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Frances Irene

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1988 Marie Irène Cécile Ghislaine Gervais
Abigail Irene Doris Lavigne Big
Adult Entertainment Anthony Quinn Irene Repas W
Aen Irene
Alice Irene Sparrow
Alma McCosh- Irene Sloan
Amy Frances Corrigan
Angela Irene Sloan
Anthony Quinn Irene Papas All
Arleen Proet Frances Elliott
Arthur Ac Nancy Mayhew Clayton McCredle Dave A Gladys McCredle Hugh Ac Irene McCredle Jessie
Aunt Frances
Aunt Irene
Beatrice Irene
Bernard Frances Schwartz Passes Cemetery
Beryl Irene Davis
Blake Frances
Brenda Irene
Brenda Irene Quebec
Brian Corriveau Irene
Brother-in-law Harvey Smiley Mrs Irene Payne
Bud and Irene Sloan
But Frances
Catherine Judd Irene Catherine Judd
Charlie Erwin Miss Frances Whnn
Chris Frances Young
Claire Frances
Claire Frances - Deb
Clara Irene Cotie
Clarence Irene Corkery
Clifton Corrigan» Frances Mrs Sim* Comveau
Corrigan Minerva Irene Corrigan
Councillors Frances Senior
Councillors Mrs Frances Senior
Cynthia Draper Warden— Mrs. Irene
Cynthia Foad Irene Wright
D. Gibson Miss Irene Powell
D.ymk Frances Jane Marcella Horner
Dan Duryea Frances Gifford
Dan- Frances
Davey Frances Elliott
Deborah Frances
Diane Frances Muldoon
Donald Miss Frances Dean
Doreen Mary Frances
Dorothy Frances
Dorothy Irene Pearl
Dorothy Potato Crop Appears Good Frances
Dr. Frances Thelma Lester Dumouchel
Dwight McDowell ...... Irene Shaw
Eileen Irene Sloan
Elizabeth Frances AAcColl
Elizabeth Frances McCoy
Elizabeth Frances Murray
Elizabeth Tubman Frances Elliott
Ellen Frances
Ellen Frances Dad
Elliott Frances
Emma Frances Copeland Emma France
Ethel Frances
Evelyn Irene
Evelyn Irene Wilson
February Frances Rabb
Foal Irene Beckett
Frances (Kelly
Frances Adelaide I
Frances Adelaide Young
Frances Agnes O''Brien
Frances Alexander
Frances Allard
Frances Amand
Frances Amanda Mr. John Pmulcrgast
Frances Amigo
Frances Andree Sharron
Frances Anne Ballard
Frances Anne Emily
Frances Anstiss
Frances Avery _ Lenora
Frances Bailey
Frances Baker Farm
Frances Balfour Is
Frances Barker
Frances Bean Bean - Deb
Frances Belec
Frances Beloc
Frances Bennett
Frances Benoit Chenard
Frances Bergen
Frances Bernard
Frances Beverley Cireer
Frances Bilodeau
Frances Blaskie
Frances Booth
Frances Borgeau
Frances Boucher
Frances Bourgeau
Frances Bourgeois
Frances Bowie
Frances Brooke
Frances Broughton
Frances Brown- Hymeneal
Frances Brownlee
Frances Bryson
Frances Buchanan
Frances Bull
Frances Burn-y Vo
Frances Burns
Frances C. Brennan
Frances Cahill
Frances Cairns
Frances Caledonian Society
Frances Camp
Frances Campbell
Frances Campbell Sparhawk
Frances Carlson
Frances Caron
Frances Chenard
Frances Cherry
Frances Chevrier
Frances Chevrier Each
Frances Chevrier Patti Armitage
Frances Chisiiell
Frances Chisnell
Frances Clarke
Frances Co- Ella Shaw
Frances Colleen
Frances Comfort
Frances Congratulations
Frances Cook
Frances Corrigan The
Frances Costumes
Frances Cox
Frances Coyne
Frances Cprlon
Frances Craia
Frances Craig
Frances Craig %
Frances Craig.
Frances Craio Sat
Frances Crane
Frances Crawshaw
Frances Crosby Hamlet
Frances Cruickshank
Frances D
Frances Dafoe
Frances Dagg
Frances Dal- Sunday
Frances Dale
Frances Daley
Frances Damman
Frances Davis
Frances Dean
Frances Dean Reid
Frances Dean.
Frances Dec
Frances Dee
Frances Devine
Frances Devlin
Frances Dickenson Finder
Frances Dickins
Frances Didrins
Frances Do
Frances Dobson
Frances Dolan
Frances Donnelly Mrs Flizann Emerson
Frances Doughty
Frances Drake
Frances E McDowell
Frances E Wilson
Frances E. Brown
Frances E. Willard
Frances E. Wilson MocKILLICAN
Frances Eddy
Frances Edith
Frances Edumunds
Frances Eliza Gibson
Frances Elizabeth Joy
Frances Elizabeth Leona
Frances Elizabeth War-
Frances Elliot
Frances Elliott
Frances Elliott Dear Editor
Frances Elliott Mrs. M. W. Schultz Secretary-Treasurer
Frances Elliott Sincerely
Frances Elliott.
Frances Emerson
Frances Erfle
Frances Ethsl
Frances Evente
Frances F JOHN J. O’DONNELL Licensed Auctioneer
Frances Fair
Frances Farmer
Frances Faye
Frances Faye Elliott
Frances Ferguson
Frances Fi-nan
Frances FÎinan
Frances Fin
Frances Finan
Frances Finann
Frances Fkxence
Frances Fleming
Frances Fleming Sylvester McGuire
Frances Flint
Frances Flnon and Nancy Amiotis
Frances Flood
Frances Fo-ran
Frances Folsom Cleveland
Frances For
Frances Foran
Frances Foran On Friday
Frances Frost
Frances Frost Margaret Bertrand
Frances Gibbons
Frances Gifford
Frances Gille Lacourse
Frances Gilman
Frances Gilman Bry-
Frances Giroux
Frances Giroux - Oil
Frances Giroux Saturday
Frances Glass
Frances Gleason
Frances Glenn
Frances Godin
Frances Graham
Frances Graham.
Frances Grant
Frances Hahn
Frances Hall
Frances Hankla
Frances Hare
Frances Harmon
Frances Hayes
Frances Herdman
Frances Higgins
Frances Hill
Frances Hobbs
Frances Hod
Frances Hodge
Frances Hodgins
Frances Horner
Frances Howard
Frances Howard Gibbon Steve’s Guitar Warehouse
Frances Howland
Frances Huck
Frances Hudson
Frances Hunt
Frances I P Ranger
Frances I)agg
Frances I.
Frances I. Smith
Frances In
Frances Irene
Frances Isabel
Frances I^angford
Frances I^ewis
Frances J -
Frances Jack Kesourek
Frances James
Frances James Is
Frances James.
Frances Jane
Frances Jane Marcella Homer
Frances Jane Monday
Frances Jane Wallace
Frances Jean
Frances Jennings
Frances Joeplmie
Frances Johnston
Frances Jones
Frances Jones Kichard
Frances Judd.
Frances Kensley
Frances Kizzel
Frances Kizzell
Frances Kllen
Frances Kluke
Frances Knitted Articles
Frances Kubh
Frances Labine
Frances Lacourse
Frances Lacroix
Frances Lallamond
Frances Lambert
Frances Lambton
Frances Landers
Frances Lang-
Frances Lang- Myrna Smith
Frances Lang- Ranger
Frances Langford
Frances Langford and Nancy Jeanes
Frances Langford-High
Frances Lapointe
Frances Lasoux
Frances Laviolette
Frances Lea-
Frances Leach
Frances Leach 30.00
Frances Leach Community Hospital
Frances Leach QUyon
Frances Lee
Frances Lee Barton AVB
Frances Lefebvre
Frances Leitc-h
Frances Lepine
Frances Lester
Frances Lett Roberta Caverly
Frances Lewis
Frances Lillian
Frances Lisk
Frances Lloyd.
Frances Lockwood
Frances London
Frances Louise Stevenson
Frances Louise.
Frances Lovely
Frances Lynde’e YY»Y
Frances M
Frances M Bennett
Frances M. Frost
Frances M. Smith
Frances Ma-laff
Frances Machalney
Frances Mackay
Frances Maheral
Frances Maia Christie
Frances Maker Farm
Frances Mala Christie
Frances Maloney
Frances Marcella
Frances Margaret
Frances Marion
Frances Marion Fox
Frances Marsalis
Frances Mary
Frances Maryku-ca
Frances Marykuca
Frances Massey
Frances Mayhew
Frances Mb Steve Ci
Frances McCallum
Frances McCann
Frances McCoy
Frances McCrank
Frances McDowell
Frances McDowell Is
Frances McDowell MONSTER
Frances McKay
Frances McKenzie
Frances McKinnon
Frances McLean
Frances McMillan
Frances McMonigle
Frances McNevin
Frances Me
Frances Me-the
Frances Mery Ann Browning
Frances Mire
Frances Mnisc
Frances Moffitt
Frances Mooney Wooleey
Frances Moore Carrie Moore
Frances Moore Lappé.
Frances Moore Stanley
Frances Moreau
Frances Morin
Frances Morlarty
Frances Mr.
Frances Mr. Tom Gtonn
Frances Mrs Birthday
Frances Muise
Frances Mur-
Frances Murdoch
Frances Murdock
Frances Murphy
Frances Murray
Frances Myra Sullivan
Frances Myre
Frances Neail
Frances Needham
Frances O Hare-Sullivan Carmel Frances O -
Frances O Malley
Frances Olrmtead
Frances Ottawa
Frances O’Malley
Frances Parn-ham
Frances Peach
Frances Pearl
Frances Peck
Frances Perkins
Frances Perkins Gives Film Contract
Frances Phalen
Frances Phelan
Frances Philips
Frances PIANO
Frances Picco
Frances Pierunek-Taylor
Frances Pit
Frances Pitt
Frances Pitt Millan
Frances Poole
Frances Poole B Ed
Frances Potter
Frances Potter Pontiac County Women
Frances Prendcrgasl
Frances Presley
Frances Pressley
Frances Primrose
Frances R&bb
Frances R. Ilaverga.l
Frances Rabb
Frances Rafferty L :
Frances Ralph
Frances Ralph.
Frances Ratib
Frances Reilly
Frances Rettie
Frances Reynolds
Frances Ribbink Saturday
Frances Ribbink R.R. 5
Frances Rice
Frances Richard
Frances Richmond
Frances Roach
Frances Roach St Ge Tabernacle
Frances Roach St Germain
Frances Robina Wallace
Frances Robinson
Frances Rose"
Frances Routliffe
Frances Roy Guest
Frances Rubb
Frances Ruth
Frances Ruth McKenzie
Frances Ruthford Armltage
Frances Schrycr
Frances Schultz
Frances Se-
Frances Senior
Frances Serai
Frances Sewzuk
Frances Sex
Frances Sex-
Frances Sex- Mi
Frances Sex-smith
Frances Sexsmith
Frances Sexsmitli
Frances Shields
Frances Sicard
Frances Sloan
Frances Smith
Frances Smith Is
Frances Sont
Frances Spencer
Frances St Germain
Frances St. Pierre
Frances Stelck
Frances Stephens
Frances Stephenson
Frances Sturgeon
Frances Sullivan
Frances Sullivan Morrison
Frances Sullivan Olive
Frances Swaine
Frances Taylor
Frances Te-
Frances Teasdale
Frances Telford
Frances Teresa
Frances Thelma Lester
Frances Theresa
Frances This
Frances Thompson
Frances Toiler
Frances Toller
Frances Tonrior Seeking
Frances Tracy
Frances TrDA
Frances Tubman
Frances Tunn
Frances Tur-
Frances Turner
Frances Turner C °uf
Frances Turner Jr on
Frances Turner Kim’s
Frances Turner.
Frances Twolan
Frances Uabb
Frances Vaillant
Frances Viola
Frances VVrinn
Frances Wainwright
Frances Waldie
Frances Wallace
Frances Walls
Frances Warren
Frances Weinberger
Frances Wheaton
Frances Whim
Frances Whittaker—an
Frances Wiggins
Frances Wil Dress Ducks
Frances Willaid
Frances Willard
Frances Williams
Frances Williamson
Frances Wilson
Frances Wilson Mon
Frances Wnnn
Frances Woods
Frances Woolsey
Frances Worley
Frances Wrfnn
Frances Wright
Frances Wrinn
Frances Wrinn I
Frances Wrirm
Frances Wrlnn
Frances Wrlnn Timmy Wrlnn
Frances Wv
Frances Young
Frances Young Marilyn Young
Frances Young Triple Jump
Frances Young Young
Frank A Frances Sloan
Frank Finnegan Jr. Miss Irene Shaw
Franklin Miss Frances Brownlee
Fred Homer Miss Irene Shaw
Fred Jessie Irene
From Frances McKenzie
Gall Barber and Frances Elliott.
Gary Russell Frances Young
Gerald St Irene
Geraldine Frances
Glenda Frances Bidwell
Graccfield Mrs. Irene Doucette
Grace Dagg Mary Dale Irene Shaw Evelyn Little Dorothy Fairfield Margaret Simons Ethel Gibson
Grant A Frances Woolsey Divide# A
Guy Fleury Mrs Irene Beaudoin
Guy Frances Campbell
Helen Desjar- Irene Sloan
Herman Irene
Howard Mulligan Mrs. Frances Carson
I da Irene Philp
Ida Frances Telford
II—Irene Dale
Irene Ada Daley
Irene Alexander
Irene Allan
Irene Allen
Irene Allen Miss Minola Gould Reg
Irene Armstrong
Irene Beattie
Irene Beaudoin
Irene Beckett
Irene Belisle
Irene Bennett
Irene Benoit
Irene Bergeron
Irene Black
Irene Bowes
Irene Brown
Irene Burch
Irene Buttrey
Irene Cameron
Irene Campbell
Irene Chamberlain
Irene Clark
Irene Clarke
Irene Clarke Beauty Salon
Irene Clarke For
Irene Clarke Margaret Dowe
Irene Colville
Irene Corriveau
Irene Cote
Irene Coyle
Irene Crawford
Irene Cutler
Irene Dale
Irene Daly
Irene De
Irene Diotte
Irene Dock
Irene Dolan
Irene Donohue
Irene Dorothy
Irene Dunne
Irene Elliott
Irene Emard
Irene Fleury
Irene Gamble
Irene Gardner
Irene Gervais
Irene Gravelle
Irene Gravelle David Geerstma
Irene Gray
Irene Green
Irene Haldane
Irene Hamilton
Irene Hardy
Irene Harris
Irene Harris HORNER
Irene Hart
Irene Harvey
Irene Harvey BC
Irene Hearty
Irene Heenan
Irene Hickey
Irene Hodgins
Irene Holman
Irene Holmes
Irene Howard
Irene Howard 1
Irene Hudgins
Irene Jeannine
Irene Katie Elliott
Irene Kelly
Irene Kenney
Irene Kluke
Irene Lafleur Jean Bapiste Church
Irene Lagarde
Irene Laughren
Irene Lessard
Irene Long
Irene Lusk
Irene Lyons
Irene M. Shaw
Irene Mabel Wallace
Irene Manning
Irene Marion
Irene Martin
Irene Marty
Irene McCord
Irene McCredie
Irene McCredle
Irene McDowell
Irene McGrath
Irene McGrath 683-2831.
Irene McGrath.
Irene McKenny
Irene McLean
Irene McLell-and
Irene Mildred Shaw
Irene Mulligan
Irene Nelson
Irene Nhnxv
Irene O Reilly
Irene O’Brien Young
Irene Padue
Irene Pair
Irene Palby
Irene Paul
Irene Paul and Pearl Ostrom
Irene Payette
Irene Pepper
Irene Pidgeon
Irene Pigeon
Irene Plascott
Irene Plascott Toronto
Irene Pldgeon
Irene Presley
Irene Reynolds
Irene Rich
Irene Rich «•¦ds Renfrew
Irene Riddell
Irene Robinson
Irene Roth
Irene Sallv
Irene Shannon
Irene Shaw
Irene Shaw Hulbert Armstrong
Irene Shaw Neill
Irene Shawvillc Bakery Shawvillc Creamery Shaw
Irene Shawville Bakery Shaw
Irene Shaw—skip
Irene Sheppard
Irene Shew
Irene Siiaw
Irene Sloan
Irene Sloan Ottawa
Irene Sloane
Irene Smiley
Irene Smith
Irene Sparrow
Irene Spotswood
Irene Stanley
Irene Stanton
Irene Stewart
Irene Stuiw
Irene Suffell
Irene Tapper
Irène Telford
Irene Thompson
Irene Thorne Farmer
Irene Tlascott X
Irene Tubman
Irene Tubman—H.
Irene Tucker
Irene Van
Irene Vibert
Irene Victory Gardens Urged To Solve Food Crisis
Irene Wall
Irene Wallace
Irene Walsh
Irene Ward
Irene Wesley
Irène Whalen
Irene Whelan
Irene Wilson
Irene Wood-burn
Irene Zimmerling
Irene]Mr* Gordon Paul Rev Lors Carlson
James Frances
Jane Carroll Frances Giroux
Jane Frances
Jane Frances Clarendon
Janet Irene Sparling
Jene Frances
Jengnife’r Daley* Irene Wilson
Jerry Barber and Frances Elliott.
Joan Frances Austen
Joan Frances Toller
John and Frances Chenard
John Frances Dale
John Patrick Irene
Joyce Frances
Joyce Frances Lang
Karen Frances Phelan
Katharine Frances
Katherine Frances
Kathleen Frances
Kathleen Marie Frances
Kathleen Marie Frances Municipality
Kay Armitage Noella Coughlin Clarence Leach Ortha Bonshor Frances
Ken and Frances Fi- "
Ku Hedging Irene Howard
L and Irene
Langford Frances
Leona Frances
Lillian Edith Frances
Linda Irene Osra CLUFF
Liu-lty Frances Weinberger’s
Love Frances
Lynne Frances
M,ss Irene Shaw
M.rs Frances Louise Harrison
Mabel Irene Wallace
Mara Irene Cecconi
March Kathleen Marie Frances
Margaret Frances Tourangeau FOR
Marie Frances Younge
Marie Irène Cécile Joyceline Gervais
Marie Irène Cécile Joycellne Gervais
Marion Irene Reynett
Mark Pilon Sherwood John Grant Frances Tubman
Martha Irene Brown
Mary Elizabeth Irene Agknt Shawville
Mary Frances
Mary Frances Colleen Kearns
Mary Frances Davis
Mary Frances Finmgan
Mary Frances Finnigan
Mary Frances Finnigan Lj 1*
Mary Frances Finnigan On June
Mary Frances Harrington
Mary Frances Horner
Mary Frances Horner Myers
Mary Frances McKenna
Mary Gertrude Irene Draper Mary Gertrude Irene Draper William Gerald Draper
Mary Irene Harbor
Mary Irene James
Mary Irene Parbly Plans
Mary Irene Parlby
Mary Irene Thibault
Maureen Carson Kathy Hynes Frances Marykuca
Mbs Frances
Mc-former Irene Grant
McDo Frances
McDowell Frances
Mel Irene Sloan
Melissa Irene Row
Mi*a Frances Brownlto 2
Mi-s Frances Howey
Mia* Frances Brownlee
Mias Edith Irene
Mias Irene Shaw
Mies Dorothy Irene Pearl
Mies Frances Brown
Mies Frances Newman
Mies Irene Shaw
Mildred Irene
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs Frances Senior Seat
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs. Frances Senior Seat
Miriam Frances.
Mise Irene Shaw
Miss Frances
Miss Frances Elliott
Miss Irene
Miss Irene Shaw
Miss Irene Shaw Brownlee
Miss Irene Smith
Misses Frances
Misses Frances Lester
Misses Irene Shaw
Ml* Frances Murdock
Mme Irène McGrath
MnrieLClara Irene Cotie
Mr. Frances Langelier
Mr. Frances Mousseau
Mr. Frances Paul Rioux
Mr. Frances W. F. Anglin
Mra Mary Irene Pari
Mrs Frances Daley
Mrs. Frances
Mrs. Frances Armstrong
Mrs. Frances Bow
Mrs. Frances Bryson Toller
Mrs. Frances Daley
Mrs. Frances Deneault
Mrs. Frances Grace
Mrs. Frances Grant
Mrs. Frances Grayson
Mrs. Frances Kav-1
Mrs. Frances Love
Mrs. Frances Mayhew
Mrs. Frances Murphy
Mrs. Frances Murphy Mr
Mrs. Frances Presley
Mrs. Frances Sexsmith
Mrs. Irene
Mrs. Irene Hart
Mrs. Irene Nelson
Mrs. Irene Shore
Mrs. Irene Thibault
Mrs. Irene Thompson
Mrs. Ixiwcll Smith Mrs. Frances Carlson
Mrs. L A. Smart............ W. J. Horner............... Irene Shaw
Mrs. Mary Irene Pari-aren
Mrs. Percy Delarge Frances Elizabeth Joy Hodgins Weds Percy Henry
Mss Irene Shaw
Mur-Mrs Irene Bennett
Nfyry Frances
Norman Eddie Frances
O. Hamilton Miss Frances Wrinn
Olive Irene Spratt
Ontario Anne Hansen Irene
Paige Frances
Palmer Willa Irene Palmer
Pani*s- Frances Ungford
Pastor Irene Emard
Pat Schoular Frances Pitt
Paul Irene Shaw
Princess Irene
Princess Irene Emma Elisabeth
Princess Irene Emma Elizabeth
Ranger Margaret Susan Hodgins Marries Vivert Martineau Kathleen Frances Sullivan Weds Joseph Hector
Realtor Mrs. Irene Bennett
Rev Frances L Casement
Rev T E. R. Nurse Mies Irene Shaw
Rev. Sister Jane Frances
Richard Ledger Ada Frances Ledger
Richard Will® Irene Clarke
Rob- Discus Frances Young
Robert A. Ralph FRANCES
Robert Wilson Frances
Robetr Irene Shaw
Rod Taylor Irene Worth
Rodney Dean Frances Langford
Rose I Marie Esther Sarah Frances
Ruby Irene
Ruth Frances
Ruth Runells Mrs. Frances Carlson
Sadie Frances
Sadie Irene
Saint Frances
Sandra Frances McCallum
Sharon Frances
Shelley Frances Armstrong.
Sir Frances
Sister Frances
Sorry Frances
Steve Peters,----- Irene Peters
Susan Irene
Tammy Frances Mayhew
Tommy Irene Sloari
Topper Irene
Treasurer Irene McKenny
Val D’Irène
W, Mrs Irene McGrath
Wayne Brown Irene
Wesley Methodist Frances Wall
While Irene
William Frances
Willis Mise Irene Shaw
Wilson Irene Sloan
Wright Frances Lisk
Xrm-Miss Irene Shaw
Y van Pcllet-Frances
Young Ann Wigeheren Frances Young Brian trudeau Joan Wilson
Zilpha Irene Shore
Florence Irene
Fort Frances
Fort Frances Sea Scouts
Frances Hare
Frances Quatuor l uJwi*i
Lake Frances
Lynne Frances
Port Frances
Rev Frances Hare Interment
Rev. Frances Hare
Rev. Frances Hare of
Reverend Frances Hare
Anglican Irene
Association Miss Frances Murdock
BERTHA McGEE Irene Sloan
Carson Miss Irene Shaw
Community Life Convener Irene Sloan
Con- Mjsa Irene Shaw
Councillors Frances Senior
Curly Bros Lucille Hodgins Frances
Dehobrah Irene McManus
DOCKS Mrs. Frances Tubman
Feminine Touch By FRANCES
Fran- Blind Association Members Visit Pontiac District Frances
Frances Fair
Frances I^angford’s
Good * Council Frances Giroux
Guild Frances
GYPSY COLT Color Donna Corcoran Frances
HODGINS Stores At St. Frances Hospital
Irene Cheer Committee
Irene Astoria
Irene Burch
Irene Dame de
Irene Emard Pontiac Historical
Irene M Gamble
Irene Mac Dowell
Irene Pair
Irene Parlby
Irene Shaw’s Rink Wins Club Trophy Talking Pictures
Irene Sloan
Irene Sloan Always
Irene Sloan Everyone
Irene Whelan Youth Centre Council
JT Mary Frances
Labor Frances
Lac Frances
Mabel Clara Irene St. Pierre
MARKUS Irene Crozier
Master Frances Picco
Master Frances Piceo
Miss Dorothy Irene Pearl
Miss Frances Gilman
Miss Frances Pitt Millan
Miss Frances Pitt, the
Mrs Frances
Mrs Frances Senior
Mrs Irene N
Murdock Frances Mackay
Operation Ascot Frances RCCCnt
Parliament Frances Rabb
Patent Plat Irene
Pontiac Agricultural Society Grant A Frances Woolsey Divide# A
Pontiac Community Hos- Miss Irene Suffell
Pontiac Re- Irene Holmes
Royal Mrs. Frances
Walls Basil & Doris Orr Bristol Ridge Pentecostal Church James & Frances Potter Pontiac County Wome