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12.00 Albert Cameron-

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Possible related entities:

,1amen Cameron
- Albert Armstrong Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
-I Albert Berard
1074 Albert
110 Albert Berard
1160 Albert Road Windsor
12.00 Albert Cameron-
12.50 Albert Kirkham
14.5 Albert
1974 Albert
1982 Albert
1995 Albert
1A Albert
1A Albert.
2. Albert Condon Single Heavy
2. Cameron
2001 Albert Armstrong Shawville 9
255 Albert Street
266 Albert Street
27.00 Albert Palmer- 15.00 Ken Stewart
28-41 Albert R. Donnelly Immediate
321 Albert Street
478 Albert Street
4SO Albert Street
4th Albert Armstrong Pontiac County Church
5501* Albert McQuerrie
566-02-000020-841 Albert Berard
647-3166 I Betty Cameron
647-5564 Albert J. Congdon WED NOV
648-5504 Cameron
7-2618 Cameron
7-3886 Cameron
8.30— Albert Spalding
8.30— Albert Spalding Waltz Time
9 Albert Armstrong
A* Albert Zacharies
A* Cameron
A. Albert
A. Cameron
A1 Cameron
AArs Albert Armstrong
Abbeville Albert
Abbott Miss Bertha Cameron
Ad Albert
Adam Albert Lafonte
Adam Albert Sharpe - Stephen
Adrien Albert
Adult Albert Finney Sausannah
Agnes Cameron
Agnes Dean Cameron
Ago Albert Armstrong
Ah Albert
Al Cameron
Al Davis,Tiffany Cameron
Alan Cameron
Albert CF B Petawawa
Albert Following
Albert 13.00
Albert A Don’t
Albert Quebec
Albert To
Albert "
Albert "It
Albert & Eleanor Audrey Hodgins
Albert & Eleanor McBane
Albert & Fam Erma
Albert & Joan Davis
Albert (Armstrong
Albert (Blake Caldwell
Albert * Armstrong
Albert * Murphy
Albert -
Albert 0.
Albert 0. Stark
Albert 1.75 2.75 3.25 1.85
Albert 22996B9D14 Theriault
Albert 5661 Tanner
Albert 6rouP Armstrong
Albert 7-257$ Tanner
Albert 7-2967 Information
Albert 819-449-3287
Albert 8i Family
Albert 8rd
Albert 8t.
Albert 9tre#-tw
Albert < Armstrong
Albert A
Albert A Berard
Albert A Co.
Albert A Eleanor McBane
Albert A McMunn
Albert A Winnipeg
Albert A. Berard
Albert A. Berard He
Albert A. McMunn
Albert A. Scha.ll
Albert A>lmer
Albert Adams
Albert Added
Albert Addy
Albert Admission
Albert Advocate
Albert Agriculture
Albert Aikms
Albert Aim-strong
Albert Aimsir
Albert Airfield
Albert Àja
Albert Alb
Albert Alba
Albert Albert Pasch
Albert Aldas
Albert Alexander
Albert Allan Kirk
Albert Allard
Albert Allen
Albert Alterations
Albert Am
Albert Amstrong
Albert Amundrud
Albert Amyotte
Albert and
Albert and Emerson
Albert and Gwen Armstrong
Albert and Margaret Le-
Albert and Margaret Lewis
Albert and Marie Bouclin
Albert Ann
Albert Ann-
Albert AnnaBelle
Albert Annan
Albert Annie Chevalier
Albert Annstrong
Albert Anthony Claude Keyes
Albert Ar
Albert Argue
Albert Argue 613-832-3494
Albert Arm
Albert Arm Campbell’s
Albert Arm Miss Rhonda Cummings
Albert Arm* After
Albert Arm-
Albert Arm- Birthday
Albert Arm- Sherri
Albert Arm- Steeves
Albert Arm-1
Albert Arm-anglophone
Albert Arm-Clarendon’s Hotel
Albert Arm-Huddersfield Rhéal Ra
Albert Arm-j
Albert Arm-stro
Albert Arm-the
Albert Arm-the Bill
Albert Arm-There
Albert Arm-Versil Smith
Albert Arm-welcome
Albert Armitage
Albert Arms
Albert Arms-strong
Albert Armstiong
Albert Armstiong Mayor.
Albert Armstiong Present
Albert Armstr-
Albert Armstron
Albert Armstrong
Albert Armstrong 6:00
Albert Armstrong -
Albert Armstrong - Joy Younge Win SHS
Albert Armstrong -545
Albert Armstrong .428
Albert Armstrong .450
Albert Armstrong .4^
Albert Armstrong .579
Albert Armstrong 1
Albert Armstrong 2
Albert Armstrong 4
Albert Armstrong 467
Albert Armstrong 647-2507
Albert Armstrong À Mayor
Albert Armstrong Arnprior
Albert Armstrong at Blake Pine
Albert Armstrong Billy Meg
Albert Armstrong Blhs
Albert Armstrong Bob Smith
Albert Armstrong Box
Albert Armstrong But
Albert Armstrong By Dave Moore Coulonge
Albert Armstrong Campbell
Albert Armstrong Campbell John Tracy
Albert Armstrong Chairman
Albert Armstrong Dr Nancy Evan*
Albert Armstrong Edgar Schwartz Sylvia Hodgins Chris Judd Ëason Russell Donald Stevens Boyd Barber
Albert Armstrong Election
Albert Armstrong Fire Department Royce Richardson
Albert Armstrong For
Albert Armstrong Horner
Albert Armstrong Hynes
Albert Armstrong I
Albert Armstrong Inclusive
Albert Armstrong Indicated
Albert Armstrong INDOOR
Albert Armstrong It
Albert Armstrong JLH 436
Albert Armstrong Kandy Beattie* Bill Atkinson Hands Pitt John Beimen Boyd Barber* H
Albert Armstrong Leslie Hodgins
Albert Armstrong Mai-shall Burke
Albert Armstrong Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1 Ü
Albert Armstrong Mayor Black
Albert Armstrong Mayor Brennan
Albert Armstrong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Gerald Dempsy 350
Albert Armstrong Midgets
Albert Armstrong Mildred Robinson
Albert Armstrong Moved
Albert Armstrong Mrs Mary Allen
Albert Armstrong Municipality
Albert Armstrong No
Albert Armstrong October
Albert Armstrong Ojderly
Albert Armstrong P.0.
Albert Armstrong P.O.
Albert Armstrong Parks - Weldon Hobbs
Albert Armstrong PO
Albert Armstrong Registration
Albert Armstrong Richardson
Albert Armstrong Rideau
Albert Armstrong Roller
Albert Armstrong Ryan
Albert Armstrong Shawville
Albert Armstrong Shawville Rebecca Gingrich Princeton
Albert Armstrong Smith
Albert Armstrong Starting
Albert Armstrong Street Foundation
Albert Armstrong SUPER
Albert Armstrong Team Coach
Albert Armstrong This
Albert Armstrong Town Hall* Rob Campbell Health
Albert Armstrong Velmer La
Albert Armstrong Wayne Chamberlain
Albert Armstrong Well
Albert Armstrong X
Albert Armstrong X I
Albert Armstrong Your Mayor .
Albert Armstrong" Shawville
Albert Armstrong) Carson Ryan
Albert Armstrong*
Albert Armstrong, Jr B
Albert Armstrong- Chairman
Albert Armstrong’s
Albert Armstrong’s Shawville Bantam All Stars
Albert Arthurs
Albert Assinger
Albert At
Albert Atkinson
Albert Atwood
Albert Aube
Albert Aubrey
Albert August
Albert August Yach
Albert Austin
Albert Aux
Albert Available
Albert B Hennessy
Albert B lird’s
Albert B. Lewis
Albert B. Palmer
Albert BaakVn
Albert Baird
Albert Baird Gentlemen
Albert Baker
Albert Baliantine
Albert Ball
Albert Ballantyne
Albert Ballin
Albert Banks
Albert Barard
Albert Barber
Albert Barden III
Albert Barn
Albert Barnett
Albert Barrioult
Albert Bartel
Albert Bartreau
Albert Bask
Albert Bay
Albert Bcchamp
Albert Bdrard
Albert Be
Albert Be Lloyd Palmer
Albert Be-
Albert Beauchamp
Albert Beaulne
Albert Becbamp
Albert Bechamp
Albert Bee
Albert Bell
Albert Bellehumeur
Albert Benjamin Chandler
Albert Benoit
Albert Bentley
Albert Ber-
Albert Ber-rand
Albert Bérard
Albert Berard 648-2423 Portage
Albert Bérard Ile
Albert Bérard Lieutenant-Gouverneur
Albert Bérard _ M ^
Albert Bererd
Albert Berger
Albert Bergeron
Albert Beriard
Albert Berner
Albert Bernier
Albert Berrard
Albert Bertrand
Albert Bertrand Pontiac
Albert Bertrand Suddenly
Albert Bertrands
Albert Bertrand’s
Albert Beverdam
Albert Bill Pirie
Albert Billy McCoy.
Albert Bjorkluf
Albert Bl
Albert Blackwell
Albert Blackwell 3. Grade IV.—Benj
Albert Blackwell Albert Blackwell
Albert Blond
Albert Blondeau
Albert Blondel
Albert Bnid
Albert Boa
Albert Board
Albert Boniter
Albert Borard
Albert Boul-her
Albert Boulter
Albert Bourassa
Albert Bourdreau
Albert Bourke
Albert Bourrassa
Albert Boutin
Albert Brandt
Albert Breakfast Set
Albert Brelyne
Albert Breton
Albert Brett
Albert Brett A. Co.
Albert Bretzlaff
Albert Brian Stanton
Albert Briggs
Albert Bristol
Albert Brnse
Albert Brown
Albert Brownlee
Albert Bruder
Albert Brunelle
Albert Brunet
Albert Bt.
Albert Btew.rf
Albert Bucei
Albert Buck
Albert Burch
Albert Burger
Albert Burgess
Albert Burke
Albert Burnett
Albert Burnie
Albert Burton Palmer
Albert Burton Palmer Portage
Albert Bushnell Hart
Albert But
Albert But Middlemiss
Albert Butler
Albert Buttle
Albert By
Albert C B I Tech
Albert C Berard
Albert C Berard 648
Albert C Gérard
Albert C-hisnell
Albert C. Berard
Albert C. Berard 648
Albert C. Gohn
Albert C. Ritchie
Albert C. Uohn
Albert Cadieux
Albert Calumet Island
Albert Cameron
Albert Cameron $5.; Teddy Fraser
Albert Cameron 2.25 Arthur Douglas 2.25 Jack Farrell
Albert Cameron 3.75
Albert Cameron 4.60 Maurice Essiambre
Albert Cameron-
Albert Camerson 10.35 W.J. McLaughlin
Albert Campbell
Albert Campeau
Albert Cany
Albert Canyon
Albert Car-mlchiel
Albert Carl
Albert Carman
Albert Carmichael
Albert Carnival
Albert Carried
Albert Carty
Albert Cavanagti
Albert Cbis
Albert Cbisnell
Albert Ccogdon
Albert Cednc Ell
Albert Champagne
Albert Chan
Albert Chapel
Albert Charles World
Albert Chartradd
Albert Chassé
Albert Chenier
Albert Chepetki
Albert Chevalier
Albert Chianell
Albert Chilcott
Albert Children
Albert Chile
Albert Chillicott
Albert China
Albert Chismll
Albert Chisncll
Albert Chisnel
Albert Chisnell
Albert Chisnell 668
Albert Chisoell 354
Albert Claremont
Albert Clarke
Albert Closing
Albert Clr Richardson
Albert Cnisnell
Albert Co
Albert Co.
Albert Cocktails
Albert Col-
Albert Cole
Albert Cole Michael Quinn Warren Bennett John O Connor Bill Leveris
Albert Colle
Albert College
Albert College 25.00
Albert Collie
Albert Collin
Albert Collin Bryson Gérald Dempsey
Albert Collin CPTAQ
Albert Collin EQUITY
Albert Collin Leslie
Albert Collin Moved
Albert Collin Neil McGuire Spoiled
Albert Collin Prop.
Albert Collin SAG
Albert Collin- Mayor
Albert Collins
Albert Comgan
Albert Company
Albert Conditions
Albert Condon
Albert Condon Pair Mare
Albert Cone
Albert Cone DryP.no _
Albert Cone............. Milks Si Murrell
Albert Cong-
Albert Cong- 3eldings
Albert Cong-den
Albert Cong-don
Albert Cong-doo
Albert Cong-pH
Albert Cong-that
Albert Congdon
Albert Congdon Wyman
Albert Congdoo
Albert Congdor
Albert Congoon
Albert Congratulations
Albert Connelly
Albert Cono
Albert Coogdon
Albert Coop
Albert Cooper
Albert Copeland
Albert Coppen Mr.
Albert Cormier
Albert Cornveaue Alma
Albert Corrigan
Albert Côté
Albert Council
Albert Councillors William Moved
Albert Counties
Albert Cour-
Albert Courtemanche
Albert Cowan
Albert Cowan Sentenced
Albert Cuddekey
Albert Cuddihey
Albert Cuddikey
Albert Cuthbeitaon
Albert Cuthbertson
Albert CXmgden
Albert D Amour
Albert D Amour Partie Défenderesse
Albert D. Hulse
Albert Dab
Albert Dafhms Sunday
Albert Dagenais
Albert Dahams
Albert Dahma
Albert Dahms
Albert Dahms Calumet
Albert Dahms Delbert Zacharias Deliha Bonshor
Albert Dahms Motion Os McCann
Albert Dahms Murdock
Albert Dahnis Colonization
Albert Dailey
Albert Daily Herald
Albert Dalims
Albert Damera
Albert Datum
Albert David
Albert David.
Albert Davies
Albert Davis
Albert Davis Our
Albert Davis’
Albert de
Albert December
Albert Decker
Albert DeeDee Lepine
Albert Deeor-meaux
Albert Dehms
Albert Dekker
Albert Dekker Kay Kendall Ralph Meeker
Albert Demande
Albert Demers
Albert Denault
Albert Deric
Albert Derrick Sinclair Albert
Albert Deschamps
Albert Desjardins
Albert Deslofdins
Albert Desmarais
Albert Dick
Albert Dietzmau
Albert Dinelie
Albert Dinette
Albert Directors
Albert Dishes
Albert District
Albert Dlnnerware
Albert Dlvo
Albert Dme
Albert Do
Albert Dobranski
Albert Dobson
Albert Docks
Albert Doric
Albert Dorion
Albert Dorion Saturday
Albert Douglas
Albert Dover
Albert Draper
Albert Drapers
Albert Draper’s
Albert Dretl
Albert drew Kemp
Albert Driving
Albert Drug Stores
Albert Du
Albert Dubeau
Albert Dubeau Orangemen
Albert Dubois
Albert Duff
Albert Dum-ais
Albert Dumont
Albert Dumouchel
Albert Dumouchel - Congratulations
Albert Dun-
Albert Dunbar
Albert Dupre
Albert Dupuis
Albert Durer
Albert Durer/ Grant
Albert Durrant Watson
Albert Dutton
Albert D’Amour
Albert D’Amour Lumber
Albert E
Albert E Armetromr Snpm»li«t
Albert E Fairbrother
Albert E Wilson Dies
Albert E, Richardson Dies
Albert E. Armstrong
Albert E. Corrigan
Albert E. Elliott
Albert E. Elliott Dies
Albert E. Johnson
Albert E. Somerville
Albert E. White
Albert E. Wilson
Albert Earl Ralph Armitage
Albert Ebenbeck
Albert Ebstein
Albert Ed-
Albert Edmond Cox
Albert Edmonton TO
Albert Edmunds
Albert Edward
Albert Edward Wiggam
Albert Edwards
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Belated
Albert El
Albert El-,aTS
Albert Elgin Brown
Albert Elliott
Albert Elliott and Margaret Grant
Albert Elliott Parties
Albert Elliott WILLIAM R.
Albert Elliott*?
Albert Ellis
Albert Em
Albert Emmerson
Albert Entertainment Marj°rie Imogene Perry Perry
Albert Ernest Black
Albert Ernest Thorns
Albert Eternal Hope
Albert Everett Arthurs
Albert Ewart
Albert Exhibit
Albert F Apart
Albert F.
Albert F. Eoepcke
Albert F. Oggier
Albert Faraud
Albert Farhand
Albert Farnand
Albert Faucher
Albert Faust
Albert Ferand
Albert Fessier
Albert FI-
Albert Fierobin
Albert Fife
Albert Finney
Albert Finney Ingrid Bergman FRIDAY
Albert Finnigan
Albert Fire Committee
Albert First
Albert Fish
Albert Fisher
ALBERT FISHER Dr. Williams Pink Pills
Albert Fleiry
Albert Fleming
Albert Fleuiy
Albert Fleury
Albert Flood
Albert Flood Saturday
Albert Flood’s
Albert Floury
Albert Foley
Albert Following
Albert Forget
Albert Fork
Albert Forrest
Albert Forster’s
Albert Fort
Albert Fort Cou
Albert Fort Coulonge
Albert Fort Coulonge Ella Romain
Albert Fort Coulonge J A MacKHhcan
Albert Fort Coulonge K H Box
Albert Fort Coulonge Phone
Albert Fort Coulonge Pour
Albert Fort Coulonge Puissions-nous
Albert Fort Coulonge Shawville
Albert Fort Coulonge TOM FRASfB F
Albert Forty Below
Albert Fournier
Albert Frankenstein
Albert Franlin MeJanet
Albert From
Albert Ft
Albert Funeral
Albert Furtney
Albert G Cooper
Albert G H Mayor
Albert Gagnon
Albert Gal
Albert Gale
Albert Garth Tracey
Albert Gate
Albert Gaudry
Albert Gauthier
Albert Gauvin
Albert Gcdney
Albert Gel# Realtors
Albert Geo
Albert George McGlnty
Albert Gérard
Albert Geroux
Albert Gervais
Albert Gigaiie Ltd.
Albert Gilles
Albert Girard
Albert Gohn
Albert Golden
Albert Gooderham
Albert Goodeve
Albert Grachak
Albert Grant
Albert Grant 2
Albert Grant 3. Class III.—Jae Hamilton
Albert Grant 3. R*HORNER First Primer
Albert Grant 8. YOUNG
Albert Grant Phone
Albert Gratton
Albert Graveline
Albert Green
Albert Grenier
Albert Grigg
Albert Grounds
Albert Guay
Albert Gurr
Albert H H Baird
Albert H H. Baird
Albert H. Baird
Albert H. Dowdall
Albert H. Pesch
Albert H. W. Horner
Albert H. Wallace
Albert H.H. Baird
Albert H.ll
Albert H.m.r
Albert Haak
Albert Hacar
Albert Hackney Association Junior Driver
Albert Hadley
Albert Hall
Albert Hallway Company
Albert Hamilton
Albert Hansen
Albert Hanson
Albert Harboi
Albert Harding
Albert Haw
Albert Hayes
Albert He
Albert Heather Wiggins
Albert Helms
Albert Help Heal
Albert Henderson
Albert Herald
Albert Hérard
Albert Herring”
Albert Heseuherger
Albert Hess
Albert Hi.
Albert Hicks
Albert Hill
Albert Himmelman
Albert Himmelman Mr.
Albert Hindi
Albert Hinds
Albert HL
Albert Hluirpc
Albert Hmith
Albert Ho
Albert Hodgins
Albert Hodgins Garfield Hodgins
Albert Hodgins Lome Armstrong
Albert Holder
Albert Holiness Movement
Albert Homer
Albert Horace Kosstik
Albert Horne
Albert Horner
Albert Horner 2
Albert Horner 3. Amanda Brownlie
Albert Horner MP
Albert Horner........................... Joshua Farrell
Albert Hornet
Albert Horse Driving Competi- Richardson
Albert Hotel
Albert Housing
Albert Howard
Albert Ht
Albert Ht.
Albert Htreet
Albert HU
Albert Hubert
Albert Hudgins
Albert Hudson
Albert Hull
Albert Hunt
Albert Huntingdon
Albert Hurst Calumet Uranium Mines Ltd.
Albert Hynes
Albert I
Albert I Armstrong
Albert I Brown
Albert I Ianaotn
Albert I Reg
Albert I>
Albert Ifouuton
Albert II.
Albert Ile
Albert Imeson
Albert Importe
Albert In
Albert Intent
Albert In»
Albert iojn2/
Albert Is
Albert Island Ste Anne
Albert Its
Albert J Cook
Albert J Horner Dies
Albert J Kleinikkink
Albert J Nantel
Albert J success
Albert J. A. MacKey
Albert J. Congdon
Albert J. Horner
Albert J. McDonald
Albert J. O Melia
Albert J. Ruby
Albert J2Jward Richardson
Albert Jackson
Albert Jacobson
Albert Jacques and
Albert Jame*
Albert James
Albert James Congdon
Albert James Neibitt
Albert James Roffey
Albert James Stark
Albert Javel
Albert Jay Nock
Albert Jean Translated
Albert Jensen
Albert Jerome
Albert Jeronx
Albert Jesse
Albert Joey Peck
Albert John
Albert John Dunbar
Albert John Elliott.
Albert John Hoffman
Albert John Horner
Albert John Lee
Albert Johnson
Albert Johnston
Albert Joined
Albert Jonee
Albert Jonkman
Albert Joseph
Albert Joseph Cake
Albert Joseph Liston
Albert Joseph Madoar
Albert Judd
Albert K eationaJ Association
Albert K Imit
Albert K Ives
Albert K on Harm
Albert K. Audit*
Albert K. Wi
Albert Kahn
Albert Kaye Roll
Albert Kaye Rollit
Albert Kcalcy
Albert Kealey
Albert Keatles
Albert Keatley Remembering
Albert Keith Emmerson
Albert Keith Harris
Albert Kelley
Albert Kemp
Albert Kennedy
Albert Kennedy Centre
Albert Kenneth
Albert Kenneth Sal
Albert Kenneth Salway
Albert Kidder
Albert Kiehnrclson
Albert Kieselbach
Albert Kirk
Albert Kirk-ville
Albert Kirkham
Albert Kirkham Each Lionette
Albert Kirkham Sr
Albert Kirkhan
Albert KirlHi
Albert Kirshner
Albert KL
Albert Kl.
Albert Klliott
Albert Knowle
Albert Knox
Albert Kostboth
Albert Kratmer
Albert Krattier
Albert Kt.
Albert Ktrkham
Albert L Assemblée
Albert L Open
Albert L. E. Manary
Albert La
Albert La Hue
Albert La*
Albert Laçasse
Albert Lacombe
Albert Lacossc
Albert Ladouceur
Albert LaFreniere
Albert Lak-ing
Albert Lake
Albert Lalibe
Albert Laliberty
Albert Lambert
Albert Lament
Albert Lamond
Albert Lamont
Albert Lance
Albert Lang
Albert Langlois
Albert Langubeer
Albert Lapine
Albert Laporte
Albert Laporte Mrs Renaud Rainville
Albert Laroche
Albert Larocque
Albert Laronde
Albert Larose
Albert Lask
Albert Last
Albert Later
Albert Lavallee
Albert Lavender Rose
Albert Lavender Rose Memory Lane Old Country Roses Val DOr Moonlight Rose Moss Rose Sllverblrch Tri
Albert Lavigne
Albert Lavoie
Albert Lawrence
Albert Lea
Albert Leak
Albert Leavique
Albert Leblanc
Albert Lebrun
Albert LeCompte
Albert Lee
Albert Leeck
Albert Leek
Albert Legrand
Albert Lemaire
Albert Leman
Albert Lencke
Albert Lenneville
Albert LeRoy
Albert Lessabd
Albert Lessard
Albert Lesveque
Albert Lev.
Albert Lévesque
Albert Lewie
Albert Lewinkel
Albert Lewis
Albert Lewi»
Albert Lewln
Albert Libiez
Albert Light Bulbs
Albert Lionel Elmer
Albert Lionel Elmer Manary
Albert Livrez
Albert Lorentm
Albert Louzon
Albert Lowe
Albert Lpresa
Albert Ltd
Albert Lucie Laberge
Albert Luddington
Albert Lynn
Albert M Delong
Albert M J. Gray
Albert M Kirkham
Albert M •JHL4 J. Jec,s.i1on
Albert M. Baird
Albert M. Day
Albert M. J. Gray
Albert M.t Ottawa
Albert M.uKvir
Albert Ma- Mrs Dollard Desabrais
Albert Ma-doar
Albert Mac Alia Other Uramo
Albert MacDonald
Albert Mad
Albert Mad-
Albert Madoar
Albert Madoar • Ryan
Albert Madoor
Albert Madore
Albert Madour
Albert Maduar
Albert Maekie
Albert Maelaren
Albert Magoon
Albert MaI
Albert Mai- Rochlyne Godin
Albert Male Help Wanted
Albert Mall
Albert Man- ÉÉJMj
Albert Man-weak
Albert Manaiy
Albert Manary
Albert Manary Dies Suddenly
Albert Manary Hubert Way
Albert Maniwaki
Albert Maniwakie
Albert Maolaren
Albert Mar-(
Albert Marcel Asselin
Albert March
Albert Mare
Albert Marin
Albert Martin
Albert Martineau
Albert Martineau’s
Albert Mathew*
Albert Matthews
Albert Matthews 1
Albert May
Albert Mayer
Albert Mc-Bane
Albert Mc-Introduced
Albert Mc-Lamh
Albert Mc-Munn
Albert Mc-Quarrie
Albert McBain
Albert McBane
Albert McBane Jr.
Albert McBane Laframboise
Albert McBane Quyon
Albert McBane’s
Albert McBme Jr
Albert McCrank
Albert McDougall
Albert McGrcavy
Albert McGuire
Albert McLaren
Albert McMunn
Albert McMunn For
Albert McMunn I
Albert McMuno
Albert McMurvn
Albert McNeil
Albert McQuar
Albert McQuar-rie
Albert McQuarie
Albert McQuarrie
Albert McQuarrie J. Albert McQuarrie
Albert McQuarrie Mr. Jimmy Gordon
Albert McQuarrle
Albert McQuarry
Albert McQuerrie
Albert Me
Albert Me Bain
Albert Me Bane
Albert Me K. McCagS Motion Waiter Kllgour
Albert Me Munn
Albert Me-
Albert Mee
Albert Meilleur
Albert Meiuller
Albert Meller
Albert Members
Albert Meri"
Albert Merkley
Albert Merrick
Albert Merton
Albert Meserow
Albert Mette
Albert Meubles Usagée Used Furniture Campbell
Albert Meyers
Albert Michel
Albert Midget
Albert Midoar
Albert Mikaelain
Albert Mil
Albert Mild
Albert Miliar
Albert Miller
Albert Mimee
Albert Minnie
Albert Mirray Is
Albert ML
Albert Ml.
Albert Mmrinus Kirkha
Albert Mndoar
Albert Molnar
Albert Molner
Albert Month
Albert Moore
Albert Moore 7:30
Albert Morin
Albert Morris
Albert Morrison
Albert Mother
Albert Motion
Albert Motor
Albert Moult
Albert Moved
Albert Moyer
Albert Mr
Albert Mr*
Albert Mr. Linus Hearty
Albert MRC
Albert Mro*
Albert Mrolt-d
Albert Mrs Bill Toison
Albert Mrs. Friends
Albert Mrs. Rowat
Albert Mt
Albert Mudoar
Albert Muldoon
Albert Municipality
Albert Munray
Albert Munro
Albert Muray
Albert Murgett
Albert Murray
Albert Murray Albert Murray
Albert Murray Finnigan
Albert Murray Happy
Albert Murray Home
Albert Murray Pontiacs
Albert Murray Toronto
Albert Murry
Albert Museua^
Albert Museum
Albert Museum—was
Albert My
Albert MyerNt
Albert Myers
Albert Nardi
Albert Nask
Albert Nault
Albert Nault 449-4922
Albert Nault Sons
Albert Neault
Albert Neighborly News
Albert Neil McDonald
Albert Nesbitt
Albert Nesbitt McCallum
Albert New
Albert Newberry
Albert Nic
Albert Nie
Albert Nikbitt Aylmer East
Albert Norway Bay Cemetery
Albert Note
Albert NouIt
Albert Noult
Albert Now
Albert Nsult
Albert Nvanza
Albert Nyania
Albert Nyanxa Is
Albert Nyanza
Albert Nyanzi
Albert Nyanzn
Albert Nyat
Albert Nyatzs
Albert Nyauza
Albert N’tnza
Albert O Stark
Albert O •rn
Albert O. Stark
Albert O. Stark IT- Vice Chairman 1st Shawville Rover Crew Squire Dorval Wickens
Albert O. Young
Albert Oil Holt
Albert Okie
Albert Olm
Albert Olmstead
Albert Omar Prince
Albert Omnstown Fair
Albert Onesimo Gwathvcoye Louis Chevalier
Albert Oongdon
Albert Oortmafcer
Albert Orr
Albert Osborne
Albert Ot- Mr-
Albert Ottawa_________________________________ Damocles
Albert Ottjes
Albert OuesneL
Albert OuesneL Clarendon Hotel Roadster Stake
Albert OuesneL Pair Wagon
Albert Ouesnel Single
Albert OuesneL Single Fine Harness Pony
Albert OuesneL Single Heavy Harness
Albert Ouesnell
Albert O’Dell
Albert P Campbell
Albert P" Paêer
Albert P*.
Albert Pahms
Albert Pales
Albert Palmer
Albert Palmer -
Albert Palmer Portage
Albert Palmer-
Albert Palmers
Albert Paquette
Albert Park
Albert Parlons
Albert Partridge
Albert Pasch
Albert Pasch On July
Albert Patch
Albert Patry
Albert Pay
Albert Payson COLORED
Albert Payson Terhune
Albert Payson Terhuno
Albert Peach
Albert Peck
Albert Perrer
Albert Perry
Albert Petersen
Albert Peterson
Albert Petiquan
Albert Petit Point China
Albert Pfeffer
Albert Phil-
Albert Pichard
Albert Picrrepont
Albert Pierette Lalonde
Albert Pilon
Albert Pilon Bristol
Albert Poirier
Albert Poisson
Albert Pollock
Albert Pontiac Animal Shelter
Albert Possion
Albert Pou-
Albert PPHS
Albert Pratx
Albert Pratz
Albert Precarez-vees
Albert Prevoat
Albert Prouîi
Albert P““J Holt
Albert Qu''Appelle
Albert Quatnel
Albert Que
Albert Queanel
Albert Quee-nel
Albert Queenel
Albert Quennel
Albert Quens- Bill Campbell
Albert Ques-
Albert Ques- Jade
Albert Ques- SSI EBS.S
Albert Ques- Thompson
Albert Ques-ncl
Albert Ques-nel
Albert Quesnei
Albert QuesneII
Albert Quesnel
Albert Quesnel Calf Club
Albert Quesnel SWcu ket LADYSMITH
Albert QuesneL Unicom Heavy
Albert Quesnell
Albert Quesnes
Albert Question Amm
Albert Quesuel
Albert R
Albert R Canadians"
Albert R Collin
Albert R, Donnelly
Albert R, Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Albert R.
Albert R. Collin
Albert R. DOMielly Lennis Barr
Albert R. Donnelly
Albert R. Donnelly /i Pearl
Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant Office
Albert R. Donnelly 2
Albert R. Donnelly Always
Albert R. Donnelly ANSWERS
Albert R. Donnelly Chartered
Albert R. Donnelly Chartered V0*- L Ot»**
Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant Office
Albert R. Donnelly Commissioners
Albert R. Donnelly Credie
Albert R. Donnelly FUL-O-PEP
Albert R. Donnelly JOHN F. KELLY Auctioneer Tenders Wanted
Albert R. Donnelly Mr. Tolhurst
Albert R. Donnelly P E. I. Green Mountains
Albert R. Donnelly Wanted
Albert R. Donnelly X V -
Albert Racine
Albert Radisch
Albert Radisch Shawville Bright
Albert Raffey
Albert Raiders
Albert Ray
Albert Ray Johnston
Albert Raymond
Albert RCribarii
Albert Reach
Albert Réchamps
Albert Reece
Albert Remain
Albert Renaud
Albert Renault
Albert Restive
Albert Rey
Albert Reynolds
Albert Rfoh
Albert Ric
Albert Rich- Champion
Albert Richard
Albert Richard 11.29 Y von St Aubin
Albert Richard At
Albert Richard Burton Sal Mineo
Albert Richard from Lamb
Albert Richard Mr John S
Albert Richard-
Albert Richard-on
Albert Richard.
Albert Richards
Albert Richards Reserve
Albert Richardson
Albert Richardson.
Albert Richmond Friday
Albert Rick Valin
Albert Ricottoni
Albert Riehardsen
Albert Risby
Albert Rk-ha
Albert RL
Albert Road
Albert Robert Armitage
Albert Robilliard
Albert Robinson
Albert Roffey
Albert Roffey Kristen Crawford
Albert Rohilhrd
Albert Roller
Albert Romain
Albert Rondeau
Albert Rood
Albert Rosien
Albert Rout-
Albert Rout-liffe
Albert Routcliff
Albert RouthfTe
Albert Routliffe
Albert Routliffe SAID
Albert Routliflf
Albert Rreil d Co.
Albert Rrown
Albert Rtehurdson
Albert Rt„ Ottawa
Albert Russell
Albert Ruth Woolsey
Albert S
Albert S. Darou P. McLaughlin
Albert S. Duncan
Albert Sa*kaichccan McCOLL BEOS.
Albert Saak
Albert Saddle Open Quesnal
Albert Saiway
Albert Sal
Albert Salmon
Albert Salway
Albert Sande
Albert Sanderson
Albert Sarraut
Albert Sasic All
Albert Sask
Albert Saskatchewan
Albert Scant
Albert Scarbeau
Albert Schedule Following
Albert Schob
Albert Schock
Albert Schwartz
Albert Schwarz
Albert Schweitzer
Albert Scuccimarre
Albert Seguin
Albert Selling
Albert Semour
Albert Sesk All
Albert Seven Island
Albert Sevignv
Albert Sevigny
Albert Seymour Those
Albert Seympur
Albert Shaning
Albert Sharon Gravel
Albert Sharpe Disneys Luck
Albert Sharpe Janet Munro WILSON
Albert Shawville
Albert Shawville Fair
Albert ShawvWe
Albert Shea
Albert Sheppard
Albert Shouldice
Albert Shouldice 2
Albert Si Family Erma
Albert SI*.
Albert Sicard
Albert Silver
Albert Sim
Albert Simonson
Albert Sir
Albert Sir-ui
Albert Sis
Albert Sis.
Albert SK
Albert Skddon
Albert Skeldon
Albert Skelton
Albert SL
Albert Sl Pierre <236
Albert SL.
Albert Slater
Albert Smiley
Albert Smiley W.
Albert Smith
Albert Soap* H»
Albert Soaps Limited
Albert Soipt Melted
Albert Somerville
Albert Somerville’s
Albert Sorry
Albert Soti* Limited
Albert Spalding
Albert Sparbury
Albert Sparling
Albert Sparling 2
Albert Special
Albert Spectacle 389
Albert Spectacle Fridges
Albert Spgzlinz
Albert Spruce Golden
Albert St
Albert St .
Albert St Ange
Albert St Annual
Albert St Birth
Albert St Corn
Albert St Cyr
Albert St Get
Albert St Just
Albert St Mem
Albert St Ottawa
Albert St Perfection Brand Clothes Shawvilleites
Albert St Pierre
Albert St SEASON
Albert St# Ottawa vs. Shaw
Albert St#.
Albert St* Ottaw
Albert St* OTTAWA
Albert St* WANTED
Albert St*.
Albert St*vigny—Minister
Albert St,.
Albert St-, Windsor
Albert St-Aubin
Albert St-JeanH^HMRfi|
Albert St.
Albert Sta.
Albert Stanley
Albert Stanley Neal
Albert Stark
Albert Stay
Albert Ste
Albert Steamer
Albert Steinkc
Albert Steinke
Albert Stephen
Albert Stettler
Albert Stew
Albert Stewart
Albert Stewart Collect
Albert Stm
Albert Stoll
Albert Stoll Jr.
Albert Stre OTTAWA
Albert StreeL Ottawa
Albert Street*
Albert Street* OTTAWA
Albert Street.
Albert Streets
Albert Streets 1
Albert Streets Beautiful
Albert Streets H 10
Albert Streets OTTAWA
Albert Streets Personal Mention OTTAWA
Albert Streets We
Albert Street»
Albert Strutt
Albert Sts
Albert Sts An
Albert Sts Births
Albert Sts Feeding Cattle
Albert Sts H
Albert Sts Ottawa
Albert St«
Albert SU, Ottawa Dr
Albert Su.
Albert Suggestions
Albert Suiwart
Albert Sullivan
Albert Sultzk
Albert Super Attractions Jeux
Albert Super Attractions Organized Games
Albert Sutton
Albert Svvigny
Albert Svvigny Saturday
Albert Swede
Albert Sylver
Albert T.
Albert T. Gale
Albert T. Patrick
Albert T. Pollock Heritage Gym Alliance Heritage College
Albert Tamer
Albert Tan-
Albert Tan- Carried
Albert Tan-)
Albert Tan-Apply Lome Catherwood
Albert Tan-South Gloucester
Albert Tangoa
Albert Tanguay
Albert Tanner
Albert Tanner 172W
Albert Tanner Horner
Albert Tanner Mrs.
Albert Tanner Mrs. Thomas Smith
Albert Tanner Shawville
Albert Tanner’
Albert Tanner’s
Albert Tan»ora
Albert Tasier
Albert Tavern
Albert Taylor
Albert Tea Room
Albert Tech
Albert Telephone
Albert Telford
Albert Ten
Albert Th
Albert The
Albert The Hull
Albert Then
Albert Theo Dahms
Albert Theo Koegel
Albert Theriault
Albert Think
Albert This
Albert Thomas
Albert Thomas Bennett
Albert Thomas Tubman
Albert Thomson
Albert Thruns
Albert Tickets
Albert Tifbman
Albert Time*
Albert Times
Albert TIMLT
Albert Tindley
Albert Tm-|
Albert Tnomass
Albert Toilet
Albert Toilet Soap Co. THE
Albert Toilet Soap Coj’i
Albert Toilet Soap Company
Albert Toilet Soap Compaq
Albert Toilet Soap Cot
Albert Toilet Soap Coy
Albert Toilet Soap Coy’f Oatmeal Skin Soap
Albert Tolhunt
Albert Tourangeau April 2
Albert Townh
Albert Townhill
Albert Tracy
Albert Trafford
Albert Treasurer
Albert Trefford
Albert Tremb
Albert Tremblay
Albert Tremblay Adoption
Albert Tremblay Beach
Albert Tremblay Richard Poirier
Albert TremWay
Albert Tronc
Albert Trudeau
Albert Trudeau Mr,
Albert Trudeau Sunday
Albert Ttfbman
Albert Tub- Smiley
Albert Tubman
Albert Tubman 2
Albert Tubman-Zimmerling
Albert Tubman’s—$
Albert Turnace
Albert Turner
Albert Tweedy
Albert TZC w
Albert Under Saddle Champi- Quesnel
Albert Uuesnei Hscknev Line Claaaee
Albert Vail- Pamphlets
Albert Vaillant
Albert Vaillant LuekvUl#
Albert Vaillants
Albert Vaillent
Albert Valois
Albert Van Ryssel
Albert Van-Laar
Albert Varner
Albert Venn
Albert Victor
Albert Victor Dead
Albert Victor Loud
Albert Victor Prince Albert Victor
Albert Vierra
Albert Virgin
Albert Vivian
Albert W Dorion
Albert W Morrison On Tuesday
Albert W Myers
Albert W Myres
Albert W.
Albert W. 819-648-2833,648-5757.
Albert W. Gayler
Albert W. Horner
Albert W. Marble
Albert W. Shawville Lions Hall
Albert W. Stevens
Albert W. Wedding
Albert Wade
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Albert Walk
Albert Walker
Albert Wallace
Albert Wallace Falls
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Albert Wanner
Albert Warren
Albert Watson
Albert We
Albert Weekends
Albert Welk
Albert Wheeler
Albert Whelm
Albert Whipple
Albert White
Albert Whitmore
Albert Wicgnndts
Albert Wig
Albert Wigand
Albert Wiggins
Albert Wigpans
Albert Wilfred
Albert William
Albert William King
Albert Williams
Albert Wilson
Albert Windtlein
Albert Winner
Albert Winnipeg
Albert Wittkopf
Albert Woodlands Division
Albert Woods
Albert Woul-ey
Albert Wright
Albert Wright-Cement
Albert Wyman
Albert XV.
Albert Y ytu.saelj
Albert Y.eb
Albert Yach
Albert Yach Daily Bloomer
Albert Yacli
Albert Yafh Claude Elliott
Albert Yaoh
Albert YARM Armstrong
Albert Yavh
Albert Yoch
Albert Yoieig
Albert Yonk-Barry
Albert Yonk-man
Albert Yonkinan
Albert Yonkman
Albert Yonkman Barry
Albert Young
Albert Youngs
Albert Young’s
Albert Ysch
Albert Yuth
Albert Y^ung
Albert Zachar- Jender
Albert Zacharias
Albert Zimmerling
Albert Zoschke
Albert ^rancej Harris
Albert | Armstrong
Albert | At Campbell
Albert » V -.s
Albert “The B.C.S.T.
Albert" Cups
Albert) Bd
ALBERT-Fowler 8T.
Albert....... Stevens
Albert............ Stevens
Albert® Armstrong 478
Albert’ Murphy
Alex Albert
Alex Bathgate B. McClennon J. Cameron
Alex Cameron
Alexander Albert
Alexander Armitage Armstrong Bean Beattie Black Bradley Cameron Fields Fulford Campbell Gauthier Dr
Alexander Cameron
Allan Cameron
Allan Cameron Thor-druggist
Allan Cameron Thurman
Allan G. Cameron
Allan U. Cameron
Allen Cameron
Alma Cameron
American Saddle Horse Murray Lavallee Heavy Harness Albert Quesnel
Among Albert
Amy Cameron
Amy Cameron Class
Amy Cameron Class H - Mobile
Amy Cameron.
Amy Dihmg Cameron Row
Ancestry Albert Beiger Not Bothered Since Sangerhausen
And Albert
Anderson Captain Albert Stevens
Andre Albert
Andreé Albert
Andrew Cameron
Anges Albert Dahms
Angie Cameron
Angle Cameron
Angus Cameron
Ann Cameron
Anna Cameron
Anna Robinson Albert’s Hotel Plâstmô
Anne Bancroft - Eddie Albert Top Dance Band
Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Anne Cameron
Annette Lepine Anna Porter Cameron
Anthony Albert Alexander Adrian Paul David Napoleon Maria Salvatore Sottile Restivo
Applv Albert Congdon
Apply Albert
Apply Albert ar.v- Ladysmith
Apply Albert Coiigdon
Apply Albert Con-
Apply Albert Con-gdon
Apply Albert Condin
Apply Albert Condon
Apply Albert Cong-
Apply Albert Congdon
Apply Albert Con„don
Apply Albert Cougdon
Apply Albert Goodin
Apply Albert Herman#
Apply Albert Hermans
Apply Albert McMunn
Apply Albert Ruegg
Apply Albert Stanley
Apply Albert Tanner
Apply Albert Trafford
Apply Albert Trudeau
Apply Albert Young
Apply Albert Young Male
Apply Albert Young Wav Cross
Apply Albert Young*
Appointment Albert Tubman
Archie Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Archie Cameron
Archie Cameron Dancing
Archie Cameron Orchestra
Ardiey Albert Elliott
Art Cameron
Arthur Albert
Arthur Albert Steer
Arthur Cameron
Arthur Kilgour Mrs Cameron
Arthur Rowat Cameron Rowat
As Albert Shaw Editor
Association Albert Armstrong
Auberge Albert
Auberge Albert lle-du-Grand-Calumet Pee Wees
Auberge Albert 19/12/91 20/12/91
Auberge Albert Calumet Island
Auberge Albert Country Bar
Auberge Albert Dan Leblanc
Auberge Albert Ile-du-Calumet Q
Auberge Albert Ile-du-Calumet Calumet Island Dimanche
Auberge Albert Melissa Cummings
Auberge Albert ORCHESTRE Randomly
Auberge Albert Présenté
Auberge Albert Régie
Audrey Cameron
B H Cameron
B. Cameron
B. Cameron Membership Chairman
B.C. Albert Co.
B.H. Cameron
Badge Albert Armstrong Billy Megrath 1st Shaw
Bagdad Albert R. Donnelly
Bailiff Albert Richardson
Barbara Ann Cameron
Barbara Anne Cameron
Barbara Arne Cameron
Barbara Cameron
Barbara Cameron George Lavoie
Barbara Florence Tessier Weds Howard Albert Orr OBITUARY William Graham Davis
Barbara Tanguay S* Barbara Cameron
Barber Elliott Albert Kirkbatn Wm Olmstead
Barbrara Ann Cameron
Baron Albert Roth.child
Barry Murray Collectors Badge Bryan Alexander House Oiderly Albert Armstrong To
Bay Albert Krutz A Nancy
Beech Albert Trafford
Befec Albert
Bemle Cameron
Ben Albert
Benoit Albert
Bernard Cameron
Bernard H. Cameron
Bernice Cameron
Bertha Cameron
Beth Cameron
Betty B Cameron
Betty Cameron
Betty Cameron - Health
Betty Cameron 647-2672
Betty Cameron 9
Betty Cameron A
Betty Cameron Cameron
Betty Cameron Her
Betty Cameron Î
Betty Cameron McCoshen
Betty Cameron Shawville _
Betty Cameron To
Betty Cameron’s
Beu- Cameron
Bey Mrs. Cameron
Bhrood Cameron
Biince Albert
Bill Cameron
Billy and Margaret II Cameron Shearer
BILLY GRAHAM Presents Rod Cameron Vera Ralston
Blanc Coulonge Fleuriste CLSC Pontiac Hôtel Albert Restaurant Conrad Body Shop Bibliothèque
Bluebirds Robins Canaries Kingfishers Eagles Wrens Cameron
Bob Albert Armstrong
Bob Cameron
Bob Kingdom Passed Tasks Albert Armstrong To
Bonnie Cameron
Box Albert R. Donnelly
Branche# Albert Iloue-Chathum
Brenda Cameron
Brenda Cameron Mias Golden Age
Brenda Cameron Musgrove
Brenda Cameron.
Brent Albert
Brent Albert Bertrand
Brett Cameron
Brett Cameron LEAH
Brian June Cameron
Brother Albert
Bruce Cameron
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bryan By Albert Zacharias
Bt Albert Armstrong On
By Albert Armstrong
By Albert Armstrong A
By Albert Armstrong By Arnold Garrison Third Period Richardson
By Albert Armstrong K. Musgrove Musgrove Banquet
By Albert Armstrong Money
By Albert Armstrong Mr
By Albert Armstrong Saturday
By Albert Armstrong Shawville
By Albert Armstrong Yes
Byron Albert Watts
C D. T. Cameron
C. Cameron
Cain Cameron
Calgary Albert C. Johnson
Call Albert
Call Dawson Cameron
Cameron - Graham
Cameron - Mr Lloyd Horner
Cameron - Wayne
Cameron A
Cameron A Co.
Cameron A Heap
Cameron A Somerville R. Ritchie Ed.
Cameron Alexander
Cameron An
Cameron and McMillan
Cameron Arnold Sloan
Cameron Bakker
Cameron Bancroft
Cameron Baskerville
Cameron Bate
Cameron Beaudoin
Cameron Bernier
Cameron Bimm Ltd.
Cameron Bond
Cameron Bowie
Cameron Box
Cameron Boxall RAYMOND
Cameron Bros,
Cameron Bros.
Cameron Buckingham
Cameron But
Cameron Cameron
Cameron Candow
Cameron Charles Kylie Hope McGuire/Chiasson
Cameron Clark
Cameron Coffee Table Arrangement
Cameron Collins
Cameron Correction Plan
Cameron Dahlia
Cameron Defendant
Cameron Design
Cameron Douglas
Cameron Dr.
Cameron E. Dow
Cameron Edgar
Cameron Equity
Cameron Farm
Cameron Farms
Cameron Fluckabone
Cameron French Marigolds
Cameron Grant
Cameron Grant Ferrigan
Cameron Gregory
Cameron Gully
Cameron Hawkins
Cameron Highlander
Cameron Highlanders
Cameron HiglUaiulcrx Ottawa
Cameron Hodgins
Cameron Hope
Cameron Huckabone
Cameron Hyland Band
Cameron I
Cameron J Technicolor May
Cameron Jeffrey
Cameron Jeffrey Saturdas
Cameron Keen
Cameron Kingsley Smyth
Cameron Kowat’s
Cameron Kyle Zic Dawn
Cameron Lake
Cameron Loken
Cameron Matthew
Cameron Melvin Smith
Cameron Misa I. Shaw
Cameron Miss I. Shaw Phone SI.
Cameron Mitchel White Leghorn
Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell Dods
Cameron Mitchell l- Isabelle Carey
Cameron Mitchell Ml
Cameron Mitchell Technicolour
Cameron Mitchell Tyrone Power Line
Cameron Mne M*b-1 Chapman
Cameron Momson
Cameron Montreal
Cameron Morrison
Cameron Motors
Cameron Moyer School Supplies John S. Hodgins
Cameron Mr.
Cameron Mrs Frank Cahill
Cameron Mrs. Jemima Cameron
Cameron Orchestra Dancing
Cameron Orchestre
Cameron Paulin
Cameron Plaunt
Cameron Pontiac Ladies Fastball
Cameron R
Cameron Ralph
Cameron Rayner
Cameron Rcwat
Cameron Richardson
Cameron Rirharrl
Cameron Row
Cameron Rowai
Cameron Rowat
Cameron Ruth
Cameron Scuccimara
Cameron Scuccimava
Cameron Sharpe
Cameron Shawville
Cameron Shield
Cameron Smith
Cameron Sra
Cameron St.
Cameron Stanton
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Storr Stronach
Cameron Subs
Cameron The
Cameron Thomas Gordon Smith
Cameron Thomso
Cameron Toronto
Cameron Trophy Ray Dumouche
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Cameron Wednesday
Cameron White
Cameron Williams
Cameron Wishard
Cameron Yule
Canadian Industrial Company Albert 8t.
Capt Albert W. Stevens
Captain Albert Basai Hon
Captain Cameron
Carmen Cameron
Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Ann Cameron 1
Carol Ann Cameron 2
Carol Ann Cameron 6
Carol Ann Cameron Xts Cornu
Carol Anne Cameron
Carol Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Messrs. Ken Cameron
Carol Whe- Dick Cameron
Carole Ann Cameron
Carole Anne Cameron
Carole-Ann Cameron
Carolyn Templeton Cameron
Carriage Albert Ouesnel Miles
Casey Cameron
Casey Cameron Delbert Sloan
Casey Cameron St Theresa
Chairman Albert Arm- Waiter Ebcrtz
Chairman Albert Armstrong
Champions Albert Armstrong
Chapeau Albert Col
Chapeau Albert Col-
Chapeau Albert Collin
Charles Albert
Charles Albert Draper
Charles Albert Draper I .
Charles Albert Edgar Draper
Charles Cameron
Charles Cameron King-
Charlie Cameron
Charlotte Cameron
Ches M Albert Vaillant Luakvllle
Chester Cameron
Chez Albert
Chez Albert Hotel
Chris Cameron
Chris MacIntyre Mike Cameron
Christina Cameron
Christina Cameron Kim Kluke
Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron Nat St
Christopher Albert
Christopher Albert.
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron Metric Conversion
Cl>7 Albert
Claire Lunam Cameron
Clarence Albert Peever
Clarence Cameron
Clarence Cameron Ala
Clarendon Albert Armstrong
Claude Cameron
Claude Roberts Holman Cameron
Clayton Cameron
Clemence Albert Arthur Miller
Clifford Albert
Clifford Cameron
Clr Albert Armstrong
Clr Albert Community
Club Showville Community Centre Archie Cameron Orchestra Refreshments
Co. Gary R. Cameron
Coach Albert Andai Photo À
Coach Albert Armstrong
Coach Albert Bauer
Coach Albert December
Cob Albert J. Mackie
Colette Biam Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Colin Cameron B.
Colleen Cameron
Collingw Albert
Comm Albert
Commander Albert
Commander Albert Paul Krueger
Concour da Panache - Hotel Albert
Connie Cameron
Connie Cameron Hearty
Connie Cameron Ladies Broomball Club
Connie Evans Cameron
Connie St-Pierre Cameron
Conn‘e Cameron
Constance Cameron
Contact Albert
Contact Albert Am- COTTAGE
Contact Albert Armstrong
Contact Albert Armstrong 647-2507
Contact Albert Berard
Contact Albert James Congdon
Contact Albert Me Bane
Contact B H Cameron
Contact B H. Cameron
Contactes Albert Bererd
Contest Albert Armstrong
Coroner Albert Down*
Corriveau Albert
Cory Albert
Cory Cameron
Councillor Albert
Councillor Albert Arm-variation
Councillor Albert Armstrong
Councillor Albert Collin
Craig Cameron
Curtis Cameron
Curtis Edward Cameron
Cuth-bert Cameron
Cuthbert Cameron
Dale Mrs Albert Yach
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dana Burman Carol Anne Cameron
Danny Cameron
Daphne Cameron
Daphnie Cameron
Dave Cameron
Dave Moore Renfrew’s Cameron
David Albert The
David Bernard Early Cameron
David Cameron
David Cameron Rowat
David Miss Jean Cameron
Dawn Adams Counter Espionage_________ Albert Morin
De Cameron
Dean Cameron
Deer Albert
Denis Albert
Denise Marion M Ho Albert NOUVEAU SALON
Desmond Sullivan Albert Turner
Diane Cameron and Larry
Dick Cameron
Don Albert
Don Cameron
Donald and David Clouthier Albert Waito
Donald Cameron
Donald Cameron 340
Donald Cameron Arrives Home HARRY BOWDEN Mr. Calvin Meunier
Donald James Cameron
Donald James Cameron Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples Sunday
Donnie Cameron
DON’T FORGET Hugh Cameron Hugh Cameron
Doreen Brunei Weds Albert Poisson
Doris Cameron
Dr. Albert
Dr. Albert E. Sloane
Dr. Albert Einstein
Dr. Albert Francis Biakeslec
Dr. Albert Ham
Dr. Albert Jolm-ton
Dr. Albert Lotz
Dr. Albert McDay
Dr. Albert P. Brubaker
Dr. Albert Robillard
Dr. Albert S. Hyman
Dr. Albert Schweitz- Vice
Dr. Albert SchwelUer 006
Dr. Albert Striek
Dr. Allan D. Albert
Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron Lues
Dr. James R. Cameron
Dr. T Albert Moore
Draw Albert Armstrong
Drive- Albert Armstrong
Dun Cameron
Duncan Cameron
Dunnam Cameron
E McDowell Betty Cameron
E. Albert
E. Cameron
Earl Albert Dahms
Earl Cameron
Earl Lindsay 321 Albert St.
Earl Powell Cameron
Ebert Albert Louis Turcotte
Ebert Cameron
Eddie Albert
Eddie Albert CJOH 3:00
Eddie Albert Grade 7. Pupils Promoted
Eddie Albert Joe# Ferrer
Eddie Albert Lillian Gish
Eddie Albert Lillian Gish Friday Saturday May
Eddie Albert MM
Eddie Albert Monday
Eddie Albert Tall-Vue SCHEEL
Eden Dora Susannah Beimers Emma Jean Cameron Potvin Jason and Karen
Edgar Messrs Cameron
Edgar Tubman Howard Walls Albert Frechette Lawson Corrigan Bill Thompson Thomas Roberts John Should
Edmond Cameron
Edmund Storr-Stronach Cameron Rayner
Edward Albert
Edward Albert Al-
Edward Albert Christian George
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David
Edward Albert Gebistorf
Edward Albert George Andrew Patrick .
Edward Albert YVriglit
Edward Albert Zacharias
Edward Cam-and Eugene Cameron
Edward Cameron
ÊgËg Albert R. Donnelly St. Matthew
Eiwood Cameron
Elbowing Cameron
Elizabeth Cameron
Elizabeth Ellen Cameron
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Albert Richard
Ellen Cameron
Elliott Pat” Cameron
Elly-May Cameron
Elspeth Cameron
Elwcod Cameron
Elwood Cameron
Elwyn Albert
Emily Cameron
Emma Cameron
Eng- Cameron
Enter Albert
Erdos Albert Palm
Ernest Albert
Ernest Albert Kent 840
Estate Albert Bertrand
Etwood Cameron
Eugene Cameron
Eugene Potvin- 65.40 Albert Palmer-
EUuod Cameron
Eva Andai Cameron - Leach
Evelyn Albert Denyer
Exeicises Albert Armstrong
F. Cameron
Fat Albert
Featuring Cameron Highland Band
Fireman Albert Perrier
Folk Singers Graham Cameron
Following Albert Armstrong
FORT Albert Berard
FortCoutonge Albert John Green -
Fr Albert Get
Francine Cameron
Francine Evans Cameron
Frank Cameron
Fraser Cameron
Fred Albert Armstrong’s
Fred Hodginh Mr. Albert Dahms
Frederick Albert
Frederick Albert Warren
Frederick William La- Joseph Cameron
From Albert
G. Cameron
Gabriel Pilon Auberge Albert
Gail Cameron
Garbage Albert
Garry Albert Young
Geoffrey Donald Cameron
George Albert Clark
George Albert Ebert Dies
George Albert Larpent
George Albert Pirie
George Albert Sclmltier
George Albert Sheehan
George Albert Whit-
George Albert Whitmore
George and Albert Avery
George and Anne Cameron
George Cameron
George Drummond Cameron Rowat
George Frederick Ernest Albert
George Montgomery Rod Cameron Pmm&àoA*
George ’ Albert Ernest Black
Germaine Albert
Gerry Albert
Gerry Albert Young
Gerry Albert.
Gerry Cameron
Gerry Desa- Albert Armstrong
Glenda Cameron
Gordon Albert James
Gordon Albert James Infant
Gordon Cameron
Grade V — Cameron Rowat
Graduate Albert
Graham Albert Einstein
Graham Cameron
Gramm Bower Company By Len Coyne Mrs. O Kane Cameron
Grandchildren Albert St Ann
Grandpa Albert Richards
Grant Albert McQuarrie
Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Grant Gibson Roland Ren nick Kingsley Smyth Allan Black Urquhart Campbell Cameron Rowat Hewett McCr
Gravelle Albert
Green Albert
Guilde Albert
Guildo Albert
GuiMo Albert
Gus Cameron
Gwendolyn Albert Schwartz
H CROFT Mrs. Albert Cuthbertson
H I. Hobbs Mr. Albert McQuarrie
H. Cameron
H. Cameron Bryson
Hall Albert Laclasse
Hall Albert Street
Harold Cameron
Harry Cameron
Has-Been Men-Albert Armstrong
Hazel Cameron
Heather Albert
Heather Albert Dickson
Heather Albert Dickson Ross Dickson
Heather Albert!
Heather Albert# Dickson
Heather Albert-Dickson
Heather Stewart Cameron
Helen Cameron
Helen Cameron Graham
Helen Catherine Cameron
Henry Albert Yach
Henry Cameron
Herb Cameron
Here Albert Langhorn
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Albert Richard
Hewitt Albert O Sicrk
Hodgins Albert Armstrong
Holly Richard- Cameron
Horae Albert Quesnel
Horner Citizenship- Mn Gertrude Draper Publicity- Mn Harry Hodgin Fruit Boxes- Mn Lyall Cameron Hos
Hotel Albert
Hôtel Albert :30
Hôtel Albert ILE
Hôtel Albert Ile-du-Grand-Calumet
Hôtel Albert 08:00
Hotel Albert Ages
Hotel Albert Berard Laurier Dumouchel
Hotel Albert COURVAL
Hôtel Albert de
Hôtel Albert de Nie
Hotel Albert Dennis Lucas
Hôtel Albert Ripas Complet Ha
Hôtel Albert Salle
Howard Albert
Hr.uce Albert Victor
Hugh Albert
Hugh Albert Horn*
Hugh Cameron
Husband Albert
I 732-3444 Betty Cameron V
I Albert Berard
I''rlnre Albert
Ian Cameron
Ida Albert
Ida Dawson Cameron
In-law Albert
Included Albert Armstrong
Instinctively Albert
Irene Cameron
Is Albert
Isabel Cameron
Isabelle Cameron
Island Albert
Island Albert Berard
Isobel Cameron
ITince Albert
I«i Albert St.
λ Albert Ht.
I’rince Albert
J Albert Argue 613-832-3494
J Albert Armstrong
J M Cameron .
J M Cameron WESeigel
J _r Cameron Matthew Crawford Leen
J. Cameron
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack Cameron
Jackie Cameron
James A. Cameron James Cameron Is
James Albert
James Albert $
James Albert Aiken*
James Albert Mills
James Albert Prcndergast
James Albert Prendergast
James Albert Whelen
James Albert.
James Cameron
James Cameron 616
James Cutbbert Cameron
James W. Cameron 3. Second Primer
Jamey Albert Aikins
Jamie Cameron
Jane Cameron
Janet Cameron
Jason Huckabone Murray Wilson Linda Cameron Joanne Stewart Carmen Cameron Jennifer Scharf
Jean Albert
Jean Albert’s Hotel
Jean and Casey Cameron
Jean and Joan Cameron
Jean Cameron
Jean Cameron 529
Jean Cameron Me Nab Twp
Jean Cameron.
Jean Casey Cameron
Jean de Terre Albert E. Hodgins
Jean Edna Cameron
Jean Grant and Betty Cameron
Jean-Guy Albert
Jean....... Albert Cone........... John W. Hodgins
Jean........ Albert Cone
Jeeeie Cameron
Jeff Cameron
Jeffrey Albert
Jeffrey Cameron
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron Waltham
Jerry Albert
Jessie Cameron
Jesus Albert
Jeter Cameron
Jfean Cameron
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron 904
Jim Cameron Shawville
Jnotice Cameron
Jo-cle Albert
Jo-el Albert
Jo-ele Albert
Jo-elle Albert
Joan Cameron
Joan....... Albert Cone........... John W. Hodgina....... Samuel McDowell
Joanne Cameron
Joclle Albert
Joe Albert Congdon
Joe Cameron
Joe Cameron President
Johann Albert
Johanne Cameron
John A Cameron
John A. Cameron
John Albert
John Albert Bertrand
John Albert Galway
John Albert Gillies
John Albert MacLaren
John Albert Parent
John Albert Sal
John Albert Salway
John Albert Telford
John Albert Telford Brough
John Albert—On Tuesday
John and Albert
John and Albert.
John Armstrong Vote Albert Davis
John Cameron
John Cameron Ernest McCallum
John Cameron Hodgins Shawrille Beechgrove Bowling League Many
John Cameron McCallum
John Cameron Mr.
John Cameron Swayze
John Cameron Swayze V V /
John Clarke Albert Armstrong
John E Cameron
John E. Cameron
John H Cameron s Michael Roy
John Henry Cameron
John Hillyard Cameron
John I. Cameron
John Kelly OBITUARY Emily Cameron Emily Cameron
John Lang Mrs. Albert ___99.26
John Paul II H.S. • Albert Bechamp
John Stewart- 96.78 Albert
John T. Cameron
Johnnie Cameron
Johnny Cameron
Johnson Shawville Miss Hattie Cameron
Jonathan Cameron
Jonathon Cameron
Jos Cameron
Joseph Albert
Joseph Albert Eveden
Joseph Albert Evenden
Joseph Albert Lafont
Joseph Albert Leonard Horth
Joseph Albert Leonard Horth de Anita Lafleur Beth
Joseph Albert Marcel Asselin
Joseph Albert Marcel Bérard
Joseph Albert Sauve
Joseph Cameron
Joseph Cameron 11.87 Westley Troke W Schwartz 43.11 Hydro Quebec
Joseph Cameron 64.50 Danny McCallim 27.75 Albert Cameron
Joseph Cameron And See For Yourself
Joseph Cameron-
Joseph Cameron.
Josh Cameron
Joshua Cameron
Joyce Flem Mrs Cameron Rowat
Jr.—Donald Cameron
Judy Cameron
Julia Florence Cameron
Julian Cameron
Julian Cameron 4
Julian Cameron Grant
Julian Cameron Ken Findlay
Julian Cameron Ken Findlay Perth
Julian K Cameron
Julie Albert
Julie Albert Sympathy
Julie Albert.
Julien Cameron
Julien Cameron Grant
Julien Cameron Grant Femogan Average Games
Julien Cameron Grant Ferrigan
Julien Cameron Julien Cameron
Julius Albert Schwartz
June Cameron
Justin Cameron
K*i Albert McMunn
K. Cameron
Kantha Albert Meilleur SSawvlll
Katharine Fletcher Albert Armstrong
Kay Cameron
Kay Mulligan Cameron Kowat
Kddie Albert SATURDAY
Keith Albert Smiley
Keith Cameron
Keith Hodfine John 8. Hodglns Albert Tanner Martin Black
Keith Homer Albert
Kelly Albert
Ken Cameron
Ken Cameron Bert Moore
Ken Cameron Ls
Ken Hotel Albert
Ken Smith Norris Horner Gordon McMillan Elbum Bean Albert McMunn Grant Bades Earl McDowell Harvey W
Kennedy Albert Armstrong
Kenneth Albert
Kenneth Albert Tubman
Kenneth Albert TXibman "
Kenneth Albert Yach
Kenneth Cameron
Kenneth E Cameron
Kent - Albert Building
Kent Albert
Keon Albert
Kfr Albert Collin Jr.
Kfr Albert Patch
KgBg Shawville Mayor Albert ‘-<V
Ki Mn Elwood Cameron Frank Lacoune
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Albert Armstrong
Kin Jr Cameron
King Albert
King Albert N1
King Albert''s Gallant Force
Kirk Cameron
Kirs Cameron Rowat
Ki»g Albert
Kodey Albert
L Hotel Albert
Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
Ladyi Albert HUB
Lake Albert
Lang- Albert Berard
Larivière Albert Collin
Late Albert E. Wilson
Laura Ba Cameron 1
Laura Wilson Prince Albert
Lawrence Cameron
Lawrence Simon Barber (Albert
Lee Eddie Albert Jane Wyatt
Lee Jane *° Tom Albert Beverdam Mrs Willis Wren
Lee Stanley Mr Albert Armstrong
Leila Cameron
Leo Burgess Best Mustache - Albert Armstrong
Leo Jessie Cameron
Leona Albert
Leona Albert Theresa Lalonde
Leonard Albert Brigstock
Leonard Cameron
Leonard Cameron Dayton
Leslie Albert Dubeau
Leslie Albert On
Levona Cameron
Linda Cameron
Linda Cameron Library Exp
Lindsay Albert-Endicott
Lion Albert Routliffe
Lion Dr. Grant Rogers Lion Doug Fulford Lion Albert Routliffe Lion Ernie Olsen Lion Denzil Yach Lio
Lionel Albert
Lionel Albert Foreward
Lionel Albert.
Lions Ryan Cameron
Lisa Cameron
Lizzie Cameron
Lloyd Cameron
Lloyd Cameron -
Lloyd Cameron - Case
Lloyd Cameron 45
Lloyd John Cameron Swayze
Llyal Cameron 180.00
Lor- Cameron
Lordship Bishop Cameron
Lorraine Cameron
Loyola Cameron
Lyaii Cameron Mare
Lyal Cameron
Lyale Cameron
Lyall Cameron
Lyall Cameron Shaw
LyeII Cameron Shew
Lyell Cameron
Lyle Cameron
Lynda Cameron
Lynn Cameron
Lynn Cameron 819-647-2970
Lynn Cameron Stéphane
Lynne Cameron
Lynne Cameron Jim Gibbons Quyon
Lynne Cameron Neil Farrell Seat
M & Mme Edgar PEDIATRICS Albert Dahms
M 0. Cameron
M Albert Armstrong
M s Angus Cameron Ottawa
M ¦ Auberge Albert
M''lk Albert Frazer
M*»* Helen Catherine Cameron
M. Albert Armstrong
M. Albert Armstrong C.P. 221
M. Albert Berard
M. Albert R.
M. Cameron
M/s Albert Meil-sin
Mabel P R Cameron
Magan Cameron
Magoon Albert
Maire Albert Armstrong
Malcolm Cameron
Manwell Albert
Mar- Cameron
Margaret Albert
Margaret Cameron
Margaret Cameron Mr
Margaret Kelly Albert McMunn
Marie Cameron
Marjorie Grant, Betty Cameron
Mark Cameron
Marks Albert Young
Marriage Cameron - Hérault Carry
Martha Cameron
Mary Cameron
Mary E. Cameron Honored
Mary Elizabeth Cameron
Mary Ellen Young Mrs Albert Dahms
Mary Grace) Cameron Snowmobiles Livestock Snowmobile
Mary Lewis Cameron
Mary Mrs. E Cameron Shopping
Mas Albert Dihuv
Massey Albert
Master Albert
Master Albert O. Horner
Masters Albert
Matt Albert Endiocott
Matt Albert-Endicott
Matthew Albert
Matthew Albert.
Matthew Cameron
Maureen O’Hara PRod Cameron Joanne Dru
Maurice Cameron
Maurice Cameron Cara Campbell
Maurice Frederic Cameron
Maurice Jobin Lyall Cameron
Mavis Cameron
Mavis Cameron Grist
Max Albert
May Albert Young
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Maynard Tan- Albert Yach
Mayor Albert
Mayor Albert .
Mayor Albert $
Mayor Albert ADAT
Mayor Albert Arm
Mayor Albert Arm- Lion Dale
Mayor Albert Arm- Snowsuit Fund
Mayor Albert Arm-right-of-way
Mayor Albert Armstrong
Mayor Albert Armstrong We
Mayor Albert Armstrong SPECIAL
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cahier
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cameron
Mayor Albert Armstrong Comgan
Mayor Albert Armstrong Construction
Mayor Albert Armstrong Lynn
Mayor Albert Armstrong Monster
Mayor Albert Armstrong More
Mayor Albert Armstrong Municipality
Mayor Albert Armstrong Munit
Mayor Albert Armstrong Richardson
Mayor Albert Armstrong Shawvllle Ad Manager
Mayor Albert Armstrong This
Mayor Albert Canada
Mayor Albert Col-
Mayor Albert Collin
Mayor Albert Magician
Mayor Albert Midget Tournament
Mayor Albert mL.
Mayor Albert PARCQ
Mayor Albert Shawville Village Inn
Mayor Albert to Bruce
Mayor Albert Tremblay
Mayor Albert Waste
Mayor Albert ^Armstrong
Mayor Councillor Boyd Barber Albert Armstrong
Mayor-elect Albert Armstrong
Mayors Albert Armstrong
May°r Albert Bonspiel
McLaughlin Elwood Cameron
McLean R Tait....... F. Preudergast W. Cameron.
Mde Albert Fleury
Meagan Cameron
Megan Cameron
Mel Cameron
Melfie Albert Toilet Soap Company
Merci Albert Armstrong
Messra Albert Armstrong
Messrs Albert
Messrs Albert Armstrong
Messrs Albert Dahms
Messrs Allan Cameron Thor-burn
Messrs Cameron
Messrs Lyall Cameron
Messrs. Albert
Messrs. Albert PERSONAL MENTION Manary
Metcolte B Cameron
Mews Cameron
Mi Albert BurneLL
Mias Betty Cameron
Mias Margaret M. Cameron
Michael Albert
Michael Mayor Albert Armstrong appropri- Costello
Miche- Cameron
Michel Dick Cameron
Mike Albert
Mike Cameron
Mildred Cameron
Mildred Cameron.
Miller Fort William P.Q Albert Laçasse Davidson P.Q
Millie Cameron
Mis Albert E. Richardson
Mise Cameron
Mitchell Cameron
Mjh Albert Yneli
Ml Albert
Mm Albert Manary
Mme Albert
Mme Albert Beattie
Mme Cameron
Mn Albert Congdon
Mn Albert Yach
Mn Albert Ysoh
Model Albert Armstrong 1st Qu.von Troop To Be Tenderfoot Chirm Phillip Long Chum Garry Young Chum D
Mofâtjtîur Albert
Mom" Albert Saskatchewan
Mom" Cameron
Mona Armstrong Mr. Claude Richardson Mrs. Albert Richardson Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Mona Mrs Betty Cameron
Monica Albert
Monique Albert
Monique Albert Bilan
Monsieur Albert
Monsieur Albert Lavoie
Monsieur Albert Vaillant R.R.1
Montreal Albert
Moore Albert Dunbar
Moran....... Albert Cone...... Wm
Moran........ Albert Gone
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Moulding Albert
Mount Albert
Mount Albert Gaspé Que
Mr Albert
Mr Albert Armstrong
Mr Albert Armstrong CAMPBELL
Mr Albert Bdchamp
Mr Albert Be-
Mr Albert Bechamp’s
Mr Albert Berard
Mr Albert Carroll
Mr Albert Côté
Mr Albert D Amour
Mr Albert Fleury
Mr Albert Foley
Mr Albert Gauthier
Mr Albert JMadoar
Mr Albert Kirkham
Mr Albert Madoar
Mr Albert McBane
Mr Albert Mimee
Mr Albert Mor-tfcey
Mr Albert New-Mrs Hector Lemaire
Mr Albert Newberry
Mr Albert Poisson
Mr Albert Shaw
Mr Albert Sicard
Mr Albert Stephen
Mr Albert Tremblay
Mr Albert Vaillant
Mr Cameron
Mr Robbie Cameron
Mr* Albert Lemaire Mr Fncd
Mr. Albert
Mr. Albert 8. Glffin
Mr. Albert Allard
Mr. Albert Argue
Mr. Albert Armstrong
Mr. Albert Baird
Mr. Albert Be
Mr. Albert Be-High School Campbell
Mr. Albert Bechamp
Mr. Albert Bechamp Audet Studio St
Mr. Albert Bechemp
Mr. Albert Bee
Mr. Albert Berard
Mr. Albert Bigelow Paine
Mr. Albert Blackwell
Mr. Albert Blouin
Mr. Albert Boulter
Mr. Albert Brownlee
Mr. Albert Burgess
Mr. Albert Cayer
Mr. Albert Chisneli
Mr. Albert Chisnell
Mr. Albert Clot
Mr. Albert Cole
Mr. Albert Com -
Mr. Albert Cone
Mr. Albert Congdon
Mr. Albert Corrigan
Mr. Albert Cuthbertsor
Mr. Albert Dahms
Mr. Albert Davis
Mr. Albert Doeherty
Mr. Albert Du-1****
Mr. Albert Dubeau Lot Mayor Rhéal Racine
Mr. Albert E. Ia
Mr. Albert E. Richardson
Mr. Albert E. Wilson
Mr. Albert E. Wilton
Mr. Albert Elliott
Mr. Albert Fair
Mr. Albert Farrand
Mr. Albert Flaurent
Mr. Albert Fleury
Mr. Albert Flood
Mr. Albert Fuller
Mr. Albert Gauthier
Mr. Albert Graham
Mr. Albert Grant
Mr. Albert Heeney
Mr. Albert Henshaw
Mr. Albert Herron
Mr. Albert Horner
Mr. Albert Horton
Mr. Albert Hudson
Mr. Albert Hynes
Mr. Albert J. Horner
Mr. Albert Jodoin
Mr. Albert K. Richardson
Mr. Albert L. Payne
Mr. Albert Lak-ing
Mr. Albert Mack- Ml
Mr. Albert Mackie Geography—Calkin’s
Mr. Albert Madoar
Mr. Albert Madore
Mr. Albert Manary
Mr. Albert Martineau
Mr. Albert McBane
Mr. Albert McColgan
Mr. Albert McKillop
Mr. Albert McQuame
Mr. Albert McQuarrie
Mr. Albert Me Bane
Mr. Albert Me-
Mr. Albert Mescrow
Mr. Albert Millaud
Mr. Albert Moore QWYON 10:00
Mr. Albert Moore ST.
Mr. Albert Morin
Mr. Albert Morin Is
Mr. Albert Morrison
Mr. Albert Murray
Mr. Albert Ncwberiy
Mr. Albert Newberry
Mr. Albert Occurrences
Mr. Albert Pasch
Mr. Albert Perry
Mr. Albert Pigeon
Mr. Albert Pigeon Courtland
Mr. Albert Poisson
Mr. Albert Richard
Mr. Albert Richard >011
Mr. Albert Richardson
Mr. Albert Rochon
Mr. Albert Scvigny
Mr. Albert Seymour
Mr. Albert Skcldon
Mr. Albert Smith
Mr. Albert Somerville
Mr. Albert Sparling
Mr. Albert Sparling Miss Helen Campbell
Mr. Albert St
Mr. Albert Sterling Homer
Mr. Albert S^rk R Sparling
Mr. Albert T.
Mr. Albert T. Mackie
Mr. Albert Tanner
Mr. Albert Teikoy
Mr. Albert Tessier
Mr. Albert Trudeau
Mr. Albert Tubbs
Mr. Albert Vivian
Mr. Albert VVifceop
Mr. Albert Wei
Mr. Albert Wjttkopf Next Games
Mr. Albert Young
Mr. Albert _
Mr. Allan G. Cameron
Mr. Ann Cameron
Mr. Ben But Albert
Mr. Cameron
Mr. Cameron Caldwell
Mr. Cameron Grant
Mr. Dawson Cameron
Mr. J C Lance Mr. Albert Morin
Mr. John A. Cameron
Mr. Lloyd Melvin E. Cameron
Mr. Melvin E. Cameron
Mr. Norman Cameron
Mr. Ryan Albert Fibieg
Mr. Stickler robin Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Mr: Albert Il
Mrl Albert Schwartz
Mrs Albert
Mrs Albert Armstrong
Mrs Albert Aylmer
Mrs Albert Campbell
Mrs Albert Chisnell
Mrs Albert Clifford Fierobin
Mrs Albert Congdon Wyman
Mrs Albert Dahms
Mrs Albert E.
Mrs Albert Elliott
Mrs Albert Fleury
Mrs Albert Me
Mrs Albert Me Bane
Mrs Albert SMALL FenxaJe Dog
Mrs Albert St Onge
Mrs Albert Venne
Mrs Albert Yonkman School
Mrs Albert ¦
Mrs Dawson Cameron
Mrs G W Kelley. Mr Albert Mimee
Mrs, Albert
Mrs, Albert Matthews
Mrs, Albert Myers
Mrs, Albert Seymour
Mrs, Albert W. Palmer
Mrs, Albert Yach
Mrs. Albert
Mrs. Albert Adams
Mrs. Albert Allchurch
Mrs. Albert Arm-
Mrs. Albert Armitage John A. Hobbs
Mrs. Albert Armitsge
Mrs. Albert Armstrong
Mrs. Albert Armstrong Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. Albert Ashfield
Mrs. Albert Ashfleld
Mrs. Albert B*
Mrs. Albert Baird
Mrs. Albert Bal- Refreshments
Mrs. Albert Ballantine
Mrs. Albert Beauregard
Mrs. Albert Bechamp
Mrs. Albert Ben- Leslie Dale.
Mrs. Albert Benard
Mrs. Albert Ber-Mrs
Mrs. Albert Bernier
Mrs. Albert Bert-
Mrs. Albert Bertrand
Mrs. Albert Black
Mrs. Albert Black-learned
Mrs. Albert Black-veil
Mrs. Albert Blackwell
Mrs. Albert Boulter
Mrs. Albert Boulter Pratt
Mrs. Albert Bro-
Mrs. Albert Brooks
Mrs. Albert Brunke
Mrs. Albert Burnett
Mrs. Albert Burnie
Mrs. Albert Buttle
Mrs. Albert Chevalier
Mrs. Albert Chilcott
Mrs. Albert Chisnell
Mrs. Albert Church
Mrs. Albert Cole
Mrs. Albert Cong-
Mrs. Albert Cong- Pajr Hackneys
Mrs. Albert Congdoi
Mrs. Albert Congdon
Mrs. Albert Conig
Mrs. Albert Corn
Mrs. Albert Corrigan
Mrs. Albert Couture
Mrs. Albert Cuthbertscn
Mrs. Albert Cuthbertson
Mrs. Albert Dahins
Mrs. Albert Dahms
Mrs. Albert Dahms Saturday
Mrs. Albert Dahnis
Mrs. Albert Daims
Mrs. Albert Dehms
Mrs. Albert Dixon
Mrs. Albert Dubeau
Mrs. Albert Dumou-thelle
Mrs. Albert Dumouchel
Mrs. Albert Dunbar
Mrs. Albert Dupuis
Mrs. Albert E. Bom
Mrs. Albert E. Dalpra
Mrs. Albert E. El- Get
Mrs. Albert E. Elliott
Mrs. Albert E. Elliott Celebrate Golden Wedding Omission
Mrs. Albert E. Knowles
Mrs. Albert E. Myers
Mrs. Albert E. Richardson
Mrs. Albert E. Wettin Would
Mrs. Albert E. Wilson
Mrs. Albert E. Wilson Dies Suddenly
Mrs. Albert Edward VIII
Mrs. Albert Elliott
Mrs. Albert Elliott.
Mrs. Albert Ellis
Mrs. Albert Fallafranque
Mrs. Albert Farand
Mrs. Albert Farnham
Mrs. Albert Faust
Mrs. Albert Firobin
Mrs. Albert Fitzsimmons
Mrs. Albert Fleury
Mrs. Albert Forget
Mrs. Albert Forrest
Mrs. Albert Foster
Mrs. Albert Gibbs
Mrs. Albert Glenn
Mrs. Albert Goodcrhani
Mrs. Albert Gortmaker Doris Hodgins Milton Hodgins Myrtle Hodgins Eddie Jean-Marie Elwyn Lang Jack
Mrs. Albert Gouthier
Mrs. Albert Hall
Mrs. Albert Hamel
Mrs. Albert Heury
Mrs. Albert Hodkin-son
Mrs. Albert Hodkinson
Mrs. Albert Home-
Mrs. Albert Hor-n?r
Mrs. Albert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner Dictator
Mrs. Albert Hqgéer
Mrs. Albert Joan Pirie
Mrs. Albert Jonck
Mrs. Albert K. Wilson
Mrs. Albert Kirk-
Mrs. Albert Kirk- Rouyn
Mrs. Albert Kirk-ham
Mrs. Albert Kirkham
Mrs. Albert Kirkham Funeral Directors
Mrs. Albert Kirknam
Mrs. Albert L#-l Miss GaU Letts
Mrs. Albert L. Su
Mrs. Albert L. Wilson
Mrs. Albert Lance
Mrs. Albert LeCompte
Mrs. Albert Lemaire
Mrs. Albert Lepine
Mrs. Albert Lisk
Mrs. Albert Lochard
Mrs. Albert Lunam
Mrs. Albert Madoar
Mrs. Albert Madoer
Mrs. Albert Man-
Mrs. Albert Man-Miss Maisie McTiernan
Mrs. Albert Manarv
Mrs. Albert Manary
Mrs. Albert Martineau
Mrs. Albert McBane
Mrs. Albert McBanelthc
Mrs. Albert McCon
Mrs. Albert McConnell
Mrs. Albert McKillop
Mrs. Albert McLaughlin
Mrs. Albert McMunn
Mrs. Albert Me
Mrs. Albert Meilleur
Mrs. Albert Meilleur Hubert McCauley
Mrs. Albert Michel
Mrs. Albert Mimee
Mrs. Albert Molyneaux
Mrs. Albert Morgan
Mrs. Albert Morin
Mrs. Albert Morin Leonard Horner
Mrs. Albert Morin Mrs Albert Morin
Mrs. Albert Mr.
Mrs. Albert Mr. Bill
Mrs. Albert Mr. Del Taggart
Mrs. Albert Mrs. N. Horner
Mrs. Albert Mui-doon
Mrs. Albert Muldoon
Mrs. Albert Muldoon Henderson
Mrs. Albert Murray
Mrs. Albert Murray Mr.
Mrs. Albert N. Golden
Mrs. Albert Ne
Mrs. Albert Neal
Mrs. Albert Nesbitt
Mrs. Albert Nicholson
Mrs. Albert Nie
Mrs. Albert O. Stark
Mrs. Albert O. SUiik
Mrs. Albert On August
Mrs. Albert Paquette
Mrs. Albert Paquette Rev. Father May
Mrs. Albert Pasch
Mrs. Albert Perry.-
Mrs. Albert Poisson
Mrs. Albert Poulet
Mrs. Albert Powers
Mrs. Albert Putman
Mrs. Albert Quesnel
Mrs. Albert Rev. Mr. Gandier
Mrs. Albert Richaidson
Mrs. Albert Richard
Mrs. Albert Richard-
Mrs. Albert Richard.
Mrs. Albert Richardson
Mrs. Albert Richer
Mrs. Albert Robinson
Mrs. Albert Rosien
Mrs. Albert Ruddy
Mrs. Albert Sal
Mrs. Albert Salway
Mrs. Albert Sanderson
Mrs. Albert Sawyer
Mrs. Albert Scarbo
Mrs. Albert Schenck
Mrs. Albert Scheuneman
Mrs. Albert Schwartz
Mrs. Albert Sellavk
Mrs. Albert Sevigny
Mrs. Albert Seymour
Mrs. Albert Sharp
Mrs. Albert Shaw
Mrs. Albert Skeldon
Mrs. Albert Skeldon Edwards
Mrs. Albert Sommerville
Mrs. Albert Sparling
Mrs. Albert St
Mrs. Albert St Onge
Mrs. Albert St.
Mrs. Albert Sullivan
Mrs. Albert Tan
Mrs. Albert Tan-
Mrs. Albert Tan-before
Mrs. Albert Tanner
Mrs. Albert Tannpr
Mrs. Albert Tassier
Mrs. Albert Tessioi
Mrs. Albert Thn-
Mrs. Albert Trofford
Mrs. Albert Tub
Mrs. Albert Tubman
Mrs. Albert V. Alexander
Mrs. Albert VaHtant
Mrs. Albert Visiting
Mrs. Albert W. Myers
Mrs. Albert W. Smith
Mrs. Albert Waito
Mrs. Albert Walker Myers
Mrs. Albert Wallace
Mrs. Albert Watson
Mrs. Albert Wayne Young
Mrs. Albert Welk
Mrs. Albert Whitmore
Mrs. Albert With
Mrs. Albert Wright
Mrs. Albert Yach
Mrs. Albert Yach 2 Bejsher
Mrs. Albert Yach Finit Cake
Mrs. Albert Yadh
Mrs. Albert Yech
Mrs. Albert Young
Mrs. Bernice Cameron
Mrs. Beulah Cameron
Mrs. Byng Me Mrs. Clarence Cameron
Mrs. C Cameron Walter Harris
Mrs. Cameron
Mrs. Cameron A. Rowat
Mrs. Cameron C. Dow
Mrs. Cameron Margaret 8. Rattray
Mrs. Cameron Paul Larose
Mrs. Cameron Ro-w’at
Mrs. Cameron Row
Mrs. Cameron Row-
Mrs. Cameron Rowat
Mrs. Cameron Rowwt Dr. D. J. Campbell
Mrs. Cameron Smith
Mrs. Çlwood Cameron
Mrs. Dawson Cameron
Mrs. E A. Cameron
Mrs. E Cameron
Mrs. E Cameron Baby Set
Mrs. E Cameron Miss Muriel Dale.
Mrs. E Cameron.
Mrs. E.M. Cameron
Mrs. Eilwood Cameron
Mrs. Elwood Cameron Starks Judy
Mrs. Gilbert Arm- Mrs. Albert Tugman
Mrs. Gilbert Tel- Mr. Albert Manary
Mrs. Gordon Cameron
Mrs. Grant Cameron
Mrs. Ih«licit Cameron
Mrs. J Mrs Albert Tessier
Mrs. James Cameron
Mrs. James Mrs. Albert Tubman
Mrs. K Cameron
Mrs. L Cameron
Mrs. LAC Cameron Rowat
Mrs. Myrtle Cameron T-td
Mrs. Norman Cameron
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport Ont
Mrs. Owen Cameron
Mrs. R Cameron
Mrs. R J Cameron
Mrs. Russell Cameron
Mrs. Sefwyn Bclsher Mr. Albert
Mrs. Verner Schwartz Mrs. Albert Schwartz Son
Mrs. William A. Cameron
MrV Albert Manary
Mr« Albert Manary
Mr» Albert Dumouchel
Mt Albert
Municipal Albert
Muriel Cameron Minerva Corrigan Claire Brown Gertrude Wiielen Emily Mm
Murphy Albert Armstrong Bill Kuehl Carson Wayne Elson Schock Dave Wilson Brian Murray Mike Dubé
Musician Betty Cameron
Myrtle Cameron
M» Albert Ouiknett*
M„ Atex Cameron
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Each
Neil Albert McLean
Neil Albert McLean Diet
Neil Cameron
Neil McMunn Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Nicholas Cameron
Nick Cameron
Nikolas Cameron
Noble Grand Betty Cameron
Norma Kathleen Lamb Weds Kenneth Albert Yach Because Trillium Woods
Norman Cameron
Norman Cameron 458
Norman Cameron.
O Kane Cameron
O Malley Albert
O. Cameron
Obituaries Albert Sparling
Obituaries J Clemence Albert Arthur Miller
OBITUARY Albert Kenneth Salway Otter Lake
Obituary Albert Ormiston Stark
Oclo- Albert Tremblav Pontiac’ Qué
OencniI— Albert
Oil Albert Armstrong Mayor
Oily Albert Bérard
Optometrist Albert McQuarrie
Ot- Albert Ballantyne
Owen Cameron
Pair Albert Queanel
Paquette Albert Davis Roy Trudeau
Parker Cameron Mitchell Yechnirema
Pat Cameron
Pat Schouia/ Christine Cameron
Patricia Cameron
Patrick Albert Maheral
Patrick Charles Cameron
Paul Albert
Paul and Betty Cameron
Paul Cameron
Paul Cameron Seniors
Paul Cameron.
Paul Romaine - Waltham Fred Meilleur - Chapeau Hotel Albert - Calumet Island Kluke
Paul......... C. Cameron
Paul.......... Wm Cameron.
Peggy Albert
Per Bryson Councillor Albert Armstrong
Pete Cameron
Peter Cameron
Petersen Cameron
PfteoipJ.H Albert I
Photogenic Albert
Pierre Bujold Hotel Albert Ile
Pierre Cameron
Pitcher Rob Cameron
Plage Albert Trembla
Pnnce Albert Street
Police Albert Collin
Ponti-Albert Armstrong
Pontiac Ma- Auberge Albert’s
PontiACtion Albert Collin
Portage Albert Bertrand
Postmaster Albert Goldman
Postmaster Albert Lefebvre
Prayer Mrs. Margaret Cameron
Press Albert
Preston Cameron
Price Albert
Prierd Albert
Prime Albert.
Prim» Albert
Princ# Albert WM
Prince Albert
Princi Albert
Principal Albert Bdchamp
Principal Albert Be
Principal Albert Be-
Principal Albert Béchamp
Principal Albert Béehamp
Principal Albert Excellence
Prinee Albert
Prinee Albert Hask''tr
Prinre Albert
Priore Albert
Priuco Albert
Prlnoii Albert
Prluee Albert
PrmidenL Albert C. Johnson
Prof. Albert
Prof. Albert 8. Biokmore
Prof. Albert Einstein
Prof. Albert J. Kelly
Prof. Albert Speer
Professor Cameron
Prtnne Albert
P°ln^-and Albert McQuarrie
Que Albert McQuarrie
Québec Albert
Quebec Mrs Betty Cameron
Quyon Elwyn Hodgins Mrs. Archie Cameron
R. Albert
R. Cameron
Raeburn Cameron
Ralph Cameron
Randy Gagnon/Rueben Hodgins Hillis Conolly Cameron Sheppard Doug Hodgins Neil Sly Earle Polvin Todd
Ray McTiernan Mrs E Cameron Bert Horner
Raymond Cameron
Raymond Walker Cameron
Rebecca Cameron
Rebecca Gagnon Casey Cameron
Reg Albert Ouesnel
Reinhuldt Albert
Relics Cameron
Reserve Albert Richards
Resolution Albert Armstrong
Rev A L Cameron
Rev Albert Gauthier OP
Rev Albert Risky 3082BD18
Rev. Albert
Rev. Albert Jungers
Rev. Albert Molfatt
Rev. Albert Moriiton
Rev. Albert Morrison
Rev. Albert Risby
Rev. Albert W. Morrison
Rev. Albert Wardle
Rev. Albert XV.
Rev. Cameron
Reward Albert McBane
Richard Albert Coughlin
Richard Cameron
Rick At- Albert Armstrong
Rita (Mrs Albert Muldoon
Rita Albert
Rob Cameron
Robbie Cameron
Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron "
Robert Cameron 3. Grade
Robert Cameron Dies
Robert Cameron to
Robert Cameron.
Robert H. Cameron
Robert Harold Edward Davis Lime Lome Albert Mayer Mayer
Robert Hill Cameron
Robert Hill Cameron Pisses Al Storks
Robert Hill John K Cameron
Robert Man- - Lyn Cameron
Robert Pontiac Printshop Pontiac Realty F 7-29P4 Cameron
Robert Robitaille --- Mrs. Albert Armitage John A. Hobbs
Robert Wegner Cameron Mitchell
Roberta Cameron
Robina Albert Dahms
Rod Cameron
Rod Cameron Julie Bishop Barbara Rush Ben Cooper
Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
Rod Cameron Tab Hunter
Rod Cameron TUES.
Rod Cameron Wayne Morris
Roderick Cameron
Roland Albert Pilon
Ron A Lynn Cameron
Ron Albert
Ron Cameron
Ron Di Milk Alan Cameron
Ron Finnigan Penalties Cameron
Ronald Albert
Ronald Albert McGuire
Ronald Cameron
Ronald Cameron Boxall
Ronald Cameron inter- Stuart Hodge
Ronnie Cameron
Ronnie Cameron Brad Elliott Joanne Elliott Lynne Cameron Midget Ttems Avlmer Mariniers Papineau Voi
Ronnie Cameron Photo
Ronnie Open - Albert Quesnel
Rood Albert 24,500 24.500
Rose Albert
Ross Fiiw Donald Horn Others Albert Armstrong
Rout Albert Beehler
Roy Cameron
Royal Albert
Royal Albert China
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Tea Set
Royal Albert T» Engksh Rose
Royce Albert
Royce and Betty Cameron
Royce Richard-Albert Armstrong
Royce Richardson - 647-2974 Albert Armstrong -
Royce Richardson Albert Armstrong
Royce Richardson Cameron
Royce Richardson Contract Albert Armstrong
Royel Albert English Bone Chine Tsblewere
Ruby’s Albert McBane
Rue Albert
Russell Cameron
Ruth Albert
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron Dubeau
R^a Albert
S. Albert
S. Albert P. McLaughlin S. Darou C. MacIntyre
S. Albert P. McLaughlin S. Darou S. Patrick C. MacIntyre
S. Albert P. McLaughlin S. Darou S. Patrick C. MacIntyre T. Carmichael M. MacGilivray
S. Albert P. McLaughlin S. Dorou S. Patrick C. MacIntyre T. Carmichael C. Mullen S. Misthios
S. Albert S. Darou P. McLaughlin
S14,960* Albert Armstrong
Saint John-Albert
Sam Cameron
Samuel Cameron
Samuel Hayes Is Buried Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
Sarah Recitation—Albert Baird
Schwartz Albert Dahms
Sean Albert
Seat Cameron
Second Albert Armstrong Douglas Young Brian Alexander To
Secretar Albert J. Ralston
Seeds Albert Dahms
Senator Albert .1
Senator Albert B. Cummins
Sharon Quaile Cameron
Shaw Albert
Shawn Albert
Shawville Albert
Shawville Albert Armstrong
Shawville Albert Armstrong VOTEZ AMBROSE L GAUTHIER
Shawville Albert Bertrand
Shawville Albert R. Donnelly
SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Shawvllle’s Albert yheenboro Armstrong
Sheila Cameron
Sherlxwrne Albert
ShowvWe Albert
Si* Albert Stanley
Signalling Henry de Vries Albert Armstrong John Tracy Artist Badge Bryan Alexander K.
Silver Birch Royal Albert China
Sister Noreen Muldoon Albert
Skip Albert
Skip Albert Armstrong
Skipping Albert Armstrong
Sontli Albert
Spence Albert
SS Albert Armstrong Mayor
St Albert
Stacey Albert
Stake Albert 0ues-nel.
Statement Albert Armstrong
Stephanie Cameron
Stephen Cameron
Steve Cameron
Stewart Albert
Stewart-Directors-- Albert Kenneth Farrell
Store Albert Morin
Sunny Albert
Surviving Albert Madoar
Sylvia Lucas Wyman Preston Cameron Cardinal
T V Albert Legault
T. Cameron
Tania Cameron
Tanya Cameron
Taylor Cameron
Templar Albert Stewart
Tes Albert ToilbtSoaeOss MflMiiroM
Th* Albert Toilet
Th* Albert Toilet Hoar
Thai Albert Somerville
Thanks Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
That Albert O. Stark
That Queen LngUuid* Albert
Theodore Deschene Jr and Albert Stewart
They Albert
Thomas Albert
Thomas Albert Hodgins
Thomas Albert HoJgins
Thomas Albert Orr
Thomas Albert Yach
Thomas Albert Young
Thomas Albert Young Thomas Albert Young
Thomas Cameron
Thomas E. Bean Chester Walsh Harvey Wilson Keith Bean Albert Dahms Norval Kilgour Pm
Thomas W. M. Cameron
Thorae> Albert Dahms
Thornes Albert Dahms
Tiffany Cameron
Tina Wol- Cameron
Tom O’Neill Heavy Cameron’s
Tom Riley Arn- Mrs. Albert Meeks
Tonya Cameron
Tracy Cameron
Travellers Albert
Triangular Albert Armstrong I Wayne Langford Pick-up
Trlnre Albert
Tubby Albert Armstrong
Two Albert Armstrong Dopglaj Young Signalling Davici Yach St
T^ Albert
U. Cameron
U5 Albert 8t.
Ulan Cameron
Uoyal Albert
V. Cameron
Van Albert
Vera Cameron
Vera Ken and Isabelle Cameron Claude
Verna Cameron
Vesta Albert
Vice Grand Betty Cameron
Vice-President Albert Armstrong
Vicki Cameron Ottawa
Vicky Cameron
Victoria Cameron
Vo Albert Armstrong
Voting Cameron
W Albert
W C. Albert M. Baird
W Campbell Wilbur Chapman Albert Dahms
W H. Cameron
W, Albert Hodgins
W. Cameron
Wall Mr. William Cameron
Wallace Albert Elliott H.
Wallace Hodgins Mr. John Brough Mr. Cameron
Walter Albert Einstein
Walter Albert Gravelle
Walter Cameron
Wayne Albert Wilson
Wayne Cameron
Wayne Cameron Patrice Dumouchel
Wayne Cameron’s
Wesley Albert Sparling
Wil- Albert Madoarc
Wilbour Albert McBane
Will J. Cameron
Willa Palmer Mr. William Cameron
William A. Cameron
William Albert
William Albert Arm It
William Albert Hodgins
William Albert Orr
William Albert Orr School Carnival
William Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
William Albert Tweedy
William Albert Tweedy Dies
William Albert.
William Alexander Cameron
William Cameron
William Cameron Celebrates
William Cameron Dies
William Cameron E. Paul......... H. Paul......... H. Stewart......
William Gibson Mr. Albert Chisnell
William Mayor Albert Armstrong
William Sparling Mrs, Bert Stark Mrs. Archie Storey Mrs. Albert Tanner Mrs. Victor Tanner Mrs. Watt
With Mrs Betty Cameron
Wm Cameron
Wright Blue Sea Cameron Bouchette Messine Partie
Wriia Cameron
Write Albert Bolui
Xf Albert R.
Y Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Jl
Year Albert Armstrong Mayor
Young Albert Bertrand
Zachary Cameron
151 Cameron Ave.
Albert Guay
Albert Road Windsor
Ballard 647-2884 l 450 Albert St.
Cameron Amm
Cameron Avenue
Cameron Bay
Cameron Falls
Cameron Farms
Cameron Lake
Cameron Row
Cameron St -Ottawa
Cameron Street
Cameron Trophy
Camp Cameron
Charlotte Cameron
Fort Cameron
Fort Cameron Farm
Green Cameron
Guilde Albert
King Albert
La Albert
La Ronge en Albert
Lake Albert
Mont Albert
Mount Albert
Mrs. Malcolm Cameron
Ottawa River Cameron
Port Albert
Prince Al-Albert
Prince Albert
Prince Albert City
Prince Albert KHIFF
Prince Albert National Park
Prince Albert St
V.*v: l Albert Blackwell
V4 Albert l N*
Vancouver Cameron
W Albert
1.00 Store Albert Morin
15.1 School Municipality of Contact Mrs. Albert Cole
1953-1 Cameron
2nd Star Cubs:-Albert Armstrong
648-2124 Hotel Albert
Al Hotel Albert Super Attractions Organized Games
Albert Brett & Co 8
Albert Co liege
Albert College
Albert College Nt
Albert Council of May
Albert Drug Stores
Albert Durrant Watson
Albert Entertainment Marj°rie Imogene Perry Perry
Albert Everett Arthurs
Albert Fire Committee
Albert Fish
Albert Fork
Albert Funeral
Albert Gilles Copper Shop Inc
Albert Hall
Albert Hotel
Albert Hotel Calumet Island
ALBERT Hotel Ile du Grand Calumet
Albert Lambert
Albert Lamont
Albert Ltd
Albert Mac Alia Other Uramo
Albert Museum
Albert Nault Sons
Albert Oil Holt
Albert Pilon Bristol
Albert Richards Reserve
Albert Rout- Hospital
Albert s Hotel
ALBERT S HOTEL Calumet Island
Albert St P
Albert Telephone
ALBERT THOMA.H Shackling the Country HORSEMEN
Albert Trud- Hospital
Albert Whit Co Ltd office
Albert XN
Albert* Hotel Calumet Island
Albert’s Hotel
ALBERT’S HOTEL Norval Horner
Albert’s Hotel - Calumet
Albert’s Hotel 1 Calumet Island Heavy Rock ’n Roll Split-Leather Handbags
Albert’s Hotel Calumet Island
Albert’s Hotel Calumet Island Q
Albert’s Hotel Gens du Pontiac Le Tourisme Ça
ALBERT’S HOTEL Let Sheppard Motors Ltd.
Albert’s Hotel Low
Albert’s Hotel Samedi
Albert’s Hotel Shawville Curling Recent
American Saddle Horse Murray Lavallee Heavy Harness Albert Quesnel
AMWAY PRODUCTS John Edmond Cameron
Armac’s Stanton’s Garage Carmichael Grocery Hotel Albert A
Association Plage Albert Tremblay
Association Plage Albert Tremblay 1
Betty Cameron
Boots Hockey Sticks Mrs. Albert Kiehnrclson
Brigade Incendie Grand Calumet e Hotel Albert
Bristol Albert Johnston
Bristol Albert St Fteare
Bristol complet-1 Elwood Cameron
Bristol Stomp Saturday Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Bristol; Albert Armstrong
Bryson Councillor Normand Per Bryson Councillor Albert Armstrong
Bryson Lions Park SKI-DOO PARADE Contact C. Cameron
Cameron Farm
Cameron First Bristol Brownie Highlanders
Cameron Line
Cameron Motors
CAMERON. Poplar Bluff
Canadian Industrial Company Albert
Canadian Industrial Company Albert Bt.
Canadian Industrial Company Albert Ht.
Canadian Industrial Company Albert St.
Canadian Trotting Association Zone Director Albert Bourassa
Carson Hodgins Office Supply 2.62; Linda Cameron Library Exp.
CFRB J 8.30—Albert Spalding CRCT
Chal- Hotel Albert
Chapeau Hotel Albert - Calumet Island Kluke
Chichester Council Minutes Albert Me Bane
Christ Church 145 Albert
Civic Hospital Cameron
CLIFF Ltd TORONTO Major Harry Cameron
Commercial School Mrs. Albert Richardson
Community Centre Albert Armstrong
CONTINUING EDUCAtIopTCENTRE History Mayor Albert Arm-Versil Smith
Costume Jewellery; Royal Albert Dlnnerware; Collection Plates; Royal Doulton Figurines; Pinwheel Cr
COUR Provinciale Albert Noult & Fils Inc,
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Cameron Huckabone
DESJARDINS St. Patrick’s Party Albert’s Hotel Barristers
DFR Printing Cameron
District Recreation Association Albert Armstrong
District Snowmobile Club WIND-UP Dance Shawville Community Archie Cameron Dancing
Division — Royce Richardson Albert Armstrong
Donaldson William Cameron
Eagles Wrens Cameron
Financial Statement Albert Armstrong
Fine Harness Horse- Single Hitched Albert Quesnel
Fine Harness Pony-Albert Quesnel
Fine Harness-Albert Keith Harris Roadster
Fish and Wild Life Director Albert
Forest Inn Hotel Albert Berard Laurier Dumouchel
Funeral Ot Mrs. Albert Boulter Pratt s Animal Regulator Conditioner Poultry Regulator
GORILLA AT LARGE Technicolor Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Greaser Party HOTEL ALBERT
Hackney Horse Albert Quesnel
Hallowe’en Party ALBERT’S HOTEL
Health and Welfare Betty Cameron
HODGINS Mrs. Cameron
Hosp. & School Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
Hotel Albert
Hotel Albert Spectacle
HUlcrest Farm Albert Yach
I. Co OS Albert St .
IK H Xf Albert
Ivy Cameron
J & L Cameron
J c Mrs. Albert Hicks
JONATHAN CROWE Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Albert Armstrong
Journal du Pontiac; Bryson Lions; Francine Evans Cameron
KELLY Auctioneer Mrs. Albert Skeldon
Kings GO Novice House Pontiacs*- Cameron Huckobone
Kingsley Smyth Allan Black Urquhart Campbell Cameron Rowat Hewett McCredie
L & W Grocery FORT COULONGE - Francoeur’s Restaurant CALUMET ISLAND-Albert s Hotel
LAC Cameron Rowat
LEAH IVERSON Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Lion Dr. Grant Rogers Lion Doug Fulford Lion Albert Routliffe Lion Ernie Olsen Lion Denzil Yach Lio
Lodge Hotel and Hotel Albert Ages
LOUISE BROWN Equity Editor GATINEAU Jonathan Cameron
Ltd TORONTO Major Harry Cameron
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Ronald Cameron; Percy Me Corriston
Master Wayne Cameron
Messrs Allan Cameron Thor-burn
MISCELLANEOUS Speaker Rev Albert Risky
MM E Cameron
Motion Albert Inspectors-Harokl Easy
Motion Cr Cameron
Mr. Albert Perry
National Albert
Natural Resources Intelligence King Albert
North Country Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
NOTICE Hotel Albert Mr. Linus Hearty
Orient Express Albert Finney Ingrid Bergman FRIDAY
Our Steel Dome and Steel Low Radiator ALBERT COLLEGE
Outaouais Regional League Ronnie Cameron Brad Elliott Joanne Elliott Lynne Cameron Midget Ttems Avl
Paul Cameron
Pavillion du Parc Cameron
Pontiac Albert Dumont
Pontiac Busi- Albert
Pontiac Business Albert Béchamp
Pontiac Chapeau Mayor Albert Collin
Pontiac Co-op Medical HARRIETT CAMERON
PONTIAC Monsieur Albert Vaillant
Pontiac Plow Match Cameron’s Trophy
Portage du Fort Cameron Farm
Portage du Fort Council Minutes Cameron
Portage du Fort Library Cameron
Progressive Conservative Leader Call Dawson Cameron
Quyon Lions Hall Albert Laclasse
Red Cross Mrs. Albert FOR SALE—OneTDeering Binder
Royal Albert
Royal Albert &
Royal Albert CENTENNIAL ROSE China
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hull
Royal Albert Lodge
Royal Albert Mall
Royal Albert Orphan*
Royal Albert Tea Room
Royal Canadian Albert Armstrong
Saddle Horse Albert Quesnel
Shawville Fair Cameron
Shelby Dainty Blue; Royal Albert; Nippon Christmas
Sports Shawville & Valley Auberge Albert’s Hotel
St Albert Mrs. Catherine Glenn
St John s Elementary Principal Albert Béchamp
St Vincent s Cameron
St-Patrice Hotel Albert
SUNCATCHERS Mr. & Mrs. Albert Dubeau & Mr. Cyril Gauthier
Teachers CAMERON
Thérèse Dagenais & Pierre Bujold Hotel Albert Ile du Grand Calumet
TOM JONES Academy Award Winner Adult Albert Finney Sausannah York Mohr
TOM JONES Academy Award Winner Adult Albert Finney Sausannah York Get
US Albert St.
Victoria High School Principal Albert Excellence
View Farm Albert Noult
VN Ontario’s Lieutenant-Governor Albert Mathew*
Wedding Mr. Albert Carman
West End Farm Hackney Horse Stake Albert Hackney Association Junior Driver
West End Stake Albert Quesnel