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Councillors L Bussiere

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

2. Councillors Black
9f Councillors Stanton
Albert Councillors William Moved
Alex Bussiere
Allan Pilon Councillors
Ann Bussiere 647-31
Arthur Bussiere
Basil Quaile Councillors
Basil Quaile Councillors Delbert Zacharias
Basil Quaile Councillors Theodore Richaid Clifford Hahn
Basil Qualls Councillors
Bay Councillors
Bob Bussiere
Bob Camp-with Councillors Barber
Bob Councillors
Bonnie Bussiere
Bree Ann Bussiere
Bree-Ann Bussiere
Brian Councillors Equity Editor
Brian Mulroney Councillors
Bruce Councillors
Campbell Joseph A. Steele Motion Councillors
Carmen Councillors Edgar Sloan
Carol Bussiere
Carson W H Howard H A McCoy Valuators Motion Councillors St
CarWnn Councillors Young
Cecil J Vibert Councillors Laporte
Christopher Councillors Hodgins
Cindy Bussière
Clifford Councillors Arthurs
Clifford Mon-why Councillors
Clr M Councillors Lawrence
Cotie and Wesley Dagg Councillors Alexander
Council Councillors Michel Grenier
Councillor Edgar Councillors Charles Heaphy Sloan
Councillors A Belle
Councillors A Bellerose
Councillors A O. Eades
Councillors A*rgue
Councillors Alexander
Councillors Alexander Gordon
Councillors Alfred Jay
Councillors Allan
Councillors Allan Black
Councillors Allen
Councillors Ambrose L Gauthier
Councillors Amo Bretz-laff
Councillors Andrew Bennett
Councillors Andrew Perrault
Councillors Andy I2a-10 -12-22
Councillors Ann Brennan
Councillors Argue
Councillors Armitage
Councillors Armstrong
Councillors B Krose
Councillors B Stephens Rd
Councillors Ball
Councillors Ballantyne
Councillors Barber
Councillors Barber and Judd
Councillors Barber, Armstrong
Councillors Barber.
Councillors Basil
Councillors Bean
Councillors Bean Black
Councillors Beattie
Councillors Been
Councillors Bennett
Councillors Bernard
Councillors Bernard Armitage
Councillors Bernard Armltage
Councillors Bernard Bronson
Councillors Bill
Councillors Bill LaCharity
Councillors Bill Orr
Councillors Bill Reserve Gelding
Councillors Birlte Peck
Councillors Birtle Peck
Councillors Black
Councillors Bond
Councillors Bouchard
Councillors Boyd
Councillors Boyd AECL
Councillors Boyd Bar-
Councillors Boyd Bar- Heifers
Councillors Boyd Barber
Councillors Boyd Doris Grant
Councillors Boyd John Atkinson
Councillors Boyd Marie Smith
Councillors Boyd Parents Barber
Councillors Boyd Village
Councillors Bronson
Councillors Bruce
Councillors Bruce Campbell
Councillors Bruce • Campbell
Councillors Bud Rowat
Councillors Burke
Councillors Cain
Councillors Caldwell
Councillors Campbell
Councillors Carl
Councillors Carmelita Gleason
Councillors Carmen
Councillors Carmen Susan Knox
Councillors Chamberlain
Councillors Clarke
Councillors Cletus
Councillors Cone
Councillors Corrigan
Councillors Cotie
Councillors Cowan
Councillors Craig
Councillors Craw
Councillors Crawford
Councillors D
Councillors D Larivière
Councillors D Michael Dunn
Councillors D Stevenson
Councillors D. Campbell
Councillors Dale
Councillors Dalton Elliott
Councillors Daniel Stephens
Councillors Dean
Councillors Delbert Zacharias
Councillors Dickson Campbell
Councillors Dolan
Councillors Donald
Councillors Dowd
Councillors Duncan Stevenson
Councillors Dunn
Councillors Dut Henderson
Councillors E
Councillors E Belanger
Councillors E Elliot.
Councillors E Gibbons
Councillors E H. Met
Councillors E Lunaip E Belanger
Councillors E Lunam L Laporte
Councillors E O Reilly
Councillors Earl Brown
Councillors Earl Dump Increase
Councillors Earl Grieve
Councillors Earl Ri- Transport
Councillors Earl Ricard
Councillors Edgar
Councillors Edgar Lance
Councillors Edgar Lance John Telford
Councillors Edgar Schwartz
Councillors Edgar Sloan
Councillors Edward
Councillors Elliott
Councillors Elwyn Frost
Councillors Emmerson
Councillors Ernie Perriard
Councillors Erwin
Councillors Evans
Councillors F Wiggins
Councillors Fades
Councillors Farrell
Councillors Fhemtt Steele
Councillors Fleming
Councillors Foreman
Councillors Frances Senior
Councillors Fraser
Councillors Fred V Wilson Martin
Councillors Freeman Grant
Councillors Frost
Councillors G Lacourse
Councillors G Nugent
Councillors G O Reilly.
Councillors G T Paul
Councillors Gary
Councillors Gary Councillor Tracey
Councillors Gary Tri
Councillors Gary Trivett
Councillors George Hayes
Councillors Gibson
Councillors Gilbert McElroy
Councillors Glen
Councillors Glen Nu-
Councillors Glen Nugent
Councillors Glen Nugent Acting Mayor
Councillors Glenn
Councillors Graham
Councillors Grant
Councillors Grant Eades
Councillors Gray
Councillors H
Councillors H Bretalaff
Councillors H Bretzlaff
Councillors H Erfle
Councillors H S. Modems
Councillors Hamilton
Councillors Hammond
Councillors Hanlan Young
Councillors Harold Elliott
Councillors Harrison
Councillors Harry
Councillors Hayes
Councillors Helmut
Councillors Helmut Erfle
Councillors Henderson
Councillors Henry T. McDowell
Councillors Hilgert
Councillors Hobbs
Councillors Hodgins
Councillors Homer
Councillors Horner
Councillors Horton
Councillors Howard
Councillors Hubert
Councillors Hugh N. Lackie
Councillors Hynes
Councillors Ï) Hodgins Schroeder.
Councillors IV Campbell
Councillors J
Councillors J Armitage
Councillors J E. O Neil
Councillors J J hn-iik
Councillors J J Mc(
Councillors J J Mc-Callum
Councillors J J McCal-
Councillors J J McCal-lum
Councillors J J McCallum
Councillors J J McCallum Wilmer Mallette Garnet McCallum
Councillors J J Moved
Councillors J J. Gibson
Councillors J L Hodgins
Councillors J. H. Shaw
Councillors Jacques Crépeau
Councillors James
Councillors James Chugg
Councillors James Insurance
Councillors James Neil Ward
Councillors James Shawville Council
Councillors James Talion
Councillors James WÜson
Councillors Jennings
Councillors Jennings Dagg
Councillors Jerry
Councillors JJ.
Councillors John
Councillors John H. Armstrong
Councillors John L. Hodgins
Councillors John Parent
Councillors Johnston
Councillors Joseph
Councillors Joyce Draper
Councillors Karl
Councillors Kelly
Councillors Kennedy
Councillors Kenneth
Councillors Kenneth Bro&nson
Councillors Kenneth Bronson
Councillors Kenneth Draper
Councillors Kenneth Schoole Fence
Councillors Kilgour
Councillors Killoran
Councillors L Black
Councillors L Bussiere
Councillors L Laporte
Councillors L McCann
Councillors Larry Black
Councillors Lawrence
Councillors Lawrence Black
Councillors Lee Hod-Horner
Councillors Lee Hod-Reuben Smith
Councillors Lee Hodgins
Councillors Lee Rickey
Councillors Leo
Councillors Leo Dow- Lake
Councillors Leonard
Councillors Leonard Hearty
Councillors Leonard Huddersfield
Councillors Lloyd Kensiey
Councillors Lome Armstrong
Councillors Lome B Hodgins
Councillors Lucien Lance
Councillors M
Councillors M Dowe
Councillors M Ranger
Councillors M Rodney Vadneau
Councillors Ma
Councillors Macfarlane
Councillors Macfarlune
Councillors Maire
Councillors Marks
Councillors Martin
Councillors Martin Dowe
Councillors Maurice
Councillors Maurice Easiambre
Councillors MavKvchniv
Councillors McGuire
Councillors McKay
Councillors Mcladlan Henderson
Councillors McLellan
Councillors Meehan
Councillors Melvin Brown
Councillors Melvin Gag-
Councillors Melvin Gagnon
Councillors Michael MtCrank
Councillors Michel
Councillors Michel Grenier
Councillors Moses Erwin
Councillors Mrs
Councillors Mrs Evans
Councillors Mrs Frances Senior
Councillors Muldoon
Councillors Murray
Councillors Murray Rangei Black
Councillors Murray Ranger
Councillors Myrtle
Councillors Myrtle Sullivan
Councillors O Reil-
Councillors O Reilly
Councillors Orr
Councillors O’Keillev
Councillors Paul
Councillors Poirier
Councillors R
Councillors R J. Black
Councillors R U. Hodgins
Councillors R Vadneau
Councillors R Vow-les
Councillors R Vowles
Councillors Ray Wiggins
Councillors Ray- Sam Pelletier
Councillors Raymolnd
Councillors Raymond Morris
Councillors Reynolds
Councillors Rich 1er
Councillors Richardson
Councillors Robinson
Councillors Roger Larose
Councillors Romain
Councillors Ross
Councillors Rowat
Councillors Russell
Councillors Russell Sylvia Hodgins
Councillors Ryan Tanguay
Councillors Ryan Tanguay Calluin
Councillors Schroeder
Councillors Schwartz
Councillors Schwatz
Councillors Senior
Councillors Sharon Sulli-
Councillors Sharon Sullivan
Councillors Shaw
Councillors Sheenboro Quebec JOX
Councillors Simon
Councillors Simon Corriveau
Councillors Simon Downey
Councillors Simon Frost
Councillors Sloan
Councillors Smart
Councillors Smiley
Councillors Smith
Councillors Stanley
Councillors Stark
Councillors Steele
Councillors Steele Farrell
Councillors Stephens
Councillors Stevens
Councillors Stevenson
Councillors Stewart
Councillors Sullivan
Councillors Taber
Councillors Thomas Be
Councillors Thomas Calumet Island
Councillors Thomas Fades
Councillors Thomas Fraser
Councillors Thomas J. Pou|>ore
Councillors Thomas Jewell
Councillors Thomas Kearns
Councillors Thomas Marcotte
Councillors Thomas Mel)
Councillors Thomas Mirbelixed Iron Oval Top Trunks
Councillors Thomas Smi
Councillors Tracey
Councillors Tucker
Councillors Tugman
Councillors Velmer Lafleur
Councillors Victor Young
Councillors Vowles
Councillors W H. Armstrong
Councillors W T. Barber
Councillors W Yach
Councillors W. Dowd
Councillors Ward
Councillors Westbrook Young
Councillors Wiggins
Councillors Wiggins Seat
Councillors Wilson
Councillors Woods
Councillors Young
Councillors Young Campbell
Councillors- Kenneth Bronson
Councillors- Kenneth Pontiac Municipal
Councillors- Michel Grenier
Councillors-Ken Bronson
Councillors-Mrs Benedict Allen
Councillors=John Stewart
Councillors—-Jack Harrison
Councillors—Alex Murray
Councillors—Allan Smith
Councillors—Cecil Butler
Councillors—James Robinson
Councillors—John H. Shaw
Councillors—Loyola Johnston
Daniel Councillors
Daniel Farrell Mayor Councillors:- Seat
David Belanger Councillors
David Belanger/ Councillors Duncan Stevenson
David Councillors
David L Councillors Fred Martin
David Lunam Councillors
Dear Councillors
Debbie Bussiere’s
Delmer Barber and Councillors Bob Findlay
Delmer Barber and Councillors Clarence Roy CORP
Diane Mc- Councillors
E-qand Councillors
Edward Councillors
Edwin Alexander Motion Councillors Ar$
Eldon Councillors Michael Sullivan
Elle. L Bussiere
Ernest Hearty sec-Councillors Ernest Hearty
Eugène Pigeon John Meilleur Councillors Ré
For Councillors
Francis J Devlin Leo Fiché Councillors
Frank Councillors George Pirie Sloan
Free-Anne Bussière
Gary Trivett Councillors
Gary Tubman Councillors
George Councillors Melvin Gagnon
Gerald Demp-Present Councillors
Gerald Manwell- Councillors
Gerard Councillors
Gilbert Bussiere
Gilberte Bussiere
Glen Councillors Expenses Nugent
Hap Wilson Councillors
Harold For Councillors
Harold Wilson Councillors
Herbie Xmingaud Councillors Barry
Hugh Councillors George
I* Councillors Garth Tracy
Irvine Cone Russell Judd Councillors
J M Argue H A McCoy Motion Councillors Young
Jean Paul Bussiere
John Councillors
John Councillors Herbert Young
John J. O Donnell d Councillors Dolan
John M. Councillors Hodgine
John Ouellet Councillors
Kay Rev W B McCallum D A Qnd Councillors OHaia
Kenneth Bronson Councillors Fred Wiggins James Horner John Robinson BRYSON
Lawrence Councillors
Lawrence Councillors Jean-Pierre Gendron
Leo Mrs Bussiere
Lester Hobbs Howes Turner Smiley Dr. Lyon’s Own Councillors Elected
Linda Bussiere 663r32 Campbell
Lionel Bussiere
Lloyd Kensley Orel Gervais Harold Wilson Councillors
Lucille Bussiere
Lynn Da-Councillors Lawrence
Ma Councillors B Horner
Malcolm McGillvray Councillors Barber
Marc Bussiere
Marc Bussiere 36.40
Marc S Bussiere
Mark Bussiere
Maurice Essiambre Councillors J J McCallum
Maurice Lacroix Councillors
Mayc Councillors Young
Mayor Aurele Gerveis Lloyd Kensley Harold Wilson Councillors Seat No.
Mayor Councillors Armstrong
Mayor David Luna Councillors Edgar Lance.
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors Ernest Hearty
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors: Dan Stephens
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Councillors Seat I
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Thomas J. (Bud) Sloan Councillors S<
Mayor Orla Young A Councillors Athol Dale.
McLellan Councillors Ballantyne
Melvin Brown Councillors Duncan Stevenson
Messrs Councillors
Monsieur Réjean Bussière
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Mr. Bussière
Mr. Leslie Dean Councillors
Mrs. Lionel Bussiere
Nays Councillors Hayes
Nays—Councillors Dunn
Norman Horner Councillors
Orla A. Young Councillors Allan Black
Pat Keon Councillors Delbert Zacharias
Peter Gauthier Councillors
Pierre Bussière
Present Councillors Erwin
Present—Councillors Henderson
R. J Tracy : Councillors R. Wilson
Ralph Councillors Sam Towell
Ray Bussière
Réjean Bussière
Retiring Councillors Fred Coyne
Rheal Racine* Councillors Theodore
Rhonda Councillors Lawrence
Robert Bussiere
Robert Bussiere 36.40
Robert Bussière MoP
Robert Councillors Dde
Rodney Vadneau Councillors
Rolland Bussiere
Ronald Councillors Brownlee
Ronald Elizabeth Hahn Bussiere
Roy Bussiere
Royce Richardson Councillors Campbell
Sandra Mur-Councillors Arthurs
Sarah Bussiere
Schwartz Councillors Published Weekly
Sec-Trea-Councillors R Vowles
Sherwood Henderson Councillors Bruce Armitage Wm O Reilly Bernard Armitage LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin
Sidney Sheppard Councillors Lennis Tubman Gustave Bretzlaff Clifford Krose
Simon Corri- Racine Councillors Irvin
Soucie Jr Councillors
Steve Bussiere
Sylvia Bussière
Teacher Councillors
Thomas Councillors
Thomas Councillors Fred Alfred Jay
Thomas O Brien Councillors
Thomas O Brien Councillors Alfred Jay ¦
Thomas O’Brien Councillors
Tom Bussière
Tracy and Councillors Armstrong
Versel Campbell Councillors Alexander
W B Arm-1 Councillors
W. Thomas Councillors McDowell
Wally Pilatzke* Councillors Myrtle Sullivan
William Atkinson Councillors
William Burke Councillors
William Burke Councillors Bernard Armitage
William Hodgins Councillors
Ye Councillors Armstrong
Young Councillors Ken- On
Young Dr Wallace Hodgins Councillors William Orr Keith Homer Keith Bean F H Rowat Irvine Cone Mahle
Bélisle Outgoing Councillors
Councillors $l.
Councillors Gag l
Councillors Province
Councillors Row
Fort Coulonge Councillors
Fort Councillors
Fort Wil-councillors
Board of Councillors
Board of Councillors Brownlee
Bristol Corners Councillors John Eadea
Bristol Councillors
Bristol councillors Steve Church
Bristol Planning Committee Rejean Bussière Otter
Bristol — Retiring Councillors Milton Henderson
Bryson Councillors
Clarendon Council Mon Councillors
Committee of Councillors Rowat
Contact Councillors Laurier
Corp Councillors
Corporation du Councillors Findlay
Council Councillors Michel Grenier
Councillors Adult Education
Councillors Advisors
Councillors Allan & Eleanor Black Town Hall
Councillors Alleyn & Cawood PUBLIC NOTICE Public Notice
Councillors Arthurs
Councillors Construction Safety Course October
Councillors Council
Councillors Everett Arthurs
Councillors Everett Steele
Councillors Fleming & Sons Ltd,
Councillors Frances Senior
Councillors Glen Nugent
Councillors Lawrence
Councillors Lawrence Meehan
Councillors Litchfield Municipal
Councillors Lloyd
Councillors Lome Meehan
Councillors Mul-The Society
Councillors Peter Public Works
Councillors Planning Council
Councillors Rent Wlthln
Councillors Rhonda Perry
Councillors Society
Councillors Sons Ltd -
Councillors Supply
COUNCILLORS The Municipal Code
Councillors-Mrs Benedict
Customer Service Mr. Réjean Bussière
Federal Councillors:
Hare Gatimau Power Equ ty Office Councillors Karknes* Arthur Labelle
I* Councillors Garth Tracy
Local Councillors, School Commissioners
Lodge Social Councillors
MICHAEL LLOYD Equity Reporter Bussière
Ministry of Councillors Hilgert Bretzlaff
Motion Councillors
Motion Councillors A ;
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Councillors Argue
Motion Councillors Ballantyne
Motion Councillors Campbell
Motion Councillors Carmen Wickens
Motion Councillors Dale
Motion Councillors Dole
Motion Councillors Emmerson
Motion Councillors Garth Tracy
Motion Councillors Gordon
Motion Councillors Harkne
Motion Councillors Harkness
Motion Councillors Harlsr.es;-.
Motion Councillors Hawley
Motion Councillors Hawley Wickens
Motion Councillors Hobbs
Motion Councillors Hodgins
Motion Councillors Kilgour
Motion Councillors Marks
Motion Councillors McBane
Motion Councillors Whelan
Motion Councillors Young
Motion Councillors Young-Camp-bell
Motion Councillors Young-West-
Motion of Councillors McBane
Municipal Council of Councillors
Municipal Councillors
Municipal Councillors and Workers Christmas Party
Municipal Housing Corporation: Councillors Lucien Lance
Office of Councillors
Oil Ltd. Councillors Arthurs
Pontiac Councillors
Pontiac Councillors John Giroux
Pontiac Councillors S
Pontiac County Councillors
Pontiac Municipal Councillors Leo Gibbons
Pontiac Municipality Councillors
Pontiac Municipality Councillors Charles Moore
Pontiac Printsbop Councillors Floyd Robinson
Pontiac Rural Tel- Councillors Alfred Jay
Property Owners Pasch and Councillors Sch
Purchasing Policy - Councillors Bronson
Quyon Ladies Defeat Camp Pontiac Councillors RRP Quyon Ladies
Rural Councillors
Social Service Worker Councillors Joseph Lagard
Society No. 1....................... Councillors
Union of County Councillors
Unitarian Service Councillors Brownlee
United Church Ce- Councillors Arthurs
Young Councillors Allan Black