 613-822-1351
Charles J Menard Leo Menard Partenariat
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard
Charles J. Ménard Steven Spratt Léo Ménard Auctioneer Ken McNeely
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard Paul McGee
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard 1-819-983-1056
Charles J. Menard Steven Spratt Leo Menard Vinton Campbell
Charles Lance
Charles Lance Bertrand
Charles Lance.
Charles Leo Code
Charles Leo Levett
Charles Léo Rabishaw
Charles Mayhew
Charles Mayhew Agi
Charles Mayhew Leaves
Charles Ross
Charles Ross Finlan
Charlie David Ryan Benoit Kasmira Lance Adam Robert Viau Todd
Charlie E Mayhew
Charlie Lance
Charlie Lance-
Charlie Lance.
Charlie Mayhew
Charlie Ross
Charlie Ross Bv Dave Moore
Charlie Schroeder were Miss Debbie Lance
Chartes Ross
Charts Ross
Chef Leo Ladouceur
Chef Leo Tanguay Photo
Chelsea Ross Vowles - Thorne Jacques Lafrenière - Gracefield Brian McGarry - Ottawa/Wakefield Josie
Cheryl Mayhew
Cheryl Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Chris Lance
Chris Leo ADULT
Chris Ross
Christian Ross
Christie Walls Abv Leo Peietier
Christina Martel Lance
Christine Lance
Christopher Mayhew
Cindy Mayhew
Circulation Ross
Circulations V Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Claire Lance
Claire Lance Equity Editor Fort Coulonge
Clarence Pieschke Mayhew
Clarté Ross
Claude Lance
Claude Lance Quyon Lions Club Grounds Sat
Claude Lance s
Claude Lance) Predeceased
Claude Lance.
Claude Lawemce Mayhew Mas
Claude Mayhew
Claude Mayhew................ Employers Liability Assurance Corporation Premium
Claude Richardson Léo
Claudette Lance
Claudette Mayhew
Claudia Lance.
Clayton Lance
Cleaner Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Clifford Fierobin and Margaret Mayhew
Clifford Mayhew
Clinton Ross
Clr Lucien Lance
Clyde Ross
Coach Ross Vowles
Colette Lance
Colin Ross I
Colin Ross Wet
Colin Ross Wet-more
Colin Ross Wetmore
Colleen Ross
Colleen Ross Farmer
Collette Lance
Com Martha Uni Kvan Ross West
Congregation Edgar Lance
Connie Mayhew
Conseil- Par Conseiller Lucien Lance 1er Elmer Bélanger
Conseiller Léo Laporte
Conseiller Lucien Lance
Constance Ross
Contact James Ross RR
Cora Mayhew
Coun Ross
Counciilors-Edgar Lance
Councillor Edgar Lance
Councillor Léo
Councillor Léo J Gibbons
Councillor Leonard Lance
Councillor Lucien Lance
Councillors Edgar Lance
Councillors Edgar Lance John Telford
Councillors Leo
Councillors Leo Dow- Lake
Councillors Lucien Lance
Councillors Ross
Counsellors Ross
Cr Edgar Lance
Craig Coins Ampnor Lance Or
Crs Edgar Lance
D. H. Ross
D. Ross
Daley Annette Lance Tierney
Dan Lance
Dan Léo
Dan Ross
Dana Ross
Dana Ross Pigeon
Daniel Corriveau Ben Duquette Dylan LaFleur Jeremie Lance Pat Lance LEAH MILLER
Daniel Lance
Daniel Lance Jr.
Daniel Lance Jr. Cedric Schelyer
Daniel Lance.
Daniel Richard Mayhew
Danny Denzil Mayhew
Danny Lance
Danny Ross
Darlene Lance
Darquiae Lance
Darquise Lance
Darren Ross
Darryl Lance
Darshna Lance
Dave Moore Alma-Marie Lance Obituary
Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Michelle Th6i Donna Armitage Heather Dickson Ross Dickson
David A. Ross
David and Gary Lance
David and Ross
David Lance
David Lance.
David Lun-Command Phil Ross
David Mayhew
David Romain Ovila Lance
David Ross
David Ross Dickson
David Ross Dickson Dickson - Alberti
David Ross Dickson MSc.
David Ross Village
David Ru- Leo Dryburgh
David •r Ross
De Charles Léo Rabishaw
Deanna Marie Lance
Deanne Ross
Dear Editor Publishers Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Dear Editor Ross Dickson Alternative
Dear Ross
Debbie Ladysmith Debbie Lance Thrun
Debbie Lance
Debbie Lance 193
Debbie Lance Thrun
Debbie Lance Thrun Auctioneers Tom Harrison Nell Reavie
Debbie Lance Thrun This
Debbie Lance Thrun Well
Debbie Lance Thrun "
Debbie Lance Thrun Bertha McGee
Debbie Lance Thrun BRAESIDE
Debbie Lance Thrun Bryson
Debbie Lance Thrun Eileen Labelle
Debbie Lance Thrun fat Graham Wafer
Debbie Lance Thrun Hermonie Sharpe
Debbie Lance Thrun Hermonie Sharpe A
Debbie Lance Thrun Jm
Debbie Lance Thrun Kunpintf Katins
Debbie Lance Thrun MacGregor Concrete Products Mb»
Debbie Lance Thrun Mail
Debbie Lance Thrun Mielkie
Debbie Lance Thrun Norway Bay
Debbie Lance Thrun SHUR GAIN
Debbie Lance Thrun TUBMAN
Debbie Lance TTirun ENTER
Debbie R Lance fH Thrun
Debbie Ross
Deborah Emmer- 647-2204 Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills D
Deborah Lance
Deborah Ross
Dec 3. Little Ross Angus
December 21,1983 Wesley U.C.W. Beech Grove Davis-Lance
December Leo McCaffrey
Dehhic Lance
Delina Ross
Denis Lan- Conseillers Lucien Lance
Denis Lance
Denis Mayhew
Denison Ross
Denzil Lance
Denzil Mayhew
Denzil Mayhew Lloyd Atkinson Penman’s Turtle Neck
Derek Lance
Destroyers Ross Dickson
Diana Ross
Diane Lance
Diane Lance at
Diane Lance Com
Diane Lance Corn-veau
Diane Lance Corriveau
Diane Lance Corriveau When Diane
Diane Lance Direction
Diane Lance I Corriveau
Diane Lance Mr.
Diane Lance-Corriveau
Diane Leo
Diane Ross
Dianne Ross
Dianne Ross Martineau To
Dick Ross
District Cham Ross
District Commissioner Barbara Ross
Doctor Ross
Don Campbell Leigh Ann Lance Jill McBane
Don Lance
Don Lance 3. Jeff Campbell Light
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty 648-2716 Grant Ferrigan
Don MacKan Isidore Lance
Don Mayhew
Don Nelson Léo Gibbons
Don Ross
Don- Ross Equity
Donald and Ross Campbell
Donald Joseph Mayhew
Donald Lance
Donald Mayhew
Donald Ross
Donald Ross Stewart
Donald Visited Mr
Donat Lance
Donnie Lance
Donnie Mayhew
Donnie Smith Maurcie Lance LUCERNE DENTURE CLINIC
Donnie Thompson Ross Taylor
Doreen Lance
Doris Mayhew
Doris Mayhew "
Dorothy Mayhew
Dorothy Porteous" Ross Campbell Marcel Duel
Doug Hodgins Ross Twp.
Doug Lance
Doug Mayhew
Douglas L Ross
Douglas Lance QUEBEC
Dowell Ross
Dr. Douglas Ross Collier
Dr. Dudley Ross
Dr. Forbee Ross
Dr. Leo L. Stanleyrchfcf
Dr. Ross
Dr. Ross Davies
Dr.Ross Davies
Drumlee Roger L Mayhew
Dugh Ross
Duncan Ross
Duone Word-Chorl# Ross
Dustin Mayhew
E W I 647-2630 Licence Bureau Lance
E W I Licence Bureau Lance
E'' Mayhew
E. A. Ross
E. Denison Ross
E. L Mrs. Dvncan Ross
E. Mayhew
E. Ross
E. Ross Vowles Councillor
Earl and Betty Mayhew
Earl and Betty Mayhew’s
Earl Leo McGee 125
Earl Mayhew
Earl Ross
Easter Mrs. Hilda Mayhew
Ed Mayhew
Edgar Hilda Mayhew
Edgar I Egg Lance
Edgar Lance
Edgar Lance n8
Edgar Lance 1.30
Edgar Lance 1.30.
Edgar Lance 1.55
Edgar Lance 12.35
Edgar Lance 16.10
Edgar Lance 1961 Bryson
Edgar Lance 2
Edgar Lance 2.05
Edgar Lance 2.30
Edgar Lance 2.55.
Edgar Lance 28.80
Edgar Lance 3.10
Edgar Lance 3.20
Edgar Lance 3.40
Edgar Lance 3.50
Edgar Lance 3.55;.
Edgar Lance 3.60,1
Edgar Lance 3.75
Edgar Lance 3.80
Edgar Lance 3.85
Edgar Lance 31.80
Edgar Lance 4.15 E.
Edgar Lance 4.15.
Edgar Lance 4.35
Edgar Lance 4.40
Edgar Lance 41.60
Edgar Lance 46.19
Edgar Lance 49.5
Edgar Lance 5.40
Edgar Lance 5.60
Edgar Lance 5.85
Edgar Lance 55l82bm23 55081
Edgar Lance 6.10
Edgar Lance 6.35
Edgar Lance 6.95 Wilmar
Edgar Lance 7.45
Edgar Lance 8m|th Brue
Edgar Lance ?
Edgar Lance Campbell’s Bay
Edgar Lance cf Campbell
Edgar Lance Colgan 5.50
Edgar Lance Councillor Earl Brown
Edgar Lance Crs Cecil
Edgar Lance It
Edgar Lance Munray
Edgar Lance Reg
Edgar Lance Registrar
Edgar Lance Registrar 2.10
Edgar Lance Registrar 3.50
Edgar Lance Registrar 5.25
Edgar Lance Registrar 6.80 Leslie—Reg No.
Edgar Lance Registrar Fire Hall
Edgar Lance Registrar Re
Edgar Lance sec-
Edgar Lance sec- X
Edgar Lance sec- Mrs. William Kennedy Mrs Joseph Kennedy
Edgar Lance sec- Ray Johnston
Edgar Lance sec-1
Edgar Lance sec-Present Mayor David Lunam
Edgar Lance sec-to Snow-Plowing
Edgar Lance See
Edgar Lance see- Mr.
Edgar Lance see- Murray
Edgar Lance that
Edgar Lance that Campbell
Edgar Lance that Hugh
Edgar Lance that Mr. Bert Kelly
Edgar Lance X #
Edgar Lance ^6000
Edgar Lance,---------------!_-----------------:
Edgar Lance.
Edgar Lance’s
Edgar Mayhew
Edgar Mayhew X CWL News
Edgar Mayhew "E "SLu Hahn SSUJ*
Edgar Mayhew Castle
Edgar Mayhew Charlie
Edgar Mayhew Clifford Hahn
Edgar Mayhew Deepest
Edgar Mayhew Get
Edgar Mayhew Happy
Edgar Mayhew Harkins
Edgar Mayhew Laurence Beauregard
Edgar Mayhew Lillian Hodgins
Edgar Mayhew MÜ Clifford
Edgar Mayhew On
Edgar Mayhew Otter Lake
Edgar Mayhew Parish Church
Edgar Mayhew Pat Hahn
Edgar Mayhew Pembroke
Edgar Mayhew Rose Sheppard
Edgar Mayhew They
Edgar Mayhew Waited Mrs Alice Gravelie
Ediger Lance
Edith Ann Mayhew
Edith Mayhew
Edith Mayhew Campbell
Edith Moyhew Compbel Arthur Mayhew
Edith Z Fort Coulonge Alva Lance
Editor Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Edna Lance
Edna Ross Hodgins
Eduard "Leo Ubbelohde
Edward Kelly............ Thomas Gallagher........ Leo Elliott..............
Edward Lance
Edward Lance.
Edward Mayhew
Eileen Denzil Mayhew
Eileen Leo
Eileen Mayhew
Eileen Mayhew Saturday
Eileen Mayhew son-in-law Sharon Hodgins
Eileen Mayhew Tenders
Elaine and Ross Morley
Elaine Lance
Elaine Mayhew
Elaine Mayhew Burke
Elayne Strutt Ross Dickson Heart
Eleanor Ross
Eleven-year-old Dana Ross
Eleven-year-old Lisa Lance
Elise Ross
Elizabeth and Betty Mayhew
Elizabeth Hahn Edgar Mayhew
Elizabeth Hahn Hilda Mayhew
Elizabeth Hahn Mayhew
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Jim Deforce Ms. Yvonne Mayhew
Elizabeth Hope Ross
Elizabeth Kuhler Ross
Elizabeth Lance
Elizabeth Mayhew
Elizabeth Ross
Elizabeth Ross Mrs. Robert Carswell
Ella Ross
Ella WWjI^Ê Lance THRUN
Ellen Lance
Ellen Lance.
Ellen Leach Leo
Elliot Hector Lance
Elliott Edgar Mayhew
Elmer Lance
Elsie Ross
Elwood Mr. Leo Laplante
Émeril Lance
Emile Mayhew
Emile Mayhew Upon
Emily Mayhew
Emory Ross
Engagement Shea - Lance Ihiidc
English - Kim Mayhew
Ennis Tubmen W 35642xa9 MAYHEW
Equality Party Ross
Eric & Katherine Ross
Eric ) Ross
Eric Jo-Lance
Eric Lance
Eric Ross
Eric Ross Gatineau Valley Horse
Eric Victor Lance
Eric) Ross
Erin Mayhew
Ernest Leo Lafontain
Ernie Hilda Mayhew
Ervin Ross
Estella Ross
Esther Ross
Ethel and Ross Stewart
Eugene Lance
Eunice Lance
Eva Florence Mayhew
Eva Lance -January
Eva Mayhew
Eva Mayhew 55959b APPROX
Eva Mrs Fred Lance.
Evan Ross
Evange-Ross Wilson
Eveline Mayhew
Evelyn Lance
Evelyn Mayhew
Evyonne Mayhew
Executive Vice-President Ross Ladd
F J Lance 14.90
F. M Ross
F. Ross
Family Ross
Fathei Leo Pelletier
Faught John Ross Weizineau’s
Feggv Ross
Felix Lance
Fern Larocque Mrs Margaret Mayhew
Fils Renée Lance
Findlay Ross
Fip-gjwjllr Ross Stewart
Five-year-old Sylvie Lance
Flninp Leo
Flor- Mayhew
Floyd Mayhew
Floyd Mayhew Ashley Qrozier
Floyd Mayhew.
Fo* A Ross
Foreman Charles Lance
Foreman Charles Lance.
Forrest Ross Beck
Fortier Touche Ross Ltee
Fortierf Touche Ross
Four-year-old Laraine Ross
Fr Ross Timmins
Frances Mayhew
Francis J Devlin Leo Fiché Councillors
Francis Lance.
Francis Mayhew
Frank Finnlgan Jr and Ross Finnigan
Frank Pu- Lance
Frank Ross
Frank Ross A Co.
Frank Ross Young
Frank Roy - Ken Lance
Fred Lance
Fred Lance Sr
Fred Lance.
Fred Lance’s Ever
Fred Metcalfe I Ross Dickson
Fred Ross Lamothe
Freda Mayhew
Fredda Mayhew
Freddie Allen Robert Mayhew
Freddie Lance
Frederick Leith-Ross
Frederick Macphcrson Ross Lot
Frederick Macpherson Ross
Frederick Ross
Frederick Ross Young Peoples Union
Frédérique Lance-Ken Campbell
Funny Ross Scott
G J Ross
G Mayhew
G*** Tom Ross TWp
G. W. Ross
Gabriel Lance
Gaétan Lance
Gaeton Lance
Gail John Mayhew
Gail Mayhew
Gall Radford Ross Edmonton
Garage 6.26 Clifford Madoar 22.50 Leo Maktte
Garnet Lance
Garnet Mayhew
Garry Alva Lance
Garry Lance
Garry Mayhew Wayne
Gary Cam Shades Leo Laoouceur Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley
Gary Emile Mayhew
Gary Lance
Gary Lance From Grade
Gary Wilson _ Ronnie Ross Specials
Geindon A Leo Danis
Geoffery Ross
Geoffrey Ross
George (Pearl Lance
George Ar-1 Lance
George Bill MacFarland’s Patsy Ban Mayhew
George Lance
George Lance John Morin
George Lance Jr.
George Lance.
George Le- Mr. Lloyd Lance
George Mayor Ross Vowles
George Murray Ross
George Roger L Mayhew
George Ross
George Ross 0f Ottawa
George Ross Nod
George Ross Nodwell
George W. Ross
Georges Lance
Georgette Lance
Georgette Lance-Paquette
Gerald & Louise Lance
Gerald Draper Mrs. Emirle Lance Westbum Hamilton Delmer Barber Please Apply al Office
Gerald Father Leo Prlletier Poisson
Gerald Lance
Gerald Lance 13255
Gerald Mayhew
Gerald Wat- Mayhew
Gerard Lance
Germain Asselin Lance l’invite- Calumet
Germaine Lance
Gertrude Mayhew
Gertrude Mayhew Lemay
Gertrude Ross Young
Gil Cluff Septic Service Leo Menard ALSO
Gil Mrs. Hilda Mayhew
Gilbert Lance
Gilbert Lance Bryson
Gilbert Lance Lavendeur
Gilbert Lance.
Gilbert Mil- Lance
Ginette Ross
Gladys Mayhew
Glen Lance
Glen Lance .
Glen Lance)
Glenn Hugh Ross
Glenn Lance
Gloria Lance.
Goatie B. Ross
Goldaline H Lance
Golde-Ican Lance
Goldeleen Lance
Gordie Ross
Gordon David Ross
Gordon David Ross REID BROS
Gordon Mayhew
Gordon Mayhew - Jockey
Gordon Ross
Grade I.—Aveline Ross
Grade L — Lavina Ross Official Time Table
Grade VT—Lloyd Ross
Graham Kenny Ross Brian Davis Neil Mc(
Grand Calumet Germain Moreau Jacques Lance
Grant Leo McCaffrey
Green Hugh Ross
Gregory Ross
Gregory Wilkinson 2. Ward Lance 3 Paul Davis 4
Guideline Lance
Guy Lance
Guy Ross
H *® Conseiller Léo Laporte
H M. Jacques Lance
H roe Ross
H Ross
H tld Ross
H ugh Ross
H. Ross
H. S. Ross
Hahn Mayhew
Hale Blames Ross Ministry
Handy Lance
Har- Mrs Ross Stewart
Hardy Plants James Howard Agricultural Service Leo Fortin Macadorr Crafts Macadorr Farms McLaren Sy
Harold Cochrane John McAra Ira Merrifield Leo Muldoon
Harold Edgar Lance
Harold Lance
Harold Mayhew
Harold Ross
Harold Wilson Lance
Harry L Lance
Harry Lance
Harry Lance MODERN 3
Harry Lance.
Harry Mayhew
Harry Mayhew’s
Harry Red- Otter Lake Mack Mayhew
Harry Ross
Harvev Ross 2.00
Harvey Ross
Harvey Ross Grade III - Theodore Mauary
Harvey Ross WJL
Hattie Ross
Hawey/Touche Ross
Hazel Ross
Hear- Leo
Heather A Ross Dickson
Heather Albert Dickson Ross Dickson
Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Heather Alberti Ross Dlcksoi
Heather Boyd Mayhew
Heather Lance
Heather Mayhew
Heather Mayhew Boyd
Heather Mayhew Boyd’s
Heather Richard- Lance and Blake McLain
Heather Ross Dickson
Heather Ste-visited
Heather Stewart Lance
Hector Lance
Helen Mayhew
Helen Ross
Helen Ross Russett
Helena Leo Foran
Help Wanted Mr. Ross Swartz
Henrietta Maria Ross
Henry Charles Lance
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Henry Lance.
Henry T. Ross
Herb Kclm Leo Ladouceur Johnny C Marie A Carole King Northern Knights Chris McCann A Straight Goods
Herbert Ross
Herbert ROSS AI
Herman Mayhew
Herman Ross
Herman Schroeder visited
HHL— Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Hie WorsM Léo Plché
High Carton Lance Sergeant Murphy
Hilda Mayhew
Hilda Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Hilton Mayhew
Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Ross Bailey Sale Day
Home- Mr. Ross
Honda Ross Prizes
Honorable D. A. Ross
Hors Ross
Hubert Lance
Hubert McCauley Visited Rvv
Hugh Ross
Hugh Ross 19034)4
Hull Visited
Hvuii Ross
I3SJ PubMws Ross Dickson Heather Dickson EcStof Richard Wits Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Clas
I3SJ Pubtihers Ross Ockson Heother Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cl
Ian Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Ian Fred Lance
Ian Ross
Ida Mayhew
Illusionist Michaell Ross Four-course
Illusionist Michaell Ross Four-course Prime Rib
IMrs Leopauld Lance
Ina Ross
Independence Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Introducing BARBARA M. ROSS
Irwin Ross
Isabel Lance
Isabella Mayhew
Isabella Ross
Isabelle Lance
Isabelle Ross
Isadora Lance
Ishbel Ross
Isidor Lance
Isidore Lance
Ivan Mayhew
Ivan McMillan Lance— Rose Photo
Ivy Mayhew
J Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
J E Lance
J E Lance 1
J E Lance 2.30
J E Lance 4
J E Lance 5.55
J E Lance 9.40
J E Lance Registrar 6.70
J J. Ross
J Kdgar Lance 3.70
J Lance
J LEO R. KEON Divine
J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
J R Leo.
J VV. Ross
J. G. Ross
J. M. Ross
J. Ross
J.G. Ross
Jack Graham Mayor Léo Piché
Jack Mayhew
Jack Ross
Jackie Mayhew
Jacque Lance
Jacqueline Mayhew
Jacques Lance
Jacques Lance .
Jacques Lance 17
Jacques Lance Hereford
Jacques Lance.
Jacques Lance’s
Jacques Villeneuve 1-613-538-2888 Auctioneers Léo
James Andrew Lance.
James Chugg Leonard Lance
James Clark Ross
James D Me Leo
James Emile Mayhew
James F. Mayhew
James G. Ross
James George Ross
James Gibbons Leo Muldoon W.
James Horner Jack Mayhew
James J Ross
James Lance
James Lance.
James Léo
James Mayhew
James R. Ross
James Ross
James Ross Beck
James Stewart - Points Léo Gibbons
Jamie Lance
Jamie Lance.
Jamie Mayhew
Jan Ross
Jane Norma Johncox Weds Frank Ross Young
Janet Mayhew
Janey Mayhew
Jarct Lance
Jared Lance
Jaret Lance
Jas Ross
Jason Lance Pirschke Ligue
Jay 8.00 Leo Salmon
Jean (Leo McNama
Jean (Mrs Leo McMamara
Jean Ebert Ross
Jean Guy Lance
Jean John Mayhew
Jean Léo
Jean Léo André
Jean M Lance
Jean Mayhew
Jean Meilleur X Sons Paul Berard Rodger LaSalle Eugene Pigeon Ross
Jean Mr Pinette Jacques Lance
Jean Mulligan and Susan Ross
Jean Roger Mayhew
Jean Sayle - Rejean Lance
Jean Vaillancourt Bolton - Lance • Lawn
Jean- Marie Lance
Jean-Yves Lance
Jeanette Lance
Jeanette Romain Goldoline Lance
Jeffrey Ross
Jennifer Davies Mayhew Lang
Jennifer Kingsbury Larose Lance -
Jennifer Mayhew
Jennifer Mayhew SAQ Shawville Pine’s Gas Bar K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Gree
Jerome Lance
Jerome Lance Cheryl McGee
Jerry Germaine Lance
Jerry Mayhew
Jerry Sadie Lance
Jesse Ross
Jessie Ross
Jill Trevor Mayhew
Jim Ross
Jim Theresa Lance
Jimmy Lance
Jimmy Mayhew
Joan Angus Mayhew
Joan Bennett Robert Campbell Janet Fraser Ross Finnigan Donald Stafford Shirley Trudeau Sadie Wilso
Joan Lance
Joan Lance Visiting Mr
Joan Nancy Mayhew
Joanne Lance
Joanne Lance BRISTOL
Joanne Lance Knox
Joanne Lance Lowe
Joanne Lance Nov.
Joanne Mrs Alice (Lance
Jody Lance
Joe Dolan................... Leo Dolan.................. Joe O’Donnell
Joe E. Ross
Joe Lance
Joe Lance Band
Joe Lance Band Forfait
Joe Lance Band Sat.
Joe Lance Band Saturday
Joe Lance Band_
Joe Lance Best
Joe Lance’s
Joe Mayhew
Joel Lance
Joen Taylor Lance Fuller
John A. Ross
John and Ross
John and Ross McDir-mid
John Atkinson Thorne Mayor Ross
John Burnett Farm Equipment Leo s Livestock
John C. Ross
John Clarke Lance
John da Lance
John Father Leo Pelletier
John Gordon Jackie Mayhew
John Jones Ross
John Kelly Leo Fortin Traceylane Farm Randy Belsher Trucking Garnet Stephens Dalevlew Farm Radview
John Lance
John Leo
John Leo Coonts Pont
John Léo Gibbons
John Leo White
John Leo.
John Mayhew
John Munro Ross
John Paul M’s Shelly Ross
John Ross
John Ross Allan
John Ross Matthews
John Ross Mr
John Ross Nielsen
John Ross Peck Irma
John Ross Ro-bertson
John Ross Robertson
John Ross Tells Some Geod Stories
John Ross Trinnell
John W. Ross
John* Ross
Johnny Carl Mayhew
Johnny Le- Lee Anne Lance
Johnny visited
Jon Labine and Ross Cote
Josée Lance
Joseph Adrien Lance Joseph Henrie Jacques Lance
Joseph Arthur Leo
Joseph Edgar Lance
Joseph Lance
Joseph Lance $
Joseph Lance 10.00 Ltd.
Joseph Lance 11.30
Joseph Lance 33.10 Carried
Joseph Lance 4.00.
Joseph Lance 8.50
Joseph Lance Pennies
Joseph Lance Rural
Joseph Lance the
Joseph Lance to Dr. Bradshaw
Joseph Lance-
Joseph Lance.
Joseph Lance’s 137
Joseph Leo Donnelly
Joseph Leo Ufleur
Joseph Mayhew
Joseph McGuire Leo McGuire
Joseph Rene Oscar Lance
Joseph Ross
Joseph Roy .... Duncan Ross
Joseph Vincent Ronald Lance
Judd Leo
Judith Lagard Lance
Judith Lagarde Lance
Judith Lance
Judith Lance Agronomist Douglas MacMillan Rick «=311
Judith Ross
Judy Lance
Julia Lance
Julia Mayhew
June Leo
Justin Carson Lance Orr
Justin James Ross
Justin Lance
K V Ross Stewart
K. Ross
Karen Alexander Alva Lance
Karen English Pleasure Horse Judge: Ross McLean
Karen Lance
Karen Leo Burgess
Karen Shea Thorne Mayor: * Ross Vowles
Karl By DEBBIE Lance
Katharine Fletcher 647-2204 Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam FAX
Katherine Ross Carpentry
Kathryn Emma Mayhew
Kathy Lance
Kay Ross
Kay Ross
Kay Ross 4784XS18 Maintenance Superintendant Foreman RAYMOND M. ROWAT
Kay Ross 6473507
Kay Ross Corrain McCredie
Kay Ross George
Kay Ross Mrs Jean Finlan
Kay Ross Who
Kay) Hodgins Ross Doderidge
Kaye Ross
Kdgar Lance
Kearns Mrs. Ross
Keen Leo
Keith A Mayhew
Keith Andrew Mayhew "
Keith Co Laurie McKech 1.50 Ross
Keith Howard Made Lance Corporal
Keith Howie Lance
Keith Lance
Keith Mayhew
Keith Mayhew Waited
Kelly Lance
Kelly Stanley Leo Martineau
Ken & Susan Ross
Ken Lance
Ken Mayhew
Ken Ross
Ken Ross Death Ruled Accidental By Hull Corner
Ken- Leo J Gibbons
Kendra Watchom Leanne Lance Heather Dale Whicher
Kenneth David Ross
Kenneth David Ross Angus
Kenneth David Ross Angus Ottawa
Kenneth Lagarde Jim McFarlane Carey Griffin Leon Lance
Kenneth Lance
Kenneth Lance.
Kenneth Ross
Kenneth Ross Recently
Kenny Da- P#nc Stephan Lance
Kenny Lance
Kenny Ross
Kevin Colbert___________ Mayhew -
Kevin Lance
Kevin Lance.
Kevin Mayhew
Kevin Napoleon Lance
Kfrs Armos Lance
Kfrs Leo Godin
Kieth Mayhew
Kim Lance
Kim Mayhew
Kimberly Lance
Kimberly Mayhew
Konuld Ross
Krista Lee Ross
Krista Lee Ross Ouellet
Krista Ross
Krista Ross Chapeau
Kt Edgar Mayhew
Kyle Hod- Lance
Kyle Lance
Kyle Mayhew
Kyle Ross Côté
L ivina Ross
L L Fred Lance
L Ross Campbell
L Smith Ross
L young Ross
L. Ross
Ladies Barbara Ross Horner- Kirby Smart
Ladysmith V Debbie Lance Stuart Graham RLU
Lafontaine - Mayhew Portage
Lance J
Lance A 90th
Lance " M
Lance &
Lance & Ashley
Lance & Campbell
Lance (Charlene Crawford
Lance ) Tierney Twenty-one TOPS
Lance -
Lance - Clarence Pleschke Le
Lance - Denzil
Lance - Dubois Michel Dubois
Lance - Mr Michel Pigeon
Lance - Mrs Joe Derouin
Lance - Napoleon
Lance - Pilon Gerald
Lance 1.30
Lance 28.43
Lance 3.25
Lance 3.90
Lance 4.30
Lance 5.00
Lance 52.00.
Lance 647-2211
Lance 648-2679 Calumet Island
Lance A
Lance After
Lance Alexander
Lance Alfred Jay
Lance All
Lance Amyotle
Lance and
Lance and Betty Telford
Lance and Julie Maheral
Lance and Leonard
Lance and Leonard Cole - Props
Lance and Shaw
Lance and Susan
Lance Appel
Lance Aug.
Lance August
Lance Band
Lance Band April
Lance Band Don V
Lance Band Robert-Meunier
Lance Band Sept.
Lance Bell
Lance Bertha McGee
Lance Black
Lance Board
Lance Bombadier Joseph Gibe-ault
Lance Bombardier Melvin Gordon Murrell
Lance BOYS
Lance Bretzlaff
Lance Bryson
Lance Burnatowski
Lance B’s I
Lance C.S.S.R. Resolution
Lance Calumet Island
Lance Calumet Island Sale
Lance Campbell
Lance Campbell’s Bay
Lance Cash
Lance Charles J - Mav
Lance Cole
Lance Comveau
Lance Con
Lance Con- Lake
Lance Const
Lance Construction
Lance Construction Bryson Lions
Lance Construction Isabelle Lance
Lance Construction Les Ambulanciers Les Cabines
Lance Construction Small Business Merit
Lance Construction-
Lance Construe
Lance Construe-
Lance Construe- Personality
Lance Cor-
Lance Cor- Trans-Atlantic Radio Photo
Lance Corp-
Lance Corp. Charles W.
Lance Corp. John J. Howard
Lance Corp. Paul Roy
Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal Clifford Teevens
Lance Corporal Fred Fisher
Lance Corporal Gervase
Lance Corporal Harvard
Lance Corporal Herbert V. Naylor
Lance Corporal J.
Lance Corporal James Welch
Lance Corporal John James Howard
Lance Corporal Lance-Bombardier
Lance Corporal Little
Lance Corporal Little May
Lance Corporal Michael
Lance Corporal Mike
Lance Corporal Mike Kellaris
Lance Corporal R.
Lance Corporal Shawville
Lance Corporals
Lance Correspondance
Lance Cove
Lance Cow Barn Cattle
Lance Cpl Welch Is
Lance Cpl.
Lance Cpl. Bruce Say
Lance Crone-cut
Lance Crs Lloyd Kensley
Lance Cuisinière/cook
Lance CWL Euchre
Lance Dake
Lance Dalphis Lance
Lance de
Lance de Bryson
Lance de Pembroke
Lance Deborah; l-ells Marilyn
Lance Despite
Lance Direction
Lance Dobransky
Lance Drummond
Lance Dubeau
Lance Dumouchel
Lance Edmond Normandeau
Lance Eleanor
Lance Eleanor Alphonsine Tourangeau
Lance Ernest F. Russell
Lance Everyone Jojsnne Amyotte
Lance Feh
Lance Fleming
Lance For
Lance Forest Inn
Lance From
Lance Fuller
Lance Fuller Charlotte Austin
Lance G. Morrison G. Leduc
Lance Godin
Lance Graniel
Lance H
Lance Hairdressers
Lance Hall
Lance Hobbs
Lance Hoffer
Lance Hoffman
Lance Howard Haimovitch
Lance I
Lance Il
Lance In
Lance Interment
Lance Iris Smith
Lance Is
Lance J. L. Muir
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnston
Lance Joseph White
Lance Jr who
Lance Jr,
Lance July
Lance K *
Lance King
Lance Kubushiskie
Lance L Racine
Lance Ladysmith Proprietor»
Lance Lance
Lance Lance - Richard
Lance Lance - St Aubin
Lance Leonard
Lance Liu.
Lance Lockett
Lance Logging
Lance Love
Lance Lunam
Lance MacDonell
Lance Mar
Lance March
Lance May
Lance McGee
Lance McRae Name
Lance Melissa Krvstina Lever
Lance Men—
Lance Mes
Lance Miron
Lance Miss Joy Kluke
Lance Mixed Party President
Lance Mme Therese Corriveau Mlle Claudia Dubeau
Lance Monique Lagarde
Lance Moore Steven Alexander
Lance Motion Crs
Lance Moved
Lance Mr. Louis Lance
Lance Murray Richardson
Lance Nathalie Fleury
Lance Nethery
Lance Oetrom Tues
Lance of
Lance Oh
Lance Oit
Lance On
Lance On June
Lance On-Fort Coulonge
Lance On-made
Lance On-scoring
Lance On-won
Lance Or
Lance Or Shaw
Lance Orr
Lance Orr H Atom
Lance Orr Jason Belsher
Lance Orr Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie Security
Lance Orr John
Lance Orr Peewees
Lance Orr Stewart
Lance Partie
Lance Passes
Lance Peacefully
Lance Photography K Thomas - Palmer
Lance Planning Council
Lance Please
Lance Pontiac
Lance Pontiac David Arulpooranam Pontiac Olivia Noël Mata
Lance Portage
Lance Présidente
Lance Prince George
Lance Re-
Lance Rebertz
Lance Recent
Lance Reginald Newberry
Lance Register
Lance REGISTERED Polled Hereford Bulls
Lance Registrar
Lance Registrar 2.50
Lance Richard
Lance Riebertz
Lance River Street Hall
Lance Rochon
Lance Roxane Desrochers
Lance Roy Sammon
Lance RR2
Lance s Grocery
Lance Sally
Lance Saturday
Lance Saws Narrow Hollow Back
Lance Schrankler
Lance Seat 4 Jerry Dubeau
Lance Sec-trés
Lance Second
Lance Secrétaire
Lance Secrétaire-trésolrier Dm
Lance Secretary Treosurer
Lance See
Lance Sergeant Floyd Little
Lance Sergeant Floyd LiWc.
Lance Sert géant Floyd Little
Lance SGT Fabin Fleury
Lance Shot Put
Lance Sieveking
Lance Sievking’s
Lance Smiley
Lance Smith
Lance Sod
Lance Sr.
Lance St
Lance St-Eugène-de-Guigues
Lance St.
Lance Stanley-Smith
Lance Stevens
Lance Subscribe
Lance Sun.
Lance T
Lance T. H. Narlock
Lance Tannis Distributor -
Lance Terr
Lance Terry All
Lance Tfocflo
Lance Th
Lance There
Lance Thmrnw Harris
Lance Thrijn Krose
Lance Thrin
Lance Thrln Margaret
Lance Thrun
Lance Thrun GREAT
Lance Thrun Antique
Lance Thrun Caldwell
Lance Thrun Church SUNDAY
Lance Thrun Daley I
Lance Thrun Eric and Evelyn Campbell
Lance Thrun Hermome Sharpe
Lance Thrun Hermonie Sharpe A V # k
Lance Thrun I
Lance Thrun Ralph
Lance Thrun There
Lance Thrun X ••
Lance Tierney
Lance Tierney Friday
Lance Tiirun Eganville
Lance Todd
Lance Tony
Lance Tooth Saw
Lance Tooth Saws
Lance Tooth Saw»
Lance Tops Quebec
Lance Tru
Lance Tru-
Lance Tru-with Justin Carson
Lance Trudeau
Lance Turi
Lance Tuteur
Lance Upper Ottawa Valley Minor Hockey League
Lance Visitors
Lance W
Lance W Orr
Lance Waltham
Lance West Thorne
Lance William Orr
Lance Wm
Lance Wood
Lance YACI
Lance Z V
Lance ¦ Thrun Pâques
Lance °f Ladysmith
Lance • Robitaille
Lance" Lisa Germain Magasin Général Magazin
Lance) Correspondent
Lance) Madaire
Lance) Tierney
Lance) Tierney Allison McGee
Lance) Tierney Elaine Heins
Lance) Tierney Rm
Lance- Yvonne Lavigne Marie Lance
Lance-Corporal Hamilton
Lance-Sergeant Led Party
Lance...... Mel Hodgins
Lance’s Men
Lance’s Sugar Bush
Lanny Ross
Lanny Ross Goes
Laura Jean Mayhew
Laura Mayhew
Laurence Lance
Lauretta Lance
Laurina Lance
Lav Ross
Lavina Ross
Lavma Ross
Lawrence 18-30 Ross
Lawrence Lance
Lawrence Lance PHS
Lawrence Lance.
Lawrence Ross
Le- Leo Fiché
Leanne Lance
Lecturers Curtis Ross
Lee Lance THRUN
Lee Mayhew
Lee Rose Lance
Lee Ross
Lei Ross Mayhew
Leigh Ann Lance
Leigh Ann Lance.
Lena Wayne Lance
Leo Give
Leo "
Leo "Smokey
Leo & Lottie
Leo & Pat Foran
Leo (Jr)
Leo (t-Hosmer Turner
Leo -
Leo - August
Leo - Custom Bearing Service
Leo - Grandfather
Leo - Karen MacKenzie
Leo - On
Leo -------------1
Leo .ight
Leo 101.2 ac.
Leo 1918
Leo 232-3916 Queensvlew Ranch Sat.
Leo 458-2077
Leo 6r Eleanor Foran
Leo 819-648-5215
Leo A
Leo A Claude Godin A
Leo A. Amyotte
Leo A. Carrier
Leo ADDRESS Lady Smith
Leo Aeon
Leo Afghanistan
Leo All
Leo Allen
Leo Allen Beach - Road Names
Leo Allen Road
Leo Also Fixes Date
Leo Although
Leo Am
Leo Americans
Leo Amery
Leo Amvotte
Leo Amy- Mr.
Leo Amyote
Leo Amyottc Columbia
Leo Amyotte
Leo Amyotte Fort Cou
Leo Amyotte McCagg
Leo Amyotte Shawville
Leo and Joan
Leo and Joan Community Hospital
Leo and Joan Gervais
Leo and Joan Happy
Leo and Joan Hn
Leo and Joan Kappes
Leo and Joan Lindsay
Leo and Joan Michael Wynnyk
Leo and Joan O Brien
Leo and Joan O Brien Cn£e
Leo and Joan O Brien Paul McGee
Leo and Joan O Brien Vanessa Sloan
Leo and Joan OBnen
Leo and Joan O’Brien
Leo and Joan PCH
Leo and Joan Richard Hearty
Leo Ann Matthew
Leo Appointments
Leo Arbique
Leo Arbour
Leo As
Leo Attending
Leo Aubiy
Leo Away
Leo Ayotte
Leo Backs
Leo Baker
Leo Balaton
Leo Bar
Leo Bartrand
Leo Basil Murphy
Leo Bcchamp
Leo Bcland
Leo Bcurman
Leo Be
Leo Be-
Leo Be-land
Leo Beauchamp
Leo Beaucogc
Leo Beaudoin
Leo Beausoelie
Leo Bechamp
Leo Bechamp Dont Miss These Terrifie
Leo Bechamp Jr.
Leo Bechamp Lindsay
Leo Bechamp Mervin
Leo Bechamp Moved
Leo Bechamp Mrs. Rex
Leo Bechamps
Leo Bee
Leo Béiisle
Leo Bel- DIAL
Leo Bel- Fort-Coulonge
Leo Belaire
Leo Belanger
Leo Belanger/
Leo Belec
Leo Belec Sealed
Leo Belec Clr Richardson
Leo Belec Office
Leo Belec Ofllcec
Leo Belec Shawville
Leo Belee
Leo Belisle
Leo Belland
Leo Ben-otl
Leo Benoit
Leo Bergeron Emmanuel La
Leo Bernier
Leo Berrea
Leo Berrube
Leo Bert Kelley
Leo Bert-
Leo Bert- Carnot
Leo Bert- Joachims
Leo Bert- Pontiac
Leo Bert-maintenance
Leo Bertha McGee
Leo Bertrand
Leo Bertrand’s
Leo Berube
Leo Bhskle
Leo Bill
Leo Bill Stevenson
Leo Binette
Leo Birthday
Leo Bisson
Leo Blaskie
Leo BMott
Leo Bois
Leo Bois-4roses
Leo Boisvert
Leo Boivert
Leo Boivin
Leo Bonnah
Leo Bonnah Miss Veronica Lepine
Leo Bonne*
Leo Bonneh
Leo Bor
Leo Bourdon
Leo Bourdon Hotel
Leo Boyer
Leo Brazcau
Leo Brazean Calumet Union Head Mrs. Gilbert Telford
Leo Brazeau
Leo Brennan
Leo Brest
Leo Brisson
Leo Broken
Leo Bros
Leo Bros-a
Leo Brosseau
Leo Brouse
Leo Brown
Léo Bryson
Leo Btnler
Leo Bu
Leo Bugeja
Leo Bur-
Leo Burg-
Leo Burgen
Leo Burgers
Leo Burgess
Leo Burgess Best Mustache - Albert Armstrong
Leo Burgess It
Leo Burgess Meilleur
Leo Burgess Ottawa
Leo Burgess Our
Leo Burgess Wilson
Leo Burgess-
Leo Burkholder
Leo Burnette
Leo Burns
Leo Butler
Leo Bw
Leo C Bertrand
Leo C. Bertrand Coulonge Supply Colton Bros. Coulonge Supply H I. Hobbs
Leo C. Bort-hamb
Leo C. Gaudry
Leo C.Bertrand
Leo Cahill
Leo Callaghan
Leo Campbell
Leo Carl
Leo Carol Pirie
Leo Carried Motion Crs
Leo Carrillo
Leo Carrilo
Leo Carrol
Leo Carroll
Leo Carty
Leo Cash
Leo Cayer
Leo Cert.................
Leo Chabot
Leo Chapcski
Leo Char
Leo Char-
Leo Charbonneau
Leo Charles Nelligan
Leo Chart
Leo Chart-rand
Leo Charter
Leo Chartrand
Leo Chartrand Carried
Leo Chas- Mrs Chassie
Leo Chase
Leo Cherette
Leo Chertok
Leo Chev-Riders
Leo Chevalier
Leo Chiozza Money
Leo Ciodin
Leo Clarke
Leo Club
Leo Club Charter
Leo Club Pee Wee
Leo Clubs
Leo Cochlaw
Leo Cog
Leo Cogh- Waltham Mrs George Leroy
Leo Cogh-lan
Leo CoghIan
Leo Coghlan
Leo COghlans
Leo Coghlan’s
Leo Coghlaw
Leo Coghlen
Leo Coghlin
Leo Coghlins
Leo Coghlin’s
Leo Coglan
Leo CogWan
Leo Colbert
Leo Cole
Leo Collins
Leo Colton
Leo Colton’s
Leo Concerning
Leo Congratulations
Leo Cora
Leo Corcey
Leo Coreey Hunts Hall
Leo Correspondent
Leo Coshlan
Leo Coucher
Leo Cough
Leo Cough-years
Leo Coughlan
Leo Coughlin
Leo Cougiin
Leo Couglin
Leo Coüin
Léo Course
Leo Cox
Leo Coyne By Ruby Moodle Pontiac Columbus Club Rev.
Leo Crawford
Leo Cremation
Leo Cronier
Leo Cruise
Leo Crulckshank
Leo Custom Bearing
Leo Custom Bearing Service Dagg
Leo Custom Bearing Service Dago
Leo Custom Bearing Service V
Leo D. Quackenbush
Leo Da
Leo Dace
Leo Dagen&is
Leo Dagen-ais
Leo Dagenais
Leo Dagenais Monday
Leo Dagenais-
Leo Dahlgren
Leo Daley
Leo Daly
Leo Daly Plumkett
Leo Danford Plumbing
Leo Daniel Godin
Leo Danis
Leo Danis*—
Leo Dav-past
Leo David
Leo Davidson
Leo Davif
Leo Davis
Leo Davis—also
Leo Dcjourdan
Leo De Long
Leo Deaabrais
Leo Deeabrais
Leo Dejardin
Leo Demers
Leo Demeurais
Leo Denault
Leo Denis
Leo Des-abrais
Leo Desa
Leo Desa-brals
Leo Desabrais
Leo Desabrals
Leo Desahrais
Leo Desatrais
Leo Desbarat*
Leo Dese-brais
Leo Desebrais
Leo Desebrals
Leo Desetorais
Leo Desjardins
Leo Despardins
Leo Desv
Leo Devine
Leo Diegel
Leo Dion
Leo DlhXt
Leo Do!an
Leo Doherty
Leo Doherty Donnie
Leo Doherty’s
Leo Dolan
Leo Dolan............... Wm
Leo Don-
Leo Donne
Leo Donnellv.
Leo Donnelly
Leo Donnelly Fred Lauzon
Leo Donnelly Mr Desmond McGuire
Leo Donnelly Mrs Lester Mc-wlll
Leo DonneUy
Leo Donney
Leo Dosa- Racine
Leo Dougall
Leo Dougherty Quebec
Leo Dow
Leo Dow-
Leo Dow- Ranger
Leo Downev
Leo Downey
Leo Downey After
Leo Downey Cemetery
Leo Downey Chris Olmstead
Leo Downey Downey
Leo Downey Gleason
Leo Downey McDonald
Leo Downey Morris
Leo Downey Moved
Leo Downey Pat Keon
Leo Downey Proposed
Leo Downey READING
Leo Downey To
Leo Downey Two
Leo Downey Wishing
Leo Downey*
Leo Downney
Leo Doyle
Leo Dr
Leo Drisner
Leo Dry
Leo Dryburgh
Leo Dtirochcr’s
Leo Dtsabrais
Leo Du
Leo Du Beau
Leo Du jeau
Leo Du-beau
Leo Du-rocher
Leo Du.ui
Leo Dub- Charles Lafleur
Leo Dube
Leo Dubeau
Leo Dubois
Leo DubtSU
Leo Duchesne
Leo Dufault
Leo Dufres
Leo Dugas
Leo Dumouchel
Leo Dunn
Leo Dupuis
Leo Dura*
Leo Durand
Leo Durochcr
Leo Durocher
Leo Duval
Leo Earl
Leo Ehinger
Leo Eiliott
Leo El-1 Easter Tonic
Leo Elliot
Leo Elliott
Leo Elliott Four
Leo Elliott Pontiac Slat
Leo Elliott..... David Grant
Leo Elliotts
Leo Elliott’s
Leo EllioU
Leo Ellloti
Leo ElltoM.
Leo end Gerard Periard
Leo Eraser
Leo Et
Leo Eth-
Leo Ether
Leo Ethi Be
Leo Ethicr
Leo Ethier
Leo Ethiers
Leo Ethler
Leo Ethter
Leo Etliier
Leo Etmanaki
Leo Euchre Mousseau
Leo EUiott
Leo Evangelical
Leo Evaristus Henderson
Leo F
Leo Farrel
Leo Farrell
Leo Fcran
Leo Fel- He
Leo Feleler
Leo Ferae
Leo FI
Leo Fiche
Leo Filicn
Leo Filion
Leo Filion Leness
Leo Fillon
Leo Fitzgerald
Leo Fkury
Leo Flaglar
Leo Flagler
Leo Fleury
Leo Fleury FRONTS
Leo Fleury-
Leo Florida Doherty
Leo Fo-
Leo Fo-ran
Leo Fonan
Leo For
Leo For Mothers
Leo For&n Brian Muldoon
Leo Foran
Leo Foran 319
Leo Foran Edmund Trudeau
Leo Foran March
Leo Foran P.O.
Leo Foren
Leo Forma
Leo Foron Phone
Leo Fortier
Leo Fortin
Leo Fortin - Helen
Leo Fortin - Helen Dubé
Leo Fortin C.I.A.Q
Leo Fortin Décor Sylvia Pontiac Electric Quebec Farmers
Leo Fortin Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher 785
Leo Fortin Pontiac County
Leo Fortin’s
Leo Francis Daley
Leo Francis Daley When
Leo Francis O’Donnell
Leo Fred Coyne
Leo Fthier
Leo F°f
Leo G Donnell
Leo Gaétan Boulanger
Leo Gaiety
Leo Galitzine
Leo Gardner
Leo Gates
Leo Gaudette
Leo Gauthier
Leo Gauthier 4M Llagar
Leo Gauthier Highway
Leo Gauthier’s
Leo Gauthrier
Leo Gautiers
Leo Gefvais
Leo Gen
Leo Gena
Leo Gena Donald O’Connor FRIDAY Call Me Madam Ethel Merman Audrey Long Lynn Roberts
Leo Genn
Leo Genn Also
Leo George Carroll
Leo Gervais
Leo Get
Leo Gib
Léo Gib Norman Beattie.
Leo Gib-
Léo Gib- Marcel Lavigne
Leo Gib- Nomination
Léo Gib- Sauvageau
Leo Gib-Friends
Leo Gib-Tenders
Leo Gibbons
Leo Gibbons -
Leo Gibbons Arnprior
Leo Gibbons Bélisle
Leo Gibbons BIRTHS
Leo Gibbons Bristol
Leo Gibbons Christopher McColgan Seat 6
Léo Gibbons Gary Trivett
Leo Gibbons Happy
Leo Gibbons I .
Leo Gibbons Jacques Rainville
Leo Gibbons Moved
Leo Gibbons Ratepayers
Leo Gibbons Soot
Leo Gibbons Stephen McCann Seat 6
Leo Gibe
Leo Giroux
Leo Gleaaon
Leo Glean
Leo Gleason
Leo Godin
Leo Goghlan
Leo Goodman
Leo Gorcey Hunts Hall
Leo Gottfried
Leo Gougeon
Leo Goulet
Leo Gower
Leo Graduation
Leo Gratton
Leo Grattons
Leo Grav-Bank
Leo Grave
Leo Gravel
Leo Graveline
Leo Graveline Fort Cou-longe
Leo Gravelle
Leo Gravelle’s Hockey Contest
Leo Greenshields
Leo Gregory
Leo Gsb-g
Leo Guests
Leo H Pelletier
Leo Hachev STARKS
Leo Halifax
Leo Hamany
Leo Hamcün
Leo Hamel
Leo Hamelin
Leo Hamilton
Leo Hamlin
Leo Hams
Leo Hams Systems
Leo Hansen
Leo Harm
Leo Harris
Leo Harris -
Leo Harris 151
Leo Harris 662-34
Leo Harris Clarendon Corrections
Leo Harris Largo
Leo Harris Ontario POE
Leo Harris Open
Leo Harris Pontiac Community Hospital
Leo Harris Special Holiday Dance
Leo Harvey Newberry
Leo Hearty
Leo Hector
Leo Helios
Leo Henri
Leo Hérault
Leo Herman Schroeder at Echo
Leo Hermonie Sharpe
Leo Heury
Leo Hickey
Leo History
Leo Hleck
Leo Hod
Leo Hod-utes
Leo Hollltii
Leo Horner
Leo Hospitals
Leo Houle Deschenes
Leo Howieson
Leo Hoy
Leo Hughes
Leo Hunt
Leo I
Leo I Downey
Leo I. Bertiand
Leo I.eclair
Leo Idol Contest
Leo Ihere
Leo Isabel
Leo IX)whey
Léo J
Léo J Gib
Léo J Gib-
Léo J Gib- Bronson
Léo J Gib- Luskville
Léo J Gib- Tracey
Leo J Gibbons
Léo J Gibbons Denis
Léo J Gibbons Sauvageau
Leo J.
Leo J. Kennedy
Leo J. Sloan
Leo Jacdas
Leo Jacques and Serge
Leo James Foran
Leo Jay
Leo Jean
Leo Jessie Cameron
Leo Joan Angus
Leo John Gib-
Leo John-Boy
Leo Johnson
Leo Joly
Leo Joseph
Leo Joseph Col]ins
Leo Joseph Edgar Kelly
Leo Joseph Gauthier
Leo Joseph Per
Leo Jr
Leo Jr who
Leo Jr.
Leo Jr. Special
Leo Junior
Leo JyoGee
Leo Kaon Miss Pat Kelly
LEO KBOHICK Mr. Marvin Campbell
Leo Kbon
Leo Kc<>n
Leo Kchoe
Leo Kcon
Leo Kcon.
Leo Kcoo
Leo Kean
Leo Keen
Leo Keho
Leo Kehoe
Leo Kehoe-
Leo Keisman
Leo Kekoe
Leo Kelioe
Leo Kelly
Leo Kendrick
Leo Kennedy
Leo Kennedy Win Scholarships
Leo Keon
Leo Keon G W. V. Kings
Leo Keon Mr. Hugh Moyle
Leo Keon Mulligan
Leo Keon Quyon Que
Leo Keons
Leo Keon’s
Leo Key
Leo KI
Leo Kiuke
Leo Kkon
Leo Kluck’s Lake
Leo Klufce
Leo Kluke
Leo Kluke Jr.
Leo Kluke Sloan
Leo Klukes
Leo Know
Leo Knox
Leo Koran
Leo Krause
Leo Krell
Leo Kronick
Leo Kronick Store
Leo Kronurk
Leo La
Leo La Brie
Leo La Liberté
Leo La-bine
Leo La-douceur
Leo La-friends
Leo Labe
Leo Labelle
Leo Labi
Leo Labine
Leo LaChampagne
Leo Lachance
Leo Lachapelle
Leo Lacroix
Leo Ladcuceur
Leo Ladoceur
Leo Ladou
Leo Ladou-
Leo Ladou- Boucher
Leo Ladou- Lloyd
Leo Ladou-ceur
Leo Làdou-liabilities
Leo Ladouccr
Leo Ladouccur
Leo Ladoucer
Leo Ladouceufs Band
Leo Ladouceur
Leo Ladouceur Chef
Leo Ladouceur J IWÜllMIf VJ
Leo Ladouceur Band
Leo Ladouceur BRYSON
Leo Ladouceur Calumet Island Volunteer Fire Department Les
Leo Ladouceur Fire Chief
Leo Ladouceur Hearty
Leo Ladouceur Home Is
Leo Ladouceur Jacques Suprenant
Leo Ladouceur Lee Laframboise Bill McCleary
Leo Ladouceur Quyon
Leo Ladouceur WALTHAM
Leo Ladouceur’s
Leo Ladoucoeur
Leo Ladoucuer
Leo Lafon
Leo Lafontaine
Leo Lafontaine Randy Thoms
Leo Lafrenienre
Leo Lafreniere
Leo LafrenJeie
Leo Lahine
Leo Lake
Leo Laliberte
Leo Lalibertie
Leo Laliberty
Leo Lalonde
Leo Lamarche
Leo Lance
Leo Lance visited Ross Mayhew
Leo Landry
Leo Landry Authentic
Leo Landry Equity Photo
Leo Landry Municipal
Leo Lane
Léo Lane Gibbons
Leo Lang
Leo Lange
Leo Lap
Leo Laplante
Leo Laporte
Leo Large
Leo Lariviere
Leo Latu
Leo Latuliipe
Leo Latulippe
Leo Latulippe Left
Leo Latulippes
Leo Latullppe
Leo LatuUppe
Leo Laundry
Leo Lauzon
Leo Laver- Dame Cemetery
Leo Lavois
Leo Layer
Leo La^hbrook Lea Leyre Light Ma
Leo Lcclair
Leo Le-clair
Leo LeBlanc
Leo Leblance
Leo Lebrun
Leo LeClair
Leo Leclaire
Leo Leclalr
Leo Leclalre
Leo Leduc
Leo Lefebre
Leo Lefebvre
Leo Lefebvre Neil
Leo LeHreck IVIle- Misees Betty
Leo Lemaire
Leo Lemaire 106
Leo Lemay
Leo Lemieus
Leo Lemieux
Leo Lemire’s
Leo Lenaaire
Leo Lenett
Leo Leona Corriveau
Leo Lepack
Leo Lepinc
Leo Lepine
Leo Leplante
Léo Leporte
Leo Lequin
Leo Letulippe
Leo Letylippe
Leo Levergne
Leo Levine
Leo Lib
Leo Libelle
Leo Liberty
Leo Light Company
Leo Litchfield Council 1 Campbell
Leo Loeb
Leo Lofulippe
Leo Lonpre
Leo Loretta
Leo Lorraine
Leo Lougnlin
Leo Low
Leo Lthier
Leo Lucien Ladouceur
Leo Lynn
Leo M Gervais
Leo M Gervais Purchase Financing
Leo Mabel
Leo MaCaifrey
Leo MacDonell
Leo Macnamara
Leo Madore
Leo Main
Leo MaJette
Leo Maktte
Leo Mal-
Leo Maleite
Leo Malette
Leo Malette-
Leo Malette- 5
Leo Mallette
Leo Malo
Leo Manse
Leo Mansell
Leo Manville
Leo Mar-
Leo Marchand
Leo Marchand Mrs Leo Marchand
Leo Marleau
Leo Marquis
Leo Martin
Leo Martindale
Leo Martineau
Leo Marylin Eleanor Foran
Leo Masse
Leo Massia
Leo Mattawa
Leo Matthyssen
Leo Maxse
Leo Mayors Edgar Lance
Leo Mc Va Urey
Leo Mc-Nam
Leo Mc-the Sheriff
Leo Mc<icc
Leo McAnny
Leo McBa.n
Leo McBane
Leo McC
Leo McCaffery
Leo McCaffrey
Leo McCaffrfÿ
Leo McCallie>
Leo McCallum
Leo McCarîrey
Leo McCarthy
Leo McCollum
Leo McDowell
Leo McGc*e
Leo McGcc
Leo McGee
Leo McGee Miss Katie Armour
Leo McGee (Jr)
Leo McGee Alex
Leo McGee Call Nellis Stewart
Leo McGee Charteris
Leo McGee Cliff
Leo McGee CWL Fatner
Leo McGee Famüy
Leo McGee Jr who
Leo McGee Jr.
Leo McGee LEAD
Leo McGee Miss Cheryl McGee
Leo McGee Mr. Loyola Sammon
Leo McGee No-
Leo McGee Rita Hearty
Leo McGee Sunday
Leo McGee Theresa
Leo McGees
Leo McGee’s
Leo McGoey
Leo McGuire
Leo McGuire 56803b
Leo McKcnny
Leo McKee
Leo McKenna
Leo McKenny
Leo McKenny Our
Leo McKern Tomorrows Drama Charlie O’Reilly
Leo McLean
Leo McNally
Leo McNamara
Leo McNeil
Leo McSweeney
Leo Mcuee
Leo Me
Leo Me Bane
Leo Me Kem
Leo Me Kenny
Leo Me Kenny as Richardson
Leo Me Nam
Leo Me Thomas OiV WALLACE
Leo Me- Cutting
Leo MeGeo
Leo Meilleur
Leo Mela IT
Leo Menard
Leo Menard 1-613-232-3414 Delmer Spratt
Leo Menard 1-613-822-1351
Leo Ménard 232-3916 Régent Ménard
Leo Menard 232-3916 Regent Menard 443-2884 Wilson
Leo Menard 613-232-3916
Leo Menard ALSO
Leo Menard Charles J. Ménard
Leo Menard Charles Menard Regent Menard Del Sprat
Leo Menard Delmer Sprat
Leo Menard Delmer Spratt
Leo Menard Delmer Spratt Regent Menard Ken McNeely
Leo Menard Hohhs Next Stocker Sale
Leo Menard Locally
Leo Menard NEW!
Leo Menard Next Stocker Sales
Leo Menard November
Leo Menard NOW
Leo Menard Regent
Leo Menard Steven Spratt Charles Ménard 819-595-2103
Léo Ménard Steven Spratt Charles Ménard ALARM COMPUTERS
Leo Menerd
Leo Mer- EVA ANDAI PHOTOS Freeman Grant and
Leo Mercer
Leo Mercer Z
Leo Mercers
Leo Mercier
Leo Mere-hand
Leo Merwd
Leo Met
Leo Meunier
Leo Mil
Leo Mildred Ryan Benoît
Leo Miss Debbie Grier
Leo Misses Claire
Leo Moiency
Leo Molette
Leo Morency
Leo Morin
Leo Morris
Leo Motion
Leo Mousseau
Leo Moved
Leo Mr
Leo Mr. Merv Young
Leo Mrs Agnes Sparling
Leo Mrs Bussiere
Leo Mrs Jennie McCord
Leo Mrs Mr.
Leo Mu Moon
Leo Muidoon Tal
Leo MuJdoon
Leo Mul
Leo Muld Mose< Clicvier
Leo Muldoon
Leo Muldoon 1.61
Leo Muldoon Fred Clark Victor Young
Leo Muldoon Mrs Caroline Towell
Leo Mulligan
Leo Mulvihill
Leo Municipality
Leo Mur-
Leo Murphy
Leo Murray
Leo M« Cak* FRET
Leo Nclhgan
Leo Nclligan
Leo Nelli-
Leo Nelligan
Leo Newberry
Leo Newberry Paul
Leo Normandeau
Leo November
Leo O
Leo O Brien
Leo O "Wen
Leo O &ien
Leo O - Research Council
Leo O BHen
Leo O Bllen
Leo O Bnen
Leo O Brian
Leo O Brien
Leo O Brien 30.50,1
Leo O Brien Birthday
Leo O Brien Burial
Leo O Brien Horse
Leo O Brien John Clarke
Leo O Brien Rose
Leo O Brien Seat
Leo O Brien Seet
Leo O Brien Simon
Leo O Brien ^47-3927 Stuart Graham
Leo O Briens
Leo O BTlen
Leo O Donnell
Leo O Etien
Leo O ffrien
Leo O frie
Leo O frien
Leo O frlen
Leo O I
Leo O Malley
Leo O Men
Leo O Mrien
Leo O Neils
Leo O Reilly
Leo O Reilly Church
Leo O Reilly Est
Leo O Reilly Ls-
Leo O Reilly Saturday
Leo O Rielly
Leo O Shee
Leo O Stien
Leo O''Reilly
Leo OBnen
Leo OBrien
Leo Ohartrand
Leo Oliver
Leo Ombrien
Leo On
Leo Ont
Leo Or
Leo Orenstein
Leo Otbbons
Leo OTbrien
Leo OTHen
Leo Ottawa
Leo OTtielly
Leo Oullbault
Leo OvBrien
Leo Ovington
Leo OZBrien
Leo O^alley
Leo O’Bnen
Leo O’Brien
Leo O’Brien 2:00
Leo O’Brien Approval
Leo O’Brien Halloween
Leo O’Brien Is
Leo O’Brien Moved
Leo O’Brien Snowmobile Club
Leo O’Donnell
Leo O’Malley
Leo O’Reilly
Leo O’Shea
Leo P Hanlon
Leo P. Cecil
Leo P. Lafontaine
Leo P.nd Arnold
Leo Papineau
Leo Paquin
Leo Parian*
Leo Parker
Leo Patenaude
Leo Patrick Doherty
Leo Patrick Roy
Leo Paul
Leo Paul Asselin
Leo Paul Au
Leo Paul Aubrey
Leo Paul Belland
Leo Paul Berard
Leo Paul Brousscau
Leo Paul Brousseau
Leo Paul Cabana
Leo Paul Campeau
Leo Paul Ceire
Leo Paul Chev-I We
Leo Paul Chevalier
Leo Paul Drouin
Leo Paul Druln
Leo Paul Fleury
Leo Paul Gaudette
Leo Paul Godin
Leo Paul Lapratte
Leo Paul Laprattte
Leo Paul Larose
Leo Paul Le-pine
Leo Paul Lepine
Leo Pché
Leo Pcriard
Leo Pe
Leo Pears
Leo Péché
Leo Peieter
Leo Pel-
Leo Pel- Bernice Brusenbauch
Leo Peleler
Leo Peletcr
Leo Peleter
Leo Peletier
Leo Pellet-Lady
Leo Pelleti- Une
Leo Pelleti-after
Leo Pelletiei Masses
Leo Pelletier
Leo Pelletier Fri
Leo Pelletier Masses
Leo Pelletier Masses Satur
Leo Pelletier Since
Leo Peloter
Leo Pénard
Leo Penny
Leo Per-iard
Leo Per-land
Leo Periani
Leo Periard
Leo Periard 525
Leo Periard Mrs Cecilia Bradley Mulligan
Leo Periard Quyon
Leo Perierd
Leo Perierd Quyon
Leo Perlard
Leo Perriard
Leo Perron
Leo Petelw
Leo Peters
Leo Peteter
Leo Peteter 648-5859 Rev Ann Durant Church Office
Leo Pfche
Leo Phi
Leo Phllion
Leo Phone
Leo Pic
Leo Picard
Leo Pichc
Leo Pichd
Leo Piche
Leo Piché Councillor Barber Seat No
Leo Piché Shawville
Leo Piehd
Leo Pigeon
Leo Pigott
Leo Pilon
Leo Pkhé
Leo Plche
Leo Plche Ernest Simon 9th Annual
Leo PLeau
Leo Plon
Leo Plouffe
Leo Pointer 648
Leo Poirer
Leo Poirier
Leo Poisson
Leo Pold
Leo Pole Ryan
Leo Potvin
Leo Poupore
Leo Pouporo
Leo Predeceased
Leo Prest
Leo Priveau
Leo Pro-Mayor
Leo Proulx
Leo Ptehe
Leo Ptlon
Leo Pultz
Leo Que
Leo Quebec
Leo Quin-I
Leo Quyon
Leo R Keen
Leo R Keon
Leo R Keon ----- Thoe Daley
Leo R Keoti
Leo R Scott No
Leo R- Kcon
Leo R. Delmore
Leo R. Keen
Leo R. Keen Boord
Leo R. Keon
Leo Racine
Leo Raiding
Leo Rain-Motion Crs Dagg
Leo Rainville
Leo Rais
Leo Ralston
Leo Ralston Rev.
Leo Rapides
Leo Rathwell
Leo Rathwell------------- Ladies
Leo Raymond
Leo Rcb-ertz
Leo Rcisman
Leo Re- Meriam
Leo Re-bertz
Leo Reberti
Leo Rebertz
Leo Rebertz Street
Leo Rebertz’
Leo Registered Quarter Horse
Leo Rehertz
Leo Rei-e
Leo Rein-
Leo Reis
Leo Reise
Leo Reisman
Leo Relaman
Leo Relse
Leo Relsman
Leo Retain
Leo Retsman
Leo Rev Francois Joseph Rreard
Leo Rev. Mr. Bow
Leo Rhonda
Leo Ricard
Leo Ricard Leo Ricard
Leo Riche
Leo Riebertz
Leo Rivet
Leo Roberta
Leo Robert’s
Leo Robillard
Leo Robinson
Leo Rochon
Leo Romain
Leo Routh
Leo Routh Cheese Cake
Leo Routher
Leo Roy
Leo Roy s Store
Leo Roy’s
Leo Roy’s Store
Leo Ruddy
Leo Russett
Leo Ryan
Leo Ryan Low Notes Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Leo S Dry
Leo S Dryburgh
Leo s Livestock
Leo s Livestock Exchange Ltd.
Leo S. Dry
Leo Sabourin
Leo Sac-cu
Leo Saccou
Leo Saccu
Leo Saccu’s
Leo Salmon
Leo Sam-mon
Leo Sammon
Leo Saturday
Leo Sauve
Leo Sauve Appointed L P R
Leo Sav-ard
Leo Sayers
Leo Scanlon
Leo Schmidt
Leo Schraeder
Leo Schroe-der
Leo Schroedcr
Leo Schroeder
Leo Seat No. 3 Clarke
Leo Seguin
Leo Sem-mon
Leo Senack
Leo September II
Leo Servais
Leo Shawville
Leo Sheedy
Leo Sherwood
Leo Sicard
Leo Sinclair
Leo Sloan
Leo Smith
Leo Soucie
Leo Soucie Ruby Lemaire
Leo Soucies
Leo Soude
Leo Soulière
Leo Soutien
Leo Spe
Leo Spence
Leo Spencer
Leo Spots
Leo Spring
Leo St
Leo St Cyr
Leo St Den I X
Leo St Denis
Leo St Dennis
Leo St Dennis Helen)
Leo St Join
Leo St Ogan
Leo St-Cyr
Leo St-Denis
Leo St-Jacques
Leo Stack
Leo Steele
Leo Steers
Leo Stevens
Leo Sullivan
Leo Summon
Leo T Birthday
Leo Tanguay
Leo Telford
Leo Tenders
Leo Thanksgiving
Leo The
Leo Thercen
Leo Therien
Leo Therrien
Leo Thiba-deau
Leo Thibadeau
Leo Thibault
Leo Thibert
Leo This
Leo Thlvodeau Burrows
Leo Thom
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas Sullivan
Leo Thurs
Leo To
Leo Tolstoi
Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tourangeau
Leo Treasurer and Direcior-gener- Jr and John
Leo Trefoil
Leo Trudeau
Leo Trudeau Bristol
Leo Trudeau Ontario
Leo Tuckers
Leo Two
Leo Twolan
Leo Uporte
Leo Uravel
Leo Va-chon
Leo Vashon
Leo Venaaae
Leo Venne
Leo Verrinder
Leo Vi/
Leo Visiting
Leo Vivier
Leo W. Ree
Leo Wagorn
Leo Wall
Leo Walters
Leo Wasser-man
Leo Well
Leo Westsff
Leo Whalen
Leo White
Leo Whiton
Leo Willie )
Leo Wilson
Leo Wood
Leo X
Leo X.
Leo XII1
Leo XIII.»
Leo Xlll
Leo Yach
Léo Z
Léo Z Gibbons
Leo Zourdoumis
Leo Zrudlo
Leo Zudlo
Leo _
Léo Æ Marilyn
Leo •
Leo) Gervais TEL.
Leo- Anne R^n
Leo- August
Leo- Bea
Leo- Beaulieu
Leo- But
Leo- Congratulations
Leo- Elsie Letts
Leo- For
Leo- Hannabcrry
Leo- Mahlitz
Leo- Mrs. Leslie Dean
Leo- Ottawa
Leo- Ray Harnish
Leo- Sandra
Leo- Ue*
Leo-naid Homer
Leo-Paul Labine
Leon A Yvette Lance
Leon Lance
Leon Pil- Hope Leo
Leona Corri- Lance
Leonard Lance
Leonard Lance 13
Leonard Lance an<
Leonard Lance and Margaret Hearty
Leonard Lance Bros. 236.70
Leonard Lance Hydro
Leonard Lance I
Leonard Lance MacKILUCAN
Leonard Lance Minutes
Leonard Lance Mr Bill Devecsery
Leonard Lance Pt
Leonard Lance Spring
Leonard Lance the
Leonard Lance-
Leonard Lance.
Leonard Leo O Brien
Leonard Mayhew
Leopold Lance
Leo’s Livestock
Les Conseillers Edgar Sloan Conseiller Lucien Lance
Leslie Alva Lance
Leslie Mayhew
Leslie Ross
Levina Ross
Lewis Mayhew’s
Lewis Mr Teddy Lance
Li/ette Lance
Lightfingered Leo—"flood
Lillian Lance
Lillian Ross
Linda Horn-visited
Linda Lance
Linda Lance Miss Linda Lance
Linda Mayhew
Linda Mayhew Renfrew
Linda Nigh Art Campbell Alim Wood Herb Kelm Leo Ladouceur Johnny C. Jean Yves Breton RMS.
Linden Mayhew
Lionel Lance
Lionette Susan Ross
Lisa Lance
Lisa Newberry Felix Lance
Lise Lance
Lise Lance Wayne
Lloyd Bridges Join Taylor Lance Fuller USED
Lloyd Lance
Lloyd Lance.
Lloyd Ross
Loden Lance
Lois Brown - Leo Burgess
Lor- Ross
Loretta Lance
Lorraine Mayhew
Lorraine Webster Willard Lance
Lou Ross
Louis Lance
Louis Martin Mitchell Lavery Lance Raymond William Hendry Sophie Ringrose El
Louisa Ross
Louise Lance
Louise Lance and Marie Fortin
Louise Lance President
Louise Lance Présidente
Louise Lance Presiding Officer O 031
Louise Lance Sec-trés
Louise Mayhew
Love Leo
Love Mary ___________________ Mayhew
Lower Lance Cove
Lucas William Ross
Lucien Lance
Lucy visited
Lunch Leo
Lynda Mayhew
Lyndon Mayhew
Lyne Lance
Lynn A Bill Lance
Lynn Lance
Lynn Lance.
Lynn Special Ross Dickson
M mjM Edgar Mayhew
M & Mme Vianney Lance
M 2588 W 2460 Mayhew
M s Leo MXIue Visiting
M S Ovila Lance
M*s Ross Stewart
M-& Mrs Ross Doyle
M. Ross
M. Smith Ross Stewart
Mabel Edgar Mayhew
Mabel Lance
Mac Mayhew
Mack Mayhew
Made- Mayhew
Maggie Ross
Malcolm Mayhew
Mani-Ronald Ross
Manoir Lilian Ross
Manon Lance
Mar Leo----- O Brien
Marc Lance
Marc Lance Bay
Marc Ross Dickson
Marcel Lance
Margaret and Ross
Margaret Ann Leo
Margaret Anne Leo
Margaret Mayhew
Margaret Mrs Alva Lance
Margaret Ross McIntosh
Margaret Trudeau Muriel Mayhew Ray Lathem
Marie Lance
Marie Mayhew
Marie Serge Doc Lance
Marilyn Lance
Marilyn Mayhew
Mario Lance
Marion Mayhew
Marion Rose White Katherine Ross
Marion Ross
Marjorie Smith and Nancy Mayhew
Mark Alexander Shawville Ross Dickson Forum
Mark H 3-star Ross
Mark Lance
Mark Lance Featuring
Mark Lance Petty Officer 2nd Class
Mark Lance Reds
Mark Lance Will
Mark Lance.
Mark Lance’s
Mark Mayhew
Mark Mayhew Pontiac Hereford Club
Mark _ Lance.
Marlene Pasch Ross
Marlym Lance
Marshall Ross Township
Martel Lance
Martha Ross Harvey
Martin Mayhew
Mary Ellen Leo McGee
Mary Kelly Mr Leo Kelly
Mary Lowrey Ross
Mary Lowry Ross
Mary M (Mrs Duncan Ross
Mary Madonna) Mr. Mack Mayhew
Mary Mayhew
Mary Mayhew’s
Mary Nancy Mayhew
Mary Rose Lance
Mary Ross
Master Ross James
Matt Ramona Mayhew
Matt Steele C Place Ian Simpson C Matt O Conner Lance Lockett Am Mark Mitchell
Matthew Hearty Lawrence Lance
Mau-with Leo
Maurice Asselin Lucien Lance Maurice Morin
Maurice Lance
Maurice Lance 4
Maurice Lance.
Maurice Mayhew
Mayhew .
Mayhew Aie
Mayhew Armitage
Mayhew I>enise
Mayhew Mayhew
Mayhew Pulling
Mayhew Saturday W M. Hayes
Mayor David Luna Councillors Edgar Lance.
Mayor Edgar Lance
Mayor Lance
Mayor Léo Piché
Mayor Ross
Mayor Ross Vow
Mayor Ross Vowles
Mberti Dickson Ross Dickson
MC Ross Vowles
McCarthy B.C. - Simon Mayhew
McKinnons Leo Lemaire
Meek Mayhew
Mel Brown Leo O Brien Michael Wrinn John Romain Eddie Ranger Eric Ranger Lawrence Romain Arthur Amy
Melanie Hilda Mayhew
Melissa Lance R.R.
Melvil Mayhew
Melville Ross
Melvin Lance
Melvin Leo Patrick Burns
Melvin Mayhew
Merle Lance
Merold Ross
Merry Reardon L Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Bre
Mesdames Joyce Brennan Claudie Duchaine Charlene Graham Diane Lance Isabelle Martin Margaret Willis
Messrs Harvey Ross
Messrs Hugh Ross
Messrs Léo
Messrs Leo Doherty
Messrs Leo Donnelly
Messrs Léo Pi- Secretary
Messrs Ross Baird
Messrs. Ross
Mi Ross Dodr.dgc
Mi* Simon Mayhew
Michael John Lance
Michael John Lance.
Michael John Lance?
Michael Lance
Michael Lance Dies
Michael Lance# J. B
Michael Leo Arthur Riebertz
Michael Ross
Michael Wyn-Lance
Micheal Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Michel Kent Lance Fort
Michel Lance
Michel Leo-
Michele Lance
Micheline Grave-visited
Michelle Lance
Michelle Lance de Bryson
Michelle Tessier Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Mike Lance
Mike Lance Legault
Mike Leo Downey
Mildred Lance
Mildred Lance SIMPLICITY
Mildred Lance.
Mildred Langdon Leo Latray
Mile LaSalle WILLIAM RICK Chairman Eastern Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS Chairman
Miles Mayhew
Millie B Lance
Millie Lance
Milling Co. Ross
Milton Hahn Cora Mayhew
Minna Ross
Minor Ball Lance Ofr Most Sportsmanlike Player Kyle Hodgins Most Improved Defensively
Mis Gilbert Lance
Mis Lucille Lance
Mis Ross Stewart
Misa Eleanor Ross
Miscellaneous Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Miss Faye Mayhew
Miss Margaret Ross An
Misses L''ivina Ross
Mjs Bernard Lance
Mjs Leo Mercer
Mlle R Lance Construction Isabelle Lance
Mm Maurice Lance.
Mme Lillian Ross
Mme Ross Lamothe
Mn Jacques Lance
Mona OiU{ Ross Swartz Hurt Ross Swartz
Mona Ross
Monsieur Léo Fiché
Monsieur Léo Laporte
Monsieur Léo Pic
Monsieur Léo Piché
Monsieur Léo Piché Monsieur Brian Stanton Monsieur Brian Took
Monsieur Léo Piché Monsieur Brian Stanton Monsieur Brian Toole 1
Monsieur Léo Plché
Monsieur Ross Vowles
Moore) Ross
Moril Lance
Motion Ross
Motion—Burden OTteilley- That Mr. Hugh Ross
Mr A Mrs Ross Stewart
Mr Andrew Ross
Mr Barnard Lance
Mr Bernard Lance
Mr Enc Ross 647
Mr Gilbert Lance
Mr Harvey Ross
Mr Leo
Mr Leo Mo
Mr Leonard Lance
Mr Lloyd Lance
Mr Marcel Ross
Mr Maurice Lance
Mr Paul Lance
Mr Ross
Mr Ross Hambley
Mr Ross Schwartz
Mr Ross Stewart
Mr Ross Vowles
Mr Stewart Ross
Mr W J Pou-thur Paul Mayhew
Mr# John Ross
Mr&Mrs Revel Pauline Lance
Mr* Leo Ralston
Mr, Fred Ross
Mr. Alexander Ross
Mr. Allan Ross
Mr. Andrew Lance
Mr. Andrew Ross
Mr. Audrey Ross
Mr. B A. Ross
Mr. Bill Ross
Mr. Bing Ross
Mr. Charles Mayhew
Mr. Colin Ross Wetwore
Mr. Crawford Ross
Mr. Duncan Ross
Mr. Edgar Lance
Mr. Edgar Lance DR.
Mr. Edgar Lance Miss Elaine Desjardins
Mr. Edgar Lance Registrar
Mr. Edgar Lance.
Mr. Edgar Mayhew
Mr. Erwin Ross
Mr. Felix Lance
Mr. Fernand Lance
Mr. Frank Ross
Mr. Gilbert Lance
Mr. Harvey Ross
Mr. Hugh Ross
Mr. J C Lance Mr. Albert Morin
Mr. J Ross Beck November
Mr. J. Ross Robertson
Mr. James Ross
Mr. John Ross
Mr. Kenneth Ross
Mr. Lawrence Ross
Mr. Leo
Mr. Leo Amyotte
Mr. Leo Elliott
Mr. Leo Morris
Mr. Leo P. Ryan
Mr. Leo | Stephens—la
Mr. Lloyd Lance
Mr. Lloyd Ross
Mr. Louis Lance’s
Mr. Mack Mayhew
Mr. Malcolm Ross
Mr. Norman Ross
Mr. Phil Ross
Mr. R. Ross
Mr. Roderick Ross
Mr. Ross
Mr. Ross Arm- Congregation’s
Mr. Ross Armstrong
Mr. Ross Belsher
Mr. Ross Clarence
Mr. Ross Dickson
Mr. Ross Dodriilgc
Mr. Ross Green-shihjs
Mr. Ross Petrie
Mr. Ross Pilgrim
Mr. Ross Rieger
Mr. Ross S. White
Mr. Ross Smith
Mr. Ross Stewart
Mr. Ross Stuart
Mr. Ross Swartz
Mr. Ross Vowles
Mr. Ross White
Mr. Wm Ross
Mra Leo McGee
Mra Leo O Brien
Mrs A B Ross
Mrs Bernard Lance
Mrs Duncan Ross
Mrs Earl Ross
Mrs Edgar Betty Mayhew
Mrs Findlay Ross
Mrs Foster Mayhew
Mrs H Ross
Mrs Harvey Ross
Mrs Harvey Ross 5
Mrs J Ross Beck
Mrs Jean Marie Lance
Mrs K Ross
Mrs Leonard Lance
Mrs Maurice Lance 42057BM14 Never
Mrs Ross Campbell
Mrs Ross Sager
Mrs Ross White
Mrs Ross Young
Mrs W Edgar Mayhew
Mrs, John Ross Many
Mrs, Leo White
Mrs- Leo Pigeon
Mrs- Ross Dodridge
Mrs- Simon Mayhew
Mrs. A. Ross
Mrs. Ada Ross
Mrs. Albert Lance
Mrs. Alexander Ross Dies
Mrs. Andrew Lance
Mrs. Andrew Lance Marie as
Mrs. Andrew Lance Quyon Baseball Club
Mrs. Andrew Lance Rcv* MrSe
Mrs. Anne Kenneth Ross
Mrs. Audrey Ross
Mrs. Barry Ross (Betty
Mrs. Bernard Lance
Mrs. Bernard Lance Fernard Lance
Mrs. Bernard Lance Mr.
Mrs. Bill 647-3980 Mayhew
Mrs. Bill Ross
Mrs. C Mayhew
Mrs. C Ross
Mrs. Catherine Ross Brown
Mrs. Charles Lance.
Mrs. Charles Mayhew
Mrs. Claude Edgar Mayhew
Mrs. D. Ross
Mrs. David Ross
Mrs. Duncan Ross
Mrs. E Lance
Mrs. E. Ross
Mrs. Edgar Lance
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew 453-7326 Otter
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Also
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Beverley Dubeau
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Dolores
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew For
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Gravelle
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Julia Proulx
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Mr.
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Natalie Hahn
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Otter Lake
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Raymond
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Thanks
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew They
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Travis
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Weekend
Mrs. Eldon Ross
Mrs. Elsie Ross
Mrs. Emile Mayhew
Mrs. Felix Lance
Mrs. Frances Mayhew
Mrs. Fred Lance rew’s United Church
Mrs. Gilbert Lance
Mrs. Gilbert Lance !
Mrs. Gilbert Lance Mrs Clarence Mahtral
Mrs. Gilbert Lance.
Mrs. Glenn Lance Murrell
Mrs. Gordon Bal-Leo Doherty
Mrs. Gordon Ross
Mrs. H Lance
Mrs. H Ross. Treasurer
Mrs. H. Ross
Mrs. Harriet Ross
Mrs. Harvey Ross
Mrs. Harvey Ross 2ba27
Mrs. Harvey Ross See Mrs. Raymond Trudeau Assist Mrs Roland Graham MONUMENTS
Mrs. Harvey Ross Wyman
Mrs. Hattie Ross
Mrs. Hay Ross
Mrs. Henderson Mayhew’s Crick
Mrs. Henry Ross Swartz
Mrs. Her-visited
Mrs. Herman Mayhew
Mrs. Hilda Mayhew
Mrs. Hilda Richard GraveIle Mayhew
Mrs. Hilda Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Mrs. Hugh Ross
Mrs. Hugh Ross Mi**
Mrs. Irwin Ross
Mrs. Irwin Ross 0f Mr.
Mrs. IrXvin Ross
Mrs. Iva Armstrong Mrs. Ann Taylor Mr. Ross M. Taylor Mr. Carson Hodglns
Mrs. J | Ross Dadridge
Mrs. James Lance Otter Lake
Mrs. John Ross Allan Allan-Smart
Mrs. John Ross Nielsen
Mrs. Joyce Brennan Mrs. Claudie Duchaine Mrs. Charlene Graham Mrs. Diane Lance Mrs. Isabelle Martin
Mrs. Jus Ross
Mrs. K Ross
Mrs. K. Ross
Mrs. Ken Ross
Mrs. Lance
Mrs. Leo
Mrs. Leo C. Bertrand
Mrs. Leo Chabot
Mrs. Leo Coghlan
Mrs. Leo Collins
Mrs. Leo CWL.
Mrs. Leo Daley
Mrs. Leo Davis
Mrs. Leo Doherty
Mrs. Leo Donnelly
Mrs. Leo Donnelly Vickie
Mrs. Leo Donnely
Mrs. Leo Dupuis
Mrs. Leo Elliott
Mrs. Leo Elliott Litchfield Snowplowing Committee
Mrs. Leo For
Mrs. Leo Foran
Mrs. Leo Hunt- Chain
Mrs. Leo I
Mrs. Leo Keen
Mrs. Leo Keon
Mrs. Leo Kluke
Mrs. Leo Lance
Mrs. Leo Malette
Mrs. Leo Malette- Linden Quaile
Mrs. Leo Marchand
Mrs. Leo McGee
Mrs. Leo McKee
Mrs. Leo O’Brien
Mrs. Leo P. Chevalier
Mrs. Leo R. Keon
Mrs. Leo Riebertz
Mrs. Leo Rinks
Mrs. Leo Russell Hindman
Mrs. Leo Schocdcr
Mrs. Leo Zrudlo
Mrs. Leslie Dean Visited
Mrs. Lloyd Lance
Mrs. Lloyd Ross
Mrs. M M. Ross
Mrs. M Ross
Mrs. M. Ross
Mrs. Mack Mayhew
Mrs. Mark Lance On July
Mrs. Mark Mayhew
Mrs. Maud Ross
Mrs. Maurice Lance
Mrs. Maurice Lance Waltham Hockey
Mrs. Max Mayhew
Mrs. Mayhew
Mrs. Milton Ross
Mrs. Morris Lance
Mrs. Napoleon Lance
Mrs. Ray Lance
Mrs. Raymond Mayhew
Mrs. Rose Lance
Mrs. Rose Spencer Lance
Mrs. Ross
Mrs. Ross Beck
Mrs. Ross Brown
Mrs. Ross Campbell
Mrs. Ross Dodridge
Mrs. Ross Dodridge Mr.
Mrs. Ross Dodrldge
Mrs. Ross Edgar
Mrs. Ross Edward Rood Married
Mrs. Ross Hambley
Mrs. Ross Know!
Mrs. Ross Lamothe
Mrs. Ross MacDonald
Mrs. Ross Makin
Mrs. Ross Mayhew
Mrs. Ross Mayhew Arthur Boisvert
Mrs. Ross Mayhew Empire Life Insurance Co.
Mrs. Ross McDermid
Mrs. Ross McDonald
Mrs. Ross Me Mrs Ralph Walker
Mrs. Ross Moulton
Mrs. Ross Mrs Gordon PopkcY-Lamothe
Mrs. Ross Palmer
Mrs. Ross POWER Petersburg
Mrs. Ross Sager
Mrs. Ross Smiley
Mrs. Ross Stewart
Mrs. Ross Swartz
Mrs. Ross Thomson
Mrs. Ross To
Mrs. Ross Towcll
Mrs. Ross Towell
Mrs. Ross Wetmore
Mrs. Ross White
Mrs. Ross White Oshawa Ont
Mrs. Ross Willows
Mrs. Simon Mayhew
Mrs. Simon Mayhew Elly Mackay
Mrs. Stewart Ross
Mrs. Stewart Ross MacKechnie
Mrs. Toussant Lance
Mrs. Valeda Ross
Mrs. Velede Ross
Mrs. W. A. Ross
Mrs. William Ross
Mrsv A1 Ross
Mr» Edgar Mayhew
Mr» Ross Swartz
Munro Ross
Murray Mrs. Hugh Ross
Murray Ranger Secretary Linda Lance
Murray Ross
Mv Aunt Betty Mayhew
My Aunt Betty Mayhew
My- Annie Lance
Myrtle Lance
M^ Ross Stewart
N Mrs Kenneth Ross
Nancy Lance
Nancy Lance SHAW Yll
Nancy Mayhew
Nancy Mayhew Cottage
Nancy Mayhew DEATH Heney
Nancy Mayhew Interna
Nancy Mayhew Sharon Gravel
Nancy Mayhew wife Karen.
Nancy Mayhew’s
Nancy Strawberry Jam - Jean Lemon Bread - Evelyn Mayhew
Napaléon Lance
Napoleon Fraser Lance
Napoleon Lance
Napoleon Lance.
Napoleon Second Theresa Lance Anna Bleau
Natalie Lance
Nelson Lance
Nelson Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Nelson Ross
Nelson Ross Couling
New Ross
Nicole Lance
Nicole Lance Ladles
Nlrs Edgar Mayhew
Nlrs Leo Ethier
No. 5—Hugh Ross
Noble Grand Ross
Noble Mayhew
Noella Lance
Norma Ross
Norman Ross
November 7th Ross Vowles
O o Ross Stewart
O W. Ross
O. Ross
O. W. Ross
Obituaries Ovüa Michel Lance YTM200 STEEL
Observes Mr. Ross
Office Mrs Ross Swartz
Olive Lance
Olive Mayhew
Olive Richard Garnet Mayhew
On Ross
Ont Edgar Lance
Ont Messrs. A. Ross
Ont Mrs Ross Mayhew
Ont Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard 613-822-1351
Ontario Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horne
Oreal Lance 3.50
Oretta Ross
Oscar Dumouchel Jacques Lance
Oscar Lance
Other Stories Ross
Overseas Louise Ross
Ovila Lance
Ovila Michel Lance
Owen Lance
Owen Ross
Owen Ross Barton
Owen Ross Barton Dick
Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Owen Ross _
Own Harvey Ross
P % Edgar Lance
P D. Ross
P Ross
P S Ross
P S. Ross
P" Jaques Lance
P%hyllis Mayhew
P.S. Ross
Palmer Mrs Rose Lance
Pamela Mayhew
Pamela Mrs Eva Mayhew
Parade-Medallion Ross
Pat Lance
Pat Lance Donald McLoughlin
Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
Pat Lance,
Pat Mayhew
Pat Mrs Carl Mayhew
Pat Ross
Pat s Photo Mayor Leo Bertrand
Pat Schoular Free-Lance
Patricia Lance I Chairman C. M. Corrigan
Patricia Leo
Patricia Ross
Patricia Ross awarded
Patricia Ross Dickson
Patricia Ross Ladies
Patricia Ross Stephen Llson Linda McSweeney Mae Wigcheren Judy Overton
Patricia Ross.
Patrick Doonan BURNT EVIDENCE Hector Ross SUNDAY
Patrick Lance
Patrick Leo.
Patty Mayhew
Paul André Orile Lance 8
Paul Kennedy Ross Bailey
Paul Komm and Ross McLaughlin
Paul Lance
Paul Lance Oct.
Paul Leo Campeau
Paul Mayhew
Paul McGee Bemie MacDonell Gayle Pine Ross Vow
Paul Rose Lance.
Paul Ryan Roger Mayhew
Pauline Lance
Pearl Yates Ross Lamothe
Pearle Lance
Peggy Merrifidd Patricia Ross.
Penny Lance •
Percy Lance
Pern- Ross
Perriard Chirm Ross McLaughlin To Be Scoutmaster Edgar Moses To Be Assistant Scoutmaster Orville R.
Perry Georgette Lance
Peter Ca- Lance
Peter Macintosh Duncan Ross
Peter Matthew Ross
Peter Ross
Peter Ross Cotton
Phil Ross
Philip Elli- Marjolaine Lance
Philip Lance
Philip Ross
Philip Thompson s Ross Stewart
Phone Ross
Photo Ross Dickson
Phyllis Mayhew
Pi C Ross Am E Hobms Perth Qj C
Pierre Lance
Pierre Lance 5:38
Pierre Leo-
Pigeon Ross
Po Wilson LEO
Premium List Ross Sales
Primalia Lance
Primalio Lance
Principal Bernard Lance
Pro-Mayor Ross
Pro-mayor Ross Vowles
Prof. Carl G. Ross-by
ProMayor Ross Vowles
Prosper Lance
Pte Leo
Pu Wilson LEO
Publisher Ross Dickson
Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Publisher Ross Dickson Member
Publishers Ross Dick Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller
Publishers Ross Dickson
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Bren
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Displa
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cla
Publishers Ross Dickson Letters
Qallapilluit (Ross Leslie
Quebec Dear Ross
Quebec Ross
R E. Ross
R. Ross
R.D Lance
Rachel Lance
Radford Kenneth Ross
Ramona Dunahee Mayhew
Ramona Mayhew
Randy Hilda Mayhew
Randy Lance
Randy Lance Love
Randy Lance.
Randy Mayhew
Ray Mayhew
Ray Moss Charles Lance
Raymond Lance
Raymond Lance Cemetery
Raymond Lance.
Raymond Leo
Raymond Leo Burgess
Raymond Mayhew
Raymond Mayhew Dunahee
Reason- Ross Vowles
Rebecca Ross
Regina Lance
Rejean Lance
Rene Lance
Renee Lance
Renfrew C Ross AmpfKX
Reta Lance
Reuben Allen Ross
Reuben Mayhew
Rev C Ross Brown
Rev Dr. Ross
Rev Leo Pelletier
Rev Ross Finlan
Rev Ross Fintan
Rev Ross Knotts
Rev. C- Ross Diebler
Rev. C. Ross Bros,
Rev. Cecil Ross
Rev. Dr. Ross
Rev. Leo J. Ebinger
Rev. Mr. Ross
Rev. Ross
Rev. Ross Brown
Rev. Ross Brown MA
Rev. Ross Davidson
Reverend Leo H. Parish Hobbs
Reverend Ross Moulton
Rhonda Lance
Rhonda Ross
Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Richard Lance
Richard Mayhew
Richard Thomas Ross
Richard WHI* Ross Dickson
Richard Worden Mayhew
Richardson Taylor Ross
Rick Hobbs 613-257-7583 Ross Bailey Henry Hobbs 613-257-7028
Rick Mayhew
Ricky Ross
Rita Barber, Multicultu- Ross
Rita Lance
Rita Lance Mr
Rivet Michelle Goulet Kim Lance
Rln Ross
Ro Lance
Robbie Lance
Robert and Becky Lance
Robert Charles Mayhew
Robert E. Leo
Robert Erwins Léo Gibbons
Robert J. Lance Lance - Ryan
Robert Joseph Lance
Robert Lance
Robert Lance and Mark
Robert Mayhew
Robert Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Robert Redford NOW Lee Yen Cleef Katherine Ross
Robert Ross
Robert Shirley 1855-59 Alexander G. Ross
Robert Yeo-Roy Mayhew
Robert Younge Ross
Robinson Ross Great
Robt Ross
Rod Mayhew
Rodloy-WoJttrs Ross Calumet Island
Roger Andrew’s Knox United Ross
Roger L Mayhew
Roger Lance
Roger Lance Registrar
Roger Mayhew
Roger Mayhew Kevin Russell
Roger Mayhew Services
Roger Mayhew View Farms Inc. Bristol
Roger Roger Mayhew
Roily Lance
Roland Du-Lance
Roland Lance
Roland Lance 648-5563
Roland Mayhew
Romana Mayhew
Romane Mayhew
Ron Lance
Ron Lance -
Ron Lance 2
Ron Lance 48
Ron Lance 819-647-1948 Recreational
Ron Lance SHM
Ron Mayhew
Ron Ross
Ron- Lance
Ronald Den-zil Mayhew
Ronald Lance
Ronald Mayhew
Ronald Ross
Ronda Lance
Ronda Ross
Ronn.e Ross
Ronne Mayhew
Ronnie Lance
Ronnie Lenny Lance
Ronnie Mayhew
Ronnie Ross
Ronnie Ross Gary Wilson
Rosa Sinclair Ross
Rosabelle Lance
Rose Agnes Klaiber Lance
Rose Jo- Morin Lance
Rose Lance
Rose Spencer Lance
Roseau Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Rosetta Be-Ross Campbell
Ross Mail
Ross "
Ross - Rainville
Ross - Range
Ross A
Ross A Co.
Ross Admin-
Ross Al
Ross AlaeCallum—eliminated
Ross Allan
Ross Allen
Ross and Graham
Ross Andrew
Ross Angus
Ross Ardell
Ross Are
Ross Armstrong
Ross Arnold Courtesy F
Ross Association
Ross Avenue
Ross Avenue Ottawa
Ross B Retand
Ross Bailey AUCTION
Ross Bailey (905
Ross Bailey -
Ross Bailey Sale Day
Ross Baird
Ross Baird Correspondent Visiting Margaret Mal-
Ross Bairds
Ross Baird’s
Ross Bateman Langton
Ross Beard
Ross Beattie
Ross Beck
Ross Beechgrove
Ross Beird
Ross Bel
Ross Best
Ross Bideroad
Ross Blyth
Ross Boal- Almonte
Ross Boars Dickson
Ross Bradley
Ross Bretzlaff
Ross Brewitt
Ross Brooks
Ross Bros,
Ross Bros.
Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Bargains
Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Bargains
Ross Brown
Ross Brown MA.
Ross Brownlee
Ross BttOBMvary
Ross Burgess
Ross Burgess RR
Ross Burgess RR 2
Ross Buried
Ross C/ifi
Ross Cabinet
Ross Cahill
Ross Cal-
Ross Camp
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell Charles Dale
Ross Campbell’s
Ross Carnegie
Ross Carrol
Ross Carroll
Ross Carson
Ross Castle
Ross Cemetery
Ross Chapeau
Ross Charles
Ross Church
Ross Cirran
Ross Co.
Ross Co. Limited
Ross Code
Ross Cole
Ross Cole Equity Sports
Ross Com Contact Joyce McCleary Ladysmith
Ross Cornish
Ross Côté
Ross Coté Eight
Ross Coté Junior
Ross Côté Renfrew
Ross Craig
Ross Creighton
Ross Crinbpell
Ross CuP
Ross Curran
Ross Davidson
Ross Davies
Ross de
Ross Debell
Ross Deep
Ross Delbert Palmer
Ross Dependencies
Ross Derek Senack
Ross Despa
Ross Dick
Ross Dick -Hobbs
Ross Dick Heather Alberti Dickson
Ross Dick-
Ross Dick- Dougal
Ross Dick-Miss Flossie
Ross Dick-president
Ross Dickson
Ross Dickson P am
Ross Dickson Equity Publisher Beechgrove
Ross Dickson Hiü Editor
Ross Dickson Abortion
Ross Dickson About
Ross Dickson Advertising
Ross Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager.
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brant Homer Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brant Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer Tetephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Anne
Ross Dickson Anyone
Ross Dickson At
Ross Dickson At Remembrance Da Bretzloff
Ross Dickson Barry Moore
Ross Dickson Better
Ross Dickson Book
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam B 0
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam JHT
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Congratulations Terry
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Dear Editor
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manager
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Flood
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam GATT
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Grist
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam March
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam On
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Please
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Afterthoughts
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manage
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Equipment
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Jeffrey Barber Student Council Pr
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Name
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Ross Dickson High-pressure
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam US
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Veterans Affairs
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Written
Ross Dickson Canadian Authors
Ross Dickson Canadians
Ross Dickson CFB
Ross Dickson Christine MacKechnie
Ross Dickson County
Ross Dickson Crop
Ross Dickson Cuts
Ross Dickson Dave’s Painting
Ross Dickson Deadline
Ross Dickson Dear Editor
Ross Dickson Editor
Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Ross Dickson Edttors
Ross Dickson Environment Statfacts His
Ross Dickson Federal
Ross Dickson Financial
Ross Dickson Fire Chief Bernard Ham
Ross Dickson Four
Ross Dickson Frank Hobbs Brian Smith
Ross Dickson FRIDAY
Ross Dickson Gananoque
Ross Dickson Gardener
Ross Dickson Go Sens
Ross Dickson Graduates Dee Dee Lepine
Ross Dickson Graphs
Ross Dickson Grist
Ross Dickson Harry Wilson
Ross Dickson Heafrw Dickson Ed
Ross Dickson Healher Dickson Editor Richard WiHs Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Hearts
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Ad Manager Kath
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Freelance
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Die News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Intern Dale Brown A
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dieksor News Editor
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti-Dickson Ann Taylor Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Scott Campbell Janey Duf
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson E
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Edit
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editcx Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Or
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Orculation
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard VVTUs Display Ad Manager Katherme Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wilis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Hun
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager K
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Monager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wilts Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wins Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wis Duptoy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circutot
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcut
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/OrcUo
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wls Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cio» Ad/Circulat
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wtiis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Ckcul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuia
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Qrcukjt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Dtipiov Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu(
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/CtrcukJt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcutatt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Edrtor Richard Witts Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cifcui
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Edtof Richard Wls Display Ad Manager Kotheme Hynes Class Ad/Circulatio
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson News Editor Sytvia Banker Reporter Paul McGee Display Ad Manager Kathe
Ross Dickson Heather Ockson Edttor Richard Wilts Osptay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heathet Dickson Ed
Ross Dickson Heatrw Dickson Ecttof Richard Wilis Display Ad Manage* Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cvculo
Ross Dickson Heotrw Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcot
Ross Dickson Historical
Ross Dickson History
Ross Dickson Hydro Quebec
Ross Dickson Infractions
Ross Dickson J* Don’t
Ross Dickson Kinsmen Deputy
Ross Dickson L entrée de Russel Stewart
Ross Dickson Leading Ladies
Ross Dickson Letters
Ross Dickson Liz ADVERTISING
Ross Dickson Liz Editor
Ross Dickson Loyola Ryan
Ross Dickson Luella Curley
Ross Dickson Manager Neil Sharpe Printing Dept
Ross Dickson McDowell Talent
Ross Dickson Meanwhile
Ross Dickson Member
Ross Dickson Minister
Ross Dickson Most
Ross Dickson Mows Editor
Ross Dickson Mrs Elson Smiley
Ross Dickson Mrs Violet Lepine
Ross Dickson Mulroney
Ross Dickson Municipality
Ross Dickson NDP Labelle
Ross Dickson News Editor
Ross Dickson News Editor Leah Miller
Ross Dickson Norway Bay
Ross Dickson Nows Editor
Ross Dickson Nsws Editor
Ross Dickson OST Program
Ross Dickson Outaouais Alliance
Ross Dickson Pauline Madragar
Ross Dickson PCLA
Ross Dickson Photo-stories
Ross Dickson Photostories
Ross Dickson Political
Ross Dickson Pontiac
Ross Dickson Pontiac Co-op Medical Services
Ross Dickson Publisher Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Publisher Heather Dickson Publisher Agence
Ross Dickson Publisher Richard Wills Editor Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Returning Officer Nora
Ross Dickson Richard Armitage
Ross Dickson Richard Wills Heather
Ross Dickson Richard Wills Publisher Editor Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Road
Ross Dickson Robert L Younge Shawville
Ross Dickson Robert Middle
Ross Dickson Role
Ross Dickson Santa
Ross Dickson Secretary
Ross Dickson Sheen
Ross Dickson Sincerely Mrs Echo Campbell
Ross Dickson Sodium
Ross Dickson Stuart Marples
Ross Dickson Summer
Ross Dickson The Billy Talion
Ross Dickson This
Ross Dickson Thrashin
Ross Dickson Tl
Ross Dickson Upon
Ross Dickson Vice
Ross Dickson Winners
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display Ad Sale*
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display Ad Sates
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross DicksonJ
Ross DicksonMember
Ross Dickson______
Ross Dodc-Derck Foster
Ross Dodd-erige
Ross Dode-
Ross Dodendge
Ross Doderidge
Ross Doderidge W.S. Griffiths
Ross Dodridge
Ross Dodridge Welland
Ross Dodrige
Ross Dodrldge
Ross Edgar
Ross Edwards
Ross Edwards Hillhurst
Ross Eganville
Ross Eligh
Ross Elliot
Ross English-language
Ross Ernest
Ross Evans Wilson
Ross Families
Ross Family
Ross Farmers
Ross Faught
Ross Fav
Ross Faye
Ross Fedorki
Ross Fells
Ross Ferguson
Ross FflMT
Ross Fiiw Donald Horn Others Albert Armstrong
Ross Fin-nigan
Ross Find
Ross Finlan
Ross Finnegan
Ross Finnigan
Ross Fitzpatrick
Ross Foley
Ross Ford
Ross Ford Consultants Ltd.
Ross Fraser
Ross Freeman
Ross Funeral Chapel
Ross Funeral Merlin McKee
Ross Funeral Service
Ross Gamellry
Ross Gendon
Ross Get
Ross Godin
Ross Goldwin Towell
Ross Government
Ross Govt
Ross Graham
Ross Gravelle
Ross Green-
Ross Greenhouses
Ross Greenshields
Ross Greenshitlds
Ross Greenshlelds
Ross Griffin
Ross Gunn
Ross H McMastvi
Ross Ha
Ross Hambley
Ross Hambley Norval McNeill
Ross Hamil- J Lang
Ross Hamilton
Ross Hamilton’s
Ross Hammly
Ross Hammond
Ross Hartwick
Ross Hay
Ross Headrick
Ross Hem
Ross Historical Society
Ross Hme
Ross Hobin
Ross Hodgins
Ross Home Ec Mrs. E Met
Ross Hope
Ross Hopkins
Ross Hospital Auxiliary
Ross Howson
Ross Huffman
Ross Huggard
Ross I
Ross Int
Ross Inver
Ross Is
Ross Island
Ross James
Ross Jibb
Ross Jibbs
Ross John
Ross Johnson
Ross Jones
Ross Katherine - Peacefully
Ross Kdgar
Ross Ken Richardson Sons
Ross Kennedy
Ross Kingston
Ross Ladd
Ross Ladies
Ross Lam
Ross Lamothe
Ross Lamothe Marcel Pigeault
Ross Lamothe Sterling Hobbs
Ross Lamothe Vice President
Ross Lamôthf
Ross Lemothe
Ross Lett
Ross Levt-Whsiow
Ross Limitée
Ross Limothe
Ross Lloyd
Ross Local
Ross Lomotho
Ross Lots
Ross Ltd
Ross Ma
Ross Mabey
Ross Mac
Ross MacCallum Stark
Ross MacDonald
Ross Mackenzie
Ross MacNider
Ross Makin
Ross Master
Ross Mavhcw
Ross May
Ross May-
Ross Mayhaw
Ross Mayhcwf
Ross Mayhew
Ross Mayhew - June
Ross Mayhew Thoms
Ross Mayhew-
Ross McCagg
Ross McCall
Ross McCalluin 377
Ross McCallum
Ross McCoy
Ross McCracken
Ross McCrae
Ross McDeannid
Ross McDoJ-|an<j
Ross McDowell
Ross McGillivary
Ross McKenny
Ross McKenzie
Ross McKitrick
Ross McLachlan
Ross McLaren
Ross McLaughlin
Ross McRae
Ross Me-
Ross Memo
Ross Merrifield
Ross Meyhew
Ross Millard
Ross Milne
Ross Mine View Road
Ross Mineview Public Schools
Ross Mineview Square Dancers
Ross Miss Laurie Toombs
Ross Mo
Ross Mona MacKechme
Ross Monahan
Ross Moore
Ross Morgan
Ross Motion
Ross Motion Crs Dagg
Ross Moulton
Ross Moved
Ross Mri.
Ross Mrs Vincent
Ross Mundo
Ross Munro
Ross Munro Ross Munro
Ross Mur- Pontiac
Ross Mur-Valium
Ross Murray
Ross National
Ross Nugent
Ross Oickson
Ross Onslow
Ross Ont
Ross Original Poem Contest Lawrence Warwick
Ross Osborne
Ross Oswald
Ross Ottawa
Ross P fal
Ross Palmer
Ross Pattison
Ross Peev-
Ross Pelow
Ross Penny
Ross Perot
Ross Perth’s Bryon Vaughan
Ross Phillips
Ross Phillips Ralph Rennick Rutledge Smith Stanley Stewart Wilson There
Ross Photos
Ross Piesby*
Ross Pirie
Ross Podridge
Ross Point
Ross Point Ferries
Ross Point Ferry
Ross Point Ferry Running
Ross Point Motion
Ross Point Road
Ross Point Treas
Ross Porter
Ross Pres
Ross Presbyterian
Ross Presbyterian Church
Ross Qckson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales K
Ross Qreenshlelds
Ross Ramona
Ross Ranches
Ross Rd.
Ross Rebagliati
Ross Reed
Ross Rehagliati
Ross Reid
Ross Rev Ralph Dwarika
Ross Rev. J. D. Ellis
Ross Rifle
Ross Rifle Investigated
Ross River Project Inc.
Ross Road
Ross Robert
Ross Robinson
Ross Rodger
Ross Roy Gravel
Ross Rudd
Ross Sager
Ross Sat
Ross Saw Mill
Ross Sayer
Ross Schoenermarck
Ross Schwartz
Ross Scia
Ross Scoff Automobiles
Ross Scott
Ross Scott Auto
Ross Scott Auto*
Ross Scott Automobile
Ross Scott Automobiles
Ross Scott Automobile^Hwy
Ross Scott Autonow
Ross Sea
Ross Self Sealers
Ross Self Sealers Direct
Ross Self Sealers VI
Ross Selina Amelia Augusta
Ross Sept
Ross Serviced
Ross Shall
Ross Sharpe
Ross Shawville
Ross Shire
Ross Sinclair Rosa
Ross Smiley
Ross Smith
Ross Snowdon
Ross Snowmobile Derby Taylor
Ross Sonmor
Ross Sonmorc
Ross Sparling
Ross Sparling Grade
Ross Springer
Ross Srewart
Ross St
Ross St Andrews
Ross St.
Ross St. Andrews
Ross Ste
Ross Ste-
Ross Ste- Oarke
Ross Ste- Richard Meisner
Ross Stew
Ross Steward
Ross Stewart
Ross Stewart 1
Ross Stewart 3:00
Ross Stewart Calumet
Ross Stewart Calumet Island
Ross Stewart Chutes
Ross Stewart Ft Coulonge County Council Mrs. H R. Rabh
Ross Stewart Is
Ross Stewart’s
Ross Stewert
Ross Stweart
Ross Subterfùge Politely Declined
Ross Swai
Ross Swanz
Ross Swart*
Ross Swarts
ROSs Swartz
Ross Swartz Honoured
Ross Swartz Huge Areas Unsurveyed No
Ross Swartz........... Leslie Dale
Ross Swim
Ross Systems
Ross T
Ross Taillon
Ross Taillou Ministry
Ross Tallinn
Ross Tanguay
Ross Tay-
Ross Taylor
Ross Taylor Vînimin Ridge Hunt Club Dove Moore
Ross Tayor
Ross That
Ross That Thus
Ross Thatcher
Ross The
Ross Thompson
Ross Thomson
Ross Thursday
Ross Timlin
Ross To
Ross To Make Pictures Miller Goes Musical Staying
Ross Tow
Ross Towcll
Ross Towcll SVj
Ross Towel
Ross Towell
Ross Town-Cobden
Ross Township
Ross Township Historical
Ross Township III
Ross Township Property
Ross Town________________________
Ross Toxvell
Ross Trophy
Ross Twp
Ross Twp.
Ross U-and
Ross Uimothe
Ross Virtue Woods
Ross Visitors
Ross Votées
Ross Vow
Ross Vow,cs
Ross Vow-
Ross Vowels
Ross Vowies
Ross Vowlcs
Ross Vowles
Ross Vowles - Thorne
Ross Vowles As
Ross Vowles Conseiller
Ross Vowles Dear Editor Shawville
Ross Vowles Elaine Richardson Judy Young
Ross Vowles Maire
Ross Vowles Maire/Mayor
Ross Vowles Mayor
Ross Vowles Thome
Ross Vowles*
Ross Vowles’s Woodmizer
Ross Vowtes
Ross Wakefield
Ross Wh
Ross White
Ross Why
Ross Wightman
Ross WiIson
Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson 499
Ross Wilson Carty
Ross Wilson His
Ross Wilson Pembroke
Ross Wood Tenders
Ross Woodward
Ross XtMS CIO.
Ross Y.P.U.
Ross Young
Ross" VowTes
Ross- Dow
Routliffei Maurice Lance
Roy and Ross Vowles
Roy Mayhew
Roy Mrs. Edgar Mayhew
Ruby Lance
Ruby Smith Irma Miller Doris Mayhew Winnie Rutherford Florence Me Adam 11
Rudolph and Betty Mayhew
Rudolph Mayhew
Rudolph Mayhew _ ÏÏÏ
Rudy Mayhew
Rudy Mayhew IDutmoumis Québec
Rudy Mayhew Margaret Hearty
Rudy Schroeder and Ross Roy
Rue Lance
Rusendale Mayhew
Russell Lance
Ruth Hahn Mrs Edgar Mayhew
Ruth Jewell " Muriel Watkins Mrs M M. Ross
Ruth Lance
R°nald Lance
S. Mayhew
Sadie Lance
Sage Paxton Laura Jean Cayden Daniel Collins/Crawford - Sage Mayhew - Laura Jean was
Sale Day-613-257-7583 Ross Bailey
Sally Lance
Sally Mayhew
Sally Mayhew Rick Brownlee
Sam Lance
Sam Ross
Samuel Lance
Sandra Lance
Sandy Lance
Sarah Bouchard Lance/Bouchard
Sarah Edgar Mayhew
Sarah Ross
Scott Lance
Sean Lance
Sean Lance Terry Lance
Sean Ross
Sec.-Treas Ross
Secrétaire-trésorier Mayhew
Shane Lance
Shane Lance Island
Shannon Ross
Sharon Marjolaine Lance
Sharon Mayhew
Sharon Ross
Sharpe A Debbie Lance Thrun
Sharpe A Debbie Lance Thrun Well
Sharpe Debbie Lance Thrun
Shawville 647-35 Ross Twp
Shawville Caldwell Debbie Lance Thrun
Shawville Jessie Ross Red
Shawville Ross
Shawville Ross Campbell
Shelley Mayhew
Shelley Mayhew-Provost
Shelley Ross
Shelly Ross
Sherwin Greer Waverly Greer Bonnie Nolan Steve Wallace Ross Stewart
Shirley Lance
Shirley Lance 648-2607
Shirley Lance 648-2607 Quiconque
Shirley Lance.
Shirley Lance:
Shirley Mayhew
Shirley Ross
Sic S Ross-172.00
Silas Mayhew
Simon Matthew Mayhew
Simon Mayhew
Simon Mayhew Mayhew
Simone Lady Nelson Hospital Lance
Simone Lance
Sinclair Ross
Sister Mary Magdalene Ross
Slew-art Ross
Sloan Kelly Lance Chapeau
Small E. Ross Iverson Harris
Smith Mr. Ross Swartz
Sofie Lance
Son Ross
Sons Funeral Lance
Sophie Lance
Soucie I Ross Dickson
Southwestern Que- Ross
Spencer Tracy BROKEN LANCE Technicolor Cinemascope
Sponsor Gérald Lance
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard MONUMENTS
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard 613-822-1351
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard NEW!
Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard RM
Spratt Leo Menard
Srewart Ross
St Mary Ross
St Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Stacey Mayhew His
Stan Poaps Emile Mayhew Herman Smiley
Stanhow L Mayhew
Stanley Mrs Ross Stewart
Star Tests Ross Dickson
Station Ross
Stella Lance
Stella Lance Ottawa
Stephan Lance
Stéphane Lance
Stephanie Mayhew
Stephen and Bruce Mayhew
Stephen Léo
Stephen Mayhew
Stephen Mayhew Wright
Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross - Ski-doo
Sterling Mayhew
Sterling « Ross Stewart
Steve MacKayJ Victor Lance
Steve Mayhew
Steve Ross
Steve Spratt Léo Ménard Ken McNeely Charles Ménard
Steven Alexander Ross
Steven Lance.
Steven Mayhew
Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard
Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard ALSO
Steven Spratt Charles J Menard Leo Menard Holiday Season
Steven Spratt Leo Menard
Steven Spratt Leo Menard 1-613-822-1351
Stewart Charles Mayhew
Stewart Ross
Stewart Stanley Ross
Stokes Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Stuart Ross
Succession Duipfwes Ross NOM/NAME
Sue Ross
Sum Lance
Susan Lance
Susan Mayhew
Susan Mrs. Hector Lance
Susan Paula visited
Susan Ross
Susie Lance-Orr
Suzanne Lance
Suzanne Lance.
Suzic Lance
Suzie Pasch Ross
Suzie Schimdt Ross Stewart
Sylvia David Ross
Sylvia Lance
Sylvia Lance.
Sylvia Mayhew
Sylvie Lance
Sylvie Mayhew
Sywtie Touche Ross
T 4BF29 Ross Ltee
T. Ross
Take Dr. Ross
Tammy Frances Mayhew
Tammy Mayhew
Tara Mayhew
Tc*n* W K Ross
Ted Lance
Ted Lance -
Ted Lance - Q.F.M.P.
Ted Lance 647-2165.
Ted Lance Phone 647-2440
Ted Lance Shawville Facts
Teddy Lance
Tel 647-5666 Ross Stewart
Ten A Ross
Tena Ross
Terry Lance
That H. Ross
Thea Schroder Leona Lance
Theresa Hahn Mayhew
Theresa Lance
Thérèse Lance
This Ross
Thom-Leo Rochon
Thomas Barrington Michael Lance
Thomas Benoit Mrs Edgar Lance
Thomas Fahey 647-5413 Jacques Lance 458-2162 Bob Scott 647-5366 Basil Orr
Thomas Lance
Thomas M. Ross
Thomas Mrs Goldaline Lance
Thomas Ross
Thomas Times- Ottawa Mrs. D. Leo Dolan
Thomas.......... Ross
Thome Mayor Ross Vow
Thome Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne Mayor Ross
Thorne Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne Pro-Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne’s Ross Vowles
Throughout Ross
Tim Lance
Tina Lance
Tina Lance - Bryson
Tina Lance.
Tina Lance:
Tina Mayhew
To- Davidson Ross
Todd Lance
Todd Lance Lake
Todd Leo Rochon
Tom Leo Price
Tom Ross
Tom) Ross
Tom- Leo
Tony Lance
Touche Ross International
Touche Ross Liée
Touche Ross Limited
Touche Ross Limited DENNIS LUCAS D
Touche Ross Ltée
Tourangeau Rose Marie Lance
Toussaint Lance
Tracey Shea Lance
Tracy Lance
Trevor Mayhew
Tyler Lance
Tyler Mackenzie Mayhew -
U. H. Ross
Use Lance
V Publishers Ross Dickson As Canadians
V Z « V A r* Lance
V. Mayhew
Vaillancourt VI- Ross Son
Val Napoleon Lance
Valada Ross
Valerie Anne Lance
Valerie Lance
Van Leo Kel
Vau-Vai Lance 144.90
Vea* Ross
Velma Ross
Verna Mayhew
Veteran Ross Beck
Vice Ross
Vice-President Warren Ross
Vicky Lance
Victor A Ellen Lance
Victor Lance
Victor Lance 32543*in28
Victor Lance.
Victor LaSalle Charlie Lance John Stafford
Victor Ross
Victoria Ross
Vince Mayhew
Vincent B. Leo Doherty
Vincent Mayhew
Vincent Mayhew Mayhew-Graham
Viola Marie Lance
Virginia Lance-Cartier
Vriiviov Ross
W 8. Mayhew
W A Ross 3. Quilt
W D Ross
W E Mayhew
W E. Mayhew
W illiam Ross Jibb
W Mayhew
W N Mayhew
W Ross
W rug. Arthur Mayhew
W. A. Ross
W. B. Ross
W. Forbes Ross
W. R. Ross
W. Ross
W. T. Ross
W.H. Ross
Wallace Bros. Shows Leo Kluke
Wallace Ross
Walter Adams Mayhew
Walter Mrs. Leo Koran
Walter Ross
Wanda Lance
Wanda Lance and
Wanda Lance and Stephanie Rin-grose
Wanda Lance.
Wanted Leo
Ward Lance
Ward Lance 458-2173 Pirie
Wayne Arthur Mayhew
Wayne Lance
Wayne Lance Wayne Lance
Wayne Mayhew
Webb Ross
Wellington Mayhew
Wendy & Ross Baird
Wendy (Ross
Wendy (Ross) Taylor
Wendy and Ross Taylor
Wendy Leo
Wendy Mary to Ross William Taylor
Wendy visited^HHHHpM Mrs. J. Stuart
Wes T. Ross
Wesley Palmer Visited
What’s Ross
Willard Lance
Willard Lance 3
Willard Lance Evelyn
Willard Lance Gabriel Hilco District Commissioner Jeanette Proulx
Willard Lance Happy
Willard Lance June
Willard Mayhew
Willard Mayhew My
Willard Mayhew Recent
William B. Ross
William G. Ross
William Leo Murray
William Mayhew
William Ross
William Ross Swartz
Willie Mayhew
Wilma Ross
Wilson Leo O’Donnell
Wm A Ross 1
Wrinn Recently Mrs Leo McGee
Xrt Ross
XV. A. Ross
Ye Dr. Ross
Yvan Lance
Yvette Lance
Yvonne Mayhew
ÆjM Publishers Ross Dickson Pffi Heather Dickson EBB Editor Richard Wills
647-3872 2bo29 l 2to22 Mayhew
Del Léo Ménard
Fort LEO
Fort Ross
Lance Creek
Lance l V
Lance River Street Hall
Leo Menard l Dinner Reservations
Léo Piché Park
Leo St
Létm Lance
Ma Del visited
Malcolm Ross
Mayhew Road
Mr. Malcolm Ross
Mrs Eva l Mayhew
Pa lance
Pearl Lance
Quebec Lance
Ron Lance Z V
Rose Lance
Ross Ave.
Ross Avenue Ottawa
Ross Griffin
Ross Lamothe
Ross Mo
Ross R. Hare
Ross River
Ross Road
Ross Township
Ross/Westmeath Township
Z Ross
...819-648-2141 J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager B
0f Ronnie Lance
2nd Star Tests Ross
647-2206 / Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Ho
819-647-2204 Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
ACCIDENT INSURANCE T LEO KRONICK General Merchant and Grain Dealer QUEBEC Shoepacks BRISTOL Just
Action Committee Louise Lance
AJ UtronAI Ap^lance
Alva Lance
Andy Lance
Anglican Church Shawville Ms Lance
Audio Wilson’s Garage LEO R. KEON Tl]e Same Reliable Service OxdeA^jetUt
B ST JOHNS DQ REGINA SASK Ladies’ Full-fashioned Hose Service Announcements LEO
Bank of To- Davidson Ross
Bay Repair Centre Lance Construction Bryson Lions Club McCann & Sons Hardware Dépanneur Central Ham
BBC Lance Sievking
Bell Ross Museum 6th Annual Sports Complex
Best Local Editorial; Leo Gervais
Big Q Publishers Ross
Bretzlaff Store Ross
Bristol and Dentil Mayhew
Bristol Golden Ross
Bristol LEO R. KEON Iking I/ t
Bristol Mayhew - Vincent
Bristol Mrs. Ken Ross
Bristol Paddy Mayhew
Bristol visited Lake Baptish Church
Bristol visited ShelHe Hodgins
Bristol W.I. Mayhew
Bristol; Ross
BROKEN LANCE Technicolor Cinemascope
Brownie Visited Oil Well.-«Mr.
Bryson Campbell’s Bay Quyon By Leo Coyne By Ruby Moodle Pontiac Columbus Club Rev.
Bryson Carnival-Keith Lance
BRYSON Father Leo Pelletier Masses ANGLICAN PARISH Ob Saturday
Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Leo Feleter
Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Leo Peieter
Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Leo Peleter
Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Leo Peloter
Bryson Léo Piché
Bryson Lions Don Lance
Bryson Mayor Léo
Bryson Mayor Léo Bryson
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché;
Bryson Mayor Léo Pichd
Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Bryson Mayor Léo Pkhé
Bryson Mayor Leo Plche
Bryson Miss Doris Mayhew
Bryson Ross
Bternard Lance Visitors
Burnett Farm Equipment Leo
Cal Cum-Leo
Canadian Tire Eades Boutique Frasers Clothes Shop E & A Carpet Gerald Lance Const
Cancer Bretzlaff Myrtle Eva Lance
Carson Edgar Mayhew
Chez Linda Mayhew
Chiefs Leo Ladou-ceur
Citizen’s Committee Jim & Mary Regan Ronald & Martha Ross Harvey
Civic HospitaL Mrs. Leo Coghlan
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays Mrs. Leo McGee
Clr Lucien Lance
COHEN Mr. John Ross
Communih Hospital REAL ESTATE Apply Leo Fortier
Community language Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager
Conseil- Par Conseiller Lucien Lance
Conseiller Lucien Lance
Contact Leo Mulligan
Corner Store Lance
Corporation du Canton de Clarendon Lance
Corrmuuion Service LEO
COTE DU J* SHOP OP Touche Ross
Councillor Leo Gib
CULA TE CONCEPTION BRYSON Father Leo Pelletier Masses Satur
DAILY CLOSED SATURDAYS Immaculate Conception Bryson Father Leo Pelletier
Dairy Products Lance Construction
DE MAIRE:-Jean Lagarde Ross Lamothe Marcel Pigeault
De Soto Sales and Service Roll Roofing Building Paper Lime and Cement Ford Service Leo McNally
Dear Editor Publishers Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
DEBTOR Mac Mayhew
Department of Leo
Department of Mayhew
Dillon and Hector Mayhew
Dist Tax Office Cri Edgar Lance
Division Lance Lockett Am
Electoral Division Louis Martin Mitchell Lavery Lance Raymond William Hendry Sophie Ringrose El lar
Euchre Party Lance
Evangelistic Service Mayhew
Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Letters
Fire Department Chief Léo Ladouceur
Fire Department Fire Chief Leo
First Lecturer Vincent Mayhew
Ford Léo Ménard
FROATJ & SONS Ur Leo Perron
Galetta Circle for Mi« Yvonne Mayhew
Gall Radford Ross Edmonton
Gall visited Uodgins
General Blacksmith Hale Blames Ross Ministry
General Hospital Ladvsmith Debbie Lance Thrun
Gold Weather LEO
Gold* Mining Co Ross
Golden Age Club Edgar Mayhew
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lance
Health - Nancy Mayhew; International Affairs
Health Nancy Mayhew; International Affairs Katheryn Nyveld; Public- Minutes
Hie Equity Publisher Ross
Hilda Mayhew Good
Hilton Mayhew
Hilton Mines and Leo Roy’s Store
Holland Bros vs. Ross
Home Economics Mrs Arthur Mayhew
Home Of AUCTION SALE for Mr. & Mrs. Leo Gauthier Highway
Honda Lance
Hospital Hoyt Gerald-Paul Lance Todd
HOTEL T.P Team Sauriol Kellys Sloans Devlins Morris Lance Men—
House Orderly Badge Ross Dickson
Housing Corporation Councillor Léo Fiché
Howard Agricultural Service Leo Fortin Macadorr Crafts Macadorr Farms McLaren Systems Pontiac Auto
Human Person Mrs Leo Foran P.O.
IEEE Visited
Institute Lance Corporal Clifford Teevens
Institute Mrs. Leo Pigeon
Isabella St David Pilgrim B2J26 LEO Your
ISSJ Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson News Editor Sytvia Banker Reporter Paul McGee
Ivy Mayhew
January 3,1994 Publishers Ross Dickson
Joanne Commission de Formation Professionnelle Mrs. Leo O Brien
Joint Mr Léo Gibbons
k4 Morris Sauriol Devlin Sloan Kelly Lance Chapeau fowling League
Ken- Teddy Lance
Kings Teddy Lance
l E Mrs. Leo Lemaire
l 2to22 Mayhew
l NR C ross-the Portage Road
LAC Arthur Mayhew
Ladies High Mayhew
Ladvsmith Debbie Lance Thrun Church SUNDAY
Lance Best
Lance Construction
Lance Construction Inc,
Lance Construction Isabelle Lance
Lance Construction Les Ambulanciers Les Cabines de
Lance Construction Ltd for
Lance Construction Ltd ¦
Lance Construction Small Business Merit
Lance Planning Council
Lance-Sergeant Led Party
LaSalle Charlie Lance John Stafford
Leo 0 Brien
Leo Club
Leo Committee
Léo Dow- Bell Canada
Leo Downey Cemetery
Léo Gibbons
Leo Godin
Leo Junior
LEO KRONICK Church of England Trespassing
LEO KRONICK General Merchant and Grain Dealer QUEBEC BRISTOL Specials Stock
Leo Kronick Store
Leo Laliberté
Leo Mc-the Sheriff
Leo O Reilly Church of Faith ShawvUte United Rev Jm Payton Church Office 647-2764 Mommg Worshto
LEO Pontiac Entrprlses Inc Intimées
LEO R KEON District Representative Renfrew Machinery Co.
Leo’s Livestock Exchange Limited
Leo’s Livestock Exchange Ltd (
Leo’s Livestock Exchange Ltd Greely
Leo’s Livestock Exchange Ltd.
Lion Leo 458-2077
Lion Leo Ladouceur
Local Rebekabs Visited
MacMillan Shirley Mayhew Susar.ee
Master Chuck and Geof-j Marilyn Mayhew
Master Ross Angus
Master Todd Lance
Mayhew & Co s
Mayhew & Co''s
Mayhew & M. Richard-1 High Jump
McDonald Renfrew C Ross
Menard Phillip Perry Leo Marleau Judy El-Hakim Christine Labelle Bill Dolan
Merle Lance School
Meter- Teddy Lance
Michelle Lance & Claude Pilon Auberge Baie Inn
Miljour-Mayhew Team Gisele Miljour
Miss Myrtle Lance; Mr.
MPP Renfrew County Leo Rapides des Joachims
Mr & N Leo OvBrien
Mr Léo Ralston
Mr Teddy Lance
Mrs Hilda Mayhew
Mrs. Lance’s
Mrs. Mac Mayhew
Mrs. Morris Lance
Mrs. Teddy Lance
Municipal Affairs Léo
Municipal Code Warden Léo Fiché
Municipal Housing Corporation: Councillors Lucien Lance
Mutual Group Mayhew
National Assembly Andrew Lance
National Library Mr. Ross Dickson
National Library W Lance
National Museum of Natural Science Dr. Ross
Neighborhood watch Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager
Neta Car- Nancy Mayhew
New Zealand Free Lance
NEWSON Vice-President—ROSS
OBITUARY Mrs. Herman Mayhew Dial Telephones
Our Lady of Leo Sayers
Perpetual Republic Mayhew
Perry Georgette Lance
PM Visited
Pontiac Business Mayhew
Pontiac Community Hos- Ross
Pontiac Community Hospital LEO.
Pontiac Community Leo Gauthier
Pontiac Gilbert Lance
Pontiac Leo
Pontiac Leo Fortin C.I.A.Q
Pontiac Lions Club Visited
Pontiac Municipal Councillor Leo Gibbons
Pontiac Municipal Councillors Leo Gibbons
Pontiac Protestant High Mayhew
Pontiac Reception Center Lance
Prayer & Bble Study United Bryaon Immaculate Conception Rev Leo Petelw
Prayer Meeting Help Wanted Millwright HOLL YI/VOOD FATHER LEO PELLETIER
Professional Typing Bryson News IMMACULATE CONCEPTION BRYSON Father Leo Pelletier Masses Saturday
Publisher Ross
Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills General Mgr Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Homer
Publisher Ross Dickson Member
Publishers Heather Alberti Dickaon Ross Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dtctoon Ross Dickson
Publishers Heather Mberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display
Queen Honda Lance
Quyon’s Women’s Institute Edgar Lance
Ralph Legarde & Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
Ramona Mayhew Hospital
Raymond Lance
RENFREW Grocery Department Ford Service LEO R. KEON Shell Sealed Cas & Oils Bristol United Church L
Réseau Sélect Newspaper Network Audit Bureau of Circulations Ross
Rév Léo Pelletier
RJ & Dwain Mayhew
Robert M & Mme Leo Fleury
Ross & Co s
Ross & Sons
Ross Brothers
ROSS Country
Ross Ltd
Ross Memorial Hospital
ROSS Morley Hodgins Ltd.
Ross Point
Ross Point Ferry
Ross Point Ferry Running
Ross Presbyterian Cemetery
Ross Presbyterian Church
Ross Taillou Ministry
Ross Township Elementary School No
Ross/Westmeath Township Line
ROWAT Mayhew—At North Bristol.
Royal Leo
Royal Bank of Canada John Burnett Limited Ronnie Strutt Cyrus Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy
Royal Canadian Air Forces Arthur Mayhew
Royal Irish Dr. George Ross
Royal Mayhew
Royal Mayor Ross
RRAP Charles Lance
Sacred Heart HospitaL Mrs Eva Mayhew
Sale Managers Auctioneer Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Ross
Satur Mac Mayhew
School Reports Ross
Second Lecturer Marion Mayhew; Inner Guard Roberta Parent; Outer Guard Bonnie Davidson; First Escor
Separatists bankrupt Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manage
Shawvilie Hospital Mrs. Maurice Lance
SHAWVILLE A COTE DU JR SHOP Touche Ross Limited Prayer
SHAWVILLE Dr. Kubler-Ross
Shawville High School Stu- Martel Lance
Shawville United Church Brenda Lance
Shawville United Church Leo
Shell Sealed Cas & Oils Leo McNally
SI By DEBBIE LANCE TH RUN Margaret Fieroben
Si Yl* V« Ross
St Alphonsus Lance
St Eli Jérôme Lance
St Hilda Mayhew
St Leo
St Marks Church Dana Ross
St Mary s Church Leo
St Pauls Ross
Store Lance
TANK FORCE Color Victor Mature Leo Genn Also
TD Bank Same Ross
Terry Ronnie Lance
THE EQUITY Publishers Ross
THE EQUITY Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Ho
Theatre Vinton Bulletin Mrs. Leo McGee RENFREW
Touche Ross
Touche Ross International
Touche Ross Limited $
Touche Ross Limited DENNIS
Touche Ross Limited DENNIS LUCAS D
Touche Ross Limitée
Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS
Trout Red Lance
Try Men’s Soles LEO KRONICK ELMSIDE General Merchant and Grain Dealer QUEBEC BRISTOL A New Supply
UllfcJ Ross-Taillon Ministry
University of Mayhew Yt
Veteran Art Mayhew
Vicky Lance Board of Directors
Victor & Ellen Lance
Victor Lance
VICTOR TANNER Shawville Mr. Ross Swartz
Vogue Toilet Tissues Sunny Leo
VV J F Leo Muldoon
Waltz Ballet EMILE MAYHEW &
Warden Léo Fiché
Webster Willard Lance
Workers Tops For Detailed Operations Mrs. Chas Mayhew Dies
WWII Veteran Leading Aircraftsman Arthur Mayhew KRISTINA MISENER Equity Editor SHAWVILLE