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Carol Anne Cameron

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83471_1975-01-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-04-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-06-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-07-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-09-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-10-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-12-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1976-04-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1977-02-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1977-03-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1978-09-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1978-09-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1979-06-27 | .pdf | .txt

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12.00 Albert Cameron-
15 Anne Marie
1972 Carol White Paul Burke N.E
2. Cameron
23,1994 Anne Marie Schwartz Orleans
647-3166 I Betty Cameron
647-5446 Garland Canada Manpower Carol
648-5504 Cameron
7-2618 Cameron
7-3886 Cameron
A* Cameron
A. Cameron
A1 Cameron
Abbott Miss Bertha Cameron
Academic Dean Jo Anne Werner
Adult Entertainment Carol White
Agnes Cameron
Agnes Dean Cameron
Al Anne
Al Cameron
Al Carol Baker
Al Davis,Tiffany Cameron
Alan & Carol Mary Greenshields
Alan Cameron
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Albert Cameron 2.25 Arthur Douglas 2.25 Jack Farrell
Albert Cameron 3.75
Albert Cameron 4.60 Maurice Essiambre
Albert Cameron-
Albert Island Ste Anne
Alex Bathgate B. McClennon J. Cameron
Alex Cameron
Alexander Armitage Armstrong Bean Beattie Black Bradley Cameron Fields Fulford Campbell Gauthier Dr
Alexander Cameron
Alice Anne Dowe
Allan Cameron
Allan Cameron Thor-druggist
Allan Cameron Thurman
Allan Davis Executive Director A.Q.R.E.M. Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
Allan G. Cameron
Allan U. Cameron
Allen Cameron
Alma Cameron
Alva Anne Owen
Amy Anne Jessy
Amy Anne Sheppard After
Amy Cameron
Amy Cameron Class
Amy Cameron Class H - Mobile
Amy Cameron.
Amy Dihmg Cameron Row
An-Miss Anne Henderson
Andre Sixers Carol Sheppard
Andrea Ann Carol Sharon
Andrew Cameron
Andrews Marta Toren Paratrooper Anne Baxter
Angela Anne
Angie Cameron
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Angus Cameron
Ann Cameron
Anna Cameron
Anne "
Anne # Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne * Marie
Anne -
Anne 19h30à21h30
Anne 647-5 0
Anne A
Anne A CPR
Anne a Rev. Marc
Anne Açres
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Anne Adams
Anne Adams Pattern
Anne Adams Pattern Book
Anne Adams Spring I’attcrn Book
Anne Adams Spring Pattern Be
Anne Adams Spring Pattern Book
Anne Aehley
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Anne Aiaeu
Anne Aihley
Anne Alexander
Anne All
Anne Allard
Anne Allen
Anne Allen 3:25
Anne Altha Singleton
Anne Amanda Duouis
Anne Amprior
Anne Amutage
Anne Amy-otic
Anne Amyotte
Anne Amyotte 1:30
Anne An
Anne And
Anne and Chris Duff
Anne and Larry
Anne and Marie
Anne and Pat Lloyd
Anne and William Bowen
Anne and William Bowen Phone
Anne and William Bowen Shewville
Anne Anderson
Anne Anderson Zie Zag’s
Anne Andrews
Anne Anglican Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Ar-
Anne Arm
Anne Armitage
Anne Armitage P.O.
Anne Armitage Sincerely
Anne Armltage Is
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Anne Ashley Bill
Anne Ashley Jones
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Anne Askew
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Anne Auberge Mount Blanc Lorraine
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Anne B Fum
Anne B Fum- Mr. Harland Moffat
Anne B Quesnel
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Anne Baird B Ed
Anne Bancroft
Anne Bancroft IX-NSf
Anne Bancroft - Eddie Albert Top Dance Band
Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Anne Bancroft Patty Duke JACQUELINE KENNEDY
Anne Bancroft Van Heflin
Anne Bancroft Western
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Anne Barrel Race - Liz Mur-
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Anne Boleyn’
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Anne Bonny
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Anne Bowen Hull
Anne Bowie
Anne Bowies
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Anne Brain Peck
Anne Bremner
Anne Breton
Anne Bretton
Anne Bretzlaff
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Anne Brinkworth
Anne Bristol Auto Body
Anne Britdowonh Mrs Jean the
Anne Brochu
Anne Brock
Anne Bronson
Anne Bronte
Anne Brood Mare - Darryl Kealy
Anne Broomball League
Anne Brousseau
Anne Brown
Anne Brownlee
Anne Brunet
Anne Buffet
Anne Burieign
Anne Butler
Anne B»fore
Anne C
Anne Cable
Anne Callaghan
Anne Callahan
Anne Cam*
Anne Cameron
Anne Camp
Anne Campbell
Anne Campeau
Anne Car- Edmond
Anne Carle
Anne Caron
Anne Carpentier
Anne Carroll
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Anne Cartier
Anne Carty
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Anne Catherine Hodgins
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Anne Cemetery
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Anne Charbonneau
Anne Charlie Muldoon
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Anne Charron
Anne Ches- Sr Champion
Anne Cheslock
Anne Chevalier
Anne Chevalier Saturday
Anne Chisnell
Anne Chnstmas
Anne Christmas Carol
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Anne Church
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Anne Clarendon
Anne Clark
Anne Clarke
Anne Clarke Lawson Valette
Anne Class
Anne Closs
Anne Cole
Anne Cole Anniversary
Anne Cole Congratulations
Anne Cole Eariviere Visiting
Anne Cole Robbie Larivière
Anne Cole Traditional
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Anne Com
Anne Compeau
Anne Computers
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Anne Conn
Anne Contant
Anne Continuing
Anne Cools
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Anne Coulter’s
Anne Cowley
Anne Cox
Anne Crawford
Anne Crouse Today
Anne Cun-
Anne Cybulski CSJ,
Anne da Bellevue
Anne Dagenais
Anne Dagenais et Marie France Romain
Anne Dagg
Anne Dahms
Anne Danis
Anne Darling
Anne de
Anne de Haley
Anne de Aline
Anne de Be
Anne de Beaupre
Anne De Beaupre Au- Kim McEwen Clog
Anne de Beaupre Aug.
Anne de Beaupré/Grosse
Anne de Bel-leview
Anne de Belle
Anne de Bellevue
Anne de Bellevue College
Anne de Bellevue June
Anne de Bellevue Troop
Anne de Bellevue*
Anne de E^BSlSiSilISlE
Anne De Luca
Anne de Rvllevue
Anne De Stulkey
Anne de Vile
Anne Dean
Anne Del
Anne Delmas
Anne Denoncourt
Anne Deuprees
Anne Devine
Anne Diesclt
Anne Dollighan
Anne Douglas
Anne Dowc
Anne Dresselt
Anne Dresselt November
Anne Dresselt Otter Lake
Anne Drisner
Anne Drouin
Anne Drysdale
Anne Dubeau
Anne Dumont
Anne Dumouchel
Anne Dumoulin
Anne Duncan
Anne Dunlop
Anne Duplessis Nicole Roy Sandra Boulanger Suzanne Gauthier Lise Meilleur
Anne Duplessis Nicole Roy Suzanne Gauthier Sandra Boulanger Lise Meilleur
Anne Durham
Anne Durocher
Anne Dyelle
Anne E. Elliott
Anne Ebbs
Anne Eganville
Anne Eileen
Anne Elisabeth
Anne Eliza B;«k
Anne Elizabeth Maclean
Anne Elle
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Anne Ethicr
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Anne Fergusson
Anne Ferri-gan
Anne Ferrigan
Anne Fiaschetti)
Anne Fieroben
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Anne Foran Cote
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Anne Francoeur
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Anne Frank • Beyond Rogues Harbour
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Anne Fuincrton
Anne Fuinerton
Anne Fulton
Anne Fum
Anne Fum-erton
Anne Fum-I
Anne Fumcrton
Anne Fumcrton I
Anne Fume
Anne Fumeiton
Anne Fument
Anne Fumenton
Anne Fumer
Anne Fumer*
Anne FUmer-ton
Anne Fumerlon
Anne Fumerton
Anne Fumerton V
Anne Fumerton Corre
Anne Fumerton Corresponde
Anne Fumerton Correspondent
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Senior Citizens
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Sister Marie Massé
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Visiting
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Weekend
Anne Fumerton Mrs Phoebe McCord
Anne Fumerton Recent
Anne Fumerton-corres
Anne Fumerton-Correspondent
Anne Fumerton-for
Anne Fumertui
Anne Fumertun
Anne Fumetrton Secretary—Mrs
Anne Fummeiton
Anne Fummerton
Anne Furr
Anne G
Anne Gable
Anne Gabriel
Anne Gail
Anne Garland
Anne Garnet
Anne Gaudette
Anne Gendron
Anne Gervais
Anne Gibbons
Anne Gleason
Anne Gleason Scanlon
Anne Gloss
Anne God
Anne Goodwin Williams
Anne Gordon
Anne Goulden
Anne Gr
Anne Grace
Anne Grafton
Anne Graham
Anne Graham Is
Anne Graham IvOgan
Anne Graham Logan
Anne Graham Logan 140
Anne Graton
Anne Grattan
Anne Gratton
Anne Gratton Labelle
Anne Graveline
Anne Greer
Anne Gregory
Anne Grevelle
Anne Grice
Anne Grierson
Anne Grotton de Stone
Anne Groulx
Anne Gwynne Alan Curtis
Anne H 133991
Anne Hall
Anne Hamberg
Anne Hamilton
Anne Hampel
Anne Hampel We
Anne Hanna
Anne Hansen
Anne Hansen Low
Anne Happy
Anne Harriet Manning She
Anne Harris
Anne Harrison
Anne Harvey
Anne Haskins
Anne Hatha-incs
Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway’s
Anne Hayes
Anne Hazel
Anne He/ Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Heaphy
Anne Heart
Anne Hearts
Anne Heartv SMTC
Anne Hearty
Anne Hearty Entertainment
Anne Hearty Montreal
Anne Hebert Btanvtte
Anne Heggtveit
Anne Henderson
Anne Hérault
Anne Hermans
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier 646-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne HevFrMwcL Gauther
Anne Hey
Anne Heywood
Anne Hickey
Anne Hilas
Anne Hilda
Anne Hiles
Anne Hill
Anne Him
Anne Hint
Anne Hint’s
Anne Hirat
Anne Hirst
Anne Hirst WELL
Anne Hirsts
Anne Hirst’s
Anne Hittscher
Anne Ho-
Anne Hobbs
Anne Hod
Anne Hodgins
Anne Hodgins Forbes
Anne Hodgins-Forbes
Anne Hodgins’ Funny Farm
Anne Hodjgins
Anne Hodson
Anne HOes
Anne Hogan
Anne Hogarth
Anne Holey
Anne Holeyn
Anne Holmes
Anne Homer
Anne Horner
Anne Horsfield
Anne Hudgins
Anne HuhM Mr Owen Sloen Jr.
Anne Humphrey
Anne Hunloke
Anne Hunter
Anne I
Anne I Forbes
Anne î1*
Anne Iierney
Anne Ireland
Anne Ireland’s
Anne IRomain
Anne It
Anne Itarmird
Anne Jackson Tancrede
Anne Jacques Jr.
Anne Jane
Anne Jane Fades
Anne Jane Hcdgins
Anne Jane McDowell
Anne Jane Melvyn Smith
Anne Jane Scully
Anne Jane the
Anne Je
Anne Je Bellevue
Anne Jean Wilson
Anne Jean-Guy Lallemand
Anne Jeanine
Anne Jen- Schwartz
Anne Jewell
Anne John Dagg
Anne Johnny
Anne Johnsen
Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson On-
Anne Johnston
Anne Joseph Rooney
Anne Josephine Rubay
Anne Judd
Anne Julie
Anne Julie Villeneuve
Anne Julie Villeneuw
Anne K
Anne Keenan
Anne Keimpe Fi
Anne Kelley
Anne Kelly
Anne Ken Beaudoin
Anne Kennedy
Anne Kennedy This
Anne Keon
Anne Kerr
Anne Kerwyn
Anne Kil- Mabel Dowe
Anne Kileen
Anne Kimball
Anne Kingdom
Anne Kirkpatrick
Anne Klukc
Anne Kluke
Anne Kristen Stanley
Anne L annexe
Anne L Sinclair
Anne La
Anne La-bine
Anne Labadie
Anne Labelle
Anne Labrecque
Anne Laçasse
Anne LaCharity
Anne Lacroix
Anne Lafleur
Anne Lafram
Anne Laframboise
Anne Laframboise Driver
Anne Lahine
Anne Lamothe
Anne Lanaux
Anne Lance
Anne Landry
Anne Lane-Maunder
Anne Langton
Anne Lanois
Anne Lanoix
Anne Larabie
Anne Larente
Anne Laroche
Anne LaRose
Anne LaRue June
Anne LaSal
Anne Laura Schwartz
Anne Laurin
Anne Lavigne
Anne Lavoie
Anne Lavoie-Marion
Anne Lawless
Anne Lawn
Anne Lcpack
Anne Leach
Anne Leader
Anne LeBrun Ruff
Anne Lee
Anne Legault
Anne Leigh Ann Charettc Dressault
Anne Lemaire
Anne Lepack
Anne Leslie
Anne Levesque
Anne Light
Anne Lindsay
Anne Link
Anne Lipocatiere
Anne Little
Anne Lloyd
Anne Loiselle
Anne Louise Carson
Anne Louise Howard
Anne Lowe
Anne Luciille
Anne Lucille Stanley
Anne Lupien
Anne Lupien CambpelTs Bay
Anne Lush
Anne Lusk
Anne Lusk Tel
Anne Lusk’s
Anne Luts
Anne Ly
Anne Lynn
Anne Lynn St Cyr
Anne Lyrette-Fortin
Anne M. Lusk
Anne Ma
Anne Ma-
Anne Ma- Saturday
Anne Ma-friends
Anne Mac-Cormack
Anne MacCalhim
Anne MacCallum
Anne MacKey Mar
Anne MacKnight
Anne Macnab
Anne MacUallum
Anne Mae St Aubin
Anne Mage
Anne Mageau
Anne Mageau Address Postal Code-------------------— Pontiac
Anne Mageau Georges Robltallle
Anne Maheral
Anne Maiie
Anne Maillet
Anne Majeau
Anne Malham
Anne Maloney Donald Ac Brenda Maloney Morgan
Anne Mane
Anne Mane Belleou
Anne Mane Delorme
Anne Mane Du
Anne Mane Fran- Dean
Anne Mane His
Anne Manning
Anne Margaret.
Anne Marie
Anne Marie 12.30-2
Anne Marie Ad- Dale
Anne Marie Adam
Anne Marie Alexander
Anne Marie Allan
Anne Marie and
Anne Marie and Marie France
Anne Marie Brennan
Anne Marie Bretzlaff
Anne Marie Dean
Anne Marie descended Tanner Jr
Anne Marie Don-lan
Anne Marie Donian
Anne Marie Donlan
Anne Marie Du
Anne Marie Dubeau
Anne Marie Equity
Anne Marie Fenton
Anne Marie Gervais
Anne Marie Geue
Anne Marie Godin
Anne Marie Hamilton
Anne Marie Haymen
Anne Marie Hydro Quehei
Anne Marie Johnson
Anne Marie Kershaw
Anne Marie La Salle
Anne Marie La-1 Salie
Anne Marie Lalonde
Anne Marie Larue
Anne Marie LaSalle
Anne Marie Leduc
Anne Marie Lewis
Anne Marie Muldoon
Anne Marie Retty
Anne Marie Rochon
Anne Marie Roll
Anne Marie Sharpe
Anne Marie Smith
Anne Marie Sullivan
Anne Marie Tartines
Anne Marie Thompson
Anne Marie Tra
Anne Marie Tracey
Anne Marie Tracy
Anne Marie Tracy Dods
Anne Marie)
Anne Marie.
Anne Marion
Anne Marks
Anne Marl
Anne Marshall
Anne Martin
Anne Martine Rochon Jacob Taylor Porteous Stephen Alexander Cody William Kelly Jeremy Robert Mako H
Anne Mary Du
Anne Mary Ellen
Anne Mary Tierney
Anne Maureen
Anne May
Anne May Moore
Anne May Way
Anne Mc
Anne Mc-Cutcheon
Anne Mc-Sweeney
Anne McBane
Anne McCabe
Anne McCauley
Anne McConnell
Anne McConnell Colleen Zac
Anne McConnell Dan
Anne McConnell Dan Tremblay Bob and Jennfier Orr Kelly
Anne McConnell) Kelly
Anne McCowell
Anne McCrank
Anne McGee
Anne McGee Connie McGee
Anne McGlnity Powks
Anne McGow- Frpnrh Un
Anne McGowan
Anne McGowan Bell
Anne McGuff
Anne McGuire
Anne McIntosh
Anne McKenna
Anne McKinnon
Anne McLaren
Anne McLaughlin
Anne McLcUan
Anne McLel- Shawv.llc/Clarendon
Anne McLellan
Anne McMahon
Anne McManus
Anne McMillan
Anne McNeil - Renfrew
Anne McPhail
Anne McRae
Anne McSweeny
Anne Me-
Anne Mee
Anne Meehan
Anne Meilke
Anne Meilleur
Anne Mens
Anne Merchand
Anne Meredith
Anne Merle Dean
Anne Mi
Anne Michael
Anne Miner
Anne Minka
Anne Mitchell
Anne Mongeau
Anne Monsieur Alain Boivin
Anne Montague
Anne Montaque
Anne Moore
Anne Morgan
Anne Morris
Anne Morrisey
Anne Morrissey
Anne Morrow
Anne Morrow Chicago—Womfln
Anne Mousseau
Anne Mousseau Gerard
Anne Moyle
Anne Mr. Quildry
Anne Mrs
Anne Mrs Ernie Hearty
Anne Mrs,
Anne Muldoon
Anne Munray
Anne Mur-
Anne Murdock
Anne Murphy
Anne Murray
Anne Murray Leroy Palmer
Anne Murray Super Special Mon
Anne Murray Teena Murray
Anne My
Anne Myles
Anne Nagel
Anne Nagle Trevor Howard Sat.
Anne Neville
Anne Nicholas
Anne Noel
Anne Nora
Anne Norrie
Anne Norris
Anne Norris Alligator
Anne Norris Bv SADIE
Anne Norris I
Anne Norris’s
Anne Nugent
Anne O Brien
Anne O Brien Shot Put
Anne O Hare McCormick
Anne O S iaugh-Ï
Anne O Shaugh
Anne O Shaughnessy Pereira
Anne O Shaugnessy
Anne O Shaunvssy
Anne Olmstead
Anne Orr
Anne Ottawa
Anne Oygl
Anne O’Brien
Anne O’Connell
Anne O’Shaughnessy
Anne P.O.
Anne Pa
Anne Pa-try
Anne Pall
Anne Panasuk
Anne Paquin
Anne Paquin Directrice
Anne Paquln
Anne Paré
Anne Parish
Anne Parliament
Anne Pasch
Anne Paterson
Anne Patry
Anne Patry de Fort-Cou- Québec
Anne Patten
Anne Pearson
Anne Phelps
Anne Phillip
Anne Phipps
Anne Picard
Anne Picture
Anne Piechkd
Anne Pier
Anne Pieschke
Anne Pigeon
Anne Pilon
Anne Pine
Anne Piric
Anne Pirie
Anne Pleau
Anne Pleau These
Anne Poitevin
Anne Poole
Anne Porter
Anne Possion
Anne Power
Anne Pronovost
Anne Proulx
Anne Proulx Cami-
Anne Pumcrton
Anne Pumerton
Anne Queale
Anne Quinn
Anne Quyon
Anne R Burton
Anne R*w Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne R. Burton
Anne Racine
Anne Radey
Anne Rady
Anne Ramsay Tina Kelly WePC Langtortfs Grocery
Anne Ranger
Anne Re-
Anne Re/ Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne Read
Anne Recent
Anne Regan
Anne Régimbald
Anne Régimbald Municipalité Bristol
Anne Regimhald
Anne Rer Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Return
Anne Rev Fr Marc
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gather 648
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Associated Gospel
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Mease Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne Rev Rev Merc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Wesley United Ouyon Unted Baptist Mixed Stag
Anne Rich- Lorraine
Anne Richard
Anne Riedel
Anne Ringrose
Anne Rioux
Anne Ritchie
Anne Rittscher
Anne Riviere Bom
Anne Roach
Anne Roberts
Anne Robertson
Anne Robi-
Anne Robin Hood Spec.
Anne Robinson
Anne Rochon
Anne Roehon.who
Anne Rogers
Anne Roleyn
Anne Romain
Anne Romain-
Anne Romain-Duff
Anne Romaln-Duff
Anne Rondeau
Anne Ronnie.
Anne Roohan
Anne Rose
Anne Rut
Anne Rutledge
Anne Rw
Anne Ryan Gagnon
Anne R« Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne R«z Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne s Rev. Marc
Anne s Rev. Marc I
Anne s Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne s Rev. Marc L. Gauthier
Anne s Rev. Matt
Anne s Rev. Mure
Anne Salmon
Anne Salyniuk
Anne Sammn
Anne Sammon
Anne Sammon Dan Ebert
Anne Sandra
Anne Saturday
Anne Sau
Anne Sauriol
Anne Savage
Anne Scantabury
Anne Scarfe
Anne Scharf
Anne Scharf -
Anne Scharf - Western Pleasure
Anne Scharf Skip On Bv Roland
Anne Scharfe
Anne Schmeling
Anne School
Anne School Ile
Anne Schroder Condition
Anne Schwartz
Anne Scott
Anne Sempels
Anne Sharfe
Anne Shawville
Anne Shawville Lions Club
Anne Shea
Anne Sheppard
Anne Shirley
Anne Sic- Recreation
Anne Since
Anne Sinclair
Anne Sisson
Anne Sloan
Anne Sly
Anne Smca
Anne Smith
Anne Smith Lochrie
Anne Smith Ottawa
Anne Smyrmer
Anne Sneÿ^prï
Anne Somerville
Anne Sophia
Anne Sparling
Anne Spear
Anne Sroda
Anne St
Anne St Jean
Anne St Pierre
Anne St.
Anne Stafford
Anne Stan- Smocked
Anne Standard
Anne Stanley
Anne Stanley Pontiac
Anne Stanley-Levesque
Anne Ste-
Anne Steel-A-Deal - Quonset
Anne Stephens
Anne Stephenson
Anne Stevens
Anne Stevens Nancy Tubman
Anne Stew
Anne Stewart
Anne Storey
Anne Storm
Anne Strutt
Anne Sullivan
Anne Sutherland
Anne Swanson
Anne Szovak
Anne Tanner’s
Anne Taylor
Anne Tel
Anne Telford
Anne Tessier
Anne Thackeray
Anne Thanksgiving
Anne The
Anne Then
Anne Thibodeau
Anne Thomas
Anne Thompson
Anne Thompson’s
Anne Threlfall
Anne Tienhl*y
Anne Tierney
Anne Time
Anne To
Anne Toy**.
Anne Tracy
Anne Trowsse
Anne Trudeau
Anne Trudeau Mr
Anne Tubman
Anne Turcotte
Anne Turnbull
Anne Turner-ton
Anne Ufleur
Anne Unity
Anne Urbaitis
Anne Urbaitis Saskatoon
Anne Usher
Anne U«tl>
Anne Vaillancourt
Anne Values
Anne Van Druten
Anne Van Du-dear
Anne Vernon Battle Circus Dean Martin Sat.
Anne Verret
Anne Villeneuve
Anne Visiting
Anne Walker
Anne Wallis
Anne Walnut Table
Anne Waterman Guests
Anne We
Anne Weekend
Anne Welch
Anne Whalen
Anne Whalen AUCTIONEERS Smith
Anne What
Anne Wheel Vehicle
Anne Whelan
Anne Whilde
Anne Wilcox
Anne Wilsnn
Anne Wilson
Anne Wilson Call
Anne Winslow
Anne Wished
Anne Wlndle
Anne Wrinn
Anne y Richardson
Anne Yach
Anne Young
Anne Yurkicwicz
Anne Zacharias
Anne Zovak
Anne Zuker
Anne ^ib4
Anne _ Kluke
Anne) Leach
Anne- Chutes
Anne- Faye Stafford
Anne-Alexandra Gloss
Anne-Élisabeth Ngo Minka
Anne-Gabrielle Berthraud
Anne-Marie Adam
Anne-Marie Barber
Anne-Marie Belleau
Anne-Marie Cartier
Anne-Marie Davis
Anne-Marie Laroche
Anne-Marie Mongrain
Anne-Marie St-Onge de Val-Brillant
Anne-Marie Sullivan
Anne-Marie Tracy
Anne-Marie Vaz
Annette Lepine Anna Porter Cameron
Anne’s C W.L.
Anne’s C.W.L.
Anne’s Church
Anne’s L K Mise Chumlier*
Antique Articles Carol Anne
Archie Cameron
Archie Cameron Dancing
Archie Cameron Orchestra
Arlene Anne
Armitage Carol
Armstrong Carol Hodgins
Art Cameron
Arthur Cameron
Arthur Carol Baker
Arthur Kilgour Mrs Cameron
Arthur Rowat Cameron Rowat
Ask Anne And
Ask Anne Hirst
At Carol
Audrey Anne Rivest
Audrey Anne Rlvest
Audrey Cameron
Aug. Anne Hodgins
Aunt Carol
Aunt Mary-Anne Larose
Avon/Carol Tollman
Award Carol Pntchard Fine
B C Carol McGlade
B H Cameron
B-m F % Miss Lee Anne Smith
B. Cameron
B. Cameron Membership Chairman
B.H. Cameron
Barbara Ann Cameron
Barbara Anne
Barbara Anne Camerofi
Barbara Anne Cameron
Barbara Anne Desabrais
Barbara Anne Mr.
Barbara Anne Newberry
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Barbara Anne Scott
Barbara Arne Cameron
Barbara Cameron
Barbara Cameron George Lavoie
Barbara Patricia Susan Kathleen Carol Nancy Margaret Diane Marg
Barbara Tanguay S* Barbara Cameron
Barbare Anne
Barbrara Ann Cameron
Barker Anne Bancroft
Bay Pastoral Charga Anne Fumerton
Bemle Cameron
Berards Inc. Carol Chew Adult Only
Bernard Cameron
Bernard H. Cameron
Bernice Cameron
Bert Anne Brownlee
Bertha Cameron
Bet- Carol Elliott
Beth Anne Cole
Beth Cameron
Beth Carol
Betty Anne
Betty Anne Hogan
Betty Anne Mul- Louisa Dowe
Betty Anne Muldoon
Betty Anne Muldoon Qet
Betty Anne Paul
Betty Anne Scott
Betty Anne Spence
Betty B Cameron
Betty Cameron
Betty Cameron - Health
Betty Cameron 647-2672
Betty Cameron 9
Betty Cameron A
Betty Cameron Cameron
Betty Cameron Her
Betty Cameron Î
Betty Cameron McCoshen
Betty Cameron Shawville _
Betty Cameron To
Betty Cameron’s
Beu- Cameron
Beverley Anne
Beverley Anne Campbell
Beverley Anne Campbell Weds John Arthur McNeill Grains
Beverley Anne Harris
Beverley Anne Mc-charge
Beverley Anne Tanner
Beverley Carol
Beverly Anne
Beverly Anne Gill
Bey Mrs. Cameron
Bhrood Cameron
Bill 1- Joan- Carol> Munel
Bill Anne McConnell
Bill Cameron
Bill Carol
Bill Carol Gilks
Billy and Anne
Billy and Margaret II Cameron Shearer
Billy Anne Bergeron
Billy Anne Marie Schlievert
Billy Carson June Dale Dora Harris Ruth Hobbs Joan Homer Durrell Smith Carol Stephens Eileen Watson
BILLY GRAHAM Presents Rod Cameron Vera Ralston
Bluebirds Robins Canaries Kingfishers Eagles Wrens Cameron
Bob and Anne
Bob and Anne Bowen
Bob and Carol Campbell
Bob and Carol Floyd
Bob and Carol Floyd.
Bob and Carol Smith
Bob Anne Mane Retty
Bob Cameron
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bonnie Cameron
Bonnie-Anne Gagné
boR6 Anne
Brenda Cameron
Brenda Cameron Mias Golden Age
Brenda Cameron Musgrove
Brenda Cameron.
Brenda P#arl Anne
Brett Cameron
Brett Cameron LEAH
Bretzloff Carol
Brian and Anne Marie
Brian and Jo Anne
Brian and Jo Anne Telford
Brian June Cameron
Brownlee Mitchell Mackenzie Carol Marie
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Campbell Anne Butler
Bubbles Carol
By Anne Anneraon
By Anne Ashley
By Jo Anne Nimchuk
C D. T. Cameron
C-Scope Van Johnson Marline Carol Each Person Admitted
C. Cameron
C. K I. Carol Thompson
Cady Anne
Caileigh-Anne Sullivan
Cain Cameron
Call Anne Marie
Call Dawson Cameron
Cameron - Graham
Cameron - Mr Lloyd Horner
Cameron - Wayne
Cameron A
Cameron A Co.
Cameron A Heap
Cameron A Somerville R. Ritchie Ed.
Cameron Alexander
Cameron An
Cameron and McMillan
Cameron Arnold Sloan
Cameron Bakker
Cameron Bancroft
Cameron Baskerville
Cameron Bate
Cameron Beaudoin
Cameron Bernier
Cameron Bimm Ltd.
Cameron Bond
Cameron Bowie
Cameron Box
Cameron Boxall RAYMOND
Cameron Bros,
Cameron Bros.
Cameron Buckingham
Cameron But
Cameron Cameron
Cameron Candow
Cameron Charles Kylie Hope McGuire/Chiasson
Cameron Clark
Cameron Coffee Table Arrangement
Cameron Collins
Cameron Correction Plan
Cameron Dahlia
Cameron Defendant
Cameron Design
Cameron Douglas
Cameron Dr.
Cameron E. Dow
Cameron Edgar
Cameron Equity
Cameron Farm
Cameron Farms
Cameron Fluckabone
Cameron French Marigolds
Cameron Grant
Cameron Grant Ferrigan
Cameron Gregory
Cameron Gully
Cameron Hawkins
Cameron Highlander
Cameron Highlanders
Cameron HiglUaiulcrx Ottawa
Cameron Hodgins
Cameron Hope
Cameron Huckabone
Cameron Hyland Band
Cameron I
Cameron J Technicolor May
Cameron Jeffrey
Cameron Jeffrey Saturdas
Cameron Keen
Cameron Kingsley Smyth
Cameron Kowat’s
Cameron Kyle Zic Dawn
Cameron Lake
Cameron Loken
Cameron Matthew
Cameron Melvin Smith
Cameron Misa I. Shaw
Cameron Miss I. Shaw Phone SI.
Cameron Mitchel White Leghorn
Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell Dods
Cameron Mitchell l- Isabelle Carey
Cameron Mitchell Ml
Cameron Mitchell Technicolour
Cameron Mitchell Tyrone Power Line
Cameron Mne M*b-1 Chapman
Cameron Momson
Cameron Montreal
Cameron Morrison
Cameron Motors
Cameron Moyer School Supplies John S. Hodgins
Cameron Mr.
Cameron Mrs Frank Cahill
Cameron Mrs. Jemima Cameron
Cameron Orchestra Dancing
Cameron Orchestre
Cameron Paulin
Cameron Plaunt
Cameron Pontiac Ladies Fastball
Cameron R
Cameron Ralph
Cameron Rayner
Cameron Rcwat
Cameron Richardson
Cameron Rirharrl
Cameron Row
Cameron Rowai
Cameron Rowat
Cameron Ruth
Cameron Scuccimara
Cameron Scuccimava
Cameron Sharpe
Cameron Shawville
Cameron Shield
Cameron Smith
Cameron Sra
Cameron St.
Cameron Stanton
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Storr Stronach
Cameron Subs
Cameron The
Cameron Thomas Gordon Smith
Cameron Thomso
Cameron Toronto
Cameron Trophy Ray Dumouche
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Cameron Wednesday
Cameron White
Cameron Williams
Cameron Wishard
Cameron Yule
Canada Manpower Carol
Candace Anne
Captain Cameron
Captain Carol Holmes
Carmen Cameron
Carol CAilfiMl
Carol We
Carol "
Carol & Brandon Papère Benny
Carol A. Thompson
Carol Aim Richardson
Carol Aimitage
Carol Allain
Carol Alt
Carol Amyotte
Carol and Betty
Carol and Kathleen Cant For Ice
Carol Anderson
Carol Angela Lance
Carol Ann
Carol Ann Albertson
Carol Ann And
Carol Ann and William Kinmond
Carol Ann Anniversary
Carol Ann Antique Cet Relly
Carol Ann Beery
Carol Ann Bowers
Carol Ann Ca
Carol Ann Cam-meron
Carol Ann Came
Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Ann Cameron 1
Carol Ann Cameron 2
Carol Ann Cameron 6
Carol Ann Cameron Xts Cornu
Carol Ann Camerson
Carol Ann Caron’s Donna Gagnon
Carol Ann Caswell
Carol Ann Chaput
Carol Ann Chenier
Carol Ann Child
Carol Ann Clark
Carol Ann Corm- Our
Carol Ann Cormier
Carol Ann Cotman
Carol Ann Cromier
Carol Ann Descenzo
Carol Ann Fin-
Carol Ann Fin-the
Carol Ann Finlan
Carol Ann Finlan 1
Carol Ann Finlan Rhon- Carol Ann Finlan
Carol Ann Finlay
Carol Ann Foley
Carol Ann Foley 1
Carol Ann Foley On
Carol Ann Following
Carol Ann Fotey
Carol Ann France
Carol Ann Gagnon
Carol Ann Gingras
Carol Ann Greffiers
Carol Ann Happy
Carol Ann Herd
Carol Ann Hickey
Carol Ann Hod
Carol Ann Hodgins
Carol Ann Hodglns
Carol Ann Holt
Carol Ann Hopper
Carol Ann Horn
Carol Ann Hudgins
Carol Ann i0r.
Carol Ann Janzen
Carol Ann Johnson
Carol Ann King
Carol Ann Lamarche
Carol Ann Laroche
Carol Ann Leigh
Carol Ann Logue
Carol Ann Mahoney
Carol Ann Many
Carol Ann Marilyn Fahey Carrot Muffins - Carol
Carol Ann Meahan
Carol Ann Meehan
Carol Ann Meghan
Carol Ann Mountain
Carol Ann Namur
Carol Ann O Brian
Carol Ann O Brien
Carol Ann O’Brian
Carol Ann Polato
Carol Ann Richardson
Carol Ann Samedi
Carol Ann Shorv D U D D H Carried P D
Carol Ann Shroeder
Carol Ann Smiley
Carol Ann Smith
Carol Ann Soucie
Carol Ann Stenerson
Carol Ann TFinlan
Carol Ann The
Carol Ann Thompson
Carol Ann Thomson
Carol Ann WeJch
Carol Ann Welch
Carol Ann Wight
Carol Ann Williams
Carol Ann Williams -
Carol Anne
Carol Anne 37C
Carol Anne Amot Homer
Carol Anne and Larry
Carol Anne Cameron
Carol Anne Clark
Carol Anne Claude Therien
Carol Anne Cormier
Carol Anne Elizabeth
Carol Anne Elizabeth Lajeunesse Marries Norva
Carol Anne Foley
Carol Anne Grenier
Carol Anne Hickey
Carol Anne Hodgins
Carol Anne Howard
Carol Anne I
Carol Anne Janzen
Carol Anne Lapierre
Carol Anne Laroche
Carol Anne Meehan
Carol Anne O Brien
Carol Anne Ri- Grade IX B Yach Betty Hamilton
Carol Anne Richardson
Carol Anne Sheppard
Carol Anne Tragedy
Carol Anne Tremblay
Carol Anne.
Carol Ann’s
Carol Arïn Thomp
Carol Arm
Carol Arm Hopper
Carol Arm Smiley
Carol Armi- Mary’s Church
Carol Armitage
Carol Armitage Cluff
Carol Artist VG
Carol Ashton
Carol Audrey
Carol Bain
Carol Bain Hickey
Carol Bak
Carol Baker
Carol Barbe*
Carol Barber
Carol Barber.
Carol Barr
Carol Bay
Carol Bayliss
Carol BB Sheppard Kearnan
Carol Bcllcfcuillc
Carol Bean
Carol Bean Carl
Carol Beatrice Dubeau
Carol Beaudoin
Carol Beck
Carol Beechgrove Winter Carnival
Carol Beet
Carol Bell
Carol Belland
Carol Belland Hull
Carol Belle- Shawville
Carol Ben-
Carol Ben- Daley
Carol Bennett
Carol Bennett About
Carol Bennett Opal Emmerson Daltoh Fraser Philip Long
Carol Berge
Carol Bergeron
Carol Bertrand
Carol Best
Carol Bestard
Carol Billey
Carol Billy Carson
Carol Birthday
Carol Black
Carol Boily
Carol Boily Proposed
Carol Boland
Carol Bolduc.
Carol Boucher
Carol Boudreau
Carol Brctzloff
Carol Breem
Carol Brendan Sauriol
Carol Bret/laîï-Holmcs
Carol BretakÜ Holmes
Carol Bretieft “White Blrehes
Carol Bretiloff
Carol BretlofT Holmes Amelia
Carol Bretslaff
Carol Bretsloff
Carol Bretxloff
Carol Bretz
Carol Bretz-loff
Carol Bretz-loff Holmes
Carol Bretz-The
Carol Bretzlaff
Carol Bretzlaff Clarence C. Smart
Carol Bretzlaff Holmes
Carol Bretzlaff Some
Carol Bretzlaff’s
Carol Bretzlbff
Carol Bretzloff
Carol Bretzloff Québec
Carol Bretzloff - Western Quebec
Carol Bretzloff Aylmer
Carol Bretzloff Fee
Carol Bretzloff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clarendon Dear Editor Who
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clay Workshop "
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Have
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Sylvia Bretzloff Robb
Carol Bretzloff Holmes V Ml
Carol Bretzloff Honourable
Carol Bretzloff Lake
Carol Bretzloff Sandier-Regier
Carol Bretzloff-Holmes
Carol Bretzloffs
Carol Bretzlofif
Carol Bretzloflf
Carol BretzlofT
Carol BretzloT
Carol Brian
Carol Brice
Carol Brooks
Carol Brousseau
Carol Brousseau Mrs Des McLaughlin
Carol Brown
Carol Brunet
Carol Brunet Occupation
Carol Brusseau
Carol Brussiere
Carol Bull
Carol Burnett
Carol Burnette
Carol Bussiere
Carol Bym
Carol Byrne
Carol Camfield
Carol Campbell
Carol Cantata
Carol Cape Ho
Carol Capek
Carol Carey
Carol Carnegie
Carol Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Carried Million Away
Carol Chad
Carol Chamberlain
Carol Channing
Carol Chapeau
Carol Chase Most Valuable Player
Carol Chaussé
Carol Chenard Brooks
Carol Chevrier
Carol Chevrier Saturday
Carol Christenson
Carol Citizens
Carol Clark
Carol Clark Carol Clark
Carol Clark Our March
Carol Clark Schroeder)
Carol Clark Wedding
Carol Clarke
Carol Clark’s
Carol Cloutier
Carol Cole
Carol Cole 648
Carol Cole 84753C08 Wilson
Carol Cole CHARGE.
Carol Cole ph0ne
Carol Comba
Carol Community Hospital
Carol Congratulations
Carol Congratulations Connie
Carol Conlon Rees Municipale
Carol Connecticut
Carol Conrod
Carol Continued
Carol Costume Judges
Carol Cote
Carol Coulonge
Carol Coy
Carol Crozier Tuesday
Carol Cum
Carol Cummings
Carol Cybulski
Carol Dale
Carol Dale.
Carol Daley McGlade
Carol Daw
Carol Dawn
Carol Dawn Orr
Carol Dawson
Carol DBS
Carol De LaDuarantaye
Carol Decks
Carol Deeks
Carol Dekes Carol
Carol Demeo
Carol Dick-
Carol Dickson
Carol Discussion
Carol Dixon
Carol Do
Carol Donald 11.00
Carol Donaldson Ottawa
Carol Donna Stephens
Carol Donnenburg
Carol Doran
Carol Dorans Citizen
Carol Doreen Theriault
Carol Dorothy
Carol Douglas
Carol Dowdall
Carol Draper
Carol Du-faulL Doc Williams
Carol Du-feault
Carol DufauK
Carol Dufault
Carol Dufeault
Carol E. Smith
Carol Easton
Carol Economics - Isabel Graham
Carol El- Scottish
Carol Elliott
Carol Emergency Staff
Carol Emmerson
Carol Essiambre
Carol Essiambre Sorry Beth
Carol Essiambre’s
Carol EUioU
Carol Evidently
Carol Faulkner
Carol Feirabend Mrs. Eva Tubman * Carol Frederick
Carol Ferckens
Carol Fetch
Carol First
Carol Floyd
Carol Floyd NU-¦’ • BIAN- Tip Top Ms. Harmony
Carol Floyd.
Carol Foley
Carol Forgues
Carol Fortin
Carol Francis
Carol Freda
Carol Freda Bean
Carol Friday
Carol Gaggie
Carol Gagnon
Carol Garlough
Carol Gérard Perriard
Carol Gifford
Carol Gilks
Carol Goar
Carol God
Carol Goodfeilow
Carol Goodman
Carol Gor-ansson
Carol Gordon
Carol Graham
Carol Grant
Carol Gray
Carol Great
Carol Great Grandchildren
Carol Green
Carol Gregory
Carol Gregory I #
Carol Gregory Save Up
Carol Gregory.
Carol Gumming»
Carol Haley
Carol Halifax
Carol Hall
Carol Hamel
Carol Hare
Carol Hart Someone
Carol Hazard
Carol Hearst
Carol Hearty
Carol Hel- Michel Plante Shawville
Carol Helen Robinson
Carol Helleyer
Carol Henry
Carol Hensley
Carol Hérault
Carol Herbert
Carol Herrault
Carol HI.
Carol Hobbs
Carol Hod
Carol Hodgina
Carol Hodgins
Carol Hodgms
Carol Hodrins
Carol Holland
Carol Holmes
Carol Home
Carol Home Economics - Clark
Carol Homer
Carol Hor-Llovd Balharrie
Carol Hor-tier
Carol Horigins
Carol Horner
Carol Howard -
Carol Howard Killoran
Carol Howard Killoran Opening Vernissage
Carol Howard Killoran Opening Vernissage Friday
Carol Howard-Killoran
Carol Hupé
Carol I
Carol I Choquette
Carol I Clark
Carol I Porter
Carol I-itUe
Carol If
Carol II
Carol Inglee
Carol Invest
Carol Invest-
Carol Invest- Ministry
Carol Investment Co.
Carol Investment Ltd
Carol Investments Ltd
Carol Investments Ltd.
Carol Investments Please
Carol Invites
Carol Jackson
Carol James Street
Carol Jane Pachl
Carol Jason
Carol Jean-Marie
Carol Jeanine Morin
Carol Jef-Africa
Carol Jersey
Carol Jodoin
Carol Jodoin Bryson
Carol John 8
Carol John-
Carol Johnstcÿ
Carol Johnston
Carol Joumled
Carol Joyfully
Carol Joynt
Carol Judd
Carol June
Carol June 12,1978
Carol Junior Champion
Carol Junior Drama Festival
Carol Kava
Carol Kava- Jimmy McGee
Carol Kavanagh
Carol Kavanagh Bertrand
Carol Kavanagh Church Hall
Carol Kavanagh Luise Schulz
Carol Kavanagh Saturday
Carol Kavanagh Scripture
Carol Kavanaugh
Carol Kavangh
Carol Kavauagh
Carol Kealey
Carol Keaman
Carol Keanan
Carol Kear- Crnve
Carol Kear- Kingsbury
Carol Kear-nan
Carol Kear-They
Carol Kearaan
Carol Kearnan
Carol Ken&ley
Carol Ken-sley
Carol Kenaley
Carol Kensley
Carol Kil-gour
Carol Kilgour
Carol Kin-out
Carol Knock
Carol Kon
Carol Kowat
Carol Krause
Carol Krose
Carol Krozier
Carol Kryszpin
Carol Kyrie Brink
Carol La
Carol La Barre
Carol La-Bonte
Carol Laabs
Carol Lacroix
Carol Laderoute
Carol Ladies Afternoon Dress
Carol Ladouceur
Carol Ladoucouer
Carol Lamarre
Carol Lamure
Carol Lance
Carol Lance.
Carol Landing
Carol Lang
Carol Lang Beck
Carol Lapointe
Carol Lapointe fui-1 Di#tri.ct
Carol Larmour
Carol Latray
Carol Latray Jack Walls
Carol Lavigne
Carol Lawton
Carol Le
Carol Le-bury
Carol Legault
Carol Lelicvc
Carol Lem--IIaire
Carol Lemaipe
Carol Lemaire
Carol Lemaire Miss Janice Riebertz
Carol Lemaire 101111
Carol Lemaire Karl Gocarwuon
Carol Lemare
Carol Lems Ire
Carol Leonard
Carol Lepine
Carol Linda Sheppard
Carol Lindsay
Carol Lions Hall
Carol Little
Carol Little Marries John Lewis Burrill
Carol Loney
Carol Lord
Carol Louise Booker
Carol Louise Stein
Carol Ltd.
Carol Lynch
Carol Lynley
Carol Lynley Disney
Carol Lynn
Carol Lynn Campbell
Carol Lynn Commercial Men
Carol Mac
Carol Mac Lachlan
Carol Macethrick
Carol Mackay
Carol MacKenzie
Carol MacLachan
Carol MacLachlan
Carol MacLachlan - Pontiac.
Carol MacLachlan Andai
Carol MacNabb
Carol Madeline
Carol Madore
Carol Maheral
Carol Maheral’ Shawvffle
Carol Main
Carol Main Lionette Murriel Imison
Carol Main-went
Carol Mainville
Carol Mainville Grier
Carol Majka
Carol Malcolm
Carol Maloney
Carol Mam
Carol Manwell
Carol Marion
Carol Marjorie and Clifford Chad
Carol Marmon
Carol Marsh Deborah Kci r
Carol Martin’s
Carol May Marry Bulgarian Princess Berlin
Carol Mc-Glade
Carol McCANN
Carol McCleary
Carol McConnery
Carol McCredie
Carol McCuaig
Carol McDonald
Carol McEachern
Carol McGIade
Carol McGlade
Carol McKenna
Carol McLachlan
Carol McLacnlan
Carol McNabb
Carol Me-
Carol Melody
Carol Messrs. Ken Cameron
Carol Miles
Carol Millard
Carol Miss Laurie Ann Hod
Carol Morin
Carol Morlock
Carol Morris
Carol Morriss Hugo Hass Romance Saturday
Carol Mr
Carol Mr.
Carol Mrs Garth Graham
Carol Mu
Carol Murdock
Carol Nar-lock
Carol Nariock
Carol Narlo<k Following
Carol Narlock
Carol Nartock
Carol Natasha
Carol Neas
Carol Nephin
Carol Nets
Carol Neville
Carol Nevilles
Carol Nevills
Carol Nicol
Carol Nora Schock
Carol Noriock
Carol Norlock
Carol Normandeau
Carol O Connor
Carol O Neil
Carol O Neil From
Carol Obcrg
Carol Oberg
Carol Oct.
Carol Oh
Carol Ohmert Robert Hutton 6
Carol Ohnur
Carol OI
Carol Oldson
Carol Omat
Carol Ostrom
Carol Ottawa
Carol Ottawa Civic
Carol Our
Carol Outaouais Alliance
Carol Over
Carol Overton
Carol O’Conner
Carol Pack
Carol Parker
Carol Peel
Carol Peel Church
Carol Peel De- Happy
Carol Perrier
Carol Perry
Carol Peterborough
Carol Pétrin
Carol Pétrin La
Carol Photographed
Carol Pi
Carol Pigeon
Carol Pilon
Carol Pine
Carol Pinkerton
Carol Pirie
Carol Pirle
Carol Pleau
Carol Plouffe
Carol Pontiac
Carol Pontiac Community Hos-
Carol Porter
Carol Pour
Carol Precious
Carol Price
Carol Price’s
Carol Pritch
Carol Pritchard
Carol Pritchard Fine
Carol Pritchard Mur-
Carol Pritchard Mur- Alliance
Carol Pritchard Murtagh
Carol Pritchard-Murtagh
Carol Pritchard-Murtagh Executive Director Outaouais Alliance Smyth
Carol Prizes
Carol Protestant
Carol Ptrie
Carol Queale
Carol Quebec L,beral Parly- Best Business Story
Carol Rae
Carol Rae Sheppard
Carol Ram
Carol Raymond and Pearl Blake
Carol Rcesor
Carol Rcnshaw
Carol Recsou See
Carol Reed
Carol Reel
Carol Reginald Pelletier
Carol Ren-Hilda Sparling
Carol Renaud
Carol Renshaw
Carol REV.
Carol Reznik
Carol Ri-
Carol Richard
Carol Richard.
Carol Richardon LOUISEL
Carol Richardson
Carol River
Carol Robina Richardson
Carol Robinson
Carol Roll Call:-
Carol Romain
Carol Ross
Carol Row
Carol Row- Eileen
Carol Row-at
Carol Row-George
Carol Rowat
Carol Rowat Family
Carol Rowat This
Carol Rowat’s
Carol Rrousseau
Carol Rtrhar
Carol Rumis Great-grandparents
Carol Russell
Carol Ryan
Carol Sa
Carol Sadler
Carol Saskatoon
Carol Sau-riol
Carol Saurioi
Carol Sauriol
Carol Says Job
Carol Scain
Carol Schwartz
Carol Scl Artz
Carol September
Carol Ser-Hodgins
Carol Sergeant 3064B30 Shamrock Street V.ctona
Carol Service
Carol Service Everyone
Carol Service Holy Communion
Carol Service Holy Trinity
Carol Service Inspiring
Carol Service NEW YEAR
Carol Service Sermon Topic:
Carol Service St. James
Carol Service Sunday
Carol Service _
Carol Service—7.30
Carol Servie
Carol Servldi
Carol Sharon Garv
Carol Sharpe
Carol Shawville
Carol Sheedy
Carol Shepard
Carol Sheppard
Carol Sheppard Boy—John Dean
Carol Sheppard Jean Elliott.
Carol Shepperd
Carol Shields
Carol Shore
Carol Silcoff
Carol Sin
Carol Sing
Carol Singers
Carol Singing
Carol Singing Midnight Mass
Carol Singing X
Carol Sisco
Carol Slng-A-Long
Carol Sly
Carol Smiley
Carol SmilhV Our
Carol Smith
Carol Smith - Raymond Rowat Wed At Shawville United Genevieve Wicite
Carol Smith Wright
Carol Smitn
Carol Snowden
Carol Soucie
Carol Spears
Carol Srr.itt
Carol Stein
Carol Stein Wayne
Carol Stephens
Carol Stephens Weds
Carol Stevens
Carol Stewart
Carol Stittsville
Carol Stoner
Carol Storie
Carol Strutt
Carol Succulent
Carol Sung
Carol Susan
Carol Sweet Carol
Carol T Martelock
Carol Tannahill
Carol Tannahlll
Carol Taylor Sharpe
Carol Tclcsphorc Dagcnais
Carol Tevla
Carol Thai
Carol The
Carol There
Carol Thompson
Carol Thompson’s
Carol Thr-
Carol To
Carol Tol-
Carol Toll
Carol Toll- Connie McGee
Carol Toll- Roger Cloutière
Carol Toll-Roy
Carol Tollman
Carol Tollman Aubin
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage KeWy Funeral Home
Carol Tollman Bob Orr Cartage Young
Carol Tollman Bristol Pump Services Tracy
Carol Tollman CBL Pirie Henderson’s Grocery Valley Mutual Insurance
Carol Tollman Charlie
Carol Tollman Don McCredie
Carol Tollman Giant Tiger
Carol Tollman Kelly
Carol Tollman Kelly Brothers Equipment Bristol Pump Service Rental Beth Angus Petro Pontiac Tom Orr
Carol Tollman Latiere
Carol Tollman Shawville Shoe Shop Maison
Carol Tollman They
Carol Tollman W.A. Hodgins
Carol Tollman Wayne
Carol Tollman Your
Carol Tollman’s
Carol Tollman’s W
Carol Tolman
Carol Tolman Bristol
Carol Tolman Milton
Carol Tolman Treasur- Grant Eades
Carol Tolmann
Carol Tolmann Bristol Community Centre Milton
Carol Tom Lefebvre M.P
Carol Tournament
Carol Towell
Carol Trembley Nearly Men’s
Carol Trobe
Carol Troke
Carol TT»
Carol Tubman
Carol Turcotte
Carol Turcotte Bantam Boy* Peach
Carol Turn
Carol USA
Carol Utile
Carol V
Carol Valin
Carol Van Zanvoort
Carol Vance
Carol Vatcher
Carol VeUa
Carol Vezina
Carol Visiting
Carol Walker
Carol Walsh
Carol Watson La Madclleine
Carol Weatherall
Carol Wednesday
Carol Wentworth
Carol Whalen
Carol Whe- Dick Cameron
Carol Whealen
Carol Whelan
Carol Whelan Logan
Carol Wickens
Carol Wig-I
Carol Wiggins
Carol Wilcox
Carol Wilkens
Carol Wilkins
Carol Williams
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson Dealing
CArol Wilson Jr
Carol Winkel-Buiter
Carol Wlliott
Carol WU- Wyman
Carol Yade
Carol You
Carol Zimmerman
Carol# Cook Stmdoy
Carol- Margaret Carrière
Carol- Schwartz
Carol-Ann Angel
Carol-Ann Finlan
Carol-Ann Kif
Carol-Ann Lamarche
Carol-Ann Pezzolesi
Carol-Ann Williams
Carol-Anne Foley
Carol-Anne Sharpe
Carol-Lynn Germain
Carol: Boyd
Carole Ann Cameron
Carole Anne Cameron
Carole-Ann Cameron
Caroline Lepine Jo Anne
Carolyn Templeton Cameron
Casey Cameron
Casey Cameron Delbert Sloan
Casey Cameron St Theresa
Catherine Anne
Catherine Anne Donovan
Catherine Anne Elliott
Catherine Anne McDowell
Catherine Anne Stephens
Catherine Ma-Jo-Anne Dubeau
Catherine Poirier Susan Marcotte Mary Hayes Grade 8— Alice Hayes Anne Meilleur Ci
Cathy Anne
Céry Anne
Chandler Anne Baxter Coo-Coo Clock
CHAPTER V “Dear Anne Hirst
Charlene Anne
Charlene Anne Bour- We
Charles and Carol Lemaire
Charles Cameron
Charles Cameron King-
Charles Franklin Dale Elisabeth Anne Marshall Miss Elizabeth Anne Marshall
Charlie and Betty Anne
Charlie and Betty Anne Mississauga
Charlie and Betty Anne Muldoon
Charlie and Betty Anne Your
Charlie Cameron
Charlotte Cameron
Chelsea Anne Kearns
Cherry-tree Carol
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne Allen
Cheryl Anne Sylvester
Chester Cameron
Chff Hahn Anne
Chris Cameron
Chris MacIntyre Mike Cameron
Christina Anne
Christina Anne Clarke Clarke
Christina Cameron
Christina Cameron Kim Kluke
Christinas Carol
Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron Nat St
Christine Carol
Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol Graham
Christy Anne
Cindy Anne
Cindy Carol James Darrin Going
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron Metric Conversion
Claire Anne Lalonde
Claire Lunam Cameron
Clarence Cameron
Clarence Cameron Ala
Clarence Carol Tolîmin
Clarence Carol Tollman
Claude Cameron
Claude Roberts Holman Cameron
Claudette Homer McGill University Ste Anne Dropped Racoon
Clayton Cameron
Clayton Dods P.S.AI.D. Gerry Desabrais Enl Anne Ethier Emile Ethier Diane Proulx Jackie Storing
Clifford Cameron
Club Showville Community Centre Archie Cameron Orchestra Refreshments
Co-ed Bass Carol
Co. Gary R. Cameron
Colin Amy Carol Baker
Colin Cameron B.
Colleen Cameron
Color Marie Perschy Anne Baxter
Color Marie Perschy Anne Baxter
Connie Anne
Connie Cameron
Connie Cameron Hearty
Connie Cameron Ladies Broomball Club
Connie Evans Cameron
Connie St-Pierre Cameron
Conn‘e Cameron
Constance Cameron
Contact B H Cameron
Contact B H. Cameron
Corry Anne Toole
Cory Cameron
Craig Anne Helm Railroad Drama HI
Craig Cameron
Cremation Anne
Curendou— Anne Fumerton
Curtis Cameron
Curtis Carol
Curtis Edward Cameron
Cuth-bert Cameron
Cuthbert Cameron
D.anne Fraser
Da-Jo-Anne Brownlee
Dad Mary-Ellen Anne-Marie Christopher
Dale Anne
Dale Anne Young
Dan Dailey Anne Bancroft
Dana Burman Carol Anne Cameron
Danny Cameron
Danny Carol
Daphne Cameron
Daphnie Cameron
Dar- Anne de Beaupré
Dave Cameron
Dave Moore Renfrew’s Cameron
David Bernard Early Cameron
David Cameron
David Cameron Rowat
David Miss Jean Cameron
De Cameron
Dean Cameron
Dear Anne
Dear Anne Hirst
Dear Anne IBirstt When
Dear Carol Ann Finlan
Debbie Belanger Anne
Debbie Carol
Debbie Pitt Anne Lusk
Deborah Anne
Debra Anne
Del Margaret Anne
Denis# Beiec Carol Bruyère
Denise Beiec Sgt Carol Hamel FREE 9
Denver Helen Jo-Anne Smith
Denzil Carol Pirie
Dew Moore Carol Pirie
Diane Cameron and Larry
Dick Cameron
Director Anne Rondeau
Dlaue Foster Technicolor Anne Baxter Steve Cochran
Don Cameron
Don-Jo-anne Clarke
Donald Cameron
Donald Cameron 340
Donald Cameron Arrives Home HARRY BOWDEN Mr. Calvin Meunier
Donald Carol Tollman
Donald James Cameron
Donald James Cameron Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples Sunday
Donna Ca- Carol
Donnie Cameron
DON’T FORGET Hugh Cameron Hugh Cameron
Doreen Carol Gray
Doris Cameron
Dorothy Anne
Dorothy Carol Tollman
Dorothy Smith Slippery Anne
Dr. Anne Clark
Dr. Anne Ladouceur
Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron Lues
Dr. James R. Cameron
Drexel Anne
Duane Anne
Dueen Anne
Dugal Maurice Croula Christiane Lalonde Willie Allen Keith Anderson Andrée Beaumler Anne Bolsvenu F
Duleie Anne
Dun Cameron
Duncan Cameron
Dunnam Cameron
E McDowell Betty Cameron
E. Cameron
Earl Cameron
Earl Powell Cameron
Ebert Cameron
Eden Dora Susannah Beimers Emma Jean Cameron Potvin Jason and Karen
Edgar Messrs Cameron
Edmond Cameron
Edmund Storr-Stronach Cameron Rayner
Edward Cam-and Eugene Cameron
Edward Cameron
Eglise Ste-Anne
Eileen Childs Taylor Anne Our Drenth - Taylor Anne Trinity Margaret Nathan Griffin Edward Cole Hale
Eiwood Cameron
Elaine Anne
Elaine Anne Schwartz Marries Bryon Frank Mackenzie Hodgins
Elbowing Cameron
Eleanor Anne
Eleanor Anne Tait
Eleanor Smith Mary Anne Rutherford
Elise Cole Anne
Eliza Anne
Eliza Anne Glenn
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne Ayre
Elizabeth Anne Ayre Weds William Danial Prentice
Elizabeth Anne Beau
Elizabeth Anne Devine
Elizabeth Anne Dunne
Elizabeth Anne Elliott
Elizabeth Anne Find
Elizabeth Anne Gen-
Elizabeth Anne Gendron Vaillant
Elizabeth Anne Knox
Elizabeth Anne Sparling
Elizabeth Cameron
Elizabeth Ellen Cameron
Ellen Cameron
Elliott Pat” Cameron
Elly-May Cameron
Elspeth Cameron
Elwcod Cameron
Elwood Cameron
Emily Anne
Emily Cameron
Emily Carol
Emily Carol MacNabb
Emma Cameron
Eng- Cameron
Etwood Cameron
Eugene Cameron
Eunice Anne Carswell
EUuod Cameron
Eva Andai Cameron - Leach
Evans Ste Anne
F A F Mrs Anne Fumerton
F. Cameron
Faith Anne
Faith Anne Ebert Ebert - Lenny
Faith-Anne Ebert
Featuring Cameron Highland Band
Flaky Anne
Folk Singers Graham Cameron
Ford Maria Schell Anne Baxter CL
Frances Anne Ballard
Frances Anne Emily
Francine Cameron
Francine Evans Cameron
Francis Anne!
Francis Carol Clark
Frank and Betty Anne Muldoon
Frank Anne
Frank Cameron
Frank Carol Ann
Fraser Cameron
Fred With Anne Allen CHOV GEORGE
Frederick William La- Joseph Cameron
Free-Anne Bussière
Friend Anne Bryson News
Frosty Carol
G. Anne
G. Cameron
Gail Anne
Gail Anne Sloan
Gail Cameron
Garry and Jo Anne
Garry Anne Hodgins
Garry Dagenais Jo-Anne Simard
Gary Anne Hiles
Gary Trivett Jo-Anne
Gary Tubman Tomi-Anne Greer
Gayle Anne
Geoffrey Donald Cameron
George and Anne
George and Anne Cameron
George and Anne Halloween
George Cameron
George Carnahan - Anne Belair
George Drummond Cameron Rowat
George Holmes Anne Campbell
George Montgomery Rod Cameron Pmm&àoA*
Ger- Carol Bretzloff
Gerald Walsh OBITUARIES Velma Anne Dowe Peler Gerald Walsh
Gerry Cameron
Giant Tiger’s Carol Lavigne
Gladys Anne Sloan
Glee Anne
Glen Ford Anne Francis
Glenda Cameron
Glenn Ford Anne Francis
GONE A HUNTING Carol White Paul Burke
Gordon Cameron
Grace Anne
Grade V — Cameron Rowat
Grade V: Carol Elliott
Graham Cameron
Gramm Bower Company By Len Coyne Mrs. O Kane Cameron
Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Grant Gibson Roland Ren nick Kingsley Smyth Allan Black Urquhart Campbell Cameron Rowat Hewett McCr
Green Judah* Anne
Gus Cameron
GwUiM J “Dear Anne Hirst
H A H Andie Murphy Anne Baaicrefl
H C. Sharp Herman Carol Sharp
H. Cameron
H. Cameron Bryson
Harnett Anne
Harold Cameron
Harry Cameron
Harry J (Anne) Whitehorse
Harry Roy and Margaret Anne
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Hazel Cameron
Hear Anne Hirst
Heather Anne
Heather Hodglns Rich Cowley Jennifer Dale Anne Hodglns Grade
Heather Stewart Cameron
Heidi Anne
Heifer Sr Calf Anne Meredith
Helen and Jo Anne
Helen Cameron
Helen Cameron Graham
Helen Catherine Cameron
Henderson Anne
Henry Cameron
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Herb Cameron
Hodgins Carol
Hodgms Anne
Holly Richard- Cameron
Honourable Anne McLellan
Horner Citizenship- Mn Gertrude Draper Publicity- Mn Harry Hodgin Fruit Boxes- Mn Lyall Cameron Hos
Hugh Cameron
Hunt Hardy Plants Tru-Line Collision Coiffure Anne Lanoix Kelly
Hunter Anne Francis 2
I 732-3444 Betty Cameron V
I''earest Anne
Ian Cameron
Ida Dawson Cameron
IllSt Anne
In Carol
Irene Cameron
Iris Smith Carol Holmes
Is Anne Marie Tracey
Isabel Cameron
Isabelle Cameron
Isobel Cameron
I^arfv Anne
I—” Anne
J Anne de Bellevue
J M Cameron .
J M Cameron WESeigel
J _r Cameron Matthew Crawford Leen
J. Cameron
Jack Cameron
Jack Lemmon Carol Lynley
Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Gig Young Carol Lynley
Jackie Anne
Jackie Anne Hobbs
Jackie Cameron
Jackie Gleason Carol Channing Frankie
Jackie Gleason Carol Chinning Frankie Avalon Crime
Jacques Anne Marie
Jaime Lee Anne Dumont
James A. Cameron James Cameron Is
James Cameron
James Cameron 616
James Cutbbert Cameron
James Darren Cindy Carol Family Fun
James Ke Miss Anne Ottawa
James Mary Anne
James W. Cameron 3. Second Primer
Jamie Cameron
Jane Alexan- Carol-Ann Finlan
Jane Anne
Jane Anne Blown
Jane Anne Carroll
Jane Anne Connolly Mrs. R:
Jane Anne Findlay
Jane Anne Graham
Jane Anne Hunt
Jane Anne Richard- Silos
Jane Anne Richardson
Jane Anne Saturday
Jane Anne Seul
Jane Anne Yach
Jane Cameron
Jane Miss Anne Pilon
Janet Anne MacKechnie
Janet Cameron
Jason Huckabone Murray Wilson Linda Cameron Joanne Stewart Carmen Cameron Jennifer Scharf
Jean and Casey Cameron
Jean and Joan Cameron
Jean Anne and Pat Lloyd
Jean Anne Bowden
Jean Anne Mt
Jean Cameron
Jean Cameron 529
Jean Cameron Me Nab Twp
Jean Cameron.
Jean Carol
Jean Carol Clarke
Jean Carol Russell
Jean Casey Cameron
Jean Edna Cameron
Jean Finlan Mrs Carol Clarks
Jean Grant and Betty Cameron
Jean Peters ANNE
Jeannine Ste-anne
Jeeeie Cameron
Jeff Cameron
Jeff, Jo Anne
Jeffrey Cameron
Jennifer Anne
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron Waltham
Jerome (Jo Anne Pallbearers
Jerry (Anne
Jerry ond Jo Anne Dubeau
Jessica Anne Della
Jessica Della Anne Palmer
Jessie Cameron
Jeter Cameron
Jfean Cameron
Jill Anne
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron 904
Jim Cameron Shawville
Jimmy Carol Hall
Jnotice Cameron
Jo Anne
Jo Anne Adams
Jo Anne Amyotte
Jo Anne Belleau
Jo Anne Brownlee
Jo Anne Campbell
Jo Anne Caron
Jo Anne Clark
Jo Anne Clo Currie
Jo Anne Daly
Jo Anne Dibeau Graham
Jo Anne Harkins
Jo Anne Helen
Jo Anne Hobbs
Jo Anne Hobbs 14.1
Jo Anne Jennifer Grundy
Jo Anne McDowell
Jo Anne McKnight
Jo Anne McMinn
Jo Anne Nim
Jo Anne Nim-chuk
Jo Anne Nimchuk
Jo Anne Nimchuk Blys
Jo Anne Nimchuk da
Jo Anne Nimchuk NgS Otter Lake
Jo Anne Nimchuk There
Jo Anne Nuttall
Jo Anne Savoie
Jo Anne Skov
Jo Anne Smith
Jo Anne Sparling
Jo Anne Spottswood
Jo Anne Stewart
Jo Anne Tel- I
Jo Anne Telford
Jo Anne Trudeau
Jo Anne Walters
Jo Anne.
Jo- Anne
Jo-Anne Brownlee
Jo-anne Brownlee Louise Cowley
Jo-anne Brownlee Marie MacLelland Ellis Sparling
Jo-Anne Burke
Jo-Anne Chad Belanger
Jo-Anne Dubeau
Jo-Anne Godin
Jo-Anne Gonzalez
Jo-Anne Gray
Jo-Anne Hall
Jo-Anne Harrison
Jo-Anne Hobbs
Jo-Anne McDowell
Jo-Anne Members
Jo-Anne Ralston
Jo-Anne Rockland
Jo-Anne Romain
Jo-Anne Routdiffe
Jo-Anne Ryan
Jo-Anne Smith
Jo-Anne Smith Ryan’s
Jo-Anne Stew
Jo-Anne Stewart
Jo-Anne Syrenne
Jo-Anne Telford
Jo-Anne Trudeau
Joan Anne Dupuis
Joan Cameron
Joan Crawford Anne Helm Mrs. W. C. Schwartz
Joan Crawford Anne Helm Sincerely
Joanne Cameron
Joe Anne
Joe Anne Bonneau
Joe Anne Smith
Joe Anne Stewart Evans
Joe Cameron
Joe Cameron President
Joel Anne
Joel Anne LeGuerrier
Johanne Cameron
John A Cameron
John A. Cameron
John Allan Carol Smart Mr.
John and Anne
John and Anne Clarke Hazel Martineau
John and Anne McKechnie
John and Carol Coveil
John and Jo-Anne Harrison
John Anne
John Cameron
John Cameron Ernest McCallum
John Cameron Hodgins Shawrille Beechgrove Bowling League Many
John Cameron McCallum
John Cameron Mr.
John Cameron Swayze
John Cameron Swayze V V /
John E Cameron
John E. Cameron
John H Cameron s Michael Roy
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Henry Cameron
John Hillyard Cameron
John I. Cameron
John Kelly OBITUARY Emily Cameron Emily Cameron
John Lawr-St Anne’s Parish
John Petty St Anne
John Quyon Winter Summer Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
John Saunders Carol Smith
John T. Cameron
John Wayne Carol Baker
Johnnie Cameron
Johnny Cameron
Johnny Le- Lee Anne Lance
Johnson Martine Carol
Johnson Shawville Miss Hattie Cameron
Jon- Jo-Anne Brownlee
Jonathan Cameron
Jonathon Cameron
Jos Cameron
Joseph (Carol
Joseph Cameron
Joseph Cameron 11.87 Westley Troke W Schwartz 43.11 Hydro Quebec
Joseph Cameron 64.50 Danny McCallim 27.75 Albert Cameron
Joseph Cameron And See For Yourself
Joseph Cameron-
Joseph Cameron.
Joseph Keon Anne
Josh Cameron
Joshua Cameron
Joyce Anne
Joyce Flem Mrs Cameron Rowat
Joyce Kilgour Evelyn Dagg Sylvia Gibson Carol Stephens
Joyce South For- Mrs. Anne Fumerton
Jr Anne
Jr.—Donald Cameron
Judith Anne
Judith Anne Ballantyne
Judith Anne Nickling
Judith Anne Turner
Judy Anne
Judy Anne Betty
Judy Anne Cooney
Judy Anne Froulx
Judy Anne MacIntyre
Judy Anne Maclntrye
Judy Cameron
Julia Anne
Julia Anne Maria Adrienne
Julia Florence Cameron
Julian Cameron
Julian Cameron 4
Julian Cameron Grant
Julian Cameron Ken Findlay
Julian Cameron Ken Findlay Perth
Julian K Cameron
Julie Anne
Julie Anne Francine
Julie Anne MacIntyre
Julie-Anne Richardson
Julien Cameron
Julien Cameron Grant
Julien Cameron Grant Femogan Average Games
Julien Cameron Grant Ferrigan
Julien Cameron Julien Cameron
June Cameron
Justin Cameron
J«> Anne Brownlee
K. Cameron
Karen Anne Burkhart
Karen Anne Harris
Karen Anne Marie
Karen MacLean Carol Windels
Karyl Anne
Katharine Anne Fletcher
Katherine Anne
Katie Lee Anne
Kay Cameron
Kay Carol" Washable Prints
Kay Mulligan Cameron Kowat
Kay Russell Ms Carol McNabb
Keith Cameron
Kellie Anne Malone
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne O Connell
Kelly Anne Stewart
Kelly-Anne Corriveau
Kelly-Anne K Lemaire
Kelly-Anne McConnell
Ken & Carol Pirie
Ken and Anne Hampel
Ken Cameron
Ken Cameron Bert Moore
Ken Cameron Ls
Ken Pol- Anne
Kenneth Cameron
Kenneth E Cameron
Kenny Clarke Anne McBane
Keri-Anne O’Connel
Kerry Anne
Ki Mn Elwood Cameron Frank Lacoune
Kimberley Anne
Kimberley Anne Sharpe Clarendon St.
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne and Nancy
Kimberly Anne Lemay
Kimberly Carol-Ann
Kimberly Jo-Anne
Kin Jr Cameron
King Carol
Kirk Cameron
Kirs Cameron Rowat
Kristie-Anne Godin
Kylie Anne Stevens
L • L Jo-Anne
Ladies Anne McGlade
Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
Larry Carol
Laura Anne Fleming
Laura Ba Cameron 1
Laura Carol McGlade
Laurie Anne
Laurie Anne Beauchamp
Laurie Anne Glenn
Lawrence Cameron
Lawrence Carol Ann Hickey B) David Therese Osborne
Lee Anne
Lee Anne Gauthier
Lee Anne Lsnce
Lee Anne M McLaughlin
Lee Anne M. Salisbury
Lee Anne Rhlmes
Lee Anne Smith
Lee-Anne Campbell
Leigh Anne
Leila Cameron
Leo Carol Pirie
Leo Jessie Cameron
Leo- Anne R^n
Leonard Cameron
Leonard Cameron Dayton
Lesley Anne
Leslie Anne
Leslie-Anne Osmond
Levesque,Carol Ann Cormi- Reid
Levona Cameron
Liberals Mary Anne’s
Linda Anne
Linda Cameron
Linda Cameron Library Exp
Lionette Anne Rodgers
Lions Ryan Cameron
Lisa Anne
Lisa Cameron
Lisa Carol
Lisa Ham- H Lee Anne Harris
Lisa Kingsbury,Carol-Ann Smith
Lise-Anne Romain
Liz Anne Lacourse A
Lizzie Cameron
Lloyd Bridges Anne Francis RED
Lloyd Cameron
Lloyd Cameron -
Lloyd Cameron - Case
Lloyd Cameron 45
Lloyd John Cameron Swayze
Llyal Cameron 180.00
Lon Anne P&mck
Lor- Cameron
Lordship Bishop Cameron
Lori Anne
Lorraine Cameron
Lou Anne
Lou Anne Wilkinson
Lou-Anne Ruth to Blake Anderson Caldwell
Louis Philippe Carol
Louise Anne
Louise-Anne Guy
Love Anne
Love Anne and
Love Carol
Love Carol.
Loyola Cameron
Lyaii Cameron Mare
Lyal Cameron
Lyale Cameron
Lyall Cameron
Lyall Cameron Shaw
LyeII Cameron Shew
Lyell Cameron
Lyle Cameron
Lynda Cameron
Lynn Anne
Lynn Cameron
Lynn Cameron 819-647-2970
Lynn Cameron Stéphane
Lynne Anne Céline Dubé Mike
Lynne Cameron
Lynne Cameron Jim Gibbons Quyon
Lynne Cameron Neil Farrell Seat
Lyse Anne
Lyse Anne Gregory Tuesday December
Lyse-Anne Gregory
Lyse-Anne Gregory Ladles Saddle
Lyz-anne Romain
L»y Anne Ashley
M 0. Cameron
M s Angus Cameron Ottawa
M*»* Helen Catherine Cameron
M. Cameron
Maay Anne Toner
Mabel P R Cameron
Magan Cameron
Maiden Orient Are Indian Carol
Main Anne Rogers
Making Hay By Anne Ashley Q.
Malcolm Cameron
Manpower Carol
Mar- Cameron
Marcella Anne
Margaret Anne
Margaret Anne Armstrong
Margaret Anne Beardsley
Margaret Anne Foran
Margaret Anne Hammond
Margaret Anne IMousseau» Met
Margaret Anne Johnston
Margaret Anne Leo
Margaret Anne Mather
Margaret Anne McCrank
Margaret Anne Michael
Margaret Anne Mousseau
Margaret Anne Mu
Margaret Anne Roy
Margaret Anne Senack
Margaret Anne Timmons
Margaret Cameron
Margaret Cameron Mr
Margaret Carol Myers
Marguerite Anne Dewar-Carrière
Marian Carol
Marie Anne
Marie Anne Davis
Marie Anne Fleury
Marie Anne Joli- Bros Funeral Home
Marie Anne Madore
Marie Anne Mathilde Marguerite Jacob
Marie Cameron
Marie-Anne Larose
Marie-Anne Thompson
Marilyn A Carol Investments Ltd
Marissa Anne
Marjorie Grant, Betty Cameron
Mark and Jo Anne
Mark Cameron
Marriage Cameron - Hérault Carry
Martha Anne McGuire
Martha Cameron
Mary - Anne Laframhoise
Mary Anne
Mary Anne !
Mary Anne 1989
Mary Anne 7
Mary Anne Austin
Mary Anne Clarey Dale MacKechnie
Mary Anne d
Mary Anne Donnelly
Mary Anne Dunn
Mary Anne Ferguson
Mary Anne Fl>tn
Mary Anne Forgie
Mary Anne Ga
Mary Anne Gibbons
Mary Anne Glazer Secretary-!
Mary Anne Ha
Mary Anne Hache
Mary Anne Hearty
Mary Anne Homer
Mary Anne Horner
Mary Anne Jago
Mary Anne Kennedy
Mary Anne Keon
Mary Anne La
Mary Anne Labadie
Mary Anne Laframboise
Mary Anne Laframboise Luskville Hidden
Mary Anne Larose
Mary Anne Latreille
Mary Anne Le
Mary Anne Leach
Mary Anne Lenio
Mary Anne McCarthy
Mary Anne McCartney
Mary Anne McCleary
Mary Anne McCuaig
Mary Anne McGale George
Mary Anne Mucha
Mary Anne Muldoon
Mary Anne Paul McGee Luskville Equity
Mary Anne Perry
Mary Anne Prayer
Mary Anne Richard
Mary Anne Robert James Wood
Mary Anne Rutherford
Mary Anne Rutherford Secretary
Mary Anne Saturday
Mary Anne Sherwood
Mary Anne Sloan
Mary Anne Thomp
Mary Anne Thomp-!
Mary Anne Thomp-que
Mary Anne Thomp-Renaud Patry
Mary Anne Thompson
Mary Anne Thompson Iles
Mary Anne Thompson Le
Mary Anne Thompson M $ Depuis
Mary Anne Thompson OM9 Pontiac.
Mary Anne Thompson Yogurt
Mary Anne Vail-
Mary Anne Vail-bake
Mary Anne Vaillancourt
Mary Anne Vanner 2:00
Mary Anne Voteary
Mary Anne Yates
Mary Anne Young
Mary Anne) Mrs. Watters
Mary Anne.
Mary Anne’s
Mary Bea Moy Carol-Ann Flnlan
Mary Cameron
Mary Carol
Mary Carol DeCarmen Young
Mary Carol Kennedy
Mary E. Cameron Honored
Mary Elizabeth Cameron
Mary Grace) Cameron Snowmobiles Livestock Snowmobile
Mary Jo-Anne Hohhs
Mary Lewis Cameron
Mary Lou Spaull Anne Scharf
Mary Melissa Anne.
Mary Mrs. E Cameron Shopping
Mary Ste Anne de Beaupré
Mary-Anne Cain
Mary-Anne Mucha
Mary-Anne Thompson
Mass Anne Joyce
Matilda Anne L »tliian
Matthew Cameron
Maureen O’Hara PRod Cameron Joanne Dru
Maurice Cameron
Maurice Cameron Cara Campbell
Maurice Frederic Cameron
Maurice Jobin Lyall Cameron
Mavis Cameron
Mavis Cameron Grist
Mavis Carol
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cameron
Mbs Anne Kingdom
McGrath Anne de Beaupre
McLaughlin Elwood Cameron
McLean R Tait....... F. Preudergast W. Cameron.
Meagan Cameron
Megan Cameron
Meghan Anne
Meilleur Sharon Montgomery Donal Bowers Mark Hodgson John Phelan Anne Marie Tremblay Catherine Poir
Mel Cameron
Melissa Anne
Messrs Allan Cameron Thor-burn
Messrs Cameron
Messrs Lyall Cameron
Metcolte B Cameron
Mews Cameron
Mias Anne Hearty
Mias Anne Lowe
Mias Betty Cameron
Mias Lou Anne Grund
Mias Margaret M. Cameron
Michael and Margaret Anne
Miche- Cameron
Michel Dick Cameron
Mies Carol
Mike Anne
Mike Cameron
Mil Am ---- Anne Julie
Mildred Cameron
Mildred Cameron.
Mildred Jo-Anne
Millie Cameron
Miry Anne Thompson
Mis Carol
Mis* Anne
Misa Anne Marie Allan
Misa Carol
Mise Cameron
Miss Anne
Miss Anne Graham
Miss Anne Marie Adam
Miss Anne Marie Dean
Miss Anne Marie LaSalle
Miss Anne Trows-e
Miss Carol Stephens
Misses Anne Marie
Misses Carol
Misses Jo Anne Fleury
Mister Carol
Mitchell Anthony Mackenzie Carol Marie Morgan Lindon Dantm Todd Roland Mikaela Kristen Thomas Grayd
Mitchell Cameron
Mlle Anne-Marie
Mme Anne Gratton
Mme Anne Graveline
Mme Anne- Québec
Mme Cameron
Mme Marie Anne Thompson
Mom Carol
Mom Dad Carol
Mom" Cameron
Mona Anne
Mona Mrs Betty Cameron
Monte Carol V8 Aut P/S P/B.
More Anne
Mount Anne
Moyle* Anne Loyle
Mr Cameron
Mr Carol Melvin
Mr Robbie Cameron
Mr* Anne
Mr. Allan G. Cameron
Mr. Ann Cameron
Mr. Cameron
Mr. Cameron Caldwell
Mr. Cameron Grant
Mr. Carol
Mr. Carol Lemaire
Mr. Dawson Cameron
Mr. Gordon Carol Mel- Mrs. Jim Johnston
Mr. John A. Cameron
Mr. Lloyd Melvin E. Cameron
Mr. Melvin E. Cameron
Mr. Norman Cameron
Mrs Anne Marie Kim
Mrs Dawson Cameron
Mrs Harvey (Carol
Mrs- Anne Fumer-ton
Mrs. Anne
Mrs. Anne Armitage
Mrs. Anne B. Fum-erton
Mrs. Anne Brinkworth
Mrs. Anne Brlnksworth
Mrs. Anne Brousseau
Mrs. Anne Carl Farrell
Mrs. Anne Cleary
Mrs. Anne Crinkworth
Mrs. Anne Fu
Mrs. Anne Fu-
Mrs. Anne Fuinert
Mrs. Anne Fuir.erton
Mrs. Anne Fum
Mrs. Anne Fum-1
Mrs. Anne Fum-erton
Mrs. Anne Fumcrton
Mrs. Anne Fumcrtoo
Mrs. Anne Fume
Mrs. Anne Fume-ton
Mrs. Anne Fumer
Mrs. Anne Fumer-along
Mrs. Anne Fumer-and
Mrs. Anne Fumer-g.imAllions
Mrs. Anne Fumer-The
Mrs. Anne Fumer-ton
Mrs. Anne Fumer-y
Mrs. Anne Fumertcn
Mrs. Anne Fumerton
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Mr.
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Publicity Convenor
Mrs. Anne Fumtt Com
Mrs. Anne Funier-oon
Mrs. Anne Fusecrotary
Mrs. Anne Goddard
Mrs. Anne Jane Eades
Mrs. Anne Kenneth Ross
Mrs. Anne Luek
Mrs. Anne Lyster
Mrs. Anne Mitchell
Mrs. Anne Proulx
Mrs. Bernice Cameron
Mrs. Beulah Cameron
Mrs. Byng Me Mrs. Clarence Cameron
Mrs. C Cameron Walter Harris
Mrs. Cameron
Mrs. Cameron A. Rowat
Mrs. Cameron C. Dow
Mrs. Cameron Margaret 8. Rattray
Mrs. Cameron Paul Larose
Mrs. Cameron Ro-w’at
Mrs. Cameron Row
Mrs. Cameron Row-
Mrs. Cameron Rowat
Mrs. Cameron Rowwt Dr. D. J. Campbell
Mrs. Cameron Smith
Mrs. Carol
Mrs. Carol Homer
Mrs. Carol Hughes
Mrs. Carol Kearnan
Mrs. Carol Les
Mrs. Carol Robinson
Mrs. Carol Rowat
Mrs. Çlwood Cameron
Mrs. Dawson Cameron
Mrs. E A. Cameron
Mrs. E Cameron
Mrs. E Cameron Baby Set
Mrs. E Cameron Miss Muriel Dale.
Mrs. E Cameron.
Mrs. E.M. Cameron
Mrs. Eilwood Cameron
Mrs. Elwood Cameron Starks Judy
Mrs. Gordon Cameron
Mrs. Grant Cameron
Mrs. Ih«licit Cameron
Mrs. J | Carol
Mrs. James Cameron
Mrs. K Cameron
Mrs. L Cameron
Mrs. LAC Cameron Rowat
Mrs. Myrtle Cameron T-td
Mrs. Norman Cameron
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport Ont
Mrs. Owen Cameron
Mrs. R Cameron
Mrs. R J Cameron
Mrs. Russell Cameron
Mrs. Vincent 0j Mrs Anne Kumerton
Mrs. William A. Cameron
Mrs.Anne Mul-doon
Muriel Cameron Minerva Corrigan Claire Brown Gertrude Wiielen Emily Mm
Musician Betty Cameron
Myles Kelly Hodgins Attendants Anne Stevens
Myrtle Cameron
M„ Atex Cameron
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Each
Nancy Anne
Nancy Anne Scheel
Natasha Anne
Natasha Anne McGee
Neil Cameron
New Anne
Nicholas Cameron
Nick (Anne
Nick Cameron
Nikolas Cameron
Noble Grand Betty Cameron
Noel Carol
Norma I Anne Simmons
Norman & Carol Beck
Norman Cameron
Norman Cameron 458
Norman Cameron.
O Kane Cameron
O. Cameron
Ontario Anne Hansen Irene
Open Anne
Owen Cameron
Owen Thomas Joseph Philippe Tracey/Philippe - Anne-Marie
Pamela Anne
Parker Cameron Mitchell Yechnirema
Pat & Carol Kavanagh
Pat Cameron
Pat Schouia/ Christine Cameron
Pat ^ Carol Kavanagh
Patricia Anne
Patricia Anne <Po[Cyanna
Patricia Anne Provost
Patricia Cameron
Patrick Charles Cameron
Patty Anne
Patty Anne MacGillivary
Patty Anne Sullivan
Paul and Betty Cameron
Paul Cameron
Paul Cameron Seniors
Paul Cameron.
Paul Ve/uia* Anne Mane Du
Paul......... C. Cameron
Paul.......... Wm Cameron.
Peck Anne Heywood
Peg Anne
Peggy Anne Stewart
Pete Cameron
Peter Cameron
Peter Kluke Mary Anne
Petersen Cameron
Pierre Cameron
Pitcher Rob Cameron
Pontiac Anne Marie Urbaitis
Porter Carol
Prayer Mrs. Margaret Cameron
Pre-dren Carol
Presi- Secretary Carol Clark
Présidente Anne
Preston Cameron
Princess Anne
Princess Kellie Anne
Princesses Lee Anne Lepine
Principal Anne McGow-what
Professor Cameron
Q* Anne
Quartet Carol Bennett Joan Bennett
Quebec Anne
Quebec Mrs Betty Cameron
Queen Anne
Quyon Elwyn Hodgins Mrs. Archie Cameron
R. Cameron
Rachael Anne Bulmar
Rachel Brownlee,Carol-AnnFinlan
Raeburn Cameron
Ralph Cameron
Randy and Jo Anne Beattie
Randy and Susan Sloan Day Carol
Randy Gagnon/Rueben Hodgins Hillis Conolly Cameron Sheppard Doug Hodgins Neil Sly Earle Polvin Todd
Raspberry Jelly Marie Anne Lair
Ray McTiernan Mrs E Cameron Bert Horner
Raye-Anne Briscoe
Raymond Cameron
Raymond Walker Cameron
Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne Guest
Rebecca Cameron
Rebecca Gagnon Casey Cameron
Relics Cameron
Restaurant Carol Lemaire Charles Lemaire Curlers
Rev A L Cameron
Rev Jo-Anne Daley
Rev R D El- Carol Porter
Rev. Cameron
Revéende Sœur Marie Anne
Richard Cameron
Richard Poiri-Anne Potter
Richard Wile With Anne Ethier
Richard Wills Centre Director Anne Rondeau
Richard Wills Jo-Anne Brownlee
Rick and Carol Valin
Rick Carol
Rob Cameron
Robbie Cameron
Robert (Carol Pope
Robert 447-8444 Carol
Robert 647-8444 Carol
Robert Bob s Restaurant Canada Manpower Carol
Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron "
Robert Cameron 3. Grade
Robert Cameron Dies
Robert Cameron to
Robert Cameron.
Robert Carol s Hairdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing 647-2S30 Cosmorema Realties Degg
Robert Carol s Heirdressing Cosmorema
Robert H. Cameron
Robert Hill Cameron
Robert Hill Cameron Pisses Al Storks
Robert Hill John K Cameron
Robert Keon Carol Bennett
Robert Man- - Lyn Cameron
Robert Mitchum V. Anne Heywood
Robert Pontiac Printshop Pontiac Realty F 7-29P4 Cameron
Robert Randy Hodglns Bruce Schock Sherwln Greer Wllla Smith Jennifer Huckabone Dan Hewltt Anne Roge
Robert Ryan Harvey Lembeck Jean Peters Jean Peters Philip Carey Anne Baxter
Robert Wegner Cameron Mitchell
Roberta Cameron
Robin Anne
Robin Hood Carol Ann Finlan
Rod Cameron
Rod Cameron Julie Bishop Barbara Rush Ben Cooper
Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
Rod Cameron Tab Hunter
Rod Cameron TUES.
Rod Cameron Wayne Morris
Roderick Cameron
Roland Russell Mary Anne Hearty CofC
Ron A Lynn Cameron
Ron and Anne Stewart
Ron Cameron
Ron Di Milk Alan Cameron
Ron Finnigan Penalties Cameron
Ronald Bryant Bradley James Harris Charlie John Bomediano Smith Meaghan Anne TXimer Daniel
Ronald Cameron
Ronald Cameron Boxall
Ronald Cameron inter- Stuart Hodge
Ronnie Cameron
Ronnie Cameron Brad Elliott Joanne Elliott Lynne Cameron Midget Ttems Avlmer Mariniers Papineau Voi
Ronnie Cameron Photo
ROOTS Anne Louise Carson
Rose Anne
Rose Anne 1843
Rose Anne 339
Rose Anne Aubrey
Rose Anne Boucher
Rose Anne Chaput
Rose Anne Doherty Cooney
Rose Anne Murdock
Rose Anne Prud
Rose Anne Rochon and Betty Allard
Rose Anne Stewart
Rose Anne Turner
Rose Anne) Mrs Edward ___ McCann
Ross Dickson Anne
Roy (Betty Anne Ban
Roy Cameron
Roy Marie-Claude Rondeau Pascale Castonguay Anne Mageau Georges Robltaille ÇJ Preview Nov.
Royce and Betty Cameron
Royce Richardson Cameron
Rpttv Anne
Russell Cameron
Ruth Anne and Ron Paul
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron Dubeau
S. Anne
Sadie Anne
Saint Anne
Saint Anne de Beaupré
Saint Anne s Parish
Saint Anne’s Basil Tanguay
Sainte Anne
Sainte Anne de Beaupre
Sainte Anne di
Sainte-Anne Parish
Sale Queen Anne
Salette N -Dame-du-Laus Parent Prmcevilie Rapide Blanc St-Aimé Ste-Angèle Ste-Anne-du-Lac St Célest
Sally Anne
Sâlly Anne Lemaire
Sam Anne Wesley U.C.W.
Sam Cameron
Samuel Cameron
Sandra Anne
Sandra Carol Peck
Sandra Dale Heather Hcxlgins and Jo Anne McDowell
Sandra Francis Carol Shep- Kllgour
Sarah Anne
Sarah Anne 7
Sarah Anne Curzon
Sarah Anne Donaldson
Sarah Anne Eva Harris
Sarah Anne Moore
Sarah Anne Mr Avin Eel
Sarah Anne Radey
Sarah Anne Rennick
Sarah Anne Rode
Sarah Anne Sylvester
Schwartz Carol
Seat Cameron
Sec-Treasurer Mrs Carol Sauriol
Secondary V: Anne Marie Dolan
Sharon Anne
Sharon Anne Seymour
Sharon Quaile Cameron
Shawn 8307X1JN3 Carol
Shawville’s Grant Ferrigan Anne
Sheena Anne
Sheila Anne
Sheila Anne Hodgins
Sheila Cameron
Shelley Anne Mar
Shelley Winters Sylvano Mangsno MAMBO Anne Bancroft Van Heflin HELL’S
Shelly Anne
Sherry Anne
Shirley Anne
Shirley Anne Armstrong
Shirley Anne Cox
Shirley Anne Landry
Shirley Anne Mildred Desjardins.
Shirley Anne Sil-
Shirley Anne Silver Weds Mr. Norris M. Eades
Shirley Anne Thibault
Showville Carol Keith Thompson Al Monzoli
Si Anne de Bellevue
Sic Anne de Bellevue
Sister Anne
Sister Anne 2 Marie
Sister Anne Mane
Sister Anne Marie
Sister Anne Marie Penatong
Sister Anne Morrissey
Sister Anne O Shaughneaay
Sister Anne O Shaughnessy
Sister Anne O’Shaughnessy
Sister Carol
Sister Marie Anne Poite-
Sister Mary-Anne
SJ- Anne
Sl- Anne
Sle Anne
Sorry Carol’s
Sparrow Carol Ann Frnlan
Special Carol Regards Gift Boutique
Sr Anne Marie.
Sr Anne O Shaugh-
St Anne
St Anne’s
Starks Carol -
Ste Anne
Ste Anne Coûter
Ste Anne da Beaupré
Ste Anne de
Ste Anne de Beaupré
Ste Anne de Beaupré Mrs Terry Madden
Ste Anne de Bel
Ste Anne de Bellevue
Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
Ste Anne de IHe
Ste Anne de Lac
Ste Anne de Tile
Ste Anne de Vile
Ste Anne Douglas
Ste Anne Laurier Sympathy
Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc
Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Ste Anne s Paroisse
Ste Anne s Rev Marc L. Gauthcr
Ste Anne-
Stella Anne Walsh
Stephanie Anne
Stephanie Anne Forgues
Stephanie Cameron
Stephen Cameron
Steve (Anne
Steve Cameron
Steven (Anne
Steven Anne Allen Woods
Stevens Anne
Stevens Anne Chevalier
Sue Anne
Sue Anne The Gleason
Susan Anne
Susan Carol
Susan Ethier Rev Sister Anne O -
Susan Fitzpatrick Carol Ann Bowers
Suzanne Archambault and Jo Anne
Sylvia Anne
Sylvia Carol
Sylvia Lucas Wyman Preston Cameron Cardinal
S^anne Meilleur
T H Mias Carol Sehryer
T. Cameron
Tammy Correspondent Miss Lu Anne Grund
Tan-Jo Anne
Tania Cameron
Tanya Cameron
Taylor Anne Aubry Jungle War Story
Taylor Cameron
Terry C amp-Anne Sparling
Thomas Cameron
Thomas W. M. Cameron
Thorn Anne Marie Leblanc
Tiffany Cameron
Tiîlie Anne
Tillie Anne Warren McLean
Tina Wol- Cameron
Tinea Carol
Todd Anne Aubrey
Todd Anne Aubry Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Tom Carol
Tom Ewell Anne Francis Thursday
Tom Orr St Anne
Tom O’Neill Heavy Cameron’s
Tomi-Anne Greer Saturday
Tony Anne
Tony Frenciota Gardner McKey Ann Margaret Carol Lynley
Tonya Cameron
Tracy Anne
Tracy Cameron
Treasurer Carol Clark
Tree Carol
U. Cameron
Ulan Cameron
V. Cameron
V.v.anne Bishop J R W.ndle
Vaillancourt Edith LaSalle Renée Pigeault Angie Bérard Anne Dumoulin Chantal
Valeria Anne
Valerie Anne
Valerie Anne Lance
Van Johnson Martine Carol
Vera Cameron
Vera Ken and Isabelle Cameron Claude
Verna Cameron
Vice Grand Betty Cameron
Vicki Cameron Ottawa
Vicky Cameron
Victoria Cameron
Violet Carol
Violet Pelletier Carol Soucie
VistaVision Academy Award Winner Charlton Heston Anne Baxter
Vivi-anne Palmer
Voting Cameron
W H. Cameron
W. Cameron
Wall Mr. William Cameron
Wallace Hodgins Mr. John Brough Mr. Cameron
Walter Bob and Carol Floyd.
Walter Cameron
Wanda Michael and Margaret Anne
Wayne Cameron
Wayne Cameron Patrice Dumouchel
Wayne Cameron’s
Wayne Carol
Wendy Evangelist Church for Jo Anne Brian and Campbell
Wendy-Anne Desabrais
While Anne
Wife Anne
Will B: Mme Anne Brousseau
Will J. Cameron
Willa Palmer Mr. William Cameron
William A. Cameron
William Alexander Cameron
William Cameron
William Cameron Celebrates
William Cameron Dies
William Cameron E. Paul......... H. Paul......... H. Stewart......
William John and Anne Jane Pentland
Willie Lok-Anne’s
With Mrs Betty Cameron
Wm Cameron
Wmsor Anne Tierney
Wright Blue Sea Cameron Bouchette Messine Partie
Wriia Cameron
Write Carol Heiss Stooges
W|Dn|Dg Anne Holeyu
Y Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Jl
Ya-Anne Thompson
Young Lise Anne La
Young Mr. Carol Hupé Congratulations Mom
Zachary Cameron
Zachary Wil- Carol
151 Cameron Ave.
648-2889 Anne
Anne Bakke
Anne Dumont
Anne Dumont Memorial Trophy
Anne Ga
Anne Hirst l
Anne Hirst’s
Anne Ireland
Anne Kingdom
Anne La
Anne Lanoix
Anne Lusk
Anne Mage au
Anne of Au.
Anne Paquin au
Anne River
Anne Romain-
Anne Shea
Anne St
Cameron Amm
Cameron Avenue
Cameron Bay
Cameron Falls
Cameron Farms
Cameron Lake
Cameron Row
Cameron St -Ottawa
Cameron Street
Cameron Trophy
Camp Cameron
Carol Cape Ho
Carol Hare
Carol Malcolm
Carol River
Carol* Hall
Central Park Anne-de-Bellevue
CHAMBERS It’s l boR6 Anne
Charlotte Cameron
Dear Anne l
Fort Anne
Fort Anne National Park
Fort Cameron
Fort Cameron Farm
Fort Carol
Green Cameron
I9h30 La Chapelle de l Eglise St e-Anne Ile-du-Grand-Calumet
King Carol
Lee-Anne Griffin
Ministère I l Anne
Mont Sainte-Anne
Mont Ste-Anne
Mount Anne
Mrs. Malcolm Cameron
Ottawa Anne
Ottawa River Cameron
Ottawa St Anne
Quebec Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
Queen Anne
Sf Anne
St Anne
St Anne de
St Anne St Jean of
St Anne Street
St Anne’s
St Anne’s Cemetery
Ste-Anne de
Vancouver Cameron
1953-1 Cameron
647-6424 Anne Meehan
Abitibi West Chapter Alliance Quebec Anne Meclaren LennoxviWe
Adult Entertainment Carol White MALE OR FEMALE.
American Christmas Carol
AMWAY PRODUCTS John Edmond Cameron
ANNE ASHLEY Boxcar Houses Smallest Library
Anne Beriau Telephone
Anne Beriiu Telephone
Anne Elementary School
Anne Free Methodist Campbell’s Bay Pastor R.L. Swann
Anne Gratton & Yvon Mary & Mervin Baird
Anne Ronnie
Anne s Elementary School
Anne School
Anne School De du Calumet Yours
Anne School Ile du
Anne School Paulette Gauthier
Anne Wheel
Anne’s Baptist Otter Lake Baptist Church
Anne’s Catholic Church
Anne’s cemetery
Anne’s RC Church
Anne’s School
Anne’s School TENDERS WANTED Plaintiff
Army Carol
AT Vs Danford Lake; Anne Ly
Betty Cameron
BF Goodrich P Carol Baker
Bilingual Auctioneer Ste-Anne-de-Prescott
Board Chairman Mary Anne Thompson
Bristol artist Carol Holmes
Bristol Cagg ; Christmas Carol—Club
Bristol Community Association Carol Tollman
Bristol complet-1 Elwood Cameron
Bristol opening Jo-Anne Archambault
Bryson Lions Park SKI-DOO PARADE Contact C. Cameron
Bryson Llonettes; Carol Valin
Cameron Farm
Cameron First Bristol Brownie Highlanders
Cameron Line
Cameron Motors
CAMERON. Poplar Bluff
Cancer Carol Soucie
Carol Anne Meehan
Carol Best
Carol Invest menu Ltd,
Carol Invest- Ministry of Transport
Carol Investment Co.
Carol Investment Ltd of Otter Lake
Carol Investments Ltd
Carol Mac Lachlan
Carol Service
Carol’s Home Office
Carson Hodgins Office Supply 2.62; Linda Cameron Library Exp.
Civic Hospital Cameron
Civic Hospital Miss Jo-Anne Stew
CLIFF Ltd TORONTO Major Harry Cameron
Community Carol Service
Corpo Radford Hospital Auxiliary Anne Pine
Council Miss Anne Sloan
Cover Girl Carol Alt
Curendou— Anne Fumerton
CWL Stc-Anne’s Council
Dairy Jo-anne Brownlee
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Cameron Huckabone
Delivery School Board - Anne Mane Delorme
DFR Printing Cameron
District Snowmobile Club WIND-UP Dance Shawville Community Archie Cameron Dancing
Dodge/ Plymouth Neon Natasha Anne McGee Connie McGee
Donaldson William Cameron
DREAM WIFE McDonald Care) CAINE MUTINY Carol Marsh Deborah Kci
Dunraven News Mary Anne
E McDowell Elementary School Anne McGowan
Eagles Wrens Cameron
EHDAA École Ste-Anne
Energy Carol
External Affairs Carol Bretzloff
Federation Ste-Anne
Ford Clarence & Carol Tollman Black s Electric Theresa & Milton Hahn Fnsby Tire Mike & Doreen Harry
Friendship Carol Service
FROUIN CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Calumet Island St# Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
General Store Publishing Carol
Go el Maid Anne H
Golden Eagle Fish Carol Renaud
GORILLA AT LARGE Technicolor Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Health and Welfare Betty Cameron
HODGINS Mrs. Cameron
Hosp. & School Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
ILE DU GRAND-CALUMET Eglise St* Anne Fête Chorale
Institute Carol
Institute Hostess Carol Anne
Ivy Cameron
J & L Cameron
Jo Anne Campbell
Jo-Anne Canada
Jo-Anne Mackenzie Perry
Joint Carol
Journal du Pontiac; Bryson Lions; Francine Evans Cameron
Kings GO Novice House Pontiacs*- Cameron Huckobone
Kingsley Smyth Allan Black Urquhart Campbell Cameron Rowat Hewett McCredie
l Anne’s School
LAC Cameron Rowat
Ladies Linda Carson and Anne Broomball League
Lakeshore Rd Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
Lion- Anne
LOUISE BROWN Equity Editor GATINEAU Jonathan Cameron
Ltd TORONTO Major Harry Cameron
MacDonald College of St. Anne de Belleview
Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue
Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
MAIL Ottawa/^Citizen NATIONAL POST Anne Drysdafe Crédit
Maori Ste Anne
Maple Farm Don McCredie Dan & John Kelly Clarence & Carol Tollman CBL Pirie Henderson’s Grocery Val
Mary Anne Perry
Master Ronald Cameron; Percy Me Corriston
Master Wayne Cameron
McCann & Sons Clarence & Carol Tolmann Bristol Community Centre Milton
McDonald of West Miss Jo Anne Nuttall of Toronto
McGill University Ste Anne Dropped Racoon
Messrs Allan Cameron Thor-burn
Miracle Worker Anne Bancroft
Miss Carol Perry
MM Anne Fum*
MM E Cameron
Motion Cr Cameron
National Affairs Correspondent Carol Goar
National Carol’s
North Country Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
OBITUARIES Miss Mary Anne Hearty
Outaouais Anne School
Outaouais Regional League Ronnie Cameron Brad Elliott Joanne Elliott Lynne Cameron Midget Ttems Avl
Party Carol Burnett
Paul Cameron
Pavillion du Parc Cameron
Pavilon du Parc Inc. Carol
Perpetual Help School Anne School
Pontiac Agricultural So- Anne Scharf
Pontiac Anne
Pontiac Co-op Medical HARRIETT CAMERON
Pontiac Community L ANNE LUPIEN
Pontiac Compte Anne
Pontiac County Mary Anne’s
Pontiac County St Anne
PONTIAC École Sainte-Anne 49 A
Pontiac Plow Match Cameron’s Trophy
Pontiac Restaurant Pizzerna Chez Lisette Patrick Defazio Co-operative Forestiers Ouaouais Carol Pin
Portage du Fort Cameron Farm
Portage du Fort Council Minutes Cameron
Portage du Fort Library Cameron
PPHS Campbell‘i Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L .
PREPARATION Calumet Island St. Anne’s Mass
Principale Ste-Anne’s School
Progressive Conservative Leader Call Dawson Cameron
QC J.D Coulson Award Carol Pntchard Fine
Rag Apple Anne
Rap.des des Anne School No
Rapides Anne School
Red Sox Edge Tigers Farewell Party Mrs. Anne Fumcrton
Rev. Sister Anne School
Royal Anne
Royal Carol Anne
Royal Commission on Anne McLellan
Sacred Heart of Jesus St Jude and St Anne
Saint Anne’s School
Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines des Laurentides
School Calumet Island St Anne’s
School Calumet Island St Anne’s Tueeday
School Calumet Island Ste Anne Rw
Seven Lesson Carol Service
Shawville Fair Cameron
SHOE REPAIR Anne Fumerton
Sisters of St Anne
Special Carol Service
Special Robin Hood Carol Ann Finlan
St Anne
St Anne Basilica
St Anne Cemetery Calumet
St Anne Church
St Anne de
St Anne de Beaupre
St Anne De Bellevue
St Anne de Bellevue.
St Anne De du Grand Calumet
St Anne de Monte
St Anne Elementary School
St Anne s
St Anne s Anglican Church
St Anne s Catholic Shawville
St Anne s Cemetery
St Anne s Church
St Anne s Elementary School
St Anne s Parish Church
St Anne School
St Anne St
St Anne’s
St Anne’s Accedemy
St Anne’s Cemetery
St Anne’s Church
St Anne’s Easter Communion
St Anne’s Parish
St Anne’s Parish C.W.L.
St Anne’s Rick
St Anne’s School
St Jo- Jo-Anne Telford
St Jude and St Anne
St Luke s Anglican Anne Clarke Lawson Valette
St Pontiac Fish and Game Protective Association Anne
St Pout • Carol Service
St Pùul s Carol Service
St Vincent s Cameron
St-Anne School
St-Anne’s Church
St. Anne
St. Anne s Church
St. Anne’s
St. Anne’s Catholic Church
St. Anne’s Catholic Women’s League
St. Anne’s Cemetery
St. Anne’s Cemetery Calumet Island
St. Anne’s Church
St. Anne’s McDowell
St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church
St. Anne’s School
St. John Jo-Anne
St. Pats College; Carol Lemaire
Stc-Anne School
Ste Anne de Tile du Grand Calumet
Ste Anne Environment
Ste Anne School
Ste Anne’s Church
Ste Anne’s Parish Richard Wins Equity Editor
Ste Anne’s School
Ste-Anne Catholic Church
Ste-Anne Church
Ste-Anne High School
Ste-Anne School
Ste-Anne School Refreshments
Ste-Anne’s Council of C.W.L.
Ste-Anne’s Elementary School
Ste-Anne’s Pastoral Committee
Stone Carol
Student Anne Charron
Teachers CAMERON
TEN COMMANDMENTS Color Charlton Heston Yul Brynner Anne
Tiger Elaine & Hollis Findlay Rowat Insurance J & J Gas Bar Cutting Edge Salon Clarence & Carol Tol
TO Macdonald College Ste Anne de
Toyota Carol-la
True Jo-Anne Trudeau
VistaVision Academy Award Winner Charlton Heston Anne Baxter
VOTEZ - VOTE X ANNE-MARIE BUREAU Seat 4 Accounting Auto Mechanics Technician Bilingual Hotel Recept
W, & Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Marc L Gauther
Wendy-Anne Desabrais b
White Cake-Anne Fletcher