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.1 Davies

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Possible related entities:

.1 Davies
A. Davies
Albert Davies
Alfred Bretz-nifred Davies
Allan F. Davies
Antony Davies
Armstrong Davies
Art Turner David Davies
Barrie Davies
Barry Muriel Davies
Beatrice Davies
Benjamin Davies
Betty Glyndwr Davies
Bill Davies
Bill Davies Pamela Hahn
Billie Davies
Billy Davies
Bishop Davies
Bob Davies
Brenda Barber Barbara Dagg Isobel Dagg Glyndwr Davies Esther Erley Elizabeth Hodgins Elizabeth Horn
Bryan Alexander Gwenyth Barber Marshall Burke Lois Chamberlain Merwyn Dagg Billy Davies Henry De Vr
C. Davies
C.Langdon Davies
Carey Fi- Davies
Carolyn Davies
Carolyn Davies Apply Minard’e
Cathy Davies
Cathyrn Davies
Chris Davies
Clarence Cuthbertaon Teirtoce Davies
Colleen Davies
Coroner Davies
Corporal Russell Davies Russell Davies
Cr Davies
Crs Davies
D. Davies
D.*ve Davies
DAfe Davies
Dan Davies
Darrell Davies
Darrell Davies For
Darrell Davies Harvey Sweetnian
Darrell Davies Recent
Darrell E Davies
Darrell Emerson Davies
Dave Davies
Dave Davies Karen
Dave Davies Mar
Dave Davies Mrs Tesson Drummond
Dave Davies Named New Lions
Dave Davies President
Dave Davies Seat I
Dave Davies Takes Over Home
Dave Davies Treasurer
Dave Davies Vinton
Dave Davies*
Dave Moore Dwight Davies
Dave Moore Shawville s Kirk Davies
David Davies
David Davies Canon Latimer
David Davies Mr
David L Davies
David L Davies Sgt
David L. Davies
David Llewellyn Davies Obituaries David Brian Smith
David William Davies
Davies Alexander
Davies Karen
Davies Mrs William Creighton
Davies Petroleum
Davies Sharon
Davies Thompson
Denzil Davies
Dl Davies
Doug Davies
Dr. Davies
Dr. Ross Davies
Dr.Ross Davies
Dun- Davies
Dwight Davies
E. Davies
Edward Davies
Elizabeth Davies
Elwyn Davies
Emerson Davies
Emma Davies
Eric Davies
Ethel Davies
Evelyn Davies
F. Davies
Faye McCoy Grade Five Giyndwr Davies
Fred Davies
G. Davies
Gave Davies
Gennifer Davies
George Daszkowski Terry Davies
Glenn Davies
Glvndwr Davies
Glyn Davies
Glyndwr Davies
Gordon Acres • Joan Davies
Grandpa Davies
Greg Davies
H. Davies
Harmb Davies
Harold Smith Norman Wiggins Lennis Zimmerling Jacques Lapointe Garnet Thompson Billy Davies Clarke
He- Robbie Davies
Humphrey Davies
I>avui Davies
Ian Barber and Kirk Davies
Ierry Davies
J. Davies
Jack Davies
James Barber Dave Davies Scat I
James C Davies
James Davies
Jean (Mrs Darrel Davies
Jean (ufhberfson Weds Darrel Davies
Jean Davies
Jean Davies Union Jack Dedicated At Evening
Jenn Davies
Jennifer Davies
Jennifer Davies Campbell
Jennifer Davies Marie
Jennifer Davies Mayhew Lang
Jennifer Davies MLIS
Jennifer Davies MUS
Jennifer Davies Pilgrim
Jennifer Davies Saturday
Jennifer Lynn Davies
Joan Davies
Jodie Davies
John Davies
John Howard Davies
Johnny Cash Kirk Davies
Joseph E. Davies
Jsmee Davies
Karen Davies
Karen Davies Ky- Ra<*’
Kay Davies
Kim Davies
Kirk Davies
Kirk Davies Korbin Young
L H. Davies
L uis Davies
L. Davies
Langdon Davies
Linda Davies
Lord Davies
Louie Davies
Louis Davies
Louis H Davies
Louis H. Davies
Louts Davies
M. Davies
Macdonald College Mrs Dave Davies
Margaret Davies
Marion Davies
Marion Davies Is
Martha Davies
Mary Davies
Matthew Davies
May Davies
Maye Davies
Maynard Davies
Messrs D. Davies
Messrs. Davies
Michael Davies
Michael Davies Hodgins
Michael Davies Mo
Mike Davies
Mildred Mrs. Kirk Davies
Misa Davies
Miss Davies
Mona Davies
Mr Davies
Mr. Bill Davies
Mr. Davies
Mrs. Carmen Widens Terry Davies
Mrs. Dave Davies
Mrs. Davies
Mrs. Glenn Davies
Mrs. M Davies
Mrs. Margaret Davies
Muriel Davies
Muriel Davies Entraîneur
Muriel Davies McGowan
Myles Davies
Myrtle Barber and Maye Davies
Norman Davies
Normand Davies
O. Davies
Oe Anywhere And Tackle Anythin*’’ Doreen Beattie Lynne Bretzlaff Olyndwr Davies Boyd Ebert Lois Dod
Olyn Davies
Olyndwr Davies
P. After Mr. Davies
Parker Davies
Pat John- Terry Davies
Path-1 Davies
Paul Davies
Pete Davies
Peter Davies
R Davies
R. Davies
Randy Davies
Ray Davies
Raymond Davies-
Rev. Dr. Davies
Rhys Davies
Rick Davies
Rita Davies
Robert Davies
Robertson Davies
Ross Davies
Roy Davies
RueckwakJ Grade 3a—Terry Graham Grade 3b—Sharon Davies Grade
Rupert Davies
Russell Davies Pontiac Bridal Fair
Salter Davies
Shannon Davies
Sharon and Karen Davies
Sharon Davies
Shirley Davies
Simon Davies
Susan Davies
T. Davies
Telford Davies
Terrance Davies
Terrence Davies
Terry Davies
Terry Davies Emma Tubman We
Terry Davies Visiting
Theodore Davies
Thomas Davies
Tom Davies
Tommy Davies
Tony Davies
Tune Davies
Valerie Davies
W R. Davies
Watkins Davies
Wayne Df John Davies
William Davies
William Davies Co
William Davies Co.
William Davies Company
William Davies Company Limited
William H. Davies
Davies Ave
Davies Ave.
Davies Mo
Brockville Braves Davies
BRYSON LIONS CLUB BINGO Kirk Davies Pontiac High School
County Council Clyndwyr Davies Weds &
Davies & Co,
Davies Construction Company
Davies Onslow Elementary
Expo Gatineau By JENNIFER DAVIES Pontiac Holstein Club
Ideal Christ ma# Evelyn Davies
KIRK DAVIES Equity Correspondent Walking
LAC Darrell Davies
Lac Larrell Davies
Lion Dave Davies
Lion Gus Draper Dave Davies
Master Corporal Russell Davies Russell Davies
Memorial Golf Tournament Dr. Davies
Motion Cr Davies
Motion CrB Davies
Motion Cre Davies
Motion Dave Davies
MUS Librarian Shawville-Clarendon Library Jennifer Davies MUS
N|illinery Department Davies—Park
Perpetual Church Muriel Davies
Pontiac Community Davies
QPP Jennifer Davies
United Theolog- Dave Davies