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Sidney Draper 325.17 Arthur Judd 226.72 Arnot Horner 416.85 Motion Crs Brownlee

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

.1 Horner 1
1.00 Leonard P. Horner
11-5 Saturday 11-3 Milk Producers Chris Judd
16-76 Sale Frederick Keith Horner
19.50 Mrs. Frederick H. Judd Dies Lugris
2. Motion
2. W J Horner .1
2......... J T. Draper
2.00 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2.30 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2.50 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2nd Allen Horner
2nd Darwin Elliott 3rd Billv Horner
3.- Curried Motion Crs
3rd Allen Keuhl Draper
647-3714 Mrs Norris Horner
647-5553 Mrs. Clifford Horner
7 Motion
7-3779 Horner
7. Motion
7. Motion Crs
7. Motion—Boss
7. Motion—McNeili
7. Motion—Row
7. Prince Arthur
7.30 Norris R. Horner Clothier
7.45 Norris B. Horner Clothier
8. Apply Hugh Horner
8. Motion
8. Motion Cr
85.70 Leonard Horner
87.00 Motion Grant Elliott
A A Draper
A E. Lawrence Motion Crs
A W Horner
A. Brownlee
A. H Horner
A. Horner
Abigail Brownlee
Academic Students Susan Horner Distinction
Actress - Susan Horner
Ada Brownlee
Ada Horner
Ada Judd
Adam Brownlee
Adam Horner
Adams Crs J J McCallum
Adams Crs J McCallum
Adduss Occupation Norris R Horner Clothier
Adeline Judd
Advance Russell Judd Report
Agent Norris R. Horner
Agri- Mrs Gerald Draper Citizenship- Mrs
Agriculture Mrs. Gerald Draper
Airs T H Draper
Al Clayton Dods For Marion Horner Stops
Al Motion—Vrs
Alan B Mary Brownlee
Alan Horner
Albert Armstrong Edgar Schwartz Sylvia Hodgins Chris Judd Ëason Russell Donald Stevens Boyd Barber
Albert Armstrong Horner
Albert Brownlee
Albert Cameron 2.25 Arthur Douglas 2.25 Jack Farrell
Albert Dahms Motion Os McCann
Albert Draper
Albert Draper’s
Albert Grant 3. R*HORNER First Primer
Albert H. W. Horner
Albert Horner
Albert Horner 2
Albert Horner 3. Amanda Brownlie
Albert Horner MP
Albert Horner........................... Joshua Farrell
Albert J Horner Dies
Albert J. Horner
Albert John Horner
Albert Judd
Albert Me K. McCagS Motion Waiter Kllgour
Albert Motion
Albert Tanner Horner
Albert W. Horner
Alex 7-2734 Horner
Alex 7-3837 Horner
Alex Arthur
Alex Draper
Alex Draper Benson Auto Parts Billy Hamilton Briggs Richardson Campbell’s Polaris
Alex Draper’s
Alex Drum- Motion Crs
Alex H Horner
Alex H Horner. McKee Paul s Anglican Church " Campbell
Alex H. Horner
Alex H. Horner Bereaved Phone
Alex Horner
Alex Horner Too
Alex Jimmy Horner
Alex Motion
Alex- Arthur Young
Alexan- Marion Horner
Alexander Alex Horner
Alexander Horner
Alexander Horner Rural Telephone
Alexander II Motion—Crs.
Alexander Motion
Alexander Motion Mrs. Caldwell
Alexander Mrs. J. Horner Mrs.
Alexander Munro Adam Brownlee
Alf Draper
Alf Draper............. Arnold Corrigan........ Motion
Alfred Brownlee
Alfred Brownlee I" Radford
Alfred Dahms Arthur Kadie
Alfred Draper
Alfred Draper Hanra
Alfred H Brownlee
Alfred Horner
Alfred Judd
Alfred Yacl McMillan C Black Gerald Draper H;xlg
Alice Brownlee
Alice Holliday Draper
Alice Horner
Alida Horner
Allan Arthur Buckley
Allan Bean Vern Brownlee
Allan Black Clayton Dods Dale Thomson Jack Kerr Anonymous Leonard Horner Shawville Meat Market Don
Allan D. Horner
Allan Horner
Allan Horner Friday
Allan Horner Mr.
Allan Judd
Allan Judd G. Paul G. T. Paul W. A. Hodgins Gat
Allan McKinnon Bât Motion Crs
Allan Motion
Allan Mr Arnot
Allan Smith Motion Crs
Allda Horner
Allen Horner
Allen Horner ......... Clifford Beattie
Allen Horner- Karl Hudgins
Allen Horner’s
Allen Judd
Allen Judd.
Allen Meredith Arthur Wiggins Frank Cornu Basil Stanton John McAra Wm Westbrook Fred Clark P H O Ha
Allen Smart Motion
Ally—W J Horner 1
Alma Brownlee
Alma Brownlee Armstrong
Alma Brownlee Lillian Dale
Alma Florence Horner
Alma Horner
Alma Horner Mrs.
Alma Motion Cr
Alma Zim- Horner
Alonzo Draper
Also Messrs Hugh Horner
Also Mrs. Gerald Horner
Alum Brownlee
Alum Horner
Alvin Draper
Alvin Judd
Alvin Nicholson Smith Motion
Am-ott Horner
Amanda Horner
Amanda K Draper
Amelia Smart Winnie Horner Clara Strutt Annie Hamilton Mias McMonag’e Harold G. Young
Amot Horner
Amy Barber Miss Hilda Harris Miss Mona Armstrong Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois
Amy Corrigan “ Mary Brownlee
Amy Corrigan....... Arthur Horner........... John E. Horner.........
Amy Todd Brownlee
And Maxtor Arthur
Anderson Arthur.
André Arthur
Andrea Gallagher Heather Louis Judd Memorial
Andrew Barry Draper
Andrew Ben Judd.
Andrew Ben- Motion Crs
Andrew Brownlee
Andrew Clifton Horner
Andrew Horner
Andrew Judd
Andrew Judd Norman McCuaig 1882-84 Wal*
Andrew Motion
Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Andrew- Judd
Andrews Incumbent Norris R. Horner Clothier
Andy Horner
Andy Horner 647-5212
Andy Horner 647-5212 Wanted
Andy Horner Hodgins
Andy Horner Men
Andy Horner Sincere
Andy Horners Motion Crs Richardson
Andy Judd
Andy Judd—the
Ange Brownlee
Angela Brownlee
Angus Horner
Anita Brownlee
Anita Draper
Anita Draper Bruce
Anita Draper Nancy
Anita Draper NOTICE
Anita Draper’s
Ann Brownlee
Ann Brownlee Sr
Ann Draper
Ann Horner
Ann Horner 2
Ann Horner Browns
Ann Horner Serge Gulllemette WEDNESDAY
Ann Judd
Ann Judd.
Ann Motion
Anna Ken- Motion
Anna Mr. Thomas Horner
Anne Brownlee
Anne Horner
Anne Judd
Annie Brownlee
Annie Draper
Annie Horner
Annie Jane Horner
Annie Twa Motion Robinson Horigins
Announcement Norris R. Horner Clothier
Anthony Horner
Ap Apply Boyd Brownlee
Apal Horner
Apnl Judd
Appjy Norris Horner
Appll- Wesley Draper
Apply Emerson Horner Norman James Douglas
Apply Mrs. Norris Horner
Apply Mrs. W J. Brownlee
Apply Norris Horner
Apply Norris Horner 647-3714 Shawville
Apply Norris Horner Phone
Apply Russell Judd 647-2139
Apply W J Brownlee Phone
Appointment Norman Brownlee Widely Known Businessman Dies Sudjenîy Clarendon
Apr# Judd
April Judd
April Marie Draper
Ar-not Horner
Araot Horner
Archie Horner
Are Judd
Argue Motion-''Crs
Arisen Horner
Arland Horner
Armi- Motion Crs Smiley
Armstrong Edna Horner
Armstrong Florence Me Janet Lyman Horner
Armstrong Horner
Armstrong Ij Hubert Brownlee
Armstrong Wilson Thrt Crs
Arnold Horner
Arnot Fahey
Arnot Homer
Arnot Homer Claude Richardson
Arnot Horn
Arnot Horner
Arnot Horner’s Leslie Park
Arnot Hynes
Arnot Rutledge Danny Drummond Bobby Graham That
Arnot Smith
Arnott Horner
Aroot Horner
Art Deer-Academy - Carmen Brownlee
Art Horner
Art Judd
Art Judd 195.75
Art Judd-
Art Professor Stan Horner
Arthur British
Arthur ADOLF
Arthur "
Arthur " Peas
Arthur (Betty
Arthur - Gary Cooper
Arthur - Rang
Arthur - Range II
Arthur 0f Allen Hrigden
Arthur 6.786.00
Arthur 7-2260
Arthur 7-3705 Turner
Arthur ?Hayes
Arthur A
Arthur A Balfour
Arthur A Edith Thomas
Arthur A Jack
Arthur A Villeneuve
Arthur A Wiggins.--------------------------------
Arthur A. Richards
Arthur A. Villeneuve
Arthur A.S. Reds Rich
Arthur AAockoy
Arthur Abercrombie
Arthur Ac Nancy Mayhew Clayton McCredle Dave A Gladys McCredle Hugh Ac Irene McCredle Jessie
Arthur Adams
Arthur Agercrombie
Arthur Ai
Arthur Aider
Arthur Alban Francoeur
Arthur Albert
Arthur Albert Steer
Arthur Alder
Arthur Alexander
Arthur Alexander Beattie Crs
Arthur Alexander Erwin Time
Arthur Alexander Sturgeon
Arthur Allan
Arthur Allan Cornell
Arthur Allen
Arthur Allen Killed
Arthur Allum
Arthur Alter
Arthur Although
Arthur Alyea
Arthur Amy*
Arthur Amy- Camp
Arthur Amy-Oet
Arthur Amyote
Arthur Amyotfe
Arthur Amyotle
Arthur Amyottc
Arthur Amyotte
Arthur Amyotte Pi es
Arthur Amyottee
Arthur An
Arthur and Nancy Mayhew
Arthur and Nancy Mayhew September
Arthur Andersen
Arthur Applications
Arthur April
Arthur Archambault
Arthur Archambault Aylmer Jottings
Arthur Archibald
Arthur Ardmore Stacey
Arthur Argue
Arthur Argue 305
Arthur Armatn
Arthur Armitage
Arthur Armstrong
Arthur Armstrong - Base Ball Player
Arthur Armstrong Wil-
Arthur Arnold
Arthur Arnot Horner GEORGE
Arthur Arsenault
Arthur Art
Arthur Ary
Arthur Aryere
Arthur Ashe
Arthur Ashley
Arthur Ashworth
Arthur Asquith
Arthur Assault
Arthur At
Arthur ATTENTION Minor Hockey Boys Midget
Arthur Attrid
Arthur Attridge
Arthur Attrldge
Arthur Aubrey
Arthur August Rose
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bonnie
Arthur Author/Author Back Roads Billy Jack Blade Runner Body Heat Bronco Billy Cabaret Casey
Arthur Ave
Arthur Avenue
Arthur Avenue Renfrew
Arthur AVLR''H
Arthur Ax-man
Arthur Axman
Arthur Aylmer
Arthur Ayre
Arthur B auehens''g
Arthur B Lamb
Arthur B Lovelace
Arthur B Lovelace Rev Love
Arthur B. Cook
Arthur B. Elliott
Arthur Back
Arthur Bacland
Arthur Bade*
Arthur Badham
Arthur Bagg
Arthur Bai
Arthur Bain
Arthur Baker
Arthur Bal
Arthur Bal-
Arthur Balfour
Arthur Banting
Arthur Barber
Arthur Barkly
Arthur Barnee
Arthur Barnes
Arthur Barnes Mr.
Arthur Barns
Arthur Barr
Arthur Barrett Doré
Arthur Barrie
Arthur Barron
Arthur Bascon
Arthur Basham
Arthur Bastien
Arthur Bateman
Arthur Bates
Arthur Bather
Arthur Bathgate
Arthur Batty
Arthur Bausch
Arthur Baxter
Arthur Bcnm
Arthur Be
Arthur Be-
Arthur Beat-
Arthur Beau
Arthur Beauchesne
Arthur Beaudoin
Arthur Beaudoin Mr.
Arthur Beauleu
Arthur Beaulieu
Arthur Beaulieu Alderic Devdlc
Arthur Beaulieu Furniture Store
Arthur Beaulieu)
Arthur Beaulieu’s
Arthur Beauvais
Arthur Bed-anger
Arthur Bedard
Arthur Beering
Arthur Beggs
Arthur Bela
Arthur Belair
Arthur Bélair Jr. Her
Arthur Belaire
Arthur Belalr
Arthur Belang-
Arthur Belanger
Arthur Belanger’s
Arthur Bell Caldwell
Arthur Belleau
Arthur Belli
Arthur Belsher
Arthur Benjamin
Arthur Bennet
Arthur Bennett
Arthur Ber- Encouraging Note
Arthur Bergeron
Arthur Berry Jr.
Arthur Bert-,
Arthur Bertrand
Arthur Bertrand Bert Smith
Arthur Bertrand Bryson
Arthur Bertrand Wife- Betty
Arthur Besner
Arthur Bhearly Crlpps
Arthur Bice
Arthur Bickford Lewis
Arthur Bigge
Arthur Bigpce
Arthur Bill Mr. William Thompson
Arthur Bin 1
Arthur Birnes
Arthur Bishop
Arthur Bishop.
Arthur Bisson
Arthur Bit
Arthur Bitssiere
Arthur Black
Arthur Blades
Arthur Blais
Arthur Blais Died
Arthur Bliss Copp
Arthur Blythe
Arthur Boadofn
Arthur Board
Arthur Bod
Arthur Bogart
Arthur Bois
Arthur Bois-and
Arthur Boisv*
Arthur Boisveit
Arthur Boisvert
Arthur Boisvert JOUI
Arthur Boisvert Lynn
Arthur Bols-nome
Arthur Bolton
Arthur Bonnah
Arthur Bootbby
Arthur Boothby
Arthur Boston
Arthur Bosvert
Arthur Boucher
Arthur Bourinot
Arthur Bouton
Arthur Bouton Assista
Arthur Bradey
Arthur Brady
Arthur Brady Defendant
Arthur Brady Motioi
Arthur Brain
Arthur Brazeau
Arthur Brend
Arthur Bretton
Arthur Brewster
Arthur Brisbane
Arthur Brisbois
Arthur Brisebois
Arthur Bristol Brick
Arthur British
Arthur Brlsebols
Arthur Brnzcau
Arthur Brock
Arthur Bronson
Arthur Brouee
Arthur Brouse
Arthur Brouse Council
Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown 352
Arthur Brownlee
Arthur Browse
Arthur Bruce Carson Step-dancing
Arthur Bruner
Arthur Brunette
Arthur Bryon
Arthur Bryson
Arthur Btoe
Arthur Btoimiifldl
Arthur Btyron
Arthur Buck
Arthur Buckley
Arthur Buckley Dr.
Arthur Bucksaw
Arthur Budarick
Arthur Budd
Arthur Buggies
Arthur Buller
Arthur Bunitre
Arthur Burnette
Arthur Burns
Arthur Burrell
Arthur Burton
Arthur Burtorî
Arthur Bus&iere
Arthur Bus-siere
Arthur Bush
Arthur Busqué
Arthur Bussierc
Arthur Bussiere
Arthur Busslere
Arthur Bvauhi
Arthur By
Arthur Byrne
Arthur Byron
Arthur C
Arthur C D. A.D.C.
Arthur C. Hardy
Arthur C. Moore
Arthur Ç. Oenrick
Arthur CaH
Arthur Cahill
Arthur CaHwell
Arthur CakNeW
Arthur Cald
Arthur Cald- Robinson
Arthur Cald-wétt
Arthur CaldwÂl
Arthur Caldwell
Arthur Caldwell - John U. Corrigan
Arthur Caldwell Country
Arthur Caldwell_
Arthur Caldwell’s
Arthur Calumet Island
Arthur Calwcll
Arthur Cameron
Arthur Campbell
Arthur CaMxvell
Arthur Canon
Arthur Capper
Arthur Caraon
Arthur Carbone
Arthur Cardinal
Arthur Carlisle
Arthur Carmichael
Arthur Carol Baker
Arthur Carrie
Arthur Carried
Arthur Carson
Arthur Carson QUYON QUEBEC
Arthur Carson’s
Arthur Caswell McManus
Arthur Cayley
Arthur Ccombs
Arthur Celery His
Arthur Cha
Arthur Chamberlin Harrington Hall
Arthur Champion
Arthur Chaput
Arthur Chaput Vis
Arthur Chaput Louie Hodgins
Arthur Charette
Arthur Charles
Arthur Charles Buckley
Arthur Charles Dufault
Arthur Charles Far-
Arthur Charles Farwell
Arthur Charlotte
Arthur Chase Is
Arthur Choke
Arthur Chômas
Arthur Chouinard
Arthur Christie
Arthur Christmas
Arthur Chronicle
Arthur Churchman
Arthur Churchman London
Arthur Ciouest
Arthur Clark
Arthur Clarke
Arthur Clarke_
Arthur Class
Arthur Clcndenen
Arthur Clennam
Arthur Cleveland Bent
Arthur Clevelaud Coxe
Arthur Clouthier
Arthur Cmilm
Arthur Coates
Arthur Cobill
Arthur Coburn
Arthur Cochrane
Arthur Coewfford
Arthur Colely
Arthur College
Arthur Collins
Arthur Collins - Anjeska Princess.
Arthur Comgan
Arthur Community Hospital
Arthur Conan
Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Conan Doyle Is
Arthur Conan Doyle.
Arthur Conao ZmaZ-lend
Arthur Coningham
Arthur Connell CSSR Fr
Arthur Conrad
Arthur Consumptive*
Arthur Contrary
Arthur Cooger
Arthur Cooksey
Arthur Cor-
Arthur Cormier
Arthur Cornell
Arthur Cornell Spencerville
Arthur Corrigan
Arthur Couch
Arthur Coughlan
Arthur Council
Arthur Couture
Arthur Coventry
Arthur Covey
Arthur Cowansville
Arthur Cox
Arthur Craig
Arthur Crave
Arthur Creig
Arthur Creigheur
Arthur Creighton
Arthur Cremm
Arthur Crew Inman
Arthur Crisp.
Arthur Crone
Arthur Croteau
Arthur Currie
Arthur Currie Explains
Arthur Currie School
Arthur Curry
Arthur Cutrie
Arthur Cyril
Arthur D Little
Arthur D*gg
Arthur D. Little
Arthur D.igg
Arthur D.igg Treasurer—J.
Arthur Da
Arthur Daaabrate Motion CIS.
Arthur Dacg
Arthur Dafg
Arthur Dag
Arthur Dag#
Arthur Dag*
Arthur Dag/
Arthur Dagenais
Arthur Dagg
Arthur Dagg -
Arthur Dagg Although
Arthur Dagg Bereaved Mr»
Arthur Dagg Con
Arthur Dagg Dainty
Arthur Dagg Dr. Earl
Arthur Dagg Education
Arthur Dagg Garrett Walsh
Arthur Dagg I
Arthur Dagg Ida Harris
Arthur Dagg Judges
Arthur Dagg Mary Kilgour
Arthur Dagg Memorial- Janie Ebert
Arthur Dagg Model
Arthur Dagg Mossri^g
Arthur Dagg Moyer School Supplies
Arthur Dagg Mr Norval Kllgour
Arthur Dagg Mr.
Arthur Dagg Mr. Del Manary
Arthur Dagg Mrs Christine Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs.
Arthur Dagg Mrs. Christina Armour
Arthur Dagg Mrs. John Morrison
Arthur Dagg Named
Arthur Dagg On
Arthur Dagg Other
Arthur Dagg Page Five Y*rm Noies
Arthur Dagg Publicity
Arthur Dagg QUALITY
Arthur Dagg Que
Arthur Dagg Re
Arthur Dagg Those
Arthur Dagg Trophy
Arthur Dagg Weekend
Arthur Dagg- Competency
Arthur Dagg/ President
Arthur Daggs
Arthur Dagg’s
Arthur Dago
Arthur Dagp
Arthur Dags
Arthur Daiey
Arthur Dajjg
Arthur Dak
Arthur Dale
Arthur Dale 1
Arthur Dale Mr
Arthur Dale Mrs.
Arthur Daley
Arthur Dasent
Arthur David
Arthur David Hodgins
Arthur David Kingsbury So Di-The
Arthur David-Accompanist
Arthur Davidson
Arthur Davis
Arthur Dawson
Arthur Day
Arthur Da« Mr.
Arthur Dcering
Arthur Dcnault
Arthur De
Arthur De-
Arthur Dealers Association
Arthur Dean
Arthur Dean Evtns
Arthur Dean John Russell
Arthur Dean Kuehl
Arthur Dean Monday
Arthur Dean Tuesday
Arthur Dee
Arthur Dee*
Arthur Deed
Arthur Deegan
Arthur Deenng
Arthur Deer
Arthur Deer-tng
Arthur Deering
Arthur Deering Vltfd
Arthur Deerlng
Arthur Default
Arthur Degg
Arthur Degg Mr*
Arthur DeÏÏÎ
Arthur Delorme
Arthur Denault
Arthur Denault Doughnuts
Arthur Deneault
Arthur Denny
Arthur Denoult
Arthur Dependence
Arthur Dérocher
Arthur Derochers
Arthur Derouin
Arthur Desabrais
Arthur Desabrais Jr.
Arthur Desabrais Sr.
Arthur Desahrais
Arthur Desebrais
Arthur Désignât tom Touto
Arthur Désignation
Arthur Desjardins
Arthur Desmarteau
Arthur Desrivieres Orleans
Arthur Desrocher
Arthur Desrochera
Arthur Detachment Ontario Provincial Police
Arthur Dick
Arthur Dicker
Arthur Dickson
Arthur Digg
Arthur Diineil
Arthur Dinnis
Arthur Display
Arthur Dixon
Arthur Dngz
Arthur Dobson
Arthur Dodd
Arthur Dodds Campbell
Arthur Dodd’s Kidney Pills Finding Their Way Into Every Civilized Country
Arthur Dogg
Arthur Dolan
Arthur Dome
Arthur Donnelly
Arthur Donovan
Arthur Dorey
Arthur Doughty
Arthur Doughty Although
Arthur Douglas
Arthur Douglas Pat
Arthur Dowc
Arthur Dowe
Arthur Downing
Arthur Dowv
Arthur Dr. Herbert
Arthur Dra
Arthur Drapeau
Arthur Draper
Arthur Draper-Sum
Arthur Drapers
Arthur Draper—$
Arthur Drew
ArthUr Drlper
Arthur Droiun
Arthur Drouin
Arthur Dsgg Miss Barsbara Dagg
Arthur Dtgg
Arthur Du
Arthur Du-of
Arthur Dubé
Arthur Dubien
Arthur Dubouchel
Arthur Duchesne
Arthur Duckworth
Arthur Dufault
Arthur Dufault Mrs. Len Coyne
Arthur Duffy
Arthur Dugg
Arthur Duhn
Arthur Dumouchel
Arthur Dun-
Arthur Dunmgan
Arthur Dunnigan
Arthur Dupuis
Arthur Dupuis Westmeath
Arthur Dur
Arthur Dur-
Arthur Dur-ell
Arthur Dur-réll
Arthur Dur-|with MMr
Arthur Dure*
Arthur Durell
Arthur Durocher
Arthur Durovher
Arthur Durr
Arthur Durrdl
Arthur Durre
Arthur Durreb
Arthur Durreil
Arthur Durrel
Arthur Durrell
Arthur Durrell Bryson
Arthur Durrell Bryy-oa
Arthur Durrell Mr.
Arthur Durrelll
Arthur Durretl
Arthur DurreU Mrs John Grand
Arthur DurreU.
Arthur Dwenigen
Arthur D’Aoust
Arthur E
Arthur E 8c<»tt
Arthur E.
Arthur Eades
Arthur Eadie
Arthur Eadie Grenville Atkinson Clarence Dean
Arthur Eagles
Arthur Eahcllc
Arthur Earle Our
Arthur Eason Sturgeon
Arthur East
Arthur Easy
Arthur Ecaeaa Ointment
Arthur Echar
Arthur Ecker
Arthur Eckford
Arthur Eddington
Arthur Eden
Arthur Edgar Boisvert
Arthur Edge
Arthur Edward Grasett
Arthur Edward Tanner
Arthur Edward Webb
Arthur Edwin Denny
Arthur Edwin Wood
Arthur Eeker
Arthur Ei- Alvin Nichol-
Arthur Eides
Arthur El
Arthur Elchgruen
Arthur Elder
Arthur Eliott
Arthur Elliaon
Arthur Elliott
Arthur Ellis
Arthur Ellis Ex-Mayor
Arthur Elwood
Arthur Emery
Arthur Emir Abdullah
Arthur Enterprise
Arthur Enterprise-News
Arthur Equity Editor Pontiac
Arthur Eraser
Arthur Erickson Canadian
Arthur Erin
Arthur Ernest R.C.A.F.
Arthur Ernest Trowsse
Arthur Erw
Arthur Erwin
Arthur Erwm
Arthur Et
Arthur Etdy
Arthur Ethelbert McDowell
Arthur Ethief Sudbury
Arthur Etides
Arthur Eustache Mor-
Arthur Evans
Arthur Even K News Chronicle
Arthur Evered
Arthur EXagg
Arthur F
Arthur F Berry
Arthur F.
Arthur F. Bailey
Arthur F. Davidson
Arthur F. Gleason
Arthur Fades
Arthur Fairbank
Arthur Fallon
Arthur FARM
Arthur Fawcett
Arthur FDurreli
Arthur Fecteua
Arthur Fed
Arthur Feller
Arthur Fenton
Arthur Ferrier
Arthur Ferry
Arthur Few
Arthur Fie
Arthur Fiedler
Arthur Fieldhouse
Arthur Fights On
Arthur Finan
Arthur Find
Arthur Findlay
Arthur Findlay Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Findlay Ear
Arthur Finlayson
Arthur FinuCOOe
Arthur Fisher
Arthur Fitz
Arthur Fitzpatrick
Arthur Five
Arthur Fkrgusson
Arthur Flack
Arthur Fleming
Arthur Fleming Mclnick
Arthur Fleury
Arthur Fllllon
Arthur Fofi-Coukmgc
Arthur Following
Arthur Forbes
Arthur Forestry Core
Arthur Forrest
Arthur Fort-Cuulongc
Arthur Foster
Arthur Fountain
Arthur Fran
Arthur Fran-
Arthur Fran- Mrs.
Arthur Fran-coeur
Arthur Francoeur
Arthur Franooeur
Arthur Frans
Arthur Franz 1
Arthur Franz Adult Technicolour Barbecue Brawl
Arthur Franz Adult Technko*our Barbecue Brawl
Arthur Franz Doris Dowling
Arthur Franz Eight Iron Men WED.
Arthur Franz MONDAY
Arthur Frappier
Arthur Frar^tur
Arthur Fraser
Arthur Frederick
Arthur French
Arthur French Canadian
Arthur Freshfield
Arthur From
Arthur Froment
Arthur Fslrbaim
Arthur Fulk
Arthur Funeral
Arthur Funeral Home
Arthur Furness
Arthur G *agn Thurs
Arthur G Downing
Arthur G. Browning
Arthur G. Ridgew.iy
Arthur G. Smith
Arthur Ga-$
Arthur Gaboury
Arthur Gag-
Arthur Gag- Lillian Spinks
Arthur Gag-Labelle
Arthur Gag-visited
Arthur Gagn
Arthur Gagno
Arthur Gagnon
Arthur Gagnon Allan
Arthur Gagnon Chantal
Arthur Gagnon Gagnon Valentine
Arthur Gagnon Miss Sylvia Clalrmont
Arthur Gagnon Mrs Mary Boisvert
Arthur Gagnon Visiting
Arthur Gamble
Arthur Garfield Hodgins
Arthur Garfield Hodgins Dies
Arthur Garraain
Arthur Gauthier
Arthur Gbltiwell
Arthur Gca-Quyon
Arthur Geering
Arthur Gendron
Arthur George
Arthur Germain
Arthur Germaine
Arthur Gervais
Arthur Gibson
Arthur Gibson’s
ARthur Gilker
Arthur Gillies
Arthur Gilligan
Arthur Giroux
Arthur Gladman
Arthur Glass
Arthur Gleason
Arthur Glenn
Arthur Godfrey
Arthur Godfrey Admission
Arthur Godfrey ALSO Black Spurs Technicolor Rory Calhoun
Arthur Godin
Arthur Goebel
Arthur Goldfinch
Arthur Goodman
Arthur Goodrich
Arthur Gordon
Arthur Gordon Webb
Arthur Gould
Arthur Grace
Arthur Grace Miss Theresa Neville
Arthur Grace Nov.
Arthur Graham
Arthur Graham Max Run
Arthur Grant
Arthur Granville Bradley
Arthur Gratton
Arthur Gravclle
Arthur Grave
Arthur Gravel
Arthur Gravelle
Arthur Gravelle Andwo Cfonfield THt
Arthur Greek
Arthur Greeson
Arthur Grenke
Arthur Gritfiith
Arthur Grouse
Arthur Gttvaisl
Arthur Guests
Arthur Guidon
Arthur Guindon
Arthur Guiterman
Arthur Gummies Multivitamins
Arthur Gumming
Arthur Guy Enipey
Arthur H
Arthur H FWi| Larson
Arthur H-.hu
Arthur H. Clark
Arthur H. Cook Singapore
Arthur H. Fisher
Arthur H. Lee
Arthur H. Rost
Arthur H. Woermke
Arthur Hack
Arthur Hades
Arthur Hagar
Arthur Hagji
Arthur Hahn
Arthur Hailey
Arthur Hainp-son
Arthur Hallam
Arthur Halm
Arthur Ham
Arthur Hammond Douglas
Arthur Hamp
Arthur Hamp-of Dor Val
Arthur Hamp-son
Arthur Hampeon
Arthur Hampseu Bord
Arthur Hampsnn
Arthur Hampson
Arthur Hampson’s
Arthur Hampsorx W S. Hanna
Arthur Hampton
Arthur Hanaberry
Arthur Hanger
Arthur Hanimberry
Arthur Hanna
Arthur Hannaberry
Arthur Hardy 1st
Arthur Haropson
Arthur Harris
Arthur Harrison Creighton
Arthur Harry Storey 0
Arthur Harry Storey Tuck
Arthur Hart
Arthur Hartley*
Arthur Harupson
Arthur Hasty
Arthur Hat
Arthur Hatton
Arthur HaUam’s
Arthur Haute
Arthur Havelock
Arthur Haves
Arthur Haw-include
Arthur Hawke
Arthur Hawkea
Arthur Hawkes
Arthur Hay
Arthur Hayden
Arthur Haye
Arthur Haye*
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes 661
Arthur Hazelrigg
Arthur He
Arthur Heaney
Arthur Heaneys
Arthur Heanny
Arthur Hedging
Arthur Helps
Arthur Helps RSM3-1C V
Arthur Heming
Arthur Hender
Arthur Henderson
Arthur Henderson Minister
Arthur Henderson Ramsay Macdonald
Arthur Henderton
Arthur Henneberry
Arthur Henry
Arthur Henry Downs
Arthur Henry Gooden
Arthur Henry Gooden Chapter T.—(C-ont
Arthur Henry Gooden I CHAPTER III.—(Cant’d
Arthur Henry Gooden Julietta Cream Wanted A
Arthur Henry Gooden V O N
Arthur Henry Gooden We
Arthur Henry Gpcden
Arthur Henry Hallam
Arthur Henry Woermke
Arthur Herbert Bur-ford
Arthur Herbert Richardson
Arthur Herlend
Arthur Hewitt
Arthur Heyday
Arthur Hhaw
Arthur HhUIipt
Arthur Hice
Arthur Higginson Leonard Dufault
Arthur Hilda
Arthur Hill
Arthur Hill Julie Herris
Arthur Hind
Arthur Hind Of
Arthur Hitt
Arthur Hmiley Wortry
Arthur Hoare
Arthur Hobbs
Arthur Hoc
Arthur Hockey
Arthur Hod
Arthur Hod-gins
Arthur Hod-Kee
Arthur Hodg-ns
Arthur Hodges
Arthur Hodgi Cr
Arthur Hodgim
Arthur Hodgina
Arthur Hodgins
Arthur Hodgins Aug
Arthur Hodgins Co-owner
Arthur Hodgins Dec
Arthur Hodgins Glenn
Arthur Hodgins Jan
Arthur Hodgins July
Arthur Hodgins May
Arthur Hodgins Nov
Arthur Hodgins Nov.
Arthur Hodgins Sep act
Arthur Hodgins Sept.
Arthur Hodgins Wall Bells Corners
Arthur Hodgins*
Arthur Hodgins- Dumouchel
Arthur Hodgios
Arthur Hodgitv.
Arthur Hodglns
Arthur Hodglns - Gil Fraser
Arthur Hodgm
Arthur Hodgms
Arthur Hodgn
Arthur Hodgtns
Arthur Hodgtoe-Mege^mee
Arthur Hoe
Arthur Hohn
Arthur Hoilgm-, Sh
Arthur Holmes
Arthur Homer
Arthur Homer Havelin
Arthur Homer’s
Arthur Homing
Arthur Honer
Arthur Honeyman
Arthur Hooper Up
Arthur Hop*
Arthur Hope
Arthur Hopper
Arthur Hor
Arthur Hor-
Arthur Hor-Mrs Melvin Young
Arthur Horigins
Arthur Horn-Clarendon
Arthur HornbloW
Arthur Horncr
Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner H Wayland
Arthur Horner 1
Arthur Horner 306
Arthur Horner Equity Photo Brock
Arthur Horner Honored
Arthur Horner John Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner Mrs Fred Arthurs
Arthur Horner Shawville
Arthur Horner Three Rivers
Arthur Horner- Mr Michael Wrinn
Arthur Horner- Mrs Martha Corrigan
Arthur Horner.............. John E. Horner.............
Arthur Horner.............. Wm
Arthur Horner—fulfilled
Arthur Hornkr
Arthur Horper
Arthur Hose
Arthur Hot
Arthur Hotel
Arthur Hotel Port Arthur
Arthur Houghton
Arthur Howard
Arthur Hoyle
Arthur Hoyt Day
Arthur Hoyt I)ay
Arthur Hra-per
Arthur Hu
Arthur Hudgins
Arthur Hudson
Arthur Hudson Marks
Arthur Huge
Arthur Hugh Clough
Arthur Huit
Arthur Humphries
Arthur Hunnicutt
Arthur Hunt Chute
Arthur Hunter
Arthur Hutchen
Arthur Hynes
Arthur I
Arthur I .
Arthur I Ihutt
Arthur I J Tarry Storey Tuck
Arthur I James Balfour
Arthur I)a
Arthur I)agg
Arthur I*bbc
Arthur I-.
Arthur I-abolie
Arthur I.c.
Arthur I>agg
Arthur Ifcauheu
Arthur IHenng
Arthur Ihigg
Arthur Ihigg Those
Arthur Ihinv»
Arthur Ihomas
Arthur II
Arthur Ij&bbc
Arthur Ijibhe
Arthur Ijtbbe
Arthur Imison
Arthur In
Arthur Inglee
Arthur Inspiration Is
Arthur Irian
Arthur Irnieon
Arthur Irnison
Arthur Irvine
Arthur Irwin
Arthur Is
Arthur Isabelle
Arthur Isabelle Mr.
Arthur Itodgms
Arthur IUgg
Arthur IVlIeiiii
Arthur IW)be
Arthur IWm.n
Arthur IXifault
Arthur I^bbe
Arthur I^ibbe
Arthur I’
Arthur J
Arthur J Aufderheide
Arthur J Byford
Arthur J Globensky
Arthur J Lamb
Arthur J Pires
Arthur J.
Arthur J. Balfour
Arthur J. Dempster
Arthur J. Evans
Arthur J>an Tuesday
Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson Fashions
Arthur Jackson Al Shawville
Arthur Jackson Mr* Lennis Barr
Arthur James Balfour
Arthur James Bilfuur
Arthur James Labelle
Arthur James Labelle A Business Dinectonu
Arthur Jamieson
Arthur Jan
Arthur Jarvis
Arthur Jeasop
Arthur Jeesop
Arthur Jenkinson
Arthur Jennings
Arthur Jesscwp
Arthur Jessop
Arthur Jewell
Arthur Jewkes
Arthur John
Arthur John Neal
Arthur Johnie
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnston
Arthur Jolicoeur
Arthur Jones
Arthur Joseph Brise
Arthur Joseph Turcotte
Arthur Jourdin
Arthur Jowsey
Arthur Judd
Arthur Judd -
Arthur Judd .............. J B Kilgour
Arthur Judd 1 .35
Arthur Judd 145.60 Arnot Homer
Arthur Judd 197.40 Council Expense
Arthur Judd 217.35
Arthur Judd 220.05
Arthur Judd 250
Arthur Judd 251.10
Arthur Judd 284.20 Pontiac Auto Parts
Arthur Judd 75.60
Arthur Judd Motion
Arthur Judd Pontiac Prim
Arthur Judd-
Arthur Jumet Brady
Arthur K
Arthur K dley
Arthur K lgour’s
Arthur K Ren
Arthur K Rennick
Arthur K. Davis
Arthur K. Goodman
Arthur K.lgour
Arthur K:
Arthur Kaddats
Arthur Kaddatz
Arthur Kades
Arthur Katies Pupils
Arthur Kdgour
Arthur Kducot
Arthur Kealey
Arthur Keen
Arthur Keith
Arthur Kelly
Arthur Kennedy
Arthur Kennedy Comedy Drama Motion
Arthur Kennedy Maureen O’Hara
Arthur Kennedy O BRIEN THEATRE
Arthur Kennedy Ottawa
Arthur Kennedy Public Notice
Arthur Kennedy W. M. Hayes
Arthur Kenneth
Arthur Kenney
Arthur Kenney James Stewart
Arthur Kennick
Arthur Kenny
Arthur Kerr
Arthur Keyes
Arthur KHgour O *
Arthur Ki
Arthur Ki gour
Arthur KID S
Arthur Kiigour
Arthur Kiigour Brian
Arthur Kiigours
Arthur Kiiomnr
Arthur Kikgour
Arthur Kikour
Arthur Kil
Arthur Kil#our
Arthur Kil-
Arthur Kil- Elburn Bean
Arthur Kil- Mrs
Arthur Kil- Mrs. Martin
Arthur Kil-and Walter Kilgour
Arthur Kil-gour
Arthur Kil-gours
Arthur Kil-grove
Arthur Kil-Hilliard Holmes
Arthur Kil-Ooffrr
Arthur Kilcotw
Arthur Kilgctir
Arthur Kilgojr
Arthur Kilgonr
Arthur Kilgotir
Arthur Kilgou
Arthur Kilgour
Arthur Kilgour Agricultural Society
Arthur Kilgour Farm
Arthur Kilgour Frank Nyveld
Arthur Kilgour Fred Kcch
Arthur Kilgour Hanna
Arthur Kilgour Hillis Conolly
Arthur Kilgour Line
Arthur Kilgour Memo-table
Arthur Kilgour Miss Ruth Dagg
Arthur Kilgour Mr.
Arthur Kilgour Mrs Cameron
Arthur Kilgour Mrs.
Arthur Kilgour Ottawa
Arthur Kilgour Pembroke
Arthur Kilgour Renfrew
Arthur Kilgour St Sons Bull
Arthur Kilgour Stays As
Arthur Kilgour Trophy Baler Twwe Mrs Arthur Kilgour
Arthur Kilgour Various
Arthur Kilgour View
Arthur Kilgour Were
Arthur Kilgour Whiter Kilgour
Arthur Kilgour- Lome Wilson
Arthur Kilgours
Arthur Kilgourt
Arthur Kilgour—a Holstein
Arthur Kilgour’s
Arthur Kilgour’s Armistice Day
Arthur Kilgouz
Arthur Kilgoyr
Arthur Kilgtmr
Arthur Kilguur
Arthur Killop
Arthur Kiln
Arthur Kilo
Arthur Kilooue
Arthur Kiloour
Arthur Kiloour Registered Yorkshire Hog Fee
Arthur Kilter*
Arthur Kilyour
Arthur King
Arthur Kingsbury
Arthur Kinnaira
Arthur Kinsley
Arthur Kiu
Arthur Kj
Arthur KJlgour
Arthur Kkigsberry
Arthur Kl
Arthur Klemming
Arthur Kligour
Arthur Kll
Arthur Kll- F°”tlac Don
Arthur Kll-gour
Arthur Kll-People
Arthur Kllgour
Arthur Kllgour By Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Harrison McDlrmld
Arthur Kllgour Kenneth
Arthur Kllgour Si Sons
Arthur Kllgour St
Arthur Kllgour St Sons
Arthur Kllgour Telford
Arthur Kllgour*»
Arthur Kllgours
Arthur Klreour
Arthur Km
Arthur KM-
Arthur KM-gour
Arthur Kmart
Arthur KMgour
Arthur Kmgsbury
Arthur Kmond
Arthur Knox
Arthur Knyvet Wilson
Arthur Knyvot It Is
Arthur Kobcr
Arthur Kober
Arthur Koehler
Arthur Korn
Arthur Kramer
Arthur Krlgour
Arthur Krock
Arthur Kroeger
Arthur Krose
Arthur Krose Coffee
Arthur Ktigour
Arthur Ktigour’s August
Arthur Ktl-gour
Arthur Ktlgour
Arthur KU-
Arthur KU- Edi-Ui Turner
Arthur KUgour
Arthur KUgours
Arthur Kukkc
Arthur Kurle
Arthur Kvigour
Arthur K‘lgour_
Arthur L 214.20$
Arthur L Meyers
Arthur L Olroux
Arthur L Shaw
Arthur L Shaw Passes At
Arthur L Sifton
Arthur L Spinks
Arthur L*»acy
Arthur L. Harris
Arthur L. Shaw
Arthur L.E.
Arthur La
Arthur La-bell
Arthur La-belle
Arthur La-belle Diocesan Secretary
Arthur Lab
Arthur Lab- Douglas
Arthur Lab-be
Arthur Laban
Arthur Labbc
Arthur Labbd
Arthur Labbe April
Arthur Labbe Dullard Bertrand
Arthur Labbe J.D.
Arthur Labbe Tuesday
Arthur Labç ie
Arthur Labcllc
Arthur Labclle
Arthur Labclle County
Arthur Labdle
Arthur Labdle David
Arthur Labe
Arthur Labe He
Arthur LabeBe County Sec
Arthur Labei- Qu
Arthur Labeile
Arthur Labeile Mosquito All Stars
Arthur LabeKe
Arthur Label
Arthur Label Ic
Arthur LabelIc
Arthur Labelie
Arthur Labelk
Arthur Labell
Arthur Labellc
Arthur Labellc Pro-Mayor Edward Kavan-
Arthur Labelle
Arthur Labelle AWARDS
Arthur Labelle GERRY’S T.V.
Arthur Labelle Low Notes Waltham’s Lob Ball
Arthur Labelle Knits Terrys Cottons Stretch Denims Ribbing
Arthur Labelle Si GRADED
Arthur Labelle X/y
Arthur Labelle Approx
Arthur Labelle Auction Sale Holstein Herd
Arthur Labelle Audit
Arthur Labelle Beautiful
Arthur Labelle Betty Grieves
Arthur Labelle Congratulations
Arthur Labelle Correspondent Gerald Perry
Arthur Labelle Curtiss
Arthur Labelle Diocesan Press Convener
Arthur Labelle Everyone
Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas J. Knox Mrs. Frank Finnigan Sr.
Arthur Labelle Friendly Service LOW
Arthur Labelle Garry
Arthur Labelle GEO.
Arthur Labelle Gerard
Arthur Labelle Graduate Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle Dr Ebert Judd
Arthur Labelle Headquarters
Arthur Labelle Mayor Schrankler
Arthur Labelle Mm Cecil Vibert
Arthur Labelle Mrs E Lively Christinas Concert By Waltham Catholic Women
Arthur Labelle Our Lady
Arthur Labelle Philip Gerard
Arthur Labelle Recent
Arthur Labelle Revel
Arthur Labelle Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic N.H.
Arthur Labelle Sec
Arthur Labelle SseMssttrMfc
Arthur Labelle Tie Binary
Arthur Labelle W eirstead Messag June Orr Gerard Labelle
Arthur Labelle Z FREE
Arthur Labelled
Arthur LabeMe Sec-Treas
Arthur Labette
Arthur LabeUc
Arthur LabeUe
Arthur Labhce
Arthur LabHU*
Arthur Labie
Arthur Labile
Arthur Lablele
Arthur Labric
Arthur Lacombe
Arthur Ladouceur
Arthur Lafcelle
Arthur Laframboise Waters And Sons
Arthur Lahbc
Arthur Lahdle
Arthur Lahelle
Arthur Lahhc
Arthur Lahhe
Arthur Laid
Arthur Laing
Arthur Lalonde
Arthur Lamontagne
Arthur Lancaster
Arthur Landry
Arthur Landry Almonte
Arthur Lang
Arthur Lang* Cyrus MacDonald
Arthur Langdon
Arthur Lanoix
Arthur Lapansea
Arthur Larivieie
Arthur Larson
Arthur Last Tuesday
Arthur Lat
Arthur Latulippe
Arthur Laudrie
Arthur Laudry
Arthur Laundrie Carl Vandray Mrs.
Arthur Laundry
Arthur Laval
Arthur LavalIee
Arthur Lavallée
Arthur Lavigne
Arthur Lavoie
Arthur Law
Arthur Lawled#
Arthur Lawson
Arthur Lawson Corrigan
Arthur Lcclair
Arthur Lcpine
Arthur Le-
Arthur Le-pine
Arthur Leach
Arthur Leader
Arthur Lebel’s
Arthur Leblanc
Arthur Leclerc
Arthur Lee
Arthur Lee-Dillon
Arthur Leeder
Arthur Leeder’s
Arthur Leering
Arthur Leeson
Arthur Leethsm
Arthur Legend Lives On Whether
Arthur LeMarquand
Arthur LeMorquont
Arthur Lenihan
Arthur Leo Meilleur
Arthur Leonard
Arthur Leonard Alder
Arthur Lepage
Arthur Lepine
Arthur Leplne
Arthur Lepme
Arthur LeRoy
Arthur Lester
Arthur Lett
Arthur Letts
Arthur Letts Su
Arthur Levesque
Arthur Lflbelle---------
Arthur Libel I
Arthur Libelle
Arthur Libelle County Sec.
Arthur Libelle Gerard Arthur Labelle
Arthur Libelle Sec Trees
Arthur Lily 1*011»
Arthur Lindsay
Arthur Lismer
Arthur Listowel
Arthur Little
Arthur Lloyd
Arthur Lloyd Quaile
Arthur Lloyd Queale
Arthur LlttlfJ
Arthur Lodge
Arthur Loiaellv
Arthur Lonsdale
Arthur Lorna
Arthur Lsbbt
Arthur Ltfomb
Arthur Lu-
Arthur Lu-|
Arthur Lucae
Arthur Lucan
Arthur Lucas
Arthur Lucas Also
Arthur Lucas Beechgrove Steele Line W. M. Hayes
Arthur Lucas James Arthur Lucas
Arthur Lucas JANE McGUIRE
Arthur Lucas Shawville
Arthur Lucas Wilson—Tomiack
Arthur Luces
Arthur Luke
Arthur Lynch
Arthur Lyon
Arthur Lyon Shaw
Arthur Lyons
Arthur M
Arthur M Henry
Arthur M Minuit
Arthur M treottv.
Arthur M"Idrum
Arthur M. Hanta
Arthur M. Taylor
Arthur M... Ebert
Arthur M....
Arthur M<
Arthur Ma
Arthur Mac
Arthur Mac-in Shawville
Arthur MacArthur
Arthur Mach
Arthur Machen
Arthur Machen’s
Arthur MacIntyre
Arthur Mack
Arthur Mackay
Arthur MacKay Jr.
Arthur Mackey
Arthur MacLaren
Arthur Maclean
Arthur Maclnerney
Arthur MacNamaia
Arthur MacNamara
Arthur MacNamara Mated
Arthur MacXamara
Arthur MacXamur
Arthur Maiette
Arthur Maine*
Arthur Maitland
Arthur Malcolm Lot
Arthur Male
Arthur Malette
Arthur Malley’s Australian Cricket Team
Arthur Maloney
Arthur Maloney Q.C.
Arthur Man
Arthur Man-well
Arthur Manby
Arthur Mann
Arthur Mansfield
Arthur Manson For
Arthur Mansxield
Arthur Mantel
Arthur Manuel
Arthur Manwell
Arthur Mar-Marjorie Dickson
Arthur Marcotte
Arthur Margaret Pilon
Arthur Marinho Vibert
Arthur Marion
Arthur Marleau
Arthur Marlon
Arthur Marshall
Arthur Martin Leake
Arthur Martins
Arthur Masse
Arthur Mathewson
Arthur Matte
Arthur Maude
Arthur Maues Farm
Arthur Maurice
Arthur Maves
Arthur Mavhew
Arthur Maw
Arthur Maxwell
Arthur May
Arthur May- Lang
Arthur May- Lawrence Flood
Arthur May-their
Arthur Maybew
Arthur Mayes
Arthur Mayhew
Arthur Mayhew’s
Arthur Maynew
Arthur Mc-Cor
Arthur McAllister
Arthur McAllister Now
Arthur McAllister Shawville
Arthur McArthur
Arthur McBride
Arthur McCagg
Arthur McCann
Arthur McCon
Arthur McConnel
Arthur McConnell
Arthur McConnell ¦^3
Arthur McCurdy
Arthur McDon-Do
Arthur McDonald
Arthur McDowell
Arthur McDowell Mr. Tommie Smart
Arthur McElhaney
Arthur McElroy
Arthur McGown
Arthur McGrath
Arthur McGuire
Arthur McGuire 4
Arthur McGuire Gth
Arthur Mcighen
Arthur Mciglien
Arthur Mciglivn
Arthur McIntyre
Arthur McK Holland Landing
Arthur McKay
Arthur McKay (Betty
Arthur McKenna
Arthur Mckihbon
Arthur McKwen
Arthur McLane
Arthur McLaren
Arthur McLaren,
Arthur McLean
Arthur McLine
Arthur McManara
Arthur McNally
Arthur McNeill
Arthur McNur
Arthur McVoi^h
Arthur Me
Arthur Me Id
Arthur Me*Dowel
Arthur Me-
Arthur Mehlrums Also
Arthur Mehtrum
Arthur Meigben
Arthur Meigben—Minister
Arthur Meigh-M
Arthur Meighan
Arthur Meighcn
Arthur Meighen
Arthur Meigheo
Arthur Meigher
Arthur Meigken
Arthur Meiglten
Arthur Meigtien
Arthur Meilleur
Arthur Meiuhen
Arthur Meizhen
Arthur Mel
Arthur Mel R.
Arthur Mel-
Arthur Mel-Mot
Arthur Meld
Arthur Meldruin Joe Keon Frank Bourgeau Clarence Irwin J 1
Arthur Meldruiu
Arthur Meldrum
Arthur Meldrum St- -
Arthur Meldrum’s
Arthur MeldrurK 1
Arthur Meldrutn
Arthur Melghan
Arthur Melghen
Arthur Melghen This
Arthur Melrose’s
Arthur MelUrum
Arthur Menard
Arthur Mendel
Arthur Mendel’s
Arthur Mer-ruins
Arthur Merleau
Arthur Merleau Deborah Kerr
Arthur Merleau Country Schoolmaster
Arthur Merlfield
Arthur Met
Arthur Metghvn
Arthur Meyer
Arthur Meyhew
Arthur Midweek
Arthur Mielleur
Arthur Miles
Arthur Millar
Arthur Miller
Arthur Millier
Arthur Milligan
Arthur Milton Russell
Arthur Mimes
Arthur Mines
Arthur Minute
Arthur Miss Patsy Megrath
Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Mitchell Rice
Arthur MixonT
Arthur Mjy^onsM
Arthur Ml-
Arthur Mmphy
Arthur Modgins
Arthur Moffatt
Arthur Mon
Arthur Monette
Arthur Monk
Arthur Mono
Arthur Moor.
Arthur Moore
Arthur Moore Mrs. Flossie Bryson Moore
Arthur Moose Hunting Party
Arthur Morin
Arthur Motion Cr
Arthur Motion—Comm
Arthur Moved
Arthur Mpckay
Arthur Mr
Arthur Mr.
Arthur Mrs
Arthur Mrs.
Arthur Mrs. Edgar Hod
Arthur Mrs. Elaine
Arthur Mrs. Ernest Towsley
Arthur Mrs. Gordon McEwen
Arthur Mrs. Ixonard Smith
Arthur Mrs. Robt
Arthur Mtillegan
Arthur Mul- Murphy
Arthur Mul-Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mull
Arthur Mulli- Best
Arthur Mulli-Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mulligan Arthur Mulligan
Arthur Mulligan Mrs
Arthur Mulligan Quyon
Arthur Mulligans
Arthur Mulligan’s
Arthur Mulligen
Arthur Mulls
Arthur Municipality
Arthur Murdock
Arthur Murphj SSS
Arthur Murphy
Arthur Murray
Arthur Murray Farquhar
Arthur Murray’s
Arthur Murrell
Arthur Must Stop Motors While Filling Tank Fair
Arthur MvGuirt Somerville
Arthur Mvigh
Arthur Mvighcn
Arthur Mvighen
Arthur Mvighvn
Arthur Mvigl
Arthur Mviglien
Arthur Mviglivn
Arthur Mvl-drum
Arthur Myre
Arthur M«
Arthur N X N • Added Shorts
Arthur N. McCray
Arthur Nanlt
Arthur Naseby
Arthur Nault
Arthur Ncws-Chroniclc
Arthur Neil
Arthur Nelson
Arthur Neubtrg
Arthur Never Proved
Arthur New
Arthur New*
Arthur Newa-Chron
Arthur Newberry
Arthur Newman
Arthur News Chronicle
Arthur News-/ Chronicle
Arthur News-Chiunlcle
Arthur News-Chron
Arthur News-Chron-It
Arthur News-Chronic
Arthur News-Chronicle
Arthur News-Chronicle Theatre Need Another
Arthur News-Chronicle All Beautifully
Arthur News-Chronicle Hope For Hemisphere Solidarity At Parley
Arthur News-t Immo
Arthur Newsholme
Arthur Nicholson
Arthur Nlklsch
Arthur No
Arthur Noonam
Arthur Noonan
Arthur Nor
Arthur Norham
Arthur Norhani—the
Arthur Norland
Arthur Notice
Arthur Nov
Arthur November
Arthur Nugent
Arthur Nuliol**ui
Arthur Nute
Arthur Nute Nute-McKee
Arthur N^ws Chronicle
Arthur O Byrne
Arthur O Callaghan
Arthur O Connell
Arthur Oaboury
Arthur Oagg
Arthur Oagg Looks For Record Crowd
Arthur Oaks
Arthur Oald* _
Arthur Oer-
Arthur Oer-I
Arthur Oer-vals
Arthur Ohaput
Arthur Oibjou* Chief
Arthur Olmstead
Arthur Olroux
Arthur Omer Gauthier
Arthur Omis
Arthur Omiston Eades
Arthur Ont
Arthur Ont Also
Arthur Opal Grace
Arthur Oration
Arthur Oravdle
Arthur Orford Mr.
Arthur Organ
Arthur Ormiston Eades Suddenly
Arthur Orton
Arthur Osborne
Arthur Osmond
Arthur Osmond À Robert Arthur Holmes
Arthur Osmond de Bristol
Arthur Ottawa
Arthur Ottawa Winter Fair Calf Meal
Arthur Otto
Arthur Otto Equity
Arthur Oualle
Arthur Ourocher
Arthur Ourtis
Arthur O’Hara
Arthur P
Arthur P God
Arthur P Hawkins
Arthur Padgett
Arthur Page
Arthur Paget
Arthur Pagg
Arthur Painter CREASE
Arthur Palmer
Arthur PaMison
Arthur Paq
Arthur Paquette
Arthur Parent
Arthur Parker
Arthur Parry
Arthur Passes
Arthur PattUo»
Arthur Paul 1918-2010 W W II
Arthur PBt
Arthur Pcî&ter JITTER
Arthur Pearson
Arthur Peas
Arthur Peas Flax
Arthur Pedal
Arthur Peer
Arthur Peering
Arthur Peguegnat
Arthur Peguegnat Clock
Arthur Pel
Arthur Pel It
Arthur Pellerin
Arthur Pelleriu
Arthur Pelletier
Arthur Pellwiu
Arthur Pen
Arthur Pepuegnat
Arthur Pequegnat
Arthur Pequegnat Clock
Arthur Perrier
Arthur Perry
Arthur Perrys
Arthur Pescot
Arthur Peterson
Arthur Pettipiece
Arthur Phelps
Arthur Philemon Coleman
Arthur Philip Louis
Arthur Philipps
Arthur Phillip
Arthur Phillips
Arthur Pi
Arthur Pick
Arthur Pierce
Arthur Pierrette Graveline
Arthur Piers
Arthur Pierson
Arthur Pig-1
Arthur Pig-this
Arthur Pigeon
Arthur Pigott
Arthur Pillion
Arthur Pillsbury
Arthur Pinard
Arthur Pinero
Arthur Pit Home
Arthur Pitt
Arthur Pitt Arrives
Arthur Pitt*
Arthur Pitt* Harold Henderson BrU- Many Showers Held For Miss Barber Miss M<
Arthur Pitts
Arthur Play Important
Arthur Plough
Arthur Pointer
Arthur Pointer By
Arthur Pointer JITTER
Arthur Pointer ANDi AkE Go
Arthur Pointer I
Arthur Pointer JITTER
Arthur Pointer K>
Arthur Pointer Musician Arthur Nikisch
Arthur Pointer OOP
Arthur Pointer Phillips
Arthur Poirier
Arthur Pollen
Arthur Pomeroy
Arthur Ponsonby
Arthur Pontiac
Arthur Pony Express Joseph Cot
Arthur Porcupine****
Arthur Pouliot
Arthur Poultry Shaw
Arthur Pound
Arthur Powell
Arthur Powers
Arthur Powles
Arthur Pratt
Arthur Prcsseau
Arthur Prentiss
Arthur PresAgg#
Arthur Presse
Arthur Presseau
Arthur Presseau Calumet
Arthur Presseau Mr. Rodolphe Corriveau
Arthur Presseauk
Arthur Presseaus
Arthur Preston Edwards
Arthur Prévost
Arthur Pri- Hgajn
Arthur Price
Arthur Prim- Mrs. Bernard Comeron
Arthur Pritch
Arthur Proudfoot
Arthur Pubeau
Arthur Puckett
Arthur Purvis
Arthur Q
Arthur Qitnile
Arthur Qtteale
Arthur Qu
Arthur Quai
Arthur Quaile
Arthur Qua|nt Pets
Arthur Queah
Arthur Quealc Dies After Lingering Illness Mr. Matthew Wallace
Arthur Queale
Arthur Queale Lloyd
Arthur Quealo
Arthur Quebec
Arthur Quelle
Arthur Quiller Couch
Arthur Quinn
Arthur R
Arthur R I|
Arthur R lgour
Arthur R Smfley
Arthur R Smiley
Arthur Ra
Arthur Ra- Eileen Labelle 689-2314 Waltham Thursday
Arthur Racine
Arthur Racine Curling
Arthur Racine Lyle
Arthur Racine Miss Bonnie Donnelly
Arthur Rackham
Arthur Rad
Arthur Radmore
Arthur Rag-
Arthur Rain-to
Arthur Ralph
Arthur Ramger
Arthur Ranger
Arthur Ranger Art Rangers Celebrate Campbell
Arthur Ranger Honored On
Arthur Rank
Arthur Rank Production I
Arthur Ranson
Arthur Raymond
Arthur Reid
Arthur Ren
Arthur Ren-
Arthur Renfrew
Arthur Rennick
Arthur Rennick Transferred
Arthur Rennison
Arthur Rennlck
Arthur Rennlikl
Arthur Reynolds
Arthur Rhys Davids
Arthur Ricard
Arthur Rice
Arthur Rice Cora McNeill Norval
Arthur Rice Passed Hygiene 1st Sta Leslie Hynes William Bell Jim Davis
Arthur Rice Raymond La’cnde Bc-bby Scott Homecraft Townaker
Arthur Richard
Arthur Richard Arnprior
Arthur Richard Leach
Arthur Richard Wellesley K.
Arthur Richard.
Arthur Richards
Arthur Richardson
Arthur Rickman
Arthur Rilfour
Arthur Rimbaud
Arthur Riscoe
Arthur Rllll
Arthur Robinson
Arthur Rochon Matfawa
Arthur Rochon Mattawa
Arthur Rock
Arthur Rod
Arthur Roebuck
Arthur Rogers
Arthur Romain
Arthur Ron-
Arthur Rose
Arthur Rosenthal
Arthur Ross
Arthur Rostrou—commodore
Arthur Rowat Cameron Rowat
Arthur Rowntree
Arthur Royer
Arthur Rrazeau
Arthur Russell
Arthur RV
Arthur S
Arthur S Wynne
Arthur Salter
Arthur Salter Comunn
Arthur Salter Drew Up Memorandum
Arthur Sarsfield
Arthur Saturday
Arthur Sauve
Arthur Schaw-low
Arthur Schieman
Arthur Schneider
Arthur Schnitzler
Arthur Sclwyn-Brown
Arthur Scott
Arthur Sec
Arthur Secretary
Arthur Seed
Arthur Seed Peas
Arthur Seguin
Arthur Selmi
Arthur Semer-
Arthur Ser-eney
Arthur Sereney
Arthur Sereny
Arthur Serges
Arthur Sewall
Arthur Seyes Inquart
Arthur Seyhold
Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Arthur Sha
Arthur Shaft
Arthur Sharpe
Arthur Shaw
Arthur Shawville
Arthur Sheasly
Arthur Sheppard
Arthur Sherburne Hardy
Arthur Shipbuilding Company
Arthur Shore
Arthur Shorten
Arthur Si
Arthur Sicard
Arthur Sicerd
Arthur Sifton
Arthur Silverstone
Arthur Sim-and
Arthur Simmonds
Arthur Simpson
Arthur Simpson Clennan
Arthur Sin
Arthur Since
Arthur Sisters
Arthur Sitton
Arthur Skipworth
Arthur Slallee
Arthur Slcard
Arthur Sly
Arthur Sm
Arthur Smart
Arthur Smart Billy Barr Hawley Wickens Robert Wilson Robert Stark
Arthur Smart R.C.A.F.
Arthur Smart St Hubert
Arthur Smart William John Samuel Spar-
Arthur Smart....................... Wm Dean
Arthur Smi-
Arthur Smilc/a
Arthur Smilcv
Arthur Smile
Arthur Smilet
Arthur Smilev
Arthur Smilev*
Arthur Smilev.
Arthur Smilev» Tndrrlnkrr
Arthur Smiley
Arthur Smiley :1
Arthur Smiley Bryson—Dr
Arthur Smiley It Hammond
Arthur Smiley Kui.
Arthur Smiley Passes Suddenly
Arthur Smiley*
Arthur Smiley-
Arthur Smileys
Arthur Smiley’s
Arthur Smith
Arthur Smlky
Arthur Smllev
Arthur Smtlev
Arthur Smyth
Arthur Smythe
Arthur Smythe Dugald Stewai
Arthur Sm|
Arthur Snnl.-y
Arthur Snyder
Arthur Sohueti
Arthur Someiville
Arthur Somer
Arthur Somer-
Arthur Somer-obden RR
Arthur Somervilb
Arthur Somerville
Arthur Somerville Gowling Chau*—Sly Mr.
Arthur Somerville My
Arthur Sommer-
Arthur Sommer-ville
Arthur Sommervilk
Arthur Sommerville
Arthur Somnivv- Mt
Arthur Sparling
Arthur Spencei
Arthur Spencer
Arthur Spiasrge
Arthur Spinks
Arthur Spinks Dies Al Sheenboro
Arthur Spngings Photo
Arthur Spngmgs
Arthur Spotswood
Arthur Spring-Rice
Arthur Sqgpsijy
Arthur Srmley
Arthur Srrsüev.
Arthur St
Arthur St Denis
Arthur St Dennis
Arthur St Jean
Arthur St.
Arthur St. Jean
Arthur Stalled
Arthur Stan
Arthur Stanley
Arthur Stanley Riggs
Arthur Stanley Smith
Arthur Steel Maitland
Arthur Steel-Maitland
Arthur Steele Su
Arthur Steinke
Arthur Step-
Arthur Stephens
Arthur Stevens
Arthur Stevenson
Arthur Stitt
Arthur Stokes
Arthur Storey
Arthur Stringer
Arthur Stringer Severely Censures
Arthur Struts Shawville
Arthur Strutt
Arthur Strutt Mrs. Nancy Hughes
Arthur Strutt Shawville
Arthur Strutt- Feminist Bora Near Frankville
Arthur Strutt........
Arthur Strutt........... John L. Hodgins
Arthur Sttch
Arthur Sturgeon
Arthur Sturgeon Que
Arthur Sturgeon-----
Arthur Sudbury
Arthur Suive
Arthur Sullivan
Arthur Sullivan—Hie Llf
Arthur Sullivan’s Life
Arthur Sumer
Arthur Summers
Arthur Summerville
Arthur Sweaters
Arthur Syd
Arthur Sydney
Arthur Sylvestre
Arthur Symthe
Arthur T
Arthur T Beaulieu 16.61
Arthur T Beaulieu 19.93
Arthur T Beaulieu 30.84
Arthur T. Beaulieu
Arthur Tache
Arthur Tache Estate
Arthur Tapner
Arthur Tarrieff
Arthur Taylor Newbold
Arthur Tedder
Arthur Telford
Arthur Ten
Arthur Tenders Wanted CARD
Arthur Tennant
Arthur Tetley
Arthur The
Arthur This
Arthur Tho
Arthur Tho-
Arthur Tho- Mr.
Arthur Tho- Mrs Cliff Garrison
Arthur Tho- Mrs Fred Fraser
Arthur Thom
Arthur Thom*
Arthur Thom- Mrs. Paul Baudreau
Arthur Thomas
Arthur Thomas A....
Arthur Thomas Anita McCrank
Arthur Thomas EQUITY
Arthur Thomas Gatineau
Arthur Thomas Miss Dawna Montgomery
Arthur Thomas Mr
Arthur Thomas Mr.
Arthur Thomas Mrs.
Arthur Thomas N.S.
Arthur Thomas Pontiac Hotel
Arthur Thomas Were Mr.
Arthur Thome#
Arthur Thompson
Arthur Thoms
Arthur Thomson
Arthur Thornes
Arthur Thos
Arthur Thrasher
Arthur Tilley
Arthur Timleck
Arthur Timmins
Arthur Tipping
Arthur Titky
Arthur Titley
Arthur Titley Mrs Arthur Tit
Arthur Tlob
Arthur TnrriefF
Arthur Tom
Arthur Torrance
Arthur Town-son
Arthur Township
Arthur Trafford
Arthur Transfers
Arthur Travers
Arthur Trem)bay
Arthur Tremblay
Arthur Trerabley
Arthur Tripp
Arthur Trudeau
Arthur Tuck
Arthur Tuck Kv-
Arthur Tuerriff
Arthur Tuirieff
Arthur Tumeff
Arthur Tun- 1
Arthur Tunbridge
Arthur Tunbridge’s
Arthur Tunieff
Arthur Tur-lieff
Arthur Tur-lst
Arthur Turcotte
Arthur Turiff
Arthur Turifl
Arthur Turk
Arthur Turneff
Arthur Turner
Arthur Turreiff
Arthur Turrieff
Arthur Turrieflf
Arthur Turrieft
Arthur Turrif
Arthur Turriff
Arthur Turriff 2nd
Arthur Turrleff
Arthur Tutreiff
Arthur Twfdle
Arthur Twidle
Arthur TWn
Arthur Tyndall
Arthur T’u
Arthur Ub
Arthur Ubbe
Arthur UbeUe
Arthur Uciv
Arthur ÜggUI
Arthur Undry
Arthur United Church Parsonage
Arthur Uttway
Arthur V Hahn
Arthur V Hahn 618
Arthur V Hahn Seafy
Arthur Va
Arthur Vaillan-
Arthur Vaillancourt
Arthur Vale
Arthur Valliere
Arthur Valllan-court
Arthur Valllancourt
Arthur VaMwell
Arthur Vean
Arthur Veck
Arthur Velc huis
Arthur Veldhuis
Arthur Veldhuise
Arthur Vellerm
Arthur Vemer
Arthur Vermet
Arthur Vf,
Arthur Vibert
Arthur Ville-hcre
Arthur Villeneuve
Arthur Villeneuve Laflamme
Arthur Villeneuve Sydney Street Belleville
Arthur Vining
Arthur Visiting
Arthur Vot-
Arthur Votary
Arthur Votcary
Arthur Voteary
Arthur Voteary Shawvllle
Arthur Voteary—Minister
Arthur Voth
Arthur Voughn Collins
Arthur Vouliot
Arthur Vowley
Arthur VV
Arthur VVelleely Peel
Arthur VX
Arthur W .lv.
Arthur W A Hodirins Himnlies
Arthur W Argue
Arthur W Armstrong
Arthur W H Corrigan 1
Arthur W Termmiello
Arthur W Voteaiy
Arthur W. Argue Yours
Arthur W. Currie
Arthur W. Magee
Arthur W. Mr.
Arthur W. Wynn
Arthur W.de
Arthur Waite
Arthur Walden
Arthur Waley
Arthur Walker
Arthur Wall
Arthur Wallace Peach
Arthur Waltham
Arthur Walton
Arthur Warren
Arthur Warren Horner
Arthur Warrington In-
Arthur Watson
Arthur Watt
Arthur WaU
Arthur Wayne Ecker
Arthur We
Arthur Webb
Arthur Webster
Arthur Weedmark
Arthur Weir
Arthur Well
Arthur Welle-ley
Arthur Wellesley
Arthur Wellington
Arthur Wellington Judd
Arthur Weormke
Arthur Wfoel-
Arthur Wheeler
Arthur Whelan
Arthur Whidden Brown
Arthur Whiston
Arthur White
Arthur Whitten Brown
Arthur Wig-
Arthur Wigand
Arthur Wigg
Arthur Wiggans
Arthur Wiggins
Arthur Wil-
Arthur Wilaon
Arthur Wiliams
Arthur William Currie
Arthur William Dagg
Arthur William McDowell
Arthur William Steuart
Arthur William*
Arthur Williams
Arthur Wils
Arthur Wilson
Arthur Wilson Hayes
Arthur Wilson January Oth
Arthur Wilson Miss Beverley Stark
Arthur Wilson Mr.
Arthur Wilson Richardson
Arthur Wilson Roy McMillan
Arthur Wils„n
Arthur Win-
Arthur Win-ronto
Arthur Windle
Arthur Wine Hlfl
Arthur Winnie
Arthur WiNon
Arthur Winslow
Arthur Wirtz
Arthur Wistaff
Arthur Wlnnington-Ingraham
Arthur Woarmka
Arthur Wocr-
Arthur Wocr-j
Arthur Wocr-mke
Arthur Wocrmkc
Arthur Wocrmke
Arthur WoemV
Arthur Woennkc Mr.
Arthur Woer-
Arthur Woer-mke
Arthur Woer-nke
Arthur Woer-|erta Wilson
Arthur Woermke
Arthur Woermke Requests
Arthur Woermkes Suppliers
Arthur Woertnke
Arthur Wolfe
Arthur Wong
Arthur Wood
Arthur Woods
Arthur Wotton
Arthur Wright
Arthur WUace
Arthur Wy-
Arthur Wyman MacKechie
Arthur Wyvorne
Arthur X iX
Arthur X<
Arthur Xflgour
Arthur XVilson
Arthur XX
Arthur Yach
Arthur Yapp
Arthur Young
Arthur Yvette Lacourse
Arthur Yvon Bertrand
Arthur |
Arthur „ Wiggins
Arthur •Freeh
Arthur) McKee
Arthur... Egan
Arthur—F W Thomas 1
Arthur—W H Corrigan. Timothy seed—J J Hodgins
Arthur’s Block
Arthur’s Sisters
Asa Horner
Asa N Jean Horner Rhone
Ashle Draper
Ashley Draper
At Henry Horner’s
At Wyman Concludes Miss Marjorie Judd
Augustus Draper
Augutus Draper
Austin Clarke Arthur Wigg
Austin Clarke Fred Hutchison Motion
Auto Mr. Arthur G. Lea
B C Horner
B Horner
B. Brownlee
B. D Norris E. Horner Clothier
B. Horner
B. Judd
Bal- da Brownlee
Ball Messrs Keith Horner
Barbara Ann Brownlee
Barbara Ann Draper
Barbara Brownlee
Barbara Horner
Barbara Horner 458-2152 Véhiculés
Barbara Horner Joyce Newberry
Barbara Horner’s
Barbara I*w« Brownlee
Barber & Brownlee
Barber ............ Motion
Barber 3. Horner 2
Barber and Brownlee
Barber and Brownlee Minutes
Barber and Crs
Barber and Crs Duff
Barber and Crs Gilpin
Barber and Judd
Barber and Mrs. Norris Horner
Barber Arnott Horner
Barber Brownlee
Barber Judd
Barber Marty Brownlee Jett
Barber............. F A Horner................ H irry Wallace
Barber; Kenneth Brownlee
Barclay Horner
Bargains Norris B. Horner Clothier
Barr Motion Cr
Barrie Draper
Barrie Murray Darlene Judd
Barry Arthur
Barry Arthur Sprigings
Barry Beverley Draper
Barry Bradley Motion
Barry Deeks Motion Crs H Wickens
Barry Draper
Barry Draper Melvin
Barry Draper Phone
Barry Draper To
Barry Draper-Guardian
Barry Draper’s
Barry Draper’s Willow Hill Marty
Barry Horner
Barry Horner JN90TC
Barry Horner Bernard Armilage
Barry Horner Residents
Barry La# Horner
Barry Marty Brownlee
Barry T Draper
Barry Truman Draper
Basil J Judd
Bay Hugh Clifford Horner High Clifford Eadei
Bay Judd—Tn
Bay Rev. Arthur Wilkins
Beatrice Horner
Beattie’s Eye Service Motion
Beck Opal Horner
Beckwith Mrs Lois Judd
Beechgrove Norman Horner
Bella Draper
Bella Horner
Belle Horner
Ben and Margaret Judd
Ben Draper
Ben Horner
Ben Horner |2
Ben Judd
Ben Judd -
Ben Judd Apply
Ben Judd Catherine
Ben Judd OPEN
Ben Judd Wounded
Ben Judd.
Benjamin Este Judd
Benjamin H. Judd
Benjamin Judd
Benjamin Judd Dies
Benjamin Judd |
Benjamin Judd.
Benjamin Ronald Judd.
Benny Horner
Bern Brownlee
Bernard Horner
Bernice Draper
Bert Anne Brownlee
Bert Horner
Berta Draper
Bertie Horner
Beryl Horner
Beta Draper
Beth Brownlee
Beth Iby Mrs> Arthur Hodgins
Beth Young Brownlee
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Betty Brownlee
Betty Brownlee Lang St.
Betty Brownlee OTC
Betty Brownlee-Club
Betty Gladys Marilyn Brownlee
Betty Horner
Betty Horner Qf
Betty Judd Robertson
Betty Lou Brownlee
Betty Louella Compeau Weds Boyd James Brownlee OBITUARIES Mrs.
Betty Van Donna Draper
Betty-Lou Brownlee
Bev Draper
Bev Sharpe Andy Horner and Nancy
Beverley Anne Campbell Weds John Arthur McNeill Grains
Beverley Draper
Beverly Draper
Beverly Draper Bernice Draper
Bill 7-2791 Horner
Bill 7-3722 Horner
Bill Angus Boyd Brownlee Myrna Dahms Deanna Frost Joseph Greer Lillian Kirkham Hazel McMillan Wilso
Bill Brownlee
Bill Horner
Bill Horner Al
Bill Horner Chelmsford
Bill Horner Morrison-l
Bill Motion--Crs
Billie Horner
BILLS—Motion Sly Graham
Billy Brownlee
Billy Horner
Billy Horner Harwood Dougherty
Billy Horner Single Carriage—Newton Lewis 1
Billy Horner.. Stewart Kehoe
Billy) Horner
Birdie Judd
Birdie Judd 3. Clam III
Birdie Thompson Mrs Janet Horner
Bishop Horner
Bison Brownlee
Blake Carson Councillor# Arthur#
Blake Draper
Blakely Draper
Blalely Draper
Block W Motion Crs
Bob and Laurel Smith Benjamin Ronald Judd Ben
Bob Horner
Bob Horner Master Bobby Atkinson
Bob Horner Young
Bob Horner’s Bud Pershing
Bob Judd
Bob Nicholas Mrs Emmerson Horner
Bob Tracy Barry Draper
Bobby Horner
Bonnie Horner
Bonnie McGuire Motion
Borry Homer Barry Horner
Bourgeau Jordan Horner
Boyd & Betty Lou Brownlee
Boyd & Betty Lou Brownlee Shawville
Boyd and Betty Lou Brownlee
Boyd Barber, Betty Brownlee
Boyd Brownlee
Boyd Brownlee - Mobile Spraying
Boyd Brownlee Laminating
Boyd Brownlee Shawviile
Bp-, Horner
Brad RtUph-Joson Judd
Breads Horner
Brenda Arthur.
Brenda Brownlee
Brenda Clarence Horner
Brenda Horner
Brenda Judd
Brenda Murray Draper
Brennan Caldwell Bristol Arthur Thomas Minn Ignore Cirant
Brent 7-3770 Horner
Brent Corrigan Dan Proulx Matt Horner Ed Rusenstrom
Brent Dagenris Horner
Brent Hobbs Billy Hodgins Shirley Howard Adaline Judd Dorothy Judd Jack Kehoe 463
Brent Horner
Brent Horner al Ball Game
Brent Horner Another Shawville
Brent Horner Deadline
Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Ad/Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager » Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor K
Brent Horner Evelyn
Brent Horner Farlane
Brent Horner Furnace Sales
Brent Horner If
Brent Horner J Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Brent Horner Larivière Ever-growing
Brent Horner Neil Sharpe Claire Lunam Jean Smith Ann Taylor Richard Wills Maurice J King Rockburn
Brent Horner Prices
Brent Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Brent Horner TELEPHONE
Brent Horner Tnere
Brent Horner Vite
Brent Horner’s Excess Profit
Brent Horner’s Miss Abbe Volo
Brent Horner’s Suzy Sunshine
Brian & Dianne Judd
Brian Brownlee
Brian Horner
Brian Judd
Brian Judd .Elwvn Lang
Brian Judd 275.00
Brian Judd 647-2691
Brian Judd 647-2691 Well
Brian Judd 647-3317
Brian Judd and Blake Barr
Brian Judd Backhoe Service
Brian Judd Backhoe Service Beauty
Brian Judd Backhoe Service TOPSOIL
Brian Judd Backhow
Brian Judd Clarendon
Brian Judd Election
Brian Judd L
Brian Judd PhHIas Jean-Marie Club Uen
Brian Judd Philias
Brian Judd)
Brian Judd.
Brian Judd................. Renfrew
Brian Motion Crs Dagg
Brian Motion Crs Duff
Brian Russett Sidney Tubman
Brian Thornes Judd
Brian Tubman Steve Forber Barry Horner 647-5973
Brock A Friend J I John E. Horner Edward Smiley
Bron-Motion Crs
Bronson Motion Robinson
Bros, Mr. Hugh Horner
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Eli
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Mrs
Brough W G Y Corrigan W H Corrigan Arthur Dagg El
Brown Bantam Chick»—Ral Horner
Brown Horner
Brown John H Brownlee CATTLE
Brown Leg- Motion
Brown Lloyd Brownlee
Brown Motion
Brown Owl Mrs. Arthur Lalonde
Brownlee 2. >.mi Armstrong 2
Brownlee Agriculture
Brownlee Alex N.
Brownlee Arundel
Brownlee Barber and Mrs. Fred Russell
Brownlee Chamberlain
Brownlee Dean
Brownlee Dies
Brownlee Horner
Brownlee J D ln8.
Brownlee J J Turner 3.
Brownlee Keeiey Graham
Brownlee Lloyd Elliott.... Cnester Walsh
Brownlee M R McGuire
Brownlee Memorial
Brownlee Mitchell Mackenzie Carol Marie
Brownlee Mrs. A. McKay Mrs.
Brownlee R R 1
Brownlee Russell Bennett
Brownlee Shawville Que
Brownlee Si Son
Brownlee V Edward Gordon Brownlee
Brownlee Verna
Brownlee We
Bruce 7-2846 Horner
Bruce Draper
Bruce Elliott..... Keith Horner
Bruce Horner
Bruce Horner 67.3
Bruce Judd
Bruce Judd 647- Interventlon
Bruce Judd and Bruce Hayes
Bruce Judd Defence
Bruce Judd Four
Bruce Judd Height
Bruce Judd John Hodgins
Bruce Judd.
Bruce Plicated Mr. Arthur Dufault
Bruce Te!-feet Andy Horner 647-5212
Brwco Russell Judd
Bryan Alexander Bryan Arblc Helen Black Denali Brownlee John Carmichael James Dods Robert Fairfield
Bryan Brownlee
Bryan Judd
Bryan Keith Brownlee
Buck - Brian Brownlee
Buck- D.D.O.M. Arthur Williams
Bud Eilictt Goidon Stewart Motion Crs
Bud Horner
Bud Moyra Horner
Buddy Horner
Buderick Horner
Buggy J Miss Margaret Brownlee
bull—1 W J Horner
Burke Crs
Burke Motion Crs
Burke’ Lloyd Brownlee
Burroughs J. J. Caldwell Norman Brownlee 4.00
Buster Draper
By Mrs. Earl Findlay Arthur Thomas
Byron A. Horner
Byron Barr Robert Bertrand Ed Brazeau Lucy Brownlee Mr.
Byron Horner
Byron Horner Eminerson Richardson
Byron Horner X Horn
Byron Horner’s
Byron Marti- Winnifred Draper
Byron Motion Cr
C A Horner
C A Judd
C H Horner
C hairman Leonard Horner
C Hodgins 3. Pullet—Norval Horner 1
C J Toner...... W Horner
C. Brownlee
C. Horner
C.T. Brownlee (Jr Holstein Sat
Cal Cummings Sr. Judd
Call 647-3334 Boyd Brownlee
Cameron - Mr Lloyd Horner
Campbell Brownlee
Campbell Draper
Campbell Draper—That
Campbell Joseph A. Steele Motion Councillors
Campbell’s Bsv Arthur Kilgour
Canada Motion
Captain Arthur White
Car- Motion Crs Jeannine Motion Crs Claude Rich- R
Carl Dale Wilbur Horner Wm
Carl Horner
Carl Horner Chisnell
Carl Horner’
Carl Ostrom Leonard Horner
Carl Tubman Motion Crs Carmen
Carl Wilbur Horner Dale
Carmel McAndrew Warren Horner
Carmen Brownlee
Carmen Burke Motion
Carmen Horner
Carmen Motion
Carmen Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Carmen Wickens Jean Judd Horner
Carmen Wickens Motion Crs Claude Rich- Under
Carmen Wickens Motion Crs Jeannine Letter
Carol Draper
Carol Horner
Carol Judd
Caroline Draper
Caroline Judd
Carolyn Draper
Carolyn Draper--------
Carried Motion Commr
Carried Motion Crs
Carried Motion Graham
Carroll Horner
Carroll Motion July
Carryl Horner
Carson W H Howard H A McCoy Valuators Motion Councillors St
Casey Judd
Cath- Hugh Horner
Catherine A.Brownlee
Catherine Ann Draper
Catherine BJ Horner
Catherine Brownlee
Catherine Caldwell Leslie Horner
Catherine Horner
Catherine Horner Each
Catherine Horner Myers
Catherine Horner This
Catherine Horner-647-2353.
Catherine Judd
Catherine Judd Irene Catherine Judd
Catherine Judd.
Catherine Woodley Horner
CDotv X Carried Arthur Labelle
Cecil Brownlee
Cecil John Arthur Howard
Cedi Brownlee
Cedric Crs Cedric Elliott
Cedric El- Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Cedric Judd
Cedric Motion Crs Richardson
Cedrick Judd
Celia Brownlee
Cfn Russell Judd
Chairman Mr. Arthur Dagg
Chapel Funeral Brownlee
Charle* Arthur
Charles Albert Draper
Charles Albert Draper I .
Charles Albert Edgar Draper
Charles and Danny Judd
Charles Arthur
Charles Brownlee
Charles Chamberlain Motion Crs
Charles F. Horner
Charles Horner
Charles Judd
Charles Judd.
Charles Main 4T Ralph Horner
Charles Mc-Wiibur Horner
Charles Mohr Mrs. Iva Brownlee
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Charles Motion
Charles Philip Arthur George
Charles Pil- Joanne Brownlee
Charles Pirie • Louis Judd Memorial
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Charles Russell Judd
Charlie Judd
Charlie Judd Bradley
Charlie Judd.
Charlie McDowell Wendy Elliott Mrs. Melvin Smith Timmy Hodgins Mrs. Robert Russett Mr Arthur
Charlie Taylor Marty Brownlee
Charlotte Brownlee
Char’es Tuber..... Hugh Horner........ Robt
Chesley Horner
Cheslyn Horner
Chester Brownlee
Chesterfield Suites Norris R. Horner
Chestyn Horner
Chickens—W J Horner 1
Chief Harvey Wilson-Inspector PRO-MAYOR - Cr A. Brown Motion Os Grant
Chinois Motion
Chris & Jeannie Judd
Chris & Jeannie Judd Trophy
Chris & Jeonnie Judd
Chris Brownlee
Chris Brownlee Candace Griffin
Chris Brownlee V/V
Chris Chcvali-with Jacob Draper
Chris Horner Bros,
Chris Judd
Chris Judd -
Chris Judd - Quebec Farmers
Chris Judd 0
Chris Judd 271
Chris Judd 647-
Chris Judd 647-3362
Chris Judd 647-5966
Chris Judd 647-5966 Ruth Strutt
Chris Judd 647-5966 SAT.
Chris Judd and Benson Moffatt
Chris Judd Corporation
Chris Judd Denise Dowe
Chris Judd Description
Chris Judd Founded
Chris Judd Hall
Chris Judd HEAVY
Chris Judd II
Chris Judd Il
Chris Judd Institute
Chris Judd July
Chris Judd Mise
Chris Judd Moved
Chris Judd Northern Truck Pullers
Chris Judd Quires
Chris Judd Raw
Chris Judd related
Chris Judd Robert Middlemiss
Chris Judd Roland ValHère GartWd Hobbs David Lafoode James Stewart Julius Rozgal MarcAmyot
Chris Judd Roland Valllére Garfield Hobbs David Lalonde James Stewart Julius Pozgai MarcAmyot
Chris Judd Seat
Chris Judd Secretary-Treas.
Chris Judd Senior Champion Female Edwin Plrle A Son
Chris Judd Thank
Chris Judd That
Chris Judd Total
Chris Judd U
Chris Judd UP
Chris Judd Visiting Mrs James Ostrom
Chris Judd- Total
Chris Judd-overall
Chris Judd’s
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Derek Frobel Marty Brownlee
Chris Mocmtyre Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Marly Brownlee Chad Routliffe Derek Frobei
Chris Motion
Chris Sidney
Chris ¦ Judd
Chrissy Draper
Christ-1 Marion Judd
Christine Brownlee
Christine Draper
Christine Émond Lapointe Magician - Darell McCorriston Deer|na Arthur _
Christopher Brownlee
Christopher Draper
Christopher Irvin Louis Judd
Christopher Irvine Louis Judd
Christopher Judd
Christopher Judd John Judd Margaret Kilgour
Christopher Judd.
Christopher Motion
Cindy Brownlee
Cindy Draper
Cindy Judd
Circulations V Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Cirried Motion
Citizenship Mrs. Gerald Diaper Education Mrs. Keith Brownlee
Claim* Norris E. Horner
Claire Brownlee
Claire Draper
Claire Hamilton Motion
Claire Horner
Claire Lunam Thomas Ronald Horner Peacefully
Claire Mc- Chris Judd
Claire Mildred Horner
Clara Brownlee
Clara Draper
Clara Horner
Clara Mi<s Winnifred Horner
Clare Horner
Claren- Scott Judd
Clarence 7-2848 Horner
Clarence 7-3749 Horner
Clarence Brownlee
Clarence Brownlee Harold
Clarence Brownlee Mrs. Sam Woods
Clarence Brownlee’s Holstein
Clarence Draper
Clarence G Brownlee.
Clarence Gilbert Brownlee
Clarence Horner
Clarence Horner Archie Johnson Clinton Palmer
Clarence Horner I
Clarence Horner,---
Clarence Horner,---- Orval Smart
Clarence Horner........
Clarence I Horner
Clarence Motion Crs Brownlee
Clarence T Brownlee
Clarence T# Brownlee R.R.l SHAWVILLE
Clarence T* Brownlee
Clarence T. Brownlee
Clarence T. Brownlee John L. Hodgins
Clarence T. Brownlee R
Clarence T. Brownlee R R 1
Clarence T. Brownlee R.R.l Shawvilie
Clarence Thomas Brownlee
Clark Horner
Clarke Brownlee
Clarke Horner
Claude Godin Motion Crs G Hodgins
Claude H Horner Rev
Claude Harley Horner
Claude Horner
Claude Motion Crs Claude Rich-Richardson
Claude Motion Crs D
Claude Motion Crs Jeannine Wickens Cedric Elliott
Claude Pois- Police Norman Horner
Claude Rich-Motion
Claude Richardson Crs Horner
Claude Richardson Judd
Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Claude Richardson VISA Motion
Claudette Horner
Clay Horner
Clay Horner 2
Clay Horner Steven Jodoin
Clay Horner’s
Clemence Albert Arthur Miller
Cliff Horner
Cliff Judd
Clifford Arthur
Clifford Bomen Brownlee
Clifford Brownlee
Clifford Draper
Clifford Horner
Clifford Horner -
Clifford Horner.....
Clifford Stewart Mrs. Arthur C. Pigott 0. Cecil
Clr Edgar Motion
Clr Judd
Clrs Maurice Motion
Clyde Stallion—J A Horner
Clyde—W J Horner 1
Clyne Horner
Co-ordinator - Lucy Brownlee
Coach Allan Horner
Cole Brownlee
Colette Blain Journalist Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales
com-1 Motion Mrs. McMillan
Commissioners Lee Hodgins Leonard Horner
Commissioners Truman Draper
Conductor Ermine Brownlee
Conductor Ruby Brownlee
Constable Arthur
Constable B C Horner
Constable Norman Horner QPP.
Contractor Legionnaire Russell Judd
Contractor Russell Judd
Controller Arthur
Corey Brownlee
Cornwall Mrs. Lillian Horner XValteis
Corporal Dean G Brownlee
Corrigan Mrs. Clarence Brownlee
Corrigan “ Lois Horner
Corrigan........ Leonard Horner.......
Cory Brownlee
Cotie Motion Crs
Councillor James Judd
Councillor Leonard KEITH HORNER’S
Councillors Barber and Judd
Councillors Horner
Councillors Joyce Draper
Councillors Kenneth Draper
Councillors Lee Hod-Horner
Councilors Boyd Clr Judd
Count Arthur
CpI. Leslie Horner
Cpl Eric Judd
Cr D Dubue Hanson Horner
Cr G Hodgins Motion
Cr G Motion Crs L Wilson
Cr Horner
Cr J Horner
Cr Russell Judd
Craig Con Motion Cr Brown
Cri G Crs G Hodgins
Crs A Bennett
Crs A Bennett Lapierre Pedlar People Ltd
Crs Alexander
Crs Alexander Cain
Crs Alexander Farrell
Crs Alexander Martineau
Crs Alexander Young
Crs Amo Bretzlaff
Crs Andfuw Bennett
Crs Andrew
Crs Andrew Bennett
Crs Andrew Bennett 6:15
Crs Andrew Bennett Lindsay
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Crs Andrew Gerard Joanisse
Crs Arno
Crs Arno Brctzlaff
Crs Arno Bretzlaff
Crs Arno Hretzlaff
Crs Atkinson
Crs B Armât
Crs B Armltage
Crs B Murphy
Crs Baker
Crs Barber
Crs Barber Seat 1
Crs Barber.
Crs Beattie Henderson
Crs Bennett
Crs Bernard Ar
Crs Bernard Ar-I Motion Crs Bernard Armi-mitage
Crs Bernard Arm-1
Crs Bernard Armi-and William O Reilly
Crs Bernard Armi-Gerard Joanisse Motion
Crs Bernard Armi-tagc
Crs Bernard Armi-tge
Crs Bernard Armit-age
Crs Bernard Armitage
Crs Bernard r
Crs Black
Crs Black Hayes
Crs Bretzlaff
Crs Brown
Crs Bruce
Crs Bruce Crs Gendron
Crs Bruce in8 Wo
Crs Bruce Ministry
Crs Bruce Sauvageau
Crs Burke
Crs Burke Poupore
Crs C Betty Foran
Crs C Richardson
Crs C Roy
Crs C Stanley
Crs C Township
Crs C Wickens
Crs C Wkkens
Crs Cain Pellerin
Crs Campbell
Crs Campbell Caldwell
Crs Carmen
Crs Carmen Wick-ens
Crs Carmen Wickens
Crs Carmen Wk-kens
Crs Cecil L Letts
Crs Clarke
Crs Cole
Crs Cone
Crs Cotie
Crs Craig
Crs D Fulford
Crs Dagg
Crs Dagg Young
Crs Dale
Crs Davies
Crs De
Crs Deaebrais
Crs Delbert Zacharias
Crs Desabrah
Crs Desabrais
Crs Desabrals
Crs Desabrals Murphy
Crs Desahrais
Crs Donald
Crs Duncan Stevenson
Crs E Elliott
Crs E Elliott.
Crs E McCann
Crs E Smiley
Crs Edgar Lance
Crs Eiswald Essiambre
Crs Elliott
Crs Emerson
Crs Emmcrson
Crs Eraser
Crs Fahey
Crs Farrell
Crs Farrell Alexander
Crs Farrell Cain
Crs Farrell Dagg
Crs Farrell Martineau
Crs Farrell Martine»
Crs Farrell Robert
Crs Farrell Vallille
Crs Farrell Vallillee
Crs Findlay
Crs Fitzsimmons Grant
Crs Fraser
Crs Fraser Davis
Crs G
Crs G Hod
Crs G Hodgins
Crs G Hodgins & Richardson
Crs G Hodgins Labelle
Crs G McCallum
Crs G Mr Don Lavallee
Crs G rant-Henderson
Crs G Tracy
Crs Garth Tracy
Crs Garth Tracy Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Crs Gary Hodgins
Crs Gennett
Crs Gerald Hayes
Crs Gerard
Crs Gerard Joannisse
Crs Gordon Smith
Crs Grant
Crs Grant Chamberlain
Crs Grant Connolly
Crs Grant Henderson
Crs Grant Judd
Crs Grant Marks
Crs Gray
Crs Greer
Crs Gregory
Crs H Wickens
Crs Hanna Grant
Crs Hanna-Macfarlane
Crs Harris
Crs Hayes
Crs Henderson
Crs Henderson Fitz*im
Crs Henderson Grant
Crs Henderson Marks
Crs Henderson Orr
Crs Hobbs
Crs Homer
Crs Howard
Crs Howard A. O. Hades
Crs I
Crs I Hayes
Crs Irwin Hayes
Crs J .1 McCallum
Crs J J
Crs J J Carried
Crs J J Mc(
Crs J J Mc-Caflum
Crs J J McCal-im
Crs J J McCal-lum
Crs J J McCal-| Council
Crs J J McCalium
Crs J J McCall
Crs J J McCall*
Crs J J McCalli Kenneth Farrell
Crs J J McCallum
Crs J J McCallum Rec Gen
Crs J J McCallum Wilmar Male
Crs J J McCalluml South
Crs J J McCallupi
Crs J J Md-Callum
Crs J J MeCallum
Crs J J MeCallum Minutes
Crs J J Miss Catherine Murphy
Crs J J. McCallum
Crs J L Hodgins 0
Crs J. J
Crs Joan-msse
Crs Joannisse
Crs Johnston
Crs Judd
Crs J„ J
Crs K W
Crs K Wilson
Crs Kennedy
Crs Kenneth Farrell Ryan Tanguay
Crs Kmmerson
Crs L
Crs L Hanna
Crs L McCann
Crs L Motion Crs D Fulford
Crs L MtfTann
Crs L Roy
Crs L Telford
Crs L Telford Hobbs
Crs L Wilaon
Crs L Wilson
Crs Lang
Crs Lang Carmen Wickens
Crs Leonard Roy
Crs Leonard Roy and Ron Dagg
Crs Leonard Roy.
Crs Lewis
Crs Lloyd Hensley
Crs Lloyd Kensley
Crs Lough-Merchant
Crs M
Crs M Richardson
Crs M Young
Crs Ma
Crs Marks Henderson
Crs Martin
Crs Martin Dowe
Crs Maurice Essiambre
Crs McCredie
Crs McKay
Crs Muldoon Young
Crs Municipality
Crs Murdock Russell
Crs Murdoek Henderson
Crs Murphy
Crs Murphy Motion
Crs Murray
Crs N Dunlop R. Gray
Crs O Eades Eades
Crs O Reilly
Crs Orla Young
Crs Pitt
Crs Quenneville
Crs Richardson
Crs Richardson CLD
Crs Richardson Cr
Crs Richardson George Coles
Crs Richardson UMRCQ
Crs Robinson
Crs Roger Larose
Crs Romain
Crs Ryan Tanguay
Crs Schwartz
Crs Smiley
Crs Smiley Young
Crs Smith
Crs Smith Iris Smith
Crs Steele
Crs Stevens
Crs Stewart
Crs Tabei Biehler Mr. Dixon
Crs Telford
Crs Theodore
Crs Theodore Richard
Crs Thomas
Crs Thomas - Crs Mavis Hanna
Crs Thomas Be
Crs Thomas Belair
Crs Thomas Bruce Armitage
Crs Thomas Fahey
Crs Thomas Rigid Frame
Crs Thomas S1010.90
Crs Thomas Uelair
Crs Tom Fa
Crs Tom Fa- Gérard
Crs Trudeau
Crs Voting
Crs Voting Farrell
Crs W Racine
Crs Walsh Grant
Crs Whelen Grant
Crs Wiggins
Crs William
Crs Wilson
Crs Y
Crs Yach
Crs Young
Crs Young Cain
Crs Young Farrell
Crs* Wilson
Crs.K. Wilson
Curtis Manager Elwyn Brownlee
Cushman Weds John Jason Brownlee
Cynthia Draper
Cynthia Draper Warden— Mrs. Irene
C’fn Russell Judd C’fn
C’umr McLeod Motion John W. Brant
D. Horner
D. Judd
D.ymk Frances Jane Marcella Horner
Da-Jo-Anne Brownlee
Dagg Alf Draper
Dagg Fred A. Horner
Dahms Nureen Shore May Murray Pte John Brough Pte Ben Judd Chester Prendergast Bruce Horner C
Dale & Scott Judd 2]
Dale 2. Arthur Somerville 3. Class IV
Dale Alf Draper
Dale Draper-That
Dale Frasers Clothes Shop Chester Walsh Dr. Bruce Horner Producers Dairy
Dale Horner
Dale Miss Mary Brownlee Other Places Cecil Wallace
Dale Motion
Dale Mr. Robert Judd
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale Thomson Motion Crs
Dame Janet Draper
Dame Nancy Horner
Dame Ruth Horner
Dan Gravelle Nicole Draper
Dan Mac Arthur
Dan Motion
Dan Whitford Mitch Horner
Dane Horner
Danial Brownlee
Daniel Arthur
Daniel Draper
Daniel Motion Cr Dagg
Daniel Step- Carried Motion Os
Daniella Horner
Danny Judd
Danny McCallum Labour Motion
Dany Dean Horner
Darleen Judd
Darlene Horner
Darlene Judd
Darryl Horner
Darryl Judd
Daryl Horner
Dave Draper
Dave Horner
Dave Lunam DRAPER Lome
Dave Monday Night Men’s Draper
David Arthur Quaile
David Brownlee
David Coles Denzil Brownlee Memo- Aggregate Score
David Crs
David Dickson Noms Robert Horner
David Draper
David Draper J. Grade
David Frederick Arthur Oldham
David Graham Horner
David Horner
David Horner 033
David Horner 401
David Horner I
David Horner Photo
David Horner Si
David Horner’s
David In Arthur
David J A Horner
David Mc-Brian Brownlee
David McCrediè Arthur I>de’lan
David Miller Arthur Shore
David Moore Ryan Judd
David Motion
David Samuel Horner
David Susan Horner
David T Brownlee
David Truman Draper
David Walsh Samuel Horner
Davis Cotie Horner Findlay Residence Owner Horse Pembroke Cecile Proud
Dawn Horner
Dclmar Draper
De Motion
Deacon Sidney 8. Brown
Dean Arthur
Dean Horner
Dean Horner Darron Bruce Travis Yach Nick Greenshields Clancey Keon Bradley Pearson Alexis Gauthier
Debbie Brownlee
Debbie Draper
Debbie Erfle Ültâïr IE Pattie Horner
Debbie Horner
Debbie Judd
Deborah Horner Elliott
Debra Arthur»
Debra Draper
December Crs Carmen Wickens
Den-zil Brownlee
Denis Horner
Denis# Beiec Moyra Horner
Dennis Motion Crs Pitt
Denzil Brownlee
Derek Sheppard Christina Hall Robin Judd
Deve Moore Glenn Brownlee
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Di Judd
Diana Brownlee
Diana Draper
Dianah Brownlee
Diane Draper
Diane Draper-Drummond
Diane Judd
Diane Judd Club
Diane Judd Lanois
Diane Judd Tubman
Diane Judd.
Diane P Judd
Dianna Opal Horner
Dianne 416-
Dianne Draper
Dianne Draper Cathy Kennedy
Dianne Judd
Dianne Judd 647-2691
Dianne Judd 647-2695
Dianne Judd 647-2696
Dianne Judd August
Dianne Judd Jim
Dianne M Judd
Dianne P Judd
Dianne P. Judd
Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Dobbra Calf Norval Horner Bill Hanna
Doc Horner
Doctor Horner
Dog Leona Horner
Don Brownlee
Don Brownlee Interim
Don Denzil Brownlee
Don Horner
Don Horner’s
Don Motion
Don Motion Crs Carmen Lake
Don Murray Patricia Owens Good Western Motion Crs
Don Paul Weds Shirley Horner At St
Don Wilson Arthur Rice
Donald Arthur
Donald Arthur Rat*
Donald Arthur Seymour
Donald Asa Horner
Donald Brownlee
Donald Draper
Donald Duff Motion Crs Orr
Donald Horner
Donald Horner 2
Donald Horner Sec.
Donald Horner Workshops
Donald Horner’s Silver Maple Betsy True Tell
Donald Marian McCel- Judd s
Donald Miss Marie Susie Brownlee
Donald Motion
Donald Motion Cr L Roy
Donald S Ladysmith Judd
Donald S. Ladysmith Judd
Donations Eric Judd Olrl
Donna Brownlee
Donna Doris Draper
Donna Doris Draper Marries Frederick Provost
Donna Draper
Donna G Horner
Donna Gail Horner
Donna Horner
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donna Judd
Donnie Brownlee
Donnie Draper
Donnie Horner
Donnie Motion
Dons Judd
Doreen Arthur
Doris Barber Marie Cartman Marcella Cole Marie Brownlee Jean Cutbbertson Evelyn Dagg Marion Hodgins
Doris DeGuire Elizabeth Horner
Doris Horner
Doris Judd
Doris Judd - Esther Dakin
Doris Judd Fift
Doris Judd K. S.—Mr*
Doris Judd Miss Ruth Dods Mr. Nellis Hodgins Mrs.
Doris Judd Mrs Lloyd Stevens
Doris Judd PDPP
Doris Judd Photo
Doris Judd PNG
Doris Judd.
Dorn Judd
Dorothy Fisher Herbert Arthur Armstrong
Dorothy Horner
Dorothy Horner Lynn
Dorothy Horner Surtees
Dorothy Jean Horner
Dorothy Judd
Dorris Judd
Doug Arthur
Doug Horner
Doug Horner Doubles
Douglas Horner
Douglas Mac Arthur
Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich- Fulford
Dove Moore A* Sport* Shawville Motion
Dr E B Horner
Dr E B. Horner
Dr. Sidney Sheppard Paul Bretzlaff Seat 2
Dr. Arthur
Dr. Arthur H. Bulbulian
Dr. Arthur H. Compton
Dr. Bruce 7-2268 Horner
Dr. Bruce 7-2616 Horner
Dr. Bruce Horner
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Canted W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Com
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phono Motion Cl*
Dr. Bruce Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd Phone
Dr. Bruce Horner W.Î
Dr. Bruce Horner’s
Dr. E B Horner
Dr. E Bruce Horner
Dr. Ebert Judd
Dr. Henry Argue Alex Horner George Palmer
Dr. Horner
Dr. W Judd
Dr. Wallace Horner
Dr. Wilson Judd
Drama Richard Widmark Sidney Poitier
Drama Richard Widmark Sidney Poitier Motion Crs Brownlee
Draper , M. Hayes
Draper A Birthday Banquet
Draper Chelmsford
Draper Davidson
Draper Education- Mrs
Draper Funeral Chapel
Draper Funeral Home
Draper Gilbert
Draper Herb Gibson SHAWVILLE Secy
Draper In
Draper Kargus
Draper Knox
Draper Music
Draper November
Draper Office—Hayes
Draper Ottawa
Draper Perth
Draper Ramsay
Draper Stanley
Draper Tessie
Draper The
Draper Wallace
Draper- Leadership
Dressed Doll- Brenda Horner
Dumas William Acres A. Horner
Duncan B Draper
Duncan Draper
Dvmmmhé Mita Marian Horner
Dwight Me- 2. B C. Horner
E E E E Phone 43 E E E B Norris R. Horner Clothier
E E Judd
E G Motion
E Horner
E Horner Campbell
E Judd
E McDowell Hugh Horner
E Russell Judd.
E. Brownlee
E. Horner
E. Judd
E./ K Motion Cr
E;la Judd’s
Earl Arthur
Earl Brownlee
Earl De- Horner
Earl Devine V Motion
Earl Draper
Earl Gar- Horner
Earl Hodgins Motion Crs
Earl Horner
Earl Horner 1
Earl Horner 2. Grade
Earl Horner and Dawson Armstrong
Earl Horner Dies After Lengthy Illness
Earl Horner Miss Blanch Oration
Earl Horner’s Gracie Clay
Earl Motion Cr
Earl Motion Crs Smith
Earl Motion Lr
Earle Brownlee
Eason Horner
Ebert Horner
Ebert Horner Kenneth Armitage Clayton Campbell Lee Hodgins Theodore Morin Clarence Dabms Hillis Tho
Ebert Judd
Eckford Plaque Leonard Horner Trophy
Ed Brownlee
Ed Horner
Ed Judd
Ed- Emma Horner
Eddie Draper
Eddie Motion
Edey R.J. Hamilton Alex Horner John J Horner
Edgar Brownlee
Edgar Crs Ct‘cil Leonard Letts
Edgar Draper
Edgar Horner
Edgar Lance Crs Cecil
Edgar Leslie Horner
Edith Caldwell Miss Berta Draper
Edith Draper
Edith Draper Gray
Edith Draper I
Edith Draper Wv
Edith Horner
Edith Judd Sanderson She
Edith Moyhew Compbel Arthur Mayhew
Editor Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Edmund Horner
Edna Draper
Edna Horner
Education Mrs K Draper
Edward Benoit ............. Arthur Pellerin............ Andrew Mulligan............ Geo
Edward Brownlee
Edward Brownlee 2. Pen
Edward Brownlee 3..
Edward Brownlee$
Edward Bruce Horner
Edward Highway Motion—
Edward Hod-gins John Brownlee
Edward Hodgins Motion
Edward Horner
Edward Judd
Edward Kelly Motion Cr Ireland
Edward Kelly’s tender Motion Cr Tubman
Edward Motion
Edward Smiley,------ Arthur Dagg
Edward Thomas Brownlee
Edward Whelan Richard Richardson Nathaniel Brownlee John Brown Thomas Prendergast Robert Prendergas
Edward William Arthur
Edwin Alexander Motion Councillors Ar$
Eg- Mrs. W J. Horner St Family
Eileen Brownlee
Eileen McRae Vera Meredith Shirley Scott Lise Boivin Barbara Horner Linda F
Eiwood Brownlee
El-wood Brownlee
Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner 2
Elaine Horner Honoured Miss Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner Youngest
Elaine Horner.
Elaine Richardson Dianne Judd
Elayne Horner
Eldnd Horner
Eldon Brownlee
Eleanor Brownlee
Eleanor Horner
Eleanor Horner Weds Robert Graham At United Church
Eleanor Judd
Elion Brownlee
Eliza Ann Brownlee
Elizabeth Brownlee
Elizabeth Chamber- Dorothy Horner
Elizabeth Dawn Draper Elizabeth Dawn
Elizabeth Draper
Elizabeth Farrell Motion Crs Malette
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur La
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Arthur Labelle Mrs Hannah Zacharias
Elizabeth Horner
Elizabeth Judd
Ella Horner Mrs Myrtle Harris
Ella Judd
Ella Rosa Anna Judd
Ella Rose Ann Judd
Elle Judd
Ellen Draper
Ellen Horner
Ellen Horner 3827/ L
Ellen Horner 691**
Ellen Horner For
Ellen Place Motion Crs Richardson Tracy
Elliott Amot Horner
Elliott Clifford Horner
Elliott Clifford Horner ....... Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner ........ Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner.....
Elliott Clifford Horner....... Mrs Chris.
ELLIOTT D Norman Horner
Elliott I Clifford Horner
Elliott Motion
Elliott Motion Crs
Elliott Motion—Count
Elliott Mrs. Arthür Thomas Neil Sparling I Evelyn A. Scott Peter Hodglns Mrs. S.R.N.
Elliott Westmeath Miss Maye Horner
Ellis Brownlee
Elsie Horner
Elsie_ Judd
Elson Brownlee
Elwin Brownlee
Elwood Brownlee
Elwyn Brownlee
Emb-yle Brownlee
Embyie Brownlee
Embyl Brownlee
Embyle Brownlee
Emerson Horner
Emerson Horner Spiling
Emerson Horner’s
Emily Horner
Emily Judd
Emily Judd 78.9
Emily Judd 87.5
Emily Judd 88.4
Emily Judd 88.6
Emily Judd At Back
Emily Judd-Burrltt
Emily Mildred Horner
Emily Rae Horner
Emma Brownlee
Emma Horner
Emma Horner daugh-1
Emma Judd
Emma Judd 3.
Emma Judd played
Emma Judd.
Emma Judd’s
Emma Latham 3. Conduct—Arthur
Emmerson Horner
England Norris B. Horner Clothier
England Norris E. Horner Clothier
England Norris R. Horner Clothier
Equity Page Nine Ayrshire Breeders Meet At Arthur Dagg’s
Er- Thelma Draper
Er-vine Brownlee
Eric Draper
Eric 7-2466 Judd
Eric 7-2721 Judd
Eric ?Judd
Eric D. Arthur
Eric D. Arthur University
Eric Draper
Eric Draper K!
Eric Draper Gracefield
Eric Gaudet Motion Crs Fahey
Eric Judd
Eric Judd 105.80
Eric Judd 207.30
Eric Judd 446.20
Eric Judd 69.8
Eric Judd 876
Eric Judd Bldg
Eric Judd Electrician
Eric Judd Mr.
Eric Sheila Draper
Eric Smiley Horner-Morrison
Eric | Judd
Eric •Judd
Erie Judd
Erina Horner
Erma Horner
Ermine Brownlee
Ernest Keen Motion
Ernie Brownlee
Ernie Judd
Ernie Keon Arthur Smiley
Ernie Le- Brownlee’s Road __
Ertin Brownlee
Ervin Brownlee
Ervine Brownlee
Ervlne Brownlee
Ervme Brownlee
Erwin Brownlee
Esther Freda Horner
Ethan Brownlee
Ethan Scott Lloyd Brownlee Bravden Daniel Duval Daniel
Ethel Brownlee
Ethel Brownlee Mr. Emmerson Horner Mr.
Ethel Draper
Ethel Pine Margaret Moore Edna Horner Pearl Brownlee
Eva Andai Arthur
Eva Andai Motion Ora M Richardson
Eva Andai Mrs Diane Judd.
Eva Andai Murray-Horner Wedding
Eva Andal Studio Engagement Draper - Boulay Book
Eva Brownlee
Eva Horner
Eva J. Horner
Eva Judd
Evans Swartz Motion
Evelyn Brownlee
Evelyn Brownlee Bailey
Evelyn Catherine Horner ESSES
Evelyn Catherine Horner She
Evelyn Clarence Brownlee
Evelyn Draper
Evelyn Graham J E Brownlee
Evelyn Horner
Evelyn Horner Clinton Armstrong
Evelyn Horner McDow-as
Evelyn Horner Young
Evelyn Martha Ann Brownlee
Evykn Horner
Extra Motion
F. Horner
Farrell Motion
Fay Horner
Faye Horner
Fieri Fraser David Millar Arthur Shore
Finance-Crs Senior
Fit Sergeant Irvine Brownlee
Fittings Barry Draper Shawville
Fleming Herb Young Motion
Flight Sergeant I.G.T. Brownlee
Flor-een Brownlee
Floreen Brownlee
Florence Horner
Floretn Brownlee Lillian Barman
Floyd Brownlee
Floyd Robinson 416.00
Floyd Robinson Motion
Flwyn Brownlee
foal—1 W J Horner
Foal—W J Horner 1
For Norris R. Horner Clothier
Ford Service Norris H. Horner Clothier
Ford Serviee Norris E. Horner Clothier
France Marion James Martin Ella Kate Kieran Scott Brownlee
Frances Brownlee
Frances Horner
Frances Judd.
Francis Brownlee
Frank Arthur Finnigan
Frank Brownlee
Frank C Cowley Brent Horner Allan Black
Frank Cowley Brent Horner
Frank Horner
Frank J DeVuo- Motion Crs Duff
Frank Lacourse Russell Judd
Frank Sofalvi Jr. Motion
Frank Tracy Judd
Franklin Miss Frances Brownlee
Fraser Motion
Fred 7-2735 Horner
Fred 7-2905 Horner
Fred 7-2982 Horner
Fred A Horner
Fred A Horner ]een Lamb
Fred A* Horner* Range
Fred A. Horner
Fred C. Judd
Fred Cree- Fred Horner
Fred Dale ....... Hugh Horner
Fred Draper
Fred Fraser Motion
Fred Gra- Arthur Boisvert
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred Hodglns 5th Elwyn Brownlee
Fred Horner
Fred Horner "
Fred Horner Bereaved Boys
Fred Horner, Marie Julie Davis
Fred Horner—That
Fred Horner’s
Fred Horner’s Road List
Fred Judd
Fred Judd.
Fred Miss Ruth Draper
Fred Motion Crs
Fred Riviere Motion Crs
Fred- Duncan Draper
Freda Horner
Frederick Argue Horner
Frederick Argue Horner Sundav
Frederick Arthur
Frederick Arthur Lyon
Free da Horner
Freeda Horner
Freeda Smiley Mon- Arthur
Freeman Horner.
Freida Horner
Fri- Norris R. Horner Clothier
Frieda Horner
Fxiic Draper
G. Horner
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gail Elizabeth Horner
Gail Hor-Marjorie Horner
Gail Horner
Gail Horner Donna Jean Horner
Gail McKenzie Horner
Gall Judd
Garfield Hodgins Kenneth Brownlee Everett Armstrong T.
Garfield Horner
Gariys Draper
Garnet Arthur Little
Garry Bronson Donna Draper Okie Gordon Bruce McKav Goldie Mohr Marjorie Mohr Overton Lynn C. Standi
Garry Hobbs Judd
Garry Horner
Gary Draper
Gary Harris Dave Draper
Gary Hodgins Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Gary Hodgins Crs Garth Tracy
Gary McLel-Barry Horner
Gary Motion Crs D Fulford
Gary Trivett Motion
Ge- Chris Judd
Geo Murdock Buster Draper
Geo Murphy Robt Hammond Arthur Wiggins James Thomas Frank Cornu Arthur Smiley Allan Meredith Win Dr
Geo R Horner
Geoff Russell Joanne Brownlee
Geoffrey Arthur Barnett
George and Arthur
George Arthur
George Arthur Brown
George Arthur Car- Halleyburk
George Arthur’s
George Boyce Bill Horner
George Brownlee
George Brownlee Church
George Brownlee Is
George Carey Horner
George Crs Sloan
George Draper
George Draper Passes
George E Brownlee
George Elliott V *—Wm Horner
George Giles Judd
George Gordon Lum- Horner
George Horner
George Horner Silver
George Horner Walters
George Judd
George Judd I
George Judd Mrs. Harold Hodgins
George Judd.
George L Draper
George Louis Judd
George Motion Cr
George Motion—Woods
George Nancy Draper
George P.ne Chns Judd -
George R. Horner Dies
George Russell Horner
George Sidney Vera
George Sidney.
George T Horner
George T Judd
George T. Horner
George T. Judd
George Thomas Judd
George Williams A Mr. Stan Horner
George Williams John Arthur Williams
Gérai J Horner
Gerald Carrisge Harde* Double-Arthur Smi-
Gerald Draper
Gerald Draper 3j
Gerald Draper 8064*
Gerald Draper Ken Belsher
Gerald Draper Mrs. Emirle Lance Westbum Hamilton Delmer Barber Please Apply al Office
Gerald Draper Rev. R G. Elliott
Gerald Draper...............
Gerald Draper’s
Gerald Gauthier- 87.50 Arthur Labelle-
Gerald Hanna- Horner
Gerald Horner
Gerald Manwell Motion
Gerald ¦ Draper
Gerard Arthur
Gerard Arthur Labe
Gérard Messrs Motion Cr Drummond
Gerry Der- Draper
Gertie Draper
Gertie Horner
Gertrude Caroline Draper
Gertrude Draper
Gertrude Horner
Gertrude Horner Schwartz
Gibbons Crs
Gibbons Crs J J Me Callum
Girls Ann Draper
Giutsie Draper
Gladcrest Jean (Ermine Brownlee
Gladys Brownlee
Gladys Horner
Gladys Norman Horner
Glen Brownlee
Glen Horner
Glenn Brownlee
Glenn Motion—Com
Glenn Thelma Draper
Gloria Dawn Horner
Gns Draper
Goalie Dean Horner
Goodyarn Referee Brownlee
Gordon A Judd
Gordon Arthur Armstrong Wilson
Gordon Arthur Hodgins
Gordon Bra- Keith Brownlee
Gordon Brown-Mr Arthur Dagg Is
Gordon Brownlee
Gordon Brownlee Armitage
Gordon Brownlee Directors
Gordon Brownlee Juniors
Gordon Brownlee W.
Gordon Brownlee’s
Gordon Car- Reta Draper
Gordon Crouse Linden Devine David Dickson Kosaleen Dickson Carson Hodgins Brent Horner Keith Irvine
Gordon Draper
Gordon Horner
Gordon Judd
Gordon McMillan A~motion
Gordon Me- Motion Cra
Gordon Motion Crs Gibbons
Gordon Motion Crs McKay
Gordon Paul Arthur Kllgour
Gordon Paul Ins Ltd Muriel Horner
Gordon Richard- Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Gordon Richardson Sidney Sheppard Vertel Smiley
Gordon Stewart* É. J# Barber* W J. Brownlee
Gordon Thomas Brownlee
Gordon Tp Brownlee
Gra-Motion Crs Grant
Grace Horner
Grace Horner 2nd Edith Campbell
Grace Mulvey Arnott Horner
Graham Connolly Dorothy Dagg Vaughan Harris Marjorie Hodgins Bill Horner Chester Laughren Norma MdK
Graham Draper
Graham Horner
Graham I Motion Cr Congdon
Graham Motion Cr Piric
Grandfather Sidney
Grant Arthur
Grant Carried Messrs. Don Horner
Grant Draper
Grant Eades Onto Horner
Grant Horner
Grant Horner Trick Pet- Andy Souliere
Grant James Horner
Grant Jean Arthur Ronald Caiman
Grant Judd
Grant Judd.
Greets Horner
Gregory Andrew Horner
Gregory Horner
Gus Draper
Gus T Draper
Gus T. Draper
H A. Brownlee
H C Rowat RpreaveH Mrs. Annie Draper
H H H Motion Crs Grant
H H Horner
H H Hubert Horner Saturday
H Horner
H James Horner
H ¦crs
H »dgins J W Horner
H. Brownlee
H. Horner
H. McLean Motion Commr
Haley Draper
Hamilton Gregory Tubman Clarence T. Brownlee Gordon Brownlee Harold Hodgins Harland Hodgins T.
Hanna Crs
Hanna Mra Hugh Horner
Hannah Correction Carried Motion Crs
Hansel Brownlee
Harley Horner
Harold Armit- Ervine Brownlee
Harold Arthur
Harold Arthur Bennett
Harold Brownlee
Harold Dina Judd’s
Harold Eveard Brownlee
Harold G. 647-2703 Brownlee
Harold Gus T. Draper
Harold Horner
Harold Judd
Harold Judd Meets
Harold Judd Suffers Compound Fracture
Harold Judd.
Harold Wilson Horner
Harper James Brownlee
Harris Motion—Com
Harry and William Horner
Harry Arnot Smith Harry Arnot Smith
Harry Bert Horner
Harry Brownlee
Harry Brownlee and Benson
Harry Brownlee Hubert Hamilton Bert Stark Merton Glenn Scldon Langford Bordon Hodgins
Harry Brownlee’s
Harry Corrigan----- Bert Horner........
Harry Draper
Harry Fades Arthur Smart
Harry For- Motion Cn
Harry Foran Motion
Harry Horner
Harry Horner’s Pudding Powd-r
Harry Horner’s Pudding Powder
Harry Judd
Harry Judd Marshall Chamberlain Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armi
Harry Judd Relay—Stanley Horner
Harry Judd.
Harry Keith Brownlee
Harry Kingsbury Rescues Edward Dowe Horner
Harry McDowell Mrs R Howard Motion
Harry Sharpe Hugh Horner
Harry Tay- Louis Judd
Harry) Justus Brownlee EDITORIAL Dear
Hart Motion
Harvey Brownlee
Harvey Brownlee Dr
Harvey Brownlee Shawville
Harvey Brownlee Shirley Cartman Motion
Harvey E Horner
Harvey E Motion
Harvey Edward Brownlee Harvey Edward Brownlee
Harvey McArthur Mr. Abb Brownlee Shawville
Harvey Wilson Motion
Hath E Judd H. Hobbs II J Mae
Hattie Brownlee
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Hayes Brownlee
Hayes Judd.—11
Hayes Mrs Gordon Brownlee
Hayes Mrs. Draper
Hazel Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brant Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class Ad
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Ka
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hyn
Heather Dickson Judy Horner
Heather Hod- Horner
Heather Mac-1 Draper
Heather McEl- Horner
Hector Arthur
Heidi Jar- da Judd
Heifer Calf Sr. Draper
heifer—1 J H Brownlee
Held Norris R. Horner Clothier
Helen *eir Motion
Helen Draper
Helen Hodgins IX— Anita Schwartz X— Henry Horner XI— Charles Dale SHAWVILLE
Helen Horner
Helen Judd
Helen Motion Cr DufT
Helen Motion Fulford
Hellen Judd
Hen Judd
Henderson Motion—Killoran
Henri Horner
Henri Rene Arthur Turcotte
Henry Arthur
Henry Arthur Krose
Henry Barnabe Donnie Barnett Billy Bell Helen Black May Brownlee Eric Campbell Harold Cuthbertson H
Henry Brownlee
Henry Clarence Horner
Henry Draper
Henry H Horner
Henry H. Horner
Henry Horner
Henry Horner CPTAQ
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Henry Horner Head Boy
Henry Horner IVc—Helen Hayes
Henry Horner Janice MacFar-lane
Henry Horner Wellington Armstrong....... Alfie Armstrong
Henry Horner....... Wellington Armstrong---- Alfite Armstrong
Henry Horner........ Shawville
Henry Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Henry Horner............ Shawville Women
Henry Horner.............. Shaw
Henry Horner’s
Henry Horner’s Cottage
Henry Hugh Brownlee
Henry J. Horner
Henry Merrlfleld Draper
Henry Motion
Henry Tubman Mr. Russell Judd
Hen—J H Horner
Hen—J H Horner 1
Herb Horner
Herb Smith Bill Horner Mrs. Mary Amitage Eric Vadneau Roland Rennick
Herb Trudeau Motion
Herbert Cuthbertson Gordon Richardson Keith Brownlee Gerald Wall Wilbur Chapman United Steel
Herbert Horner
Herbert McNeil Motion
Here Norris R. Horner Clothier
Herman Thrun Thos Horner Frank Lepach John Hitz Melba Hodgins Walter Yach Mrs. Perley Belsher Cliff
Herory Horner
Hilda Brownlee
Hob Judd
Hobbs Draper
Hodgi M Motion
Hodgina Claude Horner Defence
Hodgins John E. Horner Dwight McDowell Thos
Hodgins Ken Brownlee
Hodgms Crs
Hollis Barber .... F. A. Horner
Holmes Chief Constable Draper
Holstein Herd—Arthur Kilgour
Horner After
Horner Allan
Horner and Karen Murray
Horner Bonnie
Horner Bruce
Horner Cain
Horner Campbell
Horner Cheer- Mrs Lennis Barr Hospital- Mrs Lloyd Connolly Mrs
Horner Citizenship- Mn Gertrude Draper Publicity- Mn Harry Hodgin Fruit Boxes- Mn Lyall Cameron Hos
Horner Citizenship- Mrs
Horner Clothier
Horner Council
Horner Cpl.
Horner Darwin Stephens Qnt
Horner Dr. Wallace Hodgins
Horner Edgar
Horner Emerson Cotie
Horner ERS
Horner Hobbs
Horner I
Horner Jr.
Horner June
Horner K —A Shawville Mother
Horner L R. Wilson
Horner Lee
Horner M
Horner Massey-Harris Corn Wellington Armstrong Mrs.
Horner Milch Hornei
Horner Mn Ken Allan
Horner Mrs W J Black
Horner N V Buick
Horner Oil
Horner Paul.
Horner Ralph
Horner Richardson
Horner Savory
Horner Secretary Treasurer
Horner Seriously Injured
Horner Shawville
Horner Smiley
Horner Tyler Orr Vel- Schnner
Horner V
Horner W Thursday
Horner Would
Horner-That Herb C. Hodgins
Horner........ Wellington Armstrong
Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Horner........... McLean Stationers
Horner—Burrows A
Horner’s Garage
Horner’s Oarage
Horner’s Shop FEES
Hosiery Bargains Norris R. Horner Clothier
House J B Judd
Howard Horner
Howard Letts Dwight McDowell Vinton Calf Club Earl Devine Mm A H Horner Malcolm Letts
Howard Motion—Com
Howard Motion—Crs Schwartz
Howard Pyle’s King Arthur
Howard Weds Ruby Sparling Garnet Arthur Little
Hu- Mrs. Louise Horner Buried At Thorne Dr. C.W. FERRILL M.D. Eyes
Hubert Brownlee
Hubert Brownlee- Mrs Ken Beattie
Hubert Henry Brownlee
Hubert Henry Brownlee Lester Restaurant
Hubert Horner
Hubert Horner JOHN
Hubert Horner Road
Hubert Horner Saturday
Hubert Judd
Hubert Thomas Horner -
Hugh 7-2620 Horner
Hugh 7-26201 Horner
Hugh 7-2905 Horner
Hugh A Brownlee
Hugh A Horner
Hugh A Horner 3. Foal
Hugh A. Horner
Hugh Alfie Brownlee Dccem-|
Hugh Alfred Brownlee
Hugh Anson Horner
Hugh Arthur
Hugh Brownlee
Hugh Brownlee 1
Hugh Brownlee Peoples
Hugh Donald Horner
Hugh E * Brownlee
Hugh E Horner
Hugh E. Brownlee
Hugh E. Horner
Hugh Eason Horner
Hugh F Horner
Hugh F Horner Ph Shewville
Hugh F Horner-W Smiley -
Hugh F Shawville Horner
Hugh F. Horner
Hugh Hobbs Horner
Hugh Horner
Hugh Horner 647-3640
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
Hugh Horner M
Hugh Horner Mrs.
Hugh Horner Other
Hugh Horner Phone
Hugh Horner Thanks
Hugh Horner Tracy
Hugh Horner WILSON
Hugh Horner*
Hugh Horner.
Hugh Horner.......
Hugh Horner........ Tho* E Murphy
Hugh Irvine Brownlee
Hugh K Brownlee
Hugh N. Brownlee
Hugh Neman Brownlee Dies During His
Hugh T B Draper 3
Hugh William Horner
Hughie Horner
Hull Motion Crs
Hunter Kieil Horner
HuUrt Brownlee
Hynes Brownlee
H«xlgins Sidney
I E B E Norris B. Horner Clothier
I*KISIKK“ H Mattel Brownlee
I-—------- Motion
I. Brownlee
I. da Horner
I. Motion
Ian Arthur Nute
Ian Horner
Ian Ruby Brownlee
Ian» A c_ Motion Crs Jeannine Wick
Ib’iiry Horner
Id Draper
Ida Brownlee
Idcna Brownlee
Idena Brownlee
Idena Brownlee Mrs.
Idena Horner
Idena Judd
Idena K Brownlee
Idena Maud Brownlee
Idvna Horner
Iho Wesley Horner
Ijast Sun<*a Mrs Lois Judd
Ill Motion Armstrong
Imr Joseph A. Brownlee
Incumbent Norris R. Horner Clothier
Inez Brownlee
Insfi-Miss Ruth Horner
Interment Helen Judd
Ion Crs
Iona Gladys Horner
Iona Horner*
Iona Marion Horner
Ira Benedict Motion Crs
Ira Draper
Ira Hanna Fred Horner J.
Ira MerrItleId Nancy Draper
Irene Harris HORNER
Irvin Brownlee
Irvine Brownlee
Irvine Cone Russell Judd Councillors
Irvine Gordon Thomas Brownlee
Irwin Brownlee
Irwin Brownlee’s Remains Transferred
Irwin Mrs Don Horner
Is Norris R. Horner Centre St.
Is Norris R. • Horner Clothier
Isaac Judd
Isaac Keith Judd Master Isaac Judd
Ituhy Horner
IT’S Horner
Iva Brownlee
Iva Brownlee Don
Iva Horner
Iva Horner Armstrong
Ivan Horner
Ivan Horner QMS.
Ivan Motion
Ivan Wy- Mildred Horner
Ixc Horner
J O ^VWU CraJUi McMunn - Horner Neil
J A Armstrong* J H Horner
J A Horner
J A. Horner
J B Judd 1
J B Judd 2
J B Judd 3. Cabbage
J Brownlee Harold Easy
J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin Plrle A Son J E Barber A Sons J Donald Duff A
J G. Elliott Clifford Horner----- Mrs Chris.
J H " Brownlee
J H A. Brownlee
J H Brownlee
J H Brownlee ............. Elliott Hodgins
J H Brownlee 2
J H Horner
J H Horner 2
J H Horner 3. Crochet
J H Horner 3. Fancy
J H Horner. Mise*
J II Brownlee
J Judd
J L Hodgins .325
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J M Argue H A McCoy Motion Councillors Young
J M Stanley 2.65 Arthur La
J R Horner
J R Horner 2
J R Judd
J R —Carried Motion
J W Brownlee 1
J W Brownlee 3
J W Brownlee 3 Jerseys—Bull Calf-R Reid
J W Horner
J W Horner 8. Best
J W MinictprC Motion
J. Arthur Thomson
J. Brownlee
J. H Shaw Claude Shaw Arthur Shaw
J. Horner
J. W . Horner
J.* Judd
Ja< Judd
Jack Clarence Brownlee
Jack Draper
Jack Equity Photo Horner
Jack Gatineau Arthur Earl Bean
Jack Graham Motion Cr Orr
Jack Horner
Jack Horner Genius
Jack Horner 235
Jack Horner 286
Jack Horner 8:30
Jack Horner I*
Jack Horner M.P.
Jack Horner Sat
Jack Horner Story Horner
Jack Horner—are
Jack Horner”
Jack Judd
Jack Judd.
Jack Judd’s
Jack Lang Motion Crs Jack Lang
Jack Motion Cr T Smith
Jack Pat-Motion V. Foran
Jack Purcell Community Motion Crs Orr
Jack W. Horner
Jackie Horner
Jackie Mrs Arthur Kealey
Jacob Draper
Jacob Horner
Jacques Crs
Jacques Dmi SOT Mrs. Arthur Spinks
James 7-2267 Horner
James 7-2500 Horner
James 7-2673 Horner
James 7-2828 Horner
James Arnot Woods
James Arthur
James Arthur Hayes
James Arthur Hodgins
James Arthur Lu-
James Arthur Mules
James Barber are Bruce Horner
James Borden Horner
James Brownlee
James C Horner
James C. Horner Mrs Henry Dale
James Can- Horner
James Carmichael BOB CAT OPERATORS Chris Judd
James Clarence Horner
James Connelly Motion
James D Horner
James D- Horner
James D. Horner
James Draper
James Draper Hobbs
James Duncan Horner
James Ebert Hamilton Horner
James Ebert Horner
James Evelyn Horner
James Francis Miss Mayfred Horner
James H. Horner
James Henry Horner
James Hollis Motion
James Horner
James Horner X
James Horner James Horner
James Horner 1
James Horner 458-2156
James Horner 468-2156
James Horner 67449b
James Horner Assn
James Horner Edward Rusenstrom Siège
James Horner Farms Quebec - Shannon Grant Ottawa Citizen
James Horner IISK S
James Horner Jack Mayhew
James Horner Jr
James Horner Jr,
James Horner Mr.
James Horner Mr. Douglas Kyle
James Horner Quyon
James Horner Seat
James Horner Siège
James Horner- Mr. Gerald Angus
James HornOC^IHHH Motion Crs
James Judd
James Judd .......... Wilson McCleary
James Judd A.
James Judd Gordon Richardson
James Judd Mes
James Judd Passes At Yarm
James Judd Yarm Forum
James Judd.
James Judd. Gordon Rich-
James Judd......... Henderson W. Harris John Connelly
James Judd—$33.50
James Judd’s
James K. Horner
James Killoran Motion
James M Judd)
James Martin Brownlee
James Motion
James Motion Cr
James Ostram Motion
James Patrick Flood Horner - Ed
James Prater Motion Cr#
James R. Horner
James SAVE Motion Crs D Fulford
James Sidney McCul
James Ste- Judd
James Stewart Arthur Kennedy
James Telford Motion Cr
James Tracy Arthur Kllgour
James V Horner
James W. Judd
James W. Judd Public Notice
James* Horner
Jamie Horner
Jamie Richardson Andrew Warren Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Marty Brownlee Jeremy Jones Shone Peck Jeff
Jams Judd
Jane Brownlee
Jane Draper
Jane Horner
Jane Inez Brownlee
Jane Judd
Jane Queale Brownlee
Jane Thorton Arthur Grace
Janet Draper
Janet Gamer Brian Rogers Susie Orr Brian Judd Elwyn Lang Mike Richardson Dave Keen Bean
Janet Horner
Janet Judd
Janet Judd Video Plus Hursty
Janet Keena Judd
Janet M Horner
Janet Mallette Judd
Janet Stark Horner
Janice Horner
Janies Horner
Jannic Judd
Janyce Horner
Jared Murray Beef Intermediate Showmanship Alex Draper Beef Senior Showmanship Kalie Dufault 4-H An
Jarres Horner
Jas Horner
Jas Judd
Jason & Vi Brownlee
Jason Brownlee
Jason Brownlee Cpl.
Jason Horner
Jason Judd
Jason Judd Boughing
Jay Motion—Crs
Jean (Judd
Jean (Mrs Donald) Horner
Jean (Mrs Harold) Judd Visiting
Jean and Don Horner
Jean and Donald Horner
Jean and Fric Draper
Jean and Harold Judd
Jean and Shirley Judd
Jean Arthur
Jean Arthur Alan Ladd
Jean Arthur Technicolor Cinemascope Adult Entertainment
Jean B Horner
Jean Beatty Horner
Jean Bronson JUDD
Jean Brownlee
Jean Brownlee At Shawville
Jean Brownlee Lawrence Corrigan Phyllis Farrell Greta Krose Golden Leeson John Malette James McKinn
Jean Cuthbi Barrie Draper
Jean Darwin Elliott H Judd
Jean Draper
Jean Draper 71.
Jean Draper Linda Findlay
Jean Draper Rev Bolton
Jean ence Horner
Jean Eric Draper
Jean Gerald Draper
Jean Glenn Faye Homer Idena Horner Evelyn Howard Vue-
Jean Horner
Jean Horner 4
Jean Horner 647
Jean Horner 647-2666 SEPT.
Jean Horner Assistant Secretary
Jean Horner Hgy
Jean Horner Horner’
Jean Horner Mrs Audrey Hodgins
Jean Horner Munie
Jean Horner Musician
Jean Horner P.P.
Jean Horner Phone
Jean Horner PJ
Jean Horner Plan
Jean Horner PNG
Jean Horner Pontiac Bus Lines Campbell’s Bay
Jean Horner Quebec Rebekah
Jean Horner WM
Jean Horner: R.S.N.G.
Jean Horner’s
Jean Joseph Arthur Meilleur
Jean Judd
Jean Judd 1
Jean Judd 71.5
Jean Judd 75.8
Jean Judd Bureau
Jean Judd Homer
Jean Judd Horner
Jean Judd January
Jean Judd Levere
Jean Judd Stewart
Jean Judd.
Jean Luc Allary Motion Cr Pine
Jean Marguerite Draper
Jean Ogilvie 647-5407 Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Jean Stephens - Sidney Judy
Jean to Mr. Arthur Herbert Keddeti
Jean Tracy Texaco Bill Horner
Jean Wal- Judd
Jeanette Brownlee
Jeanne Draper
Jeannie Judd
Jeannie Judd Scott
Jeannine Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Jeff Drisner Jacob Draper Travis Cluff Jason Woolsey Justin Presley Ryan Vowles Nathan Smith U.O.V*
Jeff Gibbons Brownlee
Jefferson Lin Motion
Jefferson Mflchamer Arthur William Brown
Jeffrey Draper
Jemima Horner
Jenn Dale-Judd
Jennie F Arthur.
Jennie Horner
Jennie Judd
Jennifer Beverly Draper
Jennifer Dale Judd
Jennifer Dale-Judd
Jennifer Desjardins Horner
Jennifer Horner
Jennifer Judd
Jennifer Judd and
Jennifer Judd On
Jennifer Judd RH
Jennifer Judd.
Jennifer Mulli- Susan Horner
Jenny Horner
Jenyce Horner
Jeremy Champion Judd Memorial
Jerome Motion Crs
Jerry Barber and Chris Judd
Jerry Dubeau George Horner
Jerry Horner
Jerry ManwelL Motion
Jerry ManweU Motion
Jerry McCrystal Motion
Jerry • Horner
Jessica Brownlee
Jessica Judd
Jessie Draper
Jessie Erin Viau Noah Ivan Horner Lars
Jessie Evelyn Horner
Jessie Horner
Jewel Horner
Jewell Horner
Jfokop Ralph C. Horner
Jill Draper
Jill Me- Judd
Jim Brownlee
Jim Horner
Jim Judd
Jim RK’hurdsoii J Bissonetîv Bill Horner Fred Fraser If
Jim Stewart Arthur Dean Campbell’s Bay District Garry Hearty
Jim Walking Day Motion
Jimmy Draper
Jimmy Horner
Jimmy Russell _ate Truman B Draper
Jimmy Wats Mini Arthur Mouton
Jo Anne Brownlee
Jo-Anne Brownlee
Jo-anne Brownlee Louise Cowley
Jo-anne Brownlee Marie MacLelland Ellis Sparling
Joan Barber and Brian Brownlee
Joan Draper
Joan Glenn Eleanor Graham Adaline Judd Grace McCagg Janey McDowell Ronald Richardson Kenneth Yach P
Joan Hodgins Billy Horner
Joan Horner
Joan Horner Miss Kay Woodley
Joan Judd
Joan Lang Bugh Horner
Joan Motion Crs Orr
Joan Weirstead Message Motion
Joan- Motion Crs Jack Harrison
Joane Draper
Joanne Brownlee
Joanne Draper
Joanne Edey Draper
Joanne Judd Trueman
Joe Brownlee
Joe Bryson Waltham News Review Mrs. Arthur La
Joe Derwah Keith F Horner Mike Zahodn
Joe E. Brownlee
Johm Richardson Edward Judd BINGO
John 7-2267 Judd
John A Dean Motion C
John and Arthur
John and Mary Sheila Draper
John and Mary-Sheila Draper
John Armen Brownlee
John Armstrong Joan Chamberlain Ruth Dagg Jimmy Davie Andy Devine Harwood Doherty Sandra Draper Bar
John Arthur
John Arthur Cooke
John Arthur Keith Hodgins
John Arthur Malette
John Arthur McNeil
John Arthur Wellington Hbrner
John Arthur Wellington Horner
John B Judd
John B Judd 1,HT
John B Judd Shaw
John B Ralph Joseph Dolan George Reid Adam Brownlee
John B. Judd
John B. Judd .
John B. Judd ....
John B. Judd .....
John B. Judd ........
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew McKnight
John B. Judd Mrs. Andrew Me Knight........
John B. Judd Your
John B. Judd.
John B. Judd............
John B. Judd.............
John Berta Draper
John Brown Horner
John Brown Horner On May
John Brownlee
John Brownlee 2
John Brownlee-have
John Dave Draper
John David Horner
John Dean........ Arthur Eadie
John Donald Horner
John Draper
John Draper Jr.
John Draper M
John Draper Nothing
John Draper Saskatoon Sask
John E -Horner
John E Horner
John E. 7-2737 Horner
John E. 7-2849 Horner
John E. 7-2981 Horner
John E. Horner
John Ellard Horner
John Elson Brownlee
John Grant and Chris Judd
John H Brownlee’s
John H Horner
John H. Brownlee
John H. Henderson Horner
John Henry Brownlee
John Henry Brownlee Bonnie Bertrand
John Horner
John Horner STAPLES
John Horner 1
John Horner Dies
John Horner Ik*
John Horner Sam Horner
John Horner............ Basil Davis
John Horner’
John Horner’s
John Hugh Horner
John Hughie Horner
John If Brownlee
John J. Draper
John James Brownlee
John James Draper Mrs. Lyfred Brown
John Jason Brownlee
John Jones B. Laiambvise Arthur Meldrum
John Jones Joshua Hughs Motion Councillor
John Judd
John Judd .
John Judd .....
John Judd ......
John Judd .......
John Judd Elizabeth Arme
John Judd Meegan Smith
John Judd Memorial
John Judd Memorial Bursary
John Judd.
John Judd......
John Judd..............
John Kelly Motion Cr McCredie
John L. Hodgins Motion
John Lund Jamie Horner
John Maheral Georgette Piché George Murdock Gisele Chartrand Donna Judd Shelley Greer Paul Boulange
John Mc- Motion Crs McCann
John McKay Motion Cr
John Miller..... J"senh Brownlee
John Motion Crs
John Motion Grs
John Motion Os Hammond
John Pirie Motion
John R Draper
John R Draper Death
John R. Draper
John R. Judd 2
John Ralph Horner
John Rich- Judd
John Richardson Crs
John Sherwood Horner
John Si- Motion Crs Dagg
John Sidney Perreault Dies
John Sidney Sheppard
John Sinclair Motion^-Rex
John Stewart Mac- Arthur
John W Horner
John W. Horner
John Warren Horner
John Wesley Horner
John Wilbur Horner
John William Draper
Johni W Horner
Johnny Horner
Jon- Jo-Anne Brownlee
Jordan Horner
Jordan Horner Horner
Jordan Judd
Jordon Brownlee
Jordon Horner
Jos Brownlee Sr
Joseph A Brownlee
Joseph A. Brownlee
Joseph Aimond Brownlee
Joseph and William Brownlee
Joseph Arman Brownlee
Joseph Armand Brownlee
Joseph Armond Brownlee
Joseph Arthur
Joseph Arthur Gal-¦¦
Joseph Arthur Grace
Joseph Arthur Leo
Joseph B. Brownlee
Joseph Brownlee
Joseph Brownlee 2
Joseph Brownlee Honored
Joseph Brownlee June
Joseph Brownlee*
Joseph Derouin Grace Horner
Joseph Dolan Geoige Reid Adam Brownlee Partie
Joseph E. Brownlee
Joseph I) Horner
Joseph Motion
Joseph Motion—E»d
Joseph Richard Jean Horner
Joseph Squit Mrs Edith Draper
Joseph t( Ittu Brownlee
Joseph Vul- Motion Crs Dowe
Joseph W Brownlee
Joseph W. Brownlee
Joseph Winston Arthur Houghton
Joseph XV. Brownlee—brieily
Joseph « Brownlee
Josh Horner
Joshua Brownlee
Joshua Horner
Jotwi Judd
Joy El-Judd
Joy Eleanor Judd
Joy Horner
Joy Judd
Joy Norma Judd
Joyce Draper
Joyce Horner
Joyce Horner Dodds
Joyce Horner Men
Joyce Newberry Draper
Jr Motion—Crs Farrell
Jr.—Arthur McGuire
Juan Draper
Judd Organizers
Judd Variety Concert Here
Judd Î1 Boys
Judd - Lucy
Judd - Russell
Judd 2.
Judd 2nd
Judd A
Judd A.
Judd Adams
Judd AM Hayes
Judd and Leona
Judd and Marie Smith
Judd Barber
Judd Bohrer
Judd Brian
Judd Brownlee
Judd Bruce
Judd Bryson
Judd Buchanan
Judd Crawford
Judd CR|^E
Judd Davidson
Judd Dear Father
Judd Duncan
Judd Family
Judd Farmer
Judd Gets Holstein Breeders Name
Judd Grant
Judd Gray
Judd Hanna
Judd Hill
Judd Hodgins
Judd Homer
Judd Horner
Judd In
Judd Irvin Swartz Her Horner
Judd Jonathan Stewart
Judd Judd
Judd J°
Judd Kennedy
Judd L la
Judd Leo
Judd Linda
Judd Memorial
Judd Memorial Graham Violet Poole Bursary
Judd MEN’S
Judd Mrs.
Judd Norma
Judd November
Judd of
Judd Oh
Judd Our
Judd Property
Judd Ray
Judd Russell El-
Judd Russell Judd
Judd S
Judd Sheen
Judd Shower
Judd The
Judd Thomas Smith
Judd Thornton
Judd Thus
Judd W Helen
Judd We
Judd Whelen
Judd Where
Judd William Libelle
Judd Wilson
Judd: Harold McCoy
Judd’ Murray
Judith Horner
Judith Margo Horner
Judy Brownlee
Judy Horner
Judy Horner Mrs Patrick Sloan
Judy Horner 0O68XUY23 Summer
Judy Horner And
Judy Horner August
Judy Horner Campbell’s Bay Gretchen Schwarz Clarendon Letters
Judy Horner Charge
Judy Horner Chilly
Judy Horner Cl N
Judy Horner Cold
Judy Horner Contributions
Judy Horner Cool
Judy Horner Despite
Judy Horner Elementary School
Judy Horner Every
Judy Horner Former Shawville
Judy Horner Frosty
Judy Horner IlHE EGrtJTTY
Judy Horner Illiteracy
Judy Horner It
Judy Horner McLEAN
Judy Horner Mrs Horner.
Judy Horner Municipality
Judy Horner MUTUAL
Judy Horner Noble
Judy Horner On Thursday
Judy Horner Quebec
Judy Horner Rev. Ed McCalg
Judy Horner Shawville
Judy Horner Story Hour
Judy Horner Story-Hour
Judy Horner Sunday
Judy Horner Two
Judy Horner V <
Judy Horner VU JR Y
Julia Viola Brownlee
Julia Viola Brownlee BwsasfiS
Julie Ann Horner
Julie Draper
Julie Harris James Dean Carried Lucille Ball Deal Arne* Motion Crs
Julio Henry Brownlee
June Horner X
June n Jr Bovs—Bobbie Horner
June Payroll Ken Brownlee
Jus A. Mulligan Dead Hi* Honor Janie* Arthur Mulligan
JUubeo Draper
J«> Anne Brownlee
K. Draper
K>t Norman Brownlee
Kant Africa—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Karen Ann Brownlee
Karen Ann Brownlee Shawville
Karen Brownlee
Karen Inglee Home Made Candy - Mrs. Lome Draper Cadbury CHocolate Cake Special - Cathy Emmerson
Karen Judd
Karen Mrs Adolph Zimerling Lois Judd’s
Karl Brownlee
Karl Horner
Karl Horner Montreal
Kate Judd
Katharine Fletcher 647-2204 Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam FAX
Katherine Horner
Katherine Judd
Kathleen Brownlee
Kathleen Brownlee 61.3
Kathleen Brownlee 885
Kathleen Judd
Kathleen Woodley R.S V.G— Mrs. Bert Stark L S V G —Mrs Cynthia Draper Chaplain
Kathryn Emma; Horner
Kathryn Horner
Kathryn Miss Kathryn Horner
Kathy Draper
Kathy Howard Both Judd
Katie Horner Myers
Kay Woodley Top Row Brownlee
Keena Judd
Keeno Judd
Kehoe Duncan Horner
Keith & Iva Brownlee
Keith 7-3825 Horner
Keith Brownlee
Keith Brownlee Chairman H. I. Smith Sec-Treas
Keith Brownlee Gordon Wilson Lem Hodglns
Keith Brownlee Hlllls Connoly
Keith Brownlee Holsteins
Keith Brownlee James McLeese Dwight McDowell Family
Keith Brownlee Little Janet Mein-
Keith Brownlee Phone
Keith Brownlee SUNDAY
Keith Contact Herman Schwartz Horner
Keith Draper
Keith Harris Brian Judd Les
Keith Harris Brian Judd The
Keith Hodgins Alex Horner
Keith Hodgins Motion Crs
Keith Horner
Keith Horner 23.40
Keith Horner Charteris
Keith Horner Charteris 608R3 Campbell
Keith Horner Citizen
Keith Horner Country
Keith Horner Hard Working Manager Keith
Keith Horner J
Keith Horner McCauley Jewelry Store Fraser
Keith Horner Mick Hodgins Don Dods Jack Russell Knlpe
Keith Horner Nelson
Keith Horner Partie
Keith Horner Powell
Keith Horner Seat
Keith Horner Shawville
Keith Horner Shop
Keith Horner’s
Keith Horner’s Shop
Keith Horner’s Shop Main Street
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawvflle
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawville Tel
Keith Horner’s Shop Sudden
Keith Horner’s Shop Tel
Keith William Horner Wedhïn
Kellie Brownlee
Kelly Brownlee
Kelly Draper
Ken and Lloyd Brownlee
Ken Brownlee
Ken Brownlee Harry Thompson
Ken Brownlee Maple Butter - Dorothy Fulford
Ken Brownlee Sec-Treas 333.60;PHHH^H^HH|H
Ken Brownlee Shawville
Ken Brownlee Shewville
Ken Draper
Ken Draper District Deputy Grand Master
Ken Draper Special
Ken Draper Wayne Smith Harold Kearns Jean McCann Nancy
Ken Eckfora Tropty L P Horner Trophy
Ken Judd
Ken Mor- Motion Cri
Ken Motion
Ken Smith Norris Horner Gordon McMillan Elbum Bean Albert McMunn Grant Bades Earl McDowell Harvey W
Ken Wii- Motion Crs Robinson
Ken “Pop” Draper
Kennebec- Bob Yellow Beans Rae Judd
Kenneth B. Brownlee
Kenneth Bean’s—Carried Motion
Kenneth Bronson Councillors Fred Wiggins James Horner John Robinson BRYSON
Kenneth Brownlee
Kenneth Brownlee 228.79
Kenneth Brownlee 231.23
Kenneth Brownlee 258.69
Kenneth Brownlee 260.24
Kenneth Bruce Horner
Kenneth Drap-Keitih Draper
Kenneth Draper
Kenneth Flwyn Brownlee
Kenneth Horner
Kenneth Judd
Kenneth Judd 32M19-26J2
Kenneth Judd 32M19-26J2 Complete Bathroom
Kenneth M Mrs Russell Judd
Kenneth Naylor Clarence Naylor G. Hodgins Arthur Wilson Austin Sly
Kenneth Tubman Motion Crs Dagg
Kenny Brownlee
Kenny Draper
Kenny Draper Sloan
Kenny Judd
Kenny T»«y Beverley Draper
Kent Motion Crs Dagg
KEON M Norris R. Horner Clothier
Kerry Louis Judd
Kevin Arthur
Kevin Han- Draper
Kevin Horner
Killy Horner
Kim Milford Sidney Squitti Allumette Island Mayor: Brian Adam
King Arthur
Kir Lee Horner
Kirk Minor Hock- Horner
Kirkland Leslie Arthur Earl Shores
KitCA Me Norris R. Horner Clothier
Kitchen Exhibits Norris B. Horner Clothier
Kknnkth Judd
Kllgour A Son Walter Kllgour# Son Hlllls ConoUy Chris Judd Walter Kllgour
Knox Austin Norris R. Horner Clothier
Knox Brownlee 2
Knox P Norman Horner
Kob’t Judd
Kristopher Arthur
Ktnble Brownlee
Kyle Hamelin Horner
L < L Motion Crs D Fulford
L Cpl. Leslie Horner
L Draper
L E By Arthur Pointer
L H *—Jekn Brownlee
L hv Horner
L J H Horner 2
L J Motion Jeannine
L L B. Arthur Smiley
L L Motion — Walsh
L Lloyd Brownlee
L oui» Horner
L P Horner
L Ûm Smiley Arthur Cal
L Wilson Rural Inspector - Henry Motion
L. Horner
L.R.A.M. Norris E. Horner Clothier
Lachute Chris Judd
Ladies Aid James Judd
Ladies Barbara Ross Horner- Kirby Smart
Lance Crs Lloyd Kensley
Lance Motion Crs
Lara Horner
Larry Horner
Larry Judd
Larry Misa Mary Brownlee
Larry Mrs John Judd
Lars Horner
Late Thomas Grant ARTHUR
Laurence Horner
Lauretta Mrs Hugh Horner
Lawrence Ervine Brownlee
Lawrence Horner
Lawrence Lang Horner
Lawrence Russett Allen Samuel Judd
Lawrence | Mrs. Arthur Tache
Lawson Crs Cedric Elliott
Lea Horner
Leah Horner
Lee Brownlee
Lee Brownlee Congratulations
Lee Brownlee July
Lee Brownlee Sal
Lee Horner
Lee Horner Bean
Lee Horner^^
Lee Judd
Lee Mavis Judd
Leghorns—J H Horner
Leith Draper
Lena Judd
Lena Kelly Hubert Horner Harold Wilson Rock
Lena M Judd Ireland
Lenora Alexander Billy Barr Wallace Bretzlaff Mary Lou ConoUy Emily Dagg Marie Draper Barbara Findl
Leo Carried Motion Crs
Leo Horner
Leo Motion
Leo Rain-Motion Crs Dagg
Leon- Horner
Leona Darlene Judd
Leona Horner
Leona Horner Betty Pep
Leona Judd
Leonard Brownlee
Leonard Horner
Leonard Horner 1
Leonard Horner 4
Leonard Horner  A Inez
Leonard Horner A Alvin Brown
Leonard Horner All
Leonard Horner Coun-nce
Leonard Horner John
Leonard Horner Lyall Hod
Leonard Horner Mr
Leonard Horner Psk
Leonard Horner Shawville
Leonard Horner Shell Service Station Shawville
Leonard Horner Thomas Stark
Leonard Horner Thursday
Leonard Horner Trophy
Leonard Horner Trouhv
Leonard Horner...... R.
Leonard Horner’s
Leonard Judd
Leonard Judd 2
Leonard Judd 4
Leonard Judd.
Leonard P Horner
Leonard P. Horner
Leonard Perdval Horner NOTICE
Leonid Horner
Les Motion
Lesky Horner
Lesley Horner
Leslie Arthur Woermke
Leslie Dale................. Cecil Howard................ Lloyd Horner
Leslie Horner
Leslie Kehoe Motion Crs Smith
Lewis Judd
Lewis Judd and
Lewis Judd Richard Moquin
Lewis Judd Therc
Lewis Judd,
Lewis Judd.
Lewis Mrs Wesley Hamilton Mrs Norval Horner Mrs
Lewis Trueman Draper Swede Turnips
Liable Brownlee
Liam Ivan Arthur Donné
Lib- Judd
Liberals Unanimous Arthur Kilgour
Lil Horner
Lila Brownlee
Lila Draper
Lila May Horner
Lillian Horner
Lillian Wallace Genevive Elliott Beulah Findlay Muriel Horner Mable Hamilton Orla Mee Fern Wickens
Lillie Horner
Lilly Horner Primer II
Linda Horner
Linda Horner BrSrH
Linda Horner R
Linda Horner R.R.
Linda Horner WmtJ RR
Linda Joy Judd
Linda Judd
Linda June Orrl Horner
Linda Margaret Horner
Linda Orr-Horner
Linda Russell Louis Judd Memorial
Linda Thompson Bristol Sidney
Lindsay Horner
Lindsay Horner Bob-
Lindsay Horner............ Basil Elliott............. Lloyd Dagg
Lindsay Judd
Lindsey Judd
Lindsey Judd 67.2
Lindsey Judd’s Orchestra
Line Marie Draper Darwin Smith Exchange Vows
Linen Draper
Lionel Arthur
Lionel Draper
Lis Little Arthur McKiiligan
Lisa Corrigan BARRY HORNER
Lit Horner
Llewelyn Lloyd Horner
Lloy J Horner
Lloyd 647-5622 Brownlee
Lloyd Arthur
Lloyd Brownlee
Lloyd Brownlee An
Lloyd Brownlee Farms
Lloyd Brownlee Female
Lloyd Brownlee Thome
Lloyd Brownlee Yach
Lloyd Cain Motion
Lloyd Crs
Lloyd E Brownlee
Lloyd E. Brownlee
Lloyd E. Brownlee Farms
Lloyd Edgar Brownlee
Lloyd Horner
Lloyd I Motion Crs
Lloyd K Brownlee
Lloyd Sidesmen Harry Brownlee
LoI< Draper
Loîia Horner
Lois Horner
Lois Judd
Lois Smiley Arthur Caldwell
Lola Draper
Lola Horner
Loll Horner
Lome Draper
Lome Draper-Hayes
Look Here Norris E. Horner Clothier
Look Here Norris R. Horner Clothier
Lord Arthur
Lord Arthur Charles
Lore Brownlee
Lorena Judd
Lorraine June Horner
Lors Brownlee
Lou Draper
Lou Horner
Louis Judd
Louis Judd 3rd James Barber.
Louis Judd Ctcorge Louis Judd
Louis Judd It
Louis Judd Memorial
Louis Judd Store
Louis Judd Those
Louisa Ju Judd
Louise Barber 6380X1S10 BROWNLEE
Louise Black Horner
Louise Horner
Louise Schroeder 6745* SIDNEY
Lswrence Horner
Ltée Motion Crs Duff
Lucie Brownlee
Lucy Brownlee
Lucy Brownlee Bus
Lucy Brownlee Opening March
Lucy Brownlee Shawvllle Shopping Plaza
Lucy Brownlee X X Locally
Lucy Judd
Lucy Sandra Judd
Luiu Horner
Lula Horner
Lyl Horner
Lyla Brownlee
Lyle 7-2267 Horner
Lyle Bronson Motion Crs McCann
Lynda Horner
Lynn Brownlee
Lynn Campbell Linda Judd
Lynn Draper
Lynn Elwyn Brownlee
Lynn Judd
Lyto Brownlee
L’la Brownlee
M & Mme Arthur Gravelle
M K Draper
M L Fraser- 226.9C
M Mrs. Leonard Horner
M s Hugh E. Horner
M si Muriel Horner
M. Draper
M. Judd
Ma Councillors B Horner
Mac Arthur
Mac Arthur—
Mac Arthur’s
Mac- Motion Crs
Macdonald Mrs. Draper
Madeleine Chris Judd
Maggie Brownlee
Maggie Horner
Mahoney Motion Grant
Maigaret Horner
Manager Brownlee
Manager Motion
Maoson Horner
Mar)-Lou Draper
Mar- Brownlee
Mara Horner
Maraget Horner
Marc Al- Horner
Marc Bavard Cliff Judd
Margaret Bitwise Harkins Obituaries Allen Judd Margaret Brouse Harkins
Margaret Brownlee
Margaret Cuthbertson George Dale Doris Deguire Mable Erly Helen Horner
Margaret E Judd
Margaret Emily Gladys Horner
Margaret Hod Draper
Margaret Hod-was Barry Draper
Margaret Horner
Margaret Horner I
Margaret Judd
Margaret Judd ............... Dora Hanna
Margaret Judd 500.00
Margaret Judd-Bretzlaff
Margaret Kilgou# Chris Judd
Margita Mrs. Eric Draper
Margo Catherine Hodgins Draper
Margo Draper
Margo Draper- Wanda Younge
Maria Ruth Homer Mrs Meryl Horner
Marian Horner
Marian Horner Quebec City
Marie Brownlee
Marie Brownlee-Milks
Marie Draper
Marie Horner
Marie Susie Brownlee
Marilyn Horner
Marion Dale Honored At Shower Motion H I. Smi
Marion Draper
Marion Hobbs Idena Judd
Marion Horner
Marion Horner Friday
Marion Horner I
Marion Sidney
Marjo-Motion Crs Carmen
Marjone Horner
Marjorie Armitage Doreen Armstrong Jean Beattie Gilmour Black Wilma Brownlee Kervyn Burman Grace Co
Marjorie Brownlee
Marjorie Horner
Marjorie Horner 374
Marjorie Horner Andrew Elliott
Marjorie Horner Benson Elliott
Marjorie Horner Flaurie David Rusenstrom Sayle
Marjorie Horner V $
Marjorie Horner.
Marjorie Judd
Marjorie Judd $
Marjorie Judd 1218
Marjorie Judd 85
Marjorie Judd 86.2
Marjorie Judd i(
Marjorie Judd i|loïMe Qf
Marjorie Judd ot* South Porcupine
Marjorie Judd.
Marjorie K. Brownlee
Marjorie Keitha Brownlee
Marjorie L. Judd
Marjorie M Horner
Marjorie M. Horner
Marjorie Nancy Draper
Mark Horner
Mark Horner Black
Mark- Motion Cri
Marks Motion Cm Marks
Marlon Horner
Marshall Horner
Marshall Horner Imd
Marshall Howard Jean Judd
Marshall Hudgins Arthur Smythe
Martha Hyer Edward Judd THIS
Martin - Mrs Ruby Brownlee
Martin Brownlee
Martin Con-motion
Martin Diana Brownlee
Marty Brownlee
Marty Brownlee Penalties
Marty Brownlee Saturday
Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Marty Brownlee Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Shone Peck Mike Guotto Von Foubert Sylvoki Dams Cary Zadoroz
Mary A. Draper
Mary A. Horner
Mary Ann Horner
Mary Ann Horner 1
Mary Ann Horner 2
Mary Ann Horner 3
Mary Ann Horner 4
Mary Ann Horner 6
Mary Anne Horner
Mary Arthur Daley
Mary Birdie Draper
Mary Brownlee
Mary Brownlee During
Mary Brownlee Grade
Mary Brownlee O Low Notes
Mary Catherine Horner
Mary Catherine Horner Myers
Mary Draper
Mary Draper 784
Mary Draper Ottawa
Mary Draper Sherbrooke
Mary Draper’s
Mary Ellen Lappe Allen Brownlee
Mary Frances Horner
Mary Frances Horner Myers
Mary Gertrude Horner
Mary Gertrude Irene Draper Mary Gertrude Irene Draper William Gerald Draper
Mary Horner
Mary Horner Ennis
Mary Horner Myers
Mary Ix>u Draper
Mary Ixm Draper
Mary J. Horner
Mary Jane FJi/abeth Brownlee Cory
Mary Jane Horner
Mary Jane Horner Our
Mary Jane Horner Predeceased
Mary Jane Watchorn Sidney Stephen
Mary Jay Hughie Horner
Mary John Motion
Mary Judd
Mary Judd Margaret Jean
Mary Judd Russell
Mary Judd Stepmother
Mary Judd.
Mary L Draper
Mary Loe Draper
Mary Lou Draper
Mary Lou Horner
Mary Louise Judd
Mary Louise to Murray Arthur
Mary Me Callum Ward Allowance Motion
Mary MeCallum Motion Crs Horner
Mary Mildred Horner
Mary Mrs. Arthur Dubien
Mary Pearl Horner
Mary Sheila Draper
Mary Sheila Draper But
Mary Sheila) Draper
Mary Wilson Judd H2
Mary-Ann Horner She
Mary-Lou Draper
Masson Phone Hugh Horner
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Henry Horner
Matt Horner
Matthew Draper
Matthew Horner
Maur-1 Rev. Arthur W. Voteary
Maurice Lafleur-325.00
Maurice Motion
Mavis Brownlee
Mavis Judd
Max Bill Horner
Max Brownlee
May Horner
Maye Brownlee
Maye Horner
Mayfred Horner
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Mayor and Crs Hutchison
Mayor Barber and Crs
Mayor Barber and Crs C Lm* Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy. Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs L Roy
Mayor Graham Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Mayor Horner
Mayor Horner W.
Mayor Murray Crs Berber
Mbs Marion Horner Mr.
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or Horner
McCurdy Motion
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McKay Eliard Horner
Mclbornc Horner
McNeill Brownlee
Me Caimv Mr Sidney Gorham
Meetings Mrs Emerson Horner
MeG*»tf Alexander Crs Motion That
Mel Brown Leo O Brien Michael Wrinn John Romain Eddie Ranger Eric Ranger Lawrence Romain Arthur Amy
Mel Horner
Mel Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Melborne Horner
Melissa Brownlee
Melissa Brownlee Big
Melissa Brownlee Crawford
Melissa Horner
Melvin W Younge Bany Draper Willow Hollow
Mena Brownlee
Messrs Alex Horner
Messrs Allan Horner
Messrs Arnot Woods
Messrs Arthur
Messrs Arthur Dagg
Messrs Arthur Kilgoor
Messrs Arthur Kilgour
Messrs Arthur Wilsu
Messrs Ben Judd
Messrs Bill Horner
Messrs Brownlee
Messrs Carl Horner
Messrs Clarence Horner
Messrs Douglas Horner
Messrs G. Draper
Messrs Gordon Brownlee
Messrs Horner
Messrs Hubert Brownlee
Messrs Hugh Horner
Messrs John Horner
Messrs Judd
Messrs Keith Brownlee
Messrs Keith Horner
Messrs L Judd
Messrs Lewis Judd
Messrs Lindsay Judd
Messrs Liud-ay Judd
Messrs Lloyd Brownlee
Messrs N. Brownlee
Messrs Ous Draper
Messrs Robert Judd
Messrs Robt Judd
Messrs. Arthur
Messrs. Bill Horner
Messrs. Gordon Select Vestrv Brownlee
Messrs. Hubert Brownlee
Messrs. Leonard Horner
Messrs. Louis Judd
Messrs. Russell Judd
Messrs. Wilson Judd
Meter Motion
Method Norris E. Horner Clothier
Mi James D. Horner
Mi* Lewis Judd
Mia* Frances Brownlee
Mias Ruth Horner
Mias Sharon Horner
Michael Brownlee
Michael Draper
Michael Hor- Judd
Michael Leo Arthur Riebertz
Michael McGuire Arthur Racine Smith Bros.
Michel Legace Inc. Motion
Middle-Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Mies Diana Brownlee
Mike Motion
Mike Arthur
Mike Rusenstrom Judd’s
Mike Sullivan Motion
Milburn Horner
Mildred Brownlee
Mildred Draper
Mildred Horner
Mildred Horner.
Mildred Judd
Mildred Judd.
Mildred Mrs Norval Horner
Milton Cross K. Draper
Mims Id» Brownlee
Minerva Judd
Minor Crs Thomas Fahey Jeannine
Miry Horner
Mis Barry Lee Horner
Mis Harvey Brownlee
Mis Helen Horner
Mis Lloyd Brownlee
Mis Ruby Horner
Mis* Emma Judd
Mis* May Horner
Misa James L. Horner Dies
Miss C. Young Wilson Ebert Horner
Miss Edith Draper
Miss Hope Draper
Miss Irene Shaw Brownlee
Miss Marion Horner
Miss Mrs Horner
Misses Jean and Doris Judd.
Misses Margaret Horner
Misvxs Leona Horner
Mitch Horner
Mitch Horner Sports
Mitchell Horner
Miueiva Judd
Mix Emerson Horner
MkHion Crs Brown
Mm Alex Horner
Mme Jean Juàd Horner
Mme Mary Draper
Mme Terry Lyn Draper
Mn Clarence Horner
Mnye Brownlee
Mohr Edith Draper
Moira Horner
Mom Mabel Horner December
Mona Armstrong Mrs. Lola Horner Mr.
Mona Brownlee
Mona Horner
Mona Judd
Monica Horner
Montreal Norris R Horner Clothier
Moreen Brownlee
Morley Smith Keith Horner
Morrison Horner
Moses Larmandeau J H Brownlee .... Lyall Hodgins
Motin Crs Neil Displace
Motion L #
Motion "Graham
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Motion Alexander
Motion Armstrong
Motion Bo.x>and Graham That
Motion Brown
Motion C
Motion C -ims Armstrong
Motion C :r m1 V
Motion Cl
Motion Clr Carmen
Motion Cm
Motion Cm Murray
Motion Coin’rs Tracy
Motion Commr
Motion Commr McDowell
Motion Comrs Harris
Motion CouKiHor Ale^ande^
Motion Councillor Paul
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillor* Argue
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr
Motion Cr Carmen
Motion Cr Carmen Ma - sr
Motion Cr Cone
Motion Cr Graham
Motion Cr Ixswis
Motion Cr K Smith
Motion Cr Smith
Motion Cre Graham
Motion Cre K Wilson
Motion Crs
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Amol Homer
Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen Correspondence
Motion Crs Carmen Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Carmen Garry Cain
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Motion Crs Carmen Ray Sheppard
Motion Crs Carmen Telebec
Motion Crs Carmen Tenders
Motion Crs Carmen Village
Motion Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Chamberlain
Motion Crs Claude JUcnard-son
Motion Crs Claude Rich-
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Hodgins
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Claude Rich- Mucha
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Dale
Motion Crs Duff
Motion Crs G Hodgins
Motion Crs G McCallum
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Motion Crs Gerard Joan
Motion Crs Gerard Joan-nisse
Motion Crs Gerard Joannisse
Motion Crs Gilpin
Motion Crs Graham
Motion Crs Graham John Coyle
Motion Crs Grant
Motion Crs Gray
Motion Crs H Wickens
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Henderson
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Crs K Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Crs Murphy
Motion Crs Neil Dittburn
Motion Crs Neil Dittburner
Motion Crs O Reilly
Motion Crs Orr
Motion Crs Pitt
Motion Crs Robinson
Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs Tracy
Motion Crs X $
Motion Crs Young
Motion CTS.
Motion E Kennedy
Motion Fraser
Motion Graham
Motion Gray
Motion H Sturgeon
Motion Harrison
Motion Hayes
Motion Henderson
Motion Iv
Motion Joseph McCaffrey
Motion Lee Hodgins
Motion Leslie Dale
Motion Lome Armstrong
Motion Ma
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Murray
Motion O Brown
Motion O Drummond
Motion O Grant
Motion Ors Grant
Motion Os
Motion Os Grant
Motion Pictures
Motion Pitt
Motion Q
Motion Q Barber
Motion Q. Barber
Motion Q. Barber to
Motion Richardson
Motion Robinson Hodgins
Motion Ross
Motion Russell
Motion Smiley
Motion Smith
Motion Thomas
Motion Vincent McC
Motion Vomr Graham
Motion Webb
Motion Wick
Motion Wiggins
Motion Wilson
Motion — Graham
Motion —Comr Graham
Motion-Crs Fraser
Motion-Erwin Craig-That
Motion-Reuben Smith
Motion-rOrs Clarke
Motion-— H origins-1’energast
Motions Crs Carmen Wickens
Motions Crs Grant
Motion—-Crs Fraser
Motion—Allen Henderson
Motion—Armstrong* Corrigan
Motion—Burden OTteilley- That Mr. Hugh Ross
Motion—C''omT McMillan
Motion—C<unr Young -That Truman
Motion—Chas Russell
Motion—Cis Fraser
Motion—Cm Schwartz
Motion—Com J McNeill—That Com’r
Motion—Com Y
Motion—Com Y Findlay
Motion—Comr Graham
Motion—Comr McMillan
Motion—Comr Meredith—That
Motion—Comr Walsh
Motion—Comr Wilson
Motion—Comrs Dean
Motion—Comrs Palmer
Motion—Com’r Graham
Motion—Com’r Wilson
Motion—Com’rs Palmer
Motion—Coni’r McLeod
Motion—ConVr Graham
Motion—Corar Graham
Motion—Cora’re Palmer
Motion—Corns Wallace
Motion—Couns Armstrong
Motion—Couns Smiley
Motion—Crs Clarke
Motion—Crs Farrell
Motion—Crs Fraser
Motion—Crs Smart
Motion—Crs Smith
Motion—Crs Young
Motion—Harris Wallace—That Chair- Telephone
Motion—Lome Armstrong
Motion—Or Graham
Motion—William Graham
MotI°n Crs Gerard Joan-
Mov Crs
Moyra Horner
Mr A J Horner
Mr A W Horner
Mr Allen Judd
Mr Bill Horner
Mr Boyd James Brownlee
Mr Brownlee
Mr Bud Horner
Mr Elliot Motion Crs Gilpin
Mr Emerson Horner
Mr Fred H Judd
Mr Gus Draper.-
Mr Henry Brownlee
Mr Herman Horner
Mr Horner
Mr J H Brownlee
Mr J R Horner
Mr J R Horner Dods
Mr J R Judd
Mr James Horner
Mr John Hugh Horner
Mr K J Horner
Mr Leonard Horner
Mr Motion
Mr Norman Horner
Mr Norman Norman Horner
Mr R Judd
Mr Russell Judd
Mr T B Draper
Mr Thomas Horner
Mr W J Horner
Mr W R Horner
Mr Wllllwm Horner
Mr* Bruce Judd
Mr* Thomas Horner
Mr, Benjamin Judd
Mr, Bill Horner
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt
Mr. A Mrs. Arthur Strutt’s
Mr. Albert Brownlee
Mr. Albert Horner
Mr. Albert J. Horner
Mr. Allen Horner*
Mr. Andrew Judd
Mr. Andrew Judd.
Mr. Arthur
Mr. Arthur Hemtng
Mr. Arthur Hen-
Mr. Arthur M. Wilson
Mr. Bert Horner
Mr. Bill Horner
Mr. Boyd James Brownlee
Mr. Brownlee
Mr. Clarence Brownlee
Mr. Clark Horner
Mr. David H. Brownlee
Mr. Draper
Mr. Earl Horner
Mr. Edgar Draper
Mr. Emerson Horner
Mr. Emerson Horner Mrs. Chas
Mr. Foster Motion—Count
Mr. Fred Koch Mr Arthur Kilgour
Mr. Gerald Draper
Mr. Glen Draper
Mr. Gordon Brownlee
Mr. Gordon Brownlee— Total
Mr. Gordon T. Brownlee
Mr. Harley Horner
Mr. Henry Brownlee
Mr. Henry H. Horner
Mr. Henry Horner
Mr. Henry Judd 2. Fitzgerald
Mr. Hoii Judd
Mr. Horner
Mr. Hugh E. Brownlee
Mr. Hugh Norman Brownlee
Mr. J E Horner Fi’iger
Mr. J R. Horner
Mr. James H. Horner
Mr. James Horner
Mr. James Judd
Mr. James L. Horner
Mr. John Brownlee
Mr. John Brownlee''-
Mr. John David Draper
Mr. John Horner
Mr. John Hugh Horner
Mr. John Truman Draper
Mr. John W. Horner
Mr. Judd
Mr. Keith Draper
Mr. Ken Motion Crs
Mr. Leonard Horner
Mr. Leonard Horner Lay
Mr. Leslie Arthur Woermke
Mr. Leslie Horner
Mr. Leslie Horner Dean
Mr. Lloyd Brownlee
Mr. Melvin Horner
Mr. Motion
Mr. Norman Brownlee
Mr. Norman Horner Caught
Mr. Norman Judd
Mr. Norris Brownlee
Mr. Norris Horner
Mr. Norris Horner’s
Mr. Norris Horner’s Moore
Mr. Norris K. Horner
Mr. Owen Sullivan’s Horner
Mr. Ralph Horner
Mr. Raymond Draper
Mr. Ronald Draper
Mr. Russell Judd
Mr. Russell Judd Pontiac County
Mr. Russell Judd.
Mr. Sidney Herbert
Mr. Sidney Sheppard
Mr. Thomas Brownlee
Mr. Thomas L. Brownlee
Mr. Thomas Paul Mr. Brownlee
Mr. Truman Draper
Mr. W J. Horner
Mr. Warren Horner
Mr. William Horner
Mr. Wilson Judd
Mra Elwood Sharpe Motion
Mre Sidney Tubman
Mrs Oeorg Judd
Mrs Andrew Cram Rae Judd
Mrs B C. Horner
Mrs Edith Draper
Mrs Emerson Horner
Mrs Johnson Hugh Horner
Mrs Leslie Smart Horner
Mrs Norris Horner Mrs Ron Robichard
Mrs Norris R. Horner
Mrs Russell Judd
Mrs T B Draper
Mrs Thomas Edward Brownlee
Mrs Thomas Horner
Mrs Thomas Horner Special
Mrs W H Horner
Mrs W J Brownlee
Mrs, Edgar Draper
Mrs, Henry Horner
Mrs, Henry Horner............. 1
Mrs, Norman Brownlee
Mrs, Sidney Tmd-
Mrs, W J. Horner
Mrs- John H. Horner
Mrs. Agnes Horner
Mrs. Al- Hubert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner Dictator
Mrs. Albert Morin Leonard Horner
Mrs. Albert Mrs. N. Horner
Mrs. Alex H. Horner
Mrs. Alex Horner
Mrs. Allan Horner
Mrs. Allan Judd
Mrs. Allen Horner
Mrs. Allen Judd
Mrs. Allen Judd.
Mrs. Am-and Mrs. Wilfred McCallum Brownlee
Mrs. Andrew Hudgins Clarence Brownlee
Mrs. Andrew Judd
Mrs. Andrew Judd Monday
Mrs. Angel Horner
Mrs. Annie Mo-Arthur
Mrs. Archie Horner
Mrs. Arthur
Mrs. Arthur 647-2534 Hodgins Lyle P Hodgins
Mrs. Arthur Argue
Mrs. Arthur Boisvert
Mrs. Arthur Crcigh
Mrs. Arthur Dagg
Mrs. Arthur Fitzpatrick Congratulations
Mrs. Arthur Grace
Mrs. Arthur Hayes
Mrs. Arthur Horner
Mrs. Arthur K. Rennick Rev. John Pearce
Mrs. Arthur Kent
Mrs. Arthur Kilgour
Mrs. Arthur Kilgour Mr.
Mrs. Arthur Kll-I
Mrs. Arthur KtifOUf
Mrs. Arthur Messrs. Lloyd Stevens
Mrs. Arthur Oliver
Mrs. Arthur Woermke
Mrs. B C. Horner
Mrs. B O Horner
Mrs. Barclay Hanna- Gerald Draper
Mrs. Barry Draper Many
Mrs. Ben Judd
Mrs. Ben Judd Mr. John Morrison
Mrs. Ben Judd.
Mrs. Benjamin Judd
Mrs. Bert Horner
Mrs. Bert Horner David T. Hodgins United Steel Workers
Mrs. Bill Brownlee DR.
Mrs. Bill Horner
Mrs. Bob Fairfield Thomas Horner
Mrs. Boh Horner
Mrs. Brownlee
Mrs. C Draper
Mrs. C T. Brownlee
Mrs. Cius Draper
Mrs. Clare Jacques and Mrs. Arthur Winslow
Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Clarence T. Brownlee
Mrs. Clifford Horner
Mrs. Clifton Draper
Mrs. Colin Wet- Brownlee
Mrs. David Dick-1 Judd.
Mrs. David KiKiik Port Arthur
Mrs. Draper
Mrs. Duncan Mra Ebert Horner
Mrs. Earl Horner
Mrs. Ebert Horner Milden
Mrs. Edgar Brownlee
Mrs. Edgar Motion Commr Fulford
Mrs. Edith Draper Citizenship
Mrs. Edward A. Horner
Mrs. Edward Horner
Mrs. Elwood Brownlee
Mrs. Emerson Horner
Mrs. Emerson Horner Lake
Mrs. Eric Draper
Mrs. Eric Judd
Mrs. Erwin Graham Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Mrs. Exnerspn Horner Ttbis
Mrs. F H Cornu. Crs Fitzsimmons
Mrs. Fred A. Horner
Mrs. Fred Horner
Mrs. Fred Horner Mrs. Muise
Mrs. Frederick H. Judd
Mrs. George T. Horner
Mrs. Gerald Draper
Mrs. Gil-and Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Gordon Brownlee
Mrs. Gordon Me- Motion Crs Brown
Mrs. Gordon Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Gordon Paul Norrran Horner
Mrs. H H Horner
Mrs. H H Horner Houses For Sale
Mrs. H H. Horner
Mrs. H Horner
Mrs. H Judd
Mrs. Harley Horner
Mrs. Harold Hayes Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Harold Judd
Mrs. Harold Judd.
Mrs. Harvey Brownlee
Mrs. Hazel Horner
Mrs. Helen Judd
Mrs. Henry H. Horner
Mrs. Henry Horner
Mrs. Henry Horner........ Wellington Armstrong..... Altie Armstrong
Mrs. Henry J Horner
Mrs. Henry J. Horner
Mrs. Herb Horner
Mrs. Hillis Graham Miss Shirley Horner
Mrs. Horner
Mrs. Horner’s
Mrs. Hubert Horner
Mrs. Hugh A. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Clifford Horner
Mrs. Hugh E. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Horner
Mrs. Ivan Horner
Mrs. Ivan Horner Pokes Mr.
Mrs. J .Yemen Keith Brownlee Wm
Mrs. J A. Brownlee
Mrs. J B Judd
Mrs. J B. Horner
Mrs. J E Horner
Mrs. J E Horner Shaw
Mrs. J E. Horner.
Mrs. J H. Horner
Mrs. J Horner
Mrs. J Judd
Mrs. J. G,* Elliott Clifford Horner ...... Mr# Chris.
Mrs. J.D. B Motion Crs
Mrs. J.H. Horner
Mrs. Jack Barr John Draper
Mrs. Jack W. Horner
Mrs. James 0. Horner
Mrs. James Arthur Hodgins
Mrs. James Bl Horner
Mrs. James D. Horner
Mrs. James Doherty Motion Crs
Mrs. James E. Horner
Mrs. James Fitzpat- Stan Horner
Mrs. James H. Horner
Mrs. James Horner
Mrs. James Horner Mrs. Ebert Horner
Mrs. James Judd
Mrs. Jason Brownlee Mr. Ken Smythe
Mrs. Jason Brownlee Oct
Mrs. John 7-2615 Judd
Mrs. John B Judd
Mrs. John B. Judd
Mrs. John B. Judd.
Mrs. John Brownlee
Mrs. John Draper
Mrs. John E. Horner
Mrs. John H. Brownlee
Mrs. John H. Judd
Mrs. John Horner
Mrs. John Hugh Horner
Mrs. John Judd
Mrs. John R. Judd
Mrs. John W. Horner
Mrs. Johnston Motion Crs
Mrs. Judd
Mrs. Judd Adams
Mrs. Keith Brownlee
Mrs. Keith Draper
Mrs. Ken Draper
Mrs. L A. Smart............ W. J. Horner............... Irene Shaw
Mrs. L Draper
Mrs. L E. Thompson Motion
Mrs. Lee Brownlee VeraLynn
Mrs. Leonard Horner
Mrs. Leonard Horner O Brien
Mrs. Leonard Horner Quyon W.L Quyon CWL Cap
Mrs. Leslie Atkin- Llndsey Horner
Mrs. Leslie Horner
Mrs. Leslie Mac-Arthur
Mrs. Leslie Woermke Mrs. Arthur Woermke
Mrs. Lester Draper
Mrs. Lewis Judd
Mrs. Lewis Judd and
Mrs. Lewis Judd.
Mrs. Lindsay Horner
Mrs. Lloyd Brownlee
Mrs. Lome Draper
Mrs. Louis Judd and Chris
Mrs. Louise Black Horner
Mrs. Louise Horner
Mrs. M Horner
Mrs. M Motion- Woods
Mrs. Man-son Horner
Mrs. Marshall Horner
Mrs. Mary Brownlee
Mrs. Milburn Horner
Mrs. Milton Horner
Mrs. Nelson Horner
Mrs. Nor-nan Brownlee Mrs.
Mrs. Norman Brownlee
Mrs. Norman Brownlee.
Mrs. Norman Horner
Mrs. Norman Horner—pickles
Mrs. Norman Horner’s
Mrs. Norris Horner
Mrs. Norris Horner His
Mrs. Norris Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs.
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville THURSDAY—
Mrs. Norris Horner’s
Mrs. Norris I &od Mrs Arthur Draper
Mrs. Norris R. Horner
Mrs. Norval Horner
Mrs. O G. McDowell Brownlee
Mrs. O. M. Atkinson Motion Cr
Mrs. Paul Eric Judd
Mrs. Pern-Arthur Manwell
Mrs. R M Angus Mrs. Sidney Sheppard
Mrs. Ralph Horner
Mrs. Ralph Horner Muir
Mrs. Ralph Horner Ostrom
Mrs. Raymond Draper
Mrs. Ronnie Draper
Mrs. Ross Mayhew Arthur Boisvert
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Carried Motion Crs
Mrs. Russell Judd
Mrs. Sam Horner
Mrs. Sam Woods------ Arthur Caldwell
Mrs. Sidney M. Jones
Mrs. Sidney Sheppard
Mrs. Sydney Draper
Mrs. T B Draper
Mrs. Teddy Judd
Mrs. Thomas 2xd31 Horner
Mrs. Thomas B Horner
Mrs. Thomas Draper
Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Thomas Sul- HORNER
Mrs. Thomas Walls Motion Crs
Mrs. Tom Brownlee
Mrs. Tom Horner
Mrs. Trueman B Draper
Mrs. Truman Draper Grace Flood
Mrs. W A. Horner
Mrs. W G. Arthur Wilson
Mrs. W Horner Jr.
Mrs. W J Brownlee
Mrs. W J. Brownlee
Mrs. W J. Horner
Mrs. Wesley Motion
Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Mrs. Wilbur Horner Jr.
Mrs. Wilbur Horner Nathan Dagg
Mrs. William Alfred Brownlee
Mrs. William Arthur
Mrs. William Draper
Mrs. Wm Arthur
Mrs.................. Brownlee
Mrs..Arthur Dagg
Mrv Arthur Wocrmkc Thomas
Ms. Emerson Horner
Msehr Arthur
Muriel Brownlee
Muriel Horner
Muriel Horner E. Morrison Truck Rental _ IT
Muriel Horner Minutes
Murphy Motion
Murray Barry Draper Henry Barnabe
Murray Draper
Murray Norval Horner
Murry-Ann Horner
Muscular Graham Murray Arthur Rennick Edytha Sto Edna Tanner Fay Tanner Archie Tubman Evelyn Warfor
Music Rev Janyce Horner
Myrtle Brownlee
Myrtle Brownlee Honored Snappy Mens
Myrtle Draper
N X J Norris E. Horner Clothier
N. Brownlee
N. R Brownlee
Nan Thomas Horner
Nanc> Draper
Nancy Ai- Draper
Nancy Draper
Nancy Draper Bran Muffins- Ethel Lusk
Nancy Draper Brenda MacKechnie
Nancy Draper Grand Champion Male Ian Cake- Iva Merrifield
Nancy Draper Shirley Mohr
Nancy Horner
Nancy Horner Helen Imison
Nancy Ted Judd
Narval Horner
Nat Brownlee
Natalie Horner
Nathan Brownlee
Nathan Draper Page 7
Nathan Smith Lloyd Horner
Nathan White Dean Horner
Nathaniel Brownlee
Nathiniel Brownlee
Neil Hanna Bob Horner
Neil Horner
Neil Horner Madawaska
Neil Horner Mr.
Neil Horner These
Neil Mac Arthur
Neil Motion Crs Garth Tracy Dittburner
Neil Sly -with Crs Carmen Wick
Neil Telford Clarence Brownlee He
Nellie Brownlee
Nellie Draper
Nettie Horner
Nettie Judd
Newell Mrs Arthur Dirrell
Nicastro P Riley Helen Horner
Nicholas Brownlee
Nick Brownlee
Nicole Draper
Nicole Draper This
Nil Brownlee
Noble Grand Mary Draper
Noble Horner
Norm Fraser Motion Crs
Norm Horner
Norm McLean Judd
Norma 488x JUDD •23334bjl3
Norma Col-Brownlee
Norma Horner
Norma Horner CLÔTURE Tél
Norma Horner Erin
Norma Horner O’Brien
Norma Horner’s
Norma Jean Brownlee
Norma Joyce Draper
Norma Judd
Norma Judd fol-1
Norma Judd.
Norma Mrs. Sidney Red Cross
Norma Twolan President Mildred Horner
Norman Brownlee
Norman Brownlee Mrs. Fred Smart
Norman Brownlee Ottawa
Norman Brownlee Reg Optometris Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Norman Brownlee’s Hon
Norman Horner
Norman Horner 647-2353
Norman Horner Councillors
Norman Horner QPP
Norman Horner Raphael Mousseau
Norman Horner.—31
Norman Horner’s Pat Malomar
Norman Judd
Norme Judd
Norms Judd
Norris 7-2463 Judd
Norris 7-2614 J R Shop 7-2984 Judd
Norris 7-2616 Judd
Norris 7-2737 J R Shop Judd
Norris 7-2942 Horner
Norris 7-3749 Horner
Norris A. Brownlee
Norris B. Horner Clothier
Norris Brownlee
Norris Brownlee Sherwood Horner
Norris E. Horner Clothier
Norris E.. Horner Clothier
Norris H. Horner Clothier
Norris H. Horner Greetings
Norris Horner
Norris Horner 1st Vivian Millar
Norris Horner Appointed Ferguson Tractor Distributor
Norris Horner CLOVER SEED.
Norris Horner Hodgins
Norris Horner Keith Bean Vertal Smiley Eric Brown Gordon Alexander Rowat
Norris Horner Re-elected President Scout Mothers
Norris Horner S
Norris Horner Shawville Que
Norris Horner Shawville Quo
Norris Horner Shawvillo Que
Norris Horner Shawvllle
Norris Horner Shewville
Norris Horner Shewville Que Timber Wanted
Norris Horner Trophy
Norris Horner-doing
Norris Horner....... Harold Beckett...... John L Hodgins
Norris J R. Shop Judd
Norris Judd
Norris Judd.
Norris McDowell Motion Cra Haaknaas
Norris R Horner
Norris R Horner Clothier
Norris R. Horner
Norris R. Horner Church
Norris R. Horner Clothier
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec Phone
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec WARNING Phone
Norris R.-Horner Clothier
Norval Horner
Norval Horner Trophy- Charlie McGuire
Norval Kilgour Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Norval Me Benson Uuyon Council Motion Crs
Norval Me Neill Massey - Harris Hay Tools Motion 1
Norway B i> Motion
Notes Mr. Hubert Horner
Nov. 4th Norris R. Horner Clothier
NYarren Horner
O M. Horner
O Norris E. Horner Clothier
Oail Horner
Obituaries Douglas Hugh Horner Feb.
Obituaries J Clemence Albert Arthur Miller
Obituary Arland Wilbur Edward Horner Mark Fcamall
Obituary Linden Arthur Young
October Payroll Kenneth Brownlee
Offve Horner
Oi King Arthur
Oils Norris R. Horner
Olive Arthur
Olive Horner
Olive Judd
Olive Judd Chap.—Miss
Omo Horner
Onslow Elemen- Norman Horner
Ont Judd Mr. James D. Horner
Oonrvt Horner
Oor- Ann Brownlee
Ootie J Crs
Opal F Judd
Opal Horner
Opal Judd
Opal Judd Honoured
Opal Smart Grace Horner
Orla Young Page Three Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Orla Young Ray McTiernan James C. Gordon Keith Draper Clarence Erwin
Ormiston Horner
Orville Frenette Motion
Orville Frenette Mrs Arthur Dagg
Os Barber and Brownlee
Oswald Mur-Motion Cr
Ot- Norris Horner
Ottawa Mrs. Clifford Horner
Over Melvin W Younge Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow
Owen Mr. Arthur Turrieff
O’Reilly Grant Requested Motion Crs
P 7-2780 7-2501 Horner
P E 3xf11 Horner
P E I. Miss Shirley Horner
P QS- Phone Hugh Horner
P. Q. Mrs Edith Draper
P. R. G Arthur Dagg Collection
Parent Representative Brownlee
Parliament Motion Conns
Pastor HORNER—In
Pat & Hazel Horner
Pat Motion
Patricia Jean Brownlee
Patrick Arthur MacKay
Patrick Brownlee
Patrick Draper
Patrick Motion
Patti Horner
Pattie Horner
Pattie Horner* Pa
Pattie Horner-Patriquin
Pattie Lou Horner
Patty Horner
Paul Arthur
Paul Arthur Evered
Paul Arthur II
Paul Arthur Nightly
Paul Brownlee
Paul Christian Mr Stan Horner
Paul Dick Chris Judd
Paul Gerald Draper Lendon Workman Isador Coulis Benny Allan Dale Transport Cbden Ont
Paul Horner
Paul Horner Mr.
Paul Mar- Motion Crs
Paul Motion
Paul Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Paul Mrs Arthur St. Jean
Pearl Brownlee
Pearl Browns Machine Shop Brownlee
Pearl Horner
Pearl Judd
Peggy Horner
Penny John Draper
Penny Singleton Arthur Lake Larry Simms Inkf Leads
Penny Singleton Arthur Lake Larry Sims Blondte’s Blessed Event New Spring
Percy Emmerson Russell Chas Judd
Perpetual R C Mrs. Leonard Horner
Perry Hodgins- Norval Horner
Perry Rev. Arthur
Pete Judd
Peter - Arland Horner
Peter Arthur
Peter Bethune Dalton Brownlee
Peter Brownlee
Peter Brownlee Passes
Peter Chance Sidney
Peter Crs L Wilson
Peter Draper
Peter Draper Grace
Peter Draper Grace-field
Peter Draper Humber College Graduate
Peter Draper On
Peter Draper Wped
Peter Finch James Arthur Scotch
Peter Haughton Nelie A Bill Jette Ron At Gayle Johnston Russell Judd
Peter Hedging Judd
Peter Horner
Peter Horner On November
Peter Horner Stations
Peter Judd
Peter Judd <f Southampton
Peter Judd.
Peter Kluke Horner
Peter Me Arthur
Peter Moyle- Motion Crs
Peter Mrs Lottie Draper
Peter Proud Dorothy Fleming Arthur Sc Dorothy Forbes Steve Forbes John W ic Martha God
Peter Sharpe Horner
Peter Volunteer Fire Depart- Motion Crs Pirie
Peter X. Brownlee
Petro Ponti- Motion Cr McCredie
Philip Long Motion Cn Perlard
Philip Sidney
Philip Sidney (
Philip Sidney I
Philip Sidney.
Phillip Sidney
Phone 647-3334 Boyd Brownlee Shawville
Phone Leonard Horner
Phono 647-3334 Boyd Brownlee
Phono Mrs. Hugh Horner
Phyllis Horner
Pie Russell Judd
Pierre Arthur Guerttn Community Centre
Pierre Bergeron Dawn Horner
Pierre Judd
Pierre Motion
Plena Brownlee
Policemen Norman Horner
Poole Ken Draper
Pound Keeper: Gus Draper
Pound Keepers Gus Draper
Pound Keepers James Horner
Pound Keepers: Gus Draper
Pound Keepers:- Barry Draper Robert Smart
Pound Keepers:- Gus Draper
Pound Keepers—Gus Draper
Pound Keepers—James Horner
Prayer Norris R. Horner Clothier
Pres Mrs. Arthur Dagg
Preston Hod- Eric Draper
Preston Hodgins Motion Councillor Elwooa Dale
Princess Arthur
Princess Leona Horner
Principal Henry Horner
Prof- Mac Arthur
Prof. Arthur
Prof. Arthur C. Hardy
Prof. J Arthur Thomson
Pte G R Horner
Pte Leslie Horner
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Displa
Pumpkin—J W Brownlee 1
Pup B Norris B. Horner Clothier
Purest Rev. Arthur W. Voteaiy
P^noe Arthur
QPP Norman Horner
Quality Norris H. Horner Clothier
Que Norris E. Horner Clothier
Que Norris R. Horner Clothier
Quebec Horner
Quebec Land Motion
Quebec Land Motion Cr Dagg
Quebec Land Surveyor Motion
Quy- John E. Horner
Quyoni Russell Judd
Qu» Norris R. Horner Clothier
R A. Grant Wedded To Arthur Hayes
R B Horner
R Horner
R. B Horner
R. Bailey Arthur
R. Brownlee
R. Horner
R. K Horner
R. Wiggins W. Draper T. Daly ....
R.A. Pastok Norris E. Horner Clothier
R.B. Horner
R.O P Keith Horner
Rachel Brownlee
Rachel Brownlee,Carol-AnnFinlan
Rae Judd
Raker Norris E. Horner Clothier
Rally E Horner
Rally Horner
Ralph Byron Horner Annie Amelia Brownlee
Ralph C Horner
Ralph C. Horner Evangelist
Ralph C. Horner Evangelist Reminiscences
Ralph Holstein Jaymic Armitag Denzil Brownlee
Ralph Horner
Ralph Horner Dies
Ralph Horner...... H T. McDowell
Ralph M Horner
Ralph Presley Arthur Hahn
Ralph R. Horner
Randy Brownlee
Randy Judd
Rav Judd
Ray Arthur
Ray Brownlee
Ray Draper
Ray Judd
Ray Judd-Cram
Ray Judd’s Sun Flow- Sylvester’s
Ray McTiernan Mrs E Cameron Bert Horner
Ray Motion Crs
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Ray Wigei James Horner
Ray Young Motion
Raymond Arthur At Pontiac
Raymond Arthur Trevor
Raymond Draper
Raymond Horner
Raymond James Draper
Raymond Johnston Horner
Raymond Johnston Motion
Raymond Morris Motion
Raymond Motion Crs Orr
Raymond Rowat _ Motion
Reanice Sulli Horner Winners
Rebecca Horner Johnston
Recipes For Romance Arthur
Regina Draper
Reid Miss Mary Judd
ReMotion Crs Orr
Rena Draper
Rennick B Horner
Rent Norris E. Horner Clothier
Repaired Motion
Rets Draper
Returns V Arthur SWEATERS
Reuben Draper
Reuben Stonehaven Flowers 7-2735 J Horner
Reubin Draper
Rev Arthur D. Waite
Rev R C Horner
Rev Ralph Horner
Rev Stanley Arthur Ralph
Rev. Arthur G. Downing
Rev. Arthur Perry
Rev. Brownlee
Rev. Judd
Rev. Mavis Brownlee
Revella Brownlee
Reverend Sister —Sidney Bishop
Rex Taylor Mrs Henry Henderson Motion
Rhonda Draper
Rhonds Draper
Richard Brownlee
Richard Cory Brownlee
Richard Dahms Mrs. Lindsay Dale Mrs. Lloyd Dale Mrs. Ernie Dean Mrs. Gerald Draper Mrs. Keith Drape
Richard F. Brownlee
Richard Hearty Mr. Arthur Grace
Richard Hodgins Arthur Mulligan..... William Olm
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Earl Hodgin* James Richardson Mr Arthur Bates
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Motion Crs
Richard Howard Motion
Richard Judd
Richard Motion
Richard Motion Crs Tubman
Richard Richardson Fred A. Horner
Richard T Brownlee
Richard Warren Horner
Richard Wills Chris Judd
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Richard Wills Jo-Anne Brownlee
Richardson Bill Horner
Richardson Clifford Greer Motion Crs
Richardson Motion
Richardson Shalika Amio- Brownlee
Rick Brownlee
Rick Draper
Rick y Brownlee
Ricky Brownlee
Rita Barber and Barry Draper
Rita Draper
Rita Draper Wednesday
Rita I* Draper
Ritchie Rev*J. A. Payton Monday Norris R. Horner Clothier
Riu‘-h Horner
River Alan Ladd Jean Arthur Technicolor Dick Ha
Rob Horner
Rob Motion Cr$ O Reilly
Rob Motion Crs
Rob- Horner
Robbie Horner
Robert 7-2634 Judd
Robert A. Brownlee
Robert and Chris Judd
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur Osmond
Robert Arthur Webb
Robert B Horner
Robert Brownlee
Robert Brownlee CANADIAN
Robert Campbell Motion Crs Dagg
Robert Carswell Motion Crs
Robert Cnarefte Horner
Robert D. Horner
Robert Draper
Robert E. Draper
Robert Gordon Motion Cri
Robert Horner
Robert Horner 26159BA5
Robert Horner Caldwell0B,TUARY Clarion Shaw
Robert Horner’s
Robert Judd
Robert Judd $
Robert Judd 1
Robert Judd 32.80
Robert Judd 36.80
Robert Judd Alex Murray Anonymous Clarendon
Robert Judd be
Robert Judd January
Robert Judd Memorial Handwriting
Robert Judd Mrs Wilson Judd
Robert Judd Mrs. Wilson Judd
Robert Judd.
Robert Judd’s
Robert Motion
Robert Motion Commr Widdicombe Younge
Robert N Horner
Robert N. Horner
Robert N. Horner New
Robert Nesbitt Horner
Robert Nicholas and Ruby Hazel Brownlee
Robert R Gerald Draper
Robert Sidney
Robert Sidney (
Robert Sidney.
Robert Tripp Draper
Robert W Judd
Robert W Judd.
Robert W. Judd
Robert W. Judd Piano
Robert W. Judd.
Robert Wilson Judd
Robert Wilson Judd David Dickson
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Robert* Horner
Roberta Horner
Robertson Motion
Robin Beverley Draper
Robin Judd
Robin Judd Glad Crest Fartns
Robin Judd H
Robin Judd R.R. #2
Robin Judd Saturday
Robin Judd’
Robt Taylor Mr. Arthur Carson
Roger Belisle Mr Arthur Graham
Roger Mrs Arthur Dagg
Roger Younge David Draper
Roland Draper
Roland Rmh Horner
Ron 647-2176 Andy Horner -
Ron Arthur
Ron Brownlee
Ron Crs O Reilly
Ron Draper
Ron Draper - Shawvilie
Ron Draper Jim Hodgins
Ron Essiamhre Motion Crs
Ron Hayes - Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Ronald Councillors Brownlee
Ronald Desabrais Motion Crs Gerard Joan-
Ronald Draper
Ronald Dubeau Belva Elliott Bernice Hodgins Bobby Hodgins Sandra Horner Gilbert Lemay Claire McCagg
Ronald Horner
Ronald John Motion Crs Brown
Ronald Mac-Arthur Dagg
Ronald Motion
Ronald R H Horner Nepean
Ronald R Horner Nepean
Ronald Raymond Hugh Horner
Ronda Draper
Ronnie Draper
Ronnie Hod- Robin Judd
Ronnie Horner
Ronnie Me Motion Crs
Roseau Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Ross Brownlee
Ross Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brant Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Afterthoughts
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manage
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Equipment
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Jeffrey Barber Student Council Pr
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Name
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Ross Dickson High-pressure
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam US
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Veterans Affairs
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Written
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Motion
Ross Motion Crs Dagg
Ross Point Motion
Ross Qckson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales K
Rot-arian Bruce Horner
Rotarian Norris Horner
Rouen Docks—W J Horner 1
Roy Boyd Brownlee
Roy Brownlee
Roy Harold Judd
Roy Horner
Roy Judd
Roy Motion
Roy Wigging Nancy Draper
Royal Motion
Ruben Draper
Ruble Horner
Ruby Adelaide Horner
Ruby Brownlee
Ruby Horner
Ruby Horner Hobbs
Ruby Judd
Ruby Judd • Ei- Manon Anderson
Ruby Judd-Ruby
Ruby Mee-Judd
Ruby Mrs Allen Judd
Ruby Smith Findlay Brownlee
Rudic Schwartz Arthur Doug
Rudy Brownlee
Rudy Motion
Rupert Emerson Horner
Rusaell Judd
RusseH Judd
Russell Brownlee
Russell Judd
Russell Judd $
Russell Judd 12.00
Russell Judd 137.26
Russell Judd 1470.00
Russell Judd 148
Russell Judd 17.50
Russell Judd 1974
Russell Judd 212.02
Russell Judd 227.71
Russell Judd 239
Russell Judd 24.00
Russell Judd 26.25
Russell Judd 260.19
Russell Judd 310.35 Garrison Supply
Russell Judd 315.00
Russell Judd 337.50
Russell Judd 748.00
Russell Judd 99.35
Russell Judd and Leonard Horner
Russell Judd Anniversary
Russell Judd Building Inspector
Russell Judd Contractor
Russell Judd cott*gers
Russell Judd Gels Board Meeting Nurse
Russell Judd Margaret Kilgour
Russell Judd Minutes
Russell Judd Moved
Russell Judd Such
Russell Judd _ _
Russell Judd • Ketchebaw
Russell Judd- Moved
Russell Judd.
Russell Judd................
Russell Judd’s Fury
Russell Motion
Russell Motion Cr Garth Tracy Dust
Russell Mrs. H. G Judd. Young
Ruth Brownlee
Ruth Draper
Ruth Draper 2
Ruth Horner
Ruth Horner Muriel Zimmerling Bertha Telford Pearl Kllgour N Mabel Chisnell Rae Smart Winnifred Ham
Ruth Horner......... 2.00
Ruth Margaret Horner
Ruth Strutt Judd - Russell WWW.MICKARMnAGEBAND.COM
Ryan Barber April Bretzlaff Laurie Bretzlaff Kaara Brown Cory Brownlee Lana Cowley Melissa Cummings
Ryan Brownlee
Ryan Brownlee’s
Ryan Motion
Ryan(Ivan Mulligi Motion
S. Horner
Sadie Horner
Sadie McQnat “ Pearl Jackson Motion
Sage Horner
Sale Norris R Horner Clothier
Sale Norris R. Horner Clothier
Sally Ann Foad Cynthia Sabina Garry Motion Crs Carmen Wic
Sally Mayhew Rick Brownlee
Sam A. Horner
Sam Brownlee
Sam Harris 69.79 Arthur Carson
Sam Horner
Sam Judd
Sam Rennick Mrs. John B. Judd
Sam Rennick Mrs. John B. Judd ......... Mrs Andrew McKnight
Sam Sinclair........ Norris Brownlee
Sam Sinclair......... Norris Brownlee
Sam Woods------ Arthur Caldwell
Samuel A. Horner
Samuel A. W. Horner
Samuel Horner
Samuel Horner Green Lake
Samuel Scott Judd Judd/Dale
Sand Marion Horner Marries John Musgrove Saturday For
Sandr* Draper
Sandra Ann Horner
Sandra Ann Horner Weds Barrie Herbert Murray
Sandra Brownlee
Sandra Dagg Arthur Sc Iaobel Day Linda Dent Evelyn Duff Sc Donald Duff John Duff - Memorial Melvin
Sandra Draper
Sandra Horner
Sandra Horner-Murray
Sandra Motion Crs Claude Rich- Murray
Sandra Mur- Judd
Sandy Draper
Sandy Draper’s
Sandy Horner
Sara Horner
Sarah Brownlee
Sarah Horner
Sarah Jane Brownlee
Sarah Lemay Horner Arthur
Sarah Wilson Motion
Sauriol Sharon Horner
Schroeder Motion Crs Yach
Scot Horner
Scott "Horner
Scott A Jennifer Judd 819447-6195 Proceeds
Scott Brownlee
Scott Brownlee-McDowell
Scott Horner
Scott Horner Tom Mrs Diana Sleeves
Scott Horner WXZ*
Scott Horner.Pierre Bergeron
Scott Judd
SÉ& M::m Arthur Dagg
Sec.-Treas Crs
Sec.-Treas Motion Crs
Secretary - Boyd Brownlee
Secretary—Gertrude Draper
Senator R B Horner
ser-1 Motion—Com’r Graham
Service Withdrawn Norris R. Horner Clothier
Sf ^ Betty Horner
Shane Arthur
Shane Moore Jason Judd
Shannon Judd
Sharon David Draper
Sharon Draper
Sharon Horner
Sharon Miss Horner
Sharpe Draper
Sharpe Mr. James Ebert Horner
Sharpe Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Sharpe Mrs. Ken Draper
Sharron Draper
Shawn Brownlee
Shawville G Captain Ronnie Telford Nick Brownlee Cyril Gilpin Chris Dresselt Marc-And
Shawville Betty Horner
Shawville Councillor Brent Horner
Shawville Crs Grant
Shawvllle’s Russell Judd
Sheila Ann Hodgins Weds John David Draper
Sheila Ann Horner
Sheila Brownlee
Sheila Draper
Sheila Horner
Sheila Horner Murray
Sheila Horner Sweeping
Sheila Keon-Draper
Shelley Marti- Jean Horner
Sherwood Henderson Sidney Sheppard We
Sherwood Horner
Shewville Ward Mr. Sidney Sheppard
Shipping Tags Norris B. Horner Clothier
Shipping Tags Norris R. Horner Clothier
Shirley Barbara Horner
Shirley Bretzlalf and Betty Brownlee
Shirley Draper
Shirley Grace Horner Marries Robert Wayne Wilson Saturday Elva Emmerson
Shirley Horner
Shirley Horner 464
Shirley Horner Hfclma Bretzlaff
Shirley Horner Intermediate
Shirley Horner Joyce Lemay
Shirley Horner Montreal
Shirley Horner Paul
Shirley Horner R.N.
Shirley Horner RN
Shirley Judd
Shirley Judd Eileen Armstrong
Shirley Judd-Munro
Shirley Judd.
Shirley M Horner
Shirley M. Horner
Shirley Munro Brent Horner
Shirley Myrtle Horner
Shirley Thelma Draper
Shoes Norris R. Horner Clothier
Shop Keith Horner
Showvlie M Brownlee
ShrtflFjj Norris B. Horner Clothier
Sidney !
Sidney (Judy) Stephens
Sidney .
Sidney 0. Levinson
Sidney 1979.
Sidney 613-253-8041 Kerry
Sidney 7-3524 7-3522
Sidney > Isher
Sidney ?
Sidney A
Sidney A. Denison
Sidney Abel Norris
Sidney al Hirer
Sidney and Betty Hobbs
Sidney and Judy Stephens
Sidney Animer
Sidney Arnold
Sidney Australia
Sidney B. Hodgins
Sidney B. Hodgins Alpine Cloth Pleated
Sidney B. Norman
Sidney Barclay
Sidney Bauer
Sidney Bell
Sidney Bishop
Sidney Brunei)
Sidney Bullock
Sidney Buxton
Sidney C''moist A> Carefully Hied
Sidney C. Herbert
Sidney C. Little
Sidney Campbell
Sidney Canada
Sidney Carton
Sidney Chamberlin
Sidney Cheppard
Sidney Clay
Sidney Cleverley
Sidney Clouthier
Sidney Collins
Sidney Cone
Sidney Cooper
Sidney Coulthard
Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby -
Sidney Crosbys
Sidney Cummins
Sidney Cure
Sidney D.Uot
Sidney Dalby
Sidney Dark
Sidney Darkin
Sidney Daughters
Sidney Daunt
Sidney De
Sidney Derouin
Sidney Derouln
Sidney Disorders
Sidney Dodson
Sidney Dra
Sidney Dra- River
Sidney Dra-1
Sidney Drap- Lionel Telford
Sidney Draper
Sidney Draper 107.10
Sidney Draper 220.05
Sidney Draper 297.06
Sidney Draper 325.17 Arthur Judd 226.72 Arnot Horner 416.85 Motion Crs Brownlee
Sidney Draper 338.10
Sidney Draper 354.90
Sidney Draper 365.40
Sidney Draper 398.65
Sidney Draper 441
Sidney Draper Ida T)iMtu|Mon
Sidney Drapers
Sidney Drdpe
Sidney E. Larmon
Sidney Ed-
Sidney Edgar Bergen
Sidney Elliott
Sidney Everett
Sidney explan-ed
Sidney family Melody
Sidney Findlay
Sidney Findlay 83.4
Sidney Findlay 904
Sidney Fisher
Sidney Fisher Address Pon-
Sidney Fisher THE
Sidney Fisher.
Sidney Florae
Sidney Frome
Sidney Frost
Sidney Frost Dr J S Findley Dr
Sidney Fteher
Sidney Fuher
Sidney G. Stephens
Sidney GiVtzky
Sidney Godin
Sidney Gor-
Sidney Gordon
Sidney Gorman
Sidney Goudchild
Sidney Grant
Sidney Grierson
Sidney H. Hodgins
Sidney H. Logan
Sidney Happy
Sidney Havlin
Sidney Herbert
Sidney Hobbs
Sidney Hobbs Ever
Sidney Hod
Sidney Hod-
Sidney Hodgina
Sidney Hodgins
Sidney Hodgins Kenneth WaMi William McKinley Sgt
Sidney Hodgiun
Sidney Hodglns
Sidney Horniblow J « Peterborough Examiner
Sidney Horse Drawing Sheppard
Sidney Hth
Sidney Hudgins
Sidney Hughes
Sidney Humphrey
Sidney I
Sidney I Lf Sidney
Sidney In
Sidney International Cooperage Sheppard
Sidney Irwin
Sidney Is
Sidney I’
Sidney J. Bohem
Sidney James
Sidney James 13
Sidney James Deepest
Sidney James Hattie Jacques HI -
Sidney James Hattie Jacques jr Numbers
Sidney James I W Iff I
Sidney James Liz Fraser
Sidney Jemes
Sidney June
Sidney Karl
Sidney Katz
Sidney Kelly
Sidney Kelly.
Sidney Keuhl
Sidney Kidman
Sidney Kingsley
Sidney Knight
Sidney L “Heaven
Sidney L.
Sidney L/t
Sidney Lad
Sidney Ladouceur
Sidney Ladoueour
Sidney Laugh
Sidney Ley
Sidney Low
Sidney Low Standard
Sidney Lyle.
Sidney MacLean
Sidney Martin
Sidney Mayor Devlin
Sidney McKinnon
Sidney Milford
Sidney Milton
Sidney Mines
Sidney Morgan
Sidney Mr.
Sidney Murrell
Sidney N EW NYLONS Tom Tully Dale Robertson Lois Maxwell HIGH
Sidney Next
Sidney Nolen
Sidney Northcote
Sidney Nova Scotia
Sidney O''Datnn
Sidney Oliver
Sidney O’Reilly
Sidney P Hall
Sidney Pailler
Sidney Patrick Kelly
Sidney Per- the1 Company
Sidney Percival
Sidney Perreault
Sidney Pettier Katharine Hepburn Guess Who
Sidney Phone HE
Sidney Pilla
Sidney Pills
Sidney Poitier
Sidney Poitier Anna Bancroft
Sidney Poitier Big Mouth Jerry Lewis Goggled Fish
Sidney Poitier Katharine Hepburn
Sidney Poitier Katherine Hepburn Adult Entertainment Wafer Pollution Control
Sidney Poitier NEXT
Sidney Poitier PORK LIVER
Sidney Poitier WANTED Ballroom Dancing Teacher NEXT WEEK
Sidney Pokier
Sidney Porter
Sidney Quinn
Sidney R. Drury-Lowe
Sidney Ranger
Sidney Reid
Sidney rnJlK HAMx
Sidney s
Sidney s Discount
Sidney S. Foy
Sidney Selesnick
Sidney Sharp
Sidney Shep-
Sidney Shep- IJ
Sidney Shep- Born At Pontiac
Sidney Shep-dren
Sidney Shepherd
Sidney Sheppard
Sidney Sheppard Brown
Sidney Sheppard Councillors Lennis Tubman Gustave Bretzlaff Clifford Krose
Sidney Sheppard Geraki Eugene William
Sidney Sheppard I
Sidney Sheppsrd
Sidney Smith
Sidney Smiths
Sidney Smith’s
Sidney Smitl I
Sidney Squitti
Sidney Squitti - Robert
Sidney Squitti 3. Un
Sidney Srhroed Killaloe
Sidney St
Sidney Ste-
Sidney StejdcKA Çuee
Sidney Stenning
Sidney Stephens
Sidney Stevens
Sidney Store
Sidney Store Saturday
Sidney Sur- Mr.
Sidney T''
Sidney Talley
Sidney The
Sidney They
Sidney Tiudeau
Sidney Trench
Sidney Trenoh
Sidney Treocb
Sidney Trud-Mr.
Sidney Trudeau
Sidney Trudeau Brawny
Sidney Tub-
Sidney Tub- Russell
Sidney Tubman
Sidney Tubmasn
Sidney Urooks
Sidney V M laslaetUT.
Sidney Vickery
Sidney Vinton-Coulonge RC
Sidney Walton
Sidney Webb
Sidney Weinman
Sidney Weinman Lot
Sidney Weinstein
Sidney Williams
Sidney Wilson
Sidney Wood
Sidney YPU.
Sidney » Discount
Sidney “Yes
Sidney „zLr~
Sidney’s Store
Sin Horner
Sis Jean Horner
Sizes Marion Draper Eliz
Skip Barry Draper
Smiley Draper
Smiley Horner
Smiley Motion—Cmr
Smiley Mrs. Sain Woods Arthur
Smiley- Norval Horner
Smith Crs
Smith Motion
Smith Motion Crs
Solicitor L L. L 4# HORNER
Sonny Brownlee
Sons Motion Crs
Sons Funeral Horner
Sophia E Brownlee
Sorry Horner
Sow—W J Horner 1
Spatterwork—Mrs T B Draper 1
Spike Freda Horner
SSw* Mrs. J Arthur Hodgins
St Apply Hugh Horner
St Crs Cone
St Jean Motion Crs Duff
St Mrs Edith Draper
Stan Hogg Evelyn Brownlee
Stan Horner
Stan Horner Mr
Stan Horner’s
Stanley Brownlee
Stanley Horner
Stanley Motion Crs Murray
Stanley Nadeau Crs Ronald Armitage
Stanley Sydney Draper Earl Fulford J.
Stanton Motion Cr Trudeau
Starks Crs
Starks Crs Claude Richardson
Ste- Brownlee
Steele Motion
Stella Brownlee
Stephen Hartley Arthur Lynn
Stephen JJL Horner
Stephens Terry Draper
Stephnie Horner
Sterling Ottawa Improvement Horner
Steve 1-416-
Steve Brian Judd
Steven Meisner Richard Meisner Elwyn Brownlee Lee Beniot Luke Murphy Marty Brownlee Tim Ferrigan
Stevens Rifles Arthur McConnell A Halifax
Stevens Texaco- 1.75 Leonard Horner- L
Stewart Dennison Motion Crs Duff
Stewart Motion
Stirling When James R Horner
Stokes Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Streaker and Betty Brownlee
Stuart Horner
Surah Brownlee
Susan Ann Horner
Susan Bruce and Nancy Horner
Susan Horner
Susan Horner Gauthier
Susan Horner Nice Day With Jesus Radford Auxiliary
Susan Wilson Judd
Sybil Draper
Syd Draper
Sydney Draper
Sydney Judd
Sylvia Elwyn Brownlee Shawville Chrysler VA
Sylvia Hod Judd
Sylvia Hod- Chris Judd
Sylvia Motion Crs Neil Ditt MacKILUCAN
Sylvia Sidney
Sylvia Sidney.
Sylvia to-1 Motion Crs Murray
T " Crs Claude Rich-
T Brownlee
T libn HilH V Keith Horner
T.A. Draper
Tammy Horner
Tan- Kimberley Horner
Taylor Horner
Taylor Motion
Ted and Betty Brownlee
Ted Brownlee
Ted Judd
Teddy Brownlee
Teddy Judd
Teddy Judd ê
Teddy Judd Smart
Teddy Judd Telephone
Teddy Judd.
Tenders Wanted Norris R. Horner Clothier
Terry Arthur
Terry Draper
Terry Graham Arthur Dagg Trophy- Jane Ebert
Terry Horner
Terry Lvn Draper
Terry Lyn Draper
Terry Lynn Draper
Tf Crs L Wilson
Thelma Draper
Thelma Horner
Thomas Arnot Horner
Thomas Arthur
Thomas Arthur Harold -
Thomas Arthur Lyon Eaton Hero
Thomas Belair Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Thomas Brownlee
Thomas Clarence Brownlee
Thomas Draper
Thomas Horner
Thomas Horner 123.55
Thomas Horner 313.99 Lawrence Dace Secy
Thomas Judd
Thomas Judd 2
Thomas L Brownlee Word
Thomas Macfarlane Motion
Thomas McVeigh Arthur
Thomas Motion Cr McCredie
Thomas Motion Crs
Thomas O Malley Carried Motion Crs
Thomas R Brownlee
Thomas R Brownlee Look Here
Thompson Motion
Thos H Brownlee
Thos Horner
Tim Chevali- Motion Cr
Timothy Judd.
Tin Keena Judd
Tnomas Horner
Tnsh Brownlee
Todd Arthur
Todd Brownlee
Todd Kline Horner
Toilet Set Little Jack Horner
Tolhnrst Mr Gerald Howard Motion Commissioner Mr
Tom Brownlee
Tom Draper
Tom Horner
Tom Lefebvre M.P. Motion
Tommy Horner
Tony Brownlee
Tor- Motion Crs Duff
Tracey Judd
Tracy Judd
Trea-surer-Anita Draper
Treasurer Norris E. Horner Clothier
Trent Horner
Trevor Horner
Trevor Judd
Troy Young Brownlee
Trueman Draper—
Trumaii Draper X 8
Truman Brownlee
Truman Draper
Truman Draper Jaw
Tucker Draper
Turn Horner
Tyler Alexander Horner
Tyler Judd
Tyson Rusenstrom Judd
U. Horner
UH> L W. Horner
UiUilit H ( Horner
Undo Horner
Universities Norris R. Horner Clothier
Urent Horner
V X V> Motion
V- Norris B. Horner Clothier
V.^ti Wilson Judd Lucille Ur
Valerie Horner
Van Housen’s Motion
Veeda Horner
Veeds Horner
Velina Brownlee
Velma Brownlee
Vera Brownlee
Vera Horner
Vera Palmer - Neil Russell Judd
Vera-Lynn Brownlee
Vern Brownlee
Verna Brownlee
Verna Judd
Verna Judd H I. HOBBS
Vernon Craig Arthur Mack A
Vestry Clerk rc-»ppoin<fd Kenneth Milliken Sidney ShWMl
Veter Brownlee
Victoria Av-Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Vincent McCailum Storm Motion
Violet Horner
Viscount Sidney
Vrs Judd Grant
Vvm Draper
W -r L Horner - Orr
W E. Hod-ftan Mrs. Gordon Brownlee
W Horner
W J Brownlee
W J Horner
W J Horner 1
W J Horner....... Harry Fades...... Harry Corrigan .
W J Horner....................• 2®
W J Judd
W J va^ Horner
W J. Brownlee
W J. Horner
W M Judd
W McVeigh........ Jos Brownlee
W rug. Arthur Mayhew
W. Horner
W. Horner Jr N
W. J Holt............... W. J Holt............... Ralph Horner............ Richard Richardson
W. J. Brownlee
W. J. Hayes Mrs. Henry Horner
W. M Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Motion Crs
W.DEROUIN Harvey Brownlee Shaw
W.DEROUIN Harvey Brownlee Shawville
W.M. H • Motion
W.V.L. Arthur Kilgour
Wade HobbsL Ralph Horner
Wallace Barber and Chris Judd
Wallace BvetzlntL Nancy Horner
Wallace Genevieve Elliott Beulah Findlay Muriel Horner Mable Hamilton Orla Mee Fern Wickens Mary Br
Wallace Horner
Wallace Motion—Coens
Wallace Wilson Judd Miss Beverley Masson Misses Maude
Walsh Leonard Horner
Walsh Motion
Walter Brownlee
Walter Horner
Walter Judd
Walter Kilgour Bert Horner Robert Rutledge Harwood
Walter Kilgour Chris Judd
Walter Kilgour Draper
Walter Kilgour Louis Judd----
Walter Smith Dr. Arthur
Walter W Paul and Clara Brownlee
Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur La
Wan- Motion Crs
Wanda Draper.
Wanda Jeannette Arthur
Wanted Norris E. Horner Clothier
Ward Draper
Ward Motion
Warn*» Horner
Warnie Richardson Motion Crs
Warren Horner
Warren Horner 6
Warren Horner 630R43 Shawville
Warren Horner Fred Lang
Warren Horner Sam Harris Arthui Kilgour W Richardson Moyer School Supplies
Warren Horner “ Leonard Horner
Warren Horner........... Warren Horner
Warren M Brownlee
Warren Motion Crs Gilpin
Warren Others Boyd Brownlee
Wayne Arthur Mayhew
Wayne Horner
Wayne Ly- Arthur John Findlay Mrs. Ferdinand Bertrand
Wayne Mrs Lloyd Brownlee
Welcome— Anderson Arthur Rice
Wellington Draper
Wellington Judd
Wellington Smart Motion
Wendell Brownlee
Wendy Buddy Horner
Wendy Erfle and Nancy Draper
Wendy Hodgins Horner
Wendy Hodgins-Horner
Wendy Horner
Wesley B. Draper
Wesley Draper
Wesley H. Draper
Wesley Horner
Wesley Youn Norman Brownlee
Wibna Brownlee
Wickens Motion Crs Tom F
Widow Ralph C. Horner Dies All Wool White Blanket
Wiggins Motion Crs Drummond
Wil- Sidney Fnher
Wilbur Arthur
Wilbur Chapman Robert W. Judd Mrs. Elizabeth Best Norman Homer Mrs.
Wilbur Horner
Wilbur Horner Sr Mr.
Wilbur Horner Sr. Cpl Bill Barber
Will Sidney
Willard Arthur Grant
Willard Dage- Russell Judd
William and Ben Judd
William and Harry Horner
William and Port Arthur
William Andrew Judd
William Arthur
William Arthur Deacon
William Arthur Hod
William Arthur Hodgins
William Arthur Hodgins Quyon Craft
William Arthur McDowell
William Brownlee
William Brownlee Dies
William Burke Motion Cr*
William Draper
William Draper Lewis
William H Horner
William H Horner Dies
William Henry Arthur
William Henry Clarence Horner Mac
William Horner
William Horner Descendants Reunite
William Ivan Horner OBITUARY Arms
William J. Horner
William James Brownlee
William James Horner
William John Horner
William Joseph Brownlee February
William Judd
William Kearns Rev. Arthur
William Kennedy J. Robinson J. McBane V. Kilroy S. Robinson Motion
William L (Billy) Horner
William L Horner
William L Horner Memorial Pace
William L. (Billy) Horner
William L. Horner
William Langford Horner
William M. Judd Passes
William Motion Cm
William Mrs. Norris Horner
William Nadeau 25.00 Clifton Dale 247.50 Thomas Horner 250.68 Kenneth Brownlee 279.36 Lawrence Dage
William Norval Horner
William R Horner
William R. Horner
William Rey-Motion
William Richard Arthur
William T. Draper
William Truman Draper
William Tubman Motion—Crs Judd
William Van Horner
William Webb Mrs Arthur Thomas
Willie Brownlee
Willie Corrigan........... Peter Brownlee
Willie Draper
Willie Horner
Willie J Brownlee
Willie Rob-[motion Crs
Willis Brownlee
Willis Motion
Wilma Brownlee
Wilmont Horner
Wilson Norris R. Horner Clothier
Wilson Donna Horner
Wilson Judd
Wilson Judd 1200
Wilson Judd 85.7
Wilson Judd 881
Wilson Judd Lucille Brough
Wilson Metcalf Judd B.A. M B. CM.
Wilson Motion
Win Draper
Win G Horner J.
Win-nifred Draper
Winnie Horner
Winnifred Draper
Winnifred Horner
Winona Horner
Winston McBane Jamie Horner
Withdrawn Norris E. Horner Clothier
Withdrawn Norris R. Horner
Wlnnlfred Horner
Wlth R K C Bol,on Mrs. Norman Horner.
Wm Armstrong E. J Clarence Horner
Wm Draper
Wm Horner
Wm T Draper
Wni Hubert Horner
Worship Lloyd Brownlee
Wrestling Hosiery Bargains Norris E. Horner Clothier
Write Mr. Ivan Horner
X Bliss Marie Draper
Y B Horner
Yards—Stanley Horner
Yio- Primer I—Arthur Eadws Lucy Cole
You Wholesale Susan Haywrd Personals Mrs. Sherwood Horner
Young A Draper
Young Brownlee
Young Carried Motion Crs
Young Gander Wilbur Horner
Young Horner
Young Hugh Horner
Young Mac-Arthur
Young Motion
Young Motion Crs Dagg
Young Motion Crs McCredie
Zella Draper
Zon Y.P.A Judd
00 X X Motion
111:00 Port Arthur
2. .1 H Brownlee
2.00 Irvine Brownlee’s.
2q Arthur
325 Bristol en la Cour Provinciale
325 River
325 River Rd.
4 00 l 00 l 00 N,R.Horner
7th Arthur l ahcllv.
AbL |V l Nathan el Brownlee
Alt Draper l
Arthur Ave.
Arthur Avenue
Arthur Malcolm Lot
At Port Arthur
Bay Ave Motion Dagg
Births—At Port Arthur
Brownlee Look Here
Brownlee Trophy
Bull—Wm Horner l
Ca Motion Cr
Canada Horner
Carried Motif l Crs.
Chad Brownlee
Conn Motion
Crs Arnot
Crs Delbert Z
Crs Ireland
Crs Mnld Hi
D. Horner l A
Draper Road
Erwin Irvine Brownlee
Filly—1st Irvine Brownlee
Florence Draper
Florence Horner
Florence St Motion
Fort Arthur
Fort Coulonge—Arthur
Fort Draper
Fort Motion
Fort William-Port Arthur
H Brownlee
HeibN Horigins l T. A. DRAPER
Hi Motion Crs
Horner Malcolm Letts
Horner Trophy
Horner—Cain At Westminster
Horner’s Bakery
Hugh Horner l.
Hugh Irvine Brownlee.
HUtvi Ave Motion Cr
Ihit Port Arthur
Irvine Brownlee
Irvine Brownlee s
J Horner l Filled
Jacob Draper
Jacob Draper.
King Arthur
King Arthur’s
L Judd Memorial Trophy
L. HODU1NS l Judd.
Lake Arthur
Lake Motion
Leonard Horner l 4 1
Ma- Motion
Marion Horner
Maryland Draper
Melbourne Horner
Messrs Ben Judd
Messrs Lindsay Judd
Motion Comrs
Motion Doherty-Woods l
Motion Os
Motion Tiignmn l Vs.
Motion Tracy
Motion V»y l im<
Motion— l raser-MacKechnie
Motion—Biehler-Erwin—That Road
Murrell’s Community Brownlee
North Motion
Norway Horner
O. Dupui l Hector Arthur
Ottawa Draper
Ottawa River Motion
Pearl Brownlee
Pearl Horner
Pearl Judd
Poit Arthur
Port Arthur
Port Arthur Irian
Prince Arthur
Prince Arthur street
Prince Arthur’s
Quebec Horner
Raleigh Horner
S Horner’s
San Horner
Sea Pines Arthur
Shawville- l Motion Crs
Sidney Findlay
Spring Horner Class
Spring Motion
Spring Motion—Com
St. S 226-9178
Sydney Draper
Sydney Draper.-C’OM
Tel 416-451-4944
Tel 648-5537 Motion
Tli- Mo Arthur
Trophy Motion
View Ave Motion Cra
Z Motion
0UO Gordon Me- Motion Cra
1‘rinmr—Liwrvnca Horner 1
2 Arthur’s Hill
2.50 Horner’s Garage
226—Plum Culture
2nd Com Motion
2nd Teddy Judd & Vaughan Harris
3. Com Motion
4.95 0 Motion Cr
613-226-9178 c
7th Line Horner
7th Line Marie Draper Darwin Smith Exchange Vows
7th Line News Strayed Mr. Arthur Dag*
96622X Oil Horner
Academic Students Susan Horner Distinction
Academy of Motion Picture Arts
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Accident Agricultural Society Renames Arthur Kilgour As
Administration Materials Road Maintenance Motion
Adults 50< Telephone 432-4224 Children 25c Motion Crs Murphy
Agricultural Society Judd
Agricultural Society Motion Young
Agriculture Horner
Alana Horner Students
ALBERT’S HOTEL Norval Horner
Allan Horner
Allan Judd
Almonte High School Motion Cra
American Museum of Emerson Horner
Annie Mae Brownlee
Art Carson Motion Co un
Arthur Browse
Arthur Chronicle
Arthur High School
Arthur Hod
Arthur Hudson Marks
Arthur Kilgour Line
Arthur News Chronicle
Arthur News Chronicle BRIER
Arthur News Chronicle Peace Motive
Arthur News-/ Chronicle
Arthur N^ws Chronicle
ARTHUR Shawville ALEX—Renfrew JANET—T.
Arthur St.
ARTHUR Tomatoes
Article Motion
Association BERT C. HORNER
AT Norris R. Horner Clothier
AU H Motion Crs
Bacon Canada Savings Bonds Motion
BAG Harry Brownlee
Bakery Bill Horner Morrison-l
Ballantyne County Health Unit Mr. Arthur Mackay
Bank of Montreal—Carried Motion
Bank of Motion —
Bank of N Grade X— Arthur Hampsnn
Bank of Pakistan CEMETERY MEMORIALS Motion
Bathurst Ltd Senior Hockey Club KEITH HORNER’S SHOP Patent Medicines
Bay Elementary School Principal Henry Horner
Beam Draper Track
Beauty Salon Keith Horner s Shop McCauley s Jewellers House of Flowers Stedman
Bedroom Group M. HORNER & SON Phone
Beech Grove Athletic As- Charities 2.88; Quyon Hardware Motion Crs
Beever Brush Clippers; Motion Crs Cedric
Bell Mobility Motion Cr Smith
Bell Mobility Motion Crs Claude Rich
Bell Telephone Co. Motion Cs
Best Results Motion Cr
Best Uddered Holstein; L.P. Horner Trophy
Beta Draper
Beta Draper’s
Bible Society Canvass Complete Shirley Grace Horner Marries
BILINGUAL Selling Motion
Blakely Draper Life
Board Motion Commr
Board of Councillors Brownlee
Board of Education Arthur Henderson
Board of Governors Heritage College 325 Cité des Jeunes Blvd
Board of Governors Heritage College 325 Cité des Jeunes Blvd.
Board of Motion Cr
Board of Motion Cr Smith
Board PORTUGAL Motion Crs Carmen Wickens Special
Board Ventral School Board Arthur Dagg
Boots - Motion
Borden Brownlee
Borden for Weapons Ministère des Transports Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Technician Training
Borden Hobbs John McKinley Staff Sgt Ebert Horner Cpl
Boys Donald Brownlee
BRAITHWAITE Principal Horner
Brant Horner Telephone
Brennan Caldwell Bristol Arthur
Brent Horner Telephone
Brian Thomson | Mr. Ebert Horner
Bristol 5.00 Jas Judd
Bristol Bernadette Gallagher Jessie Horner
Bristol Brownlee
Bristol Community Motion Crs Duff and Orr Association for
Bristol Corners ; Arthur
Bristol Council Accept Grader Tender After Motion
Bristol Council BIRTH Motion Cr Tubman
Bristol Council Draper
Bristol Council Motion
Bristol Council Motion Cr Dagg
Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Bristol Council N Onslow Council Motion by Cn Armitage
Bristol Council That Dr. Motion WOMENS’ INSTITUTES May
Bristol Horner
Bristol Memorial Motion
Bristol Memorial Mr. Sherwood Horner
Bristol Mines Motion Crs
Bristol Minus Recreation AssocMtmtt Motion
Bristol Motion
Bristol Motion Cr McCredie
Bristol Motion Cre Duff
Bristol Motion Crs
Bristol Motion Crs Duff
Bristol Motion Crs Orr
Bristol Mr Arthur Dagg
Bristol Mr. Judd
Bristol Recreational Centre Brownlee
Bristol Ridge Draper
Bristol Road Motion Crs Duff
Bristol s Grand Old Mrs. Aléx Horner
Bristol Village Motion Russett
Bristol Vol- Motion Crs Duff
Bristol Volun- Crs Donald McCredie
Bristol Volun- Motion Crs Pitt and
Bristol Volunteer Fire Crs
Bristol Volunteer Fire Motion Crs Stanley
Bristol were Motion Cr McCredie
Bristol Women’s South West Hull Intermediate Mrs. Arthur Hodgins
Bristol | Marie Draper
Bristol; A Horner
Bronze Shadow Dance; Jenny Horner
BROWNLEE House West Of Pontiac Dairy
Brownlee & Family Clarence Brownlee & Family
BROWNLEE & SON Shawville
Brownlee & Sons
Brownlee & Sons and Best Breeder’s Herd
Brownlee & Sons;
Brownlee and Sons
Brownlee and Sons Radview Patina Valor
BROWNLEE Auction Sale—W.
Brownlee Memorial Stanhow
BROWNLEE Shawville Que MBS.
Brownlee Vern Margery
BROWNLEE» 0th Line
Brownlee’s Corners
Bryson Brian Judd
Bryson HORNER Yorkshire
Bryson III Motion Comml
Bryson Island Mr. Bill Horner
BRYSON THEATRE Arthur Kilgour & Sons
Business Men’s Association Motion by Dr. Ranger
By Crs Pitt and
C. Horner’s Rink Wins Presidents Prize New
C.F. Express Motion
Cal Thelma Draper
Caldwell 7th Line Yarn Otter Lake Bristol Bryson Mrs Hazel Horner
CAMPBELL X House of Sydney Draper Destroyed
Canada Limited Research Draper
Canadian Cancer Society Motion Crs
Canadian Cancer Socle Motion
Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau
Canadian Home Of Tomorrow Motion Crs
Canadian National Institute for Carried Motion Crs
Canadian National Institute Motion oy Krose
Canadian National Prince Arthur
Canadian Oil Co. Motion byCrs
Canadian Oil Cos Motion Cr«
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Motion
Canadian Prima Mr. Arthur
Canadian Pulp Mr. Horner
Cancer Soci- Motion Crs Dagg
Capital Blend Tea Seasonable Articles Motion—Wilson-Young—That
Capital City Tractor Crs Garth Tracy
Capital Crs
Captain Ronnie Telford Nick Brownlee Cyril Gilpin Chris Dresselt
CARIBBEAN CRUISE Visitors for Lois Judd By JEAN Wallace Hospital
Carson Bros Motion Crs
Catholic School Horner
Central Scientific Co Motion Commr
CFER Outaouais Motion
Chamber of Com-to Keith Horner
Chamber of Horner
Charteris Chronicle Review Mrs. Arthur
Cheese Motion—Crs
Chevrolet Mias Jessie Horner Honoured
Chevrolet Touring Motion following
Chris Judd
Chrysler Motor Product Crs
Chrysler’s Motion Design
CHURCH Rev. Arthur
Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Clarence Horner School Bus
Clarendon Council Engagement Brownlee Mi
Clarendon Council Hall Lors Brownlee
Clarendon Council Hall O.M. Horner Sec.
Clarendon Council Her Louis Judd
Clarendon Council Horner
Clarendon Council JULY 3-4-5 Motion Crs Jack Lang
Clarendon Council Motion -
Clarendon Council Motion by Crs Taber-Muldoon
Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Clarendon Council Motion Os
Clarendon Hotel L & M Electronic Keith Horner s Store
Clarendon Hotel Motion Crs
Clarendon Hotel Shawville P Motion Crs Duff
Clarendon Institute ; Miss Mary Horner
Clarendon School Beard Motion
Clarendon School Board Motion by Grant Fitzsimmons
Clean Up Week Motion Crs
ClUClieSter MlllllCipallty Motion Crs Duff
Co-operative Medical Motion
Cod Liver Oil Motion Cri
Colonial Bank Suffi Motion
Commerce - Motion Crs
Commercial Colleges PERSONAL MENTION Master Raleigh Horner
Commercial Tire Arnot Homer
Committee - Motiop Crs
Committee Heritage College 325 Cité des Jeunes Blvd Hull
Committee of Bristol Judd
Committee of Crs Black
Committee of Onslow North Part Crs Henderson
Committee of Onslow South Part Crs Onslow
Community Centre Carried Motion Cr
Community Centre Motion Crs Dagg
Community Disaster Society Motion by Crs
Community Motion Crs McCredie
Community Service Project Doura Perfect Motion Last
COMPACT BUDGET PRICED Grade Vie John Dean; Harley Richardson; Jack Lang; David Mc-Brian Brownlee
Compensation Insurance Motion
Con- Arthur Hodgins
Con- Firemen McKee Bams Burn Brownlee Jersey Wins Silver Seal Certificate Pontiacs Out
Confederation Life Alt Draper
Confederation Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Confédération Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Confederation Life Association BERT C HORNER
Confederation Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Consolidated Paper Messrs Lewis Judd
Construction Equipment Ltd. E Motion Crs C Roy
Contact Bill Horner
Contact Dianne Judd
Contact Lome Brownlee
Contact Mrs. Allan Horner
Controller Allan Motion
COOLICAN, Post Office Inspector E. T. BROWNLEE
Cooney Sec.-Treas Society Motion Crs
Cooper’s Farm Insect Powder XORltlS R. HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
Corporal Arthur Pitt
Corporate & Personal Income Tax Judy Brownlee
Corporation Motion by Crs
Cory Brownlee
Council Arthur Inglee
Council Arthur Smiley
Council Board Motion Crs Horner
COUNCIL Brent Horner
Council Buys Tractor-grader For Municipal Roads Mr. Ebert Horner
Council Carried Church Motion Crs Sparl
Council Carried Motion Cr
Council Conducts Busy Meeting Motion Crs
Council Drawn Info Poolroom Controversy Motion Os
Council Hall Motion
COUNCIL Motion Crs Barber
COUNCIL Motion Crs Murphy
Council RAP - Motion Crs
Council Says Motion Crs
Crothers Ltd 4.33; Sidney Draper
Crs 0 Hodgins
Crs Benefit Dance BIG ED
Crs Brown
Crs Brown Society
Crs Carswell
Crs Committee
Crs Council
Crs Dagg
Crs Davidson School
Crs Emmerson
Crs Everett Steele
Crs Gary Hodgins
Crs Gatineau Power
Crs Hawley
Crs Hawley Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Crs Hawley Wick
Crs Hawley Wickens
Crs Hawley Wickens Huddersfield
Crs Mac
Crs Orr
Crs O’Reilly-
Crs Railway Transport Committee
Crs Richardson & Ditt-
Crs Shawville Council CR""
Crs Stanley
Dairy Bill Horner
Dairy Jo-anne Brownlee
Dale Bros 2. Brown Bantam Chick»—Ral Horner
DALE—BROWNLEE Shawville High School
Dana Draper
DE BOIS Motion Cr Dagg that Council
DEATHS T P E 3xf11 Horner
Delta Draper
Department of Agri- Motion ers Steele-Farrell
Department of Agriculture Elwood Brownlee Seat No.
Department of Education Motion Cr Russett
Department of Pub-| Motion
Department of Transport Motion Crs
Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
District Home A b Wkkcnx Horner Mr.
District Snowmobile Club Motion Crs Garth Tracy
DODS & SONS K Arthur Horner
Domestic Apple Pie Nancy Draper
DONAT Le GUERRIER Mrs. Hert Horner
Donna Christ Judd
Donna Horner
Douglas Mac Arthur
DOVER Motion—Doherty Taber
Draper 7th Line Calumet Island Mr.
Draper Bell Tower
Draper Farm
Draper Fruit Season
Draper Onslow Elementary School Quyon -
Draper Quyon Authority of Letter
DRAPER Sales Manager Accessories
DRAPER Sales Manager Accessories Salesman Tenders
DRAPER Secretary
Draper Service
DRAPER Shirt Special Summer Work Shirts Plain Shades
Draper Wyman Institute Meets At MacKechnies
DRAPER Y MA TERIALS Campbell’s Bay Phone
Draper’s Corners
Easter Week Store Hours Motion Crs
Edison Brown Calumet Island CWL Mr. Arthur Labelle Frasers Clothes Shop Ltd. Thomas
Editor Sunday Sports Mrs. Norris Horner Re-elected
Education and Cultural Affairs Mrs Sydney Draper
Education Mrs Arthur Dagg
Education Mrs. Keith Brownlee; Home Economics Mrs. Milburn Hodgins; Publicity Mrs. Arthur Dagg; Wel
Education Mrs. Sidney Dra
Eduction Regional Comm Judd
Edwards Parish Hall Motion Crs
EIUIPMENT Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur
Emp,°yees Conservation Club Arthur KUgour
EVENING Free Gift Wrapping KEITH HORNER S SHOP Shawville Tel
Everett Arthur*
Everett Lois Judd
EXPERT Horner s Garage Phone 350J Shawville Dale Robertson
Fannie Horner
Fashion Shop Crs Pesa
Fashion Shop L- Motion
Fed Horner
Federal Business Development Bank Thomas Horner
Financial Secretary Barry Draper
Fine Harness Double-Arthur
Fire Commission Motion Crs Arnot Homer
Fire Committee Crs Black
Fire Committee Crs Fraser
Fire Committee Crs Trudeau & Dese-brais; Roads
Fire De- Motion Crs Claude Rich -
Fire Department Representative Chris Judd
Fire Motion Crs Horner
Fire Protection By-Law Mr. ArnoV Horner
Flyers Motion
Ford Touring ECONOMY Motion—Crs
Friendly Service Motion Crs
Friendly Service PONTIAC Nancy Horner
Funeral Home Motion Cr Brown
G M Donaldson received L Brownlee
Gall Horner 87
Gall Horner.
Gall Horner;
Gatineau Power Co. 226.05;
Gatineau Power Co...... Motion Crs Yeung
Gatineau Power Motion
GE 2 Arthur
GE 2 Arthur’s Hill
GE 2 Arthur
General Douglas Mac Arthur
General Douglas Mac-Arthur
General Foods By Arthur Pointer JITTER AftttoO Good Story-Teller Pretty
General Mac Arthur
General Mac Arthur’s
General Purpose Team Hubert Horner; Pair Hackney Ponies
General Sir Arthur
General Supply Motion
George Arthur Perry
Gift Shop For Men And Boys Motion Commr
Girls Ann Draper
Gladys Brownlee
Godin Gets Six Months For Jail Breaking RAYBESTOS Arthur Godin
GORDON Brownlee Office DR.
Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Great Britain Motion Cr< Alexander-Steele
Grove cemetery Mr. Arthur
Hansel Brownlee
Hare Gatimau Power Equ ty Office Councillors Karknes* Arthur Labelle
Harley Horner
Harley Horner 1
Harley Horner L.
HARVEY BROWNLEE Ministry of Health
Hayes & Sons Carried Motion
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horner
Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Hayes A Sons Mrs. Arthur Hayes Marv
Health and Sanitation Committee Motion Ore
Health and Sanitation Crs Gibbons
Heifer Junior Yearling — Carson Bros ; M Younge; L Brownlee
Heritage College 325 Cité des Jeunes
Hev Arthur Perry.
HH Motion Crs
HI III H.J. Motion Crs Gilpin
Hi Unit Motion Cis
High School Motion Crs Garth
Hobbs & Sons Motion Crs
Hochelaga Bank Brownlee
Hod-gins Stores Pontiac Rural Telephone Motion
HODGINS Misses Maye Brownlee
HODGINS Motion Proprietor Robert-Farrell
HODGINS Mr. Raleigh Horner
HODGINS STORE Shawville —-•Hie Horner Family BIRTHS
Hollow Farm Barry Draper Lindsay Carson Dry Cow Willow Hollow Farm Barry Draper Barry Draper Melvin
Home Economics Mrs Arthur Mayhew
HOOCINS STORE Senator R. K Horner
Horner c
Horner International Student Wins High Accountancy
Horner & Family
HORNER & SON Shawville
Horner & Sons
Horner & Sons 1
Horner À* Sons
Horner and Perry
Horner Association of Rebekah
Horner Best Female Bird
Horner Best Male Bird
HORNER Bingo Pontiac Lions Club Monthly Bingo
Horner Bros Texaco Shawville
HORNER Contact Mrs.
Horner Corps
HORNER Dealers
Horner Family
Horner Family b Chateauguay b
Horner Family DAGG—We
Horner Farm
HORNER Fur Dealer
Horner Haxseed—Simon
HORNER Heifer Astray Round Trip Excursion Fares
Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs. H.
HORNER License Fur Dealer
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer Sh
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer Shawville
HORNER Licensed Fut Dealer
HORNER Limited
Horner Motor
Horner Motor Sales
HORNER Personal John
HORNER Proprietor
Horner Rural Telephone
HORNER S GARAGE Ckore-Soy Milking Equipment McCulloch Chain Sews Sales end Service Barrister
HORNER S GARAGE Furniture Ltd.
HORNER S GARAGE mer Municipal Council
Horner s Garage Phone 350J Shawville Male Help Wanted Experienced
Horner s Garage Shawville Fire Truck
HORNER S GARAGE Shawville Phone
Horner s Garage Tire
HORNER S SHOP KEITH Shawville Council Tot
HORNER Same Good Service
HORNER Shawville Phone
Horner Shop
Horner Standard Church
HORNER Telephone
Horner WESLEYAN METHODIST Shawvllle Rev.
Horner «fc Sons
Horner*» Shoe Store
Horner.......... Gordon Brownlee....... Estate C.
HORNER—NICHOLAS Shawville High School
Horner’s Fabric Shop 2Vi
HORNER’S Moor’s Paint Brings
Horner’s Shop DOOR PRIZE Drawn Daily
Horner’s Shop Main Street
Horner’s Shop Shawville
Horner’s Shop Sudden
Horner’s Shop Tel.
Hospital Auxiliaries HORNER—Wilmont
Hospital Hospital Board Chairman Leonard Horner
HOTEL Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur
HOWARD Cemetery Donations Clarence Brownlee
Howard---- Snow Removal Morley Hodgins Motion
Huddersfield Council Horner
Hugh Horner 6I5R4 Shawville b IO /i
Hugh Horner’s Suffolk
HULL Misses Mary Draper
I$ c Horner
I* Miss Sandra Draper
II E CHOI Motion
Imperial Oil Ltd. 226.
Imperial Oil Ltd. Motion Crs
In- Crs Garth Tracy
Institute Horner
Institute Leonard Horner
Institute Mr Cecil Brownlee
Institutes Idena Brownlee
Institutes- First Crochet Afghan- Diane Judd
Is Motion Crs
ISLAND Apply Mrs. Arthur Durrell
ÎTew Store Mr. Clarence Brownlee
IVY Sidney Poitier
IX Opal Judd
J & J’s Gas Bar Kelly’s Greenhouse Mary-Sheila & John Draper M & R Feeds Mountainview
J N Brownlee 2. Red Cape—W A
JIotlon Crs Brown
JIT Y Polaroid/ Brownlee
John Judd
JOHN Nellie Draper
JOIN TH Motion Commr
Joint Draper
JOT Brownlee Committee
Journals-»!-9* Motion-Comr Murrell
JR Shop Lloyd Hodgins Appliances McCauley Jewellers Keith Horner s Shop Andy
JR Shop McCredle’s Garage Pontiac Electric Carson Hodglns Supplies Keith Horner’s Shop McCauley Jew
Judd - Dairy Prin-
Judd Gels Board Meeting Nurse
Judy Horner Elementary School
Judy Horner Hospital
Junior Department Louis Judd
Junior Jersey Brownlee
Junior Teens Kellie Brownlee
Keith Brownlee
Keith Horner’s Store
KEON N P.Horner
KEON N,P^Horner’s
Kin Kid Mavis Judd
King Alex Draper
King Arthur’s,Court
KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP Reg *9c INSTANT Comedy Sidney Jemes
l A Wheat 1,416,9 Rya OATS PEAS
l for N Motion
l Judd
l K Wainmuii''s Business Announcement Petits Pois SOLEIL WILL EXHIBIT AT SHAWVILLE Motion Conns
l M Fair Bqa^d Audit Girt* Choral Group WUma Brownlee
LA W.E. Horner & Sons
Lac Arthur
LAC Arthur Mayhew
Lac Arthur Smart
Lac Arthur Smart St Hubert
Lac Arthur Strutt
LAC Wilma Brownlee
Ladies Judd
Ladies Orange Be- Brother Eldon Brownlee
Lake Baptist Churck COUNCIL Wyman COUNCIL Motion b Drum
Lakefield Church Arthur Labclle
LECLERE Investment Broker Motion
Legion Hall Hobert John Elle Judd
Leonard Horner’s
Lewis Trueman Draper Swede Turnips
Liberal Conservâti Tli- Mo Arthur Plough
Library - Motion Crs Jean- Motion Crs Jeannine Wick
Library Books * Montreal Bonk Room Meyers School Supplies Frnnk Richardson Motion Commissioner
Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Life Association BERT C HORNER
Life Association BERT C- HORNER
Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Life Insurance Phone Motion Crs Brownlee
Life Insurance Phone Motion Crs McCann
Life Membership Motion — Beattie-Taber
LIGHT Butcher Horner
Light Horse Hostess Nancy Draper
Light S Life Hour Motion Crs O Reilly
LIMITED Motion—Biehler-Craig—That Special Supt
Lion Duplicator ......... Ottawa Store Equipment Motion Commr
Lion Gus Draper Dave Davies
LODGE Hotel Entertainment Household Helpers Motion
LOGS Highest Prices Paid Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle CWL Meeting Shirley
Lome Draper PM
Look Here Service Announcements BERT C HORNER
Ltd HD Motion
Macdonald College Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Machine Shop Motion Cr McCleary
Machinery Sales Co. Ltd Crs
Maggie Horner
Malakoff Council Meeting Motion
Maple Judd
Marine Judd
MASSE Y-HARRJS CENTENNIAL MOTION PICTURE the Dominion Department of Agriculture
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Angus Horner
Master Arland Horner
Master Arlie Horner
Master Arthur
Master Arthur Dale
Master Arthur Durrell
Master Arthur Hayes
Master Arthur Knox
Master Arthur Pettipiece
Master Arthur Shaw
Master Arthur Smiley
Master Arthur W
Master Arthur Wilson
Master Arthur-bold
Master Artie Horner
Master Asa Horner
Master Barry Draper
Master Cedi Brownlee
Master Cedric Judd
Master Chris Judd
Master Freddie Horner
Master Gus Draper
Master Gus T. Draper;
Master Henry Horner
Master Horner
Master Lars Horner
Master Noble Horner
Master Peter Draper
Master Rev L Draper
Master Sidney Findlay
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McGill University Russell Judd
McGill University W J Brownlee Phone
McKee News Miss Evelyn Horner
Me Dominion Roau Machinery Sales Motion Crs
MeGUl University Motion by Comm
Memorial Draper Bell Clarence
Memorial Draper Bell Tower
Memorial Serv Roll Motion
Messrs Alex Horner
Messrs. Gordon Select Vestrv Brownlee
Mid Mrs. Arthur
Mid- Marty Brownlee
Mid- Motion
Mine Leslie Horner Buried Friday Hear
Mine Mrs. Arthur Strutt
Mine Road Bruce Horner
Ministry of Crs Carmen Wickens Transport
Ministry of Crs Claude Richardson
Ministry of Motion Cr T Smith
MIP Marty Brownlee
Misa Mae Brownlee
Misa Teen Pontiac Pageant Motion
Miss Clara Brownlee
Miss Elizabeth Horner
Miss Mayo Brownlee
Mitch Horner Sports
ml4otc HORNER’S GARAGE For Sale
Mme Terry Lyn Draper
Mobon Crs Pitt & Smith Council
MODULEX Dawn Horner Huckabone
MONUMENTS Motion Crs Drummond &
MONUMENTS Seventh Line Horner
MONUMENTS Showville Motion
Morley Hodgins-Sunday School Ky Gordon Brownlee; Junior W.A
Morrison & G Brownlee
Motion R.E.
Motion FOR SERVICE Purebred Yorkshire Hog
Motion Payette Const
Motion Pipe Fitter Wanted
Motion Reunion Annuelle Colonization
Motion & Bretzlaf the
Motion & Ireland
Motion & Koshy
Motion & Murphy
Motion & Murphy Nathan
Motion -
Motion - A
Motion - Beattie
Motion - C
Motion - Cl
Motion - Cm
Motion - Co trim
Motion - Com
Motion - Conns
Motion - Couna Rarhrr
Motion - Councillor André Bellerose
Motion - Couns
Motion - Court
Motion - Crs
Motion - Election By-Law
Motion - Graham Horner
Motion - Henderson
Motion - Hodgins
Motion - Kasey-Doherty
Motion - Mayor Clothing
Motion - Mayor Ryan
Motion - McLellan
Motion - Muldoon Krwin
Motion - Notice
Motion - Notice Firefighter
Motion - Quebec Shawville KATHLEEN M.ROLUNS
Motion - Ryan
Motion -Comr Beattie-That Bristol (
Motion -L.
Motion .
Motion .TV#
Motion 0
Motion 0 Reilly
Motion 1 Visitors
Motion 1-y Comr Nurse
Motion 10 W
Motion 1rs G McCallum
Motion 6s O Reilly
Motion 6y ¦ Bretzlaff
Motion Affairs
Motion Agent Dies Suddenly Dr.
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Motion Alexander-Voting
Motion Alexandet Rural Iuspt
Motion Allan Ludlow
Motion Also
Motion Ap Allot
Motion Ap Hitsman
Motion Approved
Motion Ar- Continued
Motion Argue Caldwell
Motion Armstrong Horner
Motion Armstrong Kulford
Motion Armstrong-Hanna That
Motion Arno Bretzlaff
Motion As Brown
Motion At Portage du
Motion Athol Dale
Motion Avis de
Motion b Cmr
Motion b Me Co
Motion Ballan- Harkness
Motion Ballantyne Beattie
Motion Balsam
Motion Barber-Bean That
Motion Barber—I*
Motion Barlier
Motion Barry Craig
Motion Basil Qua
Motion be Allan McKay
Motion Bean
Motion Bean Dagg That
Motion Beat
Motion Beattie
Motion Beattie-Stanton
Motion Beattio-Stanton
Motion Belletere
Motion Bennett
MOTION Bernard Armitage
Motion Bert Hodgins
Motion Bill Douglas
Motion Board
Motion Boss
Motion Br
Motion Breakfast Bacon
Motion Breweries
Motion Brian Drummond
Motion Bristol
Motion Brown
Motion Brownlee
Motion Brownlee and
Motion Bruce Arnutage
Motion Btiislc
Motion Building
Motion Built
Motion Bussell Allen
Motion by Clrs Hodgins
Motion by Clrs Hodgins and Sons
Motion by Co
Motion by Crs
Motion by Crs Merriffeld-Clarke
Motion by Crs Wm
Motion by Development Plan
Motion By Popular Demand * Voyageur Restaurant
Motion by Royce Rev. Ed McCiiç Canadiana
Motion by Royce Richardson
MOTION BY Shawville
Motion By-Law
Motion C
Motion C rs Barber
Motion C rs Ireland
Motion C rs Met Ivary
Motion C"mr Walsh
Motion C-s
Motion C<»un< Modgin>
Motion C> Hammond
Motion Caldwell-Easey—That Bylaw No.
Motion Campbell-Hender-on That the
Motion Campbell-Killoran
Motion Campbell-Killoran That Mr. Roys
Motion Carl Mayer
Motion Carmen Wickens
Motion Carried
Motion Carried Crs
Motion Cc.
Motion Ccmmr Brown
Motion Ccrrm
Motion Ce*
Motion Ch Drummond
Motion Church
Motion Ci
Motion Ci McCrcdic
Motion Ci s
Motion Ci* Langford
Motion Cis
Motion Cis Barber
Motion Cis Hark
Motion Cis Murray
Motion CiU.
Motion Ci»
Motion Cl
Motion Clarendon Fire Depart- Application
Motion Clarendon Municipal Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Clarendon School Board W. E. N. HODGINS.
Motion Claude Richardson Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Clive Smart
Motion Clr
Motion Clr Carmen
Motion Clr Pasch
Motion Clr Yach
Motion Clrs Bretzlaff
Motion Clrs Hammond
Motion Clrs Hodgins
Motion Clrs Wickens
Motion Cls Metcalfe
Motion Cm
Motion Cm (
Motion Cm Dagg
Motion Cm Desebrais
Motion Cm Draper
Motion Cm Gilpin
Motion Cm Hudgins
Motion Cm Kennedy-Hammond
Motion Cm Markj
Motion Cm Marks
Motion Cm McCann
Motion Cm McCord
Motion Cm McKay
Motion Cm MrTann
Motion Cm Mulligan
Motion Cm Mumy
Motion Cm Murray
Motion CM Pertard
Motion Cm Rusaett
Motion Cm Young
Motion Cmr Beattie
Motion Cn
Motion Cn Beaudon
Motion Cn Bronson
Motion Cn Draper
Motion Cn Grant
Motion Cn O Reilly
Motion Cn O Reilly Horner
Motion Cn Tubman
Motion Cnm
Motion Cns Clarendon Council
Motion Coiar Taber Hoard
Motion Coim-.
Motion Coimvil
Motion Coin
Motion Coin''r
Motion Coinr
Motion Coins
Motion CoinV> Wallace
Motion Coin’rs Tracy
Motion Com
Motion Com ;
Motion Com Wilson
Motion Com Y
Motion Com.
Motion Comm
Motion Comma
Motion Comma Henderson
Motion Commis.-ioner
Motion Commission
Motion Commissioners Tracy
Motion Commissioners Tubman Lumber
Motion Commr
Motion Commr Biown
Motion Commr Brown
Motion Commr Eades
Motion Commr Eudes
Motion Commr Fades
Motion Commr Fulford
Motion Commr Fullord
Motion Commr Hades
Motion Commr Hodgins
Motion Commr Kilgour
Motion Commr McDowell
Motion Commr Pul
Motion Commr Registered
Motion Commr Rowat
Motion Commr S. Widdi- Motion Cr
Motion Commr W.
Motion Commr Widdicombc
Motion Commr Widdicombe
Motion Commr Widdicomhe
Motion Commr Widdiombe
Motion Commr Wm
Motion Commrs Widdicomhe | Rankin Ltd 7.62; Pontiac Blut-|
Motion Comms
Motion Comr
Motion Comr Brough—That the
Motion Comr Graham
Motion Comr Hodgii
Motion Comr Horner—That Comrs Brough
Motion Comr H«>dgins
Motion Comr ILm
Motion Comr J.
Motion Comr J. 0. Graham—That Rev.
Motion Comr McLeod That
Motion Comr McMillan- 1
Motion Comr McNeill—That the
Motion Comr Morelivad In*
Motion Comr Murrell
Motion Comr T.
Motion Comr T. P
Motion Comr Wilson---That
Motion Comr Wilson—that the
Motion Comr Young Thct the
Motion Comre Sturgeon
Motion Comrs
Motion Comrs I>ean
Motion Comrs Tracy
Motion Comrs Tubman
Motion Comv MacLeod
Motion Com’r McMillan—That
Motion Com’r Murrell-That the
Motion Com’r Woods
Motion Com’rs McGuire
Motion Congdon
Motion Conir Draper
Motion Conn
Motion Conn* Bar
Motion Conn* Draper Hint
Motion Connolly
Motion Connolly Hanna That Itur
Motion Connolly*Horner That
Motion Conns
Motion Conns Dale
Motion Conns Horigins
Motion Conns H•
Motion Conti Drape; Board
MOTION Continued
Motion Contr
Motion Contra Laugh
Motion ConVr Taber—That the
Motion Corn
Motion Corns Tubman
Motion Corns Wallace
Motion Cos Em
Motion Cotm*
Motion Cotnr Brough—That
Motion Cotnr Horner
Motion Cotnrs Wilson
Motion CouKiHor Ale^ande^
Motion Coun*
Motion Couna
Motion Counc
Motion Counc Hors Young
Motion Council
Motion Councillor Argue
Motion Councillor Chamber-
Motion Councillor Chamber- Carried
Motion Councillor Elliot Stewart
Motion Councillor Emmers
Motion Councillor Emmerson
Motion Councillor Marks
Motion Councillor Moyle
Motion Councillor Stewart
Motion Councillor Whelen
Motion Councillor Young
Motion Councillor# Chamberlain
Motion Councillor* McBane O
Motion Councillors
Motion Councillors A ;
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Argue
Motion Councillors Ballantyne
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Motion Councillors Dale
Motion Councillors Dole
Motion Councillors Emmerson
Motion Councillors Garth Tracy
Motion Councillors Gordon
Motion Councillors Harkne
Motion Councillors Harkness
Motion Councillors Harlsr.es;-.
Motion Councillors Hawley
Motion Councillors Hawley Wickens
Motion Councillors Hobbs
Motion Councillors Hodgins
Motion Councillors Kilgour
Motion Councillors Marks
Motion Councillors McBane
Motion Councillors Whelan
Motion Councillors Young
Motion Councillors Young-Camp-bell
Motion Councillors Young-West-
Motion Couns
Motion Count
Motion Count M.cfarl.ne
Motion Cqmmr
Motion Cr
Motion Cr "
Motion Cr 0f Roll #
Motion Cr Aime Essiambre
Motion Cr Alex Drummond
Motion Cr Amot Homer
Motion Cr Amot Homer Fax
Motion Cr Amot Horner
Motion Cr Appeal Court
Motion Cr Armitage
Motion Cr Arnot Homer
Motion Cr Arnot Horn
Motion Cr Arnot Horner Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr Barber
Motion Cr Beaudoin
Motion Cr Bretzlaff
Motion Cr Brown
Motion Cr Brownlee
Motion Cr C Roy
Motion Cr Cameron
Motion Cr Carmen
Motion Cr Carson
Motion Cr Cednc Elliott 301-500 b John Melloul
Motion Cr Cedric
Motion Cr Cedric Elliott
Motion Cr Cedric Hanna
Motion Cr Cedric Judd
Motion Cr Chamberlain
Motion Cr Cirant
Motion Cr Cone
Motion Cr Congdon
Motion Cr D Fulford M(j
Motion Cr Dag
Motion Cr Dagg
Motion Cr Dale
Motion Cr Davies
Motion Cr Desabrais
Motion Cr Dig*
Motion Cr Doug
Motion Cr Dowe
Motion Cr Drummond
Motion Cr Duff
Motion Cr Duff that Line
Motion Cr Duff the
Motion Cr Dunlop
Motion Cr Easter
Motion Cr Elliott
Motion Cr Essiambre
Motion Cr Essiamhrc
Motion Cr Findlay
Motion Cr Fine
Motion Cr G Hodgins
Motion Cr Garth Tracy
Motion Cr Gibbons
Motion Cr Gilpin
Motion Cr Graham
Motion Cr Grant
Motion Cr Gravel
Motion Cr Gray
Motion Cr Greer
Motion Cr Hammond
Motion Cr Hanna
Motion Cr Hanna that Council
Motion Cr Hanna that Council Helkenberg
Motion Cr Harkness
Motion Cr Hobbs
Motion Cr Hodgins
Motion Cr Homer
Motion Cr Horner
Motion Cr Ireland
Motion Cr Ixswis
Motion Cr J
Motion Cr Jack Lang
Motion Cr Jas Horner
Motion Cr Jeannine
Motion Cr Jeannine Sand Bay
Motion Cr Jeannine Wesley Road
Motion Cr Jeannine Wickens
Motion Cr Jjd
Motion Cr Judd
Motion Cr K Smith
Motion Cr K Smith Bristol Council
Motion Cr Kennedy
Motion Cr Krose
Motion Cr L Roy
Motion Cr Langford
Motion Cr Malefic
Motion Cr Malette
Motion Cr Marines
Motion Cr Mark*
Motion Cr Mavis Duchesne
Motion Cr McC
Motion Cr McCann
Motion Cr McCleajr
Motion Cr McClearly
Motion Cr McCleary
Motion Cr McCord
Motion Cr McCrcdic
Motion Cr McCrcdie
Motion Cr McCrcdie Design Inc
Motion Cr McCre- Motion Crs Duff
Motion Cr McCredic
Motion Cr McCredie
Motion Cr Mcf
Motion Cr McKay
Motion Cr McKee
Motion Cr McNeill
Motion Cr MeCredie
Motion Cr Merlin Richardson
Motion Cr Metcalfe
Motion Cr Motion Cr
Motion Cr Motion Cr Dagg
Motion Cr Mulligan
Motion Cr Murphy
Motion Cr O Reilly
Motion Cr Orr
Motion Cr Orr Bee
Motion Cr Orr Council
Motion Cr Orr Elliott
Motion Cr Orr Thanks Parish Cemetery.
Motion Cr Orr that Council
Motion Cr O’Reilly
Motion Cr Pi-
Motion Cr Pine
Motion Cr Piric
Motion Cr Pirie
Motion Cr Ptrie
Motion Cr Quenneville we Legion Ladies Auxiliary
Motion Cr Roy
Motion Cr Russett
Motion Cr Smart
Motion Cr Smiley
Motion Cr Smith
Motion Cr Spread All and Construction Amot Homer
Motion Cr Stanley
Motion Cr T
Motion Cr T Smith
Motion Cr T Smith that Council
Motion Cr Telford
Motion Cr Tom Fahey
Motion Cr Tubman
Motion Cr Urr
Motion Cr Wickens
Motion Cr Wiggins
Motion Cr Wilson
Motion Cr Yach
Motion Cr Young
Motion Cr# O Reilly
Motion Cr# Sheehan
Motion Cr$
Motion Cr&
Motion Cr& McCord
Motion Cr& Muirsy
Motion Cr*
Motion Cr* B Armitage
Motion Cr* Barr
Motion Cr* Emmerson
Motion Cr* Quigg
Motion Cr* Young
Motion Cra
Motion Cra B Armttage
Motion Cra B. Aim
Motion Cra C
Motion Cra C Roy
Motion Cra Dagg
Motion Cra Dagg and Resolved
Motion Cra Elliott
Motion Cra Farrell
Motion Cra Gilpin
Motion Cra Hod
Motion Cra Ireland
Motion Cra J.
Motion Cra L
Motion Cra L Perricelli
Motion Cra L Wilson
Motion Cra l(
Motion Cra Malette
Motion Cra McKay
Motion Cra McQrni
Motion Cra Stanley
Motion Cra Tubman
Motion Cra Wiggins
Motion Cra Young
Motion Craig Taber
Motion Craig-lUrry Hold*
Motion CrB Davies
Motion Cre
Motion Cre Barber
Motion Cre D
Motion Cre D Fulford
Motion Cre Davies
Motion Cre Graham
Motion Cre Roy
Motion Cre Stanley
Motion Cre Tubman
Motion Cri
Motion Cri Fortin Pointe Gatineau
Motion CrJ.
Motion Crl Kllgour
Motion Crq
Motion Crr.
Motion Crs
Motion Crs A
Motion Crs Bills
Motion Crs & Casual
Motion Crs 0 Hodgins
Motion Crs 0 Reilly
Motion Crs A
Motion Crs A Bennett
Motion Crs A Lapierre
Motion Crs Aime Essiambre
Motion Crs Alex
Motion Crs Alex Lapierre
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Amol Homer Pontiac Bursary
Motion Crs Amot
Motion Crs Amot Homer
Motion Crs Amot Horner & Jeannine Wickens that Council
Motion Crs Amot Horner |
Motion Crs Andrew Ben- the
Motion Crs Andrew Bennett
Motion Crs Ar-
Motion Crs Ar- Ministry of Environment H Council
Motion Crs Ar- of
Motion Crs Ar-not Homer
Motion Crs Armitage
Motion Crs Armitage—Martineau
Motion Crs Armltage
Motion Crs Arnot
Motion Crs Arnot Homer
Motion Crs Arnot Homer Within
Motion Crs Arnot Horn
Motion Crs Arnot Horn-Tenders
Motion Crs Arnot Horner
Motion Crs A„rppmpnt
Motion Crs B Armât
Motion Crs B Armitage
Motion Crs Barber
Motion Crs Barberand Brownlee
Motion Crs Barter
Motion Crs Bcrmott
Motion Crs Beaudoin
Motion Crs Bennett
Motion Crs Bernard Armi-mitage
Motion Crs bile Association
Motion Crs Black
Motion Crs Bretziaff
Motion Crs Bretzlaff
Motion Crs Bronson
Motion Crs Brown
Motion Crs Brown & Brown Minutes
Motion Crs Brownlee
Motion Crs Brownlee and Rowe
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage Motion Crs Brownlee
Motion Crs Bu
Motion Crs Burke
Motion Crs C
Motion Crs C Betty Foran
Motion Crs C Parade
Motion Crs C Richardson
Motion Crs C Richardson and
Motion Crs C Richardson Clapham
Motion Crs C Richardson Council
Motion Crs C Richardson JOHN MacGREGOR CONCRETE
Motion Crs C Richardson Telebec Project No
Motion Crs C Roy
Motion Crs C Wickens
Motion Crs C Wkkens
Motion Crs Car
Motion Crs Car-
Motion Crs Car- Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Car- Home Comfort Plan;
Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen By-law
Motion Crs Carmen Clears
Motion Crs Carmen Correspondence
Motion Crs Carmen Council
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Cr Arnot Horner HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Carmen Tenders
Motion Crs Carmen Therefore the Municipal Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Carmen Village
Motion Crs Carmen WEDNESDAY
Motion Crs Carmen Wic-
Motion Crs Carmen Wic- CO S
Motion Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Carnet McCal Charge
Motion Crs Carson and Bar Mr.
Motion Crs CAW-LOGS
Motion Crs Ccdnc Elliot
Motion Crs Cedric
Motion Crs Cedric Elli
Motion Crs Cedric Elli A
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- By-Laws
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Cr Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Fern Yach
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Hall
Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Motion Crs Jeannine P
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-exigés
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-rendon
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-votes
Motion Crs Cedric Elli-were
Motion Crs Cedric Elliot
Motion Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Cedric Elliott Pontiac Travel Guide
Motion Crs Cedric the
Motion Crs Chamberlain
Motion Crs Chamberlain & McCleary
Motion Crs Chamberlain ;
Motion Crs Chamberlin
Motion Crs Clarendon Fire Depart- Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Claude
Motion Crs Claude Crs Cedric Elliott
Motion Crs Claude JUcnard-son
Motion Crs Claude Ric- North
Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Claude Rich*
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Clarendon Fire Truck
Motion Crs Claude Rich-CPR
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Lp.ni
Motion Crs Claude Rich-scats
Motion Crs Claude Rich-the
Motion Crs Claude Rich-Wickens
Motion Crs Claude Richard
Motion Crs Claude Richard Tracy
Motion Crs Claude Richards-
Motion Crs Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Clrs Turcotte
Motion Crs Cone
Motion Crs Constant Legault
Motion Crs Cornwall
Motion Crs County
Motion Crs Cr Wickens
Motion Crs CÜ
Motion Crs D
Motion Crs D Ful-
Motion Crs D Fulford
Motion Crs Dace
Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Dagg &
Motion Crs Dagg & Graham
Motion Crs Dagg & Motion Crs Duff &
Motion Crs Dagg & Pitt that
Motion Crs Dagg & Pitt the
Motion Crs Dagg and Association
Motion Crs Dagg and Chamber of Commerce Poupore
Motion Crs Dagg and Council
Motion Crs Dagg and McGuinty Inc and/or
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Dagg that Council
Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Dagg and Roy Bristol Volunteer Fire Dept
Motion Crs Dale
Motion Crs December HOT CROSS BUNS
Motion Crs Dept
Motion Crs Desabrais
Motion Crs Desahrais
Motion Crs Ditt- Wickens
Motion Crs Dittbumer ral Affairs
Motion Crs Document
Motion Crs Dolan
Motion Crs Douf
Motion Crs Doug
Motion Crs Doug Department of Transport the Municipal Council Roger La Rocque
Motion Crs Doug Ful-
Motion Crs Doug Ful- Hobbs met Council
Motion Crs Doug Ful-dums
Motion Crs Doug Ful-ford
Motion Crs Doug Fulford
Motion Crs Doug Fulford Clarendon Fire Dept
Motion Crs Douglas
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford ORLEANS MONUMENTS
Motion Crs Douglas Fulford Committee
Motion Crs Douglas Motion
Motion Crs Dowe
Motion Crs Draper
Motion Crs Drummond
Motion Crs Dsgg
Motion Crs Dubois
Motion Crs Duff
Motion Crs Duff &
Motion Crs Duff & Dagg
Motion Crs Duff & Orr
Motion Crs Duff & Serge & Ghislaine Dubois
Motion Crs Duff and
Motion Crs Duff and Council
Motion Crs Duff and Pitt
Motion Crs Duff and Pitt Dagg that Council
Motion Crs Duff*
Motion Crs Dugg
Motion Crs Dummond
Motion Crs Dunlop
Motion Crs E McCann
Motion Crs Eadcs
Motion Crs Eades
Motion Crs Education and
Motion Crs El-
Motion Crs Elliott
Motion Crs Emmeraon
Motion Crs Emmerson
Motion Crs Emmerson and Army Girl’s Home
Motion Crs Emmurson
Motion Crs ers
Motion Crs Ervin
Motion Crs Essi
Motion Crs Essiambre
Motion Crs Essiamhre
Motion Crs Fades
Motion Crs Fahey
Motion Crs Farrel
Motion Crs Farrell
Motion Crs Findlay
Motion Crs Findlay Dagg
Motion Crs Findlay Hanna
Motion Crs Fitzsimmon
Motion Crs Fmmerson
Motion Crs Foran
Motion Crs Fraser
Motion Crs Ful-
Motion Crs G
Motion Crs G A
Motion Crs G Armitage
Motion Crs G Committee
Motion Crs G Hod
Motion Crs G Hod-gins
Motion Crs G Hodgina
Motion Crs G Hodgine and C Municipal Council Township
Motion Crs G Hodgins
Motion Crs G Hodgins and Insurance Policies
Motion Crs G Joannisse
Motion Crs G McCallum
Motion Crs G Tracy
Motion Crs G _
Motion Crs G. Joannisse
Motion Crs GarHi Tracy
Motion Crs Garnet
Motion Crs Garnet McCallum
Motion Crs Garth
Motion Crs Garth Campbell
Motion Crs Garth Financial
Motion Crs Garth Iracy Motion Crs Carmen
Motion Crs Garth Manpower
Motion Crs Garth Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Tracey
Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Motion Crs Garth Tracy & Carmen Wickens
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Campbell
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Council
Motion Crs Garth Tracy de Protection du
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Equipment
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Jeannine Wickens
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Lake
Motion Crs Garth Tracy McCoy
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Motion Crs Claude Rich
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Municipal Affairs
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Outaouais Alliance
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Richardson
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Stocks Used Equipment
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Telebcc
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Wickens
Motion Crs Gary
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins
Motion Crs Gary Hodgins Hodgins
Motion Crs Gatineau Power
Motion Crs Gibbons
Motion Crs Gilpin
Motion Crs Gilpin Barber
Motion Crs Gr*
Motion Crs Graham
Motion Crs Graham & Duff
Motion Crs Gran*
Motion Crs Grant
Motion Crs Gray
Motion Crs Greer
Motion Crs H
Motion Crs H Wickens
Motion Crs H Wickens Motion Crs Hawley
Motion Crs H Wickens TENDERS Club
Motion Crs Hammond
Motion Crs Hamond
Motion Crs Hanna
Motion Crs Hark
Motion Crs Harkneas Smiley
Motion Crs Has
Motion Crs Haw
Motion Crs Hawley
Motion Crs Hawley Road
Motion Crs Hawley the
Motion Crs Hawley Wic
Motion Crs Hawley Wic-kens
Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
Motion Crs Hayes
Motion Crs Henderson
Motion Crs Henderson & January
Motion Crs Herd Reduction Sale Scotch Highlands
Motion Crs Hernard Arniitage
Motion Crs Hodgins
Motion Crs HODGINS—In
Motion Crs Hodglns
Motion Crs Horner
Motion Crs Hubert McCauley JEWELLER
Motion Crs IE
Motion Crs Ireland
Motion Crs Irwin Hayes
Motion Crs Irwin Hodgins
Motion Crs IV
Motion Crs J
Motion Crs J J McCalluml South
Motion Crs J J MeCallum Minutes
Motion Crs J.
Motion Crs Jack
Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Jack Lang Crime Prevention Sym
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jack Lang Sorel
Motion Crs Jean-
Motion Crs Jean-road
Motion Crs Jeannie
Motion Crs Jeannine
Motion Crs Jeannine Committees
Motion Crs Jeannine Correspondence
Motion Crs Jeannine Î. P A,CENTRE
Motion Crs Jeannine L
Motion Crs Jeannine Mayor
Motion Crs Jeannine Norman
Motion Crs Jeannine Qf October
Motion Crs Jeannine Shawville
Motion Crs Jeannine the
Motion Crs Jeannine the Development Plan
Motion Crs Jeannine We
Motion Crs Jeannine Wick-ens
Motion Crs Jeannine Wickens
Motion Crs JJ McCalkim
Motion Crs Johnston
Motion Crs Judd-Hanns
Motion Crs Jvannme
Motion Crs K
Motion Crs K Wilson and L Committee
Motion Crs Kennedv
Motion Crs Kennedy-Horner
Motion Crs Kilgour
Motion Crs Kmmcrson
Motion Crs Kmmerson
Motion Crs Krose
Motion Crs L
Motion Crs L McCann
Motion Crs L Roy
Motion Crs L Telford
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson and C Roll
Motion Crs Lang
Motion Crs Lang and Budget Motion Crs Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs Langford
Motion Crs Lapierre
Motion Crs Linda Williams
Motion Crs Lmmerson
Motion Crs Lots
Motion Crs M
Motion Crs M Fulford
Motion Crs M Richard Donations
Motion Crs M Richardson
Motion Crs M Richardson Work
Motion Crs Ma
Motion Crs Ma-farlane
Motion Crs Malctte
Motion Crs Malettc
Motion Crs Malette
Motion Crs Manwell
Motion Crs Marks
Motion Crs Martineau
Motion Crs Martineau-Arm
Motion Crs Mavis Hanna
Motion Crs McCallum
Motion Crs McCann
Motion Crs McCleaiy
Motion Crs McCleary
Motion Crs McCledary
Motion Crs McCord
Motion Crs McCre-die and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs McCred
Motion Crs McCredie
Motion Crs McCredie 1
Motion Crs McCredie and
Motion Crs McCredie and Pitt
Motion Crs McCredie and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs McCredie Bay
Motion Crs McCredie Bids
Motion Crs McCredie Bristol
Motion Crs McCredie Canton Unis de Leslie
Motion Crs McCredie Council
Motion Crs McCredie Cr Pirie
Motion Crs McCredie Duff
Motion Crs McCredie ENGLISH
Motion Crs McCredie Ford Pick-up
Motion Crs McCredie Hélène Bélisle
Motion Crs McCredie McCredie
Motion Crs McCredie Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs McCredie Note
Motion Crs McCredie Shawville Arena Im
Motion Crs McCredie Smith
Motion Crs McCredie Store Ltd of
Motion Crs McCredie Townhall
Motion Crs McCredie Transports
Motion Crs McKay
Motion Crs McKee
Motion Crs McNeil
Motion Crs McNeill
Motion Crs McNeill McCleary
Motion Crs McTieman
Motion Crs Merlin
Motion Crs Merlin October
Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Motion Crs Merlin Richard Municipal Council Township
Motion Crs Merlin Richardson
Motion Crs Metcalfe
Motion Crs Mlc£asd
Motion Crs Mohr
Motion Crs Motion Crs J Wickens Tracy
Motion Crs Motion Crs Jack Lang
Motion Crs Moxley
Motion Crs Mr. Billings
Motion Crs Mr. Fred Dagg
Motion Crs Mr. William O’Reilly
Motion Crs Mulligan
Motion Crs Murphy
Motion Crs Murray
Motion Crs Nbtcalfc
Motion Crs Neil Ditt MacKILUCAN & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants
Motion Crs Neil Dittburner
Motion Crs Norway Bay Municipal
Motion Crs O Rctily
Motion Crs O Reilly
Motion Crs O Reilly A Young
Motion Crs O- Reilly
Motion Crs Orr
Motion Crs Orr & Dagg
Motion Crs Orr & Duff
Motion Crs Orr & Pitt also
Motion Crs Orr and
Motion Crs Orr and Council
Motion Crs Orr and Dagg Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt %
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt >
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt aC#®FienVi D.u
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt and Duff that Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt Clement Romain
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt Motion Crs Dagg and Department of Municipal that Council
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt QPF
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt r*
Motion Crs Orr and Pitt the
Motion Crs Orr Council
Motion Crs Orr Workshops
Motion Crs O’Reilly
Motion Crs O’Reilly Henderson
Motion Crs O’Reilly Wiggins
Motion Crs Parrel
Motion Crs Pfj Claude Richardson
Motion Crs Pine
Motion Crs Pirie
Motion Crs Pirie Orr
Motion Crs Pitt
Motion Crs Pitt & Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt & Orr Code
Motion Crs Pitt and
Motion Crs Pitt and Clarendon Townline and Pitt
Motion Crs Pitt and Council
Motion Crs Pitt and Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff Motion Crs Orr and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff Miljour
Motion Crs Pitt and Duff* Cr Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Line
Motion Crs Pitt and Mary
Motion Crs Pitt and McCredie
Motion Crs Pitt and Motion Crs Dagg
Motion Crs Pitt and Orr
Motion Crs Pitt and Protection
Motion Crs Pitt and Tenders
Motion Crs Pitt and Vehicle Repair Shops
Motion Crs Pitt and Visitors
Motion Crs Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Puff
Motion Crs Quenneville
Motion Crs Reduce E
Motion Crs Richardson
Motion Crs Richardson the
Motion Crs Robinson
Motion Crs Robinson II
Motion Crs Robinson-OTteilly
Motion Crs Ron Essiambre
Motion Crs Ron Essiambre & Garnet McCallum
Motion Crs Roy
Motion Crs Roy Carried Mr. Dcnzil Brown
Motion Crs Russctt
Motion Crs Russeit
Motion Crs Russett
Motion Crs Sheehan
Motion Crs Smart-Whelen
Motion Crs Smiley
Motion Crs Smith
Motion Crs Smith &
Motion Crs Smith & Pitt
Motion Crs Smith and
Motion Crs Smith and Pitt that Council
Motion Crs Sparling
Motion Crs Staaley
Motion Crs Stanley
Motion Crs Stanley & Dagg X Special Buy Special Buy
Motion Crs Stevens & Dale icipaj Council of Onslow South Mr. E
Motion Crs Stewart
Motion Crs Subvention
Motion Crs Tanguay
Motion Crs Tanner
Motion Crs Telford
Motion Crs Terry Fox Rd
Motion Crs that Council
Motion Crs Thomas Belair
Motion Crs Tracy
Motion Crs Trudeau
Motion Crs Tubman
Motion Crs Tun
Motion Crs UMRCQ
Motion Crs Vaughan
Motion Crs Westbrook—Clarke
Motion Crs Whelen
Motion Crs Whereas
Motion Crs Wickens
Motion Crs Wickens budget
Motion Crs Wige Kennedy
Motion Crs Wiggins
Motion Crs Wilson
Motion Crs Wmj Alexander
Motion Crs Wt^gins
Motion Crs Yach
Motion Crs Yach and Steph-1 Municipal Council
Motion Crs Yeung
Motion Crs Young
Motion Crs Young & Dagg _
Motion Crs Young & Graham Mr.
Motion Crs Young—Martineau
Motion Crs Youth
Motion Crs | Everyone
Motion Crs- Brownlee
Motion Crs.J.
Motion Crst Draper
Motion Crt
Motion Cry
Motion Cr»
Motion Ct
Motion Ct McCleary
Motion Ct Metcalfe
Motion Ct Roy
Motion Ct*
Motion Ctr Duff
Motion Cts
Motion CTs Ciih
Motion CTs McKee
Motion Cts O Reilly
Motion Cts Tubman
Motion CTS.
Motion Cuun*
Motion Cuune
Motion Cvs
Motion C»mmr
Motion C”S.
Motion C„
Motion D. Campbell-Prendergast | Registered Yorkshire
Motion Dagg
Motion Dave Davies
Motion Davis Dowd—That the
Motion de- Bristol Council
Motion Dec. Mh
Motion Delbert Zacharias
Motion Delegation
Motion Denis Papineau
Motion Desabrals Haut Commissariat
Motion Detector/Floodlig
Motion Detectors Workmanship
Motion Directors
Motion Doherty
Motion Doherty-Woods
Motion Doherty-Young Regular
Motion Dow
Motion Dr. McDowell
Motion Dr. S.
Motion Dra
Motion Draper Argue Hudgins
Motion Drummond
Motion Dtum-OTteilley That
Motion E McCann
Motion Ease
Motion Easey Taber—That the Clarendon Council
Motion Economic Summet Conference Crs Carmen Wickens
Motion Effect
Motion Elliott
Motion Elliott and
Motion Elliott Hodgins
Motion Elliott that Council
Motion Elsie Gibbons
Motion Elwyn Lang
Motion Emmerson
Motion Ernie He-
Motion ers
Motion ers Cain-Steele
Motion ers Farrell Steele
Motion ers Farrell-Cain
Motion ers Farrell-Robert
Motion ers Farrell-Young
Motion ers Fraser-MacKechnie
Motion ers Hanna-Connelly
Motion ers Henderson Beattie
Motion ers Stephens Fraser
Motion ers Young-Farrell
Motion ers Young-Steele
Motion Everett McDowell
Motion Every-day Straw Hats
Motion Farmers Attention
Motion FARMERS TZZ Armstrong
Motion Farrell-Alexander Patrick
Motion Farrell-Alexander—That
Motion Farrell-McGoff Fhat Jo*
Motion Farrell—Alexander
Motion Fasey Woods That John
Motion Fee—one
Motion Finance
Motion Fitzsimmons
Motion Fitzsimmons Henderson
Motion for Committee
Motion Fort
Motion Fraser-Muldoon—-That
Motion Fraserand
Motion Frasier
Motion Fulford
Motion FV
Motion Garage
Motion Garth Tracy
Motion George
Motion George Coles
Motion Gladys Hodgins
Motion Gordon Sparling
Motion Gra O Reilly
Motion Graham
Motion Grant
Motion Grant Elliott
Motion Grs Robinson
Motion Gs Barber
Motion Gs Emmerson
Motion Gs Hammond
Motion Gs Metcalfe
Motion Gs O Reilly
Motion Gs Robinson
Motion Gs Tubman
Motion Gs Wiggins
Motion H
Motion H Sturgeon
Motion Hawley Wickens
Motion Hcultural Society
Motion Heather Dickson
Motion Hend
Motion Henderson
Motion Henderson That By-law No.
Motion Heudei
Motion Hiehler-M
Motion Hoattie Allen Tint
Motion Hod
Motion Hodgins-Argue That the
Motion Hoi
Motion Horner
Motion Horner Burden That
Motion Howard Brinkworth
Motion Hubert McCauley
MOTION Hugh Hammond
Motion I*y
Motion IL
Motion Inc.
Motion informs Council
Motion Ireland
Motion Iv
Motion Jack Harrison
Motion Jack Lang
Motion Jamieson
Motion Jamieson-Young
Motion Jeannine
Motion Jeannine Wic- CPTAQ
Motion Jeannine Wickens
Motion Jeannine Wickens The Equity Morrison Road
Motion Kadea
Motion Kasey Stanton
Motion Kennedy
Motion Kenneth Kilgour
Motion Ki Horan
Motion KiHoran
Motion Kilioran
Motion Killoian-Heiulerboii
Motion Killoran
Motion Killoran-Horner
Motion Kisey-oting
Motion KiUovan- Horner Inal
Motion Kuril
Motion Laporte Last Friday
Motion Law No.
Motion Lawson Corrigan
Motion Lee
Motion Lester McCann
Motion Lost
Motion Lr
Motion Ly C otur WuUh
Motion Ly Crs
Motion l»y
Motion l»y ers Henderson Ruvsell
Motion M
Motion Ma
Motion Macfarlanê Judd
Motion MacMiIlian
Motion Mae
Motion Mail Contract
Motion Malloch D»
Motion Marks
Motion Max<>r Herbert
Motion Mayor
Motion Mayor G
Motion Mayor Gra
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mayor Graham Gail Bertrand
Motion Mayor Graham Stewart St/Old Mines Rd
Motion Mayor Jack Gra
Motion MBBHHPIPPH Sec Treas
Motion McBane-Craig That Oeo
Motion McCann
Motion McCleary Hutchison
Motion McDowell
Motion McKay
Motion McKee
Motion Mclallan
Motion McMillan LG.
Motion McNeil
Motion McNeil.and
Motion McNeill
Motion Meehan
Motion Men
Motion Minerva Sparling
Motion Motion T.
Motion Moved
Motion Moyles
Motion Mr & Mrs Mano
Motion Mrs Ballantyne
Motion Mrs F
Motion Mrs Graham
Motion Mrs Gwen Tangu.v
Motion Mrs McCredie
Motion Mrs.
Motion Mrs. B.C. Homer
Motion Mrs. Bal- Woodley
Motion Mrs. Ballantyne
Motion Mrs. Barber
Motion Mrs. Campbell
Motion Mrs. Cartman
Motion Mrs. Carty
Motion Mrs. Cecil Paris
Motion Mrs. Corrigan
Motion Mrs. Cowley
Motion Mrs. Elliott
Motion Mrs. Ftaul Martineau
Motion Mrs. Fulford
Motion Mrs. Garrison
Motion Mrs. Gwen Tanguay
Motion Mrs. H Graham
Motion Mrs. Hillis Smith
Motion Mrs. HillU
Motion Mrs. J.
motion Mrs. Lambert
Motion Mrs. M.
Motion Mrs. MacFarlane
Motion Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Motion Mrs. Marks
Motion Mrs. McCord
Motion Mrs. McCord the
Motion Mrs. McCord-N.
Motion Mrs. McCredie
Motion Mrs. McDowell
Motion Mrs. McMillan
Motion Mrs. McMlllian
Motion Mrs. McNeill
Motion Mrs. McOahern
Motion Mrs. MoCredie
Motion Mrs. Moodie
Motion Mrs. Muise
Motion Mrs. Murray
Motion Mrs. Murray/
Motion Mrs. Percy Mac Ribbon and Mrs. Cecil
Motion Mrs. Percy McKib-bon
Motion Mrs. Pheobe McCord
Motion Mrs. Pul
Motion Mrs. Sly
Motion Mrs. Stark
Motion Mrs. Stewart
Motion Mrs. Stone
Motion Mrs. Storie
Motion Mrs. Young
Motion Mte
Motion Mtildoon
Motion MTs McNiell
Motion MTS.
Motion Muhloon Mel
Motion Muldoon Irwin
Motion Mulligan
Motion Municipal Corp.
Motion Municipality
Motion Murray
Motion Nan
Motion No.
Motion Notice
Motion Notice IS SHAWVILLF
Motion NOTICE Shawville
Motion O Reilly
Motion O Reilly and
Motion O''KcilJcy Jol Martin
Motion O''llvillcy-Hay
Motion Occupation LUSKVILLE
Motion of Commr
Motion of Councillors McBane
Motion of Couns
Motion of Cr Ranger
Motion of Crs Quenneville
Motion of ers MacKechnie-Mul- Carried
Motion of H
Motion of Mr, Morris
Motion of Young
Motion Oorar
Motion OR
Motion Or Barter
Motion Or Claude Fire
Motion Or Hodgins
Motion Or McCleary
Motion Or Metcalfe
Motion Or#
Motion Or* Martineau
Motion Or* McKee BRINGS
Motion Ora Vahgihn
Motion Ore
Motion Ore Burke
Motion Ore Ferrell
Motion Ors
Motion Ors Drummond
Motion Ors Farrell
Motion Ors J.
Motion Ors Metcalfe
Motion Or» Drummond
Motion Or» McCann
Motion Or» Sparling
Motion Os
Motion Os Barber
Motion Os Brown
Motion Os Brownlee
Motion Os C Roy
Motion Os Council
Motion Os D
Motion Os D Fulford
Motion Os Drummond
Motion Os Dsgg
Motion Os Emmerson
Motion Os Findlay
Motion Os G Hodgin
Motion Os Gilpin
Motion Os Grant
Motion Os Hammond
Motion Os Henderson
Motion Os Horner
Motion Os Ifcown
Motion Os Ijnmerson
Motion Os L Roy
Motion Os M Richardson
Motion Os Malette
Motion Os Marner
Motion Os McCleary
Motion Os McCredie
Motion Os McKay
Motion Os McNeill
Motion Os Metcalfe
Motion Os Metcalfe & Gifpin that Council
Motion Os Mulligan
Motion Os O Reilly
Motion Os O’Reilly
Motion Os O’Reilly Hammond
Motion Os Robinson
Motion Os Smiley
Motion Os Tubman
Motion Os Vuhnun
Motion Os Wiggins
Motion Os Yach
Motion Ot Brow
Motion Ottawa
Motion Otter Lake GERRY
Motion O’Reilley Young
Motion passed
Motion PHiihs M
Motion Picture Association
Motion Picture Bu
Motion Picture Bureau
Motion Picture Bureau of the Trade and Commerce Department
Motion Picture City Celebrates
Motion Picture Film
Motion Picture Herald
Motion Picture OVERALLS
Motion Picture Research Council
Motion Picture Review Bryson Theatre Anniversary.
Motion Picture Review Bryson Thoetro Anniversary
Motion Pictures
Motion Pictures and Theatre Inspection Branch
Motion Pine that Council on Simmental
Motion Pirie
Motion Pirie that Council
Motion Pitt
MOTION PlCTURe Name_ Address Province
Motion Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Motion POWER PLAY Shawville
Motion Q
Motion Q Brown
Motion Q Btown
Motion Q$ O Reilly
Motion Q-s
Motion Qh^IXA/villfl Crs
Motion Qi O Reilly
Motion Qrs
Motion Qrs Brownlee
Motion Qrs Drummond
Motion Qrs McCkary
Motion Qrs McCleary
Motion Qrs Metcalfe
Motion Qrs Robinson
Motion Qrs Robinson &
Motion Qrs Wiggins
Motion Qs
Motion Qs Brown
Motion Qs Brownlee
Motion Qs Btownke
Motion Qs C Roy
Motion Qs Em
Motion Qs Emmerson
Motion Qs Hammond
Motion Qs Homer
Motion Qs Horner
Motion Qs Kennedy
Motion Qs McNeill
Motion Qs O Reilly
Motion Qs Robinson
Motion Qs Wiggins
Motion Qt
Motion Regular
Motion Rev. McColl
Motion Rich-Council Hall
Motion Road Inspector Joseph
Motion Robinson F.
Motion Robinson Hodgins
Motion Roliert McDowell
Motion Ron Essiambre
Motion Route 303; c
Motion Russell-Alien
Motion S W. MeKechnie
Motion S. A. MACKAY Bristol Council Minutes Bristol
Motion S. W. McKedmie-L.
Motion Secretary
Motion Service Grade Chesterwite
Motion Shawville Council
Motion Sheriff** Offict Campbell’
Motion Shore-Hodgins That
Motion Shore-Smith Tf
Motion Sinclair-Dale
Motion Sloan
Motion Smith Rn«il Orr Vvorcro
Motion Smith—Mrs
Motion Social Planning Committee
Motion Society
Motion Special Announcement
Motion Special Newspaper Train
Motion Speeds Up Work
Motion Sports & Leisure Coordinator Stewart Adam Phone
Motion Stanley
Motion Stanton Marks
Motion Steele-Robert
Motion Steele-Robert Council
Motion Steele-Young That
Motion Stephens
Motion Suggestions
Motion T. P Graham ‘
Motion Taber MacKechnie
Motion Taber-Biehler
Motion Tel
Motion Telephone Subscribers
Motion That
Motion That By-law
Motion That By-law No.
Motion that Council
Motion That Milton McCuire In-authorized
Motion That Mrs. George
Motion THEATRE Shawville
Motion Those
Motion Tibej’-M
Motion Tiigmai
Motion Title Search
Motion Tom Fahey
Motion Tracy
Motion Treasurer
Motion Uom’ra Sturgeon
Motion Uuyon Council Equity
Motion V
Motion V''mns
Motion V.mir Bavr-That the
Motion Vanns
Motion Venir Easter
Motion Vertal Smiley
Motion Vi
Motion Vi H
MOTION Video Poker Machine
Motion Vincent McC
Motion Vis Krwin-MeR
Motion Vl I’he Warden
Motion Vom Campbell
Motion Vomr
Motion Vomr MecK
Motion VomY
Motion Vont
Motion Votin'' Dowell
Motion Vr> O’lleilly-Robert That Patrick
Motion Vrs
Motion Vrs Argue Hodgins
Motion Vrs Brownlee
Motion Vrs McGuire
Motion Vrs Muldoon
Motion Vrs* Alexander-O'' Reilly
Motion Vv
Motion Vv.
Motion Vy Comr Waisti
Motion Vy Vrs Whelen Grant
Motion V»v Crs
Motion V»y
Motion W* P ¦
Motion Wa
Motion Wales
Motion Walter Kilgour
Motion WARD NO.
Motion Waul-Kennedy
Motion WBs
Motion Webb
Motion Wi-tiiif*
Motion Wickens
Motion Wierstead
Motion William Hodgins
Motion Wîlscn Hodgins
Motion Wilson
Motion Winter-tired Oil
Motion Wo<>d
Motion Woodley-Hudgins That the
Motion Woods-Allen—Tiiit Mr.
Motion Woods-Beattie That
Motion Yach
Motion YiHtngd
Motion Yming Doherty That
Motion Yolande Proulx
Motion Young Beattie That Con
Motion Young-Beattie
Motion Young-Cain
Motion ¦ Front Road
Motion — Com
Motion — Com Revised Versions
Motion — Com Y
Motion — Com Y Horner
Motion — Coons
Motion — Taber-Woods Council
Motion —Dr.
Motion ‘his Council
Motion''s Bank
Motion- Bronson
Motion- Com
Motion- Com Ys Palmer
Motion- Comm
Motion- Conns
Motion- Conns Barr
Motion- Councillor Vaillant
Motion- Crs
Motion- Doherty
Motion- F McNally Kennedy- That
Motion- Gouns Bert Hodgins
Motion- Killoran
Motion- P McNally Robinson
Motion- Wo''il
Motion- Woods
Motions Crs Pitt
Motions Crs Pitt & Sm- des
Motions Crs Pitt and Townhall
Motion— Com
Motion— H PH P HPP
Motion— Horner-Barber
Motion—Russell-Beattie Council
Moyer School Supplies Motion
MR ALLISON Methodist Arthur Merleau Deborah
Mr Arthur Pitt.
Mr CUMaoUon Crs Dagg
Mr Hugh Carson of Motion—Farrell-Robert—That Thoa
Mr. Alex Horner
Mr. Arthur Perry
Mr. Arthur Pitt
Mr. Ermine Brownlee
Mr. Gordon Brownlee
Mr. Horner’s
MRC Pon- Motion Crs Cedric Elli- Tracy
Mrs Arthur Perry
Mrs Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Motion Crs G Hodgins
Mrs Clara Horner
Mrs Gordon Brownlee
Mrs Horner
Mrs Teddy Judd
Mrs US Alice Brownlee
Mrs, Arthur Pitt.
Mrs. Arthur Pitt
Mrs. Arthur Pitt and Francis Pitt of Wakefield
Mrs. Arthur Pitt on Oct. Kith
Mrs. Arthur Pitt.
Mrs. Arthur Pitt;
Mrs. Arthur Pitt; Highway school
Mrs. Arthur Turner
Mrs. Beta Draper
Mrs. Brownlee* Insurance
Mrs. Ellard Perry Perry-Horner
Mrs. Gordon Brownlee
Mrs. Jack Committee Gospel Signboard Judd’s
Mrs. Lina Horner | DONAT Le GUERRIER
Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois Pirie
Mrs. Ronnie Draper
Mrs. Sidney Murrell
Mrs. Teddy Judd
Mrs. W, Horner
Municipal Affairs Motion Qs O Reilly
Municipal Brownlee
Municipal Code Motion Crs
Municipal Corporation Motion by Crs Merlin Affairs
Municipal Coun- Motion of Crs
Municipal Council Motion
Municipal Council Town- Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Municipal Crs Garth Tracy and Council Township
Municipal Crs Orr
Municipal Government Motion Crs
Municipal Horner
Municipal Housing Corp- Crs Ranger
Municipal Judd
Municipal Motion by Raymond Morris
Municipal Motion Crs Elliott
Municipal Motion Crs Smith & August
Municipal Procedure Motion Crs McCann
Municipal Qn Motion of Vrs Westbmok and Council of Bristol
Municipal Valuation Roll Motion by Ore
Murdock Buster Draper
Muriel Horner
Muscular Eye Defects Miss Joyce Horner
Muscular Mrs. Alice Brownlee
Museum February Motion
Mutual Life Motion Cr
Nathan el Brownlee
National Arthur
National Defence Medical Cen- Arthur Vowley
National Farm Forum Annual Conference Mrs. Ervine Brownlee
National Headquarter ARTHUR KILGOUR Shawville
National Institute for the Blind Motion
National Judd
National Motion Crs
NBMA Motion Cr Orr that Council
Neil Mac Arthur
NIGHT - Special Flyers ’RADIO EQUIPPED TRUCKSm Marty Brownlee Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Shone Peck M
NL 6lr Arthur Currie Explains
NORRIS R HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
North Stars Coach Ronald Draper
North Waltham Review Mrs. Arthur Labelle Industrial
Norval Horner Senior Showman
Not el Skirt Draper
NUMBERS Motion Crs E McCann
Nurse Mies Alma Brownlee
O. Y B Horner
OBITUARY Morris R. Horner Clothier
Old Horner Accordion
Old Melvin W Younge Willow Hollow Farm Lindsay Carson Barry Draper
Old Universities Norris R. Horner Clothier
Oldwell Dies In Hospital Sian Horner Wins B.A.
Onslow Centre School Board Motion
Onslow Council Carried Carried Motion
Onslow Council Heeling Motion
Onslow Council Motion
Onslow Council Motion Crs Stevens
Onslow Council Pontiac Motion Crs
Onslow-Eardley Town Line Motion Crs
ONT Miss Mary Draper
Original Oil Painting - Mrs. Gladys Horner
OTTAWA Alex Draper
Ottawa Civic Hospital Mrs. Arthur Kilgour
Ottawa-Hull Power Co. Motion—Crs
P. Q Allan McKinnon Bât Motion Crs
P.P.H.S. School Committee Advertising Manager Brent Horner
PEMBROKE Carried Motion Crs
PERRY Arthur Smilev*
Petro Ponti- Motion Cr McCredie
Philip Long Motion Cn Perlard
PILON GARAGE INC Motion Commr Brown
PIPE Norman Horner
Pitt and Motion Crs
Pitt Motion Crs McCredie
Pitt that Council Motion Crs Duff
Planning Com- Motion Cr Congdon
Plaza Lucerne Telephone 432-4224 ERIC DRAPER
Pontiac Agri- Judd
Pontiac Agricultural Motion
Pontiac Agricultural Motion Cr Congdon
Pontiac Arthur Beaulieu Stone
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Highway
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
Pontiac Auto Parts Keith Brownlee
Pontiac Business Associa Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d Professional Horner
Pontiac Clergy Asso-tion Crs Hawley Wickens
Pontiac Clergy Association Bursary Sidney Squitti; Pontiac Agricultural Bursary for Agriculture
Pontiac Co-op Medical Services Motion Crs May
Pontiac Co-operative Medical Services Motion Commr
Pontiac Community Hos- Brownlee
Pontiac Community Hos- Donna Draper
Pontiac Community Hospital and Mrs. Arthur Labelle
Pontiac Community Hospital Draper
Pontiac Community Hospital Motion by Councillor Larivière
Pontiac Community Mr. Earl Horner
Pontiac Council Motion Cr Smith
Pontiac County Gordon Brownlee
Pontiac Crs
Pontiac Crs Garth Tracy
Pontiac Farm Equipment Motion
Pontiac Farm Forum; Louis Judd
Pontiac Gatineau Cream Keena Judd
Pontiac Holstein Chris Judd
Pontiac Home Bakery Keith Horner’s Shop J.R. Shop À yv-n-,
Pontiac Horner-
Pontiac Hospital Board Re-elects L Horner Portage Acclaims Council Frs Klatt
PONTIAC HOUSE HOTEL Gal Motion by Cr Bellerose
Pontiac House J B Judd
Pontiac House Special—Donna Horner
Pontiac Hugh Findlay Horner
Pontiac Lions Club Roy’s Pro Hardware Shawville Ford Sidney
Pontiac Louis Judd Memorial
Pontiac Midget Brownlee
Pontiac Motion
Pontiac Motion Cr
Pontiac Motion Cr Dagg
Pontiac Motion Cr Duff
Pontiac Motion Crs Carmen Telebec Project
Pontiac Mutual Life of Canada Motion Crs Hawley Wickens
PONTIAC PAINTSHOP Shawville 647-2204 Keith Horner’s Shop Main Street
Pontiac Peter Chance Linda Thompson Bristol Sidney
Pontiac Print- Motion Commr Fulford
Pontiac Printshop Ltd 9.60; Arthur Kilgour
Pontiac Printshop Ltd Motion
Pontiac Printshop Sundays Motion Cr
Pontiac Protestant High Neil Horner
Pontiac Ralph Horner
Pontiac Recep- Horner
Pontiac Reception Center Bristol minutes Draper
Pontiac Road Motion Crs
Pontiac Syndicate Chris Judd
Pontiac Tel-Motion Crs
Pontiac Tou- Motion Crs Dagg
Pontiac Trail Com- Motion Cr Congdon
Pontiac Young Liberal Association Mr. Louis Judd
Pontiac- Motion
Pontiac; Let- LUP Inspector Motion
Port Arthur
Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce
Portage Council Motion Crs
Portage du Fort Council Motion
Portage du Motion Crs
Postal Motion Crs Dagg and Pitt Unions
Prayer and Bible St B03 Anglican HORNER
Prayer Service ERIC DRAPER A
Prayer Service ERIC DRAPER As
Pro Mayor Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pro Mayor Motion Crs Gilpin
Program Committee Horner
Protects Clothes Protects Health Annie Jane Horner Dies
Public Carried Motion Cm Young
Public In- Motion
Public School Brownlee
Q.P P. Court Report Arthur VX
QPP Traffic Officer Norman Horner
Quality Clothing & Footwear Motion Crs
QUEBEC AMBULANCE HOSPITAL......... POLICE........... Motion Cr McCredie
Quebec Const Equip- Motion Crs Ireland
Quebec Labour Motion Crs Garth Tracy Code
Quét Horner
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Cr
Quyon Agricultural Society Motion by Crs Gibbons
Quyon Fair Queen Joanne Draper
Quyon Lion s Club Crs Duff
Quyon Milling Co Motion Crs
R Shop 7-2984 Judd
R Shop Judd
R. Bulmer.................... Pontiac Transport........... Motion
R. Shop Judd
R. Shop Keith Horner McCauley Jewelry Store Fraser s Clothes Shop Canadian Tire
Rabies Clinic Public Notice Prince Arthur
Ragged Chute Motion
Ragged Chute Road Motion Cr
Ralphs Tire Shop Motion by Or*
RCA Stereo AM FM Draper
RCAF Motion C
Recognition Crs
Recreation Association Motion by Clrs Schock
Recreation Association Motion by Councillor Elmer
Recreation Fish Motion Crs L Wilson
Rector Christ Church Sidney
Refrigrrato DOMINION Motion
Renfrew County School Arthur
Renouf Publishing Co........ Motion
Rev Arthur Perry
Rev Arthur Perry Vice-Chairman
Rev. Arthur Perry
RG Iltdgin* John Brownlee
Richards & Associates Judd
RIVER VIEW INN Mrs. Arthur Labelle
ROBERTS Mr. & Mr* Meoson Horner Mr. STOKELEY S FANCY PEAS 15
Roll Brownlee
Roll Motion Crs
Roll Motion—Stanton Beattie That Clifford Beattie
Roman Catholic Church Motion Cr
Route 148E 648-2144 Motion
Royal Arthur
Royal Brownlee
Royal Canadian Air Forces Arthur Mayhew
Royal Labor-to John Horner
Royal Motion
Royal Mrs. Horner
Royal Victoria Hospital Motion Territory
Russell & Sons Dalton Hodgins J E Russell A Chris Judd Edwin
Russell House Mr. Horner
Ryan Motion Cr Orr
S V G —Mrs Cynthia Draper Chaplain
S. Mac Arthur
Salvation Army Motion Crs
Sam Horner
Sawyer Massey Co Motion—Crs Maclarlane
School Corjioratln Motion—C«»iii
School Draper
School Horner
School Keith Horner
School Motion-—Conns
School Motion—Com’r Graham
School Russell Judd Board
School Superintendent Arthur
School Teachers Meeting Home Miss Jean Judd
Scotch Information Cen- Motion
Sea Pines Arthur Powell
Second Period _ Brownlee ; Holy Trinity Church ; Mrs. Barry’s Bay
Second- Motion CTs
See Treas Cu< Draper 330.78 Line
Senior Hockey Club Motion Crs
Separate School Board Motion Crs
Service Sermon Master Archie Arthur Wilson Richardson
Services Federation Motion: Mrs. Brownlee
Sewerage Committee Crs Hayes
Sh.wville Everett Arthur
Shaws Garage Motion Crs Arnot Horn
Shawviile Lions Club Judd
Shawville & District Snowmobile Club Motion Crs McCredie
SHAWVILLE ARENA Motion Crs Garth Tracy
Shawville Com- Brownlee
Shawville Council Motion Crs McTlernan
Shawville Fair McDowell Draper
Shawville Hardware Business College Harold Judd Meets Tragic Death
Shawville Hardware Senator Byron Horner
Shawville Hardware Store Horner—Gleason Shaw
SHAWVILLE Miss Myrtle Brownlee Honored Snappy Mens
Shawville Post Office Robin Judd’
SHAWVILLE QUE Men’s Hats Talking Pictures Penny Singleton Arthur Lake Larry Sims Blondte’s Blessed
Shawville Standard Church Mrs. Edith Draper
Shawville Tigers Keith Horner
Shawville United Church; Mr. Gordon Brownlee
Shawville Water Works Motion l;y L XX DaIiuis And K J Buber
Shawville Women i Institute Mrs. Leslie Horner
Shawville/Clarendon Fire Shawville/Clarendon Fire Horner
Shawvllle Agricultural | Motion Cr Emmerson
SHELL Carried Motion Crs
Shell Gas and Oil LEONARD HORNER MvTiernan
Shell Sealed Cas & Oils Mr, Wilson Judd
Sheppard Motors Horner ,1.
Sheppard Motors; Leonard Horner
Si Harry Brownlee Hubert Hamilton Bert Stark Merton Glenn Scldon Langford Bordon Hodgins
Si Mrs. Gerald Draper
Sidney Horse Drawing Sheppard
Sidney Store
Sidney Store Saturday
SIDNEY WEINMAN Bristol - Ouyon
SIDNEY WEINMAN Bristol - Quyon
SIDNEY WEINMAN Bristol • Quyon
Sidney Yard Sale
Sidney’s Store
Siege of Port Arthur
Signs & Line Crs Cedric
Sir Arthur
Sisters SIDNEY WEINMAN Bristol - Quyen
Smart Bros gins Motion
Smith & Motion Commr Wm
Society of Motion Picture Engineers
Society of the Church of Motion Cr
Society Radford Native Mes Aged Ninety Four Carried Motion Os
Society Sheehan and Motion Crs Joannissc
SON Fuel Oil Supplier ERIC JUDO RUSSELL JUDD Trucks Electrical Contractor Farm Equipment | Automoti
SON FUNERAL Motion Commr Fulford
SON Ira Hanna Fred Horner
SON Motion
SON Motion—A
SONS Motion Crs
SPECIALS Motion Crs Metcalfe
Sport Best Marching Entry Brownlee
St Hansel Brownlee of RR# Vincent s Home
St Jean Motion Crs Duff
Standard Church Camp Meetings Arthur Caldwell
Starks Corners Church Motion
Starks Corners United Annual Meetirt XiRDfiN BROWNLEE.
SUBSCRIBE Crs Elliott NOW Eghjity
SUITS Carried Motion Crs
SUM S ZSpi Motion-Crs Clarke
Sûreté du Québec Motion
Talking Pictures Cary Grant Jean Arthur Ronald
Teachers Motion
Teddy Judd Telephone
TEXACO Mr Eric Judd
TH Mrs. John Ellard Horner
The Arthur Peguegnal Clock Company
The Arthur Peguegnat Clock Company
The Arthur Pegugnat Clock Company
The Equity Motion Crs
The Equity Motion.
THE Parliament Opened Motion
Thomson & Horner
Thorne Council Minutes BEAR FRONT END ALIGNMENT Shawnry MOTORS J Motion
Thorne Council Motion by Cirs Hodgins
Town Hall Motion
Transport Co. Ltd No. Motion
Tread Carried Motion Crs
Tro Jun L P Horner Younge
True Nancy Horner
TURKEY - GEESE - CHICKEN Carried Motion Crs*
U S BORN Norris Horner Buys Wilson’s Garage Mr. Chas
UIC Section Motion Crs Doug Ful-don Roller Mill
Union Nationale Draper
Union of Chambers Motion
Unitarian Service Councillors Brownlee
United Christmas Services Motion
United Church Hall HORNER
United Church Judith Judd
University Asa Horner
University of Sidney
US Horner
USED PUMPS Authorized Dealer for Goulds Water Systems Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. Barry Draper Phone
Utho Department Embyle Brownlee
Uuyon Council Motion
VA EaM Motion Cr Pine
VALUATION Bell Motion Crs
Valuation Roll Motion Mrs.
Veitch & Draper Funeral Home
VI Motion O Reilly
Village Cemetery Improvement Fund Motion
Village of Motion Motion Cr McKay
Village of Shawville Motion Brownlee
Village of Shawville Motion Os Black
Vinton Seasons Greetings Mrs. Russell Judd
VOLKSWAGEN Sales & Service Motion
W. Arthur Ferry
Wakefield Hospital Carried Carried Carried Motion
Walters Port Arthur
WANTED Homer’s Garage Motion Crs
Warm December Sidney
WÊÊ Cheslyn Horner
WÊÈM Motion Crs Findlay
Welfare Department Motion
WF Motion Commr
White Brownlee
White Layer Cake- Nancy Draper
Wilfred Laurier University Eldon Horner
Winning Team Keith Horner the
WJ Horner & Sons
Worldwide Pictures Motion Picture
WOrtn Public Notice Public Notice Motion
WWII Veteran Leading Aircraftsman Arthur Mayhew KRISTINA MISENER Equity Editor SHAWVILLE
Wyman Community Rink Motion Crs Henderson
XT Plus BiOOD ARROW Carried Arthur Laban
XV J Horner & Sons
XX P clS A Motion
XXX Board Chairman Leonard Horner
Zion Lutheran Church Judd