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C) B Hopkins Publicity Convenor

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Possible related entities:

Admiral Hopkins
Agriculture Convenor
Ann Publicity
Anna Robinson Publicity Convenor
Anna Robinson Publicity Convenor Gladys Pearl Hodgins
Anna Robinson Publicity Convenor W %
Anthony Hopkins
Arthur Dagg Publicity
Barr Publicity
Blanche Chevrier Publicity Convenor
Bonnah Publicity- Mrs
Brian Murphy Publicity Director
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
By Hilda Graham Publicity Convenor
C) B Hopkins Publicity Convenor
C. Hopkins
Card Convenor
Christian Citizen Convenor
Christian Culture Convenor
Christian Fellowship Convenor
Christian Merquend As Citizenship Convenor Mrs Harry Hodgins
Christian Misions Convenor
Christian Stewardshop Convenor
Citizenship Convenor
Clayton Benedict Publicity Convenor Mountain View
Convenor Ada Daley Mary s CWL.
Convenor Margaret
Convenor Quebec
Convenor Queen St
Convenor Sharon Schock Collect
Craig Publicity Convenor
Craig Publicity Convenor Aylmer East W.I.
Dean Publicity- Mrs
Dianne Hopkins
Duquette Convenor Com
E.M. Craig Publicity
Earl Hopkins
Education Convenor
Edward Kennedy Press Convenor
Eileen Colton Publicity Convenor Geo
Eileen Labe Ik Publicity Convenor
Eileen Labelle Convenor Public
Eileen Labelle Publicity
Eileen Labelle Publicity Convenor Dear
Ellen Bronson Publicity
Elliott Publicity
Francis McCrank Publicity—Mrs
Frank Carroll Convenor
Fred Publicity Convenor
Fu-1 Publicity
Gary Hopkins
Gary Provincial Convenor Janet Parker
Gerald Dempsey Church Life Convenor
Graham Publicity Convenor
Graham Publicity Convenor Regular
Harris Publicity
Harry Hopkins
Harry L. Hopkins
Henry Mulligan Publicity Convener
Henry Mulligan Publicity Convenor
Hilda Graham Mrs Pearl Hopkins
Hilda M Graham Publicity Convener Mrs Robinson
Hilda M Graham Publicity Convenor Clded
Hilda M Graham Riblicity Convenor Florence Faria
Hilda M. Graham Publicity
Hilda M. Graham Publicity Convenor
Historian Convenor
Hopkins Bros.
Hopkins HarqaU
Hopkins M.P.
Hopkins MP
Hopkins University
Horner Citizenship- Mn Gertrude Draper Publicity- Mn Harry Hodgin Fruit Boxes- Mn Lyall Cameron Hos
Isabel Graham Co. Publicity Convenor Ladysmith Update
Isabel Graham Publicity Convener Mrs S.W. MacKechnie
J C Hopkins
J. H. Hopkins
Jack Hopkins
Jack Hopkins Ltd.
James Hopkins
James Hopkins Bersheba Buck Mary Gideon Longface Mrs. Crisp Tommy Crip
Jean Finlan Convenor
Jean Finlan Publicity
Jean Finlan Publicity Convenor DRIVEWAY
Jean Finlan Publicity Convenor Marl
Jean Finlan Publicity Convenor OPEN
Joan Desa- Publicity Convenor Ada
Joan Hopkins
John Henry Hopkins
John Hopkins
John Hopkins Hospi-
John Jay Hopkins
John Ommaney Hopkins
Joseph Hopkins
Joyce Hopkins
Judy Hopkins
Kathleen Lamb Publicity Convenor Mrs Gwen Hayes
Ken Hopkins MP
Knox Publicity Convenor Mrs H R Rsbb
Knox Publicity Convenor SHALLOW
Lawrence Lan Mrs Kenneth Case Convenor- Mrs Gordon Bradley
Len Hopkins
Leonard D. Hopkins
Leonard Hopkins
Lionette Rally Convenor
Lisa Hopkins
Luella Rorke Billeting Convenor
Lynn Lang Publicity Convenor
Lynn Ling Publicity Convenor
Magazine Convenor
Margaret Convenor
Margaret Publicity Convener
Mark Hopkins
Mark Marion- Spiritual Convenor
Marks Publicity Mrs.
Mary Publicity - Ada Daley
Mary Varney Convenor
Match Convenor Doris Hanna
Matthew Hopkins
McGee Publicity V.u.euu
Membership Convenor Vienna Campbell
Miriam Hopkins
Miriam Hopkins Thursday November
Miss Edith Hopkins
Monsieur Alan Hopkins
Mr. Hopkins
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Publicity Convenor
Mrs. Carl Hopkins
Mrs. Fred Hopkins
Mrs. Hopkins
Mrs. J C Hopkins
Mrs. Leonard Hopkins
Mrs. M Bronson Publicity
Myrtle Barber P.D.D.P. Convenor
Nancy Giroux Convenor
Nugent Publicity- Mrs
Organization Convenor Susan Ethier
Paul Hopkins
Publicity Convener
Publicity Convenor
Publicity Convenor Hilda M. Graham
Publicity Convenor St Mary’s
Publicity Mrs Donald Duff
Publicity Mrs G Graham
Publicity Mrs Idcana Fraser
Publicity Mrs W E Knox
Publicity Mrs. Austin Lusk
Publicity Mrs. Evelyn McOoIl
Publicity Mrs. Francis Daley
Publicity Ville Marie
Publicity W K R
Publicity- Josie Tipping
Publicity- Mrs Bud Elliott
Publicity- Mrs Wesley Martineau
Publicity-Miss K M
Publicity-Mrs E M Craig.
Publicity-Mrs Garth Graham
Publicity—Student B
R. Bailey Publicity Secretary
Rev. T. Benson PUBLICITY
Rilla Graham Publicity
Rilla Graham Publicity Convenor LUCERNE
Rilla Graham Publicity Convenor Wyman W.I. Campbell’s
Rillia Graham Publicity Convenor Carole Ix>da
Rita Hopkins
Robert Radmore Publicity
Robinson Publicity Convenor
Ross Hopkins
Ruth Wooliey Publicity
Ruth Woollsey Publicity Convenor Quyon W.I.
Ruth Woolsey Publicity Convenor Minutes
Scott Convenor
Smith Convenor
Social Action Convenor
Spiritual Convenor
Spiritual Convenor Joan
Spiritual Convenor Joan Blind Guide Dog
Stark Citizenship-Bretzlaft Publicity- Mrs Robt.
Stephen Fitzsimmons Publicity Convener
Steve Robinson Publicity Convenor
Steve Robinson Publicity Convenor Eardley
Steve Robinson Publicity Convenor St Mary
Tracy Publicity- Mrs
V M Poole Publicity Convenor Hot
Violet M Poole Publicity Convenor
Vulture Hopkins
W J Hayes Convenor Margaret Cain
W Wilson Publicity Convener Dainty
William Hopkins Beck
William Jo- Publicity
Wn Blanche Chevrier Publicity
Work Convenor Mrs. Wm
Allumettes Island Lcn Hopkins
John Hopkins l Diversity
Johns Hopkins l
Pearl Hopkins
Publicity Con l #
South Convenor
St Convenor Reports
Agriculture Convenor
Agriculture Convenor Carolyn Knox
Alaska Bureau of Publicity
Altar Guild Convenor
Altar Guild Convenor Mrs
Appoints New Health Convenor
Association for Joint Publicity
Bingo Committee Convenor
Bristol Fire Depart- Organization Convenor
BristolbyWomf£T Institute Th.e Agriculture Convenor
C.W.L. Church Life Convenor
Canadian National Railways Publicity Representative
Christian Culture Convenor
Church Life Convenor
Collum of Johns Hopkins University
Color Soc‘el Action Convenor; Party
Communications and Public Relations Convenor
Community Life Convenor
COMPLIMENT D AIR CANADA Lake Education Convenor Helena
Conservative Party Publicity Committee
Convenor Buying Committee
Convenor County
Convenor of Methodist Church
Council - Press Convenor Mrs.
CTA Publicity Director Church
Cultural Life Convenor
CWL Education Convenor Helena Beattie
CWL Spiritual Convenor
Decorating Committee of Muriel Imison P.P. Convenor
Diocesan Church Life Convenor
Diocesan Communications and Public Relations Convenor Mrs
Discussion Group Convenor
DOORS Spiritual Convenor
Economics Convenor
Education and Press Convenor
Education and Publicity
Education and Wilson; Publicity
Education Convenor
Education Convenor Helen
Education Convenor Helena
Education Convenor Margaret Hodgins
Education Convenor Mrs Gagnon
Education Convenor Mrs Newberry
Education Convenor Read
Education Convenor’s
Education Instructor BRISTOL Wl Convenor
Education Mrs. Keith Brownlee; Home Economics Mrs. Milburn Hodgins; Publicity Mrs. Arthur Dagg; Wel
Eileen Labelle Public Relations Convenor
Food Committee Winnifred Pirie Convenor
General Convenor
Hamp-V Magazine Publicity; Ern-A Jar
Health and Publicity
Health and Welfare Convenor
Health and Welfare Convenor-
Health and Welfare Mrs. Clifford Bradley; Publicity Mrs.
Health Convenor
Helena Beattie Education Co-convenor CWL;
Home Economic Convenor
Home Economics and Health Convenor Muriel Treasurer Audrey Hod
Home Economics Convenor
Home Economics Convenor-ship
Home Economics Mrs. Wllmer Hodglns; Publicity
Home Economics Publicity
Home Economics-Mrs Fred Fraser; Publicity-Mrs Harriet Burke; Welfare Health
Hopkins Medical School
Hopkins University
Institute of Law of Johns Hopkins Uni-
John Hopkins Hospital
John Hopkins Hospital School
John Hopkins School
John Hopkins University
John* Hopkins Unlver-
Johns Hopkins
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Johns Hopkins Medical School
Johns Hopkins School
Johns Hopkins Uni
Johns Hopkins Univer-
Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University School of Medi-
Joint Fire Prevention Publicity Committee
Joint Fire Prevention Publicity Committee Inc.
Knox Presbyterian Church Convenor Reports
Lana Organization Convenor
LEGAL ADVISER Len Hopkins Président Com
Life Convenor Alice Roy
Mass Family Life Convenor
McCollum of Johns Hopkins
Morning Prayer Agriculture Convenor
National Convenor
National Convenor of Social Action
National Events—Mrs L A Smart Publicity—Mrs
National Liberal and Conservative Party Publicity Committee
National Milk Publicity Coun-For
National Publicity Committee
Oct. Education Convenor
Office of Publicity
Onslow Bristol | Convenor of Welfare
Organization Convenor
Organization Convenor Laurina Dempsey
Organization Convenor Noella
Organization Convenor Susan Ethier
Our Education Convenor
Our Lady of Perpetual nity Life Convenor
Pembroke Ministerial Association; Len Hopkins
Pierrette Matthieu Education Co-convenor CWL; Helena Beattie 2nd Prize High School
Pontiac Convenor
Pontiac County Convenor for Education and Cultural Affairs
Pontiac Protestant High School Publicity Committee
Press Convenor Publishers & Editors David
PsnUac Community Hospital Publicity Committee A
Public Relations Convenor
Public Relations Convenor Waltham
Publicity But
Publicity Com- Montgomery
Publicity Commission
Publicity Committee
Publicity Committee Chief April Hospital Report
Publicity Committee Dr. S. E. McDowell School
Publicity Committee Naval Reunion
Publicity Committee Quebec Women’s Institutes.
Publicity Committee Rosaleen Dickson
Publicity Committee Western Procession Father Cain
Publicity Con-Chris Perry
Publicity Convenor Ottawa Civic Hospital
Publicity Convenor ShawvUle Hospital Auxiliary
Publicity Department
Publicity Department of Agriculture
Publicity Department of the Canadien Trotting Association
Publicity Telephone Dir-
Radford Hospital Auxiliary Publicity CONVENOR
Renfrew County Council Publicity Committee
Shawville Development and Publicity Committee
Shawville Fair Grounds Urges Farmers Adopt Labour Make Salk Vaccine Available Union Publicity Tecni
Silver Maple Inn Hopkins
Social Action Convenor
SSSSS Economics Convenor
St Mary s League Publicity Convenor Ada Daley
St Mary’s CWL By Mrs Steve Robinson Publicity
TA Publicity
Telephone Committee Convenor
Union Publicity Committee
Volunteers & Operations...... Bar Operations & Decorations..... Craft Booths & Publicity......... E
WÊÊM Action Convenor
Women’s Institute Publicit>Convenor Pontiac County
Work Convenor Mrs. Wm
Write Department of Publicity